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Full text of "A brief explication of the first fifty Psalms"

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A %%IEF 


of the firft ftfty 



Profeflbr of Divinity in the Col-, 
ledge of Edmburgji. 



p S A L. 1 06. 4- 

%' Remember me O Lord^ith the favour that thon beareft »g£ 
«0?o tAj />«>/>/* -' O vipe me with thy falvation, g£ 
that I may fee the q;oodofthy chofen, that 1 may re- g^ 
;oj« ft thegladnefe of thy Nation, that I may glory g^ 
With thine inheritance. fgy. 


Edmund- Calamy, Nov.! 1 }. i6$2. 



2,0 N DO N, 

Tinted by 7*. ^ for Ralph S m i t h , at the gji 
Bible in Comehill, neer the %<*/- 
Exchange, r 6 5 3. 



«£f qg» *j$* «$ 


*m ~i*m% 

X I 

To the truly Honourable and c ]fo- 

ligious Ladies , my Lady Marquejfe of 
Argyle, and my Lady Anne Camp- 
bell her eldeft daughter : Grace and Teace 
through Jefus Cnrift. 

T is the good and wife way 
of God , in matters con- 
cerning this temporal life, 
to make manifeft his 
bounty and kindneffe to 
all men, how unkind and 
wicked fbever they be,and 
not leave himfelfe without 
a witnefle againft: complainers :But in the mat- 
' ters of falvation, and things which doe belong 
to eternall life , he ufeth not to extend his fpe- 
ciall love fo largely 5 for even the external! 
meanesoffaving knowledge are beftowed up- 
on few Nations and People > in comparifon 
of the whole race of mankind, pfal. 147. 19, 
20. Hefhewetb his word unto Jacob, and his fla- 
mes and his judgements unto Ifrael 5 he hath 
not dealt fo with any Nation,and as for his judge- 
ments, they have not known them. And though 
the people be few to whom the offer of falva- 
A 3 tioss 

The Mpiftle Dedicatory. 

tion is made, in comparifon of the reft of the 
world 5 yet are they many in comparifon of 
thofe who finde grace in the eyes of the Lord, 
to accept the offer of Grace tendred unto them 
in Chrift Jefus ^ for many are called, but few 
chofen y Mat. 22.14. And albeit it be true, that 
Gods calling and ele&ion hach place iq all 
rankes and eftates of perfons, higher and lower, 
learned or unlearned, rich and poor-, yet doth 
this grace ftretch itfelfe to many moe of the 
meaner fort of people then of the wife, weal- 
thy and honorable in the world, 1 Cor. 1.26* 
Tee fee your calling brethren , how that not many 
wife men after the fiefh , not many mighty^ not 
many Noble are called $ but God hath ch of en the 
foolif) things in the world, <jrc. Therefore fo 
much the greater is the favour of God, which 
your fouls have found, mofi Honorable jhzx you 
are made fome of thofe few', yea afteffo com- 
fortable a manner , that the daughter finding 
her felfe led by her Mothers hand, in her tender 
youth unto Chrift the Saviour, looketh on her 
as her mother t wife 5 and the Mother having 
power and place to draw the vaile of her 
daughters virginallmodefty,retirednefTe, and 
prudence, which concealeth much of the luftre 
of accompliiliments from the fight of others 
who ftand at a greater diftance, doth look up- 
pon her notable endowments, arid growing 
graces, asmorethena recompence of all the 


The Epiftle Dedicatory. 

paines fuftained in bringing forth, and beftow^ 
ed upon education of fuch a plant, fo well fitted 
for that which is mod defireabkin earth and 
heaven \. And thus much I have reafon for me 
to fayl, not only becaufe it is my partes I have 
occafion,to ftir up parents ^to ftudy to havetheir 
children timoufly engaged to the Lord, in hone 
to have the more early and abundant com- 
fort by them in their owne time -, but alfb be- 
caufe I have been witnes of the Chriftian beha- 
viour of both your Ladifhips,in no fmall try all 
of your faith & patience by the troubles of the 
times, both publick and private , for a number 
# of« years together-, which experience hath 
now goodufe to fit and prepare your honours 
for a further exercife true beleevers are (ubjecfi: 
unto in this life, and for what this prefent time 
doth call unto all to be prepared for. This 
conditioh being m all ages incident to the 
godly, fhould not be looked upon in our time 
as if fome ftrange thing did befall us : for it is 
the Lords ordinary way of dealing with his 
children,~by changes of their condition out- 
ward and inward, by vififfitude of flraits and 
outgates , by intercourfe of CrofTes and 
Comforts, and by much variety of feverail 
conditions, powerfully to traine, advance, and 
fettle their faith, andtoincreafe the growth of 
all graces , accompanying falvation in them 5 
for what we cannot con-certe at one leflfon, be- 

the EfifiU Dedicatory. 

caufeweare dull , he teachethus by parts, in 
many & fundry inftru&ions^all tending to bring 
us to a further meafure of humiliation , and felf 
denyal on the one hand,and of fubmiffion unto 
God,& faith in Chrift on the other hand: And 
this way of God is made plain by the pra&ice 
of the Saints,and laid open before usin the book 
of the Pfalmes 5 whereof at this time I have 
onely taken a third part to handle by way of 
EfTay, thereby to finde the advice of judi- 
cious brethren, how to fatisfie , and edifie the 
Reader more in what is behind to be handled, 
if God be pleafed to give further employment 
andafliftance in this fervice $ And this which' 
hese is offered to the edification of the Lords 
people, I have put forth under your Honours 
name,becau(e of your conftant affe&ion to the 
ftudyof the Scriptures, and refpe&to all the 
meflengers of Truth, and to me for the Truths 
caufe , for which I w ill ftill remaine 

Jour Honours much obliged f errant 
in the Gofpell. 

- David Dickson. 

T O 


?^jlHriJlian (Reader, In this 
EJfay on the Tjalmes, as 
in other like pieces on 
, fome other Books of Scrip- 
ture , fent forth to tfa 
world from me, a part of 
my dejigne is jl ill the Jame, that hereby I 
may try, if it may he the Lords will, to 

£irre up fome more able injiruments to 
y open briefly , in this mould, or any o- 
ther they pleafe better y the chief e Do.- 
tlrines treajured up in the ftore-houfe of 


To the Reader. 

holy Scripture^ whereby the Lords people 
may be folidly informed in the know- 
ledge, and ejlablijhed in the faith of true 
Religion, by the mofi near and immediate 
"way of draining their light from the foun- 
tain of the Lords owne word : for this 
were a mean (as I humbly conceive) to 
cut off many medleffe difputes wherewith 
the world is filled ^ a mean to refute ma- 
ny errours, which the ignorance of Scrip- 
ture and of the power of God hath bred 
and fojlered in the Chriflian Church -. 
a mean to prevent many where- 
in well-meaning %eale doth oft-times fall ± 
for lack, of a brief c manuduflion into the 
true fenfe and intent of places mijlaken. 
And I am not altogether out of hope, 
that the Lord fhall hearken to my defire, 
and fet fome of his fervants on work., 
ere it be long, ' to entertaine this moti- 
on, and to take a pare alfo in the 
task- Mean time, 1 pray let my aime 
and endeavour be acceptable unto thee i 


To the Reader. 

and do not take exception that fo much 
is left un.faid upon fo pregnant paffages 
of Scripture as I go through briefly y 
and> that fo much good matter is hinted 
at y and paft by fo quickly , and fome 
times fo abruptly y nor that the deductions 
of fundry doBrines from the ground y poin* 
ted at in the text, are of t- times not fo con- 
vincingly cleared as you would ^ But take 
this confederation along with thee y That 
any longer in fifing either in ex- 
plication of the grounds of the T)o~ 
Brines pointed at in the text y or in 
amplification of the DoBrines deduced 
from the grounds y would have marred 
much the intended brevity of the mouldy 
wherewith both the learned y and fuch as 
have leffe leifure to read longer difcour- 
fes y pofsibly will be "well pleafed y mainly 
for this caufe that .they are not much ta- 
ken off their fiudies y or from their other 
neceffary imployments y by this manner of 
writing : And wherewith alfo charitable 


To the Reader. 

cenfurers , will be content happily when 
they perceive that in this plaineffe and 
brevity , every Reader fhall quickly meet 
with good matter of meditation at leafl y 
whereby the fmalleft graines of found 
truth } feen by this means among Rea- 
ders , may by Gods blefsing get root , 
waterings and increafe in a good and 
honeft heart : which blefsing that it may 
be very large y fhall be the hearty prayer 

Thy Servant in the 
work of the Golpel, 

David Dickson. 

^7 \p ^7 \^T <£> i^7 4§? \jy \^ 49? **jy \|? <^7 ^ ^ ^^ ^ ^ J ^7 



Of the firft Fifty. 


Lbeit the Book of the Pjalms 
be not cofnpofed after the 
manner of Humane Wri- 
tings^ in fome fuch Method 
of Parts, <is Htfiory or Art 
could pofsibly prefcribe^ yet 
it is fo digeftedin Divine 
Providence, as the Order it hath, is far better 
then humane Artifice could have given unto it : 
For the fcope of this Book being not only to teach 
us the Grounds of Divinity, for our Informati- 
on, but alfo to; direct w how to apply faving 
Doctrines practically to our felfe, and to make 
ufe thereof for Reformation of our Affections \ 
and Actions, and to help us by the Example of 
the Practice and JSxercife of Gods dear chil- 
dren, to go after their footfieps^ being led by this 

B Dire- 


Directory all along, as by the hand unto the 
fruition of Felicity, in higher and higher De- 
grees thereof, till we be perfectly pojfejfed of 
it in Heaven. The Pfalmes in relation to this 
fcopeare fo placed, as the frjl Pfahne having 
divided all men in two Ranks, in order to the way 
of feeking Felicity, doth give direction to as to 
chafe, not the counfel of the Wicked, but the 
Word ofGodfdrthe Rule whereby to walk unto 
true Blejfedne[fe : And the fecond Pfalm giveth 
us God in Chrijl for a Captain and Leader to 
m, who is able to maintain his Church , and all 
thofe who jhall follow this Rule, againfi all the 
Oppofition which can be made againfi them by the 
Power and Multitude of the Wicked y who will not 
be bound by the bonds and cords (a* they e- 
jleem) of this Rule of the Lords Law: And the 
rejl of the P films do hold forth the Examples of 
Chrifi and his Followers , yoaked in Conflict 
with their Perfecuters for Righteoufnefs fake • 
in all Afjaults making ufe of their Covenant 
with God 7 and prevailing by his Power which up- 
holdetb, direct eth y comforteththemin all their 
Troubles, and giveth Viffory and Delivery unto 
them out of them all : to the intent that every 
onewhofhallchufetobe truly bleffed in the way 
prefer ibed of God {who only can give and main- 
tain Felicity) may refolve and prepare them- 



f elves for fuch a life as the Saints have had in 
all Generations before them 5 that is y a life 
mixed with Crojfes andftveet Comforts 5 a life 
tvherein they fhall be pit to make ufe of their 
faith in God by Prayers 5 and Jh all not w ant for 
their anfvoer y in dm time, matter of Zpoy and 
Praifesto God$ a life compofed of Variety of 
Godly Exercifes^ and alternating vicifsitudes of 
Conditions ,as the bulk ofthisBook reprefenteth - 
but clofmg as this bundle of P\ alms clofeth y with 
fix times pure Praifes, w hereunto now and then 
the Lord frameth the heart of the Believer^ 
with Zfoy unfpeakable and full of Glory : That 
endlejfe and uninterrupted Thanksgiving and 
Praip being referved to the Generall Ajfem- 
bly and full meeting of Chrift, and all his Re- 
deemed ones ^ at the great day ofonr Lords fecond 

B 2 PSAL, 





^His Pfalm teacheth , that no tyigodly 
man is blefFed, but the godly man 
onely,ffr.i,2. Which is proved by 
three reafons : The firft,becaufe God 
doth bleffe the godly even in this 
life with grace to bring forth good works profi- 
table to themfelves and others, in every ftate 
of life, ver. 3.* But all that the wicked do for 
making themfelves happy, fliall be blafted, and 
found to be meer vanity, ver, 4. Another reafon 
is, becaufe after this life the wicked (h #'1 be fe- 
cluded from the prefence of God, and focietie 
of the godly at the day of judgment, v. 5. The 
third reafon, confirming both the former, is, 
becaufe God approveth the way of the godly, 
and will make the end of the way of the ungodly 

Ver. I.T) Le(fed is the man that walketh not in 
J3 the counfel of the ungodly , nor fland- 
ah in the way of [inner $ y nor Jitteth in the feat of the 

2. But his delight is in the law of the Lord^ and 
in his law doth he meditate both day and night. 

P Rom the pronouncing of the godly man to be the bleffed 
man^and Got the ungodly; Lmn i .Though fin and mifcry 


PSA L. I. 5 

abound among men, yet bleffednefl'e may be attained 5 for 
God here pronounceth iome to be blejfed. 2, In relation to 
the fceking of bleffednefl'e, all men, within and without the vi- 
fiblc Church, arc divided in godly men, that feck to be bleffed 
in Gods way J and ungodly men, who feeke bleffedneffe, buc 
not in Gods way • for To are they here all ranked. $ . To de- 
termine the Queftion, who is the bleffed man, is competent 
to Gad one!y,in whofe hand alone ic is to make a man bleffed > 
for hcrehetakethituponhim,to pronounce the godly man to 
kklb* blejfed man. 4. The ungodly do think themfelves very 
wllefh following the counfell of their own heart, and of others 
like themfelves ,that they may be bltfledj But this is not the way 
of the bleffed man, He walketb not in the counfel of the un- 
godly. ?, The ungodly do obftinately continue inthecourfe 
of finning, but the bleffed man, if he be overtaken in a fin, 
doth not defend his fin, nor perfift ink : He ft and etb not in 
the my of [inner s. 6. The ungodly may come to that height at 
length, as to mcckgodlineffejas meer folly, and to fcorn ad* 
monitions and reproofs : But the bleffed man doth never bar- 
den his heart fo, as to mock piety mothers, or inftrudion 
offered to himfelfe, He fittctb not in the feat of the fcornfull. 

7. The bleffed man maketh the word of God in holy Scripture 
to be his Counfeller concerning the remedy of fin and mifery, 
and to be the rule to walk by, till his bleffedneffe be perfected 
for the Scripture to bim,foi- the obedience of faiih,is a Law>and 
that fenced with fupreme authority : It is the Law of the Lord. 

8. In thatmeafure that a man is godly and.bleffed, he ma- 
keth the word of God, which holdeth forth the way 'of recon- 
ciliation with God through the MefFiab, Chrift, the way of 
growing in communion with Gcd through him, the matter of 
his chiefe delight, and contentments His delight is in the 
Law of the Lord. 9. In that mcafure that a man delighteth in 
the Law of the Lord, he verfeth himfelfe therein upon all 
occafions. In hU Law doth he meditate day and night. 

Ver.3. Andhe fhall be like a tree planted by the 
rivers of water % that bringeth forth his fruit in his 
feafsn : his leafe alfo fhall not wither, and whatfo- 
ever he doth Jball profper, 

B 3 \Qt.f 

6 P S A L. I. 

Ver.4. The ungodly are not fo : bat are likf th 

chaff which the winddriveth arvaj. 

This is the firft reafon proving the Godly man to bee the 
only Bleffed nun, and not the ungodly ; Hence learn, i.In 
thatmeafure a man ftudicth holy Communion with God, 
by delighting and meditating in his word, be flull be fixed 
and f urniflied with the influence of Grace from Chrift, for 
the entertaining of Spiritual Life in him * He Jhall be li\t a 
tree flamed by the rivers of water. 2. The man that mi- 
keth the word of God his delight* fhall be made fruitfull in e- 
very good work, as opportunity is offered to him J He Jhall 
he Ufa the tree that bringeth forth bis fruit in bisfeafon. 3. This 
man (hall be inabled to bear out a holy profeffion of his faith 
in 3 and obedience to God 3 in adverfity,as well as in profperity; 
Hi* leaf e alfo Jhall not wither. 4. Whatsoever Duty or Service to 
God this man goech about, (hall not want the affiftance of 
God* nor fuceds* nor acceptance at bis bands * JVbatfoever be 
doth Jhall prefper. 5. The ungodly man (whatfoever he 
may feem to be before the world) yet he is deftitute of all 
Spirituall Life, and alien from the fellowship of Gods grace* 
unfit for every good work, ready, when tempted hard, to 
quit his counterfeit profeffion of Religion, and is curfed in 
all that he doth 5 for what the bleffed Godly man is here faid 
to be, the wicked is the conrrary j The ungodly are not fo. 
$. Wnatfoevsr appearance of godlineffe, or temporal profpe- 
rity, or hope of happinefs the ungodly man feemeth to have, 
it (hill be found but counterfeit, and (hall ftand him in no 
ftcad inhisgrcateft need : Tbc ungodly are life the chaff which 
the wind bldweth away. 

Ver.5. Therefore the ungodly Jhall not flandin the 
judgement^ nor [inner $ in the congregation of the 

The fecond reafon proving the Godly man to be the B/e/- 
fedmavy and not the ungodly, is a conference of the firft : 
Wbence learn, 1. Not only (hall all that the ungodly man 
fowech to his fiefhly Felicity, prove chaff , but alfo for his 
pains hefhailanfwer to God in the day of Judgement, and 
l-herc be condemned ; for it is faid, Therefore the ungodly fhall 


P S A L. I. 7 

dctftandintbe judgment. 2. Howfoever the Godly cannot 
enjoy one anothers fetlowmip in this life, for many rofons ; 
yec at laft :hey mall meet in a generall Affcmbiy of all Saints, 
in the full fellowship of God, for there is a day of Judgement 
to be, wherein they fhall ftand, and not be caften or con- 
demned, but fliall be fully abfolved, and remain in the ftand- 
ing Congregation oftbe 7{igbteous. 3. Albeit now the ungodly 
and Godly do live together,mixcd in one Kingdcm, City, In- 
corporation, vifible Church, Family, and B:d, poffibiy, yec 
there fliall be a perfect feparation at laft, or the one from 
the other, for finners (or fervanrs offing Jlull not (t and in the 
Congregation of the Rigbuoia. 

Verf.6. For the Lord kjtoweth the way of the 
Righteous : buttheway of the ungodly fhall peri/h. 

The third reafonconfirmeth the former two: Whence learn 
x. Albeit there be no man that Itveth and ■finnccb not, yet the 
godly man, being juftified by faith, and carefull to bring 
forth the fruits of faith, is not a (inner in Gods efteem > for 
he is here called 7{igbteous. 2. However there be many im- 
perfections and failings of the Godly mans aliens, yet the 
courfc he kecpetb and way which he endeavoiu'etb to walk in, 
is holy and acceptable to God 5 For the Lord ttfiowetbi ox ap- 
proved the way oftbe 7(jghteous. 2. let the men of this world 
pleafe themfelves, ana applaud cme another in their Godlefle 
carriage} yet the end oftheii* courfe mall be everlafting de- 
ftrudion 5 for tbt way oftbcuvgodiyjhatl ferijb. 

P S AL. II. 

That this pfalme doth mainly, if not only, concern 
Chrift, appcarcth firft by this, That it hath not 
(o much as Davids name in the Infcription, al- 
beit be did write it: and by ^^.4,25,26- where it 
is appropriate to Chrift. This Pfalm hath two 
parts; in the former is fet down the ftability of 
6 4 Chrifts 

8 K5AL..H 

Chrifh Kingdome, againft all the enemies ther- 
of, w.1,2,3. Firft, Becaufe God the Father 
taketh part with. his Son, againft all hi^Enemies, 
and will eftablifh Chrifts Kingdome, maugre 
them all, wr.4,5,6. Secondly, Becaufe in the 
Covenant of Redemption, the Father hathpro- 
mifed to the Son enlargement of his Kingdome, 
and Viftory over all his Enemies, wr.7,8,9. In 
the later part of the Pfalme the Prophet deliver- 
eth the ufe of this Doftrine in an Exhortation to 
great and fmall, to repent of their fins,and to be- 
leeve in Chrift, ver. io, 1 1, 1 2. 

V^r.i. \j\THj do the Heathen rage, and the 
V V people imagine a vain thing ? 

2 The Kings of the earth fet themfelves, and the 
Rulers take counfel together, again (i the Lord, and 
againft his Anointed, faying, 

3 Let us breaks their bands aftinder, and caft a- 
way their cords fromfts. 

HTH E Prophet fliswetb, Tfa.n in vain mall Cbriftsene- 
-* miesoppofe his Kingdome : Whence learn, i. That 
the angodly world being ftrangers from the life of God, are 
incenfed in a mad mood againft the Church and Kingdome 
of Chrift in the world, The Heathen rage, faith be, to wit, 
againft the Vifibje Government of Chrift in his Vifible 
Church, asappeareth vcr.z,-$. z. Their Opposition is al- 
together unjuflo without caufe, and reafonlefs ; for being af- 
kcd,they cannot render a reafon Why ? 3. Though Chiift's 
Bnemies promife to themfelves fuccef* in their oppofition to 
Chrift, and that they dull furely-overturne his Kingdome, 
yet (hall their imaginations prove folly y they (hail not pre- 
yai\ for they Imagine a vain thing, which is impoflible to. be 
eff ftuace. 4. The chief Inftrument that Satr.n ftirreth up a- 
gai nit Chrift, to be Heads andXeadtrs to Heathen and god- 


PSA X. II. 9 

lcfle people in oppofing and pfrfecuting Cbrifts Kingdom^ 
and Church, are the Magiftrates, Rulers, and States-men, 
that he may colour his malice wich the fliadow. of Authority 
and Law $ for the K^g s of the earth and 7{ulers fetthemfelves, 
to wit, in oppofidon to him. 5. In this attempt the great 
ones among men agree more eafily together, then in any thing 
clfc > tbcy fix their refolutions, communicate their counfels 
and conjoin their power 5 The lyings of the earth jet themfelves 9 
and the Rulers t^ecounfel together. 6. Howfoever the Per- 
fccutcrs of the Church'conccive themfelvcs not to oppofe God, 
but men only, when they trouble his people and fervants for 
Righteoufncffe, yet becaufe the Quarrel is the Lords, there- 
fore their oppofition is declared here to be againft the Lord* 
and bis Annotated, or his Chrift y who is diftinguifhed here 
from the Lord, in regard of his Incarnation, Mediation and 
Offices, being otherwise, in refped of his God-head, one in 
Eflence with the Father and the Holy Spirit. 7. Though the 
Law and Ordinances of God be moft Holvjirioft Equitable, 
moft Harmlefle, yea, a!fo moft profitable 5 yet the Wicked e- 
fteemofthem, as they call them here, Bands and Cords, be- 
caufe they curb and crofl e their carnal Wifdome and Licenti- 
oufneffe of life. 8. It is not enough to the wicked to difobey 
and reject the Law and Ordinances of Chrift, for their own 
part, but they will alfo have them abqiifhed, that God in 
Chrift fliould not have a Church at all, at leaft in their bounds 
or where they have power s Let us hrea\ their bands afunder and 
faft away their cords from us. 

Ver. 4. Hee that fitteth in the Heavens /ball 
laugh : the L RD /ball have them in derifi- 

5. Then Jhallhefpea^ unto them in his wrath, and 
vex them in his fore difp leaf are. 

6 Tet have Ifet my King upon my holy hill of 

The firftreafon of the liability of Cbrifts Kingdome is 9 
becaufe God fcorne^h mens eppofing thereof, and will 
vex bis enemies, and fettle Chrifts Kingdome in his vifible 
Church, in the fight of bis enemies; Hence learn, i- Though 


io PSAL II. 

tbe Church Wfible s and the Ordinances of Cbrift beimong 
the feet of Potentates, and Chrifts fubje&s want wifdom 
and power on earth, to defend themfelves, yet their main- 
tainer is omnipotent God, judge over all, even he that fittetb 
in Heaven. 2. All the devices and confpiracies of men a- 
gainft Chrifts Kingdom, (how terrible foever to Gods people,) 
arc bur ridiculous, and foal ifti attempts in Gods fight j The 
J{ing that fittetb in Heaven jbatl Uugb at them att> and expofe 
tbem to mockery before men: Hcjhall have them in derifion 
3. After the Lord hath mademanifeft the intent of his ene- 
mies* and brought their foolifti and madd purpofes to light, 
be will not fail to manifeft his mind, and juft indignation 
againft them $ for then Jhali he fpea\ to them in his Wrath. 
4* The Lord bath his appointed time wherein he will arife, 
and vex the enemies of bis Church, partly by difappointing 
them of their hopes, and partly by infli&iqg fore plagues 
upon them 5 Then fhall he vex them in his fore difpleafurc. 
f. When the Lord arifeth to judge the enemies of his Church, 
then doth he give a furcher manifeftation of his purpofe to 
eftablilh his Church, and the vifibleKingdome of Chrift in 
the World , maugre all oppofition : fet have I fet my^ing 
upon my holy bill of Zion. 6. Though all Kings and King- 
dom? belong unto the Lord, yet he owneth tbe Church ( re- 
prefented by the hill of Zion ) and he owneth his Son Chrift 
the King thereof, in a fpecial manner, as his peculiar pro- 
perty, wherein he glorieth more then in all his works 5 there* 
fore faith he, J have fet my l&ng upon my holy Hill 5 this is 
tbe Speech of God tbe Father, fpeakmg by his Spirit in the 
Prophet concerning Chrift his £on. 

V.7. / will declare the Decree : the Lord hath [aid 
unto me , Thou art my Son, this day have I begot- 
ten thee. 

■ 8. Ask^of me^ and 1 Jhall give thee the Heathen 
for thine inheritance^ and the utter mo ft parts of the 
earth for thy potfejfion. 

The fecond reafbn of the ft ability of Chrifts Kingdomo 
is, the decreed agreement between God tbe Father and the 
Soibin the Covenant of Redemption $ fomc Articles where- 

P SAL. II. ii 

of Chrift by bis Prophet doth here reveal » For this is the 
fpeech of Chrift the Son of God 5 to be incarnate, fpeaking by 
his fpirit,concerningthe liability of the Church, & his King- 
dome over it .-Whence we learne. i The faith of the Saints, 
in time of the perfecution of the Churchy may, and mould reft 
perfwad^d of the ftability of the Church,and of Chrifts King- 
dome in it, becauie it is grounded upon the myfterious and 
unchangeable decree of God* which here is brought to light, 
I will declare the decree, faith Chrift , not as yet incarnate. 
t It is Chrifts office as Prophet, to revcale the fecret coun-» 
fell of thcTrinity,being,the fubftantiali word of the Father I 
and who before the world was created , was with God , and 
was God, $obn 1.1,2. 1 will declare tbe decree, faith the Son 
of God. 3 The Son of God as he is a pcrfon, concurring in 
the decree of eftablifhing of the Church > and Kingdomc of 
God in it, againftall oppofition; So is he party contrafter 
in tbe Covenant of Redemption : Apd as he is the promifer, 
and undercakerto pay the price of the Redemption of his 
people 5 fo alfo is he tbe receiver of promifes, made in fa- 
vour or bis Church and Kingdome : It is be to whom the 
Father dtre&eth bis promife concerning bis Churchy FirftSt 
immeiiatly^or the Son in declaring tbe decree,faitb,rfo Lord 
faidtome* 4 It is one of the Articles of tbe Covenant of Re" 
demption,That the promifed feed of tbe woman, the Redeem- 
er of his people^ the promifed feed of Abraham , tbeM^fliah 
and Saviour of the Eleftyhe promifed fon of David, and true 
King of Ifrael, afer his incarnation^ mail not bedifowned 
of the Father 5 But in and after his deepeft humiliation and 
fufferings, as he (hall be, and remaine really the very Son of 
God 5 fo (hall he really at tbe fet d3y, be ncknowledged by the. 
Father, to be the onely begotten Son of God, which day , is 
the day of Refurrection of Jefus Chrift from the dead, as the 
Apoftle, Rom, 1. 4. doth teach us, faying 3 He was declared to 
be tbe Son of God wit b power, by tbe refurreftion from tbedcad$ 
For the Refure&ionof Jefus Chrift was a reall fpeech, fay- 
ing to Chrift in tbe audience of all the world, in efHA as 
much as, I declare tbee this day to be my Son , my only begotten 
Son,one infubflance with me eternally. ? Tbe declaration of the 
decree of manifefting of Chrift to be the Son of God, is a 
fufficient demonftration of the impregnable ftability of tbe 

Church , 

12 P S AL. II. 

Church , maugre- all the oppofition of all the power in the 
world jfor to this very end is the decree of revealing Chrift 
to be the Son of God:, here declared. Thou art my Son whom 
Ibave begotten, is proof abundant, for this is the Rock where- 
upon Ghrift undertaketh to build his Church, agatnft which 
the gates ofhell (hail not prevaile, Mat. 16.16. 18. andwfeo 
isbe that overcometh tbc world, hhh John, favc be that falie- 
vetb that Cbrift is the Son of God, 1 $obn ?.?. 6 Another 
article of the Covenant of Redemption here declared is, That 
after Chrifts Refurrc&ion , and declaration of his formerly 
over-clouded God -head , he fhould continue in the office of 
bismediationjand interceffionj and by vertuoof his payed 
ranfome of Redemption, call for the enlargement of his pur- 
chafed Kingdome among the Gentiles 5 for this is the Fa- 
thers compad: with the Son, faying, As\of me, and I will 
give thee the Heathen. 7 The oppofition which the world 
inallmaketo the Kingdome of Chrift, (hall not hinder the 
enlargement and fpreading thereof $ but by the imerceffion 
of Jefus Chrift, the Heathen Jhal be bis inheritance, and tbcut- 
termoft parts of the earth bis poffeffion; not his by a (hort tack* 
or leafe for fome few years, but a lafting inheritance, and con- 
ftant p offejfion. 8 The neceffity of prayer is pointed out to 
all the Lords people by this, that the poffeflion of the purchafe 
which our Lord hath made by his precious blood, is to' be 
drawne forth by a fort of Prayer and Inter ccfflon fuitable to 
Ouifts perfon 5 As\ofme, faith the Father, and lwilgivethee 
the Heathen,&c. 

9. 'thou fhalt break? them with a rod of Iron, 
thou fhalt dafh them in pieces like a Potters Vef- 


A third article of the covenant of Redemption, is, a pro- 
mife made to Cbrift , of full vi&ory over all his and his 
Churches enemies, ver. 9. Wherein obferve, 1 That Chrift 
foall not want enemies,who will not onely for their own parts, 
refufe falvation offered by him , and (iibjcftion to be given to 
him; but alfo will oppofe him, and make head againft him* 
cill hedeftroy them ', for thefe Kings and Rulers fpoken of 
ver. 2,5. will not ceafe, till he hrea\ \btm, and dafiy them in pie* 
ccs$ and thefe are here understood* as repeated from v. 1,2^. 

1 Though 

PSAL II. 15 

* Though Cbrifts Church be weake and unable to help 
it fclfe againft perfecution 3 yet Chrift will own the quarrell* 
and fight againft all the enemies thereof himfelfe^ whereunto 
he is fufficiently f urnifhed 3 for bejhall break, tbem in pieces with 
an Iron rod. 3 Though the enemies be numerous and ftrong, 
being compared with the godly, whom they doe perfecute, ye* 
compared with Chrift or looked upon by him^ tbeyarebuc 
weake^brittle and naughty th'wgs.Tbou Jbalt dajl) tbemin pieces 

Vcrf. 10. Be wife now therefore , O yee Kings i 
be inftr titled, jee fudges of the earth. 

1 1 Serve the Lord with fear f and rejoyce with 

1 1 Kiffe the Son left he be angry, and jee ferijb 
from the way, when his wrath is kindled but a lit* 
tie : bleffed are all they that fut their trufi in him. 

This is the later patt of the Plalme, wherein the ufes of the 
former Do&rine are fet down. Whence learn 5 1 The more 
clear advertifement is given concerning the fin and danger 
of oppofing of Chrifts Kingdome 5 caute', wcrke or people 5 
the more wary mould all men be^and namely Potentates 5 as 
they love their places or foules, to efchue this evill j for he 
hath faid, Be wife now tberef ore >0 yee Kings tnd fudges of the 
Earth. % Though it may leem wifedom to make and execute 
lawes in prejudice of Cbrifts and bis caufe , rather th^n venc 
their malice without a pretence 5 yet ic is more wifdom to ceafe 
from oppoficton, and take laws from (Thrift* for fo the Lord 
doth reckon, faying. Be wife now therefore, Mid inftruBed.$* If 
any be guilty of this fin, and not as yet fmittcn for ir, the 
goodnes of God offcreth to him mercy in time^ and fteppetb 
in timoufly to take off the (nares of flatterers, who ufeto har- 
den men, and efpecially great men /in this finne : Be wife 
now faith the Lord, Oyee Icings. 4 It is no difparagemenc 
to the greateft Monarchs ("but a mean for them to efchue the 
wrath of God) to be fubjed to Chrift Jefus, toftandinavf 
of him, to fubmit themfelves to him, and prcmove his fer- 
vice to their power $ for the command to all, and to them in 
fpeciall, is ; Serve thi Lord in fear. 5. As there is matter of 

i 4 P SAL. II. 

feartoChrifts Subjefts, left they provoke feim* fo tberefs 
matter of rejoicing for them to be under his Government, 
and tbefe two affe&ions may well confitt in bis fcrvice : Re- 
joyce in trembling : yea there is no right rejoicing in any thing 
without fome mixture of fear to offend him. 6. Becaufe 
Cbrift Jefus the Son of God, is a lovely King, bringing 
Righteoufneffeand Eternal life to all his true fubjects, hee 
(hould be fubmitted unto, and imbraced ("when he offe- 
reth graced very heartily; To this end, Hjjfe the Son, 
or do him homage, is added 5 for to kifle is a figne of religi- 
ous adoration, Hof* 13.1. and a fign^ of homage and beany 
fubjeftion, 1 Sam. 10. 1. 7 Where grace offered by Chtift 
Jefus is refufed,therefufin2; of mercy mail procure morcan- 
ger,then all former fins,- l^ijfe the Son left be be Angry. 8. When 
Cbrift taketh a refufallof a man , to whom grace k offered, 
wrath will follow, to the cutting offofthe refufcr from all 
means iof bappineffe, both temporal!, which he hunceth afters 
and eternall, which is offered in Chrift unto t him, and to the 
bringing upon him utter perditions for iris falds Kjffethe 
Son left he be angry, and yee per ifh from the way. 9 Untpeake- 
able muft the wrath of God be, when it is kindled fully, [ince 
perdition may come upon the kindling of it but a title. 10. 
Remiffion of fin, delivery from Wrath, communion with 
God, and life cverlafting, are the fruits of im bracing of 
Chrift, of doling in Covenant with Chrift, and refting on 
Cbrift s For bleffed are all they that put their truft in him. 


A Pfalm of David when he fled from tAbfolom his (on. 

This Pfalcn holdeth forth a notable proof & bene- 
fit of faith in "Davids experience;who when his 
own fon Abfolom rebelled againft him, and forced 
him to flee for fear of his life, did firft lay before 
the Lord his pitiful condition, w. i^ Second- 

PSAL. III. 15 

iy, He ferled his faith on God, prayed, and ob- 
tained a comfortable anfwer, was quiet and re- 
freshed in foul and body, and made confident a- 
gainft Jill fears pgflible, ^^.3,4,5,6. Thirdly, 
He continueth in prayer , confirming his faith 
from former experience, ver. 7. And laftly, 
he giveth forth the ufe of his experience to the 
Churches edification in a general dodrine. ver.2* 

pRomthe Infcription> learn^How great calamity may befall 
the beft of Gods children, and that from thofe perfons, 
from whom they could leaft expe& to be troubled .• for Vdvid 
was deferted of his own fubjeds, and chafed from his Palace 
and royall State by bis own £on,Abfolom. 2. Although the 
Lord do not follow the fins of his children with vindictive 
jufticc, yet by the (harp rods of fatherly corre&ion, hee can 
make bis own children, and all the beholders of their fcanda- 
lousfins fee how bitter a thing it is to provoke him to wrath, 
asoncc Daviddid* 3. Even when fin hath drawn on judge- 
ment, God muft be dealt with for relief, no ieiTe then if it had 
been fent for triall onety 5 as David doth in the cafe ot" the 
correcting and purging of the pollution of ki$ family, by 
the infurrection of his Ton againft him, 

Ver.l.T Ord, how are they her ea fed that trouble 
jLjme ? many are they that rife up againft me. 
2. Many there be which fay of my foul. There is 
no help for him in God. 

pRom his laying before God bis pitifull condition: Leara ' 

1. The man who believeth in God, bath an advantage z- 
bove whatfoever any ungodly man can have in the time of 
trouble: he bath the Lord to go unto for comfort and relief, 
of whofe kindneffe he may make u(e as David did here, laying 
out his trouble before him, and faying? Lord, bow are they 
increafed that trouble me ? &c. 2. The world counteth a. mans 
eafe defperat^ when they fee no worldly help for biqa. £Mavy 


16 PS A L. III. 

fay, There is no help for bim in God. 3. Mercilefle beholders of 
the corrections of Gods children for cheir (ins, think and fay 
alfo oft times * that God is following them with vindi&ive 
juftice, and is deftroying them boch in regard of their fouls 
and bodies, &c. without mind of mercy to them. Many fay 
efmyfoul>TbereUno help for bim in God. 4. Tentation to 
defpair of relief, doth accompany unexpected and fad trou- 
bles 5 and this is more grievous then the trouble it ielf $ Trier- 
fore David prefenteth this tentation before God in the laft 
room, astheheavieftpartof his exeicife 3 with a note of up- 
lifting the mind and voice* Sehb. 

Verf.3. But thou, O Lord.ut a Jhield for me ? my 
glory, and the lifter up of mine head. 

In the fecond place he (lieweth how he made ufe of faith in 
prayer J and what fruit he received thereby: whence karne, 
ft; The nature of true faith is to draw the more nearetoGod 
the more it be driven from him, Many fxy > no help in God; but 
thouartmy jbield. i.God is a counter-comrort in aUcalamity, 
ourfhield in danger, our glory in mime, the lifter tip of our 
fc&ziindeje&ion. $. Asthere is relief in God ouccfalle- 
tilt* fo faith fecthin God fufficient belpe from all evill, and 
in fpeciall that the {word of the enemie cannot be fo neare, but 
be can interpofe himfelfe, as a Jhield to ward off the blow : 
But thou O Lord art a 1 Jhield round about mc> &c. yea faith feeth 
in God matter of rejoycing and gloriation in the midft of 
all the (hamc and difgrace which men can caft upon the be- 
liever, and can'make a man fay to God, Thou art my glory. 
In a word, faith feeth goodnefs and power in God to raife 
the Beleever out of the loweft condition wherein he can be ; 
Thou art the lifter up of my bead. 

** Ver,4. / cryed unto the Lord with my voya, and 
he heard me out of his holy hill. Selah. 

5 . I laid me down and fief t $ / awaked^ for the 
Lordfufiained me. 

6. I will not be afraid of ten thoufands of -people 
that havefet themfelves againfi me round about. 

From the cxccrcifc of faifcb, and the fruits of it, inthefe 


PSAL. III. 17 

three verfes : Learnfaft> TheconfcienceTjf feeking God by 
prayer 3 is an eafe to a man, noc onely for the time prefent, 
while be is in prayer pouring outhisbcartj bin refrefhfull 
alfo, when \is looked back upon: therefore by way of gra- 
tulation* faich David here > Icryed totbe Lord. z. Faith in 
a ftraic ftirreth up affe&ion and earneftnes in prayer, and, 
maketh the whole man be taken up about it: lcrycdtothe 
Lord with my voice, faith he. 3. The prayer of Faith mall -.. 
noc want an anfwer, and the return thereof is worthy to be 
attended, and marked, when ic is obtained; Icryed, and 
bebeardtne. 4. The prayer of Faich trufteth God in Chrift, 
as the propitiatory and mercy feat , and feeketh audience and 
anfwer onely for Cbrifts caufe , whole facrifice and media- 
tion , and benefits were fhadowed forth in the Tabernacle : 
And the believer, as he ihould take heed that his prayer go up 
to God through Chrift , fo ihould he obferve how it is 
anfwered , and returned alfo through Chrift, reprefented by 
the Ark in the Tabernacle , pitched on the holy hill of Sion : 
He beard me alfo out of bis holy Hill. 5. Intbe greateft extre- 
mity of danger , a believer may have his mind quieted, and 
his body refreshed alfo , after that in faith he bath had his 
recourfe to God, and hath caften his care upon him : llaii 
me done and Jlept , I awaked, 6. The quietnefs and fet- 
lednefsof a mans heart by faith in God, is -another fort of 
work , then the natural refolution of manly courage $ for 
it is the gracious operation of Gods fpirit upholding a man 
above nature, and therefore God ought to have all the glory 
of it : The Lordfuftainedme. 7. When the Lord will anfwer 
the believer to his comfort,he can not only fatisfie him in the 
particular which he prayeth for , but alfo furnim him with 
confidence againft whatfoever evil can be apprehended by 
him for time to come: 1 mil not be affray d cfmiliom of people, 
that have fet themfelves againft me roundabout. 8. When 
faith finds it felfe welcome to God/tis able to give a defiance 
to all adverfarics ; more or fewer, weaker or ftronger ene- 
mies, all arc alike defpifed : I mil not be affray d of thou. 
fands of people. 

Vcrf. 7. Ari[e % O Lord,fave me, O my God, for 
thou haft [mitten all mine enemies upon the cheek* 
bone : thou haft broken the teeth of the ungodly. 

la the third place he continue^ to pray againft the evil, 
C which 

18 P S A L. III. 

which might thereafter follow : whence Learn> i. Faith in 
God is not a bragger , nor confident in the mans own 
ftrength , or imagination 5 but humbly dependeth on God, 
and continued) in prayer,fo long as the danger remainctbi as 
David doth here after delivery received, t. The cove- 
nant of grace , wherein the believer is entered with God, 
furnifheth him with confident prayer, and hope of ialvation : 
Saveme> my God. 3. When faith is fixed upon Gpd 
covenanted, then, by-gone experiences do come upaspin- 
nings in the bigging of a wall, to bolfter it up, and con- . 
firmeitj For thou haft fmitten dlmine enemies upon the cbeeke 
lone , thou baft broken the teeth of the ungodly. 4. G od fm ites 
che pride of perfecuters with a fliamefuil ftroke,and their beaft- 
ly cruelty, with breaking th#ir power , Thou haft (mitten mine 
enemies on the cheek bone, thou haft broken the teeth of the 

Verf. 8- Salvation beiongeth unto the Lord : 
thy blejfing is upon thy people. Selah. 

From the laft part of thePfalme, wherein be gtveth forth 
from his own experience a general Doctrine, for the com- 
fort of all the Lords people,Lfc*r» : 1. The u(e of tbe ex- 
perience of the Godly , ftiould be tbe confirmation of the 
faith of all others, as well as of their own; as here is feen. 
2. Tbe fiuitof the Lords putting his own in ftiaits, isto 
make them and all men fee, that he hath wates of deliverance, 
more then they know of 5 and that he will fave his own, 
when men do count their cafe defperate ; F or Salvation be- 
iongeth to the Lord. g. Whatsoever mixture his people do 
find ofcroiles and comforts, or vkiflkude of danger and 
delivery , 2dverfity or profperity, ftill the courfe of ble fling 
- of them itandeth, which now and then they are forced to 
acknowledge co the Lord : Thy blejfing is upon thy 

p s AL. IV. 

To ihe chief e Mufician on Heginotb. A Pfalm of David. 

Another experience of David, as an example of a 
Chriftian fuffcr^r, onjuftly perfecuted and fcor- 


PSA L. IV. 19 

iied for his piety by his profane enemies, fuch 
as Saul, and his Courtiers were: wherein firft 
he fetteth down his prayer, ver. i. Then being 
comforted in God, he infulteth over his ene- 
mies, and gloriech in Gods favour, ver. 2, 3. 
Thirdly he exhorteth his enemies to repentance, 
and faith in God, ver, 4, 5. Fourthly, He pre* 
ferreth the blefTedneffe of his eftate above what- 
foever the worldly man can enjoy, ver. 6,7,8. 

pRom the Infcription of this Pfalm,which is the firft* where- 
in mention is made of chief Mu(icians,or mulicall inftru- 
ments: Lexrn y 1. Thepraifeof God,and the joy of bis Spirir^ 
allowed on his people,do furpalTe all expreffion which the voice 
ofwords can make 5 for this was fignified by the plutalicie, 
and diverfirie of muficall instruments, (fome of tbem foun- 
ding by being beaten^ fome of them by being blown,) In- 
peradded t© the voice of finging in^the paedagogie of Mo(cs y 
z. Albeit the ceremonially iigurative,and religious ufe of mu- 
ficall inttruments be gone, with the reft of the Levitic3ll ilia- 
dowes, (the naturall ufe of them ftiil remaining :) yet the 
Vocall ringing of Pfalmes in the Church is noc taken away, 
as the pra&ife and do&rine of Cbrift and his Apoftles makes 
evident 5 and fo the voice of a Odufician in cfae publick worfhip 
ilillisufefull. $. The Pfalmes are to be made ufe of with 
difcretion, as the matter of the Pfalm, and edification of the 
worlhippers doth require. And in the public^ it is the called 
Minifter of the Congregation his place, to order this part of 
the worfhip with thereftjfor this the direction of the Pfalmes, 
To the chief Muficun, givech ground, 

Ver. 1 . \"\Ear me when I call* O God of my righ- 
I L teottfneffe : thou haft enlarged me when 
I was in diftrejfe, have mercy upon me$ and hear my 

pRom his prayer, Learn, i. Though there bee many and 

divers troubles of the jodiy> yec there is but one God to 

give comfort and seliefej and one way to draw it from God$ 

C i 

so P 5 A L. IV. 

to wit, by prayer in faith, Hear me when 1 call. 2. Albeit 
the confcience of much fin be oppofed to the prayer of the be- 
liever, yet the everlafting rigbteoufneffe of faith, (whereof the 
Lord is God, author and maintaincr for ever ) doth open the 
waytothefuppliant, fpccially when he cometh to God in a 
righteous caufe, Hear me, God of my rigbteoufneffe. 3 . Ac- 
knowledgement of by-paft mercies in former experience is a 
good preparation for a new mercy, and a mean to ftrengthen 
our faith to receive it, Tbou baft enlarged me wbenlwto indi- 
ftrejfe, have mercy upon me, and bear my payer. 4. "Faith is a 
good Oratour and a noble Difputer in a ftrait > it can reafon 
from Gods readineffe to hear, Heare met when I call, OGod. 
And from the everlafting righteoufneife given to the man, in 
the juftification of his perfon : God of my rigbteoufneffe : and 
from God? conftant juftice in defending the righteoufnefle 
of his lervants caufe, O God of my rigbteoufneffe : and from 
both prefent diftreflis, and thoie that are by-palt> wherein he 
hach been : and from by-gone mercies receive3 , Tbou baft en- 
Urged me when I wot in diftreffe ; and from Gods grace, which 
is able to anfvver all objections from the mans unworthineffe, 
or ill.defei ving : Have mercy upon me, and bear myprzyer. 

Verf. 2. O ye fons of men , how long will ye turn 
my glory into fhame ? how long will je love vanity, 
and fetk^ after leafing: Selah. 

3 . But know that the Lord hath fet apart him that 
is godly for him f elf e : the Lord will hear when 1 call 
unto him. 

In the next place, after comfort received, he triumpheth in 
Gods good will over all his enemies. Wbenctlcarne, 1. 'Though 
a godly man. when he is both perfecuted for righteoufneffe, 
and mocked for his piety , may bang his head in his trouble 
for a little^ till hec go to God with his complaint > yet after 
that he is comforted, bee will be able to Ipeak a word to his 
mockers, and hoiily toinfult over them, time about $ as after 
prayer, Pdz//rf here turncth him to fpeak to the fons of men. 
2. Mockers of piety, when pious men are under afflidion, do 
bewi ay tbemfelves to be ftill in the ftate of nature, and dtfti* 
tutefor the prefent of the Spirit of regeneration: For David 
calleththem, in relation t« their finfull condition, O ye fons 
of men. 3, Though faith in God, ajid, calling on him in 


PSA L. IV. 2i 

trouble, and innoqcncy of life under perfection, be the high- 
eft commendation, and glory of a man 5 yet the wicked, 
(though oft convinced of Gods goodnefle tofuchperfonsj do 
not ftand to reproach piety, as a matter of fcorn, fo oft as 
God doth fufFer the godly to fail in calamity, How long will 
\yetwrnmy glory into fhame ? 4. Meer natural] men cannoc 
be made wife, neither by the word of God, nor by experience 
in rheir own, and others perfons, to confider that things of 
this earth, as temporarie riches, honour, and pleafure, are 
nothing but vanity, and deceiving lies, which prom ifefome- 
ihing, and pay nothing but vexation of fpirit , becaufe of 
guiltineffe and mifery following upon the abufe of them. How 
long will ye love vanity, and feefi after leafing ? 5. The moft 
fatisfa&ory revenge, which the godly can defire of their pei- 
fecutors and mockers, is, to have them turn converts, to have 
them recalled from the vanity of their way, and brought to a 
right undemanding of what concerneth their faivation , wbere- 
unro the godly are ready to offer themfelves admonifhers of 
them, and inftrufters, as here the Prophet doth, ye Sons of 
men, bow long? (?c. But finow,&c. 6. The caufe of the 
worlds defpifing of piety in the perfons of God's nffliuted 
children, is the grofle ignorance of the precious priviledges of 
the Lords fincere fervams : the world cannot think that the 
godly in the midft of their calamities are Gods peculiar jew- 
els, chofen and called out of the world, for honouring of 
Gods admitted to fellow/hip with God in this life, and ap- 
pointed to dwell with him forever. Therefore, \now> faith 
David, asfpeakingtoignorants, that God bath (ei apart for 
bimfelf,him that is godly. 7. This is one of the priviledges of 
the godly, that bow oft foever tbey are put to their prayers, 
by trouble or tentation, fo oft they get audience, upholding, 
comfort, and delivery > as their croffes do abound, fo do their 
confolations-as the Prophet teftifletb,faying,rkL0rd will bear 
me when I caU upon bim. 8 . The experience of one of the 
Saints concerning the verity of Gods promifes, or the cer- 
tainty of the written priviledges of the Lords people, is a 
fufficient proof of the right which all his children have unto, 
and ground of hope for their partaking in the fame mercies 
in their need, therefore "David, to prove his generall docVine, 
fet down in the firft part of the verfe, he faith, The Lvrd will 
hear me whw I call unto bim* 

C 3 Vcr./i 


aa P S A L. IV. 

Ver.4. Stand in awe and fin not ; commune with 
3 m r own heart upon jour bed, and be fiill. Selah. 

5. Offer the facrifices of righteoufnejfe, and put 
y°ur truft in the Lord. 

In the third place, he exhorteth his enemies to repentance, 
and faith in God 5 wherein as he laid down the coin fe which 
they mould keep , "to wit, to have their judgment well inform- 
ed in the principles of Religion, in the former verfe 5 fo here 
in this verfe he will have their heart and affections reformed ; 
and in the following verfe bee will have their aUions alfo re- 
formed in relation to the duties of the firft and fecond Table, 
and their aftionstoflow from their faith in God. Whence 
learn, Repentance is not reall and found , till the heart be 
affe&ed with the fenfe of fin by-paft, and fear of finning 
hereafter, and be brought infubje&ion under the dreadfull 
Ma jeftie of God : therefore after inftru&ion, zer. 2. $. Hee 
faith here, Stand in aw and Jin rot. z. The mean prefcribed 
of God for to make the heart fenfible of its condition, is the 
ferious and daily examination of the confeience, pofing it 
to anfwer all interrogatories concerning the mans conformi- 
tie to Gods law*' and that in (ecret, in the night, without di- 
fira&ion : for a man had need to have his wits about him, 
when hee goeth to examine a deceitfull thief: to this pur- 
pofe faith he, Commune with your hearts onyour beds. 5. The 
fruit of daily, ferious examination of the confeience, concer- 
ning fin committed, is, to make a man bumble, quiet, and 
fubmiffive to the Lord ; this he infimiateth in foretelling 
them that thus they Jhall be ftill, or filent , not opening the 
mouth to excufe their fins, or to mock the godly. As for re- 
formation of their Lives in relation to the Taw of God^ver.$. 
heteacheth, 1. That the formall difcharge of the external! 
ceremonies of Religion will nor prove a man to be a true 
convert, or a fincere penitent $ but the true ("orifice of Chrifts 
pbedience unto the death, fignified by the external! facrifices, 
mull be looked unto 5 and the factifice of thankfgiving and 
welldoing, and the dedication of the whole man to the fer- 
vice of God, muft teftific the truth of repentance. There- 
fore in oppofition to the ejxternall ceremonial! facrifice, he 
commandeth to offer the facrifices ofrigbteoufneffe. 2. When 
a penitent hath for evidencing the finceritie of his turning to 
God, brought forth fruit futable to repentance, he muft not 
lay weight upon his works, but lay all his confidence upon 


PSAL. IV. 23 

Gods free grace, who juftifieth the true convert by faith only : 
Therefore, after commanding them to offer the facrifices of 
rightcoufnefle, he direftetbthem, faying, put your truft in the 

Ver. 6. There be Many that fay , Who will fbew us 
any good? Lord, lift thou tip the light of thy coun- 
tenance upon us. 

7. Thou haft put glad&cfs in my hearty more then 
in the time that their come and their wine increa- 


8. I will both lay me down in peace, and Jleep : 
for thou, Lord, only make ft me dwell injafttj. 

In the laft place he commendeth his own bleffed cfb.te, and 
to enforce the former exhortation, he con^.pnreth the happi- 
nefs which the worldling doth feeke after , with the IpTrftuall 
joy which is granted to the godly, and preferred* the lail far 
before the other. Hence Le am. i.Thc blind worldlings, ig- 
norant of what is truly good* are taken with infaciable wish- 
ing, and ieeking for fom? earthly thing, whereby they con- 
ceive they may be happy. Of thofe fpcakeih be, laying, There 
be many. that fay, who will any good* 2. The rruely god- 
lyjoyne one with another, in Peking their felicity in Gjds 
favour, and in the fenfe of his reconciliation, and not in 
fecking the worldly mans choice: for in the oppofuion to the 
worldlings wifhes, David with the reft of the godly, faith, 
Lordylift thou up the light of thy countenance upon us, j. The 
comfort of Gods Spirit, and fenfe of a mans reconciliation 
with God in Chrift, is greater then any worldly joy can be, 
and is able to fuppiy the want ofrkhes, honors, and plea- 
fures worldly, and to feafon, yea and fwallow up the fenfe 
of poverty, difgrace,and whatfocver other evill. This David 
teftifietb by his own experience, faying, Thou baft put gladne fs 
in my heart yncre then in the time that their come and wine incrca- 
fed. 4. Faith in God, asitbringeth joy, fo alfo peace un- 
fpeakable, and paffing underftanding, in the midft of trou- 
ble: This Davids experience teachcth alfo. I will bath lay me 
down in peace and jlccp, notwithstanding of all the oppolitions 
the tons of men made untohim. 5. WhetherGod do give 
means of fafety, or none at all which can be feen, preserva- 
tion and fafetie is his gift, and the making a man obferve the 

C 4 benefit 

24 PSAL V. 

benefit of prefervation is another gift alfo : wherefore, VaviH 
giveththe glory of both unto God 3 Thow onlj m A^c ft me dmU 
in fafetj. 

PSAL. y. 

To the chief Mufichn upon Nebiloth< tA Pfalm of JXavU. 
David as a typeofChrift, and one of the number 
of his afflided followers, fee forth in his affii&i- 
on, as an example of exercife to others, in after 
ages, doth pray for himfelf and againfl: his E- 
nemies, ufing fundry arguments to ftrengthen 
himfelf in his hope to be heard : Firfl^from the 
grace of God beftowed on himfelf to ufe the 
means, ver. 1,2,3. Secondly, From the juftice 
of God againft his wicked enemies, ver. 4,5,6. 
Thirdly j From his own ftedfaft purpofe and 
defire to continue in Gods fervicc, and to walk 
fo uprightly, as the enemie fhall not have ad- 
vantage of him by his mifcarriage, ver. 7. 8. 
Fourthly, From the ripeneffe of fin in his ad- 
verfaries, which did prepare them for fudden 
deftruftion, Fifthly, From the cer- 
tain hope of joy, and defence, and fpirituall 
bleffing to be beftowed on himfelf and all belie- 
vers , out of the free love and and favour of 
God toward them, ver. 11,12. 

In his ftrengtbeningof his hope to be heard ,from the grace 
of God beftowed on him, toute the means for obtaining a 
good anfwer, Ltarn y 1. When the Lord givetb us a mouth 
toipcaktobim, there is ground of hope he will grant aneare 


PSAL. V. 25 

to us ; for fo rcafonech David, Give ear to my words, Lord. 
1. In time of trpuble,the heart hath more to fay to God,tben 
words can utter J and what# man cannot exprefs, the Lord wil 
take knowledg of it, no fefs then of his words $ This the 
prophet faopeth for, faying, Confider my meditation. 3. When 
extreamity of danger forceth a way to the Lord, the belie- 
vers ncceffity hatha voice, towdcr then his expreffed words, 
and whereunto the Lord will give care 5 hearken to the votes 
of my cry. 4. It is a point of fpirituall wifedomefor thehelpc 
of our faith, to take hold ofthofe relations we God, 
whereby we may exped what we pray for, as David doth here, 
when he would have protection and delivery,faying, My king* 
&myCjod. $. Faith kneweth no other to pray unto for helpe, 
fave God alone,nor any other way to be helped, favc by perfe- 
verance in prayer ;For unto thee will 1 pr<jy,faich he. 6.Refol ved 
Importunity in prayer muft be joyned with taking hold of 
the firft and fitteft opportunity offered for prayer : My voitf 
jball thou heare in the morning, Lord/aitb he. 7. Calling on 
God in trouble, with dependence on him, doth give hope of 
audience, and deliverie by him, by way of a convincing 
Syllogifme, whereof the promife of deliverie made tofuch 
as call on the name of the Lord in the day of trouble, is the 
firft propofition 5 the conference of refolved calling on him 
maketh the affumption or fecond propofition 5 and faith con- 
cluded the expe&ation of deliverance: for the prophets rea- 
foning is this in efFecl:, wbofoever they be, that pray to the 
Lord in their trouble, thou wile heare them : But I doe pray 
tothee,anddo refolve to continue praying:: Therefore thou 
O Lord wilt beare me, 

Ver. 4. For thou art, not a God that haft pleafure 
in wickednefs : neither /hall evill dwell with thee. 

5 . The foolifh Jball not Jfahd in thy fight : thou 
hatefl all workers of iniquity. 

6. Thou Jbalt dejlroy them that fpeak^ leafing : 
the Lord 'will abhorre the blood} and deceitful I man. 

Tn the fecond place, he reafoneth from the jufttce of God 
againft his enemies: Whence learn, 1. The worft qualities 
intheadverfaries of the s;odly, doth furnifh good matter cf 
Faith a^d Hope to the belecver to-be rid of them : for this ufc 
doth Tfivid make of the wickedneiTe of his enemies in tbefe 


26 PSA L. V. 

three verfe*. i. Such as take pieafure in fin, God cannot 
take pieafure in them .• Thou art mt a God , faith he , *&<** 
bajt pieafure in wicfadnejfc : And fuchaswill not part with* 
fin, God fhall feparate them from his companie 5 for it is 
faid, Neither Jhallevill dwell with thee. $. Let wicked men 
feem never fo wife Polititians among men, yet (hall they be 
found mad fools before God 5 felling heaven for trifles ot 
the earth, holding war with the Almighty, and running upon 
their own deftrudion in their felf-plea(ing dreams, to the 
lofle of their life and ftare, temporall andeternall. For the 
foolijh (faith he) Jball notftattd in thy fight. 4. Such as make 
intquitte their work, fhall have the effeds of Gods hatred foe 
their wages : for Thou hateft all the workers of iniquity. 5. The 
enemies of Gods people, whiles by flanders and lies they 
murther the innocent, do draw upon themfelves fwift damna- 
tion from God .• Thoujhalt deftroy them thatfpeak leafing, faith 
he. 6. Falmood and cruel tiewhich are the charaders of the 
foes of the godly, are abomination to the Lord, which he can- 
not endure ; Thou wilt abhor the bloudk and deceitfull man. 

Verf. 7. "But as for. me , I will come into thy 
houfe , , in the multitude of thy mercy : and in thy 
feare will I worjhip toward thy holy Temple. 

8. Lead me , O Lord, in thy righteoufnefs , be- 
eaufe of rhine enemies \ make thy way (Iraight before 
my face. 

In the third place, he refolveth that what ever the enemy 
fhall do,he will walk as God bath commanded him;with refo- 
lution toferve God in fincerky* as alfoa profeflion of hope, 
to enjoy the fociety of his Saints in Gods publick Worfhip : 
and to this end he praycth he may be kept ftraight in his walk- 
ing , that the enemy might have nothing wherewith to re- 
proach him. Hence Learn , 1. Though the Godly want not 
the confeienceof their own fins, when they fpeak of the fins 
of their enemies, yet there is a difference betweem them and 
the wicked, in refped the Godly are humbled in the fenfe of 
their fins, are brought to the acknowledgment of their need 
of mercy, and do flee to God for raving mercy, nnd to 
the multitudes of mercies , as they fee the multitude of their 
fins : And therefore faith he of himfelf, in oppofition to the 
wicked > But as for mc I will come into thy houfe 7 in the mul- 

PSAL. V. 27 

tit die of tby mercies. 2. The faith which the Godly have in 
the mercies of God , doth encourage them to follow the fer- 
vice of God > and in fome cafes doth give them hope to be 
loofed from the reilraints > which do hinder them from en- 
joying the publick Ordinances ; I will come into tby boufc , in 
the multitude of tby mercies.. $. The right temper of the hearc 
of a true Worftiipper, is fear before God : In thy fear will 
iworjhip. 4. Under the fenfe of finfulncfs and unwarthi- 
nefs, faith muft be fupported by looking toward Jefus Chrift, 
prefigured by the Tabernacle and Temple : In tby fear, faith 
he , I will wcrjbip toward tby holy Temple. 5. When the 
Godly are under trouble from their enemies, and under tryal 
by other forts of excrcife, they are no lefs feared for their mif- 
carriage and offending the Lord 3 then they are feared for 
wbac their enemies can do againft themj Therefore, Lead me y 
O Lvrdjintbyrigbteoufnefsy faith be. 6. So much the more 
as the Godly are fesitible of their own blindnefs* and weak- 
ness, and readinefs to go out the right way ', fo much the 
more do they call for , and depend upon Gods dire&ing of 
then). Lead me , faith be ; As one that fceth not, or as one 
who is not able to hold a right courfe ^without a guide. 7. If 
the Godly man take a finfull courfe to be relieved from his 
trouble, the enemy is hard ned in his wicked courfe , by this 
means to blafpheme the profeffion of Piety, as me ere hypo-, 
crifie, and foGcd is provoked to let the enemy prevail, be- 
caufcthemifcarriageoftbe Godly bath made way to him 5 for 
avoiding of which inconvenience, he praycth : Lead me, in 
tbyiigbteoufnefs, bee aafc of my enemies. 8. The deceicfulncfs 
of Gn , the ignorance of what is expedient and lawfull in a 
particular cafe^themift of private aff^&ions, and the example 
or ill counfel of rhe World,, are ready to make a man rniihke 
the right way, except the Lod make clear what is his duty ; 
Therefore faith he , Ma^e tby way fir tight before my face. 

Verf. 9. For there is no fahhfulnefs in their 
month , their inward part is very tyickednefs : their 
throat is an opev/epulchre , they flatter with their 

10. Defiroy thou them , God , let them fall ly 
their own counfels : caft them out in the multitude 
of their tranfgrejftons , for they, have rebelled a- 
painfl thee. j n 

2 g P S A L. V. 

In the fourth place he ftrengtheneth his hope to be helped* 
becaufe bis enemies fins were ripe for judgement. Whence 
learn, i . Among other motives to make the godly take heed 
of their carriage in time of triall , this is one, they have to do 
with a falfe world, and hollow hearted men, who will make 
falfe pretences of what is not their intentions, and will make 
promifeof what they mind not to perform, and will give none 
but rotten and poyfonablc advice, fairdedwith falfe flattery, 
and all to deceive the godly, and draw them in a fnare. This 
is it, be faith, For there isnofaithfulnejfe in their mouth, their 
inward part U very mcfadneffc, their throat is an open fepul- 
chre, they flitter with their tongue ; and this is the nature of all 
carnall men,when it cometh to the point of defending Gods 
caufe in time of triall. z. Though this prayer bee not to 
be drawn in imitation againft particular perfons, by us who 
have not fo infallible revelation of mens ftate before <jod, 
yet is it a prophefie againft all the irreconcilable enemies of 
Goij and of his people, againft whom the Spirit of God ma- 
keth imprecation here, faying^ Deftroy thou them, God. 
3. There is no need of any other means to deftroy the, Lords 
enemies, then their own devices; The very courfe they take 
toeftablifli themfelves, will ferve for their own ruine. Let 
them fall, faith he, by their own counfel. 4. The certain caufe 
of the ruine of the perfecuters of Cjods people, is the ripenefs 
and full meafure of their fins. Caft them out ("faith he) in the 
multitude of their tranfgreflions. 5. The oppofing of truth, 
and of the Ordinances of God, in the perfonof bis fervants 
who ftand for the fame, is not fimply the oppofing of mortall 
men, but the oppofing of God y whofe quarrel it is $ There- 
fore, faith he, They have rebelled againft thee. 

VerC 11. Hut let all thofe that put their trufi 
in thee, rejoyce: let them ever Jhout for joy, becaufe 
thou defendtft them: let them alfo that love thy 
Name, be joy full in thee. 

13. For thou, LORD, wilt blejfe the righteous, 
with favour wilt thou compaffe him, as With a Jhield. 

Inthelaft place, hemaketh prayer for all the Godly,mi- 
litant in this warfare with himfelfe, that they may ftiare to- 
gether in the Lords fayour. Hence learn 1. Perfection for 
rizhtcoufnsfs is a caufe common to ail believers^ wherein 


P S A L. II 29 

they fhouldalljoyn>and pray one of them for another, and 
feck for a joy full out-gate each to other in their own time. 
for this caufe, after prayer againft enemies, he faith > But let 
til that truft intbee rejoyce. 2. The manifefted care of God 
for his people, in preceding and delivering them from their 
enemies^ is matter of exceeding joy to his people, becaufe he 
is glorified herein, and bis church is preferved : Lettbem ever 
fboutfor joy , becaufe tbou defendeft tbem. 3. Such belie- 
vers as have gotten grace to love Cjods name, ( albeit it be 
not yet given unto them to fufFer for his Name,) are allowed 
to ftiare in the joy of vi&orious fufferers.Let tbem alfq that love 
*&y 2sJjM»e, faith he, be joy full intbee. 4. The perfon who is 
juftirled by faith, and itudieth unto holineffe, is an heir of 
Gods bleffing, whether he be leffe or more taken notice of by 
the world, whether entred in the conflict with perfecutcrs or 
not: For tbou, O Lord , wilt bleffe the righteous. 5. The fa- 
vour and good will of God toward hisownj is aftrong and 
glorious defence to them 5 it is a crowning fhield, a fhield 
compaffing a man round about like a glorious Diadem, a 
fhield very handfome and ftrong, which the believer ought to 
gripe well, and hold faft, and manage warily, and oppofe ic 
to every affault of the adverfary : a crowning fhield, which 
circkleth the man round about,and keepeth offthe dine of the 
adverfaries weapon, even when the pur(ued beleeyer is noc 
aware : With favour wilt tbou compajfe him as with a fhield. 

P S AL. VI. 

to the chief Mupcianon tieginotb upon Sbeminith> A Pfalm 
of David. 

Another experience of David, ufcFull to be known 
by all the children of God, who anefubjedto 
the like exercife ; wherein David being under 
the fenfe of the Lords heavie hand, upon his 
body and fpirit, prayeth for the removall of felt 
wrath, ver. 1,2,3. Next prayeth for the renewed 
feeling and experience of Gods mercy towards 


3 o PSAL. VI. 

him, laying forth his lamentable condition be* 
fore the pitifull eye of God, ^.4,5,6,7. A ^ er 
which, being heard and comforted, in the third 
place, hee defyeth, and triumpheth over all his 
enemies, ver.%£. 

Verf. I. ^\ L&rd, rebuke mee not in thine Anger, 
\^J neither chafien mee in thy hot dif- 

2. Have mercy upon mee , O Lord , for I am 
weak^, O Lord heal mee , for my bones are vexed. 

3. My foul is alfo fore vexed : but thou 5 O 
Lord , how long f 

From his prayer for removal of wrath, Learn, i.'Icis 
poffible> that a true believer, who hath been oft times re- 
freshed with the fenfe of Gods favour,- may by fome fad 
exercife, have his confeience fo wakened in the fenfe of fin, 
as he can feel nothing but wraths and fear of cutting off* as 
this experience of David maketh manifeft. 2. There is no 
relief in fuchcafe 3 fave to fet faith on work, whatfoever be 
felt or fearcd,and to feek mitigation and deliverance of God, 
as the Prophet doth here. 3. Even the fatherly wrath of 
God ,and far more the apprehenfion of hot difpleafure of an 
angry Judge , is unfupportable to a foul that knoweth God 3 
and hath ever tafted of his favour before : Rebuke me not in thy 
wrathjaith he; 4*. There is as much ground of faith holden 
forth in the Lords Name •jpe^wytf , (importing his unchange- 
able being, and his conftancy in his promifes ) as to 
ground 3 prayer upon it, for obtaining the change of a mans 
ca(e to the better, in the hardeft condition imaginable i O 
Lord, or O rfehovt, ( faith he, ) Kebu\e me not in thy wrath. 
5. Though fenfe feel wrath, and fee nothing but hot difplea- 
lurej, yet faith can pierce through clouds, and befpeak mercy, 
Have mercy on me , Lordfiiih 'David, in the mid ft of this 
fad condition. Though fin doth provoke anger, yet the 
mifery and inability to fub(u% prefented unto God, is the ob. 
je&of mercy, and a motive to faith to expedcompaflion 3 
Have mercy on me> faith he, for I am ma\{* 7. When iin 
bath <kawn ob fieknef$> or .any other danger, let pardon of 


P S A L. VI. 31 

fin be firft fought, and after that, the removing of the ftroke J 
for firft, he faith, have mttcy on me, and then, heal mc. 
8. The Lord can make the ftrongeft and moft infenfible pare 
of a mans body, fenfiUe of his wrath, when he pleafcth to 
touch him, for here Davids bones are vexed. 9. Anguifli 
of Spirit and torment of conference, is heavier then any torture 
of body, as, my foul alfoisvexed , doth import,. 10. The 
Lords apprehended abfence in trouble, and delaying to an- 
fwer the iupplicant* putteth a load above a burthen, and fur- 
pafleth all expression of words 5 for here his fpeech is cutted, 
But thou Lord, bow long. 

Vcr. 4. Returne y O Lord, deliver my foul : O 
fav erne for thy mercies fake. 

5. For in death there is no remembrance of thee : 
in the grave who ft all give thee thanks ? 

6. I am weary with my groaning, all the night 
wake 1 my bed to ftoim , / water my couch with 
my tears. 

7. Mine eye is confumed becaufe of grief ; it wax- 
eth old, becattfe of all mine enemies. 

In the next place he prayerh lor a renewed fenfible experi- 
ence of Gods mercy to him, becaufc of his pitifull condition. 
Wherein learn, 1. A renewed Wenk of the Lords countenance 
will fatisfiea foule in greareit diftrefle : Therefore David 
waveth this for a remedie of atl his forrowr Return, Lord. 
2. If defertion continue, fear of periflitne utterly doth pre- 
fenc it felfe 3 as this prayer infinuaterh, O Lord, deliver my 
foul. 3. The onely time to fpread the praife of God^ by ma- 
king mention of him before rhem that know him not, is rbe 
time of this life: For in death there is no remembrance of thec. 
4. TbeChriftians love of lite, fhould procetdfrcm rh^ love 
of honouring of God in this lite, (where it may inlarge Gcds 
glory, before them who may be profi.fd by pleaching of bis 
praife) &fhould be preferred to our own contemmet for a time 
in heaven, (o long as God pleafetti to take fervice of us here. 
For this is the force of the J rophets reafoning, In the grave 
who Jhall give thee thanks ? Our place waiteth far us,& no man 
can take it over our head, while we on earth are induring toy- 
ling and trouble, to bring more to heaven wich us. ?. A 
true defire and purpofe to glerifie Gcd in this life, to the edi- 

32 F5AJL. VI. 

fyitkg of others, may give hope of fome prolonging of life, 
and affurance of not pcrifhing for ever: for 7)avids hope to 
be heard doth run here upon this ground. 7. The moft la- 
ftingj prefling, and piercing forrow that ever foul felr, is from 
the fenfe of fin, and of Gods difpleafure for it, as the prophets 
exprefsion here doth give evidence. 8. The exercife of the god- 
ly under the fenfe of Gods difpleafure, may be very heavy, and 
of long continuance : The prophet is'weary mtb bis groaning, 
&> hfs eys confwned mtb grief. 9.N0 delaybf comforc,no fenfe 
of fin, no fear ofGodsutcer difpleafure can be a reafontotbe 
believer to ceafe from prayer, and dealing with God for graces 
for the prophet is wearie, but giveth not over 5 onely his con- 
dition is the matter of frefh mourning to him night and day, 
and po wring out of tears in the Lords bo fome : All the night 
malietb be his bed tofwim, and vpateretb bis couch mtb bis tears. 
10. The infulcing of enemies over the godly when the Lords 
hand is heavie upon them, becaufe it refle&eth upon Religion 
and upon Gods glory, is a main ingredient in the forrow of 
the godly : Davids eye had waxen old and dim mib griej r , be- 
caufe of all bis enemies. 

Verf. 8. Depart from me all ye worses of iniqui- 
ty : for the Lord hath heard the voice of my weep- 

9. The Lord hath heard my fupplication , the 
Lord Will receive my prayer. 

10. Let all mine enemies be ajhamed and fore 
vexed : let them return and be afhamed fuddenly . 

In the third place David defyetb all his enemies , being 
comforted by the light of Gods countenance, and lifted up 
in his fpiric. Whence Learn, 1. Tbe Lord can fhortly 
change the chear of an humble fupplicant, and raife a Soul 
trembling for fear of wrath, to a triumphing over all fort of 
adverfaries, and over all tentations to fin arifing from them, 
for the return of the Prophets prayer makethhim fay, now y 
Depart from me alt ye workers of iniquity. 2. Tbe Sacrifice of 
a contrite Spirit 5 offered by a believer, the Lord will not 
defpife ; For the Lord beard tbe voice of tbe Prophets weepings 
$. The hearing of our prayer fhould be thankfully obferved, 
and made ufe of, for ftrengthening our faith in prayer after- 
ward : For after the Prophet hath ini / Tbe Lord bath beard 


P S A L. VII. 33 

my fupplicxiion 5 Headdetb, The Lord vpill receive my prayer 
4. The enemies of the Godly lhall all of c hem be difapp'oinud 
of their hopes, and aflumed for their attempt* againft them, 
and filled with vexation for their pains 5 for this prayer fut- 
nimed by the Spirit ( verf. 1 o. ) to one of the Godly againft 
his wicked enemies , is a prophecie againft all the reft of the 
enemies of the Godly, in all ages- 


Sbiggaion of David, wbkb be. fang unto the Lorl> con- 
certing the words ofCuJh the Bevjamiu. 

The Prophet as a type of Chrift myftical , and art 
example of Chriftiansfuffering, being flandered 
of treafon againft his Princely one of the cour- 
tiers, firftfleeth to God for delivery, verf. 1, 2* 
Secondly cleareth his innocencie, verf 3, 4, 5. 
Thirdly requefteth the Lord to judge between 
him and his enemies , verf. 6,7,8,9'. And fourth- 
ly in prayer is made confident , that the Lord 
will plead for him 1 againft his enemies , verf. i<\ 
11, 12,13. an( * w *" return their devifed mil- 
chief againft him, upon their own head, verf 
14,15, 16. Whereupon in the laft place he pro- 
mifeth praife to God for his righteous judge- 
ment, verf 17. 

Verf. 1. /^\ Lord., my God, in thee do I pttt my 
\^J truft : fave me from all tloem that 
perfecute me , and deliver me : 

2. Lefi he tear my foul like a lion , renting it 

in pieces , while there is none to deliver. 

ASto thefirftp2rc, wherein be fleetfa to God to be de- 

liyered from the bloody tongues of calumniators 3 Learn ■ 

D i'li 

34 PSA L. VII. 

i . It is a part of the exercife of Chrift fervaats* to be Hin- 
dered as Traitors to their lawfull Magistrates, as Dxvil 
was by CuJI) 3 a flattering courtier. a. God who is able to 
clear the innocent and to defend them from malice, is in 
this cafe to be run unto 3 and ufe is to be made of faith in him, 
and our Covenant with him , for rekife from all adverfaries, 
as the Prophet doth here. 3. If God do not interpofe him- 
ftlfj for defence of his unjuftiy flandered Servants, there is 
nothing to be expected from wicked enemies inraged 3 bu: 
mcrciieis beaitly cruelty , as is fhowen in Davids expe- 

Verf. 3. Lord my God , if I have done this , if 
there be iniquity in my hands. 

4. If I have rewarded evil unto him that was at 
face with me , ( yea ^ I have delivered him that 
without catife is my enemy.) 

5. Let the enemy perfecute my foul ^ *wd take it; 
yea\ let him tread down my life upon the earth , 
and lay mine honour in the dtifi . SeUh. 

In the fecond place, wherein he clearetb his own inno- 
cencyjjLcartf.i Though innocency cannot exempt a mau fvom 
being unjuftiy fhndered 3 yet it will furnifli him with a good 
confeience, and much boldnefs in the pa'ticuiar , before 
Godj as here is (cct),verf. 35 4. 2. The more a mr.n doth 
, render for evil good 3 t«he more confidence fhall he have, 
when he cometh to God $ for innocencie ferved David for 
this good ufe , That be bud delivered Saul, wbo without caufc 
wm hu enemy, verf 4. 3 .He that is confeicus of dom^or in- 
tending injary to his neighbour;, will have his own confeience 
againfthim, in the time when he meeteth with a greater in- 
jiuy dont to him , and in that cafe will be forced to juftific 
Gods rijiucoufnefs a&ainft himfeif, as Da*vids conditional 
prayer doth here import verf. 5. 

Verf. 6. Arife , O Lord , in thine anger , lift 
hp thy felf, becaufe of the rage of mine enemies : and 
awake for me to the judgment that thou haft com* 

ji So 

P S A L. VII. r> 

7. So /ball the Congregation of the people cow- 
paffe thee about : for their (akes therefore returne 
thou on high. 

8. The Lord Jhall judge the people : judge w<% 
O Lord , according to my right eoufntfs % and accord- 
ing to mine integrity chat is in me. 

9. Oh let the wickednefs of the Voided come to an 
end , but ejlablifi the jufi : for the righteous God 
trieth the hearts andreines. 

In the third place , he prayeth that God would judge be- 
tween him and his enemies : Whence learn, 1. Though the 
Lord for the tryal and cxercifc of bis children , it ftill as ic 
were, for a time, when men are about to opprefle them J yec 
will he in due time manifeft himfeif to be no idle fpe ft a tor 
•f wrong j but a juft defender of the opprefTed , and avenger 
of the injurious, He mllarife in anger, andli]tupbim(elf 
z. When our enemies are defperatly malicious, and nothing 
can mitigate their fuy; let the confederation of Gods juftice 
mitigate our paffion : For be will arife in anger Again ft them* 
3. There is no lefie ju'tt zeale in God > to defend his own 
oppreffed people, then there is malice in the wicked^ to wrong 
them: For bis rifing in anger \ is here oppofed, to the rage of tbp 
enemies. 4. Albeit judgment againft the oppreilour be not 
at the firft executed, yet God in his Word hath given out fen- 
tencc againft them , and in hisa&ive providence , hath pre" 
pared meanes and inftrumcn:s for execution thereof indue 
time ; When he\hallawa\\e to execute the judgment t»bub he 
hath commanded, or given order for. 5. When the Lord 
arifeth to judge his enemies, then the Lords people will draw 
warmely unto him, and as it were , compajfc him round about. 
6 m In calling for juftice upon the wicked enemies of Gods 
people , we mould not be led with private paflicn , or defire 
of revenge j but with defire of Gods glory , ^nd edification 
of his people: for their fakes prayeth he, return thou on high, or 
afcend to thy Tribunal Seat. 7 Principles of Rciigion, 
whereof we may have ufc in our exercifes , mould be folidly 
digefted , that we may apply them readily to tife , as need re- 
qiiiretb, for Strengthening of our faith, and prayer to God* 
for tiben the Prophet bath fettled his faith Upon the Do&rine, 

a % hi 

2 O JL «J JTX J-i« Y X X. 

of GWj judging and executing jufticc in favours of bit people, 
in the general, he applyeth it to his own particular,faying, 
judge me Lord. 8. When a man hath made peace with 
God about all his fins, upon the terms of grace and mercy,, 
through the Sacrifice of the mediatour, he may in comparifon 
with his injurious enemies , in, a particular cauCe, appeal to 
Gods juftice to decide the controverfie j as here the Pro- 
phet doth, faying , fudge me according to my rigbteoufnefs, 
O Lord^ and mine integrity that is in me. o. When a proceffe 
hath been lying long before God , and the contrcverfie be- 
tween the godly and their perfecu:ors is not yet decided, the 
godly may put in a bill for puffing the decree, and executing 
of the fentence, as here is done : Ob'let the wicfadnefs of the 
voiced come to an end , (<fc. 1 o. ! The upright man needs noc 
to fear that his enemies ihall obtain a decree in their favours, 
or fufpcnlion , or reduction of the fentence pronounced : 
For the rigbteom §od tryetb the heart and ibe retries. 

Verf 10. My defence is of God , which faveth 
the upright in heart. 

1 1. God judgeth the righteous ' and God is angry 
with the wicked every day. 

12. If he turn not , he will whet his f word ; he 
hath bent his bow , and made it ready. 

13. He hath alfo prepared for him the inftru- 
ments of death j he or daineth his arrows againfl the 

14. Behold , he travelleth with iniquity , and 
hath conceived m.if chief \ and brought forth falf- 

15. He made a pit and digged it > andis fallen 
into the ditch which he made . 

16. His mif chief fhall return upon his own head^ 
and his violent healing fhall come down upon his own 

In the fourth place is the anfwer of his prayer, [fi^.] af- 
furance given of delivery to him, and of judgment on his 
enemies: Whereupon the fupplicanc giveth thanks to God. 


P S A L. VII. 37 

iVbenccLcam, x. Tbe fruit of faith joynd with a good 
confcience, is accefle to God in prayer, confidence, peace and 
.tranquillity of mind, mitigation of trouble, protection and 
deliverance , as tbe Prophets experience here doth prove. 
2. Victory granted unto faith,after wraftling with darknefsj 
is fatisraftcry to the fonl of the godly , as it all that the be- 
liever did hope for were perftded ; for he is now clear to fajj 
CMy defence is of God , (<fc. 3. Wbatfoever we do think in 
the time of tentation, neither jufticeagainft tbe wicked ; nor 
mercy coward tbe godiy is idle 5 for Gods Word and Works 
do fpeak mercy to the one 5 and wrath to the other , every 
day ; all things are working for the ones good , and for the- 
others damrm^e continually 5 For God judgetb tbe righteous, 
and is angry with the wicked, every day. 4 . Goi delay eth the 
execution of bis judgment on tbe wicked , to lead them to 
repentance 5 for here God hath whet his [word to ftrifie , // the 
wicked turn not. 5. If repentance intervene nor , the de- 
ftrudion of the wicked is inevitable : If he turn not. the inftru* 
mentsof death are prepared, and tbe arrows directed towards the 
perfecuters. 6 It is a matter of no i'mall pains that the (inner is 
put unto, to ferve the Divil and his own corrupt affedions^fcc 
travelleth as with a childc^he digs a pit,one of the bardeft pie* 
ces of work to Haves. 7. When once the wicked hath con- 
ceived mifebief 3 he cannot reft till he bring his purpofc to 
a&ion , that his finfull. thoughts may be wrought in e fife ft : 
He conceivetb mifebief and travelleth with iniquity . 8. The 
adverfary of Gods people ftull have no profit of all his la- 
bour, but (hall be me: wi:h difappcintment , He brivgeth 
forth faljhood , and the evil which is moft contrary to his hope 
and intention (hall befall him : He is fallen in the ditch which 
be made, and his mifebief fball return upon bis vwn bead , &>c. 
as a ikone thrown up againft heaven > returneth upon the 
head of him who did throw it. 

Verf. 17./ will praife the Lord according to his 
right eoptfyiefs : and willfing praife to the name ef the 
Lord moft high. 

In the laft place he promifeth praife , and clofeth his fong 
fo, Whence Learn. 1. The iffue of tne hardeftexercife of the 
godly is comfort to their fouls, and praife to God, as here wc 
fee. 2. When faith is fenfibly fatisfied , andfetledinaffu- 


ranee of what waspromifed, it will be glad and give thanks 
for what is to come, as if it were in poffeflion already : fo 
fpeakechthis conclufiorb 1 will praifs the Lord, and 1 will 
fing praifeto the l^jimc of the Lord. 3. Let the party op- 
poler of the g'^diy be never To powerful! and violent, and his 
place in the world never fo high, faith may fet to its feaU 
that God fliall mantfeft himfelfa righteous Judge in power 
and authority above the higheft opprefling powers on earth : 
1 mil fing prxife to the Tsljme of the Lord mofi high. 


Tp the chief MluficUn uponGitteth, A Pfalmc of David. 
To the end the prophet may commend the glory 
of Gods grace toward man, he firft admireth 
his glory in the works of Creation and Provi- 
dence, which are able to flop the mouths of all 
blafphemous Atheifts, ver. 1, 2. In the fecond 
place, he admireth the Lords love to man above 
all other, even the moil glorious creatures, 
ver.^q. Thirdly he fetteth out this grace of God 
to man, in the Incarnation, humiliation, and 
exaltation of Chrift for mans caufe, and for 
reftoring of redeemed man in Chrift, to their, 
right unto, and over, the vifible creatures, ver. 
5,6,7,8. and cldfeth the Pfalme„ with the ad- 
miration of Gods glory in all theEarch.^.9. 

Ver. 1. £~*\ Lord our Lord, how excellent is 
\^s thy Name in all the earth ! who 
haft f^ thv glory above the heavens. 

2. Out of the mouth of babes , and [ticklings haft 
thou ordained ftrengthbecaufe of thine enemies Jthat 
thou might eft (iillthe enemie andthe avenger. 

From bis admiration of Gods glory in the works of 


P S A L. IV. 39 

Creation and Proridence,/c4rff, i. The godly are not al waves 
born down with trouble > Sometime c^jey Invc liberty ro 
go, and delight themfelves in the beholding of gods glory, 
and goodncfs towards tbemfclves, as rhe whole Pfalmc ih:w- 
ech. 2. The myfteryof the glory of God, in his \vo ks of 
Crea:ion, and Redemption, is inch, as none fave the eye 
fpiritualiy illuminate by his Lpivicj can fee it: And he that 
feeth it cannot but be ravilhed therewith, when he doth dit- 
cerne it 5 and none can fufficiently comprehend it, or take 
k up fully, lave God himfclf. Therefore the prophet direcV 
cth his fpecch full of admiration, wholly to the Lotd, through- 
out all the Pfalme. 3. The glory of the Lord is grea - 
lyfweetned unto the godly, in the time of their prayfing of 
bismajeftie, when they confider their own Ihtereft in him, 
as in their own propriety. Therefore faith he, O Lord our Lord* 
bow excellent is thy Name I 4. No words are fuffirient to 
fetoutthe glory of the Lord, not only a" » i> in it feif, hue 
even as it is difcoveredto a fpiriruall underft ending •, There- 
fore by way of admiration, muft he cry out, How excellent U 
thy Name \ ?. The heavens and celeftia! lights mining from 
above, doc fpeake muchof Goes gloryj burin ifted his glory 
is greater then they can ho ( d fonh 5 for bis glory is fa above 
the heavens. 6. Albeit the glory of the Lord doth Mil the 
world, yet hath be enemies of his glory, to wh, profane and 
god/efs perfons, Atheiits, Epicures, and persecutors of his 
people and truth 5 For here are enemies (poken of, 2nd aven- 
gers, opening blafphemous mouths ffgatnft him, and his peo- 
ple, as if God, and his people, had injured them. 7. No: 
only the Providence of God in new born babes, Framing 
tbem in the belly, Providing nourishment unto hem when 
they are born, and making them to fuck the brcflsj but al- 
fo the giving of faving knowledg to feme of them, in their 
tender years, is able to refute all Atheifts and profane defyi- 
ks of rhe glory of the Lord : for out of the mouth of babes and 
fuellings be hath ordained ftrengtb, or ftrong convi&ion, to 
(till the entmie and the avenger, and put him lo iilence, Mattb. 
21 . 16. 

Vcr. 3. JVhen I confider the heavens, the worh^ 
ef thy fingers ^ the Aloon and the Stars which then 
haft ordained ; 

4. What \$ man, that thou art mindfull of him ? 
D 4 md 

4 o P S A L. VIII. 

and the fon of wan that thou vifteft him > 

From his admiration in Gods refped, and love to man a- 
bove all other creatines, ledrne, i. The weaknefs and un- 
worthinefs of man, confidered both in bimfelf, and com- 
pared with the glorious creatures made for his ufe , do com- 
mend the bounty of God to man, and make it a matter of 
great Admiration. For when the prophet confidereth the glo- 
rious heavens &c.he z$kztb,Wbat it man? &o *• Man of all 
the creatures is moft efteemed and taken care of by God. 
For he is mindfullof man, and daily vifitethhim- 

Ver. 5. For thou haft made him a little lower 
then the angels, andhaft crowned him with glory and 

6. Thou madefl him to have dominion over all the 
work/ of thy hand ; Thou haft put all things under 
his feet. 

7. All Jhcep and exen, yea^ and the beafts of the 

8. The fowl of the ayr^ aed the fijh of the fea 3 
and whatfoever paffeth thorow the paths of the fe as. 

In the third place, helookethon man confidered in bis 
Creation before the fall, and as he is in his head Chrift (who 
is God incarnate, humbled and exalted for mans caufe after 
tbe fall,) rcftored to what he ioft by the fall. Whence learn* 
1. Look unto man in his creation, and God hath given him 
the place, in order of dignity, above all the creatures vifible, 
next unto heavenly Angels, Thou baftmadebim a little lower 
then tbe Angds. z. Look unto man after his fall, reftored 
by Chnftumo his place, andinthis refped he is dtablifhed 
in that dignity to be next unto the glorious Angels : Thou baft 
madebim a tittle lower then tbe Angels. $. Look unto man 
in our Head Chnft Jefus, God incarnate, and there man is 
wonderfully exalted in regard that for refpeci and love to 
man, the Man Cl;rift being very God, is bumbled unto the 
death of the crofTe. And in this (enfe doth the Apoftle^ Hefc. 
%. 7, o. take this place, Tboumadeft bim a little lower then 
the A v gels- for tbe fuffering of death. 4. Look unto man in 
Chriit Jcfus, after his refurredion, and in his glorifications 
tied bath crowned bim with glory and Majeftie. <. It is no 


PS AL. VIII. 41 

fmall point of dignifying man , chat all beleevcrs have by 
Cbrift this tide of Hdrfhip, with lawful! ufe and pcffeffion 
of the creatures recovered and reftored unto him : Tbouma* 
deft bim to have dominion over the wor\{s oftbine bands. 6 As 
there is nothing which may do man good fervice> which God 
hath not granted man dominion over in and through Cbrift, 
fo there is nothing can barm, but bee hath puriinder/Chrifts 
feet, and under beleevers feet in and through Chrift, to wit, 
fin and Satan* and all our enemies, and Death the laft ene- 
my 5 He bath put all things under bis feet, as the Apoftle ga- 
theretb, 1 Cor. 15. 26. 7. Chrift (hall not lay down bis 
kingdom which he hath in his Cburcb, and over all her ene- 
mies, till hee hath put down all rule and authority and 
power againft him and his Church, and have fubduedall 
enemies under bimfelfe. For be muft reign till be bath pat: 
all things under bis feet , as the Apoftle colle&eth, .1 Cor. 
1 £.25. 8. Nothing is excepted or exeemed from being Tub- * 
jed to Chrift> a? man, no not,the holy Angels (who are made 
miniftring Spirits, to ferve believers) but only Gcd, eflen- 
tially confidcred, he only is excepted. For be bath put all 
things under bis feet > but when he faith, all things are put under 
bim, it is manifeft that be is excepted who did put all things un- 
der bim, as the Apofth proveth from this places Cor. 15. 

Ver. 9. O Lord our Lord, ho^Q excellent is thj 
Name in all the earth. ! 

He clofeth the Pfalme as he began it with admiration: 
Whence Icarne, 1. The prayfes of our Lord, and the excel- 
lency of our covenant right, and Imereft in him, are wor- 
thy again and agairf to be confidered^ and that God mould be 
proclaimed Lord of us whom he hath lifted up to fo high a 
Dominion. Therefore is this verfe repeated again. 2. When 
a man hath begun to declare fome reafon of his wondring 
at the glory of God, manifefted in the whole world, and 
fpecully in his Church, he muft give over the full explicati- 
on of this glory, and clofe as he begun* with wondering 
ftill, as here the fame exclamation of wondring at the ex- 
cellency of (jods glory concludeth the Pfalme, as it did be. 
gin it, OLord our Lord, bow excellent is thy K&mein all the 
earth 1 


42 P S A L. IX. 


To the chief Mufician upon Mutb-Labbcn. A P/alme of 

Here is Davids fong of praife to God, firft for his 
own experience of Gods goodnefs towards 
himfelf, and Gods righteous Judgment againft 
hts enemies, ver. 1,2,3,4. Secondly, for the 
Lords readinefs to do the like work, in favours 
of all the godly,ver. 5,6,7>8,9,io. Thirdly, he 
exhorteth the godly to praife God with him, ver. 
11,12. Fourthly, he prayeth for his own deli- 
verie outof his prefent diftrefs, vei|i3,i4. Fifth- 
ly, be hath afluranceofthe overthrow of all his 
enemies, ver. 15,16,17,18. And laft of all, for 
the excecution of this overthrow, he heartily 
prayeth, ver.19,20. 

Veni.T Will praife thee, O Lord, with my whole 
X heart, 1 will Jhew forth all thy marvel- 
lorn worlds. 

2 J will be glad and re Joyce in thee : I will fmg 
praife to thy name^ O thou moft high. 

3 When mine enemies are turned back^, they Jh all 
fall and perijh at thy pre fence. 

4 For thou haft maintained my right andmycaufe % 
thou fate $1 in the throne \udging right. 

FRdm the firft part of this Song of praife, lam, 1. The 
exercife of the Saints in variecy of troubles, doth occafion 
the fctting forth of the glory of God in all his Attributes, as 
iftthisPfalm is ftlevrn. 2. VVhen the hean is enlarged with 
thefenfe of Gods goodnefs, the wok ofpraifing God will 
be more heartily undertaken, and a lar^e heart will make a 


P S A L. IX. 43 

loofed tongue and an open mouth, to fee forth his glory. Da- 
vid will now praife the Lord with hU whole heart. $. One 
work of Gods wonderfu'l goodnefle ufeth to call for anotber> 
tbat they miygo forth together in each others bands to fe<: forth 
his excellency 5 as here L avid mil Jlxw forth ail hU wonderful 
irorfcy. 4. A lover of the glory of God^cannot reft till he com- 
municate with ethers what hce icnowethofthc Lo: ds won- 
ders : bewil Jhew forth (for others upftirring^ all the Lords 
marvellous voor fa. 5. Not any benefit* or gift received of 
God, but God himtelf, and his free favour is the matter of 
the beleevers joy : David will be glxd and rejoyce in God him- 
felfe. 6. It is not enough to have joy in our heart in the 
Lordj but it is his glory, that the joy which we have in him, 
be openly known as occiflon pffereth : Therefore wilVavii 
fing praifes to the name oj the Lord moft high. 7. The way 
of giving God the glory in every a&ion, and in fpeciall of 
our victories over our enemies, is to acknowledg him to be 
the chief worker thereof and the creatures to be but inftru- 
ments by whom be turneth the enemie back ; for the enmic 
falltth>and perijhetb at hU pre fence. 8. As for time by-gone God 
fhould have the giory of what'is done, fo muft we confecratc 
the jlory of what dull be done, and of what we would have 
done^altogcther to the Lord > therefore alfo for time to come 
D&vM fpeakech, When mine enemies are turntd back, (to wit, 
by thy power,) they, fh alt fall at t by pre fence. 9. Wereacaufe 
never fo right and juft, it recjuiretb Gods power for keeping 
it on foot : The juiineffe of the caufi muft not berelyedon, 
but God muft have the rruft of the caufc, and the glory of 
maintaining of i: : Pav/i/acknowledgetb God the maim ainer 
of his right and cauje. 1 o. What Judge foever Hull condemn 
us unrightecufly, there is a higher Judge to jud^e the caufe 
over again, and the parties alfo ; who when he fhewethhim- 
felf, fhould be glorified in his juftice by usj Thou fittefl in the 
throne judging right, fai:h Davids after he was he was condem- 
ned ot the Judges of the Land. 

Ver. 5. Thou haft rebuked the Heathen , thou hafl 
deftrojed the Wicked ; thou haft put out their name for 
ever and even 

6 thou enemy ^deftruB ions are come to afcrfetx- 
all end : and thou haft deftrojed Cities, their memo- 

rial is verified with them. 

r 7 But 

44 PSA L. IX. 

j But the Lord /ball endure for ever : he hath pre- 
pared his throne for judgment ; 

S Andhee (hall judge the world in right eoufnefs, 
hee (ball minister judgment to the people in upright- 

9 The Lordalfo Veil be a refuge for the opprejfed, 
a refuge in times $f trouble. 

io And they that know thy Name will put their 
truftin thee : for tkou y Lord, haft not forfakfn them 

In the fecond place, he forefeeth in the fpirit what (hall 
become of all Gods enemies, and adverfaries of his peopled 
and prophefreth concerning them, to the praifeofGod, and 
comfort of the godly, who were to live after his time : JVhence 
le&rn-, i. Although the confeience of the perfecuters of 
Gods people be filentin their fecurity, yet (hall Gods judg- 
ment againft them awake their confeience at laft, whether 
they be enemies wichout the Church, or within it ; yea, the 
Lord mall deftroy them : For thou, Lord, haft rebuked the 
beatben, thou haft deftroy ed the wicked, i. Although the e- 
netmes have a great name in the world , yet mail their 
glory be Wafted, and their renown vaniin, as if ic had ne- 
ver been heard of : for thou Lord> haft put out their name for 
ever and ever. '2. The deftru&ions of the Lords people, 
and of their dwellings , intended by the wicked , mall be 
charged upon their enemies, though they have not executed 
and brought their malice topaffe, even when the enemies 
themfelve s know and think, they have not attained their pur- 
pofe : Their intended deftrutt ions (hall come to a perpetual end. 

4. The time mall come, when the godly fhall triumph over 
all their opprefiours; yea, in the midft of the enemies info- 
lencies? the godly by faith may triumph over them, and fay as 
here, O thou enemy, deftrUclions are come to a perpetual end 

5. As the enemies of Gods Church have deftroyed the earth- 
ly dwellings of the Lords people 5 fo the Lord hath deftroy- 
ed, and will deft rcy their cities and their dwellings, and ma\c 
their memorial ceafe with them. 6. The reign of the wick- 
er adverfaries of Gods people is very ftiort, and in a few days 
they are 'cut off, but the Lord fliall endure for ever, to defend his 
people from a^e to age. 7- Courts of Juftice among men 


PSAL. IX. 54 

are not alwayes ready to bear plaintiffs 5 but the Lord hold- 
ctb Court continually, the taking in of no mars complainc 
is delayed lo much as one hour , though tbouiards ihculd 
come at once, all of them wiih lundry Petitions; Hee bath 
prepared bis tbtone for Judgment. 8. Albeit in the Courts 
of men jufiice be not alwaycs found, and very rarely in any 
matter concerning Ghtift 5 yet the L&id fball judg the world 
in rigbteou{ne§e> and minifter judgment to the fecpie in upright- 
neffe : the injuries done to his people mall be all of tfacm 
righted by him. 9. Although the Lords children have no 
reiidence, but be chafed from place to place, and know not 
whither to go in the earth, yet there is an open Citie ot re- 
fuge unto them, where they (hall finde fhelter ; Fcr tl;e Loid 
alfo mil be a refuge to the of preffed. 10. The Lords re- 
lief which he givetb to.his people, is referved, till other i nfe- 
riour reliefs do fail , till rhe godly man te bumbled and em- 
ptied, and then will he help ; Unto the opprefltd he ml be a re- 
fuge in time ef trouble* 1 1. The way of the Lords helping 
and comforting his own people, is by lifting up the believer 
above any thing which can overtake hirn 5 above the reach 
of ail creatures 5 7 be Lord mil be an bigb nwer y zn high place, 
as the word irpportttb, whence the beleever may lock down 
and defpife whai untohim. 12. Theignorance 
of the Lords goodnefs, mercy, truth, and other bis attributes* 
isthecaufeof making fo little u(e of God in profperitie, and 
fo little believing in him in time of trouble. For lb() who foow 
bh Name : willtruft in him. 13. They to wbcm the ipirnuall 
knowledg of God is revealed, will ceicainly truft in him ; and 
they that tiult in bim will fe\ him : and they that feekfcim, 
will finde him to be what be is called: for the man gnawing 
God, trujiing in God, and ftt{ivg God y is the fame here. 

14. The Lord may for a time hide himlelf, or delay to 
manifeit himfelf to a believer that feekcth him (which he doth 
fometimes for the beleevers tryall> exercife, and prctutir.g^ 
yecno age can give an in fiance of his rejefiing fuchafup- 
plicant : for tbou Lord baft vet fcrfaken them that ftc^ thee. 

15. As many experiences as are pa ft of Gods grace to bc- 
leeving Applicants before^this day, a* many confirmations of 
Faith are given, and as many encouragements to all beleevers 
tofeek his face in thrift ; For bw new forfoo\ tbcm that 
fought bim. 

Ver. 11 

46 PSAL IX. 

Ver. ii. Sing praife to the Lord, which dfoel- 
leth in Zion : declare among the people his doings. 

12 When hee maketh inqnifition for bloody hee 
remembreth them: hceforgectethnot the cry of the 

In the third place, he cxhorteth the reft gf the godly to 
praifeGod with him. Whence learn ? i. It is the duty of all 
beleevers to joyn chcmfelves chearfuliy in the fetting forth the 
Lords care over them^ and whatfoever may make his lovely 
Majeftie known to the world : for fo requiretb the prefenc 
precept and example : Singpraifes to the Lord. 2. The on- 
ly true God, and the righ: object of our joy and praifes, is 
he who did manifeft nimfelf to the Church of the Jews of old, 
who gave his Scriptures and his Ordinances to them ; and 
among whom he took up bis rehdence in jerufalem, in Sioit> 
in the Temple, in the Mercy feat, betwixt the Cbe;ubimS, 
( which was a figure of the Incarnation of the Son of God > 
in whom, as the onely Mediator, is rhe tryfting place bttween 
God and Beleevers, for accepting their perfons a;:d worrhip) 
for fo doth the defcription of the true God hee teach us : 
Singpraifes to the Lord D who dvpcUab in Sion. $. The 
ads of the Lord for bis people are fo damped wuhthe irn- 
preflion of his divinity, that they are able to purchafe fclory 
to God even among the Nations that are without the Church, 
and to draw them to him ; and fo it is not a needleflc, fruit- 
lefle, or hopeleffe work, to declarebU doings among the Na- 
tions. 4. If the Lord be pleafcd to honour himfelfc with 
the martyrdome of any of bis fervants, it is not for difrefpedfc 
to their perfons, for they remain, even when dead, honou- 
rable in his eftimation, and high in bis affc&ibn 5 for he re- 
membreth them in a fpeciall manner. 5. There is a time 
appointed of God for bringing to judgment every fin, and 
especially rhurther ; and of ail murthers, to avenge moft fe- 
verely the laughter of his fervants, concerning whom it is 
here (aid, When he ma\eth in quifition for blood, he remembreth 
them : Precious in his eys is the death of his Saints. 6. There 
is not a loft word in the carneft prayers of the humble belee- 
ver, poured forth in the day of his neceffity : every petiti- 
on (kill have a full anfwer, partly in this life, partly in the 
life to come 1 For fydforgetteth not the cry of the hmble. 

PSAL> IX. 47 

Ver. 13. Have mercj upon me, O Lord, confider 
my trouble which I fuffer of them that hate me^ thou 
that lift eft me up from the gates of death. 

1 4 That I may (hew forth ad thy praife in the 
gates of the daughter of Sion : I will re Joyce in thy 

In the fourth place, bee cometh to his own particular and 
prefent cafe, and prayetb for a new experience of the truth 
formerly fct down , believed and fealed by him. Whenu 
learn, 1. When new troubles befall experienced believers, 
they muft betake them to their old refuge, and to the former- 
ly biefled means of prayer > as here David doth : Have met- 
ric , Lord, upon me. z! Never a word of merit mould be 
in the mouth of a true believer: For, Have mercy on me, O 
Lord, is Davids oncly plea - y any good in us, is but a iandy 
ground to build on. 3. itfufficeth a believer acquainted 
with God , to preienc before God the trouble hee fuff.reth 
unjuftly from his enemies, and toexped deliverance from 
the Lords grace towards bimfclf, and from his juftice in re- . 
lation to the adveriary : for this is the argument here ufed, 
Confider m) trouble which I fuffer of them that bate mi. 4. Ex- 
treme danger of prefent death, fliould not dafh nor difcourage 
the believer to pray for deliverance, becaufe experience b3rh 
proven, that the Lord can lift a believer up from the gates of 
death* ?. Life fhouid not beloved fo much for it ie!f s as 
that wee- may glorifie God in our life, and edifie others ia 
theknowledg of God 5 For deliverance frcm death is here 
asked of GoJ, that bee may (ex forth allthcpraifes of god in 
the gates and moil open places of the daughter of Sion: that 
is, in fhe aud ience of the people of God. 6. He gets a fatiu 
fadory anfwer : which teacheth us, That in a moment the 
Lord can perfwade the fupplicant of the grant of his prayer, 
and fill him with joy j as here in one breath, ere the prophec 
could clofc his prayer, he is made to joy in the falvation or 
deliverance which he was perfwaded God was to give to him : 
1 will rejoyce in thy falvation. 

Ver. 15. The heathen are funk^ dctfon in the pit 
that they made : in the net Which they hid, is their 
own foot tak?r>i 

16 The 

4 8 P S A L. IX. 

1 6 The Lord is known by the judgment which he 
executeth: the wicked is fnaredin the work^ofhis 
ervn hands. Higgaion,Selah. 

17 The kicked Jhall be turned. into hell, and all the 
Nations that forget God. 

1 8 For the needy fh all pot alway be forgotten : the 
expectation of the poor /ball not perijbfor ever. 

In the fifch place is fee down* how with confidence of his 
own delivery, he is made fure of the overthrow of the enemy. 
Whence learn) 1. Ordinarily, the delivery of the perfecuted 
people of God, is joyned with the overthrow of their op- 
preffors: And certainly, the wicked cannot take a readier 
way co mine themfelves, then to feek the overthrow of the 
Lords Church and people ; For here, The heathen are f\m\ 
down in the pit that they made ; and their crafty counfell a- 
gainft the godly is the trap to take themfelves into ; In the 
net which they hid, their own fee t are ta\en. z. No^e of Gods 
judgments* and fpecially none of thofe judgments whereby 
he pleads thecaufe of his Church againft he: enemies, mould 
be lightly looked upon : For the Lord is known by the judgments 
which he executeth : His judgments bear the impreflion of 
his wudouie and jufticej foas the (in may be read written 
on the rod. 3. Amongft orher marifeftacions of Gods 
wifdom and juitice in pumlhing his adverfaries, this is one, 
The Lord makes the works of the wicked* and fpecially*whac 
they do againft his people, to be the very means to undoe 
them : The wicked isfnarcd in the worfa of his own hands. 4. As 
the devices of the wicked do come from he'll, fo do they re- 
turn thither, and draw the dtvi(trs with them : Though they 
cry* Peace, peace* and pur the fear of hell far from them, yet 
all the wicked jhall be turned into hell. 5 . As they who give 
themfelves to fin, and fpecially ememies to peace, do caft a- 
way the knowiedg of God out of their mind and afte&ions $ 
fo mill God caft them away far from his prefence : AH the 
nations that forget god, flail be turned into bcU. 6 Albeit 
the Lord do not prefently execute judgment on tbegodleffe 
oppreffors of his people* yet for refped the Lord doth bear to 
his people, their deftru&ion mail certainly come : They jh all 
goc down to hell * for the needy foill not alwayes be fwgot- 
;en i The cry o£ the needy and oppceflkd (hall bring judg* 


P S A L. IX. 49 

merit upon the oppreffours. 7. The Lords people are an hum- 
bled people, affl&ed, emptied, fenfiblc of their need, driven 
to a daily attendance on God, daily begging of him, and living 
only upon the hope of what ispromifed, for lo are they hena 
defcribed needy, poor, fupplicants, and expectants of the per- 
formance of what ispromifed. 8. Albeit the Lord fcem to lay 
afide the prayers of the oppreffed godly, and forget them : and 
albeit the godly mans hope doth feem for a time vain, yet Jhall 
be not almyes be forgotten, nor his expectation perijb for ever, and 
fpecially the expectation bee ha:b of things everlafting, (hail 
not be difappointed, but (hall be Satisfied for ever. 

Ver. 19 Arife^ O Lord, let not 70a?? prevail : let 
the heathen be]ndged in thy fight. 

20 Put them in fear, O Lord : that the nations 
may knoVv themf elves to be but men. Selah. 

In the firlt place befolloweth this condemnatory fentence 
of the wicked with prayer, that the Lord would put ic in ex- 
ception, even in his own time. Whence leame y 1. The Lord 
dochnotfo delay to excecuce judgment on the oppreffors or bis 
people, but be may be intreated to make fpeedy difpatcb, and 
as need requireth toarife and fall to work, a The time of 
Godsarifing is,when the caufe of God which the godly do main- 
tain is like to be loft. Arife,0 Lord, let not man prevail. There 
ishisreafon, why he would have God to arife. 3. When God 
arileth for the godly, be makcth it appear, that they are his peo- 
ple, and that their adveifaries are in efFcd before him but hea- 
then, and ftrangers from the inward covenant, and common, 
wealth of his people, whether they be within the viiible Church* 
or nots fovhcfvayzzhXetthebeatbenkcjudgedinthj fight. 4. So 
long as the Lord dothfpare his adversaries, they do mifdeem 
themfdves, and God alfo. Sin doth To befott ignorant and 
gracelefs people, that chey forget that they are mortal I, and that 
God is their judge. Therefore David defireth, that the nations 
may ^noj» tbcmfeliestobe but men. 5. Where there is any hope 
or poifibility of the falvation ofenemies, the godly mansde- 
firc is 3 they ihould be brought in fubje&ion to God, and bum- 
bled before him S and that judgments might be fo tempered as 
the enemic might profit thereby, and God be glorified; Pitt 
them in fearjhat they may \nw tbemfelves to be but men. 


50 r o n ju# a* 


This Pfalme wantcth an infcription, and that in 
Gods wifedome, that being lefs reftrifled to a par- 
ticular mans cafe, it may be of more gencr all ufe, 
whenfoever the godly find themfelves in a condition 
whereunto this prayer maybe futable : andfpeci- 
ally in time of generall perfecution. The prophet 
here compiaineth to God and craveth juflice a- 
gainft the perfecuters of his people, becaufc of the 
intolerable wickednefs of the oppreflbr, ver. 1,2,3, 
4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11. Secondly, he prayeth for haft- 
ning of the deliverie of the Lords people, and for 
haftening of judgment upon the perfecuters, for 
vindication of the glory ofGods juflice, againft 
his enemies, and of his mercy to his people. 
Ver. 12,13,14,15. Thirdly, be profeffeth his con- 
fidence that he (hall be heard,and fo glorifieth God, 
ver. 16,17,18. 

Ven 1. \J\J Hy ftandtft thou afar of 
V V Lord ; why hideft thou thy felf 
in times of trouble ? 

2. The wicked in his pride doth perfecute the poor : 
them be taken in the devices that they have imagined. 

3. For the wicked boafteth of his hearts dtfirc : let 
and blejfeth the covetous, whom the Lord abhorreth. 

4. Ths wicked through the pride of his countenance 
will not feekjiftct God : GWis not in all his thoughts. 

5. His wayes, are alty ayes grievous, thy judgments 
Ere far above out of his fight : as for all his enemies^ he 
pxjfeth at them. 

6. He hat hf aid in his heart, I JbaU notbemovtd: 
for 1 (hall never be in adverjitr. 

7 His 

P S A L. X. yi 

7. His mouth is full of curfing, and deceit, and 
fraud : under his tongue is mif chief e and vanity. 

8. He fitteth in the lurking places of the villages : 
in thefecret places doth he murder the innocent : his eyes 
are privily Jet again fi the poor. 

9. He lyeth in wait fecretly as a lyon in his den, be 
lyeth in wait to catch the poor : he doth catch the poor 
when he draweth him into his net. 

10. Hecroucheth, and humbleth himfelfe^ that the 
poor may fall by his ftreng ones. 

IT: He hath f aid in his hearty God hath forgotten : 
he hideth his face i he will never fee it. 

In this complaint he fpeakcch co God after the manner of 
men, inthetermesof fenfe, and as matters did feem to him in 
outward appearance. Whence team , 1. How far contrary to the 
word of promife, may Gods work and difoenfation feeme to 
fpcak : the word faith, He will ever be with his own, and not for- 
fa\eibcm 5 and here his dealing wich them feeaieth to fay, That 
heftandethafaroffy and hideth himfelfcin time of trouble. Stnk 
may fometime fpeake contrary to faith. 2. In this cafe 
the fpeech of fenfe i$ not to bee fubferibed, but the truth 
of the word mould be relycd upon? and the objeftion made 
by fenfe 3 or fuggeiiion againft cue word, is to bee brought 
before the Lord in prayer, that it may bee difcuiTed :• a* 
here the Prophet dochr Why ftandefi thou afar of, &c ? 3. Ob- < 
ferve how homely an humbled foul may be wich God* and how 
far the Lord will be from miftaking of his people, when faith 
doth borrow fenfes tongue 5 The Lord wilt fuffcr fucb fpeechesi 
and not take them in ill part, knowing that they proceed from 
faith and love, wraftling with fenfe $ yea, and he will fuffer 
them to be regiftred in his Book, as here we fee, for prudent ufe 
making of them, though they appear to challenge him for (lan- 
ding aloofe, and hiding himfelfe. 4. Of(-rime$ it cometh to 
pafle, that the godly are in a mean condition in the worlds 
when their adverfaries are in high places and power, and fo be 
abletoopprefle them as their underlings. The wicked in bk 
pride doth per fecute the poor. 5. In refped that pride difdain- 
eth what is apparantly goddinamein perfon, and overvalueth 
its own worth, therefore pride is cafily coupled with oppre (lions 

E % z?A 

52 P S A L. X. 

and pride is able to raife perfection. The melted in bis pride 
doth per fecute the poor. 6. What perfecutcrs do devife againit 
Gods people, may with good grounds be expe&ed ihali turne 
to be a fnare unto themfclves, Let: them be ta^en in the devifes 
ibcy have imagined . 7- All the Politicians on earth cannot dc- 
fcribe the rilcnefTe of the wickedj fo well as the Spirit of the 
Lord doth poinc it our, for he fettetb him forth, 1. He is an 
arroganr> (elf- confident man, tbreatning to bring to paflc what 
be would have done, as if he were able in defpite of God to 
effj&uaceit: He boafisofbis hearts defire. 2. He accounts of 
no man, but fuch a one, as by hook and crook is able to in- 
bance honour and riches 5 He blcjfetb the covetous man. 3. He 
valucth not what God judgctb of a man, whether he be a man 
whom God lovcth, and rei'pccfcs, or not : be fetteih his opinion 
in oppoluionto Gods judgement of men. He biejfetb the man 
whom God abborretb. 4. The wicked man hath fuch a conceit 
erf bis own ability and perfection, as his countenance and car- 
riage doth teftifie that bee fcorneth to imp-oy God by prayer for 
anything: Through the pride of bis countenance be will not fccli 
God m 5. For the rule of his life, he confukctb not what may 
plealV, or diipUaic God, what m3y honour, or dilhonour God. 
He troubles not himielfe with fuch thoughts. God is not in all 
bis thoughts- That is, as the Hebrew phrale doth mean, all bis 
thoughts are, that there is no God, or none or his thoughts are 
upon God. 6. His wayes are ever noyfome, tending efpeci- 
aily to hurt the godly. His wayes are aire ayes grievous ; or as his 
wayes profper, they do vex others. 7. Hefeareth not G ;ds 
judgements, he bclicveth not that they (hall ever come; hee 
puttcth them far away in his conceit ; yea, and what the Lord 
hatbfet down in his word, as his judgement, he apptehendeth 
it nor 5 he is not capable, of fpirituali wifdorne. The Lords 
judgements are fir above out of bis fight. 8. He neither feareth 
God) nor man, All bis enemies he puffeth at them : as difdaining 
what they can doagainft him. 9. The wicked do promife to 
themfclves perpetuity of profperny, and do not fear evill, to fee 
a change to the worfc, He ajfuretb himfclfc never to be moved, 
nor to be in adverfity. 10. For his words, he fhndcth not to 
biafpheme God, to lie,fwear, andcurfe, if it may purcbafe him 
credit, and mav help him to deceive others. His mouth is full of 
turfing, ix. His fair promifes are but vanity j and when he 
minds amifchicfe, he hides it with pretences of beft intentions, 
Under his tongue is mifebiefe and vanity, ix. As thieves and 


P S A L. X. 53 

cut-throats lie in wait about villages, to catch the ftragling 
puffcngers, where there arc few to. help them, fo do the wicked 
watch where they may oppreflethoie who have few to do for 
them: He fittetb in the lurking pUccsoftbc village?, in feoet 
places doth be murtbtr the innccoit. 13. As an Archer in the 
hunting of his prey, fo doth the wicked mark and fpie out a 
poor man, to make advantage of him : His eyes are privily fet a- 
gunfl tbc poor. 14. As a Lion in his den, or Tome lurking 
place, liech frill till the prey come by, and then he leapeth ouc 
upon it, when he is able to take i: ; Co doth the wicked diffem- 
ble his malice, till he be Mailer over a man, and then doth 
what he can againft him. He lierh fccretly inxoait as a Lion. 
15. As a crafty hunter fpreadeth bis net for a prey, and mif- 
kenneth it, till the prey be intangled, fo doth the wicked lay 
fomedevile to carch the poor, andtakcb bim. He doth catch 
tbc poor veben be draws bim in bis net. 16. As the Lion liech 
low in the duft, ss if he minded to do no harme at all > fo do 
the wicked men prctencf thomfeives the meft reafonable men 
that can be, and moft obiervant of Lnw ard equity, till by 
their power they may have their intent of t he poor He crtucb- 
etb and bnmbleth bimfclfe, that tbc poor may fail by him, or hU 
affociates. 17. Prefent profperi y joyned with impurity ma- 
kttbhimperfwadebimfelte tha: God will never take notice of 
him hereafter, or call him to account, or punifh him. He bath 
(aid in bU heart, God bath forgotten, be bidetb hi* face, he will 
never fee it. 

Ver 12. Arife Lord^O God, lift up thine hand: 
forget not the humble. 

13. Wherefore doth the wicked contenwe God? he 
hath [aid in his hearty Thou wilt not require it. 

1 4. Thou haft feen it, Jor thou beholdefi mifchiefe 
^nd fpite, to requite it with thy hand : the poor com- 
mitteth himfelf unto thee % thou art the helper of the fa* 

15. Breaks thou the arme of the tricked, and the 
evil I man: feek.out his rvickedneffe till thou find none. 

Thus he hath given tbc character of the enemies of G ds 
people, and fo made a Dittay for them. Now in the fecond 
place, he prayetb againft them , that their Doom may be given 
ouc, and may be executed. Whence learn, 1. The more we fee 

8 3 Amelia* 

54 P S A L. X. 

Atheifme in the wicked, the more wee fhoulj draw near to 
God : And albeit the godly conceive God to lye eff, and fie 
ftil from executing of juftice ; the godly being tempted with the 
tentations which overcome the wicked, yet they mud not yecld 
to the tentation, but pray againft it, as here is done, Arife O 
Lord, lift up tby bund. 2. The mercifull refped and love which 
the Lord bath to his afflided people, will not fuffer his juftice 
againft thefe perfecurers, to be long quiet, For be will not for- 
get thchumble, $. As the Intereft which God hath in bis own 
people, doth engage him to fall on their enemtes 5 fo the vin- 
dication alfo of his own glory from the contempt which they do 
to his Name, doth ingage him againft?tbem 5 for wherefore doth 
the wicked comemne God, &c ? 4. The Godieffe enemies of 
Gods people do deny Gods providence, and deny Gods ju- 
ftice, yet bis people are comforted under their faddeft fufferings 
by the Lords feeing and marking thereof 5 for the godly fay 
here, Tboubaft feenit, and beholdeft mifibief 5. Gods judg- 
ments on the wicked (hall really refute the Atbeifme of the 
yricked, and requite their eppofition made to the godly. Hebe- 
bolds mifchief and fpite to requite it mtbbk band. 6. When 
a man hath laid forth his defire$,and poured out his heart before 
God, hefliould quiet himfelfe, and caft himfelfe with his bur- 
den upon the Lord 5 for here the poor committetb himfelfe to 
God. And when an humble believer bath caften his burden 
on 'he Lord, the Lord will not faile to take care of what he is 
trufted with, it is an engaging of Gtd, that the poor hath com- 
mitted himfelfe to htm, 7. As the Lords Office, Cuftome, and 
Nature is, fo is his reall work to do for them who imployhim, 
and are not able to do for tbenuelvcs J He U the helper of the 
fttbcrleffe. 8. The power of perfecuters canno: be fogrcar, 
but God lhall weaken and breake it, fo as they ftnll not be a- 
blc to trouble his people. 'Brczk? thou the arme of the wicked. 
9 Though the Lord reckons nor with his enemies for their fins 
at firft, yet he reckons tor all at laft j for lefle and for greater, 
for one and for all, and doth not paffe a farthing of the debt 
of puniihment un-exa&cd • But fecfath out their fin's till he 
find none. O how fearfull a reckoning muft it be, .which the 
Lord maketh with the impenitent, who die unpardoned, and 
u nreconciled with God, through the Mediator Cbrift Jcfusl 

Ver- 1 6 The Lord is King for ever and ever : the 
heathen are peri/hed out of his land. 

17 Lord 

PSAL X. 55 

17 Lord, thou haft heard the defire of the humble*, 
thou wilt prepare their hearty thou wilt caufe thine ear 
to hear. 

18 To judg the father leffe and the oppreffed, that 
the man of the earth may no more oppreffe. 

In the laft place, thcanfwer of the petition followeth, in a 
comfortable pcrfwafion of the fuppllcanr, concerning the grant 
thereof: Whence learn, 1. That the prayer of the perfecuted 
/hall not be reje&ed, becaufe the kingdom of Cbrift in bis 
Church is perpetuall : earthly Kings cannot live ftill to help 
their friends, followers, or flattereis, or to perfecure and mo- 
left Gods Church : But Cbrift is the Lord and }$jng for ever 
i and ever, to defend his people, and punifh his foes. 2. The 
wicked within the vifible Church, howfoever they have the ex- 
ternall priviledges of Gods people, yet if they continue unre- 
concilecb and dooppofe piety* they mail be in Gods eftimati- 
on, and in the day of his judging of them, counted, as tbey are 
here called, heathen, and flia.ll be feparate from the fellowship of 
God and Gods people, The heathen Jhall pcriJI) out of bit Und. 
3. Its the Lords way to cxerciie his children with trouble, till 
be humble them, and make them fenfible of their need of his 
help, till he turn their fenfeof need, into a defire of his relief, 
and their defire into a prayer, and then he will in due time give 
anfwer; Lord, thou bafi beard the defire of the humble. 4. Grace 
to pray, and the fixing of the heart in prayer on the Lord, is 
his gift, no leffe then the anfwer of the prayer ; and where the 
Lord doth give the one grace, be will alio give the other ; Thou 
wilt prepare their bearhthou wilt caufe thine ear to hear. 5. When 
God beginneth to fhew his refped to the prayers of his people 
aj»ainft their oppreflors, then the belplefs and weak fervants of 
God, fhall have deliverance from the power of oppreffours, and 
their oppreffours (hall not be able to do any more harm, when 
the Lord caufeth his ear to bear their prayer : the fatberleffe Jhall 
be judged, yea declared righteous, abfolved and delivered 5 and 
the opprejfmir fhxll no more oppreffe. 6. If there were no more 
comfort to the godly oppreffedj yet this may fuffice, that their 
life, inheritance, and bappinefle is in heavens and thac their 
oppreffours, in oppofition to them are declared here , to be { but 
men $f tbU earth , whole portion is no better, then what tbey 
have here, in this World. 

E 4. PSAL, 

56 P S A L. XI. 


To the chief Mufician, *A Pfalm of David. 

2)avid 9 9s an example of a Chriftian under the tryaH 
of his faith in time of trouble, and tempted to 
defperation,refifted the temptation, how defperate 
foever his condition fesmed : ver. i f 2. anddifpu- 
tcth for the confirmation of his own faith, verf. 3, 

Ver.i. m WN the Lord put I my truft : how fayyee to 

X wyfouly Flee as a bird to your mountain ? 

2 for lofhe wicked bend their bow J hey make ready 

their arrow upon the firing 9 that they may privily 

Jhoot at the upright in heart. 

gEfore the Prophet difpute and produce his reafons againft 
the tentations unto unbelief he aflerteth and avowetb his 
faith, and prefenteth the danger he is in 5 before God. JVbenct 
learn, i # Its the fureft method in our fpiricuall combate a- 
gainft Sathan, and his fiery darts, to hold up the fhield of faiths, 
and to fix our felf in resolution never to loofeour gripes off the 
Lord > As *David doth here, In the Lord put I my truft. 2. Ha- 
ying once fixed our foot on the rock, we may the more effectu- 
ally rebuke our adverfarie* for mocking of our confidence : As 
David doth here, fay in &Hor# (ay you to my foul , Flee. 3. God 
is a ftrong refuge to his own 3 wbereunto they fliouldflie like 
birds, chafed to th:ir ftrengtb, in nil neceflities^ for he is our 
rocfiot mountain. 4. The wicked world do fcorn the godly 
mans confidence, and the avowing of his faith in God, when 
they fee no vifible help for him on earth. Take up your faith 
now(fay they ) when they fee the man befer by apparently in- 
extricable troubles;, as here they fay to David, flee now m A 
hird to, thy mountain. 5. The believer is not ftupid in time 
9/ danger* nor fenfelefs of difficulties^ when bee afferteth bis 



faith : For lo (faith be^ the wicked bend their bow, they have me 
as it were under the vine of their flint. 6. The Lord for the tx- 
ccrcifeof the faith of his own, and for difcovericof the plots 
of the wicked againft them, and for (hewing of his own glory 
in protecting them more cleerly, doth fuffer the wicked to make 
all ready* even unto prefent excecution of their cruelty, as here, 
they mafe ready their arrow upon the firing tojboot&c. 

Ver. 3. If the foundations be defiroyed r what can 
the righteous do ? 

4. The Lord is in his holy Temple, the Lords throne 
is in heaven : his eyes behold^ his eye lids try the chil- 
dren of men. * * 

5. The Lord try eth the righteous ; but the wicked 
and him that loveth violence^ his foul hateth. 

6 Upon the wicked he fhallraine fnares y fire and 
brimftone 9 and an horrible tempeft : this (hall be the 
portion of their cup. 

7. For the righteous Lord loveth righteoufnefs : 
his countenance doth behold the upright* 

In the next place, he difputeth for the confirmation of his 
own faich by fundry reafons or feverall confederations. The 
firftreafonto confirmehis faun, is from the abfurdity of the 
tentation, tending to the overturning of the very foundation 
of religion, whereunto, if the believer fhou Id yeild, be is loft 
and gone. iVhence learn y 1. Faith in God and flying to him 
in all ftrairs for relief, is the foundation of all religious and 
righteous perfons, whereupon they build their hope and happi- 
ness fetidly 5 For David had layd ic for a foundation,, that 
God was a Rock,, or mountain of refuse for men to fl?e unto 
inftraics. 2. A tentation to miftruilGod, and notto fleero 
htm in all rnzirds, is moft dangerous, and destructive of all 
true Religion, for it is the deftroying cf the very foundations 
of righceoufnefs and happinefs 5 and the refitting of this ten- 
tation is fo neceffary,as in what meafureit is yeild'etJ- unto, in 
that meafure the righteous man is put to 3 ftand, and to a com- 
fort lefs perplexity, and Ihould defpair cerrainly if he went from" 
it. For if the foundations be deftroyed, what Jhall the righteous 
tnando? If ic be in vain to flie to God, righteous men 31 e loft 
men, which is abfurd. 


58 PSA L. XL 

The next reafon to confirme his faith is the cftablifhment of 
a Mediator, fee forth in the word of God, and other holy ordi- 
nances, concerning the covenant of grace, and the benefits of 
ir, and duties required in it, all to be fcundin the Lords holy 
temple, or Tabernacle, reprefenting Cbrift Jefus and his 
Church, and the mutual I relations between God and his peo- 
]>\c. Whence learn, $. The way to rcfrefli and ftrengthen faith, 
is to look to God in Cbrift the mediator, Reconciling the 
world tobimfelf, according as he was (hadowed forth in the 
Temple of Jerufalem, and as he is ftill holden forth in the 
Churcb,inhis word and other ordinances. Firft and laft Chrift 
is the tryfting place, where God is conftantiyto be found on 
his mercy feat 5 for the Lord is in bis holy Temple, did fpeak fo 
much to the Church in typical! terms. 

4. The third reafon is, becaufe God is a perfeft judg to take 
order in due time, both with them who oppofe his work and 
people, and with thofe who will not make ufe of his mercy. 
The Lords throne is in heaven. $. The Lords knowledg of all 
mens carriage is perfed : His eyes behold. 6. When the Lord 
doth not make manifeft by his work that he feeth mens carriage, 
but feemetb,asit were, to winksnd clofe bis eyes, he is then 
about to try the hearts of men, and to bring their thoughts to 
light. His eye His (when eyes feem clofedj do try the children of 
men. 7. The troubles wbercunto the Lord doth pat his chil- 
dren, in times of tentation, are nor to be exponed as ads of 
difplcafure, or meer juftice, but as ads of wHedome and love, 
to try,excercife,and frame them in obedience.rfo Lord tryeth the 
righteous 5 at fuch times as he fendetb trouble fpecially. 8. How 
ever he giveth the wicked and violent perfecuter to have a feem- 
ing profperity,while the godly are in trouble,yet that is no ad of 
Jove to them : for the melted and him that loveth violence, his 
foul batctb. 9. All the Teeming advantages which the wicked 
have in their own profpericy, are but meanes of hardening 
of them in their ill courfe, and holding them faft in the bonds 
of their own iniquities, till £od execute judgment on them. 
Upon the wicked be Jbailrainefnxres. 10. Whatsoever be the con- 
ditionof the wicked for a time, yet at length fuddain, terrible, 
irrcfiftible, and remedilefs deftrudion they flvll not efc3pe:j£re 
and brimftone and an horrible tempeft is the portion of their cup. 

The 4. reafon for confirmation of his faith is from the Lords 
love, fetded upon his upright fervanrs , in the midft of their 
troubles, while theyfuffcr for righteoufnefs fake. Whence learn, 

1 1. The 

PSAL. XII. 59 

I i.Thc refpeft tbatche Lord hath to tbecaufe for which his fer- 
Vantsdofuffcr,haftnetb on, and faftnech wrath upon theif ad- 
versaries. Vot the righteous Lordlovcth right coufnefs, isgirenas 
areafonof tbefemenceintbepreceeding verfe. 12. The clouds 
do fometime hide the expreffions of the Lords refpeft and 
love towards bis people, yet ftill his love is (ct upon them, for 
continually hU countenance doth behold the upright. 

t— - — ...... 


To the chief Mufician upon Sheminith, 4 P film of David. 
The Prophet having obferved, as is fet down, ver. 8. 
how wickedneffe liftech up the head in all the 
Land, when the places of power and truft do 
come in the hands of naughty and vile men,doth 
give direftion by his own example unto the god- 
ly ; firft,to have their recourfe to God by prayer, 
while they are born down by the wicked in fuch 
an ill time, ver. 1, 2. and next how to comfort 
themfelves by the word of God, pronouncing 
the fentence of juftice upon all loofe tongued 
men, ver. 3, 4. And promifing delivery to the op- 
preffed godly, and prefervation of his Church 
in all generations, *«n,5A7« Howfoever he fuf- 
fe,r wicked men to bear rule fometimes, and wic- 
kedneffe to abound by that means, ver.S. 

Ver. I. XJ[£lp Lord, for thegodlj man ceafeth : 
A. A for the faithful fail from among the 
children of men. 

2. They fpeak^ vanity every one Vpith his neighbour : 
with flattering lips, and with a double heart do they 


J) Avid finding no friend at court, nor any place or power, 
who either would fpeak a word in bis favours, or give him any 

friendly ' 

So P S A L. XII. 

friendly counfell, turnctb himfelf to God. Whence learne > I. 
The face of the vifible Church may fometimc be fo far defaced, 
that there cannot be a man found to (how bimfelf openly, for a 
goodcaufe, as here is noted. The godly man ceafetb, the faithful 
fail from amongthe children of men. i. In fucb a cafe God can 
and will fupply the in-lackof friends and counfellers to hi* 
own,when they feek to him, Help Lord : the Lord will help- j.At 
fuchatime, a godly perfon may not think upon feditious prac- 
tices againft thofe tbac are in lawfull authority, but take him- 
felf to prayer 5 for Pivirf who had a fairer prctenfe for fuch a 
pra&ice then any private man or men can have, becaufe be 
was defigned fucceifour to the kingdome, hegoetb to God ia 
this cafe, and cryetb, Help Lord. 

He proveth the in-lack of godlincfs and faithfulnefs, becaufe 
there was no upright, nor honeft dealing among the people, but 
falfhoodand flitterie. Wlxnce lame, 4. Where true godlinefs 
is out of requeft, the common bonds of neighbourhood, (in- 
cluding bonds of blood, alliance, and acquaintance^ will fail al- 
fo,and every one will go about to deceive his neighbour* fo that 
a man cannot truft what another faith fovTbey fpe a(i vanity every 
one with hk neighbour. 5. When ungodly men intend moftto 
deceive, then rhey are lure to fpeak faircft, giving pleafant 
words j with infinuacion of refpe&s in abundant complements. 
They fpea\ vanity to their neighbour with flittering lips. 6. Vain 
talk , coufening fpeeches, flattering words, are unbefeeming 
honeft men, and do argue in fo far as men affed them, un- 
godlinefs, unfaithfulnefs_, and deceitfulnefs in a man 5 for 
when with flatter ivg lips they fpea^with a double heart tbcy\pca\. 

Ver 3 The Lord I /hull cut off all flattering lips r and 
the tongue that fpeaketh proud things. 

4 Who have faid^ With our tongue will Vce prevail, 
cur lips are our own : who i$ Lord over u* ? 

He letteth down in the nexc place the comforts of the godly^ 
which are three; The firftis from Gods juftice in pumfhing 
calumniators of the gedly, and proud boalltrs- Whence karne^ 
x. Although pick^tbanks , and flatterers of great men , in 
prejudice ofShe godly, doe hope to ftand by their flitterie, yet 
the Lord JljxU cut off all flattering lips. 2. Albeit men in power 
and place do threaten to bring about great things againft Gods 
people, yr* rhey ftnli not be able to do what they have faid, 
for God fiuUcut off. alfothe tongue that fpcalietb proud things. 

3. Wick- 

PSAL. 4Xn 61 

5. Wicke d men arc confident and do affure themfelvcs to dou- 
ble out tbtir courfc by thci'- falihood, flattery 5 and calumnies 
agaiuft the godly > TBtj have (aid, With 9ur tongue wil we pre- 
vail. 4« Wicked men make no conscience to ule well the gifts 
which tbey have gotten of God > lucb as arc wit, or language, 
or any other thing > for they fay , Our lips are our writ. 
<. Wicked men ft and not in awe of God > tbey fear not pu- 
nimmcncfrombim,forincff.& they fay* Who is Lord over 
use But we muft learne from [heir fau!:s three contrary leflbnsj 
to who 1. That nothing which we have is our own. But 2. What- 
foevcr is given to us of God is for fervice to be done to him. 3. 
That wbatfoever we do,or fay, we bave a Lord over us,to whem 
we mutt be anfwerable, when he cailcth us to accounts. 

Ver. 5. For the oppreffion of the poor for the fighing 
of the needy, now will I arife(faith the Lord)! wil fa 
him in fafety from him that puffeth at him. 

6. The Words of the Lord^xt pure Words : as /*/- 
ver try e din a furnace of earth ^purified (even times. 

7. Thou fhalt keep them ( O Lord) thou /halt pre- 
ferve them from this generation for ever, 

Tbefecond comfort of the godlie in an ill time, is from the 
promifeof God , to deliver the godlie out of the hand of the 
wicked. Whence learne, 1 When the Lord hath cxercifed the 
Godly for a while, with the oppreffion of the wicked , be will 
not fail to make manifeft, th3t he hath heard their fad replica- 
tions, and feen their oppreflion 5 for the oppreffion of the poor, 
for tbefighing of the needy, now will 1 arife/aith the Lord. z. The 
proud perfecuter doth chink little of the Godly, or any power 
that can defend bim, but doth mock the hope be hath to be hel- 
ped 5 yet god will fct the gtfly in fafety jrom him that puffeth at 

This promife the Prophet commendeth to the Church , as a 
precious truth, which will be found forth-coming to the full , in 
experience. Whence leane, 3. To the end that the word of 
promife may be comfortable to us , till new experience comes, 
we muft confider whofe word it is, and that there is no vanity 
in promifes, but all contained in them, (hall be found very folid, 
like the refined filver, or gold, which is purged from all 'drofli, 
and the oftner it is put in the fire,it is the more f air>and of grca • 
ur value, for the words are the Lords words, and pure wordily ed, 


6z P S A L. XII. 

true in experience , as filver tryed in a furnace of earth [even 
times, and clear from all drofle. 

The third comfort of the godly is from aflurance given of tbc 
perpetuation of the Churchy cuftody of it by God, in all ages. 
jVhencelearne. 4. Lee men pcrfecure the godly, as much as God 
pleafetb to fuffer them, yet ihall God preferve a Church of god- 
hrperfons at all times to the end of the world : F or God Jball pre- 
ferve the godly frm this generation for ever. 5. Albeit the dif* 
comforted godly, under perfecutors, are not a! waves able to 
draw prefently comfort from this promife,yet it is a truth which 
Goi will own, which God will keep in his hand to us, when we 
come to him, and which every beleever muft own , though no 
man mould take k offhis hand. Therefore doth 7)avid turnc 
himfelf to God,ifi delivering this Charter of the Churches fafe- 
ty, Thouy faith he, fhalt t(eep them, 

Verf. 8. The wicked Walloon evefy fide, rvhtn the 
vileft men are exalted. 

In the clofe of the Pfalme,upon his own experience 5 he draw- 
cth up a genera!! obfervation of what mav be expected , when 
the moll wicked are moft advanced. Whence lexrne, 1. God 
fometimes (o difpofeth in his Wifedom and Juftice, for puniih- 
ing of wicked people, and exercifing of the godly, that the pla- 
ces of government in a Kingdome, are filled notwirh the beft 
men, but with the vileft dftbefonsof men ; For in Davids ex- 
perience it was fo, and be prefuppofeth it might fall tobefo, 
that the vi left of men mould be exalted, z. The wickedneffe 
of the ungodly doth in this cafe break forth moft, and fpreadic 
felfe among the Subjects, being hearcned thereunto by the Ru- 
lers toleration, cennivance, or inftigation,or example, and coun- 
tenances For when the vileft men are exaltcd y then the wicked wdi( 
on every fide. Turne you where you wil!, you lhall meet with 
them, at fuch a time as the vileft are exalted. 

PSAL. XI 11. 

To the cbiefe Mufician> a Pfalm of David. 
Another Chriftian experience, wherein "David un- 
der the fenfe of defertion, layeth forth hre Jamen- 
table cafe More the Lordz^r. 1,2. prayech for 


P S A L. XIII. *3 

releif, wr.3, 4. and by faith is refrefhed and com- 
forted, ver. 5,6. 

v.l.TJTOwlong wilt thou forget me(0 Lor d)f or ever} 
JL JLhow long wilt thoti hide thy face from me ? 
2. How long (ball I take counfel in my fonl , ha- 
ving forrow in my heart daily } how long Jhull mine 
enemy be exalted over me ? 

In laying forth his grief,he beginneth at his apparantdcferti- 
on 5 then fpeaketh of the perplexity of minde, arifing herefrom} 
and laft of all he mentioneth the continuance of bis outward 
trouble from his enemies. Whence learne > i* Trouble out- 
ward and inward? of body and Ipirit, fightings without 5 and 
terrors within, vexations from heaven and earth, from God de- 
ferring, and men puriuing, may fall upon a child of God at one 
time, and continue for a time long enough, as here > How long 
wilt thou forget me, bm long fhali mine enemy be exalted over mc? 
2.When trouble is continucd,and appearance ofaieans of deli- 
very is not, and God both wiibholjeth inward & outward help, 
fenfe callcrh-thib the Lords forgetting and biding ofbisfsce.How 
long wilt thou forget me and bide thy fucei 3. The Lords chil- 
dren in their refolution for faith and patience, dofcttothem- 
felves a (horter period ufually then the Lord doth , for making 
them have their perfect work; therefore when their hope is de- 
ferred, it makes their hea: t lick, and co cry cur. How long ? bow 
long i 4. When comfort tryfteth not with our time, fear of 
eternal 1 off cafting may readily Aide in : and this fear > a foul 
acquainted with God, or that him in any rneafure,- can- 
not endure. Wilt ibou for get me for tveti faith hi* 5. W bat- 
foe ver fenfe do fpeakj or iuggtflcd centations do fpeak, faith 
will relate the bufineffe to the Lord, and expe & a better fpcech 
from him; For in this condition the Prophet goeth to God, 
faying, How long, Lord? 6, A ioul finding defercion* multi- 
plycthconfultationSjfallech in perplexity^cbangeth conciiiiions, 
as a lick man doth his bed> falleth in grief , aid cannot endure 
., to live by its own finding, but runneth upon God for ; direction 
as here we fee it $ How long fir dl I tilee counfel in my (out, having 
forrow in my beart dailyi 7. The enemies taking advamage,(by 
the continuance of trouble upon tu G^dly,) againft bis caufe 
and religion: and 3gainft God, dcth augment both the griefe 


64 PSAL XI! I. 

and temptation ot the godly * How long fiat mine enemies be ex- 
alted over me ? 

Verf. 3. Coufider and hear me/) Lord my God: 
lighten mine eyes, left Ifteep the fleep of death. 

4. Left mine enemies fay^ I have prevailed againft 
him ; atld thofe that trouble me > rejoyce when I am 

Now foiloweth bis prayer for fome comfortable anfwer, 
left both be mould perifh , and God be diihonoured : 
Whence learn, 1. Tbe edge of tentations is blunted, and 
griefe affwaged, when the fweiling of tbe foul doth vent ic 
(elf to God : and certainly complaints are then beft eafed, 
when they arcdiffolved in humble fupplications , as here , con- 
flier and. bear me> Lord my God. * 2. Albeit faith belii- 
veth that God coniidcreth and beareth alwaies , yet it cannot 
reft till it feele by fome effed that be doth bear and contider, by 
his giving fome real lupporc* or help inneed 3 according to co- 
venant 5 This is imported in his praying * and words of 
prayer, confider, hear me. $. If the Lord think it not good 
to give an outward delivery , faith will be content of a bicnk 
of Gods countenance far the prefent , lighten mine eyes , faith 
he, that is, Ut me have fome immediate comfort to uphold 
mc in the hope of my delivery. 4. Its a 'death to the godly 
man who bath feen him that isinvi(ible , to be long without 
thefenfeof Gods love 5 fenfe of fuccumbing and peri (hing 
in trouble , doth in this cafe ufually fet upon tbe Godly , as 
here , lighten mine eyes , left I fleep the fleep of death* 
$ . Tbe enemies of the godly do feed themfeives with the trou- . 
ble of the godly , and rejoyce the more they fee them in di- 
ftreffe , and difcoura^ement > which two inconveniences* 
tbe Lord ufetb to prevent 5 for he cannot endure long to fee 
the pride and rejoyctng of the enemy to feed it felt on the 
mifeiies of his children 5 and this the Prophet infinuateth, 
when he feeketh relief 3 left the enemy glory that he hath pre- 
v aUed y &c. 

Verf. 5. But I have trufted in thy mercy , my 
heart fhall rejoyce in thy falvation. 

6. 1 will fing unto the Lord , becaufe he hath 
dealt bountifully with me. 



Here the Prophet is raifed up unco comfort by degrees : 
firfthe fetleth bimfdf upon the tried grounds or faith, then 
protuifeth tobimfelf delivcrance 5 and thirdly findeth comfort: 
lVbtnakarn y i. Albeit we find noc preient reliefe, or com- 
fort when we prayj yet we muft refolvc ro adhere to God by 
faith : when we have powred out our foul in bis boforhe by 
prayer jwe mult refolve to fetle our feet on the ground of fai;b> 
before we can expect to be comforted ; For here Vivid re- 
lyed on Gods mercy, and ratifieth his former refolution and 
pra&ifc of retting on bis mercy, 1 have trufted onib) meny. 

2. So loon as faith is fixed, and rtfoluce to adhere cb cove- 
nanted mercy 5 hope doth lift up the head j and this anker 
ofthetoffed ihip, ftayeth the foul from being driven s The 
believer lookerh out tor Gods faNation, by feme way of de- 
livery^ which God thinks good to give, and aifureth himfelf 
it fliall come, and that be (hall finri joy in Gods *yay of deli- 
verance ^ My bean (faith he) flull rejoice in thy falvaiiotii 

3. When the believer is rcfolved to reit on Gods mercy by 
faith, then foiloweth peace at leaft, and readily more comforc 
of Gods Spirit, then for the prefent he expected co have, yea 1 
as much as (hall iatisfic him , and make him count bimfclf 
richly dealt with , as here David acknowledge:^ faying, He 
bath dealt bountifully yoixb me. 4. Frefti experience of fa- 
vour from God, in the renewed fen ft of his good will to a 
foul, is a matter of great joy^ in the midft of trouble J and 
rhe right fruit of it, is a renewed refolution cheerfully to praife 

. God as here we have the example, 7 will fing unto the Lord, 
becaufe be baib dealt bountifully with ms. 


To the chief Mufician. A Pfalme of 'David. 

David looking on the confutation of the vifible 
Church, and feeing the great body of the peo- 
ple lying in their naturall ftate , working ini- 
quity and hating the truely Godly amongft 
them, even to the death, verf.i,z, 3. com* 
F fortcth 

66 PSA L. XIV. 

fortcth the Godly , firft by the care the Lord 
hath of them , in pleading their caufe againft 
the ungodly; verf. 4,5,6. and next by giving 
hope of better daies for the godly, when after 
fore plagues come on that people , Chrift 
(hould manifeft himfeli unto them, verf, 7. 

Verf. r. *T"** HE fool hath faid in his hearty 
JL There vs no God : they are corrupt, 
they have done abominable Vvorkj 9 there is none 
that doth good. 

2. The Lord looked down from heaven upon the. 
children of men ; to fee if there were any that did un- 
der ft and , and fee ^ God. 

3. They are all gone aftde 3 they are all together 
become filthy : there is none that doth good , no not 

The Prophet dividetb all thefe who were in the vifiblc 
Church, into un-regenerate men on the one hand, 3nd Gods 
true people con verted inwardly unto him on the other bands 
and doth argue all the un-regenerate to be practically 
Atheifts, without God in the World, by the fame proofe 
whereby the Apoftie convinceth all men in nature, to be in 
the ftate of fin, Rom. $.13. iVbence learn, 1. Every man 
fo long as he lyeth unrenewed, 3nd unreconciled unto God 
( how wife fo ever, or of how great parts fo ever he may 
feem to betohimfelf or the world) is nothing in effect but 
a mad man, running to his own deftru&ion in lofing his 
foul and eternal life, when he feemeth moft to gain the world, 
therefore he is called the fool. 2. It is not heeded by God 
what a mans mouth faith of God, or of himfelf , but what 
his heart faith, The fool bath faid inbis heart. 3. It is not 
the word, or outward profeflion, which truely doth exponc 
the heart, but the current of a mans life anda&ionss for 
here tt is proved , that the heart is full of Athcifme , by this, 
that they are corrupt in their converfation y and do Abominable 
mrfe* 4. God is onely the right Judge of regeneration 
and unrcgencration, and the onely true fearcher of the heart: 


P SA L. XIV. 67 

Irs he who loofah down from kuvcn , to fee if any of the Sotit 
cfmtn, or any in the ftate of nature, have any wifdome in 
them , oraffe<ftion3frcr God : ifa:yofthem h<ve imderftan- 
dingy or do fe\ After God : For be that dotn not leek God , bath 
no underftanding , nor principle of Spintua' life in him. 
5. Wbatfoever may be the odds among unrenewed men, Tome 
more, fome leffe grofle in their outbreaking, yet God pro- 
nounceth of them ail , that they are all of them gone out of the 
way, to wic of holinefle and happinefle , they are altogether be- 
come filthy, that is, all their aftions flowing forth from their 
corrupt hearts a*e vile and ioathfome in God* fight , and they 
are all in one rank in this, there is nove of them that doth good | 
none of them being unreconciled to God , door can do any 
thing at a! 1 commanded of (j°d > as commanded , from right 
principles , and for right ends. 

Verf. 4. Have all the workers of iniquity no 
knowledge ? who eat up my people as the] eat bread* 
and call not upon the Lord. 

5. There were they in great feat : for God is in 
the generation of the righteous. 

6. You have Jhamed the ccunfel of the poore • be~ 
caufe the Lord is his refuge. 

In the next place he corrifortcth the people of Godjlivin^ in to- 
day of the vihble Churcb 3 with the unrenewed multitude. Firft, 
by this, that the Lord doth plead the caufe agaiuft the ungodly. 
Whence learn. That the nature of all unrenewed men, is to bear 
deadly enmity againftthofe that are really Gods people, and 
delight to undothe godly, as contemners of alt that live noc 
as they do. They eat up my people M ibey do bread, fai:h the Lord. 
2. The Lord owns the^uarrell, and wrongs done to the godly, 
as done to him, in wbomloevsr his image is hated or perfecuted. 
They tat upmy people, faith he. 3 . The caufeleffe hatred of the 
godly is.amoft unreasonable thing, and argueth admirable ftu- 
pidity in wicked men, who maligne the innocent, by whofe 
life they are admonifhed of their duty , and taught the way to 
felicity- Have all the workers of iniquity nolyiowledgef 4.Ttfe 
mif-kenning of God , and working of iniquity,ani perfecting 
of the godly, are three conjunct properties of a man in nature^ 

F i tioi 

68 PSA L. XIV. 

not reconciled to God> For to be worltfrs of iniquity* And cater* 
up of Gods people as bread, and not ailing on god, arc put for 
the marks and properties of the lame fore of ungodly men. 

Upon the challenge of the ungodly the Prophet interretb the 
conlequence of certain and fad judgements to follow on the 
wicked, becaufe God is nearly concerned in the quarrell of his 
people. Whence learn, 5. The persecution of piety in the god- 
ly, provoketb God to mrli&thc moft fearrull, and moft tuddain 
judgements. For therein fpecially were the ungodly put to fear* 
where they bad vo fear at all. 6. The near conjunction wbicn 
God hath with the godly, is the reafon of the greatneile of the 
fn of persecution of them for god line ffc : for here it is ^iven 
forar:afon 3 why there they were in fear, why they were to 
tremble when God came to avenge the oppreflion of th? god- 
ly, which the wicked feared never to be queftioneds Bccauft 
God u in the generation of the rigbteout, 7. Perfecting of a 
man for piety, were it but in Jelling ac a man, or mocking ot 
him for piety, is the turning of piety, which is a mans glory, 
into a matter of reproach to him j and a means ro drive him .ind 
others from fecking of God, Ton have fl)*mid the conn fell, nr re- 
tolu-ion oftbepoor> when you icorn 3 becaufe he hath made ©jd 
his refuge. 

Vcr.7. O that the [Ovation of Ifraelwzxz come out 
ef Sion ! when the Lor d bringeth bac\^ the captivity 
cfhif people, Jacob /ball rejojee, and Ifrael Jbdil be 

The next comfort of the godIy> is from tbc hope of Chrifts 
coming, in whom the red«*eiling of chi* evil 1, and ofa'l other, 
is to be found, for whole coming he It is true, the 
lending of deliverance unro the diftreifed people of God in 
Sauls urnti by bringing David to the Kingdom^ was worthy 
to be wiihed for : but this could net Mil up the meafure of the 
wifh here (tirred up by the Spirit. Therefore we muft look to 
the lubltance in Chrift, in whom this wifh and prayer hath 
full accompUihment, which in efFe&is, that Chrift the Savi- 
our of ffracl were come out of Sion. And this fame wilh clo- 
icth the hfty third Pfalm alfc5 where falvations of ifraelin the 
plurallmumber is fetdown, tonote the perfection of (alvaiion 
which cometh oncly by Chrift, at whom the very forme of tbc 
H brew wilbing doth, look as pointing at the perfon which mal 


PS AL XIV. 69 

give all fort of falvarion to Ifrael, Wbo JI) all give ; Now there 
wai a coming of Chrift in the flefh unto Sion, foretold by the 
Spirit, Zacb.9.9. and this is prciuppolcd in this wiiTi, for Chrift 
muft be in Sion before he come out of it. But not by this com- 
ing were fo many Israelites faved as here is wiihed for: not 
by this coming was the body of ifrael brought bick horn cap- 
tivity here propbcfied. There is alio //i*. 2.?. 1 coming of 
Chrift om of Sion to the Gentiles, and this coming is prcfup- 
pofed here, before that ifraels captivity be looted. There is 
J/ai.50.20. compared with T[om. 11.26. a coming out of Sion 
for the bringing falvation to the body of the now mif-beheving 
Nation of the captive ifraclites, lym* in captivity, icatrcred a- 
mong the (jcntiles', and this is directly prayed for, and longed 
after in this place. O that the falvation of ifrael were come out of 
Sion y even the time when the Lord (hall bung back the cap ivi- 
ly of his- people. Paul,T{om. 11.26. calkin tins tbeBdieveis 
coming out of Sion, in regard of tbe time when, and the con- 
dition wbcrien Chrift is to find the ifraclites, to wit, out of 
Sion, out among the Cjentiles, fcattered among tbe Gentiles, ' 
to whom Chrift came when bee left fudea* And Ifaiah 
callethit a coming to Sion^ in veipcCt of rhe benefit 10 be tiven 
to the %ex»s> who are defigned ore by Sion. Whence /came, 
i.Cbrift is the falvation oi Sion, borh figuratively ant/ properly 
called fo, as well before became, as after ; for here he is looked 
on as the Salvation of Ifrael) in whom all our falvation, tfcxvs 
or GenitleSy is founded. 2. Whofoever ieeth bim, ('from how 
far oft foever) he cannot chufe but long for a further mani- 
fefta r ionof him, for perfecting of the bleffednefTe of his peo- 
ple, that tbe falvation of Ifrael were come out of Sion I $. It 
was revealed to the Prophets, that Chrift was io come to the 
Church of tbe $ews 9 and from thence to manifeft himfelfe co 
the G entiles, z^ing offthe Israelites for a time, fcattering roem 
among the Gentiles, and then to come about again towards the 
•fews in their fcattciing and captivity, wirhcut cafting off of 
the Gentiles, and this laft turn is in the Prop hers eye, and aim- 
ed at by the Spirir, when he wifhetb that tbe falvation of Ifrael 
•were come out of Sion. 4. It was revealed alfo to the Pro- 
phets, and to David, that before the conftitution of the Church 
of Ifrael (hould be freed from the perfecution ot domt ftick c- 
nemies, vexing the hearts of tbe godly 5 or delivered from fuch 
mens power, as are defcribed, vcrf 1, 2, 5. that fore plagues 
were to be poured out upon that people, and that the Ifraclites 

F 3 were 

7 o P S A L. XV. 

were to be driven out of their own Land, and led in captivities^ 
as the words here, and Pfrfm 5$. 6. doimportj for they who 
were to be brought back from captivity after Chrifis coming 
out of Sion unto the Gentile s y are prefuppofed to be in captivi- 
ty, when Chrift comah to give falvation unto them. 5. Be- 
caufe of the large pouring out of the Spirit upon the body of 
the converted Jews or 1 [ratines, when the time /hall come of 
their turning Cbriftians, prophefied of here, and I/d*. 59. 20. 
and 2£?wi. n.2^26. as their mourning in repentance for the 
injuries done by them, and their progenitors, to Jefus Chrift, 
(hall bee as the mourning of Hadadrimmon iy in the velley of 
Megiddon, Zacb.iz. io,ii. So here, joy in Jefus Chrift recon- 
ciled unto them, frull be greater then any that ever that Nation 
faw, whether in Davids time, or Solomons : for then ibe Lord 
jhall bring back tbe captivity of bis people, here prophefied of, to 
be under the time of the Gofpel, (whether by looting their cap- 
tivity bodily as well as fpirituall, whether they (hall return to 
their own Land or not, or what rhe Scripture doth fpeak to 
this purpofe, his place is not for the determining of it.) Then 
Jacob fhalrejoyce, and Ifraet jhal be glad } when the Saviour of 
Ifraeljbal come om of Sion to them. 

PSAL. xv. 

cA Pfalm of David. 

The Prophet for diftinguifhing of the true members 
of the Church from thofe who were only out- 
wardly profeffors, asketh of the Lord, how the 
one may be known from the other, ver.i. and 
receiveth no anfwer to the queftion, ver. 2,3,4,5. 

Vei\ I • T Ord y who fball abide in thy Tabernacle ? 

I j vphofh:ill dwell in thy holy hill} 

The qucihon is propontu about the marks of the fincere 
believers, the tow Covenanters wuh God, the true Profeffours 
of true religion, -,ru they arc who mail not be caft out from 
the fociecy of Gvds true Church. Whence learn, 1. The Ta- 
bernacle pi:chwd by &lofes y r.nd the hill of Sio?tj where the Ta- 

PSAL XV. 71 

bernaclc'and the Temple was at laft Ceded, was 3 Type of the 
true Church, and of Communion with God in Chvift the Me- 
diatour, a type of God incarnate^ dwelling, andexercifingall 
bis offices in his Churchy and of the heavenly condition of his 
people^ called out of the worlds and lifted up toward bim, de- 
iigned under the name of Gods Tabernacle^ and Gods holy 
bill. 2. Some of thofe who profeffeto be of his fellowihip, 
may bethruft out from it a time, and delivered from all com- 
munion with God, when other fome fhall remain in this ftate, 
and not be removed. For the queftion is moved^ What are the 
matksof the members of the Church invifible t and who they 
are wbojhall abide in Gods tabernacle, and dwell in bk holy hill? 
3. Only the Lord who fcarcheth the heart, can put the diffe- 
rence between the true and the falfe 5 for this caufe the que- 
ftion is proponed to God, Lord, who Jhall abide in thy Taber- 

Ver.2. He thatwalketh uprightly, and worlptb righ- 
teoufnejfe, andfpeakjth the truth m his heart. 

3 . He that backbiteth not with his tongue y nor doth 
evil I to his neighbour, nor taketh up a reproach a- 
gainfl his neighbour. 

4. In whofe eyes the vile per f on is contemned^ but he 
honour eth them that fear rfcLoR D ; he thzifwea-^ 
reth to his own hurt, andchangeth not, 

5. He that putteth not out his money to ufury^ ncr 
ta\eth reward again ft the innocent. He that doth thefe 
things, Jhril never be moved. 

The Lord anfwereth in the reft of the Pfalm, by (hewing 
the fruits of faith manifeited in obedience to Gods commands^ 
both morall and judicially in the fight of all men : The fince- 
rity of which faith and truth were^o be certainly known to 
God only, and to the confeience of every mans felf j which was 
fufficienttofatisfictbequeftion, quieting and comforting of 
the upright ones. Whence learn, 1. That fincere indeavour of 
univerfall obedience in a mans convcrfation, is a fruit and evi- 
dence of true faith, and a mark of a true member of the Church 
invifible> He walfatb uprightly y and doth rigbteoufnejje. 2. Ano- 
ther fruit of true faith, is confeience making of what a man fpea- 
keth, ruling his tongue fo, as his heart and his tongue do agree 

F 4 in, 

7 * P S A L. XV. 

in the truth: he (pejketb the truth from the hart. J. A third 
fruit of unfained faith, is making confcicnce in all his dealings a 
that he harm not his neighbour, neither in his name, nor in 
his perfon, nor his goods, and making confciencc not to receive 
readily aialfe report of his neighbour, when it is devifed by 
ai. other, He bae\{bitetb not with his tovguc, nor dttb evill to his 
neighbour, nor tafath up a reproach againft bis neighbour. 4. A 
1 u :ih fruit of found faith, is the low eftimarion of any worldly 
excellency wherewith a wicked man can be bufied > to whom, 
add jugh the godly, according to duty, will give civill honour, 
as his place reguiretb, yet he counteth him a poor miferable 
man for all his honour and wealth, becaufe hee wa'ketb in a 
godUflc way: but where he feeth one that feareth God, he e- 
{tcemeth highly of him in his heart, whatfoeverexrernall ex- 
preffions thereof he find fit to give, becaufe of the honoura- 
ble way of holineffe, wherein the godly walketh 5 for in bit 
eyes a vile perfon is contemned^ but be honouretb him that feareth 
the Lord. 5. A fifth fruit of found faith, is tender refpeft to 
the Name of God, and care to keep lawfu'i promifes, cove- 
nants, and oathes, whatfoever civill inconveniences may fol- 
low upon the ft rift keeping of them * y Though be [wear to bis own 
dmage>hecbatigetbnot. 6. A fixth fruit and evidence of faith, 
isdilpenling with commodity, when God by a fpeciall reafon 
calleth for (o doing, albeit other wayes a man might take rea- 
fonably more gain. Many of fnch fort of cafes do accrue in 
merchandife, and in ex 3 ding ot rents anddebrsj as circum- 
ftanccs may teach, when, and where God calleth for moft mo- 
deration 5 fuch was the judicial! difpenfing with commodity, 
put upon the Jews for loofing the yoke of a bought fervant, 
beinga Jca^ at the end of fix years; and quitting otboufes and 
lands bought from a 1 $cw at the year or ^ubik^ how dear fo- 
everi:coft the buyer; and nottaking ufury of a .?ew; wherein 
the $tw was privilcdged above men of another Countrey : for 
in all thefe three pircicularfij it was lawfull for the Jew to do 
otherwife with other coumrey-men, to wit, in buying a fervant 
from a ftranger, and not letting him loofe all bis dayes, and 
buying land from a ftranger of another countrey, and trans- 
mitting it to his own pofterity, and taking ufury of a ftranger ? 
according to the rate which was acknowledged on sll hands to 
ftand with equity ; which commodity if an Israelite did notdif- 
penfe with toward an Ifraclitc, it made him fhort of this com- 
mendation oi the true Ifraclite, yboputtetb vox bU moneytoufu- 


PSAL. XVI. 73 

rje. 7. The fcventh fruit and evidence of faith, is frtedcme 
from briber ie, withlove of juftice, which the believer will not 
pervert, to the detriment of the man who hath a good caufe, 
for whatloever bud or reward man can give him. This is the 
upright mans lait property^ He tafctb not a reward agaviji 
the innocent. 

Having numbred out the evidences of a found convert and 
true believer, who fhall never be thruft out of Gods fel- 
lowship, he concludetb, That vbafctver dotb tbcfc tbingi, or 
ftudieth to do thcm 3 Jhatt never be moved. That is, be that 
fhall evidence bis faith in God, by a fincere indeavour to do 
the duties of the firft and fecond table of Gods Law, fhali not 
be removed from Gods houfe, bur (hall abide in his Taber- 
nacle, and dwell in Sion, in the iellowfhip of C/od and his 
faints for ever. 


DAithum of David. 

David inthisPfalme, finding himfelf in the ftateof 
grace, prayeth for prefervation in generally in 
relation unco all dangers, and evils of body and 
foul, and whatfoever other evill, from which 
a godly man, with allowance of Gods word 
might pray to be preferved. His only reafon to 
affure himfelf to be heard, isbecaufe he had got- 
ten grace to truft in God. The fincerity of which 
faith in God,he proveth by fundry evidences,, ver. 
1,2,3,4. In the fecond place he climbeth up to 
the comfort and joy of believing ; And all the 
grounds of joy whereupon he goeth , do ferve 
60th to confirme his faith, and to give him aflii- 
rance of the granting of his prayer, vet/. 6, 7, 

Ver. 1, 



Vcr. i. TyReferve me, O GOD : for in thee do 
Jl If tit my truft. 

He findeth bimfclf in a good condition, and all the prayers 
beprayetb,is in one word,for.prefcrva:ion. Whence learn, i.As 
our being, livings and moving naturall, and our bringing into 
thefpiritualland bkffcd eftate of grace, is of the Lord, fo is 
our keeping therein of the Lord alfo., and our duty is to ac- 
knowledge God in both, and to live unto, and pray for bis 
upholding ofus> and not to leanc upon our own wifedome, 
fbrengtb, or holinefs ; For David teaeheth fo to do. Trc- 
fervemeO God. z. The grace of God having granted to us 
lively faith, fctlcdonGod, is a fuffictent ground of our hope, 
and afluranceto perfevere, and to be ftill preferved, for this is 
the reafon whereby David confirmeth his prayer, Forinthecdo 
1 fut my truft. 

Ver. 2. O my foul, thou hafi [aid unto the Lord, 
Thou art my Lord \ my goodnefs extendeth not to 
thee : 

3. But to the faints that are in the earth, and to the 
excellent, in whom is all my delight. 

Becaufc be hath made bis faith in God, the reafon of bis hope 
of perfeverance, and of his having his prayer granted, he pro- 
veth the fincerity of his faith by five Evidences or fruits there- 
of. Whence learn, i. The firft folid evidence of the fincerity 
offaving Faith, is the teftimony of theconfeience, bearing 
witnefs to a man, that he hatb layd hold on the covenant of 
grace, and bath chofen God for his proteftour, and mafter, 
and that he isrefolv'd to depend upon God;, and to ferve him 
as David did* faying, my foul, thou haft fail unto the Lord>thou 
art my Lord. 2. Another evidence of the fincerity of faith, is 
renunciation of all confidence in a mans own works, and the 
rejecting of all conceit of any poffibility of merit at Gods 
band, who cannot be profited by our goodnefs 5 for we have 
what we have of him, and can never put an obligation on him 
by any thing which we can do. My goodnefs doth not extend 
to thee. 3. A third fruit and evidence of faith, is love and 
kindnefsto the godly, and bellowing of our own goods for 
fupplying their need, joyned with a high eftimation of their 
precioufnefs, above the godlefs world, and with pieafure ta- 
king in their fellowfliip: fo reckoned the prophet, frying, my 


P S A L. XVI. 7j 

goodnefs extendetb not to tbee, but to the Saints that ate on the 
tar thy and to the excellent , in whom is all my delight: where, by 
chc way* lee us obferve, He knew no faints to whom he could 
be profitable, fave onely the Saints who are upon the earth. 

Ver.4. Their forrows (hall be multiplied> that haften 
after another god : their drink-offerings of blond, will 
I not offer* nor take up their names into mj lips. 

A fourth fruic and evidence of faith, is, the hating of falfe 
rcligion 3 and counting all followers of idolatry, or worfhip of 
another god, then the true God, to be accurfed 5 fuch a ba- 
: ting of falfe religion as is accompanied with the difcountenan- 
, cing, open difcrediting, and abhorring of all idoll fervice, 
I as David exprefleth here in the whole verfe. Wbencelearne % 
1. Men as they are naturally averfe from following the true 
God, and the true religion, fo are they naturally bent to all 
idolatry, and zealous in following idols* and any falfe religi- 
on. They haften after another god. z. The more men do haften 
after felicity, in the way of idolatry, they have the worfe fpeed. 
For tbeir [orrows Jhall be multiplied that baftcn after another 
God. 3. The more madly the world run after idolatry, the 
more (hould the faithfull mm teftifis his abominating thereof, 
zsDavid doth. Their drin^-offerings of blood will 1 notoffer y 
norta\eup their names into my lip. He cannot fpeak of them 
without difdain. 

Vcr.5. The Lord is the portion of mine inherit ance y 
and ofmj enp: thou maintainefi my lot. 

A fifth fruit and evidence of faich in God, is delight, and 
fatisfa&ion in, and refting on God, 3S al-fufficient for the 
believers compleat happineffe, as the whole ver/e holdeth forth. 
iVbenceleirn, 1. The believer hath as fure right unto God, as 
any man hath to the patrimony whereunto he is born ; or any 
Tribe ever had to his ftme hi the Land of Canaan. The Lord 
u the portion of bk inheritance, z The Lord is the believers 
lot and (hare, when the world are feeking, fome one, fome 
another temporail good 5 The Lord, and the light of bis coun- 
tenance, is the believers compleat goods whatfoever meafure of 
earthly things is given to the godly befide, Levies portion is 
his portion- The Lord is the portion of bk inheritance. $. The 
Lord is the believers livelihood, and the f urnifher of his daily 
bread, He tithe portion of bis cup. 4. The Lord giveth bim- 



felfetotbe believer for his felicity, as be alfo maincaineth the 
believer in the right unto, and pofl'eflionof bimfelf: He main- 
tained bis lot : and foj as the believer comecb to his right he 
hath unto God, noc by his owne pnrcbafe, but by fpirituall 
birth-rigor, as a child ot Chritt by faith, or by free donation 
of this inheritance, received of God by faith; fo he may claim 
to God, and enjoy the poffcffionof God, as firmly as his in, 
hcrhance^ as fully as if God were his particular property and 
portion -, as fmttly as his daily food, and the portion of his 
domeftick cup : and with as great quietnejfc andfecurity,%s the 
immediate vaflal of the mighcieft Monarch, being willing, a- 
ble, and ingaged mod deeply to maintain his lot. 

Vet.6.The lines are fallen unto me in pleafant places^ 
yea, I have a goodly heritage. 

Inthefecond place heclimbeth up to the joy of faith, ari- 
sing from the certain perfwalion, and prefent lenfe of bis being 
in the ftite of graces The reafons or grounds of his joy are 
fix, Thefirft reafonof bis joy, is founded upon the properties 
xnd (elf-lufficiency of God, compared to a goodly and pleafant 
heritage, which wanteth no commodity within ic felf. iVhenct 
learn y i. PI c a fu re and profit, and all commodities of life are 
abundanily to be found in God$6c whatfocver can be reprefented 
by any goodly herita^c,lying in moft pleafant places,is buca fha- 
dow of what is to befonnd in him,as the companion taken from 
lower rbifi£s hereimporteth. z. The more the believer con- 
fidereth what the Lord is, and what are his perfections, and 
tvfnt is the believers own inrereil: in God, the more is he fatif- 
fied, and ravifhed in the beholding of God, and his own feli- 
city in him No wonder therefore if David fay, for the meafu' 
ring out of this fhare to him, that bit lines are fallen out to him 
in pleafant places y&c. 3. Toe believe* hath liberty to appro. 
priate God in am inner co him'dfe, and in coroparifon with 
the (hare of the worldlings to preferre his own portion above 
all others : This dorh David, when he calleth God his *wn plea- 
fant places , and bk own heritage. 

Ver,7. / Will blelfe the Lor A who hath given me 
eounfel : my reins alfo inftrntt me in the night feaf on. 

Tbefccond reafon and ground of joy, is bcc^uie God hath 
perfwaded him to believe in the ZMcfJub, or thrift to come, as 
is clear by the next verfe, and that God had takm the directing 
of bim. Whence learn y 1. As ic is the work of God only,tu 



give effe&uall counfel to any man to believe in Chrift j Sj 
alfoebe way of perfwafion of a foul to truft in God, is away 
of working, proper only to God > for it makech the men fo free 
an agent, in tbe ad of believing^ as if Gods work were coun- 
fel only, and the work of a&ive perfwafion fo invincible, as 
the work is effectually wrought, and infallibly : for be calleth 
the beftowing of faving faith^or grace to confent to the covenant 
of grace, a giving counfel : He bath given me counfel. z. Tbe 
glory of truiting in God, is not a matter of gloriation of the 
believer, in his own difpofing ot himfelf,but a matter of thanks- 
giving to God, and glorifying of him, who fivetb the counfel 
to believe, and maketb tbe counfel ro him effrctuaii : For JPi- 
vid faith, 1 mil blefie tbe Lord who hath given me counfel, to wit, 
effectually > for faith is not of cur felte, it is tbe gift of God* 
wherein flax'animous power and voluntary confent are fweetly 
joyned together. $. This mercy of powerfully pcrfwading a 
foul to make choice of God, to clme covenant with him, and 
to truft in him, doth put a perpetuall obligation ot thankfgiving 
unto God upon the believer, to snake him lay in all time com- 
ing, and for ever, I will ble(fe tbe Lord, who bath given me coun- 
fel* 4. With the gift of faving faiths or perfwaiive counfel to. 
believe in God, is joyned the fwcet guiding and directing of 
the Lords Spirit, how to order the wayes of tbe believer ; For 
hereinftru&ion of him in theni^bc feafon, is joyned with the 
former OKrcy,and is tmde a reafon of ihankfgiving,and blefsing 
of God. For bee addeth, My reins alfo JbaU inflrucf me in tbe 
night feafon. 5. The framing of tbe will, defiic, appetite, 
affedons, inclinations, thou^nrs , and fecret mediations, is 
foinwad, fecrft and deep a work, as tbe Spirit of C^°d thinks . 
good to cX pre fie this bis giving discretion fecrctly to David, 
in the terms of the teaching of the reins, becaufe ttuy are the bid- 
deft parts of the body, and ueareft to the back of any of tbe 
inward rtcble parts j and becaufe of tbe narure of the reins., 
which have much affinity with tbe affc&ions , and have for 
their office the difcrctive purging of the blood, the natural fur- 
niture of life, My reins alfo inftruft me in tbe night feafon. 
Ver. 8.1 have fet the Lordalwajes before me: becaufe 
he is at my right hand y I /ball not be moved. 

The third reafon, and ground of joy, is the gift of the grace 
of God, making him alwayes keep his eye, (for getting af- 
fiftance, direction, and comfort,) to good purpofe, upon Je- 
fus Cbrift, the Lord, of whom cbis place is cxponed AS *• 2 ^ • 



Whence learn, i. The duty of tbe believer, and the way for 
him to have and retain joy in the Lord, is to fix the eye of faith 
alwaies, in all eftates, on the Mediator, the promifed Mefiab, 
the Lord Jefus, for diredion, affiftance, comfort, and de- 
liverie. For this was Davids way, I have fet the Lord alway 
before my face. 2. Such as implore JefusChrift for all things 
in all eftates /hillbefure to have his effeduall p re fence nee r 
hand to help him in time of need- For be is at fuch a mans 
right bandy at aU times. $. Faith, kept in excercife by em- 
ploring of Jefus Cbrift,may have affurance of pcrfeverance, and 
enjoying conftantiy tbe ftate of grace, what-ever alterations* 
and commotions come, their ftate fhall ftand fixed* theyfhall 
ftand in graces for upon this ground the prophet faith, Ijbdll* 
never be moved. 

Ver. 9 Therefore my heart is glad, andmy glory 
rejoyceth ; my fiejh alfojhallrefi in hope. 

A fourth reafon of joy abounding in his heart, and breaking 
forth in his words, is his victory over death, and the grave, by 
faith in Jefus Chrift. Whence kirn, 1 Faith m Chrift is 
able not only to give peace, that paffeth understanding, but' 
alto to fill the heart with joy, and to make the tongue, which 
is a mans glory, above all other creatures, fometirhe tobieak 
forth in expreffions of joy, for therefore faith he, my heart U glad 
and my glory rejoyceth. 2. So great vi dory over death and the 
grave, is gotten by faith in Jefus Chrift, that a believer can lay 
down his body in the grave, as in a bed, to reft it there, in 
hope of the refurredion, and here an inftanceand example for 
ir, My flejh alfo Jhall reft in hope. 

Ver. 10 For thou wilt not leave my foul in hell, 
neither wilt thou [nffer thine holy One to fee corrup- 

Tbe fifft reafon of his joy, is the affurance of t|be refur- 
redion of Jefus Chrift his head, through whom he hopeth to be 
raifed in bis own order and time. Whence learn, 1. A believer 
is fo neerly joyned with Chrift, that he may give w> him the 
ftyles of what is neareft and deareft to him, and call him his 
very life and fouly as here David faith of Chrift, who behoved 
torifcagain, Ad.2. 2?. Thoumltnot leave my foul, or my life 
in grave : and by this means he alfo is affured of his own refur- 
redion in due time 5 for our life and foul is bound up in 
Chrift : Our Life is hid with God in Chrift/pecially in refped 


PSAk. XVH. 7 p 

of that wherein he ftanckcb in our room„>fuch as bis differing, ri- 
fingjrcig'ningasour Surety and Atturncy.^.Tbe body of Chrift 
noc onely was to rife from tbe deacb but aifo could not fo much 
as putrifie in tbe grave : For of Chtift he faitb , Thou wilt not 
fujfer thy holy One to fee corruption. 

Ver. 1 1 . Thou ftilt jhtvp me the path of life : in thy 
prefence there is life, at thy right hwd thtie are piea- 
fures for evermore. 

The laftground and reafon of his jov, is the aflurance bee 
hath of blefkdneffeandofetcrnalllife : Whence learn , i. The 
believer who is fixed by faitb on Cbriit, may be affured of bis 
perfeverance in tbe way leading to life : Thou wilt Jbew nit the 
my to life : that is, thou wilt point out the way that I mould 
walk in, thou wilt go alongft with me 5 and make me effectual- 
ly finde thy help, to walk in it. z. The fruition of Gods im- 
mediate prefence is noc like tbe joyes of this world, which nei- 
ther do feed nor fill a man : but when we (hall enjoy Gods pre- 
fence fully, we fliall have full contentment, andcompleat fell— 
citie: For in his prefence is fulncjfeof joy. And the felicity of 
beleevers is not like tbe pieafures of this world,, which pafle away 
fuddenly as a dream: but it endurecb for ever: At his right 
hand are pieafures for evermore. 

p s A L. XVII. 

A Prayer of 'David. 

This Pfalm, according to the Infcription thereof, is 
a Prayer of Davids, mixed with fuadry reafons 
for helping : wherein firft, he cravech in genera!!, 
juftice in the controverfie between him and his 
oppreffors, ver. 1,2,3,4. Secondly, more fpecial- 
ly , he requefteth for a wife carriage of himfelf 
under this exercife, vtt/f 3 6- Thirdly, prayech for 
protection and prefervation from his enemies, ver. 
7,8,p,io,n, 12. Fourthly, for difappointment to 
his enemies , and for delivery of himfelf from 



them, ver. ig > 14. and clofet h comfortably, in 
confidence of a good anfwer , and hope of fa- 
tisfadory happinefle, ver. 15. 

Vera.TT Ear the right ,0 Lord, attend unto my 
JL Xcrjygive ear unto my prayer that gocth 
not out of feigned lips. 

2. Let my fentence come forth from thy pnfence : 
lev thine eyes behold the things that are equall. 

3. ThoH haft proved mine heart, then haft vifited me 
in the night, thou haft tryedme i and fhalt finde no- 
thing : I am purpofed that my mouth fhall not tranf- 

4 Concerning the workj of men, by the ivord of thy 
lips I have k^pt me from the paths of the Deftroyer. 

The firft pare of the prayer is unco God, as a ri^hrcou^ }udge, 
to hear hUpiainc, and co decide in his favour, according to 
bis juft caufe, and rigteous carriage in relation to his enemies. 
Whence learne, 1. As righteous men are fubjed unto inju- 
ries and oppreffions^as well others are, and are o\iven by trou- 
ble to feeit relief of God : So, in this cafe, it is a fpeciail xom- 
for- , to have God a righteous judge to hear them, and a righteous 
ciujeto bring before him, that the man may fay, Hew the right 
Lord. z. The confeience of earneft and boneft dealing 
with God, in the fingkneik of our heart in prayer, is a gocd 
reuon to helpe our faith in prayer, when wee may fay j 
We cry, and pray y not with feigned lipps. 3. When wee 
are unjulily condemned by men , we may appeale to God, 
and call the appellation, and feek and expect a more juit 
fentence pronounced and executed by God. We may fay, 
Let my fentence come forth from thy prefence. 4. Although 
men call our true defences, which we make againft falfe Li- 
bels, and doe not refped equity; yet God will take notice of 
che whole proceffe, his eyes ml behold things that are equal, z. Sin- 
cerity of heart giveth boldneflc to a man to prefenc bimfelfe to 
God, to be examined, after chat the confciencc in its private 
tryall of the nuns carriage coward ths adverfary* bath in the 
light of God abfolvedhim J as here the Propbec , inrelatian co 
his carriage toward che oppreffor, doch fpeak to God, thou 


P S A L. XVII. 81 

haft tryed me in the night , and haft found nothing. 6. Sincerity 
of carriage for time by-paft, muft be joyned with a purpofe °* 
flnceriry in time coming, ttut he may/ fay with 'David, inre* 
Lit ion to his part, 1 am purpoftd that my mouth flialt not 
tranfgrejjh 5 thatis, nortoipeak a wrong vvoid againft him* 
7. Naturall mens manner of dealing, when they are injured, is 
to recompenfe evifl for evil I. For the wor\s of men art to 
follow the paths of the deftroyer. 8. There is no way to keep 
the children of God from thefe paths o^ the deftroyer, when they 
are provoked to injuries, excepc,in the fear of God, they look to 
what Gods word dire&eih them to doe- Thus did David efcape 
an ill courfe, when his nature might have tempted him to it. By 
the word of thy lips have 1 \ept me from the paths oj the deftroyer. 

Ver.. ^. Hold up my goings in thy paths, that my 
footfleps flip not. 

6 I have called upon thee , for thou wilt hear me, 
O God : incline thine ear unto me, and he are my 

The fecond pare of the prayer, wherin he requefteth for grace 
to be kept ftill in a righteous and holy way; Whence learne , 
I. The moftholy man,thou^h he haveft ood fait formerly,is moft 
feared to offend, and moft (ufpicious of fcimtclfe, and moft tat- 
neft with God to beholden up, that he fall not in time to come* 
and giveth all the glory of his (landing in a good caufe , unto 
GoJ,as is evidently holden forth in this petition of David^Hold 
up my goings in thy paths, that my footftepsjlip not. z. The beft 
way to have deliverance from, and vi&ory over adverfaries 3 is 
tokeepaftraightcourfe of carriage in the fear of God, Qoing, 
inGods paths, that is, as God bath prefcribed our way in his 
word. $. Our prayer fliould be fuch, and foputup, as we 
may be fure to be heard 5 and when we have prayed unto 
God, according to his will, we may be confident of a good an- 
fwer with David, That he will incline his ear, and hear our fpeecb. 
4. Confidence to be heard,muft not flacken our hands in pray- 
ttj but hearten us to pray, as this example teacheth us. 

Ver. 7. Shew thy marvellous loving ktndneffe, 
O thou that favefi by thy right hand^ them which put 
their truft in thee, from thofe that rife tip againf! 

G S . Keep 

%% P S A L. XVII. 

8. Keep me as the Apple of the eye : hide me under 
thefhadow of thy wings. 

The third part of his prayer, is, for a mercifull prote&ioq, 
and prefervation from his enemies- Whence letrne, i. The 
Beleevermuftholdhiseyein time of dangers and ftraits, ef- 
peciaUy upon Gods good will and kindneffe, as a counter-bal- 
lance of all the malice of men : and here,cbough his ftraits were 
never fo great, he (hall read a poffibility of wonders for his deli- 
very, as here is feeni Shew thy marvellous loving lyndneffc O 
lord. Befide common favors,God hath other mercies in keeping 
for his own, andthofeare marked even with fame wonderful- 
neffe, either in the time,or manner,or meafure, or mean, or fomc 
other refped. i. The Lords power and his office of Saviour/hip, 
and hiscpnftanr manner of dealing for beleevers,are the pillars 
of the pcrfwfion of help to be bad in God. So reafons Davtd&y- 
ing,0 thou tbatfavejl with thy right hand them which put their trufl 
inibee.: for Gods Nature, Chrifts Office, and his manner of 
dealing, are equivalent to promifes, when they are looked unto 
by a beleever. 3 . Such as trouble unjuftly them, of whom the 
Lord hath taken the maintenance, do in a fort engage God to 
be their party, and to defend his fervants, for they rife up againft 
not only Gods fervants, but againft God who faveth by his right 
banj 4. The care God hath of his poor children, that depend 
upon him, \s unfpeakable , and the tender love he bearech unto 
them 3 no one limilitude canexpreffe, as plurality of fimilkudes 
joyned here,, doe give evidence 5 for Gods care of them is com- 
parable to mans care oftheapple of bis eye $ Gods love to them 
is comparable to the love of the Bird-mother toward her young 
ones, whom me warraierh,& hideth under the Jhadow of her wings. 
O wonderfull goodneffe, and mfedorn of God , who admitteth 
Himfclfe to be compared to fuch low fimilttudes, that he might 
lift up our faith above all objedions of mif-belief. 

Vet\ 9. From the wicked thatoppreffe me y from my 
daily enemies, who compare me about. 

10. They are enclofed in their own fat : with their 
mouth they fpeak^ proudly. 

1 1 . They have now compared us in our fieps , they 
have'fet their eyes bowing downe to the earth. 

i z. Lil^e as a Lion that // greedy of his prey, and as 


P S A L. XVII. 8$ 

it were ayoung Lion lurking infecret places. 

The reafon of his prayer, is taken from the deadly malice of 
his enemies, v. 9. from their pride, v. 1 o. from their confidence, 
v.i 1. from their beaftly cruelty^. \i.lVhencc learn,!. The ene- 
mies of Gods people are ordinarily wicked, oppreffors? deadly 
enemies to them, proud of their wealth and power, boafters , 
crafty Foxes, cruel Lions, and the more of tbefe evils doe break 
forth againft Gods people, the more (hould the danger be layd 
before God, not for information of him J but for the exone- 
ration of our griefs, tentations, fears and dangers before God* 
and laying of our care upon him : and fo much the more alfo is 
vengeance on the enemie, and the delivery of the godly near 
hand, and hopes ofanfweringthe prayers put up'againft them, 
are the more made certain, as the ufc of the wickedneffe of the 
enemie made by the Prophet here doth teach. 

Ver. 1 3 . Arife, O Lord, dif appoint him, cap him 
down : deliver myfvttl from the wickfd t which-is-t^jr 
Sword : 

14. "From men which are thy hand, Lord , from 
men of the world, which have their portion in this life, 
andwhofe belly thou filleft \fc/'r& treafure : they are ful 
of children, and le Ave the reft of, their fubftancero 
their babes. 

The Fourth part of the prayer is,for fruftrating the intention 
of the enemy, and fetting the fupplicant fre.e from the danger. 

1 Whence lexrne, 1. When danger is moft nigh , God is more 
nigh , and he can fliortly interpofe himfelf , to the overturning 
of the defigne of the enemy, and to the ruine of the enemy him- 
felfe: he can quickly arife, and dif appoint b\m> andcaft bim down. 

j 2. The power of the enemy ftandeth in the Lords imploying 

I of him y he cannot ftrike, except God ftrike by him $ therefore 
he is called Cjfods fword. 3. The fhorteft way to be fafe from 
what the wicked can doej is prayer to God, to over-rule him. 

1 Therefore faith David, Deliver my foul from the wicked, which is 
thy fword. 4. The Lord ordinarily for execution of wrath, 
and for bard tryals, and troubles of the godly, doth in bis pre- 

I vidence make ufe of the wicked s deliver we, faith he, from men 
which are thy hand. 5. The wicked neither have,nor doe feek any 
felicity^ but what may be had in this life , they are men of this 

G z world? 

84 P S A L. XVIII. 

wrld, and.bxve their portion in tbk life , they need look for nq 
more good then they finde in the world, and tbat is., a poor, and 
lorry happineffe. 6. The belly full of fenfuallluft, and rareft 
dimes,and belt meats which Gods ftore-houfc can afford, is the 
height of the happineflc of a poor rich worldling.In bis ownper- 
fonjit is all that God giveth him for his portion 7 ', and which the 
Fool bath chofen, even the filling of his belly with Gods hid trea- 
fure,ot of fome rare mear, which meaner people cannot have, 
and therefore it is called Gods hid treafure. 7. All the felicity 
which t6e worldling can have, in the point of honour and 
riches to himfelfe , and his poftericy, is worldly wealth, 
while hee liveth , and a number of children to enjoy his 
wealth after him, whether they fball live and inherit it, whether 
they fliall prove wife men or fools, be knowcthnot; this is 
his all; for in Gods favour he hath no intcreft ; heaven he hatb 
nothing to doe with 5 and at the heft, They are full of children 
and leave the reft of their fubftance to their babes. 

Ver.15. As for ipe, I will behold thy face in righ- 
teoufneffe: 1 jhall be fatisfied , when I awake > with 
thy likeneffe. 

He cioferh his prayer comfortably, with the hope of true fe- 
licity, in fellowfliip with God. Whence learnc,i. In the midft 
of whatfoever worldly trouble the godly can be in, his hope is 
far better then the worldly mans poiTeffion > and the Prophet 
here, for thiscaufe doth preferre bis prefent condition* being in 
danger daily of his life, to ail his enemies profpnity, faying, 
by way or oppefition, As forme, I will behold thy face* x The 
injoying of the prcfence, and fenle of the loving kindneffe of 
the Lord, is the felicity of the godly, in that mealure they attain 
ft ; the hope whereof upholds the belveevers heart in the dark- 
eft times of trouble. As for me, faich he, / will behold thy face:* 

3. The enjoying of Godis proper only unto the man juftified 
by Raich, and endeavouring to live righcecufly ; and it is ri*h- 
teoufneffc with God, that fucb a man be brought to the enjoying 
cf his hope. I will behold thy face in rigbtcoufneffe , faith he. 

4. There is a flcep of deadneffe of fpiric, out of which the mi- 
ning of (jotss loving countenance doth awakeajbeleever , and 
revive die fpiric of the contrite ones; and there is a fbep 
of deaui bodily, out of which the loving kiridnefle of the Lord 
Hull awake all his own, in the day of the refurrcdion , when 
he fUall fa change them into the firmlicude of his own holine'flc 


P S A L. XVIII. 8f 

and glorious felicity, as they (lull be fully contented for ever • 
and this fi:ft and fecond delivery out of all trouble* may every 
belcevercxpedand promise tohimfelfce* Ijballbcfarisficd&ben 
lamfe, with tby liieneffe. 


To the chief Mufician. A Pfalm of David, tbefervan of the Lord, 
who (p*k c mt0 % bz Lord the words of this fongjn the day rhac 
the Lord delivered him from the hand of all his enemies , and 
from the hand of Saul. And he {aid. 

David in thisPfalme, as a Type of Chrift, and fel- 
low partaker of the fufferings of Chrift in his my- 
fticall members, and of deliveries and victories 
over his and their enemies, being now fetled in 
the Kingdome, praifeth God for his marvellous 
mercies, and as a Type of Chrift, he propheciech 
of the enlargementiand ftabibity of his own King- 
dome, and of Chrifts Kingdome, reprefenccd 
thereby; and firft obligeth himfelf thankfully to 
depend upon God, whatfoever enemies he lhaj! 
have to deal with T ver. i, 2, 3. Secondly, he gi- 
vetha feafon of his refolution , from the experi- 
ence of rhe Lords delivering of him out of his 
deepeft diftrefies, ver. 4, 5. to ver. 19. Thirdly > 
He amplifieth this mercy, acknowledging that this 
was a fruit of his faith , and righteous dealing 
with his party adverfary ; the like whereof eve- 
ry beleever might expetf, as well as he for time 
comming, by rcafon of this bis bygon large expe- 
rience, from ver.zo. to ver. 30. Fourthly, he prai- 
feth God in particular, for the experience he hath 
had in time bygone in warfare, and victories in 
battel, to ver. 43 . Fifthly, As a Type of Chrift, he 
G 3 pre* 



promifeth to himfclfe the enlarge merit of his own 
Kingdom, and prophefieth of the enlargement of 
Chrifts Kingdom among the Gentiles, for which 
he praifeth God unto the end of the Pfalme, ver* 
43, 44, 45, 46, 47' 43, 49, 5o. 
In the Infcriptiop, hetelleth the time, and occafion 
of his writing of this Song,**^^ learne, 1. That 
after long trouble , theXord will give his chil- 
dren reft at lad, one way or other , and deliverie 
from all tfceir enemies, as here is given to David, 
from Saul and all his enemies. 2 . When the Be- 
leever getteth relaxation from trouble, hie (hould 
fet himfelf to glorifie God for his delivery , and 
give evidence of bis thankfulneffe , as T)avid 
doth in penning of this Song, when God delivered 
him. 3. It is a greater honour to be a real fervant 
of the Lord in any calling, then to have the ho- 
nour of being a King, noc being his fervant: fo 
efteemed David when he made this Infcription , 
A Pfalme of David the fervant oj the Lord. 

Ver. 1; X Will love thee^ O Lord, my firength. 

JL 2. The Lord is my roc^ and my fortrefs,, 
and my deliverer : my Cjod, my (Irength in whom I 
will trufi, my buckler^ and the horn of my (alvation^ 
and my high tower. 

3. I will call upon the Lord, who is worthy to be 
praifed: fo (ball I be favedfrom mine enemies. 

In the firftpait of the Pfalm^ he fetletb bis refolution yet 
more to love God, to believe in him? and to worfhip him ftill 
in all difficulties* knowing by experience, this to be the way 
to be faved from all his enemies. If hence le/trn, 1. The chief 
fruit of faich, and end of C/ods mercies to us> is to grow in 
eftimation of 3 and affo&ion toward God ; for fo doth 7)Avtt, 
faying? 1 will love thee, O Lord. 2. Whatfoever a believer ba.h 
need of, that will the Lord fupply 3 that will the Lord be him- 

P S A L. XVIIL 87 

felfeunto him according to his need, as here hee is David* 
ftrength in weaknefie, bis rock of refuge, when he ispurfucd* 
his fortretfejwhen beiieged •> and his deliverer when in txtrcam 
danger. 3. Experience or" the Lords faithrulnels, andkind- 
nefletous, fhould ton firm c us in the covenant of grace, and 
ftrengthen our refolution to believe in hm ; for upon this ac- 
count DaiWcalletb the Lord, My God, my ftrength, in whom 1 
will truft. 4. When the believer is yoked in fight with whac- 
foever adverfary, he fliall be fure to have defence in it, delivery 
out of it, andjprefcrvation after it. Therefore doth David glory- 
in God, as a Buckler to beoppofed to all biowej, and tbrowes 
of darts from adverfaries, as chejforw of bis (alv Mien, powerfully 
fighting for his delivery and vidory : And as bis high Tower* 
whence he might look down, and defpife all the wit, malice,and 
power of his enemies. 5. Prayer and invocation of God, fhould 
be alwayes joyncd with prayfes and thankfgiving^ and ufed a$ 
a means, whereby faith may ex:rad the good which it knoweth 
is in God, and of which he hatb made prcmife, 1 will call upon 
the Lord who is worthy to be pray fed. 6. Delivery, fafety, and 
peace may the believer exped, as the anfwer of his invocation 
upon God. Sofhallbcfafe from mine enemy. 

Ver.4. The forrows of death compared me , and the 
Jlouds of ungodly men made me afraid* 

5. The forrovces of hell com faffed me about : the 
fnares of death prevented me, 

Inthefecond part, he bringech forth his experience, where" 
by he was encouraged unto the forefaid duties. Whence learn s 
1. Although the word of God be infinitely fure, and true in ic 
felfe, yet expeiie nceoftbe truth thereof, helpeth much to ftreng- 
then our griping thereof, 3nd toebcriih hope, as here is decla- 
red. 2. The believer in his cxeicife, may be put hard to it, 
and brought in fight of apparent peri living, of foule and body$ 
while men feek his life, God for a time hidetb his face : for 
7) Avid felt deadly fears, and wXcream torment of foul 5 even 
tbeforrows of death, tbeforrows ofbelL and the fnares of death 
pHventinghim^ that be could not get free from them. 

Ver. 6. In my diflreffe J called upon the Lord, and 
cried unto mj God: he heard my voice out of his temple, 
and my cry cartie before him y even into his ears, 

4 He 

88 P S A L. XVIIL 

He hath fet down the ftrait he was in;, now he fettetb down 
the mean be ufecftobe relieved, to wic, prayer to God, as in 
covenant with him 5 and how he was mercifully heard through 
Cbrift. Whence learn, i. No ftrait is fuch but 3 God can de- 
liver out of it, no cafe is fodefperate, as to make prayer need-, 
lefle or ufelefle : for 'David faith in bis deepeft diftreffc, 1 called 
on the Lord. z. It is neceffary not to give over, when help is 
delayed j yea, it is neceffary to grow more fervent, and for this 
end to lay hold on the covenant of reconciliation, and upon 
God in covenant with us : for hee addeth, 1 cried to my God. 
3. By vertue of Chrifts facrifice, and bis interceflion, notice 
is taken of prayer gracioufly, and anfwer comech to the belie- 
ver 5 for he addeth, He beard my voice out of bit temple, and my 
cry came before bim } even unto his ears 5 He pointeth at the Tem- 
ple, in regard of the Ark, and other figures reprefencing Chrill 
in his interceflion for us in heaven. 

Vct.yJThenthe earth /book and trembled-, the foun- 
dations uljQ of the hils moved and were fhaken y becavfe 
he Was wroth. 

8. The re went up a fmoakjut of hid noflrils y and fire 
out of his motfth devoured, coles were kindled by it. 

9. He bowed the heavens alfo, and came down : 
and darkneffe was under his feet. 

10. And he rod upon a cheruby and didfiie ; jest, 
he didfiie upon the wings of the wind. 

11. He made darkneffe his fecret place.- his pa- 
vilion round about him, were darkj^aters^ and thicks 
clouds of the skjes. 

12. At the brightneffe that was before himy his 
hick^clouds paffed y hail-Rnnes and coales of fire. 

j 3. The Lordalfo thundred in the heavens , anh the 
Higheft gave his voice , hail (tones and coales of fire* 

14. Tea, he fent out his arrows, and fcatteredthem^ 
andhefljot out lightnings , and di [comfit ed them. 

1 5 . Then the chanels of waters were feen, and the 
foundations of the world were difcovered : at thy re- 



&&kt t OLord, at the bl a ft of the breath if thy m- 

The manner of his delivery is fee downc in comparative 
fpecches, alluding to the moft glorious manifeftations which 
ever God gave of himfelfc, inMounc Sinai, or in the dayes of 
$ojbua, or in the dayes of the fudges, or Samuel, all which 
glorious manifeftations of God to his people, David efteemeth 
co be re-a&ed in the wonderfulneffe of his delivery j fo as 
he thinks he may juftiy compare the wonders lhewn in bis pre- 
lervacion from bis enemies, to any of, or to all Gods former 
wonders, in faving his people. Whence learn, i. Although 
our naturall ftupiaity, unbdiefe, and enmity againft God, 
do extenuate tru works of Gods providence about his children* 
yet the believer fhouid look upon them with a fpirituall, and 
difcerning eye, and ihould fo fet them forth to others, as David 
doth here* 2. The moft fenfible mutations in heaven and 
earth, are not fo obferved by the blind world, as a loul illu. 
minate with fpirituall light, will obferve Gods fpirituall provi- 
dence in his works towards his people, and toward himfelf, as 
here 'Davids example doth fhew. 3. The biftory of the Lords 
redeeming of his Church, fee down in Scripture, and by David, 
alluded unto, may be iecn in Gods particular dealing with his 
children, as very like to the fame, and as appendicles of the 
fame work repeated. This is imported in ^Davids re-calling 
comemory what is faid, Exod.9. 23,24. and 9.18. 
11, $tldg. 5. 4. 1tfdOT.12.18. concerning the Lords manife- 
fting ot bimfelfe. 4. The terribleneffc of (jod coming to 
judge his enemies, is a mitter of confolation to the believer, 
and of praife to God : as here is fet down. 

Ver. 1 6- He fent from above , he tool^ we $ he drew 
me out of many waters. 

17. He delivered me from mj ftrong enemy, and 
from them which hated me : for they were too ftrong for 

18. They prevented me in the day of my calamity : 
but the Lord was my (lay. 

19. He brought me forth alfo into a large flact : 
he delivered me, becanfe he delighted in me. 



Now he drawcth forth his delivery in lower companions, 
and more proper words, for the more clear capacity of the 
Church j to wit, that^C/od delivered him as one in perill of 
drowning, vsr. 1 6. As helping a weak man fromaftrong pat- 
ty, w.i 7. As upholding a man circumvented* and ready to 
fall and fail, ver.iK. And fetting a man free from all dan- 
gerjiw.x?. Whence learn, 1. Our weakneffe in the time of 
our delivery* commendeth Gods power, as Davids delivery is 
magnified, becaufe it was as a drawing of him out of many wa- 
ters, where hew as li\c to drown, z. Whether God ufe means 
or not in our deliveries, the work muft ever be afcribed to him 
alone. Hcfentfrom above, and uoJi me out. 3. Power of ad- 
verfaries will not hinder Gods helping band J he can, and doth 
ufually deliver his own from them that are too fir ong for them. 
4. Afoulfenfibleof Gods merciful! work, cannot fatisfie it 
felfe with exprcflions about it. And as many new confiderati- 
ons as a believer hath of the circumftances of a mercy, as ma- 
ny new mercies doth he fee 5 therefore is iz that David repeater h 
the fame work of deliverance in moe and moe new cxpreffions, 
and cannot expreffe himfelfe in one word, with fatisfadion to 
himfelfe. $« When a man is inclofed, and prevented from e- 
fcaping out of trouble, faith would faiie, and then dafpairc 
mould follow, if God did not interpofe himfelfe, and did not 
furnifh ftrength in this difficulty. David being thus circumven- 
ted, faith, But the Lord was my flay. 6. The Lord doth not leave 
his work about bis own^til he perred it, but he complcateth their 
delivery ere he ceafe, and dotb crown his mercy with joy : To 
exprefs tbiSjPawffaitbjHe brought me forth alfo imo<a Urge place. 

Vcr. 1 9. He brought me forth alfo into a large 
place : he delivered me, becaufe he delighted in me. 

20. The Lord rewarded me according to my righ- 
ieoufneffe : according to the cleanneffe of my hands 
hath he recompenfed me. 

21. For I have kept the wayes of the Lord % and 
have not -wickedly departed from my God. 

22. For all his judgments were before me: and I 
did not put away his Statutes from me. 

23. / was alfo upright before him ; and I kepi my 
felfe from mine iniquity. 

14, Thtrei 

P S A L. XVIII. 91 

24. Therefore hath the Lord recompenfed me ac- 
cording to my rigbteovfncjfe y ac cording to the righteouf 
nejfeof mj hands in his eye fight. 

The third part of the Pfalme , wherein hee goeth on 
to amplifie mercy fundry waves , and firft from the caufe 
of it, which is the mecr good will and love of God. Wbenct 
learn, 1. That the caufe of any mercy fhewn to us, is not to be 
found in us, but in Gods free love* He delivered me, becaufi 
bedeligbtedin me. 2. The belief of Gods love fweetnetb an4 
commendeth the mercy exceedingly : The delivery here is greats 
but this word, becaufe be delighted in me, is far more fweec* 
verfio. There is another puint of amply fying the mercy of 
hisprefervationand delivery, in the cleaving of his innocency* 
and freeing of him from the flinders «rf ungratitude , rebel- 
lion, treachery againft his Father in law, and his Prince, whidi 
was the fruit 06 another grace of God, given unto him, to wit, 
righteoufneffe and innocency, in relation to his enemies, verf* 
20. and a ftudy to keep Gods commands,. vcr 21. and the fear 
of God faftening him to Gods StacureSj vzr. 22. and iineene 
and tender walking with God? and watching over the fin whka 
did moftbefec him, ver.13. where his delivery from his ene- 
mies, and clearing his innocency from calumnies, was a gra- 
cious rewards ver.zq. iVhevce learn, 1. In a good caufe? it is 
neceiTary we have a good carriage, left we marre cur caufe, and 
our com fort alfo: For David itudied righteoufneffe and clean* 
ncjfe ofbands,in relarion ro his enemies, when he was moft un- 
juttly perfected. 2. A godly behaviour in a good caufe Hull 
not want the frui: : F-r :he free love of God rewarded David 
according to bis righteoufneffe. 2. The cmfcience of a gcdlj 
behaviour in time of perfecution, is twice profitable : once 
under the criall and trouble, it do:h fupport : a^atn, after the 
delivery? the looking back upon it, di^.h comfort, as here is 
fhewn. 4. As we nVuid at all times take heeu to our conver- 
fation, fo in fpecull, when by perfecution we are troubled; 
for a good caufe ; For now we arc upon the triall cF our faitfi^ 
patience? wifedome , and other graces, as David was : and 
fhoulddo as he doth here. ?. We have fpeciali rules of good 
behaviour fet down in Davids example 5 firft, we mutt be furc 
to follow fuch wayes? as Gods word dach allow, that we may 
fay? I have £ep* the wayes of the Lcrd. Secondly, if in our in- 
firmity, we be tnilcamed at any time, wemuft notperfift in a 


9* P S A L. XVIll. 

wrong courfe, buc return to the way of Gods obedience? Th a * 
we may fay, 1 have not wickedly departed from my God, neither I 
/ in the point of belief, nor pi adticall obedience. Thirdly, we 
muft fee all the commands of §rod, and his written judgements 
before us, to beobferved, one as well as another, and muft 
have refped to Gods tbreatned, and executed judgments sjfoj 
that we may fay with *David y Alibis judgements were before me y 
and J did not put away his flames fromme. Fourthly/ We muft 
ftudy fincerity in our carriage, doing good adions well from 
right principles, and for the right end, that we may fay, I was 
alfo upright before him. Fifthly, We muft keep fhid watch o- 
ver our wicked nature, and moft raging paffions and a fled i-? 
ons, left they break our* that our confeience may not contra- 
did us, when we fay, 1 have \{tpt my fitifc frm mine iniquity. 
6. Ic is wifdome to joyne one mercy with another, in our rec- 
koning, that we may fay that we have gotten grace for grace, as 
David doth acknowledge. That as God h 'd given to him grace 
to itudy rigbteoumefle and innocency , fo hxd he rccompenfed htm 
according to his rigbteoufnejfe. j. When the world would bury 
our innocency with flanders, u is lawfull and expedient to 
defend our own good name, and tofpeak andwiitc in de- 
fence of it, as David doth here. 

Ver, 25. With the mercifnll then wilt jhew thy 
felfe mercifully with an upright man tho wilt {hew thy 
felj e upright. 

2d. With the pure thou wilt [hew thy felfe pure, and 
with tbefroVPard thou wilt /hew thy felfe fr award. 

27. For thou wilt fave the affiled peoplei but wilt 
bring downe high y looks. 

From his owne experience he draweth up a generall dedrine, 
concerning the Lords holy, juft, and wile manner of dealing 
with all men, according :o their carriage cowards him. Whence 
learne, 1. The experiences which any of the Saints have , of 
the efFeds of Gods Word, are proofs of the certainty of Gods 
promifes and tbreatnings, and pawns of the like effeds to fol- 
low unto othen > For here David draweth a generail dodrine 
from his particular experience. 2,. As a man would have a 
meeting from God, fo muft he ftudy to behave himfelfe to- 
ward God and man, for Godscaufe 5 for with the bountifully 
mercifull, upright and pure, he will deal accordingly. 3. Who- 
mever (hall walke contrary unto God? and drive wito him t or 


P b A L. XVIU. 93 

will not fubmit themfelves unto him, he (hall walke contrary 
, |i unto them, and punifh them feven times more, becaufe of theic 
v flubberneffes/cr toward thefroward be wilfhewbimfelffroivarA, 
4. Albeit the godly be for a while affii&ed, and ihe wick- 
ed do profper, yet after the affliction of the godly, falvation (hall 
come to them 5 and after the profperity, vaine and proud glo- 
riation of the wicked, their deftru&ion /hall follow, For be will 
five the afflifted people, but will bring downe high looofe- 

Ver. 28. For thou wilt light my candle , the Lori 
my God Will enlighten my darknejfe. 

From bygon experience he ftrengthens his own hope of fur- 
ther experience thereafter^ need mould require. Wlience kirn* 
1. Beleevers being delivered out of many bygon tvoub!cs,muft 
not promife to themfeftes exemption from new troubles here* 
after, but rather make tbemfelves ready for new exercife , and 
more fad paffages of Gods difpenfadons towards them. For Ptf- 
ij/Wprefuppofeth here, that he may, yea, and that he (hall be 
thereafter in darfyiefle, and want for a while the Candle light of 
confolation. 2. As the godly man may exped croflks, fo may 
he be furealfoof as many confolations,and fweet feafoningsof 
his troubles, and deliverances out of tbtm ; fo that hemayfay, 
both before trouble come, and in the midft of ic, The Lord Vfill 
light my Qandle* and my God mil enlighten myjarlyiejfe. 

Ver. 29. For by thee I have runthrough a trcuf : and 
by my God have I leaped over a wall. 

Here is another part o^bis experience, concerning bis vido- 
fies and good fucceffe in battel, the glory whereof he afcribes al- 
together to God- Wbenceleaxne, 1. Although the courage, va- 
lour and fucceffe of all fouldiers is from the Lord , yet only the 
beleever doth give Grd the glory thereofas Vivid here. 2.Na- 
turall courage , and whatfoeyer mtaCure a man may have of it, 
now and then, may faint and fail altogether , when it meetetb 
with very ilrong oppefkion 5 But the fpiruuall courage which 
is from Faith, is from a more fure ground , and will not faile, 
when faith fetreib it on, whacfoever be the apparent difficulty, 
for by Faith in God David was made to run through a troupe, or 
leap over a wait into a Town, full of his enemics,wnh afiurance 
of vidory. 

Ver.jc As for Gcdjjis way is ferfeVt;the word of the 



Lord is tried : he is a Bnckjcr to all thofe that truft in 

31. For Who \s Godfave the Lord ? or who is a roc k^ 
fave our God ? 

The Fourth part of the Pfalme, wherein he praifeth the Lord 
exprtfly, for what he had found in him $ and in this he is a fpc- 
/tialltypeof Chrift, in his conqueft and vi&ories. Therea- 
fons of his piaifing, are four, fet down in order. Wbentt learn, 
I, The conftant, equable^ and old way of Gods dealing with 
tbofetbat beleevein him, is a matter of Gods praife, and a 
reafon why the experience of one beleever may be a ground of 
hope for another, to finde the like, becaufe ic is faid here , tAs 
for Goi y bis way is perfeft. This is one reafon of his praife* and 
of the beleevers hope. 2. In all times by-gon 3 experience hath 
proved the word of the Lord to be moft folidly true. Which 
ferveth for the fecond reafon of praifing God, and grounding of 
our hope 5 the word of the Lord is try ed. 3. There is none of 
the beleevers excepted from the benefit of his promifesj which 
is a third reafon of Gods praife,and of our hoytyforbe is a buck- 
ler to all tbofe thai truft in bim* He is a defence which we may 
tonftantly carry along with lis, where ever wegoe 3 and make 
ufeofbispower and love, as of a buckler in all conflicts. 4- A 
fourth reafon of Gods praife, and ground of our hope is , that 
as there is no true Religion, nor true Faith fave one, fo there is 
no true God fave oneiy one, whofe true and tryed word, is with 
his true Church and Saints, who beleevc in bim ; For who is 
god fave the Lord, or who is a rock fave mr Cjed i f. There is 
no fountain of comfort,or of ftrength or delivery,fave the Lord, 
of whomonely all things have their being: for who is God 
fave the Lord £ 6. There is no ground to build our confi- 
dence and felicity upon, fave God alone, who is in Covenanc 
through Ghrift with us ; who is a rock, few our G°d ? 

Ver. 32. It is God that girdethme with ftrength , 
and mak?th my way perfefL 

33. He maketh my feet like hindes feet, andfetteth 
r/;e upon my high places. 

34. Be teachethrny hands to War 9 fo that a bow of 
ft eel is broken by mine arms. 

zf 9 ThoH haft alfo given me thejbield of thy falva- 



tion\ and thy right hand hath holden me up , and thy 
gentleneffe hath made me great. 

36. Thou hafi enlarged my fiefs tinker me ; that my 
feet did not (lip. 

He gocth on to reckon the furniture, and ability for warre, 
which the Lord did give to him. Whence team, 1 . The man of 
God muft refolve to be a man of war, and to yoke with adverfa- 
ries of one fort or other 5 Such as was David, and Chrift , and 
his followers reprcfented by him. 2. The man whom the Lord 
fendeth out to fight his Battels, he will arme him compleatly 
from head to foot $ He will gird him with ftrength, and mafa hi s 
myplaineandperfcft * he will make his feet fwift, hewitlfurnijh 
him with a retiring; place on high, he will furnijh him with a Bow of 
(teely and with all armes ofFenfive , and will enable him with 
more skill and ftrength then to make ufe of them jhe will furnifh 
him alfo with aflneld 0//j/xuti<m,whichfhalfave him in effc&;& 
with all arms defenfive, and uphold him by his right hand,whert 
he is like to be overcomejand by his tender care of him,wil make 
him a great man, a valiant man of war, and held him on his feet, 
that he fall not in his fervice. Whereof David here bath ex- 
perience in his warfare, bodily and fpirituall. 3. What God 
hath done for a man 3 will be better (een after the trouble is end- 
ed, then in the mean time. The back-look upon the Lords af- 
fiftance is molt clear. As here T>avid giveth the cleaieft compc 
of Gods afiiftance, when his experience is reviewed. 4. Aj] the 
furnitures of fpirituall armour, in our fpirituall warfare, which 
Jiere is chiefly aimed at, is oniy from the Lord $ for he, even 
be only is here declared the fi|mi(her thereof , and without him 
the man is altogether weak, wuleffe and naked* 

37. I have purfued mine enemies and overtaken 
them : neither did Iturne againe till they were confu- 

38. / have wounded them that they were not able H 
rife : they are fallen under my feet. 

39. For thou haft girded me with ftrength unto the 
battel : thou haft fubdued under me thofe that refe up 
again ft me. 

40. Thou haft \alfo given me the necks of mine ene- 
mies j that I might deftroy them that hate me* 


96 psa l; XVIII. 

Here he maketb mention of the vi&ories which God gave 
to him, as a Type of Chrift, over all bis enemies. iVbence 
learn, i. Ic was revealed ro David, that as he himfelfehad, fo 
alfo Chrift mould have many enemies, and mould fight againft 
them, and prevaile over them, and make all his followers vi- 
ftorious over them all ; That he mould purfue his, and their 
enemies, in every age, and net turn again till they flail be cpw- 
fumed, as is ver ^7. till he cajt them down, that they be not able to 
fifetverf.1%. till he hath fubdued [hem all under his feet, and 
ours, ver. 5 9. till he have ta\en them captives and deftroyed them, 
vcr.40. For Chrifts vi dories are common to him and his fol- 
lowersy in as far as their welfare is for him, and he is ingaged 
to fight our battels for us, or by us, as he fees fit. 

Vcr.41. They cried.but there was none tofave them : 
even unto the Lord, but he anfrveredthem not. 

42. Then did I beat them fmall as the Auft before 
the wind: I did caft them out, as the dirt in the 

In the type of fome paffages of fome fevere juftice which 
David did execute againft his enemies, he fettetb forth the cer- 
tain deftrudion of Chrifts enemies, in judgement mercileffe. 
Whence learn, 1. That whofoever do look for releafe out of 
their trouble, and that not through Chrift, fhal( have no releafe - 
at all. Though they cry, there flail be none tofave them. z. Ic 
may be iome may think tbcmfelves i^iends to God, and God a 
friend to them, and pray to him, albeit they be enemies to 
Chrift J but that prayer which is put up to Cjod without recon- 
ciliation made through Chrift, foil! be rejeded- Though they 
cry to the Lord, he flaUnot anjmrthem. $. If menpurfued 
by Chrift for their enmity againft him, (hall nor, under the 
rod at leaftjXurn to him, there rcmaineth nothing for tbein, 
but that they Be utterly deftroyed, and as it were beaten as (mat 
as the du ft. 4. The obiHnate enemies of Chrifts Kingdome 
fliall periftiftiamefully, and as they have defpifed the blood of 
Chrift, and of his fcrvanrs, fo (hall the Lord defpife them-; 
. He flail aft them out to the dirt in the fireets. 

Ver. 43 - Thou hs.ft delivered me from the firivings 
of the people^ and thou haft made me the head of the 
heathen : a people whom / have not known jhall ferve 

44. Affoon 


44. Affoon as they hear of n?e, they Jhall obey me s m 
the ftrangers Jljall ftibmh themfelves unto trie. 

In the fifth and laft part of tbc Pfalm, he promifetb to binr 
fclfe the fctling and enlargement of his own Kin^d'jme^ and 
prophefietb alfo of Chrifts Kingdome reprefenred thereby. 
JVbmce learn, 1 . As was Davids, iois Chrifts Kingdom, iub- 
jc&tointcftinecommotionsyiumulcs and diffentions j as in the 
one there was, fo in the other hith been, and will be conten- 
tions, and ftrivingsof tbc people, raifed by Satana foftercd by 
wicked hypocrites, and by the corruption cf the Lords chil- 
dren. 2. Such ftriving and difiention do put our Lords King- 
dome inafortof hafcird, if we look to fecond caules, fo as 
' there will be need of Gods help for a delivery from it. But the 
Kingdome of Chrift /hall ftand for all thatj notwithstanding 
tbcfe contentions, that it may ftill be faid of his Kingdom, 2$ 
: it is fiid here of the typicall Kingdome, and is propbelied of 
1 Chrifts Kingdome , Thou baft delivered me from tbc ftrivings of 
the people. 3- To the Pipphec it was revealed, that Chrifts 
Kfngd^riewas nottoremaine ftraitned within the bounds of 
•fudea, but to be extended to the Gentiles, over whom Cbrift 
was to rtlgn, and now hath he a long time rcign'd. The Father 
as he made David the Type, (ohath he mxdc Chrift head of the 
heathen. 4. The wickedneffe of a peifon or people* whofe 
! works have been moll loathfome to the Lord, cannot hinder 
1 him to ihew mercy to them through Chrift, when hce plea ^ethi 
i to convert then. For be hath faid, A people whom I have not 
known, Jhall ferve me : which hath oft-times come to pafl'e, and. 
j will yet more bee ken effectually. J. The word of the 
Lord is the Scepter of^is Kingdome, the fword whereby he 
fubdueth people to bimfelf 5 asfoon as they hearofmc, faith the 
Lord, in the mouth of his Type, and Prophet, thfiy Hull obey 
me. 6. The more room the word gets in a mans heir t 5 and 
the fooner it bee believed and obeyed, after tignitkation of 
Gods will to him by his word, the more kindly istheconverli- 
on, aud the more of the Lords power is evidenced : as 
here is imported in affoon as they hear of me. 7. When Chrift 
fubdueth Nations to bimfelfe by his word, and doth convert 
the eled, or his own redeemed ones: ftrangers in heart will 
come alfo outwardly unto the fociety of his Church and King- 
dome, though fainedly. The ftrangers jhall fubmit tbmfc'vcs 
tome 9 , fainedly as che word imporeeth 8, Eycn this outward 

H effcr 

9% P S A L. XVIII. 

offer of fubmiffion to Onfts Kingdome* made by ftranaers, 
coming to the vifible Church, is not refufed, but received pro 
tanto, and made a mi tcr of glorifying of Chrift. The gran- 
gers fhall faincdly fubmit tbemCelves to me. For it is no Imall 
glory to Chnft ihat cbe Maj ftyof his Word and Ordinan- 
ces, doth make many ftoop before him, who are not turned 
trutiy unto him. Mean time, albeit by encring into, and fub- 
mitting to the externall covenant, a man be admitted into the 
vifib^ Church, and outer Court of Gods boufe, yet not with- 
out ivall converfion is a man made a member of the invifiblc 
Church, and admitted into the inner Court of heaven. 

V r er>45 .The fir angers jhall fade away \and be afraid 
out of their clofe places, 

\ He prophefieth what mail become of -drifts enemies a c 
length Whence ham. i. As Come Grangers flull come into the 
outward fellowihip of ChiiiU m, fo others of them fliali 
remain pro fefled ftungers,and dif-aftlftcd to his Kingdomjand 
whither ftrange-s wi hin,or wirhout,inal con i' uetobe%anger$ 
ftil,bothof them Shall penfh. For ftr anger s Jbal fade away? i. Al- 
beit Chrift at full, may have many enemies, and unfriends, 
where heconv h to let up bis K n^Jome, yet where and when 
he pleafethtoft -y, and keep up his Kingdom, his op<n enemies 
mall grow fewer. The fir anger s fh all fade avsxy : to wit,wbtrebe 
minds toftay, and for whai end thinks good to dJminim r htm. 
j. Whether the Lord be pleafed to convert ftran^rs, or not, 
their ft. ong holds, fwherher their high imaginations, or their 
earthly power,) fhail not to ftand before him; let bim 
come to convert them outwardly or inwardly aho, or ckftroy 
therrb as he (hall be pleafed, his tefrrbur mall affii^hr them y For 
the firangcrqfbdort him) fhall be afraid, out of their clofe pU* 


Ver,46". The Lord liveth, andbleff-ed be mj recl^: 
and let the God of my falvation be exalted. 

47. It is Cjod that avengeth me y and fubdueth the 
people under me. 

48. He ddivereth me from mine enemks : yea A 
thou Ifftefi me up abovethofe that rife up againft me : 
then haft delivered me from the violent man. 

P S A L. XVIIL 99 

Vcr. 49. Therefore veiil 1 give thanks unto the? 
(0 Lord) among the heathen : and fwg praifes unto 
thy name. 

50. Great deliverance giveth he to his King, and 
Jbcwethmtrcy to his anointed, to David, and to his 
feed for evermore. 

He concludeth the Pfalme with thankfgtving , and prai- 
fcth the Lord for his perfonall prefcrvation unto eternal! 
life, vcrfe 46. for overthrowing of his enemies, verfe 47. 
for delivery of him from them, ver/i 47,48. and in Chriits 
name he fectcth forth the Lords glory, before the Gentiles , 
for the mercies following the Kingdomc of Chrift, and his 
ownKingdome, the type thereof, icr. f o> 50. Whence leane 3 
1. The end of allourfpeeches, concerning what we have been 
imployed into, and have done, or have bad fuccefle in, mould 
be to mew forth the glory of God to others, and to offer praife 
and thanks to him : for this Bleffei be my roc\, (&C. is the end 
vrhercunto Davids example doth drsve. 2. Life, and bleffei 
life> qwe faring life, the only fountain of .life, is the proper fhie 
of God, of whom moll properly and dtlcrvedly we may fay, 
Tbe Lord livetb. 3. Becaufe God is the Fountain of all blef- 
fedneffe, to Angels and men 5 therefore mould we acknow- 
ledge him, and proclaim him bleffei, that the hearer may feele 
bleffedntffe in him alone, 4, The perfciftion of God in him- 
felfe, the out-letting of bis goodneffe to the creature, his im- 
mutability in his love to his own, his making hiinfelfc to be 
as it were the proper good of the believer by covenant ; and his 
giving the certainty of falvation to the believer, eftablifhed by 
covenant; Tbefe and other perfe&ions mould exalt tbe Lord 
highly in the cftimation, and affe&icn of the b^iever, and do 
make the believer heartily wim the Lord may be known to bis 
praife: for thttcaufe faith the Prophet, tbe Lord livetb, and 
bleffei be my roc\, and let tbe God of my falvation be exalted. 
4. s David } 2s a type of Chrtft, in name and bchalfe of Chrift, 
doth give unto God the glory of taking order with his enemies, 
for preferving and propagating his Kingdome, and for de- 
livering his people from cruell persecutors. It U God, faith he, 
that avengethme, and jubduttb tbe people under me. Hedeliyeretb 
me from mine enemies, yta,xboulifteflmeup above tbefc that rife 
wp agmft me : Thou baft delivered mee from the violent nun. 

H 2 Ycr.49* 


Vcr. 49. Therefore will I give thanks unto thee 
{0 Lord) among the heathen: andjing praijcs unto 
thy name. 

Befidc prefent praifing of God, he pro-nifeth to infift 
in praife and thankfgiving. This the Apoflle Rom- 1 5. 9. 
(heweth to be tbe fpeecn of Cbrift, and a prophefie of che con- 
version of the Gentiles. Whence learn, 1. Befide allthevi&o- 
ries giv*°n ro the Church in Davids time, as a pledge of promifes 
it was foretold chat the Gentiles (hou Id fee many vi&o'ies over 
the enemies of the Chu/cu of Cbnft, after his coming, and that 
tbey ftlould joyne with the Jews in thankfgiving to Gid for 
the f;mej for upon account of the Lords lifting up Chrift 
above his adverfaries, and cruell perfecutors , Tbanfa Jhallbe 
given unto tbe Lord among tbe beatben. z. The facrifice of praife 
offered up in the Church, as it is the work of the Saints in one 
refped, fo it is the work of Chrift in another refped, becaufe 
he raifeth by his Spirit the fong in their hearts, and offereth up 
the facrifice of thanks unto the Father : For it is Chrift who 
h :re faith, I mil give thanks unto tbe (0 Lord) among tbe heathen, 
dndfing praifes to thy name. m 

Ver. 50. Great deliverance giveth he to his King : 
andjheweth mercy unto his annointed*. to David, and 
his feed, for evermore. 

David as a Type of Chrift, giveth a reafon of perpetuall 
praifing of Go ; to wit, the conftanc courfe of Gods mercies 
ihewn to him, and his houfe, and to be iriewn to Chrift, and 
bis children, and houfe, for e verm o-e. Whence learn, 1. As 
difficulties, enemies, and dangers of the Church, are many 
and grea f J fojliall their victories over thefe evils b^ great alio > 
For great deliverance giveth he, in acqnunuaii trad and courie, 
as it were, one after another, as need is. 2. All che delive- 
rances are given to Chrift principally, 3nd in him to hiiCnurcb, 
and particular foules through him. For it is faid, Great delive- 
rance giveth be to bis tiding. 3. Tbe chufing of a man for a 
ferVice, lhall by the calling of him ro ir, and qualifying him 
for it, and fuftaininghim in it, be confirmed to him, and by 
the courfe of mercy following him i n all his difficulties, which 
ke (lull meet with in his calling:. Therefore fignificantly doth 
fae fay, Great deliverance giveth he to his K* n &> l0 D*vid, a cho- 


p S A L. X I X; ioi 

fell Type, and to his annointed Chrift , rcprcfcntcd by him : 
Hejhcvteth mercy to bis anointed, Chrift his feed. 4* It is mecr 
mercy whereof Chrifts followers, Cbrifts children and feed do 
ftand in need : and mercy by courfe constantly /hall follow 
them, not for a fhort time, but world without end > for the Lord 
Jhewetb mercy to 'David and bis feed for evermore. 


To the chief Mufician, tA Pfalm of David. 

This Pfalme is z fweet contemplation of the glory of 
Gods wifdom,power arid goodnefle,fhining in the 
works of Creation,?/. 1,2,3,4, J, 6. and of the glo- 
ry of his holines,and rich grace,fhining through his 
word, and Ordinances in his Churchy. 7, 8, 9, 10- 
whereof the Prophet having proofe , prayeth to 
have the right ufc and benefit , ver. 11, 12,13,14. 

v.l.**Y*He heavens declare the glory of C/od; and the 
J, firmament Jheweth his bandy-workfj, 
Albeit the whole earth be fuil of the glory of the Lord , yet 
the Prophet contentetb bimfelfe to pitch his meditations on the 
heavens alone? and the vicifficisde of day and night, and upon 
' the courfe of the Suns light. Whence Uarn> 1. Albeit the glory 
of the Lord fliine in all his works, yer any portion tberercof will 
take up a mans meditation, when he beginneth to think upon it, 
as here the heavens are the Prophets Tbeam and fubje£fc matter 
of meditation. 2. The iavifible things of God , even bis e- 
ternall power,and Godhead? and glorious attributes of wifdom, 
and goodncfle> and Ma jefty arc to be feen in the works of Cre- 
ation, from the beginning of the world., the heavens deciare 
the glory of God, and the firmmentjhmetb bis bandy -worfa. 
3. Though his glory be (he wen to all men, yet it h ttu :ilumi- 
nate child of God that can obferve it ; for he that fetteth it forib 
to others,doth it by the inspiration of the Lords own fpirit : He 
is a Prophet who here is itirred up to point unto us this leflbty 
ixioft Worthy of onr obfemuono For in fubftanc* the heavens 

H 3 dsclarl 

io* P S A L. XIX. 

declare that they are not their own maker>but that they are made 
by one* infinite, incomprehenfible, omnipotent, everiafting y 
good, kind and glorious God. And che firmament ( taking it 
for tbe region of the aire, and place of the ftarsj declares how 
curioufly he can adorne the worke of his hands, and how power- 
fully he can put glory abundant on the creature , chough it have 
no matter in it to make it glorious. 

2. <D ay unto day utter eth fpeech y and night unto 
night Jbeweth knowledge. 

3. There is no fpeech nor language, where their 
voice if not heard. 

4. Their lint is gone out thoroVv alt the earth , and 
their words to the end of the world : in them hath he 
feta tabernacle for the Sun. 

He looketh next upon the vicifficudc of night and day 3 and 
as he faw what the heavens gave him co read , fo he harkeneth 
and heareth what the day and the night did fpeak 3 and he com- 
prifcth all their fpeech in the Dodrrine of knowledge. Whence 
Umie, 1* The right obfervation of the vidfli^udeofthc nighc 
and day, may give inftru&ion unto us to be wife 3 for day unto 
day y in their revolution, utter fpeech to the obferving ear 3 *And 
night unto nighty in their vicifsicude jheweth to the underftand- 
ing man tyw*fc4g e * £°*fa fubftance, the ricilsitude of day 
after day, doth ferve to teach man, that he liveth in time, and that 
hisdayes arenumbred, thacbisdayesdo goc quickly away, and 
that time is precious, and cannot returne when it is gone 3 and 
that fo long as it (hall iaft, it (hall ferve man to view the works 
of the Lord* and to goe about his own neceifary labours 3 and 
fiich like other fpeeches doth it fpeak : Alfo the night faith,That 
mm in himfelfe is weake, and cannot endure long toyling in 
labour 5 that as fome little fliort reft and recreation of the labou- 
rer is neceifaty, fo it is prepared for him, that he may lie under 
a curtaine, and flcep a while , and fo be fitted for more worke, 
if more time be lent unto him 3 and that he may now quietly ex- 
amine, whathe hath been doing, may commune with his heart, 
arid be ftillj ind that if he doe not what he hath to doe in time, 
the night comtih when no mm cMiTCorty : By which, and fuch like 
fpeeches, men may learnc knowledge. 2. There is no people 
nor country^ but as much of the fpeccb of the creature is fpoken 
convincingly unto them, as may make them inexcufable 3 and 


PSAL XIX. ioj 

albeit all doe not lcarnc wifedomc, yec the voice of the Works o* 
creation* and providence h everywhere in fome meafurc heard 
their line and dire&ion is gone out through the earth. 

5. Which is as a Bridegroom comming out of his 
chamber i and rejoyceth as aftrong man to run a race* 

6. His going forth is from the end of the heaven ± 
and his circuit unto the ends of it : and there is nothing 
hid from the heat thereof 

Hecontra&cth his thoughts from the highnefs of the heaven*, 
and pitcheth upon the Sunne, and beholdeth Gods glory in it. 
Whence learn, 1. AH the glory to be feen in the Sun belongeth 
unto the Lord $ for he hath made it, and let it in its place, 09 hi 
a Tabernacle, for a time, fo long as he hath ufe and fervicc of it, 
2. The beauty of the Sun when it arileth in the morning % the 
wonderfuil fwift and regular motion of it , fo tempered by the 
huge diftince thereof from the earth, that it cannot be fecn 
moving, when it it is running in a circle in the heaven mod; 
fwiftly: Theconftancy of the motion of it from day to day , 
from year to year, without wearying or failings the vaft circle 
which it maketh every twenty foui hours; the heat and vertue, 
and powerfull operation upon allinferiour crcaruresare all ad* 
mirable, and matter of manifefting the glorious perfection of 
God, who made it, and movcth it 5 As the Bridegroom he rifctb, 
corhpaffeth the Circle of heaven and earth > and nothing is hid from 
the heat thereof. 

7. The Law of the Lord if per feft, converting the 
foul : the teftimonj of the Lord is jure .making wife the 

8. The Statutes of the L<rd fright, rejojeing the 
heart : the commandment of the Lord is furc t eniight* 
ning the eyes 

9. The fear ef the Lord is clean^ enduring for ever : 
the judgements of the Lord ViZ true p and righteous al* 

10. More to be de fired we they then gold^ jea $ then 
much fine gold zfweeter alfo then the honey 9 and the ho* 
nej combe. 

Hi T« 

io4 PSA L. XIX. 

Tbe next pare of his contemplation, is concerning the glory 
of tbe Lord,dedared in his word and ictipture, which light as ic 
ismorenecefftry for our blcffedneffc then the Suns light for 
our bodies, fo he commendetb this point of Gods glory, ( far 
above that, which fliineth in the worke of creation) trom the per- 
fection, cfficacic, infalli biliry,and fundry other properties of it. 
Whence learn, i. The DoSrineof life and falvation, fetdowne 
to us in Gods word, as a law to us, and a rule of faith and obe» 
dtence, needcth no deck of humane traditions s it is fufficient 
in h felfe, and wanteth nothing ncceflary unto falvation ; For 
the Law of the Lor its perfeB. z. Nodo&iine, nowordfave 
this divine truth, fee downe in fcripture, is able to difcovtr the 
fin and mifery of man, or the remedy and reliefe from it j no 
do&rine fave this alone 3 can effectually humble a (oul> and con- 
vert it to God, or make a foule fenfiblc of the loffe it hath by fin, 
and rcftore ic to a better condition then is ioft by fin* for it is 
the property of this law or doftrine, to be converting offoules. 
3. Wbofoever hcarkneth to this word, mall be fatisfied about 
what is the Lords mind and will in all matters of religion,con- 
cerning Gods fcrvice, and mans falvatior 5 for his the teftimony 
of the Lord, wherin he giveth forth his will, concerning what he 
approveih, and what he diiallowetb. 4. This word being un« 
derftoodrighdyjas it may beunderftood when it is compared 
witbitfelfe, one part of ic with another , and other means alfo 
ufed, which God hath appointed^may be fafely relyed upon : it 
wilt not difappoint a man 5 for tbe teftimony of the Lord is fure. 
J. Albeit there be many deep myfieries in this word; which may 
excrcilcthe greateft wits, yet for the points neceffary for the fal- 
vation of every foul, it is fo plaine and clear, that it may be un- 
derftood by perfons of mean wits, and may make thofe who are 
otberwifedullofunderftanding, w ife to falvation $ foritisa 
teftimony making wife tbefimple. 6,Notbing is'commanded by 
God in his word, but that which the illuminate foul muft fub- 
fcribe unto, as equitable in it felf, and profitable to us. For the 
ftatutes of the Lord are right. 7. Th* approving and following 
of the Lords directions given to us, in his word^'s a fure mean 
to get comfort and joy rais'd in our confeience. For the flatuses 
ofihe Lord rejoyce the heart. 8. There is no mixture of crrcur, 
no droffe, nor refufe dodrine, no deceit in the Lords wordj for 
the Commandment of the Lord is fure. 9. By tbe word of God a 
man may clearly fee bimfelfe in bimfelfe blind and naked, and 
wretched and mii'erab!e,and by coming into the grace and mer- 

PSAL. XIX. 105 

cy offered in the Mefsiah, Chrift, may Tee himfelfe entred in the 
only fafc way of falvation. By the word of God a man may fee 
every thing ic its own colour*} vertue to be vertue , and vice to 
be vice and vanity ; For the word illuminates the eyes. 10. The 
way of worshipping, fearing, and ierving God,fct downe in his 
word, is holy^and in fubitance the fame in all generations^ and 
alwayes unalterable by man for ever. The fear of the Lord is 
chatty enduring for ever. 11. The do&tinesfet downe in the 
word of Godj are all of them decrees of the almighty Law-giver, 
given forth in his own Court with authority uncontrolable: 
all of them are true and worthy to be obeyed^ for the judgements 
of the Lord are true, and righteous altogether. 1 2. The word of 
God is able to enrich a man more then all the richr s in the world, 
becaufe it is able to bring bim to an everlafting Kingdomejfor 
Gods judgements being as judicial! fentencesj to determine all 
neceffary truths and controversies, about faving tiuth , are more 
tobedefired then gold , yea then much fine gold. ij. There is 
more fweet comfort and true pleafure to be round in the Lords 
word, then in any pleafant thing in this world. They are fweter 
then the honey, and the honey combe. 

11. Moreover , by them is thy fervant warned : and 
in keeping of them there is great reward. 

The Prophet fubferibetb this commendation of Gods word, 
by his owne experience , and feeketh to make good ufeofit. 
Whence learne> 1. That man,ofallotherj is molt meet to com- 
mend the word of the Lord, who in himfelfe hatb felt the expe- 
rience of the effects and good ufe thereof, as the Prophets ex- 
ample doth (hew. 2. As the w o:d of God is able to make a 
man wife to falvation, fo alfo to make him prucent in his carri- 
age, to efchuc not onely fin, butaito inconveniences, and to 
warne bim of fnarcs, wherein he may fail by imprudency. For 
I befide all the former commcndation;he ^dtih^Monover by them 
it thy fervant -warned. $. When a man hath layd ail he car., in 
commendation of the word of Godj he mall no: be able to fay 
all, but muft clofe in fome generall, becaufe the benefit of ob- 
serving of the Lords Statutes and Commands, dctb pafle his 
reachifor thus the Prophet dofctb,lB keeping of them there is great 

12. Who can mderftarid his errors I clranft then we 
fromfecret faults. 


106 P S A L. X I X. 


Leaft he mould fcem to fpeake like one who feeks to be ju- 
ftified by his works 3 he acknowledged himfelfe a man chat clea- 
veth not to his owne rightcoufneflk, but to the founcaine of free 
grace, and to the expiation of (in made by Chrift, figmfied un» 
der the ihsuiow of ceremonial cleanfing; Whencelearne, i. The 
moft hoty mm, after converfion, mutt make ftill ufeof the law 
for his humiliation, and for driving of him to Ch ift continu- 
ally* and when he compareth bimleif with the Law of *3od,he 
will be forced to blufli and acknowledge hi nfdf and every other ! 
man unable to condefcend upon the particulars, and the multi- 
tude even of his a&uallfins. Therefore faith he, Who canun- 
derftand his errors? a. Sins of ignorance jfins pift out of me- 
mory* doe leave guiltineffe upon the man* and muft be count- 
ed for in heap at leaft : and mercy through the blood of clean- 
fing muft be requefted for, as here. CUanfe thou me from fecrtt 

13. Keep bacl^t hj ferv ant alio from prefurnptu- 
ous fins,/?/" them not have dominion over me : thenjhal 
I be upright , and I fhjllbe innocent from the great 

He puts up another petition* to wit, That he may be prefer* 
Ved from prefurnptuous fins. Whence lexrn> 1 . Hoheft men are 
moft fcnfible of their bygone fins, and fo alfo of their naturatf 
finfulneffc, and readincffetofall, whereof the Prophet here is 
iu fear , faying 3 J{eep bac\ alfo thy fervant from prefurnptuous fins. 
2. Even the regenerate^ the Lord doe not keep them from ten- 
tation, or if be leave them in tentation, unto their own will and 
ftrengthjthey may fal into moft fcandalous fins,againft the light 
of their conscience* and be slaves thereunto ; Therefore pray- 
tth he to be kept back from prefurnptuous fins, and that €jfod would 
notfuffcr fuch fins to have dominion over bim 3 inCmumaghls own 
weakoeffe, it God did not prevent did not aflift and help him 
to prevail againft them. j. Uprightneffe and integrity in Gods 
obedience may ftand with fins of infirmity ,8c fins of ignorance, 
but cannot ftand with prefurnptuous fins, againft the light of 
confidence; for if the Lord (hall fave him from prefurnptuous 
fins, tben^ht faith, Hefball be upright. 4. Prefurnptuous fins, 
and letting fin reigne in a mans mortal! b-dy y is the high way 
to the fin unto death, or finning malicioufly, with defpight a- 
gainft God} and he that makes coafcteocc ai fecrct fins , and is 


PSAL. XIX. '. 107 

feared to fall into prefumptuous (ins, and flieth to God to bee 
cleanfed from the one^ and preferved from falling into the o- 
ther, may be fure not tofaliinto the finneagainft the Holy 
^boft. For the Prophet having prayed to be cleanfed from hi* 
fecrec fins, and kept back from prefumptuous and reigning 
fins, afiureth himfclfe* That fo bcjUll be innocent from the great 

Vcr. 14. Let the words of my mouthy and the medi- 
tation of my heart , be acceptable in thy fight , O Lord 
myftrengh, and my Redtemer. 

The third petition's, for thr acceptance of his fervice in 
his prayer, and purpofe of titan. Whence learn, i. As par- 
doning graces and preventing grace, and re ft raining grace, muft 
be prayed for: fo alfo poweifull fanftifyifig* or enabling 
grace, both for inward and outward fervke > yea, and grace 
accepting the fervice when it is offered, muft be fought for by 
prayer from God. For as the Prophet hatb p ayed for the for- 
mer ads of grace, fo affo he prayeth here for the latter fort, fay- 
ing, Let the words of my mouth, and meditxtion of my heart , be 
acceptable, i. As all our prayers, and ail our holy indeavours* 
and abilities to ferve God, muft be furiiimed unto us by our 
Redeemer, who is Jefus Chrift $ fo alfo every other grace, and 
the acceptance of our perfons and fervices, muft come through 
bim$ and we may look for alLthefe by vercueof the Covenant 
|of grace, whereby Chrift is made our ftrength and Redeemer 
in all refpeds .• Therefore layeth he all the weight on this, 
\Lord my ftrength, and my Redeemer. 


To the ebiefMuficUn. A Pfalm of Vivid. 

ThisPfaJme was dited to the Church infotme of 
a prayer for the Kings of Ifr'ad ■ but with a fpeci- 
aH eye upon, and relation unto Quifr, the King 
of Ifrael ; in refpeft of whom this prayer is a 
prophefie, and a forme of blefling of Chrift, and 


io8 PSAL XX. 

praying for his Kingdom, whereof the Kingdom 
of Ifrael was a type, and the Kings thereof arc 
types of Chnft. Not that the Kingdorae in eve- 
ry condition was figurative, or every King a type 
of him,- But as che Priefts 6eing taken not fe- 
verally, one by one, but together, (hadowed fortfi 
in fomething, Chrift in the Office of his Prieft- 
hood ; fo the Kings, not every one, but taken 
together, fhadowed forth in fomething Chrift, 
in hisRoyall Office, and their Kingdome refem- 
bled his Kingdome in his vifible Church in fome 
things, and in his invilible CHurch in other fome 
things, leaving room to fome perfons, both a- 
mongthe Priefts, and Kings, to be more fpecially 
types then any of the reft in their common, ver. 
1,2,3,4,5. After which the Churches confidence 
to be heard is fet down, and thtir gloriation in 
God over their enemies, with dependance on 
God for falvation in all difficulties and ftraits, 
ver. 6 j, 8,9. 

Ver. 1. 'HT^ Hip Lord hear thee in the d*y of trouble^ 
JL the Name of the God of Jacob defend thee. 

2. Send thee help from the SanEluary^ andftreng- 
then thee out of Sion. 

3. Remember all thy offerings y and accept thy burnt- 
facrifice. Selah. 

4. Grant thee according t thine own heart* ana 
fulfill all thy counfel. 

5. Wee will re Joyce in thy falvation, and in the 
Name of our God we will fet up our banners ; the Lord 
fulfill all thy petitions. 

f ram this prayer of che Church for che King of Iff ael. 
Lum 1. It i% the duty of all the godly* where-eyer they live; 

PSAL XX. io A 

iO pray for the wall of their Kings, Rulers, and Magiftrates, 
as this example tcachcth. 2. Gieateftmen, though they bee 
alfo gracious, are fubjed to trouble; for even the be ft of the 
Kings of lfracl, and Cbrift typified by them, were not ex- 
empt therefrom. The lord bear tbee in the day of trouble, 
^. Itistbe part of fuchasdefi e the prayers 0/ others to bee 
made for thenb to pray alfo tbcmfelves, were they never fo 
o re at Kings > and prayer muft be counted their beft weapons 
in trouble 3 The Lord bear thce } faith he, in the day of thy trouble. 

4. No defence to be cxpe&ed from Gcd, but when he is loo- 
ked upon, and believed in asheis manifefted to us in his word* 
Therefore he faith, The <l{amc of tbe Godof Jacob defend thee. 
Or God who in bis word bath revealed bimfelfe tolfrg- 
f/, and cntred in covenant to bee his God defend thee. 

5. Ic is by vertue of Gods dwelling amongft men 3 and his ta- 
king on mans nature in the perfon of Cbrift (reprefented by 
Godsprefence in Sion and the Sanftuary) that help muft be 
expected from God. Therefore faith be., Tbe Lord fend thee 
help out of tbe Sanctuary, and fircngtben tbee out of Sion. 6. Kings 
and all for whom the godly may pray with confidence, muft be 
worfliippers of God, believers in Chrift, relyers upon the mer- 
cy of this only once offered facrifice, reprefented by ofren re- 
peated typical burnt offerings. For this is imported in, Tbe Lord 
remember all tby offerings, and accept thy burnt facrifices. For k 
is for Chtifts faenfice that we are accepted, and that any grace 
is granted to us. 7. A believer in Chrift, praying according 

j to the revealed will of God, ask what be will, it mall be gran- 

teds'ie who ftudieth to walk fincerely before Godjftudying to do 

I what is pleafant to Gods heart, dial receive fat isfc dory snfwers, 

(according to his own hears wilh. Upon this ground the prayer 

I goeth here, The Lord grant tbee according to thine crcn heart, ani 

I fulfill all tbycounfcL 8. Wbofoever do partake wirh Cbrifts 

i Subjedsin trouble, fliall fh.ire wirh them alfo in che jjy of their 

1 deliverance $ therefoie it is faid, We wiUrejoycc in thy falvati- 

cn. 9- When it goech well with the King, and chicfe Magi- 

ftratt:s> i< goeth rhe better with a!] the fui y ct 5 and the praife 

I of delivery, and welfare redounderh to the glory of God who 

is the fountain of all felicity} for, In the Name cf our god) tve 

Jhall (et up our banners 3 faith the Church, ifG>d lhall bieffe 

tte King. 

Ver.<5. Noyp'know 7, that the Lord faveth his <■- 

nointeA . 

no PSAL. XX. 

minted ; he will hear him from his holy heavw, Vvith 
the Javing ftrength of his right hand. 

7. Some cruu in charets, and fome in horfes : but 
tye will remember the Name of the Lo'd our God. 

8. Thry art brought down and fain : but we are ri- 
fen y and ft and upright. 

9. Save, Lord; let the King hear us when We call. 

Thi i ; the Churches confidence to be heard, and her glori- 
ationinC^od, and dependence on God for falvation. JVbenct 
learn, 1. A believer may be fure he hath his requeft granted, 
when he hath prayed according to Gods will? in fpeciall when 
he prayeth for fafety to the 6'hurch, and Kingdomc of Chrift. 
I \now f faith he) that the Lorifavetb bk anointed. 2. He that 
feeketbGod by the means appointed, in fpeciall, he whofeek- 
eth God, and help from him, through Chrift, in whom the ful- 
nefle of the Godhead dwelleth, (hall have the grant of bis pray- 
er from heavens for help fought to come from the Sanftuarj, vcr. 2. 
is granted from bk holy heaven, ver.6. 3. Whatfocvet be the 
ftraits of Gods Church, or any member thereof, faith feeth fuf- 
ficiency in God to relieve out of it, and doth lay hold on it. 
For be bearetb with the fxving ftrength ofbU right hand. 4. Weak 
man cannot chufe but have fome confidence without bimfelfe, 
*in cafe ot apparent difficulties s and naturall men do look firft 
to fome earthly thing wherein they confide. Some trufi in cbarets> 
and fome in horfes, fome in one creature , fome in another. 
$. The believer muft quit his confidence in thefe things, whi- 
ther he have them, or want them, and muft rely on what God 
bath promifed in his word to do unto us. Bat weyill remem- 
ber the Name of the Lord our God. 6. That which terrifietb the 
believer in the firft affault of a tcntation, before he go to his re- 
fuge, is contemned by the beiiever when he looks to the Lord, 
his true defence 5 Cbarets and horfes when tbey are invading 
Gods people are terrible; but now when the Lord is remembred, 
they are here fet at nought .in comparifon. 7. The condition 
of the worldly man and of the enemies of Gods people fcems 
to be the better, ar the fiift, and the condition of the Church 
the worfe. Buca (hirt revolution cometb, which determinctb 
the qucftion in the end 5 the ftanding of the ungodly is follow- 
ed with a fal»s and the low condition of the godly hatha bet- 
ter condition following upon it. The worldly man, and ene- 

P S A L. XXI. in 

my, is brought down, andfalteth. Buc the godly are made to 
fay, Wi are rifen and ftand upright.. 8. True confidence 
ftrengthcnsicfelfc by prayer, Save Lord. 9. That which is 
prayed for in the type, is perfected in Chrift, who is thetruchj 
falvation is granted to all hisSubj^&s, whenfoever they call, 
Let the King bear u* vfben we call. 10. And when the Lord is 
relycd upon for fafcty* the means (hall have the promifed blef- 
fing. The Kings of Ifrael were to be the more ufcfull to the 
people whenfafety was fought from the Lord. Firft, they pray* 
Save wi and then, Let the %jng bear us when mcall, or im- 
plore him. 

p s A L. XXI. 

To the thief e Mufician, A Pfalm of T>xvid. 

A* the former Pfalm was a prayer for the preferva- 
tion of the Kingdome of Ifrael, in relation to the 
Kingdome of Chrift, reprefemed by it : So this 
Pfalm is a forme 6f thankfgiving unto God by 
the Church, for bleffing of the Kingdom of If- 
r^/, reprefenting the blefling,and caufe of thankf- 
giving, to be found in Chrift, and his Kingdome, 
.wherein a number of good things are fet forth, 
heaped upon the King, ver. 1,2,3 ,4,5,6,7. And a 
number of miferies let forth, heaped on ihe head 
of hisenemies/W.8,9,10,11,12. For both which 
the Lord is glorified, ver. 13. The reafon why the 
former Pfalme and this, are referred info many 
particulars unco Chrift, is, becaufe the verity of 
thefe things here fpokenof, is to be fought in 
Chrift, and his Kingdome : for but in fomefew 
onely of the Kings, and infome few times of the 
Kingdome onely, was the fhadow of what isfcere 
fpokenof, to be found, whence whole biftory 
is confulced. Ver, 

ii2 PSAL. XXL 

Vcr. I . ^T^He King /hall joy in thjftrength^ O Lprd: 
X and in thy falvation how greatly /hall he 
rejoice ! 

2 Thou haft given him his hearts defire^ and haft not 
mthholden the requeftofhis lips., Selah. 

5 For thou prevented him -with the bleffmgs of 
goodnejfe : thou fetteft a Crowne of pure gold en his 

4 He asked life of thee and thou gavefi it him, e- 
yen length ofdayes for ever and ever. 

5 His glory is great in thy falvation i honour and 
majeftj haft thou laid upon him. 

6 For thou haft made him moft blejfed for ever : 
thou haft made him exceeding glad with thy coun- 

7 For the King trufteth in the Lord^ and through 
the mercy of the^moft high hee fbxll not be moved. ! 

The benefits bcftowed on tbe King, and his Kingdome, 
are feven or eight, which are fo many reafons of thankfgiving. 
The firft is joy in the Kings heart, for ftrengtb and falvation 
given unto him. Whence learn, i. As prayer is neceflary, fo 
alfois thankfgiving* and the ofF.-rin j or both to God, as ic is 
our duty, fo it is his due $ and as we fhould feek tbe concu - 
renceoF others in prayer, fo ill juld we feek their concurrence 
in praifes : And he thac off^reth prayer one day , (hall have 
mactet of prai.e to offer another day, as here wee are taught. 
2. Chriftj and all his true Subjects, arc fure to be furniined 
with furniture of ft ength from God, for every imployment, 
and to be delivered out of every danger by GoJ, and to have 
j >y and rejoycing in the experimenca'l feeling ciereof. For, 
ThtYjng fhalljoy in thy ftrengb, Lord, and in thy falvation 
bow greatly Jhall be re Joyce i This is the Eft reafon of praife 
and chanks, for this firit benefit. The fecond benefit bcftowed 
on Chrifbto be forthcoming to his true Subjects, i> this, Si- 
tisfa&ery anfwers mill be given to all the articles of thrifts 
truerceifion, an/1 all tbe artie'es of the Saints wjrranrable fup- 
pika ions. Thou haft given bimbk hearts defire, and baft not 
mthholden the requeft of bk lips. Tbe third benefit is this, 


P S A L, XXl. i /J 

There (hall be a ready out-giving of liberall gifts for Chrifts 
fubjeds, and fruits of Gods love, before the need thereof be 
felt, orobfervedi Tbou freventeft him mtb the blej sing of gocd- 
neffe : The fourth benefit is right, and tide, and pofleffion 
given to Chriftj a name of glory, or the gift of a glorious 
Kingdome, wherein Chrift (hall give all his fubjeds crowns 
of glory, xboufetteft a crown of furc gold upon bis bead. The 
fifth benefit is right toeternalllifc, as the fruit of Chrifts inter- 
/ceffion j He asfadlifeof tbec, and thou gaveftbim even length 
of days> forever and ever. The fixth benefit given to Chrift, 
1 and bis fubjeds, is growing honour, and growing weight of 
glorv, a load of it, even before menj for nothing can make 
men more glorious, even before the world, then Gods own- 
ing them before the world, and putting refped upon them J 
yea,and the world (hall more and more fee and admire the glory 
I which Goa mall put upon Chrift, and his Kingdome ; HUglch 
ry is great in thy falvation; honour andmajefty baft thou laid up- 
on him. Thefeveotb benefit, is a begun poffeflRon of ever- 
lafting blefiedneffe, and joy unfpeakab.'e $ partly fom the feeh 
ing of the firft fruits, partly from the hope or a full harveft. 
For God will never make c?n end of bleffing whom he will 
bleffe. Tbou baft made bim, and his followers mo ft blc(fed for 
ever 5 tbou baft made him exceeding glad with thy countenance. 
t The eighth reafon of thankfgiv^ng, and the laft benefit, in rela- 
tion to the giving of what is good to Cbrift, and to his (ub- 
jjeds, (among whom2)<twi and every one of the godly come 
in to (hare^ is the uncbangcableneffe of C^ods mercy, and power- 
| full love towa;d the believer^ who hath clofed in covenant: 
with him, and doch truft in him. He Jhall not be moved. And 
whyfo? Tbe^ingtruftetbintbeLord: What then t The co- 
venanted mercy or the moft High is unchangeable, and maketh 
iall bleffedncffe faft to Chrift, and to every believer: through 
lUhe mercy of the mo ft High be fball not be moved. Chrifts King- 
jldomeinhis Perfon, and his Subjeds with him, (hall ftand, 
iwben all the kingdoms on earth (hall ft agger and fall. 


1 Ver. 8. Thine hand (hall find out all thine enemies^ 
thj right hand {hall find out thofe that hate thee. 
\ 9. Thou Jhalt make them as 4 fiery oven in the time 
>cf thine anger: the Lord fball [wallow them up in hti 
tvrath^ and the fire fball devour them, 

I Vrtf 

ii4 PSA L. XXI. 

Vcr. 10. Their fruit fbalt thou deftroy from the 
earthy and their feed from among the children of men. 

In the z d .place there is a prophccic of Gods vengeance on the e- 
netnies of Cbiift,&bis Cburch,under the type of the enemies of 
Davids kingdom. Whence learn> i . All the enemies of Chrift,and 
bis Church, ilia) be purfued by C?od,and overtaken, and none of 
them fhal efcape his handsneither open enemie$,nor clofe lurking 
traitors. The Lor is hand jballfind out all the lyings enemies, and 
bh right hand jhall find out all thofc that hate him. z. All the 
enemies of Chrift, and his Kingdome, howfoever they may 
poffiblybe fparcd and forbom for a while, yet there is a fet 
time for puniiliing of them , here called the time of Gods an- 
ger. 3. When the time is come, their judgement is inevita- 
ble, horrible* and compleatiy full. Thou jbalt ma^eihem as a 
fiery oven, wberttbe burning is extream hoc, the heat ftricking 
upon what is in it 3 from all hands, above, below, and about, 
on all bands, and the door clofed trom going out, or differing 
any coole refreshment to come in. 4. There is no poflibility 
to apprehend the horrible punifhment of Chrifts enemies : for 
afcer their calling in a fiery oven 5 they are fet down here as few- 
ell, to fuffer what God's being incenfed in anger 3 as a confu- 
ming fire fwailowing tbemup* and devouring them in bis in- 
comprehensible wraths doth import. 5. After the Lords ven- 
geance is come upon the enemies of thrifts Kingdom, his curfe 
mall follow the works of their hands^ 3nd upon whatsoever they 
fought to make themfelves happy by in their life: and his 
vengeance fhall follow upon their pofterity, till he have rooted 
out their memoriall from among men. Their fruit f\) all he deflrey 
from the earth, and their feed from amongft the children of men. 

Ver. 11. For they intended evil again ft thee : they 
imagined a mifchievom device^ which they are rmt *+ 
ble to perform. 

For evidencing the Lords juftice* he giveth a reafon of this 
from the defigne which the enemies have to root out the Lords 
anointed, and his feed, vcr.i 1 . Whence learn, 1. The malici- 
ous enemies of Chrifts Kingdome, (be fide all the hatred they 
b-ivefhewn, and evil which tbey have done^ are ftill upon plots 
and defignes to overturn Chrifts Kingdome, and work Tbey in- 
tended evil again ft thee. The enemies of Chrifts Kingdome 


PSAL XXI. ii j 

may poffibly conceive tbey ondy oppofe fuch as do trouble 
mens interefts, andnojas they arc the Lords children: yet ic 
is found, that what they do againft tbem, they doit againft the 
Lord J . becaufe they do it againft hi$ children and fubje&s, for 
hiscaufcandfcrvicc. 2. Plot what the wicked pleafe againft 
thrift and his Church , they (hall not be able to accQmplifh their 
defigne or defire ; Tbey have imagined a mifebievous device y wbhb 
they are not able to performs 3. The evill which the wicked, and do fet tbcmfelves to do, ftial be mack their dittay, 
and the reafon of their doom and deftru&ioa, as well as the 
cvill which they have done, if they repent not. For tbey inten- 
ded, is here given as the reafon of the judgement. 

Ver. 1 2. Therefore {halt thou make them turn their 
6acl^, when thou Jbalt make ready thine arrowes upon 
thy firings , againft the face of them. 

He cleareth their dittay and judgement yet more, verf. 1 i« 
reaching us, 1. That the Lord will fuffer his enemies to ma- 
nifeft themfelves in open oppofition ofc-times, before he fall 
upon them : for here they are found in the pbfture of purfuers, 
andoppofersof God, fetting their face againft him, when he 
cometh to execute judgement on them : Thou jbalt; mafe tbem 
turn their bac\. 2. When God falletb upon his enemies to be 
avenged upon chem, he ufeth to make them, and the beholders 
fee, that he hath fee tbem up as a mark to (hoot at : for He will 
mafy ready bis arrows, one after another, againft tbeface oftbem* 
3. The Lords wrach flial fo meet his enemies in the teetb,where- 
ioever they turn, that they (hall be forced to fgrfake their pur- 
fuing of the Church. Tbou Jbalt rha\{e tbem tqffi thek bae\. 

Ver. 1 3. Be thou exalted, Lord^ in thine ownftrength: 

fo will we fing andpraife thy power. 

Hecloferh thePfalroe with giving glory to God, including 
j alfo a prayer. Whence learner, 1. When the Lords Church is 
'preferred from perfecutors, then the Lord is exalted. "Betbon 
I exalted, faith he. 2 When the Church is delivered* it is not 

by her own ftrengttb but by the power of the Lord. Be thou 

exalted inthine ownftrength. 3. Albeit the godly be put to 
I mourn for a time, yet when the Lord appearetn for them, tbey 

get matter of joy to themfelves, and praife to God. So will we 
\ fing } and praife thy power. 


n6 PSA L. 3&XIL 


To the chief mufichn upon jjijehtbshibar, A Pfdme ofPavid. 

This Pfalme is a Prophecy of Chriftsdeepeft Offer- 
ings, whereof "Davids exercife is a Type. The A- 
gonyof fpiritinChrift, and wreftling of Davids 
faith as the Type, isfet downe to 'v. 22- and the vi- 
ctory, and the outgate to the end of the Pfalme. 
In the exercife there are three corflids between 
fenfe and faith. The firft conflict,wherein thefenfe 
of trouble is fetdown, v. 1, 2. and faiths wreft- 
ling againft it, ^.3,4,5. Thefecond conflict,wher- 
in is the fecond affault of fenfe, ?>,6,7,&.and faiths 
wreftling againft it, ^.9,10,11. The third conflid 
wherein the third affault of fenfe is, v 4 1 2,13,14,15, 
16,17,18. and faiths wreftlingwith it. v. 19,20,21. 
Then followes the victory, fct forth in a promife 
of praife, f.22. Secondly, in exhortation to all the 
godly, to praife the Lord , with a reafon from his 
experience, v. 23,24. Thirdly, in a renewing pro- 
mife of praife and thanks, to the edification of the 
Church, v. 25. Fourthly, in a Prophecy of the 
encreafe of Gods glory in the earth, as a fruit of 
Chrifts fuffering and victory, ver. 26,27, 28,29. 

v.i.'\JfTGod y my God, why haft thou jorfaken me} 
XVJLwhy art thou io far from helping me, and 
from the words of my roaring ? 

2. my God, I cry in the day time, but thou hear eft 
notiAnd in the night feafon, and am not filent. 

In this exercife of David the type, and of Cbrift represented 
here, both doe agree in chefe four things. 1. Both are under 


P S A L. XXII. 117 

the fenfe of wrath , and of oppreflfing trouble. 2. Both arc 
tempted to doubting and defperation. $. Both wreftlc againft 
the testation, and againft trouble, the occafion thereof y And 
4. Both get the vidory. But they differ in thefe four thingsv 
1. In themeafure of the trouble 5 Davids trouble was little in 
cornparifon of Cbrifts trouble j David laid not downe his life 
under trouble j but Chriftj trouble was incomparably more, 
and his foul made heavy unto death, and the trouble tookc his 
life from him. 2. In the manner of the trouble theydif- 
;■ fer 5 for Davids trouble was only a probatory exercife 3 wi:houc 
vindictive wrath, not acurfe 3 but a croffe, for trying of him, 
and training of him to beleeve againft fenfe , which trouble of 
bis paid no debt, neither his owne, norany othe s > but Cbrifts 
trouble was a vindidive and avengefull punilhment 5 for reall 
wrath was againft him, as he was bearing our fins, and the bit- 
ter curfe of the Law was caft upon him : for he was made a curfe 
'for us, and his punifliment paid our debt, and was expiatory 
and fatisfadory to juftice. Thirdly, though both David and 
Chrift were tempted to doub-ing and defperation, yet Davids 
tentation could not be finlefle, becaufeof his fin fa It imperfecti- 
ons, common to him, t and all the reft of the godly 5 The ten* 
tation got fome advantage of him, becaufc of the imperfc- 
dion of his knowledge, faith, love, and abilities i and be- 
'caufs of the power of the body of origtnall fin in him. But 
; Chriftspaffive tentation was altogether finleffe, and could not 
i have any fin at all on his part 5 for albeit he was tempted in ail 
things like unto us, yet it is faid, without fin. Becaufe when the 
I Prince of this world, Satan,came ar>d took effay of him,he found 
none of his ownituffein Chrift ; he had nothhginbimto work 
upon, and it was impoffible that fin could be in him , being the 
bolyoneoflfraelour fanftifier. Holy Lord God Almighty, and 
man alfoinoneperfon, J [(1*6.3, $ob. 12. 41. Fourthly, they 
differ in their wreftling, and vidory J for David w eftied not in 
bis own ftren ;th, got not the vidory in bis own ftrengtb, but 
in and through Cbrifts ftrengtb, who gave 'David a tafte onely, 
or a fmell rather, of the cup which he was to drinke ouc,unco the 
dregs,and wichtbe dregs , and who helped him to wreftle by 
Faith. But Chrift wreftled and go: the vidory in his owne 
ftrength, which is one with the ftrength of the Father. For he is 
Jehovah our righeeoufneffe. In all the Pfalme we fliaR look 
upon every paffage, notfo much as it concerneth Vaviiiht typeV 
! ;s wherein it concerneth Chrift the truth. In the firft conflid 

1 3 * of 


of the fenfe of trouble with faitb; Learn from the words as they 
arc Chrifts words, i. God is Chrifts God $ be being confide- 
rcd as God and man, in one perfon, entred in the Covenant of 
redemption with the Father as Mediator and Surety for men, 
That he (hall fatis fie juftice* and doe all the Fathers will in be- 
halfe of the Eled, and that God (hall -be bis God, and the God 
of all the Eled: redeemed by him. Therefore doth he here fay, 
My God, my God. 2. Faith, as it is a vertue giving perfect truft 
and credit unto Gods promifes made to his Son the Redeemer, 
is a part of that original holineffe in the m an Cbritt,and a point 
ofhispcrfonallperfe&ion, futableto his imployment. This 
faith he profeffeth while he faitbjM) Godyny God. g . Chrift, as 
man lying under the curfe of the law for us, was really deftr- 
ted and forfaken for a time,in regard of all fenfible consolation: 
for it behoved him to bear the wrath, or effc&s of wrath, due to 
our fins real ly,fo far as might fatisfie for us, and relieve us from 
yvrath. Its true,the man Chrift could no more be forfaken , in 
regard of divine prefence fupporting him, then the perfonall 
union of the two natures could be diffolved : But in regard of 
fenfible con fol at ion, he was by way of punifhmentfor our fins, 
and by way of curfing our fin in him, really in our ftead for a 
while, deprived, as man, of the fenfe of the comfort of his own 
C?od-head. The fenfe of wrath filling now the foul of the man, 
to the brim, and running over. Therefore ("peaks he of his for- 
faking, Why baft thou for fa^cn mc\ 4. As fenfe and reafon 
can exprefle themfelves in feeming contradictory tearms , and 
ycx without contradi&ion can very well agree in their feeming 
oppofit, and inconfiftent expreflionss fo c*n faith and fenfe ex- 
prefle themfelves, in feeming contradictory termes, and yet ve- 
iy well agree 5 for as fenfe, and paine, and ikkneffe in the p3ti- 
enr, can in its owne language, and ftvle of naturall feeling, fay 
to the Chirurgion, cutting and lancing the fleftband to the Phy- 
fician who hath given a bitter poiionjou have burt me , you have 
made mtfic\ : when indeed in the IHIe of reafon and wit,he hath 
been healing the man, and recovering him from ficknefle. So 
fenfe of forrow,gricf, paine, and affliction, defertion,and wrath 
cm fpeak in the tearmes of naturall feeling, that which may feem 
to croflc, but doth not indeed croffe faith fpeaking in the tearms 
and language of fupernaturall Theological truth. Therefore 
My God, my God y fpokeninthe perfc&ton of faiths language, 
can very well a^ree with, IVbybafi thou mctvtfby art thou 
fo far from helping of me, and from the words of my roaring*? 


P S A L. XXII, up 

fpoken here in the language of perfect naturall fenfe > for per- 
fect faith, and perfc&naturall fenfe were incur Lord Cbrift, 
very God, and very man, and compleatly boly. 5* Bitter was the 
Cup of Divine wrath* which Cbrift did drinke : great was the 
price our Redeemer paid, co ranfome us , when the fenfe thereof 
drew forth of his Majefty fuch expreffions. Thus faith and 
feeling may both fpeak, each of them their owne language to 
God in one breath , as here they do. Now as tbcfe words are 
Davids, who bad in him finfull corruption of nature, Learne 1 . 
Senfe, and tentation, and corrupt future, may rcprefen: God 
inhisdifpenfationstohis own children, as if he bad forfaken 
altogether, and regarded not their bard condition , and would 
nothelpe,as here is fhewen in Davids experience. 2. Faith 
mould corred fenfe, and refute tentations , and bridle affecti- 
ons, and not fuffer their words to goe forth, exprefsing fenfe or 
appearance of doubting of Gods favour, till firft faith fpeak 5 and 
goe before, and faften its gripes on the Covenant 5 as here faith 
gocth formoft, and calleth the Lord, My God , my Cjod> before 
that fenfe utter a word. 5. Atone time, 2nd in one exercife, 
thefe three may concur ; 1. Defertion in the point of comfort. 
2. Growing trouble without help feen. ami $. Apparent re- 
jecting of prayer: And thefe three joyned together do fet fore 
upon the faith of a child of God. For continuance of trouble 
* it a fore tentarion, albeit comfort be now and then mixed .• 
want of fenfible comfort, mixed < with trouble, doubieth the 
burden, and difquieteth the mind much : but to feem to lofe la- 
bour in prayer, made for either help or comfort, is the heavieft 
part of the exercife, / cry dxy and night, and thou heareft not, is a 
fad condition. 4. In this cafe it is the beft remedy, to lay the 
worft of our thoughts fingle before the Lord , and to tell him 
wbatfocver is fuggefted to us, and not to be Secretars to Satan; 
but to rcVfeale our felves fully to God, and fix our felves on the 
Covenant of Grace, wherein we have clofed with him 5 yea, and 
to double and treble our gripes of, My God. 

3. But thou art holj^ O thou that inhabitefi the 
praifes of Ifrael. 

4. Our Fathers trufled in thee : thej trufted , and 
thoudidft deliver thept. 

5. They crjed unto thee , and were delivered : thij. 
trufled in thee, and were not confounded. 

I 4 T Now 

120 P S A L. XXII. 

Now Faith having fpoken wibScnfe, and grapled with the 
tcntation, fpeaketb alone? that it may prevail. Whence learn, J. 
Were tentations never fo black, Fauh will not hearken to an ill 
word fpoken againft God, but will juftifie God alwayes > This 
(hould be our part in time of greateft perplexity, to fay, But tboti 
art holy. 2. It is wifedqme for a foul in a fad exercife, to take 
fide and pate with Faith, to gather arguments to ftrengthen ir, 
to divert the minde from thinking ftinonitscalamity? and to 
fet it upon the comemplation of Gods perfections in himfelfe, 
and toward us in hisGofpel, and of the paffages of his provi- 
dence toward his people* whereby he bath purchafed conftanc 
praifes at their hands : In the right of which praues and poffef- 
fion whereof,God is rcfolvedto keep himfelf and to dwel there- 
in as in a habitation wherein he delights to remain. O tbou 
tbit inbMtefi the praifes of IfraeL $. It is wifedome to look to 
the carriage of the Godly in former times : Our Fathers trufted 
intbee. To their trufting, and rrufting in God conftandy in 
their trouble ; they trufted in tbee^tbey trufted, and the third time 
they trufted : and to look upon their patient depending on God, 
doubling their diligence in calling on bim 5 as their ftraits did 
gtow jhey cryedjtbey trufted : and to remember that they did ne- 
ver feek Cjod in vain 5 but every one of them were delivered, and 
not confounded; for this direction is holden forth to us in this 
example^ which our Lord Jefus could well make ufc of for our 
confolation, and whereof David made ufe for his owne up- 

6. Btttlzmawormeandno man, a reproach of 
men, and defpifed of the people. 

7. AH they that he me, laugh me to fcotn: they /hoot 
cut the lip, they Jhake the head, faying, 

8* Hetrufiedon the Lord , chat he would deliver 
him 1 let him deliver him, feeing he delighted in him. 

The fecond conflift, wherein the fenfe of trouble h fet 
forth as a new aflTaulting of Faith. Whence learn, 1. Never was 
any child of God before Chrift> under fo much mifcry as Chrift 
was himfelf; His own heavens? his own Father, his own god- 
head did hide their face and confolation from him ; Our (ins 
willingly taken on him, and Gods wrath preffed the weight of 
puniftimenr with the full power of Juflicr, both upon his foul 
smd body: Thefc for whom he dyed defpifed him, he himfelfe 


P S A L. XXII. lax 

beinj emptied of all things which make men refpeded to the 
world, and depiefled lower then ever any man was, as a worme 
to be trod upon,he was made a matter of common- Talk, and re-. 
p oach in all mens mouths > fet at nought by the bait ft of the 
people J derided, and fcorned inbismoftboly behaviour > fporr* 
and matter of laughter was made of his fuffsrings > malice feed- 
ing it felfe with pleafure, upon his paine and mifery , and ex- 
pressing it felfe with the bafeft fignes ot difgrace, which difdain 
could devife, for flouting of bim, mocking of his faving do- 
drine^andfaichfuli teftimeny given unto it 5 infulting over 
him, as if he bad been neicher Gods Son, nor an boneft man: 
and all this was counted little enough for fatisfadion tcjuftice, 
exa&ing of him, as the due puniftimen: of our fins , wbatfoever 
is imported in the fad exprefsions, let down in the Text. 2. As 
the more mifery the children of God are under, the more doth 
tentation make their mifery feem weighty, for bearing down of 

j their confidence inGod:So the more that mifery fecmeth to grow, 
and the world to turn their back on Gods children in their tryals, 
the more fhould they draw neer to God,and 1 ay ouc their cafe be- 
fore hinb as here we are taught by this example. 3 . Let no man 
wonder to be defpifed of men, and mocked for religion > for fo 
was the man according to Gods own heart, and Cbrift«our Lord 
mocked more then any, in his fad fufferings . Let Cjod deliver 

i bim> feeing be deligbtetb in bim, faid his enemies. 

9. But thou art he that took^me out of the wombe; 
j thou didflmakeme hope,when I was upon my Mothers 
■ hrefis. 

10, 1 was caft upon thee from the wombe : thou art 
my God from my mothers belly. 

ll Be not far from me , for trouble is neer\ for there 
jS none to help. 

Here faith oppofeth wbatfoever the complaint could imporr, 
to the prejudice of confidence , and labouretbto itrengthen it 
felfe by all arguments. Wbencelearn, 1. As Satan maketh af- 
fault after affault,againtt Faith, upon new reprefentations of 
calamity and mifery $ fo we fhould raife bulwark after bulwark 
for defences and after we have looked upon other mens experi- 
ences before us,we fhould recount our own experiences of Gods 
care towards us, and fhould make ufe of all that the Lord hath 
done unto us, for ourftrengthnlng $ forfo dcth this example 


122 PSAL. XXII. 

teach us. 2. Albeit meninafit of misbelief, will admit no 
proofe of Gods refped unco them, except Angularities, and will 
queftion alfo fpeciall grace, when it is given ; yet the humbled 
belcever is fo wife, as to make ufe of the moft common benefit 
which the man hath received from God for confirmation of his 
owne faiths even the ordinary work of our conception, frame of 
body, birth, and education mayfufficcus to draw in to God 
who made us, and hath done fo much for us ( ere we could im- 
plore him, or doe any thinj for our [elves) as may incourage us 
to come to him, and feek his favour^ wbatfoever objection can 
be made to the contrary,- for this example teacheth us fo to doe, 
3. Seeing the Lord doth many things for us, which in the time 
when he doth them for us, we doe not obferve 5 it is our duty to 
look upon them afterwards,tbat they may fuinifli us with matter 
of praife to God and faith in himjfor fo doth this example teach 
us. 4.Whatfoever inftruments & means the Lord makeh tufe of, 
the ipirituall eye pierceth through them, 'and looketh on God as 
worker of all things, for and upon them, from their cradle. 
Thou toofyft me out of my mothers mmbe. 5. Children borne 
within the Covenant have God for their God, from their nativi- 
ty,and may lay their reckoning fo y and wbenfoever they would 
draw neer to God, to make ufe of the Covenant, they may fay, 
Thou art my God from my Mothers belly. 6, The approaching 
of trouble, and neernefle of danger mould draw us neer to God, 
whoin aninftantcan inrerpofe himfelfe between us and the 
efill: and the leffe help we have befide the Lord himfelfe, the 
more hope may we have to be helped by God 5 This is the Pro- 
phets plea, Be not far from me, for trouble is neer, &c. 

12. Many Buls have compared me :ftreng buls of 
r BaJhan have befet me round, 

ly Thej gaped upon me with their mouths , as a 
ravening and roaring Lion. 

From ver.i 22. is the third conflld of Senfc with Faith, 
upon the consideration of the multitude, power and cruelty of 
his enemies, compared with his own infirmity, now emptied of 
all ftrengtb to refift tbemjand tbefe are mixed one with another. 
The enemies terriblenefie is firit fet forth, then bis emptineffe 
and weakneffe by turnes, to v. 1 9. unto all which faith oppofeth 
it felfe, by prayer to God, to v. 22. He compareth (v.12,13.^ 
bis perfecucors to Bnlsjnavj buls> ftrong, cruel ^gaping, roaring, 


P S A L. XXII. 1x3 

devouring; Lions. Whence ktrnji. The perfecutors of Chrift 
and his people, are but beaftly^ fenfuall bodies, fold to this pre- 
fent world, and deftituteof grace and humanity ; more like in 
their rage to favagebeafts then toracionall mtn j commonly 
alfothey are men of riches, and worldly power, fed unlfatBuls^ 
and many in number, all of them ready for an ill turne , and fo 
cruel,that nothing leffe will fatisfie them,tben blood and Slaugh- 
ter, as they are here described. And no wonder that Chrifts fer- 
vantsihall finde it forn their cafe, feeing Chrift himfelfe and 
bis fervants before us have had experience of fuch enemies. 

14. I am poured out like V? at errand all my bones ar? 
out ofjoynt : my heart is like wax, it is melted in the 
midft of my bowels. 

15. My ftrength is dryed up like a ptjheard : axd 
mj tongue cleaveth to myjwaes j and thou hafi brought 

1 me into the daft of death. 

What the Lord wrought upon his body, and naturall fpirits* 
and ftrengthj is here fet downe. Whence learn, 1. It was deter- 
mined by £od, that with outward perfceution of Chrift , by 
bis cruel adverfaries , the Father fhould bruifehimand breake 
him inwardly alfo, and punifh him with all feverity : for here 
bis fuffering is in body and minde, in flifti and bones 3 in his 
natural! fpirit^and natural courage,in beart,and whole ihengtb, 
that in nothing he mould be unpunished. wherein we linners arc 
found polluted , to the intent that he being fully emptied 3 the 
ranfome might be full j he is poured out Ufa inter, and empti- 
ed of ail that the created humane nature could furnifli. The ter- 
rourof Divine Juftice and wrath did in a manner loofe all the 
foynts of his body, fo that natural! courage, before the dread full 
avenger of fin,did fail ; his heart was made (oft Ufa vpjlx to receive 
and keep the impreiTion of Divine terrour, till juftice vhould be 
I fatisfiedj and was diffolved like wax, in the point of refolution 
; to withftand iu It is melted in the midft of kis bowels, his na- 
I turall ftrength is dryed , burnt up like a potflieardy baken in the 
fire 3 bis mouth was ftopped from all defence and apology- for he 
was content to be holdenas guilty,ftanding in our room. rberc- 
prehis tongue cleaved to his jaws. And in a word, the hand of 
God exa&etb the full price of hm , and .brings him downe fojr 
i ss there is not a bit of him free of the punifhmenr. Tboujaiih he, 
baft brought me into the dufi of death. This PavU bad but a tafte 


124 PSAL. XXII. 

of in his deepcft trouble ; Vht verity and weight of this, is to 
be found only in Cbrift,of whom this was prophecied, that it 
fhouldcome, and indeed is come, done and ended, and foit 
behoved to be- 

16. For doggshave compajfeA me ,• the ajfembly of 
the wicked have inclofedme : they pierced my hands and 
iny feet. 

Againe be bringethfonh his enemies part, to mew us that 
Orifts enemies were to prove but bloody doggs, when they 
fhould be let loofe upon him, whom nothing but Crucifie him, 
crucifie bim,could fatisfie • and fucb will they be itil} who per- 
fecute his Cburch. Next,to fbew,tbat although his enemies were 
to be the aflkmWy of the vifible Church , for open profeffion, 
yet byreje&ingof his grace, and oppofing of him , in Gods 
fight and eftimacion, ttiey were holden for the ajfemblyof the 
wicked. Tbirdiy>to forefhew the death of the Croffe to be ap- 
pointed for Cbrift, it ii faid, They pierced my bands and my 

17. I may tell all my bones : they look^ and ft are 
upon me. 

1 8. They pan my garments among them , and caft 
lots upon my veflure. 

Another, and further point of Cbrifts fore-propbecied fuf- 
fering, is bis nakednefle on the Crofie, and the difcovery of his 
Lane body (being wafted with decreed forrows) and the gating 
of his enemies upon him hanging on the Croffe, and the part- 
ing of his garments among the fouldiers, and the cafting of lots 
for his upper garment, becaufe it was woven, and could not be 
divided. Whence learn, 1. All that out Lord Jefus fuffered, was 
before decreed and agreed upon,betwixt the Father and the Son, 
and foretold by Cbiift bimfelfe long hefore his incarnation, 
fpeaking by his fpirit in his Prophets^ as here appearetb, by the 
defcription of our Lords death and paflion, fo plainly and par- 
ticularly, as if it were a Hiftory, and not a Prophecy. 2. Befide 
paine of body, leanneffe of flefli, with daily forrows and trouble 
of fpirit, thdeaft dif^race done to our Lord, the lead wrong 
took unto him, the leaft injurie in the matter of bis cloatbing, 
are all reckoned up in his fundings, all counted up in the price 
of redemption, that there may be nothing inlacking in the pu- 
niftiment of our cautioner, whereby Gods juitice might be ia- 


PSAL. XXII. 125 

r isfied> or our confciences quieted for the expiation of our fin, 
by his iuffering in body, foule, fame, apparell, and every other 
thing elfc, wherein juftice could overtake the guilty. 

Ver. 19. But be not thonfar from me, O Lord, O 
myftrength, haft thee to he If me. 

Unto this laftaffaulr, faith oppofeth prayer for divine a fli- 
ftance,for ftrength to bear out, and tor delivery, in all which he 
was heard. Whence learn, 1. Faith is made victorious over all af- 
faults, by opening of its tentations to God* and putting up 
prayer to him for help, as here is feen. 2. If God mall nor 
withdraw his fwect prefence for fupporting a foule, albeit ic 
mould not find his prefence for comforting of it, fupporting 
prefence mayfuffice in a time of fad exercife; for this mucb 
did fatisfie our God in his agony. Be net thou far from me, 
Lord. 3. Faith findeth God to be is ftrength when the be- 
iliever is emptied of bis own ftrength 5 wy ftrength, faith Da m 
vid the type > and Chrift as man by him represented* 4. As 
the haft of our necefsity doth require, we may without limita- 
tion requeft the Lord to hafte ; Hafte tbee to help me* 

Ver. 20. Deliver my foul from the [word: my dar- 
ling from the power of the dog. 

2 1. Save me from the lions mouth : for thou haft 
heard me from the horns of the unicorns. 

He prayeth to be delivered from the violent blood-fhedder, 
jand bloudy deggiih perfecutor , and from the crueil lion-like 
oppreflbur, and then faith prefemiy, that be h beard and deli- 
vered from the power of the enemies which were letting upon 
him, as Unicorns. Now concerning David the matter is dear; 
for he was delivered fo from his enemies, that they got not his 
life : But of Chrift thequeftion may be, how he was deli— 
vercd 3 feeing his life is taken': For anfwer, (^twiR. here doth 
fay, that he was delivered J and fo it was indeed 5 for when he 
had payed the price, he was not holden by the bonds of death, 
and the grave, but rofe again the third day. Whence learne, 
1 •; Chrift was no leffe delivered from dogs, lions, unicorns, 
his perfecuting enemies, by bis refurre&ion after death, then 
if he had been taken out of their hands, when they came to ap- 
prehenihim in the Garden 5 yea, this delivery out of the grave, 
was a farre greater delivery then if be had not been flain at all ; 


iz6 P S A L. XXII. 

For then be had deliverd himfelfe onely, and not us : Bat now 
by the laying down of his life, he bath difcharged himfelfe of 
bis furetilhip for us, and delivered us with himfelf, and fo hath 
faved bothnimfelfe. and us * yea, by bis rifing out of the grave, 
he is demonilrace more fully to be the Son of God, then by 
any of hfc miraculous efcapings oucfrem the hands of the mul- 
titude, when they were about to apprehend him- Thou baft beard 
me, that is, delivered me. 2. To get vidory over trouble, is 
a no leffe glorious delivery from trouble, then to be preferved 
from falling into trouble $ yea, its a more glorious delivery* 
For the troubles are broken, by falling on the believer, like 
waves of the fea on the rock, and the believer remainecb vi- 
ctor, and fetled as a rock. 3. Ic is a notable argument of 
confidence to be heard by way of delivery, when a man can fay 
be hath in extreamity of danger prayed, and bath been heard 
as a Supplicant ; Save me, for thou baft beard me from the horns 
of the unieorns. 

Ver. 22. / rvitl declare thy name unto my brethren : 
in the midfi of the congregation will I praifethee. 

After the conflict, the vi&ory and out-&ate by way .of 
thanksgiving is (et down, to the end of the Pfaime, wherein 
Davids part is but a little fhidow, and is fwallowed up here in 
Chrifts glory, mining in the fruits of his paflion and re* 
furre&fcm. Learn from Davids part : That delivery forefeen 
by faith, worketh in fome fort the effefts of the delivery paft 
in tScd ? to wic, quietnefle, peace, joy, and thankfgiving $ 
$s here is tobefeen. From thrifts part promifing and pro- 
phecying of the fruits of bis death and refurre&ion, Learn 
1. Chrift, though he be God Almighty, yet by reafon of his 
incarnation, for the redecmeds (ake, he is not aihameed to call 
them Brethren. 2. The preaching of the Goipellof Chrifts 
fatisfadion for our fins by death, and of his refurreclion for 
our jultificarion, is the matter of great praile to God* and com- 
fort to the redeemed : Ivoili declare, faith Chrift, thy name to 
my brethren. 3. In the right preaching of the Gofpel, the Mi- 
nifters are in effed but Cbriits voice. Chrift himfelfe it the 
principall Prophet and Preacher: ForI> faith he, will declart 
thy name in the miift of the gnat Congregation 5 to wir^ of the 
whole Cathoiick Church on earth. 

Ver. 23. Te that fear the Lord, praife him j all ye 


PSAL. XXII. 127 

the feedof Jacob, glorifie him % and fear him, all je 
the feed of IfratL 

24. For he hath not defpifed, nor abhorred the affile 
Elion of the afflitted : neither hath he hid his face from 
him, but when he cried unto him, he heard. 

Heexbortethall that fear God, to praife and glorifie God, 
bccaufe of Chrifts vi&oric, and Gods hearkening unto his in- 
terceffion made for the redeemed. Whence learn, 1. Such as 
are macle partakers of the benefit of Chrifts pafston, and re- 
furre&ion, are chiefly called, and bound to praife God for 
their redemption, and to fear God more and more, that tbey 
may be more and more fitted to praife and glorifie him; for of 
a fan&ified mouth onely will God accept praife. Te that fear 
the Lord, praife bim- y All ye feci of Jacob, glorifie him; and fear 
hmyallyt the feed of Ifrael. i< The Fathers hearkening unto 
Chrifts intercefsion,, and delivering of him from ouriin, and 
our deferred puniihment laid upon him, is the common benefit 
of all the redeemed, the matter of their common thankfgiving 
and praife, and the matter of their aflurance of their delivery 
from fin and death; Of the certainty of which delivery Chrifts 
deliverance is both a caufe, and apawn, F or he hath not hid his 
facefrembim, but when he cried, he heard him. 3. Neither 
jthe ienfe of a mans own meaneffe, and defpicableneffe, nor the 
mean eftimation that the world hath of him, will prejudg him 
when be is fupplicant at the Lords band. For be hath notdefpi- 
fed, nor abhorred the afflictions of the afflified. 

25. My praife (hall be of thee in the great congre- 
gation : I will pay my voices before them that fear 

He renewetbthe promife of tbankf^iving, which as it con- 
cerned David, teacheth, 1. That the purpofe of praiiing of 
Qfod, is no light motion in the hearts of bistbildren* when 
the Lord hath given them experience of bis refpeel to them, 
'but a fixed and folid refoiution to (?t forth thegoodneffe of 
God before others. For bene berencwetb his promife to praife. 
2. The Lord, and the Lord only, is the Theme which the 
believer handleth in point of praife J no other fubjeft of praife 
acknowledged be; ZMy praife jhall be of rbce^&c $. The op- 
portunity of time, place and perfons, offered for praifing of 
!9°d> ought to be taken, and made ufe of bf every one, accor- 

128 PSA L. XXIf. 

ding to their calling : My praife Jhall be of thee in thegieat con- 
gregation. 4. Durics, fpcciaily when lying upon us by voir 
6r oaths, ought to be the more heeded, and made conscience 
of : J mil pay my vowes before tbem that few him. As this con* 
cerns Chrifts undertaking, it teachcth, 1. The Son of God> 
and promiled Son of David., Chiilt Jefus, by all the work of 
redemption, ftudietb, as to bring falvation to his elect, fo to 
honour the Father,faying htxz.fMy praife fhal he of thee in the great 
^congregation, z. Albeit our Lord harh finifhed all his under- 
taking for the payment of the price and ranfome of redempti- 
on, yec hath he not yet performed all which he h3th under- 
taken for making ufc of his purchafed falvation, unto the en- 
larging of the glory of his Father, and gathering into the great 
congregation all his redeemed ones to be wcrfhippers of the Fa- 
ther in Spirit and truth : But as he is ftill upon this work from 
generation to generation, fo is he willing ftill to lie under this 
engaoemenr, and thefe vowes, till he perform them to the full : 
1 will pjy my vowes before tbem that fear him. 

Ver. 26- The meek^ Jhall eat and be fatisfied: they 

/ball praife the Lord that feek him^ jour heart flail live 


He alludeth to the manner of offering of peace off.ringSj where 
the godly friends concurring intbethankfgiving,had aihare in 
the feaft of what was facrificed. Whence learn, 1. The mercy 
bellowed upon one of the godly, fervech to rtfrefti the fouls of 
the reft s and in fpeciall there is a banquet prepared for the 
fouls of the redeemed by the purchafe of Chrifts fact ifice,whcre- 
of the humbled believer is made pa taker • The metlfi fball cat y 
and be fatisfied. 2. Albeit the believer, at all times, do riot 
find the (weetneffe of this feaft, but be put to work a ter a 
meal received^ put to fight after a fcait, and made hungry af- 
ter a new meal^ and be made to pray ror i:> and to feck after 
the Lord in the ule of the medns 5 yet fha!l he eat a^ain in due 
time, and be fatisfied: For they fh all praife the Lord that fccfi 
bim> is as much as they .that leek him, fhall find fomuch as 
(hall make them both to have caufe of praifing^and alfo in efTeft 
to praile him. 3. Waatfoever alterations or vicifsitudes of 
things be in the condition of humble believers, feeking more 
and more communion wuhGod,tbey may be fure of eternal life, 
befide what they get by way of earneft in this life. For the 
Spiritof theLord directing his fpcech to thenljhath faid,T0«r heart 
jhall live for ever. Ver* 

PSAL. XXII. 129 

Vcr. 27. All the ends of the world jhall remernbe r * 
and turn unto the Lord ; and all the kindreds ofth* 
nations Jhall w or [hip before thee. 

28. For the Kingdome is the Lords , and he is the 
Governour among the nations. 

Now folbowetb fpeciall prophcfies of the enlargement of 
Chrifts Kingdom: wherein the l J rophet by the Spirit of pro- 
phefie dothfpeak, and teach us. t. That the calling of the 
Gentiles after Chrifts refurre&ion , was a concluded matter 
with God, whereof he gave warning long before ic came, which 
though it be come to pafle, yet not in lo ample ameafure, as 
may be yet further expefted, becaufe for the making of thefe 
woeds yet more clearly feen to be fulfilled, icihallcome to pafs 
that all the ends of the world Jhall remembet. i- So long as 
men (hall lye unconverted, they know not what they are doing, 
they are as men fleeping, or diitra&ed, not making ufe fo much 
as of the very principles of truth, which by the light of com- 
mon reafon from infpeclion of the creatures may be learned, 
concerning the invifible things of Gods But when the light of 
Chrifts Gofpel fhineth in upon their heart, They are made to 
remember and turn to the Lord. 3. Such as are converted, do 
make God the objed of their worfliip, do imbrace his ene- 
mies, and fubje&themfelvestohis lawes and difcipiine; For 
they worjhip before bim> become fubjefts to him, and that by 
che powerful! fubduing of them to himfelf : For the J&ngdomi 
ii the Lords, and be is Governour among the nation* \ 

Ver. 29. All they that be fat upon earth Jhall eai 
and worjhip : all they that go downe to the duft Jhdl 
fan? before him y and none can \rep alive his own foul. 

30. Afeedfhallfervehim: It Jhall be accounted to 
the Lord for a generation. 

31. 'They Jhall come, and declare his right eo h) nejfe 
unto a people that Jhall be born , that he hath done this, 

A further clearing of this Propbefie of Chrifts JCingdome ? 
enlarged among tb? Ckmiks % iVhencc lexm 2 1. That Kings, 

K %& 

130 PSA L. XXIL 

Rul ers, and Magift races fhallhave nocaufeof jealoufie from 
Chrifts Kingdom, and bis governing over nations. For fo 
many of tbem as fhall im brace Jefus Chrift, not only may brook 
tbeit places, honours, riches, and all lawfull benefits, wherein 
tbeir fatnefle and worldly welfare feemeth toconfift, but alfo 
Jhall be made partakers of the delicaus of che Lords houfe,whieh 
(hall fo fatisfie their foules, as they (hall count bis Gofpel tbeir 
choice chear, and (hall bleife God for his confolations > for ic's 
promifed to all Cbrifts true fubjeSs, who are in high place, 
Ait they that be fat upon earth Jhdl eat and worjhip. 2. As the 
higheft condition worldly fliall not be hurt by obedience to 
Chrift, but helped, for the benefit of the true believer ', fo be- 
lievers in the meaneft condition they can be in on earthy (hall 
find reliefe, com fort, and making up of all their in-lacks in Jefus 
Ctirift, and (hall fall down and worfhip their rich and boun- 
tifull Lord : All that go down to the duji Jhall bow he- 
forebim. $. Wbofoever fliall not come to Chrift to be faved 
by him ihall perifli, and tb$y that- come unto him, (hall 
bee forced to hold their falvation of him. For none 
cm \etp alive his own foule : This is the proper work of 
the only Saviour Jefus. 4. Albeit every particular perfon, in 
every Nation, andKingdomc^ be no converted unto Chrift ; 
yet fo many pcrfons of all ranks, out of all nations, (hall be con- 
verted , as (hill make evident Chrifts power, and Soveraignity, 
to conquer fubje&s to himfelfe at bis pleafurc, even as many 
as may perpetuate his Kingdom, and the fuccefsion of wor- 
fltippers of him from one generation to anothei 5 For a fecdjhal 
ferve him, it Jhall be accounted to the Lord for a generation: He 
will make Utile reckoning of the reft, whom he conveneth not. 
.5. Albeit there be little appearance of accomplifhing proprie- 
ties and promifes of the propagation of Chrifts Kingdom from 
age to age, yet the promife and prophecie (hail be fulfilled. They 
Jhall come, who (hall receive the Do&rine of. Chrifts righteouf- 
neffe by faith in him, and jhall declare this righteoufnejfe of 
faith,and Gods faichfulncffe in promife keepings another gene- 
ration 3 unto a people tbatjhal be born*6. The wholework of redemp- 
tion, converting of fouls,comfoiting of fouls^propagation of the 
do&rine of righteoufnefs,& manifeftationof Gods glory there- 
by, (hall from age to age be declared to be the work of God 
himfelfe, which he doth by his inftrumentsj and means. They 
Jlull declare to tbeir children, and fucccflburs, that Goihathdont 


P S A L. XXIII. iji 

tbk'y to wit, all that is fpoken of here, or elfewhere in hi s 
word : [To a people that JhaU be born, tbat be bttb dm tbk. 


t/i Pfalm of David, 

ThisPfalme is theexpreflion of the Prophets confi- 
dence in Gods grace, wherein from the fctling 
himfelfin the belief of our covenanted relatioq,be- 
tween God and hiip,he doth draw fundry eomfor* 
table conclufions and confirmations of faith t from 
it, concerning the Lords furnifhing every necef- 
fary good thing to him, ver. 1,2. for recovery of 
him from every cvill condition, wherein he may 
fall,i>fr. 3. And for afllfting and comforting birri 
in the greateft danger he could fall into, ver. 4. 
And for making him blefled in defpite of bis ene- 
mies, ver. 5. And for his continuing in Gods 
grace, and fellowfhip for ever, ver. 6. 

Verf i.'Tpffr Lord is mj Shepbeard, I /ball not 
JL Vvant. 

He layeth down for a ground his relation to God, and tber.$s 
confirmech his affurance to have the fruits thereof. Whence karn> 
i. The Lord is content to demit himfelfe to be compared unto 
any thing which may import his love, and refpect and care of 
bis own. As here for our comfort he is pleafed co be called a 
Sbtpbc&rd. 1. The grounds of our faith in God* making us to 
have right unto him by covenant, fhould be foiidlylaid, and 
thefe being firmly laid, then comfortable conclufions mayjand 
ftiould be drawn from thence^ as here the Prophet doth. 3. Ir^ 
fpcciall whatfoever fweet relation the believer ftandeth in wiife 
God 3 he may affure himfelfe of all the fruus, and good, which 

& a that 

132 P S A L. XXIII. 

tbat relation can import. As here having faid, The Lord is mf 
Sbepbe&rd, heaffureth himfelfe then, bejlmllnotrfiint^ co wit, 
what fuch a Shepherd Teeth neceffary for fuch a iheep. 

Ver. 2. He mctketh me to lie down in green pafiures ; 
he leadeth me befidethe flill Waters. 

Ver . 3 . He refiereth my foul : be leadeth me in the 
paths of righteottfnejfe, for his Names fakf* 

He goeth on numbring the benefit following from the fore- 
faid relation,panly mewing what experience he bath had, partly 
' aifuring himlelf what further to find. Whence lent n, i. As the 
Shepherd provideth good and wholefome pafturage for his 
fheep, and a place of fafety and reft, with the commodity of all 
needfull refrefhment ofcalme running waters: So doch the 
Lord furnifti the food of life ro the believer with quiet reft, 
and fatisfaftion of timous coniblation, by his word and fpirit : 
Hemaketb me lie down in green paftures ,&c. i- In is poflible 
through # the evill that is in us, we fall in decay of graces, in 
ficknefles of divers forts ; yea, and that we wander away from 
the Shepherd, and fociety of the flock iometime. In which cafe 
we fhould perifh, if our carefull Lord did not apply himfelfe to 
our neceffities, to relieve us 5 for it is be that reftoretb our foul. 
It is he that reclaimeth us from our wandrings : it is he that dt- 
re&etb u c , arid keepeth us from going on ftill in by-paths. He 
leadetb me> faith he, in tbe paths of rigbteoufneffe. $. It is not 
for any good we deferve, or have done, or can do, for which he 
taketh fuch care of his weak and fooliih children. It is for the 
glory of his free-grace, conitant love, and fworn covenant, even 
for bis own Barnes fa^e. 

Ver. 4. Tea though / walk, through the valley of 
thefhadow of death + 1 will fear none evill : for thou art 
with me 1 thy rod and thy ftaffe they comfort me. 

He prefuppofeth he may fall in new, and harder troubles, 
then ever he fell in before, and yet hopes to be delivered there- 
from. Hence learn, 1. The believer in hhbeft condition msy 
not promife to bimfelfq immunity from trouble, cr perils > 



but muft prepare for the worft, even to be put to extream dan- 
ger of periling, and in fucb darkneffe as were moft like, and 
near ("unto death.) To walk through the valley of the JhadovP of 
death, where (beep may fall in the pit; or be fallen upon bye- 
very devouring beaft in the dark. 1. The fruit of former deli- 
very out of trouble, mould encourage us to hope for deliverance 
out of whatfoever new troubLe we may fall into, as the Pro- 
phets example doth teach. 3. Faith after a victory is very ftout, 
and hath warrant indeed to be fo, and may, and mould refolve 
to beftout by Gods grace J howfoever when trouble cometh 

I (which is the touch-ftone ofthe ftrength of faith) it may dif~ 
difcover weakneffe for a time. For here David faith, I ml fear 

; no evils though I walk through the valley of the Jhadowof death ^ 
4. The consideration of Gods covenanted prcfence whh his' 
own in trouble, and of bis power to protect and deliver them, 

; and of his wifdomeand goodneffe to make bis own profit by 

I troubles,may 3 and mould comfort the believer againft the fear of 
perilling in whatfoever trouble. For 7)avid givech this as a rea- 
fonof not fearing evill. Thou art. with me, thy rod and thy 
ftaffe they comfort me. 


^ 5. Thou prepare^ a Table before me in the pre fence 
;i ef mine enemies - y thou annointefl my head with o]l\ my 
\ C#p runneth over. ■ 

From the grounds of his Faith, confirmed by 'experience, he 
feeth flill fatisfa&ion from God 3 wbogivetbthe banquet to 
him, as it were in his enemies fight. Whence learn, Albeit iome- 
thne the beleever may be put to hardship and hazard, for trying 
and training of his faith 5 yet fometimes alfothe Lord will give 
him rich evidents of bis love and kindneffe unto him, if not in 
both outward and inward benefits, yet at leaft in (pirituall con- 
folations comparable to a royall feaft, as here, Tbou preparcft a 
Table before me. 2, Although the enemies of the godly , are not 
few, both bodily and fpirituall, all concurring to mar the Felici- 
ty, of tbe Lords children, yet mail they not be able to hinder 
their fenfe now and then of fatisfa&ory bleffedneffe , maugre 
them al,for as ofc as God teeth fit,he giveth his ownthe banquet, 
in the prcfence of his enemies. 3, Whenitpleafeth the Lord to 
comfort a bclecver, and to give him the banquet/here is nothing 

K J wanting 

154 P SAL. XXIII. 

wanting during the time of the Lords comfortable entertaining 
of him, which may, ftrengthen him, or re Joyce him $ but as 
much given unto him fenfibly, as may make him fay , Thou an- 
nomteftmy bead with oyl.andmy cup runneth over, Pfalme 91. 
10. 104. if* 

6. Surely geodneffe and mercy fball follow me all 
the days of my life : and I will dwell in the houfe of 
the Lord for ever. 

He ftieweth that in his former fpeeches,he meant not of earth- 
ly benefits, although thcfe alfo be worthy of acknowledgement^ 
and of tbankfgiving for tbem $ But of fpirituall mercies, by 
this, that be is allured of the continuance thercof,in this life,and 
in the life to come. Whence learne. 1. The delight and fatis- 
fa&ion of the beleever is not in any earthly portion,but in Gods 
good will and pity toward him 5 Gods goodnefTe and mercy is 
the matter of his contentment. 2. An humble beleever, who 
in bis own eyes is like a weak witleffe fheep, and yet doth fol- 
low the Shepherd , may aflure himfelf from the Covenant re- 
lation between God and him, of the conftancy of Gods good 
will 5 and a&uall ou r .letting of liberal! gifts of good thingf 
unto him, and of removing of evils, both of fin,, and of the 
fruits of it, and be perfwaded of his own perfeverance in the way 
to falvation , all the dayes of bis life $ for here is an inftance 
for it , Surely goodnejfe and mercy Jhall follow me all the days of my 
life. $. As a beleever may be allured of the conftant courfe of 
pods love to follow him, and of his own perfevering in the way 
of life, fo may he be perfwaded of eternall life , and everlafting 
communion with God in heaven. And this perfe&eththe feli- 
city of the beleever j and no lefi'c can doe it then this- I mlldvel 
in the boufe of the Lord for ever. 


PSAL, XXIV. 135 


tA ? [aim of David. 

The Pfalmift having in th e firft place fet down Gods 
Lordfliip in the world, that he may thereby com- 
mend the fpeciall Prerogative of the true Church, 
ver.1,2. defcribeth in the next place the true Citi- 
zens of this fpirituall Kingdome, ^.3,4,5,6. And 
exhorteth in the third place all Incorporations, 
and in fpeciall the vifible Church, to accept the of- 
fer of a more intire communion with God in 
Chrift, that they may enjoy the fpirituall privi- 
ledges of the fub jefts of the invilible and fpirituall 
Kingdome, ^.7,8,9, 10. 

v.i.* m T* K He Earth is the Lords ^ and the fulneffe there- 
X of-jhe world, and they thav d.well therin. 
2. For he hath founded it upon the feas^nd eftahli- 
Jbed it upon the floods. 

From the Lordfhip and Soveraignty of God over all the 
world. Learne, i, The Lords power and authority over the 
Saints, confidered in their naturall condition^ is no leffe rhen o- 
ver the reft of the worlds and the Lord is no more bound to 
one then ro another, laying afide the decree of his owne good 
will and pleafure i The earth is the Lords and the fulnejje thereof, 
the world and they that dwell therein. 2. The earth is fo full of 
the riches of Gods bounty toward man as it can hold } and the 
(landing miracle of the dry land , lifted up contrary to the na- 
ture of that element* which is to be above 3 and much hi gher then 
the element of water * is a ftanding evidence of Gods power 
and care imployed to make a habitation for man 5 For be bath 
founded the edrtb upon the feas, and eftablijlxd it upn the floods , 
commanding the element of water to goe down below the earth , 
as if it were the foundation thereof. 

X 4 Who. 

i S $ P S A L. XXIV. 

3. Who Jhall afcend into the hill of the Lord > and 
Who Jbjllfland in his holy place ? 

4. He that hath cleave hands, and a pure hearty 
rrho hath not lift up his foul unto vanity, nor fworne de- 

5. He Jhall receive the blejfing from the Lord: and 
righteonfnejfe from the God of his [Uvation. 

6. This is the generation of them that feek^ him : 
xhatfee\ thy face, O Jacob. Selah. 

'In the fecond place he cometh to the fpecuil dominion of 
God and Chi ill in th$ Church, and asketb for the marks and 
priviledges of the true fubje&s of this Kingdome. Wbenof*' 
learn, 1. God hath chofen a Church out of all the earth , to be 
bis peculiar people, with whom he may converfe , and to whom 
be may give priviledge of communion for ever with himfclfc > 
he bath his own holy & high fo7/,De>bath his own holy place .toWuy 
a holy unrverfal Chuicb^reprefented by the bill ofSion, lifted up 
above the inferiour valleys 5 he hath bis holy Tabernacle, where 
he giveth the fignesof his prefence, Feparate from the common 
multitude and worldly affairs 5 who jl) all afcend into tbc bill of the 
Lor i, and who jhall ft and in bis holy place ? He compareth the in- 
visible Church, to a hill or mountains and the holy place , becaufc 
Gods true Church indeed for firmeneffe, durabienefle 3 dignity 
above all other Incorporations,and fpirituall fublimity, is like a 
bill above the plaine, 1 i f tcvd up above all the world, a holy Socie- 
ty, wherein God delightetb to dwell. 2. Not every one who 
is a member of the vihble Church, but only true Converts, who 
make uptheinvifible Church , have the honour and bappinefle 
of afcending unto the fpirituall ufe^ end, meaning and profit of 
the Ordinances of God in his Church, and of keeping conftanc 
communion with God in heaven, reprcfented by ftanding in 
ibe holy place. Therefore forftirring up of outward profeflors of 
religion, to examine themfclves, leaft they be miftaken and fo 

Jeriih > the queftion is here made to God to fhew who Jhall a- 
cendtobisbiiiy and who JbaU ftand in bis holy place. 3. The 
marks of a Citifcert of the inviiible Church and Kingdome of 
God, are fuch onely, as God arid a mans own confeience can 
loundly judge of 5 to wic 3 faith in God, manifefted by en- 

PSAL. XXIV. 137 

dcaroured fan&ity of thoughts, words, and deeds , by way of 
obedience to the Fir ft and Second Table, in fincerity : for he 

• muft after Covenanting with God by Faith, which makes him 

' afubjeft, ftudy alfocleanneffe of hands, or innocency of life , 
and that out of a pure beart,deanfed by the blood of fprinkling 
fcr j uftification j and by the clean water of begun fan&ificati- 
on y And therefore he muft not any more look upon the deceit- 
full baits of fin, with a longing defire to have them ; for that 
were to lift up bis foul unto vanity. Neither muft he mif-regard 
an oath, whether in or after the taking of it 5 for that were to 
fwear deceitfully , feeming to ftand in awe of God, when he dotb 
not fear him at all. 4- Every belcever who fetteth himfelfe to 
bring forth the fruits of bis faith, in obedience to Gods law 5 
mall have a gracious reward, be fbal receive tbcble(fing from the 
Loib. 5. The holy life of the true beleever, isnoc thecaufeof 
his juftification before God, by reafon of the imperfe&ion 

itheieof, andimpoffibility to fatisfie the Law thereby > But he 
fhall receive juftification, and eternall life , as a free gift from 

! God, by venue of the Covenant of grace : therefore it is Paid 
here, That h efhall receive righteoufneffe frcm the God of : his fj.\vi. 
iion. 6 Whofoever they be within the vifible Church, who 
have the marks of true Covenanters, fuch as are here defcribed, 
yea, whofoever are feeking God , to make them fuch 5 whefoe- 

tver are feeking reconciliation with God, and communion with 
him, whether they be $ev*s or Gentiles , bound or free, male 
or female 5 they are the generation, that (hall afcend and 
dwell in Gcds holy place * for this is the feneration of them 
that fee\ him. The generation that feek thy face (faith he to 

,God). This is the true Jacob, the true heir of the pro- 


Ver. 7. Lift up your hands , O ye gates , and be ye 
I lift up ye everlafting doors , and the King of glory fhal 
come in. 

8. Who it this King of glory ? the Lord fir ong and 
mighty , the Lord mighty in battel. 

9. Lift up your heads, O ye gates, even lift them 
up ye everlafting doors, and the King of glory fhall 
come in. 

10, Who 

138 PSAL. XXIV. 

10. Who U this King of glory ? the Lord ofhoftes, 
he is the King of glory* St lath. 

In the third place having described thefe perfons who (hall 
furely dwell in heaven with God, he exhorceth all the mem- 
bers of the vifible Cburcb a to the intent they may receiftrigtw 
coufnefic and falvation from Gcd> ( who is in covenant wkh his 
Church,) heartily to welcome Chrift Jefus, the King of glory, 
and Lord of hofts, dwelling in the midft of them in the Ta- 
bernacle, (hadowing forth and fignifying bis coming in the 
fljfti, by his giving oracles from the Ark of the covenant, de» 
fending tbem,feeding them, and fighting their battels and at 
length in Davids time afcendingon Mount Sion, he and the 
Ark of the covenant triumphantly, to Let them fee in a ftiadow, 
bow after his great battels,fougbten for our redemption,hefliould 
afcendto heaven,and mak e way for his fubje&s to come up after 
bim>to dwell with him: He exhortethj I fay, patent doors to 
be made unto him, where ever be offcreth himfclfe to King- 
domes, Cities, Incorporations, vifible Churches, Families,and 
hearts of men in fpeciall. JVbeneelearn, i . The way to make 
men true Converts, true believers* true Saints, and inheritours 
of heaven, is to receive Chrift heartily and honourably, to caft 
up doors in hearty confent of faith and love, like triumphant 
Arches for, welcoming fo glorious a conquerour to be their 
gueft j Lift up your beads, ye gates, &c. z. Whofoever (hall 
receive the offer, and open the heart tobim, he fliailclofe cove_ 
nant with him; Beye lift up ye ever I j fling doors, and the K in & 
of glory fbatt come in, g. He is an unknown King, till he be 
manifeftedtous; andiuchasare wife, when they hear of him, 
will feek to know him . Who k this %ing of glory ? will be their 
queftion. 4. Such as feek to know Chrift, H 1 a 1 1 indeed have 
experimental! knowledge of him : That he is able to fave them 
to the uttermoft> to work all their work for them, to defend them 
from their adverfaries> and to give them compleat vi&orys He is 
the Lord flrong and mighty, the Lord mighty in battel, 5. We have 
need again and again to hear the offer of Cbrifts grace* and to 
be wakened up to obfervc Chrift, and his glory : need to be ex- 
horted again and again to open our hearts wide to him* Lift up 
jour beads negates, the fecond time. 6. Chrift i$ indeed glo- 
rious and a glorious Kingj in all the paffages of redemption! 


P S A L. XXV. 139 

and falration of his people > albeit the ignorance and unbelief, 
and the croffe, and troubles following his Kingdome in this 
world, doobfcure his glory to the carnal! eye : And therefore 
no wonderj that men do ofcner move rhe queftion about his 
Kingdom and Glory, asking Who U the l&ng of glory } 7.Chrift 
Jefus (fthoCt afceation was prefigured by the afcending of the 
Ark upon Mount Sion, convoyed mthDavid, and ail Ifrael^ 
as he is true man 3 fo he isalfo very God Almighty, one with 
the Father, and Holy Spirit, in his God-head : for The Lord of 
bo fts he u the Hsjng of glory . 

psal. xxv. 

A P[alrn of David. 

In thisPfalm the Prophet 6eing in danger of his life 
| by his enemies without,and troubled with the fenfe 
of fin within, maketh his prayer for reliefe from 
both, mixing meditation with prayer along the 
Pfalm, for ftrengchening of his faith : So firft he 
prayeth from v.$. then meditateth, < z/.8,9, 
10. In the third room he prayeth again^r. 1 1 . In 
the fourth is a new meditation, ^.12,13, 14,1 5. In 
the laftroom is a prayer from vtr. 16. to the end. 

Ver; 1. 1 1 Nto thee, O Lord, do I lift up my foule. 
LI 2. my God, I truft in thee> y let me not 
be afbamed ; let not mine enemies triumph over me. 

3. Tea, let none that Vvait on thee be afbamed : let 
them be afbamed which tranfgrejfe without caufe. 


X 40 PSAL. XXV. 

In the entry of his prayer, hedraweth his eye off ail reliefe 
fave God alone, and fixethhis truft upon him, and chen pray- 
eth: Whence turn i. Ic is neceffary for a Supplicant, if he 
would have help from God, to Uofe his confidence off all crea- 
ture help, and fee his eye and heart on God, as David here 
lifietbup bis foule toGoi. 2. Faith in God, fixed on the 
covenant, giveth wings to the foul, as misbelief caufetb it to 
fink : my Goi> faith he, 1 Lift my up my foul , I trujt in tbee. 
3. It is not enough to aft faith in time of a ftrait, but it is 
profitable to obferve alfo the leaft meafurc of faith bellowed on 
us, and to entertain it, were it never fo little, and to avow it* 
that ic may be fixed when wc go to pray : for before David put 
up any petition, heprefixah, I lift my foule to tbee, 1 trujt in 
tbee: forotberwife the prayer of the Supplicant can find no 
footing, 4. The believing Supplicant ihall never be difappoin- 
ted of promited help ixigr (hail the hope and expectation of the 
enemies of ^?d befatisficd: He will not fuffer the believer to 
bt&fhmeiy nor the enemy long to triumph. ?. Th^ godly in 
their prayer are not felfi ill, nor fuiters for Angularities, to be 
granted unto them, but are content, yea, and defirous, that 
all other believers may (hare in their mercies : Tea Jet none that 
•wait for tbee be ajhmed, faith he. 6. The godly (hall not 
want enemies, albeit they give no offence to the world: for 
carnall hope and expe&ation to obtain worldly gain by op- 
pofing of the godly, may, and ufually dotb, fet the wicked on 
work;'again(t chem, but they that look to have advantage that 
way, flull be ciofe difappointed y for the godly (hall efcape 
their fnare, and they (hall lo >fe their hoped advantage, and 
ihall gain tothemfelves nothing fave fliame, and a mifebief: 
For let them be afiamed that tranfgreffe without a caufe > is an 
'induring petition, 2tnd a granted petition againft them. 

Ver. 4. Shew me thy wayes y O Lord, teach me thy 

Jo Lead me in thy truth, and tench me : for thoti 
art the God of my falvation ; on thee do I wait all 
the day. 

6, Remember , O Lord, thy 'tender mercies^ and 


P S A L. XXV- 141 

thy loving kjtdnejfes : for they have been ever of 


Here he prayeth for grace to behave himfelfe holily under his 
exercife, and to have renewed experiences of mercies, fuch as 
he had felt formerly. Whence learn, 1. The underftanding 
of the way how the Lord ufeth to deal with bis children, fcr- 
veth greatly for patient bearing of affliction > and the beft way 
to efchew the [nare of adverfaries, is to carry our felves holily. 
Therefore prayeth David four times to be inftrudted, andtffe- 
dually taught, ana guided in thewayes and paths of Gods 
5 truth, or fait h/ull word. 1. Becaufe the Lord in covenanting 
with us, lakeththe work of our falvation in hand , not to lay 
it down till be hive perfected it j he alio weth his children, in 
: all particular difficulties, to hold this ground, and conftantly 
: ! to exped the accomplifhmenc thereof, wbatfoever ftrait they 
1 fall into: and to waic for diredicn how to behave them* 
felves, till it be perfected : for 2)avid givztb this for a reafonof 
his prayer, Thou art the God. of my falvation $ on thee do 1 xeM 
all the day long, 3. Though the courfe of kindnciteand mer- 
cy fcem to be interrupted by affliction, and temporall defer- 
tion, and to be forgotten cm Gods part 5 yec faith muft make 
ufeof experiences, and read them over unto God out of the 
1 regifter of a fan&ified memory,as a recorder to him,that cannoc 
; forget ; Remember thy tender mercies Lord } andthy lovivgkini- 
neffes. 4. Mercies and kindneffes fomtimes felr, may be, and 
I mould be followed up into the very fountain of erernall love, 
and election, from which jthey came* Co mall the channel be 
opened, and run clear with fremconfoiation fo much the foo* 
ncr 5 Remember thy mercies to me, for ^bty have been ever of old. 

Ver. 7. Remember not the fins of my youth, nor my 
tranfgrejftons : according to thy mercy remember tbta 
me, for thy goodnejfefake, O Lord. 

Hee laboureth to -.have his fins removed , as the chfefe 
impediment of the granting of his prayer : Whence 
learn, 1. New afflictions may cafily renew the fenfe 


i 4 * PSA L. XXIV. 

of old fins, even from the time of youttb, albeit forgivei 
of God, and forgotten by the believer, and the tempter can 
make ufe thereot againft faith in the day of trouble ; in 
which cafe the believer without lofle may read over blotted 
accompts, and renew petitions for pardon : Remember not 
faith Vavid, the fins of my youth* nor my tranfgreflions. a. As 
God holdeth two Courts in a mans confeience, concern- 
ing fin; one of juftice, according to the Law, or Cove- 
nant of works* another of mercy, according to the Gofpe!* 
and Covenant of grace offered in the Mediatour, which is 
pofteriour to the other Court > wherein the man who hath 
glbrified juftice, and acknowledged his fin, and deferved 
perdition, is pardoned 5 ffor the ranfomc paid by the Mef- 
fiab Chrift Jefus the Mediatour, to whom the (inner is fled 
for refuge :) So the believer hath two reckonings with 
God, about his (ins. One according to juftice, and another 
according to mercy 5 and albeit the believer will never re- 
fufe to read, acknowledge, and fubferibe again and again, 
the firft reckoning to be juft, yec he will not ftand to that 
reckoning for payments but will hold him to the iaft bar- 
gain of grace, and mercy, and goodneffe, which cleareth 
the claim of the firft accompt: for this is Davids pra&ife 
here, that the firft accompt maybe forgotten: Remember 
not the fins of my youth. And that the laft accompt and re- 
koning may ftand, and be held in memory, faying, Ac- 
cording to thy mercy , remember thou me. $<. For eviden- 
cing the ftability of the accompt of mercy for pardoning of 
fin, the glory of Gods goodneffe is laid in pawn in the co- 
venant $ and that holdeth all faft unto the believer: There- 
fore* faith he, Remember* for tb) goodnejfe fa^e, Lord. 

Ver. 8. Cjood and upright is the Lord: there- 
fore will he teach fwners in the way. 

9. The meek„ will he guid in judgement : and 
the tneek^ will he teach hi* way. 

10. All the pathes of the Lord are mercy and 
truth^ unto fttch m keep his covenant , dnd his t- 

PSAL. XXV. 143 

In the fccond place after praying, he fallcth upon a me- 
dication of the grace and good will of Qod co a believer, 
and of bis mercifull dealing with him in every condition* 
Whence learn, 1. In the fecret exercife of the Saints, a 
paufc may be uiefully made in prayer, and a meditation, 
or foliloquie offer maybe fallen upon, when the Lord dotb 
fit matter for tottering faith, and furthering of prayer, as 
here we may in Davids pra&ice obferve. 2, The good- 
neffe and faithfulncffe of God in his promifes, and faisrea- 
dineffe without refpeft of pcrtons, to be gracious to ever/ 
one who cometh unto him, is the fountain of the believers 
Arcngth, hope, and confolation : Good and upright k the 
Lord, is here a Well of comfort to the Supplicant. $. The 
confeience of fin mult not keep the believer back from 
confidence to be beard in his prayer, when he cometh 
1 to Ceek direction : for from this ground, That the Lord k 
good , the Prophet draweth this confequence , Therefore 
i will he teach ftnnm in the way. 4. Gods juftice will noc 
hinder his mercy to be bountiful], nor will former break- 
| ing of commands, prejudge the finner 5 who being weary of 
bis wandring, doth feektobe directed hereafter in the Lords 
way j He will teach finvers in the way. 5. When by affli- 
i dion a man is humbled, and brought to fubmit himfclf co 
j God , he (hall not want a guide to lead him out of his 
; trouble, to direft bis pathes, till the delivery come j for (Joi 
I will guide the mee\ in judgement, moft wifely and difcrcec- 
ly, as bis good requiretb, and teach him in hkwiy. 6. The 
property of the believer, is to cleave to the covenant, andco 
what the Lord hath fet downe in his word 3 Tbej \tep hk 
covenant, and hk teftimonies 5 and will not part wich them 
j wbatfoever come. 7. Wbofoever do hold faft the covenant 
j of grace, and do make confeience of obeying Gods word, 
they may be fure that all their troubles, and variery of ex- 
; ercife is nothing but Gods way, to make them partake of 
j Gods promifes 5 for unto fuch all the pathes of the Lord arc 
1 mercy and truth. 

Ver. 11. For thy Names fak*> Lord, pardon my 
iniquity : for it is great. 

i 4 4 PSAL. XXV. 

In the third place? hiring laboured toftrengthen his faitb, 
be fallethto prayer again, for remiffion of fin. Whence learn 
i. The conference of fin will ofcener affaulc our faith then 
once, and fo oft as it affaulcetb, ic is to be anfwered with- 
renewed prayer to God; OQod, faitb he, pardon my iniqui- , 
ty. 2. The honour of the Lord is ingaged by covenant for 
remiflion of fin to the penitent believer, and the Lord counts 
it a glory to be merciful! 5 Therefore, faith he, For thy 
Names fafe pardon. 3. Faitb can make advantage of mif- 
beliefs arguments to retort them againft it, and can plead 
for pardon from the very multitude and gticvoufneffe of 
fin 5 as here, Pardon mj iniquity , for it U great. For the 
greaterjin is acknowledged to be, the more is the objed of 
pardon made clear, for it cannot be payed for by the (in- 
ner, and the more is the Lords pitty letten forth, that the 
believer befenfible of the weight* 

Ver, 12. What man is he that feareth the Lord} 
him /ball he teach in the way that he Jhall choofe* 

15. His foul /hall dwell at eafe : and his feed {hall 
inherit the earth. 

14. The fecret of 'the Lord is Vtith them that fear 
him : and he Will flew them his covenant. 

In the fourth place there is another meditation of Gods good- 
neffe to a believer, for ftrengtbening of his faith yet further, 
wherein he layeth down three gencrall promifes,^made to them 
that believe in God) and do ftand in aw to offend, ver. 
ii>*$y *4» and by way of Syllogifme he aflumetb of him- 
felfe, that be is a believer, whereupon he inferretb the eon- 
clufion, ver. 15. Whence learn 1. The fear of God (im- 
porting care toferve God according to his word, and to {tan J 
in awe to offend him) is the neceffary property of a true 
and lively believer $ Therefore it is made the believers cog- 
nisance, and mark to difcerne bimby: What man U he that 
feareth the Lord ? 2. The believer walking in the fear of 
Cod, may expeft from the Lord diredion and light, how 


P S A L. XXV. 147 

to carry bimfelfe in all perplexities, fo oft as he in his need 
rtiall feek ic of God > for in dubious cafes, God Jhall teach 
him in the way that be Jhall cboofe. 5. Albeit the believer be 
put to trouble, and hard excjcile, yet (lull he have placa 
alwayes with God, as a man reconciled K> him 5 ami peace 
in his confcience alfo, as his good dotb require , and be 
(hall have contentment in hts lot 5 for^ his foide Jhall dwel 
\ at eafe. 4. Thefureft way to tranfmit inheritance* to a mans 
] children/ and to make houfes to ftand, and however macters 
'; go, for a man to be fure of rhe Kingdom of Heaven, (fig- 
1 nified by an inheritance in the Land of Canaan) is, that the 
• parents feare God* and that the children do follow their 
\ footfteps, and fear God alfo* For the feed of the man fe a* 
1 ring God Jhall inherit the Land. 5. The man that feareth 
1 God, (hall know more of Gods mind then others fhat'j he 
fhall know the good and acceptable will of God for his di- 
rection in dangerous contraverfies, and for his fatisfa&ion a- 
bout Gods difpenfarionSj both toward himfelfe, and others* 
C and for his confolation in all affliftions s For the fecret of 
the Lord it with tbemtbat fear him. 6. Albeit the Lords co- 
j venant with the vifible Church be open, and plain in it felf 
! to all men, in all the Articles thereof, yet it is a myftery to 
I know the inward fweet fellowfhip which a foule may have 
j with God, by vertue of this covenant 5 And a man fearing 
Godj ftiall know this myftery, when fuch as are covenan- 
| ters onely in the letter, do remain ignorant thereof 5 For to 
the fearers of god onely is this promiie made , That to them 
the Lord mlljhew hU Covenant. 

15. Mine eyes are ever toward the Lor A , and he 
\fljjtll fluck^rny feet ont of the net. 

Having laid the ground of his reafon in the former verfes, 
which h in fumme this. To every beleever God will be graci- 
ous, as his need is : now he affumetb>I am a beleever 5 For mine 
eyes are ever toward the Lord. Therefore to me God will be gra- 
cious in my need, and (oplnck my feet out of the net 5 as my need 
now requireth. Whence learn, 1. The beleever can read his 
ownename, and his ownebletfedneffein the promifes made 
to beleevers, andean draw out the extrad of Qods decree of ab- 

L folution* 

x 4 <5 PSA L. XXV. 

folution,dire&ion, confolation, and falvation in his own fla- 
vours, for where the generall is written, there all the parties 
lars are alfo written in effect : And fo the beleever may read 
his name written in the book of life> as here David doth read his 
owne deliverance , in the Charter of Belecvers > Mine eyes are 
ever towards the Lord, therefore be willpluckmy feet out of the net. 
2. The beleever is not a little helped to bcleevc , and to draw 
fweet conclufions from infpired Scripture, to ftrengthen himfclf 
by avowing bimfelfe to be a beleever^ or to have the true proper- 
ty of a beleever, as here David doth, faying, Mine eyes are ever 
toward the Lord 5 Firft,heavowetbhis Faith , and then draw - 
Cth this conclusion from it, be fh ill pluck, my feet ont 0] *b e 7!€tu 
3 . To depend on God^ for the fupply of alf neceflities, and for 
deliverance out of all ftraits, is the property of true Faith} for 
the Prophet to prove himfelfe a beleever, and to have an intereft 
in the mercies formerly fet downe, ver. 12,13,14. be faith, ver. 
i$. Mine eyes are ever toward the Lord* 4. Though the godly 
walke among fnares, and nets, fet by their enemies , bodily and 
fpiricuallto entrap them, yet God will either dired their way, 
toefchue thefe fnares and nets , or will pluck their feet out of 
them 5 For this is the Prophets comfort, Tboujhalt pluck my feet 
put of the net, 

16. Tnrne thee unto me r and have mere] upon me: 
for I am defolate and ajflifted. 

17. The troubles of mj heart are inlarged : O bring 
thou me out of my difireffes. 

After meditation, he condudeth his exercife , with petitions 
for himfelfe, and for the Church, The Petitions for himfelfe 
are fix, info many verfes. In the firft,/^r«e, 1. Naturall fenfe 
and fuggeftion of Satan j faith, that God doth turne his back 
on us, when he doth not fcnfibly by outward workes mew him- 
felfe for us as we could wift; But Faith maketb advantage ofl 
the tentation, by adhering to God in time of a feeming defer- 
tion, and prayeth for his manifefting of bimfelfe unto us$ Turn 
ibee unto me^and have niercy upon me. 2. A felt , and acknow- 
ledged miferablejhelpleflej and defperate condition , is to the 


P S A L. XXV; 147 

beleever halfe a promifc, and a whole rcafon , to expeft rcliefe 
from God > Turne thee unzo me, and have mercy on me, for 1 am 
de folate and affliftcd y vcr. 1 6. and fo aifo in bis fecond Petition 
The troubles of my bean are enlarged, bring me out of my diftref- 
fcs. As bis troubles were mulciplyed and enlarged, his heart was 
ftraitned, and hisdiftreflesmulriplycd, and this be bringetb tor 
a reafon of his hope to be brought out of thefc {traits. 

1 8. Lookjtfon mine afflittion , and my paine, and 
forgive all mj fins. 

From the Third Petition, Learne, 1. How fad snd fearfull 
troubles, a believing and beloved foul may be brought into, 

, no words can fufficiently exprefle, he is defilate, Miked, tbc 
troubles- of his heart are enlarged^ is in moe diftreflks then one $ 
he is in affliction andpaine 3 which no eye can fee, por any behol- 
der judge of, fave God only > therefore faith he to God, Lool^ 

1 en my affliction, and my painc. 2.Sore trouble will waken up the 
confeience of fin afrefli, and call to minde forgiven and buried 
fins j which new challenge cannot be anfwered, but by prayce 

: for a new application, and intimation of remiflion of fins 5 As 

' here, forgive all my fins. 


19. C onfider mine enemies ; for they are many % and 
they hate mee with cruel hatred. 

20. O keep my foul, and deliver me : let me not he 
afhamed^ for I put my truil in thee. 

Prom the Fourth and Fifth petition,reIat!ng to the bayard of 
his life,from his bodily cnemie, Learn, i. The multitude, pow- 
,j er 3 rage and cruelty of the enemies of the Lords people, is a 
ground of hope to the belcever, to be delivered from them. Con- 
fiier my enemies for they are many y tyc. 2. There is no furcr 
evidence of deliverance;, then faith in God, fetled on a promife, 
Let me not be a(bamed, for I put my truft in thee. 


2 1 . Let integrity and uprightnejfe preferve me : for 
I tv ait on thee. 

h * The 

i 4 S PS A L XXV. 

Tbe fi*t Petition is, for thefruv of his innocent behaviour 
toward bis enemies. Whence ledrn,i. Albeit a man be burdened 
with tbe fenfe of^many Cms againft God , yet he may have the 
confeience of innocency toward his enemies > And here a good 
confidence giveth great boldneffe before God, to hope for deli- 
very* Let integrity and uprigbtnetfe preferve me. z. Integrity 
of life, or a good behaviour after prayer,'is as needfuil as before 
it, yet neither integrity before, nor after muft be leaned upon, 
but Gods goodneffe and mercy only 5 Let uprigbtneffe preferve 
me,fo Vivid teafonetb,/ir I writ on tbee. 

22* Redeem lfrael 9 O God y out of all his trou* 

Heclofethhis excrcife with a prayer for the Church. Whence 
le<trne y 1. Ic is the common lot of all the, Saints to be exercifed 
with plurality of troubles; and as tbe troubles of each par- 
ticular member ftiould nocfwallow^up the fenfe of the troubles 
of the Church, but ratber private trouble mould make every one 
fenfible or/the like or greater troubles of the reft o£ the body > 
So mould tbe delivery ofl the whole Church be fought after, as 
our own, yea and more then our owns and as ourlaft petiti- 
on, and however the matter ftiall goe with our felves, let us 
pray, 7(edeem Ifuel O Lord, out of all bis troubles. 


PSAL, XXVI; 177 

PSAL xxvr; 

t)avU being opptefTed by the Judges of the Land^ 
bis powerful adversaries, and being exiled from the 
houfeofGod; heappealeth to God, thefupreme 
Judge in the teftimony of a good confidence, bear- 
ing him wirncfle, firft of his endeavour to walk up- 
rightly as became a beleever , yer. j y 2, 3. And fe- 
condly, of his keeping himfelf from the contagion 
of tbeevillcouncel, finful courfes, arid example of 
the wicked, ver. 4, *. Thirdly, Of his pnrpofe ftiil to 
behave himfelf holily and righteouily > out of love 
to be partaker of the publkk priviledgesof the Lords 
people in the congregation, ver. ty,% 8. Where- 
upon he prayeth to be free of the judgement coming 
on the wicked>#<?>\ 5) . j o According as he was pur- 
pofed to efchew their finnes,^r, 11. Arid he clofetft 
his prayer with comfort and affurance to be heard, 
vtr. 12. 

Vef.l. T Vdge fae y Lord, for I have talked in ntirie 
J integrity : 1 have truftcd dfo in the Lord'. 
therefore I fhallnoijlide. 

2* Examine me , Lcrd y and prove hie • try mf 
teinesdnd my heart. 

3. For thy loving kjndnefte is before mme eye si and 
J have walked in thy truth. 

FRom Davids appellation, from the injufi fent£nce of rneri 
againft him in their courts and el fe where, calumniating him 
and burying him under ftanders > from which God and his owrf 
co.ifcicnee knew he was fic$iLcarv> x. G:ds children maybe 

H for 

178 PSAL. XXVI. 

or a time unjuftly in their caufe and name , Co born down with 
calumnies by Judges and others, that they muft content them- . 
felves with the approbation of God, and ol their own conscience, 
as T>avid doth here. 2. When no remedy is fecn on earth for 
GoJs opprefled children > remedy may be had from God, the fu- 
preoie Judge, who can redrefle all matters abundantly. This did 
*Dxvid, when he faid, -fudge mc>0 Lord, that is : do the part of a 
juft Judge to me, in this controverfie between my adver fades and 
me. 3 . He who appealcth to God had need of a good caufe, and 
a good confcience, for his carriage in it, that he may fay with V&~ 
vid, I have wdl&diii my integrity. 4. A good carriage in any 
controverfie is then only comfortable and commendable, when it 
is the fruit of faith in God, therefore 'David addeth , I have truft-* 
cd alfo in the Lord. 5 « He that in obedience to God doth carry 
himfelf righteoufly, may be aflured he fhall ftand and prcvaile * 
for this conclufion doth the Prophet draw from thefe grounds, 
hying,IJballnotJlidc. 6. Not only muft a mans hand be freer 
from injuring his party, but his affe&tens alfo : In which cafe, 
the upright man is content-the-Lord ihould try him,and tell him 
what is wrong, that it may be amended hereafter 5 for here fince- 
rity faith, Examine and try my reins. 7. Sincerity of behaviour 
may abide the triall of the confcience, and expcd the approbation 
of God, when the word of God is the mans rule, and fear of in- 
terrupting of the fenfe of fweet communion with God, is the aw- 
&and to keep him to his rule, for fo doth David prove his fincerky 
het-e for th) loving kindneffeis before mine eyes, and I have wal^ 
cd in thy truth, to wit, looking to thy precepts, threatnings, and 

Verf. 4. I have not fate With vaine ferfons, neither 
will 1 go in with diffemblers. 

5 . I have hated the congregation ofevill doers : and 
tW5 not fit with the wicked. 

The fecond part of the teftimony of his confcience, that he had 
rajefted the courfe of wicked men, and their ill counfel, and that 
he would neither follow the way againft his enemies, which they 
followed againft him, nor hearken to the evill ad vice,which wick- 
ed men, under whatfoever pretence of goodwill to him, did offer 
to him, for a finful tranfattion, or private revenge JVbtnce learn, 
Though innocency may feem to make the godly aprey to their 
enemy, yet it will promote their caufe more before God, and give 
Skater contentment to the confcience, then witty wicked plot- 


PSAL. XXVf. 17^ 

ung againft witty and wicked enemies ; for this doth Davids ex" 
ample teach us. 2, A godly man may take the fcrvice of man/ 
in a cafe of Law-bufinefles, and civil! matteiswhofe counfell he 
mull refufe in a moral dutie • as'when Davids followers counfel- 
led him to flay the King, when he had him in his power in the 
Cave 5 In fuch a conization or debate, he will not fit nov go iii 
tvitb the wicked. 2 . He that giveth ill counfell, whatfoever pre- 
tence of friend fliip, or advantage be made to commend the coun- 
felh wich he offer eth; yet in that point, he is a vain man and a dif- 
kmbler. So doth the Prophet ftyle him here. 4. It is necef- 
fary to hate and abhor every wicked courfe,left if we donor hatq 
it, but can hearken unto it, we be drawn over to embrace it: X 
bate (faith hej the congregation cftbeevill doers. 

Verf. 6. l^illwafb my hands ininnocencj : fb \Tritt 

Icompajfe thine Altar, O Lord. 

7. 1 'hat I may piblifh With tiie voice of thdnkfgivitogi 
tindteUofaitthy tvondrom work**. 

8. Lord, i\ave loved the habitation of thy houfe; 
Anh the place \Wm thine honour dwelletb* 

The third part of theteftimoriy of his conference, is concern- 
ing his refolution, to behave himfeif righteoufly and godlliy cur 
of love to honour God, and to be the fitter for worshipping of 
God, and ferving him, as he fhould be employed, whence learn, 
1. The man whofe hands are not clean from injuries done to 
men, his conference fliould tell him, that he is not meet to offer 
wormiptoGqd : and where guiltinetfe is, it fhould be taken a- 
way, left the worfhipbe refufed : So refolveth Vdvii> I will wafb 
my hands in innocency, and fo compare thine Altar. 2 < Whatfoever 
was the ceremony of the godly with their friends, in comparing 
the Altar with longs of praife, when they offered their peace-of- 
ferings, it yeeldeth a fit direction for every wormipper , and of- 
ferer of prayer'j or praife to God,- to do it wi h an eye to Jefus 
Chrift, the true Altar that fanctificth our offerings, and maketh 1 
our perfons and fer vices acceptable for the comparing of the AN 
tar, wLhaneyeonit/ignified this duty. J. The Lords rnercies* 
to his own are marvellous in effect , when all circumftances are 
Well confidered) Therefore are they here called rvondrovA rvor\s: 
4. To love the fellowship of the Saints in the publick worfhip of . 
Godjisatoken of oiirintereft in Godj and the confeience of 
this tove is refremfulU as here. Lord, I have loved the habitation. 

N x of 

180 PSAL. XXVI. 

ofthyboufc. 5. The meetings of the Kirk fliould be to prcr- 
claimethe Lords glory in thccxcrcifeof all his ordinances) and 
where this is endeavoured, there will God dwell, for fuch holy af- 
feiriblies, are the place where his bmour dwelletb, albeit many of the 
members of the Kirk be fuch before God, as they were in Sauls 
time^ whercunto this Pfalm relateth. 

Verf. 9. Gather not my foul with finners y nor mj 
life with bloody men : 

1 o. In Vpfofc hands is mlfcbief: and their right band 
is full of bribes. 

II. But as for me, 1 mU^alk^in mine integrity ; 
redeem me^ and be mercifnl unto me. 

Now he prayeth to be exeemed from the company of the wick- 
ed in their punifhment, feeing he hath gotten grace to refolve,not 
to walk in theeirfin .Whence Icarn^u The Lord hath aharveit 8c 
a gleaning, time alfo, fet for cutting down, and binding together 
in the fellowship of judgements, Gods enemies, who have folow- 
ed the fame courfe of finning : for here we are given to under- 
stand, that God will gather their fouls , and fo will let none e- 
icape. 2* Such as teparate themfelvs (not from the lawful focie- 
ty ) but from the finful wayes of the world ; mall alfo be feperate 
from the fociety of their punifhment 5 The foul of the one and 
the other fhall not be gathered together. Gather not my foul with 
finners. 3. Ungodly men will never {land to confent to the ta- 
king of the life of the godly, if by a fit tentation they be put to it, 
a bribe, or fear, which is all one, will do the turn s for finners here 
are declared bloody men, in vobofe hands a mifchicfis^ and their 
ri/bt hand Ufull of bribes. 4, It is the mark of a wife and god- 
ly foul, not to be di vetted from his God or godlineffe, by the ten- 
tationof lofle or gainc, which overturneththe worldly manj for 
David refolveth, go others where they will, as for me I will walfi 
in my integrity. 5. Amanfo refolvedj that is, who hathcho- 
fen God for his Redeemer, and Gods wayes for his rule, may be 
furt to be borne thorow all difficulties, all troubles and temptati- 
ons, and to meet with mercy in the courfe and clofe of his. life> 
for David after refolution of faith in God, and refolution honeft- 
ly to endeavour obedience to God in his courfe, he prayeth 
(which is as good as a promife to us) 7{$cdtcmtne } and be merciful 
$9 m. 

PSAL. XXVII. i'8t 

Verf. 12. My foot ft andeth in an even place : in the 

Congregations rtill I b/ejfe the Lor A. 

Heciofesthe Pfalm comfortably; Whence learn, I. The be- 
liever j> refolving obedience to God^and wreftiing in prayer with 
God 3 mall not want a comfortable anfwer i his conicience (hall 
fpeak good to him., and God fhali ratifie the teftimony of it, with 
his teftimony ; and thus (hall the man be cftabliftied in that fweet 
courfe of faith and obedience , and have caufe to ivf^My foot 
ftaudetb in an i. Such a man may be allured to blefle 
God effectually, for the performance of promifes, and that in 
good company either in this life, or in the next;, or in both$ and 
in this life with aiTurance ; he may fay with Vivid, In the Congre- 
gation will I blcffe the Lord, 


In this Pfalm David fetteth down what ufe he had 
of his faith in God, in the time of his trouble, and 
firflhowheftrengthened his faith, verf. 1,2, 3,4 5» 
6. and next how he prayed, upon the forefaid 
grounds, verf. 7,8,9,10,11,12. And third ly,what 
advantage he had by beleeving in God, in the time 
of hisexercife, verf, 13. Whereupon he exhorts ali 
the godly to follow his example, under hope to be 
helped,as he was helped, Verf \ 4. 

Verf I . r TPH<? Lord is my fight, and myfafoatio**, 
JL rvhomJhaU I fear? the Lord is tkefirength 
of mj life y of whom /ball I be afraid f 

THe grounds of ftrengthening of his faith are three.The firft 
is, That God by vertueofthe Covenant^hath obliged him* 
-felfto givedire&ion, and comfort in troublc 3 and deliverance out 
pt it ; from which he inferreth, that he needcth not feat his ene- 
mies. Whence learn, 1. When we are to wraftle in prayer, a* 
gainft the doubts, which trouble and tentation may raife 'in our 
Keatts, to man* our confidence in prayer. It is wifdomctoaime 

N j oar 


our felves by faith againfl thefe doubts, before .we pray, for fo: 
doth the Prophets example teach us. 2. He who is in Cove- 
nant with God, hath (olid ground to expect from God, directi- 
on and comfort in every trouble, and deliverance out of it j for by 
vcrtue of the Covenant of grace T>xvid faith, The Lord it my 
light and rny falvrtion. j.Whenwc have fattened our faith cnGod, 
we may then with reafon deiie our enemies., and fay with the Pro- 
phet, of whom fall I be afrM? 4. When our enemies do appear 
ftrong, and we know our felves to be but weak, we mould eppofe 
the Lo ds ftrength to our tentation^that we may refill all fear; for 
fo teacheth Vavidffhe Lord u the ftrength of my life, of whom fall 
% be afraid? 

Verf. 2. when the wicked, even mine enemies and 
my foes came upon me to eate up my flefi, thejftttm* 
if led and fell. 

The next ground of confidence is, that he hath proof and ex- 
perience of the fruit of the Covenant , when he was in great-eft 
danger to be overtaken by his enemies, Whence learn, 1. When 
the rage of the wicked again ft the godly doth break forth, then 
no iefle then the precious life of the godly can fatisfie their beaft- 
ly cruelty $ they hunger even to eate their flefb. i. God can ea- 
fily make the wicked in their hotteft purfuit of the godly, to come 
fliort of their purpofe, as here, to (tumble and faUi 3. Experi- 
ence of Gods power is very forcible to confirme our faith,and to 
erect our hope, as it did 'Davids faith. 

Verf. 3. Though an hoftefhould encamp again ft me 9 
my heart {hall not fear : though xvarre fbould rife again ft 
pie, in this will I be confident. 

After fetling of his faith, he puts on a refolution to ftand to his 
point, in refilling ailauits of fears, from whatfeever tentation. 
Whence learn, 1 . It is a means to ftrengthen faith, to refolve by 
the grace of God to put faith in act, in whatfoever difficulty, and 
in a manner to lay hands on our felves^ to hold up this fhield a- 
gainft whatfoever fiery darts, albeit poflibly when itcomethtq 
pufh of pike, we b lot found fo Arena as we are flout ,as here Da- 
vid doth. J ie Lord being ours by Covenant, and the Lord 
proved to be ours in experience is warrant and reaim fufficient 
for us to put on Rich a refolution , Though warrc be raifed, in 
this (that is upon the forefaid ground ) will 1 be confident 3 
faith he, 



Verf/ 4 One thing have I dejirtd of the Lord , that 
Vrill Ifeek after : that 1 may dwell in the houfe of the 
Zord, all the dayes of my life, to behold the beauty of 
the Lordy and to enquire in hi* Temple. 

A third ground of confidence, is the confcience of his purpofe 
to ftudie to have conftant communion with God, in the ufe of 
the meanes, and the confcience of his very earneft defire to have 
the benefit of all the publick ordinances, in the fellowfhip of the 
Kirk. IVbence learn, i. Hearty refolution to fubject ourfelves 
to all Gods ordinanc€S,and to follow the appointed means of com- 
munion-keeping with God, is a found mark of folid faith,and the 
confcience of this refolution, ferveth much to confirmc our con- 
fidence in God, If we can fay with the Prophet, Thh one thing 
have I defired, &C. 1, In the ufing of the means and ordinan- 
ces of Gods houfe, the glory of the Lord may be feen, counfeI> 
and direction in all things may be had with comfort andfpiritu- 
all delight to our fouls £ for in the ordinances David was to be- 
hold the obedience of the Lord, with delight, and to enquire in kit 
holy Temple. $. The defire of communion with God, and love 
to his ordinances, where it is fincere, fhould have the chief place 
in the heart, above all earthly defires and delights whatfoever. One 
thing have I define L 4. A fincere defire mult not be fuftered to 
go.away,but mould be purfued refolutely, and recommended to 
'God daily. This Iwillftill feefi after } faith he: and the mean? 
of communion with God in the publick fellowship of the &irk> 
muft be conftantly continued in, even all the dayes of our life. 

Verf. 5. For in the time of trouble he JhaU hide me* 
inhis pavilion : in the fecret of his tabernacle fhall he 
hide me j he fhatl fet meup upon a rock,* 

He giveth a reafon of hi$ fo earneft a deiire to have fellowfhip 
with God, entertained by the ufe of all Gods ordinances, becaufe 
in this way he was fure that faith fhould draw all neceflary com- 
fort and protection from Qod, as need fhould require. Whence 
team, 1. Faith keeping communion with God, find cth him all— 
fufficient in all ncceflities, to fupply every inlack of the creature, 
whereof the belcevev ftandeth in ntcd;HeTvill be a pavilion in xcar^ 
fare 3 and a bidingplace^nd a rock of refuge^hzi is^ G xl will make 
a man as quiet by faith, in himfelf, as if thire were no hazard j 
In the time of trouble he fhall hide me in bU pavilion;)! ,i the far ep 
of bfsTabcrnaGlC) jhull&ibidem^he (hall jet meup uponaroi^ 



|. The godly cannot promife to themselves the influence of 
Gods grace in time of need, oiherwayes then by following di- 
vine ordinances, both private ami publick, fo far as they may be 
had ; for the Prophet promifeth to him felf this protection, as a 
fruit of his faith, foftered by theufeof the ordinances. I defire 
faith he, to dwell in thyboufc, and to enquire in thy holy Templet 
for in the time of trouble bejbril bide me> ($c, 

Vcrfe 6. And' now Jhall mine head be lifted up a- 
faove mine enermes round about me \ therefore W/// / 
pffer in hi* Tabernacle facrifices ofjoy\Iwi/lJing ) yea 9 
J Vvillfing praifes unto the Lord* 

After thiswrafllingoffaith he obtaineth victory, and aflu- 
jrance of fatisfa&'ion to his defire, and the grant of all that he was 

!o feek in his Prayer. Whence learn, The Lord can give a be* 
eever affurance of wha. he would have, and make him fo clear 
of the polfcffion of the Promife, as if it were in his hand, as here 
he is fure to prevail e over his enemies, fure to come to the 
Temple even as he wifhed , And now fhal! mine head be lifted up 
above mine enemies, I will offer Sacrifices of joy in bis Tabcr* 

Verfe % Hear, Lord, when I cry With my 
voics . have mercy al(o upon me, and arfwer me ♦ 

8. When thou iaideft, Seek ye my face ; my 
bean faid [unto ^ thee, Thy face, Lord, W;7/ I feek* 

In the fecond place, having thus f]rcngthcned his faith,he en- 
tcreth the lifts with his prefent trouble and tentations, and en- 
countreththem by Prayer to God upon the forefaid igrounds, in 
three Petitions. In the firfthe prayethrbr the fenhble experi- 
ence of Gods faVour, as his prefent condition required, wherein 
fie ftiengthens his faith by three confidetations. The fiift is, 
becaufe he had gotten grace to clofe w ith the Word of God, in* 
yiting him to feek vyhat he fought, per. 8. Whence learn , i .Con- 
fidence in GoJ, is diligent in Prayer, and defpifeth not the 
meanes, whereby th; j mercy hoped for may be brought about > 
But by Praye. it m keth particular application of the LorJsgcod" 
will offered to all,unto it feli) that it may be helped in the prefent 
peed, as here David doth, Hear me when f cry, have, mercy on me, 
tnfwcr we. a. As the Lords Word encourageth us, to feek 
things of Gp Jj Yyhich without a warrant wcduril not feek 5 fo 



when we have gotten grace to embrace Gods warrant given to 
us by Precept or ^romife, we may ask with confidence to obtain* 
Hear me, an fiver me, why ? When thou faidefl, Seek ) € my face* 
pty heart anfwrcd, I » ill jeek thy face, Lord* 

Vcrfe 9. Hide not thy face far from me, put not 
thyfervant away in anger: thou hafi been mj help 
leave me not, neither forfake me, Cod of my fal- 

He meets here with an objection from his fins and mif-defer/ 
vings, and prayeth it down, adding another confederation td 
confirm his faith from by-gone experience of mercy, not- 
withftanding of his unworthinefle Whence learn* 1. Though 
(when we would draw near to the Lord) fenfe of fin and unwor- 
thinefle, and fear of wrath do flee inoui throaty yet faith clea- 
ving to Gods goodnefle, and to the prom ifes of mercy, and to 
our relation unto our God, may cry down the tentation, Hide 
not thy face, put not away thy fenant in anger. 2. The former 
experiences rvhich we have had of Gods being gracious to us, ac- 
cording to the tenor of the Covenant of falvation, fhould con- 
firme our faith, that God will never caft us off, nor any man 
that cannot endure to be feparate from him: T hus David ici - 
(ons. Thou haft been my help, leave me not, neither for fah v c me, O 
God of my falvation* 

Verfe 1 o. When my father and mj mother for- 
fake me, then the Lord trilltakemeup. 

A third confideration to confirm TDavids faith, is a nearer re* 
luion between God and 'David, then between David and his 
Parents. Wbe nee learn^Thz bands between God and a bdeevin'g 
foul, are more ftrait and intimate, and more ftrong, then any 
fcand civil or natural between him and any creature 5 and they 
are appointed to hold faft when natural bands do faile, as here is 
aflerted. When my father and ny mother forfake me, then the 
Lord will ta\e me up. This is for the firft petition. 

Verfe 1 1 * Teach me thy way, Lord, and lead me 
in aplaine path, bee aufe of mine enemies* 

The feeond petition is for Direction in a holy and wife car? 
yiage, that his enemies get no advantage againft his behaviour 
or perfon. 'When tlexrn, 1, There is danger of defertion, or 
pf Gods leaving us p& the will of our enemies, if we carry not a 
good caufc, in a lawful, holy, tender way, and therefore we h%d 



need to. feck our dire&ion from God, to bctmgbt in bis way, 
andUdina plainepatb. 2. Becaufc the enemies of the godly 
are ready to calumniate their caufe, and their intentions, and to 
take advantage to calumniate them upon the leaft occalion of a 
queilionable practice, we had the more need to be circumfpect, 
and to pray to be directed, in a plaine patb 3 becaufe of our ene- 

Verfc I 2* ^Deliver we not over unto the trill of 
mine enemies : forfalfe mtnejfes are rife/; up againft 
rne^ andfuch as breathe out cruelty. 

The third petition is, to be delivered from the power of the; 
cnemic, profecuting their falfe calumnies, and raging in cruel- 
ty. Whence learn, I. The godly have reafon to pray with fub- 
miflion, that they may not fall in the hands of men, becaufe 
of their cruelty, and to fay to God, Deliver me not over unto the 
yv 11 of mine enemy. i.Becaufe it is eafie for the Lord to mitigate 
the enemies fury, or to break their power,or to elude their craft 
and power ; Let us pray 73 Oliver, and let God chufe the way of 
delivery. $• When the good caufe of the godly, and the pcrfons 
alfo are left to fuffcr both together, there is ground that God in 
that cafe will intcrpofe himlelf in due time : for this is 'Davids 
reafon of hope to be helped, becaufe falfe witnefles reiblved to 
ppprelfe him in name, and breathers out of cruelty, fet to have 
his life, fiver rifvig agatnfi him, and here he is a clear type and 
example of the fufferingot Chrift, and his followers. 

Verfe 1 3. I had fainted, unleffe I hadbeleeved t* 
fee the goodnejje of the Lord in the land of the l$~ 


1 4. Wait on the Lord : be of good c our age , and he 
fhall firengthen thine heart : wait 9 I fay } on the 


In rhe third place he cometh 10 fhew, and to make ufe of the 
benefit he had by beleeving, that he may encourage others to fol- 
low his example in their tryals« Whence learn, i.Difcourage- 
ment under trouble, is a fort of quitting of our caufe, and of all 
comfort in it, but faith keepcth a man dole to his caufe, and 
from being overcome with troubles ; it holds up his heart in 
his duty, "till the Lord fend an out-gate, wherein he were not 
able tc'fubfift oJierwifc : Unlejfe I hadbeleeved I bad faimci. 
2. Our experiences of the good of beleeving in the time of 



ftraites, ihould be communicated to others,as our calling may 
fuffer to encourage them; for fo doth the Prophet, faying, Wait 
on the Lord, and be of good courage. $. The ftrivingto take cou- 
ta°e from the ground of faith, iball be followed with ft length 
from God to go under the trouble, and to findc comtort now and 
then, and full delivery at hi\, He (hdl comfort tbybcm. 4. Al- 
beit the Lord let the trouble lie on, and ftrong tentations to iri- 
creafe, and griefe of heart to grow, yet muft we ftill wait for the 
duetime, the out-gate (hall come, writ I fay on the Lord. 


In the firft part of this Pfalme, we have the Pro* 
phets conflift againft his enemies, fueh as in 
the former Pfalm is to be feen, wherein he pray- 
eth for audience, ver.i , 2. and delivery to him- 
felf, ver. 3. and that God would vindicate his 
own juftice againft his difdainful enemies, ver. 
4,5. In the latter part, the Prophet having gotten 
comfort in his Prayer, doth glorifie God, ver. 6. 
and ftrengthens his own and the reft of the 
godlies faith, ver. 7, 8. and prayeth forablef- 
fing to the Kirk, ver. $. 

Verf. XTNtothee will I cry, O Lord my rock^ he 

1 . V not filent to me ; left if thou be ftlent to 
me, 1 become like them that go clown into the pit. 

2. He are the voice of my [applications when I cry 
unto thee : when I lift up mine hands toward thy holy Q- 

IN his conflict with trouble, he runneth to God for a com- 
fortable anfwer, with reafons to help his hope to be heard. 
iVbence Icarv, i.It is good to pray in time of trouble, and to 
be inftant, and refolved to be inftant 5 For unto thee xeill X 
try ^ioih import thefe three. 2. A fcul in great (traits is not 


tto PSAL, xxvra. 

Able tcfufpend, and want comfort long : it muft lwc fotn 
comfortable anfwer, becaufe of what God is unto it by Cove e 
nant, My mkjbe notfiknt unto me. $; It bringeth deadnefle of~ 
fpirit on a fapplicant ; when his Prayer is not taken off 
his hand, which albeit it be by no reafon,but aconfequcnceill 
inferred from the Lords not anfwering of us, yet we are fub- 
jccYtothis evil, and ihould pray to have it prevented : Re not 
plenty faith he, left 1 become It \e -them that go d wn into the pit. 
4. Though the heart be in bonds in time of Prayer, under 
trouble, yet the Lord wiil not deipife, t he voice, nor the faces 
bowed y nor the bands lifted up, nor the leaftexpreffionsof a fup- 
plicants define, to be helped by him: Hear my voice when I cry, 
and the lifting up of my hands, faith he. '■$-. Seeking of God in 
ChrinV and tryftingths fulnefleof the Godhead in the Perfon 
oftheMediatour, reprefented by the Tabernacle" and Oracle, 
3nfwereth all objections, from the fupplicants unworthinefle, 
and giveth encouragement to expect a good anfwer from God, 
for to this purpofe doth he mention his lifting up of his hands 
towards the Lords holy Oracle* 

Verf. 3. Draw me not away with the kicked, and 
with the workers of iniquity : ^hich /peak, peace to 
their neighbours, but mifchief is in their hearts . 

Now he prayeth God would deliver him, and not deal with 
him as with an enemy. Whence learne. Albeit there be fin in 
the jjodly* yet are they not workers of iniquity, nortreache- 
roufly difpofed towards their neighbours, when they pretend to 
have friendfliip with them, and therefore may the godly expect 
from God, not to be dealt with, asobilinately wicked and im- 
penitent finnerss for this he meaneth, laying, VrarpmcnGtaway 
with the workers of iniquity ,&c 

Verfe 4. Give th?m according to their deeds, and 
According to the Vvickedneffe of their endeavours : 
give them after the worl^of their hands, render tq 
them their deferts. 

5. Becaufe they regard not the worses of the Lord, 
nor the operation of his hands , he fhMl defiroj them, 
and not build them UP. 

He prayeth now againft his enemies, not out of private re- 
venge $ but being led with the infallible Spirit of Prophecy,lock- ! 
ipt* through thcis men to the enemies of Chrift, aM of his 

People , 


People in all ages* Whence learn y i. Albeit imprecations muil 
iiot be ufed againfi our own enemies, nor for any injury done 
to us, noragainft any in hatred of their perfons, nor againfi e- 
very enemy of God, but only againft defperate finners, and that 
in general, rather then with an eye to this man or that man m 
Jfpeciais about whom we may be miftaken; yet the. imprecation 
of the Spirit of God {landing in the Scripture, cryeth ftill a-* 
gainft obftinate finners , although we cannot condefcend par- 
ticularly upon their names; God (hall give them acccordingt? 
their deferts. In the ccntroverfie between the godly and their 
enemies, notonly doth God fliewby his word, which parry hfc 
alloweth, butalfobythe works of his providence, in favours of 
the godly, and againft their enemies, he doth give forth his 
minde, according to what he hath faid in his Word to be ob^ 
laved, but when both thefe are mifregarded, he will deftroy tke 
wit ked, and net fuffer them to carry on their purpofe 3 for betaufe 
they regard not the worses of the Lord, nor the operation of hit 
hands, be fhall deftroy them, and not build them up. 

Verfe<5> *B/etfed be the Lord, becaufe he hath 
heard the voice of my [applications. 

7. The Lord is my fttength and my jhield, my 
heart truftedin him, and I am helped : therefore my 
heart great Ij rejeyceth^ andwith my fong wll I praife 

8. The Lord Is their ftrength % and he is thefaving 
Strength of his annotnted. 

The other part of the Pfalme, wherein he maketh ufe of the 
good anfwer given to him ; firft honouring God for its then 
itrengthening his own faith by it j and thirdly ftrengthenirtj 
the faith of others alio. Whence learn, 1 The beleevrng topple 
cant fhall not feek God in vain > he fhall not fail in due time to 
finde fuch fruir,as /{hall make him bleffe and praife God' for the 
anfwer ; for in the entry of the Pfalme it was, Bt not fdent tt 
mc,0 Lord, left I become lil{Cthem that go down to the pit; and 
hcvcBlcjfed be the Lord J ccaufc he bath heard the voice of my fup~ 
plication .z.What faith to faithGod in wraftling>it mall be made 
tofubferibe it victorioufly and experimentally rhcrafter,Aty roc\, 
faid he, hear me, ver . 1. And here, The Lord is my ftrcngth and. 
my Jhield ; to furnifh me within and without. 3. It is a good 
uic made of experience to confirme our faith thereby, and to 


ipa PSAL. XXIX. 

commend the couvfe of beleeving in God, as here David cfcth, 
My hearttrufiedin him, and I am helped. 4. The joy of faith 
and ot fenfe alio, will be given fometime together to the godly, 
for the increasing of their joy, as here he fheweth, Therefore my 
heart greatly rejoyced. ?. Albeit we muft praife God in what- 
foever condition we can be into > yet fpiritually rejoycing doth 
ipecially call for finging a Pfalm unto God, Therefor* mthmy 
fong will I praife bim } faith he. 6. What;the Lord is to one 
of the godly calling on him in the fenfe of need, he is unto them 
all the lame: as he was Davids jlrengtb, ver. 7. fo is he their 
firength, to wit, all his peoples itrength.iw. 8. 7. Allthe blef- 
fings which beleevers get do belong unto Chrift, firit as to the 
annotated of the Lord in chief, and to his fervants as partakers 
of his annotating; for the Lord is the faviug fttengtb, or the 
ftrengttoffalvation to bis anointed, or to his Chrift, and thofe 
that are true Chriftians, partakers of his Unftion, or holy Spirit; 
What concerneth David is but a fhadow, and as one who is a 
partaker of the holy Unction through Chi ift. 

Verfecp. Save thy Teople, andbleffe thine \nbe~ 
ritance-, feed them alfo, and lift them t$p for ever. 

He clofeth his Prayer with interceflion for the Kirk. 
Whence learn, 1. Sach as finde acceffe in Prayer to God for 
themfelves, fhould fpeak alfo a word forhisKiik, and 'pray, 
Lord, fave thy Pecplc. 2. The Priviledges which the godly have, 
are common to them alL The godly are all Gods p co. le 3 his inhe- 
ritance, his flock. ' and as the benefits imported under theie titles 
are common, fo are the duties due from us to God, imported 
thereby common alfo, and to befoftudied, that we may dif- 
chargethem, as we would finde from God the benefits of pro- 
tection and deliverance, as fubjetfs whom ta will fave; of be- 
ing watered and warmed, as his inheritance , fed and led on, as 
his flock, and exalted over all our enemies, or , being lifted up 

■' • ' 


David exhorteth Princes and great men, to humble 
themfelves before God , and to worfhip him 
(as he hath commanded) in his pobJicfc ordi- 

PSAL. XXIX. ipi 

»ances, verfe i, 2. Firft, becaufe he is infinitely 
higher then they, and more terrible to all men, 
then they can be to their fubje&s or inferiours, 
as theutteriug of hi* majcftyand power by thun- 
der doth make evident, vet. 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9. 
Secondly, becaufe he oflfereththe meanesof fa- 
ving knowledge, even all his ordinances, there- 
by men may heartily glorifie him in their af&m- 
blies, ver. 9. Thirdly, becaufe he isaneverlaft- 
ingKing, and Ruler of all the creatures, 
And fourthly, becaufe fuch as do humbly fubmic 
themfelves to him, and worfhip him as his 
People fhould do, fhall be furniflied with abili- 
ties for every good work, and (hall be abun- 
dantly bleffed. 

Verfe i./^Ive unto the Lord, (Oje mighty, y give 
\jmto the Lord glory and Strength. 
2. Give unto the Lord the glory dneuntohti Name^ 
worjbip the Lord in the beauty ofho/inejfe. 

HE dire&eth hisfpeeeh and exhortation co the Potentates 
of the earth, that they may humble themfelves before 
God, and give him the glory of all power, and authority, and 
excellency above themfelves, and above all other creatures. 
Hence leirv, 1. Of all men Princes ihould be moft careful to 
glorifie God, and yet it is moft rare to fee them humfciethem-' 
(elves before him : for natural corruption is as ftrong in them 
as mothers : Their education doth breed them to high and 
ftately thoughts of themfelves, their riches and power pufteth 
them up, and flatterers ordinarily following them? doth make 
them forget themfelves and God alfo. Therefore are they 
here thrice exhorted to give glory to God. i.It ismoftnecef- 
fary that Potentates do humble themfelves before God, and be 
particularly dealt with to that parpofe, becaufe their example 
and authority doth move many outwardly to fubmit to God * 
or ftand out from his fervice, therefore he fpeakcth to them in 
their grandour, Give glory to God, yo mighty, j, As men arc 



great ift the world, fothey are ready to think much ofjfieif 
own ftrength, of what their power is able to reach to, and what 
honour is due to them? but if they reckon rights ftrength > and 
glory belongetbtoGod. And according as he is above them in 
power and excellency, fo fhould he proportionably be magni- 
fied. Give wuo the Lord glory and ftrength, and give unto the 
Lord the glory due unto his name. 4. He will have no glory of 
men, but as he hath prcfcribed to men in his own ordinances, 
given forth iri his Word to his Khk, JVorfhip him in the beau- 
tyof bolincffe y that is, iri the glorious fancluary, the place of 
jmblick meeting > beautiful indeed, not for timber or ftones 
fomucb,asbecaufe the holy and beautiful means oforaeetb 
men, and Gods worftiip Shewing forth his glory was there to 
be found. 

Verfe %/fhe voice of the Lord is upon the waters : 
The God of glory thundcrtth % the Lord is upon many 

4> The voice of the Lordis powerful, the voice of the 
Lord is full of Afajefty* 

He proveth that ftrength and glory belongeth to the Lord, 
by one only woik of thundering, and kindling fire in the mrdffi 
cf waiery clouds, that he may make thunder in the conflict 
of water clofing In the fire, and fire breaking through the cloud? , 
how oft foever he pleafeth to fhew his power to the children of 
men. Whence larn> i.Though the ftanding works of Creation 
ipeak meft of God, yet fuch is our foolifhnefle, that we are leaft 
atpprchtntivc of that which is daily fecn, and a leffe work more 
rarely occarrirm will move morcj as for example, the thunder 
or the Eclipfecf the Sun or Moon, will move more then the 
making of heaven and earth. 2. No work of the Lord is right* 
ly taken up till hehimfelf be looked unto, as the immediate 
Worker of it, therefore he points out the found of the_ thunder, 
as the voice of the Lord upon many waters. 3 . Though the Lord 
tfiould be obferved as the worker of every work, yet not at fir ft 
is he feen in his work to any purpofe, till we by oftner review- 
ing his operation about it, be fomewhat affe&ed with his glory 
and power therein, therefore he repeateth the fecond time, The 
God of glory thunderetb-, And the third time, The Lord is up- 
cn mxny rcxters. 4. When the thunder or any work of God is 
Well confidered, fome invifible thing ot God will appear ther ein? 
*s for example^ his powei and majefty will be evidenced in the 


PSAL. XXIX. i<?3 

thunder* for the voice of the Lord is powerful and full ofmdr 

j e fty- 

Verfc 5. The voice of the Lorhhreaketh the Ce- 
dars, j7a % tte Lord bredketh the (fedars of Le~ 
btinon. k 

6. Bemahcth them alfo to skip like a Calfe: Le± 
banon and Syrion like a youngVnicome, 

j. The voice of the Lord divideth the flames df 

8. The voice of the Lord fhaheth the wldemeffe 3 
ths Lordjhaketh the Wilder neffe of Kadefh. 

Vcrfc 9. The voice of the Lord makgththe lo'mdes 
to calve , and difcovereth the forrcfts : and in his 
Temple doth every one fpcakj>f his glory. 

He infifteth in his fubjeel:, and (heweth the cffe&s thereof 
on trees, ver. 5. on mountains, irr. 6* on the fire of the thun- 
der, parting it in lightening, vet. 7. on the wafte wildernefle, 
ver. 8. on the beafts and woods where "they haunt, ver $> 
Whence learn, 1. Trmtheftupidity and fenfelefneffc of man 
is greater thenthat of the brute crcarures, which are all more 
moved with the thunder; then the hearts of men for the molt 
part, as here may befeenin the companion, 2. One work of 
God dwelt upon, (hall (hew more of God then many of his 
Works being {lightly looked on, and parted over, as for example, 
this one of the thunder, corifidered with the effects, faith more 
then trfany •. yea one fenfible and undemanding man} will difce- 
ver more of God in one work ofGod,then many in their ordinary 
mood, either in that work, or in any other, or in all his 

Verfe 9. The voice of the Lord makeththekindes 
to calve y and difcovereth the forrefis:. an A in his 
Temple doth every one fpeak^ 0/ his glory* 

He givethafecondreafonof his exhortation 10 the mighty^ 
t0worjhip(jod in the beauty of bolincffe> becaufe in his Temple 
every one doth fpeak of his glory. Whence learn, 1. The glory 
of the Lord is (hewn forth in'all theearth, and in all his works, 
but in his Temple, in his Kirk, his works are holden forth more 
exprefly and fully, forthe;e,by his Word, his counfel is 'open- 
*V his holineffe, his ?oodne(Te ; ju'ftice 3 mercy, arid all his ' 
© ^ tribute^ 

194 PSAL. XXIX. 

tributes arc declared. Without the Kirk-men are impelled to 
Acknowledge glory now and then, but in his Kirk-men do de- 
clare his glory diftinftly and willingly. In bis Temple doth 
every onejpea\ ofbU glory, all men there do confeiTe his praife, 
and every thing in the Temple holdeth forth fomething of 
Chrift and his benefits, to the glory of Gods mercy, and this is 
more then the world underftandeth. 

Verfe I o. The Lord Jit tetb upon the flood : yea, the 
Lordfitteth King for ever, 

A third reafon, to move Princes to give to God glory and 
ftrengthj is,becaufehis Kingdome reacheth to the ruling of the 
waters, and becaufe he is a King immortal. Whence learn, i,As 
the itrength of the Lord appeareth in all his works, fo cfpecial- 
ly that he ruleththe raging lea, whereby once he did drown the 
world, and now bindethitup, that it mould do no more fo a* 
gain, The Lord fitteib upon the floods. 2. No King is King 
over every Kingdom and King, but God is King above all 
Kings ; No King is of long continuance, but the Lord is the 
evertafting King, Hefittetb J^ing for ever 5 and therefore every 
mighty man mould do him homage, as his King, his Lord, and 
fupream Superiour. 

Verfe II. The Lord will give flrength unto his 
People : The Lord will bleffe his People with 

The laft reafon to move Potentates to give all glory to God, 
and to joyne with his People in glorifying of him, is, becaufe of 
the bleffedneffe of his People, who worlhip him in his holy 
Temple. Whence learn, 1. The power of the Lord is not a- 
gainft his people, but for hispecp'e againft his and their e- 
nemies, He givctb ftrcngtb to bis People, to wit, againft their 
enemies, and for iurniming them to every part of his fervice 
whereunto he calleth them ; The Lords People do give the 
glory of power aud ftrength to the Lord, *And the Lord will give 
ftrengtb to his People, j. The true worftippersof God, what- 
foever may be their exercife in the world, may be fure of recon- 
ciliation with him, and of true blefledneffe, For the Lord wilt 
bl-ffe his People with Hexce. 


PSAL. XXX- i0j 


A 7 fulme and Song at the dedication of the boufe of David. 

2)dz//Wpraifech God for his late deliverance, frorri 
the hand ofAifahm, ver. i, 2, 3. And fecondly 2 
beexhorteth others to praife God alfoforhig 
mercies, ver. 4, 5. Thirdly, he confefTeth his car- 
nal leeurity, and how he was corrected for it, 
ver.b y j. Fourthly, hefheweth how he prayed 
for mercy, ver. g, 9, tej And fifthly, he praifeth 
the Lord for his gracious anfwcr, ver. 11,12. 

HTHe Infcription of the Pfalrne fheweth, that it was endited at 

the dedication of'Duvids houfe, after it w:;s polluted by ^6- 

filoms vilcnefle with his fathers Concubines, as Davids fecuri- 

ty and trouble alter that herein dcfcribed, giveth us to under- 

. ftand. JVtttnceleirn, 1. That no benefit or acature-comfort is 
lawful and pure to us, except it be fanclihed by the Word and 
Payer, except we dedicate our felres and the creatures alfo to 
Gods fervice; and more fpeci ally the dedication of a mans houfe, 
with the Ceremonies ot the law uied about the dedication 

J there :f, teachethustoconfiderandto acknowledge before God; 

1 That we are the Lends Tenants at will, received by him iji his 
lodgings, to be entertained by him during our abode on earthy 
It teacheth us alfo that our houtes mould be holy, both for the 
Pcrfons in our company, and for the exercife of Religion tie e- 
in daily, before and after our lawful daily refrefhmcaus and em- 
ployments therein; and that the Lord only is the Preferver of 
us, and.of ourhou;es, againfl what evii might cthenvayes befall 
us, by men or devils, cr any other accident ; and that the houfe 
is polluted, ©fpecialiy when God is openly dishonoured there- 
in : in which cik we are to feek mercy to ourfelvcs, and 
to our families, and to pray to God for the continuance of his 
guard about us, and his grace, to make a right ufe of our houfe 
hereafter, which is the fubfiance of the eld Ceremonies ufed ifi 
dedication of a mm houfe, 

O 2 Vcrfc 

196 PSAL. XXX. 

Vcrfe I.T Will extol thee \o Lord fort hod haft lifted 
Xme up ; and htfl not made my foes to re' 
jojee over me* 

.2, O Lord mj God, Icrjed unto thee and thon hafl 
healed me. 

5» O Lord, thou haft brought up my foul from the 
grave : thou hafl kept me alive > that 1 fhould not go 
down to the pit. 

Hcpraifeth Gcd'for a number of mercies concurring toge- 
ther in his deliverance, out of the hazard qf lofing both his life 
and his Kingdome. Whence learn > i.Thc more the Lord exalts 
us, we fhould humble our feives the more before him, and mag* 
nine his bounty : for David will extol the Lord, here, becaufc the 
Lord bad lifted him up. 2. The difappointment of our enemies 
is a new mercy,befide our delivery from their cruelty, and a rea- 
fon of thank fgiving to God, when he makes our foes not to rc- 
joyce over us, 3 . When God feemeth to defert us and expofe us 
to hazards 5 readily our ipirits grow fick, and deadneffe of fpi- 
rit, (with inability to go about any point of our calling, or of 
his fer vice) dofeifeon us; but when after the prayer of faith 
grounded on the Covenant, the Lord fendeth relief, it is a 
reviving of us again, as we fee in Davids cafe, O my God> 1 cried 
unto thee, and tboubaft healed mc> prcfetvation from evil, and 
delivery out of evil are mercies equivalent j refcuing a man from 
iiiffarrt death, mould be looked upon as refurre&ion from death, 
and acknowledged Co to be in our thankfgiving to God ; for Z)a- 
vid here faith, The Lord bath b, ought up his foul from the grave, 
bccanfe be bad \ept him alive y that be fhould not go down into 
the fit, 

Verfe 4. Sing unto the Lor d^ (O ye Saints of his) 
&nd give thanks at the remembrance of his holi- 

5. For his anger endureth^ a moment^ in his fa- 
vour is life : weeping may endure for a nighty but joy 
cometh in the morning. 

The fecend part of the Pialme, wherein he ftirreth up o- 
thers to praife God for his mercies. Whence learn, 1. Dwel- 
ling a while upon the conftderation of mercies flxewen unto us 3 
fcringe-th with it 1 ejoycing in God* and a (ingingdifpofition, 



I ^hereunto when we are once wakened and warmed, we will 
| think that one mquth to praife God is too little, as here we fee in 
'David, who not only praifeth God hhnfttf, butJfo letteth all 
the Saints on work to the fame purpofe, faying, Sing to the Lord 
all ye Saints of bis. 2. Albeit we had no prefent fcnfe of lately 
received remarkable mercies, yet by-gone experiences ot the 
Lords faithfulnefle and holinefle, mould give matter of thanks 
and praife, on all occafions,, fpecially in the Congregation, 
where his works arc called tominde: G ivc thanks, hhh he, at 
the remembrance of his bolincffc. $. Albeit we were not upon 
the thoughts of any other particular experience, yet the known 
pcrfe&ions of God fhould furnifh matter, and infpecial, be- 
caufe howfoever we be finful and do provoke the Lord often, 
yet he, at he is flow to anger, fo is he foon pacified, his anger en- 
durethbut for a moment. 4, When reckoning is rightly made, 
the tokens of Gods difpleafure are but (or a moment. But the 
evidence of his favours to beleevers is a life-time, for in the 
midit of wr3:h he rcmem'bererh mercy, .and the tokens . of his 
favour arefarre more then of his diipl.afure, and wrath loon 
goeth, and favour fliinethlateft, and is of longeft continuance* 
Wrath is but temporary at the longeil, but favour en dure th fee 
.ever : His anger is but for a moment , but in bis favour is life, yea 
life everlafting, 5. When the Lord fheweth himfelf angry at 
a foul, it is dark and cold night, and what can it do, but 
weep or walk heavily in this cafe, when the . bridegroom is as 
abfenc , Weeping mxy abide for a night. 6. Unto the belecvcr the 
longeft winter-night hatha change to the^hetter following it : 
confolation is certain after a mournful tondition ; Weeping may 
endure for a night, but joy cometb in the morning. 

Verfe 6/ And in my profperity I/ai^ lJbaS never 
be moved. 

7. Lerd^bjthj favour thou haft made my mountain 
to ftandftrong : Then didfthide thy face, and I was 

In the third place, he cometh to his late experience, which 
gavcoccafion and matter of this Pfalmi he aSufed his profperi- 
ty, not remembering that becaufe his {landing was by grace 
'therefore he Ihould have flood in awe, and feared to forget him- 
felf,and therefore hewaschaftifed foriz.Whencclearn,i^Achi\dt 
of God, after long trouble may have a time of outward reft and 
£ ofperit-yi for example David, whefe troubles were many, doth' 
Q I gckrm* 

1^8 PSAL. XXX. 

acknowledge here that he was in profperity. 2. As men in 
trouble do tear they fhall never be rid of it,fo then, God granteth 
a change to the better.they think never to be fo troubled again > 
This tiefhly fecurity is a foul- Tick ncife, attending profpcrity, 
and the moil holy men may cafily be overtaken with it, for Da- 
vid confeiieth, 1 [aid in my projpcrily,I (hall never be moved. 
3. The consideration that our {landing in any good condition, 
is of Gods meer favour, and grace, fhould ktcp us in fear, and 
trembling to offend, and prevent our falling in carnal fecurity. 
This David acknowledged for aggravating of his fault, Lord, by 
thy favour thou haft made my mountain ftrovg, 4. The Lord will 
not fufter his own to lie ftill in carnal fecurity , but will 
withdraw the bolfter and pillow of thefe benefits whereon they 
clo fleepe , and together with that will withdraw alfo the 
fweet fenfe of reconciliation, and put his own in trouble 
to waken them : 'Davids experience tcacheth fo much , 
Thou diddeft hide thy face, and 1 rvat troubled. 5. Men 
underftand the folly of their finful way, and of their carelefle 
entertaining of Gods favour, not fo well in the time of profpe- 
rity, as after they have fmarted for their folly, and have found 
the fruit of their forgctfulneffe of God, and of their too much 
embracing and refting on proiperity to be nothing, fave fore and 
fad troubles, both bodily and fpiritual 5 for this is taught us by 
the reckoning that David now maketh, as a Pilot, difcovering 
a rock, to forewarn others to beware of fecurity, and this reck- 
oning is all after his trouble, and after his victory alfo over it* 

Verf. S.I cry<?dto thcep Lord, andunto the Lord I 
made fa f plication . 

9 What profit is there in my bloodivohen J go do^Cn to 
the pit?[hal the duft praife thee?fhal it declare thy truth? 

1 o. Hear, Lord> atdhaie mercy upon me : Lord, . 
he tboti mj helper. 

In the fourth part ofthis Pfalmehe fheweth his recovery out 
of his trouble, and out of his finful fecurity which drew it on; 
he prayed, difputcd and dealt with God, till the Lord delivered 
him. JVbence learn, 1. As the fire and the hammer, and the 
files do ferve to put off the ruft offiron : fo doth afeclion to 
roufe a godly foul out of fecatity, and drive him to earned 
Pravcr, for after trouble is come, David cryed to the Lord. 2.AI- 
fceitamanhath mifcarriedj and proved ungrateful to God in 


PSAL. XXX. 199 

I his profperity, and unmindcful of hisrefolutionsandpromiies 
made to God in his low efhte, when he came to profperity, yet 
when trouble cometh to waken him up, and call him to a reck- 
oning, hemuftnot defpaire nor fit down in difcouragement, 
in the confcience of huge guiltineffe. But becaufe the Lord is 
angry, and no remedy but Gods grace, he muft layhimfelfat 
Gods feet a fupplicant : Unto the L$rd David made fupp lie at ion. 
3. Faith in God is very argumentative, and will diipute well 
for the mans life, having the Covenant of grace as a ground to 
go upon; It will takeareafon to ftrengthen it felf from Gods 

I nature, who doth not delight in the death of a penitent (inner, 

i and a reafon from no advantage unto jufticc, by the mans de- 
ftrudtion^ whenjuftice may have fatisfa&ion in the Redeemer, 
and the man may be faved alio ; What profit U there in my blood* 
when I go down into ths pit? and a reafon from the mans pur- 
pofe to glorifie God, to the edifying of others in his life , if he 
fhould be fpared : from which mercy if he fhould be cut oft', 

I it would be more bitter to him then death; Shall the duftpraijc 
thee ? fhall it declare thy truth 1 4. When faith hath faid to God 
that it hath tp fay, it will wait for a good anfwer, will relie on 

his mercie, and expect relief from the here David doth, 
Hexr*0 Lord* have mercy on me* be thou my helper . 

Verfe Ii # Thou haft turned for me my mounting 
into dancing : thou haft pat off my facecloth, and gird* 
ed me with gladnejfe : 

13. To the end that my glory may Jing p^aife to 
thee^ and not b* ft lent : Lord, my God, I Voiti give 
1 thankg unto thee for ever. 

In the laftpart of the Pialme he thankfully .prai let h God, 
for granting unto him all he defired, and obligeth himfelf to a 
more careful carriage, and fetting forth of Gods g'ory. Whence 
learn* 1. It become. h the childe of God to weep when he is 
beaten, and to humble himfelf in the exercife of Prayer and 
Fading * for Davids mourning and fack-dotb * meweth hi? 
exerciie into his former trouble. 2. As fecurity turneth all 
our joy into trouble,fo fincere feeking of God in trouble, is the 
way to turn all our trouble into joy, Thou hafi turned for me 
all my mour ning into dancings c and great is that joy which a 
reconciled foul findethin Gjd, after renewed feeling of the 
interrupted fenfe of meixy. 3. A well ordered tongue, watch- 

P $" ir >g 

*o<? PSAL. XXXI. 

ing all opportunities to glorifie God, and edifie others, is a 
main point of a mans excellency, not only above beaits, but aU 
fo above all men , who do not ufe their tongue for God, 
and tor good to others 5 Therefore David callcth his tongue 
\m glory. 4. The very intent of Gc ds fhewing mercy to men, 
is to oblige them to give praife and glory to himCelf before the 
wo; Id, 7 bou baft girded me with gUdncjfc, faith he, To the end. 
my glory may [ing praife to tkee, and not bcfilcnt. 5. The right 
pfe of our experiences of Gods mercy to us,, is firft to fallen our 
faith in God, and to ftand faft to the Lords Covenant, made 
with us in Chrift, next after acknov/ledging that this is cur 
4uty, tobe thankful to God, to engage our. hearts to the dis- 
charge thereof conftantly : The firft of thefe the Prophet doth 
here, by calling God, The Lord my God > the next he doth in 
fhefe words, I will give thanks to thee for ever. 


To the chief Mufrcixn. A Tfalme of David. 

Another exercife of David, wherein he being in 
great danger to be taken by his enemies, pray- 
ed! for delivery, ver % i\ 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. Secondly, 
heflrengtheneth his faith by>his by- gone experi- 
ence, ver. 7, 3. Thirdly, in Prayer he layeth out 
his lamentable condition before God, ver.y^ 10, 
1 1 3 i2 y i 3.Fourthly,he wraftleth on in Prayer for 
comfort and fafety to himfelf, and confufionto 
his enemies, ver. ?4, 15,16, it, 18. Fifthly, be- 
ing delivered and comforted by a new experience 
of Gods merciful prefervation of him,he maketh 
good ufe of it, by praifing God for it, and cx- 
horteth the godly to love God and relie on him, 
WM 9, 20,21,22,23, 24* 


FSAL. XXXI. aoi ? 

N thee.O Lori h io 1 put my trufi } lit me ne~ 
ver be afhamcd : deliver me in thy righ- 


2. 'Bow down thine ear to me, deliver me fpeedily : 
be thou my firongroik^for an houfe of defence to fave 

3. For thou art my roch^and my fortrejfe : there* 
fore for thy Names fake lead me and guide m\ 

FRom his intercft in God by Covenant, he ftrengtl c is him- 
felf in Prayer for delivery. Whence learn, 1. Faith avowed 
and maintained, furnifheth prayer, and giveth hope to be 
heard, for Vivid haviug firft (aid, lntbee,0 I fut my 
triift; he fubjoynerh, La me vcverbeajliimcd, for this much 
may a believer expect, that albeit he be put to hang down the 
head for a little, yet he mail not at laft be afhamed. 2. As the 
Lordfendeth inhiswifdom, trouble after trouble, uponabe- 
leever, io he fendeth in his juftice and faithfalnefie, promifed 
delivery after delivery from oppreflbis, Deliver me in thy rigb* 
teoufnefje. 3. Where the danger is prefling, and the aftbdion. 
is ardent, the Petition may be repeated without babling, and 
fpeedy help may be craved without limitation of God, and 
hearkening to a poor fupplicant, as it weL'e, with a bowed down 
eare, may be prayed for without abafing of Gods Majefty, as 
here, "Bow down thine care to mc> deliver me fpeedily; 4. Were 
there but a moment betwixt us and perifhing, and our enemies 
ftuonger then wc, were ready to lay hands on uss faith feeth 
that God can interpofe himfelf fpeedily, and lift us up above 
our enemies reach, Be thou my fir on g rock, for abovfe of de- 
fence to five me, 5. What the Lord is engaged to be unto us by 
Covenant, we may pray and expect to finde him in eftccl:, 2te 
thoumy ftrong Roc^faithhe, for thou in my 2fyc£. 6. When 
trouble and uncouth paflages'difcovcr our ignorance, our 
blindneflc and weakneffe unto us, we have God engaged for 
his glories caufe, to take care of us, and to bring us through, 
for the Prayer of the beleever is, For thy names fa\e lead me and 
guide me. 

Verfe 4. Pull me out of the net that they have laid 
privity for me, for thou axtmyfirengtb* 

5. Into 

202 PSAL. XXXI. 

5. Into thine bands I commend, my fprit : thoti haft 
re&emedme^O Lord Cod of truth. 

6» I have hated them that r egard lying vanities 1 
but I trtift in the Lord. 

He cometh more particularly to his danger 5 and prayeth for deli- 
very,and ftrengthening his faith by fundvy reafons^jHtf we learn, 
1. As the children of this world are more wife in their genera- 
tion, then the children of the light: fo Jo they hunt and overtake 
the godly, by their crafty devices againft him., They laid their 
nets privily againfl David, and enfnarcd him. 2. Though the 
godly be both weak and fimple-witted , yet they hive a wife 
and ftrong God to call upon, who is able to break the fnare, and 
fet his own free, whofe help David imploreth here , Putt me out 
of the net for thou art my ftrength. $. The way to quiet our 
mindes, in the hazard of our mortal life, (which is loon and 
cafily taken away, and we cannot our felves preferve,) is to 
put our foul over on Gods care and cuftody. Into his hands 
committing ourjprits. 4. The Word of God,giving affurance 
to the believer of his Redemption, is a ground futficient 3 to 
make him confidently commit his foul to Gods keepings for he 
may fay with warrant, Thou h aft redeemed me^O God of truth* 
5(« Worldly men that beleeve not in God, have fome other 
thing wherein they truft befide, as riches, friendfliip, their 
own wit, &c, which carnal confidences are but lying vani- 
ties, whereof the true believer muft be aware, and hate the way 
of fuch as follow them ; for David hated them, that regarded ly- 
ing vanities , becaufe he trufted in god. 

Verf. 7* I Witt be glad andrejoyce in thy mercy 9 
for thoti haft confidered my troub'e 1 thoti haftl\nown 
my foul in adverfities ; 

8 . And hafi not fiat me af into the hand*f the ene- 
my \ then haft fet my feet in a large room. 

In the next place he ftrengtheneth his faith by his former ex- 
perience., andpromifeth himfelf after thisprefent forrow, joy 
and gladneffe, whereof he hath fome prefent fenfe, ftirred up 
by calling to memory his experience Whence leamc> 1. In the 
imidft of trouble faith will furnim matter of joy, and promife 
to it felf gladncfTe 3 especially from the memory of by-paft ex- 
periences of Gods mercy 5 as here, I will rcjoyceand be glad in 
thy mercy* a. When abdeever is in adverfity, the Lord will 


PSAL. XXXI. 203 

not misken him, he will make him know, that even then 
he hath an eye upon him, and friendly affections to him, . Thou 
haft knmnmyfoulin adverfity. 3. Adverfary power (hall not 
get their will of a fixed beleever, but he (hall have delivery from 
them, and victory over them, cither temporally or fpiritually, 
cr both waves ; for here is the experience of it, Thou baft: not 
jhut me up in the band ofthz enemy, thou baftfet my feet in a large 
room. 4. The ground of our gladntfle, when we have found a 
proof of Gods kindnefletous, (hnuldnot be in the benefit fo 
much, as in the fountain of the benefit; for this givcth us hope 
to drink again of the like experience, from the fonntain which 
did fend forth that benefit. Therefore David fayes, I will be 
glad and rejoyce in thy mercy for ever. 

Verf, 9. Have mercy upon me> O Lord; for 1 am in 
trouble : mine eye U confumed with grief, yea, mjfoul t 
and my belly. 

1 0. For my life is [pent with griefs and my ye ares 
withfigbing ; my ftrength faileth, becaufe of mine hm 
qpnty^ andmy bones are confumed. 

1 1 . I re as a reproach among all mine enemies ', but 
efpecUllj among my neighbours , and a feare to my ac- 
quaintance : thy that did fee me without, fled fr$m 

12./ am for gotten as a dead mnn out ofminde : I am 
; like a broken vejfel. 

13. For I have heard the flander of many, feare was 
cneery fide : while they took counf el together agaixft 
me they devifed to take away my life. 

Inthethirdplacehelayethout his lamentable condition, in 
tegardof perplexity ofminde, and decay of natural ftrength, by 
grief and forrow of heart , and in regard -of the con- 
tempt of his adverfaries, and neglect of his friends, and hazard of 
his life joyned with the fenfeof Gods difpleafure for his finnes, 
wherein he is a type of Chrift fuffering for our finnes imputed to 
him, and an example of the hard exercife of the Saints. IVbcncc 
learn, 1. Great and of long continuance may the troubles of the 
godly be, great may their grief and heavineflfe of heart be, before 
ijiey get comfort, as the example of this meek man, fo holy in his 



way,fo fubdued in his aftec'Hons, doth mew by fundry expreflions* 

2. Albeit the Lord needs no words to informe him of our condi- 
tion, or to move his affection to his children in trouble, yet he 
hath appointed us for evidencing our faith in him, and depend- 
ance upon him for relief, to come and tell him what ailethus; 
and indeed it is an eaie to thcgodJy heart, to have the Lord to 
fpeakunto, and lay out their cafe before him, ?s here we fee. 

3 . The confeience of finne joyned with trouble, is a load above a 
burden, and able to break a mans ftrength more then any trouble; 
for here he faith, my ftrength failcth becaufe of mine iniquity, and.^ 
my bones are confumed. 4, When the godly have many and pow- 
erful enemies, then their acquaintance and neighbours , and the 
multitude of the people will readily believe that all mifreports of 
them are true, and this maketh the grief of the godly the greater,as 
here,! wo/sa reproach among all mine enemies, but fpccially among my 
neighbours. $. When the godly fall under persecution and trou - 
ble,their worldly friends for fear of danger,or burden by them wi'l 
turn their back on them, and forget acquaintance, yea and natural 
bands with them alfo, and then muft the godly leanc toGod,and 
expect comfort from him. This is holdcn forth in this type of 
Chrift, and example of beleevers under tryall, I am a fear to my 
acquaintance, &c. 6. Long lying in trouble will make a man to 
be forgotten of hjsfriends^asif he were dead^and make him to 
lofe all eftimation at their harids,as if there were no worth in him . 
at all. I am forgotten m a dead man out of mind, I am like a broken 
veflell. 7. It is Satans policy to draw great men and Councel- 
lorsof State in tops with the godly, becaufe commonly whar 
great men efteem ot the godly ,t hat p lfleth for curratitj& it is Sa- 
tans policy firft to laden the godly with (landers, and then to per- 
fecute them to death, I beard thejlanders ofmanyjhcy toofi conn- 
fell together to lx\e away my life, 8. In a (harp triall a foul may 
be aflaulted with terrible tentations on all handstand feel terror 
and fighting within and without, fear, faith he, row on every 

Verf. 1 4. But 1 trufiedin thee, Lord^ Ifaid^thou 
art my God. 

1 5. My times are in thy hand xdelivtr me from the 
hand of mine enemies > and from them that ferjtcme 

1 6 Make thy face to fh'me upon thy fervant : faz? 
me for thj mnitsfakg* 17. Let 

PSAL. XXXI. 205 

1 7. Let me not be afbamed, Lord, for I have called 
1 upon thee : let the wicked be ajhamed.and let them be (i- 
lent in the grave* 

1 8. Let the lying lips be put to Jilence, which /pea^ 
grkvotu things proudly and contemptuously againft the 
right eon*. 

In the fourth place he wreftles by faith for delivery, and com- 
fort in the mean time till delivery come to himfelf, and difap- 
pointment to his enemies. Wence learn , 1. It is the nature of 
faith, and it is the believers duty, to oppofe help from God, unto 
all tentations, were they never fo many,as here 'David did, "But I 
truftedintbee^Lord. i. Except we hold faft the grip of our 
Covenant with God,and avow it before him truft will faile,and 
tentations readily prevail : much ufc.made David, of the Co- 
• venant in his ftrait,r faid^h ou art my QW. 3, Faith can make good 
chearofthe general grounds of Gods providence, by making ap- 
plication thereof to its prcfent ufe. The ditpenfations of all mens 
comforts and troubles, life and death are in G^ds hand, and not 
in mens power, tfzy times are in thy bandy faith David. 4. Be- 
caufe all power is in Gods hand, prayer to him will prevaile more 
for delivery from enemies,thenany means ^ ' zs^Veliver me from 
the hand of mine enemies ^and them that per ' ae me 4 5 . When tire 
cloud of trouble hideth the Lords favour th knoweth h may 
fhinc again, and therefore praveththi^.^n the cloud for diflol- 
Ting of it, ma^c thy face to Jhrne upon me. 6\ As we muff #11* 
dy to approve our felves to be the Lords fcrvants, by ttudying o- 
bedience to him ; So muft we make-grace and nothing elfe, fa\ e 
grace, the ground of cur hope to be helped, comforted, or faved. 
Shine upon thy [ervant> faith he, fave me for thy mercies fa\e\ 
7. As the humble prayer of the perfecuted godly, mail be granted 
and have efted ; So the proud brags, coloured calumnies, and 
threatnings of flanderOus and cruel adverfaries, (hall be Shame- 
fully refuted and difappointed s and if the enemies fh&ll no: ti- 
moufly ccafetopetfecute, they ihall be made to ceafe in their 
graves, Let me not be afhamed, for I h ave catted ontbcc$ tet the roic- 
k?d be afiamed, and made filcnt in their graves}, let lying lips be 
-put to filencc. which fpcati grievous things proudly and contempt 
tuoujly againfl the righteous. 

Veri. 19. O how great is thy goodnejfe^ which thoti 
haft laid up for them that fear thee ; which thoti haft 


206 PSAL. XXXI. 

wrought for them that truft in thee before the fonnes of 
men ! 

20, Thou /halt hide them in the fecret of thy prC- 
fence.from the pride of man : thottjhalt keep them fe- 
cret ly in a pavilion > from the Brife of tongues. 

2f. Blefjedbt the Lord, for he hathJbeVeed me hii 
marvellom kindneffe, in aflrong City. 

Comfort and deliverance being the anfwer of his prayer, he 
praifeth God, and ftirreth up the godly to fet their hearts on 
God, and truit in him at all times. VVbence learn, u The 
bounty of the Lord to his own people feen in the Word, obferved 
in the Lords ordinary difpenfation towards them, and felt in a 
mans own experience, is able to ravifh the heart with admiration 
of the blefledneffe of Gods people, as here, O ! bow great h thy 
goodnejfel z.Befide what confolation of fpint theLord gtveth to his 
own,theLord fometimes will manifefl h much refped in his pro- 
vidence to his fervants, that not only the godly,but alfothey who 
are but children of men will be forced to acknowledge the Lords 
lingular refpeel: to them,andbeude what theLovd belfoweth either 
inwardly or outwardly upon his own in this life; there is yet more 
laid up for afterward, for complcating of the bleffednefle in the 
life to come, How great u thy good?ie(fe, which thou haft laid up 
for them thxt far thec.whicb thou haft wrought for them tint truft 
in thee before ibefons of men I 34 How great peace of confeience 
before God, and comfort in the holy Ghoft,, the Lord can give a 
believer when he hath to do with proud open perfecuters, and 
privily whifperingftandererS; It is a fecret and hidmyfteryto 
the worldly man: This David defcribeth in a fimilitude taken 
from warfare, Thou fbdt hide them in the fecret of thy prefenec 
from the pride of man, thou fbalt ^ecp them fecret ly in a pavilion 
from tbeftrife of tongues. 4. As every beleever having gotten a> 
jiy experience of GodsgoodneiTe, fliould read it as a particular 
proof of fome general promifc made to the godly; fo fhould he 
fubferibethe truth of that promise, in favour of all beleevers, 
and blefle God for his own particular experience of it ; for fo 
doth the Prophet here, faying,tfe hatbflxwed bu kindneffe to me, 
that is, how kinde a God he is to his own, asinaftrong Qity y 
that is, preferved me inche wildernefie, as if I had been in the 
beft fenced City in the world, furnifhed with men, viftual and 
ajnunition in abundance, 


PSAL. XXXI. 207 

Verf. 22. For I faidinmine hafle , / am cut of 

from befere thine eyes : N evert he lejfe thon bear deft the 
voice ofmyfupplications^ ^hen I criedunto thee. 

Heconfeffeththegreatdiftrefshewas in, and how weak his 
faith was under the tentation 5 this he doth to his own fhame ac- 
knowledge alfo,that he may give the greater glory to God.Wbence 
learn, 1. The faith of the godly maybefhaken, and the ftrong- 
eft faith may fometime fhew its infirmity. I fiid intnyhajtejam 
cutoff from before thine eyes. z. Though faith be fhaken,yet 
it is fixed in the root,as a tree beaten by the winde,keeping ftrong 
grips of good ground ; Though faith feemeto yield, yet it fail- 
eth not, and even when it is at the wcakeft, it is uttering it fclf in 
fomc ad, as a wreftler; for here the expreffion o(Z)avids infirmi- 
ty in faith is directed to God, and his carneft prayer joyned with 
it, I am cut off from before thine eyes, ytt thou bear deft the voice of 
my fuf plications. $< Praying faith, how weak foever, mall not 
bemifregardedofGodjfor neverthelefs faith he, tbdu bcardeft 
the voice of my fuf plication + 4. There may be in a foul at one 
time both grief oppreffing, and hope upholding : both darknefs 
of trouble; and the light of faith, both defperately doubting r 
and ftrong griping of Gods truth and goodneis, both a fainting 
and a fighting > a fceming yeelding in the fight , and yet a ftri- 
ving of faith againft all oppofition; both a foolifhhafte, and a 
fettled ftayednefs of faith, as here, I [aid in my bafte, &?c. 

Verf, 23.O love the Lord, all ye his Saints * for the 
Lord pre ferveth the faithful , and plentiful^ rewarded 
the proud doer. 

24. Be of good courage , and he fhall ftrengtheny out 
\heart : all ye that hope in the Lord. 

Now he maketh farther ufe of his experience, in exhorcing alt 
the godly to follow his example, encouraging them yet with hope 
of like fuccefs. Whence learn, 1 . The gracious dealing of God 
with believers, mould glew their own hearts, and all ether Saints 
(hearts that hear of it, unto God in faith and Jove. O love the 
Lord all ye bis Saints, Re \>uitcth\ove for faith, becaufe it is in- 
separable from faith, and iaithworketh by love, and loveproveth 
1 the fincerity of faith, z The faithful man mall not want an up- 
holder, albeit he had no friends : for the Lord prefervetb the faith- 
ful. 3. The proud man fhall not want a purfuer, and one to be 
avenged on him for hispride and oppreffion, though all the world 



fliould let him alone, for the Lord, doth plentifully reward the 
proud doer. 4. Albeit oppolition be made unto a believer, yet 
muft he refift every thing which might put him back from fruit- 
ing in God 5 for it becometh a believer to be flout. Be of good 
courage. ? . Who fo aimeth at courage in the Lord, fhall be fur- 
niflied with ftrength to double out his undertaking of faith, 2?e 
0/ good courage , and be Jbatl Jireugtben your heart. 6. Hope 
grounded on the promife, muft be fixed, that our courage be fo 
founded, not our felves, but on the word of God, Be of good cou- 
rage My e that hope in the Lord. 


Ttavid in this Pfalm defcribeth the blefTednefTe 
of the man juftified by faith by way of general 
Do<3rine,fet down,verf. 1, 2. Which he cleaN 
eth by his own experience, verf. 3,4,5. Then he 
fheweth the ufes both of the genera} do$rin,& of 
his own experience; Firft, for inducing the godly, 
to go to God by prayer in trouble^.6. Secondly, 
for confirming of his own faith, verf. 7. Thirdly, 
for teaching all men fubmiffion to God, and not 
to ftrive with him when he doth corred or exer- 
cifethem, verf. $.9. Fourthly, for believing in 
God in all conditions, verf. 10. And fifthly, for 
making the Lord the joy and delight of the juftifi- 
ed man. 

MAfchil is put in the infeription of the Pfalm , fignifying 
inftru&ion, to teach us, That the Do&rine of juftification 
hy faith is a leflbn which all men had need to learn, and to learn 
more and more folidly 5 becaufe falvation and daily confoladon 
Jnall the exercifesof a mans foul dependeth on it. 

Verf. 1. O Lefedis hevihok tranfgreffion U for- 

O given , whofe fin U covered* 
% • Blefedls the mm unto Whom the Lord impttteth 



ftdt iniquity : and in who ft fpirit there is no guile. 

IN the Doctrine fe: down in the two venes ; Leim, 1. That 
finne draweth on a debt which no rrian can fatisfie for : fuch ^ 
debt ,as a nian muft perim, if i: be rtot forgiven. 1. Sin is a fil- 
thinefk, which neither God can behcla, without abominating 
the (inner, nor the guilty confeience can look upon without hor- 
ror, accept it be covered. $.Sinne draweth on a guiltineHe,which 
may draw men to damnation if it (hail be imputed. 4. There 
is no juftification of a (inner by his good works before God, but 
only by the fdrgiveneife of his evill works, as the Apoftle, Rom. 
4. 6 } 7 , 8. citing this place, proveth, Blcffedis he wb'ofe tranf- 
greffioii is forgiven. 5. Juftification by faith, or remiflion gf 
fins is accompanied with right urito falvatidn, becaufe it is writ- 
ten, Blejfed is the mm wbofe tranfgrejfibn is forgiven. 6. Juftifi* 
cation by faith, or abfolution from fin, is accompanied ilfp with 
the upright endeavour of fan&ification $ for of die jultified man 
" t is faidj Blejfed is the mm in wbofe fpi it there is kg guile* 7- Al- 
beit nb man liveth and finneth not,yet God hath away to cleanfe 
the confeience of the upright man, who honeftly and without 
guile., endeavdureth to walk before God, by bringing him to give' 
account of his d^bt, and to acknowledge his filthinefte, and his 
guild nefie before Godj and then for Ghriils fake forgiving bim, 
and with Ch.ifo righteoufnefle covering him,m& for Chrifts me* 
diation, not imputing iniquity unto him. 

yerfij}. When I kept fierce i my bones Waxed old\ 
through my rooting all the day long. 

Verf. 4* For day and night thy hand Wat heavie up* 
tin nte : my moyfltire ti turned into the drought of Sum- 
rner. Selah* 

He declareth this Doctrine by his own experience, how Gbd$ 
wrath never left perilling of him, till he came, to iriake ufe of this 
doc"fcrine,acknowledging his fin,& fleeing to the benefit of reaaif- 
fionof(in,for the blood of the MefTxah, the Lamb flain from the 
beginning of the World, in the fymbole of the expiatory facrifice 
then daily offered for (in. IPlience leirn, 1. That man is fitteft 
to fpeakof the Doftrine of mans (in and mifery, and of Gods free 
grace and mercy, who hath felt the bitte'-nefle of fin and wrath, 
andthefweetnefieof Gods grace by experience of Gods pardon, 
therefore is 'this Doftrine recommended to the Kkk by 25*W X V 


Who had felt both. 2. Ajuftified man who knoweth the Do* 
ftrine of Juftification by faith inChrift, poflibly, yea readily, 
may forget to make ufe of this precious truth, when he hath moft 
need of it, being under guiltinefTe, and the prenure alfq of Gocls 
fatherlywrath for it ; for 'David for a while being in this con- 
dition, was Clients and came not effat firfl to feek relief, the right 
way : for he kept lilence. and did not come to the acknowledge- 
ment of his fin, but was taken up only with the fenfe of the Rod, 
3 . When the Lord is about to make his childe fenfible of his fins, 
and of the acceflity of a free remiffion of them, through the Me-*, he can awake the confeience of (in, by the fenfe ot fad 
affliction, and can encreafe the heat of the furnace , and make his 
childe roare for iorrow and paine, and thereby weaken his natu- 
ral ftrength ; and wafte his fpirits and his flefh, and his bones, and 
4ri ye him to deaths dorc,till he make ufe of the Doctrine of Jufti- 
fication, or remiffion of fin by faith in God the Redeemer ; This 
was Davids cafe, when he \cpt fiiencc, bis bones waxed obd^ Godf 
band w 06 beavie upon him. night and day, and the fap of his body, 
wasdriedup as a piece of moift earth is dried in the drought of 

Verf. 5. I acknowledged my finne unto thee: and 
mine iniqmtj have I not hid : lfaid^ I will confejfe my 
tranfgrejfions unto the Lord, and thouforgaveft the ini- 
quity of my fin. Selah. 

At laft the Lord led him to the right remedy, points out r thc 
way unto him of humiliation, and confeffion of fin, and feeking 
of mercy, as it is prefcribed in the Word, and fo he was relieved. 
Whence learn, 1. Before the Lord let his chiide go from under 
the Rod; after he hath given him an efiay of himfelf, and of his 
own way how unprofitable it is, he will brins; him about to the 
right way of relief, as here »ve fee. 2, . The onely way to quiet the 
conscience, to pacific wrath, and remove judgement, is ingenu- 
ously to confeUe fin, and to aggravate it fincerely (laying afide 
extenuations, excufes, and fubterfuges , for juiWying of Gods 
dealing with us, and for humiliation of our own felves before 
him,,) and to fiie to Gods mercy, laying out all before him, as 
before a gracious God, who doth purfue controverfies with his 
own, only to th'intetlt, that they may make peace with him in the; 
Med lap our, and fo be reconciled. So did David, b e acknowledg- 
ed his fin, and that unto God, be. not hid bis iniquity. 3. Re- 
conciliation with God, and renewing our peace is ready at hand* 



Men We take the right way (asisfaico) to be delivered , for fd 
foone as David refolved upon this coune>and faid, be would cm- 
fcffe, it followeth, Thou jorgxvefl the iniquity ofmyfih. 

Ycrf, 6. For tbisjhall everv one m godly fr^ty 
untathee^ in a time when thou maicft b* found \ furely 
in the floods of great waters^ they Jhall not come nigbun- 
to htm, 

The Gift ufe of this Doctrine and of Davids experience is to 
teach othc 1 s how to behave thcmfclvcs in their trouble. Whence 
team, i. The Doctrine of Juitirication by gracious forgiving 
iniquity, is the ground of all the goalies approaches to God, and 
right Worfhipping of him^ for to {hew the life of this Doctrine, 
thus tried by experience, he faith, Every goiy one ftall pray unto 
tike* z. There is a tims when God may be found, to wit, fd 
long as God is offering grace, and fparing extremky of wrathj 
which time men ought to lay hold on, not knowing how fhorn 
while it may laft. They mall pray in a time when thou maye/t be 

I found. 3 . It is poffible, that a godly man may be in the middeft 
of the waters of fore troubles, and yet theie troubles not come near 
Unto him, becaufe God can furnilh the man an Arke in Chriitj 
whereby he (hall fwim above the delug.e : and when God keep- 

I cth off trouble, that it proveth not hurtful, (much more when he 
maketh trouble a means of fpi ritual good to a man, andgiveththe 
man true peace and contentment in himfelf) it is verified wh3t 

( ispromifedherc, Surely in the floods of great waters they jhall 

, Tioi come near him. 

Verf* J. Thouatt my hiking pLtce, thou Jh.ilt pre- 
serve me frorh trouble : thou fhdt cotnpaffe Me about 

1 with fongs ofddiverance* Selah. 

From the fecond u'e wherein T>avid conflnr-eth his own faitti 
for time to come. Learn, i . Experience of Gods mercies by-gone 
fhoyld faftcn refolution,to make ufe of faith hereafter in all trou- 

'ties, as here. 2, The godly after one trouble, mould prepare for 
another, after one delivery expect another, as here. 3. What 
God hath proved himfelf torbe to us before, we may promife, he 
fhall be the fame to us in effect hereafter,becaufe he is that by Ccv 
venant and promife to us, what in practice we have found him to 

be; for D<ra"rf reafoneth thus, Thou art mine hiiing pla;c, thou 

f;alt prefcrve me from trouble, that is, I fhall have no dammage 

by trouble, as is {aid. 4 A juilinedfoul refolving to make ufe 

P x of 


of God in every' condition that can come unto him, accordi ng to 
the Covenant, may piomile to himfelf a comfcrtable out-gate of 
all his troubles, and matter of praife and joy from God on all 
hands, yea, he may confidently fay with Vavid, Tbou fait com- 
pajfe me about with joyful deliverance. 

Verf. 8. Iwiilinjirtillthee^ a<d teach thee in the 
way which thou fh.ilt go \ I will gtiide thee with mint 

p. He ye not as the horfe > or as the mule which have 
nounderftaxd'wg: whofc month muft be be/din With bit 
and bridle^ left they come, neer unto thee. 

From the third ufe of teaching others to be wife, by his exam- 
ficpLeaniy 1. The right me of experience is to edifie others as 
our calling requirethj when we are converted,we fhoula ftrength- 
cn our brethren, tor this Vavid doth, I will inflnitt thce,'tyc* 
2. When we have he.ud how others have been afilicled,we fhould 
be wifer, and take infttudion by their example, that we ftrive 
not with God,but fubmit cur felves under his hand, acknowledge 
our fins, and feeiV mercy of him : Be not m the horfe or the mule, 
"^.Whofcever will not fubmit unto God, and feek unto his favour, 
fliall finde them felves fo much the more hardly dealt with, as horfe 
and mules are bound in with bit and bridle. 

Verf. io» Many for rows (hall be to the Vvicked-.but 
he that truftethin the Lord , mercy Jhall compare him 
about \ 

¥rom the fourth ufe of maintaining a courfe of adhering to 
God in all conditions, becaufe it fhall be better with the belie- 
ver, then with the wicked 5 Lcarn y 1. There is no advantage to 
be had by repining againft God, only the multiplication of for- 
rows mall follow thereupon, (in upon lin,wrath upon w:ath,judg£- 
ment upon judgement ; nr.d after temporal evils, everlafting mall 
follow, for miv.y [orrowsfall be to the wicked. 2. Not repining 
againft God, taking with our chafti fern ems, acknowledging of 
our fins in our affliction 5 feeking in to Gods mercy, and leaning 
unto him, putteth difference between the wicked and the godly; 
for here the believer is fct in oppofition to the wicked,and to the 
man that is like a horfe or mules for he is called the man that. 
truftetb in the Lord. $. Whatfoever temation, trouble, or oppo- 
fition, ftiall make affault againft the believer > mercy (hall make 



the defence, and (hall give the deliverance on all hands., /or mercy 
Ji?all compajfebim about. 

Vcrfe II. Be glad in the Lord^ and rejojc y ye 
righteous : andftom for joy^all jt that are upright in 

From the lafi ufe of making God oik joy and delight; Learn % 

j. Such as underihnd the way of J uftirkarion by grace, and 

have fled to Goi tor pardon of tin, and fo are juftified, have 

great matter of rejoycing, and fiiouM make crinfeience to ue- 

1 Joyce in God : for to them it is h[d,Rcjoyce,yc righicom. 1. The 

juftified. man is no counterfeit u\ :he marter cf Religion, 

nor hypocrite .in the mat- cr of outward obedience to the 

Lords Law, He is a righteous min, be is upright in heart'. $.The 

matter of his joy and triumphing ii the Lo.d nitnfelf, his grace, 

• his good-will^ his Covenant, hispromiie, and cor; A .1 at kindc- 

,ncfle and mercy, for it is (aid to them, Be gtai in tbe'Lord. 


■ This Pfalm in Gods Providence hath no Xnferipti* 
on, as alfo many others have none; that we may 
look upon holy Scriptures as altogether indirect 
ofGod, and not put price upon it, for the Wri- 
ters thereof, whether their name be expreiled or 
not. In it there is firft an exhortation to praife 
God, ver. 1,2,3. for his powerful, wife, and 
righteous government of all things in general, 
2w. 4, 5. and more fpecially for his powerful 
guiding the works of Creation, ver. 6 9 7. Se- 
condly, an exhortation, as to praife God, fo alfo 
tofearehim, for his Omnipotency, and hispow* 
frful over-ruling and difappointing all the devi- 
ces of men againft his Kirk, and his powerful exe- 
cuting all his own will, ver. g, 9, 1 o, 11. Thirdly, 
a proclaiming the bleflednefle of the Lords Kirli 
and People, and of Gods praifes in reaching his 
Providence over all the wpcld, in favours of hi§ 
P 3 People, 


people, vzr. 72,13, 14, 1-. InfpeciaLfordifap- 
pointing and evacuating a$l vainc confidences of 
men, great and fmall, who do not truft in him, 
ver. 16, 17. and taking care of fucb as fear him, 
and truft inhim,to deliver them from all evil,wr. 
18,19. Fourthly, the ufe is fet down which the 
godly do make of this do,ftrine, and fong of 
praife ? wr. 20, 21, 22. 

Verfe I.T3 Bjoyceinthe Lord, je righteous : for 
JLv praife is comely for the upright. 

2. Praife the Lord tyith Harp : fing unto him with 
$he I [alley y , and an inflrnment of ten firings* 

3. Sing unto him anew Song, play skilfully with 4 
loud noije. 

FRom the exhortation made to the godly to praife God, 
Leirne^ 1 ♦ That to rejoyce in God is a point of praifing of 
him tor it is here expounded to be praife ; 3{pjoyce in the Lord, 
faith he^ for praife h comely, 2. Albeit all be bound to praife 
God} yet none will do it chearfully and acceptably, fave only 
the godly; 7{cjoyce, ye righteous. 3. There is no excrcife more 
becoming the godly, thenprailing of God, whether we look to 
the object of the praife, which is Gad, or whether we look to 
their obligation above all People in the world; For praife is 
comely to the upright. 4. There is no excrcife whereunto we 
had more need to beftirrcdup, then to praife 5 fuch is our dul- 
neiTe, and fuch is the excellency and neceffity of the work, as 
the Ceremonial ufe of-mufical instruments in the paedagogie of 
Mofes,did fignifie and import, the religious ufe whereof albeit 
it be taken away, with the reft of the Ceremonial Law; (the 
natural or civil ufe thereof remaining ftill the fame, both before 
the Ceremonial Law and after it,) yet the thing figni6ed 3 
which is the^bending all the powers of our foul and body to, 
praife God, is net taken away, and this neceffity of our up-ftir- 
ring is imported in a threefold exhortation. $ t The praifes of 
the Lord, being well confidered, will yield continually new, 
matter, and frcm delight in the work. Sing unto]rim> faith he, 
4 new Song, - ( Verfe 


Verfe 4. For the Wordof the Lord is right : and 
all hid works are done in truth. 

5. He loieth righteoufnefe And judgement: the 
earth ts full of the goodne jfe of the Lord. 

From the arguments of praife taken from his good govern- 
ing of all thinps in the general. Lcarnc, i«The power- 
ful appointment of what is done in the world , and the ex- 
ecution thereof in effect, is moft holy, juft and equitable, that 
the creatures are fo ranked as they are, fome of them fuperiour, 
fome inferiour > fomeof them ruling, fome of them ferving S 
fome of them ftronger, fome weaker ; fome of them agreeing to 
other, fome of them difagreeing one from another $ fome of 
them feeding upon, and others of them made food and prey 
toorhers; all making up a harmony of well ruled concords and 
iiifcords, all is done well and equitable ; for, The IVord of the 
Lord is rights and all his worses are done in truth. ~2 . The Lord 
cannot but do juftly, becaufe his nature is fuch, Helovtthrigh^ 
tcoufneffe a?id judgement. $. ThcLeisnopartof thewprld we 
can fee our eyes upon, but it fpeaketh praife to God for lis 
bounty to his creatures, and fpecially to man. The earth is full 
o f the goodne ffe of the Lord. 

Verfe 6. By the word of the Lord were the heavens 
- made : and all the hofte of them, by the breath ofh* 
j mouth. 

7. He gatherethtbe waters of the Sea together as 
I an heap, he layeth up the depth in fiore-honfes. 

From the Works of Creation. Learn, i. The omni potency 

and wifdomofQod in creating heaven and earth,and all things 

of nothing -> as they do praife God, fo alfo do they prove the 

power and righteoufneiTe of his governing them. 'BythcJVorA 

cf the Lord the heavens wcrcmidc. i. How eafie a thing it is 

; to God, to govern and guide the World well., appeireth by his 

making of all things at a word, He made all the bofle of them 

\fy the breath of his mouth , and it can coil: him no more to up- 

holdand rule them at hispleafure. $• He is able to ward off 

whatfoever evil can befal us ; lor he gathers the writers of the 

ifcaatanhcapywhich naturally would over-flow the earth, 4 Hs 

! hath more bands over cur heads to ke:p us in fear, and all b:forc 

| him, and amongft the reft, He Liyctb up the deep in (icrc-houfct^ 

' to let them loofe, whbi and where* and how fane he pka- 

I fetlu p 4 ycrU 


Verfc 8. Let all the earth feare the Lord : let all 
the inhabitants of the world fland in afte of him. 

p. For he fpake > and it Was done , he commanded^ and 
it ftoodfaft. 

10. The Lord bringeth thecomfelofthe heathen to 
nought : he maketh the devices of the people of none 

11. The coHnfeloftheLordflmdethfor ever, the 
thwghts of his heart to all generations* 

In the fecond place, he exhorteth as to praife, fo alfo to fear 
him. Whence learn, i. The right ufe of the works of Creation 
is, to take up, how glorious and how dreadful the Creator of 
them is, and to bettj e to offend him, Let all the earth feare he-* 
fore the Lord. i. ^Jo man on earth is exempted trcmGods 
judgement, when he -a^fgrcifah Gods Law, albei'hebe with- 
out the Kirk: Let all the inhabitants of, the world ft and in arc e 
of him. j. His omnipotency manifefted in framing and fee- 
ling the frame otthe world at a wo;d : fhould move men to 
feare him i fojc it is given for a reafon to fcare him, Becaufc 
heffdhpy an <t it was done > he commanded? 'and it ftoo \ faft* 
4. Such as feare not God, hive many devices of their owne, 
laowto make themfclves bletfed, and how to overturn his Kirk 
and People; but Goddifappointeth them of their defigne, both 
i n the one and in the other ; He bringeth the counfel of the Hex - 
then to nought , and he maketh the devices of the people of none 
effect, and therefore all ihouid feare him. 5. The whole woik 
o£ the Lards Providence, from the beginning of the wovld to 
the end thereof, is all at once before his eyes, and all the Lords, 
work is deliberately fixed by him $ Tbccounfel.of the Lord (land- 
cth for ever. 6 . T4ie Lord goeth on in executing of his deter- 
minate refolution, from nne generation to another, without 
being fruftrateof his<purpofeinany thing, kfle or more at a-? 
nytime: The counfelof the Lord ftandctb forever, the thoughts, 
of his I. art to all. generations. 7. Such as follow Gods dire-, 
ttion, do obey his revealed Will* do take thecourfe let down 
by him in his Word, for their reconciliation with him, through 
the Tylcfliah Chrift, anddofet his Word before them, to be the 
rule of their faith and obedience, cannot be difappointel of 
what is promifed byGodin his revealed m\\,FortbccounfclofthQ, 
Lord, fiandcthfer ever, and the thoughts of his heart tQ allgeneri- 
thus. « -Verfi 


Verfc 12. Bleffed is the Nation whofe Cod is the 
Zord : an&the Teop'e whom he hath chofen for his oVvn 

1 3 - The Lord looketh from Heaven : he beholdeth 
all the fonnes of men. 

14. From the f lace of his habitation, he looketh up^ 
on all the inhabitants of the earth. 

15. He fafhioneth their hearts alike ; he con ft- 
dereth aU their Works* 

In the third place he fheweth the blefTednefle of Gods people 3 
in order to his pnife who hath chofen them, and wno doth dif- 
pofcof all things tothei<: behoof. Whence learn, u Of all the 
people on the earth, the Lord hath only entered in Cove- 
nant with his Kirk, to be their God in a peculiar way j for here, 
There is a Ration whofc God is the Lord. 2. Such as dc lay hold 
on God as their God, are the only bierTed peopicin the wc rid; 
foritisfaid, Blejfed utbat Union, who fc God U the Lord, 
3-Suchasinthefenfc of their own fin and mifery, and consi- 
deration of the vanity of all things befide God, have chofen 
Gad for their God, to live in Communion w th him, they 
have evidence of their Election, for they are here called*, The 
people whom he kith chofen* 4« Such People, as is faid, are 
that peculiar portion of the world, which God hath lee apart for 
himfelfto draw the rent of his glory in the woild by them, and 
from them in a fpecial way, and whom he will keep in his 
poffeflion for ever, and not fuffer him felt to be bereft of them; 
For they are the People whom he huh chofen for his inheritance^ 
$. Though the Kirk be the only inheritance cf God, yet the 
reft of the world is the object of his wife* holy and powerful pro- 
vidence, no lefie then the Kirk, The Lord loofah down from 
heaven), and beholds all the fonnes of men. 6. There cannot 
be a plot on earth againft G:ds Kirk, but God is privy to it, and 
knoweth it perfectly * for from the place of his habitation, be look- 
eth on all the inhabitants of the earth 7. The L id cannot be 
ignorant of the moftlecret device ofmen, bene: or worfe, be- 
caufehe is the Miker of the hearts of all men, He fafiionetb their 
hearts alike, (trut is, the heart of one as well as of another) be 
govfidcreth all their wor^s, that he may make, of them what 
ne will, 8. Men had necJ tocoofider ^hereupon their heart is 
fetj, and what couife they are upon, and what work they are a- 



bout, for he knoweth the heart, and confidemb every mans 

Verfc 1 6. There u no King fayed by the multitude 
cj an hofie: a mighty man is not delivered by much 

17. Ankorfeisa v*ine thing for fafety ; neither , 
fh.tllhe deliver any by his great ftrength. 

1 8. Behold the eye of the Lord is upon them that 
feare him : upon them that hope in hU mercy : 

19. To deliver their foul from death, and to keep 
them alive in famine. 

Here he fets at naught all the carnal confidence of men, that 
his People may neither feare their enemies, nor truftin then- 
own furniture, and preferreth milling in God, to all carnal 
confidence whatfoever. Whence learn, t. Trufting in meanes, 
(fuch as a mans ftrength, and the afliftance of other mentor 0- 
ther creatures,) is an errour fo natural, and fixed, as it had 
need to be refuted by God, who hath fair 1 , that they are a vaine 
confidence tolcane unto, which cannot deli ver a man. There U 
no Ki n g faed h the multitude of an hiflc, a mighty mm 
is not delivered, by much (ircngtb, and a horfe is a vaine thing for 
fafety : And the actual fruftrating of mens hopes, to be helped 
by authority, ftrength, or external helpes, mould teach men not 
toleaneto them, when they are making ufe of them. 2. The 
man that beleeveth in God, and fearethhim, is in a more fafe 
condition, then the wicked in all their power and riches: Be- 
boldy the eye of the Lord is upon them that feare bim, and hope in 
his mercy to deliver them* 3. The whole perfection of a Chri- 
ftian life is comprised in thefe two, trufting in Gods mercy, 
and fearing him : for this is the defcription here of the Elect, 
and blelfeaman. 4. The godly cannot fecure thcmfe}ves from 
being brought in ftraits and neceffities, but may be five that 
God mail have a care of them in their necefliues, and give 
them ableffed out- gare out of them all, For bis eye is on them 9 
to deliver them from death ? and to b L eep them alive in famine. 

Verf. 20. Our foul waiteth for the Lord 3 he is our 
help and curfhield. 

2 1 . For our heart fhall rejojee in him j becaufe we 
have ttufted in his holy Name. 

22. Let 


II. Let thy mercy {0 Lord) be upon us -.according 
as rre hope in thee. 

In the laft place is fet down the ufeof this doctrine, which 
the godly fhould make of it. Whence learn, 1 . All the points 
of the Lords piaifc, are props of the Saints faith, and grounds 
of their hope, as this Conclufion drawn from this long of 

Eraife, doth mew : Our foul waitcth for the Lord , (pc. 2. Every 
elcever may rejoyce, and promife tohimfelfcaufe ofrejoycing 
through faith in his name. Our hearts ft all re)oyctin him, bc- 
caujc voe have trujled in him. 3 . Faith alwayes diflferenceth it 
fe If from preemption, by praying for what is promifed, / et thy 
mercy be uponvA, fay the Believers. 4. Bccaufe the hope of 
the godly is grounded upon Gods promifes, therefore it (hall 
not be disappointed, But Gods mercy ft all be on them, according 
as they hope in him. 


A V>*\me of 2)avid, when he changed his behaviour before A- 
bimclecb) and he drove Hmmay^andhc departed. 

In this Pfalme David praifeth God, for his delivery 
from the King of gat h 9 and exhorteth others to 
praifeGod with him, for his experience of Gods 
mercy, ver. I, 2,3,4. 5,£. Then for making 
farther u(e of this mercy, he gives out general 
do&rines concerning Gods prote&ion and care 
of his children, with the ufes thereof, wr.7,8, 
9,10. Thirdly, he givcth counfel how to lead 
ableffed life, wr. 1?, 12, 13, 14. Fourthly, 
he enforceth his counfel by promifes to the god- 
ly, who obey Gods counfel, andthreatnings to 
the wicked man,who obeyeth notyzw. 15, 16, 1 7, 
18, 19, 20,21,22. 

FRomthc-Infcription m learn, 1. That it is to *ood pur- 
pofe toobtevcfpccial mercies, in a ipecial manner, and to 



note the circumftances thereof as here is done, 2. And that 
men in a prepofterous fear, flying from onhanger, may fall 
in another worfe, as David did, when he fled into an unhallow- 
ed place, amongft Gods enemies for fear of Saul, he fallcth in 
Abimckcb or Acbifh hinds. $. And that God pitieth the in- 
firmity of his children and gives fucceile, whiles to weak and 
unthrifty -mitts, as hcYtwhenTlavid changed his behaviour y he 
efcaped. 4. That God can and doth difpoje of mens hearts, 
as he hath a mindeto work by them, for he dad move the heart 
of Acbijh not to take notice of David, otherwife then of a di- 
ftracted man. 

Verfe I,T Will blejfe the Lord at all timet: his 
\praife{h&\\ continually be inmymwth. 
2. jMj foul jbdl make her boajl in the Lord : the 
humble Jbdlheare thereof and be glad. 

HEpromifeth here for his own part to praife God for the 
mercy received : Whence learn, 1. As no mercy mould be 
mifregarded, fo, notable mercies mould be fpecially remember- 
ed, and God blefled for the fame, 2. It is a point of thank- 
fulneflc, to take all occafions to fpeakof God toother, His 
praife Jhall be continually in my mouth. J. Whatfoever be our 
condition in our felves,matter of gloriation in God fliali never bt 
wanting to the believer, and this gloriation is a duty and a point 
of praifing G od, My foulejball maf^e bc^boafi in the Lord. 4. On- 
ly humble fouls fenfiblc of their own weaknefs are the people 
who doreap benefit by Gods mercies, beftowed on others and 
themfclvcs : The bumble Jhall bear e and be glad. 

Verfe 3 • O magnifie the Lord with me % and let us 
exalt his Name together. 

4. 1 fought the Lord, and he heard me y and deli- 
vered me from allmjfeares. 

He exhorteth others to praife God with hirn,magnifying him 
for his greatnefs, and exalting him for his highneffe. Whence 
Uarn 5 i.The Saints are obliged to help one another in praifesas 
well as in prayer: albeit it cometh to pafie that many do crave 
the aide of others prayers, who call not for their help to praife ; 
for here it is, Let m exalt bis name together. 2. B y Prayer the 
£ord is fought and found 5 and it is no fmall matter of comfort to 



as, and glory to God, that our prayer is regarded : I fought the 
Lord, faith he, and he beard me. 3 . The fear of what is like to be, 
fliould not hinder prayer, for the fears of the godly, are not cer- 
taine prophecies : for God can deliver cut of them all, He deliver- 
ed mean of all my fcarcs. 

Verf. 5. They looked unto him and were lightened : 
and their faces were not ajhwud. 

6. Thi4foor%an cried, and the Lord heard him, 
andfavedhimout of all his troubles. 

He is glad and commendetb Gods goodneflc to him for the 
fruit of this mercy to other believers. Whence learn, r »One mans 
experience may be an encou' agemenc to many, to run to God for 
the like sinus. This David rbrefeeth mall be the fruit of Gods 
mercy to him, when men f.cing him delivercd,fhail look to God, 
and take comfort, and confidence by this m:ans. Tbcy loo\eio% t 
him, that is, on D avid, and fo may we on Chrift (reprefented by 
him) and at the fulnelTe of the Godhead dwelling in Chrift J So 
they were lighrened, and thus comforted in the middeft of the 
darknefTe o; their troubles : and their faces roere not ajlumed 5 be- 
caufe of confidence raifed by this experience, rhat they fhoukl 
finde die like mercy, when they ftcod in need. 2. The way to 
make belt ufe of the example of Gods mercy to anyperfonfet 
down in Scripture, or which fall forth in our time,, or are made 
certainly known to us any way, is to look upon them, not as they 
differ from us or cur condition,but as'they draw ncareft in fimili- 
tuctetous, and unto tbe mean condition we are into, for fo do the 
Saints look on David, laying, Not this ra< e Saint David or this 
great prophet David, or this holy man David, who was according 
to Gods heart; but this p;or man David cried, and the Lord heard 
bim,and faved him out of all bis troubles. 

Verf, 7. ^heiAngel of the Lord encamfeth round 
About them th^tjfear htm, and deliver eth them. 

8. tafle and fee that the Lord is good : bleffed is 
the man that trufieth in him. 

In the next place are fet down general Doctrines concerning 
Gods care of believers, to £iote& and feed them; and tbeufcs 
thereof; To trull aad fear Cod. Whence learn, 1, A right 
fight of Gods dealing with a mans own feif, will give him great 
light about the Lord* manner of dealing whh others, his chil- 

422 1>SAL. XXXIV. 

dren, as here. 2. Though the godly walk among foes, and be 
in a continual warfare, yet they are well looked to and guarded. 
The Angel of the Lord encampeth round about them. 3 . The fenfe 
of Gods mercy and goodneile, is the fweeteft thing that ever was 
felt,and is able to feafonthc bittereft cup that ever a believer drank 
o(: Tafte and fee that the Lord is good, 4. By faith is the tafte 
of this fweetnefle gotten: for blcffed is the man that trilfts in him* 
5. All that the believer can attain to in this life of (piritual con- 
solation, whether by faith or experience fweetened with lively 
comforts of the holy Ghoft, is but a tafte in comparifon of what 
is to be had hereafter,and yet that tafte, O how fwecc a joy , un- 
speakable and full of glory is it ! . tafte and jce that the Lord is 
good. 6. Affliction purgeth the tafte of the believer, and a foul 
driven from all worldly helps, is but fitted for exercifing (piritual 
fenfes, as here we fee, Ttavids tafte is purged well after trouble. 
7. As God is very communicative of his goodneife, and offereth 
himfelf to men to be taken a proof of : fo alio gracious fouls do 
wifti and invite others to fhare with them in whatfoever grace 
the Lord doth bellow on them, as David doth here, faying to alii 
•C tafte and fee. 8. Albeit this Iweetnelfe be not found at the 
firft out-putting of faiths yet let faith reft on God, and it Shall 
feel in due time^ for bleffed is he that putteth his truft in God$ yea, 
faith it felf is a tafte of that grace that is in God, 

Verf. c* O fear the Lord ^je his Saints -for there is 
no want to them that fedr him. 

lo 4 The young lions do lack,, and f&jfer hunger i 
hut they that fee^ the Lord, Jha/l not want any good 


Another Doctrine concerning Gods care to ked and provide 
for all neceffary furniture, unto the believer, with the itfe thereof, 
which is to fear God. Whence learn. 1 . True believers in God 
muft ftudy holinefs, for evidencing of their faiths for therefore 
are they called Saints, and his Saints. 2. The fear of the Lord 
is the property of the Saints, whereby they are fet on work to do 
what the Lord commandeth, and to forbear what he forbiddeth; 
and no bonds of inclination, counfel, example, lawes, feare of 
fliame, or puniihment from men, are able to keep a man in order 
when he meeteth with a fit tentation to fin, but the fear of God 
reftraineth the man both outwardly and inwardly, in fecret, and 
oj>en ; alwaye > ajid every where j and whatfoever meafure of ho- 


ly fear the Saints have attained unto, yet may they be exhorted, 
and rauft hearken unto exhortation, to grow in this grace: O 
fear the 'Lord \ye bit Saints. 3. Such as fear God, need not to 
want any neccffary furniture in Gods fervice, for there is ?io want 
to them that fear him. 4- Proud oppreflbrs , wealthy and potent 
Princes, that truft in their own power, fhall not be fo fure of their 
own Handing and furniture, as the meaneft of true believers are. 
The lien* do lack Md fujfer hunger, but they that feeli the Lori 
fiall not want. Though the godly may want many earthly things, 
yet fhall they have food and raiment, and fhall not want any good 
thing. 6, The right fort of fearing of God, and labouring for 
more and more near communion with him, are infeparable pro- 
perties of the Saints, for they that are called Saints, are called here 
fearers of him, and feeders of him alio. 

Vcrf. it. Qome^je children, hearken mto me J will 
teach j on the fear of the Lord. 

12. what man u he that dejtreth life: and lovsth 
many day es : that he may fee. good? 

13. Keep thy tongue from evill, and thy lips from 
freaking guile. 

14. Depart from evill, and do good: feek^feace y and 
fttrfue it. 

In the third place, he giveth direction how a man mall live 
blefledly, by evidencing thefincerity of the fear of God inhim,, 
which is a grace infeparable from faith in God, manifeiling k 
feW in obedience to hiscommand§. whence learn, 1. There mould 
be fuch mutual love and refpect between .the teacher and the peo- 
ple taught, as is between parents and children $ yea, God in his 
fcrvants offereth himfel fas a father ready to ihftfuq his vifible 
Kirk, as hist hild'venr Qome, ye children, faith he, and hearken 
y.ntome. 1. The true tear of God is the way to live blefledly in 
this life 5 where mifery moil aboundeth, and this mould be a 
motive to feek after this grace, for it is asked here, What man is he 
that defirctb life, &c? and then the way to attain to it, is Cqz down 
in fome paiticulars-of the fear of God, as the infeparable compa- 
nions oi faith in God. 3. The true {tax of God muft- evidence 
it felt by the fruits thercof,fuch as are the ruling of mans tongue, 
and of the reft of the outward man;efchewing whatioever.theLord 
forbids, and endeavouring every good duty which God corn- 
nundeth ; and the keeping peace with all men (0 farre as in us li- 


2*4 P P A JU XXXIV- 

eth,for fo doth the Prophets words bear >verf. 13, 14. This is the 
evidence of the fear of God in effect, when fuch outward works 
proceed from inward principles of faviiig grace; 

Verf. 15 . The eyes of the Lord are upon the rights 
cm : and his ears are open unto their cry, 

16 * The face of the Lord is agAinfi them that do cviU 
to cut off the remembrance of them from the earth* 

Inthelaft place he prefleth this Doctrine by (hewing the pr£^ 
viledges of the righteous, and the miferable ftate of the wicked* 
fetting the one againit the other, in oppofition thrice; In the fir- 
terrf. It is a good means to keep our hearts in the fear of G , 
to confider the gain of godlineffej and the dammage and danger of 
wickednes, as here they are fet in oppofition . i.Such as have their 
eye upon God and his word, for righteoufneffe and life^ may be 
fureof the watchful eye of God on them, for their direction in 
their way, their confolation in their grief, and deliverance out 
of trouble,* for, The ryes oft \ e Lo. d are upon the righteous, $ . As 
the righteous lend their ea<estoGods word, to his promifes and 
precepts : (p the Lord lendeth his eare to their fuppli cations 
And defires, Bis earn art open to their cry. 4. On the other hand, 
as the wicked, who feare not God, fet their face to do e/il, and 
to tranfgrefle Gods commands fo God (hall fet his face againft 
them, to be avenged upon them, The face of thd Lord is again ft- 
them that do evil. $ , The only happinefle which the wicked man 
feeketh, istohaverihes, honour and pleafure in the earthy and - 
to have his own name in eilimation among men thereafter, and 
thefe things alfo, befide the loffe of heaven (hall be taken front 
him, and his temporal life withal ; for the face of the Lord /> 
againfl them jto cut of 3 the remembrance ftom the earth* 

Verie 17. The righteous cry, and the Lord bear- 
ith, and deliver eth them out of all their troubles. 

■184 The Lord is nigh am them that are of a broken 
heart : andfaveth fuchds be of a contrite fpir it* 

19, CMariy are the afflictions of the righuotu : but 
the Lord delivereth him out of them all. 

20, He keepeth all hU bones ; not one of them is 
broken. - ' "ft 

21. Evil fbaU fay the wicked, and they that hate th# 
right eow {hall be de folate* 



Vcrfe 17. The righteous crie , and the LOBX> 
beareth, and delivereth them out of all their 

1 5. The Lord is nigh unto them that are of d 
broken heart: and faveih [uch at be of a contrite 

19. Many are the afjlittions of the righteous % 
hut the Lord deliver eth him out of them all. 
. 20. He keepeth all his bones : not one of them is 

21. Evil [hall Jlaj the wicked-, and they that hate 
the righteous, fldll be de folate. 

Another oppofition , of the good appointed for the godly* and 
the evill appointed for the wicked. Wherein learn , i. The 
Lord putteth the godly to trouble > and by trouble putteh them 
tOthtVr prayers 3 and delayes anfwer till the need be great; and 
then they do cry to the Lord, and then he giveth evidence of 
his hearing 3 and iendeth deliverance; for, The righteous cry, and. 
the Lord bear eth y and deliver eth them out of aU their trouble?. 

2. It is as true, as it may feem ftrange , that the Lord will prefs 
his owne fo long with trouble till he break their heart i and 
fcill their natural courage and confidence 5 fcr here are the god- 
ly defcribed to be men of a broken hearty and contrite [fir iu 

3. Though the Lord fo break the naturall confidence of his 
own 3 and fo empty them (by trouble) of all conceit of their 
owne worth , wifdome or abilitie to deliver themfelves out 
of trouble, that they may relic on God only; yet will he not 
withdraw himfelf from them , nor faffer them to perim in difcou- 
ragement. The Lord is near to' them that are of a broken heart, and 
faveih juch as be of a contrite fvirit. 4. Though the righteous* 
be the onely men in the world whom God iov^th beft 5 yet will 
he not only not exempt them from trouble , but alio will exet> 
cife them with multitudes: and varieties' of troubles from his 
own hand immediately , from Satans temptations > from the 
malice of the wicked of the world, &c. Many are the troubles of 
the righteous ; for thus will the Lord conforme the redeemed to 
their head 3 try, and traine them up in faith, and patient fub- 
miffion to Gods will ; . teach them to pray and wait on > and give 
proof ofthefincerity of the grace siven to ;hem. 5. The god- 

& 1? 


]y are as oft delivered , as they are troubled 5 either by removing 
of the trouble , or by giving ftrength and patience to bear it , or 
comfort under it t and certainc hope of outgate from it j or by 
ending all troubles to them at once. His troubles are many $ but 
the Lord d diver etb bim out of them all. 6. The Lord modera- 
ted, weigheth, and meafureth all the troubles of his own, what 
they (hall fufter in their life and death , and ieavcth it not to the 
will of the inftruments cf their trouble. He feepetb all his bones; 
not one of 'them is broken. This was true of Chrift our Lord , of 
whom many things were prefigured , and prophefied in the 
Pialmes ; and in this amongft the reft, which meweth : That I 
in the Pfalmes as the matter will fufter; Chrift is much to be eyed, 
•and more then David y of whom at fir ft , the fame ieemeth to 
fpeak chiefly. 7. As to the oppofite ftate of the wicked 5 We 
lexrnCy That the wickedneffe of the wicked, is both the merito- 
rious caufe, and the means alfo of the wicked mans deftru&ions 
For evil fliall flay the wicked, 8. It is the marke of a wicked man, 
to hate the righteous, for his righteeufneife ; and fo is it kc down 
here. 9. He that hateth the righteous , or the image of God 
in his neighbour , fhall be guilty of all the confequences of the 
enmity, andbedeftitute of comfort when he hath moft need, 
He that hateth the righteous, Jhall be de folate. 

Vcrfe 22. The Lord rtdeemeth the foul of hk 

fervants; and none of them that trufi in him fbatl be de- 

The third opposition between the righteous and the wicked , 
is in relation to what is faid in the former verfc. Whence learn, 
x. The wicked fhall perifh in their finne, and for their finne ; 
But the righteous fhall not perifh in their finnes , nor for them » 
for, Evil fkall flay the wicked 5 but the Lord fhall redeem the fouls 
oj bis jervants 3 to wit, out of finne and miferie. 2. As the 
wicked are fervants of fin , and ferve an ill Mafter , and get an 
ill reward; fo the godly are fervants of righteoufnefle , and have 
God for their Mafter , and fhall have delivery and falvation for 
their reward , as the comparison here fet down fheweth. g; As 
the wicked who are deftitute of faithin God, when they fall in 
trouble, want confolation : So all the righteous, who are no 
ether then fincere Beleevers in God 3 {hall have good company 
and confolation in all their trouble, and never be left alone : for, 
The haters of the righteous fhall be defolate } htt none of them that 
trufi in GodfhM be defglm* V S A U 

PSAL. XXXV; 'fcf 


This Pfalme is a rcprefentation t)f Chrifts hotted 
concert with his adverfaries, wherein they are 
about to do their worft againft him , and his 

\ Kingdome; and he denounceth the hotteft wratK 
of God againft thera , for their everlafting over- 
throw , fet forth under the fliadow of 'Davids 
conteft with his irreconcileable enemies. Wherein 
he prayeth God to arifefor him, verf, i, 2, 3. and 
take order with his defpiteful enemies, vprfiq j 
5, 6, 7, 8. which as it may comfort the fupplicant, 
folhallit ferve alfo for Gods glory, verf 9, o. 
And a maine reafon of which petkiori , is the 
unjuft and ingrate dealing of his enemies with 
him, verf. n, 1 2, 15, 14, 15,16. Whereupon he 

I reneweth his petition the fecond time , verf. 17, 
1 8, 1 9. Preffing his former reafan from the ene- 
mies unjuft and info lent difpofition , verf. 20,2 u 
and then reneweth his petition the third time for 
himfelf againft his enemies, verf 22^ 23,24, 25; 
26. and for all the favours of his caufe, 
verf 27, 28. 

I Verf. i.T)!><fc/my caufe (OLORD) Vcitk them 
JL that fir he with the\ fight againft them thai 
I fight againft me. 

2. Take bold of Jbield and buckler , and ft and up for 
my help. 

3 . Dr4vp ctttatfo the fyear , and (lop the way againft 
them that per fecvte me ; fay vnto thy fotilj I am thy 

Q-a Frora 


FRom his petition for himfebj Learne, i. Such as take part 
with God againft his enemies, the Lord will take part with 
them againft their enemies: If any plead againft the Beleever 
by verbail calumnies, and flanders , the Lord will be their party. 
If any will oppofe the godly with violence , the Lord will oppofe 
them : For this prayer of one of the godly , is as good as a pro- 
mife to all, Plead my caufc, Lord. , with them that ftrive with 
me: fight againft them , that fight againft me* 2. There is de- 
fence abundance to be found in God^ againft whatfoever the ene- . 
mie can do 5 a fliield and buckler in Gods hand, when he plea- 
feth to ftand up and help. 3. The Lord can terrific the enemy, 
ib that he dare not affault the man whom God pleafeth to defend, 
and hold him off with long weapons, giving the enemie fome 0- 
ther thing to do , then purfue his people : He can draw out the 
fpear , and flop the way againft them that perfecute the godly. 
4. He can quiet the hearts of his own in the midftof perfecution, 
and make them fearleffe, inperfwading them of their falvatiort 
everlaftingatleaft, and this may fully fatisfie, if the Lord fay 
tint their fou'.e , I am thy falvatiom 

Verfe 4. Let them be confounded andput to fhame y 
that feek^ after my foul : let them be turned bacJ^' 
and brought to confu[ionjhat devife my hurt. 

$♦ Let them be as chaffe before theveindex and let the 
tstngel of the L ord chafe them. 

6* Let their Way be dark^and flipper) y and let the An- 
gel of the Lord perfecute them. 

7. For without caufe have they hid for me their 
net in a pit , -which without caufe they have digged for 
my foul. 

8. Let deflruBion come upon him at unawares , and 
1 1 hU net which he hath hid y catch himfelf: into that 
very defirutlion let him fall. 

Vrom his petition againft his enemies; Learn, 1. Shameful! 
difappointment fhall they findeat length who intend todeftroy 
the godly 5 Let them he confounded and put to flame , that jeefc 
after my foul. 2. Though the enemies of Chrift 3nd the godly, 
advance in the profecution of their hurtfull dcyifes , yec fhall 


rPSAL. XXXV. 229 

they be forced to retire with flume. They fall be turned bxc\, and 
, brought to confufion^ho devije their hurt. $ . As the enemy hath 
purfued, fo ftull Gods wrath puriue him 3 and chafe him , and 
drive him to perdition, T,.ey Jhj.ll he M the chafe before the 
windc. 4. Albeit there were no earthly man to purfue Chrifts 
enemies 5 yet avenging angels , or evil fpirits fhall be let forth 
upon them and their families, to trouble them, Let the Angel 
of the Lord chafe them. ?. The Lord fhall put them to fuch 
ftraits, as they fhall not know what hand to turne to , what way 
to take , and in the way which they take, they ftiall fall , Let 
their way be dar\ and Jlippery. 6 9 When they are fallen in a 
mifchief, the hand of the Lord fhall be ftretcbed out againft them 
ftill 5 Let the Angel of the Lord purfue them. 7. Though the 
godly by behaving themfelves innocently, cannot efchew theper- 
lecution of the wicked ; yet innocent behaviour is a greac eafe to 
the confeience of the godly, a matter of encouragement to them 
I in their addreffes to God , and a great aggredging of the ditty 
' of the enemy, as here twice, he faith ;> Without caufe they hid 
their net. 8. Though the enemies of the godly do plot Tecret 
devices againft them, yet not lb fecret , but God can give warn- 
ing of it, and make it an errand for the godly, to pray to him, 
to difappoint the plot as is here imported i They have hid for m$ 
their netinapiu 9. The wicked know not how to be lure of 
I their prey , when they hunt for the life of the godly, They pre- 
j pare the net , and jet it 5 they bide it , and they hide it in a. 
j pit. 10. When the enemies of Gods people do leaft exfpect 
harme, then fhall a mifchicf furprife them 5 TJeftruciion jhall 
come upon them unawares. 1 1 . The very courfe which the enemy 
taketji againft Gods Kirk and people , fhall be the neareft courfe 
to deftroy themfelves : Let bis 7iet that he bath bid, catch himfelf; 
Into that very deftruflion let him fall. 

Verfe 9. *And my foul fall be joyful in the LORT); 
it fall re Joyce in his falvation. 

10. All my bones fall fay, LORT>^ who \sli\eunto 
thee y which deliverejl the poor from him that u too 
ftrongfor him jea , the poor and the needy from him 
that fpoitetb him ? 

He bringsareafonoffcis prayer from -the comfort which he 
fliould have , and the glory which God fhould have , by the 

Qj meane$. 

*3o PSAL. XXXV. 

meanes. Whence leirn^ i. It is a good reafon to ftrengthen our 
hope to be heard , when our comfort and Gods glory may both 
be promoted 5 by the granting ofourdefire, as here we finde 
JRi 2. The-deftructionofthe enemies of the Kirk , is not a. 
matter of rejoycing in mens deftru&ion; but ofrejoycinginthc 
Lord , and in his wife manner of delivering of his people : cSWy 
foul floaU be joyful in the Lord ^ it full rejoyceinbis fdvation* 
3. In the eftimatton of the godly, the tongue is too little to mag«- 
njfie the Lord for his mercies ; for their defire is, that all the 
powers of the foul, and that all the parts of the body ,even the bones 
which are !eaft fenfible in their own kind, might praife him 5 All 
piy bones fball fay, &c. 4. The Lord hath wayes wonderful!, 
others and moe then ever man conceived, whereby he can deliver 
his own in their loweft condition from their oppreffors , when 
they are in the height of their power and pride. Lord who is lil\c 
unto thee? -which deliver eft the poor from him tb&t h too ftrongfor 
hiwy &c. 5. Though before deliverance come, Faith has 
caufe to fay all that fenfe can fay of Gods praiies , after deliver- 
ance is come $ yet when fenfible experience of a hoped delivery 
is come , there is a more hearty and a more cheaiful manner of 
cxprefling of the Lords praifes, then- can be before it come , as 
the promife of the Prophet , to fay, to and fo, as is in the Text, 
after the delivery is come, doth import 6 j It is 3 fort of (as it 
were) ingaging of God to deliver; when the heart of the Beleever 
ingagethit (elf to glorifie God after the deliverie , for here the 
Prophet make:h ufeofthis, promifing praife towards this 

Verfc 11, Falfe witness did rife up : they UiA to 
tny charge things that I kneW not. 

1 3. They rewarded me evil for good : to the {foiling 
of my foul. 

13. 'But as for me 9 when they ^oere fick , my cU- 
thing was fackfloth » 1 humbled my foul Vrithfafl- , 
i n g y *#£ ^7 prayer returned into mine owne bo* 

14. I behaved my felf as though he had been my 
frknd. or brother ; 1 bowed down heavily , as one that 
^mrmhfoxhis mother. 

PSAL. XXXV. 231 

15. Bat in mine adverfity they rejoyced, and gather- 
ed themfelves together ; yea , the abjetts gathered 
them [elves together againft me^ and I knew it not ; they 
did tear me, and ceafed not. 

16. fVith hypocritical mockers in feafts: they gmfh- 
ed upon me with their teeth. 

He amplifieth that reafon of his petition , taken from his ene- 
mies caMige, by laying before God their falfhood and in gtati- 
tucfo Whence learn, 1. The godly are fubjeft , not only to be 
backbitten , and traduced privily, andflandered more openly* 
but alfo to be charged unjuftly before Judges , and purfued crimi- 
nally for their life without a caufe , and to have falie witneiTe laid 
againft them, that th.qy may be condemned under colour of Laws 
this was found inefteft by David, and Chriil rcpr.efented by 
him. Falfe witneffes did rife up > They Ixii to my charge things 
that l\ncw not. 2. No bonds of nature or humanity will 
binde up the wicked from perfecting the godly , even to death , 
how well foever the godly have deferved of them, they re- 
rewarded me evil for good , to the depriving me cf my 
life. 3. True love is beft known , as by rejoycing 
at anothers well- fare , fo by grieving for his grief, IVhcn they 
were fic\> my clothing was fadi-clorb. 4. Hearty prayer alio 
for any man, is a token of unfeigned love to a man, (penally 
when prayer and falling are joyned together for them, I hum - 
bled mj foul by faftin*. 5 When the expreffions of grief, by 
words or teaies in prayer for any, waken up the affection, yet 
more to pray ardently for them 5 It is yet a farther token of un- 
feigned love of them for whom we pray. My prayer (Taith he) 
returned into my ho fome 1 which is as much as my expreffions in 
prayer, in fighes^ affectionate words and tpres , aftccled. my 
heart, Lament. 3.49* 5 1- with new motions of earned dealing 
forthem.^ 6. True Chriftians affe&ion to their enemies , is 
able to affect the foul , as much to the feeklng their welfare > and 
commiferating their mifcrie, as the naturall affection of anatu- 
rall man can affed him toward friends and kinsfolk, inneareil 
natural relations unto him ; for David faith , I behaved my felf 
as though he had been my friend or brother ; I bowed down heavily, 
0f one that mourmtbfor bk mother. 

<9U Verfis. 

% $% PSAL. XXXV. 

Vcrf. 1 5, "But in my adverjity they rejoyced^ and 
gathered themfelves together ; yea, the abjeBs g*r 
thered them/elves together againft mc^and I knew it not; 
they did tear me, and ceafed not. 

1 6 . With hypocritical mockers in feafis •' they gnajh* 
fd upon me with their teeth. 

From the evil meeting which he received of his enemiesjLftirtf, 
U Many of thofe that pretend great friendship to the godly 
intimeof pfofperity,may not only turn their ^ack upon them, 
intimeofadverfity, but alfo turn to be their open enemies, and 
re-joyce in their calamity; But in my adverfity, faith he, they re- 
joy ced. 2. The troubles of the godly do draw the wicked into 
a more neer union amongft themfelves, as it were congratulating 
one another in their (infill courfes^atid ftrengthening one another, 
They gather themfe Ives together. 3. Bafe rafcals who have no- 
thing to commend them, fave meerly their hatred of Gods peo- 
ple, and of their piety, will get refpeft amongft the enemies of 
Chrift, and of his people, for that very reafon, becaufe they 
hate the godly, and will be admitted in the fellowfriip of ring- 
leading enemies; leu the abjefts gathered together a* 
gainfl me. 4. In the meeting of the wicked among thcmfclves , 
Chrift and his followers have their name torne and rent in 
pieces continually, with calumnies and flanders, which poffibly 
come not to their ears," half of thcmiThey gathered together, and I 
\newit not : they did tear me in pieces , and ceafeinot. 5. Sad 
taunts and fcoftisof pretended holy men, jearing at true p'ety 3 
is no lmal part bftheperficutionof Chrift, and of his followers; 
for here amongft the reft are hypocritical mockers. 6. When the 
wicked without fear do fill and ftufte their Ixlly in their feafting 
in the time of the Kirks trouble: Their fco&s and their jefts 3 
yea and their bloody expreflions of cruelty againft the godly, are 
the moft reli filing fauce of their banquets": U^ith hypocritical 
moc\ers in their feaftsjhey nafl) upon me with their teeth. 

Verf* 17. Lord, how longVoilt thou looken? re/cue 
my foul from their deftrutiion* my dulling from the 

1 tf. 7 will give thee thanks in the great Congregation} 
I W/l praije 1 bee among much people. 

I9» L*% 

PSAL. XXXV. 235 

I pi Let not them that are mine enemies Wrongfully 
rejoyceover me: neither let them Wink ftiththeeye % 
that hate me without a caufc. 

20. For they Jpeal^ not peace : hut they devifc 
deceitful matters againft thtm that are quiet in the 

21. Tea> thej opened their mouth wide agninft me % 
and fati, Aha y aha y our eje hathfeen it, 

He repeateth his petition for delivery from his enemies the fe-» 
condtime, and preffeth the fame reafon taken from the infolent 
and cruel difpofition of the enemy. Whence texrn^ 1. The 
time of trouble and perfecution of the godly may continue much 
longer then the godly did expect, in which cafe as they mufl 
waite on patiently, till the Lord put to his hand to relieve his 
fcirk, and punifh their enemies; fo they may eafe their hear: 3 
in laying their earneit longing to be delive>:ed,before the Lord,and 
fay, Lord,bow long wilt thou look on-? 2. As it is lawful to lament 
the Lords feeming long delay to help us, fo we muft not com- 
plain too foon; for before David uttcreth this, bow long, he is 
long in trouble, and in danger of his life, by unrcafomble ana 
beaitly w/d men, and is altogether deftitute of all means of re- 
liefs hispraycr teftifieth, Hffcue my foul from their definitions-,* 
my darling from the Lions. 3 . The godly by faith in the deepeft 
danger, may fee their delivery, in their iadeft and darkeft forrow, 
yea may behold the light of confolation coming 5 in their banim- 
mem, may behold their liberty, " and fee their fellowship with 
the Saints > and in the midft of complaints, may promife to 
themfelvcs reafons of praife , and the payment of their vowes 
made to God, as here we fee in the midit of this fad conditio^ 
the Prophet faith, I will give thee things in the great congrcgzti* 
on: 1 will praife thee amo7tgmuch people. 4. It augmenteth the 
grief of the godly, to fee the wicked take advantage of their 
trouble , and mockers of Religion to re Joyce over their 
fufte rings in a good caufejand they may heartily deprecate 
this evil, that it may not at leaft, laft long J Let not thofe tlut are 
my enemies rejoyce over me. %. The lefs caufe of provocation of 
pur enemies be given to them by us, thejgreater is the hope of 
delivery, and the readier (hall be our help from God, and the 

lefs caufe (hall be to the enemy to wink with the eve^s witty well- 


234 PSAL. XXXV. 

pleafcd feoSers do, when they get their will ; Ndtkct let them 
wink with the eye, faith htytbat hxtc me without a caufe. 6. Al- 
beit godly mens quiet carriage in the land, where they live, will 
not five them from the hoftile fpceches, and rnaHcious plottings 
of their adverfaries againft them, yet mail their quiet behaviour 
fpeaktoGod for them, and againft their enemies, and make a 
fpeedy mifchief come upon them from the Lord ; for to this pur- 
pofe he faith, They [peaky not peace y but they devife deceitful matters 
againft them that are quiet in the land. 7. The enemies of the 
Kirk are a bale generation , taking pleafure and fport in the 
miferies of the godly, who do not injure them, yea are a vain and 
tflfolent generation, triumphing over the weaknefs of the inno- 
cent, when they arc in low condition, and in the cafe of fuffering, 
which common humanity, and ordinary generofity doth abhor, 
Tlrey opened their mouth wide againft me, andfaid, Aba, ah % our 

Verf. 22. This thou hasifeen:(0 LORD) \eep 
notfilence: O Lord, be not far from me. 

23* Stir up thy ft If and <m>ak$ t0 m J judgement , 
$ven unto my caufe % my God y and my Lord, 

24. Judge me, y LORD nty k God, according to thy 
righteoufneffe , . and let them not rejoyce over 

2$, Let them not fay in their hearts, «•*£, fo Would 
We have it : let them not fay^ We have [wallowed him 

26. Let them be afhamedand brought to confujton 
together, t hat rt Joyce at my h'ttrt : let them be clothed 
with Jhame anddijhonour, that magnifU themfelvcs a~ 
gainft rne. 

He reneweth his petition for himfelf and againft his enemies 
the third time. Whence learn, r. Such as feed their eyes upon 
the miferies of others, and fpecially on the miferies of the godly, 
the Lord mall not wink at their wickednefs, but make it appear, 
that he hath marked their cruelty, that he may punifti k exem- 
plar^ for after the enemies crying out, our eyes have feen, the 


PSAL. XXXV. 235 

Prophet addeth, This thou bafi fccn,0 Lord, be not f! 'cut. 2. The 
hardeft condition that can befall a believer, is a tolerable cafe and 
condition > if God draw neer to his foul though for all the remedy 
that 'David craveth, till the outgate come, is this, Lord,be not 
far f, Cm me. 3 . Though the Lord for a time fuflfcr his own to 
lie under foot oppreffed, yet for his juftice fake, and for his cove- 
nants fake, hewilljuftly determine the controverfie, and clear 
his own fervants, He will fiir up bimfelf to do judgement, and de- 
cide their caufe. 4 . In the decifion of the controv eilie between the 
?odly & their enemies,the caufe of the godly (hall get no wing 3 but 
be declared to be righteous, & the enemies mail have no matter to 
rejoyce in. HejhaU judge the godly according to their rigbteoufuefs, 
and {ball notfuffer the wicked to rejoyce over them, f .When the ene- 
mies of the Kirk have laid their laft reckoning of the iflue of their 
bloody courfe againft the godly, they mail fee the matter to go 
otherwayes then they would or exfpe&ed on both hands. They 
fhall not have caufe to fay,^ would we have it,ot wc h^-je [wallow- 
ed them up. They are too too pretious a moriel for them to de- 
vour. 6. Shame and confufion, di (honour and difgracc on all 
hands mail be upon one, and upon all ChriuV enemies, who 
feek the detriment of his caufe, and to have gain- tothemfelves, 
\>y oppofing of him, and his caufe in his peoples hand ; for this 
prayer againft them fhali. ftillfpeak effectually, Let them be ajha- 
med and brought to confufion together , and let them be cloathedwith 
JhAme and dijhouour, &c. 

Vcrf. 27. Let them/bout for joy , and be glad that 
favour my righteous caufe ; yea, let them fay continu- 
ally, Let the LORD be magnified, which hath plea* 
[tire in the profperity of his fervants. 

28. And my tongue jhall [peak of thy right eoufnefs, 
and ofthypraife all the day long. 

AsDavid pr3yeth for himfelf, fo he praycth for all the favour- 
ers of his righteous caufe, as the type ot Chrift , whofe fpirit 
fpakeby him, for the edification of the Kiik in all times coming. 
Whence learn, 1. It is one mark ofgoulinefs amongft many other, 
to befriend the caufe of Chrift, and to further it in.theperfon of 
his Saints fuffering for righteoulnefs, with their beft affections, 
for k here they are defc ribed by being the favourers of the rightcov* 
caufe. 2. In the pcrfecution of the gndly for the caufe ot Gods 
truth and true Religion, all the godly aic concerned, and as they 

p art ake 


partake of the fufferings with others under Chrift the head, Co 
ihall they partake of the joy of the victory, and outgate which 
fhall be exceeding joyful at laft; Let them fhoutfor joy and be glad, 
(faith the type of Chrift ) that do favour my righteous caufe* 
3 . The troubles of the godly are not fo many, but room is left for 
fometimes profperity; for Cjod loveth the profperity of his fervants, 
to wit, as it may conduce to his purpofe, and their good « 4.When 
any of the godly are delivered from their perfecutors, all the reft 
of the godly arc bound as they underftand of it, to fet forth the 
power of God, and his love and bounty manifefted and forth 
coming to his people: Let them fay, Let the Lord be magnified, who 
bath pleajure in the profperity of his (ervint. ?. Whatfoever op- 
position the enemies of Chrift,and of the godly fhall make,Chrift 
fliall Weep up the open profeffion of true Doctrine, which mani- 
fefteththerighteoufnefsof God> leading men to eternal life, and 
bringing glory to God; for this is the undertaking of the type, 
and of Chrift reprefented by him,after the hotteft conteft between 
•him and the wicked-enemies, 9Ay tongue fhall \pea\ of thy rights 
cufitefs, and of thy praife all the day long. 


To the chief titufician. A Pfalme of David, thefervantqf 
the L 2J,P. 

This Pfalme hath three parts. In the firft Vavidkts 
down the perverfnefs of the wicked in their 
finful courfe and devices againft the godly and 
himfelf, sw. 1,2,3,4. Int he fecond, he com- 
forts himfelf, and doth fettle his faith on the 
praifes and properties of God, ver. $ ,6^ 7, 8, 9. 
In the third he prayeth in the behalf of Gods 
children, and for himfelf, to be delivered ftom 
the wicked wr t io 9 11,12. 

FRom the infeription , Learn, That to be a fervant of 
the Lord is an honour, and a priviledge above all earthly 
priviledges; and by giviug a Tweet teftimony to the confciencCj, 


it doth feafon every condition of life, more then any earthly ad- 
vantage can do. 

Vcrfe I . HP He tranfgrejfion of the wicked faith 
X within mj heart ,that there is no fear of 
God before his eyes. 

2. For he flattereth himfelf in his own eyes> until hii 
iniquity be found to be hateful. 

3 . The words ofhu mouth are iniquity and deceit 1 he 
hath left of to be Wife, and to do good. 

4. He devifeth mifchief upon his bed, he fetteth 
himfelf in away that is not good : he abhorreth not 

F Rom his obfervation of the carriage of th« wicked> Le&rn> 
1. Albeit all the world cannot be difcerned to be gracelefs 
and unconverted, yet the lewd life of fome may fpeak their being 
in the ftate of corrupt nature unconverted, to the confeienceof a 
difcerningman, For the tranfgrejfion of the wicked faith in my 
heart, that there is no fear of God before his eyes. 2. It is not 
the imperfection or fhort coming in the fear of God, but the be - 
ing detiitute of it altogether, that proveth a wicked man,, There 
is no fear of God before his eyes . 3 . A s a man that feareth God 
is watchful over his own wayes,and cenforicus of himfelf > fo the 
man that feareth not God is fecure and well pleafed with his own 
doings, He flatter eth himfelf in his own eyes'. 4« As the man 
that feareth God laboureth to informe his conscience well, that 
he may not commit iniquity} To the man that feareth not God, 
doth gull and deceive his own confeience, till he have gotten the 
iniquity accomplished, and it be now made open in its own co- 
lours, He flattereth himfelf in his own eyes, till his iniquity wor- 
thy to be hated be found, or his iniquity be found te be hateful. 
5. As the man that feareth God will difcern the fin in himfelf, 
whereot he is in danger , before any man perceive it > fo the 
man that feareth not God, will not fee his own fin; no not when 
any that looks upon his way may fee it. He flattereth him- 
f elf in his own eyes, till bit iniquity be found to be hated. 6.h% 
the man that feareth God makes conscience of his fpeeches , and 
will be loath to coyer fin with Yain pretences and excuses, 



but rather will confefs it. So the man that feareth not God , will 
notftand, what pretence he ufeth , for doing of iniquity, nor 
what excufe he maketh for the iniquity, when -it is done, for 
deceiving both others and himfelh The words of bis mouth are in* 
iqiiity and deceit, 7. * As the man that feareth God, by all means 
ftriveth that he may grow wifer and holier, fo the man that fears 
not God, will mifregard, ^and caft ofYthe means of wifdome and 
holinefs, He hath left off to he wife, and to do good £ whatfoever 
he teemed to have before, he goeth back even from that more and 
more. 8. As the man that feareth God, communeth with his 
•heart upon his bed, that he may not fin, no not in his heart : So 
the man that feareth not God, devifeth how he may plot and 
perform fin willingly, He devifeth mifchief on his bed. 9. As 
the man that feareth God doth abhor that which is evil, and la- 
boureth to be fure that the way he is upon is good : fo the man that 
feareth not God, taketh no farther notice of what he doth , then 
what is moil for his purpofe, and neither abhorreth what he 
would be at, becaufe it is evil, nor aftecteth it, becaufe it is goodi 
but having digefted his purpofe, by meditation and refolution, he 
goeth on obitinately, He fetteth bimfelf in a way that U not good 5 
he abhorreth not evil, and fuch weve Davids enemies, and fuch 
will be the enemies of Chrift and his people. 

Verf. J. Thy mercy (0 LO R <D) is in the Hea- 
vens , and thy faithfuluefj rcacheth unto the 

6. Thy righteoufnefs is like the great mount aines i 
thy judgements are a great deep ; O LORD, thou pre* 
fervefl man and beafl. 

7. HoVp excellent is thy loving t^ndnefs H O God t 
therefore the children of men put their trufi under the 
fbadow of thy Wings. 

8. They /hall be abundantly {at u fie d with ihefatnefs 
of thy houfe : and thou {halt make them drink of the river 

9. For with thee is the fountain of life : in thy light 
fhall we fee light \ 

Tk fecond part of the Pfalm, wherein 7)m& comforteth him- 



Sell in God, and fetleth his frith en the praife^worthy properties 
of God. Whence learn, i. The turning of the believers eye of the 
wickedness of their adverfarics,and looking to Gods goodnefs, and 
wiledifpenfation, will comfort 'his heart againft all that the ene- 
my can do> and fet him on woi k toward godlinefs , fo much the 
more as he pcreeiveth atheifme in them j for when David had 
painted out his enemy, he falleth to the praifing of God, faying, 
Thy mercy, Lord js in the Heavens. l. Albeit the carriage ci 
the wicked toward God, and the godly,doth tend to obfeure Gods 
glory, in the point of juftice toward the one, and point of mercy 
toward the ether J yet the works of creation, and the conftant go- 
vernment thercofjfhall bear witnefs of the conftancy of Gods mercy 
and fait f 'nine />, and rigbtcoufnefs , and judgement , as here is 
flicwen. 3. Though the effects of Gcds mercy mould not ap- 
pear to the believer on earth yet flith will fee them in their foun- 
tain andcaufe, Thy mercy Lord (faith the believer) is in hea- 
ven. 4. Let Gods works and his word be compared together,arui 
the truth of his promifes and threatnings, mail be fo traced, and 
feem to be true, as fhall facisfie us, and let us fee fo far till one 
eye can follow no farther, Thy faitlifulnefs rcacheth unto the clouds. 
5. Whatfoever carnal reafon may judge of Gods difpenfations 
towards the godly, and the wicked :" yet his holinefi and juftice 
is firme and unchangeable, Thy rightcoujnefs is iil{e the great 
mountains. 6. Albeit we cannot fee thorow matters, nor recon- 
cile crofs cogitations, fometimes offered from the grounds of 
faith on the one hand, and from the effects of providence offered 
by fenfe on the other hand, yet mull we remember that God is 
wilcrthenwe, and his deep draughts are part finding out by us, 
Thy judgements are a great deep. 7. This one confederation of 
Gods coiu'ic of kindnefs to his own creatures, making his Sun to 
% (hine, and his raineto (all on his enemies, as on his friends, may 
quiet our mind, concerning Gods (paring for a time the wicked, 
and liberal dealing wirh them, L or d 3 tbou prefer veft man and, 
baft* There is a courfe of commune prciervation, and kindnefs 
running toward all. 3 Over and above common kindnefs, there 
is a more i mi re, fpecial, and precious love and kindnefs toward 
believers in God, which is inexpreffible and wanteth compari- 
fon, How excellent or precious is thy loving hjndnefs^O God I (aich 
J)avid> fpeaking of this. 9 . The belief of Gods readinefs to let 
forth this love, may.and fhould, and doth animate men todratf 
necr unto him, albeit they have as yet no experience of the fruitcs 
of it, Therefore the children of men that put trufl under the lh- 


440 PSAL. XXX Vf. 

dow of thy wings. 10. The Lord without exception of any,ti> 
whom he fendeth the Gofpel, and without exception of any^ with- 
in the vifible Khk, doth offer to be reconciled through Chrift 
Jefus, to every man who (hall flie into the propitiatory and mercy- 
feat erected in Jefus Chrift, who is God incarnate according as 
he was holden forth in the figure of the golden Ark of the Cove- 
nant, and ftretched forth wings of the Cherubims, as is here 
faid_, Therefore the children of men put their trujl under the Jha- 
dow of thy wings. 1 1 . Such as do not give the lie to God, whefi 
they find not at firft, what they hoped for, but do indeed believe 
in his word, and wait on till he make his word good to them $ 
fuch as do not tempt or take effay of God, as if they would fee 
what believing may do, and then do quit their gripes if their ex- 
pectation be not anfwered, but do indeed truft God upon his 
word, and do refolve to die with the grip in their hand , of his 
freely offered Covenant of grace inChrift,&of his promifesmade 
to them that flie to him for refuge, fhall be lure to be in more re- 
fpe& with God, then common fubje&s , They fhall be Dome- 
flicks of his houfc, of the houfhold of faith, to whom God fhall 
keep a table furnifhed for fpiritual lift unto them, he fhall make 
them now and then, when it is meet time for the hungry to feed 
abundantly and to be latisfied, Tbcy that put their trufl undct tht 
jljadow of thy wings, fhall be abundantly (awfieUtwitb the fatnefs 
of thy houfc. 1 2. In the ufe of the means and hcly ordinances of 
God given to his Kirk, God fhall make the man, that indeed 
giveth him credite upon the word of his grace, fenfibiy feel the 
joy of the holy Spirit, to be unfpeakable and full of glory, and 
that there are greater contentments to be found for a mans foul, in 
God reconciled through Chrift, then the world can yeeld befide, 
*fer Thou Jhalt make them drinfi of the rivers of thy pleafures. 
1$. Whatfocver can be found in the creature, even when God 
blcffeth the ufe thereof to h's own children, is but a drop from the 
Ocean , is but a little water out of the well, in compari loir of what 
a believer will fee and feel to be in God reconciled through 
Chrift, For with thee is the fountaine of life. 14. No light 
fave the light of Gods revealed word in holy Scriptures for the 
mirrour,no light but the light of GodsSpirit illuminating the foul 
looking upon the mirrour, can make a man underftandj or believe 
or fenfibiy difcern the wifdome, comfort, and felicity, which is 
held forth to his Kirk in his ordinances, and felt in. himfelf by 
experience, In thy light (faith he) fhall we fee light. 


PSAL. XXXVI . *4* 

Vcrf. io. O continue thy loving kindnefs unto them 
that knoifr thee, and thy right eoufnefs to the upright in 

1 1 . Let not the foot of pride come againfl rfie.anh let 
not the handofthe wickedremove me. 

I 2. There are the wrktrs (tfirnqnitj fain : they are 
caji down^ andjhall not be able to rife. 

Thelaft pari of the Kalme,wherein he prayeth for all believers 
himfelf being included, and then for himfelf in particular, Whence 
learn, j. The true mark of a godly man ftandeth in the con- 
junction of faith in God with finccre ftudy of obedience to him, 
for. He is the man that fyiowetb God D and is up right in heart. 
2. Albeit what the believer hath found m God by experience, hs 
may exfped it fhallbe continued unto hirri. both for his entertain- 
ment by God, and defence and deliverance in hislwghteous caufc 
from his enemies ; yet muft he follow his confidence with prayer,0 
continue thy loving kjndnefs unto them that k]\orc tlge, and thyrigb- 
teoujvefs to the upright in heart. $ . A; we have no right to any 
benefit,but in To far as we are of the number of up;i^ht hearted be- 
lievers, fo fhould we feek every benefit we would have,as being of 
this number, and as feeking that others may 6e fharers with us, as 
tbavid doth here : It is the Lord only who can divert proud per- 
fecuters, that they hurt not his children , and it is the Lord 
onely who can keep h's children in the courfe of faith and 
obedience, when the wicked employ their power again them. 
The:efore doth 7)av id pray, Let not the foot of pride come againft 
vie, and let not the hand of there idled; remove me. 5. The mine 
ofthe enemies of the godly is as certain as if it were already paft, 
yea faith may' look upon it through the profpeft of the word of 
God, as if it were to be feenand pointed out toothers to be- 
hold with their eyes,T/;cre are the Workers of iniquity fain. 6.The 
fall of the wicked is not like the fall of the goldly, for though 
the godly fall fundry times, yet they recover their feet again, 
but a fall is prepared for the wicked, after which they (hail not 
recover themfelves, They are cdji down^ and (hall not be able to 
fife. 1 

ft PSAL, 



This Pfalme tcndeth to guard the 'godly againft: the 
ordinary tenration unto envey, emulation, fret- 
ting^and difcouragement in the way of godlinefs, 
arifing from the temporal prosperity of the 
wicked, and that by eight directions or counfels 
from the Lord, each of them confirmed by rea- 
fons : mod: of which are comparifons of the 
blefled eftare of the godly at the worft , with 
the eftate of the wicked at their beft. The firft 
direction or counfel, ver. t, 2, thefecond, ver.%, 
the third, ver. 4, the fourth, ver. 5, 6 > the fifth, 
ver.j y the fixtb, ver. 8, 9, 10, 1 2, 12, to ver. 26. 
the feventh, ver. 27, to ver. 33. The eight directi- 
on, ^<?r. 34, to the end. 

Verfe l.T^ Ret not thy [elf becmfe of evil doers^ nei- 
sT ther be ihon envivus againft the worker* 
of iniquity. 

2. For they fhallfoon bee tit doVvn like thegrafs s and 
rehber as the green herb. 

THe firft direction is to beware of fretting at, or envying of 
the profperity of the wicked, becaufe their profperity is but 
temporal. Whence lexrn, j • Wicked men may be in a more prof- 
perenjs condition in the world, then the godly, and oftentimes, 
yea and for the m oft part are; for this is prefuppofed here as an 
ordinary tentation in all ages and places. 2. Albeit carnal rea- 
fonand fuggeftions of Satan and corrupt nature, do from the 
profperity of the wicked, and the ordinary troubles of the godly, 
iurnifh tcntations unto the godly, to be male-contents with Gods 
difpenfation, yet mould the godly take heed that they be not o« 
vercome by> or yeild in any fort to this tentation, Fm not thy 


felfbecnife of evil doers. $. As tentation to male-comenrmeflC 
maketh aflaults on the one hand., to reader the godly Weary of well- 
doing, fo tentation to emulation of the wickeds ccurfe^and fo low* 
ing of their way, nffaulteth on the other hand, but fhould noway 
get place, Neither be thou envious againft the workers of iniquity. 
4. If it were well confidered that alt the profperity of the wicked 
is but in things concerning the outward mrfns back and belly, and 
that this profperity is but temporal , and oft-times of fliorter con- 
tinaance then a mans own brittle life, there mould be no ground of 
envy found therein; for, Tbcjjhtlljbon be cut down W&grift><Lni 
wither life t he gucn herb* 

Verf. 3. Trtift in the LORZ), and do good , fo 
ft> tit thoii dwell in the land^ and verily thoti fhMt fo 

Rom thefecond point of Gods counfel aricf direction; L-C4>», ft* 
Holding faft the Covenant of Grace made with God, through 
Ckrift, arid ftudying to bring out the fruits of faith, in obedience 
to Gods command, isafovercign remedy againft male-content- 
ment with a mans own condition, and againft envying of the 
wicked, Trujl in the Lord, and do good. 2. Continuance in the 
fkith, and obedience of Go J, whatfoe/er tentation we meet with, 
is the fureil way to have Gods ble fling in this lifc,and to have hea~ 
ven, (reprefented by Canaan) after this life; Trujl in thi 
Lord, and do goody fo foalt thou dwell in the lad, 3. The up- 
right believer in God is the only man that ge:s the right ufeof 
the creature, and in whofe cap the true juice of Gods benefits 
being prefled out, is poured, whofe bread is dipped in oil, and id 
whom fpiritual life is constantly entertained, Verily thcu, that is> r 
fuch aman,]J^/f be fed. 

Verf. 4. "Delight thy felf dlfoin the tORT), and 
toe [hall give thee the defirts of thine heart. 

From the third direction to ward off the tentaticm 5 Ledrii, ri 
The.godly man hath warrant to make God the objed of his 
delight, who being reconciled to the believer through the media-* 
tour, is become the believers own in whom he may continually re- 
Joyces but the ob]c& of the ungodly pofpcrousofcan$d<ligkt/isbu» 
R i fob* 


fome creature or temporal trifle; for to the believer it is faid,Pr* 
light xhyfelfhtbe Lord. 2. Though the believer be rich in his 
rights, yet he is flaw to make alt thereof and hath need to be 
*ftr:red up to takepofleffion, Delight thyfclf. 5. if the believer (hall 
make ufe of his Covenant -ri?.hr, andinteieft in God , and fet his 
affe&iors upon him, he fhall rinde fivch folid contentment and 
fcris faction in God, as he fhall not envy the condition of the 
moft profperous wicked mm in the worl.:* for it is laid., Delight 
tbyfdfiutfoLcrd, and he wil give tbee the defire of thy heart. 
And certairdy the fo '.getting or not hearkening to this direction., 
isthe caufe of our being male-contented with our lot > and of 
eur envying of the wicked , 

Verf. 5. Commit thy VPay unto th LO R'D : trufi 
a/jo in him, and he fbz. it btvng i t / pafs . 

6. And hejhall brijig forth thy right eoufnefs as the 
tighiy and thy judgement as the noon- day. 

F;om the fourth direftronjLeyr#,T.When we bear the burden of 
our own affairs our felves>& are chaft ifed with anxiety and want of 
f needs, and with envying the ungodly who profper better then we 
do, the beft remedy is tirft to do our duty* as we are inabled in the 
ufc of themcans 5 then enft the care ot the fuccefs over on God as 
the plow- man dcth when he hath harrowed his laftd, and let the 
barden of it reft on God, and let. us not take it oft him again, but 
fit our'mmd to reft, refolvedtotakc the hai'veft in good partj as 
lit lhall fend it; Commit thy way unto the Lord y trufi alfo. inhim. 
a, The man who follower h this di reel: ion, (hall come to fpcei beft 
in his ai&iresj becaufe God lhall do that,wherewith the man fliall 
have reafon to be fatisficd* tor that which lie would have done, 
or what is better, fliall be efLcled, Commit thy c&uje unto the 
Lord. and befiullbringil to pals 3 It is poflible that the godly 
following tbiscounfei, may be mhtcportea of, ani both lole his 
labour and cftimatibn ?mong men 3 yet it fliall not be long Ig> 
for, Godjhll bnng forth thy rightcoufnefs as the light. 4. Albeit 
the gody and his caufe may be obfeured by a flioite: or longer 
winter- night of trouble 3 as fhall pleafc God to appoint, yet fliall 
he and his caufe and integrity be found abiolved by God indue 
time, L.efidU bring forth thy fu'gement or decree of abfolution 
as the nooi>day, 



Vcrf. 7. Reft in the LOR T>, ami wait paticnt'ty 
for him ; fret not thy fell becattfe of him who prcf~ ; 
peretb in his rray> because of the mm who bringet" 
wicked devices 10 pafs. 

From the fifth dirc&ionj Lcirn, 1. The vi&ory over this ten- 
tation to envy the wicked, is not gotten at firft, nor by carnal 
reafon, bur by laith in God, and patient waiting on him, 3{c(i 
I 011 the Lord 3 ani waite patiently for him. i. As the tentition un:o 
fretting is very prcfling, when we fee the wicked get fo much or, 
their will, fo much of their purpole brought to pais : fo we have 
need to be preifed again an J again to refill this temationj There- 
fore is it faid again, Fret not thy fclf becaufc of him rvbo profpcrcib 
jn bis- voxy 3 or becauji of tlw-rzan thut briuzeth wicl^i devices 
t opaffe. 

Vcrf. 8, Ceaftfrom anger, and for fake Wrath ; fret 
not thy felf in any nife to do evi\ 

The fixth direction is to curb this testation, in cafe it hatha!** 
ready defiled and fired a mans fpirit, left it break cut, and make 
the believer put forth his hand to iniquity. Wh ncelexrn, t. The 
infolency of the Wicked is luch, and their provocation of the god- 
ly oft- tirntfs fo great,tlm their (pints are much itirrcd and kindled 
with indignation, and thoughts of private revenge, yet mull not 
this paiTion prevaile with the godly, but ihould be itriven againit; 
Cen[c from ingcr, and for fafa rprtitji vengeance is the Lords, he 
will repay. 2. The godly ihould efchew the motions of fretting, 
anger, envy againft the wicked^ and if anger enter, he muitceafe 
from it* if it urge it felf on him with pretences of reafon or vio- 
lent impulfion, he muft for [die it, but by any means he muft keep 
this tentacion wichin doors, that it drive him noL to break forth to 
a compleated fin in aclion and doing of wrong, Fret nst iky fclf 
inaiiymfctodoevil, • 

Vcrfe 9. For evil doers (hall be cut of: butthofe 
that wait upon the LORD s thej fJ;all inherit the 

The Prophet preffeth this cu*e<ftion by fundry reafons; and in 

ft S i^cciaj 

fpecial by fix comparifons of the Lords way and purpofe about the 
wicked and fhe godly, Jiow profperous foever the wicked may 
J>e for a time, and howfoevcr the godly may be affiicled and exer- 
"cifed for a time. The firft comparjfon is in this vcrfe. Whence 
learn, i. If any who pretend to be godly, ihall by the foreiaid ten- 
tation fodake the way of godlinels, and follow the way of the 
wicked, they (halWiavc the reward of the wicked for the chan- 
ging of their way, For evildoers fhall he cut off. 2. It is not the 
fcrefent condition whereinto men are j which is to be looked unto 5 
tut what 0--all become of them at lengths for alt the prosperity of 
the wicked is Waited with this one lentehce of ihefupream Judge, 
'Evildoers fall be cut off. $. Albeit the godly be kept in fome 
hardmipsforatime as young heirs in their minority; yet (hall 
their inheritance in heaven (1 eprefented by the land oi Canaan) be 
rcferved unto them ; and in the meantime by their heirrtiip in 
Chrift , they have folid right to what portion in this world God 
cloth allow them,they have the ufe thereof with a good confeience, 
and remaine on the earth as long as God hath fervice for them, 
however the wicked vyould thru ft them out of the world as un- 
ivorthy of it,and if they be baniflied out of one countrey,they know 
the earth is the Lords and the f nine fs of it> and they live more con- 
tentedly in that condition, then the wicked do live in their neft j 
foi^ They that wait on the Lord fhall inherit the earth. For yet a li'tle while ,and the wicked /hall not 
be: yea than fbalt diligently confider his place, and it 
%hz\\npt be. 

IT. But the meek fkall inherit the earth, andjkall de- 
light themfclves in the abundance of peace. 

From the fecond comparifon of the wicked and the godly slaznj, 
I4 We mull not pafs fentence fuddently, to abfolve their way who 
are profpe/ous, or to condemne their way who are eroded* but we 
ihouldwait upon Gods word, till God from heaven manifeft 
hisjudgement about both, which (hall net hngbe delayed in re- 
gard of the wicked v ; for, let a little while >&nd the mc^cd fhall not 
%c y yea thou fait diligently confider his place, and it fall not be. 
±\ Submiffion unto Gods difpenfation alayethall troubles, and 
enlargeth the good of every benefit; and a good conftrudion of 
Gods dealing with us, bringeth much peace and quictnefs of minde 
with it, and enricheth our portion, The meclifall inherit the 
Urtp 2 anifall delieht themfclves in the abundance of petce. 



Vcrfc 1 2 . The \X>icked plot tetb again ft th ;«j?, and 
gnajbeth upon him with his teeth. 

13. The Lord JhaR laugh at him; for he fietb that 
bis day is coming. 

1 4. The Wicked have drdftn out the faord, and have 
bent their botyc y to caft downe the poor and needy ,and to 
flay fttch as be of upright converfation. 

1 5 . Their frvord/ha// enter into their oftnheart , and 
their bowes Jball be broken. 

The third comparifon of the wicked and godly loofeth a doubt, 
when the godly cannot get liveiihod in their mean condition, ia 
prefence of the wicked,but their life is alio in peril by their plot- 
ting, for effectuating the deftru&ion of the godly. Whence 
learn, 1. The godly have to do, not only to wreftie agaiiift the 
thriving condition of the wicked, but a! fo with their deadly ha* 
tred: The wicked plot againft the righteous, anignjfietb upon him 
with bis teeth. 2. The godly muft make the Lord to be part* to 
the wicked, and muft oppofe his juftice , power and wifdometo 
the enmity of the wicked $ for albeit the godly be forced to 
mourneat their thrcatning , yet their plotting and pratling a* 
gainft the godly , as if they could do anything ofthemfelves, is 
ridiculous, The i ordjk ill high at them. $. If the godly did 
confidertof the wicked, as the word of the Lord fpeaketh of them; 
they might look upon their bodts , as on theb;ags of a man up- 
on the fctftbld; ready to be executed: For, Gfid fceth hU day is 
coming. 4. The godly muft relolve to bear the open violence 
ai fo cf the wicked . and to be made as butts for their arrowes, and 
flieathes for their i words , which if more then their words : For, 
The wielded have drawn out their [word , and bent their bowo* 
?. Before deliverance come unto the godly, they fhall rinre them- 
felvcs in a weak condition , for any thing they can do for them- 
fclves; for here they are poor and needy \ and the wicked thinks 
to cajt them down. 6 , Thofe are the truly godly, and the otve&s 
of the wickeds malice; who for their inward condition depend 
on God in the fenfe of their poverty and needineffe , and wrh 11 
are oi an upright convcr {men ^ as they are here defer ijxp f 9 
7 . When the wicked are moft neet to do a mifchief to the Lords 
people, then is a mifchief moft nca; unto them; Their fmri 
Jhali enter into their mn heart , and t/)eir bowe fhall b$ 
proven. R 4 y C rf. ($ 

?45 rZ>l\L,. AAAVU. 

Vcrfc 1(5- A little that a righteous manhnth, is 
better then the riches of many tvkt^ed. 

17 . For thearmet of the wickgAfhall be broken : but 
the Lord upholdeth the righteoiu. 

The fourth comparifonofthe godly and wicked, loofcth ano- 
ther doubt about the wealth and power of the wicked. Whence 
learn, 1. The oddes between mens livings and meanes of lively - 
hood ftands not in more or leTie abundance of worldly goods, 
but in Gods bleffing , which becaufc it accompanieth the provi- 
sion of the godly 3 have they lelTe or have they more 5 there- 
fore A 'little that one righteommm hath, is better then thericbes 
pfnuiny wicked. 2. The little fomething of thegodlies provifi- 
bn is made to fubfift for the poor mans ftanding , white the 
power and wealth of the wicked cometh to nothing ; For the 
armes of the wicked JhaU be broken : but the Lord upboldetb 
the righteous* 

Verfe 1 8, The LORD faorveth the dayes of the 
Upright; and their inheritance (hall be for ever. 

19. 7 bey.fhall not be afh amed in the evill time ; and 
in the dayes of famine they Jhallbe fat is fed. 

20. But the wicked Jhall fer'tfh 3 avd the enemies of 
the £0*7} (hall be as the fat of Lambs : they fhall con~ 
fume intofmoake, the) fhall confum? away. 

Prom the fifth comparifon of the godly and wicked; Lcmi> 
J. The godly have two advantages above the wicked, one in this 
life 3 another in the life to come. For the fir ft; all the viciffitudes 
of danges and daily neceffities of the godly are taken notice 
of in a fpeciall way by God , choofing and weyling to them cxtr- 
cifes for *\k\: condition , moderating thsm in their meafure and 
time, feafoning them with mixture of confolation, turning 
them to their Left 5 furnifhing all necefiaries to bear out then* 
excrcifes, and fencing pirticular deliverances one after another 1 
'For the Lord lyiowes the dayes of the upright. As for the next life, 
he hath referved for them an inheritance of conft ant bleflcdnefle. 
never to be taken from them ; Their inheritance jhall be for ever. 
Albeit the Lord will not exempt the godly frorn -.(baring in 



common calamities with the wicked, yet fhail they have the 
evidences of Gods favour to them in the time of trouble, and fhall 
notbediiappointedofthekindneflepromifed by God, and ex- 
pected by them: They fall not be afamed in the evil time, 
1. YVhatfoevcr fcant or inlack be of creature-comfort, the god- 
ly fliall be fupplied to their rcafonable (atisfa&ion : In the dayes 
0) r famine they [hull be fat is fed. 4 V When the wicked aremoft 
liberally dealt with , it is but a feeding of them like beafts to the 
flaugfiter , all their glory fhall vaniih , and they themfelves (hall 
be deftroyed in Gods wrath: But the wicked fall perifo , the e- 
nemiesoftbeLord fall be is the fa ofLamis , they fall con fume 
intofmoake, they fall conjume amy. 

Vcrfc 21. The wicked borrow* th , and pa)eth 
not again : but the righteous Jberveth wercy , and 

%1 % Bftt fuck as be blejfed of him , Jhall in* 
her it the earthy and they that be cttrfedoj him , Jhall 
be cutoff, 

From the fixth comparifon. Learn , i. In the mid eft of ths 
wicked mans wealth , he is oft times wanting , as if he were a 
poor man ; if he have much wealth, he hath much to do with it, 
and many times is unable to defray his charges without borrow- 
ing 5 and when he has borrowed, he is either unable or unwilling 
to pay again , and fo is but a mifcrable wretch with all he hath, 
or he is a profufe prodigall and deceiver of his creditors: The 
wicked torroweth , and pay eth not again. 2. On the contrary, 
the righteous man by his godly behaviour, manageth the little 
which God giveth him fo well, as he needeth not to borrow 5 he 
wanteth not for any good work which God calleth him unto, and 
is able to fupplie others neceflities : The righteous jhervetb ncrcy, 
and giveth. 3. Thebleffingo" God on the godly , mr.keth the 
oddes betwixt them and the wicked 3 for it is to him ?s good as 
the inheritance of the whole earth s but Gods cuue rooteth the 
wicked man out of the. earth ; for Such (faith he) a* be blejfed 
of him y fall inherit the earth) and they that be cur Jed, JIM 
he cut off. 

Verfe 23. The fieps of a good wan are, ordered by 



the Lord : and he de light cth in his Way. 

24. Though befall, hejhall not be utterly caft down*, 
for the tORfD upholdeth him with his hand. 

25. I have been young, and now am old; yet 
have I not feen the righteous forfa^en^ nor hi* feed 
begging bread. 

26. He id ever mercifully and lendeth ; and his feed 
id bletfed. 

He clofcth the confirmation of thefixth direction with enume- 
rating fundry priviledges of the godly , of fome whereof, he 
• made ebfervation in his own time. Whence learn, 1. The pri- 
viledges of the godly are fo , as mould content him , albeit 
his outward profperity and wealth be not fuch as he conceiveth the 
wicked to haves for God teacheththe godly how to behave him- 
ielf in his particular actions, prudently and holily : Tbefteps of 
a good man are ordered of the Lord , he approveth the courfe the 
godly man keepeth ; He delights in bis way. Though the godly 
man through infirmity fall into a finne , or by his fin draw on a 
calamity on himfelfj yet the Lord recovereth him again J Though 
be fally be JhaU not be utterly caft down; and that he perifh not 
when he falleth , the Lord mall preferve him by holding a grip 
cfhim; The Lord upboldetb him with bis baud. 2. Albeit the 
Lord will not exempt the godly from poverty , nor yet their feedj 
albeit we prefuppofe the children be godly alio, if he think it good 
to exercifethem fo ; yet the Lord hath made the examples of fuel) 
miferie fo rare , as a man of good yeares could obferve few or 
none of them beggers ; fpecially in the Prophets time, when God 
by external benefits, was training his people to the hope of fpiri- 
tuall things, as P/rwrfhereteftificth. $. It is a gift of God to 
ufe whatfoever a man receiveth of God , fo as others be helped 
thereby ; The godly is ever mecifull and lendeth. 4. The readir 
eft way to bring a bleflWto a mans houfeandpoftentig, 15 
to be godly himfelfj for, The godly mans feed is blcfled. 

Verfe 27. "Depart from eviU and do good% and dwelt 
for e termor c. 

a8. For the Lord lovtth judgement and forfaketh 



pot his Saints , they are preferred for evsr : but the 
feed of the wicked Jhall be cm of. 

29. The righteous Jhall inherit the land % and dwell 
therein forever. 

From the feventh dire&ion, and the reafons thereof teaching 
how to guard againft fretting at, and envying of the profperity of 
the wickedj Learn, 1. To meet an injury with another injury, 
or to recompence evil for evil , or to forbear to do good where 
it is not defer ved , is not the way to be blefled : h ut by the con- 
trary the way of pofiefling fetled felicity, is to dvpxrt from evil, 
a d to do good , fo jhall amtn dwell fr ever, i. The love that 
the Lord beareth to right eoufhefie , is the caufe why it cannot 
but be well with the righteous : For, The Lord loveth judgement. 
3. The Lord may well exercile his children with trouble, yet 
he will no&with-drawhimfeh from them in trouble, but will 
iiay with them , and beaie them company , and iavc them to the 
uttermoft ; Heforfzlietb %m his Saints , they arc prefer :cd for 
ever. 4. As wickedneiic is the ready way to root out a man and 
his family from ofTthe earth j fo isri^hteoufneffe the way to e- 
ftablifh a mans family , and to bring himfelf to a foli.i habits 
tion with God for ever ; For, The feed of tbc wicked Jhall be cut 
of, The righteowfoa'l inherit the Lmdyand dwell therein for ever, 
that is,in Heaven fignified by that land. 

Verf. 30. The mouth of the right eowfpeahjeth wif- 
dwe^ and his tongue talketh of judgement. 

3 1 . The La\V of his God i$ in his heart ; none of hU 

Becaufe fo much is fpoken of the righteous man , he defcribeth 
him by three properties ; one in his words , another in his affe- 
ctions, a third in his J.eliberare actions , and courfc of his waves 
and life. Wh dice learn, 1. The righteous man ftudicth in his 
fpeeches to glorifie God, and edific thofe he fpeakcth to , and in 
allthingshe istruths friend ; The mouth of t'e righteous fp:aficth 
Wifdomc , and bis tongue tiHictb <.f judgement. 2. For his affe- 
ctions , he loveth that which is commanded of God > and hateth 
that which is forbidden of him , becaufc God hath taken him in 
Covenant with hirnfelf to be his man ; The Lxw of God U in hfs 



heart* i . For his courfe of life 9 what; ©ever tentation he doth 
meet with , to divert him from the faith and obedience of God , 
he will not choofe another way, then the Law of his God $ None 
of bkfieps flail flide. 

Verfe 32, The wicked watcheth the righteous • and 
feeheth to flay him. 

33. The LORD will not Is Ave him in his hand , nor 
condemne him when he ii judged* 

For clearing ofthefeventh direction, he anfwereth an obje- 
ction from the perfecution which the righteous are iubjeft unto 
from the wicked. Whence lcame> 1 . Temporal! bleflings or be- 
nefits are not fo promifed to the godly , as that they (hall be free 
from troubles, croiles and perfecutions . .For the Lord for his 
.own glory, for education of his Kirk , and for convidion of 
his enemies, and for perfecting his children in holinefle , ufeth to 
iufter the wicked to hunt and perfecute them, even to death j The 
wic\ed w&tcbctb the righteous , and feeketb to flay him. 2. The 
wicked may apprehend the righteous mans perfon , lay falfeac-. 
cufations to his charge , and bring him before Judges , and not 
get his will of him, to drive him from a righteous caufe : For, 
The Lord will not leave biminhU hand. $. Albeit the righteous 
man by perfecutions may be judged, and condemned to death un- 
juftly , yet may "he be more then a conquerour through God that 
loveih him, and careth for him ; For God will not condemne him 
when he is judged. And that may iuffice him againit whatioever 
flefli can do to him. 

VerC 34. Wait on the LORD> and keep his Way>anJ 
he (ball exalt thee to inherit the land - y when the Wicked 
are cm off, thou fbaltfee it. 

35. I have fee'n the wicked in great power . and 
fpreading him felf like a green bay -tree. 

36. Tet he paffed away 9 and lo^hewM not ; yea, I 
fought him% but he could not be found, 

The eighth direction , is to wait on God 3 and to keep his 
way 5. ferving with the former direction , to guard the gedly mans 



heart againft all tentations of fretting, envy, anger and emulation, 
becaufeof the wicked mans feemingmore proiperous condition 
in the world then his own , and this direction is confirmed with 
fivereafons. Whence learn, i. Hethatbelieveth on God muft: 
not make hafte , nor judge rafhly of matters as they feem for the 
prefent, but muft attend till God make his word good ; Wait on 
the Lord. z. True patient hope and waiting on God, muft be 
joyncd with the ftudie of obedience to Gods directions ; Wait on 
the Lord, and l{ccp bis way. 3. Though the godly be kept under 
for a while and humbled , yet God (hall lift them up to a fatisfa- 
ctory cft.ue : He full exalt thee to inherit the land. This 
promife is the fr. ft reafon to move us to wait on the Lord. 4. In 
evciy age fome of the wicked /hall be made fpectacles of Gods 
threatened judgement, before the eyes of the godly, to give aflu- 
rance of his judgement; that he fliall ovetthrow all the reft in due 
time, and avenge on them all the wrongs done by them unto 
the godly : iVbtn the wicked are cm off, thoU fb ail fee it. And 
this is the fecond argument to confirme the exhortation, 
?. How the wicked have feemed very glorious in the world for a 
while, and mortly both they and their glory did vani/h , every 
man in his own time mould make their owne remarkes and obfer- 
vations > as the Prophet fheweth here , that he had his obferva- 
tions in his time , vcrf. 35, 3 6. And this is the third reafon to 
confirme the direction taken from experience concerning the 

Verfe 37. CMar\ the pcrfefi man, and heboid the 
upright ; for the end of 'that mm is peace. 

3b. lint the tranfgreffours Jhxll he deflroyed together? 
the end of the wicked (hall be cut off. 

The fourth reafon of the direction, is from the happy clofe of 
the courfe of the godly 3 and the certain perdition of the ^wicked. 
Whence learn, 1. The Lord gives to many remarkable inftances 
of the comfortable departure of the godly out of this life, as 
may giveaffurance of the dying of all the upright in Gods favour. 
Marble the upright man , for the end of that man is peace. 1. Whe- 
ther men be witneifes or not of the departure of the wicked , one 
andallofthemdiein a defperate condition > they arc deprived 
of heaven and earth , and perifh foul and body at the expiring of 
their breath: T r an fgrc [fours frail be deftroyed together; thc%ni 
tf the wiclydftaU be cut off. 

*54 i>SAL. XXXVIII. 

Verf« 39. But the fahation of the righteous \t 
cf the LORD; he is their firength in the time of 

40. And the LORD (hM help then*, and deliver 
them ; he {hull deliver them from the wicked , and fave 
them becaufe they trttfl in him. 

The laft rcafon to move men to wait oil God , is from his care 
of th e godlie. Wbtnu learn, ^ . How hard foever the conditio!* 
Of the godly be > the Lord hath wayesof his own to prcferve and 
fave them ; yea the Lord is refolvcd , and hath paficd his word 
that he will fave them : The (dvition of the righteous > is of the 
Lord 4 2. So locrg as GoA is pleafed to let righteous mens 
trouble continue , he will now and then comfort them, and will 
enable them to bear their trouble , when comfort isfufpended: 
He is their firength in time of trouble. 3. When the godly in 
their trouble feel their own wants and weakneffe, he will furnifh 
what in them is lacking > till the delivery come ; The Lord 
Jball bclptbcm* and deliver them. 4. Albeit man v be the trouble* 
of the godly , especially from their wicked perfecutorsj yet by 
faith in God they /hall keep their con fcience clean : Their caufe 
they maintaine whole, and (hall have their fouls fafe, do what 
their perfecutors can ; He fall deliver themfromthe r*icfed> and 
five them becaufe they trufl in him. 


A Ttfdmc of David, to bring in remembrance. 

In this Pfalme David in trouble.- both of foul arid 
body , as an example- of the hardeft exercifes 
that Chrifts followers can fall intoj Firft, 
prayeth for the mitigation of his trouble, and 
femovall of wrath 5 verf. 1. And fecondly, 
fayeth out this fenfe of the trouble which he 
felt immediately from God , verf 4 t, 3, 4, 5, 6, 



7,8, Thirdly, having put up his confufed de- 
fircs to God , for prayers in the fenfe of his 
inability to expreffe himfelf, verf. 9, io* He 
layes out his fenfe of the grief and troubles 
which he felt from men, and endured with 
great patience, <verf. if, 12,13,14. Fourthly, 
be fets down the wreftling he had in prayer 
to God , becaufe of his perfecution by nis 
adverfaries , vtrf. i<$, 16, 17, 18,19, 20. And 
clofeth thePfalme, not having gotten comfort 
for the time, verf 21,22. 

F Rom the Inscription i Learn, that excrcifes of confciencc, 
the more heavie they have been , the more fhould they be 
remembered , and the paffages thereof more carefully marked j 
when the fenfe thereof is moftfrefh , left they pafle without the 
fruic which may be had of them after deliverie : for thus much 
are we taught by the Inscription of this Pfalme , wherein it is in- 
tituled : a Pfalme o/David to bringto remembrance. 

Vcrf. 1 ,f~\ LORD, rebuke me not in thy wrath: ne't- 
\Jt thcr c haft en me in thy hot di(p leaf fire. 

FRom hispnvyer for mitigation Gf trouble and removall of 
wraths Learn, 1. It is confiftent with Gods Fatherly love, 
and our Sonfhip, to tafte of I^therly wrath a^ainft oar firtnes, as 
this place proveth. 2; Albeit it is not lawful! for us to follow our 
natural defires in prayer, or to fcek to be free of chiftiferEent > yec 
may we feek mitigation of trouble , and tempering of our cup. lb 
a-s we may digeft it , and we may pray for the removall of Father- 
lv wrath alfo^ ; Rebuke me not in thy wrafb, vor cbaftcn me in tbj 
hot dijpleafnrc. 

Verf. 2. For thine arrows (tickj*aft in me ; and 
thbx hand pre ffttb me fore. 

3. There is no foundneffe in mypfh, becaufe of 
thine anger : neither is there any reft in mj bones % be- 
caufe ofmyftn, 4, For 


4. For mine iniquities are gone over mine head ; ai 
an heavie burden^ they are too heaviefor Me. 

5 . My wounds ft intend are corrupt , becaUfe of my 

6. I am troubled^ 1 dm bowed down greatly : T go 
mourning all the day long. 

7. Tor my loins are filled with a loathfome dijeafei 
and there is nofoundneffe in myfiefb. 

8. I am feeble and j ore broken j I have roamed by 
teafon ofthedifquietneffe ofmj heart* 

He giveth the reafon of his prayer from his pittiful cafe both in 
foul and body. Whence learn, 1. When it pleafeth the Lord to 
make his children fenfible t *of their finnes, and of his dreadfull 
juftice; he can make the tokens of his difpleafure againfl finne 
piercing fharp , and prcfling heavie ; Thy arrowes fticfi f ft in 
rne, and thy handprejfeth me fore. 2. Although the Lord mould 
fet usas a marke to ihoot at , and lay the heavieft load of judge- 
ments onus for our finnes > yet we muft not feek the cafe thereof, 
nor can we have eafe from them, fave by coming to God him- 
felf , to bemoan our miferie , as this example teacheth us. 3 . As 
the fenfe of trouble on our body , or any way elfe will waken the 
conference of finne; fo the confeience )of finne , and feeling of 
wrath due for our fin, will make no fmall alteration on our very^ 
fcodiej : There u no foundncjfe in myflefh, becaufe ef thine anger, 
nor reft in my bones becaufe of my finne. 4. One finne will waken 
the metnorie of moe finnes, till theyprefent themfclves as an in- 
numerable armie ; My iniquities are gone over my head. 5 . How 
light foever finne may feem when it is committed, it will be found 
infupportably heavie, when God pur hies for it : -As an heavy bur* 
den , they are too heavie forme. 6. When the Lord doth finite 
the confeience for finne , the rod will not fail to make a wound, 
which fhall have need of the cure of the Phyfician , according to 
the bruife made by his hand, or deep piercing of his arrowes $ for 
after arrowes and prefling hand he mentions wounds more 
then one. 7. When a wounded fpirit is not timeoufly by a right 
cure bound up and healed 3 the wounds do grow the longer the 
worfe $ the longer the more guiltinefle, filthineflc and perplexity 
of fpirit doth grow : My wounds doftinfi and arc corrupt* 8. As 
skrough our iixonlideration of our dutie, and danger of finning 



we fall actually in fu ne, and do draw upon our felvcs wrath: So 
by our inconfide ration of the light lemedie, wc augment the 
meafure 01 both : My wounds ftin^ and are corrupt , becuujc 
of toy foolifineffc. 9. So long as the coi fcience or' finne and 
feme of wrath kept on thereby do laft, the mans wit ?nd his cou- 
rage, and his countenance and his joy a re fmitten j bcth betore 
God and men ; I am troubled, I am bowed down greatly , J go 
mourning all the day lung. 10. To to the pace, and to make 
the fcnlc of finne more bitter : The Lord can lay his hand on the 
body, and make the loathfomnefle of the fickrieffe reiemble the 
loathfomnefle of the finne whichdrewiton , and to fpeak unto 
the conlcience in its' own language , the caufc why it is ferit unto 
bim ; For my loincs arc filed with a loath fome, difexfe 5 and there 
is no {ound.;cffe inmyflejh. 11. A wounded foirh will dam and 
beat down the ftcutcit heart it can meet with, J am feeble and fore 
broken, ifc. If the Lord purfqe a mans conference for finne, ar.d 
intimate his dilpleafureagainft him , and continue this cxercile 
for any time; it will pafie the mans power to hide or fmother his 
grief", or hold in the expreffions thereof ; I have roared by reafon 
of the difquietneffe of my heart* 

Vfrf. 9. Lord, all my define is before thee $ and my 
groaning :s not htdfrom thee. 

10 My heart panteth, my ftrtngih faikth me ; M 
for the light* of mint eyes it alfo i* gone from , 

In tc third place,that he may bring forth the trouble which he 
fuffercd irom men y and his patience towards them , he prefent- 
cth his heart to God , as it was full of confuted defires, inftead of 
explicite prayers, being now unable to cxprefie himfelf more 
largely. JVbcnce learn, 1. As finne caufeth wrath , and wrath 
fore ftrokes and forrow ; ib thefe evils looked upon , mould waken 
defires to have them removed , and fend us to feck the true reme- 
die thereof in God, as here doth the Pfalmift. 2. As defires 
ani groans, if they be prefented to God , have their owne fpeech, 
which we cannot cxpreue in time ofour confuffions s fo fhould 
we account of them,not as of vanifhing expreffions oi' nature, bvX 
as prayers iti ned up by God, and {landing before him till ttfey 
receive their anfwer $ Lord , all my defire is before tbzc $ . 1 
not wrcftling with trouble within ou; felves : n r venti 
grief as natural! men which cm give us cafe , but pc 


,^ne heart before the Lord which muft doit: All my defire if 
hfore thee. 4. The ftrength of faith in the godly is not fo 
great, as to fwallow up all infirmities; but fo great as to wre file 
with them, and confefle them to God , who uleth to fupplie his 
own with his ftiength and wife directionywhen their own ftrength 
is evacuate , and the man is before God humbled: For here 
even Davids heart pantetb and his ftrength fxileth him y and the 
light of his eyes is gone from him 5 not fo much in regard of the 
bodies decay , as in his fpiritual condition , expreffed in bodily 
termes, and thus much lor the troubleSjwhich he felt immediate- 
ly from Gods hand, 

Verfe 11. My lovers andmy friends ft and aloof e from 
my fore : and my Iqnfmen ft and afar off. 

1 2. They alfo that feek after my life , lay fnares for 
me : and they that fcek^ my hurt , fteak mtfchievom 
things ? and imagine deceits all the day long. 

1 3. *Bfit I, as a deaf man y heard not, ; and I was 04 
adumbeman that openetk not his mouth. 

14 Thus I was as a man that heareth not , and in 
yohofe mouth are noreproofes. 

From the troubles which he felt from men 5 Learn, 1. A 
wounded fpirit is ad ifeafe which the naturall man hath no skill 
of, not will to meddle with 5 but flierh from it > as from a plague 
cr, pert ; My lovers and my friends fiand aloof from my fore. 2.I11 
time of fad affliction and narrow 'trial! of our faith , naturall 
bonds between lis and our kinsfolk , will {brink and faile us, fo 
as we iliall have little comfort in the earth > My bjnfmen ftani 
afar off. 3. In time offodexercifes and hard trials, as friends 
rrny faile : fo enemies may make head , and by craft and cruelty, 
by (landers and cunning poiicie, open enmity and fecretjplot- 
tin^ may confpire againft a mans fame,, good caufe and life, 
They «lfo ikatfr.e\ after my life, lay fnares for me y and they that 
fce\ my hurt , fpea\ mifchievom things , and imagine deceits all 
the day long. 4. The more emptied, afflicted, difconfolate,for- 
f ken of friends, purfued by foes a man be; if he go to God for 
reconciliation and relief , he hatL ground of hope to be helped, 
and to have God engaged to him fo much the more; for here 
David makcth this u(e of all his troubles, he layeth all out before 
God. 5. ItispoiTible, yeaand^ft-timCscomethtopaiTe/that: 



the godly have fo many lies made of them, calumnies and flan*" 
ders devifed and vented againfl: them byfo many mou'thes , tha* 
they are not able to follow them , or to anfwer and refute them ; 
but are forced to misken them , and in patience hold themfelves 
quiet till Goi make matters clear for them; But I Of a deaf 
min beard, not , and as a ditmbe man opened not my mouth. 6. When 
the godly overloadcn with multitude ofcalumniesj and the mul- 
titude of enemies backing them, do fit down in patient filence, 
not feeing to what purpok they (peak: They are taken readily 
as guilty^or as fuch who cannot refute the thing which is alledged 
of them j or maintaine the truth which they profefle , and this 
is an addition unto all the reft of their trouble $ As David im«* 
porteth, faying: TbmwM I m a man that bear eih not 3 and in 
wbofe mouth are no reproof es. 

Vcrfe I $. For in thee, LORD, do I hope : thou 
Vtilt bear, Lord my God. 

1 6. Forlfaidy Hear me, left otherwlfe they fhould 
rejojeeovermei when my foot ftp feth, they magnifie 
themfelves againfl me. 

1 7. For I am ready to halt 9 and my farrow is conti* 
nnMy before me. 

18. For 1 will declare mine iniquity^ I Vvill be forry 

19. But mine enemies are lively , and they are 
flrong: and they that hate me Wrongfully 9 are mul- 

20. They alfo that render evill for goody are 
mine adverfaries ; becaufe I follow the thing thtit 
good i*> 

In the fourth place he fetteth down his wreftling againfthi* 
perfecutors, feeking to deftroy both him and his righteous caufc* 
Hence learn, i. It isaforeand high degree ofthetriall of the 
godly , when at one time God purlueth for fin, and friends with- 
draw from them in the duties of humanicy, and psrfecutors are 
likely to deftroy their lives 5 and withal! do fupprefle Religionin 
their perfon by this means ; and yet this hath been the cafe of 
many of God? children, and may be alfo, as this example teach 


us ; yea, $lfo our Lord Jefus, his condition was like this* 
when he fuftered lor our finnes. 2. . Sore trialls cannot be borne 
without holding faft the gripe of the Covenant of Grace , for 
this fixeth faiths and ftrengthens hope , and furniiheth patience 
irf~grxateit troubles, $ for J) avid rendereth this reafon, for his 
bearing patiently his forefaid hard condition : In thee, Lord, 
(io 1 hope 5 Thou wilt hear. Lord my God. 3 . If the Covenant 
be nolo en faft , whereby we may warrantably call God our God ; 
>ve may be as it were , furety to our felf for a good anfwer from 
j3od$ Thou wilt hear me, Lord my God. 4." When the ene- 
mies of the godly in their righteous c^ule , are ready to triumph 
over the godly and their caufe , and the godly are like to be dif- 
coura.ged , if the Lord help not ; then the godly may be fure the 
Lord will hear and he'p: For !D*£ii giveth this for a reafon Qf 
his perfwa(ion,that God would hear him, verf. 1 5. becaufe the 
enemies orherwayes would triumph , and he be made to halt, and 
turne off the way, verf. 16,17. for in this the Lords glory is in- 
terefted. $. When she outward urofperous condition of the 
godly is changed 3 and their feet flip , and the hand of the 
Lord lieth on foi e without relaxation , even they of ftrong faith 
are readie to be difcouraged and faint j fo weak are we in faith 
when a hard triall cometh : For, IVitn the enemy magnified him- 
fclfdgainftDvndi Whenhu feet flipped , when hk for row was 
continually before him ^ He confeifeth he was ready to halt; To 
>vak.:n the godly, tfyatthey might guard againft this tentation. 
6. To keep our ielves from fretting under trouble , it is expedi- 
ent t}iat we compare our {ins with Gods fatherly chaftifements of 
us j and that we take courfe rorrcmiflion of our (in 3 and turne 
the forrow railed by affliction into godly forrow for fin ; for this 
J) avid refolved in his diftrefle , 1 will declare mine iniquitic , / 
will be jorrie for my fin. 7. The Lord fodifpofeth of the out- 
ward condition of t^e godly and the wicked in this life, that 
the godly oft-times have the mourning part , and the wicked the 
rejoycing part, and that fo much the more as they fee the head of 
the godly is borne done : I will be forry for my fin, but mine 
enemies are lively and firong. 8. As it is a matter of grief to fee 
the affliction of the godly growing , and the enemies growing in 
joy and ftrength and number ; fo it is a matter of comfort , that 
the enemies of the godly ate enemies without a juft caufe given ' 
1:0 them: They that hate me wrongfully) 4re multiplied. 9. We 
muft not leave ofTthe doing of what God requireth at our hands, 
albeit we fliquld have the hatred of the v\ r oild> fck Pavidfollewed 



that which wm good, albeit his advcrfaries for that very caufe 
did render to him evil for pod. 

Verf. 21. Forfakemenoty Lord-, my God, be 
not far from me* 

22. Make hafle to help me , Lordmj falvation 

He clofeth the Pfalme with prayer, laying all his weight on the 
Covenant,not having gocten comfort for the time. VV)ience learn, 
i. We muft not limit the Lord td give us comfort and deliver- 
ance, when We think we have grcatcft need of it , but muft leave 
our prayer at his ieet , as the Prophet, doth. 2. The BeJcevec 
muft be fo w aric to lean unto fenfe , that he muft hold the grips 
of faith, not onely when he miileth fenfe of comfort, b:it alio 
when Gods dilpenfation toward him, and his fenfe thereof dotfi 
feem to fpeak moil contrary to faith * Forfafie me not, 6 Lord; 
be not far re from me: Mlakehaftc to help me , faith Davids faith, 
when his fenfe fpeaketh what his prayer here impOrteth, that 
is, p relent perdition. 3; The bond of the Covenant of Grace 
is able to bear the weight of the Beleeversmoft heavie burcien,anj 
by vertue of it, he may lay claim unto God, as his owne God,and 
lay claim alfo unto falvation in him; for notwithstanding of all 
the troubles and tentations laid forth in this PfaJme , the Be- 
leeverfuftaineth all on this ground; my CfOd, Lord my faU 
nation ; And here is the vi&orie of Faith. 


to the chief Mufician, even to Jeduthun. A Pfalm 0/David. 

Another fuch like hard exercife as in the 
former Pfalme, wherein David acknowlegeth 
his infirmity in a paffionate exprefiion when 
he was in trouble, verf. 1,2,3,4. Secondly, he 
recovered and comforted himfelf, v*rf. 5^6,7. 
Thirdly, what was his prayer in this exercife, 
verf 8,^10,11,12, 13. 

$3 Ver£ 

252 PSAL. XXXlX. 

Vcrf. i.T Said> 1 Will tak* herd ton)] vrayes\ that I 
\ finne not with my tongue j I Will ke^p my 
mouth with a bridle 3 while the wicked is before 

2. lwas dumbt^ith (ilence^ I held my peace , even 
from good^ anJt my forroW Vpm ftirred* 

3. Mj heart was hot within me> ^hlle I was mufing^ 
the fire burned ; thenjj^* / With my tongue. 

4. LOR'D, make me to knoto mine end^ and 
the mea(ure of m) dayes , what it is : that / may 
know hoVo frail I am, 

THe Prophet for fear of impatient expreffion in his trouble* 
refolved to keep filence in the audience of the wicked 3 but 
was net able to keep in his paffionate wifhing for death. Whence 
learn, 1. As it is the Lords will that we fhould have the infirmi- 
ties of the Saints regiftred unto us for our edification , as well as 
their vertures : So it is his will, that when the confeflion of our 
infirmity may profit others , we fhould not fpare to let it be 
known, as thispaffogetcachethus. 2. Conference of our weak- 
neffe , and of the unrulinefle of our tongues, ready to break forth 
Jnthetimcoftentation , fhould make us take better heed to our 
felves, and to watch over our fpeeches : J faid, 1 will tx\c heed 
to my wayes> that I finne not with my tongue. 3. Becaufe the 
wicked may take advantage ofthegodlies mifcarrying in time 
of their trouble, it is needfull to watch the more over our beha-* 
viour and words in their prefence ; I will keep my mouth with a 
bridle , while they are before me. 4* When we are sbout to keep 
in our corruptions, and amend our own faults by our own way of 
it , our wrfdome^our itrcngth, our refolutions, we do not efchew 
the evilwe would efchew 3 and we alfo fall in a fault we were not 
awar of $ as here inftead of praying to Gcd to dived one part of 
his fpeeety after another , that he might fptak prudently in the 
audience of the wicked , he did not fpesk a all , he did not fpeak 
that which he mi^ht- and fhould have !pcken : I wm dumbe with 
filence , I held my peace even from good. 5. When grief is not 
jightly vented buc fuppeiled . i, is no: 'hereby atfwaged but en - 
creafed rather i I veld my peace , and my forrcw wm ftirred. 
6. The power of finftill nature, and imaged paffionsisfuch, 


PSAL. XXXIX. -2.6$ 

that even when they are opppofed by reafon or ftrength of grace in 
us , they may eafily over-power us , except God put to his hand 
to help us in the conflict ; My hexrt wot hot within me: while I 
was mufing the fire burned : then [pafe I with my tongue. 7. It 
is a natural evil in man when he is overcome by trouble in this 
life to wi/h for death , looking to be in a better condition by the 
change; As the fick man looketh foreafeby ch mging of his 
ted, and here verf. 4. we have the example of it. 8 The 
fhortnefleofthis life is a mitigation of the troubles thereof un- 
to the godly , and the fear that life mculd~coritinue longer then 
the fflicled man would , augmenteth the trouble; and this is 
the fountaine of thispaflionaue and curious wifh : Lord ma\e me to 
know mine end , and the mcafurc of my day es what it is : that I 
may \\ncw how frail I am. 

Verfe <;. 'Behalf thou haft made my dayes as 
an hand- breadth j and mine age is as nothing before 
thee; verily ever y man at his befl fiate is altogether 
vanity. Selah. 

6. Surely every man Vvalktth in a vaine fhew\ fure- 
ly they are difejuieteh in vaine^ be heapeth up riches><W 
knoweth not who fhall gather them. 

7. ts4nd noty, Lord , what -waiie lfor t my hope is 
in thee. 

In the fecond place, not being anfwered in this curious que- 
stion, but fecretly checked for his impatient wifh 3 he content^ 
fcimfelf with the known truth, That this prefent life is but {hort, 
how long foever it mail laft , and refolveth to wait on Gods time 
patiently. Whence learn, 1 . For tempering our condition what- 
soever it be , it fhould fuffice us to know , that whether we be 
in profperity or adverfitie, our time in this life is but fhort : 
Thou haft made my dayes at an hand-breadth^ and mine age U m no- 
thing before thee. 2. Not in profperity, but in adverfitie, is the 
uncertainty, weaknefle , emptineffe, and vanity of profperity, 
and things temporall well fcen ; for in troubles fayes Vdvid^ 
Verily every man at his be ft ftate is altogether vanity* j. What- 
foever feemeth excellent in the eyes of naturall men in this world, 
is but the fliadow of what it feemeth j health, ftrdngth^profperity, 
riches, pleaXure ; honour, dominion, power, "authority are bat 

S4 • *e 


the fhadowes of things fo named - r Every man walkctb in avaine 
fiew. 4. Too much care and anxiety about things of this life, is 
a fickneffe and folly , Surely they art difquictci in vain. 5. Ex- 
perience puttethaceep flamp of the truth upon a mans minde 5 
and caufes him to fet his fubfeription unto it without hefitation 3 
Verily, funly, fur el) 3 is the feale of this truth here delivered 
after his experience. 6> The too much care which men take to 
gather richesj this toyling and travelling, this ip'cnding of bodie, 
of wit and time , this frowning on forne^ and fawning on others, 
this pleading and fighting with iome 3 and flattering of others , 
■with the reft of other fhifts which men ufe to gather riches, 
("which they muft leave behinde them ^ and do not know to 
whom,) is a point of great folly and vanity in men; He heaps 
up riches, and knoweth not whofhall gather them. 7. The rteht 
ufe of the perceived vanity of all things under the Sunne , is that 
V/e (hould be knt by that confederation unto G d to Veil on him ; 
Ani now, Lord, what wait rfor ? 8. That wjiich God hath pro- 
mifed in the life to come , is onely fatisfaclory and able to quies 
amansminde, and make him patiently wait on Gcd in all his 
trouble ; What wait I for ? • my hope U in thee. 

Verf. %. 'Deliver me from all my tranfgrejfiow, make 
me not the reproach ofthefoolifh. 

9. / Wat dumb e 1 I opened not my mouth; becaufe 
thou didfi it. 

10. Remove thy firoke a^ay from me } I dm confu- 
ted by the blow of thine hand. 

II. When thou wtth rebukes doefi correfi man 
for iniquity, thou make ft his beautie to confume 
aWay like a mothe : furely every man is vanity. 

1 2. he are my prater , C > LORT) \ and give 
eare unto my cry : hold not thy peace at my tears : 
fori am** (IranaerXfitkthee , and a jojottmer y M All 
my fathers were. 

13.O fpare merfhat 1 may recover Strength ; before 
J %o hence } and be no more. 

In the third place, he prayeth to be freed from his finnes , and 
the fenfe of Gods wrath, uiing fundrie reafons to help jiis faith. 



Whence learn> 1. Seeing fin doth plunge us in all perplexities , and 
bringeth trouble after trouble upon us; the belt cure of our 
trouble, is to feck pardon for our fins • 'Deliver me from all my 
tranjgrejfwns. z. The ungodly are focles, let them, feem to 
themtelves and ethers what they pleafe, for all their way and work 
' is to make themfclves miferable ; therefore doth the Scripture call 
them fookfh. 5. That the wicked get no advantage of us fo 
as by troubling of us to drive us from theprofeffionofrigh- 
teoufneffe , for which they do perfecute us , fliould be the maine 
care of every Beleever under perfecution : For this is Davids 
prayer, Make me not the reproach of the foolifi. 4. It isaifuall 
to us to fee our duty after we have finned,betterthen beforejfor^af- 
ter experience of his falling, he refolveth it is his duty not to fpeak 
an impatient word, but to be file nt, and not open his mouth, to 
wit, impatiently. 5. The confederation of God for cur party, 
with whom we have to do in trouble, (hould humble us, and 
make us quiet ; 7) avid faith , he fhould not have opened 
his mouth; "Bccaufe thou Lord did ft it. 6. Prayer for 
removing the tokens of Gods yifplecfurc , efpccially after pray- 
er for remiflionof fins, is not contrary to patience and filent 
. fubmiflion under Gods hand $ for heprayeth alfc, %emove away 
thy ftroakfromme. 7. When we feci the Lords hand heavic 
upon us , we m?.y bemoane our feives to him with fubmiffion to 
his will, for he pitieth us> and will lay no more on us then we are 
able tobe.u-e , 1 am consumed by the blow of thy hand. 8. The 
ftcruteft and ftrongeft courage will foon be brought down by 
trouble of confeiehee , when Goi entereth in judgement with 
him, man falls down ; When thou with rebukes do ft correct man 
for iniquitie , thou make ft his beauty to confume away like & mothez 
jurely every man is vanity. 9. When God feemeth to re- 
fufe to hear prayer, true faith will follow God with more 
fervent prayer, and crying, and teares, and not leave God with- 
out a good anfwer : Hear my prayer, Lord 5 give car unt$ my 
cry, hold not thy peace at my teares. 10. The more our hearts be 
alienated from this world, andconveriant with God by faiths the 
more we mi fie cur countrey, our parents, our kinfmen on earth, 
and have our conveifation in hoven , the more we may be af- 
fured that God fliall avow himfelf to be our God : I am & 
ftrangcr and a fojoumcr with thee. 1 s . Entering our feives heirs 
unto the godly , who lived before us in their eftrangements from 
the world, and feeking after heaven , intitkth us unto their com- 
forts alio J I am ajoioiwier as all my fathers. 12. It is an 


266 PSAL. XL. 

ufuall tentation unto the godly in their trouble , that they fliall 
never be relieved out of it in this life 3 Ofpare me before I go 
hence. 13. Thcgodly may pray for a little breathing before 
death with fabmiflion 3 that they may the moxe quietly render 
up their fpirits to God: Spare me> that I may recover fir ength before 
Igo hence and. be no more. 14. If the Lord do not hearken to us 
when we would, and as we would leave our petition befide him* 
till he anfwer it, as here the Prophet dotta 


to the chief iMufician, A ^ftlme of David. 

'David as a type of CKrift in the whole Pfalme, 
and as an example of theexercifeof the godly, 
gtveth thanks for the experience of Gods de- 
livering of him out of a notable trouble, verf. 
1,2,5,4. In the fecond place, he is led on 
in his thankfgiving for the great work of Re- 
demption by Chrift the Son of God coming 
into f he world , which is the fountaineof 
all other mercies to the Saints, verf. 5,6,7, 
8. In the third place, "David in type, and Chrift 
in the accompliftiment , giving accompt of his 
propheticall office, intercedeth and prayeth 
for the evidence of Gods favour to himfelf per- 
sonally and myfticayy considered, verf. 9, 10, 
1 1 , 1 a, 1 3 4 and for difappointment of his ene- 
mies, verf. 14, 15. and for the comfort of 
all the godly beholding his exercife and 
his delivery , which he confidently doth cx- 
fpeft, verf. 16,17. 


PSAL. XL. 267 

Vcrfe I T Waited patient ly for the LORD, and he in- 
JL chned unto me, and heardtny cry. 

2. He brought me up alfo out of an horrible fit, out of 
the mtrj clay, and fct my feet upon a rock^ and eft a* 
blijbedmy goings. 

3 . ssin d he hath put a neVv Song in my mouthy even 
fraife unto our God : many fhallfee it t andfear,and fhail 

4. T/ejfed is the man that maketh the LORD his 
truft : andrefpefteth not the proud, nor fuch as turn a* 
fide to lies. 

In his thankfgiving, Learn, 1 . As the Lord of let purpofc de- 
layeth to anfwer the prayer of his own, and fufpendeth to help 
them out of trouble for a time, that he may try and train their 
faith to a better meafure 5 fo the believer mull refolve to wait on 
patiently, 1 waited patiently for the Lord. 2. Albeit waiting for 
the time is joyned withlanguour and grief,yet the remembrance of 
it is fweet, and it wants not a blefling following it , I waited ^.ni 
be enclincd to me> and heard my cry. 5 . The godly.may be brought 
in their trouble to as defperare like condition, as a man fain 
in a horrible deep and dark pit, finking in miry clay, out of 
which there is no appearance of relief, in which cafe as the great- 
nefsof the danger commendeth the faith of him that calleth up- 
on God, and waitethfor him 5 So doth it commend Gods wif* 
dome, power, goodnefs, and faithfulnefs in delivering the pa- 
tient waiter. To this end faith the Pfalmift, He brought me out 
of a horrible pit, and out of the miry day. 4. The man who de- 

(>endeth on the Lord when he is delivered out of trouble, is net 
ef: to himfelf, but the Lords dfe attendcth him to guide him 
after his delivery ; He brought me out of the miry clay, and fet n?y 
feet upon a rock, and cjlablijbcd my goings. 5. As it is a part of 
our duty to gloiifie God after every mercy, and in a fpecial man- 
ner when the mercy is very notable : So it is a new gift of God 
to enable a man to give thanks, and praife for the mercy received, 
therefore it is put for a point of thankfgiving, He hath put a new 
fong in my mouth. 6. As the experience of Gods mercy to ont: 
who is in Covenant with God, is the encouragement of all belie- 
ver* : lb fliould it be the common matter of praife unto God from 


268 PSAL. XL. 

them all, therefore doth he call the praifes which he did fing, the 
praifes of our God. 7* The right obfervation of Gods mercy, to 
his children, efpecially when he will mew him felt eminently, is 
able to ftrike a man with much awe and reverence of God who is 
fearful, even in his praifes ; ZManyJhall hear and fern 8.' Then 
do we make right obfervation of Gods mercy to his children^ 
when thereby we encourage our felves to look for the like mercy, 
when we call for it in our need $ Many fb all bear and fear ■, and twft 
in the Lord. 9. As the precioufnefs of 'faith is not feen in the 
time of trial ,fo well as after the victory; fo the fruit of it when it is 
feen is no lefs then true bleffednefs : Blejfed is the man who ma\eth 
the Lord bis tru\\.\ o. All true believers are humble towards God* 
and of a high fpirit againft whatfoever comech in competition 
with him, and will defpife every mans way who regardeth not 
him : So the mif believer is proud toward God and his truth, but 
a bafe fubjeft of his own fpirit, and to lying vanities ; for the 
believer here is oppofed to the p roud> and to fuch as turn afide 
to lies. 

Verf. 5. CJWanyjO LORD my tioA, zxtthjv^on- 
tlerfultyorksiWhkh thou haft done, and thy thoughts^ 
which are to us-ward : they cannot be reckoned up in or- 
derunto thee: if/ would declare andfpeak^of themjhey 
are moe then can be numbred. 

In the fecond place he is led up to the confideration of Gods 
wonderful care and providence about men, and in fpecial to the 
work of Redemption by Chrifts coming into the world. Whence 
learn, 1. One of the Lords wonderful works of providence well 
meditated upon, may and mould lead us jo the confideration of 
many other his works of that kind, Many, Lord my Cjod, are thy 
wonderful workh™hicb thou haft donc.z.The works of Gods provi- 
dence about us mould lead us up to the counfel of God, to behold 
his care of us, his minde and purpofe to us- ward, who are brought 
into Covenant with him, for confirming of our faith in him ,M any, 
O Lord my God^are thy thoughts, which are to us-toard. % . Albeit 
the Lords deepthoughts and works of wonder about his own pec- 
pele , be unipcakable, unfearchable, and innumerable, yet muft 
we not ccafe to look upon them, and fpeak of them in heap, when 
we cannot attainc to them in tail, They cannot be 'reckoned up in 
order to thec : If Ifbould declare and [peak of the mjbey are moe then 
can be numbred, 


PSAL. XL. %6 9 

Verf. 6. Sacrifice and offering thou didfi not dejtre, 
nine ears baft thou opened; burnt-offering and fin-offer- 
ng h/tfl thou not required. 

7. Then f aid \, Lq^ I come: in the volume of the 
hookjt\% written of me. 

8. I delight to do thy will) my God :jea, thy Law is 
within my heart. 

He condefcends upon a particular which did overcome his de- 
claration and fearching, to wit, the Qozenant of Redemption be- 
tween the Father and the Son coming into the world, iome article^ 
whereof he toucheth 3 as they are re hear fed by the Son fpeaking 
here by his Spirit. Whcnee learn, 1 . The work of Redemption by 
Chrift, the Covenant betwixt the Father and the Son about our 
Redemption, the incarnation of the Son of God, andthecourfe 
of thefalvationof the redeemed, is one of the meft wonderful 
things that ever was heard tell of, when fo many wonderlul works 
pf God, fo many wonderful thoughts of God about us do concur, 
that they can neither be declared nor numbred, nor fet in order : 
for this work here touched is fet down for an inltancc, cf what was 
| faid in the former verfej now that this is fpoken by Chrift, the' 
iVpcftle 3 H^. 10. 5 3 6.&c. doth fhew unto us. 2. Albeit facri- 
. fices and oblations were appointed to be offered bercreChrift came, 
yet were they not acceptable in themfelves, but in refpeft of the 
Sacrifice of Chrift fignified by them$ not they , but Chiift figni- 
: fied by them could take away fin, Sacrifice and offerings thou dideji 
j not defire^burnt'Offerings and fin-offerings thou didejt not require, 
I to wit, for any worth in themfeives ; or by way o( real fat is fad ion 
1 for fin. 3. The ceremonial law was not to remaine , but to be 
I taken away when Chrift came to offer himielf who was forefha- 
dowedby the facrifices and Levitical ordinances; for, Sscn- : es 
and oblations thou didft not defirc y but mine ears thou kafto^. 
which prefuppofeth thou hafi formed a body unto me , asthe Apcn 
&\e 3 Heb. 10, £. doth fhew ; and fo the rejecting of the cere.iio- 
nies, is at the incarnation^ at the forming of the body of Chrift, 
and bringing the Son into the wotld. 4. The Son of God in- 
carnate becomes voluntarily^ very capable,difcrcete, ready and obe- 
dient fcrvant to the Father for us: Mine ears haft thou opcned,to wit, 
for receiving of every command, cr mine cars haft thou boated, as 
the fervants ears were boared under the Law, when hechoofed to 


270 PSAL. XL. 

ftayftill withhismafter in fervice, Exod. 2T. ?. $. By offering 
of burnt- offering God was not fatisiied for fln^but only by Chrifts 
coming and offering himfclfa facrifice once for all, Burnt offering 
and fin offering baft thou not required ; Then (rid I, Lo y I come 3 
faith Chrift. 6. Both in the book of Gods eternal decrees, and 
in the book of holy Scripture, this way of taking away the fins of 
men was eftablifhed, as the only way to efted it; for that the 
feed of the woman by his fuffering fhould bruife the 'head of the 
Serpent was foretold by God, Gen. 5. 1?. and Chrift was the 
Lamb flain in the representative facrifices from the beginning of^ 
the world > In the volume of thy boo\ it is written of me. 7. Jefus 
Chrift God incarnate is in Covenant with God the Fatherthac 
believers maybe in Covenant withGod by this means alfo,therefore 
doth he call him, my God : as our Lord,^a/;. 20. 17. faith, I 
afcendto my Father and your Father,- to my God and your God. 
8. All Chrifts fufferings and fervice done in our name for us, 
was moft willingly and heartily undertaken and difcharged by 
Chrift, I delist to do thy will) that is, as the Apoftle,He&. 10.10. 
doth expound it to perform whatfoever might fan&ifie us through- 
out for ever. 4 , The way of our redemption by Chrifts doing 
and fuffering for us, is Gods own device, his very will and plea- 
Fure $ and the obedience of Chrift unto the very death of the crofs, 
done in our name unto the Father, hath pleafed the Father fully $ 
1 delist to do thy wlU> my God. 1 o. The Son of God incar- 
natewasperfedly holy, fo as he could aafwer to the law compleat* 
ly, and give accompt of it to the Father j yea, thy law is within my 
heart: That thefe words may be applied to David > and made ufe 
of by every believer in their own degree and meafure; there is 
no queftion but that they are principally and in the maine inten- 
tion to be applied to Chrift fpeaking of himfelf, the matter it felf 
doth evidence s for who but he can afcribe to himfelf the accom-? 
jplifhinsofwhat the typical facrifices forc^fhadowed ? who but he 
could fatisfie for fin, which the facrifices could not ? Again,the 
ApoftlePdw/, Hcb* 10, $,6,&c. doth clea:* the matter fo, as no 
ground of doubting is lefc. In all the Pfalme, let Vavid be as the 
Shadow, but let Chriit be the fubftance. 

Verfe 9. I have preached righteoufnefs hi the great 
Congregation : lo y l have not tefraimd my lips, LORD, 
thou knoweft. 

JO. 1 

PSAL. XL. 271 

10. 1 have not hid thy righteonfnefsmthin my heart, 
lhave declared thy faiihfulnefs and thy falvation : / 
have not concealed thy loving kindneft^ and thy truth 
from the great Congregation* 

Inthe third place, as Chrift hath given an accompt of the exe* 
cution of his Preiftly Office, in expiating of fin \ fo here he giveth 
accompt of his Prophetical Office,to make way for his irtcrceffion. 
Whence learn,i. Chriti. did not onlyundertake to fufter for expiation 
' for our Gnsjbut alfo he undertook to apply to his people,by preach- 
ing,the fruits of his fufterings, for their righteoufns and falvation, 
for juftifyin? fan&irying,and faving the redeemed J have preacbel 
righteoufnefs in the great congregation.z.Thc way appointed for ap- 
I plication of the grace purchafed to the redeemed , is preaching 
I b we preached righteoufnefs in the great Qongregation^m the vifible 
Kirk, and in all confluences of the redeemed where opportunity is 
oftcred. 3. As Chrift did not conceal what might lave fouls, but 
did communicate it carefully ; fo fhould they who are trufted 
by him to preach without fear fincerely,as they wil be able to anfwer 
God , proclaim it, J have not refrained my lips, Lerijbon fi?ww- 
eft. 4. The true way of juftification of finners by faith, is a Jewel 
fo precious and neceffary for poor fculs, that it fhould not be con- 
cealed, I have not lid thy righteoufnefs -within my he.rt f. One 
Sermon on this fubjeft is not fufficient, it is Heceflr.ry to make 
this myftery plain, how by faith in Chrift the man thatfliethto 
I him is juftified from his fins, and faved according ^0 the Covenant 
paft between the fuffering Mediatour and God~the faith f ul pro- 
mifer to juftiGe and favebythis his own way, I have declared thy 
faithfulncfs and thy falvation. 6. The way of righteoufnefs and 
falvation purchafed unto believers by 'efus Chrift, is ve/yfolid 
and compleat ; for fi ft tbis way of forgiving fins unto us, becaufc 
of the fatisfa&ion made by Chrift for us in his obedience unto 
the Father, even unto the death of the Crofs 3 is of Gods own de- 
viling, and his free-gift > therefore as it is called, the righteoufnefs 
ofGod^om. $ 2i, iz. So here it is called Gods righteoufnels, O 
LordjI have nothid thy right eoufnefi and the falvation or eternal 
life annexed unto this imputed and gifted righteoufnefs beftowed 
upon the embracer of it, is alfo of Gods deviling, and his fiee-.'ift* 
therefore it rs alfo called bis falvation, I have declared thy falvati- 
on. Next the certainty and ground of the believers aflurance that 
this righteoufnefs and falvation is made faft unto him,isthe truth 
of God, and faithfulncfs of God, obliging himfelf to makaoo^p 


2 7 a PSAL. XL. 

this way of juftificarion and falvation by the Covenant 
. of redemption made between the Father and the Son our 
Media tour , as in the promt fes of the Covenant of grace 
is fet down in Scripture, which can no more difappoint the 
believer then the truth and faithfulnefs of God can fail, I have 
declared thy f&hbfulncj's and thy falvation. And laft of all, the foun- 
tain, fpring and rife and unchangeable ground of rtghteoufnefs and 
falvaticn purchafed by the redemption made by Jefus Chiift^and 
applied to us by faith in him, is the inhere good will and pleafure 
ot God, the free grace, the free love and bounty of God, without 
any deferving of the redeemed 5 I have not concealed thy loving 
fiindnefs, and'tby truth from the great Congregation -This indeed is 
a folid' ground. 7. The plain preaching, declaration, andmani- 
jfeftation of this Gofpel with the grounds thereof, is able by the 
bleffingof God to perfwade a uembling foul to lay it felf ever 
uponJefusChrift, and to reft upon the unchangeable truth and 
lindnefs of God offered to every poor humbled linner, without 
exception, for the preaching of thefe things, not refraining of the 
JipSj nothiding of this precious and laving truth. The declari* 
tion and not concealing of it, is given up here for the fufficiency of 
means, to apply the purchafed right eoufhefs and falvation by 
Chrift to the redeemed j and this execution of CiKifts Propheti- 
cal Office hath been faithful ly.per formed by him, not onely in his 
perfonal preaching in the dayes of his flefh, bu: alfo in his Mini- 
sters both before his incarnation and fince, which alfo (lull be con- 
tinued from generation to generation, to the end of tho^world, 
maugre all oppofitionj for Chrift fliall be able to makenolefs 
perfect account of his ether Offices then of his Kingly Office, 
when he fliall give up the Kingdome to his Father, 8. What may 
concern Vavii here as the type of Chrifl, or as one of the fervants 
ofChrift, we take it up in one word, which is this: The more 
faithful Preachers be to declare the Gofpel to the falvation of 
fouls 3 the more confidence and comfort fhaH the teftimony of 
their confeience afford to them in the day of their trouble; when 
they come before God, as the Prophet here b^ experience 

Verfe I 1 - V/ithhold not won thy tender mercies from 
me, O LORD'. Lt thy loving kindnefs , and thy truth* 
continually prefcrve me, 

12. Fcr immmtrable evih have compafed me about* 

PSAL. XL. 275 

mine imcjuites have taken hold upcn me^ fo that I am not 
able to look up: they are more then the hakes ojmine heat), 
therefore my heart fuleth me % 

1 3. Bepleafed, O LORD, to deliver me : LORD, 
make ha fie to help me. 

Chrift having given accompt of his performances;, of what was 
undertaken, inrercedeth for thepromiied mercies to his Myfti 
calbody and to hi mfe If, as.ftandin?; in the room oftheranfomed i 
wherein David as the type of Cbriit , and as a member of C hrifts 
myftical body, hath his own place. Whence learn, x. Becaufe the 

[nice of Redemption is holden here as fully payed, and nothing is 
eft unpayed by Chrifl \ therefore the application of the purch riled 
\ mercy muft be granted for Chrift, here fpeaking, having declared 
j his performance of his part of the Covenant frcm vcrf. 6* 10 vcrf 
,ii. dorh now require the performance of promifed kindnefsand 
mercy to him and his myftical body, faying, Withhold not thy 
, tender mercies from me, Lord : let thy loving kindnefs, and thy 
'truth continually preferve me-, and this is a {landing petition of 
the Mediatour, in favour of his afflicted myftical body in all 
generations. 2. The unchangeablcnefs of Gods loving kindnefs, 
j and truth of promifes made in his Covenant, is a fqlid ground of 
• aflurance that the Lord will not withheld his tender mercies from 
I the afflicted believer ; for upon this ground, do the parts of his; 
1 petition run$ Withhold not thy tender mercies from me, and let\{ind~ 
j nefs and truth continually preferve me. 3 . Albeit the troubles which 
! are inflicted, be drawn on by fin, and be the effects of juil wrath 
for fin, yet are they alfothe object of tender mercies, when the af- 
flicted do prcfent both their troubles and their fins, which defer- 
ved them before Gods merciful eyc 5 for here a reaibn of hoping io\: 
tender mercy; is brought from both trouble and fin lying on 5 for 
innumerable evils have compiled me about, and my hi qui ties have 
i ta^eu bold on me. 4. L»y vcrtue ofthe interccfftoii of Chrift, every 
i believer rmy take up the lame ftrppiicarkn in C hriitsname, and 
1 prefent it in his own behalf unco God, in the time of trouble and: 
neceflity; for as 'David might make this of ft, as one of the 
members of the myftical body : fo may all the reft of believers al- 
jfo; beemfe Chrift the Mediatour doth own all the fins of all his 
redeemed ones as his own, as made his by confen: to have them 
( imputed unto him, and hath born the pmijfhment thereof fo much 
' as rmy and dorh fatisfie juftice for them. Therefore Chiift in the 

T be- 

274 PSAL. XL. 

behalf of his redeemed ones, and every believer in Chrift for that 
refped may exped continual prefervation by the loving kindnefs 
and truth of God laid in pawn for it by the Covenant, when 
they have recourfe to God in the time when trouble and guiltinefs 
docKboth fet on at once, for the reafon of the p ayer; is fo concei- 
ved, ask may fit both the Mediator interceding for his myftical 
body , and every wearied foul alio who is fled to God through 
Chrift byfaith in him, that he may find hisoutgate and deliver- 
ance in, wirh, and for Chrift, Let t l y loving lyndnejs and truth 
cortinuaUy prejerve me; for innumerable evils bavz covpaffed me 
about 3 mine iniquities have u\en hold on me. 6. Nothing can fo 
empty a man.and lay him low, and fill him with confufion of face, 
as his fin purfuing him, Mine iniquities have ta^en hold upon me t fo 
that I am not able to lookup. 7, When all that is a mans own, 
as natural ftrength,wit,or courage doth fail, yet God doth not fail, 
and faith doth nor faiU For here when it u come to this, my heart 
fxileth me. Faith ftands up, and in prayer pleadeth for mercy and 
kindnefs upon this very reafon, becaufe the heart doth fail. 8. As- 
the ftrait is great, and the burden heavy, and the creature weak: fo 
is the delivery and help neer at hand, Bepleafed, Lordjo deliver 
me : Lordjna\c bafte to help me. 

Vcrfe 14. Let them he afhamed and confounded to- 
gether that (eek^ after my foul to deftroy it : let them 
be driven backward, and put to fhame that ^tfh me 

15. Let them be de folate for a regard of their fhame, 
that fay unto me> zAha. aha ! 

From that part of his prayer, which is againft his enemies $ 
Learn, 1. As :he Lord for the interceffion of Chrift will not 
fail to help his people in troubles fo will he not mifs to ciifap- 
poinr, And. bring mifchicf upon the enemies of "his people, how 
many and how ftrongtoever they be y Let them be confounded to- 
gether and ajfomed that [cell my foul todejlroy it. 2. Not only 
the open perfecu'tors-of the goaly, but all their ill vvillers and un- 
friends, fee evil come upon Gods Kirk, 
ftiall be pur.ifhed with the open adverfaries 5 They j%U be driven 
backward and pin to Jhamt that wijh them evil. 3. The mock- 
ing of the godly and putting them toihame, is the (hame indeed 
of the mockers, and not of the godly upon whom in cheir fuflfer- 
in^s the Spirit of glory doth-reft, and therefore ftiall the wicked 


PSAL. XL. ±7$ 

fcorners bear their own lhame and their puntfhment 5 Let them 
b't defoki'e, for a rcw. rd of their flume, that fay unto me, Aba, 
aba ! 

Vcrfe 16. Let all thofe that feel^thee rejoyce and fo 
glad in thee : let fuch at love thy Jahation^faj continual* 
ly, The LO R D be magnified. 

17. 'But 1 am poor and needy, yet the Lordthinketh 
upon me: thou art mj help and my deliverer, make no taf* 
ryingfimy God. 

From this prayer that the reft of the godly may have comfort by 

his delivery, which delivery he do: h confidently expect ; Learn, 

t. As every mercy tc eve: y believer giveth' a proof of Gods readi- 

nefs to mew the like mercy to all believers,when thcyftand in neec \ 

fo fhould every mercy fliwento any of the namber^befng known to 

the reft, be made the matter and cccafion of magnifying the 

Lord-, Lex all tbo]e that feelithee rejoyceandbe lad in tkee.i.The 

godly .whofe property it is to be partakers of the affliction of 

Chrift with ethers, and to feek God, and to wait for the Lords 

way of delivery, and do love the fafety of his" people, fhall hav^ 

reafon to rejoyce and praife God continually for new cbedienceS 

of his mercy to his own ; Let all thofc that feefi thee rejoyce and be 

glad in thee : let fuch us love thy falvation,fay continually, The Lord. 

be magnified. 3. It is an ufual condition of the godiy, before 

they be delivered out of any difficulties, to be made once fenlible 

I of their own weaknefs,emptinefs, and neceflities 5 as here, lam 

I foor and needy. 4. It is an ordinary exercife of the 3ffli&ed> to 

be defpifed of the world, and contemned, and this alio is a tehta- 

tion to move them to miftake their own condition before God; for 

fo doth the Pfalmift propound the matter before God > But (faitfr 

I he) lam poor and needy. 5. W hat foever the world or lenfe and 

j falie fuggeftions do fay of the afflicted, yet faith j^ives ground of 

I afllirancc that our bale and mean condition h fo tar from making 

[ us loathfome to G^d, that by the contrary the lower we arc 

j b: ought the more we are in his heart and eftimatfonj let the 

Lordthinfietb upon me; and Gods rcfpecHngof us, mayeafiiy 

make up ourlofs of refpeft among men'. 6% When the believer 

I hath faftened his faith, he may- expect fhortly his relief, Thou art 

my help and my deliverer > f3tth,he, &d then.^e no tarrying,® m} 

"t s FSAL, 

ij$ PSAL. XLI. 

■=»*— —»—■»—>» - ' ■ ■ ■■■■ i " .■■■■I. i — — — , 


To the chief tiiuficun. A T!fdmc of David. 

p4f/^ as a Type of Chrift, and one of his afflided 
followers, after prayer comforteth himfelf againft 
the uncharitable judgement, which the wicked 
badofhiminhisaffliftion, wr. 1,2,3,4. In the- 
fecond place, he complaineth of his enemies 
curfed difpofition againft him, and prayeth to be 
delivered out of his trouble, ver. 5, 6, 7, 8, 9,10. 
In the third place, he rs anfwered comfortably, 
and praifeth God for it, ver. n, 12, 13. 

Verfe l.TYteffed is he that conftdereth the poor : 
ID the LOBSD mil deliver him in time of 

2. The LOKD mil preferve him>and tyep him alive f 
andhejhallbe bleffedupon the earth; and thou wilt not 
deliver him unto the mil of his enemies \ 

3. The LO RD will firengthen him upon the hed 
of languiflnng : thou wilt make all his bed in hisfick^ 
nefs. 1 

4. Ifaid y LOTx'Djte merciful unto me : heal my fou /, 
for 1 have finned against thee. 

THat he may comfort the godly in their afflictions, and cor- 
rect the common judgement of the world concerning af- 
flicted people , he giveth a realbn for which it is fafe to judge 
charitably of every man who humbleth himfelf before God in his 
affliction:' JVlicncc learn, 1. Albeit it be ufual for the world to 
jud^e all them that are afflicted, to be plagued of God in wrat"h,yet 
it is a blefled courfe to ftudy to frame our hearts to a wife and 
diftrcet judging of ether mens eftates , by looking to a mans be- 


PSAL. XLI. 577 

haviour in his trouble, and to judge charitably of the man wh° 
is contrite, and humbleth himfelf before God in his affliction> 
Blejfed is be that confideretb the poor , or giveth comfort and in- 
duction to the weak. 2. It is a blefled thing for a man afflict- 
ed and humbling him felf before God, to judge charitably of his 
own condition, as well as of anothers condition in the like cafe 5 
for, Bleffed is be that conjidcretb the povr> is fo fet down as it is 
applicable tc* the patient in affliction judging of himfelf, nolefs 
then to the beholder of another in affliction : and for confirma- 
tion of this, he giveth fix reafons of comforting the afflicted and 
humbled man, and confirming the charitable beholder and judger 
of him as a fellow-fufterer with him. 3. The afflicted and hum- 
ble man mail be delivered out of his trouble, be what it maybe, 
The Lord will deliver him in time of trouble. This is the fir ft 
reafon of the comfort, and withall a reafon of confirmation and 
encouragement of him that doth judge wifely or the afflicted. 
4. The Lord hath a way of delivery,not onely from trouble,thar 
a man fall net in it, and not only of delivering from trouble, by 
removing of the trouble, butalfo a way of delivery, when the 
trouble is yet remaining, to wit, by fuftaining the man,comfort~ 
ing of him, laving of him from any harme by the trouble, gi- 
ving him good by the trouble, quieting his minde by patient fub- 
mimon unto God under the trouble,#V. The Lord will deliver 
him in time of trouble, and this is branched out in particulars 
in the verfes following, ?.s fo many reafons of comfort, and chari- 
table judging of his own condition and others. 5. Albeit the 
godly be brought very low, yet mall he not perim, The Lord will 
prefcrvchim, and keep him alive > and this is the fecond reafon of 
comfort, albeit he faint, and have foul-fwarfes now and then, yet 
fhall fpiritual life be kept in him. 6. N^neofthe godly mans 
afflictions (hall hinder or take away his begun bleflednefs, even 
in this world ; He fhall be blejfed on the earth, and this is the 
third reafon of comfort j if it may be for Gods glory and the 
mans good, this temporal life ihall be preferved, and evidences 
of Gods blefling (hall be feen upon him. 7. No perfecutor mall 
drive the godly man from his point, and make him forfake God 
or the wayofgodlinefs; if he flip in a ftep, God mall raifehim 
up again; Thou wilt not deliver him to the will of his cnmt^firA 
this is the fourth reafon of his comfott. 3. The^Cord'wiU 
ftrengthen the godly to bear whatsoever trouble he putteth on 
him 5 The Lord will jirengthen him on the bed of languijhing And 
thij is the fifth reafon of tys comfort. 9. The Lord fhall miti- 

T * sate 

2j2 PSAL. XLI. 

gate and moderate all the afflictions of the godly, and e.afe him 
under his trouble, "as tenderly as when a tick perfons be«^ is made 
the beft way that can be for his cafe 3 Thou (liall ma\e all bis bed 
in bisfickjiefs, and this is the fixrh reafon of his comfort, i o/The 
man who may look for all thefe confolations, and may be judged 
of charitably, whether it be himfelf or another, is the man who 
in the fenfe of his fins humblcth himfelf before the Lord, efpeci- 
ally when he is afflicted, and Hieth to Gods mercy : fuft, to have 
fins pardoned; and next,to have his trouble removed, as God feeth 
It fit for his felvation. This is pointed out in Davids behavi- 
our under his t ouble, of fet purpofe that he may give the cha- 
racter ofthe Lords poor man, to whom the forefaid comforts do 
belong, and of who fe eftate a good inftriiciion is to be made; 
IfaiA, Lord, be merciful tome, bed my foul, for I have finned a- 
gainft thee. 

Verf 4 <>. Mine enemies Jpeak^ evil of me : when 
fhallhe die, and his name perifb ? 

6. Jind if he come to fee me, he [peaketh vanity : his 
heart gather eth iniquity to it [elf, when he goeth abroad^ 
he tel let hit. 

7. All that hate me tyhifper together againft me : a- 
gainft me do they devife my hurt* 

* 8, An evil dijeafe , fay they , cleaveth faU unto 
him : and now that he lieth , he pa all rife up no 

£L Tea, mine own familiar friend in whom 1 truft- 
ed \ which did eat of my bread, hath lift up hi* heel a- 
gainji me, 

10, Tint thou, 0LO.R&) be merciful unto me, and 
raife me up that I may requite them, 

"From his complaint againft his enemies, let down in the fecond 
place; Learn, 1. Evil fpeeches againft the godly will be taken 
notice of by God, and made a part of the wickeds ditty., Mine 
enemies fteati evilcf me. 2. The malice of the enemies of god- 
linefs is fuch againft the godly, as nothing but their utter over- 
throw and rooting out from the earth of fuch a fort of people 
can iatisfie them, 'Wbenfhall be die and bis name per if) I fay they . 

j« Ths 

PSAL. XLI. 279 

?. The godly have to do not only with open enemies , but with 
fecret falfedifTemblcrsalfo, who will confefs friendfliip with fair 
words, when they are following the way of malice, from whofe 
fal/hood there is no refuge more then from the force of the open 
enemy, favetoflieto God, the Judge of all opptefled people; 
If be come to fee me, be fpcaficth vanity* many fair words, but 
none ofthem true. 4. The tnA of the wicked mans pretended 
kindnefs to the godly, and cf his infmuating of himMf in their 
fellowship is, that he may make obfervation of fomething in 
their behaviour or condition or fpeeches, whereof he may make 
advantage againft them, Ifkecometbto fecme 3 b < heart gather- 
ctb iniquity to it [elf', when be goeth abroad bctelletbii. ?. Al- 
beit the wicked can do no more againft the godly tten God will 
permit to be done for the godly mans excrcife and good,yet many 
are the ebnfultations which the wicked have, that they may hurt 
and deftroy the godly, All that hate me wbifper together again ft "me, 
Againft me do they ievifc my hurt. 6. When the godly fall 10 ft raits, 
the wicked judge that the godly fhall never get out of their 
trouble, and in this hope do refrefh themfelves, An cvildifeafc 
cieavethf aft unto him, and novo that he lictb, befall rife no more. 
7- The lot appoinred to Chrift, and to all the true members of 
his myftical body as well as to Davidjs to find in the time of their 
trials a hard meeting in the world from the wicked, how many 
bonds foever of nature, frknJiliip,familiarity,or obligations of the 
wicked unto the godly intervene which orhcrwayes might require 
better offices ', fca'mincown familiar friend in whom I trufted, 
which did eat of my bread, hath lift up his heel againft me. 8 . We 
muft not dwel upon our naileries in time o^ trouble, as if we had 
nothing to do fave to weep and mourn, but we fliould turn our 
klvesto God, and pray to him for mercy, and expedl a delivery, as 
the Pfalmift doeth here, But thou, q Lord,be merciful to the* and 
raifemeup. 9. Albeit it be not fit for every believer, to refolve 
requiting of their perfecutors and enemies, as it was fit zo David 
as a M\giftrate, and to Chrift who is King of Kin^s, here re- 
prefented by him 5 to refolve vengeance, and to execute the fame 
alio againft their enemies : yet every believer may be afl-redof 
this, that what injuies are done to Chrift in their perf:>n 3 Chrift 
fhall requite their perfecutors ; for be In his myftical members 
fhall n ever be fo born down, but iKfiTull be raifed up again ( as he 
was raifed upperfonilly after his pcffdnal LufferingO Ttyifc me ufo 
that Imjy reunite them. 

t 4 y«fc 

a8o PSAL. XLI. 

Verf. II. By this I know that thou favours ft me ~. 
becaufte mine enemie doth not triumph over me. 

12. And asforme y thou uphold? ft me in mine inte- 
grity : andfetteft me before thy face for ever. 

13. Bleffed be the LORD God of Ifraelfrom ever* 
fafting and to everlafting % Amen, and Amen. 

In the laft part of the Pfalme is his thankfgiving , prefuppo- 
(ing that the Pfalme was drawn up after the delivery from the 
trouble, which is fet forth in the former part. Whence learn, 
j. Albeit external deliveries from enemies , and fuccefs external 
do not alwayes ferve for matkes of Gods favour (ft r one ill man 
in an ill caufe may have fuccefs for a time) yet when the man is re- 
conciled to God, 3nd the caufe which the reconciled man de- 
fendeth againft his perfecutors, is the Lords caufe, in this cafe 
3f God fhall give to his fervant either fpiritual vicTtory, ihatthe 
enemy do not fo prevaile over him, as to drive him from his righ- 
teous caule or external victory, and deliverance alfo from the 
power of the adverfary, together with the fpiritual victory $ in this 
caie (I hy) the word of God, and the work of God concurring, 
do give evidence nor only of Gods favouring the mans perfon,bnt 
aifo of his favouring the mans caufe and carriage in the caufe, fo 
as he may fay, By this I know tbxt tbou fxvourefi me y becaufe mine 
enemie doth not triumph over me. 1 , tlpiightnefs is a fpecial means 
to bring a man through difficulties, and whatfover infirmities 
the believer be fubjeel: unto, he mall not want comfort, if he 
keep the confeience of integrity , uprightnefs, and fincerity 5 
for this is the Pfalmifts rejoycing, when he lcoksback upon his 
former exercife under trouble, A s for me, thou upholdefl me in my 
integrity. 3. The wife wraftler with tentations , is made at 
length to fee and acknowledge by the experience he hath of him- 
felf and of Gods help in time of tentation, that all the glory of 
his ftanJing and bearing out in trouble for righteoufnefs 3 
doth belong co the Lord, Thou upholdefime in mine integrity , 
4. Experience of Gods gracious bearing out of a believer in time 
of triil, fcrveth for a good argument to make him confident of the 
continuance of Gods favour to him for ever 5 yea after expe- 
riences ani victorie God ufeth to give fome meafure of perfwa- 
fionof his everlafting love toward them that have overcomes as 
ficrej, Thou fettefl)ne before thy face for ever. 5. He that gets a 


PSAL. XLII. 281 

light of Gods love to him, may knit Gods felt favour in effect 
wirh Gods evedafting love decreeing to (hew favour and his ever* 
lafting love communicating it felf to him, and performing the 
decrees of love touchiug him, and may behold the courfe of ever - 
laftirrgs bleflings running from eternity before the world, to ever- 
lafting alter the world, and the believer having feen it, fliould ac- 
knowledge this with praife and thankfgiving; as here, Bleffcd be 
the Lord God of Ifrael from cvcrlafting to cverlafli?ig, 6. He , 
that feeth the courfe of Gods love tohimfelf, fceth Gods love in 
conjunction with the reft of the Lords people alio, who are joyn- 
cd in the fame Covenant with him unto God in Chrift, BlejfcJ. 
be the Lord God of I fncl, fayes the Pfalmift , now when he will 
blefs God for his own particular mercy. 7. Frefh experiences of 
Gods love in a particular trial,efpecially when the foul is lifted up 
: to the eternal orginal, and everlaitingendurance of it, will make a 
1 fou! heartily with all his ftrength giveth cverlafting praife toGod, 
and feal it affectionatly again and again^B lejfed be the LordGod of 
J fuel from evcrlafting to evcrlafting vAmcYi , and Amen. 


To the chief Mufician^Mafcbil, for thefoTiscffyrab* 

In thisPfalme 7)avU{hzwcth what was his longing 
after the fellowfhip of the Saints in their pub- 
like worfhip and fervice of God, in the time of 
his banifhment, by the perfecution of Sau/ 3 ver. 
1,2,9,4. and how he wraftled with difcourage- 
ments, by checking hitnfelfforit, and by pray- 
ing to God, whereby he was erefted unto hope 
and confidence to be anfwered, ver. 5. 6 } 7, 8, 
■ 9,10, 11. 

Verf. 1. A S the Hart fanteth after the water- 
jf\ brooks: fo pmteth my foul after thee, O 

2. My 


2. My foul thirfleth for Cjod y for the living God: 
whenfbxll I come and appear before God? 

3, Aiy tears have been my meat day and night : 
while they continually fay unto me , where is thy 

4. When 1 remember thefe things , / pour out my 
foul in me 5 for 1 had gore with the multitude^ I 
'Went with them to the houfe of God^ with the 
voyce of joy and fraife, With a multitude that kept 
holy day. 

HE fetteth down his fad condition in his banifhmentj efpedf 
ally when he remernbred the folemn afl'embly of Gods peopl c 
at the Temple, and faw himfelf either in the wildernefs, or a- 
mong the heathen, deprived of the ufc of publicise ordinances. 
Whence learn, 1. It is not a bare formal ufe of the ordinances, 
but communion with God himfelf, which the lively believer 
dothfeek after in the ufeof the publike ordinances, Vdy foul m 
pantetb after thee, Qod. 1. Spiritual affections when they are 
raifedj and by delay, or by outward reftraint are kept oft from 
fatisfa&ipn, are comparable inmeafure or in the point of fincerity 
to the kindly appetite of natural food,^ tbs heart pjmctb after the 
water -brook/ y fo panteth my foul after thccfi God. 4. Worfhip? 
pers of the true God do find, and more and more may finde lively 
refreshments to their fouls in him, the experience whereof doth 
kindle their dcfire of the renewing thereof by fuch means, as they 
have found refrefliments by before. My foul thirftcth for God, for 
the living God* ?• Jtecaufc the affemblies of the Kirk, for the 
exercife of Religion, are the tryfting places, where God ufeth to 
fliew himfelf to his people; therefore lovers of God are hearty 
lovers of the publike ordinances, and moft defirous to frequent 
ihernfor that caufej Worn JhaU I come and appear e before God* 
0. It is not enough for theNvicked to fee the godly in affliction, 
except they impute rhz mifery of the godly unto their Religion 
and infult over them, cither as Atheifts,oras falfc worfhippers, 
or as hypocritical people' forfaken of God 5 They fay continually 
•unto me, Where is thy God I 7- To finde Satan and wicked,men, 
and Gods fad dilpenfations fceming tofpeaW rejection from God, 
aad to fee the glory of the trueReligionpnd a mans own intercft in 


PSAL. XLII. 2%$ 

Qod called in qucftion, and .-lirufl: through with {lay darts of 
Jnfulting enemies, is a matter indeed of great grief, and able to 
render all the comforts of the earthly creatures taftlefs to aj*odly 
foul, ZMy tears have been my meat day and nighty while they fuy un- 
to mc , Where is thy God? 8. As they who have had moil 
plenty of the means of grace, may have fcarcity of them ere all be 
done $ fo now will take the inlack of them more heavily, then 
they who have reaped moft fpiritual benefit by them) When I 
remember thefe things , J pour out my (out in mc. 9. The 
Saints mould be (6 far from feparation from the fellowfhip of the 
vifiblc Kirk in the pub! ike exerrife of holy ordinances, albeit they 
know certainly that all are not found profeffors who are to joyn 
with them, that it mould be their joy to have multitudes parta- 
king in the ufe, at leaft of fome of the publike means, and fuch as 
were not publikcly fcandalous joyning in all the ordinances, 
whereby God might be openly honoured, and bis elect among 
them might in Gods own time be converted; for David. 
-went with the multitude, and that to the glory of Cjod, with 
il?c voyce of joy and praife, and with a multitude that \ept holy day. 
And this was at the time when King Saul and his Curtiers 
wertjoyned in the publike ordinanees with him and with^tftti- 
than and other fuch godly perfons : Now what the confliturion 
of the Kirk vifible was in Sauls dayes,in regard of the hypocriiie of 
profeffors known to David, fundry of Davids Pfalmes do make 
evident, and yet for all that he wilhcth to have the like occaticn 
ofworfhipping God again, and doth account highly of what he 
fometimes did enjoy. 

Verf. 5. why art thou cafldttvn^O my foul, and 
why art thou difyuieted in. me ? hope thon in God y 
for I fha.ll jtt praife him for the help of l^ts counte- 

Inthefecond part of the Pfalme, he wreflleth with difcou-* 
ragements, and the conflicts are four. Inthefiril he labourcth to 
comfort hjmfelf three wayes ; firft .by checking himfclf for his de- 
jection of fpirit , and for difquietnefs ; next, by {lining up the 
grace of God in hirafelf, namely faith and hope \ thirdly, by ap- 
plication of the word of promife made unto him for ftrengthening 
of both 10 bear him out, till the Lord (hould manifeft bispro- 
mifed kindnefs. Whence learn, 1. When fore troubles inftcad of 
humbling a man, do prefs him down unto dejection, and dif~ 


284 PSAL. XLII. 

couragement of minde } it is a graciotismans part to check him- 
himfelf for this reafonlefs fit of unbeliet^and to put his confcience 
to anfwer for yielding fo far to the tentation 5 Why art thou caft 
down, my foul* 1. Mil-belief in a child of God is followed 
withreftlefnelVof fpirit. as a chaftifement drawn on by that fin, 
for which difquieting himfelf the man may juftly be challenged 
alfo,and will not be able to give a reafon for it, Why art thou dif- 
quieted within me? J. The only means of remedying discourage- 
ments and unquietncfs of minde, is to fet faith on work to go to 
God, and take hold on him, and to caft anchor within the vail, 
hoping for and expecting belief from him, Hope thou in God. 
4. The believer in the midft of trouble, may promife to himfelf 
new experience of Gods kindncfs and confolation by delivery 
out of it, and to God he may promife praifes ; Ijhall yetpraife 
him for the help of his countenance. 

Verfe 6. O my God 9 my foul U caft frown -within 
me : therefore -will I remember thee from the land cf 
Jordan^ And of the Hermonites , from the hill 

Inthefecondconflidhe turneth him to God, andlayeththe 
cafe of his difcouraged heart before him, labouring to make ufe of 
old experience. Whence learn, 1. Albeit a deje&ed and difcon- 
folatc foul may and fhould deal with it felf rationally, to recover 
it felf, yet can it not do it effeftually;but as a man fick and weak, 
and fain from his bed calleth for help : fo muft it call to God,and 
lay out its cafe before him, that he may recover it, my God, ny 
foulis caft down within me. 2. Albeit the power of making 
the means efjfe&ual , be not in us, but in the Lords hands, yet 
mufl: we not ceafe to ufe the meaus rationally foil, whereby the 
Xord ufeth to convey his efficacious power, and to call to minde 
experiences , as a good means for recovering of our felves > My 
foulis caft down,0 God, therefore will I remember thee from the 
Land of Jordan. That is, I will aime at comforting my felf], 
by remembring what I have found by experience in feverall 
places of $udea of thy goodnefs to me : and I will look to the 
holy land, and to the Temple , the place where thy gracious 
preience is offered, and where thy honour dwelleth. 

Verf. 7. T)eep GnUtihmtodeep m the noife of thy 


PSAL. XLII. 28? 

water- [pouts : all thy waves and thy biUovos are gone 
over we. 

In the third conflict, wherein the very remembrance of by- 
eone experience , which even now was made ufe of tocomforc 
tirri, dothkinulc afrelhagaine his grief, Learn, 1. Though 
the ufing of the right and appointed means to comfort us, fhodld 
feem to us to have a contrary cffc<fr to what we intended , and to 
encreafe our grief by our ufing them, yet Ml mull we wraftle 
on>ufing ftill cue means after another, mixing prayer with all o- 
ther means,as David cloth here, laying, Deep calletb to deep at the 
wife of tky waterspouts. 2. As the noife of raine from the 
clouds raifeth a noiie of the infoiour waters and floods \ as the 
railing of brooks doth raife the rivers^ and all do fhut themfelves 
into a fea* and as the waves of the fea do call one upon another to 
1 follow the former at the backrfo one grief doth waken anothc: 3 one 
tentation doth ftrengthen another, one affii&ion augmenteth an- 
other , till a fea of troubles raifed by a ilorm be like to over- 
whelm the man, eAll thy waves and tby billows are gone 
over me. 

Verf 8. Yet the LOR*D mil command hit loving 
kindnefs in the day-time % and in the night hU fong 
lhall be with me y and my prayer unto the God of my 

9. I mil fay unto Cjo^ My rock, Why haft thou for- 
gotten me > why go 1 mourning, becaufe of the oppref- 
jion of the enemy f 

To oppofe this new aflault/akh puts forth it felf the third time, 
promifing to the wraftler what God hath promifed to the believer, 
whereupon herefolveth to plead his canfe more hardly, and ply 
God yet again with prayer more earneftly, that he may prevaile. 
Wb.ncelearn, 1 . Faith teeth in Gods Word and in by-gone evi- 
dence of his truth manifefted in his word as it. were written. Or- 
der and commiflion ready to be given forth in acls of providence 
foi fatisfying the believer with fo much frefti experience, as may- 
fill him day and night with fenfe of Gods love and fongs of 
p«aife, let the Lord will command bis loving limine fs in theday- 
%ime z audintbexigbt bis fong fhatt be with :me. 2. The care of 
our life iodiiy, fpirkualj and evcvlaftinglieth upon Go\ > by ver- 


i%6 PSAL. XLII. 

tueofhisCovenantwithustokeepit, to feed it and renew It irk 
all the decayes thereof, till it be pofleffed of unchangeable blef- 
fednefs, the belief whereof is a ground of perfeverance in prayer, 
(My prayer [ball be unto the God of my life. $. Faith may im- 
prove its right before God, and plead that the believer be not re- 
jected, and may regrate any appearance which is effered tofenfe: 
of rejection, I will fay unto God, Why baft thou forgotten me I 
4» The believer in his complaints muft not weaken his own faith, 
but weaken his unbelief rather, and to this end mould faften his 
faith ere he complain, I mil [ay unto God My fOc\ , there faith is 
fattened, then followeth the complaint, rob) haft: thou fogottat 
me ? why go I mourning beeaufe of the opprejfwnof the enemy ? 

Verfe 10. As with afword in my bones^ mine ene- 
mies reproach me : while they fay daily unto me^ Where 
is thy God? 

11 Why aft thou ca(l down i my foul? and why 
art thou difqaieted within me ? hope thou in god; for I 
Jball yet praife him, who is the help of my countenance^ 
and my God. 

In the fourth conflict which he hath chiefly with the mockers 
of his Religion, and of his eaufe, and of his traft in God$ Leant, 
I. The fharpeft part of a believers trial and affliction is, when 
in his perfon Religion and Gods glory is mocked , this cruel 
fort of perfecution pierceth deepeft in his heart, becaufe it tends 
to drive the man to defperation, and to make Religion and faith 
in God out of requcft, As with a [word in my bones, mine enemies 
reproach me. 2. Continuance of the reproach of godlinefs, and 
of theinfolency ot mockers fcorning Religion in the afflicted 
mans face,in the time when it feemeth that his affliction ipeaketh 
defperation of relief, doth greatly encreafe the power of the tenta- 
tion,and the L^odly mans giief : A (word in my b nes while tley fay 
daily unto mt 3 , 'twere is thy God ? As the battel againft difcouuagc- 
ments ana unL Ifef ufeth to be of r tner renewed even after the be- 
liever hath gotten the victory once and again, and as the wraftlers 
weaknefs ufeth oftener to !<e made evident: fo the fame means and 
weapons mull be qftener ufed. and we mull not be weary to fight 
on; for, IVby art thou aft dow'1,0 my foul, is now repeated as 
before s themif-beliefand Hifquietnefs drawn on by misbelief, 
muft be yet again rebuked., Why art thou difyuieted within me ? 


PSAL. XLIH. 287 

Faith and hope rauft be fet a work againft all the difappearances 
of help, Hope thou in God > we rauft (as it were) be furety to our 
fclves for Gods promifes made to u$, that they (hail be perform- 
ed, I Jhll yet praifcbim> 4. As when the Lord doth with- 
draw both the cutward tokens of his favour, and alfo his inward 
confolation for a time, the countenance of the godly cannot 
chufe but be heavy, call down, and look fad like a man that is 
fuk , fo when God returneth to comfort, and to own his own, ei- 
ther both inwardly and outwardly, or inwardly only 5 the mans 
face locketh chef rful, He is the health of my countenance. ?.AL 
though the Lord for a time (hall neither remove the outward af- 
fliction, nor yet inwardly give comfort, yet faith will fuftain 
it felf upon the Covenant, and lay its whole weight upon it, and 
may do it confidently 3 for it will not -fink under the man > nor 
under his burden, He is my god. 


This Pfalme tendcth to the fame purpofe with the 
former; for 'David in exile complaineth of his 
perfecucors, and prayeth for delivery, and re- 
gratethhis fad condition, ver. 1,2. prayeth for 
reftitution unto the liberty of the publike ordi- 
nances , promfing to praife God at his re- 
turning cheerfully, ver. 3,4, andwraftleth with 
his difcouragements as he did irt the former 
Pfalme, ver. 5. 

Verf. t.TVdge me, OSod, and plead my caufe a- 
J gainfi an ungodly nation : deliver me 
from the deceitful and unjuft man. 

2. For then art the God of my ftrengthjvby doefl thou 
caft me off? why go I monrning^becajife of the opprcfficn 
of the enemj ? 



FRom his complaint and prayer againft his enemies ; Learn j- 
jr. As the godly have ufually enemies powerful, many craf- 
tie and cruel opprefllng them for right eoufneffc y io want 
they not a Judge impartial , who is lufficient to take order with 
their adverfavies,to whom they may and mould addrefs themfelves 
in their affliction , as David doth here : Judge me, Lord, and 
plead my caufe againft an ungodly Nation, i. The craftineffe,and 
Jalfhood, and fair pretences,whereby the enemies do palliate their 
cruel purpofes 3 are more dangerous then their profefled cruelties 
from which no wifdome, except divine direct ion^can fave a man> 
O deliver me from the deceitful and unju ft man. $. What the 
oppreffed Kirk , or particular Beleever wanteth,that God h3th, 
and is to be forth-coming for the Beleev^rs ufe and benefit, (as 
his need fhall be,) to uphold him by it, and comfort h.m,and de- 
liver him, and bleffe him : For, Thou art tbcGod ofmyftrengtb. 
4. Although the Lord be all in all to us by Covenant^ yet for our 
good and his own glory he may foexercile us, as we may want 
poffeffion for a time of what we have in promife $ yea, and feeme 
alfotobethruftoutofourright ; in which cafe if we (hall once 
fixe our faith , we fhall have liberty to difpute our right againft 
all tentations , and to expreffe the fenfe of our condition unto 
God without being miftaken, as here 'David doth, faying ( not 
before, but aftet the fixing of his faith : ) Why doft tbou caft 
me off? Why go I Mourning for the opprejfwn of the enemie ? 

Verft 3. fend out thy light and thy truth ; let 
them leadme , let them bring me unto thy holy hill^ and 
to thy Tabernacles. 

4* Then will I go unto the Altar of God^ unto God 
my exceeding joy : yea, upon the harp will I praifc thee 3 
O God^ my God. 

From his prayer and promife of thankfgiving ; team, I, No 
tcntation unto difcouragement , noi feeming defertion mould 
divert the Beleever from pur filing his delire of relief, but rather 
kindle his affeftionin prayer : find out thy light. 2. Com- 
fort deliverances from troubles, and performance of promifes 
when they moft difappcarj are kept to the fere to us, and faft 
locked up , to be let forth in due time unto us : fend out thy 
light, and thy truth. 5. Direction how to carry our felves till 
we okayic our defires y and obfejjvation of the fteps of Gods pro- 



Vidcnce, bringingusto the pofleffion cf prcmifc J mercies 3 arc 
ncceflary preparations foi the mcrcie which we feck, and mould 
be prayed for as mercies in order preceding that particular 
which we would have : L t them lead mc- y let them bringme unto 
thy holy bill. 4. Spiritual grief muft have fpiritual comfort; 
godly (orrow for di fiance from God and want of thef comfort- 
able ufc of his ordinances, admitreih no comfort, favea comforc 
of that kinder for David longeth more to have the free ufe of 
the publick ordinances , then to have the Kingdome ; There- 
fore faith he 3 Let them i ring me to thy holy hill 3 and to thy Ta- 
bernacles. 5. The rirft thing a foul is to look unto in his addrefle 
to God, is the means of expiation of his fin 3 and that isChrift 
freprefented by the Altar/ ofteing himfdf a ranfome for the 
(inner j and fanftifyingtheperfon of the offerer 9 and the wor- 
ship and fervice of the man that comes to God through him$ 
Then will I go to the tAltar of God. 6. This way of making 
addreffe to God by Chrift 3 giveth prefent zeectte. to God , and 
peace to the foul of him who draweth near this way : Thus I will 
go to. God t 7. God laid hold upon through Chrift , iurnifti- 
eth not only peace, but unfpeakable joy alio to the Beieevet ; jtzj 
God reconciled through Chrift, is the life of the Beleevers 
gladneflc , J will go to God , my exceeding joy. 8. As is the 
longing of the foul alter God , when it is at a diftance from him i 
io is the confolation and frtisfa&ion which it findeth after re- 
newed accede ; and as the fupplicant is earneft for renewed fenfe 
of fellowfhip : io doth he purpofe that the prailes of God mail be 
hearty at the receiving of that which he longed for, and alio that 
his faith /hall be ftronger by the fattening oi the bond of the Co- 
venant between him and God more ftrongiy : I will prai e thee 
with the harpc , my God. 

Verfe. 5* PFhy art thou cat! down i O my foul? 
and why art thou dif quieted within me ? hope m God j 
for IftaUyetpraifcbim, who is the health of my coun- 
tenance 'and mj God. 

He ciofeth this Pfalme as the former, letting faith and hope on 
wotk to wraftle with.di'couragcmenr, Whence lcarn y 1. The 
ftrongeftBeleevermay be overtaken with fits of dejection ancf 
difcouragernent j for this Champion findeth Ins foul call down.' 
?-, A prating foul believing in God through* Chrift , hatS ntf 

ft reaforf 

i$o P S A L. XLIV. 

* e afon of Jcjcftion and ^ifcouragemenr.j whatfoevfcr reafon of 
kuniiliation he may have : Why art thou aft down , my foul ? 
3. Tc is a fanaitying rae.uis tor wraftling out of difcouragemenr, , 
r cdifputcmif bcliet to the door, ortodifpute our ielves'out of 
the dumps by region taken from the Lords word , and it is wit- 
dome to get .he cohfrieri'ce to be our irrend , when the minde and 
the heart ate in a wrong temper in thi* cafe 3 it is neceffary to 
fake Gods pan againft mifoclief , and unwarrantable unquiet - 
fiefie , and trr difpure both his caufcandour own ngainft tenta- 
fations: IVby an thoudifquictcd within m? 4. No reft to a 
troubled and unquiet by calling anchor on theRock^and 
hrpinginGod $ Hope thou ir God. 5. Hope cannot raife it 
felt in trouble, hue by the gripe of a promife } Hope in God, for 
1 (Butljctpraife him. 6. Though Faith be in davkneHe^yet will it lee 
afarre oft, to icon as ft puts the prefpeft of the Covenant of 
Gr?ceto its eye , it difcerneth the proper remedy of prefent evils 
to be in God 5 and the good it would bear ^ coming along unto 
it, ancfisasfurebfitj as if it were in pofliflion : He U the 
health of my coftntciwice y and my God % 


To the chief ' Mufichn for the fons of Konh. 

The Kirk under heavie perfecution: Firft, ftrengthe- 
ncth her faith in God before fhe enter upon 
her lamentation, verf 1,2,3 4j^ 6 ^79 8 - ^ 
the fecond place, (he layeth forth her fad fuf- 
ferings under the hand of the cruel! peirfecu- 
• tors, verf. 9,*o, 1 1, f2, 13, M 3 15, 16. In the 
third, fhe profeffeth her eonftant adherence 
unto God, and doth avow his truth for time 
by-paft, and her purpofe to continue for time 
to come, verf. ij t ig, 19, 20,21,22. In the 
laft place, they pray unto the Lord to arife, 
&n4 relieve them from their cruell perfceutors, 


PSAL. XLIV. 291 

for the glory of both his juftice and mercy, 
verf. 23, 24,25. 

FRontheInfc;iption 3 Learn* Seeing the Canon of the whol£ 
Hebrew Bible is commended to us by Chrift and his Apo- 
Hies , as the undoubted word of God , and the undoubted Scri- 
pts es given bv infpiiation of the Holy Spirit to the holy men of 
God, die writers thereof, askeptintire and not vitiate by the 
Jewess (whole honour for prciervihg faithfully &he Oracles of 
God committed unto them : . is unftained > Rom. 4. i.J We are 
not to trouble our felves about the name of the writer 3 or time 
of writing of any part thereof, efpecially becauie God of fet pur- 
pofe concealeth the name fundry times of the wiitcr 3 and the 
time when it wis written ; That we might look in every bool^, 
more to the enditer of it, then to the writer of it • and that the 
life of any excrcife cfany of the Saints fet down therein^might 
be fo much the more large > as the confederation of particular cir- 
cumftances of time and perfons, (w hereunto it might feem only 
to be applied), were laid afule > For this Pfalme wanting the 
name of the writer , and time of the writing of it alio ^ is looked 
uponby the Apoftle, T[om.%. 36. not only as an experience of 
the Kirk before us , but alfo as a prcpheck of the martyrdome of 
Chriftians under the Gofpel , and as an encouragement to ftani 
conftant in the faith in hctteftpcrfccutionSo 

Verf.i.VT/^ have heard with our ears , Godi 
V V our fathers have told tu what wovkjhovi 
didtfl in their dajes, in the times of old. 

2. How thou didfl drive out the heathen with thy 
hand, and planted/} them ; how thou didfl affltfi the peo- 
ple t and caft them out, 

3. For they got not the land in poffe/JIon ly their own 
fword, neither d'd their own armefave them ; bat thy 
right hand<> and thine arm*, and the I ght of thy counte- 
nance , becaufcthou badfi a favour unto them. 

FOr the confirmation of their faith y they lay forth three argu- 
ments. The firft is horn the Lords mighty work in driving 
ton the Canaaaites , and planting their fathers in Cunun , made 

& 1 men-' 

is>i PSAL. XLIV. 

mention ofin holy Scripture. Whence learn, I. The informa- 
tions which the Scripture doih give us of Gods working for his 
people, isasfure, and fliould be fo looked upon by usj as it 
the people of God who lived in thedoyes when chelc works were 
done, and who were eyc-witnefles thereof , fliould alfo rife up 
from the dead ; when the Scriptures are read , and teftifie unto 
us, faying: Of the fc things we wcrccyc-witncjfcs, and we tell 
them unto you for uncjueftionable truths, for thus much do thefe 
words import; Wc * have beard with our cures, Cjod , our fa- 
thers have told us what thou didfi in their dayes* z. The Scri- 
pture doth keep the declarations of Gods work and will fo fi efh 
and clean and pure from the mixture and fuperfluitie and im- 
perfection of humane tradition that God will own it as his own 
proper teffimonie, when we bring it before him: Our earcs 
have heard. God, what thou didfi in the times of old. 3. Gods 
eld works have new ufe in all ages , fcr the furtherance of Be- 
lcevcvs faith and patience and comfort; We have heard what 
thou didfi in times of old , fay the Saints now in trouble , and 
Standing in need of experience of the like works of God for them. 
4* Albeit comparison of by-gone better times with ours \ doth 
augment grief and tentation atfirft} yet when they are well 
looked upon in their end and u(e, they ferve to comfort us, and 
confirme our faith. as here the perfecuted Kiiks ufe-making of the 
like condition of the Lords people before them doth teach us, 
5. Although Families and Nations were rooted in a Land , like 
old Oakc-trcc , and were very long profeflours of it ; yet God 
can drive them out of it , by whatinftrumentsfoever he pleafeth 
to do it 5 The work of vanquishing Nations , and fubduing of 
them , and calling out of them, is the Lords work : Thou didfi 
drive out the heathen with thy hand. And fo is the planting of a 
people in a land , or continuing families in fucceilion : Thou 
pLintedfl our fathers , and cafiedfi out tbcp.oplc. 6. The Lords 
part in a befl feen , when mans part and all that he , as an 
inftrunacnt hath done, or could have done in it , isall declared 
null 5 being con(idered as feparate horn God, who moved the in- 
ttruments, and did work by them what he pleafed : They got not 
the land in pofjcffion by their ownfword, &c. 7- The fountaine 
of all good which is done to, or by the Kirk , is the only meere 
favour of God , and his good plcafurc y That they are an incor- 
poration, a Kirk planted, foftered D defended fo long , watered, 
ipared fo long , all is free favour; Neither did their own arme 
fwctbcm> but thy right handle, becaufc thou badfi a favour 

PSAL. XLIV. 293 

•wttotbcm. 8. When G^dfheweth the light of his countenance 
I to a people or pcTon , he will alio fliew his power for them ; Thy 
ame and tie light of thy countenance , gave them the land inpof- 
fcffion. Thcfe two go together. 

Verll 4 Thou a*t my King^ Qod; command 
deliverance for Jacob. 

Thefecond argument for confirmation of the Kirk , is • fiom 
the relation between. God and her; Thou art my Kjng^ O God : 
£TV- Whence learn, f. Trouble doth iri3ke Faith thiiily 3 and 
teachcth the Beleever to make u'e of his right and intereft, and ref- 
lations berweenG )d & him ; which other wife poffibly mighjt have 
lien idle in his coffer 5 yea, and Faith by Trouble is made wife, 
to chufe out the relation which fcrveth moft for its prefentufe; 
Thou art my (f*£, (fod. %. Rebtions between God and his 
people do Hand conliant inadveriity, as well as in profperity. 
The godly in perfecution have God tor a King to come unto 3 
from whom they may expect all the benefits which Subjects can 
expccl: from a potent King;. as here the Kirk faith to God 3 how- 
ever thou thinkeft it ht to put us under the feet of perfecutcrs; yet 
Thou an my JSjng, God. 3 YVhatfoever be the particular con- 
dition of any meinber of the Kirk j their prayer mould be put 
foith tor the whole body ; fpecially when the perfecution is of the 
whole , Qmmand deliverance for Jacob. 4. It will coft the 
Lord but a word to deliver his people : Le r him give out order, 
and it mall be effected > The Kirk craveth no more, but Qorc-, " 

Ver. i. Through thee will we pftfr down our enemies* 
through thy Name mil we tread them under that rife 
Up againfi pu. 

6. For I will not trxft in my boxve , neither JhMl my 
Jvrerdfave me. 

7. 'Bm thoy hafl faved *u from oHr enemies, and hajl 
put them tofhame that hated m. 

8. In God Vee boafi all 'the day long j and fraife thy 
Name for ever, SeUh* 


294 PSAL. XLIV. 

The third argument to confirme their faith , is the conscience 
of their fincerepurpofe, to give God the glory of inabling them 
unto all duties > whereunto he hath promifed to inable them. 
jVhemc kirn, i. The Believer may promife tohimfelf, whatso- 
ever G.od hath promifed unto him 5 hath God prcmiCcd to give 
his own people the victory over their enemies, then the Be- 
leever may promife to himfclfhefhall overcome his perfecutors, 
and through Gods ftrength be more then a conquerour over them; 
Through thec will we pujh down cur enemies. Ifth&enemiemakc . 
head againft them after a defeat, the Beleevermay fay > Through 
thy Hume will we tread them under that rife up againft ut. 1. The 
lefTe confidence we have in our felvcs- or in any thing befidc God, 
the more evidence have wc of the lincerity o? our faith in God : 
for ImUnottrujl in my bowe y neither pull my [word five me. 
3. It is a proof ofiincerity of faith, to give God as much credit 
for time to come, as he hath gained to himfelf, bv the evidencing 
of his truth in time by-gone • My fw-rd full not fave me : 'But 
thou haft laved ut , and therefore through thee will wepujlf down 
cur enemies. 4. Whofoever doth hate the Lords people , fhall 
be forced to think fhame of their enmity one day ; Thou haft 
put them tojhame, that hated m, $. The glory which we give to 
God in profperitie, we fhould give him the fame in our adverfityj 
change of times and difpenfations mould not chans^ his glorymor 
our confidence in him ; Though the Kirk be under foot of men, 
the Kirks God is above all : In God/ we boaft'all the daylong 
andpraife thy Name for ever, 

Verf. 9. Bkt thou haft caft off, and put m to flame; 
and go eft not forth With our armies. 

IO. Ihoumakeft m to turne back^from the enemy | 
and they Vehich hate m , fpoile for themf "elves \ 

11. Thou haft given m like fheep appointed for 
meat ; end hafi fcattered m among the heathen. 

1 2. Thou fe He (i thy people for nought^ and doft not in- 
creafe thy wealth by their price*. 

13. Thou makeft *u a reproach unto our neigh- 
bours , a fcorne and derifon to them that are round 
about us. 

14. Thou makeft w a by-word among the heathen; 

* Peking 

PSAL. XLIV. 29$ 

l a Jbakififr of the Ijcsl! among the people. 

15. My confufion i$ continually icfore ins 5 and the 
fiame of mj face hath cover came. 

16. Tor the voice of him that icproachetb and 
blafphemetl) ; by reafcn of the enernie ] $nd a- 

Having thus fattened a rcfohr.ion to believe confhntly in Go4j 
the Pialmiil Liycth forth the lairraitabl: condition of the Kirk 
before Gxt, with the tentation which did afiauk his people in 
their foflferings. Whence lc.irn> i.Iccan fljndw; ftanf 

love of G )d to his people , to put them to io bard escrcifes by va- 
riety of troubles ; as lie mw icem not on! v to b e:ik off hi s h 
courfe of kindnetfe towards thero , but al/o :o call them off , and 
rurne again!} thvtn^ b fore judgeoieutron -hem 3 which 

ordinarily do Ipeak unto humane lYpfe wracb and utter 
-wrath : Thou b.ijl cafl ojfh yea, and they may feem cUfappQinted 
of their hoped (01 protection and afiifhncc from G >s Thou baft 
put us to flume % and may lofe he^irt and hanfjwhentbey go to 
battell againft their enemies in a good caufe : Thou gocjl not 
forth with our armies,yyr{. 9. and be put to flight in baitelU, and- 
be made a tpoile l u! enemies : Thou m.i!{c i us turn 

bxdi fro)/: our enemies , and rhej tiw hate us. fyjile for them/elves^ 
v. 10. and being deftitutc of humane help for recc vc:ie.nuy feeni 
to be left in the ham! of the encmic, to difpofe of them ( 
may feem) to his pleasure} Thou h.ifl given us lil{c fheep for 
mat. And albeit all Lcleevcrs' cannot be cut eft, yet we may 
lofe the face of a Kirk or Congregation : Thou luji [cMtcred u$ 
pnpng the Heathen 3 verf 11. and may be made underlings and 
flaves to oppreliors with no apparent advantage to the Lords 
r.y, but foejpmg Ic-'ic rather 5 Thoufcllcjl t/.y people for nought 9 
anddoflnot hicrexfe thy Tpe&lib with their price > verf. 11. And 
may be deprived , not only of the. common curies ot humanity , 
which may be exipe&ed of neighbours 3 but alio be dilviair.ed by 
them ^ mocked and reproach :d by them : Thou mJ^efi us a re- 
prOuC:') to our neighbours , a (come and der'Sion to tl 
(zboutuSj verf. 13. And in a word, may be the m< it ,.e pi.eii 

!>ebple : under heaven j which ?slt is the juft puiiilhrncnt c 1 : the 
candalous carriage of the vifaVc Kirk, v Go s 

name to be reprcache.l among Idol iters and 
?s jtjhe/harpcittiiall and tentadon of hj truly gcdiVth 

*96 PSAL. XLIV. 

be ; Tbou ma\e\l m a by-word among the heathen, a faking of the 
he id amongxhe people, verf. 14. Ltarnaljo, 2. As Gods prefence 
manifefted among his people , and for them in the fight of the 
world , makes them the mod famous > wife., contagious, prorpe- 
rous and blcfied people in the world : So when God being pro- 
voked by the wicked behaviour of his profeflcd people, Icaveth 
them, with-draweth his protection from them, will (hew himfelf 
angry at them j they become fcolifh and feeble fheep , a defpi- 
cable and difdained people above all ethers s We turne back from, 
the enemy. Tbou baft given us to JI)cep appointed for meat, a reproach, 
a fcorncy a by-word. 3. Wh.nfoever calamity cometh upon us, 
howfoever , and for what foe ver caufe , we may fafely take God 
for the worker of all our woe; albeit the meritorious caufe be in 
our felf 3 the inflicting of the calamity is of the Lord > for there 
is no trouble in the City which theJLord will not avcwhimlelf . 
to be the infl icier of 5 for here the Prophet ^uts all upon God , 
Tbou haji dqne it , five or fix times. 4. When the vifiple Khk 
hath d awn on miftrie on herielf , and C od hath inflicted cala- 
mities juftly on her; it is fafer to go to God, and lay before him 
all his work of juftice , and the mifery which lieth on us , then 
to keep it within our breads, or tell it cf him to others ; He that 
hath wounded us, is only able to heal us , fo do*h this example 
teach us to do. 5 When the vifible Kirk is vifited with lad ca- 
lamities , the true members thereof are partakers of rhe trouble 
and for row and (name of that condition : My confufion is conti- 
nually before mc 3 faith the Pfalmift. 6. It is not very loon that the 
Kirk is delivered out of her trouble ,' when once (he falleth in it, 
there is a time wherein it is continued : xMy confufion is continu- 
ally before me , and thefhame of my face bath covered me, vcri. 1 f. 
7. When the encmie doth reproach Religion and righteoufneiTe, 
becaufe of the calamity of the godly ; the more is fpeken or Gods 
refpeft to the godly, and their caufe , the more the enemie re- 
proacheth and putteth the godly to (hame > and fo ( while Gods 
difpenfation feemcth to fpeak the contrary ) it feemeth to be but 
their own confufion for the godly to fpeak of God , or godli- 
neflc and righteoufneffc of their caufe. This is a fad cafe , The 
fhame of my face bath covered me , for the voice of him that re- 
froaebctb , and blafpbemetb , by rcafon of the enemie and the 
avenger, verf 16 . 

PSAL. XLIV. 291 

Verf. 17- All this is come upon us> yet have rve not 
forgotten thee : neither have ype dealt faljly in thy 

18. Our heart is not turned backj. neither have our 
ft eps declined from thy way. 

19. Though thou haft fore broken us in the place 
of dragons j and covered m with the Jbadow of 

20. If VY* have forgotten the Name of cur 
God, or ftretched out our hands to a ftrangc 

21. Shall not God fear ch this out? for he kyoweth the 
fecrets of the heart. 

22. Yea> for thy fak* are Vce \(illtk all the day long : 
we art counted 06 fhecpfor the flaughter. 

In the third place , the godly dolprofeffe for all that i* faid 
their fled faitni lie in the profeffion of their faith for which 
they were persecuted. Whence learn, 1. It is the dutie of the 
Lords people 3 whatfoever trouble or perfecution they (hall fall 
into 3 to befledfaft in the profeflion of rhe true Religion , and 
in every point of comroveited truth : All this U come upon us, yet 
bavewenot forgotten thee. 2. As the maintaining of contro- 
verted truth muft flow from faith in Cod , and love to him, 
entertaining the affectionate remembrance of Gods kindneile, 
whatfoever change of difpenfation they mall feel : So the paf- 
fingfrom a point of truth in time of trouble , is a forgetting of 
God, who is but hiding himfelf for a while, till the trial be per- 
fected 5 Therefore fay the faithful , All this is come upon us, yet 
have we not forgotten thee : $. As the Lord hath been plealed 
to enter into Covenant with his Kirk and to make the Covenant 
afanctifiedmeans for keeping his people more iled.aft in their 
dutie: So mould his people make of keeping Cove- 
r.surnvdc with God , and of remaining fh.dfaft in the mainte- 
nance ot every duty whereunto they it nd bound therein , that 
when they give accompt thereof ■, they may fay with comfort, 
JVc hr.e not dealt fdjly in thy Covenant. 4. Covenants which 
people do make for adhering to the true Religion , and to morall 
dueties commanded in Gods word , are not of the nature of hu- 


mane Covenants , wherein man and man arethepmies, and 
God only judge and witnefle ; but are fuch Covenants as God is 
alfo a party therein 3 to whom a people much the more en- 
gaged, as they are tworn to keep his Law , and therefore fuch 
Covenants are called Gods Covenant : We have not dealt falJJy 
in thy Covenant. $. No excufe from hazard of trouble 3 or perr- 
fecution can guard the conference, toihiftor paife from the Co- 
venant of God: Nothing can make us give a comfortable ac- 
compt of our carriage in relation to the Covenant 5 fave upright 
and ftreight dealing before God ; We have not fault faljly inthy 
Covenant, verf. 7. 6. The Lord can procure more honour to 
himfelf in the time of the perfecution of his fcattered people by 
theconftancy of his Martyrs , and fufYering Saints in their o- 
pen profeffion and maintenance or his truth before their perfe- 
cutors , then when the viiible Kirk lived in profperity 5 and 
fcand.alized their neighbours by their ill behiviour , as this expe- 
rience of fcattered I/r<zd maketh evident. 7. A good confeience 
doth much fweeten affi i&icn in the time of trial , as here appear- 
ed. 8. It is neceffary for making a man conftant in the outward 
profeffion of truth in the time of perfecution , that his heart be 
cftablirtied by grace, that his heart be fixed/ milling in the Lords 
Thefe mall be borne through 5 who may fay , Our heart is not 
turned back. 9* Itisneceflary to'watch over our feveraltafti- 
ons y left by little and little in particular paflages we be drawn 
aflde from our walking with a ftreight foot toward the Gofpel ; 
and left the heart beuollenaway by little and little from the 
truth 5 therefore thefe two muft be joyned together in our enclea- N 
vour : That neither our heart be turned back. •> neither our fteps 
decline from the Lords rvay 3 verf. 18. 10, Albeit the Lord for 
perfecting the full triall of the faith of his people mould put 
them in the power of molt cruel Tyrants , and in daily danger of 
lofina their life , yet mould they choofe to fufter all extremity of 
torments 5 and death it felf , rather then to depart from the truth; 
for fo did the Lords approved witnefks befoie us : Though God 
did break them fore in the place of Dragons, and cover them with the 
jhaiow of dcatb>v. 13. 1 1. In the time of uxlcortcerningReligion, 
two forts of (ins are to be efchewed. The one is the palling from any 
point of the truth of Dodrine or divine Ordinances; The other 
is the pra&ifing ofany point of falfe worfhip of another initituti- 
on^then what is the Lords; Whether under pretence of offering ic 
to the true God 3 or with profeffion unto another god for bjth thefe 
are cfchew.cdjbecaufe the firjt fort pjffin is a iorgetting of the 


PSAL. XLIV. 199 

\ name of God : The other is , a flretcbing out of cur hands to a 
ftrangegod. 12. The Lord who leave hull 
heart 3 will make fpeciall fearch fcr corrupters of Religion , and 
depravers of divine Doctrine, worfhip or ordinal* 
of idclat: y 3 whatfoever excufes or pretences be ufed for the 
louring or covering of the fame :' if 'we hive forgotten the nams 
of our Cjoi , orftretcbed out our hauls to mother god > fhali 
Godfcurch this out ? 20. z$. In time of perfecution tor Reli- 
gion > nothing can counterbalance th„ terrours ana allurements 
of" the perfecutors , and make a man fteJfnlt in the caufe of God > 
fave the fear of God. and love to God fetled in the heart ; For 
thereafon of the Saints ftcdfaitneUe in this Pfalmeii , hecauje 
God would h.uc (arched out their finnc, if they had done other- 
waves ; for he l^noweth the fecreis the hearts , v. ir. 14. Such 
as refolve to beare out the profefllon of the truth , muft refolve to 
give their life for the maintenance of it : Wc are hjlled all the day 
long, 15. It is ordinary for the world to hue the fervants of 
God, and true Saints, more for their faithfulneffe to God , and 
uprightneffe in his fervice 3 then for any other came 5 For thy 
fafe are we filled. 16. It is mercy to uSj that when God might 
punifh us for our (innes 3 he doth make our correction honourable, 
and our troubles to be for a good caufe ; For thy folic arc wc v kr 
17. Although all the houres of the day the re fecutors 
were taking and killing iome of our Brethren y the Saints for 

x their faith in God, and fidelity in his fervice ; yet thai mult not 
divert the'reft from following of the truth . and profefling of true 
Religion 5 How long foevet the Lord continue the persecution 
and our trouble j for his caufe wc fhould refolve cenftantly to 
endure to the end ; Tea, for thy caufe arc we hJUcd all the day 
long, wi. li. 

Verfc 23. Atoake^yvhj fteepeft thou } Lord? trifc 
c aft u$ not off for ever. 

34. Wherefore hide ft thou ih-j face ? and for net te ft 
our afflitlion, and our oppyejfton? 

25. For our foul 14 bofted down to the dafi; out belly 
cleave th unto the earth. 

26. A rife for our help ', and redeem m for tip) mtr- 


300 PSAL. XLIV. 

In the laft part of the Pfalme, the Pfalmift in behalf of the 
Kirk doth pray to be delivered from the cruelty of persecutors; 
and being in bitrernetle of fpirit for anguifh and grief! doth vent 
his prefent fenfe of Gods dilpenfat ion, yet corrected by faith. 
Whence icxm y I. Albeit the Lord who watcheth over IfraclbQ 
moft vigibnt for every one of his children, and never flumber- 
eth norfleepeth, but is ftill upon his work , his glorious work 
of preparing his jewels for eternal life > whenheputteth his peo- 
ple in the furnace of affliction by hotttft perfecution , for then 
in fpcciall he is about to glorifie himfelf and his Saints alio in the 
trLdl or their precious faith , and is bringing to the view of men 
and Angels, that he hath a people who do love him better then 
their own lives , and who will endure any mifcry rather then 
deny any point of his truth committed unto them ; yet fuch is the 
ftrenetfi of natural fenfes and affections , fuch is the partiality 
of felt-love in carnal difputation about Gods providence , when 
he putteth his people to fo fad fufterings for no fault done to their 
perfecutors 5 and iuch is the power of Satans testations, helped 
on by humane infirmity, and perturbation of paflions, that God 
is looked on as if he rnifregarded the cafe of his own people , and 
took no more care of them then a deeping man doth ofhisbufi- 
neffe, and this is imported in thisexpreilion ; Avox\e , rvby 
Jleepeft thou , O Lord ? 2. Faith doth not allow nor fubferi be 
unto carnali fenfe , but in prefenting the objections thereof unto 
God , dcth really refute them. Firft, in that by prayer it go- 
eth to God , who is the hearer of the moft fecret fighes offuppli- 
cants , at whatfoever time, night or day , or in whatfeever phce 
opened up unto him. Secondly, by intreating him to refute the 
{lander and calumnie which carnal fenfe, and fuggeited tentations 
did put upon him , Avox\e y arife ; that is , let it be feen by the 
manitfting of thy juftice and mercy , as thou ufeft to do by thy 
open working for us , that thou tgkeft of our fufrerings,and 
of our perfecutors violence. Thirdly, by avowing that fuch 
mifrcgarding of his own caufe and lervants , as fenfe and tentati- 
on did vent, is inconfiitent with his nature, Covenant, Promifes, 
and practices towards his people ; (nr 3 lVhy-Jlecpcftthou y isss 
much as it is not poflible that thou llccpeft > and why here is 
nota word of quarrelling , but a word of denying, that any rea- 
fon can te given for fuch a thought, as God Jleepetb. Fourthly., 
by avowing faith and hope of Gcdmanifefting himfelf indue 
time, for deciding of the controvcrlic between them and their pci - 
fecutcrsj for what he prayeth for , bebelievethtoobtaine . r4is 


PSAL. XLIV. 3 01 

; prayer being according to the revealed will cfGod > and Awfe, 
\ whyflecpcftlhott, OLorl, is as much as Ibeleeve, Lord, that 
thou wilt indeed let us and the world fee that thou art not deep- 
ing in all this our hard fufterings for thy fake , and therefore I 
pray thee (hew thy felf early. $. As tcma^ion, if it cannot fall- 
en upon us any thought of Gods careleflc mi Regarding of us in our 
fad (uffeings; yet will it fuggeit fufpicionsof Gods wrath, indig- 
nation, hatred, rejection, and reprobation of us 5 So faith will 
ftudy to difpcll this mill:, and quench this fiery dart by prayer 
alfo j Cuft v* not of for ever , giving affurance, that albeit there 
were wrath in their exerciie,yet it {hall be but for a {hort time, and 
fhallnotheperpetuail. 4. As tentntion , if it cannot fatten up- 
on us fafpition cf Gods hatred of us, and of his purpcle to caft us 
off for ever ; yet it v\ ill fug^eft that God is purfuing us for 
fome imne which we know not of, that he is wroth with us in 
fufterincr periecutors to prevails and to oppreflc us, (when in the 
meanc-time he is gloriiying himfelf, and his truth in us , edify- 
ing others by our conitancie in fuch a point of truth , and by our 
patience in bearing the croffe, to the ^advantage both of the pre- 
fent age andpofterity:) So faith muft ftudie to difpcl this mift 
alio, and to quench this fiery dart as well as the former by reject- 
ing this to be the caufe 5 for it is no token of Godspurfuing (in 
in wroth , when God giveth us grace ; not only to believe in him> 
but alio to fuffer for his N imes fake, and the Goi'pels ; When 
hemakcth us to be his publick Martyrs and wirncfles-for his truth, 
feme in one degree ot Matyrdome , fome in another y When he 
maketh the fpirit of gloiy, and of God to reft upon us , and io- 
bleflfeth us , that when on rhe perfecutors part he is evil fpoken of, 
he is on our part glorified. This (I lay) is no token of wrath, 
no token of purfuing us for our finnes. Therefore aloeit fenfe 
call this a hiding of his face , yet faith will no: admit thefe caufes 
which might import wrath : For , Wherefore bidtfl thou thy 
face ? is in the teimes of faith , as much as albeit it be true that 
we have finned, and tboufeemeftto bide thy f ice', Yet I can- 
not admit this thought that this his dealing with us is in wrath}! 
fee no-rcafon whyl fliould expound thy difpenfation fo ; yea, the 
very queftion where f or e,impovu:ih that the Pfalmift cannot con- 
defend upon any fuggefted reafon of this fort, to prove the hiding 
of Gods face, as fenfe would fay , and therefore that he expe&eth 
the Lord will fhew forth tokens of his love and good will to them 
in due time. 5. As when thefe tentations are refuted by faith, 
long-lafting trouble meeting witkintume flefli > doth hold up 


302 PSAL. 5CLIV. 

the complaint: , poor fraile man , . not being able to endure 
trouble long, weak nature is ready to think that it is forgotten or 
laid afidc , and ilriketh ftill upon its own firing of lamentation, 
whatfoever faith doth fpeak to the contrary , whether it have reg- 
ion or not y So faith mull do its office, and that is when it can- 
not Hop complaining , it muft lay forth before God rn prayer the 
lamenter, and his lamentation to tinde piety ; IVby forgettcft thou 
cur affliction, and our opp report? 6. All the reafcm that a poor 
perfecuted and afflicted perfon can bring from himfelf, to plead 
pitty wbenhelamentceh his cafe to the Lord , is his ownweak- 
neffc, emptineiie , low condition , near drawing to difcourage- 
ment, tainting and dying ; For, Our foul is bowed down to the 
duft. 7. The godly fouf under periecution, refolveth never to 
yield to the will of the perfecutors, ncr quit the Lords caufc , but 
to lie (upplicaat at Gods feet from day to day , and there to die > 
if it be his will to delay or deny outward relief. Thus much the 
geftureof t/iefupplicantfpeaks; Our belly clcavctb to the earth, 
8, Though the B:leever do rinde no reafon in himfelt of his pray- 
er for relief yet he findeth reafons fufficientto give him hope 
in God > Asfirft, The Lords Sovereigne power and place to 
help fuch weak creatures as come to him in their need > Arife for 
cur help , arife a help for us:. Secondly, the office of a Re- 
deemer, wherewith he cloathed himfelt in the Meffiah Chrift Je- 
fus; in the paction of whoCe redemption, and payment of the 
price of it, and begun and perfected accomplishment of it , every 
B:leever hath undoubted intereft and right unto all particular 
deliveries out or all ftraits , as branches , and appendices of the 
great Redemption of their foules unto eternall life. And this is 
hinted at in thefe words; Arife for our help, and redeem us. 
Thirdly, the purchafed, promifed,arid conftantly running forth, 
and offered mercy of God to Beleevers , which lcofeth all obje- 
ctions and doubts ai ifing from our fins, unworthineile,and itl-de- 
ferving; For, (Redeem us for thy mercies f(ik&) impbrtethfo 


PSAL. XLV. 30 1 


To the chief ZMuficiun upon Shofhannim , for the fonnes of 
Korah 3 Maichil : a fong of loves* 

Laying afide what ufeth to be fpoken here of 
Solomons marrying of Pharaohs daughter, and 
of fome typicall things therein, (tending to 
the extenuation of Solomons fault) as conje- 
ftural , and ferving nothing to the advantage 
of that marriage, prefuppofe the conjecture did 
hold, both concerning the occafion, and alfo 
what might feem typical in it, becaufe firni- 
litudes taken from , and types made of what 
thing foever God pleafeth, do ferve to make 
clear what the Spirit will have taken up about 
Chrifl, or about any fpirituall antitype; buc 
doth not ferve to make clear the thing re* 
fembled by the antitype, as by the type of 
Agar , and of the brazen Serpent , and of fonas 
his punifhrtient, and fundry other fimilitudes 
and parables fet down in Scripture doth apear : 
But we are fure this Pfalme is a fong , de- 
fcribingjthe myftical marriage of the MeffiahCfjrifi 
Jeftu our Lord, and his Kirk , wherein Chrifl 
the Bridegroome is. praifed , verf. 1,2,3,4, 
5, 6; 7, 8, 9* And the Kirk his Spoufe is in- 
truded in her duty to him, verf. 10, 11,12, 
13, 14,15. And the end of the fong decla- 
red to be the everlafting praife of CHRIST, 


304 PiAJL. XL-V. 

Concerning the Infcriprion, that this Pfalme is altogether 
fpiritualand holy appeareth > Firftbythis, That it is di- 
rected to the publick Minifter of Gods worfhip , to be ma,de 
publicklyufeof in Gods publick praifes. To the chief Muficun, 
for thefonncs 0/ Korah. Secondly, it is intituled Mafchil> a Ion? 
togiveinftructiontothcKirkot God , concerning the Majefty 
and g^aceof-'theKingdome of Chrift, and the duty of the Kirk, 
and the fphitual bleiTings of the Belee vers. Thirdly, it is a part 
of divine Scripture , ranked among the holy Pfalmes , and ac- 
knowledged by the Kirk of the Old Teftamcnr for fuch. Fourth- 
ly, the teftimony of the Apoftle , applying it directly as the 
word and fpeech of the Father to the Sonne of God, (Thrift Jefus, 
licb. 1. 8 ; Fifthly, the matter and words of the Pfalme, which 
cannot be verified in any perfon fave in Jefus Chrift alone. 
Sixthly, the plurality of ioves here fpoken of to fhew unto the 
Reader the excellencie of the love of Chrift, or the love cfGocl 
to us in Chrift Jefus 3 wherein the perfection of all loves that 
ever was heard tell of, isfurpafledj It is afongoflovcs. 

Verf. i.'K Ik Y. heart is enduing of a goo A matter ; 
JLVl / fpeak. of the things which I have 
made touching the King: my tongue is the peri 
of a readj Writer. 

THis Verfe is a commendation given to this fong by the Spirit; 
of God, by Way of Preface* 1. It is a good matter. 
2. Itisinfpired; The Spirit of the Lord making the heart fil- 
led with his preience, to be boiling in the enditingof it. 3. It 
is of Chrift the King. 4. It is the Poem of the infpired Pro- 
phet , made ready to expreffe what h furnifhed by the Spirit, for 
the edification of the Kirk in all ages. Whence learn, 1. The 
knowledge of the loveof Chrift to his Church, and of his e- 
fpoufing of her , is the fweeteft fubjeft 3 the matter of the mofi 
glad tydings that ever finners did hear of , and worthy indeed to 
be called a good matter. 2 , The heart acquainted with this fweet 
and Caving knowledge , will be more reaiy to communicate what 
itknoweth, thenabletoexprefleit fclf;- for the heart will be as 
a fpring-well, or a boiling pot, according to the meafure of the 
Lords prefence in it. 3. The thcam of the praifes of the belie- 
ving foul is Chriftsperfony cloathed with offices for thefalvatiori 
$f fouler. The mainefubjeft of this fong is touching the King* 

jr. When 

PSAL. xtv 4 . 305 

4. When the heart is full of gracious afteftion, the tongue will 
be loofed to praife Go.i, Co as others may be edific.l : out of the a- 
bundanceof the heart, Jthc mouth will fpeak heartily, ZM} tongue^ 
faith he, is the pen ofd ready mixer, 

Vcrfe 2." Thou art fairer then the children of men : 
: grace U poured into thy lips i therefore God hdth blejfed 
thee for ever. 

3. Gird thy ftoord upon thy thigh ^ O moft mighty t 
frith thy glory, and thy majefty. 

4. And in thy majefly *ide prof per oufty , becaufeof 
truth, anbmeeknefs^ and right eoufnefs : and thy right 
hand {hall teach thee terrible things. 

5. Thine arrows are Jharpe in the heart of 
the Kings enemies $ Whereby the people fall under 

6. Thy throne (0 God) is for ever and ever : the 
fcepter of thy kingdome i% a right fcepter. 

J* Thou love ft right eoufnefs , and hate ft Vbickgdnefs : 
therefore God, thy (fod s hath anointed thee tyith tf:i 
oile ofgladnefs above thy fetlo^s. 

8. Al' thy garments frtiell of 'myrrhe and aloes y arid 
cajfia : out of the ivotj palaces^ where b]/ the) have made 
thee gad. 

p. Kings daughters were among thy honourable we* 
men : upon thy right hand did ft and the J^jet n in gold 

In the defcriptiori of the excellency of Chrift, the very trae 
Son of God, there are fee down fundrv points of ^lc-ry. The 
firft is, no beauty amon? m?n comparableto the beauty of Chrift, 
who i$ not only the faireft of ten thoufand for wifdorae and hcli* 
nefs, and wh tfriever Vertuecrn bt named, as he is man i buc 
alfo as he is God, he is the refpUn encvof .hie Fathers glory, the 
holyOieot Ifaelj of Wbofe^Iory the <vhole earth 15 full, by 
whotc beautiful righteoufn-efs and power the deformity of fin an<t 
mifery of his own is taken away in part, and (hall be removed 
fally i therefore juitly is it faid of him, Tbou artftirer tjiei wi 

306 P5AJL. XLV. 

children of men. i. Chnil by the dotfrinc which he delive*eth# 
is able not only to difcover fin and mifery, an4 the true way oi 
delivery from the fame by grace, and to dired a man in the way 
offaivation by grace, but alfo gracioufly and powerfully to per- 
fwade a man to embrace it, Grace is poured into thy lips. 3 .Chrift 
as man is furnimed abundantly and above meafure, for commu- 
nicating of the bkfling unto his hearers invincibly and infallibly, 
and for making his Dodrine effectually powerful to falvation to 
whom foe vcr he will ; for, Therefore (or to tbkpurpofe) God hath 
bleftcAhim for ever. 4. Chrift is furnimed to fubdue and con- 
quer and bring in fo many as he pleafeth under fubjeftion unto 
his Kingdome; he hath his fword even the rod of his mouth, his 
ivord which is (harper then any two-edged fword which no man 
can withftand. 5. He goethnot abroad to conquer or fubdue 
without this his fword, which is his word; it is alwayes with him 
ready to be drawn forth , and to be thruft in the foul and consci- 
ence of the hearer, with whom he mindeth to deal, hU fword is 
girded upon his thigh. 6. Chrift is Almighty,and fo able to make 
good all that he fpeaketh, and to make his word of precept, pro- 
mife and threatning effe&ual unto the errand for which it is fent, 
Hcismofl mighty. 7. Where he is pleafed to open his word, 
and to difcover himfelf what he is, they that fat in darknefs dafee 
a great light of his own glory as God , a mining light, a glori- 
ous light, making open the deep counfelof God, and myftery of 
mens ialvation, Gird thy fword upon thy thigb>0 moft mighty ,mtb 
thy glory. $. Where he pleafeth to (hew himlelf, there the ftate- 
linefs of a mighty Monarch is teen, the fovereignty of the ruler 
of heaven and earth is feen, able to ihake the heart with fear, and 
aw of his grearnefs, with his glory there is majefiy or (lately mag- 
nificence. 9. The wheels of Chrifts Chariot, whereupon he 
rideth when he goeth to conquer and fubdue new converts to his 
Kin^dome at euttajefty, truth, mecfyicfssigbteoufrcfs, manifeft* 
ed in the preaching oi his GotpeliMajcfty, when the (lately mag- 
nificence of hrspe^fon and offices is declarer 5 Truth > when th« 
certainty of all that he teacheth in Scripture is known* &feefacjs 9 
wheahis grace and mercy is offered to rebels; and Rigbteoufhcfs, 
when juftificatfon by faith in his name, is clearly let forth. 
10. Chrift goeth no voyage in vain, he cometh notfliort of hi» 
intent and purpofe, but doth the work for which he cometh, 
preiching the Gofpel , In his majefiy , truth, meefciefs , and 
rigbteoujnejs beridcthprofperoujly. 11. Chrift can do what he 
wjllj he can do terrible things to majke his enemies- tremble* and 


PSAL. XLV. 3°7 

: iis friends reverence him with holy feat, having ornnipotency in 
him to work by, as ready as a man hath his right hand to em- 
ploy j let him but will to have any thing done, and it mall be 
done; be.harh not long toadvife what he is able todo,as men con- 
fult with their :bility, whether they be fo powerful as to effc& 
what they intend, or would have done, Thy right band fhM teach 
ibec terrible things. 12. Albeit he ncedcth no admonition to do 
what he is doing or will do^ yet loveth he to have his children fur- 
thering the advancement of his Kingdom, (hewing unto him what 
they would have done,& praying unto him that his Kingdom may 
inore & more corners this form of fpeech endited by the holySpi- 
rit doth import JGird thy fmrdjidc thou profperoujly ,&c.i$.Chrift 
in his conqueft is to meet with his enemies, of whom feme will o 
penlyop pole him, fome will feignedly profefs fubjection , but 
will not heartily fubmit themftlves unto him , bat ftand aloof 
and at a diftance, being fai from him in their hearts, when with 
their lips they draw ncer-hand unto him 3 both thefe are here 
called the lyings enemies. 14. Such as do not draw r.eer unto 
him in their heart, he can and will fend mcfTengcrs of wrath unto 
their heart, tbreatenings which (hall be executed, terrors which 
lhall be followed with judgements, and judgements which (halt 
end in their deftru&ion, iudden and unexpected; how many or 
how ftrong foever they feem to be, they (hall no: ftand before hirn> 
nor be able to hinder his con-quell, Thine arrows are fkarp in the 
j heart of the lyings enemies, whereby the people fall under thee. 1 5; 
] Chiift Jcfu the promifedMeffiah was revealed to the Kirk of 
j Ifrael, to be the very true eternal God, that their faith and ours 
migb have fatisfac"tion, and a folid ground to reft upon, in the 
all-fufficieney and infinite worthinefs of the promifed Redeemer, 
as the Apcftle,Hc#. 1. 8. confiimeth unto us > citing to thi^ 
purpofe this very text, Thy throne , God Js for ever and ever. 
16. Chriftihall not want a Kirk from generation to generation^ 
let pe;fecutors do their waift, he (hall reign as King, and fit on 
his throne in his Kirk, giving forth his laws and executing them, 
oppofe him who will, Thy throne, OGod, is for ever and ever, 
1? The Scepter of ChrifU Kingdom, which is the Goipel or thet 
word cf Ood in Scripture, whereby he gathereth hfc fubje&s and 
ruleth them , and the manner cf his governing his pecple by the 
rules of his Law ami difcipline,is moft juft-and equitable, a righ- 
teous fcepter, wheieby the Objects m-iy be inftiucted in all righ* 
teoufnefs,and may bejuftified and made righteous; The fcrftcr 
tftby Kingdoms is a right fcepter % 18, The holinefs and righ- 
X % teoufcefe 

3o8 PSAL. XLV. 

ccoufnefs of Jefus Chrift, both as he is God, and as he is God 
incarnate, is fo efiential to his perfon and employment , that his 
mle of. government and adminiftration of his aftaires in his 
kingdome cannot be but right, as for direction , foaho for re - 
wards to them who obey his direction and punifhments o. the 
difobedients , 1'bou lovefi rigbteonfnefs , and 'hatefl iniquity* 
19. As Chrift is very Gou/o is he very man in Ml things (except 
fin) like unto uswhomhe calleth, Pp/. ii. 12. and Hcb 2,12. 
his bretbren^nd here his/Htox,iharemen and partakers of all that 
is given unto him,and joync- heirs with him, #001.8.17. and by 
reafon of making Covenant in our name with the Fatherland by 
affuming of our nature according to the tenor of the Covenant, 
Godbecometh his God and our God, and he in our name as 
man, receiveth the gifts of the holy Spirit without me afure, for 
fitting him as he is man to rmnage his Kingdom in righteoufnefs 
etk-ctuallyjfor it is faid, Therefore, or to that intent, Cjod> iby (jo£ 
bub anointed tbee -with the oil of gladnefs. 20. The gifts and 
graces of the holy Spirit fpoken of here in the terms of oil, (em- 
ployed fcr figuring mens furniftiing unto their calling, and ena- 
bling of Kings and Priefts unto their offices, and employed alio in 
the entertainment of honourable guefts invited to a feaft) are lo 
beftovved on believers, j Gym-heirs with Chrift, as Chrift is not 
degraded frorrftiis fovereignty by his partners exaltation, for of ; 
Chrift it is faid, Thy God bath anointed tbee with the oile of 
ghdnefs above thy fellows. 24. As the attendants of great per- 
sons are refreshed by the fmell of their ointments and perfumed 
garments : foarc Lhrifts attendants refreshed with the confola- 
tion of Chrifts Spirit perfuming all his outward ordinances, 
wherein as in his garments he doth mew forth himiclf to his Kirk 
more comfortably, then any perfume cr odo iferous fpice can fee 
forth , All t y. garments fmell of mytrhc and aloes and caffiab. 
Z2* Nor only the heavens where God flieweth forth his gloiy 
to fouls of juft men made perfect, but alio all the places where 
his honour dwelleth, all the meetings of his Church where he 
iheweih hi mfel fin his ordinances to a Lpiriiual eye, are all ot them 
moft glorious and (lately palaces ; for there is the Temple of the 
Holy Ghoft, and there is the beauty of holinefs, whence doth 
come forth the fmell of his graces in his ordinances, as out oflvo- 
ryp.ilaccs. 2$. It is favour y and well-pleating to Chrift, when 
his people find pleafure in him, and arc refrefhed by hisblefling. 
upon the publik ordinances 5 (oY,Thercby they hate made thccglad, 
iai.h the Pialmift :o Chrift. 24. Albeit the Catholick Kirk con- 


PSAL. XLV. $c 9 

(lftingof true converts or real Saints, be but one and the only true 
Spoule of Chrift, yet particular vitible Kirks confiding of Saints 
by calling, by obligation, and by profeffion, and common cftima - 
tion of r hcir own or others ; fome of them 6eing 'true Saints in- 
deed in the Spirit- fome of them but counterfeits, and Saints in 
the letter only, are in number many,as they are difperfed for time 
and place, wherein they do live, and do mike up fundi y incorpo- 
rations and Eccleuaftick confociaticn^ in Pari flies, Towns, 
Countries and Kingdomes, as the Lend giveth them occnfion, 
opportunity or poflibility to mske ufc oneo£ another for commu- 
nion of Saints ; in this refpeft(I fay ) they are many,and therefore 
the true Spoufe,the true Kiik confiding of true converts fwhofe 
p rai fe is of God, to whom only they are certainly known, and 
not of men^ being but one is- compared to the Queen, but t lie 
particular Kirks, whofe collections and confociations is knewn 
to men, being many, are compared to Ladies of Honour which 
'fcrve the Qjeen 5 of this fort it is here propheHed, that the moil 
renowned Cities, Countries, Provinces., and Kingdomes lhould 
be profefl'ed attendants of Chiift the bridegrooms honour, and. 
proftfled fervants of his Kirk, and promoters of the honour, 
eftate, and welfare o f his Spoufe j f&ngs daughters among thy ho- 
nourable women. 1$. Albeit our Lord will allow a place of ho- 
nour and room in his own court unto vilible Kirks in their fev.e^ 
ral confociations greater and fmaller, for that fervire which thty 
may do in order to the gathering in of theEleit into the inner 
court of neereft fpirituaj communion with him, yet it is the uni - 
verfal invifible Kirk which he counted his Spoufej (lie is. the 
Queen who hath accefs unto him to be in higheft honoui befiue 
him, Upon thy right band did ft and the ^ueen. z6. As the whole 
foriety oftrue Saints rerently attend the will of the Lord, that 
every one of them in their place may honor the Lord. ho are they all 
highly honoured of the Lord, and adorned with whnfoever may 
m ke 'hem glorious; for the ornaments put en by Chiift, fuch as 
ae adoption, justification, fanftification/with all other relations 5 
tending to their felicity,are here compared to the Eneft Gold; The 
t^ueen dotbftand at bit rilbfbaud in gold ofOpbir. 

Verfe IO. Hearken (0 d.trtghttr) and confides, and 
encline thine ear ; forget alfo thine o^npeofL^ and thy 
father J hottje. 

3io PSAL. XLV. 

ii. So fall the King greatly deftre thy beamy, for 
he it thy Lord^ and voorfhtf thou him. 

12. *And the daughter of lyre (hall be there 
yoith a gift , even the rich among the people {hall entreat 

1 3 . The Kings daughter is all glorious mthin 5 her 
clothing is of wrought gold. 

1 4. She fhsill be brought unto the King in raiment of 
^etdk*vPor\ : the virgins her companions\that folloV) her 9 
(hall be brought unto thee. 

1 jjfj With gladnefs and rejojeing /hall they be brought; 
they ffkall enter into the Kings palace. 

This isthe other part, of the Pfalme wherein the Spirit of the 
Lord fpeaketh to the true Kirk militant, and direcleth her in her 
duty, and encourageth her by fundry inducements to follow the 
Lords direction. Whence learn, 1 . As becaufe there is fpiri- 
tual love and refpeft' between God and his Kirk, therefore the Co- 
venant and the spiritual communion between Chuift and hisJCirk 
is compared to a marriage : So becaufe the derivation of airfpiri- 
tual life, grace and motion which the Kirk hath,is from God, and 
dependeth on him; Therefore the Kirk is compared to a daughter, 
'Hexrken 3 daughter, and ver. if, fhe is called the K^g* daughter. 
2. The way and order of bringing the Kirk to her duty, is by hec 
hearing of his word,contidera:ion of what is taught, and fubjefti- 
on ofherfpirkto the obeaience of faith ; Hearken, daughter, 
Kid confider^and cnciine thine ear. $ . Becaufe even the true mem- 
bers of the Ki k, whoxpraifeis not of men but of God, are in 
this life intangled in affeftions to their old waves and corruption 
of manners; Therefore every one hath need to renounce and for- 
get more and more their old lufts and enticements of the world* 
which is a very true fruit, and neceflary evidience of their hearing 
in faith, Forget alfo (faith he) thine own people, and thy fathers 
houfe. 4. The more we renounce and abandon our luft&and 
finful inclination in obedience to God, the more are we beautified 
with holinefs , and are acceptable to God in our endeavours, 
Forfa^e thy fathers houfe, {ojhallthcl^ing greatly defire thy beau- 
ty, ?• Chrift hath all right unto our fervice,and by creation, re- 
jdemption^ and covenant we are absolutely bound to ferve and 


PSAL. XLV. 31 1 


fionowrhJm in all things : He is thy Lord, and worfoip thou him. 
6. WhenthcKirk honoureth (Thrift he will honour her, and 
make the noble and potent in fubmit themfelves to her, 
and feek communion with her, and toefteem the meaneft trnc 
member of the Kirk, more blefled then riches or honour can make 
any man: The daughter of Tyre fiall be there with a gift : The 
rich among the people foall entreat thy favour. 7. The glory of 
the true Kirk, and of every true member thereof is in things fpi- 
ritual, not difcernable by theuptaking of the natural man; for 
what is ©utwardly profetfed, is inwardly ftudied unto in (inceri- 
ty by thcra who worfhip God in fpirit and in truth ; and the 
graces wherewith me is adorned, as knowledge, faith, love, hope, 
zeal, courage, fobriety, patience, are not the object of outward be- 
holders, butmofl beautiful in the eyes of a fpirit ual difcerner, 
and in the eyes-of him that fees in fecretrTta lyings daughter is all 
glorious within. 8. Whatfoever inherent graces the Saints have, 
and how beautiful foever they be, yet they have need of a garment 
"which may hide their imperfections, and beaut i fie them before 
God j to wit, the imputed righteoufnefs of Chrift , the Husband 
of the Kirk, who only hath this garment 10 fell, Rev. 5.18. and 
though it be bought without money and without price, yet it U 
very rich> for whatfoever ekher nature or art can furnifh to fet it 
forth, is but a fhadowing fimilitude of it, Her cloxthi?ig is of 
wrought gold. 9 . Though the marriage of Chiift and his Kiik 
be bound up , and the hand-faftning bepaft, and tokens of love 
be given to the Bride ; yet the full folemnity of the compleat mar- 
riage is delayed till a fet time, that the particular members and 
the whole Kirk be perfected. The time of the brides being 
brought to a conftant habitation with Chrift, is at the Lords ap- 
pointed time 5 to wit, at the death of every particular Saint , and 
of the whole Kirk together at the day of our Lords fecond coming; 
the day is coming, wherein foe foatl be brought unto the K? n g* 
10. Albeit now there be many imperfections in the Saints,which 
Chrifts imputed righteouCnefs doth hide, yet in the day of the 
Kirks bein^ brought to the prefencc of God to be with him for 
ever ', flie (hall have no imperfection,lpot or wrinkle, or want of 
any thing which may perfect her glory in ail r^fpects^ (he (hail put 
on immortality and incorruption, and her very body of flefh (hall 
be made conformable to the glorious body of our Lord Jefus, She 
jhallbe brought unto the %ing in raiment of needle -work* : wl erein 
the height of artifice and ot natures materials are joyned as the 
fiucft iimilitude which can exprels this uriexpreflible glory. 

X 4 ijfTta 


xi. The fame mall be<the glorious ftate of particular Saints, and 
particular Congregations, which {hall be of the whole Kirk uni- 
yerfal s whereof as every true Congregation and particular Saint 
therein is a part 3 and have contributed their fervice in their time 
to the good of the whole Kirk 3 as handmaids to the Mifiris : fp 
ihail they (hare in the glorious reward j The virgins 3 her compani- 
ons fall be brought unto tbee, fo faith the Pftlmift unto Chrift. 
1 2 . Great (hall be the joy of men 3ind angels in the general meet- 
ing of the whole Kirk/ all being gathered together by the angels, 
who have liyed from the beginning of the world to the ending 
th rcof, and all received in the fellowftiip of God in blefledneis 
io endure for zsexjVhb gladnefs and re joy ring fid they be brought, 
tbey Jhatt enter into the Icings palace. 

Vcrfc 1 6* In ftead of thy fathers fhall be thy 
children f whom thou may eft make princes in all the 

17. / will m*kf thy name to be remembred in all 
generations : therefore fhaH the people pr^ife thee for 
ever and ever. 

The two laft verfes may be applied both to the Bride the 
pruc militant Kirk, and to the Bridcgroome Chrift Jefus, the 
King of Saints. As it is appliea to the Kirk* Learn, 1. The 
Saints have no ground of gloriation in their progenitors accord- 
ing to the*flcfh, of whom they draw nothing but what is pollu- 
ted with fin 5 but all the glory of the Kirk is rather in her children 
which (he bringeth forth by the Oofpel unto God, Inftead of thy 
fathers [ball be thy children. 2. What any member 01* the Kirk 
feemeth to lofe in the world by for faking thereof and coming to 
Chrift, it is made up to them by Chrift in fpiritual refpefts, if 
hot alfoin temporal bleffings when God Teeth fit, In ftead of thy 
fathers Jhatt be thy children 3. The true children of the Kiik are 
indeed the ex% ellent ones of the earth, and princes indeed, where- 
ever they live, in cemparifon of all other men who are but the 
beaft'y ihves of Satan : thy children are princes in all the earth'. 
4. The true Kirk fhall be honourable, arid honoured by her kind- 
ly children in all generations,becaufe of the cremation which God 
putieth uponherin hisholy Scripture: J will ma\e r thy name to 
be remembred in all generations : Therefore the people Jhall praifs 


PSAL. XLV. }ii 

Thefe ve fes may alfo be applied mere pertinently to the bride* 
groonu Oh. ift Jefus,for whofe praife the whole Pfalme is compo- 
fed,i'er/. i. Of whom only the words can be verified fully, is 
o ey capable of what is ascribed dire&ly to the pet fonfpoken un- 
to here, and cannet be well afcribedto Solomon and c Fbaraobt 
daughter in their ma.ri ge$ becanfc partly So'omons marriage 
with ou iandi/h women, is marked among his faults, and fo can 
hardly b„ cfteemed tc be honoured with ti is iong delivered to the 
Kirk tor her perpetual inftru&ion; partly becaufe in the Inlcri- 
ption theif is not fo much as mention of Solomons name,ekher as 
type or refemblance of this marriage of Chrift and his Kirk; and 
partly alfo becaufe what is here fpoken, hath little typical verity 
anfwering to it in the Hiftoryof Scripture concerning Solomons 
marriage, or Children of Pharaohs daughter. And la illy, thi^ 
fong is let down not in a typical manner, but in a iicnple iiraili- . 
tude of the marriage of a King and Queen indefinitely, whofc mar- 
riage ufeth to be the moft glorious of ail earthly marriages, and 
fitteft to lead us up to that incomparably glorious fpiritual mar- 
riage of Chrift ~nd his Kirk. In \<hich confederation from thefe 
wordsj Learn, i. Chrift doth not draw glory from his, progeni- 
tors according to his fle(h,6ut giveth being and gracious being to 
fuch asheregeneratethby his word and Spirit to be his children, 
and fo it may be faid to Chrift, Inftead of thy 'fathers Jfall be thy 
children, i The excellency of Chrifts children and their 
princely difpofition above the reft ;of mankind unregenerate, i$ 
of Chrifts making > he only it is, of whom properly it may be 
faid, Thoujhalt ikd{t thy children princes in all the earth \ for, He 
hath made us lyings and Triefts to God and his Father, g. By 
the Spirit indired this Pfalme,and all other Scriptures Chrifts 
name (hall be holden forth and remembered from age to age,while 
the world lafteth, I will mah^e thy name (faith the Spirit') to be re- 
membered to ail generations. 4. Ch.ifts cfpoufing un^o himfelf* 
Kirk, and gathering moe arid moe from age to age by his word 
and Spirit unto it, his converting fouls, and bringing them in tb 
the fellqwmip of his family , and giving unto them princely 
mindes and afreet ions whereever they live,' is a. large matter of 
growing and everlasting glory unto his majefty; for in regard 
ofthispoint, and whatis'fnid before in this Pfalme, headdeth 
ins the clofe of all, Therefore Jball the people praifs tbec. 


3i4 PSAL. XLVI. 

| I I » M "l ' " ' " ■ I ■ " " - I ■ ■ i . . . — . , », 


T* the thief Muficim for the fons efl&rab, 
* fw& upon Almotb. 

After fome notable delivery of the Kirk from the 
enemies, the Lords people do confirme them* 
(elves in their refolution to truft in God, and not 
to be afraid of trouble, becaufe of his comfort* 
able prefence among them, which is like unto a 
river of continual refrefliment , as late experi- 
ence did give evidence, ver. i, 2, 3, 4, <;, 6. and 
do exhort all men in the world toobferve this his 
late work, and make ufe of it for their humiliatU 
on, ver. 7$ 8, 9, 1 o. as the Kirk doth make ufe of 
it for confirmation, ver. u. 

L Verf. i./^^OD is our refuge and firength : a very 
vJT prefent help in trouble. 

2. Therefore tviQ we not fear , though the earth be 
removed : and though the mount aims be carried into the 

3 # Though the waters thereof roar and be trea- 
cled : though the mountains Jhak* With the failing 
thereof Selah. 

FRom bygone experience of Gods defending his Kirk, the 
Lords people do ftrengthen themfclves in the faith of Gods 
word, concerning the care of his people; and from this ground, do 
guard their heart againft the fear of all poffible trouble in time 
coming. Whence learn, 1. Faith in Gods word and the profefli- 
on of it 3 is made much more vigorous and lively after felt-experi- 
ence of the verity thereof $ for the Kirk did believe this truth be- 
fore this late delivery, but now after this frefh experience they are 


PSAL. XLIV. 315 

animated to fct to their feal to it more confidently, faying, (jod is 
currcfugc.i.PLlbch the Kirk were deftituteof all humane ftiength 
within her felf, and were forfakenj yea and purfued by all King* 
and Princes , yet hath (he God for a retiring place, and for fut- 
niftiing of what is fufficient for her fubfiftence ; Godis outre- 
fuge dridjlrcngib. $ . Albeit the Lord will not exempt his people 
from trouble, yet he will be neer them in trouble* and when their 
weaknek is difcovcred to them, then he will help them , and will 
pot delay his help too long, but will give help in time of need 
effectually ; for God is to his people,^ very prefent help in trouble* 
4. Nothing can guard the heart of Gods people againft the ter- 
ror of poffibie, or imminent troubles,fave faith in God ; for here 
the Lords people haying fixed their faith, do make this inference* 
Therefore will not we fear. ? The terrour of apparent trouble, 
is the touchftone of confidence in God, and then is faith fixed, 
when it doth look upon the greateft dangers aud troubles that can 
J>e imagined, with refolution to adhere to God and to that truth 
that persecutors do oppofe, whatfoevcr may come, We will not 
fear ^though the earth be removed. 6. Albeit the whole frame of the 
world were changed, and the work of creation were either diflbl- 
ved or confounded^which fhall be in effeft at the laft day; yet faith 
findeth footing and ground to fiand upon in God himfclf, JPc will 
not fear, though the mountains be carried into the midft of the Sea, 
though the waters thereof roar and be troubled , though : ibe mount- 
aines jhakc with the fmUingthereof. Selah. 

Verf. 4. There is a river, the slreams whereof Jhatt, 
make glad the city of God : the Holy place of the Taber- 
nacles of the lpoft High. 

5. God is in the midfi of her : fbe Jhall not be 
moved : Gad fhall help her 3 and that right early. 

The Kirk doth look upon the Lords word and ordinances joyn- 
ed with the blefling of his Spirit among them, as upon a fufficient 
confolation againft whatfoever trouble can be imagined. Whence 
learn, 1. Although there be many particular perfons in the Lords 
Kirk militant, and many particular Congregations, as there were 
many habitations in Jerusalem, and many tabernacles at the time 
of the folmne feaft, when all the Lords people were gathered to- 
gether to the keeping thereof $ yet are they all one Kirk univerfal, 
one KingdomeofGod; one City compatt together in the union 


3i* PSAL. XLVI. 

of one fealed Covenant, one true faith and Spirit ; The plurality 
cf the Tabernacles of Goi doth ma\e but one City of god here. 
2. Albeit trouble without comfort may fell on men who know 
not God ; yet to believers within the Kirk there can no trouble 
come, wherein the true Citizens may not finde confutation and 
joy to uphold them againft all caufes of for row - s There it a river, 
theftreams whereof make glad the City of God, 3. The confola- 
tions which God fornifheth to all who will make ufeof them with- 
in the Ki k, are no, like the confolations which the world can 
afford, whit h are in all refpefts inefficient to overcome trouble > 
but the confoUtions of God are abundant, conftantly running, 
ready at hand, and able to make a man a conquerour over trouble 
effectually, and to make him rejoyce in the Lord in the midft of 
trouble; fcr this is imported in the fimilitude of refrefhing water; 
There is a river the ftreams whereof Jhall make gUd the City of 
God. 4 God will never torfake his people who leek after him, 
but where they a. e following his ordinances in any meafure of 
(incerity, there will he be > God if in the mid fi of her. ?. As 
the confolation of the Kirk, fo alfo the liability of the Kirk, and 
xontinuance of it from generation to generation, dependeth upon 
Gods fettled refidence therein ; God is in the midft of ber,Jhc Jhall 
not be moved. 6. Gods prcfence among his people will not 
exempt them from trouble,but from perdition in trouble : he will 
not exempt the bu(h from burning,but from being confumed, For 
^od Jhall help her. 7. Albeit the Lord do not appear at the 
point of time when we would , yet fhall he come and help in 
time of need moil timeoufly,Cr0^/W help her, and that ri^bt early. 
Verfe 6. The heathen raged , the k^ngdomet were 
moved : he uttered his voice, the earth tnelted. 

7. The LORT> ofhofis is wit h us ; the God of Jacob 
u our refuge. Se/ah. 

He cleareth the doctrine delivered , by a late experience of 
Gods taking order with the enemies of the f£nk,at the time when 
they in great confluence and power made aflault againft her. 
JVhence learn, 1. Tt is no fmall indignation which the world doth 
bear againft the Lords Kingdome, his people, and work among 
them ; nor is it any mean power from which the Kirk is in danger 
to-fufferhardfhip, but fury in the height of it, and force in the 
fartheft extent of it,may me #%& to encounter v/iih;Tbc heathen 
ragedythc Kjngioms were moved 2. It is not the worldly power c?f 
tjhc Lords people which can fuftaine the affaulp ..{ their raging 


PSAL. XLVI. 317 

enemies .butGod himielf muftprove party to her opprcflbrs;thcrc- 
fore here the Lord doth interpote himfelf for his people ; The 
to d uttered his voice. $. Itfhallnot coft the Lord any bufi- 
nefs to difpatchtbe enemies of his people 5 let him (hew himfeif 
a little, let him but fay the word and they are gone, as Snow be- 
fore the Sun, or fat caft into the fire, io are they confumed ; He 
mured his voice 3 the earth melted. 4. Any one experience of the 
Lords working for his Kirk may fuffice toconfirme the faith of 
his people concerning his perpetual prefence in his Kirk, foraf- 
fiftanceof his people in their difficulties j for from this oneex- 
perience he di awcth the inference ; The Lord of hofts U "with ust 
$. What the Lord is in wifdom,powerj and other attributes, that 
may the Kirk apply to her felr^ and be fure to have the fruit 
of it as her need requiteth j it hofts of heathen and huge 
great Armies of whole Kingdomes be againft his Kirk , 
it ftiil may be fure God the Lord of Armies will ftand up 
againft them, and for his Kirk, The Lord of hofts is with us. 
6. The Covenant ofGodnvde with the Kirk in former ages, is 
good enough fecurity to the Kirk in after-ages for obtaining what- 
soever benefit his Covenant includeth ; The God of Jacob is our 
refuge 5 yea the rights made to the incoiporation of the Kirk, is 
as goo., fecurity for the ufe of every particular believer, as if it 
were made personally to every member by name ; .and thereforeas 
wxfeCitixens do reckon whatsoever they can claim by theirTown- 
Charter, no lefs to belong to them then thei; own private poflef- 
(ions : fo whatfocvet the believer can claim by vertue of the great 
Charter made to the Kirk, he ihoujd reckon it as fure to be his* 
as if his proper name had been ipecified in the promifes ; for, The 
Cod of Jacob is our refugees thus much, became God is undoubt- 
edly the wod of Jacob, andibis childrens refuge, he muft un- 
doubtedly be our God, who are members of that incorporation, 
and our refuge. 

Verf. 8. Come, behold the Workj of the L R<D, 
I tyhat defoliations he hath made in the earth. 

9. Hemaketh the wars toceafe unto the end of the 
J earth : he breadth the bov>e 7 and ctttteth the jpear in 
f under, he burneth the chartot in the fire. 

I o. Befiill y and knoVe that 1 am God : I mil be ex- 

altedamong the heathen: 1 will be exaltedin thee arth. 

11. Tbi LORD of bofis is jfitb us: the God of Jacob 

X%Qtirre]t4£C. Selab, ' In 

3 lS 


In the latter part of the Pfalme, he exhorts all men to make ufc 
of this deliverance given to the Kirk for their humiliation, con- 
fidence in God 7 and confolation. Whence learn, i. When God 
doth work works of wonder in favour of his Kirk, moll men 
maik not the Lords doings fuch is the dulnefs and ftupidity, in- 
gratitude, misbelief and perverinefs of men> either thinking little 
of his work, or afcribing the praife to inftruments, or fome other 
thing befide God ; fo that there is need to call unto men,, and fee 
them to their duty} fame, and behold the worfa of the Lord. 
2. Wonderful calamities doth God pour out upon the eneiwes of 
his people, when he entereth in judgement with themj for what 
they intended to do to his people, he doth unto them, Behold* 
what desolations he hath made in the earth- 3 .When it feemeth good 
to the Lord, he can give peace univerfally to his Kirk, and a 
whiles breathing from the trouble of outward enemies,He maf^eik 
wars to ceafc to the ends of the earth 4. Long preparations for 
war,armes and ammunition which have been made with great la- 
bour and expenccs againft his Kirk, the Lord can foon give a 
feortaccompt of them, and make them ufelefs when he pleifeth, 
fie breadth the bowe, and cutteth the fpcar in [under, he Burnett? 
the Chariot in the fire. 5. Becaufe men cannot underftand what 
they are doing, or what is their duty fo long as their paffi* 
ons are a loft, fo long as their mindes arc tumultuous bull- 
ed about many things, and diftrafted from what is moft ne- 
ceflary > it is good for people from time to time to gather 
in their ftraying thoughts , to filence their oaffions and per- 
turbations, and humbly compofe themfelves for obflrvation of 
whatfoeverGodrequirethof them, Beftill,and \m>w that 1 am 
God. 6. It is better for men to bewite and acknowledge the 
Lord by the words of his inftruftion, 1 hen to leave their leffon 
tp be learned 6> dolef 1 experience and danger of deftruftion, 
Beflill,and J^iovp that I am God. 7. There is not fo ready a way 
for the Lords people to cjuiet their minde againft the fear of 
trouble and perfecution of men, as to fettle their faith about Gods 
taking care of his peopleandof his owncaufe and of hisminde 
declared againft his and their enemies J Beftill, and know that 1 
am God. 8. The Lord will not be at a lois by the oppofition 
of his enemies, he will nor fail to enlarge his glory, the more that 
men go about to fupprefs it $ he will make an inrode upon his ad- 
verfai ies lands-, and make them know himfeff to be God, either 
to their converfion or confufion and deftrudtion J I will ( faith 
he,) be exited a^ongtke heathen, 9. How little notice foever 



fce taken of the Majefty of God oft-times in the vifible Kirk,an4 
alwayes without the Kirk he be mif-rcgardcd> yet will he fce to 
his own glory, notonty»in the Kirk, but alfo among the ene- 
mies of the Kirk, and not only among fuch as have a&ually in- 
vaded his people, but alio among them far and neer that have 
taken no notice either of him or of his people > J mil be exalted 
in the earth. 10. Whatfoever manifestation of Gods power be 
made in the world by his judgement againft his enemies wha 
know him not 1 yet he is ever doing for his Kirk, and not againft 
her 5 The Lord of boftsis mtbus. 11. The Kirk of God otf? 
believers need not care how many be againft them, feeing they 
have moe for them then can be againft them ; to wit, God and 
all the creatures at his command, The Lord of hojis is with us. 
1 2. The ftrength of the Kirk ftands inhcr renouncing her own* 
and fleeing in to Gods ft rength, and not in oppofing their ene- 
mies by ihong hand, but by betaking otthemfelvcs to God i Tht 
Cod of Jacob is our refuge. 1 3. We have need to make God the 
ground of our confidence, and to make our communion with 
God the ground of our comfort ; for God is fufficient for us a- 
gainft every evil, and God is fufficient unto us for furniftiing 
every eood,and we have need to fix and fettle our grounds, by oft- 
ner fubferipcion of this truth,and ofener avowing of it, The Lord 
of hojis is with us, the Cod of Jacob is our refuge, Is repeated* 


To the chief Mufician* A Pfalme for the fons of Hyorafc 

This Pfalme is a prophecie of the enlargement of 
Chrifts Kingdome , and of the conjunction of 
Jews and Gentiles in one body under Chrift their 
head and I ord. delivered by way of exhortation 
to Jews and Gentiles, joyfully to praife the God 
and Saviour of his people Jefus Chrift; on whom 
the Pfalmift lorkech as now afcended into hea- 
ven triumphantly after the full payment made 
of the price of Redemption, and as going about 
the gathering in of the redeemed Gentiles 9 till he 


bring in the fulnefs of them into one Kirk with 
the Jews j the exhortation is prefixed, ver. x. and 
repeated, ver. 6, 7. the reafons of the exhorta- 
tion to a joyful praifing of him are feven. The 
firttyVtr. ?* The fccobd,*«r. 3. The third,z/*r. 4, 
The fourth^r. 5. The fifth ver. 7. Thefixth,w* 
8. Thefeventh/z/^.p. 

Verfe I . jT\ Clap your bands ( all ye people ) {bout 
Vy nntoGod with the voice j triumph. 

FRom tht exhortation to Jews and Gentiles, joyfully to praifc 
the Redeemer; Learn, i; Chrifts Kingdome and r he be- 
nefits thereof do belong to moe nations then one, for in him the 
redeemed in all the nations of the earth are bkGkd,Clapyour binds} 
dlyeapeopk, or, alt ye Nations, faith the Lord. %. The King- 
dome of Chrift coming to a people^ or family, or perfon, is mat- 
ter of chief joy to them, bccaufe thereby delivery com eth from 
fin, Satan, and mifery, and fure mercies of righteoufnefs, peace* 
and joy in the Holy Ghoft with eternal lift brought to them, 
arid therefore juft reafon to fay to therti to whom Chrift cometh, 
O dap your binds ,<fi)0ut unto God with the voice of triumph. $.Our 
joy and our victory over all our enemies, which Chrift hath pur- 
chafed and bringeth to all believers in every Nation, is the mat- 
ter of Chrifts praife, and doth declare that he is God, who having 
in bis manhood fuftered, wraftlecTagafnlt fin, Satan, death, hell, 
and the curfe of the law 3 did by the power of his Godhead pre- 
vaile before he brought joy to the Gentiles. Thqs much do the 
words of the exhortation imports for his triumph prciuppofeth 
iis viftory, and his victory prefappofeth his battel before he over- 
came, and the commanding of the Gentiles to clap tbeit bands and 
jhout, and to fhout with the voice of triumph, piefuppoleth their 
iotereft in the victory j and while they are bidden mout to, God, 
the triumpher, who in ail this Pfalm is the Redeemer Chrift (as 
ihalf appear hereafter;) it imports that the Redeemer is God, and 
Lowfoeverhe is God infeparably from rhe Father and the Holy 
Spirit, yet here he is diftinclly to be looked on in his perfon ; and 
hewfocver he is infeparably to bepraifed with the Father and Holy 
Spirit, yet here diftindly to be praifed for this his Work of 
victorious Redemption of finners 5 therefore it is faid with di- 
ilintt relation to his perfon* Shout Unto God with tbe.vohe of 
triumph. Verfe 2* 

P-SAL. XLVII. 32 i 

Verfe 2. For the LORD mo(l high is terrible^ h* 
is a great King over all the earth. 

From the firft reafon of rhe joyful praifing of Chrift, taken 
from his Sovercigne M 1 jefty over all the world j Learn , i. That 
the Redeemer the victorious triumphcr, is the Lord very God, 
ciTentially tfebovub, lb, Lord r, oft high, 2. Chrift is able both to 
keep his iubjects in fubjection by his rod and corrections, and to 
take brier with his enemies alio, how high focver they be, Tbt 
Lord moft high is terrible. $ . Chrift hath right and juft title to 
erect a Kirk in what Countrey and Kingdom he pleafeth, with- 
out asking any mans licence, and to fet up among his fubjects the 
profeffion of his namc,and practice of all his Ordinances per-' 
taining totheexercile of Religion in doctrine, worfhip , and 
Eccleliaftick government of hisfubjtcts, He is a Xjng over 
all the earth* 

Vzifc 3 • He Jhall fab due the people under to, dnd 
the nations under our feet. 

From the fecond reafon for joyful praifing of Chrift, taken 
from the encreafing of his own Kingdome, and the exalting of all 
his fubjects above the reft cf the world 5 Learn, 1. The true: 
Kirk of Chrift may from age to age promife to her felf addition 
of new fubjects, or bringing down of their enemies under their 
feetj for as the true Kirk in the Prophets time might fay, fo may 
alfo every true Kirk fay after them, Hejhall /ubdue the people 
under va> And the nations under our feet. 2. If it will not pleafe 
the Lord at fuch a time as men would wifli, to execute judge- 
ment on their enemies, nor yet to convert them, and make them 
additional fubjects to his Kingdome, yet lhafl he not fail to make 
his oWn people victorious over their oppofition, power, and per- 
secution, and more then conquerors in this refpect. He jhallfub* 
due tin people under us, and the nations under our feet, 

Vcrf. 4. He fhdl chufc opir inheritance for w, 
the excellency of Jacob whom he loved. Selah. 

Frem the third reafon of Chiifts praife, taken from the ca*e he 
hath for fuftentation and welfare of his fubjects $ Learn, 1. As 
God by allotting of earthly Qanaan for the inheritance oi his 
people, did teftihe his care to provide for them both earthly fufte- 
nance and an enduring fubftance for their fpiritual fubfiftence 
reprefented thereby; fo will he provide for the luftenance of all 
his lubje&s in all ages, both bodily and fpiritual , He JbM chufc 

Y m 

%tz PSAL. XLV1I. 

rur inker it xnee for m. z. As he is moft loving of us> and more 
wife to make choyceof what is good foe us , then we our feives 
are: fo,will he employ his wildome and love in carving out unto 
us our lot, meafure, portion, and inheritance J He jhdl cbufe our 
inherit Altec for m> and not leave it to our carving. 3 ♦ The main 
part of the inheritance of Chrifts fubjects is no earthly thing, but 
his verybeftblcfrihgjfuch.ashegavetojirofe above Ejaw, Their 
inherit wee Jhdll be the excellency of Jacob, 4. The fountaine 
of Chi ills care for all his fubje&s, is common to them and to 
Jdcob, / t nd that is his love. The excellency of Jacob whom hs 
kvcd^flixli be their inheritance. Sclab. 

Verfe 5. Qod is gone up With a fhout^ the LOKT) 
With a found of a trumpet, 

Prom the fourth reafon of Chrifts praife taken from his glori- 
ous triumphing over all his enemies and ours when he afcended 
to heaven;, \ . He that afcended, what is it but that he 
alfodefcended,firft into the lower parts of the earthy he thatjdef- 
cended is the fame alfo that afcended up farre above all heavens^ 
that he might fill all thjngs^Epfc/.^.That is, Chrift being very 
God, defcended in humbling himfelf to take on him the fhape of 
a fervant, and when he had perfected the work of redemption a- 
fcended in our nature, the fame very perfonftill very God, which 
defcended; for God is gone up with a ftmit. 2. As the Arke of 
the Covenant, the figure of Chrift, after victory gotten over the 
chief enemies of the Kirk, afcended up to Sion, and Gods pre- 
fence in it ; So Chrift after victory obtained of his chief enemies 
on the Crolle 3 afcended triumphantly into heaven, CfoA is gone 
Mp with a Jlmt, Jehovah, rvitb the found of a trumpet* 

Verf. 6. Sing praife s to God^ fingpraifes : fing 
praifes unto our King^ fing praifes. 

Verfe 7. For God is the King of all the earth : Jtng 
ye praifes with under (landing. 

The exhortation given to all people to praife Chrift for the 
woikof redemption^ repeated, and directed totheKirkof the 
Jewes more particularly with a fifth reafon of praife, taken from 
a neerer conjunction between Chrift and them , then between 
him and any other Nation, Whence 11 y 1. Albeit the Lord 
doth fhew his glory In the works of creation, and is Alining day- 
ly in the works of providence alfo > yet in the work of redempti- 
on, converfion and falvatioa of foul*, his glory is manifefted 


l J b A L. XLV11. 325 

farrc more; for here, praife, praife, praife, and the fourth time 
praife is called for. 2. When beleevers in Jefus Chrift do con- 
liderhow heabafed himtelf to aflame our nature, how he payed 
the ranforflc for us as furety, how he did encounter and fight with 
all our enemics,and being victorious in our name,afc ended in our 
nature with the ihout of the victory, and found of the trumpet of 
the triumpher, they cannot chufe but fee reafons of praifing joy^ 
fully the glorious Godhead of Jefus Chrift,and of finging praifes 
to him as bod again and again. $ . Of all Nations of the earth, 
the Jevves have the firft place, privil edge, and prerogative, manifeii 
bonds with, and intcrefts in Jefus Chriftj for he delivered them 
out of Egypt, fettled them in Canaan, held houfe among them in 
a Tabernacle, anfwered them by oracle out of the Arke of 
the Covenant, the type of his incarnation , took upon him to be 
I their King and fanctifier, the holy one,of Ifrael, their Redeemer, 
took of them his humane nature, and was born a Jew, therefore 
had the Prophet good reafon to fay to the Kirk of the Jewes,57'flg 
praifes to our KJ n &P l & ^aifes; and in this fong may all they joyn 
with the Jewes, who have embraced Jefus for their King. 4*Chrift 
is fo King over the Jews,as he alfo exrendeth his kingdom over all 
the earth, not only in regard of his power in a common maner,buc 
in regard of his fpecial grace gathering in fubjects out of all parts 
; of the world,till he have the full number brought in and faved,he, 
he only ische trueCatholickKingJbrGfli U tbeJ^jng of all the earth. 
$. As none can praife <jod, orpraife Chrift fincerely > who do 
not underftand the reafons for which they ftiould praife 5 fo he 
that praifeth under ftandingly, cannot chufe but praife affection* 
attly, therefore faith he, Singyepraifes with under/landing. 

Verie. 8. God relgneth over the heathen I God fit- 
teth upon the throne of his holincffe. 

From the (ixth reafon of Chrifts praife t:kcn from the keeping 
a Kirk among the Gentiles for gathering the redeemed out of all 
Tongues and Languages, and reigning among them as King of 
Saints, and another or holinefle} Learn, i„ To the end that 
Faith may finde footing and a Rock to reft upon, wc muft in 
all the promifes, works and praifes of Ch ift ftill remember that 
as he is now very man , fo is he alfo eternally God, and that no 
man reafonablv or with underftanding can praife him as the Re- 
deemer and perfe&er of what isfpokenof him in Scripture, ex- 
cept he acknowledge him to be God; therefore is Chrift eight 
times in this Pfalm called God , befide the afcribing unto him 
work; proper to Gad only; and twice he ii called by the iricom- 

Y % muni* 

municable name of Jehovah the Lord; and in this verfe God- 
head is twice acknowledged in him , as King of the Kirk among 
the Gentiles; God rcignetb over the beat! en, God fittetb upon 
the throve of his holinejfc. 2. Becauie the lumme of Chrifts 
Kingdome is holinciTe, and his work is to teach, prefcribeand 
command holinefle , to take away fin , and powerfully to apply 
and work in his own redeemed ones holinefle , and to continue in 
his actual governing of his Subjects , till he have made all and 
every one of the redeemed perfectly holy , therefore is his throne 
in a ipecial manner called the throne of bolinejfe j God fittetb 
upon the throne of bis holinejfe. 

Ver* 9. The princes of the people are gathered toge* 
ther , even the people of the God of Abraham : for the 
fhieHs of the earth belong unto God : he is greatly 

From the feventh reafon of Chrifts praife, taken from his con- 
verting of great men of the earth, (as Kings and Princes,) and 
banging them to the obed ence of the faith and union with the 
true Kirk} Learn, j . Albeit oft-times it is feen, that not many 
rich, noble, or potent are called 5 yet God for hi? own glory is 
from time to time bringing in fome of them , and when it may 
gloririe his name, ftiall Bring in , and per feci: what is promifed, 
and prophefied here 5 The t J rinces of the people are gathered toge- 
ther. 2 . It is a point of Chrifts praife in the converfion of men, 
that his omnipotency m:keth men voluntary Subjects, arid to 
come in to him as by invincible power on his part 3 fo alio delibe- 
rately with a tree election, and heartie content of will on the con- 
vened mans part ; The Princes of the people, and excellent ones 
in the earth, of whatsoever rank converted unto Chrift , arc 
voluntary people > for the original fuftereth alfo this reading , The 
voluntary of the people are gathered together. 3 . The Kirk of the 
Jews is the mother-Krrk , whereof Abrahmzn& the godly Jews, 
yea and Chrift himfelf were Members ; , The Kirk of the 
jewes is the Olive-tree, whereinto all the Converts of the Gen- 
tiles are ingrafted, gathered, and made one people with Abra- 
ham and *he faithtull among the Jewes ; . The Trinces of the 
people are gathered together >" the people of the God of Abraham, 
4. The unity of the Kirk ftandeth in the union of tne Spirit, 
under the iervice of the one only true God, and in conjuction with 
his people, for the union of Jew and Gentile , is the gathering 
together of the Princes of the people to the God of Abraham. 

j, As 


?. As there is a neceflltyofthc union of Jewes and Gentiles i p * 
one vifible Chriftian Khk 3 becaufe i: is proinifcd and p.ophe- 
fied that it fliall be fo 5. So there is rcafonto wifh for the more 
evident union of them, that they may be as eminently confociate 
as ever the Chriftian Khks were , (cither in the Apoftks time 
orintheChriftimEmpcrourstjrneJ in a general Aflemblyor 
oecumenical Councell $ foe that there is ar leaft a poilibility.of 
ancecurncnical Councel , or a general aflembly of Jewes and 
Gentiles in this world under Chrift their King This place makes 
itplaine, bccatUe after it is foretold that there mall be fuch a ' 
union of all the people of the God of Abraham , Jcwes and Gen- 
tiles , as their Princes JhM be gathered, together ; He takes away 
the chief ground of a great objection which may be made from 
the difcord and di ("agreement of the Princesof the world; fome of 
them being averfe altogether from the Chriftian Religion,, (ome 
of them from the true Religion of Chrift , and all of them al- 
moft diiienting one from another, , and warring one againft ano- 
ther; wherebyjuow for many yeares the gathering of an oecumeni- 
call Councel hath not been poflible . He meeteth this objecti- 
on in the Textj faying^ For the jhields of the earth belong unto 
God> that isj the hearts and power of all the Kings 0: the earth 
are in the Lords hand , and he hath the difpoiing of fhields^ ar- 
mies and ammunition ? with all their commanders and rulers in 
the world > and therefore can make them ierviceable for the nea: * 
eft conjunction and union of his viable Kirk 3 which can be for 
t his glory in this world 3 as lie fees fl: how and when he will. 
6. When all is faid of Chiifts praife that man can expretTe of 
him, thereisnopoffibility toattaine to the full or fatisfaclory 
fetting forth of his glory as it deferveth ; but men muft content 
themtelvesto fet faile, and to reft in the generall , that Chrift' is 
and (hall b: very highly glorifiedjfcr fo the Pfaimiftclofeth/aying 
after all >. He is great ly cxaked. * 


A Song and Pfdmefor the fonnes of Korah- 

In this Pfalme the Lord is magnified for all his 

mercies bcflowed on his Kirk, (refembled by 

ftrufa/em) %erf* \\ 2> 3. And in fpeciali for a 

lace .mercie manifefted in a paffage of his 

Y 3 <carg 


care to preferve Jemfalem , a type of the 
Kirk univcrfall , againft the affault of mighty 
Kings, verf.4,%6. The ufes of which mercies 
are fee down in number feven; The firft, v. 7. 
Thefecond, v,8. Thefhird, <z/,9* The fourth, 
v. 10. The fifth, v.i 1. Thefixth,*/. 12, 13. The 
feventh, v. 14. 

Verf. l./^Kw* is the LORD, and greatly to be 
VJT prat fed in the city of cur God 9 in the 
ntountaine of his holimjfe. 

2. Beaatif ull for fituation, the joy of the Whole earth 
is 10*00; iViflu : on the fides of the North, the city of the 
great King. 

3. God ii known in her palaces for a refuge* 

IN the firft place he dedareth his purpoie to give God the praife 
of whatfoever is commendable in Jernfalem, or done unto it > 
or wrought for it. Whence Learn, 1 . As God fhewes his great* 
neffe and glory in all his works > and fpecially in hiscare?br 3 re- 
fpectunto, and operation in his Kirk; fo (hould he have glory 
and praife from his Kirk , for and from all his works , but fpe«* 
daily for his care of her ; is the Lord, and greatly to be 
prxifed in the city of our God. z. As it is the benefit of jferufa* 
km, and of his Kirk reprefented thereby , to be united and go- 
verned in a regular incorporation; fo it's a matter of Gods praife, 
that he maketh his viiible Kirk above nil other incorporations 
andfbeieties of men in the world to be hiscitie 3 with which he 
will be in Covenant 3 and wherein he will manifeft his holy 
Name ; Therefore tfcrufalcm, and the Kirk reprefented by her 
is here called , the city of our God, aid the mountaine of his holi- 
veffe. $. Whatfoever could commend Jferufalem for fituation in 
the point of pleafantnefle^ commodities ftrength or ftatelinefle 5 
all is but a fhadow of the glory of the Lords Kirk 3 and in par- 
ticular , as the joy o( the whole land depended ontfenifalems 
v/ell-faire, and this City did adorne all tfudea , and the gfeac 
Kings palace adorned her 5 So the Kirk is the joy of the whole 
eai'h, by holding out to all the light of faving Doctrine > and" 
fliewing the authority, power, wifdome, and grace of Chrift$ 
who is her great King, and doth bcautifie his Kirk , for the illu- 

PSAL. XlrVllU 3*7 

minationoftheblinde dark world; Beaut i full for fituation , the 
joy of the whole earth is mount Sion t onthcJi.le< of the North , the 
fity ofthegrcdt Kjng. 4. As the walls 3 houfes, anA palaces of fern- 
falem were nor the itrength of the Citizens ; but God was her 
ftrength, *as they had /earned by experience : fo worldly ftrength 
is not the confidence of Gods Kirk, but God only, who defendeth 
her by his power ; God is k nown * n her peaces for a refuge. 

Verf. 4. For l , the Kings -were affcmbled : they 
faffed by together. 

5 § They fawit, and fothey M4rveiled; they were 
Itonbled, and haft ed Away. 

6, Feartookheld upon them there ; and paine at 
of a^K oman in travaile. 

He confirmeth what he hath fpoken 3 by a late experience of 
deliverance from the invalion of mighty Kings , gathered to be- 
fiege and deftroy Jferufrtem. Whence learn, iV The Lord by ex<- 
perience from time to time , maketh manifefl: his care to defend 
hi& Kirk againft moft mighty oppreffours ; who ufe to combine 
themfelves together , when theyminde to overthrew the Kirk : 
For to , the J^izgs were affcmbled. z. Many imaginations 
arc in the heads of adverfaries when they are plotting the ruine of 
Gads-Kirk , which, when they are abouc to execute, do vanifti 
and prove prefumptuous and vaine apprehenfions of their own 
ability, and of the Kirks weakneffe; When the Kings wcreaf- 
(iivbtcd) they pa jfed. by together. They found thcmlelves unable 
to effect what they intended/ and hoped to bring topafle.' 
$• When the ftrait comcth, and the Kirk is ia danger, then the 
'Lord doth fliew himfelf for her, and againit her enemies., and 
makes men fee his interefl in his Kirfc j now when the Kings 
were^flTembled , they perceived themfelves m^ft-iken wonderfully* 
They ftw it 3 fo they marveled. 4. Such as ccme to bring tronbie 
to Gods- Kirk, come to. Catch troubles to themfelves > When 
Kings aflembled to trouble Gods people, they few, and • 
veiled) and were troubled. 5, If the eiiemies,Qf the Kirk could 
fo eTcc their own foul retreat , they would not advance ob make 
affauic againfl; the Ki4 k j for now when they did fee matters, ?s 
they were indeed, they were troullcd, ajiA bajledawjy. 6. ih* 
fides the miichief which God bringeth upon the Kiks enemies 5 
#ken fee begins to pleaf by wry of judgement againft th:m, he 

Y 4 fendeth 

fendeth terrour on them alio , a meflenger of il Wd jngs to fore - 
warnethem that worfe yec (hall befall them: Fear took hold 
upon them there. 7. Heart and hand, courage and ftrength, 
counfel and refolution doth faile a man y when he feeth God to 
behispartie, and to be prevailing againft him; Fear took hold, 
en them , and paint as a woman in travaile > Sudden, unexpected, 
fore and inevitable is their deftruction when it cometh. 

Verf. 7. Thou brealgji the flips of Tarjhi/b with 
an Edft-r*inde. 

The firil ufe they make of this experience is this , they are led 
up by it to fee and acknowledge Gods power in all the world , to 
take order with and deftroy whomfoever he will. JVhence learn y 
I. No power can ftand before God, and none can efcapehis 
bands go whither they will, he can aime fome of his creatures a- 
gainft them both by land and lea : Thou breakeft the fhips of 
Tarjhijh with an E-ift-wiude. z. One work of the Lords juftice 
or power againft his enemies , and one experience of his merciful 
defending of his Kirk> mould lead his people to acknowledge his 
Sovereigne power, and omnipotency over all , whereby he ('ha- 
ving all creatures at his difpofall) can fecure his people from all 
quarters, and deftroy all that fhall rife againft them J for this 
fpeech hy$th this in fubftance : Thou who fcattcredft the armies 
of J£ings who had invaded us , haft power in all the world by lea 
and land to overtake thy enemies, for Tboudidft break thejhips 
QfTarfhiJb with an Eaft-Tvinde. 

Verfe 8. As we have heard > fo have roe feen in th* 
city of the LORDofhofls^ intbevityof ourGodi G(\d 
TVilleftablifhit for ever. SeUh. 

The fecond ufe is this," by this experience we perceive that-the 
Lord will keep hispromife to his Kirk , and preferye herfpr eveis 
JVbencilcarn, 1. ^They that believe the'-word of God, -and dd 
markchis works foretold inchc word ^ fhall fee and finde fcy ex u 
periencc the event thereof to an 1 r wer:t6 the prediction \ and ha- 
ving their faith fo confirmed. they mould fay 5 A s rot have faxrd> 
fohave vce feen in he city of the Lord.'' 2. The mercies- of the 
Lord beftowed on his Kirk for her- defence and continuariceV do 
flow from his Covenanting with his Kirk; for the reafon of the 
mercy now beftowed • is? becaufe the city of the Lord of boftf u 
the city of our God: 3. Albeit all Kingdomes and Common- 
wealths be fubje$ to deftruftion , and have their certain limits 


PSAL. XLVIII. . 329 

and periods; yet the Kirk, the Kingdome of Chrift, the City 
of God (hall endure throughout all generations , and the gates of 
hell (hall not prevaile over it y GodjhM eftablifb it forever. 

Verf. 9. We have thought of thy lovingkindnefa 
Cod y in the midfl of thy Temple. 

A third ufe is the acknowledgement of the fweet fruit of their 
former patient depending upon Gods kindnefle in the ufe of the 
publick ordinances, and nosv they perceive by this late experience 
it was notvaine. Whence learn, 1. They that believe Gods lo- 
ving Kindnefle in the time when there are apparent fignes of his 
wrath , and patiently do depend on him in the ufe or holy ordi- 
nances 3 mail not be fruftrate of their exfpe&atioh > as here the 
Pfalmift doth here acknowledge. 2. As it is a good thing pati- 
ertly to wait on Gods loving kindnefle in the ufe of the means, 
when troubles and dangers do come 5 io it is a good thing for the 
godly after receiving the fruit of their faith, hope and patience, to 
obferve the grace gotten ofGod 5 which made them to meditate 
upon and ldj|k unto bis loving kindnefle : and fo- to ftrengthen 
themfelves in their refolutions, to follow this bleflfed courfe here* 
after , as the faithful do here-. We have thought of thy loving 
frjndncjfe, Goi, in tbemidft cfthy Temple. 

Verf* 10.. According to thy Name, O God, fo is thy 
frai/e unto the ends of the earth : thy right hand u fall 

A fourth ufe is their gladneflc , becaufe of the encreafe of Gods 
elory by this his late mercie towards them , wherever it {hould 
be mentioned. Whence learn, 1 .Whatsoever God giveth himfelf 
out for 3 that will he be found to be anfwerable unto in effect even. 
to all his holy and magnificent attributes : According to thy 
Name, Cjod, foUthy praifc. 2. Themanifeftation of Gods 
Name by preaching ol his word cometh to many , who will not 
lubferibe all to be true that is faid of him ? But afterward when 
he maketh his word good to the comfort of his people , and over- 
throw of his enemies, men will be forced to fay of him^that he is 
as good as his word, and that his works do lcofe his word laid in 
pawn for performance of it 5 According to thy Name, God % 
fo is thy fraifc unto the ends of the earth. $ . The Lords power is 
not idle, but conftamly working in equity and juftice for per- 
formance of promiies and threatenihgs, for defending his people, 


and puniming his enemies* Thy right band is full ofrigbte* 

Verf. ii. Let mount Sionrejojce Jet the daughters 

ofjudah be glad, becaufe of thy judgements. 

A fourth ufe is to ftirre up all good people to rejoyce , becaufe 
God hath pleaded their caufe againft their enemies. Whence 
learn, i. Itbecom«thallmentobcgladtofeeGodglorifiehim- 
felf in deciding controverfies equitably; but moA oTall thepeo- 
pleofGod, who have the prelent benefit thereof, and in whofe 
favours controverfies between them and their enemies are decided $ 
Let mount Sion rejoyce, and the daughters ofjudah be glad. i. Al- 
beit it be lawfull for Gods people to rejoyce when their enemies, 
srepunifhed $ yet had they need to take heed to their ipirit, that 
their joy be not flefhly, for fatisfa&ion gotten to their vindi&ive 
paffions; butfpiritual, for the declaration ofGodskindneffeto 
dispeople, and juft indignation at the wickedneffe of their ma- 
licious perfecutors : Let them be gladjecaufe of thy judgements. 

Verf. I2» Walkabout Sion 9 and go rotyf} about her: 
tell the towers thereof 

13. Marhje yeWellherbulwaikes - confderber fa* 
laces 9 thqtye may tell it to the generations following. \ 

The fixth ufe of this late experience of the Kirks delivery, is to 
obferve the impregnable defence of the Kirk , fhadowed forth by 
the walls o£Jeru[alem for the encouraging of Gods people in all 
ages , and advertifing of all rruen to beware to attempt to do ber 
wron* in time coming. Whence learn, 1. The Kirk of God is 
fo well guarded by Gods wifdome, power, goodwill and juftice, 
as with a wall of fire, that all the ftrength to be obferved in the 
walls and tower* of earthly JsrvfMm are but (hadowesj For, 
Walk, about Sim, and' go round about her, and tell the tomr* 
thereof is no other thing then look through the type, and con- 
sider Godsproteftion reprefented thereby, z« When 
beftudied, dbfervation particularly may and ihould be made of 
whatfoever in it may lead us further in upon the right uptaking 
of the antitype refembled thereby , Walk abpuf , go round 4- 
\>out\ {Mark? ye well her bulwarks, confidcr her palaces ; for in 
God, or in Gods attributes fomething anfwcrable to all thefe 
will be found, j. What light the Lord furni/heth concerning 
Saimfeif and his Kirk which may glorifie God , and ferve the po- 


PSAL. XL1X. 33X 

; fterity for their edification, fhcmld be tranfmitted unto them t 
Mtrfyy that ye may tell it to tbe generations following. 

Verfc 14- For this God is out God for ever and ever: 
he will be our guide, even unto death. 

The feventh and laft ufe of this experience of the Kirk* is con- 
folation in God to Gods people in ever) hard cafe, and encou- 
ragement to them againfi; all future feares , becaufe God is the 
fame constantly to his people in all ages as the late experience of 
the Kirk had given proof. Whence kxtn, 1. The great Maker 
of Heaven and Earth, and Redeemer of his people is one and the 
fame for ever/ both in brmfelf and towards thofe that believe 
in him ; This God is our god. 1. God is ftili in Covenant with 
his Kirk, and with all the Members thereof, as well in one age as 
in another j Now, as of old j for This God # our God for ever 
and ever. $ . God will guide them whofe God he is a when 
they feek his counfel out of defire to follow it, and he will not lay 
down the conducting and governing of thofe who have commit- 
ted themfelves unto him 5 but will guide them conftantly all the 
dayes of their life $ He will be our guide, even unto death. 


Tp the chief fflufician, A Tfdme for the fons cfKorah. 
This Pfalme fets forth the gloriation ofaBeleever 
in the grace of God, and in his bleffed condition, 
wherein he is lifted up above all the wealthy and 
honourable men in the world, who are not recon- 
ciled unto God : And this the Pfalmift delivereth 
out of his own feeling ^nd experience. And firfl, 
becaufe it is a main matter, and worthie of aU 
acceptation, hemaketh a Preface to his gloriati- 
on , vcrf. i 5 2, 3,4. Then heconieth out with 
it, majring his boaft JnGod 5 That by faith in 
God he was fo fecured againft finne and miferie, 
that they Ihould not be able to marr his happinefs, 
verf.5. Thirdly, he doth preferre his bleflednefe 
aboye whatfoever wealth or riches could yield 


to a man, wr/i6,7,8,9, i.Cfc and above what- 
focver dominion overfairc lands, or honour a- 
mong men could yield to any man , either living 
or after his death , either tohimfelfor to any of 
his pofterity, verf. 1 1, 12, 13, 14. Fourthly, he 
giveth reafon of his gloriation , becaufe being ju- 
stified by faith , and at peace with God, he was 
fure of delivery from every evil, and to be recei- 
ved out of his grave into glory, and received into 
fellowfhip with God, verf. 1 5 • Fifthly, he guards 
every true Beleever againft every tentation which 
might difquiet him , when he faw himfelf and 
other godly perfons in outward trouble , and the 
wicked in profperity, verf. 16, 1 7, 1 8, 1 9, 20, 

Verf, i.TJ Ear this>all ye people ^give eare y all ye in- 
JLA habitants of the world. 
2* Both low and high, rich and poor together. 

3. My month jhall fpeak ofWifdome : and the medi- 
tation of my heflrt jhall be ofunderftanding $ 

4. 1 ^illinc line mine eare to a parable : 1 ^> ill open 
**y dark^faying upon the harp. 

TUc Preface callcth to the hearer for attention/aith and afte- 
ftion to this excellent myfterie which he is to deliver unto 
all men concerning the bleflednefle of the Beleever above all other 
men in the world. If hence learn, 1. A prepared and fantfified 
ear is neceffary for heavenly do£foine , and people had great need 
to be ftirred up to take knowledge of the excellency of it $ Hear 
this, alt ye people, give ear. 2. The doctrine of falvation, of faith , 
andofconfolation againft fin and miferie, concerneth all people 
in the world to k now , Give eat, ill ye inhabitants of the world, 
both high and low, rich and poor together. 3. That is true wif- 
domeand underftanding, which dot^h make men wife tofalvation, 
land which maketh them truly blefl'ed in this lifejand this wifdom 
is not the birth of mans biaine, but is revealed in rhe word of the 
Lord, delivered to his Kirk by the holy men of God in holy Scri- 
pture ; 

PSAL. XLIX. 333 

| pture ; &Ay mouth [mil fpcak ofrvifdome, and the meditation of my 
heart Jhall be of Under 'jimdivg. 4. As it is neceflary for the 
Preachers encouragement to believe what he doth preach ; fo is 
it a great inducement to the people to hear Gods word from 
him who doth fpeak Gods word, becaufc he doth believe 3 and doth 
fubjecT'his fpirit to the Lords word, as the Prophet doth here $ I 
will incline my ears to a parable. 5 . The do&rine of true blefied- 
nefie . and of the myfterie of mans ialvation manifcftidinthe 
Scripture, doth far tranfeend the carnall wifdome of the world > 
the excellency of the Gofpel unto the naturall man , is a parable 
and dark faying: Irvillopenmy dark tying on the barp. 6. How 
dark and difficult foever the myfturie of the Gofpeibe to the car- 
nall world ; yet to the man of experience it is plain , fweet and 
comfortable; and a man of experience as he isbeftfeen in that 
matter, fo is he moft willing, heartily to communicate it to 
others j I rvill open ( faith hej my dark faying upon the harp: 
Intimating his delight in the doctrine. 

Verf. <v wherefore fbould 1 fear e in the dajes of 
evilly when the iniquity of mj heelesfhall compaffc 
me about I 

After this Preface he uttereth his parable and dark faying , the 
fubftance whereof is this; I am fo perfwaded of the favour of 
God now reconciled to me by the blood of the Covenant 3 that 
neither do I need to fear by-pjft fins, nor any trouble which can 
•come on me hereafter 3 And this,I fay, toJet all men know that 
this bleifednefie maybe attained by every man,who (hall acknow- 
ledge his iinnes y and embrace the offers of grace made by God 
with his directions unto life, as I have done. Whence learn, 
1. What God has fpoken in his word oftheblefledneffeof the 
man that is juftified by faith , every true Eeleever may finde 5 and 
may attoine to be fully affured of their perfeverance unto eter- 
Inali life 5 for here is a proof and example of it in the Pfaimifts 

Krfon. *< This Dodrine of the Be- 
aver reconciled to God chrough the blood of the Covenant, is 
la point of truth which the world is ignorant of, and hardly wilL 
jbelieve : No wonder therefore he did call it before, and here 
tuttereth it as 2 far able and dark, faying. 3* A Beleever after re- 
conciliation,muft neither exempt hitnleU horn danger of (inninj, 
nor from giving aaily accemptof hiscania^c unto ood^nor from 
.'challenges for fin ; nor from ordinary chalfiiements for fin , nor 


334 roAL, AL.1A. 

front heavie troubles and ill dayes which he may meet with 5 
whether by Gods immediate hand for his correction , or by the 
perfecutors of godlineflfe for his further triall, exercife and train- 
ing of faith ,* for here the Pfalmift prefuppofes that evil dayes will 
come : he prefuppofeth that every fin or iniquity of every adion 
and paflage of his life, fliall leave behinde it animpreflion of 
guiltineffe to be taken notice of thereafter , like the print of a 
mans foot when he lifts his heele and walketh forward J he prefup- 
pofeth after remiflion of fin, after the daily exercife of repent- 
ance,after frequent intimation made of remiflion of fin, and that 
oftner from day to day repeated, a man may be brought in the day 
v of trouble to a back-accompt for altogether, and old reckonings 
may be raked up again by the troubled confcience, and by the 
accufer of the Brethren , and that God will be ruling the bufinefs 
for the further glory of the riches of his grace , and'further good 
of his exercifedchilde* for here the Pfalmift forefeeth , and 
fpeaketh of his looking fovdayes of evil , and of the iniquity of 
bis beeles comparing him about , as what fhall or may befell him.' 

4. Faith in the Median Jefus (Thrift, is able to make a man,not 
only at length to triumph over fin and miferie , over the curfe of 
the Law, and condemnation, or trouble and perfecution y but 
alfo before trouble come in humble and fol id confidence to bi 
feareleffe for what can come, and to look ail poflible evils out of 
countenance 5 Wherefore fnuld I fear in the dayes of evil, tyc+ 

5. Albeit it be poflible when it cometh to pufh of pike, and when 
the man is yoked in the conflict with troubles from without, and 
challenges for his finnes within , that the ftrongeft in faith may 
finde himfelf not a little afraid 5 yet when he confidcreth the 
ground laid down for fettling of his faith , to wit, the truth of the 
Covenant, themerkof the Mediatours facrifice, and the free- 
dome, riches and immutability of Gods love and grace, with the 
Pfalmift he may confidently pro fefie and acknowledge, that he 
hath no reafon to be feared for what Satan or the conicience may 
threaten him with 3 for this alfo is imported in wherefore ftiould 
I fear in the dayes of evil , when the iniquity of my heeles Jbatt com- 
faffe me about , which is as much as if he had laid, whatfoevei: 
may be my weakneffe , and exercife in trial > yet I know there 
is no juft reafon why I fhould fear condemnation, or to be debar* 
red from the poflefnon of full blefiednefle, by whatfoever pofli- 
bly can come unto me. 

Verf, 6, They that trufi in their wealth y and boaft 


PSAL. XLIX. 335 

: themftlvis in the multitude of their riches. 

7. None of them can by any me ones redeem his bro- 
ther , nor give to God a ranfomefor him : 

g. (For the redemption of their foul is precious , and 
it ccafcthfor ever. 

9. That he Jhould live fitll for ever > and not fee cor- 

10. For he feeth that Vrife men die , likgwife the 
fool and the bruti(b perfon perifh, and leave their wealth 
to others. 

In the third place, the Believer preferreth this his blefled con- 
dition to whatfoever either riches or honour or any earthlic 
thing can yield to any man. When> e learn, i.The bleffedneffe of 
the Believer, and the glory of faith is bell feen, when the vanity 
of all earthly happineffe and worldly gloriation in any thing be- 
fide God is ditcovered and compared with the condition of the 
Beleever ; therefore are they that truft in their wealth , brought 
in companion with the Beleever iiere. 2. In whatfoever men do 
count their felicity to ftand , in that th,ey put their co nfidence, 
and do glory in it as here is prefv.ppofed: They that count riches 
their happineffe 5 they truft in their wealth, and boift tbemfclves 
in the multitude of their riches, g . The weaknefle of all worldly 
things to make a man blefled doth beft appear when death com- 
eth ; for when the time thereof is come 3 no rich man can help 
himfelf, nor yet joyning his riches with his brothers riches, can 
help his brother^ either by lengthening his life and fufpending 
death tempcrall > or by recovering him from death when he dieth* 
None can by any means redeem his brother. 4. Ail men are Gods 
prifoners of warre, his captives'^and liable by juftice to death tem- 
poral and eternalpnd there isno delivery from death,whether tem- 
1 poralIcretetnall 3 but bypayingarawfome unto God 3 which is 
I impoflible for a mcere man to pay ; l 2^one can give to God a ran. 
' fomefor bis br other. 5. We are not redeemed with iilver or gold, or 
any perifhing thing ; our ranfome muft be of greater value then 
a meer man can pay for to one that is a man, and no more : The 
redemption of a mans foul it preciom^nd it ceafeth for ever. 6. Not 
fo much as this worldly life can be perpetuated , by whatfoever 
wealth or riches, or humane ability can do 5 far lcfle can the life 
of God, and that bleflednetfe i n hea vea be purchaied by any meerc 


336 PSAL. XLIX. 

man 5 None can redeem bis brother , that be Jhouli ftill live 
for ever 3 and not fee corruption. 

Verfc 11. Their inward, thought is a that their 
houfes (h&\\ continue for ever , and their duelling 
places to all generations; t'ey call their lands after their 
own names* 

I a. Neverthelejfe, man being in honour^ abideth not; 
he is like to the heafts that perifh. 

13. This their way is their folly 5 jet their pofle* 
rity approve their fay ings. Selah. 

14. Like-fheep they are laid in the grave , death 
fhallfeedon them ; and t he upright fhall have dominion 
ever them in the mornings andtheyr beauty fhall con± 
fume in the grave from thetf dwelling. 

He compareth the gloriation of the Believer with the condition 
ofthofe who aie not only rich 3 but alfo honourable^ and Lords of 
great rents 3 faire lands, houfes and heritages; and he doth pre- 
ferre the bleflednefie of the Beleever to their condition alfo. 
Whence learn, 1. Albeit experience doth teach that death is 
common to men of all rankes , wife and fcohfh , rich and poor, 
anJall; yet men are fo befotted, as when they fee this 3 they do 
not confider it, that they might riot place their happineiie in any 
thing, whereforetheymaybefeparated by death: The worldly 
manjeeth the wife man die, and alfo the foolijh. He fees alfo that 
many rich men do leave their goods vhey know not to whom % 
They leave their wealth toothers ; and yet for all this their feeing 
the mortality and the folly of mortall men dying before them> 
they that furvive a little do not 'draw, wi^dome from this obfer- 
vation, but dreame they fhall deceive death , and make them- 
felves fomeway eternall ; they think to perpetuate their name in 
their pofterity by their heritages and the honours of their great 
families : Their inward thought is , that their houfes fiall con* 
ttnuefor ever , and their dwelling places to all generations. They 
call their lands after their own names. 2. The caufc of this folly 
is his deceived heart, and vain conceits and imaginations, which 
by death are blown away 5 Their inward thought it to eternise 
themfelves. Neverthelejfe, man being in honour y abideth not ; oc 
doth not attain his fancied eternity. 3 . The bleflednefle of the 
wealchy, potent and honourable man, as it is not permanent: 
v fo 


fo it leaves him in the dirt at length, and in no better cafe (if he 
have no faith or laving knowledge) abeaft : Nevertbe- 
tcjfty man b ing in honour abiicth not, be is like tbc beafts that pc~ 
rijh. 4. Though the men who arc moft able to pur chafe lands y 
and to tranfmit them to their pofterity , are counted ordinarily 
the moft \vi e men) yet when men lpend their wit and care main- 
ly about tii his p. cent earth, the Lord pronounce! h 
themtobefooles.* Thk their way i* their folly. 5. Though 
the cbfervationof the folly of predeceifouvs mould make the po- 
fterity wife j yet few are found father-better, or father-wifer * 
but foclcs follow iboles- in? a race -J and folly will not want a pa - 
trone, 'fo long as ferries ire to the fore: TMs their rvs.y is their 
felly , yet their pofterity approve their fayin^s. 6 A worldly mart 
not reconciled to God, dierh asafoolifli, (enfuall andfecuie 
bcaft as h<i lived ; Lif{ejhccp-they .. re laid in the grave , for they 
are deaths prey both foul" and body j Death pall feed vnthem'* 
7- The righteous man juftificd by faith] and ftudying to live 
righreoufly , 3lbeityou lock on him in the worft sftace he can 
be in in the workdj under poverty and perfection 5 yet he is in 
better condition then the richeft and molV honourable ungod- 
ly man in all the earth j and. albeit this doth not appear in this 
dark world, to blinde men that have not the light of Gods word 
in them $ yet at the refurrection it fhall be fcen , that the poor 
and m:an juft man fhall be in a glorious condition ?bcve the 
worldling: The upright fhall have dominion over theminxhi 
morning 8. The whele glory of the worldly-minded man is 
ftldfrty confumed fo foon as he dieth 3 and then he changethhis 
lodging for the worfe , the beft dayes that ever he fhall iee are" 
gone:" Their beauty fhall conjume in their grave from their 

Yerfc 15 Hut Qod will redeem my foul from the 
power of the grave 5 forhefiall receive me. SeJah. 

In the fourth pkceHl perfect? the companion , and gives £ 
teafonofh: 1, wli -.-reef we heard., verf. 5. The lumrne 

whereof, is this, wealth and riches, nobility^ honour and domi- 
nion among mtn can follow an ungodly man no farther then 
the grave, rhere all well-fare c cc him .or evermore?' 

but as for me who am i to God, juftificd 3 and in' forr»e 

;meafure faniftific.i 3 thoi^.h I die, in my foul, be- 

jingkeptby God till the i ■: demotion , and then 

my foul being deprived only for a w! I oftiftbda/* fltall nave it 

Z reftorcd* 

33§ PSALr XLIX. 

rcftored again in the refunettion , and then foul and body Both 
(hail iully be redeemed and delivered from the power of the grave ; 
ter as God hath received me into favour in this life , and {hall re- 
ceive my foul at death ; fo at the time of the delivering of my 
body from the grave > he mall receive me both foul and body into 
his fellowship , and therefore my condition is better, how many 
dayesofevii foeverlfliall fee in this life, then the condition 
ef any ungodly man in the world , how wealthy, how honourable 
and apparently happy focver he be in this world * yea, I may 
juftlv glory over all ungodly men , and fay yet again , wherefore 
/hould I fear in the dayes of evil , When the iniquhie ef my 
hedes fhail compaffe me about: For God will redeem my foul from 
the fiowcr of the grave. Whence learn, i. Albeit the godly may 
be iubjeft to mortality and outward miferyof chis mortall life, 
common to him and the ungodly ; yet here is the difference 3 he 
is iure of a deliverance from" all mifeiy 5 t ButGodfhM redcemmy 
foul, faith he, which God will not do to the ungodly, a. Then 
hope of the refurre&ion is the godly mans chief confolation , and 
this was the hope of the Saints before Chrift came , afwell as 
fince : god fiatt redeem my foul from the power of the grave. 
3. A Beleever hath good warrant to be perfwaded , not only of 
his reconciliation with God in this life , but alfo of the receiving 
of his foul after this life unto the fellowship of the glory of God, 
both in foul and body at the refurreefcion 5 God fhail redeem my 
foul from the power of the grave ; for he frail receive, me. Setiih 

Verfe 1 6. Be not thou afraid when one ii made 
tkh y when the glory of his houfe uinereafed. 

17. For when he dieth, he fhall carry nothing away : 
hid glory {ball not defcend after him. 

i$. Though whiles he lived, he bleffed hit foul; and 
men will praife thee y when then doe [I well to thyfelf 

1 9. Hejhallgo to the generation of hi* father* , they 
fball never fee tight. 

20. CM an that is in honour , and under jlandeth not 9 
n lihj the beajfs that perifh. 

In the Iaft part by way of exhortation, to make ufe of this Dct* 

j, he guardcth every Beleever againft every tentation which 

may arHe from the profperky of the wicked, and hardfhip of the 

godly in this life. Whence learn, 1. It is a tentatkm which 



fliaketh the faith of the godly fometimes, when they fee the 
Hour i fhing profp.rity of the wicked, and their 6wn daily affli&i- 
on i but this mould not move the godly , or make them iufpett 
themfelvesto be in awrongcouife., and the ungodly in a better 
way ; Se not thou afraid when one is made rich. i. The consi- 
deration of the fhortnefl'e both cf cur temporal calamity and o£ 
the ungodly mans profperky 5 both which ao end at death , if the 
Way to overcome the fbiefaid tentation ', For, When he dietb, fa 
JhoJt carry nothing awa) , hit glory frail wot defend after him. It 
is not fo wMi the godly, whote glory and happineffe meets him at 
death. J. A mans own felt- deceiving hearty meafiuing all hap" 
)»incfle by a mansprefent outward condition in the worlds and 
hearkening to the flatterie of fooles about him , who uie tocurric 
the favour of the wealthy , and love to have the like condition 
themfel ves , is the caufe why the mifcrable man is kept flill in a 
golden dream, as if he were happie : Though while he lived , he 
lUflcd bit foul} and riten will praifc thee when thou doe fi well to 
thy/elf; that is, when thou takeft a life of it while thou mayeft 
have it J yet he and they are altogether deceived. 4. The ungod~ 
ly at their death fhall go the rwy the ungodly went before them i 
to the place cf darkneffeand difconfolation 3 being repafate hoot 
God and his Sain s, and from all bletfednefle,and fhall never 'have 
comfon in their mii'evablc eftate for eve** *, He fhall go to ihegeve- 
tation of bis fathers : And what fhall become of inch wretches ? 
Tbeyfoall never fee light ; that is, they fhall never fee the meaneft 
appearance or" any joy or comfort. 5 . It is not honour/ but wane 
ohmderftanding, want of laving faith and wifdome, to'p+ovide 
for erernall life, that puts man down from his excellency,- and 1 - de- 
barrcth him from bleffednefs *>Man that U in honour >and under fiani- 
ctb not j is the man here fet at nought , and declared to be Jarre 
fronruuebleffcdnefs. 6. Whatfoever naturall excellency be in 
man above the beafts ,♦ yet fin hath put him fo far down, thas ex- 
cept he get faVing knowledge of God , and be reconciled t6 him, 
he is in no better condition, at lead when he dieth 3 then a 
beaft 5 Man that is in honour, and uUie-tJianietb not , v life the 


34° PSA L. L. 


This pfalme is a citing of the vifiblc Kirk before 
God, the Judge of all the earth, (who at laft (hall 
jud^e all flefh in the day of judgement, and (hall 
take vengeance on the wicked, ) to compears be- 
fore the tribunal! of God; Now in time while 
niercy may be had , and now as then timeoufly 
to confider the Lords controverfie againft the fin- 
ners in his Kirk, that they may repent and be faved. 
And firft, the dreadfulnefle of the judgement fee 
down, verf.i.z^y Secondly, the citation of the 
parcie that is the vifiblc Kirk, with the witnefles, 
s>. 4, 5,6. Thirdly, there is a challenge of felf- 
work- juftitiaries, legalifts, and formal ceremonia- 
lirts, whodid reft upon outward good behaviour , 
and uponthe outwarddifcharge of theordinances $ 
as if the facrifices of the law or any performance 
of external duties had been fufficient to expiate 
fin, and juftifieaman, v. 7,8, 9, 10, 11,12, 13* 
Fourthly , there is a direction unto them how to 
come off their legal! righteoufnefTe, and carnall 
wayofworfhip^ and to turne themfelves to the 
right way of worlhipping God in Spirit and truth, 
S/.14, 1 . Fifthly, there is a challenge of thoTe 
who were groflely wicked, v. 16, 17, 18,19,20,21. 
And laftly, there is a direction alfo to them to re- 
pent , and to give God glory in time , with 
an encouragement to the upright Beleevers to 
go on their way, verf. 22, 23. 

Vcr£ iv 

PSAL. L. 341 

Vcrfe KT" 1 H* mighty God^ even the LORD b«ti> 
|_ fyok*n ; and called the earth t from the 
rifing of the Sun y unto the going dorvn thereof. 

3. G/it of Stony the perfection of beauty % God hath 

3, Ot*r God Jhall come y and fhall not keep filence: a 
fire /ball devour before him^ anditjbaflbeverytempefta- 
eta round about him. 

From the delcription of the terrour ofthe Loi\i osming to 
judge his vifible Kirk, for the flighting of the means of lalvati- 
on, and (oofenctfe of life and con verfation$ Learn, 1. As the 
Lord is to judge the whole world one day, fo in a fpecial and moft 
exact manner will he judge thofe that draw neerto him in the pjrpr 
feflion of true Religion, as this whole. PlMme hollethioiih. 
2. This ad vantage have they who live m c!- \,.IWe.Ki.k ,. they 
are warned of the judgement ere it come: ioi. as mny ether 
pin: s of Scripture 3 To this Pialme is:: rexprejfe warning piece 
to the Kirk to ore^e for judgement. 3. The te;rible procefle 
o. the day oi Gods fevere jirdgcn ent , beiag well meditated upori^ 
is a fpecial means to waken mens consciences to take courfe about 
their finnes in time, that they m iy be pardpnea, and their perfons 
reconciled . which isthefeope ovrhe whole doctrine delivered 
in this Pi l«nc. a. The myftery of the g rrible day of ge- 

nerall judgetn nc is to be learned from rhe Scriptures , and ex* 
prefle predictions thereof in Cons word : The authorny,weight, 
(Cjrtainry and efficacy whereof ftowes from, and depends upon 
God almighty only ; The mighty God, even the Lord b xbfpofcn. 
f. God Almighty the Sovereigne j-dge o.fafl the ea th hath ap- 
pointed, that all who ever took i ire , in whatfoever time or place 
they have lived in the world, (hall compete before his Majcfty in 
the appointed time 3 The Lord hath jpofien 5 a?id cal'ed the earth 
from the rifing of the Sun , unto the going down thereof. 6. The 
tn.e viable Kirk where-Gods ordinances are fet up , as he hath 
appointed, where his word is purely preached , is the moft beau - 
titull thing under heaven , and there is Gcdsgjoiy let forth, ami 
manifefted more clearly then in all the Lords handyworte betide 
in heaven or earth 5 Therefore is the .place of the Lords Temple 
here io highly commende i, ana Sion edited the perfection of beau* 
tjy becaufe oftjie glory of God fundry wayes revealed the;e^ Qui 

34* PSAL. L. 

pfsioi God hath Jbined, faith he, in regard of the clear manife? 
itation of his will, fpecjally in the matter now in hand about the 
clay of judgement. 7« Men will take no heed unto what the 
word ofthe Lord declared! 3 till the authority fupremacy, om- 
nipotency and juftice of God the Judge be apprehended by' them, 
and the great day of his terrible judgement be looked up®n as a 
thing which (hall moft certainly come to pafle at the time appoint- 
ed ; Therefore is it fai& Qur God fall come and fall not licep fi* 
lence. 8 . So many as are reconciled with God , and have clofed 
uprightly with him in the Covenant of Grace , may look upon the 
day of judgement without terrour or perplexity 5 yea, and with 
"comfort and confident hope to finde the Judge gracious to them 
according to the Tenour ofthe Covenant, even their God : Owe 
(jod, faith the Prophet, fall come. 9. Look how fearfujl and 
terrible trie Lord did (hew himfelf at the giving out of the Law, 
no leflc terrible (hall he be in the execution thereof, in the day of 
judging all thofe whofe. finnes (hall be found not pardoned before ; 
A fire fall devour before him , and it fall be very tempeftuout 
about him. 

Verfe 4. He Jhall call to the heavens from above % 
Mel to the earthy that he majjqdge his people. 

5. gather my Saints together unto me; thofe that 
have mads, a Covenant with me by [acrifce. 

6. And the heavens fyall declare his rightfoufnejfe % 
Tor Godis judge him/elf. Selah, 

In the fecond place, he fets down the citation, and fummoning 
Jn of officers, parties , and witnefles , to mike all ready for the 
judging of all the world , but in fpeciall of the people who have 
given up their name to God , and have made a Covenant with 
him, and profefled themfelves to be his peoples who (hall 
finde all of them at laft, that they have had to do with a righteous 
Judge. Whence ktirn> 1 . In the great day ofthe laft judgement 
Heaven and Earth , and all the Elements (hall be moved to 
render up all whom they have received in cuftody . unto that day ; 
The Lord fall call to the Heavens from above, and to the Earth. 
2. we need not to queftion hew all the dead mail be raifed, hovy 
fouls fhall be reunited to their bodies, how they (hall all be ga- 
thered together, and how fuch like great things (hall come to paflc, 
one word refolves all ,- He Jhall ull to the Heavens , and to the 
' : - ■ ■ ' " Earth* 

PSAL. L. 343 

Sard). For as at a word all were made : fo at a word , Co foon as 
he (hall call, and give out order for compearance , the dead ihall 
be raifed, and all mall compear,good Angels, and wicked fpirits, 
ail men, good and evil, young and old, e very reafonable and 
underftanding creature in Heaven and earth by his almighty 
power fliall be made quickly to prefcntthcmielves ; He Jhall call, 
isfufficient to efFeft whatfoever he will. 3. Whan (hall be 
the courfe that the Judge (hall follow about thofe who have not 
heard of him, or who have heard of him, and lived without the 
Kirk , is not the main matter which the Lords people mould en- 
quire for ; but this is their part to know,to wit>what,concernctii 
themfelves 5 therefore doth rhe Lord fay no more h£re but He 
jhdU call to the Helens and to the earth , that be may judge bU peo- 
ple. 4. All who are in Covenant with God , every Member of 
the vifible Kirk are Saints by calling; God alloweth this ftile 
upon them,becauie they are dedicated and confecrated to him, b^- 
caufethey are all by fpeciall vow obliged to be Saints j all make 
profeflion of their purpofe to be fuch \ alldocfteem of them- 
felves , and will have allowed unto them by others the efti- 
mation of Gods people, whatfoever be their delervingj there- 
fore faith he , Gather my Saints tegether unto me. 4. At 
how great a diftance foever, whether of time or place, God$ 
people by orcfefiion have lived in this world , all of them fhall 
be affemblcd together at length to the judgement of that great 
day ; fome to the judgement of abfolution , fome to the judge- 
ment ot condemnation , good ani bad , all mall be gathered be- 
fore the* Judge at once ; Gather my Saints together unto me. 
f. The Lord fhall not want Officers , Serjeants, and Servants 
fufficient for this work , he hath Angels innumerable who fhall 
efted what he giveth order unto them tor > Gatbor ye my 
faints tegether. 6. The extcrnall Covenant with God is the 
ground of the title and honour of Saint mip, and Kirk-Member- 
ftiip s whofoever are in vifible Covenant with God , are calle4 
by his allowance; his Saints for fo here he doth expound whorti 
he callcth his Saints > even all rhofe who have made a Covenant 
witbbimbyfacrifice. 7. No Covenant canbemade with God 
without the inteipofing of, or profefled refped unto a facrifice, 
according as the Lord did teach his people in the type and fhadovv 
of the ceremonial facrififing 5 tor as God by appointing a facr>- 
fice to be oftered by his people would have every Covenanter to 
acknowledge and profefle that he was worthy to die for his (\ns^ 
£nd that it behoyed him to fiie to a furctie to Aj,c for him , (eyea 

3* ia 

to the promised Meffiah Jcfus Chrift, that Lamb of ©cd which 
was flaine from the beginning of the world , to take 
away the finnes of the worlds ) and to confecratc 
{limfelf wholly to Gods fervice 5" Co dcth the Lord require ftiil 
the lame things of every Covenanter , from every one of his peo- 
ple ; and whofoever do profeffe their accepting ot the conditions 
of the Covenant , are called thofe that have made a Covenant 
yphb Cjoi by ficrijice. 8. In that generall judgement, the wife 
framing the world, the confiant courfe of governing of ir , the 
appointing of the feafons of Summer and Winter, Spring-time 
and Harveft , the ranking of the Sun to fhine, and the raine to 
tall upon all , and the fur ni filing of all with food and good things, 
(hall be witnefTcs for Go is part toward all men , and fo the bea- 
yens fball declare bit rigbtcoufveffe 9. No man (hall be inju- 
red ,.. nor fuffer wrongfully tha; day; yea, ait~men (kill have 
yvrongs done to them repiiredj all rewards (liall be given accord*- 
$ng as the word of the Lord hath faia : For Qod is Judge 
bimjelf. Sehk. 

Verfe 7. Hear^ my peopU ^ and Ivpilltteak^ (X 
Jfrael , and I Voill tefiifie againsl thee : / am God, 
even thy God, 

Having now foretold his people , that there (hall be certainly 
a great day of judging of all rrien , and fpecially of his Covenant- 
ed people ; he entereth here in a friendly manner of controverfie 
with his /ifible Kirk or profefled people- 3 that they might repent 
and finde mercy in time, before they were brought to the tribunal 
of fevcre jufticc : And firft he ufeth a preface directing his 
(pecch to iuch as were of a better outward behaviour ihen the 
worft , to wit, fuch as tcufted in their own works , and Ipecially 
in the externall -facrifices and ceremonies of the Law without 
looking to the end and intent thereof $ as if by thofe externall 
facritices their fins had been expiated, and God fully fatisried for 
them. Whence lam, 1. A people fettled upon the dregs of 
their carnal cuftomes, in fecurity and prefumption, cannot be 
moved to enter in consideration of then* waves, or in futpicion 
of their dangerous condition , except the Lord doth (hew himlelf 
to them, and rip up their confeience 5 therefore faith he to them, 
Hear j my people, and I mil [pea /<.. 1. Albeit the Lord doth 
fufter fuch as arc without the Kirk , ftrangers to the Covenant 
iniCommon-wenhhpfJ^ci^.to lie, Hill in thek finnes* y& 

PSAL. L. 345 

i mil he debate hts quarrel againft his own people, which is no 
fmall mercy; Tfracl I I will teftifie againft thee. $. The 
Covenant mad-: with God, joyned with his abfolute Sovereignty, 
do 1 7 double r>onds upon Gods people for the obedience of faith, 
b|j ; not to feek falvatian otherwiyes then he doth 

teach"? but toworihip and icrve him as he appointed! ; tor, ' 
I am God, even tby God ^ faith the Lord. 4. Whatfoever quarrel 
th>: Lord has againft his people for not keeping Covenant made 
with Mm , yet To Ions, as there is hope of repentance, he will not 
diffolve the Covenant, but will offer the benefit thereof unto 
them ; for when the Lord hath faid, I will teftifie againft thecjte. 
addcth, I am God, even thy Gfl^ver. 1 1 . 

Verf. 8. I will not reprove thee for thy facrifices, or 
thy burnt • offerings , to have been Continually be- 
fore me. 

9. / mil take no bullock out of thy houfe y nov he-goats 
put of thy folds* 

jo. For every be aft of the Forreft is mine, and the 
cartel upon a thou fan a hills. 

11.7 know all the fowls of the mountains 3 and the mlde 
be aft s of the field are mine. 

12- if I were hungry, 1 would not tell thee ; for the 
tyorldu mine, andtheiulneff thereof. 

1 3. Will I eat the fic/b of bult^ or drink the blood of 
noats ? 

After the preface, the Lord paffeth by the reproof for much 
neglect, even in the external performances of outward ordinan- 
ces, and challengeth only their relying upon the outward work, 
and their putting a fort of merit upon their work, as if they 
minded to oblige God unto them by their outward performances. 
Whence learn, i. Albeit there be jufl: reafon to challenge men for 
coming fliort of their duty in the difcharge of outward ordinan- 
ces y yet when that is not the maine fault, or when the mending 
of that fault will not fatisfie God, he will wave that challenge for 
theprefent, and fallen upon their chief fins> J will not reprove 
thee for thy facrifices, or thy burnt- offering which fiould have been 
continually before me. 2. As men arc ordinarily little fenfible of 
their omiflions of duties^ foarc ;hey ready to pveryalue their out- 

546 1 J 5AL, L>: 

ward performances, and to think that what they do In this kind 
rtiall be vtry acceptable to God, as the carnal Ifraelites here chal- 
lenged, did conceive their bullocks and goats out of their boufes 
er folds ihouldhave been efteemeci by God of smu^h worth, 
as they who offered them did put upon thenu 3. That 
which is mofl: efteerned of by men, without allowance of God,is 
ibomination to God : fuch were the external facrifices of carnal 
Ifraelites, who refted upon the offering of external facviiices, 
without looknig to that only true facrihe of the Mediator repres- 
ented thereby: I mil U\t no bullock out of thy i oufc, nor he-gout 
cut of thy fold. 4. It is a difeafe of foolimman, co think with 
himlelf that God is obliged to him when he orYereth unto God 
any part of his goods , when in the mean time a man hath no- 
thing but what God hath given unto him , and which is The 
J^ords by primitive right ; Every of the f one ft U mine, mi 
the uttel upon a tbouf and bills. $. Albeit all men profefs that 
they acknowledge God to be owner of all the creatures,becaufe he 
hath made them allsyet their practice many ways doth bewray their 
heart-ignorance in this point,and that they have need to be taught 
this leflbn from God , / all the fowU of the mountains, and 
thcmldbeaftsof the field are mine. 6. Unrenewed men cannot 
chufe but have grofs conceptions of God, and to think of him 
after their own fancie as the carnal Ifraelites conceived that a fat 
facrifice was as acceptable to God, as a fat dinner was to them-* 
felves ; but God is not likeman,and Qandeth in no need of fupply 
from man or from any of the creatures; all of them have their being 
and dependance on God, to difpofeof them, and bellow them on 
whom he will at his pleafure, He is not hungry ; and put the cafe 
hehadamindetoferve himfelf of any of the creatures, yet he 
needs not employ man for that efteft ; for, The earth isthe Lords 
and the fulnefs thereof* 7. The Lord difdaineth the fleftily con- 
ceits which men have to fatisfiehis jufticp for their fins by any 
thing that man can offer unto, him as imaginations unbefeemjng 
a reafonable man ; JVM I eat the flcjh of bulls, or drinli th% blow 
of goats ? 

Verf. 14. Offer unto God thm[giving y andfutjthj 
vows unto the mofl High. 

15. And call upon we in the day of trouble, I mil de- 
liver thee^ and thou (halt glorifie me. 
In the third place^he exhorteth them tQ forftke this carnal way © f 


PSAL. L. 347 

i fccking faivation, and fctteth them upon the light courfe of true 
blcflednefs and fpiritual fcrvice. Whence learn, i. The way 
of falvation and of Gods worfhip is fpiritual, and maypoffibly be 
pjfembled and furthered by external bodily exercifes, but does not 
ftand on things external > and to/peak it more particularly, God 
will have the man whole perfon and fcrvice he will accept to be 
fenfible of his own want of every good thing, and inability to 
furnifh to himfelf any thing which he lacketh,and to acknowledge 
God only tobetheall-fufficientfountaine of grace and of every 
good donation, and to feek what he hath need of from God, and 
to depend upon his grace when he hath fought it, and to return 
the praife of Gods free and gracious gift unto him when he hath 
received itjfor all thi$ is prefuppofed and imported in this offering 
of thanks, Offer unto God tbankfgiving; to wit, foreverypoinc 
and paflage of his undeferved favour: and this he calleth for, be* 
caufe this offering of the facrifice of praife and thanks, was more 
acceptable to God then their Ceremonial facrifices of flain beads. 
%. Godwill have the man, whofe perfon and fervice he will ac-? 
cept , to make confeience 'of all his lawful vowes made unto 
God,infpecialof his Covenant-vow made forgiving God the 
obedience of faith all the dayes of his life, which vow true woi- 
fliippers ufe upon fundry occasions folemnly to renew : Offer un- 
to God thanfifgivingy and pay thy vows unto the mo(l high Gcl m 
J, Were a man never fo faithful and upright in the Lords fervice f 
yet he is not exempted from trouble, for reafons concerning God? 
glory, good of the perfon troubled, and benefit of others; this 
the Lord holdeth forth in preparing their mindes , by making 
mention unto believers of a day of trouble. 4. Among other cnd$ 
of the Lords fending trouble, this is one, to make the believer 
in the fenfe of his need to make ufe of his Covenant with >God, 
and by faith to drawneer to him in prayer for help and relief iq 
due iim^Qallupon me in the day of thy trouble. %. The true be- 
liever and depender upon the fure and rich gracp of God, cannot 
poffibly fall in any trouble out of which he (hall not be delivered, 
but whatfoever evil come, he may be praying to God, yea he fhall 
be (felivered, Call upon me in the day of trouble , I will deliver thee. 
What more abfolute promife can be made to a believing fuppli- 
cant ? 6. A believing fupplicant (hall not only be gracioully an- 
swered to his petition, and fo have caufe of praifing God, but 
alfo fhall have grace in efteft to praife God, And thou flult 
glorife me, 


34$ P-SAL. L. 

Verf. \6. But unto the wicked, God faith, what 
haft thon to do to declare my flames or that thou (hould- 
eft take my Covenant in thy mouth. 

17. Seeing thou hate ft inftruttion, and cafteft my 
Words behhide thee. 

1 8. When thou f awe ft a thief, then thou confent - 
edft with him, and haft been partaker with the adul- 

19. Thougiveft thy mouth to evil % and thy town* 
frameth deceit. 

20. Jhoufttteft and fpeakefl againft thy brother: 
thou ftander eft thine own mothers Jon. 

21. Thefe things haft thou done, and I k*pt filence ; 
thou thoughteft that I was altogethe^fuch a one as thy 

felf: but I will reprove thee, andfet them in order be- 
fore thine eyes. 

In the fiift place, the Lord pleadetji mercifully with the grof$ 
firmer and fcand ulcus liver, for abufing thispiiviledgeof the Co- 
venant by hi* lewd convention and fecure Atheifme \ that he 
being convinced of his (in., might repent, andefchew the wrarh 
which is to come. Whence learn, i- To fuch as profefs Re i- 
gion, and obferve the outward ordinances thereof, and do not 
live fcandaloufly ; the Lord howioever he Jets them know he is 
not well pleafed with their way,yct he doth fpeak unto them more 
mildly, becaufe it is poflible fome beloved Lapdiceans, young 
and unskilful true converts may be guilty of no fmall mcafure of 
dead formality; buttofuchas live in grofs fcandalouslins , the 
Lord fpeaketh more roughly, calling them by the nnme'of wicked* 
But unto the wiifyed God faith.' 2. Such is the deceivcablenefs of 
fin, and the deceit of the heartland the power of Saran upon fe- 
cure fin ners, that they can without remorfe of confeience pre- 
fefs the true Religion. pretend to a Covenant with God, and yet 
live loofly as Pagans or Aihcijts : They tah^c Gods Covenant in 
their moutb f and mean time do hate inftruclioH, and caftGods 
■fiords behind them. 3. Such as by their lewd converfation do 
give an open affront to their Religion, are fo deteftable to God, 
that he accomptcth them wicked haters of reformation, conrcmr 
§erspf Scripture, difgraccrs of their holy profeffion ; and fuchas 


PSAL. L. 34 9 

will cake no Religious fcrvicc of their hand , Uuto the wL^ed 

fahb, wbaihajttbo to do to dec lure ray ftatutei, or that thou 

' jhouUeji take my Covenant in thy outb> feeing thou hateft in- 

; ion. and c aft eft my wordy bchinde thee. 4. Albert men do 

tnethe Covenant,and defer vc 10 be thruft out of it as un- 
worthy to have the benefit or" it, or to be fuffered any more to pro- 
fefs it y ya Gad wiU not give up with them haftily, but will af- 
ter a fi icndly manner declare to them their fin and mifdeferving, 
thtt tkeir conrcience maybe moved towards repentance 5 What 
hx\i tbou to do to tal^e my covenant in tby mouthy feeing thou hatefi 

uttion. 5. The man that cafteth Gods word bchinde him> 
cannot chufc but a woile mailer, and be made (lave to his 
lufts, and be led away to every fin, as tentation doth lead him, he 
will not Itand to be a greedy thief, and a filthy adulterer, \ver. 1 S, 
and to Ioofe his tongue to all the evils whereunto the tongue can 
fcrve.ver. 19. yea and to become unnatural to thofe with whom 
he is bound in ncareft bonds of blood, ver. 20. 6. Such is the 
Lords patience, that he doth oft-times endure very long horrible 
provocations of thofe that are in outward Covenant with him, 
that by his lon?-iufferin.* he may lead them to repentance : Theft 
things thou didjUand I l{€ptfilence. 7. When men do not profit 
.by the means which mould lead them to repentance, they grow 
wone for the means, mo e feeure and hardened in their ill waves, 
and more godlefs in all eipe<fts: Tbou thought eft I was altogether 
fucb 1 one as tby felf. 8. "Such as live a loofe life with a profeffi- 
onot- Religion under the /hiring light of Gods word, do not 
keep tlfcir conferences cjuie^o.hervvayes then by transforming God 
into an idol afier tfjeir own fancy,ana by feigning him n be what 
heisnot, and not to be what he deckieih hirnidt to be ; Thou'. 
\thoughteft that I was altogether fmb a, one as thy felfi that is to 
(fay, No more difpleafcd with thy wayes then tbou thy jelf was. 
9. Although the Loid keep filence for a time, yet he will at length 
'let the {inner know by his word and rods, how difpleafed he is at 
\C\n:But I will reprove tbecyhih the Lord. 1 o.Sins forgotten call 
(behind backhand caft together in cenfufion by the fe:ure (Inner, 
ihallintheday or Gods :eda>ning be brought to remembrance 
with time, place, and'otiiei circuViftences, and fd p/efentedta 
! the con'cicnce, as the finnerfhaH no: be able to look r.afide horn 
his fearful accufation and ditty, I #ill fet them in order, before 
tb hie eyes. 

Verf. 22. Now eonfider thi* 1 je that forget God. 


3*o PSAL L 

left 1 tear you in pieces y and there be mne to Jei 

z$. TVhofoofferethpraife, glorifiethme : and to him 
that ordereth his conversion aright, mil 1 fberp the 
falvation of God* 

In the laft place, the Lord being loath to diflblve the Cove- 
nant, or to deftroy thofe that are in the uifible Kirk- how wicked 
foever, exhorteth them to repentance while it is time,before he call 
them off utterly, and fo fheweththem the way of returning home 
to him, as he doth alfo encourage fuch as at e fincere. worfhippers 
of him to go on. Whence learn, i. The Lords controvercfis 
with his people,and threatning of wrath upon them,do carry much 
Iovre and mercy in their bofome 5 it is admirable that fuch offers 
cf grace and reconciliation are made by God after fo juft and 
fearful challenges., as here we read. 2. As the affe&ionate remem- 
brance ofGcdis an aw -band to keep from fin, arid afpurto all 
duties; and as conlideration of Gods word is a means to waken 
the conscience, and affeft the heart with high and right thoughts 
of God ; fo the forgetting of God, and confideration of what is 
neceflfary, cafts a man open to all fin, and makes way for his de- 
Itruftionj Qonfidcr this, ye that forget God, left 1 tear you in 
fieces. 3 i If they who have gone far away from God ,do not hafte 
them home unto him, they are like to meet with judgement mer- 
cilefs, and to find e no opportunity or time granted as r hey could 
wifh to repent, Confider, left 1 tc&ryou in pieces, end there be none 
to d liver you. 4. To fet men on work to endeavour the honour 
of God by worfhipping him in Spirit, and to confer me their out- 
ward actions of the body to the rule of Gods word, is the fcope of 
all Gods pleading with his own people* for his controvcrfie is clo* 
fedwithadire&iontoali, toglorffc God, and to order their com* 
verfation aright, f . That man worfhippeth God in Spirit, who 
giveth him the praife of his jufticc, in acknowledging his 6n£ 
againft Gods law, and his ill defervings intbecourfe or daily re- 
newed repentance, and who 'giveth unto God the praife of his* 
grace and mercy, in flying to the refuge fet before him in the 
Gofpel, in the courfe of daily renewed aftscf faithinChuil? 
and he who giveth God the praife of his bolinefs in ftudying 
daily to mortifie the luftsoftheflefh by his Spirit, and to be re- 
newed in his minde and affeSions,- and in a word, he who in his 
tfltrtandaffiftionsftudkvh to give God the honour of alibis at- * 



PSAL. L. „ 351 

I tributes y tides > or name, by whatfoever occadon manifefted to 
' him : This is the woifhipper of God in Spirit and Truth 3 whom 
the Lord by all his dealing with his people is feeking to form and 
gain to himfelf, WbofoofferethpAifaglorifietb me. 6. Sincere 
\ endeavour to worfhip God in Spirit, is belt feen in a mans care to 
conforms his life and bodily actions to the rule of iiods word » 
for, with glorifying of God he joyneth here, ordering bis convert 
I fuion aright. 7. Wholbever (hall let himfelf to be Gods fervant 
, in Spirit and Truth, fliallfinde God to he his Saviour to theut- 
termoft, how godlefsfoever, how vile foever he hath been; If he 
j ihall prepare himfelf againft the dreadful day of Judgementjby re- 
ceiving the offer of grace in Jefus Chrift, with all the fulne&of 
: the ftlvation of God in himj, and in Chrifts ftcength ihall ftudy 
to brinp forth the fruits of his faith in a blameleis convention* 
he fliallundoubtedly be faved : for God hath faid, JVbofo offeretk 
the facrifici of praife , glorifies me ; and to bim vobo orderetb 
his conversion aright, will Ifhcw the privation of God. Amen,