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Full text of "The saints svre and perpetvall gvide. Or, A treatise concerning the Word. Which, as the Israelites cloud, conducts us from AEgypt to Canaan; whereunto wee must take heed, as unto a light that shineth in a darke place, till the day dawne, and the day-starre arise in our hearts .."


THE W-^ 



G V I D E. 

o %, 

A Trcatife concerning the 

Which.as the Ifraelites CloudjCondufts 

us frora Mgjpt to Canaan . whereunto wee 

muft take heed, as uiito a Light that fhineth ia 

a darke place, till che Day dawne,and the Daj* 

{larrc arilc in our hearts. 


That Reverend , Learned , and Godly Minifter 

of Chrift lefus, R o B E R T B o L T o N, Bache- 

lour of DivJnitie , and late Preacher of 

Gods Word at Broughten in 


loKM 5. SO, 21. 'I^i,'^ 

Every one thatddth tvill^ hateth the light ^ neither commeth to the light, il^ SC*- 

lejl hti deeds ptottld be reproved, :1^,«.^ 

But he that doih the truth, commeth to the light , that his deeds may '^^*^ 

be made manife^. that they me wrought in God, i^T *'^ 

LONDON, #»&• 

Printed by E, Purjlow , for Rafha Harford^ in 

Quccnes- head- Alley in Pater-NoFter-Rgw, at 

the Signe of the Gilt Bible, 1^34. 




IohnCkve 5 Eiquirc , one of 
his Majcfties lufticc fthe Peace 
and j^HorumySic. for the Couatie of 

ۥ C '9ollheth encreafe of Grace and Peace 

/» C H R I s T , htre ^ and eternaff 

Ghry hereafter^ 

Right W orshufvll, 

*Ot H Law and well 
approoved Cuftome 
hath long eftablifh- 
cd it,That the Hcire 
ftiould fuccccd in mi- 
Verfum jusdefmSti^^vid 
have inccreft, title, 
the pofleflions and rights of the party dc- 
ccafcd : yea, they adde alfo, chat bdrediw 

(a i) tranfit 


*04lj. a?. 

^Ihe Spiflle Dedicatorie^ 

tranft cum onere , the Inheritance cannot be| 
fevered from the troubles and incumbran- 
ces that goe along with it. Vpon which 
ground jfeeing it hath pleafed your worthy ' 
Father, Sir Thomas Cj^e , (who is now at 
reft with Chris t ,whicn is * exceedin^y 
fane more better than all other excellencies 
the Lord had here graced him with) with 
much favour and wiliingncflc to undertake 
the Patronage of thefe Pofthumous Wri- 
tings in his life time 5 my earneft defire un- 
to your Worfhip is^Cwho are ^atrub^res 
ex ajfe, andj doubt not, but alfo ^fecundum 
promifionem) that you would adminlfter in 
thefe,as a parcell of his goods and chattels, 
(as they call them) and iiicceed in the pro- 
tedionof them : That as the memorie of 
your natural! Father is preferved and ho- 
noured in themJo the honour and glory of 
your fpirituall may be promoted and ad- 
vanced by thefe. 

Befides which premifles , I hope that 
the very Name of that worthy and faith- 
full. Minifter of Ie s V s Ch R [ s TjMafter 
Robert !BaHon (j5iM«<?eeV«, that late bright-^ 
ftiining Starre in the Firmament, of ouj; 

Church : 

l^he EpiUle T>edicatorie. 

Church ; a man bc3db well knowne and 
approved of you , as being a neighbour 
Miniftcr, and fo greatly renowned for his 
Learning and Labours in his former Wri- 
tings , amongfl: all them that have read 
them 5 that they may acknowledge it to 
be more truly laid of him, that was fome- 
cimcs fpoken oi^riflotle, * That his very 
Pen was dipt in Vnderftanding , and all 
kind of Learning was the Inkc that hee 
wrote withall, in regard of that profound 
wifedome and refined knowledge and elo- 
quence that flowed from it : ) I fay, I am 
confident, that his very Name will make 
an cafic way for his Writings unto your 
Worftiip 5 who for the care and cndcvour 
to advance the glory of God,and to further 
the welfare and edification of his Church, 
and for the love to godly and painefull 
Minifters , and the godlinelle profefled, 
preached ,and praftifed by them,and many 
other gracious endowments wherewith 
the Lord hath enriched you,have the love 
and admiration and high eftimation of all 
thofe that fcare God , that know you, or 
have heard of you, 

(a 3) This 


The EpMle DeJicatorie. 

This confidence iNtth CKiboldened me 
to prefcnc thefe enfuing Trcatifcs unto 
your Meditation, and Patronage ; befee^ 
ching the Lord of his mercie to fanftifie 
them to your owne and the Churches be- 
nefiCj and tobleffe jour felP- and all yours 

with alt fpirituall Bleffings in hea- 
venly things , in I E s V s 



Tour WorJlAps humbly dclnMcd^. 

in aU holy endeato'^rs^ 




■ ; ■ '■ Cv;c;, 








'tV^ ' A^T ?" 

Good Rbadbr, ,- . „ 

Cannot denicy But that the Arguments 
handled in theft three foUo^ing Treati- 
[es^are common ^ and the ordinarie fub- 
jeH both of man) Sermons and printed 
_ _ _ _ Bookes in thefe dayes : yet t»ee knotv^ 
that the commonelf Meates doe yeeld the molf tvhole- 
fome nourijhment , whereas netv-found J>ijbes doe but 
clogge thefiomackeyandjii^ the body with unwholefome 
humours, B ejides, if the found andnerv manner of hand- 
littg common things may commend them y (as it ever 
■^aid) then / hofe^ that this fVorh mU he tvelcome 
unto thee. Thou knorveB tveil^ I doubt not ^ thejingu- 
lar dexteritie of this Reverend and able -^iniBer of 
1 E s V s C H R I s T , ^) his formenvritingSj in hand- 
ling the Scrifturey hojv hee fhetved himfelfe (as Paul 
exhorteth Timothy, 2 Tim.2 . 1 5. ?o be) a Work- 
man that necdeth not to be afhamed, rightly di- 
viding the Word of Truth. Onely underfiaitd not 
by the right dividing of the ivord^ thefubtle and curious 
• (^ a) chopping 


* XWlSj KiW»J.'. 

h6)fV, quid [it. 



To the Re ader. 

chopping and mincing of the fVord hy Dichotomies, Divi'. 
[ions^And Sub'divifions^^too ordinarie in thefe dayes) hut 
(as the meaning of the fvurd is^ and the Syriacke verfion 
conjirmes it) to handle and preach the word aright, i. as 
M, Beta expounds it well . For the Doarine ic fclfc 
to omit nothing that makes for the clearing of it; 
to adde nothing of his owne,to diminifli nothing, 
to mangle nothjng,to wreft nothings laftlyjto con- 
fider diligently what the capacitie of the hearers 
is able to bearc, and whatfocver may tend to edifi- 
cation y or, as learned Fuller expQunds it, to fet open 
or make plainc as it were the right way of the 
Word of Truth • So this mrthy Author hath done . he 
hath traced out and opened the right way of truth and ho- 
linefie out of the holy Scriptures^ 

His Writings 1 mayjuftly commend for three or four e 
notable excellencies (to name no more.) 

Firft , For their clear e difcovering offinne^ and their 
exaBfiarching and fif ting of a Chriflians heart,toplucke 
off the wizard of all forts ofHyfocrites, and to bring tg 
light, and lay open to the eyes of the World, By the Touch- 
jione of Truth,their counterfeit andunfound Graces, and 
I to find out the endieffe trindings and labyrinths ofjjpiritu- 
all guile infelf-deceiving hearts. This he doth excellently 
by the cleare light of Gods word,Mch hath an admirable 
vertue this tray, Heb. 4.12. beinga difcerner of the 
thoughts &: intents of the heatt.and putting a cleare 
difference betrveene the freciom and the vile. 

Secondly/or the Stile,as beingfuU of divine eloquence^ 
hit Lips and Pen dropping abundance of the feveeteB of 
that word, trhich if fweeter than the Honey or the 
dropping Honey-combcs, PfaL i^ . lo. 


To the Reader. 

Thirdly^ The Author being amsn fttveliverfed in an- 
cient Writers of the Primitive times , thou mayejipnde 
in hisBofikes (nofmall tafte vchereofyou have in this ) a 
much better ufe made ef their Labottrs^ than is made by 
many Diijines ; feeinghehath proved abundantly outef 
them thejlriB pints of fanBipoation, His Quotations 
indeed in thefe lafl^feeme notfs numerom as in his frece- 
dent f^srkes : the reafen is^ becaufe in thefe/or the mo ^ 
fArt^the Authors are onelyquned^ their mrds net f re- 
duced^ as not having fome ofthem^ and the reji not of the 
fame Edition • fb thaf his Referenda lUt^lc helped us t9 
his intended Matter, 

Fourthly^ I may not omit that (which in other }Vriters 
is commonly accounted blame^rvorthy, but inhimafingu- 
lar excellencies and commendable) his long digrejjions 
from his fnaine matter in hand* proceedings I conceive^ 
out af the abundance of his hearty and long experience in 
Gods fvayes : as thofe that by long travelling in a way^are 
well acquainted with it^canfinde out all the by-wayes and 
blinde paths about it ; which our Author hath excellent^ 
ly done ► SOj that b-^ his digreffions out of the erdinarie 
Road, he is more likely to jet a wandering Soule into the 
right way againe, 

Now^for the preventing or removing ofallprejudi- 
cate Opinions which ma^ arife concerning thefe enfuing 
Trcatifes^(as though^Strumfet-like^anyBaflardly Brood 
unlawfully begotten^fhould be fathered and fajlened upn 
fotrulySeraphicaU and Bivine a Pen-man) this I can 
more than promife (verbo M iniftri ) That there is no- 
thing in them^ f&r matter or manner^ either fhuriow^ or 
furreptitiouf ; nothing but what is qenuine^ and the Au- 
thors owne • the immediate ifae of his working Brain e^ 
I a^d 

To the Reader. 

And flowing from his orvne Je kftie Pen, fvhich way he a ; 

feafonahle advertifement unto thee for the future ^ from 

rrhom and which rvay thou art to exfe^^ufon the further 

ferufailof his fcattered ManufcriftSywhat elfe jhall (pe 

deemed tecrthy to befolilbed^ andfipuhlijhed. If there 

be any thing in that Mehu here prefented to thy view 

that likes not thee^ becaufe not like the Author , failing 

for depth oflearning^or varietie of eloquence . hlame not 

him deceafedy (who being dead^yet f^eaketh) but impute 

it to the fubftitutedfurviving Midwife^that had not lei^ 

fure fuff<^icnpy U If dug come to iheSirthy to attend its 

bringing forth, I meane/ny jelfe ^ who for the multitude 

of diftr anions and pr effing occafionsyfince thefe Writings 

mre intrufled to me^ asalfofor the imperfeBneffe and 

defeB of the CeppieSy could notfjpendfo much time and 

paines in the exaB perufing^lijhingyand perfeBing of it 

as Ijbould and would have done : vhich mufi be the Afo^ 

logie to plead for pardon. But yet I hdve not beene^an- 

ting to cull out fuchfjpare houres as I could y to bring this 

tvorke to light yand to prepare it for the Prepy as alfofor 

thy vietv and benefit • MchyJhopey thou wiltjindey by 

the due and diligent reading and praBifing of 

* it, ffijich f commend unto thyfelfcyand 

tf^yfelfcywith the f^orkeyWtto the 

Lords Sif^ffg, 

Thine iaChriftlcfus, 

C. C. 






Tbj Word it a Lampe unto myfia , and a 
Light unto my ^aths. 

V all other parts of the holy Bible, 
this Booke of the Pfalmes^ (penned 
for the moft part by David , the 
fwcet Singer of Ifrael^ and a man 
after Gods ownc heart) is ftuftand 
fiird with greateft plentie and varietie of preci- 
ous LefTons and inftru(3:ions unto cternall life. 
The choice and flower of all things profitable 
and comfortable for the right courfe of a Chri- 

(b) ftian 

Tbe Concents 
and the be- 
nefit of the 
Pfdoics in ge- j 
neraU* j 

Of the 119. 
an particular. 


1 of ic. 

The Saints fure 

ftian life, is therein bricfely contained, and very 
ifiovitigly and feelingly expreft. In them we may 
be acquainted with the Majeftie and Myfteries 
of God, with the Sufferings of Chrift, withun- 
faincd Repentance, unwearied Patience, fpiritu- 
alj Wifedome , and wonderfull Courage of the 
godly man, and true Chrillian. In them we may 
behold the terrors of Wrath, and the anguiflies 
of an affli(i;ted Confciencejthc comforts of Grace, 
aind great I^eliveraDces, the wpnderfullworkcs of 
Providence over this World , and tlie promiled 
loycs of that World which is to come. In a 
word, all good nreceffarilyto be either knownc or 
done, or had, is plentifully, as out of a rich Trea- 
furicjreveard and ofer'd unto us in thcfe heavenly 
Songs of David. » H Ci i V x) 

Amongft which, this ii^. Pfalme (apart of 
which I have now read untoyow) is, as it Were, a 
precious Icwell,X)r,deare Cry ftall • wherein wee 
may fee theright temper and ftate of true godli- 
nefTc, and fincer itie, the markes and properties of 
all true worfliippers of God,the zeale and affe6^i- 
ons of all faithfull ChriftianSjthe very lively Ana- 
M>mie and laying open of a good and gracious 

This whole Pialme doth confift of 1 1 . Parts or 
rPortions of Staves, or Craves, even juft fo nMwy 
as there be Lettas in tlie Hebrew Alphabetyand 
every Portion containeth in ittight Verfes j and 
every Verfe of every Portion, or Staffe , begins 
, with the fame Hebrew Letter. The wliich fpeci- 
all and extraordinarie penning aad difpofing of 


and perfetuall Quide, 


the P^lme,doth declare and fee out unto us chefe 
thref things ; 

1 ' The diligent intention of mind, and care- 
full meditation of the Author5in the framing and 

2 The precioiifncflc and worth of the matter 
contain'd in it j in that it pleafed the Spirit of 
God to deliver it in choice and fpeciall order, 

5 A defire and purpofe, that it might more 
eafily be Icarn'd by heart, and committed to me- 
moric , and often and came ft iy meditated and 
thought upon,being fei dovirne unto us in fo faire 
and eaje order of the Hebrew Letters. 

This PartjOr Portion, which wee have now in 
hand, is the foureteenth ^ and doth containe in it 
many worthy and gracious Leflbns for our in- 
flrudion *i>d devotion in heavenly thmgs,propo- 
fed unto us out of the pradice and Chriftian car- 
riage of this holy Prophet,and Man ofGod^David^ 
a perfeft patterne of all true zealc and pietie. 

In the thirteenth Portion , immediately going 
before^-D^wVhad delivered fpecially two things. 

Firft, How by his love, reading, ftudy, and me- 
ditation in Gods Word, he had attained moft ex- 
cellent knowledge,wifedome,and underftanding; 
fo that thereby he was become farre mere wife than 
hu enemies '^ that is, than Ssul and all his pditike 
Courtiers and Counfellors of State. Hee had 
tnsre mderfiandiftg than his Teachers^, than the great 
Dodiors,and Rabbins 3 for all their dcepc Lear- 
ning being not fan(aificd unto them. He under- 
ftood more than the grave and ancient men,for all 

(b2) the 

Three Leflens 
CO be learned 

Two things 
obfcrvable in 

How David 
became viitet 
than his cne- 


True wi^dotnc 
to be had only 
from and in 
the Word. 

The Reafon. 

Bccaufc oihct 
wifdomc pro- 
vides only for 
the body, but 
this for the 

The Saints fare 

the worldly vvifcdome and great e5(pcricnce they 
had gathered in many yeercs, and through len<yth 
of dayes. Where,by the vtay,takc this Leffon. 

There is no wit or policic,not all the Lcarnino- 
in the V\'orld, or worldly wifedonae, can make a 
man truly wife, (that isjwife unto falvation) but 
onely a povi'erfuli and working knov^'ledge out of 
the holy Word of God. 

The Reafon is : Becaufe all other wifedome 
doth onely provide for the Body, for a t^^mporall 
happineflc in this life , for a few and evill dayes 
and leaves the Soulc ina ilnfull and wretched c- 
ftate, fhortly^in rheday of Vifitationjtabe over- 
taken and fearefiilly confounded with ftran^c a- 
ftoniiliments, horrors, and defpaire - andhereif- 
ter,wofully to be tormented amongft wicked De- 
vils in the Lake that bcirnes with fire and Brim- 
ftone for evermore. But wifcdome out of the 
Word of God doth fo furtiifha mans Soulc with 
Grace, and all holy Vcrtncs , that in dcfpj<Tht of 
all creatures, hec may live comfortably in this 
Vale of teares, and iaendleflTc joycs in the W.QfId 
to come. --f "7o- ?id'/d v.'orKr ; 

Now (I pray you) tell me, whether is truly the 
wiferman; hec, that for an inch of time makes 
much of his VT retched Body, that nuift Hiortly 
rot in the grave, and be devoured of WornncSjand 
turned intoduft ; but in the meane time lets his 
immortall Soule,thatcan never di"e,{inkc into the 
Dungeon of everlafting woe and miferie : or hec 
which by taking found and faving couniell and 
direction out of the Word of God, and how- 


andperfetuall Cjuide. 

foever he be hated and ncgle(5lcd of this vaine 
WorId,yec ycclding cheaietull and conftantobe- 
dicnce chercunto^provides unfpeakable comfort, 
reft,and blcffcdneflc both for Body and Soule, 
through all etcrnitie ? 

Secondly, In the fecond part and fourc laft 
Vcrfes of the former Portion , Duvid. fcts dotvne 
the fruit, ufc, and benefit which fprung from his 
divine knowledge. It fwcetncd his heart with 
much comfort,and found contentment,and chea- 
ted him with ;o) unf^edkable, and gkmut^ amidft 
all croites and difcomforts j ic bridled and re- 
ftrained him from ever^ evillvfaj ; it kept and prc- 
ferved him inthe paths of righteoufnelTc ^ ic bred 
in him a hatred and loathing of the wayes of error, 
falfchood^and hypocrifie. Where, by the way, I 
would give you this other LelTon, 

We muft labour and be furc that we draw our 
knowledge in Gods W^ord into pradice,adion, 
andexercife; othcrwife,it will not onely be un- 
profitable and unfruitful! unto us, but indeed 
bring upon us a greater and more fearefull con- 
demnation. For, He that htrres hU Majiers wiU^ 
and deth it not , ^all he bcAten mth man^ ft^ifes^ 
Luke 12 . 47. All our knowledge is in vaine , ex- 
cept by the power of it our inward affedion^ be 
faniSlified, our words feafoned with grace, our 
ad^ions and convcrfations guided with fpiritaall 
wifedome and unfained (inccritie. 

After DAvid had thus, in the former Portion, 
I layddownc unto us, and confefled what excellent 
j knowledge he had got out of tlie Word of God, 
I . (b3) and 

He fets downc 
the fruits of 
hie kaowiedge 

\ P«.x.8. 

All our know- 
ledge muft be 



The fourc- 
ccench Part 



The Saints fure ] 

, and the precious fruit and benefit he had reaped 
and enjoyed by it : Now, 

In the firft Verfe of this prefent Portion, hee 
makes, as it were, a proteftation and profeffion, 
that he is wholly and onelyenUghtened and led 
in all his vvayes by this holy Word of God, as by 
a Light or Lantcrnc : The brightnefle thereof 
doth'not onely bring him into the vvayes of righ- 
teoufnc(!e,and blcffed cftateof Chrirtianitie,but 
doth alfo condud and guide him in all the paths 
aijd particulars of his life and anions, in all the 
parts and pafTages of his fpcciall calling: For be 
faith , Thy w&rd u a Lamfe unto wy feet ] that is, 
whereby I fee and difccrne the way to Heaven,and 
the narrow path thtoi^igh the Kingdome of Grace;; 
and A Light unto my paths} that isj a guide to diredt 
me in every particular ftep,lt every turning, that 
{o I may kcepe a ftraight courfe , and the readie 
! way to the Kingdome of Glory. '♦' -• ■ '^^ ->"^" ^ 

That Davidh^d thus wholly yeelded and rcfig- 
: ncdup himfelfe to be guided and governed by 
I the glorious Light of Gods holy Word,appeares 
intheVerfes following, 

I Firft, in F'eyf, \o6. by a folcmne Oath and fa- 
i cred rcfolution tokeepeGods righteous judge- 
ments, and an unfained and conftant purpofe to 
perfonne the fame 5 / havejwome^ and willprfQrme 
itjtbat I fvi^ keepi th righteeui judgements, 

Secondly,in yerf.ioy. by his patiencieand fuf- 
fcrance of wrongs , difgraces , and affftic^tions, . 
which the wicked and prophane World heaped 
ppon him , for his profefS^n of holineffe and fin- 


and perpetuall (juide. 

ceritie. For, except he had loved and fcillowed 
the Light of divine Truth, vvhenfocver the fire of 
per fecu t ion and tr ib u lation^bccau le of the V\ ord, 
had beene kindled agamft him , hee had fhrunke 
backe and fallen away , / am affliSed very much, 
quicken me, O Lord, according to thy fVord, 

Thirdly 5 in Verf. io8. by the offerings of his 
mouth, and calves of his lips ; that is, the fpiri- 
tuall facrifices of prayers, thank fgiving, and gra- 
cious Vowcs for Gods fervice, which with a free 
and fervent rpirit,and earneft defire of acceptati- 
onj he continually offered unto the Lord ; O Lord 
I befeech thee,accept the free-tvitl o^erings of my mouth, 
and teach me thy judgements. 

Fourthly, in f^erf.io^ji lo. by his ftedfaftneffe 
and (licking to the Law and Word of God, 
though hee was befct and ftrongly incompaffed 
with lnares,with dangers, and with death it felfe: 
HUfouieivas continually in hi^hand-^ that is, hee was 
ready and refolved every houre rather to part with 
his lifcjthan with a good Confcience , to fhed his 
bloud, rather than to forfake the Truth and Com- 
mandements of God : My fiule u continually in my 
hand^yet doe 1 not forget thy Law : The tricked have laid 
afnareferme^yet I erred not f rem thy Precepts. 

In the two lad Verfcs,uponthe former reafbns 
hee concludes the Point • That his heart and in- 
ward affe(5tions do dcarely embrace Gods blcfTed 
Word, as a moft rich and lading Inheritance, as 
his fweeteft and grcateft joy ; and,thaj hee bends 
all the powers of his foulcjand beft endcvours", to 
. be led with,and to follow the Light thereof even 
I (b 4 ) "nto t 




1 Tm.€.if» 

Slit iMiVes 

and aa hypo- 


yerf. lou 
guided by the 
Word in aU 

A natural! 
m»n not at aU. 

1^ he Saints fur e 

Oi In pars'. 

unto the end , untill it bring him teimmortalitic 
and Light^thAtnomAn can at tame unto : ■ Thy teHi- 
monies have / taken m an heritage for ever ^f or thj are 
the rejojci?ig of my heart : I have inclined my heart ta 
fer forme thy Statutes alrray, even to the end. 

Thus you fee in gencraJl the meaning of this 

Before now Idefcend unto particulars , and 
come to gather Notes (everally from the Verfes 
in order, let vs take notice,! befcech you, (for our 
inftruvftion and examination of ourovrnefoulcs) 
of fixe notable markes , and fignes , by which a 
true Chriftian may be difcerned from a Tempo- 
rizer- a fincere ferver of God, from a carnall 

The firft I gather out of the firft Verfe : Every 
fonneand fcrvant of God doth with humilitie, 
chearcfulneiTe, and. obedience, yeeld and ftibmif 
himfelfe tobe wholly and onely dire^cd and gui- 
ded by the Light of Gods Word,in all his wayes, 
both generally,of Chriftianitie,and particularly, 
of his fpeciall callings as I>avid here did. But 
the naturall man , that is not yet entred into, or 
acquainted with the ftate of Grace,is led and gui- 
ded in his courfes onely by the Light of Rcafon, 
and worldly Wifedomc 5 by good Meanings, 
without ground and warrant out of the Word • 
by a blind and ignorant Devotion; b^y the Mul- 
titude, Examples, Cuflome of the Times, and 
fuch like blind Guides: But if he take any advice 
a^d dire(i^ion out of the Word of God , it is but 
in part, by halfes^and for a timei . 

A fecond 

and perpetual I ^uide. 

A fecond arifeth out of the feeond Vcrfe; 
Every Child of God doth not oncly promifc, 
vow, and purpofe to forfake and abandon all his 
knowne finnes^to watch carefully and confcrona- 
bly over all his wayes, to delight in and to fort 
himfelfe with godly and gracious companie, to 
have a xt^^tdi to all his CommandementSjand to 
kccpehis righteous ludgements; but hee doth 
alfo truly arS throughly performe it : hec goes 
through-ftitch with his fpirituall affaires, and 
with conftancie and courage walkes in a fetlcd 
courfc of Chriftianitie. But the unregeHcrate 
nian, not yet foundly feafoned with the power of 
Grace j howfoeverhe hath fometimes good mo- 
tions and purpofes arife in his heartjto forfake his 
former evill waycSjand to fall to godlincfl*} how- 
foever in thfc time of Sicknefle , of fome great 
ludgemcntj^orwhen his Confcience is terrified I 
by the Miniilerie of the Word,whcn he icrioufly 
tainkes upon the day of his death , and; of that 
great and la ft ludgcmentjOr the like ; hee makes 
Vowes with himfelfe, perhaps^ that hee will be a 
new man,and change his courfes : But when he is 
once out of danger againe, when he comes to the 
point, and pradice, he is not fo good as his wordj 
he doth not pay and performe his former Vowes 
and purpofes y hee is prefently choaked againe 
with worldly Cares,and drowned in earthly Plea- 
fuTCS ; And fo-all hhgoodn^Jfe is as amorning Ckud^ 
and as the morning Dvaiv it goeth avi^y. 

The third maifke lyeth in the thirdVerfe: Eveiy 
Child. of God dodi with contented patience,- 



He pcrfDcmcs 
all his Vowes. 

An unrcgcnc- 
race man doth 





He patiently 
IbfFcrs perfc- 
cution for the 


The carnal] 
fpare* him' 



rtrf. 108. 
He is frequent 
in praying aod 
The other not. 

l^he Saints fure 

vvithftroogdependance upon Gods providence, 
with rejoycing in his fLiftbringSjbcare and endure 
many miferies and prelTures layd upon him, for 
his profcflion and pra6:ice of finceritie. He well 
knowes out of the Word of God , and fceics by 
his owne experience, That all Mch mil live godl^ 
in ChriB isjuf^ jhaU fujfer perfecution , 2 r/w. 3 .12. 
And therefore he makes up his account with the 
World, and is at a point witk all that is under the 
Sunne . hce is per fwaded, that aH the affliBioAs tf 
this life are not mere tvcrthy the glory nhich fhallbe re- 
vealedyKom,%,iZ, ^--1 

But the carnall Cofpeller he thinkcs it is good 
fleeping in awhole skin 5 he lookes fora Gofpel 
of eafc, for a foft and fiikcn fcrvice of God j for a 
Church (as one fpeakes) aS offelvet. And thcre- 
fore,rather thaahewill fuflfcrany lo(Ie,orvvor{ing, 
any diminutionordifparagement in his outward 
ej[tate,in his reputation, wealth, and worldly hap- 
pinefTe, he will make jhifrvracke efagood CgnfciencC'^ 
he will yeeld to the^orruptionsof the Times,and 
with the greater part, reft and repofe hinifelfc 
peaceably and pleafantly upon his Bed of eafc, 
and carnall fecuritie : never confiderin?;, that the 
CrofTeis the Chriftians triumph^ that Chrift 
himfelfewas crowned with Thornes ^ and, that 
wee muH through man"^ afliBions efrter into the King- 
dome ofHeaven^ AB, 14. 2 2 . 

A fourth marke may be gathered out of the 
fourth Verfe : The prayers and prayfings of God, 
m the mouth of Gods Child, are frequent, free, 
and fervent ^ bat with the carnall Gofpeller, they 


and per^etuall (juide. 

are very rare, coldly and formall. The Rcafon is^ 
Cods Child is veryfenfibleof his corruptions, 
^d wants, hee ftill longs and gafpes for more 
grace , with a fpirituali taftc he (vveetly relilTieth 
Gods great mercic and goodnefTe unto hinti ^ he 
hath the love of God and the fpirit of prayer 
fhed into his heart by the Spirit of Adoption ^ 
and therefore his heart is as full as the IVtoone, of 
godly motions and mcditationsjwhich likea con- 
tinuair Spring fends out groane? and fighes un- 
utterable, many zealous and faithful! prayers and 
thankfgivings unto his gracious God with a free 
and feeling aifecaion. But the carnall Gofpeller, 
becaufchis underftanding was never enlightened, 
his heart never truly humbledjhis affedions never 
fan(^ified; becaufehc hath no fence of hi? wfet-' 
ched eftate^nor prcfent feeling of gracc5nor found 
hope and aflurance of happincfle in Heaven- why, 
therefore be hath no great mindjOrheartjOrfift to 
prayer; hee hath no great delight, or exercife, in 
this holybufinefie : and if he doe pray (which is 
but feldome,and coldly) it is but lip-labourjand 
loft labour, becaufeitiswithout faith, and fee- 
ling; for fa(Tiion,cuftome, or company, becaufe 
he was fo taught in his yoitth ; or that he fuper- 
ftitioufly thinkes, the very worke wrought, and a 
number of prayers folcmnely faid over, will fan- 
^f^ifiehim. ' 3 ibv 

A fifthmarke may be gathered out of the ffxr 
and feventh Verfes : The Child of God doth not 
onely pafle through with patience, for the pro- 


feffiOnof ^ods truth and finceritiCjIefTe and 


The Reafon, 

Fcrf, 109,110.. 

He will lofe 
hivlife for 


A teraporanc 


A Child of 
Ged counts 
the Word his 
reatcft Trca. 


The ReafoB, 

The Saints fure 

riourmiferies.; as lofTe of goods, lofTe of friends 
and reputation with the World, (landers, dif gra- 
ces, and wrongs : butheealfo W^/i^Af/o»/5 (as it 
were) continuaUy in hishsnd^ as David\\Q.XQ fayes 
oFhirafclfe-,-^readie (if need be, and the times 
fo recju ire) even to fhcd bis bloud vndcr the Svvord 
of Perfecution, or to lay dowrne his life in the 
flames, rather than to diilionour fo merciful! a 
God, to betray his holy Truth ^ or, by his back- 
fliding and falling ^way, to hazard that Crowne 
of Glory,whichby thecycof faith hehathalrea- 
diein fight. But the carnall GofpcIIcr, in time 
of peace and plentic,whilc he lives quietly,and at 
eafe, without croflfe or trouble, infaireand Sun- 
fliine dayesj may perhaps be a ftout and peremp- 
torieProfeflbr, but hee ever (lirinkcs in the wet- 
ting J he pulls in the head in the fieric trial I : ever, 
when trouble or ferfecmion commeth , bccaufe of the 
fVord, by and by he u offended. 

The fixt marke is gathered out of the two laft 
Verfes : The Child of God holds his Word farre 
more deare than any precious Trcafure, than the 
richeft Inheritance , than * great Spoyles , than 
*th9ufands of Gold and Silver : It is the joy of his 
heart; and therefore it inclines and inflames his 
affedions with love and zcale to doe Gods will, 
and fulfill all his Commandcments. And no mar- 
vcll though the true Chrifliian find moft found 
and unconceivable delight in the Word of God, 
the Doi^rine of Heaven : For by ic, he is borne a- 
new, and made hcire of Heaven ; by the Light of 
it,he fees his Name written in the Booke of Life, 



and perpetuall Quide. 

never to be raced out by man, or Dev ill ; all rhe 
fvv'eec and gracious promifes of falvanon and 
comfort revealed in ii^ arc lure bis owne : So that 
thence he knovves5and is perftvaded undoubtedly, 
that after a ^cw and evill dayes fpcnt in this mifc- 
rabl'e life, he iliall remalne aod rcigne eternally in 
the glory of GodjOf Ghrift IcfuSjthe bleiled Spi- 
rit.and thcholy Angels. JBut it is othcrvvife vi^ith 
the carnall Gofpeller ; for what focver 1 new or 
proteftation hc; makes tothe contrary, yet indeed 
in his heart,affedicms^and pradice^hee preferres 
his pleafures, r;cbes,and profit, before hearing of 
Gods Word, fandifying his Sabbaths, and obe- 
dience to his Commandements. And no mar- 
veil; for bccanfe hcc yet never lived the. life of 
faith , butisarheere ftranger to the myfterie of 
godlinefle,hce hathno trueintereft nor found af 
furance in the joyes ofanother World- and there- 
fore feeds oncly and fills himfelfewith tranfitqrie 
and earthly contcBtfnents. ij ?rioioOiq fiorn utr. 
Novj^ I bcfeech you ( beloved' in Chriftlcfus)' 
let everyone with finglenefie of heart and fincc- 
ritie examine his owne Soule, and the fpirituall 
ilate of his Gonfcience^by thefefignesand marks 
which I have now delivered to you, out of the ex- 
ample and prceedencie of the Ghriftian afre(5li-^ 
ons and holy difpofition of David, a fandVified 
man, and a principal! patternc of pierie and zealc 
for all faithfull ones. Kmrvyou not (faith the A po- 
ftlc) that Jefm ChriJi ifin you , except )ou he repro^ 
hates ^ So undoubtedly, if lefus Ghrift be in 
you, if you be of Davids ftampe and temper, that 



A Chrjftian 
man hath fuch 
affuraHce in 
the good 
things of the 
world to com?, 
that he can ca 
fily moderate 
as touching 
earthly and 
It \s otherwifc 

And why ; 



T^he Saints fure 

is, alrea«lie pofleffcd of the (late of grace, and 
marked ouc by the Spirit of fandification/or the 
glory that fhall be revealed; you doe find in fomc 
good meafure thcfe markes and Hgnes of an holy 
man in your fclves, 

1 That you are enlightened and guided by 
the Word of God in all your way es. 

2 That you have not onely good motions and 
purpofes for a zealous and conftant fervice of 
God ; but doe faithfiiny,with (tnceritieand inte- 
gritie of heart pcrforme the fame. 

3 That you futfer joyfully and patiently zi- 
fliiSions and difgrace in the World, for the te- 
ftimonie of Gods Truth, and profcflfion of fin- 

4 That you freely and faithfully , with much 
feeling and fervencie of fpirit, offer day ly prayers 
and prayfes unto the Lord. 

5 That you had rather part with the deareft 
and mod precious things in this life $ nay, life it 
felfe, than leave the fervice of God, and the tefti- 
monie of a good Confcience. 

6 That you have more comfort and delight in 
hearing, reading, meditating, conferring of, and 
applying unto your ownc foules the holy Word 
of God , than m the treafurcs and glory of the 
whole Earth. 

Such markes as thefe you muft finde in your 
iclves, if you ever mcane or hope to finde true con- 
tentment in this life , or the comforts of Heaven 

Now I come to a mere fpeciall and particular 


and per^etualL^uide. 


confideration of every Vcrfe in order; and thence 
to gather flich Notes and Do brines , as may beft 
inftru A us in the way to Heaven. 

Firftj-D^f/V tells us in the firft Verfc; That Gods 
pyord is A Lmterne to hif feet, and a Light unto his 
paths : Which,that you may better uaderftand, I 
will tell you thcmeaningof the words, and cx- 
plaine unto you the feverall tearraes. 

Firft, the ^'ord may be taken three wayes. 

1 For the fubfl-antiall Word of God , the fe- 
cond Perfon in the Trinitie, ith, i,i. In the Begin- 
nifig was the fVord^ and the tverd was Ged^ 

2 It may be taken for the written and founding 
Word ; as it onely ftrikes the earcj and informcs 
the ttndcrftandingj bat it is not convey edjiieirher 
finkes it into the heart by the powcrfull afliftance 
and fandified concurrence of Gods Spirit, it be- 
ing not prayed for to the converfion and fan(5lifi- 
cation of the whole man. And fo the Word is 
heaid and underftood of inany,that fhall never l^e 
faved, but returnes unfruitfull. 

5 It may be taken for the working and effedu- 
all Word,as it is thepaferef Cgduntojalvatiin . as 
it is rightly underfVood, applyed unto the heart 
and Confcience, podeft of the thoughts and affe- 
dions, and pradifcd in the life and converfation. 
This Word thus underftood, inlived, managed, 
and powerfblly applycd by the Spirit of God,was 
a Light unto Davids fteps ^ and fo is a guide unto 
the paths of all true Chriftians,to the worlds end. 

That you may undcrftand how the Word is a 
Light, you mwft confiderj 

r That 

rrr/Tr Of. ex- 

cakes three 

For the fub- 

The written 
and lounding 

The effeauoil 

What is meant 
by Light? 


Johni, 4j 
3/tf<.f. 14* 
P«:w,4.ig, . 

Chrift •rigi- 

Miniftcrs, mi- 


The Saints fttre 

1 That Chrift is called Light , /oh, i . 4. The 
Miniftcrs are called the Light of the WorId,/W4f . 
5. 14. The faithful! are Lights^ PhiLi.i^^ 16, 
The rvay of the righteous (faith Salomon^ Prev,^, r 8.) 
fhineth as the Light^ that jhineth more and more vnto 
theferfeH day. The Word of God is alfo called a 
Light ; as in this place. But firft, 

Chrift is Light ofhimlelfe, and originally • he 
is the Fountainc and evcrlafting Spring of all the 
Light of Grace and Glory, both in Heaven and 
Earth ; Hee is called, 77?^ Sunne of Right eoufne/e. 
The Sunne, you know, hath his Light rooted in 
his ovvne faire Body, and receives that from none 
other • and with that, hee enlightens the Moone, 
the StairrcSjthc Airc,the Earth, & all the World : 
Even fo the blcfted Sonne of God, the Sume of 
Right eoufne/e^hath in himfelfe5and from himlelfc, 
the Light of all Wifdome and Knowledge, Mer- 
cie and Comfort 3 and from him floweth and 
fpringeth whatfoever Light of Glory is revealed 
unto his bleflcd Saints and Angels in Heaven, or 
whatfoever Light of Grace is fhcd into the hearts 
of his fonncsand fcrvants here upon Earth. 

2 The Preachers ©f the Word arc Miniftcrs 
and Meflcngcrs of this Light ; and therefore are 
but Light minifterially. They axe ax the starrer^ 
and fo they are called , Rev, r . 20.; They receive 
all their Light from the Sume of Right eoufneffe^ 
Christ I e s v s , and cither doe or fhould con- 
vey and caft their borrowed beamcs upon the 
earthly,cold, and darkfome hearts of the people 
of God, that they might turnefrem Darhenefe 


and perpetuall (juide. 

to Light , from the fower of Sathan unto God , AB^ 
26, iS. 

3 The Word is Light inftramentally ^ which 
being powerfully fan dified unto us for our falva- 
tion , and being holden out unto us by a confcio- 
nable Miniftcric,is as a Candle or Torch,to guide 
us through the darkneflfc of this WorldjUatoour 

4 Laftlyjthc faithfull are Lights SuhjeBivs-^ 
bccaufc they receive this Light into their Vnder- 
landings, (whereby they fee the Wonders of 
Gods Law, the Secrets of his Kingdomc, and the 
great Myfteric of Godlincile , and the way to 
Heaven i) into their Confciences , (whereby 
they have their ilnfull mifcrable cftate by nature 
difcovcred unto them , and the way to Chrifl for 
rcmedie and falvation 5 ) into their affe^ions, 
(whereby they arc enkindled with zeale for Gods 
truth,honour,and fervice,) into their adlions^and 
converfation, whereby thej jhine as Lights in the 
fVorld^ amid a naught ie and crooked generation^PhiL 2 . 
1 5 , And after the Sunne of KighteottfaeJJ'e once a- 
rife in their hearts, like the Sunne in the Firma- 
ment 5 they fhine more and more in all holy Ver- 
tues , unto the ferfeB day , untill they reach the 
height of Heaveii,and the full glory of the Saints 
of God. 

In the third place, [By Feet] is meant his mindc 
and under {landing , his affeifiions , thoughts, 
actions, his whole hfe,all hiswaycs. All tbefe 
in David ^ were guided by the Light of Gods 

(c) Laftly, 


The Word 

The falthfufl 
arc the fub- 
jeds of this 

Phi!. u if. 

What is meant 
by FecU 


The Saints fnre 


The meaning 
ol KbeV«fc. 

T)M. i' 

'Laftiy, by Paths, are meant every particular 
ftep^every turning and narrow palTage in his fpc- 
ciall calling. For this Liglit,tiie Word of God, 
doth not oncly guide a mans feet into the way ofpeace^ 
and put him in the right way to Heaven; but alfo 
goes along with hiai^iniightcnsand dire As every 
ft.epjthat his ieetdoe uot ilide. It 1 j infornries him 
with fpirituall wircdo;ne3 that hee laves hold on i 
every occafion for the glorify mg of God,defcries | 
every little {inne,and appearance of evill , difpo- 
feth every circumil-ancc in his a(5i:ions,vvith agood 
confcrencc,and warrant out of Gods Word. 

This then is the raeaniag of this Verfe. David^ 

the man of God, had the Word of God working 

powerfully upon his foulG,ias a Light ; that is^ 

As a Lampe is to the life and fafetie of the body, 

in darke and dangerous places • fo was this Light 

to the life and falvation of Davids foule, in the 

j l^arkenefre of this Wotldyandl'hadow of death t 

I ^^ guide hl> feet and paths ; that is,his mindjaffedi- 

j ons,thoughis,adions,his whole lifejali his wayes, 

and every particular ftep and pafTage thereof. 

I This Verfe being thus underftood, let us now 

com e't6 gather fome LelTons and Dodrines for 


Thefirfi Aiall bethis! 
There is no man can hit the way to Heaven, or 
walke in the paths of Rightcoufnefle, through 
tlieKingdonne of Grace in this World, unto-the 
•Kingdome of Glory in the World to come , ex- 
cept he beinlightcned, informed^ and intruded 
j in the holy Word of God. 

'];;:.. The 

and perpetuall (juide. 


The fecond Note wee gatheroutof this Verfe, 
(Lall be this ; 

The Word of God is a Light, not onely to 1>oU:, 2. 
guide us into the way to Heaven, and inftrud us 
inourgencrallcallingof Chriftianitic^ butalfo 
to leade us along in a courfe of godlineirc,and to 
dired us particularly inour fpeciall calling. 

I will Hrft follow the former Dodrinc; which 
in {k:\w words, and plainely, I thus propcife unco 

No man can at firfl finde the entrance, or after 1 T)oU* 1. 
hit the way to Heaven, except he be enlightened 
and led along by the holy Word of God. For 
Davidy as here wee fee, a man of great worth, and 
underftanding , otherwife excellently and extra- 
ordinarily qualified j could not find out,orfolIoA' 
any other Guide50r direction to Heaven,but onely 
the Light of Gods Word . 

The Reafons of this Dodrine, may be thefe 
which follow. 

The firft may be taken from the infufficiencie 7^^/o» i. 
and inabilitie of all other meanes, to bring us to ^^ "^^^"^ 

TT ^ I meanes can 

Heaven : as, I br,ng us co 

I All the greatcH Learning and deepeft know- ; Heaven, 
ledge in the World,will ftand us in little ftead in N^^t humane 
this bufineffe : Otherwife it had gore well wiih j^^^''"*"^' 
many ancient Heathens and Philofophers of old, I 
who fadomed as deepe, and reached as high in | 
the depths and myfteries of all humane Lear- 1 
ningand knowledge, as the light of Reafon and ! 
ftrength of Nature could pollibly bring them: | 
And yet they were utterly ftrangers to the life of I 
(c 2) gracej_ 


Epb,x, II, 


X C»ii»io% 


' ■ 

Not worldly 
The wifedome 
of Gods Book, 
Sc mans brain, 
ftjnd atoddcs, 
I wivh an ever- 
■ iafiingoppo- 
" finoniRom.9,7. 
\* 1 Cor.i.i'^. 

The Saints fure 

grace, aad without God in the fvorld, fvhen they prO' 
fefed themselves to be mfcy they became fooles , faith 
Paul^ Rem, i, 22. They were putfed up with a 
little vainc-glorious knowledge here upon Earth, 
and got them a Name amongft men: But^alas, 
what was this? When as for the want of the 
Light of Divine Truth , they loft their Soules in 
another World, and their Names never came in 
the Booke of Life, where is the wife ^ (faith 
Paul in another place ) t^here is the Scribe I where 
is theBij^uter of this World i As if hee fhould 
have faid : All the knowledge of the greateft 
Dodors and learnedeft Rabbins in the World, 
without Grace, vanifheth into -nothing , into 
vaine-glory , cmptinelTe, and aire • nay, eafts 
them with greater horror, and confufion, into 
the Pit of Hell. Every mm (faith leremie) is- 
a BeaFl by his onne kfwwied^e , Dyio Qlu^-'^D V2J 
^en, 10. 14. Except, befides all other know- 
ledge, he be enlightened from above, and have 
that Divine krxowlcdge fan v5l;ified unto him, hee 
can come no neerer the happinefle of Heaven, 
than a very Beaft. 

2 Worldly wifedome and policie is fofarre 
from making men wife unto falvacion, that it is 
notonely ftarke foolirhneflfewith God and good 
men, but it doth ftrongly fet it fel'fe and is at en- 
mitie againft God. Therefore, faith God ; / mlf 
deFJ^roy the mfedome of the tvife^ and will ca^ avay the 
underfianding of the prudent^ ♦ i Cor, i . i^ . ^hitophel 
vyas fo wife even in the affaires of Kingdomes,and 
bu fineffe of S tate,that the comfellwUchhe comfel/ed 


and ferpetuall Cjuide. 


in thefe dajes , rva^ like as one had asked comfell at the 
Oracle of God'y and ycc ail this great wifedonae in 
the end ended in extreme folly : for upon a little 
difcontcnt and difgrace in the WVorld^hefadled hu 
A^e^And vvent hsme unto hu Citie^ andfut his houfehold 
in order ^ and hanged himfelfe^ 2 Sam, 1^,23,, ^17. 
2 3 . Although the end of all worldly wifedomc 
be not fo fhamefull in the eye of the World , yet 
undoubtedly it is moft miferable and wofuU in 
the World to conic, except their wifedome be 
fandified and over-ruled by the Light of Gods 
W^ord. Carnall wifedome can neither preferve a 
man from death^nor prepare him to die blcflcdly : 
it cannot (lay his Life from going, neither can it 
ftop the Curfe from comming 5 it cannot deliver 
him from damnation in the World to come, but 
rather encreafeth the gricvoufnefTc of his punifh- 
ment : for in this life it hath kept pofTellion a- 
gainft heavenly vvifcdorae, it made him uncapa- 
ble of all good inftru6tions,it made him impati- 
ent of any rebuke, and held him in ignorance and 
difobedience all his life. 

3 No good meanings or intentions, without 
knowledge and warrant m the Word of God, will 
ever ferve our turne for falvation ; nay, indeed 
they arc abominable and hatefuU in Gods fight. 
Howfoever, thoufands deceive themfelves in this 
point. Fz>zah had a good meaning,in 2 Sam, 6* 6, 
when hee put his hand to the Arke of God, and 
held it ', for the Oxen did fhake it : but notwith- 
ftanding,the Lord was very wroth with yzzah^and 
God fmote him in the fame place, and there hee 

(C3) died. 

1 5rf?w.i7«»3« 

Nfoe gooi 

2 Sm,€%6* 



Not will-wor- 

The Saints fare 

died, lames and /c/?^ had good meanings , when 
they called for fire from Heaven to conlumcthe 
Samaritan, that would not entertaine Chrift ^ 
but lefus rebuked them, and told them , they knew 
net ofrrhatffirit they rrere^ Saul, in i Sam. 1 5 . had a 
good meaning, when he fpared ^ga^^und the bed 
of the Sheepc, andof the Oxen, to facrifice them 
unto the Lord ; but notwithftanding Samuel tells 
him, that hehaddsne wickedly in the f£ht of the Lord, I 
and that the Lord had rent the Kingdome oflfraelfrom 
him that day, Peter had a good mean ing , when in 
loh.i^, 8. hewouIdnotfufferChrifttowafhhis 
feet 5 but lefus anfwered him, and told him, ff i 
rrajb thee not, thou fhalt have no fart mth me. Good 
meanings then are wicked miflings of the true 
ferviccof God, except they be guided by know- 
ledge, warrant, and ground out of the Bookcof 
God. Let noman then tell of his good meaning, 
if he be ignorant in the Will and Word of God -, 
for certainely it will never Itrvethcturne, it will 
never hold out in the Day of Ch rift lefus. 

4 No will-worfhip, or will-fervice, or volun- 
taric Religion, as the Apoftlc calls ic J 07.2.23, 
which is forged and framed out of a mans owne 
braincj humour, and conceit, without ground or 
warrant in the Booke of God 5 though it be per- 
formed with never fo glorious a fhew of zeale and 
paincs,yet it is not any way availeable for our fpi- 
rituall good,andctcrnall happineffe: nay indeed, 
it is moH odious in the eyes of God, and ever ly- 
abletoa very high degree of his wrath and ven-^ 


and perpetuall (juide. 


I KJHg.\S,iZ. 

Baals Prophets, i iCzV^j- 1 8.3 8. were fo hot and 
haftie in thejr wilUvorfhip, that they cut themfelves 
mth knives^ and launcers^ tilt the bhud gujhedout ufon 
them. The Papifts they whip themfelves , they 
vow Continencie, perpetual! Povertie, and Regu- 
lar Obedience ^ and yet is the profeflion and pra- 
dice of bothjbloudie and idolatrous. When the 
lewcs woriliipped God after the devifed fafLions 
of the Gentiles , though their meaning was to 
wor{hip nothing belt Godjyet the Text (dXih^they 
worfhifped nothing but Dezjls, Deut. 32.17. And i veut.i%.ii, 
God there proteftSjthat therefore afire was kindled 
in hif wrath^ that fhould burne unto the bottome ofHeliy 
and fet on fire the foundations of the mountaines. So 
hated of Almightie God is all fervice and wor- 
fhip devifed by the wit and will of man , without 
warrant in the Word of God. 

5 Laftly, not the Word of God it felfe in the 
Letter, without the fpirituall meaning, and the 
finger of Gods Spirit to apply it powerfully to 
our foulcs and confciences , is any fufficient rule 
of life^or able to bring us into the L ight of Grace. 
This appeares in Nicodemm^ who was a great Do- 
dor in the Law, and the Prophets, a chiefe Mafier 
and Teacher in Jfrael ; yet vvas a very Infant and 
Idcot inthepovvcrof Grace,and myfterieofgod- 
lineflTe. For all his learning in the Letter of the 
Law, he had not yet made one ftep towards Hea- 
ven; for hce was not ODcIy ignorant of, but had a 
very abfurd and grofie conceit of the new birth •, 
which is the very firft entrance into the Kingdome 
of Grace. For when Chrift told bim, hee could 

(c 4) not 

Not the Word 
it lelfe in the 
Letter, with- 
out the mea'. 



Try: 4. 

ReafoH 1, 
The Word 
worket rege- 
out whicb,no 

What regene- 
ration is "i 

1 P£?.i.i3. 

The Saints fure 


not be favcd, except hce were new borne, hee 
ftrangely and fooliihly rcplyes -^ Hor» can a man 
be bornCj which is old i Horv can he enter into his mo- 
thers JVomhe againe^ and be borne ^ Thus .you fee, 
there can no other meanes be named, or thought 
upon 5 not all humane Knowledge, nor worldly 
Wifcdomc , nor good Mcanhigs , nor Will- 
worlhip 5 nor the Word it felfe in the Letter, 
which can Icade us into the wayes of Righte- 
oufnefTc , orbrinp; us unto Hetven ; but onely 
the Light of Gods holy Word, holden out un- 
to us by a profitable Mioifterie, and the power 
of the Spirit. 

A fecond Reafoa ofmy Do-firinc may be this ; 
No man can ever fee the Kingdome of God, ex- 
cept he be borne againe, except he be a new crea- 
ture, anew man , as is plaine in Chrifts words 
unto Nicodemw, For our new birth, or regene- 
ration, is the ncceiTarie pafTage from Nature to- 
Grace; from prophancneffcjto finceritie : It is 
that whereby wee are wholly fandificd and fet 
apart unto God, from the finfnll corruption of 
our natural! birth , and the evill fruits thereof, 
to ferve God in out whole man , both body, 
foule, and fpirit. Now you muft conceive, that 
this new birth mufk neceflarily fpring from the 
immoY.uU Seed of the word of Gcd\ for fo it is cal- 
led, I i'r^.1.23. ^^ is the Seed of onr.new birth, 
falvation , and immortalitie. And you may as 
well looke for Corne to grow up in your fields 
without fowing, without calling any Seed into 
the furrowcs, as to looke for Grace to grow up 


and per^etuall (juide. 


in your hearts, or to rcape the fruit of holmelfe, 
evcrlafting life ; except this immortall Scedjthe 
Word of God, be firft caft into the furrovvcs and 
fallow ground of your hearts , and be there re- 
ceived with reverence and attention, nouriilicd 
vyith prayer and meditation, and frudlifie in your 
lives and conveifations. Hence it is, that Gods 
Word is called, 7k JVord of Saltation, AB, 13. 
2 6. The fVord of Grace ^ AB, 14.3. The Ji^nrd of 
Life y Phil. 2. i6- '^he Power of God unto Salva- 
tiotty Rom, 1,16. For there is no power of Gracc^ 
or fpirituall life , to bee had ordinarily upon 
Earth , or falvation and eternal! UCq to be hoped 
for in Heaven ; except a man be enlightened 
with the knovriedge, and enlived with the power 
of the holy Word of God. There is no en- 
tring into the Kingdome of God, except a man 
bee new borne 5 except hce bee firft renewed in 
his fpirit , foule, and body :. And there is no j 
new.birrii, without the * immortall Seed , the 
Word of God. And therefore, without know- 
ledge and dire<ftion in the Word, of God , no 
falvation. j 

The third Reafon of my Do«f^rine, is this : The [ 
Word of God hath only the power and propertie ' 
to fearch into and to fanctific the whole man,even 
to the inmoft thoughts and the fecret cogitations 
of the heart. All thedevic<isand imaginations of 
mans heart lye without the walke of humane ju- ' 
Aice,.and cenfure; novirord or writing of man is-i 
able to bridle them, or bring them within com- . 
paflTe ;- no Law of Nature^or Nations.can affright I 

" or ! 


* Sec Vstringt 
I Cor. 4. 15, 

The Word is 

fie the whole 



a Car,io,i. 


The Word is 
faid to be live- 
ly in three re- 

It quickens. 

It lafis for 

It difperfcrh i-t 
felfcjand fear- 
cheth into c- 
very part of 
the foule. 

7be Saints Jure 

or reftrainc the frecdonic and wanderings of 
thoughts ; oncly the Word of God can amaze, 
Icarcb, and ranclifie them. The treaponr ef our rr^r- 
fare (faith Paul) arc net carnally but mightte through 
Gcd to caH dcttne Holds • cajling donne the imagina- 
tions ^ and ererji thing that is exalted again]} the knov^ 
ledge of God^ and bringing into captizitie every thought 
iKto the obedience of Chrtft^ 2 Cor, 10.4,5. The ivori 
of God (faith the Apoftle to the Hcbrev^es) is lively 
andmightie in operation^andfharper than any ttro-edged 
fnord-^ and entreth through^ even to the dividing afun- 
der of the foule and the f^irit, and of the joints and the 
marrort^and is a difcerner $fthe thoughts and the intents 
cf the hearty Heb,^. 1 2 • 

The Word of God may be faid to be living or 
lively inthree refpeds. 

1 BccaufCjWhereas we naturally live under the 
fhadow of death,and in the darkeneflc of finne^it 
quickens us with a new and fpirituall life , ic 
chcares and comforts us with heavenly Light. 

2 The Word may be called Living^becaufe it 
fclfe is immortall,and laftcth forever; as doth the 
living and eternal! God,the Author of ic. . 

3 But moft efpecially , and agreeably to the 
place in the Hebrewes, it is called lively^ bccaufe 
it enters with great power and fecrct infinuation 
into every part and power both of foule and body : 
So that as our life is fcattered and difperfcd into 
every little part, and lead veinc in us, and we fcele 
it both in paine and picafurc ^ even fb the vcrtuc 
of the Word of God pierceth into every member, 
into the moft fecret and hidden Clofet of the 


and perpetuall (juide. 


heartj either to breake and bruife with terror and 
aftonilTiment-the very bones, & crufh the {inevves 
of the flnFuJl fonle , or to fill them with marrow 
andfatneflbjand to rcfrefh the atfedions of the 
truly penitent with joy unrpeakable,and glorious. 
God tells us in lerem^^ that his Word is like j?/'^ ^ 
and therefore it can eafily infinuate into all the 
creckes and corners of our corruptions j it can 
fully and clcarely enlighten our ConfcienceSj^^nd 
difcover unto us the fmfulncflTc of the moft lur- 
king and fccret thoughts. 

Thus you have this firft Dodrine plaincly pro- 
ved and confirmed unto you. 

No man can at firft findc the entrance, or after 
hit the way to Heaven , except he be enlightened 
and led along by the faving knowledge of the 
holy Word of God, 

No other mcanes, which the power of Nature, 
Wifcdome, Learning, or the whole World can 
affordjwill fervcthe rijrne in this bufinefle of Sal- 
vation. It is the Seed of our new birth (as I told 
you^) there can be no growing of gracc,or reaping 
of glory , without it ; It hath oncly power to 
fhakc5ran(acke,and fearch intethe inmoil fccrets 
of the heart: It onely can fandifie us both in- ^ 
wardly and outwardly , both in foule and body, . 
both in thoughts and actions . without which, • 
both inwaid and outward holineflPe, no man fliall 
ever fee the face of God, 

Now Icome unto the Vfes of this Do^rinc. 
And in the firft place,it may ferve for confutation 
of the Papifts5thofe greatcmpoyfoners and mur- 



Vfe I, 

of Papifty* 
whokeepe the 
"Word in an 




The Saints Jure 

therers of infinite foules of men. Is the Word of 
God as a Lampe,and a Light, without which wcc 
cannot fee the firlt ftep^ or fet one foot aright to- 
wards Heaven ? Why then, finfull and peftilenc 
is their pra^flicejwho hide this blefled Light from 
the people of God,in an unknowne Tongue ; and 
by their bloudie Inquifition, damme up the holy 
Fountaines of heavenly Truth , which fliould 
fpring up in every mans heart unto eternall life ; 
Whofe cruell and craftic Religion (forjbloud of 
Princes, and curfed Policie , are the principall 
fupporters of Poperie) teacheth them to blind- 
fold and hood-winke the poore Laitie in forced 
ignorance, left they fhould know Gods will, or 
any way to Heaven, but theirs 5 which indeed is 
the right,dire(Sl,and defperate downe-fall into the 
Pit of Hell : So that millions of foules live no 
lefle without Scripturcs,than if there were none ; 
and wofuUy walke in this World, through darkc- 1 
neffc of finne,fliadow of death,and ignorance both 
of God and his Word , unto endleffe and utter 
darkeneflfe in the World to come. The Prophet 
David tells us,in PfaLi^, That the Lam of the Lord 
is ferfeBy and giveth tvlfedome unto the (impk : The 
Commandements of the Lord is fure^ and giveth light 
to the eyes. In this place hee telis us. That the 
Word was a Lampe unto his feet, and a Light un- 
to his paths. Chrifthimfelfe,/<?^;/ 5. 3 p. bids us. 
Search the Serif tures : even all, without excepti- 
on ; fo many as looke for eternall life. Not 
lightly, and at leifure to reade them , but with 
diligence to dive into them ; for fo the word fig- 


and perpetuall Quide. 

nifies in the Originall : To fecke for the right 
knowledgCj and true fenfe of them , as for Siher^ 
and to fearch for it as for Treafures, The Noble- 
men of Berea, JB, 17. 1 1. fearched the Scriptures 
dayly , whether thofe things were fo^ that trere preached 
mte them. Saint Peter , 2 Pet, i. 19, calls th« 
Word of the Prophets , a Light^rrhich fbineth in & 
darke place , to nhich weefljould take heed. But the 
Pope, and his Fadors^ teach other LeTTons. The 
Catholikc Church ( faith one of their chicfc 
* Champions, out of the Counccll of * Trent ) 
forbids the reading of Scriptures by all^without 
ehoifCjOr the publike reading, or finging of them 
in vulgar Tongues. The wife will not here re- 
gard (fay the Rhemifts in their Preface to their 
Teftament) what fomewilfull people doe mut- 
ter,that the Scriptures are made for all men. And 
foone after, they refcmble the Scriptures to Fire, 
WarefjCandlcSjKnivcSjand Swords ; which are 
indeed needful!, &c. but would marreall, if they 
were at the guiding of other than wife men: And 
this i's indeed one of their principallreafbns. 

Many abufe the Scriptures by ignorance, infir- 
their owne deftrudion r therefore they are not to 
be read of alI,withoutchoifc, 

I anfwer ; they might as well reafon thus : 
M^ny men abufe Meat and Drinkejby furfetting 
and exceffejto thedeftrudiion both of their foules 
and bodies : therefore men areto be deprived of 
Meat and Drinke. Some men are infeded with 
the Peflilcnce, by drawing in corrupted and em^ 
^poy foned 


/^<^.I7. II. 

a. ?et,i, 19. 

* SeS. de Verh. 
At CatboUca 

abufed by che 
error, heicfie. 

So may Meac 
be abufed, 
and the Aire 
itifcfted : 
yet they are 
not to be ta- 
ken 3V. ay. 


^ev. 1 8. 

The Saints fure 

poy foned aire : therefore the aire is to be taken 
away, and removed . But as thofe men which are 
deprived of Meat and Drinke, prefcntly languifli 
and pine away, and die a tcraporall death ^ and 
thole that enjoy not the benefit of the aire , arc 
prefently {ki^o-d^ for want of breath : even fo, all 
thofe that want the fpirituali Food of their foules 
outofthc Wordof Godjand the holy infpirati- 
ons of his good Spirit builded thereupon • how- 
foever they be fat and flourifliing m their outward 
eftates5yet they are full leane and lanke in their 
foules 5 and if they fo continue, mufl needes die 
an etcrnall death, and peridieverlaftingly. Let 
us then learne to deleft and hate the bloudie P^- 
licie of the Synagogue of Rome, which cruelly 
keepcs from many thoufand Soules that blefled 
Light of Gods Word, which fhould lead them 
to eternall life. They indeed pretend other Kea- 
fons ; But the truth is, if the Word of Truth 
(liould be permitted and publifhed toall, there 
would be old runningout of Babylon* all their 
Pompe and Policie would downe j their fliame- 
full luglings and Coufenages, their flrong De- 
lufions and Impoftures would be laid open^in the 
fight of the Sunne. The Princes of the Earth, 
that have fo long beenc drunken with the wrath 
of her cm poy foned Wine,wouId no longer.com- 
mit Fornication with her. The Merchants would 
buy no more her Wares ; but would ftand afarrc 
off from her, for fcare of her torment, weeping, 
and wailing. Nomarvcll then, though the Pa- 
pifls labour might and maine , and to this end 

maintainc I 

and per^etuall (juide. 

raaintaine a blotidie Inquifition,^ fuppreffe this 
Light of Gods V\'ord,leftit fnoulddifcover their 
darknefre,and haften their deftrudion. 

A fceondVfe, is for terror, feare, and amaze- 
ment to all them that doe not \i\^ and delight in 
the Light of Gods holy Word, but yet are wal- 
king in the darkenefie. of ignorance, antl in the 
fhadovv of death. The whole fVorld^ and every man 
in particular, Vj^j in d'arkeneffe ; that is , in igno- 
rance, under finne -^ and fo fubjed and lyabie to 
damnation and etexnall,4ea.th» There; is no way 
to come out of this ftate of Darknefre5Damnati- 
on, and Death, but by the Knowledge, Light, and 
Minifterieof theVVord. Hence it is, that ^^. 
2 (5. 1 8* it is 7»W/ charge, and hee is fent to this 
purpofe, po open, the eyes efmen^ that they might turne 
fnm Darknefe to Light. And Pml himfelfe, Efh, 
5, 8. fpeakes thus unto the Ephefians 5 Tee tvere 
once D^r ken e^e^ but m0 yee are Light in the Lord ^ 
walk eat: Children af the L ight , O ut of i Pet . 2 . y , 
it appcares, that all Gods Children are called out 
of DarkenejTe into mArvellew Light, Why then , 
fearefnll and m ft vy retched is the ftate of all 
thofe,vifho by. the Light and knowledge of Gods 
Word are riot traniflated and guided out of this 
DarkenclTe.; For, as in Darkenefie, 

I There is much feare, *tiorror, and diTcoai- 
fojtj a man cannot enjoy the light foiK-n^e of 
Heaven, the cpxi fort of the creatures, the com- 
pante of men ^ Even fo ignorant men, not en-^ 
lightened vvith faving knowledge, are utterly 
without,ail ho|>e of Heaveii|tthey have.no fight 


Of lerror to 
them tbac de- 
light not in 
Gcdi MjQt^, 

.y.is>3 tn 




The ftate of 
shofe that are 

in DarkcnciTc, 

He is in fcar«# 


He knowes 
not whith«r 
hs goest 



The ftatc of 
igaerant oncn* 

The Saints fure 

or tafte of the endlcfle joycs thereof j they have 
no companie or conference in heavenly matters 
vt^ith true Chriftians ^ they have bo comfort or 
intereft in the Covenant of Grace^or Promifcs of 
Salvation : But Feare, Horror, and Dcfpairc are 
moft jaftjy trcafurcd up for them againk the Day 
of H'rathy and »f the declarapiott of the jttft ludgement 

z He thdt n>dlketh in the Darkeptejje ( faith Tohn) 
knorveth net fthither he g^eth : He cannot difcerne 
his way 3 he fceth not what is behind, or before 
him ; he cannot de(cry or difcovcr the dangers 
which are round about him : But efpecially, if 
the wayes through which he pafleth, be flipperie, 
fteepe, and rockie, full of pits and holes, he is in 
danger at every ftep, byfome grievous fall, to 
crufh his body, bruife his bones, or breake his 
neckc. It is juft fo with every one that lives in 
ignorance of Gods Word,and Truth • he cannot 
poffibly difcerne the way to Heavenjamongft the 
many by-paths of iniquitie ; he cannot judge in 
fpirituall matters betwixt right and wrong,good 
and cvilI,Light and DarkcnefTejChrift and BelUl^ 
prophaneneflc and finceritic 5 though there be 
behind him, a Life fpent in much wickedneflTc, 
Icvvdnefle, and ignorance; before him,Defpaire, 
Hell, and eternall Damnation ^ about him, the 
World, with a thoufand baites and plcafurcs, to 
intice and intanglc him in finne 5 Sathan , like a 
roaring Lyon J readie every houre to feize upon 
his Soule, and to tearc it in pieces, while there is 
nonctohclpe; all the creatures armed, and in 2 


and perpetuall (juide. 

readinefle, with whole Armies of Plagues, and 
Vengeance, to be revenged upon him, for disho- 
nouring God, by ignorance in his Word ; Yet 
hee fees none of all this. Hee neither knowes, 
fceleSjOr fufpctSis thefe many dangers^with which 
he is incompailtd ; but goes on plodding, with 
ungrounded confidence, and wicked fecuritie, in 
the way of wickednefiTe and deftrudion : hee paf- 
fcth , with much defperate boldnefle , through 
many dangerous and fcarefuU wayes 5 wherein, 
at every ftep, he wounds his Confcicnce wi th one 
finne or other in the meane time, and at length 
falls hcadIong,and fuddenly, body and foule, into 
the Pit of Hell. This is certainely the miferable 
and wofull ftate of all thofe that live in fpirituall 
Darkenefle,andare ignorant in Gods Word,and 
the wayes of godlineffe. It may be they may 
flatter, pleafe,and pcrfwade therafelves,that their 
cafe is good enough ^ that, when they heare of 
Heaven, and thofe everlafting plcafures at Gods 
right hand,tbcy thinke notwich (landing that they 
fhall come thither at length ; though they know 
never a foot of the way, take no direction by the 
Lightof Gods Word, nor fet oneftcp, by new 
obedience , towards that place of bleiTednefTc. 
But indeed and truth they doc very feare fully dc 
ceive and over-fhoot themfelves : And their cafe 
is juft, as if a man fhould fall afleepe upon the 
edge of fome high and ftecpe Rocke -^ and there 
dreame, that he is made a King, attended with a 
glorious Traine of Nobilirie; furhiihed with 
furaptuous Pallaces,and ftately Buildings , en- 

(d) riched 




The Saints fure 




richcd with the Revenues , Soveraignetie , and 
Plcafuresof awholeKingdome ; But upon the 
fuddcn, ftarting upland leaping for joy, falls irre- 
coverably into the mercilefle and devouring Seaj 
and fo lofeth that little comfort,\vhich he had in 
this raiferablc life. Many w^retched men lye and 
fleepe and fnort in ignorance and fpirituall blind- j 
nefle ; thinking, that skill in the Bookc of God, 
and points of Religion , belongs onely to thofc 
that are Booke-learned . entertaining much vainc 
hope of falvation , vtrithout all truth or ground ; 
But vrhen upon their Death-bed^their Confcien- 
ces are awakened by the finget of Gods juftice, 
out of the llumber of rinne,they then too late find 
and fee, that all was but a Dreame ; for they fud- 
denly fall and finkc intodefpairejhorrorjand end- 
lefTe defolation. The ftate then of ignorant men, 
though perhaps they little rhinke upon it,or rake 
it to heart, is moft fearefull in this life , and will 
be moft horrible hereafter. In this World ; be- 
caufe they are unacquainted, and untaught in 
Gods Troth,points of Religion^and way to Hea- 
ven ^ they neither know their owne mifcrie , the 
great my fterie of godlinefrc,or mcanes to falva- 
t ion ; a nd th ere fore live as aliens from the Common- 
rrealth of Ifrael^ firangers from the C6ve»ant of Pro- 
mi fe ^ withoHt hope^ and rrithmt Cod in the JVorld: 
Which is a mifcrie of all miferics ^ Thej are con- 
demned alreadie : For as it is, fohn 3.18, Ne that 
beleeveth not in him^ is alreadie condemned. And 
Saint /*/?»/ faith, ^<?w. 10. 14. Horvfha^theybelecve 
in him^ofrvhom they have not heard \ and horv fha// they 


and perpetuall (juide. 


heare^ without a Preacher i So, that without know- 
ledge in Gods Word, there c^n be no faith ; and 
without faithj there is no falvation. You may 
further fee a notorious Linkc of many wretched 
mifchiefesj which arifc from ignorance , Efh, 4. 
1 7, 1 ^ J 1 9 . Vanitie ofmind^ and darkeneJJ'e of under- 
ftand'mg arc naturally in all men ; for wee arc all 
ftarke blindc, and utterly dead, in refpejfl of mat- 
ters of Heaven, and Ipirituall affaires. From 
thence comes, grolfe Ignorance of God, and all 
godlinefle ; and this Ignorance,if it be not remo- 
ved anddifpelled by the Light of Gods Word, 
is the root and caufe ot ftrangeneflTc from the Life 
of God : Hardnefle of Heart • Searcdnefle of 
Confciencc , and want of Feeling ; an itching, 
wantonnefle, and eagerncfle to finne j a commit- 
ting of any finne, without remorfe, occafion be- 
ing offered; an unfatisfiednefle and greedinefle 
in the purfuit of (infull pleafures, and in fulfilUng 
the luH oftheflejjj^ the luB of the eyes^and pride of life, 
Thcfc are the bitter and poy foned fruits of Igno- 
rance, and want of knowledge in the Word of 
God, and way to Heaven. And what is 10 be ex- 
pected hereafter, appeares 2 The^, i . 7, 8, ^ . The 
Lord lefus tviU jhew him felfe from Heaven ^ mth his 
■michtie Angels , inflaming fire , rendring %'engeanfe 
j unto them that dee not know God , and vrhich obey not 
i the Gof^el of our Lord lefus Chrift 5 irho fhall he ptt- 
j nifhed mth everUfting perdition from the pre fence of 
\ the Lord^ andf-om the glor-^ of hk potver. Seeing 
I then thecomming of the Lord will be fo terrible 
i and fearefull to the ignorant , fo that they fhall 
1 (d 2) defire 


The fruits of 

I lih.i.i^. 

zT^?. 1, 7,8,9. 



The Saints fure 


deiirc the Mountaines to fall upon them , that 
they might hide themfelves from the fierce vvrath 
of the Lord, and not behold his fearefull coiinte* 
nance; and that they (li all wifh full many times, 
they had never beene borne ^ how ought every 
man^ which lives vi^ichout the Light and know- 
ledge of Gods holy Word , feare and tremble ? 
And yet, God knowethjhce cannot conceive the 
thoufand part of iJiofe horrible torments which 
the ignorant and wicked perfons endure for ever. 
For as the heart of man cannot comprehend thofe. 
blelled and glorious joyesjwhich God hath pre- 
pared for thofe that love him 5 fo the woe, tor- 
ments , and endleffe vexations , which fhali be 
poured with wrath and vengeance upon the head 
of the wicked, infinitely paiTe the underftanding 
of man : None can conceive how horrible they 
are, but onely he that feelcs them . It very deepe- 
ly then concernes you (Beloved in Chrift lefus) 
as you tender the evcrlafting good and happinefTe 
of yoarowncfouleSjto labour by all meanes to 
be infrru^ted and inlightened by the holy Word 
and Torch , to leade you through this Vale of 
TeaTes,and World of Darkenefle^ to the blcflTed 
fruition of the moft glorious and everlafting 
Kingdome of Heaven* Otherwife, if you will 
needcs continue in ignorance fti*ll,markc what is 
your wofull (late and condition : howfoeveryou 
may fceme to fhine outwardly, to the eye of the 
World^orinyourowne conceits, in pleafures,in 
plentie, incivill honeftie,in outward miith,and 
^ other I 

and perpetuall Cjuide, 


Other worldly contentments; yet, in deed and 
truth, your life is a life of darkenellc. The g^d 
9f this florid, the Prince of DarkeneJ^e^ hath blinded 
the eyes ^fyour mindes^ that y)ur Fnder standings are 
not onely darkened ^ hv\t j9u are Darkencfj'e it felfe^ 
£fh,^,8, Yourvvorkcs arethe workes of Darke- 
neflc, your way is the rvay of DarkenejTe -^ you are 
fettered and enchained /-i the forrerof Darkenejfe^ 
Colof.i, 13. InthedarkenelTeof croifes and af- 
flictions of this life , you (liall be without any 
glimpfc of true comfort and rcfrediing from the 
Lord ; upon your Death-beds, you rtiall meete 
with nothing but darkenefle of defpaire and hor- 
ror: in the Grave, Sathan will guard you with 
the Barrcs of the Earth, as in a Bed of hopejcfle 
Darkeneile, untill the Judgement of thc^great 
Day. And that Day will be unto you, a Day of 
wrath y a Day of trouble and heavineffe^ a Day of de- 
firuUion and defo/ation , a Day of Clouds and black- 
neJJ'e: as it is, Zeph, r. 15. And at the laft, you 
arc to be cart:, body and foulc, from the prefence 
of God, and joyes of Heaven, into utter Darke- 
ncflc , there to be tormented amongCt wicked 
Devils, for ever and ever. This is ccitaincly the 
ftatc of all ignorant men , and thofe that will 
not be enlightened with faving knowledge out 
of his Word : There is nothing to be expcfled 
of them j but Darkeneile, Sorrow, Defpaire, 
and Horror. 

A third YCc of thisDodrinc , mayferve for 
admonition to all thofe, who by the Light of 
Gods Word have alreadie found and are cntred 

(d 3) into 


CO take the 
Word for cur 





»— — 

The Saints fure \ 

into the tvay to Heaven; that they would fuffer 
themfelves with humihtie, obedience, and con- 
ftancicjto be led along in a courfe of fanvaificati- 
on, by the holy guidance and diredion thereof; 
that they would fhine dayly more and more in 
all Chriftian vcrtues, exercifes, and duties. For 
it is the propertie of all thofe which are become 
new creatures, who are wafhed from their finnes, 
fandifiedjand new-borne by the immortall Sc^d 
of the. Word, and the Spirit of Grace, to long 
after, and earneftly dejire the fine ere Milke of the 
fvgrd^ that they may grow thereby in knowledge, 
comfort,and new obedience. A new-borne Babe 
will be plcafcd and fatisfied with nothing but 
the Pap J not Gold5Pe3rles5 or any thing elfe will 
I content it : even fo a new-renewed Soule doth 
j ever hunger and thirft after the facred and fmcere 
\ Milke ef Gods holy ff^Qrd^ as Saint Peter calls it,thar 
j it may dayly gather ftrength in grace • otbcr- 
r wife, as the Child, fo it would languifTi, pine a- 
way,and die. He that growes not, and goes not 
forward in grace, had never true grace. He that 
fakhfully labours not to feed his foule with fpi- 
rituall food,never paffed the new birth. Thervayof 
the right eow (faith Salomon) fbinethjs the Light ^that 
jhineth more and more unto the perfeB Day^ Prov, 4. 
; i3. for if the Day-ftarre of faving knowledge 
i once appcare untt> a man,and the Sume of Righte- 
oufnejj'e arife in hU heart ^ they never fetjUntill ihey 
biinghim unto that glorious Light above, that 
no roan can attaine unto. He proceeds and pro- 
xies in the great my fterie of godlineflc, in Mih^ 


and Perf email (juide. 


tepentance, and (inceriticj he growes fromvcr- 
tuc to vertue , from knowledge to knowledge, 
from grace to grace , untiirhee become a ferfeB 
man in Chrt^ lefw. It may bCjas the faireft Siinn^ 
may fometimes beover-caft, and darkened with 
Clouds^ and Mifts ; fo the hoIinefTc of a godly 
man may be over-clouded and difgraced fome- 
times, by falls into a (inne, upon infirmitie, igno- 
rance, heedlefneflejOr the like : But, if he be fo 
Overtaken ^ after his paffing through forrow and 
gricfe of heart for the fame, and his riling againe 
by repentance • hce fhines farre more brightjy 
and pleafantly both to God and man,in {iuceritic 
and all holy graces j he afterwards runnes a more 
fwift and fetled courfe in the race of fandificati- 
on. So that ordinarily all Gods children fhine 
as Lights in the fvorld, in the midB of a n aught ie and 
crooked generation ^ being once inlightened with 
faving knowledge • and they ftillwaxc brighter 
I and brighter, imdil at laft they come to fhine 
as the hrightnejfe of the Firmament, and the Star res 
I in Heaven , for ever and ever, Looke to it then, 
I befcech you : whofoever hath alreadie given 
his Name unto Chrift,tafted of the good Word 
of God, and received into his foule fomc glimp- 
fes of heavenly Light j let him be fure to fol- 
low hard towards the Marke, for the Prize bf the 
high calling of God, in Chrifi: lefus : Let him 
fet his bed defircs, affevftions, and endeavours, 
to grow and proceed in all holy knowledge, in 
the Light of Gods Word, and chearefuU obe- 
dience unto the fame. For ir is a fpcciall note 

(d 4) and 

£^&.4' X|« 

■Plbi/.t. I J, 


Jfid. 38. 8. 

lejh, 10. 12. 



The Saints fare 

and raarke of a man that is truly rcIigioLis,to gos 
forwafd,and encreafc in grace and under ftanding: 
Heemuft be like the Sunnc , which, rifing in the 
Eaftjcnlargeth his glorious light and iieat,unrill 
he reach the height ot Heaven. But5as one well 
notes ; the true Chriftian muft not be WkeHc- 
zel'jahs Sunne, which went backward ; If a man 
back-flide, waxe worfc, and fall away from good 
beginnings, he addes weight unto the wrath of 
God, and doubles his damnation : Hcc muft not 
be like lojhuahs Sunne, that ftood dill. It is fo 
farre to Heaven, and the way fo narrow,fo rough, 
and full of dangers and diificulties,that he which 
(lands at a ftay, will light fFiort : The Bridc- 
groome will be cntrcd in, and the Gate fhut, be- 
fore he come. Hee that hath fo much grace,that 
hccdefires no more, did never truly dell re any: 
And he that endeavours not to be better, will by 
little and littlegrow worfe,cind at length become 
ftarke naught. He therefore muft be like David<s 
Sunne,thar great and glorious Gyant of the Hca- 
vcns^that lih aBridegroome comes out of his Chamber^ 
andas aChamfion rejo^ceth to rmme hif KA€e^ One 
grace in Gods child, begets another ; and one 
holy adl: ion, performed with finccritic of heart, 
doth inflame his aifc(51-ions with love and zeale, 
with courage and rcfolutionj to undertake moe, 
and to goe through-ftirch with all the affaires of 
God, and good caufes. For he alone knowes the 
invaluable worth, and incftimable price of hea- 
venly lewels; and therefore he is ravifhed with, 
their b^autie,and grooves unfatiableinhis defires 


and perpetual I ^u'tde. 

and longings after tliem. He is ftillroylingand 
labouring in the Trade of Chriftianitie,for more 
gainc of grace, encrcafc of comfort, and further 
aflurance and fecaricie of the joycs of Heaven. 
Sith hce hath alreadie tafted and {qA upon ccle- \ 
ftiall and fpiricuali food, h.e findes in that fuch i 
unutterable fweetne(rc,and pleafant rellidij that ] 
hec for ever after hungers and thirfts after it. If j 
then yon would be afiuredjthat you arc in theway I 
to happincflc , be fure to be led on by the Light I 
of the Word in all heavenly kno.vledge/pirituaiiJ 
wifcdome,and holy obedience. | 

A fourth and laft Vfe of my Doflrinc, is for in- | 
ftrudion to all ; whether they be naturalijOr fpi- j 
rituall 5 ignorant, or inftruded in the Word of 
God: Tlaat tliey make it their chiefe andprinci-| 
pall Chriftiancare, zeaIoufly,and confcionably, I 
andconftantly to heare, attend, and underftand 
the holy W'^ord of God - and to be guided and 
conduiS^cd by the Light thereof in all the paffagcs^ 
ofthcirlife,andvvayes of their Gonvcrfation. 

X And in this point,! willjfirft,laydovvne unto 
you certainc Motives, that may induce and ftirrc 
you thereunto* 

2 CautionSjOr Caveats,to fore-arme and fore- 
warne you of Lets, and Temptations, that ra^y 
with-draw you there-from. 

5 Laftly, fome needfull inilrudions for your 
righ t carriage therein . 

One Motivcjto ftirre-«s up to a reverend regard 
and attention, in hearing the Word of God j to a 
love and liking of the heavenly knowledge therein. 


rfc 4. 






The Word is a 



I ^id efi autem 
^ Scriptura facra, 
■ nlpqu^tdam Epi- 
\fiola OmntpoteH- 
fi^mfmm? Greg, 
Epiji. lik 4. 

I T/w.j.iy. 

Simi >. 

T^he Saints fure 

contained, and to a found and fincere pradice 
of it, in our lives and convcrfations,may Dc this ; 
I be Word of God is, as it were , a» Epilik or 
Letter (as one of the Fathers calls it) written from 
God Almighie unto us mirerablcmcn,publi(hed 
by his owne Sonnc,fealed by his Spirir,wirneiTed 
by his Angels, conveyed unto us by his Church, 
the Pillar and ground of Truths confirmed with the 
bloud of millions of Martyrs, which hath alrea- 
die brought thoufandsof foulesto Heaven^and 
fills every heart that underftands ir,and is wholly 
guided by it,with Light and LifejWith Grace and 
Salvation. Now let us imagine a man to have a 
Letter fent unto him but by an Earthly King, or 
fome great Prince in the World ; wherein hee 
fiioutd have a Pardon granted him for fomc capi- 
tall Crime, and high Offence , whereby hee were 
lyable to a terrible kind of death ; or wherein hee 
fliouid be fore-warned of fome great and immi- 
nent danger hanging over his headjand readie eve- 
ry houre to fall upon him ; or,wberein hee fhould 
have afllired and confirmed unto him, under the 
Kings Scale, fome rich Donation, or great Lord- 
fhip. Now I fay , if a man fhould receive but a 
Letter from fome high and mightie Potentate 
upon Earth) wherein any of thcfe favours fhould 
be conveyed unto him ^ how reverently would he 
receive it ? how thankfully would he accept of it ? 
how often would he readc it ? how warily would 
he kecpe it > how highly would heefleemc of it ? 
Why, in this royall and facred Letter fent from 
the King and great Commander both of Heaven 


and perfetuall Cjuide. 

and Earth, all thefe favours, and a thoufand more 
joyes and comforts, are conveyed unto every be- 
Jeever and pra^lifer thereof. In that, we are fore- 
warnedjlcft by our ignorance,impietie,and impe- 
nitencie, wee fall into the Pit of Hell, and evcr- 
lafting horror : In that,we have promifed and per- 
formed unto us the pardon and rcmifTion of al 1 our 
finnes, whereby wee juftly (land guiltie of the fe- 
cond death,and the endlclTe torments of the dam- 
ned. By the vcrtue of itjwc are not onely comfor- 
ted with grace in this World, but fhall undoub- 
tedly be crowned with peace,gIory,and immorta- 
litie in the World tQ come. Such a Letter as this, 
hath the mightie and terrible God,moft glorious 
in all Power and Majcftie, who is even a confu.mwg 
And4£'i-ottrhgfire ; fent unto us miferablc men, by 
nature wretched and forlorne creatures, Du ft and 
Afhes : why then,with what reverence,cheareful- 
nefle,and zeale, ought wee to rcceivejreadcjbeare, 
marke,learne5underftand,and obey it ? 

A fecond Motive, may be the precious,golden, 
and divine matter which is contained inthcBooke 
of God, and that true and ever-during happineffe, 
towhich it onely can bring us. There is nothing 
propofed and handled in the Word of God, bur 
things of greateft weight,and highcft excellency t 
Asjthe infinite majefty5po,ver,and mercy of God 5 
the unfpeakable love and ft range fufeings of the 
Sonne o£ God, for our fakes ^ the mighty and mi- 
raculous working of the holy Spirit upon thd 
{bules of men. There is nothing in this Treafury, 
but Orient Pearks^and rich lewels^aSjpTOnifesof 



The inatrer 
contained in 
and precious. 

HeK s. »4« 

iPt;.!. 13. 

lob 31. I. 

The Saints fare 

grace, fpirituall comfort, confufion of fmne, the 
triumph of godlines,;efrcilung of wearied foulcs, 
the bcautie of Angels, the holine (Tc of Saints, the 
ftate of Heaven,ralvation of finnerSjSc e verlaft ing 
life. What Swine are they,that neglcding thefe 
precious Pearles,root only in the Earth,wallow in 
worldly pleafures,feede upon vanities, tranfitorie 
trani,and vanilliing riches,vvhieh in their greateft 
need will take them to their rvings^likean Eagle^rndfiie 
into theHeavensl^c^xditSyXho. Word of God is only 
able to prepare us for true happineflTe in this worlci, 
and to polTefle us of it, in the world to come. It 
only begets in us a true,inth:e,and univerfall holi- 
ne (lb; mtheut trhichy none jbaff ever fee the face ofGod^ 
Or the glory of Heaven: for it is impofIibIe,hereaf- 
ter to live the life of glory &:bleflednes in Hea«ren, 
if we live not here the life of grace and finccrity,in 
allour waies. It is called the immei'taU Seed jocca^re 
it regenerates and renewes us both in our Spirits, 
Souks^and Bodies : ineurSpirits-^that is,in judge- 
ment,memory,& confcience : in our Souies-^that is^ 
in our will and affedtions ; in ourBodies-^that isjin e- 
very member. If the Prince of this world hath not 
blinded the eyes of our minds, andthatwebenot 
reprobats,as concerning falvation,it only is able to 
inlightcn our underftandingSjto re(5lifie our wills, 
to fan^ftifie our hearts,to mortifie our aife(fi:ionsjto 
Ctt Davids Doore before our lifs^that tre offend not trith 
our tonguex'j to (ct loh Doore before om eyes^that they 
behold not vAnit'j'^ to manacle our hands & feet with 
the cords and bands of Go Js La\v,that they do not 
I walke or worke wickedly : nay, and it is able to 
' furnirti 

and perpetuall ^ude. 

judged by the 

furnifli and fupply us with fufficiencie of fpiritiT- 
all ftrengtb, to cantinue in all^thefc good things, 
andinagodlycourfevntothe^d. And if we be 
once thus qualiSed, wc are rightly fitted and pre- 
pared for the glory that is tobe revealed. As be- 
fore, this holy Word did tranflate us from the 
darknefleof (inne, into the light of grace ; ir can 
now much more eafily , with joy and triumph, 
bring us, from the light of grace, to the light of 
immortalitie,and everlafting pleafures at Gods 
right hand. 

A third Motive maybe this : Wee muft be 
judged by the W^ord of God at the lail Day, lf\ We muft be 
any man (laitn Cnriit, /ch. 12, 475 4<5.) heare my 
mrdS) and beletve not^ I judge him not \ fori came not 
to judge the JVorld^ but to faze the World : He that re- 
fufeth me^ and receiveth not my nords, hath one that 
judgethhiw'^ the Tvsrd that I have f^oh^^it fhall judge 
him in the laH Day, Whenfoever wee fliall come 
to judgement^ and appeare before Gods Tribu- 
nalf, (and wee little know how neere it is) two 
Bookes lliall be Jayd open unto us ; the one, of 
Gods Law 5 another, of our owne Confcience : 
The former, will tell us what wee fhould bave 
dobe ; for the Lord hath revealed it to the World, 
tobe the luleof our faith, and of all our anions : 
The other, will tell us what wee have done 5 for 
Gonfcience is a Regifter,Light,and Power in our Conrciencc^ 
Vnderftanding, which trcafures up all our parci- 
ciilar adions againft the Day of Triall ; difcovers 
unto us theequitie5or iniquitie of them ; and de- 
tetminesof them, either with us, or againfr us . 


what it is. 




The Saints fure 

Now we muft not take any exception againft the 
firll: 5 that is, the Law of God : For the Law ef God 
(faith J) avid , Pfal. 1^.7.) iiferfeB^ comerting the 
[bide : The tejiimonie of the Lord is Jure, and giveth 
mfedome unto the jimfU, Wee cannot again ft the) 
fccond • that is , the Booke of our Confciencc : ] 
for it was ever in our cwftodie and keeping ; no I 
man could corrupt it ; there is nothing writ in it, 
but with our owne hands. Now, in what a terri- 
ble fearefull cafe will a man be at that Day, wh«a 
he (hall fee the Booke of God layd opea before 
him J in the Light whereof hce (hould have led 
all his life, and by which he is now to be judged ; 
and yet know himfelfe to have had no knowledge, 
but to have beene a meere ftranger in it ? Though 
the great things of the Law were many times pub- 
lifhedand preached unto him, yet hce counted 
them but as a fflrange thing. Every mans Confci- 
ence is naturally corrupt, defiled, and uncomfor- 
table ^ andcanendure anddigcft rcafonabic qui- 
etly the rage of difordcredaffe^ions, many vile 
corruptions, and finfull actions : and therefore,at 
the laft Day, when it fhall be awakened, opened, 
examined , it will bring forth nothing, but the 
Worme that never dyes, ftrange confufion, and 
condemnation ; except it hath bccne formerly in 
this World enlightened, purged, and fan^lificd 
by the Word of Grace, and the Bldud of the 
Lambe. Moftaccurfed thcnjand forIorne,wiIl be 
the ftate of every ignorant man,whcn he fhall ap- 
pcare before the ludge of all the World : When 
he lookcs upon his Confcience,hc (hall finde no- 

and perpetuall (juide. 

thing but guilt,and horror : when upon the Law, 
and upon the Word of God^after whichhe lliould 
have lived^and by which he muft npw be judged 5 
it will be to him but as afealed Boole • bee will fee 
nothing but his owne ignorance, blindnefTe, and 
ftrangenefle in it : And therctore,all the Plagues 
and Curfes denounced in it again ft ignoranr,wic- 
kedjand unrepentant finners, (hall be his portion^ 
in the Lake that burncs with fire and Brimllone 
for evermore. This ought then to ftirre up every 
raan, with all care and Confcience, to ftore him- 
fclfe, while he hath time, with faving knowledge 
and holy obedience uRto that Word, which muft 
be his ludgeinthe laftDay: Nay, and let him 
take heed unto his feet, and looke unto his beha- 
viour, when hee enters into the Houfe of God : 
For in that Day he muft anfwer and be countable 
for every Sermon that he hath heard^and for every 
Lcftbn he hath bcene taught out of the Booke of 
God : If they have not enlightened his under- 
ftanding, they have hardened his heart ; if they 
doc not now reforme him_,they will hereafter con- 
found him ^ if he doe not pro-fit by them, he iliall 
be fure to be plagued for the negle6t of them j 
For Gods Word is unto every man thariiearcs k, 
either the favour of life unto life^ or thefazour of death 
unto death : It is a tm-edged Smrd-^ it either kills 
the finnCjOr the foulc, it muft and [haUfroffcr in 
thetvorke ferrvhich it is fent. God will rayfe glo- 
ry, hee will winne honour unto bimfclfc, from 
every man. If hee cannot be glorified, by his 

hcc vtrill glorific his 



converfion, and falvation 



A fearcfUn 
thall befall the 
net heavers 
and pradifers 
ef the Word. 

T^he Saints fure 

ovvne Name, in bis dcfervcd overthrow, and juft 

A fourth Motive may be ; That horrible and 
fearefull puni("hment and deflradion, which at 
lengtli will cercaincly befall all negligent aiid 
contemptuous hearers , and thofe that pradife 
not the power thereof in their lives and convcrfa- 
tions. f-yhefotver (faith our bleflfed Saviour) fhall 
mt receive youjor heare your words • whenyee depart out 
of that hufe, or that CitiCy jhoke 'off the duj) dfyour 
feet: Truly I fay unto you^ it fhall be eajierfor them of 
the Land &f Sodome and Gomerrah , in the Day of 
ludgement^ than fir that Citie, The infamous abo- 
minations, the damnable and crying finnes of the 
Sodomites are knowne unto all : Who hath not 
heard of thofe flouds of fire and Brimftone, 
which fwept them away, as the hatcfulleft crea- 
tures that ever lived upon the Earth ? How rufull 
then, and how lamentable will be their condi- 
tion, who are lyable and fubjetfl to more horrible 
plagues than tbefe ? Wee (hould therefore con- 
(ider, that the negligent, irreverent, and unprofi- 
table hearing of the Word of God, is a finnc of 
a farre greater weight, and more fearcfull confe- 
quence, than we ordinarily imagine. W^hen wee 
heare theMiniQers,and EmbalTadours of God, 
delivering his mind, and revealing his W^ill unto 
us,out of fuch places as thefe,we are to conceive, 
that in a necrerand more fpeciall manner, wee 
ftand in the prcfence of the great God of Heaven 
and Earth, who is clothed with infinite terrour, 
power, and majeftic 5 and thereafter, we ought to 


and perpetuallCjuide, 

proportion ourbehavioiir and carriage, with rc- 
vercncejhumiliryjand obedience to io great a pre- 
ience. Earthly Princes will not endure concempc 
anddifgraceat their fubje^ts hands .* They can- 
not abide to have their Majeftie and authority 
lightly fee by, their lawes and commands to bee 
neglected and troden under foot : Why then 
fhoiild the Lord of glory, of jufticeand power, 
bearc fuch indignities at the hands of finfull men, 
which are his moil abjed vafTals, and contempti- 
ble creatures ? Certaine it is, if wee weigh aright 
the great ncfTe of that God , before whom wee 
ftand5andourownevilcneire5 weclliould hold it 
moH juftjifhe fhould prefently in the place where 
weftand, punifhand plague our fleepinelTe, tal- 
king, wandting thoughts, and irreverent carriage 
at hearing his Word , with fome fudden and 
n>arkablc vengeance5to be a fpedaclc & example 
unto others, for ncgle/3:ing fo great falvation. It 
is Gods great mercy that fuch plagues and judge- ' 
ments arerefpitcd, fufpended, and deferred • for i 
even all the cwrfes in the booke of God doe natu- 
rally, dcfervedly, and inthecourfe of Gods ju- 
fticc, belong unto the negligent hearer, and M- 
obedient unto the Word of God, ^Uthefe curfes 
(faith Mdfes Deut,2S.^9.)fha^come upon thee and 
furfue thee^ and overtake thee, tiff thou be defiroyed^ he- 
caufe thou ohyefinot the zoiceof the Lord thy God, 

I come now in the fccond place to the tempta- 
tions and lets whereby a man may bee hindered 
from hearing the Word of God, profiting by it, 
and a con^fcionable pradbifing of the fame, 

(c) The 




from profiring 
by ihe Word. 




Some thinke 
the Word to 
be but a hu- 
mane policie« 

A re moving of 

The Saints Jure 

\ v'l: may &ec 
\ difcemed by a 
I propGrjnatu- 
\ ra'ii,andinlic- 
I rcncMajtftie 
j from all bui 
' mane writings 
] aridimitatory 
irapofturcs oF 
Satan ; fuch as 
iv the Alc^ton 

The highcft in iaipicty, and moil: liorf ibie, is a 
fp'ec of Atheidncj which Satan fuggells into 
worldly men, whereby they wickedly, and very 
blafphemoufly think e, that the facrcd Word of 
God, is bat a politike invention and devifc to 
kecpc men in awe and order, in Cities and fo 
cieties, and to prefcrve them from wildnefTe and 
outrages. But I would gladly know whofewcrke 
arid invention it is, if it be not Gods Almighty ? 

It if net manf .• For itdiredly and ftrongly op- 
pofcrh • againft the flreamc of his fenfuall de- 
lights, and earthly pleafurest It curbs his mod 
defired contentments, and croflTcth the natural! 
bent of bis aftcvlions. 

It is mtSAtam : For he in all -ages hath fiercely 
and furiouny fci himfelfe againft it - and it is the 
engine that batters and beats downe his king- 
domcof darkncfTei 

His not anj ^ngch^ or other creatures : For the 
vvoncierfull power of Gods Word, is farre above 
the reach and capacity of any creature ; tranfccn- 
dent to alt created underftandings, and fini*-e 
cdmprclien{ion.Ee(tdes,the famous miracks,tjie 
! many vi (ions, the true fore-telling of thijigs to 
co.»e,the inward, lively and effe^uall workings 
upon the foules of theeled, and many other fin- 
gular and faered markes &chara^ers of divinity 
ftarapcd upon ir,.dorh plainly (l-^ew,. that it is the 
alone holy invention of Gods divine, pure and 
infinite underftanding, and revealed to the world 
for the. inlarging of Gods gloryj and the falva 


and per^etuall Cjuide. 


tion of many a thoufand foules 5 for the confu- 
(ion of the kingdome of Satan, and juft con- 
demnation of the children of hell. Take heed 
then in the name of God, that you give not en- 
trance or entertainment to any fuch fearefull blaf^ 
phemous temptation, whereby the love and zealc 
to Gods Word may be cooled, or you grow leflfe 
careful! in purchafing and pradifing the knovi'- 
ledge and power of it. I his let layes hold onely 
upon men of a reprobate fenfe, and thofe that 
are already marked out for certame damnation. 

A fecond let and hindcrance fromhearing the 
Wt^rdof God, is recufancie, the cozenage and 
im pollute of Popery. For fuch is the wicked- 
ne fie and cruelty of that fu perdition and myfte- 
ry of iniquity, that it labours might and maine 
tokeepe all the n-orldclofe prifoners in the dun- 
geon of darknefTc and ignorance, and for ever to 
deprive them of the light of the GofpelL-The 
prophane profefTors of this bloudy Religion, 
hold ignorance to be the mother of devotion^and 
a very dangerpus thing for fimplc people to pry 
into the Booke of God. And fo they doe more 
fafely and fecurely feed their followers with their 
owne damnable principles of treafbn, rebellion, 
difloyalty and difohedience to lawfull Kings. 
So they lead ignorant people which way, and as 
farre as they will ig thekingdome of darknefle^ 
eventobelecve that blowing up of whole ftates, 
and killing of Kings, are very glorious ads, and j 
merit thebrighteft crowne of immortality, andj' 
thehigheft feat in heaven. Ihope in the Lord! 

(c 2 ) there 

Let 2. 

Recufancic . 


Let ;. 

Hardnefl'c of 
heart, andde- 
jn finning. 


The Saints Jure 


againft cbis. 

there is none of you, but with all his he^rt hates 
and dcterts this bloudy, murthcrous, and Idola- 
trous generation • and will by no mcanesfutfer 
his right eye of knowledge in Gods Word to be 
put out by thcfe curfcd Ammonites. 

Addchcre another let, which is Scparatifme, 

A third let and hinderance, is the height af 
hardneflc of heart, and molt damned delperate- 
ncffe in fmning, when men are become fo greedy 
of fulfilling their finfull pleafures , that they 
drinke up fenfuall delights like water,dravv on ini- 
quity like cords ofvAmtie^ andfinne as mth cart- 
ropes: For then they beginnc to fay with them- 
felvcSjCvento God himfelfe5with them in '0^21. 
I 4j 1 5 . Depart from w, for we dejire not the knowledge 
ofthyv^ajcs. who if the -^Imightj^ that rre fhmldfcrfe 
him ^ and rrhat profit jhoiild we haze if n-'effjould pray un- 
to him ? And with thofe to whom Ifaiah in his 
fifth Chapter denounceth a fearcfull woe ; Let 
himr/iake^eedy lethimhajien his nerke, that we may 
fee it^ and let the cout^feilof the Hoi) one of Ifraeldran> 
neare and come^ that tree ma^kncrv it. Men that are 
poflefTed with fuch a rebellious and fcornfull fpi- 
rit as this, neither much care for God or his 
Word, threats or prom ifes, judgements or mer- 
cies, heaven or hell. No raarvell then though 
they fet light by Gods minijlers, and feekc not 
forinflrut^ion in holy knowledge, and heavenly 
wifdomCo That wee may be preferved from' this 
horrible and dcfperate cafe , and fo fearcfull y 
hardning our hearts againft the Woid of 1 ife aod 
" falvation, 

and perpetuall Cjuide* 

Talvation, we muft be very carefull and watchfull, 
that wee give not way, pa (Tagejand entertainment 
to wicked thoughtSjand the firft {infull motions : 
for in this manner^ a man proceedes to the height 
of finne, and a reprobate lenfe. There firft ari- 
fcth in his Heart an idle and wandering thought 
of fome unlawfull thing ^ as of Luft, Covetouf- 
neffe. Pride, Malice, prophaning the Sabbath, 
Cozening, and circumventing bis Brother 5 and 
fuch like. Secondly, it begins to allure, entice^ 
and confcrre with the Will. Thirdly, the Will 
doth, as itvrcre, take it by the hand, and is tick- 
led,pleared,and dclig;hted with it. Then foilowes 

j Confent : Confent fets the affedions on foot, 
and plots the accomplirhmcnt and practice of 

iitj and finnepra(5lifedwith pleafure, brings Cu- 
ftomc. Cuftome fharpens a mans wir,aHd makes 
him looke about, how to excufe it : From excu- 
{ingfinne,heegrowcs to defend it : Defence of 
finne, makes him obftinate,and refolved to conti- 
nue in it : ObftiRatenefTe begets boafting^and glo- 
rying in it. And if a man once become impudent^ 
and take a pride in {inning,there prefently follows 
a brazen Brow, and whorifh fore-head, an yron fi- 
new in the necke,a heart as hard as the nether Mi 1- 
ftone,a feared Confcienccjand a reprobate fenfe. 
Thefe are the fteps^by which a man rifeth into the 
Scatof tfee fcornefull : And upon the top of thefe 
ftayres, Sinnc fits in the greatcft triumph and fo- 
veraigntie 5 and banifheth out of a mans heart, 
allfeare of God, love to his Miniflers^ and zeale 
unto his Word. 

(e3) A 


The degrees 

ia finne. 

A motion to 


The Will ind- 












A reprobate 


The Saints fsire 

Let 4. 

A conceitjibat 
mens Lawes> 
3akes hold of, 
and will con«> 
derane oncly 
notorious fin- 

This Lci is 

A fourth Let and hinderance from hearing 
Gods VVord,and yeelding entire obedience unto 
it, is a very peftilcnt and policike conceit, which 
pofTeiTeth the hearts of very many^ whereby they 
are perfwaded^That Lawes divine arc but like hu- 
mane or mens conftitutions : As thefe execute 
none, but chiefe Malefadors ; fo thefe Decrees 
of God will at laftcondemnenonc^but infamous 
and notorious llnners. And therefore, if they be 
but pettie Oifendors, or onely maintaine but one 
fweet linnc in themfelvcs j if they be not of the 
worft fort, though they be not fo forward hearers 
of Sermons , fo Scripture-wife , or hold fuch a 
ftrid courfe of holinefle in their converfation : 
yet they thinke with thcmfelves,their cafe is good 
enough , and that it will goe well enough with 
them at lail:. Hence it is, that they are cold, and 
carelc{re,in efteeraing of hearing,and conforming 
themfelves to the Minifterie of the Word. But 
let no man deceive himfelfe i The deftru(9:ion of 
the negligent hearerof the Word of God,and the 
difobedient to the Gofpcl of Chrift lefus, fliall 
be as the dcRmdiono(*S oclowcy and farre more 
grievous. He that lyes and delights in any one 
knowne finne, of which his Confcience is con- 
vided, is in a fearefull cafe, fvithout faith^ it is im^ 
fojft^ie tofleafe God : and , fvithdut holinefi^ no man 
fhaUfee the face of the L»rd, And none hath either 
faithjOrholincfle, without faving knowledge out 
of Gods Booke, Without the New-birth , and 
continuance in grace unto the end, no man fhali 
be faved t And, fincere obedience to a conftant 


and per^etuall (juide. 


and confcionable Miniftcrie of the Word , is a 
meanes both to beget, nourilh, and continue fa- 
ving grace. And, let mens conceits be what they 
vvili ; as fure it is,as God is in Heaven,not one jot 
or tittle of all the Plagues and Curfes regiftred in 
Gods Law, but (liail be feverely executed upon 
all ignorant and unrepentant Tinners , and poured 
upon the hairie fcaipe ofallfuch as gee onfiiU in their 

A fifth Let and hinderance of hearing the 
Word of God , is an excellive and imttioderarc 
delight, and an eager and earneft purfuit of the 
finfull pleafures of a mans fweet finnc. * By a 
mans fweet finne, I meanc that,which his corrupt 
nature hath fingled out, and made fpeciall choife 
of, to follow and feed upon, with greateft delight 
and fcnfuall fwectneflfe 5 which, by cuftome and 
continuance, hatk taken deepcft root and fureft 
hold in his heart: uponwhichjall his affe<5iions 
and defires are carried with iliarpeft edge, heat, 
and headlongnefle • and to which, hee makes all 
occafions and circumftances/riends and acqu'ain- 
tancCj Religion and Confcience, all the powers 
both of foule and body, and outward eftate, fer- 
viceable and contributorie, as to that which 
chiefcly rules and reignes in him. This fweet 
finne,in fomc, is WorldlinefTe, Earthly-minded- 
ne{Ie,and Covetoufnefle : In"others5itis Volup- 
tuoufneffe, Lnft, and Vncleannefle • Pride, Plea- 
fures, DrunkennefTe, or fuch like. Now cercaine 
it iSjCarnaI!,prophane,and unregenerate men,doe 
, many times prefcrrc the pleafures of their fweet 

(e 4) and 

TfaLii, &1. 

Let ^» 

An eager pur- 
fuic of a mans 
fvvecc finne. 

* What is 
meant by a 
fweet finne. 
tptif (tut fiigitk" 
fui invemtuf : 
quin ab aliqus 

fc nemo tantie 
fan£liiatii ejl, 
quln ad anum 
aliquod pBUit' 
turn, quam ad 
fit, Cart.p,ii6x, 


3iAt}f. x%. 
Lu]{e 1 4. 
The Parable 
of the greac 
Supper fer our 
by j.circam- 

I 1 


The Saints Jure 

and moft delightfull finnc, before the comforts 
of Gods Houfejthc Congregation of the Saints, 
and the precioiifnefTe of the Word preached. 
And therefore , howfoever they may ordinarily 
come to Sermons, (though it be rather for fafhi- 
oPjand of cuftome, than with heartie and true de- 
votion ) yet if fome fpcciall gaine and profit be 
to be layd hold upon at that time ; if fome ex^ 
traordinaric pleafure, feafting, paftimejand com- 
panie be then to be enjoyed -, they make no Con- 
feience to turnc their backes upon the Houfe of 
God, and the Minifterie of the Word,even upon 
the Sabbath day tfo, for a little finfult pleafurc, 
or worldly contentment, wretchedly abandoning 
Gods holy Ordinance, and the neceflaric meanes 
of their owne falvation. 

That many men arc thus wickedly hindered 
from hearing the Word of God , appeares in 
Math. 22, and Luke 14. The glorious magnifi- 
cence, and rich comforts of heavenly Gheare in 
the H6ufeof God, are notably fct otit unto us 
there, by divers circumftancesjin the Parable of 
the great Feaft. Firftjit was a Wedding Fcaft; 
which ufually is full of joy, comfort, and great 
folemnitie. Secondly , it was made by a King ^ 
and therefore, like unto himfclfe, Royall, 2nd 
Prince]y5in plenfieandvarietic.anfwerable to his 
State and Greatnefle* Thirdly, it was made at 
the Marriage of a Kings fonne* which would 
make it yet farre more/umptuoiis,full of pompe, 
and noble entertainment , than if it had beene 
for, a fcrvantj friend, or ordinarie perfon, . 

and fer^etuall (jwde. 

By all tlii5,is m€ai>t the Miniftery of the Word, 
and Gofpel of Chrift lefus ; wherewith every 
faithfull man is feaftedj made Gods fonne, and 
married to Chrift himfclfe for ever, in righteouf- 
nejje and in judgement , in mercie and in compajjion. 
This Feaft being in full readinefle. Servants are 
fentour, to invite Gucfts : But forall the glory, 
com fort, and magnificence prepared for them, in 
"this Wedding,and Royall Feaft ; many refufe to 
come^and make excufe : One faith j he hath bought 
a Farme^andmuji needes goe to fee it: another hath 
bought five Toke ef Oxen^ and goes to prove them : 
another hath married a pvife^and therefore he cannot 
ceme : another is bufied about his Merchan^dife, 
buying and felling, and can hardly fpare fo-much 

Thus one finftjll delight or other, profit, plea- 
rure,companfe,orthclikej doe many times flay 
and hind erprophane and worldly men from hea- 
ring the Word of God, and from this fpiritnall j 
and heavenly Feaft in his Houfe •, whereby their I 
foules might be fatisficd,^ it were mthmarrovp and ' 
fatnejfe^withxht comforts of grace, anda tafte of 
the joyes of Heaven. It is very ftrange, that any 
man fliould be fo bloudie and cruell to his ovvne 
foule ; thatjwhereas by the breaking of the W''ord j 
of Life unto him in fach places as this, he might 
have it furnifaed with fpirituall ftrengtb,towards' 
cvcrlafting life : yet for fome earthly pelfe, and 
temporall plcafurejabfentinghimfelfejhe fuffers- 
it to ftarve in ignorance and prophancnefte ; the 
immediateand certaine palTages to eternaldeath. 

Let i 


What i J meant 
by it. 

i«J^f 14.18. 


PM^. J. 


A countcr- 



Gods Houfe is 
the Prcfencc- 
Chanober of 
the King of 

Chrift is there. 


The Spirit is 

, 4 

The Angels 
are there. 
I C^.li.lo, 


^he Saints fure 

Let a man imagine with himfelfejVThen he pur- 
pofes and refolves to abfcnt himfelfe from a Ser- 
mon, that hee layes, as it were, in the one Scale of 
the Weights, the glorious Majeftie,prerence,and 
honour of God 5 the comfort, happmc{re,and fal- 
vation of his owne Soule ; and in the other, a 
little wretched pleafurc, or profit; and fo futfers 
this miferabje Vanitie to weigh downe fo infi- 
nite a Ma jeftie. 

For, fir ft, Gods Houfe, where his Word is 
faithfully preached, is, as it were, the Prefence- 
Chamberof the everlafting King of Glory, Here 
he fits in a Chaire of Statc,with more fpeciall and 
eminent Power and Majcftie, as anciently he fate 
betweene the Cherubins. 

Secondly, Chrift himfelfe is here prefent; For, 
fvherefoever tw9 or three are gathered together in hk 
Name^ he is in the midB of them, A nd fo he is faid., 
t& walke in the midH of the feven golden Candleflicks ; 
and with fpeciall power and providence to dire(fl 
and guide thefe holy Exer^ifes. 

Thirdly5theholy Spirit of God is prefcntjin 
our Aflemblies ; plentifully {hedding into the 
hearts of the faithfull, the rich Treafurcs of Wif- 
dome and Grace. 

Fourthly, the blefled Angels of God arc here; 
as appearcth, i Cor. 1 1 . lo. not onely to doc fer- 
vicc unto the Lord, unto the Eled, and unto his 
Minifterie ; but alfo^aftera fort, tofolace and re- 
joyce themfelves in the beau tie of Gods Houfe, 
and in the Myftcrics publiflied in the Gofpel ; as 
appeares, I Pet, 1,12, 


and perpetu&ll (juide. 


Fifthly, Gods holy Saints here prefent them- 
fdves ; in whom , aH our delight and comfort 
ought to be : for they onely are truly excellent, 
aJlyed unto Chrift,and heires of Heaven. 

Laftly, here alone ordinarily are to be had Blef- 
fings,Life,and Salvation; for the Word preached 
is the ordinarie meanes to beget the unconverted 
unto God ; by inlightcning their eyes , opening 
their eares, foftening their hearts, planting faith 
in their foules, and holineffe in their convcr rati- 
ons : fo that,of the children of wrathjthey become 
the Tonnes of God. Hence it is, that it is called, 
a.Minifieric gf ReconciliatioH , of Peace -^ a fV&rd of 
Grace ; of Sahmorty and of Life, 

If a man be alreadie converted, and in the ftatc 
of grace, he may receive thcfc Blelliags by it : It 
is a povverfull meanes of the Spirit, 

Toencreafe his knowledge in heavenly things, 
and the affaires of the Soule •, by dayly clearing 
his judgement from ignorance and error, by in- 
forming it with fpirituallwifedome, and all ne- 
ceflaric truths,and needfull knowledge. 

To adde ftrength,and vigour,and encreafe unto 
his faith j that hee may grow and proceed , from 
the infancie and vveakeneffe in Chriftianitie, to 
tallncfle and perfedion in Chrift. 

To prefervehim from lukc-warmenefle, world- 
lineftejand fecurltie ^ to recall him from his wan- 
fettle,comfortjand confirmehim in a godly conrfe. 

To prevent his falJs^and rclapfes • becaufe by it 
hee is furnifhed with Cliriftian armour, again (1 




The Saints arc 



The effea of 
the Word to 
the unconver* 

zo. 3 1, 

The bencHc of 
ic CO Converts! 

7c encreafetk 
their know* 


Their faiiK 

It prefervcs 
them from 


it prevents 


It rccoYers 


ihetn arighc 
in all thcic 

The Saints fure 

temptations*^ he is refolved in all doubts,and ca- 
fes of Confeience 5 he is admonifhed of aH croo- 
ked vvayes,occafiGns5and down-falls to iniquity. 

To reclaime him from back-flidings r to rayfe 
and recover him out of falls^and to reftore him to 
his firft lovcj by difcovcring unto him the foulc- 
nefTe and danger of finne, the power of his oivnc 
infirmities, the bitter root of Originall finnc, the 
peftilentandimpoyfoned fruits thereof 5 and by 
dayly urging the bleffings of true repentance,and 
the prad:ice of a good Confciencc. 

Moil abfolutely to guide and condud: him in 
thewayof righteoufnefle, and whole courfe of 
Chriftianitie . to furnifh him with zeale and up- 
rightneflTe in all holy duties and ferv ices of God ; 
with faithfulnefife and confciencCjin the difchargc 
and executions of his calling^with holy mcditati- 
onsjwhcn he is alone^with harmlelTe behavior^and 
Light ofgood example in companyjandamongft 
others^with wifdome andcare,ever intirely to fan- 
difie the Sabbath, and to teach and pray with his 
family. Marke now,I befcech you^ fith the Mini- 
ftery of the Word is ever graced with fo glorious 
•prefence,and fuch incomparable bleffings as I have 
now reckoned up unto you;he that turnes his back 
upon a Sermon/orthe injoying of profitjpleafures, 
paftimCjCompanie3feafl:ing,or any other worldly 
and by-refped^ he wilfully forfakes the falvation 
of his ownefoule, he cafts behind him all thefe 
happy blelfings and comforts, tendered unto him 
by the Miniftery oftheWord- he throws himfelfe 
defperatcly out of the prefence of God Almighty, 
- Chrift 

and perpetual! (juide. 


Chrift Icfus, the Holy Spirit, his blefled An- 
gels, thecongiegation of Saints, into the power 
and clutches of Satan, into the company of wic- 
ked and prophane men, upon the juft indignatio-n 
and revenge of all the creatures, upon the wrath 
and curfc af God, and the iTiipwracke of a good 
eonfcience. Take heed then Ibefeechyou, how 
you bee drawne by any worldly affaires from the 
, hearing of the Word, efpecially on the Sabbath 
day, left thereby you make it plaine, that you 
preferre your ownc particular, before the glory of 
God 5 earthly gaine, beforea Crowne of immor- 
tality ; a little vanifhing pieafure, before the 
endleiTejoycs of heaven ^ and that yee yet lie and 
delightinonefwcetfinne or other, which keepes 
3:\\ faving grace oiit of your foules. 

A fixth let and hinderance from hearing the 
Word of God, arecertaine prophane and unwar- 
rantable perfw-afions and conceits, which are en- 
tertained and harboured in the hearts of igno- 
rant and wil full people. 

Some of them thinke \inth themfelves that 
there is no fuch great need of following Ser- 
mons, and frequenting holy afiTemblies, efpeci- 
ally if at the fam-e rime they be not ungodly bu- 
fied and exercifed at home 5 and therefore they 
askc ; What can we not fave our foules^and come 
to heaven, unlefTe wc trudge and trot fo often to 
Church ? Have we not the Bible, and other gooj 
bookes at home to rcade upon ? Can we not pray 
and praife God at home ?- 
They might as well as ke ; Canvreenothavea 


Let 6, 
Carnall con- 
ceits and ob'* 

May wc not 
be favcd with- 
out hearing 
the Word 
preached ? 


dz 1 

The Saints fur e 

l«Io more than 
without low- 
ing, or live 
without foodc 



QhieH. 1* 

preaching is 
not To necei- 

Ic is a figne ot 
u gracrlcfle 
hca' t to ]oath 
the heavenly 

harveft unlefle wc have a feed time, and rainc, yea, 
both the former and the latter raine ? Or can 
we not live except we have meat ? Certainly no. 
No more can any man be truly finftificdandfa- 
ved, nor live either the life of grace here, or 
exped the life of glory hereafter, unlefTe he fol- 
low the ordinary meanes appointed and fandi- 
fied by God for his falvation ; Except he fubmit 
himfelfe to that policy and order which God 
with great wifdome hath eftablilTjed in his 
Church. Would a man be taken for a good fub- 
'}t(k^ who fliould pcevifhly oppofe himfelfe a- 
gainft a law agreed upon and commanded by the 
King and State, for the great good of the Com- 
mon-wealth ? God himfelfe hath appointed a 
publike Miniftcry in the Church 5 Paftorsand 
teachers for the gathering of the Saints, and all 
that belong to life • and is it fit that any private 
exercife fhouldcrofle Gods publikc ordinances ? 
No; It is both inconvenient and wicked, and 
Gods blefling is never to be looked for, upon any 
action and exercife, though never fo good in it 
felfe, if his wiil be not obeyed. 

I, but fome will fay ; It is good indeed fomc- 
i times now and then to heare a Sermon ; but what 
needs fo much preaching, and Sermon upon Ser- 
mon 5 Would they have us Saints and Angels 
upon earth > ^ 

Wretched is that manwhichisweary of the 
Word of life. And hee hath no true tafle of ho- 
ly things, which loaths this fpirituall Manna, 
though never fo often reigned from heaven.There 


and perpetuall (juide. 

isno.favingand true knotv ledge of God in that 
man, who dedres not to grow in grace, and in the 
knowlcdgeof the Lord JefusChnlL Would vve 
not think e him mad and dillra^ed that ilioiild 
thus reafon againft his ovvne life ? I hope I have 
eaten meat enough heretoforcj and furnifliedmy 
felfewith fuflicientftrength, fo that I now need 
no more, and therefore Ivvill neither eat nor drink 
more while 1 live. Even juft fodoth he reafon 
and plead againft the life of his foule, who com- 
plaines of too much preaching, and too man-y; 
Sermons. D^i'/W^thatblefled King^and holy Pro- 
phet, who was advanced both in knowJedgeand 
holinejOfe, above the ordinary reach and pcrfedi- 
on of men, and lived as an Angell upon earth;: 
yet.he acknowledgeth himfelfc greatly to ftand 
j in need of ftirring up , by meanes ordained, of 
I God for that end. As we may gather our o^Pfal, 
84. and in many othcrplaces. Inthac Pfalmehe 
makes amoft grievous and mournfull cornplaint, 
that he is debarred and banifhed from all a cce fie 
unto the publike worHiip and fervice of God- 
holding himfelfe in this lefpe^t moremiferable 
than fome of the brultcreatures, which had liber- 
ty to build theimefts, and lay their young neare 
the Altars of the Lord ; which benefit he could 
nox.now enjoy. Now if this man of God fo lon- 
ged and laboured after the meanes of grace and 
comfort,, what ought thofe to doe, who are of 
little or no faith ; who are but Novices and pet- 
ties in the Schoole of Chrifl; who arc but babes 
in Chriflianity, or utterly without^race? 





T^he Saints fur e 

object. V 
checs had no 
preaching, yet 

Their con- 
ftiall be eaGcc. 


to bicffc God, 
who bath 
deak more 
with w • 



I, but our fore- fathers (will others fay) were 
never troubled with fo many Sermons, and yet 
we hope they are well, and in Heaven, 

Our fore-fathers wanted the meanes, and that 
full glorious Noonc-tide oftheGofpcU of lefus 
Chrift, which we by the grace and mercy of God 
enjoy. And therefore whofoever of them peri- 
jfhed without thcmjiTiall certainly be beaten with 
fewer ftripes, than thofe that fhut their eyes 
againftthefaire and blefTed Sun-fhine of Gods 
holy truth, which is flied roundabout us, and // 
it be hid, it if hid o^ely to thofe that ferijh, inrrhont the 
God of this fforldhath hlifided the eyes of their minde, 
Befides, if itfo pleafedthc Lord in his juftand 
fecret judgement to fuffer fomc of our fore-fa- 
thers to live and die under the tyranny and dark- 
nefle of Antichrift 5 how much are we bound to 
blefTeCod, that we arc borne and brought up in 
the light of the Gofpell ; and what hcavic 
plagues and great damnation doe wee bring up- 
on our felves, if wee negled or defpifc fo great 

I, but yet further, (will fome fay) wee have li- 
ved fomeof us fortie, fome thirtie, fome twenty 
yeares, without (b much preaching, and yet have 
holdcn good credit and reputation in the world, 
and profpered inourwaycs, would you now have 
1 us fo forward in running to Sermons? 
I Strange it is to fee how wife the fimpleft are in 
' matters ofthe world, aboiu: their temporall ftate, 
jbuthowfimpie andblinde the wifeft worldlings 
are in the affaires of Heaven, and about their 

and perpetuall (juide. 


ereatcft, fpirituall, and eternall good. Let us 
luppofe a man to have lived long in a poorc Cot- 
tage, and novr at length to have fome great and 
rich Lordfliip befallen him j doe you thinkehec 
would reafon thus : Why,I have lived fome thir- 
tie or fortie yceres now alreadic in this low cftate 
with good contentment, and credit, amongft ray 
neighbours ; and therefore here I will reft, the 
reft of my dayes 5 I am too old now, to change 
my former eftatc ? Would fuch a foole as this, 
befoundinawholeCountrcy ? And yet many 
Countries aic fall of fuch fooles, in refpcd^ of 
fpirituall advanccment,and the falvation of their 
foules. Me thinkes, thofe that have long lived in 
ignorancc,and blindneftcjfhould rather conclude 
thus : Have I thus long and fo fearefully lived 
without God in the World, without knowledge 
of his Truth, faith in Chrift, and Confcicnce of 
my wayes ? Oh, then it is more than high time 
now at length to awake out of fleepe,and to open 
mineeyes,and to imbrace this glorious Sun-fhine 
of the Gofpel,which the Lord of his great mercy 
hath brought unto me, that fo I may be enlighte- 
ned to eternall life. 

As for profpering in the World, that is no 
marke of a good foule ? nay, it is commonly the 
Let of the wicked, not to be plagued like other 
men,but to bring their enterprifes to paftc, Pfalme 
7 3 . Nay, yet further : There is no greater CurCe 
can befall any man, than to profper in the World, 
and be out of the way to Heaven. 
I5but(will others fay) to the attaining of eternall 

(f) life, 

OlfftS, y. 


What needs Co 
much adoe ? 
The whole du< 
tie of man is 
foone learned. 

not fo foone 




T^he Saints fur e \ 

lifcjwhat needs fo much adoe/o much preaching, ! 
teaching and praying with our familics,vvhich are 
fo much and fo often urged upon us ? When all 
comes to all, this is the fumme and end of all j To 
feare C(^d^ and Iceepe his Comtnandemcnts • 7 has rve 
kvc God Avove aUyOndgiiv neighbours our [elves: And 
we hope \re can doe this,without all this adoe. 

To feare Godjand kecpc his Commandements, 
(which is the whole ducie of man,as the Preacher 
fpcakcs in his laft chapter)arid to love God above 
alljand our neighbors as our felvcs j {uf&n Mch han- 
geth the rvhole Law and the P/ophets^as Chrift tells us, 
^Ath.i 2 .) are indeed foone fpoken,but not fo ea- 
fily,truly learned ; and moft hardly, ftncercly pra- 
difed* Is it enough,thinkeyou, to make a man a 
good Carpenter, or Mafon, to fay ; That^tbat is 
foone learned ; and, I know as much as the heft 
workman can teach or tellmeiTo buildan Houie, 
is nothing but to lay the foundation, to reare the 
walls,andcoveritwithaRoofe.? Is it enough to 
make a good Husbandman,tG fay^I know as much 
as the bed Husbandnnan can teach me ; for Hus- 
bandry is nothing elfe,but to fowe and reaper Is^ 
it enough to make a good Preacher,to fay; It is no 
fuch great matter, to make a Sermon • I know as 
much in that point, as the befi; Scholleramongft 
them can tell me:To preacb^is nothing clfe but to 
expound the Textj-^ather I^o^ftrineSjand make ufe 
and application to the hearts & confciences of the 
hearers? But it would be long before thcfe id Ic and 
craptie vaunts would build Houfes,{iIl Barnes,or 


and perpetuall Cfuide. 

fave Soules. There is farrc more required to thefe 
bufineflTcSjthan ro'.There is to be undergone much 
toiJeand IaboMr,much care & troubIe,expence and 
excrcifejbeforc any of thefe workcs can be rightly 
accompliflicd. It is even fo in the great workeof 
falvationj^d the attainment of Heaven.The ftate 
of gracc^and trade of Chriftianitiejis not focafily 
purchafcd &pra<5lifcd. There goes more to faving 
of a foulcjthan bold & ignorant brags; than to fay^ 
If that be all,I hope I can quickly and eafily learnc 
to love God above aWjU my neighbor as my fclfe: 
For before thefe^there goes many thingsjaSjknow- 
ledgc of Gods wrill, and Word . a thorow sicw of 
our owne mifery & corruptionsjin the glaflc of the 
Law ; ftrange agonies, and fore pangs in the ncw- 
birth^and forrow for finne^refrcfhings and coolings 
by the mercies of God,and merits of Chrift.faith, 
repentancc5fan;f^ification,a blcflfed & holy change 
in the vrhole man,both body/oulcjand fpirit. And 
then follows new obedience^ which confifts in the 1 
uprightneflc and finceritie of our owne hearts j a 
confcionable and charitable carriage toward^our 
neighborsjand a zealous conftancy in all religious 
duties and right fcrviceof God.: which muftbe 
univerfalljin refpCifi of the objedjthat is,we muft 
walk in all his Commandements: totalljin refpci^ 
of the fubjed; that is,we muft ferve him in all the 
powers of our fbulcjand parts of our body . in our 
thou2htS5WOrds5and anions : Inall which things, 
and holy courfes, if a man be not particularly in- 
ftfu£l:ed,cxpericnced,&: pradifedjhis love of God 
and his neighbour is but in word and tongue, not 

(f2) in 


Thiflgs requi- 
red, before a 
man can lore 
Cod or Buo. 

vice to CoA 
muftbequall" ( 
Hcd. ' 

love CO Cod> 


The Saints fur e 

A triall of our 
love to cue 

ObjtSt* 6*- 
Tumults and 
quietnefle and 
naenc accom' 
panics youc 

m deed and truth. Aman,ifheb€difpo(cd,may 
quickly perceive and difcerne tbc truth or hollow 
Ocfle of his heart in this point. God hath ftraitly 
commaflded an entire fan^^ifieationand keeping 
holy of the Sabbath. Let a man then confidcr, if 
be fuiferhimfelfe to be drawne away from holy 
EKercife on that day,by pleafures,profit,paftimc, 
corapanic,cafe,idlcne(Ic, or other worldly occafi- 
ons; why,thcn he preferres mccrc vanities,and the 
dcfifes of his owdc heart, before the glory and ho- 
nour of God^and fo doth not love G<!kI above all. 
The true love of a mans felfe,doth chiefly 5c prin* 
cipally confift in fumifhinghimfelfewith faving 
know ledge, ficceritic of heart,godlincfIe of life,a 
good Confeieoce,and fpirituall comfort,againft 
hcc come to Judgement. Now , if hee love his 
neighbour as hiraftlfej be is not ftill talking with 
him of worldly matters ; but efpecially labours 
with him for his eonvcrfion, entertainment of 
grace, and cncreafe in godlincfle. If thefe be not 
his eares,both for himfelfeand his neighbour, he 
truly loves neither. Thus may a man examine 
himfelfc through all the Commandemcnts in 
particular^ and fce,whetherit be fo eafle to love 
his neighbour as himfelfcjand God above all. 

Ijbut where there is fomuch prcaching,there is 
much difquietnelfe and dilcontentment ; formtn 
are abridged of their former ancient^ pailimes,and 
pleafureSjand urged unto more ftri(^neffe of life. 
When as all was well before, in much quiftneffe 
and peacc,the preaching of the Word breeds new 
flirres and contrary affe(Sl:ioiis in men*. 


and perfetuall (juide. 


No marvell, though there be mueh ftruggling 
andftriving, great noyfe and ftirre, before the 
flrong man in the Gofpel can be di (farmed and dif- 
poflcfTcdof his Holds 5 that is, before Sathan, 
having long reigned in the hearts, and fat in the 
Confciences of ignorant and prophane men, will 
be caft out, by the Preaching and Power of the 
Word. This con qucftcofts full dearej it will not 
be had, without the loflfe of our deareft delights ; 
without fhedding the very hearts-bloud of our 
beloved and bofoinc-finnej which fleili and bloud 
vfiW not yeeld untOj without biowes and bloud- 
fhcd. You may afllire your relfe,where the Light 
of Gods Truth begins once topeepe out,and the 
power of grace to workc, for the driving away 
darkneflfe^and fubduing prophaneneflTc ; you fhall 
be fure ever there to have three fierce and implaca- 
ble enemies, and oppofites, to ftart up; Sathan, 
wicked meH,and a mans owne corruptions.Wbile 
men lye in finne, ignorance,and unaerthe fliadow 
of death, Sathan lets them alone, meddles not 
much with them,never troubles or difquicts them, 
but procures them all temporall happineflfe, and 
earnall contentments,thatcan be; (for he knowes 
full welljif they fo continue,they are fure his owne, 
and children ofendlefleperditionOBut if once,by 
the power of the Word , they be enlarged out of 
the flavcrieof finne and death, and lay hold upon 
falvation,and the glorious libertie of the Samts ; 
why then he begins to beftirre himlelfe like a mad- 
ded ^ enraged Lion,and labors with allhis malice ' 
and policie to hinder and da fh fuch proceedings. 

(fs) And 


Tfcerc is good 
reafon for ir. 

Sathan hi H' 
ders chcWord. 


So doe wicked 

And a mans 
owne corrup- 



ilfa/fo. 10.34. 

Jj^.4i. iS, 

The Saints fure 

The Gofpcl is 

ot troubles, 
but mens cor- 

And in this Confpiracie, heejoynes untohim* 
felfe wicked and reprobate men, to ray le, revile, 
and rage againft finceritie : Ijand bcfidesja mans 
orvne corruption, and finfull flefhjdoth fret and 
fume, when it feeles it felfe curbed and fnafflcd 
by the Law of the Spirit. 

The Gofpcl indeed is a Gof^el of Peace : But 
of what Peace ? Of Peace with God, with good 
menj and a mans owne Confcience ^ of the Peace 
that fajj'eth ali underftayidwg: But iteverproclaimes 
open warre againft wickednefle, prophaneneffc, 
and corruptions J it will have no peace with im- 
pietie, carnall fecuritic, and rebellion unto the 
Lavves of God. Hence it is,that our Saviour tells 
us in the Gofpel, that he came not to fend Peace intd 
the Earth'^ but rather,Fire,Debate,and the Sword : 
that is , Wherefoever his Word is publiflied 
powerfully, and confcionably5with fruit and ef- 
fcd upon the foules of his ele»$b ; there, by acci- 
dent (as they fay) it ftirres up much rage and bit- 
ter oppofition againft Gods children. For, as 
there is no true inward peace unto the wicked 5 
fo5in this World, there is no outward peace unto 
the righteous ; but commonly they are M\\ cx- 
ercifed with one cr ofte and tempration,or other ^ 
either the Devill, or wicked men, are ftill plot- 
ting orpradifingmifchiefe and miferie againft 

But you mu ft conceive, that thedifquietneflTes 
and troubles that arifc at the preaching of the 
Word, are not caufed by it, but by mens corrup- 
tions . Would any man thinke^ that Saint P»ul^ 



and perpetuall Cfuide. 


3f*f&. 13.4, U 

or his Preaching,were in fault, becaufe there was 
much adoe , and an hurly-burly almofi: whercfo- 
cvcr he came ; and not rather rhe wicked Infidels, 
which could not endure to have their finnes re- 
proved ? Neither the Sowetjnorthe Sct^^^ath. 
1 3 . are to be blamed^that it doth not profper and 
fru^ifie- it is the ground that is onely in fault: 
which is cither ftonie, or thornic, or barren ; or 
elfcjit is the envious manjthat foweth Tares: The 
Sowerdothonelyhisdutiejand the Seed is pure 
and precious ; it is mens corruptions, and pro- 
phane hearts,that caufeth all the ftirre. Amongft 
foure kinds of Grounds, there is but one at the 
moft (as appcares in the Parable of the Sower, 
Math,i^,) in which the iramortall Seed of the 
Word takes root, profpers,and fruiJiifies : Onely 
the good and honeft heart profits by Preaching ; 
to all others, it is the frvour tf death unto death: 
And whom it doth not hwmblc , it hardneth • 
whom it makes not fo mecke as a Lambe, and 
like a little Child in humilitie, it makes as fierce 
and furious as a Lion , againft the power of grace 
wrought in others, and againft the profeflion and 
pradice of finceritie. No marvell then, though 
where the Word of Truth begins to beare fway, 
there be many times much adoe,and refiftaiKe by 
carnall and prophane men. 

I, but (will fomc fay) this Word is brought 
unto us by weake and frailemen 5 fometimes by ■ brought ro us 
thofejwho arc of notorious and infamous life and j by wcak/omc 
converfation : and therefore wee have lefie heart kS^mcnT'*^' 
to belecvc and obey them. If wee had the Word 

(^4) P^^- 

'The Word is 



Anfw* U 
Ic is Gods 
?peake tou& 
bymen,iike to 
our ielves. 

Exoi.to, 1$. 

It is his love 
lo to honour 
10 make men 
iiis Ertibsffa- 

The Saints fure 

publifhed by an Angel, or an Apoftle, or fome 
more excellent and povvcrfull mcanes,and Em- 
bafTadours, wee fhoiild more eaiily and willingly 
hearejbelcevc^jand obey them. 

It is Gods great mercie unto us, that it plea- 
feth him (ofarretocondifcend to ourinfirmitic, 
as to open unto us the richTrcafures of his hea- 
venly Word, by men of the fame condition and 
frailtie, and fubje<fl to the fame paflions with our 
felves. Hce might hy terrible and aftonifliing 
Voices, out of LightningS5Thundcrs,and Earth- 
<^uakcs,able tobreake thehardeft Rocks,and ftony 
Mountaincs, (as he did in the giving of the Law) 
force u s to obed ience ; Oi* he might fend h is Ao- 
gels, armed with power and puiflfance, to execute 
prefent vengeance upon all thofc which doe not 
prelently fubmit themfelvcs to the Scepter of his 
Chrift,and Soveraigntie of Ms Word. But in 
great mercie and compaifion unto us,hce chufeth 
rather to teach us by a ftiH and foft Voice ^ by a 
more fairejfamiliarjand fit inftrudtion forus-even 
by fuch as our felves^ of ourowne nature, fraiitic, 
and condition. 

Herein he ihewes his great love unto us,in that 
he vouch fafeth to put his fearefull and glorious 
Word into the mouth of a mortall and finfull 
man. What an honour and advancement is it 
unto mans nature, unto mankind, that ihe high 
and miglitie God of Heaven and Earth (hbuld 
fingle them out for fo glorious a fervice ; fandii- 
fic their Tongues, to deliver his good plcafure, 
and newes of falvation unto the fonnes of men ? 


and perpetual I Qaide. 


That bee rhoiild acquaint and put thetn in truft 
with fuch high myfteries, and heavenly matters, 
of fo foveraigne and faving ufe, both to thcm- 
felves and others ? 

But it may be, befides conamoa frailtie and 
infirmitie , the Minifter and Meflfcnger of the 
Word is of lewd and prophanc life , and con- 

If he be, more is the pitty; thefeandallofthe 
Minifterie is the greatetjand his owne damnation 
more fmarting and terrible. See Pfal, 5 o . i ^, 1 7, 
&G. But notwithftanding, the prophancneffe of 
the Preacher is napriviledge to the hearer, either 
of negligence or difobedicnce. He that turnes his 
eare from^earing of the Law truly f reached (though 
by a Pharife) even hif prayer u ahomnal^ki Proif.i 8. 
p, Hee that def^ifeth the Word^ fhall be defireyed^ 
Prev, 13.15. Hes that obeyeth not the Smne^ in bis 
Minifters lawfully fent, though not fandified 
thcmferves, ffoali mt fee life ^ but the wrath ofGed 
ahidethenhim, Chrift himfelfe, in the Gofpel, 
bids-his followers to obferve and doe whatfoever 
they were bid by the Scribes and Pharifes^which 
fate in Mefes Chaire ; but not to doe after their 
works; for they faid^and did not. Every Minifter 
is to be heard,reccivcd,and foIlowcd,fo farre as he 
followes and delivers to the Church the Truth of 
God,and Dextrine of the Apoftles. For therein he 
is an ^ngel of the Lwd of Hoftsy and Eniba[fadour in 
theflead ofChriH. And all the parts of the Mini- 
fterie in his- hand (he following the Word) toll 
as certainely be accompiifnadj as if an Arigei, or 


I 7i;«4i^. 

The Miniftcrs 
is n© privi- 
Jcdgc of 4if- 
the Word, 

Ishn 3. 3^t 

A/yu^, 23.2^3. 

2 Cffr.^. zjo 



Luke 10. 1 ^. 

^ he Saints fare 

Chrift from Heaven fl\ould prefently and po- 
tently execute them. If hee denounce Judge- 
ments againft finne , it is as if the voice of God 
himfclfe fhould be heard from Heaven ^ as if the 
Lion of the Tribe of ludah fhould roarc. If he 
pourc the Oyle of comfort into a wounded and 
diftrefTed Confcience, it is as fureand certaine;as 
fofcand fweec to the bclewng foule, as if the 
Angels fliould comfort him, as they did Chrift 
in his Agonic; or,as d Chrift himfelfe fhould 
mercifully reach out his glorious hand, through 
the Clouds, and binde up his broken heart and 
bruifed Confcience with a Plaifterof his owne 
precious Bloud. Ifheeinftrud, admonidi, re- 
prove, exhort, pcrfwadc, from ground and warrant 
out of the Word ; it is all onc,as if Chrift him- 
felfe fhould doe it : who hath faid 5 He that heareth 
y9u^ heareth me. 

Let-men therefore pretend what they will ; if 
they will not heare, beleeve, and obey the Lord, 
fpcaking in the Minifterie of the Word, though 
the meanes and Meffcngers be never fo bafe and 
vile,fraile,weake,and finfulL Let an Angel come 
from Heaven, a Devill from Hell, or a man from 
the dead ^ yet would they not beleeve. For, if a 
man were truly humbled , hee would tremble at 
Gods Word,of whomfoever hee heard it. If feee 
had a fpirituall tafte, hee would relirti the hea- 
venly food , whofoever miniftred it. If hee had 
Gods holy Spirit, hee would know and acknow- 
ledgehis Sword, which is the Word of God, in 
whofc hand foever he faw it. And until] he have 

this I 

and perfetuall Cjuide. 

this fpiritja fpiritaall taftcjand an humble heart, 
hcev^ill not belecve,cfpccially with effe(a, fruit, 
and pradicc, let him pretend whatfoeverhewill • 
neither Angels^nor men ; dead,nor living- A-fofes^ 
nor the Prophets ; Peter^uotPauly not Chriftjnsr 
Godhimfclfe; if the one were living againe up- 
on EarthjOr the other would be pleafcd,orit were 
poflibkjto fpcakc immediately to him. 

For conclufion of this Point,let us know5That 
the Minifterie of the Word is Gods Ordinance j 
which dependeth not upon the wor thine (Te of him 
who delivereth it ; neither is it made void and un- 
cife^uall,by his weakencflcand wickednefle: but 
it hath it vertue/orcejand power from the blefling 
of God, and from the inward operation of his 
Spirit; who applyeth it to the hearts and confci- 
encesbf men, and thereby illuminates their un- 
derftandingSjbegctteth faith in them^and all fan- 
<fiifyingand faving graces. 

I, but (will fome fay) it isaverywcarifome, 
tyring, and tedious thing, to be tyed to the hea- 
ring of fo many Sermons , to meditate of them, 
conferreof them with ourneighbourSjteaeh them 
our families,and pradifethem; which are urged 
upon us,as neceflTarie Chriftian duties. 

It is a ftrange thing, and fora cafcg that fome 
men will not be perfwaded to take halfc ^o much 
paines togoe to Heaven,and cternall Reft, as ma- 
ny thoufands to goe to Hell, and everlafting tor- 
ment. How many tyre and torture themfelves 
with catkc and care, with much toyle and travel], 
to heape iip thofe riches,which in the meane time 



See Dewnmi 

ObjeQ, 8, 
This courfe is 

Many will nbs 
take fuch 
paines ro goe 
others doe to 
goe to Hell. 





The Saints Jure 

are matter of much vexation unto them . and 
hereafter will be witneffes againft them, and eace 
their fle(h as it were fire j as lames fpeakes ? How- 
many fpcnd their wits, their fpirits, their time, 
that they may become fome-body in the World, 
and climbe by indircd and unlawful! meanes, 
and fteps untothofe hig^h places, from whence 
hereafter they muft be hurled with greater confu- 
{ion,and a more fearefull downe-fall, into the Pit 
of Hell ? How many wafte their wealth, weaken 
thcirftrength, confume their marrow, fill their 
bones with rottenncfl[c,and their bodies with diC- 
eafes, with luft and uneleannefle, with following 
the fvhorijh mmany whofe faths lead mitd the dead-^ 
with tarrying long at the Wine, and pouring in 
of ftrong Drinkc : for which,at length,they {hall 
be fure to be filled with drunkennefle, and with 
fbrrow, even with the Cup of deftrudion, and 
trembling • they (hall drinkc of it deepe and 
large, and wring it out to the dreggcs ? How un- 
wearied have Idolaters ever beene in the wicked 
worfhip of their falfc gods ? And many Here- 
tikes, in the falfe woriTiip of the true God ? In 
thrufting towards Hell, they neither fpared cofl, 
nor charge J lofre,nor labour: They have beene 
prodigall both of livcs,and living 5 of bloud,and 
children. You know, amongft the lewes , fome 
mingled the rufull crycs of their deareft children 
with Muficke and melodic, left they fhould be 
moved tocompaffion, while they were caft into 
the fire,to be burned up in facriiice unto the Idoll 
Moloch, Scribes and Pharifcs compaffe Sea and 


and perpetuall (^uide. 

Land, to make a Profelytc, Baals Priefts lanced 
and cut their flelli before their Idoll, untillthe 
bloud gufiied out. The blinded Papifts at this 
day whip themfclves, wafte their goods, and con- 
fume their bodies with wearifbmc Pilgrimages^ 
to fee fome counterfeit Reliques , and rotten 
Bones, or to vifir accurfed Idols, and PopiQi 
Saints : Nay, fome of them tranfportcd with a 
more bloudie rage, and furious fpirit of Anti- 
chrill, fuffer as it were with fenfclefnefle, with 
defperatc and damned boldneffe, moft horrible 
andexquifite torments, for butchering of Kings, 
for which they hope to merit Heaven,and to (ayle 
througha Seaof Royall bloud to the Haven of 
endleffc reft ; though indeed and truth, they juftr 
Jy light rhort,and finke, before they arc aware, 
into the deepeft Lake of the hotteft fire,and moft 
confuming flame of Hell. Now,I pray you,niall 
thefe (ervices of Sathan be followed and purfued 
withfuch heat and eagerncflfe, with fuch paines 
and patiencie of all miferies and vexations - and 
fhall not the Lords owne Ordinances,and the true 
worfhip of the true God have power to make us 
ftepout of our doorcs with patience, and plea- 
fure, to beare the Lords will revealed unto us, to 
receive falvation to our foules , and a Crowne of 
immortal itie to our heads ? Can fome be con- 
tent to toyle day after day, fare hard, bre^ke thc^r 
fleepe, eate the Bread of carefulneffe , and all to 
heape up a little wealth 5 perhaps, with the loflfe 
of their owne foules, and- fometimes they fcarce 
know for whom 3 an4 fhall not wee with joy and 




7he Saints fure 

There was ne- 
ver good world 
fiace preach- 

chearcfulncfle paffe through holy Exercises, for 
the enriching ofourfoules, wherein true and la- 
ding comfort is onely to be found, and whereby 
we may lay up for our felves Treafurcs in Heaven, 
durable RichcSja Bag that cannot wax old,a Trea- 
fure that can never failo, Pr$v. 8.18. Lnk, 12.33, 
unmixed joyes,endle{Te pcaccjand blcfled immor- 
talitie,prefently to be entrcd upon after death,and 
then to be enjoyed forever and ever? Shall rebelli- 
ous Super ft itionjand the Do(i^rinc of Devilsjand 
killing KingSjharden the Papifts againft any crof. 
fes,and tortures ; and fhall we be tyred with the 
peaceable Exercifes of found & faving Religion? 
God forbid. In whomfoever the true love of God 
and Chrift hath taken up the heart , there their 
Gofpel, and Word, and fervices are fweeterand 
more taftfull than all outward delights. Little 
touch of ReIigion,or fenfe of Salvation hath hee, 
that comes unto with unchearefulnefle^and ftayes 
with wcarinefle at the Miniftefie of the Word. 

I5but(will fome fay) it was never good World 
fince fo much preaching came amongft us ; when 
there was Icffe preaching,there was more plentie: 
and therefOre,it feemes,there is little good in it. 
Since this new Religion was on foot5(for fo Come 
ignorantly and malicioufly call it, though it be 
as old as God himfelfe, whofe cternall Truth it 
is • as old as the Patriarks and Prophets,as Chrift 
and his Apoftles ) there hath beene (fay they) 
more fcarcitie of all things, more Plagues, Fa- 
mines, ftrange apparitions, extremitie of (eafoHs, 
and other ludgcments, than ever our fore-fathers 


and perpetual! ^uide. 


favVjOr heard of. HofpicalitiCjChaririejPaftimesj 
and Plentie were banifliedwith the old Religion^ 
for fo they ^all the bloiidie and idolatrous He- 
refie of Popcrie. 

This hath ever beene the complaint of Idola- 
ters^and thewickedjagainfttheTruthof God; as I 
it isnow of the papifts &: prophane men amongft | 
us,agairiil: the glorious Light of the GofpeJjthat j 
iliines round about us. When Ieremy^chap.4.i^, had 
reproved the levves, and denounced Gods ludgc-- 
ments againft them for their Idolatry,they anfvver 
him thus,in verf, i6, * The word that th$u haftffoken 
unto m in the Name of the Lordy we mil not heare it of 
thee . but rve will doe vphatfoever thing goethoi*f of cur 
mouth : aSjto burneincenfe to the ^ueene of Heaven^and 
tofoure'out drink-offerings unto her^as me have dene^both 
n>e and our fathers^ our Kings -and ottr Princes^ in the Ci- 
ties of ludah^and in theftreetes of lerufalem ; for then 
had ne plenty ofviBitals^ and mre vceU^ and felt no etilL 
But fince n>e left off to burne incenfe to the ^neene of 
Heaxen^ and to pure out drink-offerings unto her^ we 
have had fcarceneff'e of all things^and have bin confumed 
by the ftford^and by the famine. The very fame com- 
plaint was made of the wicked Heathens and Infi- 
dels^ at the firft plantation of Chriftian Religion 
among the Gentiles. * Tertullian^ an ancient Fa* 
ther, tells us in his rime; If there were any inun- 
dation and overflowing of Tibris,a great River in 
Rome 5 if there were any extraordinarie and un-' 
couth Hayle, or Froft, or any other miferie or ca- 
lamitie; all the fault was prefexitly laid on Chriilj 

This hath al^ 
wayes bcene 
the complaint 
of Idolaters. 

befccch you ; 
for it is the ve- 
ry language of 
the Papifts at 
ihii day. 

Vid.Catv, in 
2tr, 330. 

and the Chriftian Religion., 





Our Tiiocs dc- 
feive greater 
than tho for- 
mer Tiroes of 
Ignorance, for 
^ee reafons. 

7he Saints fure 

It appeares alfo by ^»/?/», another ancient Fa- 
ther, in his 1 a 2. Epiftlc, that there vrere wicked 
complaints and murmurings againfl the Chrifti- 
an Faith, in his time 5 the Infidels were ftill cry- 
ing, that before theDodrine of Chrift was pub- 
lished to the World, mankind was not vexed and 
diftrefled with fo many troubles and garboyles. 
To whichjtbe good Father doth there excellently 
anfwet; Out of Luke 12, 47,48. eafily, faith he, 
may they thence take their anfwcr : Thi fenant 
thut knew mthU Mafters mU^ and jet did commit 
things tvorthy of firipes^fhaU h beaten mth few firifes'^ 
but he that knew his Makers wiffyond prepared not him^ 
felfe^ neither did according t§ his wili^ \haU be beaten 
with manjfiripes. 

Hence then may wee clcarely fee the reafon 
why our Times, in all reafon, fliould be more vi- 
fited with ludgcments , than former daycs of 

1 Becaufe that the Light of the Goffel it come 
owongH us ; and many love Darkneffe rather than that 
Light ^becaufe their deeds are eviU:for every man that 
doth eviA^hateth the Light ^ neither commeth to the 
L ighty leh his deeds fhould be reproved, 

2 Becaufe the Gofpel is not fo thankefully 
received and entertained ,as fo excellent a Bleffing 
and precious a Treafure ought to be. 

3 Many that heare it, live not after it : Per- 
hapsjonely make a fhcw of godlinefle j but deny 
the power thereof, in their lives and converfati- 
ons. So,that negligence and difobcdience to the 
Word of God, is the true caufe of thofe Judge- 
men rs 

and berpetualKjuide, 


ments and mifericSjwhich are wickedly &: wrong- 1 
fully pretended to bee a caufc why they have (o ! 
little care to attend and obey it. | 

As for Hofpitality in the time of Popery, it Popifli Hofpi- 
didnot fomuch fpriiTe from the truth of Reli- "J'7'"?<3n 

* *^ , wiiac grouiids, 

gion, as 

I. From a fupcrRitious opinion of redee- 
ming their {innes, and purchafing Heaven by 

2-, From an excefTive cheapnefTe of all things, 
by reafou of the fcarcity of money. 

3 . From the fuperfluicie of the vvealth,riches, 
lands and impropriations, the price of the bloud 
offouIcSj which Monafteries, and other religious, 
: or rather fupcrfVitious honfeSjhad immeafurably 
! and unconfcionably ingrofTcd and gotinto their 
hands. And when they had ingrofTcd the world 
tothemfclvesjCasonefayes) they feemed liberall Simi.e* 
in giving fomething ; like unto fomevaine-glo- 
rious thccvesjwhich having robbed wealthy Mer- 
i chants, bedow fome pence upon beggers. 
I As for works of Charity : Cerciineitis, and a 
: reverend and learned man of our Church hath 
I proved ir, and it will more clearly appeare here- 
j afrer ; That the charjtaile benevolence, honntifuliUl/e- Our times 
, ralitie^ Ja^^e expences in bujld'i^g and enlarging C el- ^ may compare 
: ledges^ and creSling Hujhitah^Libraries^ Free-fchooles^ works of cha- 
\ar.d manj other mrhs of charity^ and fruits of faith ^ rity. 
\fince the light of the Gof^ell began to fhine amongfl m^ \ 
ma-^ compare mth^ ifnotfarre excellalfj time of the like i 
or longer continuance in any age. 
As for greater dearth & higher price of all things 1 




The reafons 
of the higher 
price of things 

The Saints Jure 

now, than in former times,it is a cleareand plaine 
cafe, that the rcafon is ; that the great ftore and 
plcntie of trcafure which is nralking in thefe 
parts of the world, farrc more in thefe ourdayes,, 
than ever our forefathers have fecne in times paft. 
Who doth not underftand of the infinite fummes 
of Gold and Silver which are gathered from the 
Indies^ and other Countries, and fo yearly tranf^ 
ported into thefe Goafts ? And this is eonfeft to 
be the true caufe of the fame iinancient dearncflc 
of all things, even in other Kingdomes alfo, 
where Popery is profefJed. One Bodin, agrest Po- 
lititianef FrancCytehuSy that the common feoplearc 
much deceived^ nho thinke that the f rice of Come^ Cat- 
teUy and ethernecef arte Sy fhouid hold the fame rate it 
didoftld. They doe not under Jf and and confider^ that 
the ffice of things is more if J ten farts {{^\t\\ he) than 
it iroi arJcientljy by reafon of the plenty at^d abundance of 
Gold and siheryVphich is brought out of the JVeJi Indies 
int$ Europe^ tr-hereby it comes tapaf'e that mone^ is kfe 
efteemedy far flenty of any thing leffens the ejlimati- 
mof it. 

Be fides, for oirrowne Countrey,wife men have 
obfervcd another particular rcafon. For (fay 
rbcy) immediately after our coine, in the time o*^ 
King Henry the eighth, the prices of all thing<; 
generally among all forts of people rofe ; for that 
they thinke, that the alteration of the Coine was 
the chicfe and principall cau(c of an univcrfall 
dearneffe of things. And why ourEnglifb Coine 
being reftored by our late Queene, that blcffed 
Saint of glorious memory, to its former purity 


and perpetua/l (jmde. 

and perfe<5tio% the prices of all things fall not 
backc to their old rate, they give fiifficienc 

As for paftiraes, Playes, and other fearefull 
prophanationof the Sabbath, it is a good figne 
the power of grace is there planted by the Word, 
from whence they are baniflied and abandoned. 
They are fit plcafures for Papifts, which have no 
i comfort in the joycs above 3 and well agreeing to 
I the darknefle of fuperftition. But the light of 
I the Gofpell difpcls fuch vanities, and Gods chil- 
dren have all their plcafures in holy exercifes up- 
on the Sabbath day. 

This laft objediion then of Papifls and pro- 
phane men j That the world is worfe fincc there 
was fo much preaching, is idle, vainc, and fri- 

Many fuch like conceits, pcrfwafions and ob- 
jections as thefe, which I have now reckoned up 
unto you, there are abroad in the world, and in 
the hearts of prophane men, by which they arc 
hindred from hearing the Word of God, with 
that heart, zealc and diligence as they ought. 

Now I come to acquaint you with fomc flights 
and temptations of Satan, whereby belabours to 
bereave us of the blcffings and benefits of profi- 
table hearers, and to hinder the effeduall wor- 
king of the Word in our confciences and con- 

Afirfl-plotand prad^ice of Satan, is to keepe 
men from diligent hearing the Word; I' he can- 
not that way prevaile,in a fecond place he labours 

(g2) to 


Satans ffeiclicft 
to hinder the 
effcduall wor- 
king of che 

He would keep 
thciB from the 



^4. j 

The Saints Jure 

Or elfc hinder 
the power of it 

flee kecpcs 
themffoiu at- 
I tending. 



I * In this depth 

I be ufcs to HU 
I our minds 
I with barren 
to make men 
poll off re- 
proofes, and 
apply them 
all the while 
to others. 
He fills our 
minds cither 
with worldlyi 
©r cllc with 

to make the Word in vaine, fruitljefFejand unpro- 
Ktable unto them. And that hce doth^by fuch 
mcancs as thefc : 

I If by the grace of God \vc brcake chorow all 
lets and fnares which might withhold us from 
holy aflemblies, and hearing of the Word • then 
Satan, that I'e might make it unetfediiall for our 
converdonand falvarion 5 firft, labours to workc 
in us a negligent carelefncfle and heedlefnciTcj in 
liftningto thofe things which are delivered, and 
that by a kindc of heart lefnefle in holy things^ 
by dulnefle of fpirit, drowiincffe, flecpinelle, 
gazing about, talking , or fuch like. And fuch 
[liearers as thefe,are never a whit moved or affe- 
cted with the Word preached, but remainc in the 
fame ftateas they were before. There is neither 
paflion or imprellion wrought upon them for the 
prcfcnt, nor any thought of ic, profit or practice 

t ^ But if he cannot fpced this way,but that we 
rouzc up and addrcffc our felves to heare the 
Word of God, as deflring vt^ith care and good 
confcience to pront thereby: Why then, inafe- 
cond place, hce feekes by allmcancs to ftll our 
heads and hearts with idle mullngs,and vvandring 
thoughts, which may diftrad and fleale away 
our minds from attending to the W^ord. And 
that he doth, either by offering and fuggcfting 
to our confideration and memory, the vTOTld,aRd 
the vanities thereof, as cur atfairesand bufiiicfTe, 
our profits and preferments -^ thofe pleafurcs and 
delights wherein our corrupt affedions finde 


and perpetual/ Cjuide, 

tnoft fenfuall fwcetneflc : Or, i( this will not pre- 
vailc 3 by cafting into our niindes very craftily 
and cunningly,things which in their owne nature 
may be good, hGnciT,and religious : But becaufe 
they are thought upon out of due and convenient 
time, they deprive us of the profit of the prefent 
holy Exercife 5 which ought for the time, onely 
and wholly to take up our mindes. 

If this yet wfll doe no good ; but that wee 
marke diligently and attentively , all the while, 
what the Miniftcr delivers unto us from Qodi^ for 
our good : why then, in a third place ; 

1 In fomc,he makes it uneffeduall , by nou- 
lifhing in them a negled of reading the Scrip- 
tures,and ignorance in the Principles of Religion; 
fo that though they attend never (b well,and itarc 
the Minifter in the face 5 yet they underftand not 
the Sermons they heare. Let the younger fort 
therefore, to prevent this mifchiefe , acquaint 
thcmfelves with the Scriptures from their youthj 
by the example of Tiwothy^ 2 Tim. 3.15. Salomon, 
Prcv,'^!, ijC^'r. Samuel^ i Sam. i. 24. See alfo 
Pf^L 119. Prov.z. I. And let the miferic upon 
Elies Houfe, terrific negligent and indulgent Pa- 
rents ; fee 1 Sam, 2. i, 2. S'c. In this depth, the 
Word is either buried as it is brought forth, or 
dies at the Church doore. 

2 In othersjhe earncftly endeavours utterly to 
extinguiiTi andabolifli all thought of it; quite 
to drive and banifh it out of their headsjfo foone i 
as they have heard it. And that thus : If mens 
hearts be hardned through u bcleefe,or cuftome 

(g3) in 


Some under- 
they hcare. 


avvay iatne^li* 


The Saints fure 


in finning, and like the High-way in the Parable 
of the Sower i then the Evill one comes imme- 
diately, and catcheth the Seed of the Word fo 
fooncas it is fowen, and ftealeth it out of the 
Smih, heart. As we may fee many times Birds hovering 
greedily after the Sower , to fnatch away the 
Come, before it be covered with Earth, or take 
root in the ground ; even fo Sathan5the ravenous 
Crow of Hell, waites all opportunities to pecke 
up the Seed of the Word out of the hearts of 
men, before it finke into their affections, or fru- 
(Stifie in their conver fat ions. Or othervvife,!f the 
Or the World World hath ftolne mens hearts out of their bo- 
fteales away ^^gj^ (q tj^at they have no hearts left within them, 
for matters of Holinelle, and Heaven; but are 
wholly fetupon Gaine, and exercifed in Cove- 
toufnefle : then needes not Sathan much to be- 
ftirre himfclfe ; he knowes full well, that worldly 
'mtt^»t,i^. I Cares will prefently choake the Seed of the 
Word. As foone as the Sermon is heard, and 
ended , and they turned their backes upon the 
j Church , there comes immediately into their 
heads whole fwarmes of earthly thoughts , and 
they are prefently plunged over head and cares 
into the cares and plottings of earthly bufinefles. 
So that thefe men,whom Sathan conquers by this 
temptation, never meddle with meditation, con- 
ference, or ta Ike about the points handled by the 
Preacher, by which the Word of God fhould he 
better, as it were, digefted, and prepared for pra- 
(^ife. Nay, they have no delight at all to heare 
others repeat the Sermon 5. but are very vvcarie of 


and perpetuall (fuicie. 


the place and companie, and never pleafed, untill 
they bring them back againe unto talke of world- 
ly matters and prophane difcourfes. 

If this yet will not ferve the turne^but that the 
Word gets within a man , and workcs upon his 
' under (landing ; fo that by his diligent hearing of 
it, meditation, and conference, he furnifhes him- 
felfe with competent knowledge in the Bookc of 
Godjand Divine Truth: why then5Sathancafts 
about another way ; which is, to make him to 
content himfclfe with a bare fruitlefle know- 
ledge, without pracfiifing the power of it in his 
life and adionsj to reft contented with an abilitic 
to talke and difcourfe onely upon points of Reli- 
gion, and places of Scripture, without inward 
fandification, and fubduing the will and aflfedti- 
ons to new obedience, and fincere exercife of 
Chriftianitie. So that, for all his knowledge, he 
neither meddles with Convcrfion, nor mends in 
his Converfation. 

He labours here, firft, to hinder his Converfi- 
on,by planting in his heart a prejudice and dif- 
conceit againft, 

1 Preaching the Law. 

2 Diftinguifhing feverall eftates of unre- 
generate men , Math» 1 3 . the three Reprobate 

3 The differencing the Children of God,and 
the Children of the Devill, by fpeciall markes 
and notes, Math,$, Pfal. 15. dfc. 

4 Prefling the Doctrine of Chrift , of freeing 
in at the ftrait Gate^ Luke 13.24. ^ 4, 2 S. And 

(g 4) gathe- 

He labours co 
kcepe them 
from pradi- 

He would Ho« 
icr their coti- 
Tcriion fundry 


See rates, fag. 

Broad, pag, 100 

them rcfl in a 
partial! refor. 

Severall un- 
found chan- 

Truth is ihe 
tr.ucft Touch- 
Tcncc a true 
convert from 
all Aates oi 
lioR. See 

The Saints fur e 

gathering from Scripture thofe which fliall be fa-~ 
vedjintoa fliort fumme. 

5 And by making him make God all of 

And mending in his Converfationjby motives 
unto prcfumption. 

If this will not prevaile, but that a man endea- 
vours to draw his knowledge into prad^ife, and 
fettles himfclfe with care and confcience to rc- 
forme his former wayes and courfes of iniquitie r 
why then Sathan plots and pradifethjWithaUthe 
cunning and policie he hatn^ to make him reft in 
a {light^fuperficialL,and partiall reformation • ta 
content himfelfc with an unfcftind^or unfaving 
conver fion. For5by the way.I mdft tell youjtherc 
may be. many converflons, changes, and a-lterati- 
ons in aman.from worfe to better^and yet he nor 
truly fancfliiied, not become anew creaturCj nor 
poffefled of the ftate of grace, and glorious com- 
forts of true Chriftians. 

1 He may be changed^ from a notorious fin- 
ncntoacivili honeftman : whereas he hath beene 
before furious, and defperate in lewd courfes, hee 
may grow more fober and moderate in his carri- 
age 2 And yef, for all this , continue in his-igr 
norance , and a mecre.ftranger to the wayes of 

2 Prom civill honcftie, he may paife on to a 
formal! Chriftianitie , and become an outward 
ProfcfTor ; and outwardly doe,and performe reli- 
gious ferviccs : and yet lye in hrs {inneSjand want 
the power of inward fan<f^ifitation. 

3. Yet 

and perpetual! Quide. 

3 Yet furrhe^jby a gencrall paver of rheWofd, 
and inferior working of the Spirir5he may in feme 
fort be outwardly refomnedj and in fome meafure 
inwardly enlightened 3 hee may have underftan-- 
ding and joy by the Minifterie of the Word, and 
may doe many things after it, and forfake many 
finnes. Bcrod is iaxd^Mark, 6, to have reverenced 
lohn^ to have heard him gladly, and to have done 
many things : And yet for all this, hee may come 
I fhoft of a found conversion j if hee fuffer fome 
maine corruption, fome one fweet finne, or other, 
to reigne in him, which hee ftill.feedes upon with 
delight, and fenfuall fwcetneflej if hee doc not 
wholly and entirely rcfigne and give vp himfelfe, 
his fpirit,fouleand body to the Lords fervicc,and 
to picafe him in all things- and with repentance, 
and refolution,forfake all his knowne fiones. For 
this is a certaine Rule and Principle with •^Di- 
vines 5 That true turmng unto God^and the advifedand 
mlihgremainingin the fraHice of Any ane evilly nhich 
is difcovered to a mans Confcienct^ hy the Light of Gods 
fFord^ to be afime^ cannot fland together, 

Thefe changes a man may have, and thus many 
pafTages, from worfe to better ; and yet the great 
and glorious worke of regeneration not wrought 
upon him. For where there is ji found convcrfion, 
and through- reformation , there a man is wholly 
fandified,and {tt apart unto God,from the flnfuU 
corruption of his naturall birth,and the evil 1 fruits 
thereofjtO'ferve God in his whole man,both body, 
fGuIe,and fpirit. He fhakes hands with all finnes, 
he fells all for the precious leweil of the Gofpel - 




* See Htaon. 
f.158. Marbury 
in his Sermon 
atP.C. "Dod 
upon the Co- 
p.io.T>liie,p 19^. 
True Watch, 

Fruits of a true 




T^he Saints fure 

he regards not finnc in his heart,buc hath a regard 
CO all Gods Coramandements. 

Now fith Sathan^hat old Serpent,knowes full 
vrell, that it will never ferve the turnc for a man to 
part but with part of his linnes ; that his cafe is 
fearefull enough,whatfoever good,or good deeds 
fccmc to be in him5if he yceld not to the worke of 
the Holy-Ghoft , for the leaving but of any one 
knownc finne,which fighteth againft the peace of j 
his Confcience ; he knowes,thac he hath haunc 
and hold enough in a naans Confeience, and af- 
fcdiions i that hce hath fufficicnt intcfeft and 
claimetohisdamnationjif he can but keepe his 
fweet finne in heartland alive in him. And there- 
fore,when any by the Mfnifterie of the Word is 
moved to fettle and addreflTe himfelfe to a refor- 
mation of his wayes, and to redrefle his former 
wicked life 5 he puts in,might and mainejtopre- 
ferve in his vigour^and fovcraigntie,one fecret dc- 
lightfull finnejOrotherjat leaft,in the heart and 
affedion of him, that goes about to reforme him- 
felfe : He fingles out one corruption, or other, to 
which hee findes a man moft addid^ed ; and this 
he concealeSjand fenceth with all the policie that 
he hath , that if by any meanes it may cfcape un- 
rcpented of,unmortified,and unmedlcd with. 

Thus he dealt with Herod : Herod^ by the prea- 
ching of /o/7»,reforroed himfelfe in many things • 
but Sathan made fure to keepe him his owne, by 
that one finne of Inceft. Naamdn the Syrian, no 
doubt,beIeeved,and followed the Prophet in ma- 
ny things • but he dcfired ont\y ^that the Lord vould 

be I 

and perfetuall (juide. 

hemercifuU unto him^ when he mnt into the houfe ef 
Kimmoft. The young man in the Gofpel , in his 
outward carriage was unreprovable ; but that one 
fecret ficne of worldlineffe, baniiTied him out of 
the prefence and Kingdome of Chrift. In this 
point, Sathan labours to perfwade men to deale 
with God in the forfaking of their finnes, as ^ha- 
nias dealt with the Apoftle^in parting with his 
Money. It was a cuftome,you know, in the Pri- 
mitive Church , becaufe of the ncceflltic of the 
Times ; that many, out of a zealous and extraor- 
dinarie love unto the Gofpel, fold their Lands,and 
brought the price, and laid it downc at t]ie Apo- 
ftles feet. Ananias amongft the reft,would necdes 
(eeme as forward 5c zealous in this glorious workc 
of Charitic, as any other : He fold his Lands in- 
deed,and brought in the Money,and tendered it at 
the Apoftles feet 5 but yet fecretly, fufpcding 
Gods providence,and doubting lefthimfelfe,per- 
haps,.at length fliould be brought into want, hce 
kept backe one part of the price of his Pofteflion 5 
making fhew notwithftanding,tohave brought in 
all. So it is in many,by the malice of Sathan,and 
bewitching enticements of natufall corruption, 
in the forfaking of their finnes. In a true Conver- 
fion indeedjwhen a man is about to buy the Pearle 
of great price & unvaluab'e worth in the Gofpe], 
the Dodrinc of Salvation, the Way to Life, and 
Graces of Gods Spirit; he makes an iinivcrfall 
fale of allhis finnes ; hefelieth (as the Text faith) 
all that he hath: not fome piece of his fiDfullPcflef- 
{ion,buteven the very whole Lordfhip, the entire 








The Saints fure 

Inheritance. But it is othcrwife with thofc whom 
Sathan inveagleth, acd enfqareth in this point. 
Hec is well enough picafed, that they {hall feeme^ 
to be as forward in the reformation and amend- 
ment of their lives, as any other r and indeedjthat 
they fhall be reformed in good part , and carry 
fbme love and a^dion toward the Word,and Mi- 
nifters ; fo that he may keepe hold and poflTeffion 
but in one corner of the heart: For he knowes,that 
that is enough to keepe the whole man, body and 
foule,his owne. If he can ftay but one finne unfold, 
he knowes the man continues ftilijby the courfe of 
divine Law,a bondflave of Hell. By one little hole 
a (hip will finke into the bottome of the Sca.The 
llab of a Pen-knife to the heart, will as well fpeed 
a man, as all the Daggers that killed C^far in the 
Senat-houfe.The foule will be ftrangled with one 
Cord of vanitiejas well as with all the Cart-ropes 
of iniquitie; onIy,the more finsjthe more plagues, 
and fiercer flame in Helhbut he that lives and dies 
impenitent in one,it will be his dcftrudion. One 
dramme of poyfon will difpatch a man • and one 
reigning finne will bring him to endlclTe woe and 
mifcrie. Let us take heed therefore,whcn wc goe 
about reformation of our felves, left we be furpri- 
fed & overtaken by this malicious craft of Sathan. 
Let us refolve upon a through-reformation^which 
is only and ever undcrtaken,w ith a purpofc not to 
hold on in the willing pradice of any one knowne 
iniquitie,or finfull courfe. Which,when we Hiall 
carefully &earneftly go about,Sathan will be fure 
to fet upon us,as Pharoah did upon Mofes and ^aron: 


and perpetuall Quicie. 

when the Lord had commanded them togoe 
three dayes journey in the Defarr, to doc fervice 
and facrificc unto him, that by all meanes hee 
mighthinder them in this holy bufinefTe. 

1 . He would have them tofiay in (he Und^ and to doe 
facrifice there. Nay {[aith ^^&fes) it is not meet to 
doe Co ; for then wee lliould offer unto the Lord 
our God chat which is abomination unto the 
Egyptians ► 

2. Sith this would not then ferve, but that 
they would needs out of the Land' Tmllletpngoe 
(faith Pharaoh) that yon may Jamjice tothe Lord your 
God. in the mlderneffe 5 but gsenetfarre arvaj. But 
Mofes would yet none of this, he would not abate 
a foot of the journey the Lord had appointed. 

3 . Why then (faith Pharaoh) if you wi-11 needs 
goc f© farrej am. content your men fliall goe^bur, 
as itisfittcft, your children l"hall ftay at home. 
Nay. (faith Mofes) we will. got mth our -^Ottngandmth 
our old J rrith aurfonms a^d with oar daughter s^, with our 
Shecfe and whh our CattelirvilLwe^ie, 

4. Well (J^it\\ Pharaoh) I will yceld fo farre 
unto you, your children (liall goe with you to 
ferve the Lord, onely your fbecpe and your Cac- 
tell fhall abide at home, 

Na^) (faith Mofes) our Catteli'alfo fljallgoeii;ith nf. 
There ]hallmt am hoofe be left. 

Now when all this would not doe, when Mofes 
would not accept of any capitulations, conditi- 
^ons,reftTi(£lions, or limitations in holy bufineffcs, 
and the fervice of God, (for he was at a point, re- 
folute, he would not \ta.\t fo much as an hoofe be- 



Satan deales 
with men, as 
fha/aoh did 
with the 







The Saints /^re 

See Broade.pag. 

hindc.) Now, I fay, when all the enticements and 
policies o£ Pharaoh would not prevailc to k-epe 
Mofesitom fervingand facrificing unto God, and 
that precifely andltrii^ly, according to his OA^nc 
appointment and commandement, but that to 
this end, at length he wrung himfeh^eandallthe 
Ifraclites, out of the bloudy teeth of this perfe- 
cuting Wolfe; why then //74r4o/7armes him felfe 
with rage and fury, with fix hundred chofcn cha- 
riots, and all the chariots of -^gypt, with fifty 
thoufand horfmen, and two hundred thoufand 
footmen, as a lewifh Hiftorian writes, purposing 
with bloudy thirft todevoure at once, andfwal- 
lowupquicke, even allthelfracUof God : But 
you know the conclufion was • the Lord of Hea- 
ven gave a mod glorious deliverance to his owne 
people, wherein his bottomlefle goodnefle, and 
infinite mercy {hall fhine clcare and bright for 
ever, in all generations of the Church upon 
earth, and through all eternity in Heaven : But 
upon their enemies he brought fuch a ftrange and 
terrible confufion in the Red Sea; which may 
ftrikeaftonifhment and trembling into the heart 
and loynes of all prophanc perfccutors of godli- 
nefie to the worlds end, and amaze the veryma- 
licioufeft fiend in hell, while that Kingdome of 

Even iu ft thus doth Satan deale with all thofe 
whodcfire to bee condu<5led by the light of the 
Word, out of the JBgypt and flavery of igno- 
rance, (inne, prophanenefle . and who arc refol- 
V€d fiankly and freely to give themfclvcs, foules 


andperpetmll (juide. 


and bodies, to Gods ferviccjflnd toentcra fetled 
courfeof holinefleandfandification; hec ufeth 
all meanes and policies to keepe and detaine 
them in his Kingdome of darknefle. If he can- 
not hold them in his chiefe palace and Court as 
It were, where finnc cfpccially raignes a;id re- 
vels it, yethewillfo farre hamper them, that at 
leafl they ftill hover upon the confines and bor- 
ders of the Regions of death. If they will needs 
bee medling with rcforaiatioH of their finfull 
\vic^^ and that he cannot helpeit^ but fomcthing 
muftbedoncjhe is content to yeeld unto them 
upon fome termcs or conditions, that they call 
him not quite out of their confciences, but fulfer 
him to fway and raigne in their hearts, by fome 

1. If they will needs feare God, he (lands not 
much upon it, but that they rray doc it outward- 
ly, and in profeffioflj fo that they will continue 
in ^gypr, within the Kingdome of darknelTc, 
and lie ft illin their finnes, and under thefhadow 
©f death, 

2. If this will nor content them, if they will 
not reft here, bur will nc eds out of the Kingdome 
of darknclTc, and dominion of death, why he is 
not much again ft it, but that they may goe the 
halfeway; that is, he will fuflPcr them to forgoe 
and forbeare the outward practice and perpetrati- 
on of many finnes,fo that inwardly their heart and 
affeftions harbour, nourifh & embrace them ^\\\ 
and feed upon with a fenfuall and delightfull re- 
membrance,the finfull pleafures of iniquities for- 
merly committed, li 

Sacan would 
with men la 
their conver* 

9^ The Saints fare 

3. If theydefire and cndevour to became new 
men, both inwardly and outwardly, to befanj^i- 
fied inactions and affedlions, to ferv^God both 
in foLiIe and body, he will yet yecld fo fiirrc, that 
they mayberidoffomcfinncs both in hcartand 
pradice, as perhaps of finnes of cuftome ; but 
then he will be a fuitor and folicitor unto them, 
to retainc other iinucs, as perhaps finnes of na- 
ture. For example: It may be they may both for- 
bears the outward pradicc, and alfo inwardly 
loath fwearing, drunkcnnefTe, and other fuch like 
fmnes of cuftome • but they will nuzzle in the 
bofome of their affcdions, pride, luft, anger, and 
fuch other finnes, the naturall birth'as it were of 
original! corruption. 

4. But if they alfo conquer thefe, wh/thenhe 
tempts them mainly to continue at the leaft in 
worldlinefTe. "^ For this in many mens hearts hath 
greater pov/er, and beares more fway than nature, 
or natural laffcsffcion. He will fecretlyfiiggcft un- 
to them, that upon an eager and exceflivepurfiiit 
of gaine and riches, depends their life and lively- 
hood, their credit and reputation, their content- 
ment and happinefic in the world ; fo that per- 
haps at laft of all,, after all this, they reft and fi?t- 
tlctbemfi^Ives upon finnes of advantage, asufu- 
ry^ oppreffion, iinlawfuU and exceffive gaining, 
earthly-mindednefte 5 ferving the Times, and 
fuch like. 

5. Butif bythegrace oFGodanybe fobLcf- 
o^'kc/'^/'/Wr. fed from God above, as refolutely topafietho- 
Fiorv.%.fm. j.jQyy all thefe traincs and temptations, and like 

* Fcure Infal- 
lible marks of 

11 Calking: 
I Siiaiinei 
bov/els to the 
the Saints, or 1 
any rruly 

3 Too much 
bufinellc in 
the w«rld. 

4 Inj'jftice, or 
uHnpof inju- 
liousor indt" 
ri-fVccurfes of 
gcccirg wealih 
See wiaid). 

and perpetuall (juide. 

flrong Sam[ons^ breakc through all tfeefe Cords 
and Cart-ropes of iniquitie and vanitie ; fo that 
they will not yeeld an ynch to that cruell Pharaoh 
of Hell, nor leave (o much as an Hoofe bchinde 
them, in his Kingdomc of Darknelle : why then, 
this fpirituall Pharaoh prefcntly armes himfelfe 
with all the crafts and policies of Hell, with Le- 
gions of Fiends5and Princes of the Darkenefle of 
this World J with all his malice, againft the falva- 
tioa of the foiiles of men • with the fire and furi- 
ous rage of prophane wretches ; with the fharpe 
fwords and impoyfoned arrowes of lying and 
flanderous tongues j and with all other advanta- 
gesjwhich either the loweft Hell5or the wide wic- 
ked World can afford. And thus appointed, hce 
purfues and perfecutes, with bloodie and impla- 
cable furie5all thofe who have efcaped out of this 
captivitie, farre more eagerly and envioufly than 
c\'CT Pharaoh did the Ifraelites : That either hee 
may bring them backe againe into his bondage, 
or elfe take them quite away , and deftroy ihem 3 
that they may not attaine the full Light of the 
Saii;ts,nor doe long fervice unto the Lord, And 
certainely, if all the power of Hell, the ftrongeft 
temptationSjthe fcourge of tongues,the V\'^orlds 
malice , the fbightfull fpirit of prophanenelle, 
the frownings of friends, the fcornefull infolen- 
cies of enemies, the curfcd and enticing cryes of 
our old companions ; if wicked men or damned 
Devils be able to prevaile, he will be furc to ftay 
them, before they enter into the ftate of grace^ 
and true bleflcdiiefle. But yet, if a man put on 

( h ) Pauls 


; '^ Sec j^.ij.io. 

T^he Saints fur e 

P4«/.f armour, in Efh, 6, Davids royall courage, 
PfiiL^' ^* ^ofes iprinccly zcale,and truly Chri- 
ftian valour, that he mil not have a hoofe behinde • 
that is, that he will not leave one corruption un- 
mortificd, one atfcclion unfan^lificd, one rebel- 
lious adion unreformcdj one knovvnc finne un- 
repented of, and unforfaken • one holy dutie 
unperformed, one Commandemcnt unobeyed: 
Why then, hee may looke for a more glorious 
fpiricuall deliverance , than Mo[es had a tem- 
poral] : Hell, and confufion, (hall fvvallovv up 
all his * enemies • but into his heart, in the 
mcanc time, fliallbe flied and plentifully pow- 
rcd comfort, joy, and peace-, and upon his head 
fhall a Crowne of immortalitie flourifh for ever 

I have flayed very long upon the fifth plot 
and pradicc of Sathan , whereby he labours to 
make the Word heard , unpowerfull and unef- 
feduall for the falvation of our foules : For, I 
know, it is much and often excrcifed, and with 
great fucceffe 5 and by it, he prevailes with very 
many. When by diligent hearing of Gods 
Word , faithfully urged upon them , they are 
driven, and doe addrefle themfclves to a refor- 
mation and amendment of their finfull lives ^ 
he mightily endeavours to hinder, difquiet, and 
interrupt them in it; to make it a reformation 
unto them but in part, and by halfes ; unfotind, 
and unfaving : So that, it may be, they may for- 
fake finnes of Cuflome, as Lying , Swearing, 
DrunkenneiTe , and fucii like- but keepe finnes 


..JPI-I.-L ... ' I!. ■ 

and ferpetuall Quide, 


of Nature , as Pride, Liift, Anger, and the like : 
Or, it may be, they may forfake both thefe two 
kindes of flnnes, and yet kecpc finnes of Advan- 
tage j as OpprclIioD,unlavvfLiliGaining,grinding 
the faces of the Poore, ferving the Time, and 
fuch like ; Or, they may leave all thefe, and yet 
keepe finnes of Companie ; as, idle and vaine 
Talking, fikhie leading, rayling again!]: and flan- 
dering their Neighbours , uncharitable judging 
and cenfuring their Brethren, and the like. It 
may be, they may be carefull in their generall 
calling of Chriftianitic • but carelelTe and uu- 
faithfull in thofe particular places and callings, 
wherein God in his providence hath fct them : 
Orcontrarily' they may be of Chriftian beha- 
viour abroad, and in publike • as at Sermons, 
and in the Church ; but unconfcionable at 
home, and in their private families • never tea- 
ching, or praying with them: They may fceme 
zealous in the Commandements of the firft 
Table, and about the fervice of God • but in 
the fecond , and towards their Neighbour , un- 
merciful! , unconfcionable , and uncharitable : 
Or, they may deale juftly and honeftly with o- 
thers, but be utterly voide and deftitute of the 
knowledge and feare of God : They may bee 
outwardly reformed, but inwardly full of hol- 
low-hearted neflfe , and hypocrific : They may 
leave all other finnes, onely keepe one behinde ; 
which is called a mans ftveet, delightfull, and 

If Sathanx:an prevaile with ^.man any of thefe 
(hi) wayes, 



^T be Saints fure 

Sathan would 
hinder perfe- 





wayes,hce keepes hin his owne : for bee that is 
foLindly converted, jnlliticd, and fandified in- 
deed , mud needs be out of love with every finne, 
with the whole courfe of iniquities and with fin- 
cerity and chearefulnefTc embrace the entire body 
of Chriftianiiiej andhavearegard to. all Gods 

6 Now i come to a fixt Height and ^^qsKq. of 

Sathan, whereby hce labours to make the Word 

fruiclcfic and unprofitable unto us. If hccannot 

ftay us in our reformation, but that we will needs 

through , and caft away all finnes ; why then, hee 

feekes by all meanes to hinder our continuance, 

and conftancic. If the Seed of the Word be re- 

I ceived with joy^nd fprijig up for a time ? that is, 

! be pra6lired for a while 5 he rayfeth up fomc per- 

\ lecutionjtribulatioHjOr crofTcs, whereby it is pre- 

fentlyblafted, withers, and comes to nothing. 

j Theuncleane fpirit may for a time goc out of a 

1 mattjand walke throughout drie places ; but if it 

! be poUiblCjhe will rcturne with feven other fpirits 

worfe than himfelfe ; and the end of that man, is 

worfe than the beginning. A man may flye from 

the pollution and filthinefTe of the World, as it 

is, 2 Pet. 2, 20* butby the policie of Sathan, hee 

may be tangled againe therein : He may be wafli- 

cd (as it is in the fame place) for a while, and yet 

after wallow againe in the myre of linne: He may 

be endued with an inferior fandlification of the 

Spirit, Helf, 10. 2<?. and yet after, by the malice 

of Sathan, tread under foot the Some of God : Hce 

may have a genciall participation, of the Holy- 


and perpetuall Cfuide. 

Ghoft, Heb,6.^. and yet after a time fall avray, 
to the ver;^ deffiting of the SfiriP of Grace^ I fpeake 
not this, as though that any once^ffedualiycal- 
led,truly fandified,pofrcfledof the ftate of grace, 
and enrolled among the Saints, can polTibiy be- 
come a caft-away ; it cannot bee; forifonc^by 
the power of fpeciall grace, a man be built upon 
the Rocke ; not the Gates of HelI,not all the pow- 
ers of Darkenefle, nor ftrongeft aflaults of Satan, 
fhall ever prevaile againft him. Heaven and Earth 
fliall fooner be removed, than any of Gods fer- 
vants. For if Gods eternall Decree of Elcdion 
be unchangeable i if his Covenant beevcrlafting, 
and inviolable; if his Truth cannot change, nor 
his Mercie faile, nor his Power4kc weakened j i( 
the (acred Scale of the blcffed Spirit lliall ftand -, 
if the precious blood and fervent prayers o{Chrifi 
I Ufui can prevaile 5 if his Scriptures doe not lye, 
and deceive; if his fandiifying Grace cannot die, 
and perifh •, if Hirafelfc cannot ceafc to be : then 
undoubtedly, if a man be once his, he is his for e- 
ver ; if he be once truely his fervant upon Earth, 
be fliall for ever hereafter be a glorious Saint in 
Heaven. My meaning therefore in this point, is 
oncly this : There is a glimmering Light of the 
Spirit, fome manner of tafte of the fweetnefle of 
Chrift, a kind of change, which may be wrought 
in a man by the preaching of the Word, and yet 
he not truely and conftantly converted, but may 
by the malice and policie of Satan be repofleflfcd 
by unclcane fpirits, and repolluted with the fil- 
tliinefle of the World. 

(hj) Thus 





betwecne a 
falfc and fa- 
vjng change. 


The Saints fure 

Thus wc may difcerne this changeable change 
(that I may fo fpeake) and the faving change of 
Gods fervants : Ifjafter we have given our Names 
to Chrift, and begun to profefle and pradife (in- 
ceritiejVve pafle on,and continually grow in grace, 
and ftand for Gods honour and ferviccjagainft all 
ccmmers, friends or foeSjIofle or difgracCjOppref- 
lion or {landers, men or devils ; why then,undoub- 
tedly,we have the fanvSlifying Spirit of God,and 
faving grace ; which makes liis Children like 
Trees betwixt the Rivers of Waters, fruitfull in 
goodnefle, and as bold as Lyons, in good caufes. 
Butjif after wee have begun welljWee lookc backc 
with Lots Wife ; if wee fall in love againe with 
thofe finnes whi^ wee have forfakcn j if Rubbes 
and Crofles inthe Worldjwill turne us out of the 
way to Heaven ; and our righteoufneffe be but as 
the Morning Deaw,whieh a little heat of Pcrfccu- 
tion will dric up : vyhy then, our change was 
changeable, and not that of Gods children. The 
Seed of the Word, which wee received with joy, 
was never deepely rooted in good and honeft 
I hearts • wee were onely temporarie Converts, not 
new creatures • temporizing ProfefTors, not true 
Ghriftians ; and our End is like to be worfe than 
our Beginning -and oar Plagues more,than if we 
bad never begun. 

Let every man take heed then, in the Name of 
God, left by the traines and temptations of Sa- 
than he be turn'd backe againe from any good 
courfe; left afterhe be waihed, he wallow againe 
in the myre of worldline(re,and worldly vanities; 


andperfetuall (juide. 


and after hee hath efcapcd the filthincfle of the 
World, left he be againe entangled therein. Let 
us beware of longing after thofe finneSj which we 
begun in fome meafure to reforme j let us not luft 
againe after the flefh-pots of iEgypt, like the Is- 
raelites, after we be in fome good fort enlarged 
from the bondage of finne, and tyrannic of the 
hclW^Pharoah, LotsW/ik being delivered out 
of Sodome,was furprifed with a fenfuall remem- 
brance of the pleafures and vanities of the place 
which fhee had Ich, of the cafe and profperitic 
whicli (hee there enjoyed ; and fo look'd backe 
upon it : But (hee was therefore prefently turned 
into a Pillar of Saltv^^^^. 19,26. there forever to 
be a monument and fearcfull fpe^ftacle of Gods 
terrible judgements againft all back-fliders. If 
the uncleane fpirit be caft out of a man by fome 
degrees of reformation, and good beginnings of 
amendment of life, and have after leave and hber- 
tie to returnc 5 he brings with him feven Devils 
worfe than him(elfe,and makes a man farre worfe 
than he was before. Much better were it for any 
man never to have knowne or ftept into the way 
of righteoufnefife, than afterward to turne from 
theholyCommandementof God, and out of a 
courfeof Chriftianitie. It is a fearefull Curfc, 
to continue in hardneffc of heart , prophanenefle 
of life, and finfull courfes ? But to leave them for 
a little, and to finke backe againe, is to have Gods 
Curfe bitter againft rhcm, if they repent not^ and 
the fire of Hell made more hot for them. Firft, 
(icknefles are curable j but relapfes are very dan- 

(h4) gerous, 



H(b.^» 49^1 



The Saints fure 

gerous, if not irrecoverable. If a man (as it is 
Ueh. S») ^^th once beene enlightened^ and theft faU 
atvay , it is impoj^ble to be renewed by repentance, 1 
know that place principally to be undcrftood of 
the highelt de^reeof Apoilaciejand falling away* 
but hec that falls away from any good courfe, and 
good beginnings , fails towards that irrecovera- 
ble fall, and makes himfelfe more uncapableof 
repentancc^han if he never had been enlightened, 
or ftept into the way of Truth : And it is juft 
vvith God, to punirhfuchwith a reprobate fenfe^ 
and hearts that cannot repent. 

It then decpcly and neerelyconcerncs us • for 
once wee have felt the fwcetneffc of Grace, and 
tA^ed of the Powers of the world to come-^ to drinke 
deeper of the Waters of Life, and to fol^ hard 
towards the mar ke^ for the price of the high caUingof 
God in Chril} lefw.. When wee icklt any good 
motions and purpofes arife in our hearts, let us 
labour to follow them, to nourifli them, to blow 
them up, to m,ake a^fire of them 5 left they onely 
but make a flafh, and pafle away as the Lighr- 
ning. Let us put them in pradife with zealcj 
and conftancic, that we be not as the unfaithfull 
WatcrSj which in the Summer are dryed up • or 
as th&.dcadTrees, which perifh iti Winter: but 
thatvve remaine whole andXoundjpweandper* 
fe^,as the living Watersand Olives of the Lord, 
that ever (hcd forth their fweetnefle and fatncfle. 
Let us make a Covenant , even a Covenant ( as 
the Scripture fpeaketb) of Salt^ durable^nd per- 
pettiall, with the Lord, to live before him in 


and perpemall (juide. 

liolinsfle and righteotifnelTe all thedayes^^our 
life ; For to him that goes through with his ho- 
ly bufinefle, thdii fights the good jight of FAithyfrn- 
jbeth hif fojtrfeyand overcomes • to him, and to him 
alone, (hall all thofe glorious BlefTings be per- 
formed, which are promifed in the firtt Chapter 
of the Revelation ;. To eate of the Tree of Life^Mch 
is in the midB of the Paradifr of God ; Not to De 
hurt »f the fecond DtMh ; To eate of the MmtiA Mch 
is hid ^ and to have thevphite stone of Fi^orie given 
him J To have fower given him to rule over Nations^ 
and to be lightened rvith heavenly hrightneffe, like the 
Morning, Starre ; To he clothed mth white array ^ 
(that hy with heavenly Glory) W to have his 
Name cmtinued in the Booke of Life ; Tc have 4 
miliar made in the Temple of Cody (that is, afirme 
and unmoveable place of eternall Glory ^ ) To 
fup with ChriB^ and to fit rvith him upon his Throne 
for evermore. Thus fliall hec bee honoured and 
clowned with the excellenoie, fulne{Ie5and varie- 
tie of all glory, joy, and happincflTe, who enters 
with finceritie, and couragiou fly ends his Race 
of Holincfic , and conquers in his fpirituall 
Fight. But al/feareft*l^meHy(askiSyJRev,2i.S.) 
who flinke backe for feare of Men, or love of the 
World, or to ferve the Times • all faint-hearted 
n>en in the Lords Battailes, and that fall away 
fi'om good beginnings ; they fliall be puniihed- 
i»ith unbeleevers^ mth the ahominable^ mth Murthe- 
reri and fyhore-mangers^ mth Idolaters and Lyars^ in 
the Lake which hurnes rvith fire and Brimftons-^ which 
^ the fecondDeath, 

. 7 But,, 



'^ev, li 



Hcc ftrives, if 
, hce cannot 
I make tbem to 
fall totally and 
I finally, that 
Khey may fall 
partially, and 
as frequently 
as be can. 

Sathans poli< 

The Saints fure 

7 But,if by the grace and mercie of God, we 
quit our felves like men J and hold on comfortably 
andconftantly in a fetlcd courfe of godlinedej 
yet/or all this,Sathan hath not done ; though he 
can doe us no deadly hurt, yet he will ftill doe his 
worft ', for his craft and ipight is cndleflc. If he 
fee there is no hope of bringing us backe againe 
into his bondage, or making us any more vafTals 
and flaves to finne ; yet he will labour to lay ftum- 
bling-blockes in our way, to bring us upon our 
knees : now and then, to turne us out of the right 
path J fometimesjeven toover-turnc us with fomc 
greater and more dangerous fall j hce will lay his 
traines to intrap and intangle us, if it be poffible, 
infomeold fwect finnc: Which, that hee may 
bring about, hee will u(e the benefit and advan- 
tage of cuftome, bccaufe before our calling, wee 
have much pradiifcd it ; of the frailtic of our 
owne corruptions , becaufe they have moft de- 
lighted in it • of our old companie, bccaufe wee 
have formerly ofteneft committed it with them. 
He will leave no opportunitic, advantage, or cir- 
cumftance omitted,and unaflayedjto hale us back 
into one or other fpeciall finne, of our unrcgene- 
ration. If this will not ftop, hee will follow all 
occa{ions,enticcmentS5and temptations, the ride 
of ourowneatfed^ionSj theftreameof rhc times, 
i^ by any meanes hee can caft us into fome groffe 
and fcandalous finne. Thefe are Sathans plots 
and pra(5fcifes againft thofc,who hold on inacon- 
ftant courfe of holinefTe : if they will not bee 
brought to tumble themfelves againe in the myre 


and perpetual! (jmde. 

of finne,and finfull pkafures,yet he will doe what 
hec can , now and tncn , to (pot and ftaine their 
Chriftian lives with (bme grieuous fall,or other ^ 
that ft), to his utmoft , hee may bring upon them 
Gods disfavour,and angry countenance, difgrace 
and difconceit araongft their brethren, difcom- 
forts and feares of heart within themfelves. But 
if a man, firft, by keeping frerti in his mindc the 
uncertainties and vanities of this vaine World ; 
fecondly, by careful! and continuall watching 
over his dcceitfull heart ; thirdly , by exercifing 
and pra<liifing with diligence and delight, all ho- 
ly meancs of preferving grace,and ftarving finne •, 
as reading,hearing,conference, meditation of the 
Word of God 5 Prayer, publike and private j 
with himfelfcjand with his family ; fourthly, by 
declining prophanc, unprofitablejand unchriftian 
corapanie , and acquaintance 5 and frequenting, 
with joy and fruit, the fellow {hip of the Saints : 
fifthly, by an humble entertainment, nouridi- 
mentj and pra^fiice of the good motions of the 
Spirit : fixtly , by a dayly examination of the 
ftate of his Confcience,and reparation of the de- 
eayes of Grace : feventhly, by his godly jcalou lie- 
over little finnesjand prefent renewing repentance 
after every flip. I fay, if by fuch meanes as rhcfc 
(which are notable prefervatives againft the poy- 
fon of finne) a man fence himfelfe from groffc 
and fcandalous falls ; orelfe, if by the politikc 
malice of Sathan, and weakenefiTc of his owne 
fle(h,he be overtaken with fome fouler finne ^ and 
yet notwithf^anding, befides pangs of gricfcjand 


againft finne, 
whereby Gods- 
children keepe 
frona grofle 





l^he Saints fur e 

The good that 
they get by 
their falls* 

angiiiflaoffpirit, for grieving his gracious God, 
hee looke better to his feet, and run fafter in the 
Race of fandification after his fall - if his falling 
into finnc teach him thefe good leflbns, which in 
fuch cafes are ordinarily learned of all true Chri- 
ftians; for allthingSjCven* finnc it fclfe,makes to 
the beft in Gods Children. 

1 Hee Icarnes by his fall, to diftafte his pride, 
and felfe-conceit, to let fall his Peacockcs traine, 
and defpaire of his owne ftrength. 

2 To depend only upon God, the Word of hi j- 
Grace, and the power and perpetuall influence of 
his Spirit, for his ftanding upright in the wayes 
of Rightcoufnefle, and prefervation from moft 
fearcfulland dangerous downe-falls. 

3 To cling clofer about him • to clafpe fader 
hold with the hand of faith upon the glorious 
PaflSon and meritorious juftice of Chrift; with 
muchheartinefleandzealetofeeke and fue unto 
him for his fpeciall aide and afliftancc againft Sa- 
tans temptations, his owne corruptions, and out- 
ward oceafions of finne. 

4 To blu(h and be afhamed of himfelfe ; for 
that he having had his (bule wafhed with the pre- 
cious blood of Chrift, and having received fo 
great favour, mercy, and pardon at the hands of 
God, yet hath wretchedly and unthankfully defi- 
led itagaincj and fo wofully and wickedly abufed 
his extraord inary love and kindneffe. 

5 With more refolute vow, proteftation, and 
practice, to renounce and abandon Satan ^ with 
more perfect hatred, and dcteftation, to loath and 

abhor re 

and per^etuall Quide. 

\ abhorre all manner of finne • the Garment f^otted 

6 To become watehfull,and wife ;^ by taking 
rpeciall notice of all the motives, temptations, 
meanes, occafions, baites, allurements to that 
finne y into which hce fell 3 for the aypidiog and 
declining of it afterwards. r:? > i; ^^-. 

7 To thinke charitably of other men,th3it fall, 
and are fiuidenly overtaken in any offence • not to 
be too eager, hot, and cenforiousagainft them- 
but out of his owne experience, to give them 
comfort, inftru(fi:ions,and.diredions, and to la- 
bour to reftore them with the fpirit of meeke- 
neffe. Now, I fay, if a man be either foro»-armed 
and fenced (as I fa id) from falls ; or elfe,after his 
fall, weepe bitterly, repent fincerety, watch after- 
ward more carefully, walke more zealoufly • and 
out of his fpirituall wiredome,make thatufe and 
benefit of his fall, as I have told you : then hce 
may have comfort, that Sathangets no great ad- 
vantage tliisway. 

8 Like a fierce cruell Dragon, fich he cannot 
devoure the Womans Child fo foone as ever it is 
brought forth ^ that is, he cannot repoHefieand 
reigne againe in a true Chriflian and regenerate 
man, brought forth by the povverof the Word, 
in the Wombe of the Church ^ he therefore ca- 
f^eth out of his mouth, after him, flouds of out- 
ward crolles and vexations. If he cannot wound 
him ir>his foulc,yet he will vexe him in his body, 
goods, and good name : if he cannot hinder him 
of Heaven, he will give him little reft or quiet 


I Ibejj: 5. la. 

He fends forth 
fioiide of per- 
fecution and 
affliftion after 


aesiJnft af- 

From Cods 
Decree, the 

example of 
the SaintSjand 
th«5 Sonne of 

The Saints Jure 

Rm.i. i8. 

From the gra- 
cious cftcfl* of 
affiidions, for 
our good. 

ijpon Earth : if hce cannot bring him into dif- 
gracc and disfavour with God, he will be fure to 
ray ft him hatred enough, malice, and difcounte- 
nance amongft men ; He will doe his worft^to fill 
and Joade him with all outward difcomforts and 
difcouragements ; as povertie, fickneflc,{landcrs, 
fcoffings, raylings, reproaches, contempts, and a 
thoufand other pcrfecutions^ 

But in fuch cafes as thefc,letevcrychildof God 
comfort,refrerb5and hold himfclfc in heartjcheare, 
and ecu ragejby fuch confi-derations as thefe. 

Firft, it is a Decree of Heaven , rcfolved upon 
and ratified by the Lord our God, confirmed by 
the experience of all the Patriarkcs and Prophets, 
of the Apoflles and profefTors of Chrift, of all 
the Saints and fervants^ nay, and of the Sonne of 
God himfelfe; {.hat, through many tribulations wee 
mjiH enter into the Kingdome of Heaven, So often 
therefore as wee fliall fee any raiferics or afflidi- 
onscomming towards us, for our profelTion of 
finceritic,and righteoufncire fake ; let us acknow- 
ledge them to be as fo many moft certaine and in- 
fallible markes, that we arc in the right way to 
Heaven : through which, if we but vvalke a little 
further with patience, we fhall defcryaCrowne 
of Glory, which is ourovvne forever; of which, 
all the afflidions and preflfures of a thoufand 
Worlds arc not neere worthy. 

Secondly, though by this meanes,by thefc out- 
ward crofTcs and afflictions, Sathan difchargcth 
upon us the very gall of his bitterne{rc,the poyfbn 
of his malice, and arrowes of his fpight ^ yet, by 


«» ■■..p ,1 Mt I I I , ■ . I I, . ■■ ,. 11. ,. I I, „ 

and fer^etuall (^uide^ 

the merci'fnll and Aedicinall hand of God, they 
are returned upon his ovvne head , they ftrike 
through the heart of rinne,and become as preci- 
ous reHorativeSjtorepaire in us the decaycs of fpi- 
rituall life : for in Gods children,ciofles and affli^ 
(^ions have thefc worthy effe^ and workings. 

I They ftart us out of our fecuritie, carelef. 
neflcjand coIdnefTcjWhich by little and little may 
grow upon the beft : They breed in us a conceit 
and fenfeof our owne wants, and the neccflitie 
of Gods providence and prote<fVion : They adde 
Oyle unto the flame of our firft love, put life into 
our religious exercifes, and power and Ipirit into 
our prayers, 

2 They curbe and controule the pride, info- 
lencie,and impatiencie of our nature : They coole 
and kill the heat, headlongneffe, and intemperan- 
cic of our affed^ions : Tbcyvyeakea indeed the 
whole old ^<j/4»* inns, with all his lui1:s,concupif- 
cence, and venome ; but give ftrength to the new 
man,with all his godly and gracious motions^holy 
and heavenly a<fiions. 

3 They make us with indignation to fpit in the 
very face of this vaine, deceitfull, and flattering 
\A^orld;the temporall loveofwhich,is theetcrnall 
loflfe both of bodies &: foules in the other World; 
They happily weanc us from the love of it, and 
make us willing to part with her paps ; to bid all 
her enticements adiew, and" to trample under feet 
the fading pleaflires & vanities thereof; they make 
us to teare our groveling hearts, and rent our dull 
affedions from the Earth, to which they cleave, 



They make us 


To contetane 
ihc World. 


To fee further 
iotothc my- 

flcrie of god- 

The Saints fure 

and are glued To faftjand to lifpUp both our heads 
and hearts to Heaven, and to the glory which is 
to be revealed, longingly to defirc the comming 
of Chrift, the Life that lafl:eth,and to be clothed 
with our Houfejwhich is from above. 

4 Laftly, they are as (harpe and precious eyc- 
falves, to cleare and enlarge the fpirituall fight of 
our foules, too much dimmed and darkened with 
earthly duft, and with gazing too long on the 
painted glory of the World ; that fo wee may 
fee further into the great myfterie of godlinefle, 
deeper into the malTc and dunghill of our owne 
corruptions and frailties, wider upon the vanities 
of the World , and higher into the happinelTe of 
Heaven, and that great Beautie, Glory, and Ma- 
jcftie above ; They ferve unto ys as fowre Sawces, 
and bitter W^ormewood, to bring us out of love 
with our fweetfinnes , and to breed a diftafte in 
our mouth againft tranfitorie delights : They are 
as rharpe pruning-knives , to lop and cut away 
the excefTcs, vanities, and unnecedarie cares that 
grow upon us 5 and Co to trimme us5that wee may 
bring forth more profitable, pleptifull, and fairer 
fruits in godlinefle and Chriftianitie. 

Thus Sathan is difappointed in his plots, and 
policie ; his malice makes a medicine for our 
foules : hee purpofeth and hopes, by cro.Tes and 
afflidlions to turije us backe,or make us wearie in 
our courfe of holinefie •, but by the mercy of God, 
they become as fpuvres, to prickc us forward in 
Our Chriftian Race ; and as hedges to kcepe us in, 
ftomvvandin-irgoutoftheway. ]r 


Though Satan 
and his inftiU. 
inftruraeiKto i 
afflia,yetGoi ' 
is the princi- 
pal! Agent, 
who wHl order 
aU forchcir 

andperpetualKjuide. . ijj 

Now, in a third place; That Gods child may 
not too much be ca{ldowne,orput out of heart, 
for erodes and perfccutions rayfcd againft hina 
for a profefTion , and the prafticc of finceritic. 
let him confiderjfhat howfocver Sathan and wic- 
ked men be the inftruments , and executioners, 
which malicioufly procure, and immediately iii- 
flidtmifcries and vexations upon the children of 
God •, though they be the meanes to lay tortures 
and torments upon their bodies,cro(Tcs and loffes 
upon their goods and outward eftates, fpots and 
impreflion and cruekie upon the face of their 
harmcledc innoccncie, (landers and difgraces, 
imputations and ftaining afperfions upon their 
reputations and good names j fomctimes terrors, 
temptations,and amazements upon their minds : 
Yet in all thefe, our gracious God hath the chic- 
fcft ftroke, a principall hand, and the greateft 
fway j he dircds, limits,and moderates the rage 
and furie of all our enemies,vvhether they be De- 
vils or men, as it pleafeth him • and ever certaine- 
ly to the fingular good of his children, if they be 
patient and faithfull. Mijerie (faith lob^rhap.'^.e,) /^^ J-"^* 
tommeth not forth of the Duft , rtfither doth affliBions 
faring out of the Earth, Neither indeed , princi- 
pally and originally from Man , the Lord of the 
Earth 5 nor from the Prince that rnles in the 
Aire j nor from the Hoft of Heaven: God him-, 
felfc is the chiefe commander, guider, and di- 
rc(5ler of all vexations , and ill of punifhment 
tl at befalls any man ; and infti^s it, for our 
finnesand corruptions, upon the reprobates, as 

(i) appeares 



The Saints fure 

appearcs in Fharoah^ for their further hardening 
and confufion ^ upon his eled, for their convert 
fion and corrc(^ion. 

Let ns thenjin all our fufferings and afflidions, 
ftirred up againft as for fticking to finceritie,and 
keeping a good Confciencc^ lift up our eyes to 
the mightie Lord of Heaven and Earth : who,by 
the ftrong Arme of his Omnipotencic^holds faA 
in a Chaine,Sathan, that raging Lion, and great 
GoItAh^ that hce cannot ftirre one Linke further 
than hce wiM give him leave 5 hee cannot goe a 
haires breadth beyond his Commiffion : Nay 
and that which hee is fuffcied todoe , makes one 
way or other for our farre greater good. Let us 
confidetjwhat a loving and tender-hearted Father 
hath us under his corredion 5 and holds in his 
hand the furie of Sathan, the malice of men, the 
power and particular ftings of all creatures, as 
Rods and Scourges.to refbrme and amend us ; to 
keepc us in a courfe of holineflfe, and in the right 
way to Heaven. His fatherly love and tender- 
heartedhefle unto his,and fuch as feare him, doth 
indcarenefle and unchangcablenclle as farre fur- 
pa (Te the mofl: corapaflionate bowels of any earth- 
ly fathcr,as God furpafleth man 5 and, an infinite 
nature, a finite creature. The.kindnefle of a mo- 
ther to her child, is nothing to that love which 
God bcarcth to a true Ghriftian-. ^ mother mxj 
forget her childj and not hdt^e compa^n rfon the fonne 
ofhermmbe. But God neither can, nor will for- 
get him. The ftonie Rockes and Mountaines 
j fticke faft and fure unto their foundatiojns ^ but 
I Gods: 


and perpetuall (juide. 

Gods love to his child, a farre furerand founder. 
Ths Mount aines jhall remove^ and the Hills IhallfaS 
domie (faith God by Ifaiah) but my Merch fbali 
net depart from thee . ?ieither fball the Covenant @f 
my Peace fall av»ayy faith the Lordy that hath cowfa^m 
on thee. Can any man ftoppe the courfe of the 
Sunne, the Moone, and the Starres ? Can hee 
change the Seafons of the Day and the Night > 
No more can any creaturCjOra world of creatures, 
ftoppe and turnc afide the ftreamcs of Gods end- 
Jcfle mercies and favovirs to his faithfull fervants. 
If yo'A can change (faith God by leremie) if yon can 
change the courfes of the Sunne , and of the Moone^ 
iind of the Starres 5 if yon can breake my Covenant 
of the Day^ and my Covenant of the ^ight^ that there 
fhoM not be Day and Night in their feafon • then 
may my Covenant be broke unto JDavid^ my fervant j 
then will I m^ off aU the Seed of Ifrael : ler, 3 1 . 
3 3 . You may therefore make furc of it 5 every 
fandlificd and fincere man is eVcr in Gods fight, 
for his good and prclervation ; hcc is graven upon 
the palme of his hand^ hcc isfetasa Signet upon his 
arme , and as a Seale upon his heart, God is ever 
farre more fenfible, tender, and compaflfionate 
of the fighes, tearcs, and miferies of his chil- 
dren, than any man can be of the pricking of tie 
prccions ball and apple of his owne eye. Wee 
have his Promife, fealed with the precious bloud 
of his ownc Sonne, bound with an Oath 5 That 
fo, ^^ tw9 immutable things^ tvherein it is impofpble 
that God fhould lye^ wee might have firong confolation 5 
That, hee wiU never faile andforfake hif -^ Ihatyhee 

( i 2 ) wiU 



ler.it. fi. 






I Co^,lo,il' 

The Saints Jure 

ed Ar.teiikii' 

\ \\1iy x'ftcv/k- 
ited hjtc and 
i pciiccute 
j ^pdly. 



ui/i never lay more upon then?^ than hee mil make them 
able to bcare, Hce gives them comfort in all their 
afflidions, deliverance from them, and benefit 
by them. In all Mo-ibles, hce mod: ccrtainely 
eirbcr quite frees them, or gracioufly prcfcrves 
tben'sjn them ■ fo farre as is beft for his giory^and 
' their good . and ufefuU for the Church, and his 
other children. 

' Let no child of God then be difmayed or 

difcouraged for a-ny crofles, {landers, orperfe- 

eutions , which befall him for bis profelfion, 

and pra<aiceof hoIineflTe and finceritie. Though 

Sathan hath his worke in them, and prophane 

and wicked men a part • yet our gracious God, 

fo loving and tender-hearted a Father, hath the 

principall ftroake and chicfc finger in rhem : 

Saihans worke, and end is , to vexe and di[- 


It is evermore the i^orhe of the Devili , ( fa^th 
one of the * ancient Fathers) that hee may rritl 
Ljcs teare the firvants of Gc^^and by falfe Opnions 
fj^rcdd. concerning them , may defame their glonom 
rami 5 that frch as are bright in the li^ht of their 
Oivne Confidence ^ may be darkened and difgraced by 
the reports of others. 

Wicked and prophane men, bccau/e they arc 
in Darkencffcjand their workes arecvill,thcy can- 
not endure the children of Light, and their holi- 
ncffe of life. For this is the root and fountaine 
o^ all their malice and crucltic ^ as appearcs, 
I M. 3 . T 2 . Cain flew his brother ; and veherefoye (lejr 
h him I Becaitfi; his crvne tr&rkes rvere eviUy and his bro- 



and perpetual/ Cjuide. 


then good. Hence growes and fprings all the furie 
and rage, all the wrongs and llanders, which are 
wont to be layd on true Chriftians ; They are 
hated even for their very goodnefle, and becaufe 
they will not rnnne with the wicked unto the 
Came excelTe of riot : They are filled with con- 
tempt and reproach, with the mockings of the 
wealthy, and dcfpightfuInelTe of the proud, be- 
caufe they will not fweare, fwaggcr, lye, poure in 
ftrongdrinkCjprophane the Sabbaths, follow the 
fafli ions and corruptions of the Times. In a 
word, becaufe they will not be prophane in this' 
World, and damned in the World to come. 
And befidesjl know not how,wicked menthinke, 
that by the commonneile of finne, their fmfull 
courfes become more commendable ; and, that 
the multitude of offenders makes them more ex- 
cufable,and their offences pardonable. It ii the 
comfort (faith an ancient * Father) of evill mcn^ to 
carpe at the good '^ thinkings that bj the great number 
of offendorsy the guilt of their faults is dtminiJJjed and 

But Godsworke and end, in all falfe reports 
un/uftly rayfed againfl: his children, and in other 
crolTcswhatfoever; is to ftirrc up and revive in 
them zcalc, devotion, and faith fuInetTe, in pray- 
ing, prayfing, and fcrving him ; topurgcoutof 
them the droffc and rclickes of (bmc old finne ^ 
to humble them, and to bring them to a true de- 
ny ing (jf themfelves 5 totrie their faith,paticnce, 
and conftancie ; or for their greater good, one 
way or other. 

(i3) A 


lP«/.4 4« 

■ JcYonH. 

Go(Js aimc in 
his childrcns 



Affli<^'ons are 
no ftrange 

The Saints 
have gone 
before us. 

Hc^.1 1,3^537' 

Nay, Chrift 



The Saints fure 

Afoiuthconflderarion^whercby the mieChri- 

ftian may be kept in heart and comfort againft all 

croiTes and calumniations which hec ihall meetc 

with Jn bis courfc of holinefTcand fanftificarion, 

is^this : It is no ftrange thing that doth befall 

, himjWhcn he is perfccuted for fincerifie ; but the 

very beaten way to Heaven, trodden by all ftich 

fect,as ever walked in faith and obedience, ^iel 

begun in this Cupof Perfccution5and vexation, 

for his fervice to God, to all thofe who would 

give their Names to Chrift, or fight under his 

: Banner to the Worlds end. The Patriarkcs and 

' Prophets, and holy men of old , followed and 

pledged him : They were tryed b'^ f no c kings and 

fcourgings^bj bonds and imffifonment -^ they n>ere flo- 

ned^ they rvere hen-en afunder^ they rrere temftedy they 

I iverejlaine with the frord ^ they war.dered up and dotvne 

' in Shecfes-skins^and Goats-skins ^beingdeHitute^ af- 

fiiBed^and tormented ; whom the i-Vorld was f^ot wor- 

1 thie of-^ they wandered in fvildernejjes ^ and Dcnnes^ 

and Caves of the Earth, Nay,, Chrift lefus him- 

felfe,the Sonne of God, and ourbleffed Saviour, 

drunkcdeepeand largeof this Cup^ it was the 

! Baptifme wherewith he was baptized. His Apo- 

ftles and Difciplcs followed ; they endured all 

I the bloudie and mercileffe cruelties, which fierce 

and firrious Wolves are wont to infli»fl upon filly 

and harmelefTe Sheepe : for they were fent out 

into the World, as Sheepc amongft Wolves, 

There come after, and drinke of the fan»e Cupj 

millions of blefted m.en and women, under the 

I prinaitivc Perfecutions i Of which, fomc virere 


and perpetuall (juide. 


icalded, fome burned, fomebroyled, iont han- 
ged, Ibme beheaded, fome throwne downe froin 
rockcs upon ftakes, fome ftabbed in with forkes, 
fome racked, and tome in pieces , their tongues 
cut out, their eyes bored out, their fiefh twitched 
oif with Pinfons, womens breRs (eared otf with 
hot yrons,pricked under the naylcs with Needles, 
and a thou fand more wayes torreicntedjwith as 
great varietie andexqui(itenefrc,as politike ma- 
lice could devife, and propbane crueltic execute. 
If wee pafle along from thence , even to thefe 
Times j yea,and if our eyes were fo enlightened, 
that wc could lookeupon the ftate of Gods chil- 
drcnjand their way to HeaveUjeven to the Worlds 
end; we fhould ever be able to trace them along 
by the teares of Brine, and bloud, which are pow- 
red out and fpilt for the profefTion of Gods Truth, 
and pradicc of holincfle. This then is, was, and 
ever will be, the lot and portion of all tliofe who 
are fitting and preparing for Heaven. They are 
ever pcrfccuted one way, or other. If by rcafon 
of the miidc and peaceable Times,they fight not 
unto bloud, and pafle the fierie Triall 3 yet they 
fliall have their troubles, oppreilions, and difgra- 
ces^ at Icair, they fhall be ever fure to be payd 
home with the fcourge of tongues : they fliall be 
leaden with flandcrs,and falfe reports , they fhall 
be made a gazing-ftocke, a by-word, and Tablc- 
ralkc; a fcornc, reproach, and derifion to them 
that are round about them : as Burid was, PfaL ^M?^ 
79, 4. Which being fo, why fhould not a com- 
mon cafe, in the caufe of God , breed a common 

(i4) comfort 


Affliftions arc 
they worke a 
weight of glo- 

1^ be Saints fur e 

coinfoic in true Chtiftiaas ? Why flioiild a^ivy 
oF chcm thinke much todrinkc of the fame Cup, 
that tlic deareft Saints and foulcs , now blcfTcd 
with the Lord , have begun to them in •, and of 
which, all chat will be favcd^ even to the lad day, 
mufl: tafte,and follow > Why fliould any man, 
cLAt truly loves God, or loo*kes for the joyesof 
the other World, fecke ordefire a priviledge a- 
bove all the children of God,that ever were ; and 
evenabove the Sonne of God himfelfe, Chrift 
lefus ? Mod unworthy is hee of the glorious 
comforts of Grace, of the inward Peace,that paf- 
fcth all underftanding, and of that Glory which 
is to be revealed •, who, for a flandcrous tale, a ly- 
ing tongue,a reproachful! tearmc,or the fcare and 
faceof anymortall man,{linkcsbackfroma bold 
profclTion of finceritie, and. from the true fervicc 
of the living God^. 

In fufferings and afflidions for Gods can fe, 
there is not onely matter of patiencc5but even oc- 
cafion of glory. They arc like ftarres m the fore- 
head, honourable maimcs, conformities tolcfus 
Chrift, Liveries of a Ghriftian fouldier; 

Fifthly, Icr him confider, that his momentanie 
crofTcs and afHi(5iions caufe an exceeding and 
everlafting weight of glory. Let his vexation be 
never fo grievous, his perfccu tors never fo great, 
and mightie ^ neither they,nor thac,can la ft long. 
For the life of man^and all the glory thereof,dorh 
paffcaway like aShipin the Water, whofe tra6^ 
cannot be fccneagaine;- like an Arrow through 
the aire,or a WeaversShutclathrough his worke ; 


and perpctuall Quide. 

* Aj many 
times ihey 
arc. SeeDawW, 

like a fading FlOA^cr, fuddenly plucked up and 
withered; like GrafTCjIikc Snioake,like a Dreame, 
HkcaB^Libbleof the Water. Though a Chnftian^ 
therefore be never fo deepcly plunged into * mi- 
feries, he fhall abide but a while undcrthe waters 
of afHiiliorr; the day of redemption cannot be 
farreofF. Though he iTiouId paflTe through the 
rccth of wilde Beafls, upon the fword of the Ty- 
rant,through the flames of firc^though his braincs 
riiould bedaiTit againft the walls, his limbcs lye 
fcattcrcd in the ftreets,3nd his bloud runnc downe 
every channell ; yet fliall he, ere it be long, glori- 
oufly fife againc, in defpight of all the powers of 
Darkenefle, and bloudincflc ofcruell men. Hee 
fhall entirely be reftored, by the mightie and im- 
mediate hand of God ; hec fhall be clothed with- 
Light; and immortalitic; his bloud l"hall be re- 
venged, and all teares rvifcdfrom his e^es-^ and there 
riiall be fet upon his head a Ciowncof evcrlafting 
joy, peacc5and happinefie. 

Sixtly, comfort unfpeakable, and glorious, 
may fpring up in the heart of Gods child, amid ft 
his fulferings for the caufe of God, out of a con- 
fidcration, Thar in all affli^Hons, without excep- 
tion , Chrift fuffcreth with him, Paul was the 
mirrourand miracle of all Chriftians, for the va^ 
rietie and gPorioufnede of his futferings ; you I 
may fee a ftrangeand unmatc-hableCaralGgue of; 
them, 2 Cor. ii . 2 3, &c. He was in ftripcs above \tcorai.23,&c. 
mcafure, plcnteouflv in prifon, in- death ofc. Of 
the lewcs, five times received hee fortie ftripes, 
fave one 5 he was thrice bcaten^with Rods, he was 




Chrift doih 
paihizc With 
his children in 
See ifa.e^.ft 

»" ■■ 




The Saints fure 

once ftoned, he fuffcred thrice fhipwracke -, night 
and day was he in the deepe Sea : In journeying, 
he was often ; in perils of Waters , in perils of 
Robbers, in perils of his ovvne Nation, in perils 
among the Gentiles, in perils in the Citie, in 
perils in the WildcrneiTe, in perils in the Sea, in 
perils among falfe Brethren -, in wearineife, and 
painefulnefle; in watching often 5 inhungcr,and 
thirft 5 in fallings often ^ in cold, and in naked- 
nefTc. Yet all thefe, and what other crofTcs and 
affli(5tions befell him,he calls and accounts them 
the fufferings and afflidtions of Chrift. N'ow ({aith 
Paul, Col. I, 24.) now rejoyce I in my fufjerwgs for 
you J and fulfill the reB of the affliBions of ChriB^ in 
Jnyjlejh^ for his Bodies fake, trhich is the Church. And 
2 Cor. 1.5. As the fujferingx of ChriB abound in m^ 
fo our confoUtion aboundcth through Chrift, Lazarpif^ 
in all his povcrtie, contempt, {ickncflc, fores, or 
what other miferies , fuffered nothing wherein 
Chrift was not partaker of his griefe and forrow. 
So fwect and bleffed a confent and fympathie is 
there betwixt Chriftjthe Hcad,and all true Chri- 
ftiansjhis members; that fo long as the great my- 
fterie of that myfticall Vnion ftands true and 
fure, (which is for ever) all holy men, and fervants 
of God , in all their fufferings for the Name of 
Chriftsprofeffion of his Truth,and pradlice offin- 
cer'tie,niall liavc Chrift himfclfe partner and par- 
taker of their miferifs •, which is able to rcfreHi 
the licavieft heart^in the grcatcft extremities. 

I laveftaycd long upon this point j to wir, 
how Sathan labours might and maine, by erodes 


and perDetuall Quide. 

and fl iRQcrs , to difcoiiragc Gods child , and to 
(lop his courfe inthcvvayes of righteoufnefTc ^ 
and in laying dovvne fome comforts againft them : 
becaufe thoufandSjat tkc very firft entrance,or af- 
ter fome fniall continuance, are vvofully turned 
backe from gracc,and {inceritie^by temprations^ 
reproache«^,'?nd rroiibles ray fed againft them ; by 
their ownc rebellious flefhj.Sathan , and pro- 
phane men. 

Now, in a ninth place, if all this will doe no 
good ; if the heat of perfecution inflame the 
zcale of the true Chrirtian j if reproaches and af- 
fli(5lions be fb farre from daunting and dulling 
his forwardnefle, that they fet an edge upon his 
alfedions, and addc ftrength to his refolution, in 
proceeding in the glorious ftate of Chriftianitie: 
Why then, the la ft fleight and temptation of Sa- 
than,to hinder the fandifying power and fuccefle 
of the Wordjand to make it fruitleile and unpro- 
fitable, is fpirituall Pride* which, by his malici- 
ous cunning, and helliHi Alchymie, bee extraf^s 
even out of his graces and vermes ^ out of fuch 
fwect flowers, he rayfes poyfbn : and fith he can- 
not keepe goodneffe utterly out of the foule, he 
ufes it felfe as an inftrument,to weaken & wound 
it felfe. For when a man is moft endued and en- 
riched with extraordinaric gifts, holy graces, and 
fpirituall ftrength ; Sarhan feckes moft buHly to 
makehimprowd of them, and to puffe him up 
vrith an over-vveenins conceit of his owne worth; 
that fb him felfe may lofe the comfort of themj 
his brethren the fruit of them,and God the glory 
\ of 


Satan hinders 
the working of 
the Word,by 
fpiritual Pride. 


Pride may 
srifc in Gods 

From a confi- 
iieration of 
! their ^'ritiled- 


Priviledges of 
ihe godly. 


The Saints fure 

of them. This fpirituall Pricle,is th-c fame in our 
corruptions and finfuUafFedtionSjthac the Shirt 
is in our Clothing -^ that is to fay, it fits the clo- 
feft unto us,and is laft put off: it u the trhite DeviH 
(as a worthy Divine calls it.) That ilnnc doth 
lyejandinfenfibly infinuarc it fclfci and Jurkes 
amid our graceSjand good a(5lions,as a dead Fly 
in the Apothecaries Oint-mer>r. It is, as it were, 
Sathans laft inrrenchment, which hce holds the 
longeftjand with moft refolute anddefperatc per- 
tinacie, and is hardlyeft driven out ; much fpiri- 
tuall wifcdome^a great meafure of humilitiCjand 
the whole Armour of God is required to this 
combate. For he is fo cndlefTejand cxercifed in 
the point ; that, if we be fo humbJe,that he can- 
not make us proud of any thing elfc, he will la- 
bour to make us proud even of our hurailitie- and 
pioudjthat wc are not proud of our gifts. 

Except a Chriftian continually and carefully 
watch ovcrhisheartjand guard itwithhumilitic, 
and a lowly conceit of himfelfcj this privfe Pride 
may fteale upon him, before he be aware. 

And firft, it may fpring out of a confidcration 
of the excellcncic of his cftatCjand the varietic of 
his peculiar blefTings, and fpeciall priviledges, 
which the ungodly men neither can, nordoe en- 
joy. For when he is once tranflatcd from Dark- 
nefle to Light, from, prophancncffe to finceritic, 
from Nature to Grace j out of the Dominion of 
Sathan, into the Kingdome of Chrift, by the 
great worke of regeneration : hee is prcfently 
made partaker of the D i'jjine Nature^ 2 Pet . i ,4 . hee 


and p^rpetuall (juide. 

is entitled, by the fight of the Sonne of God , to 
an inheritance mwartali, and un defiled ^ and that fa-- 
deth not anay , referred in the Heavens for him, 
Whi'e hec is thus looking upon himfelfe, pof^ 
feflfed of this happineflfejand planted in this glo- 
rious Paradife, Sathan is feeretly blowing the 
coales of his hidden corruption, to enkindle and 
rayfe there-out an over-weening conceit of his 
owne worth, and to puffehim up with pride of 
his owne gifts and graces . whence may enfue 
two foule and hatefull inconveniences : For fo 
hee may grow by little and little to juftifie him- 
(clfe too much, whereby Gods glory may be 
leflened and darkened ; and to defpife his Bre- 
thren, whereby his exercife of charitie may be 

This fpirituair Pride may occafionally, and 
by accident, fpringcutof agodly and gracious 
carCj.to keepe and preferve himfelfe unfported 
and undefiled in his happy and glorious ftate of 
gracfjand regeneration, Forwhile he is caftmg 
with himfelfe, and.concluding upon fome found 
and fubftantiall courfe of holinelTe and obedi- 
ence in the waycs of godlinefle ; Sathan labours 
might and mainc,todrawhimtoa (ingularitieof 
unwarrantable conceits and opinions •, that by a 
tedious and unneceflfaric purfuit and poileflfion 
thereof, he may keepe him cold and uncomfor- 
table in the pradiee of the chiefe and fnoft ma- 
terial! duties of Chriftianitie ; and to make him 
place the height of Religion, and heat of zeale, 
in continuall conference and moil peremproric 




From I'ncir 
tare, to keepe 


Againft repa- 
ration from 
our Church. 

The Saints fure 


defence of fome groundleflc fancies* from wheflcc 
Sathan bufily ftrivcs to toll him out, to fepara- 
tion. Which courfe of fcparating from , and 
condemning our Church, in the judgement of 
our fincereft Divines, is fuUof pride,contentiofl, 
and confufion. 

For firftjcertaine it is,our Church,in that nioft 
exguifite and worthy confeffion of Faith contai- 
ned in the Articles of Religion ^ doth hoid and 
profefTc all fubftantiall points of Divinitie as 
foundly^as any Church in the World, none ex- 
cepted, neither in this Age, nor in the primitive 
times of the Church. 

Secondly , it hath communion with, and tefti- 
monie of all other true Churches, 

Thirdly, in it are to be had the mcancs of fal- 
vation, in a powcrfull and plcntifull manner : and 
in the bowels thereof, even they that goc out of 
our Church, if they be truly converted , received 
that precious and bleffed vigour, which is able to 
quicken them to eternall life. 

Fourthly , a Church may be a true Church, 
though it (hould have (pots, and blemifliesj 
though there be fome Swine and Dogges in it. 
In S, Pauls time, the Corinthians were called the 
Church of God, i Cor, 1. 1, 2. And yet, at that 
very timejwcre fome in an Herefiejfome in Inceft, 
fome that had not repented of their filthinefTe, 
2 Cor, 1 2 . 2 o, 2 1. The like may be faid of the 
Churches of Afia5^a'.2. 3. 

Fifthly, though outward profperitie, worldly 
honour, and picntie, be rather the lot of falfc, 

heretical 1, 

r^^i^fagfc^aBs yfa 4y>i* <» J"*BH ' ■ ■ mk » w im i^i 

and perPetuall (juide. 


hercticall^nd Apoftaticall Churches,thanan in- 
dividuall and neceflary mark of the true Church; 
yetjif unto our unparallel'd Peace, both for dura- 
; tion and entircneile, wc adde our many and mira-' 
culous dcliverancesjftrange defeatnaents^and pre- 
ventions of Popifli Plots ; of their Bulls, Con- 
fpiracies, and hoftile Invafions • of their Powder, 
Poyfons^aggers, Dags, and all manner of exe-* 
crablcattctnpts,machinations,and underminings, 
which either Hell could devifc, or that dcfpertte 
and bloudy Fadion adventure upon,and manage: 
I fay, if all thefe be put together,and well weigh- 
ed . it is impoUiblc, but that wee fliould therein 
fee, acknowledge, and adore the fpeciall finger of 
Gods holy providence, upholding his owne Arke 
amongfthis owhc people^ and painting out to 
all the World,. the truth of that Church , upon 
whole fidcjand forwho^ fafctie and glory hee fo 
mightily flands. This moft extraordinaria grace 
and favour of Divine affiftance, having not in one 
thing, or two, fhewed it felfe, nor for fome ^q.w 
dayes or yceres appeared ; but in fuch fort, fo 
long continued , our manifold finncs and tranf- 
greffions driving to the contrary : What doth it 
elfe importjOr what can wee leffc thereupon con- 
clude , than that God would thereby tell and 
teach the World, That the thing which hee blef- 
feth, dcfcndetb, and keepeth fo ftrangely, can- 
not but be of him , and his faving and faaed 
Truth ? 

Ill doe they then, who tranfported with a pang 
of fpirituall Pride, abandon, forfake,and feparate 


ii8 1 

The Saints ff*re 

from our Church , as though Gods true worniip 
and falvation were not there to be found. You 
fee how Sathan by fpirituall Pride may carry and 
caft a man,from a fetlcd and found courfc of ho- 
linefTe and {inccriticjupon the dangerous Rockes 
of fingularitie and feparation. But underftand 
me aright5what I mcanc by fingularitie. I meane 
that onely which arifeth out of privic Pride, is 
upholden by felfe-will, and obftinatenelTc, and 
many times ends in feparation • and hath neither 
ground nor defence from found judgement, fpi- 
rituall wifedomCjOr true tendernefle o^ Confci- 
cnce, joyned with humilitie, and wiilingnefle to 
be rightly informed, I meane not fingulariticjin 
rcfped of holincflc and unfpottcdncflc of Vi^c^ in 
rcfpedl of difference and diftance from the flnfull 
fafliionsof the times : For in this fenfe, every 
man that will fave his foule, muft be fingular. 
Hence it is, that our Saviour asketh his follow- 
ers, in Math.^, what fingular thw^ they doe ^ if they 
doc but as the Publicans doe ? As if hee fliould 
have faid : You that will be Chriftians, muft be 
of a more heavenly temper, and higher ftraine, 
j than the moft men , and the greater part of the 
I World: You muft be {ingular,and fhineas Lights 
amid a naughtie and crooked generation. Hence 
is it^ that Gods children ever were, and ever will 
be, Si^^^es and fVondcrs^ Miracles and Mm^ers^ in 
the opinion and cenfure of moft, among ft whom 
they h'vc • gazing ftockes, both by reproaches 
and afflidions, Heb,io. 35. Beydd (faith If^Uh^ 
;p.<,is. I Cha^,^, 18.)/ And the children whom the Lord hath 

and perfetuall (juide. 


given mt^ are asfigrtes and as mnders in Ifrael^ hy the 
Lord of Hd^s, trhich dweUeth in Mount Sion, I am 
become (faith David) as itrvereamonjleymto many^ 
(or, to the great men of the World, as fome ren- 
der it) PfaLji.j, And in another Pfalme, PfaL 
7^.4. 1-vee are a ref roach to our neighbours ^ even a 
fcorne and aderijlon unto them that are round about m. 
But efpecially you may fee in m[d. 2. ( though 
the Booke be Apocryphall) what is the counfell 
and conceit of the wicked about the oddenefle 
and fingularitic of the Saints : Let in defrau^the 
right eom (fay the wicked) forheeisnotforourpro^t^ 
and hee is contrarie to our doings ; hee checketh u^ for 
offending againii the Law , and blameth a^ as tranf- 
grejjbrs of Difcifline 3 hee maketh his boaB to have 
the knowledge of God^and hee calleth himfelfe thefonne 
of the Lord: Hee is made to reprove our thoughts. It 
grieveth m alfo to ieoke upon him : for his life is not 
like other menSy his traces are of another fajhien 5 hee 
counteth m as baBards^ and hee mthdraweth himfelfe 
from our tvajes , as from filthineffe 5 hee commendeth 
greatly the latter end of the juB , and boaHeth that 
God is his father. 

Thus, as Gods children and godly men arc in- 
deed more excellent than their neighbours; and 
fingular, in refped of their fandificati^n and lln- 
ceritie : fo they arc fcorned and reviled by the 
World 3 and the greater part of men , as odde 
felloweSjand fuchas muft have wayes by ihcm- 
felves, and a tricke above others. They arc poin- 
ted at, as matter of fcorne and contempt ; they. 
are fet up^ as markes of flander and oppreffion ^ 

(k) and 

?[aU 71. 7. 




Gods children: 
arc buc few. 

The Saints fure 

and gazed upon, as ftrange creatures, fvee are 
made ( faych Panl^ i Cor, 4. 9, meaning hini- 
k\^Q^ and other of Gods faithfull fervants) a 
gazhig-jtocke unto the fVorld , ar;d tp the Angels , 
and to men. And no marvcll though it be fo : 
For, befides that all prophane acd unregencrate 
men arc naturally incagered, and iiTragcd with 
implacable malice and hatred againft Gods 
Children 5 they are, in all places , but ^q\y in 
number ; which makes them more noted, and 
pointed at. 

That they are but (tw 5 befides many cer- 
taine demonftrative Reafons out of Scripture; 
it may thus plainely appeare : as a good Divine 
tells us. 

Firft, let there be taken from amongfl: us, 
all Papiftsj Athcifts^and fcorners of godlinelTe, 
and Religion. 

Secondly, let there be removed all notorious 
and infamous evill livers ^ as Swearers, Drun- 
kards, Whoremongers,Vrurers, Worldlings, De- 
ceivers, proud perfons, prophancrs of the Sab- 
bathj Gameft:ers,andall the prophane and igno- 
rant multitude. 

Thirdly, \ci all thofe be pafTed over, that are 
but onel^ civill honeft men,and meddle not with 
any profelfion, or praiSife of holinelle . without 
wbich^no man mufi: fee God. 

Fourthly, fet a fide all giofife Hypocrites ; who 
for advantage, or by- refpeds, are outwardly reli- 
gious, but inwardly corrupt, hollow-hearted, and 
abominable. . 
• Fifthly, 

■ ii 

and perpetual! Qwde. 

Fifthly, let there be forted out and reje<5bed 
all carnall Protcfl:antS5formall ProfelTorSjback:- 
flidcrs , cold and iinzealous Chriftians • who 
falfely thinke , that they may both enjoy the 
World, and a good Confcience too^ liveplea- 
fantly on Earth, and yet favetheir foulcsatlaft; 
and , that it is not neceflarie to hold any fuch 
ftrid courieof hoIincfiTe, to come to Heaven. 
Let all thefe kinde of men, I fay, (all which in 
one meafurejOr other, are in the Hate of death, 
^ud under the power of Sathan ) be fepar^ed 
and {"hoaled out ; and how many doe you thinke 
will remaine amongft us, found, fincere, fairh- 
full,and zealous profeflbrs, and pra(5tifers of fa- 
ving Truth, the power of Grace, and holy Obe- 
dience to all Gods Commandcments? For fuch 
onely are Gods fervants,and in the ftate of Grace. 
Let a man come into any Towne,Village,Citic, 
or Corporation, and let all fuch men as are be- 
fore mentioned, be removed ; and how many 
fhould he findc of thefe laft ? They would cer- 
tainely be thinne fcatteied, and like the Grapes 
after the gathering of the Vintage, two or three 
in the top of the upmoft boughes, and foure or 
five in the high branches. Singularitie then of 
fan(Slification , is no fruit of Pride, but an in- 
feparable marke and neceffarie ftate o^true Chri- 

I con^e now to a third ground , whence Sa- \ 5 
than may rayfe a temptation to nrivie Pride : Sathao tempts 

\X71- "^ • r • f r 11 I J -I- • t- toPride,bya 

When a man is taithrull, and diligrnr, m^he diftafiingofa 
difcharge and executions of his civill callincj. manspartico- 
- (k2) ifec/-""-s- 


The Saints fure 


From Gods 

Examples in 

, hee may caft a conceit into his head, that fnch 
bare5earthly3 and worldly imploymentjand fpcn- 
ding his time, is difgracefiiU and derogatorie to 
the providence of God , and his Chriftian liber- 
tic 5 and, that it hinders him in his calling of 
Chriftianitic,and duties of Religion. Whence 
may follow dangerous efifeds of Ipiricnali Pride; 
quite leavings ornegled, difcontent or diftaftc 
of his civill calling. And fo his heart and af- 
fections may bee put quite out of order , and 
dcdkive themfelves, in the very maine point of 
making towards Heaven, 

Sathan , by his fubtill malice , may workc 
out matter- and occafion of fpirituall Pride , 
from the fpeciall providence of God , condu- 
cting the Chriftian the beft and the neereft way 
to Heaven. To give example, in fome parti- 

I When God, out of his great wifedome 
and mcrcie , humbles him with afflidions and 
prickes , the fwclling of his Pride • when hee 
cuts and loppes away his vanities, excefles, and 
fuperfluities , with fome vifitation , or other ; 
and fills him with bittcrnefle in this life, to the 
end hee might long for the life to come : Why 
then, Sathan labours mightily to kindle in his 
corrupt nature a flafh of fpirituall Pride, that 
hee may drive him to grumbling and impatien- 
cicj and fo make Gods fatherly corrections and 
chaftifements fruitleffe and unprofitable to him ; 
wiiich in Gods childrei;i fliould ever vvorke amend- 
ment and comfort* |/^ / 

and perpetuall (juide. 


2 W ben the true Chriftian lookes about him 
in the World, and fees the wicked (prcading 
themfelves like grecne Bay-trees, in worldly 
plentie, and pleafiires j Sathan liere thrufls in, 
and labours to caft into his minde a conddera- 
tion of his ownc ?7orth ^ and thar,ho\v in refped 
of the vvickcd5hc farre niorCjand rather, deferves 
the fruition and enjoyment of the creatures, and 
benefits and comforts of this life ; bccanfe all 
wicked men are but ufurpers , and intruders- 
himfclfe being a true owner, by the right 'of 
Chrift lefus, Lord of the whole Earth ; And 
that, whereas he ftands for tlic glory, fervice, cau- 
fes, and children of God^ the wicked labour for 
nothing more , than the difgracc and ruine of 
goodnefle, and the upholding and enlargement 
of the Kingdome of Sathan. From fuch con- 
ceits as thefe, mixed with fpirituali, liec eafily 
drawes him on to fretting and repining at the 
profperitie of the wicked men , and puts him 
into one of Dazids fits, and pangs, P/4/.73. 12. pp/.7j.x»; 
Lse (fayth hce) thefe are the mcked ^ yet frojj^er 
they ahray , a^d encreafe in riches : Ccrtainely , / 
have cleanfed my heart invaine^ and n^ajhed my hands 
in innoccncie. Or, at leaft, brings him to que- 
flion with God ; as it is, /er, 12. O Lord^ if/]ier,ii.i 
diffute mth thee , thc^ art rightecsu ^ yet let mee ' 
talke nith thee^ of thy lud^emcnts : wherefore doth 
the vay of the nicked projfer ^ Jfhy are^ali they in 
wealthy that reheUtoufly tranf^rejje ^ Thou ha si flan- 
ted the^y and they have taken root 5 they grovD^ and 
bring forth fruit , 

(k 3) 3 When 






The Saints fure 

3 When the Chriftian doth prefently feelcj 
or after call to minde Gods great mercieSj graci- 
ous preventions, ftrange protedion, wonderfull 
deliverances , againft expedation , and beyond 
hope , vouchfafed unto him in his dire(5i:ion and 
conduction towards the glory that is to be revea- 
led ; then doth Sathan bufily blow the Bellowed 
of his corrupt nature with the poyfonous breath, 
of his belli Ai malice , that fo hee may puffe him 
up with fpirituall Pride, and exalt him out of 

4 When he beholds and obfcrves fome fud- 
den deftrudion, or fearefu II judgement, to over- 
take and ferze upon his enemies j Saihan may fe- 
cretly follicite him, out of a fpice of fpirituall 
Pride, to applaud and pleafe himfelfe in the ru- 
ine and miferic of hisadverfarie ; which,be{ides 
the tainture of impietie, taftes deepely alfo of 
inhumanitie, and is quite crofle and contrarie to 
the pradiice and proteftation of holy lob^Chaf, 3 1 . 
In that Chapter , hee imprecates and invocates 
upon himfelfe many fearefuU CurfeSj if hee hath 
done fo, or fo. Let mine ^rmt (faith he) fall from 
mj jhoulder-bUde ^ and let wine arrne he broken from 
the bones ^ if I have done fuch and fueh things. 
And after followes ; // / rejojjced at his defiruBion 
that hated me 5 »f tvas moved to joy^ vrhen eiill came 
tffon him 5 orif / have fuffered mj mouth toj^eake eviU 
of him^ er to utter Curfes againji him. 

5 When the Chriftian is fadly and heavily 

mufing upon his many troubles and diftreflfes, 

which many times come thickc and three- fold 

' upon 

and perpetuall (juide. 


upon him, as faft and boifteroufly, as one wave 
overtakes another ; (b that he findes one vexation 
to be ftill a ftep unto another : Sathan then hee 
puts in, and feeing the feafon advantageous for 
his feats, and infinuatrons5Workes what he can to 
make him take on; and out of a proud conceit 
of bettcrdefervings,tobewearic of waiting the 
Lords Icifurc . and out of theanguiflies and ago- 
nies of his heart,to willi and defire death, efpeci- 
ally to be rid and freed from ihofe crolTes and 
calamities, which unworthily haunt and perfe- 
cute his innocencie. Holy lob was ftrongly af- 
faylcd with this temptation , Chaf, 3 . when hee 
crycd and faid : Let the cIaj perijh therein / mu 
boYne '^ani, the night ^rrhen it was faid, there is a mAn- 
chiU cQnmved^ (^c. And fo was the Prophet foftah. 
Chap, 4. Therefore now (faith he) O Lord, take 1 be- 
feech thee^my life from me • for it is better for me to die^ 
than to live, 

6 Sometimes, when the Chriftian is eroded 
and difappointed in his expedationjGod yi\{'^\') 
and fweetly diverting, moderating,and difpofing 
all things to his owne glory,and to the true good- 
of his children (though they doe not prefently 
fcc,and acknowledge it;) Sathan fteps in,and by 
the fecret and infenfibic poyfon of privie Pride, 
labours to fugged unto him,thatheis prejudiced 
and difgraced ; that fo by his inward fretting,hee 
may make it plainely appeare, that hee preferres 
his owne particular credit, before the glory of 
God. Thus was lonas tcmptedjin Chap,^. Fearc- 
full deftrudion was denounced by him from 

(k4) God, 




The Saints fure 


their abilities 
and giics. 

1 Godjagainft theNinivites : They put on fack- 
. elorh, humbled them felves, and repented j God 
ftayes his hand,forbcares his IudgementS5which 
were proclaymcd by lonah : Therefore X fayth 
i the Text) that cliff leafed' lonah exceedingly , affd 
hee rras angrie 3 and. hee prayed unto the Lord^ and 
fajdy (jfc. 

When hcc begins to obferve, and admire him- 
Satfaan roakci ^jf^ £qj. ^^^^^ fpcciall acceptation in Chriftian 

men to pride • r 1 • u-i- • r x-n 

iheicfeivcs in companic^ forliis abilities to pray, conterrCydii- 
cover temptations, and the Devils depths • to 
preflean holy precirenefle,and mortifying points, 
&:c. Oh then, too often a wide gap is opened in 
his deceitful! heart, for the Devils wild- fire of 
fpintuall Pride. So that many times,an humble 
I (ilent foulcdoth quickly out-ftrip fuch an one, 
! doting dangcroufly upon his prefcnt perfcdions, 
in the fubftanrialls of Chriftianitic. 
I ThuSj and many raoc wayes , doth Sathan. la- 
bour by privie Pride, to,vvcaken the power of 
Grace,and eificacieof theWord- to ftaineand 
difgrace the befl Graces and godlieft a<5lions; to 
• grieve the good Spirit,andcoo]e their firft Love, 
' even in Gods children ; after thatjby the heipe of 
God, they have ftrugglcd through other tempta- 
tions , and obtained much fpintuall peace and 
Ghriftian perfcvlion in the do^rinconalvatioo, 
and v\'ayes of godlinefle. 

Before I palTe from t}>is point,! wou!d*propofc 

fome remedies againft this fwelling fpirituall 

maladie of privie Pride^and fome foveraignecon- 

j.fid€xatioQS3,J:o kecpc downa the Chriftian. iisatr, V 

1 andii 

againft fpiri- 

and pernetuall Cjuide. 

and to prefcrve it in the fvveet and peacefull ftate 
of a gracious hiimilitie. 

Fir ft then , let every Chriftian, VTljcn hce ftrfl 
. feeles any over-weening conceit5or proud perfvva- 
fion of his ownc worth , and fpirituall graces , 
ftealing into his heart ; lift up the eyes of his 
mindcjin a divine meditation, unto thofe brigh- 
teftandpureft eyes of God Almightie-. which 
are ten thoufand times brighter than the Sunne, 
and purer than puricie it icl^c : fo that they fee 
the Icaft and fccreteft infirmitie in its true and 
native foulenefle, and before them,ourbcft righ- 
teoufncflTc is as a menftruous clout. If he found- 
lyand fincerelycntertainethis coniideration, it 
will fo humble himjand keepe him under, that lie 
will rather be affrighted and furprizcdvvithfeare 
and terror, for his many frailties and infirmities, 
than be lifted up with a conceit of his graces^and 
fpirituall endowments. 

When hee begins once proudly and felfe-con- 
ceitedly to gaze upon that little fparke of holi- 
neffc hee findcs in himfelfe ; let him prefently 
turne backe the edge and eye of this dangerous 
fpeculationjUpon the iafimte puricie and endleflfe 
perfe(5lion of God Almigbtie^ before whomjthe 
Cherubins and Seraphins , the Ctowne of Gods 
workemanfhipjand the glory of creatures, doe 
hide and cover their faces , as not able to behold 
and endure- the perfect brightneflfe of his moft 
pure and undefilcd Majeftk. In whofe fightjthe 
uaftaiaed fplendoqr of the Heavens, and the glo- 
rious beautie of the Starres are uncleane, and 



Medicate up- 
on Gods pure: 


Vpon Gods 
infinite per- 



lob zy.t« 

Ipb 4* i8« 

Itb tU4i^* 


Compare thy 
; iclfc with o- 
jther Chnfti- 
. ans. 

The Saints Jure 

foule • darkenejQfe, and deformkie. The Sunne, 
the faireft Body in the World, made all of beau- 
tie and brighcnefle 5 if it were put neere unto that 
unacccflfibie and incomprehenlible Light, which 
encompalTeth the Lord of Heaven, it would va- 
nifh away as a darkeforae Moat, and Lumpc of 
Yanitie. Nay, in refpei!^ of God , thofe divine 
and heavenly creatures, the blcfled Angels, pure 
and immatcriall rpirits,are chargeable with folly 
and vanitie. Behold^ he found no jtedfaHnefe in his 
Saints ; jif<«, the Heavens dre not cleare in his fight, 
Hotv much more is man abominahle andflthie^ which \ 
drinketh iniquitie like water .^ /(?^ 1 5 . 1 5, 1 6» What 
art thou then, wretched man, that carried: about 
thee a Body of death ? Shall not his excellencie 
make thee afraid, and his feare fall upon thee? 
Behold (faith Ub) he mU give no light unto the Moone^ 
and the Starr es are uncleane in his fight : How much 
more man^afVorme*^ even the fonne ofamanyMchif 
but A fVorme ^ Behold^ he found no ftedfaltneffe in hit 
fervantSy and laid foil j upn hif Angels : H$t» much 
more in them that dtfeU in Houfes of Clay^rvhofe foun- 
dation is in the Dufi^MchfhaU be de Browed before the 
^oth ^ Thefe confiderations are able to con- 
found and caft downe below the Earth, and Duft, 
the greateft admirer and applauder of himfelfe, 
for his graces, good anions, and fpiritual} pcr- 

When the Chriftian is tempted to a proud 
conceit of his fpirituall fuificiencies 5 let him 
compare himfelfe with other Saints of God : 
which (perhaps) having becnc leflc finners than 



and perpetmll Qtifde. 



himfclfe, in the time of their unregeneration • 
and having lelTe meanes, parts, occafions^and en- 
couragements to glorific God : yet exccll him 
inzcale, faR(5^ification, and the fervice of God. 
?tf»/,that great Do6lor of the Gentiles, and glo- 
rious Angell npon Earth, for all his fpirituall 
bleflfings, and incomparable graces , cryes out, 
Rom.'j, 24. Oh rvr etched man that I am , vcho fhaU 
deliver me from the Body of this death ^ David^ a 
man after Gods owne heart, and a fpcciall royall 
Mirror for varietie of fpirituall excellencies, is fb 
farre from being proud of his graces ; that hee is 
every where complaining of the burthen of his 
fmncs, fpirituall povertie and want, and the mi- 
feries of his foule : There is no health in »*jflefhj 
(faith he) Becaufe of thy dif^leafure -^ neither is there 
any relt in my hones ^ by reafon of mypnne : for my mc- 
kedneffes are gone over my head, and are like a fore bur- 
then^ too heavie for me to beare. For his reputation 
in the Worldjhe tells us ; that he teas a worme^ and 
no man 5 a very fcorne of men^ and out-caH of the peo- 
ple. In all times , the beft Chriftians have ever 
beene moft fenfible of the weight of their finncs, 
and corruption of their nature ; and from thence, 
entertained a lowly conceitof them felves. Where 
there is the greateft meafure of fantflification, 
there is ever the greateft: humilitie. If thofe then 
that be indeed in the higheft favour with God, 
leffer finncrs than our felves, and moft fanjffcified, 
be of an humble and lowly minde, of a meeke and 
quiet f^irit , fvhich is before Cod a thing nsuch fet by^ 
I Fit, 3, 4, let us take heed how we be proud 








Compare rfiy 
:felfc wichGods 
holy Law. 


— . 1 - - ■ - . — . ■ ■ .^^ — ^^ 

^e Saints fure 

of tbofe graces j which,if we lookc for Gods blcf- 
fing upon them J and comfort from them, muft 
bring forth in us humilitie and thankefulncfTe. 

Let him compare, and examine 5 and mcafure 
himfclfe, hiswayes, andwork^s, by the Law of 
God J andheefhall there findc much matter of 
humiliation, repentance, fcare, and trembling, 
with continuall fupply in abundance miniftred 
unto him : fo that there fnall be no roome left 
for any proud and over-weening conceit of 4ny 
good thing in him. That cled VeiTclIjand great 
Apoftle, after he was regenerate, (for the unrcge- 
nerate feelc no fuch ftrife ) found fuch a vaft and 
wide diftance betweene the Law^and his owne af- 
fe<Stions,and beft workcs ^ that for horror thereofj 
hccryedout; Ohmiferabkman^thatlAml What 
fpirituall good then is there in any of us, mifera- 
ble wretches, wherein we fhould glory ? Let our 
beft workes be as glorious as we can imagine, let 
them be performed with never fo great intcgritie 
and refolution,cover them with grace,derive them 
from the Holy-Ghoft,dippe and dye them deepe 
in the bloud of Chrift,put upon them all the rich 
attire, and Papall magnificence, with which the 
Church of Rome hath inverted them 5 yet to the 
pureft eyes of God, and in the cleare Cryftall of 
hisundefiled Law, they appeare to be foulc,and 
fpotted' impure, and like a menftruous clout* 
The mcafuring then of our fclves by the Law and 
Word of God, is a notable raeanes to kecpe us in 
humilitie, and to make us rvorke oup our frhatm 
with feare and trembling. 


andpeyfetuall (jaide. 

Let him confidcr, vvhacafonlc and wretched, 
what a damned and an accurfed creature hee had 
bcene^ had not his gracious God, out of the un- 
fearchable depth of his infinite goodnefTe and 
mercie, fingled him out to be his fewfUHt upon 
Earth, and a Saint in Heaven. It was onely Gods 
free mercie, that before all eternitie, by the great 
Decree of his esernall cledion , marked him out 
for Heaven and endlcflc joyes, from amidft the 
huge mafle of all mankind. It was the fame,that 
after caufed him to fend his owne and onely 
Sonne, out of his owne Bofbme, and height of 
Majefty^that with his deareft and precious bloud, 
hee might redceme his Soule from the fnares of 
Hell, into which hee was fallen, by ^dams fall : 
which indue time, by the inward, fpeciall, and 
effeduall power of his unfpotted Spirit, called 
him into his Kingdome of Grace, wafhed him, 
juftifiedj and fan^ified him, in the Name of the 
Lord Icfus. ElfCjOtherwifejhadnotthefeever- 
lafting and unconceivable BlefTings beene caft 
upon him, by Gods free mcere mercie, without 
all caufe or motive from man, or any other crea- 
ted thing, out of his infinite Selfc j his cafe had 
beene unfpeakably wofull : For he fhould have 
lived in this Vale of Teares,wirhout*God,with- 
out Grace, without Comfort, without Confci- 
•ence; in Sinne,in Darkeneire,in Prophanenefle, 
in all Spiritual! Miferies ; And after the clofure 
and period of thefe ferv and evil/dajesyhe fhould 
have beene endleflfely divided apd abandoned 
from the joyes and comforts of Gods prefence, 




Confidcr what 
thou badft 
had left thee 



^rhe Saints fure 

Confidcr ibc 
fcarfuU efFcds 
of Fridc. 

inchaincd without all redcmptioiijto defpairc and 
horror, and the hateful! feUovvfhip of the Devill 
and his Angels : and (that which is the extremi- 
tieandnpfhot of all hellifh mifcric) hcelliould 
have hadiihc fierce and horrible wrath and ven- 
geance of God poured in full meafnre upon his 
body and foule • which would have fed upon 
them J as fire doth upon Pitch and Brimftone/or 
ever and ever. Out of thefe confiderations, mec 
thinkes a man fhould rather with humilitie and 
thankefulneflfe admire and magnifie the mercies 
of God, that hee is not alreadic a Fire-brand in 
Hell 5 than any vvayes be puffed up with any 
worthinelfe inhimfelfe, or dote upon his owne 

When a Chriftian is tempted to fpirituall 
Pride • let him deepely and thorowly weigh with 
himfelfe,what fearefull inconveniences and dis- 
comforts will enfue, if hec give way to fuch 
temptations: For fo, many follow, in the courle 
of Gods juft judgement, upon fpirituall Vanitie, 
and Pride* dullnefle, and deadneflc of heart; a 
reftraint of the influence of the Spirit; a dimi- 
nution and leflening, or a (lumber and ccfTation 
of the operations of grace, a cooling of zeale,and 
falling from the firft Love. Or, when hee fees us 
fo prcfumptuoufly to trufl to our ftrength , and 
ftay our felves with our owne ftaffe . he may quite 
give us over, in fomc great temptation, to fome 
grofle finne j fo that we may take the foile in the 
ConfliiH:. And then, if wee once be over-taken 
with the old fwcet finne of our unregeneration, 


and perpetual I Qmde. 

or be cnfnared with Tome ne^v notorious tran-f- 
greflion • wee muft of neceilitie, to our great dif- 
comforr, enter againe the agonies of Soule, an- 
guilTi o^ Confcience, and horror of Hell ; wee 
muft enter combate againe with all the powers of 
DarkenefTe* wee muft have our regeneration, re- 
generated ; our new-birthj new-borne . and the 
precious bloud of the Sonne of God, as it were, 
(hed for us againe. Wee turne thereby Gods fa- 
vourable countenance from us, and the hearts 
andaffedionsof trueChriftians : wee put againe 
a (ling into our ovvne Confciences, and weapons 
into the hands of Sathan, to vexejWOund,and tor- 
ment us : wee barre and bereave our felves of 
Gods gracious protevSl ion, of the guard of An- 
gels, of peace of Con(cience, of joy in the Holy- 
Ghofl-, of boldneffe in ourwayes, of reconcilia- 
tion in the creatures, and of all the comforts of 
godlineffc. Asa man tenders the prefcrvation 
of his Soulcjfrom all thcfc fpirituall miferies^ 
let him take heed of entertaining a proud and 
over-weening conceit of his ovvne graceSjgiftSjOr 
good anions. 

Let him conrider,that the more fpirituall gifts 
and grace? he hath received from the free mercie 
of God, the more will be required at his hands. 
Me thinkes,this fhould coole and allay any fwcl- 
ling conceit, or proud perfwafion, that may arife 
in the heart 5 and not futfera man to play with 
themjanddote upoa them,or give him any leifure, 
with an over-weeningand felfe- conceited flatte- 
rie,togaze upon themjOr to applaud and admire 



The more a 
man hath^tbc 
more he is ac- 
couaublc fox. 



%[ he Saints furt 

tkem in himfelfe,as though they were his owne 5 
but rather,vvith all vigilancie and folicitoufnefle, 
with all care and good Confcience, to occupic 
and imploy them for his Mafters greaceft advan- 

There is no gift or geod thing in any man, 
either of Nature or Grace, of body or minde, of 
wealth or honour, of reputation orauthoritic in 
the World 5 but he muft give fhortly a ftri^fi and 
exa(5t account of the ufagc and imployment of 
it, before the impartiall and uncorrupted Tribu- 
nal! of Heaven : And the more excellent his gifts 
and endowments have beene in any kind, he fliall 
in proportion be anfwerablc, and countable for 
the more. If the Lord hath enlightcned,heated, 
and infpired any one with much faving know- 
ledge, with a great mcafurc of zeale, with a high 
Chriftian courage,and refolution • he lookcs and 
experts for great gaine of glory unto himfelfe, 
manyfpoyles and conquefts over his enemies, a 
blazing and exemplarie brightncfTe, in holineflc 
of life* muchbcautie andluftre to the Church, 
much good and comfort unto Chriftians : For 
much is required of them, to whom much is 

Let a man then not labour to make himfelfe 
gloriou's,by thofe graces which are none of his 
owne 5 but how, by glorifying God with them, 
in humilitie, faith fuInelTe, and finceritie, and by 
improving and making the beft of them, for the 
Owners advantage, hee may make a comfortable 
account at that great Day, I 

Thus 1 

and ferj^etuall Quide. 

Thus farrc I have propofed unto you fomc 
Motives, to quicken and ftirre you up to a con- 
fcionable and conftant hearing and under (landing 
of the holy Word of God ; and acquainted you 
with many (leights, lets, and temptations, which 
Sathan ufually cafts in our way, to hinder us 

Now, in a third place, I will lay downe unto 
you certaine rules, directions, and inftrudions, 
for your right, holy, and ccnlcionablc carriage, 
behaviour,and importnient,in and about the hea- 
ring of Gods Word. 

^hat the holy Word of God may be unto yojj 
the Word of Grace, the favour of Life unto Li^Q^ 
of power unto fan deification and falvation 5 you 
mui): looke carefully and confcionably unto your 
preparation, before you come 5 unto your car- 
riagCjwhile you are there ; and unto your beliavi- 

Firft, for Preparation. 

I am perfvvaded, the want and negle£l of a due 
and profitable preparation, is thecaufe that thou- 
fands receive no benefit or blefiing by the Word 
of Life • but that the Sermons they heare,are re- 
giftred,as in a Table of Remembrance, before 
God, as fomanyvvitnefiesagainftthem, for their 
more fearefull confufion and greater condemna- 
tion at the Day of Accounts. 

I For hence it is,that to many it is the favour 
of death unto death ; becaufc, before they come, 
they doe not addrclTeand prepare chemfelves for 
fo glorious a Prelence, and royall EmbaflTage 

(1) ' from 


requited co 
profitable hea- 

For wane of 
the Word be- 
comes to men, 

The favour of 
death unto 

As Seed in 
the high way 

The Saints fur e 

Men arc ma^e 
bat onely for- 
mal! by it. 

I from the King of Heaven : though they heare it 
uvith their outward cares , yet it hardens their 
hearts^makes thetp inwardly more peevifhjgrum- 
bling,(Uibborne,rebellious,and refradarie to the 
power thereof 5 and prepares and ripens them for 
more heavie vengeance. It is of it feJfe the Word 
of Grace, Salvation, and Life; a bleffed prefer- 
vative againft Sinne and Death, Damnation and 
Hell : but by accident, if men doe not reverence 
it, tremble at it, andfubmit themfelves to the 
power of ir,it is a ftrong'Hammcr,and Iron Scep- 
ter, to harden their hearts more and more, like an 
Anvile, or Adamant ^ and at length, to breake 
them in pieces likea Potters VeflTclL Though in 
it ^cXkyh bea faviag and wholefome Medicine; 
yet men of a rebellious and ftubborne humour 
and temper, turne it into Poyfon. 

a» To fome,this holy Word,by reafon of un- 
preparednelTc, is but as the water fpiltupon the 
ground , and the breath of the Minifter fcattered 
in the Aire ; If you call them to an account, af- 
ter Sermon, how they have profited; they are as 
VTordleiIe,and witle(Ie,and indeed as gracelefle in 
rcpetitionjas i^ they had bcene deafcjafleepcjin a 
tranccjor ftarkedead all the while. 

3 Odiers,by their ralTi and prophane ru filing 
into the Houfe of God , without all premedita- 
tion, reverence, or regard of that holy bufinefle 
they goe about ; become hearers onely, of forme 
and cuftomc. forfafliion and companie. It may 
be, they may heare, attend, and underftand what 
is delivered 3 but it breedes no more reverence. 

and perpetuall (juide. 

Some become 

itnprefTion,©! fpirituall reformation, than an or- 
dinarie Talc, or humane difcourie : As though 
that holy toyle , and facred breath , were fpenc 
onely to entcrtaine the Time, and bufie mens 
eares for an Houre ; and, not as Chrift tells 
Paul , To Of en their eyes^ that they might turne from 
Darkenejfe unto Light, and from the power of Sathan 
unto God, 

4 Vpon fome, the Judgement and Curfe of 
xomming without ConfciencCj and due prepara- 
tion, doth fo farrc prcvlile, and hath fuch power, 
that they become fcorners and raylers againft 
thcMinifter,orhis Dodrine, or both ; at every 
Sermon they catch fomething,that they may ca- 
vill atjdepravejand calumniate : And fo,wickedly 
and wretchedly oppofc their difcourfe,wit,and 
fpirit of contradidion againft the face of Hea- 
ven, and heart of Divine Truth. They wrangle 
and repine (in deed and truth, whatfocver their 
pretences or proteftations may be to the con- 
irarie ) againft that Great Majeftic, whofe Mef- 
fage it is » againft that Holy Spirit,which fliould 
fan(^ifie them ^ and the Word of Grace, which 
fhould fave them. 

5 Others there be, even of good hearts and 
affedions, Profeftbrs, and in fome good meafure 
pradifers of the power of godlineftc ; yet be- |hearteX 
caufe they are carelefle and ncgledivc of this 
ncedfull Chriftian dutie of preparation, are pof- 
fefled with much deadneiTe of heart, and dull- 
neflfe of fpirit, at thofe holy Exercifcs. Their 
zeakjand fcrvcncie, which fliould be quickened 

( I 2 ) and 


Others are 
cold and dead* 


^he Saints fure 

and inflamed at every Sermon, is dulled and be- 
numraed with rcnfelefncfle and fatietie : They 
doe not (q tremble, or are caft downe with Di- 
vine Comminations and denouncements of Gods 
Iwdgements againft finne, or fo refreflied with 
the gracious promifes of Life, and Salvation, 
as they ought to be ; They doe not enjoy and 
reape the thoufandth part of that delight, com- 
fort, and benefit as they well might, by the Mi- 
niftcrie of the Word, becaufe their hearts arc 
not purged and prepared : They doe not with 
that chearefulncfle receive, with that fweetncffe 
lafte and rellifh, with that life and vigour dif- 
geft the Food of Life : The eye of their minde, 
for want of premeditation, doth not fo clearcly 
fee and difcerne the infinite beautie of that fa- 
cred Majeftie reprefcnted unto them , or that 
glorious grace fhining unto them, in the face 
of C H R I s T I E s V s ; Their hand of Faith 
doth not with that feeling, and faftnefle^ lay 
hold upon and clafpe about, the rich Treafu res 
revealed in the Gofpell.* In a word, they be- 
reave them fclves of much good, blcfring,coiTi~ 
fort, and growth in grace, which they might 
and ought to have , by hearing of the Word, 
for want of due preparing , and difpofing the 
heart thereto. 

This dutic of Preparation then, though that it 
be not much thought upon , or ordinarily pra(5li- 
fed ; yet it is of great necefTitie and fpeciall ufe 
for all thole, which looke for benefit or hleffing 
by the preaching of the Word» 


and per pet ua U Guide. 


There i? no great Affaire , or of weight and 
confequence, eyther in Nature or Art, in ncceffa- 
rie bufineflcs and civill Negotiations, or in mat- 
ters of ComplementjCeremoniejand Enterviewj 
but there is required fome bethinking preparati- 
on and prx-difpofitions, for the more happic and 
fucceflTcfull accomplifhrnentjexecution^and per- 
formance : howr much more in the affaires of God, 
matters of Heaven^bufineflTes of et^rnitiejand fal- 
vation of merrs foules ? 

The Ground muft be manured and prepared 
for the Seed, if wee looke it fhould frudifie and 
profper : how much more fhould our dull and 
dead hearts bee ftirred up^ and furrowed, as it 
were, with humiliation , reverence , and repen- 
tance ; that by the grace of God , and the fan- 
(fHfying power of the Spirit, it may lodge and 
take deepe root in them, andfpringup to eter- 
nal! life ? 

The Body muft be fitted with a Preparative, 

and thehumours,as it were, gathered unto a head, 

if wecdefire the Phyficke fhould worke forcibly 

and kindly,andrid us of their noxioufneffe, and 

I fuperfluitie ; how much more ought our Soules, 

: with an impartiall and narrow inquifitionj to be 

fcarched and layd open , before they receive the 

Water of Life, and fpirituali Manna ; that fo 

j they may more feafonably and foundly be waiTi- 

' cd and purged from corruptions and iraperfecfli- 

ons, prcfervcd in fpirituaH health, and prepared 

for cternall life ? 1 

The Ground muft be layd, and fome imperfe A ! 

( 1 5 ) Draughts, 

Preparation , 
requifite in 
civill affaires, 
m-uch more to 
the hearing of 
the Word, 


The Saints fur e 

-" - " — ■ ■ - — — ■■ ■ III ■ 

DmughtSjShadoweSjand refemblances prcmifcd, 
before a Pi(!^ure can be done to the Life, or a full 
proportion and lively reprcfentation pourtrayed 
or prefcnted to the eye ^ how much more ought 
the ground of our hearts to be fitted and prepa- 
red 5 that by the preaching of the Word , the 
Image of Chrift Icfus may with a lively and frefh 
imprefTion be ftamped upon them ? 

Were a man the next day to goe about a bufi- 

neflc that mainely concerned eyther his life, or 

livelyhood 5 the ftateof his Lands, or danger of 

his life: Would not his mindc be troubled be-- 

fore-hand ? Would it not breake his fleepe the I 

night before > Would he not be mufing, and 

plotting 5 by what meanes he might worke out 

his deliverance, and fafetie ? what behaviour and 

carriage might be fitted, to winne favour and 

grace in fo weightie an afipaire ? How much more 

ought wee, before wee intrude into the Houfe of 

God J where matters of our grcateft and highefl 

intereft,are propored,handled,and debated by the 

Miniftcr of the Word j even life eternall , and 

evcrlafting eftate in another World ? I fay, how 

ought wee to thinke with our felvcs,how wee may 

make our foules fitteft to underftand and accept 

the Covenant of Grace,to receive the Seale of the 

Spirit, and to get afTurance of that glorious and 

royall Inheritance in the Heavens > 

Nay^yet further,even in matters of complement 
and cnterview, theri^ is wont to be preparation, 
cfpccially if the prefence and perfons were the 

and ferpetuall ^uide. 





fofephy when he was fent for to goe before King 
Pharoahy hee iTiaved his hcad,and changed his ray- 
ment, becaafehee was toappearc before fo high 
and royall a pre fence. 

Queene He^er durft not pre fife into the pre- 
fence of King ^hajbiterofhy before fliee had pre- 
pared her felfe. 

How much more ought wee to fit and prepare 
our felves, bafe and miferable wretcheSjWormes 
and aomen,as wee arc, with fcare and trembling, 
when wee come into the Houfe and prefence of 
the mightie Lord of Heaven and Earth ; before 
whom, the Seraphhs hide their faces, the Nations are 
as a dr6f of a Bucket^'and the inhabit Ants of the Earth 
^ Grajfe-hdpfers : efpecially, fith there hec offers 
and tenders unto us enlargement from the Have- 
rieof finncj purgation from our pollutions, and 
a Crowne of life, upon that condition, that wee 
repent, forfakc all our finnes, and refigne up our 
felves in fincere and humble obedience unto all 
his Commandemcnts ? 

Inducements we have,and Motives many,both 
from Preccpt,and Pradiice, in the Booke of God, 
for the performance of this Chriftian dutie of i precepts ouc 
Preparation. | °^ ^^^ w«rd 

Take heed to thy foot (fayththe Preacher) ttheH ; °^'^'j 
thou entereft into the Houfe of God^and he more neere EuUf.^,17, 
to hearCj than to give the facrijice of fooles 5 for they \ 
knort) not that they doe evill, ; I - 

Before thou fet foot into the Church, to heare 
the Word of God , be fure to fettle thy affedi- 1 
ons, that thev be fober, moderate, and fandified, 

(I4) fit 

Motives to 






The Saints Jure 

Before wee 
hearc, our 
hearts muftbe 
I qualified wiih. 


fit to entcrtaine the Word of life, aivJ falvatioa 5 
let thy heart be feafoned with , fird, SoftnefTe j 
fecondly^Humilitie; thirdly, Honeftie- fourth- 
ly. Faith ; fifthly, TeachablenelTe. 

Firft, if thou doe not preferve thy heart tender, 
foft, and flexible, the power of the Word will 
not make.any fuch print or deepe impreffion upon 
it •, all holyadmonition$,reproofes,andinftru6ti- 
onsjvvill be unto thee as Anowes fliot againft a 
Stone wall. 

Secondly , wee muft bring with us aa humble 
heart, to the hearing of the Word 5 for, tk Lord 
rejijls the frond^and gives grace to the hiimile. Them 
that be meeke^mll he guide in judgement^ and teach 
the humble his may. The proud heart is fo fwelled 
with the winde of vanitic and vaine-glory , of 
felfc-lovc,and over-weening conceit, that there is 
left no roomc in it for the precious Treafure of 
faving grace. If it eyther be putFed up with a 
conceit of knowledgCjOr a pcrfwafion of holinelTc 
enough,oraboifterous pcremptorincfTe againft 
the power of the Word ; the Water of Life will 
be unto itjbuta^ Water poured upon a drowned 
man ; or as a Seale thruft upon Watcr,which will 
r'cceive no impreffion. A lowly heart, broken 
and bruifed with Confcience of finne, is a fit 
Seat for the mightic Lord and his faving graces. 

Thirdly, wee muft come with a good and ho- 
ncft heart , which hateth all corruptions, both in 
it felfe,and others • which hath no delight in any 
finfullpleafures, or wicked vanities ^ which hath 


andper^etuall (^uide. 

no manner of purpofe to live and continue in any 
one finne what foe ver 5 but is readieand refolved, 
though it be much cumbred with itowne corrup- 
tionsjthe Worlds enticeraentSjand Sathans craf- 
tiflelTe ^ yet to ferve and pleafe God, in all the 
wayes of his CommandementS) and that fincere- 
ly and continually. All profitable and fruicfull 
hearers have fuch good and honeft hearts, and arc 
refemblcd by the good ground,.Z,M^r 8. 15. But 
that is^a wicked and finfull heart,and not fit to be 
wrought upon by the MiniAerie of the Word, 
which purpofeth and refolvcth to cherifh and 
maintaine butany one finne whatfoever.. 

Fourthly, our hearts muft be feafoned with 
Faith 5 otherwi{e,it will not finke and foake into 
them with power and profit. The old lewes 
heard the Word , but it profited them not^ becaufe 
it tvas not mingled with faith in thofe that heard itj 
//f^.4.2 . The fearefuil threatningsand thunder- 
bolts of the Law, by Faith receive an edge to 
woundj.and pierce and ftrike through our foules, 
witharaazements and trembling. And Faith it 
is, that animates and infpires the promifcs of the 
Gofpel with fuch a fovcraigne fweetnefie, and 
powerfull comfort ; that they are ablc,not onely 
to rayfe and revive us from the depth and extre- 
mitie of remorfe, and feare 5 but alfo to put us 
into a Paradifc of fpirituall plcafures,and pofTef- 
fion of Heaven, as it were alreadie. But if the 
Word light upon a faithlefle heart, it dyes, it 
does no good. 
Fifthly, wee muft bring with us into the Lords 










T^he Saints fure 

Sanduarie^tcachable and hearing hearts jthacvr ill 
willingly and readily open thcmfelveSjto receive 
the Lord of glory, with whatfocver hee fhall re- 
veale unto us out of his holy Word. Sacri^ce and 
burnt offerings (Cay th David) thou muldeH not ^ but 
mine eares haH thou frefared. As if hee fliould 
have faid : Thou haft boreil new earcs in my heart, 
that I can now reverently attend untOjrightly con- 
ceive, and with an holy grcedinefle dcvourc the 
myfteric of grace. 

With fuch hearts as thcfe, muft wee come to 
the hearing of the Word, if wee looke that it 
fhould be unto us a Word of power, falvation, 
and life ; and not to be of the number of thofb, 
chat offer the facrifice of fooles,and yet know not 
that they doe cvill. 

Many there are ccrtaincly, which offer thcfe 
foolifh facrificcsj I meanc,hearcrs,withoutcare 
and confciencc : Who, if they come into the 
Houfc of God, and vouchfafc their prefencc in 
the place, and lend their eares to the Preacher for 
the time^ they thinke themfelves prefently jolly 
fellowes, for matters of Religion; and that they 
are fan(aified,as it werc,by the Worke wrought, 
and their onely prefence in that holy place : when 
as yet the Word hath had no more power, nor 
wrought more alteration upon them , than upon 
the Seats where they fate. 

And that which makes thefe fooles much more 
miferable,and foolifh, is this ^ They hotp not that 
they doe evili: as it is in the Text. They thinke 
their cafe good enough, that they are in the right 


1 and perpetual/ Quide. 


courfeofChriftianitie; and that no more is rc- 
quired,for tpatters of Heaven : when as,in refpe^ii 
of faving grace, they are wretched, miferablcjand 
poore; and hlinde^md nxked, 

Befides this place of the Preacher^ the Evange- 
lift S. Luke^ Chap.S,i2. bids us , tdke heed how wee 
heare. And good reafonjin a matter of fuch great 
weight and confequcnee. For there is not a Ser- 
mon wee heare, but wee muft be Countable for it 
at the Day of our Visitation. God is countable 
unto us for every haire of our head ^ is it not rea- 
fon, wee fkould be countable to him for thofe 
precious LefTons he reacheth unto us by the Mi- 
nifteric o^ the Word ? AlTuredly, there is not a 
Sermon , which wee have heard fruitleflely, and 
without profit^ but it will be a fhrewd and fore 
vvitnefle againft us at that Day. 

Befides thefe Precepts,wee finde much pra(S^ife 
in the Booke of God, of this holy dutie of Pre- 
paration 5 when any facrcd bufincfle was to be 

Mofes could not approach fo glorious and fa- 
cred a Prefence , or tread upon the ground, made 
holy by fo great a Majeftie as the Lord of Heaven 
and Earth5before he had pit offhis[J:ooes. Neither 
ought wee to prefume or prefTe into his Sandua- 
rie, where he hath promifed his Prefence in a fo- 
iemne, fpeciall,and powerfuU manner, and is rea- 
die to fhowcr downe his bleilings of falvation 
into all truly humble and prepared hearts^ before 
wee have fnaken off and caft from us all earthly 
incumbrances,.and fecret corruptions,all dulceffe 




Inftances for 
the praftice of 




Tie Saints fhre 

and deadneflc of heart, whith makes UMinworthy 
and nndifpofcd to (land upon fo holy ground, 
and utterly uncapableofall that heavenly Wife- 
domCj and holy inftrudions unto erernall life, 
that are there taught, and tendred unto us • nay, 
turne the bleflings of the Miniftery into curfes 
and condemnation unto us. 

When lejhuah was to make a ftrong and lading 
impreflion in tffe hearts of the Ifraelites ( whom 
after the death Q^^ofes^ht condu(5led to the pro- 
mifed Land)of the power and providence of God 
for his people, by that miraculous parting of the 
Waters of Jordan^ for the tranfportation of the 
Arke* hee commanded the people to fanflifie 
themfelves, to prepare, and compofe their hearts* 
to admire and reverence with greater intention 
and amazement, that omnipotent Majeftythat 
wrought fuch wonders for his chofen : For hearts 
emptied of worldly thoughts, and fan(5lified by 
heavenly meditation, are fitfubjcdsforworkes 
of Heaven, and divine imprcillons. How much 
more ought we to prepare our foules, before wee 
come into the Sanduary of the Lord ; fith there, 
they are either to be hardned for the Scepter of 
deftru6tion , and made ready for the flames of 
Hell, if wee doc not prepare our felves, hearken, 
and obey : or elfe, to be foftncd and fan^ificd 
with faving grace, and fitted for a Crowne of 
Glory; if with reverence, humility, and obedi- 
ence, wee fubmit our felves to the power of the 
Word ? There, if wee be unconverted, the great 
j and miraculous worke of the new-birth is to bee 
' wrought 


and perpetuall Cjuide. 

wrought upon them ; if wee be new-borne, they 
are to be fed with the fpirituall MannajUnto ever- 

The fame ft^nah^ when the excommunicate 
and execrable thin'gvvas to be found out, and put 
from amongft them ; which was the caufe, they 
could not ftand againft their enemies ; he com- 
manded them to landifie themfelves , that the 
Lord might profperand poure his bleflings upon 
that necedarie and weightic fearch and inquifi- 
tion. How much more ought wee to prepare 
our felves , before wee ftep into the Houfc of 
God ; {ith there is to be diicovered and caft- out 
ihofe hateful! finnes that fearefully incenfe Gods 
wrath.againft us, and make us weake in the Lords 
batrailes , and not able to ftand againft our fpiri- 
tuall enemies, the corruptions of our owne flefli, 
the enticements of the World, and temptations 
of Sathan > 

Before the facrifice, and anointing of David 
King of Ifrael, /jhai and his fonnes were fandi- 
flcd : How much more ought wee to be prepired, 
before wee come before the Lords Prophets, and 
Embaftadours . that there wee may be anointed 
Kir'gs and PrieHs unto our God ^ 

fojiah^ before the eating of the Pafchali Lambe, 
did bid the people , not onely fandifie them- 
felves , but aifo prepare their brethren : Ho\t 
much more ought wee, when wee come to rhc 
Minifterieof the Word, to fecde by faith upon 
that true Bread from Heazcn^ rrhifh pveth life u?fto 
ihe werld'^ which if wee once foundly talre with 




Sa MVEt. 

1 SaW.16.5. 



The people, 
before ihe gi- 
ving of chc 


The profit of 

The Saints fure 

belecving hearts, wee fhall not hunger, wee lliall 
never thirft ? 

But the mod famous and fitted place for my 
purpofc, and preparation in that particular holy 
bufinefle of hearing the Wordjis that in Exod, i ^ , 
I o. The people mere fan ^ifiedy and tvajhed their clothes^ 
and prepared themfelves f»r two dayes^ and the third 
day they were readie to atpend trhat the Lord nonld 
fay unto them. As in that extraordinarie promul- 
gation of the Law, the people were to be prepa- 
red extraordinarily ; fOjfrom proportion of that 
practice, and precedencie, ordinarie prcparatioa 
is necellarie for the ordinarie preaching of the 
Word 5 if wee looke that it fliould powerfully 
and profitably workc upon our Gonfcienccs and 
affe <& ions . Their waging of their bodies^and dothesy 
thetrabftinence from their wkes , and fuch fblerane 
and ceremonious purifications, were typicall fig- 
nifications and reprefentations unto us, that wee 
(houldweane our hearts from earthly thoughts, 
purge them from fecret corruptions, and bring 
them faire and free, from finfull fpot and worldly 
entanglement, when wee come to heare the Lord 
fpeakc unto us by his Minifters. 

Holy men of God were wont,addrefring them- 
felvcs to prayer, to have their ejaculations, lif- 
ting up of their hearts, certaine fhort prayers, 
before they entred into that facred and folemne 

Befides Precept and Practice in the Bookc 
of God , for Preparation • the profit is great, 
the benefits and blelTings that redound unto us, 


and perVetmll (juide. 

and fall upon us by it, are excellent and precious . 
Looke in the latter end of the eleventh Chapter 
of lob. 

If thou prepare thine hearty and fir etch out thine 
hands- torvards hm. 

If iniqnitie be in thine hand^ fut it fane awa^^ and 
let no mckednefje dr^ell in thj Tabernacle, 

Then truly fbalt thou lift uf thy face mthdutf^ot^and 
jhalt beflable^ andjhalt not f ear e^ C^r. 

Preparation of the heartjis here the foundation 
and firft ftep unto many glorious blellings. The 
heart muft be firft prepared, before other holy 
duties can be fitly performed, or Gods blcflings 

In the firft place ; firfV, prepare thine heart • 
fecondly^then poure it out in prayer, before the 
Throne of Grace ; thirdly, then purge it from 
corruption • banifli farre, and barre out all ini- 
quitie ; fourthly, next, be fure to reforme, in- 
ftrud,and pray with thy family, or thofe that are 
about thee : Let no wickcdnefle, ignorance, pro- 
phancnelTe, fvvearing, fwaggering, drunkcnncfle. 
or the like, dwell in thy Tabernacle, harbour in 
thine houfe, or row ft ncere thee. 

And then open thy'heart , and hands • for the 
Windowes of Heaven fhall be fet wideopcn,that 
all manner of fpirituall comforts,all the bleflings 
of peace and happineflfc, may in abundance be 
(howred downe upon thee ; the rich Treafurfe of 
everlafting Glory and Immortalitie i"hall be iin- 
lockt unto thee, and thou fhalt row and tumble 
thy felfe for ever after^ amid mountaines- of hea- 









The Saints fure 

vcniy pcarlesjand golden pleafures 5 through Ri- 
vcrSjiiay Seasof endlcfle joyes, that no heart can 
comprehend, but that which is weaned from all 
worldly plcafurcs,and let apart and fandtified for 
holy fervices and bufinefles of Heaven. 

Then truly fhah thou lift uy thy face tPtthoutjfot.'] 
Though thou haft lyen among the Pots, yet thou 
fhalt be now as the wings of a Dovc,that is cove- 
red with Silver, and whofe feathers are like yel- 
low Gold. Though thou be like the Kedarims, 
which dwell in Tents,the black-Moores ; that is, I 
by reafon of thy finne, fub/ed to the condemna- : 
tion of God,and deprived of his glory : yet fhalt 
thou be in Chrift, goodly and glorious, as thofe 
that dwell in exceeding glory ,under/^e Curtames 
of Salomon, Though thou be black with the rem- 
nants of originall corruption, and prefcnt infir- 
mities 5 though the Sunne have looked upon 
thee, and parched thee with the fcorching heat 
of fbrcaffli^ffion, and chaftifcments : yet fhalt 
thou now fhine like the Sunne in his ftrcngth, 
with the royall Robe of Chrifts righteoufnefle, 
with frefh comforr,and laftingchearefulneflc. 

Thou fhah be jiabk^ and [halt not feare,'] Though 
the wicked tremble many times at their owne 
fhadowes5and the found of a Lcafe fl7aken doth 
chafe them , and ftrikc a faintnefle into their 
hearts, and a trembling into their loynes • yet 
thou (halt never be afraid of anyevill tidings, 
whether they be forged by the fpightfuU and im- 
poyfoned tongues of prophane men, to defame 
and difgrace theCjOr fetched out of the bottomc; 


and peife*uali ^ulde. 


of Hell, by Sathai>s malice , to terrifie thee j lob^,^l z%. 

though the mcflengers of miferies and mifchiefes 

come thicke and three-fold upon thee, as they 

did upon lob-^ though the Earth be moved, and 

the mountaines fall into the mid ft of the Sea • ^^4^.^ 

nayjthough the whole World be on flames about 

thine eares,and the Heavens be rouled together 

like a Scrowie : yet flialt thou be ftable5and Hialt 

not fcaTCjbecaufe thy heart is fixcd,and bclceveth 

in the Lord^ 

Thou fhah forget thy miferie , and rememher it as Vt^f* i^« 
waters that are pa^.^ Thy happinelle and comfort 
(liall be fb entire and unmixed, fo abfolute and 
overflowing, that the very remembrance of for- 
mer miferies and terrors fhall be drowned and de- 
voured in the exccflfc and exccllencic of that; 
even as the travels of a woman , in her joyes for a 
new-borne fonnc : Orjif it bejthat thy former dif- 
comforts fometimes ftealc into thy mindc, they 
fhall not be able to reft or remaine there,by reafon 
of the predoniinancie of fpirituall pleafures; but 
glide away as fwiftly,as the head-long ftrcameof 
the moft haftie Torrent. 

Thine age alfi jbaH apfeare were cleare than the ' ytrf, 17; 
Neone-daj • thou fBaltfhinc^and be as the Morning,'] 
The Mornifigus.the^very Crowne of Time, and 
the beautie of the Day • . the Poets call it, the 
-'iRofie-finger'd Morning. When they labour * p%j!o^^;cTt/- 
todefcribe corporal 1 Beautie to the life, and fct Mi «'#>, 
it out in the beft perfection and frefheft colours 
that theutmoft power and higheft ftraine of wit 
and art can poflibly devifc ; they take their Meta- 

( m ) phors 




The Saints fure 

phors and amplifications from the ruddinefTe and 
brightnefTe of the Morning : And yet thou {halt 
be as fairc as the Morning, with all Divine Gra- 
ces , fpirituall brightneife , and beautie of thy 
SoLile 5 nay , a Soule fct thicke with fpirituall 
Graces , is farre more faire than the Firmament, 
with all thofe Eyes of Gold, and faircft Lampes, 
that fhine from it. Neither flialt thou be onely 
as the Morningjbut as the Morning Sunne ; thou 
fhalt rife higher and higher in degrees of holi- 
neire,and ftrength of Grace,untill thou commeft 
to the higheft pointof perfedion in this Heaven 
upon Earthjthe Kingdome of Grace. And after 
thou haft jfinifhed thy courfe^and left behind thee 
the comfortable heat of thy gracious zealcjmuch 
Light from thy good example, and the fweet in- 
liuence of thy holy life • upon thy death-bed, 
thou (lialt fett with the fwecteft and brightcft 
beames of all heavenly comfort, into the immea- 
furable Ocean of endlefTe joycs. 

Thou fhalt he hid, becaufe thtre is hope 5 and thou 
[halt di^ge Pits , and [hah i)e dotvne fafely,] Thou 
fhalt be alTurcd of Heaven, and a Crowne of 
Glory hereafter, that thou fhalt walke through 
this Valley of Miferie like a Lyon 5 nor Devill, 
nor man^ nor beaft, nor any creature,fhall affrighr 
or amaze thee. Caft thine eyes, fupernaturally 
enabled, and enlarged with the Light of Faith,, 
^om Eaft to Weft, into the bottome of Hell,and 
glory of Heaven •, and thou fhalt clearely fec5that 
all is thine , by the purchafe, right, and conqueft 
of the Sonne of God : Thefiones in the ftreetJhaU 


and ferpetuall (juide. 



peat league mth thee, the heajts of the field jhali he at 
fence with thee : The creatures fhallbeall fworne 
to thy fafetie 5 the pureft fpirits, the minifters of 
God, (hall be thy Guardians ; Saints and Angels 
are alreadie in thy fight 5 Immortalitie hath 
lengthened thy dayes, and the glory of God is 
before thee in a Glafle, 

fvhen thou doeH take thy reB^ none jhall mal'e thee 
Afraid ; ^ea^ wanj jhall wake fait unto theej] Vv^hen 
the darkenefTe of the Night encompafleth thee, 
thou (halt not be affrighted with terrors and ap- 
paritions ; when blacknefle and {ilence5the habi- 
tation of feares and aftonilliment , {hall pitch 
round about thee, thou fhalt be lightfome with 
inward comfort ;. when all thy Sences, the fcouts 
and watch-men for difcovcring dangers, and pre- 
ferving thy fafetie, (Jiall be locked up 5 his provi- 
dence,that neither {lumbers nor fleepes.fhall ten- 
derly and carefully watch over thee ; whether thou 
die or live , whether thou fleece or p^ake , thou art the 
Lords : And therefore, when thou fleepeft , thou 
fhalt not be afraid ^ and when thou {leepcft, thy 
{Icepe fhall be fweet : Thou [halt not feare for any | see ub j.zijai, 
fudden fearey neither for-the deflruBion of the mcked, 
nhen it commeth ; for the Lord jhall be for thy affurance^ 
and jhall keepe thy foot from being caught, 

Teaj many jhall make fait unto thee,'] Thou fhalt 
be fo encompafTcd with the blcffings of God, fo 
protected from above, fo high in Gods favour, 
that many will come for fhadow and fhelter un- 
to thee:, tlieywill looke forreliefe and comfort 
under the fhadow of thy wings, thy power and 

( m 2 ) autho- 



1^4 \ 



Z.u\e i^.iA' 

T^he Saints fur e 

authoritie {hall be a refuge and repofe for oppief, 
fed and difgraced inriocencie. 

Allthefcbleflings, andathoufand moe, are, 
built upon a through preparation of the heart, as 
upon the firft foundation ftone : Preparation is 
the very firft ftep to all thefedegrces, and height 
of happineflc. 

But on the contraric fart, 'd a man negle^ pre- 
paring his hcart,prayingunto God/orfaking his 
finaeSj reforming his family J let him looke for^ 
nothing but Curfesand Plagues. 

But the tjesofthc tricked (faith 7^^) fhallfatle"^\ 
and their y^fnge jhaU fcnjlj y and their hope jjjal/ be 
forroivofmtnde.] They thinke,. their formal! and 
CLiftomarie (ervice of God will ferve the turne- 
and tkereupon, with great greed inefTc and confi- 
dence, expc(5b and looke for the falvation of their 
foules after this life : but they fhalivvaile, and 
gaze, untill their eyes finke into their holes ,, and | 
yet fiiali never be able to tailc of true comfort: ' 
They may crie untill their tongues cleave to the 
roofe of their mouth, with the foolifh Virgins- 
LordyLordy open nntous ^ -^ath, 25. but the Gate 
of cverlaftinghappincfle Hiall forevcrbe fhuta- 
gainft them : They may ftruggie and/nVf,by the 
ftrcngth of their good meanings , and formall 
Qhx'\{\iamt\Q^to enter ifvat the firait Gate^ butfhaff 
nei'cr l-ejiblc. 

Their rtfti^efljiiU'ferijJjJ] They have flayed' 
themfelvcs upon broken ftaves of Reed, and now , 
they will runne into their hands and hearts too, 
unto their vexation and horrorc. 


and perpetual I ^uide. 

^nd their hofejhaUbe ferrotv ofmindeJ] Their end 
fli all be dcfpairejand horrible confufi on. 

I have ftayed long upon the motives and in- 
ducements to preparation^before we come to the 
hearing of the Word^or undergoe any facred bu- 
finefle ; and upon the RGcelTitic, bleffings, and 
benefits of fo holy a dutie. The reafon is ^ I 
would gladly ftirre you up, and my fclfe too, to 
a through and conftant pradife and performance 
of it : andjbecaufe the negledi and omiflion of it, 
is the caufe that the Miniftcrie of the Word is 
not onely fruitlefle,and in vaincjunto thoufands ; 
but (which is a fearefu 11 thing ) the favour of 
death unto death unto them. 

I come now to the fpeciall points confiderable 
in preparation , before wee prc/ent our felves in 
this place to the hearing of the Word. 

This preparation is an holy adion,or exercife, 
which by examination of our Confciences, pur- 
gation of our heartSjprayerunto Godjand private 
reading the ScriptureSjmaketh our foules fit Vef- 
fels to receive and entertainethc fpirituall Trea- 
fures of Grace, and food of eternall Lifc,ofered 
and tendered unto us by the Minifterie of the 
Word 5 that fo they may be the more cifcdually 
and fruitfully wrought upon, and happily fubdu- 
cd to the power and pradiice thereof. 

In this preparation, I confider and require efpe- j Fourc things 
ciallythcfe foure things : fir ft. Examination of 
the Confciencejfecondly,Purgation of the heart; 
thirdly,Prayer unto Godj fourthly^Readincffe of 
heart, to receive every truth* 

(m 3) Firftj 


What prepa- 
ration is. 

required in 



In time of 
publike cala- 

,^^ I l~he Saints fure 

Firftj for Examination of the Confcience. 
Examination isadutie pra6lifable by all true 
GhriiUans , at many times, and upon fundry oc- 

It is either more extraordinarie; and that is, 
either in the time of folemne Faftjand general! 
humiliation, forfome publikc Plague and cala- 
mitie that lyes upon the State or Church, Wee 
are then ferioufly to fearch and ranfacke through- 
ly our Confciences, that wee may throw that or 
thofc finnes out of our affeditions, pradtife, and 
allowancejwhich have their part in pulling do«rnc 
thofe publike Plagues upon us. 

Or, fecondly , when our family is fingled out, 
and vidtcd with fomefpeciall and extraordinarie 
fcourge,and judgement : and then muft we make 
animparciallinquifition into our hearts 5 left we 
be the Acham^\Nh\ch. by our fecret fmues provoke 
Gods caufefull wrath. 

Or, when our felves in a more private and par- 
ticular manner, are afflided with fome fpeeiall 
vexation- as, by fome maladie and miferieinour 
bodies,with fome terrors and feares in our minds, 
or with fome flanders,difgraces,and imputations 
upon our good names ; when Gods hand is upon 
us any of thefe wayes , wee are prcfently to con- 
ceive,that the (innes of our foules are the true cau- 
fcs of all the mifcries and croflTes which befall us 
any manner of waves ; and therefore wee are nar- 
rowly and exactly to enquire into our felves, ancf 
to caft out our fecret beloved finnes,thofe lurking 
! rebels,the breeders of all our woe, 
I Befides, 


When our fa- 
milies are villi- 
aedwiih lomc 
fpeeiall judge* 

Whin wcc our- 
felvej are af- 
Bide<} in par- 

and perpetuall (juide. 

Befides, examination of our hearts in thefcor 
the like cafes 3 there is alfo a more ordinarie and 
ufuall examination necefrarie,and required of us, 
and thatefpecially every day ; that we may make 
the Score of our (innes leflTe^andour account flior- 
ter, againft the Day of our Vifitation ; that wee 
may more entirely and comfortably preferve and 
enjoy Gods favour and protection, inward peace 
fulnclTe in all our affaires and paffages. 

2 Before wee come to receive, and be parta- 
kers of the holy Sacrament of the facrcd body 
and bloud of Chrift; left by neglect and omiffion 
of this dutie,we become unworthy receivers, and 
fo cate and drinke our owne judgement, and dam- 
nation i nay, be guiltie of the innocent and pre- 
cious bloud of Chrift lefus ; which one day will 
be an heavie and unfupportable burthen to our 
Confciences. To be guiltie of the finfuU bloud 
of prophane men , is able to make the proudcft 
heart and higheft ftomacke to tremble and quake 
like an Afpen leafe , and to ftrike through his 
foulc', with reftlcfle horrour, and gaftly iights. 
Who is able then to beare the guilt of guiltlefle 
bloud ? ^^f/j innocent bloud cry ed for and pul- 
led downe ftrange and defperate vengeance upon 
cruell Cain, How loud then will be the crie of 
the bloud of the innocent Lambe of God ? How 
will it ring in theeares of God the Father? How 
fearefuJly will it fill Heaven and Earth , untill 
it hath brought downe Plagues and Curfcs up- 
on thofe wofuU Soules , who irreverently and 

(m 4) un- 




Every day. 

Before the S*. 




Before wcc 
keaie the 
Word prea- 

7 he Saints fur e 

; The fccond 

• vdutie Bcfltles 
] hearing , is 
I purging oi 
(i our h^jts^ 

unpreparedly prophane fo high and holy a my- 
flerie > 

A third ordinarie examination 5 is before wee. 
prefTc into the Houfe of God, and prcfent our 
fdvcs before his Minifters and McffengerSj to be 
inftrir(fted in his will from Heaven, out of his 
holy Word ; left this blelTed Ordinance fliould 
beaccLirfed unto us. You may fee in the Pro- 
phet Ez,€ch,i^, 738. how the Lord threatens that 
perfon that comes to his Minifters to enquire of 
them^or to be informed by them,and yet feparatcs 
himfclfe from theLord^and fetsup any Idoll in 
his heart, and ftumbling-blocke of his iniquitie, 
before his face . that the Lord will fct his face a- 
gainrt him, and make him a fignc and a Proverbc, 
and cut him off from the midft of his people. 
Whence wee may well infcrre,thatit will be very 
dangerous for any to come to the hearing of the 
Word, without examination of his heart, whe- 
ther there be any fuch ftumbling-blocke of ini- 

2 Becaufe that examination of the heart, to 

{inde out our corruptions, tends cfpecially to the 

cleaming of it ; therefore the fecond dutie before 

the hearing of the Word , is the purgation or 

clca"n(ingof the heart, firft,from fmne; which the 

Scripture beats much \^^pon^la?n. 1.21. Laj apart all 

fjthniejj'c arid fuperfiuitie of nau^ht'ineffc ^ andyeceh'e 

mih meekenijjc the ingrafted H^ord^ (^c. It is not 

mccrely lay apart , but put away quite and cleanc 

all filthincflc : and this is a fit preparative for the 

Iieairng of the Wordjas appeares alio by that pa- 



and perpetual/ (Juicie. 


ralell pkcc, iPet.i, 1,2. therefore pttting away aU 
malice^ ali gmle and hypocrifie^and envie^ and cviUj^eA- 
kwgs^as nen'-borne babes defire thefmcere M'dke of the 
werd» And there is the fame reafon for any other 
finne to be put away, that there is for thefe menti- 
oned. As it is with the body, when the ftomack is 
foule^and clogged with bad humours, wee fliould 
firft purge it, before wee fecde it j for other wife, 
whatfoever we eatCjdoth but nourifli and cncreafe 
the corrupt humours of the body : So it is with 
the foulcjwhen it h ftuffed or clogged withfinnc; 
whatfoever is heard in the Mintftery of the Word, 
{liall be perverted and abufed by it,and wrefted to 
the deftru(5lion of it. 

It is no wondertherefore,that thofe that live in 
diflblutc or fcandalous courfes,thore that are drunk 
on the evening before the Lords day50r fpcnd it in 
gamingjOr company kecping,orhave bin ading of 
fbme foLile fmnejaiid then repairc unto the Word • 
it is no wonder, I fay, that fuch goe away never a 
whit the better, but rather worfe than they came. 
Did you ever know any Salve fo fovcraigne, that 
would cure a wound that had a fplint or an arrow- 
head remaining in it ? Surely,evcry knowne finne 
unrcpentcd of,hinders the faving operation of the 
Word in any mans heart -, yea, it will make the 
W^ord the favour of death unto a man. See to 
this purpofe, ler^j, 9^1^, 
. Secondly, the heart muft alfo be purged from 
airworldly cares and thoughts,which may divide 
^ordrawaway thehcart : Math.i'^» 22. The cares 
of the World doe choakc the Seed of the Word : 




T^he Sain ts fur e 

er, another 

Luke 21.34. The cares of this life doe furfct the 
heart. NoWjas it is with a man in a lurfet, hee is 
food : fo, when as the heart is furfetted with 
worldly cares , it is unfit for any fpirituall food, 
Youknov\rhowitwaswith^^rfA<«, Luke 10.41, 
lefus faid unto Martha • Thou art troubled about 
man^ things^ but one thing is necejfarie : Martha had 
a clutter of many worldly matters, that made a 
great noife in her head, and hindered better mat- 
ters, that fhe cared not for hearing. 

How then (liall they profit by the Word, that 
doe jumpe out of their worldly bufinefTe, and 
from bufying their heads about their ealhngs, 
into the Houfe of God, to hcarc and to performc 
the Exercifes of Religion ? Truly, though they 
be never fo diligent in hearing , yet their hearts 
will goeafter theircovetou(heflre,£;5e^/?.33.3 1, 

3 A third dutie before the hearing of the 
Word, is Prayer ; no good thing can be expedcd 
from God, asableffing, if it be not fought by 
^xaytxj>ewt»/^,j» and wee finde it layd downe as 
a condition requiredjPror .2. 1,2,3, C^f. ^yfiffffc, 
if thou wilt receive m^ veords , and encline thine eare 
to tvifedomCy and apfly thy heart to under Handing » 
yea^ if thou cryeB after knowledge, and lifteB^ up thy 
voice for under Ftanding^ then jh alt thou under Band the 
feare of the Lord^ and fade out the knorrledge of Ggd, 
The rcafbn is, V'erf, 6, For the Lord giveth wifedomCy 
and out of his mouth commeth knowledge and under- 
fianding, Becaufe the Lord gives knowledge, 
therefore yon muft crie for it unto him. What 

is I 

and perj^etmll (juide. 

is the reafon rhat you do pray for your daily Bread^ 
and a blefling upon it ? V^hy^De»t.^,i . Man lives 
net hy Bread onely , &c I I f this be fo, much more 
ought you to pray forablcfling upon your fpiri- 
tuall food. 

Now for the particulars : Firft, you ought to 
pray for the Teachers,That they may fo Ipeake^as 
they ought to fpeake, CoL 4. 3, 4. fo they are to 
pray for the power and peace of the Minifterie, 
2 TheJ]\'^, 1,2 . Secondly, you muft pray for your 
fclves 5 that through Gods afliftance you may 
heare profitably, andbeblefTcd in the hearing ; 
/<?/?. 3. 27. Nomancan receive any thing, except 
that it be given him from above. Therefore Da- 
vid prayed, Pfal, 11^.18. Open thou mine eyes^ that 
I may fee the rvonderfuli things contained in thyfvord, 
Ifay^S, 17. Godfayth, lam the Lord thy God, 
which teacheth thee to profit : Therefore no profi- 
ting by the Word,without fceking unto the Lord 
for it. 

Now the prophanenefle of people in this cafe, 
is the gencrall caufc that our Minifterie doth na 
more good : Few pray at all before they come to 
ChurchjCither for the Minifterpr for rherafclves ; 
nay, few, even when they are in the Church., have 
any heart to joyne with the Preacher in the prayer 
that he makes before the Sermon : But the corin- 
plaint of the Prophet may be taken up in this cafe, 
I fa. 64. 7. There is none that calicth on thy Name^ tha t 
flirreth up himfelfe to take hold of thee, 

4 You muft be fure to goe with an Open heart, 
readie to receive every truth that God rhall teach 

:'M'»nr' you 


The fourth 
dutie, open- 
nelTe of hearc 


^he Saints fure 

you in this Ordinance, ^^. 1 7. 1 1 . it is ' faid of 
thofe noble BcraeanSjthat they received the Word 
with all readineflfe of mindc, /. readinclTe to re- 
ceive every truth. And Cornelim faid, AB, 10.33. 
iveearc all here frcfent (before Ged^to heare all things 
thdt are commanded thee of G$d, It is well added 
{that are commanded thee of God:) not what any 
Minifter (hall teach, be he never fo good, or fo 
learned ; nay, were he an Angell from Heaven, 
yet his Dodrine muft be cxamined,<j<«/ri .8. But 
when there is fuchadifpoiition in us,as to receive 
both in judgement and pra<ftife whatfoever God 
fhall reveale unto us out of his Word ; this is a 
precious difpofition, 

But, alas, the moft come to heare with pre- 
judicateand fore-ftalled hearts, they beare a fe- 
cret grudge, and quarrel!, againfl fome flrid 
Truth, or other ^ as^againft the fancflification 
of tile Lords Day, ot Family-duties, or fecret 
communion with the Lord , by prayer dayly , 
I &c. And thefe imaginations feeme as ftrong 
Holds J to keepe Chrift and his Truth out of 
their hearts, 2 Or. 10. 4, 5. And thus men, 
that in their hearing doc limit the Spirit of 
God, would (if it lay in their power) fay as 
thofe wicked men , ^fay^o, 10. to the Seers^fee 
not • and to the Prophets , profhefie not right things 
unto ui'^j^eake unto m fmooth things : And thofe 
that faid fo.5 the Lord calls them defpifers of 
his Word. 

Thefe arc the mainc and ptincipall duties bc» 
fore the hearing of the Word, 



and ^erpetuall Cjuide. 

Sccondly^let me proceed bricfely tothofe du- 
ties that are required in the hearing of the Word; 
Which wee miift the rather ftirre up our fclves 
unto , bccaufe wee have naturally uncircumci- 
fcd hearts, ley, 6, io» and are dull of hearing, 
Heb,%, 11',. 

Now the principall duties in hearing, arc five • 
which I will briefely fet downegis may be. 

I You mu ft fet your felvcs in Gods prefencej 
whileft you arc hearing of his Word ;. and con- 
fider with your fclves , that it is God that you 
havetodeale withall in this bufineffc, and not 
man; and that it is Gods Word, and not mans. 
It is the great commendation of the Theffaloni- 
ans, I Theff, 2.13.. that they received the Word 
as the Word of God. This was that whereby the 
Lord would prepare his people to receive the 
h^w^Exed.io. God fj^ake all thefe words. And hee 
not onely gave the Law,l)ut the whole fummc of 
theGofpel with his owne voice, Mat.^» 17, Loe 
a "joice from Heaven^fajing^ This is my beloved Sonne^ 
inrrhoml am well' f leafed. Yea,- it is the Lord him- 
felfe that fpeakes unto you in our ^imi{k.Qxy^Litf:e 
10. 1 6, So the Lord is prefent ina fpcciall man- 
ner, where his Word is preached, to obferve and 
markehow it is received, or delivered • and either 
to blefTe or curfethe hearers, or fpeakers, accor- 
dingly. So that of this and fuch like placesj it 
may be faid as lacoh faid of Bethelj^JM. 2 8. i ^,1 7. 
Sureljjthe Lord is inthisfUce : and, H@iv dreadfull is 
thiifUcel This if rw other than the Houfe of Codyth-if 
if the Gate cf Heave fj^ 



Dutici requi- 
red in the hea* 
ring of the 

To fee our 

felvcs in Gods 




T^he Saints fur e 

And trulyjthis apprehenfion of Gods prelence 
in the AlTcniblies of his people, will worke three 
things in us. 

Firft 5 keepc us in that awfull and reverent dif- 
pofition of body and minde that is meet. 

Secondly, it will prefcrve our hearts from ro- 
ving and wandering choughts,which are great im- 
pediments of heading ; PfiL 11^.113. ihatevam 
■th9ughtSy but thy Law doe / love. 

Thirdly, it will make us to receive and obey 
that that fhall be taught us • for fo God hath 
beene wont to prepare his people, to receive his 
Word ; yeajhe faid of his pcopIc,when they were 
thus affcdedjDffif.i 5. 2^, Oh that there mrefuch 
AH heart in them , to fcare me and keepe my Comman^ 
dements ahayes. 

Now the want of this, is that which hinders 
abundance of benefit that the Minifterie of the 
Word would otherwife doe us : This is the root 
of all the mifchiefe the Devill doth to poore 
foules, in the hearing of the Word ; the pradice 
thereof, is the fountaine of all our good . Many 
gracclefle wretches there are in our Aflemblies,. 
like him, Luke 18.1. that neither feared God, nor 
regarded man ; thatdefpife the Church of God, 
yea,contemnethe prefence of the holy Angels, 
(I O>y.ii.io.) and of God himfelfe in theAf- 
femblies, who hath layd fucha fpeciall charge 
upon us, Lev.i 6.2,10 keepe his Sabbaths^ and to 
reverence his ^4«£?w4n>; andheaddes thisreafon, 
/ am fehovah. 

2 The fecond dutie in hearing , is diligent 


and perfetuall (juide. 

attention to that wc heare ; as it is faid of our Sa- 
viour Chrift, Luke ip, /^S, The peepie mre very 
Attentive to heare him . or,as it is in the Originall, 
they hanged on him : as i£ their eares and nundes 
had becnc eyed to his tongue j there was fuch a 
dependencie upon him. And that is a remark- 
able place, Ezech,4.o . 4^ Sonne of man^ behold, tvith 
thine cjes, and heare with thine eares ^ andfet thine 
heart ttfon all that I fhaUjhetv thee. Sec what at- 
tention is required : Hee bids him fet his eyes 
and his eares, and his heart and all, upon that hee 
fpcakes ; and not upon (bmc things onelyjbut 
upon all that hee fhould declare unto him. So 
Prev,£^, 20,21522. .My fonne attend untorny words^ 
inclitie thifie eare unto my fayings y keepe them in the 
midft of thine heart ^for they are life to thofe that fade 
them : i, looke as a condemned man will hearken 
to the Sentence of the Prince ^ every word hee 
fpcakes, being life or death : As the fervants of 
Benhadad^whcn they were in their enemies power, ( 
1 King,2o,^^. they obferved diligently whether 
any word of comfort would come from him, and 
they did haftily catch it. Thus, with fuch di- 
ligence and attention , fuch poore condemned 
creatures (as wee are) are to heare the Word of 

Now to quicken attention , thcfe meanes are 

Firft , it is good to doe as they did , Luke 
4, 20. They fattened their eyes upon Chrift 5 
fo doe ye upon the Minifter, and fuffer them 
not to wander up and downe : A wandering 




The Saints /fire 

A Caveat, 

eye is alwayes a fiire evidence of a wandering 

Secondly , ifye doe not thus, it will be a good 
hclpe for thofe that can write, to note the Word, 
as Baruch wrote from the raouch of leremah, 
ler, 3 6, 4. This holds the mindc clofc to all that 
is faid. Some objed indeed , that it hinders af- 
fe<5^ion in hearing : but though it may doe fo in'l. 
fomejfor the prcfcnt 5 yet afterwards ic will workc ? 
more laftingaffedions upon the Word. Onely \ 
they that ufe thishclpc-meanes, muft be carefull ■ 
that they doe not prcfume upon their Notes fo, 
as to neglcd the recalling of what ■ they have 
heard, (as many ufc to doc ) and fo lofe all holy 
aifedions, and that imprefTion that the Word 
would make upon their hearts. 

Thirdly, entreat the Lord to open thy heart, 
as he opened L^dla's heart,^^. 1 6, 14. Our hearts 
arc fhut up quite, and cannot attend unto any 
thing that is good,except that the Lord opens 

Obfervc then another caufe, why the Word is 
(o unfruitfull unto many. Some arc like the deafe 
Adders^ that flop their eares againft the voicz of 
the charmer^ Pfal, 58. 4, 5. And fomc fleepers 
there are, that faile in their attention , that the 
Dcvill ufually roAs afleepe, when they come to 
hcarc • but they that are fuch, fliould know, that 
their damnation fleepes not , the Devill fleepes 
not : he comes to the Afremblies,to pickeup the 
good Seed that is fownc ; nay,he comes to pickc 
up their foules indeed; for he cares not fo much 


4nd ferpetuall (fuide. 

for the St^diy but he will take your felves napping 
and your foules cfpecially , and carry them to 
Hell. Befidesj let them remember what befell 
Eutjchus^ ^B,2o, 9yio. he flept at a long Sermon, 
that lafted till midnight; but he was taken up 
dead, failing from the third Lofc to the ground : 
What fhall become of fuch then, that fleepe in 
the day time^ata Sermon of an houre long ? And 
let them alfo take heed of that jj?/m ofjlumler^that 
the Lord hath threatned to poure upon the defpi- 
fersofthe Word, //2i) 2^.^310. The like might 
be faid of our gazers and gapers about, and thofe 
that by their talking difturbe others, and hinder 
themfeives : they fhut their eares,and turne them 
away from God j and may juftly expcd, that he 
fhall turne awayhis eares from them : as it is 
threatened,/* /fli'.i. 8,^. Z4f^.7. 13. 

3 You muft heare the Word with underftan- 
ding and judgement ; i. labour to underftand 
what wee heare : And to this end, the Minifter 
muft have a fpeciall care to teach plainely, fb 
as he may be underftood, Neh. 8.8. And Chrift 
calls upon his hearers for this , Math. 15. 10. 
Heare^and under Band: How fhould we elfe profit 
by that we heare > ^B, 8.3^. VnderHandeH thou 
tvhat thou readeH ( faith Philif to the Eunuch : ) 
fo fay thou to thine ownc h<jart j Vnderftandeft 
thou what thou heareft ? 

Now the meanes to underftand the Word, 
are thefe. 

Firft, come to the Word,with a willing minde 
to learne : you know the Eunuch, ^3. 8, though 

(n) he 


neare with 




l^he Saints fur e 

he underftood not, what he read , yet bccaufc he 
had a minde to learne,how the Lord provided fot 
him, and what a comfortable fuccefle Philips Ser- 
mon bad with him : Men love to teach willing 
fchollers ; fodorh God, when we come with wil- 
ling and rcadie mindcs to be taught. 

iiecondly , exercife your felvcs in the truth of 
God5i/e^.5.1aft. yoarauftbycontinuallurejget 
your fences excrcifed to difcerne both good and 
cvill: but efpecially^be well acquainted with the 
principles and grounds of Catechifme 5 it is the 
vvantoftbis,rhat makes men that they underftand 
not what is preached : They that are not firft well 
nourilhcd with Milke^wiil not be fitto receive and 
digeft ftrongermeat : if the foundation be not 
well laydj it is in vaine to build* 

Thirdly, walkc according to Light; Pfal,iii, 
TO. A goodunderjlAnding have a//they^that doe his Com,- 
mandements : Then, if thou wouldeft get a good 
underftanding, and know the myfteric of godli- 
ne(rc5walke according to knowledge, imploy that 
tittle knowledge thou haft well, and then there is 
apromifc to give thee more. 

Fourthly, bediligent in inftru(!l:ingand tea- 
ching thy family ; If thou art fet over others,.a 
tittle knowledge will cncreafe greatly, by this 
mcanes. Gen, 1 8. 17, i^. the Lord faid ; Shall i 
hide AYi'j thing from AhyahAm I No: And hec gives 
this reafon 5 / knorc' him^ that he wiUc&mmandhis chii- 
dren and his houfehold after him^and thejjhaUkeete the 
wdy of the Lord, If you teach your families, God 
will teach you. 


and perpetuall (juide. 


Well ; there are a fort of doltidi hearers, that 
will hearcj and feemc to be very attentive, from 
yeeres end to yeeres end , and be never a whit the 
vvifcr, 2 Tim,i,j, Theheavie judgement of God 
h upon many of them,that is mentioncd,^/^?/;.! 3. 
14. And in them is fulfilled the Prophclie of Ifay-^ 
Sy hearing -^e fhaU heare^ and jluU not under Hand j 
and that , Ifaj 27. 1 1. It is a fee fie of m wider- 
'jfAnding : therefore he that made them^ jhal/ttot fave 
them 5 and he that formed them^ jball jbew them no 

4 You muft hcare the Word with affcdiion, 
and delight. It is faid of Gods people in the Pri- 
mitive Churchjthat they heard the Word gladly3 
and of Chrifts hearers, Mark, 12.37. they heard 
him gladly : And it is noted for a great figne of 
grace, to heare rhe Word gladly, Pfal, i ip. i($2 . 
/ rejoyce at thy fVordy as one th at fndeth great jfoyles, 
David had beene a fouldier ; and ye knOvv,that 
they that have lyen at the fiege of a Citie a long 
rime , and at the laft take it , will rejoyce ex- 
ceedingly in the fpoyle of it : therefore he rc- 
joyces in the Word, as they that doe divide the 
fpoyles. And truly, whereas common people 
complaine of the badncfTc of their memories 5 
this would be a marvellous hcipe to their me- 
mories, if they would heare with delight : there- 
fore David fayth , Pfal. 119. 16, I will delight 
my felfe in thy Statutes , / will not forget thy yrord. 
This delight he meanes will flrengthen our me- 

Now contraric to this , arc a great number, 

( n 1 ) that 


Heare with 



Hcarc with 

The Saints fure 

that heare without all delight , and account it 

a great wearincfife , ^aL i. 13. and thofe the 

dulled hoaresjthat they fpcnd in hearing. Wellj 

the Lord hath ihreatned, that the Word fhall 

never doe us good, unleffe that wee attend to it 

with love and delight^ 2 Thejf, 2. lo, it. Be^ 

caufe they received not the lH>e of the Truths that 

they miffht be faved '^ therefore Cod fjjaf/fejfd them 

ftrongddufionsy to hleeteLyes, A fearcfuU threat- 

ning, much to be confidered in thefe dayes i 

For this is the reafon, that Popilli trumperies 

and hellifh delufions have fueh entertainment, 

becaufe God inhis jiift judgement,gives up thofe 

i to fuch ftrong delufions, that love not the ftri€^ 

1 Truth of the Word of God. 

j 5 Youmuft hearcthe Word 5 with applica- 

J-tioh of it to your ovvne hearts, and lives 5 apply 

i 'every truth to your felves, for your ovvne ufe and 

~comfort,and terror and inftru Aion : as it is loB 5. 

•laft ^ Heare thu, and know it for thyfelfe ^ carry this 

l^truth home to thine owne heart : And, 

j- Firft, there is no- truth of God taught 5ut 

I of his Word, but it concernes every one of 

t Gods people, and was intended for our ufe; 

I :-Rom. 15.4. whatfoever is mitten^ is written for our 

ie'arning, j 

Secondly, there is no truth can be taught, to 

doe us good, unleffe that wee apply it : as no 

Plaifter can doc the Patient good, unleffe it be 

applyed ; no meat is able to doc us any good, 

be it drelfed never fo curioufly, unlefle it be eaten 

and digcfled. This comparifon is applyed by the 

. ^_^ Prophet 

and ferfetuall (juide. 


Pfopiietto this purpofe, //i. 55.2, Hearken d'dU 

gently untgrne^and eate ye that irhich isgeod : imleilc 
we cace it^ it will doe us no good. 

Thirdly, the faith full have been vtront to apply 
all to thcrafelves • as every member of the body 
drawes nourifhment from the ftomacke, to make 
It his owne : to which the Apoftle alludes, £f A. 
4. 16. So the Difciples of our Saviour did, 
Math, 26. 2 1, 22. When our Saviour had faid, 
that one of them (hould betray him , they were 
exceeding (brrowfuli, and began every one of 
them to fay unto him • Lerdy is it I ^ 

And furcly, the want of this application, is one 
great caufc that the Word profits not , becaufc 
they belcevc it not, nor apply the Word unto 
thcmfelvcs : Meh, 4. 2 . The frord preached did not 
profit thcmy becaufe it tpos net mixed with faith in them 
that heard it. 

Now one principall workc of faith,is to apply 
thofe things that arc delivered in the Word : But 
this, the moft hearers doe exceedingly faile in • 
cither not apply ing,or mif-apply ing of the truth 5 
fhiftingoff all upon others, and taking little or 
nothing to ihemfelves. As wee have a notable 
example of this, Rom, i . ult, compared with Rom, 
2.1. Inthe former place, the Apoftle fpeakes of 
fome,that knowing the judgement of God, That 
thofe that doe fuch things, are worthy of death j 
yfct not onely doe fuch things, but take pleafurc 
in thofe that doe tbem : yet in the beginning of 
the next Chapter,you find the feme men judging 

yet thinking and 
("3) Fi^-i 

and condemning of others 


The Saints fure 

The duties a£- 
ser hearing. 


We muft rc- 
oacmhcr it. 

perfwading themfelvcSj that they (being guiltic j 
of the fame finnes) lliall cfcape the judgeaicntl 
of God. Why ? but becaufe they apply not to j 
themfelves, but »if-apply to others the things { 
theyhcare. j 

Many fuch hearers there are in thefe dayes, i 
which are very cunning in fhifting off the threat- ; 
ningsof Godagainft their ownc Drunkcnncfle^ 
and Whoredomejand Swearing, dec. yet very apt 
to pinne the fame Word upon others. Well, 
thefe arc not wife for them fclves, and all their 
hearing fhall doe them no good. Thus much of 
the duties required in hearing. 

Now follow thofe duties that are required after 
hearing. And thefe are chiefely thus, 

I Wee muft be very carefull to remember 

I and keepethat which wee have hca.:d,Prov,^,^., 

i My fdmie^ let thine heart ret awe my tvords : and, 

; Verf, 21. ICee^e thew in the midft of thine heart, 

j As a man that haih a lewell , will be carefull to 

I locke it up in the fafeft Cheft hcehath , left it 

j fhould be ftolne away ; Which is the very com- 

' parifon of the Wife-man, Pnr. <^. 20, 21. So 

■ Mary ^ Luke 2.51. lept all the [ayings in her heart : 

1 and David ^ Pfal, 1 1^. 11. hid the Commande- 

I mcnts in his heart ; and hce gives the reafon, 

That hce might not ji»ne again [t the Lord, And 

the truth is, that as meat that is eaten , if it re- 

maincs not in the ftomackc , it will never doe 

us good : fo the beft fpirituall food that can 

be, except it be retained by us, will not profit 

us ; Ln^ke 8. 15. The good Ground are they^ nhich 


and perpetuall ijuide. 


mth an honeB and good heart having heard the fVord^ 
keefeh^&c. . ' 

Many there are, that are verycarele(Ie of this 
dutic : They thinke they have difcharged them- 
felves abundantly 5 if they heare the whole Ser- 
mon attentively • as though there were nothing 
more required at their hands : Like our Saviours 
hearers , Math,i2, 22. ivhen they heard him^ they 
marvelled^ and left him^ and went their way : bu t wee 
never heare more of them. So many heare defi- 
roufly, and with open and greedie earcs : but, as 
wee fay^it goes in at one carejand out at another 3 
it ftayes not for any after-ufe, but a little prefcnt 
admiration. Others heare,and the Word fmites 
them a little on their Confciences, and wounds 5 
and one would thinke, feme good thing would 
be wrought upon them : but they goe away, and 
the motion dyes. They are as men that are Sea- 
fickc, whileft the Word humbles them, and 
makes their Confciences to wamble within 
them • but they are as whole as a Fifh , when 
as they are once landed at the Church doore : 
Or like unto Mettals , which are foft and ply- 
able , whileft they are in the fire.; fo thefe are 
in the hearing j but Aiortly they loofe all the 
efficacie of the Word, and become harder than 

j before. 

j Well, let us in the fearc of God, hearken dili- 

I gently to the words of the Holy-Ghoft,/;/e^.2. i. 
That rr^ee ought to give the mere earneB heed to the 
things that iree haze heard^ leHat any time wee fhou/d 
let them flip, or runne out (like riven VefTcls:) 

(n4) Why; 


The fccond 
ducic, Mediu- 

l^hfi Saints fur e 

Why ; what is the danger ? H9v>jhall tres efcape, if 
wee negUB [9 great Saltation i 

2 VVec mi\i\ medicate and ferioufly thinke 
of that that wee have heard; that is more than 
reniembring. There is a great deale of difference 
betwixt the poflefllng of goods, and the ufing 
and implayingof them for our benefit; betvrixc 
the laying up of garments inour Wardrobcs,and 
the wearing of them upon our backes,to keepe us 
warme: this latter is done by meditation, Prov,6, 
22,23. My pnne^_ hinde the Cammandemefits conti- 
nuatly upon thy hearty and tie them about thy necke : 
It is a phrafe of fpeech borrowed from garments 
that are bound about the body 5 for meditation 
bindes-the Word elofc to the heart. It is fiiidof 
Mary^Liike 2. ig .thsit jhee fondercd the words of! 
the Angel in her heart :. and David was frequent 
in this dutie, PfaL 11^.15. f trill meditate in thy 
Precepts (faith he : ) And it was Paith advice to 
Timothy J 1 Tim, 4.15. Meditate upon thefe things^ \ 
give thyfelfe vholly to them^ithat thy projitingmay ap- 
pears to alL 

Ffrfl-j this is the way to make men proftc by the 
VVordof God j.and that fo evidently, that all 
may take notice of ii^ this is one great benefit of 
the Word meditated upon, lojh., r. 8. Thai* fhah 
meditate in the Boole of the Law day and night : To 
whstcnd ? Thatthoiima-^eBobfifveto doe according 
to all that i< writ ten therein. 

Secondly,this courfe will argue unfained love, 
unto the Word,P/>/, 1 1 9.97. Oh hoTP I lovcthyLarr^ 
it is my meditathri all the daf^ 


and perpetual/ Quide» 

Thirdly, this will greatly encreafe our com fort 
in the Word 5 and caufe us to feele much more 
fweetnede in it • even as the chewing of our meat 
makes us to tafte much more fwectnefTe in it. 
PfaL 1 1 ^. 1 5, 1 ^. he faith ; / mil meditate on thy 
Precepts J and have refpe8 unto thy vayer^ I mil delight 
my felfe in thy Statutes : Meditation ever brings 

Fourthly, this will greatly encreafe our know- 
ledge: Pfal, up. 99. / have more under landing 
than my teachers: Why ? bccaufe thy teBimonies 
are my meditation. 

Now, if this be required afcer hearing ; how is 
it poflible that they fhould profit by the Word, 
thar never fcarcely thinke of it afterwards > It is 
noted of the Difciplcs, that though they had 
fcenc Chrifts raightie power in the miracle of the 
Loaves -^ yet bccaufe they conGdered not the mi- 
raclcjtheir hearts were hardened : /. bccaufe they 
did not meditate upon it , they were never the 
better for ir. And thus it ufually fpeedes with 
ihofe that are careleiTe in the performing of this 

5 Wee muft conferre of that wee have beard, 
and repeat it amongft our felves, and examine the 
Scriptures about the truth of that that is delive- 
red, I joyne rhem all together -for fo they may 
well he, in the pra(9:iceof them. For conference, 
Bav'td fai r b, Pfal, 1 1 9 . 1 7 2 . My torgue fhall j^eake 
»fthy iverd^forafl thy Commandemerts are right eoHf- 
neft. This was ordinarily pradifed by the D f | 
ciples of our Saviour CbriftjVvhen he had caughr j 




The ihhi 6aty ' 
after hearings , 
and RepesU 


T^he Saints fure 

how hardly rich men (hail be raved,4^^r^.io, 2 6, 
They vere sjtomjhedoutofme/ifHreydfidfaidamong^ 
themfelves, H^ho then can be faved ^ So they con- 
ferred about another Sermon of our Saviour, 
I0K16. 17,18. 

Now repetition of Semjons is efpeeially re- 
quired of them that have families, to repeat the 
Word unto them : Dent, n . 1 8, ip . T^ufball idy 
up thcfe my trords in your hearts^ and yeujhall teach 
them your children • fj^enking of them when thou (ittefl 
in thy houfe : yea, it is faid to be the chiefeft thing 
that the Lord had refpe<S^ unto, in giving us his 
Word^and the knowledge thereof,that we might 
inftrud: our families in.it. P^nf. 4. 10. Gather ye 
my people together ^and I mUmak^ them hear e my words ^ 
that they may learnetofeare me^ and may teach their 
children. And this, if it were prad^ifed carefully, 
would both make children and fervants more 
carefull to heare and to attend unto the publike 
Miniftery 5 and better our memories, that wee 
may be much better able to rctaine that which 
wchcarc : and it will alfo workc an inw^d fee- 
ling in us and our children, of that which we have 
heard. Therefore, Dewf. ^. ^,7. it is called the 
whetting of them upon our children • repetition 
doth fet an edge upon their dulnefTe. 

Yea further, for the fearching and examining 
ofthe Scriptures, we are commanded, i ThejT, 5. 
2 1 . to try all things^ and to hold f aft that which isgo§d. 
And the exam pie of thofe noble Bcra?ans is com- 
mended unto us, AB, 17. 1 1, 12, that fearched 
the Scriptures dayly, concerning thofe things 


■ »l ■ Ill-Ill 

and perpetuall Quicie. 

that were delivered by Pa'il'^Thtref^re maij &fthe?n 

Therefore it is a grievous negled, that people 
in thefe dayes are guilty of; that neither confcrre 
concerning the Word, they arc aihamcd of it, 
and (which is a fearefull reproach unto them) the 
fVord of God is a ref roach unto them^ler.S, lo. nor 
yet repeat Sermons in their families 5 they are 
like Martha^Luke 1 0,41 , troubled about fo many 
worldly occafions : nor yet examine and fearch 
the Scriptures : Arid therefore are eafily carried 
about with every winde of Do<5trincj and never 
eftablifhed and fetled in the Truth. 

4 Wee are to put in pra^ik whatfoever wee 
heare, till that our hearts and lives are quite chan- 
ged by it : lam, i • zr, Be ye doers of the tyordy and 
not hearers entlj^ deceiving your Ofi'ne foitles : i, they 
cozen themfelves by falfe reafonings and argu- 
mentSj or by fophifticall Syllogifmes, rcafoning 
after this or the like manner. 

He that hearts thefford^ if a good ChriBian, 
But I heart the fVord^ ^c. 

Or thus : 
He that hearts nct^fhaU he damned^ 
But / heare the word: 
Therefore J jhall be faved. 
But how doth this follow ? For though i he 
negledt or contempt of the Word is fufficient to 
condemnc a man, yet the hearing of the Word is 
not fufficient to fave a man. 

Well, obedience is the end of hearing, Deut, 
5,1. Hcarey OJfraeiy the Statutes nhich / jfeate in 



A fourth <Iutyj 

i8S I The Saints fure 

jioitr cares this day ^ that ye may learne them^ and keepe 
them^ and doe them. The like ye finde, lam. i • 2 5. 
Yea, obedience to the Word ruuft be fpeedic, 
without any delaycSjOrprocrailinacionSi as it is 
faid of the Cololfians, Col, i , 6. that the Gofpcl 
brought forth fruit in them, from the very day 
they heard ir,and knew the grace of God in truth. 
And the Prophet David relolved, l^faL 119.60. 
I made ha ji^ and proUn^ed nst the time to keepe thy 
C^mmandements^ And this is a (ingular frame of 
heart 5 becaufe the putting of the Word in pra- 
(^ifc immediately, is a great advantage to the 
hearer : feeing thcn,the afteftions of the heart are 
quicke,and lively; which with delaycs dye, and 
decay very fuddenly. 

Now, alas, for the wondcrfull paucitie of fuch 

obedient hearers j for very few doc pradife any 

thing they hcare,leavc any {inne,ordoeany dutie: 

and therefore they muft needs prove like the Houfe 

bBilton the Sand • when the time of tryall (hall 

come, they muft needs fall^/l/rftKy. 2 7. Againe,' 

there arc many that in hearing have good motions 

and purpofes 5 but ihey are like the fluggard,that 

PrwL»4.5 j,34. faid,?"e^ a little flumbefyyet a little Jletfe-^ fo,becau fe 

they delay, they vanifh and come to nothing : of 

whom, in rcfped of their fpirituaH povertie, 

it may be faid which Salomon fpeakes ; 

I ^Hif povertie [hall come as one that 

traielleth^znd his trant as 

AH armed man, 


and perpetual/ Cjuicie. 



to this Treatife of the 

W O R D. 

Pr^ov. ,13. 12,, , ; 

He that def^tfet^ th fVord^fhaUbe dejlnjad^^^ „ : 

Y the 6cca{iph of which worthy IBtj 
bur ChriftMri rneditatiOns be a lit- 
tle faftened upon the greatneflfe of 
the finne of contemning and defpi- 
fing of the Word . My meaning is, 
not to handle it as a Tcxt,but onely to take a hiot, 
to begin to lay downe the danger of this epide- 
mical 1 and ordinarie difcafe, that fo exceedingly 
fprcads in thefe daycs; and then to adde fomc 
meanes and dir'eiStidnSjto make us to be prepaired- 1 
ly and profitably converfant about fo greaiJ knl 
Grdinanceas the hearing of the Word. j 

WE of this Land ( let us-now open obr 
eyes to fee it ) have certainely moft 
fearefully and curfedly finned againft 
God, and provoked his fierce wrath againft us, by 



The Saints fur e 

contempt of his holy Word • by (hutting our 
eyes againft the heavenly Light of the Gofpel, 
which hath bcene brought amongftus ^ by not 
prizing the Minifterie which we have now enjoy- 
ed a long time,nor profiting by it : nay^by w ickcd 
oppofingitjWith fecret perfecution at the Icaft, 
andcruell mockings. 

In the firft placcjconfider the crie of this finne, 
and the curfes it brings , from fuch places as 
thefc, . . ♦ 

Firft, //>. 2^, II. and both before, and after: 

Andthevijionofali (faith the Prophet) is become 

untd you at the irordf of a Bsske that ufeaUcL^ ^c. So 

may I juftly fay ; All the vifions, revelations, dif- 

covcries of the myfterie of Chrift, opening of all 

Gods counfels ^ all the cxpofitions, interpretari- 

ons,applications of the Miniftery of moft places, 

have becne unto the moft of us ; a fearefull thing 

1 fpeakCjbut moft true, and to be lamented with 

teares of bloud ^ as the mrds of a Booh that isfeakdy 

which they deliver to one that can reade , faying^ Reade 

thif^ I pray thee : ThenjhaU he fay^ I cannot 5 for it is 

fealed. And the Beoke if given to him that cannot readcy 

faying^ Reade this ^i^ fray thee : and he ^aUfay^ I cannot 

fjeade. That is, all the Sermons they fhall heare, 

and all the heavenly Meftagcs are brought them 

from God, fliall be as a fealed Booke to a learned 

raan,or an open Booke unto an Ideot. They fhall 

ftarc in the face of the Minifter,when he is cleare- 

ly unfolding the great myfterie of godlinefle,and 

fiialhnot be able to underftand him ; they (hall 

have their owne Confcience unript to the quicke, 


1 and perpetual/ Quide. 

by the power of the Word, and fhall not perceive 
it} they fl-i all have their fwect finnc difcovered, 
and damned unto the pit of Hell, by evident and. 
imanrvvcrabledemonftrationoutof the Booke of 
God^and yet have no power to leave it : Vox the 
lijm of the Frofhcts (faith the Prophet in the fore- 
cited Chapter) is become umo thsm as the words cf a 
Bookie fealed up. And therefore,aiI the Dodrine of 
falvation, though it drop upon them as the raine, 
and ftill as the deaw,lliali be but unto their hearts 
as unto the hardeft rockes 5 all holy admonitions 
and reproofes,as arrovves lliot againft a ftone-wall; 
all facrcd LefTons offered and urged upon their 
Confciences, be as a Scale ftampt upon water, 
which receives no impreflion. O raofl wofuU and 
fearefuU eftate ! 

Secondly, /fa,2 8.^. whom jbal^ he teach knowledge^ 
&c, Th is is not as many underftand it,That peo- 
ple mu ft have alittle by little preached unto them, 
but itisacurfe upon them. As if he fhould fay ; 
They are nothing fitter to the difciplinc of the 
knowledge of God,than infants new Iyweaned,to 
receive any inftru dion. For Precept mufi be upon Pre- \ 
cept^&c, rerf.io, A$ if he fhould fay:They muft 
be taught as little children,a little atpnce, and 
have oft repeated over and over • and yet they can 
I lesrne nothing to doe them good,chiefely concer- 
ning their repentance, and efcaping Gods ludge- 
ments : I would to God it were not too evident, 
by long and dolefull experience. That our Mini- 
fterie hath done lefTe good amongft the elder 
fott 3 and men of much worldly wifedome , for 

^ bringing 




T^he Saints fure 

bringing them to any found and comfortable 
knowledge in Gods Word, than amongft little 

lhixd\W:iEzech,i 3 . 30,3 1,32,3 3 . ^nd loe^ thou 
art unto them m 4 vtr^ lovely Song of one that hath a 
pleafant voice, (^c. And is it not fo with us ? That 
even to fome that fceme to be friends, and to de- 
light in the Minifterie, the Word is become as 
if it had loft all power to turne them from their 
finne,to.thc holy way • from plauiible formalitic, 
to faving forwardnelTe, Heare a Charadcr of 
them, /yi. 5 8 . 2 . Tet they feeke me dayly^ and delight 
to knovf my wayes^as a Nation that did right eoufnejfcy 
and forfloke not the Ordinance of their God : they ash 
of me the Ordinances ofJuftice^ they take delight in 
approaching to Ced. They may heare the Word 
gladly, as iierod did , and perhaps obfervc the 
Meflenger, &c. but they will not ftirre an ynch 
further from {lnne,and neerer to God ; fay what 
he will, let him preach out his heart, they will 
ft ill hugge their bofome-ftnne,and hold exa<!ijy 
their hcartlefle formes and formall fafliions in 
Religion,after five thoufand Sermons ; They are 
all unto them, as a lovely Song of one that hath a 
fweet voice; and leave no more imprellion upon 
their Confciences , than a pleafant Leflbnupon 
the Lute,upon the eare,whcnit is ended. 

Fourthly, ler, 23.33. ^^^ ^^^^ this people , or a 
Prophet^ or aPrieH fhall as he thee^ fiyi^g^ ^^t is the 
burthen of the Lord i (jfc. Nay, hath not the curfed 
finne of loathing this heavenly Manna, beene 
found among us ? Hath not our much Preaching 


and ferpetuall (juide. 


beenc accounted a burtheOja weariromeneflrcjand 
a trouble ? yea, as here it was once unto the 
lewes 5 a matter of fcorne, and reproach ? The 
JLord complaines grievoufly, in the quoted place, 
of this (Inne ; how they tooke up this cuftome 
amongfl: therajConcerning the faithfull preaching 
of all the true Prophets, to aske fcoffingly ; frhat 
is the burthen of the Lord ^ Thus making a (come 
of all the right difcoverie of their (innes,and the 
found denunciation of Gods Judgement, calling 
it by the name of a Burthen . the Lord chargeth 
them raoft feverely, that they fhould not ufe that 
difdainefull fpeech any more. Hee tells them, 
how that they had perverted and abufed the holy 
Word of the ever-living God,thc Lord of Hoafts; 
and withall dircds them , what phrafe of fpeech 
they fhould ufe, when they fpeake of his Word 
fent unto them by his true Prophets ; That thus 
each fhould demand,in reverence of his Majeftie : 
fvhat hath the Lord atifrered ; or , ff^hat hath the Lord 
jj^oken ^ And to leave off thofe reproachfull taun- 
ting tearmes , Pf^hat is the burthen of the Lord ^ Or 
otherwife, hee would furely be avenged of them 
for this finnc j as we may fee in the denunciation 

Fifthly, ley,';, 4, S, ^5 1 o, 1 1 . TruH not in lying 
mrds J faying^ The Ttwfle of the Lor d^ the Temple of 
I the Lord^ &c. They rcfled upon the outward 
formes of Gods worfhip, without reformation. 
It is juft our cafe. Many amongft us facisfic 
therafelves,and thinkc it will ferve the turnc for 
falvation, if they reft upon the Sabbath, hcare the 

(o) Word, 


The Saints fure 

Word , receive the Sacrament, and conforme to 
the outward exercifes of Religion • though they 
abide in their rinnes,and have no acquaintance at^ 
all with the power of the Word , the Myftcrie' 
of Chrift, converfion to God, or holy convert 
fat ion. 

Sixtly, 7/4. 6, 9y 10. Goe tell this feople . Heare 
ye indeedj hut underftand not • fee ye indeed^ but pcr^ 
ceive not : make the heart of this people fat, and make 
their eares heavie^ afid jhut their eyes^ le^ (^c. Oh, 
this is heavic , that a Minifter fhoald be fent to a 
further hardening of a people ! And yet it is juft 
with God 5 and they fliail feele it on their Bed of 
Death. The Thccfeonthe Croflfe was converted 
with a piece of a Sermon, they are not wrought 
upon after many yecres ; therefore it is ju ft with 
Godj as an ad of judgement, becaufc they would 
not come in, after fo long a time, to give them 
over to fuch judicial] hardnefle. 

Confidcr thefe things,and tremble all yec that 
have any wayes ftrucke at the face of Chrift, by 
contempt of his Minifterie. For the humbling 
of your foules into the duft, for this horrible 
finnc ; perufe in bleeding hearts, in fecret, that 
blacke and bloudie Catalogue of fearefull pro- 
vocations, which are ordinarily to be found in, 
and certainely fet upon the Score of fuch as hate 
to be reformed under a confcionaWe Minifterie. 
Which made Chrift fay, Toh, 15.22. If I had not. 
come and fpoken unto them^ ^c, 

i^ Defpifing it; fhutting their eyes againft 
that glorious Light, ercded in their faces, to 


and perpetual I Qutde. 

leade them to Heaven. See Math.io.i^, wh- 
fbezer jhaff not receive yet^^ftor heare ymrwords^ trhen 
yee depart out §fthat houfe^ or Citie^ fljah off the dufit 

Here is a notable place, to affright all thofe 
that are unworthie partakers of the Minifterie. 
For the underftanding whereof, take notice of 
chefe five points. 

1 It is as if they fhould fay ; Here I have 
gone a long journey, and have contradedduft 
and fand by my travell, and taken a great de-ale 
of paines • and loe, here I rtiake off this duft, in 
witnefl[e,thatyou had Chrift offered you^and you 
would not accept him . 

2 To intimate unto them • I care not for 
any of you, or yours , but onely I feekethe good 
of your foulcs , I rcfpedi: not fo much as the 
duft 5 I prize more the converfion of any of 
your foules, than all yours ; and this duftriiall 
vvitnefTe it. 

3 They fhookc off the duft , as a witnefTe : 
I will have nothing to doe with this Citie^ for 
I know, the Plagues and Judgements of God will 
fcizedn this place 5 as it was with Sodome and 
Gomorrah; I will have no commuQion and fo- 
cietie with thcfc wicked people. 

4 They did fhakc off the duft, to intimate 
that deftru<ftion (hould come upon them. For 
it is faid , Pfalwe i. That they fhould be dri- 
ven away as the duft : As that is fhakcn with 
the windc, fo lliall they be with the wrath of 

(02) 5 In 



The Saints fure 



5 In teftimonie and witnefTe again ft them : 
This very duft fhall be witncfle againft thcna. 
Doe you thinke then, that their Sermons and 
Catechifing (hall not ? If the dull that they ga- 
thered by their paincSjVvill be witnefle- what will 
all their Sermons, and praying , and fuch paines 
be ? Now this finnc of defpifing the Word, is a 
fmne above that of Sodome, rerf, 15. Tm/y, it 
fhailbe more eafiefaK Sodome and Gomorrah^ in the Day 
of ludgementy than for that Citie, 

2 Murmuring againft it, /oh. 6,^1 . LuLi^.z, 

3 Cavilling againft it, ^^.13. 45. 

4 Contemning it,/fr.44.i (5. ^^.17.18. ^4f 
wiU this Babbler fa^ .^ They accounted PjlmIs preci- 
ous preaching, vaine babbling. 

5 Mocking and fcorning it , 2 Chran,^s.i6, 
Mi, 1,1'^, 

6 Perfecuting it, Math, 10, 2 3. And fo they 
become like mad Dogges throvvne into a River 
or tycd up in a Chaine , which doe fnarle aCjbite., 
and tcare thofe that put out their hands to heipe, 
and fet them frec; fearing,they come to torture 
and to trouble them more. luft fo it is with 
many prophane wretches , which lye drowned 
in finnejand chained in Sathans fetters ; If a 
man put out his hand , by the Minifterie of the 
Word , to fave tftem from iinkino; into Damna- 
tion, and to free them from the Snares of evcr- 
lafting death • they rage and raylc , they barke 
and bite like mad Dogges, holding themfelves 
to be difquieted, difgraced, and tormented before 
their time. 



and perpetuall Quide. 


Thus yoahave fecnc the fixe Curfes , and the i 
fixe Sinnes, that the not profiting by the Word 
doth bring upon a people. 

2 Now, in the fecond place, let me tender to 
your moft ferious thoughts fome quickening 
Motives, for the ftirring of you up to profic by 
the Word* 

I Some taken from the Word it felfe,the Mi- 
nifterie whereof you have flighted. 

What then is the blcffed thing you have fo 
wickedly abufcd ? It is, 

1 The Word fif SalvationyAB, 13.2^. No other 
Word, Or created Power, can fave your foules 
from Hell. 

2 T he iV9rd ef TruthyEfh, i . 1 3 . There is error 
in all other Truths, whether Natural), or Morall, 
or Pohticall : and goe to any Art,there is weakc- 
neffc and infirmitie in the braine of man , that 
there can be no certaintic J but here is all Truth, 
and here is infellibilitie , you need not doubt 
of any. 

3 It is called the f^ofd of Ltfe^ PhiLi . i ^. All 
other Learning whatfoevcr,when it hath furniilied 

I you with ornaments and parts , it leaves your 
I foules fiarke dead in finnes and trefpafies. But 
I this hafVordofLife^it infpires fpirituali,Life,and 
I brings eternall Life. 

j 4 It is called a hk'^ord of Reconciliation^ 2 Cor. 5 . 
j 19. Let the Sea runne nothing but Gold5and let 

Heaven and Earth be turned into Gold and Sii- 
j ver,and offered unto God, it could not reconcile 

us. If all the creatures would lofe their being, 
I ( <^ 3 ) ^^ 


The Saints fare 

Scrip tura facta, 
mfi qutedtm Epi' 
fiok .Omnifoten' 
turam fuam ? 

be annihilated , and come to nothing; yet this 
could not fave /w^^, or any one reprobate : but 
the Word hath beenc a bleilcd inftruinent, for re- 
conciling many foulcs to God . 

5 It is, as it were, an Epiftlc or Letter (as one 
of the Fathers calls it) written from God AI- 
mightie unto us miferable men ; wherein hee 
writes his Will and Word, and fends it to us : 
the Miniftcrs are the readers of it, and they bring 
the newes from Heaven. And what is the matter 
of it ? Concerning eternaUlife,or eternal] death, 
concerning the good of your foules. Now, if 
you had a private Letter come from the King, 
concerning your advancement , or your delive- 
rance and forgivcneffe for fome dangerous Trea- 
fottjorboth ; how would you take this Letter, 
and how often would you reade it , with what: 
-fv ill in gneffe of affection ? Nowjhere is an Epiftle 

fent from Heaytn, to aduife you, that you are all 
Traitors and Rebels againft Heaven j and yet here | 
in this Letter, God offers the bloud of his Sonne, 
and you may be reconciled : and will you ne^ed : 
it ? This is the matter of this Epiftle ; it brings 
matter of deliverance from the greareft Curfe 
that can befall the creature, and the greateft ad- 
vancement. • 

6 It is the bottomelellc Treafurie of all high^ 
fwcet,and excellentcft things : The Myfterie of 
thcTrinitie, the Majcftic of God, the Lo\e of 
God,andof Chrift., his fufferings, the Spirits 
workings, the happineffe of the Saints, and the 
glory of Heaven, &C. 

7 Jc 

and perpetuall (fuide. 


7 Ic muft be our Judge at the laft day, lok 1 2 . 
48. Every honeft Sermon , is but the Word of 
God unfolded ; and a bunch of Arrovves wrapped 
up, and unfolded, are all one. 

8 It onely can cure a wounded Confciencc , 
the greateft calamitie that ever the heart of man 
was acquainted withj and that which no Arme of 
fle(h,or created Power, no man or Angel, can cafe 
at all. 

9 In it onely arc to be had Deeds and Evi- 
dences, to fliew foretcrnall Life 5 and Acquittan- 
ces, for difcharge from eternall Death. 

1 o It hath faved all the foules that are i-n Ucsl- 
ven, ^tfw. 10. 13, 

II It onely is the objc^ of divine and infufed 
Faith. Humane teftimonics and authorities be- 
get oncIy humane Faith : Therefore you muft 
reverence this Word. 

2 Some Motives taken from the moft feare- 
fuU and curfed eftate of thofe who negledi: and 
rejed the Mjisifterie of the Word , hating to be 
reformed by it. Marke and take to heart thine 
unfpeakable miferie, whofoever thou art, that de- 
fpifeft the Minifterie : Take a tafte of it, in thefe 

1 They are deprived by this meancs of the 
love and favour of Godjthe onely fountaineof all 
comfort,pcace,and glory, which is infinitely the 
deareft and moft unvaluable loflc , that can be 

2 Of their part and portion in the bloud of 
Chrift ; one drop whereof, is incomparably more 

(04) worth 


The Saints fure 

worth than Heaven and Ean:h,men and Angels,or 
the creatures ofa thoufand Worlds. 

3 Of the fatherly protcdion, care, and provi- 
dence of the blefled Trinitie, the glorious guard 
of Angels, the comfortable communion of the 
blcfled Saints , and all the (vveet contentments 
that follow thence. 

4 Of the quiet joy and tranquilitie of a good 
Coiifcience ; a lewell farre more worth than the 
whole World , were it all turned into one un- 
valuable Pearic of unvaluable price r and of all 
the heavenly illuminations, cherifhrnents, and' 
comforts, wherewith the Holy-Ghoil: is wont to 
vifit and refreOi the hearts of holy men. 

5 Of the fweet peace and true contenttnent 
in this life, and of all comfortable rfght and 
religious intereft to any of the creatures : For, 
without a good Confcience, there was never 
found joy in any mans heart, or fan\5lificd en- 
joyment of any thing in the World ; and never 
fhall any man have a good Confcic*tice,rhat gives 
allowance to any Lu{l:,or lives delightfully in 
any finne.. 

^ Of a Crowneof Lifejthcunfpeakablc joyes 
of Heaven, that immcafurable and endleffe com- 
fort that there fhall be had with all the children of 
God, Pattiarkes,Prophets,Apoftles, Martyrs, all 
our Chriftian acquaintance • yeajwith the Lord 
himfelfc,and all Angels jwith Chrift our Saviour 
and Lambejflainc for usjthe Prince of (Sloryjyea, 
the Glory of Heaven and Earth, and brightnelT^ 
of the everlafting Lightj &:c. 


and perpetual/ Cjuide. 

To thefe privative confequentSj adde a ferious 
confidcration upon thofe terrible iiammg placesj 
Deut,29, 19^20, Prov,i, 23,24. I'fr.e* ^,10. 
I Sam, 3.25. -^H. 1 3 . 4^. 

By continuing thy contemptjand rejeding the 
Light of the Gofpel , thou raayeft come, thou 
knoweft not how foone,to finne again ft the Holy- 
Ghoftjas the Pharifes did, Math. 12. 24,3 1. 

For finne again ft the Holy-Ghoft may be com- 
mitted as well, 

1 By thofe, who although they doe acknow- 
ledge and confcfle the Truth , which they doe 
blaCpheme ; yet they have not yet profefled it, 
or given up their names to it , as were thofe 
Scribes and Pharifes : and there arc many fuch 
in thefe dayes , who have not as yet given their 
name to the Truth , which yet notwithftanding 
being well knowne and acknowledged, they doe 

2 As thofe,who have not only acknowledged 
in themfelves the Truth that they blafpheme, but 
have piofeiTed the fame before others5that are the 
favourers of Truth; as lulianyPorfhjrim^Akxander 
the Copper-fmith, and many others : of which^ 
you may fee Heh, 6,& 10, So, many amongft us 
at this day. 

3 Some taken from the furvey of thofe judge- 
ments, which contempt of the Minifterie may 
bring-upon the place where it is planted. 

1 It may remove the CancHeliicke^and Be pla- 
gued with the utter lofle of the Minifterie. Con- 
{idcr,^4(^.8,34..c6' 10.13. c&* 21.41.. 

2 Thcv 



^he Saints fur e 

2 They may have Prophets, but fuch as are 
fooles^ they may have men of the Spirit,but thofe 
that be w/rf, Ho[,^, 7. By afoolcy is meant not a 
naturallj but fpirituall foole, Prov. 1.8. /^r. 4, 
22. Ifa,^, 10, By mad, is underftood not a man 
out of his wit^or diftrac^ed in minde,but he that 
likeamtad Dogge rageth and rayleth againft the 
Truth of God, and finccritieof his Saints j which 
is a great judgement. 

3 They may enjoy faithfull Teachers , but 
to their further hardening, as the Ifraelites did 
/faiahy I fa. 6. ^, 10, Which of all other judge- 
ments that God can inflid in this life,is the mod 

4 By this meanes ^ they may make fad the 
heart and affe^ions of their Teachers, that they 

•^cannot with that chearefulneCe as they defirc, 
performe the offices of their Minifteric : Which 
as it difcourageth the Teachers, (and will one day 
light heavie on the caufers and procurers thereof) 
fo it is unprofitable for the hearers, and deprives 
them of much good they might otherwife enjoy . 
as appeares, Heb, 13.17. 

4 Some from confiderationof thofe confu- 
fionsanddefolationsjwhich it pulls with great 
violence even upon whole Kingdomes. Lookc 
upon fuch places as thefe : 2 Chron,-^ 6, 1 6^\^^&c, 
^er,2<^,^.S'c, &Cap,'^'^,i$, Rev,6,/\.,&c, 

The glorious Light of thofe feven Candle- 
ftickes in Afia, mentioned in the Revelatiom^ was 
long fince, for their unfruitfulnefic, coIdnefTcjand 
contempt of the Word , turned into the darkc 


and perfetmll (juide. 


Midnight of Hcrcfie, Apoftafie, and Mahome- 
tifnrie. Rome, that was anciently the glory of 
the Wefterne Churches, lyes now drowned in 
Superftition, foaking in damnable Idolatry , and 
plunged over head and cares in the Do6^rine of. 
Devils. Many ftrong and noble Limbes of the 
reformed Churches in high Gerraanie have lyen 
for fome yceres in their teares of bloudjgroaning 
under the mercilefTe tyrannic of the bloudie An- 
tichriftiansjand have wofully received the marke 
of the Bea^ againc. Novir afTuredly, it was the 
loathing the heavenly Manna , which made the 
Lord to utter hk^oice before the Armie of the 
enemies at Prague, and other places. It was 
their fpirituall coldnefle , which (harpened the 
I Papifts (words aguinft them ; It was their not 
! entertaining the Truth, with the love and power 
of it, which gave the Imperiallifts power over 

3 In a third place, take fome helpes and re- 
medies, to become profitable bearers and faving 
; proficients by the Minifterie you enjoy* which 
hath thus long beene ( it is a reproachfuU and 
rufull thing I fpeake) the favour of death unto death 
unto the mo ft. 

I *Be perfwaded to beleeve and obey the blef- 
fed Commandement of our Saviour himfelfeg 
^ath, ^,32. Seeke ye firB^ the Kingdome ofGod^and 
the righteoufneffe thereof ^ in the fir ft place ; a^d ali 
other things ^all It added to jou. To which bee 
quickened, by confidering, 

I To what end wee came into this World. 




Set n^stelfi 

The Saints Jure 

What a wofull and bewitched people are they, 
who being rcafonable creatures, having an under- 
ftanding Light, like the Angels of God ; having 
eyes in their heads,to fore-fee the wrath that is to 
come i hearts in their bodies, that can tremble as 
the leaves of the Forcft,which are fhaken with the 
windcj ConfcicnceSjthat are capable of unfpcak- 
able horror j bodies and foules, which can burne 
in Hell for ever : and yet fome have lived twcntie, 
fomc thirtic, fome fortie, fome fixtie yeeres . and 
yet to this day,have not learnt one found fpirituall 
Le{Ibn,for the true good of their foules,either out 
of the Bookc of God, the Booke of Nature, the 
Workcs of God, or any other way ? Why, to 
what end doe you thinke were you created, and 
put into this World ? To catc, and drinke, and 
ileepc ; to lye,and fweare,and root in the Earth 5 
to Dice and Card, and goe in the Fadiion • to 
contemnc the Miniftcrie 5 {hamefully to belye, 
flander,andrayle upon Gods people, as too pre- 
cife 5 to die,and then not to be damned ? A ffu- 
redly, thou waft not borne, and placed upon the 
Earth,for to ferve thine owne turne,to pleafe thine 
owne heartjto follow thine owne waycs,to live for 
avvhilehkeaBeaft in fenfuall contentments, and 
then to goe to Hell. Ccrtainely , thou waft fcnt 
into this World for fome other end,for (bme grea- 
ter bufincfle and important affaire . even for chat 
Ofje neceJiArie things Luke 10.42. to know, ferve, 
and obey thy G-od,and to fave that precious Soule 
of thine in the Day of Chrift ; to feeke firft the 
Kingdomcof Heaven, to know and fcele the ver- 


and per^etmll (juicie. 

tue of Chrifts death and rcrurrc(5Vion. This, I 
fay, is that One necefarie thing : All other things 
are but refpe^livcly neccHarie , ^o farre as they 
further this end ; ought onely to be fubordinate, 
and contributoric; nay,to be accounted but drojfe 
and dung^ to this, Phil, 3.10. 

2 Confider, that upon this moment depends 

3 what is a man profit ed^ if he fhal/gaine the tvhole 
rvorld^And kfe hit mne fiule ^ Math, 16,26, 

4 The difFefence of the life and death of the 
Chriftian and Carnallift. 

2 Take the counfell of the holy Apoftle , 
Col, 3,1^. Let the tverd of Chri^ dmll in you richly^ 

I By hearing it in feafon^and out offeafon^ 2 Tim, 
4.2. Preachers and hearerSjare relatives. Chrifti- 
an hearers in ancient times heard their Paftours 
day after day. 

( i) a Becaufe yeBerday me made mention of the 
Theefe^ C^c, faith ^mbrofe. Which implycs his 
preaching the day before, 

(2) ^ Tou that were here ye Berda%(^c, Which 
impiyes his preaching the day before. In another 
place ; ° I fuppofe^you remcmherhoty farre ttedifcour- I deaffuifHSi&c 
fed yefter day : from that v^ry pla^e Jet U6 to da) begin, I '^«l"i'^-^«^^33. 
Elfevvhere he faith : ^ From rrhence tre fj>ake much c ^o'ufque he. 
yeflerday. Againe •, * Tefterday ne came even to that , fi^^^° ^^'^ ^'ir'"- 
yerfe^ &€, ^ Teflerdayes Sermon was frotraVted^ ^c, \ ^^^^J^lchJ. 

tatem ve^ram y ex ipf« loco hfdJe fitmawm exordium. Idem iff Pfa!.:^ Cone %• ^ "onde 
heTxerho die multuta locuti (umm^ Idem Expof. in Johan.pag v.. « Hsjkrno die perveKiifmits 
autm bfcfit ad i^um veYfm^&e, lism in P/kl,^d . Cose. 2. f Hepnu-z fermo poua Slus.O-c, 
IdemtnPfal.^By Coac.z, 



Se« my Booke 
of walking 
with God, 

Sec Cbryfe^omc 
upo the place, 

About which, 
fee Chiyf.tom.%. 
ftriiL contra Gw 


Ssc Au[lin.co}tf. 
Hb,6. fag.i6i. 

* ^oniam he- 
Jlemediede la, 
ttone fecimui 

Ambrof.de (an^o 
l> ^i hcjlefno 


The Saints fure 

8 Pojleriarpifi 

i'f.dmiide quo 

heflemo die io' 

ciiti [I'.miiSy&c, 


Cane. I, 

*» Hep.ernodie 

Vptlbiev'iot tiA- 


idem in Pfil. 


fitga in meliiis 
mummcm fa* 
tiat : etfi enim 
bsri zynudim 
tsrtiiii de hdc 
vehii locHtmpirrt 
mreria, neque 
tamtnhodiedefi- j 
ncque fcrendt!, 
eadtm perfua* 
dere. Cbryfo^l. 
4d Pcp,Antio6^' 

Sec him in 


at « 

^ Movent me 
qu'idert (fratres) 
ad hum fermn- 
nei» veipcrtlna 

i Bd/// the great. 

K jhe Utter fart of the Pfalme , of irhich wee fj^ake 
yc^hrdayy'(^c. ^ TeBerday a ^oorter Pfalme was 

(3) ^ Firf} therefore let m perftvade you^ that you 
muld amend and abandon your Oathes : For ahhoicgh 
I f^ake of the fame matter yeBerday^ and the day be- 
fore that • yet notmthjlanding^ I mil mt ceafe to day, 
nor to morrotv^ nor the day after that, to perftvade the 
fame things. Whence it ^ppeares, that hec prea- 
ched the day- before , and the day before that j 
and would preach the day following , and the 
' day after that. 

(4) ^ Telterdayes fght (Brethren) frovohed me 
to this Sermon^ &c. This Sermon was made upon 
Eafter Monday • and no doubt, he had preached 

(5) 1 Teherday, &c. To day tvee mU dtfcourfe 
brief ely of Baptifme^ and the benefits that flow from 
thence to us : although ye^erday our f^eech didflotv 
more haHily from us, both becaufe the time did urge^ 
as alfo leaji length of fj>eech fhould beget difdaine 

\ and fatietie : for the fatietie ofj]>eech is no leffe an 
enemie to' the eares , than too much meate is to the 
body, Thefe Orations were divine, and as Ser- 
mons; and this was made on the day immedi- 
ately after an holy-day. The Grecke Church 
at that time celebrated thedayof ChriftsBap- 


&lHMm,quib(udtt Pafch* pnpi'hm ajfeSlum viJit, pag ^%i. ' Hefterw die &f, hoi'iede 
Jkiptiff/:o AC bcntfjcMi inde ad ms prorrantt/ite^brevJter di^revtut, He^ma luce ms orat'tp frte- 
te>jliix-t,tuMi quia ttmpm nrgcbttt , turn ne faUidittm fatietatemque fermtnii proHxitM pareret. 
Ser munis quippe fatietoi mnmims attribm inim'ica eUtquam cibtts immodicm corpori, Na^an\en. 
Tom,i. Orat.no, infantum taptijmay pag, ^14. 

_^{6) "If 

and perpetual/ Cjuide, 


j 207 

{6) m If joH rememkr.inyelierdayes Serm?2^&c. 'T]~~^ 
Chr^fosfome in his tenth Homily upon Genefu^ \hefimwfemonc, 
expoitulating with his people, becaufe they ,^^'^^^^ff^' 
were fo few, tells them. That every houre of the j "b/Jt.'&S'tm, 
day is feafonable to heare a Sermon ., nay , the 
very night is not unfeafonable, for fiich a pur- 
pofe ; urging for proofe thereof, the place I 
preft before, 2 T;;». 4. 2. and Pa;ils practice, 
AB. 20. preaching untill midnight. Thefeare 
his words, « J^hat meancs />, that there is a IcJJe 
dj^embly efyou^ te day , and not fo frequent a multi- 
tude ef thofe 3 nho fUcke to us I For it is not ft rvith 
f^iritftaU things as mth humane , tchich Are divided 
r^ depermined times : Every time of the day if fit 
for a fj>irjttta^ Sermon, And tvhat doe I fay^ the day 
time ^ ^ea, if the night fhould come upon us , it doth 
not prejudice or hinder f^irituaU teaching. For both 
Paul rvriting to Timothy^ faid : Be inftant in feafon 
and out of feafon, &c. And againe^ heare blefed 
S, Luke, faying : Paul being about to depart on 
the morrow , prolonged his Sermon to the mid- 
dle of the night. TeU mee, I pray thee , did the 
time hinder ^ Was therefore his mrd of DoBrine hin- 
dered / 

Auftin fometimes preached thrice *upon the 
fame day. <> Doe not wonder, deare Brethren, if I 
have preached thrice to daj^ God ajfliing me : There 
hath happened to dai 4 fearefuU chance, ^c, 

^^ ■>-'•' r peflive,&c. 

Et ittnm audi bentum tucam^ dkemem i DifccflTtiras craftino Pauliis, &c. Scrmonem 
produxit ad mcdiam no^em. }J»m tempm obfuit , die qu^fo ? lium propkrca dcSima 
fovio mpeditm ? «■ "Nm mhemm , fratret chari/Jimi, fi hodle te> fcrmonem , Deo Alt' 
xUianie perfecm, Mcidit hodil Urribiiii cafm, &t. Tom. lo. pan. a. ad fit aim m ErsmOy 
Saw. 33. 


•* ^tdmm^ 
vultyqnod m'mw 
efikedie veft:r 
can vent Hi «> w- 
f/equetii thea- 
trufft eorum qui 
h'on emmuthn- 
marue rei^ua^ 
jp'tritudes ad dc- 
finita tempora 
dijiindie Junt, 
Sermoni ^iritn- 
all omne diet 
temptts idcneHm 
fuerit. Etqaid 
dico dhi tempui? 
Neque fi vox 
mgrual, ^iritw 
alt do5lfin<« prie- 
iiditai. 'Frop' 
terea ^ Time- 
then Taulm 
foibtm d:!cb.i»^ 
Infta tcnape- 
ilive, inrem- 


fijttii lucii huiui 
ljchm» s<iiiam 

oleum duntaxat 
extmeret, luccm 
Minyie^eL : Ita 
habet &donum 

Vetera, inqmty 
^fatlum efi 
mne^diei unm, 
Sed hi JioHri de 
illavefpira fer- 
moneiab hie 
vif^era iam oc- 
cupatiyh'tc orati- 
oni mjlra fincm 
impenunt. Hex- 
em. Hem. I, ad 



* P)ide EpifcopS 
neeeffe t^ in fin- 
guloi ut fie di- 
cam did femen- 
^Altt affuetudint 
auinorum Animi 
retinere poffint. 
De Sace/d. l6. 

The Saints fur e 

Chryfi^ome in the Evening,as we may fee in his 
eleventh Homily upon i 77?eJ'.5.faith hec; Eve» 
as^ if any one jhould caB water on the tcieke ^ this 
Candle^ orfljoM onely take away the OyUy hee tvould 
fut out the Light j [o ts it xoith the gift of the S fir it. 
He tookehis example from the Lampe that burnt 
by him when he was preaching,and iayes* Ton may 
quench this Lampe^ ^y putting in tvater 5 and you may 
quench it^ by taking out the Oyle, 

And great ^4/f/ alfo the like. The Evening and 
the Morning (faith he) is made ene Day, Bm thefeour 
Sermons concerning that Evenings now begwi from this 
Evening^ doe here pur an end to ourmrds, 

ChryfoBome almoft in all his Homilies upon 
Genejis^ faith in the beginningof his Sermon : 
Heri^ ifc, Yefierday I handled this or that^ or the 
like, Sttl,Hom,y, 2, Horn, j^., '^,Hom,ij, 
d^.Hom.iS, ^,Hom,i^, 6,Hom,2j, y,Hom,22, 
S,Hom,'^l, p,Mom,^/^.. io^Mem,^o, li,Hom.j^^, 
i2.Hom,/\.6, I2.H^W».4S. i^,Mom,^i, i^Mom, 
53. i5./f(?f».54. i^.//*w.55. iy,Iiom,^6, 18, 
Hom.'^y, i^.H(7^.58. 2oMom,'^^, 2i,Hom,6^, 
122, Horn, 6*). 

^uBin preached twice a day. 

ObjeB, Except perhaps they preached every 
day onely in Lent,&c. orbefides the Lords day, 
but onely upon holy-dayes^and their Eves. 

^nfw, Heare Chryfoftome fpeaking generally. 
* It it necejjarie, that a Bifhop jhould fotve his Seed 
every day^ as I ma) fo fay 5 that at the lea^^ b-j that 
dayly cuHome of Teachings the mindes of his hearers 
may retaine his mtrds, 


and perpetual! (juide. 


uiu^in hath the like. The ivord of God^ Mch is \ 
dajly opened unto m^ and after a fort broken to m^ is our 
dayly Bread : u4nd of our bellies hunger for that Bread^ 
fd doe our mindesfor this, 

ObjeB, If former and Primitive Times were fo 
full of Preaching, ho?v commeth it to pafTe^that 
our dayes will fcarce downe with twice a Sab- 
bath ? Sith the ancient Fathers preached dayly, 
how happeneth it5that many reputed great Schol- 
Icrs in thefe Times,preach fo feldome ? &c. 

-^nfvp. Firft, one Reafon may bean affe died hu- 
mour of man-pleafing, or felfe-preaching ; which 
is ambitioufly purfued, and mightily prevailcs 
abroad in the World. 

This,King Umes out of his deepe and Princely 
fWjifedome, conceived to be the caufc of fomany 
dayly^jcfedions from our Religion, both to Po- 
peric and Anabaptifmc. He calls it a light^ajfeBed^ 
and an unprofitable kind efTeaching^nhich hath beene of 
lateyeeres too much taken up in Vniierfitiey Citie^ and 
Countrey : In vphich (faith he) there is a muBering up 
of much reading^and a dif^Iajing ef their otvne rrits^&c, 
The(e are his owne words, in the Reafons of his 
dire<^ion for Preaching, j vo : 

Now you muft know,that to the fcraping and ! 
patching together of the garifli and gawdie pain- 
tings and unprofitable Pompe of a felfe-Sermon, 
there is required and ordinarily expe(Sed fucha j 
deale of curiofitie, varietie of extraordinarie con- ; 
ceitSjand trickcs of wit ; that it puts the Pen-man \ 
to a great deale of paineSjand tortures his wit ex- ; 
tremely. He dives with much adoe into the dung- j 

(p) hill! 

Verbum 'Dei 
qmd quotidie 
nobii aperitur ^ 
quodam mode 
frmgitHYy pam 
qHoiidlmm efl : 
&quomedo ittim 
puHcm vcntrci,fc 
tflum efur'iunt 
mentci. Angnfl. 
H0w.4a.Ex. JO, 

See InHruBioni 
ofeomfirting of' 
filled Confciett- 

See ^ufi. Cenf. 


Per'attm dd »9i 

eft Rcvercndiff'. 
frauem tiojirnfft 
velut uni!m,de ; 
tokk^&c.Greg. ' 
Roialiu quoque, 
(fpcaking of 
hui canjis^pijlo' 
loi ad diverfos 
dibat J Sed have 
rtbiu Qccupat'ione 
ianquam antfiria. 
fimicr habeti di 
^i,qH^ Dei flint, 
ve! aU^cutmetn 
zd ceSoiuthncitt 
fralernie oc ds' 
rr^tfikx familU' 
rhatii. Voffid.de 
vii. Aug. 

I ThcSai?2tsfure 

hill of many a Popifh Poftillcr,and phantafticall 
Frierj&c. For fuch,as Tu//y faid 0^ Antheny^do mag- 
no conatu magfios vuga^ Agere • they fvreac at it^vvich 
much vexing anKictie: And what then? Panun'tmf 
rftontes^ijfc.ihty detainc & delude the itching eares 
of unjudicious hearers with a little ayrie nourilli- 
mentjas the King fpeakes in the fore-cited place. 

The painfulneflfe then of this unprofitable way 
of Preaching; the irkcfome ted ioufnefTe of com- 
mitting of it fo pundually and precifely to me- 
morie 5 the fearefulneffe of deliverie, anddanger 
of being out ^ vaine-glorious doubtiDg,that they 
fhalj not be applauded as.they were wont- feare, 
left the ncKt time they fhould lefTen their former 
reputation of wit and reading, &c. 21 

Secondly, another Reafon may be, bccaufd Mi^^ 
niflers doe not fo much meditate a«d ftudy d'ivine 
and heavenly things, but trouble thcmfelves too 
much in the affaires of the World. Therefore the 
ancient Fathers, fpending their time,wits,and un- 
dprftanding wholly upon heavenly things, diving 
continually into themyfteries of Gods Booke, 
and preaching dayly, were able to preach often, 
and excellently : by their Minifteriall diligence 
and faith fulncffejthey attained fuch a happie rea- 
dindfife and habit,and fo enriched themfelves with 
heavenly ftore,that they were able,as oecafion was 
offered, to bring forth out of their Treafure thi)?gsnet» 
' And old '^ whereupon they were enabled to preach 
i fometimesupon (I'lOrt warning: So -5/?/?/ preached 
I his two Sermons iipon the fixedayesworke.when 
he had but that morning for medication* Sorae- 


and perpetuall Cjuide. 


D« Sap'JfrKO refi' 

ticneSjwichoutany premeditation; Co it feemes 
he preached his Tecond Sermon. And fo did ^/z- 
fiitt his Serinon^upon PfaL^^, It feemes therCjhis 
Brother Severus failing to comCjhe preached him- 
fcife. And I have told you heretofore of a Sermon Szcadfmm in 
which he made upon a fudden , occafioned by an £'^«'"='i^^'^*i3- 
heavie accident. And thefe Sermons were fiich, 
that they have bin thought worthy by the Church 
from time to time, to be conveyed and communi- 
cated to poftcrity. For in all my difcourfe,! am fo 
farre from giving any allowance to idle, imperti- 
ncntjOr anyway unlubftantiall Preaching ; that I 
hold it a very irkfome, and loath fome, and wicked 
thingjlyable to that heavie Curfc ; Curfed is he that 
doth the n'orke of the Lord negligently. But let a man 
be well grounded before he begin, be godly him- 
felfe,ply faithfully and painefully his Minifteriall 
chaxge,infeaf$ndndoutoffeafin'^ and it is incredible 
to what he may attaine in the Point I purfue, by 
his much exercire,and Gods bleffing upon it. 
But yet fome fay, 

Firft, That a man cannot preach well, under a 
quarter of a yceres provifion. See the truth hereof^ 
in the fore-going Reafons. 

Secondly, That often Preaching will make it 
too cheape, and contemptible • which to affirme, 
is a bafe and carnall wrangling, and confuted by 
the pra <aice of the Fathers. 

Thirdly, That Reading is to be preferred be- 
fore Preaching. 

Wee doe not denie, but that the Word read, is 
the rale of hoIincfTe, may convert, the Spirit ac- 

( p 2 ) companying 

2 a 



The Saints fure 

companying his Ordinance; and therefore is to 
have placc,anddue refpedin the Congregation : 
but wee will not equall it to Preaching. If Rea- 
dingwere more excellent, and of greater force to 
convcrt,than Preaching; why are not the people 
converted, that have a Reader ? To what end then 
ferve Schooles of the Prophets ? Wherefore 
HiOuId men ftudie the knovvledge of Tongues, 
and ArtSjto divide the Word aright,andtodiftri- 
bute to every mans preient necelTities ? And why 
fhoLild Sathan rage more againft Preachers, than 
Readers ; except the Word powerfully delivered 
did not the more batter and beat downe his King- 
dome ? Befides, why did not Chrifl: fend out his 
Apoftles with this charge, Goe^ reade ; but, Goe^ 
f reach to aU Nations ^ Wherefore doth faul^xo- 
nouncc a fVoe to them that f reach not the Gofpel ? 
And why did hce not charge his fonne Timothy be- 
fore God, to reade in feafon^and out offeafon I 

Yea, but may fome fay, The ancient Fathers 
were extraordinarie men, and therefore no Pat- 
ternes for our Preaching,&c. They were glorious 
Lights 5 and wee but Glow-worraes 5 they were 
Cedars, wee but Shrubs, &c. 

Let them be what they were, I as much reve- 
rence and refpe(5l them , as any man alive , if wee 
take truth and difcretion with us. And therefore 
at this time, I will fuppofc (I fay {o^ becaufe I 
doubt not, but our Age hath brought forth as 
worthy Divines, if not worthier, as any of the an- 
cient Fathers; ) I fay, I will fuppofe them to be 
as it were Gyants, and wee Dwarfes : Yet fet a 


and perpettiall (^uicie. 

Dwarfs upon a Gyants riioulclers,and hcc will fee 
further, and ^o might certainely wcCj but for 
Slouch, Idlencfife, Worldliiiefle, Ambition, and 
other fuch bafc and vile degenerations of thefe 
later Times. 

It may be further objeded , That there was 
moreneceflicy of the Fathers frequent Preaching, 
efpecially in thofe Primitive Times , for more 
plentifull publifhing and propagation of the 
Gofpel,&c. and fuppreffing Herefies,&:c. 

Paffingly weake , and untrue. T'here is farrc 
more need of much Preaching now, than in for- 
mer times. For wee live in the /<t^(^^jie/, wherein 
thofe ferillom times are come upon us, which Paui 
fore-tells 2 Tim^^. i. &c, and wherein iniquhie 
aboimdsyand the love of many tvaxeth cold^^c. Math, 
24.12, And at this day wee oppofe the Hjdra of 
allHerefieSjPoperie. which oppofeth even the 
whole Body of Chriftianitie. Againe, their Ho- 
milies areagainft Drunkenne(re,Pride,Swearing, 
LuxuryjCovetoufnelTeJove of the World,Vfury, 
painted Faces, falfe Haire, AngerjEnviejAmbiti- 
OHj&c. All which finnes,and many more, rcigne 
and rage at this day with more hainoufncfle, and 
an higher hand,than heretofore. 

2 Afecond meanes whereby the Word may 
dwell plentifully in us, is , by a conftant and con- 
fcionable reading the Booke of God, This Ex- 
crcife is commanded to Kings and Captaines, 
X^^«f. 17.17,18,1^. /o/)b.i.8. whomayfeememoft 
priviledged, by their intanglement in many and 

weightie affaires. 







* Audke,0hfe' 
crh, fecu'arti 
vobu hiblky ani- 
m^ Pbirmncay 
d^c. O-rnkbu- 
mtrii riQftrii in- 
ycHu. F'osepor- 
tibat duntixiit a 
nobis inflitui^ux- 
Ofti veto a vobii 
Cir liberal. Nu»c 
vao Satamcai 
cantjonts acfal- 
tationes p/<efe- 
Cuciy& Ohfom- 
toteiy& Chcrea- 
inm duSlo^'s j 
Vfdmum autem 
nemo novh ulli. 
Chryfi'-I in i-ad 
C»lo(f. rt-cw.j. 

The Saints fure 

Chrifl bids the lewes, M. 5. 39. Search the 
Serif tures^ as the well-fpring of eternall life. The 
Holy-Ghoft commends the Icwcs of Bcrea,as 
more noble than thcyof ThefTalonica, becaufe' 
they received the Word with all readincffe of 
minde5and fearched the Scriptures daily5whether 
thofe things were fo,^^. 17. 11. SeeX>f»^. ^,7, 
8j9. See many Motives to this dutie, before; It 
is the Word of Salvation, of Truth, of Life, of 
Reconciliationra Letter from Heaven,a Treafurie 
of all excellent things : it fhall judge us,it onely 
can hcale a wounded Soule ; it containesall our 
evidence for Heaven, and it is the objed of divine 
Faith, &c. 

Nay, and becaufe the Papifts have wickedly ' 
dammed up this Fountainc of Life from the com- 
mon people , heare the judgement and zeale of 
Antiquitie, in pre/Ting this dutie. 
Fir ft, heare Chrjfellome, 

^ Heare^/prayjOu,aU)ee Laymen^ (faith C^f^ 
fojlome) get -^ee Bibles ^a Medicine for your Soules^(jfc, 
7qu cafl all upon otir-jheuldeyj , Tou dught inely u be in- 
ftru^ed of z^, l^ut your JVixes and Children fbeuld be by 
you^ifc. But mrv adayeSj )otir Children preferre dizellijh 
Son<^s and Dancings ^ even as Csokes^and Caters^and 
leaders of Dances^ but none hoivss any Pfalme, 

The fame Chryfo Heme ^10 ftirreup men to dili- 
gent reading the Scriptures ,maketh good this a f- 
fertion • There is no affliBion or mifcrie ofbod^ erfiule, 
but may receive a Medicine out ofGeds Booke, 

I A man heavie-heartcd, and of a fad fpirit, 
(faith hee) takes the Bible in his hand j after hee 


and perpetuall ^uide. 


* Jpfi detralie. 
bant mhi , ego 
aiilem uiabani. 

calawitate hit- 
manoff} Haturam 
pn 'rente -corn's- 
num ex Scrlptii- 
rii anudotnm ac- 

hathmec with that placCj/'/zt/.^ 2.1 1. (^^ji^r^ thou 
caft dotvnCj O mjfoule , and tvhy arp thou Jo difquicted 
rvithifimei hope thou in Ged^(^c,) he isrefrclhed. 

2 AnotherCfaith he)isoppre[red with extreme 
povertie, beholds the wicked wallow in worldly 
wealth, and floiirifh like a greene Bay-tree : But 
after hee hath caft his eye upon that, Pful. 55.22. 
{Ca^ thy burthen upon the Lordy and hee jhaUfu^aine 
thee^^c) he is comforted. 

3 Another is hunted with calumnies and inil- 
diationSj &c. and no humane helpe will be had • 1 cipcreiiceat,& 
the Prophet (faith hee) doth teach him what to emnhhaimviu 
doe,inthefe words : ^ They did fpeakeagainflme.but \Ziabl'u7quod 
/ prayed, amd'n gravcm 

4 Another is forfaken even of his friends and I Xi/Si''* 
kinfmen, and contemned of thofe who were mo ft hTehaJ'veaia. 
beholding to him : Heare how the Prophet be- \tis,&divtfue 
haved himfelfe in fuchacafe, P/./.38. 11. &c. ^^'^^ 

1 3 . ^C, axfcultetit ; nen 

He concludes thus r * Thou hafi feene.nhenfoever ;P-«^*«'" ^*^ 

t ' • J 1 rr 1 ' J vematti fed & 

any caiamttie doth offrejjeAmauJnovti convenient an An- . (tof„i gUy-,^ gi. 

tidote he may take front the Scriptures , and all care of ^^^^ inmamfH- 
thU life may be driven hach., neither jBouId we begrie- ^^l^'^i^l^poi 
red for any thing tha t falls out, 7 hereforej b efeech yo «, tam emgKoJIudh 
that \on troM come hither^ and diliffently attend to the Pf^'P'^^- 'ff'^fctj 
^eadingof the holy Scriptures -^ notonely nr.en pu come ti,ijv{mcjnori4 
hither^ but even at home take the holy Bible into WAr ftnfibii^iUe'iibHi 
handstand goe reape the profit that u' in them trith great {'^^'^^ }Ju^spU 
(ai'nejlnefe, A'forcover^rrhat that fenfible Bread doth utua:e enmaii- 
to encreafe bodily (Irennh ^ that Beading doth to th'e T''^'-'*^f^.^. 
joutet, for it tf ipintiiaH nourtjhwent^ and makes the j ,ram. Ch-ofift- 
foulevigoroiu^^c, U9^.i9.mGtK. 





The Saints fare 

But wee mayaddc to Chryfeftomes Antidotes, 
thefe 1 6. more. 

1 Art thou wearie of the wayes of vanitie, 
andcomming on with a grieved and forrovvfull 
heart for thy finne, to meet thy deare Redeemer; 
and doth the conceit of the number and hainouf- 
ncfle of thy tranfgreiTions, crofle and confound 
thy hopes of being received to mercy?Why then 
lookc upon Patd'^ he flied the b loud of the Saints 
with extraordinarie rage and furiCj^flF.p.r. upon 
-^a^afeh^a man of prodigious impictie, 2 Chron, 
53.^. upon fome of Peters hcarcrs,who crucified 
the Lord of Life,^H.2 .2 3 . If thefe will not fer\'e 
the turnejooke upon ^dam 5 who caft away h im- 
felfe, and undid all, and was thc'caufe that all that 
iflTuedoutofhisloineSjUnto the Worlds end, fell 
into the damnation of Hell : and yet all thcfe,up- 
on repentance , were received unto mercic. And 
therefore, if thou canll now heartily repent, feare 
no former finnes. 

2 Haft thou by the violence of Sathanstemp- 
tationSjthe (lie enticements of thine ownc {infnl! 
nature, and the cunning infinuations of thy for- 
mer bofome-finne , beene fcarcfully overtaken 
with fome fcandalous fall,{ince thou waft conver- 
tedjand gave thy Name unto Grace ; and upon il- 
lumination of thy confcience, rcmorre,and medi- 
tation of returncjthou artafhamcd to look Chrift 
lefns in the facCjbecaufe thou haft fo fhamed thy 
profefllon; and thou art fo troubled with horror 
and conceit, that thy cafe is fingular, that thou 
canft find no cafe to thine humbkdand^forrowfull 

heart ?; 

and per^etmlK^uide. f iij 

heart ? Why then looke upon DavU^ Peter^ &:c, 
tranfcendenrinftances , that thou may not finke 
into defpaire. 

5 Art thoii plunged into the perplexities and 
fearfi>IIapprehcn(ions ofafpiritualdefcrtion? Art 
thou deprived of thy former comfortable feelings 
ofGods favorable countenance?Haft thou nocom- 
fort in prayer ? &c. Looke upon Daz'id^ Pf. 77. 

4 It may be, upon thy Bed of Death, "**■ when «SeeSathan$ 
Sathan will make thy finnes appeare farrc more *^^?^^ '"^^'^ 
ugly and horrible to the eye of thy Confcience, D°S»,/f5j! 
than ever hee did before • and will perfwade thee 
all he can, that all thy holy fervices unto God,and 
new obedience, was quite marred with Pride, Hy- 
pocrificjand by-refpe^ts ; I fay,it may be then thy 
heart will quite faile theCjand thy conceit of Gods 
wrathfull and angry countenance for thy finne, 
may Co opprefle and confound thy fouIc5that thou 
maycft fearc left thou be forfaken : Why then 
thinke upon thy Saviours mournfull cry upon the 
CrofTe ; -^y God^my Goi^rphy hafl thou forfaken me I 

5 It may be thou art a true-hearted Nathanael^m 
vvhofe fpirit there is no giiilejhates all flnnehear- 
iily,both in thy fclfe and others, de/i reft and labo- 
reft to pleafeGod in all things,and to keepe a good j 
confcience before all things in the World^and yet 
thou findeft and ^(toXz^t in thy breft many times a 
hcavy,fad,and oiKhcarefull heart : why rhcn^heare 
David^3. man after Gods owne heart5of a more ex- 
cellent fpirit, and eminent graccs,than thou art, 
complaining PfrL/^^ . 5 . ^hy an thou fo he^vlefi my 
fimle^ md trhj art thoufo dif^nieted mthin me I 

6 An 


The Saints fur e 

* See DiAf,of 

6 Art thou grievoiidy troubled with the haunt 
and horror of Ibme fpeciall finncj of which thou 
canft not be fo eafily rid ^ and doeft thou therefore 
goe mourning all the day ? Why then lookealfo 
upon Daxidy Pfal, 5 2 . In fuch a cafe, he roared aU 
the dajy his bones were confumed^ and his native moiflure 
wAi turned into the drought of Summer, 

7 Art thou vexed to the heart , and fearefully 
haunted with fome horrible and hatefull injedi- 
ons of Sathan; thoughts framed by himfelfe im- 
mediately, and put into thee- perhaps tending to 
Atheifme, or to the diihonour of God in fome 
high degree, ortothedifgracc of his Word, or 
felfe-deftrudiion,&c. or the like : thoughts which 
thou canft nof remember, without horror- and 
darcft not reveale, or name, for their ftrange and 
prodigious hatefulnefle ? Why then confider, 
how this malicious Fiend dealt with the Sonne 
of God: He fuggcfted unto his mbft holy and 
unfpotted imagination,thefepropo{itions; firft, 
Murther; Make away thy feife, Math,^. 6^ fc- 
condly,FalI downe and wor(l-iip theDcviIl,^iPr/.p. 
What more fearefull and horrible apprehcnfi- 
ons ? And yet thefcwcrc fuggcfted toour bleffed 
Saviour; to him perhaps more fenfibly, tothee 
more fecretly. * His pure and holy heart, un- 
capable of fmnc , did rcjcd them with infinite 
contempt; and himfelfe did utterly conquer^and 
confound the Tempter, and that for tt^pe, and thy 
fake too. And if thine hec^j^i-f^'aojainft , abo- 
minate,abandon,grieve^ndt)e hpfnbled for them, 
£heyfhall«g|vcrh^layd to th/charge,butfetGn 
'^^ ^>- ' Sathans 


1 and perpetual/ Cjuide, 

Sathans Score. For all them, thou mayeft goe 
on chcarefully and comfortably in the courfe of 
Chriftianitic : And fo doe. And Jet not Sathan 
attainebisdivellidicndbythcm j which is, to 
I worke aftoniiliment in thy mindc, horror in thy 
confcience, heavinefiTc in thy heart, diftradions 
in thy thoughts, &c. that thereby thou maye/l 
be disheartened and difabled for the chcarefull 
difcharge and performance both of thy particu- 
lar and generall calling. Orclfe, art thou long 
after thy converfion, affanlted with perhaps forer 
fpirituall pangs, and more horror, than at thy 
change ? Confider Dxvidj lob^ Hezekiah, 

8 Haft thou loft thy goods,or ch ildren ? Doth 
the Wife that lyes inthy bofome, fet her fclfe 
againft thee ? Doe thy neereft friends charge thee 
falfely ? Art thou difeafed from top to toe ? 
Doc the Arrowes of the Alraightie fticke faft 
in thy foule ? Thy afflidion is grievous enough, 
if thou haft anyof thfefe. But doc they all, in 
the greateft extremities, concurre upon thee at 
once? Haft thou loft all thy children, and all 
thy goods ? Doth thy Wife afflid thyaffli<ai- 
ons? &c. If this be not thy cafe, thou commeft 
fhort of /o^j amoft juft man, and high in Gods 

p Haft thou given thy Name toReIigion,and 
art a ProfefTor of Grace; and art thou therefore 
villanoufly traduced with manyflandcrousnick- 
names,and odious imputations ? Art thou called 
PuritAM^Precifiam^ Uypccrite, Uumori^^ BiffemhUr^ 
&c ? Why, gracekfle vrretches, when hee was 




l^he Saints fure 

upon EarthjCalled Chrift Iq(vis,D evil^. See Math, 
10, 25. loh, 7. 20. Contcmne thou therefore 
for ever, the utmoft malice of the moil fcurrill 


10 A rt thou a loving and tender-hearted Mo- 
ther unto thy Children, and haft thou loft thy 
deareft? Why^thc blelfed Mother of Chrift ftood 
byjand faw licrovvne onely deare innocent Sonne, 
the Lord of Life, moft cruelly and villanouily 
murthered upon the Crofte^anddic a fliamcfuU 
death before her eyes, loh, i^. 2 5. 

1 1 Art thou a woman, who in the time of thy 
travaile art preficd with many wants 5 with want 
of comfortable companicjdefired helpes,a fairer 
roome,and otherworldly comforts and conveni- 
ences > Why yet comfort thy felfe with this 5 
That holy Virgin,which brought into the World 
the Worlds Saviour, brought forth that blefled 
Babe in a Stable, and laid him in a Cratch, Luke 
2.7. It is very likc,farre ntore poorely,in refped 
of worldly comfortSjthan the pooreft fort of wo- 
men amongft us ; with leflTe comfortable helpers, 
and in a lefle feemcly and commodious place, for 
fuch a purpofe. 

12 Hath thy Faith loft its feeling; and be- 
fides,doth God looke upon thee with an angry 
countenance, and is thy heart filled with heavi- 
nefle and horror ? Yet for all this, let the hand of 
Faith by nomeancs loofe it hold-faft upon the 
precious fujferings and faving bloud-flied of thy 
deare Redeemer. Thou haft before thee,a match- 
lefle and tranfccndcnt precedent in this point. 


and perpetual! Cjuide, 

Thus cryes holy Job, having, befides his unpara- 
lellcd varietieand extremitie of outward afflidi- 
onSj the Aryerres of the Almightie flicking faft in 
him, and drinking up his fpirics 5 Though hee kill 
me^yet mil j trujt in him. Cap, 13.15. So Abraham, 

1 3 Doeft thouj day after day , poure out thy 
fbuJc in prayer before the Throne of Grace, with 
all the earncftneffe and inftancie thou canft pofli- 
bly . and doeft thou ftill rife up dull and heavie, 
and uncomforted, without anfwer from God, or 
comfortable fence of his favour and love fhed in- 
to thine heart ? Why, yet pray flill ; afruredly,at 
length thou (halt be glorioufly refrefhcd,and regi- 
ftred in the remembrance of God, for a Chriflian 
of excellent faith. See a patterne curare and dxtra- 
ordinaric patience this way. Math, 15.23. &c, 

14 Doth the World, Sathan, carnall men, 
thine owne fricnds,formall Teachers,fuppofeand 
cenfure thee to be a difTerabler in thy profeflion, 
and will needes concurrently and confidently fa- 
ften upon thee the imputation of Hypocrifie ? 
Why, yet for all this, let thy fincere heart, con- 
fcious to it felfe of it owne truth in holy fervices, 
like a ftrong Pillar of Braffe,beat backe and rejed 
with noble contempt and glorious difdaine, all 
their impoyfoned Arrowes of malice and {lander 
this way. Thou haft a right worthy patterne in 
the Booke of God , for this purpofe, loh had 
againft him not onely the Devill , his enemie, 
pufhing at him with his poyfoned weapons -, but 
even his owne friends, fcourging him with their 




Seb 17, y,<f; 

T^he Saints fur e 

tongues ; yeajhis owne Wife a Thornc, pricking 
him in the eye j yea^his owne God mifcrably lafh- 
ing his naked foule with Scorpions • powerfull 
motiveSjtomakc him fufpedhimfelfe of former 
halting and hollow-heartednefTe in the waycs of 
God : yet notwith (landing all this, his good and 
honeft heart having beenc long before acquainted 
writh and knit unto his God with fmccritie and 
truth,makes him boldly and refolutcly to protcft; 
That untWhe die^ he veiff never take away his inmcencie 
from htmfelfe j that he would keepe his righteonfreffe^and 
mtforfake it , and that his heart jhottld not refrove him 
for his dayex, 

15 Haft thou an iintovrard Wife,that is a con- 
tinuall dropping and a pcrpctuall Goade in thy 
fide ? Hcare lohcomphintyCap.i^.iy, My breath 
isJirAnge to my fvife^though I entreated for the chMrens 
fake of mine etrne hdy,: . b i 

\6 Art thou vex^ with a prophane dogged 
Husband ? Abigail^zN^\^t^zvA precious woman, 
had a Nahal to her yoke-fellow. 

Thus thefe patternes and precedents in the 
Booke of God , purpofcly regiftred for the re- 
frefhing and recoverie of hischofen, in fpirituall 
or teraporall ftraits, are ordinarily propo fed in a 
tranfcendent and matchleflTe degree ; that in their 
greateft extremities5byreflc(fling their eyes upon 
fuch examples , they may be prefervcd from de- 
fpaire , have the ftrongcr confolation , and not 
thinke their cafes tobecomfortlefleand fingular. 
Let thefe confiderations move us to be well read in 
the(e holy my fteries, and day and night cxercifed 


and perfetuall Cjuide. 


in reading and meditating on them. Buttoourpur- 
pore5heare further what others fay in this Point. 
Secondly, heare Gregorie the great. 

« fVhAt is thefacred Script itre^ biit a certaine Ep^le 
of the omnifotent God to his creature ^ ^nd furely, if a 
manfhoutd receive nritingsfrom his Emperour^heironJd 
not resiyhe rvould not be quiet joe trouldgive^oflecpe to his 
eyes , unleffe he had fir If kmm:e what that earthly Empe- 
rour had rvritten to him. The Emperour of Heaver?^ the 
Lord of men and Angels ^joath fint his Letters to thee^ 
concerning thy life • ^nd yet ( my vaine-glorious fonne ) 
thou doefinegleB earnefily to reade thofe Letters^ Studie 
them therefore^ I fray thee^ and dayly meditate upon the 
ti'OrdfQfthy Creator: Learne theminde of God in the 
WordofGod^shat tho^maye^ a^ire more earneBly to 
et email things^ And that your minde may with greater 
dejire be inflamedto the heavenly Kingdome, 

Thirdly, ^ Origen teacheth^That the people fhould 
learne the Scriptures without boo ke^. -V\ '-V'^VW '^v".- 

Fourthly, " lereme coiinfelletli , That by dayly 
reading the Scriptures^ mefhould get mfedome : His 
words import fo much. 

Vihhly, Read the Scriptures( faith ^ Auflin^for thdt 
they were vrr it ten to the endive fhouldbe comforted. 

Sixtly, * leromewntingtoGaudentift^aboutthe 
education of a yong maid,would have her at feven 
yceres old jand when fhe begins to blu (h^to learnc 
without book the P falter'^ and until fhe come tobe 
marriageabIe,to maVe the treafure of her heart the 
"Books of SalomoK^thc Gof^els^Apofiks^znd Prophets, 

liter Pfaltemw, & itfi^ aiamoi pkttatk I'lbrsi So^emanU, evMgelia, ApoHobSi 

ObjeB, I 

• ^id ifia 
Scriptura^ riift 
qutditn Epijfo'a 
ad ot calm a fna^ 
& ctne ficub'i ef' 
l.bi cenplitMU,& 
fcTipta iam ImpC' 
ratoris acciptiet, 
mn ce^arett non 
qulefceret fcmr.ii 
ocufii mn daret^ 
ivjiprm qiisd^bi 
Lmpefator tarc' 
nm (cnp/ijfet,ag- 
mviffci. Itnptram 
tot Cati,T>omift:ts 
h$mmH & Ange- 
loiu,p7Q Vila ink 
tWtfHOS EpiflolM 
tranfmijity & to.' 
men, glartofe fill, 
eafdem EpifielM 
ardenur legere 
negligUStude er* 


verba meditare, 
Difct cor Dei in 
verbis Beirut at- 
dentms ad aitina 
fu!p':m^ut mem 
reg/ta mam'd)ui 
deftdmii accen' 
a. £p./if>. 4.^.84. 
^ Horn. 4 jn Lev, 
^ In Ecclefu.jo, 

« D'lfcat PKmo' 
& frophnasjfui 


f Omnia tku 

funt '^ plana ex 
divinii Serif tU' 
m, ^Mcunque 
mmfeila Cunt. 

pi 7ttli QiicUf 
T* T<e ctvety. 

Jn a. ad Tbef, 

8 DomhvAptr 
EvMgelia}M lo- 
CHtUi efi, nen ut 
pauci inieUigt- 
rent, fed ut em- 
net. Tlitofcnp- 
fit in Scripturd, 
fid nen fcrippt 
popuJiSiftd pau- 
(!i vix enim in- 
telligum trei ho- 
mines. In Pfal. 

*» Coma Juiian. 
itb.y.medium cir- 
citer libit, 
i Cui enim nm 
pint menifeflay 
\ qiuecunque in £- 
i vangelio fcripta 
funt'f^k autcm 

The Sdintsfure 

ObjeB, I. But the Scriptures are hard to be 
underltood, &c. 

■^nfrv, Heare, 
(i) ChrjfoHome. ^ AU th'tngi are clear tdnd fUlne 
out ef the holy Scriptures, fvhatfiever things are ne- 
cejjariej are raamfeH', 

(2) Jerome, g TheLerdhath fj^okenhjhisGo^el^ 
not that afetv^ but that aU jhould under jiand it, Plato 
tvrote his tvritings, but not t« the people ^ but to a feiv ^ 
fcarce three underftand him, 

(3) Cjrili, ^ The Scriptures are froftably recom- 
mended unto ui in an eafiej^eech , that they fhould not 
goe beyond the capacitie of any, 

(4) A gaine^ChryfoIfome^who having faid rriiich 
for often reading, and plainenefTe ofthe Scrip- 
tures, concludes : ^ pyho if there^ to mhom rrhatfoever 
is mitten in the Scriptures , «" ^ot manifeji } who is 
thereytvho hearing, that themeekeareblejfedj the mer- 
cifuU bleffed, the pure in heart blejjed^ and the like^fhaU 
want a Mafter^ that he fhould learne any ofthofe things 

ObjeB. 2 . But I am intangled with varietie of 
bufinefTes, I have no leifure to fpend time in rea- 
ding Scripture,as you advjfe : I am ftill bufied in 
my TradejHuibandrVjMerchandife^iri forac high 
roome,&c, I have a great charge,Wife,chiIdren, 
and family to care for ; Let Schollers, Minifters, 
Gentlc-folkes, &c. that have more time and lei- 
fure, ply fuch buiinelTes, for I cannot. 

i audiem , Beatos 

ejje mites^ beam miferieordety heatoi mimdi-cordes, aeteraque hmfmod'i, defiderabit py<ec€ptoYep>, 
utaliquidearumdifcatyquedicuntur. Tom.i. de La\arOy Cene.$.fag,dj6, Sec abundantly 
for this pui pofe, in Polan. Sympkmd , fa§^, 38. &(, 


and ferpetuall (^uide. 


j4nfiv. Who are more bufied than Kings and 
Captaines ? and yet they are comraanded to be 
diligent readers of Gods Booke. Sec DeutAj, lo. 

But ChryfoBome makes this Objedion, and an- 
fvvers Ic himfelfe excellently : ^ i^hatfayeB^ thou^ 
Oh man ^ Is it not thy dutie to reade the Scriptures^ 
becaufi thou art diHraBed mth inni^merable cares ^ 
Tea, it is thy dutie rather than others, ^c. In which 
Sermon alfo, he lets fall this confident aflertion : 
"^ Neither now can it be, it cannot be,! fay, that any man 
\hoM attaineuntQ falvaiion^ unlej^e he be continually 
converfant in f^irituaU reading, 

ObjeB.7^. Butjalas, I cannot reade, 
. Anfrv, Heare then ^»*/?i« .* 

* Neither let this be [undent for you, that in the 
church you doe heare divine reading'^ but alfo in your 
houfes, either doe you your felves reade^orget others that 
can reade, and doe you mllingly hearken. 

And he (litres them up to it, with thefe confi- 
derations ; 

(i) ra Remember, Brethren, (faith he) the faying 
\ of our Lord, in trhich hee faith ; If a man fbaU gaine 
\ the whole fVorld, and lofe his ome foule , rvhat mil it 
I profit him } 

(2) " vP'hat remaineth and abideth in a man,but 
that which every one, either by reading^or praying,or do- 
ing good mrkes for thefahation of his foule <^ hath layd 
up in the treafure of his Confcience ^ 

^ Si totim mun- 

dum Uieretwt homo , &c. " (i) ^id Mtem fevwanet In h&tmtie , w^ quod qmfque out 
legtndo , aut Brando , aut bona, opera, facitndo , pro animx falute , in tbefauro c'onfcientia fut 
recendider'it, VeTcm, Serm.SS* Sec Gregor. Jiloral. 'Dialog, lib. /^. ■cap. 14. 

^ ^iddii ho- 
mo 'i Hon ej3 lui 
negeti/ Scriptu- 
rai evUhere^quo- 
niam innumtrii 
curis diJfral)ori( ? 
Imo tuMtn piagk 
ejl quam iUo' 
rum, &e. De 
* Neque unqitam 
fieri peie(i:non 
potefi, inquam, 
fitriyUt quifqttam 
filutem ajjsqua- 
tuft ni pcrpetuo 
verfitur in le^in 
one jpirituali, 
^ NecfelUmvQ' 
bii fu^ciatyqubd 
in Eeclefid d:vi' 
nas U^tiones «»- 
domihm vejiru 
alioi legentes re- 
tor audite, 
*" (i)1lecolite3 
fraires , fenten' 
tiam Domini no* 
ftrif qua dich j 




• teque trcbfo 
vobis ptedicimui 
mull a ante die- 
hiM argumcntum 
de quo [Htum lo- 
quutuiif ut bis 
in medio dlcbui, 
fumpto libroyfCT' 
mi totiy poflca. 
qtiam inuScxe- 
ritu,quid dieium 

The' Saints fure 

ObjeB, 4. But will not piiblilce reading in the 
Hoiifc of God ferve the turne ? 

Anfp, Bynoracancs, HesLXC Chr)fosidme : 
"° Therefore often cIjc I tell *jon before-hand ^ mAn^ 
dayes before the argument of nhich J jhall foe^ke^thut 
in the dayes in the mcane nhile^ taking a Booh -i and 
tveighing the whole famme of the Tratter , after yee 
have under H' cod what hath beenefaid^ andrrhat re- 
maines to be faid^ you maj make yourrninde more jit 
to heare thofe things nhich afterrrard jJi^al/ be decla- 
and that I ahayes exhort to^ and wiUnot. ceafe 

fit, quid reflet di' ^^ ^^^ ^'^) '^^''^^ )^'* ^^^ ^^^ ^^^h ^^^f^^<^ ^^^^ ^0 thofe 

things rrhich are f^oken , hut alfo rrhen you jhall be at 
home , yoci may dayly attend to the reading of holy Scrip- 
tures . Jvhich thing I hare not ccafed to freffe upon thofe 
vrho fritat^ly have talked nnth me. 

ObjeB. 5. But from tins libcrtie of reading 
Scriptures^ fpring many Hereiies. » 

^nfrr, p The facred Scripture is not t^he caufe 
of HerefieSjbutthe ignorance of the holy Scrip- 
ture. Heare Chryfilfome: » 

n Hence arofe fo many thoufand evils ^ fr^nt the 
ignorance of holy J^yrit : Hence jf rung up fi great a 
plague of Herejies, 

^' Godly Bookes alfo, with which this Age 
is abundantly and plentifully enriched ^muft be 
diligently and profitably read,. 

cendumy mcnttm 
vefram inftru- 
U'mem rcddatis 
ad dudicfjda qme 
poll dijfmmur, 
Idquefemper bar- 
ter, ^ ho)tarl 
von dcfinam^ ut 
nonh'ic uniiun 
nUendatii p qn* 
^icHtUur, vcrum 
tt'itm cum dcm't 
fueritu, ajftduz 
divlnarum Scrip- 
tararum UCiioni 
vncctis. ^md 
qiLidem d^ ^J, 
qHiprivatim rr,i- 
cun congtcffi. 
fptt , »<?« de[ins 
incu'.care. Ton?. 
X. de Li^ro , 

Cone. I. pAg, 874- Sec to tliis purpofc in the An(wer to the tliird Objefilon , a little ' 
before' p SQePol.S)7,p!jo:-i.p:g.6o. where he proves this Aflertion. 1 'ErT«i/9i» 

Tt yiupi^ 'tjun K^HJ'ioJti liic tmV jpafa'r u-ynla;» 'E>tsc/3j)' 'a jtdXXJ to"* alpi<neet'i0ytKpiin Ki/(/i«» 

O'ryfoP. in pr.cfit.in Epijt. adKomamu ' Of whichjfecT^o^mfeveaTrcatircsjpjf.iS^. 
ThcEpifUe.Dedicatoric to the Piadicc of Chriftianiiie. 



and ferpetuall Quide. 

5 Another meaoes by which the Word may 
dwell plentifully in us, is Conference. See 
I>eut.6*j, Luk( 2^,19- That of ^«^/» before, 
pag, 210. in the fccond Rcafon of our feldome 
Preaching : That oP Chryfi^ome , H'alking with 
God, p4i,i/^S. Rogers fevcn Treat ifes, pag. 3 ^4. 
C^r, my milking mth God, pag, S6, ^c, 

4 A fourth mean«s,is Meditation. Of which. 
Tec Rogers feven Treatifes,p<ig,2 3 5 . &c. 
Matter of Meditation. 

Wee may meditate upon any part of Gods 
Word, on God himfelfe, his Wifedome, Power, 
his Mercie ^ or on the infinite varietie of good 
things , which wee receive of his free bountie . 
|upon his workes, and judgements • upon our 
finnes, and the vilencfTe of our corruption , that 
wee yet carry about us 5 upon our .mortalitie, 
and changes in this World . upon our mani- 
fold afflidions of this life , and howwee may 
in beft manner beare and goe through them , 
and the benefit thereof 5 upon the manifold 
and -great priviledges which wee enjoy dayly, 
through the ineftiraable kindnefTe of God to- 
wards us ; upon the foure laft things, but efpc- 
cially of thole things that wee have moft fpcciall 
need of. 

Of the thing meditated upon,confider, 

Firft , The definition, or defcription. 

Secondly, The diftribution, forts, kinds, or 

Thirdly , Caufes cfpecially efficient , and 

( q 2 ) Fourthly, 


See Prafijcc 


The Saints fure 

Fourthly, The fruits and elfeds which it brin- 
geith forth. 

Fifthly, The fubjc<a vvhereii^it is, or about 
which it is occupied. 

Sixtly 5 The qualities or properties adjoyned. 
And know, that oftentimes, in common pracStice^ 
thefe three, the finall caufe, the fruit or the etfed, 
I the ufe or propertie of a thing , are often con- 

Seventhly , The contrarie. 

Eightly, The comparifon. 
Exemplifieinthe joyes of Heaven • of which, 
fee Ha& : In finnc 5 of which , fee PraBice of 
Chriltiamtie, fag, 2^3. Vpon this occa(ion,let 
us perufe , in this manner , Fafting , and the 

5 A fifth meanes to -profit by the Word, is 
Teaching, Praying with, and Catechizing your 
children and fervants. 

To which Dutie , be ftirrcd up and flreng- 
thened , by 

Firfi, Scriptures •, I>^»f. 4. 9, & 6. f. & 
II. ip. PfaL 78. 5, 6. Ex&d, 12. 2^, 27. (^ 
15,14. 73/^,4,^,7,21,22. I>eitt, 6. 20^ 2I0 

Secondly , By the patterne. and pra<fi ice of 
holy Parents, from time to time. Confider for 
this purpofe, the carriage of Abraham ^ Gen, 18. 
i^. David^ Prev, 4. 4. Bathfheba^ Prov, 31. i, 
Lois and Eunice^ 2 Tim, i. $0 

Thirdly , By the authoritie of the "ancient 

(I) Heare 

^ and perpetuall (juide. 


(i) UeSLTC ^uHin, 

a NotwithHanding^mj deare friends^ in fg great ^ freruntamen 
a difference of manners ^ andfuch abominable corriif- chaafmi.iH 
tion^ governe your Houfes , goierne your Children^ tmimorum 
governe your Families : ^s it behoves m to jfeake wh deujhbUi 
to you in the Church , [0 it pcrtaines to you to doe\ ioYTHpteid.regite 
in your. Houfes 5 that yee may be able to give a good tghefiitvi 
account of thofe who are under you, Againc ^ ^ t fim.reguc fa- 
pray thee^ my Brother^ I pray thee^ fhen> to all under "^'^"^' ^f^'^j- 
thee , of meere good rvill^ from the leaH to the grea- 'mtpermet in 
te^ in thy Houfe^ the love and faeetnejfe of HeaTen^ ' ■E"/c/?i hqai 
the bitterneffe and fear e of BeU . and be thou folici- 
torn and rvatchful/ y becaufe thou [halt render an ac- 
count to the Lord for all thofe under thee , that are 
in thy Houfe, Declare ^ charge y command, ferfwade 
them, that they ivould take heed of Pride , of Slan- 
dering, of Drunkenneffe, of Fornication, of Luxurie, 
^nger, Perjurie y CovetoufnejTe , n-hich is the root. of 
all eviU, 

(2) Nazianzen, c BaB thou a Child ^ Let not 
wickednejfe take advantage and occafion : Let it be en- 
dued with fanBitie, and confecrated to thy fj^irit from 
the very Cradle, 

I know he meanes it immediatelyof Baptifme: 
but by Analogie, that binds alfo to have a care of 

religious education. 

vobii : Sic ad 
vds pnintt in 
domibm vt^.rii 
a^ereyHi bonam 
raiionem redck- 
iii de hU qui 
vobii ftm fub- 
diti. InPfal.^o, 

^ ^tefo y ml 
nibm tibi fub- 
iedlii, & bm^e 
vQluntatiiyin do- 
mo tux a ma- 
iore ufque ad 
mm regni Coj- 
Uslls, amari- 
tiidinem & ti- 

moYctfi Gehemie 

anm>'cm , & de mum falute (olichm & pervigil cxiflas /- qiiia ^0 emnibm tibi fubieclU qui 
in domo tu.i funl^ yntionem Domino reddes. jsnmmia , preecipe , impira, fuadc i/s ut ca- 
veant fe a Superbid , a Detra£lione , ab Ebrietm , a jhrnicatione , a Uixmia, , ab Ira ^ 
A ?aium , a Cupiditate , qua eft rtdix omnium Pia'orim. Lib. de Saktar. Document, 
pag. ^4r, ' In fans tibi c(i ? Ne anfam & occafiomm anipiat improbifas : eb infantla 
fanciitate imbualfir , ab ipjis uKgnkfilii Spiritul confetrcicr. O-.at, 40. in 5. Ba^t, 




'Kiafen I. 
From ihe end 
of their being. 

Reafon r. 

Keafon g. 
Example of 


T^ he Saints fure 

Fourthly, by Reafon s. 
Fird, Thy Children fprung from thy Loines, 
and came into the World, to cncreafe the niim-; 
bcr of Gocls people, to learne the way to Heaven,* 
and vvalke in it ; not onely to uphold thy Houfe^ 
inherite thy Poffeffions, and convey thy Name 
to future Gcnerdtions. The glorifying of our 
God, ferving our Brethren in love, falvationof 
our ovvne Soules, are thechiefe ends why we live 
a little while in this World, Now Parents fhould 
be mod folicitous to further their Children, for 
the attainement of the maine end, and moft fo- 
veraigne good. 

Secondly , Negle6l of this Dutic, makes 
Parents worfc to their Children, than to their 
Beads : For, 

1 They provide for their Beads all things nc- 
ceflarie for them ; but in their owne deare Chil- 
dren, they negIe^5l that One ntce^Arle thing. 

2 They procure for, and put their Beads to all 
things of which they are capable. Their Children 
are capable of Grace,and Immortal itie- and they 
never meddle, nor move them to looke that way, 
or lay hold upon eternall Life. 

Thirdly , Let the remarkable and rufull ex- 
ample of £//, be for ever a keene fpurre in the 
fides of (louthfull Parents, to quicken them to 
this. Dutic. 

Fourthly, Thou art farre more cruell than the 
Odrich and rhc Dragon, and mayed be faid to 
have fuckt the bredsof Tygrcs,and robehewed 
out of the harded Rockcj if having brought thy 


and perpetuall (^uide. 

Cliildren forth into this World, limbes for the 
Deviil, aad fewell for Hell-fire, thou labour not 
cnight and maiue , to get them new-borne the 
members of Chrift, and freed from everlafting 

Fifthly, Grace onely is able to make thy Chil- 
dren truly obedicntjferviceablejand cverlaftingly 
chankfuil ; having now a double tye; firftjbirth ; 
fecondly, new-birth. Then onely, and never be- 
fore, doe they begin to pray for their Parents, to 
deale faithfully m their buiinefles, not to long 
for their death. 

Sixtly, A confcionable and conftant perfor- 
mance of this Dutic in their life time, will fill 
Parents hearts full of fwccteft joy and heavenly 
comfort upon their Beds of Death 5 when they 
fee, by their care and zealc for their fpirituall 
good, that holy knowledge and wifedome plan- 
ted in their Childrcns hearts, which will bring 
them after them to eternall blifTe : or howfoever, 
confcioufnefle of a confcionable difchargc of 
their Dutie in this refpedt , will infinitely re- 
frefh them. 

Seventhly, It is the way to make thy poftcritie 
truly honourable , and to meet thee in Heaven. 
Thofc Children which are taught by thee, may 
teach the fame things unto theirs , and thofe to 
others, &c. 

Eightly, Thy Children ncgfe6^ed in this point, 
and fb dying impenitently, will curfcthec ever- 
laftingly in Hell, for thy blof die inexpiable cru- 
eltic towards them in this kind. 

(q4) Ninthly 5 



Heafon 6. 

'KeAfon 7. 

%eafon 8. 

* Scd p'.ctique 
tojr.iuum hxc 
non rcminifcnn- 
tur, qui fiHos{im 
abinfaiUia ex 

T he Saints fure 


Ninthly, Beddes innumerable finnes of thine 
owne, (the Icaft of which, merits cternitie of 
Heliifli torments ) thou haft juftly * fct upon 
thy Score, by this unconfcionable mnrthering 
negligence, the fmnes and finnefull coiufes of 
thine o\vne Children 5 which will lye full hea 
i^«^ -vie upon thy Confcience ^ when it jfhall be tsl- 
It^tS'^ i gingly enlightened by the long provoked wrath 

bulii mn audi- j of God, 

tmt a iuvefiiuit-^ nan prohibetit nuda^ non sdiunt peffima, nencmcent iHicita, Ttcn admormit 
tmoftmDet^ nencommimntnriudic:um6ehem<eyno» v'ua aterna mrohiim docent ; non enim 
educnnt eos in difdflma , aique emdinone Domini , quid Hoit egcrunt cwam pro animahut 
eorumy neque [eUciti funt p*« falute, vel ferditione filit^Yum. Huiufmodi cum mn trudimt 
7}cqi4c ccftipiunt filiosfuoi f & ipforu^J nnimam igni inextingtiibili in inttoitum triduni ^ ^ 
Jemt iffoi in futorcmjudic'^ demefgunt'y omnia enim qu* ddiquerim filf, de patenlikts rtqni- 
\unm, qui non cmdierint, ncque compuerini filios fuot. Huius tvidem cxmplum in Heli ojien- 
dlinr, & in film cnn, aiq'ic in d^i alibi. Onien. in lib. Job. r . 

The next mcanes, is Prayer, Prov, 2. 3. 
The feventh meanes, is Pradife, See loh?t 

See Miifcului 
and others 
upon ihe 


7, 17. 

8 The eight, is Experience,- See Dikeo^ the 

heart, p^^.^p. 

5 Be none of the reprobate ground s,/^^;^. 1 3.. 
of which, fee DikCy Taylor, 

4 Be none of thofe, who^ invited to the Mar- 
riage of the Kings Sonne, Math, 2 2 . either, firft, 
wilfully contemne, f^crf,'^, fecondly, or carelefly 
dif-efteeme, Ferf, 5 ! thirdly50r cruelly perfecute, 
f^erf. 6. 

5 Reje(fl all thoft Hellifl-i temptations, which 
doe mightily keepc otf the dint and power of 


and perpetnall (juieie. 


the mod piercing Word • and being entertai- 
ned , will caufe the Word preached to be but 
as the breath of the Miniller fcattered in the 
Ayre , and as Water fpilt upon the Ground , 
which cannot bee gathered up agalnc. They 
are like thofe ftrong Holds of Sathan , menti- 
oned 2 Cor, 10. 4, 5. which being fet up in any 
heart, will blunt the edge of this fpirituall wea- 
pon, that it will doe no good. They be thefe that 

I In the firft place, and higheft ftraine of im- 
pictie,thedepthof our corrupt nature defireth. 
That there were no God : The foole hath [aid in 
hUhearfythere is no God^ PfaL 1^,1. That is,hee 
labours for a refolution, and perfwafion in his 
owne heart, That there is no Tribunall in Heaven, 
before which hee fliall hereafter be arraigned • 
no Treafurie of Plagucs,and Woes in Hell, with 
which he fhall hereafter be everlaftingly fettered 
and enchained. 

^ But if it fo be, this fpirituall foole can- 
not fo aboliili and extinguifli thofe fecret no- 
tions and apprehenfions of a facred and infinite 
Deitic,which are naturally implanted in the bow- 
els of the moft defperate and damned mifcreanc • 
but that the terrors of the lafl ludgement, and 
plagues of Hell , doe eftfoones vexe and bite 
his Confcience with reftlelle remorfc and fting- 
ings : Why then , in a fecond place , that hee 
may procure fome eafe and quiet to his wallow- 
ing in fenfuall pleafures , hee labours might and 
maine to harden his for-hcad againft Heaven , 



T he Saints fure 

to make his beart like the nether-Milftone,with 
his owne Soule-murtheriug hand to put a hot 
^ Iron CO his Conicience • that lo, if hee cannot 
blunder and blot out of his mindcthofe naturall 
imprcflions of a God-head, yet at the Icaft hee 
may extinguiflfi and banifh out of his heart all 
feare of that God, of his Iiidgement-Seat, and 
vengeance againft finne : That fo hee may rufti 
like a wilde Horfe into the Battaile/urioufly and 
defperately upon all villanies and vanities,with- 
out all checke of Confcicncc,and controleracnt, 
I from the terrors of the Judgement to come. In 
this defperate and furious mood,he joynes him- 
felfewirh thcfe Gyantsof Babel^//i.5, whoout- 
ragioufly reare up Towers of Treafon and dcfi- 
aoce againft Heaven , and throw mountaines of 
pride and contempt one upon another^ that they 
may climbe up to the Seat of God, and pull him 
out of his Throne, crying aloud towards Hea- 
ven ; Let him mske fj^eed^ let him haBen hUvcorke^ 
that n>ee may fee it 5 and let the coimfeU of thejjoly 
One of Ifrael drarv neere , and come , that wee ma) 
how it. 

3 If this will not be, and that he finde no fuc- 
ceffe in fctting himfelfe againft Heaven, (f^ho 
ever oppofed himfelfe again B God, and frof^ered ^ ) 
but that hee is crufhed and confounded with 
chemajeftie and terror thereof; Why then, i:\ 
a third p'ace, hee faftens the fangs of his mali- 
cious and wrangling wit, and the furic of his 
1 rophane Athcifme, upon his true and holy 
Word J And that, 


and perpetual/ Cjuide» 

Firft, Either by entertaining or harbouring a 
reprobate and blafphemous conceit, that the fa- 
cred Word of God is but a polirike invention, 
and device of State, to keepe men in order, and 
moderation ; to maintaine Order and peaceable- 
I nefTe in Cities and Societies ^ and to preferve 
the World, andmankinde, from wildncfle and 

Secondly , Or by proportioning his carnall 
conceit of Gods pure and undefiled Law^ to that 
which hee holds of the Decrees and Conftita- 
tions of men. 

And ii ix be cither fb, or ^o^ it is well enough j 
hee can, in the meanc time, therewith ft ill the 
cryesof his Confciencc,and ftop the mouth of 
that Worme that never dies, that it gnaw not too 
eagerly, and fiercely, to the dif-(weetning of his 
carnall contentments, and the making of his fen- 
fuall pleafures more unpleafant. 

Now, would it not vexe a man , to have the 
meat pulled out of his mouth, hischayne from 
his necke, his clothes from his backe, his limbes 
from his body, his right arme from his fhoulder, 
his eyes out of his head ? So it is wJth every 
unregenerate man, and fuch is his torture, when 
that two-edged Sword^the Wordof God,ftrikes 
at his fwect linne, and fenfuall pleafures : And 
therefore no marvell, though hee ftrive and ftrug- 
glc, iTiifr and fhield himfelfe, by any meanes. 
Nay,rhe Lnfts of the unregenerate man, are his 
very life. For,as every godly man liveth a double 
life* one of Grace, by the fandbifying power of 



See nny difi 




See Burton of 

The Saints fur e 

the Spirit; another, of Nature : So every wic- 
ked man hath a double life • one, of Nature; 
and another, of corruption, by thecurfed influ- 
ence of Hell. 

Nay, the fenfuall delights of the finfullman 
are dearer unto him than his life. Hence it is, 
(asweemay obfervc by experience) that fome- 
timcs a covetous man lofing the Life of his li^Qy 
theWedgeof Gold, and Hoords of Wealth, 
makes an end of himfelfe. That the Wanton, 
becaufe hee is rejecfted, and difcarded from the 
objed of his luftfuU pleafurcs, findes no pleafure 
in life J but cuts off himfelfe,by a violent and un- 
timely death. That Ahitofhel being difgraced, 
and over-topt in a point of Policie, (the crowne 
and pride of his worldly happinefTe ) put his 
household in order, and hanged himfelfe. 

Nay, and yet further, the prophane man pre- 
ferresthe fenfuall pleafures of his heart, before 
the lofTe of his immortall Soule. For, how oft 
may wee fee the honour of God , and everlafting 
blefledncfle, put as it were in the one Scale of 
the Ballance, and a little tranfitorie Pleafure in 
the other ? And in this cafe, the unfandified 
man fuffering one fweet finne or other to weigh 
downe the exceeding weight of -heavenly blifle, 
the unvaluable treafure of a good Confcience, 
the infinite glory of God, and the falvation of his 
ovvne deare Soule, in that great Day, 

This groweth out of our corrupt nature ; For 
wee have alljCven in the beft of us, the fource and 
feeds of all finne. If the Lord fhould leave and 


<w I WH.1I I . 

and per^etuall (juide. 

abandon us, to the full fvving and fvvay of our 
ownc corruption, and not either brrdle us by his 
reftraining Spirit , or blefTe us with his fandii- 
fying Spirit 5 wee might every one of us become 
as bad as lutian the Apoftata,who did maliciou- 
fly abjure Chrift ; and as luda^yWho did perfidi- 
oufly betray him. Naturally wee would wallow 
in iinne , without checke of Confcience , or 
controlment by the terror of the Judgement to 

4 But if hee cannot arme himfclfe againft 
the terrors of God, and truth of his Word ; but 
that he muft needs acknowledge the one, and be- 
leeve the other : Why then, in a fourth place, 
with much fpight and malice, he flyes in the face 
|fof Gods Minifters, EmbaflTadours, which are his 
tormentors before his time : And that, 

Firft , Either againft his Preaching, or againft 
hisPerfon: as, too obfcure,ortoo plainfe • too 
coldjortooboifterousj too particular, too per- 
fonall, too precifc, too imperious • too tart, and 
terrible-, too full of Judgement • tending to Se- 
dition, againft the State, or the like. And there- 
fore he labours, not onely with his owne heart,to 
breed within himfelfe a diftafte and diftronceit 
of it ; but alfo puts to his helping hand, to ftay 
andftop the free courfc and current of it from 
others. He cannot abide to have his fweetfinne 
ftruckeat ftill, and ftill to have his Confcience 
grated upon, by the Minifteric of the Word • 
and therefore he does what he can, to abandon 
and abolifh it. When leremm Sermonjdenoun- 


. sL 




The Saints fure 

cing Gods Iiidgement againft ludah and Ifrael, 
iverc brought unto the King , ler.^ ^.23, lehudi 
had not readpa^ three or foure fides before him^ bttt 
the King ftamfed And raged , hee frefemlj tooke the 
Rottle^ And cut it with a Pen-knife, and caU it into the 
fire that was on the Hearth , untili all the Roule ttas 
confumed in the fir e^ that was on the Hearth. In the 
38. o^ leremie^ when the Princes and Courtiers 
were nettled and flung with the downe-right dea- 
ling and holy fcveritic of leremies Preaching 5 
they prefently ranne unto the King, and traduced 
the blefTcd Prophet, to be a tTanfgrcfTor of Poli- 
cie , and an enemie to the State. Therefore the 
Princes faid unto the King : i^ee befeech you^ let this 
man be f>ut to death 5 for thus he weakeneth the hands 
of the men offVarre that remaine in this Citie^ ant^ 
the hands of all the people, ix freaking fuch wor^s unto 
them : For this man feeketh not the wealth of thif 
feople, but the hurt. And there you fee what was 
the ifTuc. 

Thus Prophanencflc and Policie doth ever in- 
terpretethe Dodrineof Lifcjand powerfull ap- 
plication of the Word , to be the Source and 
Seeds of Fadlion and Sedition ; to be incom- 
patible with the civill State, and the very cut- 
throat of Kingdomes and States imperiall. Paul, 
as wee may fee in the 24. of the -^Bs, for his up- 
right dealing, was nick-named a Seditioner^and a 
trouhler of the State, Ccrtainely (faith TertuUw) wee 
have found this man a f>eftilent fellow , and a mover 
of Sedition among all the I ewes throughout the World, 
and a chiefs maintainer of the SeB of the Nazarites, 


and perpetual/ Cju'tde, 


Thus the Word of Life, and newes of falvation 
from HeavcDjis many times charged with Novel- j 
tiQ^ Seditionjand Hcrc(ie. But that which by the ^ 
conftfU(5lion-ofcamaJl conceits, may be tearmed I 
Hereiie,Fav^ious5and Precife, is the very right j 
waytoHeaven* I confefje (faith Paul) that after 
the tray (nhich they call Herefie) fo troyfhip I the God 
of my Fathers^ if c. So may many good Ghrifli- 
anSjandgodly Minifters, fay in thefe Times to 
the men of this World ; After the way , which 
you call PrecifenefTe, Singularitie,and Fadion, 
doe wee truly fervethe living God , and fave our 

Secondly, Or if the authoritic and power of 
his Preaching doth fo aftonifli and confound 
him 3 that hee hath no heart to meddle that wa'^r, 
oroppofeagainftit. yet at leaft, rather than not 
be malicious, hee will difcharge his furie againft 
his perfoB. 

Hence \x. \%^ that a faithfull and confcionable 
Minifter commonlyj wherefoever hee lives, is an 
eminent marke whereat Prophancneile and Po- 
licie, Malice and Crueltie, Hell and the World, 
difcharge the utmoft of their rage and poyfoti, 
Hee above all others, is fure to be wrongfully 
loadcn with danders, difgraces, lying imputati- 
ons, and all manner of foule indignities • and 
many times by the bafer fort, which is- more in- 
tolerable. If hee be but halfe fo honeflly care- 
full, in providing for his family, as the carnall 
worldling is cutfedlycarking, hee is covetous : 
li powerful! in his Preaching, hee is imperious i 



The Saints fure 

If hec oppofe againft the finnes of the Time, hee 
is fadious ; If hee be faithfull in his Minifteric, 
bee is too precife,and plainc : If hee comes home 
to mens Confciences , hee is too particular, and 
undifcreet. In a word , if hee were Faul^ hee 
fhould be a pe Silent fellow ; if C^ r i s t I b s v s, 
bleffed forever (a horrible thing! ) hee fhould 
be Belzebuh : For fo that glorious Lord,and blcf- 
fed Servant, was nick-named and branded by the 
prophane World. 

Hence it is, that the generation of the pro- 
phane and wicked Crue doe ever furioufly band 
themfelves together, to tranfplant and r«ot out 
a confcionable Minifler,whenfoevcr God brings 
him amongft them. Like an unquiet and ra- 
ging Sea , they continually foame out fpight- 
full fpeeches, filthie and (haraefull (landers, and 
lay things unto his charge^ hee never knew : That 
fo , by difcouraging him in his Minifterie, 
weakening his hands, and breaking his heart, 
they may any wayes be rid of him : Or clfe, 
by picking unneceflarie Quarrels againft him, 
they labour by Authoritie, and ftrong hand , to 
throw him out of his place. For their malice 
againft a powerfull Minifter, is endlefle, and 

It is ever the propertie of un-ingenuous pro- 
phaneneife , to nate and feare a faithfull and 
confcionable Preacher as ill as the Plague, and 
fo to efteeme of him. This appeares, by Ter- 
tttUw cenfure of ?A\d ; cenainely (faith hee) tvee 
have found this man a fe^ilent feUort : When in- 

and perpetuall Quide. 

-deed himfclFe was a pernicious Orator, and abu- 
fed his CLiifed Eloquence , to the confufion of 
GoodnefTe. In the Originall, the word fignifies, 
the plague. The Plague^ that great affrighter, and 
terror of the fonnes of men, is not halfe fo ter- 
rible and vexing, as is that man to a carnall heart, 
which preaches rrith ferver and authorities and not 
as the Serines and formall Doctors j and no mar- 
vell. The Plague threatens but onely the feares 
and pangs of a tcmporall death, and takes but 
away the naturall Lifcj but the powerfuH Word, 
from the mouth of a confcionable Minifter/loth 
Alike to the very heart of a carnall man, the ter- 
rors of Hell-fire and everlafting Vengeance,and 
doth labour to bereave him of his Life of Cor- 
ruption,and Pleafurcs* which, as I told you be- 
fore, is more fweet and deare unto him, than his 
Life of Nature. 

And hereupon it is, that as you fee Towncs 
and Cities bufily beftirre them felves, watch and 
ward, diligently en quire,and examine paflengcrs, 
to keepc out the Plague 5 fb it isthc policieand 
practice of thofe places,whcre Drunkards,Swag- 
gercrs, Worldlings, and prophane men fwarme, 
joyntly to confpire and oand together, for the 
banifhing of godly Minifters, and drivingthem 
out of their Coaft. Christ Iesvs himfelfe, 
trhof^ake as never any man fj^ake^ was fo u fed by the 
Swinifh Gadarens • as you may reade in the fifth 
of Luke,. Paul and Barnabas , that glorious paire 
of worthy Pa ftors, were fo ufed by the rebelli- 
ous and ftiffe-neckcd lewes, ^B, 1 3. whereupon 

(r) they 


"Ewf srrK ^f 


The Saints fur e 

they told them to their faccs,That thereby they 
judged themfelves unworthic of cvcrlafting life. 
Then Paul And Barnabas ( faith the Text ) f^ake 
boldly^ and [aid 5 It was neceJJ'arie^ that thefVard of 
God jhould have^rB beene jj^oken unto you .* But fee- 
ing you fut it from ^ou^ and judge your [ehes unmrthy 
of cverlafling life , loe voec turne unto the Gentiles. 
TheBookc of God, Ecclefiafticall Stories , ex- 
perience of our Times^doe plentifully verifie and- 
confirme this Point. 

5 But if fo be, this Spirituall Foole, whom 
wee have carried along through fo many ftcpsof 
irapietiCj cannot have his will agarnil the Prea*- 
ching and the Perfon of the Minifter ^ but that 
he fees the Power of the Word, which be cannoc 
decline, is like continually to vcxe him, to ftxike 
through his loyncs, with feare and trembling ftill: 
to grate upon his Confcience for his fwect (inoe, 
to difccrne and difcover the very thoughts and 
imaginations of his heart ; -or that bee is mow 
ingenuous and fai re- conditioned thanothcrun- 
regencrate men (for fometimes fweetncflfe and 
lovingnefle of naturall difpofition doth bridle 
men from raging again ft the power of holy EX). 
(Slrine, andfinceritie of anhoneftman: ) Why 
then, in a fifth place, hce 

Firft, Either refolves (as many doe) to give 
the Preacher hearing indeed, and perhaps reve- 
rent attention too; but with this fecret referva- 
tion, That hce fhall not ftirreand move him with 
all his Preaching • That fay what bee will, hce 
fhall never perfwade himy that this or that flnne 


4ntl ferfftuaU (juide. 


is fo hainous as hce makes it 5 hee fhall never 
drive him from tlic Fafhions of the Times, aad 
Cuftomcs of his Fore-fathers ; hce fhall never 
bring him out of conceit vrith good-fellow fhip. 
So, that as the deafe Adder ftoppeth his eares a- 
gainft theEnchanter^charme hee never fo wifely ^ 
lo (huts hee the eares of his heart againft the 
Word of Life : and though it founds dayiy lowd 
and ftrongly in his cares, yet will he by no meanes 
ftifiFer it to finkc feelingly and powerfully into 
his foule, Thofe men which reft upon this ftep 
of impietic,and in this degree of prophancnefTe, 
though they hearc Sermon upon Sermon , yet 
arc they dill the fame men: They are Lyers ftill, 
they arc Drunkards ftill, they are Vfurers ftill, 
they are Swearers ftill , they arc luke-warme Pro- 
fcftbrs ftill , &c, they are ftill as they were. 
Though thefe linnes have againe and againe been 
cryed againft, and many times reproved, and their 
Confciences convinced ; yet the Word which is 
preached amongft them , hath no more power, 
nor wrought more alteration upon them , than 
upon the Seats where they fit : Though the glo- 
rious Light of the Gofpel fhine faire and bright 
upon tbem^ yet they lye ftill hard frozen in their 
dregs, and ftarke blindc in matters of Heaven : 
Though the Hammer of the Word beat often 
upon their hearts , yet it doth not breake and 
j briiife them , but more and more harden and 
cmmarble them, like an Anvill and Adamant: 
1 Though they be waChed with many plentifull 
Showers from Heaven , yet they ftill continue 
I (12) blacke 


The Saints fure 

blacke Moorcsj and Leopards- ftill full of the 
blackneflTe of Hell , and fpors and pollution of 

Let thofe that ans fuch among you , in the 
Name of God beware in time : forafTuredly^the 
Damnation fleepcth not, the Day of Reckoning 
and every mans particular Judgement is very 
necrc 5 and then wc muft be ahfwerable and coun- 
table for every Sermon wee have heard : Every ; 
Sermon will then (land up , either to witneflTe 
for us, or againft us ^ for every one wee heare, 
either advanceth us a ftep neerer towards Hea- 
ven, or throwes usa ftayre lower downe towards 
Hell. ' 

Secondly, Orifhee.cannot fo fence himfclfc 
againft the keeneedgeof the Word, that two- 
edged Sword, which day after day is laydto the 
root of his corruption 5 nor fo hide his head'fi^ 
the heat of that glorious and facred Sunne of 
Truth , which every Sabbath fhines on his face^ 
but that the fharpe Arrowes of the Word of 
Truth andRighteoufnefle doe pierce his heart, 
and Sword of Spirit gets io farre within him, 
that it ftrikes and aftoniOieth his Confcicnce : 
W^hy then hec, i ,':;,' '- ■ •' ' ; - 

Firft, Either ftrives and ftruggles againft it,by 
fhifcing and iliiclding himfelfe with Diftinc^i- 
ons^ExceptionSjExcufes, catnall Reafons, Re- 
ftridions, Limitations^falfc Gloffes, private and 
partiall Interpretations, and oppofing one place 
of Scripturcjin his ownc falfe and enforced Senfe, 
againft the true meaning and natural] power of 


and perpetnall (juide. 


the Word in another place, as I have told you 
largely before. So wretchedly and unhappily is 
hee wedded to the finftill pleafures of this vainc 
World, that hee will wreft his wit, the Word of 
God,or any thing, to wreft out of his heart thofe 
piercing Arrowes of the Wordof Truth,fhot by 
thehandof a skilfall Archer; which if he would 
fuffer to fearch and finkc, would fetch out the 
poyfon of his naturall corruption , mortifie his 
iu ft, and fave h is fou le . 

Secondly, Or if hee have not wit and under- 
(landing to furnifh himfclfe fitly with probable 
Interpretations, formall Diftin<ftions, and plau- 
fible Exceptions , (for this abilitie onely befalls 
prophane men of better parts, and more under- 
ftanding : ) Why then , being refolved not to 
fubmit to the power of the Word , nor to for- 
fake his catnall contentments , face takes this 
courfe J hee furfets fo immoderateIy,and drinkes 
fo deepc of fenfuall pleafures of that bofome- 
finne to which hee is fo much wedded, that hee 
cafts his Confcience afleepc, drowncs his heart 
in earthly delights, and fo goes on at all adven- 
tures, and throwes himfelfe upon Gods mercies, 
without all ground or warrant,with fuch conceits 
as thefe : That hee hopes hee fliall doe as well as 
others , who are farre worfe and more wicked than 
himfelfe : That God, no doubt, will bemercifull 
to one finne : That all his other good parts and 
good deedes will countcrvaile and make amends 
for one infirmitie, (for fo hee will call it,and con- 
ceive of it, though it be a groflfe and grievous 

(13) finne:) 


The Saints fure 

finne : ) That one finnc will not require fo great 
icpcntance, but that it may be well enough done 
onhisdcath-bedjand fiich like. 

Thus I have acquainted you by ihe\vay,virith. 
the fteps of impietiejand degrees of prophane- 
nefTc, wherein unregenerate men, which hate to 
be reformed, and refufetoyeeld up themfelves 
to bee maftcred and guided by the Power and 
Light ofthe holy and heavenly Word of the true 
and ever-living God, doc unhappily reft and re- 
pofe thenfLTelves^ to- the eternal 1 confufion both 
of their foulcs and of their bodies : Which you 
muft take heed of, if you would profit by the 

6 Difcovcr and defeat all tllofe Snares of Sa- 
than, that wee have formerly mentioned to you in 
this DircOLirfc,)?<i!^.8 3. under the fourth Vfe. 

7 Dejci^ and demolidi thofc two ftrotig 
Holds of Sathan; fir{}jCarnaJlEeafon. fecond- 
ly, Corrupt Affedion 5 which 1 thus define : 
It is the adVuatedftrength and rage, of original! 
pollution, which furioufly executes the fenfuall 
and unrcafonable determinations of corrupted 
Carnall Reafon; (lands at open defiance, and 
profeile.s open hoftilitie againft Grace, good- 
neffc, and good men, and courfes of fa^ deifica- 
tion J fcedes upon fo long, and fills it felfc fo 
full wi'th worldly vanities and pleafures , that 
growing by little and little incorrigible and un- 
i:ameable, it brecdes and brings forth, as it na- 
turall ifTue, Defpaire, Horror^ aad the Worm e 
which never dies. 


and perpetuall Quide. 


By Carnall Reafon , I underftand the whole 
fpeculative power of the higher and nobler part 
of the Saule, which wee call the Vnderftanding, 
as it is naturally and originally corrupted , and 
nccerly deftitute of all Divine Light 5 and doth 
afterward, through it ownefinfuU working and 
fenfuall difcourfe , grow wi(e in the World and 
earthie affaires , but difconceitfuU and oppofite 
to the wayes of God , and heavenly wifcdome, 
by concluding and commending to it felfe falfe 
PrincipIeSjfrom deluded fence,and deducing falic 
jconclufions from true Principles, and by a conti- 
nued exercife and experience in contemplation of 
Earthjandpaflages of worldly Policie. 

By Corrupt Affedion, I meaneandcomprife 
all the adive inferior powers of the Soule, Will, 
AfFediions, Sencc, as they are polluted and em- 
pOyfoned in the puddle of original! corruption ^ 
and afterward being flefhed in fenfuall pleafurcs, 
and enfierced by Sathans fuggeftionsjbecome the 
furious executioners of all the finfuU decrees and 
unfan<5iified determinations of the 
undcrftacdingandwifedomeof thcfletlj. 
8 In hearing the Word, be furc, 

Firft, » TogiveedrneHheed^Hei,!, i. 

Secondly^ ^ To eonfxder feriouflj^ z Tim.i. 7. 

Thirdly, « That wee be not in this refpe^i: 
like leaking VefTels, and have Sieve-like memo- 
ries, H^^. 2. I. 

Fourthly, ^ To keepe the Word with mucli 
adoe, with great contention and colludation, 

(r4) 9 Suffer 



** N:«I». Mente 
asitaiey in mmo 

*, Uir»Tt vmpmf- 
fuu/j(tt, Neqttan- 
Teremianui iUe 
Parmen0j ft ple- 
num efferimrii 

tMuda s'fi vU bu- 
rn vocabuliy quo 

line tfiagno cetta- 
minepoffe ijiud 
komtmfetrfm af 
came, ae V'labolo 
advcrfii) fpiriiu 
De'^novum hejpi- 
teifjy& capitalcm 
ipferumbiixica, \ 


See Terkj^s, 


The Saints fure 


ScCilMarrcrv of 
the Oracles of 

See lbid.p»yf6, 

See l^dalJi 

My Wall^iTig 

p Suffer the Spirit of Bondage to have its 
w6xke upon thee. Conclude horror upon thy 
heartj by the working of the Law, from fuch pla- 
ces as thck'^^Deut.z^, i^yio^, zThcJJ', i. S^^. 

10 When thy Confcience is once throughly 
wounded by the preparative worke of the Spirit 
of Bondagejand all thy (inneSjCven thofe in which 
thou haft taken greateft delight, become heavie 
and a grievous burthen upon thy heart ; then 
let that heavie heart of thine receive fpirituall 
warmth, rcfrefhing, and life, 

Firft, By perufing the Lord lefus in all the pafr 
fages of his Lomq, Sufferings, and SatisfadionSy 
from his comming from the Bofomc of his Fa- 
ther, untill his returning unto his right hand 
againe 5 efpecially hanging upon him, bleeding 
anddying^and crying under the burthen of owf 
finncSjMy God,my God, (^c. and fo conquering and 
C0T\ck\dln^, It ufinifBed. :■ , c 

Secondly, By a feeling furvey and fure fetling 
upon all the Promifes of Life, feaiedwith his 
righteous bloud. 

Thirdly, By cleaving to Gods fweeteftName, 
which is to forgive iniquitie, tranfgrelfion, and 
rinnc,£A;otff.34. ^,7. 

Fourthly , By refting with all thankefull 
and joyful! acknowledgement , and re je ding 
refolutely all fcrupulous and fearefull injedi- 
ons, upon that bleffed Myfterie of Gods free 
grace, which reacheth from cverla fling to ever- 

II Then 

and perpetuall (^tiide. 

if 5 

1 1 Then ever after vvalke watchfully and fruit- 
fully in the path which is called holy. 

Now for continuall growing and profiting by 
the Minifterie, in that new and blefTed courfe, 
and for thriving by the food of the Word which 
thou enjoyeft, take the fe directions, looke unto 
thefe things, 

Firft, Looke to the drcfllng of it 5 that thy 
fpirituall Cooke be cunning, and oonfcionable. 
Otherwife , it may fometimes turne into ranke 
poyfbn untothy Soule, fill thee with winde, and 
pufFe thee up with a caufelefle good conceit of 
thy felfc 5 impaire thy fpirituall health , kcepe 
thee ftinted, as it were , and at a ftay , &c. Nay, 
an ill fpirituall Cooke, by his jugling Trickes, 
may make thee belecve all thy life long, that thou 
groweft in Grace, and (halt goe to Heaven ; and 
thou arc flarke dead in iinnes and trefpaifes, and 
fhalc be damned. 

Secondly, The emptying and disburthening 
of the Stomacke of thy Soule, of all Humours, 
Paflions, Prejudice, Croifcs, Troubles, Temp- 
tations, &c. or any thing that will hinder the 
puritic and power of the Word from taking 
pofleflion of thy Soule : even the Honey-combe, 
the fweeteft thing in the World , is loath fome, 
as the Wife-man fayth , to a full ftoraacke. 
Thou muft bring an Heart and Head , like two 
emptie Buckets , to draw with greedineffe and 
/oy the Water of Life out of the Wells of Sal- 

Thirdly , To procure and rayfe an Appetite 
( r 5 ) before 


See Chyjfofi. 

See 'PjB«c\t In 


The Saints fur e 

5?c Otryfoft. 
Tom.i. Hcw.41. 
Imttto AHthorc, 

before thou come : from confideration •, firft, 
of its NeceflTitie : Where the Word of God 
is not preached J die people periQi \ as you had 
it in the former Treatife. Secondly, Excellen- 
cie : It is farre more precious than purcft Gold, 
dearer than thoufands oFGold and Silver. Third- 
ly, SweetnefTe : It pafles the Honey jand Honey- 
combe. David^ in his ablence from the meancs, 
holds the Swallow and Sparrow happie _Birds. 
Fourthly, Profit : It builds up the inner man, 

Fourthly, The Reception of it j That iievcr 
be entertained with farre more attention and re- 
vcrcnce^^than if wee were hearing the mightkft 
Monarch in the World fpeaking immediately 
unto us, by perfonall compellation, about the 
wcighfteft affaire, and neerclicft concerning us : 
That it be ever heard as the Word of the mightic 
and ever-living God. 

Fifthly, Retention. The moRwholcfomeand 
fovcraigne meat, if prefently voided, nourifheth 
not at all 5 niany fall into a Confumption of 
Grace^by reafon of weakeneflethisway. They 
are hot and fierce to get unto a good Sermon, 
and they doe well, to be carefull thereabout 5 
but their forwardnc0e and fcrvencie coolcs and 
expires, when the Sermon is done. They after, 
have little more to doe withit,faveoiielytofay 
it was a good Sermon: As, many have anunfa- 
tiable appetite in deveuring meat, who cannot 
keepe it for any fpace of time. The retentive 
power of the Soule then muft be flrengthencd, 



and ferpetuall Quide. 


and exercifed, or clfc the attentive and attradiive 
addcs but more dcadnefle to a (pirituall Atro- 

Sixtly, ConcoiSiion. By repetition • either 
in way of conference,* with our neighbours, and 
Chriftian friends ; or in way of examination, 
with our Wives, Children, Servants, Schollers, 
or other inferiours. But principally, by that, 
firftj excellent Exercifc of Meditation , which 
is the very life of profitable Hearing • and the 
■ want of it , the death of all good Lelfons : It 
inflames the heart with a kindly heat,to pradife3 
as in brooding, the Hen infpires heat, and begets 
life : fecondly, and by the heat of Prayer •, that 
both warmes the heart, fits the food^and bringsa 
blefling upon both,. 

Seventhly, Digeftion. By application 6f the 
points unto our ovvne particular • by forting the 
particulars of the Sermon , unto our owne nc- 
ceflities • for the conquering of this Luft,ruling 
of thatPafTioJi, leaving this Sinne, performing 

Eightly, Tradlcc. Walking in the ftrength 
of it afterward • which makes it our owne, and 
keepes the Soule in health,and growth, and com- 
fortable temper. 

And thus wee may conftantly grow by the Mi- 
nifterie of the Word ; which is the principall 
publike Banquet, which the Lord hath provided 
for feeding his Childrens Soules. 

The Sacraments are a fecond Service. 

Evenbythefirft, that iSjBaptifme, wee may 

See Chrykji. h 

Let us rumi- 
nate (of the 
and as it were 
chew the cud, 
that wee may 
have the fweet 
and conlblati- 
on of tbea, 
reading Scrip* 

Wee muft, Ite- 
quafi de utero^re- 
vocare c> mmi' 
rtaiey& retraSa- 
re. Chrjfoflt 6r 
rather the an- 
certaine Au- 
' thor,;»»JW<ittfr, 


The Saints Jitrey ^c. 


grow, not onely when wcc feelc it in ourownc 
bodies 5 but alfo , when wee fee it adminiftred 
unto others . And therefore, the cu ftome which 
iiath prevailed in mod places , of negleding 
and contemning this part of the Food of our 
Soules , is to be fevercly cenfurcd, and fharpely 

By the (ccond , that is , the Lords Supper , 

wee may thrive excellently, if wee follow tnofe 

Dire^ions in my Preparative to it : To 

which I rcfcrre you, in the fuc- 

ceeding Treatife. 

Fl ^l S, 





Contained in this Treatife of the 

Saints Gvide. 


A' Vftdion to^ejojnedmth 
J-^f hearing, . pag.iyp. 
Afflidions no ftrange thing, 
^ p.ii8. They are but fhort, 


Affii(ftions rat fed by the Devils 
jigainB Chrihians, lop 
Antidotes again^ affltBions, 
no, C^'f. 
Application required in hea- 
ring thtH^or d^ and why. 1 80, 

Apoftates & their danger, 103 

Atheifme. 50 

Attention in hearing required^ 

174. Horv hinder ed,S/:{., Hew 

helped, 175,17^ 


Benefits efshe mrd, ■j?^&e. 


Catechififtg our families^ fref- 
fed in nine Reajhns. 2 2856*^. 

Carnall Reafon and cerrupaf^ 

feUion defined, 2/^6^&c, 


The Ta b le. 

Caveats, that r^ee ma^ frofit in 
hearing the Word, ^^j^&c^ 

Carnall ObjeBions aga>inFt the 
word. 6iytoZ^ 

Charitic among ChriHians^as 
much as among Papijis, 8 1 

Chxiik fiiffers with his affliSted, 


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ujefuine^e of the Word. 216^ 

Convcrfion tried, S^ 

Covetoufnefle , and thejignes 

of it, 96 

Curksfi^^e of unprofitable hea~ 

ring, i9o^&c, 

Curfcd is their conditif^ ^ that 

are not reformed b^ the word 
in fixe particulars, ipp 


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word, 58 

Degrees in (Inning, 5 5 

DcwiW fleales ai^aj the word^ 
S'^,S6, He hinders conver- 
\ fion^Z'j, And a through re- 
formation^ 8 Z^&c, He deales 
with men as Pharaoh mth 
Mofes. 9'^^&c. 

Deareneffe of things^ why grea- 

ter notv than formerly, 8 2 

Delight in the word helpes me- 

morie, ij^ 

Duties required before hearings 

I45> &^» tn hearings ly-^^ 

&c. Aft^r hearing, 182 


ECeds of Vride, 142 

The End of our Creation, 2 04 
Examination 5 vkcn required, 
16 6^1 6-7 
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preparation, 1 5 'i^^c, 


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tried, 102 

Frequent preaching proved out 
of antiquitie, 205 ,c^f , 

Feet 5 what is meant by them, 

Finall falling from grace ^ not 
granted^ I o i . But partially 
and frequently^ 106. The 
good we get befalls, 108 

Fretting at affiiBions ^ 132. 
At the profjperitie of the wic- 
ked, 133 


The T 



Grace «j of a gromng nature, 


Codilymen diHinguifhed from 

Hypocrites , l^y jixe markes. 

The Godly fhine Brighter after 

their falls p 3^ 

Gods Children-hut fexv, 130 

Gods Law not like mans, 54 

God ^ the caufe ofaUaffliBion, 

113, His aime in ailiBing 

his, 117 

Gods love to hiSy esceedes the 

creatures, 114 


Hardneffe of hearty anddhel^e 
again B it, 52,53 

Helpes to heare the word un- 
derftandingij^ 177 


Ignorance It h darken effe^ 31, 
The danger ^f it^ p. 3 j . /<? 3 7, 


lud gem en ts of Non^frcflcients 

hy the word, 48 

ludgemcnts for the contempt of 
it. 201 ^d/c, 

Judgements nhy rather to be, 
expeBed in our time, 8 o 


Knowledge mujl be praBicaU^ 
5, Fruits of divine Know^ 
ledge. ibid.,. 

Learning humane oncly mil not 

fave, 1^,20 

Lets ofnot profiting by theword. 


Lif^tobe to B for God, . 12 

Light, phat meant by it, 1 6 

Love to God and our neighbours 

tried,, SB 


Many take more fainesfor HeU^ 
than fome for Heaven, p,75 .fo 

The Matter of the word. 43 
Math. 1 0.4. expounded, 15? 5 
Good MQanings m^ not fave,, 


M^anes to cjmcken attention to 

the word, 175 


Xh e Table, 

Meditation reqm^te After hea- 
rings 184. The Benefits of it, 
1 8 5 • X> ireBionsfot it, 227, 


Hitii^QisEmbaJfadours : rrhy, 

MinilterSjtr/;^ theypr&achfojhl- 

d-Qme, 2op 

Minifteric of the fVord like the 

wedding feafl, 57 

The Miferie of the naturall e- 

ftate, 141 

The More veee have, the greater 

our account, 143 

Motives 3 To walke bj the rule 

of the word, p. 41. w 4^. 

To prepare for hearing it,i 51. 

To profit by it, ipy 


Obedience to the Word requi- 
red, 187 

Opennefle of heart to receive 
thefvord, lyi 


V^theSyirhat meant by them, 1 8 

Papifts keepe the Word from the 

Laitie^ 2 8, Tteir ObjeBions 

anfrvered, ip 

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with it, 70 

Perfecution to be endured for 
the Word, ' 10 

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Sathan, 100. How crorvned 
by God, 105 

Popidi Ho^italitie , mth its 
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Pta,yctSJind praifes mujibefer- 
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Prayer before the word, and for 
what, 170,171 

Preaching prefefd before rea- 
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now, than formerly, 213. it 
cannot be too much, 62 ^ &c. 

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Againft fpirituallPrid€,i 3 ^, 

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the word hurts, 145 , (^c. 
The profit of it, 158, (jjtc, 
what it is,and vkat required 
in it, 16$ 

'PridQ may faring from Gods pro- 
vidence, 132, (^c, 

Privi ledges of the godly, 124 

VtophantncfCeofMinifferf no 

excufe for difobedience to the 

Word, 73 



A B L E* 

Pfalmes. their ttntentsanst be- 
nejitf.^' .« Sk\fr.-W .li^-^ 

Purging of the heart hefou hea- 
ring , from fime and tporidly 

X^iMciti6tii'ofthi htartfie- 

pre h^drifig.' "' ^ • ' '152 

Recufaock..' ' .^"O r^ J '■ 5 1 
RcgcneratioB,»'for, ' ' • 24 
Reading the fyordfrefed^uj^, 
■ /:.ObjeBions again B it anfoe- 

red, 224 

Remcmbring theword^ a I>«- 

tie, ^?2, 

Repetition and Conference^awh 

ther, 185518^5227 

Satbans Policte, 1 06 

Separatifts condemned, 12 6, 


Service of God how to be quali^ 

fed, 6y 

Siy^e>S'mnQS fb//or9 mprojitabk I 

Sinne againB the Holy-Cho^^ j 
■: ■ how committed, 201 

^iiigularitiejw/?^*^ refuired^and 
. ;. rnharmti ^ - \' ^^^^ •■ ^ "^'i *• ' . • 128 
Sleeping /» the church condemn 

Nathans Sleights to hinder the 
r\ 0f,ords w$rke, a Sj.c^^. 
Spirituall Pride, 1 2^, How it 
arifeth. l2/^,&c. 

SwQct fmnt^nhat it if, - 55 


Things r^^f»/fe<^ to the hte of 
God and men, ^j 


Vndcrftanding of the Word re- 
quired, ijj 
Y©wcs to befayd. p 


Wicked men hate the godly : 
r^y* Il6yli7 


T H » Table. 

Wicked mtn hnd together 4- 
gain^ A fowerfuU MiniHer, 

Wifedome indeed^ hvt ts be 
had. 3^ 

frmts of worldly Wifedomej4. 
vehift' wfi msn, ibid. 

fFarldlj Wifedome wiSmtfave 

Won*: The miming rfthe 
Word. \.\\'\^\-: 15 

The Word nur chiefefl treafure^ 
12, 13, OurLi^ foBcd' 
ven. ip>38 

The literaffWord , without the 
fi>irituaU meaning , fBfili not 
ffop ui, 23 

H9t» men Uhttr $a hlnnt the edge 

oftheWotd^ 2^ 

Sffngiingsofa wicked hearty to 

get the Word 6»t^ being once 

got in. 144 

The Word vforltes Regenermon 

And San^ification , 2 4^ 2 5 . 

It islivelj and fbdrpe in three 

rej^cBsy z6. It is a Love- 

Utter from Gody ^2^ Itfba^ 

judge f»5 4 5 . ItisM9t mAnSy 

but Gods invention J 50, It 

fronts converted And uncon- 

vertedy ^9. ItmuH: dwell in 

m flentifuUj^And hof9y 105, 

213, fitc^ It fits every man 

in aUocci^ns, 2 1 5, &c. 

^i^Worfiup h4ttd ij God, 




F I N I S. 

i y c J .riG r ' 8 



) J