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Full text of "The powring ovt of the seven vials : or, An exposition, of the 16. chapter of the Revelation, with an application of it to our times. Wherein is revealed God's powring out the full vials of his fierce wrath. 1. Upon the lowest and basest sort of Catholicks. 2. Their worship and religion. 3. Their priests and ministers. 4. The House of Austria, and Popes supremacy. 5. Episcopall government. 6. Their Euphrates, or the streame of their supportments. 7. Their grosse ignorance, and blind superstitions. Very fit and necessary for this present age"


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> • ... V 

POW^'lClNG • 

OVT OF "PHE ' J^ ■ 

SEVEN VIALS=^ ''"'" 

' O R AN 


1(5, Chapter of thcR E V E L A T I o N, with 
an Application of it to our TimcSi; 

Wherein is revealed Gods povvriog out 

the full Vials of his fierce wrath. 

1 . llfon the lomft and hafefi fort of Catholtcks. 

2 . 7 heir JVorJh/p and^Religion^ 

3. Their Priefls and Mihifiers. 

4. The Houfe of Auftria, and Popes Sufremacf, 

5. EpifcofallCovernmtnti 

6^ T heir Euph ratcs,^r the fire ante of their fupfortmentrl; 
7. Their grof[e Ignorance, and If tindSHf€rflitions, 

Verj fit and neccffarj for this 

Prefcnt Age. 

3*reachcd in fund ry Sermons at Bofion in New-Englandz 
By the Learned and Reverend Iohk^ottoh 

BB. ofDivinity^ and Tc acker to the rhnfch tljere 


, Printed for %,S^^nd arc to be fold at Henrj Overtonj fliop • 


2.8 ZS' 







. ' 

/ \ 

\ : 

• / 

■ i 


^ *■ # 


V .* 


• » ■ 
i« • • • 

• t 


I . 



^ Biiflm^adir, Thou haft here prefen- 
; ted to thy view, a tafte of the ordina- 
I ry Weeke-daics exercife, of that Reve- 
rend man, taken from his ownc mouth, whole 
Pen would, have more fully anf wcred thy grea- 
teft exped):ations, could his time (drunke up 
with continuall waighty, and various imploy* 
mcnts) afforded him more liberty and leifure, 
to have fylcd over his ownc notions ' It is ho« 
ped they may be of great ufc unto thee, and the 
rather, bccauf e of the excellency and fcafona* 
bleneffc of the Subjed, to etedl thy hopes, and 
toput an edge upon thy Prayers, and dcfircs, 
for the more (pedicr bringing forth of thofc 
great workcs, which this and the following 
Age are to produce. The good that may accrue 
to thy fclfe, and the common caufe , produ' 
ced this . Worke into the light j which was not 




111*1— 1 1 wa 


To the Chriftidn^ader: 

intended, when firfl: delivered, for any more 
publike ufe,^ then of his owne private Audito- 
rie. Now the Father of lights, andGodofail 
grace> 611 our hearts with the life and power 
of faith and zeale, to pray for, 1 ong for, /peed, 
and waite for the moft defircd ruine^ and fpcc* 
dy begiinne-downefall of that moft curfed 
Kingdome of Antichrift, according to the 
fcopc and drift of that Prophcfic, cxprcffed in 
f he powring;out of thef e. Seven Fiak* 

Thine in the Lord; 

L Eu 

s • 

• « 

t - 4% . 

• V...« . A^' 



c - 

f \ 


«^ * * - • •• *• ■ 

{ < 

* - , 

♦ ' » 

T 4 . 

; ^ 

Viall I. 

The powringoutof the 


'*.■—■ " 


AN exposition; 

with an Application,of the i6^'. 
Chapter o^ the Revelati on,' 

R B V E L A T I N 10. I* 3« 

ifW gt heard a great voyce out of the Templt,fa]iiig U 
the Seven Angels ; Geeyciirtvajet, tmdfOHre autiht 

'Andthtfrfi went andfrnredout his ViaBufm the Earth-^ 
Md'therefeS a ntyfcme, and grievous fere uion the mett 
which had the Marke of the Baft, ana iifoi} thept 

^l^ga Ou hare heard in the former Chapter, of tha Prepa^, 
^^S^ ration efthe Seven Angels, topoutc out the fevcti 
m1 iI© •aft^/<<p".'ofGod upon the eyfiitichrifli*'. States 
^^:Jm^ In this Chapter , you read a large Dcfiriftiott <£ 
their £j:i;<»h»» of that workcj which is, "' ', 

FJrft, Commanded, ff)/? I. 

g _ 3ccondlyJ 

*'^''^^^*'^^'*— ***'^^* Mil ■! 1 iitmt^utmmt^mat^ ' Tniaii fi iiti 

!■ mm II im^mmMim>»MMmmmmta^mttM 

3r nefrftriait. 

ji Secondly, Performed, in die fequeU of tbe Chapter* 

Cotmnankedf wiierein obferve tbat Commandement (et forth, 
Fitft, by the Jn/mmenuR efcient Fromklger of it, a gPeat voice 
^Ihedrd a great V*ice^ 

Secondly, By the Sub/cft-place , whence this Voice came 
forth, out of the Temple, [^-^g^^^^f '^^*<^^ <>f*f of '^* Ttrnplc, ] 

Thirdly, By the matter commanded by the voice, Q goe jour 
waies And po/tre ont the fiaU of the wrath of God upon the 

This Cemmandement thus given,was accordingly performed 
by all the fcven Angels, in this whole Chapter. 

The firft Angel poureth out his Vialht*r» 2,and that is,firft fet 
forth by die fubjcft upon which he poured it, Z^^P^^ theearth, '} 

Secondly, It is amplifiedby the effect it wrought J^Therefc/l 
d nojfotne and grievous fere Hpon the men ] What men ? They 
are of two forts : 

"^'W^^Z Such AshAitheMark^of the BeAfi,"^ 

The word* arc fomc whstt dai kc , and there is mucli variety iii 
the Ir;tcrprctation of thcai : I fliall fliortly open to you, what 
Cby the comparing of this, 2ndi odief Scriptures together) I take 
to be the meaning of the V7ords» 

• Firft, when he faith [ I heard a great voice ] It is a voice- of 
j; Authority, and Powers And whofc «n that be, but his, that hath 
power over all thefePlagucSj even Godbi.T.felfi»| and the Lord 
icfus Chf ift, who alfo have power in the Temple : It is not the 
voyce of one of the fourcBcil8,che Officers of the Ch»rch alone, 
but a further power doth concur with this voice, fuch as carried 
Ma^'eftie, and audiority widi it. 

Secondly ,11^*^ ^fthe Temple ] ft implieth it was a voyce de- 
livered not by one of the fotu-c OHicers in private, but came ouc 
ofPH^itks AdminiJirAtion, where onely the Lord fpeaking, did 
with Author ny lot forward thcfe Angels upon fhis work. And 
it may further Imply, that it fprungupon fome Prayers of the 
Church in the Temple : for all the voices in the Temple, are ei- 
ther, the voice of the Church unto Chrift, or of Chrift unto the 
Church : And if the Lordfpcake graciuuHy in the Temple: Ic 
is commonly obtained in the Praiers of the Church, craving an- 
Aver from him, 

r To the [even A^geh T That is to fay. Seven forts of Goda . 


McflcngcrsiwhctlicrMagiftratcs or MiniftcrsJ or 
they be that pourc outthcfc Vials, they are Angels of God, as be- 
ing the MefTengers of his wradi* Neichcf is it meant of fcveti 
Individual! perfons^ but feven forts of Perfons, that fet forwaxd 
this worke. And withall I doe accord widi thofe that fay» that 
in ail thefe admininration5, there is fome prefence of tbehe-avea* 
ly Angels accompaning the men in the worke. 

(JoffjoHr v>aies ] ^oftr waUs ] is not in the Originall* buc 
Z9^^ jpo^rtottt the UiaU. ] The Vials arc veflcls of Urge con- 
tent, but ofnarrowmouthcs, they pourc out flowly, but drench 
deepely, and difiilic6fcdually the wrath of God : Veflcls they 
areof fuiiand/uftmcafurc, as all thefe iadgemcnts are difpcftr 
fed in wcightand measure. 

Ofthetvrathofgod'^ Thatargucth, that upon what fub^'e^l 
foever thefe Vials fell, the wrath of God fell together with thera* 
upon the fame* And that heJpeth not a little to open the place, 
and to fliew the danger of fome Interpretations, which doc ex- 
pound the Sunnc verf. S . to be the Scriptures. If thefe Vials be 
the Vials of Gods wrath, how fliallany ofthem be conceived to 
be poured out upon the Scripture, is ttie wrath of God kindled 
againft the Scripture ? And for the Earthy 'verf, t. Some con- 
ceive it to be meant of the common fort of godly Chriflians ; buc 
though fome foare plagues might befall fome of them, yet hovtr 
can the wrath of God be conceived to be powred upon them f 
It cannot therefore be meant (as fome of good note fay^ of the 
WaUsnfcs^ and ^Ihttgenfesy Htfgonets^ and LolUrds ; but the 
wrath of God falleth upon fucb, as worAiip the Beaft and his I- 
magc : And therefore take that for cet taine« that what things fo- 
ever the Vials of Gods wrath arc poured upon, they arc fuch 

as God f^ deepely difplcalcd withall. 

Zfpcntheearth'^ They thought right, that thought it to bee 
meant of the common fort of Catholikcs : but let us further con-, 
flder how it commeth to pade that the Hrfl of thcfc Angels pou- 
rethout his Viall upon the earth, and the reft upon other things, 
yet they all have a CommifHon to pourc oat the Vials of the 
wrath of God upon the earth. For the opening of tliis difficulty 
fwhichelfc might cxcrcife fome J wco^uft know, that in this 
Prophecic fometfmcs f ^^'"'^ ] is oppofcd to Heaven, and then 
as by Heaven is meant the pure Church, as Revei.^. i • c^ 1 2. i • 
So by Eajjh is uj^ant an earthly and corrupt Church. Some! ime« 

^. - — • 

TBeJlrJl VhS^ 

^Tahy fJeaven \^ mieatit, a corrupt (law of Religion i wliercoi' 
tieavenly and divine honour is given to Satan, or Idols, as *Kivtl, 
12.3.7. Againc; fometimcs £4rf A is oppofed not unto Hea^ 
vfH, but unto fomc other Element in the World, and fo is it in 

this Chap. The firflAngelpoureth forth his Vt-^S upon the Earth, 

thefecondpourethhisVi^ll ontheSea^ C^c, So then in this cafe 

the Earth is to be undcrftood in a double fcnfc. In gcncrall,* of 

ihc Antichriftian ftatc,or world, ^erf, 1 . And in the Antichrifti- 

an World they have fome things that reprcfcnt the Earthy and 

fbmc things the «ytf<j, and feme things rcprefent the Snnne oizmt 

World,and fomc things reprcfent that Ajre of that worldjthcre- 

f ore in the particular execution of this Commiflion,^<&r« thefirfi 

j1 ttielpouret bout hit yia/iupo'/t the Ear thy it is upon thelowcft 

andbafcft Element in the ^nt'tchrifiian world, and that can bee 

no other,but the lowcft fort of vulgar Catholiks, and they were 

the fir(l that had the wrath of God pour*d upon them, which 

did afterwards arife higher to the Sea^ and then to the Fountaines 

and Rivers of water, then to the Sunnc, then to the throne of the 
!Beaft,thcntothcKivcri:»/>^'»^w, andlaltof all to the -^jre, 

and in all thefe doth the wrath of G od afcend higher and higk r, 
as may afterwards mote dearely appcarc. 

Thefirfi Angel rvent and poured out his ViaU upon the earth, 3. 
This firft Angelxn]jXi be thefe firft fort of Gods Meflcngers, that 
did poure oat fome wrath upon Common Catholilccs. And 
doubtle^e fuch wrath it was, as being poured out, did workc a 

Noyfome and grievous fore upon them that worjhipped the 'Beaft^ 
and his Jm*ge ( as the Text exprcfTethJ Thej that had the Mark 
of the Beajt (yon heard before out of the 1 3 . Chapt. j are fuch as 
receive fomc indeliable Charaftcr of the Beafi ; fuch are dicic 
Secular, or Regular Pricfls, and all that receive religious Orders 
from the Church of Rome* Who then arc they that worfliip 

his Image ^ The} mage of thefirfi Beafi Cyou know ) is all Na- 
tionally and Diocefan, and Provinciall Churches ; ana they that 
rule them are the Image of the CccondBe Afi : So then they that 
worfhip the Image of the ^<4/?, befiichas arc devoted to the 
Canons of Popidi Churches, who drink them up, and receive 
eliem as ArticlcsoJF their Faith 3 thefe arc all afHi^d with a noi« 
fomc and grievous fore by the pouring out of this Hrft Viall: For 
thofe who did poure it out, they were fuch as aid convince them 
of die Damnable cHate of a Catholike^and tasght them, thac hf 
, these 

t ' « • • 



chetrReligioh they could go not beyond aReprobate^and tbis ^u 
the common praiSifc of the Martyrs of itf/W ChriSi in Quccnc 
Maries time, in E iward the fixtn, and in Hemj tlic eight's time, 
who difcovered unto you, that all their Religion was buc the 
worfliip of Goci after the devifcs of men, even Will -vvcrftiip, 
fuch as they were led into by the Man of Sinne, whobcing him- 
fcifc blinde, leadcth thofe that arc blhidc, and both fall iiito the 
ditch J thofethat thus cifcovered the unfoimdiiciie of ihc Religi- 
on of thefe CatholikcSjWho before fsenjcd to be good Gmrch- 
men, and good Hoafc- keepers, and good Chriftmas-kecpcrs, - 
they were the men that poured cur this firll Viallupon the earth,. 
And upon this tlicir difcovery, ihere fell a noyfcmc, and grieve- 
ous (ore upon their Catholike Priefts, who had borne the com- 
mon fort in hand, 7A<?f /^»or4»f^ 7r«?» the mother ofDsvoiicn^^ 
andfach ignorasit Devotion was the way of Sttlvatio» yWhcn they 

fee that all their People, who were heretofore their honeft and 
good Neighbours, full of benevolence towards them, were now 
informed, that they lay under a ftate of dcepc Daw^fHtion, it 
wasaneyc-foretotheir CathoiikeTriefts,2a(i&\i of that Reli- 
gious Order, a double fore ftU upon the m» 

Firft,a fore of envy,. and malice, againft all the Martyrs of 
Chrift, and all that fought fot Reformation of Religion j againft 
whom their fpirits were fo ftrongly embittered, tha*t happy was 
lie that could bring Tire and Taggot to e>:ecute vengeance upoii 
them, thatdiddilcoverthenatcof the common fort of Caiho- 
Jikcs to befo dangerous* [It v/as a pubiikc fpcech of Heftry the 
eight, when he fate in Parliament,. Complaininc of the Hirs that 
were made about Religion, There are many (l&irn he) that arc 
toobufic with their new {SHmp^mm) meaning croCc that clave 
to that which hecounted the new Religion, thoui^b wJthall o- 
thers he taxed, who dbated fas he laid not amine j much upon 
thcico\6 M^wpfimtu, The new Religion (though true) Hce, 
and they all envied ? the Old (cliougn his ownc J he defpifed* 

Secondly, there was a noyfome loathfomeneffs difcovered, 
by thefe true W itncfles, and Nlarcy rs o^ ChriO, unto the people. 

dation of Religion, as was not lefw Ciyrij! the true Foundation^ 

but had indeed reared dp an Antichriftian Religion* whereof (as 

B 3. It: 

»» » The frfi rU«, 

5tisfaid(/M 28,1 pOit (haUbcavcxationtoh«ircth€Rcforc;: 
A grievous malignant ukcr it was, and the more they ftirrcd mi 
it the more they were vexed. And this let mc turthcr addc, be 
opening the words, it is an allufio'^ -0 that noyfoint.- iottoYE^^ 
thatfcUuponthc Common fort oi .nc people, and upon the i^^- 
gitUmAi:oyExo(Lg.ii. So that they could not ftand before 
>l^c/r/ 5 and fo it was here, thcfcnoifomc fores of which wcc 
have ippken, didfo fallupon the common fore of Catholikcs, and 
upon their common Rc\igiou$ Orders , that they fell before tlic 
Angellthat poured out this Viall, as Bagon before the Arkc. 
Thusyoufeethe meaning of thefe words. 

Now for the Notes tnatarife from them, — You may obfcrvc 

that {C^ap. i$.j.) One of the f owe Beafisgave unto the [even 
Angels, Seven golden VtolsfuUof the yvrath of god, hut they 
went not then, topoure them out, ttntill they he we a great voice 
oHt of the Temple, And noT» thej goe. So that the DoSrine in the 

^oSt, I, Xhonghthecrjanfellandinftrij^ion, andarlviffinf a Cliurch- 

Officcr may be a good invitemcnt, and inducement, and prcpa- 
rative unto a Calling: yet it is the mighty Voice of Chrift/pecially 
in Publikc Ordinances, that EflFeftually ftirrcth up a man to tho 
execution of it. Thefc Angels had councell and encouragement 
given thero (as you have hcard^ to goc about this Worke, and 
were furnifhcd with the wrath of God for this ende : but were 
not effcftuallyftirredupto fall upon the execution thereof, till 
they heare a great Voice of Chrifl: out of the Temple, (that is 
in publikc Ordinances J then they goe to pourc out their ViabJ 
You (Kail find this a very ordinary Pradifc in fome things futa- 
ble hereunto in Scripture* ^4<:^gavc lacoB a Commandcmcnc 
indInAru6tiontogocto'Padan'y4ramyGetj,2S 6» And there- 
upon laeo^ went on his way, Verf 7 . But the firfl night that he 
lodged out of dores , when the Lord appeared to him in the 
Houfe of God (f^erfe 15,) and telleth him, That hec will 
bee with him, and keepc him in all placc« whitherfoevcr hec 
goeth, and will bringhim backe agalne into this Land; Then Ar« 
coh(Chap,2p I.) uTtcthuphis hcelcs, and goeth on his wayes* 
Like a Giant rcfreflicd with Wine to runnc his Courfc. And 
the like was the Praftife of the fame facoh, when they told him 
that lofeph was yet alive. Gen, 45.27.1 8. his fpirit revived, and 
he faid, He mntdgoe dmn to fee him j but firft he goeth toieerm 

Tkfifl run. 

p>ehd, and (Here oflTereth Sacrifiees^znd confulteth with the Lord, 
GeH,j^6, and the Lord cncourageth himtogocdoync, 

bidcth him not f caret He wiB he mtb him,And there maks ^ i,^^^^ 
Nation of hi «;, andhing him hdek^againe ("and fo he did to be 
buried)thus are his hands fully ftrengthned in his way : The like 
alfbwasthc cafe of the, men of Samttria^ loh, 4, fvhenthewo' 
man had told them that Jef/te tpos the Chrift^ hecanfe he had told 
her all that ever Jhee.did^ they beleeved, becaufe of her fajittg, 

y^rfsp. But when they came unto hitn, and talked with him, 
then they faid unto her Verf/^i . Norp we believe^ not becaufe of 
thjifajing^forrve have heard him our felves^ andkftovf that thit 
is indeed the Chrifi, the Saviour ofthefForld, Thus the voice of 

Cbrift carricth his people an end in the waies of their cal- 
lings, with eflfe^uall power unco fudden andfpeedy execution. 

The Rcafon is taken firft, from the greater power of the voice 7 
of Chrift fpcak'ng by his Spiri.-, then when bee fpeaketh by the 
gifts of his Servants, and therefore p4«/putteth a great difference 
in this cafe, A^s 19. ai. The Tcxr telleth us, That he purpofed 
in his Spirit togoe up to titerujaUm^ afterwards going on his tvaj^ 

hemeeteth with certaineDifciples^ Ati. 21.4. and they bj rea- 
fon of the Prophefie of tAgahus concerning Paul^ verf* 11, fell 
upon htm and ^ept^ andbejought him not togoe up to Hierufalem^ 
lVh:it meanejoH(izith he) to weete, atd to breal^e mine hearty for 
y aw ready not to be bound onely, but to dye at Hterufalemfor the 
Ttame of the Lord Icfus^ Behold here the Spirit of God had re- 
vealed clearely hinifelfe in the heart of Paulyta ftrengthen him 
to goe up to Heirufalem, thefe Difciples ( upon the Prophecic 
of ty^gabui, that he fliould be bound at Hierufalem) faid to Paul 
through the Spirit, that he (hould not goe up ; By what Spirit ? ' 
By the gifts of the Spirit, the fpirit of love, and their care of the 
Churches; but jP-w'/wavcs them all, for bee had the mindc of 
Chrift, by the voice of the Spirit him f elf e ; this was indcede in 
times of extraordinary Revelation ; but it ftieweth you never- 
thclefle the di6fercncc bctwccnc the voyce of the Spirit, and of 
the gitts of the Spi« its he giveth the greater power to the Spirit, . 
then to the gifts of the Spirit, being fuch kUKi of Gifts, wherein • 
humane fraihy mighi be mingled. . 

The fccond Rcafon \s taken from the greater power of Gods jj 
Voyce in Publike, then in private Adminift ration j If one of 
Chefc Eiders fb«ake unto thcnn, x\ may be but a private Incoa- 

•"'~~— ■ - ^ 

r—frf^m <m^- <» j » ^^ w»iii i 

'^'^"'^'^'^'^^'^^^^'^^''■^'^-'^nr'^f^'^'^ — >^.>.^^>.. — j^....-^.^. ■■ ., . ^.. .>i|p^^^„ -■^■■..s^.>^^^>^ nil- nhn t ..j - ' - - j''— -- j ^--^ ..•— .p--^-^--.]^,_ 

# •- 

8 fh} firjl riaS, 

raigcmcht ; Such as the advice of T^athan'wll unto David, ta 
build the Temple, i Cha, 17.2. But had he comcj (as afterwards 
he did) in way of Publike Adminiftradon ; Hec could not have 
beenefomfilakenasthenhe was j For therein doth the Lord 
fnore fpccially revcalcthc prcrcncc,and the po^Yer of his Spirit, 
and grace, c5ff<f«/». 18.18. ip.ao. Therefore it is. That when 
there commeth a great voice out of the Temple, it carrieth along 
the Seven Angels CO a Ipcedy difpatch of tliis great workc, of 

pouring out the Vials of the wrath of God upon the earthy 

yr^ - The firft Vfe may teach us all, that have any private induce- 

' mcnts or incouragcmcnts to any calling, or workc of G od, by 
any Church- Offacer, or Church- Member , not to flcightthc 
fame ; for thefe A ngels did not fleight the motion, when one of 
the Church Officers gaveuntothem the fcvcn golden Viols,but 
they rookc the Vials, And when they fea their time, when there 
commeth a pnblikc Voice out of the Temple, then doc they all 
follow on etfcdually with their worke, in their fcafons* Sleighc 

not therefore private cncottragements to good calling;s«buc lookc 

for further provocation and (Irengchning in them, from the pub« 
like Miniftry, even from the voyce of Chrift in the publike Or* 
dinances of his Church. Private Revelations without the Word, 
are out of date, but ccrtaine it is, that God doth (peake by his 
Spirit in private K'editation and Prayers, and conferences with 
Bretheren ; and in all thefe, comfortedi his people with the 
manifeftation of his fatherly goodneflc, yet fpeakcth nothing, 
but in his word, and according to it. Now thefe be good hints, 
and good encouragements, which God givcth his people ia 
them, and by no meanes to be (leightcd, when G od ihe weth his 
prefence inthem : God forbid that any of che fonncs or daugh- 
ters of God (hould put them away. Yet this let me fay, though 
filch be faire incouragements, (what private duty foever tl^y 
come in) whether to beleeve on this orthat gracious promife of 
God,^or to (lir us up unto any other Spirimall work, thefervants 
of God arc hereby led to attend the more upon the publike Ad- 
miniHrations of the Church, for the.further clearing ofthc mind 
and will of God ; There will the Lord more dearely reveale 
himfclfe by his Spirit in every Ordinance of his Worfliip, there 
doth he delight to poure out all his frefh Springs, *PfaUZj* Laft, 
For there the Lord commanded the bleHfing, even life for ever- 
more, Pfal^ 1 i 3 . g . Etcrnall life dotli he giyc ill the Publikc fd- 




»«^'*Ni^"»«'ifc«<^>''<ii>**— *¥ I fM% m\ M i l'' *' I «■■ '■ < u 

''*'^— ***'^' *^ ^\ Ml^' ^' I ' l' i i'^^ 


fow^hipofbis Saints^ tlieredoth hee confirme tTicir callings to 
thcitii lojke unto the Lord therefore for his blcfling in this wa/V 
andfofhall you be faithfuU followers of thefc holy Angels oi 
God, who being privately incouragcd, w&ice for apublikcvoice 
to carry them an end in their AdminiQrarions, wherein the Lord 
by the mighty power of his Spirit doth confirmc al his Promifes* , 
threatnings, and Commandemcnts, and more throughly flirretli 
up. the hearts of all his people to take hold of al that is fpoken un« 
rothcm; therefore if ever you perceive any voyce of fpirit to 
cake oflf a man from Publike Ordinances , and cauic him to 
Height them,then ever looke at it as a raanifefl delufion, for cvc-*' 
ry difpenfationof God, doth but enkindle a more earned longr 
ingthat the Lord fhould conHrme the fame by his broad Letters 
Patents, the Publickc Word and Sacraments in the Church. Yea 
fo^rredoethc Saints of God (land hereupon, that whatfocver 
is in private onely brought unto them to beiecve> they will findc 
muchadoctorcfi fatisfied in it« untill they fee it confirmed in 
publikc alfo . As when men have any fpeciall grant from tbeif 
Prince > and have it confirmed by the Privy Scale, they will noc 
retl therwtth^but will gototheLord Keeper for the Broad Sealc,' 
to confirme what was before Sealed to tnem, though either of 
them apart be fure^yet both /oyned together will make ic more 
fure: Shall men be fbcarefuU for this world, and fortemporall 
Patrimonies, and (hall Chridians take up every motion in private 
and neight publicke Ordinances ? Be not deceived, whatfoever 
isbroughtuntoyoubythefpirie of God in private, will caufe 
you to iecke for more cleare evidence fi-om his loud voice in 
Publike, where his voice goeth on more ftrongly and powerful- 
ly, convincing the Confcience, and breaking downe all Tempta* 
tions and difcouragemcnts that might hinder the comfoR of 
Gods people* 

The ulc in the 2.placc ferveth to reflcft a iud reprofc t^crforc f 
upon any that (hall delpUe or negleft the Publikc ordinances of 
God in rheChurch,for you fee here that what is confirmed in the 
whole Church is the great voyce of God, and that without con- 
tradiction to the holy Saints and Angels, if therefore the Publick 
ordioarces bevndcrmined and borne wi'neiTe againfl by any 
that comrocth not from the fpirit of thele Angels , but from 
f ome evill roote in the hearts of the fonnes and daughters of 
men. the report of which is a vexation of fpirit to hcarc there- 

i* or. 



op, Tl US much for the fir ft note. Gee posfre out the vials of- th •■ 

irrath of Godttpoiithe earths 

Andthefirft Angel rpent^ and poured oat hU viall vpcn the 
Earth* (^c^ 

Here is a world yon fee difcribcdjbaving an earth and Tea, 
and rivers, and fountaincs, and funnc, and aire, and they all be- 
long unto the Bea(l>andtbcrefcrctbc firll Viall is poured upon 
them that had the markc of the Bcaft, and the lad brought in 
the fall of Babilon: So that from fir(ltoIaff,thcyarcthc judg- 
ments of God vpon the Kdm^xi AntichriQian ft ate, as fixe of the 
feavcn feales brought in judgements upon the Pagan Romane 
\vorld,and the revcnTrump.^ts.hi;? Judgements upon the Chri- 
ftian world, as they were ruled by Chriftian Empcrours : foarc 
the fcvcniail Vials powrcd out upon the Antichiiftian world 5 
From hence therefore you ir.ay note thus much, 
, That the whole aniichtiflian world, or flatc is but eartbly 
2>3U*t» 3,^3 not heavenly For all thefc Angels are commanded to pourc 

chc vials of the wrath of God vponthe car;h, and rl:cy went 
not beyond their commifll on, in pouring ihern upon tl c (era, and 
Rivers, and fountains, and vpon the funne,and upon the throne 
of the Bead, and the River -Ew/?^'''^^^^ and the Aircj where- 
by the Holy Ghoft holdeth forth vnto us , that all thcfc are 
but earthly, the ftais but earthly, the fountaines and rivers 
earthly, their funne an earthly funne, and the throne earthly, 5cc. 
And though it is true ( as fome fay ) poure out any judgement 
upon any clement, and the earth fareth the worfe. for it : yet 
take tlie dclcription of chc Holy Ghofl.as it is plaine, and it 
intendeth the amichriftian world alone: They are of the world, 
therefore they fpeakc of the wor3ld,and the world hcareth them, 

\Ioh,j^ S, And he that is of tUe earth^fpeaketh of the Earth Joh,. 

3. ^i. And fo alfoare all their ordinances earthly* 
Meafl* The firft Reafon is taken from the efificiciit caufe of all their 

frame and flate,which is but from the Earth : ail their Do^lrine, 
worfliip,and government, fo farreasit is Antkhriftian is but 
humane, if notdivellifli, Rev^i 3.18. The whole number of the 
Beaft , whatfoever is nurobrcd to belong unto him, is but the 
number of a Man, humane inventions and wiH-wifcdomc, men 
will have it ro,and thivis the Summcof all Popifti Religion, 
^enf. 3. . As the whole frame of their Keligion commcth froiD tbq 

earth, Co doech it tend to the earth againc. for what doth all 






' ThefirJlvUn. 

drive at, but the maintenance of an cartHy Pompious, flatcly' 
Prelacy ;nothing in the world but devices to get money : they' 
arc f ub of covctoufnefs and ainbition;both whicb,whatarcthcy. 
but an open doorc to their earthly libertie ? tbcfc arc fcnfiiau. 
f faith /W<r^'^r.ip Jl not having the fpirit : There is nothing fpi- 
rituail in all their orders ^ nor in their pleafant Oghts , iweec 
fmells, delightfull nnufiqucand many goodly Fealts they have, 
and what arc they but to pleafe the taftsofiren;and all their 
carved and painted flocks, andftones,iheir goodly ImagesjWhaC' 
doe they but pleafe mens fancies, And 

This ycu fhallfinde in the third place, that their befl dc^ 
votions doe but leave a man in an earthly and carnall cQatCj 
and therefore the Holy Ghoft fpeaketh boldly, Rev,i^,zn'hati 
all that ivorpAp the Eeajiy their names are not yvritten in the 
hcoke of life yof the LamOeJlainefrom the foundation ofthevforld: 

Tliereis not a man of c!iem,that knowing and beleeving no 
more then what he hath from the Bead, can be faved, there- 
fore they thought not amifle who have writtcn.that a Papiftby 
his Religion cannot goe beyond a Reprobate, fo then what- 
foever is meant by thefe things in the antichriflian world,whcrc« 
on thefe vials were poured,all is but earthly; an earthly fea,an 
earthly funne, an earthly light, an earthly aire, fitter to choake 
mcnf fo farre asitisAnticMlian J then to breath any life into 
tlie foules of Chriflians. 

To (hew you the vanity of all their indtavours, that fludy , 
to reconcile Fopifli and PrctePant Churches together, I will 
i^y but thus much, you may as foone bring Heaven and eartlj 
together , as you can draw Popifh and Protcfbant Religion 
together ; for Popifli Religion is allbut earthly, andall thcChur- 
ches of Chrift arc Heavenly, and therefore when Heaven and 
earth meetc, then will Po^erie and FrotroUmj eicetc toge- 

In the fecond place let all men beware, Icfl they have any li- , 
courifli affc^ion towards the old ReU§icn,as they call it, if you ' 
ihall hearken to the voyce cf luch charmers* cliarmc they ne- 
ver fo wifely, your bell Religion will be but earthly, your pray- 
ers earthly , your faith earthly, your ot)cdien€c wiU bee earthl)^, 
you (hall find nothing therein able to anfwer an Heavenly ami 
fpirituall mind : what though they tell you that Protedant Re- 
ligion lovcth cafe J but as For them, they have their vyhippings» 
*' * "■" ' C a " "" and 

•- — * 

i > ■ III! MH ii > I ■ ! ■ n aM<M>^iaiMii I I i rt I rfi a r i i ii n tii tmma^^Mttm 

uni i^mrm 

li, TiefrfiViaK. 

tc fcourgin^s^and faftingf ,and thcfe ( they willf ay) are no Hicb 
earthly dainties ; Truely tliefe fo Rirre as thev are Antichri« 
ftUn are but earthly ; they faft from flcfh indeed, and from 
white meaC5, but they have the dainties of the Apothecaries 
fliops> prefervcs, and confcrves^ and (tich kind of pleafant meats, 
and what have they done all this while ? thefe their pradifes 
are not fandiHed ot God^and therefore doe leave the foules 
of men dill vnder carnall deUifions, being no other,but earth- 
ly and bodily cxcrcifcs. Coe and f9ure out the vials of the 
Tffirath of Qodvpcnthe Eurth^ and the prfirfient and poured out 
his 'viall vpsn the earths This is vpon the loweft and balcft c- 

lement, in the antichriQian world, Thence we may obferve. 
- - , That God in his ludgements vpon wicked pcrfons , and 
*^r**^* ftates bcginncth firft with the lead and lowed aoiongft thcmitbi's 

is evident in the Text, fird upon the earth, and the (ca is next; 
.which like the naturallfca is above the earth, and the Rivers, 
and fountaines are higher then it, and the funne higher then 
they : and then vpon the throne of the Bead, and when we come 
to open the fequell you (hall fee that all things goe in a gra- 
dation ; And in this fort did the Lord dcale when hee trought 
antichrift into the world, i?tfv. 8.7. Thefird judgement came 
vpon the earth J The fccond vpon the fea; The third vpon the 
rivers and fountaines of water ; The ^urth vpon the Sunne, 
then conuneth AntichridtheKingoftheBottomelcffcpit,^^^';'. 
9. II. and here in the 5. Viali his throne is rmitten,and upon 
the founding of the ffxt angell, the foure angels in the River €k- 
fhrates were loofened,and here pouring out the 6^^ Viall,the Ri- 
ver Euphrates is dryed up* And the confideration yeeldeth great 
light to helpe us in the exposition of thefe feven vials :. for by the 
fame deps wherby antichritt came into the world, b? the fame 
deps doth the Lord vnderminchimand bring him aowne.Por 
as fird the common fort of Chridians were corrupted when 
antichrid was brought in; To fird the Common (on of Otho- 
Uques are bladed, when antichrid bcginncth to GAU The like 
courfe did the Lord take in the plagues o£ Egjpt^Exod.j^i^^ 
Sic He beginncth with the lowed, drd to turne their waters 
into bleud, and thereby kiHeth their fi{h > but dill men fub(id 
well enough) but then he bringeth frogs into all the. land of 
£gypt, and they crawie into their kneading troughes, then he 


_ urmm"^ 

•■i - - - ■-'-— rrir'- ' r ,-■- ^ '--■•]-■ -,---— — — ,^..— — ..-.i>.-^^..*^..i>— >......^-^-^..>^.^.>^—— ^^^.i— .■■^^-^j* 

more loatlifometomeniand at length hee k31eth all tbeir firft 
borne, and at lad overwhdmetb Pharaoh and his bofieinthe 
bottomeoFthe red Tea; and all this is according to the old co- 
venant of his juf^ice, Levit.z6* i ^, 2 1, 24, 2 %. Ifjoa wilt not 
for all this hearken vnto me^ f will pttni/bfOH yet Jfevtn timet 

more for yowr fint^ fo he threatneth againe and againe in all 
thofe vcrfcs, untill at lad he bring upon them (ach fcareful and 

horrible Iudgements« thstthej become anhijftng to all nations. 

The Reafon of Gods dealing thus^is to magniBe Gods pa- 1 
tie nee vnco all; knowed thou not that the long fu6Fering of 
God leadeth theeto Repentance ^T^w. 2. 4, It becoinmeth 
the Lord to magnifie his patience and when he doedi drikehe 
will not fuddeDly flirre up all his wrath , therefore when here 
he commcth to judge Antichrift, he firftpoureth out his wrath 
where it is lead ot aU fenfibletothe great Lords of the Anti- 
chridian world>to magnifiethe equity oFhis lunices and that 
he might alfo leave them without cxcufc, if the lowed judge* 
incnts doe not prevaile : t1 is God doeth that he might be julti* 
iicd when he /udgethy Pf, 5 1,4. Thus thoogh^i/ wrath Be f 

revealed from heaven againjl all vnfcdlinejfe and vnrighteintf* 
neffe of men, Rom.i,iZ. yd fuch is trie holineile of Gods pro* 
ceedings* that hce will (hew his patience, and will ftrike gent- 
ly vpon the lead and bwcdin edate fird, and afterwards hee 
goeth on further in wadingto wade, untill he have overspread 
a date with puniditnent; thus doth hce together magnine his 
patience, and judifie his judice,and leave men without excufe* 

This may ferve in the fird place to teach all men in the fbre oft 
God^ to become wife by light ludgemems and gentle afflidi- 
ons, thofe which yctt would thinke may lead of alfconcerneyoii 
fle^ht them not : nothing more didant, from the chiefc men in 
a State, then the common multitude* A Judgement upon them 
doth not matter much, if a Famine were upon the common fort 
of people. Princes and Great men would notbe much adc^ed 
therewith. But the lead of his judgements diouldbe warningsb 
unto us, to teach us that the Lord haih taken his Sword into his 
hand) and will goon in.judgement, untillhe make the foules of 
men to tremble. W hat if a judgement begiiiupon mens cattel.l^> 
That is farre off : It will come nexr upoii your Servants and. 
Children, and it may be,reachto the wife of yourboCome 1 and* 
il all this prevailc not,lt may be,He wjU diik« you with grievoui< 
; "" '^ " ' " C3 ' " difcaftai 

■ r- , ,Mi , .>i „ t ^ n ,,^ij^ ,> — I , — n . .. n-^n-;: 

difcafcs in your body j and if you hearken not f orall ilib,' what 
if he lee the Devill loo(e npon chs foules and confcieoces of 
menand women ? What will the heart of a poorc Creature doe 
in fucha cafe ? O confidcr this all ye that forget God I leadhee 
cearc you in pieces, and there be none to deliver; When the 
Lord fttiketh aloofc from us, It is but the Viall of the firft An- 
.3CII, but when the Lordbcginncth, he will go on further • there- 
tore it muft be the wifdome of the fonncsof men to take heed 

^ ' of his nroakes afarrc oflF. This alfais the Method of Gods dea- 
ling with his ownc Children : He did not fall upon the Confci- 
cnce of his Servant loh at the firft, but upon his CattcH, then up- 
on his Servants, after that upon his Children, andnextly,uponbis 
Body,andatIaft, wrireth bitter things againft his fbule. Be wc 
warned therefore by the firft hints of chalHfements, by fmall and 
gentle vifitations , and happy they that learne to profit by fucb^ 
to turneunto God, and to make iheir peace with him, before his 
wrath breake forth like a devouring nre, and there be none to 
quench it, 

'fc 2] The fccond life is unto the common fort of Chriftians,if there 
beany more poorc and common, and of lefic efteemc then other: 
Marke what I fay, and take it from the word of the Lord, it bc- 
hovcih you in fpeciall manner to take heed to your R eligion;for 
ifcorruptions grow therein, you will be the firft that will fuffec 
by them« And why Co ? h is becaufe Religion concernetb 
the common fort of Chriftians as well as any other : and yet 
they commonly leave their Rcligon, (sls they fay) to men that 
arc wifer then themfelvcs ; well, ii you cannot read in the Book 
of God the broade Chara^crs of Salvation, and the way there- 
of, looke for it, that when the fmarting providences of God 
come upon any State where you are, you (hall firft tafte of them, 
and then (hall you fee the neccffity of looking unto your Reli- 
giom And upon this ground it is that ApotUe Iff^e, Vcrf^ 1 . 5* 
writeth unto all the faithfijll^ and exhortcth them. That they 

ffjQHld contend €arnefily for the Faith once given to the SMntt : 

Dtherwife they fliall have the firft hanfell of Gods ludgcments, 
for they will be foonefl corrupted, and fhallbee fooneftpuni* 
>«£F.4« Thatthedifcoveryof theloathfome, and niamefnlinnnesof 

fnen,isfrom the Viall of the wrath of God. For what was 
this Viall which is powred oat upon the earthfthat is upon the 
; " " '■ * v" " ""' Common 


c6minon Tort of Chfiftians ) It was tfccir convii^ioti ofthciif 
damnable Ignorancc,ahd Supcrflit'ion, Idolatry, and Hypbcrificj 
and thii the Lord rhfcatncth, as a judgement unto Hiefttfrlem^ 

EK.icf^ 1 6. 37. That hce wiU dt/ cover her nakidnejlt^ ih4t 
thofe that loved her^ and thofe that haled, her pjould fee her ttd-i- 

kedneffey Thus is his wrath revealed againft all unrighteoufheife 
of men. '> • • > - ... ^^ 

For the Lord is the firft caufe of all the Evill that is done a- 1 
mongthc Tonnes of N'cn, Amos 3, 6. So that, is mers wicked^ 
ncfledifcovered, is their loathrome^nnfullj carnall, corrupt ei 
fl ate laid open ? The Lord hath done it. 

Becaufcitis the proper worke of the Spirit of God tocoii- i 
Vinccthe World of finne, John 16. 8. and he workcrh jtb^ 

the Law, tor kj the Larp commeth the k/toivledge of finne,Rom\ 

7. 7» And what the Law doth, the lame doe the fcrvants of God 
by the Miniftery of it, yet all is the workc oi the Spirit of 
Goo#- -•■■'■'■ ' • • ■ >, 

The Vfc may be, firft to teach the Sonnes of men, to takC'j 
hccde how you fnarlc at Inflrumcntsof Gods wrath, thoi^h 
it may be, they may fomeiimcs dcale difordcrly ; yet is it your 
part to ice the righteous hand of God, and when men walke ac- 
cording to God, in difcoveting your wickcdncflc, there is it,v 
therjgnteoushandof God nuch more. As when the Angcli 
that poured out this Viall, Were encouraged by the Olficers of 
Chrift in his Church , and io by the Lord hirofclfe , to fliow 
men that they were full of palpable Ignorance, and fiiperftition:: 
Therefore let men Icarnc in thefe ca{es, tofan^ifid the Lord iti^ 
their hearts, and td acknowledge his hand on them, in fuch c6h<^ 
vi£lions of their finncfull and IhamcfuU eftatc and courfc.. 

Let it teach all (uch whofe fmnes arc difcovcred at any time,^ 
to humble ihcirfoulcs under the mighty hand of God, that as 
their linnes have bccne difcovcred by an Angel of wxath ; fo; 
they may be covered a gainc by the Angel of peacci ' • 

That the difcovery ohhe ftnnes of the Common fort of pco-7 
»pledothinflida noyfomc Boyle upon their corrupt leaders, 
and guides that allow them therein There feR a nojfome and 
grievous Jore upon the men which had the JM[*rke of the 'Beafi^ 
and upon them that jvor flapped hU Image, When all this wic- 

kednede is difcovered in the common C&thoUkes, then doth the 
IcaudnelTc of their leaders alfo grow notorious; what fay yout 


~ — * " ji^ii^^^^.^^.^^^...^^ •^*•^ r-^-,--. <rfc > 'Vv i - i nj i rn i T i T nrt'-r- 1 i r-' -- y-n-' f iv ~r 

rti ThefrfirUU.^ 

nowtoalltlieirCailioUckc Pricft$,Thcir wickcAicflcappcarcth; 
their Idlcneflc, Hy pocrific, Covctoufncffc , and wantonncflc, 
breakecb forth, J€ grievow fore lay upon them aU, to fee 
that all their labou rs arc difcovered, tobc but a building men up 
in wradi, the Spirits of the Popiih Leaders were greatly diftur- 
bcd and troubled tofee men fo bufie with their new Sumpfimttii 
A noy fome blemini waj it to all their Religious Ordcrs,andto all 
that did countenance the in the faoie.E vident this is unto al thofe 
that read the Stories of our ownc times, or the times o^ our Fa- 
thers, how this noyfome fore fell upon their Goids and teaders* 
And fo it hath done of old, Efmy <?. J 5 . 16. The Leaders of this 
^Pteple caufe them to erre : So Jer^ 5.3*. The Prophets prephe^ 
cie falfelj^andthe *Prieftj hare rule by their meaftes, snd mj 
people love to haveitfo : Thus are their Bilfe guides blemi(hed« 
Is^afou^ The Reafon is taken from the duty of the guides of the 

Church and People,whicbis to turn thei.i from their evill waies, 
^«r.2 3.23, Therefore if they lead them into evill wayes, needs 
muftanoy{bme(brefall uponthem> when the wickedneflfc of 
the people U dilcbvered. 
«rA 'This may teach all the fervancs of Cbrifl, to whom the Church 

of God is committed, td be the more vigilant in all the Admini* 
HratioBS of the things of God in his Houfe,thaC there may remain 
initnocorrupdons tliatare difcerned; but that being di(cefned» 
they may be alfo borne witnefle againft, and be leafonably roo* 
ted out, and tbefpirits of Gods people healed : elfe theforeneffe 
will fall upon the goids of the Church, the people may perifh in 
their (innes,but their blood will the Lotd reauire at the hands 
of thofe that (hculd leade them in the way wncrein they fhould 
goe.It is not enough for the people to {ay ,it is the ^ult of their 
guides, nor for Minifters to lay the blame upon the people, 
unlefle they warne them, then indeed have they delivered their 
owne foule6,but if the People perifli for lacke of knowledge^ 
God wiU require their bloodat the hand of their Guides. 


♦ - 



I A L 

R B V E L. 16. J. , 

A»d the fccond Angel fettrtd ent his vi'aU upen tie Set, 
anditbectmteasthebloodofa dead man, andeverj 
living fiuU died in the Sea. 

\ His Vcrfe dcfcribcs the pouring out of the Viall of 
j tlic fecond Anpcl : For the (ubjefl, Hepomei it en 
j tht Sea ; and the effect was, the Sf ticame as the 
hlaodef a DcaawuM.andtlieeSciSofthat, m the, 
iiviHg fmles in the Sea^ they aH djcd. The allufion' 
is, to alike plague upon c ■£glft , in the 7. of Exed. ao 1 1 , 
Where Mofei fliucke the River Nilits, and it was turned to 
blood, as iiecreTAf Sea became ,11 the b'.oodof a dead man ^ and. 
all ihefijh lit the Rivers dyed ; that if, of all forts lotne . 

Now for the meaning of this Iccond Viall. Firft, for the 
Sea, What is hecre meant by the Sea? And whatby the Se< 
bccomniirg blood, ''wrf'"'^' WW o/<« deadman ? And hbvV B 
every livingfoule in this Sea, faid to dye by this meancs t The 
Seacannotoerrie'iitthe ordinary Sea ofw>atei;s, fo^yoiicaii- 
Bot bring any]/ t'dscment on that fca, that can afflift Antich'rifti- 

k * .» n awi*a ^ » t - ta i , IUm » U f ll { m t 4l§t^f^^imp^ 

x8 rhefimdrtaS. 

ans more then ChriQians ; if you Should corrupt all the Sea {'as 
the PapiQs expound it, and yet they bclccve all thefe evils re- 
dound to AntichriR.} What hurt will it be to AntichrKl more 
then to the Church of Chrift ? If all the fi(h in the Tea died. 
What would it hurt ty4ntichrlfi more then ChrilHan Nati- 
ons ? cannot Antichrift be'fupplycd with other dainties on the 
iliore, out of the Flocks and Heards, and out of the Fields and 
Woods, and out of the Ayre from the Fowlcs there, though 
he never had any Fiih at his Table ? That therefore cannot bee 
the mtaning. But the fca is the fea of the Anttchrijiian world, 
a diflinQ world from that heavenly flate wherein other Refor- 
med Churches (land. TheSea>asyou loiow, is the confluence 
of all the Rivers and Fountaines of waters.; they all finally 
are gathered together into one place, and are called Sea* And 
truly the confluence & concourfe of all the fprings of the Chur- 
ches, they do meet together in one Religion, that is the common 

receptacle of all ; tyiU my frept fprings arc in the Lordy ?faL%-j^ 
7* In that Religion which the Church profcfl'eth ; And tlicre- 
forc Religion was refembled in the 4 of the B^vcl, zcrf, 6. Bj 
thefea of giajfe tiks unto Chryfla/l, that is, all the Ordinances of 
God they werefo dcare, as that you ir.ig*it fee Chriftsfacc 
in them as in a mirrour or glaffe, 1 Cor, 3,18. 

Wherein the ftate of Religion in the New Tcflament diffe- 
red from the (late of Religion in the old Tcftamcnr, Where 
the Brazen fea in Salomons Temple was indeed bright as 
bralTe, but thicke and not tranfparent , you could not (ee 
fo clearly the blood of Chrid in it i and yet there was a fea of 
Waters : What to doc ? In the a Chron,j^,2, to the end of 
the 6,verfe, which was for the Priefts to wafli in- Now what 
is it that can clcanfe the Priefts, but onely the blood of the Lord 
lefusi Now that was refembled by the water in the Brazen fea, 
Therefore all the Ordinances of Chrifl,which did hold forth the 
blood of Chrifl, to the waifliing and purging of the Priefts and 
people of Codf that is the fea* Now this fea, as you heard in 
the 15. OiAj^KV oHhe Jleve/atio»,thc i.verfc^ In the Refor- 
med Churches is a fea of Glafle , though mingled with Fire ; 
mingled with fome contention, yet the tace of Chiifl might be 
cleerely feene in it. But this fca heerc^tbatis, the Popifh Re- 
ligion, iz the cooflttCRcc of all their Ordinanccsi as they doe ad- 



I , -M ll l il I I " " -^ ^>. . ■»iii 

7he fecotid ViaB. 

ttjiniftcr the worfhip of God : And upon this fca, upon this Re* 
Iigion,is the fccond Viall poured. In the former ViaIl.Firft,men 
ftumblcd at the lives of PapUb, and thcf upon at the lives of them 
that led thcm,at their Priells covctoufncflcjignoranccand hipo- 
crific ihcy hkcd not their lives, thoi^h at nrfl tVcy flumblednoC 
at their religion:but thought it was the fault of iheir lives; but 
fbone after, they ftumblc at their Religion jfo that the next Vial 
is poursd on their Religion, the Ordinances themfelves^as tbcy 
are difpenced by thetn : the Viall is poured on them fo farre as 
they differ from Reformed Churches. Then what ? This being 
the fea, how is this fea come to be as bloud^That is this Religion 
of theirs is convinced, anddifcovered to be> not fuchas holds 
forth the clcanfing blood ohhc Lord lefus, as the Sea in Sah^ 
mons Temple did : and as the fca of Glaife like unto Chrim 
y^^f/Zdidibut holds forth the bloodofa deadman : A dead Chri(l> 

and dead Ordinances to any ipiriruall life. There is no life, no 
power, no favour of goodncflc in it j as the blood of * dead mnn^ 
whfch is not like the living blood of Chrfft, to cleanfc and puri- 
ne, and togivc life ; whojiever eats mjfie(hy anddrink^s my hload 

hath ftcrnalllifey John 6.54 But this is the blood not ofthc live* 
irg God, but of a dead man, there is the bcft of it, and what is 
that ? Fit to pollute and defile, fit to choakc a man, but not to 
feed him ;not to clcanfeand purge lim. And every thing living 
tn that fca dyed : Every thing, That is every foulc that had no 
other life, but what was bred and fed in that Religion * and had 
no other Chri^ian life but what he fucked and derived from that 
Religion, they all pcrifhcd everlaflingly, this is the meaning of 
the words of the Text. 

Now then it may be further demanded for clearing of this 
meaning, who is this Angell that pomes cut this viall of Gods 
wrath on this fcaf the lea (yon fay ) is Antichriftian religion, 
for the firft began with the earth ; this goes up higher , and 
fo higher, and higher, till it come to the throne, and till at 
length 'Babilon be fallen : So that allthcfc plagues fall on the 
antichriftian flatc. But who is this Angell that pcurcth out this 
.Viall ? There be fome conceive that they arc they who met 
in the councell o^ Trent y and gathered all the Qreames of Pc» 
pifh priefls, and their dodlrine, and pradife, and ratiHed them 
all in that CounccU ; yea fome thinke that BeHarmine hath 

D 3 done 

20 Thcficoitd Vlalt, 

done tlie Qiurcb of God good fervicc, in gathering the body of 
Controvcrfics, bctwccnc protcftams and popifli Churchcs,and 
hath delivered them in fo many volumes that you might have 
a whole fea of antichriftian doftrinc. worfliip, and govcrnc- 
ment by him confirmed, though I doe not diOike the nocion,and 
it will fall into the true meaning , yet that holds not doCe to 
the letter of the Text, for the Text makes all the Angels to be 
5* Rev. I J 5. fuch as come out of reformed Churches,* the Temple open 
tf. in heaven 5 members of rcbrmcd Churches , all cloathea in 
pure and white linnen, godly ChriftiariS, righteous foules, and 
girded with golden girdles, llabliflied in the truth of the Gof- 
pcll, therefore they cannot be the Bifhops,and Do(5lor8 of Rcmc, 
nor BeU.trmine nor any of tl.cm that have held forth Popifh Re- 
ligion in a Popi(h Church ; What then ? Then it mult bee o- 
ther Minifters and Profeflbrs of reformed religion, who have 
difcovcred the religion of the antichriftian ftate to be as it is, 
ebieEt, You ^,-,ii fjy j-an they turne Popi(h Rehgion to bloud. 
jinfrv, 'j'hg Dodors of Trent indeed have , Belhrmine makes it 

Worfc by maintaining and confirming of it. True but can Mi- 
nifters of reformed Churches be faid to doe fo, Markc they are 
%d to poure out a viall, not by making their religion worfc, 
but making it appeareas bad as it was; I hey being righteous 
men, they could not corrupt religion , tut difcovcr it, and 
make it appcare, that all the decrees of the councell olTient^ 
and of BelUrmine^ and fuch Popifli writers j they difcovcred 
them to bee nothing but a fea of corrupt dodrine , and wor* 
{hip : all the (Irearaes that run in that Tea, are all polluted and 
filthy, that who fo lives and dies in them, periflicth cverlafling- 
ly. And fuch were all thofc worthy fervants of Chrift, that 
have written either againfl the Trident Councell , or againft 
Bellarmine^ that have convinced their Do(5hinc and worfhip 
to be all polluted and corrupted, and to be fuch that if a man 
know and pradire,and belecve no better he cannot be faved« 
fuch hath been (hnmititis^ and Jnnws^ ChamicTy Whitaksr, 
and Rcignolds ^Perkins i and ^f^^^jandthereftof the holy Saints 
of God, that have poured out this viall of Gods wrath, that is, 
that by their doArine.and writings from the word have pou* 
red out fuch deare convidion, and refutation of their do(^rinc 
and worihip) that to alK ijiat are not pirtiall^ it appeares to be 


»._ ..4daiaa^a,Ma^flltaBitokH 

^. . 'jrrnx^-^:: -.^1. -•■..- ..- _ - • - • ■ ■ 1 .,■.--.»■> .i,.>^>^M,,, 

rhefecond Vtat. 

not tbc bloaJ of the Lord Icfus, buiof a dead mail, and thcK 
fore who ever lives and dies, in that reh'gion, hee cannot die 
better then a reprobate, nor live better then an hypocrite, this 
is the true meaning of the fecond viail. 

The firft note that we may gather ( I will not be long in it,iior 
in this piacc the matter requires it not,in fome places it Hiigbc. J 

As upon the corruption of common Chridians fbllowesthe 
corruption of religion, fo by the difcovcry of the corruptions of 
Chrirtians,or upon the difcovcry of the corruption of common 
Chridians, followes the difcovery of corruption in Religion. 

This note followcs upon the former words, compare this 
vcrfc with the fecond trumpet, vpon the founding of the fecond 
trumpet, there was brought in corruption of rcligionjin the Im- 
pcriail Chriflian world, as in the 8. Chapter of this booke, and 

the y*% p.ver. The fir 1^ A»gell Jour.ded^ and there follorvei 
ha'tle a»d fire mingled rvith bloudy yvherebj all the green gf^^jfc 

noi burnt ftp,&c. The firft Angcll pcurcd out fire andbloudi 
that is vncharitableneffc, and contcntioufnefTc, and fo corrupti- 
on grew in the fpirits of common Chriftians , and what Id- 
lowed upon that ? And thereupon the fecond Angel founded,, 
and there fell a great mountaine burning with fire, cad into 
the fea , on the contentioufneffc , and quarelling of common 
Chriflians and their ambition. There grew contention, about 
primacy in Church Governours, and ihatfo far corrupted the 
fea ( A mountaine of high preferment being cad into the fca) 
that a third part of the fea became bloud, here was a third part 
a great part of their religion, fpecially that which concerned 
gov crnemcnt, became bloud, very noifomc, both their do^rinc 
and governement : fo that looke as on the corruption oi the 
lives of Chridians, prefently religion grew corrupt, fo on the 
difcovery of corruption in common Chridians. In this fecond 
viall follows the difcovcry of corruption in religion it fclf,inthis 
(econd viall : and looke by what degrees,the trumpets founding, 
brought in cormption into the Church ; by the fame degrees, the 
vials bring forth the difcovcry of corruption in thcChurch thcvi- 
als of Gods wrath difcover corruption & pollution in Religion • 

The reafon of this point is taken from the powcrfull effi- ^ 
cacy of all religion ,to transformc the fincere profclfors of it, 
to the like nature With it felfe, looke what the tdigwn is^fuch 


u.^ — ^.^^^^. -^..^ MMM«MBIMk«ta*dlMiMi*failite*W^^h«^M^ 

.jXi^^tj-^J^SJ^Sr-zS^rsrsz^ ' 7 ^ ^1 »— *a^»j— *i— 

5 J The feconi VUU. 

k the fpiiitofall that arc finccrc, and fcrious profcflbrs of it, and 
therefore if there come in any corrupt dOi5lrine,& corrupt reli- 
gion, our Saviour tells«s,i; their fruits je fhAllkttorv tbcm^ for 

iijch as their corruption is in judgement, fuch will it bee in 

their lives, in Afat^y.i y. BeT»4re of falje prophet f^^^^kj/ their 
fruits you PjaII k^orv them, Mgood tree cannot Ir/ng forth evill 
fruit ^neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good frmt, and fo 

it was with the Pharifces, though they were the ftriftcft feft 
of the Icwifts Relig^ion, ^ff. 16.5. Yet as they were corrupt 
in their lives, fb their Religion was corrupt, and thofc that 
were Profelites to it* Mat, 13. 15. They made them twofold 
more the children of hell then shemjdvts^ iTVw.gij, EvtU 
men and deceivers re axe rporfe^andyvcrfejieceiving and being dt'^ 

eeived^ and the ground of that is this, the concurrence of the 

fpirit of God with his ownc word, and the concurrence of the 

fpiric of Satan, with his ordinances and inQrudlions , there is 

a (pirit goes with both,that doth aHimuIate and tranlForme a 

po werfull profeflbr of finccre Religion, to be finccrc in heart* 

And the Profeflbrs ol corrupt Religion to transformc them into 

the nature thereof : In the 5P of Efaj^ verfe 21, Mj Spirit 

that is upon thee, and my ivords vphich I have put in thy mouthy 

Jhall net depart out of thy mouthy nor out of tke mouth ofthyfeed^ 

nor out of the mouth of thy feeds feedt from henceforth and for e- 

ver^ Gods fpirit goes with his owne Ordinances, where ever 
they arc rightly and fincerely received, as alv/ay by fome they 
are, where ever they have free paflagc, they will have fome 
good iffuc, and fome pcrfons or other, on whom they will 
worke fuch a change , in 2 C^r, 3 \%,Wc aU mth open face 
^eholdingf as in aglaffe, the glory of (yod are changed into the 
fame tm ige, from glory to glory ^ as by the fpirit of the Lord^ 

Confequcntly if Antichrtfi come with his delafions, hee (hall 
come with all the power of Satan, who/e comming((aith the A* 
poftle,2 7'^<^/.l.p. 10. ^ is after the working of Satan, and 
with all power of fignesand lying wonders, with efScacic of 
ddufions ; a figne thefe deluHons are not iceerely Natio- 
nall, but cfi'c(5luall, to transforroe the heartlike unto the mindc, 
their urjll like unto their /adgement,and their life like unto both, 
that yon fliall have the whole frame of their Rate, fuch as is 
their Religion * if the lives of Ca^olike Profeflbrs be corrupt. 

The ficond Viot, , i^ 

an evident argument their Religion is corrupt, and if theor Reli- 
gion be corrupt^ their lives cannot bee found, they that live by 
that Religion mud needs be corrupt t fo that upon the discove- 
ry of the corruptions of the lives of Catholikes, then men began 
to (cruple their Religion;atM it was fairely interpreted of fome 
Catholikes, that were reformed^ and brought to the truth, they . 
thought that all abufes found inthe Friars& M onks was but from 
the hvesof men, their religion was better, their religion did noc 
teach them {b:and therfore thought Hill^they might appeale to the 
Pope himfelfjas Luther did,they thought it was the ignorance of 
the PrieftS) that brought Pardons into the Countrey to fell them^ 
for groats and fhillings; but this was but a charitable opinion, and 
in truth,the Prices the miniftcrs of that Religion, did but a^ the 
fpirit of that R -hgicn, the whole heart was licke^and the whole 
b|cad and body mortally diftcmpered. 

The Ul*c is thus much, it muft be a word of holy admoni* F/c h] 
tion.and warning to all ProfefTors/m this Countrey, and Church 
members, to all thatprofcfTc they came out of England for pu- 
rity of Ordinances , to be very circumfpe^, pure, and faithfully 
and zealous in all their whole converfation v for beleeve it, you 
will finde this true, aiul remember it while you live, \^ you bee 
corrupt in T^yv-EngUnd^ if you be unfaithful! here, ityoubc 
worldly miiidcd here, faUe of your words and proroifcs here,, 
in/urious in your dealings here, beleeve it one of thefe two will 
unavoidably follow* either ail £/7j^/<<W will Judge your Refbr«> 
mation but a dclullon, and an invention of fome of your Magi* 
(lrates> or Elders^ or otherwise looke at you, as not (jncere but 
counterfeit.. This unavoidably you will Hnde true, you cannot: 
poure fortha Viall of more wrath on Religion, as it is bCiere: 
reformed and ellabliCbed,through the bleding of God,you can-^ 
not load it with a heavier Viall of Gods wrath ; then if heereyoa- 
ihUl grow worldly^and covetous,deceitEiU-ind contentious^an^ 
unbrotherly.Are thefeyour Church members,ruch&fuch'tniags. 
were done,but I hope it was not your Church Member5,arewe 
not all brethren ? Doth our Eftates lie much of them in Com- 
mon f Well, what ever things may be, though ChriHian love- 
will pafTe by much ; yet beleeve it, if men make no confcience 
of their bargaines, but that they doe defraud others* If men 
make no confcjcncc of heavenly mindedncfife of purity and 

i^ The feconi VUll. 

icalc J andtWnkcit needs not,butrcft in meet formes of Church 
Ordinanccs,you will unavoydably-, pciwea VisH of Gods wrath, 
as iKiich as in you lycs, on all the purity of Gods Ordinances, and 
judge you how diflionourablc it is to God and holy religion, and 
how blame- worthy it is in fuch as are faulty herein, however 
you wDl anCwer this before the Lord at his comming ? For you 
cannot avoide it,this wiUbe the ifluc j either we are ccuntcrtcit 
Profefibrsof Reformation, or that our reformation is counter- 
feit, you fay you came over for puritic of Ordinances ; Eutin 
trutb,you didbutdiflcmble, & however you thoughr,it was not 
in your hearts, the event proves the contrary ; if you be not /in- 
cerc, but hollow Members of the Church, and corrupt livers, 
under the govcrnement and wor (hip of God hecre eltabli/hed 
and ordered, I fay, you will force all whofe eyes arc on youj 
tliroughout the Chriftian world to thinke, thefe are but the in- 
vcntionsjof men ; there is no. truth, no true heartedncfle in the 
Religion here eQabli(hcd : and for the Religion cOablidicd in 
JEngia»d, what ever you talke of humane inventions, we know 
there is no fuch unfaithfull dealing, and hollow heartcdntfrc,no 
fuch bitternelfc between Chriftians. A Miniflcrs Prcfcncc is ami- 
able, and his fectbcautifulU and where hec comes, it is not 
thought too homely to be regarded, of better then himlcife. 
If Religion in our Native Ccanirey,of them that are finccre, 
if it bold foorth more puririe there, belccvc it, it bcares 
more evident witneffe to the truth of God there , fo much 
as is truth, then as we doe, that profeflc greater (implicitic ; 
thefe arc but the names of things , but the reality is wanting. 
It is rcvcr to be forgotten , the Argument of the bicfled A- 
poftle, the Ci-mf'irttf/tooke offence athim ('as they were hu- 
mcrous, though gonly men) yet a generation cf^ihcm were 
haughty by ibeirgreatgifts, P^til faid he Would come to Co^ 
r/»/A,hcpromircdtocome, but he did not, and they thought 
he uf:d lightncflc ; it was an eafic thing with him to be Tea and 
IK ay : What faith the Apoftlc ? Whtn If aid I ircttid comc^ 

didlttfeiightmjfe^ that mthrne there Jhould be Tea, and Nay f 

Nay, faith the Apoftle, ( I pray you marke it, and I could 
wi(h , it were engraven on the tables of godly mens 
bearts j in the 2 C rimh, i. i8, as Godistrue^ our Word to^ 
-B^a-djot^ rr/u mp Tea and Nay : How doth hcc prove that f 



■fcfcO^W— * ■■ ■ ' l ^ " *«l«*l Bill^ W wiF^ 





f^crthe Sonne of (7o^, /<5^ Chrifi, nvho waif reached antong^ 
y^u f fy Hs was net yea And uay, but in him was jea^ and aU 
•^he promifes of God in him, are Tea and Amen» What is ttis 
the purp<ic ^ If the Qoffelhe preached he not yea and nay ^ 
hen neither are hit prcmtfes yea and nay : this h his intend*^ 

to " 


menti dfe his inference is nothing* 

I you will fay, Miniders and Apoftles ought to be (uch, boBt 
llhthat followcs wraps in all profellburs, Noyv hcc which 
Habhtheth you with us in Chrift ( it is not BIders onely j and 
he that anointed us is God,whoanointeth with (uch oile as ftdls 
on every member of his body ? who hath affo fealed us , an4 
given the earneft of the fpirit in our hearts, and makes us eve- 
ryway liice himfelfe, therefore faith he, I call God to record 
that to f pare you I came not yet to Coyi>f/^,othcrwi(c as the Golr 
peli preached by him and Silvanw Be TfmotheustV/zs not yea and 
nay, but in him was yea> no more was his promife^this is the fpi« 
ritof Chrifliansiand Miniflers,and fo of al chat are eilablifhedto^ 

gether with their Mini(lcrs,anointed,and fealed andconfirme<( 
in grace with their Miniflcrs , and Ijavc ireccived, the eameft 
penny > t<» bind the bargaine of eternall falvation, to faithfiill 
foules ; So looke what a Chriflian doth prdmife, he is bound 
by the earned penny of Gods Spirit, hee dares no more alter 
his words, to the difcrcdit of his profcflion^ then the Spirit ojf 
God to lie* . - ': 

- » • * 


Sothatcon(ider,if Profeflbrs grow corrupt. Religion wil 
grow corrupt; and on thcdi'covcrypf thcoorruptioAof conr- 
mon ChrilHans, corrupt religion will be difcOvered, el{b yon 
will be difcovcred to be carnall prof cflblrs. 

Bat there will be thefe two events, either it will caft afper-* 
fion on you, and lo they will fay none arc better ; the fpirit 
of the Country is dcceitfull in their bargaines, there is no con-* 
ftancic in their words. . 

■ . . f 

Or elfcthat yout Religion is corrupt i Jiadthiswai srlfo fol* 



ithe fec0nd rut. 3§ 



low uiiavoidably , though your Religion bcc of God, and the 
Lord himfcUe will bcare witnelTe, it is of God, and according 
to the true pattcrne of the Word; yet if We in this genera- 
tion {hall defile it , by our uufaithfulnclTe , unfpiritualnclTe 9 
unhcavenUnefle, and ungodlinelTe , this \A'iIl be the iffue ; on 
the corruption of the lives of Profcflbrs, fullowes corruption 
of Religion, and upon the difcovcry of (he one, follo^cs the 
difcovery ot the other; 

That Religion, which by the blcfling of God , and the po^ 
wer of his grace , is difpcnftd heere in fimplicity , will bee 
corrupted in the very next generation ; you will f^nde your 
Children afcer you ( oi whofe (late yon ought to have as 
much care^ and Id inke, I may fpeake it without inconve-^ 
niencyy more then of your ownc : you may know the worfl: 
oi It for year fclvcs, bring necre the grave many of you : but 
vcrely, what will befall your Pofterity ? They will dcgcne- 
raicout of meafure, by the unfjsithfulncfTe of your lives, and 
unrighteoufiicfTe of our promifes, they will fail to bee itarke 
Qoughcii) ppit)(orDodrine, Wpriliip, and Government, they 
Will iittcdy degenerate froni their Anceftors , let buc us bee 
polluted , and all the waters that come from us will be pol* 
luted, it cannot be fwe^t water that runnes through a poy« 
fonous earths if the. earth bcc unfavoury, the Waters, and 
Cepcb, and Rivers be poyfoned, what will the iflue bee, all 
will bee corrupt : and therefore as you deflre to leave Reli- 
gion with a blelHng^lfavc it pure in the converiation of Bro- 
^leily love,..and punty, and faithflilnefle , and fruitfulneffe, 
and heavenly iniiidedneffc ; that Co as Bcligion alwaycsloves 
to lye cleane> .as was a grave fpecch of an ancient Saint, it 
will not lye naOy as a Swine, and a Dogge in a kennell, sc 
mad lye fweec and deane : if the hearts and waics of men be 
no( pure and holy, you (hall not alway haye the Sea deane, 
but Religion will giow to AppHacy, and that Which is our 
glory, wul be our contution*. 


rmmmmi^mm^itmmmmr9''''''r'''^m9imf'fwm^ni'''^''^'''''''''^'''*^* ivhiimw.ihi 

^ ■■ _ - J _^ -^-^ ■-^-^. ^^ — -^ — . ^ — ^^ a^^^^^^^mzk-smiiA^ 


7he fecotid f^iilm 

« • 

• * 

The raitffull Minia^rs], and ProfcfTors of Reformed R6« 
!ig'ion> andChiT'hcs , bypowring cut the wrath of God oil 
Popidi Religion, have difcc vexed it; not to hold forth the blood 
of the Lord Icli s, but to bee as the blood of a deadman^XhAt 
is the Sea, the Antidriflian Sea , the confluence of all OrdU 
nances in it, not to bee the blocd of the Lord Ie(u$> which is 
oncly able to purific and to pacifie the Confcicncej no (iich 
thing to be found in it. But a blood fit to quicken and give 

lift, John 6, 50. 51- Hee that drinkes of mj h'ood^ fbai live 

for ever : but they have difcovered ic to be the blood of a dtdd 

It was the fpccch of Mafter Terkins often in his Sermon^' 
and throughout hib Writings ('who was one that powred one 
this Viali) he would (ay to his hcarcrs> Young Schollefs : 
Popifh Bookes in holding forth the blood of the Covenant, 
they hold it forth in a icorall manner , but without the life 
and power of his death i hee expounds it thus : They will 
very evidently fet forth the cruelty and treachery of Ittdaf^ 
that betrayed him, and the Wordly-mindedncfTe, andCovc- 
toufncffe, and Ambition » of the High Pricl's, that bought 
and plotted his death ; they will ( faith heO niakc bitter in« 
ve^tivcs againft the prophanencffc of the levfesy that Were ica» 
dy to renounce him, t/iivay with him^ awaj wuh him^ Lrtt" 
cifie him , and dedaime againfl the timoroufneflfc of 'Pilate^ 
and bafe-mmdcdncffe^ that could not deliver an Innocent; 
and dedaime of the cruelty of the Souldiers, and magnifie the 
Innocencic of Chrijt lejm^ and make the people many times 
to wccpc, that Irfies an Innocent man, had bccne thus pro- 
phanely fould and bought » and thus bafely condemned, and 
cruelly handly : All this might be done, and all but to (hew 
forth the blood of an Innocent man. Bui to (hew the need 
of Chrills blood, and how they (hould walke worthy of if^ 
and how they (hould obcajnc it> it is the lead part of their 


M>JMhMiM*fcM— ■— f^^iMMIi^rilll 111 imiMMI— ^bMiWaMMlii 

cliftourfc, and indeed, no part at all : What is this but the 
hlaod of 4 dcAd Adan, to raifc up bitter detcftations againd 
the Icvves, and Souldicrs, and Pi/ate, &e* But to raifeit up 
to any powerfuU eflied in the hearts of Chrtfl;ians> ic is not their 
endeavour that are mod: devout* . \ 

• » • 

caf. Inc Rcafon is firft taken,. 

From their holding foorth, not indeed the true Chrift ; 
Whether ycufpcake of their Doftrine , Worfliip , or Gon 
verncment, they doc not hold forth the true Chrift, They hold 
forth Chiift G od and Man, that is true j fo farrc they goo 
with us, and hold that Chrid dyed and role againe, aswedoe, 
but when they come to fpcakc of the Offices of Chrift» in 
\vhich indeedc , bee is favingly held fortli to the people, there 
they bring in another Chrift, and renounce him ^ For either 
take the true Chrift, as the true Chrift, or elfe none, for he 
will not divide ftakcs. Looke at all Ins Offices, ('And I will 
give you but a touch of them) Take the Mediatourly Offacc 
of Chrift i they will liavc other Mediators, of Reconciliati- 
on, and Intcrceflion , befides the Lord lefus. Doth not the 
Pricft every Sacrament of the Lords Supper , offer a Propi^ 
ciatory Sacrifice ^if I may call it a Sacrament of the Lords^ 
SupperJ this is conftant with thcm^ 

% - 

Now this 1$ to tring in other Chrifts for Reconciliation^ 
befides the Lord Jcfns^ Whereas the Apoftleinthe io,Chap*^ 

tcrtothc H(r^2'tfw«,thci4.Verfc,faith, 2?; one offerings hee 
hath for ever f erf e tied them that are fanUifUd : and he pro-. 

fcffcth, that onefy the Sacrifices of the Law were oft repea- 
ted, bccaufc they could not make thecommers thereunto 
perfed^ Hcbr, Chapter i o, verf, 1 . to the 14. verfr. So that 
to bring in any other Sacrifices , ia abfolutely to renounce 
his Mediation and Reconciliation ; and they arc not afha- 
med, I confdTe, a roan migbt (bnd and treniile, thofe tbac 
die: more devout and. zealous Catholikes , they will not ownc 
^at Do^bjne \ but they wiU owne this, they arc not alharoed 




^r r I ' ^^' ""I ^-iin^ir^ mr"^""^"^"*— 

CO entreat Chridby the Uentoi the blood o£Tbomdf^t6aHn 
sbcm a blefled Refurrcdion ; by the blood of Tbomat^ wbicb 
for us hee did fpend , make us to rife wbithet bee cM af« 
cend. • 

• ' • .* 

Now J if they put on Chrjftians the blood of ThcmM, and 
give them to rife by the blood of Thomas, there is anotlKrrc- 
conciliarion joyned with the blood of the Lord Jf/f'* r and 
indeed, all Sacisfadlory Pcnnance , and Whippings, and Maf-*" 
£cs, what are they aU but Copartners with ChriQ, in helping 
forward his fatisfadion, as if it were not fufiBcient ; other 
lacrificcrs, and other facrificcs , every Prieft is a facrificer , 
and every new facritice is to make attonemenr.- 

And fo doe I Dy for his mcdiatourftiip of interccflion,yoif 
know they ioy n faints, and angclls^cfpccially the Virgin Mary?. 
as the mothers and fathers of grace,ana pray the Lord to hear tor 
their merits fake, fo that take the whole mediatourly ofHce of 
Chrift, for reconciliation, and intercefnon ; you muft hava 
more Chrifts then one, and then he isofnoneefieA>if hcroa/> 
not doQ aU in point of merit and fatisfadron : even all the righ*' 
tcoiifncfTe that he hath taught us to doe, it is vnprofitable. fbc 
fuch ends, we may profit our brethren, and heipe our felves by 
his grace, for many fpirimall good ends, but for fatisfa^tionyfoc 
(Derit and the like it is to fet up a New Chrifk, befides tbe 
Lord lef us, thus is his pricfUy oibce evacuated. And fo his* 
Fropheticall office, to bring in other fcriptures, as the Apogrjm 
pha that he confirmes not, befides fcriptures, of unwritten tram« 
cion carried from handto l}and,and yet many great points oftheu^ 
Religion arc built thereon, even all the corrupt dodrinewhicho 
they deliver by tradition. For his Kingly office, yai knoWr 
they fet up other Lords and Governors of the Church befide» 
him 9 I meane fuch governours as neith<;rare the Lords,, noc 
5VCC were inftituted by him, as the Pope ,. and Cardinals 
and Primats, aijd MctropoUtans,and the whole tout of . Popiflii 
Hierarchic from the Apparritor to the Pope , they are of bis in- 
vention and appointment} and as they have owe loiU^^ fq 


f • 

« ♦ 

V ^ 

other Lawc$;^e whole cannon Law is noiiedrthe brdlnaiiS 
CCS of the Lord lefus » fot the governcment of his Churchy 
much of it cent raty to the word of God, and as they haveo* 
thcr Lords and lawcs^fo they have other frames of Churches^ 
Oecutncnicall, Catboh'quc Churchy Metropolitan , Patriarchall , 
Archipifcopall , Epifcopall , Diocc^n , which Chrid never oc'- 
dained in the ^ew Teilament, and they have brought King* 
ly or Monarchical! power into the Churches which Chrilt ne- 
ver gave them» and that noc onely to cxcomniunication, bat 
to dethrone Princes, and to fubOiture others in their roomcs; 
and in one word, they are not adiamed to {ay, it is lawf ull 
for the Pope to difpcnce vi ith the Apoftle P**«/,and he doth 
difpence with inceduoiis Marriages, and with abfolutions 
and notorious Cim , for fuch fummcs of money , given for 
fome religicas, or rather fuperftitious ufe, and they will di-- 
fpence with oathes which God himfelfe will not, nor can,he 
will not fufFcr lofHuhs oath, and the Princes with the C7/^0« 
nitet to bee broken, bccaufe it was the oach of God with 
them, therefore thcymuft kecpeit, fotbat here is not more 
then civill, but more then fpirituall power, brought into the 
Church; fo that well doth the holy Ghofl ray,herc h not the bloud 
of Chril but the blond of a dead man. 

Againe, I might (hew the like in other the chjefe ftrcames,' 
whereof their fca confifts, that Faith which they have, it is builc 
on the Scripture, and the authority thereof they have from 
the Church, their faith is built on theSaipture,and the Scrip* 
ture on the Church, and fo the laft rcfolution of ir,l8 but hu- 
mane authority, and (o that faith is no aflurance, ( for thac 
they fay were prefumption) but humane creduhry,and fofoc 
juUification and falvation, they will have it by mtrits,and for 
worfliip , worfliipping Saints and Anccis , and in a ftrangc 
language, which common people vnderftand nor, an vnrcalo- 
nable fervice, io that here is nothing but as dbc bloud of a 
dead man they want the vitalls of Chriftianity^ 

Por the Vfc of if. 

It may Icrvc to fljcvv the wcakncffc of .their imaginadons 


MWHII •■ !■ !• Ill ....... ^ II.. I, m,.i 1,11 ^1 .m i,w 


•r-^. '.-rr-'^m-.-^ '.wkI .V^^-^ . t^ mum w ■ .1. ■■! "^ . ■ 

that <Ide beleeve Popifliand Proteflaoc religion' may be .. 
conciled together, and Popifli and Prcteftant Churchesj may 
bee brought to bee one, were it not for hot fpurred lefiiits 
on the one (idc, and for hot (pirited Proteftanta , Pnritants* 
on the other (ide. if moderate fpfrits had things in hand> 
they have hoped to bring both ends together. Alas to bring 
heaven and earth together, goe your waies, poare out yoor 
vials on the earth^their fea is but an earthly fea> their (iinne 
is but an eardilyfun, and their rivcrs» and fountaines,arebut 
earthly, and yet all may be reconciled , the bloud of a dead 
man, and God, life> and death,heavea and heU^andall^ihaU 
be reconciled. ' 

It (hewcs what great reafon we have everlaftingly to ftanci 
out againd ail comprominng with them, and all {ubjeAion to 
any thing that percaines to that Religion, for they have facred 
truthes, as they beleeve. Father, Sonne, and Spirit, and that 
Chrift is God and man, but otherwife, for the body of all their 
other Ordinances, they are fuch, as in very truth, have not the 
blood of the Lord lefm'vn them, but are as thchloodcf a diad 
tnan^ as they have them,and corrupt and polluicthem. 

LaQly, Every liv'tHg fonle dyed in the Sea^ why did none 
live on the earth, but were all dead in this Sea ? All that live on 
the earth, all Catholikcs, they live in that Rdigion, Icfuits> Fri* 
ars, Every Uvtng joule died in that Sca^ 

The lad note then is. 

D<fSi, 3.' 

A Popifli Catholike that lives according to his Religion^ 
iand no better, he lives and dyes in a ftate of Death and Dam. ^ 
nation ♦. For fo faith the Text, Every Uvinf^ Souletn that Sf^ 
dyed. If he had no other life, then by that Religion, no othc-r 
goodneHe then that which he got from that Sea, hvingintho(<i 

^j^ets^ which they lucked from that ^cligion> from uieOrdi<* 


* * % 

wcSthcre ~: if lie have no more then diat, hfl aBii$ ^mk 
to ^ State of Salvation, lie dies in that Sea, 

ft »M 

The Rcafooof thepomt, 


Is taken, Firft, irom the Grace held foorfli in that Rcligii 
on : Secondly, from their faith. Thirdly, from their Repen* 
tance : And Fotirthly . from their Obedience ^ they arc all 
iiidi as are hnt dead : their veiy Grace Iiolds foorth dead 
Workcs ; the Faith of a CathoHke,is a dead Faith ; their Rc^ 
pentance,is dead Repentance, their Obedience, is deadworks^ 
and that is all their Religion : and in thefe is the life of aChrii 
ftian, the life of Grace, the life of Faith, the life of Repentance, 
and the life of Obedience, if thefe be dead, what life is there? 
For the grace of God, Bj grace je are faved^ not of Work^s, 
'i£yhe{^i. S. ^« Kow *hcy wBl not have it of Grace but of 
Workcs, not of Itving Grace, but of Wotkcs, that is die mod 
:generall opinion. Nor no .redemption of Chriflians, but com* 
anon toail alike, Reprobates and true Chriftians> and the difle- 
irence arifcth in vocation, and that is out of workcs, out of mc^ 
^it of Congruity , and their luftification is out of Merit of 
".Workcs, and Perfcvcrance in Grace, is out of Concurrence of 
Free will, and Glorification is from Merit of Cond%nity -of 
Workcs, and if all thefe be of workcs, here is all the grace of 
God to fecki (what faith the Apoflle ? ) if it be of JVprksf, ic 
is not of Grace, Rom, 1 1,6. And verily, this is the beft grace 
of Popifli Religion s all their grace is dP Workcs, and dien it 
is utterly evacuated. 

What (hall I fay to their Faith, it is no other hut HiftoritalU 
As that all that is contained in the Word is true : and verely, the 
DeviUhcXtCics as much, he J^owes it to be true^ andwill tremble^ 
Janus 3. I9, And if that be the Devils faith, :as lames (aith ic 
!is,then woe worth all Popilh Faith ; and that faith if you come 
• to apply it. That it (hall be a confidence fon C\m{k to falvati- 
on, they looke at thatas Hereticallpnefumpcion i wl»c hope is 
yf$ .there, that by Faith (iich Should ever be judified, or faved ? And 

ior repentance it is like their Faichi iiicb r^cnt^inciB ^ Mas 

'4 > ^ •♦••#, 


m w^^ 





yf ^ ' . " ' ■ ( " ' **\ 



m» ^ M ^i 11^ I ■■ ■■^»ii ttwimm^ymiymtfiijmtp 


held forth i as g^eat they requtre, Conrc0ion^cbntrition',ah3 ft* . 
ti&fadion, he did it all; he was not a lictlebrcken with the ience 
of bis !inne,and the horror of ic : Hce makes confeflion of i^ 

/ have (inncd^in Betraying the Innocent blood : he made (atisfa- . 

6tionjhebroughtagaine thejo. Pieces of (ilvef} and thro wes 
thcmdownc; away with thcin, / havt finned^ tn hetrnyng 
tht innoctnt hlood^'Csxvi is the bed repentance they liave s for any 
repentance that rprings from the fight of Gods favour, applyed 
CO the faith of Gods people, this they will by nomeanes hearc 
tell of, and yet without faich applyed to the foule, by a prooiife, 
or word of grace, there is no life in repentance. They fee hini> 
whom they have pierced, and mcurnc for him ; they fee him 
pierced by them, and for thcm^ and (his mourning is Evangc* 
call and faving. 

?or their obedience , theylooke at it, as fuch as is able to 
kcepe the whole Law of God , and if they can doe that« 
they fceke life > then by Workes » not of Grace .* and thac 
Obedience chat is able to keepc the whole law of God, is 
the Obedience of the Scribes and Pharifees,for they fo taught? 
and therefore our Saviour tcUs his difciples, Mattk ^.tol 
^Except joHr rtghteoufneffe exceedes she righteonfneffe of the 
Scrihs and pbarifees , yee cannot enter into the Kingdomeof 

Heaven ; Such obedience , zi that a man is able to keepe the 
whole Law, and by that to merit, and ^oz no more then the 
Law requires, it is the obedience of Hereticall prefiimpti- 
on, not of confidence and affiance of Faith: that is, obedience 
of heretical! prcfumption , that is able to keepe the whole 
law> and make facisfadlion to the jullice of Chrid 9 and then 
Chrid died in vaine, unleffe hee died to make us Savburs ^ 
our felves, and that \& as notorious as the former. 

The Vfc of this point is# 


To reprove a wicked pracHfe of many Proteftants that 
not amameds to fow Pillowcs vndcr the elbowcs of Can 

> "» 









Kii>i I* i" 

ry w i n ia I 




tholfqucs that make them bclccvc, they may be /avcd in that 
religion, fo they live honcftly and well j Oh Brethren ! doth 
not the Text exprcfly fay , every one that lived in that .Sca , 
died, and died cvcrlaftlngly 5 there is no living bloud of the 
Lord lefus there, there is no favirig grace there, but workcs . 
all, and there is no lively faith there* but dead faith^ no re- 
pentance, but hardneffc of heart, or legall contrition at the vt- 
termoft, nor obedience , but fuch as is too good for him to 
apply the Bloud of Chriftunto, for it is able to kcepe ther 
whole Law , and make fatisfadion for the breaches of the 
Law, or if their owne obedience bee not fo perfcd, they have 
ibme other faints, whofe obedience may bee imputed unto 
them ; fo that though they abhorrc Chrifts Righteoufncffe, 
to be imputed to themtthcy have found out a way, that the righ* 
teoufnefTe of Saints may bee apply ed,to make others righteous 
lo that they put more Honour upon the fcrvants of Chrift, if if 
fomc of them were the fervants of Chrift^ then upon Chrift: 
and fay it were well their righteoufnes {hould be imputed, but 
that Chrift s owne righteoufncflc fliould bee imputed ithe^ 
looke at it as aputative rightcoulhcffe, as they arc not afha- 
med to call it fo,that fee the dcfperatc danger of living and dying 
in that ftatc,in the Romifli religion, in that Sea. 

Vfe J. 

Secondly, Let me exhort all Chriftians to hold ftcdfaftly to 
the puritie of Rel igion, whether in our publickc Miniftrations, 
or private converfations , let 41 favour and rcakc foorth the 
Warme blood of the living Lord leff^^ for there is the diP* 
fercnce of our Religion from Poperv : Their religion holds 
forth fuch a Chrift as leaves him and his blood, lik^ the blood 
of 4 dead Man : The fou'c is dead for any true Grace, or 
Paith, or Repentance, or Obedience , or living Comfort ; 
the heart is ftill dead, no life of Gods favour , no life from 
the Word, no hope of Salvation , but all con je<fhirali , there 
is indeed the life of Papifts , no live-blood of Chrifi Jefm a- 
mong them : But for Chriftians, It is for us to live, astbof* 
that are made partakers of the blood of fprinkling, thatfpeaks. 




'L «• 




,v , 

better things then that of >tf<>V/. (hat c^och pacific^ and purifie 

the ConfcicncCj and both vvorkc cflfc^ually more and morfi;' 

vntill the foute bee e^abliflied in perfe^ peace, thou wile 

keepe them in perfeA peace , whole mindc is (laid on the^ 

becaufe he trudeth in thee. 1 fpcake of perfedHon that may 

be attained in our mcafure, inB/ay 26, 3. So that bcdil^ent 

to looke up to the Lord Chrid, &VA as out of Grace, to ac» 

cept us, and by the grace ofFaith to receive us, andfodraw^f* 

ing the foule to lively repentance from dead works,aiid quidk* 

ning and awakning us to lively obedience. In this 

lively cQate* we may walke berore him accordiiig 

to the good pleafure of his will* to the praife 

of the glory of his <SYacc ia 

Chrifi Ufta^ 




1 1 





t . 

■ t 



^..J" "lU.1^tfc.,i..*i ■<«■■ 

ifc i ifl 

"»^—*' | . * . » 

#' • 

» . 

•.•••I. '; 


\ V 

. i: ' 

r • • 



' 1 

• *. 


\ • 



I V i » . 


. » 

• ♦ • 

;! . 


• • • jf 

•». - 

.« . - 






V I A L- 

R E V E L. itf. V E R.4, J,(J,7. 

Aid the third Attgel poured out his vial upon the rivers ttiii feUH-' 
tains of waters y and they became bloud* And 1 heard the An- 
gel of the waters faj. Thou arir>ghteom,0 Lord, which art, 
and waft, and Jialt be, becaufe thorn haft indged thiu : Far 
tliej hale Jfjed the blond of Saints and Prophets, and thou haft 
given them blond to drinke, for thej are worthy. And 1 heard 
another out of the Altar faj, Eveafo, Lord Cod Alt»ightj,trilc 
axdrightcom are thj iudgements, 

"^^^f^T^ -CNHefe fcven Angels (is you heard) that haJ 

^ ^ jV^ f^ r ^^^ ^'^'^ of the laft wrath of Gocl to poure 

^^^^outjthey poiire it all out upon the Anti- 

chriftian world, upon the Bcaft, or fome- 

' thmgorotherpertahiingtothcBeaft; for 

the hrft that poured his vial on the earth, 

\ vexed them that ha i t'ae mark of the beaft; 

_ _ ' he begins therefore with the beaft, /fWfiiw 

fft Angel pouredforth his vial upon the throne of the beaft, in the 
lo.ver. and when the feventh Angel poured forth his vial,. 
Great Babylon came up in remembrance before, God, <^c. in the 
i^.ver. So that (in a word) all thele vials being poured out 
f.omfitft to laft upon the earthy and tlie earth being the Anti- 
chriftianftate,oppofitc to heavenly and pure Churches, all the 
A vials 


■■*■ » i i - i n iii i mnYliU II I i n aaSiM 


rhe third VUL 

vials are poured upon the Antichriftian world grjlate. And ^ 
you fee) they begin with the lo weft elements firftj The firft 
upon the earth , the next upon the fea , the third uj-ori the 
rivers and fountaincs, the fourth upon the fun in that world^ 
the fift upon the throne of the Beaft, the fixt; upon Euphrates, 
the leventh upon the ayre. Now the lecond Angel (or which 
you heard the laft day) having poured out his vial upon the (ea, 
it became as the bloud of a dead man, and all that livai in that 
iea, dyed. 

The lea (ypu heard) is the confluence of waters and rivers, 
and doth hold forth the confluence or concurrence qt all the 
oracles, and ordinances, and meanes of grace and /alvation, or 
thole that are pretended fo to be. The concurrence, or conflu- 
ence of them ail to one body, which in one word was their 
Religion in the old Temple, it was rcfembled to a brazen fca, 
wherein the Priefts waihed themlclvcs ; In the Apoftolique 
Church of the New Teftament, it is rclemblcd unto a lea of 
[lafle, like unto cryftall , wherein you might j(oe the face of 

thrift, as in a mirrour j In R.eformed Churches, it is a fea of 
glafle, mingled with tire ; In Popilli Churches, it is as the 
bloud of a dead man ; no living bloud is there to be found to 
wafli the people in, but as the bloud of a dead man, without 
life, to them that are \\ aflied in it, and rather fit to choake,and 
poifon, and kill, then to trive life. Now that being the lea; 
Then he.e the next vial is poured out upon the rivers and foun- 
tains of waters that run into this lea, and derive this lea up and 

downe the earthy The third ^'Ingel toured out his vial upon the 
river J attdfountains of waiters : And the pourin? out of his vial, 
is dclcribed, Fii-ft, by the liibjec): on .which it'is poured, Ffo/t 
the rivers and foux tains of waters : Secondly, by the efje^^l, and 
they became hloud : Thirdly,thepouringoin:of this vial is am- 
plified by the teftimony given to it^ and the effeO.pf it ; What is 
the teftimony ? It is double, i . Given b)' the Ai>gel of the wa- 

tcrS;inthe 5 ver, 1 heard the- Angel oftljeyvatirsfajfy what doth 

he lay ? he gives to God the gloiy of his ri^htepuliiefle, and of 
his unchangeable righteouiiieflej trhich art -^ and waft, and fltalt 
key hecatife thou haft iudged thm : And the tealon of it (he gives) 
is taken from the equity of the lavv o f r<;tal iatioi^, in t \\{:6.v^ri 

For they I' Ave fhedthe Motid of Saims ifftdProphetSy and thou haft 
given tkm bhod to dnnk^, for they are vrorthy^ The fecond Te- 

ft^^^^mm^'^^wmm "m^^^m , M mMmmmmmmmmmmmmmm0mm^mmmmmmt'^>'mmmmmm9mmm 



ftjipony by which this opwrjng put of th? V jtU U jtmplifieJ, 
(and vhe efecl pFit is juuifi^cl) is by another Angcjl jput -of th? 
AJtarinthey.'Z'rr, who faith Anjen to thjs ; EvenfoXcr4(ro4 
Almighty y true and righteotu are thi iudgnKtitf* For the ip^, 
nine of the words. 

The lea being Religion, the confluence pf ordinances, iuch oi> 
dinances as ar<; dilpenfcd in any religion : The rivers and tq\xf\'r 
jains of water that (pringfrom the lea, and retpo'ie tp the leg, 
and derive all their (prings and waters from thence, they app 
(and it is generally 16 received jan4 therefore with more ffCj^r 
dome of Ipirit a man may declare it) thele rivers, ,and fbjunt9)f)$ 
pf waters are generally conceived to be the Prieft?, ai)4 .Mipi* 
fters of the Popilh Church, who carry PopilTa Religion,asFoiJftr 
tauis and Rivers do the Sta^ up and down the earth ; £0 do they 
Popifli Relig'on, up and down the Nations, carryitto'^ndfto, 

onlv there i$ this difference between them J and ordinary rjvpi^ 
ancf fountains, ordinarily rivers and fountains are freflh,' though 
the lea be lult, but here the fountains & rivers are lalt and brac- 
kiili alio J as thofe fait fprings be, that run through fait minCT 
rails, which are of like nature with the fca, and thele keep their 
brackiilmeflc IHll : And lb it is with thele rivers and Muitains « 
they run through the eaith, on which the firft Angel poured put 
his vial; they run through the curfed earth, asit is plagued, of 
God, and therefore ftill rctames the like unwhoUome litreams 
which are found in the bloudy lea : And therefore it is laid> 
that as the lea became bloud, lo thele rivers alio became bloud, 
and canyed but the like kind of water which they received froTO 
the lea, con upt. As the Rejipion it Iclfe is corrupt, lb are the(e 
fbuntaines and rivers, the Pnefts and jefuites, whether lecular 
orreg^ilar, that is^ the P.arifli Priefts of their Churches, orRcr 
gular Monkes that are in Religious Orders, or who ever arefejit 
forth by thefe, they are thefe rivers and fbuntaines of waters 
that run to and fro to fill all the world with their lea,with their 
Religion. It is theiame word which the Apoftle /'^r/r hath io 
expre0ing the nature of falle teachers , though there it is wells^ 
y'tt the words arc both one. They are fvells wkhom water, mc^-' 
ning .without water of life^canying their owne drugs and dregs, 
iPa, 2. 17. A fit expreflion (therefore) of fiich kind of Pridts 
or Prpphets, as doe convey unwhollbme liquor or water up 
and dpwne a coiuitrjfv. Now of thefe it i? laid, that .on the poii-? 

A 2 ring 

"Ulip—w I I ~»»T ill I ■ I I L ^ 


•*: > ' 


rhe third rUL 

ring out ofthis'vial, they became bloud, not onely in regard that 
their waters themlelves are bloud^ the dodriiie and worfliip 
which they doe hold forth to the people are corrupt, as their 
fca is, (liKe the plague in Egypt, when their waters and rivers 
were turned to bloudj but that chiefljr in regard of the punilh- 
ment which they inflift on them for lb doing, which is a blou- 
dy death, as bloud is expounded in the 5 . and 6, verfes, where 
the An?el ofthe waters laith^ Thou art righteoM, O Lord, c^c, 
hcaufithoH haft iudged thfu : Why ? For thej have fltfd tfje 
t loud of Saints and Prophets , and thou haft given them hloud to 
drinke , for thej are worthy : So this is bloud which God hath 
given them to drinke. And that is an uftiall phrafc, to give a 
man bloud to drinke, is to kill him : As To-myris of old laid to 
King CjrMy Thou haft been a bloud-thirfty man, drink thou 
bloud which thou haft thirfted. When you give a man bloud to 
drink, you put him to death. So this Angel, who ever it was, 
that poured out this vial, he puts thele Priefts to death, he gave 
them bloud to drink, both made themfelves to undergoe a blou- 
dy death, to drinke bloud, aud alio made all that received 
and entertained them , to drinke bloud too ; and this was efte- 
^ually accomplillicd byQucene EiizaBethj when in the 27. 
yeare of her raigne, in the yeare 1 5 8 1 . by the conlci.t of the 
Parliament, Ihe made it a Law, that if any Pricft or J eliiite, 
that had received Orders from the Sea of Rome, or any autho- 
rity from that Sea, lliould come into the Rcalme,and poe about 
or praflice to feduce any of theQueenes loyall Subjects from 
their alle^eance, to the obedience ofthe Sea of Rome, or pra- 
ftice to maw them to that religion , he fliould be juaged 
mlty of high trealbn , and fiiffcr in the cale of a Traitor; 
And this was another branch oi that Statute , That if any 
gave entertainment to flich Priefts and Jeliiites (after cer- 
tain dayes,) and knew them to beliich , fliould liiffer as in cale 
of Pelonie, without the beneSt of his Booke j lb that both 
of them muft drinke bloud both the Jeliiites and Priefts 
tjiemftlves , and their abettors and entertainers ; and the 
groimd was , becaulc they had bloudy intendments in their 
comming, intending to kill the Queene, or corrupt the State 
with unwhollbme and pernicious Do(5trine,to draw the people 
from their allegcance, to the obedience of the Sea of Romci 
that ib as it was £ud, a generation^of .Catholiques ■>yas the 


u HI III r»m irri'iimiM^MAfiwppwnv^pwffMnvniPiM^iipfvi^vvivivwHp^Haivm 

__ ,^^..^...,>^— ^„_^^^,,— L^»,j^^A^ 1 .am I ■ I t»mt ^0 ^4mmmmm^m 

The third VtAt. 

corruption ofkcr fobjcds : To prevent which mHchicfe, this 
Law was enafted, and lb upon this occaflon, many fuflfered 
that yeare, and others in after yeares^ moft part oFiier 
Now what is then the meaning of the next words-, 1 

heard the Angel of the waters fay. Thou art riohteotts, O Lordi 
tphich art, and wafl , and /hah be , becaufe thou haft iudged 

thfis : lb it was bloud recompenced with bloud. This Angel of 
the waters, it was he or (he that poured out this vial on*thefe 
waters : She with the conlent oi her Councel^ and Parlia- 
ment , they were this Angel of the waters that had this 
power over thele rivers and fbuntaines, and this was accom- 
pliihed two or three ycares after ,. when (he fct Secreta- 
ry CiciU on worke to write a Booke with this Title, 
JUSTITIA Britanni x^The lufiice of Britai/te, 
wherein Secretary C/V«//, by her appointment, doth make it 
cleare to all neighbour Nations, (and for that end publilhed 
his Book in fondry Languages, French, Dutch, and Spanifli) 
that what was decreed in that Parliament was ;uft, according 
to the Law ot God, and the tnie principles of Chriftian State 
Policie, that there was no hope of iafcty to the Queencs 
Perlbn, or of peace to the Common wealth , or of liberty 
to true Reformed Religion, if fuch peribns were llifFered to 
goe up and downc in that peftilentious m;»nner, to pervert 
and corrupt the people, and withdraw them from theur AUe- 
geance, and liibjec^ them to the Bidiop of Rome ; that they 
did not fufter meerely on point of Religion , though on thole 
points oftheir Religion which gave theih occalion lb to work, 
he doth not deny that neither, out in refpeft that the frame of 
their Religion was not compatible to any Proteftant State t 
And the veiy Booke it felfe holds fbrth this m eflfe<Jt, that the 
Lord was juft herein j and as the Text here tels us , Thott 

art righteous y O Lord, becaufp thou haft indged thus : And he 

attributes not oncly righteouliiefle to God in this, but immutarr 
bility, and conftancie, which art, andrvaft, and Jhalt be alwajf. 
The fiime from the ancient Law of retaliation, in the a4» of 
LeviticHSy ip, 20, 21, it is there ordained, that look what 
a man doth to others, itfliall be (6 done to h^xn^ Breach for 
Jf reach 3 ejeforeje, tooth for tooth, &c, They gave thy Prophets- 
'.'....:., . A 3. : . and 


6 The third yidl, 

Mnd. Saints hloud to Jritfks, and nm thou hafi given thtm hloud 
to drinks : Thisistherealbn .why he acknowledgeth this not 
onely righteous , but according to his old and ancient pro- 
ceeding, bis righteonfiiefle ever fmce Mofes his time, and Mnce 
the world began : that is Gods manner. Gen, p.4, j. H< that 
pjeds mans blond, by man pjallhii blond be fhed : God al way hath 
been of thdt mind : They that put others to death, that ftied in- 
nocent bloud,T»«> blond JhaU goefor their blond, Gen, 9. .6, to 
tliat purpole j uftly (peaks that book ; it is that which they have 
founa,/»r they are worthy. 

And when he adds further, J heard another Angel pnt of the 
Altar, fay, Evenfo, Lord God Almighty, true and righteous are 
thy iudgcments : That is another Angelj a Minifter and Meflen- 
xrerof CJods juftice. This phrafe, out of the Altar, in this Book, 
doth ufoally hold forth (bme under-perfecution, cither roing, or 
new come out of perfccution : for lb it is expreflcd in the 6, Rev, 

9. Ifcw under the Altar thefoules of them that werejlcine for the 
tVordofGody and for the tejHmony which they held. The Altar is 

Chrift, and Chrift fuffering ; and thofe under the Altar, arc 
they that fuftered with Chrill fbi* the Word of God, IpcaUing of 
the Primitive Chriftians in their fitft perfecution : But here he 
doth not lay, they were under Martyrdomc,but they were come 
out from under the Altar ; And that holds forth thofe Chrifti- * 
ans in the LoW'Countreyes, who of a long tune had been under 
peHeaition by Duke Dalv.i, and other Spanifh Princes ; Duke 
Dalva boafts of it, there were 3 6000. that he had put to dcath^ 
Hugonites and ProteftantS; Judge you what the rdl might alfb 
do;and ail for the teftimony dtleftiSy for holding forth true Pro-* 
teflant Religion; but they were all ref aied by the faithfnlnefle of 
God, giving and blclTing the courage o^ <^Eli<Mbeth: and ix>w 
they ate got out from under the Altar, and now they are freed 
from wrcftling with fuch great diffiailties as had been like 16 
(inke them, ifGod had not by his ftretched out arme rdcued 
them. And looke as in 1 5 84. Cicill (et forth that book, ib ihi$ 
Angel firom under the Altar fet forth a Law in 1 5 86. wherdii 
by the conlent of all the States generally of the con&deiate 
Provinces, they enaft and enjoyne,that noneof the bloudyi^ 
of the Jefiiites , nor any of their Scholars, whether he be ilnm* 
ger, or bornein the Land, fhall have liberty to come into the 
Countrty, but be put to capitall puniihment as an enemy to 


I m i > I I i »^ m Hii iip p II i nwi M i m f^ifffiwiy ■■i« t "ii MM i 1 . 

. The third fUL 

the State j andthey have been Jn ibme meafure carefiill of that 
Law, though more m Grave Maurice his time, then fince ; and 
fo they /uftly % Amen to the Quieens Law,that as (he put thofc 
Popifli Emifliiries to the paine of High Trealbn,hangihf , draw* 
i ng, and quarterinj^, and thus gave them bloud to drmlT; {o^ this 
Angel from out ot the Altar laith Evenfo, he fiith Amen to it, 
let it even be {6 with thorn. Lord Cod Almighty, true and 
righteous are thy judgements j they acknoyvledce Gods Al- 
mighty power, that had given them power to make that Law 
againftthcm, who had fo lately fufttred under them; and ac- 
knowledge Gods righteous judgements; for that. State that 
makes a Law to the lame purpole^ which they have found en- 
a(flcd in another State, they doe fay Atncn to what hafth been 
done, and both the one State and other acknowledge it to be 
a rigliteous judgement oFGod , and the adminiftration , a Juft 
law, and a juft execution. This (as others have done before me) 
I take to be the naturall and tme meaning of this Vial in the fc- 
vcrall paits thereof without wreftingotthe words, nor neede 
it be ofllnilive to any that luch particular perlbns are named as 
the accomplillias of this Vial,confidering the matters were not 
of fmall importance, but of great conlequence and admiration, 
all ftates rang ottheie laws, audit railed all Chriftendome in 
combuftion,the wars of eighty eight, the Spaniilii.iVafion had 
fpeciafl relpcL^ to this, and had not the Lord borne witnefle to 
his people and their Law, in defeating the intendments of their 
enemies, asalnil both the Nations,itmi?ht have been the mine 
of them both ; So you lee the meaning of the words of the 

The words are many, and though containing much matter 
in 4. verfcsy I il\all fliortly contrail and rccolleel the liibftance 
contained in them into one note , and handle that one at 
this time, as conceiving all the doilrine of thele words may be 
grafped together in one Obfervation j Lor though there be liber- 
ty of entring into common places ofCiods righteouliiefle and 
immutability, and of his j'u^ice in retaliation, and of his omni- 
poter.cic, out of this Text ; yet all thele particulars have be^nv 
fpoken to in the former CA^x^f^r, in the third ^^^r/^^ and in the 

fourth, Lord (red /ilwUlstjj iufi apd tr;sc> Are thy Tyajds-, iboui: 
King of Saints, 'fhat f«.>r Ood being ^^'<■r the f tme , which wm anX 

is to cofnet we havo ipoken to it divers times before in this book; 


I pill III! Tiiff^'i t r'^r-T i r^'' i 'yy7' i ~ ii rt'Tr ^*irlT^^ 


S The third yiai, 

and therefore though they be Catechifme point5> which 'my 
place calleth me to attend upon ; yet I Ihall not here ipeak to 
them, having Co lately handled the moft of them , but therefore 
I will oncly Ipeak to this Doftrine, which containes all the ver- 
fes. This is the note then, 
•/? . . That upon the dilcovery of the deadly cormption of the Re- 
ligion of the Sea of Rome, it was a righteous judgement of 
God, and luch as argued him unchangeable ever, like himlelfe ; 
That the Priefts and Jeliiites who carry ed that Religion up and 
down the Nations,lliould be adjudged or condemned to a blou- 
dy death. This is the (iimme. 

For lb you fee it is upon the difcovery of their iea of bloud, of 
the Religion of the Sea of Rome, to be-a Sea of bloud. We ope^- 
ned and I hewed before, that Thefecond Angel fourcd out his vial 
9H the fea, that is, on the Religion of the Sea of Rome, and dis- 
covered it to be as the bloud of a dead man, made it manifdUy 
appeare, that both their dov^rine, and worlliip> and govern- 
ment, was deadly , and fiich as was utterly unwholfeme, both 
for private families and States, Church and Common-wealth • 
and fo cornipt, as was deadly j who ever lived and dyed in that 
Religion, lived an hypocrite, and dyed a reprobate. Now the 
next Angel that comes, upon this difcover)', he poures his vial 

on the rivers and foumaines of waters, and thej hecatftf, lblof(d : 

That is, they make Lawes to adjudge all that carry that Religi- 
on up and downe the Nation, to be guilty of bloud, and there- 
fore to be put to death, as Traitors and Rebels againft the State. 
And this is aclaiowledged by the Angels of God, I meane thofe 
thatareNUniftersofGodsJufticej and approve thistcftimony 
as authenticall j they acknowlaige this a righteous j'udgement 
of God, as he that is, was, and ftiall be alway one and the fame. 
Thus he was wont to carry it,and thus he doth ftill. In old time, 
if a man played the falfe Prophet, and fiiggefted liich devices as 
thefe, the Lord j'udged him to dcath,this was his manner : And 
{o in the New Tcftament, as in the Old, he condemnes all fuch 
to death, (and he is molt righteous in fo douig.) This is the 

It was a great while before this, though not tull two thou- 
fendyeares, when Z<w;^4r7 piophefyed, that Cod would cut off 
the falfe Prophet, in the l$,^Zach, 2,3^ and if fhere,mre any 
falfe Prophet JhoHldarife, hisft:therand motljer /hould thrstfi hint 


wniiiiBiir I I mmmimrmrmmmmmmmmfimmmmm^fmmm0l''^m'rmmm 


The third Vial. 

rhroHgh , bccaufe he f pake Ijcs in the name of the Ccd of truth, '• 

he JhottU not live, Ajid thcy fpcak not of his Typicall death, 
that is, of his death by Church ccnfiire, or banifhment, which 
have a kind of death in them ; but thcy Ipeak of liich a death, as 
that he was not worthy to live; To caft a lye upon the God 
of Truth, the Oracle ot Truth. But long before Zachary, this 
was an arxicnt law o^ Atofes mihc 1 5 . D^i^r . this was a. law, 
that talle Prophets, thcy that turned Religion to the blood of a 
dead inan,that did fundamentally pervert Rtligion, they Aiould 
not. live. And mindc t he realbn that God gives here , partly in 
this text, and partly in other Scriptures. 

It is taken from the hainoufnefle of blalphemy in the i^.LeVk Reaf u 

\6. He that blafphemeth the name of OW, pjallfurelj be put to 

death. Ever\' blafphemi r lliall be put to death. Now we cannot 
cvcule Popi'.li Priefts and Jefuites from ^rofle blafphemy> 
thcy thxt arc acquaijitcd with the Ladies Pfalter and Orylbns 
made to her, cannot but acknowledg iiindry blafphemous Ibecr 
ches in it, thcy make their Prayers to the Virgin Atarj that ihce 
Would rcquclther lather, and comn'.andher Sonne, and that 
by the power of a mothers right to forgive their finnCj which if 
this be not blafphemy, I con&ne 1 know not what is, and in a 
hi<'h degree, unlclle thcy iViould (ay, he were no ( jod at all, and 
tliat falls not far Ihort of it, to fct a creature above Go.^, and yet 
this is allowed as wod devotion in the Church of Rome : It is 
true, ifamanblafphcmeout of ignorance, as /V/^/ did , in the 
1 Tim. I. 13. or if a man blafphcme mnvillingly, as he did 
unwittingly, not knowing what he did, and he did compell 

ing Jciiis is God as well as man, and hath power to forgive fins 
as he is G-o».l, and know the Virgin Alarj hath nccde of a Savi- 
our, as all the daughters of men have , that they lliall 
put upon her the power to command her Sonne to 
forgive imncs, this is fiich blafphemy , that hcc that will 
ftand to it , let him die the death ; his blood fliall bee 
upon him : If high treaibn againil Princes on earthj 
may juftly be punillied by death, verily, this is as dillio^ 
nourable to the Lord of Heaven, and Pruice of all the Ptinccs ok' 
the earth. • ' V 

B A 

' ■ ^^»mmm ■■* ^ 1 1 ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ I ■■!■■< 

1 o Tffe third ViaL 

"RfAf. 2 . A fecond reafon is taken from the point of feducemcnt: As alt 
blafphemous heretiques , fo ieducing heretiques are to be put 
to death. In that reljpe<H: that whole 1 3 . ofDeut. is fpent about 
the deducing offalfe prophets ; and he puts a threefold gradation, 
Jffje be n Prophet, (therefore though never lb lecmingly holy by 
his place and gifts,) yctif heturnjou away from the Lord your 
C oa,.and draw y OH from the wayesof God, \y hat then? thifte eje 
Jfjull not f pare hiwy hefhaUfnrcly he put to death, from the i . ver, 
to 5 . from the 6, ver, to 1 1 . he will have no ttecrenejfe of hloodto 
hinder from due execution of Juftice : but if it be thj brother, the 
fonne of thy mother, or thy daughter , or the wife of thy bofome, or 
thy friend , which is as thy ownfou/e that /ha// goe aoout tofeduce 
thee fecret/y^ faying, let m goeandferve other Gods which thot€ 
hafl Kot ktiown , thou /halt not confent unto him, for hearken tin' 
to him, thine eye fh all not f pare him, neither fj alt thou conceale him, 
but thoujhaltfurely kil/him, thine hand p^a// be fir (I upon him to 
put him to death , crc. from the I i.ver, to the end. \^ there be 
never fb many that fliall joyn, if a whole City fhail joyn toge- 
ther in fuch a courfe^ thou Oialt rile againll,and deftroy the City, 
andburne it with fire, and leave not a ftonc upon a Rone which 
fhall not be thrown down, in utter dcteftation of that wicked- 
ndfcr : And he gives a notable reafon fbr it, why a feducer fhould 
be thus dealt withall, becaufe, faith he , he ii^A^ts to turne thee 
away from thy way, and to thnift thee away from the Lord thy 
God, to turne thee off either by deceit, or to thrufl thee off by 
eameft perfwafions ; and therefore left you fliould think thcle 
falfe prophets faile onelyinthe ob;ecl ofworiliip, and not in 
manner of worfliipping , therefore confider in the 22. lopj, 
when the two tribes and a halfe fct up • an Altar by Jordan^ al- 
though they thought not they would bring in another objc<?l of 
worlnipjbut another manner of worlliip, (here is but another 
way of worfhip, whether mediation or latisfadion of Gods 
wrath deviled) the whole ten Tribes rile up, and lend a fulfici- 
ent Company or Troop of Militarie men to goe andexpoftu- 
late with them, and know whether it were true ; and either 
they would reclaime them from it by argument, or make warre 
againft them ; and they had cut off two Tribes and an halfe^ if 
they had found another Altar fbr worlliip : Now he that lets up 
another N^ediat or or Mediation, Saint or Angel, he lets up as 
great a matter as another Altar ; or he that brings in other mens 


^^iwpp>**<»i 1 ) ! ■! 'Ill f mtmmmmmm^mmmmmmrmmHmmm^m^ifm 

The third yUL it 

merits, he brings in another Altar : Therefore by the ancient 
Lawes of that unchangeable God that thought it unlhfterable in 
. thofcdayes, he thinks it unfiiflflTablc now that Priefts and Jc- 
fiiites Ihould bring in other Altars, other Mediations and Me- 
diators, as Prayers oFSaints and Angels ; the Lord looks at it a$ 
deeply meritorious of a bloudy death, as in former times. He 
is the iame Cod, and his zeale and jealoulie is deeply provoked 
againft the like kind of vicioufiiefle now as ever it was then. 
That is a lecond Argument. 

And yet in point of fcducemcnt, this I will (ay, that if a man 
upon conviv?lion Hiall lee tlie wickednclTe ofhis way, and huin- 
ble his Ibule before C'od,and give iatisfaclion to the Church and 
State where he lliall be convinced, on fuch conviclion and re- 
pentance, we find liberty to pardon j but yet ftigmatize him, as 

in the 13. ofiZ^.ch. Jftbe Prophet /ha/i repent^ and fay, 1 am no 
Prophet, Kcr tkefonne of a Prophet y hut an Htahandmany and my 
father tcnght me to keep heajh or fjeepy and therefore he wUl not 
yveare a rough garment to deceive • And if any man aske him, fVhfS 
ure thofe irounds in thine hauds ? he fuill anfweTy Thofe with vrhich 
1 7i\ts wounded in the houfe of my friends , Zach. 1 3 .4, 5 ,6. That 

fliews in liich a call* they faved his life, but they inf1i<^ Ibme pu- 
nillimenton him, to carry away with him. And this is Ipc- 
ken not of the dayes ofthe 01dTeftament,but it is written to be 
done when there is a fountain opened to the houfeof 7^4Z'«/, and 
to the Inhabitants of UrufaUm^ for finne and for uncleannefle, 
in the i. ver. And in the 7. rcr, when the Lord calls for a 
fword againft his Shepheai'd, and againft the man that is his 
fellow, tne Lord JeliisChritt, and his companions his ditci- 

pies, Hcivill fmite the p.epheard,and the feepJJjall hefcatteredy 

(and thofe are the dayes of the New Teftament) in thole times 
It isy when the Prophets lliall be thus cut off that rife up to fe- 
duce the people ofOod. 

And a third Reafon is taken from the due delert of foul- 
murther: There is none of all thefe Priefts, or Jeliiites, or He- 
retiques, that fin in the like kind^ corrupt i.g the precious tmth 
of Ood, in the very foundations ofitjbut they worry and devour 
the foules of Gods people, I meane thofe that fliould not die, 
(though Gods eleil cannot be ieduced ) yet thole whom we 
ought to looke rit, that iliould not be thus murthered, and 
brought to death by fuch means. In the 7. yI/*/r. 15. Beware of 

15 2 fulfe 

Redf. 3 

1 2 The third ViaL 

falfe Proplxts rphich come nnto yon in /beeps cloathingf hut in- 
}rarMj tnej are ravemngtvtflves : Is it not an acceptable fervice 
to the whole Countrey to cut oft'the ravenous wolves ? what . 
is the wolfe tathe fheep ? is he not the very death oi' them all 
that he lights on, or fall in his jawes ? Co is it with the flieep 
of Chrift, that fall into the /awes of thele RomilT\ ravenous 
It is iaid of thofe fallc teachers, iTimotb. 2. iJ?. Tk'j df- 

ftroyed the faith of fome^ rvho concerning the truthy have erred : 
And in the 2 Pet.i. 1,2,3. he tels us, There fijallbe fajfe teii- 
chers amongsl them, thatP^all bring in damnable hcrefes, even 
denying the Lord that bought ihctn, and piall bring, tfpon them- 

felves fwift deflruHion, (^c. They lliall make merchandife of 
you, as the Church of Rome, and her fount aines and rivers doe; 
they make merchandife of the foules of men, Rev.i^.i^. Now 
to makie merchandife of an Ifraelite, as in the 2 1 . Fxod. 1 6. it is 

a capitall crime, I'fe thatjlealtth a man, and felleth him , or if he 
befonnd in his band, he fj all fur el y be put to death. Now thelL* 

fell men , and engage them to perpetuall bondage , under their 
tyrannie,both in dodrine, and worlnip, and government. This 
murtheroffbulesisjuftly a capitall crime; as Mofcs faid be- 
fore. If they thrufi thee from thy God, and will not let thee vralke 

•with him, let not thine eye Iparc liicli kinde of corrupters and 
defperate deluders. 

Reaf 4. The fourth reafon is taken from that which the luflitin 

Britannia flands moH upon , and becomes States-men to 
doe ; and that is the confpiracie and treaion agaiiift the 
State : And that unavoidably, by liifivring fiich locuft to run 
up and downe the Couutrey , to poilbn the hearts of men , 
by their cornipt wayes and meanes : for thele Minifters, 
they doe unavoidably, not accidentally , but they unavoi- 
dably draw men from their AUegeance du;:? to their Na- 
tive Prince , to a fbrraine State : I or if a Prince Hiould 
profcfle Proteftant Religion, (which is the true Religion) 
and thereupon be excommunicate by the Billiop of Rome , 
what then ? then by the Lawes of their State he is depofed 
from his throne. 

And they doe rotably abiife the old type of Leprofie for 
this : V<^iah being or.ce fmitten with leprofie , then the 
High Pricll reniovts him liom the Temple of the Lord, and 

; he 




*^ ^' 




The third VUI. 

he may not be fuftered anymore to govemej for if once the 
Lord imite a man with Icprofie iii his judgement, (and 
indeed , let hercfie be one kinde of leprofie ) if the Prieft 
pronounce him fo, then he is ait off from the government 
of the Coimtrey , then his people are not iiibjeA .to him, 
and lb iiibjccls are freed from their fidelity to their na- 
turail Prince, which is a notable abuic of that place:. Vor 
Cod doth not intend tb.at the authority of any Minifter or 
Prieft in the Old or New Teftamcnt fliould fo farrc pre- 
vaile , that whut they did in the Old Teftamcnt to r<z.iahy 
fliould take off Priiicc's from their Coverment in the New: 
For even in the old Teftament they ftill retained the Crown, 
though their power of execution was delegated to another ; 
and that not by the High-Priefts appouitment , . but by 

But as things were with them, fo though not hi the fame 
kinde, but in a typicallway , it befalls Princes in the New 
Teftamcnt. If a man were found a Leper in the Old Tefta- 
ment , hce was lequeftred fioin the adminiftration of his 
Kingdome, and from his owne lioule , Ltviticnf 13.4^* he 
muft not live in the Campe, or in the Towne or Village, but 
alone, and in afeparate place by himfeUe, (as thole that are 
llckof thePeftilence in our Native Countrey) they are not lii^ 
feredto live tr* the towne, but in Peft-houles, unlelTe there be 
a generali infev'lion. 

. But this thing muft r.ot be applyed in the letter to the .ftate 
of the Church , in the New Tellument ; for Leprolie was not 
onely a type of Icandalous , infeclious iins, but it was alio a 
bodily, noylbmc, infeclious dileafe, and made a man unfit for 
civill commerce. 

Voreover , as Lepro'?e was alio a type of Icandalous and 
infeclious finnes , (o the lequeftring of V<A.iah from the 
Temple, doth type forth, not that Chjiftian Kings lliould 
be Separate ffom their thrones j Yox he that ;gives to a man 
a Kingdome, or ^ny earthly ell ate, doth not debarre that 
man from liis houle, ii he be a private man^ nor from his go- 
vemment, if he be a publique perlbn. 

But what is the Kingdome that is typed out ? 

It is the Kingiome of the glory of C h r t,s t J e-; 
s u s : If therefore hee be ftuit out from the holy Templq 

B 3 . ' of 



iw^ — 

14 The third yUh 

o^lfraety he is ftiut out fiom the Kingdome oFHcaven indeed, 
that is trae j for what is done by the Churches of God on earth, 
is bound in Heaven : But yet Chrift Jefiis never thought it 
meete to feparate any by any Church power, from communi- 
on with his wile and children , thofe whom nature bound him 
to ; nor from his fervants and fiibje'^s , whom civiil engage- 
ments bound unto him; but only from interefl in the fpirituall 
communion of the feals of immortality, and yet but for a (eafon, 
for the healing of his fbule, not for the deftroying of his perfbn 
or ftate , but otherwile to exclude them from their own houfes, 
or Kingdomes,or from any civiil right, it was never Cods coun- 
fell nor meaning in the New Teftament : But now the contrary 
being the doftrine ofthe Church o^Rome, and on that ground 
juftiried. When Princes are excommunicated , they doe depofe 
them, and being depofed, diicharge fubje<5ls from their allege- 
ance, and then ;udge you what treafon redownds to Chriftian 
Princes, and what conipiracie and rebellion groweth in the 
ftate of a Kingdome, when Ibme take part with the King depo- 
fed, and others with him that is fiibftituted by the Pope ; and ib 
there is Treaibn both againft Prince, and State, and Kingdome. 
And therefore it is an ancient juftice of God, that hath fo order- 
ed it,that thofc that lliall draw Gods people from the Allege- 
ance of their Prince, fliall be ; udged Traitors, and fufler paine 
of death. 
TAf, 5 : And for a fift reafon, (mentioned in the Text) it is taken 
from the law of retaliation ; that lof>k how men have dealt 
with others^ they lliould be fo dealt withajil themlclvcs. Now 
thele Prieftsand Jeluites, and their Abettors, in the time of 
Qiicciic A^arj, anAHfftry the eighth, and all the Kings fi nee, 
the Statute againft Lollards in England, as alio a?ainft the 
Hugonites in France,if a man were liifpedled of hereticall pra- 
vity, and pronounced guilty thereofby the Church, he was to 
be delivered to the lecular power ; onely he might have leave 
to conlider of it : But it he fell againe, there was no hope of 
mercie, but he muft looke fbrbloud, as if he were no better then 
a child of death: Andyet they were men that never troubled the 
State, but quietly liiffcred for their Religion and Conlcience i 
So that thefe J eluites and Priefts, delivering up fo many inno- 
cent Lambs of Chrift,Minifters ofthe Golbel, and holy Saints, 
to the Secular power, to be burnt at the ftalce in Smithheld^ and 


II ii aiiiniw»i^r<i;w<ii»>4»i<>wi<ip»i>fpww^wiywwpwiwwp 

11 ■ mn I I it ^ immtmm^ltiltttittttlmmt 


The third Ftdi, jj 

cllcvvhcre, and the Abettors of thcfc Priefts and Teluites, being 
very ztilcus to cut oft* (iich LiJlards from the land of the living, 
it is juft and right with (iod, Thtj have given thj Sawti Mnd 
Prophets blottdio drinkey and therefore looke as they have mca- 
lured to others, it is meaiiired to them, by the ancient Law of 

Cod, t\\3X if the fame y andrri/l^ejorever, Rev,i^,io, He that 

killeth with the fword, muft be killed by the fword. So yon 
fee this point is j laine. That upon the dilcovery of the deadly 
corruption of the Religion in the Romifli Sea, it was the righte- 
ous judgement of God, and liich as argued him to be unchai^c- 
able, and ever the lame, that the Priefts andj eliiites which car- 
ryed the waters of that Sea, that Religion up anddowne the 
Nation,n-iould be condemned to a bloody death : you fee the 
truth ofthe point, and the reafons of it. . * . 

For the ule of the point, it may firft feiTe to ; uftifie the holy yfi] 
and righteous equity of all thole laws above mentioned, whe- 
ther in England ox Holland y lor putting Popifli Priefts and Jc- 
liiitestodeathj and there was a like law alio made in J^raftce, 
upon the murther oi Henry the fourth, that all J eliiites fliould be 
put away out of the Countrey, and thtir ftudies demolillied, 
&c.'but they made it in policie : But the Text fpeakes of 
England and Holland, it w as a ;uft and righteous law, that thele 
rivers and fountains of waters Ihould become blood: you lee 
there is blafphemy in their worlliip againft the Lord Jefiis 
Chrifl, they doe leduce the people of ^.^od, and turne them 
from the Lo;d, and thnift them firom him , by their juU!*ication 
by workes,bytheircaUii^.gson Saints andAngeLs, andtruftiiig 
in other Mediators befidcs theLordJefus in the interceflion of 
Saints and Angels : It hath beene a juft hand of God, that they 
that worry (like ravenous wolves) the Ibules of Gods peopL*, 
fliould themlelves be worried : that they that have made fire- 
brands of ChriCtians, Ihould drinke blood themlelves; they that 
ovtr-whelmtd ChrilHans iti confiiHon and tumult , it is juft 
with God, that they fliould be o ver-w helmed j they that have 
beene Co bufie in putting to death innocents, that they fliould 
alfo be put to death ; you ice this is j'uft with <. Jod, it is well be-r 
comming to the uncnangeable righteoulnefle of God :. tluis it 
was in the old Tellament, and why fliould it be changed in the 
new ? 

You will fay it was but a typicall matter then , and you OB 

. muft 

■• 1 m..f 

■3 lOiMi 


^1 i-^immmi0t0mmi -»iwi » :<n> 






the third yUl, 

mud looke for a Ipirituall death in the New Teftatnent. 

Why I pray y ou B rethrcn confider, 

I . The Papilts are not of that mind, but they execute it in the 
letter ; they have put to death the Prophets and fervants oFGod 
in the letter ;hunted them up and downe ; the Inquilltion 1$ in- 
comparably more bloudy then any other other Butchery. They 
doe not,nor may not plead any liich thing ; they bcleeve it is 
trueintheletter. Andletme lay further, the holy 'ohoft makes 
it as true in the letter j this Text is in the New Teftament, not 

in the Old, Thou hafi given them if loud to drink£,for they arewor" 

thy : and he Ipcaks oFthe very bloud of the hearts of men : And 
it is parallel with Gods j uftice of old ; it was j uft then, and it is 
juft now. Zackiry intends the dayes of the New Teflament, 
though written in the Old, that when a fottntaine is opened to 
the hoftfe ofDavid,and inhahitants of lerufalem^ for Jinne and for 
tincleanneffe, then the father and mother of a fallc Prophet ("hall 
accufehimtotheMagiftrate, and lliall lay unto him, Hejhalt 
not live. Was it an abomination then to fpcak lyes in the Name 
ofthe Lord, and no. lefle then blalphemie, and lliall it be more 
fevourably interpreted now ? A man may now Ipeak a lye, 
and bring in a falfe Chrift , a falfe Mediator, and falle mcanes of* 
latisfaflion^ and falfe merits^ now he may without perill of his 
. life, in the Old Teftament he might not. Why but was it not 
liilHcient to have a fpirituall judgement ? Even they had Ipiri- 
tuall judgements then j but God law it meet to inflicl lome 
temporall j'udgement as well as fpirituall^and is now his j'udge* 
ment changed? 

Belides, are not Mofes 1/orall Lawes of pcrpetuall equity, 
and therefore to be obfervcd in all Ages ? Is blalphemy more 
tolerable in the New Teftament, or thrufting men away from 
God?is it not as odious now as then ? Is not murther of Ibulcs 
as damnable now as then ? Is not conlpiracie and fcdition as 
damnable and capital now as then ^ Is not the law of retaliation 
as j'uft in the New Teftament as hi the old? and therefore a man 
woujd wonder that fiich frivolous interpretations (liould come 
into the hearts of men, to hinder the free paflage of the j'uftice ofe 
God, on ilich notorious offenders. 

But you will fay, Confcience lliould not be forced, and meii 
fliouldnot be put to death for their conlcieifce. ; 

Why doe you thinke Heretiqucs were not as confcionable in 


H N.! ■ "" 

^m m 








the Old Teftament as now? If any'man had a cdnicience to ttirti 
men from God, he would have men of as much confcienceto 
cut them off; tfthey make, no confciencc'bftheblaiphemihg 
the name of God, the Lord would have^meri -make no coii&i^ 
ence of cutting them off from breathing in the aireofGod* If 
men make no conftience of murthering fbules, or raifihg femtir . 
on,and tumult,and murthering men better then themfelves^ tEe 
Lord would have men make no conicience of paying every man 
in his owne kind. • • • n 

But let me anfwer again. But mark what I fay, the Lord will . 
cafiiy provide for this, and fo he doth : and in England I am fure 
he hath, (what in Holland I know not, but) he hath provided 
therc,That if a J efuite or Prieft, or their abettors, (hall come in, 
und take the oath of fidelity to the State,and (b cany matters be- 
fore Ibme Juftice of Peace, the Law difchai^eth them fix>m 
capitall puniQiment : And the Law of God in the New Tefta- 
ment is, that fiich (hoiild be once or twice admoniflied, but if 
he ftiil continue , the Apoftle would have himcaftoutdf the 
Church ; the Church hath no farther power ; if they be procee- 
ded with ferther, it ^uft bebytheWagiftrate: Him that is an 
heretique, ofter once or twice admonition,re /eft, knowing that 
he that is fuch, is fubverted,&c. So that it muft be for Funda- 
mental! Articles of Religion in doftrine or worfhip, wliich are 
io clearly delivered in the Word, that no man that underfbinds 
Scripture, and the wayes of falvation , but may be fatislied in 
conicience what is the holy and acceptable will of God in (iich 
points ; and therefore he takes it for granted, if a man be once 
or twice admonidied, he is convinced of himfelfe, he is iiih- 
:vcrted, he is turned off from the foundation, that now no man 
is put to death for his confcience> but for fuming againft the 
light of his confcience ; his owne confcience h^th convin- 
ced him , and the light of the Word is fo deare, as cannot 
but convince him, that the \yay of God runnes juft quite con- ; 
trary to his interpretation and feducement : And therefore 
now ifyoufinnc, you finne againft confcience, and therefore 
you juftly fiiffer for being fiibverted, and turned off from the 
foundation, from Chrift Jefus, and holding another founda- 
tion , and perfifting therein obftinately. So there are two 
things in an heretique, he is both fijbvertecl himfelfe,, as an houie 
iirom the foundation, it is againft the foundation of ReUgion 5 

C and 

a Tbi third ri Ah 

and He holdeth out obftinatdy againft light of conference, with 
ftubbornnefle ; and nov/ in fiich a cale thine eye (hall not fpare 
him. A fbule that fins of ^norance> may be pardoned ^ but if he 
ftiU continue obftinate, thme eye Ihall not foare Win^the wrath 
of God now goes out againft a perlbn, againtt a City ; if it were 
againft a Tribe, they goe about by force of Armes to redrefle it ; 
they ftiall not fiifter iiich in a Country. This is then the Anfwer 
tothefecond Objection, and ftill juftjfies the equity of that 
Law. . '. 

j, 3 . There is a third Ob/e<5lion, Ay, but is it not written,that you 
fliaU iiiffer tares to grow with the wheat , Icfi while ye gather ftp 
the tares yje root up alfo the wheat with them ? Mat. 13.30. Now 

our Saviour tending to clemencie and moderation, be feith, Xf t 

hoth grow together untiU the harvefi ,^c, 

ifw. Ay, but tares and wheat ,they may grow together,but he doth 
not (ay, ye may fuflfer bryars and thorns to grow with them, 
for then you choak all the wheat : And therefore it hath been a 
falfe interpretation of the Pbpifh fort, and taken up by the Ana- 
baptifts,that tares fignifie indifferently all forts of wicked men ; 
but I know none that expound them better then i^r^w^, and 
none fo well ; the tares are very like the wheat in Jury ; what 
they are in other Countries I know not, but they are like to the 
wheat there, and you Will not know the difference in the greene 
blade,nor in the (pindlin?, untill it grows towards the harveft, 
then you will finde it but an empty eareand thin, and yet it 
grows fo clofe with the other wheat , and like it, that if you 
pluck it up, you may pluck up the wheat with it, let therefore 
hoth grow together till the harvefi,. 

What is then meant hy Tares ? Not foch as finne through 
obftinacie, but hyhocrites that are like the fervants of God^ that 
you would thinK they areflich ^ after you difcover them, they 
are empty eares, and hollow^have no fatneffe of graine, and that 
is indeed none of the wheat. Now let Hypocrites grow toge- 
ther with the Ele6V,doe not caft them out meerly for hypqai- 
fie, though you ftndethem halting, unlefle they break forth to 
fcandalous behaviour, either in docfrine.or worlhip, or cdnver- 
fation,as they appeareto be bryars and thomesj if they be mani- 
f eft fruits jtjfthe' curie, away with them, "^Vhj cumber yon the 
^*fo»»4f for elie you ihall neither have Church cenfuile, nor ca* 
vill to ftand. Such notorious wicked perfons^ adulterers, Idola* 






-^i tiirdriM; 


, • • • 

tets, railers/ refra^ory and (candalous per(ons-> dru|ikard$> ind 
the like, are not tares ; we muft not abiue Scriptujfe,that \xakVi& 
tares and hypocrites are fufFefed,thcrefore refraftory,feaiidaloii*, • 
notorious wicked men and heretiques may b* fitfferied ; no, that 
is not the meaning, they are not ears, you may fee them afarbffj^ 
you Ihall not needto feare rooting up the wheat by cutting off 
them,the wheat is nothing like them. So yoii fee the firft Ufi,to 
juftifie the equity and (bveraigiity of fiich capitall punifhments 
onPricftsand Jeiiiites, and confequehti)^ . Cri foch as bring in 
other Gods,or another way of worshipping the true God, then 
tliat wherein we may enjoy fellowfliip with the true God, the 
J uftice and fiiitableneflp of it to the holy w ill of God, fincc there 
were any Lawes made amongft Gods people. - . 

Foralecond Ufe,it may ferve to reprove the carnall and (in- yfi 2, 
fliil (bolidi pity that is found in any State, that (hall be fparing 
oTlpiiling fiich bloud of the Priefts a^id J efuites : It is you fee' 
contrary to the unchanfl;eablc juftice of God ; the Lord loathes, 
this kinde of lenity, andgentlencfle, and in.cfulgence,and tolera- 
tion of (lich kind of perfbns, and ordhiary Receivings ofth^m-; 
if men will iiitrer fiich in the State, truly they fhall doc it to the 
fubverfion of their owne lateties and dignities, and diflurb their 
whole State. It is a very iad fpeech which the Lord utters in the 

48. Jer. 10. Cm'fed is he that doth the rvorkjftPje Lord Kegligent- 

Ij ; and cuilcd is he that keepeth back his fword from bloud,. 
when the Lord calls us to ilieath the fword of Authority in 
fiich kind of delinquents as thelebe;if we (hall no\y fjiarethem, 
and negledl this work of God, curled be fuch. A State lliall be 
feparate from God, and a Kingdome more and more corriipt and' 
Icavencdjby iiich toleration ; the wrath of God will break forth, 
tumults,and leditions, and all kind of fcandalous, and unrigK- 
teous, and ungodly proceedings will let a wliole Xingdome in 
combuftion^ Church and Common-wealth at variance : There 
can be no peace to fiich a State, where fiich perfbns are tolera- 
ted I And therefore we may feare the righteous hand of God, in 
difturbing the Countrey whereto wee owe lb much love and ^ 

f aithfulneffe, if there be a fiifpending of the holy and righteous 
Law ofGod; that thefe rivers and tountaines mould drinke of 
bloud,fbr they are worthy. : - :.. ' • ' -■ ^ 

Thirdly, this may ferve to teach all Magiftrates and Cover- Vfr gi 
noursin every Common- wealth, tolooke that all your Lawes, 

C 2 be 

Law makers, fliould ever have refpecfl what . doth the 
God fay ; If it be Gods Law, and Gods will, let it be 

20 rht third yUh 

be r%hteous lawes : If you will aft any . thing juftly, the. Lord 
takes it as his aft, he is the aftor of it. And therefore though 
this Law was made by Queene Eli^heth, with the confent of 
the whole body of the Parliament, and though her Seaetary, by 
her direftion and conlent, publiflied the juftTce of the Law, the 

Text laith, it is the Lord, Thou ^rt juft and righteottSy juft and 
trite are thj wajes, becaufe thou haft judged thui : They havejhed 
the b loud of Saints and Prothets, they have given them bloud^ 
and thou haft given them bloud to drinke, for thej are worthy^ 
Even fo, faith another Angel, Lord God Alraigmjy true and 
righteous are thj judgements. If there be any wholibme and 
juft Law in a Kingdome, the Lord ownes it as his owne, and 
it is to be obeyed as a righteous Law of God ; it it be unju^> it 
is not Gods, for his laNy is juft, an adequate rule of righteoul- 
nefle. So that what ever is lefle then the Law of God, if it liiit 
not with the Law of God, and keep correfpondencie therewith, 
you cannot iay it is a Law of God : Therefore Law givers, and 

Lord our 
ed J if not, let it be antiquiated : But if you can finde a hiiit from 
the Law of God for it, then let it (land 
yfi A, And fourthly, this muft teach confederate States , or liich 

States, whether neere for co-habitation, or farther off; if they 
heare of others proceedings, it is good to confirme what they 
have juftly done. Queene Eliz^abeth makes a Law in the yeere 
84. againit Priefts and Jefiiites, the Decree is righteous, when , 
others heare of this righteous feftion, they make it alio a capi- 
tall crime for any luch perlbns to be found amon^ft them ; if 
it be capitall in England, it is fo in HpUand^they will require it 
of the necks of them that (hall be found delinquent.What then? 
This is Even fo^ one State muft fay Evenfo upon the juft aft of 
another 5 and they muft record it in their Statutes, unlefle there 
be fome auparent diflimilitude, which i$ not in ca(e of this na- 
turejfor there is the fame equity in all Ages,and all Nations,and 
therefbre-it is for them to fay Amcnyox Evenfo to it : And what 
is that ? It is no more but this. If you enaft a Law which is in 
another Countrey,you:6yy^»?f«to.Godsj'uftice in your own 
Countrey, as others doe in theirs. 
jfe 5 . ' The fift Ufc that you may make of this Point,is, to teach you 

a tender ceipeft in all la wcs to the j'udicials oiMofeSy to all the 


iti^i S i. ' JW ' .. ^ Li i i i JJ,. ■ ■ '^^'^»mmmmmmmmmmm0m'm''mmmmmm^m'mmmmmmmmmmmm^''^ » n i ■I'^'^^wpi^^ 


rht third rid. 

judiciall laws o^MofeSythax are built upon moral equity jthat Is, 
where the realbn of a Law holds in one Nation as well as in a- 
nother ; in the New Teftament as in the Old. There are ftindry 
Laws particular to that Polity, which had peculiar realbns for 
them, as to marry in their kindred, to keep their inheritance to 
their Tribe, we have not that reafon : But where the Laws ate 
of like morall reafbn,as will hold in all Ages, and In all Cbun- 
treys,as it is in all the capitall Laws oiMofrs^ there is no reafoii 
wny a Jew fliould be put to death for point of Adultery, or In- 
ceft, or for ftealling a man,and Iclling him to a Pagan,more theii 
a Chriftian. I lay therefore look what was the Law of God by 
Mofes yX^it were of perpctuall reafon and equity, it lyes on every 
Common- wealth to eftablilli the lame , and to take your felves 
as much bound to it as the Jews, why ? for the Text tels us, the 
very righteoiifiiefle of God is in it : And looke as he was then a 
hater of all wickadnes with a perfert hatred, and as he was juftj 
fo he is ftill, herefie is no more pleafing to him , nor blafphemy, 
nor leduting,nor to change the way or his \yorfliip,and to draw 
men to waves wherein they cannot enjoy the Lord in peace ; 
murder of loules is no more welcome to him no w^ then ot old. 
And therefore if there were a Law to punilh fuch with capitall 
puniQiment, it is a like jufticeofGod to enjoyneiiich Laws in 
every Chriftian Common-wealth. And therefore if we look at 
Gods juftice as unchangeable, we may not prevaricate judiciall 
laws, letting afide Ibme typicall confiderations, or fbme pecu- 
liar consideration, in regard of their Polity : But iuch as were to 
punifli men by death, or were received on morall equity and 
groiuid, looke what was for them to doe there, is the lame pro- 
portion for us ; put the lame calc, and you will findethe 
like reafon for the fame puniQiment. It is true,fbme ceremoniesr 
were there puniQied with death , and fb the like kind of profa- 
ning the Sabbath, is as juftly punifliable with us , if profened' 
with an high hand • to gather f ticks with an high hand, in con- 
tempt of the Sabbath of the Lord, is as juftly punilliable with 
death now as then.Andfb you may ^y of any other lawj'uftly 
punifliable by death,and that are built on perpetuall moral equi- 
t)r,Our God is the fame God that he was \ and fo you fliall have 
hiiTi count that righteous whiles the world ftands . 

Por a fixt. This may ferve to take off a corrupt interpretation 
which feme have made of this place, or a collei^ion that they 

C 3 have 

a 2 T)&^ ^i&/>i Vial. 


have gathered from hence , that the Angels of God are deputed 
to feverall offices 5 here is one Angel orthe waters j and ibme ' 
are deputed to goveme the earth^lbme fire, fomc the waters and 
lea,as I m^ht tell you, if it were meet to trouble you with hu- 
mane inventions, and colle^ions of mens braines \ the colle- 
ction is cliiefly grounded on tliis place^ but it is wholly mifta- 
ken,fbr the An^el of the waters here is not any particular Angel 
of Godjj any otthofe heavenly fpirits, but the Angels and Mini- 
fters of Gods J iiftice, upon metaphoricall fcas and waters. It is * 
true,thole here were Governours of the narrow fcas^and (he that 
gave commiflion to execute the righteous judgement of God 
upon thole rivers, (he was Admirall of the narrow leas , but 
that is not the meaning. But the Angel that poured owt his vial 
upon the rivers and fountains of waters, it is he or (lie that did 
execute the righteous j udgment of G od upon the Popilh Priefts 
and Jeliiites ; and that did both Queene Eliza^eth^ and he that 
had a great hand in executing .that ; udgement , and the Angel 
from under the Altar , they ratified that Law, and juftified it 
when they had done. Now it is true, the Angels of God aflift 
the lervants of God in this glorious work,but they are lent forth, 
indifferently, to prote(fl Gods lervants by lea or by land : And I 
finde no Scripture to (hew that they are more particularly lent 
to the fea, or to the earth, but indifferently to prote(5l Gods ler- 
vants in their out-goings and in-commings. 
Vfi 7* Laftly,it may lerve to teach us a true elUmation of Minifters. 

If Popilh Priefts be rivers and fountaines of waters, drinking 
bloud, becaule they have made Gods lervants and PK)phets 
driiik bloud^ then it (hews what place other Minifters be in, 
where the lea is cleare asglalTe, like chryftall, where yon may 
lee the face of Chrift as in a j^lafle, 2 CV.3.18. what then? 
where the fea is pure, all Minifters of the Countrey, and Elders 
of Churches^ carry forth the doffrine and worftiip of Chrift, 
they are as rivers and fountaines, and being living water, rivers 
of fieih water, and water all the Countrey. This is the olfice of 
of them,/inoppofitiontotholein 2 Pet,2.iy* that zTCrpe/iswifh-' 
o/?rjy^r^r^ without fweetwatef.* Godly Minifters therefore are 
fountaines of fweet water, and from them illiie forth ftreames 
of living water. IwPfaL^^.nU. All mj frejh (prings are in thet^ 

1 would onely apply it thus^ and leave it andi the Text with the 
, time : That therefore looke as a man when he would goe forth 


^.1 ■iiBii nii ^.^,»r - , >^-; ^■i^i»'fc»*^yi | >i'i ■*'» H I " ! ' y »> r ■ [ " .^ '-^y^^ '■■ ■ " ' ■■^^—**^^^*^— *****— ™ 

to si new Plantation, or (it downe in any place, or if fie 'wotiid 
fex. his dwelling houfe in a place, he would wifely fore-caft to 
have a fountaine of living water> a living ipring neere to his 
houfe, or fome fweet fpring ran neere him. Why ?jlf he be with- \ 
out frefh water, it is a great want for the provifion of his hoo- 
ihold : Water they muft have, either a ffefh tiver, or a ftcfii 
ipring, the one of the two; if they can have both, they covet 
both : and there is great need ofbo.th , not onely to quench fire,. 
and water gardens^ &c.but for boiling of meat and drink,wa(li- 
ingofdoathes, and fundry vl<5luals. Water is ever nece&ry, as 
any thing ; nothing more. This is mens care, when they goe a- 
bout Plantations, or whether they plant townes or villaee^ or 
their owne dwelling houles,they have a care to provide for Seftl 
water. All I would % is this. Take heed you doe not provide 
forfountaines of orduiary water, and negle A rivers or fweet 
water : That is,beware of going about liich work, without car- 
rying fuch fountaines with you,as may from the fea of pure Re- 
ligion, pure do(5trine, and pure worfliip> carry forth fbme foch 
fweet rtreams as may make glad the hearts oi your families, and 
Church of God where you goe. 

But you will fay. Have not Chriftians fo much liberty, a OB* 
company of codly men liberty to enter into covenant^and make 
ic me beginning of things, and fo call fome or other, whom they 
know are well gifted men, fornillied with gihs , may we not 
call them to come and help us,and have we not that liberty pur- 
chafed by the bloud of the Lord J efos ? 

All this is true brethren, I would infringe no part of it : One- Anfw» 
ty this let me fay, you would be loth to provide no better fot 
temporals, you would be loth to let a to wne where there are no 
rivers nor foimtaines ; and ifyou doe fit downe where there are 
no fountaines, yet you have liberty to fetch water from other 
places, Chrift hath purchafed it : Trae, he hath purchafcd all li- 
berties for his Church, but you will not think it wifdome to fit 
downe where there are no rivers, becaufo you have no right to 
them by the bloud of Jefus j that would not be a fiifficient rea- 
fon in things concerning this naturall life : why then doe not 
build further on the bloud of Chrift for fpirituall ri vers,then you 
will doe for naturall ; but rather prize fpirituall rivers above na- 
turall,as more worthy then all naturall comforts to be looked 
after* Therefore when ever you are about fuch a work as this, 

. m . — • ... ■ f 

24 The third vUL 

take the lord Jefiis Chrift along with you, and take rivers and 
fountainesofwaters; that as you look for rivers and fountains 
for the refrefliment of your cattle^ andfervants, and children, 
you may findela living fountaine of the bloud of Chrift, con- 
veighed and running in the; plantation where you intend to fit 
downe; otherwile you will finde the iprings there, and the 
fountams and rivers you fit downe by, rife up* in judgement a- 
gainft you, that thefe are the things you fought for, and out of 
regard to thefe, you left the fountains and rivers of Gods houfe^ 
the ordinances of God behind you, andgoe and live in the out- 
•moft comers of a countrey,or in fbme ot her countrey,all is one ; 
Therefore fit downe no where without good Minifters^ if it be 
poffible, and liire poffible it is, elfe Chriftians may refolve to 
tarry whgre they are, as E^a tarried by the river Ahava^. in the 
8. o^E^jra 15. till he had got fbme Levites to goe with themii 
that they might goe and make a comfortable worke of it, that 
they might not leave the Ordinances behind them ; and yet 
there were fbme there before, whither they went. It is true, 
fbme may goe and make a beginning, but yet never, make a be- 
ginning, but where you may come and partake of the waters 
of Gods houfe every Lords day,and let them that cannot fo tra- 
\ ell, let them continue where they are, and drink of the waters 
of etemall life, rather then run luch hazards. You have feene 
when fome have made a beginning without Minifters, they 
have ftaid three or fbure yeercs before they'have got any help, 
and when they have got them,they have had much adoe to fet- 
tle ; they have been fuddenly unfettled , though they have not 
gone raftily about it,but with good advice : but for want of this 
there, not taking thefe rivers and fbuntaines with them, they 
have been at a lofle, and therefore in fiich a cafe let it be the wif^ 
dome of fincere hearted Chriftians,'that come from old England 
for liberty and purity of Ordinances, not to leave them now 
for firefli medo ws and fountaines : and for want of planting . 
ground , and the like, it will not be fiiitable to thefe ends for ' 
which you left your native Countrey. 

• 4 

T H E 

, « 

* Q 

1i^pipWfl*l**^^^"W«P»«i^«*M*^""^^^"'*'"~ ?■ "■ i^^^m^^^^immrmmtmgmf^mtmmfmmtmmmmmm^^t^^'^'^' '■• 

The Fourth 

V I A L- 

Revel, ig. 8, p. 
^nd the fourth Angel poured out hk fial upon the Sun, 

and power tp.is given to him tofcorch men nith fire,- 
And men imere fcorcfied with great heat , and ilafphemed 

the name of God', which had poaer over thefe plagues • 

and they repented not: togive him glory. 

p'^'^U the feven Angels that are defcribed to pout 
(3J?/^i^AA3< o, ijut the ieven Vials of the laft fierce wrath, 
•/■^/S^^iw arc a" of them faid to come out of the Tern- 
VW^~T~wvi P'^ °^ ''"^ Tabernacle opened in heaven in 
.y/(^'^mX the5Vcrfc of the ij Chapter: That is to 
e/^tswij^^ fay, all of them to proceed, and to come 
forth out of reformed Churches, fuch as had 
gotten the viflory over the Beaft, and his Imagfjind his Name, 
and the number of his Name, In the 6 Verfc of this Chapter, 
they arc all of them further defcribed , to be cloatheJ with 
pure and white linnen , and to have their breafts girdeJ with 
golden girdles ; that is to fay> all of thsm to be cloachcd wirh 
the rightcoufncflb of Chrift (which is pure linnen) both ju- 
ftifying and fenftifying of them, the one imputed, the other 
inherent, and alloftbem to beiincerc prof; (Tors of the truth 
of Chritt , their breafts girded with the goldiMi girdles of 
truth. Further, they are all of chcm fai J to receive a command 
A ' ' from 

The fourth rial. 

from God to pour ont the Vials of bis wrath/ and all of them 
to pour out the Vials of his wrath upon (he earth , in the firft 
VcxCe of this Chapter : and ytt it was but the firft that poured 
out his Vial upon the earth $ for the iecond is (aid to pour ic 
out upon the Sea ; and the third upon the rivers and fountains| 
and tne fourth (you read in my TextJ ufon the Sun i and the 
fifth upon the Throne of the Beaft ; and the (ixth upon the great 
river Eupbraies^ and the laft upon the air: yet all are command- 
ed (the whole fcven) tt purtut the iPratb of God upon the earthy 
in the firft vcrfe. The earth being oppoicd to the Church in 
heaven^ th« vifible Church open in heavenly purity j it is fo ta- 
ken for fome earthly, carnally Antichriftian ftate,or Church r 
but when it is not oppofed to heaven, but other elem;:nts, then 
it is the loweft of all the reft ; and fo it is according to this 
double oppoHtion interpreted in this Chapter* If you look at 
the earth, as oppofite to heaven, the heavenly pure Churches, (b 
he means the earthly and Antichriftian Church, the Romifli 
Popifli Church that then was . Now if you fay, as in the firft 
verfe it is faid. The fir jk onelj found cut his vial upon the earthy 
now you mean the lowed element of the Antichriftian ftatcr, 
the common Catholicks, whereupon there fell a grievous fore 
upon all that received the mark of the Bcaft, and worfhipped 
his Image. When thofe holy fervants , and faithfull Minifters 
of Chrift did dilcover the corruption of Rch'gion in common 
Catholicks , the Catholicks were sfflidlcd with much confu- 
fion and indignation 5 as being convinced, they werebcdablcd 
with groffv fuperftition , ignorance , and idolatry, and many 
other evils which you have formerly heard: So that you /ce, 
the Hrft of them fell upon the Beaft^and fo from the Hrft to the 
laft, the firft began with the Beaft ; and in the laft , Bsbylon w 
fiiUen , in the i p Vcrfe of this Chapter* So that all thefc Vials 
poured out the wrath of God upon fomething or other of the 
Beaft) the firft upon the common wotfhippers of the Beaft; the 
fecond upon th: Sea ; that is, the confluence of all the Ordinan- 
ces, that is, fiich Ordinarcos as the worftiippers of the Beaft 
have in their Religion s and they dilcovered that Sea to be but 
the bloud of a d^^ad man, nor to have the life of Chrift in it: 
And the thiid poured out his Vial upon the Fountains and Ri^ 
vers of water, which arc the Pricfts and Jefiuts ol that Cburdh* 


%. — « ,« 


rpr'T r''"^ — ' — 1 1 p I ) I ■ I , ■ _ ■ , , - - - ' ^ 

The fourth Vial. V 

"which carry that Religion up aiid down the earth*, as tKe Ri- 
vers and Foiuitains do the water of the Sea (and of thefe you 
heard at large the laft day :) And look as the opening of the 
Seals (mentioned before in this Book) did open the wrath of 
God 3 and his jiidgejnents againft the Roman-Pagan Empire, 
and the (even Trumpets did ibund out the wrath ol God agaiiift 
the Roman-Chriftian Empire and Church; fo the(c law An- 
gels , with the laft wrath in the feven Vials, they pour it all out 
upon the Antichriftiari Roman Pcate : So that all the judge- 
ments in this Book are ftill upon 'R.ome j either "BJnnt Pagan, or 
'Rami Chriftian, or Bamt Antichriftian j the one falls unaer fe- 
ven Seals , the other under feven Trumpets , and this laft tui- 
dcr feven Vials : So that if the earth ^ upon which the firfl: 
Angel poured out his Vial , be the common fort of Catholicks ; 
and the Sea , upon which the fecond Angel poured out his 
Vial, be their Religion., and convinced it to be the bloud of a 
dead man, and no life of the bloud of Chrift in it, to wafli 
fin from the fouls and confciences of men , notliing elfe but 
unwholfomc and unfavoury choking corruptions , ready to dc- 
ftroy all that were waflied in it , or drank of it. And the 
third Vial being poured out upon the Jeliiits and Priefts, tliey 
were thereby adjudged to capital! piuiillmient (as you havii 
heard ) for they were forced to drink bloud , as they were 
worthy , having caufed the Martyrs of Christ Jesus 
to drink bloud. 

This fourth Vial therefore comes to be poured out upon fbme- 
thing of the Beaft, as all the reft of the Vials were : I'he fourth 
Angel poured out his Vial upon the Sun, to wit, fomething 
of the Beaft , which refembles the Sun in his world , even as 
the Sun h the greateft light in this materiall world , which 
GOD created in the beginning. In thefe words then you 
may fee defcribed , the pouring out of the Vial of the fourth 
Angcl,whichis fet forth by the liibjert upon which it is poured, 
1)^9^ the fiin : Secondly , by the cffcft which followed upon 
that, H: bad power given bim to fcorcb men with fire ; and fe- 

Mm blafphrmed the name of God-, and God here defcribed to have 

A 2 power 



> * rhe)foaHh\rUl. 

power ever thclc plagues,as an aggravation of tftat blafphsmy, 
to blafphsilje the name of God, that had power over thcfc 
plagues. Attl fccondly, they arc defcribed by another event, 
their Impenitcncicj their not repenting, thtj relented not togrve 
htm glory: So that here the fourth Vial is poured out, Upon 
•what? Upon the Sun. What is the effeftof that? Power is 
is given to that An^d,to fcorcb men nfitb fire* and men werefcorcb' 
td with beat : and the event of it was, they that were fo fcorch- 
ed, continued ftill impenitent , they relented not to give Godghry* 
but on the contraryjblafphf med the name of the great God,that 
had power over tbefe plague?. 

For opening tl e meaning of the words briefly; By the Sun 
cannot here be meant, that body of the Sun that gives light 
to us in thefevlfible heavens : For how fliall an Angcl com- 
ming out of the Temple , out of a reformed Church , pour 
out his Vial upon that Sun t Or if he fliould be able fo to do^ 
how l"hould he work any diftempcrcd heat in ir, but it would 
annoy reformed Churches as well as Antichriftian ? How 
will it redefl a peculiar plague upon Antichrift ? It muft 
therefore be fome other Sun , and indeed fuch a Sun as is 
wrapped up under thcgenerall Notion of Earth j for all the 
Angels poured out their Vials upon the earth ; they had no 
other Commifljon given them to pour out their Vials, but 
upon the earth,in the firft Verfc. And therefore he that poured 
out his Vial upon the S2a, it wss bur an earthly fca, a worldly 
fwa ; and hce that poured his Vial upon the rivers and foun- 
tains, did but pour it out upon earthly rivers and fountains : 
and therefore he that pours his out upon the Sun, doth but 
pour it out upon an earthly Sun, not an heavenly Sunj I mean 
not any fpiriruall Sun of heavenly brighrncfle or glory ; Minde 
thcr.forc, that it cannot be allowed to interpret this Sun to be 
the Lord Icfus Chrift^as fome good Interpreters have expound* 
ed it, fhc is indeed the Sun of true vifible reformed Churches, 
"f but not of Antichridian i) Now will it be in like fort allow- 
ed, to intcrprst it of the Scriptures, (as fome of our bcft In- 
trrprcfcrs have expounded ir) forthefe are but one; for the 
Scri[:tnrcs reveal Chrift,and the woman cloathed with the Sun, 
that i Chrill, fli: is cloathed with him as he is revealed in the 
Scripiiuc , 1 2 Kevel, i, I^ut I do not fee how it (hould well fcc 



The fourth Viati 

allowed, that that fliould be the Sun here meant : For fitft, the 
Angels that pour out thefe Vials, art; all godly men, atleaft g^« 
nerally Tq reputed^ and accounted , and acknowledged by the 
Churches i they arc cloatheJ with pure white linncn, whiah is 
the righteournefle of the Saints, inherent and imputed: They 
are alio girded with golden girdles, fincereprofvfTorsof the 
truth J and how thcfc can be imagined to pour ©ut wrath upon 
the Lord lefus, or the Scriptures, it is not to be beleeved or 

Andbcfides, all thcls had command to pour out the wrath 
of God on thofe fubjef^s , upon which they poured out their 
Vials , as i;i the hrft Vcrfe. Now God forbid wc fliould con- 
ceivej that any wrath of God fliould b: poured out upon Chrift 
ever fincc his Rerurre(flion5 or thit any wrath of God fhould 
be poured but upon the Scriptures : For although they that 
thus expound this Vial to be poured out upon the Sun, do not 
fay that the wrath of G^A was poured upon the Sun, but upon 
the Antichriftianftatc; yet the Text tcls us^f^g poured ouf the 
Viah of the rvratb of God upon tbatfttbjcB ; that they poured them 
on 3 they poured them all upon the earth : So that all thefe 
things are but earthly matters ^ and fuch earthly matters as hav« 
been open juftly to the wrath of God. It is therefore but an 
earthly fca, and they arebuc earthly riv.rs and fountains, and 
itisbutan earthly Sun, and an earthly air, corrupt air,anun- 
wholfonie Antichriftian air, upon which the Vials are poured, 
Sathat I cannot go fo freely along with that Expoficion, thac 
the Sun here, is Chrift revealed in the Scriptures, or the Scri- 
ptures revealing Chrift. 

If any man ffiall fayjbut the Sun fpoken of in the Trumpets', 

wtsGhrift in the Scripturcs,or the Scriptures revealing Chrift,& 

thole Trumpets hold forth a like degree of judgcmeiit upon the 

Roman-Chriftian Empire, as hereupon Antichriftian Ko/we : 

Por upon the founding of the fir ft Trumpet, judgrment fals 

upon the earth , common Chriftians : The fecond Trumpet 

fbonding, judgement fals upon the Sea, (as in the 3 KeveL 7, 

to 1 2.) And the third upon rivers and fountains : And the 

fourth Trumpet founding, did bring an hand of God uponth^ 

Sun, a third part of the Sun was fmitten; that is, the Son Chrift 

Icfuswas muchd&rkned in that degenerated Chriftian-ftate, 


6 Thefomb rial. 

andfo it was with the Scriptures, with the Church ftate, and' 
with humane Learning , they were all darkened , as it is there 
defcribed: But (mhideyou) the Sun is one thing to a Church 
tliat hath truth in it, though degenerated ; Christ was 
their light, though they were darkened , in a third part ; But 
now when Religion is wholly corrupt, that all the whole Sea 
is the bloud of a dead man \ now the world is altered , and 
if you have a new world ^ you muft have a new Sun : That was 
a Chriftian world, and Cur i s t might dill be the Siui, 
and light of that , though in many degrees corrupted ; and 
the Scriptures might be ftill the light of the world. But now 
when you come to an Anticlirillian world, lo wholly degene- 
rated , that there is no power of C h r i s t to be leen, as 
thev admiiiifter any Ordinance ; now the cafe is (o far chan- 
ged, that you muft look for another Sun in another A\'orld : 
Here is another earth, and another Sea, tliat Sea was not like 
the bloud of a dead man (though corrupt) but this is y and 
thofe waters, though their Teachers were corrupt 9 yet it was 
but a tllird part ; but here all is become bloud , and they drink 
of bloud, for they are pfortby. And here is another Sim iji this 
new w^orld, and what muft that be ? In a word, there be others 
that interpret it of the greateft and moft illuftrious light , moft 
eminent and glorious light in the Antichriftian world : And 
what may that be? If you look through all the Antichriftian 
world, what Hiould be the moft eminent, and moft glorious, 
and moft illuftrious light that iLines in the greateft glory a- 
mongft them all ? What doth more readily offer it felf then the 
houfe of jiufrhy the chief governour in the Antichriftian ftatCa 
of eminent luftre , and hath been fo for a 00 veers, as they call 
it, the Lumen, and Columen of that ftate, the liglit and pillar of 
that "ftate ? And they that fo expound it, they wrote juit in this 
rime when the King of Srpeden came foith to reprefent the 
Angel , he witii his followers , to pour out a Vial of G O D S 
wrath upon the Imperiall ftate of Gtnnjf/jy and confequently 
upon the reft of that houfe that were allyed to them, whe- 
ther Spaniards or others ; and that to the provoking of fo much 
indignation , you know what fcomfiill derifions they put upon 
him. , as if he came in like a Thiker with his Copper money, 
rather then a worthy Generall ; and you know what ind^ia* 



I I - 111 • m^KaaimMtmimitmmmmmm 

The fourth Viai. ^ 

tion and wrath hath been kindled by that means agauift all 
Germany ; what a world of bloud hath been fpilt j how lire and 
fword hath purfued thofe attempts to this* very day ? What 
might be faid againft this Jnterpretation, is not much, but 
yet fo umch , as to make fome addition to this Interpre- 

The Papifts will'by no means bear and acknowlecfge it, that 
any Civil ftate fliouldbo the moft llUiftrious light of their Re- 
ligion ; they will tell you that the Emperour is but a borrowed 
light from the Sun , and doth owe homage to the Pope for his 
ImperiaU Crown, that have tranflated the Empii*e from 
Grtect to France ^ and from France to Germany ; They will 
te.U you, the Pope is as much above the Emperour, as the 
Sun is above the Moon. And they are not afliamed to fpeak 
to the Pope, in the amplification of hi<s glor}', Thou art the 
light of the world, the flower of Paradile, the gate of Heaven :• 
And if they make the Pope their greatell light , their moft 
tranfcendent and Illuftrious light, the vSiui in the primeft and 
chiefeft glory, then }ou muft look and fcarch fomcwhat flir- 
ther, for fome further Interpretation then meerly the Imperial! 
ftate, or the ftate of that fame Tamily combined and united 
imto it. 

And yet neither would I wholly wave that Interpretation 
of the ImperiaU ftate , becaufe the matter is not what Pa- 
pifts will acknowledge, or what the Church of Kome w']!!l 
own , Whether they will o\vn the Emperour to bee the 
primeft and chkfeft light , or others ; for the holy Ghoft 
fpeaks of things as they be, as well as how they are concei- 
ved to be. 

Now in Scripture Interpretation , the greateft lights are 
Magiftratcs, that hold forth the greateft lultre and fblendor, 
but yet in the Churches j and when you Ipeak of Ipirituall . 
Adminiftratio)is , they that are to derive light from 
C H R I J- T to the Church , they are thQ greateft lights for 
fpirituall things : But wee come to fpeak therefore of the 
great light they fet up , they fet up him as the chiefeft and 
reateft light, which derives light to :he very Scriptures 5 

r they conceive that they ihould not. bee Auithenticall « , 

•■ .«•... ...» _ ^^ 

^>*'^****^^*^^^^^— —^aW—i^ll^^^WP"^—^!— !■<■*— ^^iW—W——ii%— tiii n — ~— WIWI I W 

8 The fourth Fial. 

unleflc the B: of Bfitnc count them £0*^ and if he do eount them 
authcDticall , then they ftiall be (b, though they be ^^rjpba ; 
and no (cnce of Scripture allowed for the light of truth, unlefTe 
it be acknowledged by him 9 nor no Decrees go for currant, un- 
IciTc he ratiHe them : So that that wluch they take for the light 
of rlieir world » is chiefly the Billiop ot Bjume : If then he be 
their greateft light > then this Angel pjpurs his Vial of Gods 
wrath upon the Pope his transcendent lighti whereby fee gives 
authority to the Scriptures, to Doftrine, to Worftiip, to Go* 
vcrnraentj to Councels^ and whereby he gives power to all his 
Officers, to adminifter Diicipline and Church-power in all 
Cbriftendoni , fas they call itj all Chriftian Churches over# 
Then they are the Angels that pour out the Vial upon thatSuQi 
that take from him tnat tranicendenc Prerogative of the Sun, 
which is to rule by day , i ^6 Ffal, 8. Take then from him his 
rule by day ; for you muft fpeak of things metaphorically in 
this place, though in thePfalm is meant another Sun ; but in 
this Sun, take from the Pope, from this Sun PopifK rule of Re- 
ligion, the rule of all Churches, the Soveraign power in all 
EaleHafticall affairs; and what then ? Then you will pour out 
a Vial of wrath upon him : And fo dii Queen Elizabeth in her 
time; and th; Parliament then by making the Popes Suprema- 
cie,aHd the defence of it, highTrcafonagainftherper(on,and 
the State of the Kingdom, and againft the Lord lefus : Tt poured 
forth fuch a Vial of Gods wrath upon this great Light, the An- 
tichriCbian State ; that it rules no more by day, neither in £ng- 
latid^not Scotlandytiot Ireland, nor divcts other neighbour Na- 
tions, who by her precedent example did abandon the like 
ufurpation, thefupreme rule of the Pope in Ecclefiafticall at- 
fiirs, which is the very Rule of the Clsurches of Chrift, Thus 
you fee, take the one, or the other, both will ftand together : 
Let the floufe of ^HJkria be the Sun, as it is in his kinde and 
Spharre,the grcatcft liv^hr of all their created Civil power, and 
hath been a great light indeed , and both an ornament and nou- 
tiniment to the See of Kome : Or take the Pope himfelf, who 
will be the greatefl Church-lighr,and claims to hlmfelf Sa- 
prerae power, not oncly in Ecdcfiafticillcaufcs, but Civil too. 
It is no unuluall thing in Scripture, to make a graduall Inter- 
prctacion of dark Scriptures ; as in tb^ 17 Chapter, Thfeven 


' <^ • ,. 

•^■^^•^^••"■■'••^ «.*^«^-. ^ » Atmm^mmim^m^mr^^r^imm^^f^'^f'- 

The fourth rial. 

btaJs (faith the Text) are Jevea mmntnnr^ t^m which the ivomau 
ptteib\ and (in the lo veric) they are alio leven Kings; the fame 
that reprefcnt leven mountains , doth reprefent fcven Kings. 
And fo Loth thcfe are great lights of that ftate,the Imperiall aiid 
the Spanilli power combined in that hoiife, by bloud and artini- 
tie, and the Pope himfclf in his fphxre, are both the great lights 
of that ftate, and it hath pleafed Cod to pour out his Vial of 
wrath upon them both , and both the one and the other fuflfcr; 
and they fliall fuffcr more and more, bccaule they do not repent 
to give God glory of their due and dcferved punillunent, but 
continue ftill in their blalpheming againft the Lord and his peo- 
ple; and when men grow worfc and worfe, both civil ftate, and 
Eccle(ialHcallbte,both growing worle and worfe,doubtles their 
lagues will be multiplied : Sa^eden began with one, and hath 
icen followed : Queen Elizabeth in England , and others elfe- 
wherc have begun with the other, the Lord by fundry inftru- 
ments in one kinde or other hath gone forth, and will go on 
ftiljto let them know that the moft high hath power over all the 
earth, and will not be driven out : When once he begins to exe- 
cute judgement , he will go on dedroying to deltroy ; and 
though the minifters of this wrath may conliid with doubtdiU 
and various events, yet the ifliie will be bleCfed ; and Popifti 
Princes and States fliall ftand a fur off, and ciy, Al^t^ alas^ that 
g;*cj/ city Bahihrty tbjt mighty city ; pr in om hoar if thy judgement 
come : That will be the finall ifliie of the great wrath of Goi 
upon it ; and how far both thefc have proceeded, you cannot 
chufe but know : How far queen Elizabeth icorched that Aii- 
tichriflian ftate with fiery indignation , it isunivcrfally known; 
which provoked Catholick Princes io much, tliat what with 
pou ing out the former Viuls upon tht^ Rivers '.;nd Fountain^ 
whcnii.e decreed it Treafon for any to carry Popiili Religion 
to hfjgi 'ftd^ and to reconcile men to that See, the pouring out of 
that Vial there, and this here, io fai [-rovokedthcn"!, that they 
b.oughr in their whole power againft lier in 88, and would 
have Iwallowed her up quici<, they were fo exufpei ated with 
heat and fuiy; and had not the Lord by hi5> out-ftreithed arm 
and w if.lom pievcntec', there had b-een no hope of prefer vation, 
but defolutioii of her and her Kingdom. TJius have I fliewed 

B you, 

'lo The fourth Vid. 

yoii, as ftiortly and plainly as I could, what flioiild be the mean- 
ing of tliis foiirth Vial, and the Angel by whojn it was poured 
out, Let lis fliortly come to gather a note or two from the 
words, and very briefly. Firfttnis; 
Y>oUi\ I • When the wrath ot* G O D is kindled againfl: a State for cor- 

raption of Religion, he pours out his judgements againfl: them 
by degrees j firft uuon the common fort of people, then upon 
Church Oiticers, and then upon the principall Rulers and lights 
uf that State. That is the firll note. 

This is evident in the Gradation' of the Text^ here is the 
wrath of the Lord kindled againft the Antichriftian ftate, cal- 
led here, tht eartbt an earthly Kingdom, an earthly ft:ate, brought 
forth of the earthy and minding earthly things, and all their Or- 
dinances favouring of the earth , of humane inventions, and 
wifdom and power : The Lord then when his Avraih is kindled^ 
and fends forth Meflfengers of his wrath on that State, how 
begin they? They begin firft with the earth, the loweft Ele- 
ment; they begin not with the Sea, nor with the Sun^ nor with 
the Air, but firft the Vial fuls upon the Earth : Common Catho- 
licks, they firft feel the fliame, and confufion thereof, (as you 
have heretofore heard :) Then, as he difcovers their Religion 
to b-e generally corrupt, as the bloud of a dead man ; fo hee 
pours out the next Vials upon the Rivers and Toiuituiiis of wa- 
ter, thofe that carry this Religion up and down the Countries 
and Nations, the Lord exaljxTates Civil States fo far againft 
them, that they force them to drink bloud, their own bloud, as 
they made Martyrs to drink bloud ; fb the Lord gave them to 
drink bloud, />r they art worthy , (as you heard it opened this day 
fevcn-night.) He firft begins with tHe common Catholicks, 
then wich Priefts and Jefuits: Well, doth he here ftay, when 
the Lord fees what little fnut grow cth hereby ? Verily no, for 
here is no Reformation of the common Ibrt, they ftill continue 
in their Ignorance, and Supcrftition, and Idolatry: And what 
are the Priefts anJ. Jefuits any thing reformed ? It is nothing fo, 
nor do the light.', ot that State, either the lights of the Imperiall 
world, of the Provinces, or their genei all and grand holy Fa- 
ther the Pope (as they call him) none feek Reformation, what 
then? Then let the Imperiall ft ate, and Pope, that claims Lord 


T^e fourth ViaU X r 

ParamouiitOiip over all, let Iiiin look it, the next Vial falsupon 
his head, and the Lord doth this by degrees ; firft upon his lli- 
preme liiftre and glory, as he rules by day : And the next fals 
upon his Throne , and that is a great blow to him \ and ftill the 
Lord goes on poiirir.g to pour out, and (Iriking to (hike, till at 
length he crullietii the man of lin,and all his abettors. For,their 
religion h corrupt,und all that drink oPit perilli, and the comon 
people, Pridls & J^fuits Hiall finartj and then the Pope & Em- 
peror, whoever are their great lights, let the be lights in Church 
or Common- wealth, (for I will exclude neither) they both par- 
take in the fin, and fliuU partake in the punillimcnt of it : The 
Kxir Angels, they may be fevcrall peribns, but they have one 
common work, they pour Vials upon the lights of both States, 
and truly fb the Lord did in Chriftian 'Eomt , this is Antichri- 
llian, but when Kwwe was once Pagan, and then became Chri- 
flian in Confiantbteftims, and luiderthe Chriftian Emperors, 
Conjla/itwe and the reft opened the doors of the Church fo 
wide, that all the garden of (iod was become a wilderneffe by 
an inundation of carnall people , Chriftians in name , but Pa* 
gans in hearty that were let in ; ami then that which was once a 
garden inclol'ed, was now made a wlldernefle, >vhen they took 
down the Pale , and let in all dogs and fwine that will come in, 
the ^vrath of God breaks out againft them, then the Triunpet 
founds a (lirill Ibiuid, and what was that ? In the 8 of ReveL 7, 
The firfi Afigcl jmiidingy the tt fi>Sowed hail ^ arid jire mingled mth 
hltiud^ and they were cafl ttpoa the eartlf^ &c, and that is upon 

the lo weft fort of Chriftians, there was given grievous hail, 
cold hail-ftorm, they received not the truth in love, and being 
cold in Cht illianlty , they were hot in Emulation and Conten- 
tion. And then the fecond Trumpet founding, there was as it 
^vere a great Mountain burning caft into the Sea, and thet ? was 
u third part of the Sea Ix^came bioud ; there was higii prefer- 
ment cult into the Oiiicers of the Church, anda grer.it[a.tof 
the Adtuinillrations erew corrupt. Then the third Angel 
founded , and there fals a Star from Heaven,, calicv.1 Worn> 
. wood, WDimvv'ood of Herefie, and corrupts the Pricfts; m.any 
were infe fled with the Herefie o^ jirrinf^ 'dud'^lsjionur^ and 
EH^jcbefi Afterwards aU Scriptures came to be darkncdwit:: 

B 2 Allege- 

12 The fourth VUt. 

Allegoricall, and Hereticall, and corrupt Interpretations, that 

Chrill \% fcai fe diicerned in all their writings, and the light of 

Scripture is darkened, and the light of humane Learning , that 

there is little light left. And then the next Angel,he lbunds,and 

finoke comes out of the bottomlelfe pit,and there comes Locufts 

upon the earth, and they have a King fet over them, which is 

the Angel of the bottomlefle pit, which is the Pope over the 

Triars and Monks. So, thus the Lord begins to deal with men, 

firft he fals upon them in one degree , upon the earth firft , and 

then upon Religion in them, and then upon Niinifters, the pub- 

lilhersof that Religion, and .''fter grows higher and higher, till 

in the end there comes the Antichrillian ftate^ the leventh head, 

and he fm mounts all Chriftian Emperors,leads them all captive, 

and hath the Key of the bottomlefle pit to dcftroy their fouls, 

who(e name \% hbaddm in Hebrew, but in the Greeke j4pol:jon, 

and then comes the Turk in the (ixth Trumpet, and he deftroys 

and fwallows up all : So the Lords manner is, firft he breaks 

forth againft the common people, then againft the Minifters, 

then at laft he rifcth to the great Lords o( the world, the Rulers 

of the State, thev fmoke for it at laft. What fliould be the Rea- 

fon of the Point ? The Reafon is, 

Rm/. I. firft, becaufe ordinarily the firft beginning of corruption is 

with the people, and they being firft corruoted, then indeed it is 
meet that they lliould firft be plagued ; for look as the Church 
grew to be corrupted in the Chriftian Emperors time , fo the 
Church came to be plagued in Antichriftians timej the earth was 
firft corrupt,, in the Chi iftian Emperors time, and the firft that is 
plaguedjis the cartb,then the fea^thtn the rivers, & (b by degrees; 
The Lord goes the lame way in plaguing, as they did in dcgcne- 
rating,the fame way in executing judgement as they in finning. 
Jitaft 3, And fecondly, when the comon people are corrupted^ for tlieir 

fin fikeit pleaftihGod cither to lendihem comipt Rulers like 
themfclves, or elfe to lead their good leaders into temptation, to 
conupr themfelves and their people. You read,^>w.28.2. Fvrtbc 
xpick^dneffe if a land^manj are the princes thereof', many and wicked 
Rulers too; They never lived long,nor well, after once the hoiife 
of Ifratlhad cryed out, Wbatporttm bav( pee in 'David/tr what in» 

b<rifanc€ i»tbefm of lejje ? The Lord never gave them good ICing 

|i(|(»?*«MWllPH|WWWPli»iii*S'W^^^— ■■^ti"*PI"^WiWW^"i"*^i*W«""^""^*'"««*»^*''***'*~~ 

The fourth Vid. 

in Ifrael aftet", not in Ifrad 1 fay, Judah indeed had fiindry times 
good KingSjbut for Ifrad (the lo rribes)that rejcdled the yoke, 
and the houfe of Divirit in regard of the hard pavmcnts that Sohm 
mom fon put upon them ; and therefore in their prophanenefte 
crj'ed out, iVoJt port 10/1 have tve zu "David f &c. Then immediatly 
after that, the Lord never gave them any good Kiiig, i KSng. 1 2. 
1 6. So there grows Religion to be corrupted in the people, and 
then for their vvickednefl'e God gives them wicked Princes ; / 

gsve them a King in mine auger ^ andtooh^ bim an^aj in my wratb, O 

Jfael thou k:ft deflrojed thyfelf^ Hof 1 3 . p, 1 o. 1 frael corrupts it 
felf,**^ provokes CjOvI^ and he gives them a King m his anger,and 
takes him away in his wrath : And it is written as a hcavie curfe 

of CoJ^in Lev.26.1y. I/joupilltreJpjffeagjiuji me 1 wiUfet Prin- 

ces ever you ^tbat pall baieyott: NJifchievoiis Princcs,odioiis Princes 
that fliall be odious to God, and malignant to the people. Ifyou 
flill provoke nu, and for all tliis turn not to me, I will fet mch 
over you, them that iTiall be odious to me, and odious to you, 
that Ihall make you more and more to corrupt your waycs : 
And if God at any time give them good Prmces,. he. wiU leade 
them into temptation for their fin. InaS^iwi, 24. i. yoiircad 
there, the wrat . of the Lord was kindled agaiiiR Ifrael, and he 
provoked David acainft them to fay , Go number Ifrael and lu* 
dab: The wrath of the Lord was kindled againft Ilirael, and 
he provoked David ^ dec. To what end ? That fo a plagu^ might 
come upon Ifrael : So that (minde you} how the mis of the 
time rile from the contagion of tlie h'lrarts and lives of the peo- 
ple ; That look as a man catcheth cold on his feet, it fils the 
head with diftempers: Catch but cold in the lowtft part, 
about the ancles or fett ; or fuppofe the ftomack be fomewhat 
annoyed through ill dyet , or ill digcftion , what then ? It 
ftrikes up to the head prefently ; } ou cannot annoy the fcQty 
ancles, or middle parts, but the head will Rel both : So, if ei- 
ther Miniftcrs be corrupt, or common people, the head, the 
Rulers will ftraightway bee corrupt , it will not bee othcr-- 
wifc; If the Prophets prophelie lyes, and the Pricfts bear rule 
by their means,and the people love to liave it fo,what will be the. 
end? Do you think there w ill come any PriiKes that will reform 
ihem? Do you think the Lord will take any coiufc to reform 



^^*> »■ ■ ■jiihi^JL^^^ 



Tlf i l i rTT ii -I M mr i r - i r- y II I i. 'ifc i. j . r i iii|l I ur i i m i im Z 

' I A The fourth Vial, 

fuch great evils as thefe be ? As evill firft begins with the com- 
mon people, fo they are firft plagued. 

For a third Realon, As evill hi ft begins with the people, and 
they are firft plagued, and as for them it is derived to the Priefts 
and Princes, and they are by that meancs corrupted, either are 
not good, or led into Ibme temptation. 
„ ^ So thirtVly, the F-ord is deeply provoked againft the lights and 

'-' * ^' guides of tiie Church, whether Civ ill, or Ecclefiafticall Church" 
men, or Common- wealths m.en, the Lord is provoked againft 
both, for fliffering their people to bedable themlelves with lume 
corruption in Religion and religious converfation: In the 34. E- 

«ei^.75to I o, Herre tkif^ 0)C€ Shtpheards oflfrad j and he fpeakes 

(asbeft Interpreters expound it) both to Eccledafticall and Ci- 
vill Shepheards, to the Priefts in the Church, and the Princes in 
theConunon-wei'lth, hefi)eakesexprefly to both; Heare Oyu 
Sbepbejrdt^ becaufe you have fuft'erecl m\' people to Avander, and 
my ilock to be a prey, therefore I am againft you, and he profef-. 
feth he will rend his people from them, and rend the ver)' caulo 
of their hearty and execute judgement upon them, and lie will 
judge betweene the Rams and The Hee Coats, and tender Kids, 
and will deliver thtm, and fet them one Shepheard ova* them, 
that lliall be more laithftill to him and his people, even his fer- 
vrait Duvid^ he meanes Chrift, and they that are o^ David's fpi- 
rit, that ftiall m his name rule his people. So thctt (mind you) the 
wrath of Ciod \s carried an end in this courfe, he begins with the 
pTople hrft, becaufe they are firft corrupt, and then with Rulers, 
^cr had not they been foon cormpted, it had not been pollible 
ihat the Church Tnould {o quickly have become a wilderneflV. 
So here he begins with the common fort, and then with Mini- 
fters, and then wi. h the great Lights that rule by day, that rules 
the affaires of the Church,and Common- wealth. ' 
Irortiie nfe of this point briefly •; ■ '■'■' ' 

yje I, It may lerve then to be a watchword and warning to the 

common fort of Chriftii^ns : 1 ii 'c look }ou to it, men and bre- 
thren, and beloved in Chrill J >fus, look you to it tendenly and 
fcrioiifly, t!h'it neither do^Hik j. -or Vv'orjliip of God^iior ChucCh 
Caven":inent be corrupt, loyourbeft di':<:eming, butpreferved 
by diligent examination of 'liU things, according to the patternc 


The fourth Vial. ij 

fliewed in the Word, as it hath been hitherto held forth to voiii 
Looketolt, thatihe Sea you wafliand batheyourfbules in be 
not defiled^lct it be io clear that the vertue of the blond of Chrift 
may be difcerned in it ; otherwiie (beleeve it) though you may 
think, it leaft concernes}'ou : Let Chnrch-olficer look to it, and 
let Civiil Magiftrates fee to it, it is their calling to look to Wor- 
fliip and Government in their time and place ; though that be 
true, they mufl: look to it, and God \vill require i: elfe at their 
hand, yet if you look not to it ,the wrath of God will be powred 
out upon you: 1 f men unprepared lliall moft giddily rufli into 
the Church,what will the ifliie be ? The Lord will powre a cold 
haile-ftorme upon }'ou : never fuch coldnefle fell upon men, as 
there wil be, when they ruili ijito Churches before they be war- 
med with the blond of Chrill Jcfus, Kr^c/.S.y, that was the firft 
Ti umpet of Gods vengeance there, heavy, grievous haileftones, 
great haileflones J and which is wondafull, you will think it 
marvellous, but it is true, as they were cold in Religion, (b they 
were zealous for contention and CoveteoufiielVe and Ambition, 
and pcrfonal refpec^s, that if they got an opinion by the end they 
contended for it, as (fro urii &Jvcls) for fire on the hearth, as if 
there were no warmth but in that, though the opinion were ne- 
vei' fo unfavoury : when men thnift into the Church and take it 
ver}' ill if they be examined j What will the ilVue be ? Nothing 
but cold, fliill, dead-hearted nelfe flills upon them, and then a 
wild fire of rage and crotchetly opinionSj, and then grow (b zea- 
lous therein^ as if religion lay in Ibme Oiuinteflence notions of 
theirs : th. efbre fiift look for, and beware of corruption in the 
common people. 

Then fccondly, let thi' Lords V:iniftcrs (Jfpcakto my felfe, «j;/j 2. 
{IS much as any other) in a fpcciall manner look to thcfe things, 
that \ve diligently lookc to rcligit)!i, and the purity of do(5lrine 
and worflim, and of every ordinance of Ckxi with circumfpc- 
^ion, and faithfiilnefl'e, and diligifuce^ ar.d ildulity, and watch- 
fuhieffe, thai nothing c.f the holy things of God may be corrup- 
ted that are committed to us, for we Inail next feele the fmart of 
it : For as religion will be corrupt in ihe people rirll, and fo far 
as that you fliall have no power nor life of godlinelTe in it, and 
the blond of Ckill will be as the bluud of a dead man : So then . 


...^ ^ — ^m^^m^mmmmmmmmmmmmmm 

»M»aWhp<ili w. <iii Ui »^i>Oti»M»^i» i il ii tmMmt^^t'^mfi^'mm^^^mt 

va 3 

I ^ The fourth rial. 

the Minifters of the Gofbell muft looke to h, For the next thing 
■will bee Come heavy jucfgment or other God will bring upon 
them if they be not vigilant to lee that all things bee done ac- 
cording to the true platforme left to us in the word: you know 
the Prophet Maiacly complaines of it in M^lac, 1.11,12, 13, 
that men began to waxe weary oFfacrifices, and liiufFedat the 
coft of it, and brought the blinde and lame, and any thing for 
Sacrifice, and the Table of the Lord was polluted,and what then 
And now (faith the Lord) O yce Priefts this Comm:'.ndement 
is for you, in the firft verle of the fecond Chapter (it \$ a very 
fad word which the Lord (peaks) ifyou will not hcare and lay 
it to heart ; what i"hould they lay to heart ? Thishaiiftone Cor- 
ruption of the people, this fnuffing at the Ordinances if you lay 
not this to heart, I will fend a curfc upon you, and will curie 
your bleiTings, yea^ I have curftd them already, bccaufe you doe 
not lay it to heart, and I will cormpt your feed,&c. in the i, 2,3, 
verfe, and £0 he goes on very fadly in threatiiing the Miniittrsof 
God upon this point : The people corrupted their waycs, and 
were AVtary of holy duties, cold hcartcvi,and onlj' quick for con- 
tention and divifion; a^id what then ? btcaufcthe A'.iniftcrsof 
God doe not bcftirre them, the Lord brings a curfe upon their 
bleflings, their btft gifts in heart,and outward blcllings, he Wafts 
bcth,and therefore it marvtiloufly conccrncs MijiitUrs to be mofl: 
tender this way, to lie that all be carried cxai^ly according to 
the Word of God. 

And thirdly, this may be a word of warning to Vagiflrates as 
the greattft lights in the Common wealth, for ( as I faid bcrbrc) 
1 wil exclude ncither,for both arc the Sun in t!«eir fcver.l Sphear, 
a great light, and he fpcaksof the greatclVlight the Antichriftian 
ftate had, and fo I fpcals. of the greuttfl: light this * tate hith:Thiis 
much let me fay to^ou, if religion be corrupted, tU- people may 
firft Imart tor it, ( if there be any corruption it ipringetii there ) 
and we Hiall fmait for it before you ; y^t if this be not leVirefiev^, 
C'od willrtf rvea vial for vcu. he wiiluour out a vial u::on 
the very Siume, that you would think were out of gun-P .ot, but 
how high {bevc r they be among the* Stm s of Cod,; xaUcvl . above 
all their brethren, yvt the J-ord can t<.l how to calu Ibti tc . u\ up- 
on your aiithoiity to ediple, and darken,and ftaine it, if the Lord 





I , " '11 1 


Thifiurth Fidi. 17 

helpe you not to continue watchfnll in this kind : It is true there 
is ail order to looke to all corruption in do«5lrine, and worftiip, 
and government thut are ftirring in the Comitrey : And it \s true, 
matters of religion are firft and properly confidtrable in the 
Chuichcs theni(elves,by the orficers and brethren of the Church: 
But if Magiftrates lliallfind Brethren or Oihcers defeftive, or 
neglertive, it will be their parts to give free paffage to ail under- 
takings forredrefle, and if any thjng come to your cognizance 
before it come to the Church, then it will concerne you to ftirre 
up the Church to looke to doiflrinc, woifliip, and govern- 
ment, and you Avill Hnd in this calc you will deliver your Ibulcs 
from vianger, and Church-oJHcers and people too, otherwife 
yow lee the danger of corruption in religion ; if the earth be cor- 
rupt, the fea will be corrupt, and the rivers and foimtaiiics, ani 
the Sunne wil be comipt,and all alike more or lefle afflicted and 
plagued of God,for toleration of fuch evils as are found amongfl: 
them. So much for the firft point, letmefpeak a word of ano- 
ther, and fo come to an end. The next note is this : 

A wicked heart will not repent oi lln,no not under the wrath- j^o^l. 2. 
full hand of God, who hath power over his owne judgements, 
to give him the glory, but will rather break forth to further wic- 
kednefle, even to blafpemy againft the name of God. It was laid 
Q^ ylhaz., that when he was in diftrelTe on every hand, yet in his 
dillrefl'e he did trefpaffe more againft the Lord, 2 Chron. 2S. 22. 
This is that King ylha<,: as who iTiould fay,brand him for an hy- 
pocrite and a reprobate, that in his diftrefle trefpafleth yet more, 
why? for he went and i'acrificed to the gods of Damafcm which 
fmote him,bt caufe the gods of the kings of Syria help them,&c. 
In ftead of humbling himfelf under Gods hand to give him glo- 
ry ,he breaks forth into blafphemy, and hardens his heart, and re- 
pents not to give him glory, but waxes more fierce againft the 
lx)rd,to blafpheme. And another prophane King or JJraci, Jo^ 
nww, 2 iC/;?^. 6.3 1,32,33. He weares fackcloth indeed upon his 
loynts, but being in diftrefle, by reafon of the famine , hcc 
breakes forth into fury and rage ; God doefo to mee and more 
alfot if the head of EUffja fhall fland on him this day ; hec 
meant to cut off EUfha's head by -reafon of the rainine, 
when ;^an Aflcs head was fould for fourefcore peeces of filver; 

C I and 


>^ I' m ^ ■ 1 1 > a I > j ! ■ I 

1^ - fill — fc — l^ ■*■■■! Hn i tf i 










18; The fourth rial, 

aiid in the 3 j verfe, Sfe<j// 1 tpaitfor the Lord any longer ? There he 
breaks forth into blafphemy , hee is fiill of fiery indignation and 
blafphtmy againft the God of Ilrael ; fee you this fon of a miir- 
therei? While ho yet fpake this,the MefTengefscame down unto 
hini,andhclaid, Btf6o/^/l>*# evil is of the Ltrd^ »batfioet'dl n>aite 
for tie Lprd avf Un^;r f So you read in Ifa. 8.21. They in their dU 
ftrejfc pjaScM/fe the Lord and their Kingt and look upward i This is 

the frame of carnall and wicked hearts. And the Reafbn is, 
TXeaf I, lirll, from tlie Ignorance of fuch wicked fpirits ; their Igno- 
rance is liich, they know not who (inites them, tut think it is 
fbm-* chance j as the Philiftims in 1 Sam.6.<^, If he go up the "^^ay 
of his oWft coafl to Beth (heme fh, then he hath done m this evily but 
if not, thin \Vf (ijall kno^ it ^\ts but fame chance that happened to 

us : Tiiey neither fee the hand of God that fmites them, nor 
their own defer t that provokes the Lord thus to finite them; and 

fb, they repent not to give him glory y bfft blajpheme him. And a 

fecond Reafbn is, 
Jleaf, 2, Secondly, from the prophanc pride of a carnall heart, Ibme 

kinde of carelefheffe, 'and it is incident to all prophane kinde of 
fpiiits, that they will not fee the hand of God, nor own thtir 
own finfiilncfl'e : when the judgements of God are in the earth , 
the inhabitants of the world will learn righteoufnelfej Ifa. 26. 
p, 10,11. But they will not behold the ma jefty of the Lord; 

ff^L'n thy hand is lifted up, they "^ull not fee it, but the y fJmll fee it, 
and be a/hamed, &c. They will not fee it a good while , that ei- 
ther their own (in hath brought this judgement , or that ic is a 
jufl hand of God upon them, they wiU not fee llich things as 
thefe. So you fee the Reafons of the point; not to ipeak of what 
high reafons mJght be given , of Gods heavie vengeance upon 
mens unprofitablcncs under the hands of God, they grow worfe 
and worfe, 2 Tim. 5.13. That the Lord leaves them to hardneffc 
of heart, and gives them up to thcmfclves to obllinate theif fpi- 
rits,as Phar.ioh, that they will exalt thettiielve'sag'jinfl him ; and 
though you bray a fool hi a morter^ yet his folly will not depart 
from liim. The U (e of the Point is tniis much y 
Vfi r. Firfl-, it may report to you from thcOracle of Cod, that cer- 

tai:.ly the Popilh State i's going fift to perdition, wid'the great 
Ii;»htsof that State, both thelights of that State, great like the 








m iiM> 


U ll 'H iii l'il i^ ^»g n i 

The fourth VUl. 

Sun in the firmament, be they Civil Magiflrates in their (J)hjcre, 
in higheft place ; or take it as the Popim Prelacie do , they will 
be higheft in both kindes, be it as it will be, as the common pec-' 
pie have been vifited with j udgement , their Religion corrupr^ 
and Priefts and Jefiuts plagued, and the Lord hath begun to 
plague their lights in this world,and Church lights too; So make 
account of this, forafmuch as they re pent not to gtve God glory, 
tut break forth to greater v/rath , and outrage againft the Lord 
and his Church, and rervants,and fccret ones, what will the end 
of all this be ? Never did any man firive againft God, and pro- 
fpered ; what, under the mighty hand of God, imder the Vials 
of Gods wrath, and ftill blalpheme the name of God, and ftill 
hope to profpcr? Verily you may write upon it,God wil woimd 
the head of his enemies, and the hairy Icalp of fuch as go on ftill 
in th'.ir wickednefle, Pfal. 68. 2 1 . Let them look to it,the Lord 
hath begun to pour out his wrath, and one Vial hath not done 
when another tegins to work, but they are pouring upon the 
common people, and upon Priefts j\nd Jefiiits, and will be rtiore 
and more, and fo (hall both the houfe of Juftria, and the Pope 
himfclf, in their fupremacie and lordly authority ; and howlo- 
cvcr tlicy may have fome refreftiing, and fuccour, and fiipply in 
their declining ftate, yet as their apoftacies and backflidings are 
perpetuall, as the Text faith they are, feeing thej repent not to 
give God g/ory, the Lord hath fetit down, (and the Scripture 
muft be fulfilled) they will go on in tlieir rage and blafphemie 
againft the Godof Ifrael, and what will the iflue of that be ? 
Truly, if men profper in hardneflfe of heart and blafphemy, then 
let Phdraol) prof]ier of o!d;and let all wicked States profper; but 
the Lord fent judgement upon judgement, upon Pharaoh^ firft 
upon the waters, and then upon the fruits of the field, at length 
he came to Murrain of the Beafts, and then a plague upon their 
firft-born ; and when that ftrved not, then the wrath of God 
came upon the red Sea, and over- whelmed them all : This is 
i'joAs manner of dealing, and let the Impel iill State, and all 
blifphemcrs know it, that they (liall not profper inftoutingit 
-out againft the Lord^but (believe it) as they have begun to fall 
before reformed Churches, fo they ihall lurcly fall : As it was 

told Haman in Ejhr 6, 1 5. If this Mordecai be of the feed of the 

C 2 /^\V/, 



i^*i i» 


^^^ ■"- • --•-•- ^^-f- 

i^$mttmml0tf'^0timt^d*iitmi^'-'m»m,^»tm0m^mmit»mmmmmmmmmmm iiiiAi -^ ,.^g,ti,tmma^:ttmitm»tmii,^mi 

20 The fourth VUL 

le^s, before ^^hom thou haft begun to fatl» thou /halt mt prevail, 
btttfhalt furelj fall before him : So fall they wiU, and in falling 
they fliall fall, and yet more and more f«ll, till the Lord hath cut 
them off,root & branch : there is more ;iidgments,you {hall read 
of a further Vial upon the throne of the Beaft, and upon the air, 
and tTien BMon is fallen, it is not long till then, there is but 
three Vials more, and whether fbme of them be not yet begun 
to be poured out, it is not yet fo cleer : Let them know it for 
their terrour, and we for our comfort, the Lord will go on in 
deftroying to dcftroy them. It is a (peech the Lord often ufeth, 

in Ifalah p. 12,13,14. Tet for all this his anger is. not turned a- 
W^j, htit his hand, is j^r etched out ft ill : Why ? For the people 

t'.irn not to him that fmites them , neither do they feck the Lord 
of hoafts; and when they do not turn to him, then the hand of 
the Lord is not drawn back, butftretched outftill: that is the 
conftant courfe of Gods providence, as the people turn not to 
him that fmites them , fo the Lord will go on , and cut off head 
and tail, branch and ruHi in one day, ancient, honorable, he is 
the head ; and the Prophet that teacheth lyes , hee is the 
tail, &c. 
For a fecond Ufe of this Point, 

This may fcrve to teach us, that the Lord is the chief Go ver* 
^y^ *• nour, and hath the chief power of all the plagues and judge- 
ments that do full upon men : And that aggravates the impeni- 
tencie of thefc wicked men, that they do not fall under his hand 
that hath power over thefe plagucs, but ftill go on hardning 
themfelves againfl him whole plague is upon them. Therefore 
he hath power over them, and he w'ill maintain it, and the 
judgements lliallgo on deltroying to deftroy , till like Vials of 
quick-filver t hey have rooted them out from the land of the li- 

viiig : // there a/ij evil in the City, ^A'hich the Lord hath not 

donf ? Amos 5.. 6, if a man wtre to Ipeak to Chriftian Princes 
in other parts,, how might a man call iipcn them, to beware of 
timeroulncHe , and fl-ar , m provoking the difpkafure of the 
houte of Aitftria , or of the Pope ? For the wrath of God is 
gone out againft that State, and the Pope, and the Lord hath 
power over thefe plagues : Whylliculd we Rar all the power 
of the houfe of yh/ftria, or Papall thunderbolts, when the Lord 
[ hath 



The fourth rial. 

hath you under his hand , when he means to go on plaguing to 
plague? Shall men underprop this rotten building which the 
Lord intends to deftroy ^ I'his curfed fabrick which the Lord 
will ruinate? Do you think toftrengthen yourfelves by them, 
•when they are not able to help thcmfclves ? No, it is a time of 
Gods plague ; and therefore it is a warning and Trumpet to all 
Chriftian nations, and to us, do not think if we fliall not yield to 
this and that of Antichrift, then Churches and Migidrates (hall 
never li^fift, fear it not j 1 tell you, all the States that cleave to 
Popery, lliall fall with Poperj', if they continue in it : Indeed 
if the Lord refcue and redeem them with a mighty hand, and 
bow their power and Crown, to comply with the Lord Jefos 
and his people , they may lave themfelVes and their Kingdoms; 
but otherwife it is not polfible for them to profper, in maintain- 
mg this minous Bahjlon that haftens to deftruftion. The Lords 
plagues they are, and it is not all the power of men, or Princes, 
no nor of Angels in heaven, nor devils in hell, that can take off 
the plagues that God hath (It on- - • . 

Thirdly, it teachcth us what is the duty of all the fi>nsof men yr^ 
under Gods hand, namely to repent of lin, which hath broi^lit 
Gods hand, for this is an aggravation of the wickedneffe of thieie 
lights, that they repented not to give God glory, when the vials 
of ^jods wrath was upon them,but ft il grew more wicked ,eveii 
to blafphemc'AVhat laith the Apoftle Peter? Humhiejourfihes 
therefore under the nt'g'jty hand of Cody that he may exalt ] oh in 

due time, i Pet, ^,6. Hath the Lord begun to fmite the commcHi- 
ftate, and it may be the bowiy of the countrey, in that which is 


we had not fome wayts provoked him? Did he not take it a- 
way from them, in HaggCy when they negle(!^ed Temple work ^ 
And d id not he fay. The filver andpld is mi?te, i Ha^, 6, and 
2 Haf.6, 7, S ? Hath not the Lord blafted wSy becaufe we gre\v 
cold hearted, and formall in Cliurch-fellowftiip, and confident, 
and wainit^and bold-hearted in matters pertaining to our (elves 
and to the world, and in matters that tended onciy to tumult ?/ 
What then ? In (iich a cafe marvell not,.if the Lord fend forth ». 


'"' '''* ■ ' ' ' ■ ■■ 1 r-- • • I *t " I ii j I I I ,1 1 i-M.'JI J 


rheYourth^riai. ♦ 

the Lordj and ipirltuall work, and falling fliort of our fpiritaall 
airhcs and ends : \fft cut (hort our growth iii Gfiriftianity, and 
the Lord cuts (liort our outward rftater Doe you think a Chrifti- 
ans outward eftate fhall proiper, when his in Ward eft ate growes 
leaner and leaner ? And as you give him the glory of his juftice 
and fbvefaignty. So, 

3. Give him the glory of his tnuh,which thefe wid<ed perfons 
would not give, him the glory of : To acknowledge their religi- 
on was a dead fea,like Mjre mortttum^io acknowledge the bloud- 
thirftinefic of their Priefts and Jefui's, theyfiiall drink bloud 
therefore, thty would not acknowledge reForination, but blaf^ 
phemed it as nereticall innovation,- and therefore the Lord had 
poured a vial upon their great lights in Church and Common- 
wealth, and will doe it more and more till they be confiimed ; 
they give not God the glpiy of his truth : As lojhnah faid to A" 

'cha»\, I op J. J, I p. Ail fort give glory to Gody and tell mc trnlj ^hat 

tboH kifi dc'nc ': And he told him truly, there was fbmehppe of 
fbme feed of repentance ; and it is not portlble a man lliould tru- 
ly repent before God, in confclTing what hath been wickedly 
done, if he denyes any thing that his confcience tels him is truth: 
Nay, fomc give God the glor}^, and.t<41 me now what thou haft 
done?, if a man hide it under hjs tongue, it is not pofliblehee 
fliould repent, why \ for he cannot give God glory,he gives him 
not the glory of his truth, and then there is no repentance. And , 
4. What doth repentance give God the glory of? as of his (b- 
versignty,and jurtice,and truths, in making humble confe/fionof 
it where we are called, if we have juft occalion ; fo the Lord re- 
quires that we fliould give him the glory of his m.ercy and grace, 
that we looke for all our pardon and mercy in the bloud of the 
Lord Jefus,and in unfeigned feeking after rellowlliip with him, ^ 
belecving on his grace, confelling what is finfull, turning from 
on: evill waytSjlaying hold of eternall life, & of every gift of the 
Spirit, that might quicken us m every Ipirituall duty, that we 
might depend upon his grace for pardon,and healing of our bot- 
tomleffe depth of unbtleefe for the changing of our hearts, and 
quickening of our Ipirits ; this gives God the glory of his grace, . 
thus repentance doth : In the 130. ?fal. 3, 4. J f thou LordpjouU 
dcfi V7.irk£ iniquity , \^ho then fjouldfiand f There they give him • 


"'' ' "'* — "— -• ^ ' f -" ' I '■ ■ , L I '-'r ■ II 


24 The fourth riil. 

the glory of his jiiftice j but there is pardon with thee that thou 
mam be feared^ there they give him the glpry of hispardonii^ 
mercy; thus ought all to do;?, that uiifaignedly defire to walk in 
the (erious praftife and ufe of repentance : You never repent 
kindly whiles a fpirit of bondage lyes upon you, and makes you 
fenfible of the wrath of God and hcll,that alone wiU never bring 
forth kindly repentance, but when the Lord helps us to'give him 
the glory of his power, that he fwayes and rules in all, and that 
wee give him tho glory of his juftice , that hath righteoufly 
plagued us, and the glory of his truth to confeffe truly what is 
done amifle, and the glory of his grace to pardon fin, and heale 
the fbule, this is repentance, and without this there is no repen- 
tance : It is a wonder to fee when peoph provoke God and the 
Church, how little able they are to eive God glory,but take glo- 
ry to themfelves ftill, it was thus and thus, and might have been 
interpreted thus and thus, it is a wonder to fee how little they 
give God the glory, our own glory lyes fo neere us : And there- 
fore it behoves us, as we defire fincerity, to repent ; fo to make 
confcience of giving hiui gloiy, let ailnui in that ftreame,* that 
we acknowledge h;s jufticej and truth, and mercy, and grace, 
and look up to him for receiving from him whatever \% of his 
mercy and grace needflill for us, and then we (Kail avoid thofe 
plagues and judgements which are thrcatned or gone forth a- 
gainft us, aiid lliall recover from luider Gods hand, like gold out 
of the fire. 

. I 

• • 









V I A U I> 

Revel 16.10,11. 

^ntl the fifth Afigell pound out his Vinll upon the feat 
eftheBenJil or, at the reordii in the Origmall, the 
Throne: and hit Kingdome wfsfMof darkliteji , tiud 
thej/gnarced their Tenguesfor paitte , And blafphemed 
theGodofHeavett becmje of their paiitet , and their 
foretiH/tdrepented n't of theirdetdf. 

iS;S,'5^*?^','5:i'i N thefe words you have defcribed the 
pV^-r^''^";::;;':^ powrlngoutoftheViaUof the fifth An- 
llili T ^ii/;: gell.and defcribeditil, 
;■ ] . j JL i 'i-]) Firftby the fiibjei.t on which it was 
'.'il--, ■,.- '^-^'S powrcd [0» the throne of the Beitfl.'} 
U'!jV''v'v|''.J*%^'i3l Secondly by the cffeft of it, wiiich is 

1. Proper and primary £ H.v K'mgdome mu thereby 

2, The fecondary and accidcntall events were three. 

I . A nguiih and indignation [ They gnawed their Tmgaet 

A 2.Be- 

• _• 

rhefifi riaiu 

2.Blafphemy[Ti&<7 bUffhtmedthe GcdofEfAvtnt'} 

j.Impcnitcncy £ Thej repented not of their deeds* 
This Scripture and the interpretation of it, is the more dif- 
Bciilc^ bccaufe it is generally conceived that the exception of 
Gods judgements upon the Beall 3 hath not yet gone beyond 
thepowring out of the fourth Viail , therefore conieSares 
about itt will be the more difficult,and it may bemoreun- 
certaine : yet becaiife the Scripture in it felfe isnotdarke, 
how darke lb ever we may be in our apprehcnfions :The King- 
dome of the Beaft is darke, but not the Kingdcmc of Chrift. 
And the Loid hath \ romUed a gracious blelling upon all t bat 
read, and heaie the v/ords of this prophecy, C/^^if. i. t^^r/? 3. 
fb that by the comparing of one pare of this prophecy with 
another^and obftrving the due poife of every word in his 
place, with holy feare and reverence, the Lord is wor.t to 
lead his people into truth , according to the prcmifc n:ade to 
the Apoftle^Mw I5.l^ ( which i? fulfilled to every fuccefTour 
of theirs in (bme meafure ) Let us therefore goe on in tlie 
feare of God to confider of thefc things. 

Firft the difficulty chiefcly lyeth in opening the fubjcft 
whereon this Viall will be powred, for open that,tind the reft 
willbecIeare.The feat of the Beaft isgcnerally taken for the 
City of /?<?«»?, and it is confirmed from the likifpecchjiJ^t,. 
13.2. Where the ^D-ragon gave the Beaft his power , an^i his 
feat/ or throne) and great authority, and thcrcfjre they 
gather from hence the ruineof/?<?w<f,applying alfo hereunto 
lomc prophecies of the Sibillsy who in theii Lan;.;u..gc tell us 
thus much t that iS<JW7fftiaU then be deflate, and be as if it 
had never been a ftatc* Now though we huve n uch caufe to 
glorificCod for the labours of (iicb of his fervants aj have gi c 
that expoiitioHj yet I muft confcfle i cannot icft faiisficd 
with that interpretation : for i lindc it dcare in the (equcll 
of this Chapter , th^i BMoa ( which is dciibtlcffe meant 
of /?^w^[ As throHghoy.t the fevepttcairh Ch^iptcr it is al 3'S ^id 
to come up into Remembrance befcic God in the ip. zcr/i 
ofthis Chapter J And nhat isinthe^ powringoutthefcventh 
VIaU^ which imply cth tlut befo? c,it came not up in remem* 
brance before God in point of a£^uali ^ u • (htnerit , for things 
^cftiid to come up into rcjj^mbrance ^before God , when - 

i he-.; 


bctakcth in band cither to fliew mercy to tlicm \ or to powre 
out wrath upon them , a figne that the Viall and ficrccneflc 
of his wrath was not yet powrcd out upon Rome : bcfidei it is 
cxprefled in this i'cxtj that upon the powring out of this 
Vinll , the Kingdomc of the bcaft was darkened , but there is 
a great difference betweenedarkning, and deftroying \ Egypt 
wj$ darkened, before Tharob was deftroycd,or the body of 
I^gjpt overwhelmed in the red Sea. Upon thefe grounds 
therefore I cannot conceive that it is meant of Rome ^ but of 
foracthing elfe, which in Scripture is to be undei flood fc^ 
[^Th'o^e^ (bmetimes it is put for that forme of government 
and authority which any perfon or ftate fitting on that 
throne doth adminirter^as it is faid of Chrift , that his throne 
is a throne of Righteoulhefle, and that is not (b much fpoken 
of the place where he governeth , as of the government it 
felfe , fo in the 89 Pfalme 29. & 3^1 37. 1 will make his throne 
as the dayes of Heaven , and againe his throne (hall be as 
the Sunne before me ; It (liall be e(labli(hed for ever as the 
Moone, and in T^falme x 22. 5. Thrones of judgement are 
diltinguiflied from the thrones of the houle of T^avid^ to wit, 
ruchas*I><iWt/hathereftcd : (b by the like propofition It is 
here meant of that forme of govcrnmentj which the beaft exer- 
cileth in the Church both fubjeftivcly , that which himfelfe 
doth occupy over the Churches fubjeA to him, aad efFeftive- 
\y^ that which proceedeth from him, and is cxercifcd by 
otiicrs in other Churches according to the frame and forme 
of l»overnment received from him , and that is fuch a peere- 
IcHekind of government i aJ wherein one alone doth rule; 
for a throne is fuch a kind of feate wherein one of pcerelefle 
aithority doth governe 5 as a Monarch in his ownc Do- 

Indeed the univerfall fiipremacy of the Pope bothin(pi- 
rituallandtemporall things, whereby he challenget h tranG- 
cendeHt authority over all Kings and Princes , that Was vio- 
lated by the fourth ViaH of thefe Angels : but yet ftill here is 
another throne which yet hitherto rcmaineth iinplagued, and 
that is his y»^^i^/rfr /«/^ authority, and raonarchicall govern- 
ment, whereby he fittethchiefeandonely Judge in Ecclcfi- 
adicallcaufes in his own ]uri(didion, andf like unto which 

As he 


4 rhefifiriatu 

he hath cftiibnfhcd ( he government ofall Nation al, ProvJnci- 
aJIand Diocefan Charches, and fo this Jnterprctation i^oih 
v^ry ficly (iilt with the proper \ ff.-cT: ot ihc povv: ing out of ilila 
Tw// ex pre (Ted in the Icxc [^ hu Kitgdom.' jt.u iLrk^ncd'} 
^ao-i>ei* . and what klnde ot government is that ? fucii as 
wherein one doth raigne , as they are wont to fay there mull 
be but tTj Koi'farvlh, ui /Sa(riMt/;j One Prince in a ftute.* this 
forme of govcrrmenc himlclfe doth excrcifc lU!l in hJsownc 
Jurifdi<^ion iwiolatcly , and this he hath brought into all 
national and Proviiiclalland DiocerafiCburches in the world 
where popery hath prevailed ; and which ftill continucth 
in.fc.me Prctellant Churches,whcre though the Doftrine , and 
woi fiup of Popery be abolilhed , and the tranlcenJent Supre- 
macy ot his government, yet the forme of his govcrrment, 
monarchicalljor (bie and lingular government byone.thatis 
Epilcopacy , is Hill continned. Who is then the fifi h Angel 
that hath powredouthis ru/Iupon this pcerelcUe govern- 
ment the Epifcopacy ? Though it beraidtfiisnrf//isnoty«£ 
powredoucand though it haply was not powrcd out with 
the writings of (uch menfwho fo conceived) were under tlicic 
hsLuds : yet Besia^ind Cart n>right did fprinkle fome drops of 
this ytaU upon this government , though the pov/er and 
ftrength of the Epifcopacy in their time was (iich asdrunke 
them up like the dry Earth,that drinksth in the rainejyct will 
notGod be fb put off from his word, he powreth out more 
drops upon them by holy 'B.nfics his triall of Diocelan go- 
vernment^and godly learned Farmers EcclefialHcall Politie, but 
theft Were drops : you now fee whole yia/Is full of wrath 
powrcd out by the whole Church ofScot/andj who ^vc en- 
gaged themlelves, and their flate for ever in this quarrelljand 
have bcene carried along heiein, not in a way of popular tu« 
multjbut with (uch wifcdome, courage, ju^'gement and Piety, 
that you may fee and fay that it is not a ^W/ powrcd out 
by an unadvifed multitude , but by an Angell ot Godjby the 
Heavenly Miniders of his wrath. 

It hath beene taken in hand with ferious and deepe and ge- 
nerall humiliation , judging themfelvcs for their toleration 
of (uch a government amongtl chem(elves , and Co (cconded 
ip their condant traits cf Reformation > as that their very 

*■ ' ■ ■■ , .-.^:^.- ■■■ ■ j.v!..iL- '." ' -I'^-'r-'f ^{"'TT^ 

Thefift ViidL ' 5 

at^verfaric* (land amazed to behold them, and thefe arc no? cVops 
oIopCj but like unto grt»u ga'jiul ihowcrs which grow r.nto a 
fl iud srid ovcifljiv ell U;r ihev 1)3'' e r.iintd a^v.^y the H lid 
of (iiperltition in their ows.c Ccuntiyjby the Rive;? of ihe 
power of God , an. I his Evangclkail duth, fo now they haiC.iKb 
flowed into Ekj^LiujI, inlbiiiuch that a j^iep.t manyofthcC >m- 

mons of E'^^/rt»i^ and many tu.hle r'ccies* doc begin ro Uy that 
Epifcopaiy is ?n antichiiiViaii frame ai:d lorn*:e,v.hich he brooghc 

( it ycur intelligences faile not) that many 
have bccnctilicij iif io En^/.wJ, wlu thcr it be not bell to abandon 
all fiich thrones .* men will not right for the defence of thcfc 
thronc.% nor draw their purfcs to niiintainc (uch wai rcjbi'.t men 
begin generally to be taught of God, that thi? is not the forme 
of the government of Jefiis Chrill. Nor doe I linow that any of 
the former J'Ulfs have becnc pov/rcd out by any men, wnofc 
loines have beenc more gert with tuich, and ivhoiecloaching hath 
bcene more pure, and white,(hen thcfe fcrvants of God have been 
gert, andcloaihcd withall. Thcfc things being thus underilood, 
take yon the feqiielliand ic will eaflJy interpret it iel'cj for doth 
not hereby the Kingdom? of tlie beaft ( his monarchical! forme 
ofChurchgovernment) grow full of darkenelTc Ms not Epifco* 
pacy now Iri-oja^?! »» > the very word of the TextjSS it were alluding 
to the Nation that daikeneth it ^ Epifcopal I government doth ic 
not grow darkc ? yea full of darkenefle Ms it not fcotized, dark- 
ncd and beclouded with a Scottiili mifl^fo as that it grower h ba(e 
and vile , not onely in the eyes of godly , wife, and judicious 
DivineSjbut in the eyes of good peoplcjnor of godly people alone, 
but of many civiiljand orderly mindes :mervaile not therefore if ic 
be faid that the Kingdome or the beaft ( that is, this forme of his- 
governmcnr be full of darkenefle : And hath not this darkc* 
ncfle procure 1 other (econdary cfft&s ^ doe they not gnaw theic 
tongues for very indignation, what doeyouthinkeofthachicfe 
Church governors of »S'^<?//^W> and Come of the chlefc of thac 
order in E»»g/«<«.^, and their chiefc companions (if your reports 
be true ) doc they not get ihemfelves into darkc corners t 

2. And for the fecond event iThcy h/afphented the GoisfHeaven^ 
have you not heard that the powring out of this Viall hath beea^ 
by them accounted nothing cl(e butRebeliion againft thcftate 

A3 of 

"* " ■ I 

tMT i nwu^ l i ail^i H , I n i I i i fti M r , ., ^ !, , n ^t »ik, mmmt o mm. 

6 rbtfiftVian. 

of the I^iigdome > have they not taxed that ( which is the revi- 
ving of the Chiirch aad Common wealth^ to be the ruinc of 
both t 

And for the third event [ They repentednot cf their deeds 1 have 
they nocauie th.nkc you to repent of all their opprefllons and 
tyrannies over godly menj through many ages ^ for that their 
governments have been formidable to none but the peaceable men 
of the Land : if it be a drunkard or fome bale fellow that com- 
meth to their Courts,thcy fay to him , what doeft thou here thou 
limple fellow t pay thy fees , and be gone : but for the people of 
God, nothing will (atif.fie but their extirpation from their Mini- 
ftery jiivings and dwellings; they (hall not be allowed to breath in 
the free aire, ifany prilbninthcCountrey will hold them. And 
is it not to be repented ofthc invafions of the liberties of Church, 
and of civill liberties which have becne by fomc of them defperat- 
iy impeached, Co as that neicher fubjeft nor Prince (hall know 
what belongeth to cither of them ; and (bme of the throne of the 
beaft willteilycUj that betwccne Prince and fubjcft there is no 
»;f«w,c^ f,'.'^««,but the Prince may fay tfOTwcwr^/^, arc not thcfe 
things to be repented Q\ V And is there no fuperftition to be repen- 
ted of ? And have they repented of thele things ? doth any 
(cmblance of repentance a^ pearc ? have they not Sill gone an end, 
even while this Vtall hath beene in powring out to put new in* 
ventions upon Gods people ? have they not irapofed an Antichi i- 
ilian O ith, that this is the onely government, and that they nei- 
ther doe acknowledge nor ever will acknowledge any other, and 
is not this a blafphemy againft the name ar.d Crov». ne ofChrift 
Jcilis 1 .'.nd yet they repent not of thefc deeds ; therefore they have 
faid not mr.ch amifTc, that faid that all the mifchiefes that have 
fprungnpin any ftate in the World, where thcle thrones have 
beene let up, have fprung from them that late upon thefc thrones. 
Thus you lee whai is the true and fimple meaning of thcle words, 
and I durft not have fpoken it , but that no other interpretation 
will well abide by the words of the Text. Xabiloa wtWX not abide 
it, for that commcth up into remembrance in the levenih Km//; 
doc but confider all things together 5 and weigh thew«-rdsofthe 
Text well with what goeth before 5 and with what will follow 
after by the heipe of God » and you Ihall find this to be the true 
meaning. Ncverthelcfle though thelc former and late attempts 
againft Epifcopacy iniy bee the beginning of this ftnll , and 


T : '■'"■"• IJ-P I <iJ>iiJ|u.wvfi«i«wpMV«!|P|i«pppp9|HVpiimpi|P 

rlefift VudL 7 

fomt good mea(ure al(b of the powring it forth ^ you may believe 
that it will not reft here, but as Mofes faid Vent, 32,4. Perfcdl is 
the workc of Gcd, and as the Lord (pake concerning £//* i Sam* 
5. 12. When I begin, / will alfb raake an end, fo ( relerving all 
due honour unto thofe interpreters who reft from their labours 
and their workes dec follow them ) I doe conceive , and believe, 
that this Viall will goe on from our native Ccuntrcy to all the 
Catholickes Countries round about them, untill it come unto the 
very gates o( Rente it felfc. In the aieane time all thefc Via/Is arc 
atworke, and one is not ended when another is begunjthough 
th« which moftexcelleth is nioft in oblervation, and the pow- 
ring out thereof, is the wotke which the Lord calleth men prin- 
cipally to attend upon, and wherein God hith nianifefted his 
preftnce moftjand wil goe on ftill to manifeft more of the prefence 
of his wrath unto other ftatcs : now the points that arifelrom the 
words are two. 

That forme of government , wherein one by folc and lingular t) ft r' 
suthority doth govern the Church fpecially many Churches and 
moft of all, all Churches do:h fpring from the Earth and favou- 
reth of the Eartli, for (o it appcareth to be from the Text, for all 
thefc Angels powred out their f'iails upon the Earth : Ftrfi i.Not 
as Earth i*s oppofcd to other elements , but as it is oppofcd to 
Heaven : Co. that as their Earth is earthly, Co is tlieir $ea,and their 
Rivers,and Fountaincs, and their Sunuerand this throne is but an 
earthly throne, you fee no fuch throne in the Tabernacle ot the 
Tcftimony opened ii^Heaven : Co fane as Churches are Heavenlji 
thefe thrones arc not (ct up in them : for this isitwhich/p)&«rc- 
proovetli V ?• /^•9»)i^ Diotrephes, thot he loveth to be a primate 
and WAuid nut regard a leucr from Idm himfclfe though ani 
Apoftle;& for the brethren he would net receive them himfelt,and 
forbad them that vvc.uld,and caft them out of the Churchjthe true 
fpirit of an earthly Prim.Ue, for ihcy favour of earthly ambition 
and covctoJifneflfcjlove'SWiWf wages, they ftick not to buy their 
places for filver , care not what they give for them, but having 
gotten them wvh buying , they muft maintaine them by (elltng* . 
they mull fell Ordinations and Abfolutions, and Dffpenfations, 
and muft be maintained by the benevolences of their obedient- 
Clergy, and in truth the fummc of the matter is. qnidmihi dahis \' 
and what is all this but earthly bravery, if ever you havebcene • 
atchcir thrones ( chough it were but the tht^nes of their cbaun« • 

cellori - 

8 ThefftVialU 

cellors and OfScialls ) you Hiall (cenoching but that which (a* 
- vourcth of the Earth, earthly pridtj or plealure or Covctoulhcfle, 
lam, ( and have Icflc caufc then many others from tny Jalt Dio- 
celan, who being more learned , was more ingenuous and favou- 
rable then many others ) not wont to (peake thclc things , yet 
when the ncccilicy of clearing my Text leadeth me to them, I may 
not without unftithfullncfrc to God and his Church^kccpe filence, 
wc came not hither to (peake hardly of oth( r Churches : but 
when the Word of God callcth for it, we fhould be wickedly 
filcnt it we (hould not let the people know t what the mercy 
and bleHTing is , which we doe enjoy> and what we are delivcrgd 
Re.u 1. Thefirft Reafon of the Dj(flrine is from that forme of Church 

eftate, which Chrift hath inftituted in his Wordjivhichisnoo* 
ther, but the government of a Church of a particular vifible 
Congregation j Hcowneth no other, nor givcth any government 
to any befides them. If thy brother offend thee, goea»d tell the 
Churchy and muft the otfenceftay till all the world be gathered 
together ; or if it were meant of one DioccHui or piovir.ciall 
Church, when will they mcete "i therefore the Church that mull 
hcarc al orfenccs is theChurch of a particular Congregation, w hie h 
may all of them mcete together in one place ( i ^or. 74. 23. ) 
and then though offences come thicke, they may all be orderly 
heard and remooved. And confider moreover (th.«t which further 
clearesupthisfiift ground ) what variety of ofiiecrs God hath 
given to this Church, not many Parifhes to one Bifliopjbut many 
BIfliops to.9nc Church, foas that P^.v/writteih to the Saints at 
Fhilipf'^frirh thc'Bipjofs and Deaconsy Phi/,], 1, And he (cndeth 
for the Elders ofthe Church of ^/'A^/^^ -^i7j 20. 17. Whom he 

calleth Bifhops rVr,*^ 28. t/f:idthey "wtre more then one In tverj 
Chftrchfitccordingto AHs I ^%1^,7'hcy orOAtKed thc-m Elders inevery 
CWr^jdireifVly contrary to the praftifeof thcLordBifhopsof 
theft dsycs 5 Thefe things wc fpeakc^that ihe people may know 
we (ct forth no new inventions , though it be true that there is a 
newnefle in all thebUlfings of the new Teflamcnr,whcrcas all the 
inventions of men Wax old as doth a garmcnt,and there is no new 
thing under the funne^as touching mens inventions, but they will 
grow old and vanifli away , as all Djocefan Churches will doc, 
which the Lord hath not inilituted : Though indeed in the old 
Common wealth of j^W the Church was N^ationall, and there 


- t — 1"1l --' — '■ — — ^^^—^ ■— '—^*^ ' ■«.— >...i*-^-.-^ 

Wds but one hi^h PiicftwhowasatypeofChrift,butno»Chrift 
h come he hath delivered all his coiinfell tohis 12 . Apib'niss, and * 
they have left the ordering of his Church to (bmc paftorsV and' , 
(bme teachers and (bme ruling £iders,and (bme Deacons. But be- 
Tides the(e the Go {pel knowcth no other. 

The fccond ground is taken from the kznde of power which /j^^, 
God ha?'h given to his officers in his Churches , hath he given to 
them a Lordly or a Miniftcriali power ? furcly no Lordly power, 
neither over thtir fellow Elders nor over the Church, But he bath 
inhis pyurdprohibuedhoththefe, Math^ ic,2^^26^2'7»Tbel?riKCejaf 
theG entiles cxercife dom'wion ever them^&they that dre treat exercife 
auihi^rtfj upr.>i thtfH Jt!Ht itfhallnot hefo awon^jhjou, vut levhofoever 
ypiU hei^reat among fl joh let him be your jUimfier , and wbofhe". 
'uer mil be ckrife amongftjou let him be yourfervant, Amongft the 

Officers q\ Chrlft honour Is carried by the mod labour, and noC 
by moll outward fplendor : But thofe that fit updn the throne of 
of the Bcail doe not labour in any kindc of government but that, 
which is merely antichriilian,to foment fin and let loofe the reines 
ot all prophancfle : neither doe the officers which Chrift kath (cc 
in his Church reach after outward honour, but the chcife of theai 
make thcmfclves cquall with them of the lower fort, zs Peter 
f. thoiigh.an ApoftlcJ when he writeth to the Elders^i/f/i&.^/MN 
fel/^-a.feild^'SJier.. u2ett%,l. and exhortfth them to feed the flock of 
Godyrtdt '.« Lords over Gods heritage^but being examples to thefiockj; 
fo'the ^pofilc if} his fecond and third Epifilefiileth himfelfe An Slder, 
(6 farrc is he from affefting L»rdly authority : by all which we 
miy fee that all this kinde of Lordly, and (lately government is no 
way compatible to that government, which Chrift hath Inllidi- 
t^d in his Church. . t .. t A/V. .^*.<\. -; /.. 

The third rcafon is taken from th*t authority which this Lord jj^^^ ^ 
hath given to every Cliurch over their Bi(hops,as well i% to their * ; 
Bifliops oyer then) , which cannot ftand with EpKcopall (over- 
atgnty, Itistrue^ the Lord hath given them poiver over the (^urch^ 
let. the Elders that rule iveti be counted worthy of double honour , - j^f, 

iTim.'yAj, A power they have to call the Church togcthft", as 
. the ApolUcs did foi the choile of Deacons, «u/flf /6« 2 •,« And cob- 
pen tlic dooresof f^3cech,and (hut thedoorcs of (ilenc^,4<5?.i3»i J. 
A power they have aUo to difmiile the adembly as they leecatil^ 
for they that begin they alfo make an end, and lend a^Vay; the 
people with a bkiring, Num, d.24,25,2^. Power they luvcro 
^ ^ B direft 


rhefft VidL 

The fecoud u(e may be, to take offthat amazement which bath Vfi 
been fcimd in the hearts of fome , concerning the undertakiogli 
of the«fr«r/ in our native Country , iince the world began waf 
it never known ffor there are no Hifiories of note but are cora* 
monly knov<rn)dich a patteme as this » that ever a whole Nation 
did rife to take up fuch a quarrell, with fo much )u(Uce^ wifdome 
and piety, a thing to be wondred at, that a whole Nation jhould 
carry (uch a matter in (uch a way : many things have been done 
in Holland^ in geneva , for reformation, but with much more tu- 
mult,whichwhen the Papifts have objeded,our Divines have been 
wont to anCwer^that they doe not excufe mens thrufting in their 
own weaknefles into Gods Worke : but wonder not overmuch if 
you Hnde it other wife in this matter , for the Angels of God are 
their guides^fo that their foote (hall not fwell, but they (hal keepe 
their ranks,and places,and remember that they are (tibjefts though 
they carry their fwords in their hands. Juft care is taken that 
there be no robbery nor pilferingjuo opprefHons , no violation 
of any mans bed, nothing taken up but it fhall be duely paid for, 
and yet the proceeding made with (uch conftancy,that ^In a way 
of humility ) the end muft be attained, or el(e there wil be no 
place in the concIuGon* Thcfe are great things : but if men take 
them in hand that are girded with golden girdles , when their 
Bibles goe along with them , when Failing and Prayers 
fteere along their courfe, you need not much wonder in (iich a 

Thirdly, this may ftrvc to teach us, that Cirely this worke will ZJfe a. 
profper, becaufe the Lords Angel is in it:and i\icViaUoi Gods 
wrath in bis Hand , and he will not be beaten off; though (bme 
indruments may quaile, yet wil he (HI raife up more in their ftead 
till tho(e plantations be rooted out , according to the word of 
Chrift, Miit^ 1 5 . 1 5 • E'oerj plant: which mine heavenfj Father hstli 
mt .planted (hall be rooted ftp* Ih'vaine therefore is it for men to 
uphold fuch Tandy buildir.gs, which wil in the endbefhakea 
down. ;i whatfbever dammcs men may make to ufihold the Epi(^ 
copaty/, ic win befali unrothem as when men make dammes to 
ftop watcrx;our(c}'5orhcr8 ccmc and caft in fome fmall qtnntity of 
quickrifilvcr, or Aqu tfortif , v^hich eates fuch holes through th^ 
(tone? t htic it will I'oone \fCux. out the water, (bthis ty^ftta omntpo^ 
tofits^ihc vialh oUhe wrath ot C^od wil at liittcoa'ume and waft 
allthingjwhacfacvciftandiipegainft them. ^^ , ' 

B 1 F6Urch« 



7he fifth vm .• 13 

ibveofthetrtteththatth'j mtght h faved^ thiuf^re 4'jth^oi give 
ihfm up to the cffcacy ofdciujians^that they fljouU bcUive nljei that 
they at! might be dxmnedtvho believed mt the truth , but h .id pie affirm . 
h tiyr:ig)ite<fufnrjfT • thofe that preached the truth andT) oSlrlnes of 
Repentance^ and refimation^ they branded them wiih the name of 
Puritans,they hated them uith a perfect hatred » they loved not 
ble^Hng thcrefoic it is far from chem, it is the nature and common 
faihion ofUipeiftition to leave men bcfbcted in their ownc Rci» 

Thij may teach ti$ to lookc ar it, as a gro'JP.d of Faith/hat the Vfe u 
Lordvvi.lgoe on to cjeftcoy the throne of the Beaft; tor when 
Godt.kccha (vvord into his hand, it is not his manner to put ic 
into his (hcithagaine,accordingtOithat which A'>tos fmh phap. 
^,'y. Shall one t^k^ up ajhtre from the Ear th ^ afiU have tak^n mthhf 
/*r <i// ' hoCyChe Lord will either fuhdiieth^irrpirits to unfeigned 
Repentance , or ellc he will goe on infi taring to infnare them till 
he have fwept them like doung from the face of the Earth, For 
ivhe<jrraf I ttirrtcth >iot to him that ftnittth him y then is not his anger 
turKcd(tn\ij^ but hu h.tndisflretchidoutflii/^/ftti,'^A2,j^.Thcrtiore 

men cannot more dilh- nuur.noroppoie the Lord then by feeking 
to underprop this /andy building. 

The iccond.ufe ot thib y oim may be to teach us all in the feare ^^ 2, 
of Godjvvhac to doe whenfoevcr we <^Bele but drops^f wrath poW- 
red upon us * you fee to whom it belongech to be impenitent^ to 
whom it belongeth to blalpheme t^e name oi the Lord , even to 
thofe that (icnpon the throne of the BeaO^it is an Eplfcopall HnnC/ 
an '■ Hierarchic»»ll vvickednefle,a be^ftly frame of ipirit, for men 
whiles they are under Gods H^nd to. grow morefroward and diC- 
contenced and' filled with indignation. If therefore the Lbr^af- 
fli£t the whole ftate of the CoUntry, with any drops of hisdiipliea^ 
(lire , let us not cry out up< m the Lord and his dealing, nor upon 
the Churches > but let our uiuhanktull hearts for his mercies, 
beire the burden > and learne we to repent of our deedsithat know 
not how to kcepe our ftlvcs clpfc to the ordinances of^o!cli ivhea 
wc grow not thankfull nor fruitfull under ftght-'afid' libeirties 
seccived, . : '" v . •^^'•^•' " ' 


• * 

i - 




» ^ » 

1 » 


/ • 

;•• »r fij 

"i- f 








The fixthfiatl. 


\V I A U D 

Revel. 16.13,13,14,15,15, 

jlttd the fixth Angell pomred out hh Vialt upon the 
great Siver EuphruUi^and the water thereof was dryedup, 
that the way of the Klugt of the Baji might be prepared, 

I N thefi verfts the powring out of the yiaS (A 
thcfixth Angel is described. 

Ficft by the (iibjeft upon which it is pow- 
rcJjthe River Exphrata, vhich is ampUfyed 
by tlie aJjuiift of greatnefle, [ The great Ki- 

Secondly , by the effefts of it whlcl^ ar« 
. , two, ; , 

■ l.Firft the water thereof was dryeJ up, and that is ampnfyec 
by the end which God »imedif\aU[ThatthewajofiljeKingi e, 
the Eafi might ht prepareJ,"^ 

2. Secondly,the warrelike preparations unto a great battelljanc 
thole are defcribcd, 

i.By tile princijiall commanders in that preparation,and war 
which arc fuid to be three C The Devi/1, the'Eeuft , arid the fjlj 
'Profhit.l 4.B 

7be/xth ViM. . 

2.By the Intlt uments, and Minivers of it^who are cerCainc ipi- 
rits^and they are defcribed many wayeMS, 

I . By their nature and quality [Vrtcleauefpirhj*'} 

a.By their numbci Q^^^*] 

3.By,by their refemblanceCZ^% i^r^^^^/.] 

4.By their originall deicent, which is threefold, [ They come 
out of the mouth oft he *Dra^oft^ and out of the mouth of the Beafi^ tmd 
o$a of the mouth of the falfe Prophet, Artdthat defcent is AmpHfjed 
hj the Caufe ofit^ for they are thefpirlts of 'Deviils, 

5 . They are defcribed by their effe^s^whicb are three-fold. 

i.T hey worke miracles. 

2. They goe forth to the KingsoftheEartb^andofthe 
worldjto gather them to the battel! of that great Day of God Al- 
mighty, Ver* 14. 

3. They are efficacious and (ucceflTefuU herein, they doe 
gather them together into a place called in the Hebrew tongue 
Armageddon^ Ve*l6» 

)'i^he(e warlike preparations are defcribed by the watchword 
which the God of Ifrael glveth unto his owne troopes , and t hat 
is a word of watchfulneflejbehold I come as a thiefe, blefled is he 
that w^itcheth and keepeth his garments,Ieaft he walke naked^and 
they Tee his fliame. Thus ftandeth the Text. • - 

Now for the meaning of it : It is the more darkp^becaufe it if, 
( though not altogether ) yet in a great part to come ; and iuch 
as (hall ferioudy confider what is the meaning (halC happily} 
find it no fmall difficulty to fatiffy thcmfelveSj and much more 
to (atisfy other?5yct(by the helpe olGod)let us endeavour to open, 
fome (Iich part of the words , as we may be likely to Hniffi at this 
time. Firii what is meant by the river Euphrates t SecondIy,who 
are the Angels that powre but this Fia/i upon this river ^Thirdly, 
what is the d»ying up of this river? Fourthly, who arc thcfc 
Kings of the Eaftnhefc things containe the principalldifficul* 
tics in the partes ofthis f ?<»//, other things may more cafily be o- 
penedjifthcfe things be prcmifed and cleared. 

1 1 What is niiint by the great river Euphrate/ :Some of our had 
interpreters (to whom God hath given mod light in thefefpi- 
riuiall myilcric"=)doe undcrftand ir, properly fcr the river that did 
run along by thewallesof old Babylon in (^haldca , which made 
the City impregnable, and ycc by the ftratagemof C;r«/wa$. 
drycd upjby turnic^g the Courrk of thcttrcamcs to runne in other 




» , 




« — ' U ' 

1 6 . rhpxihVian. 

channels 9 whereby the.chaauell betbrerhe City wascfryedup; 
vaA the rcedes burnt by. the Souldiers, and the City (ackcd when 
as 'Belflta^.zAr was quaffing in the vcfleis of the Temple : this was 
foretold by Jeremy Chap 50.38. A draught is Mpon her waters^ a»d 
tkej pjaP, be dried ufy far it is the Landofgravin Ima^es^ and they 
ttremad upon their idoSst jind le\^W^i^^t» OnepJftefjallrunto 
meete another ^,nd one mejfenjrcr to meete anoi hcr^ to pji jr / he K ir.g of 
Babyion that his City it taken at an end ^ and th^t tht pajfagts arc 
flopped^and the reedes they have burnt with fire^ crc Now they that 
interprete Euphrates to be the fame river , doe underOanJ that 
when God calleth home his ancient people , he will dr^ up Est* 
j9^<ff^/ before them , fo that they may aflTauU the fiukilh mo- 
narchy ^ and recover their anclenchihericanceouc ot his band. 
Thcreafon which they give of it is, i. Becaufcihfy rend of no 
Nation for whom God dryed up any rivcr» but ojicly ioi the 
/r^^AVtf/ for whom he dryed up the red Sea, and the w tcisof 
Jordan, 2^ They (ay it hath been anciently toteiold by the Pio- 
phec/jrr.44.27. 8C51.10. 6c 63.11. In all which places God 
is defcribed to have dryed up the waters, and r ivei s for ihem>thac 
as a pledge of the like power to be manifcded for them herc.fter. 
3. ( Say they ) the prophet Ifay ( Chap 59.20. alledged by the 
Apoftlc Pa::l Rons, 11.2^,) foretelleth the calling of ihe/rir^/. 
and if this Hall fpeakc not of their calling, it is fpokcn of no 
where in this bookc,which is not credible. 

Now although their rcafons arc not to be flighted, yet they 
doe not feeme to carry force enough to underiUnd SuphratiS 
literally, for Gods Hand may as vvellbcfeencindryingupthe 
tnetaphoricall rivers i Sefide?, Ifay 44.27. Doth properly Ipeake 
otGods drying up the river Euphrates before Cyrus^ which was 
thentoccme, but is not meant of this drying up in the Text, 
which is to be many hundred yearcs after , and for the two other 
places mentioned , Jfay^i, 10. & 6^^ 11 They onely recount 
ivhatGod had done for theirFathersof old* whereupon they 
defire that he would not forCike them now, and (o they are re- 
ported of as ancient psfTages of his power for them , but not 29 
promifes what he would doc for them afterward ; Save onely as 
encouragements to their Faich, to cxpeft grc>t deliverances froir 
the fame hand. 

And for the third reafoniltisnotneccfTary that itfhonldb< 
foretold in this T/W/, or elie not foretold in this booke: forth 


^m^mmnmm t ¥ i» n » 1 > 1 ai— — wMiifi^ ■ n M i 1 kw»>— wnjWPiwgwa* > n " ^ ' ■ " 



whole 21 , and 22 Chapters of this booke doe hold it fbrth9 
which are events of the powring forth of the (eventh fW/, and 

If then it be not meant of the naturall tmr^SuphraM^ of what 
then may it be underftood ? There are ibme that unJerftand 
it of fomething that is unto Rome, as Eufhr^tes was to old 'Bahy'* 
Ion, I (hall tel you what I moft incline unto^ as far as the Text will 

Some (ay it Is ireant of Nations,and Tongues^and People, and 
Language*;* for they are (bmetimcs underftood by waters: but 
Enfhratesn but one river among manyjand therefore why (hould 
it be meant of many Nations that (hould fall olf from Rome 1 1 
cannot well clofe with that , nor is it neccflary that Eupkratet 
Qiould be a name given to any one Nation , unleUe it were foms 
one that might lie ncctc Euphrates, which no Chriftian Nation 
doth. And others there are that doe underftand by it another 
refemblance, as it was a meanes to convey much maintenance to 
old B^ilfjlon , and therefore conceive it meaneth all the reve* 
newes of the Bi(hop of Rome whereby he is made rich^nd weal- 
thy ;now Chriftian Kings (ball dry up this river Euphrateshy tak- 
ing away this kind of maintenance , and ib by the(e Kings of the 
£aU they underftand tho(e Chriftian Kings, that (hall take away 
thefe revenewes ^ but neither can I well clofe with that interpre- 
tation 5 for you may confidcr it,that all thefe feven T/W// are iutc- 
able to the feven Tnimpets , though they fall out in di^renc 
ages of that Church : The (even Trumpets brought in /adge- 
ments upon Chriftian Rome , and thefe Vialls are the plagues of 
God upon thole very corruptions, which the Trumpets brought 
in:Now you ftiall finde that the effc(fl of the founding of the fixth 
Trumpet wa?5 there were foure Angels loofed which were bound 
ill the great river Euphrates , and thole Angels were ready with 
an Army of two hundred thoufand thoufand ; and they by gene- 
rail confentofall interpreters, are to be underftood of the fourc 
Faaiilics of the Turi^es , that were bound by fomc incumbrances 
at the river Euphrates Jbiit a«rtcrward broke fourth upon all Chrift- 
en dome , and got ConflaHtiaople into their hands,and overwhelm* 
ei all i.^fia» And belides to underftand the Kings of the Eaft to 
be (he lo Chriftian Kings will not accord, for they are not feated 
E^ ft from Rome, or if fomc of them be, yet nothing neerc the 
number of ten. Therefore there be that fay, that the river E«^ 

G phrates 






» ^ 1«.Wl 

id rleJIxthyiaH: 

phraM Qocb here oieane the Turklfft Doimnion, and ch<ic this rivei* 
Euphrates Ihall be dryeJ up by the power of the Kings of the Eaft> 
whom they interpret to be the lewcs, ( an J I would not hinder 
that ) thereby to mike way for the recovery of their Land ; And 
true it 13 ihzx^tphrates in the fifl^ Trumpet did fignify the Turkifb 
power that lay by that river.-In like manner it is expounded of the 
^j(/?ri/«» monarchy, 7/i«. 8.7. yVhentPie Lord bringetb upon them tioe 
tfoxcrs of the river firong andm^nj , even the King oft/^Jj'yria » and 
aU hisglorj , tindhepiall come over hU chunnels^ and over^tw all his 
hankis, iecaufe they refupd the hclpc which God had given them at 
heme. Now th«t h/tphrates ^and cMcfopotama, which then the 
^jJJrrMw Monarchy had in dominion, is at this day poflTefled by 
the TVr/^jand if the AJfjrian Monarchy may be refemblcd imto 
itjlb mav the Turkifti alio : this commeth ncereft to tlie Text,yet I 
cannot lay that altogether it fuceth with the context, nor that this 
fixt Angel (hould be meant of the lewes j ilnd let me give you 
(bmereaG>ns, why it cannot be the /fw/?/, that mu(l powre out 
this yiaSy nor that the drying up oiEuphrates can be meant only 
of the 7'i«/-il;i/& Monarchy, though they alfo (hall be plagued by the 
.drying of it up. . .. ! 

I • . Firrt, that the fixth Angel cannot be the hyves appeareth frohj 
what is hidfChap* i^mU, That no man was able to enter into the? 
Temple till the (even plagues of the 7 Angels were fulfilled, there* 
. fore the lewes cannot come into the vifible Church in the time. 
ofthisHxth fiall^ till the (eventh bepowred out. But certaine 
it Is thefe Angels who powre out the Vialis^ doe all of them come 
out of the Temple, ) and are cloathed in pure, and white linnen, 
having their brells girded with golden girdles, therefore they arc 
al profefTours of the truth, and fincere profeflbrs. 
2, Secondly, it is evident in the Text, that the way of the /^w^x 

is preparecl, by the powring out. of this Jlall, And therefore 
they are not this Angell who powre out this f7/i//, but have a 
way prepared ^ onely for their Converfion, as an eflfeft of this 


y^ ■ Thirdlyjall the Subjefts whereupon thcre?7/«//; are powred arc 
(iich againft which the wrath of God is kindled : for they are the 
Vialls of the wrath of God that are powred : and they are all 
powred upon the Eirth, by which is meant thcantichrillian 
rtate, and (uch things therein againft which GoJs wrath is kind- 
led. Now the anger of God is not kindled againll the river 

»■■' ■ ■■ ■ 


'EiiphrAtes more then agau^ft any other rivcr^his Wrath fallcs not upt*- 
on I ivers , though (bmetimes for m^ns fake it may j but Euphratet 
lie(h not neerc to the R^waue antichrift,nor to any ftatc fuh]c& to 
bhu* What the would you fay?is it not nioft Jikely to hould fortk 
thcT/^rki^j Dominion ? which God is angry with ^ Shall not 
Chriftian Princes powre out the wrath of God apon the Tttrkjjb 
Dominions > I would by nomeanes (ay fo : But let us confider 
what is the Fountaine, and what are the (Vreames of this river, 
which did, and doe ftill wafh upon the Turkiih Dominion^ and 
which are indeed as Walles , and Bulwarks to the Turkifhilate t 
For this Euphrates though it be not here the Turkifli Dominion, 
yet it is of the fame u(e to them and unto the Pope, as Euphrates 
was unto old 'Sabjlon^ which made glad the (ame , and conveyed 
maintenance unto it. Let us therefore conlider what was the O- 
riginall of the Turklfh Dominion, and yon (hall fiadethatic 
(prungfrom five(cverall ftreamcs. R^v. 9. 20, 2 1 5 where (having 
defcribed the loofing of the foure Angels, which were bound by 
the great river Eiy^^r4///v^. 14. ) and tho(c were the foure Fa- 
milies of the T//r%j , which at length were fwallowed up by the 
hou(e of Othontan ; He faith the reft of the men which rvere not killed 
hj the fe plagues ^ yet repented not of the vcorkes ef their hands^ that 
they pfOiM not war jhip D ivets y andldoUs of Gold , and Silver, and 
"Brajfr, and Stone^ andofpyood^ vrhich neither can fee nor heare, nor 
walks (this was their Idolatry) neither repented thej of their wter" 
therSf nor of their Sorceries^ nor of their Fornications , TUfr of their 
thefts : So the(e were the five (Ireames of this river Euphrates jihzt 
gave power to the Turkifti Dominion, to wic, the Idolatries, Mur- 
thers, SorccrieSjFornications, and Thefts ofChriftendome, for 
by reafon of theft barbarous wickedncfle of Popilh Churches-, 
and flates, cloaked under a face of Religion, God brought upon 
them a barbarous Nation, that hath a Face of government , and 
vet knowcth not well what it meancth , yet did not the Papifts 
(whole (Innes thefe were ) repent of their Idolatries , nor of their 
Murthers , which they committed upon the (bulesof menjand 
upon the bodies of Gods falthfull fervants j nor ;of their Sorceries^ 
ofwhich many ofthe Popes themftlves were guilty ; nor of their 
Whoredomes, their ftewes, aiii beaftly uncleanne(res 5 nor of 
theii Thefts, Indulgehccs,and pardons for money, by which they 
drevned Ghi iftendome of their fubftancct 
Now it thefe were the finiics , which the Lord upbraideth 

C 1 Chriftian 


""■'"" I ^ » I wwm^mitmrmmi^Hmm 

• I 

ao 7hefixthyiaH* 

Chriftian Churches for not repenting of , though this barbarous 
nationdid prevalle againft themjyet doubtlelTe thefe are the walles 
of the TurKifli Dominion , even thole ftreames of corruption of 
Religion,which are the maintenance of the Sea q^ Rome to this 
day : thus by admirable wii'dome the Lord hith exprelled his 
holy Counfelhchat his inftruments by drying up thefe ftreames of 
ijtphratfSj thele corruptions of Religion &all prcvaile at once 
both againft the TftrkfSi^nd the Pope together. 

a. Who then fhall be the Angdl, that (hall power out this fixt 
VUli} if they (hall not be the Uivcs ( as before we prooved ) then 
it mud needs be Ibme Chriilian dates* and chele are no other then 
thcioChiiftianKings fpokenof/J<'v.i7.i6.i7. That fhall hate 
the whore^and fhall make her defblate , and naked, and fhall eaC 
herfleih, and burne her with fire, and lb you have all thefe ex* 
pofinions fall in together , they will runne in the right channellj 
and fully reach all that interpreters have fought after* 

3, Thefe Chriftian Kings fhall fo farre fall off from /Joi»^,as 
that they fhall dry up all her revenewes , when as they fhall (ee 
and abhorrc the vanity of their Images , and Temples, and Mo- 
naderies,and the unprofitablenefre of their expences , when they 
Oiall fee the wickednefTe of their bloudy inquifitions , the unna« 
turalnefle of all thofe murders of Gods bleffed fcrvants , and fhall 
(ee their witchcrafcs^and forceries ; the horrible fornications, and 
whoredomes of their dewes : and when they fiiall fee chat all their 
devifes to get mony are fo many thefts, and robberies , ( as it is 
the complaint oi^arew.z German interpreter , that two parts of 
the revenewes of the Empire did goe to the Bifliop of Rome, and 
but one third to the Chridian Princes) and a worldofworke 
would be to tell you of all their Theeveries in E''x/4n^of old^and 
other Chridian Kingdomes. Now when thefe Chridian Kings 
are fo far converted unto God , as that they fhall fee the wicked- 
nefle, of all thefe abufcs of Religion, they will then dry up all 
^cfe revenewes, then will they fuffer numorelmigeworfhip, 
no more forceries, nor murders , and when tliele things are thus 
remooved, thenisE/y/>/;r4^^/dryed up, ihatniaincahietbo)d'?<{- 
hjlon ; then is the Fountaine of the Turklfh maintenance cue 
o^alfb : For their rife was by thefe corruptions , and they iXxn^^ 
and wil dand whild thefe corruptions dand , but if thefe fall 
then is the river Ettphrates dryed upland a ready way made indeed 
for the Kings 9! the Eaft. 


m 9 w 

■paapppppw^pw^piPH—^wiiB <■ . i\wtf0mmmmmfmmmm^m'^^'''t^9fmmimim''''fWmf9ii^^^'^'^'^^^^^^'^'^^^ 

Tbe/fxlb VidU a t 

4. \Vb3m the mod judicious Interprecers doe underftand co 
be the Icwes, i. Bccaufe they are fo by Gods calling, ExodtuA9» 

6» l^d fhail he to me a Kingdoms of Prlefis : And D^w/V/forc- 

telleth,tbat when the Reman Monarchies are broken in pceces, 
by cheftonecutoutof the Mountaincs without handes, Daniel 
2.45. f which is the Lord Jefus : ) then the Dominion (hall be. 
given to the people of the Saints of the moft high , Daniel 7. 27, 
Therefore they are called Kings of the Eaft , in the Cjrcck:; Te- 
ftiinent Kings from the riling of the Sunne, they (kill have great 
power, and place when God (hall bring them to it ; Neither can 
any man tell buc that fome of the(e Eaderne Kings in the Ea(t, 
Judges may beof the Families of the Houfc of Ifrael i Sure 1 am 
when \->Uph was loll , though his Father thought him to have 
bcenc utterly ca(t away, yet when he was found, he was found 
to be a great man in Egyft^ and the Prophet £«^Wunder(land-. 
eth by ItJ/^p^ J all the 10 TfibcsEt.^ff^.37.i.d. And who can tell, 
whether (bmc of thele 10 Tribes may not be found to be great 
men of thcEaft. And I remember htniy^ an exaft Tranflator,. 
and commentor upon the Bible , faith that which is called the 
Land oiSimm, Ifay 45?. li. May more probably be meant of 
Ch'tnay and that the C/r#ri^Gcograpncrs doe call them iS'/W^V/, 
not Chifta'ej^ which if it be the iiicaniHg there may be there ma<* 
ny of them j and indeed he tliac rcadeth their ftory (hallfinde 
fundry memorable things in them that may agree to (uch as 
h,ive (ometimes beene Gods pc..»plc ; for though they worHiip 
other Gods, yet they have iccords , that their fathers did not 
fo in ancient times $ and It is reported of them that they make 
account chat thofc are the beft bookes, that bring a man to that 
eftate wherein he was (irft mide, which is no gentile-like principle^ . 
and the greatell prefcrents among them are of their Bookilh 
men: It may be fuine of the ten Tribes or buried among them.: 
yet it is not m tteriali to the Text , though if it l^e true, their 
£a(lerne (ituation will fuit vyel with the Text : but howtvec 
it be,the truth is Go J doth by Covenant, account the whole Na- 
tion to be a royall Nation, and promifeth the Klngdomesof 
the World t / be their Dominion , and that all enemies God will 
fweepe them off from the face of the E irth,as it is prophecied at 
large Rev, 1 9. Now then if thtfe be the Kings of the Eaft , you 
willtatily under (land the evidence of other things in the Text.: 
for what is the great (fumbling blockc that hindreth the lewes 

C 3 from. 

« I - s 


' " I I - I li m il II I I ^ IIW H IIW— — ».III H I I . I I L m «ii M>H, j m illl|> ■ li HH MIIIi 

22 rh pxthViatt. 

from cloQng with ChtiftianUy 1 They abhorre Images, and the 
luggling of che Fryers, andMonkcs, who are not io cunnmg to 
devile miracles as the lew is ciinriing to fearch them out > and to 
diCcover the legerdemaine of the Priefts in them* To woiOilp 
Idols of Gold and Silver is an abomination to them , and (b are 
theredof thoie Hveftreamesof wickedneflfe, which uphold the 
Turkijh ftatc ; Let Chriltian Princes once arifc and overthrow 
Images,rcpre(Ie theirmurders, remoove away their Fornications, 
Thefts 5 dclufion? , which they put upon Chriliianity ^ then ihaJl 
. there be a ready way prepared for their converiion,&no remaining 
Impediment but their own corruption which God will mighti- 
ly overpower 5 if once Euph-atcf be dryed up, down falls Popifh, 
andTurkifh tyranny together 5 and the Je>ces (hall come forth 
marching to hghc chat great battellofthe Lord God Almighty, 
then (hall they fee him whom they have peirced , and be zealous 
for God^as ever they have beene outragious againil him. And 
hereby you (ball dearely (ee the agreement betwcene /?rw/zw ii# 

1 2 . 1 5« ( Where it is faid, If the cafting ajvaj of them he the recon* 
cUetnent ef the lV§rld : what /hnff the vtceiving of them be hut life 
form the de^dX) a»d2§* Where he raithjblindneflfe in part is hap- 
pened unto J/rae/j untill the fullnede of the Gentiles be come in 5 
The reconcilement lycth here : The hardne(Ie of the/o?r/lieth 
upon them untill the Chriftian Nations of the Gentiles^ that have 
with the Pope apo(Uti(ed from Chrifl, be come in , untill they 
have dried up this River E«/>^r4f^/jhardne(re lyeth upon the levfes^ 
but then all //r4f/ (hall befaved, and after that looke for the refl 
of the Gentiles that never yet received the Gofpel , to come in al« 
Co : then will God bring them home mightily, and not till then : 
Thu«you (ec the meaning of thcfe words , wherein I have beene 
the more large 5 bec9u(e in ftich Scriptures, the explication is as 
much to be attended as the application. Let us (bortly touch upon 

• ■ 

"Ptf^f.i. That the dayes arc comming wherein Chriftian Princes > arid 

States (hall powre out the wrath of God, upon Popifh (iJperlVi^. 
tion.and Idolatry , and upon bU the Fountaines , and (Ireames of 
Turkilh Tyranny. 

For this (ixt Angell are thofe 10 Chriftian Kings fpoken of 
Chap,iy.\6tl[icy fliall powre out this wrath. Therefore thofe 
Chriftian Kings went a wrong way to worke, when they thought 
tohavc overcome the T/^ri^/*, and regaynedthc holy Land; It is 



■.^^ y^—— ——''■"■• • ■ — -'■ ' ' ' ii --| v.. ' . -' . 

M|H^»»>»i" ■ I H » U i > II— I I WWJMF^W^^^^a 

7he/ixth Viad. 23 

rtrangeto fee how the Tnrkss profpercd againil them j and how 
much Chriftian blond ChriitUn Princes fpcnt to no piirpofc , in 
nghting againft them ^ The way hadbeenc, Hrll ro have dry ed 
upalItho(cftreamesofSuperlUtion, and Idolatry, and 10 have 
ihrowne dowiic that nun of Sinne j that had beene thercady 
way to prcrailc againft chc Tnrks 5 but the (eafbn was not then 
come , it is now comnjing. and how foonc it will come I know 
noc,cheLorclknowe(h, biitcomming it is, as appeareth by the 
Context of this Viall with the former 5 yea they arc in part ful- 
filled, and like the fpearc oi Jojhua they will not retiirne, nor 
ccale till alUhc Lords enemies be overcome ; The judgements 
of God upon their common Citholickcs ; their worfhip and 
government, their (ecular, and regular PHeds, .upon. the Sunoe 
the Houfc of iAptflria , and the Popes (bprcmacy , you have 
heretofore heard the judgements of God upon the throne of 
the Bcaftjwhich is the E^itcopacy , is already begun^s you late- 
ly heard darkned it hath beene by the going forth oi th,^ Sc0ts,f 
and doubtlellc the Lord will not let it reft there untill. It have, 
gone over the Seas, and come to the Gates of Romtt yea to the 
Bifhop oiRonte hinifelfc , for after the Lord hath beene pleafed to 
(come the Churches from their Hierarchical! monarchy , then 
the next newes you fliall heareof, will be,that Chrillian Princes 
be^iiT, to (ce the Icwdnefle that is found in their worftiip , the 
wickcdneflfe of their MurderSjSorcericSjFornications, and l^hef ts, 
whereby they robbed their (bules, as well as their bodies, then 
will they dry \ip thelc ftreames , and fo Enphrates ( that did wafh 
this Romty^ind the Turl^ipj Empire alfo ) will be dryed up : foe 
this worke will goe on proipering to profper , and though it may 
now and then be interrupted , yet when it bcginncth,it will alfo 
make an tnd , for the Lord is Almighty , when he beginneth he 
v/ill goe on to perfcft his worke, and he will not leave unto old 
Eli rootc or branch. It is cafy with the Lord to advance the 
ivorkc a little higher , and then the ftrenmes oftheir maintenance 
will be dryed up by the hatred , wherewith they will hate 
the whore, and make her dclbhtc , and naked : for the time is api 

The re^fon v/hy the Lord will thus dry up the Hreames oiSn* R^afon 
fhr,tt(s\% , that he may untwill hiso'vvn jadgcmcntsiathefame 
way wherein himfelfe did tWift them ; wee have before heard 
how his juigjments fell upon the Chk'illiai^ World by the found- 


> i > • V t 



1 ..«...• 


Q4 rhepxthviatl. 

ing of the (ixth Tnimpec the foure Angels that were bound in 
the great river Euphrates were loofed , and by this nieanes the 
Tun^fb Tyranny wa? brought in. Now by the poivringouc of 
the Viall of the fixch Angell « the fpirits of ChriUian Princes are 
ftirredupto dry up the River Euphrates^ theieby tomakeway 
for the (ubvertion of the Tttrkf ami Vope^ and to prepare a way for 
Gods ancient people to come in»thai>there may be no more wrath 
upon the face of the Earth. 
*^ '• In the firft place this may ftrve to provoke us all earneflly to 

c^ll upon the Lord I that he would ftirrcupthe hearts of Prin* 
cesto coniider, and open their Eyes to fee howneedtu)! their 
attempts are to ri(e up againft the Pope : and for that end that 
they may (ee that thejugglings of Popery are bucThetcs, and 
Murders } and Superftitions : For when once thofe things are 
throughly dilcovered > the meanes of the maintenanc c of the man 
of Hnne muft needs be dryed up *. How much caufc therefoi c have 
w: to wraftle with God for (uch mercy , and that our pr.,yers 
maybe Ca much the more e(fe<5^uali, flrcngtben wee oui Fa'tb, 
in this, that the Lord will doe it ior he hath prcMnlfed lt,and hath 
begun to power out this Via/l^znd will not ceaie untill he have left 
the Pope neither roote nor branch. 
Z{fe 2. Secondly , this may (erve to teach us » the ready way to 

(iibdue the Tyrants of the World , and to take away all their 
(uppcrcanee, their walles and Bullworkes : How ^ould you 
take Bahyion ? dry up Suphrates , and Babylon is taken with a 
wet Hnger.as when they dryed up Euphrates, they found it but 
a workc of burning of Reedes, to take old Bahjlor, And how 
(hall you overcome the Turk^s .' dry up but the Fountaines cf 
the Corruptions of Religion, and you rcmooveAntichri(l,and 
make the Turkes eafiiy Conquerable , he will not be defcnceable 
then , whereas now he ftandeih like a wall of brafTe > and (b will 
doe untill the(e ftreames of corruption be dryed up .* Ic was a 
notable pra^ilethat which the Lord dire(5led his people unto 
Judges 10. When they cried unto the Lord to deliver them from 
their enemies that opprefled them : The Lord recountcth the 
gratious deliverances which he had (hewed them ^ yet .( faith he 
Vcrfe ig.) you have forlaken Hie and (erved other Gods J where- 
fore I will deliver you no more ; goe and cry unto the Gods 
which you have chofcn, and let them deliver you in the time 
of your Tribulation. When they heard that they confcded their 


7 he ficondpaH oftheJlxthVidlU 

Hn and put away the ftrang« Gods from among them, and (enrecf 
the Lofd^vind his (oulc was grieved for the mifcry oilfineli then 
the Lord (lirrcth up the people to thinke upon Icphthah, and 
ihey eaiily goe through the vyorkeofvanquifhingtheopprcfling 
Enemies : In like manner bring but in faUe Doftrine,wot(hip, 
and govcrnnient into the Church , and you bring in nionders ol 
men among you , the grand feigniours of the World will opi- 
prc(Tc , and rule over you : Ou the other fide let the Churches 
be reformed in France^ mSv^Und^ in <f('//W,^r* What(bevec 
other nations thet c be by that have defiled themfelves with Popifli 
doctrine, worQiip and governaient>Iet them but fall to this nrorke 
of rcformation,ana veriiy the Lords Soule will be grieved fortheir 
mi(cry,that tliey are lb opprefled with a ba(e Pi left and his Cler- 
gy , who is in the meane while nothing elfe buc a dunghill of 
corruption, and what need have we earnefily to (irive in prayer 
with Cod for thefe things t and as great Nations arc healed €o 
arc particular persons alio by being purged frotn their Idolatries, 
Fornications, Tbefts.and Murders^they are preferved from thole 
perfonall evills which by Sea or Land might prcvaile againft 
them. And the Lord is able to doe it for great Nations as well as 
for particular perlbns $ for as he puts it into the hearts of Princes 
to agree and give their Kingdomes unto the Bead ; fo he can as 
caHly withdraw their hearts from him , and caufethemto fee the 
vanity of their (ub)e£^ion to him : Let us therefore give the Lord 
no reil, untill he have ful6Iled his word , and overturned all his 

That the powring out of the wrath of God upon the Komidx <jy^n 
Superftition and Tyranny,as it will be the drying up of the PopUh 
and Turki(h Tyranny, fo it will prepare a ready way for the con- 
verfion of the lerves* 

When they (hall feeChrift riding upon awhitehorfe, and 
going forth conquering to conquer, then fhall they be gathered 

Becaufe popifh delufions. Idolatry and Superftitions are the « ^ 
greatcil impediments of their convcrfion. No man is acquainted ^*^J**^ 
with their writings but knoweth that thefe things (land in their 
way : when the ftrcames of Idolatry, Sorcery, Martyrdome of 
the Saints of God,Fornication,and robbery be dryed up,then will 
there be a prepared way for the glorious converfion of the Icwes^ 
together with the rc(l of the Nations which cannot enter into 

D the 

*— ■^^— ^~— — T- - - '--' 

7he ficend fmofthejlxthyid. 

The fecond part of ihc fixtli Viall. 


16. R E V E L. ia,r«r./»I4. 

X I l./lndthefxth Angellpowredcut hit Viall ufcntke great 
River EupliratetyandlM reattr tbireof tvasd'yeiupjihat 
the IV y of the Kiugi of iht Eaft might be f re fared, ( I U . ) 
And I fuw threeuHcle^Ht fpirits lik;. Frogi couieoHtof 
the mouth of the Dragon c^/«» of the mouth of the ^eafl, 
undent of the mouth oi the f die Piophet,(_ I4,_) For they 
are thcfpiritsofDevills morning lairacksjvhich goe forth 
unto the Kings of the Earth, and of thetth.le^'orld, 
to g.ither them to the l/tittell of that great day of God 

figa /s-^^j^g"^ N tliefe wordif us ye hive heard^is defcribed 

" (S?^ thepoivringoi.tof the fixtli ; 7.:/? oF Gods 

|fc|#7^ wrath. Dclciibed it isbythcfubjajUpon 

l^-fK^J ivhichit W.18 povvredforth, andfecondly, 

|#^*^^ by the cffeft which cnGicd. The fnhjitl wai 

mWSi^'' '''■■ircat Siv:r Enflirates, The efFtft tliaC 

\;>^-y!i folloival it. Wis drSlihfdrjh^ lip of the 7i;a- 

itri thcnaf : and that ampliGcd by the end, 

iliat the way of ihc Kings of the Eali might be prepared. The 

D 2 (econd 


28 The Jecondpart rftfje J^xth Ftalti 

iecond ei^ft was a warlikeexpedicion, or preparation thereunto; 
fetforthby theprindpall Commanders, the Dragon^ theXe^^ 
andthsfalfe Prophet^ and by the inlkumems, who are here (aid 
to be for their nature Spirits^ for their qujiicy Vncteane^ W their 
number fW^, for their refemblance tiks Frogs, for their origi- 
nal comming out of the mouth of the 'Dragon , ana out of the mouth of 
the Beaft , and out of the mouth of thefnife Prophet : And that am • 
plified by thecaule ; for they are the fpirits of Devi/is, Und Laftly, 
they arc delcribed by their eflFefts 5 which are three, i Thej rvorks 
mtracles, % ,Thej goe forth to the Kings of the earth, and of the 
fVorkito gather them to Batt ell j^ and thirdly they doe gather them 
into a place called in the Hebrew tongue L^rmagtdlon, Thus is 
this war here efpecially de(cribed by their principall Ccotman* 
der9, and inftruments It is defcribed alfo by the watch-word, 
which the Lord eiveth unto his fervants againft the bittcll in 

that time , Bfhola I come as a theefe , hlcffed is he that watcheth^ 

and f^epsth hi-s gariTP.nts ,. left hee w.ilkf nak;d^ and they fee his 


We entred into thefe words the laft day ; Anrl flicwed you 

whojiuhis x^ng<;ll was, what is meant by the Pviver Euphrates^ 
whoare the Kii)g3 oi the Eaft, and the way.prcpai ed fur them ; in 
a word ( onely to make way to tha-: which remainss ) you heard 
thisiixth Angel that pow^ed out this yiall upon the great River 
E»phratrsy cannot well be underftood of the JcwS powring oui 
the wrath of God upon the Turkifh Dominions '^ For it is evident 

from the laft ver/e of the 15 Chapter^ that no m.tn can enter into the 
Ti^^ple tin thefe 7 ViaHes be' poixredout. The /fi^Y/ therefore fiiall 
not be called till the fcvcnth ViuUhe powrcd out. 

9y^nd they that powrcd o:tt thcfe f 'tails yvere fuch as cams on! of 
toe Tempi 1 1 5 Chapter 6 f'erfe. Out of reformed Churches, girt 
with golden girdKjs of truth ; and clothed wich pure, and wliitc 
Linncn , which is the nghteoufneflfe of the Saints* They that 
powrc out thcfe Via/Is are godly ChriftJans , profellbrs of the 
truth in (inceiity, Njw the few s cannot enter into thatedate 
till the fcven plagues be fulfilled. Againe liippofe the Kings of 
tlft Eall be the len'esj as they are more then probably conceived 
by entcrprctcrs ; yet they cannot betheAngell that powred out 
thiif^iall : For the Ang I that powrcd out this ^^// he dries up 
the waters,afld makes vvay for their comming in,thcrcfore it is not 
they that powred out this Via//, 



iii rfm II I !■ I I ■ ■ ^ n ^^wn0Wi»»*^"*y^ 1,^ M ill'" " ■ " ■ ■ ■ •■' ■ I ' ' t ' " »^^^^ 

^heficondpartofthejixth ViM» 

Yee have heard chat the River ^nfhrates cannot be properly 
meant of that Kivcr Euphrates that watered eld 7<i^r//; becau& 
the wrath of God is not upon materiill Rivers , and Fountalncs 
otwateiss but onely upon iiich peribns as dwell ncare them, or 
may be watered by them : but the River it felfe cannot be ir» It 
is not taken he(e for one of thofe Rivers and Fountaines of wa» 
ter which were turned into bloud, in the 18 Ferfi ol this Chapter 
by the third Angell : for then if it had been io underllood the- 
wr.tth of God had been powred upon him in the third yidlt^ liot • 
in this (ix* h. The rivers there meant are (uch popi(h EmifHirief, 
and Pric(\s , as doe carry the popifli Doftrine up and downe the 
G urury 5 now Eftphrates v/aflied 'Sabyhn 5 and bis rivers arc 
dried up when 'B.tbjlon Is taken : now 'Babylon comes Co be tak^n, 
and deltroy cd in the next Viall^ not in the fixth ^^/fjaslbme have 
hcrtofore t :<ken it -■ But Euphraur therefore being that which 
watered the City of old 'Babelt^ it mu(t be (bmething that doth 
the like office unto tliis newBabefl^ unto Rome : that waters the- 
t hrone of the Bcaft 5 that waters the (cat of antichrift. And yet 
(mind ye ) fo waters it , that if the waters thereof be dried up, 
there is way made for the Kings of the Eaft to come inland con- 
f quenily vvay made for theruineof the TurkiQi Einpire , and 
Monarchy •, For as yee heard thcfc fevcn FU/ls come in, in orddl- 
as the (even Trumpets did j to remove the (even judgements 
they brought in 5 looke how the fevea Trumpets (bunded, and 
by their founding brought in feverall gradual! judgements, fb 
jurt in the fame order are thcfc yia/h powred out , and the for- 
mer ju-jgements removed. As the firft Trumpet brought a 
plagHc upon the Earth, fo the firft Angell powred out a Vialiup^ 
pon the Eirthjto remove that plague. The fecond Trumpet (bund- 
ing brought a j'udgemciit iipun tht Sea j The fecond Angell 
powcrs cut his Viall upon the Sea ; and (6 the reft ; The (ixth 
Tunpct (as yee heard ) letioofc thefourc Angells, tliefotire 
Toikifh Families bound by tlie river E tipkratf s^which brought in 
thcTuikifli apoftiCy, and tyr.fnny into the World. This^//- 
pb-'ates isfixhariver as waters Bahdl ; and thedryir.gitupdid 
ofold make v;ay for the mine o^ Bfihell, So will the drying up 
of this E-Avhr^tes dry up the force , and tlrcngth of the ncwBaby- 
Ijn • and (b of the Turkifh tyranny aUo. In cnc word, yee have 
heird, that which hath been the ftrength and fence of the Turkifii 
Duminion.hath been the ftrcamea of corruption and fiilfc worftiip 

D3 in 



» I M W 11^^ 


■ ■^.l» ■l»*.». 

^a the fecond fart pfthejtxth VialU 

^n the BMomJb , for fo yce read in the nirth. Chapter of 
thisbooke, and the 20 and 21 vtrfe: Thac forallthisiaichihe 
TexC, notwichftanding the letting loofc of the Turkis from 

Uuphrdtes ^ jft they repented r.ot of the workes of their handset hat 
thejihoHUnot vforJfAp ^ evil It , and J dolls of Gold , and Silver, and 
Braffe^and Stone, and of JVood, &c. Neither repented thtj of their 
mttrtherSijnor of their forct ries , nor of their fornications^ nr-r ofthdr 

Thefts : So chat its evident the Turkifh Empire was raifcd up, and 
ftands to this day, as a fcourge of God upon the idolatrie.% and 
(liperftitions of the Church oi,Rtme , and upon their niurthers, 
and witcli-crafts, and thefcs,by which the whole ChriQian world 
hath been abufed t be (e many hundred yeares* 

So that then the Angell that powred out this Viall yee heard to 

be thofe ten Chriftian Kings , of whom ye read more at large in 

the next Chapter : that (hall dry up this Fountaine : that is to 

(ay, the ilreames of antichriAian worfbip, and pollution; ''all 

ftop the courfc of it. They (hall ftop the courle of tho(e Mur- 

therousinquilitiones; They (hall ftop the courie of thofe Thefts ; 

and indulgences and pennances ; chey fbail ftop the courfeof 

of thofe VVhoredomcs , wherewith Babylon hath bcene made 

dmnke;the cup of her Fornication. Now when this ftreame of 

corruption is dryedu;) by the reformation of proteftant Kings 5 

it (hall come tv» p4fl«',thac there will be a way made for the Kings 

of the Eaft-to come in : for yee heard^thatby theKingsofthe 

Eatt are properly meant the ycnri* as being ofold called King?, 

A royall PricUhood :fb that way is made for ihcm by thisrc- 

form.uion ct religion in Chriftcndome 5 The removing of thofe 

abuJcs (rowit) of the conuption of religion, and popi(h (m- 

peiftition. and idolatry, way is made for their converfion ; and 

doe but dry up thofe ftreames, and then you leave 'Bahylcn 

dry ; and you leave the furkifh Monarchy weakened .• for the 

ftaflfe of thcTurkith Monarchy is the fuperftitionof Antichriftr- 


From hence therefore yee have heard already thcfe two notes 
gathered , and handled : the firft is this, that the dayes are com- 
uiing, whcicin Chiidian PrinCcs (Iiall dry up the ftreames of 
.nujchiii^iancoiru; linn in Kc!igioi);iAnd thereby alfb dry up the 
Fount? JDCi^ of the liieamesof the Turk i(h tyranny. 

Jiccondl) jVcc ha\c heard this note (al(b)gathcrcd, and hand- 
led. Ihat upon the drying uo of the ftreames of corruption 


, • ■■ ; . a ■ i j i n i. ■ ■ ■ * < ■>■ ■<■■« i' « ' - ' ' ' ' '•^' "' ' ' " 

iheficondpaH of the fixth Fiiatt^ ^ i ' 

of Antichriftian religion, and of Turkilh Tyranny, way is 
made for che coiivedion of the Jerva , the anticnt people of • 

God. . • '. ' ••/ 

Of thefetwowee fpake the laft day ; and thus much was need*^^ 
full to be repeated, that yee might underhand where wee are* ' 
To proceede to the next note then , the third that concernes 
this Vtall f but the firft at this time -A-Let me Hrft gather the note ^ 
and then (hewyou how it riles outof the Text ; then give fome ' 
grounds of it, and make ufe of it as the Lord (hall helpe, thenoce 

is this. 

Upon the diyingup of the ftrcames of the corruption of reli- ^p^flf •; 
gi< >n in Chriftehdomc,the D.agonjthe Beaft,ind the falfc Prophet, 
fnall fend forth their choireftint4rjmentsto(lirup, and father 
t6gether,both Popifl3,and Pagan Princes, Unto a great battel], to 
wichftand the reformation of Chridians, and the cohverfionof 
the Jevtes, 

This is the fummc. See all thefe points cxprefly , and difiind- ' 
]y deliYcrcdj^ and fully, inthefetwoVcrfeSjthe 13 and. 14. For* 
further then (b I fhall not goc at this time. And this one note 
opens both thefe Vcrres,and all the palfages therein!' 

Firft yee fee upon the powring out of this ^4Zf upon the river 
^uUfhrates , and thp dry inguj) the ftreames thereof, that ivupoii 
the dryiogup of the corruptions of religion, fupcrftitloii ;' Idola- 
try, MurthcrSjandWhordomes : reftraining and drying up all 
fuchFountaines, what followes ? lie faith the Beaft\the Dragon^ 
and the falfc Prophet , fent out of their mouthes three undeAiw 
fpiritSfHI^ Frogs ; ri'hich goe forth unto the Kings of f he Enrth^ knd 
of the whole war Idyto gather thejK to the h.ttedofthat^eat day ofG^d 
Almighty, -' 

To open this dcdldne,and the words a little;, 

Firft for the Drtigcfjy tchawciiQard it noted before (frptnthc 
12. Rev.^.verfc ) him to be t,he old Serpent, J'^/iriir: but taken* 
chiefly as he doth aci, and govern, and divcll in the Roman ftate : 
yi fid therefore he isdcfcrihcd to h.iv: ^eavcn kids^ and ten Hornes^ 
in the third ver^c of the J2 Chapter, But take him as he is Satan 
fpirituaiiy , and he hath neither head?, nor homes, Take him as 
he governesiJt'We- and (b he hath (even heads, and ten hones* The 
fevcn heads are (even hiilcs : And the ten home* arc ten govcrn- 
mcntSjWho then is the Beaft ? the Beaft ( as ye have heard) he is 
dcfcribcd by the very fame Ch.iractcr^ , fevcn heads and ten 

** >rn€$ 


■•"'■ " ' ' -'■■■'■ t i i , „ 

53- tbeficondpartofthepxthViatU 

hornes,i3* i?^z/p* verfe^ It is (aid to be him to whom the Dngon 
hath given his power , andhisicat, and great authority 3 it doth 
therefore hold forth the Ronton ftatc; not KomeVAgsm nor Rome 
ChflftianCas yec have heard) It remainesthcrtforetobe Rime 
antichriftian : which is that ? The Rcmait vifible Cathdiique 
Church : thats the Hril Bead, which claimes all tlic power by 
pretence of reli^on , whick old Rcme^ and the Roman Monar* 
chy claimed by force of armes. fVko Is then the falfe Prophet ? 
The falle Prophet hee is never mentioned before in this booke, 
not by name 5 and yet hee is (jjoken of here OrS 7vellk*}ow»e : It 
dfpeares therefore^ this falfe Prophet is the 2 Beaft in 1 3 Rev* 1 1 
verfe to the end : Thefecond Beaji^there isfaid to rvorke ijiiiracles: 
in the 13 Verfe he doth freat wonders, c^c» Andl% Verfe he deceit 
veth them that drve// oa the Earth , by the meanes ofthefe miracles^ 
C^f. And the famejee fhallrende of the falfe Prophet in the I p Rev* 
28 Verfe , The Beafi was taken , and with him the falfe Prophet that 
wrought miracles before him ^ with which be deceived them that had 
received the mar ke oftheBeafi, 

^nd them which worptiped his Intage^ c^rc* The deftription is 
the fame of the fal(e Prophet > and of the Bcafl : both of them 
holding forth the head of the Roman Cluirch : The falfe Prophet 
Jfalaamy the Bifhopt ( or Antichrifl ) oiRome* So that it doth 
imply thus much . that the Dragon , and the Devill himfelfe did 
ftir up,not the Pope onely , but the whole Catholicke Church, 
to gather into fome council], or (bme other (blemne meeting, 
Ibmc chiefe concurfe of them, who by common content Oiall 
(out of their mouthes) that is to fay, by their commands, their 
Cannons, and Decrees, for that is out oftheir mouthes: out of 
their commands, out of their edifts, out of their injuntflions, 
Jhall fend forth their ftncleane Spirits j Spirits they be for nimble^ 
neile and a6\ivity , Spirits tney bee for impeuioufhefle , and 
ftrength. Spirits they be alfb for clofe and cleanly conveyance : 
There is no ftoping the gates again ft Spirits, yee cannot (b flop 
the Cinque-ports but they will in j they will enter into any 
Court, Princes Palaces, or great mens Houfcs ; thercs no hin- 
dering of them , they have a cleanly conveyance, and (ecret 
• '■'d clofe pafljge* tAndihey are alfo Spirits of Devills, It is not 
theo.dinary word Devill, h'^tDamon^ the which is wont to cx- 
pcffi Spirits for their knowledge^ and learning: They are lear- 
»*cd rpififs 5 and yet Dcvills for their deceit and mifchcife : 



Ihe fuonipurtcfihejixihyl^ 33 

TV are ofjeur Father the deviU^&the wort^ ofjfcur Father ye l»u 
John 8 44.Li crs for deccit,& Murtherers for mifcheif^thefe ai 


... , aretfic 

rpirits he fends forthjwhicli (urcly comming as they doe, out of . 
the mouth of theDragon^and out of the mouth of the headland out 
ef the mouth of the fallc Prophet,they arc not fpirits properly 
ib called : They are therefore Emiflaries (cnt forth by them, men 
of nimble wits, and parts.a&lve for nimblenefle, and clo(ecofi« 
veyance : and full of deceit and mifchiefe* And thefc are the 
(pirits arc lent forth : and here (aid to be three fpirits comming 
out of their moutbes , not as if one came out of the mcuth of 
one, and another came out of the mouth of another ; but ali 
three of them came put of all their mouthes together at oncci 
It is not rightly tranflated here, that he (aith he law them co.m- 
ming out ; for the word comming out , Is not in the originall ; 
hnt hee faw them oHt ofthofe mottthes^ out of thoie mouthes they 
had came ; thence they had their originall , and from thence 
they (prange. 

Much inquiry there is who they fliould bee ; 1 will • 
not trouble you with variety of mens Judgements , The 
Dragon is no more here the Turkifli Empire then before, but the 
Dragon here is hee that is before called Saran>a^ing/{irn»e, and 
fo hath feven Heads , and ten Homes ; which are the Armes 
o{Rof»e, as yee have heard before , not Qi'Confiantinople I And 
it is hee that confults , and conlpires with the Beaft of Rome to 
fend forth thefe three uncleane Spirits- Now if you (hall put 
all together that hath beene oblerved by different Interpreters^ 
and conQder withall what kinde of (pirits the Catholiqae 
Church, and the head thereof ( the Bi(hop of /{0f»r)hath croub* 
led the Church withall, yee (hall finde they all fall under three 
forts : three ibrts of fpirits they doe all ifliie from ; and the(e 
have all infpired and breathed into them the very Charader of 
the nature which is found in the Dragon , the Beaft , tndthe 
fal(e Prophet. There are many rabies of popifh orders, which 
were endleife to name now : But they are all (ummed ap inthree 
Heads : for all the other are but hangbies, and traines Co them: 
all the EmilTarics of Rome ^ the (pirits whereby (hee hath 
troubled the Church » they all fall under thefe three, either Car-? 
dinalls, Biftiops , or Jefuites 2 and under the Jefiiitet I ranke 
all regular Fryers, they are all of them of one nature , regular 

• E men 


I T I ■ , I I ^ , I , __ 

nil 11 irnrMaiianaMM 

•• A 

7 he fecoTtdpart cfthjtxtb VtaA^ 5 f 

is called Sodom ) fo arc thcfe plagtics of fpirituall Sodsm. 
The Frogs they cimc upon them cunningly, and would come 
into the Kings Pallaces, dnd noplace could be kept free from 
them : Even fuch are t'nefc three uncleane fpirits , no place can 
they be kept out from. And like unto Frogs arethcy for their 
continiiall croking; nothing but one kinde of tune ; their 
own matters tfKjy never leave crokihg of not like theftFrogs here 
\vt iAmtrku th*».t have a fevcralituneinccich partofthe yeare, 
butihcyarealwayesinone, or two, or three at t he rnoOj either 
theCuhollq'i? vifible Church , or the Pope the Judge ofcon- 
troverlies , or of vi(iblc fucceffion. And thenlouke jsyccfee 
it is wirh Frogs they are moftbufy vich (heir notes when It 
growcs darke , and in the heat o' the dty they are a great deall 
more filcnr , for then they get them downe Into the mud ; (b it 
IS with thcie uncleane fpirits, they ly dole if the light of the 
Gofpcll (hinei forth brightly j And if it grow warme in the 
zcall 9f the fpirits of Chriflians, then yee here no newes of them, 
but they are in fbme muddy places then, they are huflit then :I if 
you friould come with a Torch in the midnight they are (ilent 
and dill then. 

But now when there is want of light,or want of heat of Rc- 
ligionjthen it is indeed that thele fpirits are modcroking, and 
tumultuou*:, and unquiet : but otherwife if the fpirits of Chritti- 
ans and Statc?.men grow warme in Religion, ther's no nolle nor 
newes of thele fpirits ; fo thefe are the three uncleane (pirits that 
come out of the mouth of the Dragon, and out of the mouth of 
the Beart , and out of the mouth ot the falfc Prophet. And thefe 
three have left a (pice of their own nature in them, theDevill 
hath left a fpice of his murther and malice againft religjion, and 
well ordered government tending todilbrderj theCithoUquc 
Church hath left them hir ftatc andprcheminsncc, llir Lordly 
Dominion and fpirituall fuprcmacy, and authority, carving all 
before him ; The falfc Prophet hath left them corrupt Doctrine 
and corrupt wortliip ; Thele corrupt all where they c<3me» and 
with cleanly conveyance in the Name of the Lord, and thus faith 
the Lord : when indeed it is nothing but the meeie inventions 
of the (infull falfe hearts of the (bnnes of men. To goe on a little 
further in the cxpofition of theft fpirit?, 

t he J are the fpirits ofDevills, That iscoiayallofadcviPilh 

E 2 nature 

Hi i m i i fii^.fciSBgaawg'i ^n ■'! \ \ 0*tmm$tm^mm0mmirmmmm9mm^*mmmammmmm^mmmmmmmm>^mm^m0ii^SI^Kmm><'mm^ifi^mww'^ 


''^F*'**'^'^******^*— >*■■— M I U<| |BII I ■! II, 

36 '^he ftcondpdttofthe fxthVialL 

nature $ they are not Gdds fpirlcs : men they will be accounted 
to be, but they are fpirits of the bottomlcfi^ pit , the fpirits of 
DevilkjDevilUforlearning^and Deviils for deceit,and Dcvillsfor 

fVori(ini mirAcUs^i 18 a proper worke of the (ccond Bsaft, but 
thev are all but lying wondcrs^they come((aich the Apo(lIeP4iy/) 

mth all power offgnesund Ijiug vfonders,2 Thff»2 . 9. And theft be- 
ing all thus furniftir,the Text tells you, 

Thejgoc forth unt<fthe Kings of the Exrth'^y'^Vi^ in this 

bodke is meant the Earthly Religion » and (o to the Princes of 
£arth]y religion they goe forth . therefore they gee unto the 
Kings of the Eirth, And of the whole fVorU ] They doe n ot con- . 
taine themfelves in the limits of Chrifiendome, but the othtr 
Princes , the Princes of the vv hole world(that is to ^y)to Pagan 
Princes,. They would have power to prevent(i fit were polfiW^) 
this great mi fchicfe to them(elves , that they might crufhthefe 
Chriftian Kings that brought in the reformation; Therefore they 
goe forth to the Kings of thcEirth, and of the whole \yorld. 
To gather them to bat t ell ^ To the b$tttcll of that great daj of G od 
Almighty, yVhiV 8 not the lartjudgcment\as fome have thought) 
there will be no warring then; but every day of great .execu- 
tion is called a great day of God Almighty. But that ive (ball 
fpeakcto (God willing) when we come to it^of that great day 
of God Almighty .3 But what day is that ? yce have it expoun- 
ded in the ip. Kt-iwj, It is the day of Gods great Snppfr ; that 
yee may eat thi fepj cf Kings ^ a*id the fle/fj ejCaptaines^ and the 
fippf of mighty r»^t7^ &c» This is the great day of God Almighty* 
on which thefe worldly and wicked, thc(c Popifh and Pagan 
Pfinces with all their povvcr,and all iheir force8,and armies they 
are able to make , (hall come forth again(l the Lord Jefus, and 
againd thefe Chriftian Princes,that have becne (crious,and ftudf- 
ous in the reformation of Religion , and in the drying upcf 
thefc [Ireames of corruption. Thus you fee the words opener^, 
and the phine and true meaning of them. I cannot fpcake t f 
thecomming cfChrift now, and of the gathering tcgc her to 
the great battell of Ar'magcMon , and I uouid nor open more 
thcii 2 am ablctofiuifhatthisprsfcBr. Therefore now conlidcr 
thcDodlrineagaine, andtheUuchoUc, how. it doth plainly a- 
rile from the words of the Text. 




7hefecondpart efthe/txtb VidU . * g« 

U pon the pow rii ig out of the lixth yuil ( chat h Co Cay ). up- 
on the drying up of the cui rent , and ftreamc* of the corruption 
of Aniichiiaian religion, or Chridian religion f for Antichri({i« 
an religion is but the corruption of rd igion in Chriftendomc, ) 
The Dfagon(that is to Cdy the Dcvill) and the Bcaft ('chat is to 
raythe/S6m;i»Cacholiqueviriblc Church, y and the falle Pro" 
phet (that is to fay the Pope the head of the Chiirch) did (end 
tbrth out of their mouthes C that is to fay out of their com* 
niands ) three undeane fpirits, (that is Cardinall&^and Bifhops, 
and Jtffiiitej.) 

f o llir up the Princes of the- Earth, and of che whole Wbrlcfj 
(chat is both Popiftj,and Pagan Princes^ Co a great battdl. ^ To 
what end "i ye may fee by the occation of ii,i8 was upon the pow* 
ling out the Fia/Iohhe wrath of God upon the (Ireaines of cor- 
ruption ^of religion , therefore they would turne the ftream^ 
a gaine,to prevent the way of the Kings of the Eift ( that is) the 
converlion of the lewfs , by bringing In old Idolatry ^d (uper« 
fhtlon/pirltuall Adulteries and VVhoredomes^and WiccHcrafts, 
for the maintenance ofcheSea of Rome* 

Thus you fee the point plaine from theTexcneithcr is there 
any difficulty that remaincs for the opening of it, that I doe 

Now then for the fVeafbns of che poinr,and fo briefly to come 
to thcufe* The rcafbns are two, why that jupon this drying up 
of the ftrcamcs of corruption of Religion theft three great 
commanders (hould thus fend forth (iich kinde of Cmifla« 
rics, in(\ruments that will bee adive, and- nimble to gather 
fuch a fearfuU Battel! againft the Lord ^ and againft his (er- 


The firft reafon is taken from the nature of their Kingdome* ReMi 
^ncichrifts kingdom is contrary to the Kingdome of Chrift^ 
bis Kingdome is not of the Earth 9 theirs are from beneath ; hit 
Kingdume is not of this World, ^ But theirs are of this World, 
The(c are of the World , faith lohn fpeaking of Antichriff, 
in the I M. ^» Chapter dVerff And therefore fmindeyee^ 
the weapons of their warfare are carnall, full of malice, and 
full of envy, and dcvilHQmcfle ; their inftruments are not fbi- 
rituall, but carnall, and worldly.. And therefore being thus 
fh^kcn as they arc 9 their returne is not to Fafting and Prayer, 

E 3 or 

aSiit f &r.-*'^j.,t.C'i"V„^" 1. 11 will tu i i i iiii Mna4 . ■ ■ i i p h i [■ mi i < m i i i 

gg. rheftcondfjrtofihepythViatt. 

or the power of the holy Ghoft , or the power of fj)irunall 
gifts, or fo forth ; thc(e are eftrangcd from them : And now 
they fill to carnall policy and worldly power , and devilli(b 
engines, and mnrumenis, thefe arc He for this u(e. This is one 

Rea, 2. The other realon is taken from their Implacable malice and 

hatred againft the reformation of religion , and the converfiun 
of either /fw or GerttUcy to the Civing knowledge of the Lord 
Jelus , there is nothing more grcvious to thcic fpirits then the 
proljjerity of religion, they gnafh their Teeth forpaineinthe 
iotmtxViall, this is that will vex them more then all the rcf^j 
to fee thefe Rivers dried up, and thefe Ureames dryed up, and 
now the holy City of Rome blafted ; this doth ftirre them up 
to implacable malice , and mlfchiete : and now they care not 
who they confederate withall, (b they may crulh the Chriflian 
Princes and hinder reformation 5 It was truly prophcfied of 
by the ApofUe TW, That evillmen and fedttcers fljall wax 
Tpfforfe And rvorfe^ deteiving anh bting deceived, 2 Tiwvtfy 3, 1 3, 
So it is with thefe evillmen here , if they (ee they cannot get 
viftory over Protcftants, though they have pretended warre 
with the Tftrl^f for the recovering cf the holy Land, yet now 
they will confent with him j they fticke not v/ho they agree 
with,(b they may mantaine their war. To come then briefely to 
make fome u(c of what ye have heard : the u(c of the point is thus 
much. . 

^fi ^* Firfl J it may teach eve- y noble wit , and every aftive fpirit, 

and every man of cleanly conveyance , not to pride him- 
(elfe> much lefle to bleffe himfelfe , in fuch gifts and parts : 
what ever they be pride not your (elves, bleflenotyourfelves 
in them ; you fee heere is a Generation of nimble fpirits , and 
active wits ; cleanly fpirits , fpirits of as neat and cleanly 
conveyance as ever the World faw 5 men full of wit, and full 
of dexterity 5 men good for Church ( as they count it) no- 
table there ; and not able for the Common* Wealth ; they 
are marvelous fit for all kinds of imployment in their owne 
wayes, and thats very large for their owne ends 5. and yet 
fee they are but made inftruments to the Dragon to the Beafl, 
and CO the falfe Piopbet : Co that verily if a man now fhculd 
take pride in his gifts , and blcfle himfelfe in the adivenefle 


» ■ w u Mi ^ fm m X m ■< <i m 

t***^*— — **'^"*« tl^— Mi»»>^— KMM^M—t**i»M^fc 

rbefecoftclpart efthe/ixtb ViJI. jo . 

of his fpiiit, 2nd cleanly conveyance, aplaud himfclfe In fiiich $ ' 
kiode of inUrge:nents as che(e be , I tell you the Dcvill hath 
as quick wUs as yuu are ; andasaftive ipiricsasyouare ; and 
men of as dexterous conveyance as you C:in be ; Andtfaec««. 
fore never piide your (elves in thefe, they, are (uch at are Us 
fit iiidruments for the D<2vill as for ChriO , and many times 
the Lord Jc(us takes Icffe delight in (uch as tbefe, then hce 
doth in pisii .cr and fimpler men ; Tec fee your caUingBrethrtrt 
( faith the ApolHe T^aul ) in the i C<'rmhUnsi»26. How - 
that not n.any wi(e men w/fw the flffh , no^many rmghy^ not 
many noble are called. It is I (ay ( therefore ) an aba(e- 
ment unto all flcfh, and unto ail the glory ofthefiefh ; allflefli 
is asGiiffe, and the goodliefl of flcfh and^bloud, is but as 
the flower of the Field that fadeth away ; t^keit at thebeft 
its but a Flower , but take them as they may bee improved . 
by Satan none more mifcheivous , none more active inffru- 
ments for the Dcvill , for finne, for Corruption then tbefc 
fine quicke ivits and fpirits bee , Thefe nimble wits , the(e 
ad^ivc ipii its ; pride not your (elves in thele things I Ay $ 
(hefe are the mod dangerous if the Lord (et not in to take 
hold of them ; pride not your fclves ( therefore ) in thcfc 
things , The more learned and witty you bee , the more fic 
to aft for Satan wilt you bee if the Lord leave you, the more 
neat handed, and quicke witted and nimble fpirited you bec^ 
the more notable , and profitable will you bee for the Devil), 
if hee take hold of you : pride not your (elves f there- 
fore ) in thefc , much leflc allow your (elves in facrifice* 
ing of thcfe to Satan ; But (ce you doc facrifice your wts, 
and fpirits , and dexterity , and what ever you bee, or have 
as a living facrlfice to Chrift Jcfus, to his advantage .'orel(e 
they will bee improved to the fervice of the Dcvill , and his in- 
firumcnts,T he great and monftcrousBcjft, the i?0f;94» Catho- 
liquc vi!ibleChurch,and the head thereof, the holy Father the 
Pope, as they call him* 

Secondly, it may take off the fond doting of the fonnes^yj ^^ 
of men upon the lesrning of the Jefiiites , and the glorie 
of the Epifcopacy , and brave eftate of the Prelate?. I fay 
bee not deceived with thefc pompes , and empty (bewes,' 

and ; 

^hllMMiMifcill^lMMIliMW^'^lfc^i.^^^.^J^^^.^ut.^tA^-.-....,.^.^ >..-^.^.^..^-,. • .. ■^..■^.^^.^. .. ^. -I -, ^ 


40 ^beficondpartofthepxthViaU* 

and faire reprefentations of a goodly condition before the 
eyes of flefh and blood, bee not taken Vrith the applaiife of • 
tne(e perlbns , yee have many at this Day., that (land and 
wonder upon the reading of the Jeluites , at the witty in* 
Ventions , and marvelous dexterity of judgement. They are 
ftrong perfwaders, and (Irange pra^idoners of what they 
.1 : take in hand : marveloufly are men taken with the firength 

■[ \ of their Judgements , and che Itrength of their wits ^ And 

dote mervaloufly upon the Cardinalls , and upon the Bi- 
(hopa^and upon the Jeluites^ind upon holy Catholique Mother 
Church) and their holy Father the PopctThefe are the gods 
many of them doe adore. 

I pray doe bt\,t looke well upon them all, what are they? 
all of them \ Let but the holy Ghoft give his fudgemenc 
of them , ( who is onely wife ) let his Counfell bee taken, 
and what 1 They are fpirits indeed , but uncleane Q>irit8, 
ipirits of Devillf , that come out of the mouth of the Dra- 
gon, and out of the mouth of the Bead ^ the Roman viiible 
Catholique Church is in the eHeeme of the Holy Ghoft a 
monfterous BeaftQas yee heard in the 1 3 Chapter ReveL i Ve,) 
And the head of the Popifh Church a iA(c Prophet. And what 
are thele nimble wits,and goodly glorious persons yee (peake 
of t uncleane fpirits neither fit for meat nor facri/ice, nei- 
ther fit for Church nor Common- Wealth.Oh ye will fay 
{ they are fit for both ; But (aith the holy Gholl they are 

Frogs J and not Church-men fas they call them ) and un- 
cleane, and not fit for civill ufe : neither fit for Church nor 
State ; but fit to corriipt both, and breed corruption in both : 
Frogs they are and their Songs are much what as Frogs 
are , If yee mind them their note is alwayes much at one » 
either vifiblc iuccelHon , and that's one note ; the Judge 
^of controverfies , which they fay muft bee the Bifhop of 
Romfy and the Roman Catholike vifible Church the holy 
Mother Church as they call it, thefe are their notes, their 
Song, but it is but a Frog-like Song what ever they thinke: 
and yee (ball ever finde it , that when Religion hath beenc 
moft light fome , and Princes anJ States-men have beene 
moft warms in Religion ^ then yee (hall here no noife of 


--^ [_ T--['" , '•" ->..>_—_ ^"^-^ '■' —^^^^x^^^^liUi.^.— i>^ 

rhtficonip4rt cftbepxth VM. ax 

thefe Frogs , they ly clofe in tl^e mud ; But when Religi* 
gion growes darke once , the (hadow of the Sunne groves 
loTft dnd large, when Chriftians wax cold, and CoUrtleri 
begin co be Popl(h, or carnall , or I cannot tell how coti- 
formable to the corruptions of the times, then they begin 
to croke leud, and all things muft be as they will have them: 
but I (ay take them as they be , and they are but undeane 
Frogs , that doe corrupt both Church , and State. Kad 

Lmlnd yee ) they are confederate with the Dragon , the 
aft , and the falu: Prophet; Yee (hall finde it in time that 
they will be confederate with Tmki^ or Rajpau, fpulioH dr 
Jnfdclt , they will be read^ to confederate with them all, 
and make no fcrupill of thete things* And yet they ^asmieh 
thinke ) are the onely Fatriarkes, and make the greateft flieW 
of religion : bee not deceived , you fee how the holy Ghoft 
defcribes them* And let thole that are of God learne what 
they are • 

And thirdly , this may ferve to teach Chriftian Frincis, 4^/1 ^ 
and States , that when Religion comes to bee reformed, -* ^* 
they muft looke for battells , and great battells : There is 
00 hope that Satan will reft , the Dragon cannot reft when 
his Kingdome is (haken ; And hee hath (iich of his con« 
federacy, the Beaft, and the fal(e Prophet, that cannot be 
ftill , Efpecially when the ftreames of Rome begin to de- 
cay : the ftreames that doe water and refrefti Rome, Then 
looke for Warres , and Tumults of Warres , great Warres, 
muftering up of Popifh Princes, and cheir Armies, and pagan 
Princes, and their Armies , there will be no backwardnefle 
in thcfe earthly fptrits , in this ca(e, to the captivating of 
all ( if it were poflible ) to the maintenance and fupportance 
of Rome, , 

And laft of all, and Co. I make an end. Let this bce^Ve 4, 
the laft lift , It may (erve to be fome ground of llay unto 
Chriftian Piinces , and fuch as (hall bee inftnuncnts of 
this reformation which this fixth Angell brings with him 9 
Inftruments of this wafting and drying up of the conup- 
tions of Religion which ftiall wille Rome ; I lay chough 
great Warres n:ay arife from all the chieFe Princes of the 

F World, 

4a rheficOndpAft ofthefxtb ViJly 

VVorU, both Popifli and Pag40 , and a great day of bat- 
tell it will bee when ever th ifc dayes doe (hine forth ( as 
hafteing they be, ) why yee (hill fiiiJe chisto be the com- 
fort of it , a great day it (hall bee , Ic is (o faid in my 
Text, but. not a great Day to the Beaft, nor a great Diy 
to the Dragon, nor a great Diytothefalfe Prophet, ( They 
looke for a D ly of it , ) but it ih 'II be a great day of GOD / 
Almighty ; men arc afraid if they fiirre they fhall bring ^ 
Warrcs about their Earts , true they fhall doe fo , they 
viiW arife ^t once : but though the bacrell will bee great 
and terrible , yet never the Icffe moft comfortable to the 
People of God : Ic will bee a great Day indeed , but a great 
Day of the Lord God Almighty, that hceniay offer a gr<ac 
ficrifice to himfelfe by the hands of his fervants , that all 
the foules of prey and the beafts of prey may all of them 
come J and eate the fl:fh of Kings , and the fl fhof Cap- 
taincs, and the flefh of mighty men, and the fl;;(h of Horfes 
and of them that fit on them 5 and the flcfh of all men, 
both free and bound, both fmall and great 5 It wi!I 1 ^^y 
bee a great Sacrifice to the Beafls of prey , and the foules of 
prey : It (liall be a great day indeed , but it fh.»ll not be a 
great day to the.Papifls, not a great day CQ the Dragon, 
nor to the Roralili Catholique Church except it be a great 
day of their dilimftion, and that it will be indeed, as yee 
fh<ill fee when this battell is to be fought in the nineteenth 
Chapter , and they fhall never trouble the World more» that 
will be the ifTuc of ic 5 The Dragon is referved to a further 
day J but hec fhall bee bound for a thoufimd ycares , and 
afterwards fhall mike a great battell with the Saints , but 
after that fhall be taken, and then call into the lake f. r ever : 
But this will be agrcit day of God Almighty, wherein hee 
will powre nicall the/'/W/j of hi« ivrathupojuhe enemies of 
Cod, and his peoj-le • that the Nan»c of the Lord GOD 
Almighty may bee prayftd from the rifingofthc Sun to the 
goifi:» do'vn thereof, 

A »'J therelo:ej;rc'at and wondcrfull arc the Workcs of tic 

L'^rd that hee dothrc'crve for sftcr ag^s , wherein thelofci- 

- ntflc of n;a.i hce will lay low , but his name oncly (hdl 



T T ' .^ '^ ' ^" r/ t -' f I H > *T^' 

thefccoftdpariofthe^xthViaS* 45 

be exalted , Fftj 2. a. Speaking of a farre lefle day then 

this that I am now fpeaktng of ; Ic will bee a great day to 

the glory oi God, and ths good of his people' j To the in- 

largement of the Church of Chrid, but of deftru6[ion to the 

enemies of the Lord Jefiis : That they may be over* 

throwne, and taKen and caft into the bottom* 

lefle pit, never to rife up againe. 

F X 

V. . 

w O 6 w V C^ 9 M 9 9 V V 9 V ^ ^ V 9 $ 9 V $ 9 9 9 v V ^ 



V I A L- 

Revblat. 1(5. 15. 
Behold, I come Mil tk-efc BUffedU hee that ynttcheth, and 
kecpnh hugnrments, left he Vfa/ke naked, and they fee hiijhame. 

©)/Y^S?^?¥(S ^" have heretofore heard that theft words 
' ' ' • fet forth a dclcriptiuii of the pouring out 

I of the fixth-Vial Set forth it is by thefub- 
I J eft, upon the great River Euphrates. By the 
I effeftSjthey were double : Firft, Immediate, 
i the waters thereof were dtyed up. The fe- 
cond was Accidentall, and mediate, wirlilie 
preparation. The former cffccl of drying up the River,was am- 
plified by the end ; That the If ay of the Kings of the Eafl might 
lie prepared. The accidentall efftd, (which was warlilte prepa- 
ration) was fet forth by a double argument : Firft, by the eiiici- 
cnts.Priiicipal and Inllmmcntall. Secondly, by the watch-word 
\vhichths Lord gives his people. The clhcients were (princi- 
pally) thi.' Dcvill, the Bcali, and the talic* Prophet. The Inftru- 
meiitaK \rere ccrtaine fpirits, for nature : three fpirits for num- 
ber : Unclcaiie for quality : Like Frogs for fimilitude : Out of 
tlic mouth of ihc Beaft, the Dragon, and the fiU'e Prophet : For 
their oric;inall which aredclciibcd by their cffcc5ls, which are 
three : They work miracles ; They g7e forth to the Kings of the 
earth, to gnther them to hattett : And thirdly, They doe gather 
them together into a place called in the i1ebre^\ tovgttc Armagcd- 
dm. The watch- word which is the fecoiid Ad jiuic'}, obferved 
in this warlike preparation, is the watch- word of the Lord Je- 
fus to his people (in the words of my Text) there are two parts 
a" of 

■Y'^ '"* "^••'■■- -- II r I I I I - - -■---■ ^ . 

2 The third Sermon upon thefixth VUI, 

of it : Firft, a defcription of the manner of his comming : by a 
comparilbn taken from the manner of a thieefe ; Behold I come 
as a theefi. The fecond is a word of promife,iinto fuch as watch 
and keepe their garments at that time. The promife is firft of 
bleffednefle to them : Axid fecondly, the prevention of the di{^ 
covery of their owne nalicdmjfe iind Jhamt : Blcjfedishee that 
Vrd!cheth and kccpeth his garment s^ left he \valke naked; and they 
fee his fhame. Not to repeat what hath been delivered, that which 
off^^reth it felfe here to our confideration,is a two-fold do(flrine. 
the firll is this : . , . . ■» 

"DoB. I . When Frogs, and uncleane Spirits, (that is to fay) when Po- 

pifli InftrumentS fiiall goc forth To gather the Princes of the 
f.irth, and of the W'ho/e W'orld, unto baitell : And thofe Princes 
fhail go forth to battell againft the Lord and his people. It is be- 
hovcmll for the people of God , to behold the Lord J efiis com- 
ming againft them, or camming to them as a theefc. That's th« 

note : when the Lord expofcs his people to great trials, by the 
bufie diligence of thofe Frogs,or by the violent rage of the Bcaft 
and Kings of the earth, againft Religion : The Lord then cals his 
people to behold him comming upon them, ( 1 mcane upon all 
the profeflbrs of the Gofpell) the Lord cals them to looke upon 
him comming at them, or camming to them as a theefc. Behold 
(faith he) / come as a thccfe. When doth he fay fb ? when thefe 
Frogs were let forth : Thofe unclean fpirits or Devils fent forth 

to ftirre up the Kings of the earth, and of the ^or Id to gather them 

to h':t telly againft the Lord, and againft his people, and againft 
Chriftian Religion, and them thxt maintainc it. Then, Behold, I 
coine as a theefe : They are the words of the Lord Jefus. Becauic 
the notes are double, that the Text holds forth ; 1 muft be briefV 
in either of them. 

sx/f a thecf2 The Scripture hath refpecft to a foure-fc3uld man- 
ner of a theefe comming. He doth not come as a theefe inju- 
ftice or robbery : That the holy Spirit of the Lord Jeftis cannot 
be capable of. How csn hce fteale any thing from us, which is 
not his own : There is nothing but it is his, and therefore in that 
fenfc he cannot be faid to come as a theefe, (But yet) as a theefe 
he can come fuddenly, and he can come fecretly and (lily, yea, 
arid he can coine alfo violently, and terribly, as a theefe. 

Thus he can come, and thus he is defcribed in the Scripture to 
come J which, though fomc think it to be at the laft ^'udgemcnt^ 



f-r - ' ' ' ' " "^ ^^W 

The third Senno»upon thefixtf^f^ah 

yet I ctnnot (b conceive it ; for here's a world of bufinefte that 
is to be tranflated after this Vial is poured out : above a thoulund 
yeers after this, before the coming of Chrill to the laft judge- 
ment, but his coming in any notable judgenient> his coming, 
cfpecially if it be a coming fuddenly, and iccretly, and power- 
fiilly : It is coming as a thief, as ye have an inftancc of itin Rev. 
3.3. to the Church of Sardfs, I wl/i come on thee as a thief. How 
like a thief? Thou /hait not k»o\>; ^"hat hourlwU come upon 
thee. And fo in Luke 12.35?. If the good man of the houfe had 
kno^n W^hat hour the thief '^o'u/d come, he Woufd have Watched, 
and not havefuffered his houfe to be broken through. But coming 

fuddenly, and Iccretly, at unawares therefore it comes to pafl'e, 
that the good man of the houfe is alleep, and the thiet" breaks 
thorow and Ileak, when all is hiftit then he comes, like a thief 
in the night, l Thef.^,2, Tourfelvas k»oW perfeHij, that the d^y 
of the Lord fo cometh, oi a thief in the night. So like a thief hee 
comes luddenly, and fecretly. Thirdly, he comes as a thiei^ to 
take away,and bereave a man of fuch goods as he carnally keeps, 
no! tofteal from him, but to recover his own : Though not as a 
Uwlerte thief ftcaleth,yet as a juft rccoverer of his fathers goods, 
out of the hands of thofe that have not been faithful! in impro- 
ving of them, 'fohn 10.10. The thief cometh not, but for tofieai, 
and to kill) and to dejl^roj : I am come , that they mie-ht have life, 
and that thej might have it more abundantly. 

And fo he may come alfo to kill ^ but not unjuftly, as a thief, 
but verily as a juft Judge, upon thofe that do not watch, and 
keep their garments : He may take their garments, and leave 
them nuked, that men may fee their niamc',and juftly too,becau(c 
they have not watchcd,but have fuffred themfelves to be defiled. 

Thus then Chrill will come at that time (yee lliall have many 
men fcrious of Reformation, when the Lord (liall dry up the Ri- 
ver Euphrates, that makes glad the city of Babel) when the ten 
Kings fliall come to make the Whore dcfolite : the Lord will 
then come and try all thofe Kings and their foul.iiers, who ever 
they are he will try them : in the Frogs he will try them, fccrett 
ly and flily, for ih'jy will not ceafe to be inchanting, as fecretly 
as they can, into the hearts of Kings, and all g;odly fpirits ; tQ 
turne things backc againe into the rormer courle oi corruption : 
into thofe idolatries and thefts, which made glad the City of . 
i?^;w^ and which did uphold the 7>r%, 

A 2 And 

^ 1 -;' ' I -iJjjii ; n .._.... L ' ''*■'■ ■ ■-■^■ » 



A, The third Sermon upon the fix th VUl. 

And in the Kings of the earth, and of the world, he will come 
upon them as a thief violently and terribly, to (hake the hearts 
of all the Kings of Chriftendom (as its called) to withdraw 
them from the Reformation of Religion, which they fliall be 
zealoudy addidted to; fiiddenly to drivethem to their former fo- 
pcrftition of their fore-fathers. So in one fort of theie he will 
come as a thief, fecretly and flily ; In the other fort of thefe, he 
will come as a t hief, violently and terribly. 
Reaf. I . If ye Jliall ask the Reafon of the Point, the Reafon is fhortly 

this; Firft, it is taken from the inftrument in which Chrift doth 
come , for Chrift is many times rtfembled by the inftrimients 
which he ufeth ; if he uP.th inftriiments of a ftill voice, then he 
comes not with a rending, but with a ftill voice : fo ye read in 
I Kings I p. 1 2. So here he comes hi thcfe luiclean fpirits, for the 
Lord a<5ls them ; he comes in Potent Princes , for he is faid to 
come in the likcnelTe of thefe, he comes in them both; and he is 
faid to come as a thiefi in the likenclTe of thefe Frogs, becaufe. 
they come in his Mk^nt^Q.Te pjall have mamfulfe Prophets come 
i» my namcy (faith Chrift) Aiat. 2^.2j\. TaKe heed of them, for 
they ihall deceive many ; they fliall come (ecretly,a.id flUy, and 
play legerdemain, ana by that m.eans deceive many ; an.i they 
ihallcome outragiouOy, firft againftthe Lord and his people; 
and the Lord comes forth in their rage ; that look as it is faid (by 
fomc Interpreters) of P/r///, i Cer.15.32. He fottgl.t\\ith bez-ifis 
at Efhefus, after the manner of men ; they interpret it thus, not 
that ever he wss put to any iiich triaU (that any probable Stories 
mention) in Ephefm, or any where eKe; but he fought ^:ith heafis 
at Ephe/M, after the manner oftnen^ bLCau(e,the men o^Ephe/iu 

fought with him after the manner of beafts : So Chrift is (aid ta. 
come in thcfe men,becaufe they come in the name of Chrift,3nd 
plead for the Catliolick Church of Chrift, and the Vicar of 
Chrift. Heholdjcome as a thief ^ they are all but theevcs, though 
they pr;.t^nd to come in the name of Chrift ; that maybe one 
part of the meaning : But yet notwithftanding,this that fuUow* 
cth do ! moft of all cleave unto, not excluding that. 

This may be another, taken from the authority of Chrift, and 

power of Chrilt, in leading a people into temptation, what ever 

the inftrum-tnts be; I (ay it is the Lord Jefiis that leads his people 

into all kindesof temptation,, whatfoc'ver the inftruments be i 

■ If any Prophet be deluded, it lis Chrift the Lord hath deluded 


mm0ll^f'^^!^^»mmmmmmi§mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmi»mi^mi0mmmmmimmi''mmmfm^ ^^-^^••■••••■^•^■^^■^^•••'••■"•■■■i^i^^w^"^"^"*"^*'^*^ ■ ' " 

v. " * 

that Prophet: Or if any Tyrants be fetup, it is the tordtnat 
fcts them up: Or what ever unclean fpirits come againfthis 
Church, it is the I^rd that ftirred them up, it is the Lord that 
ftirred them upunto this battell againft his Church, it is the Lord 
that ftirred them up , what ever the inftruments be^ be they 
Frogs,or unclean fpirits that gathers to the battels of Pray y And 
therefore we are taught to pray in (that which is commonly 
called) the Lords Prayer {Mat. <^. 1 3 •) Lead us not into tempo- 
tlon : We pray to the Lord, that he would not lead us mto tem- 
ptation : As who fliouid fay, to the Lord it bdongs,to bring one 
creature againft another ; the devil againft Eve, and £ve againft 
the devil j the Lord it is that brings the evil, whoever be the in- 
ftruments ; it is the Lord that brines his challenge into the field, 
he brings Goliahlnto the valley of £lah. And there fore w hen . 
itisfaia, I Chron. 21. 1. thiit Satan rofe ttf againfi Ifrael^and 
provoked David to nnmber Jfracl, In 2 Samuel 24. 1, it is faid. 
The anger of the Lord^as kindled againfi J/r-ael^ and he moved 
T) avid Againfi them y to fay, GonumherJfrael andfudah. The. 

iorvi was angry with the people, and then he let Satan loofe to 
tempt Z)4Z'i/to number the people: It was the Lords doings,., 
though it was Satans ad. And lo, when Micaiah in his Vifion 
faW" the Lord Jit ting on his Throne , and all the ho fie of. Heaven 
fianding ly him, on his right hand, and on his left. And the Lord 
faid, JVhoJhall perf\\>ade cyfhab^ that he maj go up , and fail at. 
Ramoth-Gileadf ylndoncfasd on this manner , and another faid 
on that manner. At length (faith the Text) there came forth a 
Jpirit, and flood before the Lord, and faid, I ^ill perf^ade him, 
^ndthe Lord faid unto him, IVhere^ithf ey^nd he faid, I ^i& 
go forth , and J Will be a lying Jpirit in the mouth of aU his Pro-^ 
phets. ttAnd he fatd. Thou fhdltperfWade him, and prevail alfo : 
(faith the Lord) Go forth anddofo. 1 Kings 22. ip, 20, 21, 224. 
So that (mindeyou) whoever goes forth, the Lord fends him, , 
the Dragon, the Beaft, and the faKc Prophet, may give one 
Commillion, but ihit Lord gives him permiflionj yea,and(I 
may fay) Commiflion too : For in cffe<5ling the thing, the Lord 
doth it; that SiS David faith o£ Shimei, The Lord hath bid him. 
curfe mc : (that is to f y) he hath given him elfeAuall liberty^ 
and opportunity to do the thing, as if he had given him a. 
command to doit. If a fdfe Prophet arife (faith the Lord ia. 
BcHteronomie^ Chapter 13. Verfe 12.) and give thee afigiij^ 




_^y_^\ 1 II j i I i r ' ''^ • ' — — — ■■ 11 ■ ■^— — ^j»^^ 



Vfi I. 

The third Sermon upon thefixth. KUi^ 
and a wondcT') faying, Let m got after other gtdx. Thou Jhalt 

not harken unto the Words of the Prophet, or unto the dreamer of 
dreames : for the Lord your God froveth jou, to k»o\>f Whether 
jou love the Lord jour God With all jonr hearts, and With all 
jour foulet 

The Lorvi will iiiffer fuch to come, and this he doth to try his 
people, fo that ( mind you ) it is the Lords doings, it is he that 
commands a thc.Fe, when he comes like a theefe : it is the Ix>rd 
that lends forth fuch that are clothed with Ilieeps skins, but in- 
wardly are ravening wolves ; though they have no direft com- 
miilion from God, yet they have liich fecrct permiflion from 
God, and commiflion by giving them oportunity to do that 
which they come for; that mdeedthe Lord comes: Beloved^ 

ttnnkjt notfirange (faith the \^\ Peter y \ Pet^,12,) concerning 
the fiery triall. Which is come to try you, as though Jome jtWange 

thing hAppencd unto you. He means the ten Perlecutions,the Per** 
lecutions in Nero's time, and thofc that were to follow. Let no 
man think it ftrange; why? for judgement mull begin at the 
houfe of Go»"l, fo that (mind ycc) all the fiery trial?, what wer^ 
they but the judgements of God : God fends them forth in his 
fatherly wifdome, and by his Soveraigns Authority, to try the 
patience, and wildome, and watchfubiefle of liis people : And 
thtrtfore it becomes the people of God, when they fee fiich 
creatures budge, and when they fee the Kings of the earth ftifre: 
then. Behold, faith the Lord, / conte as a iheef, fuddenly,{ecrctly, 
flily, and violently. 

And the ufe ot this point fcrves to teach us neither to juftifie 
men,nor to conderane the Lord Jefus, for that were a finfol vio- 
lating of the Scripture.Let it be therefore a caution to tc3ch us to 
avoid both thefe, and neither to juftihe theft, nor to condfmne 
the Lord j it is not the Lords meaning, but make account of this, 
thoi^h the Lord come as a theefe,that doth not juftifie thtfr,but 
aggravate the fin of thtft : If a theef fhall make ule of the oppor- 
tunities, which the providence of God puts into his h:;nd,of the 
nimblenefll* of his wits,, and the authority he hath in his fpecch, 
and the powre he hath with Pruices : I fay that man that ihall 
abufe fuch things as are given him of the Lord, this doth not ex- 
ailc their fin, much le(Te juftifie it, but it aggravates it, and they 
iliall find it fo one day. It is a very divine Ipeech of our Sayioiit-, 
lohn Ijp. lO^ii.P Hate faith to him, KnoWefi thou not that fhave 

• poWer 






I , - I - ~ III — - - ■-->'-■ ■*->'^-'^* 

The thirdsermon upon the fixtbF'UL 7 

boWer U crucifie thef, a^nd have poVfer to bofe thee I Uj us aHpS^e" 
rcd^ Thou coftJdcfi have no po^^er at all againft me, except it i^ff^ 
given thee from ahve t therefore hee that delivered niee unto the€ 
hath the greater Jinne, And it implyesalfo (aildit had been a 
wholefome leflbn for Pilate to have fiickt out of it ) that it was 
the greater finne in Pilate, to abufe his authority, to condemne 
the Lord JefiiS. 

For I»d.i^ to betray Chrifl to the J ewes Ecckfiaftical Autho* 
rity : and for the Jewes to deliver Chrift into the hands of Potu 
tins Pilate, it was a great fin^ and lb much the greater, becaufe 
P Hates authority was of God ; and they would arme the fword 
ofGodagainftthe Lord Jefus : And if Pilate had the power 
given him of God either to crucifie Chrift, or loofe him : if he 
fliall abufe his authority, inputting Chrift to death, as he did: 

Then he that delivered me unto thee hath the greater jinnes : But , 

thou then that doft abufe thy power, to crucifie me, fhalt bee 
found very finfiill in the end : So that, that will not excule any. 
Inftrument for abufing the power for fuch an end. If God raile 
up Pharaoh (Exod.io 16.) to make his power knownej and to 
declare h'sname thorow-out all the world: If he fhallaLufe this 
Authority, the more heavy will the wrath of God be upon him ; 
and it will not be for him and fuch like to complame againl^ 
God ; and fay he hath ordained me to it ; Oh man W'ho art thou 
that dilpftcfi againft God : for God never doth it, but being o- 
yer-;uftly provoked by the creature. Therfore fb much the grea- - 
ter is the fin of any that will abufe their wits and parts in a way 
of fin againft God : And therefore it muft tt ach men to beware 
of excufing theft: And neither is their luirighteoufiieiTe in Chrift, 

For the Lord is right eom in all h/4 ^ayes^and holy in al his ^orki» 
Pfal. 145.17. 

He doth not thefe vncl:?an fpirits,(CardinaIs, Bifliops and Je» 
fuits) any wrong ; but even as the Scraphims cryed one to ano- 
ther, fo let us Ittim, Holy, holy, holy is the Lord of hoafis ; the 
W'hole earth « full of hie glory. When is* this ? When he fer-ds 
Jfaiah to harden the hearts of the people, and make their ears 
deaf, Jfa.6, 3,-10. So that let the Lord and his Throne be guilt- 
leffe, and let guilt Ive upon thefe theeves; theeves and robba:s,leC 
them bear the burthen of their own fins. 

If weaiikhow this can be imagined? e^;^ All this aftix^ 
with theeeves is an accidentall concurring ^ in all thefe things 


f_ ---L I * ^^^ *■ " *■ ■■■■■ ' I I, 1 * 1 



t • 

Th th/rd ScymGHupoa tJ/efixtt* F/V/. 

• • • » * * 

are fallen, they ard'iibt worth half, nofpt inay fcc^) on8 third of 
that they were* the Lord hath Vione this, iic hath coiAie upon 
us on a liiddcn lik<> a thiefi' dnd blefled be his name for if; 

Second ly, it helps us in the ufe and improvement of them all, . 
it iiaturally leads men by the hand , to Jiumblo themlelves under 
the hand of God : and this is the onely way toobtain 'cfefive- 

ranco, l Peter ^.6, Humble yotfrjctits Hftdtr the TKtghn hand 
of God, that he rnh) exalt jr.u i:i the time : Its not the calualtics 

or calamities of the Country that comes either by chance, or 
. ortune, but from the Lord, lie tak'eth away all, by one means or 
another, takes away :ill ; whether by o.ur pride, that we mule 
have evciy new falliicMi, and be like the men of the world, in 
houies, a])parcll, and th;^ Ilk'-, or daiiitinefl*c,that we mull have 
our vai icties, be it what it will be, though it coll never (6 much; 
and no matter Avhat follows, though itcatiipour ellates, and 
brings us into want : The Lord hath made ule of our folly, and 
pride, and daintineflc*, our idlcnefle, oar covetoufiicffe, (or what 
ever it be)to bring us into po vcrty ,the Lord hath done it; and let 
I lie people of CI od I'ec the hand of G od in it. 

Thirdlv, it leads vou by the hand in all the iad changes thit 
paiTe over you, to look to the Lord, and to wrcltle witi* the 
Lord, and not to Rand wrcftiing with nivU : fticcl' he is in trou- 
ble, and he wreftles with the Lord, G:>:rJ:s ^2. 26. And lb it 
behoves the Lords people to wixftle with the Lord, and Hot to 
(laid coiiteltiiig with the Bifnops, nor with tliejeliiits, asit 
maybe men may do: No, no, prevail with the Lord, and get 
him to turn ;ill thiiigs r;bout ; and x^J.tcnb get God to blelVe him, 
Ehirt fnuU not (thin) curfe him. 1 will not let thee go till thou 
blciTe iitl; and iFthe Lord bleiVe Vir-^h, hCr.u iliall be ciu'sM. 

And iuiilv , it w'H holn vo:i to quit your felvc;; !iAe men in all 
(he th:ii::s thit ao bcfail vou ; I'.s /\r.v/ ihith in i C^jrlithla-nr 16.. 
13. (rodh^ah i^r ur (lailhlhc Apoilk) r^pj?: t:7'h(::t7r, (is tlac 
word is In the onC;:iV.i!I ^ i Cc? .v.7 ;';.:;// 4. ^.) r.r.i ^^ the \Vor/l, .:r.d 
:r.:to ^ir.jdsj n.:d ;-;.';cr ;/.v7; .j thcr^^forc l:iitii he, .y/z/r y^ur iclves 
/f';;f ^77^*;, as Hch. ^^-3 5*) C^ijl r-ot iiV^\ y jcr.r co:if:,'lc},ic^\K'hich 
hitth ^yci-ir yccwvpcicc oj rC^Wri*^ for yr kuve r^^cdof j),it!cy:rc\ 

dec. It br^hoovcs ChiiPcians to quit ::icrntllvi.s li^c nicii,lin^'^n^y- 
iiiGT the Lord in all co'.vditioas, in af/ii. lions and croIil\s' wrelt- 
lin::' with him to turnawiv th "le thi.u% ani to turn us hem all 
our evil wiycs ; and then walking in a holy leli-dcnlall, and in- 

13 tegrity 

FT^^*^*^*^^'-**^^*^''*-"*'*^"*'"''**^'**''*'^"'^^ '-.-' '■■^-^^^^ - ,--- — ^- -^^ r-ifiii 



The third Seirmonupon thefixth rial, 

tparity of heart and life, giving every man Jiisown : And f« 
Wnile we walk inpathes of holineffe and righteoufiiefle, . in hur 
xnility and meekntife of {pirit ; unclean fymis may come oiK 
agaiiift us, and the Lord come as a thief upon us, aim yet when 
he doth,, we (hall keep our own garments. So much for the 
firfl: Point. . 

The fecond Note is this ; that 
^ocir.2. A watchfiiil Chrii^ian that keeps his garments in times of 
fraudulent, or violent calitmities, or triail> injoyes his own blel- 
fc^dnefle, and prevents the (hamefull dilcovery of his own na- 

Its evident in the Text,. Behold, I come m a thUf: Biejfed is 
l)fthat"^'atcheth i andkeffrthhii gdrmsnts , lefi he W'alkjfaked, 
And they fee his fhame. He that watcheth, and keeps his gar- 
ments, when Chrift cometh he is bklfed, that is^ he in joycs his 
own hleHednelTe, and increafcth ir, and eftablifheth it ;. and he 
Oiall by this means prevent the difcovery of his own (hame and 
nakcdiieffe, or his (hamefull nakedneffe. 

^ef,. What are thefc garments, garments in the Plural! 
Number ? 

^nf\\\ They are interpreted briefly in the i p. Chapter of the 

KevcLitlen , Verfe 8. Thefinj Unven is the ri^hteauf»ejfe of the 

Splints, There is a double righteoufnefle of the Saints ; there is 
an inherent righteoufnefle, and an imputed righteoufnefle : Ai^ 

inherent righteoufnelTe, He that doth righteo ft/he ffe, is rtghteotis, 

2 J ohii 5.7. There is a righteoiidiefle therefore of a mans own, 

to wit, fpirituall graces j ZSyZjchary a^id Elizabeth \X>erelfoth. 

rigiteoy^ before God, Luke 1 .6. And it is well obferved by fbme 

ff t f >.* * f f f t f Tt« *f* t**fl 

2nd hath no fpot in ity but it is not bright, you can fee no great 
sr.itttT ill i" , it maketh no great llic^v b. fore men : A man may 
be very much ddik'd, and be Tub j eel to many fcandals, and yet 
cloathcd with the garment of imputed riditeoufncfle; the righ-. 
teoafnefle inherenr,is the rightcouliieffe of a godly hetirt and life 
tcforc men • . Lctyiisr light (ofhine. before men, rhaf they may fee 

jQur^ocd ^oik:^ Matth. 5.1^. The righteoufhsffe of Chrill im- 

■•MwnMHOTiiii < »*^'mmmmm''^mmmmm^mr'^mim'mtmmm''mmm'^'^^ 

- ■ - - ■ ^ ''^'' ■ ■^'* 

Thi third Sermon upon the fixthKiai^ 1 1 

piitcd (f mean the righteoufiieflc of Chrift received bj'fkitii, 
aiid imputed by grace, is a pure righteoulheflet liat Qiines before 
God , and not before men. But the righteoufiicfle inherent, 
thats not pure, (but very bright^ before men. Thei*e is therefore 
a righteoufntfre that is vr»y bright, thuts the righteoufneite in^ : 
hereiTt , exprcfled in our converl'ation ; and there is another 
righteoufncfTe^to witjtherighteoufiicflb impated, which is in- 
comparably more pure : As it Iiath been faid of old^ There is 
not the poortft Saint, though Laz^ms on the dunghill, tut is 
as pure as the Vix^mAiary.Phil. 1.8. So then thole are the 
garments , cloathed in bright and in ptu*c garments : And thefe 
garments are the rightcoufneffes ot the Saints. Cjaiments^ 
why ? To cloaih our nakedncfle, for our naturall cornipt eftate 
is nakedneffc : Now both thefe are given to cover this, naked- 
ncfle of ours ; thefe Indewments, rightly fo called ; Jndow-. 
mcnts,or luduments, Knowlegde covers the nakcdneffe of our 
Ignorance ; Zeal covers the nakednefle of our Luktwarmne(J<; 
VVifdom covers the nakedncfTe of our lolly, Paithfidneffe co- 
vers the nakednefle of our UnFaithfulnefle and falf-heartcd- 
ncflc ; Humility covers the nakedneffe of our Pride ; Patience 
covers the nakednefle of our PalTion j Clialbtyccvers thena-* 
kedneflb of oui- VVantonnelle ; and the Righteoufnefle of 
Chrift covers all : And as garments cover the nakedncfi'e, lb. 
they keep ns from the mjurivs of weather, Wct and cold,&c. 
lb do thcfc garments keep us from, all injuries in the world ; all 
temptations From the devil, or our own corrupt lufts: And 
thty do adorn us alio', in the fight of men , and make us beauti* 
fiill, amiable, and glorious, as our garments which are not onely 
for nccciTitVj lut comelinefle. • • : 

Now, Bl-lfrdishe that Watchcth, andkcepeth hii ^MJnetit s : ' • 

Which argUL'th, that our garments are kept by watchfulneflo; 
watchcth unto what ? jVutchcth untop-aycr, i Pet.4.7, M^atchi 
(faith our Saviour to liis flcepy Dilciplesj ylAt/. 26. 41. And, 

IVatch f4»r» the IVord : }Vhne>^ithall pjall a yong mnn cleanfe hii 
\V4r •* ^y taking heed thereto according to thy JVord, Pfal. I ip.p. 

Watch unto Prayer, and ^vatch unto the Word, and watch imto 
your convcrfation and wayes, and then keep your garments and. 
your felvts clean 5 and then watch to the ipeciaU duties of your, 

calling: Bleffed are thofe fervan' s ^hom the Lord Vohen he comcth' 
PMllfind: Xvatching, (Luke 1 2.37. j Verity J faj unto yoit, that he 
- B 2 " ff'lil 


X i Ti^i? ^i^/j'is^ Sermon upon the fix th P^ial. 

fmiRgird himfeifiattd make them taf.t cl9\W at meatytwd Will come 
forth and fervethlm. Then Peter CaidHmo himy (ver.41.) Lord 
j}eahcfithopt thU'ParahU to m^or even to. all f yindthe Lordjaid^ 
JVhots. thfitfatthfffllandwife Steward, Whora his Lord fjall makg 
ruler over his hotiPio.ldy, to give them t^ieir meat in due feafon ? 
Blejfed if th.it/crvant , Whom hi/ Lord When he cometh Pullfinde 

Jo doing : in the 22 and 43 vcrftsoF the fame Chaptrr. VViitn a 
man \yutchcs to the improving of his oiling,, unto thole good 
ends, for which God hath given him it. Why ? Blejfed t-uhat 

man. Which When the Lordcsny.th^ hd (h.iil. fndefo doinf. And 

Fourthly, he vyat-ches unto \\\s own heart, that he does not triifl: 
ti> his* own righteouliielVe ; and runs away from Cjod by deceit- 
tiiineile and unbelief of his own heart : Take heed (laith the 

Apofl:le)./<r/? there be in any of yoM an heart of tnihilitfy to depart 
from the. living GodyV{x:h. 3. 1 2. And To, Watchfulncfl'e isoppo- 
leduntoDiownnefrejCfpecially higood duties, Luki; 6.^i..\i is 
oppoicd to Senliiality, Luke 21. 34,3 5*3^. it is oppolld alio to 
canviU Security ,. 2 Thejf. 5^ 2, 3, 4. So lie now by this means, 
whileil a man watcheth luito prayer,, watchethto the Word,, 
watchithto his calling, anvl watcheih over his own unclean, 
corrupt ,. and dcceitfuU heart j Hence it comes to pafle, that he 
keeps his garments (o bright ;. in one word) jie keeps fiiith and a 
;ood conlciencej and f-ith helps him to keep hisgannents : He 
:eeps hoLhiefle aiid righteouliiclfe, and all iskept m this holy 
way. So that by this nicnnSjWhat evjcr theeves or robber's come, 
t mans g^trmcnts are keptxlean ;, he is not gulled out with thofe 
l^rogs,. nor Priglted Qr tyiedout with thde Kings of thecal th. . 
So (hit by thfs-mtans he.iloth not lluw his own nakedndVe, but . 
doth m joy his own b k HI d nt {(l\ . - 

Kcaf, I, For the Realbn of this P.ohit briefly, and fo come to the Ufe. 

The. Hcafon is taken from the Lords gracioufnefle , and tender 
rtl'pecl- to a watchfuU Ipirit. - v ' • ! 

It. is (as 1 remember), one of the aboundanttft.promifcs of 
grace that iiniude to any.el^ate ot (iodspeople,that he makes to . 
a wutchfuil hf artp i.i the fore-mmed plate in Ltike i«. 37. Blef" 

fed are thofe (ervants Who^m the Lord When.he comm^tii [bull fnde 

.Wntchiri'f : \vhy, wherein lyeS;iheir.fcK*flitfdncifc?i7i>rZ^r/^'(laitI| . 

the. ie^t) I7]t^,l^irdupkimfilfe^9djif<f0ke them tpjit daWn.ia mcAt^ 
Mnd Will come forth and, fine them, K wcltgirt Chriftian fcath . 

c>< r a ,well"gir t Chrift to jniniftcr .tftlumi;.tlatasiiii5^ gaurments 



iv/ ^la^-} ami lu ii!u>it^> uiiiuiayv.! 

US, he will liipply us, and carry j 
And a Iccond Reafoii is take 
corrupt n ture, elpccially in a C 
Chrilkia;i wiUblulli and be allia 
CJod and men. O nty God (raith 

to lift up my face to thee my 6W, 
over QHr heady 3cc. UngiitnclV< 
with Jliamc. 1 fay, iFthis be th( 
kedncilc of it, that a man is not 1 
his body, as a ChriftianoFthe 
then (jnind vec) he that watche 
joycs his own blefl*edn€fl*e,and \ 
of his own nakedncfil'. The ufe 
t irft, it may teach us, hosv tc 
nature both of iin and righteoufi 
tion of both. Look at your paiTi 
look at ail your naturall parts : \ 
over-powred with holy piftsot 
nefll* and ihame of a man. If a i 
not Gods will, the fliame of ftii 
heart. A fpirit that is not lively 
drowfic, it is a Ihametiill naked 
ihamc of a man; Pride is the vet 

htin(<»l£> fhi* <Tr»ni4liVlV nKjilI. nix 



Tht tbird%irm%n uftn thefixth Vidl. 15 

dreams of jE/^/i&r/rr^//that makes glad hone bu^Carctinats, aiid 
BHhop Sy and carnall hearts^ whatfoever is a fupport to hew Sk-^ 
bjlonfiv old; whatfoever maintains Popifli Idolatry^ or TiirkifH 
Tyrannie : But to beftir themfelves like men , that io the work 
of the Lord may go forward, and the ftreams of the River Eh- 
phrates may be dryed up ; what ever maintains Popifti Idolatry, 
or. Turkilli Tyrannie , that ail this were drycd up. What a caiife 
of joy would this be to ail the people of God I If ye hear any 
ill news from our native country, you will hear nothing but 
iliamefulnc(re dilcovercd. If men be not watchfull, fliamcRil- 
nefTc in Docflrine, and lliamcfulneffe in Worlliip, and ("hanieful- 
neffc in Government will be di{covcred,if men be not watchfull 
at this day : For now is the time that God goes about to pour 
out the Vials of his wrath upon the Throne of the Beaft, to dry 
op the Epifcopacie. And ye iTiall fkiie great way made for the 
drying up of the river Euphrates , for it will fiid<lenly be dryed 
up. I fay (therefore) it behoves men in this time efpecially to be 
watchftill; and therefore let us pray for our Brethren, and for 
our felves in this regard , that the Lord would gird them and us 
clofe, that our lamps may be burning, as men thit are bound to 
dry up this n\cr Euphrates, that- makes glad i? <?«;(?, but fad the 
hearts of Gods people. 

Laft of all (to make an end) it will be a ground of comfort to Vfi j.; 
all watchfull Ibuls , to whom Chrift comes as a thief; anvl y\X . 
when he doth come he findes them watching, and girt: (If the 

food m.in of the koufe did i^r<7\V \V^r« the tlusf ^ould cajne, he 
\\^ouldff*rclj ^X'atch, and not fuffer his hdufe to be broken through-, . 

&c.) I fay in fuch a cafe as this is ; if the Lord give up the fpirits- 
ot men (as 1 doubt not but he doth) thofe that are fo, take it for • 
your comfort ; yec that are clofe girt, cary it home as an encou- 
rj^cment unto continuall watchfulncffe. Such as walke before . 
him fpiritually and watchftUly, marke what the Lord promifeth 
you, for yec (ce what the bkifednelTe is which the Lord promi- 
feth. He fhall not have bleifcdnelfe only, but he is a blelfed nian. 

Bleffedishe that^atcheth^ he /bail enjoj the Lord Jeftts Chrifiy . 
and all S over aigne good, HcWHllgirdhim/elfe, andV^ill jtM do'^ne 
at table and minifler unto jouy Luks 1 7* ?• A man will hot fay fo 
to his fervants. But (mind yee) here's a diflFeraice, that if fo be 
a man have walked with a watchfull frame of fpirit, the Lord : 
will ferve him.A man that hath kept his garments without fpot, ^ 


III 1 1 ._■ • - I ■ ' 1^.— 





LJ,g ' J.L" ' 3 ff 


lH tf !■• 

^ 71&^ /i5^/V</ Sermon upon thofxth VtaU 

the Lordfo well approves the frame of hisfpirit, asthiat hewili 
gird himfelf^ and \viU fcrve him, (that is) ready prepared to do 
luch a foul good. . '":'•• 

He fliall Hiide him at flipper, he (hall finde him at the ordi* 
nances , at evety fpirituall duty he (hall finde him ; at lead, ie 
will not be long,biit he (liall finde him. I fet aflde extraor dinaiy 
cafes of tiyali, times of temptation and tryall, which may come 
upon any of Gods ftrvants ; and thefc fliall not be long. The 
Lord will hide them under the fliadow of his wings, andpre- 
fcrve them from ihamefull fals ; or will hide the rtiamefulnc(re 
of th;;m ; and the Lord will for die prcf^nt be girt clofc to you : 
He will be ever and anon helping you in all trials and tempta- 
tions, when you have moll need of iiim, then ihall \d finde him 
ready to be mofc near you. And therefore it is a marvellous com^ 
fort, and (lay to a Chriflian wiiomthe Lord hc'lpsto be thus 
Vv^atchfuU: He will be a Sun, andafliieldj and no good thin v 

Wu/l he Withhold from them thr.t Walk^ thus upricht/yW" th him, 

Pl*im 84. II. 

i • 

T H E 


• ' 


• t '. 

• • . 

• - • > 

«' . • 


i- » nw* 



'^ i wi w 





R.EVEL. l6. 16: 

'AHd heguhered ihtm together intisfUce, called in the JFe- 
brev tiHgue htmigtiiou. 

S>^i1^>; H E S E words »rc the lad part, o£ the defcriptioa 
^^?1 IIctP of the Eirent that followcth , upon the powring 
Ij'q^ Y0^ out the fiallodhi fixt Aniell, and in them is 
!;|^J$H fet foith the Efficacy ot thofe three Spirits of 
wSiiiSs DivcUs : who as [hey arc dcfcribed , by their ef- 
feft of working miracles, and going forth to gather men tqthe 
Bactellof thegreatdayof <?(>3Almighty,t««r. 14. Sotheydo 
preyaile,they did gather them togecher intoa field, wh. rein 
the Battell was fought, and that is called in the Hehm tongjc 

The place it felfe is o( much difficulty, and much variety of 
Interpretations hath bccnemide of it, Imiynot iu much as 
reckon them up, much Icffe fpend time to refiite them. 

hi a word, two things are chiefly to be opened; Firft who 
is that [Hif J of whom it is fiid , [ Hetgiuhtred them together - 
&c.] Secondly what it this place* Thirdly why is it dtfc.-ib- 
ed in the Hetrev tongue. Fourthly what is this unco Chiitli- 
an Kings, And fifcly whe:cfore is this SacccU fought here ■' 

B b H» 

'"''^'-^'^^ ■■ ^ - • "- y\\ 


Thejixt riall. 

I . Pifg4thrad them together, ] Some anderftancfit of the Lord 

C7i><^Aujiighty, and fo ic might well be meant > for it is'hc that 
gachtxech the Nations together into the Va'lcy of lehofaphat, 
loel 3. 2. ThcUi^h that be not infant ol this Armageddon^ but 
is Ipokcn of, KeveL 20. 8, 9, The Lord indeed, may not bee 
excluded from this worke, yetbccaufe the fame word \s ufed, 
ver. 14. and i: is an ufnail phrafein that language, tojoync 
Vertex of the fingu'ar number 10 ntuter Subftaotives of the 
plur&il, th;rcfore I would traoflatcthis Verbe of the fiiigu'ar 
Niiinber in chc plural!, and fay | they gather edthem^z\\c:y went 
forth to pcrfwadc them, and iheydid prcvaile m'ghtily with 
them. For the word in the native and proper meaning of that 
language, \^ to be iranflatcd in another Language in the plu- 
rall Number rather then in the Singular* . ' ., . 
In:oa place called {^/ymageddon'^ thcrcbcthsLtranflatc it to 
S» fignifi: the d£{lru(5l:ionof a froopc, now that may agree to a- 
ny place under Heaven j And I know nocthen why itfliould 
beexpreiTed in Hebrew i A Greeke woxA mij^ht havetxpreflcd 
it as well. Some doeinrerprct it to bee the Mount of delights, 
whicli the Turkcs (hall compafle ; but you fliall findc that this 
is not that Bi-tc I ; that ii it which fliall be fought in the Val- 
ley of fehofaphat ^'though they be ufually confounded by Inter-^ 
prefers^ but that Battell to which they arc here gathered , is 
fought in the ip. chap, ver, 17. to 2 t • The Battell of Gag and 
(Jlfagog , which is in the valley of lehofaphat, is fpoken of in 
the 2o. chapter of this booke ; therefore you read that the Dc- 
Wllwa.'iboundathouland ycares, and then loofedout of Pn\ 
fo::, and at lin[;th caft iutothe Lake that butncth withfire,ani 
briiiillone ; (Rev, 20, lo .) where he found the Beajf ap.d the 
filCcProphetf who were both call in before, T^v. Ip. 20* So 
that I dare not undcrftand it to be meant indcfi iitly, nor of the 
MoHfit of delights ; for I know not why they here fpoke of 
( to wit Chriftian Kinc^s) fliculd g<>e to lerufajem to fight this 
Battell ; their bu^intfle will lye neerer home. And whcrc- 
^sinanythinkc that the /^B»tf/ fliall have a great ftrokc in this 
ButijU, I dare not confent unto that, bccaufc there is but a way 
prcpircd for them in this Vtall', they fliall comc.in the ftventh 
Viall't Thefe things put me off from doling with thefc , and 
Inch like Interpretations : what then may be the meaning here- 

ArmagedJom ■ 


llMM iMKIfcM „ ^Mfa«h 

7lefixf KUll 

Armageddon doth fignific the hillof MegiddcHt for Majgei* 
d^Q»t tyS Megiddon are but di^srenc wriciogs holding foich che 
iame thing : Bac why fliould ic be called chui^ Qiatl this batccll 
be Foiighc iherc ? there is no light for that. But as hee (bm;- 
times callech %of»e by che names of Sado»e$ and ^gnt i and 
Babjlon^h^ciiUiQ of their necre relembUnce one to another : So 
this is callsd Arm^geddoHf bccaufc of the ncere rcfcmblancc of 
chat batecil fought in this H.ld , unco thofebatctls which were 
fought in Megiddon inoldcimc ; For it is ufuaii in the Propbc- 
Ccs of the New Tcftament » to allude uacothingsl fpoken of in 
the (M : Now you may remember that three great battels have 
b<:ene fought in ^jmegiddon, and I conceive thac the Holy ^hofi 
niakcf h the events of the batcell here fought , to bee like the 
events of thofe battels. 

ftVft there vj^s fought the bactell of *De^orAh and Barat^Z' 
g-ainft fatfin and Sifera which (the text faith) was by the wa- 
ters of Megiddo, Indg. 5 . ip. This battell ended in a memo- 
rable and joy full vi(5loryjCt:lebratcd with a/oyfull Pfitimejudg, 
5.,This Overthrow t here given was dteadfull to all their advcr- 
farics, they deftroyed them all, and favcd not a man of them: 
an eminent vidory it was , and therefore Deborah praycth, 
fo let all thine Enemies perifli O Lord, ver* 31. And David 
praycth concerning Gods Enemies » doc unto them as unto 
Sifera^ asto/4^/«atthe brookeiCy/#», which periOicd at Ett» 
dor&c. And like hereunto will this battell in Atmageddon be, 
when thofe Canaamtes which have opprcd'ed the Church of 
God fliail be opprcfled , and cruflied in pieces by the 10. Kings 
that fliall rife againft them. 

There was a fccond bartcll fdiight at Megiddon^ and that by 
lofiah and Phar/toh Nrchoh who met loJtah.tMfgiddoyZndH^w 
him there, 2 . Kings 2 3 . 29. whereupon there grew a great La- 
mcntariotijin fo much, that all IndAh and lerpifaUm mourned 
?oi foJiahy^xViiMercmiah lamented for /o/74^,andaUthe(iiging 
men and fi;iging women fpake oflojtah in their Lamentations* 
2 C/jr*». 35^24, 1 J. And hereupon /tfr<?jwi<i^ wrote the bookc 
oK Lamemations, as if he had feenc the City ruined» their wjves 
raviflied, ihcir children tolTcd upon thcfpearcs of their Ene- 
mies I bccanfe the breath of Clitirch and Common-Wealth, 
and every Family v/as choaked in the death of Tofiah. And 
the like E(fc(^ of mourning Hi all this battell fought in ^rma^ 

A a 2 geddon 


4 7kefixf hsUm 

j^idd«9ff orkc id the Itwis ^ and {hall become the rife of their 
calling • when as they {kail fee the mighcy power of Chrifi in 
rooting out all I(nage*tvor{hip « and worlhippers chat have 
So long time hindered them, from comming to the knowledge 
o£ the ^'fjjidti then{h>ll there be a great mourning amongll 
them » as tne tnourning of HadaJir$mt3t$H in the valley of J^" 
geddotttZseb, 1%. I0| 1 1. Therefore it isfpoken of in the 
i/<^r^)v :un»ue, bccaufe this ffiall befall the Htbrcw people, 
a^ vviKn you ready Kev* ^, xi. that the King of the bottom- 
UHc pit hsth his name in the Helnw^ AbM^Ui and in the 
Cree)^ tongue jA^oUoff , it is to be onderftood that hce is ade- 
laoyti both unto the J ewes and Gentiles i and if you {ball af- 
terward heare of feme that ling HaUhj^y know of a tru:h 
thai it principally concerneth thofe, in whofe language it is 
fpoken,Cfor every Nation is to praile God in his owne Lan- 
guage: J fothebattell willbefoU;»htin Armdj^eddon, bccaufe 
as ic will be a great defti iiflion to Gods Eiiemics» fo it will pro* 
duce a penitcntiall, and comfortable mourning at the length 
unto the liwes, 
5. But why is it called the Hill of MEgiDDOtl^ thcfe 

battels were fought in the valley? therefore the Holy Ghcfi 
would Kot expreflc ic barely by the name of Magiddt , that 
fo he might point be fides thefe , ac another battcll which was 
fought \i\ the hill of Megiddon : now the hill that looked over 
this valley, was Metrnt Gtihd, where the battcll was fought by 
the *Phififliws againll SahI , upon whofe overthiow David 
was crtablifiied inthtKingdome; The men of Ifratl and S4*/, 
iiid his f Juncs fell downe (laine in Ji^onnt GtlhoA , 1 S^.m. 31, 
^ $• From hence wear 54«/roenq'iire of th: VVixh at Sndor^ 
Siid that was in the valley o^ Megiddtn ; (o they were nigh one 
to another , for *BAral^ battcll with Sifera was fought neerc 
V W*r, TfaL 83 . p, 10. Thus w ce have an allufion to all thefc 
three noiaUlc andtocmorablebattelS) whereas had he faid in a 
place in t he i/^^r^n' tongue ^f/^04»then had hee limited the 
allu{ion unro Sauis battcll, who was ittJccd a dcftroyer of Re- 
ligion, bu;fo other cffcifls of this battcll fought in this Tcxt» 
bad not bccne pointed at. Therefore that he c icight grafpe in 
ail tbofc Events, which thole battels th t were Tought about 
Megiddtu brought fortbi he laith the j !ac. wa called jirmOf 
ledaojJi andic is an ufuall thing that battei^ ia the hill atepur- 
- iucd 

fffmrnm^mm III , ■'■^■1 1 I m0'''m,^^ffm^r^gfi^iatmmfmif^^mm0immmmmmKrm 

Thefixt run. 
fued to the valley, and in the valley to the Hill: the hill and 
the valley lying ncere together. And indeed the fame Events- 
will this batrell bring forth, which kll out upon all the former 
battels at Mtgtiio. So then the fumme is , that thefc Ipiriti 
went forth u. gather chefe Popiih and Heathen frmett to- 
gether, into a place called in the Heirtw tongue Arm»gti~ 
i>i>, where the bacicll ilull have the like iucccfTe , thacic had 
of old u;ito the deftruiSion of Gei$ Eiemies , the utter ruinc 
ef AiitichriH, as of S»al, the fetlnig of the Kingdomcjof Chrifi 
upon 'David , unto the converfion of the lentt , who (hall 
upon this occjfionmournebitce'" "^'ti, whom they have 
pierced. Onelyletus alittlefu one fcruple which 

may (bmewhat reojainc ; why I tt come in raoum- 

iDjj at this viftury ? fliail they n Indignation for the 

fucccffe of Chrilhan Prineci , a f or (hall it bee a 

mourning of compalTion for the ^of Rtmt } no ve- 

rily, the text is plaine, they will re or both, and/oync 

together with the refl of the C ill irchestopraifc t&c 

name of the Lord with ///«/W " I9. cit^/lYr of this 

faooKcandthe i. vtr. After 1 (that is after tha 

d<Rta{i{on of Baiel ) I he*rii I « :t tf mueh fciflt it 
Heaven, fajm^Hatleliijah : So againC vir, j. 6. they iliall 
piaili; CBd\w\inM\HxlUlHJaht a well as the Latincs with a 
Laudaie Diminum : It is therefore neither a mourning of In- 
dignation tor the lucctfle of the Saints, nor of compailionfor 
the Rivers of Badell; but fivhat is it then f ) It is a mourning 
of compuucSion whereby they, (feeing in this ^<ir>»'/ that 
Clirifl is indeed the true •'7/!/7J<» J they (hall monrne that they 
have becne fo long eflra igcd from him ; for rwo maine ftum- 
bling blocks will this ^<i;/f// remove out of their way. 

Firft, [hat which liiheir great Humbling block, to wit, the 
Pope .who is cpui .ted the F.ithcr of Chriftian Churches, and 
yet h'mfclfe livcth like a < Efieure, and maintaincth Idolatry and 
fuperf{ition; and though ma'7 in the world abhorre his *ayes> 
yet they looke ar them but as S^fts, and iiiferiour people and 
States, inrefptflof the Pope and PopiOi Princes; but when 
they (hall (ecthac tlieZeale of Chriitian Princes bath dryed 
upthofcftreamcsof 'upvrftision, totheuttcrconfulionof the 
man of (inne, then u ill thtyalfo fee that, that ///«* whom they 
have refiftcdall this whilc,cventhat/fy5(;isthe^<#<»/. 

Bb 3 Secondly 



»* ■ > i n I i M I m m ' a ^i M a^mM^^mmi^ai^^mm 

6 rheftxtrUll 

7% 2. There is alfo another ftumbling block , which feme of 

their more learned (land upon , that when the Mefftat comes , 
he (lialldeftroy thcfourc Monarchies (poken of , Dan, 2. 45, 
The fiofte that wAt cutout of the ?>4oumaiite wit^ont hand , brake 
inpeicesthe Ironjhe BraJfethecUjithe Silver^andthe Gold: Now 
(fay. they) if > Our leftt* be tKe Alfjftatihow ctHnineth ic to paffe 
the Monarchy ftandcth upon his two feet, ihcTurke and Pope? 
but they might have confidcrcd that the Lord lefus hath been 
crufliing chem a great while together, and hee never told them 
that he would doe ic as foone as became, though he will ne- 
ver leave until] he hath crufljed them to the duft, andwhca 
oi'iCe this batteliis fought, that there flia'l bano more remain- 
ing, butwhatis the Jtf'w« worke to dos: then (liallthey fee 
the Prophtficof P4«/V/ fulfilled, when the bat tell in Armaged'> 
don fliallend in the deftrudlion of the man of Sinne 9 awd then 
lliall they fee jr/w Chrifl held forth in the purity of the Gof* 
peilf contrary whereuntono word of the Prophets fliall bee 
found, and chcn fliall they fee him whom they have crucifyed 
to be indeed both Lord and Cbrifi : Then fliall they lee that 
the name of the Lord leffts , which they now curfe in their Li» 
turgies is bTcfled forever, now they will grieve that they 
have curfed his name blafphemoufly, praying that it might pei» 
rifh from under thcfe Heavens, and from above this Earth : for 
thefe things will they mourne bitterly . 
Obji^. But you will fay,that to fee the fuccefle of a battell, is not a 

fuificient meanes to convert a people to the Lord, that are fully 
poffeflcd with their owne wayes .• Here indeed may be a remo" 
vens frohibens , that may fomewhat help forward j but it is 
needfull unco cheir Convcrfion , that foinc word of God bac 
fet home to their hearts to convince them, that the curfe of 
the i^wvyhJchbclongcch iintotherft , it is Chrifl oncly that 
J . hath borne it for them. 
•'' Ic is no fmall meanes of converfibn, to fee the Lord bearing 

witncflb againft the corruptions of Rcligion» \i\ deftroying the 
Enemies of his people* You know the (lory of lethro ( who 
was a Ftincc or Prieft of U^idian, ) when he commeth to fee 
his ibnnc iWl^y^/, vjhd told him of all the great deliverances 
that Godhzd wrought for his pcop\e,Exod. 1 8. 8,<F, 10. tvhat 
faith he ? DOW I know thar the Lord is greater then all Godt s 
for in the thing wherein they dealt proudly hec tvas above 


The fist rf Hi. 7 

them ': This is the cftc^ of his hearing of the wonders that 
God had wrought for his people : fo that you need not doubc 
it,buc when thefe Battels are fought f though they flial! bee 
noc parties on the one fide nor on the- other ) yet they ftiall 
hearc what wiil be reported upon this occafion, in the publick 
MinilUry of the word, which will bee fufficicnt to convince 
(as aPrit ft oi Midiani foja /rn?,ihatthis is the Lord Ufitii who 
ha: h lo fulfilled ail that hre hath ipokcn of in his word. And 
moreover I doe belct vei thar great will bee the power of the 
Mmiftcry of the word in fighting of this^rf«<r//, by declaring 
the powcrfwll prcfence of C/»r//? with them,and forthcm ; thus 
jfliall the fword of tlie MinilKry of the Gof^ell prevaile migh- 
tilj^, by animating Chriftiai Princes and people, accordiig is 
ic is iz'idi i chaf, ip. ai, of this bookc ; the remnant were 
flaine with che' fword that procccdethout of his mourh , thac . 
is, out of the mouth of- lefw Chrifi ; and when the word of 
C^rifi goeth along with the fword of Princes .yoj need noc 
woinkr if It doe noc onely prevaile againft the Beafiy and falfe 
Prophet, but alfo to mike S^tari fall dowue from Heaven like 
lightning, evenouc of the heartspf the /^/rtf/jfromdecc-ivin^^ 
them any longer. 

Thus much for the opening of the words > which though 
it have beene long and difficult, yet many times things moft' 
diiTiculc to open, are fwcete^ to diev/ upon^as inall bones,and 
the like; let us therefore from hence obferve this note. 

That the Event and fucccfle of the great, and hXi^At^ Do6t,^ 
tell, which Chriftian Princes fliall fight againft /'nHchrifi t^nd 
his Adherents, fliall belike in fucceffc to the battels fought at 
i/irma^eddon .'that is to lay, defpcratedcftru^^liori to the Ene- 
mies of Oods people; joy full vidorics, aud Triumphs to the 
Glurches o^Chrtfi^ godly fbrrowes and penitential! mourn- 
ing to the Icr^es, 

All thefe feverall Events are inclufivclyfpokcn unto, in this 
Word ^rffiaffeddon ^ and each branch of them are cxprclTely 
mentioned iw this booke» and other Prophtfies of Scripture, 

Firft^ that there (liall bee great and dcfper>jte dtftmdio'nto 
the Enemies of Go^i people , you read in chapter ip. that ic 
will be fo great that the A»ff//fianding iri (he middeftofthe 
Sunne, erjed rpith dloud-vojce [tij'tng to allthefoHUi^ that flje 
m tht middcftof HeavcH't come, Pitidffntherjottrfslvef together 




9 *f 


9 The ft xt run. 

t9 the Super of the great Gedy thatjee mayeM thefiejhofKinitt 
and thefiefh §f Captamet , and theflejh cf mighty wen , and the 
fle(h of horfcSy and of them that fit en them, and the ffefh of all men 
^othfree andhond,- both [mall and great: thcref ere this battell 
muitnoc bceibught onely with the Miniftery o£ tht Gojpeif, 
^chough cbac will mightily concurre) but with the fword, and 
Weapons of warre, clfe the foules o^ Heaven would have Itt« 
tlef^ellitoeaty upoa battells fought by the Miniftcry of the 
word : but Word and Sword fighting together. Thus will 
there be wrought a great dcflrudtion to (jeds'Bxizmits , to fa* 
tiate all the foules of Heaven* 
*' And there will bee great rcjoycing and Triumph to tho. 
Churches of Chrifi» as you read of their longs of praife , for 
the vi<ftory gotten by Deborah and Bara^» over labin and Si" 
fera , Judges $ . So here there will be many Hai/elujahs, ehap. 
ip. I. to the end of 7. which they (ingagaine andagaine to 
the Lord. 
And thirdly it will be matter of penitentiall mourning to the 
5* Ifraelo( God, Zaeh.12, lO, II. when they (hall fee C^rifi 
comming in his glorious power , it will break their hearts 
with holy mourning overcbem, and this (hall be fulfilled when 
the new lernfaUm ihall come from ^od out of Heaven, as is 
propheficd in this booke, chapter 31. 2* 10. Then (hall the 
Tribes of the Earth mourne. bitterly after lefms Chrifi, 
Why will the Events of thefe battels be the fame ? 
■^Z^^/i !• Firft, becaufe C7oif Enemies will bee like in their (innc5» 

untothofe that fought againft Ifraeiofold; Therefore they 

muft partake in the like Judgements, wherein are they like in 

their finncs ? In cheir opprclfions of the people of God; (o 

jF4^i« mightily opprc(red the children of Jfraely Judges /\, 3, 

^ And Saul was a malicious perfecuter of David: bo hach the 

- manof (inne, and his Adherents beene malicious perfecucers 

of the Saints of God, And Saul tooke Counlell of the Witch 

tt.Ender; So have thefe becnc famous for their witch-crafts, 

neither did they repent of their forceries, ehap, p. «/f. Now 

as their (innes are like, fofliall their puniihmentsbce, bccaufe 

of the unchangeable wifedorae and lufticc of God , who pu- 

ni(heth now as he did of old, PfaL iSg. p, zo. The likenefleof 

rhcii (inncs,.theUkenc(reof (7tfj/lu(lice, bring forth the like 

kiudeof Iudgcincnts,nowa:».of &id, . ,• , , 


=:-a'.->rr-f.- - ■-?-.■.- 

* • •••••• • ' 

If you fhali aske the Realon why there fliall be (lie like oc« 

cadonof rcfoycing* 

Ic is bcc uic che Lord fhiU in like manner avenge his people ^'^/* i- 

now , as he did of old , Itnig. 5.2. where (he callcth upon 

Gods piopic to praiie the Loid for ihe avenging o^ JftAch (o 

(hall he now judge the h'hore^ and avenge the bfoud of his 

lecvantsaiher hand; 'Kev, ip. 2. And look e 9S of old they 

fventondidroying) todcihoy the EnetRtes of the people of 

C^dunuW they had conibincd them : 16 (hail the people oiGoi 

now c!oe untill they have exttnguiOud utterly the name of Po* 

peiy, and made it like dti g rjpoi- the face of the Eaith : and 

as there was way madeot oid for tnc glorious Kingdoneof 

^gvid; fo fliall there he wa> made by ti.clc Wa: rc5, for 2)4- 

v/</tobethcPrircv o( Gads people for ever, as the Prophet 

Ez,eehfci forctilktby chap^ 34. 2^, 14. and 37. 24. 2^. not 

in vifible prefence; 1 daie i.oc take up fuch c.rnall Ifijagina- 

cions* as that {^rfft fliall come bodily, andreigne hereupon 

the Earth, tut by his Spirit, and in hi& ».^erv«nt$ , bcc; Ihall 

r eigne on the Earth : And all thefe things fliall give the people 

of C^^ great, and worderfull caufes of f c;V yc>ng. 

If you fliall a&ke in the third pl?ce> wh> G^di ancient people 
the /fir^/ fliall be called to fuch pcnitcntiali mourning. ^^/* 3* 

X, Ihe Reafcn fir (lit takvn froai the fence* which thrv. 
fliail have of their owneflnne, a fprinkling whereof we nf^ 
j^St, 2. 3y. when they were pricked in heart, andfaid unrd 
'Ffter, and to the re ft of the Apoftlcs,Mcn and Brethren, what 
fliail we doc? fuchwill the fence o^ their (inne bee hereafter^ 
aswillafiPeA, and aflOi^rhfm with afflidion like that of the 
lewef^ for the death of Jtfiab ; yea it is fee forth in Zach. 12. 
xo, II. bythcdeepeft mourning that can befall a family :/^^/ 
pfall miuritf as oneniaufnetbfofhUongtjffnnef and bee in bitter* 
fitjfef AS one that is in bitterne£e fer hu firfi bwne ; Ic is true, 
the loffe of fome wife may Oc greater then the loffe of fome 
fonnc : but be fpeaketh thi-re of the mourning of Husband and 
Wife togct heft and they can loofe no greater outward blefling, 
then their firft borne : And fiich was mourning for the death 
of Jopithi wherein they faWy the rume of Family* Churcht »■ 
and Common*wealth : Therefore- lerentj compl-iineth , that 
the breath of their Noftrills was taken away, LMment. 4. lO, 

They laifttke (hat thiokc it was fpoKcn of Zede(hidh,iot the 

Cc Lamencatiotis 

lamentations wfirc written upon the death o^tofiah^t CBr^.^y, 
2; 'Which was a bitcer mourning to chem all .*.a id fuch (hall bee 
their mourning in their return to the L^rd 9 when they (hall fee 
that the deaih diChrifi hath beene the rutne,Sc dcfper Jte deftru- 
^ion^ &id damnatioaof all cheir Families for thefe many Gene* 
rations, & that all the Cilamiacs chat have come upon them for 
tbcfc I6oo,yeares,havcfprung from chis,that their Fachershave 
put C^rifl to death, by which mcancs they have bin ruanagates 
upon the face of cber4r^^jChe fence of chac horrible fin & mifery 
which they have brought upon chemfelves and theirs, by the 
death of cheir A>/4^.& Mesfmh ihall thus deeply afH. A them. 

2 V The fccond ground oKtheir mourt.ing, will fpriog not oncly 
from the fight and f«.nce of their fin, b jc of che wonderfull & un- 
fpeakabl grace & titer ey of (j9Aunf them to give them that Son of 
hisveho hath given himfeifto death for shetn:thefp9aihefo dfhumed, 
& confonnded, nith the fence of Cjodstender mercy & loving k^ndnes 
tortdrds them that have bin fuch hlondj Butchers of him as thAt the/ 
JhaRifeftcaUoei ed np m the fence offueh unJpeAkAble grace t Convi- 
ftion for fia doth grtady help forward legal! humilacion^bur for 
a kindly and (iiirruall mourning,mcn maft looke upon Chrifi not 
only as killed by them, but as killed for chcm : Thus fhall it bee 
with them according to what is foretold, i^4r. 24. 50. fyhenthe 
fffte ofphefon ofmAn[hallapfeare.inheAven,thenfhAUAllthe Trthes 
/fyhe Earth momne^ (peaking or che t wel vc friocs of Ifiatl who 
^ail mOsirnc> because of him that commeth to fhc w fucU mercy 
to them who have dealt lo unworthily with him. This is the 
mourning which vr<ll befill this people, like that of MegiddoiOy 
when this grear hattetl (hall be fought. 
irtft ^°^ ^^^ in the firrt place, were I to fpeake to fuch people as were 
^ * Hkcly to be infnarcd with thefe Froggsi- and fpirirs of Divclls : 
This might teach them diligently to beware ot iuch,and in ca(e 
any of che»o flmuld come over into this Country, lefaiiSiOt Carm 
dtna&i Or Bilhopsfiot not hearken to their whi(permg.t, whatfb* 
cverchcy fliall ptLfentiinto you, for this vvih bee the lifueof it, 
wbof :>ever they be thai hearken unto them,they w^l- never leave 
them,cill at leng h they have brought them to this field of de* 
ftrud«on,rhey u iK goc forth to gather the Princes oi rhe Eirth> 
and whither will rhey gath r thVm ? even thlthe^ where will be 
thi.' Fatal; ruincof rhcm all : A ^d therefore let allChriftia.. Prin* 
CjCsundeiftaad it, that they cannot liilcn unto thefe Froggs , Po« 


pifli Bijhtfsfif CufAinM^ or Jefukts^ or vvbo ever they be^ that 
come unco them pn this errands but chcy. will by (iiis^ioeaois 
bring their Kingdomes tP u^tcr dc ftrudion.* Be xvife nowtbdrefire 
O jieKin^s't is inJirH&ed^ee Judges tf the Earth : youftcwiiat 
Wo^uu worke wiU be made at Icngc cy cheU Froggs* they will 
brii'g yuuinto a place called in the Htbrew tonguv Armageddon, 
King J4i»<v(who made a Parsphra/e apoii lOdoth irtcipici fr to 
(ig. hcdcflrudlioii by decetr^ac V u were compoutided of two 
I^ebjew words»wbicii rnay i'o hold it forth ; Bui oh rhat it had 
bcei.e as well bcltcvcd a^told; how many fad changes, and Agi- 
tatioOj thri)Ugh( u jail Cbiiftendome, mghc have bin p e\ eattd 
thar h'ivc nkn upon heurkning to tneic froggv i dwlirudiou and 
CiiMAi'iy aie in their wtyes;k cpe ycur klvcs thc-rcfoic Urre 
fioih alt fctlov< Hiip with them, that will beyour wiledeme* 

Incite ft cond ^1 ce; chii may reach u^ t) r. Joyce at hvnie,^2. 
thc»ugh wced'.c tot live to Ice thcfc vidones obtained : I 
Ki ov( not whai yi u thai are young may live unto > for the 
iic.rci thtkibiig come unto thtiraccomplifhment, thcfwif- 
tct their motion will be , as it \$ wxh all naturail motions.* hue 
l.oucver .ei us rcjO)CCtog«cl.trin btholdingrhcm by Faith, 
alilcugh ill) te«. ^ii t« c«mc; when i>.<wW rejoyccd in 
Chrtji , Plal, i6»9, I o. a- d faith, therefore /»/ heart isglad^and 
ffijgio^j *c\tt)€<th, mfJitJhMifeJhaUreflmhope.ferthoHwi/t 
fs0t icAVewy dead body sn the Grave ^ neither mU theu fuffer thf 
holjoneto jce ^otrnftt^^; this Dav$d m ipmc ictth long be- 
tuic, andlookeil: ai hiS owne Rcmrrc<5^:on ts fcacd up unto 
him in the h'CofiupJonof the body of leftet Chnfii U David 
can re Joyce to lunu b. fore in beholding th<3 , then Ought 
wee tt) rtjV.yc^ in Lcholding bcfort-ba d the deftrudion of 
Gods E I- mies and h s y/acjouj deliverances of his people ; for 
wee m y Ue it Into e.hand b/ Fatth , and behold it with con- 
fi let ce in the tfu h of hiiPtbachdtH prrin-'ed It; f >r fo alfb 
d'd /'braham lohnS 56. Tent Father Abraham rejoiced to fee 
my day t andhefawttt and naigfad'y ^nd why fh. uld not the 
Fatho\ Chnlliiiii bee new mo e ciejre eyed, thsn at thic 
tim;;it vvas>robehoi;l the t uchof his promifcs, and rejoycc 
in the accompWOiniwUt of them ? 

Third'V w- miy from hence gather fomc ground of Faith,torfe 3. 
bcltive that there wil' com<: a time, when the lenses will gene- 
rally mourne for the HgUc and death of Chrifif as much as e* 

Bb 2 vec 

' " • "^rwmJmtmmtr^ 

vtT tlicy sioutnecl of old for the death of UJtMh f and leaft you 

fiiould isy chat Parabolicall Scriptures arc not Foundations of 

Fs$t&,{^^d yet any Serf pxurc truely expounded is ground fljf- 

^sicnc for the truth it huldcrh forth ; yet you may nid ifundry 

©thtr Scriptures that fpcake » xpreflcly to their Converfion, 

"^m, II. U. 15.25, J^. fvfOftld fi0t Brethren thatyeefh^uUhe 

*gmrar.t of this m^ fiery , th*t himdnefe in part is happened Mfitp 

Jirac: untiUtkefHlncjjeof the Gentiles ^#ftfw*/»,( chat is , nn- 

tili men :uinc bacKe trom Atituhrifi unto Chrtfi. iintill they fee 

Chjiilian Princes more finccrcincheworkeof God) and then 

all I[rAe\ fliall bcfavcd, for though they were call off for their 

own fakes, y^t arcthcy beloved tor their Fathers f-ikc^ v. a8« 

For \^ thoi. wcrt cut our of the Olive Tree which is wilde by 

Nuurc; and wcrt graced contrary toNa art; intoai^ooii OUve 

Trtc.* how much more Oiallthefc which are rbe naturall 

branches bee sir^ff.d in:o iheir ownc OUve frct ?f>r(aith 

ht^Godi^ anIccogtaftVtheniinagainc; andhe wtlltJos jt,or 

ellc theApoftios A^gimcntwiil not hod. A f<> rhar of the 

Apof^ieto ti c C«r;»;A*«e»/, rt. Cer. ^.14 1 5 l6. Sven unto 

this diij when Mofes ts tead the f^ayle is upon their heart : hut 

when li (chat xsjjrael) jhalltMrne unto the Lord, the Vajlefhall 

he tal\en away : ' his is not Ipoken of rw o or i hi Ct Ipiink lin^s of 

If*Aeli tb.at do h not m?.ke up an Ifrnety piucJi leiTe all fjraei^zs 

PmhI ptakeih in the place forenamcd,and what myflery wtrc 

i:, I' ic were meant oncly oFthofe that were brought home 

by Peters lAuM^itT^, > Bu: th;.t blindneiTc is come upon c hem, 

till the tulnes of ^hc Gentiles be come in, and that then all ffrael 

Obl ili be faved, rliis is indu'cd a Mvftsry 10 :hc (gentiles ^ is the 

cilling of the Gentiles was a M> (Icry to t' c letves* Thus wee 

Aethvreare cleare Scriptures for it, w'^ en when wed >eftc, 
Wimay mere freely tskc up parabolic :|iSc'i',)turiSjpe.'CCving 

wh>c they wcvkeupon,and Duild OL;r Faith t ntlum, thereby 
to be llrcngthned ii Prayer, f )r fuch r> b!- Hiag, that chcy may 
come znHw^HallelHJahs withiis, and wcc miy (ing prayfcs 
with them. 

Fourthly, wcc may Icarnc from hccc, the true nature of 
?^4» Godly forrow , both in 1 he c::«{e of ir, and m the m'.afijre of 

i*-. For :he ciufe '>f it wtc mull fee I im from wh< m all fa« 


ving repentance* c'oth flow, even Chrifi v\ f.i.m ♦vchavt pierc- 
ed, ind then indeed wcmournc aiiijht, when wt mournc over 


Tbefint FUlh 33 

him. It is net (arie^ Hepencanccjchac which the t^wworl^ 
cchy though it doch indeed make way for it, hoc they tee,hiai 
and mourne over him; cheHghcof him workech godly for- 
row in the heart. 

And what is the mcafure of ir p it is even fuch as for the 
loiTeof amansonely Sonne* and his firft borncy the fiaff<^>arid 
and (lay» of his name and life^and of his profpcrity : Lord G^d, 
what wilt thou gi^emce, feeing I goe childlelfet faith Altrn-' 
ham> fiich as was the mourning of ItttUht and Xer/tfilemtwhcn 
they faw Family, Church, and Common- wealth all plucked 
up by the rootes inthelofle of One man c fuch is the mourn- 
ing of every godly iouk-, feeth all bis hopes plucked up by the 
rooces for the want of Chrif^ 

But ycu will (ay, i&icnoc godly mourning unUHeic bee q^:^ 
fo great ^ may not a man mourne more for loUc of Church > 
and Common-Wealth, and for his oncly Sonne then for Chrifi} 

I anfwer, mourning for one of thefc may indeed make more ^^/j^^ 

noyfe; but not be a greater mourning ; when a man moumcth 
for his fit ft borne, the windowcs ^t Heaven arc open, the 
Judgemencsof C7tf</arcopct», andthcFv^uitaines ot ihegreiC 
deep arc open j this or thac d^ep Affliclion feifc;h upon a 
man, nature (ctceth a manon worKe to mourne,and grace doth 
not hinder it , but when a manmoutntth for want of Chrifi^ 
the windowesof H.aven indeed arc open; but this mourn- 
ing fi jdcth much oppoficion.b.lovv even from our hearts with- 
in : a foiall Diallow channel comming dovvne from a Hii/, . 
will make a grcatnoyfcj when a man mourne th for his oncly * : 

Sonne^ it comajcth downe from Goda a Judgement, dowoe 
hill, nochuig hindcrttln but this mourning for Chrifl is like 
a ftrcametlargoethup hill y ('as it were ) and through many 
reeds ind flaggcs, and therefore no wonder if itmaketh not 
fuch a noy Ic, t hough it bee 5 farrc greater ftreamc then the o- 
thtr, .^uch is this fpirituall mourning: for m thefc things 
It doth exceed all other griefes and mournings whatfo- 

Ic is more durable then any ot her forrow , our time in this 
world will ttever wcarc it e>ut j whereas other lorrow, rhoagh 
it be for a m\m oncly Sonne will not laft a; way, time will wcare 
it cur. 

It is aaJncrCifiig forrow : other fonowcs arc more mo- 5* 

C c 3 . ' derated 

/ * * 

4 ThefixtridU.', 

derated every day cben other, but this giHowethdill more and 
more powerful!, and will eat up all other grief es: XKa man have< 
but a wound in his confciencei it will wcarc ou all other Crof-. 
{cS9^ftf4irfOHftdidSfiritwhi>cdnhare} Frov, 1 8^ 14. It is a very 
ftrong mourning, as we may perceive, Pj\ ici. 5 . ^.&c, where 
the Holy man complainerh, that his dAjes are thereby cendtmed 
lil^tmol^, and his htnet ^arnt as an hearth^ his hearr U fmttten and 
r^nhertd hke^raffg, j that heforgetteth t» cm hjd brettd. &c, • 

This goiiiy iorrovvisalfo moxc pure than any w her 10 n)W» 
havifignotl" much mixcurc with lufts» and Carnal* AflFcd ons; 
when 'David mcurnts for /bfahmt there is much Caruaii AflF- 
ftioninit, infomuchthac itah doth perceive r, and deuicch 
(h^rply with him for it, but th;s mourning for Chriji bcitig hea- 
venly » is not fo clogged wirh thole boyftctOUi dutcmpc.s 
which other moiirnipgs are filled wichaii. 
5» Sceabroadd.fFerencc inthccaufcaiidob/e-ft of th;s mourn- 

ing: when a man mounieth U^rChrifi as wron«cj by h:in > and 
yet feeth himfclf favcd by Chrsfi: >:» chis oojeA is tranic; d it, 
lo is che mourhing tranfctud-^nr aio, therct-^ie it is \x^. ■> R-'mZ 
26. T he S first maketh lnterce£t9ns for w with grones that canK§t 
he uttered. Thus being fet upon Chrijh ^ and tonie»iicd by his 
Spirit,ic is etcrnall in the caufesuF ic« and will lift up the louie a- 
bovcall undcrmoone dilcouragemencs, that a man will looke 
uponthcn as thmgs, wli'ch God lacb g ve 1 and taken, and his 
griefi: conccrningrhtm will van flia vay; bur chis being fctlcd 
upoicternall ol/i^li can end noloontr then life it ic He ; And if 
cur life in this world wcrt ciernill, fo would4hii moui mug be, 
ahhcugh indeed when this life lh?.il have an (nd,it will be 1 wal- 
lowed up in a pcrfcdl f i ui ion ol lefus Chnfi* 

IntVt lall place, I would commend thjs unto all the children 
o(Godt that they Regulate thtir mourning ace t ding 10 this 
mo:irniiig:Letusmournc for Clrifl , aid for hisdeatbt and bee 
truly IcnfibJc of thegrtat JijnKs which v\ee havcd'»ne unto 
Inmjtha* (oour gritfc may iwalUnv up all the balentflc of our 
hruts, and ail world'y forrowes which caulc death, i.Ccr.y. 10. 
Bu?" godly (orr»w worketh Rcpcncance never to b<: icp iiredot .• 
• Let us ihcrcfore in all cur piivotc trd pubiick Adnnnillrati- 
ons mourne after him, and mourne for hnn , that thereby wee 
may b; kept from fuch entanglCirents,anddi'C'>uragcminrsa3 
might interrupt us in our Chtiihan G^urfe upon other meaner 


BWBliB^lf;*^!^ I . . ** I II I n I II l^» I — •-^.-»a,i ■! I I I M^1»M^i»1i^i^fi^»^<» ■ III ^ 





t . 

« ■■■■ i ji - 







' / / 

^^•^•^mr^i^r'wr % Wi 4fc*«r'*^r>M«9 







Revel, i^. i7^iS,ip,20,2i. 

^«^ thefsventh Angel fo$ired out hit Vtal into the Ajre,0tndthere cami 
s great vojce out of the Temfle of heaven from the Throne^fajingt 
It u done, 

Andthere vrere voycet, 4nd thunders, and UghtidngJ ; and there woe d 
great earthquake, fueh at wat notjince men -were ufon the earth, fi 
migfitie an earthquake,and fo great. 

And the great Citie was dividedtnto three farts, and the Cities oftht 
nations feU : and great Babylon came into remembrance before God 
to give unto her the cuf of the fiercenejfe of his wrath. 

And every I (land fled away, and the mountasnes tvere not found. 

And there feH upon men a great haile out of heaven, every flone abo/tt 
the weight of a talentiand men blafphemfd God becaufe oftheflagut 
of the haile,for the plague thereof was exceeding great. 

Hefe words defcribe unto us the pouring out of 
the feventh Vial, by the feventh Angel ; and (ec 
I forth it is by a threefold Argument. 

I . Firft by the fubjeft upon which it fell, it fell 

upon the Ayre It is trandatedQinto the Ayre[] buc 

the fame word in the third and fourth Verfes is 

cranflated upon (the Sea) and upon ^the Rivers and fountaines of 

A a a yzttts) 

The feventh VUL 

water:) To it fell upon theAyre, otherwife to fay, into die Ayi«, 
might (eeme to looke at fome further {ubje6l,whereapon it fell^buc 
that is not tlie meaning. 

*Secondiy,by an adjunct accompanying the (ame,to vfii^A great 
vcyce oMi of the Temple cf heaven, Scc.^ for I cannot call it an 
cfi^ct, but an adjunft it was. 

Thirdly ,by the cfFccls,ancl they are threefold. 

Ftrft, ofTcrrourand Horrour. ^Thereypere vojces, and thutt' 
th-'mgf ^and lightfungs^ all which doc ftrike Terrour and Hor- 
rour into che hearts of men. 

Second c(fcc1 was changes,and alterations of ftates J[_A>td there 
vasagrtat eArthquai^ amplified by an argument taken from 
the leiTe ^Such as va4 notjlnce men rfere upon the earthy fo great for 
amplitude, fo mighty for power. 

Third cffe£l wa$,the worl ing of diftrafting,and cleftroy ing ca» 
lamiiies upon three feverall forts of fubjccts, 

Firft upon Cities, and among them, 

Firft, ihe great City was diviicd intoti-ree parts, which fwith 
leave of Interpreters that take it to be a Jdlinci City from Bahi" 
ion) I take to be meant of ^<i^/V:7/i, which now came upiniore' 
membrance bef^ re God, and that is re i J red as a reaf«.n how fbec 
came to be deftroved, for (he came up into remembrance before 
God,to give her the wine, firft of diftraftion, fecondly of deftru- 
ftion. ' ' . 

Secondly, the cities of the Nations fell, the great Citie was de- 
ftroyed,it fell to mine. 

The fecond fort of fubj-£Vs upon which this diftra£Hon fell, 
were ^Every I/land, a»dezKry moftntdne'^ the Iflands fled away,the 
moumaines were not found. 

The third fort, was the fonnes of men, and the plague that fell 
upon them was a great haile out of heaven, which is amplified. 

1 . By the meafure or weight of it ^everj fione about the weight 

2. By the e(Te£V it wrought in men, J[Thej Blajphemed the Cod «f 
heaven^ fei forth by the caitfe of their blnlpheming againie repea- 
tedjbecaufeofihe plague of the haile, for the plague thereof was 
exceeding great. 

Let us firft open the words, and then fumme them up into feme 
do^lrinall obfervations. 

I. What 


The feventh VUL 

. I . What fin the firft placcj is here meant byf^/rt^doubtlefle 
not the element of ayrc chat wee breath in : for all the Vials are 
Vials of wrath, 3c therefore poured upon fubje^ls of Gods diQ>Iea« 
fure.Now God is not offended with the ayre,which is his creature* 
but as you reade in the firft verfe of the Chapter. All thefe Angels, 
received a commandement to poure out their Vials upon die 
earth, and that is meant of the earthly Amichrillian Church, and 
they all fulfill this Commandement upon whatfoever they poure 
out their Vials ; k is dill upon the Amichriftian ftate : nor are the 
meffengers of Gods wrath (' which come out of the Temple, and 
have cheirloynes girded with golden girdles jprovoked againft the 
Ayre, which themfelves doe breath in ; nor could a plague be up* 
on the Ayre,but it would fall upon Chriflian Churches as well as 
Popifh. Others doe interpret it f with much more probabilities 
sobeuponthekingdome of Sathan, for he is called the Prince 
thatrulethin(heayre,£^^^.2 2. he alfo rayfethup (lormes in the 
ayre,and fiery meteorstherein,^t'^ 1.16. So they conclude thac 
whcrefoever the Devill hath to doe, whether it be in Popery or 
Paganifme this V^iall is poured upon all his kingdome. I thinke 
the doclrme is truly gathered from this place, that the holy Ghoft 
intendeth to poure out a iu«.!gement 'i|>oii all his kingdome : yet 
I cannot fay that the words doe fo properly hold forth a judge* 
ment upon the Element of ayre : for all the Vials are to be 
poured upon the earth, the Antichriflian Church, called earth in 
oppodtion to the heavenly and pure Church mentioned Revel.i^, 
5, there being in it the whole Fabricke and Syfteme of the world: 
there is an carth.and thac is the luweft and baud cr mmon fort of 
Catholickes in that world ; and there is a Sea, their corrupt Reli« 
gion;ihcre be Rivers,and foumaines of water, thnfe that derived 
their corruptions into all countries (Vricfts and Monkes &c.J 
there is a Sunne in this world, the great light thereof : the fainily 
o^ Aujiria in the common wealth,and the Popes fupremacy in the 
Church: there is the throne of the beaft ^ the forme of their f,o» 
vemment, and manner of judicature *. Arcerwards comes in llu-^ 
thrates, the ftreame of all thofe corniptions that make glad the Ci- 
tie of Rome : Therefore this Ayre iceiireth to be the Ayre of thac 
Antichriftian Church : Looke therefore what you can conceive to 
be the Ayre, which this Antichn'Aian Church doth breath in, and 
that is the fubjeft whereupon this Viall is poured : And although 

A a a 2 indeed 


^g^gg^^S^3[r— ., — ...^ ..^^i^^ . ^.^^ t'" — — i^-Tr>ti'-->, ^.. *■*■« 


The ft^venth VUt. 

indeed Mahumecry, and Faganifme come to be aftli^ed here by 
ic ; yet is it but an efFefl of pouring out this Vial upon the Ayre. 
NowifyonlookeintoChap.p.iy2. oFthisbookeyou (hall finJe 
that the Ayre of this worldly Church is the fmoake which arofe out 
•f the bottomleiTe pit,and darkned the Ayre,fo that you ceuld not 
fee the Sunne, much leffe the Moone and Starres : and what was 
that fmoake out of the bottomleffe pitjbut the darkeneffe of Igno* 
irance from whence fprung all thofe Locufts^ and that King over 
them,verr.i I. the angel of the bcttomleHe pitj whofe name in the 
Hebrew tongue is AhoMont he deftroyeth the hope of the convert 
(ion of the J ewes : and in the Greek tongne hath his name AfoUj" 
#;fjhede(boyech them al(b,and fprung out of this ignorance.There 
is a double nfe of Ayre , and this darkenelTe corrupted both. 
I. There is an ufe of it for fight; for through the Ayre, if it bee 
cleare, you fee all the heavenly lights, and by their help, all infe- 
riour bodies. 2. It is the breath of life, which maintaineth the life 
ofmen, and is the fupporcance of their vitals. And in both thele 
things doth it fitly refemble heavenly, and faving knowledge, by 
which, X* In the firft place, we fee J efus Chrift the Sun of righte- 
oulhefle to our juftiHcation j by which we fee the Moon, that is, 
the true (late ofChurches according to the Gofpell J by which we. 
fee the Stars, the people of God, and who indeed are his people, 
that Ihine like lights in the world : And hereby they fee all things 
here below, and judge rightly of them. And 2. by the fame faving 
knowledge doe we breathe in our vitals (that we may fo fpeak^our 
fpirituall life ; By hif k»ov(>ledi^e JhaU my rigfjMHS fervam jfffiifi^ 
nMnji Efay 5 3 . 1 1 . And this is life eternM tokntm thee the only true 
Codi andjefus Chrifi ^hom thou hafi/ent, J ohn 17.3. Now if this 
Ayre be choaked, you can neither fee J efus Chrift to your juftifi- 
cation, nor breath in any ordinance of his to your falvation, nor 
can you fee what is the true Church, nor who arc the true Saints of 
God; you can rightly difcernc of nothing, if once the Sun, and 
the whole body of the ayre be darkened j but if now there come an 
Angel that Ihall poure out his Vial upon this fmoke of the ayre, atxl 
difpell thereby the clouds of darknefTe, and ignorance ; then fhall 
you clearly fee J efus Chrift, and the true ftate of his Church, and of 
all vifible Saints, then fhall you draw in true and lively breath from 
every ordinance of God. This is therefore the ayre whereupon 
this Vial fhall be poured, and that will be the difpelling of the darfc- 





H „, II f D i Mny 


Tbefevenih VidL 

ncffe of it: The Lord wilHe^d forth fuch a bright and clearc know- 
ledge of his Chriftj and Church, and Saims^and holy things which 
will prcvaile fo far, as to difpell all the fogs and mifts of darkneCTe, 
not alone in the Amichriftian State, but in all the world : fo that all 
Nations (hall be brightened with the knowledge of God : All Aiia 
(hall fee the vanity ofMahumetcy, and all the Pagan Nations, the 
fondneflTe and blindneflc of their Superftitions. And the J ews (hall 
then fee, and bewaile their blindneffe, and wretchedne(re in (land^ 
ing out againd J efus Chrift .• So that mofttrueit is which godly 
Interpreters have faid, that hereby all the kingdomcs of Satan arc 
threatened, though it be rather an eifefl of it^ then the true, and 
proper fence. 

a. What is then the adjunct that followeth, or goeth along with 
it : ^[Thcre came a ^reat voice out of the Temple of heaven from the 
ThrowT^ And that Throne is fet in the Church. Rev.4.2,3. Behold, 
a Thro fte \}?as fet m heaven, and one fate on the Throne, Which is the 
Lord himfi/fe.'wUo is rtCcmhUdhy three pretious ftones, holding 
forth the three perfons in Trinity : A Jafper having (as they (ay) 
a white circle round about it, reprefenting the Eternity of the Fa- 
ther; a Sardine ftone, of a fle(hy colour, reprefenting Jefus 
Chrift, who took our fle(h upon him. An Emerauld being of a 
green colour, refre(hing the eyes of thofe that looke upon it, re- 
prjefenting the Spirit, who is fas the Rainbow) a token of faire 
weather, and is a comfortable refrefher wherefoever he commetb. 
Now this voice comming from heaven, and from the. Throne, ic 
commeth alfo apparently from God, faying, It is done • that fo 
all men may fee it to be the revealed, and holy will of God> that all 
thefc things fhould be thus accompliOied. 

3. It iidone'^'whuisdonci (or here is no nominative cafe be* 
fore the verb. But this is that which is done, the myftery of iniquity 
isaboli(hed: Andthemyftery ofGod is fulfilled : For of this ic 
was rpoken, which you read Rev.io.y. where the Angelfthat ftood 
upon the Sea, and upon the earth^ telleth us. That in the dajes of 
thefeventh Angel, Whn hejhallfotmd (whofe Trumpet is founding 
to this day) the myjlery of God fhoulh he falfilted; And that ftandeth 
chiefly tn two things. 

1. In the deftru£lion of all his enemies. 

2. In the accompli(hmem of all his gracious p^mifes to the 
converfionofche Jewcs ^ and both thefc ihall be accompli(hed iit- 

Aaa3 the 







the pouring oiit of this Vial, as we may reade at large, jE^jf jp^ 
17. to the end of the Chapter j where the holy Prophet rpeaketb-of 
this very time, when the enemies of the Church (hall come outa*- 
gainft them, there will be a finall accomplifhment of all the myde* 
ries of iniquity, and of all the hoftility of the Lords enemies againft 
his Church : It isalfo the accompliihment of all his gracious pro- 
mifes, and therefore he faith Rev, 2 1 .6. When once the new J eru- 
falem commcth downe from God out of heaven, then,. Chrift him- 
felfe faith, /r /k^w. All his pro mifes are now performed and his 
great workes now fulfilled ; this is meant, when it is here faid, Jt is 
dom ; And the Lords voice it is, for had it been the voice of fomc 
Church-OfFicersabne, it might have reached to the Church, but 
not to the ends of the world : but when the Lord himfclfe fpeakeih, 
whofe voice is like the voice of thunder, then is it heard from one 
end of the earch unto another. All men fhall fee the i;rer.i workes 
that he hath done upon the face of the earth, Poper;, an: rJlfalfc 
Religion aboliflied ; the Kingdome of Chrift efi.ab.i.r.cJ, from the 
rifing of the Sun to the going down thereof. TKis is the Adj.mct. 

Now for the EtFecl : There is an E^t-y. of Terrour, and of agi- 
tations, and changes, and an efec^ ofdeftroying calamities, fori 
cannot well gather the notes that arife, unleHe thefe t-:ings be all 
opened, then I conceive they may be handled with brevity. 

4. For the efFefl of terrour ; the thunderings, and lightenings, 

and the voices, are the fame with thofe tliat are faid to come out of 

thcThrone,/?«;.4.u. Like unto that difpenfadon of old, Exod, 

20.18. Wherein were thunderings, and lightenings, and in ftead 

of voices, there is put in, the noife of the Trumpet, and thefe held 

forth the terrour of the Lord in giving of the Law, info much that 

Mofes himfelfe faid I exceedingly &are, and quake, and much 

more did the people feare and tremble : for fuch is the convincing 

dreadfull power of the La v of God, that let a man but heare it, and 

have it effectually applycd, and it will make the meekeft and moft 

innocent of the fervants of God to tremble; It will make the 

moumaines and hi Is to tremble. The voice of Gods fervants is 

like the voice of a trumpet, Efay 5 8.X. piercing deep into the earcs 

and hearts of men, but the voice of himfelfe exceedeth. So the 

meaning is, That upon the pouring out of this Vial upon the ayrc, 

there (liall be terrible thunderings, and lightenings, and voices like 

^unds of Trumpets upon the heans of men, tliat (hall make them 




Thefevemh yjtL: 

tremble and quake : The Lord will To lerribly aflfright, «nd amaze 
tbefonsof men withthe power ofhisholyword, and will, asdiat 
h (hall fuddcnly break fonh all iKe world over ; for in this man- 
ner doth the Lord begin his faving difpcnfations towards men, 
even with terrible lightenings, and ihunderings, and earihquakcs, 
thereby partly convincing men of fin, and fubduing their hearts, 
and confounding their malicious enemies. For the next Effect. 

5. Thn-t TfM a great earih^Hake.d-c,'^ And that importeth agi- 
tatations and changes,and not terrour onclyjthey are fuch as will 
not ccafe,untill they have removed the things that are iTiiken,tViat 
the things which cannot remain.fodoih thcApoftle, 

Hfi.it. 2(5.27. Interpri :fie of Haf^J.i.6. It ar- 

gueth (faiih he) the rcmovn iings that ate (liaken j and 

he interprets it concerni eftatc in that place ; and he 

will alfo (liakc all tlie I' e world, as the fame Pro. 

phet HA^.thoMZirut ;,2 2.raying,I will fhake the 

heavens and the earth : .hrow the throne of King- 

domes, and I will del • of the Kingdomcs of the 

Heathen, y;c. And fo erthrow the great Pcrfian 

Monarchy byiheGf( jrecian Monarchy by the 

Romane, and ihe Roma jus Nations, and the Lord 

hath bin (iLiking them evcrfincc,and will (hake them hereafter with 
fuch a (hakinp as iicvet was the like : you rcade of a great earth- 
quake, when as Id^rne, of Pagan, became Chriftian, Kfv.6.ii. 
But ilat w.ts .1 fiujll (iLtking, unto this earthquake, for dill the 
Perfiansare Uli laurs, and many Pagans in the world ; that (ba- 
king bnmsht in a forme of Chtiftianity, but the faving know- 
leJg'" of Chrift was yet in a great mtafure wanting ; that forme of 
Cliriflianity which then came in, made way for Popery to creepe 
in M into the ChuriKes hui ihiswill (li.xkeoutPoyery, and when 
by it the Popilh aire is fmtttcn, the Lord will alfo (hake all the 
world by it J and the tmw dcth haften. 

e. Kow for the third eflert, whichisadillraaing, and de- 
ftro'iing calamity upon Cities, upon IHands, and Mountaines, 
and upon men: Amons; cities, here is the great Ciiie, and the 
cities of the Nations, »nd Babylon.Some good Interpreters looke 
at fi abx Ion to be Con(Uminople:For my pan I dare not think but 
one of ihefe is p»« cxiwiitively for the otherjBabylon for the great 
city : Now ihat gr«M cUy wKich is rpiriiaally called Sodome, and 


S The fevemh Vfd, 

^^f^» ^w. 1 1 . 8. is that great city, which rcigncth over the 
Kings ofthe earth, and that is i^om^, as all confe0e; and that Ba- 
bylon, C^^.iy.i 8. and this is the fame city, which the Kings of 
the earth, and the Merchants of the earth doe moume for whea 
(he is deftroyed, and fay, Chaf,i%. lo. AlM,atat, thit great city 
B^jlon, that mighty city, (^c, and that alfo by their confefTton is 
Rome, And fo this Laner mention of it, doth but (hew the rea- 
fon why it commeth to be divided into three parts> and 
why the cities of the Nations fell, for Babylon, came up into 
remembrance, &c. The great city then is Babylon, and that 
is divided into three pans : I ihould not thinke that it is 
fpoken of the breach of the naturall walls of the city by the earth- 
juake ; butit will be divided into three fa£lions ; fome will fticke 
raft unto Popery, and others of the people of God that be- 
fore durft not openly profefl*e Religion,will now renounce Pope- 
ry, for fuch there (hall be in Rome when it is neere to be deftroy- 
ed, unto whom it (hall be faid, Rev. i %,/^,Come ont of her my people, 
C^f. and what the third part may be, there is not light, for in this 
ilace, what light other places may give, we (hall ( if God pleafe^ 
Tee hereafter, meane while it is fufficient to under(land that it will 
be divided into three pans : and what if the third pan be a Neu- 
trall betweene both the other i 

7. What were the ciries of the Nations i Thofe are they that 
trod the Church of God under foote. Rev. 1 1.2. fuch they were 
who did fubje£t themfelves to Fopi(h Government, the cities of 
thofe Nations (hall fall, whofoever they be that are found ado- 
ring Rome, they (hall fall : for Babylon her felfe (hall come up 
into remembrance before God, to give unto her the Cup of the 
wine ofthefierceneifeofhis wrath, which (hall infatuate her un- 
till (he be utterly deftroyed by thofe ten Kings that (hall hate her, 
and eate her fleHi, and bume her with fire. 

8 . ytful every Jflaudpd awajtOnd the mount aines tvere mtfound^ 
He fpeaketh not of eanhly Iflands, but you muft underftand that 
hefpeakeihofthe mouniaines, and Iflands of the Antichriftian 
ftatc; what are the mountaines .' They arc the places where they 
went a whoring after their Gods in old time, fer.^.6. She is gone 
upon every hightmountaine, and under every grecnc tree, and 
there hath played the harlot, there they had built them Chappells, 
and there they had placed their confidence, in refpe^ of which 





*** ^ ''■ "" ^-^r^^i^'^Pt^— i tm i ■* wpwi^F^*^ ' ^ m i»"i ■ ! ' 

The fcvtMh yial, 
vhtathty come to repent; they (hall retume, »niifay,vei:2j. 
Troely in vaine is filvaiion hoped for from the hills, and from 
(he multitudes of msuntalnes.anfwerable unto wliich arc the great 
temples built unto falfe Gods they lliall Hccaway. In the new 
Jerofalem,/fw.2i.i3.thercwasno Temple fccne, no Temple 
confecrated to this or tliat .Saint (hall be found therein, 
. What are the lilanJs ;• They are grounds fcparaicd from the 
earth, by the Sea : The Sea is the corruption of Religion, upon 
which the fecond N'iall vvas poured. Therefore fuch places as are 
confecraied by Pop:(li I'Jevoiions, as Chvirch yards, and fucli o. 
ther Popifh grounds, il-ey are thefclflands, that (hall flee away; 
yoD (hall no more heare tell of ' d Church-yard, or any 

fuch matter all the world o\t II fall to the ground all- 

yoarCathedrallCh:rcl'cs, and ligli Places that over- . 

toppe the people of God, and hit growth of the thingsof 

Godneere about them, though t s that be fuperftitioufly 

fet apart for holy ends be never ( , they (hall be all ba. 

niihed and vanidi away, there le no more noife of 


9. AndHfottmmthcrc fdlagreiu « o/fc-dt/fii] The AIIu» 

fionbyfome, is thought to be unit, ayle fpokenof^(7^;,io, 

1 1 . which the Lord caft downc from ncd ;n upon the Cananites, 
fo that mo:e died with haileftoncs, then they which the children of 
Ifracl (lew with the Swordibut I cannot fay, that l-.aile ftormc is here 
alluded unto: for here men did not die upon it, but blafphemed 
onely ; unleffe it (houlJ be fpokeu of their cvcrl.'fting death in hell, 
but that were a common jutlgcmcnt to :ll ;he wicked ; but I rather 
thinkeitisanallufiontotl'.ehaile (lorme in A'gvpt, whereof the 
effccl was, that tlicv (inncd, and hardened their herts yet more, 
Excd. p.j/J Well then, if it be fach an hayle as dcth not kill men, 
but provoke them to blafphemc, what kinde of judgement might it 
beC InteriTeters doe n('t tell us ; So that we cntake no better 
courfcto knowit, then to fee whatallcgoricall hai'e ftoncs meanc 
in Scripture, for by C'-nipiiring Scriptures together, you (halt have 
the full meaning : f c^'cr)' p.irt of Gods Counfell. For this end let 
us look in Jifay 2^.17. where the l^rophct telleth us that the hai|e 
(liallfweep away the refuge of lies, when once Chrift is laid in the 
foundation, f(r.I (5. then all the reft of the refuges ofihefonsof 
B b b men. 

""• '■ "T" -jMj-n^-^mrf.-iufs.a t i r»^*fc»^i-t»..^-...^-.— .^...^^--.^e^^. ^ trir^ <ni H 1 i i ■'■iii L i^ t i Tn 

lo Thi fevcnthVid. 

men, iha arc lying refuges, (hall be f.vepc away : There is alfo 
ancihcr alluUcn fucng hercumo in EK/k: 13 U- 13. where the 
Lord ihre.uneih againft ihe walUhac is daubed wiih umempered 
mercer : there flul! be :n over-fiowing flioNver, and ye O great 
haile ftones (hall fall^ end a ftcrmy \vindc fhall rent it. So then, this 
kindc ofhaileilormeis fuch a plague of Cjcd upon men as (hall 
dcftroy all iheir iv ing rcfugeS; and men (hall then infult over them, 
and fay, where is the dawbing wherewith you have dawbed it '^ So 
then, at this lime the Lord will fend an haile ftorme that (hall dif- 
cover all the counterfeit Religion' in the world, all the juggelings 
of their Miracles, all the faire Teeming pretences of Popery, or any 
other Religion, all their doctrines of merits, and confidences in 
their prayers to Saints, and Angels, ?nd fuperftitious Devotions, 
;:n haile ftorme fliall tall upon them all infuchfort, that you Avail 
fee the vanity of them: And all the world fhall fee, that allRclgi-^ 
ons befides Chriftianity, are but a refuge of lies, and in the end 
their jugglelings, and fcphiftry fhall be blowne up, andblafted: 
Some fhall be (haken out of ».hem, Sc feded upon better bottoms,& 
ethers will be provoked to blafpkeme, they will fo vex thcmfelves 
with extremity of anguifh, for that thev are thus bereaved of their 
old comfortable good daycs ; and oh the joyfull feftivals that they 
v/ere wont for to keep in their Abbies, and fuperftitious places, for 
the lofle of which they fiiall blafpheme the Lord,and true Religion, 
and all the inftrumcnts of the Gofpels propagation. Such a thing 
as this we reade o^ Rev. 1 1 . 1 5 . When as the feventh Angel found- 
ed, there were j^reat voices in heaven, faying, The King- 
domes, of this world are become the Kingdomes of our Lord, and 
ofhisChrift, Scc. There it is faid iyluuorloj but here y^^n (the 
thing was liiCn in doing, but now it is donej Then the Nations 
were angry faith the Text, ver. 1 8. and a great haile there fell, when 
tlicy began to become the Kingdomes of Jefus Chrift, and there 
was an earthquake, ver. 19. but never fuch an earthquake as this 
will be ; fo mighty, and To great, that will blaft, rot Popery alone, 
but rll the Hotamocks in this countrey, and all that arc found 
among other Indians in other parts of the world, an Haile ftorme 
fl\:ll fall upon them all, and blaft all their green groves, and ar- 
bours, wherein they were wont to be worftiipped : Thus have you 
feen (?s the Lord hath been pleafed to help^ the meaning of ihefc 

words : 

" ■■ nmmm^mm^^mmmfirmmm^wmmm^ntmmmm^mmmmmmmm^rtmm^ 

_ STmuT 


Thefeventh Vial. 1 1 

words: Let us now gather one note from them; For I would not 
long dwell upon thefc iEnigmaticall, I mcanc Prirabolicall Scrip- 

The l)o£lrine is. That when the darkneflc of Popifli, andhel- I?<?^/ 
li(h ignorance is difpelled, fo that a man may clearely fee heaven* 
ly light, rnd breath in heavenly knowledge, then, It is done : That 
is to fay, then rll the myftcry of ini«]uity is aboliflied, and the my- 
ftcry of God is fulfilled. For thus you fee it is evidently here ex- 
preffed in ihe Text. T he feventh Angel did pourc out his y\7\ uj>- 
on the Ancichnftian ayrc, and that was fuch an ayre as was darken- 
ed wiih the fmoakc of the bcttomlcflrc pit, as with a foggj^'mift. 
Now when tills ayrc fliall Againc bee cleared, and die foggy dark- 
neffe thereof difpelled, fo that men m.y have the true ufe of it, to 
fee through it thofc heavenly bodies which were darkened by that 
fmoake, 7{e^z;.p.2. then fliall men fee Jefus Chrifl: to be all in all un- 
to Juftification, Sanflification, Ccnwlation, which in Popery you 
could not: then fliall the true Church be feen^which like the Moon, 
borrowcth all the light ic hath from the Sun : ftrue indeed if the 
Moone be taken for the world, then flie treadeth ic under her feet, 
Rev.i 2. 1. J In Poperv vou could not fee what a true Church was, 
they will tell you of this and that Church, but they rrenotrue 
Churches. Rut when this v;.ile fliall be removed, then fliall you 
clearely know thpt the true Church is not a Catholike vifible, nor a 
Ca;hedrall,noraDioccfan,nora Provinciall Church. Then fliall 
you fee the Stars of he\ven, you fliall know who are the true offi-- 
ccrs of the Church, not Paratours,^.nd Fro^lours, Deacons, and 
Archdeacons^ Bifliops, and Archbifliops over many Churches, 
they are not the lights which the Lord hath fet therein : And you 
fliall then fee who were the true members of the Chiirch, Not the 
Canonized Saints, not fuch as %'^\\\iGcorac^ who was an ancient 
Heretick, but you fliall fee them to be fucb as are fpoken of, Plnl. 
2. 15. blanieleflTe, and h rmlefle, the Sons of God, without re- 
buke, fliining as lights in the world ; then fliall you fee the Scrip- 
ture more clearely, true doclrine, and worfliip,and government as 
it is held forth in the Gofpcll of Chrifl:,and when you fliall fee thefc 
things, then,lt is done ; Even all that God hath to do in die world, 
for any ftirther Reformation expecl it not, /?«/. I o.y. when the 
lime is come th.t the feventh Angel hath blowne his Trumpet, the 

Bbb2 Lord 

^^^,^^t■-|*>^g^^>^*-^:.r.tw»•-,,..f>A>^ , . ,M-^, , .^ ^^. ^ ^ ^ . . ^ ^ ^ 



I i T/y^ feventh VtaL 

Lord will not delay, but ic ihall then be fulfilled, and the f.ofd will 
clearely nunifed to all Nations the great grace which he hath to 
fhow to the f 3ns of men, and ihis is long agoe foretold, Efaj 25. 
6y 7, 8. In this mountain (hall the Lord of hods make unto all pco- 
le a feaft of fat chings, a feaft of wines on the Lees, of fat things 
ull of marrow, of wines on the Lees well refined : And he will 
deftroy in chis mountain ihc face of che covering call over all peo- 
ple, and that is ch ^ pouting out of this Vial upon che ayre, for the 
face of the covering, is the ayre in my Text , T hen will the Lord 
make a feafi: of fat things, then will he fwallow up death in viclory, 
and wipe away tcarcs from off all faces, :nd the rebuke of his peo- 
ple (hall betaken away from off all the errih : this is alfo prophe- 
fied of, jcp;'. 11.6,7,8,5?. They (ho.llnothu tn^rdeftroy inall 
mine holy mouniaine, and the reafon is : for the earth (hall be full 


ofthe knowledge ofthe Lord, ^s the waters cover the Se.i : and 
then, Tt is done : The myftery of iniquity is aboliflied^ there is no 
m^redarkncfTe, nordeftruTiDn, and the calling of the Gentiles, 
which was a mvftery to the J ewes, (hall be then fully accomplifli- 
ed, and the calling of the J ewes, which the Ap lllc callcth a myfte- 
ry to us Gen:ilcs,y?(>w. II. 25. (hall be then fulfilled, and fj the 
myftery of C jod is finifhed. 
^(raf. I . Three Reafons doth the Text give us hereof, i . Firft, from the 

manner of the entrance of this heavenly gl >ry into the hearts of 
men, whether it conic into private perfons, or publique States ; It 
com.ncthce Tibly wiih lightnmgsand thunder* ng<;,t!:e which com- 
ming from God, doc fo terri£« the hearts of men, and the fta:e of 
the world, ihat they fhall fee plainely how they have beene deluded 
v/ith defperaie follyes, ond when men arc put unto fuch an carih^ 
qtiake in their fpirits ; this will be the point they come unto : Men 
nn^ brethren v. hat fha/l rve doe to he fkved? as did the J aylor when he 
had been foundly fhaken with the eartliquake, AHs 1 6.26.^o.^v\d 
lo it willbe with Kins;domcs,when God hath in Hke fort fhaken 
them, they will contend for true Religion, and will not then be 
baffled out and deluded with vanities, as now they be : when die 
fpirits of men are terrified, and they feclc no faivation in thdr Re- 
ligion, they know not what fhall become of their pn.cious foulcs, 
this will feti'.ll the world on worke to looke about them : for upon 
this ground you (lull fee Indians, and Jews, and Pagans gaping 


* • 

The feventh Vial. tf 

afier falvation, when they fee by chcfe terrible ftormes, and thun- 
c^ers, that all their Re'igions arc buc Co many refuges of lies, then- 
is there worke in hand indeed, which when God hath begun hec 
will alfo finifli it unto the day of Chrift^^nd it will be fuch an eanh^ 
quake, as was never heard of in the world : Heretofore fo long as 
this worke was found amone pcr^e Chridians, the great Lords of 
the world pcrfecuicd ihem, and drvifed all manner of cruell tor- 
menisf<^rthem : but whenthcv felr tha the wraih of God was 
kmdled againtlthcm, then t!:;:ir heans fc*!I. and they were ali in a 
combuftion for the ftate of their foulcs before the Lord : now they 
were glad to renounce their y//p/Vrr/, and y/r;^Av, and to embrace 
Chriftianity, and to heark-n to abetter Covcncint, this is the efFeft 
of thundcrings and ii jhmm'gs, ^nd vovces it f ione blafleth IdoIa<« 
tr^', and forccth man to feeke after a clearer paJTage to heaven. 

1 he fecond Reafon is taken from the power of the fiving ^^ov/- n ^2 
ledgeofChrifttodifpell this Popifli ignorance, and to carry an 
end the heart of a man with fach power, ihat he can no longer lie 
at quiet in his naturall eftatc ; but it worketh in men thefc foure ef* 

1 . It fubductb and tameth the hearts of men that now they will 
joyn themfelvcs unto the people of God,£y^. 1 1 .^.7, 8. the VVolfe 
fhall lie with the Lambe, the Leopard fliall lie downe with the 
Kid,&:c. So great is their change in their hearts, that mens Rave- 
nous tyrannies are taken away, and there is wrought in them, a 
kindly fwcetc unfhaken frame, that will fo bre.ike forth againft 
Gods people as formerly; thus doth the carthqna'.c.fhake out 
droffe, and corruptions, and cllablifh the heart in a fweete graci- 
ous frame of Spirit. 

2. Secondly, The knowledge of Chrift will breed divifion, as 
well as conjunction ; Thlnhe yon ('faith Chrift J that I am come to 
fcnclp^accjIt''lljoHnay^h{tthefv.wrd: To fotmcnat variance a- 
mons; tliemfelvcs, the father againft the fonne, and the fonne a- 
gainftthe father, nS. tlze mother againft the daughter,Scc. And this 
divifion is made in Cities, anA in Kingdomes, ^^67.14.4. The 
city was divided, and part held with the Apoftles, and part held 
with the J ewes : fo it is in the Text, the ejeat city was divided into 
three parts> fume are hardened in their ignorance, and fome are 
drawneout of it, and a third part will ftand Neuters betweene 

Bbb 3 both 

14 The [event h Vial. 

both to fee, which way the balknce will turne, and thefc arc alCo 
hardened in their blindneflc. 

3 .Thirdly the faving knowledge of Chrifi: hath in it this power to 
caufe men to rife up in armes againft all the enemies of th« G jfpell 
cf Chriil in a lawful! way of God : There is a power in true Reli- 
gion, thr.t makcth the hearts of the timerous to be fl:i(fe,and ftrong> 
that where as men were before atr.iid of the power of the houfc of 
Auftria, and of the King of Spaine, and of the reft of the Cacho- 
like Princes, there is a power in the Spirit of Chrift, that willdi- 
(pcliall thcfe, had but men the zealeofGodin their hearts, it 
would make allthefe feares to be like Scar crowes, and makes 
men bold to bid battell unto all thofe that ftand out ag:.inft Reli- 
gion, fofarre as the Lawes of a State may beare them out. 

4, A fourJi power of this knowledge, is to blowup all the in- 
vemions of men in the worfhip of God,wherby men have deluded 
tlicmfelves and others j when once mens hearts are lifted up in the 
waves cf the Lord, as it is faid o^ J oho/haphat that his heart was, 
2 Chro.iJ.6. and then he tooke away the High places. and groves 
oinoffudah: So whenthezeale of Godlifteth up the hearis of 
hispeople, then wilhhey not endure a confecrated place in all the 
world where they come And when this Viall is poured out » the 
earch (hall be full of this knowledge of God,and then all the Chap- 
l^els of Eafcjand Churches of ftate, and Temples of glcry,whereby 
the v/c rid hacN b'iene deluded, they will not leave them j iconc up- 
onaftonet.iat ihcfil noi oe thrownc downe: This is the fecond 
Reifon, taken from :he power of faving knowledge, which fabdu- 
eth mens wilde nature:, worketh holy divifion, giveth courage, 
and ihe power of zeale a^jr-nft all fuperftitions, and inventions of 
men, though now in fomc places you may not paflTc through with 
a burden,nor looke upon the wall thereof. The zeale of the Lord of 
hc)aft will blow them up^ ihofe places will be hid open to the reft 
of the ftreeces^ and become but common foyle, they will not then 
be regarded but trampled upoii. 
Jxcaf. 3. 1 he Third Reafon is . rom the juft judgement of God upon all 

that are not effeilually wriu^ht upon bv this faving knowledge of 
God, if men come not in on iom? meafure to a perfect accomplirh- 
mem of Gods worke in their heans,therc will fall fuch a plague of. 
haile upon them, as will teare away their vaile, and rend away their 



• ft 

■'* \^mmmmmmmmmmfmmmmmmmmmr'mmmmimmtitmf^»mi'>mmfmi'!>m'mm^'mi( 

..— ., y^ 

«^^itflM^»i«4«**^ ••*• ^*— tf. 


Tbefeventhyid. jj . 

hypocriticall fiiiftSjand goodly pretences, and wafh down their 
unicmpcred dawbings, therewith ihcy have dawbed the walls 
of ihcir ftanviing in the Church of God ; He will fo rend them 
to pieces, thac if they will not come in, he will leave them 
tc luch opcnblifphemies, thatyou jTiall clcarcly fee there is no 
more hope of iheir ccnverfion, not falvaiion. 

The Ufe of this point in the lirft place,- may fetve to teach: -i^ij-j— 
you a juftrcproofe of the Popifh conceit, Thac ignorance is 
die mother of Devotion, unleiTe they meane it ot their ownc 
devotion ; True, it is the mother of their devotion indeed : 
fo long as their people are hood-wmked with it, they will 
thinkc ihey doe God good fer\'ice, if they be intheCh^rch, 
though they underftand nothing there, and if when they die, 
theybeburyed in a Church-yard, they thinke they are the 
better, and yet better if tli^y be bury ed in a Church, and yec 
better, if it be in a Chancell,.and better then fo, if it be under' 
the Altar, and better ihen. that,, if a Fryars Cowle be wrapped 
about them. This is indeed the mother of whippings, and 
fcourgings of auricular confefTions, and of all Popifh fuperfti^ 
tions ; for in truth, take away this ignorance, and all Popifh 
devotipn dotn of it felfe fall to ihe ground, if once this vaile be 
riemoveu from the face of all Nations. • • 

Secondly, Lcarne from hence to fee what great need wee ^/^ 2; 
have all of us to grow up In faving knowledge, and in prayer, 
for the increafe thereof, that we may propagate the fame daily 
more and more; you fee what wonders it will doe, Gods 
people of old prayed for us; Pfal. 6j. i. God be mefcifuil to 
us, an J bleflfe us, and caufe his face to fliine upon us : And for 
what end c' That thy way may be known upon earth, and thy 
faving truth among all Nations. And when once the light of 
theGofpellisdifperfed, it will bring in all Nations, it will 
thunder upon them, and never leave ir* nil it have changed 
them. If this kno !-:dgc of God comeamongftan army of 
men, they will n i touch any thing that is their brethrens, not 
meddle, no'' n.ake with any to doe them harme, no mans 
purfe fhall be taken from him, no mans goods taken away 
withoutduerecompence, only they will not be deludtdwith 
(haddowes, nor fufFer mountaines to overtop them, neither 


y p i i I . ■■ ■ ■ *» ■ ■ ■ ^jLAf 


1 . . X 

1^ V ^^^,^ Jl\ , • ,,, jj^ J.I ^ » ■ ii l|ir II 

I ^ Thefeventh VUl. ^ 

will thcybecncompafled with hands : they willraife fuch art 
earthquake firft, in Church, and Common- wealth, as you will 
at length wonder at, for though it begin in a corner of the 
world, it will not ceafe till it have {haken all Chriftendome, 
for when men once begin clearely to fee which is thfetnic 
Church of Gcd, that it is not Cathedrall, nor Provinciall, nor 
Diocefan, bucconetcgationall only, the officers whereof are 
godly Paftors, and Teachers, and ruling Elders, and Dea- 
cons. And when chcy fee that the Saints which they have cm- 
braced, and efteemed, arc not the true Saints oF God, nor 
thefe the Churches, nor thofe the officers of Chrift wherewith 
they have been gulled : but they fee now who arc the Saints 
of the mod high ; and can put a difference now between pre- 
cious and vile : In this way men will goc on to raifc fuch an 
' earthquake (and that not befides the Law neither) that if any 
City rife up againft them, fall it muft, and (loop unto them, 
andat length Rome it felfe (hall fall, and all the Cities of the 
Nations that cleave unto her, and every mountaine (hall bee 
rocteJ up, and all their confecrated places fhall lie levell with 
the common foile, this will the Lord bring to paflc, and will 
not leave till he hath wrought his great work in the world, this^ 
is his revealed will, and it will not failcuntill every jot and 
tittle of it be fulfilled. Let us therefore pray both night and 
day, in feafon, and out of feafon for our brethren in our native 
countrey, for whom God hath wrought all thefe great things, 
and for whom greater things yet remain to be done, for whom 
our work is to wraftle with God, that they may not perifh for 
lack of knowledge, nor nitlake a falfe Church for a true, (and 
falfe it is, ifitbeeitherCathedrallj Provinciall, National!, or 
Diocefan) But pray we, that they may fee the Moone, which ^* 
God hath fet in ihc Firmament, even the true forme of a .^ 
Church of the new Tellament. And alfo that Chrift may bee 
better known in ali the parts of his Kingly office, and govern- 
ment in his Church, that they may fee who arePapifts, and 
who are the true Saints of God, and who are counterfeit, that 
they difcerae between clcane and uncleane : for if the faving 
knowledge of God grow up unto any ripenefle among them, 
it will not bcare many things that arc there remaining, many 


'^ - -l i t r " ■! ^ 1 ■ -t. ■ ■■ ■■■■■•■ II 

The feventh fid. 17 

dawbtngs with untempered moner there are that maft be bea* 
ten downe : And great piety were it that they (Kould want any 
li^ht which might pofTibly be afforded unto them, and mar^ 
vellous ufefuU will it be, that we (hould not be wanting on our 
parts to help with what hght we have, that fo (here may be no 
more refuges oflies in that land, I fay this is mightily to bee 
wraftled for, both in prayers, and in all Chnftian endeavours .• 
for venly this is the worke of God, meet for every man to fet 
his heart, and hand unto, even to pull away the vaile of dark' 
nelTe from all faces, and from all the mindes of men, and to 
difcovcrclearely thcGofpellof JefusChrift, and all the holy 
wayes of his fanduary, that every man may fee, and fee cleare- 
ly, that men may not makeadawbingofpart Reformation, 
andpartSuperdition, part Popery, and part Proteftanifme, 
part uniformity, and part conformity ; O that an haile ftorme 
might not be wanting to batter downe fuch dawbing, that the 
work of God might not ccafe, but amount unto the praife of 
the glory of his rich grace in Jefus Chrift, and extend unto the 
accomplifhmem of every holy word of his truth. 

The third ufe may ferve to inftruftyou in the wonderfully/^*' 
fuccelTe of fmall beginnings in the things of God ; that a wo- 
mans throwing of & forry chaire at a mans head ^though the 
partie might be punifhable for fuch a mifcarriage^fhould rayfe 
fuch a contending for reformation, that both kingdomes 
muft either ftand by reformation or elfefall to mine; Firft, 
the women backe on the men,and then the men muft for (hame 
backe on their wives, and greater men backe the meaner, to 
bring forth fuch a great reformation : And how (hould this 
come to palTe ^ Truely in the eyes of men it is wonderfull. 
But you know the lead thing you caft into a {breame,will runne 
downe the ftreamc, you neede not force it ; you have caft it in 
where nature hath fee a courfe to carry it along: And how much 
more fhall things runne an end , when the God of nature 
hath fet them a courfe K when he powreth a Vial upon the igno" 
ranee and darkenefl'e of Popifh luperftition, then great workes 
therein, will be done, for now a man underworkes the Lord, 
when he doth what his word hath fpoken, and what his hand 
bath gone before us in : And when the ordinances of God (ay^ 

C c c ic 

"* ^ • *^^^ . ^ M . ■ ■■ I ■ ■ I ■ ■! ■■■ 

mifiin***^'»^m>mmmmt m m i— *^>>» a a ^ ww ^ii^^ l ' ■ i ^ " » " ' " " ' 


^ffffT?— ' " !.•«•♦ ' •■' "J." i- ^ r ** "^ »"' "• ' *" •.. ■ ' rr" "" * '' ' ' '■ ■ " ■ T'^ Ssjg ^^— TT^'irw i. " aw I I I ■■V m ■ ■■1^1 ^ in iiaiT^t: 

^ it '-' /.* The feventh ViaL 

m • 

it is fpoken,tlien the providence of God will fay, it is done^ 
and then if you failc long with Gods providence in Gods or- 
dinance,you need not fcare, nor wonder, if weake beginnings 
come unto great ilTues : For now you take opportunitie by 
the foretop (as they are wont to (ay) if you carry along bud- 
nelTe according to the word, the Lord will carry things m end 
mightily in your hands beyond all your expecVations,or imagi- 
nations,, for there is no refitting, nor controlling the worke 

ZJfi 4. The fourth ufe may fhow you the great danger of fuch, as 

{land out againfl: the reformation of Religion, the Lord will 
throw downe his hdile upon them, and rend their hearts and in- 
dignation,and blafphemy : He will goe an end wich his worke, 
though they fweare, and ftorme, hewillpurfae the enemies of 
his grace with his wrath, till he have utrerly confounded, and 
confumed them from off the face of the earth. 

Zffe <. In the lafl: place this may ferv^e to teach every man in pcrti- 

cular (I amforcedto fpeake unco kingdomes and dates : but 
leticnotbeinvaine ; let us be acquainted with every part of 
his counfell, and will, and this is a maine part thereof, and wee 
m?.y not fliuc our eyes from any knowne truth ; for God would 
have the veyle taken from all faces^ you may have a true plat- 
forme of this worke in any godly mans heart : If the Lord 
meaneto finiflithemifcery of his grace in thee, he will power 
out a \^'al upon the vaile of thine ignor nee, and will open 
thine eyes to fee that thou haft runne a camall curfed courfc 
ofhfe,he will come in with thundrings, and lightnings, and 
voyces, fuch as wherewith A'fofcs himfelfe (hall be terrified. He 
will come in with an earthquake into thy heart, terribly (baking 
thy finfull corruptions, and then he willworke a reall change in 
thee, that nothing in heaven butChrift, nor in the earth in 
comparifon of him. The Lord will not fuflPer you to reft, until! 
you have clofcd ftedfaftlywith him, tbe knowledge of God 
hath given yon will bring this matter to pafTe, he will not leave 
you untill you havegone forward to a divifion from your (infuU 
luft,and camall companions. And whatfoever his work be, yoa 
muft doe it, even unto the fiilfilhng of the myftery of God; and 
whofoever rifeth againft you, you muft plead for Chrift with 


t • 

■ ' ■ ■ I 11 '^■^mmmmmm 

Thefevtnth Vid. ' '■ • 19' 

die weapons of your tongue ; and whatfocver High mountaine 
rifclh in you, any gifts, or parts, good duties, any grcene 
grafle tliat grov/etli in you ; the liaile ftcrme of Gods \v a;h 
will drive you fromtrufting on ai-.y fuch comn-on grace; all 
dawbingswith untenipered niorceryou cannot skill of: whatfo- 
ever doth not make to the building you up in away of faving 
grace you are unsl-ilfull in, ilieiefoic you arc dcfrous ftill to 
clofe witl' Clirifb ; nor c.;n yec reft, unc'-ll you ccme to fetled 
peace in hi:n : This is fuch a m. ftery of God, as dee will not 
reft, nor fulTcr you to reft untill it be done; and if his Word 
will bring it to pafte in a whole countrcv: then fure it is enough 

to etFccI it in tbinc heart: S( 
upyourfelves, nor oiiiers \vj 
your fclves untill you be fiis 
prehenfions as hypocrites a 
till you I'mje Cbrift manift 
up in a I aiiibe-lil'e frame ol 
of God be fmiftied in you ; 
tV.athatb beene wrought 

at you doe not dawbe 
d morter ; fatisRe not 
allHich common ap- 
t in : reft you not, u(t. - 
)irit as yours; grow 
ly, untill the myftery 
!t myftery of Iniquity 








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