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Full text of "Dent, Arthur. The Ruin of Rome: or, An exposition upon the whole Revelation (1607)"

- « r A. 



vpon the whole Reuelaticn. 

Wherein is flainely shewed and proued,- that the 
Topifh Religion, together with all the power and authority 
of Rome, frail ebbe and decay flill more and more through- 
out all the churches of Europe, and come to an vtter 

ouerthrovf euen in this lift -Joefort the end " 

of the world. 

Written efpecially for the comfort of Protefljnt j, and the 
daunting of Papifls, Seminary PrJefti,Icluifcs, 
and all that curfed rabble. 

Publifrcd by Arthur Dent ,Preachcr of the word of God 
at Somh-Shoobery in EJjix. 

Apoc. i8.verf. 7. 8 

SheraitVinhciicartjlCtisaQuccncandamnowiddow, and fiiallfeft " ? 

no mournine. • ; 

Therefore flullh-.r plagues conic atone day, dca'thand/birovYe, andfa* ;; ; . 

mine : and fhefhall be burned with fire : foe that God which condemn -- . 

nathhiT isiftiongl.o/d. lSI& •* 


■ '■■: w: : 

LON'EON '*-"' " : . v ; 

Printedby W J. for Simon Waferfon and Rjchatd 

Banckworth. .1607. ;..vs> ■ . - 

Sl»T ' »! 

« r » * 

— s3 




Honourable his very good Lord, Robert 
Lord Rich : euerUJltng confolation, And 
good hope through grace. 

j*j Ojfe^ Jj O bee a father to the fatherlefTc, is pro- 
" T^l P * rIy ,,lcver,ueof ,ne roo ft high, and 
^rVI therefore rncetefcrthoie who beare his 
name and office vppon earth. Anions 
whorri(Right Honourable)fee:ng it hath 
plealtdhismaiefly to couut your Lord- 
ft'P fJtbfull, and to pot you in fo hi^ h 
a ferdice, it /hall (I attire my fdrV) bee matter of rcioycinV 
«mtoyour Lordfliippe, to take the Patronage of this poore 
Oi pbane, which knoweth not whether toflye fa fuccor, 
but ro you, who did fo many waics commend your fauour 
to his late deceafed father, thatifhe had liuedro the byrth 
of this hislaftoff-fpring, it was his full purpofc (as many 
can wifneflc) to haue committed it vnto your I irdfhipj 
protection, as moft meete among many fo take fhit patro- 
nage vppon you.that this young Infar.t growing vp vnder 
your roofe, miyin time efftft thai indcrde, whereof it 
be ares the name, tohee7kermuerfSfme. To /pea ke of 
the excellent parts hrreof.and of what hope if is like fo be 
in the Church of Chrif}, I thinkenecdlefle, and Jfearefhc 
note of partiality : it (hall fpeakeforitfclfr, and (I dcubt 
not) will commend fo a! poflfritie his woorthy fathers me- 
mory. Nowfoiwyiclfc (Right Hpncurable) btcingfb 

■At ill' 


The Epijtle Vedic/ttory. 

flraighfly boundc to this dutie, in regard of my ncere con- 
iunclion with try late brother M. Dcmefr great importu- 
nity of his poorewiddow.I was the more willingly drawne 
hereunto in two rcfpca$.l he one.to giue fomc publike te- 
flimonyofmyloue towards him, and rcutrcncc of the nre 
grace, which wee all (who inioyrd his fwerte focieiy) dyd 
continually to our comforr beho'd in him. Whofe le ruino- 
his labours (hall Jlicuv .-whofe diligence, yea extreme and 
ynwearitd paineiinhii miniflery publike V, priuately, at 
homcand abroade for foure and twenty yesres at leaf), al 
our country ran tfflifie. All which being adorned with fo 
fpeciaf Immi.'itie, doc make his name the greater, and our 
Joflc the more grccuous. I may not lenueout this which I 

auowro be ajcerfainf.aiirijfingular.thatDefideia'l other 
his great labours.hc had(with the Aponie)afpeciali care of 
all the Churches.night and day,by Cludy & ferucntpraicr, 
procuring the prosperity of Syrn, and the mine of Rome 
And to end with his bleflcd end, hii life was not more pro- 
htablc to others, then his death was peaceable to himfcife • 
fcarcea gronc to be hard, though his fcucr mufl nrcdes be 
violent which difpatched him in three dales. Andhauino- 
made a p.thie confeflion of h. j faitb,fhis faith faid he haue I 
preached ; thu faith haue I liucd in ; this faith I do dy in;& 
this faith would J hiue fealed with my blood, jfGod had fo 
.thought it good; and fell my brethren forand drawine 
iieere hu end, he faid; I haue fou^lu the good figl,t,I haue 
fimfhed my courfe, I haue kept the faith : and nowc is that 
crowneofnghtcoufncslaidvp for me, the which the Lord 
that righteous Iudge /hall gi oc me ; n th „ d ,. and fo 

vph.slafl breath with thefe words, IhuHcfecmanende.fd 
ferfttttoKJut thy law is exceed™ la>ge. 

The other refpecl(my fpccialgocd Lord)for the which 
J am the more willing to comcWius vpon the ftaeefthouoh 
my part bcfnv.ll. full futable ro my ability) is, ,h at I m) JL t 
pest the mouth of rnaAy.to publifli fopoflerity.vvhathiPh. 
wcounral that know the truth(amor>gv$at leafl) do make 


The Efiftk bdmtHry. 

ofyourlordlbip.thatl dare fr.y not thcloyncsoncly, but 
ihefoulesofthoufandesdoblcflcyou, and God lor ycu : 
praying for a rich reward to be giticn you of the Lord, . nd 
that with your auncient predeceflbr honourable Nihimtzb, 
the Lord would remember you herein, and wipe notour al 
the kindnelle you haue flicwed on the houfe of yr>ur God, 
and on rhcMiniftcrs thereof For in thezcalcof God. and 
vprightnes of my heart.not to giue titles vntonicnfwhich 
is not my wont,) but fo prouoke all of ike honorable con- 
dition to follow your godly praflifc : this 1 fay.thar as your 
pure religion, is rhe crowne of your nobihtie, fo this is the 
crown of your rcli.gion.that befides your ordinary prefence 
in the publilce afTcmblics of the church.your zcdle to God, 
and loue to his people.h.ith herein efpecially bene manifc- 
fted to the worlde, in your continuall care to plant faithful! 
Preachers in a'l thofe liuings which haue bin in your Lord- 
/IVips gift, or which by all your friends you could procure. 
What ii the worthy fruite hereof.cannotindced be valued, 
much lene by me now vttered : yet this 1 fay with common 
eonfent ofall found-hearted Protcfranrcs, thatif thctrue 
Prophets of G od be the chariots and horfmen of Ifrael.thc 
may wcrefcrrc to this honourable praaifcofyour Lorde- 
fhip, and of other like Chriflian Patrones (as to achicfi 
meanesvnderGod, and vnderthr Religious regiment of 
our gracious foueraigne) the fafety of his highnefie perfon, 
thisadmirabletranquihtieoftheRealtne, that notable rn- 
ine of Rome, which is fo worthily with vscfTecled.and ffiall 
bealfuredlyelfewhereinduetime accomplished. And to 
fay all in fewe wordes, to this may we refeire the fafctye of 
fouleand body of many thoufands in theland.who though 
they do and fhall liue by faith.yct doth theirrighteoufnefle 
farre exceed the rightcoufnes of al Popifli hypocrites both 
indutictoGod,and to their dreade foueraigne our Noble 
King. _- 

Whtreuppon I may crncludc, that I f«rct rhirikc of 

any fcruice more honourable to God, and profitable to hi*' 

A 3 . 

z uc cpijfie vcajstuory. 

Church.then this cars to bring into t he Lords Temple foch 
pain! ul labourers as both by life and doctrine do faithfully 
build vp the (ame. Goe on therefore (Right honourable) 
andesafe not to fhinc out inihisdjtkc Woildewithfuch 
light of good example t and withal reft vpon his word, who 
cannot lye, that you (hall lliineinthe Icingdome of light, 
Vthereinto fliall enter no vndcane thing : neither what/oe- 
uer worlceth abhomination or lyesbut they which are writ- 
ten in the Lambesbookeoflifc. To which blefl'cd inheri- 
tance immortall, vndcfilcd, and that fadeth net, that God 
of his mercy would 6ring you, roy heartes defire and praicr 
i>,andniallbe:andinthemcaneicaibn, that the yearcs of 
your life being multiplied, yourlifemaybefullof honout 
toGod,ptofcttohii Church, andcorofottto yourowne 

Tour Honors moftdeepelj bound, 

Ez*kfi ' (fulnerwtlL 


Chriftian Reader. 

Emg often rtquejlcd (gentle Trader J& 
much importuned by /undry, both le, tied 
andgodlj, topubltfl that dollrine of the 
Aporalyps, which Jiaers of themwith 
lively voyce heard, puhlicktly delwered, I 
did at laft, -vpon my tnoft mature delibe- 
ration, yeelde vnto their reasonable re- 
queft 5 / meane the reafini of their requefl, Indeedt I doe inqe- 
nioufljconfefe, that lamthcvnmietejt of many, -which this 
*ge(God be thankedjdoth ajford,to decile in a muter of Jo great 
importance, or any wife to be implojedinfo great and honorable 
ttferuice at this is. But if I doe induffrioujly vfe myfmall talent 
and be found faith full in a little : I hope it flail bane both chear. 
fid! and comfortable acceptation wxththe (fhnrchof God. For 
this Iprefume willbe graunted of all, that hee which hath but a 
little ftrength, and yet putteth it ftorth to the vttermoft to doe 
good withall, is more to be commetided,then he which hath thrift 
his ftrength, andvfethit not to the helpe and benefit ef others, 
tsfnd trut it is indeed, that /undry worthy labours of Hitters ex- 
tellent mm z,pon the Apocalyps, are already extant : fe as her 
mayfeeme to posvre water into the Sej, or gee about U mend the 
crotres eyes, that vril atempt to adde any thing to that which is al- 
ready publijhcd. "But knorv this (O (fbriftian Trader) that the 
Lords garden isfp large andplenlifullofallmoftfweet andplea- 
fant flowers, that where any one hath gathered aNofegay moft 
fragrant and delectable, another may come after, & gather ano- 
ther not to bee contemned. For the wifedome of God is fitch an 
vndr'tmblc Fommint ttndhettd-jpringe, that where trie hath 


The Epiftle to the Reader. 

drstvne much before, another m.ty come happily , anddrawe M 
much afterward :jea though thoufa,:ds dofu:ceede,yct camhu 
foHxt.twc neuer bcArawnc dry. Tie it fane from me to arrogate 
mi thirty to myfclfe.'.boue ethers: for lam gritty inougb to m-nc 
owne rwa::cs,and do freely cenfeffe, that in this work, I bane re- 
ceded much light fi am others : anil therefore do not as * iudge, 
giue fentence vpen other r,:e>:sworkcs: hut at one that woulde 
furnifijthefar>.efcaft,brirgmmy di^s among them. Or as one 
'that vi the fame caufe would Come in as a third or a fourth wit- 
neffe to teflifie <vid cenjirme the jamc thing. Andvcrilythmtgis 
the gracious affiflance of Gods fptrit , my fmple purptfe andrnde- 
HoristoxiueaiifttothevUenKoflofmypowcr, to furtherthAt 
which « already happily begun,and to protioke others of greater 
oifts,to come after-frith their great lights and Lantarnes in their 
hands,to defcry anddifcouer wh.-.tfoener in this Prcphepe it not 
yet fully fcenc into. I am not ignorant that fimc wouldnot haue 
this booke medlcA withall,nor m any wife to be expounded among 
the commonpeople, becaufe (fay they) itisfidark.andbardto 
vnderftandTBul let all fitch leaue their owne opinions, and bear- 
ken what the holy Ghq/rfaitb3\c([cA is lice that rcadcth, and 
they chit hcarc the words of this Prophcfi^&c." 'hat cm be 
faidmore? or more ejfecluaily toflirre vs vp to heare and reade, 
and with allg'adneffc to embrace this booke, then to tellvs,th*t 
infojoi>igrreflja/tbeb/cffcd? For the t hinges contained in this 
booke, be no trifles .■ they be not things onelyfor a /hew to mooue 
wonderment, or to delight the curious muds of men : but [achat 
indeede doegiuc trite bleffedneffe vnto all thc/e that are well in- 
Jiruclcdintbem. What thingis greater, then to bee blejfed for 
cuermorc? If ire be not exceeding dttlljea, euen Lkeftockcs and 
ftones, itmuft needs mouc vs rfflir vs vp. For who w I wittingly 
& willingly loofe his owne b/rff:d>;es,orfuffer it to bee taken from 
him nhin as he may have it ? If any wilt obietl that a man may be 
blcffcd weltinough without the knowledge of this booke, and that 
there hecbookesinough in the Scripture, to procure cur bleffed- 
neffe without this: and that thottfar.ds are now in hearten, which 
xcttcr [yew what this booke meant ilanfwcrc, that all tbisdoth 

The Epiftle to the Reader. 

tot takestoay theneceffarj vfe of this booke : for the hilj Ghojt 
sloth pronounce a blefjing vpox the heads ofthofe that reade am 
fludic this booke, not becatifr a man cannot befaued without it : 
but becaufe of the great comfort which it minifireth vnto vs of 
this ane, and hath miniflrcd vnto althe Churches fince the Apo- 
flles times. for it is the Prophefie of this age, and the Prophejie of 
all tlit ages fince (hrifl : wherein is fully fliewed whatfhallbe the 
efiate and conditio of the (fhurch in the feueral ages thereof, vn- 
to the end of the worlde. For CjOT> according to his admirable 
wifdome & mercy, hath neuer from the beginning left his church" 
without a Trophefie.for the great comfort thereof. For we k»ow, 
that immediately after the fall of our firfl parents, Godhimfelfe, 
for the great comfort of his fhurch,d'dforetellavdforeprcpbe- 
fie lone before of that reflaurat ion which fljould bee made by the 
(JUieffias hisfonne, according as it came topajfe in thefulnes of - 
time. Afterward he did font ell his people of] (rael , of their great q cn- ° j ,. 
firuitude,andinto/lerable bondage in E<> ypt, andalfo of the end 
*nd full determination thereof, after fcure hundred and thirtie 
yearct.z/lfter a! this heforeloldby hisferuants the Trophetsttf 
the captiuitie in Babylon, andthefullexpiration thereofatthe , 
end and tearme offeuentj ycc.res. Andyet further for the com' .. 

c\vc\,ofthegreat affliclions G7- troubles which his churchJhouldEicch. 3 1 
endure by the perfections of the dcuided Greeke Smpyre : (I 
meane A \tx.mitt$pofterity, efpeciaily the Kings o/'Egypt and *? an - s 
Siria, which dcfccndedofPtofotatus andSc\cutQ$,wbome the -j^' 9 t , 
Scripture calleth the lunges of the North and oj the South) by 
by thefpace oj 294 years fjr oftheprecife determination therof 
at the comraing of the LMefpas. Lo then what\care GO'D hath 
bad of hu Church in all ages before the comming of his foune in 
theflefhyfo to foretell both of the ajfltllion ttfelfe, and alfo of the 
iutl period and determination thereof. ^Andflialwe not thinke 
that God hath the like care now for his (fhurch which then hee 
bad: or hath he not at great andas prowdent care for the good 
of his (fhwchfmce thepromifedMefftas was aclua/ly exhibited 
*t before . ? Tes affuredly, and much more too :for if his care and , 

2? • jirouidenee 

■i ; 

ThcEpiftlctothe Reader." 

frtiiidthce wot fo great for his Church being in her ward-fiippt 
and minor it ie : then much morentw being come to her riper.efft 
and.f ullage : If when it was le(ft glorious, then much mere now, 
being farre more glorious. Therefore now vnto vs hefodents with the antecedents, & the antecedents with the confe. 
fer.fe.Andfwthcr.nare, as thefpirit ofGodis the author of this_ 
propbeSffo the fame [pint is the befl interpreter cfit,& doth ope 
JdrateUcilto at fucb&vfat*! other gocdmeans are earnefl 
a»dh;tm'dc filters vnto G O V, for the illumination thereof: 
w b reby th.y nay vndcrftandboth this, and ail other the myfte- 
rMtffosre:/: which the Apoflle faith, qodhath rcucaUd-vnt, 
vi Ly his (pint : For the fpirit fearchth all things, yea, thedeepe 
things of God. Toallthismaybcaddcdthe knowledge of artet, 
nn'ucs/ndtbe learrntdwrtiings, sindwterpretattons ofjundr, 
* excellent 

The EpiiUe to the Reader.' 
excellent men, which all doe bring great furtherance to the vn- 
derftaiiding of this Trophefie. Sith then there befe many hclpes 
for the opening and expounding of this Reuelation.whyjhould a- 
ny be difcouragedfrom the reading andftudy thereojTBut if any 
man demount a reafon, why Saint Iohn writeth this Reuektkn 
in fuchmiflicall and allegoricall 'manner: I anfwere,lhat there 
may be diuers reafins yceldcd hereof. Firfl, that the world being 
bltndedmight fulfill the things herein fp*cified.Seeondly,becaufe 
lohn was to publifh this Reflation, in fuch manner & forme as 
he hadrecfiueditfrom lefus (fhrift, which was figurative and 
allegoricall. Thirdly, becaufe it wot much mere wifedome, to 
forctelltbcdefirHttioofthc 'Rgnaine Empire,wb:cha/that tim* 
bare the fway .afmoft otter all the world vndcr couert andfigura- 
tiuefpeethes, then in plaine tearmes, teafl the r Romaine Prince t 
fhouldrage more again/} the (fhriflians, euen in that rejper. Thi 
like atfo may be/aid, for Daniels darkc manor of deliucring his 
Fropbefie* Forifhe hadvtteredthofe things in plaine tearmes, 
which hefpake darkely and atlcgoricallj, it might hane coft hint 
bis life . For the heathen entmies would neuerhaue endured f 
beare that all their Empires glory andrenownejhouldfall one af- 
ter another, and one by another: and that the I ewes were the on- ■ 
ly holy people whom God did defend, and to whom in thtende 
Godwould not onelygiue a quiet foffeffton of their owne land and 
bmgdome, but alfo a kingdome euerlafting,& that through their 
tJMefftas and great deliuerer. But to grow to a concluJion(gentle. 
r Reader)tbouPialtfindin thtepoore traaell: Firfl, an expofuicn 
if the firfl 13. Chapters : after thottfialt find the next 6. Chap- 
ters vttto the twe»tith,rtdticed all to one head, Khichistoproue 
the <. points propounded: andlafl ofalltht 3 .Chapters following 
breefely and plaine ly exponndcdJfany through Uxineffe will not, 
cr tkroHob want ofleifure cannot readouerthisfbort trattcl.-ycf 
forhis comfortJet him readthofe things onlywhich are written 
vppon the 14. C""P ter - ^"^ '*"" ( C^'fa" Trader fit- 
ting that thou wilt not negleil that which may be for thine owne 
good, I commend thee to (fod, & to thi word of his grace t which 
is able to buildfurtber, andtogiue thee an inheritance among all 

them that artfanfttfied. 

Thine in the Lord. 
Arthur Dent, C 



■ w 




J-'pow ttc 14. Chapter of this Book{> thefe 
fitepointes are handled. 

FirfttthafSd^i/enin this Booke of the Reuclation is Rome. 
Secondly, that 'Rome fliall fall, and hew. 

Thirdly, that Rome (hall fall finally, and come to vrier dj. 
, (blation in this life, before the lall iudgment. 

Fourthly, by wham, and when it fliall be ouerthrowne. j 

Fiftly, the caufes of the vttcr ruinc and oucrthro w thereof. 

•dpoc. 1 $,verfi 4. 

I heir A a voice from Heauen [iy : Goe out of her my people, that ye 
be not partakers of her finnci,and[ that ycc rccciue not of her 


Rome, or an Expofition vpon the 

Wherein is plainly (hewed and proued, that the Vopifh 

Religion, together with all the potter and authority 
of Rome, fbal I ebbe and decaie Jlillmore andmore % 
throughout all the Churches o/Europe 3 and come to 
an -utter oner throw, euert in this life. 

Eforc I enter into the expofition 
of this Prophefie, I thinkcitnot 
amifleto handle fixecircumftan- 
tiall poincs,which may giuc fomc 
light to the whole matter follow- 
ing, and they be thefe. 

Firft the inf tmment that writ this bookc. 
Secondly, the time when he wilt it. 
Thirdly, the place where he rcceiued it. 
Fonrthy, the perlbns to whom he writ it. 
Fifth/, the end and vfc ofhis writiflg this Prophe- 
IfJlftlyj the authority of it. 

As touching the firjft, it is agreed vppon amongfc 

tlicfbiiudefl: Diuincs,that John the Apoflle or Euan- 
Ci gclift 






■■ I II;. 


vole 3. 
Apoc. I. 
virfe i j. 

apoc. I. 
Tcrlc ii. 

Y«rfe i I. 


2 ^ Exfofttion vfon the Reuelatiort. 

gelift ; /<?£» die Difciplc, whom Icfus loucd,was the 
Author and Instrument of penning this Prophcfic : 
as he htrnlelfc teftifieth/aying : lam Iohn which [awe 
thefb things and heard them. And lie rcceiucth a com- 
maundement from Icfus Chrift which hath the keies 
o; hel Sc dcath,that he Should write the things which 
he had fecn and heard ,and fet them all downe toge- 
ther in a bookc.Now we al know that the tcftimony 
of Iohn is of great weight, though he be but a man : 
for he is fucli a man as is firmcly to be belecucd in all 
that he fpcaketh % Kc is an Apoftlc, an Inftrumcnt of 
the holy Ghoft,S£ fo guided by the fpirit of God,thac 
hefpeaketh and vttereth nothing that is his own. He 
was well known to the churches to be one of Chrifts 
Apoftlcs, his authority among all the faithfull was 
throughly knownc and approucd. For we muft con- 
fidcr,that what an Apoftlc did vtter,he did vttcr it as 
the inftrument of the fpirit,which canot crre. For the 
prophets and Apoftlcs did not write i he holy Scrip- 
tures as they were me only, nor yet as they were mt- 
niftcrs of the church only, but as they wcrthc imme- 
diate and certainc inftruments of the holy Ghoft, of 
purpofe chofen and fct apart to penSi publifli the ho- 
ly bookes of God. This S Peter confhmethfayiug : 
PropheJ/e cant not in old time by the veill of man^but ho- 
ly me of God /pake as they were molted by the holy ghoft. 
The Apoftlc Patile alfo affirmeth the fame touching 
IZ his Go{pd\,-whkhhiih,hewaJnotafterma»,neitber 
receiued he it of?nan 1 but by the reuelatio oflefus chrt/i. 
Therefore when this our Apoftlc faith, / am Iohn, 
Tfhrchjaw thefe things,<wd heard them ,he giucth vs to 
ynderftandjthat he was both an eye and an care wit- 
ncffe.He bringcth not matters which he hath heard 
by yncertainc report: he deliucrerh cliis booke to the 
- Churches ; they which receiued itac his handes, did 

An Expojition vfon the Revelation. 3 

know him to be a moft faithfull fcruant of the Lord, 
cuen a great apoftlc, which deliucreth not any thing 
but that which he had receiued of the Lord,8£ there- 
fore he teftifieth, that he faw and heard all the things 
which he hath writren in this booke . Moreouerhe 
teftifieth of himfelfe,that he was called and authory- 
fed by Iefus Chrift, to write this Prophefie,anddid 
nothing herein of his own brain. For fairh hc,I Iohn 
heard behind me a great voice, as it had bin of a trunt- 
pet,/aying,Iam Alpha 8c Omcg^thefirft & thelaft, 
and that which thou tfeeji write in a book,andfendit vn- 
to the Churches. Here, we fee how Iohn is called by Al- 
pha and 0/»fg.«,that is Icfus Chrift, to write this doc- 
trine of the Apocalyps. But may fome man fay, was 
not lohncald beforepwas he not one of the Iambs 12. 
Apoftles? had he not many years executed the office 
ofthe Apoftleftiip Prnuft he now f laue a new calling,. 
& a fecctnd calling?- what needs he being an Apoftle, 
fob.e. called and authorifed againePTd this I anfwer, 
that this matter now in hand,was a new workc,and 
therefore requires a new and fpqciall calling . It is a 
ftr"angercuelation,and therefore rcquircth a new au- 
thority to meddle in it. Forin this prophefic God 
dealethwith Iohn, as he did with the old prophets. 
For when he would forefhew vnto any of the Special 
matters, he called them by glorious vifions, as wee 
may read what a goodly vifion £/a/had : what a vi- 
fion full of glory Ez.ec hie// and Daniel/ hiA, euenin 
maieftie like vnto this of Iohn . Thus then ic is to bee 
considered. Iohn now is as one ofthe olde Prophets, 
toforcfliewethingcs to come: therefore the Lorde 
appcarcth vnto him in vifion , and calleth him, 
.... _. _ ^ there* 





! !8i 



ii If! 


4 An expojitioh vpon the Reuelation. 

therevnto , as he appeared vnco them and called 
them. Let this then (uffice fbra rcafon of/dfojnew 
calling to his new worke and office. And thus much 
touching the firft circumftancc. 

Now followcth the fecond circumftance, which 
is the time when John recciucd this Prophefic, which 
is noted to be vpon a Lords day . It is the day which 
S. Paule to the Corinthians caileth the firft day of thc 
weckc : in which the Churches did mcctc for the ho- 
ly exercifes in religion: whichisalfo euident,bccaufc 
au. 10. 7, j lc Q itn t j 7Cy c;imc CO g Ct | lcr to ( Dreak j, rea d. Now the 

obferuation of a fcucnth day is of diuine institution, 
euen from the beginning. It is naturall, morale and 
pcrpctuall : for God blcffcd the fcuenth day, and 
ianctificdit. Wc are therefore to thinkc, thatal- 
though Iohn now in his exile was abfent in body 
from the church aflemblies, yet hewasprefentwith 
them in fpint, commendingthem moft carneftly vn* 
to God in his holy prayers, and meditations : and 
therefore it is faid, that he was rauiflied in the fpyrit 
vpon the Lords day. So we read, that the like befell 
vnto Dm/ell, when he was prifoner in Babylon: the 
like alfo vnto Ezechiel,who was taken by thefpirit in 
I0 ' thc v, fio™ of God, and carried to ferujalem : the like 
to Peter, thc like to Paule . But the fpeciall rcafon of 
lohns rauilhmcnt in the fpiritat this time was, that 
thereby hec might be made more fit and capable to 
rccciuc and vndcrftand all thofc great myftories and 
hcaucnly vifions; which now fhould be fhewed vnto 
him . And withall, let vs obfeme, that all men are al« 
waies moll capable of hcaucnly thinges, when they 
arc moftin thefpirit : for God doth eucrmoremoft 
»ucalt himfclf to fuch as arc moll in praier, reading, 

'Anixpojithn-vpon the Revelation. 5 

and meditation ; and to fuch as make greateft confei- 
ence to (pend his Sabaoths Chriftianly, and rcligi- 
oully,according to his great commatindcmcnt. And 
let vs aJwaics be fure of this, that the more fcruent 
and zealous wc arc in religious duties, thc more fa. 
miliar acquaintance we fhall finde with God, and he 
will at all times be the more openrhcarted vntovs, 
and will hide nothing fromvs that may bee for his 
glory, and our good . For fuch as arc much Jn hca- 
uenly contemplation, he doth recken not amongft 
his feruants,but amongft his deareft frcnds,to whom 
he will make known all things that he hath heard of 
his Father . But now let vs proceed to thc third cyr- lob. 1 * , ( fk 
cumftance. The third 'circumftancc is thc place wher 
John rccciued this Propheue,and that is fet doWne to 
be thc UeoiPathmos: which (as the Geographers 
writc)is a little defart Hand lying in the Aegean Sea, 
wherein it is reported that M#,theApoftic wasba- 
nifhed by thc Empcrour Domitian, about the ycarc 
ofdurLord-^tf. and there receiued, and writ this r 
BookoftheApOcalyps : whernoteby the way, that 
there is no place fo obfeure or vaft, wherein a godly 
mind maie not afpire vp vnto hcauen, -andreceiuc a 
great largcfle of iupernaturafl thinges : for Daniell 'in 
prifon, Peter in a Tanners houfe, Paulein a broken 
fliip recciucd a fuperabudant meafure of grace, more 
to bee eftcemed then all the Gold oi India. Some 
write, that this He ofPathmosis accounred amongft 
the Hands called Sporades, which lie oueragainft A- 
fia, and the Cittyc oiEphefus, and was in the fighte 
both oiEurope and Africa, fothat it fecmed to be as 
it were a middle feat or holy chaire> out of ihc which 


6 4nExt>ofitmvp6)ttheReuehtio». 

Chrift preached by ibfo'from hcauento the whole 
world. And indeed chc counfels of God are wonder- 
full, and his goodnefle vnipeakable, which reuealecli 
fo great myfteries to his faithful, as it were out of die 
Romifli prifon, and Babylonicall captiuitie. 

Morcoucr, Iohn dedareththe caufe of his com- 
vning into the fame Uar..d ; for he faith, he was there 
for the word of God , and the Teftimony of Icfus 
Chrift: that is, for the preaching andconftantpro- 
feffionofthe Gofpell of Chrift. 

Hiftories doo report, :hat Iohn was apprehended 
in Afia,and by Souldicrs led to Rome, that he might 
plead his caufe before the Empcrouv Demitian, who 
moft fauagely and cruelly condemned the innocent, 
andcaufcdhiintobcput intoa Cauldron of hottc 
boyling Oylc, out of the which when he by miracu- 
lous prouidence efcaped without harme, he was car- 
ried and conueicd into i:hc lie oiPathmos. 

Butimmediately after Iohjis banifhment, God 
met well inough with this pcrfecuting Emperor Do- 
mitian. For in the fifteenth ycarc of his raign he was 
moft cruelly and fliamefully murthercd by his own 
Seruantcs . And thus much for the third eircum. 

Now it followcth to fpeake of the fourth eircum- 
ftance,whichis,theperfons to whom this prophefic 
is written, and that is fet downe in the firft Chapter 
and firft vcrfc, to be all the fcruants of God . As ma- 
ny therefore as be the fcruantes of God, moft attend 
vnto this booke, hea.re it, rcade it, and remember it : 
for to all fiich it is dedicated by the holy Ghoft, to all 
fuch it bclongcth, for all fuch it is written andrecor- 
dcd. Some 


.AnEXpofitio* vfon the KtuelatroK 
Some do falfely and foo]i/fcly imagirie,that it was 
giuenonelyto Iohn, and that it might likewifebc 
giuen to fome (pecial men, as to fome great fchollers 
or deep Diuines, which could tell how te vfe it, and 
how to weld it. Butwefeehow groffely they.errej 
for die holy Ghoft faith, it belongeth to all the'Scn- .. 
uantsofGod.Audmorcouer,/^ is willed &comi ^'P-'-"* 
maunded to write all the things which he (aw in fun- 
dry vifions in a booke together, and to fend it to the 
fcuen Churches which are ih Ada, becaufe the Lord 
would haue it remaine in perfeft record vnto the vfe 
of the whole Church, both that the Church might 
haue the cuftodyof this booke ,'and alfo that it 
mightbe a faithful witnes vnto the end of the world, 
that this booke was written and penned by Iohn 
the Apoftle,of whofe truth and fincerity the church 
had fufficient experience. 

True it is indcede that there are but fcucn chnrches 
' named, but vnder thefc. fcucn' Churches all others 
areepmprended. It had beene an infinite matter to 
reckon vppe all the particular Churches which were 
n then in die world, and to haue opened their fcucrall 
eftates : therefore vnder rhefe fcuen Churches of A- 
fia, and their particular and fcucrall eftates , the 
ftatc of thevniuerfall Church militant is laid open. I 
conclude therefore, that the whole doftrihe of Saint 
MtoReuclauo, appertained to the vniucrfal church '■■■•'■ ' 
of Chrift xhroug'hout.all the World,and inalnmeS 
an4'ages,fihce it was wrarten and recorded. Andihit R°m. 'r, 4. 
as al fcriptiire is written for Our inftaiclion andcori*. * Tin, -3- ,< 
fore and as all Scripture giuen by diumeinfpirationj 
is profitable to teachand conuince,&c.-fo this book 
J.:.-n D of 

Chap, i, 

Efay 46,10 

'8 An expo/ition vpen the RtueUiiin. 

oftheApocalyps is written for the fpcciaJI comfort 

■ and inftruftion of the church in thefe Jail daics. And 
fo I do conclude this fourch point . The fife circum- 

• frantiall point is, theende andvfe ofthi>piophene, 
which is to publifh & blaze abroad the things which 
muft fhortly come to paflc, that is, all thingsprophe- 
ficd in this bookc, and to be fulfilled eucn to the end 
of the world. And whereas he faith ,that thefe things 
muft come to pafTe, hee doth vs to vnderftand how 
great the ftablencflc, and afliiredneffe of Gods deter- 
mination is. Forlooke what tilings arc foreappoin- 
ted by Godcs determinate purpofe, they arc altoge- 
ther vnchangeable: for the Lord is God, and hee is 
not changed . And he faith : My determination (hail 

Mat.ifcj? HemenaMeartbpaUpaJJemay y butmyrpordjbalnot 
fafle . It is therefore moil certaine, that eucry parti- 
cular thingcontainedin this prophefie, (hall be fulfil- 
led in God appointedtimc . For God hath difelofed ' 
.thefe things to his Sonne Chri'ft,not to the end hee 
foouldfh.utthcm.vp againein himfelfe, but that hee 
fhouldfhcw them forth to the godly, that the whole 
Church might fare the betterbythem. Itdoththen 
(land vsallvppon to enquire and fearcb into thefe 
thinges which mult fo fhortly come to paflc, that 
thereby we may b;c ftrcngthened and comforted a- 

^ocjfc.?. gainftall future dangers. And Chrift faith : Behold F 
comefiortly. BUfedtfhethatkeepeththewtirdes of the 
tyofhefteofthis Ooeke. But how ftall wc kcepe them 
except we know them ? And how fhall wee know 
them-excepe wecrcade them, and jftudy them i If 
d^rcforew£meaneto bee partakers of this blefiedL 


An Expp/ition vfon the Rendition. 9 

neffe, we muft nofonely cftcemc this; Bookc tobce 
very profitable, but abfolutely neccflaiy.for all the. 
Seruants of God to be cxercifed in. And if cucr there 
were any time wherein it bchooued to fet forth, to 
vrge,andtobeate in this doOrinc to all thepeoplc 
of God, then it is cheefely neceflary to beedooncin* 
this our time. For this age ofours hath in the Popes 
kingdome, many fliatp and qtiickc wits.which com. 
mend with rnarucllous prayfesboth the Pope and 
the Popifli Church, and buzzeinto the cares of the 
common people, and vnleamed fort* many thinges 
clcanc contrary to the do.ftruic of the Scriptures. 
The Icfuites and Prieftsarc grown exceeding crafty, 
and cunning. The Papifts are rich, wcalchy, and foil 
of armour and munition, Popcric feemcth tomak? 
ahead againe, and the Papifts looke.for a day. It 
ftandesvs then all vppon which loue Chrift and his 
Gofpell,thatwefhouId be well appointed, and tho- 
rowly armed againft them.. Andjpr this purpofe the 
Rcuclation of S./tfA/x, is qfgreat vfe and nece/firy. 

As I faid before, (o I fay againe, that it is the pro- 
phefie of our time,writtcn to this fpeciau end,that by 
it we might be both fore-warned and fore-armed. If 
wc do confidcr die whole matter of this booke, wee 
ftiall eafilie^iind out the vfe and end of ir. For the ex- 
cellent matter of it doth argue the excellent end arid 
vfe of it. 

hlowthen, as concerning Ithe gencraH matter 
of this Booke, hcqrc arc to bee found verie large 
andliuely defcriptions of the moft glorious perfon 
of Chrift, and all his excellent offices, both of 
King,Pricft,and Prophet : and alfo moft notable dc- 

DJ fcripti. 

£ Chip 


: Chap, 


t! Chip. 


Ver. ij 

ro Anexpoftt'tonvpon the Reuehtion. 

faiptions-of the Church, and of the U ihifters of it : 
■ and of thrperfecutions and afflictions, which it nwft 
' of neccflity pafle thorough in this World. Alfo of 
Gods mcrctfull proiudcncc for his church, andmoft 
vigilant care ouer it in rhc middeft of all extremities. 
Hccrc are fet before our eyes very liuely dcfcriptions 
of the Churches deadly enimies ; both of Sa'than 
himfelfc, and his three great infttuments,the Rot/tain 
Empcrpur, the Pope, and the Turkc. 

: Here arc fet downc all their cruell perfections of 
the Church, and their vxteroucrthrow in the ende. 
Hcerc arc 'defcribed Hell, Death," the rcfurreftion, 
and.thelaft judgement. HecLe alfo the very King- 
dome of Heaucn is at large defcribed, with all thofc 
great rewardes, infinite glory,, and cndlcffc felicity, 
which, remaine for all the faitlifull worfhippers of 

- I conclude therefore, that for as much as this pro* 
• phefie is of fuch excellent cbiitehtes, therefore the 
vfe and neceffity of it muft needes be very great. And 
for this caufeldhn is wiiled and commaunded by 
Alpha ami Omega, to write the things which hce had: 
Icenc, the things that were, and the thinges chat fliall 
come hureafter.-By the things-which ftehad leene; is' 
meant: that glorious vifionmentioiied in the firft 
14, Chapter, wherein Iefus Chrift did' apeare vnto him 
in the middeft of the fcuen Golden Candlefticks, in 
molt glorious manner, as is there defcribed. Ancf all 
this wasin the He olVAthmos, where Iohn wasfirtf 
called, and authorifed to this worke, and therefore 
he is willed firftof all, to record this Yulon which her 
had already fecne. 



' An Expojitfon vpon the Reuehtion. 

. Bythethingesthatare,hce raeanedi theprefene 
ftate of the fcuen Churches of Afia>which were then 
the moil flourifhing Churches in the world, as they 
arc defcribed in the fecond and third Chapters, and 
in them the cftate of all other Churches . 

By the things that fliall be, he meancth all die pro- 
phehes of this bookc, which were to bee fulfilled in 
their time, and all thofe ftrange accidentes , which 
thbuld come ro pafle in procene of time, 8c the fcuc- 
rallagesofthe Church, euen vnto the ende ot the 
world . Thus wee fee how John receiueth a precife 
commaundement from the Sonne of God, to write 
thinges pail, pcele.it, and to come, that they might 
ftand. in record vuto all pofterities, from generation 
regeneration. Thus much touching the hit circum. 
fiance, which is the end and vfe of this book'e. 

Now followed* to fpeake of the laft circumftanti- 
all point, which is the authority of this Prophcfie, 
which is ftrongly confirmed from the Author of it, 
which is Iefus Chrift; and therefore itis :called the 
Reuclation of Iefus Chrift, which God gainevnto 
him- Andagaineitis written: I leJiufentmne-An* ch 
gell to tejlifiethcfe things in the Churches. Heerewe 
fee plaincly,that Iefus Chrift the very fonne of God^ 
the Alpha and Omega, is the Author of this book, for 
he fubferibes his name vnto it, and fets his hand and 
fcale vnto it. Needes therefore muft the authority of 
it be vejy great,which commeth from fo great a per- 
fonage:f6rlookewhat, dignity and authority he is 
of, from whom the book commeth, of the lame dig- 
pitie and authority is the booke it fclfc. 
Another ftrong argument to confiirriethe autho 
D 3 rity 

XI. AnZxpofitionvpott the Rendition. 

rity of this booke, may be taken from the protcftati- 

Ckip,w,i8 on of Icfas Chrift in thefe words : IproteH vnto eue- 
rymtmthat heareth the wordes of the Trophefie of this 
bookejfany manfhalladde vnto thcfefayings,God(ba// 
aide vnto him the plagues that are written in this book. 
Andifanyfhalldiminifh of the words of the booke of this 
Prophejie, Godfhdlt&kc away his part out of the book of 
^.Heercwcfcchow Icfus Chrift maketh the au- 
thority of this booke equall to all other the Oracles 
of God, to the which it is no t lawfnll for any man to 
adde ordctrad vnderpain of condemnation. It ma- 
keth much alfo for the authority of this book, that S. 
John doth fo often repcate,:rcitcrate, & inculcate his 
owne name ; I lohn, I lohn, I lohn : I John the Apo- 
ftlc-,1 lohn the Euangelifhl lohn the diuine.Shewing 
by all thefc repititions, how needcfull a thingit was 
that the faithful fhould be throughly inftruacd who 
he was, euen one of the Lambs twelue Apoftlcs, te 
therefore to be voide of all fufpition and doubt con- 
cerning the authority of this booke, and not once 
to imagine it to be any inucntion of man,or feigned 
deuicc, fith it was penned by fo great an Apoftle. 

M oreouer, the authority of this Prophcfic is con." 

firmed by foure rcafons in the laft chapter. The firft 

is the affimutio of the Angcl,who Guth:7%? words 

h ip ,ii, 6areftftbfH//andtrue.Thcfccondis the authority of 

Ver,*,/, i. thcmoft *»& God himfcJfc in thefe words-.TheLord 
Godof 'the holy Prophets fenthis Angel to jhewvntokit 

feruants teethings which mujlfbonly be fitlflltd.Tht 
third is the tefhmony of Icfus, who pronounceth 
them blefled which keepthe words of this prophefy 
For faith hcMoldleemejbortly ': BUffed is he that 


AnExpofitionvpentheReuthtion. ij 

keepeth the words of this Prophefie . The fourth and 
laft is the witneffe of John in thefe wordes: lam lohn 
which heard and faw thefe things. Now it may be de- 
maunded, what is die caufe that hcere are fomany 
things heaped vp for the confirmation of the autho- 
rity of this book. Surely wc muft think there is fome 
fpeciall caufc and reafon of it . For the holy Ghcft 
doth not vfe to dealc fb much and fo earneftly in a 
matter,but vpon great caufe. We may eafily gather 
what the caufe is . This book painteth out the whore 
oi Babylon, St the whole kingdomc of the great An- 
tichrift,together with all Sathans cunning & flcighc 
therein, and fof this caufe Sathan hath labored efpc^ 
cially to weaken the credit Sc authority of this book. 
He by fome meanes in old time preuailed thus far, 
that euen among fome churches of tnie Chrifhans, 
the authority Sc truth of it was doubted of. The ho- 
ly ghoft did well forefee this pra&ife of Sathan, and 
therfore bringeth the moe reafons for the confirma- 
tion therof. If the credite and authority of this book 
fhould ncucr haue bin impugned , there needed not 
any fuch fpeciall confirmation. Butnow (Godbee 
thanked) ther is no quefhon or controuerfie concer- 
ning the authority of this prophefie.lt is receiued as 
authentiealby the common confentofalthc Chur- 
chcs.Almoft al the ancient fathers do acknowledge: 
ittobe Canonieall. The new writers doowirh one 
voice giue their conftnt be approbation vnto k.Thc 
Papifts themfelues doe acknowledge it tffbc the fa- 
cred SC vndoubted word of God, though of alfcrip- 
tures they cannot endure it fhould be medlcd wioV 
jtfhbecaBfcJt cutteththcrnfo neareihebqne.More- 
'■■.:.. ~ ' ewer* 

14 -An Expojitwvpott the Reuelttion, 

oucr.it may not bee omitted, that God is called the 
Lord God of the holy Prophets , which proueth that 
thisProphefieis of cauall authority with thcProi 
phefies, which were of olde, in as much as the fame 
God is the Author of it. And this booke is to be held 
in the fame account with the bookes of Mofes,z.n& of 
the Prophets; for all thinges concained initihallas 
certainely be fulfilled in their time, as theirs were. In 
E/kj, in Ieremie, in Ezechiell, in Bdniell, & in the reft 
wee find many thinges, which the Lord fhewedby 
them long before they came to .pane. Euen fo there 
be many things fore fhewed and forc-propheficd in 
this booke, which in their time fliall be afluredly ful- 
filled. Nay, we fee and know,that many things here 
fore-told, arc already fulfilled i andfome thinges are 
come to pane euen in thefe our daies . He that fliall 
looke into the times that are pair, fince this Prophe-" 
fie was giuen, fliall find thatall things haue fallen out 
agreeable to the Prophefic of thisJBooke And furdy 
if there were none other thingio perftvAdcvs touch, 
ingthe authority thereof, this might fufficc, thace* 
uery thing hath fallen out iuft and iumpe,as this pro* 
phefic did foreflicw. Itis our great negligence, that 
wee do not clearely feefo much . And I dp humbly; 
cnttcatc all the people of God to look roprediligcoc- 
ly andnarrowly into it in all time to come, And thus 
much as concerning the circumftances. -, : 

. : ;Now,as concerning the booke it, fijlfe it; may v$ r 
. ry;fidy>he|(ie«id.ed.Jrito-.thxec yifionsi, asitwcr$a$tq 
thticsgeileraH parts'J The flrftviftort is G0ntainq4.u) 
the three filAChaptecs.f'Theiccond vifion is con»^ 
/ledinthencic eight Chapters, following, frorojthj 
,i:... J fourth 

AnExpofitimMfmfhe Retteltiiitfk i$ 

fourth to the it . (Chapters r . And die laft vifion is con. 
tainedin all the Chapters following, from then, to 
theend. K 

As concerning the firft vifion, my purpofc is not 
to ftand much vpon it, becaufc it is plaine arid, eafic 
to vnderftand, and became it contairieih no Prpphc- 
fics of things to come, but only openeth the prefent 
ftate of the Church at that time, and alfo becaufc I 
haue already touched the fumrne of it in handling 
the arctimftantiall pointcs, I will therefore conten t 
my felfe with a very briefe opening and rcfoUition of 
it., beginning at the firft Chapter. ■ 

GHAP. i. 

Thefomme of the firft Chapter. 

THe firft Chapter contained* fourc principall 

.The Title ofthe Booke. 

The faluation ofthe Churches. 

The manner otlokits Calling to receiuc 
. . this Prophefic. ,'.'.,. 

Thedcfcription of Chrift, theperfon 

. The Title ofthe Booke is fct down in thefc Words: 
>,The : Reueldtien oflejiu Ch'rijt which Gad gdue him. 

It containeth three thinges : Firft the Authqur of 
the Booke, which is Iefus Chrift, rcceiuingitfro'm 
^God the Father. ' 

E. Secondly* 

\6 AnExfo/itioitvftntheRettehtio». 

IT^A ' Secondly, the.cndr and vft of this booke, which 
s * ' ]'fs } tp flicwyijtoall the ScruantesGod the tbinges 
which muft fhortly be done. 

Thirdly, the Gngular fruit, andbqnifit which the 

! Church fliallrecciuc by ir, in thefc words iSleffida 

hethatreadeth, andpkeytkat heare the rrords.ofthit 

. Thcdiuacionisinthcfcwords Iohn to the. fetter* 
churches which. an in Afagrace be withy w&yeate, 
efa. Ircpntaineth adefaiption of the Trinity, or 
thrGcperfonsinthe God- hcad.Thc Father is defcri-- 
bed ot'his eternity-, namclyjto.he he which isjwhich. 
was, and which is to come. 

TheholyGhoftis defcribed of his diucrfe gifts 
and operations, and therefore is called the feucn fpi- 
rits which are before the Throne, or which proceed 
from the Throne: but S. John {peakcthheercofthe 
holy Ghoft, according to the virion fhewed him in 
' the fife Chapter, where Chrift is laid tohaucfeuen'. 
eyes, which are the fcuen fpirits of God,fent into all 
die world. Of the which afterward.- 

Iefus Chriflris defcribed of his three grcatoffices,. 
of King, PrLeft, and Prophet, and alfo of his glori- 
ous power and eternity. " 

Firlt, touching his -kingly. officc,;hc is.called the : 
Prince of the Kingcs of the earth, that.' is, .King of 
Kings, for he is King of Sieni He is xKingtorulc 
and goucrnchis Church. Hemuft raignc oucrrthc 
houfc oiladah'Sat euer . He rnuft raigncoucr all his 
cnimies,.and in the rriiddeft of all His enimles, cuen 
til he haue erode thcmal vnder his feet. And this be- 

nifitwehaucbyitjthat wcarc made Ktogjs in ftim, 

... r ...... .. . ^ 

An Exfoftton vfon the Reuthiim- ■ 17 

in this life to raigncoucr out corrupt aflfc^tJpns, and 
sfter this life to raignc as crowned Kinges for eucr 
with him, in infinite glory, and endlcfle felicity. 

Secondly, touching his Pricft hood, he is foid to Verft j- 
k>ue vs, and waih vs from our finncs in his bloude. 
For he is our onely high pricft, which by his owne '-' 
bloud hath once cntred into the holy place, and ob- * * , ' ,t " 
tained cternall redemption for vs . Hee onely ir is, 
which through the eternall Spirit, offered himfclfc 
without fault to God,to purge our conferences froiti. He [ lj ^ 
dead works to ferae the lining God. So then by wr- 
tucofhis Pricft-hoodand'facrificc, we are reconci- 
led vnto God, haue free acce'flc vnto the Throne df= 
Grace, and arc made Prieftes in him to offer vp fpi- 
ritual facrifices acceptable to God through him.For- v . erfe ^ 
Se hath made vs King! and Priejies vnto Cod, euen his 
Father. ■' ■<■•.'■'< 

Thirdly, concerning his Prophcricall office, hec'Verfcy.' ' • 
is called that fakhfull witneffc. For he faid va'Pilate: ioh » »*» it 
For this taufe was 7 borne, andfor this taufe tame Un- 
to the world, that I might he are va'ttnes vnto the truth. , 
And the Apoftlc faith: He witneJfedwderV annus ' om *' 
Pilate agoodaonfefion . So then Ierus Chrift is one ^ j jm.tf.ij 
of thofe three great witnejjis which beare record in 
heaven. Iefus Chrrft is die Prince ofPcophcts, cuen • 
that grcar Prophet that fliould come into the world, 
through whom all the counfcls of God arc rcuealcd 
ynto vs:hcc is that oncly begotten Sonne which is 
come downc from the bofomc of his Father; and- 
bath-madeknownc vntovs whatfoeucrhcehath rc- 
jceiued of his Father. ' 
H^bbthbyhi5.dQ(SUine,Kfc,and Mirages, hath 
£i borrfc 


i8 AnExpoJitionvpontheReuelation. 

borne witncffe vnto the truth, -and by thevertueof 
his Prophetical office,thc whole will of God is made 
knowne vnto vs. For God hach tent him as the greac 
Prophet to inftrud the world in righccoiifncfle,and 
hathrcuealed himfelfe tovs in him: and therefore 

Col. 1,1 j he is called /^^ Image of 'the inuinfibleGod,the bright- 

Hcb.1.3. neffrvfhis glorie, and the ingrauen forme of his perfon. 

loh And therefore he (aid x.o'Fhilltp : He thathathfeenme 

' hathfiene my Father alfo. Andifyouhadknowneme, 
, you fboiildhaue knowne my F 'other al/o. 

Maih.if.17 . Andag&inc: M man knoweth the father, bat the 
Sonne , and he to whom the Sonwillreueale him. Thus 
then wc fee that Ictus Chrift is that faithfullwitncs, 
and Prince of Prophets, in whom the will of God, 
and all the counfels of his Father arc rcuealcd vnto 

Vtifejjio. The manner of lohnt calling to rccciue this Pro- 
"• • phefie, is fefdowne in thefe wordes : I Xohneucn 
your brother and companion in tribulation and in the 
kingdome and patience of Iefus Chrift, was in the lie of 
Pathmosyw- thewordofGod, and for the witnepng of 
Iefus Chrifl : And I was rauijhedin the fpirit on the 
Lordes day, and heard behind me a great voice, as it had 
beene of a trumpet ^ faying : lam Alpha and .Omega, 
that firfi and that loft, and that which thou fee ft, write 
in a booke, andfendit vnto the ftucn Churches which 
are in A&x,tjrc. 

Now out of thefe three verfesfiuethinges are to 
bcobfemed,. [ 

Firft, chat Iohn is commaunded by the voice of 

Chrift, which hee heard behinde him as loude as a 

Trumpet, to write andrccord the yifions which hec 

":.-.""" law. 

An Expofiti'on vpon the Reuelatiofi. If 

Giw,andbeingfo written and recorded, to contend 
them to all the Churches, for the common benifitc 
andyfe chereof. So that hecrein Iohn doth nothing 
of himfelfe, nothing of his own brain, but all things 
by fpeciall warrant and authority from Iefus Chrift, 
that Alpha and Omega, which doth call him, and au- 
thorize him to this great buuneffewhichnowheis 
fet about, 

. Secondly, Iohns rauifhment in fpirit., to the ende 
he might be made more capable of all thefe heaucn- 
ly vifions which were flicwed vnto him. 

Thirdly, his great humiliation, whereby alfo he 
was fitted to rcceiue and vndcrftand thefe great my- 
fterics- ForGodwi/lguide the meekeiniudgment,and pfaln , eIfi 
teach the humble his waies ; yea, his fecrets are with 
them that fear e him. Therefore although Iohn was a 
great Apoftle, and had fecne wonderfull vifions,ycc 
hee is not thereby putt vp with pride and conceit of 
himfclfe.butin the greatcft humiliation of his.foulc, 
calleth himfelf a brother and companion of al the faith. V«fc *, 
fukbutfpecidy 0) c fuch as patiently fuffet for Iefus ehriji 
and his kingdome. 

Fourthly, the time when Iohn was called, which 
was the Lords day. 

Fiftly, and laftly, the place where he was called, 
which was the lie oiPathmos, as formerly hath been 

The description of Chrift, the perfon that callcch . 
Ighn tp his new office, is fet downe in the next flue 
verfes following, wherein the excellent glorie of 
Chriftes perfon is defcribed . Firft, from the place V U W*> 
where Chrift did appeare vnto him. Secondly, from ,5 ' l * 
E 3 the 

to AnExpoJithnvpontheKeutlstion. '" 

the feuerall partes and members of his royall per- 

Thirdly, fromhis prouident care oner his true 
minifters, and all his faithfull people. 
• Touching the place where Chrift in a vifion did 
appcare to Iohn, he faith it was m the mtddeftofthe 
Jeuen Golden Candleffickes. For Hvhhclturnedback 
to fee the voice that /pake with me a andn>hen I was tur- 
ned, ifatvfeuen Golden Candle/fides, and in the mid- 
deft ofthefetten Candlcflicks one like the Sonnetfrrtm 
&c. The fcuen golden Candlcfticks arc interpreted 
by Chrift himfclfe, in the laft vcrfc of this Chapter, 
to be the feue Churches. The churches arc laid to be 
of gold, becaufe Chrift delightcth in themes much 
as we do in Gold i hec valueth citcry trnc member 
thereof, as wt do Gold : for eucry belccucr is al glo- 
rious within : euery true Chriftian is faire and bean- 
tifiill : enery regenerate mail is all as Goldmen as 
moft pure Gold. 
YetfeiMj Ii is (aid afterward, that Chrift walkcth /**£* 
middeft ofthejefeuen Golden Canileftickes : that is, 
hce is alwaics prefent with his Church, to feede it, 
goucrne it, defend it, and comfort it. The Prophet 
faith that Chrift hath feuen eyes which go through 
. the whole world : whereby is fignified his watchfull 
prouidenccforhis Church: forhc is alwaics look- 
ingout for the good of it, to defend and protcft it 
againft all aducr&rie power whatfocucr. Which 
thing was figured in the Rammes sldikics, and 
Badgers skinncs, whercwithall the Arke was coue- 
red, to defend it againft all vyolencc of wi'ndc and 
weather. Euenfo the raercifiill prore&ion of 
' ;. - Chrift. 

AnExptfitio*vfontht:ti.eueUtlon, ** 

Chrift, ts as k were the continuall couering of his 

Church. , r «.- 11 

As touching the parts andmembers of his royall 
pcrfonjicisdclcribcdofhishcad and hayrc.of his 
tacc> of His«ies, of his voyec^ofhis fcct,.of his gar. 
ments j and of h& gyrdic 

As concerning his head and hayrc, they are faid 
to be zswhite as-wooll, and its-fimv^hkh fignilie his 
great wifdote 8i knowledge, to-pciforme all tilings 
in his Church, for wifdome and knowledge for the 
moft part doe accompany white hcades,. andgray 


fignifieth that Chrift is the fame to his Church.that 

•thcSunnc is to the world : For as the Sunnc lightc- 

neth the whole world with his brightneflc, (o chrift 

•withthe brightnefle of his face lightcncth his whole 

Church. . 


bright, SC piercing into all placcs,yca the very harts 
of men,for nothing is hid from his fight,widr whom 
we hahe todo. He hath Egles eics to forcfee all dan. 
gers intended and plotted againft his Church, that 
: be may in due time preuerit them. • 

- His voice is compared to the found of htmywttirfy 
fcecan r e it fhould found throughout all the world by 
the preaching of the Gofpell. Waters is expounded 
Chapter 17. vorfe 15.01" rmikiudes,. Nations, and 
tohgues. Chrifts voicctherefbreisfikemanv Wat 
rets* becaufe his voyce fhouldgoc thoroughmanj 
countries andkingdomes.. • ; 

• Hisfectc'are compared to jmt braj/e: to fignme, 
I. ''.-•;■ E 4 both 

Vcffe it. 
Vtrle »o. 


it AnExpofttionvpontheRtHelation. 

both the perfection of all his waics, 8C alfo his migh- 
tie power to tread downe all his enimies. 

He is cloathedwith a garment downe to the ground^ 
to fignific that he walkcth as King and Prieft in the 
midftofthefeucn Golden Gandlcftkks. For Kings 
and Pricfts in old time did weare long garments/pe- 
cially in the execution of their offices. 

He is girded about the papp <es with agoldengirdle-Soc 
as Kings and Prieftcs did gird their garmentcs clofc 
v nto them, leaft othcrwife they might be hindred in 
the execution of their offices. So Chrift girdeth hinv 
fclfe clofe to his bufineffe : for lie is no idle beholder 
ofthc flare of his Church; but one that continually 
workcth out the good thereof. , 

Concerning his prouident care oucr his faithfull 
Minifters, he is faid to carry them in his right hand: 
for he had in his right hand fenen jlars : that is ,the My- 
nifters of the Churches. As Chrift faith; thejeue* 
Jlarresare the Angels ; that is, the Minifters of the fe- 
uen Churches. MiniftcM'arecomparedtoStars,be- 
caufc theyfliould fhineas bright Stars in thisdarkc 
world, both by life and doctrine. 
: Chrift is (aid to hold them in his right hand, be- 
caufe he alwaiesdefcndeth diem agajnft thenullicp 
and fury of the Worlde, which of all others is moft 
outragiouflybentagainfttbem, and their fauorites. 
Butletmcntakc hecdof ouer bold prefuming to pull 
. the ftarrcs out ofChrifts right hand, leaft they finarj: 
for it. The world is very biifie this way, they thinkc 
to wring them out of his handes; but alafle poorc 
fouls they are not able,hc holdeth them too faft,who 
an pull than out of his right hand? If they continue 


An Expefitionvpon the Reuelation. i< 

bold, and bufie this way, they may hap at laft take a 
Beare by the tooth, and peraduenture pull an olde 
houfe vpon their heads. Another rcafon why Chrift • 
is faid to hold the 7. ftarres in his right hand is, be- - 
caufc he worketh by them, and their miniftric,as ah - 
Artificer with his toole in his right hand.The things 
which Chrift hath doonc by thefe inftrumentes arc 
glorious and admirable. For by the miniftery of the 
Gofpcll he hath conuertcd many miners, and faued 
many foules, then the which nothing can bee more 
honorable and wonderfiill : and therefore the word 
of God which is the Minifters weapon, is compared 
to a (harp two edged Jword, which came outofchriftes 
mouth. Now vnto all this may be added that Chrift 
faith ; he was dead jaut now alitte, becaufe he died,and 
rofeagaine And alfo rhat he faith ; Hehadthekeies 
of Hell and Death : that is, authority and power ouer 
Hell and damnation. For h- hath abfolutc power to 
open and fliut, binde and loofe ; and therefore it is 
written, Hee hath the key ofDauid,which openeth, and 
no manjhutteth, andfhtitteth^andno man openeth. All 
this fcttcth forth the great power He glory of Chrifts 
perfon,and all aymeth at this marke and end } to co- 
mend vnto vs the authority of this bookc, becaufe it 
commcth from a pcrfon of fo great dio-nity Sc cxcel- 
affj&cd with this vifion, wherein Chrift did fo glo- 
rioufly appeare vnto him ;. for he faith ; When if awe 
him 1 fellas his feete. as dead. Wherein he fheweth 
how greatly hee was amazed and daunted with the 
fight of Chrifts moft glorious perfonagc . He was 
ftrikcu withfuchan aftonifhment 8c feare,that there 
.--. >■■>. F 


34 An cxpofitbn vptn the Revelation. 

was alwaics no life, or fpirit left in him, and all this 
was to humble him cuen co-che ground, in as much 
as by it, h: findech his owne wcakcnclTe and impcr- 
fe&ion, not capable of fuch a fight, fo farre as to en- 
dure it. It was no doubt profitable, or rather ncccf- 
fary,thatthis holy Seruant ofGod, fhould thus bee 
humbled and made fittc to receiue chisR:uelation, 
with the greater rcucrence from his great Lord and 
Maifter. And alto itmakcth much, for our profit, as 
appeareth; in that cucry pan of this vifion is rchear- 
fed in the Epiftles tothe Churches. But to conclude, 
John, being thus humbled and call down in himfclfe, 
is comforted and raifed vppc by Chrift, who laid his 
right band vpenhim>andTvilled him to fear* nothing. 
For faith he : Lam the fir ft and the loft, andamdiue, 
but iWas dead, behold lam al'tue for euermore. In 
which words he doth greatly chcarc vp Iohns hart, 
and telieih him plainely, that this might and terror 
of his perfon is bent onely againft the wicked cny. 
mics of his church,nothing at al againft the friendes 
thereof: but contratiwifc, tfiatall this power and 
glory, might,and maicftie, is wholy and altogether 
for the good of his Church - Wherein we may all" 
clearcly fee and know to our great comfort,that the 
fame atme of God which caftethdown the wicked, 
rayfeth vppe the goily -.the Cimc power which 
woundeth them, hcalethvs .. thefame hand which 
deftroyeththem, fauethvs: the fame might and ma- 
iefty which hurtech them, hslpeth vs. For whatfoe- 
iierisin God, is wholy for his, and wholy againft 
thofe that are none of his. Andthiis much concer- 
ning the firft Chapter, 

AnExfofttioffvfonthe Revelation, 2j 

CHAP. II. and III. 

IHaue thought good to handle thefc two chapters 
together, and in a general] and compendious ma- 
net to fet downe the moft fpeciall matters contained 
in them both:not meaning to iniift vpon euerypar- 
ticular, both becaufc chefe two chaptersareplaine, 
and eafiy to vnderftand, and alfo becaufe they haue 
bin fufficiently beaten vppon by many. Thefc two 
chapters doo generally containe feuen Epiftles, writ- 
ten to the feuen Churches ofAfia : wherein the 
•prefer eftatc of the Churches of Afia is very liuely 
.defcribed, and in them the cftate of all other Chur- 
ches then militant vpon the face of the earth. Euery 
one ofthefe feuen Epiftles containeth foure things; 
f pirftjan Exordium or entrance into the matter. 
. J Secondly, a general! proportion. . 
j Thirdly, a narration* 
^-Laftly,aconclufion, . 

The Exordium or entrance of euery EpifHe con- 
taineth two thingsjnamelyjthe perfon to whom the 
Epiftle is written, and theperfon from whom the 
Epiftle is written. 

The propofition is one 8d the fame in all thefe E- 
ipiftles contained in thefe words : lknow thyworkes. 
The narration containeth themattcr ofieach E- 
■piftle, Sc confifteth of commendations anddifcom- 

The condufion of euery Epiftle, is one and the 
■fame, in thefc words. Let him that hath aneare/teare 
what the (pirit faith to the Churches. 

Fuft concerning the perfon to whom thefe Ep »- 
F a files 

34 An cxpofitbn vptn the Revelation. 

was alwaics no life, or fpirit left in him, and all this 
was to humble him cuen co-che ground, in as much 
as by it, h: findech his owne wcakcnclTe and impcr- 
fe&ion, not capable of fuch a fight, fo farre as to en- 
dure it. It was no doubt profitable, or rather ncccf- 
fary,thatthis holy Seruant ofGod, fhould thus bee 
humbled and made fittc to receiue chisR:uelation, 
with the greater rcucrence from his great Lord and 
Maifter. And alto itmakcth much, for our profit, as 
appeareth; in that cucry pan of this vifion is rchear- 
fed in the Epiftles tothe Churches. But to conclude, 
John, being thus humbled and call down in himfclfe, 
is comforted and raifed vppc by Chrift, who laid his 
right band vpenhim>andTvilled him to fear* nothing. 
For faith he : Lam the fir ft and the loft, andamdiue, 
but iWas dead, behold lam al'tue for euermore. In 
which words he doth greatly chcarc vp Iohns hart, 
and telieih him plainely, that this might and terror 
of his perfon is bent onely againft the wicked cny. 
mics of his church,nothing at al againft the friendes 
thereof: but contratiwifc, tfiatall this power and 
glory, might,and maicftie, is wholy and altogether 
for the good of his Church - Wherein we may all" 
clearcly fee and know to our great comfort,that the 
fame atme of God which caftethdown the wicked, 
rayfeth vppe the goily -.the Cimc power which 
woundeth them, hcalethvs .. thefame hand which 
deftroyeththem, fauethvs: the fame might and ma- 
iefty which hurtech them, hslpeth vs. For whatfoe- 
iierisin God, is wholy for his, and wholy againft 
thofe that are none of his. Andthiis much concer- 
ning the firft Chapter, 

AnExfofttioffvfonthe Revelation, 2j 

CHAP. II. and III. 

IHaue thought good to handle thefc two chapters 
together, and in a general] and compendious ma- 
net to fet downe the moft fpeciall matters contained 
in them both:not meaning to iniift vpon euerypar- 
ticular, both becaufc chefe two chaptersareplaine, 
and eafiy to vnderftand, and alfo becaufe they haue 
bin fufficiently beaten vppon by many. Thefc two 
chapters doo generally containe feuen Epiftles, writ- 
ten to the feuen Churches ofAfia : wherein the 
•prefer eftatc of the Churches of Afia is very liuely 
.defcribed, and in them the cftate of all other Chur- 
ches then militant vpon the face of the earth. Euery 
one ofthefe feuen Epiftles containeth foure things; 
f pirftjan Exordium or entrance into the matter. 
. J Secondly, a general! proportion. . 
j Thirdly, a narration* 
^-Laftly,aconclufion, . 

The Exordium or entrance of euery EpifHe con- 
taineth two thingsjnamelyjthe perfon to whom the 
Epiftle is written, and theperfon from whom the 
Epiftle is written. 

The propofition is one 8d the fame in all thefe E- 
ipiftles contained in thefe words : lknow thyworkes. 
The narration containeth themattcr ofieach E- 
■piftle, Sc confifteth of commendations anddifcom- 

The condufion of euery Epiftle, is one and the 
■fame, in thefc words. Let him that hath aneare/teare 
what the (pirit faith to the Churches. 

Fuft concerning the perfon to whom thefe Ep »- 
F a files 

i6 An expoj/tionvpon the Rendition. 

files arc fcnt, he is named in the beginning of euery 
Epiftle.To be the angel of fuck (jr fitch a church.By this 
word Angcll, he mcaneth not the inuincible Spirits 
which wc call the Angcll of hcaucn •, for the thinges 
attributed to thefe angcls,can in no wife agree to the 
inuinfiblcfpiritSjas to be Angels offeueral churches: 
to be neither hotnorcold,toleaue their firftloue,to 
repent and amend,&: fundry fuch like attributs tho- 
rowout all thefe Epiftles. But by the wordAngel, he 
meaneththe Miniftcr or Paftorof euery Church: 
which therefore is called an Angel, becaufe he is the 
Miniftcr of God, as the word fignificth : As alfo be- 
caufe euery faithful Miniftcr ought to be receiucd 8C 
regarded as an angel of god,as the apoftk witneffeth 
of the Gajathians, that they receiuedhim as an Angel 
ofGodyea as chrijl Iefus. And he giuath many admo- 
nitions in his Epiftles to this efE:£t:for he wold haue 
all faithfull and painful Minifters to be greatly reue- 
renccd 8c had in double hononto be acknowledged 
and had in Angular loue for their workes fake : to be 
cared for,tobc made much of,and to want nothing. 
For indeed a good M in iftcr is a Iewell of price . A 
good miniftcr is as a friend in cotirt,whtch we <ay is 
better then penny in purfe. A good minifter is like a 
candle,which fpendechit felfe to giue light to Others. 
.A good miniftcr is like acock, which by the claping 
of his wings awaketh himfelfe, and by his crowing 
awaketh others. For a good minifter by his priuatc 
ftudies,prayers, and meditations,awaketh himfelfe, 
» Cor.8,»j W by his publikc preaching awaketh others. The 
(capture affirmcth a good Minifter to be the very 
glory of Chrift Andagaine, that a good Minifter is 

AnExfofttionvponthe'Reutlatiw. vj 

a Angular bleffing of God. For the Lord himfelfe 
hkh'Jwifftkkeyou one of a, cittj^mdtwo ofatri6e,& "'*' u ' 
Ttillbrtngyou to Zion-.and Iwilgiueyou Paftors accor- 
ding to my hart, which fbal feed you with knowledge & 
vnderftanding . Now then, if a good Minifter be fo 
greatablcffingofGod, and fo pearelcffea pcariei 
how great is the fin of thofe which contemne them; 
and tread their Miniftry vnder footc,as vile and no* 
thing worth.Our Lord Iefus faith of alfuch: «?/&** Luk.io,i«. 
ners therfore take hecdhow they defpifeChrift, for 
afluredly he will not long put it vp at their handes. 

If any man demaund a reafon why all thefe Epi- 
ftles are fpecially lent and directed to the Angels or 
Paftors of the ; Churches,feeihg !ohn bcfore,chap. % 
verfc it, is commanded to write them tO the Chur- 
ches of Afia. I anfwer,that he writing to the paftors, 
excludeth not the Churches, but in them, or vnder. 
"the^hewriteth to the whole Churches,aS it plain- 
ly appeareth in thcconclufion ofeuery Epiftle, wh? 
he «ith : Let htm that hath an eare, heare what theffi- 
rit faith to the Churches. Then that which is fpokeh 
toihe Angell of the Chtirch,ts fpoken to the church. 
The reafon why the (beech is ipeciaUy directed t« 
.the Paftorof euery Church, is, becaufe the good 
orbadeftateofthe Church, for the moft part, de- 
pended! vpon the Miniftcr. For commonly wc fee 
it commeth topafle ; Such a Paftouf, fuch people : 
Such a ftiephcard, fuch fheepe : Such a builder, fuch. 
building: Such a husbandman,fuchhiisbandry.And u,^ A 
as the Prophet faith • Like Priejl, likefeople. Fot wee 
may obferue in all thefe Epiftles, that where the mi- 

[ Fj niftcr. 

ft8 ■AnExpefitiox'vpontheRetuUtio*, 

nifteris commended, the people are commended; 
anAwhcrcths Minifter is difcoramended, thepeo- 
pie are difcomended alfo.So chat they ftand and fall, 
fink and fwim together. As concerning the perfon 
from whom thefe Epiftles are fent,it is Iefus Chrift 
who is very gloriou/ly defedbed ofhis diuerfr qmfc 
tics in the entrance of cuery 6ne ofthefe cpiftlesiFirft 
in the Epiftle to the church ofEphefusjtisfkidSThefe 
things faith he that holdeth the Jew flarstn his riAt 
hand^&whtch walheth in the middefi of the 7 Candle- 
flicksScion&y,in theJEpiftlc to the church of SmjP- 
njnThefe things faith hethatisfirflandlafl,which was 
dcad,&u altue.7hu&\y to the church oiPergamus • 
Thus faith he which hath the (harfe /ward with two ed- 
ges. Fourthly^ taThyatira: Thefe things faith theSo* 
£fGod,whohath eieslikc aflame of fire jnd his feet like 
finebraJfe.VUyjo th.-church oiSardu.-The/ithi/nrj 
faith he that hath the 7 ffints of God, & y.ftars.Sni*. 
fyj, to.theChurch, of Philadelphia, it is- thus faide of 
chrifl -..Theft things faith he ■that is holy andtrut which 
hath the key ofDauid,which openeth and no manjhut- 
teth, and/hutteth,andn,i man openeth.Laflly, to Lao- 
dice* it is thus &id.-The/rthiK S s faith AmcnythefaitB- 
fuUandtrkfwitneffe, the beginniugof the creatures. 
(Now then we doopUincly fcehow glorioufly Ie- 
fus Chrift is defcribed of his feuerall properties in c- 
eucry one of thefe Epif Hcs, and what honorable and 
magnificent titles, are giuen vnto him ; and al to this 
cndjtpmpuc attention, and.co wotke jn.vsareue- 
renceof fo great a perfonage, that weemight more 
lenoufly regard, & dc:ply ponder, the things which 
proceed fromfo great amaiefty For we fee Scknow 
'■■'-= by 


JnExpofitionvfontt>eIt.eiielatien. aj> 

by comon cxperiecevtfaacalinoft cuery mans wbrdf: 
arc heeded and regarded according-to the opinion 
and reuerence which is hadde of his perfon. Syth 
then that cuery one of thefe Epiftles is fronted with 
this great authority •.ThusJaiththefmofGod-.Thus 
faith Chrifl:Thus faith Alpha & Omegajtherfore we 
ought to giue diligent heed to the things herein co- 
tained:So likewife wc read in the Epiftle to the He- 
brcwes, that after the holy Ghoft had. very notably 
defcribed the perfon of chrift,and extolled him far a. 
bouc the AngeJs & all other creatures,hc giuech the 
vfc of it in the beginning of the fecond chap.faying: 
Therefore we ought to giue more diligent heedetshis 
dolfrine. And thus much concerning die Exordium 
or entrance of thefe 7. Epiftles, touching theperfon 
to whom, and the perfon from whom thefe Epiftles 
arc fent- Now it followeth to {peak a word or two of 
the general propofition contained inthefe words ; / 
know thy works.We read in al thefeepiftles,how the 
fon of God praife iome of the churches,! 8£ difpraifc 
oth its : commend feme of the Paftors, and difcom- 
mend others . Now he that will praife or difpraife, 
muft Ipccially looke to this, that he be vpon a good 
ground:and therefore Iefus Chrift before he enters' 
into any prayfingor difpraifing, commending/or'. 
reprouing, doth firft proceft thar hce knoweth their 
works,6c is priuic to all their particular adtions,yea, '- 
their very thoughts, and therefore cannot errci or be ' 
deceiucd in his cenfurcsi True it isindeedejthtftTnert : 
may erre in their opinions 8c cenfuies of others, be- ' 
caufe they know not mens ha«s,Sc with what affec- 
tions things arecarricd, Men I &y,may praife or dif- ; 
■; . I .• ■ JF-4 .. /'!)■; -.praife ' 

jo AnUxfofiimvpmthtRtutlation, 

ptfaife too much or tdo htdc. But Icfus Chrift whofe 
eyes axe as a flame of fire, and which fearchech the- 
raincs,caiinotfailc oneiot, nor crrc ahaire breadth, 
as wc fay, cithcr-in commending or difcommeding, 
and.thcrefore he iloppeth meirmouthesatthenrft 
da/h, fo as they caxfhauc nothing to reply, when he 
(kith; lknowthyworks,l kno welinough what thou 
art,8c what thou haft bin; I am not deceiucd in rhec; 
I know thy fitting down &c rifing vp,& am accufto-' 
med to al thy wares; And this briefly of the propofi- 
tion.Thc narration (as is aforcfaid) containeth the 
matter of thcEpiftlcs,:onfilting of praifes & difprai. 
fes,admonitions, rcprehenfions,rhreats,and promi- 
fcs. Touching the firft, wc find that forac Churches 
are whply commended, others wholy difcommen- 
d*d: others pardy commended, partly difcornmen. 
ded.As for examplc,thePaftor &c people c& Smyrna 
& Philtdelfhid t 3tc generally comended for al things, 
and: difcommended for nothing; there is no fault 
found wich rhemjthat is,no groflc fault,as in others: 
for they were not without 'common corruptions Sc 
ipfkmicies J ..Thc Miniftcr of Smyrna wasa very rare 
8t cxceUct man, although a poor man to the world- 
Aj>oc », 9. ward; Fctf Chrift ftith thus vnto him; lhaw thypo- ■, 
usBtythiitthoti'artrichvihSt is, r ricbin grace,and tho- 
nsiamfold giftes of the fpirit . Thou haftdone great - 
fcraicetothe Chiircb.Thouhaftirnployed thy gifts ' 
to thogood ofnjany. Thou takeft great painsin chyb 
mmJft^^.actgreariy blcucdinthylabors:fbr thou » 
haft an oaawllenr^dtekc, a notable good people, and : 
therefore Lcannot but greatly commend both thee- 
and chcsBu. iTfae Miaiitcr .©£ ^W<r^/# was alfoai 
yefyyjorthyandnoqblaman. For 


An Expofitionvpon the Revelation. 31 

For although his giftes were not fo grear as fome a- 
thcrs,ycc was he very paincfull and faithfullin alit- 
•tie : Ofwhom it is faid, Thou haft a little Jlrength,and 
haflhpt my xford^mdhafl not denied my nAme:^\z\\s t 
thou art very conftaiu in the profeffion andpra&ifc 
of Christian religion. And thercuponChriftpromi. 
feth to bleffehis labors. For faith he : I roil make them 
"J ' tni •fasgogofSithanwhich coll themfelues/ews,^ 
are not, but do lye : Behold I fay, I will make them th At 
they jhall come andwor/hip before thy feet ,& fhalL "knert 
that ibaucloued thee. Heerewedo plainly fee how 1 
Chrift promifcth to blefiethis mans miniftery, for 
his painefulnefle and dihgence.although he was not 
of the greatcft gifts.For men of greatcft gifts arc not 
alwaies rnoft bleflcd in their labors . For God doth 
comonly worke the greatcft things by weak means; 
that all glory might redound vnto him, and no flcfli 
might boaft in his fight. For othcrwife,ifmc of grea- 
tcft giftes fhould alwaics bee moft blcfled in their la- 
bors, 3c win moft foules vnto God, then we would' 
be ready to afcribe that to men, & their gifts, which 
is proper vnto God, & ft> this praife and glory /hold 
belbmewhatcclipfed. Thuswc fee what excellent 
men the Mmifters of Smyrna &c Philadelphia wcr,'&: 
what excellent people thcyTiad in their charges. But 
on jfeecontrary, the Paftorand the people oiSardis 
and L&odicti, are difcommended for all things, and 
commended for nothing . Indecde the Minifterof 
Sardis had a great name for learning & other good 
gifts,buc he was grown very idle and nsgligcnt, and 
did litle good with his gifts.Of whom it is faid:77W 
iufi anami that thou liuejl,but thou art dead.Thzt is, 

G thcrq 


3* AnExpofitidn vpontke Reuthtte*. 
there was nofpisit in him, nalifc of grace, his giftes 
waxed ruftrc for want of vl I e : he was fallen aflcepe : 
he was fallen away from the grace of God: he was 
noihing the man which he had bin . Therefore hec 
is admoni&ed to awake and ftrcngthen the thinge* 
which rcmaine, which were ready to die. 

The Minifter oiLaedicea,Sc the people alfo.were 
grown luke-warme, nci ther hot nor cold jthcy were 
become carelcfic Scfecurc, not caring gready which 
end went forward in Gods matters, fo they might 
enioy the prcfent profits and pleafurcs of this life. 

Concerning the Paftors and people oiEphefus y 
Pergamusjwd. Thyatira^heyajx pardy commended, 
and partly difcomended. Thcfe three were reafona- 
blegoodMinifters, Sc had many good partsinthe, 
and tookepaincs in their charges, although there be 
fomc faults found with them. For the Minifter of £- 
fhefiu is commended for fixe things yfoc labour, foe 
patience, for zcalc/or wifcdome,for fineerity,fc foe 
courage ; but difcomended for leaning his firftloucj 
thatis/or revolting, or fomewhat going back, or ra« 
ther indeed, for cooling in the louc & zeale of God. 
The Minifter oiPergamus, 8c people alfo, are great- 
ly Commended for their conflant profeflion of the" 
truth in the middeft of manifold troubles, Sc the ve- 
ry heate ofperfecution. For the rage ofthc enimics 
grew Co fierce againft the .profeflion and profeflbrs 
of chc Gofpell, that Anttyas the Paftor ofPergamus 
(as fomc fuppofe) was put to death. For Chrift faith 
/poe.*,J5 thus of this church : ThoudweHeJlwher Sathhthrme 
. faith, etttntn thofe dates when Antipas myfaithfull 


■ yt 

i : 


AnExpoJiti6>iifo#theReueUtio». 33 


But yet notwithftading this church is found faulc 
withal for fomc few thingK,that is, two groffe faults: 
the onefor fufFering the do£trin of Balaam to be bro- 
ched there by the inftrumenrs of Sathan : the other, 
that they maintained the doctrine of the Tftcolitans. 
The do£kinc of Balaam did vphold the lawfulncs of 
eating things Cacrificcd to IdoIs,8c of comitting for- A •. 

nication,fbrhetaught Balac theKingofit/w^, thus po< '* ''* 
to putaftumbling block before the children of ljrael 
The doctrine of the Nkolitatjes did vphold the com- 
mon vfeof women,tharis,that Women might bee 
made comon .Thcfe two moft groffe and abfurd do- 
■£trins,were fuffrcd and maintained in the church of 
Tergttmu^hs cocerning the church ofliyatira, they 
are greatly commended fbr.the Joue 8c feruicc to the Apoc t ^ 
■church ,forthcirfiiith,paticnce,and manifold works, 
and clpccially for their conftant proceeding in religi- 
•on and Godlineffe, and that with increaie. For of 
this church it is laid ; Iknawethy hue andjiruke^mi 
faith ^ndthyfatiente, and thy worhs,andthat they are 
met at the loft then at thefirft. But this Church is diC 
commended forfuffcring the wicked woman Iez>a- 
&r/P,(thatis,afalfeProphetcfTe, which was craftilye. 
crept into this church) .to teach & feduce the people-. 
of God in that congrcgation,teaching the (amc falfe 
doctrin thzt Balaam did at PcrgamMsiYihkh was 3 that *££,* 
it was lawful to commit fornication, £c to eat meats 
Sacrificed vnto Idols. Hidierra concerning the pray. 
fesand difpraifes ofthc churches.Now followeth ta 
<pcakc of the admonitions. 

Ga Fkft 


34 JnExpofifionvpoHtkcReuiUtion. 

.Firft the chutch of Ejrhefui hailing fallen from their 
firft louc, is admonifhed to rememberfrom whence 
they were falle, to repent, 6c to do their firft works. 
Alfo the Church of Smyrna is admonifhed. and ex- 
horted to ftad faft in the midft of thofc perfections 
and troubles, which fhould bee raifed vp againfh't, 
by the Emperor Traim »*,and continue for the fpacc 
often years. They arc thciforc exhorted and encou- 
raged by our lordlefus,.not to fear the things which 
they fhouldfurfcr :. for although the Diuell and his 
-Inftrurhents fhould hauc fcope to pcrfecute and im- 
prifon them for ten daics,that is ten years,according 
. to prophcticall accofitvyct if they did continue faith- 
full to the death-, they fhould hauc the crown oflifc. 
The church oiPcrgamns differing and maintaining 
the doctrine of Balaam^ and the NicoUitanes, is ad- 
monifhed to repent & amcnd.The Church oiThya-' 
tira 3 which fuffcrcd the falfc do&rin oilczaheljs ad- 
monifhed to looke to hcrfelfc,and to hold fafl the 
truth of Religion. Sardu being dull and dead,is ad- 
monifhed to awake, 8c ftrengthen the things which 
remainc that were ready to die. Philadelphia is admo- 
uifhed to hold that which they haddc, that no Man 
take their crowne. Laedtcea being neither hoctc nor 
cold, but lukc-warme r is admonifhed tobee zealous 
and amend. And although they thought their ftate 
good inough, being puft vp with conceitcdnefTe,yct 
arc they chargedto be poorc, naked, and blind, and 
thcrvpon counfelled Sc admonifhedto buy. fpiri;iial 
gold, diat they may be rich : and fpirituall garments 
tohidcthcirnakcdncfl^and fpimuall eye-faluc, to 
annointihcir eyes that they may fee. 


i '■■' 

r A»ExpofitionvpontheReuelatiott. 35 

Concerning teprehenfions^/'Af/wy is rcproued for 
going backeward Pergamtcs and Thyatira for fiifF;- 
ring and maintaining corrupt doctrine, as formerly 
hath bin fhewed. Sardisfa dulneflc, dcafcncflc,and 
vnfound:. efle in their manner dfworfhipping God. 
Laodicea for lukewarmnefTe and conccitcdncflc. 

Touching thicztSyEj/fieftM is thceatncd,that except 
they repent and do their firft workes, their Candlc- 
ftick fhould be remoued out of his place ; that is, the 
church fhould betranflated to fome other place, but 
not deftroied.For goddoth remoue,buc not deftroy 
his Candlefticks. Pe rgamw is thtcatned,that vnleffc 
they did fpeedily repent, Iefus Chrift would come 
fhortly and fight againft them with the fword of his 
moutb.lijyatira is threatned,that except they repent 
them of their workes, they fhould be caft ; nto abed 
of affliction, 8c al their fauorites ihould be flain with 
death. Sardis is threatncd,thatir they did not watch 
and awake, Chrift would come fuddainelyvppon 
them as aThecfc, and they fhould not know what 
hourc he would come. 

Concerning promifes, they be very great 8c large 
for eucrlaftingioy, and the very fulnefle of glory is 
promifed to all that fight the good fight of faith,and 
oucrcome in the (pirituail battelagainft the flefh,the 
world, and the Diuell . Efhefm is promifed, that if 
they fight it out couragioufly and conftantly to the 
end, they fhould'cate o ' the Tree of life, which is in 
the middcfl ofthc paradife of God. 

Smyrna is promifed in like cafe, that they fhould 

not be hurt ofthc fecond death: Pergamus likewife 

is promifed to eate of the Mtmu.ihzz is hid, and to 

Gj haue. 

1& A»ExpoJttio*vp<mthcRt*ilrt'm. 

haue the white ftonc of vi&orygfuen them.7&yatirs 
is promifed to haue power giucn thenitomleoucr 
Nations,& to be lightned with hcaucnly brightnes, 
like the morning liars. Sardis is promifed to be cloa- 
thed with white aray; tharis, with hcaucnly glory, 
and to haue their name continued in the booke of 
life. Philadelphia is promifed to haue a pillar made in 
the Temple of God; thati j, afirme and vnmouca- 
ble place of etcrnall glory . Ltodicea is promifed to 
flip with Chrift,and to fit with him vpon his throne 
for euermore. Thus we fee what great and preciom 
promifes arc made to all Churches that fight and o- 
uercomc in this their fpirituallbattelland conflict. ' 

Concerning the conclusion, itisoneandthefame 
to all thefe fcuen churches. W herin they are exhor- 
ted, that fucbas haue earcs to hearc, mould heare, 
ponder, and confidcr all the forefoid praifes and per- 
praifes, admonitions, reprehenfions,threats,& pro- 
mifes -And it is therefore faid,fueh as haue cares, be- 
caufc there are very few to bee found that haue cyr- 
cumcifedandfanttificd cares, to hearc andvnder- 
fhnd hcauely thingsThis is proper to the clecr,this 
is butjio whom it is giuen. And thus briefly and ge- 
nerally we fee what was the prefent ftatc of eucric 
one of the Churches of Afia, vnto which this Pro. 
phefic was to be fent : fo that by them we may i'ee in 
what eftatc the vniucrfal church militant was at that 
time. For as fomeof thefe feuen as yet flood firrne, 
and others had much declined, lb was it withal ci- 
ther churches. 

Hitherto concerning the firft vifion, containing 
generally theinferiprion of this book ; Iohns falata- 



'AttExpofttion vpm the Reuelatum. "37 

tion to the Churches: Iohns new callmgiThe excel- 
lency of Chrifi which" called him: And the prefent 
eftcte of the Church- Now we arc to proceed to the 
fccond vifion, containedin the next 8. Chapters to 
the IS. wherein is fhewed ,what fhould be the future 
eftatc of the Church in all ages,cuen vnto the end of 

CHAP. inr. 

""I He principal things contained in this 4.chapter, 
•* is a defcription of the perfon of god,the A uthor 
of this booke, who is molt glorioufly defcribed of 
that excellent glory that is in himfclfe, 8c of his roy- 
all thronewhichhe fitteth vppon, and of his goodly 
retinuc,and troupes of Saints and Angels attending 
about his molt glorious throne. Whereuntois ad- 
ded the diuerfe qualities, both of Angels and Saints, 
bothinthemfelucsand their owne natures : as aUb 
ihtheirmancrofpraifingand worfhippingofGod. 
This is thegenerallfumme andfenfc ofthischapter. 
But for the better clearing and more full opening 
of it, I will come to the words of the text* and open 
them as they lie in order. "■ > 

After this I Med, & behold a dear was of en m fteaue, verfe ' ! 
and the firft voice which I heard, was as it were of a 
trumpet, talking with me, faying: Come t/p hither, 
and Iwillfiew thee the things which tnttjl be doone 

Thefe words (y^r/A/ir^haue relation to the firft 
vifion fpoken of before, as if hee lhould (ay, after I 
had recciued the former vifion , concerning the prc- 

G 4 * lent 

38 AnExpoftrnvpontheReuelation. 

fent eftate of the Church, now I had another vifion 
concerning the future eftatc thereof; and thcrforehc 
faith,<x dore was open in hcauen,that he might come in 
and fee all thefe things which fhoulde be rcuealcd to 
him. For the opening of the door in heaue doth here 
fignificthevnlockiiigofheaucnly things vmolohn, 
or his entrance into thcm:for fo the word doore is ta- 
ken. 2. Cor,$, 12, Apoc.},8. After the openingofthc 
dore,he is called vp with aloud voicc,like a trumpet, 
faying : Come vp hether : for although the doorc was 
opcncd,yet durft he not enter in till he was called 8C 
commanded to com in.For in thefe cafes he doth not 
prcfiimc in any thing as of himfelfe, without fpcciali 
warrant and direction : As the fcripture (aith:2^ mi 
Hcb. 5,4. taketh this honor vnto himfelfe, but he that is called of 
God, as was Aaron.Thc voice that call eth him, is like 
a Trumpet that is loud & fhnl,that he might be ftir- 
redvpmoredilligctnlytoattcnde vnto the contem- 
plation of thefe great fecrets which fhouldbe reuca- 
led vnto him.This voice commandeth him to come 
vp hither : which flieweth that/«A»wasraptevpin 
the fpirit vnto the heauens-tofeethis vifion. This 
voice promifeth to/hew him things which mujl be done 
hereafter : that is,that he ihould be made acquainted 
with the future eftatc of the Church, as already hec 
was with the prefent eftate thereof. 
And immediately Iwas rauijhedin thejpirite, and be- 
holds a Throne wasfetin heauen, and one fate vpon 
the Throne. 
Vpon this fuddatne and extraordinary calling by fo 
heaucnlyand loudea voyce, Iohnwas foorthwith 
Muiihed in fpirir. For as the Prophet Euchicll was 



I An ExftfnUm -vpon tht Revelation. 3; 

by thefpiritin the vifions of god,carried from CM- 
dentolerufdem: So this holy ApofUe is carried by 
thefpiritin the Vifions of God into heauen, and by 
the fame fpirit is made fittc and capable of all thefe 
heauenly Vifions which fhouldbe fliewedhim. So 
that in all this we doo plainely and clcarely fee,that 
Iohn hath as it were a further calling 6c admittance 
from heauen, to behold and fee thefe wondcrfull fc. 
crcts which now arc to be imparted vnto him. 

Beholds Throne, &e. Here beginneth the defcrip- Ver& % 
tion of the moft high and glorious maiefty of God, 
who is defcribed after the manner of Earthly Kings 
and Judges fitting vppon their Thrones and iudge? 
ment feats. For he is King of Zu>» % and Judge of ail 
thewprld. . , . . ' ,,. . -■■-"• 

Jtone.anda Sardine, and there was a Rame-hwe 
round about the Threpe like tnEmerMd. 

_. : God for his admirable glory and beauty, is hcerc 
compared tp two moft precious ftones. The one 
which is the Iafper,bqiJigofapttfeagreen C colony 
as Philofophers write :. the other/ which is. the Sat. 
dine^eingofa moll bright red colour. Nothing can 
fufhcicntly referable the glory of God, bririginfinic: 
But thefe thinges, being the moft prctious vndcr 
•aicSunnc, dp after a fort fhadpvy, it ynpo vs> 

There was a Rain-bow rpur^ about- tbeTfcror% 
■which may fknifie, that GodsThxonc in gbrylahi 
beautic doth farre excel! all other Thrpnj ? oEmoa. 

A taU 

40 An exposition vpontht 'Rendition. 

tall Princes-, yca,ciicn thatofiWw»0w,whichwas of 
mod pure Iuory: or rather it may fignifie, thic al- 
though God in himfelfe is moft glorious Sc admir*. 
blc.yethekeepethpromifeand coucnaht with the 
fons of men . For the Rain-bow was a 'figti of his co* 
uenant,as appcarcth Gen. p. and afTuredly God will 
be mindfuUof his couenant to a thoufandgenerati- 
ons . This Rain-bow is faid to be like an Emcradd; 
which is alwaies ofa frelh greene colour, fignifying 
that Gods couenanc of grace &c mercy towards his 
Church, is alwaies frefK & greene, ahdhfegoo'dnes- 
towards his people pcrpctuall and vncHarigeable: ' 
Mbrcoucr,God is-defcribed of his glorious retinue, 
& hcauenly company about him'.For it is faidi Road 
T«ft4, vbototfathroHc wereiqfim^Mvpenthcftiiisi*. 
Elders : Which fignific the whole churchrbbrH mii. 
litant 5C triumphant,both.of Iewcs and gent{les,and 
are therefore- called 24: becaufe the Church of the 
Icwcs gfetooat of the- 12; Patriarchcs: & the' church 
of the gentiles o'ttt of the iz;apoftlcs; And as the glo- 
ry and pompe of morrall Kinges isfet out.by their 
Troupsaildtrainsofnobles,and other exceltentper- 
fonages : So the gloryof God (vvhichin it fclfe can 
ttceiue no«nc«afc) i&toOur capacitie commended 

Angds.Thefe24: ElkigrsarefcloatHedin white'r^y; 
meriti which fignificththeir rigfneoufnes, as it is cx- 
poundedichap.^ycr^wf inherent, but imputative. 
For thejj' hauiftg no righttfdn&elTe of their oyvrriei' 
Ghrifis righteoafhes'feimpiited vnto them through 
£iitb;S5 through faith is made theirs : ForAbr'Mm, 
beluutd&'h &as inifutedtMin him for tightemfnts. 
-'" Thefe 


JfExpofttionvfontheRcueUtion. a X 

Thefe 24 . Elders hadon their heads crowns ofgold, 
which figmfie thcr viftories oucr the world : for aS 
the elea ouercomc the world throgh faith,as S.Iohn 



hantconqucrors. *>«u>hv4- 

,^ oreo » er «»^id,that out of the throne proceed ™*< 

W^ jfcP'c^g ofthc Xaw,i s J t w Sc 
avdee ofhghtntngand thundring. ThcppwerfM 
P^hingofthelaw, is the very.tffunderiog ofhelL 
andhghtningohhe wrath of God vponalfimpenl' 

there were hghtnmgs and thundcrings^d^ 
Smy it fclfe did tremble and ftakc. umoun t 

Further it ismjhtrewcrejJampsofJke buroim 

Ip^tsofGod,dofignifiethe preaching ofthcGoC 

,1. r L L GofpC , llgluech * che wkHandcoir>for- 

pom c £ alt h&thereforc 1 srefembl e dby 7 .Iamps.So 
*en from ch e throne that B, from the prefence of 

"f, ^ r L mb °, thf ° r chc &uingoff ou ]cs. And all' 

ry andm ale fty, bong themarkehere aimed at. 
"'. ; " • * Thii 

4ft An exf option vfon the Reuelation. 

This Sea of GlafTe is die world, which is fitly com- 
pared to a Sea, becaufe it is full of ftormes,tempefts, 
and waues, that are continually rayfed vp in it - It is 
fall of Rocks, vpo which many dafli, and makclhip- 
wrackc . It is compared to a Sea of Glafle, for the 
brktleneffc, changes, and vnccrtaintic of all thinges 
in the world . It is (aid to be before the Throne like 
Chriftali,bccaufe the all-feeing God doth as clearcly 
behold from his Throne all the thoughtes, wordes, 
and works ofthefons of men, and all other parricu- 
lar-aitions of all his creatures vnder the Sun; as wee 
bshold our face in a Chriftall. For all things; are nu- 
ked, and as it were ludout in an anatomy vnto his eyes., 
"With whom we bate tot. 
t«ft *, Morcouer it is (aid, that in the middejl of the throne, 
andremiabautth'e throne, were foure Beajles, full of 
tyes before and behinie. Thefe-fourc Beaftes do figni- 
fic the Angels of hcauen, the inuifible and elect An- 
gels, as it is expounded, E&ech. lo, verfc 20. where 
the Prophet in a vifion Teeth foure beaftes, as it were 
bearing vp and drawing Gods Chariot of triumph. 
And at the 20. vcric he faith exprefiely,that he at laft 
vnderftood they were the Chcrubins . The firftand 
tenth Chapter of E&eehiell being throughly looked ; 
into do make this plaine . The reafon why the An- 
gels are called by the name ofBeaftes, is, becaufe in 
the next vcrfe they are compared to beafts, for their 
qualities ofcertaine beaftes . They are named foure 
in number, being otherwife innumerable, becaufe 
they arc likened to foure feuerall beaib. 

The Angels are faide to haue eyes before and be- 
hind, for their great vigilancicoucr the Church,and 




^nExfoJttion^fontheReuelation, ^ 

cucty member thereof, and becaufe they are endued 
with knowledge of things paft and things to come : 
and laft of all, becaufe they fee and difcern almoft all 

actions vnder the Sunne,vpward and downeward, 
backward and forward. 

: Andthefirftheajl was like a Lyon,the fecond like 4 Vc,fc7 
.cjfedrc. ■ 

Here the Angels are compared to fourefcucrall 
beafts : to a Lyon for ftrength & courage : ro a calfc 
or an Oxe, for feruice and vfe : to aBcaft hauing the 
face of a man, for wifedome .• to a" Eagle, for fwirc- 
neffe and rcadinefle to execute the will of God. And 
moreouer, becaufe the Eagles foarc aloft, and flic a* 
very high pitchj we are giuen to vndcrftand,that rhe 
heaucnly fpirits are much in celeftiall contemplati- 
on, and do receiiie the knowledge ofhidfccfcB and, 
counfels, for they are much aloft about the throne 
of God, and many highand deep fecrets are opened, 

Audthefourebeap,hfi eaefrof them fixe wings > v «ft * 
bouthim, dndtheyverefullofeyeswtthin, &t. 

This maketh itvery plaine, that by thefe Beafts are 
vnderftood the fixe Angels, becaufe hcafcribeth vn- 
to euery one of them fixe wings a piece. For the Aii. 
gelsare defcribed with winges,both in the firftand 
tenth of Ezcchicll before mentioned: and alfo in the 
fixt chapter of the prophefie or Jfaus, where the Se- 
iaphinsarcfaidto haue fixe wingcsapicee;twoto 
couer their faces •. two to couer their feetc •- and two - 
to flye withall j becaufe they haue two wings to co- 

H- j, uer 


44 An~Exf0fitio» vfon the Reuelatieth 

uer their faces withall, bccaufe they are not able k>> 
endure die vnconceiuablc brightneiTeand. glory of 
God, for he d welleth in vnapprochable light. They 
haue two wings to couer their feet withall, becaufe. 
mortal! men are not able to look vpon the brightnes 
' that is inheaue'n. For wei'ead that many haue been 
aftonifhed Sc dazeled with the glory and brighmeflc 
■ of Angelsifo glorious creatures are they. Thcylhauc 
two wings to fly w(thall,to note the prompt obedy- 
enceand readincfleto execute the commanderncnts. 
of God, as formerly was ftewed. MoreouewheaB,; 
gels are faid to haue. wings 8c to flye fwiftlyi.becaufe; 
God hy theradoth fpeedily difpatch many.purpofes, 
a-aionsaiJdferuiEes,hcift below : an.df<prthis<;aiifc< 
bins-.thtit be &mIUtbb(twce»e tbtChtrubins ; fcf thtt, 
hemakttktbt. (Jmds hU chirhtsjndmlketh vpmtie. 
wings of thermnde. For as earthly Kings.are in their 
progreffes carried in their moft fumptuous roaches;: 
drawne by themoft excellent Coa;h-horfes, to dif- 
patch great bufineffes, aqdmariy waighty aflaires 
within theirdominions : fo the Vifions in E^echiell 
doo fkwethat theimmortallKingis carried moft 
frviftlyjn his , Ghariot of tn.iimphc, drawnerby Ac 
Cherubins, asn wcreby ^eafts^ todire&and oner-, 
rule all a&ions vnder the Sunne . Moreouer, thefc 
Angels are faidc to be fullofeyes vftthirt, to note not 
oncly their folncflc of knowledge, but alio their in- 
ward fight into all heauenty rhinges ; yea, cuen fcch 
asarcmoft fecret and hid: % they are of all other 
creatures moft inward with God,None of his ChiL 
drenJcaowfomuchofhiscpHiifeHasxhey, • 

• iFiir: 


JnEWption-vfmtbeXeHcMm. ^ 

^ Futthemiore^hcAuftgelsarchcrcCtid to prate Vc* s 

S- A ^ Ct ^ y s dcZtd y Cee > chat the Angels 

WearmeiTe. For they are hot asmen- which through 
their great cotniptton^rcfbU of dulrieffcand wearL 

S^° f ^m ?? 5 butdl L Cy ^^^feruelMm 
withinf a tigablcdefire<?,&!thcreforearecallcdSerai 
chins betftffc th C ybiirniAtte^ak.ofGod,&;Cn2i. 

hm&c to beaJwafes about his-thrLe ; y Cai eiieri ifi 
hi^ehamber of prefende. Thc y do doubLLSe 

* h, r^ ( ^ & ^ ble ^thvpBit;bec'a'iifethev 
k*w m, welKthathe is rignteo^ih ih« S& 

iuftf<fc_& equity when tomahsfe^andrh'diud^ 

™ ^^^r^^whi^Un^c^^S 
notfouiKl/.Fui^c^efierhat^w/^ 'fcULt 
£the ■An^^egtirjimdhbnor, & thinks to G oj 

fedhtm thstlmethfiricuer^M/hnc we may feT 
that both Saints and Angels doo ioyntly praifc and 

I'^'^^t^mby^ Ldrd^orecme glory Andh^ 
H 4 »<w 

4*. AnExpfttm vfon the KeueUtien. 

ncti&e. Whcrinwc fccjthac all the deft doo cmty 
thcmfelucs of all worthineffe, to haue any glory, ac- 
knowledging that their crownes ofglorieare Gods 
free gift, and that the praife thereof belongeth only 
to him, and nothing to thcmfelucs. And this in ve- 
ry decde is the right manner of worihipping GOD» 
frankcly to afcribe all glory to him, and all fhamc to 
our felueSjto giue all to him towhom al is due, and 
nothing to our fclucs, which haue nothing ; for no- 
thing can be giucn or taken put of nothing. 

Now. then, to concludeand windc vp this fourth 
chapter, we do clcarely fee the fumme Sc drift of all 
is, that Heauen doorc was ope ned vnto Iohn, and 
that he was let in, and called vp into the Chamber 
of prefence, by a very loud voice,ther.c to take notice 

of Jic flitjirc eftatejofth^Church ; and that the per- 
ipn which thus called him vp, was the very immor- 
lallGodbimfeife,whoisfo glorioufly defcribedof 
his throne, his troups and traines of Saints and An- 
gels^ as we.haue heard. And ajl.this is to commend 
and fetforth the.amhority of this bobkejwhofc An- 
other is fo excellent, yea, fuper-exccllen c • 

'."".'".. CHAP- W - 

AFterthisVifion containing the gbric pfthc& 
uinc Maicfticwas fliewcd yqto Iohn, that dec 
might know from what Fountaine this Prophefie 
was deriucd, now in this fife Chapter is taught and 
i&cvved by what means,and by whofc meditation, 
the knowledge of fuch hiddea •mylteries vvere re- 
uealed vnto the churcbriaraely, by the racancs and 


AnExpofttioA-vpntheReutlaitn. "47 

mediationof Iefus Chrift, in whom only the court. 
(Ms and forces of God the Father arc opened, and 
made known vnto men. For he is the great Prophet 
and Doftour of the Church, which is come dow-ne 
from the bofome ofhis Fathered hath mode known 
wtywhAtJoiHcr he hathreceiued ofhis father,* he 
himfelfetejijfieth. And the Church is commanded 
by a votce from heaven to heart him, andhim alone. 

This fift Chapter contained three thiriges eeno- Ver 1 . , 

the right hand of God; ..' 

Secondly, a defcription of Iefus Chri/r, which 
rcccmethitatththand ofhis Father, andopeneth 


; Thitd y,-a defcnption of thofemoft glorious prai- 
fes wh,ch arc giucn to Chrift by the Angels, Saints, 
J fwintherighthindofhimth*tfau^itIiethr<>ne,v^ 
Aboeke mtttenmthin> and on the bach fide Ceded 
roithfmenftaks. ..... ,,-'■ 

By this bbokchcre mentioned, is meant this pre- 
lent book of the Apocalyps, orReuelation,as it ftall 

plamely appcarein thencxr chap ter,when we come 
to the opening of the fcuen feales thereof, Forthc 
thirjgs^hichfall out vpon thcLopeoingof the feue- 
xall leales, do plamcly dcclare,thatall is meantrbf the 
JJartlcular matters contained intflis prefent bookc. 

Thisbookeisfaidtobcintherighthandofhrm : 
■that uttcth vpon the throne, becaufeallthefictcts 
*eucaled in it,comefrom the counfcll anddecreeof 
'themofthighGod, and are ordered by his mccre 
direction and prouidencc. 

* U 

48 AnExpofitionvfontheReuelation. 

■ It is called a written booke,t<> (hew that the things 
: contained initj arc fofirmcly decreed in the coimfel 
of God, that none of them /hall faile, but come to 
pa(ie, and-be fulfilled in their feafon . They are ftich 
as we may write of, as we vfc to fay: and therefore 
fortlie certainty of them, they arc hecrc faidtobce 
'. written in a booke. 

. This booke is faid to bcwritrc n within and with. 
•out,for the multitude and variety of matters cohtai- 
■-■■< ncdiniuFot.tHcrewctcbothmany^igrcat-things 
which fliould fal out in the world from the tiniethat 
IohrrrcceiiicdthJs Prophcfici vino the endc of the 
worlds '.j -.. .;. . : 

This book is fcaled with fcucn feales, that is to fay, 
-perfectly fealc'd, bccaufc'thc things contained hecre- 
in, arccoirafels and fecrcts, encly knowne-toGod, 
till it pleafcd him torcueale the to his Church by his 
fbn. The elect Angels knew uoching oftlie thiuges 
': written iathis booke^efajre the feales were opened. 
v«fc* An £ r j~ aw a j[ r0 „g e Angell, whitf) proclaimed with a 
idtidtvme:, Wfa kmmhytoopenjhe booke, and t* 
X loofethe.feales thereof? ■'.:/ .'„. ; 

l . Here is proclamation made to all creatures, that 
if there were any, manner of pcifons in Heaucn or 
-carth,:a'mongmenor Angels,, that would take vp- 
• ■drilthern- to o~cn and expound this booke, that they 
lhiiuld come fordi and fhew thcmfclucs,and be very 
cvwlljnglyaiid gladly heard;. But alas, the next vcrfc 
dotK - (hew, that none in hesuen or earth -was able to t- ■ 
pep the booke and expound it, whereupon John wept ve- 
ry-much, becaufeTtomanwasfomdworthyto open and 
interpret. this booke. . 



AnExpofmrnvptnthReuehtm. ^ 

• The catifeof lohns wcepingand lamenting,wa s 
for feare the Church fhould be depriued of fuch pro- 
fitable and excellent things as he knew wcrccon tat- 
ped I in this bookcSuch was his loue to the Church : 
iuch was his zealc and tare for.thc people of GOD. 
An example worthy of al imitation.to mournc and 
weepefor the concealing of the bookcof God, and 
to rcioyce in the opening of it . But Papiils and A- 
tniftsareofa contrary mind, tor they reioycc in the 
concealing andkeqpingebfcofthcfcriptUKS,SC arc 
much grceuid with the opening and reucaling rher- 
of -, becaufe thereby their hypocrilie and villanv is 
detected and difcarded. m 

Tponthu-one pfthe Elders fold vnto Iohn: If 'eepe not .verfcy; 
BefxtldttheLyonrvhichisofthe Tribe of Ltdah, the 
roote ofDauid, hath obtained to open the booke, and 
to loje the feales thereof, 

Were we fee how Iohn is comforted and cheated 
vp by one of the feldcrs, being now very penfiuc SC 
lad, and is willed to pluck vp a good heart, and to be 
of good chcare, for hce could tell him goodncwes; 
10 wit.of one that could open & cxpoundthis book, 
and all the fecrcts in it, and. that is Icfus Chrift, the 
greatreucaler offecrets, and oncly expounder of all 

riddles, and hidden rnyfterics,as before hath becne 

Icfus Chrift is here faid to be of the Tribe of Iudah* 
t>ccaufc he is lineally difcended of thatTribe,accoiv 
ding tp.thc fjeft.and his humane nature. 

He is compared to a Lyon, by allufion vnro Jacobs 
Words mhisMwill and ccftament, concerning /»- 

'-»'>'- \: > I 1' Ljonefle^ 

jp An'Exfoftt'un'vfonthet.euelation. 

Zbmeffi, & nonefliduidfftr him. He is fitly compare J 
to aliond or his great&c admirable power Sc ftregth, 
•for he raigncth and mud raigne oner all his enimics, 
and in the middeft of all his enimics, yca,till he haih 
troade all his cnimies vnder his feet. He is called the 
roote ofZ)jiuid,both here, and alfointhc22. Chap- 
ter of this bookc, verfc 1 6. becaufc he fprungc out of 
Dauid, the (on of lft>ai,zs a branch out of his root, as 
the Prophet did foretell, that Aronfhouldsomc forth 
oftheftocke oflflni, And agraft Jbould grow out of his 
roots. And the Apoftlc faith, that Chrift was made of 
the feed of Dauid, according to the fief}. 
■v<ire.<_; \hen faith Iohn, I beheld, and he, in the middeft of the 
throne, and ofrhefoure beafts,and of the elders, flood 
a Lambdas though he hud bin ki/led,whicbhadfeue» 
homes, and feuen eyes, which are tlie feuen f^irits of 
Godfent into all the -world. 
Here Iohn takcth a view and fight of Icfus Chrift, 
ftom the very middeft of the throne, Sc ofrhefoure 
beafts and the Elders. Chrift doth not appear abouc 
the throne, as do the Saints and Angels, which arc 
but minifters and miniftring fpirits : but in the very 
middeft of the throne, ana the lburebeaftcs, S>cc. 
becaufc he is God cucrlafting, cocquall and coeter- 
■nall with the Father, inwhom{ as the Apoftle faith) 
divelleth allthefulnefjt of the Godhead, bodily orejj'erh 
■ tialiy. And hecrc afterward the fame woifbippe and 
- honour is ! afctibcd vnto him both by the Saints and 
Aungels, which before is ; afenbedvnco GO Dthe 

Chtift is here compared to a Lamb;for his itfhb- 

<ericy jfor theleriptute £ttf hMe wm-os tfheefi dumb 

> before 




A*Expafitun'vpo»tbeRiucUsiMv. 51 

before his /bearer. He h the Lamb ofGodtUt ttkeph a- 
way the fas of theworM. He is the Lamb, flat* from the 
beginning of the world : He is compared to a Lyon, 
for his great &: incomparable ftrengch. in coqucting 
Hell, Death,and damnation,and all infernal power. 
And to a Lamb, b:caufe hechath difpatched all this 
vpon the Croflc, by rhe facrifice ofhimfelfc once of- 
fered .-for hcencuer did more liuely ihew forth his 
Lyon-likc power, then when hee was as a Lamb? 
flame and facrificcd vpon thcCrofle. 

This Lanibc Chrift, is heerefaide to hzucfeuea 
hemes, which iigniiie his manifold power, or fulnes 
of power, or perfect power, according as this meta- 
phor or borrowed fpecch of home is .vTually lb taken 
in all the fcriptures. This Lambs alfo. is Cud-to hauc 
feuen eies, which arc interpreted to be the feuen fpir 
ris of God .• that is, the manifold graces and giftcs of 
the Spirit, which hegiueth vnto his: Church. Now 
then to conclude this point/or as much as the mjmV 
her of feuen in this bookc is-'a number ofperfe&ipn* 
andalwaies noteth perfeaion, diefceforeby Chrifts 
feuen homs, and 7. eics, we may, and that Ibundjyj 
vnderftand his perfeStpowcrj and his pcrfpft figJn 
and knowledge in all things . Forhisfencn9i?s;3j# 
fo taken in the third chapter, of the Praphefic of Za- 
chane, where it is faid xiftfon ■ ojuftonejbidlbejwei? ■.-•■■ 
eies: Meaning, that Icfus Chrift, the corner ftone of 
thc'Ghurch, ihould bee full of eies, to lodkeounfor 
for he is thclifcandlight ofthe world. •. 
• Andheeame and taoke theiook out of the right ha»dv<ikt 
*f hittf that fate xipiutthx throne.. . . 
''■' I 3 Hecre 

5*. Antexfojitienvfenthe&eucLttott. 

Hecrc Iefiis Chrift taketh rhcbooke out of hisfi 
thcrs hand .purposing both to open it,and expound 
beft intcrprcccr of his Fathers will. 

irst ft 5 . Hereupon it is faid,that the ) care leajls,and i^£l- 
ders fell down before the £amb,totcRifie thcirthank- 
fulncffe and ihward loyand rcioycing that the fon 
of God wold take vponhim this office, which none 
other would or coildpcrlbrrnc. 

Morcouer,by iheir falling down and worihipp ing 
liim,they do plainely teftifie, thathe is Godouer al, 
tobebleffedforeuer. For otherwife di; Angels of 
thus fall downe and worihippc him, afcnbi ng vnto 
him,both deicicand diuine honour. Confidcr then 

VCA#7-7 how great he is,of whom itisfaid: Let althe Angels 
efGodworfhip km* 

Moteouer, thefc Angels and fainres arc faidc to 
hatte entry mtharpes and Gulden viob,fuIl of 'Odours, 
which are the prajersof the Saints. 

vecfe 8 Thefc harpes do figriifiethe fwect con cent &C har- 
mony bothof men and Angels, in founding foorth 
the praifes of the Lamb : forhereinthcwhol.church 
bothmilitant and triumphant doacord andrtmie to- 
gether,as>«.«9' Harpers harping with their harpes i as 

Afoc.i4,» ic.j s , w ri tt cnaifoi4tanorhcr^lacc.. *■ 

'-■■' -Hccrcbyalfo they do plainly teftifie that inward 
• > peace andtpirituallioy, which all the faidiful Inane* 
lhroii^h<3hrift,which isihoreiweetand delightforn 
to the foule,chbhany tnufickeis vnto die eares. .'; 
- ' The viols full of odours, arc expounded to bee the 
prayers of the faints, which aretherefoj:cconipar,cdi 



'AnixpofitmvpetttheReuehtion^ e» 

Tc»odoi.us,bccaufe ch-yfihcll tWectc in thcnoftrKiJy 
of God, and arc mote fragrant then any pofegay or 
perfume whatfocucr : for he taketh great pleafufc in 
the prater.? ctfhis pedpksJcfpbcialjy when they come 
out ofgoldcn vio!s,tbat is, fan&ificd harts aedcon, 
(eicrtccsifor coery fimftified; heart is a Golden heart 
in thefighrof Godjand energy riegcnqfate confciencc 
is a Icwcll of price, guilt with Gold, and enameled 
with pcadcFor this caufe the holy man Dauidwitti- 
eth earneff ly that hishiarc might be fij-rencwed and 
dCahfcd inwardry;,that hid prayervfigbh fa diretfttf Pfcl. t* & 
<dt 'irtfenfe in Gods fights and the lifting <vp of his hands 
asafweetfmelltngfafrifiee. .'...-. 

/^Thatisytheydofing,ecKl*ip!w^ r. ; :: 

wirrrreucwediaffcaions, W vnwearicdfdpfir?s: TJacu; 
inward ioy continuc'thalwaics' frefl) • and greenc at 
the Bay-tree rTheyneucr wither or waxe- weary of 
thtf teruiceofGod rTheir fongis ejj.ermpre i?^w>8£ 
therefore euermoredelightfome. Kor;che moreaew- 
any thing iiy the more pleafant and deie&abic l 1$; 
■men aire notaffe&edwich olde^butialtogethervvith 
newthirigs. . : .■ . ;;....;.■ 
- \ ■■ Nowthtri, fc(vKGhriif.hainng^kcnihisbooke 
imoJtishaniitdQpcnaind e^poundejisiappjaiidcd "' * 
•vnto by the general confent and voices of the whole 
church:forfay (they , Thouarfworthy to take the hooky 
and to open thefeales thereof. W herein they doo all 
wth comon corifent,'giue their Voyees vntoGhrift, 
acknowledging him to be the only ft pc rfonin hca- 
ue or earth,to take vpo him this fundtio of opening 
abooke fadofed, fo clafpcd, fo fhut, fo fealcd, and 
l4r thejp 

5 4 AnExpofttton vpon the Reuelatio*. 
they do yecld a rcafon of their proceedings, btfcaufe 
(fay thcy)thou waft killed, and haft redeemed vf.vnto 
God by thy bloode, out ofeuery kindred and tongue, and 
f >eopU, W>*4f«».Mcaninghecrby,thathe wasptic co 
dcath,to pay the price of oar redcmprion,in who all 
the beleeucrs,bothof the lews & Gen tils are faued. 
Their reafoti then is this: he that hath died.ajid rifeo 
againcjand is now exalted far aboue al principalities 
and powers, &c. is the molt fit inftrument to open 
and interpret this bOok,but thou 6 Chrift the Lamb 
• ' of God, art-fuch a one.,, therefore thou of all others, 
artmoftmeet tdtakethcmattervpponthee, and to 
enter into this bufincs. Further, thcyampline thcyr 
rcafon thus : that hehath made vsofflaucs&firttants 

fe^^^AHdlaftofall,that7Pey&-c//mg»(f vpponthe 
fttr/£.Notmeaningheereby, that we ftallraigneas 
earthly kinges , or oncly inioy an earthly kingdbme. 
For out of all doubt the taints flialraign with Chrift 
ihtheheauensior cuerrhorc. Buthcercis.mentioa 
rtadeofraigningin thecarth; becaufe after this life* 
Gods Children ihali haue the fruition, and inheri- 
tance both of heauen and earth : that is to (aye, that 
newheauen atiittew earth jafkereiit dwelltth righUpuf- 
nefje '.• for -the rieaiiens'and the earth being redinter 
grated and purged from <:orruption,fhal be the por- 
tion of the Saintes, and the Habitation of the clc6t> 

After all thisjohn hearetk the voice of inmtmerable 
Angels be^de the four e beafls. That is.thc Chembins 
and Scraphins.or chief Angclsjthat is,Angels depu- 
ted to chicfeofficcs,round about the throne, which 



'^ExpoJifU)H<vpeMtheReueUtto» i yj 

Okwith aleudvoicedc acknowledge the z^L^l-. l , 

Andnotonelythefeinn„ m erablfAngdsfbe£fo ' 

thoufandt Im estenthouSd,butalfo/^ fr £°; 
bfmheauenmdearth^ thcSnn Moone & Z s 
the fifhes m the Sea, and the hearts^ tr? Srfh doe 

Zl ^^^^"g^hecreatureisasycrfiSo ' 
the bondage ^corruption, and therefore ™ nc th 

God llalbe reuealed, yet it ftadeth in affured expel 
tat,on ofrefiit U t.on tohberry andinrommcSnd 
therefore hereall the creaturesdo praH LaX 
forthatrcfiauration which thcydoofe lZ,f a 

turcyecldcth to the iv Creator . A n A " me . cr f- 

foreuermoreSo that the Lambcis praifed and Wor 

A.ppedofallhands,b thof m enah P d aS andaU 
^creatures, as God *^*g£&* 

CHAP. vi. 

■-V V 



•jtf An txf option vfon the RentUt'm. 

fixt Chapter wc arc to vnderftand of the matter arid 
contents of this bookc,and of the ftrange accidents 
and euents which followed vppon the opening of e- 
ucry fcaerall fcale.For in this chapter 6. of thefealcs 
arc opened by the Sonne of GOD, and the Myfte- 
rics therof difclofed vnto lohn, that he might declare 
them to the Church, for the comfort andinftrucU. 
on thereof. 

This chapter contaiheth fixe principall things, a. 
rifiug from the fcucrall opening of the fix feales;and. 
they arc thefc :. 



The fpreadingof the Gofoell. 

Great pccfccutions following thercvpon. 



Complaints of the Martyrs. 

FearcfuH vengeance vpon the world, 

for Sheading thebloud of Gods 


"Verf» i -After, I beheld, when the Lambc had opened one of the 

fettles, and ihtar done of the foure beijiesfty,as it. 

. m>ere the nosfe of thunder: Come attdjee. .. 

Now, after all thefc former matters, John did very 

intcntiitely fix his eycypon the Lamb,being now a- 

bout to open and vnclafpethe firftfeale of the book, 

and al qn thesfuddenhe was, admonilhed aud Itirrcd' 

yp by one of the Cherubins,.that he (hold draw near 

and come vp,andtake knowledge of thefe great and 

important matters, which were now tobe reucaled' 

Y#]DpbjUri,And to the end thathe might be through* 

'AnExpfitknvpontheRtueliti*,, * r 
ly awaked, and ftiored vp to attention ia fo waighty 

matters, it .s faid,that the voice ofthcAngellwh.ch 
fpakevntohun, .was hke the voiccofa thunder- So 

prepared, to recemc thefe heaueniy vifions 

hethatfateonbmhtdabow, nda crmJJsl 
uen vnto htmjmdhe wen forth conquerin^h a fhe 
might overcome, 3 Z*»«mt 

A&.k-epinghis eye Heady vpon the Lambc, ha- 
inngnowopenedthcnrft feale, xlothinavifionfcc 
awhttehorfccVc . 

^^whitehorkis meant die miniuWthe 

wordofGod ai^drhc^/tpreaching oftheGofpeU 
by Chnibndhu Apoftles, and thcfucccffors in the 
PrimmueChurch. Thevkite Mistaken in this 
J-ord Ictus beemg vppon this whiteHorfle>beatcth 
downc all bis cnimics before him : For who is able 
to Khlthis word, and the miniftric of it ? 
■ ^^ff^P^ofchePropheficofZ^rfw, 

*urLordIef U spur P ofin g .to build vp his ck.rch,be. 
angina very ruinous effete after thecaptiuuy is 
hroughtin by the Prophet on horfe^ckc, bothfot 
thereedtfyingofhis Church, & alfo for thcpuninV 
mentofthc Babilonians, his enimjes, andtneeny. " 

m,esofhispeople.Inmc45.Pf a l m e t hech U rch,th c ' 
Wcfaith thus to her beloucd Husband Chriftt 
yrdthefwordvtfonthjthigh.o thoumightyone^thc «*,«. 
bbetutjndeonproJperoHflyforthe bt^neffe of truth, 

■K * Now, 

58 Ari expofition vf on the Rendition. 

Now in all thcfe places of thefcripture/we do plain- 
ly fcejthat when chrift gocth about either to broach 
his Gofpcll, or build vp his Church, or to be reuen- 
gcd on the enimies thereofjhc is brought in on horf- 
back. And this doth ftrongly confirme and warranc 
this expofition, feeing it is not any imagined fenfe, 
or new deuice of mans brainc, but fuch a fenfe as o- 
ther places of fcripture will very fully beare out. | 
Moreouer, if we do feriouily confidcr, and deep- 
ly weigh the purpofc and intendment of the holy 
Ghoft in all this, it will not a little hdpe and further 
this expofition. Forthechiefe fcope and drift of all 
is, to defcribe the ftatc of the Church from the Apo- 
ftles time to the end ofthc world.For this prophefie 
ferueth to Jhew vnto Iohn the things that mufifkottly 
cometofajje. . 
Now, we all know by blcffcd experience, tharthe 
firft cftate of the church did confift in the preaching 
ofthc Gofpcll by Chrift and his Apoftlcs : and thcr- 
fore this mult needs be vndcrftood of that time and 
cftate of the Church. For Iefus Chrift is he thatfit- 
tcth vpon this white Horfe,thatis,by the miniffry of 
his Gofpcll he conquerech and fubducth the nations 
vnder him. 

There may be three reafons alledgcd why this 
horfe is faid to be of a white colour . Firfl, becaiife 
the doctrine of the Gofpcll which was preached by 
Chrift and his Apoftles , was pure and fincere,being 
without ali (pots and blots of crrour and herefic.For 
the white colour in the fcripture doth fignifie purity, 
fincerity, innocency, ioy, glory, and beaury. 
Secondly, becaufe the doctrine of Chrift and his 


f A* E xttf ti6 »vti»thetieutl*tiM. S9 

•Apoftles,was ft.1 of.ioy and comforr: As it is faid of 
Samaria tfci Phillip had fet the Gofpcll abroach 
there, that /^b^ great toy in thatCitty. 
Thirdly,bccaufe the miniftery of Chrift and his A- 
poftles was very glorious and bcautifull, as it is writ- 
ten : HmbemtifuUarethefeeteofthem which bring 
the glad tydings of peace, &c. Andagaine, viththy w , 
comely beautie ride onproficrouflyjor the bujineffi of' * u 
trutbifjre. '. , .. . J 

If any man demaund a reafon of Chriftes fitting 
on horfc-backe, and riding forth on horf&backe : I 
anfwer, that it doth moft fitly reptcfent that maruel- 
Jousfwiftnefie wherewith thejightof the Gofpcll 
ftould be carried and fprcad, not onely throughout 
a\l ludea, Samaria,^nd Galilc, but alfo throughout 
all the kingdomes of the world. For it is not a won- 
dcr, to confider howfwiftly, and as it were on hoff 
back,& alfo how far ouer the heathen nations, with- 
in a few ycares after Chrifts afcemion, the doftrinc 
of the Gofpell was preached, and of multitudes un- 
braced. He rode forth indeed profperoufly Sc fwift- 
ly vppon this white Horfe, cuen the miniftric of the 
Gofpell, for the bnfineffe of truth,and of meek righ. 
tcoufnes; and his right hand wrought fearful thines, 
as faith the Pfalmift. 

in hit hand. And in the 45 . Pfalme, from whence it 
feemeth all thefe phrafes and fpheechesare borrow- 
ed, he is faid zohaucftarf>arrowesinbjs-band,wha:c~ J 
by he pierceth the heart of his enimies. 

Now his bow and arrowes doo fignifie the pier, 
cing power ofthe Gofpcll, whereby theworldhath 

K 3. been 

6o A*i>cptJltti»vpMtfielLtuel*t'M. 

been fubdued vnto Ch rift.For all the arro wes of the 
Gofpel which chrift (hootcih out of this bow,which 
is cucn the tongucof his miniftcrs, doo ftickc in the 
harts of men ; yea, they pierce into all the fecret pla- 
ces of the foule . For the miniftry of the Gofpcll it 
Hcb. 4 iiuehi,a»d mighty in operation, fhsrper then any two 
edged fwrd, and entereth through, enciivnto the de- 
aiding a/under of the foule andthefpirit, of the toyntes 
and the marrow, and is a difecrner of the thoughts, and 
theintents of the heart. 

Hccie is yet further mention made ofa Crowne 
•which was giuen vnto Chrift,and that he went forth 
conquering that he might ouercome. 

This crowne fignifyeth the victory which he gec- 
■tcth oucr the world with his bow and arrowes. For 
the Pklmift faich : By thyfharp arrowes itr the harts of 
ihe Kings enimies, the people jball fall vnder them. 

We read in the fecond-of the ASts of the Apoftles, 1 

•that 3000. of the Kings cnimies were atonce/hottc 

•thoroughwitfahis bow, and thefc arrowes, and did 

•fall vnder him. Wccrcadcofmany other at other 

times, 8c in other places. For the Apoftlc Ciith plain- 

ly, that the weapons of our warfare are not car nail, hut 

* "*' ° JpirituaH, mighty, through God to caf down holds ,caft- 

ing downe the imaginations, andeuery high thing that 

is exalted againfi the knowledge of God, tndbringin? 

into captiaity euery thought to the obedience ofChrift. 

Thus we fee how Chrift and fats Apoftles and all 

their true (ucccflbrs riding vppon this white Horfe 

which is the miniftry of the Golpell,haue gone ouer 

all the world.tonquering and otiercomming. 

I am not ignorant that Come doo expound this o» 


therwife :but .my purpofe is nor to meddle with o. 
thcr mens opinions, and mdgmcntSjbuttofet down 
that which God hath giucn rac to fee, and whichin 
mine ownc confciencc andperfwafian, I fnppofc to 
bee the truth, referring all to the iudgement of the 
church, and fiich therein as are indued with theipi. 
rit of God. ¥01 thefpirit of the Prophets isfuhietl to 
the Prophets. And be it known vnto all men,that my 
chicfeindeuour throughout this whole booke, fhall 
bee tpfeeke^efenfe,that is, and not the fenfethat 
is not : to meddle oncly with truth and let falfhood 

And when hee had opened t he fecond feale, I heard the. Vt,ft 3- 

As before at the opening of the firft feale, fo now 
again at the opening of the fecond feale, Iohn is cal- 
led vpon by another Angellro giue attention: and 
fo afterwards at theopeningof the third andfourth 
feale. Wherein we may obtaruc the heauincfle and 
drowfineffc of mans nature in all heaucnly thinges, 
which is cuermore ready to finkc and fall a^kepei 
except it be awaked by many means, and. ftirred vp! 
by fpeciall grace.. • ,.\. v , 

power was giuen to him that fate thereon, to take 
peace from the earth, and that theyfbould kiliont 
another :.md there teas given vnto hint ogre at 

; This reddc H6rfc,.rcprefentetH the crucllperfc- 
cntion, and bloudy Warres which followed the 
preaching of the GofpcH.. Forrhcredcoldiirin the 
ftripuirc, dothnote. bloudy cruelty* and V Vatres,l 
'•7 " *" K.4/' ~""' Tic; 

6i AnErfdfitmvfmtlieteueltiitni 

the rider vpo thii horfe is the ditiel himfelfe:for who 
buc heand his inftruments delight in bloudjpcrfccu- 
tioiis.and ivarres ? He hath power giuen him 10 take 
peace from the earth, (for he could haue no power 
except it, were giuen him)andtothis purpoft 'a great 
fword was giuen him, to murther and kill withall. - 
And all this is to be vnderftood of the ftate of the 
church vnder the tenne great perfections, raifed vp 
againfticby the pcrfecuting Erapero\irs, v>omiian x 
Trnmus i NeT0 i Antenm»s i Vamr i V)ii>ckfiiin t HAxtn^ 
ms^L'mnhs, $c other cruell tyrants, eucn Vntill the 
times o£confianti»ed\e great . Stories doo report, 
that thefe. cruell perfecutors did in moftfauage and 
horrible manner, torture, torment, and fhead the 
blditdof innumerablemultitudes ofgods,pec*ple So 
that as the firft eftate of the Church, vnder the prea. 
chingof the Gofpell, was ioyftill and peaceable ; So 
this fecond eftate of the Church, vnder fuchoutra. 
giouspr:rfecutions,.wastroublefome and tragicall-. 
ahdycrfor al that,in the middeft of al thefe fvvords, 
bloud and flames ofperfecution, the Church did ftil 
prcuailcandencrcafe. Voxthebloud of the M/trtyrs is 
phcJeedeofthcGofpcU, And the Church oftcntimes 
' Demgfowne'in the bloode,yct fpringeth vppe, and 
grovycth in bloud. And as" for the cruell and bloud- 
foekrng Emperours, which could not endure the 
frght oTthe Gofpell, bat ftroue by tyranny to fup- 
prefle it, the iuft God which taketh vengeance of al 
iniquity, and /pecrally oftheperfecutionofhis chil- 
dren, waseuen with them well inough : for hee 
gaue them ouer,fome'xo beuaine in the wars, fomc' 
to bc^tttircd vvitfihbn;iblc di^cafes/ome to be poi* 
'"■- •• *'': foned, 





**Zx$efttl»n<upntheReutUtU». g, 

foned feme to bc^urthercd^nd fomc to murther 

SSf U ™ dld P° d CbC ""P. *"" hun. 
felfcfrom heauen as the ftorie, report, & pay home 

to the fcl thefe bloud-fuckcrs of his church, making 

them examples of his Wrath, and fpeftaclcs of hil 
vengeanccto all nations. 

^^"^^^thethrdfe^ ihevdtthc "** 

mhu handle. 
By the blackehorfc, famine, and dearth is fignificd; 
torthcblackecoloLir.isamournfuUand fadcolour- 
and what makeih men more penfiuc & fad then &. 
■muicandactrcam hunger. For it is a thing vntollcr- 
able: and therefore the holy Ghoft faith; They be bet. 
ythxtrcmdmthtkefmrd, the»they t hatdieof L . m 4 . 
famm.Hc that uttcth on this horfe hath a balance in '* 

His hand wh.chfi g nificth great pennury and fcarfi^ 
tyofalthmges, butfpccially of visual : infomuch 
thatmen muftbepittanced &fti"ntcd in their viflu- 
als,and their bread and drinkmuft bedeliuercd out 
by waightand meaf u rc,as it farcth in ftraite Sc fore 
iieges of citties, when victuals wax fcarfe. This is it 
that God thrcatneth in Lcuit,26,and Ezcc. 4) 5 .that 
^<>fdbre A ketheppofb r ead,andthm^wo m ^ 
ihoMbaketnoneouen, snddeliuer bread by meafure. 
Now to declare the greeuoufnes ofthis famine, a 
voice commcth from the throne, and from the An- 
gels, that smtijure of-wheatjbouldicfor a penny, tnd 
three measures ofbarlyforafenny : the mcafure here vcr.'e* 
ipoken of is a Chenix, which fomc writers fay, was 
lo muchas wouldc fcajcaman for bread-corne for 

J- one 

6 4 AnUxpofitionvponthtRcuelat'm. 
one day. And the Romanc penny vnder Domitia*, 
was alwaics 7. pence of our mony.And atthac time 
the laboring man did work for a penny a day,which 
would do lictlcmorc the buy him bread- corn.How 
then fliould his wife and Children do ? Whereas it 
is faide : Wine and Oyle hurt thou not, I take it chat it 
fhould rather be tranllatcd , In Wine dudOylc thou 
fait not do vniuflly '• as the word will bearc it. And 
the fenfe is, that in the ftatc of come & vi&uall,they 
ihall dealc confeionably and mercifully, not felling 
at the higheft, biit rather at the lowcftrate now in 
the times of excreamc fcarcity. 
Now, all this-is to be vnderftood of that moil gric- 
uous famine which wee rcade to haue bin about the 
year of our Lord, 3 16. and fundry times afterward. 
Andall this for the contempt of the Gofpell preach, 
ed by Chtift and his Apoftlcs vpon the white horfe, 
and the murdering of Gods Saints by him vpon the 
red horfe,and his inftruments So grieuous and fear- 
full a thing is the contempt of the Gofpell, and the 
perfecutingof the Saints. And God did moftiuftly 
caufe the world to fmart for it, and make them with 
foi'tow inou'^h to feele the punnifhment of the Gof- 
pell reie&cd. 
Andxvhenhe had opened the fourth feak, 1 heard the 

'voice of the fourth beaflfay : Come and fee. 
vcrfe 3. And 1 looked,andbeholdapalc horfe .an i his name that 

fate on htm was Heath, and hell followed after him t 


This pale horfc fignificth the peftilence $c other 
contagious difeafes,which God moll iuftly brought 
vpon the world for the contempt of the Gofpell, 8c 


verfc 7 

AnExfofitionvpontbtRtueldtion. . rfj 
the murchering of Chrift and his Apoftlcs, and as I 
noted before out ofthcfcripcurcs, that when GOD 
commcth either in mercy or iudgmenc, he is (aid to 
come on horfcback,ro note his expedition, &: fwift- 
neflc,bothin the one and the other : fo, as before 
Chrift is vpon the' white horfe, the Dwell vpon the 
red horfe, famine vpon the black horfe:fo here death 
& hell are faidto he -vpon the pale horfe:(ov peftilence 
and death makcth men lookc pale : but being dead, 
he faicb hcl followed. For.afTurcdly hel doth alwaics 
follow the death of the body, excepting thofe oncly 
whom Chrift hath deliuercd from hell and damnati- 
on by the power of his death. 
Thus then it is:the red Horfe with b!oud,thc black 
Horfe with famine, the pale Horfe withpcftiknce, 
haue power giuen them oucr the fourth part of men 
to murther, kill, and flea, as all ftorics do /hew, that 
for che reletting of Chrift and his Gofpell, thefc 
plagues were carried as it were on horfeback, oucr a 
great part ofthcworld.Now as touching this famin 
and peftilence which fell out vpponthc opening of 
the third and 4. fealcs, they are to bee referred vnto 
thofe times efpecially,whcrcin the Hunncs,Goadis, 
and Vandales, and other Barbarous Nations which 
were the waiters of the World, did waft and de- 
cay theRoman Empire bothfarand neare. Where- 
vpon grew this famine, fear/hie, and peftilence, and 
ftraunge difeafcs heere fpoken of, abtojicfome 300. 
yearcs aftcr-Chrift, and fomewhat more. 

jindtxhen he had opened the fife Jeak, ifarv vnder the 

Attltar thefoifles of the that were killed for the word 

L 2 of 

66 -An Expojttion vpon the Reuelrtk*. 

tfGod-jtndfor the tefiimony which they maintained, 

Hccrc is difcouercd the ftarcof the Martyrs after 
this life,and the condition of the (pints of all iuftand 
perfect men. Foe whereas it might be demaunded, 
what became ofall thofc heaps St multitudes of men 
which were flainc for the tcftimony of Icfus in the 
ten great pcrfecutionsrit is here anfwered, that they 
were vnderthc Aular. fahnina vifwnfeeththem'vn. 
der the Aaltar.Thzt is,vnder the merciful! proteftio 
of Chrift in hcaucn,who for them and for vs all/was 
made- both AulrarjPriciljand Sacrificc.This Aultar 
8 thrift, is afterward called the golden Aultar which a 
***' 'before the throne of God. So then it is cleare, thac the 
foulcs of the Martyrs were with Chrift in glory.For 
lota 1 4, j. he faith to his difcip les : Where I amf here fballyou be 
dfo. And in another place he faith : Ifl were lift vp 
lohn u, J*- from the earth, I will draw almen vnto me, that is, aM 
belettters. Then it followcth; that the foules of thefe 
iuft and righteous men were in Patadifc, and in A~ 
brahams bofomc, which is the very portand haueri 
offaluatio. For although the perfecuting Emperors, 
*nd other tyrants of the earth 3 had pow^r to kA th eir 
bodies, yet had they no power ouer their foulcs, as 
■our Lord Iefus affirmeth.. 
.And they crtedmth a. loudvdic;fayiflg:how ting Lord 
"Veifc io holy and true , doefl thou not iudge and auenge titr 
bloud on them that dweltvfon the earth ? 
Here we fee plainly, that the foules of the Martyri 
-doo very vehemently cry for vengeance vpon th'cfc 
-crucll cy rants which ihcad their bloud . Moreouer, 
xhey cry for it fpecdily,andfcemc to be impatient of 





AnExf option •vfonthe RtucUfion. gy 

delay. But it is to be obfctu'ed,that they doo hot this 
in any hatred, orpriuate defirc ofreiienge,in refpect 
of any wrong or cruelty ftewed to thcmibuc in a ve- 
ry loue and burning zcaleofthe Kihgdomc & glo- 
ry of Chrift, and whatfoeucrdefire they hane, iris! 
wholy to that cnd.Whcrcforcthey arehere vndcra 
figure brought in crying for vengeanc, rather to cx- 
prclTc what iudgrrient of God tarricth for the cruell 
pcrfecutors, then to fliew what mindc they beare to- 
wards them. Foritis indeedc their caufcthatcryeth; 
forvengcance ; And as Abels bloud: fo their bloud: 
crycth aloud in the tares of the Lord of Hoaftcs for 


- Morcoueri we may not imagine or gather out of 
this lo\id Crying of rherMkt*y.rs in heaucn, that they^ 
hauc any difturbancc, ifrfp-ATience, difquietnciTc, or- 
anydifeohtentmcrit there. But this they do inafer- 
uenc deureof that fulnefle of glory which they aflu- 
rediy hope for- andfoofcefor in co'nfummation ofalli 
th mges, when both then? foulcs and bodies' ihill bee: 
Htyttcd together. : ' :■'•;. ,,,, 

Jndlo»gwhite robes JPtregiitenvnt&ejurie one ; 4»i*«fc n 
it -wasfudynto the, that they. fhouldr eft for ktittle- 
je*fbn&ntUtheirfeK<mferiunh&their brethren 
Tfhichfhold be killed ' eutds they tverci^werrftdfiUed. 

Thefe white robes dofignifitth'athonour > glory,.. 
and dignity, whereunio not oiicly the Martyrs, but 
alfo all other faithrull beleeuers arc aduanced in - the 
chambers of peace : for fo white robes are to bee vri- 
derftoad in fundry other-places of this bookc . And 
1-3 . the 

T.I 1,13, M 

58 'AnExpofitienvfentheReutlatien. 
this doth plainly proue, that the Martyrs were now 
in glory with Chrift. 

.Now as concerning the anfwer to their .complaint 
and cry.it was this,that they ftiould becontent, and 
hauc patience for a Hide feafon, (for the tunc remai- 
ning, to the end of the world, was but as a day with 
God, and as a moment in companion of eterniuc) 
and the rcafon of the delay is yeclded,which is this, 
diat there were numbers of othcrs,their brethren in 
the world, which fhould.be martyred and. flame for 
the truth, as well as they vnder thegreat Antichrilt 
ofRome, andihe bloody Turke, at and vppon the 
opening of the fcuech fed. And therefore in confidc- 
ration that the moft wife Gpd had decreed & fore, 
determined with himBf<Mtvmoft fecretandhidde 
counfcll, to bring multitudes of others to glorie by 
the fame way and means that they themfelucs were 
brou^hr, that therefore in the meanc time beeing fo, 
fcorca time, they fhoulde reft fatisfied,and. «tont<fti- 
ted. An d here by the way, wee fc0 what ftayeth the; 
commingof Chrift vnto Judgement ; namcly.tbw, 
that the number of his Martyrs and Saintcs, and all 
- fuch ashehathehofenvato -life, are not yet accom- 

WM 4.<rreat.e«rthq**ke,*ndthe Sun V dSMtytk-*t 
fackcloath ofhdre,andthe Moonewa* Idee bloud. 
Jndiheftarrtsofheautnfeivnto the etrthyafigge* 
treextjlethhergreentfigges* when tt»fhake» of* 

miofnymnd. . . . • , 


and euery rmnatMtte and lie wen moucdoHt of their 

place. / V P° n 




AnExf option •vfmtheKeutUiion, fy 

Vpon the opening ofthis fixt fca)e,very dolefull Sc 
fearcfull things which doo follow: As earth-quakes, 
the darkning of the Sun,the obfenrity of the Moon, 
the falling of the Starres, the rolling together of the 
Hcauens,thc remouing of Mountains Sc lies out of 
their placcs,thc howlings and horrors of Kings.cap. 
taincs,&: other great potentates of the earth, which 
all are things very terrible and fearefull to bchold:8c 
al thefe do represent and figure out vnto vs the moft 
fearefull tokens of Gods high difpleafarcand moft 
heauie indignation againft the wicked world. Very, 
grieuous ch ifigs fell out vpon the open ing of the 2. 3 
&4.feaJes:but they are far more grieuous which fol- 
low vpon the opening of this fixt feale : for this fixt 
feale containcth an aggrauation and encreafeofall 
the former itidgmentes . For now after the cry of the 
Martyrs for vcngeace,Godthcauenger of the bloud 
of the righteous doth /hew himfclf from heaucn,and 
declare his wrath in more fearefull manner then be- 
fore, eucn to the great aftoniflimet ofal the creaturs 
in hcauen and earth. So horrible a thing is the fhca. 
ding of the bloud of the Chrlftians • 'For now we fee 
plainely, that God heareth the cries of his Martyrs, 
andcommethas a Giant, or as an armed man, to 
take vengeance of all thcircnimies . For Pretiousin W-U 16, iy 
thejight of the lordjs the death of his S dints: and he is 
much mooned with the cry ofthcir bloud, as hecre 
we fee. And therefore now threatnefh to hold a gc- 
nerall Affifes, wherein hee will make inquifition af- 
ter blood, and arraignc and condemnc all fuch as 
arcfoundguiltietheteof : according as the perfecu- 
tijig Emperours and .many others , did finde and 


70 • AnExptJtttoHvfontheReuelttictt. 
feeleby w'ofull cxperiencc.For if God be angry but a 
little, who may endure it ? 

Now, although the Stories do rcport,thac in thofe 
daies, which was abouc 300 . ycarcs after Chrift, 
there were many great and fcarefull Earth-quakes in 
diuers nations and eittics of che World : yet itis ap, 
parant, that the Earth-quake here fpoken off,, canat 
be take literally, nor any of the reft here mentioned, 
Forthercwasncucrany time, neither is it mentio- 
ned in any Chronicle, thatcucr the Sunnc w*s as 
blackc as feck-cloth of -haire ; or the Moonc turned 
into blood; or the Stars fel fro Hcauen ; or the He*. 
uens rolled together like a fcrole ;or that Mountain! 
and Hands were mooucd out of their places. There- 
fore of ncceifity all this muft bee vnderftood meta- 
phorically; that is, that God did in foftrangcand 
iearcfull a manner manifeft his wrath from Heauen 
by tumults, commotions, (editions, and alterations 
of Kingdomes,as if thefe things of the Sun,Moonc, 
and Starres,had beenc vifibly. reprefented to the cie. 
An Earth-quake in this booke, and other bookes al- 
foof the Scriptures, doth by a borrowed fpeechfig. 
nifie commotions of common-wcalths,troublcs,tu- 
mults,vprores, 8i great alterations of ftatcs 6c king- 
doms.Thcdarkning.of the fun,Moon, &ftars, and 
xolling together of the heauen*,do by a metaphor in 
the (criptureSjfignific the wrath of God ; which they, 
being not able .to endure,arcfaid.hereto blulh at, to 
coucr thefclucs, to hide thcmfelucSjto be aftiamcd of 
thcfdus,to remaue out oftheirplaces,no more to do 
their ofhccs,&c. For as birds do hidetbcrofelucs, Sc 
thruft their heads into buftieswhen the Eagle com- 
mcthabroade : AndasaJItheBcaftesofthcforrcii 


AnExpoJttMvtonthcXeiklAttm. yi 

do trembleandcouchin their dens when the Lvon 

roreth:And a sth a tfubiedtdochhidehimfdfe,and 
dare„otfhewhishead,w 1 thwhomctheking J sd 1 f- 
pleafed ; Sohereinsfaid,thatthewholeearthdoech 
tremble and a] theccieftul creatures are amazed &: 
confounded with beholding the angry face of God 
againft che world.in fo much that they do as it were 
draw a canopy oner them, hide themfelues vndcra 
cloud,and furccafe to do their offices. 
, Thedarkmng of the Sun and Moonc,is taken in 
this fence in the fecond of/^/,and alfo in thefecond 
chapter of the A£ts of the Apoftles For there God 
promifing and foretelling, chat in the laft daieshec 
wen. d abundantly poure forth of his fpiritvponall 
fleft (which is to be vnderftood of the plentiful prea- 
ch.ng of che : Gofpdl in the Apoftles time, and thea- 
d C th,thatforthecontemptoffogreatgrace&:mcr- 
cy,h : wold /hew wonders in heauen aboue, and co- 
kemm theearth beneath, Bloud and fire, and the 
vapour offmoake ; the Sun lhal be turned into dark- 
nelie,and the Moon into blond, before that great & 
notable day of the Lord come. The meaning of the 
prophet is,asPeteralfo doth expound*, that God 
from heauen will lhewe fuch apparant nVnes of hvs' Aa% 
wrath againft the world,that men ftould" be no lene 
amazed, then if the whole order of nature werein- 
uercedAnd this was performed, when as che lewes 
torthecontemptof Chriftcand hisGofpell, were 
moft miferably deftroyed by theRomans. 

Eusn fo htre, vnder the opening ofthe fixt fealc 
t*od ooeth threaten, that for the murdering of hys 

M fonnc 

j i An ExpoJitiM vpott the Reuehtitm. 

fon Chrift,and his Apoftles, and innumerable chri- 
ftians, he would bring ftrange iudgements and ex- 
traordinary calamities vponthc wotld,accordingas 
al ftorics do fhc w,that thofc times were ful of blood 
of.-vlliorcs.Iam not ignorant, thatthedarkningof 
the Sunne and Moonc ,and the falling of the ftarres 
from hcaucn : are fomctimes in this booke puttc for 
the obfeurity and corruption ofpuro doctrine, and 
the falling away of the Pallors of the church from 
their fincerity and zcalc. Butinthis place the cir- 
cumftances wil not beire that fence ;Firft, becaulc 
ned with an Earm-quake,thc rollingtogicher ofthe 
heauens 5 and the mouing of Mountaines and Hands 
out of their places, which argueth aa;o(l horrible 
confufion and concuflion of al things.Secondly,be- 
canfe afterward in the eight chap, he doeth of pur- 
pole fpeake of the corrupting of pure doclrinc,and 
the falling away of the Mmifters,refcrring it to that 
chapter, as his proper place. Thirdly, becaufethc 
kings and captainesof the earth hecre immediately 
mentioncdjwould ncucrhatie bin cad into any fuch 
perplexities and horrours vppon any corruption of 
dociiineand thcminiftry,ashcrevvcrcadof, Foe 
comonly men arc not any whit touchedor moued 
with thar,or fuch like things. Laft of all, becaufe the 
fcope and drift of the holy ghoftjVndcr'thcopehing 
of chis fixe feale,is to defcribe corporall,not fpiritu-' 
all 3 vifiblc, not inui fi blc judgements. For he doth 
orderlye and of pu„pofe handle them in the nexte 




An'ExfiofitionvpontheReueUtiott: 73 

Mow,whereas it is faid in the laft three verfes, that 
the Kwgs ofthe earth, and the greet men^ andthertch 
*»en^dthechtefec a ftaines,andthemightyn,en,md, lt 1(f , 
^erybo^mm.andeueryfree-man, htdthemfelLm 
den wd*mo»gfl the rtckestf the mumtmes^adfiid 
to tberockes and mountaines fill on w, &c the fence 
& meaning of al is this, thatthcfeviiibleiudgmcnts 
ihould be to horibJc andextraordinary,that al forts 
of men thenJiuing vponthefacc ofthe earth,fhold 
■cuenwifh themfclues buried quicke, orthatthcy 
•might run into a moufc-holc or awgcr-hdle, to hide 
themfclues from the wrath ofthe Lamb. For being 
hoth outwardly terrified with thefe fenfiblc Judge- 
ments and inwardly griped and tormented with the 
tiiry of their own confcienccs, they were at nohand 
■abi: to endure iu 


THis Chapter doom wholy appertain vnto the 
opening oftlicfixtfcaIe.lt fhewechgenctallye 
how Godin the midft of all thebroiles which 
hapned vnder the opening of thefixtefealc, yet dyd 
prefcrue his church, and mercifully prouideforhis 
owne people. 

^ This feaenth chapter may very fitly bee deuided 
into three parts. 

Firft,it fhewethjthatas God did moftfearefully 

punnilh the worlde with vjfible and fencibleiudgc- 

ment Sj a s we haue heard before- fonow he wouldfct - 

vpon 1 them with inuifiblc & fpiritual plagucs^hich 

«e of al other moftgrieuous and intollerablc 

M 1 Scconti- 

■*.*.}> « 

V.I 0,1 1 


74 AnExpofittenvpontheReuelatioit. 

Sccondly.ic fheweth the ftate and condition ofthc 

Church miiitanthcrc in carth,as before was /hewed 

&c wider the opening of thefift fealc, the Hate of the 

Church triumphant in die heauens ; namely, that it 

is fcalcd and fct in fafcty from all dangers. 

Thirdly, itlhcwcththcblcflcdand bappiedbte 

&t orall Gods cleft, and their fctucnt prayfes andzca- 

lousyvorfhipofGod, who thus mercifully did pro- 

uide for their fecurityin rhemidecfr of sreateft perils 

and extremities. 

And after that, lf m four Angelsjlandon the four cor- 
ners of the earth holdingthe four winds ofthc earth 
that the winds (houldnotblm on the earth, neither 
on thffea, neither on anygreene tree 
The fc foure angels are angels of darkeneffcor foure 
d.ucls which is proucd by this rcafon,tbat they hold 
the foure winds from blowing on the Earth • that is 
ftoppc the conrfe ofthc Gofpcll, which is a fpirituall 
plague. ^ -u 

They arc faid to ftand vppon thefourc corners of 

the earth, because power was giuen them to plague 

not Ionic one or two countries, bucthe Vmuer&II 

world,both Eafr, Weft,North,and South 

. The blowing of the winds, doth vciy fidy rcpre- 

S" PrCaCh , i u S ° f , tIlC Gof P cl ' a "d that heauenly 
mfpirationand breathing ofthcholy Ghoft which 
goethwithit. Winders fo taken, i, ? . wh ere our 
Lord lefts faith j The wind bloweth where it Uftetb 

j nthc 4 .o[the^dnth e f C vvords^," with 

■ ■::<■' : . ' the 



AnExpfitm vfon theRtuelation. y, 

the Church craucth the infpirationof the fpitit, that 
hermntes may abound : For what can be meant by 
thefewindes which fhewifheth to blow vpponher 
garden but the heauenly breathings* of Godsholy 
fpint^dword.I c followeththeii,thatirthebWv. 
ingoftheyvindsinthefcnptur s dohgnincthebre a - 
thmgofGodsgracc,&hoiyf p int,thltthcitop P ing 
hgnifie the flopping ofthc fame, and the depriuati- 
on of al heauenly bleffings.So shat it is cleare,that a 
IpintuaJ plague is here reprcfentcd.which alfo is the 
more apparant,becaufehccre isfuch fpcciall *W^ 

f«rehadforthechurchesfafety, c hatitm4tnoc 
be nfeacd with this fpintuall contagion. Now all 

ping Qi rhe courfc ofthc Gofpell : but euen the vtter 

takingofic away from thevvorld,for their great co. 
tempt thcreof,and the horiblcmurthering and maf- 

came to pane afterward in the preualling firir of he- 
rehes,and afterward ofthepopifh and Mahomctifli 
rcIig.on,as in the two next chapters following foall 
plainly appeare.. b 

And I fix, mother Angeleome vffromthe Eafawhich "&•** 
mthefed of the lining God t vid he fried with aloud 
vme to the foure angelsjo whome fewer was <riue» 
t&hurtthe earth and the Tea, jaying-.: : 

Hurt yeem the earth^eitherfhefea.neithetihetrees, 


This Angdlislcfus Chrift,who by the Erojphet 

Mi J "is. 

y6 An Expofitien vpon the Reuelatbn. 
is called the Angel of the ctuenant. That Angels do 
reprcfent & fuftaine the perfon of Chrift their head, 
is fo common and viual a thing in the fcriprurcs 3 that 
I fhalnotneedio flayinit. 

That this Angel isChrift,itdoth plainly appear 
by the things here arributcd vino him,'which can a- 
gree to no other.Firft in that he bath the feale of the 
lining God(«hich is the fpirit ofadoption) to fee vp 
■on al the ek£t,ft>r he is the only keeper of this great 
fcaic,and this priuy fcale. He onely hach authority. 
to fct it vpon whom Ik wiL 

Secondtyjbecaufe hcisfaid/<s>flw« vppe from the 
Eaft : that is,he is the onely fonneof rightcouineile 
which arifeth vpon his Church euery moniing,and 
wich hisbrightbeames expeliech al darknes from it. 
According to that of Zacharias inhis propheticall 
U ''' 7 'jremanhighbtthvifttedvs. 

Thirdly, becaufc he hoideth a foueraignty & com- 
mand ouer the diucls .-for he chargeth them here to 
ftay-their hands from doing any hurtjtil he had pi co- 
llided for his elecl:. 

Whcras ius&idjthitpewerwMgiuentothefe diuels 
** to hurt the earth /he fta and the trees :dm is,the num- 
ber ofrcprobatcsjwc may notc 3 that the diuels haue 

i obj , no abfolute power,but onely by permiffion : as ap- 
pcarcthinthis.thatthey coulde neither couch lob, 
nor enter into the heard offwinc,without licence. 

vetfe 3 VV hcreas it is faid,7/7/ vee haue fealedthe feruants 

ofourGodin theyrforeheadsjt doth plainly fhew that 
the punniflimcnts of the wicked arc deferred til pro- 
uifiori be roadcf or the clc&- Thepudcame mt vpe* 



AnExpofttknvpon the Reflation. yy 

the eld world tilNoah and his family vverertctiued 
tntotheArke. The Angels defiroyed not Sodomc M 

fZr Mje /J n - /a H ^"S^S^gelfparedthe 
jhythe execution till the Jemants of God were mtrked E«c.,. 
tnthtir fore-heads. 

AH thefc examples do manifeftly declare what ten- 
der care the Lord in al ages hath had ofhis own peo- 
V ' 1 y might bC dc]il,ered and fct in /afctie i* 
themidlt of al extremities. Euen fo here we fee that 
God is vcrycarcfull, that his ownechildren might 
not be inf e&ed with thoic damnable herefies which 
now ah cady vpon the flopping of the courfe of the 
Gofpcll beganne to bee hatched, and afterward did 
fpnng and grow vp in the Church both thickcand 

And I heard the number of them that were fealed^d' 
there were felled an hundred forty and'fourc thou. 
J and ofal the Tribes of the children : Of the Tribe tf/rvafc «. 
Iudah werefealedtweluethoufand >( jre. 
Now lohn hearcth the number of them that were 
fealcd,andhe rcckoncth vp the whole Church milj- 
tanc confifting both of the Iewcs,, and Gentiles : : 
Hec faith, that of the church ofthelevves there were 
fealed 144000. Wherein he putteth a certain num- 
ber for an vncertaine,anda definite number for an 
indefinite; for his- meaning is not that there were 
uiftio many^and neither mocnor Icffe fealed : but 
this number dooctfajarifc of tweluc times tweluc,. 


7* An Expojmon vpM the Keuelniton, 
in that he faith of etury Trtbe twelve thcufande : for 
twclue times twelue thoufand make a hundred for- 
ty and foure thoufond. Neither yet may we thinke, 
that ofeucry tribe there were an equall number fea- 
lcd.noc moe nor leue ofone tribe then another, but 
this number of twelue.is vfed as the perfect and full 
number ; in as much as ; the Church of the lews was 
founded vpon die twclue Patriarkcs : vnto which 
our Sauiour had refpecT:, when for to gather the diC 
perfed and loft fheepe of the houfc ofz/M^hechofe 
twelue Apoftlcs. 

Now here wc are to obferue, that notwithstan- 
ding the horrible perfecutions and calamities which 
fell out vpon the opening of foure of the feales, yet 
God had hisChurch men of the I cws,vvhich in the 
iudgement-of reafon, a man vvoulde hauc thought 

- long erexrowjhad bin vttcriy extinftaiid abolifhed. 

But the Apoftlc faith : God hath not cafl off his People 
•which he had chofen : that is, vtterly can: them off. 

Iris therefore a molt fine and certain pofirion in 
diiiinity,that God hath alwaies his; that is, inala- 
ges,in al arhcs,in al placcs,in al comrics, cuen in the 
midft of all troubles and flames ofperfecution, yet 
God hath hid his U. inuilible Church cuen vpon the 

i Ki. i jli t f ace °f the earth. As it was in the daics of Eli as. As 
was inGhtifts umc,-whznthefl>epheardwasfmit i & 
the fbeefe fcattered. And as it was in the daies of the 
great Antichrifr,as afterward vv e fhall fee. 
Morcoucr, it is to bee obferued, that in the enumc- 
ration of rite ii. Tribcs,the Tribe of Ban isleft out, 
and the Tribe of Z«« taken in. Thccaufeof the 
omiflion and skipping of the Tribe of Ban, was 



AnExpefittan^MtheReuehtim. 79 
their connnuaneein Idolatry from thcumeof the 
Iudges, (ac what erne the firftfcll into it) euenv.fo 
he capnu.iy.Thtt Tlibcis aIG> omitted n the S£ 

H» c ^ C rnbesmenn ned I .Chr O n > cha p2 :"t 
5,6,7-Thca the reafon of this omiflion, is firft the w 
vnworthine, And fccondly,that thcr migh beca 
place and roojnth for the Tribe of** to bccul cn 
in , whichw tins Catalogue for Angular reafon &" 

- t *[ Ze 1 hadde no P ortion ° r inheritance -i. 
mongjft thcorfia Tribes in theearthly CanL Z 

Zll C atA 00 , d bCIng ™ sfc ^nto 0& 
thh lyGho/tdothcxpreirelyaffirm,thatthcrnbe 
thehcauenl y i„hcntance,andthcceleftiallcjr 
Jfyf/e^sTMdf, Meagre* multitude 
wm^andtoongesftoodbeforethethroneMdbe- Vttft * «*• 

fdmestn thetr handes , :and they cryed with a hj e 

™icc,/ a .ywg : Sduation connneth of God, &c 
This is to be vnderftood of rhe Church of the* Gen. 
tiles and they arefaidto^4« inumerMe multitude 
^»*^«^*r//««.For although thechurchof 

an handfoll vpon the face of th, earth ; yet in ,t fclfc 

oTt& 3 Cd 'r 'I VCly ^ and br S C : ** ™™ 
outofAdamscurfcdrace, God hath chofen manye >.. 
thoufands to life. And here ftfl we are to obferue the 

^ng former perfecutions, and the great hlindncffc 


N tailing 

¥.10,1 1,1* 

8 o An ExpoJit'tM vpo» the ReueUtion. 

uailingerrours and heretics :yct Iohnhcareth and 
fceth fuch an huge number fcaled vppe to faloation 
through Chrift,both ofrhc Iewcs and Gentiles. 

The Church ofthc Gentiles exceeding in num- 
ber the church of the lcncs,arc hcrcfaidtt hauelong 
white rebesju token of their purity and innocency ; 
& Palmes in their handsjniignoi their victory oucc 
the worldjfle(n 3 and the diuell. For palmcs in aunci- 
cnt time were cntignes and badges ofviftory. 
. After tliis, is fetdownc how the whole Church 
of the Gentiles do praife Sc worfliip God frcdyjac- 
knowledgingialoation tobeonely of him, through 
Chrift. And all the Angels of heaucn do applaudc, 
fubfcribc,& fay Amenio tbcfameias we hauc heard 
before in the 4. Chapter- 

The 4. bcaftes are here mentioned againc, where- 
by is meant the Argels, both becaufc they arefaidc 
to hauc vvinges,chap,4. which agrccth to none but 
Angels, Efa.6, and alio becaufc they are cxprcflTely 
named & interpreted ro be the Cherubins,£i«-,io 

If any man mufe why the Angels fliould bee cal- 
led bcafts, let him berelolued with thclc^. rcilons, 
Firfl,becaufe they arc compared to beads bcfore,as 
lcd them fo.in as much asthcy draw Gods charryot 
Zaeli.i,s oftriumph. Thirdly, becaufc the Prophet Zachary 
compamh them to red, fpcck!ed>and white horfes. 
Fourthly, becaufc the fame Prophet calleth them 
Gods coch-horf*es,ar.d the multitudes and focierjes 
of thcnijhe calleth Gods chariots,whichcanieoutof 
two moiintain.es of braffe :thatis,thcy wentfoorth 
ai his dccrcc(w!nch ftandcth as faft and vnmoucable 




JnExfo/itionvponthe Reflation. 81 

«amo„ntaineofbraffe)toc mforta. n ddeli U erhi S 
Church utofthecapti U ityof^;/ W)andaIfoto 
fiiccour and helpc the remnant which were left bee 

.ind chariot Jiorfcs arc faide to curie the Alinidinr 
IhiltZ tt, / sf * dc ,°V hcAn 8 cIsi3 *^ -rethey^^o 
thmhe hea/hran, and returned likelightn^. And ' ? 

M'.L? thefc reafons and Scriprurcs then famiic vs 
touching thivhat th_- Angels arc called bea/ls. 

After all tins, one of thez 4 . Elders askcth Iohn 
what they were Sc from whence they came, which ft * „ 
were thusaraiedmlongwhiterobes ■ W hi houe- * 
fhon is aslecdofck Elder, notasbeeing ignoral nt 
thereof; but to ftirre vp Iohn,bcing ignLlic, to Z 
a mreofthematter .that he might in/W him there- 
in And therfore when Iohn confeiTed hi, ignorance 
dc/inng to bee initruitcd therein, the Elder telleth 
him the whole matter; namely, that they werefrch 
"WrcomeoutofgreattribKlatro.Ferwne cmenter^ ,«. 
into life Jut through many affitBions: as the Apoftlc 
laith A ter this againe,the militant Sc vifible church 
is delcnbcd and fet fortlyiot according to rbcir prc- 
icnt fate, butaccording to that which is to come : ^ c 
for they arc here fpoken of, as if they were alreadye "* ' W * 
w ^e poffeflion of heauen, and that for infallible 
ccrtamty and aiTurancc thereof. Therfore the Apo, 
m ^^mWi £ already they dofotogither in heaL. 
N* ly 

8* An Exposition vpon the Reuclation. 

ly places. And here they are fai J to be in theprefence of 
the throne ofGod^c.to hunger and thirjl no more>&c 
*etf.i6,i7. to hauc al teares wiped 'from their eies, and to beledby 
the Lambe vnto the fountawes of lining waters. All 
which doth very plainly and plentifully cxpreflc that 
infinite glory and cndlcflc felicity which is prepared 
for all the true and faithfull v vorfhippcrs ot GOD. 
IA any good lcftons and obferuations .might bee ga- 
thered out of all this. But I do ofpurpofc omit them 
becaufe in this work I do chiefly and almoft altoge- 
ther aime at interpretation, therin alfo ftudyingbrc- 
uityjfoundncs,and plainclte. 


\7 X JEc have heardc out of the fciicnth Chapter 
* * how the diucls and their inftrumentes, the 
Romalne Empcrours did flop the courfe of the Gof- 
pcll Now in this chapter wc arc to heare the vvoful 
effe£ts cfthefloppingthercof,which was the fprin- 
ging vp,and prcuailing of manifold errors and here- 
fics in the world. So that the principall fcopc & drift 
of this chapter,!:, to fliew 3 that God for the contempt 
of his Gofpcll, and great indignities off.'icd to the 
true profeffors thcrofdid giuc vp the world to blind- 
nes,to errour,to fuperftition and liercfic : and as the 
Apoftlc faith : Becnufe they receiuednotthe hue of the 
truth, therefore Godfent them firong delufions, that 
.s.The£i. theyfiouldbeleeuelies.For,zs before we hauc hcarde 
ho.w the world was moftfearefully punnifhed with 
cxternall plagues and hidgcmcnts.-Sohcrc wcarc to 
vndcrfland how the fame was puni/hed witii iudge- 


AnZxptfttionvpcntheReuchtlo*. g, 

menrs fpirituall and internahas formerly hath beenc 
faidvpon the flopping of thefourc winds For,, 
thogh that fpirituall plagne was very great y euh e t 

hcrefles,wherby a wayandpaflagewas mad bvT 
greets irwcre by certaineftaires, forAntichrfftt 

on thereof; butalfowcare to vnderfl^d off 


domeoftheTurke 3 andthelafliudgemeut For"£ 

, ^^^^^'"^vnderrheopeninloftheiuel 
I fcale,do reach vnto the end of the torE V I 

matters which were tobeteucald I WhoIC 

This chapter containeth foureorinrmaU a- 

asitvvere the foure parts thereof. PP hl " g ^ 

^condly j0 eforc the execution of thefe mod rv "> 6 

Chrifl Iefus ^ Cnj b ^ cr S reacm ^touc 

Thirdly,the executibn of this ven«.,„«. l • * 

N 3 Jri 

.34 ^f £xpo//tiotf vpon the Reuelation. 

And when he had 'opened 'the jfealejhcrewaffilencein 
By hcau.cn in this place hemeanethnotthc king- 
dome of glory after this lifc-but by heauen is meant 
the Church here vpon earth : ask is lb taken 3 ihap, 
i^ver.i.andchap^verf.z. Ihcrc may be three 
rcafons yeeldcd,why thechurch is called heauen. 
t loh. 5 1 Firft.bccaufc the birth thereof is from heauenj for 
it is borne of Gad. 

Secondly, becaufe the inheritance thcrof is from 
heauen, and therefore is called the inheritance of tht 
Col^.n Saints. 

Thirdly ^becaufe the conuerfat'm thereof 'is in hes. 
PhH.i,to tffff.as the Apoftle faith. 

To this may be added, that our Lord Iefus in his 

Mob ., ? of P d , dotil fo often cal Ms vifible church the king, 
dome of heauen by a t rope,becaufe Chiift beginncclx 

his raigneinthefaithfull therein, whom aftcrwardc 
hctrarfiateth adtualy into the very kingdom of glo- 
ry. By filence hecre is meant the great attention of 
Jicchurch.bcaufcgrcatthings were nowin hand, 
Fornow vpon the openingotthej.fealc/arrc grea- 
ter matters are thrcatned then any before : & ther- 
fore the Church doth liften vnto them in deepc fi- 
lence, & as it wercin horror and trembling throgh 
umiration :fornow there appearefuch dreadcfull 
lodgements of God, to betxecuted vpon the earth, 
thatal the hcaucnly company are aflonifhedanda- 
mazedto behold it,and doasit were quake &trem. 
We to thmke vponitFor as when heauy newes com. 
methdowncfrom the prince, to bee proclaimed in 
open matkecs,all good fubiefles doeliftcnand giuc 


AttExpofition vpon the Reuelttion 8f 

care with filence and rrerobline ■ fo it fk^h • l- 

wherein the mindes of the rodly were ore ™Ia r J 

I«kethistobemoftfounde ja ndfi m pi e ^ dTe fta 
grcemg to all that followed, :fotthenexteVeS 

- Thefc feuen Trumpets fignifi^l^ God would* 
proccedeagamll the world! infcarefull hoftiW 

ofdefianccagainftic. And hereupon groweththl 
filence and trembling in the Church wS h 

-en. » • * Chap. i, v 

forS ,S ? T" 5 f Le " kc ^that they ftand b e ! 
nere rne Angels do (Und before God.as readv to a J 

mmiflrmg fp, r ,ts,6c here they do found theSl 
^hccomandementofCodTheSg^Sp ^ 
at once to pours downe his wrath vpon the rebelli 


%6 AnExpoJitienvpenthe Seuelatieti. 

Whether thefe were good or bad Angels^it is not 
material to difputc 3 fecing God exceuceth his iud^c- 
*.Sa,»4,jfi ments boch by the one and the other. ° 

Morcoucr,it isfpecialiy to be obferucd, that the 
blowing of thefe fcucn trumpcts.do al belong to the 
opening of the feuenth feale, and arc as it were the 
fcucn parts thereof , for the things w hich fal out vp- 
on die blowing of thefe fcucn trumpets,doe reach c- 
ucn vnro tiic laft iudgement, as the Angel fweareth, 
vcrfe i Then anether Angel earner pod before the Altar. hd- 
u'mg a golden CenJ'or& much odours ivasgiuen -vntt 
kimfhat he fhoidd offer with the prayers of all Saintt 
•vfon the golden Altar, -which is before the throne. 
We heard beforc,that when the courfc of the GoC- 
pell was ftopt by the diucll and his inftrumentcs, yet 
God was very carefull for the fatcty andfcalingvp 
of his ownc fcruants: fo Iikcwifc wc arc now to hear 
of the like care and prouidence: for now,that error j 
and herefies were to be fowne in the world, where- 
by many were corrupted : and that he himklfc from 
heauendoothprodaime open enmity againitcthc 
dcfpifers of his Gofpell,by giuing them vp toblindc- 
neflc and error ; he doth double his care and proui- 
dence to all his faithful] worfluppcrs. For heere wc 
doplainclyfce, that the Church hath a mediatour, 
and that he which kecpeth Ifrael, neither llumbrcth 
nor ■flccpcth.And therefore when the wrath of God 
doth moftofall brcakc forth vpon the world,for the 
contempt of hisgraces.yet the Church is remembc- 
-. red, and Cet in Mcty, with all her children. For her 
prayers come vp before God,& ate accepted throgh 



^ZxMtlonvpentheRtHelttin . 

mediator. And this is the fenrr-on^ j -c " r , ■ ' 
vcrfe. melcxl(can d drift of this third 

By this Angdl is meant Iefus Chrift ,1 a ',', 
ofchecouenant,aswcc hate S5 ChcA "S cI1 
notanAngdibynature.butoffil ^ wh ° is 

chdburncfwect ?ncS£ '!" ^ t/le ^rt 

%-themcS n o?cS t w\° fd f** 1 
«s ofthcSaint, a r C acc C pTcd Wk ° m ^W 

was offered at the aLTu" 1 "'* inc ™& 

odours with the which the pZcTof^t^ 
come before God, but the m Jr , Sa,ntcs 

odours, which ffl^Sfc^^ 
v P before God out of theAunSjfht^TT? 1 
fivcet incenfeof Chrifts meffi Zhl ? ^ 
Payers arefpicedand perfumed th,S W,Ch L 0l,r 

ra^c them as fweeteinrrnr,/ m , their prayers, 

through cS?^ ^cpcabJeto GOD 

Which ftould beS^n l! J il0 r? ^^ tro »W« 

«"wsy as in.tnc next chapter 


"=88 AnexpoJhfoHvfiOHtheReuthtiffn. 

■wee {hall fee, the cleft haue their prayers heard for 

their prefcruation by the merits ot Chrift. 

We j. - And the Angelltooke the Cenfor, and filled itrvith the 
fire of the Anltarjtndctjl it into the earth,& there 
were voices, and thunfoings, and lightmnges y and 

Here we fee how Icfus Chrift takcth the Cerrfor 
and fillcth it with the fire ofthc Aultar; that is, the 
graces andgiftcs ofthe fpirit : for fo the fire ofthc 
Aultar is taken in Efoy. 

In this feiifc it is faid, that our Lord Iefus ihouid 
baptize with fire and the holy Ghoffcthat is,the gifts 
and graces ofthe holy Ghoft. In this fenfe alfo the 
holy Ghoft did reft vppon the Difciples, in the Iike- 
ncfle of cloucn tongues like fire, wherevpon they 
were all filled with gifts and graces. 

The holy Ghoft is compared to fire, bcc'aufc hec 
bweneth out our droflc, purgcth the heartes ofthc 
:• faitbfiill,and fetteththem on fire with the burning 
Jouc and zealc of Gods glory. So then itfollowcth, 
that as before there was prouifion had for the fafcty 
ofthe church,by her Mediator : fo heetc many hca- 
ucnly gifts and graces are beftowed vppon her. For 
Chrift caftcth this fire ofthc Aultar vpon the earth ; 
that is, vpon his dwelling in the earth. 

Hcrevpon it is (aid,that there were voices & thun* 
drings, Sec. thatis.allmanncrof broylcs, tumults, 
>prores, ilaughtcrs, Sc diui/iom . For after the Got 
pell was founded forth in .the Church by the power 
ofthe holy Ghoft, the diucll is difturbed, and the 
world mokfted . And hence fpringall thcfebroilcs 



mm at variance amnfihis£tul V ° rd >f" d L t0 M '*. 

of»«%«m«a bee expounded .wffic*tS 
0^ of 

tj o An expofition vpon the Keuclation, 

ofmen For it is faid, that allthefe being mingled to- 
gether were cttjl vpo the earth: that is,the inhabitants 
of the earth, and the thirdpart of the trees, that is, 
numbers of men, or a very great patt of the world 
was corrupted. For trees in the fcripture fignific me, 
sn»y. 4°- and aUgreentgrafJc wits burnt:th&i is, the frefh fruits 
of grace did wither apace and dry vp : for as errour 
andhereficdidprcuaile, fo truth and godlineffedid 
decay. All this hath relation to the hcrcfics oiSabel- 
tiuSyMMtheut, Mauion, Fotihus, Paulus Sarriojite- 
nus, Ncjlortus, Nottatus, Diodoruf, Apollinaris^ tela. 
gins, and many others, which about :this time, bce- 
- . . ingfoiirc hundcred ycares after Chrilt, bcganiic to 
(pring vp and grow apace. 

An'dthefecond Ange/l blew the Trumpet, and as it 
were a great Mountaine burning with fire was caji 
into the Sea, and the third part of the Sea became 
bloud t &c. ' 

Vpon the blbwingofthefccond Trumpetby the 
fccondAngcll,heercappearctha great Mountaine 
burning with fire . Whereby is meant fomc great 
and'noul)leherefies,asthatof Arritu, which trou- 
bled and wafted the Church, for the fpacc of three 
hundred years, being greatly fauored offundry Em- 
perours,and other grcat'Potentates in the Earth,by 
means wheiof, it continued and ouerfprcad fo long. 
Alfo this may be referred toother great and notable 
A'rch'-hcrefies : as that of Donates, Maeedonius,Eu- 
tiches, Valentiniu, and fuch like : which all arc heerc 
compared to a Mountaine for their hugcriefle and 


AnExpoftunvpentheReucLthn. n 


Church wasalmoftburntvp therby. For thi word 

Mountain yslomeumes in the fcripture put for an y 

1« or hinderanceto tn,e Religion, as terror and 

hcrefic. Zach. 4,7, Luke 3,5° 

Therefore it is faid, that it was caflinto the fykfar 

is, thefe great herefies were cart vpon the VttXn 

Gods wrath* heauy indignation : for the fea is put 

fo the Worlde: Chapter 4. Verier Chapter:, 

iL f f ^T "• Vcrfe X - f ° r aS the S <* " ™ of 
Rocks, fands, hrrs, wanes, rtormes, and tempeftes ■ 

foitfaretli with this prefentcuill world 

Moreouer it is faid, that the thirdpart ofthc So. 

becamebloudahat^all^^orfome great pare 
of theworldwas corrupted and infixed with thefe 
greathcrefies Andhefaithin the next verfe, that 

number of Marnners and ftip-maifters, as well" 
land-men were mfefted with thefe hctenes,and died 

rhenthethirdAngeUMewtheT. mmpet, and there fell y^ x « 

'great Jarfronheauex, Urningkeatorchjdt 
■ ffmtotheshrdpartofthe Riuers, and into the 
fountames of Waters. 

^Stars in this booke^repur for the Mimfters ofthc 
Colpell, as we ha„e heard out of the firft Chapter 
and the reafon why. Then it followetfv that the fal! 
lmg of this ftar from hea U en,doth moft fitly fiVnifie 
andfetforththedcclihing.a D dfa]l of the PaHors of 
tnechurch;&; their corrupting of the true dodtrinc : 

O 1 whicb 


92 ■finE>!f0fttonvfonthelieuelaii$n. 

which is meant by the frefh Riucrs, and pure Foun- 
taines into which it fell. This rtar hath his name of 
the cleft : for it is cald Wormcwcod : becaufc through 
thcfalj of it, the fwect waters into which it fell, were 
•'*— ^d into bitterncfle,&: men diedofthem : that is, 
'irin was corrupted, which turned to the dc- 

oftheSurmewasfmitttn, and the third fart of the 
Mtone, and the third part ofthejlarresjo that the 
third 'fart of them was darkrKd,&c. 

Thisdarkningofthe Sunne, Moone, and /hires,' 
dothugmfic that great darknes which was broueht 
vppon the Church by fuch teachers as didda.dy 
morcand more degenerate. 

Three things are generally to beobfcruedinthc 
blowing of thefc firft fourc trumpets. 

Firft, that theplagues here mentioned, arc fpeci. 
ally to be vnderftood offpirituall plagues. 

Secondly,that there is a progrcflion frorolcflcrto 
greater in thefc plagues. 

Thirdly, that in cuery one there is mentioned but 
a third part deftroyed ; which plaincly fheweth that 
although the Church was greatly annoyed and pert- 
red with thefc errors and hercfics, yet it was not dc. 
Itroycd and brought to vtter dcfolution : for the full 
Jetting V p of Amichrift was notyetcoine . All thefe 
frrorsandhcrefies which were thus cart v PP on die 
world, anddid fpring and crow apace in all places, 
did (as it were) rrukc way for Antichrift, and (as it 


AtExfeJStiwvpmtheReueiduon; 9% 

wereftirrops) heft and help him vp i„ to his air J 

Bytheftoriesofthe Church, and courfe oftim« 

SfiSS* ^ tth ^y Ghoftpointethatthofen,": 
iifoldhcrcfies which iprung vp in the Church after 
thefirftthree hunderedyeares, efpecially after ihc 
d «;ho^^che great, who procured peace 
o he Church deftroyed Idolatry /and fet vLme 
religion inhisdaies. F 

Now, after his raigne, and the ratgnc aSTheodoff- 
K that good Emperour, Conjiantiiu, Ittlian^Arca- 
^J^w™,andmanyother wicked Empcrours 
fucceeded . by whofe means all things in the church 
grew worfe and worfe; yet this one thing is to bee 
obfcmed,thataU truth of religion was not vttS 
cxtrnft and put out, till the full loofing of &uhan 
Which was a thousand years after Chn#,as we (hall 
pJamely fee when wee come to the zo.chapter con 
caning the binding of Sathan for a thoufand years* 
l-orforctisjthat ihemainc principles and grounds* 
Of Kchgion, continued in the Church till this full 
ioofmg of Sathan ; which was about the time ofSiI- 
uejterthz fecond, that monfter,as afterward we m 

B:it now in the meanc rime, we fee what herefics 
iprung vppc, what corruption grew and encreafed 
moreand more, what darknes began to ouerfpread 
a third part of the world:Sc thefc things gr tV v vvorfc 
and worfe, cuen vntill by thefc means, thc-great An 
nchrift came to bcepoiTdTed of his curfedfeate and 
aca of Rome, which was about fomc 600. yearcs af- 
ter Chrift, . - -- - t 


?4 An£.xt»Jm<mvftntbtRMlimon t 

Verfe r j Andlbebeld, and heard one Angell flying in the midft 
of heauen, faying with a loud voice : Woe, woe, woe to 
the inhabitants of the earth, becaufe ofthef'oundes to 
come of the three Angels which were yet to blow the 

Becaufe the Judgments which were to be executed 
hereafter, vpon the blowing of the next three trum- 
pets, were farrc more drcadfull and horrible then 
any that were before, therefore hecreisa fpeeiaH 
Aungell or Meflfenger of God, fent ofpurpofc to 
giue warning thereof, and to proclaime openly in 
the Churclyhrecfcarfull woes,whichfliould come 
vpon the inhabitants of the earth ; that is,all earth- 
ly minded men, as worldlings, Papifts,8c Athiefts, 
at fuch time as the next three Angels ftiould blowc 
the trumpets. 

The firft of thefe three great woes, is to bee yrn 
derftoodofthePapacie.Thc fecondofTurcifrac. 
The third of thelaft iudgment As ifhe (hould hauc 
faid : Woe vnto the World, becaufe ofPoperye, 
Woe vnto the world becaufe ofTurcifme . W oc 
vnto the world becaufe of thelaft iudgment. Woe 
vnto the World for Popery, becaufe thereby men 
ihould bepunilhed in their foules . Woe vnto the 
world for Turcifme, becaufe thereby thoufandes 
fliould be murthercd in their bodies by the Turkifh 
atmics . Woe vnto th : World ,bccaufe of the laft 
iudgment/orthereby ;,11 worldlings ftouldbeplar 
gucd both in body & foule in hel fire,for euermore. 
Sith then thefe three laft plagues which were to 


A ^MoH^ onthtReueUti 

«fentofpu y rp ca?pec ^(F*** 1 * 00 * 1 ** 
fence thereof, that euerli 8 ^ *° ^ intcJli " 

CHAP. ix. 

THeprincipaU f cope and drift of thk rh „ • 
J to paint outborhthr P™ J l Chapter, « 
>Ifo thi ^ngdornc oft T^Tt^^ * 
imcs For luuin^l^VJ I V " rJcc ' and h « crucll Ar- 

c«cfed.ch a ire by the D rSl? P l ° dm * e *P '™o his 
commcth to dclrrihr rU n . &" oran ce : nowhe 

of all Churfi "^ ° f * me > thc h ™ d 

^arlstheS rm f ^ fi ^beda,idedi„to In 
tanfc RS? " allu t L defai P«5ofthe Pope S 

■ . enpaonbf ^JCmgd ome ,f thcTurkCjand 

P his 

the fiift 
. vcr.u. 

•9& JnExpofitimvpoHthcReudatien, 

his moftfauage armies : fo that this chapters afiifl 
opening ohhefirft two great woes mentioned be. 

«a , Tj <f n " tnui S ch f Pa P a cy, and Turcifinc. 

.cfe u AnAtkcfift Angel blew the trun^ andlJh* A jl„ 

of the bottomleflept. J 

Warning was giucn before, that when this fift An. 
gellfiiould blow the Trumpet, a moftfearefi.il woe 

ftouldcorncvpon the world/urpaffing al that went 
before, which 15 the fctting vppe of Anuchrift in his 
pndc , thatmanoffin, that fonneof perdition. 

The Pope is hecre compared*, a ftaiy as well as 
other godly Mmifters in this booke.becaulc theBi! 
ttopsofJtow, atehefirft wcrcgodly and excellent 

n 1 en;foramongft t hcfirftth4o4m,thrrfw« 
fome Martyrs. But « is herefaid, that now this Star 
wasiallenfrom heauenvnto the earth ; that is the 
B.fhopsoto*,, were greatly degenerated & fallen 
clcaneawayfrom heaucnly thinges to eatthly : for 
^eydcch n edfr m timctonme)& J c d 


other Paftorsfalhng fromthc tnuh, aswell-asthe 
Poppas ttB taken inthefbrmercliaprer.andm the 
12 chapter.vc r fe 4 . 1 anfwer, that the arcumfra'nees 
^llnotherebeareit. Therefore to perfwad* euS 

A 1 "? an A CO n fclenCC ' th3t Chis m »« *«* be vn! 
dcrlfood ofthePope in hispride, Jccvsgine eaxe to 
thefc three rcafons following- . 5 CCMCZO 

F 1 tiJ,w C aretoconfider,thatrhemain c drift ofth'e 
holy Ghofl * thf openins of che ^ ^ "J 


Chrift. Furttr J a! ¥ ?""' * C com ™«Sof 
the thmges comS vn,f f Cnt ' 7 C ° ° bfcn,c > tha < 

^^o&Tfess ° f thefc - 

p«s areas it wcre P arts ja ndT^, e " m,m - 
^euenvntotLenfofttwSr ?' 

openinabfthefc ££',„! u ft * fortfl ™d<* the 

^trumpS:thcr^T Si^ Uc ? Wl,, g ofan y* 

nrftodu, P 4S^^?S fl ^ ,tll,l,abc «^ 
myfirftreafo TrfoZZ and L fiftt ™"P«:Andthisis 

/ Anudinft, was from thc^oo. ycares, 
1 l vntiU. 

?8 AnExpfitimvpnthtKeuelittim. 
vntil I th ; ^oo. ycarcand fo forward . B at now, im- 
medially vpon this great cncrcafc of error and dark- 
ncfle, commeth die defcription of a fpeciall Star fal- 
len from hcauen at this time, which was about 6m 
ycares after Chrift, a nd thcrforc itmuft needs be vril 
dcrftoodofthc Pope. And this is myfecondreafon. 

My third and bit rcafon is drawne from the de- 
fection of the Pope and his Cleargy in the firft ele- 
ven verfes of this chapter . For heis fo liucly defcri- 
bed and painted out in particulars, that all men that 
know him, or cucr heard of him, mult ncedes fay k 
is he For this defection hcrefet downe by the ho- 
ly vjholt, can fitly agree to none other. 

The Papifts thtmfclucs do confcffe.that this ftar 
here mentioned, muft needs be vnderitood offorne 
Arch-hereticke. And full wifely forfooth they apply 
it to Luther and Calnm. But we affirme, that it is to 

, Th, r „ r l*} , od ot lhc Po P e : For was che « «ier any 

Tl.«i; 3< fuch Arch-hcrctick as tevhfc&appfith-Mdexslteih 

btmfelfctgauifitUthat is called God, and again/tall 

impcriall powers, as the Apoftlc faith. Btunowlet 

vs proceed to die defcription of hrm. 

Fitll, he is. faid to hauc the key o f the botroixileffe 
putc, whichagrccth well to the Pope: for he hath 
power gmen him to open hell gates, to let in thou- 
lands thither: but no power to open heaucn gates, 
to let in any thither: for he furthcrcth. many to Hell 
none to hcauen. He doth indeedc falfely challenge 

vntohimfelfcthekcicsofthckingdomeof hcauen 
to let in, and tout out at his pleafure. But here wc fee 
theholy Ghoftdoth attribute no fuch power vnto 
Jum,.buc onely celkth ys a that his power and iurif. 


J*Zxp<>!ithn*pnth<fRtudtfa& r m 
diftioo is in hell and oner helled asfor heauenZ 

hath nothing to do.with it. It were ncedleffc to /hew 
howtWrmmphorof kclesis taken for power and 

before Cap. ,. ver. 18. & as ncedlcffe top&uethat 

rem, chap, 1 j, 7>c hap, 20, i. , ;....; ' r 

afcendeth vp i nto ,he ayrepwf^lyvpponit^vfo 

Zt ,t V W ^ cballls to bevnderftood ofrhacfpiru 
tualdarkeneffc,.gnorance ) fuperftition,5cldolatry : 

tedchaire,andwas in h^prideand height, ruling 

SS S ^ rt !: ek i nS \ pfthecarth; linefeed 
djcfimwasdarkned a n ( ie^I.pfe<i, c ha(;.i S ^he:ligh ti 

o^he Gofpdl wa-salmolxdeantputout. Portlat 
LI, "'^ St t bc r n ? crft ? t>ddf ' a g r ^er and more 
?eneralldarkneffe,thenthatwhich was mentioned 

^dwasdarkned .But now that AnticEtut 
dctn the Churchy all is ouerfprcad withgrofTeand 
.P^bledarkneffe,aUisasdaLasPitch-n Jni 
c ^ fec .^ e ¥«^wh.ch wayhcgocth^Eonhe- 

** 3 whole 

'ip9 AriBxfofitioftvftnthcR.euelatioa. 

whole aire is filled with this moft odious and thicke 
finoake, which came out of hell pit. 
verfc j. And there came out of the fmoake Locufles vpptn the 
earth i wtlvMothem watgfuenppwer, as the Scorpi- 
ons of the earth hauepowcr* 
By thefc Locufts, is meant the Popes Cleargy, as 
Abbots, Munkes^Ftiers, Priefts,Shaucljngs J &: ftich 
like vcrminc ; which ace therefore compared to Lo- 
cufts';, hctaitfc they waftc and. deftrby the Church, 
eiienas Locufts ddhby the fifuices of the earth. i For 
both Hiftbriographers &c travellers do affirme, that 
whole fieldes of grecne Corne new comcvp,hauc 
hcenc .wafted iand eaten. <yp in bne night as.baccis 
the earth, byifwarqvfs of Lbeufts : iri thq fail-coun- 
tries ; For in thofc, parts of the worlds multitudes o£ 
this litle veimine are tbbc found: eucn fo the Pbpilh 
Cleargy confumcth and dcuoureth all grcene things 
inthc.Chiirch. . . m: .-, .-.''■.. 

Moreouer, it.is tobce fibted, that thefc Lolufts 
cameoutofthefinoakbfthepic ; that is, they were, 
bred out of it : for Monkes,Fries,Priefts,& fuch like 
Caterpillers, were bred of ignorance, error, herefie, 
fupcrftition,8cthc very finoake of hell : for from hell 
they came J &: to hdl they will.Thcy arc difccnded.ofi 
the black hbufe of hell, and thither they will returnc. 
Moreouer, it is faid, that power was giucn them to 
itinglike Scorpions.For whom haueihey notftung 
with' their moft Venenious Sings' I mean-their dam. 
nablc errors,and diuelifh dcuiccs.Whom hauethey 
not wounded with their corrupt do&rinc, Sidiuel- 
lifti auchority?They are the forcft foule-ftingers that 
cucr the .\yorldchad, who .haucjkft tUcij venimous 


An txpofttion vpMtheReuetaiionl ioi 

flings in the foules of thoufand thoutandes, where- 
with they harte becMe pbifoned and ftung. to death. 

Audit n>as commanded them,that they Jhould not hurt v «fe ♦ 
thegraff'e of the earth, neither any grcene things nei~ 
ther any tree, but ovely thofe which haite net the fe ale 
cfGod in their foreheads. 

It may be demaunded,what became of the Church 
when as the whole earth was full of thefe crawling 
arid -flinging Locufts .This queftion is nowherean- 
fwered : to wit, that thefc Locuftcs are charged and 
commaunded, that they fhould not hurt any of the 
ele&:forthis woeandthis plague, extendcth no fur- 
ther then to the inhabitants of theearth, as wehauc 
>robate,the'y haue nothing to'do" with Odds chofen 
)cople.Andhercagainewefeewhat great care God 
lathfor bis inithe middeftofthegfeatcft dangcrs,as 
lath bcene twacchotedhcforeichap.7:diap. 8. For. 
now>Antichrift raigaingaaliis &&pnb^tt,hi&t:\c8t. 
arcpreferucdin rKe.midftb£the{e Scttrpion-lbcufis^ 
flying aboift-thcmcares lifcefwarmesof Hbrnets,not 
one of them is ftung to deaths Chrifts htde iiockc is 
alwaiesdriended* andfcrinfafer)& . 
And to thsm\ was commattded^hattJj'syfbimldrJot hurt v * rf * 1 

them Jiutthut 'they fbouldhe bexedfiuemonthes, and 

that their paine (bouldbe -js-thejuin thai cemmeth of 


-Sorneiwrite^triatfuchas are ftung of afcorpion, do 
dot die fbrthwith,.biithaue'»lihgring pamc.vvhcr- 
yyitlb they are mifciably vexed three or fqure dayes 

'"."•"•;" """ "' befoit 

X»i AnExfoJttUft vfwthe Retulathn. 

before they dicofit.NoWijyntothisIingring painc 
is th&fpiritual flinging compared; for theft I&cufls 
arc commanded of God,that'they fliould not kil the 
>ery reprobates outright^and at oncc,but torment 
them with a lingring death for the fpa ce of fi uc m o- 
nethsithat is.joo.years : for fo long did the Papacie 
continue in his height and pride, itill ftrcngthand 
vcrtue,and fo long did the Pope & his Clergy fting 
vcrfe S Therefore in thtfe dates (hallmen feeke death, and (ball 
. imtfindeit^andjhill defoeleJie, andJfatbjhallfiye. 

This vcrfe doeth (hew, thatallPapiftcs.bcing thus 
ftung andtorrnented intheir conlcicnces withlhis 
lingring paipe afPjapifti do&rin k fhal wifothef clues: 
out oftbe^<wldiaaiiAtaiied^mckc,tbac they might 
be rid of cbtirfpmwiallftiagiiig,& hclliih torments 
whicih they.had intheir conference.. Forthc Popiflv 
do ftrin hath no fqundcomfort in ir r it leai: tth men. 
in. dc(peratiDnjin:fiikriesi6ty^on their death-bedsJ 
F.of alai,wh^'iion^Et can:apqorc diftreffed xon- 
feiecehaue in Popels pardonsJndulgeioeSjMalTcs 
Dirges, MetitSyWoxkesyPilgriinagcSjPurgatory, 
Croflcs, Crucifixes, Agnus de/s 3 and fuchJike trafh 
and trumpery ?thc(e alas ore too weakejtttaiedyes. 
}■■■•■■ for any.fptotVladl'":difcaipsA*hcy arc not fofficiehttb. 
procurepardohatGodihahdforany finnc Alas, 
the poore blind papifts didknow and feekhatthey 

therefore Lad horrible convulfions in their cbnfck 


AnExfafition-vfontheReuclation. 103 

ences & knew riot how to winde out of the.For the 
do&rin offreeiuitificatio in die bloud of Chrift,was 
hid from thc,they knew it not: and therefore al affu- 
ranceofGods fauor,all peace of confidence, and all 
ioy in the holy- Ghoft, was vttcrly taken from them, 
and therefore many of them died in molt defperate 
and vncomfortable manner. And for this caufc it is 
here faid, that they fought death, and defired to bee 
rid outoftheworideonevvayoranother :forator- 
rnentcd confciencc who can bear ir,it is a kind of hel 

And the form of the Locuftswas like vnto her fesf reba- 
ted vnto battel^ and on their heads were m it were 
crownes like •yntogolde, and their faces -were like the r«fe 7. t 
faces of men. 

And they hxdhaire as the haire of women : andtheyr 
teeth were as the teeth of Lyons. 
Hitherto we hauc heard of the pettigrcc and poyfo- 
ncd /tings of thefe vile Locufts,aud how they vexed 
the inhabitants ofthe earth all the time of the great 
Antichriit.Now we arc to vndcrftand of their form 
and likenes : for the fpirit of God, dooth heere paint 
them out in their colours,thar all men may difcerne 
them, and beware of chem. Fir/tit is faide that they 
were like vnto horfes prepared vnto battcll : that is, 
they were as ftronge and fierce as barred horfes, to 
rufh and run vpon all fuch as fhoulde but once mute 
or mutter agamft them, or dicir Authority : Ivlore- 
oti2r,chey hauc crownes of golde vpon their heads, 
which fliewcth and iignificth,that they were the con- 
querors ofthe carth,and Lords of the Worlde, and 
who but they ? for in thofc daics no man, nay, no 

Q_ Lord 

f 04 Jin ExpofttUn t>fo» the Reuelation. 
Lord or Kingjdurft quitch againft a Monke,a Frier, 
or a piid priclt: for if any did,thcy wcrefure to (mart 
for it-Thcy had alfo faces like the faces of men ; that 
is, they fee faire faces vppon matters, and pretended 
great deuotion in religioiijAattering the pcoplc,and 
making them bclceue that they coulde gitie them 
pardon of all their finncs,and bring them to heauen, 
when as in very truth,for their bellies, and forthcyr 
gainCjthcy did cunningly fmooth with the Nobles, 
the rich and the migh ty,fetting faire faces vpo their 
proceedings-,and as S.Peter faixhjThregh couttoufms 
2 "'*'* with funed words ^they made merchandije of "mem fouls 
and did clofcly winde rhcmfelues into the heartes of 
the (imple pcople,by their fawning inilnuations 5 bc- 
ing in very deede moil notable flatterers and hypo- 
crite.Tliey had haite,as the haire of women; that is, 
they were altogether effeminate, being giucn to de- 
licacie,luft,and wantonnefle ; they were drowned in 
whorcdomc Sc al kind of bcaitlincfTc, being a fhoale 
of mod filthy villaincs.Tfeeir teeth were as the teeth 
of Lyons,to catch 8c fiiatcli all that they could come 
by.Thcydcuourcd.all thefatmorfcls cucry where ; 
they got the church-linings into their handes : they 
firftmadc impropriations : they incroached vppon 
temporal! mens lands :.tfiey fwallovvcd vp-all eucry 
wh.-rc.Ifwelookevpoiuhc Abbeys, Priories, and 
Nunneries, wee may eafily iudgewhat teeth they 
Jiad.Jvlor.eoticrJris faid they had Habbergions,like 
to Habbcrgions of Itojthat is, they. were foitrongly 
urmed with the defence &: countenance ©f the pope, 
.'that no Ccciilar powet durft once quitch againft the. 
Their wings were like the found oi chariots, when 
' " many 

AnEkpofitionvfientheReuelation. ief 

manyhorfesrunnevnto battclhthatiswith flutce" 
ring noifc & terrible chreatnings,thcy flronc to vp 
holdc their kingdome. Alfo in Churches and Pul- 
pits,they make a roaring noife, and take on terribly 
to maintainctheirabhominable Idolatry. They had 
tailes like vnto fcorpions, and there were (tinges in 
theirvailes.For withtiieirpoifoned doctrine 8c flin- 
ging authority, like adders (k fhakes they flung ma- 
ny to death Moreoucr, power was giucn them to 
hurt men fiucmoneths, that is, all the time of Anti- 
chrifts raigne as before hath bin fhewed. 
They hxue a king ouer the, which is the angel of the lot- vcrf ' 
fomlejj'epitjvhoje name in Hebrew is Abaddon,W 
in Greeke he is named A^oWyonjhat isjieflroying. 
Asthcfoules hauc a king ouer them, which is the 
Eagle;and thebeafts,thc Lyon;& monal menfomc 
chiefegouernour, vnderwhofc protection and fub- 
iccStio tliey liue:fo here thefehellifh Locufts are fayd 
to haneakingouer them,whichis the AngcIIof the 
bottomlefle pit: that is,che diucll or the pope,which 
you will,vndcr wbofe enfigne they fight, and vndcr 
whole defence they line* Theii kings name in He- 
brew is called Ahuddon^wA in Greeke JpoltyonSXhc 
words are both of one fignification, that is, deftroy- 
ing-.for both the diucl himfelf,& his vicar the Pope, 
aredeftroyers and waftersof the church of God. 
One wo is pajl, and behold yet two woes comt after 

Wee haue hearde at large what this firft Woe is 
namely,thcphgucoftbcworlde,bythePopc. - - 
his Cleargy. Now wee are to heare of the feconcs 
woe, which is thenioftbugeand murtheringarmye 


i o 6 An Exposition vpon the Reuelation. 
of the Turkes, wherein the thirde pact of men were 
flain.Some do expound this fecond wo of chc king- 
dome of Antichrifr,and his armies: but that it is not 
fo,may appcarc by thefe rcafons following. 

Firft, the Angcll denouncing woc,woc,woe, dc- 
nounccth three leucral wocs,and therefore it is faid -, 
One we ispajl,andbeholdyet two woes come after this. 
Itfollowcththcn, thatthisisadifiinciand feucrall 
woe from the former, and therefore cannoc bec the 
fame.Secondly,this wo containcth fpccially a bodi- 
ly flaughtcr of the third part of the world, and of the 
wicked reprobates : but the firftwoewas fpccially a 
plague of mens foules,as we hauc hearde, and there- 
fore this cannot be the fame with the firft. 

Thirdly ,wc arc to vnderftand, rhat this book dc- 
fcribcthall thegrcateft calamities and plagues that 
fliould come vpon the world in any age after Chrift, 
and therforc we may iuftly think that the kingdome 
of the Turkes is not left out, feeing it was one of the 
grcatefl plagues that cucr came vpon the world. Bur 
the kingdome of the Turkes is defcribed in no other 
part of this Rcuclation,and therefore muft of ncccC- 
fity be here defcribed. 

Then thefixt Angel blew the Trumpat, mdlhenrde * 

"'-'J m- -voice from the four corners of the golden Altar which 

is before God: 

Saying to thefixt Angell which had the trumpet, loofe 

the foure Angels which are boundt in the great riuer 


Nowvvcare come to the defcription of the fecond 
woe, which followeth vpon the blowing of the fixe 
trumpet,by the fixt Angell. And firft of aUhc&jth ; 

AnExpsjttiottvpontheReHtlattott. 107 
Be heard a voice from the ^.corners ofthegolde Altar 
By the golden Altar ; is meant Chrilt, as before hath 
bin fhewd with thereafons thereof. From this Altar <.[,,- 1 , 
the voice commcth to the Angellwhich blew thefixt 
trumpet, that wee might knowc it is the voice of the 
mighty god,&: the commandemcntofourLord Ie- 
fus.Thc voice commandcth the fixt angel to lofe the 
4 . Angels which are bound in the great riuer Euphra- 
Aw.Bythefe foure Angels which arethus boundeat 
Euphrates, is meant many diucls or Angels of dark- 
ncs,as we haue heard before,cha,y,ver,i. Their bin- 
ding fignificth their rcflraint, by which they were 
held back from doing that mifchiefe which they dc- 
fired to do. Their loafing, figuifieth that power was 
giucn them to pcrforme that which they wifhed. 

They arc faide to be foure in number, becaufc they 
fliould raifc an horrible plague in the foure corners 
of thecarth,both Eaft J Weft,Noith,Sc South. The 
fence is,that the Diuels haue yet farther and greater 
fcopc giucn them to plague and deftroy the inhabi- 
tants of the earth. Thefe diucls had exceeding great 
power in the kingdome of Antichrift, but they are 
vnfatiablc in mifchiefe, and fb after a forte lie ftill 
bound cillthcy hauc their defire. Thcplace where 
they lie bound:, is Euphrates, wherein is a myflcric : 
for Euphrates literally taken, is a great Riuer, which 
•ran fonigh ihz ckicBabilonin Chaldea, thatitwas a 
mighty defence vnto it, fo that the cittic couidc not 
be taken ,vntill they that laide fiedge vnto it, cut out 
trenches, and dcriued die waters another way.Now 
for the myfterie, it is this : Rome in this booke is cal- 
kd.Babylon.By a m:taphor,&: after the fame manor, 

Q.3 the 

to8 M Exptfitioii vfoiihte Rtuelahtt. 
the great riucr Euphrates,** we fhal fee afterwards, 
chap ,i£.fignificth the powcr,wealth,and authority, 
which that citty Rome ,eucn this weftcrne Babel,hitti 
to defend it fclfc. Then ir followcth,th3t inthis po- 
wer 3 auihority,and ftrcngth of Rome, the Diuels lie 
bound, for they waited through the power oi' Rome, 
to workeyet far greater mifchiefe,and therefore are 
laid to be bound,fo long as they wer retrained The 
mifchiefc which they plotted, &purpofcd to bring 
to pafTe by the authority and power of Rome ,was the 
hatching and bringing forthof the Mabomctifhrc- 
ligion,whichinvery deed didfpring from the dark- 
neffe of Rome,zs lrom his proper rootc and or.ginal 

The diuels did forcfcc 5 that out ofchc fuperfh'tions 
and Idolatricsof.R«»<r, defendedby their great po- 
wer and authority 3 Mahometifh religion, might ve- 
ry well be framed, and therefore not beeing content 
to plague the Weft part of the worldc with Popery 
and Idolatry, they do greedily defire alfo to plague 
the E aftpart of the worlde with the falfc religion of 
Mahomet. They arc not fatisfied with plaguing and 
poifoning all Europe with abhominablc Idolatries, 
except alfo they plague and infect all Ajia &c Ajfrica 
with the Turks moft execrable religion: fo infatiable 
are the diuels in working mifchicf.N ow in the mean 
time they thinke themfelues too much ftraightned, 
bound &c tied vp in Rome,&c Romifh rel!gion,exccpc 
they may be lofed,and proceed further to ouerfpred 
the whole worldc with all impieties, and horrible ab- 
hominations. A man would thinke that when the di- 
uels had prcuailed f o far 3 as to place Autichrift in his 


AnZxpoftttoHvpw the Revelation, iop 
curfed chairc,and to breed the fwarmes of Locufts 
cd:forthen,as wefay.helfcemedtobe brokeloofe. 
But yet al this cannot fatisficthe vnfatiable dhiel?, 
but they wil hauc the religio of Mahomet eftablifhcd, 
to poifon and pbgue all the Eaft parts of the worldc 
in their foules : and alfo they wil haue the moft huge 
crucl,and fauage armies of the Turkcsiaifcd vp, to 
murder & maflacrc millions of men in their bodies, 
in the weft parts of the world, as prefently wccfliall 
hcare.Now til al this be eft ectc d, they are faid to lye 
bound at Rome . But here we fcc } that this fixt Angcll 
hathaprccife commandement from Iefus Chrift* 
to looft thefe diuels which lay bound at the great ri- 
ucr Euphrates jAnxtbay might plague the whol world 
far and ncare, at their pleafure .• fo now all the diuels 
of hcl arc let ]oofc s and let vs hearc what followcth. 
And the 4. Angels were loofed, which wereptepared at 

an houre,at a day, at amonthjndatayearejojlay the verfc ' ' s ' 

Now the diuels being loofed and vnbound by fpeci- 
to execute their mifchief.This afcendingby degrees 
from a ftiort time . vnto longer and longer ; From art 
home to a day, ejrc, doocth figniflc, that as the Diuels 
were prcft,and at hand at an hourcs warning-, as wee 
fay to put in praclife whatfocuer they had plottcd:fo 
they were as forvyard to contiuuethc fame, From an 
houre to 4 day, from a day to a.month,tmdfrom a. month 
to ayeare, that is from time to time_,vntiithc date of 
their commiflion was on t ; for their time was limit- 
ted jand their commiflion bounded,.as aftetwatd we 


no -dn Exfofititn vfon the ReuelatUd. 

fhal fee. And this is our comfort,that both the Papa, 
cie is limited to fiuc moncthes, and the Turcifrnc to 
houres, daics, monthes, and ycares-The diuels po- 
wer is limited, thogh it gricucth them ful (ore. They 
cannot do what they liftc: they cannot continue as 

long as they would. 

After the number of horfemen of wane were twentit 

vofc i<s thoufand times ten thoufand jor Iheardthe number 
Now,*pon the loofingofthefe diuels, here follow- 
cth the defcription of a moft horrible plague vvhick 
they railed vp • and it is ahuge army, a murtheringe 
army, an army in number exceeding great : forhee 
faith. They were twenty thoufand times ten thoufand; 
thatisjtwo hundred millions,or two hundred thou- 
sand thonfands-But wc may not think that this Ar- 
my was cuer all at one timc,or in any one Age, but 
hcreare the armies of many ages rcckened vp, and 
the full plague of many yearcs let forth. How could 
Saint Iohn number fuch an armyc, may fome Man 
fay? He anfwereth this doub t,and faith , He heard the 
*«Hz£fr0/*/kw.Heedidnotnumbcrthcm : butthe 
numbcrwas told him. 

Morcouer, it is to be noted, that as this army did 
•exceed in numbctjfo alfo in terror and ftrcngth.and 
therefore they arc faid to be all horfemen. For an ar- 
my ofhorfemen are both more ftrong and more ter- 
liblc,then any army of footcmen. 
And thus If aw the horfes in a vifion, and them that fat 
vtrfcI7 9nthemhauingfitryHabbergeons,andoflacinth,and 
of brimftone, and the heads of the horfeswere <tf the 
heads of Lyons,and out of their mouths went forth fire 
andJmoke,andbnmftcne. Hccre 

AnExfefitionvfontheReuelathn. rii 

Hccte is the de cription of the horfemen and hor- 
fes, as they appeared to Iohri in a vifion. Firrt, cou- 
ching the Horfemen, it is faidc that they were very 
well armed with H*bbirgionsy.hi& is, coacs of Mailc, 
Corfelets, or Curets, and thatofafiery colour, and of 
the colour of/acinth;tlnt is,of fmoak, a s appcareth in 
thelaftclaufe of this verfe, and alfo of the colour of 
Brimftone. For as horfeme in compleate armor were 
wont to wearcin their breafr-pJates and targets cer- 
taine enfigncs and colours, whereby they might be 
made terrible to their enimics : So thefeTurki/h 
warriours Sc horfemen do hold out their colours of 
fire,fmoak,& Brimftone, as it were flags of defiance 
againft the whole world, threatning prefent death 
to all that ftiold withftand them; or as if they meant 
to (pet fireandfiame at them,or tochoakthem with 
fmoak and brimftone, and then burnc them vp with 
fire and brimftone. All this their colours 8c enfignes 
in their breaft-plates and Habbergions did portend. 
Now, as concerning their Horfes, no doubt they 
were as fiere as the horfeme. They were great Lan- 
ces, they had heads like Lyons ; that is,thcy were full 
of ftomack and fierceneffe, and out of their mouthet 
went 'forth fire ,tnd fmoak .and brimftone ; that is,they 
had the fame colours and enfignes vpon them that 
their riders had. 

Of theft three was the third part of men killed, that is, Vak l% 
of the fire > and of the fmoake, and of the Brimftone 
whichtame out of their mouthes. 
Hcreisfetdowncthe great /laughters and mafla- 

f res which th;fc martial horfeme &c Turkifh armies 
R made 

M2 jitexpoJttionvpontbeReueUtio*. 
made throughout the mod partof Europe. For hee 
faith : the thirdpartofmen, chat is,great numbers in 
Europe were /lain by the fire, thefmoake^nd the brim- 
Jlo»e,which came out of their mouths: that is, by their 
bloudy cruelty, Sc barbarous immanicy,fomc being 
murthcrcd in their bodies by ci'ticll death, Sc others 
violently drawn to the wicked religion otMakomet. 
For partly by cxtcrnall violcncc,and partly by a fub- 
tillflicw of Religion and dcuotion, they deftroyed 
dioufands both in their foulcs and bodies. And thcr- 
fore it is faid, Their power is in their meuthes, and in 
Vwfe ij». their tailcs- For their tailes were like vnto Serpents, 
and had heads wherewith they hurt.But for the bet- 
ter vnderflanding of thefe things, I thinke it not a- 
miffc a little to open and lay forth the rifing vp, and 
encrcfing of the power of the Turke. 

About the ycareof our Lord, 591. was Mahomet 
borne in a ccrtaine village of Arabia, called Itrarix, 
fotfoHiftoriesdo report. This Mahomet by frandc 
andcoufanage, grew into great credit and fame a- 
monge the feditious Arabians and Egyptians, m fo 
much that they made him a captainc oucrthem, to 
warre againft the Pcrfians. 

After this, hee married a rich W ife, and by that 
meancs he wonne the hcartes of many with gifts.Ih 
the daies of Her actios the Emperour, which was in 
the year of our Lord 623. he grew to be very migh- 
ty. After this, hee faigncd himfelfe to be a Prophet, 
and faid, thai he had virions and reflations, Sc tal- 
ked with Angels . And fo by the helpc odScrgtut a 
Monke, he framed a new worfhip'and religion, pat- 
ched partly out of the olde Teftatncnt, partly ftom 


AnExftfiioHvpnthc Rendition. tij 

the Papifts, and partly from the Heathen. Heraig- 
ned nine yeares, artdxib dyed. 

After him, (iiccecded in the kingdome of th: Sa- 
racens Ebitbezer^who raigned twoycares. Haumar, 
who raigned twelue yeares. touhanias who raigned 
24 yeares.Allrhefcmadegrcatwar againft the Pcr- 
fians, and fundry other nations, &c ouercamc rhem, 
and fetvp the religion of Mahomet amongft them, 
• and fo the kingdome of the Saracens grew mighty :- 
but in proccflc of time the kingdome of the Turkes 
grew great.and the kingdome of the Sarazcns dimi- 
nished. Within a fliort timeaftcrthis, theTartari. 
ans, a Barbarous, people, waxed ftrong, and made 
war againft the Turkes, and prcuailcd greatly for a 
time. But about the year of our Lord 1300. the Em- 
pire of the Tartanans was ouerthrowne, and the 
Empire of the Turks did flouri/h more then cucr be- 
fore : For now come the greatcft monftcrs, St moft 
fauage and cruel tyrants of all.Thc firft of them was 
Ottomams. The CccondBaiazethes. The third Amu- 
rathes. Thcfc made bloudy warres againft the Chri- 
stians -, I mcane the Papifts in Europe,and enlarged 
the Turkes dominions very far. 

They did from time to time fo cruelly murthcr 
and maflacrc the inhabitants of the weft, with their 
huge and bloudy armies, that at laft both the Pope, 
the Empcrour,the King of/fcwjvo^thcKino- ip . 
lenia, the King of Fraunce, the Duke of Burgundy, 
and the Duke oifenice, Sc almoft all the Potentates 
in£urope,did ioyne together to make warre againft 
*he Turkes,and didleuic hugcarmics,but yet could 
Jiot preuaile:fo ftrong were the Turkcs:fo huge and 
1 J8. 2 dread- 

H4 AnexpoftionvpontheReuelation. 

dreadfrill were their armies . Theawc fee that verifi- 
ed which here was foretold, tifawhtc, that the mon- 
(Irous armies of the Turkes, with their horfes and horf 
men,fiouldfay the third part of men .-that is, thel- 
dolaccrs in Europe by heaps and infinit numbers. To 
fee downe the particular battailes betwixt the Turks 
and the Chriftians in Europe^ their horrible blond 
fhcaddings,would require a volume: buc this which 
I haue bnc'fely fee dome, may feme to giuc fome 
licrht vnto it, and may fuffice for the vndcrftanding 
of this text . Now, it is faidc in the nextverie, that 
notwithftanding this hcauy had of God which was 
vpon the Papifts in Europe, and thefe fcarfull Judg- 
ments and maffacers, they repented not of their I- 
dolatrics, but waxed worfe and worfc : for no iudg- 
mentes, no plagues can make the wicked any whit 
thebctccr,.as we fee in the examples of Phoroahand 
Vctfc io. Saule . Andhccrc it is faidc, that the remnant of 
menwhich were not killed by thefe plagues, repented 
not of the works of their hands, that theyfhold not wor- 
jhip diuels and Idols of gold, andoffiluer, & of brafe, 
and off one, and of wood, which neither can fee, nor 
Vcrfcn * heare,nor go. Alfo they repented not of their murthcr, 
and oj r their finery, neither of their formation,™ of 
their theft. And thus we fee how the Diuels which 
were bound at Euphrates, being let loofc vpponthe 
worid, in the wrath andiuft Judgement of God, did 
icarcfully plague both the Turkes in their foulcs* SC 
the Papifts in the ir bodies. The onewith falfc rcli- 
gion.thc other with bloody fwords: and fo was the 
defire of the diuels fully fati'sficd. 


AnExpojttmvptntkeMtitelatw*. n 5 


H Auing opened and expounded the two firft 
woes which fell out v po the blowing of the fift 
and fixt trumpet, containing the two great plagues, 
of Popery and Turkiime,wherewith the world was 
pimiihed many hundred ycares : now in this Chap- 
ter we are to heare of good newes, and great com- 
fort, after fo muchibrrow . For heerc Ieftis Chrift 
commcth doyvne from hcauen to dcliucr his poof e 
afflicted Church,.and to be reuenged of all his cruel 
enimics.For now before the j.andlaft woe,contai, 
niiig the greatefi: plague, of alvpon the world,wbich 
is,the laft judgement i wherein thewicked fliailbee 
tormented in hel fire for euer,both in"body & foule,, 
I fay,bcforc the blowing of the 7.trumpet 3 by the fe- 
ucnth angel, of which we ftialhcar in the next chap- 
ter Now in the meanc time is /hewed in this chap, 
tci'jwhat care God had for his little flockc, which rib 
doubt were hid in thofe daies, and did not appeare, 
and yet were fcattercd in corners, euen in the mid- 
deft of the darkenefle of Popery, and the rnoft furi- 
ous Sc hclliih rage of the Turkifh armies. And thcr- 
fore the principall fcope and drift of this chapter, is 
tofhevvchovvthe Gofoell ihould bee preached in 
many kingdomes,now after this gcnerall darknefic,. 
for the diftouering and oucrthrow, both hfPopory 
andTurkifme,and tofhevv what Ihould fall out in 
the church now in the middle ume,beforc the 7. & 
laft trumpet blow- for then commcth the laft iudg- 
rae'nt^s the angel fyyearcth in this.chaptet,ver. 6,7. 
' ■ :. R3 " This 

vetfe • 


ivS Anttpojitiofi'vpenihe Betulatk*. 

This Chapter doothcontainefoure ptincipall 


Thcfirftis a description of Chrift and his glory, 

Thcfecondfhcwcth how the Gofpell fhould bcc 
preached in many nations and Kingdomes, by the 
Miniftersofthis fall age, whereby all aducrfaric po- 
wer lhould be oucrthrowne . 

The third is a watch-word, giucn to the world by 
Chrift, that when the feuonrh Angell fhould blowe 
the trumpet, the world fhould end. 

The lad doth fhew, how all faitbrull Preachers be- 
,,,„■„ ing called and authorized by Chrift, fhould trauell 
&: take pains in theftudy of Gods booke, and after- 
ward fhould publifh cbe'knowlcdge thcrof farre and 

neare. v 

And I faw another mighty Angel come dewnfrom hen. 
uen, cloathed with a cloud, & the Run-bow vpon hit 
head, andbisfacexsasasth efume.andhisfeetASpiU 

This Angell of might is chrift, as appcarcth by the 
defcription of him, &. by al the confequents follow- 
ing:for he is faid to be clothed with a cloud >hich fig- 
nificth his great glory and maicfiy: fothejhallcome 
in the clouds ofheauen toiudve theworld : that is,with 
great porhpe and glory. The Rain-bow Tt> as vpon hit 
heady which fignificth thc-coucnat of peace with his 
church,asbcfore,chap.4 J 3-« ; j/i<r<ru'^-«i-^J*»»<f, 
which fignificth comfort and deliuerance to his 
church, 5c the difpclling of all the fmoak of thebot- 
tomlcfTcpit,as cheSunfcattereth and driueth away 


Jfisfeet are ^pillars of brafemhichfigaiiic^thathc 




AnExpoJit/tjt^vpM the Reuelation, 117 

fhould tread downc all his enemies vnder his feete, 
both pope andTurkc -.for heemujlraignetiihe. ham i.Cor.iy. 
destroyed them all. The Pope a long time kept al the 
kings of Europe in awe: The Locufts were of great 
powcr.Thc Turks preuailcd exceedingly. But what 
are they all to this mighty St glorious Angel Chrift? 
What is their power to wirhftand him > What can 
Abaddon the king of the Locuftesdoc againft this 
mighty king ofSioni What can the Turks moft ter- 
rible horfes and Horfe-men doe againft this Angell 
which fitteth vpon die white horfe i Alas, alas, they 
are able to do nothing. Theymuftall bectrodden 
downevnderhis feet ofbraffe. 
And he hid in his hand a little booke open, andheeput y „Ct% 

his right foote 'vppon thefea 7 and hislefu vppon the 

This little booke fignificth the Bible. 

It is called little, in refpeft of the great and huge 
volumes of PopifhBookcs, thoughinitfelfe it bee 

It is (aide to bee open,' that all incn might -lookc 
into it, becaufe it had becne fhut a long time before, 
euen during all the time of rhc darkningof the Sun 
and Ayrc, by the fmoak which came out of the bos 
tomleik' pitte. But although it was long fhut vp in 
the time of Poperie, andlaye buried in a ftraunge 
tongue ; yet now it is opened, and pnblickely prea- 
ched vnto all the feruantcs of God. And all this no 
doubt is to be vnderftoodc of Luthers rime, and all 
the rimes ever fince th: Gbfpcll was fpread abroadc 
after the great darkeneffe. For fome hundred yeares 
agoc it was hard cofindc an Englifh Bible : but now 

God : 

u8 \AnExpofitiorivfentkeXeueUti**. 

God be thanked, there are thoufandsto befoundin 
the hands of Gods people And rherforc the things 
here propheued of>re fulfilled in our daics : for wee 
liuevnder the opening ofthe fcuenth feale, and the 
Blowing of chc fixt trumpet, and the powring foorth 
of the fixt viaUs here doth partly appearc, andfhal 
God willin g,bc niadc more manifeft when wc come 
to the \6- Chapter. Now wee arc diligently to ob- 
ferue, that as the opening of this book,Sd theprea- 
ching of the gofpell by Luther & his fucceflbrs,hath 
difperfed the former darkencfle, and beaten downc 
Popcrie.jfo alio hath it driucnbacketheTurkc,and 
taken from vs alfeareofhim,, which in fbrmcrages 
was the terrour ofthe Worlde $for fince men haue 
looked intothisboo'cc,repentedofthcir Idolatrie, 
andturncdvnto God with all their harts, thcTurke 
and his power hath not bin fcared,efpceialy in theft 
partes where the Gofpell is preached. 

For God in his racrcifuHprouidcncetowarde* 
hisChurch,hath diuertcd his power another wayi 
and fct him a woikctlfc : wherc. So thatif men can- 
not be brought to beleeue, that God railed him vp 
as a fcourge for Idolaters, and a plague for Idolatry 
and other foulefinnes, according tothevvordci in 
iheformer chap, whercitisfaid, They repented net 
tftheworks of their hands,drc.yet when they fec,thac 
atthc opening ofrheBookc of God, and forfaking 
Idolatry, the f eare: of him is remooued, let them be- 
leeue it.W hat can be moreplainc, then that this o- 
pen bcokc in the hand of the Angell,hath deliuered 
vs from the Popc,and from theTurkc-A mod hap- 
py opening of this bleffcd booke. 


AnExpofttionvpontbeReueiatioK. \i 9 
Morconer it is faid , that hepttthts right foot vpon 
thefeyndhis left on tht earth.Jhc fetting of chrifts 
right looc vpon the fea, fignificth that he is ruler of 
the fea,and ftandeth as firmcly vpon the fea.as vpon 
the land. The fetting of his left foot vpon the earth, 
doth fignific, that hec is Lord ofthe earth, and true 
heire to all things in ir. 

AadcriedwithaloHdveiee^swhenaLionroareth^ Vcrfc , 
when he hdderiedfeuenthudersvttered their voices. 
This crying with a loud voiced ike the roaring ofa 
Lyon , doth fignific the manifeftation of the wrath 
of Chrift againft all his enimies : for now he begin, 
neth to roarc againft them,as a Lyon whe he is hun- 
gry, roareth for his prey . Therefore now both the 
Scorpion, Locufts,and the fierce Horfcs and horfc- 
men arc like to go to the pot. 

By they, thunders which vttercd their voices, is 
mean tthofeperfecl and exquifite Judgments which 
now were to be infMed both vppon the kingdomc 
ofthe Pope and the Turkc. Wc haue heard before, • 
that 7 . is a perfect number in this Booke : and that 
thunder is put for the thundringof Gods wrath,and 
all fuch broiles and plagues as follow therupon. And 
this is the reafbn of this interpretation. 

And-nhcn thefeuen thunders hud vttered their voices ; Veife 4 

JviStbouttovi>rite,hutlhearda voice fromheauen^ 

tying vnto me : Sedevpthofe thinges which thefe- 

•uen thunders htuejpoken, andwritc them not. 

It fhould fecme thefc fcucn thunders did fo fpcake, 

as they might be vndcrftood/or Iohn was about to 

write the thinges which they fpakc, thinking that 

' S they 




ioj An&cpoJtt'mvptntheReuelatim, 

they were vttcrcd for that endandpurpofe, that he 
mould deliuer them in writing to the churches- But 
he rccciucth a commandement to the contrary, for 
he is willcd,p.ot to write thcm,but to concealc them 
vntill the appointed time. 
But fome man may fay; Why were they vttered> 
feeing they muft'bc concealed; and kept dole ? I an- 
fwer, it was not in vaine •• for firft, though the parti, 
culars be not cxprcfled what the :hnnders fpake:yet 
here wc arc taught, that there rcmainc moft fcarfull 
iudgments againftall the opprcflbrs ofthe Church; 
which Chnft hatli thundered out with terrour a- 
gainft them. And whe the timedctcrmincd is come, 
they fhall be fecne and vndcrltood : but in the mean 
time, they be fealcd vp^and kept clofe according to 
that of lob : whyfhouldnot the times be hid ofthe Al- 
mighty ,fo as they which know him,fljould notperceiue 
the times appointed of him ; and that of Darnell: Theft 
things are fealed <vp -vntill the time determined. 

Andthe Angelltfhich lfatgfiandvp$nthefea/mdvpi 
on the earth, lift vp his hand to heauen. 

And fiv are by him that liuethfor euermorejvkich crea- 
ted heatttn ,<£ the things that therin ar<;& the earth, 
and the things that therein are ; and the fen, and the 
t hinges that therein are, that timefbould bent more. 

But in the dales ofthe voice ofthefeuenth Angel, when 
hefljall begin to blew the Trumpet, euenthc mintfir) 
ofGodfballbeftmfied, at he hath declared to his Set* 
nantsthe Prophets. 
The fumme of ihefc three vcrfei is, that Chrift'gi- 

tteth warning ofthe laft Judgment, that men might 

^^ptfitimvpentheHeuelatiott. llt 
awake and Iookc out in time. And becan'emen for 
day far from them, as the Prophet fpeaketh . There- Am< " <> l • 

folcmne gelturcs thereunto annexed, as Was thclif- 

tingvpotthchandinauncienttime.Gw.r 4)2i The 

A.ng that our Lord IcCus depofeth, isMuimefhaU 

be no mere , that .s, Time as it is now, or the flatc of 

thmgsas they benowrbut hetellethvs flady,that as 
tae Angels hauc already blownc their trumpets, fo 

befrnfbed-.ihn is, the timeofpunifoing the wicked, 

ndravardmg the godly, ftould come, which is 
therefore ; called a ^7^, becanfc the world vnderJ 
ftandeth it not: They think there is no fuch matter. ; 


ly Ghoft faith : verify there is areward for the rizhte- 
™fMbtUfetherctsrt 9 d*hiehiudgeththe e Mk V r, , , 
nms the Prophet t. J 

™<gam e ,*xdfaid, Go and take the little book which 

"jentnthehandofthe Ange/l, rfhichfiandethvp- 

m 'the Sea, and vpon the earth r 

Silvern vntothe Angell, andfaidvnto lim&uemt 

th ^hcokA»ihefaidvnto me ,txkeit,andeatt V ^ t9 
wt&dtt frail make thy belly bitter, butitfha/lbec 

UeHltooketheiittle book out ofthe Angels hand, and V „f« „ 
"teitvp,andjtw<tsinmymouth as fw fete as bom ; 
■totwftenlhadeatcnrt, my belly was bitter. 

-Si Attd 


Ycrfe lit 

An Expo fit ten vpon the Reuelstien,. ' 
Andhefaidevntome^ Thou muli prophej/eagaine/t- 
mcrtgtke people, 4tfdnatiffls,atjdt0ngufs,atid ten/a- 
ny kings. 
Thebriefcfenfe of thefc foureverfes is, that the 
Preachers of the Gofpcll being called, allowed, and 
aurhorifed by Chrift vnto their miniftry,flioiildftu. 
dy the fcriptures with great diligence,cue vntil they 
had eaten vp the bookc of God.,&: then they ihould 
preach 5c publifli vnto all nations &C kingdoms that 
truth of God,5t doftrincof the Gofpell,which now 
a long time had lien hid in the raigne of Antichrift. 
It is to be ob(eiued,that Iohn in this place reprefen- 
teth the perfo of al the miniftcrs of the gofpel which 
fhould bee raifed vp in thefc laft daies, for the ouer- 
throw of Antichrift, and the rcftauration of true re- 
Jigion:forIohn himfelfcdid not liue to thefc times. 
Further, it is to benotcd,that all godly Students- 
and zealous Minifters docate vp the bookeof God 
by rcading,itudy,praier,Sc' meditation, &: they find 
it fweet in their mouth, that is, they finde and feele 
great ioy and comfort in theftudyand medication: 
thcreofjCipccially when God reucalt th therby great 
and hid fecrcts vnto them, & giucth them to vnder- 
ftand themyftcries of the Goipcll,3c counfels of his 
will,which arclocked vp from the wife and pradent 
of this world-.This I fay,is tweeter vnto their mouth : 
then hony, and the hony combe. Concerning this 
phrafcofeatingvpthebookejlookcfz/f/i. 2,p,for 
here the holy Ghoft alludeth thereunto. 

This booke being fo fweet in the mouth, yetbe* 
ing eaten and digefted, is bitter in the belly. 

There may be three rcafons yeelded of this bitter- 
■efle.. Eirfi, 

AnExpefitionvponthelteuelatioiZ n$ 

Firft, becaufe it beirig once takt n downe into our 
foule by godly meditation, doth mortify our cor- 
rupt nature, and bring vnder our Jufts, and therfore 
feemeth bitter to fleih and bloud. 

Secondly, becaufe affli&ions and trials do alwaics 
neceflarily follow the found digeftion ofthcGof- 

Thirdly,bccauic the doctrine of the Gofpell being 
fwallowed by the miniftcrs therof,muft not be kept 
to themfelucs,as it were elofed vp in their ftomacks, 
but they mult out with it againe, asificwercfome 
loathfome Si. bitter thing, which muft needs be caft 
vp again. And for this caule it is laid in the laft vcrfe, 
that t hey muft prephefie agatne among the people ejr va- 
tfo»s,*ndtongues,& many kings. Now blzKc&hzthc 
name of the Lord our God, who hath giuen vsto 
liue in this age, wherein we do with our cics behold 
and fee the fulfilling of all thefe things : let vs there- 
fore praife God for this great workc which wee fee 
wrought in our daies,and let vs ftill more and more 
magnifie this little booke,which will vttcrly deftroy 
Popery,and bring downe the pround Anuchrift,do; 
all that fight for him what they can. 


WEe hanc heard that the little Booke ihould 
be opened, and the Gofpell preached and 
publiihed to many Nations and Kingdomes, after 
the great darknefle of Popery : and that this was 
done by Luther ^MelanSton^Caluin^Peter Firet,Peter 
Atdrtir, Bit/linger, Bucer, and all their faithfull fuc-' 
S 3 ceflbrs 

114 ■** Exp'Jit'm vftn the Rettlttion. 
ccffors vnto thic day . Now in chis Chapter weare 
to vnderftand of the effeft & good fucceffe of their 
prcachingand publifhing the Gofpcll, whichwas, 
that the Church fliould be reftorcd, tcformedjand 
built vp thereby, which a long time had becne wa- 
fted and opprcfled by the tyrraay of Aatichriftj and 
that many fhotild imbrace the Gofpcll, forfakc their 
Idolatrics,and turne to God with all their harts.yca 
whole nations andkingdomes in Europe fliould be 
coucrtcd to the faith,as wc fee this day God be prai. 
fed. So then thcprincipall drift of this Chapter is, to 
fliew thofe things which yet remainc to bee fulfilled 
vndcr the blowing of the fixt Trumpet, which is the 
preaching and preuailing of the Gofpcll, cucn vnto 
thcworldcscnd: andalfothethingcs which follow 
vpon the blowing of the feuenth trumpet, which is 
the rcfurrc&ion and laft iudgment. 

This Chapter containeth fixe principall things,a* 
it were fixeparts therco£ 

Firft, it Jhcwcth how the true Church fliould be 
gathered together and buiJtvp by the preaching of 
the Gofpcll, and all the wicked refilled and caft our, 
Y«.j. 4,5.6 Secondly, it defcribeth the builders ; that is,all the 
faithful Miniilers which had and fliould refift Anti- 

Thirdly, it fliewcth how Antichrift fliould perfc. 
cute the Preachersand profeflors of the Gofpcl vn- 
to dcath,andmurthcrchembyhcapes. 
, Fourthly^ fhewech thac Papifts, Athefts, 8c wic- 
ked worldlings,fliould reioyce in the death of Gods 
people, and not vouchfafe the fo much as the honor 
of burial), but fendgifts one to another for ioy that. 


««. i.» 

Vttfc 7, 8 

t«rfe j, to 

^fnExfcJftimvpMtbeJleuelatim: 115 
they wererid out of the earth.Fifdy, it fliewcth that 
notwithftandmg the rage and fury of the world in *"',' 
perfecuting them to death, God fliould not only re- * 
ceiue their foulcs to glory, buralfo raifc vppc others 
endued with the (ame fpirit, which fhonld preach, 
profeffe, and witneffe the fame ttuthconftantly and 
continually, cuen vnto the end of the world. 

Laftlyitihcweth, that after the preaching of the v«, 14 
Gofpcll fomc good time in this laft age, the feuenth 
Aungell fliould blow the Trumpet, and the worldc 
fliould endw 

And there ve as giuettmt * reed like vnto a rBd,atid the reif « 
Angelpodhy faying, Arife&meafure the temple of 
Coiandthe aultar^mdthem that worjbip therein. 
Here Iefus Chnftgiucth a reed vnto lohn like vnta 
a rod, and thcrvpon hec is commaunded by an An- 
gcll to goc about the mcafuring of the Temple, the 
aultar, &c. 

By this raeafuring with a reede like a rod, is fignifi. 
edrhe raftering and building vppeofGodi houfe, 
which now was greatly ruinated and run into decay 
through the long pceuailing of Popery . Meafnring- 
with a recde, is taken for the buildingvppe of Gods' 
Church, after the decaicdeftate tharcof, bothinf- 
Uthiell Z/tchary,3cthhPtophe[ic. Iohninthepcr- 
fons of al faithful Miniftcrs, hath this meafuring rod . 
giuen hina, becaufe the church was to be reftorcd & 
built vpby thcminifters& MiniftryoftheGofrell. 
The thing to be meafured.isthc Templc,the AuP 
tar, andthem that worfliip therein. 
Thisisanallufionto thelcgall worfhip; whereby- 
curfpirituall worfliippeis reprefented. Forty the 


1. it, 


ii£ AnExpofition vpontht Rendition. 
matcriall Tempcll.is meant the fpiritual Temple.or 
Clutch of God By the Aul tat offtone.is meant the 
fpiritual worftiip. By them that worftiip ther in with 
carnall Sacrifices, is meant all the true members of 
%hz Church, which worftiip God in fpirit and truth. 
Now then,both the Church, the true worftiip and 
worftiippcrs, were all to be meafured, repaired, and 
built vppebyminiftrieofthe word, which all were 
•dtyaicd and almoft laid waft, by the Popes tyrrany. 

But the Court which is -without the temple cajl out d»d 
tneafure it not, for it isgiuen to the Gentiles; and the 
holy Citty frail they trend vnder foote two And forty 
month es. 
Iohn is hcere forbidden to meafurc and build vp the 
court which is without the Temple . Whereby is 
meant all herctikes, hypocrites, worldlings, and all 
fuch as hauc a place in the church, but are not of the 
Church. This pbrafc of fpecch is taken from thcold 
ftiadowifti worftiip as the reft bcfore.For in the tern. 
pie oilerufalem there was an outward court which 
was common to all, good and bad: the holy place 
which was proper tothePrieftsand Leuites:and 
the holy of holicft, or moft holy place, where none 
might come but the high Prieft onely. 

Heerc is a rcafon added why the Lord God rcfu« 
fcth all Papifts and hypocrites, &c all fuch as belong 
to the outward court oncly, and it is this : that this 
outward court isgiuen vnto the Gentilerj&Mt is, to a! 
falfe Christians and counterfeits in Rcligiori.vvhich 
are members of the vifible Church, but hauc no- 
thingto do with the inuifiblc. Thcfcare compared 


An Expofttion vpon the Rettelatun. ny 
to Gcnrils in two refpecT-s.Firft in regard ofpropha- 
nex/or they arc as pi oplianc as the heathen. Second- 
ly,in refpeft of periecuting the truth : for hypocrites 
and Athiefts are as forward in periecuting the people 
of Go J as the Heathen Emperors, which perfceuted 
the Church by the fpacc of 300. ycares. All comes in 
this.that when the Chutch Ihould bee gathered and 
builtby the preaching of the Golpcll, God wotildc 
hauc all papifts, Atheifts,and Hypocrites fhutout. 

Morcouer,hcre is the fecond realon yeelded, why 
the outward court Ihould bee call out, and not mca- 
futed ; to w\i,bcaufctheyJhould tread the holy cittie 
vnder foot forty and two months : that is, they ftould 
perfecute the church al the time of Antichrifts raign. 
For forty two months in this vcrfe : and 1160. dates 
in the nexte vcrfe, and three dates and a halfe vcrfe p. 
tnd time; times , and hdfe a time , in the I2,chap.verfc. 
14-and 1260. i««,chaptcr I2,vcrfe,6. do iiignific all 
one thing, which is the ihort raign of Anticlirift : for 
tliefcmoncths.thefedaicSjand thefe times, do euery 
one ofthem make three ycares and a halfe.For who 
knoweth not that forty two nioneths makeiuft 3. 
ycares, and a halfcand that i26o 4 dayes, makerh c- 
uenfomuchalfo : and by timcheemeanethayeare, 
by times,tvvo yearc.and by halfe a time, halte a year. 
Now the rcafon why Antichrifts raigne is numbrcd 
by daies, moncths, and halfe times, and all amoun- 
ting but to three ycares and a halfe, is to note the 
ftiorte continuauncc thereof, for the comforte oF 
the Church, as appearcth more fully and plainely 
in fundryc places of this prophefic, where it is fette 
downein plainc vvordes, that Antichrift ftiouldc 

T raigne 

iz$ An Expojitfon vpen the Reuelatioit. 
raignc but a fhort time ; for what js fiuc or fixe hun- 
drcdyeares in comparifon of crernity. 
^,H^ut here the Papifts do fhew thcmlclucs moft fot- 
^iifh and ridiculous, in that they would gather from 
hence,thatthcpopeis not AmichTift: lor(fay they) 
Amichrift flia.ll raigne but three years and an half e, 
bnt the Pope hath raigned many y cues : therefore 
.the Pope is not Amichrift.. 

Now to anfwer the propofition of their argument 

taken from this place. Firth it may beeaunfwered 

-thactliis placcisnotto be vndcrftoode laterally, but 

my fticaly : as many other things in this booke. 

Secondly, hereis a ccrtaine number putfor anvn- 

certaine,a definit number for an indefinit, which al- 

fo isvluall inthisbooke,as we heardbefore, concer- 

ch»p. 7j nir.gthefealingof the Tribesjofeuery Tribe izooo 

which maketh 144000. Now no man is fo mad as 

tothinkethere werciuftfo many fealed,andncitlicr 


Thirdly,hcre is an allufion to Daniels weeks, and 
other prophcticall computatios, wherein fomtimes 
a day is putfor a ycare,a weekefor 7.years, as in T>f- 
»/^fe3uens,anda month for 30. yeares. So then I 
conclude, that it is extreamc folly to interpret this 
place litterally .The curious andfriuolous interpre- 
tations of this placc,and fuch like in this booke, by 
fome writers, I doe of purpoleomit, as matters vn- 
** true,vnfound,and vniudiciakfor I only in this book 
fceke thefcn/cthatis.andnot thefenfe which is nor, 
as hath bin laid before. 

Mt Iwilgiue power vnto my i.witnejfes,andtf)eyjbtl 
prophej/e iz6o Antes cloathed in Jack doth* 


'AnExpofitionvpoHtheReueUtm. u 9 
Hailing fetdown how Antkhrift and his company 
being xbofe Gentiles which pofle&the outwardc 
court (hould tread downc the holy citty, that is. the 
true church of God fora fhort time : now he com- 
mcrh to ihcw,that cuenin the height 6c pride of the 
Popes po wcr,and goiicrnmcnt,yet the church was 
not vtrerly e»in<a ,God did ncucr vtterly forfake ir 
but m ailages,and at all times, God did raife vp one 

«r orhertowithlland all popifhproccediogs, which 
is here meant by the 2 . wicneiTcs.For aflurcdly thefe 
two witnefTcs do not figniffc Ewe A,and Elias^s the 
Papifts and fome others dodreamc, butthey hVni- 
fie alche faithful preachers & profeflbrs of the truth 
which in alages both former and later haue opofed 
thcmfelues again ft the-pope, his dergy^is doclrin, 
his reIigion,andalJ his abhominable proceedings 

They are called IVitnefes, becaufethey fhouide 
beare witnefle vnro the truth. 
•They are faid to bee 2 . in number,for three reafons. 

Fit ft, becaufe they were very fewe in t/iofc dayes 
when popery did fo generally preuaUe : for tyvo is 
the fmalleft number. 
Secondly^ecaufethelawe of God doth admit of 
no lefle number in witneffe bearing, as it is written ; 
In the month ofi.or 3 . mtncjjesjhdeuery word flan 4. 
Thirdly,itis anallufion to Zorobabel,-ind Iehojhua y 
which were the two reftorcrs and builders of the 
temple after the captiuity. Ch rift faith' hcrc,that /for * 
will gitte power to histwowitnejfes : for no man hath 
any power in heauenly things,cxcept it be giuen him Hag & V' 
from aboue : and efpecially to ftand faft to the truth 
tn the heat of perfections and troubles. 

T 2 tt 

130 An Expofitlan vpon the ReucUthn. 
1 ..or, 14, 3 j t j s foj^that thcfc two witncjpsjhullprephejienh^t 
is, preach,' declare, andfpeakc.- For fo prophetic is 
taken in the former Chapter, andlaft vcrfc : foalfo 
iu other places of the fcripture. 

The tunc of their prophefieng being 1260* daies, 
hath bin expounded before 
Thcfc two wicneffes are cloathedinfackdoth, which 
fignificth that they fhould lead a forrowflii life hecrc 
in this world. For in old time when men did faftand 
mournc, they did vie to put on fackcloth. It follow- 
cth then that thcfc faithfull Preachers and witneffes 
of the truthjdid notfpend their daies in mirth,iolity, 
and wordly pompc and brauerye, as did the Popes 
Clergic,and pompous prelates of Antichrift. 

Now if any man wil demaund how this may ap» 
pearc that there haue becnealwaicsfome raifedvp 
of God,to write,prcach,dcclarc, and fpeake againfte 
the whoorc ofita£//<w,euen then when ihe was aloft 
and raigncd as the Qiiccne and Lady of the world,I 
aunfwerc, that Hifiories are very pientifullin this 
point: which at large do ihewe chat in all countries 
and kindomes oiEurope, there wer cuer fome ftirred 
vp toimpugne andrefiftthe W hoore of Babylon \ 
As, In England. 

Jn.dcm. Robot Grojledfisftioyoilincolne. 

12? 3 . John lViekliffe y fupportcd by Fdrvtrd 3, and 

An. 1 400. diucrs of the Nobil icy in England, 

In Germany, 
mi.im. Titulerus a preacher. 

135^ FrancifcusPetrachi. 

13 57- Iohannesderupejciffa. - 

135?- Conradus Eager. ■ •■ 

l 259< Gerhardus Rfridor. petrus> 

AnExptJttienvponthRctultim. 131 
Petrtts de Corbona. ' 13 tfo. 

Iohannes.de Peliaco, 
John Zifca. . 1420. 

At Bohemia. 
Ierome oiPrage. 
Mat hi as Parijtenjis. 

Arntldusde nam villa. 






In Italy. 
Ierome Sauonarola,AM.onkc. An.ifoo 

Siluefler nYtht. 

In France. 

IValdatyofahom came the Waldenfis, or An. 1 \6<± 

poore men of Lyons in France. *». 1 % j 2 

Guilienusdejantfffamorc. *n.iz$z. 

Robertas GaUus. l**.i^q. 

' I 

In Ireland. 
JmAthttmsjin ArchbiHopv - 

Many preachers at once. 






v«fc 4 


i j » An Expofition vpentbt MtlaUn, 

All the Churches of Grecia renounced the 
Church o[ Rome for their abhominablc 
It were too tedious to recite al, which the (lories 
do report to haue withftood both pope and popery, 
eucn when it did nop ft of allbeare the fwaye.-thefe 
may fufficc for the vndeiftandingof the Text. As 
for thofc which hauc bene raifedvpfioce the decay 
and fall of popery : I meane fince Luther s time,thcy 
ore fo many, and fo well knowne, that I need fay no* 
ihefe are two Oliue trees, andtwo candlejlickes Jland- 

ding before the God of the earth . 
Here the 2. witneftes arc compared to z.oliue trees, 
becaufethatas the Oliuc trcedoth drop downe his 
oileandfatnes, foihe faithfull Minifters dodroppc 
downe vpon the Church the fwect oile of the fpirir, 
which is al heaucnly and fpiritual graces :as the rnc- 
- taphor of oilc is often fo taken in the Icriptures. 

Tliey arc alfo.compared to two eandlefiickes, be- 

.:.•-- «aufethatasthccandlefticke bearcthvp the candle 

fet vpon it, (o the Minifters of the Gofpcll bearc vp 

and hold forth the light of Gods wbrde,«uen in the 


Thcfc candlcflickcsarelaid tojiand before the God 

■, of the earth : becauf c God bcarcth rulc } not onely in 

hcaucn.bui in earth atforcuen then whenall thinges 

in the earth feem to be mod troubled,& the church 

militant vnder greatcft'perfcciitions as now it was. 

And if any will hurt them., fire proceedeth out eftheyr 

V#rfc$ mouths, andfliall-dettoure their enemies : for if any 

^willhitrt thi/^,fomuJlhe be killed. 

An Etyojitkn vpon the Revelation. 153 

ihefe hatte power tofhut heauen that it raint not in the v " fe £ 
dates of 'thetrprophefying,andhaue power oner waters 
to turnethimtnto blood, andtofmite the earthwitl 
all manner of plagues as oft as they will. 

Heere is fiiewed 3 tharifanycdifpifethc fimplicitie 
of thefetwo witneffes, & offer them wrong becaufc 
ofthcir bafeneflc, and contempt in the worlde, tliat 
there is afire commech out of their mouth, that is, 
the firy &c mighty power of the word of God,vttrcd 
out of their mouths, which oucrthroWeth,and oner 
turneth their enimics.nay as fire it confumetbthein 
to afhes: forche minifters ofthc Gofpell are armed 
with ready vengeance agatnflaldtfobediece.Therfore IC0 '' 1 ^ 
they be ftark irud,and know not what they do,which 
oppofe themfelucs againfte the true minifters of 
Chrift. For the fword which they fight with, flaycrh 
the reprobates in thcirfoules, though not in theyr 

bodies : for the miniftry of the Word,is die fauor of 
death to all vnbeleeuers. -;' 

That which is herefpoken dfkutting the heaum 
that ttraine not y and turning the waters into blood is ,Kin S- 1 ? 
an allufion to Eliot and Mojes. Whereofthe one by 
hjspraierfh.ut theheauens,thebtrierby his rodtur- 
ned the waters into blood;- NowthcfaithfuUMirii- 
flers ofthc Gofpcll arc compared to thefetwo, not 
bccaufcthcy fhould workefuch outwarde myracles 
as they did, but bcxaufe they fhouhfe bee furniftied" 
witWpimaaU power, which is farrc greater. For 
moflfure it is,, that the inuifibleand f pirituall power 
whcrewitlnhe Minifters ofthe Gofpell are armed, 
is Y«rye great and gloryous, though the VVerldc 


vcrfe 7 



1 34 An Expojtiofi vptn he Rtuelatkn. 

fee it not,nor know it nor.For the A poftlc faitrr/Tfo 
Weapons of our warfare are not carnall but Jpirituall, 
6 might) through God., to aft downe holds, c of mg downe 
the immaginations ,a»d euery high thing that is exalted 
againji the knowledge of Gad, &c. 
And when they h.uiefr)i/bed their tc/limony, thebeajt 
that commeth out of the bottomleffe pit, fiall make 
ivarre againji them and kill them* 
Hecre is fet downe the great cruelty and bloudie 
tyranny which Aiuichriil Aiouldc vfc againfte thefc 
taithl jjll vvitnefles of our Lord Icfus. For although 
they oucrcomc him with the Ipirimal fword, which 
is the fire that commeth out of their mouthes : yet 
for a time povver was giucntothis beaftthat com- 
mcth out of the bottomlcfle pit,that is,the pope and 
his adherents to murder Gods Saintcs with the ma- 
tcriall fworde : but yet note that Antichrift candooc 
nothing till the two witneflcs hauc finiflied their tc- 
ftimonye-.fiichis Gods care and prouidcncc for all 

And their corps fjjall lie in thefireetes oft he grett citie> 
which fptritualy is (ailed Sodomc,4»d Egipt,w/w* 
our Lordalfi was crucified. 
By the great citty, here is meant Rome, and yet not 
the citty only oiRome, but all theRomanc Empire, 
power, and iurifdiftion,as afterward (hall bee made 
manifcft.Now the corpfes and dead carkafes which 
were murdered and maflacred in all nations, by An- 
tichrifts ty ranie are hecre faid to lie in the ftreetes of 
Rome 9 that is,to be caft forth into the open fieldcs,as 
notworthy the honour of buria.ll in all places, coun- 
tries^ kingdomes,withintheRomaine Empire, or 


AnExpefrtion vpon the ReueUtien. j g 5 

iurifdiaion of Rome, as weread to haue bin mEn<r- 
Und,ScotlandyFranceJreland,Germany, and Spaint 
And as the holy ghoMmh^he dead bodies ofthyfer- 
Wtfhaue they gtuUobe neat Uthefaules of theiea- Md. 7 ? ,» 
ue,& thefiejb of thy Saints vnto the beajls of the earth 
Moreoucr, ic is to be obferued, that Rome is heerc 
compared fpiritually, or by a rrope, to Stdome & £. 
gypt.To StdomefovBdiwsifor what city cuer was 
or a more filthy the R$me,the mother of 'whoredome's d»p.tr, i 
tndabhomtnatios of the earth And to Egypt /or Ido. 
latty & keeping Gods people in fpirituall bondage. 
Laftofall,itishcrcfaid, that our Lord Icfus was 
crucified ziRome, which may fcemc ftrangc fithall 
men know, that Chrift was crucified at lerufalem 
But to anfwer this doubt,wearc to vnderftand, tlwt 
in refpea of the place, our Lord Icfus was crucified 
that put him to death,he was crucified at JRome ■ for 
Chrift was put to death by aftoman Iudge, by R©- 
man lawcs,by Roman authority, by a kind of death 
proper oncly to the Romanes 5 and in a place which 
then was within theRoman Empire . Andforthis 
caufc is here laid, that Chrift wasrrucified aut»mc. 
Andtheyofthepeople, andkindreds, andtongues, and 
Gentiles, (hall fee their corpes three dayes and mhalfe v " Ctl * 
andfball not Juffer their corpfes tp be put in thegrJe. * 
Hitherto wc hauc heard o^the rage of Antichrift 
againft the two witneffes . Now further weearc to 
vnderftand of the malice & fiiry of aliiis adherents; 
that is, all Papifts,Atheifts,and thcreft of the blinde 
people, and feduccd multitude, which all did allow 
the Popes cruelty in /heading the bloud of the Mar- 

v«ife i 

1 36 Alt expoftion vpon the Reuehtim. 

tyrs,and they do tcftific the allowance Sc approbati- 
on of the Popes fa£r,and alfo their owne malice and 
madueffe againft them in this, that they will not 
vouchfafe thcra the honour of buriall, but cafte out 
their dead bodies as r at rioiijor as the dead bodies of 
doggesor fwine; thereby fhcvvingthat they cftec- 
med them no better then fo. Nay,wc read that their 
helliih ra<*c and madncs was fo great Sc outragious, 
that they wrecked :hcir malice vpon che dead bones 
and carkaffes of Gods Saints andMartyrs.For their 
bloudy and mod malicious minds could not be fatif- 
f.cd except they digged vp the bodies of Gods W it- 
nefles out of their graucs,and burnt them to aflies. 
Whereas it is hi&jheyjhdfee their corses, the njea. 
ning.isjthat all the blind people within thcRomaine 
Empire (houldbe cyc-witncilcs of thefc things, and 
not only fo,buc cucn great Agents alfo m the flaugh. 
t.er of Gods people 

By 3 .dates cr an h ^which is halfc a week, he me* 
ncrh all the time of Antichrifts raigne,S£ tyrannical 
gou'ernmenti as beforehatb bin fhewed. For thefc 3 
daiesScabalfc, being in prophet/call: computation 
three y cares and a halfc, fignific the fame thingdiat 
tbe^.mooctbs, andathoufand, two Hundred and 
three fcorcdaics before. 

And they th.it dwel vpon the e.wthflal reioyee oner the 
. and be glad., andfiall /end giftes one to another -.for 
, thefc i.Prophetsvcxedthemtbaf dwelt on the earth. 
: Here wc fee how the inhabitants of the earth,that 
is', thefeduced multitude and:blinrk people in the 

time of ignorance,do greatly infult Sc triumph ouer 
the. death of the Lords witnefles,&, they -do cxprefle 


AnExptJltio* vpon the ReueUtion. j 37 

.their ioy by fending gifts &c prcfents one to another, 
asifthcyhadreceiucd fomc great bencfitcs, or had 
heard the molt ioyfullnewesm the world. And the 
rcafon is added, becaufc they vexed and tormented 
them, meaning thereby, that the preaching of the 
truth, Sc the rcprouing of their errors,Idolatries, sc 
manifold impieties, was a daggcr,and a corfey vnto 
thcm,thcy could at no hand endure it : for the prca- 
chingofthc Gofpell is the torment of the world, sc 
the Preachers the tormenters. Thefc few Preachers 
thundcringagainft their fuperftitions, and abhomi- 
nablcferuiceof Antichriit, didvexeeucry veinein 
their heart, and inwardly fo wound and launce their 
. confciences.that they could haue no reft til they had 
ri* them out of the world- But now hailing difpar- 
.ched them,and made riddance of them, thcyare yc 
ry aanlec and iocund. 

But after three dates And dhoife, the fpiritdflifecom-Vnt* >*. 
. i»ingfromQod x (h*ll 'enter into them, and they <fhdt 
ftandvpomheirfcete, and great fearefyalLtemt vp- 
-onthem which fxw them. 

Notwithstanding the rage and fauagefury of the 
PopeSi his followers ; yet here is fliewed, that they 
could not preuaile as they defired: for within three 
daies and ahalfe,that is,when che date of Antichrift 
raignc was expircd,and the time come that Popery 
muft be dilclofed by the light of thegofpcl breaking 
forth.; there followeth a great alteration . Foe thefc 
two Prophets or witnefles arc ratfed vp againc. For 
Jie faith, the fpirnof'lifc. V vhidi*amc,fiomGod J fliall 
enter into thcm,and they fhallihnd vpon their feet. 
. This may fecme fomewhat fhangc ; but it is not 

y z » 

ij8 AnExpoJitionvptntheXeueUtion. 
to be vndciftood that they fhould. be raifed vp bodi- 
ly in their pcrfons till the laft refurredion : but that 
G od wold raifc vp others endaed with the (amc fpi. 
rit, which ihould mightily defend both the do&rine, 
caufe & quavrel,which their predeceffors had main- 
tained, and fcaled- with their bloud ;'m whom they 
fhould after a fort rcuiuc and liuc againe, cuen as E- 
lias did r.miuc,Sc as it were hue again in lohn Baptifi; 
who is faid to be endued wich the power &c fpirit of. 
Etuis', as it was forctoldcby the Prophet, and as our 
Sauiorhimfclfedochauouch.Now blcfledbc God,. 
that wc liuc in thefe daics wherein wee fee with our 
eyes all thefe things fulfilled. For when the Pope &c 
unrenfisJValdus, Tficoltm Oremjohn Picutjohn ZiJ- 
■ca, Vifdm Gromngenfis,Armeriw,tVicklip, Huffe Je- 
rome, of Prage, and many Preachers in Sueuia,znd 
one hundred holy Chriftians in the country of Al- 
fttia, andmany others in al countries, and of al con- 
ditions of men : yet for all that fpight of their hartes, 
God raifed vp others in their Acnd,z% £nthar,Caluin s 
Zitingliut, Peter Mwtir, Peter Viret, McUnclon, Bu- 
cer, Bullinger, Sc their fucceflors ; yea the thou fands 
of excellent Miniftcrs, and Preachers which are dif- 
pcrfedouerall Europe at this day: Inwhomallthe 
former witnefles do reuiuc, and as it wcrcjftand vp- 
on their fcetc againc . And now a great feare is 
come vpon the Pope and his Cleargyjand all his fa- 
uoritcs : for they did neuer fo much as dreamc of 
mch an alteration : but this is the Lords doing, and 
and is is marucllous in our eyes. 
Vcrfc i ». AndthtyJJullheartAgreet.voicefr.om heauen, faying 


AnExpofitlon vptn tie Revelation. . j ^ 
into them,come vp hither : and they, Jhallafeend vp 
to htauen in a cloud, and their enimtesfbaJlfee them. 
Hcerc the Lordcs witnefles whom Ahtichrift had 
mutdered,arc called, and taken vp into hcaucn, that 
they may be crowned wich glory and immortality, 
hauing in the earth fought fo cxcelletafight offaith- 
as they had.- for cuen as Chrift their head was taken ■ 
vp in a cloud into the heauens , cuen fo his faithfull 
memhers are here taken vp in a cloud toraignewith 
him for euer. Moreouer, it is hcrclaidy;har/^«/- ene- 
mies JbaH fee them amending vp, they ih&\\ as it were 
afcend vp in their fight;for from the fire and faggor, . 
{words and Spcares of their cnimics, they went dy- 
rcftly vnto God, and the very conferences of their 
perfecutors did witnefle fo much ; nay fomc of them 
being in horrible conmlfions of confcicncc, did not 5 
fttckc to vttet it ; auouching the innoccnoy of Gods 
Martirs:asfomctimcs Pilate y an6 the Centurion did: 
ofChrift. But though they had not bin iuftificd by Mat, ij,- 
their enemies,yet are they here iuftificd by a greater 
eeitimouy : far the voice fromheaucu, the voice of 
God doth iuftific them,and cleare themiaccounting 
them worthy to be called vp from the earth to Hea- 
ueri, and receiucd to etcrnall glory. . For howfociter; 
the Pope & his Clcargy condemned them for here- 
ticks and fcifmaticks ; yet here they are iuftificd and : 
cleared by a-voice from hcauen, which is more then 
the voices,fuffrages, and approbations of all men in . 

Andthe fame houre there fhallbeagreat earth-quake, 

and the tenth part of the Cittie fhall fell, and in the 

earthquake Jhall hejlaine in number 7 . thoufand,*nd 

V 1. the 

140 JnExfefttinivfmihele»eUtf9». 
■■4bt remnant were fore feared, and gave glory tolhe 
. Godifhetucn. 
As hehath fliewed before that the wdrld was very 
ioy full and iocond,when they had made difpatch of 
Gods witneffes.; but afterward full of fearc and ter- 
ror, when they few what followed: So here in this 
iverfe is.fhewcd, thatat the feme houre, thac is about 
the fame time whe they haue perfecuted thcSaints, 
and fee thoufands of others raifedvp in theirftead, 
-6C as it were put of their afhes, or rather ouc of their 
•bloodjthatthacfliouldiromcdiately follow agrctt 
.earthquake-, thatis, horrible commotions/editions, 
• tumults, and open warsamong the Kingdoms and 
Nations ofthc world,.& amongftall people which 
. (hold liuc after the breaking forth of the light ofthc 
.Gofpcll, as this day wefce with our eyes . For who 
now in thefe daies doth not fee and fcclc this Earth- 
quake ? Who knowcth not what ftirres there hauc 
bin and arc eucry where about Religion ?:W ho is 
ignorantthat al the wats,fcdirions,trc;.achcriosjtrea- 
ibns, and rebellions that arcihis dayin Europe bc» 
:twixt one kingdome and another, are ipecially con- 
cerning the matter ofRcligion ? But mark what fpt 
.loweth. Behold thecrfcaofthisEarth-qtuke . Iris 
-laid, that* Jk tenth parttf the Citty Jbillp/t : By the 
.-Otty heerehec mcancththc great Citty ol Rome, 
mentioned before vcrfc 8. which is therefore called 
, the great Citty, becaufe it was the chiefc citty of the 
Romane Empire, and the very fcatc of Antichrift. 
. -Now then thefenfeand meaning ofchcholy Ghofl: 
is, that when there once beginneth to bean Earth' 
.quake, thatis, broilcs, contentions, alterationsjOjse. 
" itions, 

ftions, and deputations; about .Religion; 2. and that, 
the popilh doitrine which hadfo! long preuailed in : 
the world, fiiould be called in queftion, yea openly 
preached againft, conui&cd and condemned, that: 
then Saw fliould begin to fell, and Rornifh religion: 
tofufFeragreatEclipfe, yea the tenth parti that is, 
Gome part ol the citty oS.Rome\ I mean the doctrine 
and authority offf«w#/hould beoucrthrown.Now 
thisfalhng of the tenth part qf Romcywas fulfilled 
within fomc fewe ycarcs after the brpaching ofthc 
GofpelLbyi«^r,andhi$ immediate fucccfiburs; 
bucfince it is gone backc many degrees, and hereaf- 
ter it (hall (till eb be and confumeaway by degrees,.- 
cucn till it come to nothing; as Gpd willing (hall be*. 
plaincly proued hearcaftcx^. 
Moreoucr, here is fet downe another efffft of this, 
earthquake : which is, that thereby (hall be flainc in : 
number feucn thoufand,ciat isjinany thoujfandSjfoE; 
the number of Ceucn is apcrleS: arid vniucrfailnunv, 
ber,as formerly hath bin declared . Biitithe fcafc of 
this claiife is> that all fuch as wdnot yeejdito tJK got . 
pell ahcr matters once <rpme in qvftftiqn , a^id.thc: 
hgh.t -fherof breaketh forib >bw continjie Itul in. ;t|icir, 
blindnefic and hardnrjflc, .(landing qui (lurdijy -a-- 
gainft the truth, (hall feele the heauy Judgements of 
God vpo»them,and come to mifcrablc a'nd'wretr. 
ched ends, asdid herein England StephenGardintr, , 
bfoudy Bonxer, and many oihcr&cb^Q$cfl.pcr(«$- 
tors in other natidnsand countries, asthobookc of . 
Martyrs doth plentifully wicneffe.' . 
Laftpfalitisfeidjdiat/^ refiwereterrifiej. : &gtue\ 
glorjMthe Mj^M*(,^t>atis,t^celea.qfGo4,fcch - 

142 AttexpiJmtnvpatttheReuelatim. 
ingthefe horrible iudgemcnts vpon the pcrfecutors 
of theGofpcl,and hauing their eies opened chrough 
thefc contentions and broilcs about reIigion,(hould 
repent of their former Idolatrics,blindncfle, and ig- 
norance,(hbuld yecld to the truth,and giue glory to 
Ctap.j. the God of heaucn as at this day we fee thoufandes 
doo, God be thanked. We heard before in the time 
of thcTurkcs numbering army, when the third part 
of men werc'flain, that the reft repented not of their 
Idolatry. But now (God be praifed for it) many doe 
repent euecy day, and turne from dumbe Idols, to 
fcrue the liuing God. And therefore although the 
times wherein wc hue, bec finfnll and troublefome, 
yet are they golde n times and daies, in comparifon 
offormer AgeSj wherein Antichtiftdidraigne and 
rule oner ill.Moreouer,from this place may plainly 
and ftrongly be concluded,that the Gofpel fhallpre- 
uaile more and m ore in al the kingdomes ofEurope, 
cuen'vntilltheendbfthcworld. Forhere wefeeic 
foretold and pro phefied, that in this very laft age of 
the world,fic eucn as it wcre^a little before the blow- 
ing of the fcuenth trumpet, which prafently hcreup- 
on is founded,as in the next verfesappcareth, many 
t fcoiildrepent,andgiiie glory to God. 

The Jet«ndw* is ptJhkhM the third wawilcameam/t. 

Andthefeuenth Avgelblew the trumpet, & therewer 

grttt nmtcsin heauenjiying : The kingdomes efthis 

wMdtreour Lords jtndhhChr'tftsjinclhefhMrdigne 


Nowcommeththc thirdc, the laft, and the grea- 
test woe, which is the woe of etcrnall death vpon all 
the vngodh/iboth in their fbides andbodiesfor euer 

AnExfofitienvprnthXeucldtien. 43 
in the laft iudgmem. The firft woe was the Papacy. 
The fccond woe was Turcifine. And this third woe 
is the laftiudgment. For it now followcth, that the 
fcuenth Angcll blowcth the laft Trumpet: as our 
Lord Iefus fware before, that when the fcucnih An. 
gcll/hould blow the Trumpet, there ftovld beeno 
TTu m ?\ T hcrcforc whc » wc fcc all things fulfil- Ch 3 ». ,0/ 
led which do belong vnto the fat trumpet,^ rcmai- 
neth that we fliould eucry hemic expect and Jookc 
for the blowing of the fcuenth trumpet, and the end 

ot the world. For the holy ghoftrcllcthvvhatwhe 
the kingdomc of the Pope and the Turke ftall fall, 
andthcGofpcllbe preached in many Nations and 
kmgdomes,thatthen the third woe will come anon; 
that is, the laftiudgment followeth prefently vpon 
it.Now at the blowing of this fcuenth trumpct,ther 
were great voices in heaucn/aying •, the kingdomes 
ofthis world areourLords,andhis Chrifts, andhe 
lhail raignc for eucrmore. 
Thcfc voices in hcauen arc the triumphing voices 
of Gods cleft, who do exceedingly reioyce and try- 
umph that thekiugdomeof Sathan S: Antichrift is 
oiierthrowne, and that the Kingdome of God and 
of Chnft is fet vp, and fhall (land for eucrmorc.For 
now all aduerlary power being ouerthrowne, chrift 
dothdchuervpapeaceable kingdomc to hisfathcr, 
as it « written 5 Then (htlbe the end, when he hath de- 1 com* 14 
liuercdvf his peaceable kingdome to God the Either : 
For he miift raignc oucr the Church militant,till he 
haue troad downe all his enimics vnderhis feet,and 
When the Sonne of God hath fubdned all things to 
iumielfe, then ftall he befubic'ft to his Father ashc 

X -is. 

144 An ExpofitM vpon the ReueUtion, 
is the mediator of the Church, and yet raigne with 
his Church triumphant for eucrmore. 
Then the 24. Elders which fate before Godon then 
Vafc 1 6, fates, fellvppn their faces, and worfhipped God. 
vcifc 17 S tying : Wegiue thee thankes Lord God almighty, 
which art, which w/ift, & which Art to come :for thou 
haflreceiued thy great might, and hafl obtained thy 
kingdom e. 
*Iiap,4 Th;fei4. E'.dcrs doo fignifiea!lthecle3,bothof 
Icwes and Gentiles ,as we hauc heard bcfore;whlch 
all in moft fupplyant manner doo worfliip the onc- 
ly cuerlafting God,cucn in the Church triumphant, 
and do greatly reioyce, and giuc all praifc and glory 
vnto him, becaufe now hec had rcceiued the King- 
domc,thc power and the glory , both Pope Si Turk, 
and Empctoiu'j and alibis cnimics, being (ubducd 
Vtrfe iS jlpd the Gentiles were atigrjyOnd thj wrath i>come,& 
the time oft he de. id jh.it they fljould bee judged, and 
that thoufjouldejl giue rrwo.rdvr.te thyferuar s ttthc 
Prophets, and to the Saintes, and to them thit fe.irt 
thy name,anJ to [ma/land gre.it :m : d Jbottldsji dejlroy 
them which dejlroy the earth. 

Now he menrioneth the wrath and vengeance 
which is to bec powrcd forth vpon all the wicked at 
the laft day, arid alfo the reward' of the godly . For . 
whereas hec faith y The Gentiles were angry, and thy 
■wrath is come, and the time of the dead, that theyjhold 
be fudged, the fenfe and meaning is, that all the pro- 
phanc enimies of the Church,which hauc had their 
time in which they were angry with Gods people, 
and in their wrath did afflict 8c vex them very fore, 
' . " ■" '" fliauld 

*Ah Expojltien vpon the R euehtton. 14 5- i 
ftoiildnow bee Judged and condemned in Gods 
wrath : for now the day of his wrath and vengeance 
iscomc, wherin he will deflroy rhem that deftroied 
the earth, and feemed to carryall before them; and 
where alfo he will giuca full recompencc of reward 
to all his faithful worfhippcrs.both finall and great, 
both Preachers and profelfors of bis Gofpcll. ' 

ThentheTempleofGod was opened inhcauen, and v r 
therevtasfeauinthc Temple the arke of r his covenant, " ' ' ? 
and there was lightnings, aid-voices, and thundering; y 
and earthquakes, andmuch haile. 
This is a further amplification of that which is fee 
down in this former wife. For now htQxiS, that the 
temple ofGodfhould he opened in heauen/Thzt is an p- 
pen doore fe paffagc fhould be made throgh ch'rjflj 
for all the clccT: to enter into Gods ciicrlaftingkingi 
morc.By the arke of the couenant,is ment chrift 3 who 
is faid here to be fcen in the Temple or kihgdomc of 
glory.becaufc through his mediatio only (in whom 
thecouenat of peace is eftabli/hcd With his church) 
the 24. Elders arc made partakers oftheir Crownes, 
and cuter in with him,and his Angels into the cuer- 
lafting Temple made withouthands, and eternal in 
the heauens. But on theconttary hcerc is faide, that 
therewere lightnings, thundrings, &c .That is, moft 
horrible vengeance & wrath poured down vpon all 
reprobates in hei-firc, for cucrmore.For when it flial 
be faid to all the faithfull : Cemeye bleffed.&c. then 
alfolhallicbcfaidtoaU vnbdecuers : Got ye cur fed. 
into hell fire ,&c M '. 

Now for warranr of this expofition of the laft vcrfe 

X 2 that 

I4<£ -An Expofitio* vpon the Reuelatien. 

that the ccmplc ia heaucn is to be vndcrftood of the 
kingdomc ot glory, lookc.Cbap • 1 5 ,vcr. 5 ,6,8. Cap, 
x6,vcr, 1. The rcafon hereof is,that-as the doorcs of 
th:Tcmple of Ierufalem being fct open, Gods peo- 
ple entrcd in &: woLfhippcd: fo the cuerlafting gates 
of the new Icrufalcm,a;id cclcftiall temple being fet 
open by Chrift all the ele& do enter in,and worfhip 
God without wearinclTe, cuen as the Angels for c» 

That the arkc of the coucnant is taken for Chrift, 
fecz. Sam 6,2 Pfal.78,ver,(5i (52.Thisarkcofthc 
coucnant,that is,Chnft is hcrefcenc in the Temple, 
becaufc Chrift hath already taken pofTeffton of bca- 
uen as mediator and head of the Church, and now 
doth fet open the kingdome of heaucn toallbelce- 
ucrs, that through him they may haucfrecacccflc 
, g xhcicunto^siziswinrcn, that through him enc/j we 
hue m entrance vnto the Father. 

That by thundrings, lightnings > earthquake, haile,is 
meant that horrible vengeance and wrath, which is 
powrcd forth vpon althc vngodly.fee.Plal.ii.ver 6. 
Let this briefcly lufficc.to (atisfie the confclenceof 
the reader. And thus much concerning the fecond 
vifion contained in thefeeight Chap, going before, 
wherin we hauc heard all things expounded that do 
belong unto the openingef the-fcuen fealcs, and thr 
blowing of the fcucn Trumpets, that is, all notable 
thinges which were to fallout from the Apoftlcs 
times, vnto the end of the world. 



AnExfofttionvfontheReuehtioril. x*j 

]VfO w hauing finifhed the fecond vifion, w ec are 
*■ ^ come vnto the third, contained in all the chap- 
ters following, cuen vnto the ende ofthisBooke. 
Wherein dmcrs things, which were obfcurcly and 
darkdyfet downc in the former vifion, are more 
plainly and f Lilly opened Sc expounded : fo that this 
3. vifion is as it were a commentary or more clearc 
expofition offundry things contained in the fecond 
vifio. But especially of the perfecting Roman Em- ^ ?>f 
pire mentioned in the opening of the fecond fcale,3c 
alfoofthc papacy mentioned at the blowing of the 
fifttrumpct.But the gcnerall furhmc of this third vi- du», 9 
fion,is a liuely painting out of the malignan: church 
and the great vpholders thereof, the Dmell, the Ro. 
man Emperor,and the Pope. It ftleweth alfo the ri- 
ling and falling of theRoman Emptrc,and the rifing 
and falling of the papacy . It ihewe th. alfo the vttcr 
ouerthrow of both together, with the etcrnall con- 
demnation of the Deuiil, which fct them all a work 
to fight againft the Church. Laft of al,it fheweth the 
eternal! felicity of the Church, and the vnconceiue- 
able happines ofail Gods chofen iu the heauens for 
cuermore.This principal! drift of this 12. Chapter,is ■ 
to fet forth the nature of the tme, vifible, 8c militant 
Church hcere in earth, whofc head is Chrift Iefus. 
And alfo the falfc raalignaut Church, whofc head is 
th." Dent], togechcrwith the coutinuall enmity and 
war which is al waics betwixt chem. 

This Chapter may very fitly be diuidedimo fin*-- 

The firft is a defcription of the Church. 
The fecond is a defciiption of the Diuel,thc chun. 
ches cnimic. X 3 , The 

148 An Expofition vpon the Reuclttml 
The third containeth the Churches battaile with 
the diucll, and her victory. 

The fourth rtieweth the ioyand tnumphes of the 
godly, in the churches victory oucr Sathan . 

The fift and laft fheweth the fiuy, and malice of 
Sathan,who,although he was foiled in battelby the 
church.yet would not giue oucr, but coutinucd pcr- 
fccuting the Church in. her members, and making 
war againft the remnant of here {cede. 

And there appeared a great wonder in heauen :A wo- 
man clothed with the fun, and the moone was vnder hir 
1 feet e j and vpon her head a crowne ofi z .Jiarres. 

Firft the Holy-Ghoft callcth the matters of this 
chapter agreat wo»der,zo ftir vs vp to attention. For 
men arc muchmoued with wonders; andawondec 
indcede ic is in the literall fence to fee a woman cloa- 
thed with the Sunne, Sec. but a far greater wonder 
in the fp irituall fenfc,as we fhal hear.aud the grcatcft 
wonder ofall 5 that apoore weak woman fliould en- 
counter with a great red dragon,aud ouercome him. 
It is faid tnbe awonder i»ke4uen,bcciuk the church 
here in vifion appearcth not vppon the earth, but in 
hcauen,in afmuch as her birth is from hcaucn,hir in- 
heritance in heauen, &c her conucrfation in heauen. 

The Church is heere compared to a woman, as in 
thc45.PfaIm.and the whole book of the Canticles, 
and that for three rcafons. 

Fiift, as a woman is weake and feeble, and in law 

an do nothing of her fclf without her husbad:fo we 

"" »f 

■AnExpefttidn vpon the Rtuelttion. 149 
df our felucs are weake and feeble, and in matters of 
Gods law and worfhip can do nothing without our 
husband chrift, as he faith : without meye can doe no- 
thing. Secondly ,as a woman through the company 
of her husband is fruitful,&.bringeth forth children: 
fo the Church by her conjunction with Chrift, and 
his word,doth bring forth many children vnto god. 
Thirdly, as the loue and affection of a woman is to 
her husbandjas Gen.z.id fo the loue Sc affection of 
the church is altogether to Chrift,and Chrift ro her. 

This woman is cbathedwith the Sunne : that is, the 
Church is cloathed with Chrift the Sunofnghteouf- m '* > * 
nejje^s the Prophet fpcakcth. 

The Moone was vnder her feete. .Whereby is ment, 
that the Church trcadetli vnder her fcete all wordly 
things, which are compared to the Moone for their 
often changes, waxings, wainings, and increafings, 
dccrcfingSjSc continual mucations,5c vnccrtainties. 
The Church treadcth all tranfttory things vnder hir 
feet : that is, fhe makech light account of them ; flic 
tcgardcth them not in comparifon of hcauenly 
things. For he that is cloathed with the Sun, carcth 
little for the light of the Moone. 
■She hath vpon her head a crowne of iz.ftars: which 
fignificch that the Church is adorned, & beautified 
with the doctrine of the twelue Apoftlcs, thatis, 
the doftrinc of the Gofpcll,as it were wnhacrownc 
of Gold, of Pcarle, and Prctious Stones . For the .. 
doctrine ofthc Gofpcll is the crowne of the church. 

Jlndfhe was with child \and cryed trauailing in birth-, mft * 
4nd was pained ready to be delmered. 
The Church is &id to be with child after flic hath ' 


150 AnExpofitfonvponthcReuelation. 

coceiucd theimmortall feed of the word,by themi- 
niftery of the Gofpell, as the Apoftle faith. In Chrijl 
Iejut lhaue begotten you through the Gojpell. And to 

icorn, tj. ^ Qjkthjjyjj. o ye little children ofwhomltrauell 
in birth againe, till cfrrift be formed in you. 

It is not only faid thatthis woman was with child, 
but alfo, that Ihec was very neereher time ready to 
bring forth, and to be deliucrcd, and that fhc crieth 
in trauell.Now the child which {he bringcth forth,is 
chrift Iefus,as appearcth verfe 5-forthcrcicis fatdof 

Gila, 4, i? him,that hejhould rule all nations with a red of Iron. 
Now although Chrift was borne but of one mem. 
bcr of the Church, which is the Virgin Mary, yet 
may it be faid that the whole church,which was be- 
fore his coming,did eucn trauaile with pain to bring 
him forth ,T>ecaufe they had throgh faith in thepro- 
mifes a longing,&: fcruent deiire and expectation of 
his comming.For from the firft promifemadeto^f- 
dam,&c afterward renewed to Abrnhtm Sc his pofte- 
rityi the church ftood in a continuall expectation of 
the promifed McffiasJooking wifhly euery day whe 
he fhould bee actually exhibited to the world. For 
• which caufe here fhe is faid to cry trauailing m birth. 
And not vnfaucrly alfo may the Church be {aide to 
cry trauailing in birth, when through many pcrfe- 
•cutions and afflictions, (he bringcth forth Children 
vnto GOD bytheminiftery of the word. Fof the 
Church brinceth forth no children at cafe,but witk 
hard trauaile, and much adoc, hauingfo few frends- 
to hclpc her, and lb many cnimics againft her, as a« 
none we (hall hcarc 

•V«rfej. - Anithere appeared another -wonder in heouett. Far 


AnExpofttionvponthe Xtuchtm. 151 

Mold a great red drtgonMimgfauenkctdsfndtcn 
homes \ and/euen crownes -upon his he. ids. 

And his f.iiU drew the third part of the fines ofhea- „ , 
uenanclca^themtotheearth slMthedragmftaodc " 
before the Ttomm^hich was ready to be delmered. 

Now wc arc come to chc defcripdon ot the chur- 
ches great Sc cap.tall cncmy,which is the diuchwho 
becauic he ftudieth and Jaboureth continually to im- 
peach the good efface of the Church in heauenlye 
things ,co deleft her from her dignitic,and difpofleifc 
her ot her inheritance, therefore here in a vifion he is 
bidtoappearcinheaucn. Forhemedleth with the 
Chuiclyn and about heauenly thingcs.praaifing to 
pull her out of heauen, from whence fhec came, and 
whither fhe muft rcturnc, euen to caft her into hell, 
andcondemnation with himfelfe,if it wcrcprfffiblc. 

The diuclhs compared to a dragon, for historic 
& ■tdneffe, to a great dragon for his power &c might-, 
and zreddrigonfot his bloody cruelty, malice, and 
marines againft Chrift,and al his members. 

iubtilties,wacrein he is acrafts-maifter. 

His ten homes fignifc his dreadful powcr.For who - 
knowech not that he is ftronger then any other crea- 
nirc,hauingnotloftehis ftrength by his fall, bucrc- 
maineth as ftrongas an Angell of light. 

^fiuencrovenes-vponhkheids^o fignifiehis ma . 
nitold victories oucr the world. For hce hath from 
time to timcand from age to age, got fo many con- 
^eftsofthe world, through his Heights and power, 
thatnow bet is the GOD of the world, as the Apoftle 
laltn, MdratgnethaskingoHcrthevt, 

Y This 

1 5 x An Expojitim v$o» the ReneUtim* 
This dragon hath a monftrous taik both for length 
and ftrength. Foritis fo longthat it reachcthvp to 
hcaucn 5 and fo ftrong that it bruflicth down the ftars 
from thence.Thatis,thc dwelrhroughambition& 
couetoufnc(fc,aad other flcfhly lufts,dodi pul down- 
many miniftcrs ,which fhined in do&rine and lifers 
the ftars of heauen, cucn vnto the earth, where they 
haue loft their brighmefle and glorye, and fhine as 
much as the Moonc in a mift. 

Moreouer it is faid 3 that the dragon flood before the 
woman m fraud.-, to deuoureher child as foon as it wot 
verfc.4- ^^ w ,YVhcrcin we areto obferue the malice and fo- 
rie of Sathan,in that he watcheth fo narrowly to de- 
uoiir the blcflcd fced,cuen the Sauiour of the world, 
fo foon as he was born. And foe this caufe he ftirrcd 
Matt.i. vpJfcr/^theK.fubtillytofeek himoutby thevvifc 
men,diat he might kil him : and afterward moft cru- 
elly pra&ifcdthe fame, by murthermgfo many in- 
nocents. But this is alwaies a gcnerall truth, that Sa- 
than feekethto Gnothernot oncly Chriftjbut eucty 
member of his in the cradle; yea to blaft them inthe 
bud,bcfore ener they come to fruit or flower. 
So fix brought forth a man chdd,whieh (hould rule all 
* trf * ** nations with a rod of iron, and that her child was taken 
-vj> vnto God^nd his throne. 

Notwithftanding the malice and watchfulnes of 
fathan,yctthe Church bringech forth Chiift,which 
fhoulde rule and oUcr-ruIe all nations with arodof 
iron, that isjthcfcepter of his word, asitis inthe fe- 
cond P (almond with the rodde of his ruouth,,as the 
'' '' 4 Moreouer it is £aid,that this childwas taken vp vn~ 


An Exfofhion vponthe Reflation. 1 5 , 

ond,d takepoueffion ofhischaireofeflat^inde- 
fyilcof Herod L «/*/V/^, t hePrieft S) thc phari . ' 
Wj j hk cncmies > w bich fought to keep 


aS 7 i h !f™ embc «vnr him,indcfpightof 
the diuell and all his imps. fa 

Andthewman^dmothemldemeffi where thee verfc* 

there a thoufandjwo hundred and threefiere dates, 
. Now aftcrthc womanschfld was fctin fafety^er* 
« fhewed what becameofthc woman hcrfclfe • To 
«m,rhat fhec was fo fore purfued by the Scribes and 
Pharifces^id by the pricfts andElders,that fhc was 
fame to flicimo the wildcrncsThe natural fcnfc and 
meaning of thisplaccivhatwhcnthcchurchbeean 
togrow,afteiChrifts a fcc n fion 3 andthcnumbclof 
thci ofthc^Sathandidfo greatly raa 1i gncir> 

eaten tbern vp all at a bitte, and rooted them out at 
once.tnatfothe woman might haucno more brine 
intheearrh.Andrhereforewcreadc,A6fcs,8.th a t 
after the floning of ^« W3 thcre wasfuch a perfecu- 
the Princes of the Iewcj, the Pharifces, andall that 
ciirftdcrewe, thatallthc Apofttcsand Difciplcsof 
Chnft were icattrcd and difperfed hcrcand there in 
the Heathen countrics^nd amongthe heathen peo- 
plejWhich here arecalled/^ w/7^rw/,thati s to fay, 
aground vntiUcd,defoIate 5 aad barren ofaU fruircs 

154 -An Expojttm vpon the Reuehtion. 

But now may fome man fay, how flial the church 
do: in the wildernefle ? how ihal flic line > how fliall 
flic be fuftained ? There is no tilling.no fovving, no 
plaming.thcrc growcth no corne,thcre is nothing to 
be had either for food or raimcnt.Hcrc it is antwerd, 
that God prepared a place for her, where fhe flionlde 
be fed. God tookvp an Inhc foe her.Shc wanted nei- 
ther food nor raiment in her perfections and trou- 
blcs.Whichteacheththat Goddooth alwaiespro- 
uidc for his own,cuen in great miferics,fcarfitics, fa- 
mincs,bani/hments,and perfecutions. As fomctimes 
he did for Elia<s in the time of dcarth,and for the chil- 
dren of Ifracl in the wildcrneiTc. 

The time,vv herein the church was fed in the wil- 
dcrneiTc, was utheufand two hundred and threefcort 
dayes : that is,during the time of her perfections, as 
before hath bin fticwcd,chap,ii.verf, z. 
And there was a battel in heaucn, Michael tndhis an- 
vifc,7-S gels fought againjl the dragon 3 andthe dragon andhis 
angels fought. 

But they pretiailed not ^either was their place found 
any more in heatiea. 

Now we are come to the third part of this chapter, 
which is the battel betwixt Chrift and the diuell.For 
whereas the dragon could not fmothcr Chrift in the 
cradle,as he iudeuoured,&: fodepriue the Church of 
all her happines forcucr, now he proclaimed! open 
warrc,both againft Chrift,and all his mcmbers,p!ot- 
ting and purpofing to oppugnc the very faluation of 
tbechurch,though it befoanded in Chrift. Where- 
in he (hewcthboth his impudenc)' and furious mad- 
wsMichacl here fignifieth chrift,as Dan . 10, 13 . This 


AnExpdJtttoft vpon the Reflation. 1 j 5 

name isgiucn to Chrift in Daniel, becaufeheeis the 
fc ftof thccbicfcpnnces t thatis,hcis chehtadofchc 
Angels, who arcchiefcprmces, as theApoftle a ffir. CoI)[>u 

That Chrift hath his Angels ioyned with him, is 
not to note any. vveakencfte or wanceof ftrength in 
CIu-iit,alonc to ouereomc his enemies, but tolhew 
that, as cklft doth effect great wonders in the world! 
10 tor the moft part hee doth it by inflrwnentes, and 
mcancs ; as : fpmenmes Angeh/omedmes men, But 
here ipecially mcanetb the Apoftles.and theirfticcef- 
iors, yea and at this day ail chriftian kings, princes 
and potentates of the earth, Sc all others,which take 
part withchrift againft thc.diacl,-& his -inftnimaits 
WelUiere w « fee that thefe two Generals, and 
grand captaines Michael and the Dragon, do muftcr 
both their armies, ioync battell, and fight a pitched 
held, the enent and fucceffc whereof is this, that the 
Dragon and his Angels goe downc. Oh blefted fuc- 
ceffemay wccfay.I For if the diuell had preuailed,it 
had bcene woe to vs ; fieri this battell was about,and 
concernmgthevery faluation of mankind by chrifts 
death and reftirrctfion. We know how the diucl fee 
vpon Chrift alone to tempt him vnto fin, that (a hee 
might oucrthrow the workc of our redemption,fu P - 
pofing in this combatc or M onoraachie to hauc got 
the day :but he prevailed not. Afterward how ftrong- 
ly did hee oppugnc him by his Angels ? I meane the 
Scribes and Phatifecs, the high pricfts and Elders of 
the people, yea al the diuels in hell ,and his whole in- . 
fernalarmic, not oncly in mnrthcring and crucify, 
ihghis naturall bodyc.but alfoinvhng all forcible 


j<$ An iieftfiuonvpnthuele Ration. 

and cunning mcanes to kccpehim downe, that hcc 
might neuer rife vp againc ; asthe great ftonc vpon 
his tombe, the fcaling of it, the watch fei to keepe ic 
For the diuel knewe right well, that if Chrift rofc a- 
gain,he (houldlofc the field:Fdr the refurrcaion of 
Chrift is our aftuall iuftification, And Chrifi was 
JUum.M mightily declared to be the Sonne of God by his refurre- 
ffionfrtm the dead. W ell, do the dragon and his an- 
gels w hac they can } y et Chrift is rifen againe,& hath 
fpoiled principalities and powcrsjyeaal the infernal 
armic, and hafhmade a fheweof them openlic, and 
hatbledde them al in triumph vppon his crofle : So 
that we fee in thisfirft and greateft battell, tbediueB 
haththe foilc. And it is further faid/4tf this diuel and 
dh'ts AnteUwere ctjl0utofheattt»,& their jdtceiva* 
firftcaftingoutofheauen, immediately aftertheyr 
creation, tor at thattime they were no diucls,nor e- 
nemics to the church,but Angels of light: butriow 
fincc their fall, and fincc they were diuels ; they arc 
faid to be caft out of hcaucn, not becaufe they euer 
came in hcaucn fince they were diuels, but becaufe 
they camx>loiigcrimpeach the churchtouchingh.it 
blcffed eftare in heauen.They are without all hope to 
difpoffeflehirofhir inheritance : forthat is ratified, 
and made fure vnto hir in the death and refurre&ion 
of Chrift And for this cau (c it is laid, tliatthe diuell 
hatb nomoreto do in hcaucn : that is, he cannotfor 
his heart oiierchrow the faluation of Gods children. 
*-°™&}} Fey wfo cm / a y m y t h W g t0 the charge ofGedschofen ? 
It is Godtlmt iitftifiefh .who fhallcondemne ? It is chrtfl 
which is dcttdjta or rather which is rifen againe, fjrc 


4»*xtofttionvpntheRcttthtim. iyj 

True it is indeed that this bftttellis laid to bee in hea- 
uen that is, about heavenly thinges y yea about the 
nigneft points of hcaucn, which is faluation or dam- 


tbe beginning mightily wreftled and ftruggled with 

tlicchurer^and dodi cuen vntil this day : but bleficd 

be God,that he cannot, nor (hall not preuail againft 

any one of Gods cle£t. ForourLordlcfusfaith 7 Iol vo^ 


ther fbdanytake them out ofmyhanl-my father which 

g*™ the me is greater then dl. Neither fhd any fluckc 
them itHtofmy hand. AgaiM* that the father giueth 
me,fhalcome vnto me. And this is the fathers mlwhich 
hmftnt me, that efalyehich he hath gtuenme,lfl,odd 
i0 fi mt ^ n sMt{hoddrdfeitvfA^nAtthelafiday. 

Now further wc arc w oWcroc,that,as chrift in hit 
<*wn C pcrfon hath onco prcuailcd in the maine bar* 
tell againft the diuel, fohis church militant flialbke- 
wifc alwayes preuaile through him.F/orit is wckeni Mat rf 
ThegAMofhdlfidJn^frfi^e^Jun/iie.. '.. :i r 

And the great. DragQn.jhatoldfcrfentfdlcdtliedpi v«rfc. f . 
uelandfattnwas cafioMtjphithdecewcthaltbcwikld: ■ 
Hevvat cuen cajlinto the earth < 3 .& his Angels - were ■ 
caJtoutzivitJihm. , ; ^-; . .'.r:.- • * 

tion of Gods die&j hdis. faidto foe caft oi*f.ifheauen ] 
into the earth: that is, amongefkearthly ahdearaall 
men.thathe may excrctfe histyranyjandwrcckhis 

maIiccvpon^rrcm.:For r hehathpowcrgiuet»himto- 
tyrannizcouertheilvathi? plcafure, andthcApoftle 
(itihjeworkethinthe chiMrenofdifibedieruejndta- fyKef,*. > 


tft 10 

158 An Expofitionvponthuele Ration. 

Then I heard a loud voice in heaue»ifaying:now isfaU 
nation j& fir cngth, and the kingdom of our God, ejr the 
power of his chrift:for the accufer of our brethren is caji 
downe, which accufedthem before God day and night. 

Hereisthctriumphantfongofvi£rory,wnich all 
the Saints 8t Angels do ling vnto God, praifing and 
magnifying his power, and the power ot his Sonne 
Chrift,foroucrcomming thedragon,and giuingtlie 
vidtory to the church through Chrift.For now with 
greac ioy and loud voices they ling and fey, that the 
churches faluation is fealed and made fure vnto her 
for euer. It can ncucr be fhaken. The divell is foyled 
and caftdowne into the earth. ■■ - ,, -'- v: '- "- 

.Thefe fongs-uf ioy aftergreat victories arc of great 
antiquity in. the church; as we read of the children of 
Ifraell/afttir the oucrthrow of Pharaoh Sc hi* army in 
the red tea : of Deborah, after the great victory oucr 
Sifar'a:o£ the women, that fung after die vi&orye of 
G.oliah by Diuid. :.,- : yn.i '■'•■:' 

The dcuiivs called thcaccpferbf the brethrferi for 
two cktifcsV.firfrbc'c.avVfdbclaccufcth Gods elccte of 
much finnc, and callcth for iufticc againft them day 
EC night at Gods hands,that they might be condem- 
ned vpon fuch articles as he is able to prone againfte 
them :• for he knowing rigtifwell that the iudgc of al 
the world- rs a> iuft God,and muft needs deal vpright- 
Iy»doth daily vrge him to do iuftice vnto finners^be- 
ing willingly ignorant that al Gods people, though 
tinners, are cleared and difcharged in Ghriftj 

AoothcL' rbafou is,becaiifcof the calumniations, 
fcprbches and flaunders,which in al ages, at al times, 
and in al places and countries, hec hath alwaies vn- 


An Expofitbn vpon the Reflation. 7 < 9 
iqftly raifed vp againft the true worihippws of God- 

*f they oueramehimbythbloud of the Lamb ^Verfi 
b) 'thewordof 'their tejlimony, and they lotted not their 
lutes vnto the death. 

Hccrcisftcwedthatthc churches victory ouer/a- 
than and hel,is not thorough any power or m-ght of 
her own ,but by the blond of the Lamb, and the word of 

^«r^///»^ 7) thacis,thewordofGod,whichthey 
witnes, profciIe,louc,8c flick vnto ciien vnto death 
Therefore 'reioyceyehemens s andye that dwel in the.""* l 

diitel is come downe vnto you, which hath great wrath 
knowing that he hath but a fhort time. * 

Here againe the faints,and Angels^ Sc al the blef- 
fed company of heauen,are called vpon,&: exhorted 
to reioice,becaufe the diucl Sc his angels are caft out 
and the eleft haue the viftory ouerhim through the 
bloud of the Lamb, and becaufe the faluation of the 
church is fealed vp, and God only reigneth through 

chrifl.Which al are matters of fogrcatmomet,that 
not oncly the church militant is flirrcd vp to reioyce 
herein, but eucn the church triumphant alfo, that is 
the fpirits ofiuft and perfect meaBut on the contra- 
ry, here is feareful woe denounced againft the inhabit 
fonts of the earth, andofthefea : that is, all Papiftcs, 
Atheifts,worldlings,and reprobates. For fith he canl 
not haue his wil of the church, yet hce will haue his 
will and wreakhis malice vpon them, by hardning 
their hat ts.and blinding their eies.and making thera 
his IhuesSc vaflals,to fight for his kingdom againft 
Chnft,againft his church,againftall goodnciTe^ and 
all goodmcriThercafonis added, why the diuellis 

Z in 

re 1 1. 

16 o An Expcjition vpott the Revelation. 
infucha rage with the worlde, and commeth vpon 
them in fo great wrath and furic, to wit, becaufc hee 
hath but a port time : that is, becaufc his kingdomc 
drawcth to an end, therefore he doth fo beftir him. 
Ycrfe 1 3. Andwhcn the Dragon faw that he was cajtvnto the 
earth, he per/ecu ted the woman which had broght forth 
the man child. 

Now the diucl feeing himfclfc caft out of hcaucn, 
fo as he cannot impeach the faluation of the church; 
he raifcth vp horrible perfections againft her by his 
inftnimcnts here in.thc carth,lab'ouring toroote hir 
out it it were poffi'jlc: for being oucrcomc of the 
■head.hc doth now with might and manic, fet vporr 
the body; and what horrible ftormes lice hath in all 
agcs,fpccially in thefc laft daies uatfed vp , and daily 
doth raifc vrragainft the church, both the fcripturcs 
andal church ftories do abundantly declare. 
But to the woman weregiuen two wings of a great ex. 
Vwf * ** glejhat (be might fly into the wilderne*,tnto her pkee^ 
where fie is nouripedfor a time,andtrmes i and halfe it 
time, from the preface oftheferpent. 

Thefe two wing' do fignific al the wares 5i mcanes 
of euafion, which God gaue to his church, when hee 
deliucred hir from the hands of bcrpurfuers 8£ per- 
fixutots -.andalfo her fwift flight from thcm,andalf 
their malicious pra&ifes. For althogh the church ca- 
noe abfolutcly fly from the prcfencc of the diucl,*vith 
hir Eagles wings,bcing fo vnfpeakably fwift as he is; 
yet after z fort ftre is Grid to fly from him,and bis pre- 
fencc,when thepowcrofche tyrants and pcrfeeutors 
which he raifeth vp,caunot ouertake hir, to murder 
■Sc kii iiir.Buc as touching her Higbc to the wildcrnes, 


An expefiumi>fontheReueUt'm. tf r 

and her lodging & nourifhrnent therc,bv gods pro- 
we haue-fufficiendy heard before vcr. tf.and thciforc 
here I furccafc to fpeake any further of it. As concer- 
ning the foace and continuance of her nourifhmenc 
m thcwildcrnes,which is here Cct down to be atime 
&tt»>es 3 and halfe a time,ids thefamc that the thou- 
land two hundred and thrcefcore daies, mentioned 
inthcfixtvcrfe; and the 42. momhes, mentioned 
Chap. 11. vcrfca.and the three daies and a halfe 
mentioned Cap.ii,vcr.<J.as before hach bin /hewed! 
Andtheferpent caft out of his mouth Water after the 
woman, like afoudf hat he might caufeher to be cari~ v " rei * ; 
ed away eftbepud. 

Now the church being fecretly hid and nouri/hed 
by Gods prouidence in the wildernefle/o as the dy 
uil & his inftrumcnts cannot find her out, nor come 
at her,h= takcth another courfe^nd caftcth about a- 
nother way to annoy hirjSc that is by callings flond 
ofwatcr after her todrowne hcrwithal. Wherby is 
meant,thc innumerable lies, reproches, & flanders, 
which he raifed vp by fundry hcrcticks againft hir in 
all ages; as the Arrians,Donatifts, Papifts, and fuch 
like, and all to bring her into the hatred of Princes, 
Potentates, Sc al that wcr in loue with her; thatfith 
otherwifc he cold not preuaile againft hir,yct at leafi: 
he might vttcrly finkc her in this gulfe of reproches. 

But the earth holp the woman, and the earth opened *<&*( 
her mouth >andfi» allow cdvp the pud, which theDra- 
[onhadcaft out of his mouth. 

Thcfame God which firft deliuered the Church 

60m the violence and fury of fathan, and afterward 

Z a . caft. 

l6z An expo/tt ion vpon the Reitehtion. 

cad him out of hcau :n, 8c gaue ha* the viitory oner 
him i and after chat againc miraculoufly hid hir and 
pre-femed her in the wildcrncfle, doth not now at a 
d.-ad lift forfakc her, nor fuifcr her to be drowned in 
this floudof reproches, and vninft calumniations, 
which the Dragon cafl: vp after her. Brit caufeth the 
earth to help her r mdto fw allow vp the floud : That is, 
he vfeth all creatures in the earth to help his church: 
and not oncly fo,but alfo he ftineth vp many earth- 
ly and carnall men to beiirend the church, 8C to take 
part wich her againft her cnimics. As fomctimes hc ; 
did Cyras > Ebedmelech, ?{ebuz.<iradm, Gamaliel, and 
fundry others, whofe power and policy hc.v fed for 
the good of his church,and for the dry ing vp of that 
floud ofrcproches.which Sathan hath in alages coft. 
vp againft her. And God be thanked, wefee at this 
day that this floud offlandcrs and calumnies, which 
Papifts Sc Athciftscaft out againft the Church, and 
her particular mcmbcis,do dry vpdaily.&ihall dry 
vp more Sc more, being drunk in by the carih. And 
the Church doch ftillftand vnmooucablc, and fhaU 
(land and continue eucn vnto th: endof the world. 
Then th; Dragon wot wroth with the woman, and 
v«fe 1 7 went e£* made war with the remnant ofherftedjvhich 
keep the commumdementes of God, andhaue the tefli- 
mony of /ejus chrifl. 

Here we fee there is no end of the diuels malice. He 
is infatigablc in mifchicfe : though he haueneucrfo 
many fbilcs, yet hce will hot giuc oiier^ but begin a- 
gain. For whereas he couldnot preuaile againft the . 
woman ,to cafl; her out of heaue, by impeaching her 
election and faluation in chriir, nor yet root hir out' 
' • .- the 


'An Expofltion vpon the Reuthtiert, } g, 

the earth by pctfeciicios, being hid in the wildrrncs 
and locked vp in the priuy chambers of Gods prouiL 
dencc,as fomctimes yong loajb was locked vp in the 
pne fts chamber from the fury of Athabah : now hec Kin, 
gocth another way to work, and fcttcth vpon her in ' 
her feed and poftcrity, which remain in the earth vn- 
ro this day.So that now fith he cannot do what mif 

chicfe he would againft the church; yet will he doo 
what he can: feeing he canot wound hir in hir head 
yet vyil he bite, & pinch at her heelc j as it is written! 
thzxhejbonldbruifeher hale. And as is the malice of <>«>• ». U 
Sathan againft the church , fo is the rage and fury of 
al his members.euen all the wicked and vngodly a- 
gainftthe true wor/hippers of God They arc refflcs 
in malice and in mifchicfe : if they cannot vex them 
one way ;thcy will try another : if rhey cannot touch 
them m their hues^yctwill they moleft them in theft- 
goods and good name : if they cannot do what they 
wold,yet wil they do what they can: they wil noucr 
gmcoucr: if they can fpite thcrri in the Icaft 'thing' 
thaus.thcy (hall befureofit. For they are as hill of 
vcnimc as aToad, and as full of malice to Chrift as 
anEggcisfullofmcatc. " - . 

And I flood on the fen [and. 

Now Iohn affirmcth that hecftoodvponthe Sea V " fc '* 
&nd,to behold the bcaft which rifech out of the Sea 
in the next chap.or elfc becaufc rhc greek word may effmhk 
be of the t h.rd perfon, which is, he Lod.that is,thc * 
dragon flood, it may bearc this fenRs, that the diucll 
Uood vpon the feafand, as itwere wotkingand ft*, 
mmgoutofthefeahis cheefe inftrument, which is 
the beaft now following to be ipoken of. 

2 3 CHAP. 

!^4 'j»Exj>ofitie»vpntheKeueUtwt. 



7E feme heard in the former chaprer the dc- 
' (cription of the Church,and of hcrarch-c. 
nimic the dcuill,Sc of the battcll betwixt therewith 
the fucccffc thereof . Now in this chapter we arc to 
hcare of the dragons two great inftrumcnts.whcrby 
he iVhteth agamft the woman : that is, the Roman 
cmp?rc,and the Papacy.For by thefc two, as it were 
his two hands,hc hath in all ages/f om the Apoftles 
time to this day, moft cruelly affiulcd, and affliaed 
the churcfeThercforc the mainc drift of this chapter 
is,to defctibe atiargc thefc two beafts.togethcr with 
al their bcaftly procecdings.So that this chapter may 
fitly be dcuided into two principall parts. 

The firft is a defcription of theRoman monarchy, 
when it was at the higheft pitch, vntill the n. vcrfe. 
The focond, is a defcription of the Papacy, when 
it was in his pride,andcxaltation ; in al the verfes fol- 
lowing vnto the end of this chapter. 

In the firft of thefc two maine braunches, the Ro- 
man Empire is diuerfly defcribed. 
Firft, of the petigrcc thereof. 
Secondly, of her fcuen feucrall goucn.mcnts. 
Thirdly, of her great and outftrctched power. 
Founh!y,of her victories. 
Fiftly, of her b1a(phcmics. 
Sixtly, of her furic, rapine, and pride. 
After this is fet down the wound,which was made 
in the Empire,with the curing of the fame. 
»tr, 4 .T,8cc Laftly,is fet down the great and admirable power, 
and authority of theRoman empire, which ruled o- 

Vtrfe 1 

Vcrfe » 

AnExpoftuonvfontheReuehtioH. l6 - 

iter a great part of the world, and hadmany nations 
fiibica vnto it/pccially, when the Popes were the 
heads thereof. 

fin the fecond mainc part is the Papacy veryliucly 

Firft,fr6 the petigrcc thcrcof,which is of the earth. Veifc h 
Sccondly,from the ciuill and Ecclefiafh'call power 
thcreofjwhich is pretended to come from Chnfl,al- 
though in truth it is of the diuelL 

After this is fet downe that the Papacy fhould bee »cr,i i, ij 
as mighty, andperforme as much inthcfcniiceof 
the Dragon againft God, as cuer the Empire of the 
heathen could do, both by authority and force, and 
dpecially by Iyingwondcrs. 

Then it is fhcwcd„that as the Papacy did in fub- vcrfe i 4 
ftanceofmatterfetvpand refiore again the old Ro- 
man tyrrany,to be worshipped, and wondrcd at; fo 
hath it framed an Hierarchic or Ecclefiafticall go. 
ucrnment,aftcr the very forme and prefident of the 
ancient Roman tyrrany ; which is indeedc foJilce it, vcrfe If 
that it is called the liuely image thereof : and he hath 
by his Cleargyand their iurifdiftion, put fuchlifc 
and fpirit into this image, that it fpake with authori- 
ty and power iri all countries and kmgdomes ; in Co rerfe lS > '7 
much that whofoeuer would notfiibmit himfclfe 
thereunto, andboth profeffe and pra&ifc-poperyi 
andyeclde himfelfc wholy to thePapacy, he /hould £ . 

Laft of al; is defcribed and difcouercd from the nu- « lfe lX 
meratiuc letters of the name ofthe fccod beaft, both 
who hcwas,andfroinwhcncc.hefhouldfpringr r 
.And'Jfm*be*firifim. of.thefc*, bm»sfiueit»y^t 


1 66 An Expofnionvfan the Eeaelotitn. 
hides, And tenne homes, and vppon his homes mere 
tenne Crowncs, and vppon his heads the nmcofblaf- 

Firft,wc are to vndcrftand that a beaft in tke fcrip- . 

lure doth ftgnifie a Kingdome, or Monarchy ; and 

that not in rcfpect of the ciuil power therof,which is 

Rom, 13 ofGod,as it is written, There is nt power but of God: 

but in refpeft of the tirranyiCrueltyjambitionjpridc, 

and other fuch like beaftly qualities thereof, which 

arc of the diucl : and therefore this beauts Gudto af- 

ccndoutofthebottomleffepit, chap,i7, 8. 

This word bcaft is thus taken in the fcuenth of D*- 

#/f//,whcre the three great Monarchies of the Baby- 

lonians.Meades and Pcrfiaus, and of the Grecians, 

arc compared for their pride,rapinc, and cruelty, to 

Da j a Lyon, aBeare,and a Leopard. The Angell in that 

an ' 7l ' 7 chapter faith cxprefly, that thefc bcafts were Kings, 

that is, kingly gouernments or Dominions. 

By the beaft in this place is meant the Roman Mo- 
narchic,not in regard of the ciuil power thereof, but 
efpeciallyinrefpectofthetyrranny of it, inopprcli 
fing the Church. 

By thefcahereis meant the troublcfomcftatcof 
the nations : as it is taken chap4- vcrfc 6. and chap. 
2tndjfe. 1. For from the boyling and broyling eftatc 
-•!. of the former kingdoms St heathen nations, which 
were as a raging fca, did the Roman Empire fpring 
vp,asallftoricsdowitncfle; And the Prbphet-D*- 
D » n > l(:, >"»«i? doth flatly teach, that through the diuilionof 
the Grceke Empire, which fell out in the poftcrity 
q{ Alexander the Great, especially betwixt; his two 


:■■■"•;, -AnExpofit'tonvpnthe.ReuchMft. xgy, 
Sonnes offtolemeus and Seletutu, this Roman mo- 
narchy by degrees made a head, till at laft it came to 
tins pitch, which now \vc (hall heare of. 
By the fcucn heads of this bcaft,are ment the fcucn 
fcuerall gouernmentcs of the Roman Empire. Fifft, 
by Kings. Secondly, by Confuls. Thirdly, by De- 
cemuin.Fourthly,byDit"tators.Fiftly,byTnumui- chsp ' 7 '' 
n. Sixtly, by Empcrours. And laftly, byi>opcs, as 
hcereafter /hall more plaincly appeare. . 

By the ten homes of this bcaft, is meant the great 
power and large dominion of the Roman Empire, 
or as the Angell himfclfe doth expound it, thereby cha P-'7.i* 
is meant ten kings, thatis,many kingdomes .which 
ihold be fubicft to the Roman Monarchy, &. wher- 
in in very dcede the power and ftrcngthof the Em- 
pire did confift. For by thefc horns the Roman Em. 
pure did not onely pulh downc other Nations :but 
efpcciallydoflcagainitthc Church, and as it were, 
cruelly gor-e the fides thereof. 
Now then we fee that the Roman Emperors both 
in homes and heads, were like their Father theDc- 
uill or the Dragon. 

By the ten crownes vpon his ten hornes,are meant 
his great and manifold victories oucr other Coun- 
tries and kingdomes. 

The homes of this beaft are faid to be crovvfl^jfcac 
not his heades, becatifc the Roman Empire hath al- 
waics morepreuailed by power thenby policy, by 
.ftrengch then by fubtilty. But the Dragon hath his 
heads crowned, and not his borncs,becaufehe hath 
alwaics done more hurt by policy, then power ; by 
fobnlty, thenfirength.Oae tiling in all this is great- 

Aa. l " ly 


i63 An txpofit'w vpon the Rendition, 
ly to be heeded,thar the holy Ghoft in this Chapter 
doth fpecially fpeak of the Roman monarchy.as the 
Popes were heads thcrcof;or as it was vndcr the do- 
minion ot the Popes in their pridc,whcn as the Em- 
perors were almoft trodenvndt r foot: He not limply 
and foly, as the Empcrours were heads thereof. 

Moreouer it is faid, that vpon thefeuen heads of this 
beajlwaswrittenthenameofblafpherny. For befides 
the blalphemics oiCaligula, Nero, DomitUn, Diode- 
fians, Iiditms, and the other old hcathenilh , &c per- 
fecuting Empcrours, which hauc arrogated vnto 
themfelucs diuine honor, wc (hall anon heare of the . 
"V«fe j, «. furpafluigblafphemics of the Popes againfl; GODj, 

And the beajl which if aw was like a Leopard, and 
his feet e like aBeares, andhis mouth as themoutkofa 
Lion, and the dragon gatte him hit power, & his throne, 
and great authority. 

Here the Roman Empire is defcribed of the likeli- 
hood of qualities, which it had with the other three 
Empires going before it. For firft, it is compared to 
a Leopard, for fwiftnefle to pray vpou others ;and 
alfo for ncrcenciTe,Sc fubtihy, as did the Greek mo- 
waiehy. Secondly, ids compared to a-Bearc for ra- 
pine and rattening, as the Monarchic oftheMcdes 
jnd Pcrfians- Thirdly,tt is compared to a Lyon for 
pride and infolcncic,as the monarchy ofthcChal- 
•da.-ans.So then by this defcription it is very clcerc, 
that this beaft lignifieth the Roman monarchy, be- 
caufcitcontaincthin it the whole power of the o- 
ther three Empires :and is here defcribed as a com- 
pound bfdiuers hcaftcs, yea.as a. very Monfter of 


AnExpoJition vpon the Reflation. i6 9 
monfters, hauing the body of aLeopard, the feet of 
aBeare, and the mouth of a Lyon. 

Moreouer it is faid, that the Dragon g*ue him his 
power and hts throne, and great authority . Which 
plainly fhevv«h,thar the power and authority of the 

Roman Empire is ofchcdciiill,iiirefDeaoftheeum«l««p.'r 
quality thereof, that is, fraud, raping oppreffion: 
In which refpecl it is faide to afcend out of the bot- 
tomles p,t as was declared before. But the fubftancc 
otit,a.idth:goucrnmcnn't fclfe,was oFGod.For 
the powers that be preordained of God, as faith the A- W 'J 

Andlfawoue of bis heads, <u it were wounded vn- Vcrfcj. 
to death -.but his deadly wound was healed, and all the 
world wondred, and followed the beaft. 

Here Iohn in a vifion feeth one of the feuen heads 
ot the beaft, almoft wounded vnro death. There be 
diuers and differing opinions of the learned touch- 
Jn S chl j w °und of the Empire, both when it ftould 
be, and how, and by whom. Some vndcrftand it of 
the death of /«//*, c«far: fomc oiJVero : fome of the 
oppreffion of the Goathes and Vandalcs : fome of 
the great preuailing oi lohn Buffi, and Jerome of 
1 rage in the greateft part of Bohemia. But to let 
all thefcpaiTc, if wee doe wifely confider and 
weigh with our fclues, that by a beaft in this place, 
Jsnotmeantany lawfull administration ofgouern- 
nicnt , butatyrrannicallpowerin perfecutingthe 
Church, wee ihall finde that a head of the Beaft 
was then wounded, when Conjfantine the Great 
llcvt Maxenttus and Z/w, the two laft perfecti- 
ng Empcrours, fctvp true religion, and brought 
A a a peace. 



170 An Eapojttion vpm the Revelation. 

peace to the Churches. Foe hereby the Roman Em- 
pire was greatly woundcd,as touching the tyrranny 
of it. The hJ.y Ghoft doth not fct downe which of 
the fcuen heads were thus wounded, but in gencrall 
faith, one of them. Now it is very probable, that he 
mcancth the fixt head : For we do not reade of any 
fuch wound in the former fine which wer pad. Nei- 
ther can it >cvnderJtood ofthe feuenth head,which 
was the P.. iacy, bccaulc it rccciucd no fuch wound 
as yet. Itfolloweth then, that the wound was in the 
Jipct head, that is, in the Empire. But wee read of no 
Empcromth.it did fo wound the bcaft, as did Con- 
Jl. inline the Great. And therforc it is very probable, 
nay, an hundred to one, that the Holy Ghoft heerc . 
pointcth at him. 

But itfolloweth, that his deadly wound was hea- 
led, to wit, by thefe wicked Emperors which fuccec- 
ded Confiantine, as Conftantw, lulianut, Vdentiut, 
and others, which afrcfh did fct vp Idolatrie, and 
perfecuted the Church. Now vppon the healing of 
this wound, it is faid,that all the world wondered, 
and followed the bealt ; that is,many nations,or the 
greateft part of the world did fubmit themfeluesto 
the Roman tyrranny. For fare it is, fomc kingdoms 
were neucr fubicft to the Empire of Rome, as fome 
part of Afia, and fomc part of Affrica. 

4 nd they wor /hipped the Dragon which gaue power 
unto the Benfi^and they worfl)ipped the Beajl^faying : 
Who is like <vnto the beafi^ who is able to wane with 
him !'. 
Now is fhewed how all the fubiefls of the Roman 
Empire, did worfhippe the Dragon : that is, they 


AnExpofition vptntheReuetatiott. 171 

maintained that worihip,which he liked and loued, 
that is, the worfhip of Idols, which the Apoftle cal- 
leth the worjhip of Deuils. And it is faidalfo,«&9 wor- 
fhifped the beafi: that is, they did all with one acord l Cor - n » 
fubmit themfelues both to the religion, aud aiuhori- 10 ' * '* 
ty of the beaft : that is y to the Popes, as they were 
the feuenth head of the Empire, For, as I faide be- 
fore, fo I fay againc, the holy Ghoft heerefpeaketh 
of the Empire, when it was in the greateft glory 
and exaltation 5 yea when all the worlde wondered 
and followed the beaft; yea, when alladmiredthe 
great andlargc dominion ofthe Roman Empire, & 
did within themfelues, whoishkevnto theBcaft?- 
Who is able to make war wich him? Now,thc Em- 
pire of Rome vyas ncuer fb great and powerfull, as 
when the Popes were heads thereof,! meanewhen 
they executed the whole ciuill iurifdiftion of the 
Empire, befides their Ecclefiafticall power, which, 
nowdidbothmcctcin one. For now the Papacy 
was aloft, and the Roman Empire ioyned with it : 
fo that the eyes of the world were dazclcd with the 
pbmpe and magnificence thereof, and they faydc, 
what is like vnro it ? Or who is comparable to the 
Pope,thc feuenth head thereof? For when the blind 
World thought that the power ofthe Pope, was 
not oncly aboue allthingcsin this world, but al'o 
did reach cucn vnto heaucn and hell. For they ima- 
gined that the Pope might carry to hcauen whom 
he would 5 andvvhom hec would, hoe might caft 
dovvnc to Hell : and therefore who could vvarrc 
With the brail ? And thus wc fee the reafon of their 
wonderment, and of their fpeech , All ftories an d 
A a 3. ex- ' 

t-p Jin Expofttion vpon the R eutlttitn'. 

experience it felfc do (hew, that there was ncucc any 
power in the world fo wondered at, as thevfurped 
power and maicfty of the Pope, after he came to be 
the head of thcRomane monarchy . For then the 
.world fuppofed that he had power, cuen as God: Sc 
that he might depofc,and fct vpp: kings and Empe- 
rors at his pleafure. Then it is clear?, that vnder the 
dominion ofthc Popcs,Romc hath bin in her.high- 
■cft exaltation and glory. For the papacy was the fe- 
ii:nth bead of the beafl, whereby the whoorc of lia- 
bilon was fupported in her molt magnificall pompe 
and pride, 
vetfe j jind there wasgluen vnto him a. mouth thatjpake 

great thinges, and blafphemies, and power wasgwett 
vnto him to do 41. months. 

Andhec opened his mouth vnto bUjpfumy agaitifi 
Vetfcrf. . Ge ^ t0 bUfoljcmc his name, and his tabernacle t and 
•them that dwell in heauen. 

Here are fct downe the proud and blafphemous 
fpecches, both of the old,and new Roman Empire; 
and ofthc old,and new Roman Emperors. For this 
beaft(as I faid before) comprehendeth al the Roma 
Empire, both vnder the Heathen Emperors, 8c the 
Popes. Touching the great things, and blafphemies, 
which theold pcrfecuting Emperours hauc belched 
out againitthe God of heauen, ic would require a 
volume to fet them downe in particuiars.I wil ther- 
fore onely mention two or three for examples fake; 
Asfirft that oiCains Caligula, which wold hauc his 
image fet vp in temples to be worfliipprd as God,8C 
that the people fhould fwear by his mmz.T^ero alfo 
did openly blafphcme the name of chrift,and requi- 

Jn Expo/ition vpon the Reneldtien. 173 
red diuinc honor to be giuen vnto.him. Domitian 
commanded that he fholdbe called God and Lord. 
Many others required the like things .-and fo all the 
world wondered and wor/hipped this blafphemous 
bead Now as the f ixt head, which was the old Em- 
pire of Romc,was full ofthc names of blafphcmv 5 (b 
the feuenth head,which is the new empire vnder the 
dominion of the popes,which he here chicfely fpea- 
kcth of, did moft of all blafphcme. For the Pope did 
challenge vnto himfclfe al power both in heauen & 
earth : he would be worfhippedas God : he vfurped 
authority oucr the word of God : he did take vpon 
himtofbrgiuefins. He did molt blafphcmoufly in- 
croach vpon all the offices of Chrift, as king, priefr, 
& prophecHehath comanded the Angels .He hath 
cre&ed blafphemous imagcs^idcaufcd pictures to 
be made of the Godhead. He boaftcth and crakcth 
grearthings of his papal power,of/Vttr/keics,of /V- 
ttrs chairc,of Te ten fucccflion,of his mirades,of his 
twofwords,andof his manifold prxrogatiucsroial. 
One of the popes poifoncd his god.-anothcr call his 
God into the fire .- another would catc his peacockc 
in detpitc of God Some of the cofitcd the rcligio of 
Chrift a talc or fable, fomc drank to the diticl, fomc 
faid,they could do as much as God. Itwcrinfiuitro 
fet downeall their blafphemies : for it is faide ofthc 
whoore of Babylon, thitjhe vvasfullofthe names of 
Mafphemy . Let this fuffice foi the vndcrlranding of 
this text, that as the old heathenifh Emperours did 
b!afphemc, Co the popes being heades of the Em- 
pire, did moft of al blafpheme. And as it is here faid, 
they did not only blafphem the name of god,but aU 


veifc 7 


174 An Exptfit'm vpon the Reuelatio*'. 

Co did open their blackc and blafphcmous mouthes 
againft histahernacU, that is, his Church.calling it a 
company of htrecickes, Schifmatickes, Apoftataes, 
SC fuch like; W alfo againjl them that dwell in heaven, 
that is; thetpirits oi iuft and perfeft men, which arc 
in Heaucn, as Luther, Caluin, Melanclhon, and fuch 


k Moreoueritis to be noted, rhat this mouth was 
giucn vnto this monftrous bcaft, thus to blafphcme 
and (peak great thtngs.Buc this is to be vnderftood, 
that it was giuen in the wrath and iuft iudgemenc of 
God vpon the world,to plague them withal,becaufe 
they regarded not th? knowledge of the truth- But 
it is added, that this power of the bcaft thus to work 
his aftions.was limited vnto4a. months ; fo that al- 
though he rule and rage for a time, yet /ball heenoc 
long continue. 

Audit was giuen vnto him to make warre with the 
Saintes,andtoouenome them; and fewer was giuen 
vnto him oxer euery kindred and tongue and nation . 

Therefore alt that dwell vpon the earth, fhdworfhip 
him, whofe names are not written in thebooke of life 
oftheLamhe, which was Jlaine from the beginning of 
the world. 

Thcfe two verfes do fet forth the great power which 
was giucn vnto this bcaft, both in fighting againft 
Gods people, and alfo oucrcomming of them, and 
murdering of them by heapes. As wc rcade of thou- 
fands murdered in the firft ten great perfections^ 
ten thouGinds by the Popes, fince they came to ex- 
ercifc the ciuill authority and iurifdi&ion ol the Ro- 
man Empire, and that in all Countries and King- 

AnExpofmin vpon the Reflation. fy 

domes of Europe;as iris here hjAjbatpmervrnt gi- 
mevnto hm oner euery hindred^ndtongue^ nation. 
And it vaddcdjthKallthaTdwellvpontheearthjhit 
is,al the mbiefts of the Roman monarchy, fbal wor- 
fliip the beaft,&makc a God of him; as wc read they 
hauc done. And the chiefemotiue thereof, was his 
blafphcmous mouth,boaftingand thrcatning great 
things if any did withftand him:and alfo his mighty 
power and authority, whereby he bare downcal be- 
fore him.Por if any did but mute againft him,he was 
lure to finan; for it. And thus through his tyrannicall 
power he fubdiicd all nations vnder him, and made 
them ftoupc and fal downc and worfliip him. But it 
folowcth.that for al rhis.nonc of gods cleft did wor- 
ship him.or fobrnit thcmfelues to his religion, & au- 
thority,but only thofe that dwell vpon the earth, that 
is, earthly men *. as papifts,Atheifts, and reprobates, 
and al Cuch, whofe names are not written in the took of 
life.ChnR, is called the Lamb ftaine from the begin, 
rung of the worldc, becaufe the fauingpowcr ofhis 
death was from the beginning to all beleeuers, al- 
though he was not aftually exhibited vnrill the fol- 
ncs of time. 
If any man hauean care, let him heare. 
if any leadinto captiuity, hefhallgoeinto eaptimty ■ if 

H thepatience md the faith of tkeSaints. 
Here is ftewed.that the things fpoken of this great 
bcaft are very fecretand myftical,and can bevndcr- 
ftood of none but thofe oneh/,whofc earcs and eyes 
God opencth to hearc & fecund vndcrftand,thacis, 
die very deft of Godas for alpapifts Sc worldlings, 

Bb their 

ij6 An Etyofitim vponthe Riueht'm. 
their eares St cics atefcaled Stfluitvpithey cannot 
vudei (land thcm.but do ftil worfbip thebeaftjafcri. 
bingvnto him ditiinc power and honor. 

In the 10. vetfc tlieiudgementand vengeance of 
God is denounced againll die Roruane monarchic, 
bothformer and latter ,whichas itjracblongqpprcf- 
fed the church with cruel bondage>& drawnc thou- 
iandsinto perpetual captiuity; foit fclfc alfo fhould 
be caft do wnc, with althe adheicncs thereof, both in 
this life and that which is to comcForas the Roman 
Empire did tyrannize buer the world* andlcdmilli- 
oris into fpirituall capciuity and bondage : fo heere it 
is aiiouchcd, that accordin g to the iuft Iawe of quit- 
ttnce,itfelfc fhould be broght to the fame lore. And 
asthisbeafthad murdered many by thcfworde-,fo 
he himlclfe rauft be murdered by the iword alfo, as 
the Apoftie faith,cW is iuft, and therefore ml recom- 
mence tribulation to them that trouble his church. Now 
tthef, 1.6 jm^fcgij-ict^vntomc^obeaclcare prophetic of 
the faland final dcflruftion of the Roman Empyre> 
which indcede confidcringihe pi:che that it was at, 
may (ccmathing fti angeand incredible: andtherc- 
forc the Holy-ghoft ftirreth vs vp to attention in the 
p.vcif,as to a thing of great wonderment; and admi- 
ration : for if the Roman monarchy fail,the Papacic 
mult of nereffity fal with it. For the Roman Empire 
is that beaft,whichbeaEcthvp\hev»horcofBabilon, 
asappcarethinthc J7. Chapter of this ptophefie, 
where wefhal(God willing) plainly, &L atlaigeheare 
oftheioyntdeftrudtQflof ihembsahtogisncr. 

It is added : ffeere&tht patience and 'the faith 4>f the 
■Saints. .That.is,. herein required otcatpaciianc^ofafl 


An ExpoftHtti'vfm the ReueUthn. vjy 

G«ds childidiijto waic,and tary f il the performance 
and accomplitbrrientofthofe thinges^nd alfofayth 
and fulafluranc e to bclecue, that they fiial in Gods 
appoinredtimccome to pafle. For few docbelecue 
thefe things,and therfore wait hot with patience for 
And I beheld mother bcaftcommmg out of the earth, VciGu 
which had two. homes like the Lambe, butheftakelike 
the dragon. . 

Hauing defcribed the firftbeafle which is the Ro- 
man Empire : now the Holi-ghoft commcth to dc- 
icribcthefccondbcaft, which is the Papacic, orthc 
be defcribed before in regard of his monarchy,that 
isjthcciuil iurifdi£tion,which hccxcrcifed as he was 
thcfeiicnth head .of the beaft, and hcadc of thcEra- 
pirc; yet here he is defcribed after another fort,that 
is,acording to his ecclefiaftical authority.- and thcr- 
forc he isicalkd another beafle, or a beaft differing 
from tbeformcrjinithathe cxerxifeth another pdw- \ 
CTjbefides the power of the Heathen Emperours 
refpe& he«. called thefalfc prophet. 
Thwfeoobdbead rilah out of-thc eanh.as the for- 
mer rafe out ofthe fca.- then it appcarcth that Anti- 
chrift \sjaf his bf eed i fonne of the cartb ; obfeurcly 
hoiac^Sc by little and-h'tle creeping vpout of his ab- 
ie<a«ftate 5 as did tfhe Turkc.Itis here muft truly faid 
thactftefciagdome of Amtehriftc attfeth out of the 
itnettec carncf i dm heaucri.k was 'firfli hatched but 
Bb a poy- 

~ifi AnExpofititnvptnthe Reiuhtm'. 

poifonings,(brcerics, enchantmcntcs, and fiich like. 
Foe ai {lories do fhew, that from thefc roots the Pa. 
pacy grew to his exceeding height and altitude. 

This fecond bcaft hath monomer, like tie Lamb; 
Wherby is meant his ciuil and ccclcfiaftical power, 
or his kingdomc and Ptieft-hoodi which hec falfly 
pretendeth to come from the lambe .• Sc therefore he 
giueth in his armes two kcyes, and hath two fwords 
carried before him. So Boniface the eight fhewed 
bimfclfe one day in apparrel as a pope, and the next 
day in armour as the Emperor ; and the two homes 
in the Popes miter are fignes hereof. But the Holy- 
. ghoft heere telleth vs, chat-thefc two homes are not 
the homes of the Lambe,but only like the homes of 
the Lambe : for he rcceiucd not his power from the 
Lamb Chrift •, but from the diuel,chat is, the dragon 
* with tea homes. Then thus it is, thePapacyis the 
feuenth head of the firft beaft,that is 5 the Empire ; Sc 
yet a bcaft by it fe'fc, with two homes like the Lamb> 
in refpeft or his ioint power and authority, both cc- 
clcfiaftical $c ciuil, in which refpefl: he is called euen 
the eight : and one of the fcucn,chap. 17, 11. 

Although this fecond beaft haue mo horneslike the 
Lamb get hejpake like the dragon jhxi is,al his • words 
and works ,pra£tifes and proccedings,la wes and de* 
aces, arc for die dragon,of whom he hath his pow- 
er and throne, and great authoricy.So thatwhatfoel 
ucrhee pretendeth in religion and matters of Gods 
worfhip, as though he would be like the Lamb ; yet 
affiircdly he is altogether for the dragon arid thedi- 
nell : he is aflbred vnto them, as all experience doth 
manifcftly witnes.. 


AnExpfiionvfon theRtUelatim. j 7 > 
And he did aUthat the firft betjl touted* before him - rerf M * 
andheemfedthe earth andthem tktrdwdtberem, to 
^Jhpthefirfibeaft^hofedeadlyrooundw^ healed 
Hereu- ihewed that this (ccond bead was as migh- 
ty andftrongas the firft beaft.and could doasmuch 
as he, cucn in his ptcfencc. Whereby is-hoted the 
great power and authority of the papacie, in perfor- 
ming as much in the feruiceof the Draggon againft 
God and his church, as euer the Empire of the hea. 
thcn.and thofe wicked Emperours could do • yea he 
did much more againft Chrift,and his religion.thcn 
cuer the perfecting Emperors could doe, cucn then 
when they were at their higheft pitch. And al this he 
did in his prefence, that is, in the fight He open view 
of the whole Empire,or whole world. 
Andhecaujed the earth jmdthem that dwel therein 
that is, al papifts, and vvordlings,/* vvorfhip the fir k 
beaft, duns, torccciue the worfhip and religion of 

Idolatry. So then, although the power m the papa- 
cy came vnder the name ofChrift,yct in tnuhit was 

the fame with the power of the perfecuring Empire ■ 
tor the heathen emperours condemned the true worl 
flupof God,and fct vpfalfe wor/hip jCU en the Wor~ 
ftjpof d.uels, whichis Idolatry,andfo do the popes 

5k i al ? T fcc,that this fcc6nd bK, ft « all for 
the firft bcafte, that is, he leuieth alhis powC r & au- 
thority,^ fet,vp the worfhip and religion of the oldc 
Komape tyrants; and to>fbrceal men by crueMttwcs 
anddcci;e& to recciueand embrace tfcrCk&c. So 

SiT, i »°«toigbeiw then fflrft.nay 
in trutha great dealcvVorfe. ■T-' 7 

Bb 3 And 

t Sq JfrExpifitiotivptnthe Aeutlatio*. 

devyitefrPtnfiwb'. wtht earth, inthefighti vfnteHl- 
• A*>d4.ecet^ethjtheni that Avcellw the earth, hy the 
yer c l *> 1 * j^flwfakjptre ptfimtt id hi>h to dom the fight of the 
beafij'aying to.them that dwell on the earthy tint they 
^{dmxktthejma^e-ofthe besfyvhich hadthewound 
ofafv-vprd^anddidliue. . - • ' 

Tfcefc two verfes do contame two ipcciall things : 
Thebncis,thcfalie&: fiuncdmiraclcsctf Antichrift 
The pthcr is,the curled cffccl: thereof. .. ■ ■ 

Xouobin g the fif ft^whi ch is the woondcrs and my- 
racks which Antichriftfhould workeyitis here laid, 
that \iti^)\\\^mikefire come downe from heauen y as 
EUm did.Xhe meaning wherof is nor,that the'popes 
could indeed caufefiretoxomtdovm from heauen, 
as JE///W.did: burin the opinion of thcblind-wo'rlde 
they feemed to haue as great power as Elias had.For 
parciy by cotmterfcitcmiraclcs, and partly by fbme 
Grange tilings done by thepowerofSarhany tbefe- 
diiccd wp(|d hath verily bcteeuedithawhe popeanJ 
his clctgy had as great power to wotkc miracle* as 
eucrhadE/ws. /'■', 

Touching the feconAtliinge, which is the '«{&& 
of thefe wonders;: It is here faid that ■theintabftants 
ot'thoc-ar^h» that isj Papifts and Wordlings^ Were' 
groficlic deceiued and deluded by them 3 «ficn ( ty 
thofe lying wonders, ; which were peiniittedhirirto 
do in theiight of die bcaflithat is;in jhe-facfcWd^ 
pcnYJteWiOjFjth^ Empkej-Accoirdirvgas thjs 'ApSftJe 1 
foyetc id, tbafcrfo tmmi*g-.tf*ntishtififi»m'bt If 
the-cffettuall •worMing.«fS«t\jin r xfith allpovv'/r and 
fignes, oHdlying wenderfjOt/d in'iUdectwibleWjJe of 
■ ■'■ ;• vnrigh* 


AnExpofitinkvpotitfu ZiueUth*. jg \ 

ceding tbcfpapiih catf«t^fec-fignes'artd wohders a ifc 
isneedeleffe to write, being fo well knownevfiro ill 
roenj as they arc, andfc»c6nari*0n and notorious in. 
aiftorics, ..,....:.:..■. • .c. ,c. ...^ 

S tying to them thardwettMbe earth \t 'hdtihey fhouMe 
make the image ofthebeafie% which had the Wound ''of '"«*« «t 
*fi»'ordjoiddidliut. -i 

Now Antichrift hauing gotten the worlde vnder 
him 3 by his MtintcrfcE miracles, doethlayhiscforn- 
mandcmcnc'on tbe^ro niakffthiimagdWthebeaft; 
Now what is here meant by the image of tfiebcaftis 
fomewhat hard to difcufle : fome thinly thathy the 
hnageofthe beaft, which had the wound ofifword; 
&did liue r is meantrheirejiaking, and there fforine 
of t^e decayed cfoteof the£mpire,by thepb'pcs.to 
his ful ftrengch and venue. We do read that the'e- 
flatc of the empire vnder NerofiUko^Galha^andyitet- 
/////, was weak Stfccble^irr comparifon of that whicfj 
it was before, vnder Ang^fius^TtbeYiUSy tetlavcKuf. 
Wc dorcachlfothatthfcGotheSand Vandarsmide 
hornblo rents and diflipations incheRbfoairic'Ern- 
pire. Wedoefiirthcrread, thatthcEmpirewasdi- 

nidedandrentinpeeces;;ifothatfhere ( wairhiiErh : 
perorlof the Eift.and the Impett* of the vfycv^Vea 

Atlaft.thbempireofthe W&Wd ^itedorfrcfo that 
fortrie fpace of 3oo.yca«8£ m ore^tiicrwas no efnpl 
of the Weft.iil the bifhap of Rome ked the 3 . made 1 
cWhbeg*eat,the K,of France'EhipiTheh was the" 
empire ofthaAW^againaeFeeiad^ mh tim£ : #&Wi<} 
«grcaranheight.vndei?the dommioh ofrhcpbpes 
»hefore,yca£ir'greater.NowI fay, fonKS^o'etalte 


ttt AitExppfitmvpfnthe&euettyifi. 
this reftoringof Ac decayed eftatc ofthe Empire,by 
the popes, to his former ftrength and power, to bee 
the making of the image of the het/le, which had the 
wound of&pworAjy did Hue . But for my own part 
I cannot be of that opinion ; and my rcafon is, that 
the reflating of the decayed eftatc of the Empire to 
his former condition, yvas the fetting vp of die beaft 
himfclfc : for chc Empire is the beaft, and not the %' 
mage of the beaft : for wee muft necdes graunt, that 
the beaft and the image of the beaft, are two feucrall 
thinges. But the popes in recouering/hc empire to 
his priftinatc eftatc, fct vp the beaft againc ; Sc there- 
fore not the image of the beaft. Therefore die image 
ofthe beaft,canot be vndcrftood of the rcftauration 
.ofthe decaicd cftateof the Empire. Befidcs this, it 
is here faid, that the inhabitauntes ofthe earth had a 
great hand in making of this image. Bin the inhabi- 
tants ofthe earthbare ftnal fway in the recouering Sc 
crc&iotvof die empire. (For therin. the popes were al 
in al,afcer it came into their bands)Therfore this ca- 
hotbe,yridcrirood ofthe Empire, but of fome other 
things; let vs then diligently iearch out what may be 
the true meaning of this place. It muft needs be gra- 
ted,tha*by Ac bfiaft, which., had the wood of a fword 
and did (iuc, is m eant ri?p rccouered cftata ofthe em- 
pire, as before yerfi a. And by the image thereof, 1 
ynderftand the forme pfgouernment : for an image 
dpthfiapific a iikencs; afimilitudc,a figure or forme 
b£a thing. And as inall cinjl and ccdefafocattrcgi* 
menr^Oiere is both a fobftanceand a foirmeu mat- 
ter aodamanner; lb here,hauing before (a. downe 
that Anfichrifthadprcitcdthefiibflaunccand mat* 


' JnExfefiticn vf cm he Revelation. i8 3 
ter ofthe ojd Roman ty rany j now he ftewcA, that 
he fhould alfo fetvp theimage& forme of thefamc. 
For before verfc. n.itisfaid, that Antichrift this 2. 
bealt.caulcd chc world to worjhip chc firil bcaft,tha t 

«*«> rccciiicandimbrace the Jawcs,wor(hip,and re- 
ligion of Ac old hcaAmih Roman tyrants,as before 
hath bin (hewed : 3 nd now here is added, Aar he did 
not content himfclfc with caufing the inhabitants of 
the earth to worfliip Ae old bcaft,in the fubf lance of 
his religion; but alfo he laycth commandemems vp. 
onthcm,tomafcchis Image, tbac is, tocreftancx- 
tcrnal forme ofEcclefia(ticaligouernment,aftcr the 
very patcrn and forme of Aegouernmcnt ofthe old 
Empire ; yea fo like it,chac ic is called the very image 
of thefame. Foras theforme ofgoucrnment vnder 
the old Empcrours, was cruell and- tyrannicall, and 
altogether bent againft the Church : fo the forme of 
fccclehafhcall goucrnment vnder the popcs,was cru- 
ell and ryrannicall, a nd altogether bent againfie the 
Church ; and therefore here it is called the Imaee of 
it : for it v as like it as it can looke Then it folio we A 
that Antichnft hath fct vppe that exrcrnall forme of 
wor/hip, which Ac Idolatrous Romans of olde vfcdi 
and that hce hath renewed thepcrfecuting Empire 
not onely in fubftance of matter,but alfo in forme of 
gonernment : and therefore I concludc,that the po. 
pifliChurch-policic, and extcrn a ll regiment, is the 
very Image ofthe beaft. 

ffee the inhabitants of the earth arcfaid to make 
the Image ofthe beaft, becaufe they gauc their con. 
lent to the making of it : for indeed the popes Acm, 
(clues were the chiefe Agents and doers in it. 

C c And 

i$4 J» ExpoJittoH vpo/t the Reudathn. 
Terfe ij Andit was permitted vnto him, togiue tffirit vnt* 
the image of the beaft , fo that the Image of the Beaft 
jhouldfpeake,andjJjould eaufe that as many as would 
not roorfiip the Image of the beaft, fhould he Med. 

Hcercisfhewed, chat this image of the beart was 
not a dead image,but a liuing image : for Antichrift 
puc a fpiric into it i that is, life and power, and great 
authority ; infomuch that this image could fpeakc ; 
and not onely fpeakc,but fpcake with great authori- 
ty and terror; foas whofocucr would notworfhip 
this Image, that is, fubmit himfelfe to the Popifh 
Hicravchicjfhouldbcputtodeath . Butmayfome 
man fay.howdid this Image fpcak?I anfwcr,by the 
popes Cleargy. For the Romifh rabble of Cardinals, 
Abbots, Monks, Pricfts, Friers, and all that curfed 
corporation, were the very breath, lifc,and fpiric of 
this Image : I meane, that the life-blood of their ex. 
ternall regiment, did lie in the execution thereof by 
the Cleargy, as it were in certaine arteries Si Veincs. . 
For what was their outward. forme of goucrnment, 
without this cruell execution of their flinging Cler- 
gy men,but as a dead Image without lifc?But when 
Antichrift had once confecratcd and ereftcd his Ro- 
mifh priefthood, then did he put life into his Image, 
which before he had caufed to be made and ere&cd. 
Then we do plainly fee, rhat the popifh Hierarchic 
is norabarcrefemblanceofthc oldRomm policie, 
to if by the falfe Prophet, and fpeakcth with fuch 
power and rcrror in all kingdoms, that it caufcth all 
to bee put to death that will not fubmit thcmfclues 
ynto it,and fall down and worlhip the beaft. Who 


MExf>oJiti<mvf>oittt>cReueUi;e». z fy 

knowethnot this, thatas many in all Countries, as 
would not embrace popery, and me old Roman ty- 
ranyithePopiftCIeargytheirinquifitors^othcr . 

Oftcers, did condemne them in their Courts,as he- 
retikcs/chifmatiks, and ddiucrcd them ouer, bcine 
condemncd,co thcfccuJar power to be put to death 

hlnf^T^ Mtth f miU ^gr^ richandfoore, „* * 
t» their foreheads. # 

And that no man might buy orfeff,f aue he that W™ fc '7 

^'^rk^r the name ofthebeafi^r the number of his 
name, » 

Antichrift is not conrent to murder and maiTacre 
Yu a * CO " mi ? es > whlch wil not worthip the Im a g- 
ofthebeaft .thatisftoupetohisgouernmentc^au: 
dionty : but he will go yet a fteppe further, and will 
Wallfortesof people brought in bondage™ to 
hm as his marked feruan tcs. For as men vfe to fct a 

brand vpontheir/hccp and other catteUnd to eare- 
markcthem, that it may openly and manifeftly a p- 
pcare towhom they appertaine : fo doth Antichrift 
this Romifh beaft, caufe all men in all kingdomes ro 
carry m open view his markc or brand, whereby all 
.may fee that they do appertaine vnto him. 

Ic-shccrefaid that all the vaffals of Antichrift, 
of what dcgrce,eftatc,or condition focuer,muft re- 
ceme his marke in their right hand, or in their fore- 

thewor/hi P andrcl, gI onofthebeaft. Fortheforc- 
EiT" ri hc ? r ° feffion;andthcti g hth ^,for 
tncaition ; fo that in one ofthem at the lcaft, euery 

~c 2 man 

i%6 AHExpoJitm vpinthe ReHcl*ti»*. 
man mutt openly declare, thathce icfcnbtoledgcth 
the Pope of Rome to be Lord ofhis faith- 

Morcoucrit is added, T^xt no man might buy or 
feu % fane he that hid the marker the name of the beafi, 
cr the number of his name : the meaning is, that no 
man might traffiquc in the world, or haue any doo. 
ings amongfr m:u ; nay, he might not be fuffrcd to 
liiic,exccpt he had the markc of the bead in his fore- 
head,or in his right hand ; that is.vcleflc he did pro- 
refTe & praftifc the worftiip, the religion, the lawes, ' 
and decrees of the Pope. For the markc of thebcaft 
is put for his worfhip, rcHgfon, lawes/dccrces,rcgi- 
ments, and policic. 

MorcoLier the Popes vaflalshauc not ouclyhis 
= mark vpoiuhem, whereby they may be kn»wn,but 
alfo the name of the beaft ;for they muftbec named 
after him, cuen as children bcarc the name ofthcir 
Fathers,and mull be called of the Pbpe,or P^,Pa- 
pifts. Andnotonelyfo,bvtt alfo they haue another 
-priiiy markc vpon them, and that is the riuhlbcrof 
-Iiis name, which is Latinos, or profeffors of the La- 
tine religion, Latiriekingdbinc, and Italian church, 
as fhall by and by ap'pearc. 

Now then to grow to a conckifion, and to make a 
bricfc recapitulation of all thinges here fpoken con- 
cerning the fecond bcaft, which is Anrichrift: Let 
vs confid.-r what incrcafings and proceedings hec 
hath made; ask were by degrees. 

Firft,akhough he haue two homes like the Lamb, 
that is, ciuil «t Ecclefiaiticall power, yet he fpeakerh 
like the Dragon, that is, hec bcndethall hispowcr 
and authority, words and workcs,for the Diucll. 


Secondly, he dbthasMuchfci *c fitftbeaftcduld 

do in the feVvi ice of the ©f agon. 

Thirdly,hc ciiufech rhefeft bcaft to-be wot/hipped 
that is, eftablifteth the fobftance ofhist cligion. 

Fourthly, he makfcth'thc toageof the bea'ft,' that 
is^ddah^formetofhefiibftanee. - -; 

Fiftly, he putteth Kfeimb his -Imageby his Clcar- 

5ixrry>e willhaue*his Image Worshipped, and 
• yceldedVritbjon'painto'fd^th; ■-' - 

■iaftfyi-fce'e^itt haiietfll ttldnbf all conditions to 

wc-ar^his ; Huiffy,!ind : torcceiHc his markers it were 
"his bifedand cbuenant fernanes. 

HeWeismJedMe : letUtothtit hdtktoit, count the 
amSeroffhebesft -.fir it it the^UMber of ~ ! *mmpni 
■ NoWlaftdfalltheholy GhofttcHdrnvs,- that it is 
avetyfeghfpointofwifedbme^nd Yridef Handing. 
tocburit 'tile ritimfeer of the beaft, andrtqiifcth 4 
ftlfrp^'pregrtam wit i-andwitfcalhelleth ~vs, that 
it is the number of a man ; that is,fuch as a man en- 
died With -Gods Spirit mayflrid 6Ht. Then wee are • 
cAcbtifaged to fearch irito-ic, tfc'h'it '»s*vfcfifivdi6 
compiflcofmahs reach, r^no^imp^bfc thiJi». If 
therefore we could 'findbiichts nattier we Woulddei 
firciio rribre, theft the field were won, for histiamc 
would difebuer him, «c-defcrie him tb-all the world, 
and qtiiteflop f he -mouths cVf the Paprftk, fo as they 
ftbitld rteu'erhai^auy thing'mbte 10 fay: For if S: 
lohrfhadfaidcejipttflyaijd fa plaine tearmesi that 
the Pdpfcs bfRbme are chis-fecbrid bcaftiaiid the vc- 
tyAiitichrifthimfclfe,then the papiftshadbcen put 

Cc 3 to 



to pcrpctuail filcricc,aU raaucrs qui(ht,6c aU conuo. 
ucrfies ended betwixt them and vsforcuer.But here 
thcholyGhoft doth not telvs his name plainly, but 
my ftically, as many other things in this booke, that 
the worldlings which fiiould fulfill them might bee 
blindcd.whileft the eyes ojf Gods cleft are opened to 
fee into the truth of all thefe matters. Well,to come 
to the point : S. Iohn doth oncly here fet downe the 
numcratiuc letters of the bcafts name. He wrote in 
Grcek,and he cnelyfcttcth downc three Greek let- 
tcrs or charade rs,which in greek numeration make 
fixe hundred fixtie fixc.Now further we are to note, 
the numeratiue letters of the Gre«kc word Latetnos 
do make iuft this numbcr.Andyet further we are to 
f ' obferue as a vcy fpecially thing, chat IrenatUiin an- 
cient Father olf the Chutch, who liued very neere 
vnto the Apoftlcs times, mentioncth thisworde 
LatauvSjis the name of the beaft. And moreouerat 
firmcth, that ii was a common rccciucd.opinion in 
his time, and before, that the Beaft Ihould'befo cal- 

Now then let vs confidcr how this fittcth. Fir#,' 
wcknow that the numeratiue letters of. Latinos do 
iuftly fit Saint Johns, Greekc numeratiue letters. Se- 
condly, wee know that Antichrift is the head of the 
Latinc church,or Latine Empirerand therefore this 
very Latetnos. For here we do not enquire after the 
name of any particular man, but about the name of 
a kingdorne ; for the beaft is akingdomc, and afiic- 
ceffionofmen. Now Italy in oleic time was called 
Latinu,8c the Italians Lfttim: which notcth ofwhat 
Countrcy .the B:aft ftiould come . Moaner,: the. 
. ' , beaftes 

AnExf»]itmvpMtheRtHeliti<m. r8p 
Tjcafts name, or narrie of the Roman Empyre Uza. 
teinos becaufc the empire both vndec the heathen ti- 
rants,and the popes elpecially,bad all their religion, 
fcruice,paycrs,lawes, decrees, writings, and tranfla- 
tions in Larine:al was in Latinc, Latine. The pope 
preferred his Latinc tranflation of the Bible, before 
the Hcbruc and Greek originals . Thus then it is, S. 
Iohn tellcth vs flatly ,the number of the betfl isjix hun- 
dred fixtyjix : Irenans faith, that Latetnos is his name 
which containeth iuft that number.Thcrefprchcere 
\vc bauc hisflarfle, here he is found. Forif fiis name 
be Latetnos, wee need fearch no further, wee knowe 
who it is,wc know who is meant : for is not the pope 
Latetnos > arc not the fucceffion of them Latmi? 
are they not the heads of the Latine Church, & La- 
tine Empire ? Hanc they not all : th'eir worflu'ppe and 
feruice in Latine? Are they not Latines ? for what is 
the name of thcRomanc Empire but Latetnos ? And 
what is the name of thepopifti Hierarchie but Z4- 
/«**/.? True it is indeed whiclVthetiapifts-fay, that 
many names may bee inuented, \vh6fc ; lettcrs make 
this number : but the Spirite of GOD fpcakerh not 
bffairied names;for thereof can cbinenothinge -but 
vneertainety : but hec willeth vs to counre' the nun?, 
bcr of -bis name, which then thc-beafte had; thatis, 
Latetnos. I doe thus then : conclude. The bcaftc is 
a kingdorne, and the Papacye isthe kingdorne of 
the Latines •, Therefore die papaeye is the beaft. 
: The papaeie is Latetnos and cbritaineth the num- 
ber of thebeaft. Forvvha'cothcrMonarcIiiecan bee 
fliewed fincc this Reuclation wasgiuen, vvhofc 
-numeratiue Letters containc this forfaidc number ? 
' ; ' Affurcdly 

J5».o 'jnExpoJfMMV^tJfeXe&lttwn. 

Aflurcdly noneiAM^crfpKQU^f all dpijfer Saint 
Iphnpoiptcchatthc Roman Empire, andMonar- 
chic ofthe Popes. For Latctnos doth both containc 
the number ofthe bcaft, according to Saint Iohns 
conipiitation,andalfo his namc,which is the Latin? 
Empire,orRoman empire. And thus hauc we heard 
the description of thefc two huge and monftrous 
bcaftes, the Sea-bcaft, and the Laud-bcaft; which 
both Irqm the Apoftlcs time hitherto hauc indeede 
played the bcafts agajnft Chrift and h l * Church,an4 
ftill do play the beafts, and; wdl neuer ccafc playing 
the bcafts, till their homes, and hooucs, heads, and 
bodiesbc cleane cut oft which will be fhordy,as wc 


WE hauc heard in the former chapter the de- 
scription of the twq great and dreadfull 
bcafts. We hauc heard how mightily they hauc prc T 
tailed now many yccrs,8c raigned as monarches of 
the earth. Now in this chap- wc arc to hcarc the fall 
and mine of them both. So that the maine drift and 
fcope ofthis chaptcr,and all the chapters following, 
vntill the twenutb chapter's to ftew, that both the 
Roman Empire, and the Papacy ftiall ebbe as faft as 
cuer they did flow, ftiall wain as faft as cuer they did 
vyaxe, fhaH decrcafeas faft as cuer they did increafe, 
.andfall downc as faft as, cuer they did rilevp, cucn 
vntill they come to ytter ruinc and defplation. 
. This Chapter containcthfeucnprincipallthingcs. 
Vcrft i Firft, it Ihcwcth that God had his Church vppon 


J»ExpoJhi*t$vpenthe Revelation. i ?I 

Ac earth cucn thcn,wben it fecmed to be vttcrly ex- 
tinct by thepreuailing ofthe two outragious bcafts. ver M>4 , r 

Secondly, it fteweth that tlie poore perfecuted 
church did ftneercly 5c zeaioufly worftip God cucn 
va the/ire and flames ofaffliaions. 
Thirdly, it flicweth that the Gofpell ftall be prea- 
ched with great fucceffe in thefc laft daies through- Vcrfe e. T . 
out many kingdoms. 

Fourthly, it fteweth thatRome ftall fall down at Vcifc 8. 
the preaching of the Gofpell. 

Fiftly, it fteweth that all Papifts ftall becondem- * c '?' 10 .' « 
ned,and caft into hell fire for euer. 

Sixtly, it flicweth that it ftall go well with Gods Vt*. n'ii 
ciea,whichham'ng refuted the worftip ofthe bcaft, * * 
do liucanddic in the Lord. 
Laftly, it defenbeth the day of Judgment, wherein v„ , 4 *c ■' 

aU both good, and bad ftall hauc according to their 

Then I looked, and Behold a Lambjloeden the mount Tetfti 
St<m y and with him an himdered forty andfoure thou, 
ftnd^hauingthe Fathers name written in then fire- 
heads. J 

Now at the laflthc Holy- Ghoft bringcth in lefus 
Chrift vpon the Theater ofthe world, as it were to 
play his part in this tragedy, and to helpe thepoorc 
weak woman, which we heard of bcfore,againft the 
Dragon,& the two monftrous beafts,which would 
hauc torne her in pieces, and vttcrly dcuouredher, 
if this Lamb lefus Chrift had not ftept in and refcu- 
<d her. Well.now eommcth in our Lord Icfus,and 
heginncth to ftir in thefe matters, and to take vpo*i 
«im the protection and defence of the poore hefoi 

Dd leflc,-, 


19 z An ExpefitM vptn the RtueUtion, 

leffe woma,againft both the dragon,&: the dragons 
two great inftrumems. But may fomc may fay.what 
is a poor Lamb to encounrcr with a dragon, with a 
Lion,with a Leopard, 8c a Bcare ? I anfwer, that al- 
though chrift be a lamb to his church,cucn the lamb 
of God that takcth away the fins of the worlds the 
Lamb that was a (lain (acrifice from the beginning, 
for the redemption of his elect : yet to al his enimics 
he is a moll (hong and terrible lyon,cucn the lion of 
Clup.j.5. r j^ c tT ^ c f /^ >as ne i s caJd before. Now this moil 

terrible Lyon,cuen the Lord of hofts,the L. mighty 
in battcll, commcth forth to protect and defend his 
church againft al her cnimies,who is of fuch infinite 
might &: puiffancc,that neither the old Dragon,nor 
his young imps, nor all the curfed hel-houndcs th2t 
barke and bite, and take their part, (hall ener be able 
to ftand in his hands ; For rage they neucr fo much, 
he fhall hamper them alwelenongh.Fonhoughhc 
h.uic giucn them the reincalong timc,& let them a- . 
lone, and fuffcrcd them to play the tyrants with the 
womaia his (pouic ; yetnowhewillnolongcrputit 
vp at their hands,but will vp and maintaine the wo- 
maus caufe,and bcare her out againft them all: nay, 
he will make ready his bow, thathemay ihootcoff, 
and make his arrowes drunk in the b'.ound of her &c 
his enimics, and will whet his glittering (word, that ' 
hemay (heath it in the hart of Antichriftandallhis ■ 
adherents- Therefore now let both the great bcafls 
and their Sire look to themfelues: for here comes in 
one that will knockc them all downe, and lay them 
in the du(i,that they (hall neuer rife vp againc . For 
this caufc now adength S * Iohn in a viijon feeth a 


<4»E)c}«J!ti0nvpmheReHtkti<m; i 9l 
Lamb ftand vpon mount Sion; that is, Chrift pre- 
fent with church.For mount Sion was an ancient fi- 
gure of the Church ; as it is written; Mount Sion ly- 
ing Northward is faire in fituation. it is the toy of the Piil, a 1 
Whole earth, and the cittie of the great King. And a- 
giinc.The lawfballgo forth of 'Siw^rtdthewordof "the Mic!, '«> ** 
Lord from Ierttfdem. 

Moreouer,S./^» feeth here with the Limb an hurt, 
dred forty mdfoure thou) 'and .that is, the particular 
members of the Church, putting a certainc number 
for an vnccrtainc, St fpccially alluding to the fcaling 
of the twclu tribes of Ifracl,as before hath bin (hew- 
ed. For ic might be demannded, where the Church 

was,wh:n all the world wondred,and followed the 
firit bead ? And alfo when all, both fmall and great, 
rich &poor,vecciued the mark of the fecond bcaft ? 
S. Iohn -anfwercth,that cuen then in themidft of the 
hcateofperfccutionsCodhad his hid &. iniiinfible 
church, whom I rfus chrift did prote£t and prefrrue 
eucn in the very flames of pcrfecutios,beingaIwaics 
prcfent with them, and amongft them, as he (aid to 
his Difciplcs a litlc before his bodily departure from 
thcm.Lo,lAm withyeit euen vntothe end of the world. 
Andhcrc he is faid to flandvpon mount Ston with his 
hundered forty and fottre thoufmd. And it is added, 
that this number of Gods faithfull cled Children 
hid the Fathers njmewritten in their foreheads: That 
is, they did profeffe, and pradlife the doftrin and re- 
ligion of GOD their Father onely, vtterly renounl 
cing and abhorring the wodhipand religion ofthe 
B-aft. For mc Fathers name in thisplaceisfettc 
oppofite to the Mttkc of rhc Bcaft ;, to fignific., 
Dd 2 that 


i?4 An Exptfttio* vpon the Reutlst'ton. 

that as" th: worihippers of Antichrift recciued ha 
markc : fo the true worfhippcrs of God rcceiucd his 
brand,which is his fpint,5£ the fruits thercof.where. 
by they were perfectly difecrned from thofc which 
ha J the b^afts mark. So then it clceriy appeareth fro 
this place,that god prefcrued many thoufands of his 
uuc worfhippcrs, cucn in the daics of the great An- 
tichaift, when there feemed to bee very few or none 
remaining vppon the earth, as it was in the daies of 
El/as In vaine therefore do the papiltsaskcvs,whcr 
our church was before Luther $ timc,fith the holy A- 
poftle here ftoppcth their mouth,8C tclleth vs plain- 
ly, diac Chrift had his little flock in the wildernefle, 
euen then.when it was in grcatcft ftreightes, and as 
we fay,driuen to the wals. And therefore vifibility is 
no sound note of the church,as the Papifts do mod 
ignorantly difpute.For it is a fond and abfurd kinde 
ofrcafoning,to fay there is no church at all, becaufe 
it doth not viilbly appeare: as if a man fhould reafon 
t!iat there is no Moon in the heauens.becaufe fome- 
times there is none fcene, as in the change. 

V<ifc » An ^ I ^ car ^ a v0 ' ce f rem Heauen, as the found of 

many waters, and as the found ofagreat thunder: and 
1 heard the vcyce cf Harpes harping w fib their harpes. 
Hcere is fct forth how his companyof true wor- 
ftiippers doc magnific and praifeGod, for his great 
mercies towards them. Firft, John hearetha voice fro 
heauen, that is an heaucnly voice,or the voice of the 

<ty>.U. Cnurch P ra y fi "g and glorifying God.Forwchauc 
heard before, that heauen in this Book is fometimes 
pui for the Church vpon the earth, and thcreafons 
thereof : .W hexdbeuer therefore the Church is af- 


AnExpofiftonvpentheKenelation. 15,5 
femblcd to heare the worde, and to pray, and giuc 
thanb ; there is a voice from hcanen, or an heaucn- 
ly voice. Now this voice is coparcd to three things : 
■firft, ro the found oimanie waters . Secondly, to the 
found oii great Thunder. Thirdly, to the voice of 
harpes, harping with their harpes. It is likened to ma- 
ny waters, becaufe it proceedeth from fundry fortes 
of people, of fundry Nations, countries, and king- 
doms^ the ward Waters is taken afterwards in this 
Prophcfic . It is compared to Thunder ■, becaufe the Chap,!/, 1 
prayers and inuocations of the true Church areas clu P- , Vf 
loud in the cares of God as any thundercrackc. It is . 
compared to Harpes harping with their Harpes, both , 
becaufe their fpirttuall worlhip & fcruice is as fwcccc . 
rnto God, as any mufick vntomen : as alio becaufe 
all Gods faithfull people doc tunc together amonge 
thcmfclues., and in their worfliip, as the filings ofV- 
well tuned inftruments of muficke, or as many mu- 
fitians playing together, which make afweetc riir- - 
mony, andmoft melodious dittic. 

Andthey fungasifwerea newefing before the ■ 
7i>rone,and before the feure Bcafls,and the Elders-/ tift ^ 
and no man could learne that Jong, but the hundered 
forty and foure4houftnd,which were bought from the: 

Now it Aeweth how this holy fociety of the faith- - 
foil do continue their prayfing 8c glorifying of God. . 
They ate not weary of well doing, but hoHon con- 
ftantlyiruhecourfc of Gods worfliip, hauingncw 
fbngs of thankfgiutngfn their mouthcs,andfeiuing 
Dd 3 God. 



t 9 4 AttZxpafttmvpwtfjeRtuehtlm. 
God daily with renewed affc& ions,as me inflamed 
with the zeale of Gods glory : and all this they doe 
pcrformc before the thronc,bcforc the foure beafts, 
and the Elders i that is,in the prefence of God, and 
his Angels ,and his holy congregation. And no man 
could learnc thatfong, but the hundred forty and 
fourc thoufand, that is, none of th: reprobates and 
vn^odly worldlings could inv*ardly fc. lc Sc vndcr- 
ftand this fpirituall worfhip.buc onely the elcft , to 
whom it is giuen to vndcrftand the fecrcte $ of God, 
and the my ftcrics.of his fons kingdomc. 

Thefe are theyfvhich are not defiled with women, fir 
they ire virgins : thefe follow the Lambe xfheref'oeuer 
heegoeth -.thefe are bought from men, being the firfi 
fruits vnto Ged, and to the Lambe. 

And in their mouths was found no guile -.for they are 
•withoutjpot before the throne of God. 
This holy copany are not defiled with women, that 
is, with grofle and diucrs fins, or rather with idola- 
trous pollutions. For they Are -virgins, that is, chaft 
worfhippcrs of god,which are not polluted with the 
defilcmets of Antichrift.r/;</<r/£//wf^ Lsmbchrijt 
wherfoeuerhegocth. Thcyhcarchis voice.thcy pro- 
feffc bis worfliip, & obey his doftrine i they abhor 
Antichrift.they follow not the bcafi.nor rccciuc his 
mark. They are bought from men , and bought fromthe 
earth, as it is fayd before, that is, they are redeemed 
and bought with a price from.thc corrupt lumpe of 
mankind, and curfed race olAdam, that they might 
be the firfi fruits vnto God, and to the Lambe, that is, 
wholy confccratcdtohis worihip,andtofcnichiro 


J»ExpeJ[tim<up«nth~eRe*elitio*. 157 
in rightcoufneffe and true holynefie all thedayes of 
their life. In their mouths was found no guile: That is, 
they doe declare their innocencie and vprightneflc 
both in their wordes, and workes, asthofewhich 
Ghrift hath chofen out of this world, and bought 
with a price thorough his blood, in whom they arc 
without (pot or Ipeck before God. 

Then Tfaw another AngcMieinthcmidJl of beauen,V*fc** 
having an euerlajling Gojpelljo preach vnto them that 

tongue, and people: 
Saying -with a loud voice, Feare God, and giueglorie ■ 
•vntehim :forthehoureofhisiudgementiscome , and V " &r 
worjhip him that made heiuen and earthy and the Sea* 
and the fount aines of waters* 

Hitherto the holy Ghoft hath taught vs how the 
Church was preferued vnder the tyrranny of Anti. 
Chrift, & greateft wanes of perfections ; and that 
euen then they did purely and faithfully wor/hip the 
true God. Nowheprocecdethtoforeihcw theruin 
and down-fall of Amichrifr, and plainly to prophe- 
tic the vtterdecay of the kingdome of Babell. This • 
doftrine therefore we arc to harken vnto with great ' 
attention and cheerefulncs, becaufc it doth fo much 
concerne our good, and the good of the whole 
Church, alfo becaufc we liue in the daies, wherein ■ 
we fee it is in part fulfilled. 

Firfi therefore wee are to vndcrfiand, what is 
meant by this Angell hecre mentioned, to wit, not 
§ny ccleftiall AngelI,or inuifible fpirit,as it is fundrjr 

time J > 

ifi AnExftfttitnvfmht Re»eliti«»l 

time taken before: but by thisAngell, andthetwp 
Angels folio wing,arc meat all the faithful miniftcrs 
©f the Gofpell,which (bould be raifed vp in thefclaft 
daies, for the ouerthrow of Rome, fie the deliucring 
of the Church fro vnder the captiuity of Antichnft: 
which may plainely appeareby this that is faid, this 
Angcll prcachcth the eucrlafting Gofpcl vino them 
that dwell on the earth, which cannot properly a- . 
grcc ro the celcfUally fpirits. W c hauc heard out of 
the teuth chapter, that Iefus Chrift did open the lit- 
tle booke, which is the Bible, and did giue authori- 
ty. io,u ty to his faithfull Miniftcrs to goe preach and pub- 
Ufli the do&rine thereof to many nattons,countrics, 
and kingdoms : now vntothat agrceth this which 
is hcare fpoken of, and is a further opening and dc 
claring of that which is there fet downe.Foras there 
Iefus Chrift commcch downefromhcaucn,ando. 
pencth the little booke, which had bin long Ihut vp 
vnder the darkenefTe of Popery, and the fmoake 
which came out of the bottomles pit : fo here Chrift 
Iefus raifeth vp hisiaithful Miniftcrs and preachers, 
to publifti and prodaime the do&rin of the Cofpcll, 
which had longlycn hid vnder the outragious pcr- 
fecutions of the two naonftrous and moft hidcotu 
beaftcs. To this alfo agreeth that which is written 
in the eighteenth chapter of this Booke, wher Saint 
Iohn fceth an Angcll come downc fromHcauen, 
hauing great power, fo that the earth was lightened 
with his glory . By which Aungcll is meant all the 
Preachers of this age. And the Angel is (aid to hauc 
great power ; For what is move powerful' then the 
juinjftryof the word. Andmorcoueritisfayd,thit 


AnExpoJititn vpM the Rmlttio*. X99 

the earth was lighened with his glory,that is, with the 
brightnes of the preaching of the gofpcl, wherby the 
darknes ofpopcry was difperfed and driucn away,&c 
Babylon falletb vpon it, as there you may rcadc,and 
as here wc fhal fee the like cffbcT: by and by. 

Moreouer it is here faid, thatf/w Angell ftyethm 
thimiddefloflieauen: that is, very fwiftiy carieth this 
cuerlafting Gofpel through al the church. For when 
Gods appointed time was come, wherein he wouldc 
goe about the ouerthrow ofpopcry, he caufed his c- 
uerlalting Gofpel to be fet abroach, and to fpread o- 
ucrmany Kingdomes and Nations, as wee fee this 
day. Now becaufethefc kingdomes, where GOD 
would hauethe knowledge of his Gofpell diuulgcd, 
were many and Gjreat, therefore hcere is expedition 
required : and this Angelldooth carrieit, not /lan- 
ding, but flying. And all this wc fee perfectly fulfil- 
led with our eyes, when GOD raifed vppe Luther t 
Zuingliut, MeUnBhon, Peter Vtretjcduinflucerjul- 
linger, Peter Martyr, and all their Woorthy fiiccef- 
fours vnto this day,which haue fpred the eucrlafting 
Gofpell verye farre, and carried it very fwiftly oucr 
England,Scotland,Germanie, Denmarke, Polonia, 
Svvcuiajliiffia,and many parrs of France and Flan- 
ders. Another reafon why this Angell is faide to flye 
in the midft of heauen, is becaufe no power of man 
ftall cucr be able to flay the courfe of this euerlafting 
Gofpell which this Angell carrieth abroad, no more 
then men are ableto ftoppe the courfe of the Sunnc 
in the heauens, or a cloud in the skic.For this Angel 
flyeth in the middeft of heauen, far abouc the reach 
of the beaft,and all Kings and Potentates that ftand 

Ee for 



Verfc 7 

aoo A » Expofitiw vpon the Reuelatknl. 

for the kingdom of the beafl-Thcrefore let them do 
al what they can, they fhal neuer be able to flop the 
courfe of the Gofpel!. For it is called the arme of 
God^ his very arme holdcth it forth to the world, 
and who is able to bend itin,or to turneit backward? 
There be three reakms, why the Gofpel is called 

FiiAjbccaufc it is in his ownenature etierlafting, 
as ic is Written, //><? word of the Lor de t indttrethfor 

Secondly, becaufe it putteth vs inpofTcffionofc- 
ucrlafting things. As it is written', Thy ytordp Lorde 7 
endure th for cucrinhetuun. 

Thirdly and principally, becaufe as it was longe 
before Antichrift was hatched, lb it fhal continue, 
when he and his kingdome is dead and rotten. 

Saying with a loud voice, Feare God, and gittc glory e 

Here is fetdowne,thc do&rine,which this Angel 
prcachcth with aloud voice,that is,with great zcale. 
The fii mine whe reof is this, Feare God,andgiue glory 
vnto him, and worfhif him that made heauen and earth 
&c. Thefe.nce is,that the true and euerliuing GOD 
Should onely be feared,and worshipped, and al glo- 
ry fhouldbe giucnto him alone through Chrift,8c 
none to Antichrift, none to Cardinals andLegats, 
none to Angeles, none to Saintes, none to images, 
roodes, croffcs,aad crucihxes. Hecre then is fette 
downe an abridgement of the -do&vine of this euer- 
lafting Gofpell, namely that men Should only feare 
Godandworfhiphim, andgiucall glory to hima- 
lone,& not to any creatures. And the reafon is yeil- 


An £.:foJttkn vfon the ReHclatiott* zoi 

ded, becaufe the houreof his Judgement is come, 
that isjthctimeofthe manifeftation oflwe Gofpell, 
orlawcsofthemofthigh God: for fo the Wordc 
judgement is often taken in thefcriptures.Hcrewe 
arc to oblcruc one fpeciall thing,to wit,that the gof- 
pell,which this Angel flyeth withall, containeth the 
briefefum ofallthc do&rine which Luther,Caluin, 
Peter Martyr and the reft hatic taught out of Gods 
word, & agreethin a] points with it. For what other 
thing did they all preach, teach and write, but that 
men Should turn from id ols to the liuing God?from 
fearing, glorifying, and worshipping creatures, to 
feare, woilhippc,aiidglorific God alone which hath 
madeal things? What other thing do all the Prea- 
chers of this age publifh & proclaim in altheir fcr- 
monsjbuithis;.FVdr<r God xndgitte glory onely to him? 
Is not this the Epitome and i hort fum of the docl- 
rinc ofal the preachers of England, Scotland, Ger- 
many, France, Denmarke, and al the refl'and there- 
fore I conclude,thatthis angel muft needs be vndcr 
floodc of the prcacliers of this laft age, which nowe 
thefefourfcore yeares haue founded the Trumpet of 
the gofpel againflallrhcinuentions of popery. And 
blefled be God, wee fctfthefethinges fallout in our 
daics,andarecie-wimcffes ofthe fulfilling of them. 
And there followed another angell,faying> It is fallen jt 
isfallen,Babylon that great City : for fie gaue to all na- 
tions todrinkethc wine of the wrath of her fornicati- 

Here is fct downethebleffed cffe&of the Prea- 
ching of this euerlafting gofpel, which is the down- 
fall of Babylon. For as when the clcerc funne arifcth 
E c i vpon 

302 An Expo/ition vpon the Reuehtion. 

vpon the carth,the thick mifts and clouds arc difpcr- 

fed : ciicn fo when the blight beames of the Gofpcll 

do fhinc forth vn to the worlde, Babylon that darke 

kingdome vani/hcth away incontinently. And as it 

is written inthciS. Chapter : So J r 'oone at the Earth 

was lightnedmth the glory of this etterUfting Gofpcll, 

Babylon immediately fullcth. Therefore nov/e before 

I go any further, my purpofc through the afliftance 

of God/is to proue thefc Sue points out of this vers, 

and chat which followcth vnto the twentkh Chap- 

Fwemainc tcr,tOWlf, 


How Rome 
it to be ta- 

Firft,that Babylon ,herc fignificth Rome. 

Secondly ,that Rome fhall fall,and how. 

Thirdly, that Rome flial fal finally, and come to 
Ytter defolation in this life. 

Fourthly, by whom, and when it Ihall bec oucr- 

Laftly.thecaufesofchcvctcrruine &c oucrthrow 

Buc before I goe about to proue that Babylon here 
is Romc,I would haue it carefully obferued, what is 
meant by Rome, w*. not the topography of Rome, 
that is,fo much ground only as is compaffed within 
the wals of that city ,but the rcgiment,gouerment,fc: 
pcerogatiue that is claimed by venue of that monar- 
chy ,whcrof Rome is the head.By Rome is meant the 
power and authority of Rome : or to fpeakc plainly, 
by Rome is ment the Roman monarchy.Further,we 
are here to obferuc the reafon why the Holy-Ghoft 
callcth Rome Babylonjfor Rome littcraly Sc proper- 
ly taken, is not Babylon,in as much as they wcr two 
diuccs CkieSjOnc in ltaly,the other in Chaldxa:But 


AnExptJititn'vpontheReuel/aiM. 203 
Rome is called Babylou myfticaly J figuratiucly,& as "' 
the Holy-ghoft fpcaketh fpiritualiy,andbyakindof 
allufion.Por as the old Eafternc Babylon did a long 
time oppreltc chc church of the Iewes : fo Rome this 
Wcftern Baby!o,hach long oppreffed the church of c , , , g 
the Chriftians. As the Eafternc Babylon did many A rears why 
ycarcs hold downe the people of God, in miferable Roin e' s cal - 
bondage and feruitude:fo the Wcftern Babilon did Ied Blb,lon * 
alongtimekcepethe Chriftian Church in fpirituall 
thraldome and mifery. In which rcfpc&s Rome is 
fpititually compared to Sodom and Egypt : To So- 
domc for fllthineffe, and to Egypt for idolatry, and 
keeping Gods Church in fpirituall bondage and fla- 
ucry. And thus we fee the reafon why Rome is called 
Babylon,which is not fimply,and properly,but after 
a (ore, that is, by a phrafe of fpecchc, or trope which 
they call a Meto»ymie,ot changing of names, when 
that is giucii to one thinge, which is proper; to ano- 
ther,for the likenes of quality that it hath with it, or 

Nowhauingfhewcdthc reafon why Rome is cal- 
led Babylon,and what is meant by Rome, we arc to 
proceed to the f.rft point, which is, to proue that Ba- 
bylon in this place fignificth Rome, which although 
it be granted of al found Divines,5c auouched in the 
writings of the befl learned boch new and old,(o as it 
fhal need no great proofe •. yet I wil adde three or 4. 
reafons out of thisBooke, to make it more plainc 
and apparant.Firft therefore, I do thus reafon out of 
thefeucntecnth Chapter andlafte verfe, Babylon ts ; 
that great Cttty which reigneth ouer theKingesofthe 
CArtb : but there was no other City which did reign ... 

Ee 3 oucrv 

chip, 17,1 

104 AnExfojittonvfmthe Reuelati&n. 

oucr the Kinges of the earth, when Iohn writte this 
book 3 butonly Rome : ThercforeRomc is Babilon. 
Foras for Ierufalcm, it was at that time made an 
heap of ftones. Thefirft proportion is auouched 
by the angel of God,expounding vnto Iphn w hat is 
meant by the great whorc 5 whofc dam-nation he had 
fliewed him beforehand by the woman which fat vp- 
on a fcarlet coloured bcaft. The woman which thou 
faweft, faith the Angel to Saint Iohn,is the great Citty, 
which raigneth. oner the Kings of the /dm", That is to 
layjRpmejOr the Romifh firiagogiie 5 and malignant 
Church. For the Angel could not fpeak more plain- 
Iy,excepthc fhould haue named Rome, chert to fay 
thus , The woman the great whoore of Babylon it the 
great Ci tyythkh raigneth otter the Kings of the; earth. 
For if one fhould fay^thc great City oiEngland^iie- 
rye manknowcth that thereby is meant London : if 
one fhuld fay,thc greatcity of/Vviw^euery one kno- 
weththat thereby is meant Paris : fo when the An-' 
gel faithj the great city which raigneth otter the Kings 
oftheearth : allthat liucd in thofe times knewc, that 
rhcreby was meant Rome. For Rome was the chief 
Citty of the monarchy, and is put in this bookc for 
the whole Monarchye, and the religion thereof, as 
hath bin faid before. 

My fecond reafon is this. Babylon is the mother of 
whoredemes,and abhominattops of the earth. Babylon is 
ch.1p.17. j that great whore, with whom haue ctnmittcdforntca- 
tion the Kinges of the earth, & the inhabit antes of the 
earth mads drunke with the wine of her fornication. 
But Rome 3 and none but Rome is fuch a one.Ther- 
fore Rome is Babylon. 


Babylon ij 

■AnExftfith'ttvpottthe Revelation. 10$ 

My third.argnment is this. Babylon is that Citty 
which hath had feuen feueral goucrnmcms.But on- 
ly Rome hath had?-, feueral I kind of gouemments: 
therefore Rome is. Babylon. 

The propofitioivisptoued from the words of the 
Angel,cxpounding vnto Iohn what is meant by the 
feuen heads of the fcarlet colored bcaft, whereupon 
the woman fate. The feuen heads (faith he) are feuen 
A'w^that is,feuen orders.or ftates of kingly goner- cJu P , I7 , ? 
ment : for feuca Kingesia this place are not put for 
feuen feueral men, which were Kinges, as fome doe 
take it .- but for feuen feueral gouerments, as it is ta- 
ken in Daniel. The foure great beafts, faith the Angcll Dan ' 7 ' 1 '' 
there, are foure Kinges, that is,foure kingdomcs,go- 
uernments.oi monarchies ..as al men know. So here 
by feuca kings is meant the feuen feueral regiments 
of Rome : That is to fay,by Kings^ConfuIs^ccem- 
whevof the firfifiiiewer then fallen when lohnwrotc - , 
one wasjhzt is, the Empire,*/^ one was to comejOaJk 
is, the papacy. 

Mylaft argument isthis. Babylon isthatCittye 
wlhich is fcituatc vpon feuen hills -• but-only Rome of 
al Citiesinthc world is fcituared vpon feuen hilles, 
therefore Rome is Babylon. 

Thcpropofition is auouched by the angel,which 
faith in the 17 chap.that the feuen heads of the fcar- 
let coloured bcaft UXiare/eaaen mount aines wherein 
the woman /itteth,thit is,y. hils whereon the citie of 
Romeis fcituated, whofe names are thefe : Capita. 
Units, Pdatintts, Aaentinut, Exquilinm, Celim, Vi- 
minalis, and Suirinalis, as al Poets, andHiftorio- 
gciphers do tcftifie.Onc faith thus ofRome. 


»o£ Antxpofawvpanthe Reuelatim. 
Virg.georj Siptem qua vnaftiimuro circundedit arcet. 

Another thus: 

Sept em vrhs alt a iugis toto qutprsftdet trbe. 
Another called Rome Eptalophosjthe City with fe*e» 
.heads, that is, feuen hilles. It is cleere then by thefc 
rcafons,that Babylon in this place fignifieth Rome. 
As for the cxpoiition of the Papiftcs, which affirmc 
that Babylon here fignifieth the vinucrfall focicty of 
the wicked,it is fond &c ridiculous :for the holi-ghoft 
k.hh,Bdylon is that City which raigneth outrthe kings 
cJu : t % of the earth. But to fay that the vniuerfail focicty of 
the wicked raigneth ouer the Kinges ofthe earth, is 
abfurd and ridiculous.Thereforc to fay that Babilon 
is the vniucrfall focicty ofthe wicked, is abfurd and 
ridiculous. The deftin£tion ofthe Iefuits here is al- 
io as friuolous as their cxpofition : for they faie, if 
Babylon be Rome, then it mult bee vnderftoode of 
Rome yndcr the heathen Emperors : but not vuder 
the Popes. But the Angell faith, the woman, that is, 
the where ofBabtlon,or Amkhxiftjtttcth vpenfeaue* 
mount tines? ergo (he fittcth at Romc,and Rome is the 
feat of Antichrifband confequentlie Rome vnder the 
popcs,is Babilon. Jvloreouer, we may reafon thus a- 
gainft the popifti diftinftion ;That which was Ba- 
bylon vndcr the Heathen Emperonrs, is the fame 
which ishecre propheciedto bee thechicfe Cittie 
and feat of Antichrift.But Rome wzs then Babylon •- 
ergo Rome is nowc Babilon ; for Rome is that Cittie 
which the Angell faith fhouldc bee the feat of Anti- 
chrift: And this book doth fhew, that the great Anti- 
chrift fhould raignc in the fame City, where the hea- 
then Emperors had raigned : &c therefore it ftandeth 


AnExpfitmvpeHthc&euclation. j y 

firmcthat Rome vnder thcPopcsls Babylon 

This being then graunted, that Babylon heere is 
GhoftbuhjaMnififfa, fpeakinginthe prefent 
rente, as the mancr ofthe fcripturc is in prophefying 
■of things to come. For whatfoeuer God hath deter 
mined to come to pafle,is,a S it wcr already done,bc- 

vvord 1 sdo l ,bled://^//^,^ M . ff . Wcfccthcn&1 , 

moftcfcerIy,thataIin fti5oo.jrccr$ before Jf^be. 
gan to raljthc ccrtaine fall thereof was foretold This 
place ofitfclfe, is clearcinough toproucmy fccond 
point which is,that Rome fhal fal.But my purpofe is 
toreducc^gathcral the 5 .Chaptcrs following to 
certa-n heads,to proue the main points which I hade 
propounded :firft then I reafon thus,to proue the fc- 
cond point thatRomc AallfallThat cittyandkin K - 

domewhichhaththe^viaJsofgodswrathcmpticd • 
and nowreddowne vpon it, cannot ftand, but muil 
necdsMButRomc is that Citty, which hath the 7 . 

vials ofGods wrath poureddownc vpon it :Thcrc- 
tore Rome cannot ftand long, but mull ncedes fall ■ 
The proportion is manifeft, and not to be denyed 
Theaff-umpt,on.sproued throghoutal the 16 chap, 
and efpccialliemthcten and the r 2 . vcrfes, where 
f ™l"fGf wath are expreffelyfadtebepowred 

vcrfeofthat Chapter msauouched.that^/J.W, 

wrkeofthebftjl, ydvppon themwhich wortoipptd 
W^Howethen can the throne of th/beSe 
holdouti>or howcan they which haue reccined the 

F£ bcafts 

so8 MityofmonvfmthtXntl&titn. 

bc.lfts-markterid vp long ? For there is a great Em* 
phafis or vchcmcncy in th. manner oi fpcech . For 
Glep. is,v,7 Ilcdooth noc-finnply fay, the wrath of God, bin the 
iulne, of Gods wrath -.he doth not fay.fhold be a lit- 
tle fprinklcd.biK powved downed it'were by pailc-- 
fiils vpon the kingdoms ol the bcaft. How then can 
the kingdoms of the bcaft ftand, which Hath fo ma- 
ny trreacordinanccSiin'ctfo many"double Cannons 
difchavgcdandniotoff againfl; it ? Surely it muft 
• ^ - needes fall. My fecond r cafon is this, The beaflthat 

GHi P . w ^ tni . s m ^ tniy{t n $ x ii gn miiftrtium But 

Rome is the beaft that was and is nor,S< yet is:thcr- 
forc Rome dial go into perdition.Th'e afTumption is 
fee down Cap.17.ver- 8; For the Roman monarchy 
■was great inth'c dales of lulim c&Jir,Augufttt4 clan- 
dins,TiberM-At\6 therefore it is laid.that it was. But 
in the raigne of Nerofitho, Oklh,8cVtU//i(ei,kw^ 
greatly decayed^and thcrforc it is (aid Jt U net; mea- 
ning fo great as it had bin :8c yet in fome fort ic was: 
and therefore it is laid, tndyais. 2(owth* beafi fhall 
g« into perdition . Therefore the Roman monarchy 
<hal be dc(tfoycd,and confequently the Papacy.For 
thcRomane Empire holdcth vp the Papacy, as it is 
written, that the woman orwhooreofBabylonJittcth 
vpon the Scarlet coloured beajl', which hadfiuen heads 
imdtenhorns- that is,the Roman Monarchy,which 
bcareth vp the whoorc, and bcatcth vp ,the Papa-- 
cy:but the holy.ghoft faith } thU beajl, that is ,the Ro- 
man Empire JU?g» intoftrdition. Then it follow, 
cth that the papacy ft'al follow after.: for ifthe beaft 
that flic futeth vpon,8t which bcareth hir,fal vnder 
hrr, then (lice muft necdes fall together with him. 


A»*xpfttim<vfdnih£.RtueluU)>. 10 y 

But WC fie, Gqd be thanked, that the Roman mo- 
narchy is in a manner quite fallen, therefore the p a - '' 
pacy cannot (land long. - 

My third argument is this. 

Thbe4thrtT»Asmdiswt 1 bcwgettentheei*htA' 
tneoftkejwentkjhxtlgBinto dcJlmtTton. Bat Rome 
is the bead that was and is no ti briagthc eight, and 
one 01 the fcuenth : therefore Rome ihall go into dc- 
c l' \ aflui »pnon let downe Chap. r 7 ,ver. 
11. Por the Papacy.or dominion oftbcPopes,is the 
feueth head of the beaft in rcfpc£t of their cmil pow- 
er, and yet a bcaft by tbemfclucs, that is, an eight in 
refpcaoftheirEcclcfufticaU power. Now the An- 
gel faith fal\y,theyj},diboth together gointo deflruc- 
//What is,borh the Empire and the Papacy For as 
the dominion of the Popes gocth downc, fpalfc 
their worihip and religion, gocth. downc with it: 
andforthis caufcit is cxprcfly fct downe-in theio 
Chapter, ihitthebe^Andthefitlfe Prophet, that is, c *?-'f*> *• 
the Roman Empire, and the Papacy, were both de- 
jlroyed together. Sith then the holy Ghoft hath f P0 - 
ken it twice for failing, that Rom* fhall go into per- 
dition, and fhall go into deftruaion ; I cake it to be 
avery found confluence, that Rome (hall fall, and 
ftall bcedeftroyod . But how (hall it fall may fome 
ftall fall ir. the creditc & cltimauofl of her dodrin : 
It fhall fal in wealth and riches .- It fhall fall in pow, a » 
crandauthonty, Andin.aathefeitfhallfillbyde'Si ^ 
grccs, as it did rife vp ; by degrees: It fhall not fall at 
pncc.as it did n.otxife^p. at o/ice. 

This is fct downe in thVimcenth chapter, where 
:.:--.' Ff '* '" the 


jio AnExpifitmvfontheietulaitmt. 

c <yn thc fall of Rome is compared to the drying vp of the 
Riucr Euphrates, which was dried vp by degrees ; 
Thus it is : Euphrates was a great Riucr, which did 
run very ncer vnto the old Babylon in Chaldara, fie 
it was the wall and fortification of the Citty ; in fo 
much that Cyrus and Darius the kings of the Mcdcs 
and Pcrhans, laying fiege againft it, could not take 
ic till by policic they digged great trenches, and de- 
. riucd the waters another way, Sc fodryed them vp, 
that the Holy Ghoft faith, The way wns}>re]>*rcdf«r 
tltm tofijje oner. Now, as this Euphrates was the 
ftrcngth and fortification of old Babylon: fo the ho- 
nor.wcalth, riches, power, and authority ofRomc, 
Chip.i«f,i7 i s c hc vc ry fortification of it. But the punifhingAn- 
gclliscommaunded to pourc downe the Viall or 
wrath vpon this Euphrates : that is, vppon all that 
vpholdcthRomc, orfortifieth Rome, and foorth- 
with it dryed vppe •, that is, all the credit, power, ri- 
ches, and authority ot Rome diddiminifli daily vp- 
on it, doth diminifh, and (hall diminilh by degrees 
vnto the end of the world. For thcvttcrdcftruai- 
on oiRomc is not yet come;, but it is greatly decay- 
ed from that it was fourefcorc y ceres ago . And if it 
continue decaying 8o.years mo,as afiurcdly it (hall, 
th:n will it be brought toalow ebbc. Since Lutk rs 
time.wc know how the Popes Euphrates hath dry. 
cdvp ; but thcrc'is yet much water left, and it is yet 
too deepe for the Kingcs of the earth to paflc oucr 
and takeit.Butit (hall ebbefo low, that the Kings of 
Europe fhall cafily parte oucr, and take it,as we (hall 
hcarc anonc. But in the meane time wee fee that it 
falkth, and-ihatit is in the falling, andworkc of 


J»Exp»Jiti*Hvp0ntJieReHclAtgt*. m 

God goeth forward cuery day .For now in this acre, 
God bee thanked, many Kingcs and Princes, wTih 
great multitudes of their fubiecls, haue their eies o- 
pened to bcholde, that the Romifli religion is abho- 
minable ; and that the Papacy is the very kingdome TI , e k .- ^ 
of the great Antichrift. And whereas before they thccirufi« 
wotfhipped the beaft,now they hold vp their hands ,h,s a 6 c rc - 
onely to the God of heauen, and glorifie him in his Topi" ,ha 

Son Iefus Chrift . Now we fee that many lawes arc 
made in tiindry kingdoms and prouinccs toabolifli 
that vfiirpcd power ofthcBifhopot Rome: Manie 
afts> edicts, and iniunftions are fet forth in fundry 
Nations and Kingdoms of Europe to deflroy, root 
out, and deface all Monuments of Idolatry and fu- 
perftition, which Antichrift haderc&cd in all king- 

Now the Popes which were honotcd as Gods in. 
the earth,arc counted,and adiudged as the moil vile 
an £ abhotmpable creatures that liuc vpon the earth. 

Dothnot al this experimentally (hew that Babylon 
is fallen,and that Babylon doth fall by degrees ? It 
is very palpable : we need no-further proofefor this, 
fecond point . But heerc wee arc further to obferuc,, 
that the Iefuits pcrcciuing the great decay of Rome,, 
and the continuall drying of their Euphrates,do bc- 
ftir them to flop the lcake, that it might not dry vp 1 he lcfni» X 
altogether. Eucn as when men let out the waters of bc j ir t ^ em > 
great fl(h-pondSjfo as the water waxcthlowjwc fee *" " ** 
the Filhcs skip and plunge, and take on wonderful- 
ly : So the Iefuits pcrcciuing thtwatcrs of their Ro- 
mifli Euphrates to empire and dry vppe daily, doe 
mightily take on, digging andfearching eucryday 
Ff 3. to- 

ili An llxpofo'm vpon tie Xiuekthn. 
to open the fprings,and to find out fomc frefli foun- 
taines to maintainc their grcatfifli-pond.K to keep 
-the waters deepc cnough,that their may be fafe pa'- 
.fao-c ouer, for the Icings of the earth to come Sc take 
their grcatBabylon. All this doth appear out of the 
16. Ghap.ot this Prophcfie ; where S.Ipim in vifion 
feeth three vmkaneffirits like Frogs, camming eitt of ' 
. , ■ the 'mouth of 'the Dragon, and out of the month of 'the 
cfcar.>V>'3 hea^mdout of the mouth ofthefdfe Prophet. By 
which frogs the holy ghoft mcancth the Icfuits and 
com^rciTto Seminary Pi icfts,which arc compared to Frogs for 
ftogs^why. three rcaf6s.Firft,that as frogs delight in filthy lakes 
^nd puddles i fo the Icfuits delight in the filthy pud- 
dles ofidolatry and fuperftition.Secondly,as frogs 

•make a great croaking in their marifh groundes i fo , 
the Icfuits make a great croaking in kings courts,in 
Noblcmens houfes, and Gcntlemcns houfes, and 
almoft eucry where, where they can get any enter- 
tainment, croaking and craking of the Popes fuprc- . 
macy, the popes holineffc, the Popes blclfing, the 
<■ popes keyesj the popes power, Peters chairc, Peters 
fucceflbr, Chrifts Vicar, zc many good norro wes, 
I know not what. Thirdly, as frogges are all ofone 
nature and quality, delighting in croaking, andli- 
uing in puddlcs:fo the Icfuits ate al »f one mind 8C 
difpofition in cuill, croaking eucry where to main- 
tain their Euphrates.Sc liuing daily in whoredome, 
Sodomitry, and all kind of outragious beaftlinefle. 
But that I may mote fully perfwadethe conference 
of the rcadcr,that by thefc ftogs arc meat the Icfuits 
Sc feminary priefts .-let vsferioufly weigh that which 
gpcthbcfore,*ndthatwhichfollowethaiterxn this 
' _ ' : ;" * "" ""*' text,' 

An txpoftt'm vpen the Rendition. 2 r j 

text, and wc ibail difccrncic to be very dcere 8c ap- 
parant.FirfUrirfatd.vcr. 10. that when thefiftAn- 
geti poured out his -vialt of Gods wrath -upon the throne < tha * 
efthe hedjly by and by his kingdome waxed darke : that 
is.thcmaicfty^owe^pompc, crcdite.and cftimau- 
on of Antichrift began to be diminiflicd, obftured, 
and to fuffer a great Eclipfe : which thing was fulfil- 
led fhortly alter Z*/6«-.f preaching. And prefently it 
followeth, that theygnayped their tongues for forrow: 
that is,they were full of fury and rage, barking and 
grinninglikc mad dogs,or rather like hel-hounds a- 
gainftallfuchasfctthe Gofpdl abroach, whereby. 
their.Babylon began to fhakc. For at the firit, when: 
thcgofpel began ropeep forth,thcy did defpife it,as 
a thing which they could eafily fupprefTejbiit within ; 
a ftiort time they found that neither by excomuni- 
cauons,whcrwith in former times they had euen as 
itwer with lightning 8c thunder caufcdkings 6c na- 
tions to tremblejncither by force of wars 5c blondy 
ftaugbtcrs h neither by any skill in learning,, norby 
treacheries, they could any thing preuaile, but thae ■•: 
th'egofpell did ftill more & more lay operi-their f 1- - 
thincs 5cfhamc;thcn didthey bccome,& fo do they - 
continue till this day,enenas mad men in forrow & 
ragc,y»bch,chc holy ghoft cxprcflcthjin£iying,thac : 
they gnawed thctt tongues for Jerrovo; ana Ihtafihemt J cha 
God,&t.\N hereby it is euide'nt that the beaft, & all 
thatxecciucd his- mark arc ful of fiery hatred, Sc ma- 
licc,arid cannot tell which way to be reuenged. For 
the more they ftruic,rhc more they lofe.Fain would 
they haae Popery rcftored to his ancient credit and 
dignity ; and they dcuifc what they can to bring it 




«4 An£xpoJitiMvp6»tbeleuel*tm. 
about ', but it will not be . For their kingdome wax- 
cth darker and darker, weaker Sc weaker: and that 
is a dagger vnto the, 8c agricfe of all gricfes, which 
makcth them gnaw their tongues, and gnafh their 
teeth for forrow.But yet for allthis,^7 repented not 
Cb.\p.t «/ a 1 r t y ir vorkes, faith S. 7^»,8c thcrfore God is more 
incenfed againft them, and caufeth thejixt Angellt$ 
pure out another -viatt-vpon the greit riuer Emphrd- 
tcs.andthemter thereof dried vp: as wehaue heard. 
Now then obferue carefully, and note it diligently. 
Note Aii. t i, at t he Frogs come forth vpon the darkning of the 
kingdome of thebcaft, 6c the drying vp of their Eu- 
phrates. For who knowcih not the pope fldiis com- 
plices perceiuingthc wcakning and diminifhingof 
their kingdomc,haue Cent out thefc IefuitsandSe- 
minary Pricftes into all panes of Europe, to rcpairc 
the ruins of Rome, if it wer pofliblc. And this is one 
circumftantiallrcafonto prouc thefc three frogs to 
bevndcrftoodofthe Icfukcs. Butlctvsproccedeto 
open the whole defcription of the holy Ghoft, that 
it may yet more plaincly appcare. Fitft, thefc Frogs 
ciap,i«,vi'3 .^^[cAwcUiMjpirits, becaufe they arc the vcric 
limbs of the dcuill, full of all filthincflc and vuclean- 
ncflc. Secondly, they arc csWcdfpirit s> becaufe they 
come out of the mouth of the Dragon, thebcaft, 8c 
the falfc Prophet. Thirdly , they are called three i» 
number, bemg in truth necrer vnto three thoufand, 
becaufe they proceed out of j.feucrall mouthes,thc 
Dragon, thebcaft, andthe falfe prophet: that is 5 the 
Diucll, the Roman Empire, and the Papacy. Three 
horrible monftcrs, three terrible bug-bearcs, which 
with one confent confpire together againft the gof- 


JtExpoJitbitvpofitheReueUtU*. 215 
pell, to vphold their Babylon, and to flop the Icakc 
of their Euphrates- Now thefc three Frogs arc fayd 
to come out of the mouth of the Dragon, thebcaft, 
and the falfe Prophet, becaufe they conic withthc 
very mind andmefugcofthe Pope, &c the Roman 
Empire 3 and fo confequcntly with the very mind & 
fpint of the Dragon. For they arc the very breath of 
the Pope, and th; {pints of the Diucll, aslikdiiin,M 
if they had been fpit out of his mouth. They arc fene 
on thediucls errand, and the Popes cmbaflaee into 
all countries and kingdoms,and arc taught their Icf- 
fon what they fliall fay, and inftriiclcd what they 
fliall doe, and what courfes. they fhall take ofmen, 
both Kinges, Nobles, and the meaner fort : and for 
this caufe the holy Ghoft faith, they came out of the 
very mouth, the very heart, and the very bowels of 
the Pope, and of the dwell. Andalthough thefe Ic- 
fuits & Seminary priefts arc called of their fauoriccs, 
Catholikc doflors, ho!y Fathers, Sec. yet the holy 
ghoft faith flatly, they are the fpirits of dcuils, work- ri * **\ 
ing falfe and faincd miraclcs.and with great efficacy tt^tt 
of error, deluding and decerning the ample 8c blind fpint, of de- 
multitude. We fee then, that the holy Ghoft in all uJiMp.i«,i 4 
this defcription, doth plainly note out the Iefuits &C' 
feminaty priefts.For to whom can thefc things here 
fpoken ofagrcc, but on,-ly to them ? And do not wc 
which line in thefe daies, fenfibly fee &r difecrne the 
fulfilling of all thefe things ? Surely wc can not but 
fee and fcdc them, vnlcflc wc be wilfully blind, and 
<lo of purpofc blindfold Si hoodwink ourfelucs.But 
the holy ghoft goeth yet further,*: doth more fully, 
SC as it were demonftratiuely point the out ynto vs, 



Vcrfc 14. 

*ti6 An Expeftt'tM vpM the RtneltiU*. 

dcfcribing the by their office, which is, to go vnto the 
fangs oft hi earthy of the whole world fo rather them 
to the battel of that great day of God almighty. W ho is 
ignorant that the Icfuits ic feminary pricils ate fent 
out to al kings & Nobles of the whole world,that fa- 
uor them &c their proccedings'Arc they not croking 
in comers, thick and threefold in al parts of this lad? 
Arc they not pt'aftifing of treacheries St treafons a- 

gainft our moft gracions King and the whole ftatc ? 
arc they not plotting the dcfttu&ion and fubucrfion 
of this Church & common wealth? Nay ,as the holi- 
Ghoft l'aith,thc chicfc end of their comming abroad 
is to folicite & gather the kings of the earth vnto bat- 
tel againft God, againft Chnft,&: againft al true pro- 
fcfibrs ofrcligion-Thc battcll betwixt them isheere 
callcd,T6f battc/l of the great dsy of God olntig %,that 
is, that battcll, wherein the Almighty God will haue 
the day, and gocaway with the victory. For it follo- 
weth, that the Icfuits and feminary Pricftes did prc- 
by thdr crafty uaile with the (educed kings of the earth fo far, as to 
inaUrfnT L gather them together to a place, which in Hcbrcwe 
popift kings iscallcd Armageddon, that is to fayc, a place where 
andthcirar- t hcy fhall bee deftroyed, and that with fuch horrible 
pia" where 'flaughtcr,that the place flial take a name thcrcof.For 
they (hall bee j t w as an vfuall thing amonge the Hebrcwcs, to call 
deftroyed. j | acc w jj Crc any famous t hincr f c \\ out,by a name 
rsumb.it r 1 o . -it 

Eicc.jy, which di J report the lamctoallpoftcrityjas Jl/wv/fl 
Ktt.ianab,ihc graucs of Concupifcencc ; H&mon Cog, 
the multitude of Gog ; and diuers fuch like. And ib 
here Armageddon., the deftruftion ef an armie, bec- 
caufc the kings of the earth, and their armies which 
fliall fight againft the Church, at the inftigation of 


"The Te fain 

AnSxfojItionvfontheReneUtUit, 217 
the Icfuites, fhall come to a place, where they fhall 
hauc a notable ouerthrow. This word Armageddon 
may fitly be dcritied of two Hebrew wordcs,that is 
to by,C/ierem,which fignifieth deftru£tion,and Ge- 
dudh, which fignifieth an army ; that is, the dcftnic. 
two of an army ; or as fomc fay, & that very judici- 
ally, it may come oiGmtrmah Gidmn, which fi<*nifi- 
eththefubtilityofdcfWtion; becaufc the bfinde 
kings and Nobles of the earth fhall by the fubtiltie 
and crafty perfwafions of the Icfuits and Seminary 
Pricftes, be cmifed to fight again/hhc Protcflancs, 
ia a place where they /hall haue a famous foylc. 
Some deriiic Armageddon of ffrr,which in Hcbruc 
fignifieth a Mountainc, and Mcgiddo, which is the 
place where the godly king lojias was flaine : and fo 
this place fhould be called Armegeiden, the Moun- 
nine oiAfegid Jo, for the /laughter of Kinges that 
rfhall I be : there. To the which the Prophet ZukmeZukit.it; 
alhidcth,faymg:/» that day therefbal bet great nmr. 
ning in lernjdem, at the mtmning of Hidadrsmmen, 
tn the valley efMegiddoMVd t vic do fee that al thefe 
Unifications and dcriuatious of Armageddon come 
to one thing in effedbwhich is,ttut the great armies 
which affemblc themfelnes in batraile againft the 
Lord, fhall bee deftroyed: and therefore it is not 
much materiall to cbfputc, which is the more likely 
fignification of the word. But this let vs obferue for 
our comfortjthat whenfocuer we fhall fee the kings 
«c Captains,Noblcs Si Potentates of theearth, be- 
ing folicitcd by the Iefuits, pr icfts, 5c the falfc Pro. 
phct,to leuy greatarmics, 6c make great powers to 
fight againft the Gofpell, and the true profeflburs 
Gg 2 there* 

Rome fh ill 

a 18 An Expofttion vpon the ReuelatitM. 

thereof, for the maintenance of great Babylon,thcy 
ihall not preuailc, but bec vttcrly oucrchrowncand 
deftroyed. As in part wc fee fulfilled in the ycarc of 
out Lord 1 5 8 8. when the grcatand inuinciblc Ar- 
mado of the Spaniards, as they thought, which was 
long in preparing againft vs , and at laiV,by the in- 
ftigacion of the Icfuites, brought vppon vs, came to 
Armageddon, as we know, God be praifcd. And in 
all time to come, in the like cafe, let them lookc for 
die like fucceffe. Well, now to grow tofomc con. 
clufion of this point; wc doe plaincly fee that Rome 
fallcth, their kingdomc waxeth dark, their Euphra- 
tes dri«hvp,thcy cfpic it. The Dragon.the bcaft, 
& the falfe prophet fend out their frogs into al coun- 
tries and kingdoms,hoping to prcuenr it by the help 
of the kings of the earth, and cfpecially the King of 
Spainc : buc alaflc all in vain 1 for they mult come to ■ 
Armegeddon, when they haue don all that they can. 
For God figlucth from heaucn againft them, GOD 
bi'ingeth chem downe,and no power of man is able 
to vphold them. 

But now let vs proceed to prooue the third mainc 
point •, which is, that Rome fhall fall finally, and 
come to vtrcr dcfolation For all found Diuincs arc 
pcrfwaded of the fail ofBabyloi^anddograunt that 
itfallcch, and is in falling: but all arc not fothorow- 
ly pcrfwaded of the finall fall thereof in this life. 
Therefore now I will proue by manifeft Scripture, 
that Rome foill fall for a doo. Firft, if the thinges be 
deeply coniidered and narrowly looked into, which 
Saint I ohn faith (hall fal out vpon the pouring forth 
ofih: fcu:nch Viall of Gods wrath, by thefcuenth 


AnExpeJttionvpontheReueUtiett. at* 
Angell, they do fully portend a deadly downfall, SC 
vtter oucrthrow of Rome. For the feucnth viall is 
not poured vpon the earth, or fea, or fountaincs of 
wacers,or on the Sunne,as the firft fourc vials were, 
which figr.ificdfomc particular iudgcmcmcii but it chap i<? , 
was poured forth into the very aire, which fignifi- 
eth the vniuerfality of it, and containcth themnft 
gcncrall and moftgrieuous iudgement, and venge- 
ance of Almighty GOD, vpon the whole body of 
the Kingdomc of Antichrift, a little before the lilt 
The text faith, that vpon the pouring forth of this 
viall, there was a loud voice heard out of the temple of"' aCc 17 
heauen from the throne : thac is, from the very prc- 
fcnee of God, faying : /; is done.lx. is difpatched.The 
vtter ouerthrow of Rome is fully concluded oft and 
al things finiflicd which belong to the pour'n^ forth 
ofthc fcucn vials,which containc the y.Iaft plagues, 
wherein the whole wrath of God is fulfilled, as ap- 
peared chap. 1 5 . as before it is laid, Babylon is fallen, Chip.if.u 
becaufe it/hould ccrtainely fall : So heere God him- 
fclfe faith, Itisdone,bcca.uCc itfhal certainly be done. 
For whatfocucr God hath determined to be done, 
isas it were already done, becaufe k /hall moil cer- 
tainly be cffeiled.Sichthen the Lord hath pronoun- 
ced this of Rome, there remaincth nothing but a 
daily accomplifhmcnt of it .- and let all the Papiftcs 
knoweforaccrtaincty, that thcymuftgoe to their 
geare, they muft come to their paimem, there is no 
way of euafion. 

. For hach the Lord fpoken it, and (hall it not come 
to pafle ? Now vpon this that God faith, It is done, , 

Gg 3 foi. 

no JnExt»fiti*nT;j>MtheRe*d*ti*». 
Chw \6\l foHowcch prefently, that there were voices^ thu*~ 
' derings, and lightnings, and there was a great earth- 
qttake,Juch as was not Jim men were vpon the earth, 
tuenjo mighty tn earthquake. What is meant by 
thundcrings, lightcnings, and earthquakes in this 
Chtp^.u. gookc, I haucbcfort&cwed : to wit, commotions 
feditions, tumults^prorcs.and altctations of ftates, 
kingdoms,and common-wealths: &c then themea- 
ning ofthis place is, that there fliall be horrible flu- 
kings,c5cuflions,tumuIts,&: great alteration of ftatc 
in al the kingdomes which are fubieft to Antichnft, 
none of the fhal cfcapc. For this feucnth vial of gods 
wrath vpon the kingdomeofthcbeaft,is compared 
to a mod horrible and bluftering temped, raifed vp 
in the whole aire, that is, in all places of Antichnft* 
dominions .And it is fpecially to be notcd,as a thing 
of great moment, that the Holy-Ghoft faith, There 
was neuerfueh an earth-quake as this, finct the world 
bcganne,andftnce menwere vppon the earth. For at 
furcdIy,fo foonc as rhc feucnth Angel poureth fortk 
his viall, the kingdomc of Popery fhaligoc downe 
amain,which (hall not be long before the end of the 
world,as ail citcumftanccs hecre do fiiew. After all 
this, Saint Iohn tcllcth vs thceffca of this thunde- 
ring,lighcning,& extraordinary earthquakejwhich 
is,th*t the great citty was divided into threeparts.thit 
Ch> ? , t S,i9. iS)t hcrc(haIl bee a mod horrible rent and dyuifion 
in the citty of Rome, and throughout all the Popet 


What this rent and diuifionis, andhowitflialL 

be, I cannot determine, being a thing to come, a* 
all the reft comprehended vndcrthc pouring forth 


An Expefitm vpon the Reuelatiott. iir 

of the feucnth viall. But this I amfiireof, thatitaw 
/hall go downe ; and there fliall be fuch tumults, vp- 
rores, rents, diuifions, diffipations, and concuffious 
in Rome, and throughout all the Romifh iurifdi£H- 
on,as ncuer was heard of, norreadcof, fincethc 
world began. For Saint IbRn addeth, that Babylon v«fe ip 
came inremembrance before God, to gitte vntoher 
the ci type of the wine of the fiercenejft of his wrath: 
That is, God doth now at length call to mindc all 
the wrongs done to his peoplc,and all the righteous 
bloud died, for the (pace of feucn or eight hundred 
yceres, by the whoorc of Babylon, that he may bee 
fully reiicnged, and execute the ficrccncflc of his 
wrath both vppon her, andhcr whole Kingdomc : 
yea, and that in fuch terrible and wrathfull manner, 
that there (hall be no place of refuge, no place to fly VtxCe M 
into fbrfuccour. For Saint Iohn faith, Eitery lie fled 
away, and the mountawes were not found : Meaning, 
that thc.Papifh in that day Jhal hauc neither moun- 
tains not Hand to flyc vnto 
i And lall of all,thc holy ghoft faith, that there felt a 
great haile like talents out ofheauen vpo the idtlaters: 
infomuchjhattbeyblajphemedgod.becaufofthepUgue^' l6 ' ** 
of the haile. For the plague therofwas exceeding great; 
A talent was about the weight ofthrec&orc pound, 
as feme write . Then it followeth, that this haile of 
gods wtath vpon the papifts, fhalbcmoft terrible 2c 
fcarfull,and bcatc them all downe to theground; as 
it were an haile ofmildones.or piough-irons. Now 
when this Haile of talentcs commcth', as 4 adurcdly 
come it fliall, then fliall the Kingdomc of Popery 
be beaten to dud 5c powder : and th'erfore no mar- 
J " ucll 

sis AnExfefititnvpentbcReutLtuf*. 

uell though the idolaters, feeing all this,be in a mod 
horrible rage, and blafpheme GOD, asSainc Iohrt 
Vcvfe " faith, becaufe of this exceeding and molt cxtraordu 
lury plagu:, which (lull then come vpon thcm.But 
now to concludeand windc it vf altogether: For as 
much as this laft viall is powrcd into the ayrc(GOL) 
faith, it is done) an extraordinary Earthquake ol. 
loweth j the great Cicty of Rome ,s rear, Babylon 
called into qucftion ; and feareful Halftones of 
wrath poured downc vpon the Idolaters : I do con- 
chide, that Rome fhallM finally, and come to vttcr 
defrruaioii in this life. 

Now let vs proceede to further proofe . In the 
eighteenth chapter of this book, the vyhoore of Ba- 
rh™ .88. bylonfaithinhcrhart:/A^^^«^f' 
^^Lido^andfi^feenoforrow ■J^cforeMher 
plagues come at one dayjeatkandforr^andfamtne, 
andjbcfidbe hurntwithfire.Forthat Godwkch ton- 
demnabher,UaflrongLord. .-,•,; 

FulhhcCLC Rome is defenbed, as (he was m the 
hcightand top of her pride and fecimtie, when (hec 
held the dominion of thcKingcs of the earth, and 
boaftedthatlhec was the head of the Cathohquc 
Church, carying her fclft very mfolcntly aboueaU 
Kings and Emperours, treading vpon their [Seeks, 
andmakingthem attend at her gates barcfootem 
th» middeft of Winter, as the ftoncs report. Yea, 
and that flic was no widdow j that is, no fol.tary or 
dcfolatc pcrfo,but one that had many louers.whica 
were ftrong to defend her, foas ftc Ihould fcele no 
want, nor fee any forrow . But the time will come, 

An Expofitkn vpon the Reuelatiott. 1 23 

ly puniflied for her haughtincs,and intolerable pride 
andfecurity.Fot the lioiy Ghoft iMhJierpkguesjhd 
come one day , that is, fodainly, fhortly,andlpeedily, 
euen death, forrowe, and famine, and fhe (ball be burnt 
with fire. per that God which conderr.net h hiris a ftrong 

If this bee not plainc enough to prouc an vttcr o- 
ucrrhrow of Rome, 1 knowe not what can be plaine 
nough. For if death, famine and fire, will not pull 
her downc, I knowe not what fhall pull her downe. 
But Saint Iohn faith flatly, that God himfclfe who 
is a ftrong Lord, will oppofe himfclfeagainftRome, 
and condemne her. It this ftronge GOD takea- 
gainft her, who can vpholdchcr? Can the King of 
Spaiuc ? can the Cardinalles ? can the Emperour ? . 
can al the dukes of Italy, and al the potentates of the 
earth, that take part with her ? No,no,they are al too 
wcake. FtrifGodtake again fl a man, who ccfarecUtme r«b tJ 
him, faith the Holy-Ghoft ? For he dooth whatfoeuer 
he will. Andagaine, God if wife in heart, tndmighty 
inflrength, who euer hardened his hart againfl him e]r 
projpered ? ifGodcalnot backthis anger, the moftproud 
hearts are bowed vnder him. And God faith in Ezcc 
22. Canthy handesbefirong,or can thy heart endure tn 
the day that ifhallhaue to do with thee ? Then it follo- 
wed^ that though Babylon fit as a Q^iccne, and all 
her louers rake part with her,yct b:caufe the ftronge 
Lord is againft her, therefore fhe fliall come to vttcr 

Some of good Judgement in the truth, hauc ga- 
thered from this place, that the very Citty of Rome 
ftall be burnt with fire, which aflurcdly may wel b,c. 

Hh But 

Amos i : \ 



224 An Expoftion vpon'the Rendition. 

But this I am (lire of,that the phtafe of burning with 
jfr^doethinthc Prophets alwaies fignific anvtter 
deftruftion and dcfolation of a Citty ,or a kingdom 
and therefore it followed! that Rome lhallbe vctcr- 

iim: behold yet ftrongcr,and plainer proofc. Foe 
Saint iolm faiths mighty Angel tooke vp aftone like a 
(rrent milftone, and c.ijt it into the fca Joying, withfnch 
'violence flulth.it great City Babylon be cafi dome, ami 
fhal be found no more. Al men know, that olde Baby- 
lon inChaldxa was deftroyed by the Medes and 
Pcrfians, long before Saint Iohn watte this Booke : 
and therefore t hat is not heere meant, but the newe 
Babylon which is Rome,as afore hath bin prooued- 
The phral'es of fpccch.and the figncs which the pro- 
phetsvfedto declare the deftru&ionand dcfolation 
ofoldcBabylon,arehccre alluded vnto rhedeftm- 
ction of Some. For we read \\\ the prophecy of Iere. 
;/;j,thac the Prophet hauing Written ina booke all 
thec-iill tliat fhould come vppon Babcll, for holding 
r, 6* Gods people fo long in moft miferablc captiuitye, 
fiidc toSeraiah Ji'hen thou commeft vnto Babel, thott 
fhxltna.de all the fe words, and when thou hafl made an 
eniofreading this booke, thou (halt bindeaftone teit, 
and cafi it into the widde/l of Eupbrates,<tnd fruit faye : 
Thin /hall Bakll bee drowned, and fh all not rife vppe 
from the euill that I will brhige vpponhtr, although 
they weary themfclties. Now let vs confider howe 
t'.iis agreeth with the fame which is hecrefet downe, 
and we Ihall findc, that all things arc here fet downe, 
with greater force, to expreflc, as it were, 1 deeper 
venceance, and a more hcauyc (and vnrecouerablc 

An Expofition vpm the Reueldt'ton. 1 2 j 

deflruction J Firft 3 thereis a man, heere isamigh- 
ty Angell ; there the man takcth vp a ftor.c, here the 
Angel takcth vp a great ft one dike a milftone : there 
theftoneis cart into the riucr., heere into the deepe 
fca. Allthcfe citcumftanccs being applyed to Rome 
do greatly aggrauace the matter, and very plaincly 
flicvvc, that it ilial fall, without all hope of rccouery. 
ForthcLorde declareth by thisforciblefigne,of ca- 
rting a milftone into the Sea, that the City and king- 
dome of Antichriftfhallbcecaftdeepc downe into '^, 
perdition, and fhall lie ouerivhclmcd, and drowned 
in the fame for eucr. 

For ifolde Baby Ion was vtterly deftroyed, and 
came to a finall defolation in this life j much more 
fhal Rome as the Holy-ghoft difputeth. But old Ba- 
bylon cametovttcr ruine and dcfolation in this life, 
as both if ay and Ieremy doc witneffc.- Therefore new 
Babylon , that is, Rome,fhall come to vtter deftru- 
&ion:and as the Holy-Ghoft heere faith, {hall bee 
founde no wore, or fhall 61, without all hope of reco- 

Stories doe report that Rome hathbeene fun- 
dry times deftroyed by the Gothcs and Vandales, 
and others,yeaonce fired and quitebiirnt vp,but af- 
terward builteandraifed vppe againeby the Empe- 
rours : But here the Holi-ghoft faith expre{Tely,that 
i'. fhall hane a finall fal,and an recouerablc dcftru&i- 
on. For can a milftone caft into the botromc of the 
fea, eu er bee got vppe againe ? No, no, it is impof 
fible. Therefore, let the Iefuitcs, and Seminarye 
prieftes, doewhatthey can 3 thcy fbal neuer fct vppe 
Rome againe, they fhal neuer reftorc her to her for- 

Hh 2 mcr 

without all 

22(5 An Expofitionvponthe Reueldtton. 

mcr (rate and dignity'they ihal ncuer repairc her ere. 
dice againc. Let the Pope, and Cardinalles, and the 
Kins of Spainc,and al the world, and al the diucls Jii 
h'-llfioync together, they lhal neucr get vp this mi . 
ftonc out of the bottome of the fca. For the Angell 
hath caft it in with fuch a violence, that no power of 
man fhallcucr fetch it out againc. 

True it is indeed, that the Icfuites befbrrcthem, 
and the Seminary Pricfts and Papifls, doe worke a- 
pace in all landes, and aducnturc thcmfelucs in molt 
defperate manncr,to rccoucr againc the credit ot po- 
pery, and to fee vp againc the dignity and the power 
of the Pope, and the glory of their Church and Cit- 
ty, and their boldcntcrpvifcs, doc make many cuen 
to doubt that they wil again one day prcuailc.Butal- 
foredty wee arc to make fill rcckoning,that although 
hecrc and there they may fupport for a time lorne 
ruinous partes of their rotten frame ,yetdoo what 
they can, it Aiall in the end downc vpon their heads, 
and come to vtter defolation. 

Indeede,Romc ftandeth yet, and Popery is not 
quite fallen downc. But they are difclofc^their cre- 
dit is cracked, their power decaieth ; and To mis thing 
is bceunne, and the time drawcth on when it fhal be 
folly accompl.fted. He that had beheld the power, 
the pompe, the riches, and cftimadon of the Church 
ofRomeaboutcfome foure-fcorc ycarcs paftc, and 
looketh vppon it now, (hall fee a woondctfull altera- 
tioo. Itfcemcd then to bee without all daungcr ot 
ihakmg : for the Empcrour and the Kingcs of the 
earth ftoode foorthe with all theyr force and might, 
power and policy, to vpholde it : but God bee than- 

An Expofition vpon the Rendition, a 27 

ked, we fee how it is already come downc, and /hall 
come downe euery day more and more, whofocucr 
faith nay to it. 

But beholde yet more and more plaine proofe for 
chcvtterdcfolationofRomc.ForS Iohndcfcribeth 
the eternall defolation thereof, bydcniall of thofc 
things which are in Cities inhabited; Firft hec fay th, 
there Jhall bee no more any voice of 'harpers ', Mufitians, 
Pipers, and Trumpeters, heardin Rome, that is.almu- chap.is. i» 
fick flial furccafe, which argucth an vtter defolation. 
For what inhabited cities arc without muficke ? 

Secondly, he faith, there jhall be nocraftesmanof 
what trade foeuer found in Rome, which argucth an vt- 
ter defolation. For what flourifliing Citty is without 
artificers ? 

Thirdly, he faith, no light of a candle fhal any more 
fhinein Rome, which argucth an vtter dcfolation.For 
what inhabited City is without candles. ? 

Fourthly, heefayth, nofoundofamilftonefhallbe 
herd i» £ome,which doth argue an vtter defolation. 
For what Citticis without Milles to grinde theyr 
cornc ? 

Laftly, hec fay th, the voice of the Bridegroome and 
of the bride (hill be heard no more in Rome, which ar- 
gucth an vtter defolation : for what Cittie is without 
bride and bridegroome ? and without marriage for 
procreation fake? Then I conclude from all this,that 
Rome /hall fall finallye, and come to vtter definiti- 

But behold yet more platnc and pregnant proofe, 

drawne from the pittiftill mournings andmoftvvoi 

ml lamentations of th; Kings of the earth, thcMeci 

Hh 3 chants, 

228 JnExpoJitionvponthe Reuehtion. 

chantes, and the Mariners, who al doe ioyntlye la- 
ment and mourne, forthedcftru&ionand deflati- 
on of Rome, crying, alas, alar, that great City Baby- 
lon, that mighty Citty -.for in one houreis thyiudge- 
rh io ment tome. -In one hourejb great riches are come to de- 
>p»'8.'° j* [ at j mmmc } mre j] Ji:e i s made dcfolate. Whatcan 
be nwre plalncly and fully Ipokcn, to prone an vtter 
def olation of Home ? What can bee more required 
then to havic it fet downe in expreflc termes , as here 
we fee"; For now the Holy-Ghoft vfeth no figurcmo 
hardncfic, no circumlocution, no obfeuritye : but 
tclletli vs plainely, and thrice for fai.ing, that Baby- 
lon;, that is, Rome., is made defokte, is conic to dc- 

Moreotier it is fiid that the Kinges, Merchants, & 
Marriners^fhaHfland afarre off for fe are of her torment 
andtheyflutlweepeandwaile, when they pall fie the 
verf.iSjtj,! r m0% j. e gftlut her burning, fignifyingthat the tor- 
ment, & plague of Rome dial be fo great, that kings 
for all their might flial not dare to come nigh to ref- 
cue her ? no not the King of Spaine wit h al his great 
might and power, he fhalbcfaine to ftand afarre off 
or rather vttcrly to forfakc her, weeping and wailing 
rable deftruction. 

But wee arc to ob ferae in al this, that the Holy- 
Ghoft vfeth a figure or kind of fpeech, which they cal 
a Profopopwii or faygning of a pcrfon, whereby the 
popifh Kingcs becing dead and rotten are brought 
injamenting,and bewailing thefall of Babylon, as if 
they were aiiuc againc.-orelfeitmaybe vndcrflood 
of the Cardinallcs, and Legates, which arc cuen as 


An Expojition vpon the Reuehtion. 229 

Kinges vppon the earth.But it cannot be vnderftood 
of Chriftian Kings,for they llial bee the inftruments 
of God topul downe gteat Babylon, as we flial hear 

Furthermore,lctas confiderthecaufes of this 
great lamentation, for the deadly dovvnefal of Baby- 
lon,by the popifh Kings,Mcrchaius,and Mariners. 
Tirfl, the Kmges they mourne and lament, faith faint 
Iohn, becaufe they had committed fornication with Verfe 9 
the great rvhoore of Babylon, and hue d inpleafure with 
her. rhatis 3 they had Iiued long with hcrinabhomi- 
nableidolacry, andpleafcd her that way, and there- 
fore fhc gauethem difpenfationstoliueinwanton- 
ncs and al carnal plcafures,and eucn to do what they 
lift,fpending their daiesinfenfiulity and alkinde of 
flefhly delights. 

Secondly, the Merchants doeweepe and waile, 
becaufe no man buyeth their ware any more. Theft 
Merchantman not named, but they may eafilyc bee ' jJr4 
kuowne by their wares, which the Holy-Ghoft de- 
fcribcth 3 towit,that they be the Popifh Merchants, 
the fhauen Mcrchauntcs, who are here brought in 
mourning and lamenting for the loffe of their gaine. 
The Monks,Friers,& priefts canno: haue that vtte- 
racc of their warcs,that in times pafhhcy haue hadj 
their wares are nowe out of requcft :theyr Markets 
waxe deade,andthey haue co'.detakinges. When 
thefc fcllowes paffeby the great Monaftcries and 
Abbcyes, and fee them made ruinous heapes, and 
wlthall remember the fatte reuenewes, the good 
Cheere, thepleafure and delight which fometimes 
they haue had inthofe places, it cutstheyrheartes, 


Vote it 

2i AnExpofttionvponthe Reueiation. 

and makcth chem ftiake their heads as k,faymg, dai, 
Alas-, that great Citty that was clothed in fine iinnen & 
purple, and fctrlet, andgildedwith golde , andpreciotu 
fiones, andPearles,forinonehoitrefogreat riches are 
seme to dcfolatton. Marke dicn that the ruinc of their 
great Cittie, wich all the pompc, plcafure, and riches 
thereof, is that which doocth yet fticke in cheyr fto- 


Thirdly, the Mariners do greatly mournc. and .la- 
ment, for the loffe of their profitc and commodity. 
For while Rome had dominion ouer the kingdomes 
and the pope ruled oucr al, euen as a God vppon the 
earth, ther was nothing but uudgingoucr the fcas to 
Rome out of al Lands,and againe from thcncc,therc • 
was carrying and rccarrying ? infomuch that multi- 
. mdes of Mariners and Shipmasters were continually 
fet on workc, and gained greatly thereby .No maruel 
then though thefe Marin :rs are brought in amonge 
other frends of Rome be waihnghirdcftniaion,euen 
with duftvpon their heads weeping, and crying,and 
faying, Aim aUs, that great Citty, wherein were made 
rich all that had jhips onthefeabyhtr copneft-Forin 
one hourefie is made dt folate. Thus wc fee how the 
Kings, and Merchants, and Marrincrs fhall bewaile 
the vtter ruinc and great dcfolation of Rome, for the 
loffe of their plcafure, their gai'nc, and their profit. 

Moreoucr wee arc to obferue, that that which is 
fpokenbyche old z prophets ifay and Jeremiah, tou- 
ching the vtter dcfolation of oldc Babel, is applyed 
by Saint Iohn to newc Babel, which is Rome. Tou- 
ching the old; Ealremc Babylon, the prophet fayth 
i&y 1 9 i j , thus : Babel the glory e of kingdomes, the beauty •e and 


An Exposition vpon the Revelation. 231 

pride tfthe ChaldeansJhaUbe as the dejtrucfion of Cod 
in Sodeme and Gomorrah. It fhall not bee inhabited for 
eucr, neither /ball the Arabian pitch his tent there, nei- 
ther fhallthtfbcpheards make their folds there. ButZi- 
im fhall 'lodge there-, and their houfes full be fullofO- 
him : Oflrichesjhall dwell there, and the S a tyres fhall 
dance there, that is, Fairies, Hobgoblms,Night-ipi- 
rits, and fuch like, whereby is iignified the vtter dc- 
folation of old Babylon. Now S . Iohn applycth all 
this to Rome laying, ii&bylon that great Citty is be- c >ap ' l8,T> * 
come the habitation of diuels, and the holde of alfenle 
fpirits, and a, cage ofeuery vncleane and hat efuli Bird. 
Noting hereby both the filthincilc of Romc,and al- 
fo her vtter ddblation. 

But now let vs proceed to our laft and greateft ar- 
gument to prone the finall fall, and vtter deftructi- 
onofRome,andaLRomilh power and authority. 
In th^ 19. chapter of this Prophefie our Lord Icfus 
is deferred, /?«;»£ vpon his white horfe, which is the Cfcip. 6,x. 
miniihy of the Gofpcll, as hath before bcenc proo- 
ucd ; and is molt glorioully brought in by S. Iohn, 
as grand Captaine, and Gencrall of the field, fight- 
ing with al his army againft Antichrift and his loul- 
diers. Saint Iohn giucth him goodly names and ti- 
tles, calling him the word of GOD, the Kingof c .-m.T,.v, n 
Kings, and Lord ol Lords • and (aitli, that he hath 1 j h. &«; 
a name wrizten that no man kncwcbuthimtclfci 
which is his infinite glory and maicity. 

And moreoucr, that his cics were as a flame of 

fire, and on his head many Crowncs, and a fliarpe 

Sword in his mouth, and cloathed with his warlike 

garment dipt in bloud, and all his heauenly Souldi- 

Ii exs 

Vcfe 19. 

a,a AntxfcftttMt^MtheimUtion. 

crs followed him vppon White Holies: meaning 
thereby all Chriftian Kingcs,Di*cs,Lordcs,No- 
blcs, Captaincs, Preachers, and Pcofcfloua of true 

Uclision. , , 

This <rraund Captainc with all thefc worthy 
Souldicrs.laiih Saint Iohn, (hall ™ftcrtoS«htt, 
and prepare thrmfclucs to fight againft the bcaft.S£ 
the falfc Prophet, and all thcirforces, and at laft hec 
' fceththcmioynebattailc- JfaW (faith Saint Iohn) 
the Bc4 ml the kin Z cs of the earth, and their armies 
fathered together to mtheUttelLtgawfl him that j ate 
%pon tin white horfe, *nd againfi hi: amy. Now all 
this [stobeevndcrftoodoi the battels betwixt the 
Papiftsandihc Protcitants in thefc laft dayes.But, 
miy feme man lav, who (hall hauc the victory > 
Whatisrhcfucccflc ? Wliitwn the iffue?Lctvs 
hearc of that . Th; Holy- Ghoft anfwercth , that 
TMvnM*tkBcrt mdthefalfe Prophetwere taken foyied, and 
flaUhaueihc eiiertomt ; vflng a warlike phrafcbccaulc in the wars 
^ th'7 vfc to take their grcatcft Captainc? and Corn- 

maunders aline, and to put them to their ranfomes. 
Th" like vnto this wc hauc in the icuench Giaptcr, 
wlv-re Saint lohn tellcthvs, that when the Popilh 
Kinccsand Potentates (hall make Warreagamft 
Cbriftandhis Gofpcll, they fn'all hauc the hlccfuc- 
A«. 17.^13 celib vnto this. For faith hec , Thefelmeonemnde 
and (h d %' lie their power and authority vnto the beaft, 
the) 'Mllfoht with the Lambe , And the Umbe flail 
mereme "them : For he e is Lord cfLordes.tnd king of 

' "But, may fomc man fay , when the Leaders and 
commanders of the popifli armies fhalbc taken cap- 

- - ~ tme. 


An ttyofition vpon the 'Revelation, 2 j 3 

tiue Si fee at their ranfoms, what (hal become of the 

inferiour Captaincs and Souldicrs ? The holy ghoft 

anfwercth, that the remnzr.t were flaine with the 

fwordofhim thatfitteth vpon the horfr. That is,thcy 

were put to the Sword, and ali the foules were filled. 

full with their fle/h. And for this caufe S- Iohn faith, 

that he faw an Angcli (land In the Sunuc, who cry- Cap.i».r, u 

cd with a loud voice, faying to all the foules that 

did Aye by the middeft of hcauen, come and gather 

yourfclucs together vnto the Supper of the great 


Now to make thisplainc. Wcknow, that they 
which proclaime any matter, fceke fome Market 
cro(fc,or high place to ftand in, where they may beft 
behcard:So this Angcl,which proclaimed! the vic- 
tory againft Antichnft,bcforcany ltrokc be (triken, 
becaufc of the certainty of it, ftendcth in the Sunne, 
asitwercintheTheatcrand middeft ofthcworld, 
a$ in a place moft fit for the purpofe, that he may be 
heard throughout all the earth. Now this proclama- 
tion is directed to all the foiilcs ofthcairc,tobiddc 
them to a fupper, which is here called the fupper of 
die great God.But it may be demanded, what chear 
fhal they hauc? The holy ghoft anfwcrcth,that they 
ihallcatetherbfti ofKinges, and the flefhe of great 
Captaincs, and the flefh of mighty men, and thcverfei* 
flelh of horfes, and of Horfemen, and thcflefli of all 
freemen, and bondmen, and of fmall and grcar. 

This wee knowc, that when men are flaine in 
great numbers in the wanes, their bodies lie fcatte- 
red, as meatc for the foules ofthe ayre. And there- 
fore here all foules arc limited and bidden to a great 
Ii 2 fup- 

4 ?4 ■*» Ixpofit'M vpo* the KeuelattM. 
fupper, made them by die great God.whofc hand is 
in all this ; their chcarc.and their dainties are recko- 
ned vp to be- the flefh of Kings and Captames, Kc. 
Now out of all this maybe firongly concludcd.that 
hccrcaftcr in all time to come, when the Armies or 
the P ope, which is the bcaft, the armies of the King 
of Spainc.who hath eiucn his power and authority 
vnto the heart, and is"h» great vpholdcr ; when the 
armies of the Cardinal his great confederaccjwhcn 
the armies of the Leaguers, his great adherentstfca 
when all thefe, and all other popilh armies lhal loyn 
and band themfclucs togithcr againftthc chnftian 
kings and defenders of the Gofpell : they fhall hauc 
a notable oucrchrow, infomuch that their dead car- 
kaffesfhallcucncoucr the earth, andthcFoulesof 
the ayre Hull come to their great (upper, which the 
Lord of hofts will make ready for them . For aflu- 
rcdly,andoutof doubt, they that- hue fhall fecthe 
fulfilling of all this, and fhall fee the popilh armies. 
.,, - fl CO downc by heapes in all Countries & kingdoms, 
Zmi« H go and be made meat for the foules of the airc.For the 
downc by hol G j 1Q ft fairh, They [full come to Armaggeddorr, 
S Ci ««,v,.< that is, the place where their armies /hall be dcftroi- 
•fcp. ij,v,» c d. An&zgzmc, if arty bad into captiuit^he jhdlgoe 
into CAptiitity, if any kill with afiverd, he niujl bee ktU 
led with a J 'word: For as the popifh forces hauc in 
former time taken Captiuc the people of God, and 
cruelly murdered them : fo now the time drawcth 
on apace whc::cin they themfekies fliallbc taken SC 

And thcrfore now atlaft I condudc.tbat Rome fhal 

fall finally , and come to vttcr defttuftion in this lite. 

1 For 

A»Ejcpofit'mi>pMlieReiul*tm. 335 

For as Rome did rife vp by degrees in this lifc,fo 
Rome fhall fal by degrees in this life: As Rome grew 
vp to her full height and higheft pitch in this lifc 5 fo 
it fhall come to her leweft ebbe Sc greatefl declina- 
tion in this life : I meane before the comming of 
Chriftvnto indgemcnt. For the falling downe of 
Haile like talents vpon the kingdome of the Bcaft, 
fhall be in this life : The extraordinary earth-quake 
vpon the dominions of Antichrift, ihallbceinthis 
life : The comming of the Popifh Armies to Arma- Rome ftal be 
geddtn, fhall bee in this life : The mourning of the rt*-^ 
Kingcs, Merchantes, and Marrincrs, for the oucr- \^ 
throwe ofBabylon, fhall bee in this life : The great 
battaile betwixt the bcaft and him that fittcth vpon 
the white Horfc, fhall bec in rhis life, before the day 
of iudgment : The pouring forth of all the fcucn vi- 
alsofGodswrathvponthckingdome ofthcBcaft, . 
fhall be eucn in this life. For it were an abfurd thing 
to fay,any of thefe things fhall be after this life; or to- 
lay that thefe things fhall not be til the very coming 
of Chrift ; for they are all things to be effected here 
in this earth : 8c the holy Glioft doth defcribc them 
as things to he done vpon the face of the catth : for 
orherwifc wee .could hauc {mall comfort in any of 
thefe thinges, if they fhonld not bec doone hcerc in 
earth, or,if they (hould all bee deferred till the vcric ■ 
comming of.Chrift, and in the meane time Anty- 
chrifl. fhall ftill prcuaile. . 

But it will be obicftcd, that Saint Paule faith,thc *;™^£ n 
Lord fhall confumc Antichrift with the fpiritof bis ,Xercd!° n 
mouth, and abolifh him with the brightneffe of his 
comming: Therefore before his comming hec fhall 

Ii 3 not 



i,J AriExptfinM vpe» the Rmlsth*. 
uotbcvttcrlyabolilicd. True it is indccde,he foall 
not vttcrly be cue off in all his members till the very 
commingofChrift. For there will be fame Pap.fb 
remaining in all countries ,cuen vmo the end : there 
be fome, nay, many, that will carry the bcafts u,arlc 
cuai till thclaft day. But the holy Gboft in this pro. 
phefic focakcth of the rcuoltingand falling away of 
kinedomes and Countries from the Sea of Rome ; 
whereby it flail come to paffc, that it fliaU be excec- 
.'dingly weakened, 8c brought fo low, that the kings 
focakcth, fhallcafily pane ouer their Euphrates, be- 
inedryed vp , and enter their Babylon.Butthen wd 
fome man fay, Shall there bee no Pope at all a little 
before the comming of ChriA ? I anfwer and not I, 
cv»*«7,v,itf butt b c HolyGhoftformec . Hcfliallbeeapoore 
K ,3l Pope,anakedPop C ,adefolatePope,aPopewhofc 
vay"- fl elh lhall bee tome, whofe flcflafhallwither as wee 
*• Sam " *• fhal hear anone.Hc fhal be fuch apopc,as Ijbbojbetk 
w a saking,when Aimer and all I Gael fcl away front 
him. He Ml be fuch a pope, as the kingof Port*. 

gall is a king. ,. , 

But it will be obic&cd, How know you this \ Ace 
you a Prophet ? Can you foretcllof things to come? 
I anfwev,Saint Iohn was a prophct,and indued with 
aprophcticall Spirit in this matter of his vibons and 
reflations •, and I fpeake no more then Saint Ioha 
hath fct downe. And therefore I hope I fpeak with- 
in compaffe i fee I doe but relate Saint Johns 
words,andcxplainc themin fuchrocafureaslam 

* This prophetic doth plaint dcclar " • Baby- 

A» ExpoJitimvpafttheHeueladoi*. 237 

Ion {hall fall ; Rome fhalLcome down > the pope fhaM 
ncucr be eftecmed againe'. And I do belecup it to be 
to ', I bclccue God ; I belecuc his worde ; I bcleeu'e 
all that is fpoken in the Scriptures : and I doeende- 
uour to pcrfwade others alfo.For fith the holy gboft 
hath fo plainly, and fo fully foretold it, why fliould 
we not bcleeue it ? Why arc we fo flow to beleeuc 
all that is written in the Scriptures? Hath God fpo- 
ken it,and {hall it not come to pafle? Shal any iotc of 
his word faile ? Shall we thinkchce icftcthwithvs, 
when he doth fo often and fo fcrioufly tell vs of the 
downefall of Rome ? Surely, furely, the caitfe why 
men arc not fully perfwaded of the final fal olRomc, 
is, becaufc they do not diligently pcrufe thisbooke 
of the Apocalypfc. But let men be ftudious and di- 
ligent in this Bboke, and they lhall bee out of all 
doubt, that Rome is the great Whoore of Baby- 
Ion ; that the Pope is Antichriit, and the Papacy the 

But nowmee thinkcth I hearc fome man fay, 
how is it like that popcrie (hall fall downe more and 
more hereamongft vs, fith it hath fomany friends, 
backers, and vpholders , and fqemeth to gather 
ftrength,and make an head againe ? I antwere, that 
all is bii • a lightening before death . I anfwer, that 
all is but the Hopping of a water-brooke,or making 
a Damme oucrthwarc it, which will caufc itto {well 
more, and breake ouer with great violence . I aun- 
fwere, that all is no more then is foretolde, that. 
the Ieftiits (hall come forth like Froggcs out of their 
puddles, and Marilh groundes, and kcepcacroa- 

kingfor atime, tillthcyhaue croaked their ownc 
-.„ ^ 


a ,8 AnZxp»ttionvfo» the Revelation. 

dcftruftion and many others. For they ftallncucr 
fct vpPopcry here in England to (land & : continue 
do wlutcheycan. imuft needes cenfcfTc, that « 
finncs being fo horrible and outrag>oiis,as they arc, 

and being grownc to fuch an height. «* I »™d&, 
do deferucfomcfearefull vengeance, and that God 

hath a iuftcontr uerficagr.iniWs/asfome,mesh e 
hada^inft I&aell, bccaulc **«**•-« «t WW?, pot 

,4* Buryct 1 hope for his coucnant fake, foe his 
Seat mercies fake, for his names take for his glory 
fake,and for his Church fake, he will be grauous 8C 
fauorablc vnto vs,& not bring vpon vs tTiat venge- 
ance which our fins haue detaued : or at loftwifc 
cv for our amcndmcnr,and not in wrath to our de- 
Si as hee faith by his Prophet : / wllnot vt ; 

Vintvtterlym thee off. But how o=u:r itfh 11 
pleafcthcmoftwifeGodto dealewuh vs,y«thu 
Sand am pcrfwaded of.that Popery fliall ncuec 
beeftabhlhedagainein this kingdome ^/rcafon 
is,becauferhee°uerMingGofpel carried abroadby 

the Aungclthatflyethin the m.ddeft of Hear, n 
(halliprcaditill more and more throughout all the 

t*-.ii.»4..Kinedomcs or Europe, as appeatcth Chapter 14. 
verfc 6. for orhcrwife how ^f^^"™ 
fhall rhe Iewes euerbe converted * H ™£*™ r < 
come downc from Hcaucn, and deuouibothC* 

Ch.ip-»°j9» an* 

Icr. jo. i'. 
Icr. 10, 14- 

, Aj:<XMO,lI 

A» Exfofrt'm vpon the RetteUtioo. j# 

an i. Magog, as the holy Ghoft forctcllcth fhall come 
topafleiandas wc flial heare more anon? Morcoucr 
Saint Iohn tcllcth vs plaincly, that in thefe loft dayes 
the Gofpellfhillbe preached to many peeple,and nations, 
and tongues, and to maty kings. And further he faith 
that in this age wherein we liuc,many fhal renounce 
Idolatry, repent and giue gloryt to the Cod of heauen. 
Butfomc man may lay, howeprooiicyou rhatrhis 
kingdom is one of them which Saint Iohn fpeaketh 
of, and which he mcancth, wherein the Gofpcll /hall 
be preached vnto the end of the world ? 1 aunlwere, 
thatirisprooued out of the 17. chapter ofthispro- 
phc/ic, where tiie holy Ghoft tcllcth vs flatlye, that 
thofctennc kingdom cs of Europe which had a long 
time becne the ten homes andjtrength of the beafl,and Chap.i?,! 3 
being of one minde, hadgiuen their power and authori- 
ty vnto the heaft,fhouldnow in thefe loft dates rife vppe 
etgainfi the where of Babylon, make warre agairifte her, 
hate her and make her de folate. 

But this kingdome is one of tfaofc ten horns, and 
and oneofthofcten kingdomes, which a long time 
had giuen her power K authority to the beaft.Ther- 
fore as rhis kingdome hath happily begunne to hate 
the W horc,and to make her dcfolate and naked : fo 
vndoubtedly ihc fliall continue vnto the endc of the 
worldc. Forifthiskingomc, andotherkingdomes 
which nowhatc the whore, doc not continue, howe 
fliall fliec bee made defolate and naked Sec ? Then it 
fliouldc feemc, thebcafte fliall rcuiuc and recouer 
himfelfeagaine,andfoS.Iohn fliall be foundafalfe 
prophet.But Godistrue^ndalmen are liers } a.nd Saint 

Kk lolm 


England and 
other king* 
domes which 
hnue forfaken 
the bead flial 
fo continue 
vnto the ende 
of the world. 

2*0 An Expefition vfen the Reueht'm. 

Iohn Hall bee found a true Prophet : and therefore 
■thefc kingdoms of Europe which hauc begun to lute 
. the whoo^fhaU continue, and neucrgwe her oner 
till (as thcholy ghoftfaith)^<7 biuc e<iter> ber jicjb cr 
burnt her mthfir.e: that is, till they tmievtrerlydc* 
noticed her. Buthccreitwillbcobicaedy.that m the 
latter daics iniquity fhallhauc the vppcr hand. I an- 
fwer firit, that I find no fuch place ot fcr.piute. But 
this I find, that our Lord Icfus foretclleth his Dilct- 
ples, that very fhorcly after his death and rcfurrcai* 
on, many fcduccrsand falfc teachers fconldearifc; 
which Jhould dccciuc many, and draw them away 
Maft, 24, »• from the louc of the golpcll •■ and faith-he, hecauftmt- 
auity Ml be wmftdjtke loue ofmnjjbak be wW.But 
,. - ; tpistpecch'of our Sauior,dothnot properly concern 
« "". , our times. But yet it muft needs be granted, that the 
S' Vt wicked fliall wax worfc and worfc^ the worldfhall 
npt amcnd,but ftill be worfe and worfc,and grow to 
' • : ■ a greater height and ripenefle of -fin, as appearcth' ur 
im prophefic. Yet for all this wemuft note withal], 
that the number of true beleeucrs in thole laft daics, 
•Op. i i.vcr. i flial j bc very mauy as thi ■ boofce doch alfo teach. But 

vei.U.vcr. 13 

k maybe obicftcihow can this gcarc ftad together, 
that jn the laft daics there IhalLbc multitudes- 8c mil- 
lions of rcprobatcs,and moft wicked and abhomina- 
blcpcrfons,andyct wichall, agreatinca-afe ofttuc 
beleeucrs ? I anfwerc that the world will bccalwftics 
like it fclfc, impious and vnbclceuing.But the church 
fliali purely wor/l.ip God.and that with daily increa- 

fcio-euen vnto the end. But now me thinkcth I hear 

■ ■ " fomc 

An Expsfittitf vpon the Retuhthn. 24 1 

fomcraan fay , whachkelyhoodeis thereof all this 
which you write touching the ouerthrow of R omt? 
Do we not fee, that Rome is yet ftrong ? Doth not 
Italy, Spainc, the greatcft part of Fiance, and Nc- 
therland, and Germany ,ftand for her defence ? Hath 
not the whore ftill many and great bearers, and vp- 
holders,what likelihood is then: then, that cuer lliec 
flial be brought fo low as you (peak o:?I anfwer,rhat Wc may not 
in this cafe we muft not askc this quell ion what like- p/'"*" ' lke " 
lihood. Wemuftnotconfulrwithflcfliand blond. of,hJj> s "" c 
We muft not take counfcll of humane rcafon. For 
Godismaruellousin hisdcuifes, and when he hath 
once decreed and determined of any future euent,hc 
willcompafic it by m canes far furpaffing all humane 
reach and capacitic : yea, by fuch plots and deuifes^ 
as mans wit could ucuer hauc once dreamed of. For 
he hath all mcanes in heauen and earth in his hands, 
and is admirable in all his procecdinges, and there- 
fore we may not askc this queftion, what likelihood, 
or how can ir bee, or how can it pofllblycomc ro 
paflc? What likelihood was there an hundred ycers 
paft, when Rome was in her height, and all the king- 
domes of Europe flood for her, that cuer flicfhould 
hauc beenrforfaken of fo many of her old fricnds,as 
at this day flic is ? What likelyhood was there, that 
when the Pope could commaund the Emperor,and 
all the Kingcs of Europe, and their kingdomes, that 
cuer 'hec flioulde haue becne brought fo low as at 
this day hec is, God be rhanked ? What likelyhood 
was there that cuer poore Martin Luther fhouldc 
Kk 1 ftand 


fcW. m- 
I.King. 13. 

t.Cluo tv 
I.King. 6. 

j.Sam. 14. 

j ,2 ^w Expojttion TpH the Xeuelxtio*. 

ftand out with the cucrUfflngGofpcll in his mouth 
a^ainft the Pope, Emptor, K as it were the whole 
world, & yet die in his bed in a good old age ? what 
likelihood was there that Henry the cight,of famous 
memory, frould renounce flww.oppofi himfclfca- 
gainft the Pope, and fupprcflc the Abbics.Pnoncs, 
and Monasteries in this Kingdomc, and take they r 
lands and liuings into his owne hands ?Thcrefore I 
conclude, that when God hath decreed the vtter o- 
ucrthrow of £*?»(?, we muft notaskc this qucflion, 
how can it be ? Or which way frail it be brought a- 
bout ? For the Scriptures do teach that God in all a- 
ccs, hath done the greateft exploits, cither by him- 
fclfc alone without mcanes,or clfc by weak mcancs, 
or contrary to all mcancs. 

By himfelfe -without meanes he ouet threw the Moo. 
tits, Ammonites, and them of mount Sier, which made 
war againfi good king Iehojaphat 
By himjelfe he dejhoied Fharoah, and his Army in the 

red Sex 

By himjelfe he otterthrew Jericho, that great Citty. 

By himjelfe hcejleiv the huge army of the AjJymns, 
that made war agxinjlExscluas. 

By himjelfe hejmete the great mi dreadfull army of 
the Ethiopians before A fa, and before Iudak 

By himfelfe he f mote the Syrians, which bejieged DO- 
than the citty where the Prophet Elifia was. 
■ By weake means he ouerthrew the innumerable army 
if the Mediamtes, etten by Gedeons three hundred. 


men by Jonathan and his armour-bearer. 

J zy 

AnExpofitiin vpinthc ReuclatUit. 243 

By weak meanes he oner threw the kings of Sodom and Gtn - ! +• 
thereabouts, etten by Abraham, and his family . 

He oucr threw Goliah byDauid: Sifera by Iaell: Ab't- , Sim . i r . 
nsiUch by a woman. Iu <j- 4- 

Contrary to meanes, he fitted the three children from j^ • 
turning, being in the fire. 

Contrary to meanes, hefkued Ionat from drowning, Ioni - 
being cajl tnto thefea. 

Contrary to means, hepreferuedDanie/Hfromdeuou- Daniel s. 
ring, being caji into the Lyons den. 

Contrary to meanes, he kept the ifralitesfrom drew- Ew><i. f 4 . 
ming, being in the bottome of thefea. 

Contrary to meanes and to all expectation, heeaufidi°f- <•• 
the Sun to Jl and JIM at noone day, whilejl he oucr threw 
the fiue kings of Canaan by lojuah. 

Thcrfore I concludc,that for afmuch as God in al 
ages hath efMcd the moftftrangc and admirable 
tilings, cither by himfelfe without meanes,orby ve- 
ry weakc mcancs, or contrary to all mcancs, there- rhevttero- 
forcitis in vaineto askcthis qiieftion, how or by ueithrowof 
what mcancs frail Rome bee deftroyed ? For it is i- £° d m c fi conclu - 
nough for vs to know that it frail be deftroyed, and 
come to vttcr defolation. And in my indgement the 
holy ghoft hath fo often, and phinclyamrmetithis, 
that.no'man frould any more make any doubt' of it, Apoc 14,8, 
or oncccail it into qiieftion. For what can beemore *P£; ( '*- £ 
plainc, ihsnto^y,Somekfa/fin:Romefhalfal.Great Ap0 c 17! "• 
kxileflmslikc talents Mfdvpenit.ItJbalgotoperdi- ft™: 1 *' *'• 
40-reatmilJltiteintothebottome of thefea . -fifbaUbe Apoc. i8,»>. 
Kk 3 burnt 

144 AnE^ofmon^ntUtmlstim. 
Tel2oJnhMum.K\ the popift fo« both high K 
Ajec i^o.. t kde[Mtion thereof. rbeirArmmpm „,.. & 

Rome ofRomifh power, and of the Romifh armies. 
pTtheLan bono otherfound fence g.uen ^ the 
as all diuinc writers, and interpreters do afcm,both. 
ncwa. dold.AndA,rcforcIconclade 3t h a cS Ioha. 

he^uld hauc named Romc.Fpt he namediBa. 

!T+Mwv4thc earth.Hc n^mahthecntyMtuatc 
W^Henameph.^^^M 7-/«£ 
TJLrnmcnts. And thcrcforeout _of al doubt he* 

alRomifh power and authority fed fal flat down, ic 
comedo yaci defeuaion *id defolat.oir in this life, 

is to corners vvcfhallheArc by. andby. ■ •••• ■ ..-.., 

' ji»£xt>9ptU» vfopthe Reuelat'ion. 245 : 

ny care of their Mutation /follow tiit^wholefome ■ 
■counfcll and aduifc of the holy Ghoft, which faith, . . 
tiomutufhrp^pitylXiwitt-yee be mtparUkers rfher 
Jinnes,and that ye receiue not of 'her plagues .-for her Jus 
artceme'vp to heMtcn, and&od hAthrcike'mbredhcr m- ■ 
f<j«/V/«;Ouroncly'Wifedomeq!hcn^ilb: tofepcrate • 
bur felues from the whore ofBibyloir,thatis, from • 
the Church of Rom:, and to ioyneourfelues with 
all fpeedtothc true Church of G O D* thatis r the 
Church of the Pi'otc/rantts,fdrthis:fhaliftajid.and- 
flbrifli : : :'tIie<JtJ*er.fliaU fall' downe and pcriftl '": -'!.•■ 
, But what thcn/fhaU wc be fory for the fall ofBaby- Gois P ro ? Ie 
lot] and the mine ofR'omc ? No, no. The holy ghofl ^thsouer-* 
counfclltthvs greatly- to reioyce in her drfrrtic"tcon*hrow of 
^'»heiithrow,%ing. 0'^ 
yehely^fofiletand Prophets, hecaufcGodhathgiuen. 
four i«3g>»fatpn tier. Wc are : therefore to bee fo far . 
frbrn rrjourning -and lamenting forthedifoiatioti air 
Rome^-the-Kipgs, Mercl»ntsjMarririarsi&;-Qtficr \ 
herfrieifldsjas'thatbdugliHobc.th^vciy-ioyandre-' . 
ioycingof our halts, Eor S. lohnfaith^chat-riotonly 
the holy AngclsjProphets,>'Apoftles,&:ManyisfliaL': 
feibyce arthe defhlJ&ionbftRdrnd ::bucalfoalrtlic '\ 
Saints, Si the\«h'olebody ofthe^Churctt Asdlhcrc- '. 
forchc (aitrijthat after the vweroumhrow ofRomc, 
He heard a great voyce of a great multitude in Heatteu,. • 
faying-, Ha//elu-jah y (hit is, praifeye the Lord T for hee:. 
hath condemned the grettwhore, which did cemiPttbe\W ac - '»•'•*• 
earth with hir fornication; &.hah duehgeiihibwodvf-' 
hisfcrHantsfiedby her hand.And again fairfiS. lohn, - 
.' they 

Apoc. %,6. 

J«, jo, 14 

J» Exp* fa** vf* the *<* tl * U *' 

„,o B , fbi Ac <k taffl" » »'» u tel0B( . God, that 

^'Trhi" =d £3£ ' AeTruA, g^ly .0 
loucche Church, »"«"" bccaufe thismon- 

rcioyce in the dcftruftion o^ c ' ^ God . A „d 

filled toyM.fi" her , th , r r^cheiuc lite her t»r- 
menttniforrtrw. A °*™^™* a«r ronOT pitty, fot 

the oucrthrow of Rome- ™«ui ^ & 

Prophccis true : flfegWj *J«^ iinebe Uthy 
her childrei Vjgmfi * e f"" a * F ° (hee h.thji^ 

ned^pbeLfrd. Morcot erwc comman dcth 
illmentorcwardRomca mcbatn 
togiuchcr double according to tew« • him 
fore wcought cuery one of vs., as mucn 


^» Exfojttien vf$nthe Reuelatie*. 
lyeth, and as his calling will beare, to doe his vtter- 
moftto pull dowoeRomc, the Magiftrates by the 
fwordjthc Minifterby cheworde 3 and the people by 
their prayers. For euen Chriftian kings and princes, 
and all the nobles of the earth, mult not be negligent 
to fight againfteRomc. For hcereiii that faymge is 
true : Cur fed is hee that doeth the vvorke of the Lorde 
negligently \md curfedis he that keepeth back his (word Icr#48 . 
from blood. For this caufe I do vpon my knees night 
and day, moil humblye and inftantly intreatc the 
GOD of hcaucn, that as he hath put into the hart 
of our moft gracious and excellent Kinge, to hate 
the Whore ofBabylon,and to be his grcatcft inftru- 
ment in the whole worldc, for the weakning and o- 
uerturningofRomc, and defence of his moil glory- 
ous Gofpell (which is his crownc and glory in al the 
Churches, and his great renowne in all Chriftian 
Jcingdomcs) fo hee may conftantlycontinne, and 
ncuer ceafe drawing out the fworde of Iuftice,tilhec 
haue vtterly rooted out of his dominions, al the cur- 
led crew ofpopifti lebufites, andallfuchas hauerc- 
ceiucdthebeaftcsmarkc, and efpccially the Iefuitcs 
and feminary Prieftes which are the diuels brokers, 
the popes agents, and the king o( Spaines factor* in 
all kingdomes. Hecrc alfo I doe mod humbly cucn 
vppon my knees, with dropping cies, yea if it were 
poffiblcwithtearesof bloudc, befcech and intreatc 
the Learned and reuerend Fathers ofour Churche, 
that they wouldebendeallthcyrpowcr, and autho- 
rise, with all dieir might and mainc againft the Ro- 
Ll - mifti 

u 5 An Expofitionvpori the Xeutht'm. 

fttcthronnkeahcadagaineluuingfo many and 

grSauourers, that(hee *^ "-^Si- 
pete with their ncbbes, and very boldly and conn 


Hceteaifo 1 doc moft humblye andcarncflly in- 
trlX learned and godly brethren them.nl- 
£ and pre chers ofthis Church of England, that 
hhdi-publickc tcachinges, and pnuate procee- 
ding tncy woulde make ftrong opposition againft 
Rome and Romifh religion. And I bwech the God 

foSs,wmarch onvaliantly againft the armies* 
Antichrifte, andto fpreadethc euerlaftmg Gofpell 

ineofAis Wcfterne Babylon, and that howfoe- 

XeSg^ye^thatthere maybe nobrcaeho 
oue oralieLionofaffeaions among* vs, but 
^rwcemav altogether handcinhande, and 

For i that «ee «iU not fettc our fclues againft them, 
ve hey" fllbcefiiretofette themfel.es againft vs. 

t>oint whkhis,by whome.and whcnRorne fhallbe 
Suowne. But for the better vndcrtondinge 

An Expojition vp on the Reuelation. 24P 
ofthis point concerning the perfons that fhall ouer- 
throwRome,wearetoobfcrue,thatS. I°' ln defcri- A 
bcth thewhoxcoi Babiton,Jitting vpon afcarlct colou- 
red hta.fi j kiuingfcauen heads, and ten homes, where- 
by is meant thcRomanc Monarohie, as hath bcene 
fhewed before. After this the Angell cxponndeth 
vnco Iohn, what the hcids, and homes of the bcafte 
mcane and faith, that the ten homes are ten hinges, or 
ten kingdomes , -which yet haue not receiued a kingdom, Vcv c ' L 
but jbalreceue power as kings, at an hour, with the beaji: 

The (cnceiSjthat thefc ten kingdomesjiad not re- 
ceiued fuch power and authority, vnderthc Empc- 
rours, as they fhould vndcr the popes/or there was 
grear difference in thefc kingdoms vnder the popes, 
from that which they had beenevnder the Empe- 
rours. Forthey receiued farre greater power, and 
they carried another minde toward the papacy ,thcn 
the Nations did before towarde thcEmpyrc, for 
they did f.ibmit themfelues to the papacye for Con- 
feience, and loue, cuen as to the holy Church which 
they neuer did to the Empire. 

And this is the reafon,why the Holy-Ghoft faith, 
they hid not receiued a Kingdome, butfhoalde reeeyue 
potter as Kmges, at one houre with thebeafi. Which 
imottobevnderftoodfimply, but aftcra forte, foe 
they had receiued kingdomes, vnder the Emperors, 
butnotinfuchfortasafrerwardctheydid vnderthe 
Popes. For thcRomanc Monarchic vnder the do- 
minion ofthc popes, was in his greateft height, and 
altitude, and the kings of Europe grew vp together 

LI 2 with 

Chap.i7>3 6 

2.24 AnExpoftticn vpon the Rendition. 
witlithc papaciein power, might and Dominion. 
And S.Iohn addcth,that thefeten kings or kingdoms 
Chip. 1 7,1 3 we reallofone minde,and didgiue theyr power end Au- 
thority -unto the £«(/,thac is, they did with might &C 
mainc, labour to vphold the Babylomcall ftrumpet. 
But the Angcll tcllcth lohn flatly, that the ten horns 
that is, thc tonne kingdomes ofthe Empire, which 
before had giuen their names, their power, and au- 
thority to the bcaft, to vpholdc her and defende her, 
(hoiild no w in thefe laft dayes al change thcyr minds 
and tunic againft her. For faith the Angcll to lohn. 
The ten homes which thoujavveft vfon the heap, are 
they that (bill hate the Whore, andmake her dejolatc,& 
naked, tndjbMente herflefbjni btirne her with fire. 
Hecrc then it doth plaincly appeare, who they be 
*]fthehoty that Qj^i ouctthrowcRomc, andby wbomeicrtiall. 
£hEd , bee deftroyed. To witte, by the tenne : Kings of Eu, 
not mcanc a r0 pe, or kingdomes of Europe, which iome very lcr- 
definu num. n ^ do KC y. Qa Yppe :o be thefe, England, Scotland, 
™$X Germany, France, Spainc, Denmarke, Swcueland, 
redly he mca- Poland, RiilTta, and Hungary.* S- Iohns words arc 
r [h f the „fDlaine,that thefe kingdomes which tookeparc wich 

kingdomes of piaiui. ,111.11 m v- o . .. . ' . 

Eo.o ? e. ind the bead, (hall take againft her, and pull her downe 
whatfocucr But wc know ^ t i iat a u mc kingdomes of Europe did 
v P hold t °hc Ce takepart with her, therefore it followcth that all the 
bcaft. kingdoms of Europe {hal take againft her. And ther- 

forest is very probable, that in time,France, Spainc,. 
itisprobAle and Italy, (hall turne againft the bcaftc. Wcknow 

tlutFnuncc, t hatthereft of thc kingdomes are already turned a- 

l>.imc.ind I . n i_i___,i 1 .L.L^ftUirMr.flv Otiefl of hyS 


^St- gainftthcbcaft 7 andthebeafthathloftc feuenofhys 

&kc tlic whor 

■A»Expofitie»vpontheReuelatiott. 2x5 

homes , thc eight,which is France, beginneth to bee 
fomewhatloofc, andtoftiakcalittlc, which if it fall 
off,thc reft will follow after apace. Thc reafon why 
the kingdomes, which were lubiaftc to theRomainc 
Empyre are coiTipared to homes, is, becaufe that as 
homes are the ftrength and defence of a bcaft, wher- 
wich alfo hce pufheth downe other creatures , lb thc 
ftrength and defence of thc Romane Empire,and thc 
papacic, was in the kingdomes which were fubictt 
vnto thcm,and tooke part with them, whereby alfo 
they did mightily pufh at other Nations and king- 
domes. Moreouer wee are to obferuc, that whereas 
S. lohn faith, the fame homes which did vphold and 
defend the Whore fhallpull her downe, it is not to 
be vnderftoodc of the fame men, but of their fucccf- 
fors in thc fame kingdomes. For the Kings of Eng- 
gland,Scotland,Dcnmark,Polonia,and other coun- 
tries,which gauc their power and authority vnto thc 
beaft,are dead and gone. If wee rcfpe£t the perfons 
ofthe men,and thofc which fucceedc them nowe in 
thefe kingdomes, and pull downe the Whore, arc 
other perfons ; but becaufe they fuccced & goucrnc 
in thefe kingdomes, they are (aide to bee thofe tenne 
homes of the beaft. Then thus it is, thefe ten kings 
which now hate the hatlot.are called the ten homes 
ofthe beaft, not becaufe they bee anye defence and 
ftrength vnto him, but becaufe they fitte vpponthc 
fame thrones of their atinccftors,which did vpholdc 
and maintaine him But this one thing is very clearc 
and apparant out of the interpretation ofthe Angell, 

LI 3 that 

Z< a An Exfofttion vpon the Revelation. 

thatthekme kingdoms which haue maintained Po- 
pery , (hall put it downe, as we fee already fulfilled in 
England, Scotland, Denmarke, and the reft which 
hauc embraced the GofpelAndk is very likely that 
the other kingdomes which as yet haue not embra- 
ced the GofpelL,fhal in Gods good rime embrace it. 
For this fcemeth vnto mee, to be a very good argu- 
ment 3 taken from the words of the interpreting An- 
gell.Tliofc ten kingdomes which hauc vpheld Rome 
(halpul downe Rome .- but Francc,Spaine,and Italy 
hauc vpheld and do vphold Rome: Therfore France 
r Spaine,5c Italy dial pill downe Rome.To this may be 
Apoc. 1 4j 6. ^ d ^ for con g rmation . thac t he tutrUfims Goftell 

fidbeP* ■ etched in the fe loft dayes, to tuery nation, mi 
kindred,Andtonguc,andpeople.VJUch I vnderfland 
ofalkhe Nations of Europe, which were fubieftt* 
thcRomanEmpire,and the Papacy. 

And further that the holy ghoft faith, that the prea- 
chers of the Gofpell from Lathers time, fhallpub- 
lilh Gods 'truth amonge people and Nations, and 
tongues,and many kings -. which I voder (land as be- 
fore. . 

I am not ignorant that fome good diumes make 

it doubtfull,whether Rome thai becouerthrowne by 
theKings of Europe onely,or by the Turke abound 
thekings of the Ea ft.For mine ownc part, I dare not 
refolutely determine of it, beeing a thingcto come, 
butthe euentfhall declare, and they that liue lhall 
one day fee it.lt may be the Tnrke,and the Eafterne 
princes may haue fome hand in this bufmefle. For 


An Expofition vpon the Revelation. «? 

the Roman Monarchy did ftretch far that way,when 
it was in his higheft elcuation. But that which is ai- 
led ged of the drying vp of the VDAters of Euphrates jkat 
the way of the Kings of the Eafl might be prepared: pro- 
ueth nothing, becaufc ic is an allufion to Darius and 
Cyrus ^ which were kings ofthcEaft, and tookeolde Ap ° C ' 1 *" 
Babylon by drying vp the waters of Euphrates^ and 
leading ouer their armies, as wc haue heard before. 
I do thus then rcfoluc and conclude, thattheTurkc 
and the Eaftern Kings may hapily haue fome ftroke 
in this work.But it feemeth moll or obable vnto mc, 
that the kings of Europe fliall bethegreateftagentes Thctingsof 
in this a&ion.For the words are plainc,that the kings SUShS 
ofthe earch which fomctimes were fubiefte to that Kome. 
monftrous bcaft,ftiould nowatlaftfhakeoffthcyoke 
of her fcruitude, and withdrawe the obedience of 
their fubic&es from her, Andfhouldhate and abhorre 
the harlot of 'Rome , andfhoulde make her de folate. By 
withdrawing their fubic,c~tes from her obedience, 
Mnd naked x by (poihngher othez trcifarcs, and/hall citi , • 
eateherfle/b,andteareherinpeeees(orpuxe:\axxzd^r 7>Y '* 

burne her -with fire : that is, bring her to vttcr deftru- 

So that fliee which before at her plcafure might 
commaunde all Princes to beginne Warre, to ceafe 
from Warre ; to defcnde her quarrelles, and to an- 
noy her enemies : nowe is gladde to flatter a lewe fe- 
duced Princes to take her part, rhat fliec bee not 
vtterly fbrfaken of al men whatfocucr.Or clfe to pra- 
ffife by treafon,& trcacherie, fubboruing the Icfuits 


zz$ jtHExffjttionvpoHtheReHelititn. 
thofc rogues and Vagabonds, to ftirre vp tumults a- 
mong the people, and to trouble godly eftatcs, and 
common-wcalthcs, that defpife her Dominion, but 
affurcdly without all hopc,cuer to rcconct her aunci- 
ent tyranny. But here ir may bee obicttcd, that the 
preaching of the Gofpcl, is the grcatcft and ftrongeft 
rneancs to ouerthrow Babylon. And therefore how 
can it bee done by the Chnftian princes. I anfwerc 
that it is true indeed, that of all othct rneancs, the 
Gofpcll is the ftrongeft, but the thing is this . Firfte, 
the Gofpcll basing fct abroach, ftaUdctcft anddil- 
coucr the Whoorc of Rome, and all her ahhomina- 
ble doctrine and filthineffe, which the Chnftian 
Princes cfpying, dial renounce her, make ware vp- 
pon her, and flay in the fieldc thoufandc thoufandes 
of her fouldiors as wee haue heardc before- And hi- 
therto concerning the pcrfons, that fhalloucrthrovf 

Rome. , , , 

Nowe it followcth to fpeake of the time when it 

{hall beedeftroyed. Which of all thcrcftis a thing 

mofthardctobedccidcd. For the holy-ghoft faith, 

vhjfbouldlMtthc times bee hidtfthe Almighty .■ So at 

Iob - M ' ' they which know him, jhouldc notforfeethe times ap- 

Dan.: l9 Pointcdofhim. And againc, the wordes are dofedtni 

ftdedvp.vntitlthc time determined. Andagaine,* 

Aft > »»' is not for you to know the times or the fcafons, which the 

father hathput in his rctne power. Yet cucn in this 

point, I will by Gods afuftance, fctdowncfo much 

as is rcuealcd,and fo much as GOD hath gpuen mcc 

to fee. FirftI doe confcffc thai Godin his Wordc, 


AnZxpofttioHvpnthe Reuehtttm. i J5 
hath fct downc the iufl period, and precife detf rmi- 
nation of all the grcateft afflictions and perfections, 
that cucr came to his Church, before the comming 
of his Son in the flefti,rbr the comfort thcreof,as that 
of Egypt, after the expiration offourc hundcrcdand 
thirty yceres; that of Babylon after the date of fcucn- 
tic ycares : that of the Medes 6c Perfms, after the da. Dwell i. 
termination of an hundred and thirty ycares: that of 
Alexanders (rate after fixe yecres : that of Magog and ^ M ' ' '• 
Egypt, aftct 294. yeaues. So likewife that of Chrifts 
death and refurredtipn, after feanentie feauens,or 
Teauenty weeks, which make 4^0. yeercs,as the An. 
gcll GVv*6/-/f//forctold, vnto the Prop hct Dameil. But Dm,9 '** : 
concerning the iuft period and prccife determinati- 
on, of th.? perfecutions ofthc Church fincc Chrifihy 
the Roman Empire and the papacy ,we find not the 
like let downe : SC hereof there may be two reafons 
ycelded Firft becaufe the Church of the Iewes were 
not vnder fo clearc,and pretious promifes as wc are 
therefore it was nccdfull, for the better irrengthning 
of their hope Sc cofort in affIiilfons,that they fliould 
knowe the very time determined : but becaufe the 
Church ofthe Chriftians liucth vnder molt cleere 5C 
comfortable promifes of dcliuerancc, therefore God 
according to his deepeHvifedome would haue our 
faith exercifed in an affured expectation ofthc acco- 
plifliment therofi though the precifc time be concea- 
led. An other rcafon may be this: the vttcr ouer- 
throw ofRomc,falleth outtobcc,buta little before 
the comming of Chriirto iudgment, as appearcrh ia 
M ra &is. 


35 £ AnExpofftmvpNttheReiteldtlt*. 
ihisprophcfi:. Now then, if wee knew the day. crt 
ycerc ccrtainely, when Rome fhould fall finally, it 
would giue vs too much light, vnto the knowledge 
ofthc laft day, which God in-great wifedome, hath 
of purpofe hid from the knowledge of all men : yea, 
and of Angels. I know tight well, that a certain lear- 
ned wricer,doth prccifcly determine the vttcr deftru- 
ftioaol Rome to fall out, in the ycerc of our Lord 
Ni P ;«m iSp. But by thefauourof fo excellent a man bee it 
Apo.14.pnge. {poken, I fee no fufficicnt ground thereof. Buttou- 
'"" ching this matter, of the time of Rom: s finallfall,I 

will deliucr mine opinion, and myrcafons,fubmit- 
tino-myfclfcio the iudgementofthe learned, foi I 
would be loth, in this or any other thing, to goe be- 
yond my compaffe, or to paile the bounds of mode- 
fty, and humility, and therefore do refer all to be tri- 
ed by the ficle of the fanftuary. 

I doc therefore thus indge, that the vttcr otier- 
throw of Home (hall bec in this age, I.mcatic with- 
in the age ofa-man :-my reafon is this.- Wc of this 
a"c,huc vndcr the opening of the fcauenth fcale, 
the blowing of the fixt Trumpet, and thepowring 
forth ofthc fixt viall . For the firft ic is manifeft, bc- 
caufe the opening ofthc fcauenth fcale, contayocth 
all thinges, that (hall fall-out- to'the end ofthc world ; 
as hathbeeue (hewed and prooued before . For the 
A'jaz.t: f. ljl ow iniTo f the fixt Trumpet, that alfo is p!aine,bc- 
caufc vndcr the blowing thereof, the littlcBookc 
Apo:. to. i was opined, and the Gofpell preached, as wee fee 
vMc.io, 11. j.jth-.-.ajrp.. Forthc powring-downe of thf fixt viall 


MExfefnmvfontheRtucUtion. 257 
of Gods wrath, that alfo is moft clccrc, becaufc thcr- 
vpon the great riucr Euphrates dricth vp,and the Ic- 
fuits are feiit out, to folhcit the kinges of the earth to 
battaile againft the Church , as wee fee fulfilled irl 
thefc our daies. Then I reafon thus, Home muft fall . 
downc finally, in that age wherein the little bookcM. C ' r4,Vtt ' 
is opened , and Ac cuerlafting Gofpell preached : 
but in this age, the little Bookc is opened, and 
the cuerlafting gofpell preached, thcrforcin this age, 
Rome muft fall downe finally. And againc I reafon 
thus: Rome muft fall down finally in that age.whcr- 
inthc Riucr Euphrates, that is, the fortification of 
Rome dricth vp,and the Icfuits arc fent forth, to flop Apoc - ' 6 * ,Si 
the Ieake thereof : but all this falleth out in this age, 
as wc fee with ourcics. Therefore in this age Rome 
(hall fall downe finally. The reafon of the propofiti- r ■ 
on is,becaufc in this age the popifli armies (hall come b^bkZl' " 
to Armageddon. Komc dial h\\ 

Morcouer this I fay,and not I.but the Lord,whcn ^f ein,hi « 
the feuenth Angell blowcth the fcuenth Trumpet, Apoc, 10,6,7 
then commcth the end of the world:But the fixt An- 
gell, hath founded the fixt trumpet long agoe, as ap- 
pcarcth by the efkets : Therefore it cannot bec long 
crcthcfeucntb Angell blowe . But Rome muft fall 
downc finally, before the fcauenth Angell blowc, as 
hath beenc (hewed before. Therefore the vtter fall of 
Rome cannot belong deferred. 

I doe not determine either of day, month,or ycerc, 

becaufcitis notreucaled . But I gefleat an Age,. 

becaufc the Holy Ghoft pointethvs vnto an a^ent. 

M m 2 But 

a 5 8. An Expofition vpen the Reuelation. 
. nfce But all thefe things I fetdownc for thccomfort of 
furthcii'wilV Gods Chutch,not defiring rovndctftand aboucthac 
eaftiy ycdde j licn ; s mcctc to yndcrltand : but to vnderftand ac- 


rinnkeGod cording to fobnety. 

for his light. n ow i t rcftcth to fpeakc of the laft mamc poynt 
which is the caufes of Romcs vtter mine and oucr- 
ChR I throw : which firft of all arc fct doyne fourc feucrall 
Clu P ,i S . 3. t j mes for falling, to be, heciukflxe made aHnations 
ch,p ' ' 7 ' l drmke with the wine of the wrath of her fornication. 

They which outwardly make others drutik,or cora- 
mic fornication wi:h ochcrs,arc worthy to be fcuere- 


How much forcr puniflimcnt are they worthy ot 

which do the fame fpiiitually : and thcrforc woe bee 

to Rome. ■ . 

Another caufc of the ddlruftion of Rome is, tor 
that fhc hath fhed the bloud ofall the Prophcts,Mar- 
Chip. i«, 6. vfzs and SailKS . 1S lt . i s vvr j r r. cri . i„ theewas found the 
SSifatf bloud of the Prophets, and of the Saints andof all that 
Romcsvttcc were pine vponthe earth. W hat is hec worthy to 
diwncMl. JlaUCj tnat jj a tncfl- crucll bloud-fucker : nay what is 
he worthy to haue, that /hall murther a kinges Chil- 
dren: yea, that fhall murther his cldcft Sonne and 
hcirc appavant to the crowne. 

But Rome hath murthercd thoufands of the king 
of Hcaucns Children. Yea.Romehath murthercd. 
the great hcire of Hcauen and earth, Imeane the 
very Sonne of God. For Chrift was put to death by 
Chap.™,*. tflc Roman power and authority, and by aRomane 
ludge,as before hath becne fhevved.Thercfore let all" 

An Expojttion vpon the ReueUticn, j^p 

men iudge what Romds worthy to haucMorcoiier, 
S. Iobn tclleth vs that Rome with her enchmtmentes , 
bathJeceiueda/lnatioHS.Thcn\ctxhc matter be refer- a?J l8, '* 
red to the Judgment of any indifferent man,to deter- 
mine and fet downc what punifhment forccrers,and 
enchanters,arc worthy of : efpccially fpirituall force, 
rers, and enchanters. Bcfides all this, the holy Ghoft. 
{kith, that Some is the habitation ofdeuils,and the hold Chap, »?,», 
tf all foule Jpirits,& a cage ofeueryvnclean and hateful 
btrd. What thinkeyou is like to come of an habita- 
tion of Diuels? What trow ycc will bee the 1 end of a . 
fhoulc of foule friends, and a company of moft vgly 
monftrous hcl-cats ? What is like to become of a 
Cage of Howlcts, Rauens, and Vultures. Yea, a 
neftof Vipers, Toads, Snakes, Adders, Cocatriccs, 
& all themoft flinging Serpents and venemous ver« 
min in the world? What wilbe the end of pild priefts, . 
filthy Fricrs,mangyMonks,rougingIefuits. Are not, 
thefe a cage of vnclcane birds? What do they ftudy, 
what do they plot, what do they pra&ifeeuery day, 
but (editions, penuries, murthcrs, conspiracies, trca.- 
cheries,and all manner ofvillanics?IfI had no other 
reafonto perfwademc that Rome fhallfall &comc 
to a miferable end, yet this onely would make me fo. 
to thinkc, that thefe yillanous Icfuiccs doc teach and 
conclude in their curfed conuenticles, that it is not 
onely lawfull but alfo meritorious ro murther any 
chriftian princc,that is not of their catholike religion: 
Oh monftrous villains : 6 moft hideous helhounds: 
bauenotthefc monfters fuborhed diucrs desperate 
Mm 3 caitiffcs 

<hap,T7- 1 


160 AnExpefition vpen the Rettehtm. 
catiffcs.to embrue their hands in thcbloud of Chri- 
(lian princes How many hauc bin their plots > how 
defperate hauc bcene their pra£tifcs, to munhcr and 
poifon our late QiiecneEUzabeth,the French King, 
and our molt gracious and woorthy king that now 
raigncth,and other Chriftian princes. Butcanfuch 
pocccdings profper? can fuch courfes bec bleffedpcari 
a man bee eftablifhed by iniqnity ? No, no, let them 
know for a certainty, that God will croffc and curffe 
alfuchdiuclifti proceedings,as hitherto he hath don, 
hismoft holy name be praifed. But if any man lift to 
know more of thcprocecdingcs, and pra&ifcs of Ic- 
fuits, let him read matter Doft. Sutdiejfe his anfwet 
to Parfons wardword, a bookc worthy to be lead &C 
knowneofal mcn.But now to grow to a condufion 
of this point,and to windc vp togithcr all the reafons 
and caufes ofRomcs ruine,thus I do dctermine,that 
foralmuch as Rome is the great whorc,w>6 who haue. 
committed fornication all the kir.ges of the earthy forafc 
rn.uclras.faww hathmadeaU Nations drunke with the 
ued all nations, with her inch annt went s ■ forafmuch as 
Rome is a den ofdiuds,and a cage of-vndctne birdsfou 
(jr Saints-, forafmuchan Rome hath murdered the fo» 
«/<W.Thcrforc it rtial at laft come to moftmiferable 
deftruai5,bcing that Chittim which in the end muft 
needs perilh.for what puuiflimcra, what painc,what 
torturciwhat tormentcan beinough for this damna* 
blc whorcjwHich hath ;6mmittcdfuch execrable SC 


An Expofition vpon the ReueUtion. %g t 

moft outragious villanies ? 

Be it therefore knowen vnto all men by thefc prei 
fents, that Rome for all her monftrous and prodigi- 
ous (Ins, (hall fall ftill more and more, and come to a 
fearcfull dcflruaion,.euen in this life. But fomc man 
may fay, what (hall become of Rome, and of all her 
friendes after this life S. Iohn anfwerethi that if any Apoc , 
mAnworfhip the bcaflandhts image, tjrreeciue his mark 9. io',i??"*° 
in his forehead, or on his kind, the fame fho.ll drinke of 
the wine of the wratb of God, and he jhall be fermented 
infire andbrimflone ^before the holy Angels, andbefore 
the Lamhe. And tbefmoalc of their torment [ball afiend, 
«nd they (hall haue no reft, day nor night, which wor/hip 
thtbeafij&c-HcwcK fentenceof cternall damnati- 
on, paffcdvponail the friends ofRomc. Ohthatall 
papifts would confider this in time, and rhinkc with 
thcmfelucs, what a wofull thing it is to bec a Papift, 
for chcy and thdriingdome muft goe downc in this 
life, and in the life to come, they muft be tormented 
in hell fire for cuer. For S; loh'n faith flatly, that all 
ptpiResJha/lbeeca/lwto the great Wtnepreffe efthe^ "^' 1 * 
Wrath ofGod, where they fhall be fir ained and treadmill 
bUodcome out of the wine prejfe, -unto the horfe bridles 
hytheJJ>aceofa thou/and andjix hundred fitrUng.t. And chap.ij.so. 
againc lice faith, that the Besfi and the falfe Prophet 
were take» aline, and cajl into aleake of fire, burning 
with brimflme. Let all men therefore take hccd;how 
they ioyncwith the Papiftcs, for wee feewnat (hall 
bec their code,. both in this life, and the life to comet 
ThcrcfbrelctallGoJspeople 3 comcoucofBabyloni 


m Ari;ExpeJit'iO*v}o»thtReHcl<ttten t 

and haften out o(Sotbme t \ca& they be wound vp in 
their iudgmcms.L«aUwircmcnpraaifcthcpolIicy 

of the cAeonits, who when they Law that lofiuh did 
Co mightily pceuailc againft the contimts, and bcare 
down all before him, did very polhtikely promdc for 
theirownefafcty,and by fubtile meanes enter into 
league with Ufuoh, and the l/rae/MGod. So let all 
that haue any care of their owne faluauon, fpecdily 
forfakc Babylon, which othcrwife will fal vpon their 
heads, and fly to Zw», which (hall ftand I faft for cucr- 
more And thus hauingrcduced all the fiue Chapters 
following, toproue thefc forcGud points, I will pro- 
ceede vnto the twentith Chapter : for there is almoft 
nothing of any moment or difficulty in the 15,1c', 17, 
l8,and 19. Chapters.butic hath beenc already ope. 
ned and expounded. 


ggsfp Aint Iohn hailing in the former chap- 
rfiji;il KrSj pi a i n iy an d plentifully fet downe 
j the vrter ouerthrow both of the beaft 
i and che falfe Prophet, that is, the Ro« 
mmBrf^ss aj mane Empire, and the Papacy, doth 
now in this Chapter fet forth the condemnation of 
the Dragon, their graund Caprainc, which fet them 
all on worke . For there hath as yet, beenc no mo- 
tion of him, which hath beenc the beginner and rai- 
fervppeofthcrcft, and the great worker ofaUmif. 
.fhicfc, therefore now commcth his iudgement and 


An Expofttion vpen the Rendition, 16% 

condemnation, now becaufe hce hath bcene a more 
gcncrall worker, & his mifchiefc hath extended lar- 
ger then the kingdom of Antichnft, therefore in this 
20 chapter there is an Hiftory of him, fee forth by it 
felf Firft how he feduced the nations before the com- 
ming of Chrift : afterward how Chrift at his com- 
mingbindcth him, by the light of his Go 'pell, from 
feducingthe nations, and fo holdeth him ftnt vp,for 
the fpace ofa thoufand yecres, in which the Chinch ' 
did floiui/h greatly, and many were raifed vp vnto 
die (pirituall life . But when the thonfande ycctes 
were expired, Sathan was let loofc and went forth a- 
gaincto feduce, and by che great Antichrift, and the 
Turk, gathered innumerable multitudes into his ar- 
mies, to fight againft the Church, which armies arc 
called Gog and Magog. 

But they arc all ouercome and deftroyed, and 
that olde Serpent himfelfe is caught , and together 
with his Inftrumentes, the Beaft, and the falic Pro- 
phet is caft into Hell fire, to bee tormented for cucr. 
And this is the fumme and principall drift of this 

It containeth fiue principall things, as it were the 
hue pans [hereof. 

The firft is, the binding and chaining vppc of Sa- 
than, by our Lord Icfus, for the ipacc ofa thoufand V " ' *' *' v 
y ceres. 

The fecond is, the flourifhingof the Church, du- VC ife 4 , u s. 
ring the time oi Sathans captiuity, 
- Thethirde is, the loofing of Sathan after thcverfc7,«,p. 
N n thou- 

Vtrfe i o 


Vcrfc i 

Vetfe i 
Verfe j 

CJiJp. t,i8.- 

S^4 An EXpofttion vpon the Reueldtion. 
tho-jfand yccres expired, and the wofull effefts thct- 


The fourth is, the cafongoftheDcuillinto a lake 
office and brimftone, where the beat* and thcfalfc 
Prophet were. 

The fife is a glorious defcripnon ofthelalt wdgc- 
ment .wheria cucry man flial be iudged according to 

The text. 

AND ifaW an Angellcome downcfrom heaiten, ha- 
tting the key of the bottomlefjcpit, & a great chain 

i/i his km J. ., . . , 

And he toohe the dragon that old Serpent, which is the 
diuell and Sathan, andbonndhimathotcfanpeeres. 

And c*ft him into the bottomelffefit^dheefbut htm 
-up An l[t.iled the ioore vpon him, that heflmdd decctue 
the people no more, till the thoufandyeeres were fulfil- 
led : Jo after that hemufl be loafed for a little feaf on, 

ThisAn^cUh'zere fpokenof, is our Lord Iefus, 
who is therefore faid to haue die key of the bottom- 
Icffe pit, becaufe hec hath power and authority ouer 
h = Uandd:2'.h,aswchau:h:ardb:fore. 

By the chain: in his hand, is meant th: doctrine of 

th.'Go'pell. it i 

Th- tim- when Sathan was thus taken and bound, 
was, when Chrift firft preached the Gofpell, and his 
Apoules after him, to all nations. 

An Expofitien vpon the ReuelatUn. 2^5 

The caufe why hec was now bound and chained 
vp, was, for that he had a long time [educed all nati- 
ons, and raignd as King Sc Lord oner the Gentiles, 
and grcarly (educed the Icwcs alfo. 
The time of his imprisonment is fee downc, to be a 
thoufandyeeres, that is,al the time from the preach- 
ing ot Chrift and his ApciHcs, votili Gregory the fe- 
ucnth.and other monflrous Popes,vvhich did let Sa- 
than loofc againc. Which fpace oftime is gefled by 
the learned, to be a thoufand yccrcs, or thereabouts. 
Buthecreitistobccobfcrucd, that this bynding of 
Sathan, is not to be taken limply, and absolutely, as 
though Sathan was fo bound and chained vppe, for 
this thoufand yearc, that hec could not feduce at alh, 
or do; no mifchicfeat all, after th.* preaching of the 
Gofpell by Chrift, and his Apoftlex ? I fay this is not 
to be taken (imply, but after a fort, that is, that hec 
could not Co generally and vniucrfally feduce all na. 
tions as hec hadde in former time, before the com- 
ming of Chnft . For othcrwifc it is we!lknowne a 
; thatcucn after Chrifts time, he did greatly pcrfecute 
the Church, bring in many errors and hcreiies, and 
harden and blind many mens hcartes : but yet al this 
was nothing, in comparifon of that which hec had 
wrought in former ages , when hce was cticnasit 
were the God of the worldc, and the Gentiles wor-. 
fliippcd him as God, as the Apoftle teacheth, that all 1 Cor - ^ 
the worfiip eft he heathen nations, was the reorfhip efdu 
*/eh-Andig2mc s thatG0di/>tiw^paJl/i,predaUtheMttn,it. 
Gentiles to wtflke in their ewne ivayes . And then was 
Nn 1 Sathan 

Li>ke,io, 18 


- 2 66 An Expojition vpon the RtueUtion, 
Sathra a great prince indeed. But now commctn a 
cluinc for him : for chrijl prcachcth the Gofpcl.and 
fendet h forth his difciplcs with power, and thereup- 
on faith,//hv Sathan fill down like lightning: For the 
preaching of the Golpcll,bcatcth downc the king- 
dome of Sathan and finnc. 

Morconer it is to be notcd,that no'.withftanding 
all S.ithans- power and might, craft and fubtilty, yet 
this Angcll w hich hath the key of the bottomles pit, 
doth apprehend him and flwttc him vp,and fcale the 
dorc vpon him : fo that he cannot get abroadcto fc- 
duce fo generally as in former time. 

TSMSlo\mh\\h,t\\x. after athoiifandyeersjie mufl 
be loo fed for a little fedfort : that is, the time wherein 
the great Aiuichrift flioulde bearethefway: which 
was fom: 4-or 5 . hundred ycarcs.For the Gofpel did 
prcuailc in Ibmc mcafure in the worlde, a thoufandc 
ycers after Chrijl, &t the principles K grounds of true 
religion cotinued in the church,vntil the fill loofing 
of Saihan, though with many blottcs, corruptions , 
and abufes.For after the firft fix hundred yccrcs, the 
clccre finceritic of the truth was much dimmed with 
crrours and hcrcfus, but yet themaine grounds dyd 
rename till the full expiration of the thouGind years, 
Now j wee knowc that the Gofpcll hath becne prea- 
ched in thefelafte dayes, aboue thrccfcorc yecrcs, 
Th :rcforc it folio wcth, that the ftrcngth of popcrye 
continued not much aboue 500. yceres; Which 
hecre the Holy-Ghoaft for our comfort, callecha 
Oup.i; » Ji LC l c fcafon : ofvvhichwcc hatic heard before, and 


AnExpofitim vpon the Revelation. *6y 
therefore I do heerc omit it. 

! And 1 faw feats, and thrm that fate vppon them, and 
judgment wasgiucn vnto them. And If aw thefeules of a e 4 
them th.it were beheaded for the witnefje of Iiftii, and 
for the word of God, and which dtd not wor/hip the be of, 
neither his Image, neither had t.;ken his marke vppon 
their foreheades, orontheirhandes, and they Hue d and 
raignedwith Chrijl a thoujandyeere. 

But the rejl of the dead men (ha// not Hue again, vntill Vcrfc y 
the thoitftndyeeres befinifbed : this is theftrfirefttrrec- 
Bleffedttnd holy is hee that hath part in thefrfl re fur- Vci( - qS 
re ft ion For. on fitch thefecond death hath no power. But 
theyfja/l be the Priefes of God, andofchrijl, and [hall 
raigne with him a thoufandyeere. 

Hecre now is fct foorth the eftate of the Church 
militantjforthcfpaccofthc thoufandycarc, where- 
in Sathan was chained vp. Fork is fayd hecre, that 
the Church dyd growc and flourifli : yea, and great- 
ly cxercifc her power and authority, during that 
time. And therefore Saint Iohn faith, that hefawe 
feats, and they fate vpon them^and judgment wa-sgiuen 
•vntothem. W hereby lie meaneth, that the Apoftles 
and their fuccctfours, had their Chaires, Scares, and 
Confiitorics, wherein they did both preach the 
worde , and execute the Church cenfurcs : as the 
Scribes and Pharifeics before had fit in the Chayre 
oiMoyfes: and I take it, the latter part of the fourth 
Vcrfc, is to be referred to the firft claufe, to wit, that 
the Church did line and raigne with Chrijl, a thouj'and 
Nn 3 yeeres. 

i6% An Expojition vpon the Revelation, 

yeeres. W hich is not to be vnderftood of the church 
triumphant ,as fomc do take it, and all the reft of this 
fourth ver. but of the flourifhingeftate of the church 
militant,during the time of Sathans captinity : foral 
the fauhfull do after a fort line Sc raign with Chrift, 
cuenhcercin the earth, when they onercomc the 
world by faith, and fubdtic Sathan and ftnnc, by the 
power of grace. 

Now wher it is faid that John faro the Joules of them 
that were beheaded for the witnefe of Icjits, efr. 1 1 is 
to bee vnderftood of thofc, which in the time of the 
pcrfccutingEmpirc-jSc growing of the Papacy, were 
flainc for the truth. Forthcfccond bcaft,which is the 
dominion of Popes , raigucdnoc in ihofc thoufand 
yceres, in the which Sathan was bound, but yet dyd 
grow by degrees towards their height, Sc vfed great 
tyranny againft thcScruants of God,beforc Sathans 
full loofing. 

The Chiliap ot Millimries, doe fondly gather from 
this fcripture,that after the oucrthrow of Antichrift, 
the Lord Icfus would come £c raignc with the faith- 
full heerc a thoufand yceres vpon the carth,and that 
in this time, that Chrift fhould fo raignc, as a great 
and glorious Kingvpon the earth, his ftibieds (hold 
This foolifh error is confuted by the words that fol- 
low in the text, as we (hall fee afterward. 

W hcrcas he faith, the rejl of the dead '/hall not Hue 
againe. It is to bee vnderftood, of fuch as were fpiri. 
tualiydcad, that is, fuch as did defpife thcGofpdl, 


An Expofition vpon the Reudation . 2 69 
which was preached thofe thoufand yecrcs, Sc were 
not thereby rcuiut d and ouickned vnto ctcrnall life, 
but did frill rcmainc,as men dead in fames, and trcf- 

Therfore the meaning of S Iohn is,that as in the 
thoufand yceres, many that heard Chrift and his A- 
poftles, and their fucccfibrs, were raifed vp from the 
death offinne, to the life of righteoufneffe, fo many 
others vvtrcnotquicknedby their doc~trine,butftill 
dwelt in their h'nncs, whom he callcth therefloftht 
dead: and hzfcthjhcfefhafinot Hue tfgvw#<r,meaning 
the life of G O D, or the life of grace : and whereas 
he addeth vntillthe thoufmdyeers hefinifhed^\z mea- 
neth neuer,or not at all,for fo the word v ntiljs often 
taken in the Scriptures : and it is fure, that after the 
expiration ofthe thoufand yeeres, they did not line 
the life of God, and the life of the {pint. For then the 
Dcuillwasletloofc vppon the world; to workchis 
pleafure, and to feduce with all efficacy of crrour and 

Whereas hisCaid,this is thefirfi refnrrecfton, he 
meaneth the rifing from finnc,to the life ofrightc- 
oufnefie, which was in the thoufand yecres of the 
gofpels preaching, and therefore hec ad Jeth, that he 
is bleffkl that hath part in thefirfi refurretlion&c & 
faith, that all fitch {ball raign? with Chriji a thoufand 
y teres. W hich is meant of the raignc of the faithfull 
cuen vpon cavth/or the fpacc ofth at thoufand yecrs, 
in which Sathan was bound : btityet.cxcludcthnoc 
their ctcrnall glory in die heauens. 


Verfc r 
Vcrfc » 

Vcifc f 

17 o An Expofttion vpen the Revelation. 

And when the thoitfandyeers are expired^Satbanfhal 
he loofed out of his prifon. 

Azdftullgo out to deceiue the people, which are in the 
foure corners of the earth,enen Gog and Mi%ov, to ga- 
ther them together to battaile,\vhofc number is as the 

And they went vp vnto the plain'- of the earth, and 
thej comp.tfjedthe tents of the Saints a'»out, and the be- 
louedCitty : But fire came downe from God out ofHca- 
uen, and detieured them. 

NowS.Iohntcllethvs, that after the determina- 
tion of the- choufand yccrcs, Satlun ihall be let look 
vpon the worl J, for their vmhankcfu!ncflc,and con- 
tempt of the Gofpcll, to (educe and decciue, cucn as 
much as cucv hec did . No maruaile therefore, that 
the two great and monftrons Heretics of Popery 
and Mahomctric, did now begmne mightilie to 
grow and increaie in the Worlds. For what other 
thing can be looked for, after chis letting loofc of Sa- 

But wc arc to obferue, that as Sathan was bound 
by degrees, through the miniftcry of Chuff, and his 
Apoftlcs, and their immediate fucccflbrs , Co aKohc 
■was loofed by degrees, by the prcnailingof heretics, 
till the great Antichrift was hatched, and brought 
intothepoffeflionof his curfed Chairc. For Sathaa 
was not fully loofed, till the ycerc of our Lord ??8. 
At what time Silucjler the fccond,camc to bee pope, , 
who was in league with the Diucll . Stories doe re- 
port, that at his°dcathhec called for the Cardinals, 


Ap Expofttion vpen the Reuelation. tyx 

tnd confeiTed that he had familiarity with the diucl« 
and how hec had giuen himfclfe vnto him body and 
foulc, fo that hec mighc come to the papall digni- 

After him fuccecdcd fuudry other Popes, which 
were notorious monfters, (omc of them murderers, 
fomc poifoncrs, fome forcerers, (omc coniurcrs. By 
whom the diucll was fully loofed,all light of the gof- 
pcil, and true religion being in a manner clcancput 
ou:,&C moil abhominablc Idolarry, $c all manner of 
villany fprcading oner the face of the earth, Sc there- 
fore S. form Qich, th.it Suthan being fully loofed, hec 
T» ent forth to decciue the people, which were in the foure 
corners of the earth ^etten Gogand Magog, ejre. This fc- 
ducing by Sathan, hcerc (pokenof, is the fame with 
that which is fpoken Chapter 13. oncly this excep- 
ted, that rhis of Gog and Magog is more gencral.We 
reade th:re how all Nations, kindreds, and tongues, 
w^rc made to worfliippc the image of the beaff , and 
to receiuc his marke ; but that is to bee extended no 
further then to thofc kingdomes which were fubic£t 
to the papacie. 

But here by ttafc armies of Gog and Magog, arc vn- 
dcrftood all the chiefe enemies of the church,in thefc 
laft dates, fince the looting of Sathan.both open and 
(ecretjboth Turke and pope for the Turke is an open 
enemy.- the Pope a more clofe enemy. Gog fignifuth 
touered, Magog vncouered, whetby is noted tKcpopc 
ic the Turk. For the pope cometh coucrcd vnder the 
came of chrijl,iad Chrip \kzr,Peters fuccclTor &c. 

Oo Bur 

2j% An Expofttion vpoit the Reuelathtt. 

ButdicTurkc coivimcthvncoucred, for he openly 
tietiictivnd impugned! Chrifl. 

MorcjLicc the names ot'Gogmd Magog, arc here 
fee dow:.c,to note of what countries thciechicfc cni- 
inks inould fpring : to wit, out oi Stith'ta^irix, Ara- 
bia Jt.tiy, and Spam e. For Magog was the fonof//i- 
phethjGen. 10 ,ver,2. of whom came the Scythians. 
Gogvns the name of a great Capraine in the lcfTer 
Afi'a, whicli built a city, and named it after his owne 
name ff^/bm/>,thatis. the cittieofG^. Audit is 
put in t'ne prophefic oiEzechiel, for the whole regi- 
on or the lcfTer Ajsa find Syria. Wherby the prophet 
did foretell, that the great enemies of the Churche 
fluild aiife out of thofe coafts- As in. very truth they 
did.for out ofEgipt,Scithia, Stria, and the lefftr A ft a 
did fpring vp Vtolometts^Sileucus, Antigomii,Cajfan- 
der,md the reft di Alexanders pofterity , which vexed 
and oppreffed the Icv\cs,by the fpacc of ^<)4.yea^s :) 
euenvmillthc comming ofthe Mcffias. ) atwhattime 
thedeuided Grccke empire was ouerthrowne, and 
tranllated to the Romans. 

Furthermore it is to bee noted, that the Prophet 
EMchidkw\\,th.\tGogis the chiefe prince of Mcfech & 
■ Tubail. By Mefuh he meaneth Arabid,and byTuball 
Italy and Spainc •■ notingthereby the Countries Sc 
kingdomes from whence the great perfecutors of 
the Church, from the rcturne out of the captiuitye 
of Babilon,vntill the comming of the Me fits ihould 
arife For afiiiredly thofe enemies, were collefted of 
diucrs nations, b at ferued chiefly vnder the princes 


An Expo/itim vpon the Rcuclation. ty$ 

oiAjia thelcfler, 01 Stria } smd o£Scith/a. Nowthcn 
to conclude : Gog and Magog in Ezechiell^iC put for 
ihcfe princes oi thofe con trics.wbich were the cliicfc 
Captaines in gathering great and mighty armies vn- 
cobattailcsagainftthc Children of If tell, alter they 
were come out oi the Captiuity of B^bilo.i.'And the 
phrophmhq-c in one i'ummc vnderthe armies of 
Gog a;:d Magog, comprehended] all the enimics that 
fought againft them, from time to time, after the 
captiuity,vnto the comming of drift. And now for 
the aplicationofthisjvnto the enemies ofthe church 
vnder the Gofpcli, wee muit firft note, that through 
this bookc, the figures and phrafes of fpcccli are ta- 
ken out ofthe law and the prophets. Now therefore 
when the Lordc wouldc fct foorth in pnefummcall 
the enemies ofthe Church, which Sathan mufkreth 
after the time of his loofingout ofprifon, before rhe 
comming of Chrift to Judgement : there is no one 
place more fit, to fct forth al thefe armies jthen thofe 
armies of Gog and Magog, and therefore rhe names, 
eucn Gog and Magog are here brought in, to fcr forth 
thefe huge armies of the Turke,and of thepopejand 
of all the enemies ofthe Church in thefe laftdaics, 
vyhich fhpuld gather tbemfelucs to battaile, being in 
number as the Guide of the fea ; as Saint Iohn faith, 
yeadideouerthe -whole face of the earth with theyr 
multitudes tdndtompajji the tent i ofthe Saints about } & 
the bcloued citty, that is, did make wane againft the 
Church and people of GOD, which in companion 
ofthem,wcrcburasafew tcnts,orfome little O'ttic. 

Oo 2 But 

2_74 AnExpofitionvptnthe Reuelatm. 
the battailc.Thc holy gholt faith cxprcfltly,that/« 
came down from Godout of heauen^and demur edthem. 
W hich doth plaincly fliew that rhc armies of GVg- Sc 
Mii 'l°Z-> though ncucr fo huge,flialbc ddtroicd by the 
fire or Gods wrath. 

Now trom this I gather, that as the armies of the 
pope fliall go downs ftil more and morels formerly 
hatli bin filmed, and as experience in many ycarcs 
gcodfucccde.both in IrcIand,Nethcrland,&:againft 
Spaincalfo,hath partly proucd, (GODS moll: holy 
name be praifed) fo alfo the armies of the Turkc fhall 
be oucrthrownc, fo farforth as they fight againft the 
true Chmchjor at lcaft be lb kept back,that they fiial 
not be able to compalTc the tents of the Saints, as wc 
fee and fcclcthis day,God be thanked. 

Andthe Dinellth.it deceiuedthent, was cafi int»A 
VtlC ° ' ' lake off re andbrimfone.where that bta.fi, & thatfalfi 
prophet are andfi).\tfbc tormented, euen dij andnight, 

Hecre is fet downc thcDiuclls doomc : to wittc, 
. that he thai be caft downc into the infcrnall putc, as 
well worthy both for his feducing all nations, 8C ftir- 
ring vppc the armies of Gog and Magog, againft the 
Church, encn toroote itvp,ifitvvercpoflibl<r. 
Therefore Saint Iohn tcllcth vs, thatforafmuch as 
he is the author of all mifchicfe, and he that hath fet 
all die reft a workc., thcrcforcboth he and his inftru- 


AnExpofitienvpotttheReutUtUn. a 7J 

■icnts the beair, andrhefalfc prophet, Geim&M* 
g°g> fliall all drinkc of the fame cuppe of Gods etc* 
nail wrath,and bee all thrownc downc together into- 
oneclofcprifon, which is that gafping gulfc and in- 
fernall lake,that burnetii with fire and bnmftonc, lor 

Loc then, what fliall be the endc of the diucll, the 
Popc.the Tnrke, the Emperour,thc King of Spainc, 
the Cardinall, and all other rhc dincls inftrumentes, 
which hecrein earth banc perfecuted the Church, 
and compared the tents of rhc Saints, and thcbclo- 
ucd Gry. 

Nowc after all this in thcfiuelaft VcvCcs, Saint 
Tohnentrcth iutoaliuely andclcercdcfcription of 
the lafl lodgement. Firft noting the terror and ma. 
iefty of the Iudge himfclfc, in this, tbat/r<w» his face 
both Hcaucn and earth fled away : that is, noaeawrc Vcr it 
fliall be able ro endure his angry coiintenancc,in that 
day : and yet withal fetting down the purity and vp- 
riglunefle or his judgement and Judgement feat, cal- 
ling it a white Throne. Andafter rhis,thcgcncrallci- v " rei1 
ting and perfonall appearing of all men before him, 
ofwhatdcgrce,cirate,or condition focuer. For both 
death an helljeaandgratte, diddeliuer vp their deade. 
And al without exception ,camc to Judgement:. And 
the books of their confcicnces were opened, (forc- 
uery mans work is ingraucn vpon his confciece,as it 
wer in letters of braiIe,or with the point of a diamond, Icr ' 7jl 
as the prophet fpeakech. ) And they were iudgeth of /ak ' 3 
Oo 3 thofe 

%1 6 An Expojition vfm the ReueUtion. 
thofejhwirs which were written in the booh .according 
to their workes y and 'according to the teftimony of theyr 
Yerfc. 14. .wncorsfciemes.Andderth andhe// } i\m is^Ithchcirs 
of death 3i hell, cuenallthc locietyof reprobates, 
both papifts, Aihcifts,and al vnbclceuers jm,w*»> 

v«fc > j. into the UU offircM^ « thc fc t con<i d f^ ?™> 
here 1 would haue it diligently oblcrucd jluttheho. 
ly-ehofl hath three fcueral times in this book dcicri- 
bed the hft iudgcment,to wit,in the latter end of the 

now in the latter end of this Chap. And morooucr I 
would hauc the order andcaufcs of thefe dcfcripti- 
ons well waighed. For in the 11. Chapter haumg ; be- 
fore defcribed the kingdomeof the pope, andmc 
Turke,with their overthrow, and alfo the preaching 
and preuailing ofthe Gofpcllin thefe lad dayes , hec 
commcch to dcfcribcthcUftiudgemcnt. In the 14 
Chapter hauing fct downe, that the euerlajttnggojpel 
(bmld be plentifully preached w this hflage.d' tht -.oucr 
throw of Babylon, immediately following,foorthwich 
heproccedethto the difcripcion of chclaft day: In 
this Chapter hauing before concluded of the vctcr 
ouerthro w of Rome, of th e beafte , and the falfe pro- 
phetrfGcgznAMagog, and all aduerfary P« w «> at 
length hec proccedeth to this defcription of chr f es 
fecondcomming, which wee haucheardeof. And 
out of all this,I do gather, that the vtter ouerthrow 
of the popc,& al his adherents.fhatbc in this lifc.alt- 
ile before the comming otchrifi vnto Judgement. 


A Expojitionvponthe ReueUtion. 



\ S wee haue heard before ofthe vtrer ouerthrow 
J- *-o£ tiicbea^andthef'alfeprophet, andalJthcyr 
adherenrs,and alio of the euerlafting condemnation 
ofthe dragon, that old ferpent, which fet chem all a 
workc. SDnowinthisChiipter,wcearetoheareof 
that mod happy e and blefled efiatc, which the faith- 
full (hall dwell in for euermore;fo that the mayne 
drifte of this Chapter is, moil fully to defcribc that 
infinic glory and endlcflc fe!icity,to the which al the 
144000- 'hat is, all the-cleft of God, fhall be aduan- 
ced,when both the bead, and all that haue receiued 
his markc, fhall bee caft dovvnc into the inf ernall 

This Chapter may very fitly bee deuided into 4. 

The h"rft,is a defcription ofthe renouation ofthe Vcrfc r 
world, and the reftauration ofthe creature. 

Thcfecond is,a laying foonh ofthe moftglori- v 
ous eftatc of the Church,whcn it fhall be freed from ** h * 
all mifery. 

The third is a protsflation of God himfelfc, con- V«fc s ,6, 7: ,i 
ccrning the renouation ofallthingcsjthe felicity of 
hisclcae,and ihc endlcflc panic and torment ofall 

The fourth is, a liuely defcription ofthe verye 
kmgdome of GOD, and the vnfpcakeable ioyes of "'''?' ' T c >'' 
hcaucn, vnder the figure of a great Citty called the ' 3 ' 


vtift t 

Ttlft * 

v«fe I 

wfe 4 

i ftt. ) 

i-8 Jn'ExpeJitiM vpen the Rendition, 

holy Icrufalcm. Which ciccy is hccrc mofl gloriouf* 

ly Jcfcribcdof IliS W5ls 1 «a K S J foundMiOi:S, ftKCKS,- 

hcightjcngth, breadth, brighrntfc, matter, forme, 
pctfons, and inhabitants- 

The text. 

A N D I faro a new heanen, and a newe earth, for the 
J\)rjl heauen andtnefirft earth were pajfed amy ,& 
there wm no more fea. 

And I Iohnjkw the holy city new JttMm come 
dwnfrtm tod out of 'hcaucn, prepared M * bride mm- 

wed for htr husband. . , 



neither fall there be any more p«»e.For the frjith.ngs 

'If* tew heanen,and anew earth, j* ™*nt thcrc- 
• nafd eftatc of hcaucn ec cacih,aftct this life in thcyr 

SSngtothefcnpturc, that this viable Hcaucn, 
ShisviftblcEanhfh.llcontinucforeuer astou- 

chin. thcirmattcr and (ubftance. But fhalbe great 

y h Sredandchan g edin:condttionWq U atvJo 

Saint VctcttetKweelookefornewebcauens, an. a 

lew earth, accordsngtohispmi^ »W A^rA 

An Expo/ttion vpen the Revelation. tjf 

tighteoufhejfe, that is/uch heauens,and ftich a earth, 
as is free from all corruption and/In. Which thing 
alfo the Apoftle S. Patde doth plainely teach, faying, 
that the creature doth fervently expc£?,when the fans Jfam. i, ^ 
God pall be reutaltdj&ax is,whcn Gods c hildren flial 
be made knowne to be as th?y arc, the very heires of 
infinit glory, which in this life dorh not appcarc. And 
hcyecldedi tworeafons ofthis defire of the creature- 
one is, becaufe in themeanc time it is fubiect to va- 
nity and corruption : the other is, that then it /hal be 
free from both. And for this caufc the Apoftle faith, 
that the creature greneth with vs, and earnejily defi- 
reth,tnd longeth after that day, wherein h tfhallbeefet R ., 
free from the bondage of corruption, and redintigrated ° m ' 
and rcftorcd to thatpnftinate cftate, wherein it wai 
before the fall. But whether this is to bevndcrftood 
of Hcauen and earth oncly, or of hcaucn and earth 
with their adiunftes and particular creatures, I will 
not hecre go about to difrufle : howbeit I do greatly 
incline to their opinion, which hold, chat hcaucn & 
earth, with all their furniture being redintigrated 3c 
rcftored to their firft cftatc, (hall remainc for cuer, to 
fet foorth the glory of the creator, and for that vie of 
glorified men, which now the Angels haue of them. 

Now whereas Saint Iohn addcth, that there fhalbe p. 
wmere Sea. He mcancth that there ftial! be no more Ch™ fu 
any troublcfomcand confuted cftatc of this world cha P-' i>* 
no more broiles, waucs, tempefts, and ftormes, as ic 
fallcthounn this life. For the word Sea, is fo taken 
twice or thrice before. 

Pp - By 





zSo An Expofititn vponthe Rettehtfoit. 

By the holy citty new ferufalem, he mcaneth the 
Church triumphant, which therefore is faid to come 
Mwntfrom God out of heme*, bccanfe it hath all hi* 
ncwnes and holincifcfrom God,and from hcaucn, 
whereby it is now prepared and made ready to bee 
married viko Clmd,euen as abridc t> kked and trim- 
medvpforher hii.sb.md. And for this caufe S. Iohn 
hearethavoiccfrom he mien, J tying, thctubermcleof 
God is with men, and he trill dwell with them, and they 
fixt/l be his people ^and he willbe their God. Mcaninc 
thciby that Icfus Chart wil keep houfc with his glo- 
rified lpoufc,ai)d be at bed and board with hirfor c- 
ucr in the hcaucns,at what lime fie flail be freed from 
all tares ,woe,and mifery^s the next vetfc declarcth> 
ycelding alfo a rcafon hcercof, which is, that thefirfi 
things are paffed,iL\\-nx.\i,&\Q.§.xiz wherein the world 
is nowj being fubicd to many afflictions, temptatii 
ons, vanities, and corruptions. 

Andhe tint fat -upon the throne faid- Behold [make 
til things new y and heefaidevntomc Write \forthtfe 
words are faithfullcnd true. 

Andhe faidvnto ma, it is done J am Alpha and Ome- 
ga, the beginning and the end. Iwill gine to him that 
is a thirft, of the well of the wxter of life freely. 

He that ouercommethftjli inherit Ml things ,a»d I veil 
be his God, andhe fhx'lbe myfonr.e. 
But thefearefulland vnbeleeuin^cr the a^hom/nable, 
/tad murtherers, and whoremongers, And forcerers, and 
Idolaters jndliers fijal haue their p.irt in the lake which 
bnrncth with fin (Jr brimfl one yfhkh is the [ecod death. 


MExfofition vpon theRenelatioH. * » z 

his S? e om 7 occnc G °*> which fictcrh vppon 

mate all things new, that is,rcftore the world to tW 
cxcclciK efrate wherein it was before IC £] 5 
anAhBdea toaftatc aodcondition farrer^ CC x 
ccllcnnnhcanen: andforthc greater certaTnS 

iS 11 ' ^ »* commaunde^h lol, " 

Mle 7 md tofctitdowncasatlungalrcadydone For 
*«*s to come which are decreed in tfc/coSl rf 
God, are as certaine, as if they were part : for Go D 

»emu s „« -f ree jy ■ to euery one that is Athirli, ofthe We l 
ft W T %^ thitis > without all regard 5w 

th Lf Andmr :ind h f " e f thi ^> hisfUll 
tn ^™- A ™™OKoiicr,tharwhofoeuero fi ercommeti, 

dlgoodthnges, both in this life ind thi \iftZ f 

™"M°dbanghsfathcr,a,,dhehisSo„„eandhe V ?e 
Bucoa rhecontrary, he willeth .c to b ™3 «*»- 

E/f ' al \ Atha fc™-'Ulinges, andallvvUleeners 


f«T« ii 

»8a Jtt Expofitim vpon the Rettelat'm. 

with mee ^faying, I will {hew thee the bride theLambes 
And hecarryedmeaway in the fphit to a great and ah 
high mountaine^ndfhewed me that great ctttyfhat ho- 
ly Hierufalemfdifcending out ofheauenfrom God. 

Hauing the glory ofGed } and her {hiring was like vnt* 
tjlone mofipretiotis at a lajperjlone, cleere as chrtjlall. 
Hccreonc of the Angcllcs mentioned in the i4. 
Chapter, which haddc a Viall full of Gods wrath, 
Talkcth with Iohn } and telleth him that he wtlljhew 
him the bride the Lambs wife : that is, the triumphant 
Church, or the Church in her glorified citatc , bee-' 
ing vnited Sc married vnto Chrift , in the kingdomc 
©rglory . And therefore Saint Iohn faith, that this 
Aungell carried him away in the fpirit, to a great and 
high Mountaine, andfljcwcdhim that great any holy 
Jerufalem, d"c. 
©u.17,1,1,3 Wcreade in the 17. Chapter, tlntwhtn this An- 
gellfhewed Iohn the great whoore of Babylon, he canted 
him away int9 the wildernejfe in the (pit it : becaufc the 
whore of Baby Ion fhould make the Church barren 
and dcfolate, as a wildcrneflc . But now that hec is 
to fhewe him the fpoufc of Chriit in her glory, and 
to defcribe the cuerlafting Ierufalemhe carieth him in- 
the j])irit.,'vntoAvcry high mountaine, that hce might 
take a fight of it.as Moifcs was caricd vp to the top of 
mount T^bo, that from thence he might take a view 
of the holy Land. Which tcachcth, that none can 
take a right view of Hcaucn and hcaucnly thinges, 
feutoaclyfuchasityaii high pitch, and mount farre 


Ah Expofttitn vptn the ReueUtitn. ■ a J 3 

•boue this earth in holy affections, & hcauenly con- 
tcmplation. ' 

Morcoucr, Saint Iohn telleth vs,that aflbonc as he 
tookeafightofthisnew Icrufalem, farpaffing alltf. 
»*/ fights : forthwith heefpicdin kihcverylbry of 
God. Ifhc had faid,hc had efpied thcglory otiKuJ 
it had bcenc much. Ifhc had faid,hc efpied the glory 
of an Aungell, it had becne more. But that hce efpi- 
cth the very glory of God, it is moft of all. For who 
canconcciueorexpreflc, what the glory of God is 
being infinit. The Apoftle faith, that Goddwell-thin 
waccefible light, or fuch light aj nonccan approch ' "*" '* 
Tnto. rr 

Then this is one word for all, touching the beau- 
ty and fupcrexccllency of the new Icrufalem, that it 
comprehendeth in it the very glory ofGOD :but 
yet for amplyfications fake , it is compared to a 
lajber Jlene , for neuer fading greenneffc : and to a 
Chryftallpne, for bright fhining and glittering for 



■ AndhtdagreatwdUndhigh^n-dhadtmluevttes Verfi 
tnd at the gates twelue Angels, and the names written 
which are the twelue tribes of the children oflfracll. 

°» the Eajl part there-were three gates -.and on the ya r Ql , 
Northfide three gates : on the Southj?de three rates and 
tn the IVefl fide three gates. 

AndthewaUoftbeCittyhadtweluefoundations, and r 
tn them the names of the Lambs twelue Apoflles. . '*' 

Now Saint Iohn proceeded to the'defcription of 

the wa] & gates of this great citty .This wc al know, 

P P 5 that 

Math. 8. 

J84 Ait Expofititn vpon the ReueUtitn. 

thataflrongwallfer-ueth for the fafcty and defence 
of a Citty, and for the fecurityoffuch as dwell in it. 
For if it be fo high that none can (cale it, and (o thick 
that none can batter it, then ic is indcede impregna- 
ble, and the Cittizcns in great fecuriiy. But the wall 
ofheaucnis fohigh, asnonecanfcalcic, as it is fee 
downe in this twclfc vcrfc, and fo thick, that no dou- _ 
blc Cannon can pierce it, as appcarcth vcrfe tythcr. 
fore all the inhabitants of this new Ierufalcm arc one 
of all fearc of dangers. 

Moreouer this citty haih twelve gstes,zo fignific an 
hardaccciTe for cnimics to breakein: andaneafic 
paftagc, for the Cittizcns thcmfekies to go in 8c out. 
And at thofe tweluc gates twelne Angels, ateucry 
gate an Angell, as it were a porter,ro fee that none be 
let in, but the true Cittizcns, and free denifons, and 
fuch as hauc to doe there, which arc hcere named to 
bec the Welue tribes of ifraell, that is, all the cleft of 
Gpdjboth of the Iewes and Gentiles. 

Moreouer it is (aid, that there were three gttes on 
titery fide oftheCitty,both EifljVcfl,North,andSoHth, 
to notc,that out of al quarters of the carth,the redee- 
med (hould bee gathered, and as our Sauiour faith, 
many flwl come fro the E:tjl,and the Weft -the Northern A 
the South ,ano\ [Jit downewith Abraham,Ifsac, & Jacob, 
in the kingdom ofGod.So that it is not material, what 
country ornationa minisofjwhethcrEnglifhjScor- 
tifli, French, orSpanifti, 10 hebeabelecuer, for then 
hcfhallbefureto be let in, at one gate, oranothet, 
cith:r at the E.afgate, or the We f gate, the Northgate, 


An Expojitiott vpon the Keuehtiet, a g j 

or the Southgate. Moreouer the wal of this citty,**/* 
twelue foundations, that is to fay, is is furely founded. 

^^»^rygate,ihenameof a nApoflle,fothatdtht 
fates had the names of the Umbes Welue Aboftles, to 
hgnific,that the grounded! Sc foundation of dis city 
is laid y^on the doctrine of the Apoflles and Prophets] E P U » 
Jejrct Chrifl hmfelfe being the chief e corner Jltne 
/IndhethattdkcdTfithmcMdagoldenreedjomet- Va r. „ 

f»™ the citty wttha// } andtheg a testhereof,a»dthewa£ 

And the cittylayfcurefquare^tkelengthisasUrre Vcfff ,- 
*r the breadth of it, and he meafured the citty, with the 
reedetweluethottfand furlongs, and the length and 'tht 
breadth, and the height of 'it are eqtta/l. 

And he ■meafured 'the wa/i thereof, an hundred forty Veift * 
tndfourc cubits, by the mcafure of man, thattsofthe 
Angell, ' J 

Now S. Iohn tcllerh vj, thitthe An>rellwhicht>.l- 
ktdmth htm had a golden reed to meaffreboth the city 
tndthe gates andwalls thereof Meafuring with reeds 
was a thing ofgrcat vfe in ancient time, as we rcade 
in the prophetic of Ezcchiell and Zachary, and as wc 
heard before in the clcattcnrh Chapter -But becaufc 
all thinges belonging to this cclcmall Ierufalcm, arc 
fupcro. ccllcnt and glorious, therefore the very mea- 
furing rod and reed, is of pure Gold. This Tear and 
glorious citty is fayd to lye foure friar e, to note vnto 
vs, that it Aandctb fa/t, and vnmoucab'e. for round 

thmgs are eafily rolled and moucd, this vvay or tbac V- 
Vvay,hithcr and thithcr.But fquare things arc not apt 


*S<5 AnExptfit'm vpen the Ktuthtion. 
to rollc or mouc. This cuerlafting Icrufalem thcrfore 
licch fourc fquare,bccaufc it can neucr be moucd,but 
H«b.n,v, 18. ftandc[h faft £ or cucr As t j, c Apoftlc faith: Seeingwe 

receiue a kingdome which ctnnot be fiahn^ let vs ha*e 
grace -whereby we may ft (erne God, that wee may flea/e 
him with rcucrence and fare. 
The Augell with his Golden measuring rod,mca- 
furcth the fquare fides of the Cirty, both the length, 
breadth, hcighc and depth of it, and findeth each of 
thcrn to bec 1 zooo furlonges, which after eight fur- 
longs to the milc,makcth in our accoun 1 1 5 00. miles, 
and fo the whole fquare of this great citty, commeth 
to fixe thoufandmilcs,whichisa goodly compafle, 
& notcth vnto vs the great largcnefTe of gods King- 
dome, 8i that there is romth inough for all the inha- 
bitants thereof. Yca,moft plcatant and commodious 
roomes, as our Lord Icfus faich : m my fathers houfe 
i«toi,4. fire waH) dwelling places, Jfitwerenotjo I would 
hatie told you, for I got to prepare a place for you. 

After this, hemcafurcththcthickenefTc of the wall, 
and findeth it to bec an hundred forty and foure cu- 
bits long, which after our common account of two 
cubits to ayard, amount to feuenty and two yards, 
which is a iolly thicknefle, eucn fo thickc as no Can- 
non can piercc,and therefore altogether in cxpugna- 
blc, as harii becne faid before. 
Vctft i i . And the building of the wall of it, was oflaffcr, tni 

the cittie was pure gold,tike %>nto cleereglaffe. 
Ycifc 1 9 . And the fund At ions oft he wall oft he city vvtsgnr- 
r l ifiedwithaIlmannerofpretiousj1one:.ThisfirJlfeu- 


An Expofition vpon the Reflation. 287 

dAtionwasIafper,theJeco»d of Saphire,thei. of Chal- 
cedony, the fourth of an Emeraudjhefift of a Sardonix , 

thej!xtofiSardiw,tkefeuenthofaCh n Jo!ite > theei<Tht V " kl *' 
of a Barytt, the ninth of* Topaz* , the tenth of a chryfo- 
fhrafus, the eleuenth of a Jacinth, the twelftofan Ame- 

And the tvt 'elite gates were Weluepearles,and euery 
gate is ofonepearle, mdthtfirtrte of the Citty is pure 

As wee haue heard of the forme of this goodly 
Orty :fonowe\vceare to hcarcof the matter of it, 
that is to fay, of what fh.fE; it is made. Firft S. Iohn 
tcllcth vs, thatthc whole Citty is ofmoft purcand 
glittering Gold, like vntoGlaflc: and that the wall 
wasof/^frmofl-grccne and flourifliing,-and alfo 
that the very foundation of the Wall was beautified 
and adorned with twcluc fundrykindes of precious 
ftones, which he rcckoncth vp. We count it a great 
matter here below, to compafle &clofe in our bou- 
fes, with a wall of Brick, and none can do it but men , 
of place:but alaiTc-,what is that to this w'al? What is 
Brick to precious ftones : and Pibbles, toPearle.Biin 
S. Iohn addcth, that the gates were of pcarlc, and 
the ftreerc of the Citty of pure gold : Oh how braue, 
how bcaucifull, how glorious, how glittering, how 
gorgerous, how admirable, a Citty is this ! for if the 
gates be of pcarlc, and the facets of gold, then what 
arc the inner roornes,what arc the dining chambers, 
and whar are the lodging roomes. But here we may 
not groffely imagine , that the Kingdome of God is 

i88 AnExpofitionvponthe Reuelathn. 
offuchmcttall and matter indeed, as is heerc delcri- 
bed . But the holy Ghoft would giuc vs fomc tad of 
it, and after a Core fhadow out vnto vs vndcr thefe 
thinges which arc in mod prctious account amongfi: 
men, what the glory and excellency ofthc immortal 
kingdomcis. For othcrwifc there isnocomparifon 
betwixt gold, pcarle, and prctious {tones, and thofe 
hcaucnly, inuifiblc, and immortall things which we 
lookc for, and hope for thorough Chrift : which in 
very deed are fo great, fo glorious,and fo vnconcciu- 
able, that gold,pearlc, Si precious ftoncs.arc fcant fo 
much as any (hew, fhadow, or rcfembhinc? thereof, 
vetfe x i: And I fit w no Temple therein, for the Lord God Al- 

mighty, andthe Lamb^arc the Temple of it. 
Vtrfc » j, ji ni i f/jj s fifty hath no neede of the Sun-, neither of the 

Moon to (lime in it -for the glory of God did light it, and 
the Lamb is the light of it. 
Vcrfe i And the people which arefaaed,/hallwall:e in the light 

of it: and the kings of the earthft.ill bring their honour 
and glory vnto it. 
Vcrfe i j. And tbt gates ofitflullntt- beflm by day, for there 

fhdl be no night there . 
rukze. Andthe glory andhonor of the Gentiles fljAhc.brought 

vnto it. 
wfe ' 27 ' And there fhd enter into it no vnclewe thing , neither 
wkatfocuer rwketh abomimtion or lies: But ihe\ -which 
are mitten in the Lambs boolce of life. 

f n this new lertifdeia there is no Temple-, as was in 
the old: Icrufalcm ; For there (hall be no neede of a- 
ny s no need of doctrine, of Sacramentcs, of prayer, 


An ExptJitioK vpm the HeueUtton. z$ 9 

as in the olde Temple, wherein the law was taught 
facraments admimftred, facrificcs offered, and many 
other rites and ceremonies obferucd. 

But Saint Iohn faith, that now God andchrift full 
be all in all Theyfba/lbe the temple of this mofl holy cit- 
ty. And all the cleft fliall folly knowe them, & dwell 
with thenvfor cucr. 

And as this Citty hath no need of any Temple, fo 
hath it no neede of any light either ofSunne or Moone. 
For the glory of God andthe brightnefc of the Lamb do 
Ught it for euer : whofc incomprehenfible bright- 
nclfcdoth as far excell the brightneflc of the Sunnc 
and Moonc, as they doc cxccll a little Candle at 
nooncday . But it may bee demaunded who (hall 
dwell in this fo glorious a Citty, and in this fo great 
alight. Saintlohn znCwtrcth,thatthepeoplethat are 
jAuedfhillwitlkeinit: that is, all the Jfraell of GOD, 
all true belccuers , which are happy that euer they 
wcreborne, that they may come to the pofleffion of 
fuch a Kingdomc, as is hecre defcribed . For Saint 
Iohn faith, that the refplcridant brightneflc of this 
Citty is fo great, that etten the Kmgesofthe earth fiall 
bring their glory and honour -unto it . And alfo, that, 
the glory and honor of the G ' entiles flail he brought vn- 
to it r * 

Oh how vnfpeakeable is the glory of this Citty, 
that Kinges fliall throwdowne their Crownesand 
Scepters before it : accounting all thcyr pompc 
andglorye but as duff, iurefr.ee> of it . And the 
magnificence and pompe of all the Potentates of 
C^q 2 the 

2j o An Expojition vport the Reiuht'm. 
the carch Hull heerc bee layde downc. And albeit 
none of the kings and Nobles of the gentiles, might 
bee admitted into the oldc Iciufakm, yet allot the 
gentiles that belccuc, fhall be admitted into this new 
Ierufalcm,5£ made free deuifios thcrotforcucr.And 
although the gates of this Cmy a'waics (land open 
both night and day, as not fearing any danger olc- 
ncmics : yet no vmleatse thing JJj.il cntt r inteitjbut on- 
ly they which at: written in the Umbs book oflift.Th.us 
we Ice how glorioufly the Holy-Ghoft hath defcry. 
b.d vino vs, this Citty oft! 'C Saints, and habitation 
ofth:iuft, foreuermorc. He mult necdrs bca very 
blockc, thatis not mooued with the confideratio:i of 
thiscndlefu- felicity. For this citty is defenbed vnto 
vs, in fo glorious Sc admirable a manner, to bring vs 
into lou? with it,and to workc in vs an vnquenchca- 
ble thiift and dciire after it. Oh therefore let vsfpend 
many thoughts vppon it : let vs enter into dcepe me- 
diations, of the incftimable glory of it: Ltvs long 
till wee come to the fingering and ppffcffion of it, 
cucn as the heyrclongcth till hec come to the pofll-f- 
fion of his Landcs . Let vs thinke cucty day tenne, 
and cucty ycerc twenty, till wee bee in poficflion : 
aCor.j.i. - \cwsmihihc&pon'\cj/gh6~'gr0f}e,dejiriri![t0bedt- 
thedwithourhoufe, which is from heautn: let vsin the 
mcanc time caft away all thinges, that may hinder 
vsin our chriftian courfe:lctvs fliake offeuoy bur- 
dcn,and run with patience, the race that is fct before 
vs : let vs as they which prooue maftcrics abftainc 
ftom ull lets and liindraoces . And futi wceftriue fo ■ 


Anlxpofnim vpm the Xevelatm. *$ i 
exceedingly for a corruptible Crowne : how much 
more ought wee for an vncorruptible . For what,. 

Eaincs, what colt, what labour, can bee inough for a 
ingdome : let vs therefore ftriue and ftrainc, to get 
into this golden citty, where ftreets, wallcs,& gates, 
and all is gold, all is pearlc:yca,whcre pearleis but as 
mire and durt><and nothing worth. Oh what foolcs 
arc they, which depriuc thcmfelucs willingly of this 
endlcflc glory ,for a few (linking lulls. Oh what mad 
men arc they which berea«e themfelucsof aroome 
in this Citty ol pearle, for a few catnall pleafurcs and 
delights. Oh what btdlames and irraughc bcafts arc 
they, which Ihur themfelues outofthcfccucrlafting 
habitations, for a little tranfitory pelfc. Oh what in- 
tolerable fots and fops are all luch, as will willingly 
be barred out of his pallace of inrnit pleafure, for the 
fhort fruition of wordly lucre and train. Let vs thcr- 
forcinall time to come, make more reckoning of 
heauen, 8c leffe reckoning of the.earth. Let vs mind 
heauenly thinges, and deipife earthly thinges, lee vs 
preafehard, vnto the things that are before, and for. 
get die things that arc behind. Let vsftriue hard for ; 
thepriceof the high calling of God,andcontemnc 
cuen the glory of this world. 

CHAP. 22. 

TN this chapter S.Iohn proceedcth yet more large- 
ly, to defctibe the blcflcd eftateof all Gods Saints 
incheKingdomcofglory , and the principallfcope 
Q»i3 and 

V«.J,i,3,4,f , 

^|) z Att-Exj/efhiM vpn the Ktnelation, 

and drift of this Chapter is yet more to enlarge the 
ioy cs of Gods people, after this life, and to ratifie the 
authority of this prophefie. 

This Chapter containcth foure principall partes. 
The firit,is an amplyfication ofthc ioyes or Gods 

ver. 6,7, 8, 9. The fecond, is a confirmation of die authority of 
l6 i l 9* thisbooke. 

The third, is an exhortation both to fpread abroad 

' ' tbeknowlcdge of this book : and alfo for cucry man 

to prepare himfclfe for the comrning of Chrift unto 


The fourth is a fement defire of die Chtirch,for the 

fecond appearing of Chri/r. 

The text. 

vcrfc 1 

Vcrfc z 



,vafc. y ; 

AND hefhewed me a pure river of the mter eflife, 
cleare as chrifla//, proceeding out of the Throne of 
God, and the Lambe. 

Inthemiddefloftheflreeteofit, and of either Jide of 
thertucr, rets the tree of life, which bare twelueman- 
ner of fruits, and gaue fruit euery month, and the leaues 
of the tree feme to heale the nations with. 

And there fl)ill bee no more curfe , but the throne of 
God,andof the Lambe, fiallbee init, attdh'ts feruants 
f/ja/l ft rue htm. 

Andtheyfhallfee his face, and his nameflialbe in their 

Andihere foallbeeno night there, andtheyneede : 


AnZxpofimnvprntheleneUtien. 2pj 

HO Candle, neither light of the Sutme : For the Lorde 
Godgiueth them light, and they fhall raignefor euer- 

The Angelldoth yet further fberv vnto Iohn a pure 
riuer of the water of life . W hereby is fignifkd the 
ouerflowing abouudance of good thinges, which 
the righteous (hall enioy , in the Kingdome of glo. 

*y- . 

Th is riuer is faid to frocetde out of the throne of God, 
*nd of the Lambe, becaufe God in Chrift is the origi. 
nail of all this life and happineiTc. 

Further it is added, that in the middefiofthegolde» 
fireet of this new leruftlem, and of both fides the riuer 
therewtsatreeoflife. Which rcprcfentcth Chrift, 
nowinrhishcaucnlyparadife: as in former time, ic 
reprcfentcdChriftinihe earthly paradife: and alfo 
that etcrnall and blefled life, whichour firft parentes 
fhouldcnioyjf they did continue in the obedience 
of God. 

oThistrecftandcthnotin an out corner of the cit. 
. ty,bwin the very middeiroftheftrecre,andofboth 
fides the Riuer, that all the O'tdzcns of the new Ic- 
rufalcm, might hau-.frcc accclfe vnto it, and taft of 
the moftdaintie fruircs thereof, in great variety . {at 
it beare-l tmelue manner of fruits , that is, in Chriil 
all variety ofpleafure and cndlefie delight, is to bee 

This tree bear eth fruit euery moneth,zswc\\ in 
Winter, as in Summer : for hecre euery moncth is 
^H tumn . e • Ti,c &"& "j that in Chrift the new and • : 
~~ frcftv 

tyi An Expojttion vpon the Rendition. 

frefh fruitcs of immortall ioy, without any fatiety or 

loathing, arc for cuer to be found. 

The lcaucs of this tree are very mcdicinablc and 
fanatiue. Vottheyferue to heale the nation jwith, that 
is, to prefcruc them from al difeafes St gnefcs:which 
argueth a moft blc{Tcdlifc,not (ubieft to fickneflc, or 
any other infirmity. ForChrift: is our ncucrfayling 
Phifition, which in this life hcalcth all our Spiritual! 
difeafes, and infirmities. And after this life, will pre- 
fcruc vs in pcrpctuall health and happincfTc. 

There Jlull be no more cttrfe, that is,in the hcaucn- 
ly Paradife,we fhall no more be rubied to any curfe, 
ai Adam was in the earthly paradifc.W hich alfo ar- 
gueth the perfection of happincs after this lifc,& yet 
for further amplification of this moft glorious cftate: 
it is faid, that the throne of God, &c of Chrift fhalbe 
erccTxdinthemiddcftofthis Golden ftrcete,andall 
•his chofen people fhall there accompany him, dwell 
with him, bee alwaies about him, yea and fcrue'him 
without wearinclTc for cuer. Yea, al his faithful tvor- 
fbippcrs, (hail come fo nccrc his throne, that thvy'fljal 
Jee his very face, and bee rauiihcd with his glory, ha- 
uing his imagCjhis Name, his wifedomc,and mercy 
imprinted in their foreheads •■ yea, his vnconcciueable 
light and glory, fhall bee fo refplendcnt, that there 
JJjall bee neither night, nor neede of candle : butinhis 
glittering and molt glorious Chamber of prefence, 
fliall all his elect raigne, and tryumph with him, for 
encrmorc, iu infinite felicity : and the very fruition 
of ctemall delegation, where fhall bee mirth with- 

AnExpofitUn vpon the Refutation, s^j 
but meafurc, and folace without forrowc : as the 
Prophet faith : in thy preface is the fulneffe of 
uy, and at thy right hand there is pleafurt for cuer- m tg ' 

Andhefaidvntome,thefewordes are faithfu/landvctat 
true .and the LordGodof the holy Prophets fent his An- 
gelitofhew njntth'ts j'eruantesjnethtnges whichmu/l 
fhortly be fulfilled. J 

Behold I come Jhortly. glefed is hee that keepeth the rnli r 
words of theprophefie of this "booke. 

And 1 am John, which fawand heard thefe things, V«fci< 
Mdwhen lhad heard andfiene , ifelldowne to wor- 
fhip before the feet of the Angeil, which fiewed me thefe 

But he f aide vnto me, fee thou doe it not, for I am V«fe t 
thy fellow feruant^and of thy brethren the Prophets ,and 
tfthem which keepe the wordes of this Bookeiwor/hip 
God. '/ 

In thefe foure verfes, arefourcprincipallreafonj 
broughtito confirmeand ratifie the atithory of thix 

The firft of them is, the affirmation of the Angel!. 
The fecond, the authority of the moft high 

The third, the Teftimony of Icfus, pronouncing 
them bleffcd, which kcepe this prophetic. 

The fourth, the Teftimony of Iohn, who heard 
andfaw thefe thinges. Butbecaufe in the Epiftlcto 
thcReadcr, I hauemoreat large handled this argu- 
ment, and ihefe fame verfes : therefore heerc I do of 

Rr put- 



i$6 An Expojition vpon the Rendition. 

purpofc rclinquifh them. And chat alfo of Iohns a- 
doration, and die Angels rcfufall, being things moil 
manifeft and eafie to Ynderftand. 

Vecfe to Andhefaid'vntemejealenetthewordsofthepro- 

phefie of this book e, for the time ts at hand. 

He that is vniujljet him be vniufl Jli/l 3 and he which 
is filthy Jet hint he filthy 'ft ill, And he th.it is righteous Jet 
htm be right eons fiill, and he that is holy, let him be ho- 
ly fiiU. 

yind behold I come fimtly, and my reward is with 
mee,togine euery man, according as his vvorke Jhall 
Vcrfc 13. Jam Alpha and Omegx,the beginning and the end \the 

■-. firfiandthelajl. 
Vetfei4. Blejfed are they that do his commanndementes, that 

their right may bee in the tree of life, and may enter in 
through the gates into the citty. 
■ ' If ' Forwithoutfjdibedogs,andenchinters,andwhore- 
mongers, and murtherers^nd Idolaters, and wbofocucr 
lotteth ormtketh lies. 

Heerc is firft an exhortation , to publifh and 
prodaime the knowledge of this booke to all peo- 
ple, and in no wife to conccale it, or kcepc it 
clofc, as formerly hath becne (hewed' in the the E- 
. piftle. 

Hcere is a further admonition, that they which are 
unrighteous fiouldbe unrighteous JIM, &c. Which 
•is no allowance or encouragement graunted vnto 
Wckedmen, to contbuein their cuijl vvaies,butis 



AnExpojItionvpsn the. Reflation. t 9 y 
rathera terrible threat, ifwc take all the wordstooe- 
ther, in this and the next verfe, as if hee fhould fay^if 
men will needs continue in their filthincffe, yet cer- 
tainly Chrift will come fliortly and reward them ac- 
cording to their workes. 

Or clle it may be a phrafe of fpeech, which they cal " " " 

a " 'Wnicall conceffion : as in another place the holy 
gholtfaitluotheyoungman . IValkeinthewayesofi-.u u 
thine owne hart, and in the fight oj 'thine eies-.but know ' ' ■ 
that for all thefe things, Godwill bring theevntoiudr- 'Kin S . Mj ,,. 
mem ■. So likewife in other places. AUthl tf »+ J« 

After this, hecrcis blcfTedneffc pronounced vpon 
alifuchaskeepe the Commaundementsof GOD, 
andinsfaid, that their right is in the tree of life, not- 
meaning thcreby,thac their keeping of the comman- 
dementes m the caufc of their light in Chrift: but 
onely an effetl or conference. For our good works 
doe not goe before , as caufes of our iuftincation : 
but follow after, as declarations of the fame. For 
by dooing wee are not made hilt in the fight of 
God, but onely declared to bee luft, in the fight of 
men. ° 

And as for the keeping the commaundementes, 
wee doe it not in fuch pcrfeaion as G O D S iuftice 
rcqim-eth, but in fuch mcafure, as his mercy accep- 
ted through Chrift. And heere the holy ghoft faith, 
that all they which haue a right in Chrift, which is 
the tree of life, and indcauour to kcepe the com. 
maundementcs, fliall enter in through the gates,, 
into the newlerufalcra : But on the contrary, all 
Rr z t h c 


Tttfe iff. 

Vctfe 17. 


iVerfc 19. 

"Verfc i«. 

Vcrfc 11 

a?8 AnTLxpofitMvfon the ReaeLttU*. 

the rout of reprobates, whom hec calleth Dogs, en- 
chanters, whoorernongers , &c. ftajl beevttcrly 
fluit out, as haiung nothing co doc, in his euerlafting 
Cittic, their portion, being allotted in the infernal! 

Jlefushiuefent mine Angelica teflifievxtoyenthefe 
things . lam the roote and generation ofDauid^ and the 
bright morning ftar. 

And the ftirit and the bride fay come , And let him 
that heareth ,fky Come : and let him that is 4 thirji 
tome: and let whofoeuer will, take of the water of life 

Ftr Iprotejl, vnto euery man that heareth the wordes 
eftheprophefieofthis booke. ifanymanjhall adde vnto 
theje t hinges, God {hall adde vnto him, the plagues that 
are written in this booke. 

And if any man fliall dtminifl) aft he words eft he booke 
of this prophefie, GOD fhaUttke away his part out of 
the booke of 'life ; and out afthe holy citty, and from thofe 
things which are written in this booke. 

He whieh teftifieth thefe t hinges faith , futelyleome 
quickly. Amen. Euenfo come Lord lef its. 

The grace of our Lord leftu chrift } bee with yeu all 

The authority of this Booke is heere agairte rati- 
fied from the perfon of him who is the Author of it, 
that is, Iefus Chrift.who ishcerc called the root and 
generation o^Dauid: both becaufche isdifcendedof 
the houfc of Dauid, according to the flcfli : and alfo 
becaufc the eternall kingdome which all the Pro- 

f_ T A»Exp»fitiMvpMheReutUth». ipp 

phets did foretell, (hould fpring out of the houfe of 
Vtuii, was indeed and in truth eftablifhed in Chrift, ' 
who is our true Dtuid, and our righteous brauncb, 
and as ; 1 is heere Cud, the bright morning Jlar, which 
hath moft glorioufly rifen vpon the world , to difpcll 
all darkcheUe, and to bring the great and euerlafting 
Mbreouer, heere is great proteftation jnadc in the 

eighcccnc and nintecne verles, of great plagues to bee 
wflitfed vpon all fitch asjhalladde any thing vnto this 
booke, or take away any thing fromit. Which alfoma- 
keth greatly for the confirmation of the authority of 
this Booke, for that to the which nothing may bee 
added, and from the which nothing may be taken a- 
way, muft'ncedcsbccabfolutcand perfect • But this 
bookcisfacha one : therefore this Booke is abfo- 
lute arid perfect, being a part of Gods euerlafting 

Laft of all, heere is fet downe the feruent defire of 
the bride,aftcr the bridgrome,for flic being inflamed 
with the fpirir,'dcfireth' him to come, and make vppc 
the match betwixt them, that (he may bee ioyncd to 
him in marriage", celebrate the folcmnization, and 
Jiuc togithcr with him in the eternal triumph. Which 
is the fence of thefe wordes, thefpirh, and the bride 
fay come \and let him that heareth, fay come. For it is 
proper and peculiar only to die bride, to hear,waitc, 
xand long for the comming of Chrift . And let him 
that is a thirft, come . That is, all fuch as thirft after 
rightcoufneflc,may truely fay,comc fwect Icfus . Foe 

Rr 1 they 




< -^ -^ $?y ace illowcd fI-ccly,to drinkc of the water oflife 

Thcplammcanmgofall thi x is, chat the Church £ 

» „ mgdircfted by the Holy-Glioft, moir vchcmemlv 


onofallthofe fupcrcxccllenc thirds, which are 
u.ded & : purchafed for ilcr th ^ him _ ' P - 

foreco fatisfiehcrdcfire, Icfus drift the heauc X 

f/*/««fW#, and makcan cod ofthefe finfoU 

and confl I a 1 „gdaics, that all thy decre oncsn, y 

haueandemoy their long looked for happi- 

ncflc, and felicity in chcheauens, 

for euer and cucr.