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Full text of "M. Derings workes. More at large then euer hath heere-to-fore been printed in any one volume"


Section 1 Original Mat.pr^;,! (as fnr,ff^) 

A"thor(8) Dcrlng, Edward Author's date(s) 


M. Darings Workes 

Publisher, If a book E. Griffin 

Publication Date(s) 
or period covered 

No. of vols. ( 


) Pages ( 

Other ( 

Place of Publication London 

_ Editor, or Translator 

Holder of Original Utoterlal U. of T. Library - Rare Books Dept. 

Editor and Publisher of Microfilm Edition _«_________^^^____ 

Ufs-iA^-^ «* u«-*— » J.. University of Toronto Library 

Holder of Master Negative ^-^^ .pn >.„„..-. .^ , ,^^, ^^,,,, 

Restrictions, if any, on use 

Section 11 Technical Mlr^pfUn, Data 

Producing Uboratorvt/.otTl.^^g ^^f7..,y5//^.,^, Q,,^^ Date A?4yr. /fr/ 

Film size - 35m|n (y ), 16nin ( ), Reduction Ratio 14X (v/), 20X ( ),Other ( ), 

Image Placement - lA ( ), llA ()^ ), IB ( ), IIB (/), Di^lex ( ), Duo ( ). 

NOTE that this torm is to be used for books, manuscripts, records, maps, periodical, 
and newspapers interchangeable. 



iDerin,;, ii, 


C TheBookes c( 

, ' Volume, as 

diuauK'vi in this 







h Scrmoii preached before 
A Sermon picacl-.cd it the 
^7- LccHucsorRcauings, 

Ccrtainc godly andcomt 



Godly ptiuatc pr-ycrs 

v.^ tr.ibcv. .h(f^rff. 

jrcrtainegod'At •civ • 
Utile bcicnc bis (icaai 

tbcQiJccn^ Maieftic. 
vpunihci piftie tothcf 


tabic Letter*, iuli ofC' 

Ca^ccb!»mc,for Clmftun Hci' 

ftr Chr'ftian FarO-'M^r? : ib- 
tc;pariofthc<p;i»^ ■ •■'»' 

witha[nayerwbii,i3b'.' vie 


T To the Chriftian Reader. 

1/ heard, penfl.ctb quickly . and Ejl.'^f""""' *"'' S°'"y- The vo/ceLe- 

lie, and that cone,n„,||„ Th« S.rm„n K r ^ *^"''"« ^"^'forth/mlmZ 

n.outhe. of h.. Mm.ftcrs\o'Sr^ll?°'''r'*''''f *'''V"«h 'he 
fitei to whom then ,t wa, fpoien ,u .^ ^T^ '^ "<>« 'O^clly *or thc.r 
«nf;dera,ion : thatthmg, S«";bcfc7''^'r '?'''''^ farthcrvimand 

•nd at hand J whercn (if God lui^noclli^^' '''*^ * I'ar/.amen, „ ,„ft J 

ble ftufc. co2«J. iur,lj, fiirelt if now V, K ""'"T"^- »"d -"-^ny vnnrofi." 
«fcape.„p„r^.cd. Irn'iffiXr be.h:;/i'*'''' '«»»''o"».'^"kclongro 

nenotbemtreated,bmbvthfrrl(..r,r'. ""'''" "'•''eBiriiienti v«i»,.i( 


»vl.e«hcfa„h..b?Go't,S':? ?';"T»'''»''>? -a''^^^^^^^ 

'I'uyo.. will not obey ,n<f wh' ^l « '^°?,\"'' ''^""'ety one hi, idoll / ^«?«'' »*« 




To the Reader i 

poTc of obeAence : tndhappy «k tWe Mimftto , «h« m 4e PoVwr & flreftg* 
irGo(l»fpmt,«ndmaflur»nccofth«itcalling,Ktch a! tnentlieirauti«, wth- 
oiu blaunchin" and flattwy, wlwifotucr countf nance thty beate vpoi. ths Kage 
otfliort continuance, whethtt they be Princes or inferiour.. Eorheeremappea. 
reth Gods lout towards ihem. in awaHmg them out of the vanifliingdreamts of 
thcKloatlifomeplcalur«.tothcptrfom«nceofhi5vvorke, whichh.e v»i,l ,.ot 
hauc !b neilcfttd, that .h> y Oull prcfcrre any worldly th_ ng ^vhutfocuer before 
,t. Now tWfore Gods Ch-..rchfo lone time neglc«cd, wetruft ll.allbccre. 
aarded. and the good coonftUi of tl^ Lord, brought by his nicflcngcri an4 
le«iant.,obeved:it .. not vnknownc.what b |nda..d.gnorantM.n,fter.are lo 
the Church,wh « contempt cteepeth vpon i< da.ly , what dm.fion ha.h nfen m 
thcf»n,e for the Popes trnpp.ng...he taylc o( /ta..chnfti.nd the out ward mark, 
of theRo-nifhbeaft : what hurtthc qua. rell ol them hath done to many , what 
dilcredit It hath brought to a numbcr.wliat (orrow lo all the Godly.what loy to 

Nowiftheywillnotawendit, but yet tlutjfr^h worldly poilicyret.vne it 
refpeamg.hellrengthofaefl.andbloud, letthtm thmko that thi. ncgltft of 
Gods fptrufpeakingm his PfOfhett, withfuch openconiempt ...denying to 
follow the knowne truth, cannot but prouoke Godi hcauy and ho.c venge- 
ance rpeedily to be peured .ut vpon vs. The Sunne, Moono.and Sti.re,, h.ue 
already at hi;commandemcnt(Tomh.auenthr«atnfd vs. Bloudy clouds haut 
.ppe.r.dtot€rrifiev..Sirang.Monftcrt, Ea.thauakes , vnnaturallfwell.ngof 
fCodsandwiteri, and to conclude, vnwontedmooumgi of the earth, haue 
beenefeareluUvmov.. Ifthefewdlnotferue morewbcmen. fiekqeffes , fa- 
m.ne and hunger, ciu.U warrewnd bloodd.f d, with the caking aw.y oiour So- 
i.eriisne(wliichGodforbid,andrathcrblclle with true godl.neffe , wdlong 
(o we ftiall petiih m h.siutticc vtterly, thw in mercy rc.'-ftd . o embrace hmrutb 

* Thmfore fiom the l.ls;heft to the loweft. let vs retornc lo the Lord fr«««'V. 
•ndvnfainedly.lofhall Gods Church be refoM.icd, our m.n.fteryam.nded.th* 

feruiceolCd by the mfall.ble rule of his truth, d.rcfted , the h.rcl.ng, tyme- 
fcruer, ;.nd Wolfe remoued. the godly and true M.nittrr wcl I prou.ded lor. and 
«Iif<nd.d, and all Ihangewotfl.ips.ftranuc garments beftamed with poj»ill.fi. 
thinclTe.-andmoMumentsthatcinreprefent nothing to ou, eyes.but execrable 
idolatriv ifiiec abandoned; which G«d m Jf»s mercy bring to pafle for Ihs fon 
Cbr.i(iu( f^mtn, 

•r - <■■■ 

"*a' -H-' i'' ''' ' 

Certaine godly and coaifortablc Letters , full of 
Chnftian confolacion. VV^rittcn by M. Ed. Derm vn- 

tofuiidry of his rriends. And now puhl.ihcd, for 
ilicptofitofthcChiircliol God. 


». Th.ff./n. r, ly. 

}%> An EpiftlcofM Ed Dering, before his.4. Lerture 

en .e H,.T,^vn, which he preached the 6. of Deccnb.r i<,i 
/^nd Saue for a new yeera g.„ .o the godly « Loi'ai.d'd'e: 

JHE outward affliaioni and manifold troubles 
I of a great niimbcrof Godschildren.whofc tra- 
. ' uailc and labour, fiomdaytodaylh.idftillin 
experience. & thcin^vard fccling of many vVounded fpi, 
rits, whofc vyofu 1 fighcs and bitter mournings.I bcliclj 
jn other. and had trycd in my klfc ; ic made me vu y dc- 
lirous to fccke for remedies, ro ftop the complaints offo 
gncuous avmgs, & to prcp.-.rc our harts in a ftrong de- 
fence thattSe faery darts ol the dcuill might not woutid 
^s. Vpon this occalion \vhen I had to expound that 

thcd.ucs cfbuflS, offered^ ffraicrs .ndfuffl.c.tions to him 
that rcas jleufiHrhnnfrUcatk^rnhfhinZr^^^^ t^ testes 
W,r.. deUueredfrom the things he fcJd. I tTrryedth<^ 
lonecr in that matter and declared more at large what ^ 

rW i" u'^r'"? °^ ^°aP* ^'-^^ °«"<='-<=d hcere vnto all 
that Ihould obey the word. Which when I had done, as 

A God 



Coilj Letters tfM, Derin£. 

God gane tat vtteraoce , the poore in (pint , to whom I 
applycd my icife, one or two required me to (et it down 
in writine, chat It might be prohtable to many , which 
was comtorcable to them. I durft not reie£V fuch a good 
requeft, but though Ibmetime I deferred it, yetloeuer 
forgot it, till I had written all as I was required. Which 
when I had done, I purpofed then with my felfe, to 
make it yet more common , and fet it abroade in print : 
knowing afluredly, where God would giue it increare,it 
fiiould bring t^brth the fruite of confolation, that we 
might ftandvprighc in the day of euill. Thus hauinge 
performed both the requcft of others , and mine owne 
oelire, and the time falling out with the beginning of a 
new yere, I thought it not amiflc to offer my labourto 
you, who I know would well accept ofit as anew yeeres 
gift, though of no great pricfc^yet of great good will: 
cc though eafiiy obtained , yet not little to be cdcemcd. 
Therefore my deere brother, whom I loue in Chrift,and 
reuerence in the world, as many waies I hauecaule, fol 
offer the lame vnto you : The Lord for his mercies fake 
worke his owne good pleafure , th;it I may haue ofyoa 
the fruit that I defire, and you the grace that ye ftand in 
need of: that as God hath greatly blefled you , & made 
J you abound in many graces to the glory of his name, 
the comfort ofyour friends, and the benefit of his peo- 
ple :iby our ioy, that it might bee made perfeft, you 
might alfo abound in this, to h aue a flrong ^ith againft 
the day of triall : which God of his mercy will furely 
grant vnto you,Sc finilb the good work that he hath be- 

Su|i.Though I loue not to fpeake faire ( for flattery and 
eceitfull praifes, I fee what mifchiefc they breed ) yet I 
fcare net to beare you witnes ofyour wcl doing:the fpi- 
tit of God hath planted huliulity moreidcepc in your 


GoJfy Letters ofM, Dering. 
breafl,thcnthatpride and arrogancie can pull it out 
And mdecdc the betteryou are,the more eftftuall vou 

ncs IS as a defiled cloth; and the more you apprwfa vnto 

vourfleOi there dwdleth no goodnes. Abraham our 
hathcr, lob, Efay, and many other godly men, of excel- 
lent vertuc in the light of God, they haue beene aii ailo- 
nilhed.to fee how their righteoufnes hath been fcattcrcd 
away as the clowds of the hcauens. Paul cry eth out • O 
wretched man that I am.who (hall deliucr me from this 
bodyof death! But bccaufe wee haue an enemie. that 
fpareth not to difplay all our corruptions before our 
cies.to thecnd he might make vs defpaire, therefore we 
may be bold to the ftrcngthcning ofour hope, to fet be- 
fore vs againc the fpirituall graces that worke wirhm vs 
to alTure our fclues that we be borne of God ' 

So our Sauiour Chriftpraifed many that beleeued on 
him fodidtheApoffles, fomay we: andourhcaucnly 
Fathtrwillratiheandconfirmcourwordes, when wee 
rpeakethctruth.according to the meafurcoff^nththac 
eucryr one hath recciued.So Saint John biddeth vs all be 
bold, and not be deceiuedj He that doth the things that 
are righteous.himrdfc is rightcous,and like vnto Chrift 
m who he IS finili ficd. So may I fty vnto you. the grace 
of God hath wrought happily ,n you in thefe yceref and 
condition oflifc, that fo vnfaincdiy you haue fought the 
Lord Itcannotbceofyourfelfc, who are not able fo 
muchastothinkeone good thought : but it is of him. 
whofe feede abideth in you. And although, becaufc you ■ 
hauethattreafuremabriftleveirell, you fee fometimff ^• 

the fruitc of old Adam, and the prickcs of his tranfRref- 
honwithmyour bowels j yet fcarcnot his malice that 

A 1 hath 




I Godly Ldtm of M.'Dermg> 

hath wrought this woe ; You are bought with a deercr 
priccjthen that finne may raigne againe witliin you,and 
he that hath purchafcd you> he will notfuffer his inheri- 
tance to befpoiled.h is ncceffary you fliould know your 
iin, or you could not vndtTUandhow great were your 
redemption. But your finnes cannot fcparai cyou away 
from him, who hath buried them in the earth, and wul 
not fee them any more. Wliicn you Ihall afccnd to come 
into his fight, the earth willlhold her owne, 6c keep your 
linnes behind you. The pe-^rcing fcrpcnt (hall not dime 
to accufcyou,nor the crooked Icrpct flial not hide your 
redemption from you. Yciur care is tali vpon him that 
carcth for you, and you kijiow him who haih fpokcn ; 
Allpoweris giuen vntomciin heaucn and in earth. Ye 
know him who hath a name aboue all nameijthat in tlie 
name of lefus all knees (hall bow .- euin hce that bought 
you with a price, &you arc not your ownc. Ifit be po(^ 
libicforyou toperilh,thciijispo(fiblcagainth«£Chrift 
thould (uffcr iniuric. This boldnes you hauc through 
him who hath made manillilUiis gr.uevnto you, that 
you denying impiety & worldly concupifccnte, (hould 
liucfbberly, purely, and godly in this prelcntlifc, and 
looke for the blelled hope that (hall bee rcuealed , when 
all fecrcts (hall be opened, ij^o which ilfuc & happy end 
of lifcthe Lord bring both Vou and yours,in the fcllow- 
fiiip of his Saints, to praifc his holy namc.when hec (hall 

.^ make known vnro you his g^ory vnfpeakcable,& crown 

" it with immortality. Araert. i 

- . . rJrtvTiII in Chrift lefu, tnti pray for mt. 

, . * Tif i(?. of Dcccmbfr. M71. YouT»in 

V ' ' th;Lordtocomm)nd«EJ.Dcrin^«, 

^ CoJiy Letters cfXf. f)erm^, 

^Letter ofM. Ed. Derhigto his Srofber '' 

HE graceof our Lord IcfusChrift be with you 
euer Amen. For Maifter S. whether he bee angry 
or no I know not. ifhc be God is witnc/Te between 
him arid me how littk I haue deferued it. true it is hec 
feeraednotvery welpleafcd.butifGod be pJca/ed.mans 
goodw.ll. ether ttlhall bereconciled, orlhall not doc 
muchhurt : iff haue theloflcin worldly thines I am 
content to beare it.and God will fupply ^y ^,1 '^.^.^^ 
lam able to doe nothing. I had leucr bee your Brother 
not worth a groatc but hauinga good confciencc to 
pray foryou, then haue (as Im.ght) greatliuing, and 
encombermyconfcience with much finne. And good 
Brother Derjng.hcre follow mc.you Ihalbea creatdealc 
ncher tbin you arc : ftudy the Scripture, rca Je bookes 
be able to rcafon in your faith, cfpcciallyand aboucall 
haucaliucly feeling of God, thacyou thinke more vile* 
of all the glory of the world , then ofthe dult of the 
Mrth : you knowe wee mull all pcrilh, and you mult 
walkethcwayofallficlh : Our good Parents both Fa- 
thcrand Mother, they are gone before : you doc but 

waitcthetimc and vou mult goeafter, your goodsand 
knds muft abide bch.ndc. and the riches of your mind 

thcv are onely your owne. You arc myelddl Brother' 
and you know not how glad I would be, to fee you rcc 
before me in Religion : God hath giuen you. neither .1 
light head nor httrcvnderftanding.ifyou wouldapply 
yoiir felfJ: vnto knowledge . you (hould then tdtL^ ' a^ 
the fruitcofyour labour in more gladnelTc ofhart theu '' 
yet you can imaginc-begin once but a little. 6c tafte how 
fwcctc the Lord is, ;uid you fhall fceic the riches ofTiis 

^ 5 glory. 




G*iily letters' of\f. Ver'mg. 
glory, and (ay : Happy be the time that eucrl knew it. 
Let not good Brother, let not the world deceiae you, it 
is fiiithlcffe and deceitful!, when you (hall louc it beft, it 
will fooncftdeceiuc you. And ofnicthinke thus : that 
in the world lean not doe youfo great a pleafure, as 
continually to prouoke you to know God : and this I 
(hall be able to performcjthoughotherwife I (hall be a- 
bleto pleafure you nothing,and therefore I be(eech you 
pray for me, and I will pray for you, & fo the Lord God 
ihall helpc vs both, that I may befaithfiiil which way | 
am called, & you may be fuch as I defire. And for Ma- 
tter S. or any other offuch high calling, Ilouethemin 
the Lord , euen as 1 loue mine owne (bule, and will pray 
fojthem while they and! (hall Hue : Though Ibearc 
the lo(rc of worldly things, yet by the grace ofChri(t, I 
will neuer lo(e a good confcience: and though they bee 
angry with me, yet I will not leauc to pray for tfacm ,and 
commit my caufevnto God, he will one day multiply 
his graces, where he hath fo well begun, and they (hall 
(I truft) be throughly taught, whom God hath already 
fofarre inftruded. For my L.ofC.Ihaue beeneoncc 
with him, but Imeane jiotyctto goe the (econd time, 
Godwin worke his will^ his name bccpraifcd foreucr. 
My L. of L. is a good man, I am olien with him, I haue 
fccncinhimfb good tokens of a good ^irit, thatlreue- 
rencchim in my heart, and wilKerue him in Chriftall 
wayes that I may. And for my doing with any man, I 
pray you tell where you (ce me faulty,but if you know 
notofanyllnnc,docnotdi(rwadcmec from going vp- 
pij^ht in the Gofpcll : Bi^ for my comfort, ifvou fee m« 
grccucd, let me fee in you.howyeu profelle tne Gofpel: 
6c pcrfwadc yow fclfc of this, that aliudy zeale,& holy 
knowledge iir you,& in my Sift€r.(hal make me gladder 



Godly Letters ofM. Tiering. 

thenany Bi(hoprickin England. TheLord God for his 
mercies iake that hath called you out of the kingdome of 
darkne$,and placed you in the fcllowfhip ofhis Saints in 
light, make you to feele the depth ofhis graces.that you 
may be renewed, confirmed , ftrengthened , and made 
pertit vnto the end, Amen. Fareyou well in Chrill lefu, 
and doe my harty commendations to my Sifter. 
From London, the xix. of Nouember. 

Your louing Brother, Ed. Derinji. 

T0 his Brttha Maijfer X. D. 

THEgraceofourLordlefu Chrift bee with you e- 
uer. Amen. Good Brother, I would gladly write 
oftnervntoyou.butothcrwife Ihaue (b much to 
doe that (bme time I forget many duties. Another caufc 
is', 1 haue nothing to write as J would , ib I haue noe 
pieafure co'doe that I would not. So it is,that I am fbr- 
biddeo to Preach; which grieueth me mofl : then flaun- 
deroui reports doe hurt me much , where I would fay- 
ncftpleafe, fbfarreaslmay in the feare ofiGod. But 
howefbeucr things are, it is a blefTed fentcncc which 
hee hath fpoken, who will fiirely perfbrme it : To 
them that loue God, all things happen to the beft, and 
pray for me good Brother, that I m.iy hold ftedfaftthat 
loue, and wauer not in the faith of the Gofpell in which 
we haue aifured life: and as I am bound I truff I will 
pray for you, that your eyes may haue pcrfedl and pure 
ftghr,to(eethclouing countenance of the Lord which 
is better then life : fb youfhaltbcc happy eucn in the 
dayes ofyour vanity , and when nature (hall m.iltEyou j 
yeeldc tothencceflityof allflefh, to goe walkc in vfifcf^ 
way ofallthe worlde, then (hall you reape the fruitcof 
yourlabour,and (ay with gladncfTc: Ltrdnovflettej^theit 

A 4 tby 







' Gailj Letters o/M. Dering, 

th]/ ferudtit depart 10 peace. This i$ all the hope wehaue^ 
and the only ioy that is to be looked for vnder the hea- 
tiens.thencereryou fliall fecleit, the more you ihall 
fee it, it (hall delight you and fctyou on a fure ground, 
that you (hall not be athamcd for euer. The Lord God 
for his Chriftes (iike ftrengthcn vs all to Co good a pur- 
pofe, and the mutual! debt wee owe one to another in 
the bond of nature, let vs pay it in this holy aft'ef\ ion, 
toprayforourperfcucrancevntotheend. And as tou- 
ching thcifliieofallmy bufineflejookeforthcworft, 
hope for the bcft, and beare wh;it-foeuer (hall fall. 1 truft 
to God once I (hall (ce the day wherein I Ihall fiithfiilly 
Ipeakcit.euenas Saint Paul , F/ia mea nonejl chara miU, 
vt ctfifumam curfum meum cumgaudio. The Bb. and ma- 
ny other (ceke occa(ions againlt me. God hath ftill ray- 
fcd me vp many friends , out my hope is only in him, 
that hath kept me hetherto, ai)d not in man^ whcnl 
know what end will come, you ftiallhcare : iflHvould 
lo(e the truth I could winne the world , but that were 
amilerable change. God blclTq vs and (end vs peace, 
make vs wile in his Gofpcll, and fiediaft vnto thecnde. 
My Wifehathbeenel thankcGod in no trouble, nei- 
ther was any toward her, that 1 know of, ifany fill, God 
hath made her rich in grace and knowledge to giuc ac- 
count ofher doing. D. W. onTriday laft as I was about 
to Preach, forbad me in her Maicnies name , (b I ftand 
now forbidden , not by the Bb. but by our PrincelTe, 
whom I belcech God make a happy gouernour in his 
Church, and many yeares to giuc peace vnto his people. 
J Jfw^jjrayedaswefhould, God would makeperfitthc 
^•>^ood worke hcc hath begunne, and make vi /ecthc 
peace of leiuGilem all the daies of our life. And I bc- 
iccch God,that wee may vriihibdrc£lually his mercies, 


Godly Letters ofM. Derin^, 

that at laft he m.iy (hut vs vp in a blcflTed vnity.that they 
whoni he hath afflifted , may reioyce. Commend mi 
to all. Thanke my Coren,for her letters, and for the par- 
fonage (hee writeth of; I will notrcfufe it if I may haue 
It, neither will I fue for it though it were much better. 
It God call me to it, I pray God I may doe my dutic-if 
nor, yet his will be done. I am perfwaded , ifj be fetled 
there, It (hall be a blelling vnto tlic Country • if not 
without me God kcepeth thofe that be his. Farewell 
good Brother, and the Lord keepe you and all yours 
^mefi. The 14. of Decem her, 1573. * 

Tr our louing brother, EJward Dering. 

To his Brother, L D. 

THE God of all grace who giucth vs eyes tofee, 
and cares to hearcjgiuc vnto vs euer his holy fpirir, 
^ that in the middelt ofa darkc world , wee may ice 
ihe^rightnelTeof hii heauenly kingdome, and in this 
weakc tabernacle offmall continuance , we may knowc 
the dwelling place which wee Ihall haue for euer in the 
Klurreftion oftheiuft, Amen. Ithankeyou.oood Bro- 
ther, for your Letter, and for your care of my rccoue- 
rie.butmoftofall beraufc you (hew a good tcftimony ' 
ofyour minde, that the feare ofGod doth dweU in you: 
ofthis Lim glad.and I am fure f (halbeglad. For I knovr 
howearneftlyjdcrtrcit, and I /ce how vnfiinedlieyou 
are brought vnto it. and when the Lord in his good 
wil. and h.$ appointed time (hall make vs fee moredeare 
how great this blelfing is, wee know wee (hall reapc ' 
theh-mteof itinthe (iglitof hisprercnceandineterhlki^/ 
Jfe,rhisisenoBghforvs; a flrength vnto our hope, a 
«.iy vnto our ftith.a continuance vnto ouilouc let the 

A 5 


Godly Letters ofM. Ver'ing. 

good frorke of God be finiflied in vs. And of this wee 
may be (lire, wbo-ibcuer regardeth it not, or els embra- 
cetti the prefcnt world, he kaoweth not God , nor yet 
hath cucrfeene the length and breadth of immortality. 
And therefore good Brother, ( becaule bleffed arc the 
eyes which (cc that wc fee, ) let vs Urengthen our fight, 
with the fwcet oyntmcnt of Gods holy Spirit, that wee 
may yet fee more cleere,til through all the graces of God 
our Father , wee may fee our bodies alfo railed vp from 
the dead, and our felues ioyned vnto our Sauiour Chrift 
by that decree and fentcnce which neuer (hall bereuer- 
fediComeyou blcflcd vnto cternall lifefvnto this a good 
confcience will cary vs with ioy and gladneflc. Beyond 
this our fences feilevs, andourhait is able to compre- 
hend nothing of the clory which we ftiall behold. One- 
lie I know it is exceeding great, whofe greatnefle I can 
neither fee, nor heare, nor comprehend with thought. 
And therefore, ifeuer any thing delighted vi , or ifeuer 
wehaucfcencpleafure, orcanwifti the thing In which 
wc would reioyce, let vs turne all affeftions hither with 
hart and foule, life and ftrength.to delight in thi8,which 
alone is all, and no body IhaU take it from vs. 

And vndoubtedly Brother, this is true , if God hauc 
teceiucd vs to that blcfled kingdome,he hath appointed 
the time in which he will giue vs his holy fpirit, though 
not hilly to comprdiendit,yetfotarretofeeit,thatwe 
willaccountallthe world to be but dungc, totheende 
wc may winne Chrift. And this I am perfwadcd ( good 
Brother, ) God hath and will ttiuc plentifully vnto you, 
fo^atyoii (hall vfe this worlde as though you vfed it 
iiiot,andbehcrcwithmen,asone whofe dwelling were 
with the Angels of God, vfing our calling in any godly 
recreation, but hauing our heart nccrcft vnto Go u t{iat 


Godly Letters of A/. Derir^. 
gaue it : and the Lord graunt you this bappine?, that all 
thrpleafureofyour life may be in decdeacceptabie,fuch 
as Ihal not after be mingled with ftameandlorrow.And 
I befeech God blcffe my good Vncle B. and make him 
now to know, which in his tender yeares he could not 
r^ • f°*'l^« wo''^^ ^^^ f*^c" <Jarke , and we were fclindc 
ititrbutfinccwcehauebeene hghtencd with thcGof- 

pcUot the Lord Icfus, and fo much more earneftly now 
wee muft pray that it may bee vnto vs the Goipcllof 
health,and we may mcreafc in the knowledge of the mi- 
ftcry ofir. And the Lord open his gracious countenance 

u,"^ J u"'^'''"'°,'"y^""''^^^^ '^« '"'-'y alfo make a 
blcfled change, to leauc vaine imaginations of her owne 
mmde, which arc full ofignorancc. and learnethe Scrip- 
ture, which can make knownc vnto her the liuine God 
And commend mchartily vnto them both . to whom f 
wilhastomyfclfe. , 

YourloninjBroditr. Ed. Dering, 

A comfortable Letter written by Maijler Ed. 
Dermg, to a cbriflian GfntUrrmait, 

in hcauineire of fpirit. j 

TTis true (good Miftriflc H.) which the fpirit hath 
llpoken, and wee tccle it by experience , 2hjt by ««. 
rtte tftbHUuons wee mufl cmer mto tfje k,m>dcme of he* 
nen This is a common decree which GO Dhach £in- 
aifiedtobealottcforallhisChildrcn. SothcAuthour 
^ ^^^l °^ °"'' *'''"*^' Ic^"^ Chriit him/clttvvas 
madeperfeft Into this fimiUt.idewc are alio nrcdJrtP^^' 
nate that we (hould Hrft die with him , and then be par. ' 
takers oi his glory : Let vi not therefore rcfufc that 




Godly Letters vfki. V>erin^, 

condition of life in which wei hauethe ftllowfliip of 
all the Saints of God, but rather confeflewith the holy 
Apoftle, That bUJfedit the manwho endnrcth temftation. 
But bccaulcall aftuftions arc bitter for the prefent time, 
and when the raindeis (hakenwithfbrrowe, it is then 
moft eafily caft downe of the enemie, let vs learne wile- 
ly what our troubles are, and bee prepared ofremedic 
in the day of triall. All our afHidions are either accor- 
ding to the flelb, in hunger, colde, nakednelle, (hame, 
contempt, (launder, &c. Or according to the Spirir, in 
lamentations and mournings, which the world know- 
eth not. The lirft euilk are eafily borne, for they are all 
but.vanity, and in vanitie they ihalldie : ifwee /eero 
fauouf in the light oftheSunnethat fliincth not heerc 
acceptable vntovs, when wee haue payd the debt wee 
owe vnto death, the Lord will dcliuer vs from all tbc 
iniuriesofuien. But in this bchalfe let mcc comfort my 
fclle, God hath let you free from filch affliftiona. Your 
goods are vnto you in a liberall portion, your life made 
happy with alquing husband, yourcalling acceptable 
vnder a gracious and good Miftreflc, in whole fight you 
haue found lauour, inthiseftate youfeele no trouble, 
therefore I let it pafle. 

The other afHidlion which is <j)f the fpirit, and which 
cannot bee refifted with any earthly blefling, looke for 
italTuredly, for without doubtitwill come vnto you, 
that you may fuffer with Chrift, and raigne with him in 
glory. Thefe troubles they con^e many wayes, eucn as 
the Ipirit of G O D doth Icade vs vnto life. Firft we arc 
cotmuandcd to learne and know the word of God, a- 
Jnim this looke for many temptations, the enemie will 
try which way to plucke that out of our harts : Out of 
the word we muA learne a precious faith, and hold that 



Oo'dly Letters ofM. Verir^. 

vnmoueablc before God : againft this what temptations 
are betwcene heauen and earth.you Ihall feeleyour por- 
tion, if any thing poiSble can dilcouragc you. With 
fiithyou muftioyne aliucly hope, which is a longing 
apprehenfion of Gods glory.-in this alfo lathan will pre- 
termit nothing toqucnch your aifcdionsjthat it may be 
dciid, and to darken yourminde that you m:iyfce no- 
thing i without thc/c you cannot poflibly liue, and vnto 
thcfe you cannot podiblycomc, but llrlt you Ihall feele 
what IS thcltrengthoflinnc. Andyctnotwithftanding 
faint not, the Lyon hath oiiercomc which is ofthe tribe 
of.ud;i. The force oFthc Serpent fiiall brufe our hcele 
but it /hall not takeaway from vs the hcid-peece offal- 
uation. Learne therforc firll the word of God.this is the' 
lecdc of regeneration, by which we are made new ci ea- 
tures,this is the bread of fpirituall nouri(hmet,by which 
we are growen vp iiuoetcrnall lift. This is the weapon 
ofour vvarf^ire, by which wee may wound and driue a- 
wayour enemies. This is the Scepter ofour glorious 
kingdome,by which we do know that God doth raigne 
iiivs. Take this vnto you, the lhieldofyourdetcnce,thc 
ftrcngth ofyour agc,thc wilcdomc of your hart.and the 
lafctieof your lifc.commended vnto you in the word of ' 
Chrill. Search the Scriptures, anulcalcitin your heart 
with a good pcrfwafion that it is the word ofGod, and 
of life, andhee hathgrauen init ancxprelTe imageofe- 
tcrnall truth. Let itdwJIpIencifullywithmyou.ic your 
n 'nV'.fl'"!?'^ Y'^''-'* "lo'^'t'ong defence, all enemies 
lliall tall before him, the wiledomeof thewifclhall bee 
brought to nought.and the councell ofthe prudent Ihal 
bee made foolilh; the wayes ofthe aducrfancsfLTniii. 
fcatrei cd, and the fcorners feate Oiall be thrown downe ' 
lo true « is tliat the Lord hath fpokcn.BldTcd is the man 

1 •- 


' Godlf Letters ofM Vtr'm^. 

whofe delight is in the Law of the Lord, and whole me- 

diution is in it day and night. Let v$ then biing downc 

thehautineflcotourmindes, andrecciue withmccknes 

the word grafted in vs. which can faue ourfoulcs. To 

this defire ofvnderftanding when G O Dhath brought 

vs, then let vs pray to be deliuercd from temptation,and 

take heede we be not fpoilcd of fo great a treafure. We 

haue three efpeciall enemies in this behalfe, of which S. 

Paulbiddcth vs all beware : the one is Phtlof»phie, that 

is a vain and curious fearching ofGods miftcrics, or me- 

furing things reuealed according to ourvnderftanding, 

with which tentations whilftour Fathers v/cre oucr- 

come, they became foolifti in their owne imaginations, 

and changed the glory of G O Dinto the likcncffe of a 

c-orruptible man, making Images, praying to Angels, 

imagining offoulcs like little children, dcuifing Pur^ia- 

tory, reafoning of Gods wiledcnieabouc ourcapacitic. 

As if we be predeftinate we may Hue a$ we lift, it we arc 

commandedtoworke, ifourdayesarenumbred, why 

feeke we anyCifctyin our life. Ifthe Angci. doekcepc 

vsin all our wayes, that we (hall not hurt our foote a- 

gainftaftone.whyfcarc wccany falling ? Thcfephan- 

tafies.and worfe then thcfe, difouiet our mmdcs,and 

fight within vs againft our humble obedience to the 

word ofGOD. Which all when wee haucoucrcomc 

(andfayd with the Prophet : Secret things arc for the 

Lord, but things reuealed for V8 and our children) yet 

haue we no peace. , e « . u 

A fecond enemy rifcth vp greater then the firft,whith 
SaintPaul calleth The tr*ditt*ns of men. For the heart ok 
7 fiKnwhichdrinketh in erro«r,a9 the ground doth drmk 
water, is very obftinately bound with olde cuftomcs & 
long continuance, meafuring tijuth which is pure and 

poring, c 


Godly Letters of M. Derin^^ ' 

holy, onely by time, which is corrupt and euill, and not 
onely this, but nature alio hath inflamed oar affections 
to loue too much our Fathers waies , to like their opini- 
ons, to efteeme their iudgements , to prailc their doo- 
ings, to commend their age, to talke oftheir names, till 
through many entiftments we arc at laft bewitched,our 
wi/cdomc is ftolne away, and truth is taken from vs ; by 
this meanes all corruptions which haucouer-flowed the 
earth.haue ftill wide roomes in the hartes of many. The 
Popes fupremacie,Laiine(cruice, prayer for the dead^ 
Mafles, Diriges, Pardons, Pilgrimages, Senfing.andall 
Popery, with the authors of it, Popes , Cardinalles» 
Menkes, Fryers , all which haue neither trueth,nor (ha- 
dow of trueth j not one worde of them is in all the GoP 
pel! of our Sauiour Cbrift, onely old cuftome hath bred 
it in our bones.and an opinion of our Fathers hath prin- 
ted it in our brcfts, and wee will not caft it out. But the 
Lorde bee thanked, who hath had mercy vpon vs, to 
make vs hold faft the word of trueth , what-fbeuer our 
fore-fathers haue vainely taught vs , &yet we arc not in 

But a thirdenemy refteth in the hart of man, that the 
word ofG O D may not haue his perfeft honour, and 
chat is a fond opinion conceiued of earthly thinges. and 
planting ofholines in corruptible creatures, as in Meats, 
Drinkes, Dayes, Garments, Conditions of life. Places^ 
Times, Ceremonies, neyther hearing the words of our 
Sauiour Chril^ who faith, that God is a fpirit, and only 
hee is to be worlhipped in Spirit & Trueth j nor regar- 
ding his ApoAle Saint Faule , who faith j that the Ele- 
ment of that worlde commende vs not vnto Go<f ,'*fojr 
neither ifweeate, arc wee euer the worfe -neitherif we 
catc not, arc wecucr the better. Tbdc and many great, 





Godly Letters o/M. Derinp 

temptations (land againftvs alToone as wee would giue 
ouerourfclucstothewordofGod, which is the begin- 
ning of a Chriftian life. Trow you that in the continu- 
anccofourcourftand iourney , before we come at our 
SauiourChriil.fliall wee not be fifted and tryed to fee 
what ij within vs.*" And you (good Miftrcs H.)t03p- 
plic this to your felfe, tcllmec how you haue learned 
Chrift, hath his GofpcU been peaceable in you from the 
firft day till now, without all contradiftion ? Was your 
mind neuer puffed vp in vaine imaginations Jdid the tra- 
ditions & perfuafions of men neuer fliakeyour thought? 
Haueyou not been tempted with opinions of creatures, 
as though fome were more hoIy,(bme more prophanc ? 
I know as you long after ChriU and delirc his truth in 
finglchart: fohisgraceyou haue not, without (h;irpc 
and bitter triallcs, and the more freely the word ot God 
fliall ponefleyour foule, and fill your hart with all delire 
ofit.the more you ihall fcelc what fight is againft it,look 
for the like in all your life, and when you approch to the 
true fcarc of God, prepare your hart to the ftrongell aC- 
fault. The word of God thus m>jdc knowne vnto vs , 6c 
when we follow it with all our foule, that we may haue 
aliuelyfaithtoreioyceatthcpromifcs ol God, to fcarc 
at his thrcatnings, and feele a ii\\\ perfwafion of a cer- 
taine performance ofall his wordes: O Lord, what is the 
malice of Cithan ! And though miany temptations arca- 
gainft V3, the long profperity of the wicked in which 
they triumph, whilft the goodncs of God prouokcth 
tliem ftill to repcntanccjthc bitter fi ghting of the godly, 
in which they mourne vndcrmany croffes, whiles God 
nHrfeth their faith pretious before him : the(e haue roo- 
ted quite out of the hartj of thcyngodlic, the fiiithaud 
truth which they owe vnto God , lo that againft all his 

I iudgcmcnrs, 


CoJfy Letters •fM. Derk^, 

loude :Wbireutheprmi/e»fhis cmmm»c \ And aeainft 
»nh«™er«sihey haue procJaimed Xre. ^St 
Thr, wiM mhmechrijlu «g«r ^„ than But theie 
temptations Chrifthath ou«S>me,n vs, ami g^^cn vs 
h.s Spirit, m which we knovf aiTuredly d^at til Lordc 
raigneth , neither flacketh he his comming, as many ac- 

fcm>wnc. Andyetwcarcnotinpcaccbudathanour 
common aduerfiry will fiftvs another way ; he wZy 

owKhirrr-arr' ?>'^*«f tdongeth toall 
^Xtf^S^'^ ^^'^ "^' ^"^ '■ Sorrow.fickencs-, 
<^tb heU.condcmnation, weretbcy ootij, his body 
and are they not all crucified vpon thi Crofle > Is he not 

SfelamiV?"^'^ I!!'^ 8^ry Uf this be my feare 
bccaufc I am a finner. ratberlet me reioyce . for Chrift 

d«t^r '"j; ^T"" 'P°".''''" ' ^"d hafh buried ih^m 
iy m triumph, and nailed .t vpon the croflc,fi-om hence- 
forth and for euermore \t hath no ftrengthVZofoeuer 

pie, It IS flill nothing, and cafteth but a vaine terrour J 
fere our eyes , We will neuer denie th s^ tic f Xo^I 

ftfle|t, that we be mifenWe finners, and not Sy to 
hft vp our eyes to heauen. but who iill lay our finn Js to 
our ch.,rge, now God hath iuftificdvs ? orwha TnLn 

Se\So^;;^^f '■'''^"^ thereco„detime.to ' 

B .. 1 This 

1' ! 

I Daring, 


I Godly Letters ofM, Derhi^, 

This is true,& cuerlafting truth hath fcaled it vp, that 
finncisabolilhed fbrcucr andeucr 5 howfocuer wefcare 
and tremble , or bee faint-hartcd , yet before ibe Lorde 
with whom our life is hidde, there is noperrill,nodaun- 
ger, no feare, but peace and rigbteoufnes without end. 
Let our finnes be ncucrfb grcat,neitlier wee nor our fins 
can change the new Teftamentj that God is mcrcifullto 
our finnes, and wil blot out all our tranfgreffions : ther- 
fore this care is paft, that our finnes be many , the more 
they are, the greater is his mercy , who hath forgiuen 
them. And this is the token which GOD hath giuen 

, vs, that we are his,becaufe we arc gricued with our fins, 
for our Sauiour Chrift oucrcamc finne with paines and 
fufFerings which belong vnto ic and this is the badge of 
our redemption, to be made like him in afHidions , wee 
haue finne, and abhorre it, it woundeth vs with feare, ic 
fcttcth before vs condemnation , wc haue aftncc & fee- 
ling of Gods anger againft it,and hcl gnawcth vpon our 
ibules becauleoftran/grefllon. 

O blefled ftatc , and trcafure of gladnes ! this was the 
image of Chrift when he ouercame finnca markc of my 
redemption in mine ownc flefti, that I (hould not faint. 
As the funnc maketh the day, and the night darknes,.ib 
thisafHi(fVion for finne, is the badge and cognifanceof 
our ccrtaine forgiucneflc. And hcerein fee the goodnes 
ofaimighty G O D, whith turneth all things to th? beft 
to thofc that loue him. Through feare of fin the Deuill 
fighteth againft vs, without feare of finne wee could nc- 
uer hiue boldnes .■ through ang^ilh of heart the Deuill 
would,puerwhclmevswithfbrr(;>we : without anguifti 

, of hart we could neuer haue ioy. In feeling Gods anger, 

the Deuill would make vitode(paire ; without feeling 

his threacning, & trembling before him, ^c could neuer 

t! I ' ■ haue 

,, Gtdly Letters cfU. i>em^. 
haueftrcngthoflaith, that his mercies areforeucr. In 
allfufFenngsIamhke to Chrift, they are the markesof 

the Lord I Himfclfedoth rpcakci/wd^r^ishmcorrfai. 
•»,then,reweksfl^ds^^ndn,t f^n^s: and to fhewe what 
our corrcaion (haU be, he faith in another place : ifr,] 

ve Aljo beparukers of hit refurreUion. 

Who hath -heard fo great faluation as this ? Euerie 
weapon where-with the enemie ftriketh , the fame ar- 
methvs to greater laluation : and euery wound that we 
doe receiuvhefamc confirmeth vs toafurerlife. Then 
( as before I Cud) care notfor fin , forthatisabolifhcd. 
fo heerc I may adde. care not for hell, for the ncerer we^ 
fcele It, the further wearc from it. Let then, feare finne 
that fetle it not.and let them be afraide of condemnati- 
on that know not what it is, vppon whom deftrnftion 
ihallcomcfuddainlyasan armedman. Oureycshauo 
beenekeptwakmg andwehauefeenc our finAes.our 
harts haue fhmted before the anger of the Lord . and wc 
haue not defDifed his heauenly calling , therefore in the 
day of trouble we Ihall haue reft. 

f nrH f^ lit I?''' ^°' ^''' ^'^''•" ^*» ••''though the 

Lw.5;-? \ ^«.7«would wetruft inhim.X^i^. 

rightcoufnefTe. againft hopehc beleeued vnder hope: 
and ifour hope feemed to be taken from vs, yet would 
we patiently wa.te the Lords ley fure, vntill he ftue our • 
hopeagamcthatatthc laft our fiith might haue afeiinc 
glory and trueth of full alTurance. Anofher thing^ee ■ 

^^15°"'' '"1' u"''. '" T'^'' ^^'"8 ^« '^•'•^ haue 
temptation,andthatis, that wee may fee what is the 

I B 2 I glory 








GoMy Letters ofM. t>tri>^, 
glory of Godand immoitalliife : herein letvs meditatt 
in our bcddcs,andthinkeon this in ourieactpiacc«, in 
in the middeft ofour compafli^,lec chcfe cogitati<NU be 
often in ourharts^d in all places let tbefe be our mu&s. 
When we (hall apprehend with all the ieruanu of God 
what is the height, the breadth , the length , the depch, 
we (hall know that the glory is.gf eat of immortality, & 
he is only to be beiceued,urbo (hall Qiinein honor when 
this vaaity is ouer-paft.Hisftrength is great chatlaid the 
foundations ofthe world, and his fcrightncs exceeding, 
that made the Sunne and the Moonc. His treafure and 
xiches are about meafijre, who hath giueii Princes their 
gold and filuer, and other predous ftoncs and iewe(s for 
the honour of man. Hee indeed is of moft eKccHent ma- 
ieftie, who is King of JCings,and Lord ofLords, and liis 
power is aboue all, who makech rickones his njefengcr, 
and death his minifter. till hee (ball aboltftj them both. 
For his mercies are vn^akable,tha£ (brgiueth vs all our 
fmnes j and his goodnes is greatwhohath had regard to 
the children of men. From nothing he brought vs into 
life, he kept vs from the graue , hee wiJlreftore vs , and 
make vs fee his glory. When I would thinke on thw.my 
fouleiscompafled withdulncflcof flefti, that I cannot 
feethefulncflcofhis feuour ; When I would confider 
in my hart what is his grace, darknes ouerihadowetb 
minevnderftanding,andallmy thoughts doe vanifliin 
his immortality. When I would fpeakc of hislouing 
kindncs.my tongue deaucth to the roofe of my mouth, 
and ftiy words Iticke&ft within my lips. But this one 
thinTg in all mine infirmities I can percciuc, that his glo- 
ry is exceeding great, whofe glory I caniwt compie- 
hcnd.and the life iilong, appointed vnto man, where 
his heart and oiiade can &c no end. 




pnd the glory of 
Jrand all the hoafts 
e. vanity, for death 

i>(Uy Letters of U. 

If all the ^orld were a flowing water . and eucry ycarc 

one drop ftould be diftimilhed,the fea (hold be all made 

dry. and the bottomes ofthe dcepe (houJd appcare be- 

jre he (hall ceafe to liue , whom God hath r^^Srom 

the dead, and this breadth and widenefTc betweene hea- 

uenand earth,. fjclhouldlifjied vp. and euery ye^re 

butonehandfuUofeaithadded to th; worke./et^/oi! 

net (hould ^hcgreat dift.nnc#«dored vp.and theemp- 

tic places randcful then he (fcuteafe from ioy and g lad- 

nes who (hall ftand in therefiirt^ion of the iult This 

IS the glory that hath neythetrp^jw-blemilh , before 

which me thinkcth, not only Prii^ • " 

the world, but the Sunne and M< 

of heauen are nothing elfe but md.,. .....,j, , ^or aeatn 

fcadoweth the glory of man,thwigtrhefpread his bran- 
ches neuer fo far.yct.thcgraiieclollth vp in little roome 

c a^"" A'rT^'-'"'!'.'^^''^*' ^^^o'-e was enlarged from 
Eaft to Weft. And the Hcauens that are high and fre^ 
from dcath.yet are holden vnder the tiranny ofenuious 
and confunriing time in which they (hall bee changed : 
Unely the Lord is in honour and maiefty, who hath (kt 
eternity round about him, and caftout time vnto con- 
tulion. OhLorde, where arc theyr eyes that fee not 

hSh'/^7l'T["^'"'^^\^'''"'^ regardcitnot M Who 
hath bewitched them, m the countenances of men , to 

can-y the hearts of beaOs, and to forget the latter ende. 
The Lord turnc them thatrupneaftr..y, that they m.ny 
knowe and fee where IS theyr glory, but the temptati- 
om haue ouer-taken them , which are aqainft ou^ ho- 
nour. When the Lord (hall deliuer them from euit^tbey 
(hallgiuethankci and reioyce with vs, that they al(o.^ 

HT3'r ?;, ^"'^.^'^'f'l^^^yo" (^goodMiftreffe 
HO and God hath vifitedyou in an acceptable time, 

, B 3 ^hofc 


i \ 




CoJly Letters qfM, Verin^, 

whoft heart he hath touched with fearc, andwhofiaf- 
fliaions he hath filled with hunger and thirft » that you 
Oiould mourne for the rederoption that is in Chrift^nd 
bepleafcd with nothing but with the grace of his coun- 
tenance. TbisisaSchoalcmiftrefle to bring youvnto 
him. and a bond to tycyott^ft.thatyou (hall pot befc 

perated ; and accompli] 
oftiis grace, till you I 
and till you can fay witi 

^-j:h you, this good work 
Lord with all your heart, 
blefled Apo&k , I Jejire 10 
'\ For this purpofewec 

arechaftifedoftheMw, and when our faith is tryed, 
itthelaftitfliall be made ftrong, that with it wee may 
quench all the fieriedartcsoffithan, and in righteouC 
neflc and peace, andioy of the holy Ghoft, runnethe 
courfe that is fct before vs, till in a blefled ifliie of happy 
dayes. withagoodfpyrifewoe may ky boldly, L^rd 
now UtteFi th$H thy SerMnt defm in feut. Which I 
befccch God the Father of our Lord lefusChrift, the 
«-od of mercy, and Father of all confolation graunt vn- 
to you, Amen. ° 

Prajr, f riy, pray, pfiy , this if your beft ftrnic* where. 
I ra«Hcryoui4iiecy It niMl bound. 

l^Mtn ojEd. Der. to Uiftris ©/ 


GRacc, mercy, and peace from God our Father,^c. 
I had much Icucr good miftrcs B, come my ftlfe 
then write vnto you , but as other things arc farrc 
contrary to my dc(ire,{b is it in my comming vnto you, 
and tam conftrayncd rather to write then to come , but 
God appointes our waies, whether I come and be with 
you, or elfc be other where and heareftom you , I truft 
andamperfwadcd, that both I (hall hcarc from you, 


. Ctdfy Letters ofM. Tiering. 

'•^^^j J?nf ^^"^ ^^«^'™<= conftancy in the louc ofrn, 
eth. and ftill increafe inthe kno wiedac of trill rh? J 

pceofGodhauemadetheworkeTert 'tfe^ 
Begune,andyou with allyour heart andal you S 
h^ ""S'^^'a^l^'^' ^nddelight in all obedicnce^f h « 
holy will. Whereunto though we be fuffidcmlvpe 

doepraik, and the righteous doe loue ; yet a creuer 
prouocationismyou. becaufe God hath giuen^vou a 
good eftate,m which your example fhaJl K/?! . 
jnany, and becaufe Go^l hatSyou with ah^ar^ n? 

in all well dome furmount thepraifeofyour profefilon 

and efpeciallygecaufehethatLch (Slid yo^uThX' 
that you may exprefle his fimilitnde and Ee Jc in all 
your wayes. and this good couric throXu^ld " " 
whenGodofhismeirvfliaM m^v. a ""g" cuuj aaycs, 
•fliall r^^ ^k-« u^^. . "*^" ftnught vnto vs we 
fit sfied iSrh ,> '7 '''' ''""*"^- Our harts /hall be 
wSdl7h fei"^°"f '^"P' Mfpeakenotasthe 
Sty fo^:'aS^^^^ blefled arethe 

mignty, tor all thefehaue wings toflieawav andhiaf, 

iicrfiTv^^^X ^ ^'•^^g'-ovv againft this, and all ad- 
SSr.! ° ^r°"'°"' '" ^"eftate, and times: 

•B 4 deatl», 

GbMy Letters efM. Dermg. 
death, life, yea whofoeuer, in wcakenes of body.in enu y 
ottime.in vncettainty ofeAate , in danger oMife, orm 
any thing elfe, becaule nothing can fcperate vs from the 
loueof'God,nothing canturnevntoour harmc, for we 
hauc his promife that is able to perfbrme it.that to tho/c 
that lone God ail things hajbpen foi the beft. This pur- 
pofe oHiPe is (one had . and this courfe is eafily begune, 
but the truitcofit doth not vade, nor the gladncs of it 
fiiiill neiier be loft,fo that wc Oiall not , nor by the grace 
of God we will not forfo little labour lofe fo great a re- 
ward, nor for a little pJeaiu re which vainely we thinke 
is in other things, receine the reward of our foolilhnes. 
which affuredlvwcjtnow hath euerlafting griefe, wee 
hauc not fo vnfruitfitHy learned Chrift.nor fo vnhappily 
gmen witnes of his truth, But better things belong vnto 
vs, in better waies we wiUtimoe our courfe , in a better 
"ope lay downc our bodies ': The Children of the 
world Ihall make the world their portion , welooke fof 
another Citty ofwhich the Lord is the workeman, and 
we will not build vp our vnhappineflc in thevainede- 
iires and concupilcence of this world, neither yet (fee- 
ing God is good to vs to fill ourdaies with peace ) will 
wee dcnic any comfort that is offered vs in this prcfent 
pilgrimagcbut feeing thc«arthlii theLords,and all that 
therein is, wee Haue perfcd pleafurc in friends, riches 
authority, honouf.-ifali be his I All arc pure ; if all be 
ofhim/'lnall is plenfure : for where his kingdome is, 
there IS rrghteoufndrc and peace,, ind ioy of the holic 
Ghoft.-and forrowe and finnc ;is caft out, onclylctvs 
care itt all thingcrafcgood.fo-wcvfe them rand as they 
^arccoirupt.fotolet them alone. Saint Paule. fcacheth 
chat to the pure all thinges are pure , but to the impure 
^thmgcsarciininjrc : And the thinges of this world 
' ■ ' ^ ' 'arc 



GtMy Letters of XL •Dering. 

arc made according to the confcience of man : Holdc 
thi»torememi»eritatnoonedaycs, and let ourrevncs 
inftrua vs in it in the night feufon , that wee fecle our 

heartesmflamcd withthcloucof God . and that.tmay 
be acceptable vnto vsas our^wne \\k . to fct forth hfs 
praife; That wee acknowledge his glory which Ihi- 
ncthinallhisworkes, and then the Lorde hath fet vs 
inalargeroomc ofhbertv, where wee walke with bold- 
ncHc in good delight of Jrft creature? ; and in dcedc. 
& in truth this it is , when this affeftion hath taken root 
within me,and I fecle the worke of it perpetually with- 
inmv mindc, whether I bce>fbJiowingmy Hawkcor 
my bowlc, I raakea more acceptable faairice to God, 
then the hart barren of this louc ofGod an do, rhoiieh 
theknee bo we or the tongue fty , prayfcd be the LoixJ, 
forcucry one that faith ^Lofd/LSr/, (hall not enter 
into the kingdom* df heaucn , bot in whom fo euer the 
oucof GODdocth raigne, and -hath driuenoyt the 
kwdcdifiresofa diflbiut« mindc; him God hath cho- 
len^andthc fpiritc of his Sonne Chrifl cryeth within 
him. Our Father : yet I meane not heere to luftifie thcfc 
worldly minded men, to whom the day is toofhortfor 
their va-nc playcs,except they reacbit out til mid-nieht 
a Gardes and Dice.- fuch people, as they commonlic 
hll thevr dehghtes with blafphemic, fo Ictte them 

h!!?Ii^"^ru' ^^''^'^ '*"'"? G°d '^^y "^"'='' felt. 
buttlwGodofthis world hath blinded their vnbelee- 
uing hearts , and in their vncleanenelfc there 1 leauc 
ttKm, till the finncs of their ybuth bee rotten in their 
bones, thattheymayfinkedeepein their own^lhamc. 
Mvmeanmg.s that the man of God whofe foule do, 
eththirfftofeehisglory,-and hath the ioy of his lyfe 
inimmortalitie, in refpefl of thewhichheaccoHflteth 

B 5 all 




Gfidly Letters $/}€. Dering, 

all the world to be but dung : I % , that bub may haiie 
truedelightin the dales of his vanity , the fmelling of 
the dogge, the flying ofthe bird, the qualities ofal crea- 
tures, they were made for him:aiid he is iniorious to the 
blood of Chrift, that thiciki he may not vie them.but al 
theTe things are good for onr recreation, to comfort the 
frailty of wcake bodies , & to bring re&elhing to a wea- 
. rie fpirit : which end, if wee fivget , aad make it our pa- 
ftime, and Co call it , then weturne our paftime into un. 
For what is our time that vre are weary of it', or what is 
our lift that feemethib fldw to pafle I are wee grieued 
with the light which the Lord hath fet in the Heauens, 
or is the feeling of our body burdenous vnto vs , or our 
eye-lids painra with being open^or are our eares woun- 
ded with the found ofthe ay re , or what griefe , what 
care, what fbrrow is it. why w^ wi(h our ti me forgotten 
and paA ? Surely loi knew not this , when he faide , Hit 
timepailed fafterthenapoflrnor Dauid knewe it not 
when he thought his life but a fpanne long : and Purely, 
he hath but a wretched life, and let him not loueit, who 
is &ine to runne to the birds ofthe ayre, and the beaftes 
ofthe Bcld, to feeke ibme comfort againfl it. And there- 
fore(good Miflres B. )let pa{limealone,and be not wea- 
ried with your good dales, your times are pailed meetly 
well.and you haue fecne forty yccres filled and gone,the 
refidue bchinde will pafle with them; you fhall not hold 
them ifyou would, but paflime and they will dwell to- 
gether, till our appointed time fhall come : and one end 
fl)all be vnto all. But then you fhall fee another ffatc,and 
this enmity betweene vs and it^fhall be taken away ; we 
fhall not be weary of it to wi(h it gone, and it will not be 
weary of vs to weare vs away , but Tymc and we (hall , 
dwell together, aad the glory of God fhall bee eternallio 


I Bering, 

CoMjf Letters ofXf. Dering. 

before vs,and we before his Maieftie in immortallity. A 
blefTed ftate, a hope of life, a glorious body , a heauenly 
minde, and woe belo al thefe time pafTers oflF^that know 
how to delight in this, but haue more pleafure in all vn- 
deannefle : when the end o^itbeir labour fhall come vp- 
pon them, they fhal feeleiMDfe grieve in one day , then af- 
ter (hall be ended world wIdMSUt end And in one fen- 
tence of an angry fudge ( pfjftM e»r/iduU0 eternalljire , ) 
they (hall be wounded wui that miferie , which world 
without end (hal refl vpon diOB , and their old paftime 
ChaUneuer more bee found : hot this is the portion of 
them that know not God. 

But as for you good miffa-es B.yov haue already pafled 
the dales o^our ignorance, and the kingdomeof hea- 
nen is come vnto you with po wenyou loue the truth of 
the Lord Ielus,aiid allfiilie w^^esyou doe abhorre:you> 
doe fcele the hope of the Eleft ot G O D : and it hath 
quenched the defires of vngodlines. Pray ftill, that you 
may haue increafe ; and read the Saiptures , in which 
you (hall haue comfort : thefe will leadeyou in a pcrfe£l 
way, and neythcrPaule nor Peter haue a more blefTed 
cna, then is for vs, in a like precious faith : and I (as I am 
bound) will befcech the G O D of mercy, and father of 
our Lord lefus Chrift,that he wil looke vpon you, to fill 
you with his grace &c holy fpirit. that it may guide you, 
and all your children before you, & your children com- 
mitted to your charge, that you may dwell in the newe 
and bleded Teftament ofthe forgiucnes of finsjthrough 
faith in Chrift lefus, who' hath deftroyed the worke of 
the deuill,and is able to keep you for euermore. And to 
his gracious defence, I har tily leaue you and all yours. 

Yourt in the Lord Bd. Dering. 




.. i -.., 




\ ■ 

GoMji Letters ofM. Derin^' 

TH E graceofoor Lord lefijs Clfrift be with you c- 
ucr. Amen. GoodMiftrefle Baret, howc laynel 
♦ J u^^"^^ ^ withyol^ Ood knowreth, and howl am 
indebted to doe good in yonr iiouic.in ftjouJd not con- 
feflc, I muft needes accufe m/.lc|fe of mm:h vnthankful- 
nes : but God alone dirpofethall our wayes , to beefo as 
Pje-vTcth faim,whora hartUy I befeech for bisfonncs fake 
bJefle vs with thatblefflng which hce gauehis Apoftlc' 
that in all places we mayjk vnto him in lefus Chrift a' 
fweet r.uo\(r oflifiyntolife to all his Saints with whom 
wee are. So fhall I nfcre gladly, walke all the waiesof 
his appointment, and vou more willingly bcare with 
mmeabfcnce. tbc wilfof Godbce done inallthinecs. 
When you are at Bray , ifthcL^t^ wiU. I Ihall be more 
quiet with you. In themeane ome.( good MiftrefleJfo 
beleeue as you hauefeene and heard . and pray for mc 
that I may hue to his glory , who hath ftewcd mefuch 
mercy, that I may % with the Prophet Dauid ; What 
Jhall I glue agAtnefor nUthat hee hathgiuen met \ And fo 
doe you reioycein the bleffingthatCODhathgiuea 
you, that more & more your elhite heere.may bea fiire 
teftimony of a more^jlelTcd hope , that Ihallonc day be 
rcuealed. when honour and glojy (hall fucceede in the 
place^of labour and forrowe that now aboundeth. 
The Lord blelTe vou and all yours, keepe you. and rIuc 
youapkntifullblefnngin his new Tcftnmcnt , and in 
his kingdomc, which is righteoufJieiTe', and peace, and 
loymfne-hoIyGhoft, the glory whereof (hall not-bee 
darkened, when the Sunne and Moone fhall loofe their 
light,and fame men with defirc if it, that /hall fill vs 
oflccwith the countenance of the Lorde. A glorious 

I hope 

Goibf Letters <^ M. Der'mg. j 

hop« in an earthly Tabernadcbut a more glorious per- 
formance in a heaueniy creature, when we (hall be hce 
Bx>in flnneand death , and bee made like vnto him that 
fittethatthcfighthandoftnaiciticand power. Which 
time the Lord God fulHil in the goodnes of his pkafive, 
for our (cHiles hope : in whom we haue iecled our hope. 
Commendations, &c. ■>...: 

-.:-.—. ..,■'.' JfoMn EJ. DctJng , 



TH E grace ofour Lord Icfus Chrift be with you c- 
uer. Amen. lamfoarie that hctherto I cotilde not 
oome vnto you, and I would be forry, ifyoufiiold 
thinkelhadlcBcrbeeany whcrethenin your houfc^ I 
had thought (hortly to haue come, and I felt my felfe 
ibme-what ftrong and able to trauell , but nowc on Fri- 
day laft, the cleuenth of this monctb* I had a feaucr, and 
fiueorUxedaicsaftcrlfeltit, and my ftomackc is very 
ill euer fince,and my cough much increaikh.This is my 
healththatGODgiuethme, But let him doc his will. 
he is the God oHift, and one day will abolKh thele trou- 
blefomethings,and make vs fcele health in immortality, 
and I befeech him for his Chriftesfake, to remember vs 
in his goodnes, that we may know all his mercics,& then 
I am wcUaflured both you and I, and all weake bodies 
fiial fo little care for the frailtic of thefe Taba-naclcs,that 
we wil reioyce in the remembrance of putting them off, 
to think that we fhal fee and take hdid of him that liueth 
eucr,and will one day make thefe mortall bodies like 
vnto the glorious body of his dcare &(. welbelouedfon.. 
Thiswcknowc, and m this wee are comforted : and 
hold it feft good Miftreile B. euen as you will hold your 


' /i 










Godly Letters tfhf. J>erin^. 
happy dales : for the hope of itfliall not be confounded, 
but when all our enemies haue focnt their euill wils, and 
can doc no more hurt vnto vs , bee (hall be on our right 
hand whom we haue looked for. and heeflial] call vs 
wirh that blefled voice, C^me ytblejfedofmf Bather^ jVf. 
Let vs pray to vndcrftand this , for it hath plea/iire and 
effeauail gladnefle, more then all the &ire countenaun- 
ces ofthe world, in which ind cede there is nothing but 
vanitieofvanities,anda}l is vanitie : and thinke good 
Miftrefle B. how many occafions are before vs to caufe 
vstoforgettcthis, or to let thcdefircofitto be quen- 
ched in vs,or at the Itail to fill our felucs with other plea- 
fures ofthe world, but G O D (hall kccpe you from the 
corruptions ofthe world, ficgiue vnto you a wife hart, 
which euery day may fearch your thoughts , and fufFer 
you ncuer to forget your latter end : and feeing eueiy 
day doth bringyou nccrc vnto it , let euery day kindle 
more and more your :. Teaions,that you may loue it vn- 
to the end : and then your hope fhall be full , and our 
mouthes opened for euer, Amct». 

Yours Ed. Dering. 


TH E grace of our Lord leTus Chrift bee with you 
euer. Asltruftthe Lord doth ftrengthen you to 
berterhcaith.that youmay liue to his praife, fbl 
am defirous to hearc alio of your Jimendement, but 
much more (as GOD hath made manifcft in you many 
tokens of his grace ) Co 1 hariily pray, that you may bee 
madceuenasPaulc,tomourneftiilin this earthly Ta- 
bernacle and to fay vnfainedly , Itiejire to he diffhlued^dr to 
iKWithchriJl.Thiii&ihM good iifuc of life to which I 


Godlji Letters ofM. Veritig, I 

haue often praied that I might attaine vnto itrthis is that 
mealure of grace, which as lam moft bound, fohartily 
Ibefeechour God and Sauiour, thatitmayplentiftilly 
bepowred vponyou. Andifwe Iballbc made in out 
liues (b happy, then haue wea dwelling in perfed peace; 
and indeede wee beereceiued into the coucnant of the 
newTeftament, that wee Ihould bee filled withioyof 
the holy Ghoft. :•'.••'•• i 

For what can dilouiet vs, or what cm be grieuous vn- 
to vs, ifin the face of/efus Ghnll we fee our rifing again 
from the grauc,& feare not before the (hidow ofdeathj 
all other afflidlions they are but mii. ifters vnto this, and 
in the prelence ofdeath they arc difperled, and they doc 
not follow vs vnto the dark places. If God wil haue mer- 
cy vponvs to blcflcvs into this vidory, then hath hee 
giuen vs our inheritance in plea/ant places, and our por- 
tion in a happy lot. What foeuer enemies are againft vs, 
they Ihall llriue in vainerand all th i ngs contrary vnto vs 
(hall haue no ftrength,for beyond death there is no po- 
wer in them, and oeath it (elfe is delpifed in our eyes. If 
we felt not this in our harts, but would leeke outward 
teftimony of men, let him fpeakc that findeth any grea- 
ter fiiare then this. The ficke pcrfon or prifoner may be 
loth 'to die,.bnt the dead man he feareth no euill : and 
they that liuc in profperity, this is not their feare Icalt 
they (hould haue a fall, but it is death that is bitter vnto 
all them that haue peace in their riches. Seeing this then 
is the greateft Tyrant that maketh Princes tremble, and 
thatanguifli of hart that turneth all plealure into worm- 
wood , whatfoeuer is vnder the Sunne, good \^ftres 
B.as you are,fb abide : & as you haue already rfceiued, 
fo abound , till the good graces ofthe liuing GOD 
haue made you ftronger then fin or death : fb fhall your 




I GoJl^ Letters ofM, fkr'wg, 

dayes be all in bkding, and yoursccounted times haue 
true delight till the latter end doe (hine in hope. So (hall 
you be bold to (ay with Dauid } Surely the Ltri wiUdeti' 
uerTnefremtbeJnarcrf the HiuUtr^ sndfrmi the tuyfomt^ 
fejttlence: ifbtU notbee ajraid of the feare ej the nighty ntr$f 
the arrtrv thatfiyeth Ir/ day-, nor tf thefefiikrKe thttt waUceth in 
the darkenejfeynor cjthefUgue that defireyeth at noone: I haue 
fet the moH high to bee tny refuge ^ ami there /hall no euilL come 
neerenrj Tabernacles, The Lord bleflc vsin this good 
hope, and make ftrong our confidence in this perfwaO- 
on,tbatatlaft we may dwell inioy and gladnefleriffeare 
ha ue often recourfe into our frailc bodies, bccauTe wee 
cary in vs corruption, which is the ftrength of death, 
yet that fcare (hall not alwayes grieue vs, for our hope is 
pcrfea and (hall not be (haken. Wee (hall goe but as S. 
Paul, and Peter, Abraham and Ifaack haue gone before: 
and not onely they, but our Fathers, our Mothers, and 
our decreft friends are gone with them : and all that are 
behind (hall ouertake vs. The trouble of the traud muft 
needsappearelighrinthe middcftof(b happy compa- 
nie 5 or if their lout auenoc fuch force in vs, that Pa- 
rents and friends, A pofWes, Prophets, Patriarks, and all 
the Saints of God can make vsiayiZ^z-rii^ wrt/&/A^r/^i&- 
teous^ and let our latter end be asimto him, yet (iire when 
among the dead I haiie(ccneChrift,&inthegrauehauc 
found the G O D ofglory,! Qaallfay withaperfefthart, 
Chrilt is n^ltfe^ and death is mineaduantMcs, Whatthen 
remaineth more vnto vf , but to ftriuc with folly, that we 
may come vnto this, that GOD may worke with vs as 
with.his Saints.and we may be partaker with the happy 
Prophet, to fee thclouing kindnes ofthc Lord, which is 
better thenlife,2nd to lay with him : AstheHartlongeth 
^ter the water brookes,fo my[ou{elongethtofeetheLerde-j : 



Godly Letters ofM f>ertng, 
andin the mean fcafon thacweyct fulfill our accounted 
nme.wh.chtheLord grant for his Churches fake, that 

you may doeuen vntiiloJdageandmaByyecrs in cocS 
mcreafeofyour children, chiWren. andKypeS 
hischofen people. Jnthe meanewhilelfaySty^^^^ 
hope may bepreaous beforeyou, ^in tlns^^rthSyTa' 

S^";/'''T^'"'' ^°u°^^^ foraSauiour. euenS 
Chriftthenghteous, who (hail change th,s corruptible 

t^m/wh Tt If r '^^ '° •"' glorious body,in that bWed 
nme which (hallfcatterawayallaffliaion, &feaie «nth. 
m the happy afTurancc ofimmorralitie, which (hall bee 

in euerlaftmg nghteoufncs. I„ which hope the Lord 
grantmanyyeeresyoumayreft. ^ 

. lotinEd.Dcring. 




J.. ■rti .'r 

Tq Mijlris 'S, 

n Jefe ^°T™^^^'^ ""r T^H'cncmade 
^ inJ^ru.Chrift,fharwc!iwy feclechcforeiuenefTc 

E: oV "^ ^TJ'^ ^^^^ ^^S'-'' :^ (good Miflres B Vo 
hcarcofqur;fifrcomming home, ;^dIwouid bee d»d 
tSrf'^^^"''*^^°'"e:^tour Saint 'i/^^ 

GodtSL3,/"S.£2"uV^.^^^ ^° bcareagaine that 
i^od cotitmioA hK^<>d'blcffings towaVdi you and to 
cemfieyou that (Ithanke God> 1am now(4arthen- 
VVhi<jh<Jpd.wiil, lEor'ini^akh oatmd^^^. 

I m w mii t mWi M: 


\ .. 


rtOivj^Uucbyhis word. Inficin^fli JLa- ■ 

WMdcd euery man goingaftcr his ffind h^H ^ 
and moft doe elorifie G O D nr^ ^T^ l !"» Horfc ; 

mcbtGcucthauheonebc as amSwhS^''"'^ 
oouctous as wbe brutilh.and GodbTlrot^'^"^'' 
all al Jcc. wc may take vs againe the UmennfS^^ "' 
imcrfontisthegrcat mercies of GO^^tCweh^'" 
cpafumod.Butiffuch bethcmifcrvin Vhl, u "^"^ 
thatarea^tofthe world,bat by cS 17^''^'' ^" 
the world .• Let vs not Joie tLS 1th f;^^^^^ 

nemievntoGod,a„dthen wee SnSe conH '"'; 
with the world when Chrift fliali com! condemned 


eares to heare, that wc might bl wife harr^H '" ^^ ""J}^ 



Gtfi/y JLfWw (fK ©WOT^. 

ttught tofayalmies before God^T^yaw^-^^^i^ and if 
this beyoor praiers, then know that nothing hapineth 
hutby hwappwimiicttt, .ftd be contented witfSS 
^hackdonc, TothatyourMmay beare you witM^ 
that of all things the Lord is moft dear? vntoyou : an^ 
tZr n'il^'S'"*^ °n'y yo»r hart to loae the Lord, 
and they Ihallfecmeneither great nor ftrongvnto you 


c^fetheyjham.rcedmvsa hofewhkh/baUn/^r mkc^ ^s 
#W.Orwhatcanbegrcat, if God hauetaughtvs. 
7hat the momcntAme .fmions rfthU wcrldc, they are n^t 

^''rthjoftheglepth^fh.lLbeereieaUi^nlovs: Or Xt 
S';^S'i?'^^^.^>'^"^ ^he Apoftle:Brw^«.«,,l' 

Surely good MiftrcireH. all ,s nothing, forafraylc 

itthatlhou ddifmayit? nayhowfliouldwenot (if we 
knowit well,) begladde, i/deathalfo were at our beds 

A greatClowdeof witnefles (as the Apoftle faith J are 

the l^rd doth fende, knowing that he is delighted with 
anSZfl'r ^'^^f" V"' bide thefe mLentlmt 
Chritt himfelfe. how many thinges fuffered they how 

bor:e^"^„'d"^'™^fr^'"'^ ^^'-"^*=-^^h^^^^ 

ft,Xl:?li ^^>'!^«"yo"r ownccafe whatiti,,and you 

C a Hath 





Godly Letters cfM Derin^. 

Hath your husband bcencvnkind toyou,b«ar€it, 5t 
you (hall win him at th« laft : If not, riianke GOD that 
you can continue louing and ob€di€nt,eucn vnto an vn-- 
kind husband. And I aflire you in this one vcrt'uejthere 
is more comfort and ioy, then there can bee grieft in al| 
the dilcourtefies ofmen ; & what is that crofle ofyours, 
inrcfpea of that which Abigail! did fo long and pati^ 
cntly bcarc ? But your (bnne hath grieucd you much, 
yea butyou haue not the hudreth part of the griefe that 
Dauid might haue had for bis (bnne Abfoion : and will 
you be more grieuedthen he ? Yourfonneltruftftiall 
yet proue wcil.and you ftiall fee his recouery: ifnot.this 
manner ofdileafe is rather a teftimony of a confcience 
grieued with hJseuill doing, then an argument of his 
deftrudiion, (b that eucji in tihis griefe you haue great 
caufeofioy ; and whatif God take from you the com- 
fbrcofonechild, leaning again vnto you the comfort of 
agrcatmany : Willyou,orcan you repine againft the 
louing kindnis of the Lord ? Howe glad would Dauid 
haue beenc of othcc good children in thelolTc ofonee- 
uill 5 yet you haue loft ndne,neither isyourfon knowen 
to be Co euill, but you m.ly rcioyce m him againe .- y et if 
all things wereaseiHllas you could imagine, what then? 
Where is oar lone to lefusChrifl, thatgaue his preci- 
ous bodie to the death vpon theCroilefbr ourfinnes ? 
If we will notleauc Sonne, Daughter,and ourowne life 
for hisfike. Can one hairc fall from you r fbnnes headc 
butatChriltscommandement ? Isnothee bead ofhis 
Ghurch, and all things happen they not vnto vs as hee 
will ? Hterin you fhall know you louc GOD aboue all, 
when you can forget the child of your wombe, for his 
fike. And therefore (good MiilrcsH.) giue not your 
Me to any inordinate a^c^ions to offical G O D, aud 



Godly Letters cfMi Derhig. 

hurt your icife, but lay and think, Th^ will be done O Lwdy 
and when the time fhall come of our latter end, wc (hall 
neuerhaue end of the bleUed lifi: which God ftiall giue 
vnto you,and to all his Saints in that day. Thus in hafl 
lam conftrained toceafe to write, but! will notceaic 
to pray, that God may blefTe you, and giueyou his ioy- 
fuU Spirit, to fill you with all ipirituall comfort, againft 
the temptations of the world, and all theenuie of the 
deuill. Andprayforraeelbeleechyou, that I may ac- 
count all the world to bee but dung, to the end I may 
win lefus Chrift, (to whom)theliuing and eternall God 
I commit you for cucr, Amen. The xix of Aprill. 

'.:- "fi. 

Your; in rfi' Lord Ieriii,theontly 

., foroiuenrsorallourfinnts. 

, , , EdwarciBermg^ 

: , - Utters of Ed. Vering to MiSlrfs /(. 

Til E Lord God direft vs with his holy fpirit, that 
we may loue andfearehim vnto the end. Amen. 
It greeueth me good Miftris K.thatyou fhould be 
lb long ^iHendon as now you haue beene, and all thi? 
while I could finde no leifure to come vnto you, and 
whatfoeuer my ftult hath beene hcerein , I will make 
no other excule,but defire you to forgiue it. And I pray 
God though I fee you not, yti I m.iy fo remember you, 
as I am bound, and Co my not comming vnto you fhall 
grceue me the lefle. Now touching your ownecafc, I 
know you are W\k. to fee, that the Lord giucth y,ou new 
inflrudions to bee wife in him, and to giue oucr your 
ielfe vntohim.For as God hath blefTed you many waies, 
andgiucn you a good codling in the w<^^^ fo he viiitctU. 

-• ^3 you 






GoMy Letters -ofM Vering. 
you eucry dav and humbJctb you with many chaftifc- 
«tnt3 before &.m. God hath gfucn you husbandfchU- 
Jeq, femily.aBd other bleflings,but you cnioy none of 
them withont acrofle,fomctimein one thing/ometin^ 
jn anothcr.and commonly your owne weakcand ficklv 

body makes yout^tyou cannot haueyourioyasyoj 
would. Yea I doubt noc, butitisfo abridged vnto you 
ttotfomctimeit grieuethyou that you cannot haueei- 
tbercareoueryour hou&a5you witorattcnd onyour 
chdd^cn.asyou defirc, orrdoyce wkhyour hus4d, 
asothcrwireyou m.ght. But this griefe God rccompen- 
cethwithgreat benefit. for our lauiour Chriltis dur 
good warrant, that this is the lot of Gods Saints to tn- 

v?ut^'''"¥r^^'^'^°"^' rothatthemoreeh t 
you be forro wfnli, the more you be fure that the liuing 
God hath giuen you your portion .• and foyour forrovJ 
IS lov vnto you Besides this , the minglin/of your ioy 
With forrow^and wealthiwirh wo«, iaa happy tempring 
vnto you of h^auen with earth, that you Ihould neithe? 

fcf^'*^!r'^!!'^^°"<^fi^«'^i^his meetc, butac- 
)^^^f " ^' '"^ ; fo foue it ,s tranHtory 
thjnp,and haueyourgreat ddightwiththcLordalone. 

Th« good MiftrnK-youfenotre, but yet this faHb put 
you m mmd of; for though God hauc bicflcd you , yet 

you arebuta weakc womnn,and baucneed(in the com- 
mon frailty of mans nature/ to bee ftirred vp with ex- 

^T^Z^}^'^^^^^^'''^'''''^^''' ^rch xs the 
«ftf ofa« ^eoftG^d^he^hU ctmmnndemmi.^ar this 
K tiie ^ole fcope of om- lift . which when wee haue 

wS 'u " ,^PP<^"«^ «"*> wee ftafi fee the hope 
wfech wehauclpngfookdd for: arid when rmfnortahty 

'-■ T ^ iare,, 

[Derin-, lu. 

Coi/y Uttm of M. Vering: 

ftare, we fliall fay then , tlefed he the dai in which firft ifee 
Uariudu/earetbe. Ltrd. And the Lord bleflcyou with his 
holy fpirit, that you may in the midft oi other care,haue 
pleafiirc in this.and in other Ibrro w reioy ce in the Lord, 
and alwaies reioycc. Com mend me I pray you, to your 
little ones,Nan,Beirc,6( Mary. And the Lord make you 
and maifter K. giadde parents of good children. Amen. 
From J*i^/f, cbelaft of February. 1575. 

\ourt in the Lordlcfu, Ed. Derinj. 

To lifJJlris /(;. 

TH E grace of our Lord ledis be with you euer. A- 
men.i thankeyoii good Miftns K. for your Letter, 
and for your medicine , and for your good will to 
him to wliom you before did owe fo little. Touching 
my difeafc, I did fuddainly cough S^fpit much blood, (o 
that when with much forcing my felfe.I refrained,itrat- 
tcled in my throat, as if I had bin a dying : next day in 
the likelort I did , 6c once fince the taking of thefe medi- 
cines for the ftaying of it. It is now ftaied.butlfeele a 
great flopping of my wind, and much prouocation to 
coughjwhich if I did.I Qiould (pit blood as before.I pmy 
you aske your Phyfition what heethinketh bcft to be 
dontf. And good Miftris K.againft all difeafes and ficke- 
neflcs of the bodie, doe as you do, and daily encreafc it. 
with an vnfained teftimony ofyour own hart. Commit 
your heakh^y our ficknes.your body, your fbule, your 
Iife,an<iyourdeatb,totheproteaion" ofhimthat died 
for vs, & is ri/en againe. A ficke body with fuch an aide, 
bath greater trea/ure the the Queenes Jewel houTc. Pray 
ftill, and pray for mec. 1 fee the goodnes of G O D fuch 
towardes race, as (I thanke God ) except finne, I weigh 

C 4 not 


' > ; 







Godly Letters of M Derin^. 

not all the world a feather ; and with as glad a mindc 

Ifpitteblood,(itruft) as cleare fpittle. To tho/cthat 

loue God,a]l things are for the belt ; he hath a hard hart 

that belceueth not this. For the Church , I commit it 

to the Lord, the Lord grant with that afFeftion that I 

owe vnto it jand for all my labour in it ( I thanke God ) 

lam guiltie neither ofcouetoufnes, nor ambition, but 

as God hath giuen me grace, I fought onely his glory. 

I write this vnto you good MiftrcfTe K. becaii/e you 

know it, and that you may themoreeffc(!tually remem- 

bcr.him, that will knowe you when the worlde, your 

health, your corruptible body , death and linne itieife, 

hauedonc their worft. Commend mee to Mailtcr K. 

your little ones, to MaiflJer R. The Lord blelTc vs all.that 

we make our bodies fliaKe, and not our bodies vs. ra/e 


I Tuus in Chrifto, EJ. Df ling. 

To Mtftris /(. 

TH E Lord God who flicweth mercy to whom he 
will (hew mercy, and haue compailion on whom 
he will haue compafflon, according to his louc 
with which hee Joued vg before the world was made, 
looke vpon vs, and leade vs in our waics , that in rightc- 
cufnes and holines, pcice;, and ioy of the holy Ghoit,we 
may finilhourcompafleand ceme vnto him. Amen. If I 
could, good MiftrisK.doeas Ifhould, then my waies 
yfKtt perfed among men,but it is with me as with many 
other.fmallhindcrancestoan vnwilling minde , areoc- 
cafions great enough to keepe vs from doing well. This 
hath made me to pretermit many duties which had been 
better done. And I dare not aiafce any other cxcuie why 

I haue 

Godly Letters ofM. Derhig, 

I haue not written vnto you oftner; for though Iliaiic 
in a weary body many thmgs to do, and could makecx- 
cufts which you would calily belecuc , yet fure I am , if 
floth and negligence were vtterJy gone, a fcwc lynes 
weec Co foonc written, that I could not want time for h 
little labour, this is true , (f^Jif erranti medicim cenfcpo. 
Touching my lickenes, hee that (cnt it he docthruleir, 
and as he willfb farrc let it goe. I fcelc yet difficulty of 
breath and coughing rand I fee p.ilenes and leanencfle 
abiding ftill, yet I thanke God I am fo well, as we fuppo- 
led all to haue feene you at tienden this next Monday, 
but God hath changed our way, and by occafionwee 
haue deferred it, trulling yet to fee you very thortly, if 
the Lord will, to whom we commit both your wayes 
and ours. And now good Miftris K. fiirther I need not 
write vnto you, for which cauftyet cfpecially you craue 
my Letters, I know whom you haue bcleeued , vppon 
what ground you ftand, who hath icilcd your perfwa- 
fion in you, he is able to keepe that you haue commit- 
ted vnto him,eucn vntill that day, that the things of the 
world arc changed before vs all. Afflitlion may be great 
and make vs murmur,profpcrity may abound and make 
vsproude, the world may till our eyes and our earcs, 
thatfbmetimc wc may be blinde and not fee our hope, 
our ovvne concupifcencc mayperaduenturciling vs that 
we forget the good workes wherein wee had delight 
butthecouncellof the Higheft ftandeth l^ift for cuer; 
the Lord kno weth all that are his. In this Tower of de- 
fence our dwelling is madcforvs, and the gates of hell 
fliall not preuaile againft vs. When wee finne , v\/e muft 
needes beforrowfull , and tooffendefuch a Samour , it 
will grieuevs more then death it /clfcrbut to remem- 
ber ag.aine lb afliircd hope, wc cannot but rcioyce in 

C X. tijc 


Gtiy UutrtcfXf. Vmng: 


rammmrngmy felfe ,„,o your praicr. Ib&r h 

youB. Commend me toyour little one" DwSonZ f 
wrmng m fuch . peece o/paper, I coTd S" ™ht 
*f''*'f "■ "\i '"y »ift w,lh to feeyou. The Lord kc» 

YourbouiKlen in the Lord, Ed. D 


To kfftrU I^ 

TH E Lord God dircdl vs in all our waies thnt thev 
- H ''^ vnblam.ablein h. fighr,and o" fi^:'^ ^ 

be ftrcngthcned in the ble/Ted hopeof his Eicd o 

mind h5??^°" '° "'"'P'' ^^^ •■'^ •'' f<=ft«'"on t of my 
rnind that I forgctyou not.and as a difcharoe of tha du 

b«^Kou,thoughyoa had otherwife done nS for' 
m«.jetl were vnworthy of fuch good will Anlill 





Codi)/ Letters ofM. Derin^. 

hatieyet written vnro you, aslmuftnccds. Andlhar- 
tiiy pray that God may cncreafc his goodneflc in you 5c 
carncftly bcfeech y ou , as you haue rcceiued that, foy ou 
would abound more and more, a (hort reqaeH & foone 
heard : but exceeding difficuh to fome to praftife, and 
yet not diflScuIt vnto you , but cafic and light as you can 
defirc.forheethat is borne ofGod. ouer-comraeththc 
world. Andtheannomting (aslohnfiyth) which you 
hauereceiued ofGod, dwellethinyou, andyounecdc 
not that any man teach you, but as the fame annointing 
tcacheth you all things, and it is true and not lying, and 
as ins taufiht you, you Ihallabidein it. 

Maruell not good MiftrcScK. that I write this vnto 
you, nor be vn willingly affcded to hcare ofyour owne 
happmcs. It is (as Salomon fayth^another mans month 
thatpraifetb you and not your owne. and what nccdc 
you ftarc. Andlfpcalcenotdeceitfijlly,whichItl»ankc 
God 1 hate, norghie I titles (as lob fayih) which the 
Lord doth abhorrc. But feeing (as I am certninely per- 
fwaded) thacinyou, which Saint John could fee iftthc 
people to whom he wrote, and to whom he gauc Co ho- 
nourable praife,why (hould not I b< bold vpon fo good 
warrant, to fiy alfo vnroyon : Yoo arc the Lordes • and 
God who hiftified then his Apoftles words, hee will iu- 
ftihe them now andeuer, for hee iifmercifull without 
end Let vs not then good MHlrefle K. bee hencefoorth 
tofrowfiiHorfamt-hearted : Paul and Peter, and all the 
Apoftles and ProisAetMiaue ^oken glorioos things vn- 
to v», and we Avill belecoe th^m-. A nd yet not they, but 
rfteSpim ofGod hath giuenvs this teftimonid. and it is 
WW. For what wwethe Romanes, Corinihians,Ephc- 
fians Galhphian^, and afl other whomf the Spirit na- 
meai SaJntsand'HoJy ones, were they ticftisyft > Fraile 





Godly Letters qfM. Derin?, 
and kveake as wee, and our fiith as thetc ? r . 
fceleagratdealeofinfirmicyin^iurSjues d,H ' T" 


Cof^/y £rt/m ofM. 'Dering. 

CdhimcridmcetolvJan,Bcfle,Mary. The Lord bleffe 
you with them cncr, Amen. 

Thaw in Chrift Bd. Dering. 

. - ,jv. 

ALetterofM, El, Ve.totkLady G. 

I The grace of wir Lord lefiw Chrift, be Tvith yoii «ier. Amen. 
F either I mighc doe the duty whereunto your well 
deferuing hath bounde mee, or might requite with 
thankes that with all your good will you haue defer- 
ued, 1 know andconfclTeit (good Madam;iong iincel 
ihould haue come to fee you: but fuch is my cafc,as I can 
not doc either what is moft meet, or what I moft dcfire; 
iorfometime by bu lines, and fometime by ficknes , and 
fometime by opportunity ofothers, I am holden heerc, 
that I could neuer yet haue opportunity to ride ftrre,or 
tofeemynatiue country and nigheft ftiends. Once in 
Sommerl.wouldhauc gone to M.B. beiidesWmfbrc, 
and thefecond nightof my trauel f could not fleepc,but 
tarried a fcmennight in the fime place . and then came 
backe againc,ill at ea(e;thus it pleafed God to dcale with 
me.and fuch a body he hath giuen me, to the end ( I am 
fute) I Ibould not louc this prefent vanity,but remember 
him that liueth cuer, attddiftretobtdiffblued tefeehUglo- 
Yie. And thisi bcfcechyou thinke to betheonely caufe, 
that I haue not of long time fecne you and others, with 
whom otherwife I would wilh to dwell : and if it be the 
good will of God to profper my iournics in time conne- 
nicnt, I truft to (ce you ofcncr heereafter ; but his will b« 
done.who appointeth our waies,& num bi eth our fleps, 
and doth all things for the beft to thofe that loue'him, & 
to him if lean commit you in my daily praicrs , that fo 
my fpirit be prcftnt with you, kovv long focuer Ibc ab^ 

I /eat 



fuppJy with hcfe Letters -'nJLL u '"''"' ""'^''^ ^^ 

hope, till vvithalifehanyoSth^^^^^^^^ 
account vp with the worlds nnA^ made your 


hiseiftstohis£>Ir».v.^.,j. u o'"»^'v""Jire,and vie:iJJ 

andthecntranceofyourgracc Qiall h/rhi k — '^"^» 

you more plcafure in one day of voSS rhin k^'"*" 
nothing better th^'n t.. fxii """^V "' '^ *"ow 

I temptations 

IDering, ii. 


Godfy Loiters of M. Ver'mg. 

temptations Ihall be continually againft you,but God is 
able to let you free from them : cait your care on him, & 
youhaucwonnethcvi^ory. And tothcendyoumay 
know him, and how to trult in him, as the Prophet Da- 
uid did fo let vs doe, that is : Let vs make his tellimonies 
to be our delight, and excrcife our felues in them day & 
night,for they oncly can make vs wife, and rcnewe in vs 
the image ot God, that we may bee perfcd , as our hca- 
uenly Father is perftft. This hope I thanice God hath 
been before me,that I haue not feared in any troublc,& 
in a good conlcience ofthis doing, I liad rather haue the 
difpleafure of the world, then with lolle ofthis defircot 
any hurt of it,to win the fauour of all mortall men. And 
fblamfureit (hall be with you thatday , in which you 
ihall (bfeele Gods glory and eternall life , that you will 
confecrate your life for eucrvnto him, louehim, fcare 
him, long afterhim : It (hall bee more ioyfull vntoyou, 
then the day ofyour birth.and your hart (hall befette a« 
S.Paulfaith, t^vfe thevperU as theughyowvfedit not : not 
to forfake the world or worldly things, (fjr they are the 
gifts of God for the comfort of our life) but as though 
we forfaked it, fo let our loue be taken from it, & be cuer 
with him who is the giuer of all, and hath immortality, 
there is not a day that pafleth ouer our heades, but it aP- 
flifteth the body , and maketh it a day ftiorter Huing then 
it was. Let there not bf; a day but ihall ftrengthen our 
feith, that we may be gladde wee are one day neerer the 
prefenceof God then wee vwrc before. Andlbeleech 
God ( who onciy can doe what he will ) workc his good 
will with you in all fpirituall blcffings , that youimay a- 
bound : and in the condition of this life that you may 
reioyce.tillyoBr accottnted times beallfiitftll«d. Amen. 

■1;, , . .i' L'Tfci«ihliefc*dItffi««f.'*)tri«S. 


^ II 

1 I 




acath wc may be hano v ^L " S^°ry.tfanDinl,fe & 
iongowed vntoyou doth ,^. l?'^^^*^"'>' f^'atlhaue 
foJdcn me to write it th^J^ ' ^"fficJentJy docth em 

ro this vvoric. mU bJclfc the lZ ^,"^""' ^"^ ^^"^d mce 
^Wcto his glory Sc vour.^^''"'''^''^ ^f ^'ly be prof 

■ thef ?''''^r^"^ fhat it reueaJe^^ 
ti«^rharts.thntit maJteth thcS W '"'" '^' ^'''^'^ of 
bm, and to adno wJedge his mf °'''"^ '° "'orfhippc 
fi'^ that it cannot beeC ,h?f '^ P^^^"" '" '^ : I am 

^»h,nyoa,whoi;^" eot r'^"^^'^^ O'-'" h^"e 
icJf vnto the Lord tiJ aJ vomI S^i^^' ^° c<'n^ecrate your 
that I am nowc. more tan '^^^^^^ ^' '" ^'^ aJone sJ 



fo a good purpo/c the r IVi ^ , *'''^*" ^^^ Prophet (kith 


o^aii.Fearc Godandio»ll^ ^^'^^"' ) this is thefum 

yov tho«ght,,yo"; dX "^Tour goods.your crcdT 



Bering, JS. 

. Godly Letters of M, Verm: 


tnow what is the comforr nfTI r J . ^. "g^- ^O" 

the gladnesofa mother inH u,. ™ "8"- /ou know 


decpe, cuen as they hLe beenc hSte" r '''' '°''^ 

wombc; but in them you hau!nn rr. J °^->'°"'' °^"« 

fit of adoption, by Xh vnut '^ '^^^ ^ '" '*>« ^P'- 

child ofGoJ. Youkno^^^^ 

band, with whom you hw haH ^^"1?^^ S°°^ ''"^- 

dnycs: buthowmu^chis ie/,^^^^^^^^^^^ 1"^ ioumg 

gladnestofceleyourfclftiovnlHr-T 7 /^"^ P*"^^"^'* 
a chaft mem berS« oriouTbnH u ?"'^-«^ '"-de 
bcioyned foreuer^ ^°'^>''^'^*^o'"you/hal 

ofyour courfc yoSrT ^'''i ^^^" '" ^^^cnde 
this toimmotaC Tot h?.?"^ f •* '"^ ^'^'^^^^^'"^ 
thiftges wb^rewi f God hi^ ^'^'^ to pretermit many 
fi"gryouhatoX„eft'«^,J,^Jj;^^ life as a b J 


^ bJefflngs. 



GoJfy Lettirs ofM. "Derlng, 
bleflings. Sich then in the world is noc fure refuge , the 
more 1 haue fcenc the fruite ofyour faith, the moreaflu- 
redly I know the conftancy ofyour aindjeady to leaue 
the world to approch necrer vnto God , and to account 
all thole things to be but dung, to the end you may win 
Chrift.in ivho you dial be (o much more bie/rcd,as light 
is more bright then darknes.hcalth is more excellent the 
ficknes , and life more preciousthcn cruell death. This 
(good Madam) you haue long knownc,and with praift 
profcflcd it among men : And now efpecially reape the 
fruite ofit in theic dayes of Gods vifitation , in which in 
a weake body you haue had a fharpc fickBcfle, to teach 
you that your life is in the hands of God, and the nature 
ofyour body that is but duft, fo thatyou fliold not louc 
it but in the Lord.nor be plcafed with it but as it pleifeth 
him.ready to lay itdowne when he Ihal call you. This is 
that great and high commandement ; To lone Godaboui^ 
all, and this is the greateft obedience recjuired of man , to 
be re;idy to die at the will of God. Vnto which comman- 
dement when I doe beficch you willingly toyce'dc, I 
fcele in my fclfe howc the nature of man Itriueth againft 
it; all thole delights of wh ich Ifpake before ( the plca- 
fures of this prefcntlifc) they arife againll it : although 
we had no other comfort,yet life itfeife is fweet vnto vs, 
and we are loth to make our beds in the darke,our eyes 
they would yet fee the Sunne.our cares wo.i*id hearc the 
(oundc of worldly c!ements,though our 6efli bee graflc, 
yetgraflchath a flower, nndourfhiile bodies haue vani- 
flatijg fantafies agrecdblc vnto them, a$ earth vnto earth, 
& from which moft hardly you ftial pul it away, the Pa- 
triarkQsand Prophets wcrefometimeafraide, Paule and 
Pctci:.wcrfi«Jo«ul>«aie9bftldcv they {©ucd eucrthatlyfe 
whic&th«TyftWcioJiopb^ bur.tbeyii<<i fteic the death 
•^ ■ a which 

I !■ 



,^ Godly Lettert of Mi Derin^. 

which did fight in theirmembcrs. And how fljould I 
then fay Vritb you a weake woman, fcarc not death.or if 
I lay it, how can you pcrforme it, becing fo weake a veP 
(ell of flclh and blood : yet good Madam giue mee leauc 
to intreateyou,andI hopeyou Ihal haue a hart to grant 
it : I moft humbly befecchyou feare not death. The A- 
poftles were men as we are. yet Paule obtained at iaft to 
bedilTolued and to be with Chrift : if we be weaker then 
he, the graces of God ftialbe more exalted in vs , and wc 
alfo Ihallfay at the Iaft , Zet thy f truant O Lorde depart i» 
feact, Itis the Lord that hath promifed this blcffing vnto 
vs,let vs haue it with foith, and it will make death vile in 
our eyes : it is enough if we know GOD will giue this 
viftory to his people, let vs be bold , though wee ftare a 
little while, yet feare (hall be caft out, and wee (hall fay 
withafreefpirite, O death where is thy fting, &c,Try 
your fclfe therefore euery day, and ifyour hart be bold, 
reioyce good Madame,and reioyee for euer; the lalt and 
greateftenemie( which is death) is trodcnvnderyour 
fccte,and what els can hurt you; all other things of the 
world they are but leruants of death , and lerue to make 
his power more fearcfiill vnto vs, friendes or kinf-folke. 
golde, filuer, precious ftones , or all other pleafiires , all 
labour vnto one end, to make vs morelothtodie, van- 

3ui(hdcath,andyou haue vanquilhed all, height and 
epth, life and death, all is yours , and you are Chriftes. 
And Ice I befcech you what glory you haue gotten.you 
are but a weake and ficke woman whom God hathlhut 
vp in your chamber, and tved to your bed rand yet the 
great tyrant ofthcworld.thatholdcth in bondage kings 
and Prince3,and woundeth them all with feare & terror, 
he isconfounded before you, & the Lord oflifc he hath 
crulhcdbiminpccccs vnderyou. A blcflcd day that 
P % broughtyou 


-■*»''-*"*■ •■•■IBM 



OoMy. Letters of\f Derm. 
you firft into this bzttdl,^ blcffed firtn*>.7f«» ».« j 

the viftory ; for who hath giucn you thiTSrh ^ 

who nigncth in you in iuch% dayfbut hc^ho hfrh r ""J 
and done it. o A /,,^^,^i;H„d i? ^h^^^^ 

^whohathabolifteddeath , &inwhofergK J 
Ihallneuerhaueanyrule, whattreafurc whatdeothnr 
loyandgladnesniailhc brine withhim-S^p*^ 


Sti feaSiha^^^^^^^ 
-II maris rearef ull fhail be ferre from you ; the burthen nf 

dZyJ'u"''^''/ ofthcdeuill. the Lour of hell the 
dre.dfi.U words, Go yecurfcdintoeternallfireAMr^^^^ 
« abol.fhcd and troden dot.ne in the Cro^ ofS 
Chnft.whora.gncthinyou.andgiucthhiVto ,h" 
you fcarenot death : an/aJl things%hat fiKh U nor 


ed death)you (hall fcele then all withii you uSe t& 

ft«p of Saints and Angels, the forgiuen.s of rSnes X" 


ofgbry : your eyes ligi^tened with a pure fa th ftiH fee 

death & the feare of it;yea you fliould thinkc your time 
wearmesifyourdaies ftould bee prolonged fa"d you 
wh,chyouareaftrangerK-om theprefcnceoftheLo;d" 

ftall be of the end of your iourney. when your hirt Si 

£*u !! •■ fi ^^"" '^"^--^hly houfe of thrrabiJ cte ■ 
M be d6ftroyed,you haue a building giuen of God a 
fethufiuthyouMaotonlynotfeare death b^you 


^^'''y Letters cfM: Derm. 
fl«ii fi|h and moaneCa* Paulfaith^rill vob f^ «^H.-f - 

^UtterwrittmhyM.m. Dnrm, tohuUri^nl 

docyoaanyferuict. GodtheauchorofillZ fc r? 

^ 3 Lord, 


f 1^ 

' <i 




.]9M eogcthcr, and as a wife Walter, Jcaracof a faythfbll 
fcrxiaar :>rhat is bcft to bee dpne : the worft that our fm" 
^ft do vnto vs, IS to hy vpo y$ the iuft reward ofdcath 
my difcafc which thu, afflkteth me for many thoufind 

lmn<;«^.tcanbuttake,awayn.yJife which Ihipcfo abu- 
^. ; And allyour decjic diiJjniuIation:and hvpocniie. 
your|reatambitK,n,,,yourfaithlefl^ m^^il ^h,/h* 
haue^bewitched you. whaccanthey dolmore then 
tfiis i The remedy now is,to make ofncccffitie a vertuc 
that 15, to bcarc it wifely, which you muft needs abide. I 
baucIthankcGOD, found that grace, that I can W 
this % ing, cupk dipiHi, ^ efe cum ChriUp, the Lord al! 
fo open your hart, and guide yourvnderftanding. that 
withall Saintsyoumay doelikewife. andpray,^;^! 

And now. forafinuch as this is the laft duty, that I 
am hke to doe vnto you, as G O D rtiall giue crace I wil 
foaduifeyou.aslmay teftifie mine owne faith & make 
you ftrong againft theday oftrialrtruAing that our God 

TbiiTv t •"""■ ^il*' '"^ "'8"^ ^"t' him that 
ab^«h King for euer. There is now but one thing 

ncccflary for you to learne in this lift, that is. how you 
raaywiflinglydcfiretodie , a hard leffbn for a natural! 
man,For death is our laft enemy and his alTault moft vio- 
fcatfor thetrialJ ofourfiith ; butChrift who hath o- 
Sf^kTf ^^^\^J>^ h«". he hath broken the ftrength of 
ehttbaltell,and fct vp the fong, of triumph vnto aS that 

gladnc*, iXMh where u ihjfiing f ' 





conliderwhereforeyouarecdJedwdl Irlf ?^^ 

cntly. for this is acccptableto God :C ?yout I J^ v 
^P<^:dIly vnonnllhischiIdrcn.andyoufh;id.tn eV^^^ 

Lo. d fpcak openly the truth.Sathan is enemy vnto v^i^ 
his flights are many: if you will trt'-iA^tU.v . 
pent vndcr your feet & rnnrii. u ^f '"f'''^'<^"s i^^- 

i When 





' GoMf tetters of M.'Dermg, 

When Acan had traofgrefled in Uracil and ilderued 
<leatb,y?h«ihevfas brought to judgement, lofiia laid 
^IKQhtm, My fQnJbefeedithce glue glory to the Lord 
|Cod ofirra^U, rodke confeQion vnto him, and (hew mee 
now what thou haft done. Loe my Lord] this is to giue 
glory vnto God j to confcile your lin, and tell what you 
haue done.Thc good king Dauid when he had deferued 
4cath^nd feared greatly the ftntencc of the Prophct.hc 
confcflcd gladly and made it knowne vnto the world 
what his fin was, and wherein he had oft'ended. When 
God gaue his lawes vnto IfracI, & in the blood of goates 
Sccalues (heweththe thecedemption that was in Chrift 
kfus.heeib ordained, that before their forgiucnes was 
preached, the high Prieftlhould prodaimc openly what 
were the fins ofthe people, and /b lay their (ins vpon tl:c 
beafts.So ftandeth it now tvith vs, if we wil find rorgiuc- 
nes of our fins.lct vs caft ofthe cloakc of {hamc,and con- 
tefle before hcaucn and earth, what we haue iinncd and 
what we haue done. What greater perfwafions can you 
yet reciuire, or how can you thinke to pleafc God if you 
wil hide your finsJThat was thepraftifc of olde Adam, 
butyou are borne anew : that was the fin ofCaine , but 
you my good Lord arc of a better kindred. Speake the 
truth and (hrinke not, God will once reuealethefecrets 
of harts,6c then you flial rcioyce that there is nothing of 
yours hid: fie vpon that fin,that you (houldturneaway 
for Qoehowreand recciuc heereaftcr euerlaftingconfu- 
fion: better a thoufand times to receiuc the reprochof 
ilefli.and after receiueyour glory ofthe Lord. When 
lohn Bipdft preached firft the Gofpell, hce baptized no 
more then liich as con&fled their fins.The loft Ion when 
he ran away,he found no hope of pardon , till hee called 
heauen and earth to witncfle his great iniquitie. Paul 

I who 



who preached the Go^Il vnto vs Gentiles, howe often 
iiothhee confe0e that he was apafccutor. Thchappic 
theefc that was hanged entrcd not into paradifc , till 
hefirft in the hearing of Kraclfaad, wearerightl) puni- 
filed, andrecciue tilings worthy of that we haue done. 
What fhould I lay more , 1 truft you fearc G O D, and I 
hauefeeneinyou many iignes of grace, I doubt not but 
you will make it knowenwhatfocucr is in yourheart It 
is the word of' God that 1 haue ^oken, and it is the one- 
ly truth vpon which you may build your faith. This thing 
toucheth fo nccre the clory of God and the fafety of his 
GofpclI, that you nnuftnowneedes forfakc your friends 
andkinfmen, yea lorgettc iheloucofyourfelfc ; and if 
you haue been partaker of any counfcll.difclofc the con- 
fpiracies of the wicked ; youhaue ftoodcin iudgement 
not before men, for they ate but minifters, but before 
the Lord, who fitteth|in thcmidft ofiudgeinent. Surely, 
•fyoufeeketohidc yourfinncs, youfceke to hide them 
from him that knowcth the fecrcti ofthe heart &rainc$, 
and to diftcmblc with him that will not be mocked : and 
therefore with all humblcncflc ofduty, i befcech you, 
andinthenameofGodlcraueihis at your handcs, vn» 
burthen your ownc conrcicnce,make your heart gladde, 
caft off t hi buithcn of your fccrct fins, purge the eyes of 
your mindc, that you mayfeeChrift,let true repentance 
breakc forth in holyconfeflion,{hamethe Lordei ene- 
mies, and make the Church of Godreioice, and loe in 
thename of Clwift I tell ityou: Blcfted is the day in 
which itwasfaid ofyott, a man child is borne, andblrt 
fed (hall bee the howre, in which it fliall becfakf ofyoti, 
you are deade in the Lorde : the clofimg vp of your eve» 
4!h«ilt beihe beginning of yourfijjht : anddeiwhyourcn- 
itiftiMioiO'lK^. And ncwjtiyLoid(,lfaeMifa.y6fi,di!»e 

I It" >' 

: MMmtffStn-.K**-^ ■ 

Godly Letters ofXf. Derhtf 

for mee, and humbly vpponmv knees, I askeyou heaitie 
ibrgiuenes wbain I haue not aone as it became me tou> 

You knowe howcin my time I haue perfvvaded you 
from your wicked fcruants, from your PopiCh fricndcs, 
and from your adulrcrous woman. Buc (alas) my Lord, 
youihigh calling hath bridled my wordci , I could not 
(peake as I fhould, my words werc-toofoft to heale (b 
oldea difcafc .- why fhouldi haue tarried in your Lord- 
(hipshoufe except thcfe things had bin amended } This 
bearing with your euill, was the greatcft cuill I coulde 
hauedoneyou. Ard Ibcfccchyou forgiucme,andGod 
for his mercies fake iliall make me ftrong,ihat heeraiter I 
(hall notfeare to rcproue the fmner, & God fhall forgiue 
you your dulnes oi f pa it, that could not be moued with 
a little counicU. Now my Lord^beeftronginthcLord^ 
and feare not,ifyou mu! tdic^rcmcmbcr that Chtift hath 
ouercome him that hath the power of death, and hath 
fette vs freeftom the power of the graue. Though yoo 
doe for a very little time tumc again vntoduft,yct again 
you (ball beare the voice of the Trumpet, corrupticn 
(hall die becaufe he wasno better then his Fathers, and 
you when you eoe, youlhallgoe to your Fathers, the 
long race ofNooilityofwhich God hath raifed yoi), e« 
uery one in his time is gone before you, andiomatfie as 
haue died in the faith ,tbey (hal be a^ain of your fellow* 
(hip and kindred, and you fhall p;|>i(e GOD with them 
MM not feare the (ccond death. TheLorde open your 
eyes that you may fee your hope, & you fhall loue that 
compahie abotiie Kings and Princes. You (hall fee Abra> 
ham ofwhom you haue beard lb much Jfaacjlacobflob, 
Samuel and Daniel, whofe names you loued, you (hall 
feei9aul anil Post; AhofeiociMie you wi(hfer« a)l the 


Godly Letters of^ WDerhi^^ ' 
Patriatkes, Prophets, and Apoftles that are gone before 
you. Be bold therefore, and be bold to die : withEhaa 
you (hall feeChri(t clothed with your Hcfbi whohaih 
inmortalitic inhis hand, and (hall make you raigne for 
eucr : your time (hall not be tcdious,and your glory (hall 
haucno change : and he that made the heaucnsio high 
abouc the earth, the fiin,thc moone, the aarrcs.fo full of 
excellent bcautic,hc (hall be your portion in his endle(rc 
glory : would God yon could fee himndwc with open 
countenance, that you might kuowc bis louing kindc- 
nes, how much it is better then life ; I would you could 
with all his Saints perceiuc what were the height, the 
breadth, the Icneth and the depth of Ins vnfcarchablc ri- 
ches. O happicdaies chat fhall neucr end, OblcCTed in- 
heritance that (lull ncucr wafte,C» liolic Cittic newe le- 
ru(alem,thepcrfeaion of beauty .where the inhabitants 
are Princei, Optecious buildinj; that is not made with 
hands, and ioyfull Tabernacles which GOD himfelfc 
hath pitched j iny.iFQi€« feileth, and my tongue clea- 
ucth to my mduth when 1 wouldc declare the cucrla- 
ftinggladncs, when God (hall wipe away all tcares from 
our eies, Sitherc (hall be no more dcath,ncithcr forrow, 
nor crying, nor yet any pain!e,fotthc firft things arc part. 
Who remembrcth this and faith noc, all flcfh is gralTe, 
and the glory of m an iit as the flowet of the field. Wee 
haue nothingheie,butfea»« ofourcriemie. ^ricfe inpo- 
uerty, paine in labour, care in riches, unftcalaftuefle in 
fricndfhippe, cnuie in authority, emulation in honour, 
change in nobilitie, feareli n a kingdom : and as the grea- 
tcft of all Princes hathwil'elie pronou.iced, vexttionof 
fpirit in all things that is vnder the Sunne, fo true it is va- 
nitie of vanities, and all is but vanitie. You neede no ex- 
arople.Omy Lord andMafVer, beholdc yourfclfe and 
^ * ' E » f«« 

• ' 



' I, 

'.. x> 

ft«w4tatyouwcre : reiokcin the Lord and louc better 
things, ceafc toeate of this coniiption, and dcfirc Man- 
ila } drinke notot ihcfe puddles, but goe to the pure wa- 
ter of life, which isclccte ds chrinall. and procecdcth out 
ofthe throne of GOD andof thcLambe : you are but 
one fteppc from chi. glorious bleffing, and that is to die 
willingly and well ; fpcake forth the lecicts o\ your harr 
•nd ^tMt God glory. TbeLotd blcflTc and keep you * 
"■ ^ i Oic Lord liti vp his Icbuntenance vnnn vo„ * 

I liti vp his Icbuntenance vponyou, 
and fend you peace, i , : >, 



»• '■ «. . 'in » -.,\ 

*- > -.1 ki Is 


s:'// .' 


. C'l" 



oiiM" • . 

; . ■*■'.■ ,L3 -■ ,' ' 


it»j«i,«ui,fr'£Vj<.:i, .1 

t,^-i-~. ,, , , ■'"'•'•''"* r<JI»»ni^V jots; 

XXVII. ^fe^^^ 

or read 1 1 

part of the lip.illc 

nritun te tin- 


Made by Maifler Edward 

Printed by FJwtrd Qrifjin 

for Edmrd BLunt, 


J/ It 


^^ii~r. -.,, ^^ *, 






■ i^y 



■ ■ .^■- 




> - * 





/•^'.•|»«« 1»>4 

crMptoffkith andknoT^ledge^ Ttith m em^ - 
neft zeale in ChriftlefiM * a / T 

HtEfifilt tt tbi Hthtmittm-kiMth 

mtflntctfftitjfnrtlu inm, whu (n 

f»r thtdr Mtff*i , tUht^ ^Sthmn 



•rS % -?« bMh n» h,n h*,h nude^mif^jMnft^ed. . 

ktl>^*y!Mdwb»fotMfri;uMth thfPnnakMt hurh knnlnr,. 
t^ifm^Jht4,i4Ad»HbU >f»Jfr,f,r bti^notfuiJtjofihf u,. 





To the Reader. 

••MedtfGod^nnomteinM^»uhcnmmn»j{*, but r*uhtht 
P»^fpvfiy»id^Kmit^»thMiHtrmthhtMl»nt utbtpr*. 

ehft^mMMMfitthvtkmtHT tMbmrniiu wbt wtrtkyrt. 
»mm^ »ffhfw*rd^fr9fimdriMml»fmh/mdMtfit$tht 
h-m»ngfimh »fthtpUniifiafr$iutktrf0fmMki$ef. 

nuexeeUtHtEpiftlf. »b»utf,Hrtj,mMa. WMttttttrnt. 
dedt» the Citi, ofLmtiH kj tv,, lem^d Mdg»dly mn, wkt- 
mdriIfHff^,^keireh9ie0»ftlMt EfijiU^ tuttMinmr wit 
HtetfJMij dtanM»fir»$irtim»i,whirtmtht ntmestftht (?«. 
H'^'l'jI "*"!r««*/f»»«i«/# wiwwci 4uit^ tkfffMet tftkt 
thtrightfiifrtjft 4nd^d0ntj4crtfic0 tftw Lirdhfm Chrifti • 

TothcRcidcr. j 

^fr"p'^M^)»rtMth,iliMdm,rftbrir htm, tFZL 







'. *-, 







^dkifrtjltthf CJHirch afitrhu d,mb:MMlMn>th«yi,kHiit^ 
l^fi'Uviprint^cMeneh^theChMrch.tbe KtZr^ni^f 

vnkHowne-J,tUtO»dh4Mtth,frmfii neMmh,tife.», I y,Ul 
'Lu^cref^iU th, /Mjld^andho^e. nh^ein/^Arpu. 


t*f. ToHchinithtfchufrchaun,, » loodlufmtnnK^ hi, 


^tkr£t,me^h4HMt,hf fiend. Trie mi tmmindMthn, 


y*oMAtf,^x^n, 4ndtsk!4Hsccmftif their A^ri,/, 

MndcemforubT, tJ,mg,,ey„thingi of ct^fnJl^e. hn>r»,ne 
thtypinjl,,kndftr v»nt of trite rtn^mtt u the wtrd, tr dtl,- 
gem regard, 0w/AfH«„„,^,by S4tMmidefi-Mi,fefe:wl!,er. 

'*'*i«h(>g6,dmtmm,!eue» the heart Jet thfreotivilkiJt-, 
lfif*re:wh,eh htm more fetMn thttthAt ismrepmi^M 

. uifmtelj, wh4tmdgemnt,whMtei^m,»hiir 



k*tdmf,mght;m4tttrjK4n4mfy htrt$tf»H, tkuthe wrid. 
hmmutfowMmimd: andm mem whhoMthe/Unt Im 
th*Ap»JiUlndeff,e4keth)h4thnet4fl »f,hefpirit, Indeltght 
Uilpu'itH4arvhet,they4rtt9htmfoeliJhHtS'e. But tfmttmuy 
tlMt0mkm4yii^4jfuffft .- Iv»a/dh4>tethnehtitt4» mteeL 
y»''^*itmthaj,ie4rmng4mikuml,dgemLH. Ik^,^ 
thmgkmer t»rthy,mm*rj, thutgh the vHe beet4ke>,e^ 
waj.4>,dthe/ptritmh the Lerd^et thedeari»erem4,Me,h t* 
tkeem ietteri;reiH4h,e tb»M mmdfi,/i how lo iM^f /W hertAf. 

*<rfmtfMt,theehydUtji4nte,y,htek h^herteheuk kymili. 
getKeiienbMnrtti. ^ * 

>^^iM.'Deerp,g.re4dmg..the refl, ^h,cb r,eret» the tenth 
Cheater »r there 4hei,t 4nd,he ether threeCh4ptert wMefer, 
4nddefirefemeetberm4nsf4.,hfnlil4benr. IfUnjmemhMMinl 
^'r^if'T^*^'f'"rem4mder i.kfteth4, whichwee -&«/ 
fii^he.ft.4ndie^m.,,mtdb4ning eeeercifetm the Church, 
^erie.4ndbenefittheChnrch, *herem„eldlmmeJeZ.ulj 
tndehed^nd 4lm»flnom4nC4refi,il„cmem0fdttt 

y'jnld^'h.feter.l.n,e,ede^th,^kjL.nvs4ilL Jh2 


77r,ii^Kf*^'^' ''>' 'f'^''i>UdrenefGJepened, W 
f»lfdledw,ththepr4ire,ofGod fn^a^mut 

» JJtv7r/''"^ 'i' ^"'■'^''^ '-■"'^-^^ r^,W/*., 
tmee.ycHtedgre4tmdeemen„ vpenonmnehbenrs renndt 

tllv* P^'f'"* ^""" f"*" ■■ ''^"^^etyytocenfider 

»rdnet; .nthAeh4ife:firJf^h.t „ein bretberi/cemSjel 
<^m^.n.>4rdfi,i^jUp Ument.4ndt. Htr/e^er (^teffe 





I ih 


{ . 



To the Reader. 

thfire ^ i / 4m ii it/:fii0>MMlf, tktitwfhfhMkffiiUHGtdfir 
9mfuut,tmit4rAdlfyttiiirf9lmtm tUfaigltm§i 4md 
trmh^nurjw^fitiint tt th l^gJmiu rfmrLiri lifm 
' Chriftjthi kjfig tfft4ef,m m Urge &• thefimt mMmir,thM i$ 
UvitffirtimthewtritflifnmthithiriflMt, tttitM diO. 
gmetit vfed^hMthfmrdmnhMit hufittfufftgt^mliiim 
ea$afentt>tnimhrowtfMlMtuH4irjf0m«r, t^euigj iftkt 

rttmemiet.Pt^fii And Athtifis, tmdtt the tUfinurj tft. 
fdiij^Mgimgvftf their 9WM*4eemrd, wherethewtrJu 
n«tflMted:fiiuU/jt»theetitt'mgeff»ffr»fhMHe tud letfe life, 
which Hov »diumeeth itftlff ^g^nft henm'.»,MdfrMt$kMh the 
Almithtj,exceftby d^iflmeit te irek^en eUvme, tM thf 
kftgtSm* afle/m Chr^mtjf he meft elenem tnth* earth ^ 
thttthefemutefmeH wuf hefffr^ireuice vmler thefinidew 
rfhiewmgjj'er 4 further viiderftMdiHg hereef^Md »f unity 
other liks wereifei m the lumrUdge MulfrMfhee efrhnfiimu 
tjJreftrthee^pmWSftider) te thtfe LeSttrti, hefeething 
Otdf Hniketlyltihetinfiiiitfidlmth hkeemim»Hit0tigi,e. 
ti^ifiy^^the Lerdim mtrcj wiiU iiuikfthe Chiirebei 
tejmdtkt/Mt, rmher p4rttd(erxef eir pe4ee,with 
fU et ^ tremefi tmtiftert. 




,«' • V 

/ ■>*>: 

The Prxlc(ftions of Ethoard Vceriti^ 
,.;■. vponcercaineofthefirft chapters 

. „ eft he EpifVe tt the Hehntes, 

Thefirft Lciflurevpon cheflrftverleofthe 
,. .. fird Chapter. 

I A Tfntdty timet dud in diitertmaimfrt, gedj^skem the tide 

|;» ;^ . XXfiote te »$trf«thtrt hj th* frefhttJ : m tbeje Uft dMes, hn 


Tpifiijtimts 4ftd m diners wumert^^ Be> 
fore we begin the expo fitioii of this E- 
piftle, I vwllbriefly fpeake fomewhat of ^, , . 
thefc three points r Why this EpiftleSU^ 
was written , bywhoih, and at what Jr^ttem, 
time. And iirft touching the cau(e of 
the writing, though we knowafllured* 
ly.itwascaulcfufficienttoleauefb excellent doftrinevn- 
to the Church of God .-yet a fpeciall occafion then giuen 
was vndoubtcdly this \ The lewes were ftubbornly fct to 
the maintenance and defence of the law of Mofei, holding 
faft all the ceremonies of it, as thingi neceflary, ncuer to be 
abrogate, but perpetually to bee vfcdin theworftjip of 
, God, Among thcrefiduc, they did efoecially ftriueft>r 
Circumcifion \ next vntoit.fortheobfernationofmei^, 
and drinkes, and times, and feafts.and (iindry purifying*, 
as thefc things arc namely mentioned in the S<4ipture:^Q , 
fides theft, other ceremonies, which they embraced, andSi.t!!*.' 
loued. And though many thonfands («>)tai in^ttjtft^^ AA.ai i j 

A Aftes) 



Aae«)did belccue :yct were they ftill lealous for theLaw 
nor would ptrfHWy hcarc of the abrogation of .t.Inlbraucb. 
that they and rhcirforefathers had made this an articleof 
theirfaith, anditis thenin^h article of their Crecdc. and 
they hold "tothisday ; GO Dgaue his Law to his faith- 
fuUreruantMofcf, andhewiilneuer alterir, nor chance it 
tot any other. And this thtir opinon, as it was rooted in 
thei^ fo they had very many , and plaufiblc petfwafions for 
It : thcyftrouc not for theihucntions of man, but for the 
Lawof Godj notholden by traditions,but written by Mo- 
r« } ootm doubtful! teftimony, but in mani'eft fliew of 
the ^ory of God. And this their opinion,ihcy did not think 
wasanyconiedurallexpofition.butthe manifeRword as 
it WM often repeated, that this fliouid be an ordinance'to 
them for euer. For this c aufc, the Apoftlc hauing compaf. 
fion VDon bi« weake brethren, who bcleeued in ciirift Cbue 
cw,..«c«. were alfc thotaddiacd to the Law,) he writeth vnto then 
,Mup.,u tbjjEwftle,by all rocane$perfwadingthem,ncuer to ioine 
tegetha our Sauiout ChriA with the Ceremonies of the 
^*r?*^hofe elonrii perfeA jn himfclfc alone,and al height 
■luft be abafed before him. He acated alone, and he will 
redeemc alone j He made alone,and he will faue alone i & 
CO be fci in compatifon with him, all the gold, filuer,preci. 
omftones, and all the ornaments of thcTempIe, they are 
hmb^erlyEUmenti. Nochingelfeinearth,nothingvndcr 
earth, nothing in heauen, not in the heauen of heanens, no 
vertue, no power, no ftrcngth.nonamcelfe that isnaracd 
in which, or bv which, wc can be faucd.but only the name 
of bfuf Chrift. And for this caufe,this Epiftle was written. 
Wnerinitftiallbegoodforvi, tomatkehow fromthebe- 
gloniapSuanhath ftriuentoobfcure & darken theglorie 
ofChnft.-andhow hehatbholden Aillthe famepiSpofe 
vadui|g94bly,cwoio9urdayei. Fiift he changed him- 





< r ' theEpitlktotheHknts, 

felfe into an Angell of light, with gloriousnames of Mofes, 
Moles ) vndcrpreteiKeofholinesftriuingagainft truth : a 
matuellous ptaAife, and in chofe dayes enough to hau« 
fubuerted the faith of many.For who would haue thought 
thatfuch men, fo great buersofthcLaw, of the Temple 
of Mofcs, (hould be enemies of the true Meifias I or be ig- 
norant of the faluation and fpirituall worfhip, which hee 
fhould teach them ? But here we Icame, not to ground our 
faith, neither vpon the glorious words, nor vpon the glori- 
ous names of mortall men ; for this decciued irom the be- 
ginning: but the word it ftJfcmuftbe graffcdinvs, if wee 
will not errc Sonowinthefe our laft limes, (in which the 
diuell flriueth as at the firft) we fee how many fay vnto vs- 

the fathers 5 and many thoufands are led with the (bund of 
words ; yet in ihefe words is no wifdome,onely ihey renuc 
the olde deceipt , in wliich the diuell fiflft troubled the 
Church of God. For what is theChurch they Ipeakc of? 
who is the pope \ who are their fatheti ? Arc they greater 
than the Temple ? than the Law ? thanMofes ? Jfnot,then 
their names may be vfed for a cloakc of falfliood, as the o- 
therswere. Then we muft trie them, and examine them, 
whether it be a true Church, or true Fathers they feeake 
of. To follow a Church you know not what, iitotruftto 
the Temple you knowe not how. And knowe it well 
fuch words are but mockeries, and futhfpiritei are ofer- 
rour and darkncflfe. Theetfefi is proofe enough ; for the 
end of their religion i»,tbat ignorance is the mother efiJe- 
notion. ),><, ^y^ 

NowtouchingtheAuthourofthii Epiftle, ^\xokwu,Tht Amh^. 
itsfciUethnot. For if the name had bccneheere,what had 
it (hewed, but that GOD vfcd the roiniftery of ^di a 
•nan ?&nowthcnaiincttiiockn<iwrt, itfceichctheapreily, 

A a the 


rtedoArineisofGod. And for this caufe, to the bookes 
ofholy Scripture, names areibmetimes added, fohictime 
-^ * "**^ '^'^^ doftrine oFthe Lord might bee vnto vs.with* 

'^ft o«w^ea of perfon. And for my part.who wrote this E- 

piftle, I cannot tell, norlfccnocaufe, why Iftiould ftcke 
It. For when the Spirit of God hath left it out.can I thinkc 
--. f r. r J V^^ \xtttr, if I ftould adde it I I remember MhanajtM 
ITrffin"'™* that fince the Gofpell was fitftpreached.thisEpiftle 
i lAj6.a.i9. ' ^* ^'^ thoughtto bee Pduls. But Eufe^m as boldly on 
the other fide, faith ; that he dareth conftantly affirmc, as 
the fcnfc is the Apoftles/o the phrafc and penning is fome 
other mansjbut whofe God fcnoweth. And thus much of 
the Author, whom we will leaue as wee finde him, a feith- 
fiiUwitnesoflefosChrift, euento thcendesofthe world, 
s^ but whole name we know nolt. ! ' .^ -j 

, Now for the time in which it was written. It is certaine 

S!lSi ? wasin the Apoftles dayes: For if it had been after the de- 
wMiwHttfn *™^*®n of Any^«i^. threatning fo oft the anger of God 
' to thole who would defpile his Son, no doubt he would 
haue mentioned fo fingular a^ exaplc.Befides this, he ma- 
koth mention ofJimtthjfuhh compa;iion and fcllowe, 
whowasfomou* among the Apoftlci. And it i» like that 
thisEpiftle wa« written about the latter end of the Apo- 
ftles age, becaufi he fiith j that thii doftrine firft preached 
by the Lord, hath now bin confirmed vnto vt by th5 that 
heard it. And noting the time how long the Gofpell had 
been preached afore,ne (aith 4 that time reauired that now 
th^jhould be able to be tc*;heri of it. Againe,in the x. 
chj^ter he putteth them in remdbrance, that in tiraei part 
thev had firfPered great fir manifold affliftions for the Go- 
(pelsfike. So that we esfilv fee this Epiftlc, as it is holy 
tndii^oftolicall in ehclruth ofdofhine. fo it bath aHb the 
hoaorofthtircime. Aadthiiifiinif«fcbeoccanoDiAu. 
* ' I A - r f.:f tbor 


• m^bt'^le\t(fthifiiiius^y: Cap, i, 

Ibor, indtimefrfihisBpiftlftifiT .nidriiiw' . irbtioi 
-''Now as brie0y asl canjl'vifill (hwve you the Ar^ "^^ 
ment of the whole EpiftUj antd^hatisihis ; Thaionely ip J*]J^'**' 
lefusChrifi isihc forgiucnes^ofont (ii^nes. Which argu- ' ' 
meni he handleththusj^i^ft letting outovr Sautoiv Ctvift^ 
who he is, in the ten firft cha^eft:. then, how faluation is 
through him, in tne tcGduept the Bpii^le. In fetting forth 
our SiuiourChiift whoheis^ hee (he^cchBrft the nature 
of^^ perfon, in the two^ift «h«peers;i then what in his of- 
Ssfiiin (bencxt eight. Touchiagb»f«t^, heeteacheth 
firft thai he i&perfedl God,in the firft cbafter: then,that be 
isperfc^ ma:i, inthefecood chaptcf { at which wee will 
fpeake more partici)l»ily,in expoundingof the text. Of hii 
'oAce^jih'bereof we f)yd be ino^atedim the viij. next chzp^ 
•en,hcieacheth thisiirftithwhee isdur Prophet, from the 
beginning ofiheiij. chapter, tothexiiij. verfe of the iiij. 
then, that heisourPcicft, from tlience to the xix.vafeotf* 
the X. chapter. And thouehche Apoftle ofpurpofe, and 
♦vith groat care, docpiainely teach.that Chrift is our King; 
yet bccaule this neccflarily followeth of the othcr,& there 
was no doubt, but that Mcfllis, their Pri A and Prophet, 
fliould be alfo their Prince and King j therefore he feemeth 
not to H)^e any particular trcatife of this.as of the other of 
fice^s.: birtlt he was a kingly Prophet, a kingly Prieft,& the 
Serine oiGpd jfoinptoofcof allthefe, hee makcth with 
them manifcftprooue$ofbi$Kingdom,asin the text more 
plainly/'God wiUing; I will (hewe, when I ftiall more par- 
ticularly fpcakoctfthcm. Nowof hisProphccic,intheiij. ^M^^ 
fitfotirth chapters heteaeheth this, that he is our only Pro- f'"^' 
phet{ proouing it fitft,becaufe the Sonne of God,tooke vp- 
onhimoivfiaiwc, the excellency of his perfon is warrant 
enough.that God ordained bim our only Prophet. Secoo- 
darily,hcwasfaithfuUinhiijaiaiftcnMieitbaaeedetb any 






tathe houfeof God aJont.Fourtbly^he Prophet fii 
^//;#jw/W^i,^^,.TNrfore \sy the Prophet csT 

^■a S'l[^PT'fe"*'^'^»'»"»hcendeththistrcacv Ofhi. 

r «KMot Che tounh chapctf.vh.it mnncp crfTrictt he ».«Mn 

«n.. ac made a way for v,,that^ might boldly ihwB«h 
jr^y ihcwetb. b«i.hi.ft,ieafeood & th «^w,^:^ 

Che PrKftof'thcLawr v.«san.ittrrallman liiceVntohi; b«^ 

T?^i u P*^P'" '^'"'f ''*'^'"S' appertaining to God. 
Th.rdhr,that he appeared not before God in hiilwn v«r. 
tWnghtejjurjc, but with oflTering, and fief ifica for 

h^t f °r^*''t'' ^^\'' ^"'' of compafn«n toward hi, 
bncth en,to pity them m thcitweaknes.Fiftlv.thathe hid 
h,. calhng ofGod :In all which tking^ChriilScd aU 



Jfin^^^S- J fiT''^' ''^'"P'*= «f Mefctifcdech A the 
«)parifofl ofthe firft coueiw»f,With the tabcrmiclfl 8c ftcri 

^kll r ^ °«l?''Jy,P' «*• The fecond part of the Epiftle 
wbich 15, h<m thit^„atK>n of Chrfft j, giocn vnto ^. in 

ifcttfitoinoflthn«^,ti^„^hfeithi.ttt«d inmanJe 

~ i affliaions. 

tbtEpiWet9fUFiel>ruesi\ dip. 

affli£^ions>andfiillbringethfoonh fruitin goodwoeiei. 
Now let vicometo the text. 1 toki yon firft, the Afo-) 
ftleprooueth the excellency oftheperronofOirift.Go(l 
and roan. In this Hrft chapter he proouctfa his Godhead, 
and bcginneth thus, Many times, S'c. In diisfirft verfe.fct- 
ting downc the gencrall propofition ofche whole Epiftic, 
chat God hath now made known vnto vsallour£)luation 
ia his Sonne Chrili j naming him, Son, tharihere titles at- j^„^^ 
ter attributed vnto him.mightappearc more,to beaccor- 
ding to the prophecies ofhim.Then ftraighi he dcfcribeth 
him.nuking it manifcft thnt he is God. Firft,by the glory 
which hufathei- hath giucn him. Secondarily, by the ex- 
cellency of his pcrfon. Thirdly, by the grcatnes of his po- 
wer. Fourthly, by the benefit purchafed vnto vs. Fiftly, 
bythe dignity which to hinjfelfe he hath obtaincd:all this 
kin the third verfe. Laftlv, b)r<:omparifon with Angels j 
which compariibn he maketh in manr points, alleadging 
Saipture, according tothctities before giucn vnto hint, 
and lb endeth this Hrft ch.ipter. 

r Out ofAis verfe lirltletvsnotcandconfidcrwell, tou- 
diingthilHoarin which wc arc taught by Chrift.-thc cer- 
tainty of it,which is firft in the Author, who is God him- 
ftlfe, eiienthe fame Godof ourfathen, which fomanie 
timet «fid waics.fpakecucr by his Prophets r'euen he in al^. 
fared trutb,hathalfofpoken by his Son. Thus giuing the 
authority of the word ofChrift to God the Father, that it 
might bcconfeflcd true,&to take away al vain quarrelling 
ofcontentious men, whovnder pretence ofthcname of 
God , would cafily hauc difputed againft onr Sauiour 
Chrift,and/aid : Wee know God is true, arfd hefpaketa 
Mofes,he fpake to the Prophets ; but this man ipcaketh of 
himielfe, and we will not hcare him. 

, A 4 To 



'lis Sonne : in vvhicSrC^r" 7?^ ">'''« »^-^Palcc^ 

tr«thvnto them, thatnomanhld fc^/r ^f*"*''^'^^" 
b..t theonely becotten Sozme, who's i^S^l!? *"y '^^^» 
F«hcr,hereueared,him. H«LX^?„^„'^'^'?«'^^ 

pcarethaJTomthcvvord, JZ2J? ""^''''*y^''»»«P" 

tbeconrraricty incur SaiTourChcm har^!!7r"'"*f" 
i»'m,nor many times, rcHeaKnehk wil i ^"^^P^^^ by 
fomc, then mbr«L; bmoncchcll 7 ^^ '" ""''c, . m,,;. 

trcafureofvvirdoSL::;?; tft^^^^^^^ 

<pakc many waves, evth^.k 1 t^' . before, God 

Aeamcs ; but now he hath fLil *^""''°' ^y vi(jon», or by 

ofthccoiwrcgation ohin ,«i j . '.'" wemrddeft 
and all va^ct? S^^la c f^?^t''"'"'^"'''«ring 

fore,Godrpakcbv "anyProir''^'"t V''^"'^* ^1 
pic ftoiHdhearehii^rS&S?^ .'*'»'''« -^^hisp^^^^ 

' tbeEpitlletotheFUmes^ Ctfiit 

iWe techeth, that Chiift alone.once eotn in th« daks ofim 
Jifc,aftcronemanncf andforraebathpteachcd vMo vaaU 
I!f?i^ fi*n ?' '^^*"' *"^''*^'^ doebcleeue. Now let « ^ , t T* 
maricefirft thcagreemcnt,and.henthefcdifferences,mani. ''Ifi ; 
fcftly to be feenc betweene Chridand the Prophets. Firft, ,wff "^^'^ 
»hcyagrccalImthis,thaiGodfMkebyd,&cthbonlvthc; rl// 

Noah Abraham,Mofcs,Dauid. Efav,Chrift, notoncoi 
them, fpalcc one word of a naiiirall man in all their miniftc-, 
ry, but onely the wotdtof him that fcni chcra : thacis,thtf 
Ipalce not thcm(elucs,bi,r God fpake withiatbctn. Whco^ 
foeucr were the tiitie, whatfocuer were the mcanes, whT 
/ocucr were the man, wberctoeuer were the place, what, 
focucr were the people,yet the woitfc w«thcLoijS. 

jmed. ,f he w,lltenumbred with Patriardis & ftX" 
Apoftlc, and Paflors. & with oorSauioiirChriA hiSc 

t acouenant GodhathmadetvithaUhi.fcma,?s,euen«' 

St^^tlf T*':??^ ^/ir.*rr. And andeedt ^ ' 
d^revn« I i »S*^' '•'boalonefeardieth the hearts & H.b,., I 




' 1 

r w^nJ^nJ*^*^ g**'iiP*«o«l.of tbeSf;;rirAn3 
««,Jvhofir «c(rengersareAforofwhomar«^fent? fc 

notGodom nufter ? &rt,»llwenotM>akeot,raccomMto 

vyecmu/hloolcev«t0iouxownc charge, andfor allorhef 





wy »«utie».whdmttoty.lho«ld only rpckcthe w^d 5 


i foeuer 


C^. I, 

ic«ud-i9 (pnmg vp Ontt,aiuUQnimcriiryjid«r«be'W»<ni|t 
ofamorcallman i as namely the idolatries ofthariMlehiV 
king and pricft.Prctie Giam/rf^thc Abicannes in Afri«.& 
the idolacrtcs of the crcat Cham, king & pricft ofrhe Tar- 
tarians in Afiaiandthc id«Jatn««of Ifiaael,king«id prieft 
ohhoPeriiansi and the idolacrics of Mahomet, king and 
pricft of the Saralins i and thcidolatricn of the Popc& pa- 
pall men, this day kings and Priefts, as proud as the other 
«nd of thele whacfoeuei' fcib baiK fprung of Homare. o^ 
Hnlys. Cufelbafoe or Cafiboc, ofdecrefcs and deerMdi 
Thomiftj or Scotifts, white friers or blacke j tlut eternaU 
Gorbell (as ihcy called it) morethan 200. y<a« fine* dc- 
uiicd at Pansjthc rcuclatton of S.Bridact^nl other doftrim 
and SKpoUtioiM, wemuib caft them aJiaway, b aunntt 
cawcnorin the warrant of our Sauiour Chrift once M«a. 
chmj vpon earth, which becaule It was once, itvon£etii 
all aher it, and abrogatcth ail before it, which bad diuerli* 
ty oftimcoithe Apoltlc him&He gati«xah.i».Ckinw 

\ he recoad diffirrcnce, that the doatine of Chnift 't^'/«^«' 
M taught after one fort. For though firft were rairadci» ''#«*^» 
and nowc none j iirft ApoAJes, nowenone .• thefe weix 
but mcanes to confirme the preaching , tiie Word one. 
]y was the power of /hluacion. wiiicbis the fime it was 
then. Which becaufe it is but one. therclore it is peiv 

?li' C' '^'i!'-^ ^^ ^"^^ "^y ^^'"^ beenabfolutcin him- 
Wfc, there (hoi.ld none other haue come after it : boric 
picafid not GOOtogiuethegloryviitoallthorcmaD, 
ncr of Rcuclations but rcfcrutd it to the prtaciiiBg of 
the Gofpell , wh/ch h«c hath made his ownc power to 
/aue all th« doe bdeeuc, and giuen it Ic^grcat graac» 
that It workoth moK aughtily tlt.in afl mi^ 7 and 
picrccth deeper i«o thcheatto.fjnam tfaaa any Manner 
*• •" pcrfwali- 




;^««g of Saints: rcu^^^SS^*^^^^^^^ 
<hing^hcGofpclJ, biZ r»c^„^^^^^^^ 
xb«owoebooi«aiMlJ««S5 B^*^ '^'^^^ 


' ifar and elder, muft S l!^ -a. n " '^^'''^ ^«"h el- 

which waxeth oldc, and Stt?""' -^ ''*"^ » '"^A** 

POfflblethatworke, ftoidd.^.fljficrhl^' ^*«''«>'^c " « 

oW^hcleaucthcn hisrighiS. Thl "'^'^ 

J»^«nottakcnvndercoSro? r '"^ 

P[cuaUeagainftmc.TheSSi V^ "or noximc itiall 

We as Adams was in Parad il k • '" " "«» chajigca. 
'^'ofChrift.vnite^w, hfc 

taith tf not quenched n,,rl« "'*"*y ^'C'mmirtable.our 



^ tht^letotheHehrues. , Cap,i, 

The fourth diiFcrcnce, is, in the fathers with whom the -. ._J 
hrftcouenant was made, who. though they were all called 2-'^3!? 
m lefu Chrift,yet was therca difference of their bonor,& '^ ^ 
cnery one more cxaltcd,as God approchcd more neer vn- 
to them. So Abraham and his pofterity were a more ho- 
norable pcople,than the other before him So the Ifraelites 
that had receiued the Law, and dwelt in the land ofpro- 
mafc, had greater blcffingthan their Fathew iniEgypt. 
Solohn Baptiftmore than all Ifrael. But nowe theythat 
are called of lefu Chrift, by his owne voyce. and in him 
crucihed before their eies. haue attained a Angular honor, 
&theleaft ofthem touching their calling, are greater rhan 
all Patriarchsand Prophets. And thefeaU in Ukc precious % 
laith, hkcfpirit, hkepromifes, likecouenants, likeaccep- 
ted of God, cuery man in his owne meafure of grace. No 
difterence of lewe or Gentile.learned or vnlearned. but all 
haue throgh faith one entrance vmo the throne ofgrace • 
that I ncedc not fay now, O Lord remember Dauid, and 
the Couenant made with Abraham}but,0 Lord remem- 
bermee,and the Couenant which thou hafte made with 
my Fathers houfe. For vnto all, both thofe that are nigh, 
and thofe that art ferre off. there is but one couenant 
*" L flS, "*♦ ^^*"" "°*'<^ ^«« l^nowe, not according 
/j! . ?•, '^"?'^'' excellent glory of Chriftian men, 
(dearclv beloucd) as often as I remember it, itgricueth 
me to thmke yppon the madnefleoffome, who call them- 
Ielueifmritu.ill, andother temporall ^ttMrnfelues cleargy. 

and other Lutyjthcmreluesregular,&otherrccuhrithern- 
felues (they rtiould fay) ftrangcrs from the Lord lefus. & 
other the liucly members of his body: For what is it els to 

"fr. ri •!;*""' ^'""o ^«"y ^ brotherhood in the 
calling of Chrift? 

The fiftdiffcraccifjthatG O D then fpake by hia Pro* 

*J , • . ^ phw. 





fadings of M.1>eerh^\p(tn 

phe»,nowlw bisSoone: by Prophets, meaning the eotW 
^^. tmuaUfucceffionofProphecsin all ages. ForasThcyvtere 
r. mcotakenawavbydeath, foitwasneccffiryforothewto 

comem their places: and becaufc no Prophet wasablet« 

inthcmyftericsof GOD,butihcywcre alltaiight of the 
Lord : therefore they had the credit of their word euery 
oneinhirafelfe,andnone indgcd by anothcrs gifts. Butfo 
nisnorwKhthcSdnneofGod ; for both hee Leth to ap- 
point vs teachers ft.ll, and ofhis fulnefli he giueth all other 
iheKcontinuallencrcarcofgrace; fbr which caufe nowe, 
the warrant of alldcpcndcth vpon hintalonejand the grea- 

JnfA^? ^^*""."''*;' '^''''"^ other glory, butJnely 
to be hK feruant and meffcngcr ; for hee is that Redeemed 

mon^r?!^ "»uft be in the mouth ofhisfeede, andinthe 
mouth of his fcedes feedc,afrer him for cuermorc. So that 
• It muft needes be the pride of very Antichrift, for a mortall 
man to exalt himfelfc, and giue the warrant of truth viko 
bisovwic wordjbat he cannot crrc,rhat all knowledge is in 
iheclofetofhiftreaft. ihatwe,nuftbclccue it as theGof- 
pcll whatfocuer he decreeth. A tile feruant fo to fwell in 
pnde, and fct himfelfc in the feate of the Sonne of G O D- 
whvdoc vycenotabhorrcit > and rather kiffe the ground 
ynderihefecteoftheSauioHxoftheworld, tobceflowto 

hath commanded ? And thcfc bee the di&rcnces, which I 
thoght good to now vnto you,as the Apoftlcs words plain- 

ly teach them. Now where it is (kid, 7»/A<rA/4/ //W/,mc»^ 
ninethe dayes m which this Go(pellis preached, which alJ 
fothc Apoftlcs and Prophets call th,ende,fthe-m»rU, W 
Jf/?<^/«.It Bath this name, boihforbecaufe incompari- 
ioncof the age of the world.thefe daics ftall be but few,6c 
•tfoforrfiat ibtwiUofGodisfioftUy reucaled in his Sonne 


,•.:•• theEplftletot1)€Hchrues. 

Chriftjwho (hall inheritc the glory to be our Prophetirom 
ihedayin which firfthisFatherfcalcdhim to thatoffice,e. 

Men to the latter end : and thus much of thu Brtt vette. 

Now let vs pray to Almighty God our hcailcniv Father, 
who hath fo loucd vs, that hee gauchis oncly begotten 
Sonne, to Icade vs into the way of truth,to faue vsftom the 
bondage of death, andtofacrifice hisownebodie for the 
chened with the grace of his holy Spiritc , to hcare his 
word, and keepe it, that we may in a good time,and haH>y 
iflTue of out waycs be bleffed by him, who i. our «jndy Sa- 
uiout : to whom with the Father and the holy Ghoft, bee 
honour aiul^lory for eucr. 
-'.' ■ .■'■ ' ' •. ' ■ 

The fccond Lcifturc.vpou the 

' I fccond and third verfe'i. 


made the w$rlds. ^ ^ , , . , _j 

; Wh0 btm tht brigktnejfe 0fthe gUy. 4»ifhe tngrmi 

• w0rdMhhi^r€lfef»rgef0MrJv»nes, sndfiutth 4t the 
'" righih4i$d0ftbem4iefymththfghtJifUees. 

pE haue heard , how the Aooftle hath 
faught, that out Sauiout Chriftthe Sonne 
of G O D, hathbecne once fent vnto vs, 
an eternall Prophet, toteach«sall thin^^ 
which God badi done for our faluaa- 
lon, and thorough the preaching of th« 

Ctjf). I. 


y X i 


V J 


CofpcU, tofinftifie vsall vntohim ; that bim alone wee 
thbuld acknowledge to bee our leader vnto eternalllife. 
Now the Apoftlcbeginncth to proue this Angular glory, 
to belong bncly to Chrift. which he doth by fctting out a 
hill and large defcription oFhim.in which, as I Giid.he pro- 
ueth him to beeternall God. 

Firft, by hii rule ouer all creatures, verfe a.Thcn by the 
glory ofhis ownepcrfon. Thirdly, by his great power. 
Fourthly, by his benefit befto wed vpon vs. Fiftly,by his. 
glory purchafed to himrelfe,verfe 3.Sixtly by comparifon 

■with Angels, verfe 4. which coraparifon he maketh in ma- 
ny points,as (hall-appear in the refidueof the chaptcr.The 
rule ofChrift ouer all creatures, he flicweth in this, Thathe 
is thrheirepfaU,a»d created aH. Byheireo/aU, mcaniDg.how 
in the perfon ofa mediatour he hath reftorcd all, as in the 
perfon of the Sonne, he was the wifdome of God to make 
iU. And therefore called the he/re, becaufe he reftored not 
the world.but by redeeming it,& purchafing it vnto him- 
felfc, according as God the Father had giuen it to be a re- 
compence vnto his worke ; in which refpeft it is fiid, that 
GO D appointed him heire of aU, things. This our Sauiour 
Mditiearth. And ail things the Pother hath^e mine : not onc- 
ly earthly things^butalfo heauely.Forofthe graces of the 
,^1, ^ 'P'"^' ^^^^"^ •'''^°' ^''Mgl'rijeme, andttke of mm, and 
^^/f ^'V^ i;»f«»^*«.The Apoft]eaddeth,the fecond note ofthis 
'^' authority. ThjtJy him the world was made : by the world, 
meaning all thi^tgs in heauen, earth, and vnder the earth ; 
Forfo Saint lohn addeth to this tcftimony, And without 
him nothing vm mide, whatfoeuer vpm rkade. Then if all crea- 
tures wereraade by him,himlclfe was vncreate,and only 
Creator ofall that is, that wee might boldly giue him the 
•flory of the Father Almighty^maker of Heauen &earth. 
- ■" And 




iht Efiinte foWfi^lms* ■' Cap, i. 

> Aifti this Unptably ftt ont by Saint Pant in the firft dup^ / - 
lertotbeColoflians.wherehelakh 3 ffecrentedaitiun^tf^Cci.t.if. 
' «ff whtcbit multneedes foUdw^eucn-anS. pMl^(b«oiidu-i 
dethtthatheitGodaiouealt, .v<\ui '^v.t.t.i-:-'. 

■ Thefecondthing wherein Chrift ishepcexdted', ii the 
Jloi^ ofhis p^/bn. Flrft,thathe»the brifh«neff««fbi« . '*' . 
Pathcrt gloiy, whichtitltf iyabfolutdy giaen hiiB,a*«&n- J'jJ^^,' 
tiall vnto the Sonne of God, not onefy before v», butcuen '•/> a *f 
bcforehis Fathetithat as all the properties of the Godhead *" f"'"^' 
baue their bdng in the perfon-ofthe Father {b the bright*, 
fletfe and bcautie ofiijowi U in-tli« perfon of tke^onnci an<* 
(bthis name was propter tb4iira^fbre the world waiimadc; 
noting.that eternally he ^s oftiM Father. In which fenfe^ 
Saint lohn talleth him Thewordi not according to the time 
in which creatures haue been, bataneflcntiall word before 
allcrtotures. In tl)e beginning ( i\\thht)vM thtwftkaidtht 
ymdwM with God. But ofthis inyftem I ccnk to ^k«* 
for we cannot knowe it,our tongues cannot fpeake it ; and 
thefe verjr words which I now vft, or any man can vfe of 
<»od9 majeftie, thinke not thartbeir fenft & meaning is ac- 
cording to Godsnatureithcy are only hclpes of our wcake- 
neflc, that by them our feith might bee quickncd in a fpirt- 
tuall vnderftanding, otherwife all the words in the world, 
binndtexprefletheleaftiWM-t of the liuiog God: touching 
•vsrhe is<mk<i^ iriglitnes of his fjther^gUry, many waicsj 
as, becaufe in our naturcfcfcQiewcd foorth theliuely qoun- 
tcnanee^fibis filth*-, in aUfclrteOeofgrace^nd truth, and, ,.„ 
'becaufe in^he power ofhis word, he wrought mightily in ^~' 
aUaeaturesjand againeeypreflely Saint Paul calletfa him, j^h ,.. 
■The image (which is the (hlning bHghtnei) #/<?»*/, in refpeA loh.' ,^* 
■ ofthedeerc manifeftationoftheGorp«ell,in which heiiath »Cw?. 

B fet *"• 







\^ ' (et otic £) glorious a light of chepowcr of Go4 to £iae' kis 
doit t lo h« is to vs the brighcatt&ofglor^ , Ivfciufit many 
iwuiehcdxwcifbonhtM^tiryofhislathiprvntavs. h^ , 
uMi8»S«Bt lobn^tb \H»mmbdih,fitm GMM^nfjim^ 
th^4i»s^ytg«tt€itftmK»!»hu in iheirtfmt^/iusftthirktbMb 

• The fikohd thing heft acthbttt«d to him, ii>that^^tf//itf 
^w I . '"ffy^^f'^^f^ ifthefdimffhiif^iher i nociii^ heiel>y the v- 
' nicieof itibftance, asih whom the/nkn •ftite^Sn^^iv^tk 
MUy. fiu«n»35tu<li Paul dothalfo call him, ih»mng<^pf 
69d ; diftinguiihtng him b^ this tvime from ail (hadowes 
and figures, like as tbU ApoiUc vleth the word in the tench 
chap. And hetYexprti&lxl^«ddecb^iyM«Wk0l>ouf alithe 
^utes in thb bwkC^£{>Mld(Ch(:^Vciiak or Um ArM it ^^ 
ftiewirtgthces(cdlCTcytiftti»il»Cht-ift. .oji; t 

The third titk of honour bert^tucnvneoChriR.ts^of 
tbcgreatflcfll!ofhi*.powertati4 chat i», tfutthtitambn^dll 
thiiigs with bk^htt w*rik. Ik t h« iQ«ca^ore of j»eariii^nf- 
ter the raanrterofthe Pi-opfaets, no doubt hec meaneh , the 
nourtdunentandpreferuatioflofall chiag«inch« (lata that . 
God hnth giuen chem,which i» his prDuid«nc« wac«hiog o»- 
««r all his workts. Now this being k«o wen toTiic the work 

A6.'7.»« of the liuiwg God, T/5«/ >««!«•• »f//w»i»v«w«i>^, nvitjv; and 
this manifeftly agreeing to Chrift^by clcare proofs of all his 
workes here in the fleih, in which he reuealed the image of 
God in hirh j in thi« al(b it is aljured , that hec is very God, 
the ftay and ^rcngch of the worlds without tvhofchand all ^ 

things would foil htto confufiofl. ,ii;,: -K ii»' J.' 

y . Fourthly.beextolltththepd-fonofChilftbythegreat- 

iJ^>.Wi ncj of his b«rtBfit«s beftowed vpoo man, in thetewordsi B/ 

hmfe^ehtMii^fitrgtdmtrfiimes^ put in here as a parenthefis, 

becaufeitlheweththe way hovGbrift purcfaafedtbatex- 

cdlcot dignity t»^ «t thtwj^it,tuuid0fhitf*th<riyfhtrtQi 

^ . w • ■ ,. ■ I after 


tf 411 


aBer hefpeafceth. In«hatfaefiith*^«rj*i/««yja»*'/,eipr«fly 
hewacrameth bis Godhcadcfbc irviw creature couki haiie 

djMKlb<»dkiitawoik<25{ifaKle)Ma couid notbeeigmi^ 
nntihm thovgli a than iwremgreata* Adamj yet Adaih, 
woftO biinejtfted on him , it idrane hhn out of Paudioc ; 
yea, thougka man could be« is potc as an AngeU , yet the 
Angela y when thty fwtied mdieftnt their firft order , their ^»<'- '• 
f^uic weighed them into ihccandamnation ofhclLSo that 
onr Saniour Chrtlt taking our iinncvpon him^ad being a- 
blc to purgeit„ which no Saint or Angcli coaU ener doc, it 
nccef&rily fbiloTvcd,«bat he is thceccrnall God,euen accor- 
ding to the knoNven prophecies of the Mcfiaa, that they 


:7i;i V 

!■ ler. »j.j. 

ftiouWcallhira,ii&fZ»ri(3#i«oT^A/rtt^«r/. .0.1751,.,. .,. 
The j.thing wfarcin Chriftis here cxtdled,is tiic hi^ dig- 
nitic which he hath gotten^ in thefc words, Hefitteth0»tbe 
wAfA4«J#/A/^«jit^if;notinghereby,that God the lather 
hath taken him vp into his glorie,fo that he ficteth in power 
aid maieftideqaall with his father j4Uid this is plainc,in that 
hecalleth it,x.ht right hmdofhigk^mmpt. And the Scrip- 
nireflwwcrh this end oTu^tig /make thim enemies thjftcte- PCuo.*. 
ftatks lhcwina,that this is the powcrof God in him,to fit at 
the right hand of God. And thus qui ch of the words of the 
Apofllcin riiis,nwgntfying tl«p«f©n ofourfaujor Chrift. 
Now a httle fiirtbcr wee mll«aajmin8«he words and ap- 
pherfiemmoreparcicttkrrlytoonrinftniaion. In that it is 
fiid firft, G«^«uif himheireoftH • fothat wefee . how thefc „^ , 
words ofthe apofWe haue eaery way thefr weight, to proac h '^ 

ihatChrift is the fonnc of God, theking of his people^God 
andman, medtatourbctweencGodandvs. ^5 •?► '^j ; 

Wc rauft lcame,ofour felues wee haue nothing : bdt1>e- 
ingingraflfedin him, we are owners of all things. In mine 
owiicright,Iamoakedandvoidolali, I hauenomeateto 
fe«d«yhuagriebody,nodrioket»comlbitroTAintand" -.^ 

B 2 ihirftic '^ 









thirftiefpirite^ nocl<»«h«f cakeepeinewanne,nohoufet<> 
bvboui-ine^^pi t<»takeii(Kptx}fiteofan^ otoitiire, nor no ^ 
pkafiioeiAthfe %htj>£eb&SiMfdeiF6r€he«ntliutheLo«d> 
lcfixChriib^andialltlusisitn«di>may 'hsuii^M fernhmy"' 
IS minc^a^id heeisatheHcaiKi arobberthattaketh icfi-om' 
nie..iB^e aU the ^mcnurthc world can nocgioememy poi^ 
ieflioni><!foi»thdiuingiGod,.but ornciyhisSonn&Cbrift^t 
who itMn^a&t ftn<j I «m a cfacefe and a robber Ji^)befare > 
Godlc\sumiiny dshw tv^hx mit. Tbenj.thac our lands 
may be ottrawBCiom' goods oar owne, oor ieniants,our: 
wiuesjoar childttn quo, let vs be Chrifts ; that in him wee- 
may haue the goodafiurance of nil ourfubftance. Take not i 
thymeate^tasthegiftofCbrift, who hathfanfliHedic 
vnta thee^ noraay thing thou haft but with thankcTgiuingi 
CO Chrtft,thatliath ^ac^ified it for thee : ifthou doeft,thou > 
artun^rtMierinto the right , not of a mortal] man, but oE 
theiSonneofGodjandthou (halt beefuretherecompence^ 
oiBtheiniuries that chou haft done , wiHiall vpon thee j and ; 
thou (halt knowe what it is, Co to dilhonourthy God. But!; 
contrariwifc, if I knOwe my fijlfc by faith made a member^it 
o(Chrift,&his rightis OMneih the ctieatufes of the Worlds 
3ndinhtiname,iainjdto<hii;«icto); Lvft'them^^M* whatlbcued- 
God hath giuea-tuiiMihcfuiei of ffly>pilgtiin(tage,the pro- ; 
fiteofit is miMvI ma^ vifeiit to my aecefline :) and the f^ea-^ 
Bireofitis mine^ Imay vft it to mydeligbt. ' if miy ear- 
laencs be filke^Iq^puc them oa;if nty table be fiirnrlhed/. 
^hh?iprt9 ofnwate, I may mte what my ilomack«ici;aiieth}/i • 
if I hane fields pleafantaixl delc^bie,! may wolkein themjr 
if Ihaueon;hardsofgrecUddighr,Imay eate thcfruiteof 
Ghem.rNay, I will fay more, that their condemnation mayt 
bciuft«whicbk>denortbe Lordlefbs. ifthydoggeswiU ' 
IbiflCtiic bMfo.<gf i!facid4xor &yih;uirkcMull^(^ 

'. Vw- the'SfinUtothtBelmu q Cap.'i 

bfthiaire; Aob maift vfe the delight of Gods creaturcsj 
Imcanc,fofarre as theftate of Gods people (in Common! 
wealths which he hath ordained) doth permit to cucry one 
for his holy recreation and pleafure, who walketh faithful- 
ly m hw calimg.to the glory of God,and profite ofhis peo- 
ple.! do not luftific the fliamefolabufe of the world.which 
hath carried away the Chriftianlibertie into carnallwan- 
toaneflc. laliow them not.which will aeedes wcarc filke, 
and are not able to buy cloath ; or thofe , which (o giue o- 
Mcr themfclues to vanity , that the day is too fliort to make 
them paftime, except they watch the night at cardes and 
dice, and notous dauncing j with fuch men I meddle not, 
but in their finne in which I findc them , init I leaue them, 
llpeake onely of the goodnes of God vnto his Saints , what ' 
recreation God hath giucn in their weary life. 
And whereit is fiirthcr faid, jiSthif>gs were made hchrilf,'^"''^* 
wcmay boldly conclude,that no man hath poweroucr his w *^ 
cr<atures, but they muftfcrue their Creator. What haue I 
to doe with another mans worke ? God hath appointed his 
creatures a vfe. in it they are holy. Ifthou wUt fet them an 
other lawe, thou prophancft thy fdfe in them. When S. 
1 aul had raid, that to forbid meates was the doftrine of di- 
iiel8,heprouethitbythi8reafon j hccmCcG, J crested thcm'-'^^i 
uberecetuedvmhthankefgmm. If God created them, who 
willexalthimfelfe tobe LorJ ouer them /• If God appoin- 
ted them to be receiued,who ftiallfiy vntomejthey are vn- 

clMnctoyfe?Surcly(dearcly bcloued)&befbretheLord, ' 
whohathmadeall. and will iudgeaU, thatproudand arro- 
gant man of finne, who hath left all the ordinances of Go<L 
to fill the world with his decrees Sidecretalsjieliath taughc 
v$thcdo£hincofdiucls,indlct vs caftitfrom vs. Weeare 
c-nrilt», & he hath made al ,in his holy appointments kt vs 
.^iicrhuc. f9r other jaw53ofmeates.drinkcs,daies,apparel. /n 








5tc.y tfien they m-iy ftaoKl.wlieii thty are profitable tft atlj^ 
Couhtrc}^,{ind madfe bfltly for polieje: fe thfcj^am to becte- 
fpifedjrvhcn rb^ib-ethhrft vpott dieCh«thj3ttt^«i^^ 
teri bffirttti and idl^cMi. -' •■' ^.- ;_-/.•-... .ci 
.iibt. Furth(irJnthdtthatiHjtliidifithettilJ:dVW!fei«*t*# 
•/ *f f i!)(r bri^tnes vf^Ury^tidirt^'Ulunfiime if4hefidjH^Ke ifhit- 
fdtlik. Littv$hiitkewd,whyttieAj>oftl«thtottVagWtietfc 
tfte pcrfBh ofChrift-Poi- a>«*hfer>eSUfev fetit t^ Wnriiiht w-i 
to vs the troth 6Fhft'#tW,.thJAltewtttti-Rx>phct,-ftfld*r«f 
muft b'efcietrefeittL A*! «y Sank Fctkr %th« AarcJitfecchih^ 

jj^ ^ j^ Chriifk robe the only vvSrrant offtith andfiltfation.flith j 

' God aptirooiicd him tirctttiB'to by ittahy frgrjes iBd.if»fra'- 

cles,aimWg^ w^:(rfcj. AhdindetedetheBithcriiittrfafe 

Witih a vofccbftxtHbn't glwy , approbiicdtihn otjt of the 

Mit.j.17. clowd, and hfs vo^ctWasheid, Thit Uinj bH»medfimK-f:titte 
him. And.all Ais was,rhat Ciirift alofwc might bee before vs 
dfe^honbt,'iSc bid threworMb«Ieeuefced(o'leJhe hath Ai6k^ 
ife-doifihftlitMd^iHMmte^* i^ wd^ tfefebrt^lilifj«. 
of 6o4s gtotie', or Aat Gb^ fiad approouedftiWi by %ifc» 
■ a'nd miracles ?'imdwho woulddothis, th^Jea^titb«-C0 
bfcj^r to be caHed the very AmJchriS,th^ {Hotild eo#i!? A- 

^;,.Uf(t Wherewertiiiftinarlce,heattribntech to Gods'tn'J^'ty'po- 
*ii tin»i<h wer.thc gouernanceofal things in OHr fightjeithet'greatoi' 
Ihiall,tbat we ftiirBflearn nor to mckfbrethc power of God 
by our weake ^flfcs. ft is hti-mightypoVcr that vpholdeth. 
thecarth.thatftretchcth butthc heauens.that fendethforth: 
ttie <vihdes^hat raiftth on high the ^reat waues Of the 'fci, 
iand thefe things wecconfciTc arc gfcat and mighty: bnfraj 
It is here, fb euery where the mighty power of God maketh 
the feather to mooue,and his ftrong arme leadcththc fly in 
her way, and the fame font wltiidi h6\ir'lhjlRirth a le^fei'ff 

theEj^Utptiiffiimf- Cap, 

he l»^ (c^t; ttdgitinft 4 moyiM;aio,ijt would haue turned ityp 
fi»mdM&uodaw>w : md J^ ]an\eft.ix:ngththat blowcth 
»plfc«doA*ifJl5»roeAgaittftL*h?€^th, it would fliake the 
liljaioflDtsxrf-it- Aodtiw'fe^Viid make vs ^are before him, 
tfeac w)MtJ(oe»«rbch?lh <ie!Ofi,wh«thfir itfecme great or lit- 
de»we lihbuld confcfle toil handle workc , and accordmg to 
his greawes fo wc (houW honour him, that whatfoeuer hee 
hat^ commanded , whether it ^eme weighty or Mght , ^ 
pur obedience thould be ftreight.vMo it. Itfollowcth , hj 
im>fe^thehiihpMrgtd0urfifi»€s. I doe not do^bt but you 
know how Chrift hath purged our finncs, ^thpmqreyou 
know it,I amfure you are the more glad to heare itj and for 
this coiafortthat we haue all ip it, Ithought iteijen my du- 
tie to make fome rchearfall of it. Tfaus therefore wee arc 
UUght,and thus wc doc bcjeeue : Our Sauiour Chrift bee- 
mg the etetnjil (bane of God,through the workc of the ho- 
iic5^oft,was made man oftbe yirgine Marie,& borne with 
CMC ocigioall fmoe,and by the fiwnc fpirit,fill^d ftil hjs man- 
hood xnontiand more with grace, till the fiilnefle of all rijgh- 
teottibes was within him, that To his. manhood might in- 
herite i^uation , according to the promile ; Daethu^diidlxlLs 
thtufhaitUHe. But hcthcrtoo, a^ hee is righteous, fo heei» 
riglweousforhimftlfe iflndonely that man is yet blefled, 
which was coiicciued by the holy Ghoft , and boriie ofthe 
' . - Virgine Mary: Our finncs doe yet remaine, and wee a- 
■1 -bide holden vnder the death of them j and thacfore, as his 
:.:^ft woorke (anaified himfclfc, fo yet there remained 
. smore , that tiee might lan^lific vs. For when hee com- 
meth to vs , hee findeth vs in finnc , and thorough finne 
: in death, and in the condemnation of the diueli , who had 
the power of death. So that bee had n5vyc an other 
workc,thaninhi$ifieft righteoulhelTe to fanftific his owne 
bodic ,. - 






He muftalfbabolillifinnc and dtath and h*"!! i*,«.U' t 

ncn YBto him,- a law ncuer giucn to aJl flcft 5a fincular la£ 

outofthcdepthofGodsmfedomcand go^dncT wS 


he might bring man from death to Iife,from hcJJ to h^S^ 

greater than to make the world of nothing. ThisTa w wm 

MtQallwewereapBomted , butmtaking vponhim^nnc- 
anddcath,andtrea<5ingthewinc-prcffc of the anReTof Al 

ded,hc ^okeita 11 vppon him : and death thatreignS^^htt 
fubm.ttcd himfelfe vnto it, and went a, defpiSl amow 
mcn,in fliame,inignomifly,in affliftion of thefleft.; fbr thi 
finne ofour bodies ; and in angiu/h offpirite, inmouming 
^ m rorow,to beare thcfinnes ofour foul« : before GoS 
ftelingtheh^ume/Teofhi, wrath, which wa. theftingof 
death ^condemnation : & before man rtiewing the fisws 
ofitvponacurredcrofre,inagonie,.bloudiefw« 3 
wofullcry,Bg.according to the fcnreand ftelijigofforrow 
hat was vpon hjm. And all this he mdured j^vnwil W 
Jy_(forth«ihcJiaddoncnothing; butwithexeeedinRioy 
^heart, that bee had found out the miferic, in which hw 
tnigbt/eale,t,howmuchhelouedhis father ; and make i? 
manifcft,Whei9iied vsifowenehc willingly vnto death- 
tbe^nnes of hB people, with all his heart he gaue histoly 

votothccroffeAhisfoule^facri^cefor our fmnci-which 



obedience was accepted of his father , as a Juft punifhracnt 
ofallfmnc& full redemption of all his elca. And this the 
Apoftle hae mcancth, when he fiuth, that bf himftlje hepur- 
geimtr fames. 

And becauft hee faith, bj himfelfe heef urged turftmui , in 
this wefee a cleare diicharge giuen to the Tabernacie,& all 
the facrifiees at the dorc of it , not one of them purged fin. 
And though fome were called finne ofFring«,aad the finnes 
of the people in fuch facrifiees were faid to be forgiuen jyet 
they had that nameand calling, notaccording to the merit 
of the worke.but according to the vcrtuc of the thing they 
fignifiedjeucn as the Lords fupper is called the communion 
of the body of Chrifl, & Baptifineisfaid to be the wafhing 
away of our finnes.not in truth ofthe thing.but in myftery 
of the figne ; the phrafc being fb vfcd for more afTurance 6c 
warrant ofthe proraife, not to carry the grace of God from 
onr Sauiaur Chrift and his fpirit, to thedumbe elements of 
bread or water. And if the lewes are here inftrufted to 
leaue tfceir vaine tmft & confidence in the la we, 6rto know 
that the forgiuenes of their finnes was not in meatesand 
drinke8,and diuers wafhingsand camall rites ofthe temple, 
norinthebloudofgoates &calue»,orin theaOies ofan hei- 
ftrfprinckling them which are vncleane, butonelyinthc 
precious bloud fhed & the body crucified of lefus Chrift; 
ttotwithftandingallthefe ordinances were giuen them ofxerdeie- 
God. What c^uld our fathers % , who faw thelawe abro- '"°'° «i« 
gatcd,the t5ple pulled down.the land prophaned,thc fewes 0! ^ 
fcactercd,thc words of faith preached,and that they (hould i^pf«' 
glory in nothing , but in thccrofTeof lefu Chrift \ What P*"'*- 

could they fayJeitherTertuUian for fafting,crQffing,oyIing,CyST 
which belearned and had of Montanus the heretique!" Or ">•"•» »• 
Cyprian for fatifMio.orTheodoretus for martyre merit8,I££: 
or Cyrilfor iuftification of workes, or Augufline for praier ca^ 10. 
? - ^ 5^ , for-O 

for the dead) or IcrooMfor<amaflj>i)ipetftitioBS,o£lkfats, 
garments, v«flels,&c. lWay,wba|Ccaaj««ee%,«rko£auc 
Iceoe all that the oki £itfa«r$liaiie AcAC .'Wi^acdii»<Iay VIC 
ihouidloue their errors ? nay, why weflioulddeind^tMwaf 
our owne, which the old iatncri knew not { whyhauewee 
loued the Popes woinill Isbilics, or his damned pardons I 
why do we yet thinke,that the M afle is a facrifice iu'oq>ki- 
acorielbrtliequickeand dead ^S Why was purgatorie firft 
dreamd on ,as much hotter than our fire,asoursis hotter 
than a painted fire I or why was the building of chappels, 
chauntries, or religious hou/es » thoughttobeamcanesto 
deliuer vs B-om fuch burning? A tfaoufand fiich things,why 
we bane loued them, vf hat caufe canwealledgebe^rethe 
I jrd ? The law ofGodgiuen by Mo(es his ^ithfulferuant* 
a law which had beenea IchoolemaAer to lead manychou- 
iandsvntoChrift, could it norfiandwithChrifl,.withouc 
by SammiftsandCanonifts , a people not imowoeinche 
houft of God, which Jaw onely feadeth to the obedlenceof 
^the Church of Rome , can it bee, that it flionld bring any [ - 
lighttotheGofpellof Chrift?! neede notftand in many. ■- 
wordes to confute (b great folly, Ilcaae it to the conlcience j 
of all that be wife hearted , whether God abrogating bis ^i, 
owne law, meant that the Pope fcould inftitutexi new; or '*', 
whether he meant to takeaway all carnall ordraoflces , that 
he might make it plaine which the Apoftle here teadieth, 
that by Chrift alone, all our fionesarepwrgeitj. 

But here^ (bme man ^ a^tileenemieinay beeadly de- 
ceiued, who will fay : All this neede not,they4»ttrii)ate not 
the forgiucncfleoffinnes to the Popes patdons, ortoany 
inafles, but to Chrifts alone ; the Pope and mafies are only , 
theapplying of the fruit of Chrifts death vnto vs. If it were 
thus,yetwhatis become of building religious faoafes. of 


tbtEfifiltU thiBtirMeu Cap. i; 

pilKriBla8e*<rf"n»»^»"g "»"> P^"*" • o^ «beir holy or- 
5crt,theirgir«ients,thetffefUnaAc. *)i thefe they let linke 
»ibdr«iWKfl«»ft.withowtd<*ttKC * for thefe applied not 
thcd«at»iofCiiriftviito*ffc^>u«intliciB€rit€ of theworke 
^wtveommemied. Butltstbde bweoo colour of good de- 
fence, &the<iic«& of the othd- is very vainc^ fbrhowfay 
th*y,d«t the Popeorpricftsapplvthc merits ofChnlWcc- 
inotbisapplicatkin canhot ftatid by their owncconfeCfioa, 
JShoutaieaUfecrtftoi^gof Cbpjft. FOr fawh notthe Apo- 
fttehw*,thatChriftdidk^tt«5^* ? not on^ly making 
Cfatift the workc, butalfo the workman ^ the price , and the 
chitpnan ^ the &CTificc,aod the ficrifww > not aW tJie world 
call fiue aiiyKnher recoinpenoe for fi n ^ hiin . ikor can all 
dK iMttldjgoreihiin^ b«fc hindolfi^iboth which jnoreplaine- 
fy weAMiUWte^erwatdi. Atkd hereit is^xprefly faid,that 
he<i»dit by himidfc j with ai «r«ac warrant giliiflg vnto 
liiiAtteidotng,asthe^ng<kNie. A« weUyand wicbasiittle 
fin«^we may ohoofeMiKwhcr6cri6ee^» wothet/atrifi^cr. 

F«t<tiy<chefame WOT^ ief-God, hdk 8eeigiii/)n to him aU^ 
Aiid>*ciiBoeat not mentioaied ttay otfecf tiling that etwr 
cottld'beiofftrediio there is not named any other perfon, 
^8t €uercouldoiFcriib»s..ButaKbcUjal<»e out King » flnd 
-it(>fle<^oikd)titk»p3tieiss<uid{9!»«tdr9Jt^|} ina- tiroffhifo 
•bei»«l0n«iourPi30ft,^HiA4Loii&befiAajl>Qidw|> his^die 




Vrv i4<>wWh«citfbUoweth-iiithc Apoffles words ,7*<ft&^,;;;^T 

.rw -t I ~P ■ I tii^L^j L^li /? ILi.yiU. U»A.i^fr»A^'.tf^n 

'^dMngtwf wor^'.^btttociB -vHtadl^&id, heiittotiipn 
'Ch(P^htkuf^GfKi:;)hd3^ befai<hi!<rhsheBight hand of 
^e-higheft'tnaieftie: wbwhiis, asit wewifiin interpretation 
-«f the right handc of G^O D :: ffgnifying nothmg clfc,. 
'Imt the powerand glorie of G O. Diirgnien ynto the p«r- 
•• fttrbfthe Jiteiiacor.,^ actecding' toittfciay iug of Paiil« : ^ 






confeflcthatGodisincoDrchcnfibU nnT^v » l » °^ 

^g y God giu«thccvptoa reprobate fcnfc for thi. pride 

with thy forcftthew: and therefore take heed. The^ufe 


feln^i ^"?^^^'•"^^««'^*««*i>'<^^ho- 

tpaw-«ch^bodythati*confumcdwithycares.Butthe " 
timcispaft. Letv«prav that it would pleafe God ourhea- 

-uenlyfetheritohumbfc6urhattivnd«rthemighty power 

I I reioycing 


reioydHg In thedceHefldeoFaldry t*i#theliatii^lfie« V, 
tov#,wh*i«h»SoiineofGod. And<heLoi-dinc»«riei«^ 
c<w(cicnc8s,m3y boat pticc, afid t^tWwiwUitidh of Ood# 
glorie,our harts may be filled with ioy iti the Lord : wfeich 
we befecch God to grant vnto vs, euen ft>r h j» Sonne* fake^ 
our only nsediator and aduocate. Amen; '^' ^ -* '' ^ ' c" •' 

The third Leaure , vpon tht^ ^^y^^- 

Aniit tmie f&mitck>»t«re exteiemthm theJk^'^ '^ 

thmthej. ,' 

F#r tw** wttf* */" <i&^ AngeUfiuAbetittrf time ; 5?*i» ■ ; 
arttnyfnmeyflntdty.hegjaHh^,. Ahda^ame'yiwit 

imethem0^ld, he puth ; JftdleUafheJ/t^ells •fOSX^.^ 
worfhfp htm, ",. 

And^thtAmeU, hee/aieh; HtithkHkfheffirUtim ^ f 

JN-thdewdrtb iiwrtdM-j^vthe ApijiJj 
3 ftle beginrttth tofet out the perfon of otif 
jfiuior CWiftj by coparifon With A ngtls^ 
land this^infyatlfort'lje makcth ihinirt/ 
Rpoints, asWeeOi^allHdrfijthattheTnbre^ 
^. .^ ildeare wefte it , tte mo^ efftfHialfy \vr 

might eonfeflfe his Irigh Gbilhead , «nd therefore abouen"! 

riimgs,tofet him alone : tilled in the'kew teftamcntvthb; 

Wj[k]Wdliitid:tVopb«r,fimdlC&%^hi»^^ ''-''i 






I, ( 




Aadtbc firft comptrifeii Iwc aiMie , u of iW firft tiik 
bcfixift ^Mft turn . tii4c he is tbe iMcuraUSoiiiieof Gociybc- 
go^egoftbcrobft^fltfcoffusftdMr. wfacrbyheauft necUs 
g^ll tmk i t,(b no Angdl i» to be compared co hiih. 

Tlwc thus the Apoftk taketh thename of Jmmt , accor- 
ding to the d ignitv of n.iture,it is plaine in his owne irords, 
ikyin^-y/tndumdiU (o much mare exceUtnt^&cverfey 4. ma- 
king hiswcellende according to his name , & his name ac- 
cording to his excellencies For othcrwife, the name of'thc 
Sonne oi God.may be giuen to euery one of vs ; as G O D 
calleth Ifraelhis firft borne , and all the clctt the Tonnes of 
God. Sgt fhe,nttiftr4tesat:eioimes of God, di (he Angels 
alfo thcfonnqr^fQod i bu? we;by adoption and graoj. the 
magiftrate becaufe he cxccuteth the iudgemcts of thelord, 
the AngeU by creation, none of vs according cotbewor- 
thineiSbof our owne nature t Ihw by nature, iwbftancc, and 
cternitie.as the ApolUehsenMm^nech. (her-c is none the 
fbnneof God4^a(ChJ:iftaIooe. Andthatthus Chrift is the 
Sonne of God,hc prooueth it firft out of the ftcond plilme, 
where it is laid j7^** *ri my fonne^hu ddy haui ikegttun thee : 
Where the Prpphet (be wing ciafes, why the whpte world 
fbouidnotpreaaileagainftCbrift* hee^ithj becau(eGoD 
had decreed it in his crernall counfeli , and proclaimed it 

mxh this lentence,/^«lMr/«9»/MM^4k'^'^*^^''''*'^* 
That is, this day haue IdccUrpd chat thou atlMy naturall 

Sowiq^meaningeriieckilly tb^jiUnc. in %(^bichKemade him 

knpweninthewockl^hiy^wonderfiliU wortes.-as S. Paul 

mieanc when heefiide, Q»Awm muk^ mmifltll iajlefi : no^ 

ong the pov«er ofthc ^rite working in him , in his birth, 

lifir/ i e atp,refiirredb^avgca(ceofion. Soth^ittf^y nocethnoc 

ai^y particular tim<,buc all ttmesingencratt, wbeteinGod 

hack (hewed his power ia ChriM»^cciaily in tlK ^acp(tbfi, 


liuedamong w. And it i^meth that the Apoftlcmaketh 
nuaiMthi«len6ofhis words, in that hee addcth tothe 
text aHed^ mthe Jrj.verfc, theti^je when it was fulfiUod, 
Jeamng this without :»ny.diftiaa cin^.** th« which apptr- 
tamcdtoaU times, in whichChrift (houldbe Ihewcd to be 
thcionneofGod iefpecially as I faid,inhis life,and before, 
or linte,as God fte wcth hu glory in him. So this fenteoce 
was true wh«n he appeared to Abraham, Jacobs Mo(e$, to 
anjoftheratriardwor Propliets ; or after his afcenfion. 
when he appeared to Steplien, to Paule , or nny other, or 
when fo eucr heihewcth his power to defend his Church 
vntothecnd.accordiogto his ownefyromife Umwithmt 
t»iheUtwtnd0fthf.w«ri4^t ,.■• Z]..^ * .. 

■Aadthtfstluj word /#%, is taken ia that' Which is after 
alJeadged , Tc tUy 4fjte wiil heart hit vnet, hsr^iattutyMr 
heartes. And againc, In the iLtj ofheAkhlbaue hear J thee. 
And, Mthe^y «fJ*lMMimlUMfJmc»Hredtbee : meaning no 
p.irticuiarday,butallthe time that the word is preached 
-ufito.va. ...,.„''. .,;.,. .- ■ ■ 

ItfoUoweth i imll^U Father, mJie/LHliemr Sm^ . 
This 1$ another text to proouc Chnli the fwiturall Sonne of 
Gp U it u mittcnin the fecond of Samuell the fcuenth 
Chapter -and they arethe words of God vntoPauidby 
tbeProp^ictN:uhan,^ogiuehim apromife ofthc bkffing 
ofh« fecde after him.wUich was Ugun in Salomon . who 
bu.lt the Temple , & whom God fo highly oduanced in all 
ot GUD appeared ouer him, asoueranefpeciallchofcn 

u I^j^ l'^^^V"'*-^''" P*^i<Wto DanidifoDauid 
looked for the per forma nee thereof in Chrift , and to be fi- 
gured m &JomQ« his Sonneafter him; whofe Temple was 
afigurfip|;thc Oiurcfc of Chrift j hi, riches , a figureof the 
great g^actiofthefpiriteofChnft, giuen to hbChwch. 

I his 

Cap, I. 




9" ""^^ 



nattethan the Angels, therefore btcismotctKc^kK tfatfn 

•He prooueth Chrift to b« thenaturall Sonne of God i by 

tottesofScnpturewitneflGngitihedenieth that Aitecls are 
fo. be«ufc G O D in his Scriptures neuer fpake it. For 
fo bee bcgmneth jr»/* jriwl& ^the AntsehfudheeM^n 

'*"*'®^*i!^P™« "»aRi*r of proofr again^ fee vftth in the 
1 3. verfefoUowing. Bccaufethe Saripturefiid it nor, there- 
Fore he prooueth it is not fo : maKihghis ai^nment nega- 
tiuely from authority of Scripture : which in all thingej. 
whattoeuer wan is rcouiredtodoeor itnowe in ma^ttw of 
■^h^,t, »'«»8'o">'s «««• a moft ccYtdneoSmrlufidft \ God ^piiki it. 
V- ^ thercfore^e muft doc it s God fpake it not . therefore wee 
-K' 5 nothing to doe with it. And this argument muft 
W5W. n«wesbegood,rolonga*this *»«6r«»<)f the Lorti doth e*- 
D.H.U ji duresWAa r^tmimimdthce \^ tka 0pelj i^th^ie/jong ^ 

I this 

jr»m tl* 



S^w^'""" r^!?'-^*^^r^^ > «"d we cl. not d* wd^ - ^- 

w^t^f^^^' (tru«H5, and if wee had butthe 
wiWo«c<ifchi^dixn,mimiJtl«cd5feekOthatall barriS! 

arenotfe downemprcafe wonie, ofsiipture; butit"i 

fcdefcribed,iihat»hewordof Godas-cSdv f, fc^ 
»-p«'^ffeordrofthekwi?e2^Sj4 ^^'^ 
Forofal decree, to bee made in hi. Church hath n«. 

' ilSi^^iT'"^ Si«cn graceintoour heartr, to'indge 
6ojtS^^.:S«,^,t.'^^v'L/'«^ the Word S 

Thus rf,e Apoffieprooueth beere his do£h^ .^r^' 
«ufi doe. .f ^e will bee the Apoftles SctSe« M^k 
wellthisrcarQn,fonc is worthy. Godfaid toChrift^ 

fi.d he keepe vnto me, Lent orWdZlM^^Z^'!! ^ ' 

»»ffnccatenoirnofleai,nowao whitpjneateJet 
. ^ aoc 





fadings cfM.Veer'mg'Vpm 

». Inc.' «'.'"''"^«™«»''ft«'''ni'"'"y ? God laid, LeteturyfoitU^efMhua 
xii» Kt»*fMi Princes, and chc auchoritic of foch men.la ie not 
be in his Apoftles. vVaerc tiid hcc j let the Pope haue the 
gift of kingdorns,be exempt from authority of man , weare 
a triple crowrne, aiid haue loirdt and noble men vnder bim } 
^^j^^j^Goi&\d-,C»rfedithethU-4ddeth M^ht t» his Iswe^ trt/Juth 
"*■ ^om it. Where laid he ; the Pope Ih ill difpencc againft mjr 

Apollles and Prophets \ God faid j // is hetter 10 j^eakejiite 
s.Cd.<4. iffrds which wevttderfitad, thtm tcMsthmfMjift an vnkimmte 
t9tngite. Wherefaid God ; the ignorant men (hould prayin 
Latine? With this very argument are ouerthrownealidoo 
brines ofmen.all traditions , all poperte.. find if this Ar- 
gument were good in the Apoftle,\7hy is it notgood in vs{ 
Nay, if this be vfaaii ia the Scripture , why are wee fo dull, 
that we will neuer leame it I Doth not God condemne the 
idolatrieofthe people of Illael by this reafbn % TifoMt 
ht i. ^S^P^'^ which Icommmdedittt ? Doth hee not condemne 
. '^' ^ 'alfcDeirfuperftidonandvaiiieworfhipping, withthe&me 
ffy- T , t ^ argument ^ iVhv reqiuredthefe thi>i?s at i*w hands /When 
Dauids purpole was topped from building the houftof 
God, was not this the word ofthe Lord that came vnto 
<.Chr.i7. \i\m^Vherefoeuer I hone walkedwith aU lfrael,(pakel»ne w»rdta 
' any oftheirlndgesi faying ^Why haue yon Hftbmlt me a h9»fe$f 
C^i«rirr;j? But why fceke wefarther,when thelaw is plain,- 
^^^^ what I ctmmand thee doe that mefy. And true it is, that it is 
a.Pe.i.zo our wifedome.and the light that fbmeth in o»rheartes , as in a 
darkeplace. If once wee goe from it, as the Prophet laith; 
^*.''*' There is n$mfedomeatail within vs. And this I lay becaufe of 
Ibme, which would not haue arguments made negatiuely 
of Scripture,! chink becaufe it is asainft Ariftotles doctrin. 
But let vs now goe forward. It foHo weth in the fixe vcrfe ; 
Apincwhen heiringeth, &€. This is the fecond compari- 
£iabetireeae Chrift and the Angeb. Thatitis plainly faid 


I ■ 

theEpiJiletottxHeirtiei. Cap.i 

bfChrift whois the Sonne j LetaiAngeh werfiip him. A 
thing determined by the Scripture itfelft. thatChriftis 
not •ncly greater than Angels,but God to be honoured of 
all Angdls. And he alledgcth to this purpofethe manifeft 
prophecie, that when God brought his Sonne into the 
world, he proclaimed before him this honour jZ/f *IL the 
jtfigeis wcrjiip him. 
Fitft,touching the alledging of this text out ofthe plalmc, 
we need not doubt, this dooing ofthe Apoftle is proofee- 
Bough^at that Plalme is a prophecie of the kingdome of 
Chrift jof which the Pialme laith, that God with great po- 
wer and gloric would eftablith it on earth.Oiewing miracles 
in his creatures, fcare and confufion in his enemies, ioy and 
gladnes in the hearts of his children .righteoufncs and holi- 
nes in their hues ; and not onl/this , but all Angels Ihould 
worfhip before him. 

No w as he hath taught ihis,by the tcftimony ofthe Pro- ■'•r'* 
phetes giuen to Chrift j fo after in the 7. verfe bee flieweth r~^ • 
the lame on the other fide by the teitimonies which the (^'^ 
Scripture giueth to Angels j of whom faith he, it is faid -.he 
maketh his Angels Jpirite}^ and his miniflersafiaming fire. The 
abfolute meaning ofwhich words , wee muft lear ne of the 
Apoftle himfclfc in the 14. verfe following; where accor- 
ding to this teftimony,he hath defined their nature,and cal- 
led them miniftring ^irites. 

Then in thclc words 5 Hee makeih his Jngells ffirites 
and his Minijiers a flaming fire , hee nameth them a fla- 
ming fire, according to the fipiilitude in which their gloric 
hath beenefeene: as the Ang^lls that were wth Elizcus, 
his Seruaunt lawe them as Chariots of lire ;,thc fimili- ».Re^.ir 
tude ofthe beafis which Ezechiel fawe, were as coales |."- *;'»• 
of burning fire : and the Seraphins haue their names be- ' 
auie they are ol;a fieric coulour. Aad ihefe wordes 
S:t: C 2 ' i|)Jritcs 



V '- - 

R ' 


fpiriw and mhiifters we naft rtfeke Am miimlhm^MM*. 
led the Somie^hc hrft facflouen Son iv ««k«l ►^ * ^ 

^i^l^h '""^ --for thoogh God . eucn by thcde- 
uenasa name to the element, which i, done in rhc Ang J,. 
Nowvwhereit.sol>.erted. ihw .he Prophet thc«ffi 
o«tbei»»efticofGod,»ccofdi,ig<o h/g«uenK«Si a 
•b.«g. ofthc world, ferantit ;anl fo the LiSSl^ 
gb w^thejH>pen an^k.owncind« worfd. A.dt*.erfore 

SL»r!' fr^oT'J^^''^^'^'^^ asofcheminwhom 
tb«lightn»ngs.&c. Bebde this ,m riiclrwonferi»e Apotle 

mhthathcclhouldfpepkcm th«n«v«nfet»fe of thepio- 

Wlw Che ApofWc vfeth 1 1 m (^eeke:& It figiHfi«rh as m^^ 
J^ irhefijdtha,, Vnto all ABgeM, wec^^. y^ 

bur^jfeiBBffjrits. And foitislifcevntotScixtncxtal. 
Aadthw iheprcpoflrion f^ v«y conncniently vAd,aa<i 


inaketh the Prophets words a naturall defcription of the 
Angds. Thiirfbreforniy part thus Ifay,and thus I am per 
fvvaded,tha«! ai it is here alledged : lb the words were rnent* 
ofthe Aqgds 6f God which are his minifters to execute his 
will, for fifetie of his people. And thas much of the Apo- 
ftles argument here made. 

- Novf,whereourSauiourChriftis heere called, the fir^ 
tegHten Some »fG»d : both Sainfk lohn fufficicntly (hcweth 
the meaning oFitin the beginning of his Gofpcl,and Saind 
Paul doth plaineTy expound the word. lohn fiith of out 
Sauiour Chrift ; ThM he wm h thebegmmg with Gtd : th*t di 
thingtwerem/uiebyhtm, and without him tioihitig xftu mtde at 
4tt: whichis.asifhchad added, hee was his firft begotten 
fonne. Saindt Paul expreflely addcth the comparilbn of 
creatures, naming him, A&c/ry? iegotfen, kefort «k trettmrtSt 
becaufc,laith he : aUtbings were creJted by him , in hcAaen , m 
were made : Co this is the nrA begotten, the maker and crea- 
tor of all things. And hi a called the firft bcgottcn,not,the 
firft creature, that in his name wc might fee.thebiarphcmy 
of Arrius, who faith : there was a time , when the fonne of 
God was not ; when this name/wy? lfe^otten,xs not in refpcft 
ofnature,asoneintime begotten before other, but in rc- 
/peft of his worke .-'alfohe, by whom all other things weic 
begotten. And againe, being the firft begotten of all crea- ■ 
tures, in this name hee condemncth the bkfphcmie of Sciv 
iiius, whif h denied him to be the Sonne of God, but onehr 
inrefpcftofhis commingin flefli. And that the Apbdae 
fvrtsk^h'RigeottirinpiiifimtlxwttldM meancth not Urc- 
ly his natiuity ; butas God gaue vnto Chriftalf tlie ends of 
the earth for his pofleffion, k> the honorable letting o£him 
';iri this authority, he calleth it his bringing in intothewmrid,- 
-ai<^p«f*th,l>ccaHiethis is the glory ofdiis bringingjthat- .-^t ,:q! 




* a 


, th«Ang«bflbaUwoj:a»ipbM»\. And»gw»«»iir|^nheB;iBitfc 
rt* iwrA/;b« mcanech not cbkage ofmWiiiBt^^^moun- 
dcdi te m the fecond Chnpt^r./ij/ w^^^^f^i^dif h/jH**#> a* 
the Prophft £/4ji?«al|eth it»tbat i» .• the l«t)g4o9C:9if Cin-ift 
m the wotkl through the preaching ofche Gorpd, An<i ii« 
worOiip with which the Angels fhail worihip him * v^ x\»a\t 
they flwll haue from henceforth, no fuch ruJe a^ivijre 
authorizwlift their ownepcrfons firora Gq4, Uitnowth^j 
fcallgiucall^lory to Chrift ; £uen as vcee^ i^hisfM^tiH^ir 
tic,a great nittltiiudc of AogeU, fing : Ghnk ixaUiGQD'tm 
high,Mndmemhpe4ce,g0«d wiH ttmM>ds men , becau/e Chjrift 
was borne in the Citie of Dauid,a SmiouK vnto aJi people; 
So in ail his life^in his,deatji^. m hjs refurr e^ion , afc^n/wii, 
andfincchi»«rc»flficKk,j6her« neuer appeared Angell vnt9 
raaivbut to the praifcof CbtiiA, and to racihe all honor and 
worftupduevBiohim ; which minifterje of AngelU, be- 
cau&nowio dkcrelieitfefueth ChriOjthc Scripture i«fijlr 

And now that wee hauc i^en^ ^ (t^fc ofk^ noeaniog qf 
thisfcripturcinfomcpointsi I will more particularly ap- 
pile itto our inftru<3ion. Iti»(aidfirft, Whcnhti>riag<tlilu 
fiB^^y^Mtenrnt-tbe WtrU : vxhichi words m«ifte wlfiid; 
^CB in gloctdiH triumph , Qod Jwkf b hina into the foC- 
fcaSon of bis^kingdome. And! w the Prophet f^ith .-wim 
ftfLrxt. O'dgiueth him hit iomittim^mfe^t^ft*, Mflfi^mtht ri- 
uer vMi the ends tftheUud^ that all that dwell in the wilder- 
nefTemay kneelc before hialii|U)4lufli}ti6S)ie»i«^lickfitbe 

^ < HercMi^ muft mar1cfrbo\vthis' ha& b^sepvac^mipliQied. 
and when we know it , if wee loue Chrift , let vs ftt foorth 
his cxcc'lent glories This. was efpecially done, no donbt,rn 

die croflc of Chrift hiralc'fe, . recording as hinxfelfe prayerfi, 
loh. 1 7. i.M^ien hee entorech voto it .'jBt^/fwr , ^^j^ ^ •f #wv» And 


SmbA Paul iEoith^in ithehuh^^dfriftcipaiities Andftwers : colaCi.y 
«itd huth mUe tfen^Kif ^f^otrnfud triumfped mer them vfmt 
his crefe. ... 

A^tdofetOfcMs wee(awe#itli ourciek^ when Chrift vp- 
poo tbe croiTe (b wrought in cite heart of the KMnane Cap- \ 

teine, that hee cried aloade : Trwefy ythismanve^tstheSmneUxxAi.^ 
rf<i»d. When all the people beheld it that was done , »nd ^^^'H 
fimMetbetrl/rn^s midwemt hsckc^ : when many Saintesr^« MiUl trl 
tti»fiheirgr4ites,9ndwcixmo^KhoiyC>i«ie. AndiibC 5< 
dneljrtfais worke wasin men , but that wee might knowe 
the vertue of his death , pearced eucn into hdl, to binde 
judgement to tbe diudlaoMi his angels with etemalldefpe- 
ration,and towitnefTeitvntohisChurchtthatthegatetof 
heUfliaskdnotpreankjigaiBftit. To this end we fa we the 
earth did tpake, the ftoncs were ciouen , the Sunne was 
daikenedttme g;raue8 did open : and thiswas the beginning 
of this kingdome. 

- Tile TRcreafing and aoiplifyiag of this, is the preaching 
6ftheiameCra&,th3tis,ofChriftcruciAed,thatit might ' 
bee feaie and heard in all the world , which had alfo a glo- 
rious beginning in the Apoftles of Chrift, whom God fan- 
fti&edto that wotkewitn excellent power, and graces of ' 
the holy Ghoft : G> that notwithftanding the weakencfle of 
thcirpetfbns, yettheirvoycewentintoaUlands, and their 
words vmo thecnds oftheearth. 

And boldly Sainft Paul witneflcd of themftlues . that 
Godhadgiuen them f?lorious weapons to fight withall: 
weipons notcarnaU,neither fwords, nor prifons, as earthly 
Princes haue to kecpe their fii bicfts in fcareibut other wea- 
pons, indeed more contemned of the world , but yet made 
by God more mightie, than all other weapons or engins to 
caftdownehoMf.^.:-" - • - fi,k^jji,l;| ." ;m 

• Ftirbyoarweipoab fiitftl-S&mADBaM i weees/tdtWK^ 
\--< C 4 









wmmiffion « giucn to ail thata« Ccm out in^hTnamcoF 

nous chanot»,b7 whicfithcioawofSod is carricdin rri^ 
umphmtothcinhcritancc of the worJd : theVS haue 

oFChnft^and they that bcccaJied vmo itX^^ 

rfChnft,muiineedes bemadchisfootftooJc SothafoZ 

themr!h™"'r''"*^^"'^°"'^.*'™«^«^^ S?S fpS 

S I^f ^h "^'7^''^''"'8"5^on «>rth . fliould with the 
pcriUof their Crowfl,,notieare toiotout.and giue all their 
ftren«htothcGoO>cllofChnft. by which the L^de of 

^ fe be;r«l5f « hi.thcofl<v aid hcthatniieth for*, 
qcnnthchoureoflacob.btobecrownedKing. ,14. *, 

way J and the obedience vmo it , is the honor of liis reignt 

and what King hath too good a hand to joyne in this? nay 

whatKing whoicipirit is in his noftrcls . and all his glory 

is but a vading flower .-what King I fay is worthy to bee a 

dooet in tliis workc, but that it pieafeth this immortall and 

heauenlv King of his free grace to accept his labour I fo 

that iuftly they are iudged, that are defpiicrs of G O D,and 

know not the Lord ofhofts,againft whom they arc proud. 

Shall God proclaime it with fo loude a voyce.that when he 

beginneththisworke,ofhis etcrnall decree, to bring his 

fonneinto his kingdome, all the Angels of heauen fliall 

worlhip before him : and (hall a mortall man fo farre exalt 

himfelfe, in his wifedome, in his riches , in his honor, in his 

nobilitie, in his crowne, in his kingdome, thatheeOMll 

thmkeitadifgracetogiue all his life to the Gofpell>Can 

flelh puftc it fclfc vp fo larre aboue the A agcls ? O ( dearely 

fccloued) if we be happie,let vs leame tbis,and let vs fiirthi 

the wrprkeofthe Lord, the Angels worke with vs. If wee 

will not, weeOiallpineawayin ourowne enuious idlenes, 

and without vs, the Saints and Angels (hall giue Chrift his 


Another thing here we may marke, how it is attributed 
LL J* '^^^*^''*»" glorifying of Chrift ; for fo he filth : 
Vhe»hehmgtthhujirftbeg9ttmfm$emt0theworld. Where- 
by wee learne that it is the worke of God, and let not vs 
boaft ; for though he vouchfaft to let our hand to his bufi- 
ncs.-yet our hand that is but vanity, doth wither a way in 
the worke, except G O D giue it vcrtue that it rtiould haue 
fruite. Wee cannot fo much as fpeake, except hee put his 
ipint mtoour mouth : and when wee doe fpeake with a 
good meafure of grace, yet the ignorant doe not hearcvs, 
except hceprepare their heares, and ftill our worke isno- 
tiuog worth, bWi|»calp»c worketh a)l m all And for this 
*'* ^ i) pnrpofi. 



pbrpolediacwee (hould^iue hitn tht glory of his owne 
workc, and notiecktouro^fBepraift^ therefor* hee i»ch 
chofen his irorfcmeorfi yon foi, Jm md^-iUfetwt^tix^ 
yftrid^tmrnymi^tie^f^tmii^tuik ^ but bomnKM^nvea 
of fmall accompt, and a fe«r« ifl number , hee gisech tfecm 
tongues to fpeakc, and they <3arTy Jms Gofpcll ouet mighty 
iangdomes jand make it Rorifti , when all the powers of 
the reaknehaae armed themfelacs ftgamft itt And all this, 
that M-ee (hould confefle, as here the Apoftle laith) it is hee, 
itis flot wee, that gitie this kin gdome vnto Chrift. And fee- 
ing it is his Trorkc, who is aWe to bring all his pw^pofesto 
pafic ; it (hall bee our vfifedome to forthetthat, which God 

htmfelfe will make to florifli and pro(per,whedier woe will 
or no. 

And where it is here &id , Z€* <tf «fe jingtis worfitifhm : 
hegittethourSautoorChriftacteareteftimonic, fotobet 
the fonne ofGod in perlon .that hew alfo in nature owe «Rd 
the fame God with hisfith«r .For whom Aioaldthe Angtdi 
worftiip,biitGodalofte,whoi6themiaues hatie ftefi fo^ 
wer giuen them of God, that one is aWe to deftroy whole 
kingdomcs, and fuchglory , that pur eies cannot behold 
them. '• J " ' • ■' '*■ 

And ftdng God hath madethis lawe, ^«» /5i/!ftwijR5»* 
fheLord thy Gody undhm alone fluUt th0»ffrm:in^ y«<he 
Angels worfhip Chrift ; howcleare a ptw>fc is it-, that 
Chriftis God \ forwee knowtheirpcrfcA and willing o^- 
dience j and therefore wee pray, Thy wii*rdmeMrmh,m 
ititinhraMeM. So that the lewes might throughly fcnowe, 
thatfeeingtheAngckdrdworffiip him, and had fotbeiir 
charccfrom'God J theteforc Chrift wa« oneG O D,in the 
maieftttofthefather.And mofttrueittsiour fiuioorChrflk 

without that nature b*d neuer taken that hofior'Vpcyn hin*. 

Aai.14. Tlie A|)oMesOfChrift,^»«jJ,1»cter,Barnaliib, Mother ni«ft 

V Afti. ]. 
A6t. 10 

ytb* Efiftkto the F^m» ^ ^ ^^'J' 

ofexwUeat^iftsand fm^ul^r power, to worke Bvghtily 
fi^tKsaad miracles V yet woqld they newer hearc ihenam^ 
pivvorOaip.Peter vEtedyrefufetb: I'auland Rarwbaa,tbcy 
^cnccheii-clottx^ixingrauiUicd with zcakofGodsgiocy, 
wtenU is once offered cbcm. Nay the Angels, tbemfclues. 
whkh are greater tJnen all K;inges„ they cannot abide it .- aa 
nwnifcftty we fee in, i;h« AngcU which appeared vnto lohn j 
when John would hauc fallen downe at hisfeetetowoidjip 
hino,thc AngeUgwe himilreigh*<^wrge ; Ttk^ beed«thmd» ^P*^ jj 
it major lam ht a fckamftriUMt wtkthe»^ and then teachoth Apo.i».| 
him chat which, here wee learne> that worOup ooely ^per< 
teinecl^ to God; fothat thi«tiext i&rueth ^c Apoftles pur- 
ppie wery fitly, both to the confefljon of the Godhead of 
Chrift, and in his preferring fb ferre aboue Angels, that the 
IlraeUtei might more equally beare it, that hee (houklbe 
preferred before Moles. In the 7. verfe where he .^itb, hee 
caaketh his Angels rainiftring fpirits ; wee muft iiotethae 
this name the Apoftlegiueth them a^ that wherein h their 
greateft honor. 

For othcrwifetifhe named in the Angels things oflcaft 
accompt, it had been no proofc of the clory of Chrift 5 but 
naming that by which they moftexaBed,and yet exalting 
Chrift fo fiirre abouetbem, it is a cleare proofe ofhis exce£ 
lent glorie aboue all creatures. So I fiy here we muft note 
that the holy Ghoft attributeth this to the A ngels as theit 
high honor that they are miniftring fpirits , wherein let v» 
weRconfidcrwhatitistofcruethc liuing GoD.andhow 
tmclyitisraidhisfcruiceisperfeafreedome. If he be an 
Angell, hee hath no greater glory ; and who are wee , and 
what are our ftthershoufes, that can foncievilto our felues - 
more honour, than to feare before G O D , and walke o» 
bedientliein his Commannderaents ? How many times 
aQeAbcaham.Ifaak,Iacob.Iorua, MQJb, Dauid. aodall 



the good Kings of Iudah,ho w many times doe they inritfe 
thcmicluestbefbnncsofGOD ? how many times doeth 
God (hewefoorth hii great loue and feuour , vnto diuert 
menvnderthiinamc, to call thetn his feruants ? Or who 
was euer heard of, except Senacharib or Pharaoh , or mea 
like vnto them,that would boaft otherwife and fay : wImu 
the Ltrdthit I fhouldhemhis vr/ce , iktrnteMthtLtrd^nd- 
ther will lUt bitPecplegte. 

Pray (dearelybeloiied) that wee may haue eyes to fie,- 
and eares to hearc.and hearts to vnderftand, vnto wh«t ho- 
nor in this day wee bee called : for moft aflurcdlic true it is, 
and aHthe Angels of heauen beare witneffe vnto it,tbat in 
the world there is no greater glorie, than to firue the Lord. 
If thou were as high as the Prophet Dauid, yet Dauidhad 
no greater glorie to boaft of than this ; Beheld L»rdftr J tm 

m. iif. thy feruMtjMnhyfemmt,4Hdthefom$etf thy handmaid. Or 
if thou Were a King abouc all Kings , foil of wifidom«,ri- 
dies, ho¥ior, as Salomon Kingof Ifiaell ; ya to bee thefcr- 
uaot of the Lord were thy greateft dignity ,and aboue titles 

Eede.i. 1 . of kingdomes and countries, this were moft honorable; Sa- 
lomon the preacher.thelbnne of Dauid. 
'i-^'vk the Angels ofwhora wee fpeake, they haue all their 
gloriOttJtiames,ofThrone8,P6wer»,Ku!es, Principalities, 
Domimons,inthis rc^eft.thatthey bee thcfcruants of the 
Lord.toenecutethefchis miihtic workings j and take a- 
way from them this ftruice of G O D , you take away the 
honor oftheir high calling, Saaflurcdlie we may bcieeue 
and oonfeiTe it boldly, that among men, there is noother 
honour but this. If GO D haue made my life to abound 
in worldly peace, the crowne and beautie of mine honour 
t» to fcrue the Lord. If God hath giuen mee trouble in the 
daies of my vanitie,this it comfort enough that I am the 
icmantoftheLord. Bee our hit as it will, high or kwi; 


^'ike^SfkfthtHihmes, ^ Cap.j. 

the onely fruite of it is.the firuice of God ; & the only hurt 
that can approach vnto vs,is to forget tlneLord, whole fir- 
uants we Uiould haue been : and let vs fo much more con- 
ftantly dwell in this perfwafion oi heart , bccaufe wee haue 
heard that the Lord ha th fpoken it , there is no greater glo- 
rie, no not in his Angels, than to feruehcfofe him. 

Ofthen.irure of Angels as they arc beere delcribed , by 
the grace oF G O D I Ihail (av more in the latter end of this 
chapter. Nowtetvspray.tMcaswchatie'kanied, fowee 
may foUowc ; acknawlodgiag the glory of ow Sauiour 
Chrift.andwhat the honor oi' his kingiwmeisjanddenie 
grace,that we mr.y be found worthy to be labourers in that 
excelkntworfce, in whjch God have appointed to gloHEc 
bis Sonne; and that we may ieFDc him in kolinesandrigh- 
teoufnesaU she daies of our life, who i< o&eiy all the hope 
we haue , & fhall in his good time BH ou r liie with lus owne 
prefence,andnuisiieoureics with the Rgbt of hn unieftie. 
And the &me onely and liuing God giuevs bis holyi^iric 
in which we may becom&uted,eo liuc i»hi> lose, to walkc 
in his waics,andtoaccom|K alUhe niMJdbut vanitie , in- 
refpeflofthe inhcrttancc purchafid «nco vsintfac Lord le- 
fujCheooelyforgiuerofall oarfinnessto whom with the 
Father aadtbe holy Ghoft, bee honour and glorie , world 
without end. Ameo. 


■> '^■' 



■ ;;.'in 

: ':1k n\ r The fourth Ledurct vpon the 
? ' * 8.&o.verfb. 

'■.'irv - , . ■.. •■ • • • : 

S BMvnttthtStmiehee faith, Gtd y thj throne u for euer 

dndeiur : the fcefter of thy kingdome it aftepter ofrigb- 

p ThoHhafiUuedrighteouftus^dh/Uediniquitie.Where/oro 

God, euentbjGod, hdth anttoimed tbeevmhtheoyleof 

gUdnes oboHc thyJeHovtei . 

OwtheApoftlc beginneth the third compa- 
ri/bn , according to the title before i Bemtu 
•vf aU things with hit mightie fower : which 
(meth out the kingdome of Chrifi : fo that 
the comparilbn is } Chrift is an eternal! 
King, fo is oo Angell , therefore ii to bee honoured aboue 
them. Thut hauing made mention of his kingdome, 
then heede(cribeth it more at large, both to ihcwc what 
his kingdome is , aod- to make it more plaine , that 
though we could imagine eafily , that Angells in honor de- 
(erued the name pf Kings { y<t fuch a kingdome no Angell 
could euerhaue i an euierlaifting throne , a righteous (cep- 
Cer, exalting truth, beating downe iniquitie : in worthines 
whereof, God hath annointed this King withglndneflea- 
boue all other,& hath ailed him by the name of God him- 
ietfe. Here the lewei s, whom God hath (hu t vp in a beauy 
judgement, and for the Hrft contempt of his Gofpell, keep- 
Cth them ftill in blindncfle vntill this day: they,as they feek 
budlyall wayesoferrourto deceiue themfelues ^ Co they 
haue blinded their eies,that they (hould not vnderftand this 
Prophecie. And firft, where it is laid i 7Jly throne God: 

! They 

the ^Mk to the Htbmes* (^r 

They fiy,the name, God, is like w'lCc attributed to men , as 
they occupie any roome appointed them of Godj as where 

this fimc Prophet faith j Ihouefoidjon be Gods : which mea- 
neth,that they haue commandement from God to execute 
hisiudgement. Butthelewe,if heehad notchaungedhis 
heart,and turned it away from wifedome to folly,he might 
haue knowne, that though his name bee alio giuen to An- 
geborludgesjyetitisgiuennottooae but to many : fo 
that in their number it is manifeft, that it is afiguratiue 
fpeach. Or if it bee giuen to one, it hath fome addition, as 
where it is fiid to Mofes j ihane nude thee^ Fbsrtohs God: 
limiting the name to a certain fen(e. But thus attributed to 
one without any corrcftion of fpeach, it was neuer but to 
God alone. A gaine.they lay , all this Pfolme is of Salomoiu 
and therefore beeing true in him, it cannot prooue any di< 
uinity in Chrift.But this error is euen as grofle as theother. 
For howfoeuer this is true, that the Pfilme was written as 
a wedding (one ofioy, at the marriage of Salomon with 
Pharaoei daughter: yet this )8 knowen and manifeft, that 
intheftoriesof tho{e men which were figures of Chrift, 
fbmething is euer fpoken not agreeing to the figure, but to 
Chrift alonc.that we might bee boldto apply it vntohiia. 
Neither yet can this Pfalme poffibly be written of that ma- 
nage of Salomon, fimply in itfelfc. For when the Prophet 
beginneth} my heart breaketh out into a good matterjhow 
can this praift, or this earnctftde fire of the Prophet agree 
to it, which was contraric to the la we of God,and ofit lelfe 
could neuer be good. 

Whit had the Kings of Ifraelcodo with Idolaters and 
blafphcmci's.tomarrictheh- daughters \ and<io doubtas 
Salomon was a moft femoas Prince : fothe glory of the 
world did hccre lead him. For ^gypt was the greatcfl: 
Monarchic in the Worlde,, and Paaiao the mightieft 






I ^r 


laiin. M. 


EincelicU marmgc th.ic could b« nude,b4U that ic d^lj/kftr 
1 Cod. ic iickare : Got both his gen«raU kwe is agaioft ic. 
and this particularly ailed gjcd in the caules of Salomoat 
mine. Andthough this pfalme wer« now to wiHipro/pe* 
rity and peace vnco it, what then >. who will dilpute with 
the Locd for turniiig all things co che beA cothole thatloue 
him:(b when Salomons haucinefle bad done this, what 
chough God wrould accept her after the renounciag of all 
betiaolatries,when,as the law faith, (he had fhaucn her 
head,and pared hernailes , and Forgot her fathers houfie? 
wfiocchouBh he would bauc her a figure of the honorable 
calling of the Gentiles j and (hewc then in her, that though 
hcgiUMhislawes to Iacob,yet fie wasaGod in al the earth: 
ail clue prooucth nothing, but Salomon might doe ill ftill, 
and this wedding ibng was made not for him , but forano- 
cfam wbooi be figured. 

But let tbcie kwiibquarrels againft the truth alone, and 
let vs exaroiae ibe Text betreas it is, what honour it giueth 
CO Cbrift^and bow by no meanes ic caaacree co Salomon. 

In this Scripture there are fbgure fpeciaU things ^oken: 
Firfl,be is called God alone as I faid, and without addicion} 
euen ascbe propbec Efiy alfb callech him che mighty God . 
By which warrant 9f the Prophetsbeing a moft lure word, 
che ApoAles are bold to giuc to ourf^iuior Chnft,thename 
and power of the liuiog God, as lobn faith j ihe^wordtwM 
G»d, And Thomas with the^ wordsconfefleth his former 
vnbelieie ; My Lordandmy God. And Saint lohn in his Epi- 
ftlc faith i Itfm Chrifi. ^tbit it the true Ged. And Saint Pauie 
callecb him ^ Gfd which it far mtr tc he 'prAtfed. And in the 
Epiftle CO the CoUpflians : Thejuktjpioftht GtdbetddweUeih 
tmddjiithim. And nony other p aces plaine as thefe, groun- 
dodvpon fhii, and iiif p other places of the Prey bca laefore 

■ chem. 

'I. --l 

tinE^i^to-ilkHthmS' Cap 

tbem. Andthdrforeouc SauioacChriflhimfeife, faid vntd 
thefe lewcs which yet bclccuc not : /e«reh the Scri^tumt 

.1 mie&ccmd thing bceFeattrifauKd:roChrift it, Tbthii 
ii»gd$me ttMerUJltMg. Sothc Prcrohct Efay had faid ; The 
mtrti^tfhii gtuemmeittmnifeMejbdilhAMeiuttU. HejhnX 
fit vftn the thrent efDtuid and vftH hts kingdtme to order it, ^'*5' * 
miivefitthM it with imigtmtm aniwtthiuftite from fxHce 

Thefametcftiniooie the Angeliigaue of his kingdome, ^ ' 

when hecameto the virgin Mary. Ti&rZ#rWG#i^ ('faith he) 
JhtM gmeimt0himehethrc»eofDMidhitfiub(r'. MdhejbtM ^''•'•J»»|t 
nipttmartht boufe of iMttbforeuer , tnd hit htngdamefiaM ^ 


And bow can this bee pofTiblc applied vnto Salomon, fb 
diredly againft the Scripturcthatthefcepterfhould beta- q„ 
ken once away, not onely from the houfe of Salomon, but ^*' 
from all the tribe of ludah ? Andliow could they not fee 
wich their eyes the rmne of chit kingdome, and tlte throne 
of Salomon quite fbrgotcen. 

The thirdtbaig attributed here to Chn'ft is,t!iat che/r^> 
ter if righit—fnei it thtfetfttr of hit kingdom : according as 
tbeProphetDairid faith in another place} thtt righteeufhes Pfai „,^ 
m$d imdgmtftt mrt tht fomtdstion of his thin. 

And the meaninsof thcfcwords^s after exprefly added : 
7*»»A«/? /#•*</ (faith the Apo(lle)riijAfr#«/),f^^, Md hated 

aiutit. This it the fccptcr of righieoufnes which he fpea- 
I of.that is, diat his gouemmeni (hall be without all re- 
^ed ofperfbm, a miniftcric of itiftice, and true iudgment, 
euen according to the will of God his father , with whom 
there is no acceptation of the pcrfon of a man. 

And how can chey attribute this to Salomon ?They know 
bow Salomon did fall away'fbfar from righteoufnefre, and 
Jrv r/nr, D hated 

>■ ' 




hated iniquitie fo little ere be died, that be became anota^ 
ble Idolater. 

And how wa« his gouemment in fuch iuftice , when the 
whole people came after toRehoboam his fonne,a«d faid : 
Thy fithtrdidnuke our •)0ktgrm9m^nttb<rftrt mike th$m 
the greeu$iu fermtHdt$f thj father Ugtter, tndwtwUferue 

The fourth thing hcerefpoken of our SauiourChtiftis, 
that for this caufc G0d hdd Mnojnted him vith the •yleef 
gUdtiei dbeue hit felf ewer .?or this caufe faith the Scripture, 
becaufc thou loucdft fomuch iuftice j what mean they ftill 
to think here vpon Salomon, and of fijch reward of hit righ. 
teous rulc,except they wold haue the Scriptures falfe. that 
beare witnefle of him. He hdd turned (as the Prophet faith) 
iudgmetft into wtrmwetd. And how ftandeth it that he was 
Mnejwtedvith the ejle efgUdnes : that is, with gifts of the 
holy Gboft aboue his fellow es : when many Kings of luda 
haueereaterpraifeof Godtbanhe { andfcarce any did fall 
from God To greeuoufly as bee. Now one reluge behind, 
which they thinlce they haue , is nothing at aU t they will 
fay, that all this waifpokenin refpeA of his b^itinins , in 
which hee was famous , with this oyle (Mf eladncfle mow 
hisfellowes,and aboue all the world.True it is,in refpeA of 
his gouemment at the Hrft. I grant this might be fpoken of 
him : but are not the words plaine,(hat they are not meant 
of any that (liould begin weu,and then fall backe?For faith 
not the text, that this fcepter of iuftice^ (hall be in hisking> 
dome for euer ? Therefore howfoeuer Salomon was once 
bonored aboue all Kings ; yet this praife was not his , but 
anothas, 4vho fbould for euer abide in his iuftice and righ* 
teoufnes. So tbefcfoure things here witncfFed of the Pro- 
phet) that he is called God, that his kingdom is euerlafting, 
that his gouemment fhall be eucrrigbteous,that hee is an- 


thiEfiWetotheBtkmes, , ' Ci/).x 

noynted with oyle of sladnefTe aboue all his fellowes j All 
thelewes in the world cannot fee Salomon nor anymor- 
tall man in this glalTc j but muft needs acknowledge our 
Sauiour Chrift, tne Sonneof God^ God and man, the Sa- 
ottr of the world , the King and Prieft of 'his people for 

Now further to examine this Scripture for our edifying, 
letvsmarkefirfthow Salomon is fet out a figure of Chrift,^^|'^ 
and fb fingular tokens and fhcwes of Godvlouc and mercy /rl^^T 
vpon him,that he fhould refemble his onely begotten Son :fi*M •''• 
notwithftanding a man laden with finnes and iniquities :fo 
as few haue appeared more vnrighteous or more vnthank- 
luU to G O D. Such another example almoft wee haue in 
Sampfon,a man full of infttmities,)iet exceedingly beloued 
of God, and a liuely figure of his Sonne Chrift. We Icame 
in this both to know our felues , and to know G O D. In 
ourielues to truft nothing, not riches, honour, friendcs, 
Arength, authoritie : no not learning, wifedome,gouem- 
ment , or any knowledee i for io thefe,both Sampfon and 
Salomon haue fallen downe before va. And if euer man 
had been borne that could haue his happineflfe in himfelfe } 
thatman was Salomon , ftrong in power , rich in rreafure, 
wife in rule, heakhfuU in body, foberinaffe^ion, aboun- 
ding in pleafure , whatfoeuer hit eves or cares could dcflre. 
No giftwanting in minde, in body, in outward life : yea 
more than this , a heart that could meafure all the delights 
of the world to vfiB them as they are,and fee the vanitic that 
is in them , and confefTc that life in immortalitic is aboue 
all : yet from all this hccfalleth when Godleaucthhimin 
his owne power , to m ake triall of his owne ftrength : for 
h«w could flefh and bioud preuaiie againft principalities 
and the power of darknes ? And how could Salomon ftand 
vprightjthough hit ftrength had been double,when Adam 

D 1 himfelfe 



himrdfe could fiall from Paeadile f Thea letnotvtpoore 

<xcwxc% boaft out felnex , in whom there it no wiieooae. 

Come norineothsftghriBthmcowne armour : for wbere 

■Salomonhath fallen, whofbeuer thou arc , thou wilt bee ' 

cruAied in piecct^^ and if it^him there was fo little helpe, 

confeflfe thou with all humblenes of mind, that in thy Beth 

there is no goodneflTc , put thy ffuft in the liuing God, 

by whom tliou rhalt bee able to doe all things. And oo 

the other ftde, feeing the creat fallines of Salomon did not 

letthe^oodworkeofdielord, buttbatheroadeamanfo 

full of infirmities, fodeare an image of bis fon Chrift, and 

powred all his benefits fo plentifully vpon him i let vs here 

ftc the goodnes of God, who hath found a way to bury for 

euer the ftones of all hispeople, and fo toforget them, that 

they haue none accompr.The figure of Chrift was therforc 

in Sttlomon , that wee (hould fee bow grace aboundeth a* 

boue fin , and how mercy is exalted aboue iudgnnent. In 

the nature St body of Salomon, we fee the fpirit quenched, 

grace dcrpifed,and iniquitieiohauetbc vppet hand : in the 

figure that he beareth wee fea the fpirit to conquer, riahte- 

oufnes to be exalted, and a kingdome of glory to bee fei vp 

for euer 5 thatifwetfhouldfindeinoitffeluesthclmnesof 

Salomon, yet we might afldirbdly know, they cannoCdiiue 

away the image of Chrift , biithe is ready to itiftific all that 

doc belecuc, tor it ii no doubt but hce in whofeperlon was 

fuch an image of Chrift , Chrift offeoed to him again an 

image of righteoufncffe, in which he fhould bee prefenncd 


Now.whete Chrift is fet out thus aKinefor eucr,we we 

11;,' '^i taught not by daicsandtimcstomeafurehis commandc- 

p!,nn«.t, menti^but ro hold them without chance, ai die gouernmct 

f*r "^f<^^„ of his etemall kingdome : far it is too too grolTc 

'"" folly for vs to fay, hecUftill our King, if wee dare abrogate 

chrift U 


the EpiWe to the Hebrm* Cap, u 

his lawts, fbr he is our ruler for euer > and ^et without fain 
we will make la we» continually } Yfzs it euer heard among 
tartbiy kings, that fu biefVs could ttther repeak or chaunge 
their Princes iawes i ormake lawes without them in their 
owne kingdome \ or can there bc^greater trcafon , than to 
eonfpire for fuch a leaude libertiel luen lb it is with all men 
and princes in the Church of Cbi'ift. Hee is ourXing, heq 
nauft be our lawe-giuer j he is King for euer, and hb Lawes 
muftneuer be changedjhe is our Kinealone , and without 
him all the world can make nolawe. In no common welth 
there was euer law proclaimed , but in the name of the kin^i 
in the Church of Chrift who fhall proclaimedecrees,but in 
riie name of Chrift } and therefore expreffely Chrift uketh 
vpon him to be our onely lawe-giuer. And all Princes.the 
more godly they be, the more carefully wil take heed to be 
nolaw-giuers in his Church for matters concerning fiiith ; 
fbrthatwercto^iuealawevntahim, which none will doe 
but Antichrift bimfelfe. 

The Pope ftirred vp Charles the fift, and King Henrie 
the eight,and gaue them for their hire this titltf, to be called 
Defenders of the faith ) aproud bequeft : and how humbly 
it was pofTefTed, God doth knowe. After that, Kina Hen- 
rie takmg vnto him the courage ofa true and nnturnl King, 
draue out that fpirituall Tyrant out of all hisRcalmc, nnd 
by grauntof the Cleargie, andconfent of the Parliamcnr, 
tookc vpon him the name of Supreame head of the Church 
ofEngfand, which the Pope had before vflirped ouer all 

But feeing now it is fb, thattheic names a re taken vp,^ 
made hereditaric to our Kings 8(Qi)ccne$, wc'will not rea- 
Ibn of the titles, rather let vs d« the dutic of lou ing fiibiet^s, 
dc pray that they ma^ find grace, by their names to be pro- 
uoKea moreto godhncfTes that in true ioy ofhearc, they 

D 3 may 




mxy hftu4 Cbe honour of cbeif calling , and hokt^A a good 
eonici«nc« agaioftthe day of Cbri(^. Thii ontly w« teftiiie 
io«UPQctncitMtand?rin<il,tliacwhaobonouriibl« titlt To 
Mtr tbty luut,ycc chty muft be fubie^r in the Church, 6t 
luue Chrift alone to b« iCingx>uer ic. 

Let them make no Uv^est appoint no orderi, ordeine no 
goucrnment, bat fiidi as are agreeable vvith hit Litveii or- 
ders^nd gojucrnment t for tliac were (iwriied^e. and it U tb« 
prefumption of the man of Kome. 0ut Jet chem execute 
the lawos of Chriit,(ee his orderi kept^aabli(b the gouern* 
mene virhich he kith ordaincd,iUid hold own of all degrees 
in obedience voco G O D i.Ricjib^i ii thcjcrue honor of tbe 
Lords cholcn Prim«s^dthc glorioofiheir calling, which 
(hiill not vrither. 

And no«r to the end wee may. the mora wilUngly doe 
this, both we, and our Kings twhomiQod hath fct oucr vs : 
let VI mnrke this fiirdier ifhi^ the, Apodie, addeth of our 
Sauiour Chrift, that hufceftfru *l<tfitti' §f f^lnetufntjj^x 
meining ( n* I Aid ) that hii gbuernment is all m truth and 
rightcounic). A goodreafoniandagreatperfwafiontoall 
tbdtareofGod whyM'ec liiould let ChriU alone with the 
ordering of his CbU8i;h^ Hi*rccpter is a (oep(tr:oirighc<- 
OM(hei{ not onclyarighecous (cep(er,thacls,that\i'hnt(oe- 
uerbeordcincth.itisiiahteous : but the fceptaofrighte- 
ou(he(R,th.it ii, wbatioeuer is righteous* is ordcincd of 
him: ntid nll^lrituitll fccpteriofuUMngfivyhich areAOcdi' 
rc'kd by htm« theyara)cK>o4(idAndibroken,(cepMnor^> 
pcrftitionificfccprcri of idol.iti*y .therein none of righreoiif- 
itci but only the fceptcr of Icfu Chrrft. The fccpter is a little 
wand whiclt pi-ince«nccuftomed to bear«in their left hand, 
.11 a ftgnc of tlieir gouernmcnt,& by « inetutumte it figniii- 
eth tiere the gouemment it (elfe.Novy the icepter oi Chrift 
i$ as his kingd6e,not a Icepter of wood or mettall like other 


king»|for bufcingdomeis not of this world as theirs isibut 
his icepter the Propbee Ediy in plaine words dcfcribeth it. ^ 
HilM(mtt9thiurth ( faith he ) wkk thtjttftn tfhk mmh^ j^, , / 
0i4mtitth*4rMth^imi^ifrili heMtluimeHUj. in which 
woidsof the Prophet, we fee both what i& this icepter , and 
wbyithaththenameofrighteoufncflc: the fceptcr is the 
word ofhis mouth, that is, the preaching of the GofpcUj 
notdecKes,n9r dccrctalls, nor traditions ot men, nor vn- 
writen verities i by none ofall thefe wc haue receiucd the 
fpirit of God, but onely by hearing faith prcachedrit there- 
tore alone ii the Icepter. Here tell mc ( dcardy beloucd ) I 
willaskenoh.irdqucftion, but a thing which your eyes 
hnucleene, nnd your hands hauc handled i tell mecwhat 
kingdome is the Popes } or whence is it { Is it Chrilisi 
then the preaching of the Golpel is the fccpter of ir,and the 
fceptcr bearers are in euery congregation the Paftorsand 
teachers; by theGoihcU preached.it bindcthand luleth^by 
the Goipell prcached,it ruleth ouer viiby the GofpeUprea. 
rhed,itteachethfoith, itordcincth religion, it miniftrcth 
Sacraments .• by the Gofpcll it bcgettcth vs, by the Gofpcll 
it nourilheth vs , and in the hopeof thcGoipell it laic* vs 
downe in peace. Ifit haue another Icepter than this, then 
it is another kingdome than that of ChiiA : ifthc Icepter be 
the Canon Lnwe , and the fceptcr bearers their Cardinali 
nnd Clergie lords, theirChauncellers , and CommiHiirics, 
and other men that wc know not:iftheybindc and loft 
by Pardoniand Bulls i li they teach a H»ith , ibldcd vp as 
th«y'terni<iir, innn idle^fancic, that weemull belceuc^itthe 
iKlVttl^doth belecucand the f'hurcU bclccucth as wc do 
bfefceUet when neither our C^hurch nor wc can tell what we 
belcisue. If t-hey teach vs lo worihip after the traditions 
ofrtWi. Ifit fecde vs vp in the hope of the Church of 
Rome s ifit lay vs downc at laft in an vnknown purgatories 
; I D 4 whether 

11 - 


I 1 


1 ^a^if9jM.Vetrins)fon - '': ^' 

whether this Ik ehcraptff,)aclgeyoo.-a«difiibee.rafliire 
youinthe word of truth, the ApoftJc and Prophet both 
witnclfing with me, this kingdome « a klngdome ofdarAc- 
neflc : a Jungdome of finne^and it (hall rcturn^o the OiaDe' 
ofhu hrft beginning. The kingdome of Chrift Ihall b«ei£ 

knowncbytficfccptcroftheonely Gofpell preached and 

Now. why is this called the fcepter of righteoufhes \ be- 
cxpoGtiontheApolUcimmcdiatly addeth. Thmt htjilputd 
rtghUoMfnefJe , and baud ivuiMnie: therefore it is called afcep- 
tcrofnghtcourneire,becaufe It maketh the faithfullriiih- 
i.P« , ««»"»»an<ldcftroyeththe finners from the ftceoftht earth. 
•,j. In this fenfc Samt Peter calleth it thefitdeofr^tneratm, be- 
cjwfcby It wee bee begotten anewc into the image of God, 
which u m nghteoufnes. So that here weeknowewhc- 
thcr we be of the kinedome ofChrift , euen by the fcepter 
bywhichweberuled. Ifthe knowledge of the Gofpellof 
Chrift haue reformed vi,into anewc image, to bee holyai 
our Sauiour Chrftt is holy, that hy his fpirit the world bee 
cruahcdvntov$,and wee vnco the world, then hauewee 
ourenfranchirmentinthis kingdome: if not, though wee 
dwell m the middeft ofthe fanAuaricyet were wee Onun^ 
gersfrom the law that came out ofnumntSiort. „,, 

And though we were baptifed with all the water in th« 
fca,or as the Prophet laith.though we waflj our ftlues with 
Nitre & take much fope, yet o<ir iniquities arc marked b«. 
?L -^ '^^ *'^*^ *"*^ holirwfle of. this kingdowe of 
£'?*^'^°** "'^^ *"*<^'«»<*"' fe«i>'t« vnto it, to flatter niy 
mtt ns if I had ray portion among the cl«ft ot God.and yet 
dwell in tabernacles of the children of the diuell . thai ii I 
»«anfi,-and yet walke in aU.thc iiono of* corruptible 

■■<- •-: 



' tbtEpinietotheBtbfius*) Csp, 

man I Are not Gods children hi» Saints i bee thfey^nol 
broughevotohim\yiththe(cepcer of righceipufnes I doeth 
henotkeepethenawiththc/ealeof his holy {pinte>lfl fee 
nogoodworkes in ray hands, if I know^.oeue^ ;hat the 
preaching ofthe Gofpell kilted concupifceiKC in ^lejAod 
made me hunger and thirft after righteoulhes , If 1 reele 
not the fpirit oi^ GOD,to fandide more and more my hart 
and all mine affe<flions, how can I fay I am the childe of 
GOD ? No, no,i3lke while thou wilt, vfc thy libcrtie, lay 
thou ait a Protellaiit, renounce the Pope t, except thou loue 
righteoufiielTe euen as thou loueft thy foule, and rcioyceft 
is well dooing as in thy life, thou ball been but an idle hea- 
rer of the word of truth. Gpdlinefle is not madeof words, 
as a wood is made of trees, but it is an earned Joue, procee- 
ding from a pure heart and a good confcience and an vn- 
Siined faith, in which wee may glorihe God, and doo good 
CO his people. Paul was godly,when he gloried in nothing 
but in the CrolTe of lefu Chrift . by which the world was caLtf. 14. ' "^ 
cnidlied vnto him, and he vnto the world. They are god- 
leflfe hypocrites, whichin word confede they know God, ^j, , ^^ 
but indeedcs deny htm.They are Chrifts, which haue cru- Gji^'.^. 
cificd the flclh with the affeirions andcohciipifcence of it, 
they are oftheirBither the diuell, that in wickcdndTc doe 
the defirea ofthe diuell. Let vs then learn (dcirely beloued) ioh.8.44« 
ii> good time to be wile: when we were in ignorance, then 
wevv.^lkedintheworkcs of darkne(re,-now wee haue vn- 
derftandins, let vs walke as the children of the light , and if 
wee take tne GoipcU into our mouth , let vs knowe it is a 
(ceptcrofrighteoufncllctoreforme our life: and whofoe- 
uer he be that hath chofcn this portion, peace be vpon him 
and vpon thelftael of God : and he that withdrawcth him- Ht'bf'i^ 
/ielfe from this purpofe, euen as the Apoftle after laith •■ Let ji. 

,noiiJ9f/.i . D 5 \ . And 




> Anrfh<*eyv5fllfomarkeh0wehe Apoakfette*,wt 

; tf^MjJffe, W h^d im^ie- TbU « g«er«]i in oU dueie 
whWMve<k>^>moo4 tolou«tbeobedi«|fltwiAftliour 
heart artd roi«^ and to dctcft and hate aU the tran^reiioo 
tndrfnric. SothcVto'phctDamdQutiiiJh^uvmc^ 

tructh : andthH ii chatetcrnaljlawe which GO £> gauc 
fromhc beginning. I will. fa.tB he , fct enmme bctwtxne 
The? and thi woman, and betweene thy iocdc and her 

/•J ( ; ;ii, !l!ti ) .l-WUUl<'!>WWt»»i.' Via- 

B«tOLord.wh«CB rcbelliou. peopld are wte?wherc 
Godhathcom^aundedallconcord. ^n^bound v. toje. 

alUfct all theft bond« we breake m (under i^^^^^' 
trc/reprocbSu word, , 1"n'''T""l'*Tl?fcS 

liall ind hath made the hatred of them perpctuau to vs ana 
ourpoftentiCiyctweetmnKe,a5HK;i r ,.., 
.IcLfmhdeA and to bee at ae««««"' ^^^" ;.*2 

aift^iopiif «f « gwe PP^<^^ thfiMefireajgnd are wellpiea- 

f«Ltip,ioM$h**p^» 't .sv''''^*'<''^' '''^i "1"- ru" j'l ^ 

'imSSthHwiththetyUtfgl^^^ 15 

khU wee o»y learne another notable caufe, why wq IhouW 
ackoowic4gc Chriaour onely King and La^-giuer : be- 
caufi5heiA«hu5«nnointed, that is, iohimdwcHethaU tui- 
nesofgrac?. and the trcaiurcioMwilcdome and know- 
ledge are hid in hiro i^ that kaue himjcaue his lawc!i,lcauc 
hit fccptcr i we leaue inftruaioa, we leaue cighteottmo.wc 

leaueetcrnainift. ' ^.^ . i, -u.lsiL 

A*Mi herfinotetbai^hcoyleofgladnes,^ the g.^oftbe 

fpiritoJGod ; glftdnefleto ourfclues, becaufe k hUetb v« 

withioy in the Lord : and gladncffc to other, becaufe it 

po wreth grace intaour lipi.to comfort the weakc hearted , 

gndto piakevi afwecte (auourof lifevnto life, to all that 

hcaiienvnto v«. The heart of earth that is dry and barren, 

^i bearfith no ioyf^ll fruit ofthe Lord God, th« oykot 

gladneflc hath not yet (ofrned it,to make it a fertile foilc tor 

the feede of the word of God. And the carclcae man, oM 

dull fpir it, that is not touched with hU brothcn finning, 

but lectcth him alone in hisvncleanenefle.tofinkeor fwim, 


And all that vfe companie onely for worldly P ealurc. 
without regard offwcaring.lying, backbiting, idle talke. 
wantonncs or whatfoeuer j what gladnefle rcceiiie other 
by their admonitions, and exhortations, or how can they 
fay this fweeteoyle is in their hearts \ Let no mandeceiue 
himfelfc, G O D is not mocked : he that is of Chrift hath 
acaretobringothervntoChrift. hce hatcth'theiniquitic 
ofall men, and giueih comfort to many with the oylc oi 
gladneflcjof which be hathreceiued .- .ind thusfcirreof the/e 

f I Now 

t^.- L 






fadings tfM. Deerit^rvpw 

Now let v» pray to G O D dur beauenly Father, that 
wee may bee taught ofhis Spirite, that like as hee ftt his vn- 
^kcable wi(edome and mercy, hath giiieh vnt<yvs his 
o wne Sonne to bee a Sauiour . to eftablith vnto him a per- 
petuaJlKingdome. that our libcrtie might bee defended 
with his ftrong hand, and to make vs partakers of all his be- 
nefites, by ruling vs with his Scepter of righteoufiieffe, 
that is, filling vs with a holy knowledge ofhis Golpell, to 
louerighteou(hefle,tohateini^uitie : and bygiuingvsof 
hisfulne(Ie,thatwe Ihouldreceiue grace for grace, &haue 
ahappymeafureofthcoylcofgladncflc, with whkhhee 
was annoy nted : fi) according tothele his great mercies to- 
wards vs, let vs tvay , and the Lord sraunt vs, that we may 
finde fauour in his iight,to imbrace his Sonne alone, to fol- 
lowe his wayes, to loue his truths to let out his honour,and 
to fini(h our wearie Pilgrimage in his ftruice, to the proHte 
of our brethren, andftrenpthening ofourfiiith , tfadr6ugh 
lefui Cbrift our oncly Sauiour, to whonte. with the P»- 
thcr, Sec. . .• 

■■■;,' - *»- ■-ip ... . ..») 



f ih 




• I i ThefiftLedurcvponthB 

a,y! i.i .fil > 10. 1 1. & 11. Vtt-fes. 

U\h .. 


10 Aniith»», Uri. in the t^iinmngkaj} efl^lifhei the emh, 
.■:■ mitheheaiuMSMrethervprkeso/thmehdnds. 

11 They fkdllp^^ , but th»u dteft remane : tMdthey aU /baU 

t% A»dM4'vtJhtreJhdttk0»f»Uthem<x^, andtheyjbAUec^ 
ehuuttged : hit thtu trt the f«mey md thyye«res}b*\i tut 

HeApoWegoeth forward as before, and 
heare addcth the fourth coraparifon , in 
exalting Chrift aboue Angels. And hee 
maketh this compwiibn according to the 
title before giucn him , that by hraithe 
viiorld was made,and it is this. Thefonne 
o^jGO D ; <*«f MeflSas, of whom wee Ibeakc, he made the 
world.and ruiethitas he will,and will aboliftiitin thetimc 
appointed, himfelft being vnchangeable in all his waies t 
which is a glory ferreabouc all that the Scripture attribu* 
tcth vnto Angebi Touchingthis-Scriptweherealledgcd, 
how it may bee applie<*to €hillk- 1: ll'ls certainc , chat the 
Pfalme accorcfing as the title is, was a pirayer of the afflirtcd 
Church, moft like, when it was in the captiuity of Baby- 
lon,both bccaufe of the great complaint of the lingubr mi- 
ftrie which they fuffcred, and bocauft they in theif praier 
allcdgc the appointed timcofdeliuewnceto becomevpon 
them, which was oncly of the captiuity of Babylon ; toier, 
which, GOD had appointed by his Prophet Ieremie.70. 
ycares. Now.that captiuity beina a figiire of our captiuity 
vnder Satan*, the Prophets foretelling that deliuerie , fawe 


t». t». 



all&tip Ipiricethe deliuery which wee fihonld all haue vnder 
Chrift. And accordingly, the fpirice fofbake in the Pro- 
phetes, ehatfomething wasfb proper to Cnrift figured, as ic 
muft ncedes bee referred to him, and not applied to any fi- 
gure. And this is generall in all the exprefle figures or our 
SauiourChrift,whofbeuerwere the men, or whatibeuer 
were the bleffings that God brought vpon his people , be- 
eaufe in lefu Chrift all his promifes had their truth and ac- 
complifhment : therefore he is Ibme way (bdefcribed, that 
the people mu(V needs be lead,to acknowledge ftil the coue- 
nant,wnichcheyhadinhim. SointhiscaptiuitieofBaby- 
,j0^. Ion, the Prophet leremie forctelleth their deliuerie thus; 
> }. 6. Th/U they (bill returtu to ferue QOD , Md Danid their Xing j 
^7' *^Dauid being before dead. Andagaine, HevtuUmfivft* 
DaMi4»rigbte»M4lfr4nch, whtm th^ fl>«uld cdi, the Lvtiour 
rigbutufnejfe : which mui\ needes be meant of the MeOfias, 
whom they looked for to be theibnne of Dauid. And $x< 
preflie henoteththeir returne into theiiuiour of God,wiih 
the fame wdrdf , with whicKGod maketh with, vs his new 
Teffaiment in lefu Chrifl, that God will be our God, dc wee 
fhall be his people j He will foraiiie their Hnnes and iniqui* 
ties ; They (hall be all taught oEGod, Euen fi) heerc in this \ 
Pfalme the Prophet foretdlingcheir returnefrom Babylon. ' 
forefccth the rederajption that is in Chrift,and breaketh ouc 
incomplaint of his inort life.becau(e hefhould not tarry to 
fee the day: and to comforc himfelfe againe,fpeakcth out in 
(pirite, wnat ioy and gladnes he faw in Chrift . & how glo- 
rious a God he is,and fb vttereth the words here alleadged; 
jinitheuhthe begmning Lerd, didjl Uy the foimdAtitru tf 
the e»rth,a»dtheworkes 0fthj httidt are tbeheauem , (ire. And 
here thefe words, He laid the foundations ofthe earth, and 
the heauens are the work of his hand$,are fpolcen according 
laour infi(micie»wh\di know no buildings but by foundar 


tbeB^ktotheBehrms, \ ^'* 

tions, nor can make any great workes without our handes: 
otherwife it is cectaine, the earth hath no foundations, not 
no handescould make the heauens vbut all was made, and 
confifteth by the power of God. Thus we haue heard,what 
argument the Apoflle here vfeth, and how this text is ap- 
plied vnto Chrift. 

Now.touchinsthewordes , where the Prophet faith : 
jtmltk0it Ltrd : tne ApofUe is a goodexpofttor, .that this it 
fpoken to the Sonne of God,to whom he attributeth the o- 
riginallcaufe of making the world. A place moft worthy 
CO bee diligently marked: for it giueth dearely vnto Chriil 
the hilnefle of the Godhead, according to the article of onf 
Creede,/itf/lr«is«M Gtdthe Btther dlmgbtie mtktr tfhetMm 
4$Ue*rth. And all Arrians,old and new, which fb long haue 
blafphemed the Sonne of God , 6( made him but a itfuanc, 
in the creation ofthe world,becaufe many times the fcrip- 
ture faith ; by him God made the world ; if they heare this 
fyokmtothMSox\My Andth0uLtrdmthebMmmgd$dfiid^ 
thef»*mdsti$nt*fthtHTth : they willceafe to blarpheme,and 
confefTe hee is God to bee blefTed for euer. And where it is 
£iid, that G O D the Father by him made the world ■■ that 
phrafe offpeachdiminifheth not his glorie, but rather tedi- 
Heth it more dearely. For we haue laid befbre,that Chrift 
is the fhining brightnefTe ofthe glory of his father : that is, 
theperfbn in the Deity, by whom oncly the eternall wife- 
dome of God could make his maieftie fnine vpon any crea- 
ture: neither was it euer polTible, that any creature mould 
fhewe foorth the soodnefTe of God,butonly by thcperibn 
ofthe fbnne. Andtherefore when the name of God,or cre- 
ation ofthe world,it giuen vnto the Sonne,as htere we fee ; 
wee do humbly confcfTcandadoretbevnitieof thcGod- 
.head that is really in him ; whea it is attributed to the Fa- 
iher^ia^ bee that by his Sonne hath made all (hcfe thinges, 
'»» I wt 


' 'II 

:. rh 


w«eackbMvlBiigethepropertieiofcheper/baB, tbe£Rha^ 
dMMUmiisJigfax wiikh aons^an ippvooh vnto, a ibon' 
tainetmai«d/!^ag'^finMMftilIglorie. ADdthefoane, 

knownBofmen Md Aagdis : fo^ when wee fay, wee i>eksn« 
in God the father almigntie, who made the world, weeac< 
knowtled^qcfab^oodnefTeand mercy, by whichtsbe world 
WMiaia)alta,(Niginn)ly^codwdliQ th« (tenon of tbefitbiri 
wbcta«tnee6yribcwacldwaintKl« by ebe £inne, wcinct 
fcrMwIodge chewiftdome of God, by which cfac cbinjg wii 
wdMigbCyand che^iory of it imparted vaco VMobeeincbi 
0,,, pcflfon of thcfbnne '. u iikevyife , wthorofooMcr che holii 
•J J <• Qhoft if jncntioned in chi*#orlc«,v«eAclcnowkdgctb8 vkp- 
enedndpowcr giucn toill oreiitures , both for their concio 
nuance, and liar che efficacy, to beofrhc pcefono^' the holy 
Gholl :andwhere.thc creation HRttrtbuted CO aU , Fatfacrt 
Sonneuuidboly Giibft, wecroniciTethe vnitieofthc God* 
htadrinthedinindkionof perToni, whicfi^ow wee fee in 
fitich,Mid whoma wereioyce in hoprwMihihail netier be 
coaifoundod, butihall be modepetfeift, wbcii chismortulity 
ihidl out on iminomlity, attd we (hall (be God aa beii . 

Whcreitiifaid further -.G^Dlgid the f mmlt u m 0ftht 
t»^, tMiHuhtMmmttht x»tfkf*fku kntk^zxan^ con(i- 
dcTtthe creation of (he world ialthui accributed to God, not 
ohly becaufe all thingi were made by him ; but bccnu(c hcc 
hath fo made them, diat they carry n matkc imprinted in 
them ofthe power and t Jodhcad of the Crentorv Thus he 
mc«neeh>u^cn hefifeh : the Heaiwn* are the workes of thy 
bandi.Euen ai the Prophet faith : iht ht/mttts itelm thtgl»- 

$* iM vtuntkpMh , xmd mf>ht vm m^ht •ftnttk Vtuwkigt. 
Anohcrewemaftkarnc, according as the wtwIceiofGod 

Qr«thiHhe&i« v*, totobchold chcia and taktthe pMuic 

■'■■ -,- of 

' ibeEpiflletotheHhrues, Cap, 

tofthcm,thttwcgiue glory to God in all that he hath done. |^^^*J 
When i fee theheauena, ImuftfeehisgreaincflTe, whowj,! 
was able to fet fuch a coucrlne ouct the earth. When I bc-j!f'r» /l 
lioldthc earth, I mu(\ behold hiiprouidcnce, who hath or- ^';;^| 
ddned fuch a placeof noutifhinent for all creatures.When ^ 
Ilookc vpontnevnchangeablccourfe , in which all thing* 
are e(tabli(hed : I muftlookcvponhiscon(\antwifcdomc 
and goodnefle, who in a ftedfail purpofe hath extended his 
mercies oucr all his workes. IntlKleaftof all the creatures 
of God, when I fee wifdome , power, dory, more than all 
the world can reach their hands vnto Jet mee humble my 
felfe viffler his high Maieftie , before whom no King , no 
Prince, no power of the world hath any accompt : but all 
nations before him are as nothing , and they are aocomp- ^-^*y ♦"■ ' 
cedvntohianle(rf than nothing) andhghtetthanvanitieic ''* 

ThusG D hath (hewed himfclfe in his creatures i and 
euen as S. Paul faith ; his invifible thingshe hath made nui 
nlfeft in them, both his etemallpowcrandhisGodhcad, 
that they might be without excuCe, all that will not honour 
him. Let vs therefore ( dearely beloued ) forget now the 
times of ignorance, and at laft be wife-he artcd, to read the 
bookes which God hath written in great lctters,and laid o< 
pen before vs in allhil workes : letvifce his glory. Thus 
did the Prophet Efay before vs, as in the 40. chapter of his 
prophefie wee read : Whohnthmekfuredthewttersvithhu 
Jia^ndctmptffidhniKH with his (pvt \ wbt is he hub ctmfrt^ 
heHdtdthediifltfthttirthiiitmetfure^Mdweigh.'dtbemoMH' ^ 

UtHetin MTveigbt^MiI the hi//es in a baffMce ? Nothing in the 
world, no not the very dull ofthe earth, coul8 come in the ^ 
Prophett eyes , but he cowld fee in it a great worke of the 
Lord. S. Paul faith : God left not himiclfe without witnes'Aft.ir.M 
- among men, euen when the times were mo(t blind. For. as 
lu »■ E much 

■wm y 


[I . 

fadings of M,Veer\ngfVJion 
much as he gaue vnto them from hcauen raitK,an|d frmtfoU 
timcsrfor vvboisUcthatmakcth the rame to fell, andch* 
SunncrohauehHcourfe oHhiningJ Whohidcththctr«. 
fures of the ftowe, and bringcth f ootth the boare h;oite5 J 
Who coucreth the Hcaucn with ciowrdcs , and bringcth 
foorththcwindcs out of their places \ Who maketh the 
fea to roarc with the great noyfe of the waues . and maketh 
k cahne againc as if it liad no^cn mooued ] What I rm- 
CC5, what hoftes of men, though all the world would laync 
.heir ftrcgth togcther,can do Che leaft oKhcfe thingv? N ay, 

hurt rca,lan4ayrc,clowde». clcmc;«« • J^y;';'?.^^;;'?™";^'! 
win^ef, nor any thing that GOD hatheltnbl.lhed for euerj 
butincuerieoncofthefe is the ftrengthwhuh cannot bee 
Kr,ftcd. Theayrecanintbflallflelhitheearthlwa 0^^^^^^ 

vp i the Sunnc burne it with hcate j the fro^f' «J«« 

ranrs among men. Nay. wee may iearne m. the pl»8"" o[ 
Agy pt. ho J the moft vile things can make attiamed all the 
chU^I-en of pride. And why then doe wee "ft learne m aU 
thatweree/toconfeflcthe grcatnelTe of the Lord j W hv 
docth not the ftrcngth of his workcs .make ys confcac 
His power i and all the deligbtthat wee haue in them, why 
6ol it not make vs acknowledge- all hts good"' fl .hold 
children of men^TheProphet Dau.d faub : when Ibehold 

the Hcauens which are the ^orke» of thv (>»"/« -J^^ 
Moone and the StarresAvhich thoahaft ordcined : w^^^^^^^^^ 

man,rayI,thatthouartmindfull ofbun ; orthcSonneof 
whei wee fe^how cSd feedeth the Sparrowes^ndx oth«h 
■ the fellies ; we are fiiithleffepcople, except we fee hi. prom 

tie.. Andfurethetruetbis. «ceptlfee withfuch^ey«jh^ 

, the Epijile to tU Hcbrm 

creatures of God ,1 am become a creature degenerate from 
thatiftiage,i&whichlwas Hrft fburmed. If 1 Ice Doth<ng 
inthe lieauais.but that they are light,and aboue my reach; 
the horfe and mule fee this as well as J. If I fee nothing in 
the earth, but a place to walke in, or to take my reftvppon 
it: the bcafts and foulei (ee this a» well as I. If 1 fee nothing 
in my gorgeous apparcU.but pride of a goodlie colou'r; the 
Peaco^e teeth that in her feathers. And if in all my mcate 
and drinke, I knowe nothing but the pJcafure and fweetnes 
ofthetaftejthehoggtand fwinehauehcere as great a por- 
tion as we. To be Ihort, if hearing,(eeing,lmellmg,tafting, 
feelingibeallthe delight we can finde in the works of Godj 
wee hauegiuen our preeminence to the dumbe creatures, 
which haue thelefcnfes more exquifite then wee jandwcc 
haue turned the heartes of men into the heartes of beaftes; 
who with wifedom,prudence, vnderftanding.knowledgc, 
rea£bn,can d&e nothing. And the words of the Prophet are 
fulfilled in vs : Man, when he was in honour bad no vndc(- 
ftanding,he was compared to the bruit beafts , & was naadc 
like vnto them. Ifpeakethiswiththe moe words, and the 
moreearnel^lie, that you might fee and deteft the (bame of 
fome, who doe not onely .not fee in the creatures of G O D 
the glory of G O D, to fc.ire before him , and to giue liim 
honouribut<|nitecontrarie,inall his creatures they pro- 
phane his name, which eate till they furfct , and drinke till 
they be drunken J who put on pride with all their apparell, 
ana make their lands &c houfes priuilcdged places for much 
iniquitie, which fill their mouthcs with curfed fweariog. 
euen in the fight of the Siinnc, and commit their whore- 
domes , and feare noratthedarkncflc of tl» night. Flee 
(deare!^ bclouedj firrc from fiich ; hate them ( as the Pro- 
phet (iuth^ with pcrfeiff hatred, & all their aflcmblies. The 
earth tliat mourncth vnder the burden oftlicm,one day wil 

E a fpuc 

Csp,u ^^^ 



^aditigs ofM* Veering fv^on 

fpiie tbein out^nd the creatures which they hold in thiimi- 
fcrablebondageoffin,onc day God will hea« their fighes, 
mid they Hiall gtue a fpecdy witne$ againft their oppreflbrs. 
And tlws much of the creatures of God, which here are faid 
fo be made by the lonncofGod,and to be the workcs of his 
tiJiids.' Another thing here wchaae to confider, thatthc 
Apoftle teacheth the excellency of Chrift in refpe(Sl of his 
'continuance,before whom, the heaucn and earth are but a 
-mdmenr s for fo in this comparifon he (pcaketh of their age, 

, as a thing of nothing, /A^r; fhdQ peri[hi they fha/lvnx clJst * 
gtrmeht,theii))*l be folded vpasA veftureimskin^ al the con- 
tinuance ofthc heaucn tobe vaniiie,and of none accompt: 
for although it may feeme he might haue made his compa- 
tifon with things bf a more cxprcflc fticw of vanttie than a 
garmcht,as to hauecomparcd them with fmoake, with the 
►Ihadow of finoake , with the dreamc of a fliadow, or fuch 
like; yet in comparing the time of the hcaucnsjwhich arc fo 

^nunyages, wichagarmentwhieh'isfcarceayearc, it is as 
ckare a teft imonic,all is nothing,as if all were not a thinutc 
ofanhourc. Bofidesthis,thecaufc of this comparifon with 
a garment , was the fimilitude in which GOD hath fet^hp 
hfrairens, who hath fpred them like a curtein,8>{ made them > 
as a coucring to all his creatures : it was ndt to make the 
comparifon IclTc, in (hew of their vanitie. "fhen here let v$ 
be wife-hearted as the Prophet was, as oft as our hope is be- 
fore our eyes, to fee our Sauiour Chrift lining for cuer : let 
vs hot onely confcfTc that our owne age is nothing in rc- 
fpc<fl of him, but let v» boldly contemne cucn the continu- 
ancbof the hcaucns, & accopt all things nothing that hath 
an end: forHctthedaicsbencucrfomany , whichyoucan 
call into accompt,and multiply yeercs into the longcft con- 
tinuance which your thought^ can comptehcnd,thattho*- 
fand thoufands b« before you ^ and ten thoufand tlKHifandk 

I -ate 

tbe^i!lkt0tbeHshrues. Ctp.u 

ace in yout mindjwich one word you (hal confute them all, 
and with the breath of your mouth you may blow them 
away: and as the Prophet faitb,make them all as a garment 
that is rent and woroe : for reckon vp all thy thoulaads that 
thoucanf\,andputthisword, Ptfiy vnto them, and where 
are they now become! a thoufand thoufand thoufand ycres 
pafVjwhat are they ? 

And if timt be fuch a tyrant, tobrcake the delight ofthc 
loneagc of the very heaucns, that the wife heart of aman 
doth fay, euen they are vanitie, and wax old as doth a gar- 
ment J what foolidines hath wrapped vp all our vnderftao- 
ding? and what blindncs is in our hearts,that wc fee not Our 
own life what it is ? Not one of an hundred that bath three 
fcoreandtenyeeres, and of thofe a great paOR are flept 
out; fo that wee feele them not , and a great part confumed 
withforrow, either in lofTe of credit ,.or feare of puni(h« 
mentjOrpaineoffickncfTe, or griefe of our labour, orpen- 
fiuenes of oar wants, or anguith of ourdefire$ $ or at ieaft, c 
euen wkh a wearines of time it felfe % fo that of three fcore 
and ten yeeres,let him fpeake that can elory moft, and hee 
(hall finde that in them all , hee hath ^arce ten full yceres 
of pleafure : and this very pleafure, euen then when it is 
greateft,whatisit? furely fuch asifhelookedowne into his 
owne thoughts,hee fhould fay in the mids of it, his heart is 
heauy. And (hall yet this life, fofhort, foiroublcfome,(b 
without pleafure , lb faft hold vs bound with blinddcfve, 
that we neither long for, nor looke after Icfii Chriil,who li- 
uetheuer, and hath caftfonhofhiipcefence all finne, and 
forrow,and death it felfe ? 

Could the Prophet fo fhew him in immortalitie , and all 
his eleA with him in the glory of hit father , that he bewai- 
led thevanitie of his owne life, yea though it (hould haue 
lafted as long at the hcaucns,and while ^be Sun and Moone 
— ^ p 3 endu- 

endureth, though he QuonidhMt abid«nKiogofIfi««l,,v«u 
allthisvntobifaa$arti4<k)WQiai>«J]cdi«4in«, incompa- 
lifon of Chriftvuhoisfofcucr, an4 whofcyceeeiftaUnc- 
ucr^faUeiAndniallwee thinks vv!«c ba4>o tht ^(UcifG«d< 
or any pofcion in kfu Chrift , who in^is euttlaiVflg cooti- 
mianccjcannoc find fuch pleafure as in our vizaid oTa vaine 
life, chat fodainely appeareth, and is no more ^ who in the 
glory of his picfcnce,. and maicftie of his fath«,can feeno 
fuchdelight, as in carding, dicing, dancing, and fuch like 
works of reproch and (hamcand horrible confuHon, 

Nayj.Iwilltcllypu ( dearly bcloued) and I will cell you 
true ^ your owne eye* and earc$ (hall beare witneflcwich 

Theft naeftthatthus ferue io the vile bondage of theie 
paftimes , they csnry^wich them the badge and cognifance 
of another mailer tqgn of the liuing God : for tell mc/rom 
morning to night are not their mouthet full of adulterie, of 
wrath, ofhatted, andiw«arinffVvithoii*0)ame, in which 
G D is dKbonourcd , and the croiffl of his fonnc Cfaiili 

Then doubt not what thed men doe , nor what mafler 
they (eruc, but pray jthat GOD mayhaue mercy vpon- 
thdm,4s vpon vs this day ,who loue not their delights, chat 
they may repent, andiwiihdravv themfelues from the fharc 
of the deuill, in which they bee holden , accordingto hit 
will, and begin while y^t it is good time , tode^tlothis, 
and4rMatdth«lifeof.Chrift,iDQon>pariibin of which j they 
may lay with the Prophet : The htfttns (ha/I terifyt 

dndc^nfumt 4* A^tmentybHt thy iii4rit^ Ltrdjth«ji h4M^^t 

One other thing followeth in ine Prophet , which the A-- 
peftle re^itfeth Aor jbut for our times it bath a very good in<^ 
diuftioQ.: 4hci^£c{|bet thus£oncludetb,7j(vfjfriMrM> ffthy^ 


ihe^tlletotheHehrUes,^ Cap.i 

fwtmts fUllcfntinmi& their feed JhdMfttttdfdfUH tbyftghv 
bec»irfeCbrifthadioyoedhisChurchtohimfelfe,hethc : 
head & they the body, by hina nfco endured logcr than the 
beauens, the Prophetknew his people could ncucr pcrifh •, 
& in this thought, if the Prophw kad cofort againft the ty- 
rannic of the kinedome of Babylon, what comfort may we 
haue now againu the enemies of the Church of Chrift ? ' 
They ihinke they be many,and ftrong,& rich, and wife,& 
they willpreuailci their Pope (hall vp again,thcy will haue 
malTcjthey wil exalt the church of Romc,they wil become 
flaues to a vile perfon as they were before , they will doe I 
. cannot tell what : alas poorc foules, how faft they hold a lie 
in their right hand J the (hamc that they feck for they (hall 
neuer find. For what arc they \ ot.what is their ftrengtb ? 
how much are they better thanjjrtfll?,* than the (lower in 
thefieid? What.istheirlifotnarcthanavapouf,orthana 
fmoake that vani(h«h away? Yet they boaft themfelues 
again(t the Church of Chrift, which isknitvnto the Sonne 
ofGiirfjliueth in his life, & ftandcth inhisftrength,whore 
right handhath made all things, & whofe yecres endure for 
eucrmore. While wee truft in thi$,our hope is fure,and all 
orit enemies (hal bt alhamed. And let vs pray,that it would 

Eleafe God our heauenly Father of hiscreai goodneflc, to 
aue mercy vpon vs,thai by his Spirit the eyes of our minds 
may be l»gntncd,to fee what great faluatiotihe hath giuen 
vntovsin lefu Chrift, who ishisonely Sonne, hejtecf all 
things, creator of the world, whorulcth and goucrneth all 
things,and (hall (hew vshisglory inimmortalitie,whcn all 
thefe creatures fhall haue their change. 

And the Lord graunt , that in thefe daiesctfourvanitiic, 
while yet we are walking to the day oTreft, we inay in the 
mcanc fcafon, fee his grace and glory in all his creature»,ia 
v.'hich we httue our pleafHre,that wei»»y«uoyiibcm to Wi 

E 4 praife, 






praift, and with nifeheatts neafurins bii timet who fhall 
endutefoceuet, when aUthefe things are paft, weemay 

himftaU both fee and inherite his immortahtie, throueh 

hi. mighty power,will keep vs in fafctie vnto it»agaiaft thac 
day.Towhom with the father and the holy Ghoft our only 
comforter,be allhonourandglory/iow.and euct. Amen. 

The fixth Le(fhire, vpon the 

1} and i«.TCtrci. 

1^. rmtwhkh^tht AHgelstfiddketttMij time f Sit *tm 
right hdMdytitrmJeethi^e tnemiet thj f«tttfit»U. 

J 4f Art thty m mH miuijl^htt firits^ fent forth to miniHtr^ 

r Ow the A^ftlc malwth the (!(t compa* 
;rifon between the Angeli and our Sa- 
I uiour Chrift s in which it ii plainc he is 
'exalted aboue all Anecli.. And this - 
'comparifonisj out of the faying of the 
vProphet t Sit «» mirtghtk\nlv$mlli 
\tinik« thii$«^ttemiet thy feot^Mle. . ^ (\n' 
gakrhonour aboue til that cu«r Aogellhiid : foricncniH- 
ech, that God hath taken him into the fellowlhip of ^ory, 
andgiuenhunallpower,iuhe4uenandineanh. * 

TouchingthiBPfatine,asitismofttrue{(b it isconfefled 
c£ ikUjthat'itis ajptophecicofQur raiiioiir Chrift , howhce 
(KomU be King ot his Church, .and vrtetly fubuert all hit e« 
nemies » and beoucPricft after the order of Melchifedech : 
IfkoilMMiy |mng«iti«ML<o (t^Pticftltood of Lcui : and : 
f»i".icj .f . I accor*- 

the Entile to the Fibrues, ^^^'\ ^~ 

accordingto thii meaning ofthe Prophet , fo the Apoftle ' y ^^ 

allcadgeth this fentence, for proofcof this excellency ofthe 
Ibnne of God aboue all Angels. 

And with this tcftimonie, our Sauiour Chrift himfelfe 
conftitcth the Pharifes, when they denied his diuinity.rea- 
foning ofthe force of this word, />r</: becaufe the compar 
rifon then was with Dauid. 

Thefe words ofthe Apoftle i Tt which of the AnjeHsfud 
heMMytimty&c.thcy (hew plaincly , what glorie it is to fie 
on theright hand ofGod. For when the Apoftle faith, the 
hks was neucr faid to Angels ; that is, fuch glorie was neuer 
giuenthem. What can it clfe meane, but that Chrift is 
con(eired,to be one God with his Father ? Or , what can 
wee vnderftand to bechighcrthan all the Angells,but God 
alone 2 

Ifthe right hand of God could fignifiehisprefince, the 
Angels are in his pre(encqand ofthem thouHind thoufands 
are before him : and as our Sauiour Chrift laith, Theyjiee the 
faefftm heMttfAff^htr. If his right hand could iiflnihe the 
fruition or fight ofhis glory , the Angels are all bleflTed fpi- 
rites, and fee his glorie eucn as it is. If his right hand did 
fignilie any inftriour powcr.though it were greater than al 
the worldjdich power haue alfo Angels, (b that one ofthcm 
hauefmitten whole armies of men,and whole countreyes : 
and therefore be they alfo called principalities and powers, 
becaule no ftrength in the wotld could refift them. But fee- 
ing hitrighthAni noteth vnto vs , that honour which neuer 
Angelicas receiued vnto^nnd abone the Angels wee know 
none but God alone; therfbre the Scripture fpeaketh plain- 
lie, in fctting Ch. ift onth right hand ofhis father ^ fiirre abote 
Angels, that he is oneGod,and equall with his father. 

Beddc? this, fith itis (aid $ Sit thou nt tnjrightbartd^tilll 
make thine (fiemti thy fottHotle : it is plainc , ttwt this is the 

E f right 

' ^admgsef Mi Veering fvpon 

ribt hand of God, the power of God giuen vnto Chtift, in 
wkich he ifaall ouercome all his enemies : Sc fith this is the , 
enlofthat glory, that glory is nothing but the power by 
Twl^h^bis is brought to pafle, and when this (hall bee ac- 
-complilhedithatallhisenemiesjQiall be confounded , then 
this thall bee finiftied : for him to fit on the right hand of 
-his father ; not that Chrift ftiall ceafc to bee equall with his 
father, but that this kingdome of Chrift our mediatout be- 
tweene God and vs, in which he kccpeth vs 5 that Ihal ceafe, 
and he (hall giue it vp vnto his faiher,and God (hal be vnto 

• vs.allinall. 

And thus farre of all thelc honorable titles giuen vnto 
Chrift i in all which the Apoftk proucth him greater than 
«U Angels. The tir ft is,that he is called the naturnll fonnc of 

;• God. ThefecondjthatHiic Angels liaue commandemcnt to 

worfhiphim. . . r 

Thethird,thatheisaKing of glory, reigning foreuer 
in truth and tighteoufnclTe. The fourth, that he is creator 
of the world , und endurcth when the world (hall peri(h. 
And fiftly, that he (itteth on the right hand of high raaie- 
ftie : all which are proper titles to the fonne of GOD , and 
greater than can bee giuen to any Angellrand therefore 
Chrift to be exalted aboue them all. 

Now in the 1 4.va'fe following,on the contrary part the i 
Apoftlefettethdown,what is the proper glory of Angels, , 
that by plaine compariibo , this dignitie of Chrift might j 
more appeare:& fo of Awgcls.headdcth^hatthey bcal mi- 
niftring fpirits, fent out for the feffetieof thoffe , which (haU 
- inheritefeluation. Whe« he daBesh them miniftring fpi- 
rits, according to the tcftimony ofDauid before alledged : 
HeemakethhuAngels/ptrites, W hit mnifters tfiamerffir^: 
both which names/pirits andrtjinifttrs . theone of nature, 

the other of offi€e,he bringeth thut into the proper defim- 

tiott ' 


"" theEfijlletotheEtbrues. Cap. 

tionthat they bee miniftring fpirits. And beca.fethemi- 
niftcrv of any creature may be in diuers things, theretorc to 
rTkcaway this vncerteinty, wherein their miniftene (hould 
bLheaddeth ftreight : that they are minifters for the fafcty ; 
of Gods elea. So fetting out a perfed dehnttion ot tn An- 
eell fully comprehending all that wee can , or ought to 
know of thofc blcfled fpirits ; for all their glorie is compre- 
hended in the nature of a fpirit ; and the praifes,wbich con- 
tinually they fing vntoG O D , is comprehended in their 
minifterie : for they are named minillers, according to 
Gods ordinance and good plcafure,fo that with continuaU 
nraifeandthankefgiuing, and reioycing in the Lord they 
doe their worke, as after their example we make our praier, 

Now vpon this definition of AngeU , and the former te- 
ftimoniesofthe great glory of the fonne of God our Sa- 
uiour lefus Chrift j by good comparifon,the Apoftles con- 
clufion is plaine and maniftft j that feeing our Sauiour, 
Chrift is fo exalted euen aboue the Angels, in all the honor 
ofa King, a Prieft,a Prophet , wee ought much more fo to 
acknowledge him aboue Mofes , aboue Aaron , aboue all 
Temple, Sanftuarie, mercy fcate, and all ordinances of the 
law.that he might be alone our only health and filuation; 
And thus he finilhcth this firft Chapter, in which I faid , he 
fcttothouttheperfon of Chrift accordingto his Godhead 
bodily dwelling within him. 

Now,touching the words that wee hauc to note ot this 
where he faith : to which ofthe Angels fiid he at any timej 
I then fufficiently declared vnto you , as G O D gauc mee 
grace when I expounded the fiftverfe. Likewife of Chrifts 
fitting at the right hand of God , I fpakemore fuUy, ex- 
pounding thethirdverle. 






u V 


I. i 



What it is here added, tiU/makethme enmits tk^/Mc 
fiooli^ : The Apoftle Saint Paule peaking of thisvidloty 

„ j_ of C hrift faith j Hefljall aMfh ail ruU^ d»d Mthtritie, tmdfrw- 

1,.' er : noting, as he faith in another place j that wee ivreftk n«t 
tgAtnflfi^ and bUudy but ag/ut^ frincif kitties andpnversyg- 
gMtH vforldljruUrs oflhu Lrkemtfe, agiitift^irituaH wicked' 

f- ne/e at highfUces : wherein wee fce,of what force & fir ength 
our enemies are. j 

And becaufe he faith ; the laft enemie fhaU be abolifbed, 
which is death .• we fee, that there fhaJl neuer want enemies 
to the Church. Where by wee (hould bee prouoked in re- 
gard ofour continuall daunger, to bee euer watching j and 
becaufe ofour flraunge enemies, onely toputourtruftin 

And heerel befeechyou , letour heanes be in ourowne 
waies^and ofour naturall life let vs learne wifedoraejleafl 
we be alfb vpbraided of our Saujiour Chrifl, that we can di- 

^*| fcerne the £ice ofthe earth and bfthe skie , but wee cannot 
' iudgeofourfelues what is right. 

Tell me, which of vs hauing a long ioumey, by hiany 
theeues and wilde beafls , or paffing the rockiefeas in great 
and violent flormesjtbough he efcapea place or two where 
no theelc is, nor any beaf^ hath molefted him ; yet at euery 
place of daunger, his ^re is flillrenued: and chough hee 
haue palTed many highrurges,and deepe gulphes ofwater^ 
yet at euery w.iue he is ftill afraid : not carelefle,j}eca.ufe hee 
hath pafled farrejbut ftil careful! , becaufe there is mote be- 
hinde i and this wifedome we vfe, becaufe weeknowe , wee 
may as well fall toward our iourneyes ende, and as well bee 
drowned before the bauens mouth,as when we firfl began 
our dangerous voyage.Euen fb with the Church of Chrift, 
in which this day we coniefTe ourfelucs to haue our porti- 
on j from the hr ft day of her peregrination in earth , till her ; 
' '' ' iaftr' 

-tk ^inletotk Hebrues. f ' C^- »^' 

laft entrance into glork , there is a perpetual! hatred'be- 
thSrrpcntanSherchildren; in which ftnfe euery one oi 
fspart&rlyhaueour tight, fo that firom our mothers 
wombe,fill ieliedovvncinthe-graue, ouriife.sawartarc 
S e' h. No aote;no condition of hfe. no day,no n.ght 
StWshiscnemiewithhim,andthefameenen,y armed 

vearesolde,asagainftthe childethatis new borne,. ndaf- 
Tiarnd crooked age , asthough ^oncup.fcence and pnde 
nf vouth And if at any time wee become fecure , hkea 
carSe Peopl . who haue our fenfes dulled with an idle 
Scofpeace,itisnot becaufe webceoutofdanger,but 
Icord rig?otheparable intheGofpeU,7^/r..^«././'-/^ 
ioMMh and therefore allthingsfeeme to befofafe and 
Sf Let vs thereforebe wife , and Ihake off the weight of 
this dull augliOinefTe, which preffeth vsdowne . that with 
attSccafSwemay willihgly henre hislomngcounfell. 
Ihooneday wiUbreJkethe ftrongell head of allourenc- 

"" He biddethvs watch and pray , becaufe weeknowe not 
the day nor yet the howerrand fo much the rather let vs do 
it becaufe we (fondnot in d^if*er ofrobbitig, or drowmng, 

t: teSLmthwildebeafts ; which yet would make vs a 
fraid thoU ^h death Ihould ende our mifery : but wee land 

cd ShSw^'fHallbe acct«rfed it. etermll fire^^^^ 


weehaueheardtheenemiesareftrong, and ftich as before 

whom we are vtrieco^^ardst for be we otheimfe T.euer 

fo vHlfentt^trtcflrtepainc,' to quarrel), to fight, to dcfpi e .> 

J,^ datingir. is Jt« tie manherof a great many ruffians n- 



»/ ".-,. 







dceibutmen ofgpod courage they wpuld be callcdjbrinR 
mc one of them in battcllagaiflftthcic enemies we haoeto 
Uriuca3amtt,pride,againft coaipifcencc^gainft idle games 
againil all Imnc ; and thou (halt fee no boyc, no womon.no 
hckc mao/o very a coward ; he hath not the heart to firikc 
oncblowe,but yccldcthhrajfelfelikeaflauc, andisieada- 
way as rvn oxe to the flaughccr-houre. Let vs therefore 
watch, let vs pray ; for in this daungerous battell, in which 
Jtiefc ft rong men are very cowards , what an wc do ? Huen 
lex vs denie our feJucs , and truft vnto him . that fittcth on 
fhc right hand of his father, and hec (hall make all our ene- 
mies our foot(ioole. 

And this word we muft not lightly paflc ouer , for it no- 
tetha certaine and great cogfulion vppon the enemies of 
.Chrift. For though it be fometime honour to be named the 
&a. 66. 1. Lords footttoole, as-where it is faid, ifedugn it my thrtne , <^ 
^theetnhitmjf09tfio$k : and cfpecially in the Lamentations 
* of leremie, where he (aith, The LtrdhathdarkeMed the dutsb- 
. I. tertfSum, aadxhr^wnedtrlfHethekediuietflfrael^ and hath net 
remtndfreihisjootftctle:yt(. in this place , where it is ipoken 
ofG O D S enemies, it noteth their extreame fuine and 
fliame,eucna$ofihofc whom wee doe ftampc vnder our 

An exam pie of this we hauc In the Icwesjwbofe name 
was once fo honourable \ how doe the Prophets gloric of 
thchoufeonudnh? Yet fmce they haue taken vp this en- 
raiticagainftChriil,andfcc-thci^fclues againfthis Church 
& people^ they hauc had ■experience of the Lords right 
hand, and their name is a name of (harac and ignominie 
ouer ail the Wbtld, ;> 

Another example wc hauc of Rome \ wHatcitiehad once 
fijch honour \ and what name was of more renowmt ? yet 
fmce it hath been the (catc of Anfichrift, cncmieto the Son 




the ^itlletotU Hebrues. Cap. 

oFGod,8nd tobis Gofpel.-asihe hath filled her (clfe with ail 
abhominations, fo God hath trodeaher vnder &ae, & (ai f 
the Prophet fcith) (he hath lc(t her name as^i curie vnto the 
cho?en of the Lord : that I alTure you , in my eares yand in Ef^.« 
iheearc8,Iamfure,ofmany thoufandsmoc, the Citie of 
Romeisacitieofcomtempt, ofignorance , of linne, like a 
dead(tockc,who(c f\i'ect blolfomes , and plealant fruite ii 
withered & wornc away ,Wi&fr r<»#< ( as the Prophet (aith ) 
ur0tte»»es,a/>dheri>mlastbedMfitaadCuch (hall beetheend **" 
oi all enemies of the (bnneo^ God. 

Nowfollowethinthclaft verle., this dednition of Awr, 
gels, whereof wc Ipakc before In which we learne , and (b 
confes,thai they arc miniftring (pirites,(ent out for our (afc- ^^ 
tieand defence r(b that heereafter ^-whofocuer will dilpute j,;,,, 
with vs about Angels, with one word we will anfwcrehim , 
and cut offall curio fuyi This wee know, and wee know it 
onely.and whofocuer knoweth more,hc knoweth nothing,^^ 
,bu« the vanitie of h's ownc minde. * 

Angels arc (pirites, whichleruethe Lord, for bis Chur- 
ches fafetie. It yet vvcwtll be vaine l>ill,and.chinkeiyeaybuc 
what are Archangels,principaliiics,pow£rs, rules,,thrones, 
dominions I what arc Cherubim and Seraphim, j^ All thsle, 
bowlbeuer they bee called in diucrsrefpedsdiuerdy, they 
are al Angels in condition and na£ure,a3 they arc hcrefo de- 
fined. For ifanyArchangell.throne.or dominion , orany 
other name that is named, were any vwy greater than an 
AngcH, all this difpuration of the Apoftle were nothing 
woorth- : for howe coulde it prooue the excellencic of 
Ghriftaboucall:cr«aturcs,bccauiehee is greater than An- 
gels jifCherubirti, or Seraphim,.orany Archangcll , were 
alio greater than nn Angell. Andtherefore that the rca(bn 
oftbe Apofllemaybce(asitis) (krong and vnanfwerable, 
wee muft confc0e, all blclTcd fpiritcs whatfocucr they bee. 



' » I 



they be all this , and ihU is theirgloric, that they be Gk)di 
miniftttf, for the (afetic of his children. sz-r!.!- 

This doftrinc the Prophet Dauid teachcth alfo verfe 
'*' '• V*'" V '" '^* 3 4-P^alro57A^ '**?«?/ */the Ltrdpttcheth rtund 
'bfut them thatfearehim^AMddelmreth them. And againQ.ih 
the p I . Pfalme, Hee/hd giue hu Angedt chtrge euer thee . t« 
«•"• kee^etheeinalithj/wties uhej Ml^eare thee in thetr hand), that 
th0nhm not thy fooieayamft spue. And according»as this it 
Gods word.and his promife ; fo wee haue many examples, 
how hee hath at nil times iuftified his faith in the perfbur* 
mancc ofit, that wee might not ftagger in this dotlrine of 
Angeli. The Piuriarchs, the people of Ifrael,the Prophets, 
the Apoftle3,and Saints ofthe ncwe Teftament.our Siuiot 
Chrift himfclfe : wee h.1uc leenc hovv the Angels haue been 
with them in daungerous tim«s,and miniftrtd the hdpe of 
God vnto them. 

Now.touching the manner how the Angels of God cxe-^ 
cute this minifteric.euen as it w not harde vnto the Lord in 
the battels ofmcn, to fiiuc with many or "with ftw .(o God 
■si* icndeth^t his Angels, moeotlcffe,euen as fc* will, that it 
^W*' might Ukttowen the power is the Lordes.:VVSh«n Jacob 
feared iJWbre h s brother £/4«,God fendeth tonfifi an hoaft 
of Angels to comfort him. When Ehleus was befct ivfith 
the great hoaft of the King of $yria, and his fcruaunt was 
noji'CXceedinglyafraid.Elizeuspraied to haue hiicyeso- 
^HfWs^vthathcmightfeethehelpeof God which was pre- 
fent with them •, and hee ftwc immediately the Mountainc 
mil of horfcs and chariots round about Elifeus, which waa 
Gods Angels lent for the I^ophets faftgard. When otilr 
Sauiour Chrift is in diftrcfle and anguifti, God fcndcth m»f 
•4 ihny Angels whichdoeminifter vnto him. And foheetcfUtej 
ficth ofthe vfiiall workcof God conwnom to allhisSaint»t 
andappliethitp.irticularlie vnto hih[)£^|e^>infoproouiiig 

I ' P«cr, 



PSMTt'wltO'Woald oec4a drawiufrwonlto niarnttiichis 
ctanOJ ipi^e/f4bt» ( AitbiM^MtfiirAUM h0w ffty xmh H$, 

And>itftfauir<30E> Hivimimtfipm multitude ibt thciit- 



fak<)f<3»>l<fl<wx>mwriim I ifii time hee appointttllbuc 
en«(brrh«yetieofiiiMi]|ttfo'@od lent an Ailgelltpdelt- 
HerffrMlotktof^gy^ind CO guide thcmthrougih tWter- 
^te wriderrt^ t ii^if||irafter. iaaii thek trou^ wt^ 
t*»y sailed vpon hrtl(ifc!-#«jpf il^i&if fnfenet{ as the Proi 
ptwt Efay feith; v, u0 h dtlmerm-: and when they ttjowld' 
•nterthelandofpromife^Gdd fcnranAngcUtodritteout ^ 
lhtCm«anites bifbni thcnn. W hen the armic ofthe King ^j^^^ 
t^Alhurcamt ami'b«neged leru(aleB^GodTent an Aogell, 3 ?. 
v^4<'^MM^ed cM'tie.and inone nigMevv^ > B5000. of ';5'°;*^; 
the Ai^R^fi^ns.When Daaid numbered^ peopleand pro* <l 
redthflwrftth^fGodt God (ent an,lm|enintoIerurar 
i)Who fleK»1«^h4lb«pelkiltiKe 7ooo(3^the peopic. So ^ 
Imm many exanyp1eiywhett,Tpoiioccirl{on^o one mftn W 
> £&nd«frOin< AagcH $ latn as it is fiid^f 6ne that he Lu,ti.4>. 
toconrfbrtotirSaaioarChriftin rhegardta. T6tx>t 
'God(ent(«wyAng«ti:jb fo the women chat came to the 
ofour Sauiour Chrift two AngeU i^fcaredv h toki 
... - .^ J» i^^^ftWi^^AiWtfli'ijhe A|»ftlc* lookcdaf- L»k.%^u 
'..- ^eHwrSiflkwChoiiat Wiafttitfioointo heauen, two*^'**"*- 
, ^ ^Hl^r^J^eN^^fteM'i^ vWO theiti^ toccach them what they had 
^^ if6'ii^WmnG«^W(M]kMa(M)y'8odonK|0dGomarrha,Gen. it. 
helBft^ftMt'Ai^«)ktd i^brafa(fmt»«ritliRd£iL inc^^^ 
'mmi^lM^^ K|ii!l^b« de Ariiftimd&iiecitcie^ God Ez«ch,9.> 
^fiiiUdh^tii^fllxe At^}«t«i<Keciit« eh«« indgcmcnc; And 
-why%<ill^li''d)iterHfy 7 tO'Chtcnd ( no dou bt ) we (hodd 
TiotM«i:Urk>M, but reft iff tlMdo^htne which cbc Lord 
-m^Jfli^t VI, tM ch« Angd^ ^r«h^iiHmftei% far tiieir fafe^ 
«*^^wttoArilldBiw*hltMbgd<»m«. ■ > 

• ' F again/l 






Againft thb doarine,a» maiiy haue offended i ibamoBg 
»ll,therc iMione which haucfuflicn do woe fo decpc v^m^ 
lie^ the Papifts bane done. Kfft they htuie made » cuery 
counirie a peculiar and propetAngeil; a thiflg altoe<|ber 
ftrangc from the word of God, and a meere itnaguiatk>& of 
their owne head. And the rcafon, whercwrKh fome would 
prooue it, is nothing wOrth , though 1 graunt fomc g<>dly 
ttiendoenotvttcrly reicft it : Sot they lay there is uamed 
in DanielythePrinccofPerfia^the Prince of Grxcia , mear 
ningthet AngcU, particular gouernours ofthofe qountriei. 
Indeedetbe Araraitcs might fa hanc vndcrftoodit, wiucb 
id thinkcthcre were fome Gods of the mountaines, other 
fomedtthevallies.-butChriftian men that readechePrp, 
phcts.Oiould Icnowc that in the next Chapter, Danid himr 
felfc expoundeth,that tbofe Princes were the kings of thofe 
countries. And indcedc this u, tu>{ tl»« OBpwn cj«« ^'^9' 
phetsor ofthc Prophets chiWrdiibut it Wm fifft from the 
old idolatrous Gentiles , whofrora^rhe begiBBuigha^t^w 
fancie,and madeNoc himieHe wbomth^^ed Vcrtam- 
* '• nus.ti be the AngcU .or councri* GQ D ofHetruria , and 
from that day to euery nadO«t» «hey xn*d?xu«y pairplifr 
«naithcyw<wULo-'-A o^^nf:i•ifi' ■ :i-. •.•.m«:-M;. ; y. -^ 

rtikrAngekione good^anothet M r^d tojp^4«5? 
dffre not vtterly condcnwc this Opioioo jfemJo^to mwt 

|>T3gobdfoirttorfl«iavlthicbW^p«J«r ^^«^»mfef<i 
roh inman. Fw^faitti vaoi^i* it, whenlkaPFCthat 
Oodscommanddmeotisto allhi? Angels to hamcharg^o- 

d»rfee}j6n»^coraforc«» I h^an injf) ^wept I ^u#f 
Godfcommandements v«*i«»5iigh?W§«Wpt.^n^^^ 



eamcft > or except I thinke it is with Angels as it is wirfi 

fides this, it is a thing not agreeing to the fi«»^/"^; °*„^^ 
•Ai.^nfD«fons.andourdu«ti«i»to ail our fleih.ot what 
^cftotpenons,anu difference (I grant) 

' SUToffilti^^ but Ais onely isac- 

JadiflRTotheageofmen . a thing not madent vnto An- 
-SrSSt they Sue alfo reafons to prouc this is true. & firft 

g^vSkdge&t Chrift fiith of his litde ones, that 
A^Lk fSe a^waies the fece of my father which is m bca- 
nS^^ hath his Angell. ImarueU w,& 


' wSufcxheyarecalled their Angels, andare fo named be^. 
oufc o^?^ift<rie which they haue for their fafetie, 
m^vnotdTcrc^rdsaswellftand. though the Angelsbee 
TpSed^^^^^if'^^y*'^^ chargeeueryoneouer ^ 
onS^ Nay ,Sth n^eScripfure thus expound it,when it 
Sofeu<^<*^*t1iofcht{leones,whentheyturnefron. , 

rtoLShataUtheAn|els«ioyc<,;at it X "^ll^^^^J 
rcafon they haae, where the difciples being aftoniftiedat 
S^ofPet(iscomming,as they are ama^edtheylay^ 
dcrtrueth.^that hath no better proofe than thcdilcipies 
wordSs tWheyareamazedand knowe not what they 
ft t fo we might prooue that Saints might dwell m tabcr- 

-, n&caWfpet^rlaidLord^^^ 


■ Li walki, becaufe the diTcipte *K&*|l^Se 

. *^,tboightfotnetime «»«*t^y^«^^^^°fc Jt^' 
• fiHd,y«itheyrpakeaftcrthc common opimonofmcn: bee 

^ ^foW^^t th^common|^imon.thatdeadm^^^^^^^ 


u , 






tyaVMjUajppciaiethbyHtif^ivifhf? thought oqr'Soiiiour 
Chrift was loim Baptift;rii^%aine%>m the dead, And 
■whatiftbatplacew'creasclwrf asthcy coulci wifhicwlij 

that God hath fcot for his d«ii.iK:faince,this bein^^ccor-ding 
CO the fcripcuoe^ore than chat , to haaeit his pecnliar Aa- 
gdl : buc lee thu go,3ti error as it is , had iceuer ib great pa- 
crone<!:and ktit appearenvor^niani&ft hy the error which 
ic drawethivicfa it , thac Bk<^fe euety man h;ich ah euill 
Angellffor whatreafon haththat, whai wee know thac in- 
to one was a legion eacred I let this aUb^hcreforegoe, eueo 
totbeGencilesfromwhotniccfme.. The iicft anchor of ic, 
chatIreadeof,vras EmpcdocUia the Phi!o£>pher, who as 
Platarchlaith.tanghcicthateuec^man had two Angels, 
Amonij-^ne good,anocha ba4>* and the Qrecian& haue acooimon 
^verfe which they vfe in manner of a prouerbe : Euery man 
hath his owneAngcUto bee the f«i'«tt)-;«fofaUhi3 life. And 
piuH; fo when Brucus was flaine, cheflighc before , one appeared 
aiimi vnto him.and laid ; lara thine euill Ajigell O Brutus : bnc 
tranqu. {y^f\^ th^fe things which I confcfle , ibme .wife men haue 
Ijcleeued, the Papifts haue gone much fiirther, & haue cold 
vs ofchelhape^ figure of Angels, v?haccoloarchey haue, 
tew big chcy bee, of how many orders, what difference of 
each degree; and many other things which I meane noc 
beretotouch , as things more worthy to be forgotten for e- 
netjtban once with good reafon to beconfttted. For ifMo- 
fesby infpiration knowing the .original! of Ihe world how 
it,wa» J yethad it notreuealed what to write ©f Angels ; If 
• Scephan.that lawe the heauens open.yet ft we not thefe or- 

dersof Angels whac they were .• If Paul, who was taken vp 
io thethird heaucnSjfaw yet fo little of A ngels,that whofo- 
cuer wil teach fo curiou(}yofthem,he faith they be puftvp 
ofa flcftue mind,rofpeakeofthings which they ncuer law; 

the Epijlle to tk Hbrtus. ^ Cap^ 

Jf John, in all his high reuelation, had no fuch knowledge coL| 
r^Qealed of Angels y who is the Pope, or whac is bis paren- 
uge, chac in thefe things we Ihpvn beleeue him ? Indeede, 
CO gee him credice in greater folly than this, that vnchafte 
Councell of Laterane writeth} th(|t: the Pope hath author!- 
cieouer all powers in heauen : biic all che world knowcth ^^^ 
now, fiich wicnelles haue caught their tongues to lie. 

Onedoubcmay hei:earile,couchingthedegreesof An- 
gelsibecaufe chey willfeeme co alledge Scripcure for ic. And 
tyftjChey fay jTheProphec Ezechiel delcribing the glory 
o(che King ofTyms. he nameth ix.precious ftones, which 
are in his garmentjin which place,he nameth the lame king 
Cherubjcomparing im with the Angels ; cherefore chcfe 
ftones fignifie nine orders of Angels. 

The fecond reafon is, that there bee nine feuerall names J 
with x^ich angels are called in the Scripture : principali- 
ties, rules, powers, dominions, thrones, Cherubim, Sera^ 
phim, Angels,and Archangels; cherfore there be ix. orders. 
. yy third reafon chey draw oucofchisjbecaufe there is na- 
med Angell and Archangell ; in which names is manifoft 
difference of degree, the^ore there are ix. diners orders of 
Angels. Touching the ilft argument of the nine precious 
ftones oftheKing of Tyrus , it is nothing but folly ; for 
vfhac though he were compared co AngcU in glory ,becau/e 
his garment was full of predous ftones ?doeth it therefore 
follow, thatas many kinde<rf"ftones as were in hisgowne,fo 
many ordersthere (hould be of A n gels ? 
, . Iflfawe a man clothed ii) rich colours, and many iew- 
elsabouthinijfo thac 1 would lay, he (hineih like the Sun; 
muftitneedesfollow, thatas many colours 'as are about 
him, fo many colours are in the Sunne I But the thing is ail 
^lfe,che king is noc compared there to Angels: butsbccaufe 
Jth« Ct«)^%i^,;h^ (joucrcdlhc ipercy ieat.wcre of beaten 
'i '•''"" I ]F 3 golde, 

■ ■■■•■^■■- r - " . ^^l 






fadings ef\C Veering ^vpm 

gQld',iind«x^enencworiunanfHp, with cbem that King is 
compared, and called thecouering,5t cheannoynted Che> 
rahiCo that the nine preqoas ftones muftbee nine orders of 
Ghcrubirasvpon the mercy ftatc, or nine orders ofcloa- 
thing.Now.where they fiy.thcre arc ninclcuerall names of 
tfaenii: therefore nine orders. ' ■ " •'' ' '' ' ' ' 

Firft.that is felfe; for here the ApoftFe out oFthc Prophet 
alledgeth two names more5-(pirits, and flaming tire. They 
arc called in Iob,,the fonncs of GOD j Co by this accompt» 
there muflbetwelueordcrs of Angels : or if they will fay, 
chefe names are common to all Angels j fb is, I am nire,tne 
name Angel! , which yet they, makeone particular order : 
therefore,if the commti nitie of the name take away the par- 
, ticular order.then are there but eight ordcrsjif not,thco are 
itherctwelut l 

*' But touching thefe names, it is no doubt th«r al^ Co nx- 
med^accordingtooiirvnderftandingjas wee lee thegreat; 
glory and power of God to appearein them.that we might 
giue him thcpraiftoffiis worke,. and not im^gincfb pre- 
cirely.aiuftnumberoftheorders of Angds. And this fs 
mouclearein Pauiehimfelfe,vHMi heerhad reckoncdVp, 
principalities, rules, powers, dcmitnions ; headdeth^ande"- 
ucry name that is namcdhin thii world , or in the world to 
come; aclearefentencftofhisownimodeftie, inconfeffini 
aholy ignorance oftheftate of Angels j and fiichns fhoulo 
moo«evsto(bbrietietofty with S.Aug, the difference of 
thefe degrees I con fefle I knownor: if any man will fiy, 
hcknowethit.iethimfpcakeibut let him prooucthat hee 
fpcaketh. Ajjd indcedc, very reafbn rnftn^ccth tntis much; 
that nonejcnoweth the difFerence^foi' the names arc iuth as 
v»e cannot makeany good diftiniftiort bet wcenethem: and 
'! thc{3me names are giuen al(b i6 the diuels,that we ftiuld \^i 
i&rcihcy note no ordcr.but i-athec fignifie rfte power that 

the Efijtie to (k Bthruts. Cap* 

isinthem. Now,fortheirargutnent,that there are Angels 
and Archangels, raaniftft words of degrees : firft this wan- 
teth much in accompt to make nine orders : then I fay, and 
it can hardly bee confijted , that wherefoeuer the name 
Archangel! is mentioned , it fignifieth our Sauiour Chrift, 
and no creature. Or, ifit be attributed to a creature, hee 
that in one worke is called an Angell , in another woike of 
greater glory in our eics»he may be there called an Archan- 
gel! : yet I wiU not defineany tiling, neither dare I affirmc, 
chat all Gods Angels are of equall glorie j I haue not climed 
into the heauens to know fiich things, but this I know,that 
aU this prooueth nothing a diuerfitie of thus many orders. 
Therefore now toleaueto fpeake of things vnprofitable 
to feeke after, let vs fee what true comfort GOD giucth vs 
inthi&place. I ; j 

Tn|Vngel3, of whom fo much wee haue fpokcn , and 
whoflnonour is fiich, that feeing our Sauiour Chrift ex- 
ceedeth them, the Apoftle here prooueth, hee is the God of 
giorie : In that, I fay, thefe Angels fcrucfor our fafetie: how 
g^t is our fafetie I and what fhall we render vnto God for 
tliis faluation ? It wereexceeding loue to giue to any man a 
guard of men about hinij it were more to giue him a guard 
ofPrinces; but what are men, what are Princes, what are 
Kings, inrefpcft of Angcls,which God hath made to pitch 
aboiit vs } Not one of vs this day, that are Chrifts, but haue 
his Angels to keepe vs in our way. What Princes glorie 
c^now4azleourcyes,fxceptwee knowcnot ourleiues? 
How can wee enule earthly blelCngs , of houfei , landes, 
fcruauntSjtoaboundevntoour brethren, except wee bee 
ignorant what GOD hath done for vs t How can wee 
mlourliueswith any ftraunge concupifcence of thinges, 
which GOD hath holdcn backe from vs , if wee beleeuc 
what excellent treafiire of his Angels hee bath giuen vs? 

1 F 4 If - 








' T^aditfgt of \C veering 'V^on 
Ifhis Angels beoan, how tndymaYwec fiy with Piotei 
Let vs not hereafter glory in men » for whether it bee Paul, 
I or whether A polio, or whether Cephas : whether it be the 
** u. world, whether life, or elfc death s whether ihzj bee things 
prefentjorelfctocomc, alliiours. And wlyr ftiould wee 
now fearc to be Ihod with the preparation oFthe Goftell of 
peace, and goe boldly , whither truth.faith, holintflc, due- 
tie, calleth vs ? What if the world brcake with hatred , or 
men fwcll in malice againft vs , arc the Angels driuen backe 
withvainethreatningj ? Or, what if wee doc fell before the 
encmie,6c he preuaile againft vs,a8it happened to ourSaui- 
ourChrifthimfclfe.isthisa want in Angels that watch o- 
uervsreris it not rather the good will ofGod, that wee 
thould die with Chrift, the fooner to reigne with him I 
. Laft ofall, now let vs know , how this glorv is djwh vs, 
not ofour fclues. but as we are membei-s of Chriftjjfor to 
him. it doth properly belong, who is our head. Hwisthc 
Cktt SI. ladder, which lacobfawe in a dreame, reaching fromhea- 
"• ucn to earth : and t*hc AngclsafccndinB and dcfcendrng br 
it, as himfclft plainly expoundeth it : faying to NathamfeU 
that he ftiould fee the hcauensOpen,and the Angels afcen- 
dinganddefccndingvpon the tonne of man. So that this 
honourisours.aswecbeChrifts : to him itapperteintth, 
and to vs it is giucn, as we be made members othis body by 
faith : and thus farre of Angels. . u i 

Now let vs pray, that it would pleafe God ourheauenlr 
Titherofhis gracious goodncfrc,«> lighten our vndcrftand- 

ing vnto all knowledge and wifedome of his word , that we 
• may be carefiill bccaufc ofour enemies, leaft at a"/ "'JJJJ''' 
- fell into temptation ; & that we may be bold in Icfu Cftrift, 
who fittcth at the right hand ofhis fiither, till hee make all 
our enemies his footftoolc ; & who hath giuen vs his good 
guardof Angels,that we might fee his louc, and know otir 

tht^iUletotkeHebruet. (^^A 

fc A Wrtf thit fo we may confecrate our felues to fet forth his 
nllfe & wX before him in hoUnes fit righteoufnes al the 
5-d«ofoorliii,whoi$our onely Sauiour j to whom with 
the Father and the holy Ghoft, be glory for euer. Amen. 

...l.i - 


The feuenf h Leaorc, vpon th© 
• /• ' 1. Chapter. I ; . 

Wt/ere/tre. r,e0nghtdiligenttyt0ghehetdtethe things 

P0r if the word fp»ken h Lyfi*geh , vas fttdff ' ^^ "^ 

mMyJntobiY'e^dlr, the LP^d ^mla/tifw^rd 

W^eUhfted^'ntf-vthif^^^^'f'^^l . 
Q,dbt0intrhtnegtthmt*, both ^^^ fif'' ^f y'^T'' 
4HdrrithdiMersfmr4ekf, tfni gtfies >f the hH, Ghfi , m- 

ending t» his fWfte w<i(. 

l^'h^c herfr<J before, how that the Apo- 
ftlcaherhcehadfetitdownc, thatChnft 

was the Prophet of the newe Teftament, 
that wee might truely giuc him tbisglo- 
ric , ftrcight he magiiificth his perfon , by 
iaH_»^ manytitle$,andbycomparifonwithAn- 
Eeh.proourngvnto vs,thatheis very God. Nowtoibcw 
^;irfearcly:for what purnoTe all thofe Fi"<^^.f .^^nft 
wererehearfed.himrclfem^tceth his conclufion m he be- 
gittnhi^ofthisx Chapter -, that therefore wee f^ould moft 
Itrcfulljrheartoivntohimaione. Andttnsistbefirftpart 

. i 


f ■ * 


(^adwgt &fM. Peering >vpon 

of this Chapter, bdbre the Apoftlecaroeyultoldeyou, to 
prooue that our Sauiour Chtift is alfb perfe^ man. la this 
exhortatioo,firftthe Apoftlefettcth downc hisdo^liinc: 
then his rcafon by which hec will pcrfwadc ys vnto it jhis 
doftrineisthis. That it behoueth vs now more carefully 
to hearken to the words of Chrift, than afore time it beho- 
ucdourforefothersto hearken to the laweof Mofes. For 
where hee fitith, wcir ought' more diUgmly: hee maketh this 
cotnparifon plainly with the fathers in the old lawe, in the 
fecond verfc following. And here wee muft wifely confider 
vhy he faith, we ought to be more carcftill then they j not 
^hat they might omit any care,for cxpreflcly they are char- 
ged with all care, to adde nothing.to take away nothing.to 
cliaungcnochJHg. not to depart neither to the riehthand 
nor yet to the left, but day and night, at home an^broad 
to do alway this , to ftudy it continually withou|«etmiU 
fion,asappearethin Deut.4^.& 5.33 &d.<5 &i iBB.& il 
3 J.& aS.l 4.Ior.i.8.& 33.6^ndmany other pLices. Nor it 
is not (aid that we be more bound then they^s though the 
authoritieofGOD were changed.- but this is fpoken after 
our fenfe , becaufe now Chrift hath fpoken by himfelfe, 
then by Angels j now plainely , then in figures ; therefort 
we ought more carctiilly to hearken, not that all care ought 
not to bee in them as well as in vs j but becaufe our punifc- 
ment (hall be more than theirs,euen as wecQial be defpifen 
ofthegreateft grace. . ..< ^ ^ . 

After this, the Apoftle addcth his reafon to perfwadfrvs 
to this cfpeciall carefubcfle aboue all other p<6plc,to hear- 
ken to the voyce of Chrift •, and chat is, of the perill that en- 
Iticthjleaft (faith he ) we mnnc out. The Apoftle vfetha me- 
taphorctaken ofold tubbes.whichiunne out at the loints, 
and can holdo 00 liquor. In fuch aphiufe offpe^ch one 
CwhofhimfeMc: lamfollof aeuifles orlU^^ hples , and! 

I flow 


thel^UlotheHtbrues. C^P-$' 

floweodton this fidcami on that. ^^^H^^^l^f^y- 1^ 

we iVwetakeintovsthefweecwmeoftheword of Chrift, 

as imo olde bottels and broken vefTels , that itrunneout a- 
lucthaway,andwebeas^*aterpowredvppBrilegrol1nd. , 

TOsmttaphorethewomanofTekoa vfedro Dau|d.when 
4re^W4terMto^thegro.nd which m^JeegAtl^ed'vp^ 
^^ An/D.iuid himfelfe defcrtbing>theextrem.t.e ofall 
ffii,iwhichvyascomevpon hm,htCA^d.■I4m^ewfer,c.^ 
TZed^fM^Ufnybcnesarc ontofiojnt. L.kewife . when 
Wpraieth.thatalltheplaguesof God may fell vpponthe 
wicked till they be confumedto nothing,he fa'tHthus : Xrt p^. 
^^/^*.//^iri/^A Wtr/^-f^fJ-^r SotheApoftle, 

nSfccextreame perill, and ineuitable death that li »■ ^ 

neulelng the word of Chrift. this clortous fonnc of God, 

w powred on the ground, and is neuer after pro fi^tabltf arty 
mote AndifyouwiUfeeanexamplc, whattW^flowing 
away meanethibeholdthelewestliis day , to whom it is 
thrwtned 5 a defpifed people; whofe very name is as a curfej 
fo they haue flowed out,and are cpme toruine •, 1/ their e)^ 
amplcdoetnakevs wife, thenthis exhortation ofthcApo- 


ItfoUoweth in the fecond and third verfe : ^"^Vf^ 
^mrdt (boken hi AmeU &c. In thcfe wordes the Apo- 
^ aggrauaterh his reafon . and forceth it the more to 
fearethe people. Hee vfethto this ende an argumemc 
-6f cfcftcompanfon before made betweenc Chrift, and the 
^ AneelUithatifthe Lawceiuen by-Angclls, were rtot 
Brd^ without feuere puniftiment , becauft it was^gtucn 



»i/be<i, if wceiOpilc tWj ffm Ahwtioq . pf«acb«4 hr U»« 
toane of G O D ? That (h^ Um wa>giu,cn by Ai)gd» , «h? 
\fi. Scribturc here is pl.iinc. Uok% /aith of the ddiueric of it ; 
' *■ ^*^,^o't^ c»me with t«nnc thoudnd ofSaints. And S.Paul 
ftith exprefliJy the fame, GhI. /. ip. And S. Stephen likc- 
iJ^i&.Aa.;. j3,,And howcanitbeeotfafrwi&ffor when 
there was in the mountainc, thi)mi€ri,lightningi,teinpeft8, 
fearefiiU founds ofa trumpet ^nd the voice of a man heard; 
j,i«. UmtbeUrdti^ G0J that lircM^bt thet (ft. what could this 
' be but the minifterie of AngeJs \ for it rnaii nccdes bee true, 
|.|r. ^^^^^ <»"•■ Sauiour Chrift faitii ; Nt mn Mo httrdtht v*ife 
tfGtdattmjtime. Neither tbencould the maieftie9fGod 
fpeake, but the voice ofhis mouth would hau« (haknn vnto 
nothing both men and mountainc, 6i all the element^ that 
i^vere before bini» For how^ran corruption ftand in ksnre- 
'ftiKe? 9 

If wee doubt becaufe of the wprdi , that the voi J faith : 
Imthe LtrdthyGtd: And agaiiie , in the third ok Exodus, 
it ftith : t^mthe GtAttfAh^ym , the Q*i«fl^A*(^ the Gfd $/ 
/K*^:trHeiti^thiitourSauioui't hriA then Ipake , vvhoii 
th« God of glory 1 but he fi>3ke rtot in the voice ofhis God- 
headkbut in the likencfle of an Angcll,whichhe tooke vpon 
him. For though it be t«»ie,thHt he tooke not tlie nature of 
A«geli»norM'a8ma<if Qlieof tli(sm 5 yet ia his hciUicnlie 
wiledomc, he tooke vpon him the likcnes of an Angellt and 
Seconding to that nature, Gi fpakie wor^s j lo that ftill this is 
ti u« : The lawe was giucn by Angels. 

Where it folWweth here, th:<t all tranrgteffJon pf tKat 
U/m was pwifhcd « no doubt bt refptrteth the people gf 
4ft«elintheaflt^irne4ie5ivhcrcv)fro many hundre4;llJtou- 
(MI<if,flUdi«d ififjifiif invne«,cxfcpt Caleb and lofua, wl^ 
wtne,<3||gjy)oth#;(pi)iil .• which fiaieful exampleof.tpfpcpr 
^/«(lik|6lHffi%lW«<«l^.$^lP^ule in jj^c Hrl^ to the 



Corldthiin;the tenth Chapter, CO A(imoni(h tlie C<)rin- 
thiani.that by their example they Ihould leame. 
- . iAnd where the Apoftleaddeth, howlhallwce cfcapcif 
JtrMdbTp&c fo grtflC Etiuation : how true thii is, wee cnnnoC 
4oubt*ifwee will open our eyc» this day , and lookc about 
Vt, what is become of the Churches of Coiirtth,Gaiatia,E* 

EhefiM,Philippi,Cobflb»,Thell!ilonicn : ailwhich Paulfo 
ighly commendeth ? What is become of the Churches 
of Pofitas.Cflppndocia, Ana,Bitkytiia,to which Peter wri' 
tedi? what is become ofSmyrna,Pergrtmus,Thyatini,Sar » 
dii,Philade'phia,Laodicca,the Churches mentioned in the 
Apocalips \ In all Afla,GrKcia,Macedoni<t,Syria,Palcflina, 
flnd)nany(amouscountriesels,wliereare now their Chur- 
ches ? Yea,to come yet neercr home, what is become of the 
Churches in many Countries and Hands , which our eye#| 
haueftcnetoflourifhf The Bimoui kingdome ofHunga** 
rie, theareat countrie of Liuonia j how haue barbarous ty- 
tannlaid them waft, that Icarce one Church of Chrift hath 
peace wit4iin them \ Theleiire the punidiments vi^hich God 
k^ executed, for the contempt ofhis GofpelU and our 
eye3,and the eyes ofour children this day haue ieene it. 

If we will not be warned, but doc as wee do , defpifc the 
Gofpell,more than all nations rotyd abmit vs : fbffer moc 
kers aud (corners to make their Mflkets among vs j giwe 
leauc to proude men, to haue their pleafures at home j and 
come not once to the Church in 14. or I y.ycarc ; let the , 
wobcslooie, whole rattening teeth arc yet red, and their 
bffiki full with the blond ofGod» Saints ;/fw«e will doe 
greater ubhominacions than thefej T will not appoint times 
and AlUbns, for fo God h.ith not fcntme hcrhcrasaPro- 
pb^ttbatas the (courge will fiircly come, foi dare boldly 
fay ; Thi ■wife man fitth thtpUgiu comming ind htdtth hrm, hut 
thtfooitgnthoitftm«rdMiuftured> ItfbllowethmtbcA- '***' 







poftlein the third and fourth vcrfe,whichac the firfkbetail 
CO be preached. &c. j 'rfff/sii 

The Apoftle continueth y^ his r «albti , added to this tt-i 
bortation of taking heed to the Gorpell:which ai he did b«i- 
fore/)fthe excellency of Chrift the teacher of it i (b »«pea^ 
ting that,he addeth alfo for the more glorie of it,the way 8c 
manner in which it was taught, refp^ing herein the glo- 
rious manner how the lawe was ginen , leaft thereby any 
fliouid lc& regard the Gofpell. And this manner of teach- 
ing he magnifieth, firft bvthc author.who was no Angell, 
butthe Lord himfelfc: then by the minifters of it, who 
were not one f but many j and eucry one in as honourable 
andaflurcdacalling,asMofcs himfelft. Thirdly, that the 
preaching of it was with fignes, wonders, powers, and fun- 
I dherpeciall gifts of the holy Ghoft, euenasitpleafedGod 
todiftributethem ; fothatthey (hall bee without excufe all 
thedcfpifers oHt.Herefomehauc thought that this Epiftle 
cannot bee Paulei, becau(ehe(aith : Thrj which htarithk 
Cfijpdefchriflhmtfelfe, thtj btm ctnfirmei itt0'Vi : which 
thing Paul neuer faith, butalwaies ftandeth vpon this, that 
hercceiueditbyReuclation. This reafon isnotvnlikelie, 
neither yet is it ncccffarie 5 for S. Jude being an Apoftle,yet 
faith .-remember the wctfdes which before this, youhaue 
heard of the Apoftlet. And as Paule would not lightly 
hauefpokcn it in his owneperfon , (b here his name being 
concwled, and making himfclfc one with thofe to whom 
he writcth, he might wellfpeake it. And it is not to bepre- 
termitted.that he iaith not, it was taught vs,but it wasc6n- 
firmcdvntovs, which might be faideuen of Paul himielfe 
being confirmed by Ananias,and conferring with j^er, 
Iames,rohn,Scc.ancl many other waies. Therefore|Msisa 
thing ftill doubtfull, and whether it were Paule, or not 
Paiile, wee cannot tell. That he faith here of fignes, won- 

* ders. 

^ EfiJHe to tUHehrmr C^ 

dcra,tnd powers,hecaUeth mimdesjOanes , becaufethey 
were teftimonies and feales to y s of the doftrine to be from. 
G O D : hcc calleth them wonders , b«caufc they were 
ftraunge,and (hewed an vn wonted worke » not knowne ot 
men : he calleth them powers, becaufe they had an euident 
proofeofthe power of GOD : the fundriediftributions of 
thefpirit, heecaUeth the cxtraordinarie gifts , which folio- ^ 
wed thofi: that did beleeuej as our Sauiour Chrift promt- muI 
6d ,and whereof S. Paul f peaketh at large i .Corin. » » ■ And 
thus the Apoftle endeth this exhortation, that wee would 
carefully hearken to the Gofpell giuen by Chrift, reached 
by the Apoftles,confirmed by the giftes of the holy Ghoft, 
whofc contempt God our heauealy father will moft alTu- 

redlrreuenge. . , .... 

isow let vs examine againe the words, andapplietnera^ 

'tooiirpatticularinftruftion. In the firft verfe where it is 

tn^($Vffiightm9r«diliiemlut»h««fkeH tt the thingt thMwet 

hmiktirdkW^tl^^rM on* l«ffoo very nccefliirie for our- 

timeiand wirih which wee may ftop the mouths of a great 

many Papitt$,wben we reafon witn them about theftudie 

oftheSCTiptures.howallmenoughttoknowethem, ifwe 

ftllcdge the moft deare placcsjas in the 6. ofDeu tcronomy , 

Theft W0rdffl>4hee in thine heart: Thau fidt rehear feihmt0Titm.«x '^ 

thj thildren •• limfbilt tslke 0J thtik a h«me in thj houfe : tni 

when thm m intkfway, when then liejl dewne^ndwhen theu ri- 

fefi vp : Then (hdt binde thtmftr afigne vPon thy htnds. And thtj 

Mlklienidfi-mletlfeeweene thine t^es. Thtn^alt write them in 

tS^ie ef thine htufe, andgraiu them-vfenthyme*. Thefc 

ll ^ch like places they hauc learned thus toanrwcrjal that, 

W^^IDent in the old lawe : now Chrift hath giuen the holy 

^»#tott^e church A: it cannot err,therfore we muft heare 

toiwhcther thjsbcnofr wilfully to be blind Scfee nothing, 

l»<W' M«)f*^hoByi[yi:^^re t^c Apo^making coparifon, 

-,r- " Diuielic, 


riimcly, b«tw«eae wr Mum of ehcoldTeftam«ikandt»fc- 
hcfiith 5 that wMre morebound-to^hedodrMrtaoghrfctr 
Chriftifl hi* GoJptlJ^hiHkili wiP fentemtd ik«lii^^ M(£ 
fcs. Buttltey fSyCOi^fcMh'giiwtt hi8r*bl>l|>irit;toJtii« 
Chwch, to gukte ie inttll cftKb j^firft J anfiiocre,thi<rJ»dpceh 
them nothing 5 for iti*aeoBilttoii apgi«neticw*udialtico, 
carwSjand/cJlmaticksmayilik^wHe b<Mft oTj: bat tef chcfii 
proooe firflf tiiiit th€ Chtihrh'o* aem«it» the Cbiwch of 
Chrift.Now-.toii^hinff thb gift of Godslpiiit powod vpon 
▼s, Ifiy ft is apromifc to the paiticubr comfort of cuery 
onc.that we fhall neuerftil froto thegraocand Joae of God> 
it is not a warrant gericrally to alMhatthcChurch Ihall b« 
encr in open-rale and gooernnlOnr, and no MtnafiywiiAtm 
heriforhowcis could it bee true that the Saipttetfiith; 
^.' there fhall bean Apoftatieofhwnfrom the faith j iniquity 
■JJ"*^** fliall haue the vpper han^ ; no rtian fhall hauethe litertie Of 
Apeij'. Bimfe, but he thartaketh bit>hinr the rtiilitc itjf Ih'd^b^; 
4( • Afrd I wouW ffmfe kixov^^^mA j'^hetkef dw -Chiweh 
vnder thela\vr hid iiot UlSf fU^pt^Mni^SHitilKOt G«d hf 

ifhich Iwiifmt m thimtmih , fhdttmt ief4H mf- 4/ thy mm«H 
>Ar t>ut cfthermith ^jfrieJe, fi^r^^fthcmHtth^l^fikbi 
[eedeafier thee ^ohh&Ke&mh for ea& mtre. WbUtt a glo- 
rious promife is this fftcWd ndv^ the Scribes and PharMiW 
rifcaealnftChrift.asthcy did,aiKl (ay they^couWnot^rrc, 
they had the holy Ghoft,they Were thcChurch?Nay,th^ 
Were not the fcede of Efay, but thefeede of murderer*!^ 
killed El!ay and the Prophets: fothefemen.they artt U H m k 
thildrenofGOD.butofthemanof finne, wHicli'e^llfcrik 
hithftlfc agam'ft God i and vnder preteiicd of th<! ^Wpf 
X;od,bhfpljemeth the Goft>cll^ whichondy thefpMrtii^ 
taught vf jafld that he bfaiphcn** tiii^Gi&tAUTtiil/ffit^ ; 
it boldly,and lit t!ietn hbtmfc mtifih^M^ftSti^Mm : 

■^ the 

the^iWetotbeBtbrues^ Ct^} 

the Apoftle iay here : all our caic muft be to obey the GoP 
pell ; and doo not they fay , that the Pope can difpcnfe a- 
gainfttheGoipell, againil the Apoftle, againft the Pro-. 

f>het, againft the oide and newe Teftamcnt, againfl the 
aw of God and nature \ Only one thing can here poffibly 
be /aid .* that they do grant all this care of the Gofpel ought 
to be had, but the Gofpellfay they is not onely the written 
worde, but many other vnwritten veiities taught by Chrift 
and his ApofUes,and therefore we are bound to hold them. 
I beibech you (dearely beloued ) marke thefe mens iay ings 
a little with me, and iudge then with the fpirit that GOD 
bath giuen you. They fay the word wricte indeed we rouft 
keepe,becaufe it is of God : and fb iikewife Chriil and his 
Apoftles preached things neuer written { which yet prea- 
ched by them, ought to haue the authority of Chrift hira- 
felfe. Itcannot be denied, but what Chriftand his Apol^lcs 
preached , it was the word of God, cquall with all writitigy 
of ApofHes and Prophets. But tell roee, is it the worde of 
Chriil written jthat wee Ihould not worfhip Angels ; and it C^!\, 
it the word of Chriil vn written, that wee mould pray vnio 
them \ Is it his word written, that we ibould not bcbound ^ 
CO our Cithers traditions ; and isit his word vn written, that 
our£ithers traditions ihould bee to vs as his Gofpell ? Is it 
Ifiswordewricten, that wee fliould' not obkrue dales, and 
times, nor make confcience of mcatc and drinke ; and is it 
his word vnwritten that wee ihould kcepeLent, Aduent, 
Irahtf daies, make difference of flefh and filh ? Is it his «Tiin.>. 
w6eowritten,thatto forbid marriage, which is honorable "***" **' 
in all eftates i it is the doftrinc of diuds : and i« it his word 
vnwrit«en,thatMinifters (hall be forbidden to marrie \ Is 
ithiiword written.rhat fiucwords in a knowne tongue are 
better in the congregation. than fiuethou&nd in a ftraunge i Cor.iij, 
language j $( is it his word vnwritten, that in all cOngrega- 
. d iP tions 




rmi. ; 




tions, they ftiall hauc afttaungelangaage, and ipealcc all in 
Lacinc, which the people vnderftand not ? Is it his wordc 
written^hat the dead are blefled which die in the Lord,and 
they rciHrom their la hour; and is it his worde vnwmrcn, 
that they are tormented in the fire of Purgatorie ? And yet 
to come oeerer, is it hi» word written, that his minifters 
. (hould bcfiibiefts to King9,ihuld be naLorda.Qiould haue 
no ciuill gouernmcntiUiouid attend vpon their owne flock; 
^nd is it his word vnwritten, that the Pope ftioiildjdifplacc 
Kings,thaf he ihould hauc a triple Crown.thathis Biftiops, 
fo manjr Ihould bee fccular Princes , that they (hould haue 
more Churches vudcr them , than eucr they once looked 
on ?Hach GOD written it, that Chritl facririced himfclfe 
once for all, and made a perfc<a redemption ; and hath hec 
left it vnwritten.that a Ihauen Prieft muft fTicrifice him cue- 
i'iedny,andfayaMa(rcpropitiatorie fortlie quicke&the 
dead \ What peruerfhes is this of men of a corrupt minde, 
thus to imafline traditions, contraric to the word of God ? 
But I will tell you, Efty prophecicd well ofthefc men , fiy- 
.ing : ThispeffUdrAwethutere-vtttomee ■with their mauth, and 
hermrm with their lips, but their htm it farrefrm me, but 
itt vainer they wtM-fhif me, tiaching do[fr$nts,whicharef>rceefts 
if men. They l;iy,if we beleeue no traditions of our fathers, 
Mrhy doo we beleeuc^bb is the Scripture ? And here cuery 
(tfneobtrudethS.Auguftiner faying ; I would not beleeue • 
the Go^ell except the authoritie oftt»Church mooued 
mc : if this had been Angaftines m«an^. wee wouldhaue 
anlwercdhimagainc : that wee will bclccue the Gdpell 
though all the Churches in the world would dcnie it .-but 
Auguftinc (()eaketh in the perfbn of one that yet knoweth 
not God,as of himfclfe when he was a Maniche. To what 
purpofe here would you al edge Paule or Peter,to one that 
knovveth^tiot whether Pau|e or Peter were of CbriA or no / 

ip . Thcrc- 

yihe^iflktotbefi^hniet.y Cap^ 

THcrelofelHJwfoeuer Auguftine fpakcinthii , either wcU 
or ill, bis (ayiflg is nothing to our purpofe. But touching 
the Scriptures, feeing thefe men^oo cry Co loude that they 
cannot knowe them , but by the Church j I fay againe to 
them, that out ofrheir owne mouthes we may iudgc them; 
(or Chrift his (heepe know his voyce, and doo iollo w him, 
flhdtbey doe not know the voyce of a fVraunger, but flee'"' 
from him. And touching this queftion, I will not anfwcie 
itby S.Auguftine,butbya betterman. Saint Paule anfwe- 
ring the like queffion, faith thus .Indeed our eye hath not i.c 
feene,nor our eare hcard,nor our heart concciued , how to 
iudgethis,butthe(piritofGOD hath reuealcd it vnto vs. 
Marke ( dearely befoued ) the Papifts fay , they know the 
Scriptures, bccau ft their eye doth fee where is thcfcaof 
Rome, that hath kept them ; and f<) their cares haue heard 
their Withers fay, thefe are they. But S.Paul faith,their eics 
arc blind .their earcs are deafc.their Iieart is dull.all thefe can 
flotiudgc the fcripturcs. Will they fay now vnto S. Paulc, 
then they will neuer beleeue thc.ifthey cannot know them 
by the Church > Let them rather be wife & learne of Paule, 
that GOD hath giucnvs his fpirit, by which wee fhould 
know the things that are of God : and of this I dareaflure 
them,thcy cannot fo difcetne the light with their cycs^ nor 
any found with tlieir cares, as they difcernc the Scriptures 
by Godsfpirit : for ifwe be regenerate by his fpirir, the law 
of God is not now hid, nor it is not fiirrc fiom vs , that wee 
fbfiiv/iid fiiy i who fhal afcend vp.or who fhal dcfccnd down: Dcut. j 
but the word is nigh vs.cucn in our mouth.rhat wee Ihould 
fpeakeit,nnd in our heart, that we fhould knowe it. With 
tpis (pirit the Prophet Dnuid faith: rhauekneriru longftnce by 
ihj ^monies., that thpu haft eft abl-(hed them /tr ener. And 
this (pirit maketh vs fee in the Scriptures , a doftrine with- pf,i 
out all earthly thooghtes, the wifedomc of man boldlie 

G 2 troaden 

% m 





I.'. I. 

4 11 ii 




troaden dowiie { more forct ro moae in plaint ^Mch,thiin 
niailtbedoqucnuiof Tuliy and Demollhonci i n do^rlnt 
which itionc hiith lUtodctlcr iit ItonOur^ when nil other do- 
ctrines hiiuG bccM wurne out with time i a doctrine , which 
hftth been n/TjuttcJ with tcnne thoulitnd itnngitiationi of 
m<n„ind y«t ttl3td«th pur« without iil itt(«£>loii offiiKhoodi 
thi» th« ([)irit ofGOD mnk«9 vs («ic in thi Sttlptursi, mori 
(.IficrcfitA I (iiid)thfin wte {«c khf Smm liglu with our ty«ii 
and th« word of God htith dl hit credits in it Vt\k\\t needeth 
■otth«ChiitLh,atiditwlllnothau« the tH)pitobMhewit> 
nsilc with it. Now dctuely bcloutd, iPiiny ofyou hzelt not 
this warrAnt^in reading the word of (jod i ailte of him that 
giiieth, rtrtd vpbnjldcth ho brtdic,«iid you llwll vhderftand 
rtllthrttlhiUieniid. Set your bourtvpoti it, louc itwithnll 
your foule« ehaunge your liluei witk rendingtinto thofe a^ 
fcrtion»,irt whith you fee cuety p aie written , andyoy 
(hall perttiue Salomon is vour jgood warrant , Seeke after 
wifccUtmeta)! you (ecke after (tluer , and you (Hall ^ tide it. 
Thu« much I thought good t») fay vnto you,by oaailon of 
ihUertrnelV exhortation of^hi Apoltie,ta heatken diligent* 
liitrttheGo(|>ellof ChHft^ * ' 

He faith .liter t Hti^M »iw tft*ft , t^i^ta mM f* f>ml 
f4liMt4*(h Let VI note \^m^ that the Apolllefcalleth all trant 
arc(1io<iofth«M'ordMChrift, the neglefVing of fo ^t^t 
bil«ation» We mud not look*, till men «itheif|iC(ikeopen 
W«(^«mie, or doo all thinp* to the optndilhonor of God, 
it men tmniftaiie giuen \\no i cix-OMUfente*. AH ilmn 
did 4Mi(«r tiilUll one meafui'e of ini^uitie t but we fee in ihe 
c;orpelKaf!wellh«t« ix>ndemn«vl that hidcthhi« talent in 
the BnHinx1,i{iHi doth m Rood with ii,a» the other that wa- 
Aed hi« ma(Wt»*»od<s»«d liued rloi«»« (lie with drunkard! 
and ^Ittttow-i. Vvmn (o it i« vrith v* ; rt great numberof v« 
wiil n«RUUrl>fKm« tU« Goli>tll, a« rap««« du,and call thew 


the Epi/lle to tk Hchrm* ' U 

childiflmei to thinke we would beleeue other. Sienei wert 
when doArlne was more obfcurc t now it i^lodeire^the 
fignei are gone. The fonne of GOD once reucngcd th« 
tranfgreitioiioihislaw, with the earth opening, withwa* 
teriiWith Bte^with hutlewindst that the people tniglit fetret 
heedoth imt (It now, becaufehi!iihre4tnin[>shaue beene 
heard ofallHefliigoyccurfed into eterndllfirci a voyce that 
pierceth betwecne the marrow and the bones . with greater 
feate than the rage of earth, or w^ter. And ChriH once 
(hewed louingdgneB, to make his people put their truH in 
himi butnowhee luthfpoken4tourhcjrtsiCo(neyebte(^- 
fedolmy father into eucrlafling lit^ t a voyce that ooeth 
deeper intothefoiile and fpirit . thanihe hearing ofaH tht 
miracles, by which liracll was ted into the land uiCanaan. 
And wee (liall doe iniuty to our S'autour Chtift, if now we* 
fVlllaskc, that to tlicfewotdshccflioutd adds tniraites tfor 
if wee bring faith to that which ii Iboken , it will (ill out 
hearti with all fulnelfe, and will fell the ftaht of all the mi* 
i-acleilnthcworldjtobny biitonearaineolacnnrtani faith ' 
in Chrift 1 wherein wholoeiiet (haU ftumbic, let him accufis 
himfclfeifGodgiuehimouerto hisdwnebliminelfe< thiit 
becanfe he had no lone to beleene the trueth, therefore hee 
(lioutd be led with lyes and deceiu^able things. ihuMiiuch 
1 thought to fpeake of miracle<;,thllWceinii)T)t bee wife to 
know ttiem as they be, and from hi-nccfor tl» ^»r ciicr inn oiir 
onely trull in thflwntdcof our Sauiourt hrirt.whitlioncly 
iniM world is t lie powci ol Oud to faiic nil that do beleeue. 
frMlletvipniyikc. <; 


• -.:■<- 
















<I^aMngsof Xf. Deer'm^vpoH 

' I9» ■ 

•.fi,.!'' .r!.^ 

^' ' ThccighiLcifturc, vpon the '• 

^•" ". 5.<!.7.and8.vcrfe«, vnto: • ^ - ■ -I 


c fgrhehAthnetfutinfubieUm vHt«theK^ngelstbt«trld 
to eemty whereofweJ/'Mki^. " '' "^ ' ' . 

6 But one in t certaine place vfitneffed/djing : tfht is men^htt 

thou fhouldefi be mindfuOofhimf or thtftnHt ofmdft^thdt 
ihoufpOHldejieoHfiderlnmf 'j^ 

7 Thou mdefl him 4 Utfle inferiour to the Jn^ellt :thtu cravf- 

fiedjl him with glory ititd honour, indhtfipt him sboucJ 
the works of th) hands, 

8 Thiu haft put aU things infubieilion vndtr hiifeete. i^nd 

so thtt he hathm all things in (ubieCiitn vndtr himJieCr 
left nothing f hat /houtd mot be ^e. ,./^ 

N the laft vcrfc before , tbc Apoftlc had (iiSci 
that OedgAue tfitneffe to the Qo^ellefhitfon^t^th 
' fgnd and wonders jinddiuennsirtilet &fifttof 
j thehelyCho/l, according ft hit ownewia. The 
._.,_^„^ J vvordcsnow that follow depend vponthefe, as I 
judge in th'ufcnic-Mcording (I fay) to hit owne will', for God 
hath noijpot in chc handjnonotof his Angels to difpenfe the 
rlchci of his new tcftartiwt^^o whom they wihbut thii it the 
glotyofliisfon.accordiiig to the prophecies gone before of 
him, and therefore let vs carefully hearken Vyto his word; fo 
thisU another reafon added vnta his1i!x»rtaiidri. No'j^kt 
vsexaininehiswords, to fee how thisfenle is gathci-eoof 
thcm.He>CGipneth.fVr C^d hath not (ulmitted to angels ifc. 
This wordc, for, rcndreth ciicr a caufc of the fpcech bcforej 
fothathceieweemuftncedesforefcrreit ; his laft wordcs 
wctc.acoofdingtohis wwf tr'/i'.'andwhyhefaidfohe fl^cw- 
cth i bccaufc God hath not giuen it jno not to Angclls ; that 

' at 

theE^UletotheHthrneu Cap*^ 

at their wiU thefe graces Ovould bee difpenfed, but onely by 
the will of Chrill; it followeth the world to come, of whtch 
weefpcakc , whereof the Apoftlchath fpokcn no man can 
doubt. All his fpecch hath becne to bring vsvndcr the rule 
and eouemment of Chrift $ then it is Chril\s kingdom* 
whichJie«ehecalleth^i^ir«W(i'#f"»'- which is through 
poweiofthe fpiriito rcnue the world , to kill mvs the old e 
man with all his concupifcence , to quicken our foiile and 
body into all righteoufneflc,to vanquiOi finne , death, hell, 
and to cftabhlh vs in hope bf pcrpetuall inheritance oi 
the glory ot God. This did our Sauiour Chrift perfeftly and 
fullic aceotnplifti inhisownepcrfon : and wee by the ftme 
foiritceuery one according to the mcafure which hee hath 
leceiued, fohce dothftiew foorth this viftory. Thus the 
Apoftlc when hee had mentioned the gifts of Gods fpiritc, 
cwnmcth intothc (peecb of the kingdome of Chnft, which 
by the gifts of that fpirite is (et vp in vs, not according to 
the wil of nun,nor accordingto the will of Angels^but as it 
hath pleafcdGodj andwe if we will be partakers in it,let vj 
confolTe and feruc the Lord Icfu, for he giueth tins blcOing 

to whom he will. . , , -rt 

UfoWoweth't bat one teftifethinacertasneplnif.&e lliai 
honour ofrcBuing of the world, which the Apoftlc before 
had denied to Ana«l« i now|by ^lainc teftim^^iic oJ the 
Prophet, he ptoueih it to belong vnto Chrift : and where 
heebeginneththws } Mut enewitne(fetb inaeertami'lacem. 
thetlhan naming the Prophet: both thcvnwontcd focech 
better exprcfTeihihcaffciaion ol his mindc . inflatncd with 
the loive of that whereof hee fpaUe : and it is njore anfwcra- 
ble with the word^.s of the Prophet ,who not with viujll 
foeech, but withafodainecKclamation huh \ what iemtn 
thtt thou drtminJfull of him snovt touching this ftying, it is 

no doubc.but Dauid fpake it in extolling Gods' goodncfle to 







^ad'mgf tfM. Vter'mg tfon 

i\\mt\kindc : both the words of the Pfalmc nre pinine , in 
reckoning vp the bcnelitcs which appcrteine to nil wen: 
And heet-e the ApotHe cxpreiTely To vnderftandeth it in the 
eight verfe.whcrc ht^\\tn\yutyttwt fetMt»hhi>^s fubittf 
vrUf him. How then i» it applied vnto Chrift rightly, true- 
]te,<ind according to the Pronheci meaninBtforonething 
Jet VI Icarnc (which I haue told you often j both ofthe Pro- 
phet! and of their prophecies , ihcyhadacontinualldefire 
to fee the diiiei ofChrift, and longed after the time ok hi« 
appearnnce,morcthan the chafed Hart doth long for water 
brooken, or the fiiint and thlrftie foulelongethformcatc 
anddrinke, and therefore had a delight euen to fpeakeot 
hi* comming.which they do often 6t with glorious words, 
touching their prophet les: becaufe they knewe that all be- 
ncfites which God gaue vnto man , hc^auethcmbrCbri- 
(Its fake who was only bcloued : therefore both in (etting 
out bcneKtesreceiueu, and foretelling the bleffingi which 
God would futtly bring vpon them , in their wordesthey 
hadrcCpcfttohim, in whom all Gods promifci wereac- 
^mplilhcd.and many times vttered fuch rp««chei,t» could 

f»ropcrly agree to no other but Chrift alone, to whom «• 
one iill wasgiucn,and by whom wee were partakers oh" it i 
fo that, thou |!;h mod of their prophecies hadatruthofth* 
prelcnt timc,imd inddth^Vnto thcm(eluc!n vet they ai:« al- 
io trucly and acconlinp to the Prophets (cnle applied vnto 
Chrirt.bywhomallgoodncnccamtvponlhcmandvs. So 
itiihcrcinihiiprophccienri)aiiid ithewordcs thMtire 
tnic,and fpokcn oi'thc flace oi'man as it was.but yet flllb nic 
rcfcrr<dtoCbrift,bccau(clheisauthorofit, and the oncly 
man to whon> God ^^mc his cxt-cllent glory, which weeal- 
fo hrtuc,but through \\\r\\ t and th« wc may know.thuithe 
Prophet imant indeed , bee addcih thcic word : 7^» h*lt 
mdehimi^iittltwMt wftritur to y^figtU , tim Im/1 crrtffui 


which proftffe nothing.bui it alone, fcifinatikes, htritftcs. 
Lu herani, file. A great number of vshatethckftowne 


Kflattcrcrs, &c. but bee not decciued , lu.-ely this is not 
enough if we doe but negleft the Golpd^l, hov»c.nw« 
efcpMhelawtgiuea by Angels , for ba'^T'*^ ^.UnuS 
pen breaches of itfbut it aUo required of vs tha we (hould 

toue it. that we Ihould delight in it. that it Ihould bee mow 

much more^the word Ipoken by tht lonne ok God, muU 
we not only .not openly tranfgrefle againft it : but alio how 
ought weeto loue it. how to delight in it, howtoacroinpt 
•11 thing! but dung, in comparilon ol the excellent Know- 
ledgtoflefu Chrift.thfltwee may know him, -ndfMP^- 
w<f oJhis refurreaion, ffiid the tellowlhlp oHms (ui^erihga, 

being made like vnto hfl death , trying how we may tome 
to the refurreftion ofthe dead{Thi8Cdearelybeloued)muft 

boo our lift,and wee muft be at men , who haue both dwel- 
ling and frcedome in the heauenly leruUlem, toreioyt^in 
the Lord,and alwaics reioytc. Por.ifeithcr we be o» u dull 
fplrit .that we haue no ioy of ntir hope, or when wee tallc « 
Iiltle.if it be ftreight forgotten : lo that the Prophets words 
be true in vii</w/ turrixbteenfHef/eUMdmimt^ lUvde , m\*\ 
a! the morning dcaw it gocth ilVay ; It is with vs,ai cording 
to the common pi oucrbeui9f5«>od neucra whit . jh ncuer 
the better: and all oar religion is invaine ; for a Iplrltof 
llinber hath ouertaken vs . nnd though wc di « wc not our 
rinhas after vs.as with cart ropes , yet wee doc negl«^> the 
|itat fkluation of( hrift. This 1 f.iy.th.it wc;night Ibrre vp 
the grace ofGod that is in vs, not onic to bee ncHlitjcnt in 
iha care ofth« GofpclK but that it may cuer be vnto vs,as it 
is indecdc a promi/c of gl.idncfre.thc plcufure of our youth, 
the comfort ofour agc.ihat all our daiei may U»in peace. 

G 3 It 







\^ Y- " fadings of M. Veering <vi>on 

It ibUoweth in the fourth verfe: .God bearing witnei vnto 
itwichfignes&c. Heerc woe leartic chat all figoes wrought 
by Godjeruc co the^ttingouc of the Go^elK 

TheApoftlcfpeakethplainCjand wee muft needs heare: 

inalUhcfignesthac arc wrought by GO D,hebcarcthwit- 

neiTe with them, to cbe Gofpell of his foone. And out Saul- 

our Chrift himfclfcjis the fitft fchoolmaflec of this do^rine; 

for when he fcndedi out his Apoftlesto preach, hee giueth 

chern-theirdiargeM.preacb;ciaaiiibekingdome ofheauen 

iiiarlund : andiie giiceth them^ehic warrant of the do &rinc; 

<* '* heale the ncko^eanG: thcicapeos&c. and where no oppor* 

tunity was to teach the dod^rine, hce giueth them charge , 

there not to tell of any miracU done; fo that affuredly, wee 

\MfM tho£c are true niiracleiwbi£h.ftrengthen the worde-, 

,,■'■ ajidall^herareiUuruMitofSithan^wbalecndei&ruperftiti- 

'jL on, Jl4K>tableteftimonyofthistrifth,Godhimrclfe giueth 

. j 'in bis lawe>;jw here hee'faith plaindy : if a Prophet come vn- 

*4^.j. to.then},andfWorkefignef and wonders., though they haue 

neoorfuch effeift, and beirnf«incd ^ yet, i^tharPFoph«t call 

you out of the way in which God commanded you to walk, 

thou fhah not beleene thatProphet,bucthou Oiah Hay him} 

Sot they are no figncs and tokens, m which thou art iufriBedj 

.but the wordc of God is the fcede of thy n«w birth \ and 

the milke with which thpwirt noutifhedto be a perfeA man 

of God. ' — . 

If figncs and wonders carry away*ehine eics , that thou 
ihouldcAnotfccthc Gorpolljcurfed Metirefignes,andl|bu 
ioo,thaibcloe«ert,ifthou turncnot ajgaincfromfticli (iiares 
ofSathanU /^letvshccfefdcarclybeloucd) carehilly be- 
ware, forourdangeri arc exceeding j you know how the 
vatne heart oftnan is not a little mooucd with eucry (hsWc 
of a woodc^^ if ic be but a luggler, whole heapes will go af- 
«ahim, M^be partaken of his finnc,;: ft •• " '^^ J^-'?"*^"' ' ' ' 



thfiEptHletotbeHehrm, Cap,u 

If there come topaflc any vnwonted thing,rumor ftreight 
inlargeth it, and carrieth it farrc end wide. The diuell lee- 
ing this vanity of our mind, abiifcth ftreight out foolifh fim- 
plicity,and with many idle figncs andfhcwcs, hee canricth 
vs indeed* into dcadlv blindnelfe. Of this our Sauiour '^^"'^J 
Chrift wameth vs, and bids vs beware ; for thcf c (h all come 
deceiuers,which wil flicw great figncs and wondcrs,abIc to 
feduce, if it were pofiTiblc, the very eleft. And S. Panic fore- i.Tb 
telling the commingof Antichrift,he faith,that through the 
woAingofthediucll,he(halKhew alpowcr,and figne«,and 
lying wonder*. Euen as it was euer from the beginning, fo it 
is : with ftrange things wee haue bcene-deliclucd, and with 
ftrange things weehauebccne dcceiued. How lanncsand 
lambres, bymanymirkclcs, held the pcopleol yEgypt in 
eoniinuall Idolatries, wee naiy fee in the bodkcof Exodus, 
How the AifyriansandPcrfians had their Soothfaiers, and 
Charmers , who wrought them miracles , aild held thcra 
inerrour, the Scriptiife in many places bcaroth witneflc* 
And how> allnations ofthe earth, by miracles and wonders, 
were made idolaters, and wbrfhipped before ftockcs and 
fl:ones,all'ftoricsbcare yet record. A»guftincfaith,thcDo- A„g.h> 
natift did glory of their miracles, /eremefiithy that the ^-J^^jt; 
gyptians, when they were ftung withfwpcnts, would co fa- ,'„'p,"f|;. 
crificeatlcren^icsrcpiilchcr,?eth«yw*rc healed. Amlirofciii i«cm. 
faith J that allmen^cre healed of all difeafcs, as many »s^^'^f- ' 
came tothetombcofSnint Agnes : tobetliort, the fathers A^nct. 
thciufclucs heere btgan to bee blindc, and their poi\critic 
farr^'encecdcd them-,till Amichrift at laft with lying i'lgnes , 
got him great viftoricsj and by Inch miracles from the toppc ^ 

to the toe all ftandcth -A miracle made Ureter to bo cruci- 
fied at Home j for as Ambrofercpoitcth ir,whenhee flcda-Aii.fc.c- 
way.Chiiftmethim at the gatCjatwhofc light Pctetbcinc "' " 



~ w 


aftonifhtfd, talked with hinv& pcrcciued that CMrHl would i>,,,| 



A mil. in 


, •\ 

^adin^i ofM. tfeerittg 'Vp»n 

hauehimgoe backe, andbae ciucified, andfoheediedat 
Rome: then becaufe Ambrofe faith : ybi Petrm , ibi tceUfi4: 
where Peter is,there it the chiH:ch:euei Aoce^the Pope hath 
beene head oi the Church. When this was gotten by a nti- 
racle,then al things came apace by noany miraclet^we lear- 
ned tr4n/KbJiatitUtiM^6i. the lacriftce of the Mafle^ prater for 
the dead , going a piigrimage,holy water, holy bread, oyle, 
candle* -- (o bee Ckottt all and for euery point of Popery fun- 
dry miraclesdone} yea the very dregges of miracles iivmiike 
pans^and grease dUbesbyR<cK>ingoodfellow> and Haggt, 
and F ayrie« , ail wrought fomewhat (or their idle fuperltiti- 
ons, that at thiiday we fhouI|d know their miseries by their 
lytnuwonders.Butwcknowallthe miracles of God are to 
eouBnne his word, other fignes neither w« nor our Fathers 
k hatie known any. And now th^the vfe of miracles is perfor* 
medvntovf,atulwcdobeiceuethe GoipcHiin token that 
oiKfaich i> adbepted of God,noW he hath taken fignes from 
vs,which fetuea vs before when we were vnbeleeuing. Ani 
furely our faith it neiier Co honourable> nor God fo well plea> 
i^d with vs,a9wheif we haue faid both toheauen and earth, 
we feckc no (lenes from them : when the ward oi God hath 
fuch a per Iw aiion in our hearc(,that we hauc now taken hold 
of all tne good promtfeaof God,and faid vnto miracles , get 
youhence. The Icweaieeic a fignc,faith S^faufi : furely wc 
that bee Chriftians fccfce for none: wb«n they were ofteretl 
of God,he fhewed hit compaffion y^on o<jf k^firmitie, now 
be hath taken them away^c fiiewethi|liater mercy thiAt he 
it wc (Hal liiiif : if we bclceuc it not,we would not btleeue al 
al miracles in the world, no iljough dead men (Viould rife to 
preacli vnto vs. For great miracles hauc bene already donci 
no: onely by the Apoftles, but by Chrift bimfclfi: , tp con^ 
firme hii word : if wee bclceue twt them , it is too.toomuch 



the Efijtie t$ tk Hcbruts, Cap. 2. 

hmwhhhimimr mi glory, i^c. which folly and wholly »- ^ 

ercc to none but Clwift : but ofall this wee (kill hauc occa- 
liontofpcakemore,aftcr. Thus wcc fee how this prophe- 
cic is applied, oue of which the Apollles fccond argument 
of his exhortation, is this. In the preaching of the word ot 
Cbrift,GodhathgiucvshisKingdomc, and eternalllifci 
a glory which no Angcllcoukd bnng vntovs : how then 
thai wc not moU iuftly be condemned, if we contemnc fuch 
a hcauenly bleffing I God hath not made fubied to Angels ,j, . 
the world to come : wc doo here con lidcr ( as it weit ) two r/' 
worlds,thc one paft,and made by Adan>,which wasiullo*;,; 
hatred, enuie,rcbcllion,forrow,lhame,llnne,death,andthe 
bondageofthediuell s thcothernoiv, reftorcd by Chriift, 
ftilloiloucbleflTings, obedience, honour, rJghteoufneCfe, 
life.andtbeiauorofGod: nocdjtluiguilhingthc(cworld» • 
by times,tlx: one fira.the other aftcrjor making any change 
ofheauen,earth,or any creature .-for they Hand both toge- 
ther, in thelight of the GimeSunne and Moone vbutasift 
man are two eitucs, the one of A dam and naturall. which- 
h in death and<ondemnation ,thc other of Chrift , and by 
grace, which is in life and Hiluation ? fo they arc<:alledthc 
olde world and the new, which pbrafc is vfuall in the (crip- 
turc. Often when God fpeaketh oflinding his Sonne, hee 
hith t\wir L<K I will ertaie new hfdufits and a new eartl} : and g^,^ ^^ 
the 7a. Interpreterfcwhom the Apoftic here followeth.call « «<. 
our SauiourChrift, the father ot'the wot Id to come . be- Hfa.,.<r. 

caufeCl%)'*^'^-**^"""°" "''^''^^^ ^*' maketh in the 
world. And though thcnamcproperlie bee giuen to thcfe 

dayes in which thcGofpellisprcacM, yetthelrutc& be- 
nefite was al(o before ; neither we- e Abraham' , Ifaak , and 
Iacob,northeotherPatriarchsand Prophets, of the olde 
world, but they al/o fawe in fpiritc the dwye of Chrift, and' 
were fhcaoHiis Kingdorac. oncly the name is rdtrucd to 






'-#■ i 


:. 'J 





vs.bcaufcthatblcfllng is nowdearelyrcucalcd in pcrf«A 
beauticand Chrill theauthor ofit hath appeared as one of 
v$,,ind dwelt among vs in our owne nature. This world 
God hathnotDutinfubicftion to AnRels,thati»,God hath 
not made bis Angels, neither purchafcrs, nor di/penfers oF 
this heauenly treafure. It was ncucr in their power to haue 
done this thingjinvainewcfliould lookc for fuchbleffina 
at their hands. If thcv fliould enter into this workcthey 
would fall do wne vndcr it , for it is not an A ngell , but it i$ 
the Sonne ofGod,tharIhall change the world , which was 
in finne and ihamc, to fofcipn it anew , into riahtcoufnci 
.andgloric. • " 

This ii a vcrle good placcout of which wcc may Icarne 

how toknow our felucs, and all other creatures, iMid how 
to giue vnto Chrift his owne honour ; for feeingthc world 
to come, notcth all thercftitution which is by Chrift , the 
full c^ngcof all thateucr was by linne . and therefore na- 
mcd World , becaufe wee fliould afTuredly knowe there is 
nothing excepted. Ifthen no part of this world befubicA 
toanycreaturc,andifitbee Gods eternall counfell, that it 
Ibould neuer bee fubmitted to any , no not to Angells • in 
whom elfe can we trulf, or in what other thing can wcc nui 
conhdcncc.to haue any part ofthis wrought for vs \ Wcc 
are all as our fathers wera,nicn by nature, of the old worldt 
our bodies and mindcs HjII of linne , holdcn vndcr the con- 
demnation ofchediucll, all creature! againRvs, and GOD 
himfelfc hating vs.no way to rcncwa our age, no man to 
chaunge our ftate, no Angcll , but G O D hath giucn it to 
Chrift aloncj 

Will 1 fiv, that J can alter mine owne will, to make it 
couct goodnelTe ?orput power into the members of my 
bodie , to fcnic rightcoufncflc ? or doo the thingcs In 
which it anie racritcs to eternall life ] or purchafe againe 


tht Epitilt to the Bthrnes* Cap . i . 

Gods fouour which was retnooued from me. Ifl will boaft 
of any ofehcfe , I Ipeake too proud words for either nMii 
or Angell, and lay that this Cccond world is made fubieft 
vnto me. All good will, all righteoiifneflc , all merite , all 
pleafurc in he.iucniy things, all reconciliation , all vidorie 
ouer death.all loue of God,all hope .• to be Ihort , all that is 
good, and all ioy of fpiritc, ii of this ncwc world , whereof 
ChfiftisKing. And whofocucrlhall think, that any pow- 
er ofthefe things is in himfeiic, he is puifed vp into pride of 
heart.futh as an Angel of heauen Ihould not bear* vnpuni- 
Ihedrfornotvnto Angeb but vnto Chrilhhcfc things arc 
giucn. W hat can we now thinkc of thelc men . that tell vs. 
the facramcnts giue vs grace, the malTc is propitiatorie for 
our lins.our fubmitting our Iclucs to the Church of Kome 
ihall (auc vs. the Pope ( if wc follow him ) hee cannot erre r 
Cro(rc'),l3eIs,candlcs,HoIy water, Veftments , I'ilgrimagc, 
pardons,relinuei cuery one hath his vcrtue \ the number of 
irraicrs hath nis meafure of reward i flelh or tilh it hnth his 
nolincrtc according to hia time. Thefc men, and all thclo- 
ucrs of their Gofpell.which take away from Chrift the on- 
iie rule ofthc world whereof we fpeaRc, and put it in fu b- 
ici^iontoflcthandbluud, and the elements of the worldt 
" what (hall wc fay of them ? iball wc beleeuc them ? or Ihall 
they profper ? Nay.they haue pi jw«d wickedncs,and^hey 
ihall rcapc inii^uiticithey haue wahdrcd in error , and they 
(haflleatc the fruite of lies. 

Now ifthisbolo, chat all flefh hath no goodnefii in ir, 
that all his wifcdomeand trauaile can renew no whit ofthc 
loft world, or bring any light into horror and d.irkncHc, 
but all is of Chrift ^ what (hall wee yet doc with wordc!i 
of lowder blafphcmic , which they call workcs of fu- 
pcrerogation ? What (kill wc doc with the Pope him/clfc, 
who by gqnerall voywc oi all his Church,is (Tiid that he cm 
»'./ > di/pcnft 


fadings tfM, 1>emng a'/>wi 

difpeoce the abundance ofmcrites which w€r« in thtVir- 
ginc Marie and all Saints ;by hit bulls to applie them C«H' 
Jejiu & ctntrftu,that chey ihal haue dayes of pardon, as ma- 
nyashewill number Mrc they afhamed of thefethinges? 
Nay they arc not a(hamed:but euen now they fend vs ouer 
whole volumes to Ihewechefrute ofpardons , howe good 
they are, and of hue haue (ent vs a bull,that we Ihould haue 
experience how they holde this dodrinc. 

And what fhall wee foyofTuch a one f furely ( dearely 
beloucd)cucn as the Prophet fiith of the people of Ifraei, 
Hit JermcattoHS are in hii fight ^ mJ his tdMlteries are betvfeene 
hithreafis: So his vncleannefle is manifeft to all the world, 
and his marice is in his forehead, that he might bee knowen 
CO be Antichrift. 

And you ( dearely bcloued) when you taUcewithyour 
friendcj, who are not yet perfwaded in the Religion of 
Chrift, when they thinke that they haue free will , or wee 
may delerue by our workes, or that Lent and falling dayes 
are holy, or flctti or lilh doo plcafc God, or the figne of the 
Croflc is good,or cenfing and mu fique ftirre vp deuotion, 
or any fuch thing: doo but nske of them, whether they 
thinke obedienc-e, loue, deuotion , forgiuencflc of finncs* 
purkie,lifc,gracc,and fuch other frutes of Gods fpirite and 
hismercie, aske (I Ciy) whether they thinke tbem workes 
of the old world corruptfcy Adam, or of the new reftored 
by Chrift ? If they be of the nc\^', God hath not giuen them 
neither to ourpraiers.norfifting, nor working, nor day, 
nor time, nor meatcnorcroJTe, nor mbfiouc, nor bells: to 
be fhort.no not to Angels , but to Chrift alone, to be diP 
penicd according to his will 

If thou wertasgoodasan Angcll , or thy meate as good 
ai Manna that fcl from hcauen.or thy garments as precious 
asAaronsEphodjOrthy ceofmgsas ^ecte asthepcihime 


ofattthewbcriiacle,orthedaie» that thou keptft, wweas 
hoiioortWeaiihe4ay in which Chrift arofc againc firom 
the deadjyetiiathet cho»,iior thy garmeiitt,iiorthy meat, 
Bor thy dales , can fet one of thy ftete in this world wee 
fi>eakeof: itistheking4omeofChrift,and hehathdoneit 
alone,acc<>rding here a» this prophede is plaineandmani- 

fcft, • , 

^ Nowfollowwh this ^o^hecie ; Wbtt it mm tUt thm 

mmmdJMtfhim &t. By thefe words the Apoftleproueth 

. thJskingdomeof Chrift both properly and of rightto bee 


our Saoiour Chtift}they hauethitfenfe : was not thy glwy 

greaeenough (O Lord) in the workeofthy hand$,botthat 

Sou flaouldeft giue thy Ibnne to be made man,in wh6 our 

Miwe Oiould be fo exaksd, tfaatall aowei Ihould begiucn 

i6hi»teA«au€nandin«a«h,whoby his deatbftjoulda- 

boiiflidienmitieagainftmao.ichatheraMht beecrowned 

with glorie and maieftic, and haueetemall life in hisowne 

hand: and^ill this is according to the \cty icnfc of the Pro- 

•liflC aiM thanfore heei«a]lcdg«d,as iadcede it waMO be a 

^ophctie ofour Sauiour Chrift : of vs alfo it is meant thus. 

ThftProphotconfidering both the great maieftie of God 

i^pearing in his workes, and the bafeandloweeftateofa 

fi«iie man,th8t facha God of ib great maieftie,(hould haue 

imy K^e<^ ofafrailcand wretched man , betould not but 

thus humble himftlfc j what is man , O Lord , that thou 

(hottldeft regarde hirtil Such thoughts ( dearely beloued ) 

let vs hmio, and with luchiecrec counfeb kt vs nourifli our 

feith. . \,\;^ 

Thit is the meditation to which wee are oflled in all the Af«Af*. 
woriiesofGod,andforthi»c8ufe God hath giuen vntovs';;;^'^ 
heartsofmeB,fiiUofrearonand iudgementjthawefliould Gw. 
rigbdy coniidir of all hia^raatures. f ?<5 •» v >lt jrrtjH v 

HI When 



Whenwefeectehcauew, we cannot cEttfel)«confe^ 
bkb/WwUowibeihimngMghi ofthc Suottc.iiijlBOi 
gwcn mo itfromtarth or earthly thing . wee are fiirc «he 
earth u round i our owne trauell hath foundit fo , and our 
•y» d<ioiee«hc5unnedochcomp»fleit about ithen what 
ftrengthofthc world an make it ftand in this wide empty 
ifNttsaomM&d with the tifjaaoacnt ITbe Sea that u lo 
emu and violent, who can ftop the proudc waues of U » oc 
make k kecpc bis courfe to rife or m i The dioell may for 
a while dujTaur beam that we may be made like the horft 
and otiilc.in whom ivao.KnderiUndma, and tiwvJceot 
cbaunwandfortiwe^iid wecanftottell w^t, r(^ that tor 
the d»«Klll>c bwkWiiU^d w« be earned out ottfai^^^ 

thit bchachrfeittertd bffoce.vft,«iiri»trw (hal fetaiid itfk 
Z^God, miihtfirmment /hfwttk ku h^ndtefmkii ondnot 
on2y in thefc thing, which before the ft^Pleft^ygw* 
-teacand manieilous . but in CMW ibf og Mtfltjbftli Icwij 
wiiedome. When wefcethe coi»fta»« that Cod keepetb 
with tbedayandnight^whichbaue their courieforeucii 
vwewUl&enmchnww theccrtejpty of hi^cwnrelUar^ 

fadetbthe yong bird, that call vp<«*im j rtuth more we 
3;owt,thatle will notleauehi|r»e^ IB *^'^'^^"± 
SbS^doatbetbeirnikedntift. ind ra.mftcr'fbodc 

ofGO D. anda, the Prophet Dabid here doth, aboueaU 
workefl.wce thnllacknowlcdgchii goodnefle 'owafdnKm. 
ISomJ alone he caretb for tboue att other » and ^i« 

( ■» i .;. 


•% ^1 

*Un4behath made ruler oner aU hit creataresiwith which 
fl^«h« wSyy conceiue^ but tve Ihould 

SedJS ith th»Bk&In«fleyand*.ith all our power 
Srewe»hi.p«Ui,who i«bh^ 

^Tt foiloweth. lUuL^mi^iim sUii^rMk h^nr *# 

ofS^ift?whhanadcnowled8^ent of hitp^^^ 
^rtA^thatifone Ihould thiSke, vtherc -s aU this gone, 
. S:Seffibonourhee fp«kethon W. not hu h em 

muchaffliftionaeaft any.'*»?«W*^,^f/^d'^"dth^^ 
rt»aitation » he pr^uenteth it thus.as if he badiaid i and tny 
?onTo Lird ) whom thou haft exalted fo Nbly . «nd gi. 

Km^^dm^adelthiSiawh.^ inferior to^t^^^^^^ 
•ndaau&imvpvntodeathfbr thy peoples Gnneti but 
thoudWdeftrailShimagaine. and gauefthim honour and 

▼iftorie ouer death and iinne. r j^»u «««Ww fee 

. The Prophet Efay. in the like purpofe doA notablyfcc ^ 

Jthisg^thumb^ingofourSauiour Chrift.notonelieEr. ,t.^ 
bencithAnaels, but beneath the loweft condiuon of all 

^ SSr!and«Ter(^^^^ ^t^'JISS 

%fine aboueall hlienemies.that no man ft'««W »^^ J*" ~ 
Thiscroffe. Andinthi.welearnejbatmd«^he^^^^^ 
perlenceofeuill s he wa. indeedeaWed >deede barc«.r 

WinhUbodie^waatrul^ broken for our tninlg^^ 

• fiS~,that in thcftfeling oJ l^,,'^"^^'' ''*%»* ^ 
more fenftWy fee. whae wa. all h.s lone toward«»;^ 
And for a. much a. the glow heere Tpokjn of. « our^ 

• as wee bee members of lefu Chrtft to whbme it is gi- 
len : wee learne heere fo to looke for thu gto«ev e- 
IZ a. our SulourChrift.-hath attauuKL«nto «-b*for^ 


H % 


* [ 


God hambkdhimvfleolonK degree, tbacbc«mi^CtxaIc 
him : oar li£emuft beat bit, we muftfiitfcr witb hiia > th^c. 
wenuycome votohugloeks^ Widaoutbini»wearc boroe 
mangcpfrioJumfWebctieciMbcikd through many afili^i- 
ons. He chat liketb not thus to goe vnto glorie , hee may 
Ke dowoe againein hii ownt (hame, where Chriildid i^pd 
him> and make the worU w^tneife of his vaipeakeablc fol- 
lie. AndheetbatwillmiicmureagainfttheIeaBUftion»ia 
this wa^oflile, which are no other thao Chrtft.himrell« 
did (tiiwr (a thoufand folde more than he hath left thenior 
vtp let himlcaae his lUdccraer, & dwieU agaiadntheJbQnr: 
dage of death, that the Angels may hearc wittiei of an va- 
thankefuli wtietch. 

But we (^ dearly beloued ) as many as glory in the croflc 
of Chrift, we muft reioyce inafilidions» and thinke the re- 
proach oFChrift more honourable than any ornaments of 
gold U filuer. Let vs comfort our fclfj: in thisythat though 
Chrift were humbled, and our hearty defire is,to beare the 
yoake with him : yet his oppreiTours liue not, euer» The 
"^^^Ht SctJpturelaithjltisbutavcrylittlc whiles that thus thou^ 
'l^, haft made htm Iowa than Angels : euen (b arc all our trour 
bles,,as aclowdethat is blowenaway^as the dorke night a^; 
gainft theappearanceof the Sunne, 4;nery jittik vyhtlc,aiKt> 
th^arenomore. Weeaaay call tcaarPlwltfdidiithemiO* 
1^;'^'/ menurie lightnelTe of this aHiiftion j or as Peter di4.a littU 
while now we are made forrowfull ^oyRthc Prophet Da<* 
iiid<did,hc3uine(Ismayendsre fora^lj^c : euen (e if is 
wicb vs^alt) h whatibeucr our troubles bo«i maav* ip nuni«i 
bar, great in weight, grieuom inciidBmftanoe> mxy Ihould 

The Sonne that (bioetb, giueth a ftluciyttto them rthe 
day thae vani(kdeh.dricch vp^ht wound^andin a very lit* 
tie while it is quite forgotten. 


A blefled mcdiciae, that neither all Apothecaries can make 
worfc with druggC8,nor all tyrants can keepc itaway with 
prifons^hor all frowaidne* of thc^>atient, can make it of 
kjQGb vcrtue : but all affliftions whaifoeuer they be, they arc 
healed with this, if wee be humbled with Chrift a very lit- 
tle whilcand all is cured. If this be not enough to prepare 
our hearts to tribulation,that they are our leaders to a per- 
petual ioy jnor this cnoughthat Chrift hath tatted of them 
all before vs,and wee (haU belike vnto hijn i yetthis ise- 
.iiBUgh, euen for a fro ward man, that though all troubles 
*dc(0 come vponvs, yet a very little while, and they are all 

eoafumed. ^, . l 

- This is thegoodnefle of God toward his Church , hee 
Would not lengthen the daics of their life into many hun- 
dred yerea,as he did at the firft,when his CKiirch had grea- 
ter peace :forif now we had fiichliucs, it is vnfpeakeable, 
what Ihould bo the oppreflion of the godly , and what the 
tyrannie of the wicked. How would they fwellinpridc» 
and tread the godly vnderfoote, if they ihould liue many 
biindred yeares, that now do hate vs to death, and beyond 
death,(hewing aueltic to ourbonesand aOies , when their 
owne fcete ftand at the graues mouth , and the earth is rca- 
(jHetofwalloW tbemvp I Howe would the mightie men 
make vs labour out all the ftrengehjpf our body , the coue- 
tous men make vs pine with hunger, the ambitious men 
powiecontempta^dJiamevponvs : if nowe fincc their 
mindes are fo frangn with malice , their bodiet had alfo 
ftrenath of a thou (and ycres ? But a ftiort & frailc life is fuch 
a briak in their iawcs to pull them backc, and death fuch a 
tyrant ouer them to appall their courage,thaf they haue no 
heart to doo as they would: and yet.if they do rage as mad 
men,not feeing their end,God hath neuerthejcfle had mer- 
cic vpon vs,turning their plague into our blefling, and hath 








ciuen vs but a (bort life, leaft wee ftiould mouriie too long : 
to that, whatlbeuer temptations we &11 into, yet but a very 
little while, and the Lord wtll deliuer v» {rom euilU and all 
our tioobks hauc but a fmali reckoning, to the hindraiuice 
ofour glorie. For it is but a while here , God hath made vs 
inferiour to Angels. 'i.|.. i^ ^^■- 

'i: h(o]\owcthiTheu fu^ crowftal him with gl0ry and htnur, 
/<"?' thomkajifet him euer the werkes of thint hmdes , thm h«fi fM aH 
tbit^siajuhieciknfvndrhisfcete. Inallthefewordswclearo 
the exceeding honour vnto which GOD hath railed hi» 
Sonne Chrilt : to be crowned with glory and honour, is 
to hauc the excellencic ofall dignitie giuen vnto him, as the 
words following in the Apoftle , doo plainely expound it, 
where he faith; In that hepot all things in fubie<ftion vnd«r 
him, be left nothing not wbieft vntohim. And in this, ac- 
cording to the Prophet, we muftfce our owne dignitie al- 
io as we are Chrifts: for this honor is not the naturai raailn< 
asaUthemifericsofourlifccanteftifieibmit is histhatft- 
etfahimfelfeto.be Chrifts, tfiat can lay as Saint Paul faith, 
lliuenotnew, but, Chrifi liutth inm : ouer fiich a onethepro- 
uidence of God watcheth , the Angels pitch their tents ai- 
bout him, and hce Iceth great iccutitie in all his wai«t. 
Though the mountaincs were mooucd , or the feas ^t^ 
make anoyfe, yet thcnamcofthe Lord is his ftrong tower, 
and he (hall not be raooued : for God who hath made him 
Lordofall.makeththat all thinges wotke to him for the 
beft. Ifat any time he IcemeafHifte(<^*e world, it is but 
as a Ibewe ot vi zardthat feemcth fearehjll, when the milde 
face ofa man is vndemeath j fo thefc are but appearaunces 
without ofaHttlc mourning , when within is nothing but 
a perpetuall ioy of the holy Ghoft. '- • 

S. Paulagainftthofethataretoo much troubled tobe- 
hold our fuffring8,&iththusKIgrantyou ) we are wrung, 



'^ ibeEpinietotheBehrnes. ^''^ 


Treraftdowne, but wee are not killed : as itth- Apomc 
toouwSid vntothemiO,youthinkevs m gr^tbon^ 
daee but out frccdome is more than you arc wareof. And 
d^wdlyXhichtheworl^^ l>^cjb great, ha 

v«afiithS Paul, weateas contemned perfons. butindecde^.cT^* 
• Cobble SdyL, but indeede .Hue ,• as men chaft.fed, 
burereUnodLh'neercvs.lamcucing butmd^dper- , 
««uallv reioycinwaspoorc men, but mdecd wc make ma 
woridTours So wefeehowthis .struem vs ,cuennowby 
fefrh -.ndafterthis in foil perfonnnnceof our mhcritancc 
SchriSnthercrurrcftW of the mft. Andthuseucn 
rnoutwardthingsweare partakers of Chrifts kmgdome. 


SaSnto the bodie of Chrift, we bee h.s he hucth m vs 
E,SieoueraUisours.wefccitby faith, and allth.ngs 
ftiinfubiedionvnderourfeete , Paul, A PoUo, Cephas. 

Kurs,thefaithofChriftexaltethvs and hathmadevs 

h Rhcr th^n the houiens. In heauen and earth wee hauc no 
LSrd buttheLordIeIus,nnd all things aievnderh.,fcetc 
ourfa th hath made vsone with him wee are h». and all 
bouts,and no man can now beare rule ouer our faith, ex- 
«pt hie wiU beare rule ouer Chrift : by faith wee are one 
with him, his power ii ours, wee reigne with him, wee are 
riibn with himVand the worlde hath no more power ouer 

^adh^tifU, Vmtng ^f6n 

WtlloaiecoMcto vs. and forbid vsfleih, forbid vs irtttt. 
meote, comnoaund vt fUh 2 heareit not, icis, the dodrine of 
dtueli. I ipeake nor nowr dfitiuiU choyce of naeates,dHnkes; 
npparcllAc.we bcChrJfti, and all mcatesare ours. Will 
he (ay this garment is holy, this day is fafting, thisreliq^e 
ii to be honoured, this order is rcligiotu^ chu crofle is den 
fen ftue againfl: the diucU, this cake is thy (aaiour. this mxSk 
is propitiatorie, this worke is meritorious , this Pope is thy 
lawgiuer.this church of Rome is the warrant of thy Faitlt^ 
Wnat (hall vree fay to fuch fwine that lie irallovirins in 
mire, and leekefor righteoufhefle indungandclaye.whea' 
ChrilitheronneofGod hathoffred vs hisrightcoufneile? 
Whatfhallwethinke of fuch (eruile men. who will lead 
vs into bondage ofcucry trifle, who Chrift hath made nit 
Icri ouerall the world ^ For what is it elfe but to make mee. 
in bondage to things.than to bring me in this fcare of them, 
Imay not touch them, I may not eate them , 1 may not vie 
them : that will make me holy .this will dehle me, and fuch 
^. . like. Is this the voyce of Pauk , T» tht cletnt tli thmgj ire 
' Mji.ii.M f^*»' Hs it the voice of Chrift , JhAt fphich entreth m at thcj 
i- niM'h, dc/iUth/ut theman ? Is this the voyce of the Apoftla 

in another place, rii«A^^M^<brv//A4^w, lteei$0tthtfer»4nti.. 
• '• af,imM.^o (dearly beloucd) if we hauc fiiith fie be of Chrift,. 
God our heuuenly father hath giuen vs hisowne(bnne,rure 
with him he hath giuen vs all things : we haue receiued the 
libertieofthe children ofGod, fie the rafi(cicnceofaChriH 
IHan man is no more in the power ofthe world , but that \i 
only finncvnto him which is the breach of the law ofGod. 
Now fith this is the ftate ofa Cbriftian man, & that thus all 
things are in fubieflion vnder his feete,we fee eafily vppon 
_, what ground our Sauiour Chrift faid , Th*t tht kif^dtme »f 

iToh.}.4 Chrifi it like imtatpreeititiftaiiey which if a man ftnde , hee 
will f^ll all that hcc hath to buy it : for all other riches, of 


tbeEpSUetoHjeHebrues. ^''P- 

nil do»inions,they haue their meafurc, only this tteafute is 
f finTa^dhithJlUhin«vnder.t. Now et euene man 
u ^ftSmfclfe as he will, fome of chariots , fame of horfe , 
fomeS gfomeofano 
Knue DcrfcS ioy.boaft thy felfe ofa Chrift.an hart : neither 

Shoutes of the earth are comparable m glone vnto 
thh^ forwhat is It to be garnilhcd with gold.and fihier.and 
vaSleaghtsof acorruptibleeye. which in t.me confume - 
•and thi ruft and canker fret thim away > but m th.ne heart „ . 
rSthou looke vpon theearch.thmeeiesare cleere to fee 
fSEnftto W,&allisthinc, theftones inthe ftreate. are 
at^eagu wUhthee.&thebcailes of the fielde areatpeace 
rgalnft thee, they Ihalfnot ftnde any thing vnaer heauen to 
doo thee hurt : all creatures are fworne to thv C^fcty and u 
?, not pdr,ble for man to break their faichfurnefte^hey can 
doo Soth nB vnto thee but good. Looke nlfo w.thout the 
SoundsandUpaffeofHeauen and Earth, andwuh 

eves thou fceft greater things than thefe i thou feeft Hell a- 

Eed death uoden vnd'er fcete, the hrft forrow caft out 

Sfto fha^e. Saintsand Angels are in t^^y.fi8h;;inimortah y 

hath lengthened thy daies, and the glone of God is be ore 

fhee ina glalTe. He that can build thee fuch another tnber- 

• nade Ict^lim be th^God, and where eU thou findeth fuch 

?iSfure,there fettle^hy heart: or if this only be the greateft, 

rSiv«onlyinthis.andp«.yforn fincere faith, that thou 


to it,that thou maicft greatly delpife all other things,^ uy 

M he Prophet Dauid did : l^'hst a manM *'^*^ *rt mmdfuH 

0fhim '. and thus farre at this time. N ow let vs pray. &c. 






H 5 


The ninth Ledurc, vpon part of the 
8. vcrie, anid vpon thep. and 

' ' lO-vcrics. ra 

,... .,bc. 

^'ttrPiyetfeenetAUthiugsfutdMedimtohim, ---- 

9 ^'^rv'ffeeIcOiicrewnedwuhgUrieMdhaH0nr, vehichv.u 

d^Mh Gods gract he might tsfidmhfwdm^ 

10 Eortt becnmebim.ferwhtm are all tbefethmgt, md hi 

whom areallthcfc thmges : feeii^that hce breught mam 
ehtldrenyntogiary , that hee (boddcmfecratethe PrmcC, 
tfthetrjalmion through a/fiiams. 

Tdd you at the beginning, thitthe A- 
poftlcinthcfirftand&cond Chapcer.ftt- 
teth purpofely out the perlbn of Chrift, 
how he is God and man. Howheftt out 
his Godhead , in the firft Chapter you 

«^u • ,^f"'^5V"t«> which he added this earnca 

exhortation uithc beginning of this Chaptcr,whcreof;Uro 
we haue already fpoken. 

Now. in thefe words which we haue read , he bcainneth 
the other partofli'ispurpofc j to teach, that our Sauiout 
V-ftrilti5Derfeaman,and takcth hit occafion of the text be- 
tore alledged.which he applied vnto Ohrift as chicfe and 
P""<JPf .though it be mcnf alfo of all men : for'when he 
bad lo highly magniiicd man j in confideiationofmans 
pretent ftate.-q doubt is ftrcightmooued : how can this be, 
nth wefee not thefe thingiyetfubiea: vnto him ? 

To this the Apoftlcanfwereth, that it is alreadicaccom- 
plilhedm our Sauiour Chrift. who is become man for our 


^: theEpiHktotbeBArmi, 


Jndecdcl firaunt,aUthi>ig«are not yet thus f"l^««^ y^^V*. 

rlan bVtyetin Chrift wee fee this already ''"'wTn^d l«a 

o aine exalted, and crowned with gbry and honour , euen 
LhimSiswitne(re,aUpoweris giuenmem heaue^^^^ 
Z Sand fo he is tifen itom the dead,that death Ivnth no 
.^ore power ouerhimforcuer ,who bemg made man for 
"%LitUaccompl.lh«i, thatmanu ni^er^r'U^^ • 
work«ofGOD:nowinpart,and iifter th.s,iully, when 
ont baftbodies (hall beechanged . ^nd "ladeBlonous. In 
thUv^fcchowhecommeth to fpeake of the manhood 

^F^thcfuiFeringofdcathifometranflatethis through 

the fufferingofdeath.as (hewing the caufe why God ex 1- 

tcd him : but neither is that fo pcrtment tothe ApolUes 

purpofe.nor his words doo fohgnificibuttnusrforthe 


So hi fticweth the caufe why Cbnft was made lowtr 

than Angels, and that is . becaufe hee might die : for o^ber- 

wiS in the i;aieftie of his Godhead . all d«th and allcor- 

rupTion fill before him, and nothing «"ft«I"^i"^"K 

bTtlife,glory.and immortaktv : therefore, to thecnd that 

thatimmortalland glorious 60D might d.e, and death 

might come vnto him.it muft needcs becthat he Ihould be 

humbled beneath Angels. j^ 



*» Ioh.j. 

Pf I;. , 

4i?d;as this was,th< caufe oiibstCmihito, that he might die; 
fo this wasthc caufe of his death, lEat hcc might die for vj' 
that IS, that he might take our death vponhim, andfoby 
bun ive might bee deliuered ftom it. Where he-fiith;^ 
ihegrtce of God: he Qicweth, that it was the free louc of God 
ctatgaue his foonc vnto v$,&nodeicrt on our behalfejbut 
when we fought not after him, then he ofFered himfelfe vn- 
to vi. And when weiate^ the Prophet faith, in darknelfc, 
andinthefliadoweof deatb,thcn a great light rofe vp vnto 
V8,to this cnd.that we which are the Gentile* might praife 
God for iiis mere V, And where it is faid : ttMtheeth»httda 
cf death : he caUeth it here the taft of death , to haue indeede 
tenfe 6t feeling of the painea . not diminiftiing the paffions, 
asathing lightly touched, but warranting the bitterneffe 
and all the forrowe of it , euen to the bottomc of the graae 
and death to be tatted and fcltindeed,aml fayingi/ir<tf,hcc 
meaneeh not by,all, good or bad . whofoeuer they be j but 
as S. lohn plainly expoundeth it ; GtigMehit ftnnttfUt^u 
n *^"*'ithataath4theUeite fhtfUtutperiJbyhnhMelif^eiKrlA' 
rt.fting. So our Sauiour Chriil fTiith ; allthttheUtne»ni»ebtf- 
tifed/haUbeefaued. So thus farre the Apottle hath taught 
plainly, bothhow the fbrmtr prophecie i» accompiiflied in 
Chritt,and Is verified in€ucrieoneofvs;and he hath aptly 
begun to teach this doftrinjthat our Sauiour Chrift is per- 
feft man , which in this Chapter (' i flrfl ) was his cfpeciail 
purpofc. Now, touching this great excellency of man, 
whereof the Apottle hath fpoken , and how wee bee made 
partakers ofit» a little further wey it. 

He hath (pokcn grentand merucilous thinga.cuen as the 
Prophet had laid iMirmUm things arejpeken ofthn , thou ci- 
tie if God. 

\ " C There 

There is neither Sunne nor Moone, ftanor land, gdldc 
n^rfiluer meate nor drinke.no element8oftheworld,no 
«r«Tn%»tma«rukthaU,anddli.vndethurfee« H«j 

ftrei^ht way, both lewe and Gentile fiith : thcfe be indeed. 
5rftSeofJA»cnotweea3 0urfi«het»were.anddoth 

JoSdeuourevs \ To this the Apoftle anfwemhj 

glntwee do notyet fee with oureves , how theft thmgj 

c£r but I lay againe,our eies are no fudges m dw cafeThc 

JbrieU not earthly, andthe kingdom i. not of this w^^^^^^^^ 

£h««>fwerwak«fbuttherichcs are fpintnall . and ofthe 


faith thouartChrifts.andhethine,thathed^»dfor thee, & 


baoe this faith^nd now come «n<*p«'«"4*^°" T! «.« 
Ss olorie ofthe world, lefTe than the glone of fuch a man; 
for tliou feeft Chrift humbled indeede once , that he might 
fofFcrdeath,butcuenthenwhen heewasm the&apeof a 
ruant,thoi laweft him full of grace «nd ^ruth euen as the 
• r begotten fonncof G O D j thou fawett him foft of 

Eh,butof merueilous wifcdome j pbine m teaching 
al of grace and power i fimple in conutenancebutof 
werjofnoaccompt among men, but great mmu:acles,at 
which, man was aftonillied. ^.i^^^a 

Thuf thouhaftfeenChrift, euen when h^^'^f!'^* 
higWy exalted ithat thou haft no good caufc.torc fona- 
cjunftthydignity.thoughthinccye fcenot,'euen m this 
fr"S|.fu^bie£tvnto theerW fee further into our 

no* • 1 . Thoo 





-Thou haft fccnchimin thy adh nufcd from the dead. 
&n» thy naturea&cnded into hcancn, that man in his per- 
tonmight bcecro*.rr«d witKgloeie and honour; wee tune 
teenohim carry our fkfti intotheprefcnceof G O D hisfo- 
thcr^and «£« no Inorepoffible to take thi. glory fromvs. 
as many as be one with him.than it is pofflble to pull away 
wame his perfonai humanitie from^ petfon of his God- 
httd. ThjiIfoeinChrift. andknovfeitmmyfelfe : And 
what, though yctawhiicthe outward man bee gricueH? 
,. Thou foolcthat which thourowdt,itreuhjcthnotagainoi< 
^cxccptTtfirftdieialittlecolwof wheate. it cannothaue 
vertue, to become thirtieoribrnc tirae> bctter.than it was. 
bemg multiplied to fo many.all as good as it felfc, & bring- 
mgbefidefruithillincaafcofftrawe and chaffe, except it 
hrlt beaftmthcgcoundanddye: and how fiumldeft thou 
haue a changcbutifthou bee firftcorrupt? and how much 
arttbou better than a graineofcome, that thou mighteft 
iprelyknowt. when through carniption thou flialt come 
.into mcorruption.thatthyglorieftiall bee then vnfpeako* 
I ui'^ir J '^'"f' ftattierue thee to make thy UfeinHnitei 
ly bleflcd raorethan itb \ Thy hope now, ifthon couldeft 
ttUargeitathouland fold, yet it fliould bee greater than 
UKJU cmft imagine ; and thy foith, if itcould comprehend 
raoreaffiiraiicttofimmortality. than thy eyedothfiirely of 
«ieUghtoftheSiinncyet thou Ihaltrinde the fruit of it a- 
boucalltfay thoughts. This thou fieft jf thou lee Chrift:& 
this thou knoweft to be thine jfthou know thy felfe to bee 
oaewith him. And forthyannes,how/beuer they deaue 
vntothy borvM , hate them as thou hateft hell ; for from 

thence they afe,andihcdiuellworkeththem5butcare not 
for them,for though they were heauic in weight,and many 
mnumhcr,whatthen I thou haft thy hope, not in thine 
owttcpcrron,butinthcbody ofChnft, into which thou 




-HxEfifiktotheHibruts.' C^- 

artefaffcd.3nd in which there is aotfpot mir blemift , bot 
Stlrighwoufnes,c«enbefottGODiand m him«aU 
idjecthii^s.fQfinnealfoi«pucvriderthy fccte,and jhott, 
artrulctouerit. AndtbusfarrcofthedoarincoftbcApo- 
ftk hceK taught vs,in this hi» exhortation. . 

Now let vs rcturne to his other purpolc , how he teacn- 

^h the humanity of our Sauiout Chrift r the krk rcaloa 

whcrcoiijinihcTcwocds:*i7<i btmiohfU^ ^dtsthf^Mi: 

foMS to the end he mightfuffer death, it was neceffane hce 

f fSld be humbled, becaufe dcatheb couU notcomc into 

biM»«fencci fo fufFcring death that man might bccddwe- 

redvby that deathk was as necdlary that he himfclfe Ihould 

bcroan/orfower«thciuft iudgemcnts ot GODihcgauc 

man a la we and pronounced a curfc to him that brake it ; 

therefore when we hadallttcfpalkd, wee were falten into 

thepuakhraentofour finne:for the thicatnmgs ot God arc 

aotasthewordsQfaman,thatcaiialter, orbyfomeimcp- 

ccflfion that they can bee mitigated jbut with God there is 
no change nor Ibadoweiofchitwtithat which with him IS 

oncepurpofedjwaseucrdccreedt , and his wordo are not 
weake,bnt what hchath threatned^^ve fiiil into bis hands, 
al the creatures of the world haue no hclpe for thee ; fo that 
this being dcCTCcd ofGod,CurJtduheeih*t aUdttb MttmtU Dco,.^^ 
iA/»w »««</» w^/fwA^iittallpeopIe muftncedc»iay,A(tn«s 
and the fbule that finneth muft ncedcs die : redcmpnon 
from this,thcrtis none to be looked for, but by fuffcnng ot 

it JbribtLord had Ipoken, and it muft bedonef fo our Sn^ 
uioorJChrift.fithhe would ddiuervs, hecmiuft beeinadfe 

man like vnto vs.and in our naturedye the degth. 
Ourfmncsarcnotiraputedvnto V5, butthcy wereim>- 

pmed vntohhn. Thepunifhmentof them isforgiuen ys, 

butitwas not forgiuen him. Righteoolneffe is *Kay B*; 

«ttw.bttt it wainocfreciy giueohim. Hcobeyed thcl.-^ 





ofhii6therciierjriot,aiKieaeryoric cbacheemighcfalfiU 
allrighttoufhefle. He bare the coodcmnationof hcUand 
detth;thatheiBighubolifii m Hctook vpoo hiiathegail» 
tmefle of oor finnes, and hare them in his ovrnc body, chat 
he might naile them vpon his croiTe. When it pleaied God 
ottr heauealy fithcr^f hls:great meixie,eaaocept the obe- 
dience ofhisiaH^for ourpemft righteoufiidSe,andco giuc 
vBtoittfaefecompenceoUtemailiife;«nd whenitpleafed 
fiod to accept this for a fiill puniOunent of all the linnp^f 
BBir.ifaBymancwild belbtmdtobeareit before God ak* 
ouera>ineit,QiirSauiourChriftcnMed no nKmbntefais} 
the refidue he perfburnBedall io his owneboify, and.bydiis 
tternallipiritODercameit sfbthatinhim is iiie, in him is 
righ^u(heile,in him is immprtalitie^in him is the reconci- 
led good vfill of God : and tjhat exoeUentwiiedome which 
hath made vs by £uth one with him, the lame hath- made 
i« partakers ofall bis honour and glorie. Tbuswefeevfitii 
what neoefltty we are conftraincd to acknowledge the hu> 
manity ofoat Saoiour Cbrifcaad^why hemuft i^edes bee 
laademan. 'U . --A^ ■^•ak- ,, ■■-.■.:., 

itfollowethnowi^tbeeenchverieribr, itkemmebimfir 
whfmareMithingt &c The Apoftle now goeth forward, 
leaching morelargely this, dodrine of tlx huraanitie of 
oor Sauiour Chrifi : and firft he takctfaaway the offenceof 
it»chen letteth downemanifeftreafbn toproouo ic Toicb- 
ing the offence, wee cannot denie, but many thoBghts and 
cogicationsariftinacarnallman, whenheconfiderethxhe 
£>nne of God,to ake flefli df the vh<^n Maiy , to be made 
man in alltik^esvmovs^exceptfinne» to hunger, tothitft, 
CO (uffer all that he (uiFered j we would thinke this myfterie 
very Arange, ifwc had no more wiftdome but of the heart 
ofman to medicate in it. And therefore to Hop allfiichdt 
fence$,and vtterly totake away all the teoutions ofthe di- 
i^. :•'■ ■- ' . ^ I ' ■-. :v,.'... ■ uell 

tbe^nUmhetibrm. - _(^^' 

^\ touching the incarnation and futfeting of Chrift , hth' 

? ^ZV^Tr G^dwvana all thing? «e according to his w^j 

J^,'''^'^ le AwSc fcttah downc , vihai wasthe 

ta« J^; ^ift^tncXcb allmoutbe^mightbt 

£o^d«idioman(houldhauciuft offence in thcaoffc 

■ rfS ?idrtWs.inthefewotdsvvemaygath^r^nar|u. 

mSfof« Ac humanitieof our Sauiour Chn^vvhic^s 

r God d^teed to bring man to glory throu^afflift^ 

wfoourSauioutChriftenttedintohisglory , Acte- 

ons, but to out ^_T '^ a oeceffarv and fute conclu- 

wha?w«m.ypiofiuWyl«an.cmtb.|vert«. ^^^^ 


* -<• 

Firft , whereicis Ciid : fibeftemd himiftr vbrnm sg 

thit%Sy&(» ■■•'■-■- ■.■•!)-'; 

1^ v$ learoe in all things, whereof our hearts can confi- 

<fcr,to make thii vnto vs a fiire princ4)lc of all truth,equity, 

& ao<idncfrc j that fo it was decreed of God. How farrclb 

eucr wee decline from this;to thinke it either ftraungCjora- 

ny other thing better : To ferrc we fell into all VniighteouA 

ncffe,vntruth , and fin, bdn^ fcduced ^¥ith the corruption 

ofour owne hearts. Let vs hold this then with an vncharj.- 

ablepurpofc: Ifitbeconccreuealed, this is the decree ol' 

God. Bring downe the haughtines ofthine own thoughts, 

and humble thy minde & vnderftanding, to acknowledge 

allcounreU,wifedome and iuftice, to bcin Gods ordinance: 

■% and ifany thing feeme better vntothee, confcfle the hard- 

neffcof thy heart, and fay v»ith the Prophet Dauid, Thit it 

»»¥^«»*i further reafoning than this,is all ofeuillrand who- 

f '^ foeucr p'refumeth to difpute more, he (hall be ouerthrowne 

* at thelaft in his ownc folly, and giue glory vnto God in hit 

ownedeftruftion. J''' '"..^' ','.„. «. . 

The Apoftle here to tak^ away all fooli(h queftions, and 
fuperfluous, about the humanity of our Sauiour Chrift, 
withthisonewordhcftoppeth the mouthcsof all ptoudc 
men •• So the Lord appointed 5 fo itfeemeth good vnto the 
Lord. Sucbhumilitieas this .was in Mofes , whenhe ma- 
kcth his longcxhortation to-the people of Ifrael , jmd fore- 
tclleth thcm.that when they (ball forget the Lord,and def- 
pife his ftatutes, thcAvrath of GOD (hall waxc hot agamft 
I Svcnuand he will bring vpon them euery curfe that is writ- 
*" ten iathclaw^eucn fo doing withthcm,as he did with the 
nations that were before them : which wondeifull ludge- 
ments of God vpon his own pcoplc,(houldmake the world 
amafed.wheicofyct tejft.any maTtlhould curiouflie di^ 
|K,te,Mofes addcth : the fccret things belongto the Lord 

tht B^k to the Hthmiu 


C^. 3. 

our God.but the things reuealcd belong vnto vs, & to our D«,t. i^. 
children,for eucr.As if he had faid:thefe are the ordinances *?• 
ofGodM vs walke in them j ifvFee tranfgreffe, the punilh- 
mentofourfinneis before vs: further, wee ftiaU difpute in 
vainc, the fecret things belong vnto the Lord our God,MKi 
his iudeements cannot bee fearched out.. Such an humble 
confcflion was in the Prophet Dauid , in his great pcrfccu- 
tions and troubles.whereinCno doubt) aUhis forrowe wm 
nosfbrthefonneoflfay, hee would not haue madefuch 
' «ompUint8&cricsforthcfellofafraUemanibut hetaew 

the promtfes that God had made vnto hira,and aU his faith 
how it rtfted vpon thcm,fo that all his foundauons leeroed 
to bee caft downe, and it (hookc his heart and reines , to (ee 
the ftrengthand rage of his enemies, and himfclfeas a dead 
dogge in IIrael,chat is,a man without any accompt or rec- 
konine: yet notwithftanding all this,thouRh his own wiic- 
dorae had failed neuer fo much , yet he (aith, / fbtdi l^^9fi% 
dmnbe/ndtut tftnmj mutb: for thou 6 Lord doeft it ; how- 
foeuer his owne wit was turned vpfidedowne ,that he law 
nothing how things could come to paOc , yet hee acknow- 
ledgeth his finne,that «,hi$ folly,his ignorance, his infidc- 
litic,ifhe (hould not confefle all that GOD did,it was beft, 
tnd the next way to bring all his purpofei to paflfe. 

The Prophet leremie bceinR vtterly amaftd, what it 
(hould meane.that the way ofthe wicked did ftill profper. 
orwhy they liuedallinwealth that did rebcUiouflytranP 
areffe, why God planted them.to make them take ropt and 
to bring forth finiit j as he was aftonifhed at this workcand 
fpake fborth the thoughts ofhis heart , yet firft he acknow- -» 
Weed his owneignorancc,cafling downe tfie thoughts ot 

his owne reafon,and laid .OL^d, ifldij}uteviththec, tb0»^«- 
^iJwMaTcadicbridletptheboly Prophet to nile all his 




I Jul. 




Xuk. 10. 


thougho , to fay , the Lord hath done it , let vs hold our 

And an cxccllfcnt example of this humilitie , is our Saui- 
our Chrift hirhfelfe, to teach v$ modeftie that arc but men : 
for he, who fo loued the people of Iftacl, that hce wept ouer 
chcir Citty. whin they would not repent , prayed for them, 
when they hung him on the Croflc , gaue hi* life for them, 
when they hid caft him off, and would none of his falua- 
don, hee that had this vnchaneeableloue to hisbrethri:n. 
flfcrti6fhisflcfti,andboneofhisbonc i yet when h<;c called" 
' his humane thoughts to the confideration of the d^aee of 
God,he humbltdhlmfelfe.chanjged his affeAiona, rcioyced 
in other thoughts, and faid : Jtbatktihee, father ^ that thou 
ihMt iv»h Uittetnit : when hee faw h«e was fent Afclr AiAi. 
fttt,fbtthetttithbf GdD, roconfirrae thfcpromifesrtlade 
vrtto their fatheis, h6e had no other longing but how to win 
thiiti : whert hftfc faw another counrcll of G D , that they 
Wrte riot all Iftiel which were of Iftael, hee knew thii^s 
BWji^fibVCtd f h ^Jifit, taue glory vnto God, and Would not 
rdilbh of hii vnfearchable iudgenaents. Who i» hee now, 
6ir bf what Wifdome that date diibute again A the counfeU 
<?f G O D .' Are Wfegreatkr then Mofes, Wifetthan the Pto^ 
tfhdts, or higher thiih6Ui?S«ui6urdhrift ? Othiiie all thefe 
held theitpeaceatCodi^^otkes, that ^eeftitf Old teafon a- 

thought good% A JJace rhuch like Vntb this, li in the 14. of 
L\kc : whcii i^c tvVo difciples thit Went to feftiiiis fljcr- 
lielted exceedingly at all the {Kings that had hi^efied vnto 
Chrift, fe that their fUtli began to faile chcm : tWs out Sa- 
uibiir Cfiriflfreproduiththcm, arid all ihfc rcafoning that 

1 wa& 

m„^idanfheai:t>ff0k^pt^fl>im <♦ ^^.-*/*; 
leFrtphathmeAsk^ : muikiiot Chrift ncedcs fuffer tWc 
SL«aBdfo£ainto gbry ? He tcfaKth tbcmfi^rft 10 
^elrophetMolm«wthattb»»fa.thecJccreeo{^od: bdc 
{b«rt laietha aecefflty Ypon tbepcfourmaaccothis word, 
:tlu«ittBuftneede.befo .-and ifthatbeenotonly good.on- 
•iieiuft.onlywifcinourfightlhatar« but men, let vs not 
SodLihcrcianocaaleinthiB world of our mifliiungibut 
4eai*webeiboic8,aiKinowe of heart to beleeue. And 
thMfiirrethcthingitfclfcfpcaketh,how meete it if iorvs 
^1 lifolloweth intbc ApoftW : /#r whm ate a iUks , Mmt 
■Mfmhmareaithmgs. This is a fiogular reafon , why wee 
(hould beobedient,&askenoneaocoiBpcof aUthedoingt 
4>ftheLord : Is man afflifted i why ihould he noc bee fo f 
theLord ha«hdoneiMa<i*w<he Lo«d he was made r are 
theKprobateofdeioed to deftruftioni why (fcoiild they 
,ii»t?£cLoixlfooKkinedi«,and for the Lord they woe 
. -nMKfc:ti«cheeleai«elyfiMwi?wby(hooldtheynotUbe 
rLotdhatbfiufldthem.5Md.forthcLord they were made: 
ihoartthoiithatttkeftacontratie pwt to difputcagamft 
God t arenot «H things for him,anaait ebon only enwous 
againft his glorie? Thw .(dwrdy bcloocd ) carry the word 
Jiod'toleaaewh ^*»dMuc8iruredly4tft»al befiilfiUedi 
ffi4 cbinkecbatic is beft,«wdywi:(baH not becmooocd tor 
jmm, ifyou'COMeinplacewithtbofeancicnrwomc.crHJ- 
jwiti.who'witbatokwroi^rayiiiii*, whicli w^Jl*^"" 
wirtiii«hem, Iblong deceifie owrpoopfcjebey'orjteir Al- 
S»lei,iftheyTe«rfbnagaiiiftyoa ; liach flbd foi^en te 
^rebathoufandyeere,«nd were alwirfcthers decerned 
b^^itlJUtherWai boMK/uchwitt^wtie . vwoc, ftaucriA- 
teH; w«itall wjerror i tbefc words taken vpagawein our 
^„, , ■ ..|^|j .. da«. 



4aie8,3ndcountinianccd witK tbegny heads of otir Pbati- 
fic5,Watfon,Fecknam,Cok,Hcath,& other like, OLord 
how many men doo they deocine ?fot their ovrnercalbii 
iifttth v|>«tlelfe,aml th^fiy, haw can this bc& lfx> ttany 
^iCc^fo many learned , lb many noble , all dccciucd I hud 
God forgotren to be mcrcifuU I Firft, I would aske of thefe 
Jncnbnttbisoneaueliion:and if they will not wiilingly 
i^cdecriuedylctthcmanfwereas they; thinfcc^ What OM 
word ofall thefe, both might not,a»d did not the Pharito 
iayagaittftourSauiour Chrift? andiio-w dare they now 
reafonagainlt theGofpell of Chrift with the fimcargt*' 
iincot,with which the Phatifies rqifbned againft Cteift? 
Jbut they will %, now Chriilhath made a promile to bee 
with his Church to the end. . 
« Dfujt.tt AadhadhenotmadcthicpfomifebelbreM»nocIefiis 

iC j>, Ik Chrift both to-day and yefterday, 8c theliBne worlcJ with- 
out end/* Lodcein the i8 ofDeutandhxtlw jp. of £fe)5^ 
as abfohite,as fulla promife then as novt^. : But they were 
not fo looge in'error ; put ca& the|r were not, he who puni- 
ihedtheccanlgreSioaDf the iamregruen by Angels >. with 
40o<yeai!es blindne{Ie;raay not he(^uni(h the tean(^sffion 
againftiiisGolbelUgiuen hyhis only fonne, with ^aor a 
looo. yeares biindneile r But for your falMs ( deatcly belo- 
imd ) Idoo more thaa I would, and with rea/bn i confiite 

a;fh(.j^chen:i, Which hauenoiealbn. lit y^obm to the text and 
>i' ML ^*ofv»ereoutofit», Wastheworlddeceiued lb many hutb' 
^'^Sr'**'*<^^y*^'c?v»hy{houlditnot i The Lord ordeined that 
there Ihould come an apoftaiie, and a generaUfall from the 
&ith of Chrift, that the world might bee leduced with ti^ 
X^.9. man offinne^ ^ofe age begaaih the Apoftles times , and 
fliaH not vtterly dyetiU the day of Chrift.. Thu» the Lord 
^^pointed^ano fb let it be,fbr all things are fbrhis glory. 
An4hc(^l(|tV4 reft io^alltlM things that «ucciQiwh«4rt^ 


canthinkevppon,if weecanfeeno rcafonof the v»ord of „.,..Jj' 
?OD wecanfeeiumiUtiatOcoafeOe before him : O the J 

S.?nKthedcbes,&ofthe wifedome, and ottheknow- ^ 
f ^^.ofGOD howvnfearchablearehisiudgements, and 

Knowc, wuu bee glory for cucr more. All Coun- 

theVlrenotourSchoolemafters.but our feU^^/g^^r^' 
rSweemavlwrnetogether out of the word of GO U, 
*S<S:cSuVd foreuer , andwhofciudgements 

Jr^^Mhmh^i^fi^-o^^o'^''^ him perfeftby aftU- 
S^^SSgMbat Chrift in his death, accomph- 

Kn« of glorie , not attributing fo this worke to h« 
5«A^thouRhaUhislifchad been impertinent .-for in afl 
iS^C^ZL made our redemption. Saint Paul «. 
ortflkfiith : Brthe»bedic»ce»/onc, * great ma^ymr'f'^fK^t, 
ES««; And aeaineheefaith: F-r thu cMtfe htt vatm^de 

^aS^vmicrtb^l^e.^ndkr^tiis caufe hee permittednot 

, S^or,oronetitleorit,thathemightbeftowevponvstbe 

V fiSofallrighteoufiieffe.'but the fcnpture atmbuteth 

common youf redemption to his death, becaufe .t was 

Se Sft and greateft workeof all , the accomplifhment , 


' : tLrSn't,astheApoftleraith,hewasco^^^^^^^^ 
. . JSglorie.AndthusferreatthUtime.Nowletvsprax. 







K«<W.- who^efdrtUeit jik Atmedf tdthem bre- 

n StfMt, IwiSJacUre th; mmv tmtf my irethrtw: mtki 

b»U,heeK ml, m{.theetiUa>t wm.G0d kith mem 

\ H E reaiWns before vftd«to«rove t!le 
homanityofour faniour.vfepc ^Mx,. 
Firft, hedied for man janddttrefofe 
itwasnccd&ry he ihould bewuf. 
Secondly , it nas the decrte Of GOIJ' 
to bringman mto gterie . through", 
many affliftions ; but fo Chi-ift otifc 
head was^Hb confecrate co.enter hk 
to glory 5 thercforche wa»natnraHinan; 

l^owitfollowtth: Forhethdi fMff$^b^ jmJtheyihattre' 
fineiiJiedMre4& tftne. This ^rord,yfcs noteth a cauie of thaf 
which was faid before/and he had.iaictthis } hethatkadeth 
other into tlic^loryofGod,bytheiarae way hec muft en- 
ter alfij-himfelfe. He addeth now the caufc and ground of 
tliatfiying rbccauftthey muft becof one nature, bothhee 
that Icadcrh, an^ thcv that arc led into thisfaluation. > 
Now.becaufe the Apoftic hath fpoken io plainely ofth^^ 
■atorcofourSauiour Chrift, that he is perfc(fl man, to^ 
teach vs, that yet not in our owne nature, but beingrege- 
lerateby his grace, wee arc made children. Therefore tb« 


^ ' tb$EfiBetotkW>tm. Cap. 


hJrftttkadethinto glory, which » the worke fpoken o^ 
helaith,i*<A«*«/A»<'?/S8«*.aai!iingihev«rtue inadent, by 
which the worke wasdoneiond m ftead of, they ttat are 
kad;which is the bene&tc imployedjie filth ,Tbejth*tMe 
/i»<^iw, which is the qnabtie with which they are indu- 
ed • m«iring yet one thing before^md now j th«e in plame 
woids callittg it our entry intoMation j heere by a twurc 
naming it, our fanftification , which is the nieanesof our 

follow holinefTe, which is our likeoeffe with Chrift. And 
thutmuchtouchingthefewords,howthey hang with the 

Now to conGder them in themfducs, we haue the third 
arRUinent.forthe humanity ofour Sauiour Chrift, which 
isthisiHethatttiaUfknaifie his people, muft become one 
with them : but Chrift hath (anaified vs,thercforc he is of 
our nature. And the force ofthi»argumcntftandethvpon 
that arouad whereofwee hauefpokcri i that this is the de- 
cree of the iuft God, that the nature of man could not bee 

A proofi: and declaration that it is fo, is added by the A- 
poftlcinthcreridueofthcverfe,^»»i>r<^*f c^^fe hee um 
^MmedttcaUvs l^rethrfn: whtrtumo is ftreight added the 
teftimonicofthetwoandtwcntiechPfalmc, out of whi^h 
hcproMthit,Jwillf^ewffmk thy name vm»m)iirethrtn,m. 

themdiestftbecongregstufUvtlLprMftthee .-a plame ande-^ 
uidentteftimonie.whcrcour Sauiour Chrift callcthvsbre. 

thren : for the Prophet Dauid, who in manjj ot his atHiih- 
onsbarethcimageofourSauiorChrift, wrote thatPfilmc 
ihouehin hisowne great caUmiticsj yet efpecially inthc 
pctfonofChrift,asitis ccrtainc, becaufe the Euangelifte. 
andApoftlesallcadge outofthatPl^e many places , ap- 




• fadings ofM,'Deermgrvpon 
plying them aQ to our Saui6nr Cfarift. Befidcsthat, thrf 
vholc Pfilme is a iiuelie! defcription of the paffion of 
Ghrift, and the latter end fortellcth the calling of the Gen- 
res, which were onely to be gathered , to the fetting vp of 
this glorious KingdomcofChrift.Sothatii aptlie hereap. 
pJied to Chrift, which there the Prophet Dauid fpake in 
the perfon ofChriii. And herelet vs marke this , while the 
Apoftlc prooueth our Sauiour Chrift to be man. he allead- 
gahtheSciipturcfo, as diftinftly fhewing the offices of 
Ghrift, that he is our Prophet.our King,our Prieft ; that wc 
might kno we, we cannot giue him theft offices , and dcnic 
ms manhood j nor grant him his raanhood^and deniehim 
theft offices.So here this text,as.in the name brother.it pro- 
jpeth hec is ofour nature : fo theft wordes , iwiU iicl«n thy 
nmc,k IviUfing efthet, they fticw that our Saniour Chrift. 
IS our Prophet,to rcueale the will of hisFather to vs. 

Now where it is faid h&ic,Hethatfanm^th , and they that 
xttfdnitijUd^aretlafene: wehauetocoafider, tbatcueaiQ 
the manhood ofour SauiourChrift, is vcrtueand grace^io; 
whichhedoothfanftificvs. For not onely as he is God,fac 
ianflificthvs, but alto in his humane nature hce hath this 
vertueand power, to make v« holy ; not taking his nature 
fuch from the virgine Marie , but making it fuch by pow- 
ring into it the fiiTneflc of his fpirite. Andthis our Sauiour'"^ 
Chrift himfelfcwitnciTeth; for fpeaking ofhis fending in-- 
to the world, how hee was ftnt ofhis Father to call his loft 
people vnto filuation.hee faith in like fort, hee alfo ft ndeth 
his Apoftles, 6cftreightaddeth,>r them l famltifie myfelfi. 
The holines w^ich the Apoftles had in their calline, they 
had itflora lefiis Chrift,made man , & walking in that vo- 
cation before them, fiucafo it is with vs; all that is good in 
vs, andall the righteouihes that can be in vs, we haue it nei- 
ther out Qfthc Eaft,nor Weft , but from the body of Icfus 

■. Chrift, 

Chrift,neitheristheremtheworld any other (anftificati-- 
on • fothat all we that be here this day , and all peopleclsot 
the world, except wcknowperfeftraaBhood, andourna- 
ture to be r«ally vnitedtotbe perfon of the Sonne ot Cod, 
iwho bathfanftificd himfelfefot vs. there is nofanaihcati- 
on for vs v nder beauen. Euen as our bands and armes.and 
other members , are not nourilhed but onely by the mMtc 

receiued ofthe h*ad i fo our fpirituall meat o.f r.ghteoufnes 
-and life, is not giuen vs. but from our head lefus Chril^. 
Andas the veynes are meanes by which nourifhmcnt isco- 
weyedtoeuerypartilbfaitbis the meanes by which wcc 
reciiue from Chrift, all that is heakhfuU vnto vs. And asby 
ioynts and rinncwe8,0Mr membersare really knit .. & made 
abodyvntothcheadjfoFeallie,truelie,and indeedc, by 
onefpiriteweb«km«vnto Chrift, as perftftly & fubftai>- 
tiallie made one with him, as our members arc one with 

*'"lfthouvnderftand not this, or fiicft with Nicodcmus. 
how can this be done 1 1 diy vnto chce again^pray that thou 
maift be taught of God, and that h« fpiritcraay reueaie it 
vntothec : for if the tongue of Fade were dumbe,not able 
to fpcake what he fawe in vifion , how much lefle is man a- 
ble to fpcake the truth of greater myfteries?and.if our hares 
can not comprehendall the wifcdome of God mthcwinde 
thatbloweth,howheraifethitvp,orraakethu fell againc, 
howcanwevnderftandthiswiftdorae of ourvniting vn- 
to Icfus Chrift ^ Onelie this can I fey, God hath giuen vs 
fiiith, in which wcc may bcleeuc it, and out of which fuch ■ 
ioy (hinethinourmindes.ascrucifieth the world vnto v»j 
how ferrc our reafbu is from feeing ic, itsMUcth not, it is 
Efficient if we can bcleeuc it. 

Webelecucinthe Lord our God. yet wee knowe not 
what i» his counienaunce ; wee bcleeuc and apprehend by 









hopcihis glory: yet neither eye can fteit,nor eare can heare 
it. Weebelecueandieeiinmortality,yetourbcartcannot 
comprehend the height,thc br cadth,the length jhe depth. 
We bclecMcthcrcforrcaion of the dead , yet wee can not 
vndcrftand filch excellent wi&dome, how life is renewed 
in the iiSptxkd and Scattered bones and a&es. We beleeue 
our Sauiour Chr jft is raan,and we hauc Icene him, andfcic 
him jyet how bcwasman, borne of a virgin , all men in the 
world haue no wifedome to declare. Euen fo (dearly be- 
loued) we bekcuc.thatour Sauiour Chrift and we be one, 
he of vs and we of him, he the head , wee the body, reallic, 
fubllantialiy , truly , ioyned together : not by ioynts and 
fincwcs,for that vnitingiknowe well inough:but by his 
fpirite, of which wee Moe all receiued j and this vnitie I 
cannot conceiue nor vtter, till I knowe God euenashecis, 
& his holy /pirit which hath wrought this bleffing. Thus 
we Icarncjthat here the Apoftle teacheth vs, & thus we vn- 
derftand what is here faid i^«<A4ify;w<!^ir, Md.tkej that 
tatefuiiiified^ untHtftne* 

And where it is ^d bere^e that doth ianftifie. Oiewing 
theprefenttimeandthcworke ftiU a ddoing } it teacheth 
vs, that our lan£lificatton hath a daily increa& ; and when 
it isfully accomplia}ed,then God calledi, and ourdaies are 
at an ende. And let vs note this well , for it behooueth vs 
much J if we be Chriftians, we arc ft^j fan6Hfied by the foi- 
riteofChriftjFor/bitwnsinhim , he^ grew fiiU in grace be- 
fore God and men, ifthon bee graced into his body ,ithou 
haft his fpirite, and it will haue his worke in thee. ThoK 
flialtnotbewearyof wdldooing, nor ceaftto reioyctin 
Godthy Saui<Sar, butftillincreale in fpirituallgraOe, till 
thou come to thcagcofthefolneflc of Chrift. There can 
\>c no afFeftien in thee, according to tbe^h , but if it bee 
greatitwillappcareinhia vforke; much morethi?, whidi 


. . .^feiritofGod. lfthoubee^brtowftiU,itwiUmake 
IS of the fpy*°'"°V j.^ i^ makcth the countenance 

""'l^'n^^^^^^^^^^ alltbemcmbcnof 

^"^0:11 wKtciehtfcnietevae a thing j if hatred bee 
thy body wiU "'^SJ""^, ^ ■ f^^\ all mannerof 

curled noing . * -,-mbers in obed ence of H. How 

^^,^^Zb. «l«n hcc tith. ««<*-/««.- 

SheffimWcd not himfclfein«e«loue of *s how 

T^^SSe earth and a(hes: ought wee not to 

^''TiSltSraS&acknowledgevs, thatarebu« 

Sn«St«Vs "hXjisnotaAa^^^ 

^ r ' S beinefrhishly cftcemed of Pharaoh , that 


. ffmardighHle.;y4tnottobeeafhamedofh«fathe» 
hS Who wfrc heatLcn and (hepheardj. But aU u no- 
S:tcbmpartfonofthis, *itkfeChr,a«notufha. 
m^of vs : fo/what ? the glory of the vame world ma<te 
««aiiital ma^amamcdofhisdtttit^ toackrtowledgc 
hh^Shct and brethren, in Wbofepcrfonshcc might 
foK le?^oach : burhowmtKh gr?«^w«.A«d^ 

fy^oV God,miacnSthcont!y begottenfo«jC "^^^ 
hisfree-r'ace, toacknowledgcvsthttwetehisenemusj 


. f 








«cd) Icarncto be wift. and know what the Lord rcqui«th 

w.lf.!J"!!:^~,T7°"rl'^" luft condemnation, if wee 
^etched mtn wdf be aOMmcd of him.H.ho beiiw icdod 

ncc Wthmiielfe howjict ym bvf, dvft. when Ibb cam^' 
^«^«°Jjtbetaken,oai«.heeaSorrcd IS^^ 
confeOedhowvacIeanehce was. When D3"rawi the 

day«tabearerulem Kings palacei. When PaiUc faw Ac 
fim^CT'J^^^'' m'"'?^".'^'""^*^"' heefiid, faee ac- 

^ ifthefl,fHch a Chrift bcnot'aflwmed to callvs brcthrcnt 
amerueiJousandvnfpeakable fooliOnicire i. bound vp 2 
our hearte,, if wee W.iUkam^ mail Jam brothi ^ 

Me werca fi^iiApooi:e man ,' that were aQiamed of the 
kincVcdwhichtheKingdJdchalJengc ofhira : Hcismore 
theSonneof God, when heeoffcrethhimfelfevntohim. 
r ^. and hec bee neuerfo proud a man, that now defpifeth 
ton, hw a»U cooftOlhis (oHy then, wh^ alUhat fee 
- ' ■ ■ ■ :-':■' him 


himthaUfiyjBfcaed lihcthatcommcthinthenameoftbe 

^ Pride.orflattericorcouetoufncflc, or vanitic. orfar^ 
orwhatyou\^ill,maymakc vs nowc afeamcd to contefle 
h m,or todiffemblc thateuerweknewh«n: but when all 
this comiptionif taken from V5, and the graucand death 

Utie,andknowcthekngthofhi,daies.n our ownc body 
our formerfooliibne, wiU make v. fo afraid . that wee w.ll 
pray vnto the hiUes to hide vs, and to the mountamcs that 
Ihcv would couervsibHtvovoaBdwilhesibalbcbtttfoo- 

' Utvsthereforedefpifcthcftame which Chrift hatfcde- 
fpiled before vs. Ifit be imputed vs for folly, that we tearc 
the Lord,lct v« bcare his reproach.lf our company baue no 
liking,except we bring our finne* with vs, to be content » 
heatethe blafpheming of Gods namc,religK)n euill fpokcn 
ofttodlines mocked at, words tofow difcord among bre- 
th«n,inrtp«>rt8ofmenabfent, boafting and bragging ot 
vainc perfons, wanton and vnchaftfpeaches, or other vame 
& vnprofitable babbling,fucb as is moft vfual among men; 
if without thU our company be not pleafant, feeing inthis 
outlcfus is dilhonored 5 let vs rather deny them, than bea- 
Ihamed of him, and goe rather out of Babylon the mother 
of whorcdomes,thaniout of lerufalem the Gitie of God. 
: Itfblloweth j lwiH£leeUrethytumt'vHH>mjii>nthra/:yrtC 
"'•are called thebrethren of Chrift,not in focietie of flclh and 
bloud , for that the wicked baue with him as weU as wee, 
who are yet no brethren , but ftrangcij cucn from the 
wombe 1 But as they are naturall brethren, which arc 
korne of the fame parents ; fo we are brethren with Cbrift, 
thae are boine of G O D, thorough the firae^int, by 
fWhich wee ay Abba, Father, thcfruitc whereof la m 
•^ glort- 



gterifyiog hU ftamc^ «ucn as our SaAiour Chtift ftith « 

ttMimilfrsifitkef. Firft,heetcweemuftnecd$confcflc, 
what duety u amoog men , euea that they edific one ano- 
ther : forasimanyasjircof Chrift, arccatfcdiBthisCoue- 
*j*f00gr«4^00, JwiSfrMiTethee, Hec that confidetcth the 
dayes of hiJiifc, and Bndeth his yeercs m any , and in them 
^caa oowcmcmbcr, that he hath been carefiill for bis bte- 
thrcn, to tell them thcfcare of his Lord , or how in compa- 
me$ and moetiBes hee hath fpokcn ofhis praifc , hee can not 
imow that hee hath anv portion or fcUowftiipinthis kin- 
dred.The graces of God m not fuch, that they can be lock- 
«][P»?0"rbcart6,orkeDt&creti but they will bume with- 
inlikcfire, and make ys/peake with our tongues, that wee 
m^ make many brethren partakers of our ioy. The Pro- 
ph« faith, lime Mee»ed^her^e I ht»t]^tktn. S.Paul tea- 
cheth diat it is fo with vs,if we beleeue wee will alfo ijwakc. 
M tell mee ( I befeech you ; what man excelleth in any 
thing,andhath not a delight tofpeake ofhis cunning ? dotb 
not the (hiproan t alke of the windcs ? the plough-man ofhis 
«eB> willnotthefouldiour bee reckoning vp his wounds? 
andthe ftiejAeard teUihg of hisdicepe ? if bee bee good in 
hound«s,hawke», horfes, fhoeting, oranyruchexercife,i8 
nothi8namefpokcnof,accordingtohi$skill \ Naylctitbe 
in thiogs woife than theft , cards , dice, tables, dancing, 
Vi not euery nuns talkc according to the delight of his 
minde ? and (hall wee thinke theknowledge of G O D hath 
Jcffe affieAionofour heart.orlefle obedience of our tongue, 
than t&« moft vaine and nprofitable defires of worldly 
roindedmenjor my bow and artowcs,hauetb«y my tongife 


dedvntokbqn, to talke oftheir'ddi|ht, and flumftoethi^ 
myftcricof ^^^^<^ God, wherein I appFebeod tkefi^^ > 
giuenes ofmy finncs and eeernaU life ? hath my tottitfeiiof 
portion of fiich cbmbrc : or ifit bee in my heart, vwll it rtoc 
fill my month with praifc \ If I hauc heard of it, will I not 
alio declare it M remember , the Prophet lercmie , one* 
made with himfclfe a folemne decree, that he would no 
more fpwkein the namebf th^ Lordt b« thd word of God ^««-*^ 
fiith, hee was in my heart at abuming fire (hut vp in my 
bones, andlwaswearie with ibr bearing, and I could hot 
ftay. So, when theApoftles werethreatnedcxccedinglie,A^4.v 
not to fpcake a word of the Gofpell of Chrift, they anfwe* 
fed dire^lie, they could notchoole j foptiiKthings whidi 
they had fceneand heard, were fuch, as they were conifaxio 
neXoofpeake of them to other. So it is with vs, if wee bee 
tbebretncen ofChrift,thecouenantx>four kindred is, IwH 
itcUrtthfumetmo myl^ttkrtn, mthtmiddes ^thecmgrt- 
gttmHwkfrMft tine : let them know^this, all, to whom it 
isipoke»,4md ktthemdiicernc betweenehypoaites and 
crudChriftians. Somechinkeitapraifc to beclo{^men,le' 
ctece CO tbemfelues, thatby their worde« you OiallneDer 
knowcthon, of what religion they be; thole men, wher* 
they thinke they hide therafelues moft, there they lay wi- 
deft open their (faame : and while they thinke to keepe it ie* 
aetofwhatrdigion they are, this their difiimulation pro- 
daimeth it louderthan the Waft ofa Trompet,tbat they be 
of no religion at all; at all, I fay, touching any religion of 
God i for if it wereof him, it wooU) Ihew fborth his praifc-, 
«fl^ what their heart beleeoedttheir mouth iFonld confefle 
tt. But theftiflodicoeansjthat be neither hot nor colde.nor 
what God they* loue you cannot tel,the Lord hath appoin- 
ted a day when he will Ipue them out ofhis mouth. Let vs 
learneabettetpro(c6ion4/i*^f«iKi«'f<^»«w vm^i^ii^ 
.:, :- m ibm: 



tftW^Mdfctysboldttwkhiby andghdn^flc, thatin the 

Qu4dftlO&b«(angreg)ition wAJwiU fing ftti&$ to hink ' r^t 

AM note-how ex^lrdOiti mt-Md viiithemiiitsiftistmf' 

f'egMmi99^wing that no feareof man (hould kcepelriiit 
ackcfrom k :. for before onc^we wil peraduenture ipeake : 
or, before two oi ifeiec, we. will fee boldtorebukc fwcareri 
^-0^ yngodlkd'poingsi but ifit beebcfor«jnany,mib« 

: 'H^OCgli^Bibiiesjandojneitnpudcatmanaloiidbla^hemc 
Ijbe paQ»» of G Q D i where is he that rarhc nuddes of the 
fipnfft^Mton will praifp the Lord! 0.how.fi|uemi(twec 

r T.l%cheefe,and foil or good manneriHottolpeafceopenlicfoB 
fSJ^TfijofofFiyioe. , . ;--'t'.''-'..-. -•'.;'..;■ ..-i.,;-'.: 

; Bpt6poorewretch«dinen±lutireebeeiWhdfaughtvt. 
this modeftie, to beaflidmcd of Chr ift before many I what 
KitN^ «ls,,but to k«epc tbchoBor of Cod for holes aui^Q^ 
pers, and £)lits)rie pl^cesyaad. oiFeryp £Ktj£ce cotbe dJiifU 
inour dining chambers, and in the marlaet pkc«r We.artj 
Boc.afl)aiB«d^t open feafts to 61 our tabks worfi tim«uth 
^ing,th0t B, with opefi biaipheniieof the name of GOD> 
and with many vnctewK,wordiibotw«;areaihiui9c<tottJ*t 
iweete ioante. that makesatlchd hoiiT^iiiil^fjpkarut^e^ebti 
is, brotherly to rcproouc tht lewd fiiiner,. that hoe may 
Iwnetofearc before theXdrd. Aflrirueilonsaffeaioiidf 
^ans corrupt npiinde^anjii J,caanc«tdi hawitofiiawneitifeii^^ 
It w.ten thpuland timii».wotftfhe«wfty.iaiiilo«ffifc. V, lo ;: ,; 
J We^ttafliamed tocihortlnw^flOe^; w«ar9«06 
^med to prouoketh<;m to Gnne^WcareaOMmed to mi^ 
nifter talke of faith and rtlieion» we are.not aftetned of rot- 
ttn and vnclcj^pe worlccs ofwam^naet: yft ace^Oiamcd ttft 
^ke to the prajic of G OD.wc? arc not alhamed to WaP 
ph^me his name ; wee areaftiamed of Chrift,wee<arc not a- 
ihamcdofthediuell. Bucfuchfinnte the Lord confound 
thou, kii nojeafoft .in jwn)!:\vi)r4«tftcQ^&ttxhcm :|b!} 
-•w*-.' ■ ' '^1 •'-•-. where*;- 

iriottWttttfc* theif owrie hearts will confiitethera Whe*^ 
^w«oeedl»ed. bar Sauiout'dbriftiSburlchodenfKrfta^ , 
^Intt^kbtts^hufw'la tbiSmid^^oFthe congregation 

^'ThePt6pheti>auMl\^agood(chollerinthi$doarine, f,, 

whto be opened b« mouth vnto G O D and vowed : IwH 
Iptakt^thynme hrftreKUtgs, tmi ^tij^mt ht i^umi. PFaj'pr«Lr4T. 
C^itli^beloued) that wee hiay%*^ttak<r» of tht fitoep^y^^*^ 
grace. What can they fay of vs \ the worft report th^ can ^. 
giue Vsits, that we be godlie men : ifriley accompt this it re- 
proach, let vs be content tbbeareit, for when their iudjse* 
tteiit is donejwe (hall reape the fruite of a better lentence. 
' ItfMloweth now in the iJ.verfc. Anitgtim^ iwiUptu 
mytfi^miiiit. This Plahne the Prophet made when neii 
was deliaet«d from the layings of wait of Saule, arid from 
tff hisenethies : wherein, as he was a figure of Chrift, (b ic 
ii n6^«roperlie and miclit verified in Chrift, that he&y4 
dfiunitdft. Befidesthis, many ientences intheP&lmeaie 
blaioe, agtedng onlie to Chriii. Saint Paule in the t j.to the 
komaae^^eogeth this M^oken of the merde of God, in 
(Cdltflg th«i Gentiles, by bur Saniour Chrift, 7 ir/f (kfeffi ^; 
tiit0h0ngtheGei$tiiH, dttdfiv frdifes xmu> i^MMrf : arid in 
the43.verfc of the fime Pblme the Prophet fiith: Tiw 
htfi mUeme the hedd t/thebedthen. *fetfle vbm llmemt 
tmvke/hkljinieme. By whieh itappcareth how this P&lme 
is tptlie applied to Chrift .-for theft words wercneuer ac- 
compIi(bed in the Prophet Dauid. So it is alledged truelic, 
asfpoken by ourSauiOur Chrift, i-m\lf»rmjtr»ft mhim. 
Now,becauft the Appftle alledgeth this.toprootje dur Sft- 
uiorit" Ghrift to be man like vnto vs, marke holv the atgii- 
met followcth. Chrift faith,! wil piilf my truft in God:but it 
were •verleimpropern>each,&rachai the ib-iptoreneuer 
■ ^ K 1 yftth, 

vipfh,to6y,Qad will troft ia Go4> therefore thefjC muft be 
a iVWre » qur 3(HUQur Chr^ft iai«riour tio bis Go<lhca4,in 
wJwbr^P ^)«|lwh jhJisff w^?H#. mbm aft4 shat yra* 
hw p«^^4paQi^v liM y9l^ WJW^.W which wii%,iwii 
fiibiea to pcrill,and how according to his tnilk,Qp4 SS» 
^,4«liWBirefi W^i.vwrf h^qrc thcApoftle 3l|cd^i^facK 
toWi^^rprootftofthc manhood ofChrift, asalibpro- 
iK^th^C he is oiir kiQgi for wher«. he iaith, J viU trttfiM 
A^p : itJiotetb, that Chr»ft was not weakc in feith, but afiu« 
tedlie ovfted in the power of God his fitbcr,that he fljoiild 
ouecQOtme thediueJi: a<id where it is ^d, behold me and 
my^Wcftni:heft0(tefhthe.fareftjftie<)fhi8 9hy4ren/tb3fc 
^ hp<vi^/fe»epe:theroayfr*indeJiriiandh^,^n^|iptofte,of 
thcnlbdl jTicriihtand.ihAttl^ Apoftie hadcii^s meaning^ta 
FO<Hwa^a^Hi*fcBgd<we byf bflfc piace»„hijj,pwne w<ird^ 
4&rf4>|jHnli«lhcw i ^ oftma fh^fs ht o^rif^^^. ^bat 
(^btiftintiosim^nhood^ by depth ouecfa^ \k^4i)f/^^^^. 
i^hM flhiWwo free froip the bondage 0f tkj^'^jij/ei^lir 
(ifiptiHes CO pr9Q«e his purpose : and th«r«foi)C wichgusc 
ww^Qine writing, wto ,the Jcwei, whojtwyifi.tljjtjajijc, Je 
Ippfcft ftch pl^flns, i)of IS in mftft ^car^H^rds p woi^e ^ 
^y^vmric of Ghcift»bn*fHcha# proioqedat nsctSM^f;^ ^i 
ibDWQbnftis our Prophet, our Kinged Pri^^Awi.|ct vf 
Iww^teaf nevlbr our jnltru^liooi .vben \t*4wM?^^^ 
rifiM^QfGods beQefites, ascbo?rophct h4d)r)My«,vpwas 
)» did J. wc will put our tfuft inihira.. Whsn;J?fiuid.rflBiem- 
lib,;^; Wihow Godihaddeliuered hin»,frQ5fi atji^n^jp^gjjicqrc, 
J7. I^^w9» pot afwid ofibevncirsufflfii^fi P)hili^ii«. Wljen 
SwtP»»ylp had re<;kojwdjG^miBy?<*lMiiitie8, wM?6wb^^ 
pflAh^d dchuered himjbe boflfted of a holy bo|xe^W(d^ 

■ MumiiHM thauHtt God w<)ul(isLeliBer hitn*- 

■■; <'••- Out- 

the ^t^UtotbeHtbrues. ^ Cap^^ 

or if lerudilem. or if the Pope,or if the higbPrieft , teach an 
other filth than out of the word of God } behold I and my 
childrcn,we will bdeeue the Lord , & beare record againft 
Popes and Prelates, they be all liers. All places.nndali peo- 
ple are brought in order ; if they teach things that the 
word of Godinowech not, let them beleeue it themfelnes ^ 
behold 1 and my children bdeeue another. And it is not ^ 
( trow you)ffa^nge, or haue not thofe men loft their vnder- ^ 
ftanding) who yet runne after the crie of the Church, the 
Churcb«and bdeeue a man they know noc,a place they ne-, 
iieiiawe, a people they neuer heard , andardigion they 
know not what \ But withfuch hroward persons theLord 
bath dealt ftowardly,and when they ranne headlong they 
know not whether, and inquired after a faith they knewe 
. not what, God in his iuflice did bring them to Home , the 
finke in the world of all Hnneandiniquitie, and gaue them' 
their fchoiemafter to be the Pope» a man made ofallabho- 
minations and whocedomes. i jc- 

This is tnie(dcardy beloued)and the Angels are witncP . 
les with vt.this is true : but to this day.God hath not giucn 
Ibme a heart to bdeeue, wee owe them a dutie , and let v» 
perfourmeitvntothem. Let vs pray that God may open 
chdr mindes,and let vs fpeake vnto them the wcM-d of God» 
that they may learne wi/edome,and at the laft,in their bap- 
pie conuer Ron, wee may glonfie God, who hath , and will 
deliiier his out of all tentations. 

We mufl further marke in theft words, that the Prophet 
filth : Mtdldtheehildrett which thou haft gium met : In that 
it is (aid, God hath giuen vs to his Ibnne Chrift, it teacheth 
vs to acknowledge tus free gift and grace: and let none of 
vsthinkethercwasanywiiedome in ourfdues, why wee 
would cbofe him; nor any conftancte in vs, by which wee 

could dcaue vnto him i mk God in his grace drewe vs.that^ioiin. f. 

. •• .-. .■••• --||. e- we 



' I I 

^adin^s ofM. Veeringfvpon 

we might come vnto him, and with his power he ftrength- 
Pe ^ ,0 ned vSfthac we &ould abide^with him.This isit that our ia» 
uiotir Chrift (aid vnto the lewes : all that my iather gtueth 
me.commeth vnto me : and (hewing in another place^hat 
his children cannot perKh, he (heweth thk reafon: becauie 
my Either who hath giuen them to me, it greater than all: 
am in the long praier which hemaketh for all that doo be- 
.}7.4eeiie^n the 1 7. of lobn , he repeateth this often times, that 
GODhisfatherhadgiuenthemvntohiro.'that we,byfb 
many inibiidions^raight bee taught hurailitie, that in vs. 
that is, in our fiefli,tha«d welleth no goodnes j but that he 
choievs,hee did it ofhis free grace and mercy, which hee 
would Ihewe vnto vs. And as we knowe , that thus GOD 
10.19. hath once freeliegiucnvs to ^'^ Coanc Chrift, to inherite 
withhimeternalTlife.'ifowe knowe our deftion ftandetb 
(urc,becaule it is according to his pnrpoie, who hathloucd 
vs,andisnotchangedforeHer. Butthetimeiipaft. Now 



let vs pray. &c. 

.Lop in.. ■ 
']t.!\ r.jC. 

--> - 

:'.^ tii : v.; 

■ aS!r'-. ,. . 

. If:-.-- 



; I ,v] .♦T>£i<-'ii.V>i'^M ii;" .■^; 
' . 1' i'4 ■•. ■<■ ;;>i i;i<rv«»il«fwr»tiiiLi 
; T'f'jii'.r.d yj.i'ivt:J;>*,T* 

4f '-'-ft.' 

V :' . . . . ; i\}'J0:i %!^fi!uripJm :iV/ . 
<• ' '• ''.'if nvAbjski^^ViiWt-^ -.ilv^l 

! -'.f'^biii':^' •c%|liii.W.>-':>{^j?il^'.irjj 'V 
,^Kr •(tiinisti/m'ifa'i'iflfil.'-w.'jr 

, • -^Y *?""*■-■'■'-' 





'/if- , The clcuenth Lecture vpon the •' <y "* 
r;ril : *v v.ir; , . I J. ,<j. , - ^ i8.verfcs. «'*• ^^' 

VM^t,ttr/ini :; : .,. '■,..'.-. '-^t. -,-,-.,... .a .nfrir-.r . 
•trslll*: iito i^).'? : '.• ' rhufio'l oLi«3 iBiida-jo'ii >-'* 'i; n. 
ilL FiTMmmh'lhe*, MthtchiUrm mpart/Aers ^flefb W 
-^ i ; V 'hUudiht *tf» bimftlfe likewifs , took* f tart with them, tJut 
"' hemtght defiroy , throitgh death , him that hid the fmer 
r,h 0fde/ah,thatif,thtdittetL ■> ' 
t* And that hee might detiun^th^y'nhkh ftrfem of death 

were aHLtheirUfe time fittiea to hotidage. 
i5 f»lmiiimfirtt$ok€oit'himtho'dngelsnature^bttthtt$oke 

X7 Wherefore in aithii»s,it behonedbim to be made iiif vnto 

hit brethren, that he might bee merafui , and afiithfmll 

h^hPritft in things eonctrmngGod, that hee migbtmake. . 

it Porinthathefufered,andwaAtemfted, heeisabUto/Mceoiir 

them that are temf led, I • '■^-•\-, 

...... ■.-;, ....... . : i.>;. .... '''iiBffvK-'Ob^tni-^fT- 
>Ow, after that the ApoWc hathpro- 
ned that our Sauiour Chrili was per- 
fta man, and died for our finnes : he 
makethin the 1 4. and 1 5. verfes his 
conciufion in plainc wordes, (hew- 
ing how he was man, and wherefore 
he died, ^5^'! 

Toodting his hunvnitte', accor- 
dinffto the ^*ords laft alledged out of the Prophet : Behold 
me aitdmi children : fohe concludeth ofit :J/then other ehil- 
taker ofihe fame ^— ■ -i'; /-- • '•- 




This is therefore our feith,and thus we beleeucas we are 
lb is our SauiourGhrift, his natur?:Hke vnto ours , areafb- 
nable foule, and hum^ie flpfti in him, as well as in v$ : hee 
diftcteth in nothing except finn«,but all is alike in him,and 
vs. Euen as other children, (b he hath taken his part of flefti 
and bloud : a cleare and manifeft place for the huoMnity of 

Chrift,andiuchaofllB,asbacb confounded aUthcadoer(a- 
.riesof k. '.v.. -^ .•; •[.. , an, \.\\ . 

So it plcafcd the liuing God , hee that in his meruailous 
prouidence, hath mercy ouer all his workes ; euen he,who 
fbmetimc in thcfc earthly things to (hew his power .maketh 
the flowers to fpring, and firuitet to grow«« wiiera they 
were neither fowcn nor planted : he(I fay) in hisgrait mer- 
cie, and good will toaian,did bring it to paf&,thatour5a- 
uiour Chrift (hould be made maii^nd by the worke of the 
holr Ghoft.&ould brcooceiued and fornu»d in the womb 
ofthe virgine Mary,euen as aU other children, asthe Apo- 
C«^4.,,.ftleheerefiythafterwarde j LikevsmdU things mufy t*cm 

Heere(dearcly betoued) wee muft not onelyreieftthe 
fowle and rotten thoughts offuch heretiques, as haue de- 
nied the humanity of our Saujour Chrift , but many other 
vaine fancies of men, who grant indeed a naturall body to 
our Sauiour Chrift.but they glue it fiich qualities^as no bo- 
die in the world hath euer had. j ' mu -i 

Some fiy.it may beeuety wherej whom God will teach 
better in his good time. Othersiay, it may bee made with 
fiue wordcs, fpoken with one breath , Hoc eji mm ctrfm 
w««»,Forthis ijmy body j a fooUfc people, and of noyn- 
derftanding. And yet they are more vainc than this, they 
thinke it may be made of a pccce of bread , without forme 
or figurc,and into breid they cbinl^e it may rcturne againe, 
ifthe wicked do eatc it, or.ifit begin to digeft.inthcgood. 



•lAf BpijiU to the Bcbms. Ca 

OurSauiour Chrift, when he would teach his difciples 
that they ought not be too careful fpr meate and drinke,he 
bad them remember, when of Hue loaues and two fi(hes,he 
multiplied (b much,that heied jooo.men.yet remained i ^. 
baskets full. Likewi(e,how with (enuen loaues and a fewe '^*''' 
iiihes,be fed at another time 4ooo.and ftuen baskets ful re- . 
mained. By this experience , hee would haue them bold, 
that God would feede them in all placesfeuen (b it ought to 
be with vs. Haft thou experience ofany benefite of GO D, 
which thou haft receiued in all thy life i 

In this is the greateft thankes thou canft render voto him 
uaine,to truft afliiredly that he will be good vnto thee ftii . 
Hath God ginen thee ioy at any time in his Go(pcl,rhat thy 
Ibule hath had comfort in the hope of eternall lifi: \ be glad 
of that in alltentation8,and knoWethat God is well pi<»((d 
in di^fiiith,and this (ball be the fruite of the former bene- 
fice, if thou perfwadc thy ielfe that God will bee mercifijll 
vnto thee,and giue thee the life that is euerlafling. Thus we 
(hall be like our Sauiour Chrift,and Gods benetites (hall be 
thankfully receiued of vs : he hath beene good vnto vs,and 
wc will truft in him for euer. 

Another teftimonieyet followeth, to prooue the huma- 
nitie of our Sauiour Chrift,and i t ii this : lch0ld mee, /mdthe 
ehtUreinvhkhtk»»Jki/lgmmme, This is written in theeight 
of Eiay, in which Chapter the Prophet fortellcth the cap- 
tiuity ofthe Ifraelites.by the King of A(hur,ho w it is deter- 
mined of God, that the people for all their rebellions, 
(honld furely perilh j butyet (b.that God for his Churches' 
fike , would bridle their rage , and faue (bme who might 
praifc his name. 

The(e threatnings and promises both . while the people 
contemptuouflie reieft ; the Lord biddeth the Propnet 
ceafe,and bjnde vpthele promifes for another people, that 

K 3 (hould 





ihould beleeue ^aiid tbcn the Prophet anfwering againe to 
God.jnacknowkdaingallhis truethand goodne&ifiith 
thus.- Behtld^landth€thildreMthatQodhaihgiitef$me. Thisis 
t lie fcnic of the Scripture, according to that time. But in all 
deliuerancesofthepeopleofGod, then the bcnefitccame 
vponthera oncly in leipeit of Chrift , and it was euer a fi- 
gure of the great deliucrance through him , which at laft 
Ihould bee openly giuen, from death, and from the diucll. 
Forthi»cau(cinall extreame perils of that people, when 
they would concciueanyhope,thcy would makcmention 
oftheir Me(Cas,and of the promiles of God in him, which 
ihould neuer bee fruQrate : euen fo in this p]ace» when tlwt 
Prophet would fpeake certeinlieoflaluation, in the middes 
of danger, he faid of all ehofe troubles,they (hall happen in 
thy land, O Emanuel » at the mention of whole name, hee 
hath fofure hope, €hathed«fi«th the world, andiaich: ga- 
ther together on heapes,6ye people,and ye Ihall be broken; 
in pieces, gird your felues and you Qui be broken in piecei) 
uke couokU, and ic (hall be brought to nought;pionounc«- 
adecree,andit(hallnotfiand, fbrGODis with v4 : and (<>, 
continuing his prophecie all according to the fimilitudc of 
thehappiedaies.olChrift, hee (aith prelently inhisowne 

Ewfbn, andfiRuratiuely in the perlon of Chrift .• Though, 
oth the houfts of Ifrael ftombl«,and theinhabiiantsof f«. 
rutilem fell downe,yet beholdl and the children that God. 
hath giuen me, will endure the reproaches of men, and will 
beleeue thy promifes : which words in Chrift haue thii 
mwning j that howfoeutr the wicked of the- world do faU^! 
and are fnaredand taken.yet Chrift will ktepe his. and not) 
one of them (hall perilh. 

Now,hercwemuftlcarne,a8th« Apoftle teacheth : was 
»» Prophet £lav a nuHMikevn^o hii children , that is, like 
voco thoi«wiiicQob«e^ his wotd itben was our Sauiour 



Chrift perfca man, like vnto vs, whom heehaih deliueted 
from fiane and death : and if he haue laued vs,he hath faued 
thole whome GOD hath giuen him. fle(h of his fleih, and 
bone of his bone \ for this is his interceflion vnto his father: 
Behold me and my children. 

One other thing we muft learne in this. There was a na- 
poftacie of all men.lb that they which beleeued.were made 
as fignes and wonders J yet howlbeuer the world was the 
Prophet faith : Bthtldmee sMdmjchildrm. Such (hail be the 
dales of Chrift,many (hall ftll away ^religion and faith Oiall 
beeperfecuted.iniquityfhallabound: what then } ourSa- 
Hiour Chrift faith : Loe, land my children, if the whole 
world Bill away, wee would not regarde their multitude to 
followe them to doo euill.but wee would alone ftand with 
■the Lord our God. 

Soch a fiiitK and conftancie was in lofhua, when hee faid loC m <il( 
vnto all the people of Ifrael , if it feeme euill to you to (erue 
the Lord, or ifyou willferue the Gods which your Others 
femed beyond the riuer . or the Gods of the Amorites in 
whofe land you dwell ;yet I and my houle will ierue the 
Lord. Suchafaith was mElias when he conffauitly folio- <*i^*S''«^ 
wedGOD,although bethought there were not one man "^ 
. b«rtde in Ifrael , which had not worlhipped Baal. Such a 
feich was in Peter, when he (av^e all decline , euen the difci- 
ples and kinsfblkeofour Sauiour Chrift, to (all from him 
and vtterly fbrfake him j yet Peter vowed it vnto Chrift, 
chat he and the Apoftles would not fbriake him . (hewing a j^,^^ , 
good caule of all tneir conffaincie : Jhmt htjt the vnim */*- 
tetntH iifty tmdwhkhtrlhtnUwttfe ] 

Such a faith was in Paul, who cared neither (or man nor CaL tf . 
aoael in thisre(peA,biit grouded his faith vpon Ie(u Chrift; 
ana if an Angell would teach otherwi(e,let nim (faith Saint 
Paul) be accurfed. ThusCdeaiely belottcd)oiir fiutbaiuft be 







fadings if \f. Veering <v^n 

£(aled in our o wne heartS) hauing the wicneile of the word 
of God, on virbich vVe rayti (o furely reft , chat chough wee 
0weche whole world to fall a way, yec wee would ftand ar 
lone and in cbe middcs of skotners and prefumpcuous fm- 
ners, we would fpeake as the Prophet Ipeaketh of our Saui- 
pur Cbrift : behold ^and my children which God hath gi- 
uen roc i if other will needes by vnbeleeuing) leale^ptne 
promiles that they may neuer iee them , and binde vp the 
teftimoniei that they may neuerheare them, let them fall 
and be Ihared,and be tnken,yet I and my children wil lerue 
the Lord. 

This boldnes is the witnefle of a true faith : and this triall 
fliallbeemadeofmen. while the Gofpeli is preached^ (or 
chuf Chrift commeth vnto his father when all the world 
foriaketh him { behold rae and my children. Here I would 
faine know ofany learned man.nay ofany wile man.or ra- 
ther of any realbnable man, whole hart is prepared to heare' 
the word ofGod,8nd to obey it : let him tell me , whv doo 
chey crie the Church,the Church^or why doo they thinke 
ibc Church is alwaies in a vifible gouernement I or why 
4oochey canie vs away to Home, and tell vs. the Pope caa- 
jioc er rd.his Etith is Caibolique , belecue as be beleeueth & 
thou (halt be fale { How can this prerogaciuc of place and 
vperfon.ftand with this triall vthereunto Chrift callech lo 
niany : behold me and my children 2 that is, to hold ch« sS- 
fiirahce oftheir fiiith in their ownc hart,wben all the world 
(Iialbeagainft it. The Prophet would then haue &id, iffuch 
priuilcdged places had beien : beholde lerufalem, I and my 
children will d\^ll in it : and our Sauiour ChriA would 
haue (aidi behold Rome the Citie which thou haftchofen, 
land my children will abide in it : but neither lerufalen, 
nor ytt Kome haue any exception : the Prophet E(ay and 
our ttttiour Chrift rcgardeth neither of them^but if fCome, 


licexoeptedJNay (deareli«laic)Qiifld)icittobe<liionkra,r«r 
els to be mad in dtUying iin^tbitkodks)SQM%snt£aM 
not tell how ? fi* rfiey aUodgfrS««wu«l&t«lii$,«»i^^- . 
Oirift hachfl^ed fiKh>akKln:ttMit(MiiajaUbottie9i8 
he walked on the Sea j he came in. when the dooca were 
Oiiit) heelKcaine inuifible to th« men that would haue 
•hrownehimidawMthcbtlL TJbctafonbAOtwichAiadins 
his lik«oes vrilb vii ytt h; nM^hdihttim(i€hi)ak'mtht 
pixeonetcbeAifsai*. '• ■;. . >- ^ Uhm.ul-J -..i uu;,^• t/-^ 
lodeede. ifywEuncium in th«irpl^ uw^&mlum 
walk* vpon die Sea, ufattc were foteainafiin Jo ^^ fbM A 
indvatnfctallK :i»ic Aetktngsdon^ U^fUtiefayiCkiftl M*> 

fibleand plainelburhuD. poiiMt^«^"''>"^^<)^'^<P*'* 
contearie to oureyaaiid«ir^what£iM3nciaio'Acfaatlar4 . 
gumouvw vvhat reiibn it in fiich woras ) Befida dttsvin jU 
tbt&jhjiiMs, Cbiiftidid nothiaa. butliehatiiinaduMiii* 
theliktTth^^ in<>his'(df9'iM migk flieNVibia Ifluacft 
with tvi;: Chrifti^«lkadTrpan)duii».i3iidi}ette':hi^ wti 
conHtied away ibdeinhe out ofbltipiaflt, (6 juras £|ias : b» 
tncred when.dkxloone* were (hutiibdidiUihe ApoiUci 
iiftni^fasr bUdiogiayirrut^aod caii^funtofclKCiianpellip 
hftlpcBtfittfoitefii Ifidi chis.i«aK^putttAtafiiUlantt«F 
(ton; then Pctfariaod £li8s. and flll^tJift^l{MiM miibc)6« 
tvanfubftantiatewieh him. But cheibUieAfthis conmaedi 
k(cIft«Aidl0ty».lciitteic..< I ii'.,.i u.^um'' ■ . :! 

' I«fiu:CbciftdyedvaQdhtfaith.*[n^^VMiiii^«i94M«r 
lfikimifkfMikefn!tr*ffk«»h,thiti^tltkdi¥tlL AUtkM 
bt mi^ht dtlmer mU them, which fnfMutfdntk »efi sH tktk 

. 4&AK«/HAitt7(»A«4«/; TiW>iftciaUVettuGi otfih&dfflth 
<tf Ghitft KOthtrtCtt outrodt. thftt heibi|hc vaat^eifti tte 
i<iud;aiw>tftiei.that heAight£thiiifeople;itliUrtte.whicil 
.^. , both; 

f II 



^ '\ 

r* >; 


ivprd^'ebdmiiilucf wiej^^Mllabvef ltiiUi« Rt, Of the van- 
V VuQm^tyfihk^iMM&kh thus : tha iydtaihhemkht i* 

autHtebebrovbbc ic incotiMworld t for Gbd mbdeiraoci 
Jiorlibtltaayiidigfadnk; feather fa itgood in his eye<,iior 
?^«k««liriMiMi»aKd:iK»oirtg ibcw6rk»o^ii hands, bit 

fc£b■tfaftdhltfU^»d«^tbd4MU^dilQ dK4afiKll.iit bikini 
and ii^aod abidech:and eherfbre in the ApfbdiMps fai* imwi 
ii jzhMoliiaiy AbaddQn, iluHt. chcideAiiomr : and a« death 
UWSLmib forthiutaiift alTohefelaiMbnictfaepoW 
b^ bbcalii&tfarodsliiluuiuiiifaUteM^ 
«uii%Mv)b7' «dricb d«aiiitrdga«th e^brials^im Paiiii 

mtthketMJtfinAk mifi im i . Thlaitittheitilatl&£wi Chrift 
itoqiiMwrf hamltni^jiMi thefiower oficatb^ that it^ he t» 
lxiHliUi!BiiiJaUih|eidaiid«mnadon of fiflnci which waa 
the JiingdonKoftiMonidl^ and thereby trromphedoncr 
fciiii*Jio Saint lohn&itii: focthisoaiile thcSonncofGod 
•pte^i4iiatlie miilK bie the vforfces ofthcldhMU, thai 
it.ihrii»and death; wM» are bokht iofilw'diMlI t fot fiiiM 
i.Ioh,|Jjfl«0!iM»/protefting he is author of neither ofboth; And 
bow hath our Saaiour Chrift done this \ enen hy duth ; « 
ftttfiMibuawiftdbnir^diift vnlbealutbic my(brie.fuch at 
cobtdnenerbatw been found oroone. btit by God alone r 
Ibrwhatde itdfauh. but ehepowo-ofthc duuell, and the 
Verie miftrie of th^ irorid. 

Tomake this thci vonquiOiing of the diuelf , and tht 
aManeii x» bring all bappinelR vnto ttiao^ what wa« it eii 
S«t Ui exceUenc vertue, who iu Saint Pauleiaithicallcdi 


-■ %^ 



dungs tfaatarejktt, asthoughthe|K^^tacc,jand/xa»^ai6M 
light ositofdaHmeOe: and riiit^i^«UilMAfIBoaah«kead 
their facadst6gecbcr,tOMrifti aptlague tohane fiIkn:vpoi 
the clittcll,they could not all hauetdeuiftd fuch anochctvtluta 
his glonCfihould be his: flaatn^ lus pawer, (houidbe his 
ouenhcow i bik kingdonicvUis Jtndoing ^ VVhkib oodd dve 
Pro^ifain Dataidin ul his jx^k o£G.O JD, wtOiaidrciagaii^ 
teprobote men^tcaiterous to Ci^ift,aadcohis.Gofi>dl,chaB 
tbns to wilh:Lct;tben> ddntietahies bcfiuu-es to tatcthtni , 
and let their prolperitie. be thd^rtiiaef rEnen thus CkmSt 
InttHvisn^ioifid the cbieii r and yet it jstnittthasiifegdcth 
nfcoui iiiBC:»Mril«3^ifinkieelnag whomhemayAfuodlre: i.Ptt{.ic 
tmd it is true thtt k)bn iiiith, that he ha£hueat.w»i)h» and Apocii.. 
tnakclBl^crtteUwarreagainftche-ChurchQrcfafi&tbatitis ''^ 
#toiiciiHSiftveogi&j}Mllik(cakencdw «nd bispoMMjishro 
ks|Mi(<t0iiMhbttivi$iforiGhriAte^bna\yQue^codtt . ^ 
UoilAnd'isfiattifilMuL&ldtfithit tiflQe:i9 c6me, in.which ioi>-»^ 
the Princeof the worfd is cailioUt, aiid Gbrift hath, ^myled 
alj principfOitia/iiHiii^iiyc^uul ntiiitiiphed outsitkamvp- Coi^it- 

|»Olllhl9|i|}oflifc.>(|)')or riii'i dHj j.'.t' ii. ... ir j., ■ .c 1 

riBlu,hoi<Q)iiittbethtlW will {!»(:« thaLhiatOai^ 
fevemllie defcribfcd^ ihflt h«e is B^ to bee Prince lof this 
wWld;rulfcr <rf this dar kaefTe^ Bill o(|)ower. aad amhoritie. BpW.ii. 
ouertkib7iingi)loi^;iBteauic\^e flaottkUinowwiiOiflelbis 
able to withftamf him j neither was it aceordio^cbcfakpd- 
ijffcr eifmortairnuJn, thfit he ibn^ vanoikiibed $ butonliele- 
iti^ Cbnaofthe tribe of Ittdah^.^ris^etion tpcruflihkki 

;> ! Wilrthoufa^flnitthen, wlb«^4ndftf^hi)tf,lh«dineU is 
libolilhed ? bdfiMfrCHnlloufJMiJiVid sai^l.thoiftltl^, 
lh«tnrcmembe«ofhis.bodtc»od.-!,ji';.: 'otl^^.: ja. li" . 
_ Wile thou bww, where, and t<h whom, thediuell is in 
<iMl;PQWfirMd Qittccommlh^beforttiMinAtuull mankind 




t i B i ho friAkiKM i fc'M oniie^iiKthyfeeketoitrift Yiaii 

ilsfcHtfh»0$arie^wfaen helud didorilMdllin maUbi* 

B^ hoe biddttfaftrdghtt caftawa^ cfaeftreoi^hof 

ijadUoii(iand putioa allcheannour of Godtferoniic 

^hf vt^'mdhorMStAai vpr^ in the day of euiU.So the 6^ 

«BtiiM^oiiAcd coalltboie thatfaauc che(hiUd«f&ich, to 

%iit|icb thwfieric dartt^ckiM; ii, to all tbofil wiiich be^eue 

mSv in Chnft to be partaken of hit viftoric The diuell it 

iniuU^M-ce to thole that are lufttciariet, truAing in their 

owiBA iM>rb«orit) tbeltberdaoftheir ow^jie will. 

iiStiiiitcbeiMeUiafafd, to hauietfaepovver ofdeathy'l^ 
odMtiplntWi where h« i^«ailedsfardo4o£cbc«viorU,ebc 
. Priodeof chit darkncfle, the Aathor of (innct we muft note 
thifcifviit reftin finne, liu&inerror and ignorance, follow 
-Cbctin^of the woffld^4>r wdlke in allt6« wait* ofdeach» 
4lMnkcai<4eflt«yfb^ih«e>is«hekiiittddiM ofSachaNi and 
" it^penUtonigh^thMiaMDldib^holdiBlnit. Bbtiflbcat 
IflMMfiine: with my Olft, to haua no j^leaftve, bat vttcrfie to 
'> ^IMiniiMftahiiigi tif I likt fioe eof»m the path* of death) if 
I lone not the world, nor the things ofthe^wn-ld) iff huie 
<indaiyitiii>the*w^(Uif God^Bo vnderftand the myftcrie 
<«rOfarift^d 10 bee lohtned with k \ ifl hate fmne^nd all 
•bmriiteinKrofitsmen may I hope. Iwalke in thelike- 
flflfitibfatf'SauidBrChrift, and all the power ofSathan ii 

Wfam kit foMMrfiJd, that Chrift hath done thii by 

'Jriadaachrthat b^ death he onereame him that had the t>». 

:yl^ ofdeath : we fee a cleare and manifeft teftimonie, what 

„.'■ unamibPofdatthChrilKbffieMd, eben that^ouer which the 

liMllbul hii'powtrr) tUeftme dteah, which i$ the rewaid 

1 offinne, by bearing itjheouefcameitj and he conquered 

narooie than tie fttbrnitttdhimftlfe irnto t for hv death he 

touu Wlft^Mdi tUBw fii|1iiu«>iwwe butabodiiic death, 

'% ha 



' ' «^ Efijik to the Hitkhtet, C 

he ouercame aUb but a bodily death, we (hall all rile agaioe, 
but in the condemnation of the finne of our foule : or if he^ 
banc ouercom death and the power of it, both inour bo« 
dy & foule) then Chrifthath fiiiFeredthepainc ofitboth 
body and foule, that wee might rift againe from the bands 
ofdeath, and liue with him foreuer. For this is true, by 
death he hath ouercome death, & he hath broken the force 
ofit,no furthcr,than he hath felt thefling of it in himftlfe. 
Therefore, this let vs hold , & let vs fo beleeue } C hrift, bo- 
dy and foule, was made a Sacrifice forourfinnes : fb hee 
&yde himfelfc ^ Myftute it exceedimfnrrtv^iUleitm'vm* 
dedth. And at iheentry into it, SaintMarke fayth j JVwAr- **^'** 
-'Mttbetftti^iM hisgricfe, andwasouerwhelmed withMv.i4< 
m forrow. In which agonies Saint Luke faith, his fweate ly 
was as drops of bloud falling from him : andGod&nt an^"*'^^ 
Anaell from heauen to fbxngthen him. And can wethinke 
all this came vnto our Sauiour Chriff , for feare ofche death 
of the body : his femants that recetueof hisfulneflc,doe 
they fb eaKly defpife thisdeath, that either they wiQi for it 
to be with Chrift, or they reioice in the middes of it before 
the perfecuter : and did our Sauiour Chrift himfelfe , m 
whom is the fulnelTe ofthe i^irit, fb feare and tremble ac 
the remembrance of it \ Did the Apoftles flng in prifbn, 2c 
went away reioycing when they were whipt fie fcourged 2 
did Paul glory in fo many tribulations which heerecko- 
nethvp? and did our Sauiour Chrift in the likcpaine. crie 
with a Printing heart, Mj GMl,myG«dt vby hsft tiaoufwf*- 
kmmeXWo (dearly bdoued) it is not fb : but that which 
hath made Chrift to tremble,would hauec|;u(hcd his Apo« 
ftletinpeeces} and that which made him to fwcatc bloud 
fi> plentifully, would haue made themfmke into the bot* 
torocofhell ) and that which made him crie. would haue 
ha)4 both xaen and Angdt vndereuerlafting woe and la- 
Ip^ X* •' L mentation* 




nentatiohi If theft our Santoor Cbrift w«re.at rhe Prq>bte 
^'* fiytib^^e water powrrod out,aBd fttt hw bones out of ioynt( 
ifliU heart vrere like waxe,mohen in the mhldes of his bo- 
wcis i if his ftrength were dried vp like a potiherd, and his 
tongue cleaued vnto his iawei ( if he were brought with hie 
forrowcs into the dtJft of death j fievpontheWafohemoue 
i^ceches and curfcd words, which fay hee fufFered nothing 
Intt bodily painc. I would thofe which are Papifts among 
»<, and in their fimplicity aredeceiucd with the crrour of 
iMny, I would (I fay) they knew the wickcdnes ofthii one 
point of their doftrine, that they fay the foule of Chrft fuf- 
fercd nothing butonely for the bodies fakes, asourfouiet 
fiiffer when our bodies are wcake,or arc fick.or die : if God 
impute this their ignorance vnto them, how (hail they bee 
6ued firbm tbcdeathof ftnne and condemnation? Do the^ 
oot know what the Scripture faith i he bare our fini in hie 
^y,hefubnwtted hitnftlfe vnto deathof them, ficby tht 
wounds ofhis ftripcs we be healed. Did our finnes deferue 
onely a bodily death /"or did th^ not deferue the fecond 
death, which is the wrath of God, holding body and foula 
in an euerlaftmg frrc I and how (hall they efcape it» if they 
knewc not this death in the body of Chrifk, by whote 
ftripes they may fee themfclues healed? Let the» pray »and 
1^ vs pray for them.that if tt bee the will of God, they may 
fbone beconuerted,and know the vnfpeakablcloueofour 
Souiour Chrift, who was accurfcd for out fakes, and fuffe^ 
red for »s, not onely the torments ofhis body, buttheai^ 
guifhof his foulc, 6cthewrathof hisfether, whict woum- 
ded his fleftv& (j)irit vnto death.fic would hauc holden him 
In that condemnation for euer, Ifhehad bccne nr^ftronger 
th«^weiiaddeferuedit. Butbeaiu&hewas alfothefonoe 
t>fOod4n whom thefolnesof thf Opdhead dwelt bodilyv 
theewrwllfpirit that mt v»itWftiiiaMJidloo<«ch«dttih^ 

:% KK 

of death lad hell, aod mightily arpfe vp from the power of 
5atan,<^ which it was iropofliblethatheffaould beholden: 
;iodlie hath left thofc his eiiemie9,the diuell, death and hell, 
in i^ominie and darkenefle, and hath abolilhcd them for 
eua and euer, not to hurt vs any n)ore,world without end. 
Jn this hope (dcarely beloued) is our delight and dwelling 
place,and they thatknow notthefefufferingsofChrifijOur 
ibuleslhall hauenoplcafure in their counms. And thus 
£}rrcofthctirA bendite mentioned of the death of ChriA, 
that he hath abolifhcd thediuell. 

The fecond benctiteis, that we be fet at liberty ftomche 
bondageoftliefeareofdeath.-forfo the Apofilelayth: .^W 
flwtUjH them free, us mm) m with the fetreff eledth, all their 
ii/el^, were hildeninktndtge^. In thcfc words, let vt now 
confider what bondage wee were in. without Chrift, and 
mrhat Uberty wee haue obtained through him : without 
Chrift,all our life is a miferable bondage,in fcare and terror 
ofeternall condemnation,to come vpon vs for our fuine,i|i 
«rbe day of death : through Chrift,we fee our fianes purged, 
the diuell van^uifhed.death and condemnation abolifhed, 
and our felues m the liberty of the children of God. to fay : 
OurfAther which 4rt m heMen, This is the difference of cfVate 
betweene the children of G O D, and the children of this 
world. And what mifery (trow we) then doe the wicked of 
theworldliuein? there is indeede, no peace vnto the wic- 
ked, as the Lord hath fayd,when in all tneir life is fcare and 
tetrour : when they carry in their breafts tormenting furies 
to hold them day aud night, in feare of cndlcs dcfb-u£Vion, 
God hath done it. and no doubt they kt\% ic.there is giuen 
vnto them a fpirit of bondage, and of feare, in which they Jy*^J 
-tremble at their owneefUte : they are the children of the 
iuiiKlmaide Agar, borne in the bondage of her wombe, o>V^if, 
Md dfeli in cm dcfttt* «ad are in mouoc Sioay , where Hcb.a ii 









1^ad/ti^tcf\f, Veering rvpon 
U th« bamins a«. and bJacknei,and darkncs, and ttmptlL 
and found oftrumpei at whicfl they tremble i fbrtheyTrt 
without Chrift, and therefore mull needes be in bondaae. 
and in the fcareoFdeath all their life. But thou wiltfayjthe 
wicked profperand reioycein their daye», they are bound 
lano filch bondage.nor frare no fuch ftare. Thou canft not 
t«ll,nor thou knoweft not the heart of a wicked man, how- 
loeueiheeboaftinhii fiibttance, and hath peace inhii ri- 
ches s peraducnturc there is a bitter remembrance of death 

lM.tt.}t within him. When Pliaraoh the proud tyrant, had hardo. 
ned his heart, and boafted cKcoodinRly againft the people 
oflfrael J yet hce faw no fooner the death of the firft borne, 
but he feared and trcmbied.as the Ic.iucs in the wildcrneffet 
and 1 remember, Salomon fiith.-thcre is indeed, a way thai 
a Runthinkcth rtralght and pieafiint, when the ifluesof it 

"♦t*!*.!! '•''°<=*'"fo^««'» » but what ple.ifureistl\nt) and whatde» 

v" ♦• ' Ught ? Salomon addeth, eucn in that laughing the heart ii 
forrowfull, and that mirth doth end in heauinei : they doc 
Ifldeede fttwgrheiuhemftlues, andftriue marueilouOyto 
calVout fiwre, fomecimc with one paftime, fomctimc with 
«Qothcr:but if they could caft it out as out of a Cannon.yec 
would it euermotcrcturne againc andvexeth their heart, 
thatfo flieth from it. Balaam would faine hauecomfbrtcd 
himfelft with riches and honour, which he loued fo muchi 
yet was he not without feare,but at the \id\ it brake out and 

|. n«f{)ake : let my foule die thedeath of the righteous, and 
'■*' let my latter end be like vnto theirs. 

So I bdeeue it is with all thcfe men of reprobate mindei , 
thatftore vp vblence and robbery in their pallaces, that 
ftll their tables with drunkennede, their bodies with va- 
cleanntde, their mouihes with blasphemy : they knovie 

|*fli,k}.Hfc,Ithink«, and«u«naR lofhuaAyd, with all their hearti. 
«M with aU thtir fbttl«i| they koowt it, that the cighteotts 

mans life U better than theirs ; they know that a groat well ^ 
goiten,i$ better than a pound ftolcn ; that fobricty is better 
than riotoufnclTeahat the chaftc body ismore blefled.than 
the adulterous flclh ; that the mouth that praifeth God.ai- 
netha fwceter found, than aU their wicked talke ; and if 
they doe knowc this, would they neuerfofaine fcare eif 
their confcicncc as with a glowing iron, vet fometime it a- 
walteth them as out of a flecpe,and they lee a fearefull fight 
ofdeathand bondage; fothat, Ictvsnotfi-etourfelues be- 
caulcofthewickcd,norbcenuiousatthcirprofperity x for 
neither their houfc.nor land.nor hidden trcafure,caa either 
take hjom their bodies their qawtcn agues, nor thitcare « 
ftom their mindc, that they fhould not ftare arthc remem- 
. branceoftheirlinne .-andiftherebeany that feareth Icaft, 

fnwhomtheftrongmanfopoirefrethall,thatthething«hi - 
liath fecme to bee in peace j yetfor all that.heeis ncucTthe 
better,no more than theftalledOxe is the bctter.becaufehe 
knowcth not that hee is taken out togoc totheflaughter- 

wrm«r. h A^*;'"" -^-^ ^«'"8 their condition, .hough . 
woemakethebeftof It. it is yet cxtreameeuiU » letnot our 

Loft. J-i k'"'u"'^''^'*'"'B'^"*>"»* o^'^hom the A- 
poftlefiuth. thattheyarefctfrcc from the bondage of tho 

th/rilif • ^"'^°" vvillfw.where..thisfree3ome.for 


. . that they defpife the graue and death : howbeit. Igraunt 
- th.surare.and,ti,naturalltoall.tobeeloiJitolay SowM 

this bondage to fearc at it,as though wc had no hope. And 
though we die mbodie.yct we are free from eternall deoth. 
«nd«oieareofitfl,allottercomevs : fo this is our WdEng; 
-^^ L J not 

not that we (hall not die, but that we (hall not be boldcn in 

deathySc not that we (hall not feare,but that we (hall not be 

oDcrcomewithfeare i andheisa trueChriftian man that 

neither refo(eth to die, nor yet fainieth for any feare of 

doath ) fot why (houU I repine to eiue this body to death? 

Imu^ needesdie, beau(emv body is full of(inne, and I 

wiU willingly die, that I may be dcliucrcd from this bodie, 

' ** fuhifiCk vnto finne : Imuft needes die, becaufe I am full of 

corruption which mu(k be changed j S( I will willingly die, 

becauic I would put on incorruption,tbatI might fee God; 

I mnft needesdie, becaufel beare the image of an earthly 

man j and I will willingly die, that I may bee like the hca- 

ueniy leliis Chrift : and I muft needcs die, becaufc fo is 

Gois ordinance $ and I will willingly die, that I may (hew. 

mine obedience to hiiwiU ; for thefc cauies Ifubmit my 

^ ftlfe to the decree of God, who bath appointed for all men 

fc/r Ve once eo dic,and I am either not at all af<»td of it,or the fearc 

X li ofit is not much i for I know the fting ofit is gone, the vi- 

^i! J '»• Aory ofit is loft, thecui(c ofit is taken away, that which 

■*^!;*J rcmain«tb,i8 only profitable for vs;for it (bdi bring an end . 

of all our labors & giue vs vp into the hands of UGi Chrift. 

Thus it i« now accomplilhed that heercis fcoken, that 

Chrift hath fit vs (roe from the bojidage ofthe fcaic of 

death:whichCdearly beloucd)if wee wiUlearne and know, 

aflfuredly it will workc great inaeafeof arace, it will change 

our roindes more than wee are ware of, and when wee are 

wifi hearted to fee indeed, no donbc we (hall bee as bold as 

Fa«l, and (ay vnJainedly : wee defire to bee diflblued, and 

be with Chrift. ^ , . n 

It fottoweth now in the i6'\tikiftrhet Mke not ttM 

vtmhmthe Angtlt, Inuhe totkovpwhim theftede l[^»^ 

hm' T^w^ words aieafiirther declaration of that he laid: 

hetooktpartoffldhaadbl9iMUBW«o«irchildren, TWa 


the ^ille tothe Hebruej, Cap,i 

he maketh plaine thus : bee tooke not (I (ay) any nature pf 
Angels,but he took the nature of Abraham, and was of his 
focde } earning Abraham, both in re(pe£t ofthe promifes, 
which were firft made perfonally to him : and becaufe by 
his name, there was more weight toperfwadc the lewcs 
that he was their Me(£as, and by example thedo^rine is 
more plaine,and indeede it is very plaine : as other children 
tooke fle(h, fo did he, Ae(h 1 fay. not the nature of Angels, 
but the feede of Abraham. AndiftheApofUecondnde all 
this, of thefc words ofthe Prophet, B eboU tttee/mlmy chtl- 
Jren, what may we conclude,and how boldly ofthe words 
of Matthew : A^rMh/m h^/ulfodek, Ipuek hegi^Iitcfkt lacoh 
^^r/W^f^tandrofoorth, till he came to the virgin Mary, 
of whom Chrift was borne : how faithfully may wee be* 
• Iceue it,' that bee was borne a nun as other children were \ 
•nd bow boldly may wee deteft all the madnefic of Mar« 
don, Maniche,Neftorius, Eutiches, Appdies, Apollinaris, 
Ennomius,Cerdo,Valcntinus,/iwi'#/v A/»»/i//<r.and all their 
di^iples, who haue fb many waies denied tne true huma- 
ni«y of Chrift. 

Itfolloweth in the 1 7.ver(e : Whereftrem tMthmgsit te- 
tdmeUmtobee mddelikt vnto hit hrtthretit that hte might heed 
mere^Uandfaithfnllhig^hPrieff in things concerning Go J, thot 
he nught moke rtconc^otionfor thefinnes ofthe peoples. In thefe 
words the Apoftle Qieweth another neceflary cau(e, why 
our Sauiour Chrift was man j that by experience of our in- 
firmities, he might bee mercifull,and ^ithfull to worke the 
reconciliation betweene GOD and vs t andfbcondudeth 
this difputation of his humanity, applying it now vnto bis 
Priefthood, as before particularly he had done to his king< 
dome.and prophecy. 

Thelewordcs, Monght in 43 things, to he Ukevntohit tre- 
thrm.'Vfhich are repeated againe c. 4. 1 5 they are to be mar- 

L 4 ked 




ofvs^hafwe fee hovf exprefly ftiJJ the Apoftle vretth A«» 

euenvs bodrandfouJc.vntoGod!,i,ftthet '"'' 

raecttobceafeithfeUmcdiatourvntovs toward God • for 
Zl^^' andhimfclfc tempted, hcftltour mfirmltS 
and had the more compaffioa toward vs. Other thine vX 
hauetonotcmthc 17. and .8- verfc, which the nextSI 

-» '» l« iiim '; . J. 

»-;*« l'«" 

'iir! W:,^'c1jI 



-t ;<J.'» ^e twelfth Ledure more, vpon the 

3' ' " *•** ^^ vcrfc$,and vpon ihc firft v«rfe 

ofthediird Chapter. 

- 1 humthreny tbtt bee might be mercifully ondA/Mlfui 
high Priefl in things cmemitig G»d, thu bcemight 

'I' ■<..•, 

■itwv"^. Cair. II L 

I ^rmtreffre^lybretbren.tarttkmo/tbeheMUidy'vH*^ 
X 'w/», cMjUertke APffiUamihigh PrieJf •fmttr0ftC. 
^.fttnCbriftJefm./ J rJl 

HE Apoftle. aslfiyd. (hewed in theft 

laft vcrfts, what profite is vnto v$, in. 

that Chrift became man i Br ib hee 

was made a mercifnll and fiithfulJ high 

Prieft. The mcancs ofthis fiithfiilneflc 

wai, for that heehauing experience of 

our temptation, hadthe more compaA 

v.^^^ ^ r''**" ^'^ '''"B^'t. tbatChrift became a faithful «•» ^ 
high Pneft for vs.bccaufs hce was man like vnto vs : fo that/IT 
whofoeucr c^wiiethour Sauiour Chrift to hauea naturaJl^.^?^* 
body like vnto ours, he alfo dcnieth that he is either a raer- ''"' f*"« 
cift.[l.or fjithfuU mediatourfor vs : forfo itpleafed GodtOui!/w; 
loftruft him according to his manhood, that by experience^'- 
and toeling.he (hould learne to hauc pity on others: he cai- ""' 
Icth bimraeccifull, inrefpeaofthcaffeftion ofhismindc» 








which vras full of compaflSon coward vs : he is called £uch- 
lull,inrc{pe<%ofhiscoDftaocy, whowoald neaerleauevs, 
till be had brought v> into ctonali life. Inailcbis, wemuft 
leame bo w to doe good vnto oar brother in affliction : and 
thefe two things in our SauiourChrift, wccmuft carefiilly 
keepe»if we will be righteous after his dmilitude. We muft 
idyoe vnto all our doing,a loue and compaffion to our bro* 
tnq-in hu wanr^nd a conftancy in welldelcming, that our 
loue bee not wearied with paioe and labour : for without 
bne, whatfoeuer I do, it is nothing : no,not though I gaue, 

^j^ as Saint Paul ia^rth, atfthe goods I haue vnto thepoore. 

^' '*•* And,I pray you,is not this the Law of God: Loue thy bro- 
ther ai thy (elfe : wh«retn all odtduety is taught vs be- 
tweene roan and man? What then though I doe no mur- 
ther, or fteale not, or Ibeake noteuill, though I helpe the 
iafety of my brothen life, though I maintaine his eflate, 
though I brin^ him increafe of goods, though I care for 
the purity of his bodie,though I maintaine his good name \ 
except I bane is all thisan inward loue and affeftion to doe 
k to nim, with (iich « heart,as I would haue another do the 
Uke to me, and to bee grieued with all his hurt, as though I 
myicUtfoAatned it ) except (1 ia^) fbme meafure of this 
loue tad compaffion be in my doing, my doine hath none 
accompt in the fight of God. Marke this(dearetybeloued) 
and teach it your children: and I would our fiithcrs knew 
itweB, that boaft lb much of the good workes of the olde 
world. There is no good worke vnder the Sunne, but that 
whidi is done in bue, and compaffion of minde : and were 
dieir workes fiith whereof they brag ? when they gaue the 
rich Attar doaChes^ndVeftiments.the coflly hansings for 
their Chancels,thcir Bels,their feilded Cro/Ies } when they 
cafBed curious Imag<8,and clocned them with Goldfmitfas 
woclwi when they buildcd Chappels & Chanteries ; when 



they went iarre on their knea,gaue ridi gifb vnto (brines s 
in allthele workes fo much magnified, where was mercy I 
whatloue, whaccompaffion was there in them ? they pic- 
ticdnotCl am iure^ the pouerty oflimeand ftones, to cloth 
them (b gorgeoufly} nor they pittiednotthe Prieft in his 
-furred gowne, to put vpon him a Coape of great pricerand 
for all men in the world, let him fpeake thatcuer was the 
better for it. Whole body was the warmer for the coftly 
clothing of the Church wals f whole houfe was the ligh* 
ter for the Torches and Candles about the Altar / whofe 
bead aked the lefle for the goodly garland ofan Image \ or 
if there were in all this no profite to my brother,no loue,no 
compaffion of the thing towhichi gaueagift, how could 
chefe be good workes,thathad no goodncilcin them ? for I 
thinke.there is no man Co vaine chat will chinke he did thefe 
things vnto Gods that were vnfpeakable blindncs,toihink, 
chat with the gifts of gold and fUncr I could plcafe God : he 
gaue no gold nor filucr for our nwfome, nor hec will take 
;ione for recompence ofouc (innei. 

The Prophet plaincly faith, all my goods can bring no- PfiuW.i." 
ching vnto thee,0 Lord : and how doth the Lord hinfelfe 
reieftfuch vaine thoughts ofoor hearts, when he laych : if 
I bee hungri^ I will not tell thee : and fuch other like ipee- 
ches in the hfty Pfilme.'commanding exprefly, ifwee wil 4 
do good with meat, drinke, cloth, gold, fjluer, &c. beftow 
it vpon the needy brcthrenj for God takcth no fnch gifts at 
our hands. And therefore(dearclybdoned)ailthcfc good 
workes of which you haue heard fuch boailing , before 
God they are nothing.St there is no goodnefle in themj for 
neither it thcreany mercy in fiich doings,and without it,it 
is impoffiWe to pleafc God in thy doing. A nd thus wee foe 
their workes, euen their greatefl workes, and of &pererog»» 
uoa»whcnypukuiew^tfacwclUlMyarefouDdligi»ct •j 
^ ' . - than 





^M^ of \f. Veering rvpofi 
than ftrawe. And their workcs of d^nity next vnto thefe, 
they arc of the fime fott, of no value, as light asvanitie it 
fiUe. Such arc their penny or groat dole, when the man is 
dead,that his executors vfc to giue for his foule. Was there 
eucr folly like vnto this ? Noworkeis good without loue 
and coRipalfion ofmineownefle(h $ yetthenistheworke 
<Jone for me, when my flclh is without fenfc, & when there 
is no compaffion or ftehng left within me{ But God is iuft, 
andforfofruitlefleaworkc, hcgauea helples reward .-they 
beflowed a very idle liberality, and God recompenced it 
with very idle thankes, that for their benefit the foolifli 
people ftiould fay.Lord haue mercy on his lbule}forwhom 
I thinke they praied not all the dales of his life,when the ac- 
cepuble time was^nd the day of health, as S. Paul faith, in 
which they mieht haue been neard.6 ut God at the laft hath 
vifited vs,and tnis vanity is fcattercd away 5 1 would the tc-' 
membrancc of it were gone with it. 

Another property is heere attributed to Chrift,that he 
was faithhili, that is, confUnt, and vnmoueable in his loue, 
till he had Hnilhed our reconciliation : a leiTon vnto vs,that 
loue (hould not &int jwithin vs, nor we be weary with the 
labour and trauell of it: for true it is, leueisnot an idle af- 
fedion, to iky, I would he were well, orG O D helpe him t 
but loue is painfull to helpe in time of neede, and well wil- 
Hng,thatnopainc canwearieit. SoS.Paul%th : eternal! 
U&isgiuen to them which looke for it, in continuance of 
well doing : and in another place, he biddeth not be weary 
ofwell doing) for wee (hall reape the fruit of it, and not be 
weary : a thing (dearly beloued) confelTed of all men, yea, 
the verie Gentiles kneweit,<that all my well dooing is no- 
thing woorth,ifat laft I would leaue my brother in milery, 
and not helpe him ftill ; butitij a thing praftiled of very 
feWi vybca Ihauc ooce or tyviie traaailcd in qiy brothers 



■ ^the&SlktotbeHtbruet. i 

(^fl^m»et6f>eeweary,bnttohelpehim ftill: thiscom^- 
tionofthe world, let vs take heed of it, and coneft thefJK)- 
wardnefle ofour owne nature. Tell roe, I pray, ifl Olw a 
man hketo drownein themiddsofthc Thames, what if 
Icamevntohimj and brought him ni^h to the ihoare, and 
then left him drownmg by the banke lide, what good did I 
to him f fure no more than he that looked on, and let him 
alone in the midds j only I made him langui(h with a vaine 
hope, whereby his death was the bitterer. And tell me thou 
feinting weary friend -y ifChriftfhould haue done fo with 
thee, how great had becne thy miftry? ifhc had endured 
for thee the paine of his birth, the trauell of his life, tbeaf^ 
fli£lion of his flefb, the reproaches of men,the temptationt 
cfthe diuell, and then hadlcft thee in bondage of death 
which thou couldeft not efcape, what hadft thou bttne the 
'better 2 Let vs learnetben to oefiithfUllas he was faitbfull, 
«nd endure to the end in well dooing. Ifpeakc this with 
griefe, tofcetlwworld,iioweuery man is left in his righ- 
teous cau/e: faire word8,and goodly countenances are not 
bard to get, butafiiithfiill heart to dcliuer the iuft but of 
trouble, I haueftenc it in Chrift ; I hauenot els found it in 
one. Yet this I am Pure of, he that is faithful! in this behalfc, 
he is like vnto Chrift, and Chrift liueih in him. And thus 
farre of the laft verfes of this t. Chapter. 

Now let vs come to the third. Thtveftrt h»ly Irrethrm 
fifukfrs «/the hetutMy eallug : eonfider tht AfeftU »ni high 
Friefi$f«urfffe^<m lefm chrjfl. Now the Apoftlc leaueth 
to make any further description of the peirlbn of Chrift, 
whereofwcc hauchcard, andbeginneth a<more particular 
declaration ofhisoflSces : and firft, how he is our Prophet, 
tothe !4.ver(e of the next Chapter. Andletvinowlearne 
to bcefi-uitfiill hearersjand thi8«Sxhortafcion,'i8t;it.H»akft:v» 
wiic, that qirefiilly and diligditly wec:oMiy,hafken, and 

Icarnc . 



fcarnethc myaery oftheLord lefu in which «ve bee Aoed: 
tfaotwi may haae the ttiUmony in our Iclttw, that w«« bcc 
the children of the New teftamant. ,s.' 

Thetc&rc holy brwhten ficc. Let vt nark* dUlgewIy 
•aery word in this excellent exhortatioo ; fbrthey are not 
only a wife pcrfwafionto moouevi to care and diligence 
inkamingibucthc exhortation is lb gathered out of the 
^>nnerdo^ioe, chatthijponefentence is a plaine expod* 
tion ofall the doftrinc taught before from the i i . veric, to 
theend oftbeChapter. Hefiydi fitft : Thereftrf, trftrthw 
tmfi : aiifhoewoirid iay : Seeingit isfd withvs, feeing 
<«odfaathreceiuedv8aifiothiigtace, feeing fuch an excel- 
lent Prophet isgiaea vnto vi^et vs heare him.So in the firft 
word^flieweth, that thiiexhortation.ii according to hk 

Then hccaiieth diem, faoly, alluding to that hce (pake in 
chci I .iitxSf.MtthafimeHfiah, mtitheytiMm ftmU^im 
^•c** .- to teach v«, that wee bee holy, that wee are one with 
Chrift^and tfaatliy kit IpiricianfU^ing vt.wee be receiued 
^inoo hitfeUowfhipJrle calieth them ^<f/&r«Mepeating that 
Iwtaughtintheil.i&c 12. verfe,thatChrifthath takenour 
iiaifwe,andweeare«aenaihisbrethen, fellow-heiKs with 
kimiwthekiogdonwofhis&ther: and thatthkisthemea- 
ning ofivethreg, the word* following declare ; pmskers tf 
thtbemumfycdUm : Thefe word* fhew what brotherhood 
be (pcaketh of: that is, a heauenly brotherhood which wee 
liauewitfaChrift: forChriftthefonneofGod, who hath 
brougbtdowDc heauenly gifb,hath imparted himfelfe vn- 
to Tf, and made v« feUowet with him in thefe heaaenly 
•UeflSngs : firft renealing his fathers will, then defending vs 
from our enenucs : andat laftprtfeoting vs &ultlefle befeie 
G«d,aboli(hingtbcdiuellandcii«ieaKofdeath, of which 
fccoueoiy gifoieMicivcfac i a. i ). 1 4. j j. verfes. Aficr, 



heeaticth -.the jf0fiU4»dhi^ Fries ^fwwfnfefm : I» 
thefe words bee ceachcth,what offices bee had bciomattm 
bated toChrift, inthe textsalledged : firftthat heisouc 
• Prophet, calling him by thcname ofApoftlc, thatis. the 
MefTcnger <^f God,to teach vs our profeflion.verfe 1 1. then 
that he is onr Priefl,to prcfent vs before GOD.as verfe j a. 
And although,a8 1 haue often toldyou, his kingdome is 4 
■ io mamfcfily prooucd by that is iayd afore j yet by this 
place I gather, that the AooflJe hath efpecially and of pwv 
pofc, onelv taught this, that Jefas Chrift, God and man, is 
only our Prophet and Ptieft, eodeclawand workeour fal- 
uation^xhortmg vs now to Icarne carefully fo greata my. 
fiery. Nowlet vs confidet further this exhprtation, to fee 

c ^1 n^^ *^?B' "^^ ***"« *° le^tMm it : where wee 
are hrlt called holy brethren, wee may fee in thefe words a- 
goodOTiagcofthc Ch»?ch ofChria.- brethren (asbiiiydi 
noieth our vnitie with chrift our head, by theparaoM- 
won of fall fpirif fo the Church is a people grafFeliJto 

liisipirit. This IS our knowledge oftheChurch. which is 

©lace, ofpwfon, but where this brotherhood is a people 
iovned to the Lod Iefus,and fandified by him,thei!n«he 

. ^rdpeftofperfons butonlyby thisthattheyaregra&d 
^^^^"^^i^^^^^^^o^^^. Andheerletvsieame 
JSL'! J*^ ^''^'^r^f^'' to be made partakers of the b» 
«neflethat.s^n Chrift: for heehath ^IiJified hirafclfc foe 
•J^and IS made vnto vs our fanaification of God, without 

aS2?rf »;<l«"o«r rfghteouft^as .defiledckmh: 
i^Rir^tiie Angdsthatansgpeatcrchaa wetnail power and 



^•xceUencytcaniKKtiiftifietherafelneiinhufight: what can 
*wtdoeia*Eliph«fikh,thatdwdIiiihouiesofda7, whofe 
mnidadon is in the duft» & who (hall bee deftroycd bcfbtc 
•*^ moth. The Lord hath no oeede ofourworkes,nor the* 
^ dl ener come in accompt beft)rc him j.for if one maa 
could doal that al Befb hath euec done,yet M he might fa vj 
hjewerernprofitable, The great iutticei ibrtitude.teffipc> 
raiiEe,libc»iit7,afldalJoriierveraies, wl:^chfb abounde<t 
in ibmeofthe Gentiles, what haue they to glory in them H 
iiothingataUi>efoirGOt>}exccpttheyiay, as Paul wit- 
nefleth of them, when weerthoNf ht our ielues wife, wee 
wereveryfo<^. And why wat sU their dooing nothing 
worth/becaufe they (blight their righteoiifiieire in them^ 
ftlues,8ndwereHoiiofthe brotherhood of Chrifl, tofeeke 
all their holineflein his perfbn^Euen thui (dearly bcloucd) 
mdnooeotfaerwilcit iti« wid^all luiiiciariesin the worlcC 
trfaether they bee Gentiles, or wheibn- tEcy bee Papiib, in 
their righteott(he(Iethey are defiled,and in their wifedomc 
cfaey ace made fbolilh: if thc^feeke their hoJiod&inthem- 
leliNi,or inftifie the work whichtbqrhandi haue brought 
foorth. Andktnffman, beheoeueribholy, iflieweteaa 
'|ood as Paul, exempt him&Ue } for Paulhimfeife confef^^ 
iftdithi« withvf, thiatwhac(beuerhecottlddoe,hee would 
loDompt it but as dung, that hee might hauetherighteouP 
^ neflej notwhich was of hirefelie, bat that which was by 
lt4. fiuth in lefiuChriftiChat he might be of ehifl brotherhood, 
andasbed^h^hathemightDttjfoiindinhim. This ia the 
true rtile <n hoiinc(&, otherwife to taike of onr grandfik 
then and fiuiMrsjWhat good workes they haue done t it j|.j 
tothewe fborth oar owne ignorance in the faith ofCj^iA^ '.'_ 
For what haue our &then done ; but Socrates, Ariftidea^ 
" ipio,Fabrictus^uidathoo(iu<damongthcGeat!Js,didfli-. 
Bc^M^iftii^^doneiMnerib mu(»,ifcb(;y h«d giBeti 
^ \- att- 

13, V 



Cjiii^tiamyr^i^ tli^tiMiglifclAVthieirnghwQoih^ 
b«iMiKiabu»,th^bad'iMholine£ftiD theoi. And Ittta^ 
. MilciiQWtfaiabsipBibpl8ioe,romanyyetcanbcdeeeiiied{ 
teJiKieli^ that i^w^ous naaion,whichKacheth themtQ 
^«k^ tMvr ovilf )««ii)wuM4iff :W>J)M(\«toii[e.wee 
lUtft^ 4i«i». oc^9 tbf^gAit MK !thisL gioiir tt>theiK 
bwnewQiltat for their oj»meiwerd$ tcftiiieiigaiaftihena: 
tb^ haue named i^di^a^fy, Qftntfvmm . % mwke 
w(Q«ght of i^i(4ftufiith«i4iit'<^ w«b«iir.CM^ ^ithovl 
tier Pagan atxribote ro9M<|o^fbMiUc|iif»r:tlM».we«fnay 
^boldlie conclude a«uift tkctfMMidrwt SsuiowChfift flvul 
be our watrant, tbay arcji^ of90d> .baonf^xbi); icdw 

knowledge idl^Mir b^itiflie le k ia thiM»rDtherh<i9d, as 
wee bee OM with Chrift,and ChRiAfmhv9,whom GOD 

9femaftcoBfider> whaciatnehoaoiu-ofrefed^u^CQVs and 
dut we be not dull ofhearing, when fiich a bleilbd found is 
bn)agh(iiaoopi!aai«s!ifwe ww c caIN to viiajthiflg, w 
)9tghtik>p.c^carei;fr)^mJMqg aJKi^aRlyfallipg,4(h^ 
be, mdjft tiifm b«,4a(ciiieMiilKbai dcTpi^ ic It «9»9 vr 
MpeHwaQon withSainrfaulie, ii^put ihc Churchwin 
minde of their calling th^ had ofGod,to(tirr^th$RM4> 

fM*a9WwiilJH»aiy;tt) ^ii^if^'yihiliffiifkim^^ 

S»ot;bf Ephafrns) BM^swiriiiyp*^ 
me^iiii Andof)iimlelfe,b«tcai/iath to theJP<bflippians,Phili«f| 
thathiscontiBuaUcrai^U.was.tobecarriedtP^^hfiN^eof ^^ 
bif^ighcaUiBg ofGofd^^iMirasin ChnAMMft^/fliMVf 
i^W^Au^ with the.loHCof our caUiogi uifolM^ 






bcttJts by walbii^4ltft)i»ifehes» ahaifktfltf, tb« tbc^artv^. 
pcnlie Wa^heme the Gohd^iu&itdmm^dlMilMeaf^ 

te^it^ ■..■iloj,-,t.,)-io Lf.:i v--rh ;,:.;I!. . -.icTv-, - '^^ 
be Ctem««ii ji#<«Ja^iii6^^th«**ii^i«ri ii« 


(wiBif^ oteride^ Vh*to4£hf l«fM>Rt»«««»ttAf^ 

W^ate fure hcteadifftfaniibifll;*'^'*'^*^ i^''*^<^ ^-^"^ 
iBMtaaciaaMiSnerii ^iiUiire»fivMp€«ial<9ckni«,aM^Kue 

liek>e4if«U»lunesi<th< imkerfiniiKAianandjranb/mflr^ 

iiiin ei£«ibcaTiieochet,drdsforaUiKh«B. Wfaaifiwicff 
Sfcb^likeboaAingsvodssweiiiGidiaJknan (bpa fMCiMit 
Bimes. Iftbcy bcc JWwftcK ofChriil vnw v$, t^fMbm 
•N beautffbB, and tbeicoames ate hooorable. IfidicyhQ 
tMr owne niiniften,«(i;rknGicr tfaon oot,nor.allthdr glodd : 
iflthcy fi^ dxy i>e dodnra, ■ftmayyvcltOiy agaiac, ifa^ 
•M^Phacifla thaivMibecaUed Rabbi. Wee baiwno 
{k>dorbut one, aodthar isCMfti and he isthe Apoftleof 

*!?W^whOTe«heAii?fltciaedr Cbcift, dwbighPrieft 
of Mr prdf^toD, is wee hauclcamed bcfare,'[fii^e bee our 
Apoftle, Vve haue no otha teacher : fo weleatnehcre, if he 
bethePrieft ofourprofcfiion,nopart nor parcel ofthc of- 
fice ofhit Prieiihood, we may giue to another, but profefle 
J^e«He ; *« he:i»out Ptieft abne» And as the Prieft is or- 
^eyned to mak«fiU:tificc for finne, and to hf a noediator be- 
tween* God and nwn : fo all this worke wee muft leaue 
^tifbttie VBttt him, 4cnow no otha, receiueno other, pro- 
fifle no dther, vpon whom we will liy this recoaciliation, 
topanteourfini, and to bring vs to God, but Chrift alow: 


Jbrrfliebe%Prieail«i.thv PruAabn,^ JgS!^^ 

ttodtei«>neclw wio^iifMe oftftcfpath^fGod. Bew«ra 
«raie,wliichin«he <|iidboo««iblim«e& tt£fiii«cs,«^^ 


VZlal^ * i^ ■""•«. i« 111 uang mcaiaror uemccne UOQ. 
^J^?. ''f •^ vf orfces.ouf'priiert.and v^our ftiaet 
?~?r* *°.'* '^^"^» theiwiroo other but he alojie: 
toritaU Angels kcouU prcfent our pmytre, yet theycouJ4 
not } our thoughwore Co cuiU. andoar worxfa fo vncleaii«i 

»»tbe Angdsirf<k)d caimocmakethfemrighetous in hi» 
fight. But if ehrlftigSiie vnto vs hisipiisit, to muiiOer ii^ 
Ml ourheartHaijdin hisown righceoufhesin whofe mouth 

luted lipi,tben«cehaue;a fret enoancc vnto^tivooeoT 
fracer foe bee hath anaifiedhinkielfe for v», and wJot* 
*>euer wee aske inhisname, wcc (hall obtsioe.:.: fiv^hn^ 

aatha osrpraiers are ofvs, but th^ are of the ipiik «f 
God,o^her are they preientedfiom vs,butfrom>him who 
isour raediatour, and ginetii them hit ovme nghteoafiiefl«^ 
to make them accepted: and thus io his bolie and vniea 
able wUcdome, finding a meaoes to iandifie with hit 1 
ncs^ that is ours, euen vsour fiiues alfo he bath r 
in himfelfe, and giuen vs the rigbteoufiiefle of^jMlunani- 
tie,to be righteoufhefle voto our flefii, and ibjpdenteth vs 
vnblameable vnto his father. Thus Chrift #cbe Pricftof 
our prdeffion, and in all Chriftianitie thereis no other. It 
erieueth meheeFC,to lee the (ubtilM^iXone,viHio witheo- 
buredwordsdeceiuetbcheartstfEaiiy that arenoceuill. 
When they would puU thisnrafeffion oat of our mouth, 
tbey (peake not in plaine woros, to bid vs denie that Chrift 
k MiiPrieft) for j;hcft -wee would hatethen : therefore 40 
k^pelheitcfecHte, and yet to worke their milchicfe, thcj 
ftamrocr in their tongues, that the fimpk fhould sot per- 
ceiuetbem.andthey iay,amediatoAr, which is one part of 
htsRnefthood,isoftwoibrts,one is of redemption andib 
is Chrift alone : another of interceffion, and ib an all the 
Saints sjid Angels.Thus they ftop the moothes oflgnorant 
men, and then with a harlots fb^bead, boaft intMirlyes. 
But when you racece thefe Rabbincs^ and Apoftles ofmeir 
owneproteffion, aske of them what theymeanebyame- 
diatour of interceffion: tliey may afwelliay, anintcroe^ 
four ofmediation, for both are one: and it is asthcLogi* 
dansea]lit,arocerenugation. For where there is one me- 
diaecnir bctweene God and man, the man lefus Chrift^ it it 
his office toredeeme vs.fix>m finne, and to make intttee^ 
(ion to God for vs : and tfacy rob him of enis iaft part ofhit 
honoac, who make you b^ue, it is afeucR^tkhig be* 
plaiat.lt ii the ofi<» ofaKiqgtomle oner bodie & good% 




n wbidi caule God comnuandeth our obedience ; now a 

rowarfperfon, that would deoJe to pay hb tribute. fliaS 


„ ^^ • ™/ '»^'« ^ graunt to any lawfofl fcruice, as due 

. I&gir King; but pur King is notonlie theKing ofour 

f\^^^» "^"^ ^"^^ ^^ otherwife. Doeyou not 

ftewhatfplhcismthis? becaufeGOD hatb/ubmittcdto 


« '*?£^\^5'"^' : Eucn^G O D hatbiidea medi! 

»)ur^rfKd|edecmc vs^nd toprefent vs vnto God ; an^ 

Acy blind yow45y<5yjid tcU you^hcre be two forts of rae- ^' 
diatoors. Surclie,cuamh as cood reafon they mightfiy i ' 
^uft aman hath l^c^ncffoule. there bee two (brtso^ ^- 
inea.oneofa bodie, another of aibule ; but to let fuch M 

*f*^.8^^"/'***"^*^*''*««rfiHtLandacknowloS ' 

^ <a«fe.?»fhopc,i8caII«dourprofeffion:fohe«8«hka- 

^ g;neinthefomhChapter.vUi4.andagaia^fe,o 

Chapttr.the conftffionofour hope; whereby wccleame. 

Th« Prophet filths /A«ipi^W^.;^«^^ /iMte/itkm, 

And whofoeuer he be.that for any fcareofman. or for anie 

S t^^ ^•'^•'['^r*'^*^'^"' ^ '^'^^"h. or wiU 
Joc profclTehi* filth, the 5pnptu« tfftifieth againft the 

neofnuo-aorc thaij |he^orifiofGQ4.X«tys»>t bcgS 

:t , ■ ' 

fieoffogttatfinne: for this caufe the calling oftfcfcS^' 
tilei was fo greatlie magnified, becaufe the name ofG O l>j 
fliould be great from one end ofthe earth to the othcr:hor 
doe we hold our peace,if we be called in ihisconenantjail 
not onHe fo, but what aeaturc is there, which in hisjjijinbc 
nature, fliewcth not out the praife ofhisCr^gpr? The 
heauens declare the glorie of God, & the fitmmknt (hew- 
eth his handie worker how ftiould then nn, of whom 
God bath been efpedallie mindfull, tyehis (fPfiVCt ^o eiecel- 
lent a member of bis bodie, and not wt^fe^eakefoorth 
the praife of G O D,and makethjwPWwhis witncife what 
•j^ith he hath in Chrift? but o^bis I fpake before in the 
d(penthLeftttre,andvp<|nxii^twdfthverft. Nov let vt 








,Thc thirteeoth tc&iste, vpon the 

• ».3'4.J-*£*.vcrfe»,tathefewordi; 

Told you» the Apoftle in this Chap- 
ter, beginneth » (peciall difcourfc of 
the pr9|)hedeofChrift: firft (as you 
haufhtird) making an earneft exhor- 
tation, for v$ to hearken vnto him. 

Now, hce goeth forward, and tea- 
cheth what manner of Prophet Chrift 
, . T- A I t '* » "1^ ^ow wee ought to accompt 
him. FirR that hee was o«leined of God : next, that hee 
was faithhill m hjs calling, for he Ciith ; Htw^fiMtH f 
bmth4 nf ffjm a km,' for in that theSonneofGOpwas 
as wee haue hcard^cfans made m«n,this was Godsippoynt- 
meot^taauhelWmow Prophet: and in that hee was ap- 

poy««d ofGO D, bpe b fefoorth ,rith his warrant, th^t 
hee did not glonlic himfclfe to be our Prophet, but his 


Father Rauc hitn this honour i by hii gloiwus voyce fotam 2 

d?nROUtoftheclowdei rt» umyl^'f^ *"'iSi^ 
i.5iW^ W./«-.-«ndletvs takebeed, n«tot^^ 
^SifeKim,that i« thus fent of God,and fpeaketh frojM 
heauen Icaft wee (hould be found to ftrtue agamft God. 

fndfolwineofthi. Io«e,thac Chrift Ih^^ld^^^ 
ouramongvsJtmsnotonelie intheperfoU ofthefonnc. 

X gaue h« life for hi. (heepe : but «t wa|j#> m the pe - 

onelie begotten Sonne, that euerpwe which belceueth, 


S the worW and inftrumeosWouc filuation is m lefw 

IlSfcftcaufiufcilSKhc Father, who aooor^whi. 

. And a. wetnuftgkic vntooar SauioorCbnft, theglo- 

deniehimtobrrive SonneofGod £0 TT^fZlTl 

wd predcftin.ltcdv8 eternalhe vnto ^'^j^^.f*"^"^^^ ' 
SatSeistheFathcr ofoi.rLorfIefo.aur,a:fora.th»^ 
i,ttrprofeflrion,that Chrifthathdone d« deeds *& this w 
^t Srofemon, that God the f »th«; bath W«"«f .*^ 
vntbTAndasthe Apoftle fpeakett beere, <*« G^fP; 

iScnoWledgeth that he ^^^^^fj^I'. j^ ^yj. 
■ the«c<Jid4i»g*er«w*i»«ffod^fChnft,3ndiiiwta2 


S^u • ^" **'**"^ '• "^«^ »"<* »««ri* to *rduii« 
otthUoffiacoramittedtohira, whcrain lie fee a!llhi$cm 
tad induftrie, that bt might be found fiiuJtlefle, thatlikett 
y^J^SHiT^^ aProphct torcueaJe his will: fo 
itdidhiithfijllie^rmeit. ifichinBondiedoftrineand 
SfJSHSK ? . i' . *••■ » •• '" """7 P««« Chrift tcftifieth 
StrSSii'l**"'.*' ^^'^''^.toithhe>»#i«iir.Ai* 

* m,Ji ijfidt. And againe theimiitlm 

- I km* mem tim. Ho»r dtiigently thai 

J^rophec, at hath fo fiuthfiillte (^ 

■" - vmegood leObn taught vi,lB 


ought wc to 

Inn: And hers i^t 




l&ren « iFwcebc taercfaami, ftttMiill metdaiUtt wfattfiM^ 
«erwebc,ftithBilnfesliiiiftbcourftraiiet fi>rtiS.Pttilera». 
ouireth ofall ; ^ f^ Adr «»^, ktbimUiil^m itkm-' 
ig^- fo faee giticth this •• the pnift ofaUdOigmce. ft k 
ftqjuved oftneriedi^enler that he befetadftiihfoUsaBd 
aicm vnftithfeU feniaoc (hall be condemned in hit worUk 
intbeda^ that his accompt it called fort for he that hath 
bMivnftitMuU in things ofthitlife, wliich at«fniJeaDd 
HWi iKwrcan he thinke there QMilaaar becomnicted vn- 
tobmi eternal things,«nd infinite in mimber.And we nraft 
here aUomarke,thatititfiydofChrift,hewatfiuthfiiIl to 
hintha»caUedhnB,thatis.toGodtforvntoGod wemuft 
make our iccompf of euerie worke. h is crae chat iOtigt 
niaketheirvnderofSccrt,butthe««icet art all ofGQD: 
Kings ferae to appoynt the perfbns^in this raiaiierieor 
man j but God alone appoynteth them their woike, whicii 
tiihcmhiiAerie pfbniuftice, and the Afedeof his people 




of which ht alfo wUlaskeanaecompt, andbeforehimiwi 
doTS^t wecdoe. When lofiphat King of ludah ap, 

STthercforc ineuerieoffice, thou b««rjtttbci^t 
ofGod,and nothing muftmaketheebreakcthc|^ul- 
nelTeoritinot thy profile, not tbypleafiire.M^ylunP 

dw.inwhichft»aibe&idj.come giueacq^oftbyfte- 
v2«iftiip. The Prince may fetthesyft^heiiateoEIuitice. 
StthePrincc muft not make thee peruatluftice: be may 
^theeanoffict. buthe can|U£«merhectby ,gi«rt-^.A 
the vnfiuchfatoefleojilijbffice : rfma|RAr«esando& 
IB knew thi«jjJ»«f WuW no« ^ ambitiouihe fw«, aa 

Srffl Aa» they uti butthia U a ddperatc difeafjjind 
MC in hopeof any amendmetibut | bearoj^ritncffcof jhcnr 
finne a^Sktbcaay of vengenno. Further I (ay^notbmg. 
SiySmadetheirgaincthcitGod,and wid» the .doll 
tTwhich they art ioyned.let them alone, nthismatter of 

Lthfolncffeirhich we haacinhand.Jet vs Iwtne thisjihat 
Bitter:andto«heend that wee may alllearnc what » ttj 
fiSfoliiefle of a mioiact, let vs fee what was. mChrift^ 
whofcfeiihbthcexampleforaUtofoUow.-r.'^n.oov'^v . 

if folkmeth : he J^f^it^l ^^^^ « f tw^Jl^'-'S; 
What was the fiiithfiilnes commended V Mofe»J^»^< " nJl^o. 
dklineoerkpoynt,accordmgtotbatwhjchGodhadcom. . u 

^and«], an^Jretcrmittetfnothma <rf «?;*»' '^J^^jV-dl 
hadfiyd. This wasthen tbe&ithfal»e.ofGhni^.to doe/u^ 
Ss b« at the wiU of his Fatba : anAlbis SagC--^ 

^"^r^'"?.^^ ««P«% itt rawie places, that ChriA did, 
^d laid, aU things, according to thc.word and will ofhij 

An^thus Saint Pauk, when hee would fhew the fjith- 

of himiclfc and his ftUowcs, hcc makcth no mcr- 

, , JW?^*^« woi-d oFGod, nor minglcth it as vintcners 

doethofJiicljutfpeakcthasfromGodhiaiielfe. And in 

(.» another pKhe laith,he doth not mingle deceipt with the 

«»rd of GcA^ow, the worditfcUcis called by Saint Pe- 

«»r. the nilke t% is without all deodpt ; (hewing, whatfo- 

cuar i*ds of man, it ii,folIhood, and no fweete nourilhmcntf 

wlifeinit:theiefort he that is foitfiiU, fpeaketh oncly tl 

word* of Chrift. as SaintM»le^th. in <;Ieare and maniif 

declaration of troth. AmMtaflie in plaine words this 

might vt by Rank, in%he fiiftl^irtaiiw Theflalonutii^ 

fiymg, our exhortation wainotb/craffiJWfc^pdJydc- 

oopt, not by vndeanncfle : but as God allowed of vs to 

commit his Golpell vnto vs. ib wee (peake, not as/ludyiag 

to plca&men. bat to pleaie God. who trieth our hearts; 

aeydiec eoa did we flatter you (ajyou know) nor /ought 

rabdk raeanes to win ought vnco onr ielues, (as Gcid it our 


-Heere » the image of this fiuchfiill Minifter, like vnto 
Chrift, one that prcacheth nothing but the word of God, 
aocforaniecaul^ but Gods gbrie. Howmanieminiftery 
*n<mthis,thcLordalone can tdli IwtJbowftwfbUowit^ 
all wee this day are witneflcs. , ^ «;v - 

And I may almoftfayiieere, as liaid before of officers* 
I^eakenot ior ^giiehope lice ofamends:forIafluKyon 
it is almoft with vs in the Miniftetie.as it was in Eiayei tune 
«rith the people of Kraelj The vh^be0Ji/Jkke,4iidtii 
whtUkm it iemk,^ thef»k tftktf^ /# ^ tr^mn rf 



^J<^ ;..>;, 


^aWetfiH tfcilrrMilm: fiom the Triefts of the ^ 
Ses. to thebei*6ficCtit4btJfB^couHtrie, sgtt 

^^otheriWdgitattftparr dfVrifeithfohicffi, is. when^. 
trtcotnipi'& deflte the word of God commictcd vnto v«, 

Sgc6*p^'ifet^m'g&»^'»8««*« *^^^?*?^*' '^ 
vnftltBMn€5 wcprayday and night, AattheLordwonW 
kcepe it fromvs. andwecenborrjrou, m thenwaeofthe 
Ldi&itecewe the word ingraflW «i you. whtehcantoe 
tSbSSTat'a rttcme tSei^oitallftak ^ch n (be 
Word of thefiuing God by which you taayberegenttate, 
ind vfhcrdn you haue thepowcr ofGOD to falnation, 

Salia?. This feithfirtacft. by t|£Ff«o«^' ^,i^,.pP 
^vMoyotJ. ahdbcfekJhyon to abide voon the foun- ,^,:r 
dat!<?nbfthc Apof««^dPrOfAj»jbutoftK« feitb.wharWM* 
S ioc ortiric IS Icft^tato out aduefftnes ? Ztmntvjsas fpf *;;|v, 
£arttfcttvftwEkhof',brHazadltoB«fthadiJ,asth«yhauc - 
ttds but to bcguiltie of the death ofChrift, to pollqte a» 
they hautdone^ his Tcftament. which was confinriedm 
ffiiikmd? what h it bat to bring hiiwdpwne agawejonr 
bealrcn,orto raife him vpd^ine from ttte d<ad,totakca- 

WJ^y ftx)m vs the >vord offeiih prmtcd m our hearts.by the D«tj 
prewhingofhis Gofpcl.and tofend vs to Rome to inquire, — 
©fbnrreligion? Snrelic (dearelie beloued) I tell you true, 
andy«notIbutPaule,nor Paule but Chrift, that he that 
fendcthvs beyond thefcas to Icarne our ftuth, when weft 
haue the word ofGod at homc.he is an^vnfeithfiil creature, 
adulterating the word ofGOD,anda8 one that would puU 
Chriftagainedownefrom hcauen : and all the Deotes^nd 
DcamLind ConftitutioMdf ihcdiutchx)fR.om.c. which 


1 L '^""^^^ ^^^^mmn 

. - r^ M^ "rr to ifi ffffCOJj 

^SnSvf; T^**'*'P^'y«?°^«<»fys acknowledged ouron- 
UcProphct, Tlic pl^ce ^crc aUcdcei that Mofcs w^L?h 
^I, « written in the . 2,ofNambt.%h«eG O D pS 

gpdbaJchoftn him aboue a» other Piophctttawh^li 

■^ W ?n,aU «h«h.Idrcp^f IiiatfyHK^^^, Mi, 



tfiftiA'dHm^^opfcfymeagMnfHihn. A notabfcf!«e,ii^ 

iSMiifeChrift, twhb of all-b^cr waf moftfatthfeBi, 
^ii &8 nloft gJoHEed ofttsFathcr to ht a Prophet Ao«c,4 
attI»JMitrs:andwhcrehefaUh, thrtMcfes wasfitthfkBm 
eftii^H'itJaifol » the' Scriptore tfeanvtimcs-TTic howfc of 

thirftt ^ddtth (all) it fhcw«h, that to rtcrir one, Mofci 
was otdcintdof God, aPropherio ttueaJc an *"« y«H»^f 
Cod^nfcJthcr any piiiTofitwis-conccalcd from hnn ^ire 

Uartit;bo^«itHftin in ifl^iis fioiife, whom In alhtffit)^ 
!^eti« dbttboddlbttovt -. and in this was an innge « 

Sritiltl^ftill Aw<-iflMA5tha^^^^^ 

after. rifewcwehWet»yb:<»A}iadl*{i%iVol«m^^ 
irfttiitlifullih allliliiKWfe J^Tirt-atthisfioufc, ^^cn is there ^^A^j- 

Sfceofttehm^of Go|j^^^ ;;,ir^ 

, f5(h A^ W6rke that G OD fiid giuehhim. Out Sawout ^/^.„, 

^irbl^ai>ooft,Stirmii!feTWlta^ "^^ 

S;iai»tt,that ihfcy might be mfttfd^^frort all vnclcanncflci 

.. I^^at thtlaft beptcfentfidbyhilh.yntbhis Father, Ij^ 

. MhithfiiS inthffhouftofGO(D: Olftiaith,' JjiifMt^ 
onr;ou«,our wifedomc, oucwotiWppIftgof GO Djrttt'ot- 
ifcr.durfeouethtaeiK.Chrtft hat^ «ught-y^^^^^^ 

U^^ „. ^11-ilJllhiM ^at*YAe^l»eA.ftIlift'(ct « ttachi^S ih all 

SS v$ ali;;a1»a>^^^ lld^e^Wet ft#,» tiaihi^s ih ail 
0Mt«ai« : iNiJ^ctokt ikwibm'd >mti'ftw tKc great and 
?Tl~" * Wgheft 


Kfiiftd dot .h. ftane and airfc of tfce CroSJ whJ^i* 
ofGoJ. whatfotuer weeiugitwknowordoeila ?S 




noured fo great a Prophet ofGod:fo now he (heWeth tfa« 
Seat exccTlcncie of Chrift aboue Wofcs , that the W 
may alio Icarnc to ^oivour their Meffias, asitbecommeth 

It foUoweth i NtvfSbu mut it et»ntei worthit •fmtrtA 
ritthatUUffes, enenMmnchaslc th*t bmUeth tb* kn^ 
m»rth*n*»rthM tbt h»ufe:fi)re»erUbtufe " *>»*^jjgff^ 
mM i bkt bt th*t bttb built jUI things, it G$d. Hecgp one el- 
peciaU point, the Apoftlc referueth vntoOpafingiilat 
booour abouc all other, and aboue Mofwj^Wj that Mo- 
feswas fofaltbfoll aruler ofthehoufigpSd, that yet bee 
was himfelfe a part of it: but ChujP* a ruler of it, that 
lath alfo built it himfelfe jplwhco, feeing the work- 
I is mote honoutableiyHiehoufe, and euene part of 
It, jjwiftisforoujj^awrehonorable thanMofes. Thisrca- 
fon^SLfecjiiiww* ofthefimilitude ofahoufe, adiing v- 
fuaii in 6^ life, and vndctftoode ofall:and feeing it haih 
pleafedGod to teach vi wifedome by fo bafefiroilitudes, 
we are fo much mote excufeleffcif we will not Icame. 

Will you fee the difference betweene Chrift and MO' 
fes? lookevponahoufc, tndhimdiatmadeit: whcnjoa 
feeafairehoufc, who hath thepraife? the ftone and tim- 
ber, and other matter : oreMc the workman tljat built them 
vp together? fo is it with Chrift and Mofes : Mofes w^ 
f ait^ll, it is true : and fo is the ftone and timber good, and 
(bund, and vetie apt to abide the hewing, till you can frame 
ii together : but what ii this to compare it with the woik- 
ra«i?be itieuerib good,itis alumpe without faftnon, and 
neuet will hauebeautiein it, except the workman fct too 
his hand : euen fo Mofes, bccaulc hee is flcfh and bloud, 
Y^ich nature our Sauiour Chrift hathfanaified, to bee * 
YdTell of the grace of God.he was an apt matter to be made 
euenabeaiumdl portion ofihi8houfc:but what »«hii » 

N Chrilit 

l^aJhtgt ofM. Veering rvpon 

Chrift,\i'ithom whom,Mofi» had peri/hed mhis own cor- 
iiiption,aftd his nature had been loft,no peecedf it to comt 
Seeing then Mofej is as a part of a houft , and Chri A at 

lilder, who hjJth ftt it vp : Mofes may haue the praife 
^ ~M ftt in an honoBrabie place } btit thepraift ii not 
|but the worke-mans that let him io,itwee make a 
Lbetween them. 

ide of the Apoftle , that it might beea fiill 

lerfWaiiottlil^Iewes , they mud know certainly, both 

nB|m of the houlC} and that^hrift is the 

builder of it. The nmlb^^hing without controuerde.that 

for how was he els one of 
t Saints \ or what conlltMlti^ld he haue had of all S/k. 
pronrife madetd Kr^el > if his bWVn^pocDon had not bieea 
uthem^by being one of Ifrael. ^**^ 

The other, that Chrift hath buikthti houfe r ttMt Apoftk 

frooucth it rhos. It muft needs bee, tliat encry hottft muft 
e built of fome body, andtherefbrecheiioufeof l(t«el,i» 
which Mofb was (b teithfall , was aMb bttik by (bme man y. 
k grew hoc alone, no more than timber & Aon«s can ioynt 
together alone to make a houft : wh<> was it then ihM built 
krix}r who made it \ who^ but even he that ma^ a) things 
and that ie God himfelfe : if then,as we haue raoght, Chrift 
be God,and the wildome ofhis BadxTyby whom all things 
were made, in healien Sc in earth r and ifhee JMMh taken ow 
iiacure,thacin one perfonGod & man.he might beet} fsith- 
foli ruler in this honie of <S6d { then heruleehlisthebHil- 
eler, as the makcr^ fo much more glorious than all other, 8» 
the builder of the houfe is itiore glorious than the boufe ic 
fblft. This b the pfam neaniiig oftbe Apoftle in ih«fe<hir<l 
and fourth verfts. 
Now if ic bccheereobie^^diic^CodNilbebuilder^ 

theretore '^^ oart, becaufe hec is as one of vs. hath part 

..drfioefore, dlorfiermuft 8'«ki"«tc rapnenceot 
honour. , i , i, i r; , i Jilfi - '--■'■'-'i 

„ Saint Paul «U«b hunfelfc ^^Sl^ 'Xtapreper- £^; 



••^°*i^* 1.- J. *««ftUt.i«l«HlnotTfcin*nyworde«$ ? 
Aadinthis, the ApofUeneedrt not 7^^^ 

fcrd^trueth ^-a" rr.'^^S^Wd&toSSSi 

is a 

»"« . then Chrill AouldJ haoe thigSffiK? 

>^„ Minutera Ihould bceftllowei .- fo theyare all feilo», a^ 

woorkc of til* Miriiflcr^r, «, build vp the bodie of the 

- Soina 

^to<iirGo^: thk M Gods ordinance from tfaebMinnio||. 
Bliltirtite, <««»« rifenvp. ab>eafthiBJB£hvpocrifi(B, more 
teitf7i*Mmet!wB«iy' Apoftle, or Wbphct, and caUeA 
iiittiileUe a feruaac df fer Hann : but a» pioud in rpirite,as the 
Whbort olF Babylon, which maketh her ielfcLadie ouctH 
it«i«ahdErap«roiH^ •"fi»«r^'-^^«i^-'^3'' -^v!-'^^ ' 
And this decciuct hath Aoibrweefierprophaned the . 
tordsSanauarie.andixii'dfed^Mnnjtinhis Church : he 
hath driaerfoot the ftruants, which laboured in paine and 
iOwlin«ffe,to gathertogetber b^preachingalthepcoplcof 
Gt^ »a^ hath fot maifteH in their fieede, after his owne 
likettefTe, whotoo too long hauenowltept the Church of 
X;hrift-m bondage,and ceafe not to ftriue to keep it in boa- 


- iAnd therefore we ought theraore eatneltlv to pray>aMr 
Ged would gine Vnt«.the NuHe-fethcrs, and Nurfes of hi« 
Ghurch, that is, to Kings and Princes, wifcdomc to fee it i 
and then wee {houWe hauc hope, that they ftioulde ai- 
fcAide gracetoaswWeie. Butlet vsreturne to tbcjA* 

bflftle* . ^ , r 

When heehath thus (hewed, that Moles was but a fcr- 
nant, he telicth after, wberin hisfcruice was, and what was 
WsAithfiilnefleJa iti ^ • ., - : ^ . 

Itfblldweth i_^ti^hhmf9fthethmtv^bJbodd*/ta^ 
befhken .- For thispurpofe Mofcs was afcruant, and in iho 
performance of this duty Mcfes wasfaithfuU : hccwas a 
feruant,fg beaw witneffe vntothc people, ofall the words 
whichG5d ftiould fpeake vmo them, that js, a fcruaunc 
faithftillydecUrtngallthelawofGOD,: for thefc words, 
thtthi$>9SwhUhfhtM*fterbeepken: though they bee truly 
vhdei-ftoodoftheGofpeUofChrift, becaufem tbefigur« 
<>i^h* Laweit was-ibaddowed : and Mofesalfo himfelfc, 
did bearc witneffe of Chrift j yet becaufe hcerc is compan- 

1 1 

\ 1 

N 3 


hmmOthiiwuaitlt&n Clinft and hMkt, a&maUr 
lpilrw| ogbotfcriwi«lliayttiyrBfcttJc;(i^^l^ 

jl^Maby MoAaj) b^hh^ wa^ aieriMK to bc9r« Wi^ii^f 
jiM thcrhhigi nhkfc flioirid bcipoiGca ofcbc Lord. Ho^e 
» the fall office aod whole aucharitj^nniicicnua^ililbr 
Mi3^(k)clri«imlbt»iiiciEigjb,it:. i '?,.;j...j ..,;:../;. 

And MoffajtjieiBofrreddwp^ofiliPfo^iet} and grcnj^ 
ldt«B9iigthepeopkQ£tfiaeL)wh«twashc2 afttwMifi «t 
dcdbM«vutotfacp«oplc«Uthac«he Lordh)i4%oimi«iWhQ 

khee -'-'— '-^jt p-^c-.^ «> \j^r^ Tfl ttifiri 9lfl9 

OHmehead, ordipatices^ud hrm, which itug Lord )^h 
nor made i wiiowillcfiablifliDecfcies.QfhU Qwocjailbf 
houieofGod/'whofbeuerhebee, he (hall carry h^iudM* 
MMM } htM soUiovtfK^ ai Moib w«s i iK»ni^ hltf b^ 
l«rik not wknefle c»ly (9 1 ixe wordtt^ Cod hftthri^^ 
kit4te«xjdi!tth himielfeto bee a iQaAer» and.h«cb 9 mpiic(i 
tbaeipenketh pn>iidechiiigct>.becBDfihcjpreiim^iathi, 
libiift of Godi mgine iawet and otictn^msmm i ifiar? 
he were a feruanc,ne would doe the woHce of a ieruaot, «a4 
bcuxwkndfewJbathanstftcrhadia)^ ^^, 

'■ And heerel:^ rim place, vrce may )^«Ue9p9ond it. thw 
the Apoftles Paul, lames, Peter, wrictcdkemli^tievtbe jopt 
nmesof Ie(uiCfarift. TheworditAl&wmaQiftft prooi^ 
•hey^ipcakeaoching hoc the words of thrill) no d«c3«e,n{C^ 
conAitution, no order wasof their owae, (hey were btif ' 
JbfMntfjbucaUwaroftheLotdlciin Chrifi^vt^o was thenf ;• 
M«ly maAer} «nd asthek- namegiucch (hh teftHbooy vii* 
A&i5.t» to them, Co Piaill ppeniy affirmech it in pWoc words be* 
fbre King Agrippt, thacenen to that day, heneuer witneA 
Ad any thing, neither to gnat Jior little, but only tha( 
which MoTeicbefore, and all dielV^phctt had iayd, ihoukt 
■'^•■.. :■ \ ■' The* 

v^fhea\gti>ottheVz>omi heerrafterfiyi when wee Iptt^ 
iiiAllJiilthcirvatnedettieer* d«f they Attraditions ¥ft 
^fSftl^tfesrftMtthej^hatie^iotthfc' ApoWei pb ; 
but in ftead of feruants arc made I^ords i Co tbeyr hold tio j 
whit of the Apoftles dodtinc i or if they willftill auouch* 
it, thafthc Apoftles hauedeliuetcdaU ftch things asthey. 
teach, thW they j«aft tt!t#,wh*H!*WJ»i«4the Prophets 
haue foretoldc it ; for the Apofttes were fcruanti to bear« 
witneffeonelyoffuch things, as GO D hadfpoken by hit 
feruants beforethem, that is, bv Mofcs and the Prophets j 
withoirt^M«?^rtam, whatfoewr commieth, weft may 
boldlyfiy.wevttertyitRifeit. ^. , r 

ItfWteweth VM CMH M the Stmie mmrhu b$uf<^. 
in this name Sonne, hee doth not on^ giue prehemi- 
nence to rule in the houfc, but a perpetuity to dweU m 
that houft, and toraigne (as thcSaipturefiyth) in the 
liorffe oF lacob for ener. So that , beeing the Sonne of 
<3od,^o is heireof aH chiMs, hee roleth in this hoofe » 
•Ldtd«id GotWrtoi?!^ whole eomandemcBts alone do» 

■fhm*"^- ■ ' '■"'■■-■ ^' ■ 

Andagaine.beingthe Sonne ofGod,eeemally begotten 

'ofhis Faner ; he ener did^and fhall doe to the end jnleand 

t»iie the fouentgnhr in dis Eoufe : and wholbener he bee, 
that in this houJe«UprefiiB!eagainft the Sonne^asareW- 

itbus finunt, hefcali bee caft out of the ho!ife,and aaoth«t 
(b^hauelusroome. , . . i. 

Thetefore, eocn as before thoAjwftle made hn exhop- 
tation,thatthey would confider this Ap6ftk^<ii^^«* 
of their profisffion : euenfoletvi, and bumble our Iwies 
vttder tms high Lord in thehoofe ofGod : let vs obey his 
Voyce, and (as Salomon Cgrth) bee more ready to heaw^ 
thttooffer the ficrificc oftboier:*: let TS beetttfWthfeU 
ioooraUiMi^hdorehim we may haueagoodaeeoiti 





^■ • ■- 

rjMiaifter, thatbcwiUbecaftitbfWi Omnt 

'.''•i l-.'t.'f \Jm]'iii-: 
-./it #4 * 

., . ,, 


ttimMmtL • ' ^ ^ '^^s-ii. .T,i, 

•T'^i'''^" ••: ' <> 'J ■ . . '-no/ r.Titti.W;.] n 

& tbe. Apoiilc b^.geaeraiJy; bcfort^es. 
: horted them, to beari^ vntoChri^ 

teflion, (hewing tniliecefficy broiir,]^ 
fiboucattochcr.who werefcncofCSO 
' " vnto v?,y«, d>oufeMo^,|,imfelfc :.4 
AoM^ ««rf WcuMj^W appfeh ikk va^ them, 4^ 
*pweth, that byncceffityoftheM: coiS^on and calfina, 
tney ait bounde efpecially to tbis doety j beanie cfaey; 
jiwiHhav (bemfeines are tbu Hvtt^GO D,>Jie«ir 
Ml^^kec^ i of wMcb, ChriA ii the huiWet .' and.ia 
which, heerulethaboaeall : fothatthey might bec/urcu 
it wai aU one to desie him to bee their onelie ftcoJ 
^, and todc^ietheraftlues to be theHoufeofGodi ' 
•>'^4M^,^ff^<f^W^^ix^ word? rH4)^,&^. 

"^ "Anoilier. 

. Another purpoft of thufpeecbii«,% their betterittftrn^ 
•dioaio ^e truth of the GqCdcU of Chififttbhat they (h^o«dd 
aot^ their Others did,hold their ^th«>wardGOD witk 
fefpeftoftbctemple, then ctmimbnly called ^hehouf^ of 
God \ nor with any religion of all the ceremoniesvfed in 
4ttferallihe(etfaingihadanend. God was now gon« out 
^chefiiaifhmrieiaM'dwshffomore betweenetMClietUi> 
bims, hoc had made him a new tabernacle to d>Ndl4S^ 
which was the bodyofman : whichtabemadoonely wee 
jnuft hauecare of, to keep«ie pare fronvthe concnpiKeoce 
oFilue fleili; and.takeip«4« hoiyift«m tbo>vaiM«aai|Bntioni 
«fbiuxh»-t,Bnd then the Lord (Viould bcohv&ie* with v»,at 
wtththe peoplewhoni he had choren,to nuke them an.lui' 
Utati(Hiror hiin(el&, and atabemacleofhiB glory. > 

:s 1 1 ^ chitendalfo cIk. Apoftk iaiifa:it4^My« it'Mrre this 
WcnuiAlearoetnatthkfeptacMafrcriptuit;Wh«rfW<^iari Jk 

•oaUed by like name^ Saint Paul l]uth : Dmyttumiauviiiya iCw. ^ 

; And againe, lim Mrtthe tmfifi tfiht U»mg GtHy at Gfd lud 
fgfd :lwtk dwilli9them,Mnilml^wtllumthm^tkif.flhd *^ ' 
^mjpe0f>lf^ MdJvuHie^timrGad, AIkdagaine<^||9^(vi(ir«»Bpil.>J^ 
juartftrangers Mifmamri^ imtfeiltw citix»»nritk$ht Sximt 
\«m< ^t6r/Mw/; ^ <jl«i/. In thefe and all fuch places, wee bee 
taaght,thatthe temple which was once the houle of God.is 
jiow taken awny {and all the religion of theMmpIej which 

jwaa once theiiftniice ofGod^h DOW (intfb^d and hath'-hii 
sod : from hencefoorth, thercis neithe^^circumdiion' nor 
vncircumcilioB, neither lew nor Gentilc,but Chriftiialiio : 
aUcthejnire and rhafte body ishis holy tabemack^and ^ 
titaindtrQerhis hisheaucnly worfliip. Thttsmacfadirie£b« 
^ the AppfUeteacheth ihem in theie words, wbffeJiMfiU 

"9tu vet 

.<^- *<-■. 


SSRS.I''?^?*^.*'^ «»<»■»« Wtovi, loft they 
J^^c J.brpth«*ood ttdHdClmiS 

ApoMelpcjfccforviilL Thtt£BaeTciymidb<»ni.I>ec« 
*9r Aoughtlun^aneweDoaour, ehcjbad MoibTS 

flOM,w<iitK>kMetfaeaiuKi^ indtoliowiievde^^^ 


T1ieAfoftk«»(topihii«fitii««j&crctteih4owiie fiift«ka 

OMteh ^GO D, orCKMfe bit «««ftc4M»Nl) the houie o9 
G«id^iKfKKanybuadtiitt«fwoodoc ftoott, not anyCttiC'' 
or any material icaiple,b«t man is the houTc of God. Hcnr 
M «vt»lMkai( one neceflaiitldlbo : fvilc thou know t^ 
bMlfe-of G<Mkthatiii iMChitfch; lookeiiot at lerufclem, 
riof iaiMMorSkm^ fee neither iheCide. nor the icmplt In 
k, tra BOW thehwife in wbkh Goddweileth. Ifthou doob- 
i^lmme it fer atrueth, that lemralem lonsfoce if noa- 
den^afwiie of the GcMilai i the Turite and Infidds bane 
de6led«n the dona ofit,aodfer the tenrnte/hete are many 
hundred yearcsfince the vncircumctfed haucentted into it, 
«nd the a hen M »atton of delation hath ikwd hi die holie 
^ee^thttitniMtbefuIfiUed that wai^Oi bythePro. 
of God i» nor in any materiaUtempIc'nor ititnotknownt 
by any citie orcountrie : lerufaltai, thatfi>f thiieade, onc«( 
Wtt«rriOritf^iNvwrld,an4 the bcautifc of the whole 
etrdi jhantno ifKn^is diennie} neither (hall it be giiien to 
anyplacHbeeuer. But to nndc thtf Chtireh of God^feeke in 
the heattofmant for the Apofflei haue HSl (^npiarriffe, 
li^4r/)te/»t#>.N6wIetRdMe g6andfk>ailhetfrife^&pn>. 
no«nceherprt)tidDecrc«i,thai in bcrpalaces the Chore*! 
of Chrift doth dwcfl: Ictaflherloaen ftriuefor herpqiifes, 
that (he is ourfhothcrjhcr weemoflferue, vpon her wee 
mull wait^e carirtot crrcj agalnft al thefechildrcn of pKde 
wee dare fet ourlilues. The Houfe of GOD is neither in 
Rome, nor in the Capitoi of Rome, no more than it If in 
J5^, or the hi^ pinaded Churches in iEcyptj Mh in e^ 
tiiene nation anrftn euerie cotmtrie, the m en that feare God' 
ind wotke lighteonftefTB, thgr arc the Cbiirch , and the 
•honfcittwWch God doth dwefl.: ' : ^' '^ - ^■■^^' 



Jjitht r^htwt tonMtiy hii«.nrvVc« ffi fiir^S 


Romt t ftnd «U tiM Altan of Mnhomtt Mrt not (b vhciMhc» 
HI tht Popti rtutrond AUan, whkhftrutfbr Sodomitw \ 
And M tht k^opti hdnonble Churchw, in which th«y nott* 
rilh vp Atnoroui boy«i. HMtlm *rtm* fitU^ M«BttM» 
%th, /^gMr infitfHNy UieiimU ktmmk tktt mU mm/k 
And ytf lifthty mtHI hMft,cht «hiiMh dfRomtvihtclim 
of KoRitilhuli wt ftOI bclctut thimf oi^th«lt wWMihir b«* ^j 
iNUithi ApoOlc) thatthcChuixhof (SODUjnttn«ith«r 
Romi, nor not tVom« ) but in Komtiind ottMvKomtitht 
mtn that (turf Ood «rt thiChurth efCMft. 

1 tic chli t»«t out- HtU klTonJMirf tiiU|ht vi by tht A* 
tht Church of God it nAfbund by olActi <k couii> 
littrifti httliinriyykMtt ornNliin tht lownt i b»i 
M WBiJi ilyuiiiiirfii iMH irttht Biiiltff \ fo whtri 
irtinMiMiMN InCnHft, thtrtlihiiChur«h t thiili 
t)it Apoftkimtnning whtnht AlihiwW^Wd^fAffiWb ' ^ 
Now M wt htfut itfirntd to AtMtcht church, not in »ii4 
tm\ but in tht httm oriiitH,(b ^ tht wordi MlowlnH,«ht 
mtn «rt aifo dtl^ribtd, that by thtir markti wt miiy Know 
ihtm (hm othtr mtn of tht world, which irt not tht 
houftdfGod.btttan aiftmbly oFtht wkktd. Iiibltowtihi 

HttNthtApontt Aitttlhdownt thrtttfltciali mtrkM 
and proptrtitilby whichiht Church ind children of Go4 
•rtliBowtnttht flrft li tht loy ohhtir hopt^tht f^hd.tht 
ifllinnc-tofiti the third, tlittt)n(l<incyAnd ptrkutnnct 
vntothttnd. Theiny ofuur hoot ii|ii))rcAni Ming of 
ImmorttHty and tlit glory of God, which tht holy Qhoft 
'kindltth in our htarM,ai]d Alltth vi withal! heaucnly gbdl- 
flt(A, Qcconiing to rht promifti preached in tbt wMdt of 
trutthiwliich ii hli Go/ptU. 
^«*N And 





'^oJJm^i pf\£, Peering fvpon 
Aid ierv»nQcthinke,l>utthatGod bath done thii.w}f», 

gy.^?y,^y -l^^ »hiok. rbe Lord wUlfXSrw. 
knoiSSH^fl?^^*8'"*^» 8'ft»to tfaoft that 

»ew forth hMvmucs, thathathmKl»iit ofda3ifefl& 
2^ ifi^^l^'PPT'"* wtheinhcritanaofhS git 

Ste^rfe''^^^*'"''^* foundofthenameot 
SkB^li21'^f!^?*?"^"*«''«» «"^'n ^hoft heart 
Jjiknow^h^h neither iov norgladndTe. heeii yeta 

^^htSli^'rf'*"^^^^^^^^'^"* cannotchSenJea? 
Jhyirnoetht Oxea. good a. he ; for thefe thingiare vn?i 

£Vj2M«.fiwour, bethe thing, heloue moft, «cii which 
.JrtjJ^tt^camfoftivhatia he better thai the PaSS 
nTh^A'rr'H^"^^"' inwhomthiidefi«waI 

fie ^/^iif to tAr Htkrues, ' 

V5S for we,iQ refpeft of thcra are beegerlie tenants; and they 
in refped of vs were Monarches onhe whole world. If theie 
things could make thehoufe of GOD; the houfeol'God 
were among the beaftes of the field, or annong fauage peo- 
ple worfe than beaftes: whoft aefires, if they be our de^ 
fires, and their deliehts. if they beourddights, we fha^U^ 
of them,and they ofvs; but the boufe oTGod (hall bc«f nei- 
ther ofboth: for in thehoufe of God is thishcfMW«^ake 
of; a'feeling (I <ay)of Gods glorie, in which V^NiftM plea- 
fure more, than in all the world. Let vs t^gpiexainplrof 
Paule in ftead of many , he protefteth tb u ii lfR ^toWyt au the py. 
world to be lode vnto me, yea, ^eoinM it bMt as d«nc, to 
the end I may win Chrift : hauiB thou this heart, and rtieu 
h^ peacc,and chou haft&aM it, that thou art clrite houfe 
ofCod : 2nd this i|jfi^M»lb« Apoftle «eaeh«th vs hmbin 
thefewocdtjifwce hold this reioycing ofourt)opeft«)faft 

Another thing heefc to be learned, ifwee v^llknewoUf 
feluesfobct iMs^ouft and Church of God, i»,^that aswe« 
bold this hopc^ io we imift>lfoidU AedfaAi and wJtlMMft «»i-' 
■ering, Tnio the end t for (a the ApoAleanh, we mtift h Me 
ftedfai afltwaiKe of our hope j h««aHeth it in the fiat chap-' ^''•^ *• 
tct,Mfillfer/»4^0M0/i«fe. Saint Paule calleth k, kit imtnH Pkuii^ 


tiiit'iif^ a hope, in' whicfc hee ^IH neticrbe ftttftrat^. Sp 
that this aiTurance, and full perfwafion, is in a true and jii 
iunghopc, and it eaftethoue roiftnift andwauering, wen 
aaiaMidoth j foe faith aitib«fp« cor^ beftperMe, neiihef 
m nanare noe properties but ifydu ha(}« fsWi , you hatM 
hapt, asid as your faith ii,fa k your hflpes a Aire faith, t 
Kuelie hopei a Wauering fakh, a blind hope j foroarfaith 
i»«peti«wfiM)oiih«kMieefGODifl Chrift, andourh^pe 
kkiapprehenfion ttTcbej^loik'Wkkhby tir«li»u« isgtueii 




klSl^Sff'^c "?*"""" which we fcefc&llow 
^ SKltbS'^^SS^^ -nd crying 

' A/ng when we l^ake ofhopc, iw idSBlS-!. MT 
( whereof we doulK,«ndifXiS ofSSJ^^u l « 

SefeeSS^'?''*'!^*'**'"* "*'«h bring our w«uC 

W«ff.r* • T.* ***» ' thwcfoco to mike aUb^ 


kt - 

if Ifiy there be any fuch people, let them boaft they ai«tbe 
,Church,yet wc kno we they are not the Church,but an ab- 
iijrd people .-for Jet them anfwcremee but this onequefti- 
on. I a«kc of them whether the v be fure they are the church 
of God or no i If they be not/ure they be blinde leaden of 
the blinde : and Ihall we follow them, who know not w& 
ther they goe I If they be fure, doe they thinke the Church 
of God can pcrifh I It it cannot.the hope of it ii nift,and no 
man can come into it, but hee muft haue his poltion in this 
afliirance of hope.And all this I fpeake not a» though Coda 
children areeuericone, andalwai^^yniytaffiirance' for 
foractime their feith is weake, aMHMrhope isfliadowed. 
^" '"-—might humble thenjiluei vnder the hand of 
•^ --' doe acknpwJ^M their ownc vnnwthinefle, 
'pMrnr the riahteoufiMfle of Chria : 
ii ■■ill . «««"«.«bev willconftfli their nnne.and 

tty.thtywiht m6r< affutedly to hold their hope .- onelie 
thiirfly. and this the ApoAle faith, this isthedodtrineof 
• thehouftofGOD, that they oughttohold the reioycina 
of their hope ftedfaftandfure vnto theend; and thisdc^ 
ftrine, that our hope is doubtftiU, and cannot haue any af. 
fiirance of the thing we hope for. this (I fay) is not the do- 
^nne of ChnA, nor ofthe houfe that he hath builr, but of 
fonK other, an idols houfe, and houfe of idolaters, thatei- 
ther know not whether their God be fiiithfull andiuft.or 
butadeceiuer; or whether themfelues (hould beleeue hii 
pramifes, or rather miftruft them. And thus far of tho 
Cnurch. as hcerc the Apoftle hathdefaibed it. 

Now, the third thine which weemuilheeremarkefor 
our inftruftion, is per/euerancc : forfo heiaith: H^,eim/l 
bM Mr rMHU^ cmutfmH ♦««# ihemd. A moft neceflarie 
tWlg»and fuch as without which all our Labor is loft • but a 
WinB hard to artaine vnto,and ful of difficultiej know it by 

■$**m o the 


theexperienoeofit : forfcarce oneofagrcat many dooA 
grow vp into ferufticyofreale. and to conrinucth vnto 
tbcend. -Andthcrcforetbcmdredangcr iivntovsinthw 
beluJft, the more watchful! wee muftbee to auoyd the 
pcnll. LaCYsfipftknoweit. artdperfwade ourfelucs in it, 
tbmcu noplcaling ofGod, botinthispcrfcucrance^vnto 
thM^or euen as the Prophittfiyth, fc wee (hall findeit 

r*r ^TSl:"^^'***^ !?*'^.®^*" ^""^'^^^ yew oWe Ihall 
forfikebfirWhteournciTc, theLord wJH al/o forget all the 
nghtcoufn^thchathdone : and a moft inft cauft why 
ourfinncj(bouhl^||m^ted. ifatanytimc wte ftoul^ 
feintaodftl away ;16?We that can meafure his obedience 

heewill waikc beforethe towkjiceisnotwxjrthjrtj 
reckoned arno«hi.(cniaiKsi «S»^oncofG(i«chil- 
dren ; tor God ii not as men ape< nor Rs'Hite|rde»*e as the 
rewardcs of Princes; hcemcafureth not hit aiRuby fuch 
fcmt accountsof yearo? and.raoneths, andrimes wft, a« 

!^®J?&l1.c*.'^°'*^'* *»"**«»"'<>»» atoorproAenty, bot 
befilfcih hw handwifhhleflHic. and his loue wuh iramor- 

tthtv, nejtheris thereaoy endcof hismcrcie.-and if wee 
IWl come to fuch cold reckoning, to sfcore vpour yeare» 
iod number our dooiugs, like pl-enticci or hired mcb, lee 

jnd wKhan emlleycboketh vponhistouew .-|e*vswor' 
IhipwKhthc Papifts all their abhominattonsr Saint Cotw 
»dli«»who can onivkccpe vi fi«om the ftfling ficknetJSainp 
ApoUinc, whowilfhelpevsofthetdoth^itfl^ i orfomeo- 
thcr Godsofthftinountaines.or Godsofthc va!iies:ifthoa 
fcaue fuch a God^that can doe fo Kttic good, make thybar- 
«inethcrcaftw,Md fenrehim»bythntt^ 
tfthou refue«he Lord Go4oifhtt««iM*6fS mercy i? <mj^ 
t^im irprH-aiid whoitijifijjiieAoodaw dotfecndut^ftt' 
♦.41 ^ O 

cucr, thott ftroeft a bountifull Lorde, who gineth thee atl 
ihings,and vpbraideth none : and chou mayft not be a nig« 
sardly feniant* cogiue vnto him either thy hand or thfl 
feote, but all is of him, and with all thou muft feruchini^'' 
Thou ierucft alouing Lord, who willnot change his fih 
uour towards thee roreuer more ; and thou mayeft IK>C 
letuehimby account ofdayes, but to the laft hour* thou 
muft be euer faithflill. A perfc<^ God,a pcrfefb 6i«ant j an ' 
euerlaftingGod, aperpetuallferuantjifthou BiOattbelaft*' 
thou art fallen from him, and not hee fi^ cbee : and thy 
condemnation is of thy feife. ,00^- 

Therefore, our Sauiour Chrift hath ginen via deere 
irning } th*t hte thttjetteth hu-kmit$ tbtflrtM Mud Utketh 
)l^WMrd,heu»^ meeteftrikftS>^d«metfH&mtn:h}Xit!b.\ii * ' 
)mile is vn^^ : b«th*tptrjeuerethvmttheeitd, heJUi Mmh. h 
/^! and iothtsaOurance Saint Paul held the reioycing '•''^** ; 
or hit hope) / hMuJhttten 4 g—i(trift : J haiu fiti^btd mf 
(ourfi : iMKkeftmjfAith. Now the crowne of righteous 
neiieonely isbehinde, which heewill give me, who iathe 
righteous iudge. £uen fo (dearely beloued^let vs bee con- 
fiant, let vscaft away the burthen, thatpreflethvsdowne, 
and this finne which Co eafily compa/fetb vs about, and lee 
vs run with patience all out the race which is let before vs, 
to we fball be like vnto our Sauiour Chrift, who for theioy 
that was (et before him, diddefpifethecrofle, and is now 
the author and finilhcr of our faith. 
^Thegreateftenemie weehaueto makevs ftumble and 
pill, that wee (hould not hold this conflancy, as perfeue- 
rance vnto the end, i$,ourowneHe(h. Andifit may hauo 
any rule in this workc, or ifweconfultwith it in thefe hea< 
<■ iienly things, wee are vndone, and all our labour is loft, for 
fleih willlike of nothing long. 
, All delightes muft haue their changCt and the greatev 
--fe^ O a the 





tfaepleafure w. theneercrisficictie, in anything whatfo-^ 

jothing that will giue thee aptrpctiiallpleafure, to buy 
Ay feruicc ; hunger and thirft arc foone fftisfied, the hei 

^ n«^«»<' "ftwfoone tedious jallpfay and pafbme, which 

-'•d?f.''l!lS5f ' '^OMfntznd garland oftheir life, thi. 

aUou dull%ffc in a Jittle while,and this garland is iwi- 

tbered hay ^ o^ thing muft come to take this vp. or 

i^«^thanthiift<«m^ftill, vve would neuer play while 

doecb dnue amy the night^Hiir worldly pleafures i£ 
one after another, and the beft ofthem «ij doc not ioEn 
•c«ki J. Jong. Euen as Salomon faith, the eye it not (acisged with 
feeing, nor the eare irith hearingj but be the tunc neuer h 
iweet^t lail we defire another. This fletti & fleOily minde. 
JwelhaUbnng toourreligion,ctnwee(thinkeyou)|)er. 
fiuer in the proftffion ofit ? Wte cannot, no more then 
the cat ot the moun taine can change her foots, or the black 
Moore can change his colour. Iftherefort wee will hoW 
this excellent ycrtue of perfeuerAnce vnto the end, let v» 
make a eood beginning j euen that God (whochangeth 
not) with his holy fpiric which neuer forlaketh vt. may 
kindle our hearts with the loue of his tiueth, which Qulooc 
be quenched loreuermore. 

ThU it is ([ /ay : ) let this be our comming vnto the Go/i 
pell, in this prepawtion ofour heart, that our hcauenly ft- 
ther.the God of al gracc.may ciue vs his fpirit.that we may- 
loue his truth vnto eternaU life. This beginning (hall haue 
ftUl >ncrcafe,& haue at the laft a pcrftft workej but if this bo 
BoticjftfaeloueofGod be not all we lookefor, if ambition. 


authoritJe,riche8,prailc of men : ifany flelhly affeftion bee ^^^ 
with vs, when wee haue ourpurpofc, ourworke is at an 
end. Or, if by occafion the Golpell (hall hinder this pur- 
pofe, our religion isatanend, farewell the Golpell, bookc 
and all: we begin to Gng, anewmaflcr,anew. Butdm«, 
blinde and fbolilh, what is thy glorie butin(hame« and 
what is thy (bng but lamentations, and mourning, and 
woe \ Thou haft gotten, in deede,a new maftqr : for thoir 
haft forfaken God, who is from the beginning: and ktvSt' 
the aooked lerpcnt, who was an Apofhcaafore thee : and 
yettbbu haft no newmafier. butwhom before thoaftr- 
vedft in hvpocrifie, him now thoo firaeft in vanide, and he 
li^ldeth thee bound, euen asJM will himielfe. 

Xet vs take heed^f|earely beloued) and neuer be oacr- 
cakeiH>f fuch aflaaoK Let vs feele our hope, reioyce in it, 
loue the glorie that is let before vs, inlarge onrnearts to 
comprehend imraortalitie, and with all our fbule feruc the 
Goa ofglorie. Let vs delight in his ftatutes, and iudgo- 
nents, and make them our longs in the night feafon: (b 
we inll know we be the houle of God : we (hall haue tUt 
perfeuerance, whereof I hauefpoken, and wee flsallnot be 
confounded lercHcr. NoW}letvapray,dcc. 
9fi^ 9'i*^illl^*n'r.'t'- ^ ■ ■"' 


. :■ ■';.•, V t!,.-.'ij.i,' I ,'. '•■rx-if-,'. 


'd^aJh^s of M, Deerk^ ipon 


m^- Theiifteenih Lcdlure, vpon the . } ;!..v 


8 WKf» myhrheMt, m in thtfrwtucMim, tectrJim $$ 

. MytfthttmatimiHthemlitrmft, 

p ^here^r/4th€rsumMedmtt,praHitdmet,Mdnmtm 
mrlu$f»U«yert$lMg. ''. 

10 HWir# iwmmk^i Jritk thdt gmeratit^, mdMi 

Thty tm mrW^thmt, niithir hme thty k 

E Ethane heard hetKatoomthit 
third chapter: how the Apoftle hath 
caught, that our Sauioae Ghfift^.it 
our onely Prdphdcr, fnichftli iiihjp 
workcjCucnasMoib wa«ftithft(|l» 
yea, unuch more hooorabic than Mo- 
les, as the workcmnn ii aboue the 
houfc : or the Ibnnc aboue the fer- 
uant J and this houfc which Chrift hath built, Jind in which 
Wtttgneth, arccucn wccourfclues, ifwcc hold f^fH what 
nee hath taught, and rcioycc in the hope ofit vnto the 

Now, ^eenddeth another rcafon, taken of the Prophet 
Dauid.who in fpirit (pake this of Chrift: T«i»y,ifj,iy,it 

'^ j^'^' "* ^y *" circumftances of the time and 
words doth manifcftly appcare, and therefore let vi open 
our CMaondheotc this aoelleatprophet,afldncuo'fufer 


Mm dodrfaie to fall vnto the gfx>und : to thispurpole, be al- 
icdgcth this long fentence of the prophet Dauid, and bt* 
ginneth thus : Whtrefire^ Mthebtfy Ghtft dM^fty : bee hod 
before exhorted in his owne words, he addeth now moit 
weight by theaurhoritie of the prophet Dauid. topriclt' 
them the more that were dull to icorne: for howfoeoer 
they would otherwife haue made light account ofthe A- 
poftles words i yet to haue dcfpifed the admonition of lb' 
nigh a prophet,ithad been intollerablc,euen among thcm< 
ielues. And to the end. he might feare them yet more with 
their linne, if they would not hearc, hee naroeth not the 
j|Prophct Dauid. whole wordes they knewe well enough, 
'""""^ut he nameth the holie Ghoit, who (pake in the Prophet, 
It they might knowe. to refiile it. were not to refufi a 
Jaai>ut God, vthoMte by man vnto them : for this pur- 
poiiine beginneth tnus : Whtrrf'm tbt h^fy Qh»U dtMbfy : 
and Ietviherelearne,euenaitheHcbrues ought to haue 
koraed, with reuerence toheore and to obey the word, 
for it it not the wordofoun but of God, nor /boken by 
man, but|by the hotte Ghoft. So Saint Paule (peaking of ».Tta.^ 
the Scriptureitw giueth it this title of /pedall honour aboue 
all writings that it is inipired from Ood, and Saint Peter . p^ 
Aith.thacprophecie it not of man or mani wifdome, but ' ' 
the holy men of God foake as they were caried of the holy 
Ghoft. This mu(t breed in vt a frngular regard of the word 
of thtPropbect, except we be exceeding blinde i for if i doe 
btlacuflin my heart, at I confede in my tongue, that God 
. only it wife, God only it holy, God only is our Lord : then 
' I muft needi acknowledge, that hit wo^d oneiy is my wif- 
doane^andmy vnderftanding before all people: hit word 

!l my warrant, of aU pure, holie, and blamdciTc religion, 
f I ooe confefle that GOD onely hath immortalitie. and 
ii In Ught that fliineth for euermore^ then muA I needs al& 

O4 fiy, 



e«**w/«w.. Ictraeehold thji a» a coramaunderaent from 
hinsthatlhaucnowordofJife buthi,, yea wSue " 

ofmvmpuih,in thc^vorksofmy handi, in allmyJifc: If 

fth . Behif jord,th{.muft be my teacher and in obedience 

wwdofGod,oryouiiuyte nojccountofitat all : andmaka 

•h« fime,neuherw th«t.nv creature, bue 5 Ae^cth forS 

tobeccalled vppon in the name of doyacatuw, but bee 
fcath giuen th.s onely to his ivord. W w dot no? fiy , the 
HftucnofGod, nor the earth ofGod, nor anytliiiiff ia 

irX -^'i '^w</o«h h„ giorie ; but the writing, of rhe A- 

5^Ga/.- vyhy dfc? But that his wMedome.Wi Mw^rifait 
|lwe,hisraerc.e, efpecially and aboueaUthrngii fliineth 

Whi. 1 ^« *^reaturei, as whtnlinrordei.deftlfoX 
wh«i man fiwe not hji erernall power and Godhead: 
whtch wa. mnnifeft and might haucbccn knoww, \i 
•be.worka of the creatioif of the world, yet G O O *A 


oaertee ail their ignorances^ hadl ptde 0J1 them, hfe gmt 
them a better teliimonie of his pre&ace , and made W 
word knovrne in the middes of ehcm, chat they might hc4 
leeue it^nd be faued j which word wholbeuer IhaU dcipiie, 
he hath defpiied the power of God by which be Q)oi4fl 
be l^ued,and is more Builtic before GOD.than Pagans Old 
Infidels which neuet knew him : neither can there beany 
othtf raeaneoffaluation vnto him. To this efFeft (no 
doubt) the Apoftle giueth this renerend fpcach to this 
pwphtdc. Ththtludi^hdfhfiMl. 

Thus hauing prepared the people tohetrc«nd reganl; 
he fetteth downe the words of the BroJ>hiet,a8^11oweth. 

9btMtt»mitrmiimg im the Jm rftmutm m thewiUhrm^ 
vtiftnyMirfMhtrs &t, To vnderftand this cxhorfatioorifidll 
weeWulUcc the whole purpbfe ofthePfilme. The Pm* 
ph«e molwchthii P£ilme,no doubt,as aprcparatioaforthc 
people In all their <holie conuocations , how to pttfene 
chemfelttea befbrfrthei,ord rafter the fame manner, ii. t 
pood and laBdableeufto««,inKvieitiMi>vtitttl)eChiiticb 
in our feruicc vntoG O D, beginning witkthiaiPfiilme»ro 
ftlrre vi vp vniaftnre ondlreUeience, and. an ctrneft deiira 

of tbe.«^«M<wrGod. P^MWffew A^ ta«#JAiXa»d; ciw.ajM* 
becfluAour Icale coward Gad aknt^ondh^epboiilaeilmjtt 
m^ed the hearts of many j therefore the Brbph^^oitck't 
ethvbem neercr, that if they wiM ftand aece^iWe Jxftir© 
6ali'delay- A>iKv<iior .becfalnt heare^ rhm eudnslbecdiUd 
mtjtwltttpit^. AHaherchearifth thevxampllcvp^ithitr 
ftcbera, who tempoed Gdd^ aRd<ieU iitidfeimWernkK^ilM 
iiTOdfwhofti(jw»j»'es4hwil<t<HnkeWa«fcrj/,^rtiii ,!•;,, , 
3<)Thi» being ti^# iMjslaihe moiDtojjvfitiie HrM>Bcii;>nti 
*e how lidlb tliJi<lripttot«.Js ^Ucd^edl^eh^ApoiiitTM 

Ox, tlieo' 

liPjKthtt*^ Ood,jorhcare his word with humllitic, and offer 
thsmlclucs in atoolic obedience vnto it: Soherethe Apo- 
ftte,apphr«,git viKoGhrift, who tbcnrpakc twhiiPVo. 
i>het., thac his word now miththaue ako thereuerenc* 
ofhi»owrncpci»fon,hefiiiha«o tothcmj T^djgifywwiH 

Now, toDctung the words that he&ith.Mi^; beo 
t«^lthff^;mt^hc<ioSpci[n pcieached,tead 

^« *?««pr»SP=»*l<>n^a«che word Unreached, fo lone iak 
.^t ,• «»tton' «ft>iFered. In lik« lenfe Saint Paule exhorting th* 
i|p • .^".nwww hot to recciue the grayeof G O D in vaine.E 
-Y I. Wpe* thu iaTiag ootofEiay : ikkuhetrdthee tuMMtit^ 

wftercnBtoheaddcth : MbmtmftiithemefitUttim^heh0U 
mt> u^hti^ *fffi^ /^>Wndie expoanding this time^ 
Mirftiuidaj^to bee fo long oi the GolpeU is preached ; by! 

I![?2!!?^"?*^'^ ^C*" "-^^JC^WM. toheaitChrift 
preached^ for then God ofFereth himfeUe vnto vs, then he 
ftretchath out his hands (as the Prophet laith) co imbtace 

»a,ttteoBe«alkfch>vit<>eoiiwiintohini.thenheiwil«ceebe ^ 
•Mhai ii theeiWieof filaatibn forva i aU his fiuoonloue, 
aa«%MO<ints. all his gracei are kid out vnto vsj he hath 
op«beddichtanensthatwietmightfee,endfliewedibwth ' 
hbglodechat we Wfehevndedland,iind beiK>«o«.vjbe» 
JeJoiB^biitbeleemngt M4wh«iewtiie(th>wwe) can w« *^ 
«fahTn»bnng'beforehirt,ifthia,g©^oferace,ofpeacei ^ 
ofHfe.JjcemdMdivhM.'va. afidnt>tit8ar(fed ? thetefoie. 

«ienii^Apo«»ath(afiarwai<Cyl5wlearne. While 
cbeCofjieUiis phetarM'iti»ffiUaaH<*i!r;'*ard«nBot 

■ y7^-"f 



And thii (Ibeftechyou) once againero remember, that 
when the Gofpeli is preached vnto vs, then^h; Ss u tUy. T\A» 
away this word preached, which is thepiowcr <rfG O D to 
chy falnation, and what time art thou in Mure in ^ nig 
in which no man can worke j for this is the day, when h,. 
voyce is heardvEuen as the daies ofour Iife,-they arifc with 
tbe Sume.andgoc downeagaine with ic: ib the day ofour 
faluatlon itfpringothin the preaching of the GorpeUj and ic 
is (hut againewith the aaling ofthatvoycc< and there- 
fore the nolle Gho*.6itbf'wbonionB5auio»r€brifti6th 
conw to Coperna»ate ifvtheibdrderfcpfiSabDlonJaiidiNep^ 
%'<halira -.thefetfU thiffMrnd^hmfiku Sire*tt»iH,*iiit0M^^ .^ 
'¥? w**^* Atf' mtherigm4»dJM$helb^, Ati,ligbf 

Ijlbteoufnc/Te liio Wo»y]beuiBhitihiaiihjro*)ngihi««th 
the icsep^able timeVand this day of health ; now wioiild I 
ftineknow, what aoaHcfnaicri/or the-deadr <i»lwt hdi«^ 
ficrifices for them in Purgatoriej is not this £ttiioe:&ie 
l«lical> made tbdrhe<lii»ihe<Jarfcc ^ baue iheylawf mori 
eorcs to bearej.orMTetheyitotasmctt^kasMohgagarhow 
then can'jict their ftatoip ciangeaUcf fioiircttneheyoki 
t^tg»8ce/8wrdeflnd(peace,b3Rourinterooli«oivii i^h^ 
en«j.ttte,Apodlelhith«ottruc; that iris aib ^Mt{^irjlA 
than while thtGorpeHii preached) Saintf»au}efiii!l^iroi 
tmtiiliat now dniic is xhti4cttftMttime.-ouo SumwCMiH 
i^KWeed-vs^wiiehhcfaid^V^P^^whA.^^ , 


ffdodhxn^emitnthejnraaitdtmeBliislAiilAiii M^ani^i 





*«r wide andkadcr in their ddertwaJet-AhdiCrtS 

gtfcte »,and cuer Hrar.tbcm«diatoiir and mkemer oflOt 
2^P^,«'''J"«-. whom hchad ordained for wJVZfc! 

•JCfi^iSr? T^*> ««^««w»».' the fame Whcfe 
thefim«iait£, ^efimchopc. the fimeGod. euen « w3 

^ 22S«£fea?r'^f'"*^»^^«^"«Church.A.o«rT 
n^aefc*lfaUi,idiJBiBwu M in our£ltiier Abrthaiat 

N> \ 

one hcaucnly mafter. And whatfoeuer outn^ard ceremo- 
nies God hath ordained, accordin«o diuerfuyoftimes 
they were euerappoymcd to bee l?hoolemaaers to Jeade 

fn?rr^^'?' '" T^°"* ^"*'y ^o^ ^a» well plcafed. 
and ^^iihout whom there is no faJuation. 

_Andheerein the fingular loueofGodto vs hath^ppea- 
o her.blefled dayesjbecattfethis Sauiourhatb ttKf^edhim- 

"i S:l ^7°f°°^lr«». and w^iueftene his glory, 
^ heglorvof theoneJvbegotrp^fenneofG O D: andSe 
»th reuealed vnto vs tJie clei^Bd Ihining way ofth"s &l! 
Str/5 °P*"^7.t|-l.««rbcfo«: an! thffl«v* 

Andheercthatheflith,A«r<fo»*«»^A,4rW: wefeihdw' " 
great a hnnewee commit, in aotharkening to the voyce of 

rii^,;n!«"^"?'^"''^""*^'*'«™«with^W . 

""r5;?7J» ^^if^'^^^^^ynot beemoJlified withX 

tCatw^^'Si;r'T^°/^°''"''"'"?' &"ore(ba^ 
than a two edged fword,and cntereth ro the diuifionof tG 
foule and the fpjrit : neither is it poffibie toTeeSbw 

^£^utlT' ^"^«'hefayth,rf^^/^2,A*.^^^«,. 

?»h!i^Jr''^°"'''' ^yemay not excufeour felue*. *^ 

wherrl^Iin^^"'"'"' nnd&your hearts anJ hardentd 
Whether wc wii or no ; and who can doe wiihaJl. True it ^ 

w^nnd the Prophet faith it: mh.ueof,urlu^sitJ,^lu^ 

«ha all men father and children, may (ay a like; wee know ^ '•*'• ^ 
•featm V, (thati.iaourfleib)theredi Jethno groJlnJSj; 




!^?*%f of 74, J)tem^ ypw 
tut nrhatfocucr the corruption of our nature ii, be ieacuer 

_ to gr^t, yet our fault iineuet the lefle,no mote than if wee 
• - had an AngcU nature, which wiUingly and wittinghr we« 
^ , >jWouldperuert:f9rvnto our corrupt nature, weebnng of 
out feluesaperuerfe will, which did corrupt the Angeli 
natur^, and made them f^lftlom God i fo lay no more thy 
""fO^Wiynatuit, for thv willisfct to woorkciniquitie. 
jrith afldehght to doecuill. We witti to bring our ill pur- 
pofesto paflc, tvee reioyce, wee are glad, it is the thing we 
^ouw h4iK sma wU not heare a|iy o?her call; we bid W 
ifcUtoall, whaeR)#i^would turner* from our fmne. 

The corruption which wc h4uc,onr picafure is in it^ anjt 
«UtheK(HHl«eflewhicliiH|LHrant,weearenotforit $ bur 
our.wjfllf»f«r,ftm-^prke, «p^weeare, lb weelikc owr 
m^s bea;.if fh^rpibee anyiridcedrti^jliirolHte man, tb<t 
denieth this, either he hath taught his tongup to lye,or a fe- 

ducedheart hachdecdiiedhiraiforlechimlpeakethat can, 
ihe the^ that ftealetb,jh« adulterer that defileih his body, 
tbeenuiousmanthat rpcaketheuitf^fhebeaftly man that 
aiHrderetb anotber,thc bla/phemouscanflue,the rebellious 
l^ndi which of thdp is not tbruft forward of his own will \ 
9ff y^bo cuer, that mourned and wept, that fefled & praied, 
Wt t9fbc? lead into temptation.hath been ghien ouer to (b 
ibam^fiill finne? \ No,no,if God make vs once moorne vn- 
der the body of fmne, the grace ofChrift is offered, tp the 
broken andcontrite heart, and finne raianeth not in vs.but 
b«c;aoiSB we deliebc in it, let vs hearken therefore to this ad- 
monition : T0diyifytuvpillheAre huvoyce, bartUn itt jmt 
bemt, \tk)\o'nec)x'. 44 m the bitter miirm»ri$ig,Mmtheat^»/ 
9eM4ti«Hmth«wilderneJfe, vherfjtwfdtheritemftedm^prt*- 
mtdm^dfrwtmy w^kefftrtie yterts.This example oftheic 
fithcrs rebellion , is well aliedged , both to mooue them the 
more CO take hecdc by their athers example, and bccaufe 



theE^ltlU'to^felihies,'^ Of.). 

they wtrea people exceedingly holden with an o^hi6h of 
their fathers, thactheyfhould yet remember thai- fathetf 
yerebucmeni and they (hould not followethem in thdir 
-finne and wicked nes. 

The -ftory which the Pfophct efi>ecially meancth , is 
written in the /eucnteenth of exodus, where Mofesfhjew- 
eth, how the people murmured in Rephidim, For want of 
water; for then Moles gaue the/every names to displace, 
and called it, bitter miirm$iri»g, becaufe they (Iroue bitterly 
iand contended ngainft Moles ; and hee caliethtctentation, 
becaufithey ceaKd to put their truft in Godi #d rebdkd 
ibr want of water. • ■ » . 

\ So by the names, it is plaine what ftot^ i; ment, and wee 
TOUeinittolearne, firftlMiwgreata crime icis to reliflthe 
MinifterofOodifoi^i^^^tne of'that finne, Godbattis7> 
tiefl vnto the pliw^r a perpetual! remembrance, whattM 
punilhroeneeFitliathbeene : and?g;aine,whatitis to fiiH 
trontoUr hope that wechauein Gods prouidence, to n^if 
ftr*ttfthlm,tolbirethathe wiilftiiei's J forthisis ro tiJi^ 
Goa-f with whicWirtne howhighlyhce Jsdil^lMfid.^tfi 
itame of the place to this day,bearcth witrteflejwhidh Mp* 
Ics for that paui^ ailed tentatipn. Andheereagaine, let w 
tcarne, bdw,iind in what talc, wt may eiue hameiynfcrpl^ 
ccsi Sc^hat isv^vhen the remembrance of the riante isa put* 
ting^vs in mind of feme fpcciall worke of God toward vs ; 
as m remembrance of theexceilcnt vifipn that G O D«aqe 
latp'b.he called the pface Bethel r when God gauc td A^i^i^i 0«» *» 
lUmthc fifcof ifaakhisfbttnc, and faucd him from fiferji ^^ 
ficing, Abraham called the phtcelehouah lireh. .■ '-'-^ '- ' i^*"" 

Likcwifi, in remembrance of Gods nuniflimcnts, whcri^*»-««»- 
hte'dlnided the^ieo^tes tpnguci , he called the i^amc of the 
»lke BnbcH., When Q O nit^oyti^ fi-bm'heauen,' iHi Nu.i i.t 
poaft'ofKHiel =with-fir<,'jR)r remembianfee -of the puniftii 

I- . ,i 



tuJJ oftcmptations, where the peoplealwaiL^nr.i'lv ^ 

^ SS^S ?k"'"'^*^u''^^*'" ' ''^ ^h« of this , yet ifS^^ 



^cfeitT^ "Sl^.'^^^'^^j^^^^wthcloii^ 

kefal them fi^mCSSSdtk^^'^'. ^^^<^K 

^'»MGorwd2X,LtL i'^^PP^ 




* f V 





&UMS : bat beeoiice promiied it VQto Abraham, to giue a 

laodvntotiuai, aiMi all die rebellion of his children, coaid 

BC^tr&lfifie his prpmife. This ought to ftrengtfaen our. 

ML faith to the forgiuenes of our finnes } wee hauea couenant 

^ of Godigreatcr and better than that made with Abraham : 

. eu^a couenant mUdein his onlybMOtten fonne^iiuoagh 

% .. whQOKhee^ hath ^^ed, hee is welTplealed with vs,md 

will roli^ber our iinnes nor our miqpities any mote. 

And let vs^ feare^ neither the greatnes ofour finne, nor 

th( cra(^in^%fout epemi^ bur in a repenting and faith- 

£41 hicart, tywr'f^ ^t^his j^romiie that cannot changeJti*. 

gra6e,nor repent ofiM Andyec,chac. 4^ 

wee ihould not be hw^ui^re, and commit finne wlchoug^ 

K^ardjaM|^fl^xariyj9||k|hc iraceofGod to^^ 

tot^iy^Mj^^ ^ttCniVmUuuto bee warraaU- 

DOM^ oSptt fk^on ; to M< avijHimcofle oflfnion, 

znija^jt&vfi^b^ner, wbeckerweebeetbechildrenof. 

tM(f»uemm,9rii9»therefbre bcs«ddeth>tfaat heewasaiw 

||ry;Hrit|^t^ gq^^radps^nd M vt it sptfU^lMdMirrt 

^mg bythisthremwa,tha( his promiMwerenotto them* . 
onely JAthe^ bi^f j^ t^ they wene tne children of ilraell^ 
but txuu(i,mfirCi%t^^i t ifitbey^ajked in the fteps of the 
£iith ofAbrabaBi. So9M>reej4>tf4i>!^ (aloadon is promi* 
^ ynto V8 in leTu^ Chri4 iP AjHoly conenant,.whicfa jlball 
neuer be broken :- but God wilt makA allour encmtes our 
f»|M4|tK)le», »pf;W^ fiir^y |a)tfeVft btt> his glory. B«e lee 
^hewife, toi^wbe^4h««MMatat:ismadewitkvs:or 
iiPiibras, not all that were bomeof Abraham, ivere tbft; 
cltt|dien of Abrabaw i^^ not all that (hall pvoftflc thi? 
Cp^^ Qsajl hau^{i^i^M0«i»ftb«<Gfiipcll tfer then, 
tti^many ^mMl* g}m«onr. ntUktrm; eaadtom nci^ 


,,copt«otioiii p9eCMi«v*a^^ ocNw. 
i whicft^ 

which (hallowier enter into thekingdomeofHeate-.^V^ 

ofChnft, hethatnfcth vmntonewenefleoflidC witfaW 

out thus J tttt*fnfletimd»etrrtim'iliUt1ii^^S^ 
^ethe ordinances ofGoland wKo« S^ 

P> follow 



folk)^«th«n,parowne fboliOindrc dooth the more vexe 
^4i%upc$:Vf £ ^d we doe nothiag el&, but wafie penfine 
4fQr<Mndltf||W«pishi9fft{idving withouriekKshowwe 
fuypcriMuIfdx^ doubt orchis,whoibeuerthouart,beai« 
•^ t|lft>rd of theiwd, Thej errem therhe«rt,for they iuue 
nen^mufj ,- if tboii heareftir.and knowcft it, kauc 
vyofi4|jy»ievw^0 fteketraditiom^nd erre in-their 
irtiy'^l^ haue no peace : and follow the word of God, 
wbic^^v^ll^ioeth bghtaodiecurity ynto vs. 

JQthis threatningis :.</btf GMfyvAtmifri 

W|i/''AThjs ooch-.if to perfwade vs^ 

^T^v ii l^b ttfilwWl^. God Minft, ieuen arheJamer'^ 

^J, <9£let vf nfljtflUqj^&r^ues in vainehope to< 
wiU MSiltaiim[ftfttUiD our flnnesj 
,. . . it Khe gbmttifidibiiMiyiAd ao 
\vm^fiW^i n<^j)(oreiviil.bedefilefaiscouenant^ 
^aich he ^hthreatnedthcrcbcUioM people : but bee 
(i^tj^rely rttqpipeiKff l^eir fuHMi ioBo tberr bofbme, and 
iWApS;er$;f^Q^%PHI t^e»# Hbwefbre to theft alfo hatk 
^Wornei,and;^ee will not repent him } theytb*tbMtntt 
-"-^huvf^es.ifffj^drimeremerimfSitnH : ofthiireft 
!cli«^lh«i^A5c^/?fn CftfwwIwhflmiftcDNow let vs pray, 
.v^,r^®!<( Wf W9Vie?^isc woftW prepare ourhewtet to 
jWe hearing ci$h\% vpjce, that-wee may not bee deipifers, as 
our f&refi3tber»haue bcen>whom God tbreatoed m hishea- 
mr.di%lca^ur^ andh^^fffdrhit iUdgement& to^wards 
lEein , euen a&he;ij^ould it b^t le( y«^as ht»(^^ 
heare his voice, that hit word may be>fix>urhearti» afeede 
ofrcgcneration, by which wee may bee borne, a new, ipto 
|iQlii^# and righfeouincfl<,,;toglorific hint that if. — 
'^bd:for cu.cra,&cv, ., li fi. . ^Mip oc ,-i-a-, J -^.^j 'n?:! L 




I. our 



The fizteendi LtStvat vpoo the 

\i% Tthbttielfr«thre»,UMftttttrjtme*btreheemMfrf 

•:, ' thelmiigGtd. 

' ^^■[^exh0rt Me Metier dejfy^ wbUeititcdM, TtiLn: 

' • l4 BermgremAiefmAersefchriaifxfekeefefmre'vm 
l|iv'/ ^<''theeM,tket}effmting,^heremthweere^fh^ 

' N theft wordes, tht Apoftle begin- 
• neth naore particularly tp handle 
)the former wordes of the Prophet, 
and ib to amplifie his exhortation, 
» that in no wite the Hebrues fhould 
) ibrgette to heare and to obey Chrift 
thiur onely Prophet : and firft of all, ia 
_^ this that the Prophet layth,r*i9.- by 

which the Apoftlettatherethjthat wemuft notnegleftthtt 
time of our calling,*nt whf the voice of the Lord% heat^ 
then wemuft fljew our obedience : for it is not meete that 
hefliouid ipeake,and we fhould be deaftjoor he (hoHld call " 
to day .and we to make anfwer, wee will come to morrow ; 
Inch loofc regard of the word of the liuingGod, becom- 
meth not thofe that are his Saints, neither doeth our Sani- 
<)iir Chrift fo reach vs himftlfc, when h«e fiyth fo jouiy 
rimes : hetthuhsthearestehetre, let bim hearer : therefore, 
whefr the Lord openeth his month, let vs ere^ our eares j 
and iatheday that hee doth teach,let vs learnein theiam^ 
^4 gjori^c God ia hii^oodacs/his is the ph^ meaning 
■ ^■<^: ' ■■ ;-.f-.;;\i _ V i <J 

5 ■;,; ■: ■ \- .;;_<. ..••._■*. 

" '■ '' " - >•.,*'■•* 


tof the Apoftlc iq thcfi wordcs of the twelfth and thir 

towardtheniifbrthercisnodqfibt buthec was/ee Lorn - 

h^cir' '° ■* thcHebfuei the raoS vvillingl/ 

..MA w^fntfftiw'wwik/eyy 4Q<>4><ron, with what care, 
^^^^^&m^^^^v^MS^!^^V, things toour 
nftjgttb^. VV^^pp^»s ifl Qjhf t:,tiiings, where wecare 
^l ifmSf i^tKrtfft ll»e^ WPHB to paffe or no, fo vfi our 
«?tlWJ^asan4fl4«|KMi«i9n#WOMl!brethcren;bat what 
VIC aWl^^^tapr4«f»^^iilQ^^lil caching the f^^^ of 
Go(^,we rauft ham4« wr heart \mxfi doc rhem good.no 
Clm,oor dciircpwgbt %^ l^greater in V8,.than chin, that few 
fcWfmB.w«w,m"»h$.4<)e^,p.gooi ,- - n? 

^hlfel- ^'^"^^ AP^^ ft«?wc«h,'.wiw hie X5;ifeh 
l?J?m«v^i:«riao4iwe.ihat thi(»<i{iy preach vnto you when 
Wf fty (<^rely bcloM) or (louing brethren) pr vfc fijch 
i«»2ITJ!i^ which we^ call you,.eithftr w#« jwmirfhii 
CMwft^pftjon to,winn«y<^v4BoqhRftfc*-:tJfcM!«jH» 

bjHh.ton^r yp my ftlfe,(M,atO>«dmoniili other, for J[h«rt 
^Mch iouing iKUtwu^fthii pp9ple in thc:Pf»*4i<» 

' ■ JinochiCr 





world came vntohin hTfoJ^n^^ *^! .'^'°" ^^ ' ^''*' 

fi;^-o.ne^cupi/i«.« gi„,^ « ~*^ 

I«ait ufthyheartaceufe SnoT h^^r"'!^.^^'^* 

tfayri«i*ia«abdK(hS tfSThtort^^^^^^ 
iwttby l«l&.for thr^ikS??*?^^'*^'^ ^^'^^' '"o^ 

■ -'4 - ;■ ^ 

4tifrmedift«m.tlM hm thai vkbmif^r m tfthe htm 

Wftfi^t^fMmtiert, 0daUJkchfhmgsatikjiU*iimiznoxM^ 
leotence> and fiillpfgodlv comfort in all our lift^ for whqi 
lipefo mahymen texedinminde, this way or that way, 
fpnupvow pilgrimafees, fomeobfiraation ofdayeij feme 
abft#oe&oin meats, fomeoneth^^me another ; iivthir 
waucringofmany, myhopeitftedftft, Iftarcnor, meat, 
dtinke, day. time, placc,perfon $ for aJl this ieructh me, and 
Ifirqe the Lord, before whome when my heart is fitled 
iH^n^and obedience, all the world befide omiot^iefile 
m«e J let vs therefore cake good heedc of thisj and wee 
take good heedc to the fafcft Tower of defence, that 
>yce hauein all our life } take heedc of thy heart, for if it ao-' 
q^ theCiit wjU kjU thee j:if it bcon thy ifide,let the heaneos) 
iall, ya the mines of it (hall not make thee afrai d; let thy 1 
adnerfiries bee who they will, let their counftll bee neuer 
^/°btijc,'and thy <fc,ftru^ion thati* confpired neuerfo 

tq^,;y^ifthy heart Oiall be faitl)full,thineenemies fhaki 
fia«e mprc than thon^and they fliall be afliamed more than 
^,PJ »,Iforinno«nCT afliftcth thee, which is arcngthened 
with^earmeofG.QJD^aodisnotvanqui/bedofa vaine 
flAa^J[;ety&followj(h«i»tlie^aUiiigoftfaeAB()^ andleS' 
viregard well our hearts; " r.-r hv.-. .-^vr? .<* jfT-?o ,- : - - 
/ Now, as this is the iafcty of thylifc, tohane "tliy b«arc 
• cleanc:fomarkc thefe words of the Apoftlc, and hee will 
ihtcJ^lf teach thee how to haue thy Ivwrt cleanc,Z>/ thereMttbtmd- 
amo. 19, (filth hc)MifMli^4rt t/injtdmj:. Infidelity ii it which 
maketh thy heart^bound in euil,& ifbyany meancs, it can 
getroome to lodge within thee, thy.heatt is taken, and i- 
magineth from Jieaccfoorth all mifchiefc. When our 
SauiourChriftfo many times reprooueth fiindrylbrts of 
meajjusinaketb this <»a general bult of al,that they are vn« 

#«: ' ■ ., : . feithfiiii, 

^ithfolA^owtobeleeue. Wheir5.Paulcondemnetht!» 
as reprobate men, which doe neuer lee the light of the Go* 
^1, be maketh this the caufe of their finne, that the God , 
Qjpthis world hath blinded the eyes of their vnbcleeuing 
heart. And if wee will bee free from fo great a plague, let vs 
follow thisconniell of the Apoftlc, that there W not in vs *^i 
vnbdeewiDg hearts. Lee vs bee, as our ,Saiiioiir.Chnftte«t *r| 
chech Thomas to beynocvn&itbfull hut &tchfoll:whatfoe« ^ 
ueris ipokenin thcwordof troetfa, keithaue within y» a 
fuieperiwa6on.If Godiay^ie wili beour defence, and our 
exceeding great reward : let vs beleeuetheaf&oance of his 
proaitfe,andknQw hte.wiU notleauehisSaintsoieither yet 
fbriake.them. If God haue.promifed etemall iifeto thofe 
thatwolke faithfollie before him, letvsbeleeue his word; 
^hat a thoti&nd thouiand^nd ten tbou&nd thoulaxid y ores 
before him haue none accomp^eitiKr yet any tinie,whicb 
can be expired at thelaft ; hut aboue all time,in imraortali- 
tyJiee hath eftj<bli/bed ad welling for his Saints.. If GO I> 
r Moethreatned ctemailBre,tocon^eaoddeuooi«^e> 
nemiesj/letneuerourheartsdoubtorwaiierj throughthe 
temptations ofthc diuell:but let vsacknowledgcitm a cer- 
taine truth. 6c beieeueit, asif weheard euen Jnowthe featt- 
ftll voyceto found ; Goeye curfeiintt itemaUjirt^. VVirfi 
fuchabelceuing heart let mdiforcfee riielatterendv^jdl 
Ihall nofr^nne for ciier. But take now thisfcare away oE 
thofc laftiudgements, and bring a w;iucring hcartro Godr 
pronit&s, andthc fintenccis pronounced ouerthee, be- 
oaufe diOD haflnot beleeuedtrueth, thou (halt erre in thine. 
beart,and belecue lycs,ti)l vanity wafteaw^y thy yeres,and 
thoufallawayinto the dcftruftion, which thou feaUfeele,. 
beforethou canftbelceue that it is prepared. 
And let vs not ondybeloencthefeJaft things, of which 
rMofalt menmufthaueexpcrience 3 but in all things now^- 
' X- ' incfe- 

inibdtM into our hlc« Lci?raiibciN»bardh$arte«l,,bacbl^ 

kaoctbeirritb^imbatk fpesktvh vncorvii«7u>/n m4p!<^d-i^ 

vKjtct,if hilff w«iiaiietiiRe,belieetieic,andcaftoarftcfa-am<> 
bkiaMsdj^&^catinpftaitikrettiy ft)all briog confufioiu (1 

aot'bdatocisiiMiwl^ majte #ee not^our aiMiAwnsiM 

. sifsiu &unk»a(^^DBiftfi^ ^ JffmfjtmgtmkHpt myf«tmf\ 
"^'^^^n-guniemms: wfaoiiith-bewitchedvB, chdcwee Oioddmn! . 
b<k(HK ttetrasb twhac me«iewee-t»liue iaall txeefis-of 

^(Stvnbckqitag^lienrthubfedacedv). Wethiokewec 
«ace ofttud fecuce Msuina» when indeedewee feedtt of aftKi, 
Wfiiiamnac£«iihac G O D<i«fifitth: (iiepiroDd, faisiadge» 
aitaikarr hi^lraboue oup Midiij atid ifa«refo»,^ vnrw m'ik 
6c:>vp our cwj)« pcaiie, and fttiiie for honour, eaen vtH 
CO MMh t tod iweefeuie noc the Aiame that ii«e cannot 

- fatk, / . .-■■■■^'.'■ '"■- ^ •■■-■.;. . 

[WceiJtnDivrsot whatdw Jdngdbine4tf'l»aiien-iif liei^ 

^eRcanwtCfhaowe y For oureye cannot iefric,oiir care can 

iioiLh<ai«i%our boils CKMpt comprehend it, neither bath 

cbe&ieitaf God i xeueahniit^nto vs. And when in fidelity 

V,hathitlw»coiieredn», jtirno maraell though wee beare in 
viaiae^ Jtit mfin^Pr » CmmU to art eft fbrmt^ 4 needUt ejtjt 
tlfUtftn tAfkh nuMU miter into tht kugMmefffhemai : foe 
wee cannot feare, where wee thinkethereis no daimger^f; . 
VftedantiDtbope, wherewelookeforno goodne& ; pro- 
mtfttaod chreatnings vt but bUfttof wiod^where innde« 

■-■ w^i 





%l«ith«akea away ourwil^doM : let v« ffowlbdte^itt- 
toowfete^s. a«d fearch our hieartand f«flie», ^hethcr*^ 
«andfei&iihor no ; for befeeld^ *hi» b»0**(fr,«idthe toirit 
^iRi<«9kt(rt, there is RO-aihbitiOuj^nwiWtM^Jite^^ho^ 
Hour, no vwdeanc a«d filrhy concupHceneeofadttkery. bo 
conc»tt« dcOre* of gold ai»d fifoer, uoftrfull ddights of 
iW>rMlymifed*dmen, ftofefliji^ fr*H'G6djfor«idrecbr- 
iiiynWtffiwfvtfinittfeiBgS, baeifliiddity ?sboth toottand 
briBi*,thc begiwHag «|endiftg : atfvnfiithftfl heart can- 
Jcthalimnlh andtetfekh butdwdl within thcc,eo beleene 
tM«^6<^bffr«tth } kn(yvref facw»gtery, and hoiiwjft a*^ 
iftmorttlity^ awJeternillMifeto Khoft Aat patiehtly fedfe 
the Lord : and indignati^niand wrath,andtribulatteniand 
anguilh vpon the fouJc ofeucry man that doth dt&\. Kiiow 
tee the world MvaM^, andafl #elbt*grafl^j^!K^ 
*»raefle^^perfe»feJeteri|i andifcefeahJ^f GO D i*W 
pine/Tej bei<cucthls,andtlhw bdeeoeftthineeyts tb^jfc 
thcIightoftheSunne, ortodifcerne thcdarkcneiTc of the 
. m^ht, and t4wu;fliaftii<rtftpfellrweWthytt!hp«ftio« %^. 
SL j'*'^7' tJ<Ni flMUt6*it*t»metbem. tifltl^Jft^tf^iirt- 
fclfe doe flee ftottiehee:1ttvs therefore pra5r, and mr 

*ftg6*/r^heyftieW«,both whititfi^tb beevnfeithfoH,ahd 
SSrlt,^!^ ^"i inv,. Forto dmibt #hfln the Lcmt 

^yw*ttJ Wm, : aM^^^. wet l^in in'itt^^ 

■; 22,^'^"'^°"^'^^'*'"' ^efher his worde^al! beeperftS 

-JJh^A«dtht#getteft,W rule, that infidrfkfc mjOtfeth vi- 
^ !!«to GOI^ 'We mH(k particularly apply to i^ ehe^ 
' ^ '•' , worka. 


wpdcesofour life, that we be not hardened (astheApoftle 

^yth) withthe deceit of finne.: if I ^11 into danger,and mi- 

mnft God^proMidenoQ, and (cf ke worldly meaner and vn* 

^^ liiwftill h(;lpe ofi^an for my ddiuerance, the Prophetlerc- 

^f.ffliecurftththisinfidelitierandlayth : v^cewithdravtreour 

. hf^arts from the Lord. If in maintenance of our Common 
.weakh, vveiedEe^elypolUcies, and doc that which is wi- 

I . ^ with naturall men ;. the Propha £&y criethy woeyiito 
fach^for they falldwajr from GodjChey looke not(&yth hejl 
vnto the holy one oflfracl, nor feeke,voto the Lord. If I 
Inlying words,or any deceit,.in buying,and ielling* think? 
j^ jo to waxe rich i I ara a i^ing merchant that am faihk 
J*'^from.God:anda$ Salomon fay tb, thehesdtfdeieitjha&lfee 
ttli and thene^M that we may not at laft be afbamed, and 
li^ soilty of this ereat fmpe> to foriake the liuing God, let 
V«taiah(pDddxaclxc^^ ofvs an ciiill heart ofinfi- 

Itiollovf^^W rSitexbtrt «m Mtther itglj ythilt it it 
yttcdtiitity. AsbelpretheApoftletaughtvs to beware 
ofthe&ine}fbli^ea wife teacher bee telleth vsheere, Yiom 
we Aiall doe it^ tfa^t is, by dayly exhorting one anotber.So 
*** Saint P«il, when heis would perlwade the The0alonian«, 
to walker chil^cnoftbe light, and 9sin thjed^tim^. hte 
letMtfa out this rule vnto tfaem,£x/&#r/ $ne kntthaft ei^om 
MMtitr : Vid this is the difcharee of that great commande- 

V rnent, IJ^thymighb«Mryts thyftl^e: as apf>eareth by the tolfi 

'" thatis wiitttn ; 7lM0jb4kfMh4Ufhl^fti>«rJ^tmibm/¥^> 

iMtbcupuUtrefrMuehim^dfufferlmHtitttofimt. Tbiisthe. 

Lord hath ordained, and this duety hce wi^l ask«^t pur 

handsjin which he will iuftifie vs,or els condemne vs. Saint 

l«:.f^. bBWsIayth : MeethitemurtethAfimierJrem ^titi^*ftrt^^l4,. ^ 
Urn kM0Wfiit» betJbtUfMH ^fmUfmJkalh «U^(mt.f\ 




m^imietfjhmes. Salomon £uth zTht^niutfthrighieimit 
4SA trtt ^ itfe, md he thtt witmethfntUijt wife. And the Pro- 
phet EHiniel in clears and abfoluce words ^>eaketh plainly ; 
They thtt ke wife/bdfljbiiu ss the Ifrigbtnes of the f k nu m nt y anJL 
they that tume rtw^ tt righte»ifne^ti fludlflme m thefitrresjtr 
emranieuer. . 

This duety, I confeile, is chiefly the miniftea{ thai the 
inagiftrates,then the ftthers and mafiers,whaPeaU accor- 
ding to their calling guilty of blond, iSr^miciSb. m theix 
goucrnment for want of inff ru^on i^Mtyit, this duety is 
fllfb common to all) and none excofOT^ we ought aUiQ|^ 
difieandexfaortonaanother. ^. 

>^ Thereis no excufe of ign^ance, there is noneib fimple, 
IWuc hath learned the Mjpinlawc: Ihe^fiiklmt theLtrdthf 

GfdiM^iMti^ljjMriJ^ I MdthmfiatU hue . :# 

tbyH/^hbturasmffdfe. Inbreachofthis duety, who isfe »■• 

jfimnle, bathe can fometime efpie the finne ofhis brbtbcf? 
'an this jet him exhort hinrafter his skill^jfaaiighj)c.=ha)le 
"iKceioed butoaetalent,yecmufti>coccuQ^lhat{Cil«ike(bal 
be condemned for a wicked,andafaitbldlefeniant. Looke 
liicrefbre vnto this,, and^^atch cuery one oucr his brother, 
that be may coniutne him in the grace of Chnft. WeitaUP 
ofren meetings fbir the comfort of our lifi:, and many. Ihxv 
^tfaeriyfeaftingsslreamongw; Tal^hcedeweedrinke,|iot 
our wines in earned boUs, and hane fweete nuficke a)i oi 
eablesi and none of vs,astheProphetiayth,rememb<r:CJbe: 
flfBi^icIn of ro&phitbaUs(Itneane) and none ofVs carefiv 
;thcad«keryidrunkennes, eluttony, blafiphcmy, ofhis bre- Amtt*^ 
\iduren j for « ourmcetings be fuch, our comfort ofour mee- 
^^g will feonebee at an end, and our laftmirth w^-beein. 
^Iieauincflc; • • 

. And hocpciwecfliufl markc, whenthiiduety of mnniall; 
ftxhortitioriisreqnircd : thcApoftleaddeth, wiw/^AAfst; 


l^at&tgt dfM» Ve&h^ ftfpon 

ededt0d^ .-diisis^asltold yoa before, whilie yet life and 
foi^iuenests ofTered vnto vs through the^reacning of the 
Go^ell : this is to ftirre vs vp not to oegled the time of oar 

" og : (b the Prophet E(ay, Seeke (iaith he) the Uri whUe 
btf0mU,eu)e'vft»MmyWlrileheitMere. Wehaueall 
ourlM^ in which vre are called to repenunce : if wee neg- 
ledrasire (hall not haue then againe,though we fought 
them wf^l||2i3es. The day was paft with the rich man to 
adl ynco m)|^^ fbrLazarus^ohelpehim, when they 
were bod^dewrHie day was, when Luarus lay at his gate 
ddlpi&d ofhim. Ti#wK|[^ was paft with Pharaoh, when 
he was in the red fia : CnN||y was, while Mofes and Aa- 
ron wrought filch miraclmiyus fight. The day was paft^r 
withludas,whcntfacdiuda i nro pj ^ ntercd into him : tifc 
^Xf was before, if ben Chiift reproooadi^ of his widced 
purpoft. Thedayisjtfithvs, wnileyet wtReleourbeaftt 
flexible, and. our confcience is touched with the ftare of 
<jod t the day is pafl , when at the laft» our heart* finke 
dowoe into mfidelide, ttd wee can no more be fbrie for 
^fionei therefore whiletimeis, and we beyet fiire it is the 
4S«y ofhca^hflet vs regard it, and take bold ofit,as it com- 
«(M^: for whenit is gone, it is paftrecoucne^ and behind, 
^eiinehtndfifl topnUitbackeagainei 

b^blloweth : X«^ M^i^M^iWinsr^ iMTift MvirrMf ^ 
jlime : wee fee heere,h6w we be carried into eaill^ that is,by 
«r^ittffie, and by deceit offinne. Sinne neuer appearetn 
% her owie countenance, no more than the diuell fneweth 
hlfnl^fe in his owne (hape i but as he is a lyar from the be- 
f }triim{g,fo all hit doings are deceiuable error^as he himfelfc 
^Mfe.fbare allhisdoingsinfaiaiood. Saint PaulecaUet^^ 
4* (alkeh it, iMggla^ cr/^mp^ to deceiue cunningly. t J 

Now then, irWe this day cortftflethatiinne isofthedi- 
tttil> why do We not bdteeeaitheholie Apoftie bekeuetb, > 




that the^nner is holden in deceit & error, to do the things 
he knowcth not 2 Andif in finning wee dioe wee know not 
what, andas wee would neoer doc, if wee knew what wer . 
did : what meanewefo willingly to bee deceiued : where 
is the gbry.ofour gray haires,or thertioycing of aaunly 
countenance, when Co childifhly wee will bee wad inta^ie 
pitandfiiares. Weckoowe iti&iil, wee knowe iu^df the. 
diuell, wee hate thenameofit, wearea(bamedj|#&elight 
of the Sunne, when woe commit it, wee kuMcthe cnde 
ofitis death, audit bnngeth fborth not|)kijg; but ourde- 
firuftioif X and what hearts haue wee Mfwkhin vs, of flefli, 
or of flone { of wiiedome, or ofapdlfifle. that wee bee ftiH 
deceiued with fuch a MonflMfirhere bceoQW our poli- 
^-ue bads, and wife cojjypis, of which, wee boaft fo 
''«>«», orcum^ca in all things Are- 
w »^^ ^«a«micspraaiib,andIwwnoc 
what MnpHcl of vaine meii. For, where is their wit. 
whcFCJs their counfel, whereis their found adniie Scdctpe 
•onfideratioM, when their frcatoft aaddeadiiefl enemies, 
asBbition, pride, reueage. vniuftice, coiietoiifccs,aiMMry, 
Jodge4B their priuy. chambers, and lye betweeac thnr 
breajb ? Aks (dcataly b«loHed)what gaineibcaild be vato 
VMf wee witiiyou,and you with vs,fho»ldbo<h pcnfli t<K 
gether.Uowmuch were it better,dut wcibould adoifO^ifr 
oneanother, and iiue. together toetemall lift ? Ittvs not 
thett bemocked adth thedecmt ef6nmt. And at osie wc»d, 
toallthofc wife men, of which 1 Fpake^ andto aiiyKwfhat 
be^ntent of that mimb«Mhi« Ifaw^ and yet, nor l,biit<he 
Rwpbet iereraie, that yo« mto bee fure I fay tbctrMii. 
-When all your vaine praifit fbaU bee fcaitered intn the 
.wwdej when the Lord (hall cut off aHflattering litoei,aiKl 
■»|P«rp«tnati f^enoeof theicempde idle k)Aj£tshafM 
iy^*f y» ; aan rhy, « dainKr,andjjnQ«aiidMr<iM| * 


^ MnKwy fhalbcpronooncedofvoUithatexcept yoaturni 
irliileit if yetcaUedtoday, andbtcatoe hardaoi wichthU 
deceitfiiliies of riiine.yoa areviwdfe^ndfliaU iiee^med 
^ «fy.our aroffe ignorance } for yoa bauc cefuftd the la wc of 
1^ Lorded what wifcdome can be in you ? This teftimo- 
firrc is true, and the liuing GodJiath Aolicn it of 
, ^ dren of men ,* and ho v bl^cd aoe ve, ihwdoe bo^ 
keneicTilj^how mnchnore h^pinefle is in one day of 
our honoMtt which veeare wikto efiape the deceit of 
finne, than^ln^ouland dayes^ ia which.wee (houM &U 
from the Lorddflfc^bis is wiieioiteey and he that hatk 
VBderftandiaa, let nMm|arlEe where, and how many are 
hiribotftepsythat hebgnMuiertakeii with the fleights of _„^t 
finne. -^ikSMHP' -'^^ "^ • •■ '• • Jf^-'- 

tmdeftrtskets tfCimB, ^vehMtlxitmm^PHrfiil^ttiu 
fieJ^AB vfUtthe Uttetmi^ he amplified before the exhorta- 
tion ofthe Prophet, by pondering of tlivb word^ii; .• wiU 
ling vsnot to pretermit the time, batdiligeody to ftirre vp 
oneanother while this day of health abideth. Now., hee 
ooncinBeth theiame exhoctation,by w ay ing ofthe refidni . 

mthe hitter mm nm k ^ i (bewing, that our ibrefithers exi 
«mpk Ihould be oar mftrudionvuid we otuaht to cake heed 
bjrthcir-pnoiftmients : fbr,ifGODiparednotcbem,how 
ihonld he fi>are vs>but they , when they heard his Yoiccyet 
they iianea sand thonghlie fpake vnto them : yet tb^ oe- 
leeqcd ndt,and therefore his aneeriell vpon them : encD io, 
ifnow the vpyceofChrift (hall be heard ofvs, and wee be- 
keie it not^ords little regard it.as we£iilinto cheiame ex- 
ample of difbbedieoce, itftandeth with the infHce ofonr 
God, that wee (hould bee parukers of lilce puniflimea t To . 
thbpiu'po&arc the words ofchc Apoftle^to the end ofthiv ^ 


chapter^ Touching the 14. Veriei the mdwj to perlwid« C 
y8,ji«:ApoiWeflicwethwhatgwacbcnefiti8vnto.vs, ifwt. 
wimxAithtell 8oJkaiiBhidvoyte,arid:ai>ide iwiftant im m 
obedience ofit.forio wccffiaUbe^.^awikt^^of Chrifti- 
We know,this isourhope, andallth'eaffiirance weliauc 
with Cod, that we be made members ofJefiiChrift» wee 
muftfaje grafted into him, and beeibademcmbet^olids 

' i Euen as the vine branch, can hane no Ufir iior bring 
foorth anyfruiie, except itabide in the hpdie ofthe vines 
RQ mare haue we either life or ri^ht8oiifiiej,eXcept.we be, 
and abidcm Cbrift. This is the a^al vniting>^d feiri- 
-*"aU loyning wee haue with Chrift} hee is our fubftaik* 
il bema,jn the inheriapcc ofglorie : fo hisrighteoufnefle 
/' ?;<«f»'8«K<^"%dSfihi»lc>uei$ourk»e,hislifcisourhfc, 
jUi H>«iW*«*fpirit, ofhis fidnelTe wee receiue alf ; thisi 

. wagi:^myftery whichneitheroureyefieth,norourharc 
• can vnderftand : but yet it is areall ioyning of vs withbim, 
; V Whjphourfi|iifa.d|e>otbcafiiiecomprehend, andwhen wee . 
mm ^ that Vfifdomc winch could vnite in one JJerfon^ ^ 
G O p and man, wee iball fee the wifdome which hath 
made all v% the Mic of thai head, and members one of 
ano^het?. 3Jis great benefice isheerefetoutvntovs, in a 
furepromi/e j w<*^/4rwi<r^e^cir|y? .-that wee (hoold (as 
I laid) be more moucd with fo greata bleflSng. And hoere 
wee haue all to Icarne agbod Icflonj that is, how wee are 
all let free from finne, and wefcnted ftultiefle before the 

^^ L^^L^J^®^/8^"** »•« tlat Js. by becing made one 
JWm Chrift, and appearing in his count Aancc, for oftiim 

i',^j '^"^™«i ^^ it "^teUued Sonne in whome Jmvell^,^^ 
.fryy/ifvntohUn wecbeegiuen,and withhim heeioy- 
Aed : then in him wee are alfo bcloued, and through him 
"^ %• ^^ bee accepted. This is ihe/aluation wee haue by him, 

• »^)egr»ffcd iaJiim,. and madcipartakcreofhis life. Bfen 
Abraham our fttheti, and before Abrahani, N«t^E«W:h,^ 
Abdlior who&ebiefc fioc©b«o«hadiii8tieft|*raift, lob, E^ 
piett,S3mueiy(ifaiBpptiK; the virgin Mapic; all a«j one be- 
fiMxGod^ocone in him&lfe excepted,but aU were vnited 
tokfc(^$Chrift,in whom they were righteoutv Wert wee 
neiiplbiuJlDf g6od workes;, our well doing exceii4eriii 
not vnttfihc Lord : nor they can poffiblic either deferuc 
h»feionr,o«onctcomi!inhis fight} butwedJuftlcaue all 
onrwarbin tRnactb, wherethucare done>'«nd tbermufti 
djPKvnthchecornipciWefaandsakidfeete with^icfethey; 
-«et'f*ifoi^}. wee roiiagocnaloBdand bare, andoffetA^; 
riling bun that whidi is Chras,yca ourfclaes wc mtift pre;^ ' 
&n«i(thi9l>odievfo^iaouraviie^fbns wee cannotM^fc 
iibiic be accepted; hauietfaerefore a Mti^aad vndo^ftaii^^ 
f«1i,:kkiow boenr xou areniade ohe vdHi'ii^&ofiirift; ani • 
there tgr the ahcttor hold ofthyb6pej%ili]^ifliiti*Lim- ' 
po(£bIe.thoH(honlde(lperi(h. ni; .. ! .' 

- ItfoUoweth; tfvfahMthtbe^imfiit^^^fi$ymktftirg '■ 
4idfieifa^wnt»titemd:th{i iftcbeNCondMlblf^Pndir' Which' '" 
wee (hall bcpatrtakcrs of Chrift ; perieuerance ahd cortftanV 
cie vntill the cnde. Our f «6Ji'4*r* a$ the Af (jftfe-caBcth k^ 
that i*ourbeing,our-vpfc61ding,«iri fetrh^ <yddiiftitWs 
our eftate of vniring Vnid^hcfT^^he beg<nriJrtg ofthis, 
now wrought in vs, we muft hold ie, and ftreugehcn it vnto 
the end, then wee know wc be partakers of Chrift : this be- 
ginning of our Smit^apceyh faith bythe preaching oftbe 
GofpcH, by which wee bee tvyw Ipirituallie vnited vnto 
Chrift : this feithljy hearing the voyce of Chrift through 
which wee are one with him, by the fame v»ord wee muft- 
nourifti it, andkccpe it flediaft vnto the ende: this is the- 
oU.i}. fime thing which Parie teacheth to theColoffiansithat 
Chrift hath reconciled vs inhisbodie, ifweeabide4n6ttb 


. ^r.v 


|M^^«i«ftlIe(tkdKindi>en<>rmiM>ii«^itt»iA ^MSt6( 
thiGo(pd,NMhii[<b>ii«i{iirt]e)kifird]^eiii^dvMo vs ^ toudi- 
ingthis^lfiidhttidh Wthee^t^iifitibnofthie flit verfe, ndw 
this I %iUidde:ifyou will knowe the Church of Chrift, 
know itby this marke, it^ioWeth the beginning of her liib- 
ifcah*eftedftft Vn«>^<lie<hd : the beginning ©four fiibftance 
lte«l»edb«feiix tA'thtffixtverfejthc aflurancc and reioy- 
cing of our hope. Saint Paule (as I toldeyouf) in plainc 
words expounderhitthut :arurefaithmtho^(peIlpt«4- 
ched. Now you know the marke oftheCfiurch of Chrift, 
afiirefaitbis^rthein'eaching ofd)tfl(R|^ away tf> 
furance,you take awav the fi^jiliPofGods eleft, foriunuft 
tj€ fare, ftcdfdft, fettled, vnn^cable vnto the end : ifhun- 
^^ tfairft.nakBdnes :iMl^ord of^he Tyranjt, ifthc(lor- 
raie*M, if f^sc^ vifiomof euillfpirits, if any of theft 
taaketmelaflre', inallthefethus Chrift reprooueth thee: O 
thou rfUulefmh ; for if he that m?de all.be ftronger than all, 
ifinhimthoutruft, di6unjoftfc»cat nothings but kijow 
'■fiH^-tmcciw that neitherheight nor depth, nor death, nor 
life, nor Angel, nor power, Ihall cuer feperate thee from the 
JoueofGod : this therefore (Ifiy) firft marke, take away 
furetie, and takeaway the feith of Gods Church. Againe, 
takeaway chepreaching ofthe Gofpell, and you take away 
feith:fbr lb Paule fiith, MtrfaithisgrMMdedrntheGtOelLfrea- 1 
thedvntt vs : as in another place he Ipeaketh cxpnttic Jiith _ «'• 
iriy hemrig rfthevtriitfQtd : therefore the Gofcell hafh ,* 
<tWsname,to be called the wprd tffmh, thehnrmgrffuth, 6j.,a.' 
1m the tbf£ence if faith : neither is it porfble to haue feith, ^^^ 
where thouhaffcno word which thoacanft beleeue. Now 
roafider (Ibefeech-you) what Church is the Church of 
Rome"} their 6ith tbey conccale it not, but thus teich. and 
pRacb,tfaat it hath no ccrteintie: Sc for the g<^ to warrae 

- CLi \ thdr 



"*^ W> ttKiyfeekekoQn but fiy:Mno«ii« «>«i A- 
vp <l«uouoa, 9ad wiJW/LSr'S. J* i "^ '^^^^ 

: .u. 




x«ftM#A/, cb« the p«>p|,^ had laid »#.iiy. theApoflte 

feith iyatba«elmmmi$, adjHkkcOeiMigf .• whfr^ 
by we Jearne the prophecies were not forthc prefemtime 
onely, but daily weeand ourchildrco aftervs, areadifto-/ 
ni&ed,inaruaed,taaghtpnthcirpnMchine rfovfhen the- 
Prophet Elayrcprooueth the people forvfing their owne 
counfelJ^ and&eliog helpe oj the iEgyptiaM, when they " 
werem aduerfity. that wee flioald knowe it was nof one- 
lythen Gods wiU, that his people (boulde truft in him, 
auidnot make them vainehelpes of men : but tiMt aiwaies, 
bee (bould beeour onely rcfcige, the Propbdti^th xtmw 
ioeMdwraeukf»rttbmm *ui,le, 4»dMmiH$4h*^,tiMJ^t^'* 
't>>^J'itf/'rtBeUjfJ^,/0reuer4ildmr, SothtVrtiphtt' 
»^mie» mentio/ieth how Banich wrote all hi* Wordes, ^"'^^'' 
glking them an inftruaioa vato the poAcritie that 
^ofdPcadthem. ThitOBrSaaioorChrifttBeann whei> 
l»aiayd. me^nmh, Mt$dm»thtrreMib: mining, the Pro- 
phets labored, and wee eat the ftuitofthcit labour 5 andfo T„K ., 

f*>fJtilamswbKhw9»m frestMim^vs, not orttlv mea- 
nmgihat they are witn«fl«ofourfaithvntovs,iut ouf- 
hoD^ourjbue,andallis grounded vpon that foundation. 
Alcflon (d«arBl;»bcloued) wtiltobemarked : for there be 
many,nowadaies, which roaketoo fmall account ofGods 
Propheti, their boidncflein jheir miniftcrie, theirttiarpe 
^ wndcmningof man»foofi(h pollicy, theit rules of iuftiVc 
V ^ wdgemcnt, a great many caft them off as things ofano- 
ther world or another people : but we (hall fee that God is 

.^athmadehis Prophets our rchoolemafters, and the fame 

Im,rl! if ^^'"■."'?- ^^Pl:'^* notof figures, andftch 
ju ward lawes as the lewes had. for an appointed timc^ 

^J^ j^^'o^^ 8o«€rnemcnt which isefcrnall, is con! 

.ttmnedoev»,,fwotcaftaway the Inftruftiotis of rule an* 

'•"'■ CLi . of 

r - 



(U&15."l.^' ^""wie&word) foIlowiiKtl«A»^ 

Mj p wio many iaina*.Th«i» written tomoonevi an^ 


nottbe graccof God tiutis «acnv* : fbrwhoof vs this 
da V would not bee« Paul, or Peter, as Abraham or Ifiali, 
aslofworDauid IWho I fay that wwifiin heart, would 
notwalkein their waye$, line their Jiues, ^Icaiie their me- 
mories behinde them I Or who hadlener be as Simon Ma- 
chab} And wh^ then be weyet SboUO^i Jfour owMcam 
doefufficiently inAmft vs^d the voyceof tfacJl^ftie do 
foeameftly exhort vs j whydoweiiotlearneaoti6te«pt 
God, as many hauetempted hinHand aredeftroyed » W« to 
obey aitdbearehis voy€«j as mamri^obeyed,anAtbeir 
remembrance is in bkffing ? Uf^ifhtttt therefore this ex- 
hortation. ftCaUowcth: i0^M£ t/¥twem mt/^^mt 
jfcaisaddedofthtApjaWeto comfort anytbttwerewMk 
fcea«cd jfor fomwfwiW think, hath God fo dcftroyed^ 
forefa thers^ and made their carckafles to fell in the wil- 
•emefle t they that were in multitude as the finde ofth« Nmi.jf 
m , did bee make them fo fewe in number 7 Of flz« 
hundred thoniand ii>enand more, were there fofewe left 
that dyed not m their finnes ? What hope can Ihaue, or 
hoWftaIlIftandbcforcthefeccofGOiy?Thn8lfiy if 
any man (bouldfearc, theApoftle addcth a notable com- 
tort : thev did not aU pronoke GOD, that came out of 
iEgypt J but with whome was hee angrie fortie yeares ? 
Was It not with thoftthat were difobedicnt ? Hcerc wee 
learne, wifely to trie andexamineour felues, whether we 
beeiB tfaeftuourof GOD, or no, and that isby^fearch. 
mgour owneheartes, whether wee woulde obey his 
voycc or no : k skilleth nothing what other men are 
Wore vs. or what come vnto them j but all is in this, 
wtatour owneheartes arc before GOD, and how wee 
ol^^irhim ; if when any nation haue filled vp theirini- 
^uities , and God rootc thenwut, yet let not the fiuchfoU 
/' <i.4. of 

A«ltni ^'''^f ** T°. '^ » deny noethe tord. ofrhc 

beijpoct ; ftvOodwgardtththeenotbyfhy fith«J«r 
SJiSfili'L'^'"""^^ ' B5if thou wcrt biineaiiiong 

^^- *S°P^* '^ faauein Paul, who (hewing the 
ffcarlinaej^ people, aad the vengeance chat GO D 
Jadocccutcd a^i^A^^, heemakethSight this obie- 

wpceof htt«lc£h<m. nothySioyntry orbwhren, bUK 

of other, but flood ,0 tJ^aOuniace^ErS^pttdeftina. 
S?.!* J^^S^'^* AP«^««>"forteththel^e , itit 
ttue, God deftfoTred an wfinitemultitudeofiuipeopJcvet 
*ftroyedhee, butthoft whofe hearts condemned them- 
Wuei. thofetharweredifobedient ? Hedeftroyed notCa- 

xf/ii"* ' '*»?«^.ofanotherrpirit,hediaroyednot 
Mofts that was faithfiiilin allhishoufe landifour hearts 
coadeome vs not, wehaue boldnefle with God. he will noc 

ISSS"'!? "•''S'^^'' ^i^ will^rantaUouritquefts, 
andftlfiil a^Iourdefires .• thisrcioycinglet vshaue m out 
Kiues, aadhowfo cuer the world bee moued. no man Oiall 
ttkeour loy from vs. It is notfo with them which put their 
trufl mother things, whetherit bein the Pope, or in the 
W ot Rome, orin the raultitudeof their fathers, or what- 
»«»«r,m all thele,is no furety at all- for if God (hall deftror 
Korae.andaUthebuildJngsofit, what will they theniayl 



' uii^ 

lie ^iS^UWttUrmf. 

after found m that (eat,is not then all their reioydng^<»el 
and what a miferable faith is it, which is no ftronga than a 
mortallman, who(e(piritisinhisnoftrels :or, diana wai« 
led towne,wbich is eaiily battered : it this the rocke which 
Chrift commendeth, which neither fiorme nor tempeft 
ftiall euer (hakebay, this is \J3e blind confidence whichche 
people of I(rael had in the temple, & in mount Sioo^which 
vanilhed as fmoke when the people were led in|6&abilon, 
and left the temple naked behind them. So cb£nien,when 
welhall iee fuch things come to pa(Ie,th«r (hall be aihamed 
of the Pope their expedition, andfgFRome which was 
their glory } but wee will dwdUHbie defence of our God, 
^withatruefaith. committHM)nr(ehieivntohim i &nd- 
OKT Rome,nor Babibapm^ur forefathers^ior our pofte- 
jicji'^ifiiall eueijMrifWay his loue from.vs : this comK>rt is 
heeretaughtvsby the Apo(Ue,in this example of our foi«- 
fathers, which kept their faith in the wildemefle, and wera 
not feduced with tbemultitude. 

Now where he favth, wM^wiMsir^^VAwrryWrfyMrv/ ^ 
wee baue heereto leamewhat isthelong^iufferingof the 
Lord,who doth not ftraight punilh the finner.bnt a»heen- 
dured the manners of the people of I(raelfoityyeai«s, Co 
he beareth with vs in all our tranfgreffions : and (o the Pro- 

Jbet Dauid (etteth out vnto vs tlus example, that Gtdmde 
uW4jieihyweti'vnt0M»fes, snibkwtrkesvmthtchiUrM^ 
tfrtd, that we might fee tht iMdkfMtfetmufim Mmlvery p^, . ', 
finrt0Mger,Md»fgreMkind$ies. Andasain in the loj.pfif. *' 
redoningvp theworkes which God did for his people in 
the wildernefle, makins this an inftruftten vnto vs, of his 
bng patience and soodnefleyheaddeth ftraight : othtamm 
wtOithtftfmtmMft ^tftntke L^dhit Uim, kmdmh W KkM 
dcrthiacxampkand Hichlike, wee are ao idle heaKn, but 


profiublie excrbile our felnes in h» indgemeoM * and a$ we 

oogbc togiueliim this praiie, that he isJongfuffitriog^pa^ 

cieiic»«ndofmuchmerae} foletvs know what duede wee 

ought againe CO render vmo God for all his goodneflei for 

%,«reat many of vs^wecrie with loude voycei, the Lord it 

Bwn^lli butwe ^dumbeaod deafe>andhaHenohcart% 

vmdnvfifaottldlearnewhathisaieraerequirMhofys. Be 

^ wiretbea^Bdlearncoftheblefled Apoftle Panle,wh« thus 

. teachethtfaHLpmanes : The iemtifithefe tfoed, mtftfrt. 

"^'Mtkethet ttrefmmt ■• for els thou de(pileft the bountmil' 

nefle,and patience, t^fUong fuiFcring of the Lord. 

Markethis well(deartlle^loued)and be not mocked : if 
we fiy God is good^nd thettjdis gratious^nd foil ofpa- - 
tience to thedtildrenofmeihnlv^i^thatourownehau^ . 
doe then anfwerevs} render againe priMAiand obediaic* 
CO him»that is b good vnco thee : foe^ttlTl^rwhacwouli 
deft thou thinke of fucKa child, who, becaniehi»fathir it 
feuing and kinde, would therefore bee rebellious and ri(H 
tous \ whac woiikieft thoo thinkeofa ieruanc,that becauA 
hismafter is gentle and courteous, would therfore becaie* 
leffe in his worke,and not regard him { what rubieft(thinhe 
we) were he, thatbecauie his Prince is good fic^uotirablc^ 
WQuldtberefore be traiterous, and coflQ>ii!t againfthim { 
would wee not glue (peedie fentence againft fuch mon* 
ftrous and vmiacurall men ? and what hearts then hane wee 
.^^ that be here this day, ifwe will confefle this greatgoodnea 
ofGODt our King and Father,and yet walke in our finnes 
before him.? wee know it to be true, and wee cannot denie 
k, if Hnne (bould earrie vs ftill away,.8U the day long to be 
defiled in it, our consciences would annfwerevs at night, 
^m^%. CQcn as Paule faith: This hardnefle of ours> and hearts that 
cannotrepent,they heapevp vnto ws wrath againft the dav 
of wrath: when this merdiull fiiher will Oiewc him/elf^ 


that he is aUb a righteous and a inft God } and if we doe not 
in time belceue it, and forefee it now while it is yet called to. 
day, experience, which is the fchoolemiftrisoffooles, (halt 
make vs cofefle at the laft. that God forgetteth it not whidjp 
be long leaueth vnpunilhed. I remember this was oncetM* ' 
fcultoflfracl, why they lied vnto the Lord, and fet n6t 
their mindes on him, becaufe, as the Prophet laith, QdMi 
biifuce, 4i$dthMt tfUtig mw ; but why (hould th|rfiult bee 
ours, who by their example (hould learne w'^mooM : nay, 
let vs rather leaue them in their wuies,and fipow the Ipouft 
of the bridegrome Chrift, who in^jbe day of her calling, 
though (he (leepeo^ her heart ]ialitth,and when the head v& 

^f her beloued is foil of dep^d his locks with the drops Ctai.f^'9 
i|i|he nightt (he defpi&MOt his long patience, out anfwe- ,>f 
~rctbincheioyofbB|im}Ihaueputoffmycoate,how j| 
aaUIputicortflwMvva(hedmvfoet,how(halI(iletheQi ^ 
againe) as the Church faith in t(ie Canticles. Thus letvs 
anfivere die long fuffering of our God : and howfbeuer he 
bee angrie with many, a with the Uiaelites in the wilder- 
neflc, bee will be pleaftd with vs, as with Caleb, or Mo(esr 
and we (hall enter into his reft. Againe, yvhere it is heere fet 
out, how God was angrie : let vs remember the comman- 
dementofourSauiour Chrift tovsr Be fttfe&,Mj0mrhe4-iA3n.u*, 
uenlufi^tr k perft^. The Prophet Dauid being greadie » 

Erouoked againft his enemie$,yet would be not hurt them, 
ecau& ((kith he) thyUitiMekmius W4t btfvrt mmtjes., WP&l4<.}. 
tha^^lvdtkedin thy trm : So we, if Gods image and like- 
nes (bine in our doings, wee are fure wee walke in peace: 
therefore, where the fcripture biddcch, kee^ie.,mjumf^\A- 
mt i how can we haue a better rule, than to fee m the word, 
how G O P is fiid to bee angrie with his people. Hee 
if angrie heere, becaule they refofed wifedome, and im- 
brac«i foltie, becauife they (oriboke the worde of trueth, 



^ Mowtd VilMdiulAi, bmuTi th«y would not tnctr 


, f i UilMr OljA vyns <irtgt-ie» »»httt he Awt tht K^#Mdnt(rt t»r 
tAtti ffi!'*^»i%.'*>;"'|*i'"'»**l"«»« would b«mad«w(fm 

comiiiM 5 with fhswiiiSJiiii/imti^ ^j^, Jf 

wt wtjuid yM|i t^yMMiM or Hit. f hill ifw 

^fitingtKy fer»#rttdifoMttfttT>trtt>thftiHvlS*Akhh ft- 

thy finrtnt^thy lotte » Wx^re ttvc^blt befbrt tikii j bw if 
*l thy tngtr bt fotthint ovt^h rtwft^fbt rfvy mtMstK^^i^ik, 
fjKr wiptatthy fewrv ti wh dx^nt v«ry ill^ in bcinit tiM«^ 
. 5t-W8mft(brtb«Kn*fl^ and thtwIwftdxMW much 
Jjo for Atriftec»i^(lbt#ngrV vlth%broth«tt bMtiftkt 
J^beithygrfft^tftca^e, thw thy fcrtwm OiduKtkiMW^ 
^D^^ndd^ the tii»«t!«ivhfchh*,t«^o(mh«th«h«ml, 
UMiMitHidubkl&d in thint«hg«r^iHi4 thy chiding %«i>)i 



Aft Mi/lNN* fMMMii (M D««iMfigrtkO (HMMiMI**^ 
.i |Mhtw«idi(bUowing t «M*f «»»,>»^^«*!;^*^ 
Urtl.whyOODwrtutigi'y wJththtfli» ihtnwhit puni^ JL 

ilniit|whw«lttWfri«itfe«wi»tw«l4wltycoMtti«il0int ^.-^ 
wkkttd but ft»r thtk (innt t «ttd «il tht chotyggWftii «>f -W 
e O Dt which comt v»on thtin, tft to «<Min tntm or 
thfir toHl) th«tthiy ntlght tubnt vntoi[gpMr lo whth 
khi rinntf onihitt wf« niah dW|M#MfNia hopt trA^ 

^ KhiiMrMmii|d|yi«ywhkhi»wHb«AokhMl«d, 

ift ditliMilliiPiUMfilti 

jfOjMfflwiwhin ihttif (itthii-i wii^ii tuitMnd H«(i 
AllftlJiiilwiyttomOod, e^wttnttotamindidbyMftlte. 

Ekht Lohl fiilth by hii Propbn » wktf^/Mdmk «*•»♦• 
MIffjMifc Ailniyott fktl iwny mmk won i lhtw» 
^hitlv ihii eiuliorihtir ))l«AU«i, thmibty fltoutd 
brtuf turnM lh>m thilr Onnis. Lit thii bt a grMi comfbtt 
vnto luiry ont| wholl (iHnts KctuAi him i that bt ii nm 
(Initttn onht Lot-d^ but fbr his umindimtni t Itt him not 
Ktiht, btct(u(lth«hAndorCiodi«hiituy vponbim, but 1ft 
himttioycttt btcitudtht mmleorGod iiofftrtd l«t-gtly 
viitobimiH)i-th«tlT)ti he li punilbid thot he (hnuld r«nent. 
A>(tA|uUi- ckimple WN hdut of thi^ in MrtmtiTes, the Kina 
of'tulrth, who hud At vp alt abofflln«tioii«, nnd mulrlplM 
•ftincti without numbtf, but when he wm bowed downe 
Writh meny iron bandi, nnd the King of Alhur layd hire In 
j^infttU Imprlfhnment whtrt h« could not lift vp hit btid, 
ehtnht remtmbredtht LordGodofhitfithtri, who A- 
titd not ontly Abrohtffl, tnd ifiiAk, and lecob, end tbtlr 

right — 

^ ♦ 





lifbeedM Aidtbur in bU grott mcrckt r«c«iiicd Mum in- 
tolauour againe : and therefore in his tribulation, be hum- 
btedhtmftiA «(C«idiii|tyi «id«M«bie4brO O Dto iike 
forgiiieiitfleft>rfl«hM4rnnei,idikhwertinoPcifl numb«r 
thanthefindofthcfca, & the Lord waHiiire«ed of Wm, 
andforgaueailhisoifenciM. . . . ,. uj. i 

So^ine Paul in ail hi* hatred aM}«hi»)oas petfecuitomt, 
^i»«n4fiMiftpokendoirfle he defhaired not, but witfc a 

Kod hdmbich God gaue vnto him, he cried withti-en»- 
n^MdWlMiuxj:,»rdwiMi wik thtit ik^t lQmU4Ht^ > 
» Tbeft^XMp^hilhlediit vnto vtwhieh N fo gveiit fii». 
n^thtec^'OioBid^Maigrr in our aflliaioni.bunorn 
▼(itothe Loi^i, whooffiwf Mr 
finRtft be their Muer fograiS^IVI^ghtMMJlhefleorfi 
Sauiour Chrift) ii greater : let vi < 
•bbliOied. _.._., 

Noir»Mwe«knowe, theaffliAkmiofthewitlMdMefbc 
their (innei^d that when thev be chafticed.they be called 
to repentance t ib ai(b,^ muft rtroembv^that many ocai- 
lioni ait, why God (bmecnne chalUoech hit Sainct,though 
their (innes are all forginenandfoigotten : fbrbefidesthia 
thitweeftwuldtume vnto the Lord, many other benefits 
•re alio in our trou bles t for in them our fiiitfa^i tryed^ that 
itiiaocq>tedofGod|and therefore Peter c»Ueth afflidton 
the triallofour Aith \ for though we ought all to hau« a foil 
pnrpofe, in wcakh and woe, to deaue vnto the Loi^ $ yet 
experience br^noeth boldneOe, that our Mth indeede it 
ftrona,and fiiilethnot. We truft that we would not forgft 
GOD.inthedainofprofperity j but the Prince and noblt 
man, who are foil of peace, they know whether their ham 

heknitvntoGodinioueandoDcdience, which all honour 
•nd slory cannot fliake. 

Wee truft w« would not marmuR in aduetfity, but lob 


knowbowtiongtheirhopei^eoenduicrfitfiraae. Wtj 

rT^^yS^cperrwa^of our«M^^ ".fll^tS 
3wc fVawth not,at iSe remembraaceoftheeuiUdayJs w«a 
^ finglSS^God:butthey»aygte,7morem^^ 

Sf thcir^orkc, who haue k«^ "G^r"^!:^!^^*^^ 
ted Bot i and,they may morebotdlv Ong the fong«^ 

rie. thai they glory Tn f i^'°"» ^"^"g^S^^^^Ma ,^ 

£,c by a Wid^on. doth wimf^ B^^^^tS fe^ 
SSL not fiiini in themjibrbee -difouragedv The fectoU 

?r!fSoWSahrvp6n them,that is^ihat their bodiafoU 
S thcwwSneffc : tfiis punifomentS. Baul alfo cxpee^j 
nombln ^Tio-of the aVft to tht.Gofipt4uam.& th«»fer» . Co»., 
?,^l tX woT«d ofv.,whlch fooft«ret out Vj«a^ li» M- 
irsc^i^ure : t Jeir deftruftion therfore itourexample t^ 

Sware. andtoftarebeforethc ««8«T«^8«»««»**J^^ 
foctheir deaths we« no common deaths, b«*(«r5»J«»^ 
teth) fodaineond great deftru6Hons, ««one dayii vh« 
»Vooo.werenaineforrhctrfomications:&agamc,a great 

multitude bcftroyed by fiery fcrpents.formuimuring a- 


many plagues vpon them, in which thevpenihed. Thefe 

h«uy?ud|emeL werenot«cocutedo/Gpd, norwritten 

■ Kthat we(hould forgetth«.Thc Prophet Dau.d m the 
Vo<J.Pfalm, I ehcarfcth thefe & manyother puniftiments of m , 
SCTrtation tovsall r 5Ufedl>ifhclJrdl^'/ff^ 
eMcr mlmr, smilit ,&(e,flef^Amm : praifeycthcLord^- 

lieaJingt if M, Veering fMpon 

vrlfiSiincPaullpplietfab, eomakeitourinftrudlion, that 
wed (hoild fearis, and^ec^urre from cbelike nonei : if ch« 
V VrofhecDsmid in dKrenumbnmcc of'theielb many, and 
% ib ngfateduf iudgfifhentt, doefO'earneUly ptouokcvt, to 
4 praite cfaeLotd in iHl hi« noble ads, and to fliewe foorth hit 
~ ', '6c CO ninne vndcr the proteftion ofljis hand, to be 
Ipm ourinemies } why (bouid wee lightly let-goe 
rill ft mkl^ttioa»i and iv>c rather, with ^ithHill heart8,&e 
what gKfKllungs riie Lord hath done, aud conlecrate our 
lehsH to>ddepL|iU who ii the God.of^lorie: or if wee 
doe, what hope dH|l||ii^eto«rca[}e his lodgements i hee 
thacipared not his ovnn|^le,thc children a£Abfabam, 
chenaturaU plants whieD9p||||Dlaiittd ) howlhouldho^' 
iparevsthaCH^vtfiisttgeivfeorolltfouenant. and wilJP 
hue branclM^|iludi«ofltt8i7itoofln^|MM^ hyjcat/ioat 
grai&d into the natwaU olhietree I LctmHNfiMiDeware 
by their harm^ & the great iudgements,whidi God hath 
exe^tcdin oar-dei ,let them make vs ftare before him, and 
wa)ir(wich7e«CftocBinhisordittantmMd«MTes» y • 
< It'ftiHowetbnow intheApoftk : T*wh0m(v»thet thst 

sMTir Tbis is but a repetition of the other word of the Pro- 
pbde^ aU't6one pvrpofc, that by a double teftimony, as it 
were, wee might h»icfure hope, chat the poniftimencsof 
God (hall not come, if our rebellion doe not pull it downe 
vpon vs t for the promiles of God are for euer trnc. chat at 
whatcime (benera flnnerdochrepenchimof his finiie, the 
Lord willalfb repent ofall puniflnnenu, which he threat- 
oed to bring vpon him : neither can wee poffibly /tumble , 
and (all downe in our wayes, except we be Iblde vnder our 
finne,to worke wickednes inbis fi^hr without repentance. 
Andchnsfarre che.Apoitle hauing dearly taught, thatiln 
JMll die caule 0f Gods anger. 
^^U • Now 





. HowinthelatBrendhefaithfarchertWwryiirASif^ 
t»MtMmirf*i^th€«r'mMtifi: in theft words cofidtlding 
WhttinherooKPandfbuntaine of«ll diibbedi<noi<ia v% 
ili4tbacis^nbetiefe^mlidelitie,a heart tbatcannoc giuefuU 
credit to aUtbe threacning* and promtict of Gcd : of thia,^ 
by occarion.oftheApoftMs words Ifpake vntoyou in the 
fyewfii Leifhirei now that the Apoftlei«pcaicthit,we may 
be Ikr* as Paulela;fetb) as it was noc ^retuoos vMO>in ro 
teUvs che&metbtng often: fbitis forourfifctie-ofien to 
heareiti and therefore I &y vntoyou asI4aid before, let 
there beiin aofMofyon aneuiU heart of vobelieft, for bdkt 
isthe prouocation to all eutll. 
' BringaftithfbU heart which with anaflbrtd aifent, (hall 
)ieceiue the word chat is preached vnto thee, and thou art 
•i«ied witha fhonsftteld which (hall quench allthefierte 
dirttofthediuelL N<ifflan ouibeleeue what thing^Od^ ipiN.f. 
hath refttiftd for his Saints, but he muft nteds accoitftull 
the wotld tobebiitduag, to the end he may win Chrift« 

No mall ean fte what are the direatnings of bett-filt, 
Whleh if not quenched^ but he will«ibhonthisfinae»tiiOre 
than he abhorreth any dcath,and flee from theoiilMA they 
Ibottld bring him to to great condemnation : let vs then be 
armed chat cne dares ofrnfidelitie do hot wound vs, and all 
the (hot of other temptations they Qttl (carce fh-ike through 
viieye Uds i true it is, that our flefh it weake, but an armor 
ofproofb brings it ftrons defence : So wem^be eaftlie fe- 
duced with the deceit of (1 nne, but a liuelie faith will (bone 
lighten our eyes,that we fball not fleepe in death. Though 
tM world be full ofall euill concupUcencc vet, thituthevh ij^b,^ 
Strk tbtt 0imvmmmth the v«rU,tm»mr/4uh. And fee (I 
befiech thee) hidge of the hxft Onne of our firft parents A- i^ 
dam and Eue,andby one offence iudae ofall : was not Ene 
oueccome by infideucic,and firft did me not doubt of Gods 

R. threat- 


cbrettnuig*,be(bre(heeatcofthea{>ple( when G O D had 
fiidyeihalldiccbedeaeMid flKOot All to haldiig,aiKi be- 
gan wirb pttaduenture I She could not tell well whether if 
werelborno. And&om thisftasstfing fell (be notawi^ 
CO finoe, and turned not till (be leu into the H^thofGod 
(or ener i Did not Adam al(b foUow her example Tand thif 
corruption let yi beeiiire wee haue taken ftoo) hii hyno^ 
and fiickcd from hi* brcafti: by it the diuel if ftrong againi) 
vty bntkt vibewareof it ancThe&ithfiill, andhii ftrength 
ji broken. The Lion ofthe tribe of ludah hathouercom« 
the crooked Setyem, and by faich inhim weefhalirarelie, 

This (detuchpbeloa«i) the ApofUe heere dooth teach 
vf »a ble(ied:le(!pn if we can happilie learne it, and in whidr 
WftMb^Auediibr cuermore,and all our enemi^ OuH 
jheeoucfootfiOpolCk iind the Lord grant for hifChriAtff 
fike, that we may be nadcrich ia«ll Eoowledge of hit if^K 
an4aboundtnagr«atmea(ureQf&ith» thatwemaydieaue 
Wf^epcrahUe vnto God^and vnrerooueablieto beioyne^ » 
f b(we virgiof » with a pure £uth : yKO hk Soooe Cbrtd 
ABdJttv»pray,&c. Hdfoin^ 


, J L. 






1..-:'. {ior'd>,»'3ixfj3jtlii''- . ^Thi 



/» - 

^*^ .-,*"-J"- 

i> ^e eighteenth Ledure> vppa the 

i.anda.vcrle«ofthcfourtl:' '• ' '^^- 

V,: ^ ..-■ .-:Chaptet; ---_,.- ^' v. ■.■:=^^^^ 

mifltfeturiitg im»lmnfit t^tfymflmUjmmuk* 
■ MfmU, 

. thtwtrdtbttthtflMar4t,pr0lMwHMmtStf0^ 
' mmi»idwkl^4^i»tkfitkMhmdit: 

Oh hltie heard two eftedall points, . 
In which theApoftle oooth ampliic 
thb exhortation aUedged out ot the 
Prophet » T« ifff, tfjm km* bitimtt 
iurmmijmbmu^. The firft was, 
that he iuth ^uiiiy : therefore wee 
ought not to foreflow the tine of oar 
calung, but take the occafion tad op- 
pominitie, wMle it is oifered.^ 
«* ' Say not vnt9 the Lord,when he kaockedi}goe,and cqmc 
againe another time : for thou knoweft not whether he will 
retumeorno. Seekehlmdierfofewherehemay befovnd, 
and odl vnto him while he is neere at hand. ' ^ .r s '^'^y V> 
The ftcond poynt the Apo(tle(toodeon wai,duH^' 7* 
>im hnrt hit viyci, wnflmlimt hsrim wit bums : teacUng 
vsjthat not onelie \>y (aith wee (bould^ (ruitefoll hea^ 
rers. And if inHdelitie beareruleinourhearts,alIpreach- 
faig and teadiing is in vaine, and the voyce orChrifl 
caji bee vnto vs, but a lliuonr of death, vnto death: 
therefore , when wee heare him fiwake , let vs ftitb- 
fiiljlk recdue the Gol^ of Saluation at his moudiit 
'»• ■''• ■ ■ ' R a or 






watthe month of his Minifter, knowinehee ittmr,^^ 
prophet, ^km'OfGod vtuowt • rf^/rt?A?.ft. "^-^ 

^vamchopc. I^v, h.c«hy togeth«^S^^ 

v-!J[fSr^ ^Afr** Pro^oui- Sauiour Chritt to 

^ W©w,j»«efeagsjji»t, a«*coadii&)i»^ titviftm UtAAit 
g^«««nth v^rfeaficr. hoAjieh;X«w*Jrr*^#M(iM* 

'^, ^' Whac 


What fliall Vfcechinke of all this t What inean« theft 
ofienexhortadoasjrurcly (deardybeloaed) nethiogeUt 
but that wee bee dull ot bearing, and exceeding hard to 
leame: for tell me, notwithitandingthisexhomtioalbo& 
ten made, are there not (trowe you) many among vs, 
which ytt macd it not ? Yea, and yet ifagaine, and a- 
gaine hefliould crie vnto ts, would we all obey his voyct { 
Weeipvonld,ifwee were wife } butfooliflinefle ufo wrap- 
ped vp in our hearts, that I am afravd, all the exhortations 
not onely here made bv the Apoftk,butaUotherthathaae 
beene made vnto VI, tnirty, forty, fifty, throefcore yearn, 
haue not yet taught vs all chat be here this day, with fingle- 
nefle of heart and with fincerity to lone the Lord : and is it 
then any mamell. though the Apoftlehauing compaffion 
ODhiibrethrensisnorancc, doetais often exhort tnemin 
one thing { and if we b«e weake, fubieft to the fame infir* 
mities chat they were, let vs thinke it is aeceflary foe vs. 
Oncl^I befcech yon cake heede, thatieeing God bath this 
mcroe vppoa vs, which he had vppon our huhers, that hit 
word is cnui vnto vs s Pmtfttfmfrtttft^frettft'vfmm' 
ri^.'letaotvsbee againeasthey were, that notwithft8n< 
<ling all theie often and eameft exhortations, lb plaine to 
underftand^et chac the Lord (peak vnto vs,as with a ftam- 
mering and a ftrange language, that wee vnderftand no- 
china : for Alas (dearly teloued) how vnprofitablewere 
cfaaclor vs { And how much better were it, wee had neuet 
beard at all, than fo often roreftiA the Lords callins i Lei 
this therefore bee our wkeynderftandintinthiscaM, ami 
dnt which fo often is told vs, lee vs at the%ift truelv hunt 
it. Now, touching theft woords of the Apoftle , that 
hee fiyth : letvsfoare, that wee lofenot this reft promi- 
ftd^i^ weemuft nottakek, as chough the Apoftlectnghc 
tiMCcfaccleftflioDldftare, as chough they mighcfidlfiom 
^\ R. J thei£ 




^.»btib|jer»*oitond with our io^nagW<4oibw^ 



bdbc«T»the waiesof God with reuereocc, utA obedience 
it fbrbiddeth prefumptious and vaimboafting of&hat»> 
00, whet) the aloriou* uk): Wp wmc,<^ (jg^ljr (i«^ 
i»«ocrcgarded ofthfc. / 7 .1 ? ,; ^ 4 -, ■^^'- 'S:. ..'... 
, - Sotwhen Saint Paukcommeodeth our &ith,he addeth : 
hfMytthighmmJtilmfeire: and lob byv^tfJhmJUm^ 
mhttMtfik,lwillMti/tyfmfb€4d. Thii fearc u a ftaitof 
falling intofinne leaitwe (houid ofcnd Co merafull a fa- 
ther § it i? not a fcare of felling from his grace, leaft hce 
ftjould take hi» mercie from vi. A plaine rule of this, Saint 
Paule commendeth vnto vs all, writing to the Philippiana, m^ ,k 
mth/ewre (%th hee) m4 irmUmg mA$ mni tfytmi^im 
fiitMiw : commending lowlineiTe , and humhknefle of 
minde , but yet iovninff it feft to the hope ofeternall lift. 

And this counlell hee followed himfeUe,^ he fiyech CO 
the Corinthians J /*r*-»«^^#» miHthmfft^^tiimhtn. i.C«4 
^mmmktwMmgs Yet hee held feft his feiih, thatW 
Mf^destb,mMiiy(rMt$irt/Md/tfer4U hmfim tbt km y^"^» 

it. -And ^his the Apoftle , euen in thia place , teacheth. 
.when hee addeth j U mk^ymfime u ktkffmLiSc 
(m deede) heunotdepriiied,orfruftrateofany hope, who 
Heuer had hope, but it feemeth fo to feme, bccaufe hee 
woulde ulke of hope. No more can any man fell, who 
ijeuer Aoode : becaufi jt appearcth £> , Saint PauJe lay- ^ 
ethj i^tltMfHmtbt0jLmdi^lmhm^b0idihet/4'^* 

. It M mo^ ccrtaint, limwiAiAm^mii: but wee d^ium}^ 
ceiue ourftlues, in thinkmg w«haueho)>ei foctruehopeu ^ 
•M IS Cude heere, is in the promifcs, and they aic appre- ii*m4.I 
.bended with faith, and feith hath ftarc of finnc. Where 
>tbc^ things are, no man is dcpriued of his hope} wbei« 

theft ate not, hee bope6 fbolifhlie , wj^i bu ia doec^ 
••■■* ',"..■ -• R' 4 "■ * 'no 

t- 1 



nohofeitiSL And he it fik) to Mont* who sttfacl^ftis 
fboMto brae no inheritance with tfae'S8int»,>who yet ne> 
verMont: for indcedc» bee nener was widun the cone- 
». iifot i according to that, which Saint lohn fiith ; The; wem 
^9^mfm'vs^htttmj'»ertimtf't)s\f§r^ iftheyhMdhepu rfvu 
they fblhddlmeunedwiriivt. 

This IlafpdiatTOu na^rknow how toanHveiethe^ 
nimiesofoariaith. who would haueviM to doubt, and 
neuer to be hxt orGodapromilb % when they obieft f nto 
vt theft {d^ of leare, wee nMjranfwere then, that onr 
fiftut i« oorhtimil^ and caftingawa;|rofpride:ottrieare 
ii oor reueroid^t to walke in m waiei of God, if tbc^ 
fitfe any octKr fekre» we wilt nOtfeare with them i #ir OM 
■.TtaM r ^'^^ **' f"* '^'"^'^ thtjJiMt tffim ^dm tmt imdtuf, 
Um.t.i* hi be hMtfkeit vi tbe^int eftiifihn^ by wM) weecrk^eAitt 

'" This i« onr bleflSng whidi wee'haneofG O D, and in 
which, wee ftionld alwaiei reio/ee. I graunt, wee doo not 
heof obey God,a8 wm (bould : for who is hee that iinneeh 
not. Wcelearc many tiriks, and Gods deareft children 
ft'emoft teflMted t lb thatthcjr ere brought femetimfc eoch 
to hicil s8tei.4ttt this we coRm&ik om* in finnitie,tb* tmth 
iof Gbdspromile* o»f(ht to haue greater ftidi within vs) 
tratitisneeeffirle we moaldftde our finnesttbat wemight 
IxJhismbid, and wt nraftdift in ourfUnes/that wemajr 
i^he ilirongh the Tfftoric whirft Chrift hatfc gotten t 
and in all our yveakeneiK we will ftill confeile, that we rtaj 
liotnor ombt not thof to fbre,bot much rather to reiojrce 
in oe Lord,md swaics reioyoe. 

Now, it Iblloweth in the Apoftle : f «r vhm vs hitktbe 
MeiitdprtfiedHmbmtUttitpi k am m\^ii wiAfikkt m 

^mTttUtiUtmilt f' ■ ■ '• '-■■ ■ I *'-• ••' '■ J'"!' 

IVnrPPW 0fM Hfrt 



haStbus applkd the Pwphjt. ^^^^"^ 
caufe voto w now the S>ntGcSf4^^^»^^^^^ 
wispreacbed vhtothem: M^iSyn)thmiivSuiBm.h^ 
So£d wee efcape. but bee pottalMirfifctftiM pMUflh 

"SplaceiiweUtobeeJWuied. wWAtodwhwa^ 
th«liuneSnaoon isnow|wach«l. «hi*^>^ 
befiHetoaUPaatwcheaand Prophets ^ m which we know 
there hath boiabnt one wayofSaloatioi, ftorn tbebedn- 
niig oiibciworid liiffheiiUiii was ^23^^*^^^ 

IJfX^Mtfr from which promift nadei then waa ntuac *^^'^ 
klatoMfiuchofGodsebft.amloneMqrofUie, which waa 
•'WuOria.eDenai our ApolUeiayth, J^^Ciijtf j»ff«^ 
miuiM .• haeis dbti4iBe,.woddwiihDviteold. Aaft^u 
aoarine knot wm^ but ^iPcdphets and PatntrcbM 
knaweit with w.aadtljayaUbeUwied the CathoUqu* • 
jChuwh^ndcopamuwoiiofSaiins^uentithitdaywedo. ^ 
Saint Peter iayth,iAi*jMr.swMM^rf,taw/k^^ «•'•* 

M» 'vmttbemftiHn.Mit'^emu^t^ tk^mm/MMt^ii^** 


lodifpute witl^faimi wiwthw there were any (abwiiou ah .,m 

the world, iwc by htsireegnc^: Md Ark hee^i|ketb, wbd 
ciUed Abraham in chat<o«wnant of mercy which was gi. 
pan him {who hath dooait iauea ha, that called the gene* 
tationa ftomche.baginaiag c ItlmJMdt iMitktji^mi 
militheUBj*mtbt]mt:v^nSiy ieachi>ig,thatbiia^k 
oflirael had the (amerakiation,whkh Abraham had land 
Abraham, the6fiicwhich allNatioaiandCoiintriaieiMr 
ihatthauei oaetaiiingbe^lthofalleuenasGodislbretter 
vBcfaangeable. SoSaintPwl^ raikiiig comparifon be* 


HrMflevi«*nd the people 6niracl,of«yhoin,bctnUM A- 

ikttHkt iMhfiUnkitkm, Mi$kt rttkufM ckrUt, And 
11*1 oiMly chit one Oluidon itvflto vioUi but thiiaUb,oDly 
^ ChrifthatbbccneucrthcProphetandMinifter, todedtui 
mnn^ tb« filMiion i fok^ the A^xMlUetdcbecfat then, and now. 
Uivoycf wuktard t ind uit ii fiiyd after, bhvoyct did 
Ihetifhakithc earth, y«l.befbiiethea,in thedaiesofNoah 
1*9 bee wai braached tm tk iitftkdim pHfkj » who wett 
drowned in the floiid, and are now bolden intbe pri(bo of 
fcbeirfliiol. Sothaithii «*4ekiioirrinChiiaare Oud tU 
bi« Sainttiand by thrift ih^ baui bden tau^t all thacetttr 
dtdbeleene* Vvhefebfwdeleafnc,aflcheacriactiorth« 
Patriairhii. iuidikUlkHHtM and oiremonieeof thckwek 
thM!|Mi(MiiB(MMJBof dieir (iqaei. neither wlithera anv 
tedctapiMhlhthtm f Ibf tlitiiheUtet had noethefathcri 
ftoriftakit ttorth* flithert had t|Mir cetemoniea. nor #«t 
hake no#«fther OoAims or cctemoniei, wbidiwere ia 
- ' lMftottrifnongthea;yet«ne6iuidonitVBtovtalli and 
Ifaerfbae. at WenknyboMiy Oy vnto them Jbr all their 01^ 
MooM in worldly «let«kehti» they did not purge their con- 
fcimoM,meate»ehddrinltei did not bdpe them, who were 
^tl^daylyexereiftdiolachobleniattoiH : toagaincthey may 
iiyvntbvi, nciditrouracnimemi doc jiue grace vntovl^ 
no more khan thein vnto themtchcy (cak vhto vb the gMoi 
Oiat ii in Chtift, dc alBire vi ofthe ftluatfon that ii in him i 
\m. iiKhemiUtiei theMia no health at all. And ifwce may 
tty th«f, eoen of the ikmficnti iaftituted ofC O D, in (O 
iHttch, dieeif they (ho«rid bee made caufti of our iuftiHca- 
tlon,end tlM«lory oPChrift (hould be (b giuen vnto them, 
weemighl hlftly call tbem the begierly dementi of the 

.br^: ; Whil 


N.".' . 

VVhatftwU>weCiyorthinke, offamany cbUdifctoye^ 
and foolilh ftnciet,ai we haue fteneof tale, when men wiU 
attribute akiailon vnto them \ wbenojwawne workee 
baue tbii honour giuen them \ when Holy wattr, BeU, 
Candle*, CrolTes, Palme bowei, Agnus Deici, the begin- 
ning of Saint lohni Gofpell hanging about your necke* 
whmto there thiogi wee attribute poweraaainft the d^ 
■dl, whom Chrif^vanquiihed only vpon bis Croffe. what 
name Ihall wee giue thefe beggerly thingi J Wi»««\.P"* 
irimagei.fiiftingi, vlflting of mens Tombes, kiffing of R^ 
RquesiorchafingofMaiftsjwhen theft thingsare exalted 

aiSfaid to purge our finnei.whai ihaliwe caU them \ what 
^«*^ dtunkenndft, what witching., what madntOe, what bru. 
^^^ tl(h aftonllhment hath couered our fpMti, that wee Ihould 
beletue foch thIngi I what ftrange illuBons and fleighta 
0fSatan,hjiu« hid out vnd«rftandings.tbat we Jhould know 
nothing I Theceremonles ordained of God himlelfe, the 
ficmmenu of his eternallleftameut, they are but helpa of 
x^uihiflrmUies,toleadevsvntoChrift i irom.whomwhen 
'••u ihdl fcperatethemi they arenomoreGodrholy Ja- 
eraments.but beggerly dements,and our owne phantafiet 
and fondimaolnaiIoni,v»hich are contrary toCbrift, euen 
from our cradle, to exult them thus.what is it, but a prond 
likinaofourowHcjifefumptlon. w aii iJtd-)ijio7/ nii T 
. Tbisis aclcrtre proofc, that in nothlBa<*ftlnatlon but 
InSrift alone : nod that one liiluation hath beene from 
•uerv> whiie< t^fi outwarde thinges,.h«u»,had many 
thnn!i.esU«v»>UAvv«\ >ti.*^.>'i ■■••» ,■■ ' ;; I'lI'-''^ ' '';'"■'; '■' '■ 
Andagalnev in thatGhrift^es theni^e^PrftpbeC we« 
\ are fiire the Pntriarches and ibrcththera did not worlwp 

Ood Iftet theh'owiM Mill artddouicc, but only As thefp)r)t 
iflSfariftdidtdacb^em i irom wbitihfMftiroQDy ^^T^^ 
whwtthey Wliwy-^iOi 3^ wllgteft .wa» ideAtd.1 .^^^ 




^S^r;^^<*Ol>ymtliioy,tii pkafcd : ib rhat. 
Jbooghriiejrhtdnokwewriaea. yet wwecbev taught of 

**•" ««eth, rcueahnfl iili wiU vnto then, euer by fiS 

Uw, hee wrote thii affoa. a decree for them toholdecuer. 
rtwt they Ihouid neuer adde ndr takeaway, but doe oneiy 
what thay were commaunded : and much more now in 
tbdelaftdaiei,in which our SauiourChrift hath appeared 
vnto v»ui our owntnature, man like vnto VI, vponwhom 

2Sr!!?S?5t'f^*?°"'°. ""««'<»«"'«' "n<*God him. 
filfthath AaledUm, ro makint maoiftfthiiow^e glorie. 

mm. Much morea ay) wee ou«ht now ondy to heart hia 
viTO, bMaule now mora dearly than euer befora.be hath 
rwMjhddhhtc^wttlofGodmov. . butnow^the <£ 
thrahahath been before : nowalfohehathpiadeforaeto 
^foorththi imagination! of thdrowne heart!, and hath 
bewitched many to foUowthdrdamnabkwaie^hy whom 
themvofmiethi!blaiphemed, andforthair ownetr^U. 
domftke, he hath made the word oftheLoni kfu ofnone 

i-fcii ., "^^ workehath he wronghtin all thePapade. yet wet 


J5^m^«*«W!rJi.yethathhet«ughtthem tomato 

th^Biftopi PrinoN, athathgMMn th«» power oner liit 

and good! t Chrift fiyth, lU Primes rf themim kmtnih 

Wl flrft bftrttteo fenneto wtareairipJtcrowne,ttidi* tht 
Kftttiofthe natiomtooome kiifthiiliNt. StChrUkhacb 
miikty!(*wor(blpin%im«id ir«ft,tDdrihkithflwitt 
lii^aikMiipiofbiibody^bfoiid, topr^iaaknowta 



~ ', . "■ , "^^''''^r'-'s' " 

toitme. toji»ofkiymaawichoutCio^<if<iolj|ji«noftj ,j 

tp.^k^y^aiatriffloay. ihiill cfbced^i^sjciiedy. agiMft ■ - 

iaai :btuas chough ChUftsretenoihjOPbetvrttOvst wee' 

hageabttogated thdehiilawcfy and made other contrary 

ofourowne. This ourcyts bane fismjaod oar caresiiaiM 

beard,afid whether :we.«ittne llOv wema a noodet coafiift 

it r Vet. j fe fa it Ai tbordicmlctaearo a mameiibBi wadnefti 

flcdoin^aUchingt contrary eo the Lord kfutthcyiayM, 

they caMioten«i butthejrfliailoneday feeand know,ther 

CfarifiiithedAly PfOphetoftheQeMieftament i andiaJeP 

Ad UtbeLOKlCodiwhohaih made wdiiadByto fadetM 

it i andwhrlcvtaithtdiiyofheahh aadaooeptabletia^M, 

to hearken owdy vnto hioi, and refii& all the vahK intocnti* 

OBiofmcB* ;,..v - >' •V-- ■ 

It foUtfweth Mwiaithc Aptiftki: mthw^jhtUttH^ 

bnvir ftifotdtkmmti kmHftiammmkifhiwitkfaiktf* 

thtftthabtmdk. AihdbrethtApoftlcjconduded,rBiM»* 

ting againc hii cxhoreatibn » i»itf tU^vecfek hceic^ttMtli 

tbecauie, wbydieyiuDfited not b^r dit irpDd of taxhoiMi 

tion, that wcea^aineihaaring the cauftof onr fiaiM4koakl 

bee made more wiie. eoeak«hc<dofii)andthecBnA waa 

thdr )nflde^^ibeomia fiytfa faect tkewrrJiMLmnm^Ud 

tMitikm{tfftlff(tiihi^ word«£God>prtached» ikaM dKB 

offered «ato yivof which v^e ittuA ddnkc whether v«c4 will 

•I ko-i dndone way it it made vHto vflacup ofthe water aT 

kfi!i«nathenM^,a«iip'fifd^ibrii^iobii aadiikiiiAliquku^ 


«nMlk,roit3iaiaiiiafliIedrdtaifh. Ii»thiirifriiUoad«^ ifab 

Ai»oftk Aeakct h tbo» : tbiyMniwiumtmt^kdtrskm wkk 

jli|(|;'':\o^(ijiu.', ,■ . ^,/ ■.:r-ii ■■-■ . ... ''j!. ■..•v;yiil.'*i 

nAfumdtlmintito fie :aCth8iaaatiMl doo miMirtfaei^ 
driakcariilii^ttttfbnbciritrineiiiMbrn^ i Ibwdtinebiar 
likofcUaisd tananle^hi whicbtbe woed«f God it aSmA 

.;.;: .• vs. 



VI to driolGe, weerauft miosleie with the fweete blu^ of 
I" »«n»jN tt « acup ofeternalllifc vmo v« i otherwiie,if wo 

^ «Mhor»eoflA.Chrift,whois Che head cornet ftone, in 
*^^ whom the bmUmg doth ftand, heeisnowtdv.a ftoaeof 
otoe^ at which weebaue ftnmUed and arefidJen downe, 
Mtadft weehaae notrcoeioed hit word with Aitb. It \m 
ttue^theCofpellisthepowerofGod, to fine man, but yet 
to faoe the man that doth belecac, whether hee beelew or 
Gentile t andhetc we Ae, howGod hath id*ned vnftpera- 
i>ly,bitworda|Ktoiirfiith : wherdbra it it aifb called, </6» 
«w/«%**;aeitheriiit|>oflGbkto befiithfiili withontthe 
*"®r*^i* of'iwworde j natherii any knowledge of the 
word profitablcbot beine mingled with &ith.Thii(dea«- 
h^bdoued>ii nbobfcurede^ioe^hatyoD Aiould notva- 
dertend ittneither i« ittanght vijn ambinout word«,that 
yequi doubt ofit. but it iiplaineand plainly taughttthac if 
wcwilibeiided (w.Wii9Bcift, hit won! mnft b« mingled 
;^ ./tovfwahftJBbvifwibe^ofihencwteftament* and belong 
^ u€m. „*«oa»aw«wrt which i» raadein Chrift,tothe foighifr 

H* «o. thUmttfatdmwritmhmhim, AndthiaS.PaulftM 
Cfcb eotlo^lein f nto v«, thotk la hdpoiSbkt, impoffibk I 

Um.i^^^j*^^ Gj>(pell, asFaul ayth j lUfmptr rfQUtt 
fim amtd i t l nt^t :doe»ottheare«Ma*{ fcdoyou vndei^ 
iMMMii^ethcn wbattfainkjou oftluib«ltgtoh, when 
thii preaching of the Gofpeilis hidden bocke : nay; where 
they haoe been ibenuioutvnto it, that they hauenocfuffis 
red the word to bee in Ach a language ai tne people mighr 
onccreMcdmd nidoftaockii/) ThePricascbemfclnes v^n 
whom they laied the worketaftcHiicefbrthcitfinnei,aml 
CO whom m coaftfled cbsic finiaeMQ hone fi>rgtucnes of 




them. And what (Ifiy) will youtbiakc of focijapeoplcl 

or wbatreUgion hauethey ? dothjiot^e Apoftlefay^tm^ .^ 
ther it no6rBatk>n but by beieeuingrfic wMd a? «M pr?ft- 
chedvBtovs \ and doethcy fiy t«uq .thajtbc Maflt;P«f- 
. geth our finnes, the Prieft forgiuethtbcm Jand the MaBc is , 
in latine.the Prieft b ignorant^tbe people «^ed with vain 
imaginations j nofaith,nowoi«ii%mMltMffOffiaJ^ 
it. is no marutiie though .f9?»f «(» ^ w^bM of weir 
hearts. andbeleeuealltheillufionsofSatanilorhowam* 
man beleeue thetnieth,except thcipiritofGod bem bimi 
Pharaoh was not taught bv.aliilif iKoq^,tl»f,M^ 

wtoiighx ift4tgypt. Tb«Tcti» '^mmyfmm^ 

the miradetw.hlch ChH* WO«^!fcfW»»#r:.f w 
things hauc bsvppw«dinthc dayabelpj^evsy $|ioud» ?ow 
*be Apoftlei andPropbets do« al^cEif:,;*!^*!?^^]^^?* 

abomination before GQDf 4Pdm<RqiPpRf .yWftWTO 
the word< ftomws, ;wch«<h yi ?o^th,xou^reth wwith 
b)indnefl<f, praiftth ignorance jppUtteiflgij if w^env- 

did Irtnne«:ai»d. bmi>r«iior^'W« J^f €» 4i|4 Aww m 
Caiphas,let vsjiW iiuruaile, qo j^w tljing M^ tfappenc^ 
inoupdjiyff,. Jl\c fcord bathnot lighwdi^mWft, 

and what wifedwj^iW IWbjljMAwl ¥W»TOlte¥f 
them to him, Mrho is iuR and mercinill : and let vs pray, 
that his word m<ty bee alwaies mingled vmo vs with raith, 
that in this great darkenelTe of the worlde, wee may iee 

.One thing els we may here marke,that it is layd xtht wtrJi 
Simtfrofit thtmJftcMftitWM ntt mtigUdwthftutiy: where* 
by we know it is only faith that commcndech vs vnto God» 
without which the word is in vaine, the preftnce of Chrift 
is ittvainet to bee his brother, fiiier, mother^alliayaine: 




. • f 



y««k'bi«tffeitbd(rri«l> yi^b boldnefli Intohii pw- 
Alice. Miny Angular proofti «f thii, our Swkwc Ghrift 
«B#dbliMrfeanyplacej. #lie»sk#dmao cri««h vnw hiiii: 

W-of^MriourChriftaiifkerwh : Jwyrj/iwr, *fc#ft/^ 
^^ - - ^ • ' '- < -Ji—^-:. WhcnfoflMlayd 

MWy)W?A^irt^r##«M^M<^^ bifnotber plao«, 
SEffife(SfcB^'*>*h^Kiw>d, 1^ 

iethVtSeeptible. wdwilhotttthtaltUvnDdf 
i jfll; ou«W>mm«h til, indthe latet ofMi 




»- >f»^ 

fi^ ^^yjfc to the HArrn* ' 
The nineteenth Le Aur«, vpon lh« 

"■^''': 3.4.5.tf.7.8^.and id. ' ' ' "v-"n 
, ■•.-■■:: • ^ verfia. -■,■;■ ^' .";^'' 

a Btrmtvhuh b*»e lulemi, ite enter mttr^.iu be ftUi 
the ether: As JhMefwmtemmyvn4uh,f they fbttlem 
mtpmjreji: sUhet^h the werks verefiiified/rtg^lke 
femJstieMe/thewerU. ' ' ' Jfr^^ 

A Per hee (bske m 4 eertdme fUce efthefemmb iifmim 
w^e: And Ged did reji tke ftmm^'dtg^frm A hit- 
werkes. ^^ 

5 AndmthitfUeet^MmifthejjhMienurimemyre^. 

6 Seeing thertfere itremdineth, thMtJimemnfi enter therein- 

to, tnd they t» wheme it WMfifi fresied, entrednet 
; - . , therein fervnheleefetfek*.-^^' •> ?,^^*' • ' "^ ^ ** ^'f J "* 

7 %^*ineM'ff9fntedinT)Mtid4eertiaieii^,iyttigf,^ 

jlfUi^ 4tm*Jifii^neititf«idtthitddy, i/ye hemUt 
: .v: veyeeMdennmymrhetru, '» ' -' ' ■ -^sen- ^ 

8 Periflffmhddginentkem refi^ tbeniHiddheniitdfiei^fBk 

hine^eken ^emtherdty. 
p iheterenMneththerefere ArefiuthefetfUefGed, 
10 Per he thdt it enmd inie hit re^.httbdlje Mifed/rmbit 


His (cripture, whidi now I haue read 
vnto you, I muU needs confcile, to roe 
it feemeth yet fomewhatobfcure, nd* 
ther hath G O D To reucaled it vnto 
me, that I dare boldly pronounce, this 
it is : but, (iibmitting my fclfc to any 
better incerpretation , wnich Ihall bee 
0iewed of other , according to that 
which God hath giuenmee: (b I will (hewe you what I 

S thinke 




thinke moft likely, and |<> nwcli the more boldly I will 
ftwwypu mineopioi.on^bccaulc.bythegraccofGOD,I 
^ will fpcakc nothing, but agreeable to all which the Apoftle 
(|^ ^fore hath moft plainely taught vs. You knowejhow 
earneftly hee hath exhorted v$ to hearken vnto Chtift; 
Wl^af feoit efpeciaJlyOwU make vs negjedit, and that is in- 
fickliti^ i v/^% gr-eat pexiU wee haue in thit fmne, and that 
is : wefiiU not enter hue hit refi. Now, hee tcacheth and ad- 
dethioicarguments to bis doarinc^^how .we ftjall auoid lb 
gr^ pMPI^ent. and fofteat finne, and how we fhaU be 
obedient vnfoChrift j and that is, by faith, an humble ac- 
knowledgeiftenc of him to be our Prophet, and a conftapt 
beleeuingofallhis troeth. 

. JJ^i^ ooftrine |irft,^e fetieth downe, in thefe woords j 
Ptrve enter Mtel>ureJf,that(heMet$e. This hee proufth 
^rft, by the manifeft text afore alledged: for it wwlltd} 
TffVfhpme I fw«rt in mine tn^tr, thut^fhoddnptMUerintt 
wjrr^.meaning the vnbclceumg.and vn6ithfu|l : therefore 
yrce cl?at ;(re ts^lewing, and &ithfiil|, wee Oiall inhericthae 
reft. This I thinke to be thcraeaOing of theft words folo- 
wingi Aiit ii [aid yt9i»htmt lfw»t in mj vrath^thM the^ 
P)om.m enter imamxrtfi. Now , becauft the Apoftle hath 
reafbned long, and mtxcb » owt oftbis place of the Prophet, 
and wiilyetreafon longer, he wifely forcfeeth , what might 
be here anrwer cd oiihe lewes , that this place is of the peo- 
ple of I^ad, mcnt of their entrance into the land or Ca^ 
naai?, vndcrcofldiitioR ofobcdierice of the kiweofMofe*, 
aruigtnerefore rather; tpachedi them to keepe ftill tho(c or-. 
dinances , than to change them for new, and folow this. 
lefus, of whome they Hjpue not heard before. This cogita- 
dgn fnigiii; eafijie ui(e, and chey might foone be (b per- 
waded.that the Prqpbei;ipake:of«bcprc(cpt time: now 
4ifi^'Cy i^ the.wordifolowjogytbt Apoftle taketh avra^ 



this offence and doDbt,teachiog,dut not vnto them oodf « 
but to vf alio itwas fpoken, and with thn caution prcMKth 
with other arguments the former doftriue; that by foith 
grounded in our Prophet Icfu Chrift, wee flaall enter into ^ 

his reft. V; 

And he faith thus, EJpetitiie feeing hit imkes werejrn^ 

frmthefcnndattPn efihewfrU. The word which is JkCre 
commonlic tranflated .although I englifli it thus : E^mlUe 

feeing^ which I doe becauft the fenft well agreeth, and I 
know nothing to the contrary but the woonle may well 
bcare it ; fo now touching thei obie^oa before made, the 
Apoftle anfwereth thus : Neither can this be meant of the 
reftof the land of Canaan, in obeying thelaweof Mofes, 
for when neither the lawewasyetgiuen, neither the land 
oocf: promiftd, yet then was this reftof the Lvrde, into 
which bis people did enter ) for the Scripture fayth, euen at 
the begioningj the Ltrd reHed thefeanenthddj fi-fmidlhtt 
Wtrkes, ««> 

Now this obiedion being thus confuted, there is alio 
in theft wordes, the-ftcond realbn for proofe of this do- 
dbrine before taught, that they enter into the Lordes reft 
which doe beleeue : and the realbn is this. Seeing God fi- 
nifhed his woorkes ftraight from the foundation of the 
world, fotl^atthen hee was (ayd toreft theftauenthday. 
men entred not into that reft,by the obferuation of the law 
of^ofes, which was not giuen, nor by any workcs of flefh 
which were cuer vnpronuble : but it is cleare then wee 

. entred by &ith, according to this which is written : m 
ditf ify»n he»e hit vtyee , harim net ytur hedrtt : this atr 
gument isplaine in thefe woordes : Ejpe<i*\lj feeing hit^ 
wtrks werejmi^dfrmn the/tunJdtitn efthe wtrld :fir h^futk 
'kdetrtdinefltce o/tbefesneMbiijthnt : utdGtdr^lied inthe 
fetmwh dajijrm d hit w«rk«s» but of thi9 argument, we will 

S 2 fpeake 

i sgdifie in the ninth vtrfi. Heere the Apoftic may 
^ CO feme of vs, to realbn not verie ftrongiie : for how 
lethhe that it is onertft of which it ii&yo, yt Oiall not 
,t into my reft : and againe, the Lord refted the feauenth 
' i for the one leemeth to bee of God alone, the other 
aiburatiue promiie (et out vnto V9} but this doubt is (bone 
taken away : for when it was &id, God refted the feMenth day ; 
was it not al(b faid, bebleJfedthefe*iKnlhd*yMtdbal»wedit: 
which isy he appoynted it to-this holieexercife, that man 
flbopldtont'ofT his other thought3,and con fider the power • 
and wifitOme^tgdodMsof God in all his creatures, where- 
on after he gaae ni^ kiw written : Rtmemlfer thtM hrepe Mie 
by which it was pibiae, that this reft wastiiefatne, vnto 
which thty were after callcdvimdtbus wee fee the Apoftle) 
wordi, how apt uhey be to his purpoTe. 

It foloweth now : jindm^fUcetgrne, ifthiyjM enter 
imemyreji. In thefe words theApofUe teacheth, thatt'bn 
isalfothefime reft wfcich the firft was s where wee feethat 
the reft oftheland^ofGanaan, was, that they (hould there 
enioy peace, and in his holy place prayfc God day and 
night, who bad deliuercd them oat orthe cruei bondage of 
jEgypt,aiid from all hurt ofriie great 6c terrible wildernes : 
in ftead of which, he had ginen them a moft pleafant coun- 
trie,thdt flowed with nvtHie and honie.Now vpon the war- ' 
rant of al this trnth,thai one reft hath been from the begm^ 
Bing, though the nam* may be often named in fimdriere- 
fpe6te : asiirft, it was fb called, becaufe God refted from 
his works j attaroe, becaufe the people entred into a peace^ 
able land,in «ead of a perilous defett : fo vpon other occafi- 
ons,this name of reft is named,but all in one Ipirituall fenfe, 
itM is, now aceafing firnn our own works, to do the woiks 
•f GO D, and after this, to dwell in the peace and reft of 



his glory for eaet : therefore, where promife of ent 
intohi8reftis,itisapromifemadevntoall,andofallj _ 
vpon tbi8(I (ay)the Apoftlc (aith further : Seeing tbereftr^ 
remam«thtbatfmem»ff enter theremu, taUthej /# ynmHei^ 
tPMfirft freachedenired ntthecAufeef their tmMeefey /^Mtne^bt,' 
MffMiUed m D4Mid.4 certdinedsj, Ir/todsy, pning Afterft Utig 
time. Mitif /tlresdj alUt^ed, todfyi/youwiM hetre hit vtyee, 
hgrdennotymr hearts : in all thcfe words, heecondudethas 
hee taught before,that feeing this reft hath been euer fet out 
to our hrft lathers, to the people of Ifrael, yet they entred 
not for vnbeleefe, feeing it cannot bee but iome muft neieds 
enter,for the graces of God muft needs beenioy ed,therfore 
inDauiditis againefayd : T»diyify0»i»Ahetrehit vfyce^ 
thatit might beknown, that we which do beleeue (hall en- 
ter into thii reft. So in thefc two verfes,in the concluGon of 
the two former arguments j to prooue, that only by Eiith, 
we (hall enter into his reft. And this I take to bee the natu- 
rall meaning of the(e wordes in the 3. 4. 5. 6. and (enenth 

Itfollowethin the eight verfe : BurifleJuihAdginenthem 
teHy hee wenld not haue 3oken of ttiy other reft after, Thefe 
wordet prooue by another rcafon,that the former prophe- 
cie is not meant of the land of Canaan,according to theob- 
ie£tion before fpoken of i and his reafon is this. lolhualed 
them into the land of Canaan , a great many yeares be- 
fore the Prophet Dauid made this exhortation ; if tberfore 
4t had been meant of chat land, to what purpofe did Dauid 
foeake thus fo long after \ could it be threatncd vnto them, 
tney (hould not enter into that reft,into which they had al- 
ready entred,anddwelttherefoure hundred yeares \ vpco 
this reafon he concludcth in the p.verft : Jberefore^therere' 

mmuhyet ti refi vnto the people of God. 

. Iftthe tenth vcrfe, heeffacwethat thelaft, what this reft 
I S 3 is: 






- i, : that wee ttioold no longer walkc incur )*,•". ^««^«"* 

' •^felM.Quer to the obedience of thewiUofGod^euen 

^S^clX toenter atthelaft, intothatrtft »nddw.U.ng 

SwchL inhea«en,nocinearth.and ^vh^h G^ 

nrKnirrhed and not man» in thcfe words :/#r*r*to4<*««f 

mrt*tm9uuT^f*'«^ y /,« Thin I haue pbimeUc » * 

vntovouvonheoftlM^^^^^^ what I thinke neceR ' 


r,''^* ^ uinJ «hich is to ferue him in it, and not ouf 
holie Vi«o him, ^^'f^^;Xwemuftftlori^cGod,&re(l 

!« 1 • t ■ 

^ f fee ^/flfc «o At Hebrplb* "^ 
GOD, thatii, hisetemall power, and Godhead, thitwcft; 
ihould know him,andglorific him, and giuethanke* vnt«J^ 
him. So wee rcade in the bookc of lob ; when Eliphai*^ 
would pcrfwade lob to thcicare and rcucroicc of God$ 
Makfty, he biddeth him behold the ftaircs.ho w high thcv 
are. The Prophet Efair, when hee will aflure the Churdi 
of the mercy of God, that he will, according to hia mjghty ^ 
poweKfolhll all his prom iies, he faith thus j who hath mca- ^ 
hired the waters in hisBft, and counted henucn with his 
ipanne, and comprehended the duft of the earth in a mea- 
iure,Si weighed the mountaines in a weight,and the hils in 
tballanccJ In meditation ofthefc great works of God, the 
Prophet would teach them, tofearenoman,butputtheir 
only truft and conhdence in God So the Prophet leremie 
fineth outthcconftantcourie of theday and night, for vs 
CO confider, and in it, to know how vnchangeable theloue 
ofGod is to all hit Saints. So our Sauiour Chrift, by the 
goodly colours of the flowers of the field, hee would haue >*»«^i«* 
vsiearne, what a fatherly prouidence GOD hath ouer kit 
children, tocouertheirnakcdnefle, whodoathetb foglo- 
rioudythe vading flower. The Prophet Dauid in many 

E laces, and efpedally Plalme 1 04. doth make a goodly re- 
ear&Uofthe prouidence of G O D, in ruling the whole 
worldjthereby exhorting vs to obey God,to hare iniquity ^ 

& concludeth with this excellent (entence : Let thejbmers be pfai. 104, 
ttHft$med out if the earth : (^ thexfkkedttUthere bee nttmre. O 
myr*i^fr*ijeth»u the Lerd, frufeyethe Urd: if wee by theie 
exhortations andinftrudions can teach all ourienles, our 
eyes to lee.and onr eares to heare. (b that in the creatures of 
God, wee can fee his glory, loue his goodnes,fearehis maiei- 
%,expre(Ie his image in al our couetfaiionjthen are we fore 
ivelseepc holy, his Sabboths, Stweenioythe good begin* 
iiHig»ofifaatDlefledreft,iato which weimUcoierforeQer: 
\ /;t - S ,4 but 

"' ■ ■ .1 •■. * ■'. - ." 




■1r > 



^of fo exceUent workcs, can ffane vs vp, neither to louc 
^rfiarc nOToncetoknow ^« 


f ,f .kfir iaiAe <lav and night, and neucr confider him 

^ a«pleofchateftatcon.te^^^^^^ 

bee good for vs,in that prayer wi i,j.„e-iu^ vs po- 

thitwemightaUoraignew ^gji„ 

•"•^.'TS?'. ^ tath by .hi. m«m« f«p.«<l 



the Efifiti to the Hehrutii:^'^ 
my life, he reproacheth God that thus made m«e : whtlbfr , 
uer (hall doaih, feed, harbour me,Chriftacoepteth it as h'w 
owne, as ifhe were hungry, andreceiiedmeatej becwer»i 
naked, and receiutd rayment j whatamarkc andprintof 
theloucofGodisthisinmc, andhowbfcffed isthiteflate, 
which of fo many is thought-moft miferable ] If GO D 
hath giuen vs high and excellent honour, if I in the middes 
of my pleafure, witha wiTe heart tan thmke thus : This is 
yet the place of my baniftiment, my body is aptifon houfc 
in which my foule is in bondage, my life is a pilgrimage in 
which I wander, as in a country that is not mine own j and 
yet,if G O D haue heert ftlled my fcnfe* With fo many de- 
lights, if fuch be the glory of thefe ktAgdoraes hnd this no- 
bility ? ifthe honor and riches of thefe dayes, haue fo great 
gkdneflc of heart > O Lord, what are the heauens of hea- 
vens, where wee arecitizens, which is our couniryj Wid^e 
our bodie is glorious, and crowned with life, wher« «Hy 
Maicfty (hall Ihinc inperfcft beauty before ▼$, whe« all 
things (hall be our owne, and we (hall bee thine. A happy 
Lordlhip,a happy Earledomc^ a happy man.wbofe hMor 
teacheth him tnui to know the Lord, who hath had mer- 
cy vpon him. Thefe and fuch like meditations &thoogl«s 
which carrie vp our mindes from the creatures to the crea- 
tor, and from oor worldly calling to him that hath caHed 
vs,thcfe doc leade vs into the reft of the Lord : theft are our 

lK)ly works on the Sabboih daies, and this is our wifedome 

in cnioying all ihebenefiws of God. But ofthis meditation 

" Itpake before vmoyou, intheexpofieioflof ti»e4i»v«& 

of the fccond Chapter. '"'V' -f^ 

Now, touching this word whereof we« haue heard W 
mucb,thatis, thcreftofGO Dj wcemuftmarkehowthe 
Scripture vfithki fometiawforthetroeth, which is war 
one i fomaioKfor the figures, which hade ^eencdiiMOT. 

' 'The 



thcttaiob^oi9Q^owfo«wo!rk«$^ chat is, our dyingvnto 
, finw, ajjd^ «u{;iJjfl«gpftbc,old man,ihat w<« imxgiue 
' puo! pun bpidifis vwpiib9^^«iA»C!0ibc ferwantsjof ctghteoui; 

f^ndtM 09plf b^ii^iritmay iiaignciii vs, that as Paul 
ci^icbeqc^novriv^i^tliiie^ buc that it ^cChrift that 
UHcthifiyf !S:0n4;t)^ifr<ft OmU ixmoKk pcf(c<^io tbcrdiir'- 
{«^f^9ftl^.i9Au.1vb«n )vcft (iBaU/bceiQyocdvncq Chrift 
♦urhjSftd*w4God ibalj;l?«vnioVs,*llinall. ,,>.>, 3 I ; 
y% r Tbc 6gt|t^ of this reft Cas liaid) haue b«en diuers. The 
c* firft figune WM the reft of the Sabboth day j called our reft, 
bccaafevreevt^e «(^(houc bodily labour, only in ^itu^ 
allcxercifci tofonfi4«r*bewOrkes of God, his grcatncfle, 
tnd power, 4nd,((Oo4neflb, and thaeby to learne with aU 
ourbearcs co^nie him, and to oIorifK. him as our ondy 
QOD-.io that all^the ^uenth dayloog, while the Sunm flii* 
acd ic f ttactittd vnto the people, chat the v fliould ccaie fi-o 
finoe, and/erqeGod, dievoco the world andiiuein him. 
Another figure of this fpirituall reft, was the land ofCa-) 
04111, csUflOlheir reft.' becaufe they oeal^ from the fearce 
fiiHrCriiudlof i^cfolitary wildernefte anlfromftare of er 
aemies ^iiidi alwayes aro& a^ioft them s and from theii 
bondage b^re in iCgypc, now inhabiting a.^aiet coun. 
triefiiUofall firuite ana pleafure ; and their/pintuall exeri* 
dfe in this rcft,was,tplee from what milerietGodhad der 
Unered them,what bleOingi he bad giuen them,how migbr 
tily he laued them from all hurt of man and beaft, and eu6> 
ciefreacurc : Rnd tberdbte now, in a holy reft and quieGrJ;^ 
nes,tobethankftillvntohim, tofcruehim.totruft in him 
CO reft y toder the Qiadovie of his wings. Another figure of 
thistdl, was alC) the temple, ofwhichitwasfiyd : Tiiik 
NwyvJ7/9rM«r f hercwillldwelUbr I baueadelighctfaere^ 
^'l**^ in (caliedalfi) the left in reaped chatbefore, thetabeinack 

3.. H 

an*tbft ArM was cartied from place tA pl^<^ feiK tf9j^j$^ 
was fttt^ed fot euer in nwunt Siorc^ibe fciritutU ejwtKift 
of this reft, was, that jG O P had now Jtiade knftwue vnt^. 
fbem bis ftatutes and ordinanc€s,in «A»cbthey ftjouW imy 
his covenants andpromifes were fiirc vnlAttKem, and tbar 
they iould-not imagifte vain© thoH^cs, oribltow their 
ownedemfes, but abide in thcwaicsofGod.ackflOMdedg- 
jng them alone to be the waies of life, andfo gJOe optt ther 
fclues to .W4l)te luchem. Thefc were tbf figiiw oftli|«(p»- 
fituail reft whieh abidech Soe euer : add ywtf w.UPW to 
whomfigurea haueceaflcd, this reft is^ttoutclearelicmu 
iclftj that ye ftiould liue in it, ceaffe from oucowne works, 
dpotUe workes ofour Gi3d^ahdjw»niipbim in fpirit and 
aujtlHhauingaccordingtQ this eithortiitian'of our Apoftle. ' 
4>W iauiour Chrift Our onlie:Pi-Qpber,tareft in his word; 
out onlie Prieft , to veft in his ficrihce for finne 5 our onelie 
King, to reft, in, bis defence j ottr;onelithcad, to reft iihbik 
no»ji«ift«ncnt j who onelie with his blefled fpirit ftedetkirt 
to eternal! lifcyind worketh in vs all in all. This is that king- 
dom o*'God,which we are taught to pray.thatit may come 
^nd pj-oTpcr; and this is it that the Prophet Efiyfaiifa ofthe Ef*. 1 i.i o 
ixxote ofllbai, tiktm theft tUics hisreftfhouUhe^m»m::i)ok 
isthctructh figuredin all the former refts of theSabboth^ ^g 
of the landofC-vnaan; of the temple, asZacharias fiJlof , IB 
the bolie Gboft,doth moft plaincly ftiew. This it (faith he) ^ 

th 9Mh which he fware t» b«r father jibraham, that he wmU^^'-^*- 
grattt 'vnttvs: that xve being deliMeredeut of the hands ofowr eM* 
4\lthedaiescfeMrUfe:ht\\\%xt{!i hath in it,as Paul &ith,4^r# .i<^ 
^ir«,thati8.vnfeined.nndconaantIouc-,*/iw^r<'y««*,thaifi - ' 
bolie and truercHgion;and,4^oo^*«»/f/<f«f'.that ia,pc5Keto^ 
ward God througblefus Chriftumd thcfc properties of out 
seftCdearely belaiied)tpflrkethe we!,thacwemjiy knowthe 








^««J/>gr ^Ai 1>ttr'mg of on 
phkJtj ^fctrc woedwdl in peaoe » and leaft wie thinke foo- 
liQily.that we arc ac tcft,when yet vwaretoffed in the tetn- 
pcftuoBsfcajoop religton muSt bee pare and vntouched, 
*-om the curious and entifing fancies of pbiJofophie, from 
'mdkions and'decrees of men, from iiipirftition of the ele- 
ments ofthfcwarid}a«meat«»<ii-infce,daifc}i times, and fuch 
other: to be (bort, pure from all things, which Chrift out 
onlic Prophet hath not taught vs. And how can we thinke 
then, that wee «« 1^ »it tbis-reft, if wee be holden with de- 
crees; r*»fifc««ifc*ftf»«,^f. ifCounia8,and Fathett,which 
are diuers, and daylic rcnued, doe leade vs with their fun- 
drie indgements} what reft is in my religion, if thus I muft 
walkc vncerteinlie I It wai &id of the lirftreft : fvbtit ictm- 
mmdthee, d^ tha^iilie .-this reft is now aboiindantlie cotf> 
firmed vnto vs, more amplie than before, as Chrift isc^ita- 
ter than Moiei: and how thdi doo wee ieeke afcar any in- 
ftniftion, but onlie alter the word of Chiift alone. Againe, 
ieeing in our reftisvnfainedloue; contentions ^ndftrife, 
and quarels arc caft out ; how doo we fiy , we areentred in- 
to our reft, when this dillention is among vs one with ano- 
ther: let VB looke vnto it well, to whom it belongeth. It is 
agrieuou&thing to trouble the peace of the Church; fo is 
it a grieuous thing to fee truth lye hid , or defpifed } there- 
fore iudge not you rafhlie, nor condemne any mans workc 
before it be tried. Wee are called vnto a reft, and let vs 
nourifli our peace : whofbcuer fall out with vs, letvsftoc 
fill out with them,but let vs/eeke the trueth in loue, andfb 
flial be built vp thedecaied places ofSion.-and to our ftlues 
euerie one of vs this I lay, yet not I, but Saint John, tluthe 
$iMU»«tkhukrttber,kehah MtfoKemhim vhtrea mi»ther 
JhodifiS. : and therefoFC in any controuerfics that can arift 
io the Church, if we feare God, let vs fellow this rule \ lee 
T» not do ^j thing fcn: vaine glorie, for honour, for riches, 
'" - .1 for 

lan.ii Hrl^ ,1., 

forDleafinflmenifotifwedoe, wemaybeeaffured,a«BB.. 
«^£& weeihaUbeiguUty otthein : butifo«ly 
S^d glo k. and the loue of our brethren doe conftrainj 
« God will giuef s the fpirit of wifcdome and peace, and 
'^SSTnot^ofFenccsv'ntoany., but this kt you aml^ 
commit vnto the Lord with our hearty P"«ers, and be ^ 
brLto paflca good workc in our eyes. Agamc,9iirieft 
muft be in all truth s and how doe fuch f fn/^^^J^J^ 
rioofthis.r«ft. which fiU thewor dwnhlyn^aiidfla^ 

r nc, which call good cuUl, and cuiU %^j^f^^^.^^ 
andinefTelilht. The Prophet Anj< complainoJirfAn-.. 

thcludgesofhistimc, tbatthey waiefo ^"^^""^^ 
bribcs,thatthcy were ready tolellthepeopfcforoldihoe^ 

ifiie were aliue now, bee would adde to this anoth» com- 
plaincthat fome preachers4it alfo fo cornipt,that they wil 
felt thetmeth for a-aaourninggoVMne. Let a man bee now 
neuerfo blinde, thathce walkeas atmidmght when it le 

noonedaycs, y«y^'^<^li6°<'«[r!P'^^iri.ll S!!S 
meodbi»V.-it'^"«'^«-"'' blackeastbe »=^^ *^^ .poc,.* 
fookcnofm the Apocalipfe, that nothing were m him but P" 

3»d<w and darkneffe, yet hee (hall findc a bbckc Prophet, 
with a blackemouthiend a head-long tongue, to make him 

aswhitt as the white wool, or as white as the white fnow: 

and if afelfe tongue could colour him more than that, it is 

fet to 61«,and itis eafily bought. But hauefoch men care ot 

oi^Wefledreft \ or doethcy delight in the glory oi it \ doe 

they thinkethat in the Church of Chrift it will be cuer ft* 

fcred, that the fwcete andcoftly garment* of Gods Saintt 

fball bee taken from them, and made a fpoilc for ftrangcrs \ 

or he that goeth aboutthis, (hall henot difquict our peace? 

fcaucoff then yon that feare the Lord, )^^ offto tell the 

p:-a»fesoffeith &ofreligion, tothofe »»*»»fh "««L|^°8S 

and enquired after tbem. Remember Elifan lanbiitl Oiould 

^^ giue 



'^ine titles, my maker would deftroymec j doe not there, 
ibrc iuftifie the finner while thou liueft. Thou foolilh prai- 
ier,atidthcfooli(h praiftd, whatfubftanceis there in you, 
butablaftofwinde? let vs then leaueoflying, andfpcake 
Ipiery man the tructh from our hearts, and fo let vs enter 
in^ our reft, and dwell in the peace of Gods Church toge- 
tbaJsiiow, one word more, touching this reft : the fcaenth 
day islfcajlcd the Lords reftj the land of Canaan,ii calledhis 
reft } the temple, his reft ; the Golpell his reft i yet were not 
all the(e hit KSt^ but figures & prelentations of it } as times, 

. places^ meaiies, W which wee (hould reft in him : yet had 
they the name ofthibvpft, asthinges liuely prefenting the 
Teftvntovs, and in which wee enioyed the (pirituallreft: 
and thus it is in all Sacramcats.becaule they prefent vntcM% 
Gods graces, and his holy fpirit, worketh in the mijiiAtry 
of them, the mor« to afltire our faith ; they are alio named 
the things which they prelent vnto vs. 

Now^ touching tne Sabbochday which isheere men* 
tioned, you lee, n-om the beginning it was a figure, of our 
ipirituall reft in Chrift : fb that as all figures inliim haue 
ceaiedandare compleat, lb theobleruation of thatfeuenth 
day hath alio ceaied, and the tiUbth ofit muft Ihewe it felle, 
which ii, that not the feuenth day, butallthedayet of our 

. life, out'thoughts (hould bee with God, and our workes to 
' bis glory : and thus the old Sabboth was ceremonial], and 
isnowabrogate,euenasyoulee ; for that Sabboth is nOw 
onr Saturday, in which wee lawfully occupy pur feluesin 
all honeft labour of our calling. Another end of tliat Sab- 
both was according to the manners of men, neceHary for 
them then, and now neceflaryfbrvs : and that was, that 
they might haue a time to meete together.to worfliip God 
in the consresation, to make publi<]ue prayers, vfe his Sa- 

' cranu^ tor ftrengthening mar faith, hearc his lawe, and 

' '.■ -I • his 

■ theEfitiletotheFJelrnes. ^ 

his Prophets,that they might learne b» i"^gcments,and e-, 
d fie one another in the^nowledge of God : this end ofthe 
Sabbothm"ftn«<l" bee perpetuall. as long as our weat, 
neffen edethmutuallhclpe. andaslongas.t »">eete w^ 
Sdopenlyfei-uetheLord : ta^h.sendthecommande.^ 

mentis MlrJad vntovs, Rmmh^ '^'^.''TuV^^ 
Zh Jay :y^hkhno^^i»ouv Sunday ordamed by the Apo- 
ftlescxamples, thatthefuperftiiionofthelewiih ^bo h 

fcouStaken away , and kept holy, that thusvJftou d 
occupy our felues in that day 5 othcrwifc the olde Sabboth 
can poflSblie be kept ofvs, no ether way.^ as the Apoftlc 

here tcacheth vs in the 1 o. vcrfe.that asi»ee fee God rcfted 
SmShisworks , fo we in aU our life, muft reft firom 
gard ofthe flefti.to accompli^ the defires of it 5 but,as wee 
are bought with apriccfo wee muft yceld our felues fer- 
uants vJto our Lord, and offer vpour felues a holy and 
UuelyCiCTifice, todoehiswUl : and thus farre of this text. 
Now let vs pray &c "•. ; ' •• , fsf^'" 





V ,A 

;< The twenty Ledure, vpon the 

^ ■*»•■• -i.rr^-^ 

'-.>U .■. ^ 

• \'. t -■»> "^ f • * 

K f^f«rtbtf>»,»ee,fmfU,fiifobedimt, ^ 
'MIT ^^'f^'dulinely, Md mighty mtferMM, W 
^mf'^*>»^»Jtvtoe^edjw»rd.4Hdemrtththrtupb. e. 

fftie^»tt,40Jthe marrnt, sndits t^termtfthc^ 

tbwight$,4mithemms»ftb€kuru \^\ii 
'3 ^ISr/ '^Tf^ '^'^*^'' ifMium mmfe/im hit 

wbtmweh4»tt»d$i^ ^-- 

'N this 1 1, verfc, the Apoftle inakech 
his laft prooft of Chrift to bee our 
Prophet, becaale the foree of this 
word of God, agreeth not but with 
the Maicfty of hisperfon, and fo en- 
treth into a notable defcription of 
the vertuc and power of this word, 

ij /• . ,»na>^'ngcamcftexhorKition, that wee 

would vfethe great benefite of it, and therefore hcfayth 
firft : Letwtherffcreftutfytcautr : that is, let vs labour, let 
vt be carcfuU, let vs giueall endcuour,let vs care and trandi 
that wee ma/entcr : thus (baking ofFallfluggittidulneire, 
aid quickening tha|n from hcauincilc offpirit, as vnto a 
Uiiiig of great weight, he callcth vs with great care and il»* 
dy to giue our filues vnto it. And here, in this word, i^/ vs 

/Wtf.wehaueaplaine interpretation ofthat hefiidinthe 
firft verfe,/rta»i/fc(r*. -for the whole verfes, that and this, as 

/you may fee, haueooe and the iamc meaning ; there bee 




Mi|<M^|A iiiidtei|iii«{»ionift t^b irv«iiw>heer^he« 
m&,^*yMlamutm0tbkriffi,lafltwtMiM4 tbikwx- 
i^^f^mpMmm&t^ni tbeexhottation being allone, 
it4f 0«ftifeft,tbattfais WK>rd, Itt 'osfain, which he vftd firft; 
iMllrJliie^Mning ^thts word, Utwftttdk^ #hkt(.bt^itk 
fl»#<: ib^ lh«c«hls is (jls^I toM yoo theiij^ ftxt «f G«d^ 
ehildren^sicarefuUfhidieafld eBdettour,to watkeAithfiiUie 
bd^God. And another good Icflbn wt miy hitt kimc ' 
fith the Apoftle bkhila'vsjhtdie.-kn pti^nti^^^^aihttiat 

«»tt6Urtfl»iiLvf, (a*the mannerofthe World i^a«i«lefle 
iecnritie,fo fpeofceand thinke of our hbpe in 6od.with a ft- 
cnreminde,asifwecared not greatly for it, or longed not 
liMk^ after it : filcli a careleffe miodeis altogether vuub&n 
for the profeffioa ^tbe aofpeH of Chrift : and it itMliiog 
Hnc wedoo all vnd«^and, none can excufe bimieUcby ig> 
Vonnce, we know theftuk by the triall ofourowne hejM, 
yjy T*«*infc* ofGod,and his heavenly kingdoAdi^vHiM 
B^ ind foflowftiip weehaue init, wee amteUhow^ 
hearts are then affefted j if it beeoor ioy^our (X>n^bit, oar 
confolstien : if k dra# otir delight and ftn4ie after it, then 
jn« WchildrNi ofthat kiflgdonte, then wee obey thiseal- 
Dhgftfthe Apbflle, which iilieere, Ltt'vsfiuiu'ftniiH$if 
yjfrgl gfbntif^iye canthi»fceorfp«ike of the kingdomeof 
nwetf, as we wdnld (peafce of for countries, for talkefake; 
tj heare what islaid'oFrhem, but without any care whe* 
iW^'Hje ftdiijem ot)it^i then wee aKeftdui^ with the de- 
*««f^nne, and this e<hbrtation oftfee Apoftle i«tnadc 
J2*»*vntovs. Andletvsn6theei«,decei«eoarftlues to 
miw^^eliaue our canes for AelifctowmeMttiweiaue 
«gg*ttlfll fot'itjpar natiirt^is lieene veiy biind^nd l»eke. 
tKlhtWilietnrdwiie vAineftnderntic oh^lySo-ibetatrd 

t , Phari- 

.*fiBti- »-!t-. J t^. 


wj.t occafioh, wee «.«/ p^e , hL^I"f^^^^*» 
Ch^ftttouronely,p^c>«L^^afldt!Ivi "'^^ Woglltaat 

■. I ■•■■". ■ , V *'^ 

> »■-. 



•fiyth mie, that rfie word of God bath fogttat power in k 

.^cDe^nrtxicdorhow greata fm muft itiKcds be?to ddpifi 
a thmg that i« fo precioiw.and how grcatperilis therein it 

^prouokcathingagainftvs whichisfoirong? Ifitwere* 
-tortherormBofaBeareorLion, itwouUmie anyofv! 

^djetfloiW ir but oafy pcarceiotttour eam;if it be bnt 
.rihe»oiceofthunder,it Wth tomakc thcvcrycarth" 

Mktr whatthen ? when hefpeaketh whom S««wow 
ujijhin ourbon^dothheare, howcruJy fiiththcP^opfe* 
oniim,his voice (hakethnotodythcfeiand the dricWA« .- 
Apt the very h«uens alfo \ and «n we hauejet any «mS 
trfweheapc nothim thatfpeafceth fo loud I ifV»e b2ieoen<S 
Aim^whom our own harts bearewitnes ofhi, tmchrOr 

:S «^M°n ^" '"^ u ' ''H^ ^°'« ftakethboth heau« 
™^frMT'''^S'^^^°^''^''<>g««vertue and 
.power of God hauc no fed,ng in vs ? No,So, be not decd- 
oed, God IS not mocked, hi, Sieepe heart his voice, weaw 
m^lfofhm, but H^e are borne ofhardrockymou^ 
;S3^?«^l?'?°-^T°°r ""^ *^ <^ of cruel Tyger*: 
^^ thakfulichote«,at grow vp in the knowledge o^fhk 
;ii«low;haftt^ would notknowhis wai<s.Aod to tfaeoi^ 



iJWW|>idtB«tfai>da/,wijeaafiwiiisS«mone»d2Lw» • 
-ifr+jfithwff k,^ .our oW itftdWjiit^ 


the ]^nle hthe Behm, 
vfith an aptfimiUtude. who fpcakcth thus in tfaeiuun««rv 
the Lord. Surdy, as the raine commcth downe, and thaf 
(now from hcauen, & returncth not thethcr, but water ' 

the earth, and naakcthit to bringiborth and budde/hs 
mav gine feed tothefower, and bread to him thati 
fo ibal my word bc,that goetb out of my mouth jgtaal not 
letume vnto me in vaine,but it (bail accompliflJCwhich 
IwilI,&itftalIprofperinthcthingwheretJEir This 
IohnBaptiataughtv$.going before C|g|flEMepare his 
wav, when he cried to the people :^^fwiyJMlefiJUd ^'*'»' 

It "^Z T^T^a ^ W:U0r^^^'^^ crooked 
things Oiall be m adc ftnuehg|Khe rough wayes (haU be 

j^uung hwchji^ all offences and ftumbJing blockes 
«KW»W||jaPiw»y,no power in the world Ibould beefo 
great, wBWThouldnotgiueplaceto this woord, which i« 
the power of God to faue all that doe beleeue. 

TheSoipturesarefiilloffuchtcftimoniei ofthenatnre 
& fttojgth of Gods word, to tcich vs, both to fcare before 

trie our h<arts, thatitmayhaueinvs.agood& profitable 
worke.rathertorenucvsinthefpirit. than to harden vs m 
thedcceitcsoffinne: butletvsnowcomcto the words of 
the Apoftle, and examine them all in their proper mean- 

*isfaydc firft, /^w#r^,/G*</i^fi«i«j^, which propertie 
may be attributed to the word of God, iirdiucrfcVefpeas • 
hrft in relpea of rs, becaufc it auickncth v. into a fpirituall • 

li^,and withoutitweeare indarlcncfle andin thcllhadow 
Otdeath ; therefore it is a Uuing word , and thefeede «f»ur 
nt^M So Saint Paul fiyeth . to the Corinthians . m ' P«.t..| 
Sr r^'/^T,^"''"-^'* /Ar«^A/^G*^tf .. and Saint \?*^'*'' 

' •♦ 



f^mgs of M, f)eerin^yp9n 
PfUfe : exprefly callmg It, the Koing word, or the worde of 
fife, becaufe it qwickncfth vs (as I iayde,intoalpirittfall life, 
^herein without all doubting wee are taught aflurediy to- 
W|pwc, that if cuer wee will become the children of God, 
tnS^u|e Ihall no more liucourfclues, but that Chrift may 
liuc tlUj^thas wee muft bee borne,andthus wee rauft bee 
made arali|. in taJcing into vs the ftede oftbe woorde oF 
*■'* God, and tM^ new borne babes defirc the ilncere milke 
of it,that we ma^ncow thereby into the fulnefle ofour age 
in Chrift. If the Bm^ did well vnderftand this, they 
(hould alfo vnderd^Hly^t, thatthemi^ues wtre ba- 
ftardsand no chiildren, m|||^orhe ofmortall ieedeof 
£ithers,of counfel9,of decre^^^Hj^es, not of the im mo^ 
tailfeede, which is the wordofGglllilli^ercnure 
thew6rd id called lining, is in- re^c^ ofit^|b«M|ft:it Is 
eternall,and abideth euer„according to the i^Atuf e oftheti 
uihg God.whoie word it is : fo Saint Peter cxprefly calleth- 
it, where he fa)rcth,wee be borne a new of immortall (cede, 
kytbe word ofthe liuiflg God, and abiding for euerrthere- 
fore attributing life and imraortahty, vntotheworde,b«< 
eaulcitisoftheliuingand immortall GOD j of which we 
Wgbt to lcarnc,that there is no wifdom,no inflruftion, no 
di(ciphne,by which we can apprehend cte'r/ialMifi, but on- 
ly the wifeaomeand inftruftion ofthe woid of God : for 
what ap abfurd thing is it,that the wifdome of man, which 
is vainc, as man is vaine, which is tranfitory, earthly^ an^^s 
aboli(hcd,(hould leade me into that life which fedeth ndr» 
but isetemall in heauen ? Yea, whatan abfurd thing(I fiy> 
is it.fteing wcour iclucs and all that is in vs, before the pre- 
ienceofthfeLordmuftneedcsbc changed, fo that no man 
poffiblycan fcehimandliue,yettothinke, that our wife- 
i4ome can leade vs vntohim, or our reafon can approach 
Vnto the places where his glory dwelleth. Surely (dearely 
^ beloued!) 


beloucd) this is much more folly, than to fceketo gather 

{[rapes of thorncs,or figges of bramblesjfor it is to fecke fc ^ 
ight in darkcncflc,and for life in death:for out of a corruj 
inindeanda froward heart, weeftekefor holy obedien^ 
and immortality, as miny as lay, that without the wopof 
God they can pleafe him; the papifts do not yet vup^nd 
this,and therefore they weary themfducs withefneir owne 
inucntions, and multiply ceremonies in tljdr Churches, % 
whicK.God will caft out as he hath bepi^l their inadnes J^ 
be made tnanifcft to all nations. ^^ - 

Another cauleyet there is,_^JipiM word of God is cal- 
led, /w«^.- and t^is ca^ ihoR agreeable to this place } 
that is, becaule it entjpBMiwith power into euery part of 
^fo that, asa^fSSiis difperfea into euery part, and wee 
^e!2||L]||^||Bgriefe and pleaiure:euen fo, the vertue of the 
wordSreod pearccth into euery member, to bruft, (as 
the prophet faith) the very bones,or to fill them with mar- 
row and fatneife : tbisfenfeisplaine, and agreeable to all 
/.j^e words followingt.and in this famemea/iing Salomon 
"ciilethitalfo : AUimgwtriy ashiswordcsarcplainc : The^***'**' 
UshttftheLtriittheyreathofnumy anAitfearcheth tlLthebcw-*^' 
elstfthcheUu: where aUb he calleth the )r^i,i!r^j&f ; becaufe 
it (fiineth in ni^ans heart as in a darke place, & trieth out all 
the fectets of his t^oughts.in this meaning, heere the word 
is called liuely, as I tolde vou before, the more to flirre 
idem vp, not to negle(fl: fo high a Prophet as the fonne of 
1 jp, whofewordcar»« yith M^ic^^^nd power iuu}> . 

The fccond title ^eere attributc<J to this worde, is, that 

Jiit mighty m ofertaitn : meaning, that it hath in it, force 

|md vertue,abletorubdueairenemies, and bring vsin ober 

^iie^ce vnto Chrift,; this virtue ofthe WQord, Saint Paul 

)DK)taDiy lettetb out to the Corinthians, magnifying %is 

T 4 Apoftle. 



UitbefnmtfGpd, t^eaHdtvnie htUts, wberemhh wee mS. 
the knaMe »fG0d and brln. im^ c^ti^^ eMerk 

or a man^^,mfclfe, ,n which arrowncv offpirit hce 

againftthcgracfBijDd. ycttehimhcare thuword. and 

hmmer, which brcakMfcy^c in peeccj. andisablc m 
thcpowcrofGod, to momi|heatt ; or.if the finncr be 
finckendovvnefodcepe, thatfiiyL||ncrifc,it wU^ 
him downc deeper, that he may F^TUnOTkGnne 
God fiycth to his Prophet Icremy ; iwUfiXilffi^fjfi^ 
thj^h, andttJhaU bee M fire, Mdthufeofle fhaUl^ w wtd 
MditjbaU ieuomthem. And this is it Saint Paul exprefle- 
ly witncfleth, to be thepncly meanes to glorifie G C) D to 
preach the ttucthofhis word vnt6 all s for fo (fiith he^ We 
arealwawsafwcetefraelling fiuoii^bfChriiivntoGoi 9k 
weU m thofe that periQi,as in thofe that belaued,to the one 
a fiuour of life vnto life,to the other.of death vnto death I 
would we thatart prcachers^couldliabe .Indbcleeue thij 

"r""?? r™2- * !?i'"^*' ?"'' Vaine babltne apd mndi talke 
ofphilofophic arid prophane thingcs, and fill our montha 
oneiv with the woorde of the Lorde : for this onelyX 
ttiightieinobtt'iitioh;the6therhathatallno ftrcnBth no 
ftrcngth at all in this behalfe to glorifie G O D , or to in- 
uert a (inner j but ftrong to delude the people withidle 

loond«,ftroogtoticklepureares with fond dcliBht,ftrone 
to pofftVsyp with pride ofpuf wittcs, but more weak? 
tfacnwiterto teach vs true rep^tanic • forproofe I fay 
letlherMinei coawfoortlu that hath bicne conuerted by 



hearing ftories 01^ &bles ofPoets,Iamfiire thereisnone^ J 
fcM-foith is onelie by the VrordoFGod ; or let the preach«!r 
comefborth that vfeth fndi things, and doth irnotertW"^ 
to pkaft men, or to boaft of his learning : fot this he kn 
eth that the word onelie, not prophane things, conui^ 
the people } and why then doth nee vfe them? JKLord 
(aith. by his Prophet lereraie : l/thej^ htdft—i i^/m etunfel^ In. 
W hti decUrei mj werds to mjfeefU : thenibtj jbeitUhtme 
tumed themfrem their emi vvj , smd fmtirthe wkkedneffe ef 
their twnemuentims: aplaine teftim^ie why our preach- 
ings are vnprofitable to the^ofttlf^en becnu^^i fpeake 
in bur owne fandes,and vAtBmortations of our owne head. 

jd againe,in thePwijWietMalachie, the Lord dcclarcth 
ccouena^e made with Leuie, and howhcpromifed 
tottefcWrttBours in the teaching ofhis people : The U^e 
e/tniah(Cuth he) was in hit mmb, tnd there wm n» imfwk M«h.kA 
Jimmli»hi/ lifs : he WdUced vittime infetce andet^mtie, tndMd 
titme mam awjy&om their Jimus. Can any thmg be. fooKen 
plainer \ hold faft the word 6fGod,coriimittbcftaimtiiy^ 
worke. to the ftrength orit,and'th6u (halt finde itWis hctre 
faid, mghtieiueferatten^ and thou (halt conuert hiany fin^ 
ners. Let them tell me now, all thathaue earesto heare, , . 
whatncladneifi is it, to fill the peof)Je$ eares with vnknoWn 
taltt,aud fwWet words; in which is nothing but a dccrit^ 
fonhd, and leaue the word of God, mightie in working', to 
conuert their fbules. ••' 

AndyOu'CdearelfebeloUe^) who delight iq fuj^h .^ihji- 
tie'.and imkc rhepreftthertrarirgreflcforyburfancicsYake^ 
1« mee but reafon with you, as Saint Paulereafoned with 
the Galathiani. Tell me. whether by fuch tales, or by hei- 
tWg'thii wortt<#Gdd;'Hatii Vbu r<cclo«id thcfpirJt, thatis. 
whereby were you coiTij]ott<i fi-oiriytfurv'aintlevntdtht 
ItuiiigtSod ^ Wi&' it the wd'rd of tmetb, or els Gentile fto- 

T 5 nes 



^dStgs of M.'Detrt^Dpon 
ffw that wrought this vertue in you ? and are you fbfbor 
lljfii, that whenyouhaue begun in the rpirit,you will now 
-o forward in the flelh? let yileaue then this great abuie; 
-thyou, 10 turneawav your eyes to follie, and the prea- 
(tiovfc the pulpit like a Pbilofophcrschaire. Wee may 
allea|^metinie a ftorie, orprophanclcntence, Idenieit 
not,bB|j|henititgooddoinait, when the remembring of 
thefayingTHMBeth neceflarilie into raemorie,the word of 
God al(b, for #mchit was alledged, and siueth light vnto 
it/or jjraoreclfarc<|:c!aration ofthetruetli .'yet, when the 
4orieii told, and renill||k^ed by it ftlft, there is then but a 
foolifh deliflht of a vai^e man, to heipe him in his talke; to 
multiplie idle words j there is nd^ifaing in it all. 



The third title of the word, 

.Uum0refbarpethaM4iw'ie^(iJw9f:i: and^dft t 

often made in the fcripture. The Prophet Efiy, preaching 

the promt(es of God, be faith : hii mtm it Uke*fluBr^Jwtrd, 

And Saint Paule xiuing armour to a Chriftian roldiour,by 

Eptuay. .Wt^ich fie mav kilThii enepi^.he biddeth him uikt thefwtrd 


So, in thefirft and nineteenth Chapten of the Apoca- 

fl^V'^'P^ theSonne of God ii defcribed wihAtwedgtifwtri 

'^*^'/^fi«^f^(MUilfl)umMh: meaning by theft fpcvhes , no 

other thmg,Ue that by the preacUng of the Grorpcl,Chri& 

(hould get the vi^rie, and bring allenemies in lu biedion 

vnto him, eueh as the Prophet Buy layth : Ht/bdUfmiu the 

tmh Tftith the r^d efhii mefttk, 4i$d vfitk the hreath e/hit lips 

Jb^^ hehi the vwedUe : by which wee doo Icarne, that toe 

more we pray, pjy xinfdemec0me:uid the more wee wifli 

the profperitie pf the Church, the more wee muft ftriu<| to 

^g^ijtfjiat titl« heere attributed to the word, iSttSetueth 


5^,, I 


treth iutt thedsMifien efthefmU «ftdtheJ^irit,Mid efthe iejm 
M,dthemin»w. By foufe, heere he meaneth, that part oPvJ|^ 
in which our afFcaions are, as ioy, Ibrrow, loue, hatrcc^ 
anger, miWnes, or any fuch motion in vs of good cr cu| 
By fpirit, he meaneth.thc moft cxccllet part of vs,inj|iiK 
tate ofallthcworkes ofGOD. %yi$yHtsMdnmt», hce 
mcnncth all the members of our bodie: and ifitis S.Paule 
vftth thefc words of Ibule, and fpirit, and bodie, where he 
filth to the Thefiaionians, as it is in tfcte fifth Chapter : The , .ihta 
GedtffeKtfAnBi^ejo* vholiejhafmrJjiiritiHdJtnUAndhe- 
<fe, may he kept bUmelep -vHtillthe cor^iimg tfchrlfi : teacbi ng 
vs, what is a true Chriftian, when bis mind thinkcth,his 
jnk defireth, hli^R^ttie executeth nothing, bac what '^ 
hiillNftliiliTi r God and man. '-^ \\ H ' '. 

SoTwSen tbewordisfiid todiuide betweenethefoulc 
and the fpm't, it noteth the mightie workc of it in the re- 
probate,to wound all their thoughts and dcfires with ftarc 
and terrour, and with altoniftiment of heart : contmfic in 
theeleiV,it crucifieth the old man with all the concupifcen- 
ces and the dcfires ofit. When it is faid to diuidc bctwcene 
the ioynts and the marrow; it (hcwcth the worlce in all 
the members of our bodie, to fell them vndet^ finne, to 
worke v ndean ncffc with greed iticflc bei ng*hardcned, or to 
finftific them in the power of God , that they may bee fer- 
uants of righteoufhefre vnto him, being mollified. To bee 
ftiortjin foulcfpiritjoynts, marrow,tne Apoftic meanetll, 
that the word once heard, thewholcman istouchcd, and 
al that is within him,feeleth ftreightach.inge.-excepta hea- 
uier iudgemcnt be vpon hinv, that he haue cares and hearc 
nbt: wherein yet the word hatha workc, and maketh him 
fill deeper in the flecpc of fin : if we wil Iearne,example$ arc 
before vtof good & cuilL what to leanc, or what to choofc. 


/^JJK'*'■?P^? A^a™ch,forcfccing the ftatc ofChriftes 
^gurch,what danger ihouldJbc.vnto4t,cuen then to be op- 
|rcflcd aaaine, when it waj notyet halfe growmcvp, he 

J'Wmimii^htreft mthed^joftrt^bU. Hecrc wee fee the 
word d^^betwccnetheioyntiahdthc marrow, how 
It diftemi ^the Prophets whole bodic, bccaufcofthe 
ftcauic threatfflfc^f the Lord, and aa excdJcnt blcfflna 
wasvntohnn, ft?%ftare and trembling at thcvoyceoT 
the ^rd, m tne day^lsgyible be had reftf So the Prbphet 
Efiy, at Gods threatninpgyaft his Church, that euen in 

his flefli,and wore away his beaoue, to heareiBVV^ce of 
the Lord agamft his people;ifthus we feaie indeed at Gods 
threatnmes, and as his Saints doo vnfaincdlie reioyce at aU 
hWjprpmUes, a good worke of his mightieword is in vk, 
andituhu power to faluationj butif wcbedeftifirs.and 
regard not the word that is brought vnto vs, awhile wee 
may (eeme to be in peace, as the (icke man in his fleepe fee-- 
kth not his pame, but the word will wound at the laA the 
I f^\^^ «'«?»a!^ft«lc>t'nourfle(b,whatwehaucdefpi- 
liA. fed. WeereadcmDanielofBelftiazzar.aproudKing,in 
the middes of his Princes and all his royaltie, he faw a band 
witing, and the wo;d of the Lord was before his eyes i 
ftreiflht hM coonfenance was changed, and his thoughtt^ 
trOTblcd him, fo that the ioynts of his loynes were iooTed. 
and bit knees fmote one againft another, fuch ftare and ter- * ' 
rour came vpon him, when the voyce of the Lord did pro- 
nounce his ludgeroent. And not onely thus, but wee Ae ft 
hirther, the wicked not only wounded, butalfo Hainc with 



J / • 

tb«vQrdftfGoi When many cif8hfnI<nofibcM0(»litJ 
oflM^ tfa«people to noA flmwiify MoiwrymSl!^ 
pbet £ae(;l)iel was fant tof reach yatO thtnw Mid wbMtfawj 
prapheci^ befoie them , Peladah the. foane of Scaaiiab^ 
one of the Princes which ftdueed the people, dyed in 
^pre/ence \ Alike>e»mple,is,ofAiianias and $«phtrt,i 
.wboatthe voyce of Peter* did both fall downedfcad : fo 
me it is that the word is forceable, to dcuidf andeato' be- 
tween our rain«s,thacis. to ^vf the wicked ,afld coonicken 
the godly. LaftofaU»icisheere!ayd,thattheword4i(cer- 
neth betwecae the tbonghta and intents of the heart, m«9- 
nii^tthat bowrocucr thebart of man is prepared,che word 
of God diredediit, either more to.bcehaMined withthe 
'^deceits of (inne, or wholly to bcerenenwd to the lose of 

, It JoJUowcth now : Vlfitlm k tier* *v trtrntt vihUb it 
mitmtiu^mhkfigbtt imnMibmgt«muM4tid^tm'mt0kii 
petymtiwbtmiwiMieudie. The<ewordt Ibewcaaemal- 
knrproofe. ef«U the ihcaMr tbinff»(pokfP ofdMl «^: 
Sh^ /eeing it i»the<w»c4«fGodi howihQ«kij«««t haue 
the power oFGod ) if amonc men, as cuerv one hath moft 
Power, ib his word ismoAttared : howinouiditnorbef, 
Im God* «i4»o is«heiearcb«r of our hearts and fimfh and 
is almighty oner all, but that his word AiottldhaiMof his 
nature, vertue and power, to make theproud to feire, and 
sooomibrt thehumbled. Let vsthenfere ROwbeewiAlB 
tame, and let the word oftheXord falbion allow heantiif 
tt40ienoc,yftitworketb AiU, andwcefhaJJoacdaykaow 
what voyce w«e haucdc^iftd : ^«i it i»heere> tha^ att 
things are open MMo hi» ^«si| (b wee (batt b«aM Aia vojKM^ 
ynhontn aUnhingtJtihaU (hewc hispoNVcr. h(M\4^t 
^tm •U'cve.itwtt, «idthey-(hall heareic :th(B4«rth aiid^ 
flMllhiiiifihch<KiianrhichihCT hiwf unpfwwdflhc^it 


ilfetMaga}li€hid8aMs,ftnidtheayKher<kad J th«ele* 
i^^mikMX^tiitk d^y^and^ttM ^tieauifmaiall vMifh :tb« 
Lbrdltell %eiki^Md tbfe d«id Quitl onurife : then Aalt WH 
ioolati bewaile our madnefle, -which haoehieard b«fi»f 
this voice, and regarded it not. And this [et vs learne with 
it,iffuch betht ftpflngth ofGods word ofitftlfe, when yet 
he (boll mnhiply this power. & make it all2> eternall which 
h infinite, what (hall we lay tbenibut,0 Lord who Ihall a- 
bideit.'whenhe Ihalipronoancc, G0ey0i$€nrfedmt0ettrmU 
fire: what condemnation Ihall be vpon the wicked : liirely 
(dearelybeloaed) aiitis gteatertfaan our hearts canima- 
gine, (o yet in this nttliitude. wee may lee, as ic were an 1- 
ma^eofit : for as his worddeuideth betweene foule an^' 
(pint, marrowf and bones, cogitations and intents } fo w«i 
knowe that in «uery oart oftnern, the wiclwd Ihall feele 
Gods anger ; head ana arme,hand and foot,backe and fide, 
fliall haae experience ofhis anger : all the thoughts of their 
iiearts fliali be wonnded with death, and fo much the more 
vnlpeakabk,becaule their bodws ftaJl feele and their mind 
Icflowe the immortality of death, and euerlafting deftru- 
Aionthatis voontbem : which extreame wretchednefle, 
AC horror of darknelle, no weeping and gnaiblng of teeth, 
nogfuwingofconloence, noetenullfire, doth fully and 
enough fist out vnto vs. 

But this we leaue to the reprobate men,who euen to this 
day haoe (old their hearrs to conceiuemilchiefe, and^re- 
fenteth them not. Let vs ftare now in the day of health* 
KUid better things are appoyntedfol' vs. Wee (hall heart 
another ^oyce, CtmjeebUjjid mutttrtuUU/e, fpjMe the^ 
kmi$mtfrtftiMiftrjinfr»m th« i^tgiimk^ : which voyea 
Aol tntte deepc,and into all our members bring a fenliDlc 
fteling ofthc tone of God, and his great glory, when with 
Jwutandmind* wee (hall fee ind luioweour inheritance 
^i'- with 

with God in eternall glory : whereunto, if now wee 
raifed yp, a^d the, promilsif ofGod b^ wi^)iys, this 
holdcn in the louc of it, neuerto chinge for worldly vani^ 
ty, or rather (hawe, worfe than vanity : for witn what 
name (liail wee name it, thatis exalted agamft the Lord) if, I 
(im.almt^ewoA) Godbe vni(M(r,-«eiiaMA|kdit, that 
IsM woni is liiiing,andtentreth into thetdiiiifion tfthi foule 
and the fpirit: and wee haue been ftuitfvU hearers of all this 
tohgexhortacioB, Whtchthe Apoftlehath made.atdven- 
dpf^ttikilitrciVf hishretkren, fiuthj&U)ftA.hearechis Pro- 
het of God, his (bsuw IcfiMChrii^AixiburSaoioHr, who 
cfareuca1«d«lLhisbWiUvotov^. ^v , , ' . .\ ^ 
^ And thus f^r ofthis former part oCthe EpilUt, in which 
wiee are taught, that Chrifl is our ooely Prophtr.» but the 
tinoe is pa(k. Now let vs {>ray, &c. 

"b^;. ,^. . . lb ,i»;.T.ri Weofll^v* 'jif. . 

■ 't'l^h' .'ifiP'-^_^<i ■ v;' '.[_.j:, i. {,. ' 
.:IT .i'"jr!jijbMi t"ii. ;;^iji;ii<:ul:. 

• .■■■<^r->'*»»-f 

•Oil ^b«;c» -iL'Q u id 3!i.'oV;ot on hn\ :«!: io5v. ..ncilwt 

aadoJ •:;rr ,': r.M.| .■1:?iu..!j-j'> l.,-) U; 

I^mi ^^«. . . . v! •'.'»'; i., 1 1 

r....^y..L Yfit 

*...i ,' • ■. . ..;.. 

i% 4j-i7(!i iilioIlt,v/, , 

qr-S. . ;:! 'o o:i j.-^iwaij;-: i tA'j-.Giu \i9X.'J>-t<] :yl .CI 




.1. .■.-.J.^^^.U.i., .- 

15 nrmrikunH^mh^hFrh/f, t^Mmmm itt4mtbtd 

)E haue beard (deardy beloued) how 
the Apoftk hath caught, that Chrift 
Unow ouroncly Prophet, and what 
care wttOaovAd haue, diligently aud 
fiiithfully to hearken vnto him, if we 
will not be guilty befbie God, of great 
condemnation and iudgement. The 
realbni are of the Apoftle toprooue him our onely Pro- 
D||«t : fu&, becaufe, G O Dlending hit onely begotten ^n 
mo the world, made man like vnto vt, and reuealing the 
will ofhii fiither vnto vi,the excellency of hit per/on infer- 
oeth VI toconfdK, that God ordaineth him alone to bee 
our Prophet. 

Againe, bee wai faithfull in the houfe of God.and thco 
what needeth any ectNr Prophet vnto vi?Third]y, he was 
morchonorabk fhM Moib in this office, fie many wayet 

t tbMfoce 00 ochcrPFopoct ii to 


he ioyned with him. Fourthly, the Prophet Daaidfiidr 
TtJ4i,ifiebtarebuvpjKe,^e. which wc muft needs vi 
ftana.to oe a perpecuall prophecie. and therefore ac 
flied in Chri(t,whonM we muft heare,if we wilj 
be^ued. Laftofall, the force and flret 
God,is fuch, as it muft needs warrant^^^^^Hpmjn 
Chrift the author of it : and asj^^^^^iPPKglorie, 
Co none to be our Prophe^H^^^^HpSulthofe rea- 
fons, he hath adde^tf^^^^HHf^neftexhortari- 
ons,to siue more J^^^^^HE^r the better perfwa- 
fion of his bretbco^^HHPRfirftetb. 

Now, bee ^d^|P^^ ^^^ prindpall point of this 
Itftfar^pfddpPl^tbat is, to proue that Chrift is our 
^ pdv PnifCy^Racb dilputation hce continuech to the eiea* 
uentfa dfaipter,as we (hall (God willins) heare. He begin- 
neth it firft with an exhortation,as he vied the like often be- 
fore, and, ai I laid, to make vs more carefully regard hit 
words. Sith thet$,w bsut aireM high Prieft, vh0 iuuh tmndiih 
to heum, Jefm the Stmit 0/Gtd : let vs held tlmfref^m : the 
force ofthis exhortation, is in tbecxcellencieofthePneft- 
hood of Chrift, (ecretly compared withthePriefthoodof 
Aaron,who was in nature their brother,in per/bn weake as 
other men, in oflEce , earthly, entering into a tabernacle 
made with hands, in vertue, a figure of.! better fieri ficer, 
himlelfe not profiting at all: but Chrift is another high 
Prieft.in nature the Sonne ofGod:in aualitie. great and Bill 
of gloria : in office heauenly, entring before God to^e our 
mediatourj invertueholy.and perftft himfelfe, to purge 
our finnei. This the Apoftle noteth, calling him, higa 
Prieft,great, entring into Heauen,and the Sonne of G OEh 
and fomuch the more wee arc guiltie before him, ifwe» 
(ball not hold Rift, and profeffe au his inftrudVion and doc- 
trine. Now, leaft wee Ihould thinke the Apofties exhort 

V tatioi^ 




ntidTSK^KiLl'"''!^' "^^ ''°"»e of God 
purchaHnTal^HKilrV '''*"r^'" ''^'"'' P»her! 
.vifreefromtheSSii^^BlShllH ^'''^ '*"'' ferine 
»>Uen vnder the fil^^^H^" u '^'' ^<:« were 
witnenTed ofour SaU^i9M|HR^^"!"g' I>efore 
nun> for thefaine caufe, tobeSoSJ^IHEj^fjilf^S 
tructh, in the beginning of this fl 

•ccotding to the defn-mrinn^rV-^i ".*""" '*efi;^# 

. Another aj-gumcnt of his prleftJ^W u'v • v^H' ' 
fceerein eanh , affliftcd « wee b« TT* ^' *"^ ''" **^a 

-icath from Which heisSt'dnSnTfl"'"^^^^^^^^^^^ 


fofourluftification, anlmaknanl' -^"^^ "^" 

foreGodhi, Father! ThmwS^^^^ 

rant the Apoftle in the be^r^^fn! * IP*"''®^ good war- 

knowIedgeS^rift th ^*p5:Oth'^^^^^^^^^^^^ '^7. «> «- 
entrance of the Aponic in to tKfn? "^'' '*'"<^^"'8 *'• 
vfcthfiichword.. *"*"'^»'"'*>»''^#ucation, andwhyhe^ 

1 y . • «• 

the^aietotbeHchmT, "^ 

be ereat aod ftrong to beare all out infirmities : then,tbat 
m^e an entrance for\$ vnto God , enduing vs now wi< 
faith andboldnefle of hisfpirit ; and finally, giuing ^ 
grace and faluation } which things , as they wqMi^ 
Aaron, nor in all the (bnnet of Leui , fo tbcy hauraWKIy 

appeared in Chrift, and therefore 
vnto him i to this effe£l is this 
hee faith : Sitb tbereftr* 
bdth tntredinti titieM 


ow , where 

ighfritHy wh 



Sauiout Chrift. both of 

hisperfoQill^^^HHR^, was a ftrong perfwafion vnto 
hintfMjI^^^^HPCbrift alone. Seeing C hrift was th e 
fonfl^H^HHRpowet to doe all he would,who had en* 
ttedinMiPeience of his liuingfathet : what man ishee 
fliallioynehimfelfevnto him > to claime a part and fellow- 
{hip in that worke , which Chrift hath taken vpon himfelfe 2 
Or ^ who that may haue his hope and reioycipg in Chrift| 
wilicaftitoff, co|loryin a mortallman f Thismadnefle 
wasfoercatinthe^poftleseves, that as a thine ^ which ic 
grieueahim(prremember) (o hee befeechethhis brethren 
neuertoletitfinkeintothem : but rather, feeing Chrift was 
\fifiito tbeni fuch a one, let them abide in him , and hold faft 
^is vrofcflion. Ttius wee at this day , let vs ftrengthen our 
faith, and anfwerallouraduerfaries s if the quelhonbee, 
whether iuftification bee in our owne workes, let vs fay, fee- 
insChriftthe fonneoftheliuing God,hath been conceiued 
ofthe holy Ghoft , and borne of a Virgin , and (anftified 
himfelfe for vs, fulBllingallrighteourncfleinbisfkfh, and 
offering vs freely of his fulnelle to bee made holy before 
Cod, wee will hold thisprofedion ) and wee that are but 
duft,andfull of euill, wee will not ioyne our felues with 
fi) exccllcM a Sauiouc ) wee renounce our righteouinefle, 

y a an^ 



ovwjcbi _ 
Hnaei bee impu^ 
will needs crucifij 
Done of his airfiid 
Cbrift is owficrifi 
piciation for ouK' 
who came, ' 
l»i» Father, L 
^ and in' 

"»jj^f Chrift the iAmacukte Un£J 
^™''"' '^irit, hatboffercd vp once 

«-' -liucn crcrnaUf edenSoa 

l"!?f #!? of>c|Wed 


tc handiv 

icrificer ^BJ^^^^^K! 


'I bJoud can 

EwgoFfllone/)iM lltteth on the 

JP.fiiefcm hi. bondage, why ho^e^^^^^^^^^^ 

5^^''a:;?^'""'^^" "> hoii7Jter?MiVndkL 
cr<^», and A/cfa vawtici: a» though thev Sni7r?^ 

fiitethi., th« b^sre^efiy je thei J.f * '^^y"" ^o«- 
thing. «<j«^rf,ol>.don.«,d,^^^b^JJ,""*2 


*" f' 




. . l|i^te|bSh^ii4iiMiftr4te4«dMMry«f 


wai g1(n«»M(; arid^fkftioiMdhdvviil^r 

fBIIIQ>I(r'MO annnMIIFf V*<k<MV^l 

p!»rm«rfb)p^fttifc Otbi^ itt 

pibet ? Seeing kheniti^|bM«vM|^^HHHH|H|||||fi«4 

io4)tiie r«eh a ^ieft j(<wlM|i|^^HKSCl^mifA 
ApOftto fethj tiit: ^ 

i,intb«rf.vMrt1 ^ 

iodosmpaffion, ^ac wee may 

,. — -^ r-."* » arid foa tW^ewft hd««ld«rii 

thii ,ifc«fttb«#*alt« lewet' flUwHythtrwife bee umM J JU . 
•ndfifOlatibekihowledge of hy Wor y ^ for hearing our Sa* 
uiour Chrift^xaited a«Godj^«ii^ vvould eafdythllnlie , and 

AiaU the Lord ^, 
1 neinble,andche 



Ooeiweenorreinem- ^ 
h«trpake>mMiheili^ A"lA 
himftift^dldlf^efiof ^ 

,, Or,1iaththeLocdlbek 

naicftie I Toftopchic^oriilur 


hMPit iloiumcni , ^ , 

<M«feh« ApoftJe addeth vhii , of hiieqqraalKM a»d 

im^t,jit* wkimtfim ; the iumme of which words «f a, tbai 
a^pee ad|mowledg« Ghrift to be»thffroniit.of God : (b 
we«Mbbell|M>thath«ewa»miMl#manlU^vMova I and in 
^hkpanlcipai|n of nature, baihtalianalibvpoublm, all 
our lnfirmiti«a||ocouacingihfmashitownc) ibthatwte 
way bta boM t ^ k kxa witohinv , wfa»ianomor«fbaref»li 
in tb« gl0ry of h1 »i i > i i ^6 , b«t leuing^ in tli« OotiUtude 




M Of ilMciM,ualUiHl]^iMl^^ 

Mcpffdina miiAftnilith by 

" "'" how cbiiftiiK|w 




/V^j '""'I ■•»■■■»» WffflP^ 








« , . ,,-»., ««^.,.^«d not t<iuche«h»ithtfiepilho 

. LMvihotthmeitv 

OuitirateeoiHiMii fthli, 

ImprlfoMtl, orwhirfeeMr^flMlNii^«ir(]nn( 
linot umtn, roturn«hiifil|iflMllbchckUjreii, Hmv 
•nthedfrnrinhliflahtt ««MM«ioilWlMkltththe)oi.. 
iCGhrtft,«h«t h«t fiiir««^ HW)Mti<lp^ t^ttt ttulehve 
-igh^b«u«rc«avityyiy i cuttviihet WIKinMN finnefbr 
ii «vha1mtwnoihMt. thai wn might b««iiiMI« the righ- 
ounieflk oTQod'ia Mm. Wh« now cm bft diicourih 

Sd^Mithr fiHiAlMtiol hi* lift Y OtHtaiaiOin igalnl^ 
^vfkMoiM^ IfWNttthUdivttfttTifMfeM inlbfoi 
fptrity { NO|no7«htftbtbutlitbken«vti|>0M, tndciittot 
«iH«to thfiuirtofouc (bull t ioiUly Itt vi tiif htcdc>f 
fiaM» iMHttal|Kii«M, norbiM^iiykiiigdoWttiVf \it 

npitttMMaHnini^ flbyl|IPIfllRllmm^f^IIrnwf no 



.which thmlmo difiidmi \ kliibuM ik»tVpirtkul«f '^ 
^lifi|<th)io»tbM, whiM(i»ihy kAi^rt^n^m&M^ 
tohfCtRf . «nd% iboillttkMrtmsy'iiiMbil^Mbff^' 



of if, 

Jf<l vt^hjifc? In coiifl» 


i>f If. Nosv, 1" tlitie vTordi are many cftigil&i ed 

C^ bee U^U%f|^iw2U^g^aucfM ^ wcs muA hS 

tl^AmmA X^M^MmA im ■■.*>» ^^d i^l^ k. _ _ 

wdccd tx«4»4 »twr fo* hif ovtiic i^, but fbr oiwi 

lod wcc (c^rnrhow iitMlong«rh;vnt<> vs , eucn ar4c U l 

^IQiigbf . b)( CbriA ioftiWAUurd ,\vhof^ members w«o i^l 

/:: f »<>thfHi)4if4tAlfHffr'W«ttf»Qfte firiQbnftltfcar Jie4 
hath done, and whaifoeucr gforibiu oromifcs^e m*^ 

mr'^f4>^^%^^^,thH\\^m^«yM» irffii^liiiiiiiuiL..,, 

<^f itnaH^ b«M yaMlHKb<4 W nlkb * i^« haubr^ frem tho 
de»d,»f(f«Mrire-airo^ jrbfleHau«.l&cn(|cd intohaiuem 
Wcc'Oi^ j^fwni If.faffl rHoiatfaftriohfJiaad of^Bjiaftldj ' 

W- '. mmim,9Jiyt^^ptHM9 Mift>hkkv LaiBti^b«<id^^biy|ilh 
m^* mto lit iMy ^ by- tJMrWPwkrftiU ntfOimtiieodt niifi 
^•|k 49«m;^ u(f>^^|ii)m»fiAhi»n«f«urt attnr; aqd ftitiai vte^ v« 
Kf of bis fpiric : andinthif feUowOiipMithbira^tMifciijMe 
™ "^ -'' I. hath 






HathgTlNSiVfl^ there is nothing^ great, lpat>he Hath^uen 
va witb bin : che tigbteonfiKile ofall liis iworkes, aild glo- 
rieofallhisirtheritanae, wtchhim is«an« and ivtearealfai , 
Lords Querall : wbctho* itbec Paul,or wh^her A{»ollo«.oi^ 
whether it be Cephas 4 wi^yiMl^c vorld, whether it W 
life, orwJNtheric b<e4w>h ) wbetbtr ih iiliiinie fent. or 
wb«(h«rt1iing» ra'come $ all thin gsaream^Hbree xtt 
Ch^li^ndChriajisGods. ThuswMliu/bipply it, and 
makettours, whwb'Cji|d|liiath |Kieavt)«genasche A- 
poftle (ahhof fhiiMflHft kour high Prkftand media- 
touAi IciVarherePliPPimto thechroncof geacti 

AftQlher chtt^|«Mtmrft heerenote, thac che Apofilc ex- 
hprcetH vi^ M with boldnes, teaching vs, duica conftane 
fetfwaftflCr*--^" - --^ - • • ■ 

,^^^«'^taBce of Goda feU|Ow«docJugh*' 
fy*qpn»JO«nd oiil^S^rt vjuaGod ; andwtthoutji.we an i.c 7 <. 
Jijj^vntpche ^\mi0^ma^%ti\ chefea, which ft»it>ul> 
»ilwl»d4own«wWith^wind} and cur hope with G«d 
N^w,,chis UoldrefTe which istbua necedbrie 
m%il||nieJii^^efjb«tbiM»fKw«e haueir,ai«l 

, >g<tb vntptrr: oow w«h;lllci^iv^^eannowaf 

bgr^crJc^rw. ^Itjro bycb« Ap0ftlehimf«dfc,who«TilMMaN 
aajnctnisfclfe fiimf «)ihortatioB, in the tenth Chapter Krf^ 
Wing,r»ith pbM$. ^eHiif>w«hmU}it^titi)igh Prkit^tM^ 

^"^Tfi' '^J^^'^^ mIMwth fmrtvHer /this ic 
;<UjyV«iq npflfeiVWh .whwhAH«eappro.itb vmo GOD. 
Wffly rp W«m tii^K/ni^M the Uloud o^XteHi, our 
" "WiM*i^cdifi*pm,imiw«^i>ou8htfi,(wdottfjbo<k«f 
■'^f' Tw*.Saw RM4;<yro tcavhwh in pbiM and 

w; >N W»» ^ R)H«;)wdff .1j€ ^\^^Mi by itith mi^y! 

1 1 J.' ", I 






>■ *' 


m (bot^ h aue this acceOe vnto God, els(fiiyth he)the prd* 
mtfe orCod, could noc bee (ure and jood vnto all the feede 
L,, of Abraham : forbce was afacherofmany nations, euen of 
fuch as were vncircumcifcdj and to whome the lawe was 
not written , therefore to the end that lewe and Gencile 
might both inherit this bleffing, ifbuft necdes b«e by faith 
anoToot byworkes. So then, thiufarre wee are taught by 
theApoftle, thatifwe recciuelefusChriftto beeourhign 
Prieft, our only way to enter with him into the heauens, is 
»J.if by faith } andour faith hath boldncp and Full pcrfwafion, in 
which it ia aeepced' according to that which is written: 
God hath not giucn vsthe fpiritof feareagaine vnto bon- 
Tim.*. dage s but GOO batheiucn vsthe fpirit of adoption, by 
which we crie, Abba, fatncr. Here (dearelie bcloucd) let vs 
lci»rne to dilc!em«(pirits, andto trie whether they bee oF 
God, or no : euerie fpirit that (COttfciTethChiiftto becouc 
ooelicmediatour, is of God : IbrbyhimweehaiieMbertie 
through faith , to joe with boldneiTc vm«'therthriH9 c^, 
grace. And euetj^f^it that deniethGh)||Mbb««bui'di#i 
-v. i.Tlm.« 5f™«^»«»«',isrtbtofGod,batitiJ10ie(iHritofAntichrift, 
^ ^, ' ofwhom wee haiie heard, that he it ^tr^d into the world: 
^•i.t.i».ft>tGod dwellethin light which no creature can approach 
vnto, neither hath any m an feene him , nor can fee him, but 
only by Chrift, throi»h one fpirit wee haue all entrance vn- 
to him. Thefe (dearely t»eioueo;meyBrcuic vruiusoftfie 
Scripture, they are not the wordsof man : and when y^ 
are in place, obieft them vnto the Ptpifts, fee what o^ 
1^ wordtney are able to aofwere^ who in times pad haue told 
youvKof agreaiRumberof raediatonn, confeflbil,tnaT> 
on, Saints, Angeili, Acchangells, euerie on^ in his degre^ 
) u ibey haue made them mediatours, and befought them to 
leade vs vnto God. I belie them not, ten thoufan^ of their 
bookea are yet to fee, and ten thoufand prayen in th^m, in 
■j y which 




theEfiflk to the Hebrws. 

whfch they hawedonc thisvylckedneffe. Aske ihem j an4 
bid them fpeaileplainc, what one worde haue they of de- 
fence for this doing? Surely(deail«ebek)ued) I tellyoutlH 
ttueth, not one word they can fpeakc , which is a worde o* 
trueih, a word ofrightcoufncffe, a word of life, a w<^e (I 
meanc)ofGod, to which yoa may tr«ft>afoi^ncit they 
hauc found of thcirbwnc, as hee that drcamPfcdoih tell a 
dccamc.-and they fay there ate two mediatours , one of in- 
icrccffion, another of redtmp^jbefide the fooliftinefle 
ofthisfpcech,amediaiowofioweeflion, which you may 
as well call an inrctfii|fii«Jr of mediation: for intcrccirour 

and 11,11,11111 JD^^'ii I oneibeGde this (I fay) manifeft fol- 

U^, let thert^WM^ny Apoftle,Prophet,or Euangeli{l,vp6 
vttoiWVviiiifltniiii^il inifftinrl, thir rnrr mentioned anie 
^ichthing: let themtellofwhotn they learned itj furethey 
will not, they are ftatkednmbci they know they haue no 
Scripturc.no not a word, and of their Schoolemaftcrs , in- 
deed^y are afhamcdibut 1 will tell you who they be, and 
they (iVaU no«dUny it, except they be as (hamclefle as they 
of whome they arcttf3rned.' The Gods of the Gentiles, 
which are Diiicls, they had this Woifhipamongcft them: 
thefe diuells anrwng themfclues, they which were reputed 
of thclowerforr.wcrcmadc , as mcanesto come vnto the 
higher , whereof aMb they were called Dy meditXim , that 
iSjGods only for intcrccmon: and Gentile bookes are full 
of examples , how thcfc things were praftifed 5 as if Nep- 
tune would fpeakc tolupiter,he made Mercuric his meancs 
and intcrceffbur.and fuch like toy es, which ihall bee a}pK>H- 
fhtd,and the loucrs of them. And wee may fee , how God 
hath rccompenced thistheir euiil vnto them : for , where 
this is the comfort of a ChriRian man , to haue peace to^ 
ward G O D , and which is giucn vs, by hauing Chrift our 
'^nelie mediatour , they who hauc made lo many, could 








^•■\ • 

• ni 



ncucf Hpf^ if, bu( dill th«y >j:e i|i rufpceiiaiid doobr w*, 
ucring and viKoflftantinall their waies^ flnd this doubcfol. 
ncft they beget and nomiOi vnipthemfclucs. while thcv 
,»ke io many medjatours ; and what cJs do they , bur teach 
all their poUerity mchopfing mmy tofdmourl, to haue 
eonfidenccih none. -Ewij as the rebellious people oMfVael 
weaned th^laes, running (as the Prophet lay th) J,ke 
Dromedaries, to cwhigh hUl. apd euety greene tree, till 
they were wc»kc ani wMric. pijd tbeirioSles fainted m 

Jbouldthey <ii,de,t fprMKLfoHowedathouiand 
God$,yct was there but onc,tbcGoIk»Mce u,h.^m ^^-^ 
hadforWrfo. chough the KpTft.aBKrr^ 

Chr.ftw,Ub« joyned with nofellowes. And what am? 
fcrable brotherhood muft they then needci bc.which baue 
nopeace,butfeareand trembling is in tbtiWycf < 

Ajgame wee baue hecreto marke^ that the prcVence of 
God, to which Chrift ieadeth vs. is called here the thr^Me •€ 
grace : noting hereby, that by the lyerites of Chrift, we bde 
I^rought Cnto God, as before a Judge, who from hi. iudg^ 
ment fiate. doth acquit ys for euer^fi-om all guiltines of our 
finnes, and therefore, called the throne of grace, becaulc we 
bequitonlybygraceandGodsfree mercy : amonumenf 

ofwhichloue, he fetteth before vs.in the nameofihefcate 
on.which he fitteth, and calleth it the throne ofgracc • nei- 
ther.lhalleuer man be iuftificd bctorcir,who bringcthwith 
himboldne/rcofhisowneworkes. nature, kinred or an? 
thing, andlookcth notonelv for his pardon by oraceand 
mercy i neither can the Lord any raorelhewe mercy vnt5 
him, that is proud of his o whc iclfe ; then hee cm cK^oase 



the EpiHle to the Hehrues. Caft^' 

tlic property of his iudgement feat, to make it no more the 
throne ofgracc. 

Now, itfollowcth : that wee may tbtairte mercy, Mdfinde ^ 
grace tehelpe : thele wordes teach vs, what the throne of, 
grace is, and what it ofFereth vntd vs j euen as weifjiid be- 
fore, boldnelTe and conftancy, that wce^j^WMTfcarc tOi 
go vnto it. For, if it be a throne ofgugp^t is, of fauour, 
of mercy, ofloue, of forgiuenelTe^Wjre j then can there 
not bee in it.anger.guiltineflijiaffliftion of fpirit, bondage, 
and fcare of death : buf,.M tfic Apoftlc fay th here, it giueth 
vnto vs, mercy, gjTWi, and helpe in the time ofnecde. Let 
vsoet then fay, wthePapiftsiay, that wee oughttofiearc, 
and doubt.oreods fauour. and fill our mouthcs with blaf- 
phcmy,a» they haue donc;to fay,it is prefumption to come 
withboldnc^e vnto the throne ofgrace ; but let vs rathw* 
acknowlcdge.allthegoodnefTe of Godj^andconfefTe, that 
hehathfctvpvntovsa throne ofgrace, before which wee 
fhall finde nothing but mercy, but pardon, but fbrgiuenes 
but helper neitherwill wee euerdelbile his grace, to bring 
doubtfulnefleor milfruft vnto it. If the Pope, who is a ler- 
uant of feruants, will fctvp another throne of milerable 
bondage, ofignominy,ofangcr,ofcruell death i let them 
feare before ir.who lilt to go vnto it ^ for our part, wee haue 
onceaccurled both the Pope and his throne, and wee will 
ncuer more endaungcr our fclues vnto the cenfure of it. 
Thatwhich the Apoftlehcrcaddcth lafV: l» time of need :hQ 
applieth to that which hccfpakefo much of before, to aajf ; 
noting, (asltoldeyourhen) thatcucn now while yet the 
Gofpcll is preached, theopportunrtyof timeis, in which 
we muft bee faithfiill, and inherit,as it were, the firft frnitcs 
ofcternamife,whtch time negleifVcd, cannot be called back 
againe though we fhould willi it with teares : and thcrfbre 
,lctvs regard it, now while it is offered, knowing this, that 

A God 



- 1 

u fft 




<^aJin^s of M. Veering \pon 
God hath not ordained a throne of grace, but for thofe 
which hndc their helpe and comfort in due time. And Jet. 
vspray, that God would lighten our minds, that wee may 
be wile, to know the time of our calling dec 

The tW0»d twenty Lcdure, vpon the 

^ ivcrfeiofthefift 


I T^Oreuery highPrieJi u taken frukmrngmn, undUer- 
± dMncifor men, in things pertAtitimu Ga/, tinuh^pm 
a fVhieh u ahU fuf^kntly tohaHectmpxj!i«n»ntliem thstsre 
ign0rm,andthat*remoftbeway, bec»ufe th»t ht iilfi 
it comfAJfel with infirmity. 
3 Andfor the fames fake he is houndto offer for fxnnes, MweU 
for his ewnepart, as for thefeo^les, 

]0 V haue heard before, how the A- 
poftle hath taught, that our Sauiour 
Chriftis our great high Prieft, and 
what maner of Priefthood he hath ; 
cuen fuch a Priefthood , by which 
himfelfe is entred into the heauens, 
and hath giuen grace vnto vs that do 
belecne,that through his vertue and 
power, we might alio with boldneflc approach vnto God. 
This excellency ofChrift and his high Priefthood, the A- 
poftlc beginncth now toprooue, by comparing together 
Chrift an Aaron. For, like as when hce make of his pro- 
phecy, becauft there was no Prophet inlfrael fo great as 
Moles, and to whom God (b familiarly appeared as vnto 


the EpiUU to the Hehrues. 
Mofts : therefore, toprooue the excellency ofChrift, hec 
compared him with Mofes. So now, in this matter of his 
Priefthood, bccaufe there was no Prieft comparable witb 
Aaron.ordained of God as he was, with fo lingular honcw, 
hi great promil'es, fo much reuerence of his people^ there- 
fore hee compareth Chi ift with Aaron^tUtbythe diffe- 
rence, it might more clearly appearcjiilFChrift both muft 
needcsbe an high Prieft, and jjji^iur alone farre aboue 
all other. Hec beginnety^if comparifcm thus : Foreuerie 
higbPrieH istahnfram iSSS^men. and is ordained formen in 
thin?st'eruiningtoG4i:t\\9.USytho^tSih\ch. arcPriefts after 
ihcordcr of Aaron, firft, in nature as their brethren, men 
hkc vnto themftlus, fubied to all infirmities, which the 
people arc fubieft vnto, hauing nothing in themfelues 
wherein efpecially toreioyce, but is likevnto other men. 
Againe, they execute their office, and doe the worke ap- 
poyntedthem, not for themfelues alone, as men hauing a 
priuatebufinefle, but in the name, and for the benefite of 
the whole people, that the fruit oftheir labour might re- 
dound vnto many, and they (eruc the people in things ap- 

A third property of that high Prieft was, that he came 
not before God in his owne vertue, but brought gifts and 
facrifices with him.for reconciliation : by gifts, he meaneih 
all oblations of things without life, which appertained to 
the ftcrifices : by (iicritices.all beafts which were killed and 
oifered, according to the law. 

Another thing required in thePrieftsof theolde lawc, 
which were after the order of Aaron, the Apoftle addeth 
in the fecond verfe, in thefe words, which is able J'ufftctently 
t» haue eompafiion on them rehith are ignorant , and out of the 
rvay. This property here fpoken of, iscompaffion, in fee- 
ling the finncs and errours of the people, as if they were hia 




--* \ 


^ , ! fadings of M, Veering rvpon 

awnc : and hauing a continuall care, how to inftru£l them 
and teach them in the right way, that they might caft from 

them all this corruption, and be reconciled vnto God. Af- 
Jer this, he ftieweth the caufe why this compaffion was in 
*^""»aSidhow he was madefo louing : hecaujethat heealfo it, 
c»>tH}eSWfi»iaSrmity, that is, had experience in hisownc 
ilelh, hoWjproil||MMverc to finne. how fubied to tenta- 
tion, how fooneMM^om good to euill, and how rea- 
dy to fell from lifetod^K;a|fwhich infirmities, he was 
Xo partaker, that the fmart 8eiBRW|em was in his o wne 
flefh, and d^lyhee was wounded w|Mhb««roc concupi- 
fcncc, to doc the things that hec wouldSpc : and thero^ 
grieued Avith himfelfe, and hauing pity on his brethren, he 
willingly executed his Priefts office, and did it gladly 
which he found by experience, muftbcdone of neceffity 
orno fielh ftiould becfauedjand offered facrificcin figneof 
the purging ofthcir finnes,and reconciliation vnto God as 
the Apoftle addeth in the third verfe ; And fir the fames 
Jtke heeu bound to offer for finnes, as tvellforhis ownepartasfor 
<Atf/r<;/'^j.- and thus ftrre of this beginning ofcomparifon 
betweeneChriftandthe Priefts of the la we, fctting now 
downe thcfe properties of the Pricft,and after (hewing the 
great excellency that is in Chrift aboue them. 

Now. inthis wehauetolearnc many profitable inftru- 
aions. Firft, where he fiith: Euery high Prieiiis token of nm, 
*»dappointedformenM things appertaimng to God : weclcarne 
that no man can haue accefic or entrance vnto God, but by 
a mediatout : the Lord would not then rcceiue the peoples 
giftsjtheir offerings, their vowes,their praiers.their thanks- 
giuing, whatfoeueritwere: nomaninlfrael, wereheenc- 
uer Co holy, had his acceflc vnto God, but by a mediatour : 
nor he offered any thing vnto God,but by the Prieft. This 
was then their fchoolemafter, to leade them to the MefHas, 


(heEffiWetotheHehruet, ^^'5' 

•without whomc they knewc there was noagrceinentbc- 
twcenc God and them: io that we know , they were taught 
in thefamefaith that we be taught,that men through fmnc 
was once caft out from the prefence of G O D ; and trorti 
thenceforth for euer, CO dwell in hisfhame, except ^mico- 
therworke reconciliation for him , formaq hid lofl all his 
owne power, and as Adam was, fowoio^ all the children of 
Adam. - 

i^U were gone out of the v^y tkiy were 43 corrupt, thirc^ ^ttU^. 
W4S none that did good, «m ««r 00^. . •> 

An vnpoflibic tbtne for all flcfh,eucr againe to come in- 
to tbcpfdenceofGoa,without a mcdiatour,in whom God 
would De againe reconciled. 

This doctrine the lewes were taught in their high Prieft, 
who onely entrcd before the Aike, where was the fignes of 
Gods prefence , and all people elfe forbidden to approach 
neere. And as thus they confcfTed the neceffity of a media- 
tour, fo further in the perfbnofthe high prieft, in that hec 
was taken from among men, that is,was a man.like vnto his ^ 
brethren, they learned alfo that this mediatour fhould bee 
a perfect man. 

For, when God who wrought daily among them, by 
the miniftery of Angels, glorious and fearefuU workcs , yet 
neuer appointed Angcll, nor other creature to make the 
■peoples facrifice , and offer vp their vowes nnd praiers vnto 
him, to come vnto him in the peoples name , to craue pat- 
don and forgiucncffe of finncs : but in an vnchangeable 
counfcljCuetrcferucd his work vnto the prieft, one of their 
brethren, a man like to themfelues, he taught them plaine- 
Iy,thathee fhould b^e a perfeft man, of their owne nature 
and fubftancc , who fo cuer fhould reconcile them vnto 
Againe, in that the Prieft came not with emptie hands 
1 X before 




I Reading/ of M. Veering rvpoH 

btforeGod^citlieryctmightdocxcepthimfcIfc would be 
dcftroyed^iithcc had with hira alwaicshisfacrificc, taac 
knowledge a men indebted vnto God , in payment whcrc- 
0i,hc would be rcconcilcd:thcy learned hecrein, that their 

GOD v«»ki>cc pleafed, and accept k as a fufficient pay- 
mcntofal oorac^ohim ; which facrificc they knew 
yvcU,niouldnotbeaii»jyoud ofCalucs, and goatcs : for 
uistoov,leadiingtoappcal«.theanget of God . but ano- 
thcrfacr.ficc, hofy and«gllieii|^thout fpot of finoc, 
vnbhmeabk before God, wiThSSiiopc God would bee 
plcafed.Thus the Ifraelitcs bceing inflniftcd ,. ofacccfluic 
to fcckc a rncdiatour, and that mcdiatourtobe aman, and 
that man to^ofFcr vp. a facrifice of hi« ownc , without fpot 
to GOD : ,n this they were mrtruftcd , to confcfle ai wee 
confdlc.and to belccuc as we bclccue ; that as there is but 

^. rtb,... W Gaz), ..«, ,h, «.»/WiV Chi/i : whogaue himfclfo 
to bee the price of the redeiVpnon of mankindc : thisis 
the Faith of Gods cled, holden of Abram, Ifaak, and 
lacob, as well as ofvsjthcfaith of the Saints from the be- 
ginning , and wee to whom now it i« moft clcercly reuca. 

Jed Ictvsbeethankcfullforfogreatabencfite, in more 
conflancy of our faith, neuer to bee remooucd from this 
holy trircth. As oft as wcc fpcake of a mediatour , let vs 
cotvtcUc, there can be mine among Angels, foi they arc no 
men; nor among the Saints, for tlicy were all Tinners : nci. 
ther anHM>g all other crcaturcs.for they are all corruptible- 
»o that wee will not giue neither gold nor filuer for therc- 
Uenipt.onofourfoules.nortruftm thcmeritc* of Saints 
and Angels, who all want vcrtuc for this worke : but when 
wee thioke of any racdiatour,wcc will confcfle Icfus Chrift 
I the 


tJx ^>iWe to the Hebrues. 

the Tonne ofGod, the fonne of Dauid, the ondy mediatour 
and purgerofourfmnes. 

And heere further let vslcame, feeing a Prieft is to doe 
our things before God , and to oifer for our finnes , let vs 
know thefc two things both to bee done by Chrift for vs, 
that is, both to make intcrcedion.and to purge our fmnes , 
in neither of which works, let vs attribiMe any thing to any 
other, except wee will robbcCbcm of the glone of his 
Priefthood: wherein wee Q>4^l<se what thePapiftshauc 
done} for if wee bee y]|ii||lo iudge rightly , and will fee that 
which God fcttcth b^re our eyes, wee cannot chufe, but 
wee muft needa fee how they haue taken both thetc 
chin£;i of tbcpriefthood of Chrift, and giucn them vnto 

Firft , for the oblation of Chrift to purge our (innes , if 
wee will acknowledge it , wee muft conteffe , that it was 
done butonce,and muft neuer be repeated the fecond time 
both at the A poftle after in plaine words teacheth vs, and 
as the nature of Chrifts Priefthood dooih nedElTarilie 
prooue \ for hec hath his Priefthood abiding euer , c- 
uen as heliueth euer, neither can it bee carried oucr to 
another : but as the facriBce is his' owne , (b bee is 
Prieft alone, to offer it , which hee did once vppontbe Clu.;:!^ 

Therefore, their Maffcs are aboiie all facrilcdgc ac- 
curfed, in which they fay, that the Prieft though vn- 
bloudily, yet he offcreth in a propiriatoriefacrificethena- 
turall and rcall bodie of Chrift , and not oncly thus they 
transfcrrc the purgation of our finnes from the Altar 
of the Crofle, where ir was made by Chrift, to the Al- 
tar of an Idoll, where they would doe it by a Prieft : but 
they doe not fo much as confcffc, that it was once pcr- 
fcft and lull vpoa the croflc , but findc wants in it there 

I X a offetcd 




H . 


I- V 


^aMngtof M. f>eem^\pon 
otfcredi Iflinder them not, for it w their own doarine nei- 
thcr, am I furc will they deny thcmfclucs write, that c'hrift 
fatisfycd for fmncs before baptifoje, both for the giiiitincfTc 
and puniilimcntsofthcm :but as for finncs after baptifme 
he tookc onely away the giiiltincflc of the fauk, but left the 
pumdimerttftMoutlcluestobcarc, fomuch as by afflifti* 
onsofouriifc, Wttypnrgatoric after oHrlifc, wee could 
poflTibly endure. ^»^ 

Thuilamc they lcauct*i|£|jrift the purging of our fins 
the higheft part ofhisPricfthdoAliic other part of his in- 
tcrccflion.tbey handle it no bcttcr:foMk>ihcy not pray to al 
Saints and Angels? Doc they not caliche Virgiiw Mary 
thcQueeneofHcauen, the gate of Paradife , ibe trealu-' 
rcflfcofgraccjthercfugcoffinners, ihemediatres ofmen 
our life,our delight, our hope? And what after this can they 
leaue vnto Chrift? And this (dearly bcloucd ) I allcdgc not 
vntoyou.outofpriuate mens writings , which they might 
deny, but in their facrcd holy MafTc bookc , thefc thing*, 
are written. In their maflfc of the annuntiation, they fine 
thisfong: ^ 


Medittrix hamtnum. 

Allhaile, Virgin ofVirgins.tliemediatrefTeofmcn..^ 
In the made of the conception, they fing this : 

TuJ}>es certdmiferorum^ 

Vere mater orphtnorunty 

Tu letumen opptf^arum, | 

Omnthus ei omnia. 
Thou art thie vndoubted hope of the mifcrablc, the mothcf 
in decdc ofOrphancs,thc rcfrcrhmcnt oftlie opprcfTcdjthe 
healing mcdicincof all the dilcafcd, and thou art all,things 

to all men. 


. . ' the^MktothcHebrml 

You hliarc tke rime of all this I am fure, and for die ma^ 
ter,it is not worth Engliftiing. Now,ioyne vnio this , more 
out of the malle booke. 

••. Ofalixfuerparty jlr 

■' '■'■'- Nejirapiansfceleu, -^^fr 

O happy bringer foorth of children , clean^[||||||^ked- 
ncire,&c.andoutofthcporteire: ^^^tf^^ 

Tuper Thema. Sdn^^f/fff-e, 
O Chrift,makcvs to afccnd^BRcauen , whether TTio- 
masisafccnded, andi||m|Si^^ of Thomas, &c. And 
tell me now , whjilPKfrito Chrift to be our mcdiatour I 
Surcly(dearely beloucdjthe truth is,eucn as the Lord hath 
perfwadedvs this day: bee that boaftcdfo long to bee the 
vicar ofCbrift, wee haue tried him, and found him to bee 
the very Antichrift, who dcnicth in deede Chtift to bee 
comeinfle(h,whilethusheedeniethhimto bee our Qoely 

Novy , let y$ retume further, tohearcwhatthe Apoftle 
teacheth. The fourth property heere mentioned, requifite 
inaprieft,is,thathehauccompa(riononhis brethren, ac- 
cording toihat feeling which is in his owbc flcfti , of his 
cwne infirmities : this compaffion is, tOrcioycewith his 
brethren in all well doing:& to be grieucd for them, in their 
finnes and crrours, which proiterty the Apoftle faith was in 
the Prieft of the lawe,in a certaine raeafure,as he was helpt 
by experience of himlelfe.and fo much as God accepted in 
him, who was for a time the prieft of his people. 

This ought tobeenowafpcciallinftrudion vnto vs all, 
becaufe we are all made a fpiritiiall priefthood vnto God , 
tooffci' vp our fpirituall facrificcs, that wee fliould haue 
jbis compaflion one toward another, to delight in the well 
dooine of out brethren, ashauingrecciucd the fame (pi- 
rite offaiih , and to be grieucd with their offences , euen 
, X3 u 





asmfofubieft to the fame infirmities. This rcJoycing was 
in Paul, vfbenbeewtitethtothePhiUppians, thatifhee 
ieht procure their faith and conftancic of godlineflc , 
rhitwctewiththcloffcofhislifc, yet hee would re- 
' them.for thcirgtcatblcfling: andthisholy fot- 

towefBII*teh«s faUings, the fame Paul exprcflehe 
commandelW^l, writing to the Galathians : brc- 
thrcn.if a man hMfc^cafion into any fault,yc which 
confidering thy fclfcaelSP||fcj|i«"'P«**=/^h« t^^^ 
beinvs, and our brotherlyloueM»^cafured with th« 
moft fweet fraelliug facrifice, cucry oaeftehtt bfoth^JTR) 
bee a feruant of righteoufocffe vnto God. Aid» this todu- 
tie in eucry one of vs, fo efpccially the minitter ought to 
bee full of thU eompaffion, to declare ftill vnto his people 
all the counfell of God, that they might be confirmed who 
are called and conuetted.who goe yet aftrayjthat with one 
bean and voice,at laft they might elorifie GOD together, 
this it « that ought to bee : but,OLord , how farre is this 
ftombcingdonc? Where may wcfindc a man, that reioy- 
ceth in his brothers godlineflc, or pitticth him m his finnc ? 
Who can boaft of his friends, of all his acquaintance , of 
all his kinred, that him hoc hath brought vnto the Lorde? 
How many are the minifters in inimber , that are able to 
teach, andhauetheirdweliingwiththcir pariftiioners, to 
teach them toknow God > Surely thefethings arc fo farre 
out of order , and iniquitic hath lo prcuailcd and gotten the 
vpperband,that we may take vd againe the Prophets com- 
plaint, W*/r/>/?, likepffifle : the people are foduUedwith 
^carnaU coBcupirccnce,that all their company is,for cardcs, 
-or dice,or dancing, or banqueting, or fome riot of hfe : the 
*amcofihc Loideisnot temembied, butwhenitisbUl- 


the 'E^itik to the Hehrtusl ' C^.J 

ohemed:this is thefeUowftiip of the woride, the miriifteric 
Lthnotfi) altogether caftoff{hame,butvetthefaultsof It 
atcfomewhat too great and gteeuoust for many of*"-- 
arehirelings,non rcfidentsjdumbe dogges > go">|^ 
riogfnot after many women,which the woridM|giBJteft) 
bufafter many benefices , which thyg^^oflfraell 
doth as much abhorre: would toG^^mplamtvyctc 
our hearts, and giue vseg^iire that good promifc of 
Chrift: blcffcd arcrijPKwwhom the Lord when bee 
commeth,MHtfi^aSng. In the meanc while, it adnjo- ^^l7 
MiiiQiis may ftUre vs vp to be wife in tiroe,let vs beare what 
the Apoffle ftlth more in this place. 

It fbllowethjbecaufe that he is compalTed about with in- 

fitmitie ! this is the caufe why tl»e Higl^PfJeJ ^a^ fuch 

eompaffion on his brethren, becaufc hirofclfc felt all their 

infirmities: thus the Apoftle teftified of Chrift before , that ^^^^ 

bccaufe he was tempted,hee was made able to helpe thole 

that were tempted, and Saint Paulfaith,for this caufe wee 

be comforted in our tribulation, that we might bee able to ,.Cer.i4 

comfort other in their affliftions: fo ourownc fcnfc and 

feeling muft needs be a prouocation vnto vs to pitty other; 

andindced,itisathingvtterlyimpoffible,thatwhat foe- 

uer I fuffcr my fclfe,I(hould not haue a eompaffion of it in 

another: Ifl bee hungry, I pitty all whomlheare crie for 

mcatc: If I bee in painc , I pitie all which cry out in their 

griefe: Eucn fo it is alfo with vs, and much more, in the af- 

fliftions of fpirit : I beare the biinhen of mine owne finnes , 

ifl fee their loathfome appearance, andfecle their heauie 

iudgement,tbatImoumevndcrthcm,itiivttcrly impoffi- 

blebut I fhould hate them in my felfe and in all men , and I 

wiU fecke diligently how to keepe men free from foch a 

deadlyficknefIc.Thuswcfec,whatisthecaurc why wee be 

X 4 nw 



-^ «*■ 



notcarrfulloacwedific another: that is, bccaufe wchaue 
nottuefcelwgofour ovmc ignorances, nor pcrceiue any 
^Kgghty burthen of our ownc finnes : when v? ec pray thus 
^^SES™ n*^* ??'^*™ " gricuous'vnto vs , the burthen' 
fi^ll WiiK *' V'"^P"''«w«hfeinedand deceit- 
or iff' ^^Mkl!! ''"'" '^^y 8° "°^ **«h our words: 
are for your brcthr(™|||!|frrc,thc words of the Apoftlc 
muft needs be true, if I /ay J^^our owne finnes, you 
be carcfull for your brethren jBK|'««d procuring as any 

ftl'^r-^?""^' '\'' '^'y '^^ m^yaifc^uceto turnc 
trom their finnes, andcoracout (asPaSfiiSi Joutofihc 

fnares of the diuell), who hath entrapped than aftwSs 

..Tin,... owne will: and if the great miferie of thy brother moouc 

.«^. thee not thou fccleft not the miferie that is in thine owne 

i wynts and bowels , which aftoniftmcnt offenfc . is barba- 

ij ... W""ndbrntifli,dirhonouringboththehcatt andcounte. 
^'\ nance or a man. 

t ^ W .^"P'*! r ''''"? ^^^^ *° ^^ '"»*^<' »» ^JMt the Apoftle ■ 

f t H rr'^ al finncs,by the names of errors and ignorancesitca- 

V . . 5'*'"gvjfirftjthatalerrorandignoranccbcforeGodise«xr 

demned as finne , and whatfoeucr man doth with all his 
good intents, ifhecbcc ignorant in his worke,hee offereth 
butthefacnficeofa foolc , neither dooth God regard it. 
VVbcrem,wcmayfec,whac their Church is, whbfe whole 
religion is blindncflc , and whofe dcuotion ( asthcmfclucs 
confeflc),is bred and nourifhcd by ignorance.- and another 
caufc why our finnes are named ignorances, is, bccaufe the 
finners know not their owne way; they thinke they hauc 
peace and rcioycing , when daunger and woe is necreft 
vnto whom they thinke their finne is fWeet and full of plca- 
lutCjWhcnindeeditisnothingclfcbut anguirti and afflidi- 
oaoffpmt;for they fee only with their cics and hauc rccard 
; I after 

theEpinUtotheHehrmi. Caf>, 

aftcrtheprefenttime, not knowing that the timepaflcth 
and the wncupifccnce is ended in it, & that the Lord after 

rl?rh!^'?''"'°i?vf\™^- ThnvVbe Prophet Danid • 
nameth the finnes of Nebucbadnctzar,his crtoursrani*: 
bacuch makmp hi. nro.v. c^ .11 ^- /-.^ -, , .,. J^Ht ' 
meth themihcir ignorances : let vs therfi^ilBJboftle "*''• ^ 

Sdn K"i':!i!aeS^^^f'^«VTere wifewee . 
would neucrbe^ccd^BWttli-fnhit«c.ii- .r.- 

__ ^y^^'^'^^^mK tht third verfc'^fijf^ the r,i^^ 

^^^^Si^^i' ^n'^PS'^ ^"^«^ wi?nefle,of want 
SSSS^;?^?' Pricfthoodof Aaron : that'though 
ne appeared as a mediarotir between God and his people • 
ycthewasnot pcrfeft forfuch a worke, buta<JcSa' 

e^A u^ ''Tf '^'^'"our , who was oncly ficiircd 

• hceremi'^^^^^^^^^^^^ 

hercwer«rh™ 'cucnth Chapter foUowing. And 
isi« h/^ '.Jr f '"^"5'''''"'='^ '" ^ mcdiatoi.r,^d that 

bodypXedof?^^ .^W'^'""' bemufthauea 


■ T 



(leadings ofM. Demngypdn 

vntovfeakemen : foe this {height condition', the iuftice of 
God cequireth of him , that (hall reconcile man vnto God, 
»t he bciqg jn hiqiielfe fU ^ rigbteoufnefle which his 
hwrequiteth, byitficft tofan^^e bimfelfe , to bee 
idin th ax innocency to b e are the puni(hm ent of 
^,' the {rnadVH|^ople,that he might fet theta free, then in 

the power of nmBBoouercome that punidiment, and 
rife from it,thatitl||B^^oiinied, and all with him 
might haue entrance idl^^^id eternall life. Now, 
this comparifon of the ^^HIHh^^c "i^c plaincUe 
appearetn, inwhichweefeethe^m^'^C'viA* Aaron 
was in nature z perfcft man, andfo warChdft , and aaoicc 
excellent in property, beeing without finne. Aaion mini- 
ftred for the^eoples fake,but for his owne alfo beting a fin- 
ner: Chrift for his people onely, himlelfe needing nothing. 
Aaron offered facriSce , but of other things; none of bis 
owne; Chrift offered his facrifice, his owne and himielfe* 
Aaron had compaffion on his brethren, but in acertaine 
I . meafure,and the grcateft part of it for himielfe, and forrow 

/ of his owne infirmities : but Chrift whollie was grieued 

for vs , and for ouc fakes onely hee bare inBrmities , of all 
which the doArinc is plaine vnto the people of Jfraell, that 
not Aaron,but Chrift, was the great high Prieft to recon- 
cile them vnto God. Andheere wee fee touching that that 
isfaid , the high Prieft offered for his owne finnes and for 
the fins of the people,that is not meant that his facrifices 
wereindeedc a clcanfing of their finnes: for neither can the 
bloud ofCalues and Goates wafh away that infe£lion,nei- 
ifaer can a (infuU m an offer a facrifice of fuch price ; onelie 
the Lord Icfu offering his bodie , could doe To excellent a 
workejbut that the (acriBcesofthe law, and that the high 
PrieftjWerc faid to purge finnes : it was onely in figure , as 
being fignes and tokens of Chrift,and of his body , to be fa- 
i ctificed 



,crificed vpon thecrofIe,which redemption, they confefled 
andbeleeued in their oblations, bn GgkI fealed it vnto them 
by fire from heauen,confumed their burnt offerings, that 
their faith was pretious in his fight, and he would pcrfoude 
his promifes vnto them jaccordtng to their hope^|||^ue 
them a facrifice for their finne , euen hjypl^'v^ttcn 
fonne, that eueryonc which belee^|aP8im fhouTd not 
perifii but haue life euerlaftingy|^PI|Rnefrc of this con- 
ftant trueth,becaufe thci|^^f|Rwere as figures of it, he 
giueth them the nuMnflinvhich they figured, and cal- 
leth them finne i)jt9pii^, and propitiatorie facrifices, and 
recQQciiiations beKireene God and them. And this is com- 
mc^ to allfacramentsofthe old and new Tdlamcnt , that 
thfljr mi^hr jje Viitd v»fare ind vndoubtedpledges of Gods 
pronaifes, thathe f)erformetb them all : therefore the name 
and title of the thtng,isgiuen to the figure : fo thefc ftcrifi- 
*«es were called finne offerings ,& peace offerings, circumci- 
iion was called Gods couenant, the Lambe his pafltouer, 
the Ark his glory , the temple his rcftjBaptifme the wafhine 
of our new birth: and what madnesis in men , I cannot tell, 
why they ftumbic and fali,& arc broken atthisphrafej this 
ismv body; Could ihcnameofreconciliationbeegiuento 
the oloud of an Oxc,thc name of Gods benefits be giuenio 
thecutting off of a little skin,8c to a whitclambe ; his glory, 
his bJeffednes his righteoufnesjto gold,to ftones, to water : 
and cannot the name ofthc body of Chrift bee giucn vnto 
breadPor could not the name of forgiucncs,of mcrcy,of co- 
uenat,of glory ,ofprercnce,ofrighteournes, change the na- 
ture of go]d,floncs,flcfh,water,& fuch like: and muft needs 
-thename of body flreight change bread into flcfh I oris not 
the facraraent of Chtifts body and bloud, as glorious a my- 
fterie, as full oftruth as other Sacraments were: and why 
Cbuld Unothauea greater honor,namedby the thing whicn 
•■■•■" , . it. 

I • 

leadings ofM. 'Deer'mg rvpon 
it repccfcntethj but this as pccafion is <^cred,and in a word 
fosthc tiling is plaiflto thofc that will vndcrftand,aod.they 
that with affcftion haue robbed thcmfelucs of iudgemcnr, 
^tj^spray for them: and they that doe belong vnto the co- 
Jhallonqday with vs cpnftflc the true doarinc^f 


iwhiqh it is fealed.Now let vs pray &c. 







'Leisure) vpon 


Kytnint mm taketh thit h$nenr vmi^Sm^fe^thcibit it 
cslled0fGtiy0tW44K^*roti. '■•. 

the high Prufi: bHthtetbtapudvnubim : Timmmj 
Stwne^hk dty beg»i IthetrgMiteit him. 
^ JtbftUfp in t»0therfkceJ^eakttb, tbou *rt t Prieftfrr etter 
i^er$be order tf.Melebifedetb. 

Told you, the Apoftlc hecre makcth 
comparifon betweene the Priefthood 
of Aaron and of Chrift; that fb by 
conference , the dignitie of Chrift 
might more appeare. The compa- 
nion hithert* hath becne in this, that 
the Prieft of the olde Lawe , muft 
necelTarilie bee a naturallman.thcn, 
that hee muft doethewotkeofthe people, in things ap- 
peraining to God : thirdlie, that hee muft do it with fomc 
faaificc : fourtblic , with compaflion for the peoples et- 
rours : in all which Chrift oaelic is excellent abouc all o- 

Now, the Apoftle goeth f<Mnnrard,and y ct fliewcdi a fift 


theEpiUletotbeHehrm. 5- 

propcrtieofthc high Prieft afore, and that is, thathcewas 
called ofGod,andthruft not himfclfe into that roume and 
function. To tliis purpofe now it followcth : ^ind no mm 
tiikithvnto himfe'fe this honeur^but he that is called of God as 
tvasAarcn: thtn'm thctwovcrfcs following , fhcwethhow 
in this alfo Chrift excelled Aaron, and had a :nore glorious 
calling than he: firftjbccaufc an high dcareeof GOD was 
pronounced by the Prophet, in whicb, vnder the name ofa 
(bnne.God ordcined him Prjcft,'&ying : Thou art myfonne , 
this day hiuel begotten tbee. jigaine,he called him not vnto 
a Priefthood of figjics and (hadowes , which endured but 
for a whilctbut he called him to the true Priefthood it (elfe 
which chaungednot,but made him a Prieft for cuer, after 
thcorderofMcIchifedech. So, as the fonne is higher than 
aferuantvthctrueth better than the figure of it ; and that 
which abidetheuer,better than that which in time isabo- 
Hfhcd : fo mufch , ;his calling of Chrift cxccedcth Aarons 
calling,and all the Pricfts of the law. 

Here let vs firftlearne.fith the Apoftle fpcaketh plainly : 
No man taketh honour to htmjelfej>ut he toat is called ofGod^M 
4ar(m vas : that both it is vnlawfnll for any man without a 
calling, to take vpon him the miniftcric ', neither yet any 
calling ought to bee, which is not according to the will of 
God . tor , fccing the miniftery is honourable, and he is 
iuftly honoured that excuteth it faithfullie •, howcani 
exalt my felfe, but ofrightloughtagaine to bee brought 
low.and in ftcad of glorie, haue fhame?for what doelm 
thiSjbut rob Chrift of his glorie,who is iicad of his Church, 
and appointeth mini ftcrs whom he will, who rulcthinthc 
houfe oflacob, and^ordaincth officers at hisowncplca- 
fure ? If in an earthlie kingdome , fubieds would prelume 
to take offices at their ownc choyce ; were it not cxtrcamc 
confufion,vttcr reproach and fhams vnto the Prinue I how 

I ■ 


fadings ofM, Veering rvpon 
much more to bring this confufion into the Church of 
Chrift? Therefore, both ourSauiour Chrift himfclfe did 
openly ordaine his owncApoftlcs, andncuer any of them 
executed that office, but with proteftation, that they had 
this calling of GOD: and therefore their Epiftlcs begin (as 
you reail>i>4*/4/» ^ftRUcflefm Chriji. Peter the feruMnt 
tfkfiu Chrifi. A^d^c fame from the beginning hath been 
a perpctuall law nWl^^irch of God. Mofes, Dauid,E- 
fay, lercmy.and all rhei||kp. they tookenot this honour 
to thcmfelues, but were called tfGod, and in the name of 
GOD they declared vnto thcpeopjp-hjsvifionsand his 
wofds, from vfhich if they declined tO^PI^pjffMnd or to 
the Ich, they made thcmfelues finners j add not only thus ic 
isinthcrainiftcry,butforasmuchas the ApoOle g&ieth it 
a general i^m(i:N«mMttketbh0ntitrv»tohmft^:cutnin 
the Common-wealth, in matters of this vaine lifc,not only 
the God of peace will not hauc his people to liuc in cortfti- 
fion,cuery man to exalt himfclfe j but alfo hmiteth to eue- 
ry one the bounds of his calling , in which God hath giucn 
him honour,and without which, both hee fihncth againft 
God, and offcndeth his Prince that hath appointed him. 
Thcluftice muftdeale with thofe things which appertainc 
vntoa lufticc,and a ludge with the things of a Judge : and 
as it isf cbcHioiyforthe priuate man to refift the Magiftratcj 
fo isitprclumption in a Magiftrate, to take vpon him a- 
boue his calling. Wc€ hauc gotten among vs I know not 
what prouerbe,which commonly we call; k^oJI of our of. 
fice-. if[hisbcc tocaft offthe law of our calling, and rake 
more honour than isgiuenof the higher power , wee dc- 
fcrue it right wcll,if for fuch pretie c^s , our fclues fhould 
be caft quite out of our placesjfor in matters abouc vs , wee 
be all priuate men and muftgoe vnto them, to whom. God 
hath giuea the iudgeraent j where wee out fclues haue 
I . . ' the 

the EpMe to the Hehrueu Cap. 5* 

the place of honour, there let vs bee faiihfull as before the 
Lord.Thefecod thingtobc learned in thefe words, is, that 
we haue all fuch a calling,as wee may bee fure it is of God;, 
for we muft be called of God,as Aaron was. Hcerej^dearc- 
lie beloued)! would we had no caufe to complaine : or,fee- 
ing things are fo ill as they are, I would we had the Q>irit of 
the Prophet Icrcmie,to wifh that our heads were fill of wa- 
ter, or in our cies were afountaine o#||iiires, that wee 
might weepe day and night fortbefinnes of oui; nation: 
then the Lord in due timewouid hearken vnto vs, and the 
highcfl from his holyfipjB^wmld regard vs , that our eyes- 
might fee ailoHM|i^reftored. But now , touching this 
ealhngiuMagiftratcsand officcrsof our common-wealth , 
I will fay no more , but in one word , as^the Scripture fpea- 
Iccth. Godcallcth him vnto hisdignitic, wiio is orderly 
appoynted, and is a man of courage, fearing God,dcaIing 
trucly,hauingnorcfpe^ofperfons, and hating couetouf- 
nes : otherwife , ifby bribing, by ambition, or by any vn- 
lawfull meanes,hee come to his preferment , the more hec 
knoweth himfclfe, the more hee will feareleaft his calling 
benotofGodjbut this they willregard, to whomitbclon- 
geth: ourfpeciall do(arineheere,i$ in the calling of the mi- 
nifters , whereof ( by the grace of God) I will tell you the 
truth ; but becaufe this ,. and other things are now in bitter 
controucrfic betweene our felues , fo that the vncharitable 
words of our mouthes are witneffes againft vs of the euil af- 
feAionsofourhearts,andoiirhurtfuU doings one towards 
another, docfhcwaboundantly, that cuill will hath taken 
deep root wirhin vs,Iproteft thatlhauc neither part nor fcl- 
Wniipinthisdiuifion.butinloueandvnity, I bcarchim 
yvitncflc who (pcakcth tructh, and bearc with his error who 
K decciued,acknowlcdging ray felfc more vnwoorthy than 
either of both. 


•tj '^i 

■•',,> I 






fadings of'Ki.f)eertng'vpon 
And that you^dcarclic bcloued) may hold faft the bond 
of peace, and not to be broken off with cucry temptation, I 
bcfecch you confidcr but this with mce ; hath not God gi- 
''N^icn his gifts diucrfly, to one more, to one IcflTc , to one ten 
.i|^nds,asitisintheparable,toanothcrbutone, and can 
we'eibcn all know a like ? muft wccnotofncccffityone 
know morCjaoothcrleflTc, one be more wife , another lefTc, 
one vnderftand lhilH|iith,anothcr that, euen as God reuea- 
lethit.-andeueryonelfcshaucoiir wants, in which wee 
may be better taught: mMM^ not bee euer fo.as long at 
our knowledge is in part, and weetejiot the fulnefTe of all 
tructh ? and hath not God giuen tKidinerfitic vnto vs for 
a good purpofe,ihat thus ftanding in needeoneOfanothcr, 
wc Jhould all moke cfFeftually loue and heipe one anotheR 
looke not for it therefore we all agree ,in euery tbing, for it 
{hall neuer be till wc doo all fee the Lord Icfu, whoba^y is 
perfeft wifcdomc and trueth. But looke for this , and pray 
that you may fee it, that feeing we agree in the faith of 
Gods eleft,and in the hope of faluation,tbat is,in the Lord 
lefu, thatwee may walke together in it in loue, and kcepc 
thisvnityofthe fpirit, in the band of peace And to thofc 
who are aducrlarics in this cafe againlt vs , if they vouch- 
fafe to heare, moft humbly I bcfecch them to con(idcr,how 
pretiouj all trueth of the Lord is , and to feparate all affec- 
tions from them , fo that their hearts may beare them wit- 
neflc in the night,both vnfcincdly they fccke it , and faith- 
fullic they will inr^brace it.all that the Lord (hall leueale vn- 
to them : which mind the Lord graunt wto vs with them, 
that his tructh may be of al embraccd,and his Chnrch may 
haue holy peace. 

Now, Ictvs returne to our text : K$mantaketh hfifur 
vfiu himfelftjjMthe thtt u cilltdofGod^ m Aaran W4s:i very 
flat and plaincfcotcncc. 

r ■ No 

* No «iinHlcr ought to bee called in the Church , but hee 
Vfbofe calling may bee knowne to bee of God. Such per- 
rons,ruchquaKties,(iichplaces, asmay bee knowne, thd 
Lord hath otdeyned.onclyfuchelcftions ought to bee in 
the church : and this all men muft needs grant. Hecreof I 
mayfirft conclude, touching theperfon of the minifter: 
that becaufe in all places,by the Prophets, by the Apoftles, 
* by our Sauiour Chrift : God alway te<]uireth,that his mini- 
fters bee ofgood report, well grounded in Faith * able 
to teach his people ; therefore, if ruffians , if Papifts or 
men offlnvnknowne religion^ if ignorant men, and not a- 
ble to teach, bee chofenvnto this office, I dare boldly af- 
firme it, theircalliogisnot allowed of God, and therefore 
aocaccufmganyofruffianry, or popery, I leaue thatvnto 
thtfLorde : yet Ithinkeitnotamiffe, toadde a worde 
. or vifo of their popifh order* , and Priefts of their cal- 

Youlcaow firft this certaine principle : N0m*n»Hgbtt0 
tike btmufy bmt be tht$ it edited 9fG«d,ss Kytertn woi. Now 
tvoddlfaineknowe, ofall thofc orders which the Papifts 
had^whatoneof themwasof God ? Either touching the 
wotke whereto they are appointed, or elfe the qualities re- 
cjuired in them, of which they be examined ? Forfirft, tou- 
ching the qualities of Gods miniftcrs, of which the Church 
examineth them, wee all knowthisday, thatthefe they 
arerihey mufl bee blamclcfTc, watchfull,fobcr,modcft har- 
bcr«us,wifc, gende,apt to teach,able to cOuiace the aduer- 
farle , fuch as goucrne well their whole families , no dmn- 
kards,noquarrcllers,nocouetousmen : thefc bee the quali- 
ties that God rcquirerh. ButthcPope, how dothheeex- 
aminchisPricfts ? The Bifhop, or elfe the Arch-Deacon 
With fomcothcrprieftsjthcy call the parties, and examine 
them ; firft, whether thev bee fiuc and twentie yc syre oWe • 

Y then. 


<.V *^' 

» I , 




Tl'i- frff r 

- mnrl oj 

then, wh«h« he vndirftand any latine : then, whether hli 
Cithei and mother were honeft,or whether he be a baftardi 
fotitthly.thcy miift m.irke and handle cucry member of hit 
study , whether they bee found, and number his cies, hit 
Caret, I}i«nu(trel8,hiihands hiiiingeri hit feet : and ifthcv 
Hiiftruftjhee rtiiift pot olfhli fliooesto Tec whether hii feete 
b«dfWdod,orno. Fifthly, whetherhcehauechafteflcni » 
that it.whethf r he haue married two wiues.or elfe a wjduw. 
Sluthly, howldrtg hie hath becne in orderi, and what, 
when, and iltfwTiomdhee had his orders. Semienthly, 
what huing hi hath to matntaine him , either by Patrimo* 
ny, or by benefice. Theft things, by ftreight enamination 
being well knowne, then the Bllhop tflltth them that ther« 

reqtiireth in i minitter, and witheth thetti toeondder of 
thenuVVfls there eutrditke night fb contrary to a (Itining 
day,a» thePe habl«« of AntichtiA , are cdntrary to the otdl* 
H«nce oFGod^ 

Now , roiithing the office , whcteunto GOD appoh* 
tedth«itthnrters ol his Gorpell, is it not this r w preach 
U\% word , amd minirter Sacraments ^ Other goucmot* of 
his «,hutxh,flit ihcy not fv)r the peoplesobediencevnto this 
woTile, and J for pi^uirtonlt»rthepoone{ But the Popes 
office*^ (rom the higlieft to the loweft, what rwnilitudtt 
tiaiie th<y witluhele? the lirft ofiicer in their Chuith ii 
a porter, ao<) hee hath this authority gin en him, to ring 
tl«RtH» to Vnlock^the Chutx-h and V'eftrie doores, to 
-Of>en htsfeoeije, if any man pleach* j and this heischas- 
ged TO <k>t liit^rerely , c«icn as hoc will make hit accoimt to 
<aod. I 

Xhtix <bcortd rtfftccr is a \c(Con reader . atid lice miift 
*<c«<k,OTrm^<^!)ek(1^is,a«>dhaUowbrc4d,and all gtccnc 
5r«ir«*«iid<Mi<th€l>ooi«c in which their Icilonsaie, and 

ft!I this he muft doe faithfully, and to the full. The third of- 
fice they haue,is,to conlure: and the exorcift , or coniurcr, 
he hath charge with a certeineeharme to caft out diuels:to 
bid them that doe not communicate, depart : and to powre 
water into the chalice at communion } and this he muft doe 
verie diligently. 

The fourth office, isof Acolites : anrf they mui\ carric 
(he cindlef\ickes, light the tapers, and prepare bread and 
wine , when there is a communion < ana of this they muft 
haue great conflderation. 

Their fifth order or olfice,ls of greater account , and is of 
Subdeacons t and they muftwouide watctagainftMafTe, 
wafti the palles.and corporafle clothes,giue the chalice and 
couet vnto the deacontand this they muft doe verie cleanly 
tad diligently tbefide, they muft vowecha(\itie, (erue at 
ihf Altar, and haue aiRhoritit to tcade the Epiftle for the 
^uicke and the dead. 

Thertxtorderi8,ofDeBConstartdhe may femetime for 
Wantofabetter,baptife and nreachjbnt his cfpeciall charge 
and authoritiels,toferue attiie Altar and reade the Cksfpell 
forthequickeandthe dead: and hee muft ereatly bethinka 
him, what an high degree he hath taken. The fcauenthor- 
iler it,ofprieftliood«, and it is toldc him that he muft preach, 
baptife, blene,»nd rulei bitt his principall and fde authority 
siucn him in confecration is , to fay M*fle , offer facrifice 
rorthequickeand the dead, andtoforgiuerinnet. Thisati- 
thoritie hath alfo the Billiop^when he will; and fpecially,he 
tnuftbeatea CrofyreftafTciWearcariflg , and rule oner o- 
ther.Thc pope himfclfe.he may d« thelifce » but efpeclilly, 
he may weare a crowne and a pal,and hath fiilnefTe of pow- 
er, to doo all things, forthc glory of GOD, and the bleP 
fedVirgine, and the holy Apoftles Petei and PasI, and 
for (he Chureh ofRoffie. Th0fe(dearll«bcloued) areth« 

Y a Olden 


I r 


orden of the popifti Church, not on« wordc famea of m«e 
but every whitte f«outiniheu©wncPonuficall, as you 
mayplamclyfccir. Now iudgo your fdua, andl appeal« 
toiheconfcienctofeuery man that hath an vo^uftanding 
heart, whether fuch creatures hauc their calling of God w 
no. I might likewife alleadge their forme and manner' of 
ordeyning, as contrary io<;:brift inftitiuion, at thefc for- 
mer arc 5 tor , where Chrifts ordinanct if , that his miniaew 
fhoiildbce made withprayec and faning,and with laying 
on of hands: they, as men thinking bafclie of (uch fimplc 
dealing,addc agreat deale more tomaking of their pticfts • 
thty muft hAue oyfo, candels. ba(M)s, toweU, araifes; 
albcs, ftoalea, girdles, maniples, miters, bookes, crof-,» 
ie$, hnnen, bandes, chalices, pateiu , fmgingcakesjvwoc 
and water , flower and fuch other tbingi, trifled aarfdoy. 
ed with.all , with Cq many (qq\i&{ geftMfes > a< { m^ per* 
fwadcd, that any wife man, this day, wading kioibfi 
owne bookes, would abhorro it, cither as int<^Icrable 
pride, orvnfpcakcable fopUrt^iieae ; but wifedomeiiithf 
Lords, and hee giueth it to wliotn bee will ; and let vs 
praife biin for his goodnetfe , to whomp hee hath giuen 
eyes to fee. If any will heere obicA, notwirhftandiog aU 
thefeabufcs} yet the Prieft had that which wasprincip^, 
liberty to ptcach and mi»fte«$*ga^wt6; ib«r^foM«bci| 

miniftefflcrtHto^)Btt!o^eA- -; f ., '. . 7 . 

lanfwcre : in this, on one fide was the great goodaiefl^ 
of God, that in time to come , his children might afluced* 
1^ know, hee rcfcruedto himfclfe a Church, euen in th« 
middes of rtU defolation ; and that bee called thcflJby 
bis wofde , and confirmed by his (aaaments , cuco asm 
•his day : for (ocing there can bee no Qom fo jp-cat,bm 
feiih inltsfo Chttft fqwereth i( all an»iy,it w*s impt^ 
fiblc«h»t<hc paiw offinac OiouU^ fe much aduUoMfe^ 
I ^ cither 

the ^>SHefotheJMn»r. Cat.j 

iritherthc'word of God,but that it ftould be to the faithfuiJ 
aGolpelloffaluation : orelfethe (acraments of God, but 
thatdieyfliould beepledgesof etecnalllife, tothde that 
didbelceue. iii<r;<:-r: 

< AgaJne,on the other fide, in that they kept this aiuhoii- 
tytottieirpriefts,topreachandtobaptirc : itwasthcpefti- 
kacdeight and fubtilty ofthe diuell, the ntore eaiily by 
fccha colour todcceiuc them : fot if hee had vttcrly denied 
preaching ofthe Qolpell, and vfeof facramcnts, who 
would then hauebeenefeducedi Thcicbehis wayestode- 
flroy Pagans and Infidels : but to corrnpt the Church of 
God, hee putteth on an Angels cloatbing, thatvnder pre- 
tence of hpKnefle he mightdcceiue. And indeede hee did 
^eceine : fotheehaeh iofarreprc^haned the preaching of 
the Gofpell, and the facraments of Chrift, that wee ought, 
according tothe word of God, tofeparate ourfekics, and 
«o fay, aocurfed to all their doings, although God of his in- 
finite goodneffe, who calleth things that arc not as though 
Aey were , euen in that miniftery gaue grace viko his 
Saints. ^^j ■; , 

Ilavtberefore asaine, aslfaydcbcfore, thatih thtpo- 
pifti church, from<hecrownc ofthe head to the folcohhe 
foote, nor one order isof GO O, nor any peece of their 
priefthood is honour giucn of G O D ; wherein I ap- 
pcale.vnto their owic confcicnces, whofc wifcdome is 
Without affeftion in them : and thus farre of this fourth 

Touching the two next vcrfcs, I hauc before (bcwcd 
the meaning of them , thatby teftimony ofthe Prophet, 
the Apo^lcproucth that Chrift alfo h.id his calling of God, 
euen as Chrift himfclfc often wimcfTcrh, that hee was fent 
of hisfather. Touching this text: 7hou art mjfonne^this day 
f>*ite J begttttn thee 'Aimtjineih, that openly and plainely 

Y 3 . • God 



• n 




s - 


God rmde it manifcft, that Chrift was hisonely fonnc, by 
many figocs and miracles, in which, as Paul faith, God v»a» 
made manifeft in flcfh. ; but of this I fpake mor« vnco you 
inthecxpofitionofthcfifth verrcofihcfirft chapter^ The 
other texthccrcallcdgcd, isoutK)fthciio. Pfalme : Tbtu^ 
mafrieft fereucr^ tper the trier of MeUbiftdteh : of which- 
text we (hall alfo haiiewcafKXj tofpeak more largely here- 
after 5 this now we haue to learne.that this Pfalme is meant 
of Chrift, and this fcntence is his calling to the prieflhood ; 
of this the Apoftle is a pUine wiinefle, and oiir Sauiour 
ChrKl in theaa, of Matthew teachetb, that this Pfalme 
could not beei meant of Dauid, becaufe it is fayd in it. The 
Lerdfdydvntomy Ltrdjft thtHonmy right handyvmtillnuke^ 
thine emmieithjf0$iefiMU\ andreafon teacheth itplainelyj- 
for feeing, as is hceie alledgcd, it is to the praife of an highi 
prieft, how could it be of King Daujd,«o wJ)om the pricft-.^ 
hood in no cafe belonged \ or how could it bee of any priefr 
of the lawe, who had their proper c alline of G O D, where 
this was.another, after the order ofMelchifcdech, who was: 
both a Kingand a Prieft ^ And therefore it is plainc to bee- 
meant ofCbtift, who was figpred in Melcbifedech. The 
concltifion then of the Apoftle in all thi$,is, that Chrift had 
hiscallingofGod.as Aaron had, and a more glorious and 
excellent calling therefore t greater high Prieft than any 
before him \ but the time is now paft. La vs pray, &c* 

♦ • 

J.M iU, . • Vi' . 

? qfi.t 




•"^ *thfitouK and twentieth Lecture, vpon the 

7^ 7. 8.and9.verres. 

•J Wh9 ht the Jsjfes rfhlifiefi didtffervp prayers ttidfitppU- 
tAti0$u,mtbfirtngeryi»g & teares vntt himjhdt W4e 
ghletf/imelmmfrMidedtky MtivM4lfo httrdittthat 
Xfhich he feared. 
8 And though he vere the Stnne^et learned he ebedieueejby 
•?- the things which he/uffl&ed. 

f jindbeingttnfecrate, Vds made the tntheur ofetemaUftl- 
lUtitm vHtt tUthem that ebey him. 

HE Apoftle, in this chapter beem- 
neth to prooue our Sauiour ChriA to 
bee the onclyhigh Prieft of the new 
Teftament : and becaufe the people 
of Hrael, had fo great affiance in the 
priefthood of Aaron, that they could 
hardly be drawcn away from the de- 
taining of it, thinking afTurcdly, that 
vmo that Priefthood, the lawe and tcftimonics of God had 
beene tied for euer : and not knowing that all the ceremo- 
nies of the law were ordained vntillthc tim e of reform ati- 
•n,in which Chrift ftioiild appcarc,and change that prieft- 
hood, to become himfelfe vntovs a Prieft of a better tefta- 
mentitherfore the Apoftle firft fctteth foorth the properties 
of the priefthood, according vnto the law, & after by com- 
parifon applicth them vnto Chrift, in whom rhcy all fhinc 
in a mwcli more excellent fort, than before in Aaron : and 
therefore it cannot bee neither breach nor diftionour vn- 
to the lawe of G O D , nor the priefthood of it , if the 
Xhadow and the figure, which was Aaron, fhould now boe 

Y 4 taken 






A\ fl 

•' r' 





:ff > 


A ^■' 

ChriftOioiddUcftaWinicdfbr^utr. - 

Thcptopcirics which the Apoaicfpeakcthofj'ncccfTa- 
nly appertaining vntocucty Pricft, as vnto one thatmuft 

be a M«iiat(Hir,3Pc thcii; jthatfirft hcib«uW bt mdn as wc 
arc, as Aaron and his poftcrky wtr«. For neiihtr Angcll 

nor AfcfaangdJ, norprincipalitics. nor powcfi, can doe this 
worke,toprc(cnt flcOi and blond vbto the Maiethr of God 
when themfchies arc but fpirites ^ and therefore Chrift' 
that he might bee high Pricft,ioofceao« an Angds nature' 
but was made of the Ifced of Abraham,likev55 that as th^rc 
is but one God, lo there miglu bee but one luediatour b©. 
twecne God and man, eucn the man Chrift lefus, in this rc- 
f}3ca as able to bee high Pricft as Aaron himfclfe. beeing ' 
as naturally andasuudy clothciiwithowffcfli, asAaroa 
was. I . . ' 

Thefccondpropcrty of the Prieft,is, thathec fliouW bee- 
ordayned^ not oncly for himfclfe to make his owne attone- 
mcnt, but alfo for other men to accomplish what fo euer 
was bctwcene God and them : that where they were be- 
fore enemirs and fttangers, they might by him be reconci- 
led, and hauc free acceffc vnto the throne of^ract, tofinrfe 
mcrcieandfuccotirindMctime ; andfor this cauft Ghrift 
alone is a pcrfcft Pricft, more excellent then Aaron, who 
was incumbrcd with hisownc finnes, tomake rtrft recon- 
ciliation for th«m , and therefore could not profit other. 
Tlndas this was the Priefts office, to bee a Mediator for o-' 
ther^fo the nieancs hec muft vie, and the mediation to bee 
wrought in this wootke, wastoofftrvp gifts and facrifi. 
ces of fmnes : that is, to prcfcnt vnro GO D the facri- 
fi ccofrighreoufnc(Te, pure and holy in his fight, in which 
hcc might bceipleafcd , and the finnc« of the people 
might bee takciJ away : the which facificc, bccaufe it 
r muft 

mufl be (b pure,that in it,they for whom it was made, muft 
beefatrfliiicd, and fo precious, th«icmdtbee a fi fficient 
pi<rcbafetoredeeiiiemaa6otDaU.tran^rcl£on : therefore 
it couUnot bee made with the bloudc^Cal ties orGoatet 
which caiMiot take away frnne, nor with gold nor filuer 
which caonot redeemeour (bules, nor with meates and 
dritikswhtdi proBtednot than that were exerciied there- 
in, nor in any £ich cainaUrites, for which the Prieithood 
of Aaron was ordained : and therefore, as another Prieft 
miiftmakechisraaifice, which cannot bee any other than 
leius Cfoill,who being ma^ high pricfl of the good things 
to come, by a greater tabernacle, and a more precious la- 
crifice, euenby his ownebloud hath obtained for vs an e- 
trarkifting redcmptfon, and therefore is now ro be acknow- 
iedgedonr onelyJPrie^ ;theHrft Priefthood, and thehrll 
-idwerboina akogerher abtoeatcd. 

One other property of the Priefthood, is, that none 
-thtuft in bimfelfe, being not appointed, nor take vnto him- 
,Celfe-thtsbanout, 4>eine not calicd vnto it : and GOD euer 
ihewftdbimfclfeaTeadyjpciiengeragainft all fuch asftiould 
defile bis Priefthood, toiakeiothcmfclues thedignitie ta 
which they were not appoyntcd. But this calling alfo was 
giocn vnioChrift from God his father, as before vnto Aa- 
ron, both by word and by oath, that no flclli ihould rcfift ir, 
eucn, asitiswrittenjtheLord hathfworne, and will not 
repent, thouartaPricftfor euer, after the order ofMclchi- 
(edech;fo that in this bchalfe our faith m^ift be euer Itrong, 
that the calling ofChrift is of the Lord, eucn as the calling 
of Aaron was ; and with fo much the greater iudgement 
it {hall bee reicfted, becaufe it was confirmed with an 

The laft propeny in this comparifoji is , that the high 
Pricft ofthc lawc lliouid hauc u\ inward compaflion to- 

I • ward 


\ n :■■ 

ward them that were ignorant, & were deceiued : in which 
pcrtca knotof vnfaiacd louc, his miniftery was accepted 
^od, and hjs facrifices recciucd and accomptcd Iwlv : 
-^ and leaft hce fliouU caft from him thisbrothcily affcftiM 
Ood printed dcepeinhis ownebody theinfirmities of his' 
twhrcn, that according to the mcafurc of grace which he 
i«d recciucd, hemight indcedebeemooucd with his bro- 
thers harmc$,aswitfi hit ownc ; fo that hee did not with- 
drawc himfclfcfrom thcfcruiccofthe Sanftuaric, but put 
on the holy garments, was annoyntcd with the holy oylc. 
barethenames of his brethren before theLord, prefcnted 
their lacrificcs , abttaincd from wine and ftwng drinke. 
mourned not for hisfriends that wetedeparted,taught diU-- 

gently thcpeoplcprayedfortheirttanlgreffions, and bare 
the burthen oihis people, asGodhad laid itvponhim.Bue 
yet this nropertic exceeded moreinChrift, than in aU, the 
tribe of Lcui ; and the bowels of all compaffioa were mere 
large withm him, than the vtmoft branches ofit in any b- 
thcr creature. A«d this the Apoftlc notethin this piabe 
which now we hauein hand, in which wee may fee (as in a 
moft luiely glaffe ) the perfeft beautie of aU excellent 

The tilings, they were not light, nor the forrowes fmaU. 

nor thcrighings few in nuber, nor the prayers faint, nor the 

anguifti oifpirit littlc.nor the death eafie,by which he hath 

lealcd It vnto vs, that he had compaflion on his people ; but 

astbc Apoftlcrayth, inthed^jes •fhUflc^, .- (while be was 

here clothed m mortality, like vnto one of vs, to the end he 

might bee faithfull for our fakes) het did offer vyfrtyers and 

fupplictttoiu, Tvkhftrongcrywgstnd te»m vnto him th*tW4t 

MetofMC him from death, tnd ip^ alfo hetrd inthcjbinrs 

.mkKhheefeired: tndbeeivghtmfelfe theSonni^yetbetletr- 

»td tbeduncehj the things hce fufferci : W ^eei/tg eonfe. 

I • sme^ 

Itbe^MflletfitbeHrhrues. Cap.^> 

t»tt4^Mm*it tbeMtbtr ^ttw$dBftk*ii»» to them that »bey 


Thefe words, my deare brethen, wcei>aue now in hand, 
tofcarch and examine wh«t thefpirit tcachcth vs,iomuch 
tl»e more carefully to bee hearkened vntoof vs, how much 
the more plainly it fctteth foorth vnto vs the great loue and 
compaflion that Chrift bcarcch towards vs. Two things 
elpecially here the Apoftle tcftifieth : firft, theMcringSof 
our SauiouE Chrift, and then the benefit that Wee enioy by 
the fame , according as bis fuifcrings were onely for our 
faJce. His fiifferings, what they were, and how great for- 
fow oppre0ed htm) hee rheWeth by thole e(fe ^s which his 
forrowes brought foontb ; that is, prayers, fupplications, 
eryingSj teares, fearc and anguifti of (pirit, vvhich things 
wailed euer vponhim) pucn to the accoinpliAung of allhis 
pa(£ons, which was^4eathof^iscroffe. Thefruiubat 
wee dov^'pc <^^ tbefe afHidUons which hee luffercd, is 
diefaluation of oiiifpulesjandececaaUlife^ if wee will obey 

Him. ,,i -.ii ,!.3inji vIc-Jj^sIj c!b.:i, . .;.. < .. 

'■ In this dtlcriptisn.pf his fufi^tngs, though the things 
are fet foorth which were common and vfuall vnto him 
all his life: yet k appeareth elpecially the Apoftle meaneth 
that ereatd);' con6i£k of forrow,, which hee had a little be- 
£i^ehispafi(ioB,de(bribedbythe Euangelifts, in ail fimili> 
tu4e like vnto this which the Apoftle heerc declarcth. For 
as it isbeere fayd, htmideftyers^ noting by the word that 
they, were many in number : fo it appeareth 'v\ the Gofpcll, 
ibatbondt; other prayers^ .three times he repeated this one: 
fithtfyifit beep^tblty kt thk^c^pptfft from wee : and as it is 
fayd : het madtfuppliettionSyhumbliHg himjelfe lovpe vnder the 
mud of hit FAth:r : Co it is fayd in the Gofpcli, that tiicn hee 
kneeled downe, fell vppoa his £)ce, and lb prayed vnto. 
<ip4. . Aodias tbfi.cauie of bis prayers is hecre mentioned, 





T0beJeUntrtdfr0mdeMth'. fothcwordfof hispraicrJn Atf 

dcmwd, Andasjicrcisrocntionedhisgreatand loudcrv-- 
mg ; fo there the Euangclift faith, hee cried out with aS 

f5'"/Jl!*^L' '''^'''^**^''W^'^'' ••«> there isiit! 
nelftd chat htwasforrovvfufl anJg5euo..fly troubled tTat 

his foulevvasheauiccuenvntodeath^and thai ina«eaca. 
gony, h,$ fweate was like vnto drops of bloud: a wofiiU 

fmde of weeping, boc fuch was his compaflion, thatwJe 
/*»Y'^''^°«that time when allhisfpirit, were trou- 

AcApoftlerdfpeaed 4>edallySou« other, this panS 
h«paflion,,n which hisperfca loueand vnchan^ablc tf 

fedion toward vs,{hmediniTioftfoln€(rcofbeauS^^ in that 
It was fofcruent andfo dccpdy rooted. thatneitJer few 
nortrcmbtingi noc any anguijli ofTpirit, couU make him 
fhake i nor the force of death, nor any bloudy fweats could 
puHitoutofhisbowck. - 

In this one fcntence (dearely bdoued) thereis more for 

or all flcfh in this life (hall attaine vmo: it is the depth of th^ 
glonous Gofpcll which the Angel, doe dcCx^^XSS!. 
Buttonotc vntoyoufomethings, inwhich our faith may 
beftrengrh«Md, wee hauc to Icarnc by the example ofbi 
SawourCbrift mthis place, ttiatin alltemptitiite, Wee 

(houW approach vmo ourGod, andmakeourcomplaint* 

mo him who is only able andreadiefottoficlpe^; Hee 

ptm..,, lwthnotfot|ot hispcomifcthat hehath raadeof-oU .Cjff 


tbi^iHUtotheHehruef, - 

ptace of refuge and of fure defence, a (hong tower againfi 
alladaults: the righteous man that (ball haften vnto him, 
he (halbe fureliefaucd : the author and flnifher of our faith, 
he is gone before vs, wee(hallbee(urelie.partakers of the 
fame mercic. It skillcth not how great our temptations 
are, into which wee are fallen, nor how many in number } 
this Lord will deliucr vsout of all. It skiUeth not how ma< 
nie our (innes are, nor bow great in our eyes, that haue pro- 
cured our troubles:the Lordwil fcattcr t}iem as the cloudcs 
firom the heauens, and they (hall not turne away his louing 
countenance from vs. Let vs looke on this pattcme lefiis 
Cbrift,thatlsfet before vs^ itwould cruihourHcdiinpee- 
ces to beare with him the weight of his srtHi&ions, from 
Vhich hewasdcliuered} and it would make ourteares to 
Ijtc as drops of bloud^tobe partakers of fo great angui(h of 
fyjr^t as he fufteined; and yet it was not k> great, but the 
comfort of the Angell fent bom bis Fathcr,was much grea- 
ter: (b that by prayer he obceincd a moft excellent vi^orie^ 
and haicb biu(cd the fcipents head, and broken alibis force : 
and why lliould we then be difcouraged > If our finaes be as 
crimfon, or if they be red like &karlct,y et they are the (innes 
of out Qwne bodies j but not ours oniic, but alfo the finncs 
qfihe world: they reftedall vponChri(l ourSauiour, and 
yet he prayed for dcliuerance,and h ath obtcined , and there- 
^re we may fay withboldac(rc,/i/g/«^w<>«r/r^<^«. If 
die bue of Chrift were fo great,to beare the (innes of vs all, 
9(id of tb^m encric one hath gotten forgiucncffc , how 
mould not we that are laden but with ourowncfinncs,Uft 
Yp our hjcads into great alTurance of hope, and beare with 
ioyfitloeiTc the word of promi fc : / rcill bee mercifuH to their Htb.8. i », 
VMrigbtecitfiuJjftfAadlwiUrautmber theirjimties aodim^ui- 

. .j\^d what though our affli^ions are exceeding rnany^ 
, : " ' that 







that the whole head be fickc, and the whole heart behead 
uic, that from the (bleof our foote vnto our heads, there be 
nothing whole in our bodies, but all wounds and fwcllings, 
and foresfuliofcotruption? yet all this is nothing vnto bis 
paflions.by whofc ftripes we are healed. A nd thefc troubles 
arenothing vhtohismjghtiecryines,who wascompaflcd 
about for our fikcs with fcares andhorrours.tillhisiwcatc 
was as drops of bloud, and his bones brufed in his flefli. 
Then let the whips and fcourges of our chafticement be 
gricuous, and let vs yet be beaten (if the will of God fo be) 
with fcorpions: Chrift, in great compaffion, fufferingwith 
our infirmities, hath borne yet a more heauie weight of ini- 
quities, and hath been dcliuered ; fo that if we obey, we are 
partakers of his mercies , and wee haue full perfwafion, 
that neither death,nerUfr,ntr Amgels^ mr frincifaUtits^nor 
fovers.nor things frefent,n0rthingst0c»me, ntrheigihy ntr 
depthy nor any other creature, fl)aUhte»blet0feferMtevsfrtm 
thel9»tof<i»iy rvhith it in Chrift lefm cur Urd. Yea, and 
greater boldnes than this if it be poffible to dwell within vs, 
the Apoftlc hecrc hath offered it in Chrift lefu. 

If all the finncs were vppon him, and all forrowes in 
bis flefh, and yet from them all God hath heard his praiers j 
why fhould wee not be fure that our finnes and forrowes 
fhall be done away? why fhoiild we not be fure that God 
himfelfe hath appoynted vnto all that moume in Sion (as 
the Prophet faith) tt^iue vnto them besutiefir afbts, the tyle 
ofityformcmming, the garment tfgUdntjffeJor thejpirittf 

Let vs therefore be bold (dearelie beloucd)fbr he vm 
wenndedfor our tranfgrejiiens^ and broken for our iniquities ^ 
the eha/licemet of our peace wtts vpo A/»i.thcfc praiers are ours, 
thefe fupplications forvs,auaileable for moe finnes, than 
wc are able t<3 commit : tbit it our vi£ftrie thaJbaB onertome 
i $b4 

the^HktotheHehrms. C^^ri 

theworldyeuenourfiith; in all raiferies,. and multitudes of 
woe, we arenotfunkenfodecpeinforrow, as he that for out 
Cakes made praiers and fupplications, with (Irongcryings 
and with ceares, and was ddiucred from his fcare. 

The (ccond poynt that we haue here to leaine in this ex- 
ample of ourSauiourChrift,is, to knowe vnto whom wee 
fliould make our praiers in the day of trouble, which the 
Apoftle tcftifieth in thefe wordes y that Chrift made his 
praiers vnto him that was able to deliucr him from death.: 
a.cule to be kept ofvs in all manner ofour petitions and fup- 
plications whatfoeuer , to make them knowne vnto him 
that can grant our requcfts, that is, vnto God : this rule was 
kept of the Church of God from the beginning. When Gen^.i* 
men were once turned from their Idob, then in all their 
firaiers they began to call vpon the name of the Lord : and 
God. himfelfe, at no time, doth more fharplie reprooiie his 
people, than when they would askc ofthofc that had no 
power to helpethem» This leftbn, that poore Leper ib de- 
pled in fleft))had yet hun^blie learned,and with a pure heart 
he praied accordinglic : Lordyifthou wilt thou canft makeme Mar.i.4r 
whole: vpon this foundation our SauiourChrift hath built 
vp all the praiers of the true Difciplcs, addingitasafpcciall 
claufe vnto the praier that hetaught them ; For thine it the m^,}, < 
kiagdomey the power andglorie, for euer and euer^ Amtri: then 
let vs learnc it,fo m any as wil pray in (pirit,to make our prai- 
ers vnto him alone, who is able tofaucvs. Itisthcfacrifice 
of the new Teftamcnt,that he hath appoynted vs, that wcc 
fhould offer vp vnto him (and not vnto other) the fruit of 
oar lips,whichmayconfe(re his name: and bccaufc this do- 
dlrinehath been trodcn downe vndcrfcct, and defiled by 
the man of fin with all fpirituall vnclcannclTc, I bcfccch you 
adde vnto this one reafon ortwomore, thatyou mayaiv 
fwcr the aducrfaric,.and beablc toftand in the day of euill. 






« 1 





When out Sauiour Chtift was purpofed to teach hit 
\ difciplet a true forme ofprayetj and a perfeApatterne vnto 

which thevmuft frame their petitions, (or it is vnpofllible 
they rhould be accepted) he teacheth then), that their be- 
ginning mud be from hence: Our Ftther which 4rt im Amdm. 
What ble(fing (b euer wee would haue , or from what 
plague fo eucr we would be deliuered,he alone muft be the 
perionofwhom we craue, to whom this name and calling 
iloih belong : Onrftthtr whieh trt in hfsuen. If this name be 
none of his, hee is no patrone to bee called vpon: or if wee 
'willneedes call vpon him, we gtue him thisoame, whether 
itbehisorno. Chrift is our good warrant, who hath made 

^ thii the beginning of all Chriftian praier, Ourfdther vhich 

art in kejurn : therefore the Idolaters of alUges, that hai^ 
made themfdnes Saints to pray vnto , according to the 
number of their praiers, fo they haue multiplied their !• 
dols : and the children oi'God to whom they haue facrifi- 
ced,they fhall witncfle againftthem in the day of Chrift. 
And you my deare brethren, againft allyoui enemies de- 
fend thus the holincflfe of your praier, that you knoweno 
other way of fpeaking, then as you ate tauent. Our ftther. 
Adde yet vnto this onereaibn more, which youleame of 
Saint Piule, and I doubt not, but you (hallbe well eftabli- 
(hed in this prcfciu trueth. 

Wee know all, and doe confefTe, that we are able to doe 

Kom.7.\S no good thing of ourfclues, but all our fufiiciencie is of 
Go<i, v^e are rkot able lb much as to thinke a good thought : 
yea,the vericwircdomeoftheflefli is enimitievnto alrigh- 

icf.10.14. teoufncflTc/o true it is that the Prophet faith : Eueritmtmit 
4 bufl in hit ownt vrndtrlitinding. And how much lefle then 
are we able to offer vp vnto God, that mod precious facri- 
fice of praier and thankfgiuing, to make it acceptable in his 
Hght, if wee confult with our owne He(h and bloud, and af- 
1 ter 



'thiEl>MtotheHehrues: Oj 

tet the win of man, fo make our praiers vnto God J Wee 
muft needes acknowledge our owne infirmities, and con- 
fefle with Saint Paul that wee knowe not what to pray as Ro 
wee ought, but it is the fpiritofGod that maketh requeft "^ 
for the Saints, according to the will of God j and in this 
holie fpirit alone wee muft pray , if wee lookc for the 
F/ raercv of our Lord lefu Chrift, to eternall life. The fpirit 

that beareth rule in our heart, hee muft teach vs all things 
ot elfe wee can doo nothing that GOD aloweth. Now 
the voyce of this fpirit that alwaies (oundeth within vs it 
Ipcakcth not thus, either SanadMsrit, or Stnatdeifeni- 
trix, neither Saint Paul pray for vs.- nor Saint Peter pray 
for vs. y*^'' ' 

Thefe arc but the fpicings of the drunken cups of Rome, 
.the founds of wordes which the fpiri.s of errours haue 
blownCiBut the holie fpirit of God that tcachethvs how 
to pray, it crieth thus in our hearrs; ^bbs, Pster, OurF*. 
ther which *rt in Hemen. As Chrift himfclfc hath beene 
^utSchoolcmafter ofno other praier, (0 the fpirit that hec 
chath giuenv$,it'knoweth «ootherround,bMtt^Wj /•-«- 
/*fr; thefe art the beginnings of our praiers. Ifwefpeakc 
not vnto him, to whome doo wee bow our knees > ]( wee 
WiU make the fpirit fubieft to any other, let vs take heed 
that weegreeuenotthe holiefpirit ofGod, by which wee 
I J J *?*'"^ ^^ ^^y o<"fcdemprion. Thus much J haue 
added to the example of our Sauiour Chrift, who made 
hjs prayers to his father, who alone could deliuer him 
that we might the more afliiredlic be bolde to abide in his' 
nebpeii.' I 

; , hfillowcth in the textj mthgren trying, and with ttmt 
i *i^l j"*' *** "°**''*^ ^''" "™"'"'^« °»' Sauiour Chrift 


.-, 'r 



This th« Euangcltfts doo exprcffc in«K> wotd*, tcftify: 

^, «e2 afraid, altogether aftoni(hcd eoen faioung for 
«caf aniofmbdc, a«d full ofpenfiue forrovves. For 
SL father had broken him, vfith one bjeakmg vppon ano- 
"h«:fo hee kindled his wra«h againfthim, ^^^ a^ou-ucd 
him as one of his enemies. Iheheauiehand ofGodwas 
fo Jeuot^ tppon him , that it brufcd his verie bone, 
SJrcnt his teynes afunder, hee could findc no health 
irhi,fle(b% v»as wounded to death, asw.thout rcco- 

addin^vntoSislpudecrying,thi.found of words: ^;G*i, 

■^This foSm.bccaufe it was not aflwigtd wuh worj, 
hcia ed out atoude, andbecaufe iflfderjcfthei^d^^^^ 
nre^fV hi. face was Unckled with mepwg,andthc rhi- 

Soweo death was vpponhis^yes For whatg^^^^^ 

Scvntothis? Oi what condemnation could bee fo 

Se J When there was no wickedneffe m his hands, 

Ueauie r v>i« ^j^pure: when hee wasthebnght- 

TeJofgl-ref nTth^^^^^^ of tighteoufnelTe that Ihi- 

«!d in tleWorlde: yet as it^ere tafee h.s dayes at an 

^dc and lis er«rprife» broken .his carcfuU tUghtw 

T^hU fo dcepc eiauen in his breaft , that they changed 

luenthcday iL^^^^ vntohim, and all light that appro. 

Se3 bto /arkeoclfc : this was a forrowe abou. afl for. 

'''whenhisexceUencie wasfuch aboucaU creatures, that 
AeworU wasnotworthie to giue him breath, yet hee to 
£e made a worme,and not a man, a ftiame of men,and the 
!JntTmp.or^hepeople , aU that fawehiiato hauehimm 
dcSr^d toUvphislifc ir^foamc^d lepjj^^fo 

I <?• 

the ^iWe to the flebrues, Cafl 

vriworthy a reward of fopretious afcruant : how could it 
but ftiake all his bones out of ioynt, and make his heart 
to melt in the middeft of his bowells ? How could his 
ftreneth not becdryed vp like a potftiard, and his tongue 
not cleaue vnto the lawcs of his mouth I Who hath been 
eucr fo full of woe, and who hath bccne brought folowe 
into the duft ot death ? His vcrtucs were vnfpeakeablc, and 
righteous abouc all meafurc : yet was hee accounted a- 
mong the wicked. His tcmperancic in pc'rfcd beautie, and 
his appetites bridled with all holic moderation : yet they 
faidof him, behold a glutpon, and adrinker ofwine. His 
behauiour honeft without all reproofc, and hisconuerfa- 
tion vnfpotted : yet they aaundrcd him as a friend of Pub- 
^cans and finneis , and reported him as a companion of 
thccues. Hee louedthclawc of his father, with fuch ful- 
nefle ofdefire,that he would not fufFcr one ior,nor one tittle 
vnaccomphflied : and yet they accnfcd him as an cnimic 
vntoMofci,abtcakcrofthelaw, afubuortcrofthctcmplc 
and a teacher of new doftrinesjfuch as were not of God.He 
hearkened ynto his father in all humilitic, and loued him 
with all hishcart, and with all his foulc, fo that he was obc- 
dicutvmo hjm vnto death,yea euen the death of the crofTc: 
yet thevfaidofhimprefumptuoufly, that hee blafphemcd, 
and robbed God of his honor. He wasanenimie ofSatan 
euen vnto death, and by death oucrcame him that brought 
death into the world, he hated him with foperfcft hatred, 

''•n u l ?^*^^*.^ ^^* ^"''""'^ 'f'" v»as betwccne them , vn- 
tiU he had fpoyled his principalities and powers, and trium- 
pned ouer them in an euerlafting vidoric ; yet horriblie 
they reproched him by the name of Beelzebub, faid he had 
a diuell, and by the power of Satan he wrought all his mira- 
c cs.o the depth of al abhominati6s,& the bottomlcs pit of 
JUl vncUancs 1 who could once haue thought fo lotiilorae a 
'■•■••'■ Z a ftnke 


• - \ 




f^ad'mgs of M. Dttr'tng yp9n 

(tnke cohauebeencouercd in the heart of man? O God^ 
righteous in iudgemenr, and true in word, is this it that the 
34- Prophet hath cold before, that the thoughts of many hearts 
(hould be made open J Then create(wee befeech thee)new 
hearts within vs, and take not thyhohefpirit foreuer&om 

J^nd you (dearcly beloued) if thefe were the caufes that 
Chrift had tpcomphine, then thinkcnot that hiscryings 
were aboue hSs fonow ^ to fee (b ncere vnto his heart, euen 
in his owne peTfon,innocencie blamed, vcrtue defaced^' 
righteoufnefle troden downe i ^olincfle prophaned , loue 
defpifcd, gbcie contemned, honour reuiled,ailgoodne(re 
a(hamcd,faiih oppugned, and liEit wounded to death ;.how 
could he yet abfteine from ftrong cryiti|^ and teares, wheni 
themahceofSatanhadgjotteoiogreat aconqueft ? If iuft- 

*.Pttt.7. Lot dwelling amone the Sodomites, and feeing & hearing 
fuch a wicked people, vexed from day to day his riehte- 
ous foule with their vneodly dcedes : what fhall wee tninke 

,j^ -of Chrift, lilting in (ucn a generation? But (6 my>btethren, 
beloued of the Lord) open the eyes of your faith, and you 
(hall fee thefe things, they were out the beginnings of for* 
row. VVhat,(hallwcthinke,wa8hisgricfeofminaeforthc 
Icwes his brethren, that were thus powred out vnto wic- 

I kednes : how did his great loue boyle in forrowes of heart, 
to fee their dcftruftion. If Mofes, when he beheld the an- 
ger of God againft his people, in great compa(fion of their 

Exod.p.miferies, prayed eameftly vnto the Lord: Ftrgiue them Q 

i ' • G0J, or r»s,e me f»t of the hotke that thou hxfl written. If lere- > 

mie in forcfceing the captiuitie of Hierufalem, had fo great 

Itre.j 1. griefe that he cried outjO thttmy hudwerefHilofwutert^tni 
mine eyes ^.f^unttint $ftetres.,tb*t 1 might weef Jty dn J night 

Ef«y iiA-ftr theflaine of the dtHghter ofmtffettU. If Efay in like abun- 
dkeoflouc bewailed his bictfaiC inat would needs peri(h, 

' ". with 



*iifethereVvordsofcompIaint:r«r»^4W4>/^« me, /wiS 
rttep hitter ly^Ubeur not to comfort me^beunfe mypcopUperi/b, 
If Paul, that moft excellent Apoftlc, hauing rec4/d but Ro« 
|,jSfortiQj of the greatlouc ofChrift.callSjGod cowit- 
fttflt thathcfpake tbetructh,howJichad great hcauincOe, 
and conttnuaJl forrow of heart for his brethren, and that 
for their fakes, ^\mk\icm(hcitoUfeperatefrijtfi,chrifi - 
ruTu^m^^J^"^.^^^^ Wecthinfcc weceJ-thofe which \ 

Cbnahimfctfeii<wisdd*«,wh^ohevvcprt»oeric«ifalem? Lukr.»r. • 
Whatforrowof minde, which then interrupted bis focc ♦'• > 
cB«.tnd made them wperfi^ajhow dcepc was that angrie m.a . . 
griefe printed m his bowels, when he beheld .the blindneffc 
Pfthepeoplc, andwM.foftowfuIIfor themi-whit manner 
rfiZ?^*!^"* "^f ''I' '"•'"'ft °^^° g'<:« rcprochcs 

^ If it bee grieuous vnto vs to lofe the thing that is moft 
JSflJT '^ "^ ''"'''^ Tabernacle : how much more 

for «h^fjV l"l " "''u r """ .^'°" ''"" ^"^° dcftruftion, 
fo whofe fake he would fo willinglie facrifice vp bis life ? 
th s .s another fpe<aacle m which we may behold his e « 

f ^« i"^-""^"!!^''°'^°'' ^^*P"^"" he endured, and the 
cauJcs ot his mightie cryings. 

But this aKb (dearelic beloued) though it were excee- 

t^M."JT' T'^"!"^ " ""'' ''"' =* ""*= °f i"^f« '" com. 

fee t W.?' r^ft. Bchold,if you can, his perfon heere, and 

leetiierefiduc,and lb you .ftall knowe theloueofGOD. 

Hjsgncfc was exceeding, to fee allvertuc and godlincfTc 

totroadcn vnderfceterandit wasyetmoreinfimtetobe- - ' \] 

d?m^, "'v,P'''""''*S''""'">">'°hiscuerbaingcon- " 

demnation. No creature could euer beare fuch a perfeft 

T-^!?*""''^^""^"'-^"^ the height and depth ofall 
'''*^'"' Z 3 mifcrics 




nuieriei watvfetbcbiode : thcfinhethathcbatiedjh«e«taift 
cake it vpoo his owne body, and beare thewcatb<ifhi^ fe» 
tbcrtbMWtspowMiloiic againftiu Thii U thcfalneflbor 
iwbk to)rtt€ri;aitd«»©*««n,«atte»o«ieiiie. Vuitngm 
faiffaiber, « bumcd iohii«,jcden votothc boctome olHett^ 
of tHeWib anger, the P»»phei fpeaketkr*^ ow ^«W fo. 


of bi» anger, and hii TaicecIdmcdYn»o bis month wb«n« 
wcM about to yt«er«,thehwioftb«dk^«»»bf«cl9lt 
for example,' thai Ai b*drodt*d'<!e|li»iafiipioMtjfti 
found othis words. Ahd>ifi»&id Inwotbiifltsi, fcdW 
pca.l^«. voice,as roakcth ihcforltrnrkUdtrmfiu n ^^m k k ^ ^W 
h full of tenour in the eares and heina of di^.vviclEie«i,khat 
the Siinne (hail be darkened at the fcttodof ii,.«niih« 
MooneniaBnoighiebetlighti tbeStanttpfHetuenttvaU 
fall away, and thepoweriofHeauen (haUbi4iakeij<»4tf 
creature at all fhallyeeld bisferuice vnto thcm,tbe'd*i 
roentiofiheworldfliallfeanetoroeltaway. ^ ..'_/', 
. Thisftaieof mifcrie Ghi^ft entred into, and fohbe dome 
dcepe in this confufion, and whocaneaqprelTehisforrOm 
Being fuHofgoodnefFcjhee had the reward ofeuillj full of 
obeiheBcCjhe was puniftied aswcked : fidi of faith,yet haiA 
the reward" oi a finner> inherhout of all things, and Lot^ 
of all } yet nothing at all todoo him duetie :che Kin^ ol 
Kings, and Lord of Lords J yet made 80 outcaft and abieft 
ofthepeople: tbeiulerofaU,.andGodofglorie5yct com- 
paffcd with fhame and great confufjon : the author of hM^ 
yet wrapped in the ehayne»ofctemall death j the oneWbe- 
gottenof hiifaihcr. flodhis beftbdoaed, yeicaftoff aaa 
, i. ./ ftjanger. 


fcM^,aiid xhafficed as aa enimierthe btightnefle of clo; 
JM,and;the bcautie of thehigheftHeauc^ v«cmdS2 

!!liS****^.*^^«»^«*»<^^ into hdfrpSSei 
^wretebcdneffe andimageofmiftry.how'^^S^^^ 
found he tocweoutaloudc, JOGNl^myokwiri^^ 
^Bciher broken^with the reward offuinej hJiAakoowu 
reafout,n«»aIlealamiae:thewrath ofhhh^S^Z^ 
dcmnationremng vponhim. Han'mSfS^^J^u^^ 

-: >^»waaJ|ygy ,pafllon that hce had towards vs, by 
SHCISSr n? ,««_*»fin»«'ri«. more than AaioZ 
J^tfwde couldw^ty confider (dewclie beloual)^^^ 

^^^hn!^ ■«wTeftamcn^ and when we Jhall Bcmadc 
aS^^'^l^^"^''^'^^^ fomemeafure ofbLaf 
fcSX^S^fctTaforf^^^ thenwefti?c<:I- 


1*4 litUc 






Whilst wa, toobty hiiFaih<Jr,thirwhett ihdithh^ 
Ad'Mtt vprithvWni, «n4l jiethe«coyJd fay in nMekiiwflt of 
A\rit'mmi viUmifttke^, bntttrfwillhtitiii i h«eraUhl 
Kiud eraat boldnefla that hit obedience waiwrfeft. Tht ^ 
ASiLf the World, ihc aWidlioni of the flerfi, the ve«H^ 
<lani3hil|jtiinde, the pabiei of htll » whenthefe <toM 
make hlmviur nci other wotdn but, F«/*»r mm^mU^f* 

TJhhLe tUmmfi ^^^* ^•'^l'* '"'' ^*^"""* ^"^'^ '^* 
thae hi. obedietwili^ctou. *" ^^•'''gilfWi^^ 

how wee liie ihr Ldiiti wht«»ijm£«iir'^P't!*^' 
»,|,at wewittlUifr forhlirakt. lilrtlfciitihiftRtttbtw 
Ham before the c«mb*t» to dtpame 
fore the heart be tried: but lnaltdetoU ^ 

mlJAof the t^mpeft^ aw«lto (k«i*^ptl|h» '♦"•"^''p >. ^ 
vndtr thee dboth tremble t thit *» »»f<>l!J!«™*T *^ 
art ftrohtt in deede,and to fay with boldrttfli.thon fhalt nt- 
uet bee inooued : this our Sauiour Chrift might through, 
he ftlotic of. The Htauen , Earth , and Element!, they 
wcK aU hHtnimici;hi» Father in whom he tnifttd,(hew. 
tdbim anattgrtecountenancei bee that faincM "«»•»•« 
•rifed ftiU, "rtr w/ibt^t0neOFMker, hee may b«eboWt«f 
his obedienct t there i« no creature can make him taliji* 

Kt>.t.4,hii faith. If thi« bcthefruiteofouramidlion«, the Apoftle 
feeaketti nm^ikhout grea* occaiVon : sctmmnf^rmtvm* 
i(tgit^itMy*ff'^*'^f'»^''''^"^^^' For whatcan beo 
mme ioyful vnrothe (bule that it oppre(Ved,than to giut thw 
in experience, that neither height nor dcapth (ballremouii 

«,„.,.. him Km the Lord. Th« gkne of Abraham war etcee- 
ding great, when he had Icalcd it with praAile, rha> HW 
would fotiakc his co«n*ie awHiia kinred, andhisfadjin 
boirfc, at th«commandementofGod,«ofoe whether hrt 
> would 


fore of the ftron. P«tieC^ whW,^^^ 
which ia,«>o(taniliB hiSHSSTr^ 

.ne niiii^^ couldnotniik«itwaner,they 

*t wort, of cttraS ? J ?""" ""^ » I" 'lone had 

^5 lot 


bthkn^amw;4i(n pfoofe^fliiiMiiiMeilieafM h!f 

OIK :hcfeenibi«»bee«i tp6ytit,«di)fiillie^dUu^,thtthff 

" >uld noc/leaae hismader, tiU the (Word (houU diuldci 

;.ilss, thu^boldnefle was bat a Uaft of viocdev. 

» Wat no femcdie « but Chrift rtiuft be had tp 

lerbegantofainttand to dcavf behind. Whdi 

Lnore inaeafed, and tbcy beean to crie, Cnt^ 

a J, flr)&,'Petcrwj3i^^||^id,and began to ^eare, heknew 

ftf' hioinotsib giwai^ wWlikie u m mortaUB«(h } expcticaee 

istbe|wateftWaiclni^Q||||taHbMiceanbeare^ Itbour 

boiuidm dadicj and the iJMM|^ic,that tvec (houl4 

determine widi our feluM in aH^H||j^^appcooii« out 


jnneiic£itef4nftri{^,intttmiiki> ink , — ,.,^, 

in life, in death : and our comfort is gr«tt,wnen we be per* 
(iwaded of thefe thlngi, that wee would contemnetheim 
But how violentNe (he fleCh will (ight aeainft^, w« cannoc 
well declatC) till we haue made the triall. 
cl Wee therefore (deareKebeloued) whom ithathpkafed 
God to keepe in bcauineiTe through many tcmptatidm^we 
haueheereafalue againftthe wonndi oflbrowe. Our if- 
fliilioni doo teach vi, how farre we can obey the Lord. If 
in all griefe of bodie I can fay with patience j I haue held 
my peace, O Lord,becaufe thou haft done it ; then 1 knowe 
that inallforrowesoffleni, thane elorified God, and my 
heart reioyeeth. If my mind be fulfof angui(h andforrow, 
lb that all hope be faint within mee ; if lean fay yet wito 
my fcNrie, I will wait patientlie for the Lordi leifure, then I 
know a(raredlieGod hath made me obedient, and he Will 
heare my piaierjfo that this experience hath bred in mee 
the hopettiit (hall aeuer be confounded. I may Ipeake the 
■ I -•" I ■■:.■ worda 

we.iih«fl«moouemeftrJiiSLCr'P*^'"*^' "<»'p3? 
iMcdmeeV a-fore tXn^,i?.^'^"*'?*God hS 

wjljthjs^is no fmSSS^^.-^e"^^^^^ 
^AlilbeeRj«dofrflmi«S2?T*f"'^**^« why wee 

^TSte^SaT^ori.?.*^^ .***»ft?7i«ightbeaJfo 

«-reitwas ro^rfe^^^ 'hi. vi^orie. be^ 

•PP^ynted it ro E^tl^r^i ' Tu^"^!" V° ^'«'"'''« hath 
*»feo «ade itperftk in 1^ t^^'' ^Sorren Sonne. 
*^ vpon him our naJuTeVo if *"' a^""^"'" '' '»« ''"'^ 
^nepcrfon he ha bfiS i J*?l" ^«*'ig» ^^^ in his 
With «i^orrow«offleft 1 iT ^'''"^ 




' »' 


*- • 

Jwcr^bif ing: ft nii^ir$*MoU( v«to cHc^fiebne.^hftt Oialliaif 

J^VV.IttiVb. So thac dii«>i»oiiU!glorii; inaUafflufUaM^inteare 

"^(hioocd by cbemintd the fimiUiiKie; D£Cbti(i,andv«eai« 

^«^iMii4i^diilcirra ioeofijori^ the ftiace ef 

ib^i^l^jioo (dvon^ amjftiooi» .ani-tomakc both-him 

cbey lAxufi^Smuik bimi/^ulrf 4Up,teigoi&iitab Um^ and 

jwbea. we ndk man^lH)|^|y|^ffcft vpon v*, w^ teavia^ 
nowivee an iikfr vnto Cniiiyn|icUllte, wbco viii teele 
chat greatcft croubli/uU«Q«fbitfn|U^ttbacis» the mind 
loayTay'Viiidi 9AyAxii^piti0MyiJ9MMtkt>gfiia^ 
the^JJwfiffi ^, ehrifii X/etm4looiM>tAt»i!U whelecpdilb 

ofmy life, and whatfooier pleafeth itoe4«a^4ieiddiV^nn*i 
thcfe thingiil catitietvtt tuolipldjbefliitalie imigpof Chnfl. 
AiRiaaop aodvtcbtiUd^ linwHlI^iQlbtfi !\Mtbf omemfaradce 
of finnc, a troubled fpirit, thcfe arft thti b^ginniD|a o£|reat 
rcio/ciiigf i With hoirouri of d^ath, and a confcienccAur- 
thcncd with the wr»ih.9^Cddi:faeatiig}itihii>echt)iutf 
^ttktiieflia, and hopeoMjofijiifaire^iAalthialten^ielft 
/urtheftofiffifom thai«rd,(aiA«l.cedtI afdnceccAwmolunB, 
andwhenlchinke ttoy felfe fullcft of con(tifion,tben the i- 
mage ofChrift it moft liwcUe within me. The Lord may 
hide hii face for a whilc^.fcir a (noment in his angpr, ashe 
didftoro Choft, but ho niud necdcstetum^ vmon^e widi 
cuerlaAing racrcietj for th« image of his fonne a cleare 
witbin vnc. A blcffcd forowe, ai)dwoe fullolhwpineffe, 
thatfaihioneth thcfc daiesof my vanitic into the (uniliiude 
of the ageof Cbrifty that with hiiipc laft 1 oiigbc ringne tat 


?*"• l^*i'""?*"'""*"<^«'^^'"^'»e%^K>f God, that 
feemeth without beautic in the eyes of ^an j and anvm 
fpeakeabletreafurc d ioy andgladnefle, ingraucn VS 

pattern©, whofc fimilitudc we doo bdaiie. who can V^^ Hi< 
co«raged vnder thcCroflc. Wee are Jfl^J^S^n^'^^.Co,^ 

fidc,bmnotmfuchaflraitthatweeareftiutfromho^.w! » 
are ,n poucrtie,but not ouercome of pouertte • S^'^r 

fetnted^hutnotlbrfaien^m areeafi;^,CweS 

0>g«K»^oyce.« ali temptations: the one, that fo wH 

!SSrSSJ^ ^^ y« vnt«Khefc, one third caufe out 
jS?i2S^^.^''^^'*'"y°»^^b«ue Jeamed bl 
hold,.n the rructh of lefluiChrift Idarebe yorrwanam 

ffi dl^n^^^P'*"^T°^*"*'°^ inrohdj Ch ft 






■ 'T-vrF.TfT--rrf 



L ' 

it WoAeih mighdliel«then», moio (haroc ih their cares 
than a two edged fwotd, it emretb through them, euen to 
the diuidingafundet oftheibule, aod ot thefpirit, and of 
theiointt,andoftheniarrow»and««iminei allthethoogbtt 
and theintecm of the heart, fothat it ii vnroQSble thatany^ 
pattof tbecnftjould behid, but they are all open, vntoiudg- 
ment, apd heart the voyc« of the Lord. Then their Gnne 
iareuiutdFibihemtddeft of their boweb, their confcience 
hatbaoreftjl|ieyfeele death working in their hearti, and 
beUiibeforethemttbey fee ftnnc on their right hand^ and 
Satan on tlieirleftjAanae vndettheirfeede.and anangrie 
ludge abouc them, the titoHWiillotdeftruaion withour, 
tnda worne gnavdnc the heartwithin : the poore ftnnec 
knoweth not what to doe, «ohide««Wfe it Uiropoi&bk, 
aod to appeareit li tmoUerabk : tbea^iifrbcMkethout into 
ImictyiagtyOwrekhtdmdHlbitHm, whtMdtlimmii 
fr»m tht bodit^tftbii dtttb ;lid giueth no wft vnto his vfOi 
not Qeepe YnBohi«ey«lidt,vntiU he fitade him that UaWr 
him whom hi«roule louethjin thoflreatea tod open pla- 
ce! he inquireth after him, and after many dayeam which 
he cannot finde him, Chrift (heweth himlelte a« wc laft. a 
perpetuall detoieter, a viaorioua Lion of the tribe of luda, 
in whom he hath ftrong faluation: when he bath mam- 
ned,becaufeofthe plague that wa« before him, Chrift wiU 
approach neere, and wipe away the teares from hit eyw. 
Thii theProrfiet Abacuch fewethfoorth in huowneper- 
fon: Wbtnlh4tfdi{t\th he) thiw^dtfOtd, my bellit trm- 
bkd, mi Upslbtfkt 4$ tbt vtjtt, rttlfMt(fi t»tred wtf m 
b0mi. iunrmbUd inrnftlfi, tbstlmigbt bm rtfi tntbt 
d»y 0ftr0Bblt. Euen fo (dearclie beloucd) iiu with v« aU. 
Thep*ae«e« of God, becaufe they are pronounced againft 
ini<^wti7, it Bukeththccbild ofGod ioftwo wd ttcroWe, 

Aatfoibrcfecinstheh^m. k. 1! ^ ^' 

tied fpirit and troubled heart muftiL Ja fi„ J?^**' *^"^ 
greatcaufc ofynfocakeahU oiTj ^ .°"'*''''" «"'• A 
TwaUowed vp oTS/f^^^ ''»e"?h wee fceme 

condemned with thew^rldtd.?i:?fKrl^^?^^^ 
W'efhouldJiuc with hhr » wrul^';** <^'»^'»>'»»«l»ecaufc 
that Chrift migh^;ir,^'l'X"«««',vvcepe,but becaufe 

»redcli„credvSiKS5^„ SI1'^'"k°"'^^^ 
oflefu, (hould be made tSfait^^S'i''*"^* '^'^ '^^ 

»«cauie tbeliJc of Jcfiii mj„L.L — "'^^^auius, but 
f i«»wehauel^'fc^^^ in our' b^ 

•ten at hand. I« viihenbAni?' *"f ^^''°^** ourredemp- 
r [°»^c,,forthef?«S*:ie^Ll^ »P"^^^^ 
m'ghirecducmcrdefandfi^r ~''''^*^«**»»hatwee 
of need : and for Ss^c Sfc we Sf '° ^f^' '" »''« "''«" 
Jft«many.praicn andSicat o« *! "^"'l'^"'''^ ^hat 


^ the 





<%<*%/ ifU. Ve&'mgrvpon 
tbe'wbnl 6f Ufe^^ tCMo£Ufr,theohlie life : bethltbelee- 
4ietbinhtiB,liehathiaMrliftinfiife:aa<i be tbatdwelleth 
aotinbim.ftiall fccnoHfej but the Wrath of God abideih 
on him. Take hold ofChiift,and take hold oflife: reach 
foocth thine hand to any other thing, and thou reacheft v»- 
to vahitie^hich canhot'belpc. Lookc not iot life,' bdt 
where itdwdlcthj in the ae(b ofChrift alone there it re- 
fteth. Death hath reigned in all the world befidc, and led 
euerieCTeawe into bondage. If thou lookc vnto thchea- 
uens,thetciiO« vexation and angui(h j if thou looke vnto 
the eaithi there is "butdarkeiieffe and foctowe : if ih»u call 
vnto Abraham, heeknowwktheenoet if thoucrievppon 
AngelU» they canrtot hclpe the» > if thou lookc vnto thy 
woria, they arc all vncleane j if thoutruft in thy praien, the 
Lord hath nd pleafure in them j etUfbtidwlielpe of all cre». 
curesjtbey ariifubleato vanid«)tberei>iM»1ifebitt4n Chrat 
abne. TheElden,the Angel»,thebeBfli,and allcrtaturei, 
they giuethik honour vnto Chrift J Saluationiiofhim that 
fitMtb vpon the Tbtone,and of the Lambe : Md altogether 
they eric, i>#«». And ifaUtbecretwrei which y^tree*- 
xellcnt good,ate not oi po»#er td giue any piece of tbiiUfc j 
then what Qiall wethinke ofthofepcoplc^emies toOod, 
and miftdereti of his Sainti, which folone haue madcw 
bclceiic,that they haue life in ihemfduojthae they can fot- 

Siwe vs our rt>»ne»for yeare«,euep aatbey will, many otfcw : 
lat they can make faaifice» propitiatoric for vi j that they 
can purge vp by Purgatorie fires , that their Pilgrimages, 
their Mrdon».ineirvowe»,tbeirholie ordcn, and luch other 
fpi»w»U drwokennefle d thcitfickebraines, thatthiwbe 
iu&tMi K> purobafe Wc. If they wiU not be reclaimed, 
let wpea in«be cowofclsof our God, and fay with (ohni me 

tUtJk/h i*«»a«ith fctv»,th« Chntt jtowbfe, thatwit 

/^^^** '^^ ^'^^ in G«4: when Chtift which is our 



. b«facntvmolutwiU. yVhttfae^crbc the way that hef«^ 

Srri"'*^;r*teT*f » ^^ ^» ""'hcrdeclinc to^ 

•renottolookemtothe world, how oiir fathers befooTv* 

!r"i? nu\^"'f *^"'"*»» »"*'«'^« 'equities of oui ft. 
thaiMbf boBodtogptber. If we becpanakeis ofVhcic 
eulUdoo«gs. If mft«o»ftcc Biilims, which^rfatbm 

ouffathcKhauc eaten. ThegoucmmentoftheChurchis 

EiS?^l"*.19?^" fhec gi„«h vsthelaw" by 
£^c^S&fiS^*'%«^" rifehouft of lacobjhiJ 
JycpijOftbee followed,; Wc<! may not now eucry one 
• W J^ehaue a vifion, webaue a dreamc : God hath/Joken 
byiiisfoone.aodchargcd all to hcarc hira. Wee raaVnoc 
A^]f.rJwl"'^^*'"'°^^"6^'' 'ohcarkentonewido!. 
fejX^'^'^''T"^.*,'*«"^** •• ^°'Go«* hath not put 
infuWoaioHvnto Angclis, thefedaics of theGofpcufin 

'fc rE!f?l'* *"l*^''''"S^*'^*'"^"'»'«^'°n vnderhisfcete: 
Lo H L. " ''^" VV" ^^^-^ '° walkcjChrift is out 
Lord let vs rcceuic his lawcs 5 he is our maftcr, let vs follow 

b»ri,lcs;he.sourAponic.lctvshcarchis Gofpdl. Letv^ 

cloTth". rli;* ''u ""'' ^^" ^" '^'^^^'^' This is tRc 
gloricthatGocThath g.ucn vnto his fonne^.hcc is outlaw- 
giucr, we haue no other. ' wuouriaw- 

?«r5^ ^ ''^' '' '"^''' fowefhallfurelyliucifor the 
Lord hath not as great plcafurc in burnt offerings and facri- 
fices,a,whcnthcvojrccof thcLord is obeyed: It ft an e- 
» ' -^ ... ^j ucrlafUng 





• whom ^rh the pTher aXC h° !* Tu'^n^ *'"*«« •' f<J 

, ■ ■■-•';. yi* I I • 'I ■ '\ 

1 ■ ■^■^^"^V' .,'iH^^ *,;.,.,,.. ■ 

. ^^ ♦J'-^0''va5.t;;'fl'A-, --■'-■: 









. ",•< 


.T 3jb 7 

jUiciiue and twentitth LcAurc, vpota - 

t^^^ie 10. verfcjind fofotth 

U-Ai'i^ '!; (;• 

rt (ft *' ' 


IX 0fwkmvth4»tmtmythingsttf»j^UthtrthuiuU 
1. . vHttidM'»fijtttti»i$fkmmg. 
14^ F0f^'mhenM tM{erm»gtbetimt^t0uglat0btteubers^ 
s- J^»'i'*ytetiteittg4i>i«thstmuuhy0,t whttdretbe 
fiftfrmeifUs0fihew»rd0fQ,i : W^r* b0C0merH^ 
m^n ^•rnm^ik^yfithmilke,uiM0xfatmtbe-i00rde^ 
ngklt$,^eJf0tfi,htu0thM. • 
^4 ^»*^-tXmMbtt0iiittht0 th0mth0ttre0f0gt,vbich 
m0»^kmsfi»Rtm«h*»0 their v'mexerafed^t0M. 
■» ' 

lEE haiic heard before, what compari- 
fonthe Apoftle hath made betweene 
ChriA and Aaroa : and how the excel- 
lencj^ofChriftis incomparable aboue 
him ill ail worlccs of the Pricfthood, 
?nd our benefite by him vnfpcakc- 
,. biieercatcr, as of whomc alone i« 

aUfaluation. The conclufionof the fame difputation, is 
added now in th« tenth verfc : y^ndhet u called 0fC Q D 
4jt high Prieft 4fter the erder $f Melchlftdtch : which words 
coc conclude in fhortfumme, all that hath bcenc fpoken; 
firft thai Chrift is our Prieft, and hath therefore cbe name 
«tth«high Prieft giuen him. 

A a 2 Secondly, 




Secondly whatldndcof Priefthood hcc harf^-not A^ 

K.« te manner fa often m malriS.^ ^ »""*^ 

I»s Will. And thhcxhorrationF^^^tfctfM 
gently tclearnc this myfteric ofMdrhV../^JK- u ^f "" 

Here firft wceldaertca good caufc . whv it n\^^CAr^^^ 

•0 leu. place i, fc„p4 h.,<te:;:ttt!!u:l- 

I i'-'- -.•■'•■ \ other 

V Cu 


|rofittdotJjhowoiafccvstakc more hecdcofthisfin- 


eer hcedeto vnderftand : this thenisa good SclrTy 

hjart or i«d Ae fime;(uid why fhoold it not bee fo ? Is 

fcSJ*"^^°'*^8*?'^'^^°'"«'^''"''^^ but by labor 

Ltte^^ r''P''?u"*^ "':''"^ tn,iicll:no(iherwirc 

^•.orelfcdiffcmblingxt, they hauctoldc vs anotha 

y<J wc fcould not prcfumc of any vndcrft.indin^f t 

Vh'::f '^ '^' ^^^^ '^^^^' hath taugh? vt I 

if ?V„7^K^ J *»«f^»;J«rfbrceuery man mlift not read 
it.andifanydorcad«,ycthcmuft vnderftand it after 
the interpretation of the Church ofRonje. Here (I be 

flich Mhii there be afl^ rtaToi, truth,or godUnes : wc 
~^ -^^3 haue 




for th^^to cbfl cnge.thatvvctai,Abekeii€ fbeicSturr 


pie of the church of H am.. » \a;U— -u. - ^ if xjT /rjT 

_ rcbofllolne^ 

talke,hauetlieyany tnie«^a42r matSvWuA^^ 

mentofa Imc^rLcameof ouc SaufourChrftTiihS!. 
T.IV , ,.. muh it felfcfakh henot ? ////5«/vC»S>.X 

tcltimony, he could haue bin no croc Prophctrbut ther- 
^^'^ f'^" tr"<!.l>ecaufc hi. heauenly fXbare^ bJ^ 
toh.m.bod, in bi, gloriou»voice . a/d ^thfaZS 

wh.ch mad* it manifcft tha^Jcwa. thi f^ o?G^f 

thwiwSauiourChrift confirmed h«cr3^vmom« 


^. « 

m*uthe«,that would haoetiotrialH)ftheirdoin^«, bittthi 
cenfure and ittdgementof their ovme niouthcs?Aiain«,?hi« 
vnreafoBable and vntme (peach , that the church of Rome 
onely muft expound the Scriptures , becauTe they be hard t 
ii there any godUnes at all info faying ? b it not taught w 
many ttme«,thatifwe loue^are.hooor/erue God,vrc mnft 
ob«yhisword.keepehis ordinances , make all his lavves the 
rule of our life? How then do they loue God, or whit god- 
Unes is in them,tfaat gtoe not Gods word credit in it lelfc ' 
buttntkethe truech bfit, to ftand vpon their owoe wider' 
fttoding ?ThisDowweknow : the hardnefleofSafoture is 
nac.thatwe(houldabftaine from reading and hearing it 
^ becaufe we Oiould trufl the inteipietation of the chiach 
ofRo««,buibec8uf«we(houldwithgrcatand earneftaf. 

iBindes , UMK wemay be taught ofhis feirite. 

Now further let n confidcr yet tjicle wordesof the A- 

POftJc. BetMitft/tMiemltfhearmg: not onelie ( as I haue 

■Me ) tb^fMchvt, bepiufe of the hardhefle of the Scrip- 

*"'«>.{™«»noreheedevntoit ; but alfo very piainely and 

, manffeftly th^ teach vs,by what mcancs the Scripture be- 

/COWmeth hard witovss that is , through our dull hearing. 
S? ^"® "*">" *>« be, to whom thp Scripture Is hard , let 
Jim tccufc hn owne dulneffc j and Whofoeucr blameth the 
Scripture in this behaHe , he blameth himfdfc, both of 
t floweearcs, and of a faithleffehcart : for, is there any thing 
moreplaine tha|i thofe words 5 Therefore it is hard . be- 
caufejrou bteduM of hearing ? Take away from the man 
tdeafe etre »nd a carelcflc mindc, and thou haft taken 
jom the Saipture all obfcuritie and datkeneflTe : leaue 
weman m his necligenc mindc. and thou makcft the 

lP?2?* ** ■^* ^^^ daritcycache, or riddle: and 
« »ertee^ you , the mote to confirme your faith in this 

Aa 4 pctfwa- 



p^aiioo^ m»ie iipir, ofi^ii 4a the Scripturec thii it 
ta«^t vs } that nothing maketfr the Scriptwt hard, imt 
our infirmitic ; our ApolUc hccrc onceuught icbcfote^W 
n-WCiaiclibee) didnatfrojitthtm, btcuiftUWM mt mailed 
Hi them with/aub. Saint Peter, when hcc had fii/i of p^»l» 

Ml^^^h^^^ P^¥ ,tfaing» in ti^niwero>ar4tovnd«r- 
lt?iid,hee.addech: U'huhthtvnieariiedMidtht'tM/4kledt« 
^f> ffnurtffuun atihej, dot all tthtr Scifiwret heere you k< a- 
• gdifu tjiCiScwpturc is hard,bwt you iCce to w^mm.^nd why: 
tothfj-w^ckc^cauic they Off jyaueripg miftda^^^d wjU 

rcor.». orthevnderftandingatthe myfterie of the Gofpc1l>iaJth 
plainly ^t is theiCarnal man thatpcrcciucth not the thing* 
ofGod,andi^deedf]hecf^ncl^cr,vt^dcrftan4 fh^, b(h 
caufc they hewtiT^cfned fpjnrfic. Our ^gHJour ChtiA 
himlelfe. beins asked this quleulon^ why heipaJE* (bd^in^ 
ly and itvpqrables , heeanrwercththus:.7i»yMj!r«^«nr^ 

Mitt.ij. £^jy ;^^ imfitrjofthehngdme ^QodMi Uthoftihtl tn^, 

Mlr.4 1 1. F^^«' > 4 ikofif^"' dope- mfarthUt : ;COI^J)$i}&fa|A 
Q;torepiaih«ly,.'|H)s worde is notiis|r<l vqto ^K^tti^AD* 
bi^ to ftrangers,to infidels, to men without G O D :ai thf 
wbrld,to thofcheelpeaketh darkely ; then ( dcarely beb- 
ucdj thiRc^fc bciM to dccre, let v» be bold ^ iaytoalj xk^ 
aiulethcwcxrdorGodofWdne0e, ai 5/JE^ iwtb/^ 
Irfbrcvs : JftheQtJbttUytthid, tbtnituh'tdt^tiufi ti^jx" 

• Com ^ri/hMwhomthe Qodofthis world hdthblmdedtheirvttbeUfuing 
mnds^hu the light efthegUrunugofpelofchriftfboiUimtJbme 
vpon thm : for other wife , the ^qet of the Utf d is r«K?- 
led to thole tb^t &are him , in^joit wqrdjS u a, j[an^pf |if 
vntotheit fccte, anda light vnto their ftepp«s: it is^o^ 

9t9M^. bard, but as Salomon fiith, // it tafutahmithatwilltm^ 
derM t he if A/miier thatfeeketh ft ^jifidwum ftidtM 


L fit ■'>>, 


thtEpitlktothtHebms, Cap. 

7^vJ^T-2 ^^"•*h^t*rtt0Mit. The Proph(}t O- 
kftithoftheiudgementsofGodvntohispeoplcTatth^ ^ 
sm^^thomomingti^t, Andtbe Lotd faith bythcPrS^ ^ 

l^M^jll Tunnc of rightcoufnefTe hatblhintdin 
naM,«^o Make them to be Sphvnx 1il<4ikU ';^i,.».!^ 

SlS^'nF± '; y*L- ^'^^ conferences, all that 
Sw5^^^&^jr''*"'>'?; ^^"'^ ^"^''hardneffc 
£dW?rf!i?!^?^?^.'*^'y^« ^w wee are fa^ 

vnto Gbd. lam fulte,rf,ereisnoncofyoii,that with a&ole 

SSbJc"iS%t:i'^r?%'"^PS'^' thatwereeSel! 
SSL dS^tJ ^« *f*'*'^* °^ "• How is it then.and why 
»^h«Papi(b.ft,«tricout of the hardnefTc of t ,ew«d> 

^yfeetheym>tthiseaCnesaswelIasweef fure^ In^^^ 

WandtheLordis witneflc, how I tell you tr« jiofc 

' ■^.»'»«yha"ccome f>tere vnio God vith their ml^ib^A 

^rfnesyfi*yichverepreerftsofme»:zni for this catif.. cTa 
hathcoueredthemwiXa fpirir of fl«mbe"«|,n^^^^ 

JLt^r^^ *'^''' '".'''"' ^^«h" '''Cy b«e learned or 

vnlcarhcd, they canrcadenothing. This is the creatX hi J 

?«caufe : their finnes haue found them ow^ and r ^t ^ 

WMyot»belbrtf,b,beca«fctfwy would Icadevs blindfold 





■ i 

after the Church of Rome : and this cau(^ laiakAQocof 
mine owne bead, theinfcIues(asIfaMl)will€Oirf^k. Foe 
ttiis is a rolemne decree in their lace geoeraU coin&Ii oflki- 
dent, rfie4.fdfion, dici. Canon ^chac it belongeth cotheic 
holi«iBodictChutch,toiu4gc<tfchefenfej andincoMiUb 
twnofchefcriptiirci peithemmtt wcitfrafim to,iftMi« 
thofeinterpretadons , akbou^ cbcv were riicb as wer< ner 
uermeete to bee openlie taught and publiAied. Andtbais 
great DoaorHoffiusfaichdiusjif we haue the interpreta- 
tion of the Church of Rome , aldiougb we© fee no^how ii 
can agree witii the words of the tea , vet wcwiflhekcuc 
It. But are not thefe(tbinke you)vnreafcoable woirdsjif they 
bcnot.examineipocoftheirwimefles, and atlaft youfcaU 
^^ find It andconfefleit, thatthey tfc not only vnrealboabic, 


fcripturcishard »andtobcvndeiftood«fterth« ChBtch c£ 

ntiricu, ^(^inc: for thus they haue termed theio^MweijiWKMk, 

^r/i In M*y''t"'^»i'>itJ : thcfc and fuch offaer wOrdi J^ witne^ 
»,.Kemp. ics agalnft them to all the world 5 and dveic ow^e i^c^a 
"|^» ' . arc extant : and with what fpirit then haue thefe mw feo- 
Ttident. »5" • ^""iy J not with the fpirit of the father pauid , or ^ 
ftC 4. hisfonnc Salomon, who fay : TfteUm «/ the L»riu ftrfeSf 
^^■^ MdccnutrtethffHUt : itgintthto tbifimfUfi^Kgffttfvit] 
Pro 1.4? *^*'*f'f^i^t»kHtwUdgt*i$ddiJ(retiMiotxvi\^£^bif' 
». Tim. J. "« of Paul, that faidi j K^aferiftureuinJ}iredtfG0d^ and u 
i6.frofitAU t0rei>r0tme , correa^infirua^ tndtt nukeAg0dlU^ 
mMperfeiitt e»ery go$dxftrke : diis is not tocall the faip- 
turc a waxen nofc,or inken diuinitie , but thefc fpceci^ a^e 
CTucfa more asrecablc to the Iphit of the olde hcreti<}ues, 
which faid, the prophecies were dreamcs. Buttoletdieic 
vncomelic (pccches eo,and to come againeto oucpMrpo(c^ 
They eric out aiJl, that the iaceipr^caup|if of i^QiWMfc 
■.>t«5 j t J A -. «• • •• • -^ 

'^ I' thtBfiHktatbeHcbmu Cat,' 

tlThiS!:'^t^tf'^'^'^'' And wooldyou not 
now tmmce, iDlr, thefe inteipretaeions oftheRomJi*- 
Church , were merticiloua wifc^ »aue m«ft „ ?^ 

conch^fionTfoifoorh »h.l ^^^ I °^ groweth this 

chiefeof all«rr^ jr . PP°" ^"*f> '^cn Peter was «8Mia. 
ScoJeSiS^^r '^t'^T^'^"^ ofthe ChS' 
flS^^Lr^^^^^^^^^^^ be rcproouedi a 

wha^.iiSrdigio^n'^ S^^^^^^^ 
v^ftticlti, vnLe tharpeter krh,, L '°"' ''* ^^ 
9t?rch is built : for our Sa^ Ir rh A°?' 7.?" '^'*='' ">« 
Sihearethmy worrandS^^ "? h'mfctfefairi,. hec 

famemuft beelef to p'^''i"''t?'^='"h Peter had. the 

Pharifcis,buye„a^dft5«s r^^ 
Itisvntrvc,tharPet«v!! R S^^^ Mofe and Aaron. 

^^^^tt'r::'^^^^^^^ raytoChri., 

c-^il^-aecclcfiaAic^^-^^^^^^^ ^ 

' i ». haue 



fadings of M,Deerh^ftl>M ' "* 

banexeafoned , when Peter woiiW haWWerf-dhtfwoi^-^ 
Chrittcoinmaunded him to put it vp ,*hkef<>re no fuch 
fword at all bclongcth to him.Agame,they fay t Chrift pto- 

Sifcth to his Apoftles, the comforter which (hall teach 
,em all truth^*etefore theCbarchof Romectooot erre- 
b<«nrbriflgthey *HthBApoftle$e<»tb«PopeofRort«?b6tr 
dpetbfvdrawcitthatwasfpokenin lerufalem, twothou- 
fandmilcoutof ItaliCjthatitwas mcnt onely oftheCitic 
of Rome? Againe, they fay, th«fmne agaiaft the hoMc 
the wodd to come; £rf#, there is a purgsltoric j fiicK are 
their proofes in their greateft myfteries. And is not this 
( trow you)a nuferable dodcme , whichhath no plainc and 
dirca fcripture,hut by fuch mt&ed & ftrangecxpofitioni 
can onely be prooued ? And this 1 fpcdtc of thcirbtfftejjpo- 
fitionsjwhich to this dav they hold andreuerehce : but infi- 
nite other cxpofitions they banc, and in times paft of grea- 
teft accomptjfor they are written in their Mafle bookes, 
their PortelTes, dieir Pontificals , their Legends , theirDey 
were cxpofitions of generall confcnt 8c greateft force ^h<m 
fo euer now fome would differable them j and thefe vc 
r . fuch expofitions, as I affurc you , and I befeech youtb b^ 

Iccuc it i foibcforc the liuing God you (hall find itoneda^ 
true: the mad mien in Bcdlcm cannot focakc more foolifti- 
Iic; they reafon thus. Peter drew his Iword & cut off Mal- 
chus care , therefore the Pope is head of the Church. The 
clr.o?.'^°^"wasfiBiniedinfeucndaics, therefore nqpemuftma- 
cooc.ta tic within fcucn degrees of kinred. God made two great 
«»• lights, the Sunne and the Moonc, therefore as much as t he 
Amoojn Sunnc is blighter than the Moone , fo much the Pope is 
p.ir',.tit. grcaterthantheEmperour. The Prophet faith,bchold the 
.leap., face of thine annoynted : this , faith thepbixificall, is a Bi- 
I V (hops 

. feS"?:^^^,^^^^^^^^^ he kneelethbe. ^'' 
waybeforethy facttotod^^^^ thy 3,- v 

PonaficaJ vfcth this as a prophetic fiilfilM" ^^ '' '''« " 
Wtc meeteth the Emperour ^ rSfJ '" "^' ^°P" 
tie. I hauc foi«,d Dauid mTKt w '"'° '7 ^*- 
withholieoyle. My Jouc is b!wr "if-*^ '""^J'""*' bi™ 
tcjs of Icruficm. ^^^ll^'S^"^^::^ ^.^^ daogh- 
Whpi the Clcareie rcce.W rki r §* *od Quccncs 

Churches. ThePryhcSh''?™,r^»"ic inS their 

andirhalbe cleaneXuh " .^I^^^^ ^««* '^"^yfop 
witbholie ^'ater Lft vLtrh^ d '°»^^P"cftr^^ 

• ""i^ftingdoresIiftvpJLS"^??/'^^"^^ ^' • 

oj>ej«th the Church KforX'^^^^^ 
^heCrorrconPatneSuSarT^S. r^"^'"'^ '" vvith 
oonsaiuJexpofitio^arJ^ 1* -^ "PPlica- • 


lout (rfrcpenrancf . Sfa«fS,'"** ? ^ 

W?ath ofche Siot t?rS T ^«,^^*'"«d , then the 

("ucfoproohanedhisrrdff liTA::! ,h" ^'^1^ ' '^^'^ 
wgthehardnefleofthefcriD^tl v^ '^"^miKrh touch- 
O'caMh of. ""'^^'"'P'Mc, whichtheApoftlehcerc 

. '* foliowcth in the Apofile -fsr^u. 




-. . Aiv- 


^adii^s (f Mi Veering fvpon 

Goipell preached and ptofeiTed^among tbem,yetth«y ftU io 
ignorant, that they knew not the principlesof their Chri- 
ftian faith. Wpe haue had a great while the Gofpell prea- 
ched, wee might bauebeene by this time Doftors, if wee 
would haueJeamed, I fay not euay day , or weeke, or mo- 
n^b, but enery yeere a little: and what aihame ii it fdr vt^* 
if yet wee bee ignor'anc in the principlesof f^th ? How ma-" 
ny fermons haue wee heard) or reade in vaine ? how manic- 
timet haue wee made the fo^er to fow his feede in the high 
waiesjoramonethethomes , and ftones? If inij.yeares, 
we be fcarce paft our A . B. C. when doe wee hope that the 
fecrets of the world (hall be reuealed vnto vs ? Are fo many 
yearcs fo fmall a portion of out life, that wee may giue them 
CO vanitic and leame nothing? th»Locd grant that wee may 
better looke vnto our felucs : and feeing euery day taketb 
away part of our life , andmaketh this canMy Tabernacle 
more to comipc, let euery day bring incteafe of know- 
ledge, and addc to ourlifej that when our coatfe is runne, 
our faith may beekepc » and wee may finde (he'crowne oc 
ngbteou(hcfle,whLcn God hath laide vp fot tboft fh^t bee 
wife of heart. Or , if thiscounfcUof the Apoftle w^^i^ 
peifwade vs, but by leafure in fifteene y eerei tp come, ¥rt^e 
wilUeamehecreafter,! aflure yoii, our graues willmetW 
many of vs in odr waicsjWhile wee are yet duB in learning ^ . 
and when then (ball bee the time in which wee will enioye 
ourknowledge? Let vs looke therefore to our fe!ues,for I 
am afraidc this (harpc rebuke of the Apoftle, is as iuft ar 
gainfl vs,as it was againd them { and it muft needs make vs 
.ittaftaOiamed, eiceptit make v< in time repent odrflug'^ 

Aim] heere by the way, I bcfeech you to marke well this 
place,to f(M thcidifference of the fpirit of trueth and the ^ 
rirtof error. 1 hcj ApoftU checkcth ihe people, be^aufe tbey 


K r . .. ^^^^^^theHebmt, r^ ^ 


IpamedtobeDSSci Si? "^Lr* ''"^y''»"« "<>' 
Hethreamechthem A^Srh"?'*"''^; able toteach others. 

J«themlooMorw«rJr K^'.^^^ 

f ^Ibearec^mp^rvnYothem^ ^"«^ 

»>"t what faith tKn^ft^i n"" ** Apoftle Cu,h. 

Rome? forrooth;hcw^^kCh^h'!°^''r' "*"' the Pope of 
^-^"^ nor prefumetoSVr^J^^^^^ 

?»<«hing,a„dafrermrvcam ,fh ^'^ ^^"°^J"^^^ 

ignoraSce (faith he)isth/mnS '°fe^"«"crthewiferi for 

rtementhlthaueno wi^^^^^^^ Heblefleth 

• fcnownothow toeiuc^^. Jr?'"!.'l"*' ^'^"8^ they 

«ieAthembe]eeu?«,t^P'?^.'^«^'•«h 5 yctheebid- 

be iaued. CanTnrth",ib« r** '*''"""'' > '''"^ '^^^^^ 
' AeApoftlesdSSi, °'^*^?'"""°othcr,^ha» 

lerhiw'and hisfUfCcs3 .^ ^''\^°^'^«°^^^ 
Aekno^ledgcoftheLo/r ^^S"''"' ^"^J'^tvs leame 

aftame,aftcrfoIonpnm.r 5 '^^''"^'^"^"^citwa, 

Jcexhor'reth Sy^v^^fe-^^^fo Now" 

kevntothem bv their ,l«A!l^f"' ''"^ which fhal 

that whilethey^arci^cn^^^^^^^^^ •' ^"«^ ^^^^h 

I yo" 



fadings of Mi Peer'mgT^on ' 

you muft know this figimciue /peech of the Apofttc, o^ 
inilkeaiKlftrongmeate:b^iniIke<, he meaneth the generaH? 
principles ofdodrin,as htm(eli« after dedarctfi , as of re^ 
pentance^oflflicfa in Cbrift,ofbaptifme,ofchere(urre^ion, 
- and (uch like, let out briefiie in generall tearmes,and accov- 
dffig ro the capacitie of children , withtvhich they are pre*- 
paired tothekingdonoeofhcauen,andniu(lftillgrowvpiri< 
morevnderfta^dine, till they do fee with all the Saints, the 
height, the drath,the length ,the bredth, of Gods vnfearch- 
able goodncHe in U(\i Chrift , which the Apoftle calletb 
herethewordofcighteoufiies. Now, if we will abide ftilk 
in our firil inftcu^Hoo, and when gray h aires (hall be niing«^ 
led with our blacke,yec then ftill we will be children in vn- 
dcrftanding , the Apoftles words fliall be iuftihed in vs, we 
are notmeete difciplef of the exetUent Juiowicdge of die 
Gofpell : for he that is ftiH at his iHilkc , h^chudt yet taftcd^ 
of the word of righteoufnes , which is (Irong itieate. 

And it followeth in the Apoftle. FtrftrtwgmM behnrai 
t« them that are offerfeB »ge^ which thr»»gh mi^uft»me htm * 
their witstxercijed ta iijcerne gatd M»i tuill. Inttiefe Word's 
the ApoAlc makcth it more plaine,whatismilke,an^Uvhac 
is ftrong meatc , and why they a^e fo called ; that ismilke, 
which agrcech to beginners , and fuch as haiie little acf9,- 
rience: thatisfltrongmeate, which is fbr old praditioneri^ 
and fuch ashauewifedometo iudgc betweene truethand 
faUhood. And thus mach bricflicof the fenfe of the words^ 
outofwhicli,wh3tinflru(^ionswehaue to gather for our 
ownc edifying ,; I will fpeake more at large , God willing, 
i^e next time. Now let vs pray, &c, .. .*.» .o.^r^a.,; 

H ^ - >-.'ij. 




•■ .; rbt-'.'shr:'. .'^iifl^^d] ■ 

ii r^jfc^o nvBrn^di-jSkifhiCtiftM^V' ^iu--yd /J} 

s^' tmfwmkitm'jiiMt'tfith m&e , it ma/fmrntkeinrdrf 

boon n»-.7J3d ^o'" •''';-» 'C-"^^ ''^^ ^ < ' '"^^ smoio 

',*i!l*' ■ 

,^>^4tivrhi^Mffminrd'Oiif»f*rfeBt$n^ iMb^j^mt 
i-rAi:.A^jfki^»diaiitii0frtpt$umfeJram dtadwirket^ "td^ 

f.wi ^lv/U^MV4^J(M••'• • ■' ■■■■ ■ ' '» 

1 Ofthei»3ri»0 0flfaf)ttpHe , andlajin? cMofhutik^idUtffAe 


I Ehaueh^anl already, whatveprehen* 
' fion the Apioftle hath hitherto madejof 
Itheffa^UHdTe'ibfthc eeo^ie,*!!! Jeaming 
[xhcitiiyfberieso6Gaasvarde. Firft, be^ 
) catife they faaue boene focarelelle,that 
kth^buKmad&the worde hard vnco 
\ tbiiHi «iiatthsy oaimoe mdetAand k ] 
^hpwlixAdifaa ^" that who fb et^mheeibeetbac^cnleth 
the Scrip^tc ofhardhqfle , thti Apoftie cbndadeth againft 
bfil,!diffrhee hatha ham and dull heart. Secondarily, hee 
lebdmb thihi iardpc&oftiK bine , 'iviiich hatbixeae <b 
ioa^l^^xh^mig^^iomcbaUeitaa^ ocHcr^litey iieed 
^i , Bb to 


* II 


^ tobcc taught thcmftlues, yea euea the btoinnin- a j 
know ^oAp^^^S^^^^ ^11 

Then hcrhcwcth '^ho hcftrJSSS^SStSS hd; 

^n%-omprc but thi,; IbdeeucinxMK oXJJl^ 

itt«rathti^SQiiae.and the holy Gh5. Wktt4fi»Ai 
refor^^ORof ow boditt : wcel^ke i^«tS 'SW*** 
luchJik4«od&fiiQiBto geiiewl!wrord«ateuiikA>#tefe>M 
»^<JonfefiedMdrfj « fmglc heart. aadanSS^EL^ 
^marcGODrtayand wiU.lbrh« cSfti^^ 
eepttt rmoialuationi vet wwthat haue recriuonf^ 


&I<M» Qg^«<MtWHt ^ ^M>wio rth ipininial<w#^#hoarf 
bttp«oi}fefletiik ki cbt«e diftini^ peiibin , the F ather » ct« 
Soiiae,and thv holy Ghoit.Surely^ young Cbrifttan oiai * 
whichiKiiih cbi(^u;hibonklhumblchiinfeUebcfaBe Goc, 
indak;0iirf4fi>ar» wSut^^ri mi ifeiMiv; no tk>ubc, Qod 
would ihfitrcius pct^rer : yet bolwidiftaiidiDg, ikemg 
this myto-ieisnoconly taa^tin generalltermef^butuiet 
outaUo in more particular pdott jn knowkdge of ail^ wee 
muft looke for the lulneile of our comlwt W reioycidg^ 
;hatnowwe«haiie io.God. Thou fkie^iWccuein God 
thefiuheralmigtity ; tboupiift \vell,.afldttiia holy con- 
fel£on,ifthounauc heard oo more ; but if tfapn haA ailb 
learned, that God is a fpirite, Dotofthenamneofroan^at 
ljke,vatoth«iidQl(^;beGeQtJAe«, uot^la^ vnto4f>yaea> 
futethat^ly^hallbearaorfteiic^buica nature of mAiefty 
and glorie, iacomprebenfible and aboue the thoHahtes of 
aMm^thcnthooougbceftheeretoexerciletby fentes with 
w|(eniedftatioi^JI^«r great & glorious the Locd is, whoni 
thijiftcyecaiij»>t^et thine heatt cannot conceiue, nojorear 
oireJaHdoinior^^rthgvi rclembie vnto thee -, R> rhou 
uialt learne obedience; to fey vnto thy lenfes.and vnto thy 
naturall heart, what haue I to doe with you ? All camaU 
co^jf(diCM»^nd thoughts of man,bc they newer fo high, of 
KJogSiind EmpetxMirs, of gold and pretiou$ ftoiMi, dtey 
are vile and filthy to caric into hcauen ; if thiiie iinaginati> 
008 will refcmble them cothe god ofglorie> thou dooCt 
Vpt fill thy foulc with cprifuptioo^d j-ottenneflfc , thy 
&fcly thoughts Owli ipreed an v^ikipl^Mi|ighe4rt,aod thott 
(bait bejc chcfoolejvbi.qbrc^cbiBtjUtbe^tefti^ j ^il'hee bee 
operwbcIme4 of-fhfi gloiyjforthy God i^ a fpirite, and 
in fpirJK and fait)j thoucanft otjelyfeehim. Thou (halt 
*m.\m,9a^A^e^ ti^.WpJli/»«0 Idoili maker, which 

Bb t haufc 



••• / 




Father aS&L7,j Tl '»'*''>''«»■ beleeu.« i„ ,|,e 
IS acceptedi: Bi« when thoahear..A T ??^ ' T^ ^*"'» 

from ebc«i both :i„ all thislWl^ka^ „Sf ^"^ 
clcarcknovvlcdv^eofouf fatth >T,n f?^ L "^fo' '"ore 

the perfoo of the father Ob. if K ^ ""*' ^"' '=°"f<=^'^. 

of hisfrec grace arKlti^rr,v5S II *^'''^'*^> a" « dniitf 
trudyandfa^^alhfS h^^^^^^^^ wee not confcffe that 



the ^BU t9the Hebrues, Cap. 6. 

notleame that wee knowe nothing of God, nothing at all 
of bis naajre,godhcad,maicfty, working, will, powcr,lho- ■ 

hour, life, and continuance foreuer: nothing ( I fay) but 
what we hauefccnc and heard inChrift hisfonnc ; for hec 
is the fliining brightnefle of his gloric. What haue I to 
doc with raen,or with the children of men ? What coun- 
•fell can mine owne heart miniftervnromee, I miift robbc 
the fonne of God of his honour , or I muft confeflc I know 
nothing ofGod, but in himonely. Againc,ifof hisfulncffc 
werecciue,wehaueno fellowftiip with God ; but in him, 
all gtacc,mcrcy,life,and immortalitie: to him it belongeth, 
of him wee haue it, and for his fake it is giuen vnto vs. So 
iikewife, whenihefpirit is faide to bee our comforter, to 
proceede from the father and the fonne: we confcflc he is 
one in nature & godhead with the father and the fonne, in 
perfonallfubftance,proceeding eternally from them both; 
and bccaufe eternally, therefore incomprehenfibly , which 
wee beleeue in faith, andwilnotfearch by rcafon ; onclic 
wewaitcandreioyceinhope, till Godftrcngthen oureies 
tofechismaieftie,and then our harts fhall be wifetocom- 
prehendthisdiftindtion of the pcrfons. Now, this fpirit be- 
ing our comforter, wee acknowledge thatit is the perfbn of 
the holyGhoftjWhichputtcth his grace into our hearts, to 
make vs wife , faithfnll, holy , and fo fcaleth vnto vs in full 
aflurancejOur inheritance that is in lefu Chrift, according 
tothcfreepurpofe, and good will ofGod his Father. Be- 
fidcs al this, to confeflTc the humanity of our Sauiour Chrift, 
howinhisownepcrfon hee hath borne the punifhmentof 
ourfinnes , and oucrcomc the diuell , who held vs in bon- 
dage: how he hath fandified our nature in himfelfc, and 
made it meete to ftand before the prcfenceofGod, onclic 
dy faith, freely giuing vs hi« blcffings. Thcfc and manic 
other things taught vs in the Scripture, to out exceteiing 

Bb 3 comfort. 






^adin^s op^.'Dter'mgfVpom 

comtort, (hall wee negle£ttheni,and Ie«nie oncly the con- 
.^ feffionof children j IbcIe^ucinGodtheFathcr , God the 
Sonne, & God the holy Ghoft, three peifons aHd one God I 
Sure if wee will doo thus , I fee no other,bu$ that the little 
Children through Gods infinite njercy, (hall bee fauedin 
the. little knowledge that they haueleaiined : and wee by 
his iuftiudgements worthy to beeeondetoned, forhtsma- 
nifold wifedorae which wee haue defpifed. Then (dearly 
beloucd)itwee will not alway bee children , ncuet lear- 
ned in the word oTrightcoufneflc j letvs notonelyhold 
the gcnerall principles of our faith, but ib farre aUo as parti- 
cular points are taught and mentioncdi let v? wifely Icamc 
them , till wee may fecle in out felues good increafe of 
Gods fpirit, to louc him, to feare him, to wallce before him, 
with all our heart and in all the waies which heehatK ap- 
pointed for vs. 

Now in the words following, Bntfitong mem is ftt tfte 
ferfeifjcfhich through hng c»/iomeh/nte tbeiinpfits extreijed to 
di{c(rnehemeene gtpdtndeuill. Heere appeareth, aslfaic), 
who are children and who are ftrohg : they are children 
which haue not yet had tryall and experience Whereby 
they might beei rooted in faith , and confirmed by know- 
ledgeagainft allfairhood and crrour : which kindeofchild- 
hood,Saint Paul tcUeth the Ephcrians,at the lad wee ought 
'*• all to leaue off, andgrow vf in the vnttie effaithy and efthe 
kntvf ledge ofthefonne »fG«d, i»ta s perfeSi mtn^tndto thefuB. 
meafure eftur agt in Chrift: that T»e be not alwtaes children ^vf A' 
tiering tnd carried nbmt vith entry hkH of dtiirinehythede- 
te.t of men with enftinejfe, vfhich lie in waite to decdue. And 
as tliis is a plaine defcription of Children : fo, as plainly 
here the Apoftlc fheweth who are pcrfed men : euen thofe 
that are able, with wife fenfes, to iudge between good and 
euillf that iSyWhohauethcirBundcsiigbined with th< word 


the BpBle to the Hekues, Ca^. ^v 

ofGodjfo thatthey are able to trie what is acceptable and 
vvell plcafing vnt© God. Now (dearely bcloucd) if thefc 
words be plaine enough, giue mee leaue to befeech you in >;5 

this plaine cafe, as Paul befcechcdthc Corinthians in the 
like:.A^ brethrenybe not children in -vnderfttnding-.be children *• *'\^ 
in nulicejbnt in vndtrfttnding be off erf ca 4ge : & if you fic 
the plaine and manifeft meaning of the Scriptuic, what it 
is, be wife,and beleeue it : and confeffe this,that we ought 
to be learned in Gods word, fo that we haue good ground 
ofourfaitb,andbeabletoconfHtefalihood. Asnowinout 
ownedaicSjWeefee the Pope elaimeth authoritie,that hec 
can difpenfe againft the word ot God : but if our wits be cx- 
ercifed in the knowledge of the word ot truth, wee doe fee 
where the fixe tribes of Ifrael do curfe fuch prefumption. 

Inthc2(J.ofDeuter. vppon mount Eball, Ruben, Gad, 
Arher,Zebulon,Dan,&Nephtalim, they pronounce ade- 
aeeiCurfed be he thtt tonfirmeth not tUtht words of this book, 
4md tithe feofie/hiiMftyyK^men. If to confirm e and ratific, 
be not to repeale or giue contrary dilpenfation, then all the 
Ifrael of the Lord muft accurfe his blafphemy, that will dif- 
penfe againft the word ofGod. Wcefce, thePopevfeth 2 
triple crownc, &challengeth honour aboucEmperour$& 
Idngi.-but if we haue learned the commandement ofChrift, 
aind are lightncd by it,to Iudge between good & euil: when 
Chrift faith,Ar/»w ofthenntions rdigne ouer thtm: & their ru- ^"''- "•»f- 
lersare caBed grtctom Lords ibntttjhoM not be fodmong yoit : ^„^riJt. 
wemuftneedsknow the Popes pride is intoUerablc, which 
taketh fuch honour vnto htmfelfe. 

We fee how they crie againft v$ : thtCburchy the Church: 
and make vs beleeue that rfiey arc the Church,& they can- 
not ene: but ifweebec exercifedinthe Scripture to dif- 
ceme between truth &fal(hood, we know that Chrift hath 
built his Church vpontherocke, which rockeis not Peter 

Bb 4 and 



ieaJbtgt ofM, Veering fiipon 
jndhisfuccelTouriin Rome (as the Pope expoundith It^ 

Mother ftorms, n,f Umfefis, n,r theg.tes ,fM Ih^U prl^^ 

Pi'»pf>eis And i^hofocuercommethvntov,, andbririeerf^ 
V. hot that doarme,though they fay they bee ApoftS"^r j^ 
they bclyars; and though they fay thcvbc the Chnnrh I . 
«hev are an affembly oftheeuLaXSerL ' >" 

fcft knowledge i ithnotinfancie, iti8ripevnderftand.no. 
that muft commend vs vnto God. ^ vnaeritanding , 

omWhT'''i'''"j '"/"r" ""^y know what God rt- 
miirethofv,. That which isficeretranftated^W «/?«i. 
tht Apoftle callcth itie..,that if.a knowledge with lonX 
d.eandprad.fcieatned, a, laweintheiudg^^ oS 

Againe^hcfaitk.we muft haue our fenfe. excrclfcd , it it 
not enough to know, nor to knowe much, but wee muft 

tllllr^'^^^^^Jrr^''^^' "•^'''^^ Conceal ngtS 
knowledge , nor withholding o«r obedience but Jirfl 

;:': «Sld?r'r!!'^'^^l^^^ ^ cilU.^ -en't^c* 
vs, that Gods fpfrit hath the viAoric in vs. Lartlv,he faith • 

b«we^"ri?'l^ji?** ^vcemayknowhowto AJ^ 
betweene G^s Wjfcdome, and mans vaine itiuentioo ' 
b«wecnetruchandfain.ood: betweene vertue ^T^^l 
notas the mannw of k>me is, that fti^ bee babes, and 
woorfe thanb*h« with whom if you w.llreafonof tlK« 
rf;.gK>n,topcrfw.*ediem by ehc l<^^ t^T^] f^ 
i I • I . . wifl 

theEpifiUtotheHehueu ^p ^•;, 

will fay, I am not booke learned , I cannot dilputc with 
you; let me alone with my faith,other menhauebccneas 
well learned as they be now, I am fure they bclccucd other- 
wife : are not fhefe miferable people} and are not they more 
miferable, which thus haue feduced them? and (lull not 
wc thankc God this day , who hath faued vs from fuch vn- 
(peakablemadncflc, both ofthecurfed teacher, and of the 
wretched difciplc?yes (dcarely bcloued) let vs thanke God, 
and let vs Icaue the blind leaders of the blind^and let vs pray 
that God would giue vnto vs according to his glorious ri- 
ches, the ftrength of his fpirit in the inner man,that by faith 
Chiift may dwell in our hearts, and wee may apprehend 
with all the Saints, the height, thcbredth, the length, the 
depth, and knowe theloueof Chrift, which is aboue all 
knowledge, and be Blled with the fulnefle of God. 

Nowitfollowethin the (ixt Chapter. T her tf»rt, letting 
thidt&rifufthibegmmHgefChriftJittvs he UiiforrtArdvtH0 
ftrft&i»i$y M/ UpHg*r*tnethe ftundttitnof rtfenttntefrtm 
dtdivttrkt^d0ff»itht»w*riiGod&t. In thefc words, the 
Apoftle firft maketh the conclufion of his exhortation, 
therefore let vs IcaUe the beginnings, and goc forward vnto 
pcrfcftion. In the words following, hcefhcwcth by:parti- 
CuUr poynts what is this beginning beyond which wee 
rauft goe, that we may bee prefeft , and he numbrcth foure 
poynts, repentance from dead workes, faith towards God, 
the tcfiirrcdionofthcbody,andetcrnalliudgementi which 
principles were learned and confeffed of Chtiftian mens 
children^ in the day of their confirmation, of Gentiles that 
came to the faith of Chrift in the day of their baptifmc : in 
this meaning , fome thinke hee callcth thefe forcnamcd 
poynts, thedodrineof baptifmes, and laying on of hands: 
meaning thereby, that feeing this confcffion and know- 
ledge is in vs then, when firft wee are receiued into the fcl- 







Jtf«%/ ofM. Veerm wpcn 
'■ ledge alSl=lh'° ^'"^ '""■ «"«« '"O"- 


"<">?°«'%"hid, words, ,he meanrs SAniST^' 

con„„uc,h„„Hlfe , fo long „ec (houMc^dSr^''' 
gl^trc^T"""' °"" '"'"""'""' ""iJ^e and' 

! deeper: 

. theEpiftUtotbeHehrues; 

deeper: he remembrech by good accompts, whatthinges 
the Lord hath done for him, how hcchath blcffcdhim, 
from what prcfcnt perils he hath faued him , & how againc 
himfclfe hath been euer vnthaakfull , vnworthy of the leaft 
of all Gods mercies; yea, by many fpcciall crimes, dcfcr- 
uing wrath and anger : which thoughts doo woike in him 
a troubled fpiHt,and peoHue foule ; fo that, not onlie teares, 
but the ftatc of the whole bodie, ftieweththc griefcofhis 
mind; and not the bodie only, but in all his life it workcth 
great care, much praying, anger with our felucs , feare , dc- 
lire , zeale,puninimentairo, that by iudgingourfelueswc 
may preuent the iudgement of God ; it maketh vs deteft 
our fmne, and the remembrance of our finne, as in the A(Sls 
of the Apoftles^ they bume their books of forceri es , which 
were of great price and value : and as S. hide Cikhythey htte 
et$enthe coAteJptttedwith thtftejh: and according to this is 
vtfae ametidment of their life,with allloue and deure. If they 
haue been extortioners, they will make reftitution ^if they 
hauebeen vfurers, they will giucbacke increafc \ if they 
haue giuen their hands, and knees, and members of their 
bodies, to the PopirhMaffe, with all their ftrength now a- 
gainc they will detcft it, and makeit knowne, they bate 
their Hrft finne : this manner of icpcntancej is flrong meate 

The fccondpoynt here fpoken of, is faith toward God, 
ofwhich,fomuch3smaybee apprehended of children , is 
called milkc; as to bclccue that God the father of his great 
loue, gaue his only begotten fonne lefii Chrift , to be made 
man,whoinhisbodicmightfulfill all nghtcoufncfTc , and 
beare the punifhmcnt of linne, which alio by the power of 
hisfpirithe ouercame, and hath gotten ctcrnall redemp- 
tion, for all that (hall beleeue. Butfo to examine this faith 
wifely j and according to fcripture , that when we finde the 


Q^. 6t 








' fadings ofM, Veering fvpon 

bcginningin God the Father, the workc in God the fonnc ^ 

the applying and beftowing of it in the holy Ghoft aSd 

^ When vvcebeewife fotodiftingniOithefegraLs ineuerie 

perfon. that yet wee diuide them not , as tSing away from 

ther .-this I fay,when weehaujfolearnedfthat wee fee a^ 
thegloryofrainnghealthisinGod, no merite or def«t in 

isIa.dopenvrttovs,-wirneffcdbythelaweandby the Pr<^ 
phcts thenwebeperfedltofeedcofthisftrongmcate th« 

i.theg.ftofGod,with whomethere isnochange,norai:L 
doweof change butheeisconftant in hi. louffi^^Jucr^ 
when fauh hereof taketh boldneffe,that neither hdght,n« 

hr« (?"r"^ '•'''*? ^"^ ''«'' '°"«=d mce: this affur^ 

Likewifc biptifme the third thing here mentioned, the 

ther. and their children; buttoknowby this howto be« 

baptxfedmtothcdeachofChrift,thatasCe i^rifJn ga^^ 
from the dead, fo we fhould walke in newneflc ofSe • Tat 

»,toknowthatourbaptifraereprefentethvntov. thVfrec 

fer WH ,""»,'T». "'^^^ away wrthcbloS 
f/S r ^'"^M ^''"^'''^» andwasburicdfor ourfinnw- 

fo Z7 I M^ •' ""'* "' ''" '°^^ »gaine from the dead! 
fo that death hath no more rule oi«:r him.-fo w«;efliodd 
after hue m newneflc ofIife,ofFering vp vnto God our bo- 
I fed 

^' tbeEpmiet^nbeHtbrties. C^.6. 

fed tb^ vnto htm(el£s. To know all this accOrdiiigtothe 
rcripttife,iB threjperfc^knowledgeof ourbaptiiine. -'^ ' 

Impofition of hands, thatwasafolemne cerennonievfed 
with praier,in which it was declared, that the parties were 
accepted of God into his Church, according ta the faith of 
Chrift, which then they profcflcd : this was the n\ilke 
which children had fed on. But to fee in it a free and bold 
profeiHon of faith, before all men to be holden - and a holie 
vow,orpromife,in which they bound themfchics to pcr- 
petuaU bolioeflcjby tlie laying on of hajids,asby a folcmne 
oath^tohaueitwitnefTed c^theLord they were hh ch!- 
dren,and to witncflc it in themfclucs, they would abide the 
temples oftheholicGhoft: to bee (hort , topromifcaper- 
formanceof alljwhulbeudrwas hopedinvs , inthedayof 
our baptifme : this is the ftrong meatc. And this which tlris 
<iay ought to bee pra£Hfed,as a thing veric profitable in the 
Church of God,it is noiferablie defaced by the Papiftstfot 
where it was in the Church of God an vfe, that Chriftian 
children ftiould bee taught the principles of faith, which 
when they had well learned, Srcouldgiue a good accompt 
of their faith, then in the open congregation, with praicr 
and laying on ofhands on their heads, they were declared, 
to be rccciucd as partakers of the graces and facramcnts of 
the Church .- this good order the Paprfts hauechaiingcd, 
and madethein a facranveot of confirmation 3 ondy by the 
Biftiop to bee miniftred,and byhim to little children of no 
knowledge , to whom he giueth a new godfather or god- 
moither, which lliouldfpeakc for them when 'they cannot 
ipeake for themfekies. And whereas in the Scripture , this 
hath btfeneeuer a ceremony, in folcmne blcflrngs, in facrt- 
ficesjin admitting minifters, in giuing fpirituall gifrs, and 
no where vfed but oncly with praicr ; this order fcemcd 
'bafc to them , that knew no end of their ownc inucntions : 
' ■''' atul 







earth and not rcturne ; but thit tf«.u n,«..u r • 
mortal! : but in thij alfo, to lie tlM do, V Ti,,„ f^ "■ 

hJA^'T^^"'"^ "^^''^ ''^^ Angdls of God defire to be 
hold, when wee can wiiclyrecit and tnA^^^k t 


umenjonmad^ofeterailliudgement. wh ich^ 
.unfcflgamc, then the Lord wouldfetadayofhiiiudol 

IniEfli^' J hiuhildren. and caftoutintodarknefleand 
endreffeconden,n.Y.on.all the vvicked and reprobatrfii^ 


tbeEpiHlitotbeHtbrues, Cap.^, 

heare his vo^ce,to rcftore againc the bodies that they had " 

confumedjo that all nations and kinreds of men ^ fhould 
ftand at once before him, of which hee flwll make ftpara- 
tion on his right hand, and on his left , to fill the one with 
lift and glory and put (bngs into their mouthes of euerla- 
ftingioyvand toconciemncthcother in heland death.with 
(hamefull crying and gnalbing of teeth. 

To know thi» with vnfpeakeable comfort,and long loo- 
king for ofall the promifcsof GOD, and with ftarc and 
trembling at all hisheauiethreatningsj thisis thyftrong 
raeateofeternallindgement, which the Lord Godoffpi- 
ritsgraunt vnto vs, for his Sonnes fake, who muft needes 
be vntovsa mercifijllIudge,ifwedoereft in him as inonr 
onlic Sauiour. Tbetimc ispaft. Now let vs pray,6cc. 

■ •/ :.'.'.c 

:7 , '3- 

jr-v ;•■: ,. 

'!'- ■.' ' 







..;w ^1 



Tpcicuen and twenty Lefture, vpon the 

,.4 F0rititimfofsibUthstthey,vfhi(hl0ertoi$eeti^btmd,Md 
hAue ufted0fthe htauenlyrift, sni vtre m*deptrtAiri 


6 Iffkf;M4W0!fJb0uUb(re»twed0smfiyrep*ntMmtfit~ 
fHg they cruetfie Mg4imu ihtw^elmtbt. ScnnttfGtd^ 
■ , .yjmdmdetnHtkttfhim, ""I'^wi. • ,. 

;E hauc heard before,the Apoftles exhortad' 
J on that wee (hould goe forward , and what 
t, points of religion hee fet downe meete for 
«c^^ W/f^'o '^^^^^'^^^i beyond which wee muft eoe , to 
^^ifS-rd>>^\ayo^Nc all the myfterieof God andChrift. 
And in thcfc poynts hcerc meniioned I cold you, as the gc- 
ncrall knowledge of them .was millte ; fo yet cxaftlic out of 
the Scripture, to vnderftand them as wee arc taught , euen 
that alio it is a ftrong meat. 

The Apoftle now goeth forward , and faith* And this 
alfo wee will dee, if God permit, that is, by the grace of 
GodjWecwill Goeforward,wee will not bee alwaics dull of 
hearing, and children of vnderftanding. Thefe wordcs arc 
anencouragtnencvntothcm, that they fhoiild not beedif- 
comforted : for God would no doubt hauc mercy vppon 
them, to giuc them vndcrftandijig hearts, & learned minds, 
to apprehend andfeethe great laluation of the Lord.Then, 
to the end that they fliould not recciuc the graces of God in 
vaine,but vfe indeed all thefe good gifts to their owne good 
I bcncflte. 

the EpiWe to the Hehruei, Cap, 

beneflte,he addeth, becaufe of the great rebellion of (pme, 
and hard hearts that are not eafdy led, another rcafon vn- 
to his words, which is full of fcarc and terrour , afluring 
them, that the GoQ>ell cannot bee preached vnto them in 
vaine,butoffocce itinuftneedethauchisfiuite, and bee a 
fweetefauour viuoCod in Chtift, either of life vnto life, if 
they will bdeeue and hearken: or elfe, of death vntodeath, 
if they willbedefpifers. To thispurpofe, he izitl^ :f»r it it 
vtif0pyUtoth»fewh*ck*rt tnteltghtned, tndbdmtua tithe 
htuttttly^fty and bdue beenftrttkers 0ftbt htlieGheJi, tnd 
b4M4 t*Bedtheg00dw0rd0fC0d,4nddfff piers tfthcmrUta 
tttHtitfthtn tbeyfdUt^tyjthtlft^miUd tgtime be riHued by 
r0ftntMct: emifyin^fmvnt0 themfelius,tbtfoiine 0fG0d, 
Mtulmdimgam^anm. With thefe words, no doubt, hec 
tiiauldQjilMi^fB^ sind flohly fccu* 

iia^Scnwercfunkcdecf>einfo«n?,.^nd whofc fluggiJh 
dubedle. was not healed without (harpe medicines : and 
therefore, be vfeih thefe word» verie forceable, and (harper 
iadcededianany two edged fwprd,ip prick the confciencc 

thatwasnighfearcdvpt !] j . 

Now (deareliebeloued) that wee may vnderftand this 
Scripture, and make it vnta vs a good comfort , whicli 
might feemeotheiwifc a heaui? thtcattvnc : let vs confidcr 
in it, theft two things: fitft, the purpofc of thd Apoftle for 
which he fpeaketh it .-then, thcmlclues what they fignifie. 
The Apoftlespurpofe,i$,toftirrc vs vp.defiroufly to heare, 
diligently to leame, wifely to i»crcalc in knowledge, and 
pbediently topraftife thai; wcp hauc learned ; for this pur- 
fok it was (iiA fpokea, tp this ende it is now written : if 
then it hauc invs this worke, and bring foorth this fruitc, 
wee hauc been profitable hcarcr$,and it is vnto vs, the Gof- 
pellofbealch, and the word of life. Let vs then, not bee as 
oivfotcfatherswerc, Howe of hearing: let the word prea- 

Cc ' ched. 



ched, be mingled vnto vi with faith > let vi vfe it to the glo- 

rieof'God, tn^t knowledge miy ineieafe, and righteour- 

tiefTe may abound in out life : and for ourpatti it ikilletb 

not at all, what tliii great and hcinouifinne fhould beeiof 

which the Apoftle faith, man can neget rtpcnt him : for be 

it what it will, it is none ofouri. Thii finni li the ftnne of 

tlioPe, that haUe defoifcd knowledge i but wei art detirout 

to learnc more. This (innc is ofthe contemner! of' the 

crofTe of ChtlA.'but the deliiht ofowlife ii in ir. Thii 

(Inne is of men, Ihathaue made the world theft God: but 

(foiijWhonie wee flMHlMth had mercie vpon vs, that wee 

account Alt the world bUtNiia^tothe end we may wfnnt 

( hriiV : nnd thererore,whattosmn|kr{nnebe,c;odhim> 

f clfe be areth vs witrteffe, it ti none OrliPiiit^which wee 

haue committed t ind where fb euer thBy i 

this condemnation , their tents and tAbtthU 

neare vs. And is not this a great comfisit, andifthgulAt 

light rlfin| (a* it were )oMt of darkeiteffe t that whwMi thcrt 

are ftich fmheii, as eilen the rekttetnblrance 6f thMi Mighk 

nuke our bones to tremble, by their defcription weikMttW 

them, thjit they ivt as farre from vs, as the Baft is from 

the Wef%, fb that wee nfcede not feare. Neyther fbeak^ 

I this of mme owne head, Ihk bygnotiwarrantoftneA- 

po(M< liimlHfe, and by the Woord i>ftheholieOhof\ : Ibr 

4fter this heAtiiethreatnine, faith not theApoftle t^them 

immediate1ie,and fatcrh neeitnot rovsthisday, thatbe>> 

i«n(c wee haue loiiedciods Saints, and banc rcioyced to 

glorifiehisnime, durftare ii fafVer knit vn^o^aluati<^n, and 

thcreheanie IthinMfT^allneuevtortieneerevi? Inthtsf»ev- 

fvvafionof petfert iK>pe , wee may ftahd boldlie viuo the 

lartcr endc , the (comens and dcfpiicii , of whon>e ymi 

fliall heare more hereafter, let them looke, and beware of 

vnrepenwnt (innc . A*id thus farre of the purpofe of the 



thtE/fiHUuthtHchruet: CdpX* 

ApoAle, by which wee being confirmed, that though wee 
fhould fall through many inhrmiticsj yet wc can ncucifall 


Wee may now more boldlie examine the woords, to 
leame ai GOD i^^all in(\ruiilvs, what this ftnne is tlet vs 
therefore come vnto the words. F#r it it vnftfiblt, that thty 
wkithtrtttHtlithtmit &<. Weefeeheere how the Apof^lc 
fettethoutthennne againfl the nolle Ghoft, (hewing who 
chey are which commit it, whatthefwncis, and what end 
it bringcth. But before wee further examine it, I mult ad- 
monifhyou of two contrarie fA^lCM, which are common 
vnto vs, in fpeaking of tbicmvter. The one is ti>o much 
carelcfnefTe, the q{|^li too much feare. Some of vs fcarfe 
hauing any codmtnce at all, or aity reuerence of Gods fe- 
CHtiud|edlflita,beina altogether ohildren,and more i^no- 
rantihM children. U'at any time talkebce of diiiinitie, 
ftreight with carelefTc hearts JV venturouR tongues, thev arc 
vp with predcf\ination, or with fm agaiuH the fiolv (ihoff . 
To theft men I f^y I it were better fnrthcm, that they had 
neither tongues in their heads, nor hearts in their breaOs, 
then that they Hiould continue in this vnreucrent aiul moil 
vngedly vfageifor what do they cll'c bin blaijihcinc the cter- 
naUwiuIomeofGod. At all hiswordi we fttouKl feare and 
tremble : yet at his greate(\ myl)cries,wce are rarclcffe and 
mockers. The knowledge ofhisprcdcflination ninuidcall 
downe our proud reafon,eiien to the ground ,to confcfTe be- 
forehim,that all hislud^cmfits are vnfJEarchahlc, and alibis 
waies are pal^ linding out : yet wee like fbolcs, wlio thuueh 
wc werebraidcin a morter, yet would not ourfoolilhienc 
depart frf)vs^lofoollihlywc examine the high iudgements 
of God,to make thC agreeable to our blockilli reafbn. I.jkc- 
wifc,thcfinneagainftth« holyc;hof>, which is mentioned 
to make vs feare, that wee bee not dcfpilcrs of the graces of 

Cc a i God, 

* J, 



' - J I 

^aUngs ofM, Veering rvpoH 
God : but that we would louc him, and Icarnc all his iudgo- 
ments, whereby wee midit aflurc our (clues ofhisfauour, 
that wee cannotpofifibly imne againfthi$(pirite, but whe- 
therfocuct wcclall, hec would raifevs againe: as though 
this fieafed vs obt, wemakcnoendofqucftionine, whe- 
ther ie be this ftnne,or that firnie: whdn in deede^at all (Inncs 
we make but a mock. This/ault(dearely bcloiied)! befeech 
you take heed of: pray, that you may caft it from you : then 
no doubt, in this our matter, the truth which we feckcfor, 
infcareandreuereocc, Godwillreuelilcitvntovs. The o- 
ther fault I fpakc of, and-oQn^cb we muft take heed, is too 
nnichFearetforfomeofvfjWiifiey ofthcbcft ofvs, on 
whomc God hath (hewed fingularmi(^,greatlie to hum- 
ble them, fo that they couer their facM^d hangdownc 
their heads at the tehiembrance of thekf GnnM» «aJ hunget 
and thirft after the righteoufncflfe of Chrift, they wouBiioc 
iiaue this fpoken of at all, and cuerie (bundof the firint a- 
caitift the holic Ghoft dootb wound them as it were to 
death, for fieareileft(\ thcmreIucs,(bouldbecbQlden inthis 
tran%re(Tioni To thefe men whac (hould I (ay : aay,vVhae 
can I fay I for the fummc of all Chrift hath Mid, and fpo- 
Luk. i». I*^" truelie vnto thcrti : fare not mj little ficeke,f»r it hath 
5 1. flexed y Mr father ifigiue vnttytn 4 kipgdame: and if hee haue. 
giucnvntothcm akingdomc, pUrchafcd with eheblioudof 
his onlic Sonne,how mould he not giijc alfo vnto then) the 
vi£loric ouci fituie and death ? And new my good bre- 
thren and (ifters, who fo cuer you bce,:{ith you haue Oi 
(pirit that dcfirttli knowledge , <lelighteth in obedience^ 
loueth God, hateth inicjimioi rcioycc inthis pledge ofyquc 
(aluation, for as the Lord doth Hue, neither this finne nor 
the fliadowe of this finne, (hall come ncarc vnto you, one- 
lie bcc3U& it is afaluing medicine to many of your bre- 
tltren , wl>ci\ they be (iinkcn dccpc ia rebellion , and be^ 
> t caule 

tk ^l>iWe /• the Hehrues. Cap.6. 

caufeitisdiemighticwordoftheLord, tocruftiinpceces ^ ^ 

the reprobate before him : therefore I befeech you, with "T^ 
glad and faithfull eares, abide the hearing of it, and feare ' '^^ 
not the fmoke, when the (ire cannot hurt you. Now, to *%. 

come to our purpofe. In thefe words of the Apoftle, I will % 

(hewvntoyou iirft: whatmanner of men they muft needes 
be,thatdoofall into this fmne. Secondly^ what manner of 
(innc it is. Thirdly, with what manner ofminde it is com- 
mitted .-wbcreunto at laft I will adfomeexamples,thatyou 
may fee more clearcly what it is. Touching the petlbns 
which finne againft the holy Ghoft, they arc dcfcribed thus 
by their qualitics:firft, they haue bin once lightncdrfecond- 
ly, they haue tafted of the heaucnly gift ; thirdly,they haue 
been made partakers ofthc holy Ghoft : fourthly, they haue 
tafted ofthc good word of God, and of the powers ofth* 
world to come. Vnto thefe qualities we may ad more out 
of otherparts of Scripture j in the*wclfth ot Matthew out 
Sauiour Chrift fpeaketh of (uch men thus, that the vn- 
cleane fpirit is cone out from them , that they are fwept and 
garni(lied:inthefccondEpiftlcofPeter the fecond Chap- 
ter, it is faid of them, that they haue efcaped from the hi. 
thincfTe ofthe world, through the knowledge of the Lord, 
and of our Sauiour lefu Chrift. By thefe and (uch like places 
we may conclude, that God hath many waies made him- 
fclfc known vnto them, that he liath giuen them true vnder- 
ftanding.that he hath quickned their I'pirits to rccciiic glad- 
lie his Gofpcl, that they had a feeling ofthc kingdonicof 
Heaucn, thatthey haueknowncfinnc tobcriillofmireric 
and vexation odpirit, that they haue confcllird, there is no 
ioy but in Chrift. This is the ftate of kiiowlcdgc to which 
they wcte called, and thefe are the graces which they were 
indued withiwhcrcby wc may (itft conclude,that Turks and 
Infidela,that all Atheifts and Epicures, they haue not yet 

Cc 3 finned 





^M<//»^ afM. Veering r^pon 
finned againft the holy Ghoft t not Pharaoh a vcflcll of 
Gods wrath, not Sodom and Gomotthawith all their fil- 
*riimcflre,not Rabfakcth,orany fuch who would make them- 
fclucs Gods, ihcy hauc not (tnncd agajnll the holy Ghoft : 
they arc accurfcd treaiures, and.theirfinnesarc abhomi, 
nablc, ihcy arc bondflaues of Satan, and ftrangctifrom the 
God oflfrachbiit yct,wc may faytnily : it fliall be eafterfot 
all thpfc of Sodomc and Gomorrha, for Tyre and Sidon in 

the day of iudgcment,than for thcfc wicked bla(phcmcrs of 
the holy fpirit, which not onelyfuldlicd the fullmcafureof 
riiefe Paganifinnci, but hauealfo contemned the graccf, 
which WCTC giucn vnto them , and dcfpifcd the Spirit of 
which d)c Pagani were ncuer made partakers. Thui briefc- 
nc I hauc fctrborth, what manner of men they be, which 
may fall away to fo greatconfufion. 

And thafit may yet bcemadc more plaine ; let vs confix 
dcr the words, by whichthc Apoftlc dcfcribcththcm. TJie 
hrft markc oftUem is^ihat they be lightncd ; that is,indued 
with the knowledge of God : not oncly by the Hcauens 
which declare hit glorici nor by the firmament, which' 
ilicweth his worke i nor by any of Gods creatures, in whjcb 
his ctcrnall power and Godhead dooth appearc, and fhiiie ? 
and of wijicU light, all nations are made partakers, but they 
areaKolightncd-with his holy word, wlijch is alanthomc 
to their fccte, and alight wto their fteps, a.-d hauc heard 
his Gofpell preached vnto thcni, vnto the which they haue 
agreed', that it is the wofird of life. The fccond note of 

them, i ,thatthcy haue tafted of the heauenly gifi:the hea, 
ucnly gtft is tl»e life and great faluation that is in Chrift 
Ic(u , by whonie wee are reconciled, which likewife ouc 
Sauiour Chrift calleth the gift ot God, fpcakinp to the wo. 
(nanofS anuria: and this i« that knowledge, into which 
they arc Ughtncdby theGofpdlj and this they. dooab^on« 


theEpiUkMUBebrues. Ciip,6. 

lie ktkowe, but ofthis gift they haue aUbtAftedj vdiich is, 
they haue ^adly fometiriM received ir, and reioy ced in ir, 
like a* out Saaiour Chrift defcribetfc thew by the parable 
of the ftonie ground, that incominenriie with ioy,ihcyre- 
cciue the fcedc : and which aMb he notcth in the Pharifeis, ^•»«l»« i 
fpeaJcing of lohn Baptift which was a ftiining lamp among 
them, and they for a feafon did reioyce in h«lvght. The 
third note of thefc men, is, that they hauc been partakers of 
the holie Ghoft. Which is, that many graces ofthefpirit 
ofGod hauc been eiueii vnto them, as thefc twoaboue na- 
med, that they are iighmed with knowledge, and reioyce 
in their vnderftandmg, which is neither of flelTi nor bloud, 
nor of the will ofman, but of the holie Ghoft: vnto thcle 
we may adde alfe others, as the gift of miracles, the gifts of 
tongues, or any ftich rhat God hath diftributed vnto thcfe, 
cuen a* hce will : rhefe things or any of them, when they 
haue Mceiiied tothepraifeofGod, andglorie of hishohc 
name they are madepartaifcers of the holie Ghoft, and they 
are Wcfted with hcaucnlyblcfling. Thefourthnotcis, that 
they haue taftcd the good word of God, not much dift'ering 
from that he firft fpake of, that they were Hghtned, that is, 
that they had knowledge ot God, not only by his creatures, 
but much more by his word. 

But heereflaming,//»r^Wi»#r</#/6*^, he noteth efpe- 
cially the Gofpell, by compatilbn with the lawc : as if hee 
(hould fay : tbev haue knowne God, not onely by his lawe, 
which isfearefiill to the finncr:butby a more fweetc vn- 
derftanding of the Gofpell, wliich fayeth : €0m€vni»me*S 
y0itth4tUb0Hr and are Udeit,(o<i\\\n% itlhe^eedwtrd.^ti that 
which tJgladtydingsoflaluation: and therefore alio good 
becaufe they haue tafted it good and ioyful,and haue leene 
the glorie of it, it the greatcft treafure that is giucn vnto 

Cc 4 The 







%*%, (fif.Deerh^ 'vpm 

mEarth.-anJ hebaih made .hi, I.,?*:""'""™' 
■o Cfod. gWic, .bufc <h.raUh" „3 of KJ'' 

hoJyGhoft. ['*''*""°'P"'^. no'cwcrfinneagainftthc 
The kicked "^ ZtS^^U Tu' " "?"""6lil..: 

J theEpiUUtfUhtHebruth 

fpiriihy fomc gifts of grace that are within them : the elcft 
(ire watered fo f aire with the fpirii, that they be baptifcd in- 
(o the death of Chrift, to die vnto finnc, to liuc vnto righte- 
ou&clTe, fo that finne fhali not reigne in themortall bodic. 
The wicked haue but tafted the GofpcU of Chrift, and his 
fairing health ; the clcd arc fed with his mercies, and ftill 
thcyhungcr airdthirft after his righrcoiifncs,andfce with 
jcxcecding ioy,the hcight,the brcdth,the Icngth^he depth, 
pfthcmyftcric of their redemption. The wicked haue felt 
liic world to come, and haue for a little while delighted in 
itjtheeled haue conuerfation there altogether, and with 
et(yy p ladncfle iooke from thence foraSaiiiour,that this 
lite, it is not dcare vnto them, but they will hold it foorth in 
their hands to all periecutions, to finilli the fliort courfc 
that they haue heerc with ioy. Thcfe are great differences, 
but the greateft is yet behind : the wicked, they arc ftran- 
gers, euenfrom the wombe, not ingraffed into the bodie of 
Chril^,nor haue any feeling of elciftion in themfelues ; but 
ihegodlie arc indued with faith and aiTuredhopc, that if 
this earthlie tabernacle bcdiffolued, they haue a dwelling 
place with God himfclfe, who hath loued them ; this hope 
they delight in,in this they line, in this they reft : while this 
isvnfhjkcn,thcy dcfpifc the world; when this isaflaulted, 
then is their ibrrow: but the wicked, it is not fo with them j 
their hope is not this, for their ioy is onlie heere : when they 
haue examined the fccrets of their owne hearts, they (hall 
rather findc that their bellie is their God : for, notwithftan- 
diog, all the gifts of God that they haue receiued ; yet they 
want this meafure of faith, by which they areperfwadcd 
that God is their God, and their dehght is all in iheLord 
alone. ' 

Andagaine,the obedience that they (hew in their life, 
it is not the true obedience that God requircth, as their faith 

Cc 5 is 

Cap 6- 






iDerin;;, K. 


^■i .' 




I fadings ofM, Veering fvpon 

h no true faith \ (at God requiretb thii alone, that weeloue) 
him with all oiiv heart , with all our (bule , With all out 
fttength, with all out vnderftanding i and that wee loue oiic 
neighbour a« our (elfe : but thii loue ia not in them, nor 
they haue not thii end of all their workci, that they may 
glorifie Ciod in all their life I thcioyeiof heauen doe Ibme-t 
what mooudthrm:, and thepaineiofhell dtio much afto< 
nidi them i Vhey fee and knowe that Godimaieftie iivn- 
fpeakeabltf, M his glorie infinite, his fauour is better than 
lii'e , and hill difplcaliire is vntdlerable , the ginric of his 
prclencc , the lierednelTe of his wrath t thefe things doo 
torn h them Jiecaule they would elcape his iudgemaw i Co- 
ftill it ii tlictnlelucs that they loue. Iftlierewere, neither 
hcauen nor hell, they would not care for Ciod, nor Chrifl : 
Io(a'« n"ald)this is all their obedience, beeaule they lou« 
then»l'eluc»*hut the godlle,they obey for the loue ot God j 
their nwnc foule Is not fndearevntotlien^.asthename of 
the Lord, t«> lee it ftloiificd » nor their owne life is precioua 
vmothein,i|r the nowringofitout.maybe totheprailitof 
hisholicname. llnu much of the difference betweene tht 
gnnd and cudl,i«* touching thegracn of ( iod, which they 
haue both r(f cciued : wllereby wee fee plaine, tliat faith and 
loue aie tw.> clpeciallproncniei, fey whidi the good and 
euill arc dirting\Mihcd,andby which we may trie our fehies, 
if wcc be ligl\tencd,a« the wicVed, or ai the eled^ of GO D. 
Nowlet vs^cc the manner of rebellion, how farrc they fall 
ftwiy : firft,Wcnvift ohlcnie what povnts tlie Apoftle hath 
bel^Mcnaintd : in the beginning ol the Chapter he men. 
tionerh rep^tam-e from dcadwoiies, faith toward God, 
the doArine ofhaptifmc, and laying m of handi ,and refur- 
vcA ton fr<vn the dead,and cremall ludgemcnt^which heerc 
he calkth the l^epnning *f fmmdation of ChriAlan anvitie : 
chcn, he llHActh of an apoftacie or falling away fixnn alt 



tk Ffiflie to the Hehrutu Op 6- 

/I \ ^^^^'^ poynts heere named.euen from the foundation & firft 

beginnings oftheChriftlanfaithjfo that al the former light 
is quite put out, andilic firft vnderftanding is all taken a- 
way J they laugh now at repentance, and tlic fiill faith they 
Bccompt it fooliihncH they crtcemenot of our hapti<inc,no 
more thanoftliewaihing ofthcirhandsj and forany tvMi- 
firnution or lolenwie receiuing them into the Church of 
God.they care not for it j the i efurrc^l ion of the dead doth 
hut feed them with mcrric conceits, they thinkc plealant- 
lie with thcm(elue$,wlut manner of bodies theyilKill haue : 
thectetnall iudgement though it make them (ometime a- 
ftaid, yet they incoiirage themlelues againe, and fay , tiilli , 
it is a great way offr thus haue ihcy turned light into darko. 
heflc,knowledy« into igtiorance, hope into error, fail h into 
infidclit ie, glorie into fliamcand lite inty death. Speake to 
Ihem of tire Sonne of God, they makeaicft withtheman 
of Galilei tell them oftheSauiourofthe wtnld, they wiM 
«all him the Caiiientera fbnrte : fiich a general! auo'rtacic / 

the A|H>nie fpeafccthof, and this he calieth the ^11 from 
which man cannot rife uaainehy repentance, h^r howtin 
Wiey repent, when the Api)lllc noieih thorn by thismnrkc 
among oth«r,tha t they are fallen from repentance; tficy »tt 
now (as S.Paul faith) part lorrowc fm their liimcs, and as f 

it Is In the i.tothcRomanes, they haue aheart that cannot 
repent : Solaith S Peter, that they haiiefiith eyrs as ( annot 
ceafe from (inning.. VN'hen they hjiie done all thinrs that 
are nboininahle, yet they will (ay, wherein haue we imne d > / 1 

fo theycontemnc, hecniilctheyarcin the depth, and they 
cannot returne beciiiilc ihey Hull find no grace : they haue ' { 

ftnncd again!! the holle Gholl, and condemnation is their jX 

pr.moni they Ihall neiier repent, hut fill into mdgemem- ^' 

and ihuslarreof their finne,how great it it. 
The third thing wo haue hcero to oonfider, Is, wuh what 




fadings of M.'Dterlngrn^on 
mind they doo commit thii great finuc which heere the A- 
poftlc fcttethout, with thefe words ; they crucifie againc 
ynto thcmfchics the Sonne of God, and makeamockc of 
him : which, what can it bee clfc, but ciicn with the fpirit of 
the diuell (as S.Paiil faith) to fay that Chrift is accurfcd : 
for was he not made vpon his croflc, a curfc for v», that we 
might bee m ado righteoMfncfTc to God through him ? they 
that crucific him againc, fay they not againc, that he hath 
a diuell, that by Beelzebub the prince oFthe diuels he ca- 
fteth out diuell! doth not their heart loadc him againe with 
alloppiobrie and (Viamc ? and where it i$ faid, they doo this 
vntothemfchiMjit noteth how defirouflic and willinglie, 
and with what confcnt of mind theydooit, euenfoasuicy 
would againc hauc the croflc ofClirift a mocking ftockc 
m the world : thui^ their owne confeiencc it their accu(« 
ofmoft wicked rebellion agafnft God. This atfo appeareth 
plainein the n.ChapterofS.MatheWjWherc when bur Sa- 
uiourCbrift willaccufe the Pharifeii of this great finne, it 
is faid, that he faw their thoughts. So,intheAAsofthcA- 

poftleijWhere the graces ofGod arc magnified.by the prea- 
ching of Paul and Barnabas , it is faid of the lewei, that 
*vhcn they fawe it, they were full of enuie, rayling, and 
gainfaying ail that Paul and Barnabas had taught. So «- 
gainc, Paul faith to Eiymas; O thou that artfullofallfub-l 
tiltie and inifchiefe. And it is written of Saul Kingoflfra- 
el,whofohighlie hated andpcrfecutcd Dauid, yetlie(aid ; 

i.$««.»7. J*ehold,Iki>owtlutthoufhaltbeKing, and that the king-. 
»•• dome of rfracl rtial be eftabliHied in thy hand: by thefepla- 

, cea itiicleafe, that their confeiencc and heart,filled with 

enuie and malice, doo make them with all greedincflTc, tQ 

commit abomination. And according as they hauc thud 

c^ftoffGod.foGod agaiue hath caft off them, and giueft 

them vp to ijheir owne vile affc^ions : fo that it ii come vn- 







iht^kmheHtbrm: Cap. 6. 

to them, according to the old prouerbe : The dogce is re- 
turned to his vomite ; and the fwine that is waibed, to the , 
wallowing in the mire; their hearts are as fat asbrawne, 
that they cannot repent j and their faces as braflc, that they 
cannot bee afhamedi and therefore their finnc i» written 
with an yron penne, and grauen with thepoynt of a Dia- 
mond, that it may bee kept in remanbranc^ jMfbre the 

And heere againe weefee;thejyj|ll^n(ciences that 
tremble for feare oftheir tranfapjPbrand mourne all the 
dayforfeare oftheir finneygHRyare fofarreoff, from the 
ftnne againft the fpirit^jpfli, that the ipirit cricth in their 
behalfc: Comfor|j||ponafortyce my people (faith your Efa 4<xi.* 
God) fpcako conffoctablie to lerufalem, and crie vnto'her, 
l^^^j^pftre is accomplilliedjand her ini<^uitic is pardo- 
ntmHM hath receiucd of the Lord double for all her 
finne. Their g^odlic fotrowc hath brought foorth their re- 
pentance, which is vnto faluation; and whereof againe, 
they (hall neuer repent them. Neither let them here be dit 
couraged with the examples of Efaujiudas, oi any ibch, 
who may feeme to haue been forrowfull } for they were 
notforrowfuU for theiirinnes,asititplainhe tenitiedofE- 
fau, that he contemned his birthright, but they lamented 
their ruine and condemnation : ncitner did they loue God, 
but hated their owne puniOiment: neither did tiieyilriue 
againft finne, but gauc vnto it a kingdome, with power .md 
will to ferue it. But we that fetle the lawe of the fpirit, ftri- 
uing againft the law of the ftclh , and in all our finnes can fay • 
with S.Paul,that which wee would not doo,that wee doo : 
fuielie^ wee know no fmne againft the holic Ghoft : wee are 
finncrs, but as Paul was, though our iinncs be moe in num- 
ber, and greater in weight j yet God out father, through his 
fotmc lelu Chriftj doth pardon vs^ aod fprgiue vs all our 

I tran^ 



tranrgreOIons. Kow,bende all this thatwehauehetherto 
fpokcn, to conclude, let v« fee the word it felfe by which 
this finne is named: it is named thefinne againft theholio- 
Ghoft, not againft the Godhead of the holie Ghoft j for the 
fame God is alio Father and Sonne j nor againft the perfon 
of thelwlic Ghoft -, for it is no greater than theperfen of 
the Father, and ofthc Sonne; but it is to finne aeainft the 
graces of thr%mivvithin vs, and fo to finne agamft them, 
that wc conccmnniuUcfpifc them, tread them vridcr feet, 
accompt thcin propW fcl^nd malitioudie carrie them a- 
waytoallwantonneflTe. Iml^n it finne againft the ho* 
lie Ghoft } in a continuall sP^M||jc^and gcnerall falling 
fromGod, to finne againft thinewiteiomcience, fo that 
thou dcfpife the graces of God which h« HHl|iuen thee to 
the fctting out otitis praife,and turne them to m9ttm§Uft 
of his maicftie and glorie. Now, a word ortwo,t«^Sv« 
this finne by examples, and fo we will ma^e an end. Our 
Brft exampleJet it be Satan himfelfe,and the Angels which 
did fall with him : how could they bebuth'ghtened which 
dwelt in the prcfcnce ofthe father of light? and what out- 
ward temptation could they poffibliehauc, which neuet 
hadencmiebcfidethemfclucs? nothing could poifiblie be 
in thefe,but an apoftacie,or falling from God j after which, 
the malice oftheirowne mind didfccke to rob God of his 
glorie, dcfpifing hisgoodnes, and withholding the honour 
which thcykncwc to bee due vntohim for their creation : 
thHs finning againft the fpirit of God, they were caft downe 
into horrible death J neitner dideuer God giue vntothem 
a rcdccmcr,bv whom they arife iigain through repentance. 
Other examples are not eafilie found, which are deare and 
manifeft before vsj yet in many,fome appearances are, by 
which we may iudgc, and not lightlie bedcceiued. Cainc 
flue his brotjifir Abel, and wherefore did he Hayhim^ be- 





t theEpinietotbeHehms. Ctp.S, 

caufe his brothers works were good, and his were euill. A 
horrible finne, to hate not the man,but the venue of the 
(nan, and to hate it fo deadlic,thatthe bond ofbrothcrhood 
could not pacific it : neither did he this of ignorance, /♦j 
God infttufted him, bad him leaue off his anger, and^ vp 
his countenance j why ftiouldhe bee malicious to iris good 
brother I neither was heeprouoked by any ouMfard thing 
vntoit jfor Abel was obedient to him, asjuKWer brother • 
neither did Abels vertue hurt himjiuililit in well dooinc 
he might be alfo accepted : buu|Mf^or of finne , who 
wrought mhismaliciouslieggGrtd^him haue no regard 
of all this : one purpofeJ^^P, and that he held, except his 
brother wouldbe^gKlie would haue no peace with 

*^ AoQibtt IWttple ^ee haue in the Scribes andPhari- 
lew*! mey idiewe Chrifteame from God, and that his mi- 
racles were wrought by the fpirit of G O D : and as Pilate 
iuftlie accufeih thefti, of enuie and malice they fought to 
put him to death y their eonfcience accnfed them in aR thcic 
doings i they corrupted ludos with monie, to betray him j 
they hired againft him falfewiineflcsi they bribed the Ibl- 
diers after his glorious refurrcaion, that yet they (hould 
fay,hisdifciple$ ftole hJm away by night. 

This great, wiifull, malicious working againft the Sonne 
ofGod, of men vtterlie fallen away from theliuingGod, 
ourSauiourChrift calleth it finne againft the holic Ghoft. 
To thtfe (I thinke) wee may adde lulianus the Empcrour 
who for his moft wiifull renouncing of the Lord Iclli , is • 
eaUed to this day the Apoftata, who was accomptcd at the 
firft,as Hilariuj calleth him, a gratiou. and rdigious Empe- 
rour, but after being fpoiled by philofophie and vaine de- 
cat, he began to accompt the word of God tobee but foo- ' 
Ijlhncsjperfccuted the profeftburs of it with many mocks 





• « Hr4<%i (fM, Veering <vpon \ * 

and taumti (liitthcyniuft dooeood for euill,and bleflTt 
«yhtfe tbcy were cittftd ) tnd all hii life made • mockc of 
CbH(l,caUinghirn in reproach thaCarpentanronne, and 
ibf man ofGalilidffor no occafion but oneUa for this, be- 
le vf ould malMoudia ftrlue againft Cbrift, u pUinly 
•p|MH|£th in his laft wordsi tiew eueo dying , when he lifted 
hit rtiliW|o the heaucni and faid i O man of Galilie, now 
thou haftflMu viftorie. 

Thui byi<«lB|k|ih aue (hewed thiCi which before we 
heard in th^ worJ^VMirume againflt the holie Ghoft, it 
tgenerallapoftacietlllli^^ltKh wilfuUmalice and an 
vnrepentanc heart to ptfH|U|j> trueth vnto the endi 
from which rinnerdearelitti|n||Lwe are bound day- 
lie ro pray that God efhismercie W^lillM|||v«fin:efrom 
Ittfo in th< name of God 1 dareptomift w]^MLth*tM 
manyofyouaafearc at theremenbraitct oCit^lMNM 

Aire from it, a* the Eaft ii ftom the Wtft t tor thii 
,,, finneiiamockingtndrcofingatthetbnntof 
^Bd}iti*notawecpin|and mourning, 
UtA you (hould faflinto it. Now 
{, letvipray.Kc* 


' ■. '\H '■I 

(.1 ■. 'I ^j 

1 i!ii'' 

M'-- ■'- 

, Bricfe and nccefsaric 

^ Catcchifmc or InftruAion, very 

nccdfuU CO be knowne of all 

Whereby they may teach and in^ 

ftrua their family in fuch poynts of Chri- 
(lian Religion a« i« mow mectc. 

^ yyithfr^tftttt*t\>ejme*dioyni»i' 


pSALME. 54- II. 
C^m cMinn^ifVtn vnf mtt^ I will tuthp» thefisn 

^* '^ ' LONDON. 

Printed by W. laggard. 

■i * 

To the Reader, 

TT Aal n« be nMt/Tary for mee(moft louing Brethren') to fl.ew any cm . 

!to!. 'U [";""•;.'"' ''''"g '<> tec common by my pri.intc adnice s or »s i 
^w;ur »?,?(• *" T"" '""'•' "*"•""?• P« '" ''"'■« *«i«« "• "hid, 

h!f l,£h ;,«! ^r i^'P "'" *i*' ''■°" "'"«'' 8"'''^"'= •" J 'l"l J''>i vanity, 

[mM J^l fi . ffl' *"'' '""'' '^.'^ '""' '^^ ^"'^ ■• wh«nml.itude o. blokci 
f« of .11 fin & abhomiDatjonsIiaue now Hlled .lie world I Nothinnfochil. 
d.l», nothing fo».l,K nothing (o w.nton.noth.ng (oidlr.Which i, noib<»th 
MdJy p. imed&pI.ufibly..fcn,rotl.,.herinwchaurl«ltiHcd.he wicked 
n«6fo«r (oreU.li.r.,&ouert.'ktn ,h„„ inihtir (in,: They had .heh i-.- 
of Warwck.Arthur of the rt,Od t.hk.Huon oi BurJ«.x ,0..ue. ol the C.v 
flel.ihe fours fontof Aymot»,& . great inanv other of (uchch.Uilh folly. 

gl«rre,P.fonc.Robm.hood,Adam bclLFr.cr Ru(h,d,e ft>o!ek ot Gr.th,i,n * 

a thwirandliicbpther And yet of aJtheieWueihefltoft drunken inuco* 
t,on^w,th wh,ch they fo defiled the.r feftiu.l Sc high Hol.da,e..ihelfkLn 
dary.ihetr Samt. Iiue.,their talet of Robin good fcllow,*'ma^y other fpi - 
t.t.,v.h.chS.th.nhadm.d. hel h.dp.inteS.ac were wa'tVanJ^d tof.Tc vn- 
der the Pope. priu.ledhVe,,„ti„jj, j, „,„, i,,,,,,^^ ^ ^^^, of ftpetftition. 
^ac at hrt It niig it flame out into the lire ofpurgatory. » hefe were in th J 
former diie. thelubtic rteight. offithan tooceupy C:hr.ft.an wi« in Hca. 
thci» tantadet And we « men that cannotlcarn wiftd.we by any example 
ro kfep oui felue, (rfl hKm,l*t a« though the wickedncofour fmefa.he. . 
wejt not yet .il.wc w.l make vp the.r niea(ure,& fet vp (hnne. to the word 
ol tH.and ,he w.ningi ot al hi. Saints, which our lore faih.r»had call 
out bl alho,K,r,th«t their ownedreame. & illufioni iri.^ht b. had in price 
To ihi. ,>u,, p ,.<■ fi rrnw) wee l.aue aiuhipl.el for cm iduc. fom.ny ncwe 
dch*lu»,tl.a. wc n.icht iufVilw the id^^latrou. fu^rft.ti 3 of the eldei wo, Id. 
To *.s pu.pole welim, printed v. manyh.udy P»k.( I am lo.h ro vie luch 
» loiihlome word.liut ,»,„ „ „ „„, fi, ^naugh fo. I . v le endei.ot s . f To 
thi^ (.uipofe wc hjue potten our (ong^ and fcnetsour PjIIjcc* ol plealure. 
our vnchaft lable,,& tragediei.aiid lucl, likt (orccru-., moe then any m,,a 
i*ty reckon^ Yca,lomc hauc bm fo inipudcnt,a> new b«n Mtwbtte., which 
wallbw in iheir own vomit,ind haue not bin aOianied to intitic th. ir boots 
*ill,^^^ "I Venui, the CaHlc o loue, and many other anhanielelfc ai 
thele O that rherc were • nor.g v. lome lealou* tphdinn,,thM book . ol (o 
grea| vanity m ght be b,.rned v... 1 he fnirite ol Go J wrough. ... then, fo 
Blig^ti J that they c<nitf ned the p. ice o. (i. grca. inK,UHV,.n one Citry..hat 
•( orte hrc diey brought together the books.valucd at two ihotifand nu.ks 



ju „..rh<-mal«fonfe. O happy llght,»n<l deare u Aeftinbe»iBet,if 

IV '*^"SJfy^*cifice"^ he place itfelle doth cr.ueat,& holdeth vp apr 
IX with fo My » "5?"^,^. J- rj gr j_o Lord thou att able to wo.ke what , 

So re^mpLnce thine eue.niesM.hey h.uereeompe.|cedtbee.Ot old they 
K.?,n,?he wtitine» of the Prophetsana in their age« toUowing.they depat- 
'e no^ ^ Sa, of their ^athc'i. .but g.ue the hoJy labor, ot thy S«nn ^- J^ ^ 
Into amcs,now let v. lee the iuft reeon.pence of anger and make our good ^^JI'^'Z. 
Hr the inftruement. to execute thy iudgeiuents-We haue now long e • '^'J^'^" 
S pUycawithour ownefanck.. Lord...(eyp .gaine thy wordeinto «• Mr^ 
K.>«ourei«m.y beoecup.edinholy rea.<inB,. Andyoomy deareM P'^**' 
bteihren that are yetinba.taile to fight.gainftSath.n.pray and ctafe not 
ih, God .^^^^^^^ may be exalted tnoti. ducs,th.tfath4nm.y be troden ru- 
de! fg^t.tnd that the wo.dofGod,theft.ongwe.poaof our ftr.ie may bee 
Ru.^nto.hch.ndsol.l. .ha. theirUue.m.ybeeiufatety. Anibeper- 
Iwadedof thi..that .here i. noone thingmore enemy to the word of God, 
hen thele vaine & f.nfuU imaginauonioloutown vnbt.dled wit., which 
hauenowfillcdlo m.ov volul^c^ And therefce Itruft 1 can deletue .« 
blatue to aduenture the letting forth ol thiMhor. ■nftruft.on.f.th my defire 
TZy toaduanceGod. glSty.&ed.fiehi.poore Church, .h....yetro 
coieted in datke ignorance : when foiua..y haue found leaue to (pread •> 
brTad .heir labort! .hat haue no other plealute dien of fin and w.cked.*.. 
Now for that I haue taken ypon me, to fet lorth vnto many tbu infttua.- 
,n.b<».ew.thme 1 bereechyou,andpray to God, that wee may altogether 
hold thehumblencnWmind that waimChrift lefu, that wee be not wife 
in our owne conce.t,nor tbinke ol our felue. aboue that wh.th i> conueni- 
ent. but acknowledging the blindne. of cur heart, and the ignorance in 
which we «e botn,we may fay with the moft happy Ap^ftlc wee haue bo- 
thing that we haue not teceiued.And of many other ,1 do wi'hngvprofcffe 
i,,l am the leaft,but by the graee ot God.l an, that I am. ScItrulVhi. grace 
ii not in vaine in m».Btt. thi. tha. 1 here f rcfent vnto the Cbutth ol Ood,l 
bau« not done it alone : but another tai.hfuH Ut)urer m the wo.keof the 
Lord and a good brother u> Chr.ft lefu.whon, God hath endued with gtesc 
knowledoe.and blelTed with much vnderftanding.he had, taken the gtea- 
ttO paine,a.,d iheg' eaieftftu.tmull g.owotlm labor.. So that I hauc not 
aducmured it of my lelfe, but haue onjy bin an helper of another man* la- 
bour.And tlie caufe that ha.h mowed me, is fuch, Oiat hath made tbe chU- 
dren of God eoe n to faint in their moB. i>ing,vnull they lee the g. ea. mer. 
cie. ol God to take away the caufe o» their griefe :we lee the great ignorace 
in which the people arc euery whcr couercd in the cloud, of datknes,inore 
the the d»rkne.ot Eg.pt.whichhaue loouerftiadowcdthf.ihat the hlht ol 
AeGofpelof the glory of Chnft.whois the nuige of God,it doth hardly ot 
i,otata\n,i[)eintheirvnbelieuins harts. Scarce one of a great maoy can 
giue an account of their faitb,yet S Peter requireih it of euery Cbr'llian. » pj,_ ^^^ 
A very fmalnuWci haue tafted ol the beginnings ol the Gofpcl ol Clw JR.« 

A » ye« 

• ■. " I 



know m,du„g o( h "way o m^w/l?Pf '? '''"' 7'" ^' " «>i.'n,Bht.& 
*iiitrft«ndiiw!.,|,en ihii i. o>t m,!^ , V"^?». '" ""wdci without 

whM ao. wt .hen cl Sc d fjy S.t^Lord .7''" "' ""[.l?""^'- '^"'^ 

h«d (o .g,», an, M,fHftc!^X „,»1,±1 '"^ ' *" '"" Nation which . 
vptwoiwf our lelucj m K» ft.iu-, ukL 'i«>d,A,;n we haae f« 

•9 w» 10 Rucke « cJou4 (p rcid oiim their manncri.that the tulnefle 

To the Reader. 

, ...e-„e« wt« not eafily feen-But we haue the light that h itli made all 
•?;" „ n„nifeft, tr»d the Sunne hath rtiincd.that hath difdofed iniquity, 
< f„ hie there hath «ot beene among vs any Popifh Ptieft fo drunk, nor any 
\ Ale-ho"!"' Chaplin, atfoch a perpetuaU triKe with hi. drinking po... thji 
CadiBofsibly purchafedloniuch dilctediietohijbeUygod,&kitchmlaith, 
,, our dumbe dag(!e. and guide.,do daily multiply aaainft the God of Ifta- 
el and the faith of his annoy nted,ouroncly God and Sauiour. Itgtieaeth 
me to reoicmber.and loatheth me much more to reheatfe the eftate of the 
miniftration imo which we are faln.Wc haae good tine now to complaine 
with the I'ropeclike ptsple, like prirli : fcucn the fame couerinr, of Ifrael 
that Ihadowed then their glory, they hauelpreadthemfeluea ag.itieas the t.^* »-4t- 
Hcauem.and are come ouer our head in foyeat a ttmpeft ot blind-iei & 
ignorance, that they haut (hakcn the toundations of all our comfort. Wee 
law indeedc Hdkiamot dit<, the glad and plealant daiti, in which our hope 
ftiincd.whcn firft out happy goiiernmtnt turned away our lorrow<^s,bi ake 
the yoake ot Antichtift,delluci ed vi from the power of darkne. and tarri. 
edviamoni; the SainwofGod, into the kingdome of light. But our hope 
hath fine e fufter. d a gi eat eclipfc.for the (ulni ffc ot her beauty .(fuch hath 
been the malice if Vathan.) He aittmi ced agaiiUt vs eurn at the fird, hit 
Koft peftilent praaifr,and hath brought acfoniingly hit purp. ft to effeft. 
When Cod had turned the will of the Magiftrate, and inclined hii eare to 
vnderftaivling : when hee had giuen yntohim courage tofcatier the ene- 
nit I of hi< truth,and planted t. ue <care in hi« hart to eAablidi hit gofpell, ^c" " -y 
dicn the fubtlo lei pent which had turned al hlj dcuifei bithcr,he bent his tx». ib.i ». 
vit>lencr,e( thu counlcl plealcd him beft: To corrupt the priefthood,who 
Ihould inftrua the Prince by ff'*» 8t Thmim, that if thus he might darken Nu.x7-*>- 
the lighiof the peopletitmightbethe more e«lie,tolejde them out of the 
way.Then he emred again, 8t with moieloccefl'e into hiifitftaffiluwher. 
wiihhetfpted once our Sauior Clitifi, he robbed the mlniHcrofhisblef- 
fed hope in the prouide nee of God,& made him feck the wayes ful of vile 
(hanie to gf t hu bre ad.Hc hanged befoi e hn eics another vailc of pomp 8c 
vanity ,that he could not with open cuutenancc (ec C hrift.but followed the 
prtfent pleafureithatbtttcr liked hira.AndIo tirft woQding thchead,ihc m 
feftion hath giown fmce into the other parts of the body ,ihat now almoft 
there is nothing but wmindsand lwflling,8c forcifulof (foriiiptlon.Loake 
where wc will among tl\L peoj le iil the Lord.and how hardly llial we finde 
Ae dwellin^ plicc ot ihc g'ldly I'aftoufll lercroy wei e riow ahue.he wold Ierem.9.i. 
take vp tgiinc hiiold complainti,(0 that my head were full o! water ,and 
mine eici a fountaineof learti, that 1 might wcepe day and ni^lit, for the 
flain of the daughter of my people.)For lo.)k what sgrecme nt haih i ightc - 
oufiie<,wiili vniichieoufnei, and whit fellowfliip hath light wiih daiKnc, 
what concord Chrift wiih Bel •>l,orwhat part the brleeuer with the infidel: 
the lame fociety it between a great ni'ib' r of Enjlilh Pji fti & Vicar«,with 
the true Preachers St Mimftcrs of the Goljwl.Ytur feluci good C\v iftian 
(ocompUinc Th« true Miniftct nthcSahof the earth, to dry vpioniipt MJ -S- I- 
I A J »nd 




To the Reader, 

JT . '-^'T' 

mih?If?? J T'"^r'°Pr''^"«*«'"l>ftan«p«rc, rfutdie world 

w,L ,£ r!L'''**"'^';V'^.""°^"''- B""" Vicars ana Cur«5. /, 
we haue feme oi Aero y«of tht old Moiiowmafc P, lefts, whoJefalt is fo ^ 

t M ^/» "^"u "'?T " 'V.*" ^« I'opift Pridthood is no«l ing tor 

a M.n,tterohh.gofpc).And therefore .hey dM.h«cnot openly fe^fScoJ 

th«,and haue giuenajiew proirife vntoCh.ift.they may wel haue theli- 

Marh , ,. "-nS^butihcycarnctbe the perfon. whome God ba.h called, noryetthe 

Math.r.14 fait "ofenfon his elca-& chol^n. The .rue M.niftcri, the lighcorTh/Sd 


e.^theftepsofagreatnyn.ber,howetowalk vntoCbrifti.bBt what day- 

lightl bclcech 5 ou,(hmc.h in the Miniftc.s of oim making ? They arebei 

Mat . 10 ''K5'r'^''uT.'^°""P«'°"'''^'"'"'»'«l'"°«j4'=oftHe^ord 
••'^•^^idnhevrhould d^enceymo other.. The.rueMinilUri.a filW 
mcn.hy wfcoa, .he pariO. is fti, red vp ,o Jl loge.to God iirft.and then mu- 
r« IrT '°. "°^";.'^* *' P«fon.now haue either the r net. fob"o. 

a woeful d.fpe.l,o„ b -th of Prieft and people.How many examples do we 
fee of a cont.nuall dU.ipatjon^in fute. & con.rouerfiesUhe P.rlVn agai^ft 
the Vicar,,he Vicar againft the Patfon, .he Parifl, againtt both, and one a- 
ga.na ano.hcr,and aRfoctbe beJly.Amongwham.nei.her people.Parfo^ 

Lord doethhue,tlus ., no other hfhing, butto fuffcr .fat roar.ngLyon to 

M«.».i 8. ° ft 3t M^'ff-r ^u"'*",," ?' 'y' °'^'»'« l^Jy. *= workman ol .hehar- 
» Com. I . A *T. f *'^"8'^ *« "^'"'' ^^n'o ^he Marriage,.he Pn.phet that telletJ, 

1.?, Mir T i •**" '^"'^ "P"'"?** *' ^'*'*' •■""«"' 'hat cecupicth 
Chrift toalIpeople,thedclpefersofthemy«eriesofGod^,c Steward .Lt 

.^heS."o!l of r^^'^'ri" '\'. "''''"« °' '•>' »'ou<ho.a!i..he iSce o' 
fl«?.3, of«pod.ton.ake theobla.ionof hi. flocfce acceptable. the Mini- 
net by whom .he people dabf leeue.thc Uborer. of God to til his busbaii- 

Schtl^.h?'''!^"'."'"^^^'^.'^''**''''"^"''*'''' Church 
wmch he bath purchafcd w.th h.s blood.But alasind woe for y, . if we ca> 

iipeait the truh, & God mhis good lime wil Biue Y« eie. to fee his iuJPB. 
^•'-'* fca?c'LoTr ' '"'t "' •"k"""''^"*' '•"^ "^"^ luch" Minlfte^o" 


A..««AenAewetke hearted ,ardraife them vpinlic»pe fHewuft/wAS. 
S' Tc auft be apt toteach .ha, is.m.de Minifler : butwee haue made 
^ui^faviS true, 0«»r/«w«fc.k/ ;<»«». they are wee may fay, they arc 
i *'t^S .he ^ougWrhat dwel in the parfonage.Say the ApoUle what 
?/th&ker.Euen .hu..tis,bothhigh andlow ..inany asGodhathfe. 
fcAthe n.a»er comVlaioe of .t.1 hey fay alio with leremy The Urem-t . •• 

led wuh a S"'^ 'r«''';'^ LMd » and t .ey that Should minifter the Law, 

r..MM time I will prorfiefie ynto thee of wme. andx)f ftrorg drmke, 
W^o»l?u^^ d e teft^onies,.hcy cannot sk.U.So he«.y is.he band 
A,^ of happy feeding,bod» beauty andbands :&giuenm-fteadot .hem, Zadui.iJ 
Srumrm of a f«^Wh (heepheird.and hathraifedysyp Paftors which 
r^tf „^ for the thiw that are lo{^,nor fe.k the tender Lambs.nor heale 
S hatifbut-Kthatthatifandeth,y. A«f/>«^7J«-i x.Or.M, 
h^Ulv fay f God himfelfe beingour warrant; that .he If. ael of he Lord,H 
,W.. LVl'^W Bat fo.Se pirhap. will thiiie ihi« con.pla.nt to bee 

f eatm^y one«ned.ndgodly Miniftet, va.oys.cuennowe.ngreata- 
CEas i« any age b'efore v..Moft certam y '/-«« '•j^'^'tt^, 
r«fed yp in our daycmen ot fingula. hope, h.U <>^"«"*«B; ^'X' * 
Wt^eain young yea.e^.th (hinedfat abeoe the gray ba.res ot .he r fore- 
f.A«.!&oU we were halfe thankfuU enough tor fo man. old^^^ 

Ss The i^ of .he whole ear.h,«.a the gUdncfle of all .he wt>rW.'h» '. 
Slueifed&eot tbeGorpeU.it m.nethnot,li.tle.uen^^^^^^ 
M.ce..The Lord increafe d»em in a thoufand thoufand lold.Sc-g.ue them 
Se lU. fpki. that they may be greater then aU h.s enemies, and ab.dc 

-attiftratemay be glad,- heir (ellowe* maybe enc«uraged..he people may 
be tCS may bauehope,f.nne may be abolifhed. Idolatry ,ootedo«, 
SKSwHcfaihin trodendowne,hcllmay be con.ounaed..he 
Cofcdmay encreale.r.gh.eoulne. may (hine, andGod may haue .he glo- 
i; ?hSei, 'he fmL of our Ufe,and d>ere is not .n the wotld a be.rer 
?mrion This we haue chofen,and in this we wiU dwell, vmiU the h.lnclle 

haue made our waies^gerous.True .t ...many men are B' "'Jy » ^ ^, 
WtLbut .hi. i. as true.£ere is none fo good, but fathan will feeke to fid 
^m N^ Lot Aaron,Miriam. SampIoS,Dauid, Maitha,Mary,mcnand 
rXtnot one of thefe whom fathan woundednot,yeaaWoftyntod<a,hu 

TheWgloriou. ofaUmen lubieS yn.ofmne. ^»\^^*^^'^l'^^ll''^ 
yet h^wafdirownedowne into great confuf.on. SothatdieSaimsofGod 
(fix fo I Buftl may caUtbembtcaufe ol ihcir great gifu) the Samtt I ^ 


To the Reader, 


I Car.4.t. 

Pro v 

lh« Ood batb feni vnto v«, they banc txett eutk to «>«■• ... ^^ / . . 

are of comrno,] aflilt, and tuen at tbh prelent, one about other fhS ^ 
a^ Aeufaid,.Sathan hath rent afunder the glory of our Miniflcrv^^^^^^ 

the Sunne, yet the glory ,s fo aaikned vnto mo tal eit* Jw/ln 1! v v. 


aga.« the captiuity o. 4^, a^dbuiW v;th?;:S^^^^^^ 


Ai.re««dy,tharone »an ftouldhaue««y SneficL A^dl^V '°"^ 
reproach..notJi.Ue.bute„en.he namehft^S^/ine .,S^ 
wa.rt«rp.rron,nnaiftcr Vicar, Sir Iohn,apar.fl,Prieft&cA«i^ .1^1 

r.ns. Loe,this« the vcfTeU ofpoyronTh^S"„Ei?aJ^t°"lf ^ 


. ..«efation.But yet the looe of ricbw»nJ jorgedosihew of ho"or ha* 
togeneranoruDu '.., ^^y lee not their flotke, nor care 

« yron pen,or a clav» ofadamam that wc couW "V^jf^S" «: J.*"'"^'^" 

'^ ^Kr.nce diat we haue bound oir faith vnto the fpir:tof God.that he 

i.XaS" JrtSaion o. his people and that d^cy «e the F'cc 

orthebloudofChrift, would make vsatthe lall to loue our doty,that ine 

lunne and Mo' ne Wuldbe imamcd 01 the lound of NA «M»^ 
name oTthe Parlon(hauUI be o<liou« vnto ys, that Would take vponhim a 
no tiiudg."***'"* God.gai«ftbimtbaUnae.h th'w.ekedmann al -3 
d,c in h.s finne. but hi. bloud (h Jl be requ..rd at ,h. hand, "^ j^^' ""S^g;"' 
P.ftoor. Aad the ApolHe to the Hcbtewei.fp^king oJ the fauhlul M niHet. Heb.I J<I7. 
iiirh That thev watch oaet tb« foulei ol thoU that ate commined vnto then,, 
« K ha X-.«ount tf any of them P-fl>. « ^efe '*o b< luffi tent 
witncfle,that 'cclrding to the Law the tnictb ihould bee .ftecmcd, by their 
word mol» cett^ne it S.th.t our ncRligeot Paftort, vvhohaue cou.red them- 
fe!uci ras SalorooaUyth) with thicke day, and multiplyed then benefices nl 
th.ybe many inWmber.tbey mnft needa thii>kc they ha« an beauy account 
aeunft the day of Chiift. Nci bet gcJd nor Cluer, nor the pnd» ot honc>ur, 
fhaU be acceptable in ftcaic of the loula of then bretSrtti. ^But lo •! ii,vhey 
ate fliat »p in blindncffe^d God ha* couercd them with a fp.ru ot Oambcr, 
and ihty aie (et down inthe cbuofcUof the mock-it* dcpifct., wh.ch Uy «o 
muchre.otity.Whiiturheproniifdot hitcommiogf O cu.Ud law ot liber- 
ty, ttal hath lo dulled ihrit fpirit.and oh bottomleflc p.tte. and kel oi whore- 
domes, out af which fuch a fV.qking fuoU .coniieujlly breath: th et Plui ab- 
tiei, 1 oiquoti, and all traoner otFaculiid. ard dmnken drrgi ot PopiQi ab- 
bominationi. O Lo-d God we befeech thee mult ply thy b'efaings ye« more 
vpoQ rhine aooynred and cholen fciuaoti. Leadetherainioths middeltol 
thy Sanftuary, that they may drinketul ot thy lou ng kodnefle. And enrich 
ihem lo farre with all thy blciiiagf, that they may fee with thy Saiuti, what 
is the height, jhe breadth, the length, the depth, and how »nle.irchab!e it the 
tichcJ ot tdy gloiy, ih.u h ift alone iromottaliiv, and dwelled inlight which 
flMllliinciot'euer. That thy maoifolde snercie? which ihou hal* iiiultif>liei 
wto them, may bee made peiteft in that falocfle ot fpmtc, vntil ihey (hal lay 
tntoihetilelufi, cued with the zeale of that noble l'ioph;t and Km;;: 1 wil pfa,iji.4. 
not luff^ t mvne eyes to flcep.nor min« eye liddes to fl jmbcr.vi ul : hjuc cau- 
led thu Liod which thou halt blefled , to ^pue out fie lutteiting ot ib» deadly 
poyion. OLoidGod,ihjuthat ail aM-.biingthii good thing lopalft.lctnot 

out Ooflcs Itpaiaic bttwecac yi and thy go odnclTc, but open ihioc cares vmo 
* , our 




1 . 

'' TotheReaderl 

oor pra]en,andpa(ireout(by cornf ailion vpon v«, thatwe and oui Kuleri 
may all reioyce and fing together wjth thy Saints in the ApocaLpt, y<&i«- 
Apoc.ip.t. »(iA,faluat4on,andgloryjandpowtrbetothcr, O Lord our God:t'ortiue 
and righteous are thy iudgeoients, and thou hall condemned the great 
whorewhichdidcorrapt the earth with her foinieaiion. Andtherefoie 
makcn by coDOBuaily AUtlHitJi, andherfiuoakektitiifc vploreucr- 

Farcwel (good Chriftian Reader'Jand Torget not thyduty,to blefTe them 
with diy pr»iers,who haue falefied thee with liberty, and heipe ihtm to the 
glorious triumph of the gofpell ofChrift, who haue broken trom thy neck, 
the yoake of Anticfaria,tbat they may long rule widi righttoufncfle^ 
with peace & with ioy in the holy Ghoft,whofe gouernmcnt 
D*(b made thee free from the bondage of Egypt.fron 
the fpitituall B«biIon,from Pope & papocic, 

jWhichihame hath (hadewcd,& Ihal , ,1° 

I . aithelaftdorcitvp ,_'■" 


From my Chamber, the 
»a.of Aprill.i/7i. 

w. - 



Butty trtauripmatbutftbtr, MJtfamlttk'mfMUflmtittthit 
tfibt f^iritjuiea tw dufifji in mftlmjimtmifm At tidopim, am 


flTricfc Catechifmc, contayninga declaration of the 

'"iSy onc,bcfore thef be ,dt«iued to the Lords 

Queftion, , 

WmHffhechieffn thinzr^hicheutri one ought 
Anfwere. ~ . r 

^,,r,Kr f r. bee moftcarefuU of thele two aM.M<.i» 

,^ . P ^cometolifc euerlaftine. Secondly nowt ,^ „. 






™tli generation ofthVm ri 1?? "" """ "'e ll*d fc 
con,ma„ie„,„,„ ™' «>« Io„c „,„ a„j ^ '-^y 

•*A fe nomei,, vain,."" ™""''* l»m goildJe rf,„ 

5- Honour riivFarK. . . 


I Bering, £. 



for ChrBhn Housholdtrs. 
p . Thou Hialt not bearc falfc witnes againft thy neigh- ^ ^^,^ ^ ^^ 

bovir. lit .- L Mat.To,57. 

No Thmiflink not couct thy neighbours houlc, thmi bMai.i.* . * 

n«lt not couct thy neiglAbors w.fe, nor his man fcnunt, M... .0.8. . ^- 
,161 his maydc,norhis Oxc,norhis AfTc, nor any thing 1^ 

thatishis. «'' <ifc -' 

Chum'st hthefirJltmmMJtme^t. ^IW^ 

^^^.l.^ hou (Iralt hauc none other Gods but tt»c. , ^|;;; j^ 

Q^x.H'kititthtmfimng^fthisctmmsndement} ,_»;•♦•<• 

An. IheLordGmlfttaightlydurgcdi vsinthisftrft eUu,.,..;. 
comniaundcnicnt,thatwc worOiippc.God alonc,vv iicli g^^g , 
worHiipftandethinfourepoynts. t'irft,thatv'ce4loiie tfay ,.... 
God alioue all. Secondly , that we h fcare God abouc all. ^ ^^^^ ^ 
1 liiidlv,that we make our prayers to t none but to tiod. ^ ^^ ^ -^^ 
Fourthly, that wee // acknowledge God alone to bee the a«. , , .x ,. 
guidcr and gouemour of all things r,of whom we recen.e 1 •;;;•. *.^ 
allthcbcncfitswehauc,andthercforc that/wc trultami , ,„h., ,». x 

ftayvpon him alone. . f^'y^^M! ' 

Qx\,l¥h*tisthtftttndttHtmtndemmti iIcoim. 

An. » Thou fhalt not make to thy fclfc any graucn k,o. j,.. ♦■ 
Image, orthelikcncf|-eof any thmgtlrat is in he.n.cn a- o--'-.- 

bouc,?ec. , J ., ti^oHt. 

Q^x, Whit is the memjHgtf this cnmm»nd«mtnlf ,\l\„\\l^- 

An. \n this fccoml commaundcmcnt,bc conuyncd [^^ ? ■ »;, , 

thrcethinps. ririt,thatwccnwuldnot4thjnVcGodto ,„ ,„.8.,, » || 

beceythcrl.kcmanorwoman,oranyoriiCTthing, and .j. 
therefore dut wc make no Iinaqc of G O D in any calc. ,„,,^^j ^^ 
Secondly, thatweemake no Image of any other ih.ng, m.m,^, 
cvthertoiwornMpthclnagcitrefic,eithcrGod,Samt, ,);/ i 
or AnRcU, by the Image ; ncythcryct to this end to bcc e 
die c bf ttcr put .n mind 6f God by the Image Ih,rdly, n.u...... 

that wee worihippe not G O D m any other ^ outwardc ,,,,,,,. 
worniippe,according to our own fantafics, but c as Uod 


I'.i^r. ,f . titmice die nanfe of r n?!!i /' '^"'^ -* "'«« '>iBh .r. 


^c.M.,rj,, or charming, orany S"|l ^' ^,'fch^riift,Vorcc- 

h ''^ .^'to lawftilly called . I E"" "'> ^'*" «"^ =>re thcr- 

day. '"^**'*'^^P<^holyd,cSal>aoth 

Oil ffl'i.... .1 

c nay. ^"■"""^ccpcnolydic ^ 

I To 

(Derin^, fi. 


Ko.l }.!.». 


for OhBUn Hottihliers. 

(o begin in this lifc the eucrlafting reft. 
Qii, tyf>,it is tht fffi tmmAnitmtm } 
Aii. ^ . Honcnr thy father and tliy mother. 8^c. 
Qm. iVhiiii tht mtatm^ ffthis t»mm»it^tmtM ? 
An. Ihe mcaningotthc fiftconimandcmcnt is, that ^^^ ^^ 
wc (liould hononr (that is to fay) lone, feare, obey, and , xLu.ii 
rdiCiic out < Parent* , or any other th« art vnto vs m ■ f . d 
their (If^d. Aiour* Princes, Ri.Ws, andMAgiftrates,;<!f-;j;jJ 
four PiiAors and Teachers ,cnir</ Mailkrs,andal others « 
which arc abovievs, in any calling, pUccdby God,f the L.u.i,,,t. 
aard {«. gray-headed : an^that aUfupcriors fhew them- c^l |,,i, 
iciuts indttd Pdrtnts in /dcfcttdlngand gitidingdicir ( ou .. 
inferiors. ac. 

Qu . IVhtt h thefixt t0mm.\ndtmtnt } • 

An, 6 . thou (halt do no miirther. ^;';;;'''*; 

^« . H'hit H tht mtn^tig »flhs ttmmuKtmtfH ? i" 

"■M, rirft,thc Lord God forhiddctli vs in this lixtcom- mh ui». 
mandcment, all -killing,* fighting, & rqiiarrelling,and h|.^^c^^^ 
Wrcprochcs, moA««i, and taunts. Secondly, hce tnrbjrf- , ,, j 
deth all killing in heart, that is all anger and malice,/all J^^";',';*- 
defire ofrencnge. Thirdly, on the odierlidc hcc com- m.V,,m, 
mandcthvsto prcfcruc life , by cxcrcilmg ? the workcs .t. t 
of mercy and compalsion towards onr brethren, yea c- r»>»-^o,i%. 
lien towards our enemies, fourthly, to AIouc one ano- m,,.,,, „. 
thcr inwardly in heart, as our fclucs : yea , cuen our enc- t'^-if ,7. 
mies,aiuhhemihath.itc vs. m«., 44 

J^ . what t! I hf ffiurnlh ttmmandeifunt f 

Ah. 7. Thou flialt not commit adultery, 

^ Whil IS the »Hr.iH)Pg eftlm tommtndemrnt ? 

A0. VN'ce arc forbidden in this fcauendi commaun- ^^^^^ ^ 
dement: M\ * all adirltery, fornication, and all other h ;;"*^ '.J* 
vnclcancs in our bodycs.Sccond!y,aIfvnpurc thought'. , c 

and lufts of the heart . Tbudly, all other thingcs which " m.^i 


M«.^ 44. 




■.■■■: <ii< 



r*". w 


Ef. i.t«.,. nrfTc. Fourthly, on the other rS I ' ^^yndta^. 

s E|*.^, / keeps our bod.e;i7Sj^^<5 ^' T^^^ 

'*cU iim^,thtntovtltlv.lL^f^^ 
;S- whkhlmJri.g^^^^^ 

ci>f..M,Jvin wimek bcari^ S^-^^^'^^'^^^oton- 
or hcarerhcn,ototh47^±La^^^^^^ 
Iccue any tuJl feotcn kl JfJ! ^ , '*^ "^« '^ bcc- 
_ yp'P^"'><^^thc.rbadcs,vniyiwcfalIy 

I Itnow 


know the certainty. Fourthly ,in priuateoffeccs,torpcak 
nothing, althougjiit bcetnic, tether hurting of our 
brothers good name,if by/priuatc admonition hec maiy 

Qii . IVl)At is the tenth cemmuidement f -f- 

An. I o. Thou fhalt not couct thy ncighbours4*»ifc, 

&c. ^ 

Qu. Whttis themeMing tfthisetmm^immint r 
j4m. Here tlic Lord in pfaine wgglfes <foeth forbid all 
inward dcfirc, whatfoeuer is vt^||(mull to bee done, al- 
though wcc ncucr b confcM^to it, as the rebellion of 
the flcfli,all corruptioMiWte c old inan,all ^blot of ori- 
ginall ftnne,ro diaiJifTOis commandement moftcleerc- 
Kr we mayjftHillimagc of that man that pleafcth God, 
cucn fijrfione,in whomc nothing is impure,ncithcr in 
wiilnornaturc. . 

Qu. CtHJl then fnlfia ttl thefe cmmAndementt^ wtthtnt 
tretkimgdnypneofthemf ^ , . r- j 

jtn. Thefe are the commandemcnts of almighty Ood, 
thcpcrfca fulfilhng whereof -I no flcfhcan attainc vnto, 
no, althoueh I doe al that I can : yet 1 brcakc them day- 
ly,both inthought,word,anddccd. 

Qu. Whttfnnijhment deeth G»d tpfoititftr breaking *ny 

0netfthefet r , , n. 

Jin. The puniflimcnt for the breaking ot the Icalt com- 
mandcmcnt,euenin 4thought,yca,ifii wcrcbut ^once- 
broken in all my life, is the eucrlaftingt curfc of G O D, 
Vi^ch contayncdi all the torments that can bee dcuiicd, 
both of foulc and body, and mthe Scripture is called by 
diucrs names, to cxprclTe the painc, as<^hcllhre,thc* 
- womic that ncucr dicth,/vttcrdarkncs, g burninglakc, 
Kccond dcath,damnation,and fuch like. 
Qu. itthifentthingwhich amanctn dointkuwerd.to 

Fr«. n.ii. 

• Roni.7-7. 

& 8.11. 
c Roin.7.*3 

aRotn. }.i} 

a Mjt.yt'iS 
b lim.i,io 
cGtl. {.lo. 
Deu.i7.i6. ' 
d Mat. 15. 
4 1. &i 0.18; 
c Mark. 4. 
I j.«f 15. }0 
g Apoc. i». 


b Ape,il.t 



i ^ 


»iCn,.,., poo-^c. orfuffcr my body to bcc^vvhioDed JZif 
b Pfa! ;i "«^>'^ '« not fufficicnt for one of my Icaft fins ^ 

.^». Our 9«^dccd is 4 merciful!, but hce is alfoiMft 

bo«l.Mj. -«*• ^'0"Clsablctofuf^cr^an<^«ll-*^ i 
W.M. punifl,n.c„toffin>cmgI,ti;;"^^^^ 

Rpa..8.,. .^"- The payncs which our fimdcfcruc, muftneed^ 
bee fuftred V man, bccaufc GOD ofhisTuftLe muft 

^'- God,becamealfo.man, and hath ^flUIyVS^ 
.Coi.i.z. foci'cr was due for mans finne X >"n«c<l what- 

c\tS 4n an"ft\?df '^''■^''^ '"rS^^^^ that.takehoJd 
Rom. lo^. ^*^;""'^"'^ his mcnts with a truefaith. 
&I.I6.17. ^''^''*f Cillep thpMthtstrueftith} 

^P"--- afcn^Z'vU ''"'^y^''^.'^^''^'" pcrfwafionand 
» Cor.i .11 l^'""nce ot my ^ heart crounded voon the r nromifi. ^f 

ac,.,. God,and wrought in mfby the 2holv GhnS^ K u i 
I Cor 1.1 o. am fuUv flfTJir*.^ »u L ^ r V *-'holt,whercby I 

*«^-•♦••^forSs£; thatwhatfocuerClinft hathwrought 
ma..s ^aJuauon, pcrtaincth not ondy to others, gut 




[Uerinc, ii. 

eucn e to mcc,and is wholly minc,as furely as if I pcrtot- ,„.,,. 
mcd the fame in mine ownc pcrfon. , , , ^ ,^ 

a^diPg to Gods truth fully funtlhci, mth thefunijhment 
„hich cod hith appointed for fiHnes> 

An Bv this mv true faith, I fee my finnes botli tobcc ^ . 
for^Jin & ye f^% pumfhed.for in'lefus Chuft to - fa- kC-M-- 
Scod-uftice, Aey bee ^a% punitW, andyetto b-^^^ 
meethevbce«forgiuen:becaufcinmec,theybenotpu- ,1 

Sit in Chrilfor mee, tg^^ mercj c^^;^,^ 

andthereforeihaUncuerbe^tomy charge. Inthis ,,c«.,* 

mlertherfore Ifee^^ 

^X^c^ftthoufi^dbeforeGods '^^^S'^/'^f"" 

^ Au, iVndasiuftandrighteovisbefore ^^'^^'^^f ,c«.mo 
God,notcloathcdwithmine own righteoufnefle which ^cor.^^.. 
Ihaucwrought in mine owne perfon : butwiththc* ro„ j.x*. 


w^ies,which Ifiaue wrought, buttakmgholdcvppon 
Chrifts works to be mine by faith. 

Qu. Dw/A not this mske men runne tnto tlfinne & wtc- , 

'^f No, forthis truefaith as foone as it is wrought h^;^.-. 
invs 4 through the holy Ghoft,docth frame our hearts ro„ *.,. 
finne nallmen, butcfpecially mourfcluesiandniaketh ^^^^^^^ 
;.S>hauc our Jwhole'dcbght^and ioyinthofcthuj|« .,-• 




■ ! 

iKom.4,rj ^ I ^fecejfaryinJirtiSiion 

K ,7 '''''^^i';^^"^^"° Gods will, and cauTcthvsalfo to ^ 


.-."^ Q^'Rehear/ethtJumm&of this faith. 

I^Bcleeuein God the Father almighty, maker of 
facaucn and earth. And in lefus Chrifthis only 

K.I i~u^?f ''"'■fP''^-^h»^hwasconcciucdbythc 
holy Ghoft, bom^c Virgin Mary. He fufFcrcd vndcr 

on of Saints die forgiuenes of r,nncs,thc rcfuS^ of 
the body,and die life cuerlafting.So be it. 

Qu, iVhAtts the efeff 0f this Greed* i 

.loh.,.,x. Firft":^/' Creedecontaynedi fourc cfpcciallpoyntes. 

Roa...... ™'^^«^vc^o"ghttobelccucconccrningGodiefa- 

-G"^'- onc^rn^r^^^^^^^^^ 

bR3.8.„. J?"J«n'"g God the holy Glroft. Fourthly,concernine 

I Cor.M J,. Gods peoplc,called die Church. ""tcrning 

E6.,5.,o. ^^"'.^.'"jovvhofcbody lamgrafFcdby faith, isnlt 
Qu. WhAtbeUeMfU tk^., ;_ < 


for Chriflm Housholdersl 

Off d the Sonne} 

An IbclecuethatlefiisChrift, one 4 God inliibltancc .Kota.f.f- 

/m ... ^iththeFatherandtheholyGhoft,^tookcflea.of,heioh^^^^^^^^ 

Virein,and isbccoineperfcaman,asI aminaUthings ,r^*^,, 

finnconely excepted, f and in my nature hath wrought Ma.i_ »^xt 

for me,whaTfocucr wasneedfull for my faluation. ^^^g;.'* 

^.IVhatmednelithgHwhenthffu/arejl : Heejuff^ered 

An.Becaufcthat mancr of death which m«n do lutter 
bythefcntenccofthcliidgc, andvnderthctitlcof lu- 
fticc, is more ItamcfuU, flandcrous, and terrible, then if 
a man(bould die naturally in his bed: T hcrcforc Chnft ^p^^,^,^ 
rookconhimourperfon,ko(bcw himfelfe before i an ^as 4,17. 
earthly Iiidgc, and to be ^condemned by the mouth of J Ma.i7,>* 
Jilatc,hcbeingthenludge,th3tdicrebywec mightbe ^°;^^9» ' 
cleared before the iudgementfcate of God. 

Qii, IVhtt metneil thou when thoufiyftfhrin was cru- 
cifiedydeMd^Mdhuriedl tire 

An. Firft, I mcanc in that he was crucihed,diat he lut- 
fcred* the death of the Croflc, which was an abhomi- .Lu.,,,,j 
nable and cutfed death, ^ to dcliuer mce from thecurfe bcai.j,?,. 
whichwasdueformyfinnes. Secondly, forafmuch as 
death was a punilhment due vnto man for finne,, therc- 
foreour Sauiour did fuffer death, and by fuffcring, o- 
uercamc death. For in his death doeth lye the principall 
point of our faluation,ror ifhc had not been trulyrdcad, ' EfMj,«i 
weniouldbcyctfubicatocternalldeath and damnati- f^™//,"^, 
on. Thirdly,he was buried for the more greater confir- 
mation of his death and refurrcftion . And to the in- 
tent to make it more certainly knowne vnto vs^it plcafcd 
him alfo to be buried after the common maner of men, 
and that by two notable perfonstiNichodcmus and lo- ,, j^ 
fephof Aramathia, which was doonc alfo by the will mu 

■I I 



'Mar. 1 5, 4 J 

and Luk«i},j* 

' ^'^ <>■ O^ImuT '''' !"">■'' '',"' ^''"'* ^<^''™<l''i into hell 
«"■"• i»- torment SSZ^J'Slr"*' "'S •"' *= 

dLuk..;.*^ bg^.„ ifZlu.Arf^f^^'^ ^ mifcrablc cafe had wc 

a.Hcb.9.x,.^hirl?ri; aS'"'!''^'^ ''^is death and punidmicnt 

J !:L\:\: and a fulj fatisfidion to GodKll nf r ^^^'c ''''*' 
bGal.f.M. ly.that^ashec'ici.Lf r V . y^"""- Second- 

'^■''■'-'- death T f V 'V ^^^^"dly, that as he is rifen from 
Kom,4 2j. "catn ; lo Iicc ciufeth mce n« n in/..,,k„ r u / i^ 
b Roa> «. ; . from f nn-' and I. i^^^ u '"<='"''5 ^^ him,^ to rife 
c°J. I- ' .»• IT, ' o^ ' • ? Sht in nghteoufiieffe. Thirdly his ri- 
c . Cor.. ,. ^"S ='g^'"c,.s a fure pledge . to me,that my body fl^al m 
ij.2t). liKc manner rife pgaine. ^'^^^oyinaim 

"cn^but b m his Godhcaa and comfort of his holy fp,ri t 

] , - he 


lUerin;;, ii. 

l^eiswitlivstotheeodofiheworld. - , .^. 

''^Arpfrft, Chrifthlsafccndiagintohcaucn,is afurc 
pleL' vnto mce,that 4 1 (hall in Uke manner as a mem- 
ber of him,by his power be receiucd mto heaijen, m Ac 
famcnatiire whcrcinhc afcendcd. Secondly, Chnftha- 
; -ng afcended into heauen,makcdi l> contmualmtercef- 

^'"'^jZis the msnmgcfthisiy^Chrmcfh.tthe 
ritrht hand ofGed the Father? . ,, ^ , , • 
An Chrift fitteth at the ng^^and of the Father that is, 
hath.al power giuen hi^of the Father ouer a^i thmes. 

tome to iudgethe quicke '»^'*'/''^;^, . . • • , f^„.^,. 
An.ro inec that am a member of Chnft, it is aiingu 

mylXbuthe thatismySauiour B"t terrible it W 
b/c to Lfc that flee from Chnft , b when they fhall fee 
him come to iudge them, whomethey in their life time 

'^^JVhAtheUeueJl thou in the thirdfartconccmngCoi 
' ^t^tLethatGodtheholyGhoft.fealeth vnto 
my heart all Chriftes benefits to bee mine and h maketli 
finne to die in me,and fUrreth mee vp to rightcoufneffc 

and holincs of life. ./j,i-„ 

Qu. Seeingthereisbut oneonelyGod.xphynameJltho^ 
the FatherjheSotitu,andthe holy Ghojt? 

An. BecaufeGodhad.foopened ^-^^^<^^^ ^}^^\' 
worde, that thefe three fundryperfons arc m fubft.mce 
but b one true and cucrlaftmg God. .... .,^ 

Q^.Now let vs comt tothe fourth fart^xfhat c^Hcf th<m 
y^ Bjl J"* 

I Cor. J. 7. 

b I Toh.t.». 



aMai:.t4 3t 
Mac. 15 •34- 

biThef. I. 

a Rom. 9.9. 



1 lohn ?.?. 
bi Cor.ia 








• ''c.,;r. andhath nioft.cndc SJo ^°f^^''"°^«J» them all, 

^ • Co, , , ., of (,nc head Ictus Chh/r^I,?? "^'''"'^ « " '"cmbcr, 

C»W.,,, 8. to the nnituall health and Tomf '^""""'/"'^ temporal, 
*» Cor. „. cordiiiP to the ni7,f: ''"*',*^.°'»fo't one of another ac 
^ff;V'^'•HhuL '^' ^"^"^^^'"^hwcluuercceu,edof^^^^^^ 

'^ ' ^iSat;h^^:^'rr^'^ 


" I U>h. I, t 




j"or Ctr/H/jn Homholders. 

Aun. The holy Ghoft hath appointed the preaching 
ofthcwordtobcthcordinarymcancs, whereby hce4 ^^^ ^^^ 
workcth in our hearts this true andhuely tayih, and ^^ ,y_ 
wi hont this preaching of the Wordc , wee can neuct i Cor..,« 

hajic Faith. . , 

Ou. Jfter that Gtdby the mtAties ef hts Worde hath 

wr'oui^htiH our harts ftithjby what meanesafterwtrddeth 

heftrer/^thenthefame? , , nr 

An.^This Faith doth God arcnatheti m vsby the (elf- 

fame preacliing of the word , and alfo by the vfc of the 


An. Sacraments be a outward figncs ordained of God ^ c..--,,n 
forthcMcatcr afluranccand ftrengthning of our Faith, tx. n.j.v 
bting vnto vs b furc pledges of thole bcneHts of out fal- If^^^^^ , 
uaiionwhichwerccciucinChrifttobce ours, andarc 
reprefcntcdvnto vsby the outward figncs of water in 
baptifir,e,and bread and wine in the f'ppcr of the Lord. 
'Ihey fciue alio for a niarke of our profcfsion , whereby 
we differ from the people which be heathen. 
^u. Ilewrf'tnySAcramem she there ? 

All. There be a twv) Sacrame. ts, that is to fay, Bap- 1 ' ^^"^J°> 
tifmc and the Slipper of the Lord. 

^, IVhatjh eni^ih offjtth kifl thou through Btpttjme f 
An. Iamtiug!itand alTurcd bv J Baptifmc, that my iAfi.M,i<J 
finncsareforgiiiciime. For as the water wall. ctli awav M''i'c.,4. 
I v^'thefilthincneofthcbodie,cuen foOiould Itliroughthe 
^ holy Ghoft be there fully certified and perfwadcd , that 

h ihebUmd of Chnabcingf^ninUcd vpon mv f^nilc by , . 
thcfhandoff'aidi, h.uh wjtl:cclaivay buth ihe guiltt .r-d,,.,. 
ncffc of my finnc,-nd the pnniinmcnt due to the lanie • [.''J;' ' ;/■ 
thcfruiic andcrtcd whereof, appearcth hecrem, thatc ^^;,j, 



• Mat.iC. 

b 'Cor.r. 
Koni.f. I J. 

Pc..rc „ot,tf.cy may well ha„c the name and title of et 
t fmeM .ndecd they are no Chriftians. ^ P' 

An. The Slipper of die Lord dlroll^h the holy Ghofl 
doeth ftrcn«f.cn n,y fl„th,that 1 <1k>1 not Zbt b t 
.-.r..rclyas!recdu.the bread and wme intonyboSr 
to become wholly mine, fj, my . foule . eceu.cd/vv, hall 
a.na, with his ^ pafsion and riehteoufi,cflrro h- 

». /-I ,?"-T"<^ "'■^ad and wine as touching their nami* ,» J 

"•^'" tl mThr;iJT"""^^^'«^- - touSgr"c"of 
'' '^^ - . > rt?; y r ^"i""' ''""'"°" ''^"^^ '•"d wine, in that 

i^ ; ' 'T:'rr^ ^''^'''*" '"^""^ ^'^^ « vs * reals & 


..Corn. . ,^"- i"P'-cpj,r,ngmy felfc toreceine theSnppcrof 
,, b ^^.^^'^'['^^I^l'glu dd,gcmly,xw>bfcn,etheffi^^^^ 
'S::^|&no wi:T?rir'"y ^^'^^^ whetherul^nd^ 

JKo„.,8.,,rcdbythcSpyr,tbof GOD thatthcrpnmun.mcn f 
ciicr hec h,uh do. c,pcrtayncth not oncly to odicrs but 

»Co..,.,ohndcmy hearty nvyarily forty tonny^linncsT wuh an 


• Mit i«, 


JUering, ii. 

for Ctr/flidn HoushoUtn. 
i,war J hatred and loathing of fmnc^nd an h camcft de- h W.,, 
S^andaCnrePurporc, whollyto confom.emyfclfcto5...7.8. 

e xvill of Gods worde. Tl«tdly,»f any offence bcc,^^^^^^^ 
betwixt others and mcc , that 1 i rcconci c mylcUcvn- 
tothcm. , Allthcfcthingcs, aUhouali thcyoiightvcr^-^^^^^^^ 
caincftlyto bcconfidcrcd in the i whole coiirlcotour „,^,. 
hfc ;yct dicn clpc( ially when we come to the Supper ot 

' ' oT Now fcrirxr wf befMtd h Chrifla jvffrkts.withcut 
cur drftruirgi : whertto then nnvfefueth m mUitwg,«r 

An. Wcc luvill d(.c good woAs 4 not to defcruc our ^ i '- 4S« . 

,nf walking a$bcconmi«th Gods childcrcn,W declaring , ,>c,.,,,t. 

thereby oi,r thankfiilncs to God for our redc.npt.on.Sc. c c,,i., ..a. 

condlY,by our workes ?to make our ekaion morecer- j n„.,,„. 

tainciitoourfelues. Thirdly, to/win..thcrsto ChriftcU.cM..o 

by our holy life and conuctruton. 

Qu.mttWfrketttl'efitheH ^ctdyvorkes} 
An. Our workcs can ncucr bee .ictcpt.iblc and good in 

the fichtof God,vnlc{rcin doing them wcclccpc tlicio , , j,,, ,^,„. 
two things : ririhtlmt tluy bee framed .u cording to the b c.l i.^o. 
rule of Gods ^lawcs and commaundcmcnts, -"nlnotfr ^„ ,^ ,, 
after our owncdcuifcs. Secondly, th-u tluy procccdc 
from an heart c pur^cdby fa.ih . If atlu r . -t . bclc t w<. 
poyntsbc lacking, our woo.kcs arc abhommablc .n tlic 
cies<.fGod,aUhough diey appearcncucr lo glorious it. 

the fight of men. i , ,. j i/ 

(\uBfCMM(e prayer h one effed '.meMnei M cMl 

htiuvfv/i tt wcreaje our faith, tellme whtt bdor,geih to 

trueprtyerf .,. , r 

An. It IS rc.unntc in true prayer, dut wc oblcruc the c ^ ^.^^^^^^^ ^ 
line dunces : lull, iliat wcc make our prayers » oncly ,, „_, ^. , 
^ to 




'■nd 16, ; .. that wc bee r ,V,m,^ ' l .°' '° '^^'"^* • Secondiv 
'"-'.' 4 wc \Z ^ . ^'^ '°"^''*^d with nccdc of the thin 

.V.., .c. .hem ro be ,Uland needful f',.,.>:l'"* k""* 

L""' '•'■>^W':hGod?ommiSe,hr,oT f', ''"' °"''>'^ *« 
.....,,,., ,h,W,be*co(„.iXt[:jt"^r ■• '^" *^^ 
^•l^fhear/e the Lords frt^er ^^ | 

;-«". .... isthatheewill iclatc h ,,r I u""'"'' """'' "'"• 

f.lj'.f.r" church, inguidto nddS '° ''" '''"B O"" >>« i 

.,,,,4™o.heha„,eft..„Ti;S S 
.R™..,.„ ""g<hc«geof4w,ckd tyrants. •""''-^'''PP'* 





jar GtrifliJO Bomhlders. 

Secondly} that hec wiH exercifc his kingdome fciicrally 
incucryonc of vSjj' killing finnc in vs, and all worldly 
care, and renewing vs to rightcoufiicflc of life. In the 
third petition wcc dcfire that Gods will may bee done, 
that is, that wcc may h willingly in al things rcfigne oiir 
fellies to Gods will without murmuring or grudging. In 
the fourth petition, wee pray that hec will giuc vnto vs, 
J walking faithfully in our calling, ourdaylyi>rcad, that 
is, all k thinges ncedcfuU for our humg for this prefcnt 
life. In the hft petition wee pray that our finnes may be 
forgiucn vs,th3t he will not U/f to our charge our fumes, 
nor the punil"hment due gdthem, but that hec will ac- 
cept the death and paiiion of Chrift, as the full fatisf ic- 
tion for our Gunei, and that wee may hecreof haue / full 
alTuraiucih our conlciencc, that the puniflimcnt ofour 
fiuues is fully difcharged in Chrifte, and dicrcfore frce- 
lic forgiuen vnto vs, as m furcly as wee doc torgiuc o- 
thcrs : and that wcc may truely n loue one another, 
from the bottomc of ourheartes, alldefircof rcuenge 
fet afide. In the fixt and lalt petition, wcc di>c pray 
GOD thathec will not leadc vs into temptation, but 
deliuer vs, that is , that hec o will not bring vs tur- 
ther into the battavlc with our fpyntuall enemies, 
then we by liis holy fpirit Hull be able to prcuaile and o- 
ucrcomc. , u 

Qu. WW why is this tdded ; For thine is the kin^dtme^ the 
ftw*r tndthe ^lory,f«r euir andeuer^ Amen ? 

An. Not oncly to kindle in our licirts to a dcfue 
the glorie of GOU ; but alfo to teach vs th.it this 
prayer is grounded vppon nontotlur, then on GOD 
onely : and tliat wcc fliouldc lun thnikc tin- L king- 
dome of God to be wcakc and vonicof force and ini(;ht. 





& ».9. 
1 loh. 1.8.4 

■ M 

I.uk. 11.41. 


% f ' 

I l»ct.4.i. 

I lohn >.i. 


Eph:. 4.111. 
I riicf.i.9. 
u<. k 



/ 1 


i 1 

}0.cS< 16.14 

107. 1-l.J. 
1 l-.phe.^.ii 

\ ■ 

to. m 

Horn. 8.1 (. 





\ '4M 

n M.H.6 14 


i?.Ji i. JJ. 


• M 


'< 1 
1 ■ 


» '1 1111.4 17 



I j'lic.S.io. 
I 1. 


iC'oi 10.1 J 
1 I'ci.i.,. 




I':4'. 11^.7. 


.„■ iwm t 



Alfo, that ^ he is oncly to be honored, prayfcdjard glo- 
c Dcu, 9.1 } rihcd,aiid that his power is infinite, pcrpctiiall and eucr- 
AP0.4W.U laftina Andintlnsword^^»,r«,isexpreflrcdthcfcr- 
1 Cor. ».*. "'^"t acfirc to obtain thofc tilings which we ask of Cod, 
loii.u. and our hope is confinncd,thatthofe things whichwcc' 
i.Pct ,.„.«kcaregrauntedvntovs, by which our confcicnces arc 
Apo, tf.T i . pacihedyjnd fo wc end our prayers. 
Apo,7,u. Qu. Tfilmf new hneflytht effeil ef all then haftfyd} 

^».Bythetenuccommandcments, I fee my mifcra- 
ble cftate, that I dcfewc death, damnation,and the ciirfc 
otGod, which miiftne<i!«ftbce payed, bccaufeGodis 
iiilband whereas I my fclfc amtiot able to pay it,the ho- 
ly Ghoft through thcpreachingoi'thc GofpcLworke.h 
m nice faith,which afTureth mee,that the^nne of God 
being made man for mec, hath euen in my nsftMce filte- 
red whatfocMcr mv finncsiJcferucd, and hath made mcc 
with him thcchilc(of God,aivl heyre of euerlafUnglife. 
VVherof Icaft I fhonld doubt or wauer, he hath appoin- 
ted two Sacramcnts,as outward figncs and tokens to be 
leene and fc c of me ; that as furely as I fee my fclfe made 
partaker ofthcm outwardly :fo the holy Ghoft inward- 
ly inftnijaingi mec, I (hoi.ld not doubt, but inwardly to 
. be partaker of Chrift himfelfe, with all his bcnefites, his 
Mnromc^righteoufiKfrc and holincffe to bee mine, !hat 
in him,& through him, I Oial hauc life cucrlafhng! And 
thus bccing borne anew into diis Jiuely hope , % the 
holy God, my waycs iliould bee dircdcd and guided by 
the lame [pint,to walk in holincs and righteouf- 





Si 4 

f^ A Prayer contai- 
ning the fumine and effed: of this 
,. . .. Qatechifme, 

OMercifuU and hcauenly father, forfo much as at 
cuery iit;ht occafion, I am with-drawne from thy 
holy Lawcs,to die vanities of this lifc,vnto all iin 
and wickednclfci I bcfccch thee in mercy fet before mine 
eyes alwaycsthc remembrance of thy iudgementfcar,& 
my laft end : whereby 1 may bee daily ftirrcd vp to conli- 
dcr in what great danger I ftand, thorough the honible 
punifhmwit due to my fmncs : that daily groaning vndcr 
die burthen of them, I may flic for fuccour to tliy belo- 
uedfonne lefusChrift.who hath fiilly payde,fuftcrcd 8c 
ouercomc the puniihment due to them : and dnou^h 
the workingofthy holy Spirit in me, I may be hilly aQu- 
red in my foule and confcience, that the curjc, condenv 
nation,and death which thefc my linncs dcicruc, is tuUy 
paydc, fufFered, and oucrcome in Chiift, that lus nghtc 
oufnclTc, obedience, and holincflc is mine, and wliatlo- 
cucr he lutli wrought for mans fahuitio, is wholly mmc. 
Strengthen this futh in mee daily more and m<>rc,th.it I 
may inwardly fcclc comfort and confolation in this, tlut 
1 fcclc thy holy Spirite bcarc record vnto my (Jnritc, th.it 
I am thy childe, t»raftcd into the b(Hly ot thy Sonnc,ai\d 
made wiihhiui fellow heirc of thy cucrlalhngkingdom. 
So worke in me by ihy holy Spirit, that daily more a.ul 
more 1 may feelc finnc die in mee,ih.it I doe not deliglu 
thcrein,but daily may groane vndcr die hui then therol, 
vtterly hate,deicft,and loath finnc,lct my fcUc and al ihc 
' p(^wcrs 

/ *^ 



which bcc aprceablc to thy wiU, [hat I may walkc as bf 
commctfa tKc Childrcnofhght, lookiiftiUfor th t 

cucrlaihng kingdomc,and ioy cternall. this 

in mercy grant vnto mcc for Icfus 
'^Chriftcs fakc^y only Lord f ", 

;, " I, andSaiiiour, I J 

// ff( f>?> 








Godl^ priuate Prayers for 

Houflipldcrs to meditate vpon, 

^ and toj^aie in their familiet. 

ffhstfciutr yt deprt vhinyt pray, hlctue lbaty*Jh4B hdMt it,MMd 
iljhall hdontvutoycii. 

fROM. 10. 1 J. 
H'hofoeHtr/h0tlc4ll vfm the Nam* oftlu L»r(ijh*iht fmed. 

A piaycr containing the cSc6t of the Houf- 
holdcrs Catechifint. 

, Lmigbcy God and moft mcrcifull Father, I 
I ice in thy bleflcd lawcs & comniandcmcnts 
I the greatncs of my finncs and wickcdneflc; 
^ __, yea, I fee (O Lord my G O D ) the whole 
courfc of my life to be almoft nothing clfe,but a continu- 
all breaking of thy holy Lawcs and commaiindcments. 
The thougnts of my heart, either in vanitie, or elfe open 
wickcdneffcjure in number infinite, daily in the aboiin* 
dance of ihera, caufing my mouth to fpeakc, and my bo- 
dy to execute and doc contrary to thy holy will. Anda- 
gaine ( O Lord ) 1 fee thy heaiiie wrath, vengeance, and 
iudsemcnt againH finne to be intollcrable, that cuen the 
lean wicked thought and moA fccrcte cogitation of my 
heart, prucurcth thy hcauy wrath, and cuerla(hng curfc, 
the torments of hell, and euerlaiUng iire, cuen although 
Ihad but once in all my life broke any of thy comman- 
dcmcnts, fomuch as once in thought. And I know 
( Lord GOD) that i^u art true and iuft , and 
cond not abide fm and wickcdnes, but wik iuAIy punifh 

C cucry 



Wt H 


>v ^ 

<■ .♦ 

' • 


Sl*'''""'"^* toff /""■' ""."""""f M, 
I Chrirt, 

/or Chriflidn Fdrndies. 
Chrift,isnotondy paidc for other men, biueuen alfo 
for mcc and my finnc. T his afliirance of my faith, being 
thidconcly workc in mee. I be(cech thee in mercy , to 
ftrengthenand increafe, for I feele it often fuUofwaue- 
ring and doubting . Grant that I may daily more and 
more in my foiilc and conicience, feele my (clfe knit and 
grafted into the body of thy Sonne, whereby I may bee 
alTured, that whatfoeiier heehath done, pertaincthto 
mcc, and is fully and wholymine : that I may dirough 
thcpowcr of his death, fccledaily finncdieinmee, and 
through the power of his rcfurrc6kion , feele my fclfc ri- 
(cnfromnnne,tohaiiemyfullioyand comfort inthofc 
diings which bee agreeable to thy holy will, vttcrly dctc- 
fting, hating, andubhorrine from my heart alltningcs 
which be contraric to thy will and pleafure : that eucn in 
diis life I may ftiH looke for this endlcffc ioy and felicitie, 
vfiiic the things of this world as though I vfed them not, 
till that good time that it (hallplcafc thee to call mcc to 
thine eucrlafting kingdome ot'clorie, there to rtign with 
my Lord and Sauiourlcfus Chrill, forciier andcucr. 

Jfr*yer vpcn the L0rdsfrtjtr, 

OMoft mightic Lonl andctcrnall God, who haft ^^^ j.^^ 
by thy dccrc fonnc Chrift Icfiis our Lord and Sa- xphuhmia 
uiour, reconciled viuo thy fcltc all thinpcs in hca- *"""•• 
ucn and earth, and in him lull made an eucrlaiiing bond 
andcoucnant with vsthy faithful! children, that thou 
wiltnotonclybeourGodjbiit alfo our moll louingand 
mercifull I'ather, whereof as a pledjje tliou hart giucn vs 
thy holy Spirit of adoption, whereby we may with bold- 
nct and full trull and confidence, come to thcc by hanie 

C » praicfj 


» 'I 







vs,may bcftirrSvn, .^ ' and affcaion towards 

ring thoi, haft made nM^^h ^r °'^ ^P!"^ ' ^''-^^ ^^^^dc- 

pt.rpofcs Scfd^ hlr^ii' f ""P'/"' ^^""'^'l"* ^"d 

ofaIlthLs/bmJcS.?r-'"°'^"''y 'f** A^ 
things. both ia hcaucn .nH^ u' t"'^ g°"""0"r of aO 

ourfchics any powcrXni!.?^ L ^^ ^"'"'buting vnto 

acknowlcdcc allbiirZ?^' ^ o"«- hearts wcc may 

thy glorious Nam^ rh 1 ^ '''* ^'"''hankfgiuing to 

^ingvpn^uW '„ *"6 'PI™-';:''- wcalncfTe, but 



lUerin,;, ii. 

/or Chriflian FawiUes. 
phcmed through our wicked life and conncrfatlon. 

Let thy Kingdomc (moft mercifull Father ) appcarc, ^f,^ ^;„^, 
and nianifcftly be declared in all the world , but efpccially dome nm. 
amongft thy Church and faithful flockc.declarc thy felfc 
Lord and King ouer them, ruling them by the (cepter of 
thy holy wor^aod force of thy holy Spirit, ^crcafe the 
number of faithfuU Paftors and Preachers amongft the 
people : bleflc their labours to the iiKtcafc of the king- 
domc of thy dcerc fon Icfus Chrift.and to the deftru6lion 
ofthc kingdomc of fathan and Antichrift. SupprcflTcthc 
rage of the enemies, diat they may know that thou, O 
Lord,doft laign in al ages, to dicbchoofc of thy Church, 
and tcrri>ur of thine enemies. Grant thefc mercies 
good Lord, not oncly to thewholc Church in gcncrall, 
but efpccially to cuery one of vs thy children particular- 
ly : G rant that wcc may effectually feelc the force of this 
thy kingdomc in our hearts. Beate downe in vs our old 
corrupt Adam, with alfinful delights, thoughts, moti- 
ons, and defircs : and renew in vs day by day our fujritual 
and inward man, that we may bee wholy bent to delight, 
thinke, dcfire, and doe thofe things which be acceptable 
in thy fight. 

Frame our harts (good Lord) withfuch humble obc- 1^^^[*^^ 
dicnce to thy holie wil, that we may be heartilic wcl con- ^, „ „ ;„ 
tent with whatfoeuer it plcafcth thy goodneflc to lay vp- '<*«««■ 
on vs : that wee nciicr ceafe in our miferies, but continu- 
ally cal vpon ihec byhcartie praiers, although wcc feelc 
no rclcafc at a!, yet that ftil patiently wee may abide, and 

3uicdy waitc for thy good leifiirc and appointed time of 
eliucrancc, when thou knoweft it fhal bee moft expedi- 
ent for vs. 

Grantvs (deerc Fatlicr) thatal our (jounfailcs, Ciw-^^ollZtf 
diesjlabours, and cndcuours, being by thy holy Spirit i,,,^ 

C 3 giudcd 




> ■ I* 


., ^o^lypiuate prayers 

trauailcs thar^Ll ,'. J^oblcfTc our labours and 
which fhou^J&rol ' ^°"^^"l*^?' 'hofcbcncfitl 

grccdi y to ca c 3fm '° ^^'*="'"«=*J «^t''cc : not 
iutthakll/cacc;^^^^^^^^^ 'I '^^'jght in them, 

vpon v$, and IsSniaJ a '' '^ ^'"'^'' ^'^^'^'^^ 
£c rclccfc of ou/^^^^^^^^ '"odcratly vfcthcm^to 

conTcicnccs '"''*'""' '"'^ ^^^ '^''^hargc of our 

. "^'^'^'- ficcofthyScc^'sotcCi; ''af ?' »"d^"«5^i^nt facri! 

one body with him LnZ fl '""[*'''' '""^'«^ '""dc 
cation, and ^5^."^ ° r'll' "ehtco.ifl.cs, iuftifi. 

tomcoro.lh„« cue ,i;;.'^f '"k'"^.^'^ ^^°"^ ^»'<=''°^- 
* . EOodncfTc and n c cv for! 'H' '^'"' vnfpcakcablc 

BrcthrcnwhichTocofenS I'Trf/^'^^" •?""' ""^ 
riOi, and comfort tLm Sr^ L '^'"^ ' '°'"=' '^''<=- 
rfy, with pcrfcd naturTiT '^^''^T'"'^'" '' °^ °"« bo- 

.- ..... Trcfu^^otion/of ftthan th^^^^^^^ 




lUeriii,;, li. 


itfebec nctdrawnc away with the wicked world,northe 
rnticemcntsofthcflcfb, todclightinwickcdncfle:but 
faarmc vs with thy miehty power that wee may ftrong- 
Tabidc all the affaufics and fubtile Ocghtes of our 
ehoftlvc.»cmic, andfinccrcly to walkc before thy face, 
Both in profpcrity and aduerfitie, to thy honour and glo- 
rie the health of out foulcs, and profit of thy Church, 
through IcfusChrUt our oncly Lord and Sauiour, '\- 

The Lordsfrtier more At Itrge. 

OMoft mighty and eternal God, who of thine \x^' ourttthtf 
finite loue to mankindc, haft giuen vs thine ownc r^»ch«m 
eternal Sonne Chriftlcfus our Lord, to be made ""«''• 
manforvs,in thefimilitudcof finncfulflefh, tobecome 
flerti of our aelb,bone of our bones,in al things like vn- 
to vs,finneonely excepted : who being thy true and na- 
tural Sonne,hath made vs with him, fonnes, children, 
and heiresto thee our moft mcrcifull Father, eiumg vnto 
vsby grace, that which is his by nature. And by his due. 
alone; once offered, alfufficicnt facrifice,hath paidethc 
ranfomcof ourfmnes before thydiuincMaicftie, tola- 
tisficthy iuftice forvsfinfuU ficOi. Which debt being 
paide for vs, hee hath brought vs in fauour with thee, lo 
5iat wee may now with boldneflc and truft come to 
thee as vnto our moft merciful and louing Fadicr, with 
full aftiirance. that as thy loue isfo much greater and 
more excellent towardcsvi, thcnal loue of earthly pa- 
tents towardes their Children, as thou palTcft all men 
mgoodncfle and mercy , fo thou wilt dcme vs nothing 
which Hialbce expedient for vs . So that although al 
the Fadicrs which arc in catdi , hauing (hakai oft al 

C 4 tccling 



Oodtyffiuatefrayers ' 
fcclin^of fatherly naturaliicflTc, would forfakc theirchil- 
drcn,3l|t.ho.i wouldcft nc<ier forfakc vs, bccaufc thoi, 
canftiiotdcnicihyfclfc : whopromifcft, thar if earthly 
Fathers being ciiil, can giue good gifts to their Chil- 
dren, how much more wilt thou our heai.enly Father, 
bang altogether goodneffe it felfe, giue good thines to 
them that aske in thy Sonnes Name f And that although 
a Mother (hould forfakc her Children, yet wilt thou not 
ioriakc vs thy Children , whom thou haft before the be- 
g^nmngof the world in thy deerc Sonne Icfiis Chrift, 
chofcatobeethv children and heires with him of thine 
immortal Kingcfome. Whereof thatwccinourfclues 
might be furc and ccrtainc, and out of al doubt, that wee 
,, . arc thcchildrcn and heires of euerlarting life, thouhaft 
giueniMo our hearts thy holy Suirit,as a true pledge and 
camef^ofour inheritance, which Spirit docth afnrre our 
fpiritsthatwearc thy Children, and therefore crvcth in 
our hearts, Abba Father. ^ 

Vyec tiKreforc as thy deerc Children, ranfomcd 
and bought by thy deerc Sonne, do flee to thee our moft 
louing and merciful Father, who in goodnefTcart infi- 
mte,iitmcrcie aboundant,infubftance incomprehenfi- 
blc. .11 Immortalitic cucrlafting • who by thy michtle po- 
wcr an4 fingular prouidence ruleft al things, according 
to thylheaucnlv wifedome : befeechiiig thee for thy 

Slf' ^'^"*=?.«""%ChriftIefus his fake, thatasthou hjftfuf. 

^ ficciukfet foorth thy glorious Name in making the 

whole world,heauen,earth, and all thingcs therein con- 
tamed ^ fo wee may in beholding and viewing thy crea- 
tures the workes of thine handes, bee lifted vp to thee 
our Lord GOD the Creatour and Maker, and in 
«hcmg|or.fie thy holy Name, acknowledging in them 
thy fingular goodncflc and louc towardcs man , for 



jUeriii;;, i^. 


forChriflian Tm^ies. 
whofcvTe thou haft created all thinges, both inheauen 
Tnd earth : and that wee may for ihcfame, euentrom 
Jhebottomc of our hearts, yccld di.ehono.Hr, prarfe 
andthankfginingtothce (dcere Father) all the daicsof 
our life. Grant moft mcrcifull Father,thatwemaym 
heart and minde bee fullicafl^ured,that thoubythyhea- 
uenW prouidence ruleft and guidcft all things inheauen 
and earth , fo that nothing in the whole world com- 
mcth to paflb but according to thine appomtinent i'that 
thou euideft and framtft the affaires and doings of men, 
that thou haft euen their hearts and all their powers iiv 
thv mcrcifull hand, to turne them which way loeuer 
it fecmcth bcft to thy godlic wifedome : fo that whe- j 
thcr wee be in profpcritie or aduerfitic, we may ackuow- 
Icdec both of them to bee thy worke in vs and theretore 
bccnolefle thankcfuU for ficknefl-c then for health : for 
forrow, then for comfort : for a troub'cd niindc,then 
for a quiet : forimprifonmcnt amlbinilVimci t , then 
forlibertic : cfpecially feeing wee know that thou tut- 
ncft them all ( feeme they neucr fo flurpc ) to the com- 
fort and commoditic of thy Children which feare thee : 
and that in all things which ftvall bcfill v.uo vs , whether 
they bee ereeuousor ioyous,pio(perity or aducrlity,i!« 
or death, thy holy Name may be fanaihedinvsbyyecl- 
dine^uc and continual praife and ihankf^iu.ng, to my 
etcrnallMaicftie:thatwe neucr ceale toputourtul truft 
andc nfidenceinthy mercic,who haftpromifcdtobee 
ourdefcnder,bucklcr,and {lMcld,to kecpevsas the ap- 
ple of thine eye , to deliuer vs when wee cal vpon thee, to 
openwhcnwekiwcke,to^iue when wee aske ihatwcc 
knowing our owne weakncs, that ofour fclucs wee hauc 
no power or ftrength to doe, no not fo much as to will 
thatwhichisgood,wemay acknowledge al our ftrength, 
" comlortj 

' t\ 1 



rimni t nmr. 

mi \ 




comflm,loy,fiith,loiie,hope,flnd confidence to bettilna 
miely KJff rnuiwor\i€ in vs. And f.ir the Tamc^nd die in. 
cMaf^ol dM! fmiw, diid for hII tliy benefits in v*, where..! 
Wn fe«jlr „m tehm deOltiite, wc nuy coiillantl>. Hcc vnt.. 
jhee li^heiiiy f.rai«r,fcqiijrifigthc Imneut diy nieniliil 
hjindJAMclhiiiiiMBfeitdiv nterciliil dcalingi.iw^ihNv^ 
we may nhvav ro the etui of mn life cominnc dunktiill to' 
thy bWlle*! Nainr : that wc neiiei f j.ciikc oi diinkc ofihrc 
( OldfA I Mul ) wiflu.iif high rfiicicnie und an ohi-dicni 
fcdfc viitn thy plot iouR N aine. 

Atidtli:tttliyKi.igd.mic (Ol.nid) ninvmorr eloii- 
niifly fliinr Mrticingfl nun, fnhdm- the hcrtiM of the i»co- 
plr t.t Ijc nhcdjcnt trt thy w,m\. I i^lurn a\ nitioni with 
thyi.|o|ion^no(j»cll ■ Mile vpfaithlidl Miiiilln^of thy 
wottlj^h-Mnidantly inciieiv pliiic, who with pure and 
\->nUa ycrtlrin tme knrmledge ni.iy Icrdcthe hiinqiie 
f;M.lr^vmhthrl,v>dcoflifr. Lighten the heat f^ol thy 
tJlildiijn, uhonmt thon hart not. ailed tot he li^elinii 
of rhy II rn i.vin diy Sonne irnrrtird . fitate downr die 
finir and taiv ^^ ''^c kiMttdonic ofl.uhan and Aniii'lii i(t, 
with al tyrants, wlio (kew t^irit vrtti nialiie and fii- 
rie a^iifid dn dmr and fanhfidl floi kc . ConltMind 
thru dnliire^, fiipnirflc diciipii»K:, and (!» rtirnpthen 
airliym r and fudifiH (cntant^ a^amft then tape, that 
drey nin^ hmc inir wifnlonie ro ronfonnd theii ene- 
tTlir^ , and drdfart lonflim ir ro |>i'.>fr(tf ifi<- nmh of diy 
glorious < .ofjirll , nirr> r.> rhr dr.-nli . And thai atcrie 
onf.ni vvmay ftrlc die for«c,>fVhud>ykinpdonic p«r- 
tn nlarly in oiir frltics, wrc Mrt\h dur kill m v^ hy thy 
holvSpiit,«lwK-krd delights t>l (uwr^ and vaninr^or 
this vwiiji . Momfie in vs orir eaithlv «nd rarnal aff^c- 


.1 id ^lani rh« wrt- nuy haiic .mii iiiM dehghi 
«n<l pkainrt tntlicc om ItcJtiicnlic l«hci , aih! m 3\y 

forChnfktn fmAitu 
«onne Chrif\ IpHii oiir t.ord and Sawiour^atul rcucrcnt- 
Iveinhrace thy holy word , dtat mir fotdes mav bee conv 
'^ «ll thereinl-nd m.r faid, ri.ettby eonfim^ed. i^htc.^ 
„. r vnde. ftandlng, that we may In diy holy word learnc, 
S "l^eartbelnTly alUncd,th-tthonartoinnioamer- 

lull rather . and thy deerc Sonne, .n.r I .ord and Saut- 

1 Heatr downe Invs all Imrnl motion, ol the adnerU- 

c "whii h do rebrll againU thy holy Spirit and lettlc and 

, ,,;„r onr mind, bv .hy holy Jipirit in wtliat al rebellion 

,„„r llefli beingkllled, wee may .p.ietly widi U.ed 

„i,„U and i onll ie.u e. let ,inr H.l i-n' , comlor. , .nu nm 

foUticM, in heatienlv diiiiR., walkine bcbre thee in hnte. 

iln.rniindetp''tonrnIil trnUand conndnunnthec, 

't;dM;:;iKoi.o.an.h.or ;.|.--^-;::-. 

„„ihinebnt nnbberneirrand rebellion, w. lulrnl.tlier .,,,„^ 

rdeeAdier) diataMhine AnurUin he.m.n doewi - <■ 

My nb^ytby Wll without reliflame, lowrrthy . ii«- 
re.lln«fth ( al Ib.bbe.nelle and prn.rrh n. 1 1. , I'V .hv 
,lvSl.lrltl.mlH.iii«vttfrly eKtlluM.llbrd ind .v-c.ul»j 
^ / w^*"«vwilll.|ly Inbinlt om lilnr. -Higne ami 
veeldmirsvholealleAionMo tli*e,Ol.oul .olunoner- 
L^lafterdtybleflkdandlu'anrnlywill. I .... wcMnay 
tele in onH^l..eM,oodu>r. notion o.d,ne,.l.rn.. 

tneeteuinlentro divholy VA .IImIi.. wh..fnn.rr ,.11.-.^ 
,;:iv.M..«,.,«...l««iwholyW.ll.h....w. v.^ 

make diem voide. |li..t wrcnn.n wihinvthinK-' '"" 
f«h.«,b..t d.arthvholir S».i.l«o lovMnav K,.'>'«">« •"» 

;rn;;oln,e,emb.a,e, and.. 1,0. ninlonn, thole 
lhltiK.d.atplealetlue.«n.ltolia.e .ho(c.l....J/,rMhatd.l 
13dic«l liutonr hc««u, .rnhdcsantlwiU. l^«...K 

■ 4 


t.- ^ 


.^ V, 



I grccfcs. 


iJJerin,;, ii^. 

ericfcsandforrowesin thcbofomcof thcc oiirheauen- 
Iv Father, who wilt as a loiiing Fathers when hcc fceth k 
nioft conucnicnt, hclpc vs . And that although thou 
fccmc nothing to grant our requefts, yet we honour thee 
incallingvponthyNametfeeingthou doeft accept itas 
a nioft chicfc honour, to bee called vponin the day of 

trouble. • « l i. 

And forafmnch ( decrc Father ) as thou doolt by thy G;»f ■ 
mighty p<^crnourifb,fecde,fuftainc,prcfenic,&main-rf.;rj 

tainc all lining creatures,ycR, cuen the very youne foulcs 
andbcaftcs, wccbcfccchtheeto fendc vntovs thy chil- 
dren ( oucr whom thou haft a more fpeciall care ) all 
things ncceflary for this our prcfcnt life : thatwchauing 
fufiicient,may walkc eucry one inourcalling, in finceri- 

tie and pure holincflc before thy f.Kc, acknowledging all 
our benefitsof riches, wcalth,hcalth,mcatc,drinkc,a{)-^ 

parrell, and all our fubftancc to bcc thy mccrc giftcs, be- 
ftowcdvponvs, and deliuercd vntovs from thy hands: 
that wcc bee not drawne from thcc through fctting our 
mindcj too much vpon them,but Co modcratly vfc tluni, 
asdiy benefits for a time bcftowed vpponvs, knowing 
that thou wilt at our hands require an account how wee 
haue vfcd them . 1 hat wc doe not carefully gipe or fcckc 
after them, but difcrcctly to thy glory vfc them , acknow- 
ledging in them thy gocidncde andlibcrality towards vs. 
Andrccing,moftm<:icifull Father, that it is notourtra- 
uailc,labour,paincs,ftudic,orcndcuour which is able to 

get vs our lining, but oncly infomnch as it pleafcthtlw 
goodncflc to blcfle and prcYper diem : wee btfcech thee, 
Sat ifthrough our great trauailc avidpjines, wcc be yet 
ftillin pooreand meane cftatc, that thou wiltgiiic vsa 
contented heart , knowing that ihcrcby thou Icttell vs 
vndciftand, that it is thy good will and pleafure, loto 

I keepc 




[Derin,'j, iS. 





I OodlyfriuAUfnytrs 

keepcvsvndcr thatwcc morceffeaually maygiucour 

aboundantlyto bicflcvs and our tra.wilc, tofendvsr 

boundancc of aU thing«,wc.befccch thcc ( dccrc Father ) 

giuc vs a thaiikfij.ll heart taa^knowlcdgc them to bee thy 

good gifts, and frameour hamwithfuch libcralitic diat 

wc .nay be contented ro diftributc them according to the 

ncccfMuc of thy children, bci.,g afTured that thou haft to 

that end made vs Stewards oucr them, that thou maift at 

hishands require much, on whom thou haft bcftowcd 

much.-fothatwcehauing thcduc cftimationof thybe- 

ncfi^ which wee ought to hanc,may both rcuerence thy 

th £ ''"^"^''''''''^^""^'""«<'^ 

r^g,«,w ^;^ ^'l"cas(moftmercifuIl Father) thyfonncour 

>te/*I/,V?^""T""'^*^'''^°^'" our finnes, which wee hauc 

M"i^fi from the bcgmning of our life committed, anddoedai- 

jccommit. wecbcfcech thygracious goodncffc, that 

thou Wilt by thy ho .cfpirit in our harts, ?ffi.re our foules 

and con^icnccs with aliuelic faith, that by that fame one 

, »'o"<=^'«i':'cntfacrifice,thcpuninimcntofourfinn€sis 
paid,thy wrath appcafcd, and thy iufticc fatisficd, where- 
by our confcicnces may bee quieted and fetat peace with 
thecourmcrafullFathcra.idGOD. Let vs (dccrc Fa, 
thcr) fcelcm ourfoulesand confcienccs, that wc are vni- 
tcd and knit to thy decre fonne Icfus Chrift, and made 
one bodie xyi th him,& heire with him ofeucrlafting glo- 
ne,(o coupled and ioyned widi him.that being mcmfers 
o, his bodic^cc may be aflTured that hee is ours : that his 

nghtcouflicfTcjis our riphtcoufncffc : his fatisfaaion and 
iKJhnes IS ours ; tlic curie, condemnation & dcadi which 

I • he 

forChyiflian FamiUcs, 
hefutfefcdjisthefamecurfc, condemnation, and death 
due for our finnes : that wee knowing that our finnes bee 
done away, and cleanc forgotten & forgiucn by thy mer- 
ciful louc and goodncs declared in offering vp thy fonne 
to death for vs,we may be driucn to louc thee vnfaincdly 
from the bottomc of our hea rts, for this thine vnfpeaka. 
bleloue. And confidering that thou haft in mcrcic par- 
doned fo many our hainous offences, wc may gladlie bee 
mooucdtoforgiuconc another their offences, and put 
out of our hearts, all rancour, malice, and hatred toward 
our brcthren,knowing that wee arc all mcmbcrsof one 
bodie, Chrift our Sauiour ; that fo furely as wee haiie for- 
giuen all them that offend againft vs, wee may bee fo cer- 
rainIyafliircd,thatthouournurcifiill Father haftforgi- 
ucnvs^ike as we haueforeiucn our brethren. r,w^,^. 

And forafmuch ( moftheauenly Father ) as wc of our '^^^^f^^^^^ 
fciucsbe feeble, frailc and wcake, andhaueaftrong and ,i„,^i,mde. 
fubtilc aductfarie fathan the diuell, who goeth about A-r-A«. 
continually like a roaring Lyon , fecking whom he may 
dcuour : wee bcfccch thee ftrcngthen vs by thy holy Spi- 
rite, that wee may withlbnd his fubtilc fuggeftions and 
motions .-hold thou vs by thy mercifull hand, and kccpe 
v$ alwaies in thy fafegard and proteaion, that wc be not , 
ouercomc in the mightic aftaulis ofour aducifanc. And 
forafiinich as hcc often vfcth eucnourowne Helh armed 
againft vs. to conquer vs, we humbly bcfcech thee decre 
Father, mortific, fubdue, and kill inourflcCh allfuhtik 
fuggeftions, and linfull motionsof fathan, that we yceld 
notourfelues asftaues thereunto, but contmuHy hght 
againftthem, and bring them into fubieaion of the fpi- 
rite . Grant vnto vs moft mcrcifull Father , that wc be 
not drawnc through the fubtile and lliely torments of 
fathan, to hauc our delight and pleafiire in the vanities 
' ot 




^ Godly friuitefrayers 
of thi» prcfcnt world,but by rfiy grace, might, Sc power, 
imy (p in the profpcritic ouhis life be vpholdcn, that our 
mindcs with full ioy and comfort may be lifted vp to oiir 
pcife^ confolationin our Lord and Sauiour Chrift, and 
in hini, take our full and perfeft ioy andconfolation, fo 
that no vainc delight of this world put vs from the fame, 
neither any (harpe aduerfitie, as pouertie,miferic, or ca- 
lamitje, through the malice of the diuell , driue vs to dcf- 
paire of thy merciful goodnes towards vs; but alwaies be- 
ing tliorongh tlw grace and afsiftance defended, we may 
be fully and perfcdiy armed aeainft all thefubtilc intrap- 
pingsoffatnan.andreftwhofy in thy mercifuU defence 
and aide. For thou haft (O Lord and eternallGod)iii 
thy gouernmcnt, all things in hcauen and earth, all pow- 
er and dominion ouer al creatures, Angels and diiiels,to 
rule thcni according to thy good pleafure and will,to the 
profitjand commoditieof thy Church, and cuery faith- 
full mismbcr thereof, and to thine ownc incomprehenfi. 
ble glory : that in al things,in al agcs,for euer & ciicr thy 
glorious Name may bee exalted, and thy faithful flockc 
edified thtough Chrift9ur Lord, Anien. 

I.' i. 

jf (Pt^efsicn cffmnes^ withfMth W 
. i i repent4$ite. 

OMcrcifull and heauenly Father, wee thy feruants 
doe humbly proftrate ourfelucs before thy Ma- 
Icftie, acknowledging heere in thy fight our hay- 
nous offences commirtcd againft thy Maie{lie,(eeing and 
beholding thy hcauic wrath againft them : wee fccle our 
iclucs laden ( O Lord our God ) with a huge companie 
of horrible finnes, whereof euen the very leaft, being 
butconcciu^d in thought, i$fu0icicntin iudgcment to 
dirowivsdowne tqthc cuerlafting burning, Lake. Ouc 


IDering, K. 

for Chriflian Families . 
owneconfciences,0 Lord, doc bcarewitncs againft vs, 
ofoiir manifolde tranfgrefsionsof thy blefled Lawe, of 
ourfccuriticandlcncdeflc bliivlncs, running headlong 
to dcftru(aion, committing fin after finnc, almoiigh not 
notorious to the world, yet horrible before thine eves. 
The thoughts of our hearts rife vp in iudgement againft 
vs.thevanitieofourtalkc before thy Maieftiecondem- 
nethvs:the wickednesof our deedes from thy fight re- 
icftcth vs;al our wicked thoughts, words and deedes, 
widithe inward corruption of our nature, doe altoge- 
ther as it were a whole lumpc and loade offinne,liehca- 
uie vpon vs, and with their intollerablc weight, doe euen 
preflc vs downe to hell. W e doe daily gfone vnder the 
burthen of them, inwardly lamenting our ownc fblliefo 
grcedilie running into them . In hcauen, earth,or hell, 
wee fee none able to fiiftainc the weight of them, bute- 
ucn thy dccrely bcloued Sonne lefus Chrift,who in mer- 
cie inhnice, and compafsion endleflc, hath fuftained and 
ouer-comethe endleftc punifhment due vntothem :in 
him therefore, in him, moft merciful Father, & through 
him wee come to thee, being fully affii red according to 
thy promife.that thou wilt accept and take that fiHrc. 
compencc which he thy dccre Sonne hath made for vs, 
as a iuft ranfomefor althe finncsof althofc who with 
a true fairfi take hold on him . In him dicrefore wCe fee 
thine anger towards vs appcafed, thy wrath fatisfied, and 
our debts paid. 

Inctca(cinvB,coodLord,weebefcech thee, this Hue- 
lie and feeling faith, for wee feeleit often-tinicsinvs ve- 
ry weake, and troubled with many doubts : incrcafeitin 
V$ ( O Lord ) that we may through thy holy Spirit be at 
furcdjthat the puniflimcnt of ourfinncsis fully in thy 
Sonne dilchargcd. Make vs,0 Lord our God, to feeic 

D ihii 


I '> 



Go<^ frUiatetirayers 
this fame In our Ibules and conlcienccs, that Icfiis Chrift 
IS ours, and al diat hchath done .-that we arc grafted into 
hisbodic, and made one with him, and therefore fel- 
low heircs with him of cucrlafting life. Lctvs notoncly 
hauedicfcwordci'inour inouthes (good Lord) but 
through thy holy Spirit, let vs feele the comfort of them 
in our hearts fully fealed andfetled invs : that wee fee- 
ling our fclues inwardly beforethy iudgementfeate dif. 
charged, and our confcicnccs towardes thceappeafcd 
may bee fwallowcd vp with an vnfeined loiic toward 
thy iieauenly Maieftie, and towards oiir Brethren for 
thy fake. Make finne to die in vs daily more and more 
diat wee may hate, dcteft, and vttcrlic abhorrc all finne 
aiid|wjckcdncflcinall men, but efpccially in on r feints • 
that wee may ftrongjy through diy holy Spiritefct our 
IcUicsin open warre and defiance aeainft aflfinnc and 
wickedneflcrdiatwcpleafe notourf^Lics inourfinncs, 
♦ but ftraightlie examining finne by theiuftrulcof *yho- 
Iiclawes, wee may vttcriie from die bottome of our 
hearts condemnc euen the Icaft finne in our felues ha- 
lune our whole ioy, fomfort, and confolition wpon* 
thofc thingcs which bee agreeable to diy bicfled will 
alwaies being afraide to doe any thing contrary to the 
lame : that we may cuen frqra the^bottomc of our hearts, 
examine and try our Noughts before thy prdence,that 
they bee vpnght and vnfeincd, not hypocriticall in out- 
ward ftewonely and apperance ; but that euen all cor- 
ners of our hearts bc€ing opened and difclofed before 
c V ^" '"^y ="«" ^ though it were openly before 
Jhctaccof the whole world bring themin nicw,know- 
ingthat a double heart isdetdbUe in thine eyes .-and 

thatwec may walkc alwaies as before thine eyes, not on- 
lieb«torcihcey<«ofn»an, being mote carefidl towalke 

' • circumlpct^. 

IDering, iS. 

drcumfpe^Hy, in this relped, that wee haue thee to bee a 
viewer of our dooines, athoufand fold more then the 
eyes of man. That mus wee may walke as becomtpeth 
thy Children, notonelyin outward fheyv, but alfoin 
finceritie of heart, abhorringeuen die Icaft finne in ouc 
felucs,ftriuing,rc{ifting, and fighting againft finne, not 
delighting our (clues in finne, nornouriOiing the fame 
inourbreaft, buteameftlie embracing, andftudiouflie 
feeking after thofe thingcs which bee picafantin thine 
^es : diat neither the feare of man, nor lofle of goods, 
lifcjlands, pofiefsions, or ftiendes, drawvs away from 
dice, to doe any Icaft diing contrarieto Ay wil and plea- 
fure: neither the &uour or ftiendnitp of man, nor yet die 
flattering enticements of this worid , nor die vaine pro* 
motions of die fame do mooue vs any whit from the true 
and endlefle ioy , delight and pleaTure which wee ought 
to haue indiou things which bee agreeable to thy will, 
and the conftant performance of the fame : buttnatat ' 
waies to the ende of our life wee may continue in thy 

SvSta. growing and increafing from faith to faith , fiora 
rengihtoftrength,tiIlat length wee Hi all come to thy 
eueriafting reft, Amen. 

jI frtkr f«r thtfflAtt ff the whole Chttrck 

OLord our God, and heanenly Father , for afmuch 
as by thy holy word wee are commanded in out 
praiers not oaely to bee mindfuH of our (clues, 
butalfoofollodietthy GhiWnin , yea cuen of our ene- 
mies : wee commend vnto thy Maieftie all thy whole 
true and Catholikc Church, and cucry member there- 
of : diacasit hath p}«a(ed thy goodneftc by the brkht 
bcamnofthyibbly v^djto Ibineooer the v^ok world, 
ii ojjc'i D X \^cre- 

• 'I 


ji/erin;;, ii. 





I GoMyfriuatebrayeti 

vaniOi thcdarkcand mifticcloudcsof ignorance and fi,. 

Fril«ipn,fo thou vvouldftvoiichfafe by thv holy Spirit 
totouchthc hcamof men. that they mayioy^Hy^m 
brace thatthingfo hieha treafure fentamongltvs, that 
through ovrynthanlcFubeswc prouokc notthyMaicftic 
inangcrtot;accicfromvs. Cru(h,brufc&deftroywith 

U «S'r-'i T'^^^^^y."*"'"^ *''"^''<='f« »^ovc all that 
^IdhGod.Unot thy fimplc flocke(dccre Father) 
rftl ?LT '''"T^^^°"6*^'^haih andyetdoth 
It as Cod.bcc any longer poyfoned withhisfwcctcen- 
uciug poyfo ns , but fo Ijgbun their hearts, that they may 

^ Na^lom| of the earth, to powrc downe the fwcetc 
Nauon ai)oundantly, in more prcntifull wife watering 

thLH.!'- ;;"r'^'^°^"g idolatrie, wee befeccK 
hce to continue diyfauour toward the fame, and vtter- 

idolatry, d,at thy glonous Name may bee throughly ex- 
aked,iniii»ccre pupc, and My wotlhip .. Anla,thou 
^iZTI^T^r^"^ v.iathi,thyCh«rch^ vt. 
^r^/b<JuU^94 a^falic v*«««im,aqdpoy(bnfelldoc. 

pUcod tht^tcuc and comfortablo doffine of life«ttor. 

S.^^fe'^'^^'^f J>"»«»of «faXcWarcnbce fcdilo 
?o4i«Wiflicdtp<u«:Uftingioy ,:foiaJikc „,«rcie aad 


for Qhrijiian FawiUes. 
fauour wee bcfccch thee, dccre Father , cftablirti in the 
famcthy Church, a true, pcrfc£):, and finccrc regiment 
thereof, according to tlic prcfcript rule of thy bleifed 
word, allfantaficsof mans braine, anddieamcsof hu- 
mainc policie vttcrly aboliQicd:that thy glorious Maicfty 
onciy may be exalted in the light of thy glorious Gofpcl: 
and that thy Church may flourifh andincreafc , being 
through thy protc&ibn aided, fupportcd, maintainecf, 
and defended ; we befecch thee by thy holie Spirit,guidc 
and lulc euery part and member thereof, efpeciallic 
thy feruant Idmes , our King , whom thy gracious fa- 
uourand merciful! prouidcnce hath appointed achiefe 
member in the fame : vivdcr whofe wingcs (nextvnto 
thy protedion) it hath a chiefe fuccour and fiipport. 
Grant vnto him, O Lord, a pure and pcrfed «alc, a- 
boue all things to promote thyglorie •• firftand chieflic 
in labouring and cndeuouring of himfelfe earnefllie in 
Mriping away and purging out of thy Church all blots 
and deformities, to remice the fame to a pure and fincerc 
forme of worrtiippe, agreeing to thy bleflcd word, vtter- 
lie to remooue al ftu moling blockes, which ftay and hin- 
der the courfc of thy Go(pcll : giuchimin like manner, 
O Lord GOD, the fpirite of wifcdome , difcretion, 
and gouernment , that withequitie and iuftice he may 
fee this whole Rcalme, which thou haft committed to 
his charge, peaceably and quietly gouerned : that hee 
may ftudiouflie labour, that as well thorough the whole 
Rcalme vertue be exalted, and vice abandoned, as efpcci- 
ally in his owne houfc and Court, that al wicked vanities 
ofthis world, all licentious and inordinate life, all flattc- 
rinc and difsimulation being vttcrlie banifhed,the feare 
of thy glorious Maieftie may Co rcigne in the hearts of all 
within his highnes Pallace & Court, that their liucs and 







Godly piuate^rayers 
coniicrfation may be agreeable to tliy blcfTcd will, in fin- 
ccmie and triie holinefle and intcgritic of life, that from 
them, as from the head, may fhine purity of life and con- 
ucrjation, as an example and patterne of tnic godlincflc 
"^to the whole Rcalmc. Prefcruc him wee beftech thee 

food Lord , from al confpiracics and treafons, that if it 
ethy goodwiljhcc mayhaiie a long and quiet rcigne 
oner vs. to the benefit of thy Chiirch,andthe adnance- 
nient of thy glory. Indue the whole Councell, good 
Lord, with trlie and perfcd wifcdome , that in all their 
confultanons and counfcls, hailing thee prcfcnt before 
tlicir eyes, they may confiilt of thofethinges which prin- 
cipally and chicfclyraay bceforthcaduancemcntofdiy 
glory, and the commoditie of thy Church, and next 
tor the qu,et peace and gracious gouewimcnt of this 
Reame. Sp lighten all inferiour Magittratcs of this 
RcaI.ne,good Lord, with die brightncflc ofthvholy Spi- 
ritc,thatvndefftandinP thy will, they mayzcilonnicde- 

tend mamtaine&furthcrthecourfccf.theGorpcll with 
thclwordof iufticc, cut off the wicked, and cheriOi the 

Defend andgoucrnc, by thy holy Spirite, the Paftours 
ot ti\y Church, and labourcrs,in thy vineyard , thatthev 
- mayzealoufly , carneftlic,anddiligentIvfeedcdiyflocl(C 
committed vnto them, wirfi the foodc of life thy MclTed 
word, whcre-with their foulcsmay bee nourilWd to l.fc 
cuerlafting. Increafe the number of them, dcere Father, 
place oucr cuery flocke a godly, learned, and painful Pa- 
ftoi.r,whomay painfully andcarefullytrauailccuery one 

moftnt'T''° ^i'"l '^y P'^P''^ (^'^•^h now aLin 
moft parts ao wander & po aft ray I.ke loft (Tieepe ) bo the 

m.c knowledge of thee tU Lord and God, an^^^ 

dcctcSonChriftfcfusthcirSauiour. Andforthymcr. 



juerin.'j, ri. 


cy, we bcftech thee, to take pittie vpon thy poore & fim- 

plc flocke, rooteoutallraueningWolues, which hauc 

craftilie crept into thy flicepcfold, and do make hauockc 

of the foules of thy fi niplc flocke. Caft out al hirelings 

time-feruers, and dumbe dogges, which to fi!l their bcl' 

lies onely, haue thruft themfelues among thy fheepc,and 

do plentifully fuffcr the flocke of Chrift thv Sonne,to be 

deuoured andfcatteted of the Wolfe . Stirrc vp good 

Lord, and place inriieir roomes faithfull rhccj*ieards, 

which diligently, painfullie, carefully, and earneftly may 

labour in thy vineyard, feeke towinnc the foules of thy 

people, out of the tyrannic and power of fathan, to the 

frccdomc ofthy decrc SonncChrift Icfus our Lord. 

Andthatifay Church may better bcefiirnifhcd with 
godlic and learned Paftours,we befeech diee profpcr and 
clpccially thet^vo Vniucrfities,Cambridee& Oxford; 
Grant dccrc Father vnto al the ftudents ofthe fame, that 
the chiefe cndc of al their ftudies, may bee to the furthe- 
rance of thy Church, and maintenance of die com- 
mon wealth . Bleflc their ftudies, decre Father , that 
al vaine ftudies fct afide , they may fo fruaifie and pro- 
fite in al profitable and godly fciciKes, that hcereafter 
diey may becomeprofitablc members in thy Church, & 
eodlv vp^holdcrs of the Common-wealth, Grant, good 
Lord, to althe whole Commons of this Realme, that 
their hearts being touched with afincerc feare and re- 
ucrence of thy heauenly Maicftie , acknowledging thy 
mercie in placing oner them a godly Prince , they may 
*"cry one in their callings, wafte inal true and humble 
obedience vnto him, in thee and for dice, without refi- 
ftancc, tumults, infurrcftions, confpiracics, or rebel- 
lions : knowing , diat to rcfift the higher Powers, 

D4 is 


1: J. 



Godly friuate prayers 
istorcbc!Iagainftthy.Vfaieftic. Finall^wc bcfccohthv 
goodncs to guide and goucrnc the hearts of all the whole 
Rcalmeof ctiery degree, that cuery one in his calling, 
iW S, • 'i'^y g"" ^M'Portcd, raay Co occupie thy talent 
that thy glorie m al things may be aduance^thy Church 

mlargcd, and this whole Realmc into finccre goodneirc 
verttioufly reduced. ^ 

Morcoiier wee bcfecch thee (O Lord our G O D) in 
mercy behold dl thofewhich fi.ffer perfccution for hy 
glorious words rake, whether it be imprifonment, death, 

orban,fl,mcnt,-I>rwh«fbe.,ercire;ftrengthen them good 
Lord that they hailing thee alwaies before thcirlyes, 
and the glor.e laid vp for them in the life to come, hiav 
continue conftant in defending thy truth, without feare 

1!TZ' Z '1'?' ^""!;^'"5"»^ of this world, that whether 
u come by life or death they may glorific thv My 

Name,mcont,nuingmthetruthtothefnd. Prcfcrucin 
hkemannerwec be(?cch d,ee, all others thy Children, 
wliomit hath pleafcd thee with any otherkindc of 
croOetochaftenfortheir amcndcment, whetherbype- 

d.(qu.ctneirc of m.nde, want of fpirite, want of fpir^u 

tZr K^'' "^^ '^•"'^t^f ^ffli^ion of bodieor^n indc 
thoudooft try them with : that by thy holy Spirit being 

Sk ".'''t"'^^' bydiisthy'corrediin LndS 
call them backe to a feeling of their finne,and due confi^ 
deration oftheir life and conuerfttion, thit they may w- 
tienrlyabidetHyfatherly tryall. looki'ngfor al'X 
en?toT!""S°'"r'^r'^'^"'' ^"'""^ -oftconuo?' 
hand o^i^^t ""^^'^^'"^ '• ="^ ^^^8 '^y^hy merciful] 
Hand oiKc dclmcrcd, may acknowledge thy fmsular 

power ^^dwork^^giuingalllaudcaad^ailctoAj^lliri^ 



iDering, ii. 

forChr^ian Fmilies, 
ous Name : and afterwards, all die daies of their life, ftu- 
die to Hue before thee in fincerity andpcrfcft holincfTc, 
cucn to their Hues end. Amen. 

Meriting primer for friutte houfes uii Famtlies. 

O Gracious God, and louing Father , according to 
thy commandement, weedoe heereprcfcntour 
(clues before the throne of thy mercie, acknow- 
ledging and confefsing from the bottome of our hearts, 
that wee bee miferablcfinncrs, daily breaking thy com- 
mandements, both in thought, word and deedc,wherc. 
in wc iiiftly dcfcrue cuetlafting damnation, and to bee vt- 
tcrly thrownc from thy prcfcnce : yet, O Lord, wee fee 
thygoodncflcagainetowardcsvsjwho not fuffcring v$ 
thus to pcrirti in our finncs , haftfcnt thine owne dcerc 
Sonne kfus Chri(\,to take rpon him whatfocucr is due, 
to reconcile and make vs at one with thee againe. In him 
therefore good Lord . and through him, doe wee come 
vntotheejbefeeching'rfieefor his fake, that wee feeling 
thegrieuoufheflcof our finnes, andgroning vndcrthc 
burrfien of them, may feeic the rcleafe and cafe of tiiem, 
in diat wee be through thy holy Spirit affu red and (tcd- 
faftlybeleeue, that Chri{\ hath bom the burthen of them 
eiien for vs. Grant likewifc,0 moft merciful Lord and 
heaiienly Father, that wee being afliired heereof in our 
confcicnccs,may through thy holy Spirit bee renued in 
die inner man, to hate, detcft, and abhorrt finnc, and to 
ftudie to Hue according to thy b'.elTcd will during our 

whole life. t ir r 

Wee doc not oncly pray for our fclues , but alio tor 
all thy whole Church, efpecially fuch as bee perfeciv 
ted for dry word: grant vnto them, that whether it bee 





i4 ■ ? 


I GoMyfriuAtefrayrs 

end. ec m?rafi.ll to this Church of England, Scotland 
and Ireland we bcfccch thee good Lord, and prefcrue c- 
Mcry pan and member ofthe fame, efpecially thy fcn.ant 
•7fn,es pur King : grant him all fuch giftes as bee ncedfull 
tor lo high a calling , to the aduancement of thy elorie 
andbenchtof this Common-wealth, to the cftablUliine 
oUp?rfca goucrnmcntof.diy Church, according to 
the prjfcript rule of thy blcflcd word, to the, rooting out 
of all fuperftition and relioues of Antichrift , to the go- 
iicrruiijgof hisfubicdsinallpeace andtranquilitie. Dc 
fendium, OX^rd,from all confpicacics, tieafons, and 
rebcllions,and foworkc in the hearts of all his fubiciSb 
thatkiTbwing his authoritic dodtb come from thy hca! 
iicnIyMaicftie, they may with obedient ham humbly o- 
bey h.m jnthcc and fort^ce. Preferuc the whole Coun- 
ccll and the Magiftrats ofthe Rcalmc, that being lightc- 

ncd through thy holy Spiritc,diey may defend t& t?uth, 
Uippr6flcwickedneffe,and mainuineequitie. Behold a! 
the Paflours and P«achcrs of thy word , blcffe their la- 
bours, increafethcnumbcrof them, place oucrcucrv 
Chiirchapainful watchman,remoue alidle lubbers, and 
contound the power of Antichrift , and turncthc hearts 
o thcpeoplc that they may bee obedientto thy truth. 
Bleflc thetwo famous Vniuafities,Cambridgeand Ox- 
ford, and all the ftudcnts of thefamc, with all Schooles 
oflcarnmg. Behold all thofe that beaffliaed withany 

Jc^ndofcroflc thatthcymay .profit by thy corrcaionii 
iiewnefle oflife. (*\ ' 

Laftly for ourfclucshecrc gathered together, wcc 
Jiumbly (OLord) crauc at thy handes, That itiould 
gcafc thee to make vs thankfull vnto thy Maieftic for aU 
tfayloiungkindncffc ihcwcd vnto.yscucn from our in- 




leering, £. 

f^rChriJlian FamiUes, 
fancicrcfoecially, that thou haft this prefent night dcli- 
uercd vs from all dangcrsboth of body and foulc,where- 
into many hauc fallen , as we in the like manner tliould 
haue done, if wee had not bcenc ftaicd with thy merciful 
hand: that thou haftalfo granted vnto vsfo (wecte and 
comfortable reft, and haft now prefcntly brought vs to 
the beginning of this day. rorihefe things, good Lord, 
wee yccld vnto thee moft hearty thanks, befceching thee 
to make vs more and more daily thankfull vnto thy Ma- 
icftie for them, and pardon our vntlunkfulneftc . And 
asdjou haft fafcly prcfcrued vs^vnto this prcfcnt hourc 
from all the dangers of this life ; fo wecbefeech thee 
continue thy faiiour towardcsvs this day, and the whole 
courfeofoiirlife . . Defend vs,0 Lord,thatwcnowen- 
tring into the affaires of this day, bee not drawnc away 
with the vainc allurements of ihisvvorld, tofmnc and 
wickedneife : that wee walkc not in the lliadowoft^eath, 
thatvwebc not intangled in the fnares of finne, that wee 
ftumblc not at the blockes of iniquitie,diat we finally fail 
r^tinto the pit of death and dcftruaion: but being (Va- 
dowed vnderthy winges,wec may chcercfuUy and con- 
ftantliegoconfbrwjrdtothe endof ourcourlc. Grant 
vntovSjO Lord our God, thatthis goodtimc which 
thougranteft vnto vs in this life, b.enotiddy.or vainly 
of VS confumcd, but that cuety one of vs may be diligent- 
ly excrcifed in his calling this day , and all our lifelong, 
being affurcd that thou wilt once call vs tr. yccld an ac- 
count of our ftcwardftuppc : indue vs, wee bcfcech thee, 
withthofc gifts and graces which bee ncedfull tor vs in 
our calling, and that with a pure andfincere confcicnce 
we may \K them to the bcnefitof oufbtethren, and dif- 
chargc of our ovvne confcicnce before thy M aieftie. W c 
bcfccch thee, O Lord, that in all our confultations, 









Godly friuMefray^s 
- words and worses this d»y, and the whole courfcof our 
Itfe, wee imy aWa.cs baue thcc prefcnt before our eye 

ourWs, which aUvaics maybec asabSle topull v 

backe that wee neither doenoryet confentvntoanyfia 

orw,ckednes:butthat alwaieswee maybccfoexerS 
ii. the affaires of this lifc.that we looke ftilJ to the endc 5 

oi^courre,whenitn.a]IpJeare tliee to bring vs through 

decre SonnetefMs Chrift our Sauiour . I.i whofe Name 
forthcfe mercies and whatfoeuer thou k.K>weft to bJc 
nccdfulJforvs andfordiy whole Church, wee prTyvn 
tothee asheehimfelfe hath taught vs in hi holieword 

thV7-T?t''/'- '^^'^^'^ blcfTevsandCrvs 
the Lord u»ake his face to fliinc vpon vs, and be . Wi I 

vntovs, the Lord turne hisfaLrabk cou,Knancc 
towards vs^and grant vs his oeari. , '•""'"="?ncc 

Lord lefu^Chrilthe Lu:o^G"c^\he'?a h^^^^^^^^^ 
moft.omfortabIefelIowa.ippc of theholy^^^^^^^^^^ 

Amen' ^'f '"' '"^ ''''^'" *^^ ^^>' *"^ «""™o«' 

O Gracious God and louing Father, &c. As in the 
till you come to this markc ( * ) Then rcade thZ 
foUowingforthcEucning. >> ^ncn readethis 

- ^'»%5forourfelucshcerc gathered toBcther u«.^ 

Jiatthithertofrom our infancy, prcfemcdvs bythymer- 
c.cftoaI penis & dangers bothof foulc& bodylhZ 



forChrijUan Fmdies, 
thines neceflaric for this prefent life, as health, food, ap- 
oarrelL and fuch like, which many of thy decre Aildrcn 
Socwant, being notwithftanding as precioufly bought 
with the precious Wood of thy decce Sor»ne»«^ccbce, 
andyctliein mifcrie and calamitic, bppreflcd widi po- 
ucrtic,nakedncflc,imprironmcnt and baniflimcnt,into 
which cafe alfo,dccte fadier,thou mig^tefthaue brought 
vs faueonclythat thoudcaleft beerdnmorcfauourably 
wi'thvsthenwiih them; Fortbc which thy louingkind- 
neflcwegiuethcch^artic thankcs, defiring thee, that as 
thoubaft hitherto thus fauourably inmercicpreferued 
vsbv thy proteaion , and eucn prefcntly this day halt 
bought vspaft all dangers thereof: fo wee befecch thcc 
good Lord, in likefauour behold vsthis night,thatwce 
fakingournaturaireft anrKl quiet.«Krc,may thorowthy 
protcaion bee defended, that our bodies rcftmg, our 
foules maytc occupied in beholding thy fauour and mcr- 
cic toward thy children,ftilllookingforfhe commingot 
our Lord and Sauiour lefus Ghrift for our full redemp- 
tion . Grant that our fleepe be not immodcratc,accor- 
ding to the luft of our ftefti, but afmuch as is lufhcicni to 
refrcfti our wcakc nature : that being thus refreihcd, 
both the bodie and the naindc may bee more able to doc 
their fcucral office andfunaion,in that vocation where- 
in thou haft placed vs. 

Grant that wee laying our bodies downetorcft,may 
bee thereby put in mindeof our long reft of death : that 
aswedocnowlay downe our bodies in bcd,fowecmay 
bethcrcby admoniflied, that heercaftcr tbeyflialbchud 
down in graue ,tobc confumed to duft , earth, and albcs, 
fbra whence they weretaken : That wee hauing thisbe- 
forcour eyes, may bee ftirred vp in mind warUy to walkc 
in this our pilgrimage, not knowing when th<; time (ball 







' Go^jfriuatefrayfrs 

bee of our departure , butalwaies to bee found readie 
with our jLampcs of pure faith clearelie burning, that 
wecmay^be accepted to meetethe Bridegroome,when 
our mortal], earthly ,and corruptible bodies (halbe made 
like to theglorious body of our Lord and Sauiour Chrift 
lefus , there to reigne with him in perpctuail ioy and 
coniblation together widi all the ele^ cnildrenofGod, 
continually lauding vyidi alldieheauenly multitude die 
glorious M aieftic ofdiee our Locd God & hcaucnly Fa> 
ther,inour onelyLord and Sauiour lefus Chrift. For 
the(c and whatfbeuer cUc thou knoweft to be moft need- 
ful for vs and thy whole Church, wc pray vnto thce^as he 
himiclfc hadi taught vs,(aying : Our Fadier, See. 

The L o rd blew vs and fauevSjthe Lord make his face 
to (hinevpon vs,and be merciful vnto vs the Lordtume 
his fauourabk cofitenance vnto vsjk granc vs his peace. 
The grace of our Lord Icfiis Chrift^ the loue of God the 
Father, and the moft comfortable fcUowftiip of the holy 
Ghoft,bc with vs, preicrue and Jceepe vs this night and e- 
ucrmorc. Amen. 

jlfmertobttfttde before the fiiufymger redM0gtfh0fy 
Serif fxre. 


OHeauenly Father, whatlbeuer I am,what(beuer 
1 haue^whatibeuer Iknow,itisonelybythv free 
grace. For by nature I am die child of wram, and 
I am notibome anew of fleih and blood , neither of the 
(bpdc of man,or of the wilof man. Flc(h andblood can> 
not rcueale the myQcries of diy Heauenlie Kingdome 
vnto mee : but by diy bleffed will I am that I am , and 
by the iame know I cbat I know . Therefore , O Fa- 
ther , doe I commit imo thy handes ondy ,niy faluapon. 


iDering, iS. 


forChrifiUm Fmikeu 
Ifmyknowledgcbeefmall,yctldoubt nothing but 
thatlamthe childeof thy cucrlaftingKingdonic ; and 
therefore by thy miehtie power I fhall growc ( when it 
(halbcc thy good will and pleafure) toamorcfol andri- 
pcr knowledge, asof amorc perfeftagc wherem my 
Ldi (Vial bee fully able to comprehend andpcrcciucthe 
brcaddi- dcpdi, height and largeneflc of diy great ma- 
cics and gracious promifes . But feeing , O tathcr, th« 
power of fuUknowredgeandpcrfea reuelanon, paflcrfi 
Slpowcr natural,and remaincdi onely in thy powcr,and 
rfidightofdiy SpiritrOLord, doe thou whatfocuer .t 
(hallpleafc thee,to open vnto me and all the reft ofthinc 
eleafcruantes and children, depending vpon thee, lo 
muchofthelirfitof thy coumauncc, asmay bee molt 
forthyelorieandoutcomfort, yea, andatfuchtimeas 
(hallfccme good to thy wifcdomc and fatherly mcrcic. 
In the mcane while rfiusreftingwholyvpponthec, nc.- 
dicrcanldcfpaire, ncithcrwill 1 bee too nnxh careful, 
althonehl cannot attaine to the knowledge of manie 
of thy workes , neither to the vndcrftand.ng of man.e 

wcakencffeof my faidi, waiting alwaies for the hirtlicr 
reucalingof thy glorious light to bee vtccrcd vnto mee 
thvpoorcfcruant, when thou (halt thinke (of thyFa- 
diirly bcneuolence and goodnes) meete & conucnient. 
Iknowingmoftafllircdly thaidiou wiltpitty my weake 
imbccilitieandchildifti infancie, andcaufcdiefamc to 
ferucfor thy glorie, & my great commod.nc • feeing that 
I errc as a child before fuch a Father, which canft not put 

haftbouehtmeevnto thee, to bee an hei re of thy king, 
dome by flie blood of diy natural Sonne my Sauiour le- 
fc» Cbtift i fo am / fure that thou wUc lighten me^n 

7/ ' 

?t ' 

'* _•> 




thecndwiJbfulfruitioMof chebright ligMof thycoim- 
icnancc, that I may fee thee and knowihec, as this 
thy Sonne knowcththcc : yea, fee thee and know thcc 
my Father face to £ice , and know thee as I am knownc. 
Thus reft I onely in thy hands ( O my God ) crauing of 
thee to incicafe mv knowledge in thy holy word, where- 
by I may know thvgood will and pleafiirc. And know- 
ing thefaaie,giue'me,OLotd, thy holy Spiritctocon- 
dua and lead me in the fame all the daies of m y lite, that 
in finceriticof faith, and purcneflc of liuing and con- 
ucrfatiort,ihy glorious Maieftie may be magnified in me 
for cuer . Grant this,0 Father, for thy decrcly bclo- 
lied Sonne our Sauiour Icfus Chrift, to whom with thee 
and the holy Ghoft, bee aU honour, glorie, and praife, 
world without end. Amen. 


OLord our God and hcauenly Father , in thy bclo- 
ued Sonne lefus Chrift, wotkc in our hearts true 
repentance, with incrcafe of a true Sc liuely faith; 
make vs thankful vnto diy Maieftie , for al Ay benefites 
which wee continually rcceiuc at thy merciful hande : 
grant vs thy grace , tliat wee may at this prcfent widi 
thankful hearts, as from thv hands receiue meate and 
drinkefor the fuftcnancc ot our bodies , widimoderar 
tion 5 vfe them to thy glory,and through thv blefsing, rc- 
ceiuc by them pcrfe<a nouriOimentiandaboue all wee 
crane at diy hands, raoft mcrcifidl Father , the hcauenly 
food of our foules, which neucr pcrifheth : that through 
thy glorious goodocflc, wee may bcc nourifhcd and 


iDerin;;, ^« 

for Chriflitm Families. 
ftrengthcncdboth infoulc and body to etcrnaU life tho- 
rough lefus Chrift our Sauiour,Amen. 


E^ TcrnallGod,and moft merciful Father,wecyccM 
' vnto thee moftheartic thanks for al thy benchtcs fo 
''plentifully bcftowed vpon vs : cfpecially that thou 
haft at this prcfent fed and nourifhed our mortal bodies 
with meate and drinke^wecbcfcecli thecinKke manner 
let our follies fecle the fwcetc taft ofthy hcauenly foode, 
that we being fedde and noiiiiOied at thy hands, both in 
foulcand bodv, may in this life walkcasit bccommeth 
thy children, and in the life to come,bc receiucd to dime 
cwmall Kingdomc rf glory , through lefus Chrift our 
Lord and Sauiour, Amen. | 

A prtjer before meii*. 

O Merciful and hcauenly Father, who giucftfoode 
to cucry liuing creature, and without whom no- 
thing can liue, blcflc and fanaific our mcates and 
J^inkes,which wee are now aboutto rcceiuc, that they 
may turnc to the nourilbmcni of our bodies , whcreunto 
thou haft appointed them: that wee acknowledging thy 
gracious goodncOc inprouidingfo liberally for our bo - 
dics,may with checrefulhearts,T3CC lifted vp earneftly to 
long after the food of our foulcs,whcrcby we may be ted 
etcrnally,through Icfiis Chrift our Sauiour, Amen. 

j1 thtnkfgiumg tfter mette. 

O Hcauenly Father, forthefc thy bcncfites where- 
with ihou haft now fufficicntly fcddc our bodies, 
wcc befccch thee make vs thankful -, And as wee 
fecle the fwcctncs of than plcafant to our bodies, fo wcc 

£ bclcccn 







iDering, ^ 

belecch thee , eood Lord , that the foodc of our foules 
maybe as plcafaiitand comfortable vnto our foules, and 
that wee may with as carefull hearts prouidc for the nou- 
riflimcnt of our foules, as wee are carefull for our bodies, 
till it (ball pleafe thy Maicftic to bring vs to the place, 
where we flnaHncucr hunger northirft more, butliucc- 
ternally through ChriftourSauiour, Amen. 

Ol ,. A prayer before mette. 
Lord our Go^ and heaucniy Father , which haft 
proHidcd mcatiB *nd drinke forthe nouriOimcnt 
of our bodies, giucvs grace to vfe them rcucrcnt- 
ly as from thy hands with thankfuU hearts. And as we do 
greatly hunger and thirft for this fbgdc of our bodies , fo 
wee bc(ccdi thee good Lord,that our foules may carncft- 
ly hunger after the like foode and nourifliment,that with 
earneft minds wcemayfeckc tohaucour foules fed and 
rcfrcfhed eternally ,through our onely Lord and Sauiour 

I A think/gluing dftermette. 

WOnderfuU is thy prouidcnce , O Lord, in pre- 
feruing all liuing creatures . Grant vs grace 
webefccch thcc,that with thankful! hearts wee 
may acknowledge thy bountifull goodncffc , fb liberally 
giuingvntovs all thingcs ncedctuU : cfpccially feeding 
vsfo plentifully at this prcfent with thy manifold blcl- 
fmgs, whereof a great manyof our brethren arc defti- 
tutc, as in like manner wee fhould bee, it thou diddcft not 
dealc more liberally withvs : grant vs therefore, graci- 
ous Lord, that wee may bee thankfull for this thy good- 
nclTcjandtobccminduillofthcm, which hauc notfuch 
aboundiUKCto rdecuc chctn : that being all members 


for Chrijhan Families. 
of one body, wee may at length reignc with our head 
Chrift,towhom bee all honour and glory, world with- 
out end. Amen, t 

A thMkfgiuwg after the reeeiuing of $»r boMy faflentnce^ 

ini reading cfjomefut of Gods ho'.j word our 


ALmighty God and moft mcrcifull Fathcr,thc one- 
ly giuer of all good giftes, who of thy great mer- 
cies haft madevs partaketsbothof die neaucnlic 
gifts of thy holy word, to fcedc our mindes, and of thine 
earthly creatures for the neccflaric fuftenancc of our 
weake bodies ; grant wee beftcch thee , that through 
thy grace, thcfc thy gifts may bee made perfeiSt vnto vs ; 
giue ftrcngth vnto our meate, that it may bee our health- 
full nourifnmcnt, not to breed in vs any carnall defire of 
our vainc life, but to enable our bodies to all good works 
during the time of this prefent pilgrimage , thatfo rfiy 
good creatures may bee our good rdiefe fo long as thou 
wilt, and lb much as thou knoweft to bee expedient for 
vsthyferuantSjtofiniftiour daics which thou haft num- 
brcd, in the edifying of thy Saints, and glorifying of thy 
holy Name . And because (O Lord) we know nothing 
of ourfeluesjbut our ignorant harts arc full ofdarkneflc, 
therefore wee bcfccch thee that this thy Word (which 
is thine eternall wifedome ) that now wee hauc read, 
(and wherein wee hauc had our conference) may bee in 
our minds a fliining light of thine onely truth, and in our 
hearts a fruitflill fccdc of our new birth j fo that thine 
owne Image m ay be happily again rcftored in vs, and wc 
may bee made bcfor thee a holy and righteous people, 
by the inward working of thy gracious Spirite , dailie 

E 2 fttcng- 









1 1 



Godly f>riuate prayers 
flrcnethcningourhcartsineamcftlouc ofthvtruth an,! 

fusChnftouroncIy McdiatourandSai.iour whofni: 

tauour and hatli guicn vs this boldncs to caU voon ri!^ 
vntowhom CO Father) withthcc andASch a' 

4ilfc. , E. D.. 

OT i^ ,^f''f''f^r ill times. 
Lord God Fathcrofmcrcvanr^r^ r ., . 
comfbrt, wcepoorcw^ILk "^"^^^^ hope nor 

ncrsbefeechth e ofthSrrj!?"4""i'"^^"^^'*=fi"- 
on vs, and fo make vs SSen^i:j**'^flt«<^ 'ooke vp- 


wccmayrcifoorththinc}^^3 Tf°'^''^"=""^^^ 


workcs , mav clorifie 1^ l "^ beholding our good 



great many that t^ '° ''§''''=" thcftcppes of a 

Na.einTeJ::& -^ ---h-. -dpSfe thy 

theetodcalcwithvs thatJ..^^ ^'"^.^ vvcbcfccch 

honour vnto thee no^ ^ r r^'"?^^^'^^^^*^'^ of 

holy Name anW^n^ u ^"/°''"'' ^''« praifeof thy 

fightthatnoSi^^ra^t f^^ anddwclleftin the 
f?omvsourfi^n« a'dfr'''''''^T° J '^'=™°'^"^ ^^"c 


/or Chrfiian Families . 
vpon vs widi thy fauourablc mercy , that thou maiefthaue 
pitty vpon vs, and behold vs in the righteoufncflc of thy 
bcloued Sonne Chrift Icfiis, and that wee -may bee pre- 
fentcd fauItlcfTc in thy fight : and thou accepting vs as ho- 
ly, wee may findc the grace cuermore to fet foorth thine 
honour and gloric, & to (peake of diy praifcs in the midft 
of all thy people . Let vslouc ( O Lord ) the things that 
arc good , and hate the things that are euill : let vs delight 
in all thingcs that may plcalc thee, and let vs bee grceued 
widi whatfocucr is difpleafant in thy fight. And to the in- 
tent wee may haue true vnderftanding, and be able to dif- 
ccrnc bctwccne things what is good or euill, wee befcech 
thcclet thy word dwell plentifully in vs, which mayguid 
cur vndcrftandings fo, that wee may abound in all know- 
ledge, and do according to that which is righteous. And 
in this eftate of true Chriftianity , being inftru6lcd in 
minde, and ready in body to all holy obedience, wee bc- 
ftech thee make vsto crow and increafc from grace to 
grace, from faith tofaith,vntillwccomevnto thefulncs 
of age to be perfcd members of the body of Chrift, way- 
ting for the Wefled hope of thine cle£t, and fighing in (pi- 
fit vntill the time that diy children flial bee rcuealcd. In 
ihe meane feafon let vs figh with all thofc that haue rccei- 
ued the firft fruits of diy Spirite, that thcfe daics of finnc 
may ceaft, that fathan be troden dowiie vndcr fectc, that 
Antichrift may be reucalcd yet to many thoufands, that 
be in ignorance-, that the number of thine clc*^: may bee 
full, the body of thy Saints made pcrfcft, all teares wiped 
from our eyes, cuen then when thy Sonne fh all appcarc 
aeaine theftcond time to iudgc the quicke and the dead, 
which time (OLord) fend quickely, according to thy 
good will,and teach vs to pray with al thy Saints, Come 
Lord Icfiis, come quickly : grant this ( O Fadicr ) for thy 

E 3 Sonnc§ 


•V *i 




Godly friuatefrayers 
Sonncs fake, in whofc Name wc prayvntothee. And 
although we bee but earth and a(hcs,yctwc are bold to 
fay vnto thce(thc God of all glory)eiien as he hadi taught 
vs. OurFathcrwhichartinheauen,&c. 

i ^'D- 

Apmerfrrtill eftates. ■'- ■"■.'..' :<; 

OLord God, Fattier of light, with whom is no 
change, ncytheryetOiadowof change, buthaft 
efbUifhed tliinc appointed connfcls , which rtial 
notbcc changed foreuer : Thou (OGod) haft made 
among vs this diuerfiiie of eftates and degrees , accor- 
dingaseuery common wealth requircth , keepe vs all, 
wee bcfcech thee, that wee way walkc obediently in out 
calling, and follow thefteps tliatdiou haft fet before vs, 
euen from the higheft to the lowcft, letvsaccomplifh 
.that dime vnto which thou haft appointed vs , andwith 
ataithhiU remembrance of thyproraifc madeof oldeto 
our Father Abraham , that thou art his exceeding great 
rcwarc,wemaylikewife depend on thyprouidcncctand 
Icekc not any rhamcfiil waics to get ouriiuing,wandring 
from the riglneoufncfre of our vocation, into the manw 
told errours of fin and iniquity ; looke vpon vs ( O Lord ) 
and enrich vs with thy grace,.makevs obedient to our 
intcrioiirs.meeke towards our enemies, faithfullto our 
tricnds true and iuft towardsall men, that we may dwell 
ftcdfaftly rooted in the hope of thine eledt, vntilhhoii 
fhaltmakcan ende of all our labours : looke vpon our 
moft excellent King, and hishonourabieCoimcelL and 
as thou haft called them to the higheft roome,fo giue vn- 
to them the greatcft mcafures of grace, that they faithfi.l- 
Jy dilpcncc ijhc ralcnK committed vaio them ikidc them 


with the good King Dauid into thy Sandiuary, that they 
ipay fee Ay louine kindnclTc which is better then lifc,and 
fay widi the Prophet : All flc(h is grafle, and the glory of 
man is as the flower of the field, and fo conftcratc thcnv 
(clues to doe thy will , offer vp their bodies to bee holy, 
liucly , and rcafonablc (acrifices vnto thee,that they may 
bccNiitfcsandNurfc-fathcrs vntothy Church : looke 
alfo wee befeech thee vpon thy Minifters whom thou 
haft appointed to the preaching of thy Golpell, make 
them (O God) faithful! difpenfcrs of thy myftcrics, 
without vcfpcCt of perfons to doe the worice vnto the 
which thou naft appointed them , that they may con- 
uertfinners, andnaue their glorieperfed In the day of 
Chrift : and knit vs toeetherin peace and louc,that wee 
maybeefullof compafsion one towardes another, to 
rcioyce with them that reioyce , and moirrnc with 
dicmthat moume, cfpeciallie to inftrufl one another 
in the waies of rightcoufneflTc , that by our mutual! 
helpewec may the better wiihftand our enemies, and 
dwell fafe in hope of thine cleft, till our dates fhall bee 
full, and wee (nail walkc the waics of all the world, 
whkh time wee befeech thee bring vs happilie vnto, 
euen for thy bcft beloued bonnes fake , our Lord and 
Sauiour Chrift lefus, we humbly befeech thee, to whom 
with thee and the holy Ghoft, three perfons and one 
cucrlafting and liuing God, bee all praife, honour, 
and glory, now and for euermore, 
Amcn,Amen. ^ 








iDerin.'T, i^' 



Godly ftjuateprayeri 

^^Tf^7t%^'^ ««/-r«>. tbhprefi^tmi 
/«• ^^xiA cA/^,4«, ^u-uftm their hcmjes Md 


WEemofthumblythankcthee (ObciuenlyFa- 
thcr) for the fwcctc and quiet reft that wcc 
. , . ,."*"« "'»<' 'h's night , for the louine and faiiou- 
rab e dchucrance out oftll da,^rs both ff body and 

roule,wh,chvvcu^Iydcrcruc tale throvvneintof/r our 
man.fddfin«es:for that thou haft raifcdvsvptW,ro 

S/J?^ i-°;d) topull vs after thcc/and to ft,? v.^ 
thofcwaics, which diou haft appointed vstowalkc i7 
And as thou renueft this morning'o rcm^tK d " * 
andasthoucaufcfttheSun comforubly toftfinetom; 

ourbod.e,andto ourfoulcs, fy tL beamcs of thy K 

SS^f ^\'<^^'^y bJeffcd word, Ibining in^toS 
m^dcftof our hearts, to driue away all thenight and 
darkncfTc of a I prophancncftc : to chafe away allwant of 
truefeareof thy good Maieftie : and in place hereof 
brmg m lot,e towardes thy glory, zeale of thy houfe'Toue 

bouc the reft commcndcft vntovs. that wee mavlpuc 
them wuh that loue, wherewi, hall thou haft fiKel 

vefcT °"%^^r'^^^^""'^^"'"^««°beintLfc 

andin thofe houfes wherein itplcafcth thy Maicfticbv 
d«y holy Spinj todvycli. Anddaercforc on?he oSS 


firChrifium Fmities. 
good Lord) chafe away from vs all rancor and malice, all 
pride, enuioufliefre, di(dainfulncfle, vncharitablenefte, 
vnnatiiralneflc, vnkindncffe , and whatibeucr is contraric 
to that louc, whereof thou haft giiien vs a liucly example 
inourSauiour lefus Chrift : vnto the which example, 
grant (good Lord) that we may alwaies haue our eyes lif. 
tedvp, and therein holden,and caufcd thereby to profit, 
vntill fuch time, as we come to that perfection, whcrcim- 
to thou haft appointed we fhall come. VoucW*afe more- 
oticrbythc comming of the felfc-fame Spirit, to (cattet 
in vs all the night and darkneflc of ignorance, and forget- 
fiilnes, and of all diofe things which pcrtaine to the clea- 
rer and fuller knowledge of thy truth . Take from vs all 
negligence, al want of iiidgement and difcrction, and dc- 
liucr vs from all thofe things, which thou knoweft to bcc 
hinderanccs to vs, either towalke inthat great calling of 
Chriftianitie whcreunto thou haft called vs, or in thofe 
feucralland particular callings wherein thou haft pbccd 
eueric one ofvs : that we may walkc Co (good Lord) both 
in the one and in the other, that thy Name may be glori- 

Eueningfrdjer. • 

OLord prepare our hearts to pray , bowe downe 
thine cares (decre Father) and hcarc vs,open thine 
ey.-sandlookc vponvs for thy decre Sonnclcfiis 
Chriftesfake, and receiue our humble confcfsion that 
weemaketothccagainftourfclues, whichhauc broken 
al thy lawcSjSf thcrfore dcfcruc to hauc tliy heaiiy judge- 
ments pou red vpon our heads to our vtter d cftru dion, if 
thou ftiouldeft enter intoiudgemcnt with the Icaft o\ our 
finncs^whcrcof wc haucfo great and infinite thoufands : 





notwithftanding, we pray thee to turnc away thy face 
from our fiiK, and for lefus Chriftcs fake to forgiue vs 
al that IS paft,and grant that we may haue the affiirancc 
of the forgiucncffc of our^nnes, fcalcd vp by thy holy 
Spirit in ourconfcicnccs,whcrby wc knowing that wc 
arc at one with thee, may haue our hearts kindled with 
thybncfofcrucntly, asitmay wafteinvsalthatisa- 
gainft thy holy wil. And for this caufc wcbefcech thee, 
Lordjto go forward with the worke of our new binh 
that thou haa.bcgun in vs,&neiicr take away thy hand' 
vmill fuch time as thou haft oude an endc of it : and to 
this endc wee bcfcech thee to flay in vs eucry day more 
and more, the olde man with his concupifcences, nay. 
ling them to the croflc of thy^learc Son Icfus Chrift : 
and caufing vs to fcele the power of bis pafsion in our 
bodyes and inourfoulcs, that wee bceing pariakcrs 
thereof, may come alfo to thefcHowftiippeof Jiisholy 
Rcfurrcaioa r not onely in that wc (hall onceappeare 
before thee , | bauing thefi: our bafe bodicsxihaungcd, 
and made like Vnto his gloriousbody, but alfothat wc 
may in the mcanctimc rife from the death of finne to 
a! ncwncflc oflifc , and that our good woikes may fo 
fliinc before men, that they feeing them, mayglotjfie 
thee our hcaucnly Father : not onely they that are of 
the felfe fame Religion with vsjbui thofc alfo that ate 
enemies vnto thy truth, may rather in the time of their 
caUing by the vbycc of thy Gofpcl,yeeld thcmfelues to 
bceonefliecpefolde withvs. And wee moft humbly 
thanke thee(0 hcaucnly Father)foral thy louingkind- 
neifes bcflowcd vpon vs from time to tune, and efpcci- 
ally for that oldc & aunoient Loue, whercwithakhou 
haftlouedvs before the beginning of the worldc ; for 
that aUb that thou calling vs by the voycc ofthy holic 


forChrifiian Families, 
Gofpcl in that good time that thou appointcdft for vs, 
hafigiuenvs faith, hope, and loue , and all other gra<. 
CCS which thouknoweft to be ncedcfuU for vs : which 
weebcfeech thee to incrcafe in vs with|mighty incrca,- 
fcs, accordmg to that thou fceft wc haue nccde of, ha- 
uingregardioour manifoldc enemies, that wee haue 
towrcftlewith rand that wee haue not to flriue with 
flcfh and blood, but againft the diucls thcmfelues. And 
therefore confidering their ftrength and our weakc- 
ncffc, their craft and our fimplicity, their watchfulncfTc 
andourfliiggiiifhnefrc, their long experience and our 
rawncrtc,their preparation and oUrnakcdncs, and that 
wc haue not onely nothing to helpe vs,but alfo do car- 
rie about vs our owneconcupifcenccs, ready to bctr-y 
vs into the hands ofourenemics, it may plcafe thee to 
furnifli vs from aboue.giuingvs the ftrength ofthy ho- 
ly Spirit,in the inner niin.reaching vnto vs the complct 
harncfie ofthy grace, wherewith wee bceing armed on 
both (ides, may bee prepared at all alTaics againft al af- 
fauUs of our enemies. And for as much as in this wcak- 
ncs we oftentimes giocback,andfonietimes run away, 
wee pray thee (O Lordc) that with the hand of Faith, 
wee may lay holde on the victory of our Siuiour Icfiis 
Chrift : that-albcit wee be not able to oucrcomc in our 
owne perfoiis , yet notwitiiftanding we may oucrcomc 
in his, who hath oucrconimcd for V5 all, ami fo be par- 
takers of thofc promifes that thou haft knit vnto that 
glorious victory. And wcc moft humbly thanke thee 
alfo for thofc graces both of the bodyandfoulc which 
pertainc to this prcfcnt life : dcfiringc thcc to in- 
creafc ihcm vpon vs, and in vs, fo farrc foorth as thou 
fceft wcc haue nccde of to thy glory c, the coiwniodi-: 
ly of others, and out oyvnc comfortcs : therefore wcc 

; ■ i bcfcech 

' •\ 

>.. '. 






j4n *eldititH , 

Godly frittotefnyers 
bcfcech thee, Lord, to teach vs with thy holy Spirite the 
hwfull vfc of thcra : that thou wouldcft not fufferour 
hMrts to be rooted in them, but that at all times wc may 
bcwiUingtopartfromthcm . And whcnfocucritniall 
plearc thee to call for vs, we may willingly goe vnto thee 
as children to their dcerc Fathejrs . ftrangcrs vnto their 
ownc Country, & members of the body vnto their head • 
andfo much the gladder, by how much thou Lord art 
better then all the men in the world, and the kincdome 
thatthouhaftpreparcd, better then all the kingdomes 
ilicreof. It 

J I*'" . ■•""" 

' tt theftrmtr mtrnhg frtytr, Mtimt W/«. 

Ec pray not only for our felues (O moft merci- 
fullI-ather)butforall thofethat thou haft ap- 

thcrthenumbcrofthofcthatare tobecgatlfercd, thofc 
riut thou hart already called,thou woul(icft alwaies keep- 
and to tins ende (good Lord) raifc vp faithfuU Miniftcw! 
wouldcft hll with all graccsof thy holy Spirit, meete for 
their calling,mectc alfo for tliefc dangerous times ; rootc 
out from among thy Church,a! raucning anddeuouring 
bcafts which to fill their own bellies, dcihoy thy flocke: 
calc thy fclfc qf aU hirelings and idle fticcpheards, which 
tiauc no care nor skill to feed thy flock with the holefomc 
toodc of thy blclTcd word, nor to rule them widi that c- 
qiJity wherewithal thou wilt hauc thy people to be ruled. 
1 hofe Paftors thatthou haft giucn,it would pleafe thee to 
increafc the number of them -.thofethat are fallen aHeep 
and carried away with the corruptions of thefe times, 
thatdiou wouldcft awake, letting them vndcrftand the 
I charge 


|Derlii.;> ^. 

forChriftian FaniUes, 
charge thatthou haft committed vnto them,thc truft that 
thou haft put them in, & the account that thou wih take 
at their hands . Be gracious (O Lord) vnto th is Land of 
ours , and enter not into iudgemcnt with the horrible 
finnes of it, namely , the contempt and light eftecming of 
thy holy Word, fo many yceres offered vnto vs, and we 
being truftcdwithall, fomany Nations better then wee 
being parted by, which would haue brought foorth the 
fruite thereof more then we haue done : and we not one- 
ly haue brought forth no good fruite, but rotten and vn- 
fauoric , toprouoke thy Maicftic withal! : notwithftan- 
ding all thcfc our finncs, it would pleafe thee in that louc 
wherewithal thou haft firftloucd vsjwhcn we hated thee, 
ic in that long patience wherein thou haft hitherto borne 
with vs, and dooftyetbearc, andtarricft for our repen- 
tance: to grant vs neartic and earncft repentance, our 
hearts becing cffedtually touched with thy holy Spirite, 
ftrikingthofe rocky hearts of ours, that they may bee re- 
folued into riucrs of tcarcs for our finncs, nuking them 
foftandmecke toreceiue the print of thy holy Word, 
and the feale of thy blefled Spirit,writing with thy finger 
thineowne Lawes in them,fo that thou maicft read thine 
owne hand, acknowledge thine ownc fcale, ar.d fo juflc 
byvs, when thoiifhalt bring thy iudgcment vpponthc 
face ofthecarthjfor the iniquities thereof: whereof tlioii 
haft giucn , and ftill ciucft , front" time to time diners 
tokens, which wee bciecch thee maiy bee profitable vnto 
vs.whilft firftof allvvec acknowledge thy hand ftriking 
vs, and thy counfell calling vs thereby to repentance, 
that thy heauier judgements doc not fa'l vpponvst.j our 


Moreoucr, wee humbly thank thco(0 Lord) for tliat 
it hath plcafcd ihcc to bee the \A'atch man , and as it 

I were 






Godly friuate frayers 
were the fpic of this Church and Common-wealth, and 
haft forcfccrical the ftorrocsand trcafons committed a- 
gainftit, and againft thine annointed our Soiicraignc, 
whom thou in mcrcic haft appointed to rule oucr it, and 
haftfcattcrcd them and brought them to nought, & haft 
purfued ccrcainc of thine enemies and ours vnto death; 
bcfecching thee to continue this watchful and careful eye 
oucrvs,ftilltodovsgood,and to purdte the reft of thine 
enemies amjours vnto the graue , giuing notwithftan- 
ding repentance voto them, vnto whom thou haft left 
place of repentance. 

And to this cndc raifc vp the hearts of our moft gra- 
cious King ^ and his hdnourablc Councell diy Maei- 
ftratesjthat as they fit inthy(cate,and arc called by thy 
Name , fo they may execute thy iuftice , which diou (o 
well approoueft of, whereof alfo thou wilt require a 
ftraight accc(unt at their hands. Wee defirc thee alfo to 
flicw thefe thy graces to all other Churches of thine, 
namely, thy Church of Scotland, that it mayenioythat 
peace that thou haft giuen it : and grant that the fame 
beercfcrredltodiat cndc wherefore thou haft giuen it, 
namely, to the full eftablifhmentof the throne of thv 
deerc Sonne our Sauiour lefus Chrift , and to the buil- 
ding of his Kingdome there. We befeech thee alfo for 
the Churches, which thy hand hath planted long fince : 
efpcciallydiofe, from whom wee haue receiucd know- 
ledge in tim^ of our ignorance , places of refuge in time 
of petfecution : that it would plcafe thee to continue thy 
louing kindneftc towards thcm,and therefore caufe them 
to continuc^heir. faith towardes thee, and obediei\ce to- 
wards thy hdly word. And whcnfocucr it flulbe tliy plca- 
fiireto try them with any kindc of afaiftion , it would 
plcafe thee to grant vnto ihcm, that they may put their 
^ truft 

fr>r Chriflian Fatriliei. 
truft in thee, hauing regard to the truth of thy promifes, 
and to the good experience that they haue of thy hclpc 
in times paft, and thereby conceiue comfort and hope, 
Lord, eucn of life in death ,and of faluation in deftruc- 
tion. We pray thee alfo ( good Lord ) that we may Iiaiie 
the feeling of the mifcrics of oui Brethren , as members 
ofthc fame body, and thofe thatliue bythcfamcfpiritc. 
And therefore wee pray thee, that according to the ma- 
nifold troubles that thou iTialt vifire them with, it would 
bee thy good pleafurc, to nicafurc out thy grace in fuch 
plciitifiill manner, that thy children may patiently bearc, 
and ioyfully attend for the good houre wherein thou 
wilt pull them out of all their (roubles. Andcfpcciallic 
wcepraythv Maicfticforour Brethren that are affli(flcd 
for thy Gofpell fake: namely, thofe that futfcr imprilon- 
mcntorothei-wifcin any Nation, for the ciccrcr ttfti- 
monie of it: that it would plcafe thee to glue tlicm pati- 
ence in all their troubles, wi(cdomc;incl luonthcs to de- 
fend their caufe againft all thofe that rife vpagainft it: 
that thou wouldcftblcfTc their traiicK and fulicrings for 
that, for which they arc taken : which is, to giucafrccr 
courfe of thy Gofjicl in all places. And there withal w«c 
befeech thee for the Churches nf Prance and llan- 
dcrs, which are fo mifcrablK: racked andtorncinliimier, 
and which are almoft clcanc condimcd with tiKlclicry 
tryalsjthatit would plcafe dice in mercy rolookc vpon 
their fighings and cronings, the leaics that fall iloni 
their eyes continually , the blood that is flicddc in all 
parts of the Land, tnc bodicsthat lie vnbi!ricd,tobcc 
meatc for the foules ofthc ayrc, and the lilhcs of the fca, 
the lonenefTe of VV iues wanting their I lusbands , chil- 
drcn their Fathers , and euery friende his tVicnd . And 
for-afmuch as iliofc thinges arc come vppon them fut 


4 ; 

r k 


r- ^■'<k 



iDerin;:, ^^ 



Gcdly firiitate frdyen 
diy names fake, let it be thy good plcafurc to he Ipe them, 
confidering that they arc forfaken of all their friendcs 
roundabout j and therefore pray thee that thou vvoiil. 
detl not looke vppon our finncsnor thefinsof our fore- 
fathers, whereby wee deferucnot onelythis corredion, 
butvtterdcftrUc^ion,asSodQine andGomorrajbut ra- 
therlookc vppon thy mercies which were before them ; 
whereby thou haft (aide, that although wcc doc offend, 
and thou dooft correal vs, yet thou wilt not take away 
thymcrcies/r^mvs, butlcaue a remnant which thou 
wilt mu!tiplic,and make as the ftarres of the heaucn, and 
as the fands of the fea . Looke alfb (O Lord) vpon the 
outragioullieflc and crueltiCjVnfaithfulnefTe and blafph^ 
mie of thy enemies, where-withall theyblafpheinetlicc, 
& prouoke thee to thy face 5 and therefore in thine owiie 
caufcjand for thine ownc fakc,takcthc matter into thine 
ownc hands, and pay into the bofomes of thine enemies 
double and treble of that they haue ciuen to thee. Not- 
withlbnding,tho(c amongft themthat belong to thine 
holyelcdionjhaftcn their calling, that afterwards thy 
iudgcmentmayhaften vpon the earth, and the inhabi- 
tants thereof may Icarne to know thee by thy iiideo- 
mentSjthat would notvnderftand and come tothecty 
the louing calling of thy Gofpell . Wcc pray thee ( O 
Lord) for our brethren that are vp in armes in both thofe 
countries ; that thou wouldeft goe before them , and 
come bchindcthem, and on euery fide of them : couer 
theirheads in thedayofbattel, teach theii hands to fieht, 
•nd their fingers to warre.-gine them wifcdomc andva- 
liantnefTcjaiid good fucccffc in al their enterprifcs : ftrike 
adizineifcand amazeof (piriteinto the enemies hearjs, 
and tike away from them all force, and difappoint ;dl 



ftrChrijiiMFmilies. ' 
And vpon onv Brethren in Fhunders, wet befecchthee 
that thou wouldeft comfortc them ouer all the troubles 
that they haue receiued, and breaches that haucbcenc 
made in vppon them : and where there are newe forces 
eucry day gathered, ncwcflcights jmiented to deftroy 
them, it may pleafe thee to fcatter their forces,and brine 
theyr'fleyghtes to norfiing. Yea graunt alfo, (O Lor^ 
that that which they haue deoifedagainft thy Children, 
may come vppon tncirowne headcs. And for our Bre- 
thren in Frauncc wee belcech thee ( O Lorde ) what 
ftrcights foeuer they bee in , thou wouldeft deliuer them : 
and aldiough they bee forfaken in the iudgemcntof all 
theworde, andinthcyrownciudgements, notwldiftan- 
din? thou that haft the ilTuesor death in thine ownc 
handes, deliuer thofe that are appoynted to death. And 
finally wee moft humbly thanke thee, for that it hath 
plcafedthee to keepcvs this day, andallthedayesand 
times of our lines : befeeching thee, that thou woul- 
deft receiuc vs this night into thy holy kccpine ; that wee 
may haue quiet reft, not of bodies alone, but of our 
ibules alfo, refting from all thofe things that are contra- 
rie to thy moft holy will, attending while thou rayfeftvs 
vp in the morning, to doc all thofe thingcs that thou haft 
appyntedvs. Ihcfc things wee defire of thee, and all 
othcrthinges (which thou knoweft to bee more needfuU 
for vs, andthy whole Church, better then wee our fclues 
doe knowe) for lefus Chriftes fake : faying the fame pra- 
yer diatheehimfelfe hath taught. Our Tathcr, which 

ji PfAjerferthe King. 
Q Gracioiw Lorde, and moft merciftillFathcr,wec ac- 
knowledge thee the Lord of Lordes, and the King of 
F Kings, 

\ I 




Kings, creating at the beginning , and ruling all things e- 
uetmorcinheaiicn and earth, according to thy wonder- 
full wifcdojne and power : and our (elues to be thy poorc 
fcruants, the woorkc of thy hands, and the (hccpeofthy 
pafturc, fiibic^lcd to thy high Maicftic, and depending 
vppon thy fathcrlic prouidcncc for all things. Neucr- 
tneleflc, feeing thou in thy wifedomc annointeft Kings 
and Qiiccncs . appointing thcin to rule oucr thy people, 
to fittc as Licuc-tcnants in thy tcare, to miniiler iufticc, 
and mofl of all, as Fathers and Nurfcs to maintainc and 
chctUh th^ Church : commanding vs not onelie to obey 
and honour them, but moreouec to pray for them, as 
watching ouer vs for our good: wee therefore befcech 
thee for thy great Names fake, and for Icfus Chrifts fake, 
to fhcwc tny mercic to all Kings and Princes, that main- 
uincthygloriouiGofpelhbut cfoecially wee pray dice 
toblcflcour gracious King, inailfpirituall blefsingsin 
Chrift Fefus, and in alltemporallblefiing«,accordingto 
thy good plcafurcjthat in the great meafures of thy effec- 
tual! Lawc, hcc may more and more findc great incrca- 
fcs of verttie,and wiledomc,and ftrength in Chrift Icfus, 
to the faithfull and happy difcharge of his dutie : that his 
happincflc,t.c ioy,and rcalc cf thy houfe may bee multi- 
plied and cucrlalting. 

And fccinc (O mercifnll Fathcr)it hath plcafed thee 
ofthyfingularlouc and mercy, tociuehin) this efpeci- 
all honour, notoncly to fuflcrforihy glorious tructh, 
and miraculoully dcliuering liim out of the handcs 
of his enemies, to fct a Crovvne vppon his head, and to 
make hiiri tlic inftrucment to aduance thy glory and gof- 
pcl, forMlhichhecfurfcrcd, andtobringitoutofdarkc- 
neflcintol light, out of pcrf mention into this great and 
long peace j as wee giuc thcc moftharty diankcs for this 
' fmgular 


for Chr^ian Families. 
fingular benefit, fo wchumbly befcech thee tomake him 
andvsenermore thankcfiillforit, and in thy good plea- 
fure {HI to prcferue him for the continuance ofthefe olef- 
(ings towards vse, with all increafe from timctotimc,to 
thy glory, the benefitc of the Church, and his infinite 
peace in Chrift Icfus,the Prince of Peace. 

And furthermore we pray thee for him^and the eftate, 

that fuch as bee enemies of the Gofpcll, and liis enemies 

alfo for the defence thereof, may not defpifc the peace 

offered them to repentance-, but tnat they may account 

thy long fuffering, and his peaceable and vnbloudy go- 

ucrnmcnt, an occafion offaluation to their foules , and 

vnfjigned louc to the tructh, and dieir mcrcifull Soue- 

raignc. Othcrwife, if they ftill remainc difobcdient to 

the trueth, difobcdient to his Uighneirc,and daungerous 

to the ftate, then, ( O God of our faluation^ as thuu haft 

di(couered them,ro difcouer them ftill, as thou haft pre- 

ucnted thcm,fo preuentthem ftill,and let their eyes waxe 

weary widi looking, and their hearts faint wirh waiting 

forthecommingof that, which yet commcthnot, ncy- 

thcr let it come (O Lord) wee befcech thcc,but a blcifcd 

and a long raigne to him, and peace to Syon for eucr- 


Alfo (dcare Father) fo bleflc, (b louc, |fo in thy holy 
Spiritc fandtifie and keepe him, that he may in the fpiritc 
ofCounfelland fortitude (b rule that other fifter alio, 
namely this his Commonwealth, that they may flou- 
ri(h together, and growe vp together as Palme trees, in 
beauty and in ftrength, giuing ayde and heipe one to a- 
nother, that in the Church the 'glory of almighty God 
may app€are,as the Sunncinhisbrightncs, and diatthe 
Land may flowe with Milke and Hony,and true peace a- 
bound thcrcin^as in the triumphant rcigiK ot Deoora. 
Fi I Thcfc 





I Derm,:, 



Oodtyfrimeprnyert , 

Theft gracei(0 Lord) arcgrcat, andwecmircrablc 
finrW5,vnvv<>rihyof the kaft of dicm: therefore lookc 
nottovtbitetotliyfetfe, nottoouriniquitie» biittothv 
great mcrtics accepting the deadi andpafsionof thv 
Sonne, is ifull ranfomc of all outoffcnccs : throvvine 
them into the bottomc of the Sea, and making his cro(S 
and rcfiirrcaion effcauall in vs to all obedience and god- 
lines as becommcth thy Saints,that to all other thy good 

iTj^l'T''*^°"''^"*='°"* Soiicraigne, thisn(aybcc 
added, that hce goucrneth blertediy, oner a bleflTcd pco- 
Die, apeonlebleflTedof the Lorde, and bcloucd of the 
Lord, andthat thy graces may abound asthewauesof 
the Sca,in the Prince and in the people, in the Church 
and in the Common.wcalth,from day to day,till the day 
of our tranOationinto tfaekingdomc, where iuftice in- 
habitcth, where wccalfoftiall iohabitc and reigne with 
things (Omcccifull Father) forthydearc Son our Lord 


Jetuf Chrift hijfake, in whofc name vrccraue 
i^iem at thy mercifiill hand,praying 
furthermore for them, as he 
hath taught vs to 

Our P4fhtr&e. 


OLord our God moft gracious and moft mcrcifun, 
I doe acknowledge vntothec, thatlarfivnwoor- 
thy to appearc before thy high Maicftic, to offer 
vppe vntothec a facrificc of praicr, bceinefuU offinnc, 
and corruption, naturally glad of cuill, and vnprofitable 
to good. Yea,beeing fo miferablc, yet I fee not my mii 
fcric, I feele it not,l bcwaile it not, as I ought to doe,t)Ut 
multiply mine iniquities, ptouoking thy iuft iudgemenC 
againftinee. My zcale is cold,my loue feeble, my exerci- 
fcs of Religion faint and fcwe, and I take no way but Aa« 
which Icadcth from cuill to worfe, and finally, v/ouldc 
Icade me from fin,to the reward of finnc. All diis is true, 
decrc Father,yct my hart is not moued with feare-all this 
is true, yet I doe not forrowc for it, but walkc with ioy, 
where 1 muft ( if I continue) reape affliftion : therefore 
be merciftil vnto me and blelfe me,be merciful vnto mc, 
tad in Chrifli Iefus,wa(h away all my iniquities, be mct- 
cifull vnto mee,and create in mee a new heart, and pre- 
pare it to praier,and to thy holy feruice } For thou alone 
Lord art my hopc,and the mighty God of my faluati- 
en. thou haft giuen mee a defire to fcruc thee, O teach 
roc that I may doc it: and the good worke which thou 
haftbcgun,makc it petfedi in mee, that I may no more 
louc wickcdnc$,and follow vanity ,but that my good dc- 
fires in thee may be increafcd and al of them accompli- 
(bed i fo fhal I praife thee & magnific thee for eiier. For ' 
there is no honor but thy honor,no glory but thy glory, 
O Lord it is in vain to truft in princcsjbut tniciy to truft 
in the Lordbringeih plentiful faluation . From age to 
age it hath appeared, that thou O Lord God art merci- 
ful, and that in thy Courts there is nothing but truth & 

F 3 holincs. 


\ U 


|Derin;.;> '^' 



h' ^■ 

' Gc<ilyf>riuate prayers 
holincflTc. This worfdis full o/vanitic/ullofpride ful 
ofrebeUionandthcflcfhalfo. The world hath manv 
bastes to dcftn,aion aiid the flc/h do.hdelight in ZZ 
they arc fworne together to betray vs to Sat^an,yea, wc* 
berray our felue,,therfore deere Father,by the SeTf 
Chnft mortifie in vs the deeds of the flcft ,& crucifie f„ 


andthew9ddtovs,thatourfoHlesmaylit,e. Ino^ «: 
ncraJlcallingmakc vs obedient tofcniethee inho iS„ 
and m nghteoufnes al the daics of our life : inour pS 
cubr ca]r,ngs,aJfo make vs faithfuJl,th« we may S« 

BTb^Iefue oT 'r^T' "^T^''» ^>ip-wr" ': 
taitn. 1 bdcciic.O Lord help my vnbclicfe : in the dav of 

PcaceandproJ,eritiemakevs4er, in thedayof trou- 
ble and ad^ierrftic make vs looke vppe, and cffiulLto 
wa.teandtruftinthecforot.rdc£r nce.th riur^^^^^^ 

miesmotithcsnuybe noppedbyourgod lyclS 
on and their harts prickecTwith zcale to turSe vZ Ti 
Neither do I pray O Lord for my fclfe a iZe bX 1: 
wholcbodv intothe which I am graftedb;Sle 
^'-■'^Z"' ^' ^7 Church O God,f^r thiSheri^a^ice" 

gracious Souera.gnc the Kin|, and for all m.r rn?.n 
Teachers in rheCh..rch,thattho^nwoudntf^^ 
and their Uboursrforthe pe.ceand fulb au. cof S 
Church/or thcpeaceand wealth ofthe Como -wei 


this to paflc. Alfo we pray thee for our Parcnt$,for all 
others to whomc wee owe fpccial louc or feruice : but 
principallie we bcfcech thee to (hew thy compafsion vp- 
pen al that are in perfccittion for thy Gofpel : O Lord in- 
crcafc and renue their ftrength, giue them viaorie and 
turnc their aduerfaries harts, ifthey pcrtaine to thy holy 
elcflion j othcrwife O Lord, bring vppon them the con- 
fufion that they woulde brine vppon others, and into 
the pit that they haue digged, let them fall and neuer rife 
vp againe. O Lordc, heare vs inxhefcfutes : pardon our 
dullfpiritsinpraicr, and giue vsthcfe and all other gra- 
ces t\ccdful for vs.and the Church,to thy glorie, for out 
Lord Icfus Chrift, in whofe name wee pray as hec hath • 
taught vs, faying ;Our Faiher,&c 

Ajbortfr^ftrfwtbe Mcming. 

\T\ TE giue thee thankesO Lord our God, in the 
Y Y name of lefus Chrift, for the quiet reft and 
flecp which thou haft befto wed vpon vs this 
night part, for the prcfcruation of our bodies. Alfo wc 
thanke thee for thofc greater graces of our creation, and 
©four redemption,of our calline in the Gofpel, and foe 
thy great patience in tarrying fo long for our repentance, 
bcfceching thcc to ciue vs tliis grace alfo among the reft, 
thatwec may vfeaU other graces to thy glorie and out 


At^ now O Lord,feeingthou haft renned the light ot 
the day vpon vs.rcnue alfo we pray thee, the light of thy 
countenance towards vSjto open our eies, that wee may 
haue fences exercifed in putting a difference betweenc 
light and darkneflcjbetweene earthly things and hcauen- 
\a ilunges,bctwccnc true obedience and hypocrihciihat 

F 4 hauing 







---..^ of <b«e this wifcdomc, wcmay by thy power ef 

For which caufc. ftrctch forth thyhand. O God, and 

althmgsinaholyzealeofthy glory, and in godly Icue 
to ourlrcthren . And as thisday addeth fomewhat to 
our agj, fo kt thy holy Spiritc aCdc therein fomewhat 
far«'J?!; '*'S"ndfaith,.hatfo growi«gin the mea, 

^otfr^'^l'. '^*^"'*y feructhceinholineffeand 
JighteoufnelTe tbKday, and all the daye^of our lif^ 

GLe "itf f""^* (0-*'«rcFa,her) for lefus Chrift hS 
. ^''C,»nwhoftnafncwepray fouhetmore/aying. Our 
Father which art in hcaucn, &c. ^ 

Or ,^'*/''*y'''^'f'>rtfleepe. 
Lord Godmoflfttacioiuandmoft holy, wccthy 
poorefcruantsbefecch thee for IcfusChrift, to 

and tha^WguMi^twhich now wee offer vpvtttothw 
g.ia.rg ihce „,oft hearty thanks, for thy loue towards vs! 
Jus day paft, ,„ keeping v$ from the pt,ni(hment of our 

worthujeffe o Lord, thro^v al our finncs into the bol 

loipe<rf<h«'S«fl. which we this day, or at any other time 
wardf w aiermore. and namely thii^night 5 wherein a!- 
though bodilv dwdtcnes be fallen vpon vs.yet keep vsfrS 
ihcfpir^ualdtfkncsoffinnc andignorancc :and though 
■" wcc 

forChriPiMn Fmilies, 
wecrauequietfleep for our bodies, yet we bcfccch thee 
rtiatour mindes neuer rcftnor neep,bui that they waire 
and watch to thee com inually. Keepe them in good me- 
ditations, free from all vainedreames, and other often. 
CCS that waking and flcepingwce may bee thine, made 
and imploycd to the fctting foorthof thy honour and 
glory, in all holy obedience , through lefus Chnft our 
Lord, in whofe name we pray further,as he hath taught 
vs, faying : Our Fadicr, &c. 

J^dyer igtunfi thefecret vertim^ inigrett 
dinger tffrojftrttj. 

OLotd , prepare my heart to wifcdome, prepare jt 
to prayer, and teach my foule to fcele all the dan- 
gers ^^ hcrewiih it is befet on cuery fide : & grant 
roodl-ather,diat Imiynotpray inwordesor mfuund 
offpeech,but in Spiriteand faith.l ackno a Wgc to thee 
O Lord,thy great mercies toward mee at this time jtor 
befidcihc vnfpcakablc graces of my redemption, and ot 
royholvcallingin theGofpell, (wl.icharc ci.er-morc 
good) thou hal\ giucnmcea large meafurc of earthly 
llcfsings. my tabic is richly and daintily furniO.cd, my 
Cup ouer-floweth,mine enemies arc chafed away,and I 
feelenowant, noaffliftion.no forrow : My profpcritic 
leadcth tnc.as by the hand , from one delight to another, 
and from one pleafurc to another. In the morning,pcacc 
isatmv rieht hand.and at night quietnes at my left. O 
Lord are not d^efc thy bldsings ? Hatt not thou opened 
thy mercifullhand,and filled meewith al Ithcfe com- 
forts ? True it is, O Lord, that they came a'l from thee, 
and for them I am indebted vnto thee, & giue i hce hear- 
ty thanks.But alas, Lord, I f^nd by experience ihatpiol. 
petity(fuchisourinfirmitie) canicthvstoo tootairea- 





Godly friuattfrayers 
wiy, itfccdcthvsfroin day to day, and from timeta 
timc,with new delights, it ingcndcrcih alfo fecrctly fuch 
peace and confidence in thcfe things, which are but as a 
tcede to leanevppon,thatwc arc carried away, wee for- 
get not thee oncly, but our fcluesalfo. Butthe daye of 
aducrfiiic, the day of fickncflfe, the day of trouble, ihit 
laycth open our wcakcncflc, it canlcth much care to bee 
releafed, it prouokcth many praieri for relicfc. Oh it 

repentance,as in Sackcloath and AOies. Oh how may 
my foulc praife the daieof affliftion, wherein I called 
vppon the name ofthcLorde.andhee heard mee, and I 
found that hisrod comforted mce. NcuertheleflTe, O 
good Lord confider and hclpe ; two daics of health, take 
awaiethefruiteof maniedaicsof ficknefle, wee are as 
men Sea-ficke, that com ming on the fhorejprcfcntly re- 
turnc to ioy and mirth, andtotgetbodi dangers on the 
Sea, and dangers on the Land. So came it to paflc from 
age to age in thy people of Ifracl, being tied [sA in mifc- 
ric,and jron, they called vpon thee and recciued mercic, 
being dcliuercd they foonc turned backe like a,bowe,and 
became drunken with profpcritie. Then thy face was a- 
gainft them, thy anger was kindled and they caft into af- 
fliaionagainc, biuin ihcir miferies they rcnucd their 
praiers and thou diddeft renewe thy grace: but ncwc 
profperitic brought newe rebellion, and new rebcUbn 
newpuniniments,andnewepunifhments new conucr- 
fation. Thchoiife of mirth was to them, and is to all, 
abaiteto wantonncflTc.-but inthe lioufe offorrow,a 
prouocationof humilitieandpraicrj profperitic is a« a 
Cup of wine mingled with poyfon, asabedof fecuri- 
tie, and a way to deftruaion. Therefore Oh Lord with 
the fulncflc of carthlic things, glue mcc alfo the fuIncfTc 


forChrifiian Families, 
■ rfniritu^dlthinees, that I forget thee not in vanity of 
jKnthcl^^lff delights of finW flc(h . O keepc my 
i^:,« hatitbeenotmadcdrvmkenwith profpcnty:but 

S mee n foberneffe to vfe thy blefsings to thy glory. 
So therclcefe of my brethren: and when I re.oycc 

"few OLord rccinKthltinthiscatthlyprorperiiy 
.hS'SaX'Hro prcta dangerfor warn. 

APrayer before child-birlh. 

Uthy waies areioft oh ^«- f^-^^^^^^^^^^ 
maSliucinihcfwcatcofhisUc, andtncvs ^^^^^^ 


\ \ 





Go^y friutte fr dyers 
bring foorth children wi A much painc and trauailc, and 
with great danger. yca,0 mcrcifull Father, diis painc is 
notafufficicnt puniftimentforthegrieuous tranfgrdii- 
ons whcrcwidiwcc and our fore-fathers hauc tranfercf- 
fed thy moft holy will. 1 hepunirtiment is in rcfpea of 
• our demerits too finall, but in refpea of our wcakeneflTe 
too great for vs, without thee to endure . Wherefore as 
I acknowledge O mcrcifull Father, this trauailc in child- 
birdi. which now approcheth, tobccaiuft rewardeof 
my manifolde finnes, fo I acknowledge alfo thy rcadie 
armc of defence, ftretched outouermee , andoucr all 
them that call vppon thee in faith . Grant therefore, 
Odecrc Father, that I may in faith, pray andwaitc for 
Chaturac ofmv trauailc patiently, diatlmay endure it, 
when It fhfill bee prcfent, conftantly and diankcfullv: 
knowinc,that although I then feclefomc tancofthc re. 
wardoffinnc,yctI feelenot all, and thathttle which I 
then fcclc, thou dooft prcfcntly reward with comfort & 
gladiKflc, when a childe is borne into theworld. The 
which comfortabJc and glad iffue grant mcc, O Lordc 
tUt be thy gpod plcafurc,and hauing recciucd fuch fruite 
ot my body, grant me raorcouer wifcdomcand nrencth 
to bring u vp in thy feare, and to trauailc ( as it were ) a- 
game with it, till it be borne againe into a heaucniy life 
to die glory ofthy holy Name, and my greater ioy : that 
Jo it may.finally in Chrift Icfus be partafer of thofe blef- 
W' y^'iH^^'hou dooftplcntifullyraine downcvppon 
the faithful, and their fcede for cuer. And becaufc lam 
notwoortI|y to prcfent this my fiitcvntothy heaucnlic 
Maieftic ofmy fclfc, amoft wretched and finfiill Wo- 
man I offer it in the Name, in the righteoufneflc, and in 
the nrength ofmy Lord and Sauiour Icfus Cbrift,pray. 
ing tiirihcrraprc as he taught vs to pray. Our Fathcr.&c. 




A«aVed.outL<a«p=fl.anaft..dvpftom.hcJcad.^«- _ 

mcrcifull Low* 

y( pnyerfer tk Mtrm»g. 
EC vecld vnto ihcc,our ""<>» ^caity thankcs O 
hcaucnlv Father, forthatthou haftdchucrcd 
■ vs Snperrils^nddangcrso^^^^^^^ 

broughtvsfafctothe'beginningof this d^V = ^^^^^^^^^^^ 

comly,asthc children <^'."r - _ , . , ^^^ „,a^. 
men. OGod, 

i^ 1 






our God, r"wcroioatiian, vntothcc 

for the reft and rifrirt^ *°" """*^ '''^ "'g^^ 

dcftfortbydccrcfonlrT Su^^^^^ 

thememoryofthfmbr^^^^^^^^^^ P"«ingaway 

bodies fliallhauethcrcftnfnrT"» '''« a»our 


arifc vnro thy fcwicc ,h7^ j'"^^ ""V *wake and 
;vhichitisascafieS ' S"*?'"^°"'5. (f^om the 
flccpc) wccqiav reft n h '^^'^ v«» as^om bodihc 

laflingday,whichrh!lJL'*" '**'"''«= ^"'o 'I'ccticr- 


ritance oftbcSainrsinK P"''*"^^''^«i"hc. 


forChr^Uin FmiJies, 
Vnto the which moft glorious light , and kingdome 
of thy dcere fbn, we bcfecch thee bring vs, for the fame 
our Sauionr Icfut Chriftes fake, vnto whome with thee 
and the holy Ghoft, bee all honour and glorie,now and 
for ciier. Amen. 


ALmightyGod, fnhthou of thine infinite mercie, 
had not only admitted vs,butairotaught,yeaand 
commaundcdbythyonelyand deare Sonne our 
Lord Icfut Chrift, that wee (trufting in his merits and 
protc£lioR,lic being our intcrce(ror)Ihouldbclceue that 
thou art a louing Father vnto vs,and that wc fhould al(b 
call thee Father : Giue vs we bcfecch thcc,that wee may 
bringinourhearts^fltretruft (without feare) oithy Fa- 
therly loue,and thatwc may with glad mindcs, call thee 
Father, knowledge, louc, and crie on thee in all icopar- 
dics:giuc vnto vs an agreeing and brotherly Iouc,fo that 
wc may pcrccinc cucrie one ofv?, that we are truly bro- 
thers and fifters,& may pray to thee, as to our con .men 
and moft merciful Father, cuery one for other,- en en as 
kindfe Children intrcat their Father one for Jnothcr. 

Grant that none of vsfetkethatwhichishis owne, 
or elfc forget otlicr in thy fight : but th.^t (auoyding all 
hate,enuie, anddillcntion, as it becommcth the true 
children of God) w c may lone together with due fauor. 
Teach vs to regarrlc none othir thing then our fbuhs 
healih.and theeiitrlalHng heritage, fb that this rcmporal 
Country and worldly heritage (whxhcomf'aflch and 
noyeth vs, labouring t3 make vs earthly and like vnto it 
fclfc) deceiiie vs not, fiJihitwcefaytriuly, andwiiha 
faithfull heart ; O ourheautnly Father giiie vs thy grace 
that wee may bee thy hcaucniy Children, and graunt 




_. ^j*». 





Godly priuMtefrayers 
inaUpcrrilswcemaycall vpon thy name withn.,* 

and conftant fa.th inChrift7 hope without fcaS' 

nicrcy, fgainft all infirmities of our werconS^/ 

t. fide^'^dcfperation, and malice, fo that wrath or anv 

othcrb.tterne/re, haucnot his kingdomc in vs hS 


- feZ'r"^'^ thykingdomc whicf (hall com 

Q«tM f P"^?r '^'^'^i^^omc whichisbcgTn 

^ thee. Make vs dcfire the other life to come, giuf !^ 


m^r ""^ "°' °" '''" §''°""<^- Make that all ou 
time fubducdvndcr them. Teach vs to vnderftand tha? 

Tiurtmth Wight, fo that wee may bee mooiicd rather m 
wcepe for his blindnefTe. than to^thinke of a cnSm n 
a.ue vs eracc that wee reioice not in their troublf whkh 

torry vvhten they profper and hauc welfare. O heauenly 



for Chr^ian Families'. 
Giue vs grace, good Lord vircc bcfccch thcc, that in 
our pafsionsand aduerfities, wc may comfort ourfclues / 
by his paf^ion and Croflc jaiid that we may with a ftablap^ 
faith, ouer come our death by his death, andfollovyif 
without feare this noble Captainc into anothcLJfifc. 
Teach vs by ihy grace to thinke and haue in mugM^elie 
(and as we ought to t'oe) the pafsion ofOflfl^ and to 
ioyne it happily with our life, fo ttm||Pmycome and 
attaineto fomething,thoughjig||Bma{hadovveoi ir. 
Finallie, giue vs our daiiid^ffl^^at Chrift in vs, and 
wc in Chrift,may d wcL|fcetuaIly, and may woonhilic 
bcare this name^^jg^hrid wee are called Ch iftans. 
Giue vspcacgpji^m hearts, that wee reioycing, may 
lookefoMpiudgement, and glorious comming of le- 
fus^flvin the doiides, to whome i$ giuen all iudge- 
in heauen, and in earth. Teach vs dcarc Father, 
not to fticke or be comforted in our good workcs or dc- 
feruings, but to fubmit ourfclues faithfully to thine in- 
comparable mercy. 

Aeaine, make that we dcfpaire not for this our guilty 
and nnfulUifc, but that we may iudge thy mercie more 
raightie and ftrongcrthen our life, howlbcucr wee haue 
ordered it,fo that we,rcfrefhcd by thefiire truft and con- 
fidence of thy mercy in the bottom of our harr,tnay liue, 
dic,fiifFcr,and take all things pattentlie. Make that wc re- 
fiftand fight againftthis fupcrfluiticof mcate, drinke, 
flccpe,floth,and idlcncflc. Make that wc may bring our 
old Adam into bondage & fubicdlion with faniiig,tcra- 
peratedietjcloathing, flecpe,rcft, watch, and labour,'b 
that he may be meet and apt to good workcs. Make that 
whcrj wehcare any glad or pleafant ihing, or fccle anic 
fv*cctc thing, that wee (cckc not therein our delight and 
plcafure Ji)ut^y praifc and glory. 

G [ ivccpc 


t I tlMF" 



3 y. 

Godly priuateprayers 

tinuall di^s thar .,..„..? "" '° '"any con- 

f^luarion Graunrvs goSd8|g,^y f ^V' ^'"^'^"^ 
rnaybcobtaincdofvsvvithoutaSlK^^^ prayers 

ftant,truc,and fuS' ""'"' ^^'' " ^° %. ftablcfcon- 

his mercy and fauonS'.! . ''.r' 'i"^ '"^'^^ ^"^0 vs, of 

l";«urc, aodice that with allaieciumcfTcyc 


fahmtt your fclucs vnto the vocation of God,not fecking 
the libertic ofthe flcfh,ncithcr yet dc^ifine good works; 
and the fpirit of God which tcftcth in a faithftill man he! V 
pcth our infirmity, and fightcth iwithout intermifsion # 
gaioA finne, the dcuill,and the world. 


THE power of faith is toiuftj^glp^atistodif. 
poilc vs from all our viccy||ifl^diem on Chrifts 
backc ( which hachagiiedthe Fathers wrath to . 
wards vs) and to enduejgjffi an others righteoufnelTc, 
that is Chriftcs Jai|j|[|^nd all my fmncs arc Chriftes, 
and Chriftwygphisvcrtues arc mine: For he wts htrttc 
ftrysMd0mtVfaovs.Ef»y9. Rom. 8. Toobtaine this 
■neSjGod the Father rcquircth nothing ofvs but 
:bclceuconhim,andmakchimnoIyar. He that 
Jceueth that God of his mercy hath made vs thefe pro- 
inires,and that for histructh fake, he will fulfill them, he 
fcttcth to his fcalc that God is true, but he that bclceucth 
not,or doubteth of this (as much as in him is) he makcth 
Godalyar, r.lohtt ^. Forwhy ftiouldcft thou doubtin 
him,except thou thoiightcft tliat he were a liar,and wold 
notkecpe his promifc which hee made. Nowe if thou 
count God (which is the very tructh) to be a lyar, art not 
thou wordiy of a thoufand damnations ? 


FAith workcth by charity, for when my raging con- 
science which feelcth her finnc, is pacified and fct at 
one with God through faith : then rcmembring the 
fcrucni loue of G O D towardcs mce, 1 cannot but 
loue my neighbour againe . For there is no man that 
partily loucih the Fadicr,and can hate the Sonne^and al- 

G 2 j though 


<. ' 







thoughthefannc be naught and vnthriftie, yet for h|j 

Fathcnsfakc hccwillhclpcto bcttcrhim , \ndcucnla! 

hnent and bcforric for the fonncs wickcdncs. Likcwifc if 

c hartihc louc God for his infinite bcncfitcs done vnt" 

^gican wee not hate that creature, which hee hath 

....h oHKi^'T*' !^'""' '^^^'"^ ^""^ '^^ Father lo- 

I I life ' ^^ S''"*' ^'' °^"<= Sonne vnto the 

death tore<^ ^fcig,;y ea,and whomc he hath adopted 
through Chr,ft,mii^onne and heire. Now alS 
we fee "° ^indnes inj»y^^ ^hich we (hoMloZ 
him,vet hadi God n)ew«5Wwncflc enough, fo the 
wh,cUeoughtto oueandfiSIJ^ralfrim^ 
ctllrhlrut' 'r *= him, foSliLl^, God the 
Creator hath/hewedvs, andbearehMliL. if hcc 

vs. And thi ,s an euidcnt token that thou loucfVGOD 
when .hot, loueft thy brothcr.i./,A«4.jo. And fcckSa! 

and ml' tI r ^"•^^""°''«n* that thy faith is right 
f^lT \^"^'^.'=ft'hou how good works flow out of 

fa th through chant,e,andcharitieorIouctobectheful 
filling Of die whole Law. Rm. ij, ' 


A J. GmhI worker. 

Mong good workcs,thc chiefe are to bee obedient 

ler ?i?f ' '"'° ^r'"^''' ^r "^' ^"^g«'^"d filch 
things rhLri^r"; '"Jl"' '' ''"^ commaunde ciuiU 
tilings thatistofay,fuchthingesasareindiffercnt, and 
notcontranctothc commandments of God. Forthen 

Z^?u r'''^ ^°* °"'' ^"hft^"« =»"d4ife thereto. To 
honoui Rulers, to promote pcacc,to pray for the Com- 


fnuMlttC) ilndto apply allourftiidies topiofitedienC 
The next are to bee obedient to Father and Mother, to 
prouide for houfhold, both nourifhing our Family with 
bodily fuAenance , and al(b to inflru<% them with the 
word of God,and to be their gouernour carnall and (pi- 
rituall. Then m uft we lookc ho w we ought to bchaue 
Qurfelues towards our neighbours , knovHedgmg diac 
all fheguifts that are giuenvsofGod, are not giucnfot 
our owne (clfe^ but tor the edifvingof the Congregati- 
on. i« Cer. T 3. And if we beAowthem not on that man- 
ner ,we (hall furdy giue a redionin^ for them before the 

Among thcfe, ought wee to haue re(pe£t vnto the 
Preachers and Miniftersofthe word, that they may bee 
had in honour, and well prouided for. And aboue all 
diiogs, good brethren, addrcife your (elues vnto that ne- 
ceflary work. Prayer. Remember to pray for all eftates, 
fbrthatisaworkethat Chriftand his Apoftles full dili- 

Sently exhorted all men vnto, promifing them that they 
iiould obtaine their petitions./4'ifr;>,i 6. i . lohn^^. if they 
be according to the wil of God and for his glory. Wher- 
(beuer istrue faith, there is alfo repentance with it,thcre 
it hate of nnne,there is ttuc rcarc,and again there iscom- 
fortableneffe of heart kindled by the Holy Ghoft, a dc- 
ilreto further Gods glory among men. The duties of 
Charitie (or to comprehend allinonewordc) trueholi- 
ncflcwhich the flcfti fighteth againft. This holincfle is 
not made pcrfcd at one inftant,but groweth all the time 
of a mans life. Labour for a liuely {ignt and fence oi hea- 
uenly thingcs, and fo (hall no (ight or fence of earthly 
things trouble your affcftions, further then you (halbcc 
able enough, withca(candpIc.ifurctorclinqnifh, and 
for&ke them,whcnfoeuc[ Gods glory (hal require. 

G 5 i Now 







/' >. 


Nowthis fight and fence ot heauenly thinges, is not 
othcrwife then by faith, (or rather malccth an endc.) 
Therefore in all matters ofRcligion.andconccrningfal. 
nation, leauc rcafon with Abraham^as hec did,and Icauc 
vour corporall fences with his feruants in the valley, to 
be occupied in ciiiil things : Ifthat you wil clime vp with 
Jfasek'mtq thehillof heauen, whidicr God our Fathci 
bring vs fbt his mercy fakc,^ Amen. . 

ETcrnal God.the FaAcr of our Lord Icfiis Chrift, I 
giiie to thee moft hearty tbanb, for that of thine a. 
boundant mercy, thou haft btgotien me againe in- 
to a liuclyhopc, by the refurreaion of fcfiis Chrift from 
death, to aninhcritance imraortall and vndefilcd, and 
.thatperifljeth not, refcfuedin heauen for mccwhomc 
thou haft taken tobeediy Childeof adOpiionbylefnt 
Chrift, kcepe mcc 1 bcfeech thee by thy power, through: 
faith. vntQ faluation, which faluation is prepared alrea^ 
dy, to beq ftiewcd in the laft time. Wherein caufc raec^ 

Lordc to reioycc, though no we for a feafon I am in: 
hcauineflrcjthroughmanifoldetemptationsithat the trial 
of my fayth (becingnjuch more precious than the try* 
al of Gold that periflicth, and yet is trycd with fire) may 
bee found to be laude,glorie, and honour, at the appea- 
ring of I^fus Chriftj whomc though I haue not feenCi 
workeby thyholy Spiritc Ipraythec, thatnotwithftjn* 
ding I may loue conftandy;in whomc cuen now,though 

1 fee hiai not , yet fetde my bcleefe that I may reioycc 
with ioy ynfpeakcabk and glorious, patiently abiding 
to receiue the endc of my faith : to witte, the faluation of 
my foule. Gird vp alfo Lord, the loyncs of my mindc, 
that I bccingfobcr and watchful, may truftperl'cdly on 

, the 


the grace that is brou ght vnto mee now. When Icfus 
Chrift is manifcftly preached vnto mee, that I doe not 
(asbecommethadifobedicnt Childc} fafliion royfclfc 
toobcytheluftcsof the flcfti, wherewith 1 was carried 
hccrctoforc, thorough-ignorancc of Chrift, but that 
hauing my conucrfation in the fearc of G O D, I bc- 
ftowcthc remnant of mine abode hecre innewncflcof 
lyfc: cfpecially, forthatlknowe, that I was not redee- 
med with corruptiblcthingcs,as Silucr and Goldc, from 
my vaine conucrfation, 4>utwith the precious bloud of 
Cnrift, as ofaLambcvndefiled and without fpot. And 
cucn as thou hadft ordained thy Chrift to bee my Saui- 
our, before this world was made, butdiddeftmakchira 
knowne manifcftly inthefc latter times, for our fakes, 
which through faith beleeue in thee, O moft mercifu 11 
Fadicr : Euen fo I befeech thee woorke in mee by the 
felfe iamc thy Sonne, that I may purifie my Soulc bv the 
holy Ghoft in obeying the trueth , that with bromcrly 
ioue,voyde of all faigning in a purehcarr,T may loucmy 
neighbour feruemly. And diat l being borne anewe, 
not of a mortall fcc^c , bu t of immortal 1 by the worde of 
GOD, which liucthand laftcthforeuer, may offer vp 
fpiritual Sacrifices, thorough the holy Ghoft,and accep- 
ubletothcemyonelyGod, thoroughlefus Chriftour 

Another Prijer, 

ETemal God which haft highly exalted thy Sonlc- 
fus Chrift,& haft giuen him a name,which is abouc 
eueryname, that in the name of IcfaSjCueryknee 
(hold bow ,of things in hcaue & things inearth & things 
yndcr the cartfi.1 bow my knees vnto mcc O father of our 

G 4 Lord 






LordlefusChrift, ofwhomeall thefaniflyin Heaueo 
and earth is named, thatdiou woddcft graumnKc ac- 
cording to the riches of thy gloric, to bee ftrcngthencd 
with might bytbeholy Spiritcin the inner man, & that 
Cbrift may dwel in my heart by feith,that I may be roo- 
ted and grounded in loucjthat I may be able to compre- 
hend with all Saiiwsjwbat is the breadth, leng(h,depth 
and heighl,ofthe knowledge of Chriftes loue towards 
vs, which cxccllcth all knowledge, and that I may bee 
filled widi all fulneffc ofGod.Vnto thee that artabkto 
do exceeding aboundantly abouc al that I aske or think, 
accordingto the power that workcth in mee, be ^ory in 
the Church by CbriA Icfus diroiighout all ages, workk 
without end, A men. 

O God,aK>ft merciftill Father,which in time paft,« 
Tundry times ^aad in diuers nnmncrs foakeft vnto the Fa- 
thers by the Prophets,and haft in thefc day cs fpoken vn- 
to vs by diy Son , whome thou haft appointed hcyrc of 
alithingsjby whome alfo thou madeft the woiWcs ; who 
bceingdic brightnefle of thy glory, and the very Image 
of thy fubftance, vpholding all things widi the worde of 
his power, hauing by himfelfe purged our finnes, fate 
on the righthandof the Maieftic on high : to whome 
thou faydcft, thou art my Sonne, this dajj haiie I begot- 
ten thee. mh. i. This day beget mee aeainc, 1 bcfcccb 
thee, inftrufting mee from abouc by that fame grace, 
which appeared healthful! to all men, that denying vn- 
godlines and filthy lufts,! may Hue fobcrly, godly ,& iuft- 
ly, inthisprcfcm world, looking for that bleflcd hope, 
and appearance of the glory of the great God, and out 
Sauiour I«fus Chrift, who liueth andteignedi with thee, 
in the vnity of the holy Ghoft, for eucr and eucr, Amen. 


forChf$UM Fmikes, 
€od, wfiichhaft fafcly brought vs to die beginning of 
thisday.defcnd mee in the fame with *y mighty power, 
and graont that this day I fal into no finne.ncithcr runne 
into any kinde of daunger, but that all my dooings may 
bee ordered by thy gouemance, to doc alwaies that is 
righteous in thy fight, thorough lefus Chrift our Lord, 
Aincn. Into thy handes O Lordc, I commend Idmti 
out King, allhisfaithfull Counfellours,namely iV.^.my 
felfe wholly, my VVife,Chadrcn,and whole Family, and 
the vniuerfal Church,forthou haft redeemed vs O Loid 

our God. , r 1 

God of OUT Lord Icfus Chrift,thc Father of glory, 
eiuc mee the Spirite of wifcdomc and reuclation by the 
knowledge of thee,and lighten the eyes of my mind,that 
I may know« the hope whcreunto thou haft called mee, 
bow richthe glory of thine inheritance is in thy Saints, 
and what is the exceeding grcatncfle of thy power to vs- 
ward, which belecue according to thy m.ghty power, 
which thouwroughtcft in Chrift,whenthou raifedfthnn 
from the deade, and diddeft fet him on thy righthand ui 
heaucnlinclfe. Quicken mee alfo being dead bv fin,and 
rayfe mee vp with hira. and caufe mee to fitmheancnlt- 
nefle, with Chrift Icfus,by whome moft bouinitull Fa- 
thcr,al honour and praifc be to thee and the holy Ghoft, 
now and eucr, Amen. ^..^ . r ■ 

Almighty God and moft mercifull Father, feeing we 
haue liberty to enter into thy holy places, in the bloode 
of lefus, by the newe andliuingway, which hechattv 
prepared for vs.through the veile,that is to fay,his flclh j 
worke I bcfecch thccbythyholy Spirit, thatldrawnc 
nigh with a true heart in aflurancc of faith : that 1 becing 
forinckled in my hart from an euil confcience, & waChed 
inbodywithapure water, mayholde thcprofcfsionr^ 





V" ^ 

my hop<} mtfiout waucring, forhcch faithfull that pro: 

mifcdrandthatlmayroofidcrmybmhrcn, prouS 
thcnrvntoloueandgoodworkcs , netforfikingthS 

rcmblingofoi.rfclucstogcthcr,butcxhortingonc ano- 
ther, andifo much the morc,for that I fee the day approa- 
ching : fuflfcrmeenotthcrcforeto caftaway myconfi. 
, fence. which hathgrcatcccompcnceof reward. For 
i.iU??!" i""^*^' ofpatiencc,that after I hauc done the 
ml of GQd,I may rccciuc the promifc. Wherefore aU 

that hangeth fo faft vpon me) caufc me O God,to mZ 
With panencein the raccthat is fctbeforemee looi 
vnto Iefus,thc begmncr andfinifljcr of my faith : Whkf 
forthe^oythatwasfecbeforehim, endured theSoffT 
defpifcdthcftamc andfethimfelfc dovvneatthcS 

«i for me, to whome with thee O Father, and thcholy 

GhQfl,bccpraifenowandeucr,Amen. ^ ■ 

O r APrtjer, 

w & S'^^*^ °^^^^^^ke,thc GODof /acob, 
wonidclt bee the God of his fcede for cuet. Which haft 
Jn »"". ^t'^r ^"WucMoab and Efau rhii ofay 

ctioicn /fracl andtogathcrvnderoncShephearde tbv 

She. c ''''/'T ^"'^Gentiles .- 'jhattherc 

ho£ floT ^'^^P'^"'^l^"d °"<= foWc. Mercifully be 

fa d I 1 ' '"?"§^ '^?^ ^°* ^•'P<==»^=^ and feat, 
tc cd . e. nng , wandnng, and going aftray, witfvperucrfc 

•i- ' . 3nd(jrronious opioions/aricfEomthy foldc.not 


forChrifiian Fmities, 
Jcnowingasyet, nor regarding the voycc of thy Sonne, 
the oncly good Shcphearie, which did gine his foule for 
his iliecp. And draw them we bcfecch thee home againc 
tothefoldeofthySonnc/efusChrift, without whomc 
thercis no faluation, no comfort, no hcalth,no hope,no 
flay ofcpnfcicncc, but mifcrable wandring from error to 
error, and in the end vttcrdcfpcration : haue mercy iher- 
forc on thy mifcrable ftray fheepe,for tlicir Shephcardes 
fake, and for the gloty of thync ownc name, for the am- 
plifying and enlarging the kingdomc of thy Son Chiift, 
who is declared already in the flcOi, by his manifcft my- 
ladcsjiuftified in fpirit, fccnc of the Angels, oreached a^ 
mongthe pcoplc,belicued vpon in the worldc,receiHed 
vp in gloty, and fhortly ffiall come in the fame glory, to 
make his enemies his foot flodc. So be it. 

A thtnksgmingTvhen » Womdn is delnienJ. 

OEtemall and almighty God, thy power and might 
is to be praifed and magnified for euer. For in the 
ereateft weakencsofman.thy power is fccne.in his 

greateft dangers, thy faluation isknownc, therefore wet 
praifcthy name,and giuc thee thankes for thy great mer- 
cies and wonderful works. Namely^Lord we giue thcc 
thankes for thy mercy ftiewed to our fiftcr at this time,in 
bringingher through many and great dangers of childe* 
birth, and in giuing her the fruiteofhcr body. /t was thy 

hand O Lord,thathath done it,for itis a woorke greater 
then all the wifedomc and power of man. Deere bather, 
we bcfcechthec,cuer hereafter to dcHuer the Mother Sc 
the Child out of all dangers,asmay beflmakc for thy glo 
ry and their faluation. Touching vs, wee thanke thee tor 
blefsing our work, and humbly befecch thee to continu? 
thy fiuour towards vs,for /cfiis Chrift his fake, our Lord 
and onely Sauiour. Amen. 




* . 

jifrajw t« he t^frmtdin tbt trut kntwleige tfgtds mri 

OMoft mighty and etcmall GOD, although thy 
goodncflfe, mercy, and tnicth to mankindc, in aj 
thyworkcsaboundantlydocih appcarc, yethcrc. 
in cliicfely thou declareft thy felfc to be moft fauourablc, 
merciful, and gracious, that not fuffcring vsto walkcio 
tiarkcncfle, ignorance, and bIindncflc,thou haft giucn vs 
^ thy moft holy and blcflcd worde, ro bee a Lantcrnc vnto 

our fcete, to lighten ourftcp; in the paih-way to eucrla- 
iting life, leaft we ftioiild vniktin the fliadow of death- 
in which (hy moft blcflcd and facrcd worde, thouhafi 
lully and perfciSly fct foorth vnto manidnde, fo much of 
thy glorious Maicfty as was cxpcdientfijcvstoknowe- 
and not onely that,but haft therein alfo fully,wholIy and 
pcrfcdily cxprcflid thy moft holy and bleftid will, what 
focucrisncceflTary for the faluationofmankindetobce 
knowne, to bring him to life euerlafting. Giuc mcc 
eracemoftmcrcifull Father, thatforfohigha Trcafure 
left among vs, I may be thankful,rcucrendy embrace Jic- 
cept, and cftecme of the fame, as the moft precious Ic- 
ivcl on ear(h, be therein confirmed moft ftrongly,that al 
thinges therein contained, bee moft certaintfy andvn- 
doubtedly true, not by any morrall man,but by thy moft 
holy Spinte m man, penned and written to the comfort 
andbchoofcofman, that I may moft humbly, bwlv 
and with moft high reucrence, fubmit my felfc thereun- 
to, as becommedi thy eternall Maiefty, and the Worde 
proceeding out of thy blcffcd mouth .-that I mayreuc- 

andcncrcaftofdiygloty. . 


forChrifiian Families, 
Lighten my vnderftanding, moft dccrcFathcr,with 
■•thy holy Spirit,that I may learne,clearely conceiue and 
^piictftand the things therein contained,which no mor- 
tallmancan conceiue, fauethofewho banc learned of^ 
thce,andwhomcthouby thy holy Spirite doeftlightc 
and inftruftrguidc me dcare Father with thy holySoA, 
that hauing the true vnderftanding of the myj^iwuier- 
in contained,! may bee fully eftabliftic lg^ nfirmcd 
indie true knowledge of thee rnvJ^JiTather, andot 
thybcloucd Sonne Chtift I^gPvLord andSauiour, 
throughly in confcienccjgPScled, that I haue my full 
andperfeafaluation^PHiFc aierlafting in him, and 
thorough hisJJNWment made by his death and paf- 
{lon:thati<R'notvainelyabufe the knowledge ot thy 
moftjipaword, to fatisfie vaine curriofitie or brag of 
^pSgc^ut onely to the relieuing ofmy hungry and 
irounded confcience,to the loofing ofmy fei tcred foule, 
and the appcafmg ofmy forrowfull heart, that 1 may to 
the end ofmy lif c,walke in fincerity before thee,my hca- 
ucnly Father,in the com'^orts of thy deere Sonne my Sa- 
uiour, vpholden ftil by the merciful power of the Hohe 
Ghoft,to thine euerlafting praifc and glonc,world witha 
out end. Amen. | 

Another before the retJingM^ir'g.or/luclying 

ALmiehtie and moft mcrcifuU Father,which haft in 
thy blcffcd word rcuealed thy moftholyw.l,what 
focucr was expedient for vs toknowe, conccrnitig 
thv Maieftie & our faluation,giue me grace good Lord, 
that I may hiuc aharty defire,& a willuvg mmd,di!!gent- 
ly and with my whole endcuourto read,hcare, and Itudy 








I Godly prutatefrayers 

myiudgemcnt to thyholy and infinite wifcdomc there 

in concamed, and that I may fruitfully [trauailc therein! I 
grauntmeheauenly Father, thy holy ^^.rire, to Sen ' 


lly vnderftand jhemyftcries therincontained/o thecf.n 

taofmy^fonlc fo that my whole life and conuerf.tio,^^ 

rT^MKl'J^u ' '^'''^''^^ '° the honour and g!ory of 

nonof the world. theSiu^^l^C nd 
h.ftrr^'''''V'^'""'''^hefea,andaIlli£ ' "^ 
haAfufhcjently declarcd^hy felfc tobccth^oSlWl 
andaWhty God, forthat'thefethingcsdoefarTSl 
the reach of mans wifcdomc A nAnr.*u "rP^T- 

or tnee crc^rcd^ 1 1 is thou therefore that thundreft from 
heaucntlutwkh lightnings andtempeftsTaXarc^ 

our fclu« ' », °'*' '"'"'"^ ^"^^ft ^^ fceie fenfibly in 


S Aoi Hi ; °"'^^=I"«> To manifcft teftimonics 
that thou on|ly art the eternal God,which reigncft in all 


for Chrijiian Fmilies, 
thy crcatnres, guiding them by thy heaucnly prouidccc, 
graunt we befeech thee, that our hearts may bee heercof 
fuH aflurcd jto acknowledge thcc not onely to be God e- 
ternalj who haft created althings-, but alfo,that wee may 
in beatt be fully perfwaded,that thou O Lord God ,doc9 
0oucrne all things according tathy moft blcffed wiU^ (b 
that nothing can bee done in the worrdswitfaMtthyne 
appointment, and that thou haft fuch^JlfgQiar care o- 
uer thine ele^cd people, fo that nQ||V much as an haire 
oftheir head (hal fal withouttMBrbuidence, that thou 
fo guidcft all their doingj^Bgall thinges (hall ttirne to 
theyr commodity an^flrabry . G rant O Lord God, 
that hereof we^flHRully aftured in our heartes and 
foulcs.that^pH^inaUour doings fct thcc before out 
eyes, ac«P8cdging thee to bee our onely Lord and Fa- 
MBythc working of thy holy Spirit in vs,may bee 
commied in faith, comforted in fuule, and {lightened in 
vndfrftanding,thatalwaycs herevpon earth , wee may 
gloiific thyholy Name, and after the difTolution of this 
body,wc may aitaine to the euerlafting ioy,tlirough our 
Lord and Sauiour Chrift lefus. Amen. 

Aprtjerforpttienct in trihuUtioti^ tni that Cod 
m»y be glorified thereby. 

OEternall and moft merciful Father,who haft from 
timetotime, inalages'iexercifcdcucn thydeerc 
Children, with gricuous affliftions and Iharpc 
con-cftions, to drawe their mindcs from too much loue 
of worldly pleafures, to beedelightcd in heaucnly ioyes, 
and fpiritual comforts of the fouTe : graunt good Lord, I 
humbly befcech thce,that I,eiicn from my heart may ac\ 
knowledge this affliaion, which doeth nowe gricuoufty 
pierce my foule,to be thy fatherly corrcaion,8c fcourgc 

I. JiA> 


' V 





Godly j^riaatefrdjers 
of thy mccrc mercy and louc laid vpon me, to put me in 
mindc of my diitie towards thee,lcaft els,with too much 
V quictnts, I lliould hauc been drawnc through the flatte- 
^o^ingplcafurcsofthis vainc world, fro the remembrance 
%^ delight of my fpiritual ioy in hcauenly things, to haiie 
h)i$L() Y full delight in this vaine worlde , and Co fhoiildc 
hanerqtt^cheadlong to cuerlading damnation with the 
world :biJtW||diou (O Father) haft called me back by 
this thy Fatherf^iy|^hercby thoumindeft toletmce 
fec,thatofmy(clfclfl||Kno ftrength vntogoodnefiTc; 
butthatitwasthoUjwhoiPll^aboundant mcrcic,had- 
deft before time replenilhcdrilyieartwith ioy , that I 
tooke great plcafiire and comf(^V|hyiiig and hearing 
thy holy word, and receiuing other tnmi|£fits: which 
Ipiriruall comfort and quictncs of minde, ^l^iiire I did 
iKJtfnlly acknowledge to be thy good gift in I 
haft now taken from me for a time: that I may cttcc 
ally perceiue and learne (by the lackc of it)that it was thy 
workcjn mcc, and when thou reftoreft the fame to mce 
againe, 1 may more aboundantly glorific thcc in thy ma- 
nifold rricrcies. But while it fiial be thy good wil & p'ca- 
fiirejOLordjtoexercife me with this thy louingcorrcc- 
tion,gi|je me grace that I may patiently abide whatfbe- 
ucr it Hiali plcafc thee to lay vpon mee for mine amend- 
mcnt,{^rcngthcn me (O Lord)that I doc not faint vnder 
the burthen of afflidion : but bccing vpholden by the 
ftrength of thy holy Spirite in mc,I may neuer ccafc cal- 
ling vp(?n thy Name, with full perfwafion that thou wilt 
atthytijme appointed, fende mee full affurance, to my 
fingular comiort, and thy etcrnall glory. And when it 
ftiallpleafetheCjO Lord, fully to deliuer me, Ibefeech 
thee fo jvorke in my heart, that I may acknowledge the 
fame to come from thee, to be thy oncly worke, that I 
I may 

Co worke in nty heart, that I may acknowkdge the fame 
to come from thee,to be thy bnely wotlcCjihat I maybee 
diankeful for thy To great mercies al tlie dayes of niy lyfe^ 
diat I neuer forget thylouing 4hd(athcrly dcaiingsto- 
Mrards mec, but k> to the ende of my life I may liue in thy 
(care and loue, that thy holy name in my life may be glo- 
tjfiedyand after death , J may bee recciticd to that full ioy, 
which thou haft prepared fdr thifjetleft GKildrc throgrt 
our ouely Lord and Sauionr l€iii Cfarifi^, Atticn. 

ff4mfiitfk ^■.•' ;iv!^'*Vv' 
•Hti'itL.,-; .:.i.i';ii..ojf!K^bcrciii:ii?i.f-:: _•» 

OLord God,and moft merciful Faffaer, nowel ful- 
ly perceiue and know, that the hcact of man is not 
. - ianisownehandsforthouhaAtau^mee, bydi« 
qam(hingthy (piritofcomfott in nAyliart,tiTat}ti!itnoU' 
onely,which raaktft ioyfull the heart of man, anrfwhich, 
diniainieft die fame ioy according to thy good pleafure 
and will jforifit bad bcene in mine owne power to haue 
reoeiued comfort in thy worde, or to hauc bckeued thy 
promifes from my heart.I would long fincc haue cnioy- 
eiicomfart,and bcene confirmed in faith, but I cannot, 
Lord,it is thy meerc workc I look therefore ,0 dccrc 
EadicTi for thy bleflcd comfort andHrength of Fajth, 
which I facfecch ihce, O merciful Father ,fcnd into my 
faeart,to fill the fame with (pirituall ioy, that by the wor- 
king of thy holy Spirit in mce, the comfortable promifes 
of my mcrcifull prote<fiion,may be fcaled iu my hart,and 
finck deepe into my foulo,that 1 may be fully afTurcd that 
thou art my ftrong Rocke, and houfc of defence, that 
thou doft kecpe me as the apple of thine eye. as thou haft 
promifcd in thy blcfted worde, that thou wilt not layc 

H i more 






more vppon;meet then tkou wiltEiuc mcc fttengdi to a- 
bidcy^and ^hattbouwilc aflurewy jtthtiie appoynted 

tinw tqiacipylK«ft,aDdifc«5»hde powers of my mind, 
tba^ I may.folly glorifit ibyholy Name. But in die mean 
time(b Lord) alas^myhcartiscleanovoydeofrpirkua] 
ioy, yet. eiicn as hard «»a ftonci fo that the louing pro. 
mjfes ofthy holy VVotde^ aUhoi^h IJoiawdicm tobee 
iifup, yet th^c»f^9i^Kinto myJurdand ftony heart, 
vniill fuclwffnf ,a?^hqw^Fncfeafi^gehyholy Spiritio 
me, (halt molline and make tender my hard heart,that it 
may be mcqwtofewwihetfiwct comfort ofthy Spirit, 
Thy holvfpirrtCO Lord)in^i, whicJi is the afTurancc 
of my faluation, docdi continually fend f6rth vnfpeakea- 
blcfijgliesand longjrtgs, for thy hiU and ioyful pttfcncc, 
Ibcfcech tllpe dwrefore,deere Father, for thy bebiici 
5pnne Qwift Icius ^e, hearken vnto my prayccs, and 
graunt m^iiqjueftsynakc ecnder my hard and ftony hart^: 
by diy holy fpirite, that-I may from the bottome of my • 
harft,acknowIedee tbeo to be my moft mcrcifuU God and' 
Fathei:, and all thingcs in thy holy Wosde containedito 
bee roofl tiuc : rcuerendy embrace^ take confohr, aod 
cominuc.thc (ame, and in ray foiile takeioy oftheiame: 
Aat Ijnay (dcere Father) euen vnto my Hues end, walke 
before thyfaceinfipcerityofhcartibccingaffuredofmy 
faluation, throuchtfaat one alone PufBcicnt fecriBcefix' 
my finncs,made by diy bcftbcknied SonocjChrift lefus/ 
my Lord and onely Sauiour. To whom widi thwc . 
and the holy Ghofljboc all honour, 
and g1ory,world without. 

end. Amen. i 

A primer 4fferhe0ef!tt0iuffiei^^4thuvfeJsf 

themtdyntmmfnmOid. . , - 

, , ■ ■ ': ■■'■ ■ -•' ^, 

OLordcGod, I fcelc in my fctfchowc mercifully 
dioufcaft dealtwith mec, grieuoufly I was trou- 
blfcd,and nowcby diygobdoeflVpartlytelcafed, 

how daneeroufly I was aflaulted, and no we by Ay mer- 
cy partly deliuercd ;ihisrcleefe,tkhough I liiuftneedcs 
confeffcby infaUiblc argumcnis,to beethyondy workc 

will not fiiffermecto afcribc fully the fatbe to procecdc 
from diee.and thine onely goodnelTcbut fcekcth out o- 
chcr fained caufcs, accordingtothevainedeuiles ot my 
minde: therefore I bcfcccli thee moft ^taciousFaJior, 
thatthouwUtfo framemyl»eart,thatlmaywith whole 
hcan and minde, and with the powers of my (oule, ac- 
knowledge thismy connfortandayde, to beethme onely 
wotVe,wrought in mcciby thy holy fpirit.and th« 1 may 
be thankful for die famcall the daies of my Hfc. 

O Lordjthou haft fwornc by diy holineflc, that thou 
wilt not giue thine honour to anyodier : feeing then 
deereFaAcr, that thou baftfcnt mee this ftrength, let 
medi from thee, that to thee I may render due honour, 
prayfc and thankfgiuing for the fame, andthe reft of my 
libjthat I may be aflurcdin hart of thy merciful defence, 
in mine extreame daneers,as thou haft many times here- 
tofore wonderfully-ddiuered mee, that thou wilt accor- 
ding to ilw promife focotinucthy merciful aide, wherc- 
bvAy Name in me may be glorified, my foule in mercy 
prcferued,and thy whokChurch edificd,now and tot e- 






L^v *-■ 


' ' . wttftittUttfrtjer; ^ 

OLord God moft merciful fathcr,according to thy 
comipaundcment in mine affliifiionsandncccrsi. 
. , ; ^icsjlfecketpthee fbr(uccour by continual pr^^. 
er,and calling vppoa thy Naine, I call vppon thee in the 
daytime, and in the night (eafon doe I poureoutmy 
prayers vntp thee ;and yet for allthat,! feclcmc nothing 
relealedjbutoftcntimes woDi&and woorfe, which mt^ 
kqth mc oftpntimfts (dcecc FaAcr)almoft to doubt of thy 
goodnclTejdiat thoudocft rcieA my prayers, and giucft 
nohecdevntothem,\vhereby I docalmoftthinlc . that 
it is no boptc for me to pray/ecing I feele no rclcafcjbut 
(O Lord) this is my wetdcncfle iamee, and die frailty of 
my flcftijwhich will not willingly bee fubdued vntothc 
fpiriic J which mv frailty,! befcech diec,0 Lord forgiuc 
mc. For thou doeft O Lord God fee my conflias.and 
lopkeft vpon my continiial fighcs and pet itions,but thou 
docft defcrrc and prolong thine help the longcr,and doft 
not at the firft helpe mcc,to diis end, that I may fee fully 
mine ownc; weaknes,lcarnc by little and little, to fubdue 
my rebellious will, tothy good will, \fcho knoweA better 
what is meet for mc than my fclte. 

Therefore (O moft dectc Father) ftrcngthen meeby 
thy holy Spirit^ that I may ftill pcrfcuer and continue in 
prayer, and wj?h longing defire patiently waitcforthea 
O Lord, being artur(id,ihat although it appeare not,yet 
art thou alwaics prefcnt with mcc, and hcareft my fighes 
and complaints, and wilt when thoiifceft thy time, de- 
clare thy fclfcmanifcflly, in renewing my heart wi;hfpi- 
ritual ioy. Stir vp O Lord.my dul and (luggilTi nature,to 
call vpon theccontinually, appointing thcc neither time 
111 not 


nor the meancs of my deliucrancc,but Icauing all to thy 
good will and pleafure, I may in diC mcane time neucr 
ccafe by con: inuall prayer ,to call for thy merciful! hclpc, 
tntill fuch time as it (lull pleafc thy goodncs to fend mcc 
full dcliuerancc. I feele my felfe, O Lorde, oftentimes 
very vnwilling to pray, for that I doe not fully perceiuc 
py prayers to bee heard, but doc goc on ftill languifhing 
in my (orrowes,as though thou haddeft no care of mcc. 
But this my dulnclfc I befcech thee, O mercifiill Father, 
pardon in mc,and graunt that I may be raifed vp to pray 
for aydc and rclccfc of thee continually , although I 
(houldc fee no ftene of fauour, yet that I may continue 
ftil with the faithhiU woman of Canaan,and neucr ccafc 
in heart, minde, and mouth,til thou graunt my requcftes 
at thine appointed time, when thouknoweftitfhallbcc 
moft for my behoofe, and for thy glory. And that when 
diou fhak mercifully lookc vppon mcc to dcliucr mce,I 
may then fully with my whole heartc, acknowledge thy 
goodnes towards mc,and let it neucr flip out of my hart, 
but continue thankefuU for the fame all the dayes of imy 
life,whereby thy glory in mcc may bee declared, and my 
foulc relicued, throu gh Chrift my Lord and Sauiour. A- 


J thinkjgtuing when thou htfi reciuedfome comfort y but 
ytt notfuHj deliuered. 

OMoft louing and merciful Father,now I feele thy 
fweet mercies and louing kindncftc fhcwcd vppon 
mcc poore wretch, whome thou haft out ofgrie- 
uous affaults dcliuered from paincfull forrow, to ioyfull 
comforts reftored. 

Now I know,0 Lord, that my many and fundry pray- 
ers that I made to thee, intheanguilhandbittcrncflc 
Hi of 



f I 







II J 1 




ofiTiy fculc wire notvoidc,althoiigh for a time thou fcc- 
mcdft to rcica them, nowe I knowe that although thou 
fccmcdft to bee angry, yet thy fatherly affcaion ftill re- 
mained furely fixed vppon thy Children, fo that nothing 
can remoue thy Iquc from thy deerc Children, but who 
thou loueftjthou loueft vnto the endc, euen when thou 
doft fcotirgc aud corred them moft fharply, thou woun- 
dcft andhealcft againe,thou throweft downe to hell, and 
raiftft vp agaitie. For whereas mv heart was fo dull,that 
no fpiritual cqmfort could enter therein, nowe I fecic,0 
Lord God, th^t thou haft begunne fo to frame it anewc, 
that I beginne to take more comfort and ioy in thee, and 
thy holy Worde :nowc I feele my heart partly lightncd 
by thy onely worke, from that great dulncfle wherewith 
thou haft fmittcn mccdownc,for die which thy merciful 
worke in mee, I heartily thanke thee O Lord God, bee- 
feeching thee moft dccrc Father, for thybcft beloucd 
Sonne Chriftlefusfake, asthouhjft begunne to fettle 
my heart in peace and quietneftc, and partly wrought in 
the fame, fome comfort and ioy : fo thou wilt in mercy 
encrcafe the fame more and more in me,that I may from 
day to day, acknowledge thy manifold benefits towards 
mcc, and for the fame yeelde due honour and praifcrn- 
to thy holy Name ; that I may thorough this thy woorkc 
mmee, bee thoroughly confirmed of thy goodncffeto- 
wardcsmcc, that as thou haft begunne in mccaaood 
worke, fothoii wilt fulfill the fame, v«till ihccommina 
qf our Lord and Sauiour Chrift , when he? ftjall fully 
deliuer his Chjldren,and bring them to that ful and per- 
fca ioy,for cucr to raignc with thcc, in thy kingdomc of 
euerlafting glory, world without end. Amen. 




Arhink/gimng After deliuerMeeffm 

THy mercy OLorde my God, cnduredi foreucr, 
and thy louing kindnclfe towardcs diy Children is 
not able to bee vttcred, the trucih of thy promifcs 
ncucr faileth thine Elea. O how wonderfiil deere Fa- 
ther is thy working amongft thy Children : the forrowes 
of death tookc holde vpon mcc, and the fnares of hel al- 
moft entangled mcc, thedaungerous waucs of diftruft 
had euen oucrwhelmed myfoulc ; Iwas as one entang- 
led in a Nettc, and faft caught, not knowing how to bee 
loofcd. Thou hadft O Lord God, fo terrified my foulc 
and mindc, that I became vtterly aftonyed, andincx- 
trcamc fcare, thrownc downe proftrate to the ground, 
my hart failed within me, and all the powers oFmy mind 
were difoomfitedrthc cogitation of my mynde did fo 
fight within me, that I was wholly difqiricted in foulc 5C 
confciencc, I could not confidcr (O Lord God) of thee 
my Sauiour aright, nor take holde of thy mcrcifuU and 
louing promifes, Icoulde not bee petfwaded of thee my 
deerc Father and God, norof thy fatherly loue towards 
thy Children, fcarcc collide I findc within myfclfcanic 
little fparkc or faith, to confimic mee in the knowledge 
of thy good will towardcs mee, reuealed in thy blclfcd 
Worde. For thou (good Lord) hadft for a time with- 
drawncfirommcc thy ne hand, wherewith thou haddcft 
before time ftayed and vpholden mcc from falling, that I 
might more clcerdy fee awnc owne-wealncs, and more 
cffedlually confidcr thy power towards me. 

/n this diftrcfte (good Lordc) and anguifh of mindc, 
/ poured out my plaintes before thee, and crycd vnto 
ihcc day and nighr, with continuall fjghes and groancs, 

H4 I «U 



1 ■ 



till at length tfi 

Children, and thereby bee ft^S j "^'"^ with thy 

and confirmed of thy Lod wi JP "'^^ '"°'' '"^ -^"'c; 

^ccreFather, IfecictK.r '^"''""'=- ^"dnovv 


fearc,andr^tmy troub edn^^ '"'^'°'" "^y'^angcrous 




jndLft delit,crqd my eSn r''^'°." ^'"^ ^^^^"ce, 

";°^^°irgaiidmcrcifulJ Father Lr?»f''^^°^''^y 
cy , and louing kindnefTc (hcwrJ '^^ gracc,mcr. 

Partoueofm/heart, butfhaulirT* "^""'^'^• 
m|allymindfill allthedayesof 2^;^-^.'' '''f *=°^ ^°"''- 
thinc vnfpcakcahJc mcrcf« r. V'^^' ^"'^ ^°r '''ere 

duchono.,r,prayfc,aJdtha„tfa "^'''"'"°'-«="dcr 
acknowJedgineftomth.h!^!. ^ "'.Svnto thyiVIaicftv 

derfuliworfesfntce dSL'^'"?^;"'^^ 

ftrcngthencdtopSrSitn /7 1"^^^ ^^'"orc 
^n my more ericuous anW J ^'"'^ confidence in thee 

which IhatfebefciSe,tt^^ 

w.ng that thou haft a^cnTl • . ^ goodncflerkn^! 

t"P'ng- And that"mTvhIelTj''^P^^'*=<^'°"^"d> 

bcfccchthccgoodLordT rh "^J"" '"°^<= ^^"redy 
dcliuermce^^foir^t^c^^^^^^^ 'houhaftbegunneto; 

I • fed 

^er ChrifiiM Fmilies, 

fcdwordc. Strengthen my faith inthylouingpromi- 
(gs thatlmaybccaflTurcdofthyproteaion, and mine 
clc'aion and faluation .Make me daily more and more to 
Joiicthec my dccrc Father and God vnfaincdly, forall 
thy eoodncffe (hewed vnto mcc,to haiic my full delight 
aiidioy in thee, to walkc before thcc in finccrity of life 
and godly conucrfation, that I may hecrc in earth glon- 
ficthy holy name, and after this life with thy faithfull 
flocke, poflcflctbatcucrlafting inheritance, which thy 
Sonne hath piirchafcd, Chrift icfii our Lord,to whome 
with thcc and the holy Ghoft, bee all honour and glo^, 
now and for cucr. Amen. j 

yi th*nkjgiu'mgf«r the rvorde ofGeJ embneed, 
and « Prvftrfer inert tfe and ctntinu- 
*nte inthefame. 

OEtcrnall and moft mcrcifull Father, I yc eld vrvto 
thee moftheartythankcs, for aU thy bcncfitcsbe- 
ftowcd vppon mcc,efpccially,for that it hath plea- 
fed thy heaucnly goodncsto ftiincinto myhearc throogh 
theliehtofthineholy fpiritc,in the myftcrics cfthy holy 
word, and that thou haft framed my heart and mindcto 
take fuch vnfpcakeablc ioy and comfoit, m thy mo t 
bicflcd and holy wordc, and in the embracing ot my bl- 
uation.thcicin offered vnto mc. For this thine vnfpcikc- 
ablc mercies, 1 bcfcech thcc O Lorde,makc mcc ihanke- 
fiill, that 1 may acknowledge the grcatc bcnchtc there- 
of, and eftecmc of fo incftimable atrcafmc , aboue all 
earthly poflcfsions ortrcafurcs. And O Lord my God, 
for fo much as T wander in tliis prefcnt life, amongma- 
ny and infinite daungers, whereby lam cucry moment 

r- < 







GoMyfriaatefraycrs ' 

in peril! of Aiding backe, and falling from this f:nient 
zcale of thy euerlat(ting trueih,which thou haft kindled in 
mv brcaft : if otherwifc thou doc not ftay mc by thy mcr. 
cifull hand : and for (o much as /Icarnc out of thy moft 
blefTcd and holy words , that it is not fuificient to haiic 
bcgunncwcll, vnlcflc/ continue to the cndc, notfuf- 
Hcient to holdc my hand to the Ploueh,and looke backe, 
/fCraue at thy hande in the name of thy beloued Soanr, 
myLordeandSauiourlefusChrift, that this thyworkc 
which thou haft bcgunnc in mee, thou wilt in mercy cn- 
cceafcinmcemoseandmore, and continue it cuciivn< 
to the cndc of my life, that I doc not waxe cold, fcciuc, 
dull, or faint, but continually encrcafingintruczcalc, 
/may ftill more and more beedelighted with reading, 
hearing, and meditatingof thy holy word: I may there- 
by dayly alfo encrcafe in true knowledge of thy blcflcd 
will, from faith to faith, that I maycuen from thebot- 
tome of my hcaroe, fo fincerely profcffe thy true Rdigi- 
onjthat all hypoctificjvainc glory ,and faigncdholincflc, 
vtterly through djy holy Spiritc rooted out of my heart, 
/may ondv hold^ my fclfe contented, that I may haue 
the eyes of thy Maictty, beholding my inward heart and 
jninac, whereby I onelyftudying to bee allowed before 
thy Maicfty ,tTiay vtterly iwd althc vain praifc of men, 
which might puftevppe, orthefcofHngieaftes, tauntes, 
or reproaches of the vngodly,which might el(c driue nae 
downc. I 

To this cndc, Lorde my God, that I maycnercale, 
and dayly more a(id more bee confirmed in thy mer- 
cies begunne in mee: Ibcfccch thee ftirre vp true and 
fincerc Preachers and McflcnccrSjwhodayly may ftirre 
vpmy mindc and heartc (otherwifc of nature dull) to 
tuc ioyfull embracing of the glad tidinges of peace. 


forChriflian FmiUes, 
Lcaue mee neuer deftirutc, O Lorde my G O D,of the 
Lanes which thou haftappoyntcd for the mcrcafc of a 
liuclyfayth, and truezeafe, which mcane isoncly the 
Serie ithy blcffcd and holy worde but make mee 

Zaiescarcfullforthc fcckingof it:andfoprouidc, O 
Lordemy GOD, thatlmay alwaycs hiucit, com- 
fortablyrccciuc, andfwectelydigcftit. Keepcmecby 
rholy Spiritc, O Lorde, that 1 neucrbce fcduccd by 
SoniousSoanne, but that onclyl may gu.cearc vnto 
Avvoyce, that cleaning ondy vnto thee :lnuy in th.s 
Sfemlifc which thou haft giuen ,t,cc, fooccup.c my 

Zi may ftiUlookc for the comming of thy dccre Son 
recciuc mee into the cucrlafting reft, prepared for all 
Zcka and chofen, where I ft^all for cuer rcmaync, to- 
«ther With my Lord and Sauiour Iclu Chr.ft,to whome 
S thee and ihe ho!v Ghoft, bee all honour and glory, 
worldwithout end, Amen. 

J Prtyerfer the feeling oftV.tfinne ofhyfccrifie, 
that wee mi.) diteit our life According ^ 
te the frejcrift rule cf the 

worv, I 

OLord God and hcaucnly Father, which art a iuft 
ludec, topunift. alllhcm, that doc continue to 
offend thee, as thou ait a Father moft p.tt.f^.1 to 
rcccaucto mercy allthofc, which guicoucr thcmleh.cs 

to plcafc thee : n.cwe mee thy grace ^'^^ ^^^^ •';;^ ^ ^' 
.Jytruclybcetouched with inwarded.iplrafureof n y 
finncs : andthat in the place of flatter-.nemyfclfc, to 

r£ Cytruclywithmouthconfenc, mofthumby 




■*J-^'% mm 

[< ^"^--A' 




Godly j^riuAte prayefs 

to eiuc thcc the honour, glory and praifc, due vnto thy 
holy N amc,and that as thou of thy great mercy docft in> 
ftru(ft thcriinto by thy holy word/o (for thy names fjke) 
make that the fame may fo lighten and clecre our confci. 
ence,that in due examination of our hfe,wee may trucly 
Icarne to bee angry and difpleafcd, with all our former 
and corrupt lining. O that it may pleafe thee to drawc 
neare vnto vsj in addrefsing and guiding ourfoote-ftcps 
in the true and pcrfe6t way of obedience, to thy holy 
Lawes and commaundemcnts. Send thy holy Angcll to 
pitch his Tents rounde about vs, that Sathan and his in- 
fernalarmyncuer prcuailc againft vs, but that alwaycs 
with ftrong faith, wee may through lefus Chrift, with- 
ftandallhis crafty engines and fiiares, knowing vndoub- 
tedly,ihat ihou never forfakcft ihcm that put their truft 
in dice. 

O let vs not be Icdde by the infirmity of our outward 
flcfh , bu t ftrengtiie/i vs by the vertue of rfiy holy Spiri tc. 
Suffer vsnotto lie vndcr thy lieauy wrath, andvenge- 
auncc, thorough hypocrifie, but rather touch vs(o in- 
wardly, thatNvccmaywithoutceafing fighand eroane 
tnto tlicc, by true and vnfaigncd repentance. And al- 
though wee bee not alwaycs (b well difpofed to aske and 
prayasweeoimhttodoe, yet (good Lord, for tliy glo- 
rious Names lake) ftretch out thy mighty hand, that 
by the gracioiis working of thy holy Spirit, our myndes 
and hearts ,may be drawnc from all earthly and corrupti- 
ble tliinges, f(|> that our prayers vnto ihec, may ptoccedc 
of an inw jrd,^arnefl,vchement affedion,(b that wee nc- 
ucrprcfumc j:o come before the throne of thy Maicftic 
with a doiibl<j hcart,knowing,that wholoeuer asketh and 
praycth for ai ly thing of thee, not asking in faith, cannot 



forChriJlian Vmniieu 



Wc,indroUayittov ^_^^^l^^^^j^^jj 

r*'''»d1r».™ paX, uohi,mhatrcpcn.«h-,6.ue 
"""f ^h^hevoice of thy f<nKnce.«otait,stom, 

,na,bo.maa««oftcmp"°°"''J"''^,, ^1, ftiWc 
„mg Lordc G O D) <o prepare my f " ' , l„ u 

Lr««e Lordc) 'J'' '>"''t,vc«rirc beyond all «. 

pcaation,fothJt/ma5 po»" /.,„jiaii,,,i>l rmcc, t# 
Lcpcrheramecontuv>a% m y c k ^^^^^^^^ 

thewlMch P»^P°^';*°"lf '">Xh cto^c, CO Lordc 
n^crcy haft created the «f .^;. J;^!",V vuto n.cc moft 








j Oocllyj^iuMefrajers 
vmchcdCmntt, that fo long as I fightin thiswtctchcd 
Jjfc, I may ohtamc v^dowc agama mine enemies, (tbou 
te«gmy dcftnce) forthcreis none other that f?Ch 
for mcc,butoncly.«hou ohGod. Now tfay,rcprele the 
.vioJcncc of mine enemies, andvouchfafc with great cl 
feato brmg into bondage, my mifcrable-fleili, Thatior 
mcntcthmyfoule. So that obtaining vi«ftoiy,lmayaiu, 
^radctothecmyonely deliuercr, inperpctiilUtcS 


I4>r<iyert^h€f4id in trouble, 

full, alwayes a Saiiiour, whether thou fcndcft v, 
profperity or adiicrfity: this is a token of ercatc 
mercyandlouinglcindnes, whileby external afflS 
.nan^ "S'^^'^^f^''.^""' thoi/dofthealetheS 
Ws F&P^'i^'P'l"" P'^^^ vstoeuerlafting 
2\ *^°"^'.«=h therefore as thou haft euen by tliin? 
owne fteppesdeclared.that diis is the way vnto true S 

c.ty, grauntI,nofthumbIybefcechrf,ee: thati may t 
aentlvand obdienrly driikeof diiscJpmiftS.S^ 

hl\^h2^STT ^""' "«"«veriegrieuoiis, 
^utyethaltthoufufFeredmoregrieuous thiocsfor mce 
3«dl haue dcferued farre more gricuous thfnle^! wS 

' now^Sf "f ^''r'i ^^ NotwithftanXg. thou 
eu°n.«ht r ^'"' ^^""^ '^'^'"°"i and therefore 
cucnj.thatkmdeandmercifuU Samaritane. thoupou 
fcftmtomy woundcs. Wine, that is tofay, affliSon 
aodtroijblcs. whichfretteth a,Ki (harpely by^etb outX 
on«nabIcv.ces:butln the mcane timeUu puttX 


grounded and troubled heart, ihtough the which grace, 
if thou doe giue according tomywant^ thcnlhall/ 
with great quictnefleMct thcfa intollerable grecfcs. 
Butifitb** "*y pleaibre lo-encrcafc my grecfe, guic mce 
Aen imoft inftantly beftcch thee, the giiift of patience, 
g^graunt*atthefc afifliaions (which thou baft of thy 
Fatherly louefem vnto mee) may by thy grace tnrne to 
5,ca(rurance,«hael am thy Child. Or of thy.FatKcrly 
Bitty ,be contented .-vit'h this^entlc chaftifemcnt, where* 
With thou doeft nowcnurttirc mee (from lymg ftmkmg 
inmy cof ruptions :)then let h.cc< by thy free grace and 
mcrcy)teee.ueavthy meteifollhande,. eafcandmuct* 
neireaeaine, that/mayby ihy grace giue thee thankcs 
forboth. thatis, bccaufe thou haft moftclouingiym 
taken away the bittcmcs of my affliaion,wtth the fwect* 
flclfe of thy comfort, which isthy free grace, theOyle 
ofallconfolation, which /bcfeechthce pourcintomy 
heart, that /mayfenfWy feelcthe aboundant riches of 

vnworthy wretch) diat / nuy bee tlw mo«r fttcngthncd 
thereby, and in thegrcatcft confiia may hopcagamft 
hopcthatwhatfoeuet my ounward ftnccsdoc imagine, 
vetthcinwardefcclingof thy mercy may fupcraboundv 

iotheencreafeof my more then wcakc faij. bi.tc pe- 

cially for ihy honour and glory fakfc : fo that final y/ 

may fay with Saint Paule, that ncythcr death nor Iitcj 

nor an6ui{h,norperfeciition,nor thingspielent,. 

nottocomcmayromoucmeftomthylouc . 

in lefus Chrift ;ln whofc name I pray, 
ashc hath taught, Our Father 







■ ;r ij ' fnUckriJilmt,'' ^ -.: u-- r.-<i' •'% 

ALmighty God and moft merciftll FatWjthroiigh 
Icfus Chrift our Lorde,in whome,and by wboine 
wee truil that thou an our God and Father, wee 
moft humbl) hereproftratc our (clue* before tlic throne 
of thy Maicfty , bcfeeching thee &t(k eood Fathet and 
God, to pardon,and forsiuc vi all our flnnes, which we 
confcfTc and acknowledge againft our felucs j bc(eech< 
ing thy gracious Spiritc to workc In vs the knowledge of 
them daily more and mdrc, that thereby wee may come 
to true repentance for them t and together thcrc-withj 
vnto the knowledge ofUie height, breadth, deapth,and 
fulnctTe in all fortes of thy grace and mctcy , whereby 
through Icfus Chrift thou haft forgotteii them, andrc- 
mooutdthem as fane fromvs, astheEaftii from the 
Weft. And ahhough weknowby them, too well alas 

I?ood Lordjthat wee haue(as much as in vs lay and lycdi) 
aborcd to prouoke tliy wrath and anger attunft vs, hea- 
ping finnc vjwn finne, and multiplying of offences and 
tranfgrcfsions againft thy high grace and Maicfty, brea- 
king thy holy wrrd and cotnmaundemcnts j yet thou (O 
Lord) hart not bcencasa man, northyaffe^ionsasthe 
affections oftht foiincs ofmai, but haft continued gra* 
cioui and mercjfull, and bountifuU vnto vs,in pardoning 
our flnnes, and daily rcncwinginvswith the morning, 
tliy graces diucrs and manifold. Therefore we bcfeech 
thee moft mcrdidilj Father, to giue vs thy holy Spirite, 
tliat wcc prouoke diec no more, that thou rife not vp in 
thy wraih againft vs, to dcfti oy vs as wee b aue ii ftly dc- 
ferucd J for we Lord banc bccnc and are as di y as ftub- 
blc, and yet d^ou haft not difpcifed and confumedvs^ 
1 we 


^ haue bccnc vnfruitful.and thou haft not cut v$ dov/nt 
vca LordjWec haue brought forth wildc and fowrc fruit, 
corrupt and detcftablc, and yet thou lottcft thy raine to 
ftill.and Sun to fliine vpon vs. 

Make vs therefore we befeech thee forrv as it bccom- 
mcth diy Children, for that wee haue difobeyed thecjfo 
mctcifui and louing a Fathcr,and frame vs dayly , and fa- 
(bion vs to the likcncffc of thy wcl bcloued Sonne lefus 
Chrift ourLordrtlyitin knowledge and true holineflc, 
wcc may glorifie thee before the world,and bv the fruits 
ofgodlines and rightcoufncffe, be affured and made ccr- 
tainc of thy Spirir,and of the loue wherewith thou louefV 
v$. Make vs thankfuU dccre Father ,for the infinite and 
vnfpcakeablc benefites of our elcaion to life and euerla- 
ftiag glory before ail time, and for our creation and re- 
demption, and fanaification, in time to bring thy glori- 
ous counfell to paffe. -. J. . L 

Workc in vs ccrtaine faith,tnd aflurcd hope m thv 
promifes,the true fearc of thy Maiefty,apcrfca hate and 

deteftation of alldifordered and finful affeftions. Work 
in vs eternal loue of thy truth and Gofpel,fincerc affeai- 
on and loue towards thy Children,& amongft our fclucs 
paticnce,knowlcdce, vcrtue,loue,compafsion, with all 
graces of thy kingcbme, that in all our behauiour, thou 
God maycft be gloryficd in vs. Alfo we bcfeech thee 
moftracrcifiill Father, for the benefits of this life. That 
asthou art not oncly the God of our fpirites and foulcs, 
but alfo of our bodies : fo it would plcafe thee, notw rth- 
ftanding our fmncs. to graunt vs thy bicfsings of health, 
peace,and maintenance, of which (by thy gracious pro- 
uidencc)fomeofvs docfeclcthe want, andfomeotvs 
haue for longtime cnioycd and vfcd the fame ; that toge- 
ther with thcm,wee may haue thy Spirit to inftrua vs,as 

I well 






' Goilyfrktatefrdyrs 

well in the wants, as in the true and lawfull vfe of tlicm .• 
that wee may more earneftly and Qtrioutty ftudy and h. 
hour in thcfc vocations wherein thou haft fct vs,through 
thy great mercy ,to the promoting and increafing of thy 
Kinedome, to the bencfitc and comfort of thy Children. 
And we pray not only for ou r fellies, but bcftech thee to 
make vscarncft and tcrucnt in prayer vntothyMaicftie 
ciienfor others alfo.yea, for all men : that ajs thou art the 
Creator of alljfo thou wouldeft mercifully regard dicm, 
and continue diy gracious goodnes and mercy, in adini- 
niftring and ordering the worldc, fo that by no Tyrants 
nor wickedmen, that order which thou haftcftabliiLod 
bccoucrthrownc, butthefpringandhanicft,. dierayne 
and fruitcfull times, and the iov v, hich thou (hewcft and 
giucft by thein,may prouoke all men continually to feare 
and louc thee, yca,torceke dice and findctlice. That 
not in thofc outward blcf,ings alone, but much more in 
Xhylpnite, thtywhomc thou haft thcre-untoordayt.cd, 
may reioycc it} thy fatherly goodnes by lefus Chrift. And 
that to this cnde, it may picafc thee to poiirc out thy era- 
ces vppon men, that dicy may bcc inftriiftcd and framed 
mectcinftrumcnts for the calling ofailfuch as thou haft 
appointed to be of thy Church. 

That thtfc builders may be cunning and expcrt.That 
thcle Oardincrs.may beewifctoplantandwater, with 
ludgcmcnt and difcrctionj that tlicfe Siewardes-of thy 
my llcrics may fo bcliauc themfclucsin thy Church,that 
t icy knowing howe and wlMiewith tofccdcthyhoufc, 
the glory and beauty thereof may appearcinthceyM 
ot all tlie wor dc, which thou haft.bcfurc fo long oromi- 
rcd, and which to H c the eyes dazell and faint with loo- 
kingfor. And ahhough wee knowe well, O Lordc.that 
the caufc ofalj raiferablc difordcrs,dclormitics,and brca- 


for Chrijiitm Vamiltes'. 

chcsnoweadayes, is in ourfelucs, which fhuttcvp thine 
hand, and (as it were ) bindc thine armes from reaching 
them out vntovs, for our faluation and comfort, yet 
let the Lorde arife and bee mcrcifull vnto Sion, and haiic 
pittyonthc mines thereof . For the time is come, our 
owne Country and people arc before our eyes continu- 
ally, whofcfinneand difbrder, whofe ignorance and 
ft.ibbenie(re, whofe negligence and contempt of thy 
wordcjthou haft now longtime puni(hcd, withdrawi tg 
thy hand from dooing them good. For by thy iitft iudgc- 
mcnt now many ycaresthou haft plagued them, anavs 
with idle, prophane,vnlearncd&vnskiltull Paftors ; eui- 
ders thou haft giucn tlicm but to their ruinc:Fcedcrs.but 
ofthemfelucs,notofthy flocke : Teachers and Dodlors, 
who haHc mou thcsbut fpcake not, eyes but fee not, n; y- 
thcr the iudgcments vppon thy people, nor how to goc 
out and in before them j and that which is inoft fcarctii II, 
thy good hand is not with thofc Prophets which are a- 
mongft them,who doe fbw indeedc,but thetarth giucth 
not her encreafc. They watcr,but thy plants rife not in 
any number. They feed, but thy flocke is poorc,not fat 
nor beautifiill. On let the Lord forget the finncs of his 

Ecople, Why hath hce bound them vopon his hand to 
jokcvpon them for cuer ? Why hath hecfet them day 
andnightinthc fight of his countenance? We confeflc 
and acknowledge againftourfclucs,0 Lord,al our fins, 
wc iudge& condemne our fclucsjvea we teftific acainft 
oiir felucs, that wee hauc dcfcrucd that aien thofc fparks 
ofdiy fire & hcauenly light which arc amongft vs, rhold 
bcc quenched and put out, that the fmoake of thy glory, 
which is ftill in thy Church amongft vs, ihould rife vp & 
vanifti away from amoncft vs as the dew of the morning } 
tliat the (amc building wmch as yet ftaudcth^were to bee 

I a I thcowne 




l( r 


ihrownc downci, that the Lord ihould mount vpponhii 
chariot,and flccfiom v$. But rhall the Lord deale wtdi 
his people bywaight and nieafiirc ? fliallhcevfeiudgc- 
mcnt and not mercy ?(hal our Father forget his children 
although we prouokc him ? (hal not the fighes & grones 
of them that bewjyleSyon, come before him and enter 
into his eares? O Lord let the iudgement and feucrity 
which wee hauc dcfcrucd, bee ftaycd : let Chariots and 
Hoifcs bee vnloofcd, let the Armies of the Lord be dif- 
charged,and let the Lord vngird himfclfc, and forgctte 
his counfcU, and tumc and be gracious and merciful vn- 
to them that knowledge and confcffc their finncs. L«t 
ihc Angels th it bee the deftroycrs, goe from before thy 
face, to ouerthro we and caft downe all that ftandcth to 
hinder thy glory, and to maintainc finne and ignorance, 
pride, and vanity. That chy good Angels may followe 
tomcteoutanddcfcribcallchinges that pertayneto the 
building of thy Temple . Let ihem lay to it the fquare 
^nd plummet, and let all thy people ftand and fliowt* 
and finggIory„at the laying of this foundation. Letdty 
Spirite guide all thofc good Lord,thatin fcare and rcue- 
rence before thee, walkc in their vocation : IntheVni- 
uerfities and in aJI parts of the Realme,yca, ofthe earth, 
looking and labouring for thisworkc, andencrcafcthe 
little number,a|stljcthoufands of £phraim,and the tenne 
ihoufands of MaiuflTc^and thofc that laugh ar,and hin- 
der, and drawcbatkc thisworkc, let them bee aOumed 
aotl confounded , and all ihy mcruailous blefMngs bee 
ilicwcd in the fucccffe thereof, Biit let chem haiie np 
force not Ilrcpgdito hinder it.- fo Oiall lacob reioyce 
in thy luercy, land Ifrael in thy cucrlafling tructh. So 
(hall our eycK (cc thy glory, O Lord, and we fing perpe- 
tually to diy pt^^ik, So iMi lefus Chrift delight in die 


for Chriflidn Families. 

beauty of his Church, and his people bee a people mccte 
to fcrue him , decked and adorned with his guifts, labou- 
ring and ftudying toplcafchim, that in them hisloue 
niay reft. To this end good Lord,(hewe mercy vppon 
all Princes and Magiftratcs of the earth, that belong to 
tliy clcdion : turning the hearts of all thofe that hither- 
to hauc not knowne thy trueth,but lent theirpower and 
might to Sathan and Antichrift to perfccute thy people, 
to the great di.lionour ofdiy name. That yet nowe at 
the laft,thcy may bee brought home into thy (heepfold, 
andinftcadofpcrfccutors, bccomeNurfc-tathcrs, and 
Nurfc mothers to thy Church, Butcfpccially wemoft 
humbly bcfccch thee for al fuch Princes and Magiftrares 
as haue receiued thy truth. And namely , for our decrc 
SoiicraigneLordc, the Kings Maicftie, whome thou 
haft placed ouervsinthis Realme, andforhismoft ho- 
nourable Councd,and all Magiftrates therein, that thou 
wouldcft augment the graces of thy holy Spirite mhmi, 
and in them :efpeciaUy, the fpiriteofwifcdomc,coun. 
fell, and power : that hee and they may goe forwardc m 
the workeofthe building vp of thy Church, inallobc- 
dicnce to tliy will,fpcedily , and conftantly ,and petleuc- 
rantly,ihat diy people the Sheepe of thy pafturc,whom 
thou haa committed vnto him and their gouernmcnt, 
may godly and peaceably Hue and dye to thee, and with 
them and for diem, elorific diy moft holy name for eucr 
and euer. We bclcech thee alfo good Lord our God, 
for all our brethren whercfoeuer, thai ihofc which arc 
thy Church in peace and fafcty, may profpcr and goc 


forward, and ftand in thy trueih for euer, diat thy good- 
ncsmay beaffuredvnto tliem,8c thatthou wouldl keep 
their place, and maintainc their caufc againll all that la- 
bour to trouble diem. And for fuch as doc yet labour viv 






. jL^-^^ 

Qidlyfriuate prayers ^1 
dcr tyranv and affliaion , whofc fuffcrings thou bowcrt 
O Lord.bcttcr riicii wee can declare : It may plcafcthcc 
tobrcakcthc loddc of their opprcflburs, to quench the 
fire of their aducifaries, and to hghtcn or rather cicane 
take away that burthen which thou docftfo prcffc, that 
they together with vs, m ay ioync in thy congrceation 
and fccdc fafely. So that there may bee none to (care vs! 

Let thy Spirit ofcomfortpofTcrtcourheartSjthat all tro^ 
ble may fccmc IcfTc then thy trueth and glory ,and fo ligh- 
ten our cycs,that in our darknes wc may haiic fuch figlit 
of thy glory, and of Icfiis Chrift, who is in that high 
Mountaine where he isnowfo glorious, that our gricloi 
may befvvallowcd vp. 

! . . 
/tn ^Addithn in the Merning. 

LAft of all,moft louing Fathcr,wc render humble and 
fpcciallptaifflvnrothyMaicfty, that it plcafcdthec 

aiuongrt the reft ofthine infinite bcncfits,graccs,and 
mercies bcftowcd vppon vs, to take care of vs from out 
conception, and hauing drawne vs out of our Mothers 
wombes, to oreferue vs from all dangers both of bodic 
andfoulc, whercuntowce arefubicdl, andnamcly this 
night paflTcd, fo to kcepc vs and defend vs, vndcr the (ha- 
dow of thy wingsj that wee are come to this prefcnt day, 
according to thy good pleafure and ordinance :befce- 
ching thee to giuc vs all fiich gracc.as wee may iinploy it 
vvhollymthyferMicc. And for the doing hereof, good 
Father, reformtj our vnderftanding, keepe the watch of 
our tongues, andthedoorcsof our lippcsin fuch fort, 
that no ill word be vttercd by, or through the fame. Rule 
and goiicrnc our hearts, diat diey thinke not, our hands 
that they touch not, ourfectethattheygocnotto, our 
eyes that they fee not, our cares that diey hcarc not, any 


- ' forChriJiianFamdiei, I 

thingbutthat which isto thy glory. Tharthercby we 
itiaybcc confirmed in thy infinite and Fatherly loueto- 
war.is vs, and walk chccrcfully in our vocations , and wai- 
ting for that full redemption, and that crowne of gloric 
which rcmaincth for all fuch as hoidcthiscourfe to the 
end. Ihcfc things we craue, and all other which thou 
knowcft necdfull Un vs, and thy whole Church, for thy 
dccrc Sonne, lefus Chrift his fake, as hcc hath taught vs, 
dying, <5ur Fathcr,&c. 


LAft of all, we bcfccch thee moft merciful and buing 
Father, that as this day thou haft gracioully mini- 
ftred ftrength vnto vs,to walke in our vocation<>,and 
blelTcd our ftudics and labours : fb wc may bcc thankful! 
therefore, andhaue alw.wcs thy gool hand with vs, to 
brine to fruite and effe£k,tnofc counfcls which wc follow 
for thy glory. And wee pray thee to keepe vs this night 
in tuition and fafc-guard, that wc my reft in thy protefti- 
on ; and recciue tliat comfort and ftrength of thy ble(^ 
fingjWhich thou haft graunted to our weakc nature.tho- 
rough Icfus Chrift our Lordc and Sauiour . In whofc 
name wee pray as hce hatb taught vs,faying. Our Father 
which art in hcaucn,&c. 



'•■- 1 





II ' 


j^M.Dcrings words/pokenonhis 
deith'bedat Tohy^he i6. 

oflme. 157^. -I 

GOD forme me my ntgUgence^htt Jhiue not vfedthe 
precious (imfts ofOod bid vp wit km mee ,»vrr tt his 

them in vaine glory, or tofU»Je the vme offemons of wen. 
After my de*th, my memieswlbHome my friends, txcjft 

feme that know me not,& thoje whith haue no feeling of the 
truth '. For ihAaefaithJuHyfemedthe Lord & my Prmem 

*^' ApTJ^'Mh vnto him : It is for thee s great hief- 
fingthathoufhdtdefartinpeace, andgofrom manytrou- 
bUfthat OMT irethrenfhaUbear, And fee-. Her mwered.l 
(hdlzofrommMytrtuhles^leiuemMyhehmdeme. if 

tie Lord hath appointed that his SaintesfhaU Juppe together, 
why go J not to them ? hut if there be any doubting orjtag^e- 
mrjiur Lord reueals the trueth. ,. j 


yfasneuertheUJJeexertifedinQodlymediiation : /''';/»"; 
jetboJeeuiniJndlookingon ChrsH myj^luation VeeM 
,11 meete together with thejweetehamon, >f*^'^'>;^^f. 
efhoafies. Whatacloudeofwitneffei isheere? yet aUttU 

U.le,andweefhM(eeourh.pe. '^'^ f'^'^'ZlZkh 

receiue the end of our hope which we haue wutedfor. ^m- 
tioni^icknet, andpaine, are but the r^'^U'f "*'''; [Z'"'^^^ 
Lord. It i^ not to begin for a moment Mn<> ''f'"'"*']' 
fureofGoiallourdayes'.fof inthe twinkling of at eyewee 
%Ube taken away. DaltyUt with the word cfGod,make not 
light of It : ^lejfedare thsy that vfe their tongue, we Men 
they haue a. ^' ^• 

To the Reader. 

Gentle Reader, I thought good, to fctdovvnc an excel- 
lent rpccch, vttered by the Authour of this Bookc a 
little before his death : whereby thon maycft dcerely 
fee and lcarnc,that there is a fweete peace in death, to 
all fuch as painfully feme the Lorde in life. For hec 
beeingraifcdvpin his bed, and his friend rcqucfting 
him to fpeakc,thc Siinne (Tione on his face,and there- 
by he tooke occafion thus to fay. 

Hereis butane Sunnethat giuethlkhttothe 
,werU: there it hut one righteoufmffe •■ there is 
hut one tommnnion of Stmts, if I were the ex- 
cellent :jl Creature in the wir'd '. if I were 4s 
righteous as Abraham, if ate, and JjCob { for 
they were excellent men in the worU)yet ve mufl all conjefje 
that wee are great finners, and that there is nofduation but 
in the righuoufnes eflefui Chrifl. And we haue all neede of 
the grace ofGod.Aodfor my part, 4s concerning deathjfeele 
fuch ioy of/pirite, that iflfhou 'd h.'>ue the (enlence of life on 
the onefiJe,xndtht fentence ofdeitb on the other (Jile, J Lid 
rather choofe athoHjandtimeS (feeing Cod hat lj.i/fointed 


thefeparattonyuefentem ofdtstb,thanthefeKttr.ie of life. 




P J 

The Prayer whiclr M. Derlngvfed 


^Lord God,which haft left vnto vs 
j'thy holy word to be a lantcrne vn- 
I'to our fecte , and a light vnto our 

i^^^ fteps,giue vnto vs all, thy holy Spi- 
rit-tiiat out of the fame word wee may learnc 
what is thy eternall will, andframe our hues 
in all holy obedience to the fame, to thy ho- 
nour and glory,and increafeof ourfaith,tho 
rough IcfusChrift our Lord,Amcn. 


T.N. On Edward 
! 'Dering, 


Hring,in earthly life thy hcaiicnly voycc did teach 
I y the ruche of finncs.thc truth ofcndlcflc grace : 
^^^ And witli thy voycc thy Hfc confmrcd to preach 
The praifeofCod.with longing to embrace 

The fwcct delights wherein his Saints abound : 

O bleflcd Organ of fo noble found. 

When thou didft cry repentant gricfc for finnc, • 
VVhcn witli iilfpircd breath from Ghoft diuinc 
Thy moudi pit)ur'd forth what heart did feele within, 
Thy dcepc derire to draw men to incline 
Their liftningfoules vnto the healthfull word : 
O happy they that tumd vmo the Lord. 


T.^.Ort EdrpardVerlng. 

And when thou didft his mercy fwect oroclaimc. 
And didft with thankfull and delightfull voycc 
Set forth the honour ofhis fauing name, 
To quench defpaire and make the heart rcioy cc ; 
O happy hearers of fo ioyfull newes, 
Vnhappy wretches that fuch ioyes refufc. 

happy thou,and all that fhall with thee 
VS' ell tollow him that led, and is the way : 
They follow well whomc he hath blcft to fee 
The path,and truft the guide that cannot ftray. 
Oh, well he liucd whome God did fo apply : 
Oh well he dyed that liucs eternally. 

We thanke our God for thee and for thy life, 
And for the good that hec by thee hath wrought; 
Thy fpeechjthy trauailc in his fcruice rife. 
Thy writings left whereby we ftill be taughr. 
And in thy death Gods holy name be blcft : 
O blclfcd dead that in the Lord doc reft. 





M. Dcrings owne Prefaceto her Maicfty. 

^To the High and 

mighty PrinccfTc, his dread Souc' 

raigncand moft gracious Lady Eiisuikith.hy the gracc'of 
God, Qyccneof Eneland, Praunce, aid 

Fit had been fufficient charge of cue. 
rymansdutie for ncccffary caiifcsto 
attempt a good workjthcn (moft gra- 
cious Princcffc) h»ue I double bold- 
nc s and Cifcty to prcfcut this my labor 
vntoyour Highncflc.Forto pretermit 
the value of this Worke,which yet muft commciitl it i as 
I will not ftrjue therein Icaft 1 fliould fccmc foolifli, fo I 
Icauc it to euery mans confcicnce,bereeching al men for 
tnicths fakciio giuc no word of pi aiic vnto it abouc the 
weight ofprofit which he fliallfindeinic. Euttonching 
my moft humble duty.inotfering ittoyoiuHighncffe, 
If tlie caufes be npt fucli as conftraioc mcc before GOD 
Silid man, let this alfo be imputed vnto mc that 1 know c 
riot my duty, nor whatbecommcth mvcal'ing. Of!ong 
time and by many mcanfs, yQurHighneiTchjuhbcene 
ptQuok«d3gainftmcctoI)igh difpleaiurCj fo that at the 
laft, I am hencefoonh forbidden to preach any nK>r*o- 
pcnly within your Maicftics dominions. Inthiscafc 
nauellongftoodc, which howc Kricuousith»thbccnc 
vnto race, or how gladly I would bee deliucicdfromit: 





MaiJlerDemgi Preface 

ifl {»e a good man I cannot cafily fliew. Salomon fayeth^ 
rde anger vfthe King , is like the mtffengers of death ^ but a 
wife man wiillpdeifett. Which word oftriwth.ifit doc 
moue the affcaions of our hcart,it cannot bcc,but in the 
dif-faiiourofohc Prince,wc niuft fwlc a great oircrthrow 
of the happinclTc of our life : »nd wee cannot nor ought 
not but continually to labour^oturneitfromvs. Foe 
what though fome bee dcfpifcrs, vnwoorthyofaKings 

fitotc^lion ,who being freed from care, haue no care <>f 
one, is therefore the bond bctweenc Prince and lubie^t 
broken ? or is the word of God of leflc truth, bccaufc the 
wicked do difobeyit? Or is this to honour the King in 
our foulc, not to care a whit for his eracious fauour?But 
what if our difpleafurc be for a good caufe, and wc fuffct 
for rightcotidicfre ? yet our fearc and griefc is the fame it 
was : for faith doth oucrcomc afflifliionjbut it takcth not 
away the fence and feeling of the forrow. Seeing there- 
fore this (iifc is mine, if your Highneflc dif-fauour and 
difliking be vnto mee, as it ouglu to be to euery true fub- 
ica,like as the fearc is exceeding great, fo the forrow of 
it is not willingly to be admitted, if pofsibly any good re- 
medy can be fought. This is then one caufe of mv bold- 
ncfle, for! which Icrauemylawfullfardon, mofthum- 
-bly bcfcflching your Maiefty fauourably to accept it, 
which duty and necefsity haue compelled me vnto. 

The other is the caufe itfclfe, 4ind thepunifhment 
which I doc fuftaine, being now long time forbidden tp 
preach : wherein if 1 fhould rob my tclfe of my riehteouj^ 
neflcjaiid finally by filence acknowledge the faults which 
ncuer were : rtioulde I not bee iniurious to the graces of 
God > fliould I not pull downc whatfoeuer 1 hanebuilt ? 
flmuldc I not betray therructh of God to the flaimdc- 
-roui tongues of many iniurious mcn?fliould I notfinnc 
'^ againft 



lUering, ii. 

To the §}tieeRetMaiefly. 

aeainft the Lord,beforc who there is no man can pleade 
my caufe ? and are not all thefc euils confuted and fcatte- 
rcd, widi this one dutifuH and faythfull doing, tooflfer 
rfwft my Lcftiires printed vnto your Highneflc ? The 
printing ofvvhichjftul confute the flaundcrous, iiiftific 
the doftrine for which they were prcachcddifcharge my 
conscience before God, andbccingolfcred vnto your 
Highneflcjbe a pcrpetiul fupplication till your gracious 
fauour be reconciled. And this is the fccond cai^fe of my 
doing : which lb mnch conflrayned mccasthcloueof 
God did dwell within mee. For vnder that coiienant hath 
he committed vnto vshis truth, & hath bound ourcarc, 
trauailc, counfcll, abilitie, and aJl our life to the furthe- 
rance of it: Ol whichjthefame God forhls Chriftes fake 
make your Highncs a long defender. 

Butlthinke itwillbehcre obieftcd, other mcanes 
might haue bcene made to pacific your Maicfty , thento 
iuftifiemycaufe; Surely whatfbciifrl haddoone, this 
mightftill be obicacd, although / haue not pretermit- 
ted any wav which hath fecmed vnfomegood anddn- 
tifulljand therefore all other mcanes being frnflrate.and 
the ihinencccffary to be followed, who but the Lord a- 
lonehath Icddcmee vnto this >Ne\ therdoe I fpcake this 
vnaduifcdly, orwithout ground, for both I haiurcom- 
mittcd this matter vnto the Lord, and 1 doc notliing^ but 
what I haue heard and Icf nc in his Saints. Tor was it not 
common in al the primitiiie Chiirch,wlicn the Saints of 
GODfufFei«dfom.myfl.Hinders, that the Fmpcronrs 
mJndcs were now alienated from titcmandthcy hadno 
helpcrSjthatthevbetamcruter^ fortlicniri!i!cs, and of- 
fered vp to the Princes the confer :on oftheir faith , and 
their humble fupplications tobcc rcceiuci tofmioiir? 
mdnot ^rifiulfi 1« to Tf«4/»*', /*//;»/*> and AU'itoto 







tAiijler Darings Preface ,^ 

Antmmu MiltUdtt to MMimimus.QMdrttM t<^ Airl- 
tnm. Apdrntinui ihCfmmodfa,ZernhMtoD4rttt^, and 
finaUy, /'W^himfclfc apoore prifoner, when all other 
rcfoocfaylcdhim, did he not boldly caUvppon C^to 
baue^hiscaufe trycd before him? If this refuge had not 
bccne giuai of God, fuch mcn,fuch an Apoftlc wouWc 
ncucr hauc vfcd it. Why then (hould it bee reproued in 
nic€,that bath fo good a warrant of fuch a cloud of Wit- 
ncffcs? Wlicreforeagaine, with all fcare and duty, I 
inoft huinbly bcfcech your HighnelTe of your gracious 
f Icmcncic^acccpt it fauourably.which by fo great ncccf- 
fjty is offcscd vnto you. And thus farrc of the caufc of 

iny doing' 

NoNv hauing this confidence.bccaufe yet I fpeakc 
to your Highneircil muft bcfccch you diat no want m 
niy wotdcs may bcc imputed vnto mcc : For the Lord is 
witncflc l>ow heartily I do feale them with all humility, 
though accor.ding to my rudcncflcjin titles and tearmes, 
and phrafcs of fpecch I may often faylc. I remember 
once when 1 licarknedtofuch thinges, that this I hauc 
heard, Hec that will fpeake fafely to a King, muft fpeakc 
with filkctt .vordes : but I thinke the meaning was of fil- 
kcn men. Tor ignoraunt people vnacquainted in the 
(;ourt,n(jucr (licwc more folly then when they would be 

And Saint Paule, whofe counfcll wa$better,hath 
flicwcdvs another example 5 For beeing before the king, 
indtcdchce gauc him his due title of honour, butgrca- 
^cr humi Jity of heart then gorgcoufocfTe of words. He 
rcpofcd the hope of his good caufe, not inhisownc 
fpecch, but in the Kings wifedomc, and rcioyced to bee 
iudged before him.bccaufc hce was skilful! of the Icwcs 
orders. So 1 before youi Hi&hncffc with true obedience 
' will 


lUerin;;, ^• 

To the Scenes Maicjiy. 

will gladly alfo fpeake a(wcl as I can,but the hope I hauc 
of your gracious fauour, 1 let it reft intheviifedomc 
which thcLordcniallgiue-you, inthctrucknowlcdgc 
and earneftzeale of his Gofpel,to which good graces of 
God in your royall pcrfonagc 1 appealc, and moft wil- 
lingly put my iudgement into your hands. 
y; It is now a great many ycares as I account them, and 
they haiie paffed exceeding flowly, eucn as the y earcs of 
a VVardjOr Prcntice,fince firft I heard howe much your 
HighnefTe miflikcd of mec. The caufe much more grie- 
uoHs then the time, hath bcene my prcaching,not for a- 
ny eiiill which was in it, ( I muft needs protcft it,for how 
ftiould I lay blame vponthcwordeof God?) but for a 
great deaie of enuy which followed after it, and kindled 
flattering tongues to flaunder and fpeake euill : who alfo 
atlafthauebrouehttopaflfe, whilcftyour Higncflebc- 
lecucd them, and thinketh none to be fo euill as to lie be- 
fore their Prince and Soueraignc, that at their pleafiire I 
am forbidden to preachjwhomc yet God had called,and 
whofe labour hce had blcflcd j which being an iniutie to 
himthatcanrccompenceit, andhurt without good, I 
fhall bee the more faithfull to God, in the good defence 
of a righteous caufe ,& the more dutiful vnto your High- 
neffe, in all humble fute to fecke your gracious rcdreflc 
offuch an iniury. 

And firft of all, for mine ownc difchargcj offer vp 
thcfc my Lectures printed/or which 1 haue had fo much 
blame, vnto which 1 ncythcr craue any fjuour nor crc- 
ditc, but as they fhall teftifie for thcmfducs, fo let them 
haue their reward : and for my part, 1 wilh nothing but 
iiiftpunifhmcnt for all that is done amiflc, or fauoura- 
blc releafe, if I bee indeede innocent and vnblameable^ 
Then moft humbly 1 bcfccch your Highncfie eucn for 

K the 



iDerin;;, i^. 

M4//?^r Derings Prefacel 

the Lords fake, who(c caufe it is, that according to your 
wifcdome and faith toward God, you would well thinke 
of what aqthor it is, for a Preacher fb well known to be 
ibeuill reported. 

More then this I haue nothing to crauc, but will day- 
ly pray, a$ I am moft bound, that your Highnefle, your 
maft nonourable Counfclburs, your whole eftate,may 
haue long and bleiTed prosperity, to the rooting out of 
all Idolatries, andpeife^ingof that pure and true Reli> 



lich G O D of his mercy hath planted by your 
hands, Co that the fruitcsof your Maieftics moft 
racious labour, may moft plentifully 

.abound vpon your (clfc. ; 


r^r Highntjjimofl humble ^ 
futhfuU Mi obedient Jubieii, 




jLierin.;* ^^ 

L / 




K V 


A Sermon preached before the Queenes 
Maicfty the a$. day of February, by Maiftcr 
Edward Dcring. 
I J 69. 

O Lord open thou my lippcs, and ony mouth 
Citll ihcw forth thy ptaifc. 

pfalmc 78. 70. 

Ht Mi DMnidhitferuAnt »lf»,Mi tcJ^mfrtm theJhufftlJs, 
tH^nfrM, hhmdtht EwisgrtM witbyow»g t»*kkt b'mxffted 
hu Mflt m lM»h,*ni his inheritsnct in Ifrael. St *'/«*»*»• 
0cc»rdtnit»th*fimfhcity ,fhishitr$,4t»igMidedtbembjthe 
difcrttitn of his hdnds, 1 

HE Prophet dcclarcth in thisPfalmc,howc 
, God ofhis iufticc, for the great finnc of E- 
phraiQi , took from that Trtoc both the Ta- 
bernacle and the Scepter ,and gaue them to 
the Tribe of luda : whomc then according 
to his mercy hcc had pnrpofed tobleflc with all pcrfcft 
happineflc. In whichweleamc, not to abufe Gods mer- 
cies, Icaftthey be taken away from v$, as from the Tribe 
of Ephraim they were. And then what hclpeth it vs thj^t 
intimespaft we haue been happy ? And leaftthisftiould 
hadpen alfo vnto the Tribe of luda, to fall from God$ 
mercies, into his difpleafurc : the Prophet in this place 
' K3 ftiricth 


iDerin,;, '-^ 




fermon j^reached hy M. Derifig' 
ftkrcth them vp to thankfolncflc^that they may be founa 
woorthy to haijcconriniied toward them fo great blcf- 
fings. And this hcc docth by the example of Dauid, ip 
fhcwing both howe mercifiilly God hath dealt with him, 
and how obediently Dauid walked before die Lord. 

And herein he vfeth as it were 3 .reafons to moiie them 
withall : Th^firf^ Jsof God-s mercy whence hce had cal- 
led Daurd. Thc.fecond isof Godsintcntandpurpofc 
whcreunto he called him. The third of Dauids own per- 
fon, howe faithfully and howe triiclv hee did execute that 
^hereunto he was called, the fiift argument or reafon 
be comprehendcih jn thcfe wordes : //ee cht/e Dauid hit 
/erum,an4t0cke him from theJheepe-fo!de.l\\c(cconA in 
thefc wordis, Hte eho/e him toftcde his people in /aceb, tnd 
hisinhaittumeinJfrae!. Thethird in thcfe wordes: So 
hefedthfmaecerding.te the fimblitiiy ofkis htrt, Mdgmdtd 
themyftth the dijcreticnof his hinds. Thcfe argumentswil 
Ifpcake of, as God /hall giuc mcc vtterance. And if diey 
Ihall be now morecffeauall tainouc^'s,riian they were 
then to m«ie the people of ir[aell,.then bewe-profitablc 
and happy hearers. lfnot,it is good rightand reafon,that 
as we hauc been inthc fellowfhip of the fimeiin and in« 
iquity.fo We (liould bee-partakers ofthe fame reward and 
lofc againc both the Tabernacle & Sccptcr,as they hauc 
done before vs, we can fay no other but the Lord is righ- 
Kous, and behold wee hauc eaten d]e fruite of ou r owne 
labours. Lctvs therefore tonfidcr of rhefc argalnents, & 
ftirre vp as wee may the guift of God that is in vs, that at 
length we may Icarne by them more holy obedience. 

Thefirft argument is the good cotifideration of GodS 
mercies whence be called Dauid* Which arguiiienta- 
lonc is fo cffc(5kiahnd fti^ongto flitrevs vp tatlicobedl- 
' ■ ' cncc. 

hefdrtfhe'SlueenesMaieflie ' 

encc of out calling, that it is able enough to raife vs vp a- 
gaine, though wee were neuer fo decpc funken in rebelli- 
on. Aiurc proofc of the efficacie of it,may be vino vs the 
oft and continu all vfe of it in thefaaed Sc ripturcs. Foe 
feeing that Gods fpirit in his holy word doth Co oft imply 
it, both as a helpe to confirmc the godly, and as a prcfcnt 
remedy to turne againe the moft obdurate and wilful fin. 
ncrfromhisobftinatepurpofe : fjrcly, exccptallthc 
dewes of Gods mercies bee mcroailoufly dryed vp in our 
barren hartSjthefiinc arguracntifwc can wel think of it, 
will bee etfeftuall in vs to worke our regeneration in the 
ncwnes of life.Whcn God would haue Abraham to for- 
get his Country and his Fathers houfe, to goe that long 
and weary iourncy into the Land of Promife.wherc he & 
his poftcrityfliould dwell after him, heeconfirmcdhiiw 
with this faying .-/amthe LordthyGodwhichbrcughttheeQ^^^yy, 
cut vfl^r of'the cAj.y««j.By this remembrance of h s for- 
mer benefits hoc perfwadcd Abraham to aducnture all 
ihathe4)rtfcnily enioycdjvpon hope of abetter promifc 
which yet hcchad not fcene, but which (Tiould bee fulfil- 
led. V\ hen God would moue the Children of Abraham 
that is the children of Ifracl, to turne againe from their 
greate iniquities that they had fo long praftifcd in the 
hardnelFeofth'.irliartjhevfethbutthisargumcntjto tell 
them of a'l the miferics that they were borne in : thtyr ^^^-^'l"-^ 
Cotintry to be a curfed Countrj-: their fathers Idolaters, /c^u;^;*,|* 
thcmfelucs giucn ouer to al voluptuoufncs and pleafure, 
not regarding God nor fceking nis religion. In which 
wofalleftareuhcn the Lord God did btholdthcm, hce 
•ittycd their mifcry , and fayed cucn then vnto them : Ton E"-' i^-*- 
fhdlliue. By which prom'ifc their former woe vanilhed 
away: andinftead ofnakcdnes they were doathed with 
broidrcdworkcjthey were couered with fine fi!kc , dcc- 

K 4 kcd 





1 Re,i((, 



%, \ 

ked with many ornaments, and had a Crownc of beauty 

loru,ij,i».vpondicir heads. Now therefore that they fhould not 

EzTy *■ ^^^^ inthcirowncwaycs, or commit Idolatry as other 
' • Gentiles did^or tread fuch benefits vnder their ftet: this 
argument as a ftrong medicine die Prophet rroeatedof- 
ten,and wirfi many words. Thus God dealt oft with the 
Kings of Ifrael and Iiida, when they began to fall away, 
and walke as other nations walked that were round about 
them : he called them back by putting them oft in mind, 
how his mercy ha J becne with them,and from what low 
eftatc hchad raifcd them vp. Thus the Prophets of God 
dclt often with the people. lofua when he had brought 
them into the Land of Canaan, to theendc they might 
feare God, and fo make their dwelling fure, he made vn- 
to them a longer repetition of Gods benefits,that by re- 
membrance ofthem .dieir dull (pirits might be ftirred vp 
the more obediently to follow God. Samuel, when hcc 

1 S*,io,i 8 was afraid of Gods heauy difpleafure towards the people 
of Ifrael, becauft they had asked a King for them : to die 
cnde they might tume away Gods anger from them by 
their fpeedv repentance,he told them what God had be- 
fore done for them ,as a ready way to make them beware 
afterward, how they did willingly offend fo louing a Fa- 

Aa» 7,», thcr.Stcucii whe he would haue pcrfwaded thofcwhofe 
miquitie was now grown to fo fill mcafure,that they had 
crucified Chrift,as rfiough in rfiis alone were the greatcft 
. - hope ofthciramendment,hechofe no other way to con- 
uerttban, but this, to flicwe in long exhortation what 
God had done for them,and for their fathers. And this,as 
m the beginning it was giuen by the holy Ghoft toman, 
as a foueraigne medicine to keep him far from vnthank- 
fulncflcfc^it hath been continued by the fame fpirit from 
time to time,to ftir vs vp not to fcwrgct the Lord. 
, ■ I . , Our 


iDering, ^• 

161 'i 

hefore the SiUfertesMaiejlie. 

rhe?Sd neuer (brink for aduerfity , hee told them of- loh. .,.x*. 

Trargumcntdearelybeloucd. f'-einginj fo A ong, 


wee wiU ncucr DC Dio s j^^^^j^ ^^jjI,. ^ ^^^^^^^ 

"^P'Weetrl&^^^^^^^^^^ andvncircumcifed >. 
,n. y <==^"^\"XhaA pulled downe the wall of fepa- 

Wee were aKants from the com'^°r"''^l,S 
nnrJecarercceiued-asCittizens ,n the company olliis 




Col i.ij. 

ir Eicch.j.>, 



which we alfb are wriKcn hcircs of mercy. Wee Kucd 

fomctimc in ignorance, and had no hope,now wcchaiic 

- . rccciucd knowledge & are comforted. Wee were with- 

put Godjinthc world, and could no where lay <Jown<he 
tecrorsofoiirfinnesjbiitnow wehauerccciuedthc fpi- 

Rom. J.I, l^'f'fadoptionjby which we cry Abba Father. And what 
niouldlfaymorc? Wee were fubieavntofinne, hell, 
death, and condemnation^ now Chrift harh fpo) led the 
principalities and powers, deliiicredvs out of the power 
ofdarkncp,tranflated vs into a icingdomeofimmortality 
and grace. ' 

, Except we haiic fet our harts as an Adamantftonc,or 
as the Prophet faycth,madc our hearts and faces like the 
flmtjit is impofsiblc but that this cogitation fhould mo uc 
vs;4 Or ifit doc not, fiirely, furely, though the Lordhad 
iiot rpaken itthusoftcn vnto vs, or ifthe Scripture were 
not written for ouriiiftruaion, yet the Lawc of nature 
would condcmnevs for moftvnthankfu!! men. Day and 
night we Oioiild beare a witncfTe in our own confcicnce, 
how fearefull iudgcment God hath rcferued for fo great 
Jiuquit)'. Who amongft vs could beare it, to be rewar- 
ded with vnthankfiilnes, wfeerc wcchaue welLdeferued ? 
To becoi^temncdofthofe, wfaome we haue raifed vp.to 
honour ? To befpoyled of thofe.whomc before wee had 
cloathcd ? To be betrayed of thofc, whom we hauc cfpe- 
cially tru fted? And how then are we blinde & vnderftaiid 
nothing ? How (hall the lord beare it at ourhands, ifwc 
be ynthankful vnto him,ifvve contcmiic him, sc rob him 
of his honour, who alone harh made vs glorious, when 
wc were cjouercd with our ownc Oiame and confiifion-/ 
The lord drant vs his liolyfpiritjthat wc dcceiue not our 
Iclues. There is nothing morccffectuall to mouc afon to 
obcdicnc<j,thcntoknowhcchathalouingfathcr. No- 

hefdre the §}uect3es Maieflie] 

thing makcth fo trufty the bond feniant,a3 to remember 
hcc hath a gentle Maifter. Nothing makcth the fubieft 
morcfaitlifull vnto his-Princc, then to fecle by good ex- 
perience his Princes clemency. Nothing ioyncth man 
faftcT in the bond of friendfliippc, then to confidcr well 
what his friend hath done for him. And letnothingbind 
our obedience more carefully to the worde and willof 
God,then that he hath fo long continued mcrcifull vnto 
vs. As fure as the Lord doeth Hue, this is his holy tru eth : 
he that cannot be mooued with this, bee hath not Gods 
holy Spirite : Poore or rich,bond or frec^hic or low, no* 
ble or low degree, Prince or flibieft, all isone. The re- 
membraunce of Gods mercy muft make vs all thankfiill, 
were we ncuer Co mighty. This cogitation muft banifh 
far from vs the pride of a kingdomc, to thinke how God 
hath raifed vsfrom the (hecpc-folds.W hofocucr can fay 
dtus ;Ihauc been bond,but I am free : Ihaue Bin in dan* 
ger,but I am in fafetyrl hauc been fcareful 8i trembline, 
I amcarcleflTe ;I hauc becne ful of forrow, now my foulc 
is at reft : I hauc bccnc in mifery , I am in dignity : I hauc 
bin aprifoner,! am aPrinccfTe -jbclecue mc,bc!ecue mc, 
ifthe great and goodly Citiics which hec buildednotrif 
the houfes full of all manner of gold,which he filled nonif 
the vineyards and Oliuc trees, which hec planted not,did 
nor make him forget the Lordci which brought him out 
of the Land of Egipt,out of thehouft ofbondage,if pro- 
fperity hiue not made him drunken, fo tint he hath bani"^ 
Ibcd far from himall fence & vndcrftanding, the remem^ 
brancc of this thing will make himthankcfull vntohim 
that hath been the worker. YcljCuenyoutliat are now a 
PrkKeffe of Maicfty,ifyou haue lelt any fuch alteration, 
take hcedc, fly far away from all vnthan'Tulncfl'e. If yott 
hauc fccnc the daycs,in which you hatic iayd ; O Lord , 1 




|Deri».;> '^ 






i4 femott f reached hj M. Drrisg. " ' 

hauc no friend but thcc alone, nowc that profperity hath 
brought vnto you a great many of fayrc couiuenances, 
forget not that God,who was your onely frioid in trou- 
ble. Ifintimcspaftyou haue prayed that you might not 
build vpon the land, to haue your houfc (haken with c- 

Mat,7,itf . iieiy blaft of windc : nowc that you hauc choycc of your 
ownc groundjtakc heed I befccch you,whcrc ye lay your 
foundaripn. Now that the Sterne and hclme is in your 
owne hand, guide your Ship fo, that the waues doc not 
oucr-runit. If you haue prayed in times paft vnto God 
to mollifie your enemies hearts, and to bring their cruel! 
praflifcs to nothing : nowe that you your felfc are (et in 
i,'05.iJ- fafctic, be not cruell vnto Gods annoynted, anddochis 
Prophets no harme. I need not fteke farre for offences, 
wlierat Gods people are gricued J cuen round about this 
ChappellUeeagreatmany, and God in his good time 
fhall rootc them out. If you haue fayd fometime of yout 

pfa.4i,i». felfc: Tdnqutm ouis^ as a (hcepe appoyntcd to bee flaine, 
take heede you heare not nowc ot oic Prophet, t/mqudm 

Icvcj 1 ,1 8. indomiti luuentt^ as an vntamed and vnruly Heifer. I will 
not with many wordesadmoniftiyour Maiefty that are 
wife enoiigh : onely I wil fay this,rcturne vnto your own 
heart,and fcarch your reynes. And here I fct before you 
theTribiinallfcatofChrift. Ifyou know thefe things to 
bee true,; dilcharge the fayth you owe ; grleue not your 
quiet corifcience, leaftitbeginnetoaccufeyou,andthe 
burthen ©f it be greater than you ftiall bee able to beare. 
/f God haue defended you mightily, as eucr hce did Da-