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Full text of "Instructions for a right comforting afflicted consciences: with special antidotes against some grievous temptations. Delivered for the most part in the lecture at Kettering in Northamptonshire"








I'reasure "Room 




For a Right comforting 

With fpeciall Antidotes againft fome 
grievous Temptations, 

Dcliyered for the moft part in the 

Lcdure at Kettering in Nortbamp- 


By Robert Boltom, Bacchelor in 

Diviffrtte^ and Preacher of Gods ward at Brought 

ttn in the fame Countie. 

TheficondEditiony divided into Chapter s^ with a Tabic 

of the Contents annexed. 

Printed by T.^. for Thomas wuvcr. 






Robert G a r r e^ Gentleman of 

the Kings Bcd-Charabcr, &c. all holy 

wifcdome to walke in the way to 

eternaU Blijfc^ 

SIR , 

Onr cxcraordinarjc ap- 
probation,and acceptance 
of my DireSfiins f$r vpal* 
king with Qod^ falling \vi>' 
to your hands, by Gods 
good prouidence, I know 
not how ; accompanycd 
with fuch noble clrcumftances, and cxprefli- 
ons of much undcferaed refpcv^ to the Au- 
thor; but cfpecially of your affe£lionate loue 
to the "^gloriom Gfijpell of the blejftd Ged (farrc * Tim.i.it. 
dearer to euery gracious heart , which truly 
taftes the rayfteric , and mercies of Chrifl in 
it 5 then it's dearcfl bloud , or wharfbeucr is 
moft dcfircablc under the Sunne, or admired 
mofi amongft the Sonnes of men ) , hath en- 

f 5 couraged 


couragedme at this time, to take the bold* 
nclTe, to prdcnt this prcfent Trcatifc more 
immediately , and by fpeciall intcreft into 
your ownc hand. And I am the farrc better 
pleafcd with my choifej becaufc I hold it a 
matter of Angular comfort, and fpeciall con- 
fcquencc, to have an hand in diverting the eye 
of any , that attends upon earthly Majcftic, 
from too much gazing upon the outward il- 
luflrious fplcndour, which is wont to gliftcr 
in the Courts ofgrest Princes ^ to-the admi- 
ration, and cmbracemcntof the glorious, and 
cuerlafting beauty of the Lord itfm : In re- 
fpeft whereof, all the faircfl beamesoffclici- 
tie and joy, which (hinc from the moft orient 
Impr riall Diadems , that crowne the face of 
the Earth, arc but a Moare of darkncffc , and 
Lumpe of vanity. And that for divers rcafons- 
I. Firft, Such as ftandin the prefencc ofmigh- 
tic Kings, are, or ever (liould bee, men ol 
grcatcft parts^, deepeft underaandings, and 
moft eminent abilities eucrie Way : Which 
being happily fanaificd by a fruitfull rnflu. 
encc from Heaven ^ and by the hclpe of the 
holy Ghoft, bent to the right end , and fpent 
upon the Obieas, they ought; become glo- 
rioufly fcruiceable to the King ofKwgsy prc- 
portionably to their native excellency above 
ordinarie gifts, and the vulgar fort of fuffici. 
cncies. Great endowments, in what kinde fo- 
cuer, guided by a divine hand, in their excr- 
dfe and agitations, do ever, a great deaJc of 
good, To give lafiaacc, a.id not ilirre from 


theCourc:Thc Lord of Heaven vouchfafed 

to Khg laiues^oi (ixnous mcmoric,and One 

of the Icarncdft Princes , that ever wore a 

Crownc upon Earth, fuch a ftroug and enlar- 

ged undcrOanding, that we (bould havemag- 

nified;ic , as admirable^ even m a private man. 

The fame good hand of providence in great 

mercie , direded it upon the right Objed; 

even the dcfenfc of thcCb)^tf/y 7-f«r*of our (;6)But«forihcho. 

bkff^dly reformed reiigi 0ft , and deftru^ion of ly rrmh profcflcd by 

K^nticbriftiamfme, thataccurfed Hydr4 oi'zW »f y fcJ/«,«d tjop of 

, f, t ^ ' n ' r 11 ihc reformed R.cligi- 

hcrclics'and notonouily infamous » both to on,&c. King jmes 
this,andthe other World, for horrible Maf- «£«»»«/?. pa^a 76. 
facres, and (c)murthering of Kings. Where- L^/f^^fA^ 
upon, befides that, He hath by his Princely sttatius . M»ianay 
Pen, given fuch a deadly wound to that Beaft ^"V"l^ ^^'i?"** 

/n u tt- iL /\ J teach the Doftiine 

of Rome, that He IS Dcver Iiketoitand upon of Parricides i^ /»«.$. 
His fourc Icggcs againc: He hath alfo left in His ^/^*> ^^"P^' *«^/^^ ; 
learned Labours, fuch an immortall monu- doLTs^ .'^HeJe'KiH 
ment of Demonftrative light, and invincible hmts af(erwMd.u the 
Remo»firaftce z^mnikthitbhudy fupcrftition. pr^'o^.tfind^Kkc*?; 
that I am perfwaded , it will proove a moil praaife of King wn^ 

Ijngi wherefore hath 
not bisHoImefTe impofedrome ferere cea(urtr,with AfearefdIfiowne,upontbcBooke 
oiMamna tlicJIefuitCby whoro Parricidci are commended. Nay, Viighly extoUcdJ) 
when hiiHolinefTe hath been pleafed to call in (ome other of MaridM/iM books. Again, 
wbcrefore did higHolmefTe adyife himfclfcjto ccnfure the decree of the CoAirt of Par- 
liamen t in ^Pwris againft lohn Cba^tU ? Wherefore did he fuffer Giratt and Oldtorny my 
Powder minersjboth by Books and Pidures, rcndible under his nofc in Rome, to be 
inrowledin theCanon of haly Martyrs? And when he(aw two great Kings mardered 
one after another; wherefore by fome publike declaration did not his Holineifc lelUfie 
to all Chri{lcndome,hit inward lenre,and trueapprehenHon of fogrcat mliforiuae,at 
•II Europe hadjuftcaufe to lament, on the behalfe of France ? Wherefore did not bis 
Holincffe publilh lome L«w, or Pontificiall Decree, to provide for the fecurity of K Bgs 
in timctocom<?/Wfl|.ptfg.aii zzj,5ec U'lfier. /</»<(. put out by I«i;»«4.^Whcreinyou 
may fee theit bloudy behaviour in many king^otnes- ^ , . 

% 4 foveraignc 


(d) The mghty w»r. fov€raignc {^) prcfcrvative.and a mightic dew 
♦;»««/iv»ni7«w»"J'« tivc, far ftrongcr than a raounwine of Braflc, 
^JfJ^uTui^^^"^ tokccpeallHisRoyallPotoitic, which fhall 
HtitoM in the FnfMe bcrcaftcr fucccflivcly (it upon His Rcgall 
T^h.X'^ZonBt Throne, to the woildscnd,in athorow uni, 
MajcmesBookci, as verfa)!, and everlafting deteftation ofPoperic. 
'"/rin^^mmS Cif»4a;i<fr, that great glory of France, and the 
fra«emcnt7featmg wholc Chriftian World, was bountifully cn- 
thcy portend foroc jjchcd frotti Heaven with fingularitic of Jear- 
bS>Tw[rtira ning,andPol€micall Parts i which being tur. 
ecrtainc influenccto ncd the tight Way , have happily produced a 
workc great change p^ffjiyatUjuch vidorious Volames, and fo 

and alccration m tne -' » u n -n 

World: Neither is uninfwerably triumphant over all Pcpilh 
thcit expeftation Sophiftric ; thai not all the Icfuites in Chri- 
we b?v?Se wifh ilendoine,thoughthey ftiould rake Hell afrcfb, 
our eyes the Opera- forfomeDcw, rottcn di Atndions , to uphold 
jionofHisMajcftics their tottcilng ^4^<r/? , ftiall ever bc ablc to rc- 

Works mtncConlci* ° r A n i i i 

encesof their Men fo ply to any putpoie. <Snafli toc teeth they may 
faire, asfiom theif |,^i|j| gfjclc and Qiflme cnoughj wilc like the 
'S.tVZ em, v^alsof the {c) great whr,, impreffioned 
there have bocne, witKthe impudcncicof her torcbcad, and lie 
";J£S;""- agjipftHira voIuminouflyiButfor anypoffi. 
Btjh»p»f mnton, bilitie of a found Anfwcr , they mutt all let 
CO RcTeLxj'** that aloni for ever. As on the contrary, great 
parts empoifoncd, and mif-imploycd, plague 
extraordinarily. The greater fufficiencie with- 
out grace, is but a (harper fword in a madder 
hand. Hatred to goodne(re, and height of 
Place, attended with capacitie and cunning, 
workc a world of mifchiefe. Matt, the Apo- 
fiate , being an Emperour of admirable elo- 
quence, and exa^ learning -, What horrible 

workc I 


workc? What hurt and havocke did he make 

in the Primicluc times , amongll the people of (OTake policy uitu 

God! The Icfuitcs at this day, brought upin ^o^^daycs taken by 

/-,. A ,r\ ;/ /• 1/. * coonmen phrafe of 

variety of literature, and (fj M^cbtvelhan my- fpccch; — Aswcfay, 
fteries,bccomc the grand In[)poftour5,andJm- *^"* right Poiuian 
poyfoncrs of innumerable Soulcsj the moft IllThmaybcfay; 
notorious Incendiaries, and Afsafms, that euer that m Poiiiicaij go- 
the(g) earth bore : fucb (h) murthercrs of *^';f""^"^.°^ MacW- 

:^0' , , - vcllnn policy, none 

PfiflC^S., 0) Buubers of fn^^le^ Bners fifStdtes^ gocth beyond the le- 

iuitsatrhisdiy. De. 
cacercl,^ofltib.i.Aift 4 pagS^, No, no, their courft oflifedoth fticw what ihcir ftudy 
is:and hov^ocv«t chty boa& of iheJrpcrftdions,holineffe,rrcdi:atioFiS & exerdlcsjycc 
that plat forme i!> hcatbc«ii(h,tyTanokal],and able to Tec ArtthtsLtciMi Machiavtl,»ni 
theDivell hiinU\kjn a Ibrr, to Schoolc. Jbid. ^odl^.^.Art 3 pa%6%. The lefuites 
roanagcmattersniotc M3chiave]U3n]y,th3nVI^(;f6{di^«i/binQfelfe>/4a/a'(r/o/&e7«/«f;rti 
GttU.fA% 70 Icfuitcs arc fathers of mifcbicfe, friends to ihemfcIvc?,benefadours to 
fcditi9USpcirons,Ma{lersofMachuivellirnie, Traytors to England, and to their 
Prince. AHanfwerbyantofour Bteibietti<t Seeultr Prie fly toBUc^iv^ck Utter, written to 
CtrdinaU C2)ctznt z$g6*CirctMfd. ^g) The Iciuites are to bee marked out for the 
Bioft [naliciou$,traiterous>&!rrcIigousCalumniatoit,(hat crcr lived oneanhjUnwor* 
thy that crcr the earth fhould bearc them ^odl 4,Art zp 99* (h) But Umanalket 
bettcr,to Wauc a Tyrant poyfoncd by his Chaire,or by his Apparel], and Robes, after 
the example of the M^untaoiaa Kings;that being fo poifoned only by feotjor by con- 
taSjHe oaay not be found guilty of Self-felony^and the 5ouIc of the pooityranr,in the 
flight out ofthebody,may be innocent of the faft; O Hell- bounds / O Diaboltcall 
vneubes ! O infernall Monfters ! How long then? How lopg (hall Kings, whom the 
Lord hath calkd his Annointed j Kings, the breathing ioaagcs of God upon eattb; 
KingSjthttmth a wry,or frowning lookc,are able to crufh thefeearth-wermesinpie. 
cetjHow long {hallthcyfuffer this viperous brood (cotTtee, and without puQiHiment, 
cofpit in their faces i l{ii^Iamt Remwifl.fai.ai^, Such is the Religion of chefe Reve- 
rend Fathers,the Pillars of the Ponti£cia!I Monarchy. In comparife n of whofe re. 
ligion & holine s^all the impiety iha t ever was pradifed among the infidels, and all the 
barharoai cruelty,that ever was perpetrated among the CanibaI^,ioay pafi« henceforth 
in theChtifiian World for pure deroency and humanhy. Jbid,pag23^> Adue reUgion 

of the lefuites: for to fpeake truth ; To deale in State'matterf,and o praSife the . 

death of PriBces,arease(rciitiall parts of their fundioa, as their confelTien it felfe* 
lefuC»ttibMbt^.Caf-ii, (i) TatOmReligiepatuiifuadeiemlorutnt But what would 
fachavedone,ifhcehadknowoeihe Maffacreofifrawei or the Powder- Treafca of 
Eagtand ? &c. They make the caafc of Religion defcead , to the execrable aSions of 
murtheriag of Princes^batchery of peoplc,aad £ciiog of Sntet; Sir Tranek iMn, B[~ 



and Blowers up of Parliaments , as former 
Hiftorics never hcard-of. Thus,whcn men of 
Place, and imploymcnr» mighty and remarke- 
ablc in the World, improove the i}tmoft pof- 
fibiktics of their Wit and Art 5 of all their 
natarall , and acquired Parts, to ferue their 
owne turnes, and attaine their private ends^ 
to rife, revenge , grow rich ^ or more imme- 
diately by fome fpeciall fervicc , to advance 
the Kingdome of darknede . and dominion 
of K^ntichrift ; O the Luciferian pride , the 
injuftice , the crueltie , the Machiavellifmc; 
the putting of faire pretences upon peAilene 
plots ; the drowning of iimocency in the 
Depths of State ; the craftie and mercileffe 
prciTures of Gods people , and thofc , over 
vrhom they domineere / It is then a workc of 
grcaiWeightand Worthincffc, to winne a 
great man tothewayes of God. Hereby the 
common ftateof goodncffcis mightily ftreng- 
thened ^ at)d which is an equall bappinefle, 
the Divels fide goes downe, and Belials bang 
the head. For according to the eminencie of 
his Gifts, and grcatncflc of Place, is the excel- 
Icncieof good,or cxcefTe of ill, that He doth. 
It wei'e to bee withed therefore, if God fo 
pleafed, that all the incurable, and impla* 
cable enemies to the grace of God , good 
men, and power of godlinefTe, were Dunces 
and Fooles •, that they might not bee able to 
manage their malice and power , with fuch 
Depths and dexterity, to the more dangerous 



undermining of the kingdomcof Chri§\zn<i 
their ownc more defpcratc ruinc , and greater 
daronationt 2. Secondly, Great men arc fub> 
je^ to great temptations j And therefore, it 
is the harder Taske^ and more honourable 
triumph, to curne them on Gods fide. Had 
not an All-mightie hand maftered the tem- 
ptation , fteeled his Faith , and reprefcnted 
to his eye, the matchlcfle glorie of an im- 
mortal 1 Crowne ; (J^ofes had never bcenc 
able to have parted with the magnificent 
ftate,3nd pompe of Pharaoh Gouft: where 
Hcc might have wallowed in varietie of all 
worldly delights • and to take part, with His 
afflitflcd Brethren , of a world of mifcrics, 
in a vaft and r^4r//;^ wHderneJfe. There was 
never carnail man fince the Creation , but in 
fuch a Cafe w(nild have followed the Court, 
and forfakcn Gods people. Hefter , a wcakc 
Woman , could never pofflbly have holdcn 
out,againft the fury of fo mighty a Favorite, 
the hazarding of Her high place, the favour 
of fp great a King, and even life it felfe \ bad 
She not beene upholden by an extraordinarie 
ftrength from Heaven. No great Woman in 
the World, wanting Grace, would ever have 
runne fucb a hazard .• but have fuffered the 
fcrvanisof God to finke , or fwimme j fo that 
She might fwimme downe the Current of 
the times without croflGng, and enioythe 
prefent without perill. It was a fore tempta- 
tion to IcfiatlM», and a very cutting Pikmma: 



Either, leave to adhere to DavU, or rcfblvc to 
lofc a Kingdorae. But the hope of an earthly 
Crot?ne,could not hire Him to hold His peace, 
and betray the innocencie of His heavenly 
Friend : ^Sdnd londtbatt snfwerei SahI his Fd^ 
ther^ and /aid unto Himyvhertfore (hall Hee bee 
fiatnef What hath He done f The dread of dif- 
countenance from two angrie Kings , whofe 
indignation is as the rtf4W»^#/ii Z^^», was a 
terrible Motive , to have made u^ichajab 
temporize : ( not a Server of the Times, aod 
His owneturnc in the World, but would in 
this Ca(e have tuned His Pipe to Ahabs plea* 
fure, efpecially enccoiragcd by the flattering 
concurrence of fo many falfe Prophets). But 
the (ightof the mightie Lord of Heaven and 
Earth fitting ufon His ThrenCx and all the Heji 
6f Heaven ftanding by ^i«i,infu(cd fuch an 
. holy fortitude into the/pirit of this Man of 
God ; that no greatneflej terrour, or Majeftie 
of any crowned Potentate, could poffibly 
daunt His courage, ordaQi Him out of coun- 
tenance : And therefore Heanfwcrs with are- 
folurion, as high as Heaven, and out of a facred 
pang of feraphicall zeale : o^x the Lord Is. 
veth, whatfeever the Lwd ftith unto mte^ that 
wiH I Ifeike, So that Hee may difcharge a 
good confcience,and do as God would have 
Him^HeisataPoint. That MefTage, which 
the Almighty had put into His mouth, oiuft 
forth • Though itexpofc Him to a cenfure of 
Ongularity,fordiireotingfroro fo many of His 



ownc Coat ; to a fufpicion of difloyaltic , for 
croffing fo peremptorily tbc Kings Plot i to 
fmiting, botii witii the lift of wickcdocffe, 
and taunts of the tongue » from His fellow 
«y^rr/.- Nay jt hough His faithfull dealing throw 
Him into a Dungeon, there to bee kd with 
the Bread of afflidion, and Water of affli6li 
on i until! the full wrath of an enraged pro- 
phane King fall upon Him to the uttermofl. 
Thus, let the World fay what it will , what- 
ever Ikfh and blpud fuggefl to the contraries 
Howfocuer unfan^ificd great Ones florme 
.anddifdaine^yet afTuredlyjCucry true Friend 
10 Ufi^ Chrifty mufl bee content farre rather 
to bedifcourcedsthen defcrt a good caufe ; or 
jietto defend the innocency of a gracious Man, 
though in difgrsce ; and to fpeakc for Gods 
people, though Haman rage to root them out 
quite , as a company of fingular exorbitant 
iellowes , who ferue God as they lift , and 
keepe not the Kiffgs Ldwes: As is unanfwcrably *^«^* s*'* 
euidenc , by the precedencie of thefe newly 
named , noble, and holy Saints. I confefTe^ 
this may f oeme precife Po^rine, and a divine 
Paradoxe to all the great Maftcrs of pleafure» 
and Minions of luxurie and pride | whofe 
rbloud runnes freftiin their veines, and roar- 
row is yet ftrong in their bones 5 Nay, who 
having attained the height of their ambitious 
aymes, fit now aloft in the verie top of their 
unblefTed brauerie and greatneOe , drunke 
with the pieafanc wine of worldly profperi. 


tic, and holding in fcorne, the holy precife- 
ncffe of the good way, the finccritic of the (er- 
Cc) TiwdAK s - ^^"^' ^^ C^'^^fit ^nd focictic of the (c^ Bro- 
t1«6>to?6 i.S. thcrhood. Yet I can afTurc them in the Word 
!?♦ of Life and Truth, the now embracemcnt, and 

tff'Ji^f"' ?"*<"<=<>« X^)f"cifi v,alki»s,m\\ incompa- 
Cd) A;te^ftrf ^TO. rably more comfort them upon their Dying- 
'^''■^ Beds, in that great and laft encounter with all 

jnfernall powcrsjabout the immof talitif , bliflTc 
and glorie ; or the cndlede, and unfupportablc 
paiaes , and mifcrie of their Sooles • then if 
they had beene the fole, and (bveraigne Com- 
manders of all the Kingdomcs of the Earth, 
all their life long. But no marvell in the meanc 
rime, that^ as the Spirit of truth tells us, and 
punctually to my purpofe ; Not many Wife 
wen after tbeflefh^ net many Mighty^ not many 
Noble are called : Not for any impofCbilitie- 
For the irrefiftable might of the Spirit, work- 
€th upon whom it Willi and fome Great Men 
are good : but by reafbn of the diflScultic. Be- 
ing befet with fuch varietie , and ftrength of 
temptations, they are rarelier , and hardlier 
wrought upon by the Word, and wonne out 
ofSatans enfnarcmcnts. High roomes, tem- 
porarie happinefle , and abilities above ordi- 
narie, fo puffe them up , and tranfport them 
beyond themfelues, with fuch a dcale or* Selfc- 
lovc, Sclfc-opinion, Selfe prizing 5 that their 
proud and obftinated fpirits, will by no 
meancs ftoope to the fimplicitie of the Gofpel, 
fingularitie of the Saints, and the f ooliOinefle 



ofprcaching. But if at any time, they hcareof 
zNathdn^Ieremy^ t^moj^ ChryfifiemCi L4tu 
fntr, itc„ They arc very loath to lend their 
attention, lefi thereby, they (hould bee made 
Melancholicke, put in minde of the Evillday, 
and tormented before their time. But if they 
have the patience, They are readie to Aartle in 
their feats, and whifper One to an Other: rcn^ 
fee nowthefe frecifer FfUcwes wiuld dAmneus 
4iUto Bell; Let mbreake their bonds asunder, 
and cdft arvdy their C$rds from us. Such adoc 
there is, and a world of worke, to bring fuch 
noble &dlams into their right minds ; and to 
Itigbt fuch Idoliiers of their owne fufliciencics; 
and wilfull grafpcrs of their gilded FetterSt 
from their admired follies,and honourable fer- 
vitude. 3. 'Thirdly, a gracious Man about a 
Royall PerfoQ,is a goodly Sight ; and full ^t\\ 

worth even a Kings Ranfomc. M For never (g)Fidiiwf«4/m^;« 

any, except himfclfc truly fcare the great God p^,^ propter qum & 

oi Heaven, can poffibly bee cordially, and y«, qmbut commigiM 

confcionably fcrviceablc-to any of our earth. omVi!"' "*^'"' 

ly Gods* A Principle To clearc , and unque- At qm 'pnpur vim? 

iUonablc , that no Man of underftanding, and ^J?'l^. f I*": 
Maiter of his owne Wits, except himfelfc be ^ptfam, ut ejw 


notorioufly obnoxious, can have the face to dauftnttutfideitibu 
dcoie it; Pleafc they may , bee politickly ^j""^ '"^' ''""' 
plaufible , flatter cxtrcamely , and rcprefent 
tbemfelues to ordinarie obfervation, as the 
onely Mcnfor loyakyand love ? But if wee 
could fearchi and fee their heans, wee fiiould 
iindc them then mofi laborious to f erne them- 

fduesd , 


(e)ues* and advance their owne ends , wheo 
they fcerac moft zealous for their Soveraigms 
fervice. i^biftphel , ia the Suane-ifaioe of 
peace , and calnfiencfle of the Kingdomes, 
did accommodate himfclfe to the prefcnr, 
both in Confultations of State, and religions 
conr<»rmitie:But no fooner had this hollow 
bear ted man efpyeda dangerous tempeft , rai* 
fed by i^iffoUms unnaturall treachcrie ; but 
Hetijmed Traytorto his naturall Lord: when 
Hec obfcrved the Wiade to blow another 
way, He followed the blaft , and fet his fayies 
according to the weather : Which made 2)^- 
'vU after coroplaine • But itwasthatt^ O Man^ 
even my Companion ^my Guide and fdmilUr: 
Wee tBokefweet counftU tegether , and walked 
mito ihe Houfc cf God in companii. Where- 
fore let Great Men , without grace, profcfTe, 
and pretend what they will 5 and proteft the 
impoffibilitie of any fuch thing^as Hazael did 
in an other- Ca(c j yet ordintrtiy.^ ( I know 
not what iome One iDorall Puritan amongfl 
a million might doe^ in fuch tumultuous 
times, and of univerfall confufion, for the/<:« 
curing of their temporaii happioefTc ; which, 
without timely turning on Gods (ide , is all 
the heaven they are like to have in this 
World, or the World to come : I (ay, upon 
a Point of great advantage, and advancement 
with fafety , tbey would fiie from the decli- 
ning State^nd downe-fall of their old Mafter- 
though formerly the mightiefl Monarch up- 


on earth, as from the ruincs of a falling hGufc. 
And it can be nooihcrwife 3 for they have no in- 
tcrnall Principle, or fapcrnaturall power , to il- 
lighten and enable them , to fct tncir (houldcrs 
againft the Torrent of the times, and to be ovcr- 
flowne with it; But now, Hcc that truly fcares 
God, would rather lofe His high Place • Nay, his 
poftcritiei As much hearts-bloud,if Hee had it, 
as would animate a whole Kingdome • then leave 
HisIawlullSoveraigneLordjin fuch aCare,up. 
on any term$,though He might have even the Ira- 
periall Crownc fet upon his owne Head. For con- 
fcicnce, that poore neglected Thing; Nay, in 
thefelaftyand loofer times, even laughed at by 
men of the World- yet a ftronger tye of Subie6b 
hearts unto their Soveraignes ^ than Man or Di- 
vell is able to difToIve • ever holds up his loyall 
heart ere A aod unQiaken, when all Shtbnaes, Ha- 
mans, and AbitefhelsySiouXd hide their heads, and 
ihrinke in the wetting. Which conlcience of 
his, if upon fuch occafion Hee flaould unhappily 
wound^ Hee knows full well,it would follow Him 
with guiltie cryes, for hisfo bafc temporizing, and 
trayterous flinking,all the dayes of bis life. Where- 
as gracelefTe and i^lfe-fceking greameOe, can well 
enough, in the meane time, conquer fuch clamo- 
rous accufations of an ill confcicncc , with the 
boy fterous excefle of carnall contentments, even 
as the Sacrificers of their Sonnes to Moloch in 
the fire diowned their lamentable cries 5 with 
the louder found of Tabrets and Drums. Ambi- 
tious Nimrodsy are able by the inordinate heat af- * 

A ter 


ter humane greatncffc, to digcft , and drive away 
the aftcr-ftingsof bribcriCjbafcncflcj if notclofc 
bloudfbedCchcir ordinarie meanes of mounting) 
with their delight in domineering , and being 
adored above others. It is a fit pafiagc therefore 
iTiOmCommenPrayer'Booke.'That it mAj fUafi 
Thee to endure the Lords of the CounceU , and all 
the Nohilityytvith^racetWi/edome^and under ftanm 
ding, Grace is fitly put in the firft place : For, un- 
derftanding and wiredome,witbout this heavenly 
jewsll, do but prepare their Owners , to do the 
greater mifchiefe ; To opprefic innocencie with 
Hner tricks , and more unobfervedly j to plague 
Oppofites more plaufibly ; to compaile their 
owne ends more exa6):ly ^ and at ]afl,for the abufe, 
and mil imployment of their great Parts and 
Places, in ferving themfclucs, and not feckiDg 
Gods^loric, to be damned more horribly- With- 
out fanflification by rpeciall grace ; the rareft en- 
dowments ( 1 ) degenerate : Wifcdome into 
craft J (m) Power into private revenge • Valour 
into violence | Prudence into plotting their 
owne ends ; Courage into foole-hardineffe , to 
(^cTih'/vaSii'y of ophold 3 fa^licn j Policic , into plaftcring over 
great men, who foulc-bufincfrcs With faire colours: All of them 
Jbi?fe fruh of ttk 3re bafely , and unworthily made fubordinate,and 
gteatnc0iD, toabufe iciviccable, o^ely to the fetting forward, and fafco 

their power iRfo- 

Icntly, to theruine of their inferionrs .' Not rememfcring (bceing blinded by their 
padion) that they htTC • Supciiovr over thenij to maVe theoo yccfd an account of their 
aniufl proceedlngi,forcing to make leftiiution with inicrcfi. liifiw. ef FrMH, inliwU 
tbt tenth. 

becooaethc feiv^nts 



Sarding their ownc outward fdicitlc. Without 
^hisceleftiall^Load-ftarrc, to ftccrc aright in a!l 
iairsjthcre wil ever be fomcwarping. A grcatman, 
a Friend, an cneraie, fcarc, co wardlincffc , affe^i- 
on, faflion, partialitic, covetoufncffc, malice, or 
fomeihing, will certainly fway, and tranfporta- 
wry. Buc now, a godly Man, befidcs his prcfence, 
Cn)exemplary precedency in piety, and prayers, (ny^tgtmt dignl 
which arc ever pleafing and prevailing with Godj ^-^^^ pr*^^t& authiti, 
the difchargc of his Place with integrity and trath, ^e'fe-mDelmfd^ 
improving induftrioufly all opportunities, high gere^quoMteru exew- 
favours, intcreft in great Ones, and utmoft poffi- g^'/^^i'jXTJi'^ 
bilitic every way to advance Gods glory, pro- /i,w«di.cyi.Aicxaiii 
mote good caufes, prote^ good Men ; Hcc may iib.8.in io«n. 
alfb, by obferving the calmneQe of a Roy all coun- 
tenance , and openneffe of a Princely eare unto 
Kim, wilcly and humbly fuggeft fome things, and 
(pcake thofe words for the publikc Good , and 
good of Religion, whereby not onely a King- 
dptne, but the whole Chriftian World may fare 
the better. Vpon tbefe, and the like grounds, I 
hold it an high happineflc, and great honour, to 
have an hand in working fpirituall good upon 
thofe excellent fpirits, which hold high Roomes, 
or ftand in neare attendance unto mighty Princes* ^ 

And by this time, you eaBly difcerne my drift, 
and rightly apprehend the top of my ambition in 
this Dedication : even to do your Soule good. 
Which is much more worth than the fVhU 
Worlds and muft never dye. To which I con- 
ceived a dore opened, when it pleafcd you,in more 
than ordinary manner, to manifcft your likings 

A 2 and 


Ecfler.ii.j. and allowance of my laft Bookc. And therefore 

(o)Par</ei/M«»>'" Sir,I befccch you,outof tbcgcneroufoeflc ofyour 
nmm^giZpn nobledirpofitioModocmcthat favofinay, that 
ammis vtftnt ; tmeift right 5 Nay,that honour,ror fo I (liall account it : 
frmiam^ m diciujn ^^ ^^^ ^^ conccivc thc Icaft thought, that hereby I 
dm retkibi'hum <• goc aboui to/eeke gred t things t0 my ftlfe\ or ever 
»;w comminmoitis to comc neerer the Couft, than by the contkiu- 
SJfoTw anceofmydailyharticftprayctsforthsfalvaiion 
-TTw-ms -rns d'^nhm and life of King Charles yVay dread and deareft so^ 
ctiJJi^i K&TAo^H ^ff^innc, I atti dfawing aDBce towards tDy lonz' 
De rac«dot7iib.fi in Htf W(f ,and muft Ihortly appcare before that High 
princ. and Everlafting ludgc . and therefore I defire to 

Sf«S«i,«« lofenotime.botioply.all Ican,thebufuieire God 
mimmrtddnuriHic- bath fet mc about,for the ftiort remainder of thefe 
cmexiiuMtmuU- r ^„j eviUdajes', that by the mcrciesof God, I 
wfEquJde ilium, qua- may hniUi my couric with icy 5 and give up that 
m [tt.virhu txpnmert |aft,and great accouot,with favor and comfort, in 
c;y™i^l-"tt the name of/(/« Chrifi. Me thinkes.befides ma- 
tuj-rCwam^'f ^h- ny ocher,and mighty Diuinc Motives, that one. 
XS'Taliri^v (^^ ^P"*^^ ofchryfofleme, who bimfclfemany 
Totna^^ iJrlcZ times preached C p^ every Day , and gave- a- 

*flf<«u, kJ)£ Tc/7n»ira*, tfJV-r/i/eT' l%i\v\jjj TniPra. ci>{xCovh<^'u)V.Pritnum igtmr fujuftdta-. 
mutyut iuramentorii fuga in melius mutttmemfaciai:<tli€»mberi, & rudiufiittiAt de ha(V0- 
1 bii locutusfum maUriajHtq; tamtn bodie dififtam, ncqi erai^ntq-^pcmdie eadem ptr(uadnt.Cr\ry{, 
! Ad pop. Antioch.Hom.5".About thc beginning of his Homiliei upon Geiu He t'l« them 33. 
times at the Icaft, that HcriiYtJitrdtj 1 bandied this or that^ or t;oiheIikcfcncti& tbcfaa-e 
Ch'ryf ptcichcd in thc Aftctnoonjas appears Wy ihefc words.HoOT.i 1 int. ad Theff.Qtimad- 

tmdum ^quiilucii tycbneoequam afpergtrft' aut oleum duntaxAt iximirit,lutem extirguerer, 

iu habet & dsnum fpmtm.Hf took a refenQbhncc from the Lamp tl^at burnt by him, when 
he was preaching;andrayes,r0« mayquensb this Lamp kj putting in ivdttr& yeumay qntmh it 
by tal(ing o«t the ayle,&c.\Dd fo did great Bifila\h',9s appearet by tbefc wot6%.hl(xatnM'n 
2, ad fig. f alii ifi ighur ytfpera,&fa^um eft mane dies unut.led hi noflride iUa Vesper* fermo- 
mi,ab hac Vtfpira lam ociupaii^bic oratiem mfirafiaem impinunt.And io did Jufti^ tht migh- 
ty difpotcrjas appears by the{cvvords;in Plal88.(^atHccountO^*''(<%' ^d reliquaf>lalmiy 
ie qu9 inmtiwunoUeuiifft0Hit*nimtmmenditto 

(q) precept 


^q)precept for it.and yet profefTeth , that the Cq)^;.«/e & npifco- 
drcadfulneffeof.hofewords,«.^.i3,,7. f>r Z'T&^ftft 
they rvatehforyettrfoulSf as they that muftgive menum fjcere-.uttffa 
AccoumM ftrikc a great tcrrour into his heart, ^^j^^ "fZlnmZl 
(houldmake all GodsMiniftcrsrcfoIvc, to doe dnarufmnmi minert 
nothing dfc almoft,but rcade,meditate,prc3ch, {fl'^^f^^f^^^- ^? '^ 
and pray. WherforCjNoblc Sir J (hal have my plrfetft%mDee^pu. 
fuldcfirej&utmoftendjifyoubebut pleafcd, f^^t^inurm tammt^ 
to make me the happy Inftrument of helping ^^"-""4 
you towards Heaven • 5c give me leave to gain ^^ obmxium-, m qno 
tbisadvanta2e,foryour fpirituall good,by your ^'*^^'f'*nuon.raCrea. 
love unto my Miniftcnall Labours ^ that they dutfthmauB f,venm. 
may thereby leave a more kindly, and deeper '^^ui^pr^apuenegg- 
impreflSon iayowt appreRcnfions of hcavcniy 'g^^^f% 
things«and workc with more life and power, wris^ri/tapaiu^atiijii^ 
for a found ereaion, and fure fctling of the T'T- ^«^«i*«»f; 
Kingdoms oue/usCbrtft myour ownefoule. antmutenda. ^uim 
YouftandinaCr) flippery place,thoyou ftand ^uu confirm i^mvt- 
in the prefenceofthe mightieft Defender ofthe ^r#S5t* 
true Religion, of any Monarch vnder Heaven. eMiemcumcbri^o ex- 
For altho Satan be moft foiicitous, and ftirring ^VTi'^Vc ? f^ '" 

rodU contemptftiy 'lUuftu 
& ptrcuffus full, ^al mtitulofut efit & ingratiam Magnatum i rtgula veritatis & jufii. 
tM recedltfiifuiiime in abntgaimtm Cbrtfti incidit- Gerhard in Har mo.hift.Eri ng-cy. 
In Aula f qumuU cotrup'm msfibuitaut corrumpentUr muneribuiy go beatior, Sarisbur. 
InPolicraC' Bernard ytuviont to complAinci That the Cuun retilvid fuchasivere 
goeitbut fiMdetbembad. Curia bonosfacUiMreclpere,qumfacereccnfMvit. f lures m ea 
defuife btnos^quam mobs frofecijfeprobavimm.Dc Confid,! 4'c.4'Af«flr»« effepettr'n {pes 
noftraiftpalgtio/juamutamici JmptratorU ftmUi?Et ibi qmi nonfrtgileyplepumq.pericuUii 
Etperquotpericutaptrvenituradgrand'mpericulum?hugu&.CoTi(li.c.6' Hot enim ipfos^ 
quosbeavittperdldlt- How glorioufly then doih a lofeph^t l0Ha{ban»9 Dg»iel,i M^dtcai, 

A 3 in 


in all Places,ancl now more than ever (ihc long 
Day of Mankinde drawing faft towards anE- 
vcning*and chc worlds troubks,8nd time neere 
at an end j to doe all the mifchicfe He can pof- 
fiblyjyec you may be affured, Hce rcfervcs his 
moft defperate fcrvices, ambuQimcnts, furpri- 
fc$,pra6tifc8, and Powder plots, for Kings 
Courts : Becaufc he findcs there, an extraordi- 
nary Confluence ot Grcatncffe, Power, Wit, 
Policy, noblcft Parts, and other mighty En- 
ginesjihc edge and excellency whereof, if Hee 
(ball be any waies able, by improvement of the 
iitmoftskilljinhisold Trade of tempting, to 
turnc the Wrong wa J ; Hee gjynes far more, 
than if Hee Qiould winnc to His fide fome 
millions of private Men, IfHeprcvailcs there, 
He knows himfelfein a faire way,to make foulc 
worke ^ and is often wont thercupon,to impoi- 
fon and plague even a whole Kingdomc. Fo? 
your fupport therfore,& furer (landing in fuch 
a cafc,and that you may trample opon,with an 
holy conteptjSc Roble difdain,thefair,(sjdure- 
(t) TxkaaiU sccidii Icffc, peftilent fwcetneffe of worldly pfc^fures, 
S^ril^^rXl and vanilhing glitter of all earthly glory i there 
fedt & abikt'tHfeiicm i$ DO way in the world, but to embrace the 
lufl %/?^p. Lord lefus, irf the armcs of your humbled 
Scrm. *3. i^id per Soulc, fallen out.for euer (t) with cuery finnc, 

mamtin hommt nifi 

ffwdquirque mi U^ende^Aut'orMdOiaut bona Optra faimdo pr» nflm^e/Aluta^ in thifturo cert' 
jckntitefHaracendiderh ? Ji^fciU^ mm voiuptas , iafalhm cupidit4s atqut kxuriOfper' 
vtn^xariainduUtd'mtmpraparam fcmphernomamantudinmldcm. Ibid, Scriuon. 55» 
CO ifii t(i fi^ioliy vera fxrmenua,qiiandoJicconvinhnrquiSiUX von rivmaxhry quandtfic /«- 
»iict,iit mn reptxat. Ibid. Scrm. j- 



and fallen in louc unfainedly with al! Gods 
bicded wayci. For by Faith, and Faith alone, 
f which how it is brought into the heart by 
the Holy Ghoft, you hauc in the Body of the 
Booke) we overcome the ivjrli^ And that in all 
rcfpc£ls 5 Not oncly in regard of the furious en- 
ticements, and kccnc baits of carnall dclighfs> 
riches, and rifing; butalfo, ofcomminations of 
cruelty and torturcjNay, of the flinging pro- 
vocations of contumelies, and cruell mffcki^gs. 
May you plcafc to take notice of the power, 
and property of it this way 5 and in what man. 
ner this glorious PrinceflTc conquers , and fcts 
her tridmphant foot upon the necke of the 
World,a$ upon her vanqailhcd Vaflall,in two 
or three padagcs. i Firft, While as yet the 
Soule, tho never fo admirably, and univerfally 
endowed with rareft ill unainations of humane 
Wiftdomc, Naturall, Morall,MetaphyficalI 
Learning, and Myfteries of State, is wholly 
guided by the eyes of fenfc,and carnall reafon ; 
it lookes upon the world, and worldly things, 
is upon the onely Patadilc of fwccteft contenc- 
ments,choyceft plcafurcs,and chiefcfl Good ; 
ofthc favour and fruition whereof, it Would 
rather be damned,thcn difpoiTefli But upon the 
Kingdome 0^ cinfi, and its fpirituall glory, 
as upon a thing not worthy fearching into,and 
fecking after^a fowerjflriftjand uncomfortable 
conditionjfit only for fome few precifc foolcs, 
6c thofe,fcorned,contempfible underlingsjwho 
UQderfland not the World,but want Wit^ and 
A 4 Art, 


Arr, to grow lich and rik ; to render ihcm^ 
fclvcs rcmarkcablc to the cicsormcn,and grca* 
ten their poftcrity. Bnt let that glorious Eye 
of Faith be once planted in theSoule , and the 
Cafe is quite altered. Thofe former fading 
Lights of Icnfe and rcafon, areobfcured by the 
presence of this heavenly Sunne, and vanifh 
with all their vinities-For now this new, bcau- 
tifull Lampe, fliining in theface of the Soulc, 
doth rcprefent to its apprchenfi6n,the World, 
fet out in greateft bravery ,and to the uttermoft 
worth,as worth (u) nothingias a dead rotten 
Si^wr^'S C3rion,a very Dunghill, full of all loathfomc- 
o-anmidaem &vi' ncflc,deformitie,and filth. Which heated by 
gmi&wginta, & the fircof mcHS furious lufts,fcndsup continu- 
etkmyqujdeiiimpoftiii- ally luchfumesof vanity , and hellilh milts; 
ie.imojivohs,ponmwi which Unhappily hide their fight from any 
'^J^ZZri glimpreatalLofaiUhatincDDiparablc beautic,. 
2^«ti/.Chtyf:ft. in E- whicb fliincth m the countenance of Chnli\ 
pift,adphiiip.scr.i3 qj p|ory of thcjovcs above, which lafteternak 
(ummundumpffiiiw, \y, But It now lookcs Upon thc ICiDgdomc of 
totquefe^vi>s babtnt, prace,asupon a Rockeof Diamondsj or Cry» 
S^'rit'"'"; ftall Mountainethicke bcfet, and gliftering full 
biqiatermumadiSyci fairc With Variety ofrichcft Pearks, and truely 
«";'S':^,\tZ: Orient ; I m«n,as upon the moft amiab!., and 
vijauro (sbipro cnm aomirable Obicctundertos Sunne ^as the btit; 
fiifTtnntrUmceru.bo, gnJ blcffedeft thing to be loved,and looked af- 
u»»cHmdivifmfuis,nifi ter m this lifc. 2. Secondly, Every roan is n a. 
adcaium eipiraret, dig. turally,and Hotorioufly greedy of hearts, cafci 

To'yiZ''HZu!^^ ^"^^^y ^" onekinde or-ot^er.: of which, rather 
than they will mifTe, they doe not flicke, many 
uiracsjto light a candle at the Divell himfelfe, 



lor fomc ioviall lightfomcnelTe and rairtb, fuch 
as it is i a madnclTc above admiration, and foU 
lowed with inlioice mifcrics. And thcrcfore,un- 
til they lay certainly hold upon, and tcally pof- 
fellc fomcching more precious, furcr comforts, 
foander ioycs, which may out.bailance the 
weight of al wordly rreafures,and over-top the 
height of all human happincflcs, both in excel- 
lency and fwcctneflcithcy will by no mcanes, 
upon no terroes,fuf&r their hearts to be drawn 
and divorced from poffeffion ol the prcfent, 
and the Bird in hand,a$ they fay •! mcanc.from 
that poorc,liitlc, leanc, imaginary noihiagof 
Gontcntmcnt, which they fccra to extract, with 
much ado,& moft certain loffe of eternal bliffc, 
from earthly things. They will, in the mcane 
time, fticke to the world as fafi , as Pberecidei 
the K^tbenian, to the (hip ; who held it on the 
(bore with his hands 5 and one of them cut off. 
He held i? with the other ; and both being cut 
off. He held it with his teeth. But let once the 
weary foulcs ofthcfe former Worldlings,truly 
wounded, and broken in pccccs with weight of 
(inne, and fenfe of wrath ; leane upon, and lay 
downc tbcufelues in the bofomeof the Lord 
/(?/«^,blccding upon the Croffc, prizing his pu- 
rity as well, as His Paflion jand fo taking Him 
upon (f) Gods termcs: And then rcflcftiog (i;)Anihow that u 

Itarwi, Chcmniciira 
^ellftwi OrdoiUnnuitfi., quodvultquUtmSvmgtll^rre^ fist pnyirihu^ i vuUfancreftd 
ccfituus J vu't prttdicart d'mtj^nem^fedcaptivii -^vulc tductre & I'dfirare, M vincleiy hoc . 
r/2,/«6 piceate c9ncl»fet j vuU confol«ri,fed eontnflalos^& lugenta, Vu't rtSjHtere, fid adu-A'> 
mium fpirUsi : Btniplmtum tfl Domino fedfuptr iimenteieumi& in eis,quifpennt fupiY m- 
ftrimdia tjuiiVuU rtficere, fedlabiramts & omratai ; Vult cmnart mjfiumdia & rr.ifm- 
tionibiii/td caput bumillaium,non turgid um;Vuli infundtre oltum miftriw4i«}f(d vulneratiit 
■&c* Ext!r.Dccr.Tridcnt,p,i.De Contrit.Cap.4. 


with a fcnfibk and fcrious contemplation, up- 
on that Pearie of great priee^ofvvhkh they now 
ftand polTcft i by the worth whereof, they have 
fcalcd,and made fure unto thenija full difchargc 
frocn the endlcfncffe of Hcllifli torments, and a 
moft undoubted right tocternitie of Heavenly 
joyes; Nay, poffcQion given them of the thrice 
glorious, and ever blcilcd Dcitic , and all His 
perfe«^iotis,cxcellcndcs, felicities, fo farre as an 
(t)Hiiarlmis nolif<eom infinite God-hcad is communicable,and a crca- 

cendMpictatisiWmon Wfc capable: I fay, then, and flcvcr bcfote, will 
Opurc.Poftho,pag.73 they eafily, and willingly leave their Hold- faft 
ceLTfuXr^^^^^ Of the World, and be content for ever after to 
cmitfamuiariur per fettle thcir dcareft lovc , feekc their trueft(t) 
putasMisHwufa. comfort, andhave their heartieft converUtion 
chai,&prppbetasjaiu (u) tf^fl'v^r. 3. Thirdly, Fatth hath many prctu 
tanao Ap»^(iio^^ admu ousEffcfls : It juftifics, pacifics, purifies, mor- 
'rtrZ^JZ "fi«. «a"5« in all tronblefom^ turnings of 
<^c.Auguft.Tom.9.p. our hfe,aad alfo latisnesche heart. As the Some 
2.pag.ioo3. . of Man is immortall by nature • fo it is immea- 
fiitrio ^uYmtHU non furablc in It s appctitcand afpirations , edged 
fixm,nunqi4Am ftabiie with an infinite defirc. The boundlefle capa* 
i:Si2«:, A city whereof, can ne«r be filled, untill it ap- 
eiioinaiudtranfityqut. prchcnd^and cnjoy as it's ownc, an objefl infi' 
remr^quim ubi nont» ntte, as wcll in emincncy of good, as durabi- 

IM hu autem caducii & ,. 'r- Aj^r -n-ii 

traHfitoriv, in quibia hty ot time. And therefore except Faith, by 
em aftauicapiwi tt- bringing the LordChriJi into the Soule,give us 

m<im «|2 mheaigniu. Ponian ,tht (x) heart of Man never will,or can 

tif, at nnttum bonum^ 

prater fummum B6Hume'i fu§icerepolfit. Thld. C*tWibk{iumimUtSlfU funmmenSinimqua. 
tiui capaiUMtxpUbitur^acpmndcad ultima piife6lmem mn ptrvmet^domc upprihendaiur 
•mne em : qkodaccidU.tumappnkHditur Dtut^qw contmt injfe ptr/edioncs omtumtnitum 
Pavon.Dif|vi.q.i FfQp4« 



pofljbly bee fatisfied in this World, or the 
World to come. But here be toiled continual- 
ly, and tornc inpccccSjlike the raging Sea, 
with rcftleffc diftra^lions, carking, difcontcnt: 
And hcrcaifcr roare everlaftingly in Hcil with 
unknowne horrorsjand for the irrevocable ex- 
clufion, from the fupreme and foveraignc 
Good,thcever fpringing Founlaineofall peace 
and pleafure, and His glorious prefence even 
for ever and ever. If the Soule of mm , faith 
* Hooker, dUfer've onely to give Him Being in « ^ ^ « ^ 
this life, then things appertaining unto this life * * * * 
would content Himj as we fie they do other erea^ 
tares : Whtch Creatures inioying what they live 
hy, feeke no fntther ; hut in this contentation do 
jbtw a kiffde ofacknowledgementyth:it there is no 
higher Good, which do any my belong unto 
them. With us it is otherwife. For although the 
beauties^ riches^ honours^ fiiences^ vertues, and 
perfeitiom ofaB, menlivingy were in thefrefent 
pifefSion ejoneiyttfomtvfbat hey ond^and above 
all this, would ft ill be fought, and earnejlly thir* 
fled for, ///ir »tf«i4rx'tftf, faith Grecneham, // 
rithes fin not the Soule, for they were aS made 
for mant His Settle for God, whatsoever is capa* 
bleofGod,that can never bee fatisfied with any 
thing elfe : k.^11 riches y all preferments cannot 
fAtisfie onefoule: But wl^en God is come,it is full, 
and whatfoever is added more^ ij runneth over, 
Thcfe, and the like, are the mighty Works of 
Fjtith, And even fo let this Princely,and vido- 
rious Grace, attended with all Her heavenly 



(<i)QuUi»hocmndo trainc,trcad downc triumphantly before you 
ftabue?^iiidfimum? ftill.tHe painted Babies and Babels of all ^q) 
^dporromnbrtve tranfitory glory ,and ungodly sreatncfTc; hold 
nonferviemi ^aie i- ftill frcfli and flouriuiing in your eye , the im- 
{luibonum e^, quod mortality and bliffcof a never-fading Crownc. 
tiT'ZZtmS and Ihine faite and fruitfully in your Soulejun-' 
"^uemmas, veiitt till it fec you downc fafe, in the midft of the 
rdmqumdmrcias.2ii ^q(^ glorious and cvcr-durine Kinedomc of 
veimrtecmeptrden^ Heaven ; and havtng there finiObed her blcffcd 
dumed Etfivitano- Taskc, rcfigne you up, and leave you for ever 
^;:^X.:1 w the Bcaufiall vifion, and full fruition of r/. 
mm mm dirnKta- ^^-T^e, cverlaitingly blclTcd ; and to the end* 
tts^qmidhmvoiufM lefl-g enjoyment of fulneffe cfioy and plea fares. 
/Qdmeft,quodfintdde- at His right hand,even thorow all ccernitie. 

m?Atttqitit'tliiui vo- 

iuptatisfm^ffi tft^quifliitim utctffsvtrit^vldeb'uur tibi mnfuiffe ? Age 'mm^trMfaUum wi- 
tu€ tempm amms revolve.2i«mi vidcbimr tibi umbra qutedamfuijje^qutd iraafiit, & inftar 
fmni] tenuis incertum e(fe omne^qufd vidttur ? Hoc idm &durtfim ftnex fentireptttfi : 
Cui totrumt ditert cum ?rophet»i\>'Kt mei ficut Unbra (feclinaverunr,& ego ficQc fanum 
arui, :^Mdft hiec etiam bicpojptmut dime ,«W qiawoh bre'uii^tamen quiapr<tftm «/?, vitA 
i(la nugniptnditur ; ^Id infuturo diSuri ftmiujubi majori atatU rciemii,tranf(i£im omne 
prg nibilo e^.Htc tu tecum diligtnter rev§lvenit& brevkaum viw huitu ^etemiwis cwnem- 
flatimedefpiciepjiipfttm quoqueconiemptum mundimiioricum vhnute csttttmne-, & ad iHum 
$i»tm ditmpam te»i» quo mwidi glor'ufituenda efi, Aug.Epift- J42. 

Your Servant for thefahation 





Confcicnces, with Antidote* againft 

fomefpeciall temptations. 

Sec T.I. Par T.I. C h a p. I. 

Tioe ImroduSHon, The Cements of the Text, The first. 
D oBrine rttifed *nd proved by fwo reafons. 

P R o V. i8. 14. 

Thejpiritof a man vfill fufiaine his infirmitie : bntA 
wounded fprit who can beare ? 

Y Text lies asyou fee,in a facred 
Cabinet of richtft jewels ; I 
meanethe moft fele^ed, and 
wifeft Aphorifmcsjor Proverbs 
that ever ifliied out of a mortall 
braine. Every one of them, for 
the moll part, efpecially from 
-..-.- ^ . the tenth Chapter, indepen- 
dant,entire, and abfolute in themfelHes; cleare and ma- 
nifeft by their owne native brightnefle ; not needing 
fuchreciprocalUight, and luflre for each others mu- 
suall difcovery, and interpretation, /^nd therefore 


No connexion to be 
fought for aafiongft 
thcfc provcibf, 

mttfi a Sp'viiu (an(li 
didat'i ftrfeCtilJiKam 
fep'itHdam tontiamnt} 
&fatniiam earum re - 
iuf?tycp4as fibi proponuni 
t»wcn(6pieniia& fc't- 
tntiayqut in ibh tr^- 
duur^raro adtrMum 
teft.nificx nmltoum 
vaborutn coatexiUt & 
loniimu^iftrie, ita ut, 

1 4 InfirnBions for a right comforting 

in fcamdo,aut tertio, they are nariirally not capable of any coherent Logi- 
autetimquanovtrfu call Analyfis , and other circumftantiall cxpofitions, 
/apt fubftn:rii/rdium ordinarily incident to ' other parts of Scripture. 
txiUm & penxiguun Whence it is, that this Book of Proverbs is compared 
S"h'«J:»S to a great heapeof gold-ring,,, rich and orient, feve- 
adc'ip. lo. fewwum rally; and every one Ihining with a diltinct lenle by it 
fn'.rU,exejuo,&feqmi. {eUe ; but Other contexts ofholy Writ,to gold-chains 
tibui cap.bvc fiemn fo inter woven and enlinked together, tha t they muft 
fovtfbmumincUb.Y upon necefiTity, for the rendrfng unto us aright, and 
vcYftbm.vHverfiiuii ^^^v ^heir leverall fenfes, be illightened and receive 
poimaMuia &pir mutuall illuftration, one trom another. 
[idi do^hina. tradiiuY Care in c :p. • .Vrov lam inde d capite detimay qu* hicfparpm Itguntu* Pro« 
yfCTOin,rcap!itm c(i m:cr Thcolo gcs abfqut Meihodotffe, mc pirpttuo tenorefaip tf, utpriera no- 
vtm.a Salem ne.n'imofi Cen':.adClefum pro grad.DtR-M'ihimprimkiu fetnper placuit, inttr 
fi.^gulas fenteniias cohterent'iam & nexum aliqium ffufird eonfia§i Salaz. 

The hoi tor of an in- This prefent Proverbedoth rcprefent unto us the 
fo^i^hr"^'^'*^"'^*' ^'^^ extremeft Hell upon earth, the greateft mifery, and 
'''' ^ moft unfupportable that can pofibly befall a Man in 

this life ; I meanethc horror of a guilty and enraged 

confcience. Which igfet out ; 

1. Us oppose. Firft, by the excellency of it'^ oppofite ; the invin- 

cible abilide and mightie ftrength of that truly flout 
and heroicall heart , which is happily upholden with 
theheavenl/ refrefhing influence of grace, Gods fa- 
vour and a good confcience : The Jpirit of a man mil 
fufi (tine hii infirmity . 

2, issarriHutc- Secondly, by the heavinefle of it's attribute ; the in- 

tolerablenefTe of it : But a, woHnded jpirit ivho can 
be are ? From the former, the courage of an heart up- 
holden with grace take this firft note. 
i)oa.vofthe Z)<;(3r. The fpirit of a man fiirnifhed with grace, 

f'r!!i'A^LZ.r''' and fortified with the ienfe of Gods favour, is able to 

torcintd with grace, «- i t -r i .. 

pafle thorow the pikes, and conquer all coHimers. 
Keif. I God fights Reaf. |. For what and why fhould that man fcare 
for •tjwho can worke, or faint, on v^hofefide the mighty Lord of heaven and 
0)Rom.<?.,5 earth doth ftand?//ra) God heform, fvhocAnhe 4- 

i^a «•» ? cmira noi ete- g^*"fi ^^ Whole nfercy to his, IS without all ftint and 
nim eft ipfe fl>i/',f;r«»' 11- 

Cap. I, jiffitEledConfciences, ^5 

limit, like a) himfdfe, infinite; fo immeafurable,that «^,p.M;«g''-;;>;'^;*^ 
It reacheth J^m f cj everUfitng to everU^mg ; lo ten- ^^^ ^^^ ^^^^ ^^^^^^^ ^^ ^ 
der that it lurpafleth incomprehenfibly the compallio- ^^ ^^ .^,g^^^^ ^wms;, 
nate meltings of the lovingeft {a) mother ; and Ipared «r caufaenamnsbi^, 
not thedeareftbloud ofhis onely (^j Sonne. Who rMi^tveiint, mcm- 
hath ever in a readineffe for the recovery oj his chil- ;- /^;;;«-- 
dren out of the moft defperate danger , and to reicue t^.ts^diviTsaj^ptma 
them out of the hands of the deadlieft enemy ; befides }f,ft_uas iikrum ad m^ 
his owne omnipotent arme, the leaft finger whereoj (i> am faittm Denver- 
can beat the greateft mountaine to powder, and rend ««^^^-^^^^^^^^^ ^^^. ^^^^ 
the hardeft rocke in pieces ; innumerable noits or nn- ^^^^ ^^. ^^^^,-^^f^^ 
gels, one of which killed ( f ) an hundred fourefcore j^j, p^^, 
and five thoufand in one night ; charets of fire , evena (c) Pial.io j .17. 
thoufand charets in the whirl winde ; that faire glorl- ^^r^jj^^^g'' ^^ 
ous Giant, which with incredible fwiftnefle runnes j^j'^.^j^^j'^g^^^^ 
poft, as it were,thorow the skie, tofiundftillox retire; 
the impetuous current of the raging fea to recoylejthe 
mercileffe flames of the himgry fire , to become a foft 
and refre/hingayre J the implacable fury of the moft 
enraged lions, to couch at firft word for his fervants 
fake and fafetie. Nay, if need be, he hath Caterpillers 
andFrogges, Wormes and Lice,cven the moft impo- 
tent ac^vileft vermine, to fetch bloud,and take down 
theheartbf the proudeft Tyrant upon earth, carry he 
his head never fo high ; to cate out the bowels of the 
bloudieft Nimrod^ or mfghtieft Monarch, that weares 
a crowne upon his head, if he oppofe his people. He 
hath the very (g) hands, and confciences of all that rife [f^^l'^J^^l 
up againft them,to bring their owne bloud upon their g^g fixJ ftoly of 
owne heads, and even Hell and extreameft horror GodspuniaimetCip. 
upon their hearts in this life. What then fo dreadftiU on Pcrfccutors,&c. 
afaceof prefent confufions,or fore-imagined formes ^f ^,,^^';\~"'' 
of fnturc troubles are able or ought,flavilhly to de;e(ft, ^ ^ ' ' 
and terrific, that holy heart, which with a fwect and 
fefercpofc is happily, and everlaftingly hid n^der the 
{h) Kvings of that mighty God ? Who for the delive- ^i,;Rmh 2. u. 
ranee of his, can workes pfaim.91,4, 

J By i.Wuhwcake.' 

JfffirftSiioKS for aright comforting Seft. I • 

j.Wnhweakc; j. By weake meanes, Seeliid.7. i, Sam. 14. Gen.' 

14- i.Sam.iy. Iudg.4,2i,andp. 53. 

t Wid-out ^' Without meanes. See 2. Chron. 20. Exod. 14. 

siAga'iDftmcJnc!. Io(u. 6. 2.King. 19. 2.Chron. 14. . . 

3. Contrary to meanes, See Dan. 5. 23. Ior.3. 1 S, 

Rc-f.».Thc Ctca- Dan, 3.25. 25. Jonah i.d.Iofu.io.u,! 3,14. 

mtcj noi'oncly- 2. When the heavenly beames of Gods pleafed 

countenance begin to breake out upon a man, thorovv 
the dark asd Hellifh mift of his manifold and hainous 
finnes, the unquenchable heat of His everlafting love 
thorovv Chrift diflblving them into nothing ; and 
fairely fliine with a comfortable afpedl upon His hum- 
bled Soule ; ipfo faBojZs they fay. Heaven and Earth, 
and all the Hofts of both arc everlaftingly reconciled 
unto him, and become his friends; theftormesand 
tempefts raifed by all the powers of Hell are prefently 

canno; bust it, but Calmed for ever doing him any deadly hurt. All the 

^^^^ creatures then, pull in their homes, retyre their flings, 

. bite in their poyfon,fnib'd, and awed by thofe divine 
* impreffions of thcip Creators blefied image ftamped 
upon them by the Spirit of grace ; and dare no more • 
offer any violence or vexation to him (except upon 
particular difpenfation for his fpiritual good and quic- 
kening) then to the Apple of Gods ®wne eye. Heare 
the promife from Gods owne mouth : exf«<^ »'» that 
iiay I wtllm^ks ^ (covenant for them with the hfsff^s of 
the fie Id^ and rptth the fotvls of Heaven, andwith the 
creeping things of the gronndiand 1 viU'breake the borv^ 

nnifth€l,jjt,aUIio!i^h and the fveord,andthe hattell out of the earth, andwiU 

itb:c6ntr2r>.toih:ir ^:^l^^themto he downe fafe/y,UoL2, iS. Nay, they 
are lo tarre f ram chargmg their leverall ihngs upon 
the Saints, that they will change their very natures, 
ro do them f ervice. They will rather become an afto • 
nilhment and horror to the whole Creation,then they 
be hurt. How often have they fufpended and put off 
their native povver,and properties, for the protecflion 
An^i .'.^oad ofGo.fs people ? The very fca, that moft ra- 

Part I .Cap, 2 . AffliEifd ^<?«/?«V»«v/. 

gingand roaring creature, muft ftay his courfe and COTl«i»'p»kcbIcffc** 
current, to give paflage and prefervation to a true If- s**'*^'" «" the midft 
raelite : The Starres mull: fight , and the Sunne (land ''^/i!* ^L*'^/" Ff' 
ftillfortheayaeandadvantageofC?.^. 4r«,/... The &%^:%7r^em^ 
Lyons muft leave their favage rage and trade o£ yiu ma/fet a miracle i 
bloud, and become Lambes and loving unto a T).imel, f^r in this fire i fetle 
The Crows will feed an £/iUh : The flames of fire, nimmpmt.thmfi 
muft^hold in their heat, from burning a Shadrach, ZlH^o^^^^Zt 
Mefhach, or fiAbednego: The devouring belly of a at t bed «/ Rofeu aSs 
dfeadfuU filli muft be turned into a Sandluary of (afety and Mon p?gc 1030. 
to a foftah : A Popifli Furnace heated with the verie C^,) Hi« Maiefty was 
maliceofHelilliaUbecomea^^^<^(7//«^^»^i?(;/«to ^nXift\VtK« 
a (i) Martyr ofleftu ; The very dead lines of an ordi- fentcncc 'm chc let* 
nary (V) Letter^ muft represent to a Roy all conceit, a tcr Ca\leadged by the 
meaning quite contrary to the naturall fenfe and all ^^^Ic of Salitbury,") 
Grammaticallconftruaion, before a blefled Parlia- ?,fft",^nfco£ai- 
ment be blowne up with Pofip^ Cjun-Tovfder', A brit- Jnin Gramour" a$"if 
tie (\) GUfe muft rebound unbroken from the hardeft by ihcfe words,/ar tfcf 

dinger upafiaifoonat 
}ou have burned the Irfrtr.fhonld be clofely underftood the fuddainty and quicknelT: of ths 
(ianger,whicki thouldbeas qaickly performed, and atancndas that paper (hould beof bh- 
aing up in the fifcjturning that word of as foone^to the fenfc oi^as quUkh'^ifiwtft eftbe wd- 
ner of the difcovery tf a late intended TreiJony&c.Hcarc K. lames his own words. / <Ui upon ibf 
infint interprti and apprehend fome dai\e pinajti in the Lentr Lontrmj t$ the erdimy grammAr 
sonflruClion ofth«mj(aHd in another fort then I am fure any Divine or Lawyer in any Vnivtr^ty, 
»»uld have talien themjto be meant of this horrible f^rme ofbhmng us up aU bj poudir. HU Ma« 
iefticsfpeechinthelaASedionsf ParliaraeDr,piinted,i6os- (0 Avertuous Gentlcwo 
mtn in this Land doubting very often of her Salvation,na3debcrc<afe knowne unto a wor- 
thy Minifter of Godjwho often counfclled her,io takehcedof in quities further than G«ds 
word,andtruft afTurcdJy that {he might conclude her Solvation out of Gods wo rd, without 
any further revelations! yet fiilldtdthe temptation grow upon herjinfomuch thachavmg 
• Venice glaffe in hcr'hand,and the (cifc fanae Minifler fitting by her,prcfemly brcaksfoith 
ii»toIaineatab]ewords;you have often told rnc,that I muft lecknofurthcrtlian Gods word 
but I havcbin long without comfoit and can indure nolong«r,!hcrcfore if I muft be fared, 
let this gJaflc be kept fro bre3king,& fo (he threw it agaioft the wals.Herc might the Lords 
hand fer this tempting of his Maicflie,have]c(i her to the cvctlafting woes of hct diftruflful 
heart: yet the Lord thatts rich in mercy, having ftampsd her with the fcalcofhii Elcai> 
on, was content ro fatisBe the languilhiog foule with a miracle : the glafie rebounds again e, 
and comes fafc onto the ground ,which iKe Minifter having gotten into his h»ndi;(ayth»Oh 
repent of this finjblWTc Godfor hism:rcy,3nd never diftruHI him more cf his prcmife .for 
now^ave you His voycc from heavsn in a roitacle,telling you plaindy of your eftate.Thii 
was cuiionty,and might have brought defpairciyec it was the Lords mercy to remit thti 

B ftonej 

InflruSlions for aright comforting Se<3:. I» 

faulr and grant an extraordinary coKfirmatiunof her faith. Tmti* Gods arraigncmtnt of 

ftonc, to helpe to binde u^ a broken heart , bleeding 
with griete,for abfence other Spofife^ind want of the 
affurance of his love, &c. Nay the divell him^elfe, 
though hee walkcs about like a roaring Lion feeking 
withrcftlefle rage, and defiring infinitely to devoure 
the Lords inheritance, yet cannot polTibly addeone 
linke to the chaine , in which by the mercifull and 
mighty hand of God , hee is hampered ; nor go an , 
haires bredth beyond his commiffion : Thongh it bee 
utterly impofTible, that that damned Aiigell fliould fo 
farre change his divelliili natnre, as to do any of Gods 
cho(en, direftly, any true good ; yet he is e verlaftingly 
mufled by an Almighty arme, from ever doing them 
any deadly hurt* Hee may be fuflFered fometimes to 
fliake his chaine at them , and roarc upon themhide- 
oufly, to drive them nearer unto God,and fright them 
from (inne ; But he Ihall never either in this worli, ot 
the world to come have his full Twinge at them > or- 
faften his hellifh fangs upon their redeemed fouls. 

''^ C H A P. 1 1. 

Three other Reafons proving the former Do^ine, 

Ilcaf.s.Iti prayers are 3 §m,M^!^k^k Efidcs all that Other exoellent,cona- 

verypowcrfuiJiwheie ^^^\^ pleatc, impenetrable armour of 

proofe mentioned, Ephef.6 »vjh\c\\ 

is able to beat backe vidoriouily 

all earthly oppofitions, and the ve- 

rie Ordnance of Hell, every one of 

Gods "Favourites is alio bleffedly fumiftied with a 

(m')Vtf^cailDi EccUf. mighty rpirituall (m) Engine, which is able to batter 

muru^iqui rumpi ton 

fof^t^mmmmum Jntoniufm»d*mor4bui qti'uim fofmidAbiU. Gb*yfD(l. T)e crando Deum /i.«. 

Deprecati$,atmaiur<i ({i inexpmmbiluyic tu'ijftmutr'yntc unquamftiikm muwmntum, (mfacili- 

mtiVtl unm rtj>tlilm militmiVtl mumf»biiia hojitm mUia.ibiiiM . 

parti I . Cap . 2 . eAffH^ed ^orfcieKces. 

downeall the bulwarks of the Divell , to (hake the 
whole kingdome of darknefle, and all hellifh powers; 
nay, to oflFcr an holy violence to the very Throne of 
C«jGodhimrelfe:vvitne{fe,Hisrnoft mercifullincrea- ^ .^ , 
tmgMofes*To/ethtma/o»e,Exod.^i.lO. AsthoHgh 4 pncauo.ut m hmi. 
tfeemedfationoFaman , could binde as it were, I nn pttijtuemcnatmu 
fpeake it with lowlieft reverence to thai highefl Ma- <»^ «*"« cwmi, & 
jeftie, the hands of his Omniputency, from doing his ^"o^^'i'erypiumre'. 
people any hurt ; and were able to extinguidi that un- g^tscutt .epr^cat^ap, 
quenceable wrath in the conception, which once on \<^.npninh mines 
foot would burne unto the lowefi Hell^ andfet on fire taatumeft ifia pneaxi' 
the foundations of the Mount aine s : I meane that finitv'j.fedeta'mbeUu. 
(.) moftprecious,andalmoft.if notaltogether^mni- ^fi^^^l^^'^r^". 
potent Grace 01 Tray er^ Tnjs great M after of mira- dirj^mdeumipfa ibid^ 
cles hath wrought from time to time many and very * faundiliceniiam 
remarkable wonders both in Heaven and Earth. It quxrit ^ AUft, quifccit 
made the Sunne, that mightie creature, the Prince of ^f^^^^^Vf dT 
all the Lights in Heaven , to ftay and ftand /till upon mummcum Deo An^e- 
thefiidden,intheheatof his fwifteftcourfe: Itlanded lorum/upmt mak^t- 
/(j>«rfi& fafely upon the fhore, out of the bellieof the teffi»(>e pneaU 2, 
Whale,and bowels of the Sea: It drew refirefhing Jo'io«^>3* 
ftrcames out ofa drie bone, for the laving of <y^?»/'o»x i.jj**yjg.*^''°* 
life : It turned the Heaven into braffe for three yeares i am. 5.17,18- 
and an halfc;and afterwardturned the lelfe-fame brafle 
into fruitful! clouds, and fountaines of raine : It killed i Kings 19,1 1,3 s. 
an hundred fourelcore and five thouland of the ene- 
mies of Gods people in one night : For the freeing of 
ig'/Z/^^ifromaflrait and dangerous fiege. It filled a ?.Kings6,i7. 
mountainein a moment, as it were,/«// ofHorfes and 
Chariots of fire : It turned the (words ofa mightie , chro.io,5,^,&c.i5 
Army into the Bowels of one another ; when leho- 
fhafhat knew not which way to turne himfelfe ; but 
was fo helplefle and hopeleffe, that he cryed unto the 
Lord, vye knoro not rvhat to do, onely our eyes are upon Adi 12.5,7,10. 
thee ! It loofed Peter out of prilbn, fhooke hii ch'aines *Vp6 intelligence of 
off from hii hands^ and made an Iron gate to open of ^^ Spaniji invafioo,-' 
its owne accord : * It enraged and inlarged the Eng- JSmed anTeb. 

B - ll^> fervca,/tf»»», IJ88 

o InftrHSlions for a right comforting SeA . I ■ 

lifli Seas tofwallow up the Spanifh invincible Arma- 

do: And which is none of the Icaft wonders. It 

brought Prince Charles out o^Spaiue, 

A doubi concerning But you inftance, may fome fay, in extraordinarie 

the pcifons praying" examples of extraordinarie men, endowed with an 

extraordinarie fpirit. 
j$ rcmooTcd yet fure I am,they arc rcgiftred by the holy Ghoft, 

to reprefent unto us , and to all generations of the 
Church to the Worlds end, the Almighty and won- 
der-working power of Prayer. And I am as lure, that 
th€ Petitioners were mtn*fHl>je^ to tikepaffi9ns as we 
*Vl^Ui Av^9a'!iri(h aye. Perhaps, if thou bee a true-hearted Natha»<tel, 
oiOiioTitt^'f hi^V' fince thy new birth, thou waft never fo extraordinarily 
lam r. ;♦ paflionate,as lomh was,when out of a pang of ftrange 

diftemper , hee thus anlwered the mighty Lord of 
loaah 4 9. Heaven and Earth : / do voeH to bee angry even unt9 

ReaC4rTtf)ath faiih Fpurthly, Gods Favorite is further furnifhed with 
which is powctfiill. an other fpirisuall weapon of impregnable temper, 

(p)Faith»onlyabIe 1"^ ^°^'"^^j^lV"^8^l^ ImeaneFaith, (/^jthevcry 
loicifotwifutne^eif Powcr, and AftaeotOodtor all true joy, found com- 
ioyjandcenfiancltif fort, and lightfomnefle at the heart-root in this life. 
tonum^in the naidft Thiscrowned Emperefle of all thofe Heavenly graees, 
ofthc change5,v»anes ^^^^ ^^^^ j„ ^j^^ 5^^^^ of ^ fanftified flian^ and which 

externaU things jaod 1" ^ ^ ig"^ fenfc may bee laid vertually to comprehend 
that one day, as well all the bcautie, ftrcngth, excellency and power of 
asanotherjtbrough- Chrift himlclfe ; is truly (^) viftorious , and trium- 
cut thccourfc of a p|,anf^ ^r) over all the World,- (I) over rhe very gates 
rdraltcntha": of Hell, andaUthepowerscf darkneffe/Wove? the 
of ihislifeiscp^ble. Divels fiereitdarte; (u) over the devouring flamesof 
warrf. the raging fire; (x) over the rearing f uric of the moft 

(q) Creitnti mmdut 

ittmprm'iptDUboloyViori^infermtSf fucatumque mtra ludibriafuntj ntd'tcerepoffitcumpaiJot 
ybi tuui, mtSf tcuUuo i ybi tuajnfirne^ vlRnia ? i.Cor. 1 5 , J J, Hibtt tnim ^fe coana 
imniAhgCj qua ceteris }]or)ibifia& infuptrabiliafunt, viSartampir "Boninum JtfumCbri^itm 
jn qumcridit.cw adkierei &inmiiti4r.Niogcor. (r) i.Iohn.T.4- (I) Ma«h.i6.i|,(t)Eph. 


Pare I .Cap. * . AffliEied ^onfciences* 

hungric Lyons; (y j over the varietie and extremitie Cy)Heb.n.j7. 
ot exquifiteft tortures, temptations, perlecucions, all 
outward miferies; even (*) over cruellmockings. It (OHcb.it.j6, 
*unre{iftablybeatesdowne,or blows up the ftrong- ' Hes.n.jo. 
€ftBulwarkes,and thickeft: walls jf^) puts to flight C'OH^b.ii.s4. 
the mightiefl Armies, and f^) conquers the mo fl in- C'')Hdb 11.33. 
vincible Kingdomes. And when all is done. Oh blef- 
fed Faith I at the v^ry laft, and deadlieft lift, (c) llie (Ol^falm-M--*- 
triumphantly fcts her foot upon the neck of the Prince ^^JT?'- f ^'T T" 
of terrors, I meane death, the lalt and worlt ; the end chntudiaem. Procedat 
and fumme of all feared evils : And even in the middeft i» »edium,o(i€ndat /g. 
of tbofe dying and dreadfuU pangs, beares a glorious «^«/« tordii» in/prnfer. 
part with fe/m Chrifi the Conquerour in that fweet- J'j'^'w |«'»«e>''^«i/w: 
eftSong o^wiaoxy O death Tvhereu thy fiing ? In 2 ^'^Jl?CmZicqZ 
word. It can do all thmgs. ( d) AU things are fojjible q,udtt aliud tUU^at^ 
tohimthat heleeveth, centemnt pre me. Ecu 

* Fifthly, and laftly j and in a word Grace in its ctmtmpfiiiiy Parumtfi 
owne nature, beine the moft glorious Creature of r/><r *lii~--'P<trumefi ut 
(d; Father of lights, and flowmg as it were more im- dcUSUhnu contmne 
mediately and Iweetly from his bleffed face, is of fuch qukquid te umbat, 
a divine invincible, and lightfome temper , and hath C6gum»e carcera, corf 
fuch an antipatheticall vigour and abilitie , againft all ^^'^"f vmula^conumw 
fpiritualldarknefle and dampesj whether of affliftion, TrZZ[T.7' ' 
temptation, troubJelome conmhons or the times, the morum^Hticviiifii.m 
vaUejr of the Jhadow of deathf the Gtzvc , Hellitfelfe; iBvenifti. — 
that it is ever able, eirher to dilpcU it, or diflblve it, or ^matyordetyfirvet, 
fupportitfelfeftronglyand triumphantly even in the a^^l&TaSfitv^it 
middeft of it. Suppofeafoule beautified with Grace, adafperaMmda.nL 
to be featedjifit were pofllble, in the very center of culfnta.minada.caUat, 
that hellifh Kingdome, yet would it, by its Heavenly fr»^gtt& tranfu.Aug, 
ftrength,and glory, in defpite of all infernall powers '£^T**"f^tf\''V^ 
keepeofFat fome diftance all the darknefle, torments lingoiGod/g^^^^^^^ 
and horror o[ that damned place. Whence it is, that favor, 
it is fo often in the holy Scriptures compared to light. d^fWo t» W^J^j tbV 
Now what power and prevalent antipathy our ordi- t^aTwviHminum, mn 
narie light doth exercile againft his moft abhorred l^Zu^Md^tn^ 
Oppofite, darknejfe, you well know,and it is elegantly tarv;«tberei,fpintmlit 

B 3 and &c(^eliis»?at- 

InftrH^ions f9r 4 right c^mfcrting Se<fl . I . 

and punftaally for my purpofe expreffed by Ong in 
this manner ; JVefee, and prove y faith he, by daUy ex- 
terience how fowerfutl And dreadfuU a thing the dar^. 
fieff'e of the night is. For when it fallethyit covereth, and 
mufflcth up the face of the whole world. It obfcurethy 
And hidethf the hue. And thefajhitn sf all creatures : It 
kindeth up att, hands, and (freaketh off all implojmentsi 
The night commeth , faith our Saviour, wherein wee 
cannot worke. It arrejleth, and ks^peth captive all li- 
ving wights, men and beafis, that they mufi heflill, and 
refi there, where itarrefleth them : yea it maketb them 
fearfull, and faint-hearted, full of fancies , and much 
fub'jeU to frights.lt is ofal others fuch a powerful,^ un- 
conquerable Tyrant, at no man is able to With fl and. And 
yet neverthele^e, it ii not of that might , that it is able 
to overwhelme, or to quench the leafl light in the world. 
Ftr we fee the darker the night is, the clearer the Starres 
fbine : Tea the leafi candles light, that is lighted, with- 
fiandeth the whole night, ana not onelyfuffereth not the 
darkneffe to cover, or tofinother, and oppreffe it, but it 
giveth light alfo even in the middej^ of the dar^ffejfe, 
andbeatethit backs for fame fpace anddiflanceon every 
fide of It : fo that which wayfoever it is borne, or where^ 
foever tt commeth , there mufl darknejfe depart, and 
give place unto the light \aQ,the power, and the dread- 
fulneffe of it, cannot helpe or prevaile ought again(l it^ 
AndthoHgh the light be fo weake , that it cannot cap 
light farrt about, or drive the darknefftfarre from it, as 
in thefparke of an hot caale,yet cannot the darkneffe co- 
ver orconceale, and much leffe quench it ; but tt fiveth 
light to itfelfe alone at leajt -, fo that it may bee feene 4 
farre off in the darks ; And it remaineth unconquered of 
the dark^, thpu^h it cannot helpe other things nor give 
light unto them. Tea (that which is yet more wonder- 
full) a rottenjhining peece of wood, which hath thefain- 
teft light that can be fatt»d,yet remaineth invincible <»/ 
Ail the f9vt<r ofdarkf»fJpt\ ind tkf mure k ^ compajjed 


Part I .Cap.a . Af fitted C^nfcitnus. I \ 

^hout with darkp^fff f^^ clearer itght it giveth, S9 

little U darknefe a$le to overtome, or kftfe dewne Mny 

light ; hut that itruleth and VAnifHipjethyAnd expelUth 

the darkjiejfe, which elfe overtvhelntetla , dnd fnareth^ 

and fetter eth^ andptttteth all things in fettrt^ Now if 

thii naturall light hefopowerfttlly and fa able to prevaile 

againfi the darknefTe cf the night : why (hauld not that 

Jpirituall Lights that Gods Spirit doth kindle , and fet 

up in the hearts of Gods C hilar en^ be able to a ford them 

light in darknejfef and to minifter found joy and fweet 

comfort unto them,in the verie middefi of their heaviefi^ 

andntpfi hideous affiiElions. Afllircdly , it miift needs 

be unconquerably able, with farre greater power> and 

in an higher proportion. For our vifiblc light doth 

(pring but from a finite and materiall Fountaine, the 

Sonne, it (elfe a creature : but the Spiritual! light, I 

fpeake of, flow^ immediately from the glorious face 

of the onely true , incomprchenfible and eternal . ., , ^ . 

* Light, the Sunnes creator, »?/»* dwelleth m the light ^^®l\\'^''^ *^* 

that no man can approach unto , and is an everlafting 

well-fpring of all Life and Light ; which it doth (b 

farre reprefent and rcfemble in Divine excellencie, 

and miphtinefle, that it thence receives by a lecret and 

facred mfluence, frefh fiiccelTions ftill of an infinite 

triumphant power, ^nd prevailing againft all fpirituall 

darknelTes for ever. Suppofe all the men that dwell 

within the compafle of our Hemifjihere (hould ad- 

drefle themlelues with all their wit and weapons, 

with all their power and policie to keepe backe that 

univerfall darknefle, which \^ Wont to feize upon the 

face of the earth at the fetting of the Sunne; yet by all 

this ftr^oDgandcombinedoppofition. they ft.9jdbut W^«^^^^^^ 

beat theayre : But now, upon the very firlt approach mmmrotmperufiae 
of that Princely light, but peeping up intheEaft, it u'dacomprehinGim'^re- 
would all flye away in a (e) moment, and vanifh into ti^nftrgetu dielj^^en- 
nothing. Semblably, if all the underftandings upon i'[\^*^^^l^t\^^^'* 
earth, and all the Angels in Heaven thould contribute cUtAmfi^Me&A. 

B 4 ^^V,wpi>' 


InfirHEiionsfor a. right comforting Seft . I 

all their abilities , and excellencies to illighten with 
chearfulnefle and /oy , a guilty confcience furprifed 
fotnetimes with hellirh darkneffe and clouds of horror 
upon fight of finne, and fenfe of divine wrath ; yet all 
would not do, they fhould all the while, butwaQi a 
Blackamoore, as they fay : but now, let but the leaf! 
glimple of the light of Grace fliine into that fad and 
hcavie Soule, and it would farre more eafily and irre- 
(iftably cha(e away the very darkefl midnight of any 
fpirituall mifery, then the ftrongeft Summers Sunne, 
the thinnefl mornings mift . Give me, if you will,?«- 
das his heart , or Spiraes horrour j or a vexed fpirit 
tome and rent in peeces with the raging guilt o f both 
thofe wofull men ; and let that fuppofed rufull Soule^, 
weary of its hellifh burden, and thirfting finccrely for 
the waterofLife , but caftit lelfeupon the mercie, 
^^^^r/' truth, and power of the Lord lefus, fo (weetly offer- 

*^^P.' ing himfelfe in that pretious fromife, Matth. 11.28. 

refolving to take him for an everlafling husband ; and 
ipfo fa^o, as they fay, it might be put into a very Hea- 
ven upon Earth. For this glorious grace of Faith, the 
Prince of all fpirituall light and lightfomenefTe in the 
truly humbled Soule, thus flied into fuch a darke and 
grieved fpirit, doth enkindle and fet on fhining all 
("OFirfei t^ \n Chrifii- thofe (f) gracious heavenly Starres, that are wont to 
mManima fundamin- beautifie the hearts of holy men j hope, love, zeale, 
Tm7i'DeZZ'eT ^onne-like feare, humility, patience, felfe-denyall, uni- 
u.scettM ctixiffc vxftu- verfall obedience, fruitfulneffe in all good works , &c. 
tvn»n mt peinhet con- Which make them ( g) /tght itjelfe,X.o (h) tvalke in the 
fidennttm congruend- Ughf , towards the infinite and (i) unaj>proacha(?le 
«rnfmUmdm.^o ^ (^^ . ^^ therefore they never need to want light- 
a* lucent' (Ic vera v'lu lomenefle ; but have perpetuall pregnant matter of fpi 
tWiqute (fpe inpb^itU rituall mirth,and mightineffe of fpirit. 

adverfi w ■ 'S^rp vhrtui efl ftdiu^&bmo virtatum eafu.ldem fuper Cant-Sv m tiy. (e.)T^v^v 

Ghap. g 

Part. I. Cap. 3. Afflt^ed Conjeiences , 13 

Chap. III. .^-^ 

Three f aire of infiances confirming the former T> 0- 
^i»<f, David rf»f^ Saul, lob and Achitophel, Luther 
and Spira. 

He point appeares, and is further pro- 
ved by inanifeft, and manifold expe- 
rience : ^4 W having beene former- 1 'Davids flren^ih. 

ly, wofolly wafted with great variety 
and extremitie of dangers and diftref- 
fes, was at la ft plunged into a moft 
defperateperplexitie-i.^yrf^? 30.5. Which had beene 
able to have fwallowed up into defpaire, the manlieft f .Tia &. is. 
vigour of the greateft fpirit upon earth, not fupported 
with grace : fthelikeoralefle, caufed King S^»/to ^.weaincrc- 
fall upon his owne fword;) yet Heblefled man,by the ^^^^^^ , i_^. 
power of his fpiritaall peace , and jthe beams of 
Gods pleaied face fliining upon his Soule, did patient- 
ly, and fweetly comfort Himfelfe in the Lord His God; 
and ftood like an impregnable Rocke unfhakcn with 
the raging aflaults of any tempeftuous lourges. Hee 
was at this time hunted by Sa^/ like a Partridge in the 
Mountainesi cafliierd by the Princes of the Philijiines 
asa f<?//'pJpofruipe(5led fidelity j robd by the Amale- 
kites of His wives,His (bnnes, and His daughters jThe 
Towne, to which He returned for fafety, was burnt 
with fire 5 And to make his calamity compleate, and 
moft cutting.even His owne men were ready to ftone 
Him : Now in this great diftrefle upon the firft appre- 
henfion whereof He wept, as the ftory faith, untill He 
had no more porcer to weepe; yet comming to Himfelfe, . 
and recollecfling His fpirituall forces. His heavy heart 
readie to finke and fall afunder in His bofome, did 
fetch by the hand of faith , comfortably fortified by 
fenfe and experience of former favours, fuch heavenly 


1^ lHlirHEiionsforayightC9mforting ' Se^. 

ftrcngth from lehova, whom He had made His por- 
tion; that thereupon hi? courage was revived and rai- 
Ced to that height, that Hee prelently purfiied his ene- 
mies with extraordinary valour and relblution, cut 
them ofF quite and rf covered all. And David faith thf 
text, v>ai greatly dtflrejfed : for the people Jpake 9ffi0' 
Ttirtg Him, becaitfe the Souleofall the people rvai grie^ 
vedf every man for His fonnesf tind for HU daughters: 
Ifut David encouraged Himfelfe in the Lord Hii 
God, &c, 
ijobi flreogih. What a bitter Sea of unmatched mireries,did breake 

out upon bleffed loBy which with a fudden unexped- 
ed violence, bearing downe that Hedge of proteAion, 
which God had fet about Him, fthe raines purpofely 
letloofe by divine difpenfation to Sathans malice in 
the meane time j did fearfully overflow him to that 
height and horrour i that He ftands regiftred in Gods 
Bookd as an unparalled Inftance of extraordinarie fuf- 
(^:>yimoquifcium\n ^'erings and forrows; calamities and conflids ; to all 
uila Hi(i0m tot unt. fucceeding ages, no (<.j ftory bemg able to afford the 
^e gyavibm trumnis like; The natnrall death of one dcare chiide , ftrikcs 
fimuia<tobru(mftn{f* fometimes (o heavy to a mans heart, that for griefe he 
olDUAtiiidediii tten grows into a confumption : but all loh children, were 
ptuperitm lantum con- luddenly taken away at once by a violent flroke: fome 
tremefcuHt fe ieiiam petty croffe upon his outward ftate,and cutting off but 
quan.uiun.qiu iifptn- pj^t of his goods.caufes fometimes a covetous world- 
tT.i;;,il'X «"gj°<;^' (0>i^°^"\*™»' •• B^-^'^wasrobd of 
qntum (ucHrmuntt »i- al» • fo that It IS a Proverbe to this day. As poore as lob : 
quiquamfciiicettaatum Many wives are paifionatcjand peeviQi in time of pro - 
n^arortm firtmis. fperity, whofe hearts notwithftanding will melt in 
^ivy/.jw MAittham.2^ compalTionjand kindenefle,over their husbands,in any 
^ftcraStwpr^m! I<indc of miferic : butCw j 7*^/ wife,tho dearely intrea- 
qnannxiUa fufifpereet, ted,by Her moft diflrefTcd Husband, even for their 
idautem earn asinitri childrcns fake, the mutuall common pledges of twee- 
(ommnfUiOfltvdit ip jgft [qvc : yet would^ot come neere Him . Afy breath 
iZ l'"*"'" "^T""- tayth He, isfirange to my wife, thoHfh I intreated for 
tdfferiamiagemum the chUdrens fake of tnme mne body. Chap. I p. 1 7. 
fr»didifft,CttVi Satan 

Part. I. Cap. 5 . Af fitted CoH/ciences, 1 $ 

Satan Iconfefle, iswont toroareand rage fiercely e- 

iiough about Gods blcfifed Ones, to doe them all the 

mifchicfejHee can poflibly : but rarely hath he fo large 

areachjandhischainefo lengthened as he hadagainft 

^ob, Thepainefullanguiih of Tome one part, would 

notonely deprive a Man,ofthe pleafure of the worlds 

Monarchic, if hee had it in pofleffien : but alfo make 

Him wearie of His life. In what a taking then was 

lob, yNhofromthefoUofhufost^ unto hii Croivneh^d , »« ,r • ,. 

no part free fromAr^^i/r^ and (n) horribly inflamed l^/;^';^^^^^^^ 

ulcersjcxafperated & enraged with the flinging Imart q^ipitufnatphani'ml^n- 

of Satans extrcameft malice, who had power given a.%r iepnm f'nS«. aed 

Him toinflia them. God himfdf-e frownes many venlmJeett (ongfga. 

times, and withdrawes thebeames of Hispleafcd Face ^''^^."1^^—^ 

from the foules «f His (ervants , to their great gnete, ^^.^.(^^jm homnum u- 

tbo for their fpirituall good: But feldome doihheefet barava. Meu 

them up for His Marke ; hu)it them Ai a fierce Lion ;fet lo'i, \ 9, i i,& " Oj > 6> 

//« terrours in array again fi them ; and command the ^ 4 

foyfon of his arrowes to drtnkjif their fpirit as loh com- 

plaincs : It is no ftrange thing, neither fliould it much 

move,but onely make us walke more watchfully , to 

he-are men of the world, and drunken Belials to belch 

oat from their rotten hearts upon the Ale bench fiich 

bafe (landers as thefe , Thefe Prefejfours for all their 

fayreJheweSydrecertainely dU ofthemnfftorioHS Hypo' 

critej. Tho they looke never fo demurely, they are not 

the men they are taken for, Cfc, But to have a Mans 

ncarefl, familis--, underftandingChriftian friends to 

charge Him with Hypocrifie, is a moft cruell cut to a 

troubledconfcience: And this was (<?j /^^j cafe. So . . .. 

thas as lok was fmgular in the univerfality of his af fli- C^) ^.^^^' ^^^''«"'' ^•^» 

ctionsjlo there was a fingulanty of bittcrnelle above yiiuHgngaietMizuii 

ordinary in every partiailar affliction. And what of ntndutiivi, ipeak'mg 

all this ? And yet for all this^ this holy man,by the help cf lobs ftiends, qmn 

aimifi^di fapi'utta 
wlfurUt, uttx (wmdiffrntatiMibia, qiuebKlibr6ittfttU9tariVlitret^M^'in&inl%VisprO' 
tfimtt & RtliimtyUt tx iifMm f^tnim <r«.Mcrc. 


1^ In ftruElions for a right comforting Sedt.i 


^ p)2iam & bciius lob of that precious (p) hoard of grace, which his heaven- 
t-tyfiifiantea prxmedi- \y hg^^t had trea(ured up in the time of prolperity j out 
«"11"V:*M° of^thatrpirimallftrength, which Hcehad gotteninto 
fuertecnbo cegnaf- His foule by his former humble acquaintancCjand con- 
ft:tyy({ui ratiant tncs «• verfation with His God ; and knowing full well, that 
a iupitmiMiifa cm- tho all was gone,yeC Hee ftill pofleffed leftts Chrifi, as 
'"«'^*';!lS^'"s'/ « fully,ifnot moreteelingly,as ever before; He becomes 
nlcifftt. Nunc vito tta hereupon as rare,ana admirable a Patterne or Patience 
pYtetntaitatHSjextnua^ to all pofterit y ;as he was an extraordinary aftonifliing 
ttiffyfuint.uiadomniA fpedacleofadverfity and woe. Confcioufhefle of his 
ingmi ammapcrihm fore-fpcnt righteous life,which he peruleth CW 31. 
&iam mu'-urum wH T"*^ cleareneffeof a good conlcience.C^4^,i(5. i g.Be- 
^MuftLtn^ad pit rum holdmy roitnejfe is in heaven,andmy record is on high : 
amarijjifmm ob.tum,ad And his invifiblefaith,Ci64/>. 1^,23, 24,2 5 . Oh that my 
uxcra afftCtHntiad roords yoere now written, oh that they were printed in 
''^i'^VlZ.tTJ:^ a'Booke IThat'thejwere gravenwith anironvenand 
pobmM Mci'iaium tead,tn the rockefor ever. For I know that my Redee- 
conumpiimatque mer /ifeeth,^c.Ch^ip. i 3 . Though hejlaj me, yet will I 

fetverum cbr)j in Mai truft in him;did fo ftrengthen and flay his fpirit with a 
*'"'" 3+* divine mightjthat he bore valiantly, and flood upright 

under the heaviefl weight, and greatefl variety of ex* 
treame affliflions,that ever were laydupon any meerc 
Achltophili wcakncflc, man. But now on the other fide, the tyth, nay the ten 
hundred part o^Ioh troubles, cauledgraceleffc ^yfchi- 
tophellytofaddle his.A^e^get himfelfe home,pftt hit hou- 
jholdin order yand hang himfelfe. So true is that which 
the blcfTed Prophet tells us, ler. 1 7,5 ,^r. Curfed bee 
. the man, that trnfieth in man, and maketh fiepj his arme, 
andwhofe heart departeth from the Lord, For Hejhall 
be like the Heath in the defert, and Jhall not fee when 
goodcommeth ; but Jhall inhabit e the parched places in 
the fVtlderneJJe,in a fait land and not inhabited, Blejfed 
is the man that trufieth in the Lord ,and whofe hope the 
Lord is For heejhal be as a tree planted by the waters, 
and that ffreadethottt her roots by the river , and Jhall 
not fee when heat commeth,bHt her leaf e Jhall begrcene, 
ttndjballnot hee carefull intheyeare tf droHgnt^ nei- 

Part.l. Cap. 3. jifflt^edConfciences, 1 7 

therjhallcea^efromyetlditt^ fruit. 

This impregnable comfort fpringing from grace, 3 i*'/^«'s ftrength. 
andagoodconfcience, even in evill times, did fteele ^^^'^,^Lt^f^g^ l„. 
thefpiritofbleffedZ^f^^r, with iuch fpiriruall float- [^eram tatMHto cun- 
neffcand fo hardened his forehead Ag^iin^ a world, nay ^ rum tdio & invldts, 
an horrible hell of moft reprochtul and raging oppofi- ««* totusptntmundm 
tions,thathebecamea Speaacle, a Miracle of r.ireft '^l^^l^^!^' 
Chriftian fortitude , and invincible courage to the torllllim mSttr 
whole world,andto allpofterity-.I am perfuaded,that ctrvkti [ubjMre nun 
holy truth of God, which he logloriouflyprofefl:, and miUe marui mubxiw 
that power of godlinefle, which heefo faithfully pra- rum^atfiJmconcUa- 
aifed^didinfufe into the heart of that Man as much '^'^^tlT^^^'Til;, 
unconquerablenefle of refolution, and tearelefnefTe of tfftpotHuimmopir 
thefaceofMan, as ever dwelt in any mortallbreaft, trigtnu ptm anno in 
fince the Apoftles time. Witneffe amongft the reft, "(uptrftw, iacdmU 
that one extraordinary expreffion of His incompara- «'=/'''''^«/i«« f "«'««*; 
ble magnantmitie : when his- friends were earneft, yejeiet bmims, qm 
and eager upon Him,not taventure himfelfe,amongft apem Marte debnUart 
a number of Per fidious Papifls, and bloud-thir ftie Ti- »«» pffa 1 « tandm 
gets ; He replyed thus : 9^s tenchincr mee, faith Hce, '^g^rdtcumbeniinieda, 
%ceIa^fentfor,Jamrefol.ed.an'k certainly deter. :;;:ZZI^" 
mined to enter JVormestn the name of the Lord fefm Chniioobdem.vit. 
Chrtfi \yea tho/tghlknewy there "were at many Divels Brighm.tnc.^. Apoc 
ioreftfimee, at there are tilet to cover the nonfes in Funommo vir mag- 
fVormes, This Man of God did upon the two Pillars %°J'"Z1lt^miTai»r 
of His Herokall heart, courage and patience, moft no- crbii^&qui Tot^Stu 
blyfuftaine tfee malice and hatred,aimoft of the whole adverfia ipjum csnjpi- 
world. The I>»'z/tfi5f,and theT<?/>(? did concurrently nmbMunumfeofpy 
countermine with all their, cmeltie, and cunning a- (^it- Bttcolc.chmtiug, 
gainftthisviaoriousa4«;^.'.;,ofHeaveii,andmi^^^ *jS'icftoVy of 
tie underminer of their dark and damned kingdomes. ^^^^j^, iuibir,^,S^9, 
Almoft all their Princes, Prieife, and people of Chri- 
ftendome, did breed and breathe out nothii^ but 
thoughts of indignation and threats of Death againft 
Him. Millions of lafic, andluftfullMonkes,having like 
ib manypeftilent Locufts of the infernall Pit, ftiz'd 
npon the face of Surofe, with their envenomed 



InfirtiBions for a right comforting Se(Jl. I • 

fwarmes, and lying at eafe encloyftered in Sodomy 
and blond, gnafticd their teeth at Him with HellilK 
furie, and like true Fiends fpet fire in His face. And 
yet for all this, this holy Saint (which, I more admire, 
-camUifeceS-umscrl and prizehigher, than the vidories of a thoufand C*- 
btntii &om q'uerunt : f^^^t or the mod renowned valour of the grear^ft ayf- 
CMe MareyVttvmiiy lexander) having fo many incarnate Divels continu- 
mt fnaiattat byem. ally roaring about Him, with open mouth,ready every 
^/^r^'Tl^?" houre, and enraged with implacable thirft todrinke 
\Armn. upHisbloua,and/M'-«//<?w ritrn ftp qmcke ; yet I fay, 

*spirae'i wwkncITf. enjoyed fuch a triumphant tranquillitie of minde, and 
Ca)iwas,faithhc,cx- unfhaken prefenceoffpirit, that likea mi*htie Sonne 
ccffively cov«ou8^of ^frhunder by His conftantand powerful] preaching, 
h°Upp\ycTwy fclfc ^o"^ ^^^e fpace of nine and r wenty y earcs, fo {hooke the 
to get by iniuflicc, pillars of Popery, that I am perfwaded the Beafi will 
corrupting iudgtnenf, never ftand upon his toure legges ^ny more : And writ 
by deceit, inventing eloquently and excellently, almoft, if not as many vo- 
t ricks todcludc hi- iutnes,ase^;^//»did,that^reat glory of theChridi- 
it!ce: Gocdcauicsl / ... i '. * a /r- 

an World m former times. A petty crolTe many times 
will focmatculate, and weaken, the elevations of the 
greatefl: Wit, that His conceit, invention and ftyle 
will fall to a farre lower ftreine, than ordinary; which 
contentment,and calmnelTcwould raife to their high- 
eft pitch and pollibilitie Bur the terrible earthquake, 
as it were, oi'aW Europe, and contrary commotions of 
* Cbriftendome,did never a whit diianimate, or Ihake 
the heart oFthis heavenly man ; fitly honoured by the 
name of athird-S/^^.^. *ButriOW Francis Spira on the 
other fide, having out of his (^) inordinate love to the 

cejtfulJyjcr fold them 
to the advcrfary pcr- 
naaintaindwith all 
n)y iiwght. I willingly 
oppofcdthc known c 
truth. And the ttutl 
committed unto mc, 
I cither betrayed oi 
perverted. Thusdul 
the care of this world 
and the deceltfulnej 
enriches, choaktiie 

good iccdthir was fo.meily {own^ fo as fearing be faints and yeddestothealluieraentsof 
this prcfent world. I knew the Dodrine of luilification by Chr i(i, but I denied it, and ab« 
jured ic,fotheend,that I might kcepe this ff?iIcl5fcfromadycr{ity,andTny childrenfrom 
poverty : And now behold how bitrer i s this life unto mc ? And God ooly knowcs, whjc 
Ihal become ofihis my FaaVily.But furdy no good is like to betide itjbut rather daily wotfc 
and vvorfejand fuch a ruinf,as at Icneth, one ft inclhallnot be left upon another, i(at Ba- 
con. Ill the relatian cf the dcfperat t lUtc of Fraficii Sp'ira, in the ycare i y48«I have the ori- 
giaajl tehtors of the ftory j and ir.vA thi-, escellf nt tranflation to ajsfwcr exaftly to thcro. 


Part. I. Cap. 3. AjiiUed Confciences. Ip 

things otthis life, wofuUy wounded his confcience by 
chat infamous abjuration of the blefTed Truth, which 
He formerly profeffed, became a Ipedlacle o\ (iicli fjn- 
rituall miferie and woe to the whole world,that there 
is not any thing left unto the memory of man more 

Vpon the very firft revifeof his recantation, and 
ferious confideration in cold bloud what he had done, 
he acknowledged himfelfe utterly undone and for e- 
ver. His (pirit fuddenly fmitten with the dreadful! 
fcnfe of divine wrath for his Apoftafie,and fplit in pie- 
ces, as it were, with fo grievous a bruife, fainted fear* 
fully, fail'd him quite, and fell afunder in his breaft like 
drops of water. Hearefome rufullexprefTionsof his 
dcfperatc ftate, from his owne mouth: Ohythatlsvere 
gone from hence, that fame Body yooiitdlet out this ive«ry 
Soule ! I teUyott there tvas never fttch a Monfler m I 
am ; never -wm man alive a JpeElacle of fuch exceeding 

mifery.- Inotvfeele Cods heavy -wrath that burnes 

like the torments ofheHwithin mcy and apiSls my Joule 
Tfpith fangs unutterable , Veril/deJferation is Hell it 
felfe ,^---^The gnaveing-vporme of unefuenchable fire, 
Joorfour^ confufton, andyvhich is reorfl ofall,de§feratioH 
it felfcy continually tortures me. And now I count my 
frefent efiate tvorfe, than if my foule fefaratedfrom my 
body tvere tvith fudaf,and therefore Idefire rather to be 

thercy than thus to live in my body, The truth />, 

never had mortall man fuch experience of Gods anger 
and hatred againfi him as I have,*- *Jf I could con- 
ceive but the lea/i Jparke of hope in my heart of a better 
ftate hereafter, I would not refufe to endure the mofl 
heavy wrath of the great God, yea for 2000 ^yeares , fo 
that at length I might attaine out ofmifery.^—-'~-Hee 
profe^ed that his pangs were fuch ,04 that the damned 
ffiights in Hellindure not the like mifery: That hk ftate 
•moi worfe than that of Cain and ludas, and therefore 

dejired to dye^ that God wtuld let loofe his fjand 


J 9 InftruUions for aright comforting Sedl.i 

from mey artdthat it were with me now, 04 in times pafi , 
Iwouldfcornethe threats of the mofi cruell Tyrants, 
henre torments with invincible refolution, and glory in 
the outward frcfefpon of Chrifiy till I were choaked in 
thejiame, and mj body turned into ajhes. 


Afrfi ufeofthe former *T)oBrine far exhortation i 
to. flore uf heavenly comforts in our hearts. Two conji- 
derations which prejfe this exhortation upon tis , 

I. Vfc. Treafore up yfes j . ^^^^y©^^F it befo then, that an heaven- 
rpiritu.ll corofons ^S^H Iv hoard of graccgood confci- 

^^^ l^^g cnce,Oodsravour,&c, happily 
treafured up while it is called 
Today, hath the lole, and fa- 
cred property,and priviledge, 
to bold up our hearts, in times ofhorroun inabling us 
in the meaae time patiently, and profitably to matter 
' all miferies, pafle thorow all perfecutions, conquer all 
Commers; and at length by the helpe of God, to pull 
the very heart, as it were , out of Hell ; with confi- 
dence, and triumph to looke even death, and the Di- 
vellin theface,andto ftand with boldnefle , before 
the terrour of the laft Day,like an unmoveable Rock, 
when the Sonnes and daughters of confufton , who 
h^veflept inharvejt, and mifpent the gracious Day of 
their vifitation , fhall intreat the mountaines, and 
Rocks to fall upon them ; I fay, it being thus, let every 
one of us Mkt Sonnes and daughters of wifedome, in 
this fhort Som mers Day of our abode upon earth, 
and in this glorious Sunne-fliine of the Gofpell , and 
pretious feafons of grace, imploy all meanesj^improve 
all opportunities, to gather in, with all holy greedi- 


part I ,Cap.4 . AffiiEied C^nfciences, 2 1 

ncffe, and treafure up abundantly much fpintuall 

{Irengtk and lafting comfort againft the evill Day, 

To which, let us be quickened, by fuch confide rations 

as thefe : 

I. This wire,and happy trealuring up, of heavenly 

hoards, and comforts of holinefle aforehand , will diftrafeT^" ^^^ 

fweetly mollifie, and allay the bitternefie, and fmart, 

of that heavinefle and forrow ,* of thofe fearefull a- 

mazements, and oppreffions of fpirit, naturally inci- 
dent to times of trouble, and fcare, which ordinarily 

cfo very grievoufly fting,and ftrike thorow the hearts 

of carnall and fecure World ings, with full rage, and 

the very flafhes, and fore- taftes of Hell. Of all other 

palTions of the Soule, ladnefle, and griefe grates mofl: * 

upon the vitall (pirits ; dries up fboneft the frefheft 

marrow in the bones; and moft fendbly fiickes out the 

pureft,andrefinedfl:bloudinthe heart. All the Ob- 

jeds of lightfomeneffe, and joy, are drowned in aa 
heavy heart, even as the beauty of a Pearle,is diffolved 
invineger. Now the onely Cordiall, and Counter- 
poyfon againft this dampe of light-heartednefTe, and 
Cut- throat of life, is the fecrec fweetnefre,and Qiining 
pleafure of that One fearle of great f rice j three orien t 
TiycswkQrcoiiHTtrfghteoftfKeJfe and peace, and joy itt Math.rg.4^, 
the holy Ghofi treafur'd up in the Cabinet of a good Rotr.14.j7. 
conlcience. The glorie, pretioufneile , and power of ^^*'l'"'«44« 
which hidden treafure, purchafcd with the fale of all 
finne, doth many times fliine fairelieft upon the Soule, 
in the faddeft times; infpires for the moft part into the 
hearts of the owners, the greateft courage , and con- 
ftancy of fpirit even in the day es of adverfitie,and vex- 
ation ; inables them todigeft, and beare without any 
great.woundjorpaiTion thofe croffes, and cruelties, 
which would breake the backe, and ctuQi the heart ot 
the ftouteft Temporizer. Was there not a great deale 
©fdiflPcrence thinkeyou, betwixt the heart of H^-^*?- jf,^ .g^ 
kiahy who hadvpalked before Godin truth , and with a 

C ferfe^ 

^2 InflruHiottsfor aright comforting Stdi, i 

ferjeEi hearty when He heard the news of death from 
Pj^^ j the mouth ofthe Prophet ; and the heart ot BeljhAK.- 

Kjiry when hee faw the hand-yvrmng upon the wall, 
' Give mee a great man, who carries away , the credit 

and current ofthe times jwith all bravery,and triumph 
wallows, and tumbles himfelfe in the glory and plea- 
fures of the prefent : Throw Him from the tranfitory 
top of His heaven upon earth, upon His laft bed: pre- 
fent unto His eye at once the terrible pangs of approa- 
ching death; the ragefiill malice ofthe powers of Hell; 
the crying wounds of His bleeding confcience j the^ 
griefely formes of His inHumerable finnes j His finall 
farewell with all worldly delights ; the pit ©f fire and 
Brimftone, into which Hee is ready to fall : And I tell 
you true, I would not endure an houres horrour of His 
wofiill heart, for His prefent Paradife to the worlds 
end. But on the other fide, let me be the man, whom 
the corruptions of the time confine to obfcuritie, who 
mournes in fecret for the horrible abhominations, and 
crying finnesj that raigne amongftus, who thinkes 
that day beft Ipent, wherein Hee hath gathered moft 
fpirituall ftrength , againfl that laft, and foreft com- 
batc ; and by the mercies of God, and humble dcpen- 
dance upon His omnipotent arme, Iwill looke in the 
face, the cruelleft concurrence of all thole former ter*' 
rors, with confidence and peace. 
a.Tal'eawayaJlpaffi 2. Secondly, By this fpirituall hoarding of comfor- 
onase dificinpcrs. table provifion againft the Evtll day, we may prevent 
a great deale of impaticncie , dependance upon the 
j4rrne offlejh^ bafe feares, finkings of heart ; unmanly 
dejeclionsof ipirit, defperaterelolutions, and many 
pafTionate diftempers of fuch raging and diftracfled 
nature, which are wont to feize upon , and furprife, 
unholy and unprerared heartsjwhen the Hand of God 
ishcavie upon them. How bravely and Heroically 
did patient loh beare and breake thorow, a matchkfle 
varieti* and extremitie of calamities and conflicts? 


"part. I . Cap. 4. ^ffli^ed (^onfciences. 2 3 

The foftefl: ot whofe fufterings would have ftrucke 
full cold to the heart of many a Carnahft, and made it 
to dye wichin Him like a ftone as Nabals di J. One 
of the leaft, the lofle oF His goods , I am perfvvaded, 
would havecaufed many covetous Worldlings to have 
layed violent and bloudie hands upon themftlues. For 
inftance: Ahttofhel , ondy becaufe the glorie of his 
ftate-wifedome was obfcur'd , and overtopt at the 
Councell-board,/^^/^^ His 4jfeygi:tre Him Home^ put 
His houfhold in order, and hanged Himfelfe. The one- 
ly caufe of His fainting in the day of difgrace, and dif^ 
acceptation was His faUe, and rotten heart in matters 
of Religion. While the Crowne fate with fecuritie, 
and fafetie upon Davids head ; He walked with Him 
as a companion unto the Houfe of God. But when 
the winde begun to blow a little another way , and 
upon (tAbfeloms fide, like a true Temporizer , He fol- 
lows the blaft, and turnes his fayles according to the 
weather, /^nd therefore His hollow heart, having 
made the Arme of flelh his Anchor, and a vanifliing 
Blafe of honour His chiefeft bleffedneffe , fhrinkes at 
theveryfirft fight, and fiifpition of a tempefl, and 
finkes this miferable Man into a Sea of horrour. But 
now on the coatrarie : what was the caufe, that loh 
heart was not crufht into pieces , under the bitter 
concurrence of fuch a world of crofTes, of wh ich any 
onefeverally wasfiiA'cient tohave made a Man ex- 
treamely miferable? The true reafbn of His patient 
refolution, amid fo many prefTures, was the fpirituall 
riches. He had hoarded up in the time of His happi- 
nefTe. Amongft which the divineft, and dearefl /ew- 
cU lay nearcft unto Hi- heart , as a counterpoyfon, to 
the venome and fling of the Divels deadlieft malice. 
I meane a found and flrong faith in lefiis Chrifl, the 
Lamb e Jlaine from the beginning of the tvorld : which 
now began to fhine the faireft in the darkeft Mid- 
night of His iHiferies ; and i weetly to dart out many 

C 2 heavenly 


Irtfirn Bionsfor a right comforting Se<ft . I 


heavenly fparkles of comfort, and fnch glorious ejacu- 
lations as thefe •• Though he flay mee^yet tvillltrufi in 
irTrw.Chap. 13. 15. And that Chap, i p. 23. &c. Oh 
that my words were now written , oh that they were 
printeain a books '. That they were graven with an iron 
fenne and leady in the rockefor ever, tor I know that 
my Redeemer liveth, &c. There were two cutting, 
and cruell circumftances largely infinuated Chap. 2p. 
and 30. which did keenely fharpen the edge, and 
mightily aggravate the weight o^ Jobs miferies : The 
9 caf «9,6;€^«. one was this : He hadbeene * happy. ]<^ow as that mans 

happinefleis holdentbegreateft, who hath beene in 
miferable coadition; For He tafteth the double Iweet^ 
of remembring his forepafled miferie ; and enjoying 
his prefent felicity : So on the contrary ; It u the grea„ 
Tel\cm*m3'fr ^f'^^> tefimiferie.xhty'hy.to have beene happie. The other 
was that, which moft nettles a generous nature. Hec 
being a Man of (o great hon* ur and worth ; whofe 
rare, and-insomparable wifedome , even the Princes 
and iVo^/?/ adored as it were with afecret, and (ilent 
admiration, as appeares Chap. 29.^.10. was iiow 
contended of the moft contemptible. The children of 
fooles^and the children oj bafe men'^ that were viler 
than the eartk, make hifu tlieir fcng , and their By- 
ypord. Chap, 30.8. 9. For when true noblencfle, and 
worth is downe, and any one of the Lords Champi- 
ons dej'cded , it is ordinate with all thofe dunghill 
difpofitions,tp whom Hisiincenrie was an-^S^j^-fore; 
His power and authoritie, areftraint to their lewd- 
neffe; the glory of His vertues, fewell to their envy; 
to runncasa Ravtn to the falkn Sheep.e, topickeout 
His eyes ; I meane-, which yet taftes of a truly co- 
wardly, and mercik-fle conftitution, to wound his 
very wounds, andto vexe his vexations.This was lobi 

Butwhat now minifters comfort to lobs heart, a- 
ga^nft thefe corrofives? Evea confcioufnefTe «f His 


Pare I .Cap. J . AffliEled (^onfciences. ^ y 

graces, and integrities treafur'd up, and exercifde in 
tliedayesof His peace. He reckons up fourteene of 
them, Chap. 3 1 From confideration hereof, Hee ga- 
thers, to wards the end, this triamphant refolution a- 
gainfl the foreft of hislufferings : f-prouideveM cr«WMe 
mine head with the bitterefi inveSlive of my greatefi 
odverfAry: whence it is cleare, that the two potent 
pillars ot/o^/ftrong and ftrange patience, which all 
generations will admire to the worlds end, were a 
found faith,and thefan<^ified fruits thereof, prepared 
and pradifcd in the time of his profperity. 

Chap. V. 

A third conJtderHtion }r effing the former exhortMton 
defended againfi Machiavels Pofttien, 

Hirdly , by fore provifi^n of ,.Makeu, grace out 
Gods favour,grace, good con- prefeffioa. 
fcienccjand luch fpiritual ftore, 
we fh all bee able worthily to 
grace, and honour our pro- 
fcflion ; truely to CBoble, and 
winnea great deale of glory and reputation to the 
State of Chriftianitie *. when the ambitious Rufflers, 
and boifterous Nimreds of the World (hall fee and ob- 
ferve. that there is a gratious invifible vigour, and 
ftrengtJi of Heaven,which mightily fupports the heart 
ofthetrueChriflian inthofe times of confufionand 
fearc, when theirt/hall be like the heart of a woman 
in her pangs,a nd fallafunder In their breafts,even like 
drops ofwater. IhsLtUeis zs hid as a Lytn, andun- 
mooveablelike Mount Z^<?» in the Day of diftrcfle, 
. and vifitations of God ; when they fliall tremble at 
the ihaking of a 1 eafe, and call upon the mountaines 

C 3 te 

,26 Infiru^ioHsfcr iiright contorting SeA. i 

to cover thtm . That He (hal be^ble then to fa y with 
Z><iW, Pfalm. 34, 1.2. The Lord u my refuge^ and 
mnfirength,&c. Therefore wi/il not fcAre, though the 
earth bee remooved, dnd though the mountaines be c^- 
rkdtnto the middefi of the Sea : But thcy (hallcry,out 
of the bittcrnefle oftlieir fpirits, with the Hypocrites, 
Ilai. 3 3.14. ^ho among m pjAlldvreR with the devott^ 
ring fire f fVho dtnongft us fhull dwell yrith everUfiiug 
bftrnini^s f Cod is much honoured, and His truth glo. 
tiHed, when it a ppeares in tke face of Men, that a poor 
neglefted Chriftian,or in the world* language, a prcr' 
ciie foole.is able by the power of grace, and influence 
oi his favour, to a^ron^ and out-(ace all the hrow sings 
and malignant afpeds of the proud Giants of the 
World. And hee is the Lords nobleft Champion,and 
a profeiTour of tbe trued and heavenlieft dye, that 
holds out in the wetting,and (hrinkes not in the Bay 
ofadverfitie. CAryi>J?ozwtf fpeakcstothcpcoj)l€ of 
. , Antioch like himfelfe,a Man of an invincible fpirit, a- 
AdfoptdmMmh gainftthetyrannicsofhistiincs:/« this, faythHce, 
^**' fboftldagrAcioHi diferfrpmagrAeeleffeman, that bee 

fhonldbeare hii crones couragiouflj \ andsu it i^ere, 
vith the wings ofFdith, oHtfoare the height of aU bn- 
m/tnemiferies. Hee fb^uldbee lik£ m M.9ckS9 beeing »»• 
corf orated intoltSiS Qhn^yinexfugHdbUy andunfha^ 
kenwiththemofifnpioMs incftrfionsof thewdvet atfd 
formes of worldly troubles, fr enures tutd ferfeimions. 
And blefledbeeGod, that even beercupon earth, in 
this vale of teares, there is fiich a vifiblc and , vaft dif» 
ference,betwixt a wicked and godly man. The one 
ii like the raging fea that cannot rdft : the other ihndff 
fall like a Rocke,whichlhall never be removed. An 
umegenerate heart is ever reillefle, commonly in 
thefe three regards at the Icaft : Hrft, by reaion of an 
cndlelk,and unlatisiiable appetite aher pleaiiires, ri- 
cbes,honours,revenge,or what other Darling delight 
Ix hath iingled out,and jmade fpeciall ehoyce of to UA-^ 


Part. I .Cap. 2. ttAffiBed Confciences. 27 

low, and feed upon with grcateftcontcntmcnt, and 
/cnfuall (wectnefic. God hath iuftly put that proper- 
ty ,or rather poifon in^o all earthly things doted upon» 
anddcfiredimmoderatly, that they fhall plague the 
hcart,which (o purlues them ; by filling itftill with a 
forious and frefli (upply of n ore grccdincflc, /ealoa- 
fie«, and many miserable difcontentments : fo that 
they become unto it, as drinke unt« a man in a drop- 
fic,or burning Feaver, ferve onely to inflame it with 
new heate,and fiery additions of inlatiablc thirft, and 
inordinate longings . Secondly, bccaufe of the many 
fecret grumblings,and dinging reclamations of a gau- 
led confcience againft its prefent guilty courfcs , and 
forbidden pleafures. Thirdly,in re(ped of a continu- 
al! ebullitioH,as it were.of confiifed and contrary lufte 
out of the empoyfoncd Fountainc of originall corrup- 
tion,which fill it with many damnable diftradions, 
and tumultuations of Hell. But now, if befides this 
inward boyling, it bee alfb toffed with outward trou- 
bles, what a miferable creature is a carnall man ? E- 
venastheSea,if befides iis internall agitations; by 
the reftlefle motions oiEfluAtio»,de/cennoH,revolHti' 
•», and reflelfion; it bee alfo outwardly turmoyled 
with ftormcs and tempeftuous winds. How ragefiili 
and roaring will it bee ? but the other is like a (trong 
unmovcable mountaine , that (lands impregnable a- 
gainftthe rage of windc and weather. And all the 
cruell incurfions, and ungodly oppofitions made a- 
gainlt it, either by men or Divcls,are but like fo many 
proud,andfweUing waves, which da(h themfelvcs a- 
•ainft a mighty Rocke. The more boyfteroufly they 
beat againft it, the more are they broken, and turned 
into a vainefoame and froth. Come,what come will. 
His heart i? ftillin his breall:, and Hisrefolution as 
high as Heaven. Peftilent then is that Principle qf 
yl/<«ri&#4t/f/,a fellow not to bee named, but byway of 
deteftation, and favours rankely of curfed Athcifme; 

C 4 whereby 


InftrH Ehionsfor a right comforting Se<fl; . I 


»Sucli as that hoe 
tauglir unto Ctlm 
Borgia :To imphymen 
in mifch'uvoui aSlions^ 
and alter tvardi lode. 
flro)them, when they 
have performed tbs 

theuhgftgri.ved', and 
iodt^roy tbtfe whom 
*i^, ExpericiKC of 
mid I and 

t^^tcr via«. 

whereby Hee teaches in fenfe and fum : That heathe^ 
nijh Religion did inffire Her fVorthies of Oldy -with in' 
i;incible,Andvi^orious fpirits : bJtt Chrifiian Religion 
begets effeminatnejfe, deieSiions and f ear e. He fpeakes 
to this purpofe, which to mee feemes ftrange : That 
fuch a profound Prof effour of the depths, or rather di- 
veliflineffeofpolicie fhould dote To fottiftily. And 
yet it is no fuch ftrange thing: for many times wee 
may oblerve ; That deefefi Policy y by the curfe of God 
upon it for oppoftion to goodnejfe, turnes into extrea- 
mefi folly. And all Connfels^and Politicize conflitutions 
Againfi Chrift, are but the braynele^e infatnatiens of 
jichitophel. For that which this Fellow holds there, 
holds flrongcontradidion,both to common fenfejand 
a thouland experiences to the contrary. For the firft, 
and in a word. Let that ^r<?^^ Mafler ofmifchiefe^ and 
of mo fl abhorred Atheifiicall * Principles of^ State j 
tell me ; whether a reall afTurance ofacrowneof life, 
andendleffc joyesin another World, bee not more 
powerfull to raile a Mans fpirit,to the higlaeft pitch o f 
undaunted. Noblenefle of (pirit, and unconquerable 
rcfolutioii, than a vaine breath of immortall fame a- 
mongft miferable men after this life ? And in this lies 
the fine w of his proofe. For the iccond ; Let the Adls 
oftheantientlewes bee indifferently wayed, from 
whofe magnanimitie, in caufesofmoft extreame ha- 
zard, thofe ftrange and unwonted refolutions have 
growne, which for all circumftanccs, faytliagreat 
Divine,no people under the roofe of Heaven did ever 
hitherto match. And that which did alwaies animate 
them, was their meere Religion. And let the Chro- 
nicles alfo,fay I, of later times bee fearched, and wee 
fhall finde from time to time, many renowned JVor- 
thies to have for ever ennobled the matchlefTe and in- 
comparable courage of Chrrftianity with in imitable 
imprcffionsof valour, and vifible tranfcendency a- 
kQve.all humane boldnefie, and affedled audacities of 


•Parr.l. Cap.^ . AfjiiSledConJciences, 2g 

the moft valiant Pagans. To begin with great 
Conftantine, the firft mightie Commander of a Chri- 
ftian Armie : with what vidorious glorie did He con- 
found, and cut oft* many potent (««j Heads of Paga- (3)ex rn^is qmnquc 
nifme ? Thrice was the whole world moft famouily J^;""^",'^^' *jlf '""' 
fought for: betweene ty^lexander and Zerxes, tio''"Mav'iufino,'&Li 
Cafar and Pompey , Confiantine and Licinim , ^,f^\Q ttnec momnhiam 
This laft was moft (f) illuftrious , wherein Conflan- jaim Cor^jimmti- 
tine the Great did mightily conquer,and triumphant- ^i»ron.Carion. iib,%. 
ly carry all before him ; the heroicall and royall (piric f^i^^r^r,* 
orCnriitianitie,traniphng viaorioufly upon the del- c'ln^ioiandrnap lo- 
perate rage of the moft furious, foole-hardy Pagan Ty- lu* orbu parctt conlii. 
rants. I might here pafle on to The^doftus, and his mi- «<^ pnmipibM, dUeiH- 
raculousconquefts,and fo along, but the digreOion r^^tbnua,,ehg'om: 
would be too unleafonable.. Therefore I leave you for rff/f^,^^^^ chriflm&i. 
the profecution of this point,, to /^wri-^^c/^i^t'-f/. E- f«; iguarcuufatenge 
ven in later times, wofuUy plagued under the reigne «»jj>//'/dw«//iW'//»- 
•of Antichrift, with a vaft degeneration from primitive P'"^ unqHmful'i'vli. 
purity and power, Chriftian Religion,though empoy- 
foned with Popifh fuperftition,yet did io farre infpire ub-i.Thetr.-^. 
it's Warlike Profeflours with extraordinarie (pirits, * Th'r F.x;>edition,i 
that in point of manhood they did wonders-, to the corf.iTc, wasadcvife 
aftonifhmentofthewhole world, and all fucceeding ;^f,;"'XTc'by Hec 
Ages.* Godfrey of BuHoigne, that famous VVarriour, „°^hrcomeiobein. 
with his followers, conquered in lefle than foure f.oftivUn the Kr,g- 
yeares, all the goodlieft Provinces of Afia , and drave c'osncs of chriftian 
©utthe Turkes, In that dreadfull and cruell conflid J'':*"^"- \l ^';-|^ 

p , ^ , 1 • ^,r ■ ^ His Pitt ihicproieaT 

in *io/(7z«<7»^ Temple, as himfelfe reports m a letter to ^.sp.ft.ier.t. AsK. 
-go/;<fw«W, King of Antioch, their men, by the ^^'-f**^ i^wi hsth cxcdlent- 
(c) [laughter of the enemy ftoodin blond Above the a.n^ ly ot>re'ved,in^,is/2<- 

ron.pag.i66. Vox ncwe the fpsct of JOo. yercJ, She,mc5nin? Rotn^m^dc the torcc and- 
flourc of the WoTjd tofall by miilions, in the fooliih Conqueft <^hru(a tm. ForDU up. 
on the Revelation. Chip i8. The zeah of the Holy Land, w.^i ihePop^i orduiary co 
lourto conjure the ftormei r^vfedbythe Empcrours, and in lending tbem tar.c<tt, to 
have better mcancs to compaditheirdei'i^ncs at homc,wi'.houtcontrou;e, johH de Sc.ns. 
in the Jife of Litvii the ninth. (0 The Hi^me of tbt Tufid, pa^: 4- rarrutsii^i binj^ifaa,- 
lui»iifu/um,utc<eformc9rp6ra{y/idifaniiiinisif?iptlImef naur'ifitiacflititmm^'^'^iotu&^Ci^lc^ 
l>a^. 6lo. 


3 o Jnfiru^ioHS for 4 right eomforting Seft. I 

cles. At that terrible and bloudy battcll at AfcMon^ as 

moft report, they flew an hunared thoufand Infidck, 

&c. The valour and vidories of Hnnmndet ^ whofc 

mighty fpirit, and incredible courage,for any thing I 

know, have no parallell in any precedent Story, were 

fo great, and did like a violent tempefl:, and impetuons 

torrent (b batter and beate downe the enemies of 

C c) AppeliatM eft ful- Chrifi, that He was rightly reputed the (c) BulwArke 

minm terror Turcarum o( Eftrope, and thundring terror of the Turk/; amongft 

5"'^ ?!7 »"'""''''* "^ whom HfJKame became fodreMdfuUythztzs the Story 

quit.Mhivomm, fed W reports, thejfufed the fame to fesre thetrcrytng 

totim reliqua Europe children with/tM. Hee fought {e) five times with the 

murtmiCummmvir- Turkes upon one day, and five times foyled and put 

tm&ftiicita»tyranno. them to flight : f with the loOe of three thoufand, 

SS mllKx- He killed that valiant Viceroy of Aria,^e/?/^/ ^4/4, 

uttdam jlumtmcart 5. with Hisfonnc, and twenty thoufand Turkes moe: 

(d^Hift.of ihc Turk* (g) at that famous battell of Vafcape , wherein he got 

pag.x6^. tgg greateft vidory that ever any Chriftian Prince be- 

cllrJllullTlul ^°^^ ^^^^ ^^^ obtained againft the Turki(h Kings, 

tecongrcg'uiy qtt'wque with fifteene thoufand Souldiers, Hee overthrew ji' 

vidtrm ptrtit, vc. ifedin Bajfa, fent againft him moft ragingly, by reafon 

Car./. 5. of a late (hamefull lofle , accordmg to Amuraths in- 

(i )TmarH vlgenti mil ftfudions, by thejlauahter of the Hunaarianf^to facri^ 

(ircitcrmmadeftdi.-a' fi^'^^»f'> ^^^ Ghofts of their dead frtends and eovtpanf 

i</A«.Bonfin. LcoB <»»/, with an Armie of fourefcore thoufand fighting 

clan. men. Scanderbeg 2X(0i was fiich a Mirrour of Man- 

fg;Hift.of tiic Tu k', hoed, and (o terrible to the Turkes , that nine yeares 

pa^-xTo t'Jtq. ^p^gj. j^-g ^^^^^ pafllng tbor©w Lyjfa where His Body 

lay buried, they digged np HU bonetyvith great devoti^ 

on; reckoning it in fome part ef their happinejfr, if they 
Ch; ram Ml Htrois -y^ ^^^ ^^^ ^^ ^^^^^ ^^^ r^^^ . ^^^ r^^jj ^ ^^^^ j. 

0'raque\ m»moraque any part thereof, Tvere $t never fo /ttt/e^caufed the fame 

i/tvUtum cendtHiia cor- to befet,fome in fiver, (ome in gold, to hang about their 

pui abfiideraur, ftbi neckj,or ytceareupen their bodies, thinking the verie 

qutfqw 14 panti ftCta ^^^ j bones of that late invincible Champion would 

TuiuvU &ZTrZ aniin^fe their fpirits with ftrange , and extraordinarie 

ardor im (fit. p2u. Iot. elevation, and vigour : (h) Befides an admirable va- 
liJu{}.viror,B^l.lib,j. rietic 

Part. I . Cap. 3 . AffliSied Confeiewes. g I 

rietie of other rare exploits, atone time, with the lofle 
ofGxtieChriftians,(»)Heflew^«»<r/4wich thirtieas coHiaory of the 
fome fay, but atieaft twenty thoufandTurkes:(-^) He Vurb pag:}8i. 
kild with His «wne hand above two thoufand ene- i^'^^s-rtAni v\in mn- 
mies; when He entred into fight, the Spirit of valour '?'""" f"*" pupim de. 
did foworke within Him, and the fiercenefle oi His '[avfty—S'r"' 
couragefoboyledinHisbreaft, that it was wont to L.Mfupradu» bZl 
make bloud burlt out at (/;His hppes; and did fo fteele ««« wi^w, Barbamu 
His Arme, that Hee cut off many overthwart by the P''f^i*»»,itiguiaff^e^n' 
middle. But take notice by the way, as profcflion of ^•"3«»'«'^««,«jfw«'- 
Chriftian Religion inli^red theft renowned Wor- 'ZTJI^ZlZn 
thies, with a matchlelle height of courage, and might I'^cnm ufqucCzul 5 
of ipirit; fo the (m) mixture with Popifli idolatrie did ('-^ ^^ ^'* ""'" ^<"»- 
then,and doth to this day unhappily hinder all thorow ^T^*'' ^'W'"»di ar- 
fucceffe, and conftant prevailing againft thatmoft fJS'Sl^ 
mightie, bloud-thirftie Turkifli Tyrant, the ter- cKXt"* ' 
rour of Chriftcndome, who drunke with the wine of Cm) ^m pim eiiam 
pcrpetuall felicitie holds all the reft of the world in i>^'^^^» f""'*^ "«'/'« 
fcornc,anaisthegrcateft, andcrHelleft fcourgeof it, T«/^''''«f «'"'»«'" 'f.^ 
that ever the Eartlbore.Andbefides,thatthe!«;ido:'^«^S£74:c 

^ ^ . . . , ^ , tnim pr'mum tteltr* 

tpmHy uruftps d- mtma tvm barbsrt tyranldia; cuJM tthvl difolvemurprorfuij & pud* 
dsmitr,fopqitm a Htm* nef^m fctlmbtu fuprtm inumiciotie eiui Chriftianm irbit expiaiutfu- 
mt,utApccM^pfisflMmfacit.Btighim,Epin.T>siic.. (n) Ex quibiu lues clariui conftat. qimt 
tx 9ccidentahbuimcMfa/untmiferrimxhmk4(alMmitMtucxTuxcis,vbl enim reptrimm haw 
Idololiiriain / Eqmdtn Protcftantc$,»/ v.Mfl/,^i^ reformat* EcdcGx tuUufn omem,vtn('> 
mmm&faermhonoTtm Wai^xTaxmaiinftroinUiwuHtyUndeprimm vtnit. Ertoilla.qu* 
ftfOat CatboLEcd c»}m capm tji Romanm Pontifex,(tt;«a umphfulgtm aurei$,argenici«, 
ft wicis I mag imbut. Imm que mc lapid<trum,& ligntarum vemratioHem refpm.iilaJnqmm 
fadent,Mtrbig$m hoeflag*tli mn vult txpiriefim. Brightrn.in cap 9. Apoc;Ttif. 20. 2^#»i te 
ptdti CArjttianos Prisciptt Mdarmemr* Tarcam bortm^qutm tuts Idolis inviaum nddU? 
Ammmprtefene ippagundi crudHtmbofitm, d,m vero fuh»millme amilium,qu»nofirtttmwit 
Mpid m pr«40 fmfii cupu ex nim Fraedoncm bunc orbu rtprimi, vtl potm extbitui , tb^u 
pmtrtos tuorDwiixuefMriUgum tuumfrmAtem,&crurKvtdtbMbocferaic,& immne moit, 
prHm,co0ptrtm qutdm mmhn Ictkribmjpontt fun mtitrum 1 qmdnt mmmtum quidtm wsS 
ttmUmJttuupttutHfuhintur. StdntqMtui montri vu,nu ille vinci fotefi^iufquMM m vm' 
fjru.JdcmAhid. Ex qujbMtmlnudigipo^^ 

WS;2!S! *^"'""i'- "^^ tnimprincipio acetrfivh Turum.utdldmmm, tx cap.9, »o,ai • 
iitefigffombpcmmbiimdmctit^afrtrfyi ulktur. sedpoPqumxhtcnwitfiktconfmr 


3 1 JftfiruSiions for a right comfortifig Se6t. i 

^m igdf fuent^ & uitimum Pontifcmm btUo cor.ftciumy turn hie homb> U Tj^annU fint ullo mgo 
tionoji'udeirusliiurininftrntimynccqia'^Mam m Ultyt mtiueadum unquom etitahtdlii em re- 
/i^ajs.ldcmin cap.1S.verl.19. 

latry of the Romifli Church moft principally and 
with fpcciall curfe, blafts , and brings to naught all 
undertakings of the Chriftian world againft that wic- 
ked Empire ; the pradife alfo of fome peftilent Prin- 
ciples proper to that Man of finne hath plagued the 
mofthopefullenterprifes inthiskinde. Forinftance: 
The King ofi Hungary, by the helpe ofHunniadesyVj^L^ 
in a fa ire courfe, and for wardnefle, to have tamed,and 
taken downe, nay to have for ever cruflit , and con- 
founded the infolency and ufurpations of that raging 
Nimrod;b\xtt\\tn comes in the Pope with a beaftly 
trickeand utterly dafhes and undoes all. For He, out 
of His Luciferian pride, by the power ©r rather poy- 
lon of that Ancichriftian cut-throat PofitioH j Of keep' 
ing no oathy nor faith, with Infidels, and Heretickl, un- 
happily undertook to {h^S abfblve Vladifiaw the King, 
rbitn eoncia (lon,ha • ^^^ the reft whom it dicl concerne, from that folemne 
»ing much fpokcn, oath for Confirmation of a concluded peace, taken of 
Cojcanin?: ulxn ihc Him, Upon the Holy (c) Evangclifts ; and of ftAmU" 
Sorii'."a^d''^GW '*'*^'^' ^y ^^^ EmbafTadours, upon their Turkifh Alca- 
«lirgIe.uBi(bair,H« ron- Whereupon they refolutely breake the league; 
in his name difanul- Taife a great Armie prefently, and againfl their oath, 
ed the League what- and promife fet upon the Turke with perjury , and 
^^^j"'- u' |'^"J^'?^ per fidioufndreaccompanyed with Gods curfe, expo- 
Tnd aWolved Him! ^^d the Chriftian partie to a moft horrible overthrow 
with thfc reft whom It in that (<:/) bloudy battell of Varna ^ and caft upon 
might conpetn, from thc Profefllon of Chrift, fuch an afperfion,and fliarae, 
thcoaifeibeyhadgi- that not all the bloud of that rope of Popes , which 
S had m'S^fl- conftitute Antichrift, could ever be ablcto expiate. 
Yjdftht r«rij,p*29i Look upon the Story, and confider what a reproach 

(c) pr(t(iitum i^ ab u 

traquep:irtejuraf»entMm;Cbri(ikau quidtpt libra Evangeliorum,Turcii vtr» codiei Mcoranif&» 
gim inter ]t(r(mduvt impaneitibui Chrun.BucoIc pag.701 . (d) CertMtHtn eft tolas aksjM^itf- 
que tres^diu fortmit ancipiti,fcd lanto ammofum ardort ytrmq-j tantsqite iv>pet»,ut c^forumftM- 
gttlne tatfipl fia^narintt Car. J«5. 


Part.I. Cap.^ , ^ffltSledConfciences, 35 

and inexpiable ftaihe doth reft upon the face of Chri- 
ftian Religion, by this wicked ftratagemmeofPopifh 
treachery, and that even upon record to all pofterity : 
Vox <iyimfirathiht'X\xx)f\(\\ Emperour in the heat of 
the fight.pluckt the writing out of his bo{bme,where- 
in the late league was compris'dy and holding it up in 
his hand, with his eyescaft up to Heaven, laid thus, 
(^a} Behold thou crucifed Chrtfi^ this ii the leagU'S thy 
Chrifiians in thy Name made with M-e : yohich they 
have without cau/e violated. Now if Thou be a God^TS 
they fay Thou art^ and as we dremme^ revenge the wrong 
now done unto thy Name and Ale , andfljerv thy power 
fipon thy perjurious people^ who in their deeds deny Thee 
t heir Ced, 

Gha P. VI. 

^fecondVfeoftheformer'DoEirine for reproofets 
fever all forts of people. The fir ft whereof are the care- 
le^e^i with afirfi confideration to admonifh them, 

^ 2« ^^^^^lgEcondly,Sith aft ocke of grace, t.vftforrcpro&fejo 

and the comtorts of a found 

confcicncbe only able to crufh 

all crofles, out-face all advcrfa^ 

ries, take the fting out of all 

forrows and fufferings; and 
ferve in the evill Day as a foveraigne Antidote to fave 
the Soule from finking into the mouth of defpare,and 
extrcameft horreur- • then three forts of people here 
ofter themfelves to be cenfured, and are to be firight- 
ed, and fir'd out of their damned fecutitie , and cruell 

I . Ihoiefoolesy Sonnes and daught£rs: of confujion 1 .'The c < rtlclTc vyb©^ 
and floth\ who having a pri^e in their.hands to get wife- Hiould tonfidcr 
dome, yet want hearts to lay it out for fpirituall pro» 
,.yifion before hand, They en/oy by Gods rare, and ex- 

2 A InfirnSiions for a, right comforting Sed. I 

traordinarie indulgence, and f avoiir,Ufe,fl:rength,wit, 
health, and many other outward happineffes ; nay the 
mo [I glorious Day of a gracious vifitation, that did 
ever fhine upon Earth ; many golden and goodly op- 
portunities, many bleffed fealons and Sermons, to en- 
rich their foules abundantly with all heavenly trea- 
fures : and yet they arelo farre from fpending their 
abilities, entertaining thofe mercifull Offers , and ap- 
prehending fuch happy advantages for their true and 
cternall good, that they moft unworthily , and un- 
thankfully, abufe, mi(pend , and dif-imploy all their 
meanes,time and manifold mercies, to ferve their 
owne turnes, attaine their lenfuall ends, and poflefle 
the Prefent, with all the carnall contentment they can 
poflibly devife. Thefevafiilsof felfe-love,andflaves 
of luft, are fo lull'd upon the lap of plealure by the Sy 
rtn ftngs of Satans folicitors ; and lo drunke with 
worldly profperity, by fwimming downethe current 
ofthefe corrupteft times with full faile of fenfualitic 
and eafe, that they fall afleepe, for all the while of the 
happie Harveft in this life tor inning grace into the 
Soule under the Sunne- fhine of the Gofjjell ; wafting 
their pretious time of gathering fpirituall Manna , in 
grafping gold, clalping about the Arme of flelh,fcru- 
ing thcmfelues by all wayes and meanes into high 
roomes , crowning themfelves tvith Rofe-hudsy and 
tumbling voluptuoufly in the plealures and glory of 
thisfalfeand flattering world. But alas poore (bules, 
what will they do in the evill Day.' When after the 
hot gleame ot earthly glory,and a (hortcalni and cut- 
over the Sea of this world , they are come into the 
Port of death , to which all windes drive them , and 
having there let fall that laft Anchor, which can never 
be weighed againc, (hall be f et in the land of darkues; 
the <3^Af/^ whereof is l>rimfione, and the rivers Burning 
fitch ; where they fliall meet with whole Armies of 
tempeftuous and fiery plagues , and the envenomed 


Part. I. Cap. (5. AjfiiEiied Confciences, 35^ 

Arrows of Gods unquenchable anger, {hall fticke faft 
for ever in their Soule and fiefli ; where they (hall ne- 
ver more fee tbe Light,nor the Land of the living,bMt 
be drowned ineverlafting perdition,in the Lake,even 
a boyling Sea of fire and brimftone , where they can 
fee no banke, norfeele no bottoine. What will thefe 
Jleepers in Harvefi fay f when they (h^iW be awaked at 
that dreadfull Houre out ot their golden dreames, and 
in their hands fliall finde nothing; but the judgement 
of God growing upon their thoughts as an impetuous 
ftorme, death (landing before them anrefiftable , like 
an armed Man ; finne lying at the doore like a bloud- 
houndj and a guilty confcience gnawing at the heart 
like a Vulture? When they {hall lye upon their lad 
Beds, like wi/de Bulls in d-net^ as the Prophet (peakes, 
full cf the wrath of God^fayingy in the morning, ypould 
Godifuvere Even : and at Even ^ •would God it were 
M.orntng^for the feare of their heart , yvhereypith they 
JhaU fear e, and for the fight of their eyes , which they 
JbaUfee, I fay, in what cale will they be then? Then, 
But my words do bile me here, and fo doth my con- 
ceit. For as none knows the fweetneffe ofthe Spoufes 
kilTe, but the Soule that receives it; fo neither can any 
one conceive this damned horrour, but He that fufFer» 
it. The Lord of Heaven in mercy awaken them in the 
meanetime, with the piercing ?/??/z«^fr of His facred Rcv.«4*i' 
and faving Word, that they may be happily frighted, 
and fired out of their amazed Soulc-murdering floth, 
before they feele in -Hell, thofe fearefiill things, wefo 
faithfiilly forewame them of. 

To roule them out of this cruell carnall fecur ity, let 
them entertaine into their mofl; lerious thoughts fuda 
confidcrariens as thcfe s 
I. Why thou cameft into this werld. There is not ,^ vvby 'bey fsme 
fomuch as one Age pa ft , f!nce thou laye{l hid in the intoihii WoiU, 
loathed ftate of being nothing. Above five thoufand 



JnjirHElions for a right comforting 


yeares were gone, after the Creation , before there 
* Po/«/? T>etti facere wasany newesot Theeatall. And thou mighteft ne- 

' multa^ qMnonfacit : ver have beene ; God hath .'no need of Thee; Hec 
iwmo'mmfinkumu'tra gave Thee a B ef ng only out of His ownmeerboun- 
mnia^qu^unquamfa. ^j ^ , Infinite millions llvaU never bee, which 
rjuenonmodojecundum might have beene, as well as Thou: Gods omnipoten- 
indtviduasnrumratif cie is equally able and adlive to have produced them 
MSjledftiam/tcundum as Thee : And no parts of that vaft Abyfle ofNa- 

jpiiifi((u,&genericasy iA/»^, can pofTibly make any refiftance to Almichti- 

atqui adeo fmpluuer ; «^ f j J fa 

rrobn-urqm ultra qu€ And befides bemglo, that Thou muft needs have 
cunq, fa£ia , fum dia a being, there is not any Creature,that ever ifliied out 
pefjibiiiafine uUo fine ofthe hands of God, but thou mightefl have beene 
^c.Grcg dcValcnt that, either for the kiride , or for the particular. All 
is One to Him, to make an Angell, or an Ant i To cre- 
ate the brighteft Cherub ,. or the moft contemptible 
Flie : For in every creation, no leflfe than Omnifoteney 
muft needs be the Efficient,znd no more than Nothing 
is ever the OhjeEl, Now what a miraculous mercie 
wasthis, thatpafling byfuchan((7j unnumbred va- 
adio mnqum (ft ita riety of incomparably inferiour creaaires. He fliould 
vdida,&mten(a,qum make Thee an everlafting Soule like an Angell of 
'f'J'Vtt' "^ God,capableofgrace,andimmortalitie;ofincorpo. 
irafe fiunqui tmpo. ^^tiori mtochrift , and fruition or fehovA, Himfelfe 
tenKragitiqttinfivei'tt blefled for ever? Nay, and yet fiirther, though thou 
pottmm eperari p ftt, wafl to have thebeeing of a reafbnable creature ; yet 
^.RefptBu Obieaornm ^j^gj-g ^^g ^q^ a„ homz from the firft moment of time 
unto the worlds end , but God might have allotted 
that to The for thy commihg into this world. And 
therefore Thy time might have beene, within the 
^ compaf!e of all thole foure thouland yeares, or there- 

"r;r4r^"™ '^n- *nl' CKationumUl the commingof 

mur, qu'm pejfitpiura Chrifl m the flefh; when as all without the Pale, and 
operariy fivelit' Alft. 

Lib. I. Thcol. N^f Cap. ij. (o) Mifcregoinqttaa'um deberem diligere 'Deumme- 
um, quime fecU^cumtion cu»i ?■ NoaenimeratHi & de ftibila fecit me >. non arbotem, 

MM avtmy uttMliqMi de ammaiibiu bruiisy (ed hominem me voluit ej}e : dedit mibl v'mre, fcnun^ 
^di(wntrt. Auguft.Iib.Dc Contrinonc cordis. 


Tom«i. Djfp.^.q.ay 
punft ?. PottntiaDei 
tli infinha ir'ibm modii, 
t.liaturafut, & pet' 
feyquia e(i ipfamet tfftn 
iladivinayZ' RtfptSlu 
a£fisnii,qiia agit aut a- 
gtrepou^. Hae twm 

in qiueextendituTy^ a- 
gir^pcteH qudi infinita 
funt : feu qmd idem < /? , 
refptffu efftCluum^qim 
p^ttfip oducerC' Nam 

Partition-wall, were without the Oracles and Ordi- 
nances of God, and all ordinarie meanes of falvation: 
Orfince the Golpell revealed, under the reigne of 
^mi'Chrifi-j And then a thouland to One, thou hadft 
beenechoakt, and for ever peri fht in the damned 
mifts of hii> Divelli(h Dodrines. What an high ho- 
nour was this, to have thy birth and abode here upon 
earth appointed from all eternitie in the very beft and 
bleffeddeft time; upon the faireft Day of peace, and 
which is infinitely more, in the moil glorious Light 
of Grace , that ever flione from Heaven upon the 
Children of men? And i^o of the place ; Be it ibj that 
Thou muft needs be in this golden Age of the Gofpel, 
and gracious Day; yet thy lot of living in theworld at 
this time might ha velighted(for any part ofthe earth, 
might have received Thee, where Thou couldfl: have 
kt but thy two feet) amongft Turks,Pagans, Infidels, 
a whole World to (^j Chriftendome : Or if thine ap- 
pearing upon Earth, muft neceffarily bee within the )tl^'^^^^^^^ 
confin|sofChriftcndome; yet Thou mightefl: have ^^^^ ^ri^ij* habuabm 
fprungupinthePopifli parts of it; or in the ichifinati- Cbnfi^nommdtdmt ? 
call, orperfecuted Places of the true Church in it. Jt SufFra coUcg. p- 23; 
wasaveryfingular favour; That thou ihouldefl bee ^^''a'^/J^^nTfilt'are 
berne, and bred, and brougbt up in this little negled- noKucha/chr?- 
ed Nooke of the world,yet very illuftrious by the pre- ftjan. BunonofMeian- 
fence of Chrift in a mighty Miniflry;where thou hafl, cbolfypag.y 17 
or mighteft have enjoyed in many Parts thereof the 
glorioHi Go If ell of our lie fed God, and all faving Truth 
with much purity aad power- Now put all thefe to- 
gether, and tell me in cold bloud, and after a fenfible 
andferious ponderation thereupon, Doeft thou think, 
that all this adoe was about Thee, all this honour done (c)2{eq',pmiei'ea cruu 
unto Thee, and when all is done , Thou art to do no- tifumia^ uttiiremust 
thing, but (ceke Thy felfe , ferve Thine owne turne, a'.q\bibtrmm, vcfteq-, 
and liveienfuaUy ? Cameft Thou out of iVof/;/»ir into tegeremur, fed ut pirn- 
this world to do j«ft nothing, but (c) eate,and drink, ':::::^^^^^,, 
and lleepe ; to game, go in the faihion ; and play the incs-#.Mat.Honi,2a 

D good 

« litftrnBionsJer a right comforting Seft.I 

<Tood-feUow; to laugh and be merry.to grow rich and 
leave toke^^ of thy fleafure in every fiace ?8>:c. If any 
after fo muck iUightnmg,be fo prodigioufly mad, as to 
continue in (uch a conceit , I have nothing to fay to 
Him, but leave Him as an everlafting Bedlam, aban- 
doned to that folly,which wants a name to exprefle it. 
Turne then thy couriefor {liame,nay,as Thou haft any 
care to be laved, and to fee the glory of the«m' feru- 
falem j as Th©u defireft to looke the Lord fefw in tVie 
face with comfort at that great Day ; as Thou feared 
to receive thy portion in Hell-fire with the Devill, 
and His Angels, even moft intolerable and bitter tor- 
ments for ever and ever: 4t Uaft in this thy day, in this 
heat and height of Thy fpirituall Harveft, awak« out 
ohhy fcnfuall fleepe, come to thy felfe with the ^ro- 
dtgall ; ftrike upon thy thigh : and for the poore re- 
mainder of a few, and evilT dayes, addrcffe thy felfe 
with refolution, and conflancy to purfue the One ne- 
cefarie thing , and to trealure up much heavenly 
flrength and flore agaijift thine ending houre. Get 
thee under confcionable Meanes, and quickning Mi- 
3iiflery , aud there gather graee as greedily as the moft 
griping V/urer grafpet^h gold : contend with an holy 
ambition,as earneftly for the keeping of Gods favour, 
and an humble familiarity with His heavenly High- 
nefle by keeping faith and a good confcience , as the 
proudeft Haman for an high Place, and pleafed face of 
an earthly Prince. And why not infinitely more? This 
was the end,for which thou waft lent into this world j 
This onely is the way to endleffe bliffc. And this alone 
•will helpe us ajud hold out in the EviH day. 


Part I, Cap. 7' AfpEied C<^nfciences. ^^^ 

Chap. VII. 

Afecond and third conjiderationfor the admonition 
cfthofe ypho are carf/efje. 

»Hat,upon the little ynch of rime in '• ."^^'f *^*^' °"^^* 
thislite, depends the length »nd l^jrKfe" "°" 
breadth ot all eternity in the world ' 
to come. As we behave ourfelues 1^* »''» would fit 
here, wee fliall fare everlaftingly ,t!!,"t\ '"? "111? 
hereafter. And tnertore how ought buc for one hal-s 
wc to ply this moment, and p^izethat eternitie.* To houre, and confider 
decline all entanglement in thofe inordinate aflfed:!- tHi^rcrioufly: I have 
onstothepoffeffions, and pleafures ot the Trefent, but a very little time 
__t- . 1. V c 'CM- ^ c- ^L L rL ro live here; It tsati- 

which hinder a fruitmll improvement ot ir, to the beft oj^gp pi^j^^ ^herc i 

advantage for the Ipirituall good of our Soules; Let us muft live ihorow all 

be moved withfuch reafonsas thefe, which may bee eternity : as I fjjcnd 

colleded from the words of a worthy Writer, which 5^;* ^""[^ "™5>^° ^'^ 

runne thus with verie little variation :* i .IfweconU jr' Tc!h5?«lr!!J.? 

ajford ourjelues but Jo much leajure Xi to confiaer^That rowly confiderei , I 

hetvhichhathmo^ inthevforldyhath^in re^eEl of the wonder that any 

rvorldy nothing in it : and that he rehich hath the lougefi thin ^ (houid take op 

time lent himto live in it, hath yet no proportion at all tic lotcmions , and 

therein Jetttngtt enher by that whtch u pajti when tve hgjff ^ but oncly to 

y^erff not ; or by that time in which wee Jhali abide for makefurc hisCiIvstlo 

evtr :IJay, if bothy to witt oftr proportion in the world. The little point of 

and oftr time in the world differ not much from that jj'"?^^"^*'" ^^'* 

which u nothing\it is not out of any excellence of under- ^^^ duration *"&orc 

/4W>»^, faith Hee, but out of depth of tolly, fay I, it^erto the etcrni^ 

that we fo much pruce the one, which hath (in ejfe^) no following it : It as 

ireing : and fo much negleSl the ether, which hath no en- tlw«torc moft fir,aiid 

Mng: covetinct the mortaX things of the world, Ai if out \^^ . wi^edomc to 
r, ^1 ^ , . . S/ / t a- t r 'P'-'J^d If, were it ten 

itouLef were therein immortally and negletttng thoje cimcj longcr,tn thafc 

th^gs which are immortally as if ovr felues after the conifej, whic'i raay 

may make the everla- 

fling rime to comcjendlcflc and un-uttcrably comfortable unto us. * i. The longeft li^ 

cr,isbuc oflhortcontinuanc&i 

*P 2 world 


Infiruclionsfor a right comfartif*^, Se<^. j 

a. That cmic p-aft o{ vporld were hut wortAll. 2. Let adverfity feeme what 
•our lie is \o^> it rcill ; to hapfj men, ridiculoui^ roho make themfelves 

R it be fojThat t'^cre ^gf.yy ypith other mens miferies ; and to thofe under the 
w no o.ftcicnc': /t arievoHi ; t? r r^i^ zi? f r«^, That for all that is pall. 

fpcdofpains &plc^- tothe very tnjtanty the forttonsrematntng are e^uau.ta 
lures, bccwccnetbu either^ For heit,thatwe have livedmany yeares, and 
f.liow, which barb ^according to ^ye^/ow^w) in them all, vve have r^r;*?^^^^?'. 
w:iiio\ved»il his liU' ^^ ^^-^ ^^^^ ^^ ^^^^ meafured the fame length of time, 
1 I aid Him ' who **"" therem have evermorejorroroed : jet looking backe 
hath been cxe'rcifcd from eur 'pre fent being^roee fnde both the one and the 0- 
wi h variety of sffli- ther^, to wit, the joy arid the woe fay led cm offtght ; and ■■' 
(ft.ons, and.irkcP.*mc ^leath , which doth pur fue ui^and hold m in chafe, fi'om ** 
fmkfings : what a q^^^. ^^(^.^(.y u^^^^ /ratheredit. * JVhatfoever of onr a?e 
prodigious madrtcHe- . n j -^ 1 1 ti ■ c t r 1 i 1 "^ 

Ui: to prefer tlie ten- ^ paft^ death holds ft, ooaswhofeeverhebe^towhem 

'all cafe of a vaina Profperitie hath beeyic afervant,andthe Time a friend: 
; ff,before the f»vee let him but take the account of his memory, {for we have 
reft pajnc of a ra.of ti- ^^ other keeper ofourpleafures paft ) and truly examine, 
t.id coot c ^ 'P , ^ what it hath referved, either of beauty And youth , or 
she one ends in end- jore-gone delights \what tt hathjavea, that it might 
l;flc pains.'and ihe o • lafi, of hii dear eft affe[lions, or of whatever elfe , the 
sher incndlcircplea jovia.ll Spring-time gave his thoughts contentment, then. 
turcs AndaKo jnihe ft„y^Uable;andhe fhal!finde,that all the art, whichhis 
tr"c • Tliji tbi) lbs elder yeeres have, can draw no other vapour out ofthefe 
(sy'-e which coitfpsffi^h dijfolutions, then heavy ,/ecretj and fad fighs. Hejhall 
advtrfity, be vaj eh' fnde n&thing remaining, but thofe fnrrows, which grorf 
fcu'cytttbiien wi- m ^^p ^ff^y ourfaf-Jpringingyoath; overtake it, when it «> 
'^^ .L^^^n^- ',*/;.{,, at a fl-and\ an i overtop it utterly, when it benins to Tid' 
■^ImbUvironah wtrld ther:tnJo m'Acit ds looking backe fom the veryinjtam 
iy^'i\, through which , time, and from our now being j thepopre , difeafed, and- 
fa,- ih. dunitffiikin- captive cr eat Hr£.f hath as Utile fenfe of all his former ^ 
»f, tb:re is n'r^nuy, yniferies and paines : as he, that is mo/}. ble(i in cormtton •. 
whuh efcn;>cih. ear. < . , , ri ■ r rr j t r j j r 1 ^ 

fj,i^^^ . ' opinion, hath of his jorepajjed ple^Jures, and delights, 

*". ^icq'^id ata:l»i'S: Forwhatfoeverii cafi behindeHS,is juft * nothtng, 3, 
I' '*Q3iii^itcivc4ufttaiiiffUfiuit\i,qutftJtmuttiSavm<,v\dibi^ iaWy txtn; 

fMainvicanif amfinanimortvQlv^^ Tiontitvidebituitihi unthra qntt^am ftaff'i^qvod npn- 
Jijiiij' v'ftar fcwii] unm mitrtum c[fe otfwquodviditur ? UtcidLK & dicrepiui^(e--cx fcnii- 
■-■{. (sdicn^'irtU glmeUir^PrfphiHii^ki mt\ fiiatumbriL d'.clinavt>mi'., & egoficutfanum arui. 

7 To 

Part I, Cap. 7 • AffliSied (^onfciences, ^l 

^Hfi ft h<ec ttiam hie p [fumui dicere, ub; qtimva brtvU, lamsn qi'ia prte/ms f /?, vita ifla niigni 
peadituryqidd'mfntwodiiturifumKfi nbimalcri ^tAiufcientiairanlaUumemnt preaihiltefi? 
AugEpift. 141. 

To ponder alfo profitably upon eternitie, that we m^^ 3 .Thr timesf cr ihr« 

Apply our hearts unto i^ifedome , and fo improve this *'^-> fh^iiotfcrhave 

fhort moment upon eatth,thatit may go well with '"'"** 

us for ever J let us take notice of, and fenfibly to heart, 

this one quickning paffage, confidently averred by a 

great Writer. (2i) IfGod,(2:\l\\^Q,JheHldjpeaketh'^ (a)Sl Dmdiceretd^- 

to a damned Sonle : Let the whole "world he jilled vfith natis^ImpUafur terra a- 

fandjrom the earth to the Empyrean heaven, and then ^enn miHW.iffi'aa , i:a 

let an aAngell come every thoHfandth yeare , and fetch f^iio-iuerbjhifceann^ 

onelyone g-raine from that nthhty Candy moHntaine'^^^V^^Tltf^^ I"' 

tvhen that tmmeafurable Heape ujo jpentj and Jo many p^^tm • & nJHtSmy 

thou/andyeares expired, I wiff deliver Thee out o( Hell, quoqito anKt Kiti/lus 

Andthofeextreamefl horrours 'ythat mofl miferahle for- vsn-a:, dtmnqHt ex 

lorne wretch, notwithfianding, that he rvere to lye tho. ^ocartna^ tmaUumrn 

roiff that unconceiveable length of time in thofe intole^ VtrnVkmrU^ammm 

rableHeUifl) torments ^ yet upon fuch a promtfe -ivould quitfuntgi-Anula^eafX- 

infinitely rejoyce, and deeme himfelfe not to be damned, hauferit^ltberabt vn i 

But alas lnvhen all thofe yeares are goneythere are thoU' &^ben»» Oqmm exul' 

fandsnponthoufandsmoeto be endured,eventhorov> all t^rmid^mnm.damm- 

' < ' J r J u t J f. -LI • . ioift n))t t\limarent i 

eternttte and Beyond, How heavy and horrible is the „ujtc autem.po^tms 

waight of everlaftingnefle in that barning Lake , and hosmWenar'm reflMt 
thole tormenting flames, when a damned man would aiij.&aiijmiUenmj in 
thinke himfelfe in Heaven in the meane time , if he 'jf'jj'j^'fjj^' T7ndZ 
might have but hope ofcomming out of them, after fo gravZ^JLV^^'quZ 
many infinite millions of yeares in them ? opprimit dmnatos. Co- 

3 . That it woald not profit a man,tho he fhould gain ptafi ptctntor^mcpon' 
the yfhole Tvorld,ifhe loofe hii owne foul, and that a man <'«< ^'''' mmmre, nfi 

can give nothing inexchanfefor his Soule:Chrifi him- '''^5^^'"*^S-!1.£' 
/>tr'^r-j/ c-^ n \. A/5 J -u L quid tAVJ rarOftam mo- 

lelrelaidio, Suppofe thy felfe crowned with the con- lice tamebiter, dee» 
fluenceofall worldly felicities, to have pnrchafeda eogittfmi? 
Monopolie of all pleafiires, honours, and riches upon * ?« Thn they . giin 
the whole earth, to bee attended with all the pomp npthingby exchm- 
andftate, thy heart could defire. Yet what were f^l^'S. 
this momentany golden dreame unto a reall glorious 

D 3 cter- 

Infiru^ionsfor a right comforting . Seft. i 

cternitie? How ftingmg would the moft exquifite de- 
light bee,curiouflyextrad:ed out of them all, accom- 
panied with this one conceit ; the Soule is loft everla- 
ftingly. Allthefe payntcd vanities, might feeme per- 
haps a gaudie Paradife to a Spirituall Foolc , who. 
hath his portion in this life ; Bat what true pleafure 
can a Man, in his right wits, but morally and il- 
lightned no further than with Philolbphie, take 
in them, fith, fetting other refpefls afide, they are 
fo fading, andHee fofrayle . For the firft: God 
hath purpofely put a tranfitoric and mortall Na- 
ture into all things heere below. They fpring, and 
flourifti, and dye. Even the greateft Kingdomes, 
andftrongeft Monarchies, that ever were, have had 
as it were, their infancie, youthfull ftrength. Mans 
ftate, old age, andatlaft their grave. Seethe end of 
the mightieft States that ever the Sunne (aw, flia- 
dowed by Ne^uchadtujz^ars great image. Daniel 
2« 35. There was never Empire upon Earth, 
were it never (bflourifhing or great, was ever yet 
foaffured, but th?tin revolution ot time, after the 
manner of other worldly things, it hath, as a fickc 
bodie, beene fub/efl to many innovations and chan- 
ges, and at length come to nothing. Much more 
then> the pride and pompe oi all other inferiour 
earthly glory hath fallen at laft into the duft, 
and lies now buried in the grave of endlefle 
forgetfhlneffe . For the fecond ; Imagine, there were 
conftancie and eternitie in the forenamed earthly ba- 
bies, yet what Man of brayne, would prize them 
worth a Button, fIth his life is but a bubble ; and the 
very next houre or day to come, hee may utterly bee 
cut off from them all, for euer. To d^y Hee u fet 
Hpy and to morrow hee po all not bee found: for hee it 
tHmedinto duft^ and hit purpose pertjheth. Take them 
both together thus : Set upon the head of the Wor- 
thieft Man> that the earth beares, yet wanting grace , 


P art. I . Cap . 7. ^ff.i^ed ^<?»yc-/>w^j. 4 1 

in his Soule, all the mofl: Orient Imperiall Cro.wnes 
that ever high eft ambition aymed at, or attained un- 
to J put upon him theroyalkftroabes, that ever en- 
clofed the body ot the proudeft Lucifer \ fil him with 
all the Wifedome, and largeft comprehenfions, which 
fall within the, wide compare, and capacity of any 
depths ofPolicie, or myfteries of State ; fornifh him 
to the full with the exaiineffe, and cxcellencie of all 
natural!, morall, and mctaphyficall learning ; put 
Him into the fole pofleflion and command of this and 
the other golden World. In a word, Crowne Him 
with the concurrence of all created earthly excellen- 
cies, to the utmoft and high eft ftraine : and lay this 
Man thus qualified and endowed upon the one kale 
of the ballance, and vanity upon the other, and 
vanitie will ovcrwcigh Him quite. Men of high de- 
gree are a lye : to bee layed in the hallance, they are 4/- 
together lighter than vanitie, *Pfalme 62, 9. The rich 
Foole in the Gofpell teacheth us, that there is no man 
£0 afliired of his honour, of his riches, health or life ; 
but that hce may bee deprived of either or all the very 
next night. Befidcs, by a thoufand other canles, means, 
and wayes, Hee may alwayes be /hatched away from 
thc&ce of the earth in anger, forfeiting his heart and 
reftjUpon fuch rotten ftaves ofreede, tranfitorie fha- 
dowes,and indeed that which is nothing. fVilt thof» 
cafi thine eyes upon it yvhichis nothing ? for riches, 
("conceive the fame of all other worldly comforts) ta- 
kethher to her wings as an Bagle^ and flieth into the 
Heaven, 'Proverb. 23, 5. How truely then is that 
mad and miferable Man ^ Sonne of confufion , who 
fpendes the ftiort fpanne of his mortall life in wooing 
the World, who was never true to ttiofe that trulled 
in her,ever falfe-hearted to all her favorites , and at 
length moft certainely vndoes fpiritually and everla- 
ftingly every Wretch that is wedded unto f Her ; who 
paiTeth thorow a few and evill dayes in this vayle of 
D 4 tears 

^ . InjirnBionsfor a right comforting Seft . |. 

tearesjin following feathersjpurfuing fhadowes,'ray' 
fing bubbles and balls, like thofe which Boies ©uto* 
fpittle and lope in their paftimes , blowing up with 
their quills, ere they bee toffed three times, burft of 
themfelves ; I mcane worldly vanities, but in the 
meane time fufFers his immortall Soule, more worth 
than many materiall Worlds, aud/<?r -whick,, Heecan 
qive nothing in exchange , to abide all naked, defti- 
tute and emptie,utterly unfurnillied ot that comforta- 
ble provifion, and gracious ftrength , which fhould 
fupportitintheday offorrow ; and leaves it at laft 
to the tempeftuous Winter night of death , and all 
thofe defperate terrours that attend it ; like a fcorched 
heath ground withoutfo much as any drop of com- 
fprt,either from heaven or earth. 

Chap. VIII. 

The fecond fort of -peoflfi to bee reprooved^ rohkh 
arefenfitaltfts. The firjt confideration ta reforme 

2 The^orualjfti who 2. 'MSBC^^^ fccond fort, worle than thefor- 

treaiuring up in this time of 
light, and mercifull vifitation, ■ 
foundnefle of knowledge, 
ftrength of faith.purity of h cart 
clearenefle Gfconlcience,holinefleof life, afliiranceof 
Gods favour, contempt of the world j many fandtifi- 
ed Sabbath 8, fervent prayers, holy conferences, hea- 
venly Meditations, daycs of humiliation, righteous 
dealings with their brethren, companionate contri- 
butions to the neccfiities of the Saints, Workes.of 
juftice, Mercie and Truth, a fincere refped to all 
Gods Commandements , a carefull performance of 


Part. I. Cap. 8. ^fflt^ledCoftfciences, 4 5 

all rpirituall Duties, a confcionable partaking of all 
Gods Ordinancesjafeafonable exerciie of every grace, 
hatred of all falle wayes,an hearty and invincible love, 
unto God and all things that hee loves, or any wayes 
belong unto Him, his Word, Sacraments, Sabbaths, 
Minifters, Services,Children, Prefence, Corre^ions, 
Comming,&c. which are the ordinary provifion of 
Gods people againll the evill Day, I fay, they are lb 
farrefrom prizing, and preparing fuch fpirituall ftore, 
that they hoard up ftings, fcourges, and Icorpions br 
their naked foules, and guilty confciences, againft the 
Day of the Lords vifitation ; I meane lyes, oaths,blaf- 
phemies ; Adulteries, whoredomes, felfe-pollutions; 
varietie of ftrangc falliions,gamings, revellingsj drun- 
ken matches, good-fellow meetings , wanton dan- 
cings; ufuries, falfhoods, hypocrifies : pluralitie of ill- 
gotten goods, Benefices,Offices, honours: filthy jefts, - 
much idle talke, flaadercus tales ; fcofts, raylings,op- 
pofitions to xhtHoly yvay,^c. And that with a curled 
greedinefle and delight, for they cry One unto ano- 
ther out of a boy fterous combination ok good-Fellow- 
ftiip , with much eagerneffe and roaring : Ceme on 

therefore Let ns fill our fe lues nvith cofilywiney 

attdoyrttmentSi and let no flower of the Spring pafe hy 

H4, Let m croKvne our [elves roith Rofe huds, before they 

h^imithered: Let none ofm go ypithout his fart of our 

veluptueufnejfe : Let m leave tokens of our fleajure in 

every place : For this is our portion^and our lot is this. 

Let us lye in tvaitfor the righteous: becaufe he is not for 

our turne and he iscleane contrary to our ^doings, &c. ^ ^^j ,,.„,^,/,,,„. 

l>ut alas ! what will be the conclufion of all this, or ra- ^^qta^M cmm imI § 

ther the horrible confufion? Even all their joviall re- vivtrepudet, quipu- 

vcllings^roaring Outrages,and finfullpleafuresjwhich canuumirmmy & fi 

tton verb'ii^quk tacenr, 

tmcn ipfo vi-t gentre difim'ili ftr'mi & verhhant, — ergo latiqutm fceitrufi* & muhtue fu« 
itfieitxtirparefunditui miuatftr ^. tellmi^riMtfque (ibipufant, latquam vita (orummrguom 


4^ InfiruSiions for a right comforting Seftrl 

are iofweet in their momhesyznA they fw allow downe 
(b)iop.ao. fo infatiably, fhall turne to gravell, and the (d) gall of 

Aff>es in their Bowels, and to fiery enraged Scorpions 
in their confciences. Where lurking in the meane time, 
on the mudde of fen&alitie, and luft, breed f uch a ne- 
ver-dying worme, which ifGodthinke fit to awake 
upon their laft Bed, is able to put them into Hell upon 
earth, to damne them above ground , to gnaw upon 
their Soule and flelh , with that unheard-of horrour, 
U) catmm vultu & which feizde uponSpir^M wofoll heart. (a)Who pro- 
taciefawvalensymn- tefted, being fully in his right minde, that He would 
tiffimui n tmerk pom rather be m Catn s or fttdas his place m Hell, than en- 
leniiftmm nunajMiaai dure the prefent unfpeakable torment of His afflifted 

vtrbabtitepenf.veai' fpirit. 

enteiomneiaaferecipjt jq beat them from this bedlam defperatc courfe 
iZTLtf:^'^- of S^^f^ hoarding up fuch horrible things unto 
fmjejufto Dti ]uAicit themfelvesjagamit their ending noure: Let them con- 
dtmnatiim/ejaminia. Gideri 

ferno ijje &indifmenttr * j . Befides the eternity of joys for the one , and of 
e'ueim'—-opiartfeJn torments to the other hereafter, the vaftand unvalua- 
GribaIdi.cpiQ.dc ire. ble difference in the meane time, m refpeiftof true 
incndo divini'iadicii fweetnefleand found contentment, betweenethe life 
cAcroploj&c pag, 3 8 of a Sdnt and a Senfualifl ; a Puritan , as the World 
immifit Dm tx tHa ^.gjjg Him, znd a good-feHow, as hee termes Himfelfc. 
'ZZZTiZ:. Letuaforthepurpofeperufethe different paflage, of 
txtingiubiitrnMhom. one day, as (b) Chryfoftome excellently dehneats 
te^confu^one, difpera. _ >.« 

fioneifubiiorepkretur.^ivemu &iffiisnunqudmexinsle ilium dmliqutruntyttft iMgedetemi 
inflitutfft te[teturiqusmfifeparatadcorpoiaawmacunji4da Cain, & catetis damymiii effit j 
dtfidcram fe Isco cuiujvismortMt & daifmati efepotiu', quzmfn iacarporevivere. Ibid, pagi^j. 
*i. The difference bciwecnc their liTCSjSnd the liris of holy m^n. 
(b^ToOT.y.Serm contra Gulam &czteras cerporii volupi* "Prediuamm homines du»i in 
medium, quorum alter bfavinfit & vdluptatibm dtditU4,tlier vfroptor/wfttbis rtbta demontiM 
&c. Adeamui ifisrum domoi.'-^-*]mtrutmuA arte atterum, libris incurnbtniem, victfiUm rei it. 
vina,abfli!neniitejVflrebu» nueffaryt mumbentemjbgtememqut cumDeo fertmnem, de nbui CMie* 

fiibus dlil[mr)t>.m,& AnitlumpetiM agentem^quam bomintm. Alttrum ven> madtnttm mtrt 

dtmum optram lafcrv'm- m d tbaubantem — diiiiM incumbentttnf non [olum v'tvendo ebjke 
mmtnif fed eft mortuU bnge inferiortm,permio loren.qiH Tynmont agUiiio,&fuvih.7Jin mutm. 
vtro dieiiluxUi amitth omntmj quam ex Ufcivtt ctpirAt,volupuittm ■ fiqiitdem Famiiitm cbmur. 
tint, & iwft^mtemft iurgla conwgmy*bnfigimi m\coi,'tmmkoi ludil/riofe babemes recopufct 


Par C.I. Cap. 8. A^iUed Qonfciences. 47 

them, and reprcfents to the life. Let us produce two 
men. (aith He, the one drown'd in carnall loofeneffe, 
fenfualities,anJ riotous cxcefle: the other crucified 
and ftarke dead to luch finfuU courfes and worldly de- 
lights : Let us go to their houfes and behold their be- 

We (hall finde the One, reading Scriptures, and o- 
ther good Books, taking times for holy Duties and the 
fervice ot God: fober, temperate,abftemious: diligent 
alfo in the neccflarie duties of His Calling,having ho- 
ly conference with God , difcourfing of heavenly 
things, bearing himfelfe liker an Angell, tlTan-a.Man: 
The other, joviall,a vaflall of luxury and eafe,fwagger- 
ingup and downe Ale-houfes, Taverns, or other fiich 
conventicles of good-fellow (hip, hunting after all the 
wayes, meaner and men to pafTe the time merrily, 
plying his pleafures with what variety,he can polTibly 
all the day long , rayling and roaring as though hee 
were enraged with a Yy^s'^^^though He yefiarke dead, 
r^hile He is alive, &c. Which is accompanied , with 
murmuring of the family, difcontent of the wife, chi- 
ding of friends, laughing tofcorncof enemies, &c. 
Whether of thefe courfes now do youthinke were the 
more comfortable ? I know full well the former 
would be cried downe by the greateft part,as too pre- 
cife: and the latter Jwould carry it, by a world of 
men : but heare the Puritan Fathers impartiall holy 
cenfore, quite crofle to the common conceit , and hu- 
mour of flefli and bloud. It is excellent and empha- 
ticall, arguing His refolute abomination of the wayes 
of good-fellowfhip : and infinite love and admiration 
of the ^o/jr F4r^. Having given to the Good-fellow 
His hearts defire all the day Ions in all kindes of vo- ^ /o,,;, :,;,„, ., • -,.- 
luptuoufneffe, and delight: yet for all this, * fVho n he, ^^t tempos, nm p9fr 
faith He, that is in his right minde, andhath His hrains ju eput n/illt-obire tnor' 
tK His headfthatrfiouidftotchfffe rather to dye a thou- 'ci, qitam ditm unutn 
fanddeaths, thanjpend but one dayfo? This perempto- ^^«c^»'»« H*^^ ^ 


4.8 InflruBions for A right comforting Seft.i 

tie paflage would be holden a ftrange Paradoxe fro m 
the mouth of any moderne Minifter , and (o appeares 
, to the carnall apprehenfion of all thofe miferable men, 

who are blind-folded and baffled by the Devill to the 
eternall loffe of their Soules. But befides that, it might 
be made good many other wayes, it is more then ma- 
nifcfl by comparing that three -fold fting , that dogs 
every finfuU delight at the heeles, &c. See my Booke 
of JValking with God, pag. 171. with the comfortable 
contentment, and fccret fweetneflTe, which might and 
fhould attend all well-doing, and every hoi v dutie 
done with uprightnefTe of heart. The very Philofo- 
phers do tell us of a congratulation, a pleating conten- 
tednefTc and fatisfaftion in doing vcrtuoufly accor- 
ding to their morall Rules. What true, lolid, and An- 
gular comfort then, do youthinkemay be found, in 
thofe godly anions, which fpring from faith, are gui- 
ded by Gods Word, direfted to his glorie, and whole 
bewayled defeats and failings are mofl certainly par- 
doned by thebloud of his Sonne ? Now what an ex- 
treme madneCTe is this, for a Man to fell His falvation 
teralifeof pleafures : abhorring the wayes of Gods 
Childc, as too precife, and paincfull : whereas befides 
Hell for the one, and Heaven for the other hereafter: 
in the meane time every day fpent fo fcnfually ,is a true 
Purjatory: And every day pafled in the coitrarie 
Chnftian courfei \s an earthly Paradife. 

C H A P^ 

Part.i. Cap.p. AjfiiEled Confciences. ^ 49 

Chap. IX. 

The fecond and third co^^Jiderationfor the rt-form^^ 
i$9n of thcfenfualtfis, 

Econdly , Let them marke well z'fhe^ft'wrencc hc- 
the different Ends of thefemen.. twcenc sIkk end-. 
Though the one now carries and the wit's oi holy 
away the credit and current of '"*"• 
the times, and with all braverie 
and triumph tumbles Himfelfe . 
in the pleaiiires, riches, and glory 
of the world ; and the other is kept, as they lay, under 
hatches, negleded and contemptible to carnall eyes, . 
trampled upon with the feet ot pride and malice by 
the prouder Pharifecs, and hunted with much cruelty 
and hatejby men or this world: Yet watch but a while; 
and you fhall fee the End oi this upright man , what- 
foever his forrows and fuflferingSjtroubles and tempta- 
tions have beene in this life, to be moft certainly /'^<?<:«? 
at the laft. Ainrke iheperfe£i mun, and behold the up' 
right, fgr the endof that man ii petice . Pfal, 37, 37, He 
either pafrethfairely,andcalmely thorow the Portoi 
Death, to the Land ofeverlaftingreftjandrejoycing, 
or eUe, if a tempeft of extraordinary temptation feize 
upon Him intheHaven,whenHeisready, tofetfooc 
into heaven, which is the Lot of many of Gods dea- 
refl Ones, for ends feeming bell to the ever-blefled 
Majeftie : as, perhaps to harden thofe about Him, that 
hate to be reformed, &c. Yet all the hurt he hath 
thereby, is upon the matter, befidesferving Gods fe- 
cret holy pleafure, an addition to His happineffe i for 
an irainediate tranflation from the depth of tempcra- 
rieborrour, as. in Mafler Peacockey^ndi Mifiris ^ret- 
t£rghyto the height of endleffe joy, makes even the 
jbyesof Heaven fo niching more joyfull. Heefeeles 


r InflrHElionsfor a right c omforting Sefl. i 

thofe never-ending plcafures , at the firfl entrance 
more delicious and ravifhing, by reafon of the fudden 
change. From that bitternefleof fpirit in thelaft corn- 
bate, to the excellencie, and eternitie of heavenly 
blifle. His S oule in this cafe , after a fhort eclipfe of 
Ipirituall darknefleupon His Bed ofdeath,enters more 
lightlomely into the foil Sunne of immortall glorie. 
But what doyouthinkefhallbeetheend of the other 
Man?Heisinthemeane time, it may be, in great 
■power ^und ^readingHimfelfe like A greene Bay -tree, 
revelling in the ruffe and top of all worldly /ollity and 
wealth, wallowing diflolutely in choiteft delights 
and vaineft pleafiires : yet waite but a while, and you 
/hall fee him quickely cm downe like gra^e , and tvi- 
therasthegreeneherbe^ For God fliall fuddcnly flioot 
at Him with a fwift arrow. It is already in the bo w, 
even a bow of fteele fliall fend forth an arr«w , that 
fliall ftrike Him thorow, ^ndk^aUJhine on his gall. His 
power, and his pride fliall bee overthrowne in the 
turne otan Hand- All his imperious boyfteroufneffe 
fhall melt away as a vaine foame. The eye which faw 
Him, fhall fee him no more j neither Jhall his -place any 
more behold him, Hemuftdowne into the grave na- 
ked and ftript of all power and pompe : allbeauty and 
ftrength : a weaker and poorer worme , then when 
hefirftcameoutofthewombe. Here further for this 
purpofe and fuller exprelTion of my meaning in this 
point, how a worthy friend ot mineunftancing in the 
exemplary and dreadfull downe-f als ot Haman^ Sheb- 
nah , and others, labours to fright gracelefle great 
Ones , out of their luxurie and pride : fecuritie and 
finfull pleafures : by confideration of thcrr Ends. Oh 
then, (aith hee, y^ rich and great, je proud, and crnell, 
Ambitiom and honourable, take from their wofHll ex- 
amples, the true efiimate of your riches , and your power, 
your pleafure and your honour , wherein yee trufl, and 
whereof ye boafi, but as Jfraelfn ^/£gypt, of^a broken 


Part. I. Cap. p. AffltEledConfciences, 51 

reed.ConJider that ay Jfnnea^yvili hdve like ends: That 
God is to day andjefierday^ and the fame for evev.That 
the f ride and cmeltie ; opprejjion and luxnry of thcfe 
times have no greater priviledre, than thofe oj the fey* 
Tner : But yohenfor a rphile,yoH have domineered jarre 
And ne are. Had what you vi>ould,anddone rohatyou ttfiy 
dtjpeo-pled Parijhes andfUines fo ryonr O re haras and 
•xvalks : pttffddorpne many houfes, tofet one up : fi-om 
Bettveene ychofe battlement s^ and turrets at the topy you 
can fee no end of your me adores, your fields y and your 
lands I themeafuringKvhereofy as the Poet freaks {wouU 
ypeary the very roings ofehe k}te : when your Client ary 
trainehath beenetoo long for the ftreety and your hi^rc 
rejpeei hath fhooke the hat fom the head, and bent the 
knee afarre off : ivhenyou have clapt whole Manouri 
on your backs ^ er turn d them downeyour throats: yvhc;i 
you havefcouredtheplaines -with yoOr horfes, the fields 
Andrvoods with your hounds : and the heaven withyour 
hawkes : when with Pheafants tougues you have fur- 
nijht whole feafis : and with the J^eene of zA^gypt 
drunkedif^oivedpearle, even fifty thou fand pounds at a 
draught, and then lay ed your head in Dalilaes lapper 
Pfhen^ifit werepofible^you have j^ent your whole lives, 
tn^all that royall pompe^ andpleajure , which that moH 
magnificent King and ^eene did, Hefier i.for an 
hundred andfourefcere dayes : In a word, -when you 
T^^lowedm alldelightSy and flood inpleafures up t^ the 
ehtnne . Then even then, the pit is digged^ and death, of 
r^hom yo^ dreame not, flands at the do0re, where are 
y^ouno-w? Or what ii to be done? Come down e, faith 
J^^^thyfromyourpleafantProfpeSls : Alight from your 
Jades: Hood your kites : Couple up your curres : Ind a- 
aewto pleafure : out of your beds oflufi : Come naked 
forth, and do-^ne with me to the chambers of death: 
^^<fy^urbedsintheduB:andlaydowne jour cold 
cark^a^es among the flones of the pit at the roots of the 
if^ocks. ^ndyoH great and delicateD Ames, tvhoare 

.■■■■■ fo -^ ^ 

5* J njiruBiom for aright comforting Sed:.I 

fb wearied with pleafurcy thatjott cannot rife time e- 
nough to drejfejOHr heads ^ and do all jour tricks againfi 
dinner :To wafljyeur bodies with vnuike^anddawbeyowr 
faces with vermilion and chalke : To make ready your 
plea/ant baitSytopoyfon mens eyes, and their fouies. Tou 
whorijh 'fez.ahels thinkeyoH now, yon are meat for men f 
Nay come head-long downe to the dogs. If not fuddenlj 
fojyet dijpatch and put off your canls, eare-rings, and 
round tyres: your chains, bracelets and mufflers : your 
^ingSyyvimpies^and crifpingpinnes : your hoods ^ vails and 
changeable futes : your glares, fineltnnen, with all your 
* Adundusmuliebris,Ifa,i. Andputonflinke^inflead 

offweetfmell: baldnejfe in fieadofwelt fet hatre : bur- 
ning infleadef beauty: Wormes fhallmake their nefls in 
your breafl-s : andfhalleate out thofe wanton windows, 
, and meffengers oflufi. Tea rottenneffe, and flinch : flime 

undfllth Jhallafcend, and fit dpwne in the very Throne 
^ ofbeautie:andfhall dwell betweene your eye'brows. 

All this is very woehiU, and yet there is a thoufand 
times vvorfe. Befides all this. Thou, that now layes 
about thee for the World and wealth; for tranlitory 
pelfe and rotten pleafures ; that lies foaking in luxurie 
and pride, vanity, and all kinde of voluptuoufnefle ; 
(halt moft certainely, very fhortljf, lye upon thy bed 
of death, like a wilde Bull iu a net full of the fury of 
the Lord; either fealing thee up finally in the despe- 
rate rcnfeleflenefle of thine owne dead he'art, with the 
Spirit of flumber, for everlafting vengeance, even at 
the doorejor elfe exemphrily enraging the guilty eon- 
♦rr (o &• ari* ^ Science upon that thy laft be'djWith helliflihorf our,, e- 
iVhlMc»ik}oU. ^^" beforehand . For * ordinarily, the more notori- 

timc$fonnenoto''i^us ... 

Onesiand yctwithout all trucrcmorfe, m.iy reprefcnt,to th-- eye of unjudicious By-ftao- 
dcrsjwhcrcby they arc many times fearcffllly hardened, a notable (hew of dying well. In 
my mie, fayth the French Author of ^tTnCfThne eftbe molt .xicrable per/ons that ever I t^tufv 
in S.U ibomiMimi oflife^Attd ibe mj[t ia/kmom.bave bin jun lodie very vtderluandqHitUyy ^c. 
I have alfooWfcrved my Ulfc forrc oi higl.cr place notorioufly wicked,who by thcit carn- 
age in their Lift fickcntfJc, hnvcfuggcftcdcoiiccus^ffpeciallytetholcwho were willing 
to be hardened by their deaths^ thai they made a good cnd,as they {*yf whereas rhcy hid 


P art I . Cap , 9 . ayfffli^ed ^onfcieKces, - 

no true tou^a^ in Confcicnce ar aJf, or feeling remorfc for their former cxtrcameiy /lofull 
life, which II occafioncd fomenmes, by the unikilfulnelTcuf fomcfpIritaaiiPhyfieionsa 
bou: thenijwko are ready tocfavvbc,anddraw a ikinnconely over tlieir unfearchcdfinneful 
(ores now at : htir death, as they were to play the M(n p!ia/e,s,ar.d Sov, pilhws mdtr their 
£/&(»W«mihfrrhfctirr,ejFcIlowe$asexccllciuinpslIiatc Curcs^ osutferly unscquain- 
rcd with tlK nnyftcric of cortofoning jffliaed Conrclcncc6 3right,3ndfpcakingfea(onab!v 
tofuch a$ lie »pon their iaa.Bed. Hcarc Mifter Matburiescentme cffuch Mouatebankcs 
Ibis maltrabU difcfi.^snh he, {meamitg ofcxpmmentaU inorvltdgs in JHimfiin) vevsr Pmrpeih 
It ftlfetr.ore[hjmfuiiyj0r).vi!hp cater huriyihen when Mtnhave medof fpirttuaUhibe at the 
home of dcAth.cYin time 6j gnat afflSiomfr at /ucb thms thcfe foet'jh Shcepeheards' when 
tbif tva.ii sl(ia 10 h Ipe ibtfi pmejheepe int of the dttch^ari drlvtn tep'aj the miferabk comfintn 
and 10 tike feme oth.r imrdi courff ; (at mmj ule to doe in/uch cafisj to cut tiefiucpuh-oat in 
tmtytona^ibim Manimem li^it^ouldbejajd^P.editdin aditcb z. Secondly, bccauff 
Some Oaeofthempcihipj, I knownot amongft how many thoufandi, may bee like the 
Thicfe upon the CrolFe. 3. Thirdly, bccaufe,ThomcefC civiil men utterly cftranecd 
from the life of godlintlTc JJ their Ifc Jong, for the raoft part, may make a calmc, ouier 
and peaceable cndin ihc eye and cftiroare cfthc v/orId,whith was never able to diftinouifh 
afecureblockifhneirefromanholy lecuruy; Obfervntion whereof hardencth a world of 
people in their unfaving State : Hcare Grtenhamt do me of fuch adeaih : Theydit^Uyth He 
tike btockei -. ^nd \et i be ignorant people mil (tJlammendmhfemfuUdeatbifoying, he departed 
a*mel(eljMaLambe, hievomtayviyMabirdinapoeUi wheniht) might <urPiHfty^ (but for 
4bt'ir ftAtlitr bed andpil!(,w)heditdlil(e a bta(i^andperij^edlii(ciin Oxe ;« « ^itft, I lay,tho this 
ftrtof Men, for the mofl part die fo; yet I have krowncfome fuch upon /he very firft 
theught,iiicy (hould certaineiy die,tohave fallen into dcfpcrjtion.and could never be re- 
covered. And all hough many formall ProfeflTorijmay ^oe to Hell with many goodfpcechc* 
and.Ioi'rfjLorrfjintbeiilippe^jas ip^eatc^iathcfoobpsyirgim^^nd tholein ihefiuedch of 
Atatihrw,yet: I have knowne of fomc of thcro,who have died very fcarefuHy indeed & full 
of truly dcfperai hurreur. 

ous Servants of Satan, and Slaves of luft, depart this 
life either like Na^al or IrtdM : tho more oy many 
thouftnds die like hard-hearted fots in fecurity, then 
in defpaire ofconfcience. If it Ipee fo with thee then, 
that thine heart, when thou fhalt have received the 
fentence of death againft thy felfe, die within thee as 
NabalSi (^And mo fi commonly. S2\^ a worthy Divine 
Confcience in many ,is fecHre at the time of death : God 
inhiijuflice fo plaguing an ajfe^ed fecurity in life, 
'ivith an infliEied fecurity at death.) I fay theil thou 
wilt become, as a ft one : mod prodigioufly blbcki{h;as 
tho there were no immortality ok the Souk, nolofle 
of eternall blifle ; no Tribunal! in heaven, no account 
to be made after this life, no burning in hell for ever. 
Which will make the never-dying fire more fcorch- 
^ E ing. 


JnjirnBions for a right comforting Seft . I 

•itig, and the ever -living worme more ftinging ; by 
how much thou waft morefenfeleffcjandfeareleffe of 
that fiery lake into which thou waft ready to fall. 
Death it /f//^,fayth the lame Man, cannot arvakefome 
confciences ; but nofooner come they into Hell, butcon- 
fcietice i^ atvak^ned to the ff{ll,never to Jleepe more, and 
then Jhee teareth roith implacable furjf, and teacheth 
forlorne wretches to knotv, that forbearance tvoi nopaj" 
ment. But if it pleafeGod to take the other courfe 
with thee,and to let loofe the cord ot thy Confcience 
upon thy dying Bed j thou wilt bee ftrangled even 
witbhellirhhorrour upon earth and damned above 
ground. That^<?r«?f of Hell, which is a continuall 
remorfe, and furious reflexion of theSoule upon its 
oune willfull folly : whereby it hath loft everlafting 
/oyes,and muft now lie in endleffceafelefle and reme- 
dlkfle tormentSjis fet on worke, whileft thou art yet 
alive, and with defperate rage, andunfpeakeablean- 
guifh will fecde upon thy foule and f^efi^.The leaft 
twitch whereof" not all theplealuresoftenihoufand 
Worlds, would ever Le able tocountervaile:foras 
the peace of a goodjfo the pangs of a guilty confcience 
are unfpeakeable. So that at that time, thou maieft- 
jLiftly takeunto thy felfe Pajhars tcfrible name j JZ/f^- 
gor'AfijfabibtFeare rcund about i Thou wilt heater- 
ronrto thy felfe, and to all thy friends. And that which 
in this wofullcafe will fting extremely ; No friends, 
nor Phyficke ; no gold, nor filver ; no height of place, 
norfavourof Prince; not the. glory and pleafures of 
the whole World ; not the crowncs and command of 
all earthly kingdomes, &c. can pofTibly give any com- 
fort, deliverance or eafe ! For when that time and ter- 
rour hath overtaken thee, which is threatned. Prov, 
1.24. Etfeq. Becaufe I have called, and yerefufedy I 
hauefiretchedom my hand, and no man regarded'. But 
ye havefet at naught all my counfell, andrceuld none of 
my reproof e\ J alfo mil laugh at your calamity ^and will 


Part I .Cap. I O , AffliUed ^onfcie»ces. j e 

mecke whenyonrfeare cemmeth, fVhen your fear e coM" 

meth Ai defolation, and your defiruUiou commeth as a 

fVhirlwinde'y when difireff'ey andanguipj commeth upon 

you, ThenJJjall they call upon Me, but I will not an- 

ftperx they fhallfeeke me early y but thcyjhall not finde 

mee -.for that they hated knowledge , and did not chufe 

thefeare of the Lord, They would none of my counfell; 

they dejpifed all my reproofs. Therefore Jhall they eate 

thefruite of their owne roayy and bee filed tvith their 

oKPftedevifes, I fay, when this terrible time is come H&f-J.'? 

upon thee ; then will the mighty Lord of heaven and 

earth come again ft thee, '^^ a Beare that is bereaved 

of her tvhelps, and voillrent the caule of thy heart, and 

willdevoure thee like a Lyon : He will come with fre^ Ifi.tf5.i 5 

and with His chariots like a IVhirlwinde, to render His 

anger with furie, and His rebuke with flames offirei 

All his terrours at that houre will fight againft Thee, 

and that unquenchable anger, that burnes to the very 

. hottome of Hell, and fets on fire the foundations of the Ogy^^ |, | ^„ 

mountaines. The empoyfoned arrows of Hisfierceft 

indignation (hall be drunke with the bloud of thy foule, 

and fticke faft in it for ever. In a word, the fearefull 

armies of all the plagues and curfes , forrows and un- 

fufferablepainesdenounc'd in Gods Booke againft fi- 

nall ImpenitentR, fhall with unrefiftable violence 

take hold upon thee at once , and purfue thee with 

thatfurie, which thou flialt never be able either to a- 

voide, or abide, hndiwhois able to fland before this 

holy Lord God? who can abide in His fight when He is 

^»gry? who can deliver out of His hand ? what man or 

Angell: what arme of flefti or force of Armes , what 

creature, or created power : what Cherub or which 

of the Seraphins is able to free a guilty confcience 

from the ever-gnawing worme, and an impenitent 

wretch from eternall flames ? Oh, Me thinks a fenfi- 

ble fore-thought of thefe horrible things even at 

hand, ihould make tke hardeft heart of the moil abho* 

E 2 minable 

5 (J InftrH flionsfor a right comforting, Seft. i 

minable Be Hall to tremble at the root,and fall afander 
in his breaft like drops of watc r I To have his end in 
his eye; and ferioufly to remember the tribulation,and 
angui(h that (liall fhortly come upon His Soule, the 
afflidion, the Wormewood,and the gaU,l]iould fright 
and fire Him out of all His filthy, gracelefle, good- 
fellow courfes I 
a.Thedifftrenccbe. 3* Thirdly, Let them confider, what horror it will 
ivfcsneibfi'tcluvior be in evill times, I mcane, not onely at death and the 
andtbc bcharior of laftDay, which are the moft terrible of all ; but alfo, 
holy mcD in tiffxs of jjj ^j^^^^ of difgrace and contempt ; of common feare, 
a Tcr jry. ^^ ^ confufions of the ftatej of ficknefle , crefles, rc- 

ftraint,banifhment, temptations, or any other dayes 
©f forrow;! fay atfuch times,to finde in (lead of peace, 
fiery fcorpions in their conlciences , innaraer able fins 
graven there, with an iron penne, unrepented of| 
^ Inter emttitribu'ati* Heare how excellently * cy^«y?»» foretels and fore- 
Zfi2Z7rZZ' wames them, into whataforlorne andfearfuUftate, 
gaaw con/citnt.a deli'- they fhall moii certainly fall , when aher a fhort 
ciprm, 2i&mque jitbi gleame of Worldly glorie, they fall into tempeftuous, 
vuinm nonfit,ranumqi gnd troublefome times. Of all afBiftions incident to 

tlnjTmitl'ZJ.y. ^^^ ^°"^^ ^^ "^^"' ^^^'^^ ^ "°"^ ^^^^ grievous , and 

bUuaque ai.bi paSut tranfcendent ; then to have the Confcience enraged 

fuerit trihukt'mti^i with the guilt of finne. If there be. no wound there, 

lucconfugiet, &m;H. jf ^n be fafe and found within, if that bird of the bo- 

ur abundmiiam iiqni. what miferies be abroad in the world ; what ftormes, 

iitumy qaoAMm&ibi or flirres be raifed againflHim. Whatarmeof f^efhj 

'Dim mn (fi, quid fa' or rage of foes befet Him round : For He in this Cafe, 

w»7ri// m^'cfiZ ^athprefentlyrecourfeunto His confcience, the rafefl 

pZiiritu'aU^a'lfu' Sanftuary, and Paradife of fweetefl repofe, and find- 

gitt ab agre ad civitatiy ing that fprincklcd with the bloud of the Lambe,fiUed 

i publico nddemum,' a 

dome td cubkulumi& fiqmw tnbuiatio. A atbieulaiam quafvgittynon habiKfiifiintiriMadcU' 
bile fmm- Porrofiibi tumultUA tji, ^fumiu iniqttitatis, f fammaftilerU^an iSuc {foufi cnfugeit. ; 
Ptllvur tall* indey& cum inde pcUitur^aft ipfo ptUkuf.Ei tue hofitmfuum invinit,qu» u»}ugtru 
feipfum,quo fugiturui e(l. J^jfOCHmjuefugentftifaUmttabit pcfift i & ^MWiquc talim truxtrit ft, 


Part I , Cap.Sf . AffliSled (^onfciences. 5 y 

with abundance of peace , and God Himfelfe there, 
reconcird unto Him in the face of Chrift , He is cou- 
ragioufly fearelcffe of all, both mortall and immortall, 
adverfarks and oppofitions : Though the earth be re- 
moved, and the mountaines carried into the middefi of 
the Sea, though all the creatures in the world fliould 
be turned into Beares or Devils about Him , yet His 
confcience being comfortable, hee is undaunted and 
confident, and more than conquerour over the whole 
world , and ten thoufand Hells. But on the other 
fide, if by reafon of the raigne of finne, there bee no 
reft there; if God be not there becaufe of the abound- 
ing of iniquitie, what fhall a man do then? Whither 
/hall he flie, when the hand of God hath found Him 
out, and the" fwift Arrow of the Almightie fticks faft 
in his fide? He tvill flie, faith that ancient Father, out 
of the countrey into the Citie, ont of the fireets into 
hit Houfe^ out of his Houfeinto His Qhamber : horrour 
fiill dogging Him at the Heeles, And from His chant' 
Ber^vfihitherroill he go, hut into theinmoji Cabinet in 
his bofomeytohere his Confcience dwelieth? And if he 
finde there nothing but tumult and t err our, hut guilti- 
neffe^confufion and cry es of dejpaire, which way will he 
then turne himfelfe; Or whither will he flie then ? Hee 
fnufl then, either fly e from Himfelfe ^ which is utterly 
imfoffihUy or elfe abide that torment, which is beyond ail 
comfaffe of conceit orexfreffion of tongue ^ For aU the 
racksMth2iViOlhtv,wheels, wilde horfes, hot pincers, 2*1^^'?.! /f^f 
fcaldtng lead poured into the mojt tender, and fenjible ^uas & C^diiitu tra- 
farts of the body: yea, aUthe mercilejfe, barbarous, and vU imjtnlt, & Kbada 
inhumane cruelties of the holy houfe y are but flea-bi- mntbw,HoRtdltqnt' 
tings,meere toyes, and May games, comparedwith the /"JwgfZ/dre inptSkn 
torment, that an evill confcience will put a moft to, when "^""' 
it is awakened* 

E 3 Chaf. 

. o InftruBions for a right comforting Sec^ . I 

Cha P. X 

The third fort of peofle to be reproved ^ which Are 
the offofers ofsfowerfHllminifierie, Three reafons dif" 
fwadiMg men from thatfinne. 

3. Thcoppofers of 2.^^^^^^^ Third fort, the worft of all and 
Je rcimftcric who ^^>^^nioftpeftilent,arethofe,whodo 
ftiould confider, that W^JL\^^ .1 /i u • u • 

i^^^^MT notonely not labonr m the time 

ot harveft to treafiirc up comforta- 
ble provifion againft dayes of 
dread , and mifpend the Day of 
their vifitation wickedly ;but alfo out of a tranfcen- 
dent ftraine of impietie, labour might and maine , to 
put out and utterly extinguifli the heavenly Sunne, 
that creates thisblefled day, and makes the leafon of 
our fpirituall harveft moft glorious,and incomparable: 
J meane to {upprelfe and quench the faving light of a 
powerfull Miniftry, wherefoever planted , and pre- 
vailing; under the facred influence, and fovcraigne 
heat whereof, all Gods hidden Ones are wont to ga- 
ther that heavenly ftocke of grace, Comforts of godli- 
ncfk, and good conlcience, which is able to holdup 
their heads invincibly in faeavie times. Thefe are the 
vileftofmen, and oi the mo{i'^ for lor ne hope : for 
* Let us not c or. , ^^^ Unhappily tranfported with extreameft ma- 
nerKieflcn, ana ue- J j n - r> r. »-i 

ridcUj for that is ihc lice , and ftormc agamft the very meanes, which 

utteimoa token ard fhould fandific them, and Men, which fhould fave 
ihew of a reproba; c, ^ u,ejii. They do not onely make their owne foules fure 
G a^nhhwSme'' ^^^ damnation; but alfo hinder the power of the 
mm'.^of]7mpfscetef Word all they can,** left others fhould bee faved. 
Scriptitrei, by iv'okh Whatfoever thou doeft,do not become one of this 
foMtakeo^eKceiP^^.^ damned crue : who heartily defire , thattheSunneof 
**J'"a^°^ .TOf i!/^? fincere preaching were quencht.and put out,though it 
^i'J&.-ahS were with thebloudof Gods faithfulleft MefTengers; 
2 , s 6 . as did the Men of Anathoth in Jeremiahs ttme^ ler . 1 1 • 

Part I ,Cap. I o . AffiiSled C'onfciences, 5 p 

ig.2i,(a) Her-odioiw phn Bapifl- time^ and that (i^sht^nki'diohn 

(^^) other Herodias improperly called EucLoxta in w-j/^/i/Jj head bcfoic 

^Qhn (^hrjfoflomes time, and many thsufands , even t'^chalfe of Hefoh 

within the Pale of the Church at all times. Above all, ^^Ym^^xtut^l 

I fay, Beware of that crying finne of {e) perfecnting faSil'u^tu^hTmt- 

the power of godlinefle , without which never any ipfam tramfrt & illm 

heart knew what true comfort meant : Profeflion of verba qmft ad em ig. 

thetrath, without which Chrifl will not owne us at '^'^^^'^^^^[l^^^^^ 

thelaft day; confcionable Minifters, under Whofe TpTf^oporlm cZalm 

painfull labours, we gather our ipirituall and heavenly cogmdum curat, ^a re 

Store, againfl evill times in this harveft of grace .- And inteliecfa loannes per- 

that either with thine heart, by hatred, malice, heart- ?*''^''*'"- ''^'^'^ concmi 

barningi with thy tongue, by nanders/coK,raQ, cen- i:/,^-^^^^^ 

fures : With thme hand , by lupplantmg , oppreflion, diaid(moinfamre,de. 

wrong: with thy purfe,policie,power,mi(-informing , nuo cmnavert , dtnua 

or any other way of vexing, or violence. If thou wilt Z*^''""' P^W^' «'«»«'' ««* 

needs be wicked, be fo more moderately : If there be f "'.Jj'^^iJ'' ^socmJ. 

no helpe, but thou Wilt to Hell, poft not fo f uriouHy : Hift.EccIcfiaft.Lib'tf! 

Ifnotning will worke, but thou art wilfully bent to cap.'ie- 

be damned, be damned more tolerably. For Perfeca- CO Let none marYcU 

tors are fr/««/?^W^»r/ in finne, and fhall hereafter be "'i'^^ 'l*'*^ arcddle 

paid home propertionably. Be none of them for luch JJ"cially in^ thu'nmc 

reafonsastbefe* of peace andprofpc- 

I. All their malice and rancour, all their bitter iityofchcGoipdl,4t 

words and fcornfull /efts : all their bloudy, mercileffe '^^ "were unneccfla 

mifchiefes, and machinations againft the power of '^^""^^n^ts!^- 

preaching,and Gods people,ftrike immediately at the jy . nu ,aax'mi perfe- 

face o^^efus Chrifl. Afts p. J . Sanl, Sunlj-Pfhy ferfecn- quuntur Ecclefiamt qui 

teft thoH me ? And at the pretious Ball , and Apple of cbrifiiaiti, nolunt bene 
eodsowneeye:Z<?f;^.2.8. For he that toucheth you, '"';"'''' '^^^ J"""'**" 
toHcheth the zAffle ofHti ^^.God is our Shield,? fal, f,^^ ^^^^ mmmti- 

84.1 r. Now the Shield takes all the blows. as()i(iilet^qmK(lo cot' 

ripiunturf qunnio malt 
vivere non permittutftur, quando cum ets vel vtrbo agUutf Ip^ malt In fuis cwdibus medrntHuTf & 
trumpeniU ouafitnemrtqiivrunt, InPfalra-go, pag. 205. Thofe el^ecially perfccutethe 
Church, who profcOTingChriftiaQitiewill not live gracioufly, &c. C*.) ^ They pcrfc. 
(uce Cbrift himfelfe. 

E 4 2. They 


JnjirHUtons for a right comforting Se<ft . I 

» Ewrearo hortots 
fcnze ott limci upon 

I King,«,24,*J» 

3. :]he «ri«Jsof fuch 
ate many limw ^cai- 


a. They are hunted many times with furies ofcon- 
fcience,ancl extreame horror even in this life. Pajhnr 
put blefled JeremUh in the flocks j but thereupon. He 
had a new name given Him Magor-Aliffeibiy: Feare. 
round about: He became <« terror to Himfelfe , and to 
all his friends. Zedechiah fmote faithful! Michaiah 
cipontlie face ; but afterward according to that Pro- 
pheticall commination, He was faine to runne from 
chamber to chamber ^ to hide himfelfe, John 'Baptifis 
head, which Herod cut off, fate in the eye of the Ty- 
rants confcience , with fuch griefly formes of guilti- 
neflejand bloud; that when he heard of the great 
things done by C^rif^yhe was perplexed, and no doubt 
afraid, that fohn Baptift was rifen from the dead to be 
revenged upon Him. I have heard of a Man, who for, 
a time did fiirioufly , and defperately fet Himfelfe a- 
gainft a Minifter of God jlabour'd might, and maine, 
by all meanes to dif grace, and vexe him ^ both by 
power, and policy ; by flanders, opprellions, malice, 
contempt. Butat length, the Word fo got within 
Him,andhamper'dH]m; andtheterrours ofitheAl- 
mightie tooke hold upon him with fuch unrefiflabk 
ragej that he came trembling and quaking unto that 
man of God, whom he hadfb wickedly wrong'djand 
durfl not fleere a foot from him j for feare the Devill 
fhould take him away alive; or the e^rth opeft her 
mouth, and fwallbwhimup quicke ; or fome other 
ftrange remai;kable judgement feize upon Him fud- 
dcnly,and brand Him for a notorious Beaft^andcurfed 
Gafl-away. So ortofuchfenfehej^Gke.; 

3 . Many of them come to very horrible, exempla-^ 
ry, and wofull ends, *TharaoB long fince, by a dread- 
full confuficm at the Red-fea was as it were hangd up 
in chains, a Q)edacleof terror for Perfecutors, to all 
pofterity. Antiochw fwelUng-with anger ^and breathings 
out f re in his rage againft the people of God, did! 
proudly ^xoi^ikithftt^e would come to Jerufalem,and 


Part.I. Cap.io . AffltEledConfciences, 6l 

make it a common Jurying place of the fews : But the 
Lord ayilmighty ^the God ofJfrael(mote him vith an 
incurable, and tnvifible plague : for oi foone as he had 
fpqkenthe/ewords^apaine of the bowels that was reme- 
diiejfe came upon him^ and fore torments of the inner 

parts. So that the -wormes rcfe up out of the body 

of this wicked man, and whiles he lived tn forrow and 
paincy h is fie fh fell aw ay y and the flthinejfe of his fmell 
ypas noyfome to all his army. Herod in the height of his 
hatred again ft the Gofpell, and pride in impriloning Aa«.i2,i3. 
and perfecuting-the Apoftles,was eaten up of wormes 
in a moft fearfull prodigious manner. Cjardiner gaping 
for news of the difpatch of thof e two blefled Martyrs 
€)^^efHty Latimer zudi Ridley f at Oxford deferred his 
dinner untill three or fbure of the clock at afternoone, 
ddightingmore in drinking the bloud of the Saintf, 
than in his ordinary food : But iipion the returne of his • 
Poft, He fell merrily to his meat; And mavke what fol- 
lowed : The bloudy Tyran f , faith the Story , had not Adsand Manurocri c 
eaten afew bits^ bm thefuddenftrokepfGod^His terri- pag.1787. 
Ifle hand fell upon him infuch forty as. immediate ly hee 
•was taken from the tableyandfo brought to hit bed, where 
he continued the fpace offvfteene dayesy infuch intolera- 
bly anguifh and tormentSy that all that meane whileydu- 
ring thofe fifteene dayesy he could not avoyd by order of 
urine or otherwifey any thing that he received:Whereby 
his body beingmiferd^y inflamed •withiH{who had in" 
fiamedfo many g04>d Martyrs before) -wa^ brought to a 
wretched end. For further inlargement of this Peint, 
iopk into the Stories of the primitive Church > A^s and 
M^^t^ms, Theater ofQodsptdgfmem. 



InjiraBions for a right comforting 

Sea. I 

4.God it ftill called 
tipon for vengeance 
againft them. 

f.They draw downs 

Chap. XI. 

Tonre other Reafons diffuadingfrom the former Jitt, 

Crytarrc louder than the noyfc 
of ntatHy water SyOX voyce ofgrea- 
tefi thunder ]inock^s continually, 
with ftrog importunity, at Gods 
jufl: tribunall ior a (howreoi fire 
andhrimfionCy SiC an horrible tem- 
/><?/? to be rained downe vpon their heads. I meanc, a 
cry of blGud,wrongs,difgraces, and {landers, where- 
with they have loadan the Saints of God. Rev. 6. lo. 
And they cry ed with a loud voyce, faying. Hew Ung^ O 
Lordyholy, and true, deefl thou not iudge^nd avenge our 
hloudonthem that dwell u^onthe earth I 

5 . They are the principall provokers ot Gods 
Godi ingcr upon a wrath againft a Nation. Their hateful! heat, over- 
""^°"* flowing gall, and fcorBefall carriage againft Gods 

people, doth ripen apace His fierce ft indignation; fill 
up foil the vials of His vengeance, and draw downe 
uponaKingdome a defperate and finall ruine with- 
out all remedie. Butthey mocked the me ffengers of 
Gody anddefpfedHiiwordsy andmif-ufed His Pro* 
phetSjUntillthe wrath of the Lordarofe again fi his feo* 
fie, Untilltherewas no remedie. i,Chron, ^6.l6^ 

6. Their (pitefiiU ipiritsbeeingdnce tkorowlyfet 
on heat with this fire of Hell and infernal rage againft 
the grace of God and His people,commonly continue 
in flame and fiiry untill their fearefuU and finall coh- 
tufion. And they being once fleflit,as it were, with 

_ the b loud of the Saints, at left by fcoffes and flanders 

turfMg/iis mAnfmfuH (^oi even lewd and lying tongues are keene raK^ours^ 

foftca. and Jharfefwordsy fcourgesand fcorpions that fetch 

bloud)they feed infatiably upon the damned fweet~ 

nefleof fnch fuppofed curfed revenge, untill they bee 


6* Such are [ddome 

VuUuifemelore rtcep- 
tm—poilutas fttU 

Part. I. Cap. 1 1 . AffiiUed Conjciehces , 6^ 

feized ap9n with their irrecoverable mine ; and fall 
amongft the firers of their malice, and arch Perfecu- 
torsot all profeflburs, the fiends of Hell. This is my 
meaning : Thispeftilent and crying finne of perfecu- 
tionislike the gulfeofdrunkenneflejwhich Angufiine 
compares to the Pitt of Hell, into which, when a 
man is once fallen, there is no redemption or retiirne. 
A Pcrfecutor is rarely ©r never reclaimed : either by 
miracle or Miniftry ; mercy,or mifery.Fire from Hea- 
ven falling upon the fir ft C^/>?<?/W and his fifty, did 
not tright the fecond C apt nine and His fifty fronj prei- 
fingupon Elijah to apprehend him.2.-Sr/»^/,i .10,11 
The fouldiers who came to take ^<?/j^,asiboneas'Hee 
had faid, / am He, were ftraugely upon the fudden, 
ftrooke downe to the ground. loh. 1 8.6. and yet this 
miracle did never a whit mollifie, and abate the ma- 
lice of the Priefis and Pharifees againft him. Not even 
the Miniftry of C^W/?him(eife, though Hecfpokeas 
never manfpake I not that of Stefhen,viho(Q. face ap- 
pear ed t© His Hearers, Asithadyeene the Face of an 
Angell ; not that of the Apoftles {xt(i\\yfilledn>ith the 
i&«>/y 6*^0/ from Heaven,did at all dif-enrage or tam^e 
thofefellows,which wcrepofleft with this foule fpiric 
of fcornefull contradiction. See Z»r.4.28,29 And 1 6 
i4.^ff.7.54.And2. 13. Not all thofe horrible mi- 
raculous plagues of <^gypt,y^zxz able to quench Pha- 
raohs fury againft the. people of God ; untill hee was 
choaktinthe red' Sea. No kindenefle fromZ)^W, 
though extraordinary,and matchleflTe. i .Sam. 24.1 1 • 
And 26,9 .could turnc Sauls heart from hunting himj 
as TV hen one doth hunt a Partridge in themountaines. 

And no marveLtho they be not moved by all or any 
of thefe meancs ; for they fcorne,perfecnte, and con- 
temne the very meanes, which ftiould amend them, 
and the onely men,who ftiould convert them. Whe- 
ther of the two, thinkeyou,is likelier to recover '^ 
That man,who being dangeroufly ficke ; yet enter- 



InfiryMions for a right comforting 


7 Such are in the 
wsy totbe finnea- 
gainfttheho]/ Ghofl 

("d^ Cumqmidie no- 
Pram fan^ificatknera 
bUffhtmant^quid aliud 
Uafphmant quamfpi^ 

taines the Phyfition kindly, and takes patiently what 
isprefcrib'd : or Hee, who having a potion prefented 
unto Him very foveraignefor his recovery, throwes 
the glafle againft the Wall,rpils that precious Receipt, 
and drives the Phyfition out at doores? Conceive pro- 
portionably j-betweene the Perfecutor,and the leffe pe- 
ftilent finner, who meddles not malicieufly againft 
the Miniftry. 

7. They are already in the pe ftilcnt path, and very 
hie-way,that leads to finne againft the ho/j Ghoff. The 
horriblenefle, and height oi which dreadfull villany 
may bring upon them even in this lif cimpolTibility of 
pardon. -^^4^^.12,31,32. and liableneffeto that fla- 
ming judgement and^^rj indignation threatned,Hp^. 
io,2d,&c. A nd that they are (d) growing towards 
thisfinne,if they be not quite gone that way,appears, 
becaufe they defpitefully traduce; with much malice 
and mif chief e perfecute the very works of Grace, and 
graces of Godsfpirit fhed into the hearts, and ftiining 
in the lives of the children of Light, i .Ioh.'^,i 2. PJal, 
§8,2o.i./'^f.4.4. If a man would drinke, fweare, 
fwagger,revell and roare with them : If hedurft be an 
Ignorant,an Vfurer,a Sabbath-breaker, a Worldling, 
adoterupon, and defender of hcathenifti iuperfti- 
tious cuftomcs ; a pradifer, or Patron of Old anni- 
verfarie fooleries , and rotten vanities ; an inclo- 
fer, gamefter,good-fellow,&c. Oh ! then feee ftiould 
bee the onely Man. with them ; entertained into 
their hearts and houfes with all affedionate embrace- 
mentsofkindeneffe and acceptation: but if the fame 
man,by the mercies of God, once beginne to breake 
from them,and out of the fnares of the Divell ; to dif- 
reUifti, aaddeteft his former wayes of nature and 
naughtinefre;to love and reverence the moft (earch- 
ing Miniftry jtoreade the Scriptures, andbeft bookes ; 
to fandifie the Lords day,to pray in his family ; to re- 
nounce refolutely, his rnnmng with them to the fame 


Part, I .Cap. I I • Aff,iSled Confciences^ ^ ^ 

excejfe of riot, to abandon and abominate their lewd 
and licencious coiirfes ; In a word to tiirne ChrifiiaM; 
Oh / then He is an arrant Puritan,a Pricifian , an Hu- 
morift,an hypocrite, and all that naught is ; even as 
(e) bad, as the falfe tongues of the Divels Limbes can ^^^ Et nidH mcmthts 
make a bkfTed Man. Hee was a good-fellow,wil they babentwr , qnm qui 
fay jbiit hee is now quite gone : a proper man, and of /«»^« ommbm mng. 
gcod parts,buthis PuritanifmehathC/jmar'dahwhile 'IJ^l^Xi^^!;^ 
Paul humour'd the Ph.m/es.ln perlecuting & plague- )^-^ fg^ f^aim tanium 
ingtheDifciplesoftheLord, Hee was a principal and qukCbrl^iMM.Tttm* 
much honoured man amongft ihera : but when Hee ^^p"^ M ' . 
turned on ChnfisC\dc, He was holden a feFiilentfel- 
lorpMvtxy{g)fUgHe, Sothatitisplaineandpal- (.^^^^,^^,^y£f. 
pable,whatloevermay be pretended to the contrary, ^^^a^t^-nvKotfMV^ 
that thofecurfed C4<»/,dogged I>flf^/,andlcoffing //- w^.2^.5. 
maelsy that fet tbemfelves and fpend their malice a- 
gainft the Minifters and people of God,hate, flander, 
and perfecute the very workes of Grace, and Graces 
ofGodsfpiritin them. Even their zeale,holinefie,ha- 
trcd of rin,reformation,&c.are an Eie-fore,andiiearc- 
iore to fuch hatcfull wr€tch€s,and Owles of bell, who 
annot indure any heavenly light. 

Ch ap« 

^6 InfiruUions for a right comforting " Sed. 

Chap. XII. 

Six other reafons dijfwading from the former ftnrif, 

8. ThcirwickcincfTe 8 I^^C^^gS ftigmaticall Rogues burnt in the 
I* recorded ro ihcit |J^aV^* hancl,curtard of their cares,branded 
B""* V^^»I^IS ^" ^^^ forehead,are in the common- 

J^i^mi\f wealth ; fo are Perfecutors in the 
<^^^^^ Church. By mutuall intelligence, 
and information of Gods peop]e,or 
fome more publicke lading record and Monument of 
the Church, they have many times fuch aMarkefec 
upon them;that they carry it to their graves, yea, to 
the judgement feat oi God j that it may bee knowne 
afore-hand to that glorious Tribunalland all thetri- 
(b>.Tim.4,t7. umphant Church, what fh) beafllymen, ftinging 
£z«k. 1,6. * ' Scorpions,and pricking thorns they have been among 
Gods Cbildrcn,and in the fides of the Saints. Such a 
brand had Alexander the Copper Smith fct upon him 
by T^atil. 2.Tim.4. 14.1 5 • ^^^ ^^^^ ^ brand was fee 
upon D to trephes that malicious prating companion, 
by Saint lohn. ^.lehn i o. So are thofe bloud-thirfty 
Tygr€S,Gardi»ery'Bonner, and the reft of that crqell 
litter,andperrecuting packe,branded,that their names 
fhall rot,and their memories be hatefull to the worlds 
end. So too many in thefe times,though they be ve- 
ry J oily fellowes in their o wne conceits, adored as I- 
dols by their flattering dependants, applauded gene- 
rally as the Principal! Patrons of revelling amd good 
fellow iliip;yet in thecenfureof the Saints, and by the 
doome of divine wifedome,they areclearely known, 
and juftly reputed enemies of ail righteoufnejfe , and 
Satans fpeciall Agents to doe milchiefe againft the 

raIfc7on tSea^th P- ^"^ it is to be fcarcdjthey will finde no mcr- 
bcdi. cy upon their beds of death, and in their laft extremi- 


Part. I. Cap. 1 2 . AffliEied Conjciences, 6y 

ty,cry they never {o loud, or promife they never fo 
fayre. God in /ufl: indignation is woontto dealelo 
with thofe,whodrinke up iniquity like wateri with- 
out all fenfe or feare of a glorious dreadftill Ma/eftie a- 
bove.See Ezek^%. 1 8. with thofe, who rejufe to (loop 
to Gods Ordinance,& (iibmit to the Scepter ok Chrifl, 
whenthey are Fairely invited by the Miniftery. See 
Proverbs \ . 24.28. Ter.j, I 5 ; i S.and i i . I I . with 
great Ones, who grinde the faces of the poore. See 
Aficah. 3 .4. with abufers of the riches of His goodnejfc^ 
and longfuffering. S ee Rom, 2-4.5. How much more 
doe you thinke, fhall impenitent Perfecutors be paid 
homcinthis kinde ?See2.Macchab.5).i 3.17. There 
that great and cruell perfecutor, Antiochm ^^m2^ feizd 
upon by an horrible fk:kenefl€,promifeth very glori- 
oufly upon that his laft bedjbefidesmany other ftrange 
reformations,even that he alfo , ypouldbecome a lew 
him[elfe,andgo thorow aH the World that tvm inhabit 
ted, and declare the power oj God. But for all this,heare 
what the (i j yVriter ok that ftory faith of his Ipiritu- 
all ftate,and of Gods refolution towards Him.verf.i 3 CO^l^newt^eBooke 
Thi^ Tvickedperfonprajedairo unto the Lordjtvho ypould " "°^ °f <!'V'"^ -"»'^" 

new have no mercy on htm, ,,/* ^. ^, 

ill L • r • L II r 1 /- •.,/- /*• n- Mace quoted, taken 

10 All their ipitetulllpeeches,fcurrillfcoffes,peln- onely from the hand 

lent lyes ^ infolent infultations, &c. are as fo many of an hamanc Hifto- 

Crownes of glory and joy unto the heads, and hearts "an.And fo conceive 
^ ' ' J cfit ; Bat we fee the 

Author* conceit of 
that wicked man, ifcny ihinkc, that God isfayd^tol'ivc hiinomcicy uponhina, one-*, 
ly in tefpett of dclivcrapce f cm hi* difeafc : hrari what (ome fay in the cafe. Animbui 
Vpoj mdetd rtallyand fefimp)g>iivfdie»datkncifUdQ<i(iihat hk afflicim waifor hii fmnti, lib. i . 
cap.6. ve f. II, But hie WM noc trutl/pmteai' for ths^Qtnce c$mnittecl agair.^Ged,atid 
bu naf>})biur^ butcndyfo^ buotvmulawin^andmijtry.cnAihrtitncouldnot obtaine mrcie, to 
Hmjftm of hU ^nnci^nor reUaltof ths pmilhmesi -.^a'.fothe dmnedinHiU, ^«w, and con 
fe[fe, 'hatibcyarepumjhedforiheirfmnii, buthavfrmiri<enpiHiam, /«if tbeir tfme againfi 
Cod. Ot this ccnfure and gjcflc. let ihc Authcurs render a reafon ihemfdifci^ In Antis- 
(ho/iyihC)pmny.Aiiiiihri[iMixpr(j[M, Te bxhotc. Mfinyrij, Op. n. * Their 
»gc-isaCicv>nf toihjperfccutorf, ^ 


^8 InfirHCtions form right comforting Scdt.I 

of all perfecuted patient Profeffors. i . Pet.^, 1 4. a^<f?, 
5.41 . loh 3.36. (So that they infinitely miffe the ma. 
licious Marke,their revengefull humours would glad- 
ly bit, the hurt and heart-breaking of thofe , they fo 
cruelly and cunningly hunt with much rancour and 
hate.) And not onely fo, but moft certainly hereafter, 
ifthey dye not like drunken iV^^^i/, and their hearts 
become as ftones in their breafts, upon their Beds ot 
death they will all, though nowpaffing from them, 
with much bitternefleof Spirit, and without all re- 
morfe, turneinto fo many envenomed Itings, and by- 
ting fcorpionsjunto their o wne confciences,and gnaw 
upon their hearts, with extreameft horror. 
iiThcwholccharch II The whole body of the militant Church, 
praycj againft fudi joyne all as one man with a ftrong concurrent impor- 
tunitie at the Throne c^'gracejand with one heart and 
fpirit conftantly continue there, (iich piercing prayers 
againft all ftubborne impenitent fcorners ; all incura- 
ble, implacable perfecutors,as the people of God have 
beene went to poure out in fuch cafes, as Lament. 3. 
5 9. &C. O Lord I thou haji feene my yvrong^ndge thoft 
my caufe. Thou haft fee ne all their'vengeance^ and all 
their imaginations againfl me. Thou hafi heard their 
reproach ^0 Lord,itnd all their imaginations againfl me^ 
The lips of thofe that rofe up againfl mee, and their de- 
vife againfi me all the day. Behold their fitting dovone, 
and their rtftng up, I am their mufcke. Render unto 
them areeompenccy O Lord according to the worke of 
their hands, (five them for row of heart, thy curje unto^ 
them. Perfecute anddeftroy them^in anger, from un- 
der the heavens of the Lord. Now I would not be m 
that Mans cafe,againft whom.Gods people oomplaine 
upon good ground at that juft and higheft Tribunal], 
bnehalfehoure ; for the imperiall crowne, and com- 
mand of all the Kingdomes of the earth : for who 
knows, whether juft at that time, the righteous Lord 
for his children's fake , and fafetie may raine upon 


Part I .Cap. 1 4. tAfjU^ed C'onfciences, 65 

fuch a mans hc^dy fftarfiy fre and Brimflene , and an 
korrihle temped. 12. And the prayers of the Saints i».The prayer* of 
poured out in the bitternefle of their (bules vexed persecuted Saints, 
continually with their malicious cruelties , and cruell ''.''ingpcriccatorsofr. 
, ^ • ^ L • T» /- times CO untimclf 

mecks, are meanes many times to brmg Perlecutours ^^^^ 

to an untimely end, to knocke them dovvne before 
their time.Do not you thinke, that the faithfuU lewes 
^tferufa/em, hearing o^ Antiochui marching towards 
them^ like an evening Wolfe, to drinke up their bloud, 
had prefendy recourfe unto Gods righteous Throne 
with ftrong cries, to ftay his rage? And do you not 
thinke, that thofe very prayers drew downe upon 
him that horrible, and incurable plague , whereupon 
He dyed amiferahle death in afirange Countreyinthe 
Moptntaines? Herody for any thing we know , might 
have lived many a faireday longer, if hee had dealt 
faircly with the ayfpofiies o'cChriH, But putting one 
to thefword,exf^.i 2.2. and another in priron,ver.4. 
He put the Church to their prayers, verf. 5 . Which 
prayers ('for there is a certaine omnipotence of prayer, Eji qmedam grteiai 
as Luther was wont to fay J did create full ibone tho(e omnipoitntia, 
vermine, that eate him up horribly in the height oi his 
pride, verf.23. The(0 Ecclefiafticall ftoryreports, ^^cmAnmConfiiM^ 
that the loathfomcand dreadful! end of Arripu^ that Z'Simll mipiln^ 
execrable enemie to fefus Chrifi , was haftened by tffet^AUxajidereiMur. 
the prayers of the good and orthodoxe Biihop Jl/ex- bisspifcopusy totan»&e 
ander, who w rallied with God in earneft deprecati- "'«'*i''* pfopatus 0^ 
that Gardtner went fooner into his grave ror his cru- nberam & it Anh 
eltie towards Profeffours of the truth,by their groanes blafphem'urum petua 
againft him, and by the cry of the bloud of that glori- ^'pofcertt. pofiridii 
ous VHxto'c Martyrs at OA:/or^,which he fb infatiably ^'"^^ i""^'"^ f**''**' 
thirftedafter ? Let all thofe then, that treadinthefe 7,ZyZT^!^^^ 
mens paths, tremble at their ends. And if no better wm>i!«r kmMibui 

ventris ttrmmbM , 
UxaUqw. a!vo pmit Utrinamy in qua ft Jens anicum excrentiatii fffudit jtcur, meftimy'mpu- 
famqntanmimyioniimf<sdnntylniqn€ i/ipiuite dlinnmexltum. Sozom. lib. i.cap. tg* 
Bucol AnnoChhft, jjtf. 

F motive 

^5 InftrHEiiens for aright comforting Seft.i. 

motive will mollifie their doggedne(fe,yet at leaft, (et 
their love unto the world, themfelvcs, and fenfuall 
waies, take them oft'andreftrainethem from this per- 
fecting rage; left it fet on worke the prayers of Gods 
people, and fb they be taken away before their time, 
and cut off from a temporary fiippofed heaven of 
earthly pleafiires, to a true everlafting Hell ofun- 
fpeakeable torments, fooner than otherwife they 
13 All men tcjoycc ft-iould. 15. The hearts,and tongues of all good men» 
at their deftruaion. gj,^ friends to the Gofpell, are fird with much glori- 

^S 'tL'r e is^ouc- ^^^ (^^ /oy» ^"^ heartieft f ongs of thankfgiving,at the 
pen jticteis downefalfofevery raging incurable Oppofite; when 
Pro! 11.10. the revenging hand of God hath at length to the An- 

gular advancement of the glory of his /uftice, fingled 
out, and paid home remarkeably,any impenitent Per- 
fecutor, and implacable enemie. See for this purpofe^ 
The fbng a^Mofesy Exod. 1 5 , Of Z) ehorahy ludges y , 
The ley^es feafting after the hanging ©f HamanySfiher 
9. ly.*?/^/. 52.6.p.and58. 10.and79.15. i Mac^ 
cab, 13.51. f Onely, let the heart of Gods childe be 
watchfiill over it felfe with a godly jealoufie in this 
Point. That his rejoycing be, becaufe Gods /uftice is 
glorified, his Church delivered, Satans kingdome 
weakened, &c. notonely forhis owneeafeandend, 
for any perfonal or particular by-refpe(5t.) Now it is an 
heavy cafe; A man, in his Ihort abode upon earth to 
behave himfelfe,fb like a dogged Curre,and incarnate 
Divell, thatall good men are and ought to be palling= 
ly glad, when he is gone. 


Parti.Cap.ij. AffiUed C»nfciences, j6 

Chap. XIII. 

/. who are 'meant hy Perfectttors, II, What u 
meant h ferfecution. III, An ohjetlion againfi the 
doBrine anfwered, 

iN this point I comprife and con- Perfecutors ofwhtt 
elude, all forts of Perfecutors : of kindcs. 
which fome arc profeft and open, 
as Bonner and Gardiner,3Ln.d many 
fuch morning Wolves : (bme poli- 
ticke and referved , who many 
times are the more pernicious. For of all manner of 
malice, and ill will, that is moft execrable,deadly, and 
doth the moft hurt, which like a Serpent in the faire 
gr^ene graffe, lies lurking in the flatterings and fawn- 
ings of a fleering countenance. Which kifies with 
luda^j^nd kills with loak- entertains a man with out- 
ward formes of complement,and curtefie,bnt would, 
if it durft or might, ftab him in at the fifth rib, that he 
iliould never rife againe. When a mans words to thy 
face, are asfoft as oyle or butter ; but his thoughts to- 
wards thee, composed all of bloud and bitternefle ; of 
gall and gun-powder. Some are notorious villaines, 
as many times in many places , the moft defperate 
blafphemersjftigmaticall drunkards, rotten whore- 
mongers, cruellufiirers, and fellows of fuch infamous 
ranke, are as fo many bloiidy Goads in the fides of 
Godsfervants ; and the onely men to purfiie all ad- 
vantages againft the faithfiilleft Minifters ; Some are 
of more fober carriage, faire conditions, and feeming 
devotion; Aft. 13.50. Some are the bafeft feUows,the 
moft abjedl and contemptible vagabonds , and the 
very refijfe of all the Rafcals in a Coimtrey. This we 
may fee by lohcomphintjC^ap, 30, But now, laith 
hejthejfthat arejounger thetnl^hti'^e me in derifioft, 

F 2 yifh&fe 

^8 InflrH^ionsftr aright comforting Se6t;r. 

yphofe fathers Itvouldhavedifdained tohavefet with 

thedoggesofmyflockc. They -were children of 

fooles,yeay childrcri of kafe men : they were viler than 
the earth » And now am I their fong^yea^ I am their by* 
word. And in Davids : Pfal. 3 5 . Tea, the ah jeUs ga- 
thered themj elves againfi me, 8cc, and I was the fong 
of the drunkard s^Vfsl.SQ .1 2. And in the Perfecutors 
oi T'auljtA^.l'J .But the lewes which beleeved Hoty 
moved with envie, tookeunto them certatnelewdefel- 
lowes of the baferfort^ &c. Some againe are men of 
place and parts. AsthefameP/^W^complainesin the 
(ame place : They that fit in the gate ^fp cake againfi; me. 

(iD^ Hrfj famx \n€ti. (m) That is, menin high roomes, and ot great autho- 

f»i tut at & taxat i eSj j. j^g 

S"/-;i"«^ES; I i And as all forts of Petfecuto«.fo I comprehend 
Mteratttji4d:tts,&ftn:-^^^^^^<^^^ of perfecution. i By hand; as did Herod. 
oris pltbii,quifeelere,& <iy^B. 12. lulian, Bonner^ &c. 2 With tonguCj by 
convtmrtfeiibant ia mocking, Galat. 4. 24. compared with Gen . 2 1 .^. See 

Uc0fmmum]u4ic> ^ pj^^ ^ fj^^ j j^^ g flandering, even in 
t«i/iryy<»ifiM«i«cr<iz. reporting true things mahciouflyto the prejudice of 
iHdicia tnim <«;r«- Gods children, 7V^/w 52. By reproaching and rcvi- 
baJituriapmu,Ruib.4. \{viQ^,Zeph. 2. 8. By inCulting with in(blent fpeeches, 
rHtatk i^oc, fntfn,£:^^c/j^^^2.znd26.2. 3 Inheart;by hatred,^*«:y&. 
'i'i^?fe4"SS I ^ 5 . By rejoycing in the downefall or difgrace of the 
in membrit ijus con- Saints, Ezech. 35.6. 4 In gefture; E:K.?ch. 25.6. Be- 
impt^qwindo forte M caufe thouhafi clapped thy hands y and fiamped with the 
ciS< erit fiiva Dei p; feety ^c. Behold therefore, I will fir etch out mine hand 
bibere tbrteiates, & thee,&c. Take heedoffo much,as looking fowrc 
fundoyvtlopptdo, uh "pon, or brow-beatmg a lervant of Chnft, Jell thou 
n»n auditkm futvt fmartforit. Looke upon the quoted places, and you 
yerbum Dei. Au^uQ. {hall fee Oftenders in any of thefe kindes, plagued and 
ii^p'V^'' ■ f P^i^ho-"^^ as Perfecutorsof Gods people, nd thus let 
whjikindc. "" ^ ^^^ extremely wicked men be frighted from perfe- 
cuting any way, thofe Men or Meanes, which are ap- 
pointed & fandified, to furnifh us with fpirituall flore 
and ftrength againfi the dayes of evil/, 
III. Ob, Butagainft tnat, which hath beenefaid 


Part I, Cap. 1 4« nyfffii^ed (^onfciences. 6p 

inthisflbintforthe finguladty, and foveraignty of 
grace and good confcience to fupportthe Spirit of a 
Man in evill times, to keepe it calme m the mofl tem- 
peftuous afTaults, and conquering over all commers, it 
may be objeded, and fomc may thuscavill. 

Men, who never were, or ever did defire to be ac- 
quainted with Gods grace or good men, expreffe 
fometimesjand reprefent to By-ftanders an invincible 
floutncfTe, much boldneffe and bravenefle of minde 
in times ofgreateft extremitie, and under moft exqui- 
fite tortures; and therefore it feemes not to be peculi- 
ar to the Saints, and the priviledge of Gods Favou- 
rites alone, to ftand unftiaken in ftormy times, un- 
daunted in diftrefle, and comfortable amidft the moft 
defperateconfiifions ? 

Anfw. I anfwerj Such confidence is onely in the 
face, not in the heart; inforced, not kindely; affe<fted, 
not effeduall; not fprii^ing from the fole Fountaine 
of all found and lafting comfort in humane Soules, 
fenfe of our reconciliation to God in Chrift; but from 
(bme other odde accidentall Motiv€S;from wcake and 
unworthy grounds. 

Chap. XIV. 

Five falfe grounds of confident induring wiferie, 

^Nlome,from an ambitious affecfti- ^ a defire to be ae- 
on of admiration and applaufe, for counted undaunted, 
extraordinary undauntednefTe of 
) fpirit, and high refolution. It is re- 
ported of an Irijh Traitour, that ly- 
^ ing in horrible anguiili upon the 
;^A^^/^, an Engine of cruelleft torture, with his body 
bruis'd, and his bones broken, asked his frie nd (land- 
ing by, whether he changed countenance at all, or no . 
F 3 AtFeaing 

_Q InftruBionsforari^tcornforting Sed.i. 

AfFeding more as it feemes, an Opinion of prodigious 

manlinefle, and unconqiierablenefle in torment; than 

aftedled with the raging paincs oFa moft terrible exe- 

i A pcrfwafKn cf cution. 2 In others,fi:om a ftrong,ftirring perf vvafion, 

the honefty of !ome g^j j confciournefle of the honefty,and honour of fome 

tbt'" uffc? '" ^^^^^^ ^^"^^^^ ^^^ ^^.^^^^ ^^^y ^"^^''- ^f ^o^^^t'^de in this 
* ^ " * cafe, doth not arifejfrom any inspired religious vigour 

or heavenly infufions; but from the feverer inftigati- 
•->. ons of naturall confcience,and acquired manhood of a 
meeremorallPuritane. Many fuch morall Martyrs 
have beene found amongft the more generous, and 
well-bred heathen. It is ftoried of a brave and valiant 
Captaine, who had long, manfully, and with incredi- 
ble courage with-ftood Dionjfim the elder in defence 
of a Citie; that Hee fuftained with flrange patience, 
and height of fpirit the mercilefle fury of the Tyrant, 
and all his barbarous cruelties : moft unworthy of 
Him, that fuffered them, but moft worthy him that 
inflicted thefame. Fir^ theTyr.int told himyhotv the 
day before ^hehad caufed hisfenne, andallhis kinsfolkes 
to be drown d.ToKvhom the Caftainefiomly out -flaring 
Him, anjrpered nothing, but that they mere more hat ~ 
fy than himfelfejby the jpace of one day. After-K>ard hee 
eaufed him to befiripped, and by his executioners, to be 
taf^en^and dragged through the (^ity mofl ignominioHfly, 
cruelly whipping Him, and charging Him befides, with 
outragiousandcontHmeliottiJpeeehes: All which not- 
TPtthftandingf as One no whit difmaide, Hee ever /hew- 
ed a confiant, and refolute heart, cy^nd with a cheer e- 
full, and bold countenance, went onflilly lowdly recount 
ting the honourable and gloriom caufe of his death -^ 
which was, that he would never confent to yeeld his 
Country into the hands of a cruellTyrant. With fuch 
ftoutneffe did even meere morall vertue fteele the an- 
tient Romane fpirits, that in worthy defence oi their 
liberty^ for prefervation of their Country, or other 
fuch Boble ends; They indifferently contemned gold, 


Part I. Cap. 1 4.. j^. jffJUSled ^onfcienccs, 71 

filver, death, torture; and vvbatfoever elie miferable 
worldlings hold deare,or difmall, 3 .In fonie,from an 3 An extrcamc hard- 
extreme hardnefle of heart, which makes themfenfe- n^ffcothc«t. 
jefteandiearelefseof £hame, mifery, or any terrible 
thing. This we may ibmetimes obf erve in notorious 
malefadors. A long rebellious, and remorfelefse con- 
tinuance, and cuftome in finne,raging infeflions from 
their roaring companions; a Ririous purfuit oFoutra- 
ges, and bloud ; Satans hot iron fearing their coi/ci- •- 
ences, and Gods juft curfe upon their fearefull, and 
fbrlorne courfes, fo fill them with foole-hardinefse, 
and with liich a fcrall difpofition, that they are defpQ- 
rately hardened againft all affronts and difafters. So 
that though fuch favage-minded, and marble-hearted 
men be to pafte thorough the ftreets, as (pedlacles of 
abhorrednefse and fcorne, as hatefiill monfters, and 
the reproach of Mankinde; to be thro wne into a Dun- 
geon of darkenefse, and difcomfort, and there to bee 
leaden with cold irons, coldnefle, and want ; from 
thence to bee hurried to that loathed place of execu- 
tion, and there to dye a dogges death, as they fay; and 
finally to fall immediately and irrecoverably into a 
Lake of fire : yet, I fay, for all this, out of a defperate 
hard-heartednefle, they feeme ftill to be in heart ; and 
to reprefent to the beholders , a great deale of un- 
dauntedneffe, and negleft of danger in their carriage, 
and countenances. O the prodigious Rocke , into 
which the flone in a graceleffe heart may grow ; both 
in refped of defperatenefle in finning , and fenfelef^ 
nefle in fuftering ! 4. In others,from an enraged thirfl ^ j^ ^^^ ^^^^ 
after humane praiie, and immortall fame , as they call praife; 
it. Which may be fb prevalent in them,and tranfpbrc 
them with fuch a vaine-glorious ambition this way; 
that it may carry them with much feeming infenfi- 
bilitic, afFeded patience, and artificiall courage tho- 
row the terrours, and tortures, of a very violent, and 
Martyr-like death. Heare what AnfiiH faith to 

F 4 this 

72 InJiru^ivHS for a right comforting^ . Sed. i. 

Pu'ath Caihdkes dc this point, Thinkeye there never were any Catholickf^ 
fufjettuiditije pofjey ^^ thfit noyv there may net he [ome , that vpoHldfufer 
(u, tauji bumui^ii.. .g^^iyfg^ f^g p^^:r^ ^1^,„ ? jfr^gy^ were not C^ch lAnde 
tfcnt hu]tjmdd,hom:- ofmen.the ApTlle iron Id not have faid. Though I give 
jjof^Tion ditifCi Apvtio' my bodie to be burned^ and have not charity , I am no" 
liitiJitradid'.iouTpiu thing. He did knotv rightivell^that there mitrht be fame, 
mum,utard,am.(,bA fphichrpoptlddo it ottt of vaine -gloria ^ and felfe-love^ 

TaL^ ^^^S^. «^^ fi"- ^^■^'■'^^ ^^^^' ^^"^ '^'^^'n 'f ^°^' ^ ^i^e bot- 

dtft. *Stiibat oib cfe tomlefle depth of helliOi hypocriiie, which lyes hidde 
pcffe qucfdam, qui hoc in our corrupt hearts 1 O the blinde and perverfe 
jaclansntfacennt^nen thoughts of tbolilh men 1 O the murderous malice oF 
Pfaf"""' ^"^""' '" Jthatoldrr^ Dragon, which exercifeth fuch horrible 
This "^humour Yuo crueltie both upon our bodies and ibules ! j.Infome, 
haunicd the Hca from falfe grounds of a fuppoled good eftate to God- 
thcn, imongft whom ward ; from an unfound perfwafion of their prefent 
ihc moQ wicked did fpJTituall well-beins;,andfiiture well-fare. Such Pha^ 

leave fcmercmem. ^'A-^»/^''^^-^^^''i*''-^'2"^/''''*^'*^'^/'^*M^ ^^^ to 

branceof the irfclvc 5 be found in all ages of the Church, efpecially, in the 

to poftericy w.-tnciTc faireft, and mofl flourifhing dayes thereof, and when 

that unknown fellow, th^ Go(pell hath the freeft pa{Iage,who thus many 

whocffctf urporcdd ^^ -j^ ^^g greateft of all earthly extremities , even 

barnthe Tcmplcof i • i ^ r i t r n t i 

Di<i«ainff/»J!?f/«iiwho upontheir beds oi- death repreient to all about them 
being demanded from a groundlefle preemption of being reconciled 
wherefore he did i', unto God, a great dcale of confidence,reiblution,and 
anlwcrcd thathede- many glorious expedtations. Vpon a partiall furvay, 
table villany ("feeing ^P pcrufall of their timepalt, not Itamd perhaps 
fcyvcrtue he could with any great enormities, notoriouftiefle, or infa- 
not^ 10 leave feme mous finnc; out of a vaine-glorious conlcioufneffe un- 
memory behind him to themfelves of their many good parts, generall gra- 
h waS',";im f ttT ^^'' §^^^ ^^^^^' ^"^ plaufiblenefTe with the moft ; by 
timci they wculd ad tealbn of a former obftinated diflafte and prejudice 
venture derpctatcly, againft finceritie, and the power of godlinefTe, as 
?nd paflc thorow, though it were unneceflarie fingularitie and peevifh- 
wura cman-ccr'o "^^^' ^"^ ^^ ii^^y be, confirmed alfo unhappily in 
rail fffl"a'onjr i°r ^^^^^'" ^pirituall fdfe-coufenage, by the unskilfiiU, and 
praifc of men j or to be any wales fanious in following agcj, s A f^Kc fuppoficion of 
*hcir good cftaie to God- ward. 


Part I. Cap. I. AffliSied Confciences, yj 

iinfeafonable palliations, I meane mif-applications of 
fomeabufed promifes unto their imhumbled foules, 
from iomo. dawhifigM\m{\.ixs,2i generation of z-z/^y? Ezjk. i:.ii. 
men, excellent Ideots in the my llerie of Chrift , and '^•''- 9 t y. The Pra. 
mercifull cut-throates of many miferable deluded ^^f^^J^^i* '^^'^^ ^^^ 
follies, to whom they promiie life and fence , when E^gk, i*.*,g, '- 

there is no peace towards, but terrible things even at 
hsinAjtiimbling of garments in h loud, noife oi diZmnei\ Ifa 9 5* 
{bules, and tormenting in hell for ever; I fay h-om fuch 
' falfeand failing grounds as thefe, they many times in 
that laft extremitiefthe Lord not revealing unto them 
the unfoundnefle of their fpirituall eftate, and rotten- 
nefle of their hopes) demeane thenjlelves chearfully, 
and comfortably, as though they were prelently to let 
foot into heaven, and to lay hold upon eternall Hfe; 
but,God he knows , without any juft caufe or true 
ground. For .immediatly upon the departure of the 
fbuJe from the bodie , fhall they heare that wofuU 
doome from C/jri^Jowne mouth, as himfelfe hath 
told us before-hand, D^/j^^rf from me ; I never knew -^^^^^ _ ^. 
you. Such men asthele, having beene formerly ac- 
quainted with, and exercifed in the outward formes 
and complements of Religion,are wont at (iich times 
to entertaine their vifitants and by-ftanders , with 
;rjany goodly Speeches, and Serif ture-^^hvTS&s , repre- 
fenting their contempt of the world, willingnelTe to 
dye, readinefle to forgive all the world , hope to be 
faved, defireto bediffolved, and be in heaven, &c. 
They may cry aloud with muchformall confidence, Many having fcrvcd 
Lord, Lord, open tons '^ mercie, mercie, in the name of '1^^'^ appetites all 
Chrifi,LordfefHs receive our jpirits,ecc, which laft Jo'thinke^au'heft- 

verc Cotnman^cments of the AiNpowcifuIl God, were given but m Iportj and that the 
<hort breath, which wcdrawjwhen death prefleih U5, if we canbut falliionii:, totltt 
found of mercy, is lufficient: quam muti^ faith a reverend Father, cum b3.c fpe ad attr- 
nos laboic> & bdU dtfandunt IxowU In ihe Preface to his Hiftory of the World. Many 
conceit as great an efficacy in iheTe fivewordi, hotd have mtnj upon wc, fpokenwitb 
theirlaftbrcathjfor their trJrfl)tion of theit foules into heaven, asthe Papiflsdocof 
their five words of confccraiiooifor the tr«nfubftantiation of their Hofte. T>ik!i, 



InfiruEiions for a right comforting, Stdi. i . 

ejaculations, did they fpring from a truly broken, pe- 
nitent, and heavenly heart , and were they the peri- 
ods, and conclufionsoFawell-fpent life, might blef- 
ledlybreake open with unrefiilable power the gates 
of heaven ; unlocke the richtrcafures of immortality, 
and fill the departing foule, with the Hiining beames 
of Gods glorious prelence : but unto them fuch good- 
ly and glorious fpeeches are but as fo many catchings 
and fcrablings oFa man over head in water -.-he ftrug- 
gles, and ftrives tor hold to fave him^elfe ; but hee 
grafpes nothing but water j it is ftill \vater which he 
catches j and therefore finks and drownes. 

Chap. XV. 

7. A fixth f^lfe ground, of confident htduringmife^ 
ries, J I, A conclujion of the firji DoHrine, 

^Amiftuidsd zeale ^ 
ftich at in 

AncicBtly^the 2)«»<i 




I Mabumettms. 

N Others, from a mif-guided head- 
ftrong zeale in will-worj(hip ; an 
impotent, peremptory conceit,that 
theyfufferinthecaufeofGod, and 
for the glory of Religion. This un- 
hallowed furie poflefled many He- 
retickes of old. Vpon this falfe ground, the (a) Dona- 
tifis in the fourth Century after Chrijl- offered thcm- 
felves willingly, and fuflfeted death moft couragiouf- 
ly. And fo did the (b) Eufhewites, who for the mul- 
titude of their fuppofed Martyrs, would needs be cal- 
led Martyriahs, Stories alfo tell us,that THrkes^Tar- 
tars, 2ind Mores both fight and dye moft bravely and 
might; by tui njng refolutely for the blafphemous opinions of Mahomet, 

nor,cbQfingraihcrtoan^<^c'^P^'"^^c^i^-throates , who would without all 
dye, and (»ik is re- Icrupk or feare undertake to dilpatch any man,whom 
ported^ alfo to kUl tjjgir Generall commanded them to murther, dyed of- 
ihcmfclvcs, ihao to tdfltimes 

Parr . I . Cap .15. AffltEied Concjciences, n j 

tentimeswith great conftancyandundilhiayednefle: foriakc thciidacnna. 
And diis tbey accounted a (peciall point of Religion. WefupeiftitJon. E\{i^ 
Butefpecially at this day,the Popiil-i "Pfeude-martyrs, oftheiMk^i ptg xt-^, 
indeed true Tray tors, arc ftarke mad with this fuper- ^J^^ Akfvs arc t 
{k-kious rage.Firil, they drinke full deepe ofthQ^o/den company of moft dc- 
c^p oFabhominabl e forntcatlon i n the hand of the great fpera: e md dange. 
fvhore. Immediately wbsreupon they grow into an 'ousmen aiiiongthc 
unfatiable and out-ragious thirft after the bloud of Jf,^J;7'''''"j^lJj,3 
Soules, empoyfoning them with the doctrine of De- withihe blindewalc 
vils : An J alio after the bloud ok whomfoever with- of their fuperftuion, 
ftands their accurfed itiperftitions J even-though they and ccouming it 
weave Imperial/ (^rorpnes upon their heads ; by plot- ai"ifon^"»> by^' y 
ting, and pradiifing treafons, patricides , affafinates, " "a" ^n.^y of ih"r 
empoyfbnings, ruines of whole Nations , barbarous rdioion^forthepcr- 
Maflacres, blowing up of Par /laments, and a world of fomianceihcrcofj as 
bloudie mifchiefes , which caft an inexpiable ftaine, ^^^ prodigal] of 

and obloquie upon the innocencie oi Chriftian Reli- ;'^''^,''^"'*^'*P^'."^ 
Ainu .-n- / r 1 ly aaventurc thcm- 

gion. Atlaft,tbeycometoT)^;/r»f , or lomeother j-jycsuntoail kindc 
place ofjuft execution; and then they will needs beare of dangers. Hi^tr.cf 
the world in hand, that they are going towards hta- /^f7"Ar>i«,5fl^.ii9. 
ven, to receive a Cronvne of Martyrdome. They leeme 
there alreadie to triumph extraordinarily, and tocon- 
temne tortures: with an affeded bra verie, they tram- 
ple up6n the Tribunals of j/^/^V^jkiffe the inftruments 
ofdeath,inligneofhappinefleat hand; and throwe 
rhany refolute, and rcjoycing fpeeches , amonglt the 
people, as though they had one foot in heaven alrea- 
die. When alas 1 poorc, blinde, mif-guided Soules, 
while they thus wilftiUy & defperately abandon their 
lives upon a groundlefle, and gracelelTe conceit , that 
they {Kail become crowned Martyrs ; they are like a 
man, who lying afleepe upon an high and fteep Rock, 
dreames that he is created a King , guarded with a 
goodly traine of ancient Nobles/urniflied with many 
princely .houfes, and ftately palaces,enriched with the 
revenews, majeil;ie, and magnificence of a mightie 
king4ome,.attended with all the pleasures,, his heart 

could I 

'J 6 InfirH Slions for a right comforting Se(^ i . 

could defire, &c. But ftartingupupon the fudden,and 
leaping for joy ; falls headlong, and irrecoverably into 
the raging Sea ; and To in lieu i of that imaginary hap- 
pinefle he vainely grafped in a dreame , hee deftroyes 
himfelfe, and lofeth that little reall comfort , he had 
in this miferable life. That damned paire of incarnate 
Devils, the Englifh Fawk^s, and French Ravi/lac; the 
one, after that m the Popes caufe, he had embnied his 
hands in the Royall bloud of a mightie King, and the 
greateft Warriour upon earth;The other having done 
his utmofl: to blow up at once,the glory, power, wife- 
dome ; the Religion, peace, andpofleritie of the mofl: 
renowned State under the heavens ; were both pro- 
digioufly bold, confident, peremptory. But was this 
courage, think you, infpiredinto them,by the Lyon of 
the Trih offudah,a\rcdidy triumphant in the heavens j 
or by that roaring Dragon of the bottomleffe pit ? A 
man of an underfl:anding,impartiall, difcerning ipirit, 
would Icarcely wifh a clearer demonftration of the 
truth,and orthodoxnes of our Keligion,than to marke 
the different ends of our blefled Martyrs in Queene 
A/aries timeySind thoCePepifh Traytors, which are 
fometimes executed amongft us .They both ordinarily 
at their ends exprefle.a great deale of confidence : But 
in'&it Pfeudo>^Catholickes Antichrifiian Afartjrs , it 
is fb enforced, artificiall, ambitious, affedled ; Their 
fpeeches fo cunning, andcompofed uponpurpofe to 
feduce the fimple ; Their laft behaviour io ploy:ed be- 
fore-hand, and formally acfled; Their prayers foun- 
heartie, plodding, and perfundlory ; Their whole car- 
, riagefo unfpiritualljand unlike the Saints of God, dis- 
covering neither former acquaintances with the my- 
(leries of true fandlification, nor thofe prefent feeling 
elevations of fpirit, which are wont to fill the (bules, 
which are rcadie to enter into the joyes of heaven; 
that to a fpirituall ey e,to a man verft in the purity, and 
power of godlinefle, it is mofl: cleare, that their com- 

Part I. Cap. i s- AffUEled Confciences, 77 

fort in luch cafes, is of no higher ftrainej nor flronger 
temper,tban the morall refolution of an Heathen, and 
head-ftrong conceit of Herefie can reprefent, or reach 
nnto. ItisotherwifewiththetrueyI/.^r/^y/of /^<?/>«, 
ilaine moft cruelly by that great whore , the M O- 
T H E R of H A R L O T S, drunken with a world 
of innocent bloud, as with fweet Wine : As we may 
fee and fecle in that glorious Marty riology of our 
Ay^/w/j, inthemcrcilefletiniesofQiieene-^^r/. The 
conftantprofellion, and power of our moft true, and 
ever-bleried Religion did create fuch an holy , and 
humble Majcfty in their carriages; fuch a deale ofhea- 
ven, and fober undauntednefTe in their countenances; 
fuchjoyfull fpringings,andfpirituall ravifliments in 
their hearts -lUch grace, and powerfull piercings in 
theirfpeeches; (iich zeale,and heartie meltings in their 
prayers; fuch triumphant , and heavenly exultations 
amid the flames: that it was more than manifeft,both 
to heaven and earth ; to men and Angels, that their 
caulej was the caufe of God ; their Murtherer , that 
Man efftnne ; their bloud, the feed of the Church; 
their foules, the jewels of heaven ; and their prcfent 
paflage,the right and ready way, to that unfading and 
moft glorious Crojvne of Martj/rdomeJXhzx. which in 
fidion, was fathered upon Father Campien, was moft 
true of every one of our true Martyrs : 

That everie one might fay, with heavie heart that 
flood: . 

Herejpeaks a Saint, here dyes a Lamhe,herefiorpes 
the gHtltlejfe bloud. 
Thus you have heard, upon what weake props and 1 1. Conclullon of : 
fandy foundations that confidence ftands,and is built, thcficndoaiine. 
which carnal! men feeme to lay hold upon with great 
bf averie in times of trouble,aiid diftreffe.Butthe com- 
fort which fweetly fprings from that fpirit,! fpeak of^ 
liipportedjoutoffpeciallfavoar, andmtereft, by the 
hand of God, All-fufficient , and the unconquerable 

calmneile . 

. g InfirH^ions for a right comforting StOi. i , 

calmneffe of a good confcience is grounded upon a 

iJo<ri^f; upon which, though the r^/wi? defcendf, the • 

flouds come, the tvindes blow, the tempefts beat ; yet ic 

{z)Vvfmtx perUu- ftands like Mount Zion,inre, fober, ftrcng, lafling, 

iisvirtt »"»;>""»;- impregnable. Nay,Witisof that heavenly metall, 
C«. Eos non vu tern- K ,.^. Y • j- i l • 

poris^nonprincipisur. Sinddwrneum^QTythat it ordinarily gathers vigour 

rer^notttmioyjionlni and puififance from the w^ortds rage; and growes in 
vidia, wm mtwy mn ftrength and relblution together with theencreafe of 
Mcufator,nonca'uniiti- ^n unjuft oppofitions : Perfecutions , and refiftance 
SIK^^tcTJ/Jf-^erve as a provocation, andfeafoning to it'sfweet- 
noiinfidiasftruemjnon nefle. It is not enforced, formall, artificiall, affected, 
infptcitmm(ier,no»(i- furious, defperate, mifgroundcd, ambitieus , upon an 
lienuit nm aumm^ hoc humour, in the face onely, onely in hot bloud, out of a 
«/?, «J^^«^*'^J>J*«2 vain-glorious pang,&c. Such may be found in Aliens^ 
f^lTmdiBrlTtrKqite.ve' and refolute reprobates. It were nothing worthie, if 
tut In talorum tiidoja- ftrangers might meddle with it : If men or devils, or 
ilantur, nonverbomm the whole world could take it from us ; If it were fu- 
Itlccebrte^non tnm^.nfn ftajng^ oncly by any created power, or arme of flefli. 
S(r.«t JK ThisPearle that! praife.andperfwadeunto is ofan 
rnm profit i?tioni in eoi higher price, and more tranlcendent power, than any 
prepuy wagtiai i/'^^ unregenerate man can poiTibly compafTe, or compre- 
d'tvitias, qua infau-- hend. It hath for it's feat, afandlified Soulejfor the 
ptrtatefita/mtjmbU pountaineof it's refrefhing, the Spirit of all comfort; 
fim ahjent'mm , aut for it s toundation,the favour of Godjtor it s warrant, 
prteftntjumj aut inex- thepromifes olAmen, thefaithfull, and true fVitneJfe; 
fdtatme poftmum for it's objed, an immortall Crowne ;for it's conti- 
extuUt^ aut adduure. nuance, the prayers of all the Saints ; for it's compa- 
totmt, ttt determes • • ^ ^ ^ • • -ui l i /- 

v^j^j' ^^^^ -g_ nions, inward peace, invincible courage , an holy le- 

trd,exiplIsptricu>U v> curitie of minde ; for it's end and perfedion , fttlnejfe 
resmtjorts coUegtrunt^ of joy,andfleafHres at Gods right hand for evermore, 
atque atmri m'mo In a word, this couragious comfort , and true noble- 

SS"^dX- "^^^""^^P^"^*^^^^^^"^^^^^^^^ ^^^'^ ^^ thetrue- 
fm(m mubuouitt. hearted Chriftian doth differ as much from, and as 
Hujufmdi enim vim farre (iirpafies all the groundleffe confidences of what 

babet temmna pro 

Cbri(linmiae/ufc(ptajUt ardtniiores amori ftetsjubdatt vitifque ia animi magniiudiite priC' 

ftaniibui adjeqi e»:ia artamimqueji ar>at6T.is iuJifftf}odivicemprttbtat,>iizan.O!:at.^4, 


Part. 2, Cap. I. AfjiiEiedConJciences^ ^ ^p 

carnall men, or religious Counterfeits fbever ; as the 
reall poflefllon of gold, an imaginarie dreameof gold; 
as the true nacurall lively Crape , which glads the 
heart, a painted juycelefie Grape , which onely feeds 
the'eye; as a ftrong, and mightie Oake,rooted deeply 
ill the earth, which no ftorme or tempefi can difplant 
or overthrow, a ftake in a dead hedge, or ftafFe Ilucke 
lightly into the ground,which every hand may fnatch 
away, or blaft of winde fiipplant, and overthrow. 

Sedl. I. Part. 2, 

*The DoSlrineofthe intolerahlene^eef a. vtonnded 
Confcience proved, 

^Econdly, the trouble "oFa wounded The atiribtjte of 
confcience,is further amplified by it*s « wounded fpirifj 
Attribute, intolerableneffe. ^«/^ <« w^«n" *^« 
yvoundedfpirit whocan ^eare^'Whence 

Do^r. That the torture ofa trou- Doarine of the tor- 
bled Confcience is intolerable. ture ofa troabkd con- 
, £eaf,j. In all other afflidions, onely the y^r«(r(?/j;"cnce with u'srca- 

fleji is our adverfary ; we contend but with creatures °j^^^ adverfarics ir* 
at moft ; wee have to do but with man , or at worft, rcfiftablcneflc. 
with devils : but in this tranfcendent miftry, we con- 
flid immediately with God himfelfecFraile man with 
Almightie God;{inhill man with that moft holy God; 
JVhofe eyes are purer than to behold evilly andrfho can- ^ l^'^^^h 
not looks upon iniquitie. TVho then can ftand before his ® ""'* * 
indignmonf Who can abide in thepercene^eofhis an- 
ger? when hisfnrie u powred ottt li^efirt^andthe Rocks 
^e throvf^e dayvne by him: When he comes agalnfi a Hofcais.Si. 
Wan M A Beare that ii bereaved of her fVhelpSy to rent 

g(> JnfiruBUns for aright comfortmg Seftl. 

the very cahU ef his heart yanA to devour e him like a 
Lion. No more than the drieft fiubble canrefift the 
fiereft flame ; the ripe corne , the mowers fliarpeft 
fythe ; or a garment,lhe moath: no more.nay infinite- 
ly Icflecan any power of man or Angell withftand the 
mighty Lord of heaven and earth, whenheisangrie 
^j. . for fmne. Tyhen thou, faith David, with rebnhes corre~ 

*Scd prima Intuifuab. ^eft man for iaiquitte, thou as a* moath makefi his 
fmdavidmpfltt com- (feauty to confume, Alas ! when a poore polluted 
faraiit 'Dei cum tinti, ^vretch, upon fome fpeciall illumination by the Word, 
^utdenmaffine haoet g^traordinarie ftroke from the rod, doth once be- 
tnajefias ? Rtfpandeo, gm to behold Godshownmg tace agamft him, m the 
apiiffimi DAv'tAm hdc pure glafle of bis moft holy Law ; and to feele divine 
fimiiitudint fttSe «- juftice by an invifible hand, taking fecret vengeance 
fum, utftiammyquam ^^ j^- ^ confcience : his heavie heart immediatelv 
i^JT^C^S -/"aw,y inhis breaft and^,«»« ^^.ur. h4 
tamn tcculta imma- faints and failes, both in the ftrength ot his bodie, and 
Udihione «»/«wi re- ftoutneffeofhisminde. His bones, the pillars, and 
probosy M tinea cm mafter-timberof his earthly tabernacle, are prefently 
ZmVbZT&fiml broken mpkcts,znd turn'd into rottemejfe : Hisfpi- 
nfpicJ ad txcelkmi- fit the eye and excellencie ofhis foule , which (hould 
m, qtam dUit ^aa^illighten, and make lightfome the whole man, is quite 
futredineconumfiyuiii put out,and Utterly overwhelm'd,with exceffeoflior- 
Dmmu$ tli^ficHU ^^^^^ ^^^ fl^^^gs of defpaire. O this is it, which would 
^vlff/fTtabTcotfi. notonelycrufli the courage of the ftouteft fonne of 
€h t'tm. Calvin. Adam, that ever breath'd upon earth jbut even breake 
the backe of the moft glorious Angell , that did ever 
{hine in heaven, fliould he lift up but one rebellious 
thought again ft his Creatour I This alone is able to 
make the talleft ^edar in Le&^non, the ft rongeft Oake 
inMa/att;I meane the higheft looke, and the proudeft 
heart; the moft boiftcrous Nimrod, or fwaggering 
Beljhazx^r^ to bow and bend, to ftoope and tremble, 
as the leaves of. the .fyrrefii that are fhahen jvith the 

mnde, •' -' ''' '■.'.•,.•..' V .'■ 

% Ottf owne punini. 2. In aU other adverfities,a man is ft ill a friend un- 
ng our rohch to himiielfei i& vours himfeUe, and reaches out his beft 


Pare 2. Chap. I . AffiiHed Confciences, g I 

confiderations to bring in comfort to his heavy heart. 
But in this, he is a fcourge to himfelfe, at warre wi th 
himfe]fe,an enemie to himfelFe. He doth greedily and 
induftrioufly fetch in as much matter, as he can poffi- 
bly, both imaginarie and true, to enlarge tlie rent,and 
aggravate his horrour . He gazes willingly in that falfe 
glaffe, which Satan is wont in fuch cafes, to fet before 
him ; wherein by his hellilh malice he makes an infi- 
nite addition both to the alreadie unnumbred multi- 
tude, and to the too truehainouihefle othis finnes;and 
would faine, if he will be led by his lying cruelrie,mif- 
reprefent to his affi-ighted imagination, every Gnat as 
a Cornell ; everie moat as a mole-hill; everie mole-hill 
as a mountaine ; every luftfull thought as a Sodomiti- 
call villanie ; everie idle word as a delperate blafphe- 
mie ', every angrie looke as an a(fluall bloudie murder; 
every intemperate paffion, as an inexpiable provoca- 
tion; every diftradion in holy duties,as a damnable re- 
bellion ; every tranfgrelTion againft light of confci- 
ence, as a finne againft the holy Ghofi, 8cc. Nay , in this 
amazedneffe of fpirit,and difpofition to delpaire, he is 
■apt even of his owne accord , and with great eager- 
nefle, to arme everie feverall finne,a3 it comes into his 
minde with a particular bloudy fting,that it may ftrike 
deepe enough, and fticke faft enough in his alreadie 
grieved fbule. He imploy es and improves, the excel- 
lencie, andutmoftofhislearning,underftanding,wir, 
memory, (^) to argue with all fubtiltie, with much (aJsedFraucifcusspi^ 
Sophiftry, againft die pardonableneffe of his finnes, ''* fnirifagadtMt ad 
and poffibilitieof falvatiGn. Hee wounds even his (^^jl'^^^fpindeht--. 
wounds, with a conceit,they aremcuraole,and vexes J^^ torguebat agekdt- 
his very vexations, with refufing to bee comforted, queia contramm far- 

tern magna. violtntU 
^rgumin'.o''U,^ txdmvTA'iiif oration^A mpctii—^'^-'il pgtukadanpiifrp n'unibil tam acctm- 
modaie adfirri, qnodtionilkve( rBftUentarptuJfml^vildudeet callidiffimiy vel diffolvertt 
pr0WpnJJi'Ne.Siepiinirat?iefpfu}aisgitav't,eum nequaquimfuijfe itM ptrfpUacem in \udki$ 
dogmaium, itapono exm'mnim in difputatienibm thtdogidi^ amfamu efet. Hift- Dc Fran- 
ctfc Spiral, p. I to 121, 

G Not 

8 i JnflruSlionsfor a right comforting S e^ . I • 

(y^ It js (aid of the Not onely crofTss, af}ii<5lions, temptations, and all 
Ismc p;ra; thac In matttcr oFdifcoHtentment ; but even the mod defira- 
Td^fiforTM^m ble things alio in this life, and thofe which minifter 
n9n6ntcr'*'*vn'iii'& ^^^ outward comfort ; wife, (^) children, friends; 
nanuitqf.atttion9rnr/i gold, goods, great mens favours: preferments, ho- 
fmptr exberrifctre. nours, otiices , even (f j pleafures themfelves everie 
Ibii. p. 84. . . thing : whatfoever is within him, or without him> or 
^bic'^ZlZT^Tq^L (4) '-^f^o'^ic him : whatfoever he thinkes upon, remem- 
csrpam hibliumwmu- feers, hcares, {cts, turne all to his torment. No marveil 
taty ttiam indlk:'s,'iK then, though the terrour of a wounded confcience be 
iripudyiy in fym^ofi]i. (^ jntolei able. 

&i. camfumrnixir- ^^ ^^^ exultation, of the foule,and fpirituall rc=- 

(ct. Lcmauus lib, 4 ^ ui r n i l • 1 

^ap j,^ trefhments do mcomparably lurpafle , both in excel- 

(i) Contra mtqiiacun lencie of objefl, and fweetnefle of apprehension all 
qusfuntufpiamjincce pleafuresof fcnfe, and bodily delights tfo affliflions- 
k&fub Calojonjt4'-^Qf-^i^ fo^^j^^ and fpirituall pangs do infinitely exceed, 
j^ctnlZM^'clem^ ^^^^ ^" bitternefib offenfcand intenfion oflbrrow the 
ta^mmdiuy Dtuif An- moft exquihte tortures, can poQlbly be inflifted upon^ 
|f/j, hemines, duboh the* body For the foule is a fpirit,very fubtile,quicke, 
Hift.dcSpirapag.»2» aiftive, ftirring, all life, motion, fenle, feeling : and 
^ct^m^^^xlt"^^^ therefore farre more capable and apprehenfive, of all 
* Muitojavw I'ongeq, kindes of imprefTionSjwhether pafTions of pleafure,or 
tttmior t(l anmi , infli6Vions of paine. 

^uant corperii crucU- ^. Thisextreameftof miferies,/^ w'o^W^^^/V//-, is 

tM. Ummm'5. lib. i . ^gmpgred with fiich ftrong,and ftrange ingredients of 

Tmb'paaAintoUrtbi extraordinary feares, that it makes a man a terronrto 

liar, quanio fpintm himfe/fe, and to all his friends : To fee ivhen nonepHr- 

terporcfubitliijr. fues^at thefonndof a Jhaken leafe : To tremble at hfs 

4 The cffcds arc owne fhadow : to be in great feare^ vehere nafeare is: 

?""o*°°"' Befides the infupportable burthen of too many true 

ProT z?! f. and caufefull terrours , it fills his darke and dreadfull 

Lcvifi 16. 37. fancie with a world of fained horrors, gaftly appariti- 

Kal. 53«$. ons, and imaginarie hells , which not with (landing, 

have reall flings ,. and imprefle true tortures upon his 

trembling and wofull heart. It is empoyfoned with 

fuch rcftle(reanguifli,and defperate paincthat though 

li^ be moft fweet,and hell uioft horrible^yet it makes 


Part 2 .Cap. I . nyfffliUed C^fifciences, 8 3 

a man wilfully to abandon the one , and willingly to 
embrace the other, that he may be ridde of it's rage. 
"Hence it was, that Judas preferred an halter and hell, 
before his prefent horroiir. That S^ira. (aid often, 
(what heart quakes not to heare it?) that he envied 
(k) C^/;?,i'/?^/,andA'^*«^:wil'hing rather any of their C^^^^pi dixit infcFi, 
roomcs, in the dun-ieon of the damned , than to have ^'^^^ spimfernvki:^ 
his poore heart io rent m pieces withfuch raging ter- ^^^ ib;d.p«a.j, 
rours, and fiery dclperations upon his bed of death. Optars isih'leca ludie 
Whereupon at another time being C/) asked, Whe- & cainnj}t\b\d p.j? 
ther he feared more fearefull torments after this life: ^^ '^'^ ^"^^ immlftt 
Yes, faid he: but I dcfire nothing more, then to be in f '*** '■'' '"H "^ ^"'« 
thatplace,wnere I lliall expeet no more. Expectation, nm iaexiagMm 
as it feemesjof future, did infinitely aggravate and en- «/ bonore, cor/ujionel 
rage his alreadie intolerable torture. defpiratlota [ubue r«- 

5. The Heathens, who had no fuller fight of the ^'"'":- ^^f.v<mk 
foulenefTe of finne, or more f marring fenfe of divine ^e^Xw'^S'J 1*» 
vengeance for it, than the light of naturall confcience runt, mfelonie dturi^ 
was able to afford and reprelentunto them ; yet were trlinjlatutjfe leftetw, 
wont in fidionto fhadow out in fomeforr, and inti- q»^»>liftp^rstd a tor, 
mate unto us, the infufterable extremities of a minde ^^^J '^^^^.cumjud*^ 
troubled inthisl<inde;byhellirhfuries,followingma- ^a/M*//:-/ ^'de^tram' 
lefadors with burning fire-brands, and flames of tor- /« Uco cuiafvU mrtui 
ture: What underftanding then is able to conceive,or &dmnaiiefe powht 
tongue to report , in what cafe that finfuU conlcience ^"^'^ j^^"^ "^/"^^ w- 
muft needs be,when it is once awakened ; wbich,be- ^^n'^^jfj ^^f^ ^ '* Y- 
fides the notions of naturall light, hath ^Ko, the iull luptrodeiumy^'^i^igl 
Sunne of Gods (acred Word,and that pure cye,which nem inextinHkm it* 
is ten thoufand times brighter than the Sunne , and cordiipenttntia exedc' 
cannot looke upon iniquitie , to irradiate and enrage ^'^'^^^.'^^"^'iUtltntfi 
ittotheheigh^ofguiltinefle. anddepth of horrour? ^ZZlZZul 

^<e &qu:i emJIefeiam 
tnorlf/um &deniti<:tumfeyquar»i»hacvrtatalUu4pr(tnia^giiPif.>iicci Laurent in /Jexi- 
pharniaroadreifus dcipcraijcrj* ptrt<m pag, ^i. (\)T^9neHUi iie^^tintertpzabantytcquid 
futnres pi'ft haHvltam cruciiituiaeoLifinSftt/t tnaiorti patmUMit^qva'fi adhuc ia fstttuce 
fintiret ? ^itihu* illtftftquidtm Li?igd duriera.&gftviera tx^ttlaH. C- j'M vtfuiptrhorrefce- 
reinibilta/KiTnequi expaere, acdifidcrare^qt^amutidiafdimcbclucaiur^ r-kd(u/^, vnnffetf ki. 
biiip^graviusjicrtimtlemdumfdHt. Ibid.pag. gs. 5.ThcHc; »hcnuhoUtht nit/, 

G 2 Both 

g^ JnJimEiioHS for a right comforting Se(5t. r . 

Both heart and tongue ; man and Angell muft let that 
alone for e/er. For none can take the true eflimite 
of this immefurable ipirituall mifcrie, but he that can 
comprehend the kngth, and breadth of that infinite 
unrellftable wrath, which once implacably enkindled 
in the bofbme of God, burnes to the very bottome of 
hell, and there creates the extremitie and cndlefnefle 
ofallthofeunexpreflable torments, and fiery plagues, 
which atliid the devils and damned loulesin that hor- 
rible pit. 

6. Not onely the defperate cries o£ Cain, Ittdas, 
Ap^h ^fch U fucK ^^) Latomui^ and many other (iich miferable men of 
c'o L«/wc«/,"c«iw u forlorne hope, but alfo the wofull complaints even of 
m\imAti(MtramiV Gods ownedeare children difcover the truth of this 
rww#), veritatim E- point, to wit, the terrours and intolerablenefle of a 
vlBle!^airfCl■enm],ug^^^^Q^^^^Q^ confcience. Heare how rufolly three anci- 
*^^Ivil«it't^tS'J% ^"^ Worthies in their times wraftled with the wrath 
^w, Chti^. fidtlf im-' of God in this kindic. I reckoned till morning, faith He- 
rtuv'jfvM fjftipcff(cu- z,ekiah,th4t as a (h)LionJe wiHhe breaks all my bones: 
liii; m itpS'i v(getPj Even as the weake and trembling limbes of fome 
^^'^'''t^Tf^sriiTita ^^^^^ negleded beaft are crufht and torne in pieces 
"^%KulfT,'ulqwVx by the unrefiftable paw of an unconquerable Lion; 
(LYuis mvcrat, <^o<f/i/- fb was his troubled foule terrified and broken with 
fimi ed (t ccctrprct, x\]q anger of the Almightie. He could not (peake for 
fHamqui mplttr^m.in^ bitterneffe of griefe, and anguiHi of heart 3 btft chat- 
^'^^Lnt'Xht'^ f^redlfkeaCraneor a Swallor^ , and motirned like a 
tttur^ G^ave i(i, i/^qu' Dove. Thou (i) r^ritefi bitter things againj} w<?/aith 
fjfj, picatum m.um, 

qui prudtnty [tie ifque in vtibo Veip&ftquendOf & ofprimndo, a yj eptram tream tollKavi, 
j9«2> e advtrfui Spiraum fanclum peuav'h ntc uU* ytl m hac vita vil in tuna pctcnu mti ctn- 
doaai'tofpinrdA efi. Seddiabdi & ccrpcre & axirxd ptrpttuumfum mamcijium, iddqui ;»r<j- 
nuM t]tti iiitrperntui • aiqvtita inter burendds mttgiitu mortHtu eft. Al( xiphorsa, sdrcrlus 
3)cfpcr3t.AuthotcNicoIaoLau!cntio. {h)\i\\ 3?. 13 Q*<ddeut(mT)(utn cctupcratltonit 
cblurdum vvUrir.ondibti — Oportet tnin. jtigfDa Drnmi (ff^aciamirtipfqud hum.lnmur at' 
qui diyciamur kfqut td ipfes ijiftroi, & toxfdiaiiontprtpe modum deftitun rmnia hrrerii p'tna 
UTKifi^tnuaqMmadmedum mam borroi « ijiei defcriptosd Dcvidt arnrrtUi di,tr>(fa/ua diJiu- 
puratayU^um fkumlaihymii piedffarium, animam fuam lurbatum, rt,}<rcs cptrm effidicit. 
Sic tfiim fifi tkttrdum Judicio Vci terroi ntn[fe tft^ «/ bonitew t]ui def'c'crif mans cffiiianiur. 
Galvio. (i}l9hii.\6. 


Part a.Cap. i . uifftiSied C«iifcie*icei, 85 

fob, and make fi^ne tapofejfe the miquitia ef my youth. 
The (V.) arroTves of the J/mhhfie arc -rvithin me, thi (\) bb (^,4 if. 
foyfon thereof drinketh up nfyjpirif : the tcrran <?/ Qo^ 
do fet themfcives in aray a^Atyiii me^ O th^t J might 
haverriyrequeH ! And that Gcdvcnld gr-int r/ieethe 
thiyig that 1 long for I Srjen that tt ypouldflenfe God to 
deflroy mc^th^ he y^ould let Icofe his hand^ and cnt me 
cf. Nay yet worfc : {}) Thonfcarefi me with dreamcs^ Q) lob 7-14 i j. 
and terrifies} me through vif.ons. So that myfoule chu^ 
fjeth (xn) (Wrangling , and death rather than my life, {^d '^(pi qkod dt U- 
Though God in mercie prererves his fervants from P^''^%f'^'-i(, fed quod 
themonftrous and nioft abhorred ad of lelfe-mur- ;;';'.^«««««^i'iw. 
ther ; yet iniome melanchoncke moode , norrour otdiHrrJ, quam auliur. 
minde, and tHtterntire ofTpirir, they are not quite '^^, fi ^lurutr'm detur 
freed from ail impatient wiflies that way, andfudden "^^'"j ^'^^^ tnaUt la- 
fuggeftions thereunto, (n) Afy bones waxed old, faith J*"^'"» ?''«'» ^^lem vi- 
^avid, through my roaring all the day long. Day and /^^^^^^^ ''^/^ 
night thy hand voas heavie upon mee ■: my moyfiMre 14 obli/pu T(am mqti/boc 
turned into the drought of Summer. Thine arrowes txcufari poteft, btdita 
flichefaH in me, and thy handprejfeth me fore. There ii f'^* ''f/'*o dclere^& if ft 
nofoundnep in my fiejh]becanfe of thine anger : neither ^j" '''^^" mdulitt, 
w there am re si in my bones, becaufe of my flnne. For r« \ om - 
mtne tniqmttes are gone over my hem : as an heavte 

burden, they are too heavie for me, lam tronbledy 

I am bowed dorcne greatly ; I go mourning all the day 

long, — I amfceble^and fore brokeny I have roared by 

reafon cfthe difquietneffe of my heart . rieare alfojinto 

what a depth of fpirituall dilf refle three worthie fer- 

vants of God in thefe later times, wereplung'd and. 

prefled do wne under the fenfe of Gods anger for 

iinne: blefied Miftris /^ j ^^•^ft^r^^uponherlaftbedYoJ)SeethcDircourfc 

was horribly hemmed in with the forrows of death -of the holy hfe, and 

tiieveric griefe of hell laid hold upon her foule;^^^^-^,^;;'?^*" ^V^ *>^ 

ring-^ilderneS'eofwoe ypos within heryis. {hc confe£-]^'^['*^'*^^'* *"*'"' 

fed of her felf e.She (aid , herfinnes had made her a prey 

to Satan'^ andwifhed^ thatjhe had never beene bome^ or 

tbatfhe had beene mn^e any other creatnre, TAther tha» 

(7-3 ^.; 

g z Infiru Bionsfor a right comfort hg Sed. i . 

4wtfw4». Sbecryed out many times , TVoe^vDoe^woe, 
(^c. A tveakc^ a -rvofull^a, roretched^ aforfaken fpoman't 
with teares continually tricklif^gfiom her eyes, Mafter 
(p) In the narration ^p j Peacock^ that man ot Godwin that his dreadfiill vir 
ofhis drcadfull defci- (-jj-^j-jon and delertion, recounting fome fmaller fins, 
5°°JP^ ^'^'^''^burft out into thefe words. And for the fe, faith he, / 
fetlemyp an hsllinmy confcience. Vpon other occafi- 
ons, he cried out, groaning moft pittifully : Oh mee 
reretch ! Oh mine heart ii miferablel Oh, Oh, miferable 
And Tvofull I The burthen of my finne lyeth fo heavie 
upon mey I doubt it vill breaks my heart. Oh how wo- 
fullandmtferable is my fiate^ that thus mufl converfe 
Kfith hell-hounds ! When By-ftanders asked, if Hee 
would pray:He anfweredi I cannot, Si]ffeT us/ay they, 
t0 pray for you. Ta^e not, reply ed he, the Name of 
God in vaine, by flaying for a Reprobate, what grie- 
vow pangs, what forrorvfull torments. fVhat boy ling 
heates of the fire of hell that bleJfeeC Saint of God, 
xNAQ -J Un (r )lohnG[oycv,felt inwardly in his JhiritfGdth Fox, 
nwn. In thcftoryof »o^'^^» outwardly stable to exprefe. Being young, 
Mafter Rft^vii GUHtf, faithhQil remember Iwoi once or twice with him^whom 
p. US I. partly by his talke I perceived, and partly by mine ewne 

eyes f aw to be fo worne, and confumed by the jpace of 
■ five y ear es, that neither almofl any brooking of meat^ 
^uietnejfeof jleepe,pleafurc of life,yea,andalmoFi no 
kinde of fenfes was left in him. Upon apprehenfton of 
fome backzfii^i'fgi he wasfo perplexed, that if hee had 
beene in the deepefi pit of hell, he could almofl have de- 
Jpatredno more of his falvation : faith the fame Au- 
thor : In which intolerable griefes ofminde, faith he,^/- 
though he neither had, nor could have any joy of his 
meat,yetwai he compelled to eate again!} his appetite, 
a.s the endto deferre the time ofhis damnation, fo long 
ot he might, thinking with himfelfe no lejfe,but that he 
mufi needs be throwne into hell, the breath being once 
cm ofhis body. I dare not paffe out of this point , left 
ibmc childe of God (liould be here difcouraged , be- 

Part 2. Chap. I . A^iUed Confciences, 87 

fore I tell you, that everie%ie of thefe three laft na- 
med, was at length bkfledly recovered , and did rife 
moftglorioufly out of their feverall depths ofextrea- 
meft Ipirituall miferie, before their end. Heare there- 
fore alfo Mifb*is Bretterghs ({) triumphant fongs,and (-q i„ ^j^^ /. . . 
ravifhmentsoffpirit after the returne o^hexTFelhU- D;(couifc. ''^*'^" 
ved: O Lord '^efu doe^ thou fray for me? O hlejfedand 
frveet Saviouryhowwonderfull I how voonderfull ! how 
Tfonderf till are thy mercies I Oh thy love is Hnfpeakable^ 
that hafl dealt fogracionjly with me ! O my Lord and 
my God, blejfed be thy Name for evermore^ "which hafl 
Jhewedme the path of life, Thoudidfi; O Lord, hide 
thy face from me for a little feafon, but with everlafling 
mercie thou hafl hadcompaffion on me . And now blejfed 
Lord thy comfortable prefence is come \yea Lord, then 
hafl hadreffeSi unto thy hand-maidyAnd art come with 
fulnejfe of joy, and abundance ofconfolations : O blejfed 
be thy Name my Lord and my God : O the joyes ! the 
joyes! the joy es, that Ifeele in myfoulel Oh they be -won^ 
derfull! they be wonderfulll they be wonderfull! O 
Father , how mercifull , and marvellous gracious art 
thou unto me ! yea Lord, I feele thy mercie, and lam 
ajfuredofthy love, andfo certaine am I thereof, as thou 
art the God of truth ^ even fo fur e do I know my felfeto 
be thine, O Lord my Cjod^ and this my foulekpoweth 
right-well. O blejfed be the Lord-, O blejfed be the Lord, 
that hath thm comforted me, and hath brough t me notv 
to a place morefweet unto me, than the Garden of Eden, 
Oh the joy, the joy, the delight fame joy that I feele i 
- O praife the Lord for his mercies, and for thigj^y 

which my foule feeleth full well, praife his Name 
for evermore. Heare with what heavenly calmenefle, 
and fweetcomforts.Mafter Peacocks heart was (if)r€- 
frefht and ravifht when the ftorme was over: rr«/y, %T^^^^^a^'^^' 
7»7^f<2;'^4»£//o/</^, faith be, (when the tempeft was "^ 
fomething alayed) have beene farre led, and deeply 
troubled with temptations ^ and flings ^.confcience^ bnt 

^4 i 

gg In ftruEiions for a right comforting Se<fl.l. 

I thanks Godthey are eajed in goad meafure. wherefore 
Ideftre that I be not branded tvith the note of a cafi-a^ 
Tvaj, or reprobate. SftchejHeJiions, oppojitions , andaX 
tending thereto^ I renounce. Concerning mine inconfi^ 
derate Jpeeches in my temptation^ 1 humbly, arid hear-, 
tily asks f>*crcie of God for them all. Afterward by lit- 
tle and little, more light did arife in his heart , and he 
brake out into fiich fpeeches as thefe : / do^ God bee 
praifed^ feele fuch comfort, from that, Vfhat Jhatt I call 
it? Agony y faid one that ftood by ; Nay^ quoth he, that 
is too little-^ that had I five hundred yforldsy I could not 
make fati^aUion for fuch an ijff*e. Oh the Seats not 
more full ofveaterynor the Sunne of light, than the Lord, 
ofmercielyea, his mercies are ten thoufandtimes more, 
what great caufe have I, to magnifie the great goodnejfe 
ofGodythat hath humbledy nay rather exalted, fuch ^ 
rrretched Mifcreant, & offo bafe condition^to an ejtate 
fo glorious andfiately ! The Lord hath honoured mee 
"jvithhisgoodnejfe. I am fur e, he hath provided a gloria 
otis kingdomefor me. The joy that I feele in mine hearty, 
(«) Adi and Monuns. u incredible. For the third,neare («) M. Fox: Though 
^^'"' this good fervant of God fujfered many year esfojharpe 

temptations , and fifong bujfetings of Satan : yet the 
Lord, "who gracioujly preferved him all the yvhilcy not 
onely at lafi did ridhim out of all difcomfort y but alfo 
framed him thereby to fuch mortification of life y as the 
like lightly hath not beenefeenei in fuch fort yOS he being 
like one placed in heaven already, and dead in this world, 
both in KvordandmeditatioHy led a life altogether cele- 
ftiatty abhorring in his minde allprophane things, 
7. It ii irremediable. 7- ^'o arme offleih, or Art of man; no earthly 
comfort, or created power can poffibly heale or heipe 
in this heavieft cafe, and extreameft horrour ; heaven 
and earth, men and Angels, friends and phyfickejgold 
and filvcr,pleafiires and preferments, favour of Prin- 
ces; nay the utmoft polfibilitie of the whole creation 
muft let this alone for ever. An Almighty hand,and in- 

Part. 2 . Cap. i . AffliEied Confciences, gp 

finite skill mufl take this inhand;oreIfe never any 
cure orrecoverie in this world, or the world to 
come. Bodily difeales may be ealed , and mollified 
by medicines : Surgery, as they fay, hath a (alve for e- 
verie (ore : Poverty may be repaired and relieved by 
friends ; There is no imprifonment without fome 
hope of enlargement. Sute and favour may help home 
out of banifhment.Innocency and negleft may weare 
out difgrace : Griefe for lofTe of a wife , a childe , or 
other dearefl fi'ierid, if not by reafbns from Reafon, 
that death is unavoidable , necelTarie , an end of all 
earthly mifcries, the common tvay of all mankinde, 
&e. yet at laft is leflened and utterly lo ft by length of 
time. Cordialls of Pedrley Safhyres^ and Rubies, vfhh. 
iuch like,may recomfort the heart poflcft with mclan- 
cholie, and drown'd in the darknelfle of that fad , and 
irkefbme humour, &c. But now not the moft exqui- 
fite concurrence of all thefe^nor all the united abilities, 
which lie within the ftrength and (inews of the arme 
of flefiijcan helpe any whit at all in this cafe. Not the 
exad:eft quinteffence extraftedfrom all the/oyes,glo- 
rie, and pleafures, that ever the world enjoyed, can 
procure, or minifter one /ot of eafe to a foule afflidedl 
in this kinde, and thus trembling under the terrors of 
God. InfuclianAgony^ndextremitie, hadft thou 
theutmoft aide, and an univerfall attendance from 
Angels and men ; couldeft thou reach the top of the 
moft afpiring humane ambition, after the excellencie 
and varietie of all worldly felicities : were thy pol^ 
feffions as large as Eaft and Weft;were thy meat con^ 
rinually Mannnfrom heaven ; every day, like the day 
o^Chrifts refHrreSlion: were thy apparell as coftly and 
orient as Aarons Efhod j nay, thy body cloth 'd with 
thebeautieof the Sunne, and crownde with ftarres; 
yet for all this, and a thoufand more, thy heart within 
thee would be as cold as a ftone,and tremble,infinite- 
ly above the henrt of a rvonMn^ entring into tr^vtU of 


p o InfirptEHonsfo* a right comforttHg Seft. i • 

her firfi childe. For alas, who can ftand before the 
mighty Lord God? Who dare pleade with him, when 
^P °. '"''^Hf^l^T ^e is angrie? What fpirit of man hath might,to wra< 
tadjnt hunc metbum 1"^ With his Maker ? Who is able to make an agree- 
eiufmodi effcy c,uipbaf- ment with the hells of confcience?or to put to filence 
mcii,aui epebumakd the voyce of desperation ? Oh I in this confli(5t alone, 
^"r'^^lvfd ■ «S ^"^ wofull wound of confcience, (f) noeleduarieof 
f? "mdWiMa. ^0»pro P^^^^^ ^^ prctious Banlme,no Beioars ftone, or Vni- 
dtliaAammairitHii corneshorne, Paraceliian quinteflence, or potable 
«x, ptccati cognitione, gold: no new device of the Knights of the Rofie-croffe, 
&p£ Dei pandtnfn^ ^or the moft exquifite extra<flion, which Atchvmy^or 
tIZnl"^Z"'Z'um<, Art it felfe can cteate, is able any whit, or at all to re- 
per pharmcitm: fed in Vive, eafe, or aflwage. It is onely the hand of the h©ly 
hoc gtnm^ Mtdkus Ghoft,by the blond of that blefled Lambe,^<^ ChriJI^ 
CbrifiuieftyVoxEvitt the holy, a»d the rijrhteoHs yWhkh can binde up fuch 
gtlif Anlidotm, Hift, ^ hmifp 
ileSpira,Pag.iotf. * "»"»<^. 

'. ■ 4 ■ 

Chap. II. 

/. f^e of the former doUrinefor the unconverted to 
take out thefting offinne by repentance, II, One reafon 
yfhy everiefinnerdoth notalwayesfeele that fi'fng. 

Vfes. I . |t4^4U«940unfell to the unconverted: That 
y^t 1. Take out the f^^Slt ^^^^ Would take the ftings out of 

ftmg by repemance, i|s^^^ their finnes, and prevent thede- 

^^^* l^^^i ^eratenefle^and incurablenefle of 

this horrible wound, by an hum- 
ble, fincere, univerlall turning unto the Lord, Tvhi/e it 
(t)Ten>pe!tiv^kc}pia. u called (t)To day. For aflhredly in the meanetime* 

Zl::^^^'^::;!^ ^^l fi«"^^ ^^^Z ^ave heretofore committed ia 
tjigratue, qui vuintn - thought, word or deed; at any time, m any place, with 
ta C9nf(ittttia fanari any company ,or to which they have beene any wayes 
potififuavijjimu chri- acceflarie, are alreadie upon record before the pure 
jml^TmuZ^ ^y^ ""^^^^^ ^'^^ ^"^ everlafting Iudge,writtenexa(5Hy 
tml&c. RoUoc. in ^X ^^^ hand of divine juftice in the bookc of their 
Ioa0.5.pag. 1S7. conrciences> 

Pare 2 . Chap. 2. uiffii^ed Confciences, p I 

confciences, with a penne of iron , with the claw of 
an Adamant", with the point of a Diamond, or if you 
can name any thing, which makes a ftronger, deeper, 
and more lafting imprefTion : and there they lye, like 
fo many Lions afleepe, and Gyants refrefliing with 
wine, gathering much defperate poyfon, and flinging 
points: that whensoever hereafter, they {hall beeffe- 
d:ually and finally awaked by Godsangriehandj they 
may torment mofl ragingly, and tcare their wofull 
foules in pieces everlaflingly, when there is none to 

Nowwemayfceandobfervemany times, one lit- i One finne will fting 
tie finne^atleaft m the worlds account, and conceit of .^'*^"^"3^1y ^''^" '^ 
carnall men, to plunge a guilty confcience into the" *"*^ 
depth of extremeft horrour, & a very hell upon earth ; 
As I have heard of, and kno wne in many : One for a 
fiidden, unad vifed imprecation againfl her own foule, 
in cafe fhe did fo or fo : Another ,ft)r a thought concei- 
ved ofGod, unworthy fo great a Ma/efly t Another,, 
for covetoufly keeping a thing found, and notreflo- 
ring it, or not inquiring after the owner : Another for 
an adulterous project, without any a<5luaU pollution : 
Another, by concurring with a company of fcoffing 
IJhmaels onely once, and ere he was aware, by lifting 
up the hands, and cafling up the eyes, in fcorne of 
Gods people, &c. Yet afterwards they fadly revifing 
thefe mifcarriages in Cold bloud, fome of them fbme 
five or fixe yeeres after, God being then pleafed to re- , 
prefent them with terrour, and their native flings; 
were cafl into that afflidion of confcience, and con- 
fiifion of fpirit, that their very hones were broken-, their 
faces flld with ghafllineffe and feare; their bodies pof- 
feffed with Itrange tremblings and languiihing 
diflempers ; their very vitallwo7y?«r^^»r«^^ into the 
drought of Summer : In which dreadfiill perplexity ; , ^ " 

they'were in great danger of deflroying themfelvcs, : .^^ ^'^ 
andofbeingfwallowedupofdefpaire. If the guilty ' ^^ "' 

fenf§ ' y 

g% JnjirHliions for a right comforting Stdi.V 

fenic than of one finne, when Godfets it on,and faycs 
unto iXf Torment, drawes fo many fiery points of 
ftinging Scorpions after it;charg.es upon the excellency 
of theunderftanding with fuch hideous darkeneiTe, 
rents the heart in pieces with fuch defperate .r age, 
grindcs into powder, the arme & finewcs of- all earth- 
\y (iiccour; melts, like Dew before the Sunne,all thofe 
delights and plealures which the whole world offers, 
or affords to comfort in fuch a cafe; In a word, makes 
' amanfoextreamely miferable, that he would make 
himfelfe away; wifhes withunfpeakeable griefe, that 
he had never been; that he might returne into the ab- 
horred ftate of annihilation; that he Were any other 
creature; that hee might lye hid world without end 
under fome everlafting Rocke, from the face of God; 
Nay, that he were rather in hell, than in his prefent 
horronrtl fay it being thus, what unquenchable wrath, 
what ftreames of brimftone, what reftlefle ang«i(h, 
whatgnafhing of teeth, what gnawing ofconfcience, 
what defpairefoll roarings, what horrible torments, 
what fiery bells feeding upon his foule and flcfli for 
ever, may everie impenitent wretch exped:,whcn the 
whole blacke and bloudie Catalogue of all his finnes 
Ihall be marfliald and muftered up together at once 
againft him ? everie one, being keened with as much 
torturing fiirie,as the infinite anger of Abnightie God 
can put into it : after that hee hath accurfedly with 
much incorrigible flubbornnelTe out-ftood the day of 
his gracious viiitation, under this glorious Sun-fhine 
ohhe Gofpell: wherein he either hathi or if he had 
(u) As jf a fo&lifli beene as (u) provident for his immortall foule , as 

vnetch (hould chafe 

rathct to fiarve at the Bakers StaU, than liy out his penny in bresij. So God knovres 
many a wretched naan fami(hcth hu foole to fpa/e his purfe^ contented to live in a bar- 
ren and dry wilJcrneflej where there Isneither bread nor water of life; where there is no 
villicn, no preaching; tather than to fcedc hi»Kidsby tlie Tents of the Shepheards^tbat 
is, CO dwcJl, where he nay heare, or fwbicfa wereoaore charitable) to procurethat h ce 
m\\\ oihcrt may heaze, vrhezc he d^vcUeth. 5« Cft9\t, 
~ carking 

Part 2 . Ciiap. 2. ^jJliBed Confciencet, p -, 

car king for his rotten carkafle, might have enjoyed 
verypowerfiillmeancs all his lifelong; And yet all 
the while negleUed fo great falvAtion :forfooke hi^ own 
mercy :2iXidiio judged himfelfe unworthy of everlafiincr 

Ifa lighter finne many times light fohea vie, when » A Ifghtfinac will 
the confcience is illighrene<l ; how will thy poore ^^^ »f • 
foiile tremble under the terrible, and untoierable 
weight of all thy (innes together ? When all thy lies, 
all thy oaths, all thy rotten fpeeches, and railings ; All 
thy bedlam paffionsjand tilthy thoughts; all thy good- 
fellow-meetings, Ale-houfe-hauntings, and Icoffings 
of Gods people; all the wrongs thou haft done,all the 
goods thou haft got ill, all the time thou haft mifpent; 
thy prophanation of everie Sabbath , thy killing of 
Chrifi at every Sacrament, thy Non-proficiencie at 
every Sermon : thy ignorance, thy unbeliefe, thy 
worldlinefle,thy-Covetoufne{re, thy pride, thy malice, 
thy luft,thy luke-warmene{rc,impatiencie,difcontent- 
ment, vaine-glorie , felfe-loue : the innumerable 
fvvarmes ofvaine, idle, wandring, and wicked ima- 
ginations ; in a word , all the pollutions, diftempers, 
and eftrangednefle from God in thine heart: all the 
villanies, vanities, and rebellions of thy whole life : I 
fty, when all thefe lliall bee charged upon thy grace- 
ieflfe fbule by the implacable indignation of that high- 
eft Ma/eftie, whofe mercie, Minifterie, aind long ftif- 
^txm%^ thou haft fhameftiUy abufed: whofe anger, pa- 
tience, and pure eye thou haft villanoufly provoked all 
thy life long : Alas what wilt thou do then I What 
tfingsofthemorning^'-^'^ZVi carrie thee out of the 
reach ofGods revenging hand? What cave {hall re- 
ceive thee? What mountaine canft thou get by en- 
treaty to fall upon thee ? What darkeft mid-night,or 
helliih dungeon fhall hide thee from that wrath, 
which thou fhalt be neither able to abide,or to avoid? 
la this cafe, I would not have thy heart in my breaft 


.p^, InftruSl ions for a right comforting Se<5l I-. 

one houre , for the riches, glory, anipleafures of ten 

thoufand worlds. 
■Ar.a .(h tlos nor now Neither bkfld thy felfe in the meane time , becaiifc 
Hinjiic isbccaufc tbou haft neither Feare, fore-tafte, or feeling of the 

wrath which is to come , the vengeance which hangs 
. over thine hea J , an.i the horror which dog's thee at 

llLklpZii^^as thehcdes: Gv) For that is the very complement of thy 
jidpr^pio- b,.'c jaiim mirery,and perfection or thymadnefle. To belicke, 
maximegmas: qusm gn^ fenfelefie- of it,is the foreft fickneffe. To have Sa- 
mpmaiarum a^loum ^.^^ ||^f^ ^\^y (q^\q with lb many finnes, one after ano- 

Zcmveatt ^uhilZ ^h^^> ^"^ fo ^'^^^^ "^ ^'"^''^' is a moft defperate fecuri- 
catumlonmmim.fcd tie : To have all this miferie towards, and to be confi- 
quoi an'ma pucansfu dent,andfeareleffe,isthewi/^r»>of «?/y>mj. 
mfenfata. — . — •?« The reafons, why thou art at reft fro m their guilty 
M»fij»0M<fi>(fr<w3gj j,ggg^j^^.j^g meane time ; and that fo many fleeping 
^hatd! Sm mLre, I-ions,I meane all thine unpardoned fmnes,do not yet 
Chryfort adpop. Aa^ awake and ftirre i terrific and teare in pieces, arefiich 
tioch, Hjm.4^ j^wofl as thefe. 

/? ({hU exiflet, qui Dix ^ ^^^^^ j^ fubtle, that he will not meddle much, 
S&Kt . o^ ^'oleft thee extreamely,untill he be able to do thee 
bititxiUindotmtialn- an irrecoverable milchiete.He is wont not to appeare 
gravefcit. Qumcunqut in his true likene(re,and fo terribly ;not fo much to dif- 
enitn plaga una InfliHa quig^ and trouble any of his owne , before hee have 

tmmm, »ff;«' them at fome dead lift, and defperate advantage j as 
tnfiAty u uric facile * ^ ' 


qiit&hacacceptd^ttrmm: ncquetn'-mintemhtitad tx^remum ufque fpirimm ferimt ncfarija 

illeiquukiinvmtan'mamfupinam,priorefque fLgas comemnentem lo'cm dc Saccrdoiio. 

lib. 6. 1 fii qui lamifeputabamymHltojpiriiulaiiih & d(lperaciih<egr9tabant. Auguft. de verbis 

Apod. Scim 9. Buc Sntan is not willino to dealc fo roughly with the unrcgencrate,if hec 

could chufc:for he ftandsevcrinmoft danger cfloGngthcm, wnen he ctrrics himfelfe 

towards ihem, in f» hard a fafhiom whcrcfo-^ehcrathc'r flitters, and fawnes,tndcavou. 

ring to rockc them zflcepc ftilj, if he can, in tht Cradic of fcciuitic and prcfuoapiion. 

NeirhcT will he ftormc ihus,(to Wit,!abour to pull ihcm by the flrcngth of utter defpairc, 

as It were, quickc into H(:ll,and to make them kill liif rafelves, or doc fomc othct moft 

groflcandannaturallcrimc:j but when he fees his advantage in regard of feme bodily 

ctofle, or diftcmpcrj or that he fees the Lord will needs awaken ihcir flcepy conlcieoces. 

trhateiy, Tieyvbiitb.Op. f. ^ijugumfufcifMntDiabolifDiabolufCeideleolaty&decipittnt 

iifctdmt ama(o impif ufqueaa»inrttmfu»ni,lncenmAuihoT__\n Mat. Cap ii.Hom 28* 

I Satan wil not mokft thee till he thinks birardfc a'lJe to uiidoe thee., For the prtfent he 


Fart 2. Cap. 2; AffliUed Confciences, pj 

under fome extraordinarie croflejgreat di%race, grie- 
vous fickncffe; In time ot fome deepe melancholy,un- 
avoidable danger, iiniverfall confunonjwhen he con^ 
ceives in all probabilities that they haveout-ftood the 
day of their vifitation, hardened their hearts, that they 
cannot repent, received the fentence ©f death againft 
rhemfelves; andntfiich other like times, when he« 
hopes, he Jliall be able to criifli , and confound them 
fnddenly, utterly, and for ever. And then hee playes 
the devill indeed, and fhewes himfelfe in his colours. 
For he then infinitely endeavours with all cunnincr 
andcruell induftrie^atter he hath wafted them a while 
downe the current of the times, with as much carnall 
peace and pleafure, as he could poflibly, to caft them 
upon the Rockeofa moft dreadfiiU ruine,and fwallow 
them up quicke in the gulph of calamitie and woe ; of 
de(paire,felfe-deftruflion, everlafting perdition of 
bodie,and foule. But you muft know, that in the 
meane time,untill hecanfpie (uch an opportunitie, 
he labours might and maineto keepe them in as mer- 
riea mood as may bee. Hee layes about him, by ail" 
wayes and meanes,he can devife, to plot and provide 
for them, and that with great varietie and curiofitie, 
frefh fucceflions and fupplies continually ,ofpleafures, 
contentments, the countenance andfavc»urs of the 
times, fen(iiall (atisfadlions, all earthly profperities. If 
he can helpe it, and have his will , they fhall wallow 
ftill in all worldly felicitie,and be attended upon with' 
all the delights their hearts can defire. An j ail this,tO' 
continue them with more eafinv-flc and irrefiftance '\xi 
the damned way : And left other wife , theyfhouldi 
grow wearie of his flavene, fenfibleof their guilded 
fetters, and fo labour after libertie , and enlargement 
from his hellilli bondage, for he knowes full \vell,: 
that if they endured much hardiTiip in his fervice,rhey '-■ 
might perhaps thinke offeeking after a new maft»;rj 
that want of comfort in the world, might draw their 

hearts > 

p^ IrjfiruUionsfor a right comforting^ Sed. i , 

hearts to delight in the Word ; Not finding happinefle 
upon earth, might make them enquire aher that 
which is in heaven. That crofles and crofling their 
courfes, being fanftified for that purpofe, may haply 
heipe to breake their hearts , and bring them to re* 
morfe for finne; which he mainly feares,and oppofeth 
with all the craft and power,he can poffiblyjleft there- 
upon, they breake out of his fooles-paradife, into the 
Garden ok Grace; out of the warme Sunne, into Gods 

In managing this maine policy, for the more fecure 
detainment of his vaflals in the invilible chaines of 
darknefle and damnatioft, and in an everlafting diftaft 
and dif-afFedion to ^t good way j by holding up their 
hearts ifthisfinfuUfer vice, and woing them, to go on 
•quietly towards hell without any grumbling ; hec 
works many wayes. 
1. Promotes all thy I. He plots all he can to procure them fiiccefle ia 
enterprifci *againft their wicked enterprifes, and unlawfull attempts, ef- 
oiheri. pccially, againft the ftithhiU Minifters, and people of 

Godjfor that doth infinitely confirme,harden,and en- 
courage them in their prophage courfes , and oppofi- 
tion to grace. Herein he doth many times mightily 
prevaile,by improving the opportunities,and prefiTing 
the advantages, which he gain€s,by cheexecutions of 
Gods jufl:ice,and rebellions of his children.The finnes 
even of his owne people doe many times provoke 
Gods juft indignation againft themjand enforces him, 
to raife up their adverfaries, as (courges, and to give 
themluccefle/or the humiliation, and chaftifement of 
his chofen; See P/4/.8 1 . 1 4. i ^-Ifa. \ o. 5 .^.&c.<f-<if ^, 
22.19.20. Whereupon Satan iills the hearts of the 
wicked To prevailing, and conquering , with a great 
deale of pride, felfe-applauie, infolencie, contempt of. 
godlinefle, felfe-conceitednefle of their owne righte- 
oufnefleand worth;and fo hardens th'em extraordina- 
rily, and holds them with much obftinated refolution 


Part2.Cap.2. AffiiEied C^ufciences, 97 

In the wayes of death, .^nd prejudice againft the haly 
Path Hehelpes all he can, to have them thrive and And all ihywickcti 
profpcr by oppreflionjufury^iimony, lacriledge.bribe- '^•*^^* ^^^ ^^^ ^**^'^* 
rvjcovetoufneffejcoufening, A/'i^r^f-«z'<f///^» tricks,tVc, 
That fb his fervice may feeme more fweet andgaine- 
fuU unto them. To the eflfecling whereof he receives 
notable affiflance, andfpeciall advantage from the 
corruptions of the times, and confcionable fimplicitic 
of the Saints. For the firft, Thefe worft and ulcerous 
timeSjWherein fo many Vines, OUve-treesy and Figge- 
trees wither away in obfcurity^and fo many Brambles 
brave it abroad in the world, tumbling themlelves in 
the plealures , fplendour and.glorie of the prefent; 
wherein ib many brave Princes are Tva/ki»g as fer~ - 
vants upon the earth 'y and too many fervants of luxury 
and pride are mounted on horfe-backe; I iay, they are 
the onely feafon, for Satam to gratifie all his graceleffe 
Ones^and to hoift them up by thecommon,butacair- 
fed ftaires and ftirrups ot bribing, bafeneffe, tempori- 
zing,ill offices to humour greatnes,and other ftich vile 
mcanes, and accommodations, into eminency in the 
world , and high roomes ; where he keepes them in a 
golden captivity with great contentment, and lockes 
them fiiU fall in the S comers chaire , w ith much fecu- 
ritie to their owne fentuall hearts ; and notorious fer- 
vicetohimfelfe. Whereas indeed and truth to men ^ 
that have eyes in their heads the afcent is (lippery, the 
top Shaking, the downfall delperate. For the fecond; 
It is incredible to confider, what a deale of ad vantage 
in worldly dealings, the covetous divell in a cruell and 
crafty worldling,aoth (iicke outofthefinglehearted- 
BefTe, plaine dealing, and unfufpicioufneffc, of confci- 
onable men, for their rifing and enriching, if God 

2 Hedrawcs them by all the baites,Heecan devife t-Drawc* tkee unw 
to all the incentives , and prefervatives of carnal con- *J1 «>c«juTe$ of cir. 
tcntment: as to Taverncs, Ak-houfes,Play-houfes, ^"" wniencuhich 

H Whore- 

p8 InftrftSthnifor'a right comforting Se<fl.l. 

^Galit.y.ii. Whore-houfes, Gaming-hoiifesjto May-ga4-nes, Mor- 

* Piov 14 14. rice-dances, Church- Ales; to Cardes,to Dice>to Dan- 

(ur^M tonUbtnt ^"S'* ^^ ^^^^'■' Wakes, Mif-mJes, Drinking-matches, 
fitMm nulibenurvi, *''<?'2'^/'^^»^-f>and a world of fuch finfull haunts, Bedlam- 
vat(tcumy /cflfAw/« fooleries, and Good-fellow-meetings. Wherein He 
cen[ortiaquarat &jo js mightily furthered , by Wicked Mens impatiency 
daliiiahominmvolup- offolitarineffe; and their enraged ea^erneflfe of carry- 
fojjit umpHifuUe^e sfi i"S With them toheIl,as many as may be.For the firft, 
emm Jolitari* inaa ^ThoHgh a good man^'AS Solotnon^uthyhe fati^fied jrom 
ftrmaefiap'irtimp.ip himjelfe; darefiiil well, and defires full often,ro bee a- 
ter recordauomm fcile bne ;becaure the bird oi thebofomefingsfweetly to 
r;:r,:r;:"« Ws fo„le ,„ (olirarmeffc:yet all the fonnes%nd daugh- 
fie?itq;quiafcit.qub(ife- ters otplealute^ nave no pleauire at all, nay ordinarily 
row non conftntm, & are moft loath to be by (a) themfelves . Solitarinefle 
quod cottfdeniia tv'm- pQts them into their damps, makes them extreamely 
^StimaUtmrc'i melancholicJ<e,and weary of themfelves. They would 
Kecker.Syft Eth.lib i rather bc any where,in any company, any wayes em- 
cap. ..can.6 ^ifqitii ployde, thanalonc. Miftakemenot, they can walke 
inctydi premUur mala by themfelves, to feed upon contemplative filth, fpe- 
tonfcmrd, qumedo cnlative wantonnefTe, and adulteries of the heart ,• to 
STwi m" auTi P^°f revenge,preferment, enlargement of their eftatei 
fHmsnon ibi fe pnitur to renew upon their fenliiall hearts their youthfiill 
habitartxftc qm non hi pleafures, &c.But to be alone,purpofely,to deale widi ; 
Uiquietumcor^habna- God,and their owneconfcienceSjabout their fpiritu-p 
»";«* r W "" W ft«^ ; they abhorrcthey cannot endure, it i, to 

exeunt a feif^s AnKni inlewmt^ & dt bu qiufaru fant circa C9rpM ddellantur^quietem in nh^Uy 
infptUacuiu, in luxurysyin omnibm malu qu^trunt ^uarefsm voluerunt fibi beahffis ? ^ia 
noHfiiUisimiiibene^undeiaudeam intMfcitnti&lud^ Auguft.inPlal.ioi. pag-tvs. Cb) Be- 
mi quigiuient, quanis iatram im ctrfuum, & nibU mali ibi iauiMmt. Atttndat fanQuas vi^ 
^rt, qumiio nolint iatrare dtrntuJuMj qui b*b»m matat uxorts; quatrndt exeunt edfomm ^ 
gaudent e^epit beratjfeqtta. inttttunlunt indomum fuamt & ctntrifiamur In'raturifuntenim 
nd'€iit, »dmurmuray adamxri^udineSfSdever^ones-^quianon cH domta compofiu, ubiinter 
virum & uxorem pax nitU efl. Et mttiui iUt tftforit circumire. Si ergo mifm fum^q»i cum 
redeimi adparitttifuoi^ tmtni m atiqubut fu$runi perturbaitunibut ewrtamw •■ quvtufunt 
mTsricruqmadtonftieKiamfiMmredirenolunt-neibilitibui peccAt$rum evertantur » Ergmt 
Pt$i tibtHsrtdire ad ctr tuunf, munda iUud^ ' • ^ - Aufer inde cupidimum ftrdts^ auftr U- 
bem avmiufy aufer ttahmjuptr^itmum^ tuftrfuriltpty & maUu co§fUumet^ oduttMn dito, 
sdverftttMmkamiftdetim luivtr/m i»imiim» ^ufer ifttmni^s ^trusmtum & ifutdtbkg 
^. A«iDft> in PUl. 1 4. 

Part 2. Cap. 2. <iy^fpUed (^onfcienees, pp 

them a torture, aracke, the very beginning of hell. 
hndi that is the reafon, to decline the flings of guilti- 
nefle, and torment before their time ; why they have 
fo often recourfe unto the arme ot flefli , for refresh- 
ing; to the mirth and madnefie of wine, pleafiires,and 
many other fugitive follies; That they call themlelves 
into (uch knots of good-fellow(hip ; appoint fo many 
fer-matches of joviall meetings , and hunt after fuch 
varietie of the times entertainment , as they call itt 
which they account the very life of their life, and 
without which they would rather be under ground, 
than above it. For the fecond, Heare, how f wagger- 
ingly they cry unto their companions in iniquitie , to 
make hafle with them towards hell. Come with w, let 
us lay yvaitefor blond, let us iHrkefrivilj for the inno^ 
i;ent without caufe : Let mfwallow them uf alive ^a^ the 
grave^ andtvhole^ as thofe that go downe into thefit:yve 
Jhallfindeallfretiousf»iffiance,we Pyattfill our houfes 
yfiithjpoyle. ^ali in thy lot among tu , let us all have 
onefurfe, Prov. i , 1 1 . &c. Gome on therefore , let w 
enjoy the good things that areprefent:and let Mtjpeedi- 
ly ufe the creatures as in youth. Let us fill our f elves 
yvith cofily wine, and oyntments: and let no flower of the 
Spring pajfe by hs. Let us cr»wne our felves with Rofe 
huds, before they be withered. Let none of us go without 
his part of our voluptuoufne^e : let us leave tof^ns of 
eurjeyfulnejfe in everyplace: for this is our portion, and 
cur lot is this, &c. And in all thefe curfed conventicles He fwceteiw by all 
of good-fellow fhip,and fiirious combinations for pro- mcanopoffibly. 
phanenefle, and againft pietie, the divellhimfelfeis 
everprefent amongft them in bis Pontificalibus y as 
they lay: And there difpofeth, enclines,manageth and 
accommodates all opportunities, circumdances, oc° 
currents, mens fcuerall corruptions 5 and pregnancie 
oftheir wicked wits to make their meetings, as mer- 
ry,as may be^and to put all poffible fcnfiiall fweetneffe 
into their camall delights. 

lOO lKlirM6tions for aright comforting Seel. I. 

3 . Hides rhc fting of J . Laftly , That which is principally for m y piir 
gnircm ihmccycs. poie; befides, that like a craftie jiigler , he cafts a mift 
before the eyes of his flaves-.and hke a falfe Merchant, 
puts a counterfeit glofie uponthe face of finne;He alfb 
hides away the fting from them , and withholds the 
horrourun till afterward. Every finne in it's owne 
nature, ever lookes fouler than the divell himfelfe ; O 
that the ougly,f earefulhand filthie fhape of it could be 
feene with bodily eyes, that thereby it might provoke 
all men to a mortall and immortall hate and detefta- 
tion of it I The fting is pointed with the keene un- 
quenchable wrath of God; the horrour is heated with 
the very fire of hell : And yet ordinarily Satan takes 
an order by his craft and induftrie,that thefe never ap- 
peare,untillitappeareuntohim, that in all probabili- 
tie, the fight of them will finke their foules into irre- 
coverable woe. 

The not feeling then of their fpirituall miferie is fo 
farre from making them not miferable , that it mini- 
ilers occafion to the divels malice, mightily to aggra- 
vate their miferie, both prelent and future. 

Chap. III. 

Five ether reafons yvhy a finner doth not alwaies 
feele the fling of finne. 

».The cnnfcicnce55 "^^^M ^^^Jlf/P^^" > why many are not 
hiadeadflcej>f,asiu ®SI4,^SB ^ " ^^ "^^^"^ ^^^^ * though 

ihe ^m f.^^ Xmk there be in finite caufe , and a world 

of woe to come,is, becaufe their coh- 

fciences by reafon of forfeit in finne, 

. and being drunke with worldly de- 

hghts as with fweet wine, are caft into a dead fleepe: 

And thwe lulled ftill,and lockt full faft in an imagina- 

nc Paradifc of golden dreames and tranfitorie fancies, 


Pare 2. Chap. 3. ^ffliSted^^onfciences, lOi 

by the charines and enchantments ofearthly pleafures. 
Andif at any time, any noife of terrour found in their 
eares from the Lords Trumpetters in the Minillerie of 
the Word, Co that they begin to ftirre, then the divell 
begins to beftirrehimfelfe , and to rocke them faft a- 
gaine with his J)'r<!'«-rongs in the cradle of fecuritie. 
Here therefore we may take notice of a fourefold con- ., ^ • 
fciencet I That whichis both (c) ...rf and ?«,«; tllth^l'^l 
when It hath peace With God,and With It lelrejio that on Earth, who arc 
- the happy foule mayfweetly finginit'sownebofome; come from under the 
My beloved, is mine, and I am his. 2. That which is ^^^^^ * icmpeftof 
neither^.t-^, nor ^«/W; when it lyesforlorne under S"See"lnfc 
thefenfeofGodswrath^andfullofhorrourinitfelfe. aiul fseJing of the 
As that of fudas , Latoffftu y &c. 3. That whichis racrcitsofthcuGod 
(d) f<7<>^butnot efuiet; when the pleated face of God 'nChriftidu$,fcakd 
doth ftiineupon it through thebloud ofChrift ; and ""'<^'''em by the tc- 
yet it feeles not the comfort of that bleffed reconcilia- of Go7rL«' ^^'"' 
tion : As in many new Converts, who being truly (d) inthe broken and 
humbled for all finne, caft themfelves upon the Lord contrite fpkiti which 
fefus, and his fure fromifes^ for fpirituall and eterhall ^^^ . ^'"''' *'^ never 
life J and yet are not as yet fenfible of any aflurance. h^g'jjj "^ "^" *"*^ 
4. That which is ^uiet but not good ; when it is as fiill uprishtiygood.Sbkh 
of finne as a Toade of venome, as Hell of darkneffe; ispaincfuliyeviJI,for 
and all thofe innumerable finnesunrepented of, un- * good mansconfcu 
pardoned, likefo many mad Ban-dogges,andfell Ma- «"ccmay becunquicc 
(lives, though adeepe for the prefent, will in the evill ?o ilS^i^-AL 
day, elpecially of ficknefie, death, judgement, (e) fiie tia e(i mfiArfim aIuu. 
in the face of the proudeft Nmrod,tedidk to plucke out M ?«* quamdiu Aor» 
his very throat & heart,and to torment with unfpeak- *"'* "^ideturefe c'uur, 
ablehorrour ; andyetfor all this, it is untroubled, tch2''7n'lfm-Im 
fenfeleffe, and fecure. Thiskindeofconfcience, is to io^^r &Simt 
be found, I feare me, in the moft that heare mee this cemtHr. Diiigenttrita- 
day, and fo generally over the kingdome. It doth not ?«« eavemta eft talis 
in the meane time, trouble and terrifie. cov/lientia ; quipfe qua. 

Ksnriunquiim per t§- 
tum oitte cumculiim qu'uta manety & alto Utha*go opprelfajacet: fed itgritudiae tliqui 
graviort.veletiam mme apprtpmquante excmiuri Veot & trucuUntdfua. inmmmt htm^ 
«ffi>f£rr<^ Alft.Theol.C«ruu(B. Cap. z. 

H3 i.A 

102 InftrH^ionsfor a right contorting %^di.i. 

j.Ignorant. I . A great number,by reafon of their ignorance in 

the Booke of Godjand by confequent un-acquainted- 
nefle with the finfijlneffe antljCurfednefTe of their fpi- 
rituall ftate, revealed thereby. This is the very cafe of 
a world of poore ignorant befotted foules a mongft us: 
more is the pittie, efpecially now, when the glorious 
Sunne of Chrifts Goipell ftiines (b faire, and fully in 
many places ! For want of light in Gods Law , they 
looke upon their finnes, as we do upon the Starres in 
a cloudy night ; fee onely the great ones of the firfl 
magnitude; and here one, and there one : But if they 
were further illightened, and informed aright , they 
might behold them,as thofe infinite ones in the fairefl, 
frofty Winters mid-night. A worthy Divinejets out 
excellently the quietnefife of this ignorant confcience 
by a very fit refeaiblance,thus: Men judge of their 
ignorant conferences, faith he, iu they do of their hlinde, 
dumbe, and ignorant Minifters : Such neither doe^nor 
can preach\can neither tell men of their finnes ^ nor of 
their duties . Aske fuch a hlinde-guide^s people, tvhat 
their conceit is of him, andwhata^inde of man their 
A^inifler u^ andyouf)all have him magnified for apaf- 
ftng, honefl, harmeleffe man^ ypondrom quiet amon^fi 
his neighbours. They may do tohat they yp til for him ; he 
is none of thefe troublefomefelloweSy that tvillbe repro- 
ving their faults^ or ccnipiaining of their diforders in 
the Tulpit \ Oh fuch an one is a quiet good Alan indeed. 
Thus judge many of their confcience s. If their eonfcien- 
ces be quiet ^ and lye not grating upon them^ and telling 
them, that their courfes are ftnfull and damnable y and 
that their perfons are in a danger om condition : but ra- 
^ ther by their filence^ ignorance^ and vaine pretences doe 

julfifie them, and tell them, allyvillbe tvell enough. Oh 
then rohat excellent conferences have thefe men I They 
nutke no confcience of Family-duties ; once in they ear e 
to come to the Sacrament ferves the turne : they are 
€9mmon fnurcrs in their $rdinitrj eommHnication: 


Part 2 .Cap. 3 . AffiiEied (^^nfciences. 103 

make no confcience of fanBifying Sabbaths f &c , And 
their confciences let them alone in all thefe, do not give 
them one fy liable of ill lanvHAge : Oh what gentle, and 
good-natured confciences thinke thefe men they have! 
But alas ! what evill confciences have they ? 

2. Norothersjbyreafonofa covenant with death, j.Securc. 
and an agreement with hell. Such as thofe, Ifa .28.15, ^f^ pc'ce there is aW 
who negotiate by their plaiifible Agents , Eafe^plea- "^' depofitioa, both 
Cures, pro/ferity i^nd conclude fome kinde of concord ^nrnT^i" !S.-" 
and corapofition tor a time with Satan,iinne,and their ons are put off : In a 
owne confciences. But to tell yon the truth , it is no truce, there is but a 
truepeace, but a politicke truce.T'or thefe implacable, fu^pcnfion, and a 
defoerate (pirituall enemies of theirs, are ever in the ceTauonof Armsfor 
'^ . ' . . r\ jy 1 afealon, loas during 

mcanetime preparing Armes, Ord nance, and many the fame ihcrcisftifl 
fiery darts, ftill levying of frefli forces , whole armies provifionofmorcfor. 
of fiery Scorpions, and flaming terrours, with which ce$,and apreparation 
as foone as the truce is ended, they will fet upon them °^ S''««"r ftrcogth. 
with more violence, fijry, and fiercenefle than ever 

5 . Nor otherSjBy reafbn of an infenfible brawned- j. seared* 
nefle growneover,and a defperatefearednefle impreft: 
upon their confciences by extraordinarie villany, and 
variety in finne. Such as thofe, 7/^.5.19. By drawing 
iniquity a long time with cords of vanity ^and finne, as it 
tvere with a cart-rope,by waving the glorious light of 
the Word under wnich they fit, and which fhines on 
their faces.as a fooU/h thinzx by villanoufly trampling n^'rr:^ <^* -^ 
under toot the power or It With defpite, and icorne, pj toI^ ^ a^aWiy. 
many times againft that light, which flands in their (ip'ois fmeia, "Q^i 
confciences like an armed man ; Nay, and by treading » Cor. i . 1 8. 
out with caftome in finne , the very notions that na- AuTox«7*»f /ra*. 
ture hath engraven in their hearts , as men do the en- 
gravings of Tombe-ftones which they walke upon, 
with foule ilioes j I (ay thus, at length their confcien- 
ces become,fo utterly remorfelefle,and paft all feeling; 
fi? brawned, fo feared , fo fealed up with a reprobate 
fenfe; that with an audacious, and Giant-like infolen- 

H4 cie. 

jQA JtjfirHci tons for a ri^ht comforting Sed. r . 

cic,they challenge even God Almightie himfelfeto 
draw His Iword of vengeance againft them. fVoe tittto 
them that drnrv iniijmty with cords of vanity ^a.ndfinves^ 
di ft were with a cart-rope : That faj^ Let him make 
fi^eedy and hafien his worke, that we may fee it : and let 
the counfell of the holy One of Jfrael draw nigh and 
Ko W <tiufi6vKt comcy that we may k»ow it, Thefe Roarers^ and fwag- 
iri<^v»(Ti ;^?>jUacr/. gering Belials, in this refped: have confciences, worfe 
lames 1. ly. than the Divell himfelfe. Per he keleeves and trem- 

bles, Eventhofealreadicdefperate and dimned fpi- 
rits, tremble at the fore-thought of that fuller wrath 
which is to come, and yet further-deferved damna- 
4. Worldl'mg. 4. Nor others,who,when it begins ever and anon 

to grumble, mutter, and make a noife, lull it afleepe a- 
gaine with fongs of pleafures ; and ftill the cries of it 
with outward mirth,as ^i«/// was wont to lay the evil 
Jpirit with AfNfcke.'Vhtie mens confciences are quiet, 
not becaufe they are favingly appealde; but becaufe 
they are fenfuaily pleaide: Not becaufe they want 
matter to trouble , and terrifit ; but becaufe they will 
give them no leafure,to fet their finnes in order be- 
fore them.For this puPpofe,and to keepe thefe furious 
Maftives mufl'd in the meane time,tJiey have recourfe 
unto and improue, both variety of delights , and mul- 
tiplicity of imployments. For the firft : This ii the 
reafon, as one laith wittily , that many are fo eager in 

thepttrfuitsef their pleafures ybecAufe they would make 
Gods Sergeant , their owne confcience that purfnes 
theWy drunken with thefe pleafures : jufi at many men 
ufe to doe, getting the Sergeant that comes to arrelf 
them into the Taveme, and there tpaking him drnnke, 
thatfo they may efcape. For the fecond : How was it 
polTible that yihitophel [jaould hold out fo long from 
hanging himfelfe,and horrible conftifion oflpirit;efpe- 
cklly fith he harbour'd in his bofome fuch a falft rot- 
ten abhominable heart, as appeared by that villanous 


Part 2 . Chap. 3 . ^ffii^ed Confciences, X^jcy 

counfell bee gave Abfohin , to ly^ with his Fathers 
Concubines, in the fight <7/^////^<!?<'/; except hee had 
beene a Counceller ot State , an i fa necefTirily taken 
up continually widi extraordinary variety, viciflitude, 
and (iicceflion oFmoft weightie & important affiiires; 
which would wholly po{]fe(Ie his minde with an un- 
interrupted attention, agitation and exercire;^nd ni?t 
give it any leavetoretlecl upon itfelfe> withthofere- 
vercr cogitations in coldbloud, which are wont to 
correct and condemne the enormitie of exorbitant 
courfes. And thus in all ages, many great men,of great 
wifedome, being great oftenders , purpofely put and 
plunge themfelves into multitude of buiinefles ; that 
they may have no leaiiire, to Uften unto that, which 
their confciences would fecretly tell them m their 
eare, of their Mnch'tveUiany^\oxs>igxod\^\Q\x^ lall:s,and 
plaufible cruelties. The noil e oFattendants, vifitants,. 
Dependants , and great employments drowne the 
voyce of Confcience in fuch caies, as the Drummesin 
the facrifices to Moloch, the Cry of the Infants. But 
while the men of the world are thus wholly detain'd, 
and-do fb greedily vpon purpofe entertaine the time 
with cares of this life,and dealings in the world; their 
confciences deale with them>as Creditors with their „. 

Debitors; while they have any doings^s they fay ,and 
are in trading^ift policy let them alone & fay nothing; 
but if once downe the winde , in ficknefle, poverty, 
difgrace,&c.Then comes Sergeant after Sergeant; Ar- 
refl: upon Arreft; Action upon Adion: All their (innes 
are fet in order before them, and fall full foule upon 
the now diftreifed Soule, as Ravens upon the fallen 
Sheepe, to picke 9||t the very t'^zs and heart of it, and 
to keep it downe ih- the Dungeon of defpaire for ever. 

5 . Nor othersjbecaufe they coufen themfelves with y, sdfc deceWflg. 
a formall faUe conceit of a comfortable fpirituall ftate; 
as did the Pharifie^Luk. 1 5 . 1 1 .with a groundleffe pre- 
fumptiGn,that they are in Gods favour j as did thofe, 


• InjiruCiions for a right comforting Sedl.iJ 

Matth. J.22, And the five foolifh VirgmsyMatth. ay . 
When as God knowes they are meere ftrangers to the 
Myfterie of C^ri/?, and farre enough from any found 

Thus the blindeneffcfecurityjfearedneflejflumber, 
Selte-deceitjor feme other fuch diftemper of the Con- 
fcience conceales,and keepes in, the ftings of thofe fins 
in fenfiiall men;which without turning unto the Lord, 
in truth, while it u called To daj^ will hereafter tor- 
ment with intolerable and re ftlefleterrour thorough 
all eternity. 
3. Sinne h in it*« 3 . A third rea(bn,why thy anlamented,and unpar- 
GWBc dcmcot. doned finnes,tho every one of them be armed with a 
feverall bloudy and fiery fting, and of their owne na- 
ture fo heavy with horrour, that they are able to finke 
Thee into the bottome of Hell; doe not as yet ftirre, 
nor preffe upon thy Soule, with the infupporrable 
weight of divine vengeance, is this : They are in their 
native foyle,where they were born, bred and brought 
up, in their owne Element,as they iay : I meane in a 
carnall heart, (baking in fenfualitie, and not refolved 
to be reformed. We fay in Philofophj, An Element U 
not heavy in it's orvne T^lace, One Bucket full of water 
upon the Earth would be burdenfome to the Backe of 
that Man, who, were Heein the bottome of the Sea, 
would feele no weight at all from all the water there, 
though it were three miles high over His head. A fen- 
fuall heart, fettled upon it's lees can beare without 
fenfe, or complaint, a world of wickedneile, which 
out of it's Element and hHmour,would be crufiitinto 
Powder, and tremble with hon-our upon the fad ap- 
prehenfion of the leaft finne,efpecially fetout by Gods 
juft indignation. While Bellhas:,zar was in His Ele- 
ment, revelling and ryoting amongfl His Lords, Hia 
Wives, and His Concubines, drinking wine fwagge- 
ringly and comemptuoufly in the golden and filver 
VeSels of the Temple, Hee felt no touch in point of 


Part. 2 . Cap. 3 . AffitSied Conjciences, 1 07 

confciencc, or terrour at all. But, put out oi" His hu- 
mor, by the hand-roriting upon theplaificrofthe JVall^ 
his countenance -was yreCently changed, and his thoughts 
troubled him, fo that thejoynts of his ioj/nes were loofcd^ 
Mnd.his k^ees [mote oneagainj} another. 

4. Fourthly, The never-dying worme, that natu- 4. Sinne hach other 
raHy breeds, and {d) growes biggein every unregene- things to fc^d upon, 
rate conicience,which beates backe fcill the fearching (d) voluptas perpetui 
power of the Word,and (ecret warnings of the Spirit, vemUnumxy adtem' 
is like a Wolfe in the foot : Feede it continually with P^'tj^fiodif'^ bnve 
fren, fupplyofnw flelT, . and it will let the Body a- ?i|S:,/rl"- 
lone ; butwith-draw that, and it devoures upward. rUexUHm trifiiti.< f9r- 
While thefonnes and daughters ofpleafure, andalln^*?"' Bafil. Exhorr, 
thoie who have their portion and Paradife in this life, ^^ Baptifmum; 
flop the mouth of this hellifli worme, with variety of 
carnall delights, they do well enough, and findepret- 
tie eafe, and exemption for a time from the rage and 
bitings thereof: But they may afliire themfelves in 
evill times , when the dayes are come upon them, 
wherein there is no pleafure; when the Tlay is done; 
when all worldly comforts and comforters like run- 
away fervants , and drunken Serving-men , are to 
feeke, when they have moft ufe and need of them, I 
fay, that then the time , and tnrne is come : that the 
worme of confcience, deftitute now for ever of any 
fiirther fatisfadlion from fenfuall fweetnefle , will ra- 
gingly turneupon the Soule, devoure like a Lion, 
gnaw like a Vulture, vex eternally. 

5. Fifthly,Ifthe weight ofthe whole world were y.Thefinncrii^ki- 
now laid upon any of thefe Bodies here lately buried, ^"^^'y *J«»d, 
it would not flirre orgroane: And why? Becaufeit 
is naturally dead, Proportionably, Though the bur- 
then of fin, f arre heavier than a moimtaine of(<? j Lead, (e; Gravt ftquidetaj 
than this mighty and maflie earth under our feet, lyes grave, 'wqumy&one- 
upon every impenitent Soale, ready every houre to^^f'*"''ftp'"'^i*'»3 & 
prefle, and plunge k into the lo weft Pit, yet wretch- ^.l' ^ch/ fort d 
cd, and bewitching tiu»g,ku€itherfc€les ^ny fmart, pop.Amioclv.Hbm§i 


1 08 JnfiruBionsfor a right comforting Sedl. I . 

Co bianuM t^ autm nor feares any hurt j it is neither fenfible of the prefent 
Peuattr^maxmi \Up ^yeight, nor troubled for the future wrath; And what 
^1^r:::t:;:5?S:i!theKafon? it is fpirimaUymdead. It is ftarke 
tmLa-Ko^M. partme «<?<*«'« tre spaces and Jtnnes. I hejtrong man is gons 
nim trat quii morium, away with all. And there is no ftirring , nor fenfe of 
etimftpultui. PiugQA. thiscurfed Burden, until], either ^ 7?r<7»f^r than hee 
E Si 7"""^^' ^^y ^^^^^ "P°" ^^^^ Hellidi Tyrant, difarme him, and 
(l)Kc^'ntg<^ipott(i, throw downe his holds; and a (g) mightier voyce of 
nen mlnoris effe virtu- the Son of God,than that which made LasiMrtu come 
i«, mm aHquanio out of the Grave,put lifeinto it:Or elfe that the drcad- 
mAJmty emorte ani- fuUthunder of Gods fierce and final wrath, the Day of 
«" ^rpwa Zmtu, viiitation being expired, awake it to evcriafting woe, 
Mufc In Eyang. lo- ^. Though in the meane time, thou be extreamely 
an. cap. j. miferable, and if thou dyeft in thine impenitent fVatc 

e, Hcc lookes upon this day, thou mufl moft certainly lodge this night 

^llffe""" "* * ^*'^* *" ^^ ^^^^ of fire & brimftone amongft the damned; 

^ ^ yet thy finnes for the prefent do not reprefent to the 

eye of thy confcience thofe formes of fouleneflfe , and 
terrour, of which they are naturally fiill ; and which 
without timely repentance, thou wilt hereafter finde 
andfeele in them , to thine endlefTe griefe : becaufc 
thou lookeft upon them in the falfe GlafTe of vaine- 
ted over by the Divels dawbing , with whorifh inti- 
fing colours of pleafiire, profit, preferment, worldly 
applaufe, and other fiich goodly and golden out-fides. 
Whereas a true and effeduall beholding them in the 
cleare Chriftal of Gods pure Law, hunted continually 
at the heels with divine vengeancejal the curfes in this 
Booke, and plagues innumerable, internail, externall, 
eternall;and in the bitter PafTion o^fefus C^hriJ!-, with' 
out whofe hearts-bloud, not the leafl finne that evec 
was committed,could ever have been remitted, were 
able to fright and fire a very BlackatKore out of his , 

I«CM. 1 3. »j. blacke skinne^znd a Leopard from hu Jpets, And thou 

fomethine eafeft thine heart alfo againfl the terrour of 
the Lord for thy finnes, by looking upon Gods mercy 


Part. 2. Cap. 3 » AffitEiedConJciences, I op 

with falfe fpedades,and (o enlarging it beyond the li- 
mits ot his Truth. But heare, what that excellent dtf- 
covereroftheDepths of our Selfe-coufentng hearts tels 
thee in fuch a cafe : zAs a man-pajfmg over a hidge, 
faith he^ rehich his falfe jpeSiacles make tofeeme broa- 
der, than in deed it is, being thereby deceived , goes be- 
fides the bridge ^ and fo is drowned: fo is it with thofe^ 
rvhofe deceit full hearts make the bridge of Gods mercy 
larger than it is, they are in danger of falling befide it, 
into thevpaters of eternall deftru^ion. For though Gods 
tnercie be of the large fi extent, yet it is bounded rvith his 
Xruth, And therefore ufually in the Scriptures ivefinde 
thefe two coupled together, Gods mercicy and His Truth, 
Now His Truth tells us; that the good tydings of the 
GoJpeUhtXong onely to ihcf>oor,X.O the broken-hearted:, 
to the captives, to the blinde,lo the bruifed. Luk.^,i 8, 
That He onely who confe^eth^and forfaketh Hisfinnes, 
Jhall have mercy .Prov , 28.1 '^JYh.Ztcxceptwee repent^ 
■wee fhall all periflj.Luki I 5. ;?.That except wee be borne 
AgAtne, wee cannot fee the Kingdome of God. '}oh, 3.3, 
Ihsit Godwin wound the he ad of hii enemies, and the 
hairy fcalpe offuch an one,ai goeth enflillin his trefpaf- 
fes,Pfal 63.2!. That if wee regard iniquity in our 
hearts, the Lord will not heare hs, Tfal, 66, 1 8. That 
fto fornicator, nor idolater, nor adulterer , nor effemi- 
nate,nor abufer ofHimfelfe with man-ki»de,nor theefe^ 
nor covetous man, nor drunkard, nor reviler, nor extor^ 
tioKer,Jhall inherit the Kingdome of God, i . Cor, (5.p. 
I o. That without holinejfe no man Jhall fee the Lord. 
Heb,i2.i^, Thsit every one that calleth on the Name 
»f Chrififavingly, mufi depart from iniquitie, 2 .Tim, 
«,ip. &c. Compare now thefe and the like Places 
with thine heart, life, and prefent inif)enitent ftate, 
.and tell mee in cold bloud, and impartially, whether 
any mercy at all as yet belongs unto thee upon good 
ground, yet lying in thy linnes. 


jio InfiruSiions for fi right cofnforthg Seif^I. 


Thefecond Vfe of the former doElrine for the cott" 
vertedthattheyftrtneftomoreyitfid to keepe them from 
finnefeven confiderations are given them. 

Vfe I. sinnc no Cp^^'^^^^^^ a fecond place, the Point may fcrve 
rn:ne;,and to that end jp^^T^^^ f^^ Warning to tliole, who are alrea- 
conridsr thai tlimcis |j^^ iMWS dit waOied from their finnes; that 

they defile their Soules no more:who 
having beene cured , by cafting their 
eyes upon the braz^en Serpent , from 
thofe many fiery ftings; that they rebell no more: who 
wounded formerly at the heart-root with grievous 
horrour, and now healed with the bloud or C^rifi^ 
that in the name ck Chrifl , they tume not againe to 
folly. Let them call to minde, and lay to heart the en- 
fuing c^nfiderations , when they are firft tamper*d 
with, and tempted againe to any finne : which, mee 
thinkes, (hould be ofpower, not onely to keepe Gods 
bleffed Ones from putting their hands to iniquitie; but 
al(b to reftraine , or at leaft to coole the courage even 
of the Divels fUves, in the very heat of the moft furi- 
ous entifement to their befl-beloved finne. 
I Moft hatefu;! ^ * ^^""^^^ "^°^ hatefull . It is the onely Ob/ed of 

(b^ Tt'mim tnt'm di all Gods infinite hatred. His Love is cut,a8 it were,m- 
viiti ameru obyRunty to divers flreames, & carried upon variety of(^) Ob- 
efiipfaDeitaij atFiU- jeds .He loves in the firft place^in finitely ^ad-xquately 
7r!at!c tiumt \\fl "^' ^^"^ ^^'^^'^ Selfe^Vii^ owne Sonne,who is called 
HH. 4 Gttitub'uwut' ^G* Sonne of Hpi Love, His Angels, His Saints, His 
num. 5« sie^i. Til. p. Servants, His Creatures, All things Hee made : Thou 
I . Syntag. Tbc. 40. lovefl all things that are^ and abhorrefi nothing which 
«*c' '1? '^ /9 ' ThoH hafl made. Tor never tvouldeji Than have made 


(0 T>e6mbiUfl In odio^nifivulumM eH.nibUellei imifum,9diiifm,txecrabik,»i^ mdm Hoe 

Mttm efij/MOififpfumi&frgtirca nibil.Z aach.Dc naiura Dei. Lib.4.C«p,7. 


Part 2. Cap. 4' AffliEicd Confciences, III 

^thing at all,properIy & Formally, but finne.The whole 
infinitenelTeof all His hatred, is ipent wholly upon 
finne alone ; which makes it infinitely and extremely 
hatefull. Now what a thing is this,that an infinite di- 
vine hatred, like a mighty undivided Torrent fhould 
with all it's united forces,and deteftations runne head- 
long, and reft upon every finne; bee it but an officious 
\yc,* foolijh talking, jefitng,revelii>tg^2i-(vanf on glance, * Ephef 5.4! 
a vaine thought, an idle word, & fuch like lighter fins GjJat. j.at. 
in the worlds account: which to reprove in fome Mauh.y. a?. 
companies,nay almoft every where, would be holden 
to be a lb wre and unfufferable precifenefle : So despe- 
rately impudent are the times , both in difgracing of 
finceritie, and dawbing of finne ! And what a wofull 
wretch is every impenitent Sinner, who hath fuch a 
world ofunpardoned finnes lying upon His Soule,and 
(iich an immeafurable weight of hatred lying upon 
every fevcrall finne ! And what a prodigious Bedlam 
is Hee, who will wittingly , and willingly put His 
hand toanylinne; which once committed,is infepara- 
bly,and individually attended with the infinite hatred 
onb great a God : For which thepainesof Hell murt 
upon neceflitie be fuffered; either by the Partie Him- 
felre, or his Surety: Either it mufl: bee taken off by the 
bloudof ^^/^ Chrift ; or elfe the Delinquent^ muft 
burne in Hell for ever ! 

a It ismoft foule. Even fouler than the fouleft 2. MoRfonJe. 
Fiend in riellj than theEHvell Himfelfe. And let none 
ftamble at this truth; it appearcsunanfwerably thus % 
Sinnemadehima Divell, andfunke Him into HeUj 
and therefore finne is more rancke Di veil, and horrible 
Hell it felfc. For it is a ^principle in Tbilofophy of un- 
queftionablc truth; (\i) fVhatfoever maketh fuch^ is it (^) a^; jy % -^up^ 
felfe THHch more fueh. The Sunne that lightens all 0= i'K*$ovt iK^vo amK' 
ther bodies, is much more lightjThe fire which heates ^''^ ^^?;^- Arift. 
aU other things, is much more hot: So that which de- i^^J^'J'^; ^"^ ^''^■^ 
files another thing,is much more fuUbme:Sintie alone 

J I 2 InftrtiUioni for a right comforting '■' Sefl.I. 

{\)ilfudqusdinaxi 't brought all hellifh mifery upon Satan, and made him 
videtMrVtuiodifft.fa- fofoule, therefore is it farre Fouler. If any could drip 

dTnif*^alkm- m^\ ^^ ^^ ^'^^ ^^""^^' ^^ ^^"^^ re-inveft himinto the Oii- 
e^ ^(urnamm/"fi Ice "i^g foabes of allhis former Angclicall excellency and 
cammnon t(ftt, ten perkdionjandreftorc him into height of favour a- 
5WW crMt«r<iwr«dOT. gaine with the 7w^/?Hfj-^. {1} For God hates the Di- 
vndtSap.u.vMedl veil for nothing elfe in the world, but for finne. 
17":S2" ^^. But iffinne bee fo ugly, may fome fay, as you 
f/f, «;j» profUY pecca have let it out; how comes it to pafle,tnatit is fo ami- 
ium ad]itn&»m^ quod able in the eyes ot the moft? Why doe all forts ofpeo- 
Ipft mnfecU. Pcrai . ^[^ purfue and pra<5tiie it with fuch eagerneffe and de- 
'^''^'Ifr^n ^^Trrligtit? Why doth thewboleworld runnea madding 
ofihcmoft. afterit? • 

Through the Dive] « Anfiv. Herein obferve an univerfall Soule-fwal- 
paintingitovcr. lowing Depth of Satans damned Policy. Hefcnowes 
fiill well, that fhould finne appeare in it's owne like- 
nelTe, every eye would abhorre it, every Mothers Son 
would dctefl, and defie it. And therefore. He takes a 
courfe, by the exquifitcneffe of his colours, and excel- 
lency o£ painting, to put a feeming faireneffe upon an 
HelUfli face; whereby the greateft part dote upon this 
deformed Hag to their endlefle damnation. For wee 
mufl know that Satan, in this myftery of coufening 
by colours, incomparably fiirpafleth the mofl famous 
Baudes, and noble Strumpets,that ever were^ So that 
(m) ^M omnUp'.c- it feemes to be the conceit of the ancient {m) Fathers, 
tttarti , & apoftitx tbat the Divell did immediately reveale unto whorifli 
^aL^^u7nlVier'. Women thjis ^rt sf painting; at leaft, Hee. was moft 

rtiu cftftagia devolutit 

i eesUfiivigore reu(ferfaif^ iSi&ocuLs chtimijMo mgrort fucartj & gtnuu metdatio rubetis 
infictfe^&mutareaduUtriHU colenbaomm-y ttexpuimre ommmoriiit capitis veriiattpt 
afnupttUe ftis impHgnationtdoctttrunuQy^nyfu Debabitu Virginum. ^it corpus mfnjir a- 
retmutdreyni^qui & hominu j^intum malitid tramfiguravit^ Hit indubitaie hujufmsdi in^t' 
gtnincowi^navit^utinnolit quoidmmodo mtriUiVto ivftnit. ^uod nafcituTy Opui Dei f(i- 
Efgaqnodfitgiiur, Diaboti ntiotiutn efi.TcTtull DcculiuVaminarara. Juvtio cubits caput 

Cbri^uitfti hvtmionti Satann ctmprobabif^ ncc recerdiberiijiciem Chrtfii -? J^* emnla 

ftmemmAttncrttytUamitvtlde ornaiumnmarti^ntn audtfti lametii nccftne po[jts pulvtremf 
tut mmm ati^utmfitferfadfm tit*n mptmrt. Chty(. Horn 3 1, in Mat. 


Part 2. Chap.4. A^i^ed Canfciencet, I j j. 

certainely an extraordinary affiftant to the firft Inven- 
tors of it. Now for painting finne, to make it more 
plaufibk and paflable, we may fee more variety of co- 
lours, and coufoning tricks miniflred unto Satan by 
our faUe hearts, his Agents for that purpofe, (n) In (») r meane D^es 
that excellent Difcevery of their deceitfulne^e. jiifccurfe of the dc- 

Butas an old, deformed, wrinckled, whoridi Hag '^"'^^"incire of Maas 
fettingout Herfelfe withfalfe haire, a painted face, '^""* 
and other meritricious aflTcded dreffings, entangles 
and infnares thehearts of (<? j fooles, and eyes ofvani- ^^} ^^* itqmat j"«- 
ty: whereas underftanding men, and thofethat have VT^t'^uJf''^ J^^K 
eyesm their heads, ditcover m her lodomg ^ndu-xrr0i 2^3^ pemcien 
daubing, an addition of a great deale of artificial! «ii*'i?(j/i^«,e^ z/^or- 
loathfomneiTe to Her aaturall foulnefle: So it is in this '^^'": Scult. ia j . cap 
cafe.The greifly face of finne being daubed over with ^*^'**' 
the Devils painting, and falfe luftre, carries away cap- 
tive all carnall men,and detaines in a Fooles-paradife^' 
indeed an helHQi prifon , a world of deluded Ones. 
Yet thofe few illightened Soules , whofe eyes have 
beene happily opened,by fpirituall Eje-fahe, to tMme 
from darkne^e to Itght, and from the power of Satan un- 
to Gody behold a double deformfitie and ouglinefle, ia 
fo foule a monfler deceitfully drefled in the Divels 
counterfeit colours , and guiided over garilhly in Hi» 
perfonated Angelic all glorj. 

5. It is moft hlthy. Farre filthier than the mofl: flin- 3 . Moft filthy i 
king confluence of all the moft filthy, ftilfbme, nafty, 
loathfome things in the world : And it muft needs bee 
fo ; For whatfoever a Man can conceive to bee molt 
contrary, diftant and oppofite to the infinite clearne?, . 
purity, fweetnefTe, beauty, and goodnefle of God ; al! 
that, and much mere is finne in the higheft degree, rp) ^ p^^ ^ j, 
Henceitisjthatinthe Scriptures,ic is compared to the (^q) Rora/^.i}, * 
filthieft (■p)myre , in which a SoivwiW lie do wne to Atlitdlt ai bmmm^ 
coole, and cover herfelfe : To the loathfome vomite^ qvtetum anh:t'UHm^ 
not of a man, but of a Dogge : (^) To the unfavourie '^ITT^^^*' '^ 
poyfonfull damp, which rotten Carkafes exhale out of JJ/^, J^^JJ i»rSJ*^ 

/ opened iemfpiratodorem Buc« 

114 ^JnfirHBionsfor aright contort in^^ SeA»I. 

Cr^Ez^ch, i6,\7- opened graven : (x) To menfirHotu filth : (fj To the 
Their wa) was bcfori (jfrt under the naile«; or the {linking (wcat .Of the Bo- 
m:t,asthcundca>rr4r(iy.erihc putriEcd matter of Ibnie peftilent Vlcer: 
(f) laiBcs I . ii. (0 Toth.e very cxcren:ents, which Nature having le- 
A-jTofliVAo/ ^rrii. vered fi-om the purer part ot the meat, thrufts out of 
/yTTrtfi^, V-j'srQ'i, the ftoniacke, and calb into the draught : (u) To the 
Pvmxpix. lord, s : fi/f/jjfjejfe, pollutions, and impuritfis of the world, fo • 
2iy/«l|r^> called by a fingularitie, for finne is' the tranfcendcnt 
uvgHtbui coUigundirifilth of the world : To alltheuncleannefliesjor which 
r~Ht,fecuniiiim athu \l- the Purifications,cleanfings,wari-iings,and fprinklings 
.vi« qt4<e difim-git/ir were appointed in the Leviticall Law : (x) To aifho- 

pi'£rc^-1'i - ^^^^ ^^y^ and yet further , which 

»us quoddsm iilam niakes for the further deteftation of finne: \V heras all 

fo/d'idi. Apud. Dicfr. outward filth defiles onely the Body ; this of finne by 

lib. f . c3p. 99 ^ Scap the ftrcngth and contagion of it's infinuating poylon 

(/) Ibid Ktfi's^j^-H foakes thorow the fiefh and the bone, and enters^and 

Mt cxcrsmextum m ^^^^^ 1""° ^"^ very wir.de nndconJctencp,Tit. i . i 5 . de- 

litie, " Metcphma a di files the purCjand immortall Soule of Man. How long 

gtliitit mtuKili, q^.^ mightwccaftdirtintothe Aire, before we were able 

qukqiiidindboufTumf- jq j^p^^c^ j-j^g bright {hilling beanies ofthe Sunne? Yet 

IZVZlLrlftTn ^o fiitliy is finne,that at once with a touch it infe<fls the 

qiim n:m.um fxcrf- Soule, a clearer and purer eflence tlianit; and that 

mntii dipmatur. par.^ with fuch a crimfon and double-dyed flaine, that the 

(h) r Per, i^io. Tel Flood of Noahjwhcn all the Worldwas water,could 

CxiT'^'^chS, f ''^'"' "°^ ^^^ ^^ offrNeither at thatla{l and dreadfull Day, 

^^ " "^^ ' when this great Vniverfall lliall be turned into a Ball 

of fire, for the puriFvi^g and renewing of the Heaven 

and the-Earth, yet fhall it have no power to purge or 

deanfe the Icaft finne out ofthe impenitent Soule: 

Nay,the fire of Hell which burnes night and day,even 

ihorow all eternity, fhall never beeable to raze it our.' 

4. It is niofl infe(flious : Spits vcnome on all fides, 

farre and wide : corrupts every thing it comes neare. 

(f) Mat.b,! 5.1 2. By reafon whereof, it is fitly refembled to (y) Lea- 

C\* 'j^°^' *• ^' ven I to a (z) Gangreene ; to the (a) Leprofie ; which 

(*) PiaK 5^2^.* ^^^^y difeafe quickly over-fpreads the whole Body: 

. icr.i 3. 27, * ' IiHmb,\ 2.1 o.InfeAs the (b) clothes- the very Walles 


Part 2.Can.4. a^f^iEied (^onfciences. 1 1 5 

GftheHo'^fe : Levit, 14-37. &C. Pofierity, 2. Khg.^ . 
27. The firft fin that ever the Sun law, was fo preg- 
nant with Soule-killing poyfon that it hath alreadie 
damnably polluted al the Sons & Daughters o^Ada>n, 
• that were ever fince ; and will ftill by the unrefiftable 
ftrength of the fame contagion,empoyfon all their na- 
tures, to the Worlds end. Nay, at the very jRrft brea- 
king out, it fuddenly blafted, as it were, both Heaven 
and Earth : And fo ftained the beautie of the one, the 
brightnefle of the other,and the originall,orient,new- 
lyburnifht glory ofthe CO '»'^''^^<^^^^^'*^«; that from (c^ uot^m. » x,7/<r/f 
thathoure,it hath ^r(?^;7<f^uHder the burden of that avjivct^i xsf* Q'^a- 
vanitie and deformitie, to which this firft finne hath ^'.''«,. . 
made it iabieft; and will (d) rrav.U in f^„. under ^/SL'/.Si 
the honcUge of the lame corrnftion, untiU it be purged machma,& n6m ma" 
by fire, in the great 1>ay of the Lord. If but one finne, tUy etiam brutk & in- 
bee doted upon, delightfiilly, and impenitently, like a '»''J'«« acdpere^ puti 
lumpe of Leaven, itfowresall the Soule, defiles ^^^ AmT^''^1'Z 
whole Man^and every thing,that proceeds from Him: ^^^ j,f^^ boJmkprC 
His thoughts, defiresjaffedtions, words, adions/and miulifmmtADeade* 

that of all forts ; naturall,civill,recreative,religious. It ^'mau. . ho- 

doth not onely unhallow his meat, drinke, carriage; ^.'L '^^' p^^^^n-' 
Hisbuying,felling,giving,lending,andallHis other ^^'^l^'JI^. 

tn'ifer'^Si morhU^mwti, & \r<e "Dei ohnaxm ? C&lum mbuUi^nubibusobduchur : *4firaiumi' 
nefapedtficiuntfinflutnt'i^ifidimaliine affic'tHMaefem, & corpira inftrlaray & ad cmitptio' 
nmti'isponmt, Airfeptfi'pifiilensi mado rigeifngQre, mvdb tt^ibtuavdety moddpluvtji coniinK- 
K le-'tam oppumltyUrra naftentk l/edit & vamtatim qit*(i deplomt. — Tirra mproMabsYefa-^ 
tigata. httb(ts,iruRiii nsxioi auLCadu:oiv'ix prodmi-^ ftenlifattf^pm qudmf militate UtUuram 
&fpm colmorumdiidit- AmmantiaamnUgmem tarruptibUU humanis u(ibi0 quttidie gvie- 
rantur.fatiganiuf) ifitmtint-ymuUt vmenititi & noxia hamnem inftliaaty umprliiioptmafub- 
di!aj& fa(tttmaeijul(fent. Hfcpofiremapnn^ialiatis matunc efi, quod fervire impimum 
abiifibiacogitHf. SoUucst fceteratis; tcrrte mfcencia, metalla, vm,frugss, ambitm'h ava' 
ritU, crapu!a,fecnritanyf?vUitC3 JdMatriigj impietati e> firdiiiom. Par. [rtituufub- 
jeSla tfivmtati: &cad€ntt hominty qmm ccitfiituirat Domrm Dommnm Demm 
fiitt & prmiptm emm poffc^onis jiti , tota fimul htertditoi corru^ta tjl. Inde di^tm- 
peratus aer, wta, in opiribus Ada mikdwiay & amnU fubdita vanitati : Nee faJU 
rep^rabitur hterednas} dome repirentur IxredeStBein* (d) a Pec.j.io.ii; 

1 2 (e')d€a- 

J I ^ JnfirfMicfttfor a right contorting SeA. i . 

(cjtht'o'fyDfthew.c. (e) dealings in the world, even His plowing; T'/jd- 
k<tluanabh0i>tiniitiev -ploTf/tng of thervicked isfmne. Prov. 21.4. But a'fo 

w ihe L9rd, Pro. 1 5.9. j^^j-nes all his (/ ) fpiritiialfervices,and divineft duties: 
Comal fenfum «»».'- .,. l • j- -..1,0 

mm H/w proverv^ His prayer,hearing,reading,receiving the Sacrament, 
bune tS'e : QHodque &c. into abhomination. If but one raging corruption, 
vepi^umf & mum- jn a.Miniftcr, Magiftrate, Mafter of a Family;as lying, 
qutmque pcdcm, qum f^ggring, filthie talking, fcoffing at Religion, oppofi- 
'ZZ^T'd'", tiontogodlineffe , Sabbath-brcaking , an humour of 
quedextnet, five co Good-fellowfliip,or thehke,reprelentit(€lfe to the 
guand9f five leqaendo, eye of the World, in His ordinary carriage; and hang 
/iHtliniqaefaiundom q^^ 35 a rotten fruit in the fight of the Sunne; it is 
^^umr"^ dTo7x2 wontfearefiilly toinfedoroftbndbyacontagious in- 
"rabiU%' Cam o! finuation^and ill cxample,all about Him ; to diftufe it's 
(() rheiacrifice cftbe venome to His Family,amongft His Sonncs, and Ser- 
wkktdiian abhomina vants, ever the Pariili where Hec lines, all companies 
Uon to the lorrf. Prov ^fjgj.g ^gg oomcs, the whoIe Coiintrey round about, 
llHm)^?%eZt efpecially if Hee bee a Man of emincncy and Place. 
fartisjro tuUu Del, $. C^j It is extremely ill. A farre greater ill, than 
G*ive tfi, fivanmfit the eternall damnation of a Man. For when Hce hath 
impierttm(u(:<i. Mat. |jgj^ many millions ofyeeres in the Lake of fire , and 
' ^ff(ibJ']^dm-!^^li ^^^^^ ^^^^ dominion of the fecond death; Hee is never 
TLktbeatJedgfiv'ijfi' the nearer to fatisfadion for finne. Not all tho/e Hel- 
tnumjfiiiii=mno7ied'io Hih flames thorow all eternitie, can pofTibly expiate 
habeatmddjidetiam l\^Q{^g^{f^Q^QY extinguifh the fling of theleafl finne. 
'^"^'Tl^'&^'atmt ^^y> ^^ verydcftruaion of all the creatures in the 
mfSmMT^c- world;of Men and Angels,Heaven & Earth, is agreat 
tiMifit; &iUm fum- dealeleffeill, than tooftend God with theleafl tranf- 
m abminetu^. ^'od grefTion of His lawes.For all the creaturas often thou- 
cumditit,omntm,gra' f^^^ worlds, were they all extant, come infinitely 
r,t"d'r7' (KortinexceUencvofworth. of the Hearts-bloud of 
eiufit, Cariro. M*^ ChrtFf, And yet without the effufion of it , no 

5. Moft ill. 

(A\ undcrftandillina gencrallnorion, ardnotas rcfttained unto, or rcfidentin any 
(kfciti. Aad I know, that divif>$ mali, in malum culpt & tnafum f aj»<f , is not gtuirii univui 
infptciti; but vecabuli ttquivoci infua gquivoceta. Culpa habetplm deiaimt mdi^quam fan*, 
gtnonfeliif* quam potMle^fibllii^ que ccvfifiit wprkmtme mptralium btnoriii/. — fedtiiont- 
ftsiverfaliitr accipundopanam^ faundum quedpnvam irmte, vd ittvit^pana quedemjunt, 
Aqu'm.p. l« q. 4 8. Arc i, 


Part 2.Cap.4. AffliEled (^cnfciencet. iiy 

no finnec®ulde/€r have beene pardoned , nor any 
Soule laved. A man would thinke it a leffer ill to tell a 
lie, than to lie in Hell : But heare Chryfofiome ; Al^ 
though many thinke HeH to bee the fupreame and forefi 
of all evils;jet I thinke thpts, and thus will daily preach: 
That it ii farre bitterer and more grievous to offend 
ChriBy than to be tormented with th e paines of Hell, e. Full of moft feare- 
6, ItisfullofmoftfearcfulleflPeds. fulleffeftiin 

I. It deprives every Impemtent . i. Of the favour >• ^^pfving u$ of 
and lov^eGfGod,tbeonelyFoujitaine of all comfort. hcV«hcl7"^^°'* 
peace and happinefle: which is incomparably the moft 
invalueable loffe, that can be imagined. 2. Of his per- ».The grace of Chrift« 
tion in Chriftsbloud ; of which, though the drops, 
waight,and quantitie be numbred, finite, and mca(ii- 
rablc, yet the Perfon that Ihed it, hath ftampt upon it, 
fiich height of price, excellency of merit, unvaluable- 
nefle of worth ; that he had infinitely better have hi« 
portion in that fweeteft well-fpring of life and im- 
mortalitie; than enjoy the riches, pl^ures andglorjr 
of the whole World everlaftingly ;For a bitter-fweet 
tafte of which , for an inch of time , Hee villanoufly 
trampleth under-foot,as it were,that blefled bloud,by 
wilfiilly cleaving to His owne wayes,and furious fol- 
lowing the Twinge of His owne fenfuall heart (even 
againft the check and contradiction of His grumbling 

confciencej. 3. Ofthe moft bliflefiillprerence, free- ^^ The communio« 
dome,and communication of the Holy Ghoft^and all of the holy Ghoft. 
thofe divine illuminations, fpirituall feaftings, fiidden 
and fecret glimpfes and glances of heavenly light, 
fweeter than fwectneffe it felfe, where-with that 
good Spirit is wont to vifit and refreHi the humbled 
hearts ofholy men. 4. Of the fatherly providence and ^ Tfteproieftionof 
proteflion ofthe blefled Trinitie, the glorious guards iheTru.iiy. 
of Angels,the comfortable communioH with the peo- 
ple of God, and all the happy conlequents of fafetie, 
deliverance aijd delight that floweth thence. 5 .Of the ,.Thc pleafures of an 
unknewae pleafures of an appealed confcience,a jew- appealed cocificn«c. 

I3 ell 

jjg InftruBionsforarightcomformg Seft. r. 

ell ot deareft price , to which all humane glory is but 
duft in the balance. Not the mod exqnjfite extra'^ion 
cf all manner of Muficke, Sets, or Confor ts, vocall or 
Inftrumentall , can poiTibly conveigh fo delicious a 
touch,and tafte to the outward eare of a Man ; as the 
found, andlenle of a Certificate brought from the 
Throne of mercy by thebkfled Spirit, feal'd with 
Chrifts bloud,to the eare of the Soule, even amidft the 
moftdelperateconfufions, in the evill Day ; when 
Comfort will bee worth a World^and a good Confci- 
6 The contentment et}ce,tcn thoufand earthly Crorpnes. 6. Of all true 
of this life. contentment in this life; of all Chriftian right, and re- 

ligious intereft to any of the Creatures. For never was 
any lound ioy,or fandified enjoyment of any thing in 
the world, found in that Mans heart , which gives al- 
lowance to any luft, or lyes delightfully inanyfinne. 
7. The glory of iliat 7. Ofanimmortall CrowHe, the unfpeakable joyes of 
cocenae. Heaven; that immeafiirable , and endlefle comfort, 

which there fliall be fully and forever enjoyed, with 
all the children of God,Patriarkes,Prophets, Apoilles, 
Martyrs, Chriftian friends ; yea, with the Lord Him- 
felfe,and all His Angels, with ChriJ} our Saviour, that 
Lambe flaine for us, the Prince of gjory, the glory of 
Heaven and Earth ; the brightnciTe of the everlafling 
Light,&c. In a word,ofall thofe inexplicable, nay,un- 
tics, fweetneffes, beauties, glories,eternities above. 
%. Expofir;g a finnts 2. It doth everie houre expofe Him to all thofe e- 
to all cviJs. ^ jjg^ which a Man deflitute of grace divine may com- 

mit ; and unproteded from above, endure. It brings 
8, Iniernal.1 all plagues. i./^r^-r^^Z/jBlindneffeof minde, Hard- 

nefle of heart, deadnefle of affed ion , f earednefle "of 
confcic-nce,a reprobate fenfe^ftrong delulloiis, thefpi- 
ritofflumberjflaveryto luft, eftrangednes from God, 
bondage under the I)ivel],defperate thou';:?ht3,horrour 
of heart, confufion of Ipirit, &:c. And ipirituall mif- 
chiefes in this kinde,iHoe,and more dreadfulUban ei- 

Parc2.Chap.4. A^itledConfciences. Up 

ther Tongue can tell, or Heart can thinke. Leaft of 

which, is farre worfe than all the plagues of jEgypt. 

2. Extermll. See Deut. 28. 1 5. &c. 3 . Etematl, See 2, Externall. 

my Sermon of the four e lafi things. j . Eternall, 

3. By it's peftilent damning Property & poyfon, it j. Tum.ng ali good 

turns Heaven into Hell, Angels into Divds, Life into inroaHcTill, 
death, Light into darkneflejfight into blindnefle. Faith 
into diftmft,hope into defpaircLove into hate,humi- 
litieinto pride,mercy into cruelty ,{ecurity into feare, 
libertieinto bondage.healthinto fickne{Ie,plenrie into 
fcarcenefie, a Garden of Eden into a defolate Wilder- 
ne{re,a fruitfuU Land into barrenneflc,Peace into war, 

Suietneffe into contention. Obedience into rebellion, 
>rder into confijfion,vertues into vicesjbleffings into 
curfes, &c. In a word,all kinde of temporall,and eter- 
nall felicities , and blifle, into all kinds of miferies, and 

7. Whatheart,exceptitbeall Adamant,andturn'd 7. Agilnft the Lord 
into a Rock of flint, but poffeflingitfelfe with feeling of hc«vca and earth; 
ehoughtSjand a fenfible apprehenfion oftheincompre- 
henfible greatnefre,exceUency and dreadfolnefle of the 
mighty Lord of Heaven & Earth, would not tremble 
and beilrangely confounded to tranfgreffe and breake 
any one branch of His blefled Lawes, efpecially pur- 
pofely,and with pleafure:or to finne againft Him wil- 
lingly, but in the leaft ungodly thought ? For alas! 
Who art thou,that lifteft up thy proud heart,or whet- 
teft thy prophane tongue , or bendeft thy rebellious 
courfe againft (uch a Majeftie ? Thou art the vileft 
wretch that ever God made, next unto the DiveU,and 
His damned Angels; A ba(e,and an unworthy Worme 
of the Earth, not worthy to licke the duft, that lyeth 
under His feet ; A moft weake and hraile creature. 
Earth, aChes, or any thing that is naught ; the dreame 
ofafhadow, the very Pidure of change, worfethan 
vanity, leffe than nothing ; Who, when thy breath Is 
gene, which may fall out many times iaamoment* 

I4 tllM 

I20 JnflruEiions for aright comforting Sedt.i, 

thou turncft into duft, nayjVottennefle and filtb,miich 

more loathfome, than the Dung of the Earth ; and all 

thy thoughts pertpj . But now on the other fide, if thou 

caft thine eyes feriouflyjind with intention upon that 

thrice glorious and higheft Majefty,the eyes of who(e 

^lory thou fo provokeft with thy filth andiblly, thou 

maieft moft /uftly upon the com million of every finne 

cry out with the Prophet : O Heavens be aHoniJhed at 

thi^ : Bee afraid, and mterly confounded i Nay, thoil 

mighteft marvell,and it is God's unfpeakeable mercy, 

that the whole frame of Heaven and Earth is not for 

one finne fearefully, and finally diflblved, and brought 

. to naught! For He againft whom thou CinnQ{\.,inhaiff^ 

(g) 2)arf ah.( aU quu ^^^^ eternity, and unapproachable lurht. The Heaven » 

tUiijdkayt, leAfticUs ^^ Thro»e,andthe earth hi^feotjtoole : He is the ever- 

quiim fiilgormihum l^fiif^g God, mighty, and terrible y theCreatourof the 

Dei fuftiHtre po[fe,(i (jj ends of the earth^dicTht infinite Iplendour of his gla- * 

imipeiPmOeUen ^y and majeflie/odazles the eyes ofthe moft glorious 

jpltr^JL Tn?HtriZ ^^raphimsMt they are -Ud to adore Him with cove- 

bmtti.titque tamtn ita ^^d faces (g). The Oivell, and all the damned fpirits, 

tegebara Aa:eii fackt» thofe f^ubborne Feinds tremble at the terrour of His 

fum quit aliquo hue- countenance, (h) All the Nation, before Him^are but 

YMur Dei mfpMii. ^ ^y ^ r^ y^, y^^ ^ thefm^Jldufl of the ha. 

Cal.inli3.cap 6. , ' -', ». tt- r- t ; ,, # 

The raoflholy Aneel* ^^^^^> "^V, they are nothing to Him, laith the Prophet, 

withouifpot of finne yezlejfe than nothing, (i) He fitteth upon the circle of 

in natureand confci the earth, and the inhabitants therofare as grajhoppers: 

f *"«' ^as abl" 'dT '^^^ hh^^y and Princes, yvhen Hee bloroes uponthenty 

Ws^refcnce,^ bough ^^^ ^^^ ^ (lubble before the fVhirle-winde: And (k)He 

<ioing hii will in o- taketh up the IJles, as a very little thing. (\) At His re- 

bcying the voyce of bukethe P tllars of Heaven doe Jhake -^ the Sarth trem- 

hisraou h. Throgmor. yieth ^ the foundations ofthe hills are moved\{m) Hit 

Ch)l(^i 40 ^^'^^^' f^^P"(^^ melts themountaines , His voyce teares the 

CO lobi 1. * Rocks in pieces, (n) The blafi ofthe breath of his nor 

(Tt3 lob x6. 1 1. firilsdifc overs the chanels ofw at ers,and foundations of 

(0 Pfal/i8 7. the voorld: when Hee is angry , His Arroves drinke 

n'Pfaf iTi '^' ^/t;W, Hisfyporddevours PJh, and tVtfire of his wrath 

Deut.V*.*M*. i^HrncfftntAthe hwefi HeL The Heaven H:but His 

JlaUoaa**. ' ^ - - ^.-^ fpame.. 

Part. 2, Cap.5 . uiffliBed Confciences, I %% 

panne. The SeaUish^ndfully The wings /tf the winde Vtilm^io^. y.i. 
His tvalke : His garments Are light, Hm Pavilion dark:; ^^^!j"* * * * ^ * 
nejfe,Hi4 re ay in the yphirlenvinde, and in theftorme-^and i^* }' ^* 
the clouds are the dufi of Hi£ feet, &c. The Lord of 
hofts is his name, whofc power and punifliments are 
fo infinitely unrefiftable; that Hec is able with one 
word to turne all the creatures in the world into Hel^ 
nay, even with the breath of His mouth to turne Hea- 
ven and Hell, and Earth , and all things into nothing. 
How dareft thou thenlo bafeand vile a wretch, pro- 
voke fo great a God ? 


Thirteene other confiderations^ to k^epe men front - 
jinne, . 

;Et the confideration, and compaflion *• ^he dcftroy v of 

upon the immortality, and dcarenefre »n"«»"o'"nfouJe. 

of that precious Soule that lye-s in thy 

bofome, curbe thy corruptions at the 

very firft fight of iinne,and mal(e thee 

ftep backt as though thou wert ready 
to tread upon a Serpent. Not all the bloudy men upon 
earth,or defperate Divelsin Hell,can pofTibly I<i]l,and 
extinguilli the Soule of any man ; it muft needs live, 
as.long,as God Himfelfe, andrunneparallell,with the . 
longeft line ofeternity.OHdyfinne wounds r<?; moi^(^)Mm,iiv^%tnmQ* - 
tally that immortall fpirit, and brings it into that cur- Abnoi a prx/entwui ma. 
fed cafe, that it had infinitely better never have been, '** ^"'^^"^ ^'^^w "d 
than be for ever. For by this meanes, going on impe- ^^-^"*"? ?f '?«' , ^»'; 
nitently to that laft Tribunall , it becomes Lmort!llj j^!:^;:;^!^^ 

. .... PiU^'iriqHtatMt^iintm 

mne miuqHamufomidahm, — vna vUaefi mtoi advltam conUaat babue, iaj merf. ,1 
^SQatmimmwm t(i mKritfH, Nazian^c fttnci« Pair js^ - '^ ' |J 


JnfiruUions for a right comforting Stdi, i . 

fp^ Btati vmrct ffvl mortall, and mortally immortall ('p^, as one of the An- 
per vUktn,pveptrfup. cientsfpeakes./^ lives to death, and dyes to life : never 

^.'^S^''jrvi; i%ft«« °»'f"^dcatb,yer ever in the paines of death. 
t;<re,acg««;'ert/»/i»w, andtne per^etuitie cr lire; It s death ts ever-living^ 
n(queferfupplicium a- and it's end is ever in beginning : Death without death' 
mittlt. A qualitate e £„d without end : Ever in the pangs of death, and ne- 

Sf 1i^& '^^ ^^^^ •• -^/^'^ [« ^yf ' ^- ^^^-^9 the paine:Paine 
interimm ntc wiriws ^^^eeding not oneiy, all patience, but all refiftance: 
fentit.i^ttrgobreviu* Noftrengthto iallaine , nor abihtie to beare, that 
dixer'mt &}mmrta- which hereafter,whi'.eft God is (jod,for ever miift be 
liter momlis efi, & borne. What a prodigious Bedlam cruelty is it then for 
Z%r^T^7 ^-l»' \y f "ing to the Syren-fongsV this falfe 
Anim & moftdU 4« world , the lewde motions of His o wne treacherous 
UttUtiAuti & ijwwer- heart,or the Divels defperate counfelljto embrew His 
talis, Momlts quipfh hands in thebloudofHisowne€verhfting{bule,ani 

qiii,{ftmlxlit^rvivsre ^r lome bale and rotten Inft, & fleeting vanity,which 
mnqtttmdeftnit,&nA pafleth away in the ad, as the tafte of pleafant drinke 
t»ra{u(vitAm perdtredy eth in the draught, to bring upon it in the other 
non valet, »« (um in world, torments without end, & beyond all compafle 
5Si^%r« ofconceit? And his madnefleis the more, becaufebe- 
n C9glturftmp^ ut & fi«les it's immortality,His Soule is incomparably more 
mortem fine noite,& worth,than the whole world .The very fenfitive Soule 
dtfe&m fme dtfe^a, of a little flie, faith (q) Auflin txnXyyU more excellent 
&^r^ntmfinepati^thantheSHn»e:y{owo\x%htvjQQthen to prize, and 
wIriCS«"^e>f ^{e'^^efromfi^^^^ ourundcrftanding, reafonable 
dtftaut <»«/</«««,€?• Joules* which make us in that relped:, like unto the 
finii infmitw. Idem. Angels of God ? 

Dial. Lib 4 cap. 4T. p. Ninthly,What anhorrible thine is (inne, whofe 
Stc mmentar diramu ^ 

utfemper vivmt &lU viveni uc Temper tHomntur, Bern, c^e Dignit- a«imx; Rev'mlf- 
cuntadmortemymmuntur ad v'nm. ("q) Mufca fele prt^mior. si ferti tivbati a. me 
qufrcetttf mmet'tam mufgammim hu'ic luc; p'g^we cenferem^ Ytfponitrcm^ etiam : ntc 
me terreret mufcut quod pawa <-/?, [td quoi vivay fimiru Qt^mtur enim, quid ill* 
mmbra tarn exigtntvt^':c!t, quid huc^afqite ilucpro 7iatumii ap^etitu lantiUum cffpufculum 
dueat^quidcurremiipfdcsmitummmmoveat', quid volanlis penmlas modentur^ acvibrct? 
^aodquilecuftque e^ ben^ canfiderAntibm^ in tarn pxrva tm ma^mm eminttj ui cuivis 
fuliori ptr^nngcnti outlet pr^firatnr. Auguft. Lib. d« duabus Aaimabus contra Ma« 
nicbasGfjpag, i?o. 9> MoRhornbie. 


Part 2. Chap. 5 . Jffli^ed Confciences, \^l 

weight,an Omnipotent ftrength, which dothfuftainc 
the whole Frame ot the world , is not able to beare? 
Almighty God complaines I fa. i . 1 4. even of the Sa- 
crifices, and oilier fervices of his owne people, when 
they were performed with polluted hearts ^ and pro- 
felTes, that He rvas vpeary to beare them. And how wWq 
is it,that llirs up in thedeareft and mofl: compaflionate 
bowels of the All-mercifiiU God, fuch implacable an- 
ger, that threw downe fo many glorious A ngelicall 
^irits, who might have done Him To high honour for 
ever in the higheft Heavens,into the bottome of Hell, 
there moft juftly to contmue Divels, and in extremeft 
torment everlaftingly ? Caft all mankinde out of His 
favour, and from all felicitie for y^^^^KJj-finne? caufed 
Him, who delighteth in mercy ^ to create all the affli(fl- Mica!) 7.18; ■ 
ing miferies in Hell; eternall flames, ftreames ofbrim- 
flone, chaines of darknefle, gnafhing of teeth, a Lake 
of fire, the bottomlefle Pit, and all thole horrible tor- 
ments there? And that which doth argue, and yet fur- 
ther amplifie, the implacablenefle and depth or divine 
indignation,- theinfiniteneffeof finnes provocation, 
and defert : Tophet is faid to be ordained of old : £ver- ^^^i^^ 30,33. 
iaFitngfire to be prepared for the Dtvell y and H;^ ^«- Matth. 25 ^i- 
gels: As if the All-powerfull wifedome did deliberate, . 
andasitwerefitd^wne, anddevifeall flinging ter- 
tible ingrcdients^a temper of greateft torture to make 
that drcadfull fire, hellifh paines , moft fierce and ra- 
ging,and a fitinftrument for the /uftice offo great and 
mighty a God to torment eternally all impenitent 
reprobate Rebels. God is the Fatherof Spirits ; our 
Soules are the immediate Creation of His Almightie 
Hand ; and yet to eveiy one that goeth on impenitent- ^^^^,p ^^^^^ ,^,^.^^ 
ly in his trelpafles , Hee hath appouited , as it were a ho^mU imdmatio.at. 
threefold Hell. There are three things confidetable in -jas pcrvtrfitaSfid cjf, 
finne: i. (V) Averfionfromaninfinite,{bveraigne,un- fipr^hntimcondiiwt 
changeable good : 2. Convcrfion to a finite, mutable, ^T^^' ^ '^^ f ''f *^ 
mom entany good : 3. Continuance in the lame. To gjj^^ ad simpiician. 

thefe Lib. E.q.».pas,0;i, 

124 JnfirHSlions for A right comforting Sedt.i. 

thefe three feverall things in finnc,therc arc anfwering 

three fingalarflingboFextreaineftpiiniQiment. Toa- 

veriion from the chicFeft Good, which h ob/eLlively 

infinite.there anfwereth Taine of hfe as they call it, 

Privation of Gods glorious prefence , and reparation 

from thofe endlefle joyes above, which is an infinite 

lulTe. To the inordinate converfion to tranfitorie 

things, there anfwereth Paine offcnfe, which is inten- 

fively finite, as is thepleafure otfinne \ And yetlbex- 

rf ) A' i-tqimnt She ^"^^^^^^j ^^^^ "°"^ ^^" conceive the bitterneffe thereof, 

^«/>«flivi non dcba but the SoLile that fiiffers it, nor that neither ; except it 

cH^&cum fine /«;7«4 could comprehend the Almighty wi^edome of Him 

wj«ir«w e^ ommponm xh^it did create it. To the eternity of finne, remaining 

peui ^'l^^'f'^'^IJ^'^'^ for ever in (taineand guilt, anfwereth the eternity of 

Tfi, ^ititTM ^mnd!htt punifhmcnt. For we mufl know ( f) that every im^ 

fmrX lormenio. Qui feniteyit finnertvoHldfrnneever , if he might live ever; 

^Mi citmrejpandtmw. and ca ft: ethhimfelfe by finning into an imfoffibilitie of 

quoi rtcle dicmjit; ft gypfccafing to finne ofHimfe/fe : as a Man that cafieth 

judex ]4u4 J^firm- f^i^r^if^ i„f, a deete Ttt, can never ofBimfelfe rife out 

lominHmftdf^a* pen- oftt agatne : Andtherefore naturally etermtj ofpum/h- 

faret, imqui tnimideb ment u due to finne. How prodigious a thing then ii 

tunc cum fine deiique finne,and how infinitely to be abhorred,and avoided, 

runti quia '^"J".^"* that by a malignant meritorious poyfon and provoca- 

. q!^p^intfi^e\htrt tion, doth viofently wreft out of the hands of the Fa- 

uifme fine potui(f*ni ther of mercies^ and God of all comfort y the full vials of 

in iniquitatibniper>na that unquenchable wrath,which brings eafelefre,end- 

nere. Tiam magu *ppe ^^^^ ^^^ remedilefle torments upon His owne crea- 

SI S'(,1T»f Ir tures, and thofe originally moft excellent. 

vivtfe tupii*>:t, ut nun 1 o. Tenthly ,^ The height and ineftimablenefle of 

qumit^nantptccare, thepiice, that was paid for the expiation of it, doth 

tumvivntAddiftriai clearely manifefl,nay,infinitely aggravate the execra- 

^r^7mmaZlant ^le milerie of finne, and extrearae madneffe of all that 

'jupptk^^Hwitmmvi meddlewith it. I meanc the hearts-bloud of }efw 

' in b»c vud nut.quam Chrifiy blefied for ever : which was of (uch precipul- 

volult carere ptiiato\ 

^ uuliui deittrinicjuourmnui uUionUj qui quamdiu valuit, habere no'uit tttrmnum cnmmn, 
6reg Expot Mor. lib, 34 cap. i6. in cjp.4>' 'o^. JO That vfhich cannoi bee 

wJp'ioMcbut by the hearts blouil of Chrift. 

'?art 2 . Chap. J . ^gliBed Confciences, 1 2 5 

jieffe and power,that being let out by a Speare,it ama- 
zed the whole Frame oF Nature ; darkened the Sunne 
miraculoafly (for ar that time ir ftood in direflf /}op- (\) Tunc tmpom duo 
pofition to the Moonej Oiooke the Earth, which Luminaiiafwu.t dt- 
riirunkoand trembled under it, opened the Graves, (i<^^^'8i'»^fi<^>^'^oie. 
clave the Stones, rent the Vaile of the Temple, From u^ & Uinaing-adu 
thebottometothetop,&c.Nowitwasthisalone,anJ io'. ubrx. iflasune- 
nothingbut this could pofliblyclean(e the filth oFfin. i^ra^y liquet nen fuife 
Had all the dnftoF the earth beene turned into filvcr, ".^'*J,^'?j^ ^fit^''^ 
and the ftones into pearles ; Should the maine and ?«T^LV*!?c*ji?re! 
boundlefTe Ocean have ftreamed nothing but pureft mtu^mm ludti paf. 
sp\6. ; would the whole world , and all the creatures cha ex kgk prafaipro 
in Heaven and Earth have offered themfelves to bee ^tlelnabaitt, ndtwaitm 
annihilated before His angry face ; Had all the blelTed ^..f^f '^ ""^''' 
Angels proftrated themfelves at the foot of their Cre- 
ator: yet in the Point of redemption oFMankinde,and 
purgation of (inne,not any, nor all of thefe, could have 
done any good at all. Nay, iFthe Sonne oFGod Him- 
felfe,which lay in His bofomejfhould have fupplicated 
andlolicited (I meane, without f^ fijfferine and ^'^f""'^"'''?''^*''^ 
fheddmgHis bloud)the Father of all mercies; ^c fuiQ-tpoffibU-emmeUigi 
could not have beene heard in this cafe. Either the voiumm de pcftMiute 
Sonne of God mufl dye, or all Mankinde be eternally '^bfoiucd , quoad rd ipjU- 
damned.Even then,when thou art provoked to finnc, ^ "'''f^'^'./' ''^'"* 
thinke ferioufly, and fenfibly of the price that upon .^^'.^^fiS 
neceflity mult be paied tor it,betore it be pardoned, detiaa cendonart milo 
1 1 . Sinfull pleafures are attended with a threefold kvt^u auepto ■. vci pO' 
bitter fling. Whereof fee my Z)/>^5w»/>r >r^/>^/«^ <«'/« ««»»»« chrm 
^i,hGa,fas.,n. Which thoughthe Divdl hides ^£»-;««;,,t; 

ftibjeclfftt: fid ff teiermm Pti deerttum (psdema de Hberando humanog'ntrtpir mortem f!i/y turn 
txbac bypQthcjtAv'iwprteQfdinamniSyVete^aYia full mors C^nfl't ad redtrnptionem humane m : 
T^nm impejjiil'.e efi, vd utfalUttut divina provideniia^vtl ut muttniur divina decrtta.DAvci\»n- 
liusExporEpift.adColcfTioc.i.verfio. /atORosiwwoni^AiWftr, aa Deusallo mode quam 
per fathfaQiontm Chrifti mifervarepotuerit. Fatemar tmm mt,fiec diffiiitur CL MoL quicquid 
hk obycu mllam aliim v'lam in verba Dei,ac proi^de, & tmtredt alia ah homlniluidifputari^ 
trc. Rcfponf, Anthon.WaJiii.ad c? nfuram loan Arnoldi Corvini. cap. 2$. ^U negetpo- 
tuiffi Deum alio quevU modo providtrefalmi bemlmm}/ed hoc vuluit, nee mjt bac, Chamicwis. 
Tom. 2. lib. 5. Cap. zx. Sefl. €* i !. Attended with a three foldf^ing, 


1 ^o 

InfiruEiiom for a right comforting Sefl r 

from them in the heat ot temptation ; yet in His fea- 

fons, to ferve his owne turnc, He fets them on with a 


I i.Thai wniclibrings j 2. Compare the vafl, and imvalu;ible difference, 

a great difference in- bg^weene veeldinj; to the entifementjand conv -r.erinf; 

which arc guiicy of it ^ "^ temptation to finne. For which purpolv Jooke up- 

fconi cthcis. on fofeph and David, two of Gods dearefl fervants. 

And confider the confequents: what a deale ot honour 

and comfort did afterward crowne the head, and the 

(«) PlaJ.5i«?. ;^f, heart ohhe one : And what horrible milchiefes and 

^neatver I'/orew?. miferiesfelliipon'the famiiie, and («) grifly horrours 

(x)See ihc life of upon the conlcience of the other. Survayalfo thedi- 

Galeacim CamciolM, j^i^^ (^x) Stories of Galeaciu4 Caracciolta^ and Fran-^ 

VmSXTol ^fi^ Spira, th,n which in their fevmll kindes, there 

verfionfcom Popery, is nothing left to the memory or the latter times more 

and his furfakmg of remarkable. And you fliallfinde in them as great a 

His Marquc(d3ttie difference, as beD-veene an Heaven and Hell upon 

for die Gofpcis fake; ^^ Theonewithftanding unconquerably varietie 

written hrfl JO //aiM^, r • u^ -r - ^ ^ ^ . ^i? /^ /"^.i tn 

tranflaicd into Latme of mighty entifements to renounce the Gofpell of 7^- 
hy B£^a;ind'into Sng' /f« Chrifi, and returne to Poperie, befidesthefweet 
ghjh by MiCt.Crfi.pimi peace of His Soule,attained that honour in the Church 
And the Rftory of of God,that He is in fome meafure (j) paralleld even 
Sii?by?cyerScn- With ^^7?^, and recommended to the admiration of 
and thus intituled by Poftcrity by the Pen of that great and incomparable 
ihcfirft: Framifci Spi glory ofthe Chriftian Worldjbleflfed (^) Calvin.Tht 
r^chitatulani barren ■ other Conquered by an unhappy temptation, to turne 

?'t^?{'";l'" '^*'^' from the Truth ofGod and our true Religion, to the 
tarn tn jti^icn^coim- „ .^ ^ , , , . . ^/ 1 ^ , 

lam Evangdij vtrka- Synagogueor Satan, and abnommationsotthe/r^r/*?? 

imin mjt'amm'iiit whore^ befi^es the raging and defperate conhifion he 

dtfptrai'mem. (y)'icc brought upon His own fpirit% became fuch a fpedacle 

fw/Jw in His rc-j.Qj|^g cyeof Chriftendome, as hath beene hardly 

cond Dedicatory hpi 1 j t 
ftJe before the booke. '^^^^^ ^^' 

(z) Calvin iU His Dedicatory Epiflle before His Commentary upon tlic firft to theCorin< 
thiam.Tiontelandum tflyHomia m^dmia'dfemHiinuum, honore & op:biu {lorentemy nebi- 
liffimA & ca^sffi^na uxorty nmmerefa. lubolo^dofriedy.a, qiiiete^& Concordia, lotequt vii^ (tain bea- 
turn i^iroy ui I'l Cbrifti caflra migraret^ ^:iCriu ci$^e\ dftiommfcrlilm, & amaiam, lauUint pum 
trimsnitim^commoiummn nunnsyqtdm voiupiMj'dm h iblutieatm ncglexifc: ixii fjt (piendmn 
ftomt^itumy Paired conjiegf,libeiis, cegmtisj a0nil>Hi feft prlvdjfe^ &c. 

V 13. Com- 

l"art2.Cap.5. Affli^ed Confcienccs. 127 

15. Coiriparethepcorc, iliorty C<2) vanifliingde- 13. But a vanunnc^ 
IiVbt cf the choiTeft. fenfuall, Vv^^rldly contentment, if ^"^H^"'* ^"'^ ^" <^^"- 
thou wiir, ottny Iwceteit (inncwith the cxqiufitneffe (^.-^^roifumt^mvo- 
and eternity oF Hcilifn torments. Oat ofwhicii,might u-^t'^ejj'a, qnld cdvi^ 
an impenitent reprobate wrctch,be afTured of enlarge- 1'^«^ q'-^i'i abj'Muu ? 
nicnt,ahtr'Hehad endured them fo many thoufand, ^■(:ftml&vimi,& 
thoufind year;:s, as there are fands on the Sca-foore, ^"^^^''^^^^^IZ 
haircs upon his Head, ftarres in the firmamcntj grafle pr^h ndnmr: & five- 
piles upon the :^:Oiind, Creatures both in Heaven and corpommdixeYU vokp- 
Earth • He would thinke Himieife happie, and as it f^nrnjwe deVumHin^ 
vyox in Heaven nlrcady,Seebct-orc?.x-4i -But when ^^"^^^^ 
all that time is pait, and inhnite muhons or yeeres be- flat 'cum autem ^pa- 
fides»they are no nearer end, than when they begun; m, & fupplicim urn 
nor Henearer out, than when He came in. The tor- comeiar,quldejui/e' 
mcnts of Hell aremoft horrible; yet I know not whe- ch"?^ jr^"^. 
therthis ince{rantdefpei--ate cry in the confdenceofa ^sver^nh^ummif]' 
damned Soule, Imnftr.ever came ottty doth not out-go randa,& pUgeuh coa^ 
them allin horrour. Whatanheig'ntofmadnefle isit dnioe^,ubici'bp:au- 
thenjtopurchafeamomentof fugitive follies, and fa- '*'^» qnod dcUajt, &■ 
ding plcafures, w.th extrcm.cy of never ending pains? SrifSr f 
1 .] . ({7) VV ben thou art itepping over the threrhold Lbidrnu imptm irars" 
awards any vile afl,le wd Houle, diflblute companie,/^,eJ>p;rwa»fi?/»<! ter- 
or todotheDivelferviceinanykind,whichGodfor-'"''*' '^"''"^ infctUU 

'. ' • _ opprobrium, ^d die it 

aI:quU,luvimkorfiarnmJac'iiinqnodmi dckclat Modb,&p3!l(a.pceHiuntiam agtm. Jornada 
fmk't^pacntk me tritd-:l'i ^hd o.& p!>^cd vad.muid rmdkuvi.Heu mifer bomo) nefck c *biun' 
uiboriepitn£tovhUHiaii'!pUkr,fedvixiifng)iU>rij>i}fta(ilmiatempiipnamrivx Augul>, 
Tom 9 p 'g.f 3 1*^. i 4 Ta^c sg.uuft whii-h 1! hrift intreaies thee, (b)^orieitefen- 
tie Uirp\iii!>cojitiUo-nhmpu'[ar)yr.utiUUid{ki6Uu6nsa^ totics pent ante mmtis oadds^ 
qtiomedk cthcf.xus eft Dius turn pn te Intucre quomoitQ-a htda tradim ludttia &qiiini v'l'Uur 
ftxtYa[l>itiii\bi'j:^h(mAiur&cdlof.hi'x^U{r-^C6ndcmiiit!i/', &expr-obratuTi &'flAi^t'M.Hi'yad ul- 
iimumve/b uniurmltjs & ppprobri^s af'Jtiii, inttrdms Latroius fuQ)endhm\ clavis cenfixta, 
^!4tU.d'Mftic,fpbiis t-jranaiicfi lincia.paforAiuit, tx omuilus pfittibrnfuKguii emanAvU:^ & iv- 
liimiocaputiradidUfphitim^ &c, Bern, lib. de Confc. Ca^ta ruindc O finfull creature, 
and fci before thine eyes Chtift cruciivrd* Thinke thou fecft his Body Orcjched oat 
in length upon the Crofle, His Head ctow^ed wiili Hiarpc thornes. His Hands 
andhisFeerc pierced with nailej. His heart opened with aloag fpcare. His fle(h 
jcntind tome with whips, His Bro wet. fweating water and bloud. Thinks ihmheareft 
Him now crying: MyGodyMyGodfVpljykaftthoitf^/akea^ce? O my Brethren, let 
ihi$Tm3g«of Chria cruciffed be alwzici primed in our hcarti,ktit ftirreustoihe ha- 
ired of fmne, & c Hoia, upo» C,F, 


128 InfiruSlionsfor a right cotfjforting Sedl. I . 

bidjftippofe thou feeft 7efm Chriji comming towards 
Thee, as He lay in the armes oifofeph of Arimathea, 
newly taken downe from the Croflfe, woFully woun- 
ded, wanne and pale ; His Body all gore-bloud ; the 
beauty of His blefled and heavenly face, darkened and 
disfigured by the ftrokeot death ; fpeaking thus unto 
Thee : Oh ! Go not forward upon any termes. Com- 
mit not this finne by any meanes. It was this, and the 
(c) 7t»n»f T>t\ ^ilut like, that drew me downe out of the '' c) armes of my 
cH'neffetinfimpatrii, Father, from the fulneffe of joy, and Fountaine of all 
i tegali^ fedibu«y pro bjiflg . t® put on this corruptible, and miferable Qe(h - 
liberaret a pnefttie ^ hunger and thirft ; to watch and pray ; to groane 
'Diaboii ? ^^m cum and figh; to offer up ftrong cries and teares to the Fa- 
vidijfet peccawumfu- ther in the dayes of my flefh : To drinke off the dregs 
nUfiu imtitm, jm of the bftter cup of His fierce wrath ; to wraftle with 
Sr^jr«jf;j'p'r>l^^he forces of infernall powers; to lay downe my 
petiddlmnireiur, fit- hfe in the gates of Hell,with intolerable, and,fave by 
vUfuptr iUvn, qud fit- my felfe,unconquerable paine : and thus now to lie in 
re(t ntfcitbAi. Nee jo- the armes of thismortall Man, all tome and rent in 
^'^!^idf7t'* [rL'f'Z P^^*^^^ ^^^^ cruelty and fpite, as thou feeft. What an 
'pmiofo' fn^iiufiu h^^'^^ haft thoujthatdareft go 0n,againft this dcateen- 
prtt'u earn rdiOT«y«r. treaty of lefiis Chrift ? 

Bern, dcdignituea- 15 When thou art unhappily moved, to breake 

"»"*• . any branch ofGod'sblefledLaWjlct the excellency & 

mercies^'which thou y?r^etie of His incomparable mercies come prefently 

haft tailed of, and ^^^^ thy minde : a moft ingenuous fweet and mighty 

that motive,to hinder and hold oft'all gracious hearts from 

finne. Howisitpoffible, butaferiousfiirvay ofthc 

riches of Gods goodnejfe,f orb eArance^And Long- fufferin^ 

leading thee to refentitnce^ to morc forwardneife and 

fruitfulnefle in x!c\tgoodfVay : The publike miracles of 

mercy,w hich God hath done in our daies,for the pre- 

fervation oftheGofpell,this kingdome,our felves,and 

ourpofterity, efpecially, drowning the Spanifti invin- 

cibie Armada, di&ovcvmgy and defeating the Powder- 

ploty fhielding Queene ElucubethythQ moft glorious 

Princeffe of the world, from a world of Antichriftian 


Parti. Cap. J. ^ffi^ed ^onfciefsccs, I2p 

cruelties: laving us from the Papifts bloudy expedati* 
ons at Her deatb,&c.The particular,and private Cata- 
logue of thine own perfonal favours from Gods boun- 
tifiiUhand, which thine owne conlcience can eafily 
leade Thee unto , and readily run over from thine in- 
fancy to the prefent : wonderfull protections in thine 
unregenerate time : that miracle of mercies, thy con- 
verfion,f if thou be already in that happy ftate) all the 
motions of Gods holy Spirit in thine heart , many 
checks ofconfcience, fatherly correflions, excellent 
meanes of fanftification^as worthy a miniftry in many 
Places, as ever the world enjoyde : Sermon upon Ser- 
mon ; Sabbath after Sabbath ; bearing with thee after 
fo many times breaking thy covenants ; Oportunities 
to attaine the higheft degree of godlineffe , that ever 
wasj&c.l fay how can it be,but tliat the revife of theie 
and innumerable mercies moe, (hould fo moUifie thy 
heartjthat thou fhouldeft have no heart at all, nay infi- 
nitely abhorre,to difpleale or any way difhonour,that 
High and dreadfoll Majefly,, whole free grace was the 
well-Head and firft Fountaine of them all. 

Let this meditation of Gods mercies to keep firom ^ ^^^^ ^^^ worthy 
finne, be quickened by confidering : i . That thou art ^f torment not of 
farre worthier,to be now burning with the moft abo- mercy, 
minable Sodomite in thebottome of Hell ; than to be 
crowned with any of thefe loving kindneffes : That if 
thou wert able to do Him all the honour, fervice, and 
worfhip,which all the Saints both militant and trium- 
phant do jit would come infinitely fhort of the merit 
of the leaft of all His mercies unto thee in lefus Chrift. 
3. How unkindly God takes the negled of His extra- - p . . 
ordinary kindnefleS unto us.2.5'<«w.i 2.7.&C. i .Sam, nepUa ci^ bh mcr^ 
27,20.31. £^ef(. 16, gjg, ypjy unkindcly. 

1 6, Marke well,and be amaz'd of thine owne fear- j ^ ^[^^^ ^j^j^jj ^^^ 
fiill and defperate folly; when thou failed deliberately fooies ihcc. 
into any finne:thou laieft,as it were,in the one (bale of 
the Balance, the glory of Almighty God, the cndlefle 

K /oyes 

r J o Ifrflru Elionsfor a right comforting Seft, i . 

/oycs of Heaven, the lofle of chine immortall Soule,thc 
pretious blood of Chrifi, &c . And in the other, fbme 
rotten pleafure, earthly pelfe, worldly preferment, 
flefhly lull:, fcnfuall vanity : and luffers this Cprodigi- 
OUS madnefle \ Be aftemfhed, O ye Heavens at thia, and 
he horribly afraid'.^ to out-weigh alltho(e. 
17. That which will I ?■ Vpon the firft affault of every {inne,fay thus un- 
coftthec dcare. to thy felfe : If I now yeeld, and commit this finne, I 

fhall either repent,or not repent: If I do not repent, I 
am undone^ If I do repent, it will coft mec incompa- 
rably, more hcdrtJ»-griefe,than the pleafure of the finne 
\& worth, 
t. That for which 1 8. Confider,that for that very fin, to which thou 
many millions arcal- artnowtempted,{iippo(e lying-i IftfijOver-reachingthy 
ready damBcd. Brother, &c. many millions are already damned, and 

Rc?d. 11.8. gygj^ „Q^ burning in Hell. And when thy foot is upon 

I Thcffal4.6' thebrin!<e,ftay,and think upon the wages. And know 
for a truth, that if thou falleft into that (innc, thou art 
fallen into Hell, if God helpe not out. 

ip. Never be the bolder to give way unto any 
19. That which will ^ickcdneifejtoexercifc thy heart with covetoufneUe, 
cruelty,ambition,revenge,adulteries,tpeculative wan- 
tonneflfejfelfe-uncleanneffejor any other folitary finfiil- 
neffej becaufe thou art alone, and no mortall eye looks 
upon Thee. Vox if thine heart condemne thee , Godu 
greater than thy heart, and knoweth all things • & will 
condemne thee much more. If thy confcience, be as a 
thouland witneffes; God,who is the Lord of thy con- 
fcience, will be more than a million of witnefles.And 
thou maveft be afliired , Ho wioever thou blefleft thy 
ielfe in thy {ecrccy,that what finnefoever,is now adl- 
ed in the very retyrcdfl corner of thine heart, or any 
fd) ulqwtattsiu^ovi- \yaies moft folitarily by thy Self;though in the meanc 
nibM popuiii mdekn» time it be concealed, and lye hid in as great darknefle, 
tur^& cunanagnm- as it was committed,untill diatlaft and great Day,yet 
}XmT'^r(SL^^^^^^^ certainly W out with awitnefle; 

aSmm, vi^mcoijKAlimm&lQM'iottum*^ emJib.dcCoDr. 


Part 2, Cap. 5 . AffliEttd ("enfciences, Ijl 

and he as legible on thy forehead, as if it were writ 
with the brighteft Sunne-beame upon a Wall of Chri- 
ftall. Thou ihalt then in the face of Heaven & Earth, 
be laid out in thy colours, and* without canfejfing and * ^'■°^' *'•»'•' 
forraktfiz,yphile it is called to Day.hz beforeC^ ; Ajieels, ^"^ ^f «/«f /-«^'>/W. 
Men,and Oivels,utterly,univerlaUy,andeverlaftingly dhiA conffuSiu tuja 
iliained and confounded. bumam^gtMritf Angt. 

2o. Confider the refoluterefiftanccand mortified ^"'"'^ "»'««'«». '^''f*^* 
refblutions againft finne,and all entilements thereun- ^^i^^^^'*^'i*onfm^ 
to oFmany,upon whom.the SnnneoftheGofpell did ^n tv^rcfiHiJ 
not fhme with luch oeauty and mlnelle, as it doth up- with a wonderfull re- 
on us ; neither were fb many heavenly difcoveries in Tolution. 
the kingdome of Chrift, made knowne unto them, as 
our dayes have feene. f For upon our times , which 
makes our (innes a great deale more finftill, hath hap- 
pily fallen,an admirable confluence ofthefaving light 
and Iearning,experience, and excellency of all former 
Ages, befides the extraordinarie additions of the pre- 
icnt; which with a glorious Noonetide of united illu- 
minations doth abundantly ferve our turne, for a con- 
tinued further and fuller illuftration of the great mj- 
fiery ofg0d/i»efe,znd Secrets of fandificationj.Hcare 
(f) ChryfoSiome^ But I thinks thus, and this vpHI I ever (Q £*<, j^ ^^^y^, c^ ^^ 
preach; that it is r»uch bitterer^ to ojfend Chrifi^than to fiiui fi<diiaboy muUh 
he tormented in the faines of HeU, He that writes the ^cerbiMefe^ Chrifiam 
Jife of^nfelme, (A faith thus of Him ; He feared no^ offendtyuam Gtben. 
thtngtnthevDorldmore, thanto ftnne, My confctence y^^^^^yiwa 37. 
hearing me witne^e, I lye not; For rve have often heard (^ifUm mmdOfquiH' 
Himprofejfe: That if on the one htind,HeJhouldfee cor- turn yeccare, timtbat, 
for ally ^ the horrour of finne ; on the other the f nines ofC'^JcimtiS, mtS. teftt, 
Hell; andmuflnecefarily be plunged into the one, He ?'f^J^"'j'?'^.f*f^ 
ffiould chufe Hell rather than ftnne. Ana another thing ^^^^^^q Profitentem 
tUfo n§ lejfi per haps yvonderfull to fomcy He was wont audivimm : ^nod (i 

hinc peuati horrgrem' 
bifKlnfernidolmmcorpwaliterctrntm-j &ntuffamnnitmtm'mmngt dtberet^ ftriusinfer- 
numyqudmfttciitumappeuret Aliudqueque jionm'mls forfanaliqitibui mirum dicer e foUbat; 
videlicet, mallefepurum kptccatty innocemem^geheTinamhsberf, quampcccati fotdtpollmum, 
taloYum nivM tenerc, Dc Tita Anfeimi. lib. ». in ope r. Anfdmi- 

K2 to 


InftruSiionsfor a right comforting 


(h) Altum ]wtn\fi te- 
tate floreniemy in amct' 
wjfimoi horttUet ^rte.i' 
pu abduci.lb'iq\htiY ll- 
ikcrndtntky &rukn' 
tifrtJMj cum Unijuxta 
vmmuxe aquarumfer • 
piretrivuij &mUifi- 
bUo Mr k$ium folia ven- 
1HS peyfimg<ret,fuper 
extru£ium plumii U- 
Qwn refupimri : Et tie 
fe iitde poffet excuterCf 
bkndii ferko ntxihit 
irretifumreti-^qHi. ^iiO 
turn recedttttibm ctih- 
Git miretrix fpe.iofa 
venijfett capit delitaiU 
tanftjihgae ccUa am' 
pttxibua. EtquQdJiilii 
qHcqnefcelu6 t(i,aani- 
bui atireHars virUia^ 
ul carport in libidintm 
eonciiato,ftvl£lrix im- 
piidjca fuptriactret, 
^H agtrct miles 
Cbriliiy& qttdfevtrtc^ 
ret,nelcitbat. • — Tan- 
dm calitiis iafpiraiui 
puciftm n.ofju ita- 
guam in ofc^taniu fe 
faciem expuiti acftcli- 
Stdinii fen/um, fucce- 
dens dsiurii magriitudo 
fuptraviu Hieronym. 

to fay: To wit; That He would rather have HellJ>eing 
innocent^^ and free from ftnne ; than polluted toith the 
filth thereof, pojfe^e the kingdome of Heaven. It is re- 
ported of another ancient noly Man , that Hee was 
wont to fay : He yvould rather be tome in pieces with 
yvilde horfes , than tvittinglj and willinglj/ commit any 
fmne. Jerome alfo in one of His Epiflles, tells a {h) fto- 
rie of a young Man, of moft invincible courage, and 
conftancy in the ProfefTion of C^^^fi > under fome of 
the bloody Perfecuting Emperours,to this lcnfe:They 
had little hope as it feemes^to conquer him by torture; 
and therefore they take this courfe with Him ; They 
brought Him into moft fragrant Gardens , flowing 
with all pleafijre and delight; there they laid Him up- 
on a Bed of Downe foftly enwrapped in a net offilke; 
amongft the Lillies, and the Rofes,the delicious mur- 
mureoftheftreames, and the fweet whiftling of the 
leaves ;they alldepart,and incomes a beautifiill ftrum- 
pet, and ufeth all the abhominable tricks of Her im- 
pure Art , and whoridi villanies to draw Him to her 
defire: Whereupon the yong Man, fearing that Hee 
fliould now be conquered by foIly,who was Conque- 
rer over fury, out of an infinite deteftation of finne, 
bites offa piece of his Tongue with his owne teeth, 
and fpits it in the face of the whore: And fo hinders 
the hurt of finne, by the fmart of his wound. I might 
have begun with ^ofeph, who did fo bravely and bleC- 
fcdly beatbacke, and trample under his feet the fenfii- 
allfolicitationsof his wanton and wicked Miftris. He 
had pleafiire and preferment in his eye, which were 
flrongly oflx^red in the temptation -, but he well knew, 
that not all the offices and honours in j£gvpt, could 
take offthe guilt of that filth;and therefore he refblved 
rather to lie in the duft,than rife by finne : Hew can I 
do this great wickedne^e^and finne againfi God?l might 
paffe along to the Mother and feven brethren. 2,Jilac, 
7. who chofe rather to pafle thorow horrible tortures, 


Part 2. Chap.5 . AffiEted Confdences, I J T 

and amoftcnielldeath^thanto M/<^/»i»«jZtf/5 ^^4»»/? 
the L4a» : And fo come downe along to that nt^U 
Armj ^Martyrs in Qiieene Marie s timejwho were 

contaitcd with much patience, and relolution to part 
with all, vvif e,children, liberty, livelihood,life it fclfe; 
even to lay it downe in the flames, rather than to (lib- 
init to that Ainn offinne ; or to fubfcribe to any one 
-Point of His DivelUfh Dodrine. 

Thus as you have heard, I have tendred many rea- 
<ons to reftraine from (inne; which by the hdp of God 
may ferve to take off the edge of the moft eager temp- 
tation; tocoolethe heat of the moft furious entile- 
ment;to embitter the I'A/'eeteft bait,that draws to any 
fenfuall delight. Now my moft thirfty defire and ear- 
neft entreaty is, that every one into whofe hands, by 
Gods providence this Book of mine ftiall fall,after the 
perufall of them, would paufe a while upon purpofe> 
that He may more folemnly vow, and refolve that e- 
ver hereafter, when he (hall be fet upon, and aflaulted 
by allurement to any finne,He will firft have recourfe 
unto ^tii& twenty confiderations, I have here recom- 
mended unto Him, to helpe in fuch cafes ; and with a 

pundluallferioufnellejletthetti finkeinto His heart,be- 

fore He proceed and pollute Himfelfe.I could be con- 
tent, if itwerepleafingunto God, that thefe lines 

which thou now readeft, were writ with the warmeft 

blood in mine heart, to reprefent unto thine eye, the 

deare affedionateneffe of my Soule , for thy fpirituall 

and eternall Good; fo that thou wouldeft be thoro wly 

perfwaded , and now before thou pafle any further, 

fincerely promife lo to do ! 

3 . Thirdly, The point may ferve to fet out the ex- h Vfc to f« out the 

cellency of that high and heavenly Art,ofcomfor ting *f Jo^f^'^^^'^J' ^ f' 

afflided confciences. The more dangerous and defpe- 2,^^^ °"'"^ ' * ^ " 

rate the wound is,the more doth it magnifie, & make 

admirable the my ft ery and method of the Cure and 

recovery. Which were it well knowne, and wifely 
K 3 pradifedi 

J 2 4 InflruEHoHsfor a right comforting Seft.2 . 

pradlifed j what a world of unneceflary flavifh torture 
in troubled minds would it prevent ? So many thou- 
fands of poore abufed, deluded Soules fhould not pe- 
rifL, by the damning flatteries , and cruell mercies of 
unskilfall Z>^w^^rj;what an heaven of fpirituall light- 
fomnefle, and joy might fhine in the hearts,and Hiew 
it felfe in the faces of Gods people? Vntill it pleafe the 
Lord to move the hearts of my learned and holy Bre- 
thren in populous Cities and great congregations, 
who mafl: needs have much imployment,and variety 
^ of experiments this way ; or fome fpeciall men extra- 

ordinarily endowed & exercifcd herein,to put to their 
helping hands , and fiirnifli the Church with more 
large and exacS difcourfes in this klnde ; take in good 
part this Ejfay of mine. 

Seft.2. Part. I. 
Cha p. I. 

Thejirfierrourin curing Confciences is the ftnfea" 
finable af flying of comfort to them that forrow not at 

(Herein I firfi dcfire to difcover and 
' redifie fom^ ordinary aberrations a- 
bout (pirimall Cures. Which fall out, 
when the Vhyfitian of the Soule, 

Vnfcafonable opplj. ^[^^^K ^ ' ^PP^^^^ unfeafonably the Cordi- 
carionof comfoiiis ^^^^^W^^^EP^ als of the Gofpell, and comforts ok 
contrary ro Mercy; when the CoiTofives of the Law and commi- 

nations of judgement are convenient and futable. 
Were it not abfiird in Surgery, to powre a moft fove- 
raigne Balfam of exquifite compofition,and ineftima- 
ble price upon n found part? It isfarre more vnfceme- 
ly and fenfeltfle, and of an infinitely more peftilent 

<; conie- 

Part I. Cap. I. ^jfiBed Confcisnces, IJJ 

confequenceinany Mintfleriall paffages,to prefer the 
Mead oi C/;n^yinfl^omiies oPiife to an unwounded 

conlcience, as belonging unto ir,as yet. It is the onely 
xvAii evcrlafting Method to turne mzn from darknep 
to liaht,from the power of Satan unto God : and all the 
Men of God and mafter- Builders, who have ever fet 
themfelves fincerely to ierveGod in their Miniftery, 
and to fave Scales, have followed the fame courfe ; to 
wit, rirft to wound by the Latv, and then to heale by 
tlie Go^elL Wee muft be humbled in the fight of the 
Lord ; before he lift m Hp,Iam./\. l o . We muft be f en- 
fible of our fpirituall blindneffe,captivity,poverty ;be- 
fore we can heartily feeke to be fa vingly illightned en- 
larged from the Divels flavery, and enriched with ^^ Thcwaaicc of 
grace. There muft be fenfe of mifery, before (hewing Qod the Father, 
of mercy; Crying, lam uncleane^I am uncleane, before * zJThc office of God 
opening the Fountainefor uncleanncjfe ; Ringing, be- the Sonne. 
fore curine by the Brafen Serpent-, fmart for rinne,be- C*;'Z>« utraqueapmU 
foreaPlaifter ofChriftsblood ; Brokennefle of heart, ZhhtZ- 'JlS 
before binding up.*God himfelfe(^) opened the eyes ds mfiimtU & fenf» 
of our flrft ParentSjto make them fee & be fenfible of immnB nudtMis, hoe 
their Cmnc and mifery ; nakednefle and fhame, &c. ^fiy *^'f(I^ imgma. 
GenA.i. (b) Before He promifed Chrifh. (c) vcr. i j . ^"» &taichohom m 
* Chrtfilefus tels us,that he was anomted by thcLord, i,^„f^ts averfionU , in 
to preach good tidings: But to whom ? To the poor e,To fenfua. litate & motibu* 

interm oma'modd pra* 
vUa!is& dTA^id^.Dcinde^deafpcciH it'iam externa nut^haiiiy qu^ prim fuerat decorfiy &e^ 
btatim aHdiveruni vocem Dei, hoc ili,(iat':m b€c irifiU cGgitatlo divexavk ttrum animot '. Him 
quid fecintu!? ^rboremvethsm gufttivipiMi & Ddprteceptmi contmpfimuit Diabolo obttmpe- 
raviwm: turplitrdccepti/umm vtflm innoce-ntjie amifimm, pudtndam nuditatem inmbiS'Cemi- 
fiiUi. HiC paiHtn cj?: Dcta verax & jitftm e^i dixit: Mortc rooriemini: mamt-igitur mifeWt pat 
ineviubile mortis (upptu vm. Par- in 5 . c. Gen, ("b^ Concioncm graiite feu veni§ ommbprte. 
a^t Itgalii territam, & fulmenira divirite quod immniabilittr ftquitur peccaiHm, &quo ««- 
cejl'etfi piccatortm kHmiUariy & ad grtitkm piepanri. De hue fcquitur, v ly. Ibid. 
(c) Hac yrom'iffiom cudita Parems puitfacli a!p titt iarpijjlw§ tutditatis fM, & eonfckn- 
lia. piccaiiy aiqne fenfu irte Dei, Jiecnoa meiu aterna martii^ mpidi, aiqus deje^if baud duhih 
• lierum irecii junty ut concepia fiducid graiia, & remijponU peccatorum propter promijfuni 
StmtVy (quod caput Satanx^ hoc e(i, peccatumj merttmy infernum & Dubolum ipfum cou' 
ter(nt)Deum, quern priiisfaget ant t at judicemi iurim mare incipertaty atquc requirtrtnt, 
Mpatrtnu Ibid. 

* K4 the 

. ^ InflrHEiioKsfor a right comfort ing Seft, 2 . 

the broken-hearted-. To the captives; To the dindei To 
the brmfed, Ifai.6 1 . i . Luk^/\ .18. That the rrhole need 
not the Phjfttian^but they that areficke ; And Hi? came 
(3^ </^/xa/otf ) W <i?, ^^^^ ^^ ^^// ^/,f righteotUy bm firmer s to repentance. Mat, 
fJ/lS/iX P.i2.i3.Thatis,pooreSouks,finnerswithawitnes 
tife'fomnUnt,quodjuit even in their owne apprehenfion and conceit ; And 
Tharifteerum dogma: not felfe-conceited (d) Tharifees , who though they 
qmbm oppown'ur pec- ^g meere ftrangers to any wound of confcience for 
tattiesi id 4, qHiJHO' ^ ^^ ^-^ ^^^ ^^ perfwaded, that they {hall 

turn P:CCilO)'Ut)t /cB/tt .,'^ti-^t ' ^ •'1 

vuitttrathodunam Dei bedamned; butin the meane time contemne andcon- 
m[oicoreii.m confngt- demne all others in refpe(5l of themfelves : finfull 
unt. Bexa. (e^ The ^^^ Pub/icanes are too groflb ;fincere ProfeflPoiirs are 
p«WiM»w..s vile m ^^^ godly. Whereas notwithftanding in true jiidge- 
tvthlouscZil a ment,Harlots are in a (f) farre happier cafe than they. 
fefiikntfeUow, and Matth. 21. ■^1. 'VhiLt Hevot// ^tverefi ;buttovjhom> 
too prccife* Their- fo thofe(^)?W labor dr are heavy laden. Mat. 1 1 . 2 8. 
fclvc s the onely men . -j-j^^^ ^^^ ^^j^jf. ^hich He would fend,fhould convince 
)^n^MmrerU: the-^orld: ^i,j^,offinne ,^nA then o? right eoufnefe; 
/qui tanqum iufli ft to Wit , of Chrtfi ; It IS ordinane With the Prophets; 
jtttermt coram e»i& Tirfl to difcover the finnes of their people, and to de- 
tanvetttrunt ad tondm-' jounce judgements '.And then to promife fhrifi,\i^on 
''"■^'*'"Z^'Tfc!inru7it ^^^^^ comming in , to illightenand make them light- 
lSTconlcuZlf& ^on^e, with raifing their thoughts to a fruitfiill con- 
tondmnati: muiur au- templation of the glory, excellency , and fweetne/Te of 
tm,qu* in medio (ia- His bleffed kingdom e.7)^/4^ in his firll Chapter/rdm 
ut:bMtuu& reaperagc. ^j^^ ^^^^^ ^f q^^ ^^^^.^ j^ t^^e firftplace behave kim- 

J'riiJ-ic^^^^^^ lelfelikea^.«»../r/;««^..,premngupoii;theconfci- 
qutdaUbididum Ugi. ences ofthofeto whom He wasfent, manyhainous 
musin Sv&nge'io prin- finnes; horrible ingratitude,fearefull felling away/or- 
npibM sactrdotum & niality in Gods worfhip, cruelty, and the like t after- 
fcdukcstrS ^^^^ ^'^^•^- ' ^' 1 7.He invites to repentance: And then . 
voi m rtgnum lahrum ■ 

l\2t,i\tii. Atqtu ii quequevtrumf^yoiurm d'.t.V.o]\cc. in loan, rap 8. (o)recauthr 
ad Chrifium itii piccatorei,qui fitifu p^ccatiprtmuntur, & pro pacific.indd (Ottfaea'fa hbrrant. 
jiique it^ifolt/ktttiquicfitaf'U^Uiid CbriliHmvenmitt. Mnic in u.c. Mat latoranca^ 
oaeratoiititelligi' ChriftiH, qui mDrtiSiettr»tereatuconJcit»t!as tfjldoi ha\)tnt\ & itt fuis ma- 
iiiurgtntwfy utdtficiantiliam blc dtftdfi: hos nd nopiindem t]m graiiam idomntiddn Olv. 
3. The >ciin©ni of *//'«?«*, 


Part I , Chap, l . j4ffli6ied Confciences. 1 3 7 

Ibllo wes,verf. 1 8 . Come mrv and let tu reafon together^ 
iftith the Lord : Though your finnes be asfcarlet , they 
fjallbe tvhitefOs frtow j though they be red likecrimftn^ 
'theyfhall be at vcooU, Nathan to recover even a rege- T(atban» 
nerate man,convinceth riim firft foundly of hisfinne, 
with much aggravation and terrour,and then upon re- 
•morfejaflures Himof pardon.2;J'^w.i 2,1 3. Confider 
fiirther for this purpofe the Sermons of our blefed Sa- cbf'tfl. 
viour Himfelfe ; who taught at one having authorities 
and not as the Scribes : With what power, andpier- 
cingjdid our Lord and Mafier labour to open the cies, 
iearch the hearts , and wound the confciences of His 
Hearers, to fit them for the Gofpell , and His owne 
deare Hearts-blood? See Matth.^ . &c. And 25. And 
2 5 . &c.Of fohn Baptifl.'Vfho by the mightinefle of his iob» Bapnu. 
Minifteriall fpirif, accompanied with extraordinarie 
flrength from Heaven , did ftrike through the hearts 
of thofe that heard him^with fuch aftonirhment about 
their fpirituall ftate ; with iuch horronr for their for- 
mer wayes, and feare of future vengeance , that they 
came unto Him thicke,and threefold,as they (ay: jind 
the people oikid Htm, faying , What Jhall wee doe then? 
Then came alfo Publicanes t» be baptiz.ed, andfaidun- 
to Himy Mafier, tvhatJhaUuve do ? And the Souldiers 
likewife demanded of Him, faying ^ Andrphat fhallyte 
do ? Luk^ 3 . 1 o. 1 2 . 1 4. Of Peter : who ASt, 2 . being pde,, 
now frefhly infpired, and illuminated from above 
with large and extraordinarie efflifions of the holy 
Ghoft, (hadowed by cloven fiery tongues : in the very 
prime and flower of his Minifleriall wifedome,bends 
himfelfe to breake the hearts of his hearers. Amongft 
other piercing Paflages of his fearching Sermon , hee 
tells them to their faces.they (landing before him ftai- 
ned with the horrible guilt ofthe deareft blood, that 
ever was fhed upon earth,moft worthy to have beene 
gathered up by the moft glorious Angels, in veflels of 
gold J that they had crucified and fiaine that juft and 


i jg Iji^ucHons for a ri^t comforting Se(5. % 

holy Ofle,die Lordof iife, '^efw ofNax^eth. verf.s j. 
And^gamc,attfeecloleaTid conclufion ver. 36. leaves 

thefame bloody fting in their confciences: which reft- 
lefly wrought andboild within theiri,untill it begota 
great deale of compund:ion,terror,and tearing of theic 
(b_> Tl,€ wrrd in the hearts with extreame amazement and anguilli. No-w 
OrijiniU fignificth, yphen they heard tkm ^ thejr were (h) pricked ift their 
*° ^nd^* "autll"'^ ^^^^^.ver.2 7. Whereupon they came crying unto Ptf- 
eren ere?y "the *leaft ter,and the reft of the Apoftles \Men and Brethren rvhat 
part,and point of the Jhali Tve do ? And fo being feafonably led, by the coun-, 
heart. If the fliarpsft fdl of the Apoftles (^i^ to heleeve on the Name of feftu 
points of many cm- ^^^-^ . ^^ \^y hoj^j up^jj ^he promife^ tO revent Evan- 
n be" ne .it af 'once g^lically : They had the remifTion of finnes fealed un- 
faftcned in their to them by ^^f r*/w«', and were happily received into 
hearts, in ihte cruel- the number of the Saints of God, whofe Sonntthey 
left manner could be had f© lately flaughtere.' * Of P^«/; who though Hee 
6*5'thc*^hou'famh «! ^^^ ^ ^ Prifoner at the Barre,and might perhaps,by 
fo torturM Jhem^^as ^ generall plaulible difcourfe,without piercing or par- 
did now the fting of ticularizing, have inlinuated into the aflFedions, and 
confcicnce for their wonne the favours of His Hearers , who were to bee 
sinnes, and the fcnfe fjjj judges;and fo made way for His enlargementjand 

:['«X?'"h= P""""'" ^']"^^^' yetHeforallthis.veryrefoluteIy 
Sonne of God. Salt- andunrdervedly, croflethandoppoleth their greedy, 
}um & prod'/tionis fib'i UiftfiiU and carelefle humours with a right fearching>' 
tanfcpi cum cffent^max- terrifying Sermon of righteoufnejfe, temperance, and 
ml ^^'J^^f'^^^^^^^ judgementtocome.AEl,z^.24,.lS.lh2ilun\\2i^^YFelix 
7rimtnTw!mfcon^Hn-- "^^^s a fellow polluted with abhominable adulterie, 
iuntur cerdly tcrmt and very infamous for his cruell and covetous oppref- 
maximo afic'mtur.bor' fions^and by confequent unapprehenfive, and fearleflTe 
ubiii timortprce'Jun- ^f j^^^ dreadfull TribuoaU, and the terrours to come: 
'^i^lZ^- Whereupon ^Panl having learned in the Schooleof 
duntur^ Buc, NJ tww , Chrifl: , not to (/^j teare any mortall man m the dil- 
fun£lm (ddo fen vul- • ' . 

nerg,K<tT^v'7lc.j,PuttginclopeMero Scap. (i)^ Which is iraplycd in ihefs words Ift theTiant 
oflefMCbf'ift. Bapu-Kan i» nomm Dgmini iefu Chriftii ifi saptifmatis (Igno tcflm ft Cbripa 
crtdtreytidrmiffionm ptudtormi. * Paul, ("k) tt vide Pjulum, qumvU fum PriiKips liquet 
rctur, nihil dicereeerum,ptrqu*verifimUeef at rffacillarianitaam iUmtftd tAlia, qnilnu eiiam 
tenttmj& menu eencuthwr, Chryl ft, Horn. 5 1 . In Ada Apoft. 


Part I .Cap. i ., AffiiUcd Conftitmes, 


charge of His Miniftry, draws the kvord oftheSpirit, 
with undantednefleof fpiric , and ftrikes preiently at 
the very face of thofefearefull finnes,whichraigned in 
His principall and moil eniinent Hearers ; though He 
flood now before them in bonds, at their mercy and 
devotion,3s they fay. He flirewdly (I) galls the Con- 
fcienceofthat (m) great Man; by oppofing ri^hteouf. 
nejfe to His bribing crueIties,^^/><?>'^/?^<r to his(^) adulte- 
rous impurities,the dreadfulnefle o^ judgement to come 
to His infolentlawlefle outrages and defperatc fecuri- 
tie. Had Paul addrcft himfelfe to have fatisfied their 
curiofities, as manyarifing, temporizing trenchar- UbidinopJJimasbA'K:^ 
Chaplaine would have done very induftriouflyjand to ^'»^A«<>^f*f» "W^ " 
entertaine the time with a generall dKcourie of the 
wonderfull birth, life, and death of ^eft^ C^rifii now 
fo much talk't of abroad in the world; with a pleafin^ 
difcoverie, onely oF the many mercies, pardons, ana 
glorious things purchas'd to the Sonnes of Men,by his 
Blood{hed;notmedling at all with thtit mimon-de- d'Jarumgintre [jprkm 
lights of beaftly luftjand other finnesjO then,they had fuhomaviu qtHiii^ '«- 
liftned unto Him with much acceptation,and delighti nocin'^s ad novoi nup- 
all things had becne carried faire,and favourably :P4«/ Jj*". *^^ J^^^^'ff" 
had notbeeneinterrupted,and{bluddenly filentjNor f^l Sq 'l^^^I^ 
Fe/txCo fi-ighted , and diftempered. But this Man of ^o) scc E«ch. \. 1 8. 
God, knew full well that that was not the way ; nei- ^m eves perdidmt, 
therbeft for them, nor for His Mafters honour , nor ^^{ '«/"* rap'mnbu6^ 
for the comfort of His owne corifciehce ; And there- 
fore He takes a courfe to caufe the Tyrant tremble; 
that thereby Hee might either, bee fitted for Chrifl, 
which was beft of all; or at lead made inexculable: but 
howfoever,that in fo doing His duty might be difchar- 
%td^,2itidi SohU delivered :\io\A\n%\t farre better, that 
HisBodie (hould be in bonds, than his Soule guiltie 
Orthodox Antiquity was oftbe {ame minde^nd for 

Q.')Tanta ttAt verba- 

turn futuli viij ut & 

Vrinc'ipemtcrreatit. i« 


(m) Magm tonai^ 

magitM nngas agunt' 

CjO T»u^Ua foemini 

cumcifoad hunc TdU 
ctm paSantis Tieronis 
llbtri't fratrtm^prefa- 
mm boftfinemfiranpt. 
Nam hie ^ngular'i t]ws 
ptdchrlthdlm cifttn 
S'monem quendam Iff 

vel latronlb'iu adsrh 
entihuSi vtl tut aH- 
qUiif dut alio idgf.nki 
cnfa f^vmte; fottaf- 
fis vtmam no^i^am » 
Damhio gTto^ 'm^e' 
treti [ia& pct^saiVJt 
exigfty dmnum f;^_ 
niftptCiini^ion%it\ At 
vtro cut hominti ip/i, 
rationxUs f^hnfiigr'ex^ 
cofffredhi fu^tt, huHc 

§vtbm sfepifditis non pccuniarumjtd Mimje pnprla ieliuratn faieii (?/'om<. ChfjC dc Siccr- 

<{ociot Lib. ft. 4, The opinion of the Anclcms; 


I ^o InfirttBionsfer 4 right C9inforting Se^ % . 

the {acne mediod. 
Cp) Anftm, C9 «fafat- (p) Aufiin^ that &moas DifpQtcT in his rime coun- 
iUnMdign*e^f«iU'i^ (dkthto this piirpole in this Point: (I exprefTe the 

^utrk^tldcas mini ^^^^^ ^"^ liimme, and no more than may be coUeiied 
m dt'oto, vtnttiiHm and concluded from the Place ; I will not ever tyemy 
judKium nan t ices jpra- lelfe grammatically and pedantically to the words, 
t^ptum Oil monci-y ab precilelvj and to render verhanm, lave onely in fbme 
bu rebus njn ?«»e/c« : ^^,^5. ^^ of Controverfie , or fome other fuch like ne- 
t!7- -T."; ceffitvofmorePunauall quotation) 
ran ifi dignui fanari. The Confcience t6 not to be healed, tftt be not woun^ 
; »AuditaUu4, tMvttur^ ded. ThoH freacheFl andprc^efl the Law^commimuim 
^tmulatur, ftUiis tun- ^^^^ the judgement to come^and that mth much earnefi* 
Alt, lachrymasfundu: ^.fr.andimportHnitie : He which hear esy if He h not 
quoalm motui tft. In terrified, tfHe be not troubled , u not to be comforted, 
plal 59. Another heares^ii ftireiy 14 fiung, takes on extreamelj'. 

Cq) pojlqiiam verb ^ure Hi^ Contritions, becdufe He iicafi dotvne andcon^ 
mntti wum coney fic founded in Himfelfe. 

;Sf;^;4'^' , ^/-; ^hat ^^; BaftifiMfC^Chryfofiome^h^ 

ntm'me fecurii &ip[0' thorowly fright ed the minds of tits Hearers^ Wfththe 

fim re^itljintei & «'"- terrour of judgement, and exf elation of torment : and 

rum mirtitu fiUorum, ^,>^ the name of an ^Axe, and their rejeEhion , anden^ 

& femiMiune pana, f^^i.^„,^„(. gf other children : and If j doublincr the pu^ 

tmLfLimii- cumq; un- »ifhment, to wit^ of being herded downe andcafl mo the 

diqiti wum dunmm fire: when Hehad thus every tvay tamed, and taken 

mtlUviffitf atqnt ex tot downe their fiubbornnejfe , and from feare offo many 

mslitrun t'^^vttai li- gyHf^ hadjlird them up to a deftre of deliverance : then 

i'r^!^. f'^ZZ atlenitth HemakssmentionofChrif^, 

dt Chr"(i§ iniuUt mtn <?^^ poww not the oyle ofHt4 mercy, faith ( r) Ber- 

tionem. In cap. j-, nardyfave into ahrokcnveffell. 

Mat . Hon™ r r . * So alfo are all our moderne DivineSjW^^? are inftru^ 

%VorZ!'nifi'i'Hvas . CO '?^^^'' ^^^r magnifies Nathans method of 

♦ 5.The opinion oilnc Divines, (f) Peter Marr^. Vukherrhtti^jefl ciMc'ui[la pr«fbeUe,ad 
ttatu exempium, qui doctni in Scclefia, vtl qui dm carrigunty fermarefuas debeni. Primo loc9 
fjwt Parab0t»m- its Ealeftafiiei T)o£lores locum aliqum fi'j'i exvcteri, vtl nov» Te^amtnto dt' 
UgittH: Deindt ^dapttrntad retprtefentu, ut Nathan quando dicit, Tu es ille vir. Mex^ pucatum 
exagttuty/tf A>n^9i9 adtiatfin* Dei bomnibiu (tSauif & pecutum qiud committunti 


Part I . Cap .' i . y^ffii&ed Confcier,ces, 141 

preaching, andcommendtJ it to all the Miniftersoi: violare Ugemy gravt tft 
God .He firfl propofeth a Parable,as we do Doarines, "'• ^?^ ^»^ "^^'f** 

for the illiimination,andconvid:ionoftheunderftan- 1,?^'!!'.,,.,; JHuit 

,._,-, I- • -11 1 f Item p'ccaii (ipuit in 

ding. Then He appues it more particularly, and to the hat[ua. metkodtinimi' 

prelent : where he.doth notably exagitate and aggra- nin quad David cm^ 

vate the Sinne,by recounting,and oppofing God's ex- ^t^pftrit Deum:& gra- 

traordinary bounty and moft mercifuU dealing with ?"*' ^"^ *^% ^"*'^ 

David^hy the caufe of it, contempt of the Lords com- \Tm\'Ae peccaiumpate'. 

mandement,and dreadfiill things enftiing thence : Af- facit. Ad txtnmm 

terward that He might ftrike the heart thorow with ctmmiwMtmes adj/cit, 

aftoni(hment and dread, he threatens terribly : At lafl "^"'*/i''*i' peccatori. 

uponcomp.naion.& crying /W./Whefweetly ^^SSSfT^S 

comrorteth and rayiethtotne alluranceor Gods ta- exttmUmfolatmiiB' 

vour againe. cmdttur.la z Sam.i », 

If this courfemuft be taken with relapfedChrifti- CaJvin. iji folk 

ans; why not much more , with thofe who are ftarke P^''^^"»fjf^fyf 

dead tn tref}afes andfinnes ? ^^^ fiorumfenfu 

Chrift is fromifed to them 4/<?»tf, faith (t) Cahitty confufi. Inlfa, €i. 

tvhoare hnmbled^ and confounded jvithfenfe of their Cu)Mufculu8. Twa^jy- 

ffwne fwnes. portuKerevtklur Cbri- 

Thenu ChnftM.«My repealed (aith (i.) Muf- ^S^;:^^;!::;:. 

culm, when the hearts of men being foundly ptercedby wtentia eompunOa dcji- 

preaehi^jg Repentance, arepojfefi with a deftre of His dim gmue cbriflitt- 

gratious righteoufnejfe. »extur. In Mat cap 3. 

The way to Faith, faith (x) Beza, is penitence, Le- ^-^^T'^^^f^^^^ 

gall compun6^\on'Jecaufe)cknejfe enforceth men even \,!^iammlt^\nv%. 

ttnwilling, to fie unto the Phyfician, los ad HidiiUiofu^il, 

Aien are ever to be prepared for the Gofielly by the Annot.inMar.cap.i: 

preaching of the Law. vcrl.ji.Secthcdiffe- 

Annot in Mat c 3.v 2. And in hdi c.5.v.^ i . — 'S(mpcr inimfHtttheminfiadEviingel'mm pr*- 
dkaimelfgifpritparaTidi In 1 Cor 311, (y)XtUnn^.P^mun&rtfi[t:(ceredtffemnt.fiaaiipud 
}Ubraoi^;;^Y\:x^sf "^V^ ^pudGrcecssuirAfjiiKiKK, >y Kmzti/oHV.Iiludi(i nitM^kouorttUll' 
ludetu impioiUyhec mn mppmii.q.avU b-cdifcamtn mn funpei' obftw iW.Hoc/enfu pos/iitentia 
prior tjlfde&ji4flificatidne.Aq.ii hue ujplcu Scti^'ura.cuiiiam prieponiti[liMiu 1 1 s,&c.Qjii<t 
kgis CO. io p temttienda ifi dodrirne Svargdicf utd li mifericordite in vas conintHinfundatwr. "Njc 
ohjiit^q 'O.i^ocn notAtii pnitur vocabuliiui TTtiroHfytiiniMTA^jMSj^Silie/iifn mutatio, qute acci- 
ditefficaciil vocatii.pimo momentofn fx.irct^hf<iyiitm fclicUudme & anger e ammi conjuTh 
Qi\t4minQHmfit)(T^ Qihmox g'gm^u^mfoiaJt % Cor./jo.Symaf;. Thcol. p.z- c.4y. 


lAi InfirHSlions for a right comforting *" Seft.2, 

yet Orthodoxe, mufi- tro fcfore the Dotlrine of the Go^ 
Jpe/i,that the ojle of rnercj may be ^orrred into a contrite 
Cz.)r*.oi:oc,^M'>?4 deficit . 

umhm, q,^ f>untad j^ ^^^^ exhortations tofollor? rhrtfiM^ M RoIIoc. 
ftrpiim func vrnpirtin ■ ^"^ minds oj men are ever to be prep/tred with a feKje of 
di animi hominun. fm- miferji, and their darke ejhate: and afterward with a de- 
(umiftri(t & tf rubra- fre of enlargement and light. 

ru-m,acp mk delidmo j^ ^ ^y ^^^^ ^jr ^f^^jy Mmiflers , which divide Gods 
fn lohT c^r's '■ ^o^d aright, iay our {a) great Divines of Great Bri- 
(a) Divines of Great t&ines, firfi fitly and wifely to wound the Confciences of 
Bnt^ine. Mini'Ms their hearers with the terrenrs of the Lawy and after to 
verbumVei reai fc- raifethembfthepromifesoftheGoIfeliy&c. 
catfiucuramumbu, .^. The Spirit firfi terrifies t'hofe,who are to bemfli- 
ditorum cofijcienuas ped,wtth the Law : breaking and humblmg them with 
pritno Icgii ttnmibm threats, fcourges, andlajhes ofConfcience^that thereby 
fauc'iaftdi,dmdt Svan^ despairing ofthemfelves they may fiie unto Chrifi. 
gtlicis Vroml(jij f«ge»- We cannot learne out of the Gofbell, faith (c) Chem- 
cd^^nLiiomSdm- ninusyhatwearetobe blejfed m Chrifi, except by art 
qiteperpr:cii & lach>j~ antitheus, as Luther ipeakes, we alfo acknowledge, that 
mas a Deopctmddfn (i we are accurfed by the Law. 

change oncly the fhe Dodrine of the Law/aith (d) Davenam^ is to 
Ji°one VcSr but ^^ propounded to the impious and impenitent — to 
kecpc the ici\rcOSuf. fttike terror into their hearts,and to demonftrate their 
fragiumConeg.The. juft damnation, except they repent^ and flie teldas 

ologotura Mag. Bri- Chrift. 

^(hfnmmt^enim iu ^^^ P^kins that great Light of our Church , both 
fiificanZlTiSltr. for foundneffe of learnmg/mcerity of ;udgement,and 
ret UgeymiHu, fiagtUu, infight into the My fiery of Chrifi, teaching, how Re- 
«&• (on/ciemite vtvbt. 

r'tbuiy tosfiiWgens atqttt humiiiantquodefeipjis dt^erantet (onfugmt ad Chrifium Par.in cap.g. 
sd.Rom. (O Chemnitius. EvangHiumgtnttatm^&protetd dil^tini C^ri^iiACCtflum^t^ pnt' 
dfcatiopxment'ne & ftmifponis peecalorum. T^equetnim exEvtingeho addifcere polfumui notitt 
Cbrifioefjebenedicenddijntft perantithefiityUt Luther us loquitur, fipiul aptofcamuA nos per U' 
gtmefemiilcdiCl«s.—''Priedtcatiep(enUenthe(ivt agnitionupeccatomm necejfario pramitii debet, 
ft fides derecmtUiatisae heum babire debtat. Harmo. Evaog cap. 73. (^d^ Davenant, 

Vo^rimleguprepoMndMefi'mpys adterrerem matiendumf ad demonftrandam jnfiam 

iUorum damnatifiKeaif n't rtftpif canty & ad Cbnfikm Medlatoftmionfug%ant. In cap. i. ad 
Coloff. Ce) 'P«fi(mu Of the nature and pia^ife of lUpcntance. Cbtf. 3. 
Koouins Si 1 5. 


Part. I . Cap. I . ^ffltSledConfciences, I^j 

pentance is wrought, tells us, That/^/ of aU. a Man 
mufi have knorv ledge of four e things : Of the Law of 
Cod: Offinne againfi the Latv: Of the guilt offinneiand 
ef the judgement of God againfi finne, rphich ii Ha eter- 
nail yf "rath: In the fecond Tlace mufifolloro an of plica' 
tion of the former knowledge to a Mans felfe^ by the 
ivorke of the confcience ajjified by the holy Ghofi, which 
•for that caufe is called thejpirit of bondage\in this man- 

The breaker of the Law is guilty of et email wrath ^ 

faith the Minde: 
But lama breaker of the Law ofGod,{kv^ the Con- 
fcience as a Witnefle, and an Accufer: j 
Therefore I am guilty of et email death Xd^^ the fame 

Confcience, as a judge. 
^very Lyar Jhall have his part in the Lake, which 

Burneth with fire and brimfione: Revel. 2 1,8. 
But Jama Lyar : 
Therefore ifhall have my part in that everUfling 

fiery Lake, 
And fo of other finnes : Covetoufhefie , Craeltie^ 
Drunkennefte, Whoredome, Swearing, Defraudingj 
Temporizing, Vfury, Filthinefse, Selfe-uncleannefse, 
JPo olijh talki»^,jefii»gyEphe, 5 . ^.RevellingSy Cjal. 5.21. 
Prophaning the lords lL>iy,flrange appareU,Zeph, 1 , 8. 
And innumerable finnes moe^which being allieveral- 
lypreft upon the heart, by a difcourfe of the guiltie' 
confcience,as I have faid, muft needs foil ferely cru/h 
it with many cutting conclufions : from which feton 
by the fi'ir it of bondage, is wont to arife much trouble 
of miiide ; which^faith Hee, is commonly called the 
fiing of the confcience^ox penitence ^z\\^ the compunElion Ads 1, 3 7. 
of heart. And then fiicceeds feafbnably, and comfor- 
tably the worke of the Gofpell. The Soule being thus 
ftnfible of,and groaning under the burden of all finne, 
is happily (/) fitted for all the glorious revelations of /q 5^^ ifa. 57. j r 
the abundant riches of Gods deareft naercies ; ior ail Mat. m . 1 g. &'^, i ji* 
'" " ■ ^' ■ the 

l^^ JnfirnBiohs for a right comforting Se(fl. 2. 

the comforts, graces, and^:fevours which fliinefrom 
the face of Chrift ; for all the expiations , refrelliings, 
and exultarionsjwhich filing out of thatblefTed Fom- 

Zict\. I J . t. taine, opened for ftnne and for uncleannejfe, 

Cg^ Greexebam. Of Never my of Gods Childreny faith {g). Greeneham, 
' Repentance Scrm 7. tx) ere comforted thorovlj, hut they tvere firfi hnmbhi 
for their Sinnes, 

The conrfe rparranted unto m by the Scriptures^Caith 

(h) Hieren. - The y^^ Hieron, u thuc Firfi, to endeavour the foftnin<r of 

Preachers Plea, pa^i, % >'_, '. 1 1 • • 1 1 r t-' . /> -i 

aof.zoi.aoj.io*. ourHearers hearts, by bringtngthem to the fight 0'fenfe 
of their orvne wretchednejfe, before ype adventure to Mp" 
ply the riches of Gods mercy in Chrifi fefus,Thepreach~ 

Maiib. 13, ing of the Gofpell is compared by our Saviour himf elf e 

unto the Sotving of feed : as therefore the ground isfirji 

_ tome up jvith the plough, before the fsfd be committed 

^* untoit :fo the fallo-PD ground of our hearts mufi firJi be 

broken up with thejbarpnejfe of the Law, and the verie 

terrour of the Lord, before we can be fit to entertaine 

2 Cor. 5. 1 u the fweet feed of the Go fhelt-^I -would have a, Prea- 

cher to preach peace, and to ay me at nothing morey than 
the comfort of the Soules of Gods people : yet I would 
have him withally frame hu courfe to the manner of 
Ged^s appearing to Elijah. The Text fait hy that firii a 

I King.19. 1 1. 12. flighty flrong winderent the Mo untaines^nd brake the 
rockes : then, after that came an earthquake i and after 
the earthquake came fire \ and after all thefe, then came 
<^flill,and afoft voyce. After the fame manner, I rfould 
not have the fiill and milde voyce of the Go^ellcomcy 
till the flrong tempefl^ of the Law hath rent the fl any 

„, , ^ heartsof men . and have made their bellies to tremble. 

and rottennejje to enter tnto their bones , — Or at leajtf 
^ecanfe our Auditories are mixt, confining ofr^en,ofdi' 
vers humours, it Jhallbe good for Htm y to deliver Hu 
doSlrinewith that caHtion, that neither the humbled 
foules may be ajfrighted with thefeverity of Gods judge- 
ments, nor the prophane and unrepentant grow prefump' 

Proy, 17. 7, tHoM by the abundance of Gods mercy.— The perfbn 


Par 1 1 . Chap, i . Ap^ed Cofifciejtces, 1 4 5 

that is ftill, defpifeth the hony-cornhQ^ faith Solomon: 
And-rvhat doth a proHciVhrnCt^y or a churlifh Nabal, 
or rt Politicks G^\X\o,or afcoffing Khm^tUcare to heare 
of the hreadth^andlengthyanddepth, and height of the £„{,-{;, jg^ 
love of CJod in hli Sonne Jelfu ? Except kbe to fettle 
them fafter upon their Ices. The DoElrine of that na- 
■tur&is as unfitting fuch uncircumciied eares, as the Aftij-yi' 
ihow the Summer, and the raine the Harveft. Vntd^ 
^eHcrle belongs a whip, to the Afle a bridle, and a BroT.iS.f.j. 
tod to the Fooles backe, &C. — Hee that intendeth to 
do any goodin this froxicn generationjoad need rather to 
'he Boanerges, one of the fonnes of Thunder y than Bar- ^^^^^^ J* '7' 
lonzh the Sonne of a^ove. 

The Word of God Jaith(i)Vorh&s,hath three de- Ci)F#r*«. In His 
greesofoperationintheheartsofmen.For,firfiitfa/leth ^^^^^"{^''^ "^°''* 
TO mens cares as the found of many waters ^ a mighty 
vreat, and confujedfound^and which common ty^ Bring- 
eth neither ierr our, norjoy,I>utyetawondring, andac" 
knowledgement ofafirangeforce , and more than hU" 
mane power. This is that effeSi whtch many felt, hearing 
Chrifl, when they were aftonifhed at his Do Arine , as ^*^^^« ^' »***7' 
teaching with authoritie. What manner doi:lrihe h \^\^^^^* 
this? Never man fpake like this man.7l?« <'jfdrff/vi//<f/A 
even to the reprobate, which wonder and vanifh : Ha- 
bak^ 1 5 . A^, 13.41. T^e ^^^-'t ^ffeSi islht voyce of 
Thunder. Which bringeth not onely wond.er, but feare 
alfo : not onely flleth the eares with fpund,and the heart 
rrith afibnifhmenty but more-over Jhaketh and terrifieth 
the confcience. z^^ndthisfecond ejfeEl may alfo bef^H 
a reprobate. As Felix , ASi 24. The third effeSt is pro- 
per to the eleU : the found of harping , while the Word 
not onely ra^i/heth with admirattonyf^ firi^eth the con~ 
fcience wtth terrour;hut alfo laftly, fillet h it with fweet 
p4race and joy y e^c. Now albeit thefirB two degrees may 
be without thelaft ; yet none feele the laft , who have 
not in feme degree, feltboth the firft two. ..^^ , tu t « 

GMealethf;,-M(k)U^CoM^t,bHtfmh m are XSofGodlp-gi 

1 4^ JfjflruUionsfiy a right comforting Sc(?l . 2. 

frfi Tvounded.Vrit wholeneed not a Phyfirian,bur they 
Maith. 9. 1 1. that are (icV.ChrtFl tvM anointed to preacli tlie Golpell 

Luk.4. 1 s. to thepoore, to heale the broken-hearted, Q^c. 

Ads 15 4. Ob. Aiany have believed^ -who never grieved for 

their mifery^ 04 Lidia, &c. 

Anlw. fVho can telly that thefe grieved not? Jtfol" 
lotveth not that they hadno griefe^becaitfe none 16 recor-- 
deH, AllfartiCHlaraHions andcircumflances of AElions 
Afts*. 17 &i5.»*. ^^c not recorded: J t ii enough that the grief e of f omegas 
Luke 7, 3 8. of the Jeives^ of the fay lour , of the vcoman that nvajhed 

(^hrifisfeet with Her teares^and of others, is recorded, 
Afls I f , I j . 1 4.. Lidia might be ^re fared before fhe heard Paul. For 

Jhe accompanied themivhich vpent out to pray, andjle 
"rvorjhipped God: Or elfe Her heart might be then touch- 
ed, rvhenjhe heard Paul preach. T^he like may befaidof 
Afls S0.44 45. thofe which heard Peter, nvhen He preached to Corneli- 

us -^ And of others, Certaine it is that a man mufh both 
fee andfecle His wretchednejfe ,and be wounded in Soule 
^^ f or it, before Faith can be wrought in Him, Tet Idenie 
not, but there may be great dijference in the manner and 
meafure of grieving,^ c , 
(Xyiixxi.lhk ad Ctcfa- (\) The heart is prepared far faith, andnot by faith, 
Viff- fuBtfication bein^ the works ofGodisperfeEi in it felfe: 

fimpncitifS God! ^^»^^^ed m, brought us to deff aire in our felves-^^ 

YtiWCap I . SiU, 5. ^^^ whole preparation being legallwrought by the Spi^ 

8.01x1, 8.1 ji rit, of bondage to bring Uo to the Spirit of Adoption, 

leaves us in defpaire ofall helpe, either ofeurfelves, or 

the whole world \ thatfo being in this wofull plight wee 

might now fubmit our [elves to God,who infufing a live- 

lyfaithi'ito our hearts , fives ^ Hvs Sonne, and our )u- 

flif cation with him. 

(mj 5</^<r.Thc Hckc (in) None ever hadconfcience truly pacifed,that firfi 

SouicsSalve p'go'. felt not confcience wounded, 

(i\) Dike of Repen- (n^ The preparation to rfpfntance (He meanes E- 
Mncc.cap.ip*g.ii. vangelicall) 4r^ thofe leg^llfits of fear e ^nd terrour, 
which ar^ both in n^tHre And time $00, before Fsith. 


Part I .Cap. i . AffiiEied Confcienccs, 147 

(o) Asthtrecanheno birth nvithom the* paines of Co3f*«'.c^P *3'»4 
the truvaile zoin? before-, Co neither ^m true repentance * Qn^ft^ <f;<^« « 

fcience.— The reafon isplaine. None can tjave repen- ^j^ ^g^ 
tancey hjtt fuch as Chrifi cats to Repentance. Now hee 
cats onelyjxnners to Repentance. Mat. 9 . 1 3 . even ftn- 
ners heavy laden -rvith thefenfe of God*s rvrath againfi 
fmne.Mat. 1 1 . 1 8 . He comes onelj tofave the tofi pjeep, 
that ii,fuch Jheepe , oi feele themf elves lojl in them- 
felves, andknoro not hore tofinde the way to the fold. It 
is [aid, Rom. 8» 1 5 . Te have not received the]pirit of 
Bondage againe, tofeare : which Jhen>es , that once they 
did receive it, namely, in the very frfi preparation unto 
converfiony that then the Spirit of God m the Law didfo 
heare wttne^e unto them^oftheir bondage and mifer able 
favery, that it made them to tremble. Now there,under 
the perfon of the Romans,?/;^ ApoHlejpeakes to all Be- /p 3^/^^ ^f ^^g Of. 
leevers,and foJheysies,thatitis every Christians com- ficeaddufc of rhe 
won cafe. moralltawofGodl 

(p) The Law hath his ufe to workeuirAui\Huv^pc£iu- in the ^ycs of the 
tentiam. The Go If ell his force to worke w-mioioM , refi- ^^O'cU pag 104, 
pifcentiam ; and both are needfoll for Chriftians even ^ZZtMath.zy^t 
at this Prefent, asformerly they have ever bin. * tIhi. 2.' ay. b«^. In 

(q^ God^s mercy may not be fuch, whereby his Truth Mat. 3.2.& in Aft,j, 
in any fort Jh OH Id be impeached; as it Jhould , if it be ? '; ^ ^ he rather name 
zrofituted indtferently andpromifcuoufly to all,as weU ^l^" Bookc,becaufc I 
\.L • r r . J • ^' ./ / / / J could wift aJl ihofe, 

thetnjolentyand tmpemtentyOi the poore humble y and who arc ionorantiv 

broken-hearted fmner. For unto thefe latter onely is the and lewdiy tairpQ- 

promife of mercy made.Andifto others, the gate ofmer- ring and mcdling a- 

cie Jhould be fet open ; Gods mercies (as Solomony^«>^ ^°"* *" °"«'' *^fo- 

of the wicked's, that they are cruell mercies) Jhould be l'''"S.^ «^°^'^'°g 
i ir Jrt •T>^j ''/ J r ^^ whole Law of 

falfe and unjuFi merctes. But God never yet learned fo ^ofetCmcc the death 

to be mercifull,as to make himfelfe falfe and unfaithfuU. of Chrift,would read 

* Thefirfi thing that drawes unto Chrifiyis to confder « over, and r^tume 

cur mifer able efiate without him. — Therefore we fee ""'*^ '^eir rightmind 

that the Law drivesmen to Chrifi : And the Law doth ^"^^ 7*}K'^^hP^ 

it byJhsTffing a M*in hisjinne^And thteitrfedug unto the Heart, rap.if .p.tf . 

Z2 fame,* DP, 

J ^g JnJimEiionsfor a right con^ormg SeA. 2 . 

fame, — We mt^fl kriov?,that ncthir(r performed of m 
can rive fntufaCl ton in this matter oj humiliation.^—^ 
fet it iifuch a thing -without which wee cannot come tif 
Chrifi. It ii as much 04 if a manfjouldfay^the Phjjitian 
is ready to he ale Thee, but then it is reejuircdythat Thou 
mufi have afenfe of the difeafe,&c^- No Man will come 
to Chrif except he he hungry.Onel) thofe that are troH' 
bled^receive the Goffell. 

No Man will take (^hrifl for his Husband^ till hee 
0ome to know andfeele the Waight ofSatansyoke^ Till 
that time, he wtlt never come to take upon him th e yoke 
of Chrifi. 

To all yoH I fpeakiythat are humbled: Others that 
minde not this DoHrine , regard not the things of this 
nature: But you that mourne in Zion, that are broken- 
heart ed^you that know the bitternejfe ofjinne, to you is 
^0 Cttlvin»iU In His (r^ XJnder the caufes I comprehend all that workje of 
Treaiife of Faith, God,wherebj heworketh F aith in any, which fiandeth 
P* *'• ejfecially in thefe three things : 

1 . That ^od by his Word, and Spirit fr^ illightneth 
the under flanding, truly, to conceive the T>oUrine of 
Mans mifery, and of his full recovery by Chrifi. 

2 . Secondly, by the fame meanes hie worketh in hit 
hearty both fuch found forrowfor his mifery , and fer- 
vent dejtre after Chriji the remedy ; that he can never 
be at cjuiet, till hee enjoy Chrifi. 

3 .Thirdly y Godfo manifefieth his love infeely offer- 
ino- Chrifi wtth all his benefits to him a poore finner^that 
thereby he drawes himfo to give credit to God therein, 
that he gladly accepts Chrifi o^ered unto him, Thefe 
three workes of God,whofoever findeth to have beene 
wrought in himfelfe, he may thereby k>tow certainly hee 
hath Faith. But without thefe, what change of life fa- 
ever may be conceived^ there can bee no certaintie of 
. Faith, 
his 1 «a«i^of IpaUh, TO ^^^ ^^'^ fi^^ brenkfs us, and kills nt ycith the 

Part I. Cap. I. AffUBed Confciencet, 1 49 

fight ^and guilt offinne, before ^hriSi cures tts^and binds 
us up. 

The holy Ghofl tvorketh and maketh Faith effeU:uall 
by thefe three ^Eis : D. P. ;i 

1 . Firfi, it put an efficacy into the Law, and makes 
that p&tverfulltoTvorke on the hearty to make a man 
poore injpftit'.fo that he may be jit to receive the Gojpel^ 
• — The IP ir it of bondage muft mal^e the Law effeStual: 
AS the Spirit of adoption doth the Goff)ell^(^c. 

2 . The fecond worke, is to rev e ale Chrifi, when, the 
loeart is prepared by thejpirit in the firfi worke, then in 
the next place, hee Jhe-wes the unfearchable riches of 
Chrifly what is the hope of his callings and the glorious 
inheritance preparedfor the Saints : what is thecxceC' 
ding greatnejfe of his power in them that beleeve, I fay 
we need the Spirit tojljew thefe things, ^c, 

3. The third AU of the Spirit, is. The teflimonie 
Tvhich hee gives to ourfpirit , in telling us that thefe 
things are ours. When the heart is prepared by the LaWy 
And when thefe things are fo fhewed unto uSy that wee 
prize themy and long after them , yet there mufi bee a 
third thing : To take them to ourfelves^ to beleeve they 
Are ours . and there needs a works of the Spirit for this. 
Tor though the promifes be never fo cleare, yet having 
nothing but the promifesijeujhall never be able to ap- 
ply them to your felves. But when the holy Ghofijhall 
fay, C^nfl is thine. All thefe things belong to Thee, and 

G od is thy Father : when that fhall witns^e to ourfpi" 
ritby aworkf of his owne,Thenfballwe beleeve,^c. 

\t)This is the order obfervedinonr juftif cation :\, r{y p. tiCmlVi kt 
Tirf;^ There is a fight of our mifery , to which wee are Scrtn. upon Ioh,$, 
brought by the Law . 7 . Secondly fThere is by the Gofpel U* P« S 9» 
an holdingforth ofChnJiry as our redemption from finne 
and death, 3. Thirdly , there is atvorktng of Faith in 
the heart to refi on Chrifi^,ai theranfome from finne and 
death . Now when a man is come hit her ^ he i4 truly and 
really fttft, 

Z 3 fVe 

J - ^ InfirnBionsfor a right comforting Se<Jl. 2 ; 

(o) G«Mfe » ^'« '"^'* r^^) ^^ ^^'*'^^ ^^^^ '" '^*^ convcrfton a man mufi h 
fie. of the Church of yfiounded in his conscience bj the fen fe of his finnes-^ HU 
Engl, Lib. ) . C?p. J. gfffftrition mnfl be compungent, and vehement y bruifing^ 
5*^' *' ' breakings renting the heart, and feeling the throrvej (as 

atvoman labouring of childe) before the neve -creature 
be brought forth, or Chri^ truly formed in Htm. It ii not 
done reithout bitternejfe of the Soule ; without care^ in- 
dignation, revenge, i . Cor.7. 1 1 , But as feme Infants^ 
are borne reith lejfepaine to the mother , and form rvith 
more :fo may the new-man be regenerated, infome ypith 
moroy infome veith lejfe anxiety of travell. But furelj 
grace is not infufedinto the heart of any finner, exceft 
there be at leajffo great aff.iSHon of Sprit for fnne fore- 
going that He cannot butjeele ity &c, 
(x)D.S.lnbi»Bruire<l (x)This bruifing is required before converfion, I. 
Rccdcpag. 1 3.14.1];. That Jo the Sprit may make vo ay for it felfe into the 
heart by levelling all proud high thoughts, &c. 2. To 
make «* fet ^» ^'i^^ f^i^^^ upon C^rifis death — This is 
the canfe ofrelaffesy and ApofiafieSy becaufe men never 
fmartedfor ftnne at thefrft-.They -were not long enough 
under the lajh of the Lanv, Hence this inferiour ivorke 
of the Spirit in bringing downe high thoughts, isne^ 
tejfarie before converfion. 

Chap. II. 

T>^0bers reprehended, Faithfulneff'e in preaching 
*nddawbing compared, 

|Y this time it doth moft clearly, and 
plentifully appeare; what a foule,and 
fearefoU fault it is; for men, either in 
the managing of their Publike Mini- 
ftcry,-or more private pafiages,of con- 
ference, vifitations of the (icke, con- 
fultations about a good eftate to Godward, and other 


Part I . Chap.2. AgliEi-ed Confciences, 1 5 1 

occafions of like nature; to apply T^efus Chrifi and the Dawbcti dcfcribc4, 
promifesjto promife life and fafety in the evill Day, to 
Soules as yet not (blindly illightned and aftlidled with 
fight offinne,andfenfe of Gods wrath; to confciences 
never truly wounded and awakned.I infifted the lon- 
ger upon this Point, becaufe I know it foil well, to be 
a moft univerfall, and prevailing Policy of the Divell, 
whereby he keepes many thoufands in His curfed fla- 
very , and from falvation : To confirme as many Pa- 
flours as He can polTibly, willing enough to drive their 
Flocks before them to damnation, in an ignorant, or 
affefted Pre/udice,andforbearance,of that faving me* 
thod of bringing Soules out of Hell, mentioned be- 
fore; and made good with much variety of evidence: 
And to noiirifli alfb in the hearts of natural! men , a 

ftrong and fturdy difconccit , oppofition and raging, 

againft downe-right dealing , and thofe men of God 
fable as they fay, but falfely and forioully againft their 

owne Soulesjby their terrible teaching to drive their 

hearers to diftradion, felfe-deftrudion , or dcfpaire^ 

who take the onely right courfe to convert them and 

to bring them ^ojefw Chrifi as He himfelfe invites 

them, to wit, tabourhg and heavy laden with their 

finnes, Matth,i I.28. 
*Dawbers then, who ferve Satans craft in this kinde, 

and all thofe who difpence their miniftery without all 

fpirimall difcretion and good confcience, of whom 

there .'»re too many,as great fh^angers to the right way 

of working grace in others, as to the worke of grac6 

in themielves;! fay,they are a generation of dangerous 

men: Old excellent as they fay inanaccurfed Art of 

conducing poore blinded Soules, merrily, towards 

everlafting mifery,and fetting them down in the very 

midfl of Hell, before they be fenfible of any danger, 

or discovery of their damnable ftate. Great men they 

arc with the men of this world, with all thofe wife 

fooks and f enfuall great ones, who are not willing to 

L4 be 

1 5 1 JrtJlrH^iomfor a right comforting Sedl. * * 

be tormented before their time, or rather who defirc 

impoffibly to live the life of plealures in the meane 

time, and yet at laft to dje the death of the righteous. 

(yYidbot cu'pptpu'. They have ftiU ready at hand, hand over head, mercy, 

viaui ^niurfUi mlli' and pardon,Heaven and lalvauon rorall commers,and 

m quitfcatur. ^if- all that come neere, without fo much as a defire to put 

quuergo male aginth g^y difference, or divide the pretiom from the vile. 

fc» ««fa^/Aj-, plvil^ Which is a prodigioufly-arrogant folly, pernicious in 

bUoUcmU \nii. % the higheft degree^both to their own foules, and thofe 

qui cortipl ex culpa de- they delude. Heare how they are branded in the Book 

tueratineafulcui ku- of God; Calling them: P illow-fotver j undQt mens d- 

AbM tooUner q'/ief- boes;£*fi^. 1 3.1 8.That being laid fy) foft, and lockt 

lob f«p 4!" "^* '^* ^^ *'" ^^^ ^"^^^ of fecurity, they may finke fuddenly 

Comptmit duritia into the Pit of defl:ru(!^ion,before they be aware: Cri- 

ftfcanti fubtnbiiur , ers of peace, peace-j'whtn no peace is to wardSj/e-r .($. 14, 

iiqiu mtU'nitt fuverh j^m- horrible flirs, tumhling of garments in blond-^ hum-- 

^''mTueT 7u7m '^^ and devouring offre'.Men-pleafers^Gal. i . 1 o.who 

wnTaiperUas 'JmZ chufe rather to tickle the itching eares of their car nail 

didlonu puiftu idm. hearers with fome frothie , Frier-like conceits out of 

rtfinjtwr*. p.2. cfp.% . Dung-hill Poftills ; And fo fmooth Great Ones in their 

('7)^05 /cilk«t_<^«||^wj humors,by their cowardly flatteries,efpecially,if they 

SI«& tlt'iupt any waies depend upon them fbr maintenance, rifing, 

fitlum meum: frat andpreferment^rathcrthanconfcionably todifchargc 

laendm non taniUm that trufllaid upon them by their grett Lord and Ma- 

tcribm medieammU , ftg^ in Heaven, upon anfwerablenefle for the bloud of 

t^HlTITrL'lh thofe Soules, which ftiall perifli by their temporizing 

ttiam cauierijs, &fe- filence, and fiattermg unraitnrulnelie : Healers of the 

&'tenibus : vrs eu'em hurt of their Hearers with (^)fweet words, ^er. 6, 1 4, 

trntHm adhlbe'U im- whiletheirfbulesarebleedingby the wounds of finne 

Z^omJendt'cilr''' ^^^^ ^^^rnill death I. Preachers of {2.) fmooth things, 

Ca)Tbcfefcl-'ov»c$wouldhivethcfcrecurCjand fcnfuall- times, wherein fo many foulc 
Fwndjof crinnfoR and crying finncs arc broke Ibole wiih theraines upon their nockcj^co 
hcareofnoihing but pkafurei, peace, anoprofpcrity 10 the worlds end: telling them ftili 
outofthcflarteringviiions ofthcirownc unfan^fiiFcd braines, of a filken Gofpcll, a 
Church of VclfCtjOf feeding upon Manchet and Manna, ircadingupon Violets and Ro- 
fes,and of being carried to Hear en in a Bed of Downe^whereas God knowcs, if they liad 
their due and defcrtjchefiety rajne, whicli confumed Sodome into cindcrt, and iht great 
baiUfioues in Godsgreatefl fury mt^ht rather tnoA julrly drop upon the Heads both of the 
VaTi9btfs,9nd the Dap^gd, Scr £t^i|[ 13. ]m j.ler. 14. 1 5« i^Jfa. 30.1^,1^^ 

Part I. Can. 2. 

^fjli^ed (^onfciences , 


jy^.30. 1 o.whicb kinde of Men,the greatefi: part,and 

all worldlings wonderfully ( ^j affed and applaud, C^) They are equally 

though to their o wne everla^ing undoing.They fwell ^frlri^r^^d do ?n " 

. under fuch Teachers with a Pharifaicall conceit , that upoa'^uch Daw^"f 

they are as fafeforfalvationjas the precifeft ofthem alj aod, with indignati-' 

but alas \ their hope is but like a hollow wall, which o.iand hcartrifing j- 

beingptrttoanyftrefle, when thetempeft of God's ^ojf„''fhcfflo"o'{a 

fearching w rath begins to fhake it, in the time of a fi- wJckcdVn/^X kil* 

nail trial lofit's truth, and foundnefle; it ihatters into ling Mil.conceit, 10 

piecf s and comes to naught. Hearc the Propheti^iV-Jw be roo terrible Tc a-^ 

a 0, -write it before them tn a table, and note it in a booke^ chcrs,and their Mini- 

*» I r 1 • r J nere intolerable. 

that tt may bee jorthettme to ceme for ever and ever: \ ^ db 

Xhat this is arebelliopu peofle, lying children, children s-^chiti 

that will not heare the Law of the Lordxwhich fay to the * Ifa. 3 ©. 8- &c 

Seers, See not \{c)a;idtotheTrofhets, Propheftenot (O PgputM nihil dd» 

unto w rioht things ; (beake unto mfmooth things, pro- ^^'l^^^* "«*"«" ^'J*" 

r r J ^- ^^ \ r t rj bat: proPUTta tnjtfiui 

fhefie deceits, get yon out of the way : turne afide out ^.^ Vrspbetis, quU 

of the path : cattfe the Holy One of Ifrael to ce^fefrom dumvitia t]u* accuji' 

before fi4, fVherefore, thus faith the Holy One of If- rent,&t(wirpungt' 

rael: BecaHfeyedelftfethisfVord^andtruFiinoppref- '''"/> ^'**' prcpinqm 

Ron, andperverfnelfe, and fiay thereon : Therefore this f '' *'!?^'^ .f '^^^ «■ 

■ -n 111 L I J r 11 r I rant. Hue peTimnite' 

tnt^mtte fifallbetoyouas abreach ready to fallyfwel- jufmedi verba: nohie 

ling out in an high wall, rohofe breaking commethfud- vidcre, nolite pr ofpi- 

denly at an inftdnt. zAnd He fjall breake it at the brea- ^erc refla : ?(p» qmi. 

kinq of the potters veffell, that ts broken in pieces, hee *'* Joquerentur , fed 

^ ,t n.' r I I n It I r J- t q»Sd Ha off £lt tn^etU, 

Mil not fpare:fo that there Jhall not bee found tn the ]^ modtiatmemre^ 

burfUngofit^afheradto take fire fromtheharth , or to qumnnt'xn prophtiU 

take water withall outofthePif. Dayebers with uft- mctam actiboi torum 

tempered worter: E^kz 1 3 . 1 1.Who ereft in the con- obiwrgaiomaqHo a«i- 

ceits of thole who are willing to be deluded by them t ^foT^'^*'^' ^'^''' 

P^<*ri/?f/ at the beft, a rotten Building of blfe hope, imfmvU & ifficath 

rjtiUt taxquitn immznci bellua ferociam & imcukniimfuam promant : Ltbenter quidem elude- 
rent'Jed vdint, no'ini, ■Dcftmi queutm audire, t\itfqni Majtliatem riformidare ccgunttir Hanc 
amarukmhm (equitur odium Prophetarunty infidia, ttrrerei, perfcctttmes, exilia, cruciatiu^ mor- 
t(squHuide{lrmamcnmdo5lorib;iifumr»ovmacdtUrifpoffeexipimaati Cpphntenim bem'mts •- 
fitiipotm furnrari fmrna, &fnulti mgas^ quam fidtliier rfs^rj, Ibid. 


, J J. InfiruEiionsfor a right comforting Scft. 2 . 

(d) ^Qn metapborici \i\{c a ('d) mpidde-Tvall without flr aw , cr tnorter made 
(ttmiitiun Uuriiium ^„^/y of /and -without lime to bmde it ; v^hich in faire 
%^^'Ta>t"rdlm weather makes a faire Oiew for a while i but when 
&7mwAtn!^!^(iZd abundance ot raine falls, and Winter comes, it moul- 
adi^utur , {ttuClut* dersaway, andturnesto myre in the ftreets. Their 
ftrum firna fit^ & dw vaine confidence in profperous times , before it come 
TMbilU. Pagn, Hon du- ^q ^he Touchftone of the fiery triall by God's fearch- 

w«T«i M&^^^ i"g T"^"^^' n^ay ^^^"^^ ^""^^^"^ > ^"^ i'^ ^^e tempeft of 
Lutm abfqut faitU God's wrath when the ftor my winters-night of death ■". 
qHibM firmatuY & appToacheth, oratfurtheft, at the judgement Scat of 
ftrngUur-y ml t obom the Juft and Higheft God, it proves to be counterfeit : 
ptttft adhere pmtti, whenatthelaftthey fliall cry,i:or^, Zor^, like the 
m'^Tt i» & »f.ii fi<>^^J^ Virgins, And thofe Mat.-z/m ftead of imagina- 
' * * de comfort, they fliall bee cru flit with horrible and 
everlafting confufion. Heare the Prophet; Saj unto 
Execb* I J . n .&c. them which dawbe it with untemfered morter , that it 
Jhall fall: there JhaU be an over-flowiniTjhowrejand ye, 
Q great haile-fiones,jhall fall, andafiormj windefhak 
rend it, Loe^when the waUyfallen/jhall it not be faid 
untojttH,where is the dawbing wherewith ye have daw- 
bed it? Therefore thus faith the Lord God, I will rend 
it withaflormy winde in my fury : and there fhall be* 
an over-fiowingjhowre in mine anger, and great haile- 
flones in my fury to confume it . So will I breaks downe 
the wall that ye have dawbedwith untempered morter^ 
and bring it downe to the ground^ fo that the fottnda^ 
tion thereof Jhall be difcovered, and itjballfally and ye 
/ball be canfumed in themidfl thereof: andye Jhall know 
that I am the Lord. Thus will I accomplijh my wrath 
t*pon the wallf and upon them that have dawbedit with 
untempered morter^ and will fay unto you. The wall is 
no more, neither they that daw bed it : To wit, the Pro' 
phets of IJrael, which prophefie concerning Jernfalem, 
and which fee vifions of peace for Her , and there is no 
peace, faith the Lord God: Such as with lyes make the 
heart of the righteous fad , whom God hath not made 
fad\ and flrengthen^e hands of the wicked , that Hee 
Jhould not returne from His wicked way by promifing 

part I . Chap. 2 . JgiiEied Cenfciencet, 1 5 J 

Him life, £<,ek^ 13.22. Thefe fcllowcshold and bcarc C*^) ^«»' «'*"» ^M 
meere avill men in hand, that their cftate is found e- ,7t)2",|,^|^^'/^^i^ 
noiigh to G od w a rd, whadbever the purer and pr ecifer ^^^ '"iX*"i?rffS 
Brethren prate to the contrary : (^y and yet the holy vabi untntur: i(i«t 
Ghoft tells USjtbat without holinejfe no man (Jjallfee the bominti mnqnam tg9 
Lord. Hd. 12.14. That formall ProFeflburs are very J^^^ifica-M dixetim , 
forward men;whereas le/u. Chnfi profefieth.that He ,7'„,^™ ,":;'";,'; 
will fpeTf the iHke-nvarme out of his mouth. Nay, and ir vmatum uwbrM dun^ 
there be talke even of a good fellow efpecially of lome texnt^ & pmuUchra^ 
more commendable natiirall parts, and plaufible carri- tum fine fanffificatione 
agetif Hee be fo but moderately, that I mayfo fpeake, t ^'^""P'""'"/ fj-] 
and not jiift every day drunk:well,well,will they fay, ^^^ ^^^^ ^i,^^^ ...g^Jj. 
wehaveallourfaults,andthatisHis, But as concer- lociniohc g.Time 
ning the faithful! {ervant of God; they are woontto hathbccne, pcrbap*, 
entertaine the fame conceit of Him, which j4cha6 did *j[^'" . ^"u i,*^*** 
of e/^ah, to witjthat (r) He was a troubler of Ifrael : ^^ "J bc7cg«ncMd^ 
Which one of the captames had of the Prophet fent to on: Godforgircus: 
annoint /f^^,that He was a (f) madfelloyv: which the I» o^Jft be more than 
falfe^rophets had of g)Micaiah';Cc\2ii he was a fellow *''!?"• '^*' ^'■'■»§» 
of a fingularandodhumoarby Himfelfe, and guided SSi"""*u" 
by a private fpint of His owne: which TertuU a ChiifliaDje^-f. D': 
/w hadofPrf^/, thatheewasa ijo) feflilent fellorp x Sclatir, stclie Seuks 
which the Pharifes had of Chrifts Followers i that ^^^-^f-F^g »«• 
they were a contemptible and (») curfed generation, iU *j^^"2* » «•' ?• 
a company ofbafe, rude, illiterate underling';. Nay (gji Kji)glu'24. 
fometimes, when the bedlam fit is upon them, they Cb) Ads 24 y, 
will not fticke to charge Gods people in ibme propor- 0^ ^f h. 7 48. 49 ■ 
tion mofl wickedly and talfely, as the ancient Hea- ^^^ ^fi *^ ^"''«''« 
thensdidthe primitive Chriftians, with conventi- iZlLciZttht 
cles and meetings or hatefull(^)impurities,taaion,dif- ^ cbnfto ptndmem, 
aftedion to C^y^r, and many other horrible things, Ei-^^rct^.-miHajJn' 
whereas poore Soules 1 they were moft innocent, and ^"•'^^ boctfiy ^ubmaie^ 
infinitely abhorred all fuch (/; villanies : And they '^^jT&TZtmM 
hicandij — W*c efl IfamU Ev.mgrluie dcClrlnieyquamftrre ccgiturafudpotenusyec prudenies hujm 
ftculhqiibdfcth (nti babeaibo»in.ti plihtmyOb[iuroi& impiiUoi.qui fidcR^ 
liadh^terent fAuU-.(\) &ui'rurf'.i!erii/JJtmlid(/acrafreiOwfa»tkiiiy^&pitfulo'wd<&po!lce!t' 
viv>Mi^c((l4i^q:,bAive,f6rei tumhii .canni lenomsfcidat, ttntbrai U ^ hbidinum impiarum inve- 
recufidia jrs urext.Te'tiil Apok>2,.cap 7, Stdqutdomni crucia'ugr&viiu iraiyitijigniit dais 
mendacia ^jygebjn'.Hrj'JCH'abaiur m humam carmbut vt/cij?tfg»usdtjifuis mmtlan^m^iiibHi • 
ftfepoPmef & m[»nAijfi<na qnneiiiitffr^ttrnre, Fuoc. Com. ir. Chron, Lib. 6. 

1 5 6 InfiruEliorts for a right comforting Seft. 2 .' 

Ci; iMceliM/ui (um,cur met in the morning even before Day, not to do, God 

nonrequirm 1 inf^n- j^nowes any fuch ill , but for the (/) (ervice of God, 

o"w ? ^lnV*fani C^^^*^ ^^^^^ "^°^^ ingenioas(»2)adverraries being wit- 

aliquldiomktOiCurnon neflfes) to fing praifes to Christ. God to confirmie 

auti'mf&c.'X^ii.h^o- their difcipline, forbidding all manner of finne, &c, 

log cap, 4. H« coim yf^i^\\ f »^ all the mifcarriages, miferies and calamities 

^fwi^ZTft mcut ^^^^ ^^^^ "P°^ ^^^ ^^^^^' ^^ though they were the cau- 
pVf mMdamandl, ^^S- Whereas thofe few neglected Ones which truly 
ft quis ie ea. qum- ferve God are the onely men in all Places where the/ 
turyeoMuloqMdefa. {{ytlomakeup the hedgCyandtofiand in thegafpez- 
liiombM querela eft. p^jni^ ^[^g thteatned inundations of God's dreadfiill 
qu^iT ^ZZ^) wrath ; and all the Oppofites to their holy Profeffion 
Hoifumm congregai'i, are the true Cut-throats of Kingdomes , able by their 
qnod & dijperft. Hoc diflblutenefle , and difgracing godlinefle , to diflblve 
un'tveyftyquod&fingw ^he finewes of the ftrongeft Itate upon Earth. Looke 
'SJZZJZ^ upon^»«4...^. And there you Ihall finde who 
Cum prebiy turn boni they are, which caule God to enter a controverfie wtth 
CHunti cum f ^, cum the Inhabitants of a Land. 
cafii cangregiiTituiry von 

tftfaCl'u dtcenda fed turia. ^i i eontrar'io lUis nmtnfaHmmn accomodandum e(ly qui in tdiur/t 
toHormn, & proberum (enfprantj qui cdverfum fdKgumetn innacifitium cencUmant, fr<ettxenies 
fani ad od^ difeH(fontm, iuam quoqui vanitaiem, quod exiftiment omnii publicte cUdUy emnu ft- 
fularii incemmodiy CbrilHaaoi f£e caufam. Idem, Ibid. cap. 39. Comn* in (mum ^ag. 
gregatmem, ut ad Dtsim quxfi mtnufuQd pruationibuA ambiamus erantcs. Jiac vU Deograu 
eft. Oramui etiam pro imperatoribas, pro mini (iris torum, ac pcttfiatibu^f proftaiu feculi, pro 
rtrumqmete — Comm adlierarum divimrum cornmtmarationttitj fiquid prtefentium tempo- 
rupt qitttitoiy aw prtemontre cpgif, autrecognofcere. Ctrth fid(m fanhu vocibut ptfcimtu, fpcm 
ffigimuiy fiduciam ftgimtUy difciplham p,teceptorum nihUominm irtcuUitmibiu deafamus, 
Jbidetn etkm exburtaimeiy cafiignionet. & cenfura divina. Ibid. cap. 59. ("m^ P/i- 
itiiis enim SecundiUy cum Ttovinciam rtgnety damuatis qmbufdam Cbrifii.inis% qmbufdam 
gradupfilfis, ipfa iamc» ffihhttHdine periurbaiuff quid dectttero agent, con/uluit tunc TrajaMum 
ImptratBremy all'-gam pv^'tr ebftinatwntmnonfacnficand'i, nihil ditui fe defacrU eorum compe- 
riffetquamcatHS aattlucmis adcanendum CJmfto & Deny & ad confmdtrandam diftiplinam '. 
bemicidiumyaduUcr'Mm, frnudem, perfidiam, & catera fcelera prohibeaieilhid.ap.it^vinc. 
Comm. in Chrooo!. Lib 5. Bacolc Ann. Clirifti» no. pag 6^6: (o) Contra Chri- 
fiianam fidem querelas impm pllure ntn quiefcunU diuntity quod aniequam tfta doHr'maper 
mundumpraaicaretur^taHtamdlaxoa p.ttltbatur genm humarmm. Augull. cpift, izz. Dicis 
flurlmoi conqufri, quod belUcrtbtim furgant;quoi lues, quod fdmeifiev.ant, quodque imbrei& 
pluviMferenalonga/ufpendiTftyVobiiimputaii. Cyp. Contra Dmmiamm, dkenum ChrifHn' 
niSyimputari dtbe\e omiia, quibununc mttndiiiuYgeretur.snybtrka(cendatinmcmta;(i2{i- 
lus non afcendu in arv&\ ft Ctdum (let it, ft terra mwltifi f'WisSj ft lun, Siat'im, Cbri ^iavui ad Le- 
9ttM0,accUmaiMr. Tctttil Apology cof,^^, 


Part I . Chap, 2 . Jl glided Ccnfchncet, 157 

Heare bow (p) yf////« dcfcribcs (ome of thefc Cp)Auftin. ^hftim 

Selfc -fee king, and Soiile-murihering Dawbers in His dicamuvobk vhUt ut 

Daves ; Farre he it from us, iaith Heci that wee fhould ^«^'«/««''' '^^«'^ Oe- 
r I la J ^ J. . 1 1 rt MTtemsmm perdu Jafi, 

f^y unto y ops: hve oi you lift, do not troubejourfelves, ,,,^^,^,^,1^ chrifti. 

God rvtllcajt away none-lonely hold the Chrtjhan Fatth: anam itnete: mnperdtt 
Heerptllnotdeftroy that which Hce hcithredeemed^Hee ilitqrioa udegtit, von 
yrili not deflroy thojcfor iphom He hath jljcd Hif bloud-^ /'"'^^' P^o quibm (an- 
And if you pleaCe. te recreate your [elves at Plates^ yon f'f»f'^uf^Hn : Et 
tnay gO'.Tvhat hurt ts there inttfAndyoH may go to thofe obuClare anims w- 
Feafts, which are kept in all Townes, hyjoviallcompa- jlfos,ite: quid mtCi tfl f 
nionsymaking themfelves merry ^ tus they (Upfofe^ at thefe Btffia )pf«, quit tele- 
fuhlicke meetings and comejfations , hut indeed rather ''(<"^"^ P^t^^ univtrfoi 
maktng themfelves moflmtferahle^Jfayjou may ^0, and I^vZ^JTm 
heejoviall, God s mercy t^ great , ana may pardon all, mtnfisftipfos^uipmant 
Crowne your felves with Rofes hefore they -wither. ■- — ^ucuitdttttium, reviri 
ToH may fill your f elves nvith good cheere andivine^ a- '""S" pcrdestiam^ ite, 
mongfl your good-felloiv companions: For the creature is "'^^>"5">»5''l»« r/? Dtl 

given unto us for that furpofe thati^emay enjoy h. tmfgnojut^cmm- 

Jftvefay thefe thingSyperadventure ypefhall havegrea- te ves rojss enUquam 
ter multitudes applaude and adhere unto our ^oEirine. finefcant.lpiplemin'i 
And if there he fome, -which thinke, thatjpeaking thefe "^^>^ Vino in vcftrii. 
thimrs.ype are not-well advifde.t^e offend hut a fewymd f/'"" ''"'» ^"^^t^ 

tnoie precifeOncs, £m tve -winne thereby a -world of putminl' . 

people. But ifrofifiall thus do,Jpeaking not the words of Hcecji dixer'mus» forti 
Gody not the -words ofChrifi, hut our o-wne ; -we Jhall he congregtblnm iHtbds 
Pafiours feeding our Selves, not onrfocke. mplma : & fi fiHt 

TheJuthour of the imperfeSi commentary in nry- lTZr^!!LTfJ'''T 
foftome forted by ((.])Jome Body mtf Homtltes upon n(itfap':u paum «f- 
Matthe-w, feemes to intimate, that the caufe of the 0- fndimm, fed multiig. 
ver flowing and ranknes of iniqiuty> is the bafenefle qf ''""^'^ cmcliiawu4. 
thefe Self-preaching men-pleafers.' f f) Tolle hoc vitiu Si{f 'ScX 

ChTiflidkratcs^ftdnoftrninmiiiPffforeinofmctipfoi pafcenUSyiieficvei. Lib. dc Piftohbus, 
Tcjm.9.ijaa I ^ ^a. Aii horx.f ilic HomiJics upor;S, Matthew, (q) Nonfimt Hcmilia, Jed 
Vifcio quit id difftcutit epm. Eraftn ("r ) / olle h«c vJmnt de ctere,ne vdint bemlnibm p'Mcrt^&' 
Jim taOore cmnia v'uia refccantur. Ex he vim nafiitur «' »e vtlinr inttr fe md'tortm habere^ (i(nt 
lucUi'^hiflim.l^owu^l Ex cap 2? 7«/w vttb». Omniaauiem opera fuafaamt^ ut ab ho- 
tttlftibfuvideanrur ) I am p-rlwsdc'c', it was no fmall n)ouve to enrage the Scrihcj atid 
^harifes agsinft Cbfifl, becaufe Bee taught wkb pmtt to the aftomjhmm t] fiii im^ 

I e 8 InftruBioHS for a right comforting Sedl. 2 • 

rm. Luk- 4* } *i but de Cleroy (aith He, Take this fault from the Clergy, to 
their teaching was wir, that they be not (Q meft-vleaferSyand allftnnes arf 
hcartlcflc, cold, fro- ^^ji^y ^^^ dcwne. But iFthey blunt and rebate the edge 

m'^ml'^'^i^'i °^'^^^ S^'^^'f^^' ^P'r^' ^^^^ dawbing,fjattery,tem- 

jimmo vigort, (amrnA porizing ; or ftrike with it in a (cabbcrd garifhly and 

que uttUatii v;; chri- gaudily embroiderd with variety of humane learning, 

(tifermams futlfe pra- tricks of wit,Frier-hke conceits,&c.it cannot pofTibly 

4titoii qtium interna cut toany purpofe;itkillstheSoule,butnotthefinne, 

^ZZ'atJZ- They are the onely n,e„howfoever worldly wift- 

dt €fth6imbis,&fri- dome rave,3nd unlanctihed learnmg be befides it fclf, 

guU. Apud Ma lorat. to beat down finne,batter the Bulwarks of the Divell, 

in Mai cap. 2».x?. g^d build up the Kingdome of Chrift j who fetting a- 

(i) jtff;^'«cshyrhi^ fide aU private ends and by-refpeds, all vaine-glori- 

word, €77, aabtics tn r j l- • ^ n r • ° t 

Fharifaimo v'tdilctt ous, covetous, and ambitious aymes j all fervmg the 

tdbucperfeveraas- Ga- times, pro; eds for preFerment,hope of rifing, feare of 

lac. t.io. That Paul the face of Man, &c. addreffe themfelves, with faith- 

msAinicdwithtk* fulneffeandzealetotheworkeof theLord, feekins 

fault, while Hcc was ^ i c u- ■ ^- c i * 

yetaPharife, & fct- nncerely to glorihe Him m converting mens Soules, 

vcd the times: But (t) by the foolijhnejfe of that Preaching which God 

when Hce wai con- hath (andlified, tofave them thatbeleeve : In a Word, 

verted,, Heeturn«d who labour to imitate their Lord and Mafter fefru 

Apn ^ ei^amof havMg{x) authority ',m* demonjtrationof the Sptrit, 
'23-«'3a), « T 0eoi/j and forcer'. And not as the Scribes, "By embroidered 
« {x-jw (ui^u'Toii Scabberd, I meane the very fame , which King ^ames 
*-wTo/' " «^<rL" "°^ ^°"S before His Death, did moft truly out of His 
^^I'°'jbiS\^^'^lK deepe, and excellent wifedome, conceive to bee the 
g^ vfi^'. Bane of this Kingdome : To wit, A light, ajfe^iedand 

("t^ I C-r.l. 21. unprofitable kiftde of preaching jwhtch hath beene of late 

fo) Mat. 7.29. yeares taken up in C'^^urt^ Vniverftty, Ctty and Country, 

(^mXtMtimh^ificct Heare fomething more largely what reafon led His 
auiii0riutmj & piite- Royall judgement to this relolution ; and defire of re- 
fiaii SfiiiiM. corda pc- formation : 

ntirmtii-^fiicommunii ^y j }j^ Majefty being much troubled and arieved 
tjlCb^e.&iftmMt- ^^tt(j,fj^^^f ^^ ^^^^^ ^ ^jrr, defeBions 

Umt7ifwfafnamuntcmq-iiflribuUur pron'efuta ^\xc(y) K. lames, Thcrealons cfthe Kings 
dirc^jomfor P/cachingSc L'icacucrs, «sl rccciV6«itheftu(hehandof apubitKeKe^ifter. 


Pare. I . Cap. 2 . j4ffltSled Conjciencei^ 1 5 p 

ficm our E.c!iaion both to Popery ^ and Annbaptipme, or 
othsr Pcints of fevarathn in fome farts of this King-- 
dome -^ AndcoMfidering -with much admiration , tvhat 
miTht be the caufe thereof ^ cfpecially in the Raiane of 

Juch a King^ trho dothfo con(layitly profejfe Himfelfe an 

open advcr far y to the fuperfittion of the One, and mad^ 

ncjfe of the other'. His Princely tvifedome conldfalliip^ 

on no One greater probability, than the iightnejfe, ajfe- 

Elednejfe, and Hnproftahlcncjfe of that ki»de of pr each- 

ing, which hath bgene of late year es too much taken ftp 

in Ccm-t^ Vtiiverfity^ City, and (^ountrey. The ufuall 

fcope of very many Preachers Is noted, to be a fearing up 

in points ofDivinitie too deepe for the capacitieof the 

people; or a muflring np of much reading ^or a disf laying 

oftfjeir owne rvits, C^c.Ncw the people bred up with this 

kinde of teaching, c^ never infruUed in the catechifme^ 

andfundamentall grounds of Religion, are for all thii 

aiery nourifjment no better than abraf ise Tabul:^?, meere 

Table 'Bo.oks ready to be filed up, either with the Mn' 

nualSf and (^atechifmes of the Popijh Priefisyor the Pa^ 
pers and Pamphlets cf(iy^nabaptij}s,(2r-c, - 

In another place, he refembles with admirable fit- 

nefie the unprofitable poinpe, and painting of fiich 

Selfe-feeking di(courres, patched together and ilufc 
with a vaine-glorious variety of humane allegations, 
to the red and blew flowers, that pefer the come, when it 
fiands in the fields; where they are more noyfome to the 
growing crop, f ban beauttfull to the beholding eyeJThey 
are Kin -^^ faw?s his owne (-&) words. Whereupon, a C^) In the Preface to 
Httle after, he tells the Cardinall; That it was no ^tco- '"'* '^'-"'^'nftrancc a- 
ram to enter the Staae with a VcncUs,inhis mottth^bm fhTr ^"l^'nT, ""^ 
■with thejacred Name of hod : Norj/youla his Lordjhipy yg^f, 
Saith hi5 Majefty', have mar/hailed the p'^Jpige of a 
Royall Prophet, and{x.Toety after the example of an ^0 ^i^ fiteret cum 
heathen Oratour : ij^^^"'''* ^oratm ? 

Tbefe things being fo ; how peftilent is the Art of ^cZ %7^'S!f ' 
Spirkuail Dawbiag ? What miferable men are Men- Hie.oa. 



JftfiruEiions for a right coTnfort'tng Se*fl. 2 . 

pleafers, who being appointeJtohelpe mens Soules 
outofhell, carry them headlong, an. 1 hood- winkt by 
their unfaithftilnefle and flatteries towards everlafting 

,.,,,,. ,. miferies? Oh, how much better were it, and comfor- 

Fatthlull dealing , ' u ^ ^ . j j i 

I. Commended from table ror every man that enters upon , ana undertakes 

(b;o»«d, vel Atz,ch' that moftwaighty and, dreaJfuU charge of the Mini- 

rum humtm formidan' ftery, a (^ ) burden, as Some of the Ancients elegantly 

dum^ litquetnm no- aniplifie it , able to make the (lioulders of the moft 

^^mSmtTnl- "^^§^^7 A ngell in heaven to fhrinke under it, to tread 

gukrmnde, fedUe in the fteps of bleffed (c) Paul ; by -ufifig no flattering 


•words, nor a cloake of covetoufnejfe, nor feekiyig glory 
of men ; but preaching infeafon^ and. om offeafon ; rtot 
04 the Scribes^ hut in the demonflration of the Spirit^ 
and of power j Keeping nothing backe that ii profit abie^ 
declaring unto their hearers all the counfell of God; 
holding the Spiritual! children which God hath given 
them, thciv glory, joy, and crowne ofrejoj/ctng,(\[l[ wat- 
ching for the Soules of thetr flocks as they that mufi give 

wtivw»y ^ -" account, Heb. 13. i?. fTheterrour of which place, 

te Nam iUi vigilant ('d)C^9'y«'y?<?w^profe{reth,made his heart to tremble} 
pro animbm vt^<U. i f^y by fuch holy and heavenly behaviour, as this, in 
^m]ui commmaii- ^^-^ Miniftety ; To be able at lead to fay wjth him in 
fincenty, not without unipeakeable comfort: (e}/ 
ta^syoH to record this Day that I am pure fiom the 
blond of all men ! Let us be moved to this courfe and 
frighted from the contrarie ; by confideration of the 
different eflfecfls and confequents ofplaine dealing,and 
, dawbingjin refpedl of comfort or confufion : Faithfiil- 
nefie this way : 

1 . Begets thofe which belong unto God to grace 
and new obediencetSee Peters piercing Sermon, A£l, 

2. Recovers thofe Chriflians, which are fallen, by 
remorfe and repentance, to their former for wardnes, 
and firft love ; See Nathans down-right dealing with 
David: i.Sam.iZ.y.l^. ' 

3 . Makes thofe which will not be reformed, inex- 


fnndioM Attgeliu vir 
/«rMi«d<ie«i«. Chryf. 
de Sacercotio,Lib 6, 
(c) I Thcl. i. 5.^. 

1 Cor. X. 4. 

fmtv^iSy &conudi- 

enii tmov univiimvn 

I. Convening 


». Rccovcting the fai- 

ji. Ma1<«ngth€wi!fiJll 

Part I . Chap. 2 . Agisted Qonfciences, j^i 

cufable. See P/tu/s Sermon to Foe/ix ; eyfSi. 24. 25. 
How ftrangely will this fellow bee confounded , and 
more than utterly without all exciife, when he lliall 
meet PauUt that great day,before the higheft ludge? 

4. It is right pleafing and profitable to upright ,. Comfo^tins «p' 
hearted men, and all luch as happily hold on m a con- righi mei>. 

flant and comfortable courfe of Chriftianity. Do not 
my words do good to him that walketh uprightly ? Alica. 
2.7. It makes them dill more humble,2ealous,watch- 
full, heavenly minded, &c . 

5. Hardens the rebellious and contumacious. See < w, j • 1, 
rf)7A.chap.6. In which faithful! Minifters arealfo bciw"'"^^ ^^' 
Hnt9 God a fweet favour ofChrifi. 2 . Cor. 2 . i j . (f) Promnckt forty ut 

6. And the Man of God himfelfe (hall hereafter pop'^^i^ ftione, & in^ 
blefledly (%)Jhine as the brightneffe of the firmament, '^^"''"^ dtftUum, 
and as the Starresfor everandever. And all thofe hap- pfrCSi^'S-' 
pie Ones which he hath puld out ofHell by his down- tmtn fmul admontt, 
right dealing, (hall (h) raigne and rejoyce with Him opmmprophettt^quam* 
in unknowns and unfpeakable Bliffe through alleter- ^^«*"'^w/ay7/, «/»«•- 

•• "^ tiftraludtU,ftbigra. 

" ^' turn fare facrificium. 

Calv.inlfa. cap 6.Efiqttidemhocdl£lu antrum dlvinUui prtphetamtniiti, qni aures ebiuref, 
oculoi oblmt.& COY pepuli $b[tineu quia vldeniur htct minime comftUre in Dei -/jaiuram, adto . 
que alitna tfje ab e]us vcrbr» Sed abfurdum videri non debet, ft dim fopuU malhiam uU'ma. excai' 
cationeuUifcitur. • — Ta'iiixceeauoaiqueinduramnanproficlfdiwf ex naturd verbiyfedacciden- 
talis {(i^r^UquehominMwpfuvUati tribuenda, ib:d. liecdsusinecverbum^ nee frepheu^ perfe 
qnenqui txcxcmi. De propbetd. turn & virbo hie dtcitur. Immo & de ipfo Deo } oh.i 1.40. Ca ufaj 
quiavtrbum.qtiodper prepbitoi covdonatM ejlVeiiCy quibufdam ex auidentefii odor mortifiTi. 
Ln/liofta clmffimd fuce fib't oppofitd magis ucutief. Canora vox l<edet amtt debiliores. CMUydffitia. 
ffigiddytffervcfcet. Sculjncuniemlocum, 6. Procuring an hippy place to them which 
ufc it. (^) Dan 1 1. 3. (hj Et hoc attendite fairci, quid omntt tanales medki, qmtiei ad 
ees qui in i otpsre ^grotare videntur^ vemunt^ omnia qua tis deU£labi!ia t([e videbantur ahft'at- 
dun% & quod dulcet ft, ad integrum inter dicunt, Aliquoiitietiam frigidim auipere nonftrmit' 
tunty inierdum & amariffinuu puiaaei biberecogunty&afpen'miiferramm'is vulfierafequcnter. 
imidunt. Hoc ergo quod pro /axitau torpoum carnatesmedici faciuntt pra animarumfa'^ 
lutefpirituaUs medici ixereere cotinduni H^ec ergo fo^itam frairisihirifimi & tarn pro med quam 
pro ve!ird[alute rattonem me rtdditurum efe ante tribunal teterni judim uenigflorafu, eligo a^e- 
ra qkjdimjtdfalubria vobis mtdicaments ingerere, ut vobifcumpofit^ in Angelo) uts confoitiopir* 
petudmtrear i?uolumitacegaudere. (SteifttivtarSy in what fcnfe we/wr" is b( re to 6c 
taken. It makes nothing «t all for the Popilh rotten TemHt of Merit. ) AHgufif dt 

U tktt 

J ^2 JnfirHclio»sfor a right comforting Se(5l. 2 . 

a. Compared with Biit now on the Other fide the Eftsdls of Dawbing 
dawbing, whofc cf- and men-plcafingare inoft accurfed and peftilent;in 
fcasaielttdownem ^^a^y .efpeds. 

Voods vvcKd. . I . In refped of God's Word and meflages : firft, 

not dividing it, and difpenling them aright. Secondly, 
OiOaonouring the Majeftvjand weakening the power 
of them many times, with the unprofitable mixture of 
humane allegations, oftentations of wit, fine Frier- 
like conceits digged with much adoe outofPopifh 
poftils, &c. Even as we may fee at harveft time a land 
of good corne quite choaked up with red, blew, and 
yellow flowers. As King lames doth, excellently allude 
(.) In the Prtface of in the forecited {i) place. Thirdly, Fearefull propha- 
bis Rcnsonftrance a ning them by mif-application againfi: God's will: 
gainS Cardinall Ter- ^^^ Making the heart of the righteous Sad, whom God 
y^T g 1, ,, jj^ rcoMld not have made Sad : and flrengthening the hands 
^ • * oftherf>ick.ed,thatheJhoHld}70tretHrnefl'omhis-)vicked 

voay^ by fromifinghim ///<?. FourtMy,Villanous perver- 
tingandabufing them to their owne advantage, ap- 
plaufcrifing, revenge,and fuch other private ends: 
?i7l'» "^^mmllli DO- ^' ^" ^^^P^^ o^ ^^^^ flattering, and unfaithful! Mi- 
Liw'^d« t^'^'ii* f?^cH' nifl:ers themfelves. Firfl:,Extreme vilenefle, Ifa.9. 1 5 . 
lamii muirit, (]h'hi Secondly,(/^Guiltinefle of fpirituall bloudflied.^-^ie')^. 
ipfe hunt eccidi!, qn\ ^ j g ^ Thirdly, Liableneffe to the fierce wrath of God, 
iumtaando morn pro jntheDay ofvifitation. fer. 14.1$ .i.Ki»g.22,2S. 

The Hearer . 3 . In refpedl of their hearers, who delight in their 

4*. Boih MiniHcrand lies,in their fmooth and filken Sermons, fudden, hor- 
Hcarcr. rible, and unavoidable confufion. i/^. 30. 1 3.14. 

Suibm ome conjlhm .^. Burning both toi^etber in hell for €ver,with- 

ah e(jrHW/<i?3£«'««?WH?<i^f*ifrfi'% ^» ([ua. vecenoi convrmmm^ rus conjimgiwur^nos rei tfe cftindl' 
jjj^^ ^iifntira en malt, cuaproprii hibcmw^al'icnai quaqut mirtti addi' w quiz tot eccidi' 

Ce piruiTi & ce'/ttefiatim cfje^ ut ili,is(acuki.as ra'^afiirutn ccnfuuudmiohlh vare mmir.i dti3- 
tl'tsredqua>:iim<idmen}ulicriimreai}or!eperv(mt,epi!daliqi{iSfarumircf(Cit ddmomno rrtay 
quia^vohistgonciteiix'.ni &pfo me, &fvo vf^iurnalamfurnre'idjturui taiiuiumln dicpduy^ 
^ x/Q'ifcum triihi ait mcfffi tturvajuppiuia fn^mtrt. Egg me apud Vium atfolvOj dum itertm 
arque itcrum admoncDparah & conufior, Aug. dc temp. Scr. z^r, 


Part I . Chap. 2 . J[ff,fUed Confciences. 1 5 j 

out timely and true repentance : banning there each 

other continually, and crying with mutuall hideous 

yellings : O thou bloody Bi^tcher ot our Soules, hadft 

thou beene faithful! in thy Miniftery, we had efcaped 

thefeeternall flames I O miferable man that I am; 

Woe is me, that ever I was Minifler : for now befides • 

the horrour due unto the guiltinefle of mine owne 

damned Soule,! have drawn upon me, by my unfaith- 

fiill dealing,the cry of the bloud of all thofe foiiles, who 

have perifhed under my Miniftery, to the everlafting 

enraeinc of my already intolerable torment! ~ - (^^ For the painful. 

Give meleave toconcMe this point withthat .T^I^^frf "Zt 

patheticall and zealous paflage or reverend & learned ing, wherein there is 

6'r<f<?;//7^»?againftnegligentPaftours,amongft whom ordinarily fo much 
I may juftly ranke and reckon alfb all Davobers (for as* a.Tcftationon the one 
well never a whit,as never the better; and Men-plear onXmhcrof'fuch 
fers : For lelfe-preachers are,for the moil part, (n) fel- a jjale of carbfiry 
dome-preachers. Heare (0) his words : vatiery 06 cxtraordi- 

Were there any love of God from their hearts in thofe ^ nary conceits, tricks 
Vffho in fie ad of feeding to falvation, fiarve many thoU' ^^"^'5» o^^p^^^'o^ of 
fands to defirtiSfion: I dare fay, and fay it boldly ^that for pms thlVen man to 
all the j>romotio.ns under Heaven , they would not offer a great deals of pains, 
that injury to one Soule , that noro they offer to many and tortures his 
hundred Soules. ButyLord^ horo do they thinks to give ^'^ cxtrcmeIy:Thcn, 
^p their(jp) reckoning to thee,who in mofifiriB account trnTt^li^M^^i 
coramitting it fa punflually and prccilcly to meanory; The fcarefulneflc in dcllTcry, and 
danger of being oaf, Vaine gloiious, doubring that they I'hsU not be applauded, as they 
^werc wont.Feare, lew the next time fhoi/ld kiren^hcir former reputation of wit, reading, 
&c Ifay,fL'chconfi.ietatioosasthcfe, arc many time; notable curbes, to keepe them 
from appealing tco often in th:: f ujp;c. ("o^ ^n H^s Godly Obfervationt, concerning di- 
vers Arsumcnis,and Common Places \\ Rciigion. Cnp. 15. ("p) Vaiiiwm qitotidii nO' 
b'lfcum raiiofiesiquM cum no^roindice habih;m:'^. . — Penlcmw quod lucrum Dtofic'imui nos^ qui 
accepto talento ab ce adn(ZpUumm:lfn'umtu. Stsnimdicit: Hsgotiimlm dumvmio. Ecu jam ve- 
nlt^ (cce de nofira mgoth lucrum requirii.^na's el an'mztii lucrum de noflfa negot'vLtione tngnfira- 
bimui} ^dstiiuicenCpiQuianimarummanip'ttoi dtpftedkatmlsTioflrie ftgut ill atari ftimii^? 
Ponnrnm antt etu'.oi nnfiios ilium tame difthMionk diem qw judex vinlet, & raiicmnty cum fer- 
visquibui tatenta o edidit,p»net.Ecce in maie^izteterribilii inter aTtgelammatque archangelorum 
chores vide bit ur- /a illo tanto examine, eltilorum omnium & reproborum muliitudt deducet ur, & 
uxufquifque quid (it operatiu oftiadeiuK Ui Petrus cum ludted. convtrfi^ qu-m po^ ft traxit apfd.. 
r:bit.lbiPMlmco«uarjHm,utiiadixerim^madmiMi9S, Ibi Andreas po^ fc Achaimi iti 

M3 mH 

, ^A JyifTrticlioKS for a right comforting Seft. i . 

Itumn Afiim^ T^ho -will take the anfyeer of every Soule com:n'ttted unto 

mas Iniu.ini, in an thtm one hj one? Or with tvhat eares do they often heare 

^aumfui ]4dkiscon ^^^^ -vehement (beech of our Saviour Chrtll.Feed^Feed. 

S.«».«;« r'g-'i- ^''^' yrtth^bat eyes ao they fo often reade that pter^ 

titi '.urn inmarum In cingfpeech of the Apoft/e,I-eed taepccke committed nn- 

ifU atp^rtbuMi, qh'i to you f But if none of thefe Trill move them, then the 

fcn^k prddicationUiis £ord open thetr eyes jo heare the grievous groanes of 

Uilfr tot ft^ti cam <"?. ^^^^ comfUintng agatnB them; Lord the revenger 

grigibui jVu ante titr- of blood, heboid thefe men, vhor/i thou hafifet over hs to 

si p.t^#/« iCttiaJ i^fxc- giijg Hi the bread of life, but they have net given it w: 

rmt, nes mifai qwJ q^^ tongues, andthe tongues of our children havefiucki 

^Ourtfxnw, qui ^^ ^^^ ^^r^ of our mouthesfor calling and crying- , and 

mgetium vacut ndi. ^hey ypould not tai^epttty on mtWe have given them the 

Ktui, qui pafioium no tenths vhich thou appointedfh us, but they have not gi- 

men bsbuimM, & evi ■^f„ us thy truth; which thou haft- commanded them: Re- 

quastxnuwmnio no- ^.^^^^hem, O Lord,as they have rewarded usiLet the 

tiro dtbtamus eflctee , j / j ■ i /r . . 

^. -,«. u.f:,n„s 3 Hie bread betweene their teeth tame to rottenneUein their 

pafioris vocati fumuf, bowels . Let them be c loathed with Jhame, and confufion 

&i\ii greiimnonduci- of face, as with a garment : Let their wealth, Oi the 

jww.Grcgor in £var- 'X)ungf-om the earth,befwept anvay by their executors; 

g€l. Horo. 1 7. ^^^ ^^^^ their geld and filver, yohich they have falfely 

treafured up, let centirjually be written , The price of 

blood, the price of blood : Tor it is the value of our 

hlood,0 Lord, Ifthoudidfi heare the blood of ^^^ 

being but tne man, forget not the blood of many , when 

thougoefi into judgement. 


Part I .Cap. 3 . AffliEled Qonfciences, 



9yf ffenerall dire ^ ion for avoiding the former err our. 

Now returne to re(5lifie and tender a 
remedy againft the firft aberration. 
Which I told you was this : When 
heaven,and all are applied hand over- 
head, and falfely appropriated to iin- 

mui quterere Cbriflum, 
miftrye^ ac indigtHM 
mfira. Qui valciit, 
non egcBt medico, 
feci male afFcflij j»^«ic 
Cbriftuij Venire ad 

hambled Tinners : whofe Soules were never rightly 
illightned with fight of finne , and waight of God's 
wrath ; nor afflided to any purpofe with any legall 
wound, or hearty compun(5l:ion by the Spirit of bon- 
dage: In whofe hearts, (^) fenfe of their fpirituall mi- me omncs, qui fati- 
ferie^and want,hath not yet raifed a reftlefle arid kind- |'" ^ oQcrati edit, 
ly thirft after fef^ C^^rifi. L?rcatt"SJJ m 

*In this cafe mine advife is^that all thofe who deale iguur chrl^um JUdi' 
with others about their Spiritual ftates,and undertake cant^ chrifii txtmplt 
to direfl in that high and waighty affaire of mens Sal- **^ ^fc<int, nmpe^qua 
vation, either pablickly or privately in their Miniflry, ntlaaiSdt^'*^ %'^ 
visitations of the ficke, or otherwife; that they would jf'Ja/u^Uaf'e^Zii 
follow that courfe of which I largely difcourfed a in chri^o^tedem tmf»- 
little before taken by God himfelfe, his Prophets, his >"« mimHlandos effeip- 
.Sonne, the Apoftles, and all thofe men off r) God in ff^P'^^f « miftr!^ 
all ages, who havefet themfelves, with Sincerities a^JittJm^mZ 
du( partes deHrintefewptr con]urigend* finty DeSriaa miftrle) & DoClr'tnM mifemwdue in Cbri- 
fio Itju. Rolluc. in loannemxap 4. Cr), Let none fpcake againft the preach- 
ing of the LaWjfor i t is the wbolefonae way ihat God Himfelfe, and His Servants in all A* 
geshavc taken. ^-Jc did reprn?c,convincejandcurfe.<4^«andEi;f, and after he prca died, 
the Seedofthc Woman fliallbreake the Scrpcntshead.' — ^So lobii Bap:i(i dah withHu 
hearers And our Saviour Cfo-i/? Taith, Hf canr.e to feeke, and to fave the loft. Pr:<r, A^s 
2 sz-firft preached the Law, and aftcnhe Gofpcll. So PauliadSiltUf Acls i g. The con- 
trary is the way to make people curie usheieaftcr, though it picafe them for iheprcfcntj 
As if one (houid heale a fore on the top,and not corro(ire ir, to draw and cSte oat the 
core, it would withiij a while breakc out againe, withfarre gteatC danger: Soflj^Uwee 
find i intbiscafe RogetsofDedhaminHis'D9^riHe^ofFAitbjp^g,97.99t * Pics 
Fiift humble men with the Law. 





InfirnBionsfor 4 right comforting 


CO The law firft ^"^^^^^1^^^"^^^' ^"^ allgood Confcience, to feeke God's 
humbles, thea the gloriein thefalvationoFmens Soiiles j to difchargea- 
GofpclJ cooiforrs. right their dreadfull charge , and to h^epe themfehes 
The Law bath three pf^fefrom the blocd of all men ; to Wit, That they la- 
i^HKnctb^'^^iircr"'. ^o"*^ ^^^'^ ^"^ niaine,in the firft Place, by the know- 

ble {inner, in whom 

ledge, power, and application of the Law, (/) to il-* 
God haih'a meaning lighten. Convince, and terri fie thole that they have to 
to wojke faiib, wlcb ^q with, concerning converllon, with a fenfible par- 
a clcaic and pmjcu- ^j^uiar apprehenfion, and acknowledgement of their 
ry, «id wofuli^ttate wretchednefle,and miferable eftate,by reafon ot their 
HcQandsmbyrmne. finfulneffe and curfednefle: To breake their hearts, 
Secondly, it doth al bruife their Spirits, humble their Soules, wound and 
fo by the working ef awake their Confciences, &c. To brin^^ them by all _ 

Ihc paC?iSn! «»^^nes ^o ^h^^ ^^g^^^ aftonifhment,trouble of minde, 
particuUr'ly true of and melting temper, which the Miniftry of ^ohn Bap- 
Hiw, which before tift, Paul and Peter wrought upon the Hearts of their 
hearers.i,,«/^. 3 . i o. 1 2. 1 4. AEi. 1 6. 5^0. And 2.3 y.That 
they may come crying feelingly and from the heart, to 
thofe Men of God who happily failened thofe kt&m 
arrows of compun6lion and remorfe in the (ides of 
their Confciences, and fay ; Men and Brethren^ rvhat 

He ufed to pofte o- 
vecHit head, as per 
Mining to Others, not 
to Him.Batn^>w God 
makes Him take this 
10 Himfelfe, and to 

app^y & approprine f^allwe do? Sirs, what mufifvedo to befaved? &c, As 
they fhouldhave faid : Alas! we fee now, we have 

it,atifthc Minidcr 
Ipo<e to Hioa alone 
by Namc^ and to 
thinkc the Minifter 
knowet all His heart, 
Ipokctb on Him, and 
Ipyakes dircfily to 
IiimjThottot»it may 
be ih; MjiiiO.er 

beenein Hell all this while ; and if we had gone on a 
little longer, we had moft certainly lien for ever in the 
fiery Lake ; The Divell and our o wne lufts were car- 
rying us. hood-winkt,and head-long towards endlefTe 
perdition. W ho would have thought wee had beene 
fach abhominable beafts , and abhorred Creatures as 
knew Him not,or not your Miniftry hath made us: and in fo forlorne and 
rt.scafe, ba- God ^^^p^^n eftate? Now yonbleffed MenofGod, helneus 

makes Hjoi 10, to r \ • ir cr ■ • u c r \ cl 

tbinkc. Thirdly up- owt ot tmsgulfeof Ipirituall contuhon , orwcareloit 
on cbcfc iwo,ii raikth terroDr,andpurs liiisfnner out of His old, fecurc, and peaceable 
CDurfcof impenitenc<,that He wenton in. Whether it be the prophancrhatwent on 

boldlyiuHis finne^ orihecivjllmantrufting in Hisowne righteoufncire And makes 

Uimasoiu flifninto the flcih with a croflc, er bearded urow, which Hec cannot (hake 
out,nor ahide the fmart,6utftampcs as one flung with an Adder, ibatcanQoi ftandHij 
ground) but is wholly poflcflcd with kiitrJbld. fig^ 6 8 , crc* 


Part I . Cap. 3 . AffliSied Confciences, 


Miioy puniendopiftt' 
m. Ads. 1. J7. 

everlaftingly . By your difcovery of our prefent finfull 
and curfed eftate, we feele our hearts torne in * pieces 
with extreme, andreftlefle anguifh, as though many 
fiery Scorpion's flings ftucke f-afl in them;Either leade 
us to the fight of that bleCfed iAnti-tyfe of the Bra<,en 
Serfent to coole and allay the boyling rage of our guil- 
tie wounds, or we are utterly undoneiEither bring us 
to the Blood of that jt^fi and holy One^ which with 
execrable villany wee have fpilt as water upon the 
ground, that it may binde up our broken hearts, or 
they will prefently burft with defpaire , and bleed to 
eternall death. Give us to drinke of that foveraigne ^^*- ^ ^' ' * 
Fountaine,opened by the hand of mercy, for allthirfty ^ ^' ^'^' 
Soulesor elfe we dye. There is nothing you can pre- 
scribe, and appoint, but we will moft willingly do. 
We wil with all our hearts , plttcke ont our right eyes, Matih . 5'. 2 9. 30. 
cut off our right hands ; We meane, part without be- CO ^»«h. ^l'^ , 
loved lufts, and deareft finfull plealiires; abominate, mean: %w,'* and 'by 
and abandon them all for ever, firo m the heart root to /<//w^ \t, thc'rcnoun- 
the Pit of Hell .- If we can be rid of the Devils fetters cing and difchiming 
welcome fhall be Chrifi'sfweet and eafie yoke : In a ?»^!;"^'T"\°^ ^^ 
word,wewilirO/^Af4//,evenallourSinnestotheIan: [aJrof^'Siog w« 
filthy ragge of our heretofore doted upon miaion de- t^o^ requires ) to 
lights {0 that wee may injoy our blefied 7<!/^> whom, pait with the righ^ 
you have told us, and we now beleevcG'^^sf^^f^ made andthle^ardintaeft; 

I ^i T ] ^^A ru^ifl. si^r> th^t aminbathun- 

both Lord and Chrtft: &c. ^^ j^. ^1^^ ^^^^^^ ^^j 

inward love roir,aHd the euiwjrd and comncnnpraSircofit. Hec that would cnjsy ibis 
heavenly treafurcjw! ich the Lord dothfo freely and gracioufly tander unto u«, bythe 
prcachingof iheGjfpcU, muft rcfolvc to mike a through- fale, and to foriake not (one, 
but every finne, evcty conuptionj every breach of the willof God, whatfocvcr, Hhron In 
bii third Sermon up9u Maitb, ij.44. WhatntuAth^nnnerfe]]? Ail that Hee haji. Wh;B 
it chat?His Goods, Lands, Children ? No, Thcfe be noneof his owne, God ha; h but lent 
hitn the(e to r.le^ and lome th it would have Chrii^, and (hall, have no goods to fell: Whac 
then js our ownc? Our finncs and nothing clfe. He that will have part in Chrift, muft pirt 
with his finnes; He cannot have Chrift,and kcepc any O.se of them. Rogers is \m 2>f» 
Rrim (<f Faith, p. 17 1. &c. ^i velii fro digniiattftd tftimxn donum hec q'lhi offifi tbri^tti, 
quantum ft(-^me (ft tfijampfimi*mdep:cc(itli{uiij& mifiridco^ut',fc en'mfitt Ut plurisfMciU 
Cbr!ftum,qu^i» univeifum hunc munsium\ enrnqne tvidi ad ft erip}it,adMifiauimflti & S*543 
ttrnfaam *\ernam Kolloc. in Icran. c^ 6. pag.|7^. 

M4 Novr 

"^166 Irjftru^ions for a right comforting Sedl . 2 • 

Then hcak them Now when we fnallfee^and findein romemeafiire 

With the Gorpcll, ^.j^g hearts of our Hearers, and fpirituall Patients thus 

COThoueh a Man prepared ; both by legall dejeflions and terrouVs from 

dares not apply the the fpiritof bondage ; (t) and alfo pofftfled with fuch 

promifcto One.oac- melting and eager affedions, wrought by the light of 

ly tcriificd by the theGofpell, and Offer of Chri ft : When their Soules 

f^Xs'tabLrr ^"^^ ^^S^" ^^ ^^^^^ ^^^ ^""^^ ' even their beft beloved 
the Gofpcll"and cox/ ^"^^ ^^^^^y and burdenfome ; to prize 7^/?/^ Chrifi far 
trite hcartedjwc dare before all the world, to thirft for Him infinitely more, 
doc no oth.r.Rogerjj than for riches, pleafures,honors,or any earthly thing* 
♦Af/^^ '^^* to refolue to take him as their husband, and to * obey 

' Cu j H*^ ad exlllum ^^^ ^^ ^^^^^ ^°^^ ^'^^ ^^^^> ^^« ^"^ ^^^ ^^^^ in truth : I 
tabilonicum re(lwigen- fay thenjand in this ca(e, we imy have comfort to mi- 
^anouejje^dixhqmpc.. nifter Comfort. Then, upon good ground we may go 
tentlatiffmt.&dcCtfl- about our Matters command, i/^.40.1. f which man- 
Zdi^tt'i^^lTP: Ple^i'ers many times pittifuUy ^bnic)Comfon :^e,Co^r.. 
dfue eftvU i(U c^nfo- firtye my people; ( (u) I meane in refped: of fpirituall 
^ndi S.)itiemmcll,t- bondage) —Speakeye comfortably to '}erHf(ilem,and 
rigiH affliSios & pro- cry unto Her, that Her warre ii accomplijhed, that Her 
pam,tm£iah &f(re Iniquity m pardoned . We may tell them, with what a 
^6i Uvure triftnid. compaliionate Pang, and dearecompellation , God 
Calvin, Himlelfe labours to refrefli them . Jfa.<)^. 11. Oh thou 

Qtfiti (^aptivloi & li ajfliEied, and to fed with tempefi , that hafi no comfort • 
bcTAtio ilia cffrporalu behold, I mil lay thy fi ones wtthfaire tolours , and lay 
Th Tl^TZ. (^)thyfoHndationsmthSaphirsy^c. Wemayaffurc 
fpirituaiii', nex in U- ^nem m the Word or life and Truth, that fe/us Chnft 
tcrabanndumnobisjtd is theirs, and they are His : And compell them , as it 
ad (apivnatis Q)'mtui Were, by an holy violence, not without a great deale 
%itrmU"^m^ ofjuft indignation againft their lothnefle to bcleeve, 
itmq,Hd(mpmmfem- ^"^ holding offin this cafe to take his Perfon, His me- 
piunupercbrilluvifi. rit, His bIood,all His Spirituall riches, priviledges, ex- 
{lie ccpiatmem ajjur- cellencies: And with Him pofleffion of all things,even 
gjndum tm. Scuk, of the moft glorious * Deitie it felfe, blefled for ever: 
rorolymaUqfiitHt.cuSwi ^ee I. C^'r.?. 21.22.23. /o^.iy.Zl. 
./J<wdflwf«faw,G)bri^«J.i Cor,3.ii.Scul .inlpcutn. *In that fenfc »s I teach in my Expofi- 
don of the Isft article of the beliefe. Faith in the (irft aS, makcth us Chrinsj reconciles m 
CO him, makes us one witb him, and by Him with God the Father, O, D, 



n^s vi 

-A P^r:. I . Cap , 3 . JffltRed Confciences, 

■ ^^ ■ 

* -jput now in the meane time, untillfenfe of Spiritu- 
al! mifery and poverty raife an hunger and thirit after 
Icfus P^rifij bcfo re fuch lir%e preparations, and prece- Before the Lew, /» 
dent affe(5tions,as have been fpoken of, be wrought in unfeafanable, as is 
the hearts of men,by preffing the Law, and proclaim- P^°^^^ h ^' ftJwo- 
ing the Gofpell, and that in Sinceritie, (for the degree 
and meafure,we leave it to God,as a mofl free Agent, 
infomethcy may beftronger , in (bme weaker j the 
preaching or promifmg of mercy, as already belong- 
ing unto them is farre more unfeafonable, and un- 

fccme\v,x.hcin SnoTv in Summer^ raine inhatvefly or 

honour for afoole . It is upon the matter, the very Sea- 
ling them up with the Spirit of delufion , that they 

may never fo much as thinke of taking the right courfe 

to be converted. What fottifh and facrilegious auda? 

cioufncfle then is it in any Dawl>er to thru ft his pro- 

phane hand into the treafurie of God's mercie, and 

there hand overhead, without any allowance from 

his higheft Lord tofcatter His deareft and mofl orient 

pearles amongfl Swine ? To warrant falvation to any 

unhumbled Sinntx'^Tofirengthen the hands of the wic- 

kfd, who never yet tooke finne to heart to any pur-= 

pofe , and thirfl farre more (inch true Gadarens are 

they) after gold, fatisfying their owne lufts,and perk- 
ing above their brethren, than for the blood of^/^r*/?, . 

hy fromifmq them life? To afTure meere civill men, and 

Pharifes wno are fo farre from the fenfe of any fpiritu- 

all poverty, that they are already fwolne as full as the 

skinne will hold , with a felfe-conceit of their owne 

rotten righteoufnefle, that they i]iall \^ laved as well 

as the mofl puling precifian ? Efpecially, fith there is 

fuch a cloud of ypitnejfes to the contrary , as you have 

heard before. Befides all which, upon this occafionj 

take two or three moe. Hearc a moft faithfull and 

fruitfiill workeman in the Lords harvefi,oFgreat skill, 

experience and fucceffe in the moft glorious Art of 

converting Soules, which make&me more willing to 


An expehaacntal! 


lyo JnfirHB:ions for a right comforting Sedl. 2^ 

urge his autboritie , and efteeme his judgement in 

fy^Rogwof Dedhatn Points of this nature. None, (y) faith he, can prove or 

in hi» Doftrino of fherv frefident , that faith wm wroHght in an Infiant at 

Faiib, pag. 63. f'ffh^ -without any preparation going before : Nor can it 

be conceived how aman fljottld beleeve in ChrififorfaL 

vationjthatfelt not htmfelfe before in a miferahle eftate, 

and wearied with it, anddefired to get out of it into a 

better. As the needle goes before 1 9 pierce the cloth and 

makes way for the thred to few it : So ii it in this cafe. 

Afterward Hee tels us how and in what manner and 

order,thefepre-difpofitions, and preparative A(fls, re- 

. . „ quired for the plantation of faith, and fo fecuring us of 

friLnto^SlowLe: the right feafon , and a comfortable calling to aflure 

gall tcrrour,and pre- men of Spirituall fafety,are wrought in fuch,as God i$ 

cede that repent jnce drawing unto 'j-efas Chrifl. He requires from the law, 

which !$ the Dangh. ^{rB:, Illumination : SecondW, ConviSlion : Thirdly, 

tcrofFjithj and in L^^allterrour, FromtheGofpeUby thehelpeof the 
order of nature fol- ^ ^. „. „ * ,■ ^/ ^ j 0^ ji^ m ir 

lowes after it. Sec Spi"t ; Firft, Revealing the remedy : Secondly, Teltefe 

ibid.pig III. IIS. of it in gener all :yhira\yi Support in the meane time 
I > 3 • s «4 . fromfmkirfg under the burthen,and falling into delfaire, 

Secalfo Mi&cT H$e fourthly, (z) C(fntrition -, Which is attended, with 
&r/ad:d'°n"e fo-^e kinde of, Fird.^f «• Secondly,..^«y? Third- 
fccond Edition. ly, C^<?. Fourthly, (a) Ho/xf. Fitthly,;ojK. Sixthly, 
(a)If any be troubled, Hungring and thir fling after mercy , and after ^hnfi, 
bccaufc hcc talkcs of Seventhly, Refolution to fell all, to wit, all finnes, not 
FaTh,^ ht Him feekc ^^ ^^^ve an hoofe behinde,8cc. And thus (faith he) god 

fatisfadion. \bid. pag. 

i6i.i6a' and weigh well His d5ftinAion.ofthcGiftsofGod,j>(t9, 125,1 %6 where He tels 
m of three kindcs ot them: Firftaforae common to Elect, andKeprobaic; as knowledge in 
Scripture, Prophecy, Tongues, Miracles, and fuchlike. Secondly, fomc fpeciall, belono* 
ingtothcEIcAonely, asFaiih, by which weare juftincd, a renewed heart, a good con- 
fcience, the fcare of God, ard fucli like graces. Thirdly, fomc middle onci, wrought in 
ihcheartofthofcjiliatbenotyctaflually thechildicnof Godj ycr certainely fball brj 
And which whcfoeycr have wrought inihrm, fliallfurcly have Faith, and cannot goc 
long without itj Such IS thii contrition, and fuchxlilpofitionsasbc in men before Faiib, 
which yet are wrought by tac Gofpcll. Thcfe .ue better then common Gifts, yet not 
aSuallGracrs, and yet gracious inclinations to Faith, which are in thofe that are to bee 
juflificdjand which ("if wcfpeakepropefly^ cannot be wrought in any that fliall perifli, 
at JUafitr Hooker in the Vnface to the fkmt Bcpfie. 


Part I .Cap. 3 • <iAffliBed (^onfciencei, 1 7 1 

brings along the man.^ that He purpofeth to make His, 
Anayvhenhe iiat thisfajfe^God feales it up to him^and 
inables him to belee-ue ; tyfnd faith: Sith thou wilt haze 
no Nay^Be tt unto thee according to thy defire: And God 
fealeshimufhythe Spirit of promife, as furely as any 
ypritingu madeffirehyfealingof it. Then he heleeves 
the H^rdof God, and refls , and cafis himfelfe upon it. 
And thus he finds himfelfe difcharged of all woe, made 
partaker of all good, at peace in himfelfe^and fitted^and 
in tune to do God fame fervice, This is tofome fooner, to 
fame later '^ according to the helps anh, meanesthey have,, 
and wife handltngthey meettvithall y and as God gives 

power, It is hard to fay , at what inflant faith i^ 

wrought, whether not till aman feeles that he appre- 
hends the promifes, or even inhisearnefl defiresy huH' 
gring and thirfiing \ For even thcfe are pronounced 

But here (for I defire and endeavour as much asl 
can pollibly , in every paflage to prevent all matter, 
both of fcruple in the upright hearted, and of cavill in 
the contrary minded) letno truly humbled finner bee 
difcouraged.becaufe He cannot findein himfelfe thefe 
feverall workings, or other graces, in that degree and 
height, which Hee defires and hath perhaps , feene, ^^.^^^ ^.^^.^^^ 
heard, or read of in Ibme others : If he have them in fahhof Fauh:^«»« 
f^) truth, and trulythirftsandlaboursfor their in- fraduyaut menfurdfi. 
creafe,he may go on with comfort. Neither let any be ^^* dtpendet juftifica' 
diflieartened, though He did not obferve fo diftindly ^^Jf,f^J''''^^l'll^^^^ 
the order of the precedent z^s, nor could difcerne fo no/upon the dee" * 
pundually their fever:jll operations in His Soule : yet but the truth of faith! 
if in fubftance and cftecl they have beene wroughtin Davenanriusia Expofi, 
Him, and made way for lefus Chrift, Hee needs not ipif^-'^^Co'j>([M i-i:.y 
complaine. Somay wrcf.y pro- 

rt^ 1 • r^ J • • n J- • • r portionably of other 

As this man ot God m expetimentall divmity, fo graces, in tcUmA«£ 

comfort from thcinj 
and yet that oi/lk^'nt is niofl trucj^i dixlfil fujficit, pfrijfii: If any fay, he hath grace e- 
nou^hj be haih juft none. Mimmi certe bonm (fi, qui melior ijje nen vuU, Bernard. ■ 


1 7C Ir.^tTMiiiin: :':- .^ ■'■^■.i':: ::m'rrting Se(5.2. 

1. Boksval DrnAf t. our reaowiKd and invincible (f) Ci^mpions in tfaei^ 
i^\ ^— ' !■■*— f^ Pcdemialidi&oiiHesapon other occafions , ipeake to 

MrXrraBimr» tbciamc purpoie, telling tis alfo of fbrne antecedent 
■ojiSufr'T^ "A(£b faombling & preparing tbcfooletbrconveriion. 
M»«»iB, fiii^f There 4arCy^^ ^Sae^; yCertJune iMermMM eftBs pinr ke- 
ji^tf*^ ftretwmverfemer re^enerjaieti, which by vertne cf the 
~ Wardmmd Sfirir, Mre wr^mght in the heisrts */ tbofe 

^^^ which jKre m»tyet yijHjied : Snch m: Jlbamtuttion oftfte 

Jafm ptuau, simir muadttadcn^ciewce with the kjf^wUdge efthe Wvrd 
pmmJtSbe- smdwiil0f^dyk>rjiat^^aipo(£, Se^e •ffimie^fesre 
'^ S^SSl ^fiF*"^""*'*^ erlegmii terrtmr ; juhnfiMgMgd Cdfiinr ^ 
^^^^J"T^J2i himf»reMl^gememtfivmfMchMwnferMhleefime,fime 
htktmm tf^THjKm hefceffjerdem, &c. Letmcbat ackie one otfacr,aiid 
fvOJCsi^C^ Healibofexcdlent leantiBg;AxidtfaenIhavedone; 

*j" Jjj^UJ^ omreeeiveMtrmejmfUfyimgfMith^heimmftMitwerehe 

tMwmmiM — fnr hr^kf^i^fiecct ^ the Lew : /rr. 23.29. fVee4ore ts 

1% \i wimTwmkmm ■■' heUdfeemAefedtrteffUmes^thremghthefesreefVe' 
pam vati fiittb^ vitemts^tethefe^eefjfhimes: Amdimdeedyemeefthefe 
^yy**- *^ *•: au^ T^fi^ Miether, and the ferfeS Uve thtufts omt 
ISJd^Samim f^^e-yetmmfifeJOrhrin^imtkMi'ferfeU Uveytu mwee^ 
«nrrt «■■ ff'om^ \ dUer-BrisliedrMwesiK-tbethred difter it^ enu the pp. 
mamt dUac, fii»«- izo Am^ he^ith. In AcfrefMTMieu tuidfttimg ns for 
* *— *#*'""'» fr°? Mr^ca^MCAr^^reqmretfatwodviKS:Firft,:7l^ 
iwI'^i^iZiLm?^ <^«Krtt^#f «r efssit werejhm the wilde OUve-tree. 

jaOif.ij Sofim kei m hnftwXi nrnf ut iT ifmrn unit Cm-j &- Hxsrut ed punm^ &rtS' 
fmjifi^^^mfT»jns,fmdfitkmmfHMiffAramavMTtf»kki Vemfnitmsmnm' 
m fmmm m • •m di, mdiepaa/nesae itififrmnt ^aefmme mluS^ m im p ^nd mn t, iu& 
immkkmtferweMtx twtiuitmmgimwmihm 1 mfikiissiem I j a tm^ e m ftrocntar. Hit 
Ami f m if f i n f l i i i| l if i 1 nj^mtm ■ mm fV ii td fi — 'ra r r rr;nir r o4i r Viitmrmmmim- 
§tx M I—I— <» atgwacn nerfe. j ar.4 )5.r&£nasF&Mie5>mflaw. ^mifDam 
mmeUt -v JkM lamw im'mjkm ifffmeren, ^jt^imt, mS* apuimg f —g# d^mt, aab 
ifcjarir^m^'i — '^^'J — 1 — Ti— . iirliiBi— ■iiynii.T-r'^fT'^'i'f f" — rr'nrr 

Twmw^atmmfrmilq^UTierimfmsaaa^DeimlefTmei^rtmjfR enffmit^ u afim 
i',tnj9diedfmmtmiam,fitmm * J>i* fer fme%& k J m jmm fet e id ^m be£rag,CoBcg. 
I Ma^BS B'TTMHTj ^qoxqae cmtTCrvcxfit icBcofttaodMB Ardcolts, de 
ti caoTdfieraLTfeel 2. C<?>nttiin Im MtidltfDivimfj &. x.c 16 


By vehich\ic meanetb^»<> things. Ffrft, A violent pul- 
ling of us out of the corrHpion of nntHre^ora cxttir.ix^s 
it vcere^hy the kr^tfs of the Lazr'. of an unregenerare r/san 
fom HtifecHrtty,^c.StQond{\'A violent artrailion ro 
Chriftjor eafe\ man nt the frfi flainlj reftsfn^ it. The 
hnnted beifi jites to hii denne, the vnrfne:' ^:9ur 

to the homes of the ttltar^ or city of refuge . _ . . . ;, ^ery, 
Rom. 7. 14. drives him to Gods mrrcy. The Kraelites 
are drw en into their chambers b't the defhroyiytr myfn- 
f^//';Balaam ts made toleane h.tckt bi the naked S^iKfrd'^ 
Agur to rnnne to Ihiel and Veall, that is C^rift : Vrru, 
30. 1,2,3. ^^f» ^^ is confofindedivithhii cmrne brH^ 
tiJJjneffe. Godmuft let loi^fe his Law, Siime. Ccnfci- 
cnce, and Satan to baite us, and kindle hell-fire in our 
Soules, before we will be driven ta leeke to Chriii. 
J^T^^/jiZ/jr, Aparingandtriirming of us, forourput- 
ting into Chriil by our humiliation for finne, rrmch is 
thw Tvroucht: Gcdgiveth the (inner to fee, by the L*trp, 
hisfmne^Aiidthe ^unifbment of it: Thedeteciicn yrhersr- 
cf drives Him to campu-nc}io>t,a/:da fricking of heart, 
'pi-hichis irreateTyOr lejfer, and carries vith it divers 

fjmftomes^andfsnf.blefafjionsofgriefe. Andyrorkf Yet are not ke»fi 

a Seijite fhratianfrom his former comfeSyand flakes Him tcriOora iBeTicork)ii.s 
IdAth Himfelfcy Crc. mcano, (kfenriag 

And yet by the way, and once for all, take this Ca- ^^ ^SEH^JHf"^ 
v€a!t, and forev/arning : If^ any fnould tbinke of thcfe fQr^c^L* ^^ " 
p recedent Kdcsy {e j thefeprcparanve workings of the ce_) Nddicr ktaa^ 
Law, and Gofpcll, which make way for the infuilcnof d:eamc^KhattlicfeaR: 
faith, as anv meritorious meanes to draw on Chrift; *°7 FioAiaioos of 
it were a m'oTt falTe, rotten, fooli{'h,execrable, popith, ^^^^ ^"' p^, 
abfurd, Luciferian mifconceit ; and might juftiy merit ijj-.snjIiDe a^alJc- 
never to obtains merD.- at God's bountifull hands^or ncmici to ;be Gra« 

oiGod-. backDov^ 
tharchcyaretbcESegs of tbc Word ami Sptrit '\mt^iitm tftH* ttuna oAimoaft' 
ntrr.^ (kt riguerjiid^.tK prtvia, qua v'-riuie vati, Spkriijrffte imamAmjafifutmam orii- 
b,ii ixdtsntuji qu iliafunt Kotkli '^»hntttk divpigjafkifau^y limn pfrnf* ctfffukJkfikim 
Hqze^ff i»l:qkdverue SuSnigColIcgTbKA^gpxam M3g Biiuo.&c Dc aBCCcedocb 
adcoaycitgaciD* Thdi. a. 


^«^M^ Sed. 2 . 

ijoA JnftruSlio 

part in the merits of Ciirift : I Ipeake thus to fright 
every one for ever , from any ilich abhorred thought. 
God the Father offers His Sonne mo ft freely. God Jg 
loved the ivorid^ that he gave His onely begotten Sonne j, 
thAt yehofoever beleeveth tn Him Jhouldnotfertjh, but 
have everlafiing life. Ioh.^.16. Vnto ti^ a childe is' 
borne, unto U4 a fonne is given, Ifa.^,6Jfthou knewefi 
the gift ofgodj faith Chrift unto the woman of Sama- 
ria, and who it «•, that faith to thee. Give me to drinke, 
loh.^. I o. Much more they, -which receive abundance of 
grace, and of the gt ft of rtghteotifnejfe, 3cc. Rom. 5 . I7. 
Chrift calleth Himfelfe,a Gift; And it is culkdytht gtft 
* ^odnm jithocdo^ ofrighteoafneffe. And nothing fo free as * Gift. And 
mm ^ll^'/'l^''''^^^ therefore thofe Divines fpeake norunfitly,who fay,/f 
qui dicit tibi: DoHm ^ g^ven unto ns^as fathers give Lands and Inherttance 
igitur f[tip[e Cbr'iftui to their childrenias kings give pardons, to their fubjeSls. 
filim^^utm dtditnobii having merited death'. They give them, becaufe they 
Pater. Rolloc. in lo- ^^/^ ^^^ ^y^^^ freenejfe ofthetr minds. Ail thofe who 
han. pig. !?«# would come unto c ^^*/?, and defire to take him as 

thQktvifedome^righteoufnejfe, fan^ification , and re- 
demption, muft be utterly unbottomed of themfelves, 
and built onely on the rich and free mercy of God re- 
vealed in the Gofpell.They muft be emptied, Firft,Of 
all conceit of any righteoufnefle or worth in them- 
felves at all; : Secondly j Of all hope of any abilitie or 
poffibilitie to helpe themfelves. Nay filled, thirdly, 
with fenfe of their owne unworthineflejnaughtinefte, 
nothingnefle: Fourthly , and with fiich a thirft after 
that water of life yl oh. 4^. 1 4. that they are moft willing 
to f'e/la/l^orit, and cry heartily. Give me drinke^or elfe 
I dye. And then when they are thus moft nothing in 
thefclves3& do Co long for thcrivers of living water, 
they are certainly moft welcome unto Icfus Chrift; 
and may take him moft freely; Heare howfweetly 
He cals them; Ho, every one that thirfieth , come ye to 
the waters ; andhee that hath no money. Come ye, buy, 
(indeate^yea come, buy wi^eandmilke^ without money, 


and ^^^^^4|BPH^HP^ t p*^ f^/f^F^ay, that great 
day of thefeaftJjTf^^ooX^and ' cry ed^ faying ; If any 
man thirft^ let him come unfijney anddrinke^ Hee that 
heleeveth ohrHe^aithe Scrjittire hathfaidy oat of his 
belly fii all f 01V rivers of liz:ng water Xq\\,'j. 3 7. 3 8. /r /if 
done: I ^m zAlpha, and ^ r^ega^ the Be ginning and the 
■ End. I n'illgtve unto hirt^tha^is a thirft,ofthe Fouk- 
taine cfthe yrater of life fee ^^ Revel. 2 1 .6. t^And let 
htm that is a thirfi come, am Tvhdfoeveftvilljet him 
take the ypater oflifefieely, R^m. 22.17. Wee miifl: 
therefore bynomeanes con;.ivc of the fore-named 
preparative hnmiliations andrjrecedent works of the 
Law and Go(pell, as of any'n(;ritorious qualifications 
to draw on. Chrifi (for he is g^en mod freely j but as 
of needfuUpredifpofitionSjtC) u-i'veus unto Chrifi.Vor 
a Man muft feele Himfelfe in m^erie, before He will 
go about to finde aremedie ; be.ilcke before He will 
feeke the Phyfition; be in Prifon btore He will fuefor 
a pardon; be wounded before He v'll prize a Plafter, 
and pretious balfam. A finner muft o weary of His 
former wicked wayes, and tyred with le^^I| terrour, 
before he will have recourfeto-/«?/^ C^tfi fo ^efr.ejh- 
i»^, and lay downe His bleeding Soule in hisJeffed 
BofomejHe muft befenfibleofHis Spiritual! pov». ty, 
beggery, and flavety under the Divell5beforehe thi ■*■ 
kindly for heavenly righteou(iieffe,and willingly take^:; 
up C^ri/?x fweet a[nd eafie^oi^^. Hee muft be&caft 
iiowne, confounded, condemned , a caft away, and 
loft in Himfelfe,before He willlooke about for a Savi- 
our ; He muft crie heartily, I am uncleane y I antm 
cleane\ before he will long,and labour to walli in J*^^ ^ -1 

ihoft foveraigne,andSoule-faving -fo//»f4/»<?,yji'^»^'^ Zach.ij. --I 
to- the houfe ofT. avi^-', and to the Inhabitants A leru- 
faiem,f^rfinne, and for uncle annexe . hee »dft feliall^ 
before he will Le willing and eager to^^ t^^ Trea- 
fure hid. tn the fields 





i III. 

.Jo fire particular Mrech^jfor the avoydittg this er- 
rour, I. How the Lav is f'Ke prejfed. II. How the 
Go'fielt to he preached. 1 1 '!jIow Chrifi to bepropp- 
fed. Ill I. How pardon to h^jfttred. And wayes to be 
ufcdfor the putting of thefeiireElions inpraElke. 

0\v thuT to prepare, wound, afflidl, 
andhim^le the Soiile, that it may bee 
fitted fo« lefw Chrijiy and fo for com- 
fort upr 1 good groundjlet Minifters, 
or vvhopever meddle in matters of 
this native, publickly or privately, ufe 

rum, nm decen,fed ^^^ warrantable meaq^ (f)fkire, and foule,as they 

rl'ir^Sr, lay,letthempreflethflaw, promifemercy, propofe 

mundi't^ote? 2^»w Chrift,&c. Do whadhey Will feafonably and wifely; 

pecutum putas habtt ? Let them improve nl their learning, wifedome, diC- 

jpfe DeuA dklt^wn an- ^retion, mercifuliiJfte,experience,wit,eloquence,ran- 

iiAwyaii & dicityLa - ^- ^^^ ^j^^^ ^^^qj^ for that purpofe ; So that the worke 

tfmtiue\ uiUUer iuie. be done, ' 

riiwi, id, ut temam, (g)ltrpYtlhng the law, betides other dexterities 

boc, ut aUiclam; fed ^^^ dfct^ions for managing their, miniftry in this 

9; mn audisjptmpce ^^..^ (ucceffefully by Gods bleffing, let them take no- 

l^tntM ffemy qumn- to begm this Legall worke; It is a Tnnciple, attended 
cJicff, Lavamrivj upoft with many a Probatum eft : 
•c, Cluyfoft. to" "^ . ^r effing upon mens confciences with a zealous, dif~ 
k PcrnitcmJ^ "^o. ^^^^^ powerfft/IneJfe,theirJ^eda//,principa//,fre/h-bIee' 

•^■BTr,<lc. txanyothcr. ,^^ CoiBmentarics, and Expoficions, DawnamyinAivhAtely arc 
- ^-iirr /or a m ic purji?, , j cijearf, and compendious opening of rhc L.iw, and rank- 
- ., i'^/T'J"* ^^^ '^'rt'i'SrcpJfenrJngofthe levtrall finnes againftit. Make u(c of the 
twcnryconfiJcrations beforcjp.r.. (5?.&c. ftnd 06 the three waycs of examining the 
ConfcicnceinmyTrcstifc of thv Lord* Supper, 10 hcJpeto n)akc a Mac^ Mifcrable 
and vile in his oi*necycs; fcnfiblrtotyjs finfull, and curled ftate, that thereupon Hee 
may be ftirred to gocoot if KiTtfcIfs-, andmakc rowards Chi^. *Thc firft particular ditt- 
(^ionforpvcfling ih.'Law tourgemoft upon the heat€r$thcirfpccisUlinncs,asdid 


Part I . Cap . 4 . Affli^ed Confcietices, 


ding ftnnes, is a, notdhle meanes to hrea}^ their hearts, 
and bring them to remorfe. That moft hainous and 
bloudy finne of killing ^efus^hrifiM which they had 
newly imbrued their hands, prefled upon the Confci- 
ences of Peters hearers,breaks and teares their hearts ^t^*** 
in pieces. zAct. 2 .a 5 . 36. 3 7. So Adultery> (ecretly, in- 
timated by Chrifts words, unto the woman of Sama- ^"*^^' 
rU,Ioh, 4. 1 S.Seemes to have ftrucke her to theheart, 
verf. I p. So the lewes having Idolatry prefled upon 
their confciences by Samuel^ i . Sam.'j.6. The finne of savmU 
asking a king; iifid. 12,19 . Vfory by Nehemah, 5.12. Nebcmhh. 
Strange wives by Ezrat chap, i o. p. were thereupon ^^^* 
mightily moved, and much mollified in their hearts, 
as appeares in the cited Places. Confider for this pur- 
pof e, that worke upon Davids heart, by Nathans Mi- T^athAM. 
nifterie, And Felix trembling, when Pattl ftrucke him 'P^i*^- 
on the right veine. 

The reafbns, why this more particular difcoverie, 
and denouncing of judgement againfta Mans princi- 
pal! finne, is like, God affifting with the Spirit ofhu. 
dage, to put fuch life into the worke ot the Law, are 
fuch as thefe. 

I. The Sword of the 4$'/>/n>,which is the Word of 
God, being welded by the hand of the ^o/yG^<?/:and spirk' cuts mo9 
edged, as it were, with the fpeciall power of God's there, becaufc there 
blelling, for the cutting afunder of the iron-finewes i»g«*t«ft «fift«nce* 
ofaftubbome and ftony heart, doth cru{h and con- 
quer, ftrike through and breakein pieces,with an un- 
refiftable puiflance, proportioned to the infolency, or 
cafineffe ofrefiftance.My meaning is this; As PhUofo^ 
phers fay ot the Lightning ; that by reafbn of the eafi- 
nefle of the paflage, weaknefle of refiftance, porofitie 
of the parts, it pierceth through the Purfe, Scabberd, 
and Barke without any fuch Tcorching and vifible 
hurt; but melts the money, the fword, rents and fhi- 
vers the tree,b€caufe their fiibftance and roliditie,doth 
more exercife, and improve it*s aftivenefle and abili- 

For thefe tciCoau 

I. The fword o! the 

I yS InflrH^ionsfer 4 right cotnforting $6(51. 2 , 

tie : So this fpirituall Sword, though it ftrike at every 
Hnne, andpafleth thorow , even to the dividing afun- 
derofSoHle and Spirit, andofthejoynts, and marrowi 
yet the hairy pate of the maine corruption,and Mafter 
unne, it wounds with a witneffe; it there tortures and 
teares in pieces with extraordinarie anguifh and 
fmart, fearching and fence -.for that oppofeth with the 
moft flintie iron-finew,to blount and rebate it's edge, . 
iHtwere polfible, 
•• *f |]«^« ^ncs jwft- 2 , In Confciences regularly,and rightly wounded 
kenedjbitc fiiarpheft. ^^^ awaked,finnes are wont to bite, & fting propor- 
tionably to their hainoufnefle , and the exorbitancy of 
their former fenfiiall imprelTions.Some like a Maftife, 
ibme like a Scorpion , fome like a Wolfe in the Eve- 
ning: ('But under ftand, thatfpirituall anguifh furpaf^ 
feth immcafurably any corporall paine;therefore con- 
ceive of them with a vaft diG-proportionj Now the 
Minion delight or Captaine finne frighting the heart 
with greateft horrour , and flinging with extremitic 
fwoportionable to it's former vaftation of Confcience, 
doth by an accidentall power (God blefling the bufi- 
ncfle) give a great ftroke, to drive a man to deepeft 
detellation of Himfelfe, to throw Him downe to the 
loweft ftep of penitent dejeftion,to eneager His thir- 
ftiegreedineflfe after pardon and grace, and at length 
to fire Him out of His naturall eftate. 
j.Tbey are Sathani 3 . A Mans principal!, and moft prevailing finne is 
iieog hold«« Sathans ftrongeft Hold. When He is in danger to be 

diflodged, and driven by the power of the word out 
ofthe other parts of the Soule, as it were, and from 
Poflefiion of a Man by all other finnes; He retires Hi- 
ther as to His Caftle, and moft ii npregnable Fo-t. And 
therefore if this be (bundly beaten upon by the ham- 
mer, and Horrour of the Law, and battered about his 
cares, he will be quickely enforced to quit the placs 

It may be good counfell then, and often fealonable 
' to 

PartI.Cap.4. AffliEied (^onfciences. Xyp 

to fay unto thofe Men of God,who defire to drive the 
Divell out of others, in fome fort, as the King of Syria 
faid to his Captaines , Fight neither rptth fmall nor 
great ifave onelj with the King of IfrAel. My meaning 
is; Let them addrefle the iliarpeft edge of their fpiritu- 
all Sword, yet as well with an holy charitable discre- 
tion, as with refoUite, downe-right dealing againft 
thofe finnes, which beare greateft fway in them, chey 
have todeale with. Be it their covetoufnefre,ambition, 
luft,drunkenne(re,luke-warmeneffe, monftroufiielle 
of the fafliion, facriledge, oppreifion, uliirie, back-fli- 
ding, murther , luxury, oppofition to the good way, 
hatred of the Saints , or what other finne (bever they 
difcover in them , to minifter greateft advantage to 
Satan, to keepe them fafteft in his clutches. No finne 
muft be fparedjbut let the raigning finne be paid home 

For opening of themoft rich and Orient Mines of The fecond pardcH- 
all thofe fweeteft mercie« folded up within the Bow- lar diredion concer- 
els of Gods deareft compaffions,and of the My ftery of "ing ^ccy to pra- 
bis free grace and love through ^t Sonne of his love- P,°^* " '^, ^» , , 
upon purpofc to invite, and allure thofe that are with- ^^\q[^ t^^ *^^ 
out, to come in, and toftirre up our Hearers, (h) to Ch3 The wifedome 
bring broken hearts, bruifed Spirits, bleeding Soules oUhc bicflcd Spirit 
unto the Throne of grace, upon the lame ground, but HJo'Wfc tcacheth us 
infinitely more gracious,that incouraged the Servants ^e"jgj ° j^°^ ^^^^ 
o^Benhadad^to addrefle themfelves towards the King mercy *for^thi$ pur- 
o^ICr^Ql;* Andhis Servants faid unto him^Behold norfy pofe.SM //ai, jy,7.8.f 
fve have heard that the Kings of the HoHfe of Ifrael,are 1"^^^ 13' 

mercifuU Kinjrs', Let w, I pray thee, put Sackcloth np^ ^^'^'^^ .„W'" ^^"« 
— ^.L t ^ J •' 1 J J 1 niore wuItHgly come 

on our loyneSy and ropes upon our heads ^and go out to the -^^ ^ PrcKilainaU- 

King oflfrael^ feradventure, he willfave thy life. The on promifing mercy, 

andaSuring them of 
pardon,if thfy wiilhumblsthrmrdve*, and returne to obediencejif ihtrc be no hope of 
being received to grace, thtre will be no defire to retarne into the ftatc of grace. Eatft 
('■>nfcitntkpetcau&'tr(Deiad^tifu4piCcaiim,utmftA\kRl fuivi aliquo mi/ir'icordite Del la 
ibri(tefe„fH, nunquam vehmmcrtdtre »« ««i»,wf «/ f«w f tf»f«ig;r<-,RGlloc. in lohan, cap.y, 
vcif. ao. pag, 170. * I Kings io.?i. 

Ni moft 

I go InftrH^ions for aright con^ortin^ Sed.i. 

oiofV'defperate Rebels heretofore, upon prefent true 
remorfefor their former rage in finne , refolving fin- 
cerely to ftand on God's fide for ever hereafter , may 
faftly & upon good ground thus reafon within them- 
felves: Alas ! we have done very villanoufly, we have 
ferved Satan a longtime : we walkeup and downeas 
condemned men, ripe for deftrudion long agojHell it 
felfe even groanes for us , we may juftly looke everie 
moment for a Mittimw^ to cafi: us head^long into the 
dungeon of Brimftone,and fire: and yet we will try^ 
we will go and throw downe our felves before the 
Throne of grace in duft and aihes, and cry as the Pnh- 
lican did unto the great God of heaven : for Hee is a 
mfrcifHllGodfgracioM , long-fuffering, abundant in 
goodftejfg, and truth y keeping mercy for thoufands, for- 
giving ini^mty, tranfgrejjion and. finne. And then, not 
onely feradventure^ but moft certainly, they (hall be 
received to mercie, and hee will fave the life of their 
Soules; 1 fay for this point, of preaching mercie onely 
to hearten men to come in , and to nourifli in them a 
bope of pardon, in cafe of penitency, &c. See my dif- 
cqurfe of true happinejfe :pag, 1 73. And I will onely 
adde and ad vile at this time this one. thing of great im- 
portance in the Point:That after a plentiftill magnify- 
ing and amplyfying the mercy of God,by it*s infinite- 
nefle,eternity,freenefle, and incomparable excellencie 
every way , onely upon purpofe to affure the greateft • 
finners of moft certaine acceptation, and pardon, if 
they will prefently turne with truth of hcart,from Sa- 
That no impenitent ^^" to the living God, from alltinne to his holy Ser- 
finner may Jay bold vicc; I fay that we then take heed and make fure , as 
on k. much as m us lies , that no impenitent unbeleeving 

wretch, none that goes on in his treffa^esy or lies wil- 
lingly, and delightfully in any one finne , receive any 
comfort by any fuch difcourfe , as though, as yet, Hee 
had any part or intereft at all in any one drop of all 
l^that boundkfle and bottomlefle Sea of mercy fthat 


Part I , Chap.4. Jjfi6led Confcienees, I g I 

were a meanes to naile Him fafl: to His naturall eftate 
for ever j But onely thence conceive , that if He will 
prefently lay downe acmes againft the Majeflie of 
Heaven, and come in with a truly penitent humbled (^\^x)iYhay qua dixi- 
ibule, thirfting heartily for feftfs ChriH, and relolve h'tptafttnt, & div'mk, 
unfainedly to take His yoke u^on Him,thQrQ is no num- "uihoritatibia emia en 
ber or notorioufncffe of finne,that can poffibly hinder ^^'^^fSX 
his gracious entertainment at uod s Mercy-leat. For gr,iimu,& muUiim mi- 
this end let us tell all (uch , that though the mercies of fcricon, t^venx; mul- 
God be infinite , yet they are difpenfed according to '«* deUiln omeipec 
His f*) Truth. Now the Oracles of Divine Truth tell j^X^wt Z'^T 
us, that thofe who fhall finde mercie, are fuch as con- ricfl«,^^wi/«X 23?- 
feffcand forfake their finnes : ^^<? /o confejfethyand minui, quia longanimii 
forfaketh hiijinnes [hall have mercy,? rev, 28.13 .Thofe ^ muitiim mifmcoru 
men who do notconfe{re,and (k,) forfakethem, fhall ^^^fi^'"^ ?<"« miu 
have no mercy .That theParties to whom^..^./W,«^. 7mmpauf^^^^^ 
of mercy and comfort are to bee preached: are the tAx.sienimnihitatiiti 
fo9re, the broken-hearted, them that are brnifed : thofe dluret-, n\fi mifericers, 
that labour^ and are heavy Uden: All that mourne^ &c. ^ mferator DmlntUt 
Luk,^.iS.Matth. 11. iS. iPt.6i.2.s. Thattheman 'Sc^f'tJ*S 
to whom the Lord lookes gracioully, is, evenJie that convmlm uadfecu- 
IS poorey and of a contrite Jpirit , and trembleth at his ritniem & impunittte, 
7vord.Ifa.66.2. 'Th2ity*'hofoever,by his free mercie ^^^d Uunthm peccA- 
through Chrift, ^ home of Cod, doth not commit finne, *^^"-^t ^ facereiqitod 

,. ?.*.3.P.Imeane,f/) withallowance,p«rpale,per- -f^L'.S^^^?'. 

tcrctufyVil quanta t'lbi libido i'l^jfi t.St ftq/tis te I'de msh edo obiurgsntyatqicerreritySit cthiberet 
teab immederato tuxu.cundt pft concupifientias tuas^& defereftdocteitm tunni\inter miias v^m 
obinrgcDifis ebjilerct, imptatntifMttnfi-snie, vdwi audita dlvmi authontate, & legeres de ti' 
bro daminico: ^tid mi tares de Dea Jtofiro? lUe mifcricsn eft, & nhfiratgr^ & muhilm mijcrl* 
wn. T^ tain hemlms dicerent^ mum vtrbum adddit infine^ quod au,& Vcrax. Si tx(uj]ic U- 
iitlam male prafiimentitm,& iftdttxit t'imore>ndole}itium.A\igi\i!t- Totn 9 pag, ii^S,([i)^i 
male cgirtTtffnctJfant.invanHmmferkerdiam Dei expt^iintj quamre&eexpMarent, (i dmah 
«cf(/i.rf/»t. Bern. Dcmodo bene vivcadj. Scrm ». Col. 1141. (jj vtex Dei parte datur uni- 
te/ falls umjfif} ptcci!9fum, fu debet eticm in nobis tffe uuiver falls dettfiatio peccaiorw^t uqne it* 
IndptQcuMubieytrifimim e(i, inotrtit hnmmvtre reconciliAto, fempiruperirl odium omnium 
fusrump'ttotarum^ p/opo^tum etiam & (lafium ditjcipi ab^mendiab omnibttSiMmquiremiJJta* 
nem omnium accepit,'iBfufion()ngratitt fmulaccepitt qmiUltmatmat, & munit contra omnia^ 
friiflra, igiiwrblandiiurftbidepsccam rmiffis, quiamaremptccati cuiufiunque & propofitum in 
eodempermanmdi, cjtaftin fim cordis luifmtt. Davenant. cxpof. epift. ad Coloff. in cap a, 

N 3 feverance. 

1 82 InftruEHonsfor Aright comforting Se<5l.2. 

verf.ij pag.x7i fi feverance. No finne (w) raignes in fuch a One, &c. 

dti & t>eni confcmtia ^^^ y^^ ^l^s j ^ow many mi(erable men , will needs 

r;:"::;r':?«;,: moftfalMyperfwadetljemfdvcs, .nd others that 

cam propfuo feuandi they have a portion ni the mercies ot God, and hugge 

& d.JP'.iendi 1)67 I- with extraordinarie applaufe, and embracement, the 

bid. f»3g 67. Om'-i formall flattering meflages o^ Mcn-fleafers and Time- 

qui mtM e(l ex Oec, y^;.^^,^^^^ Co dawbe overfiich rotten hopes ;who yet 

Vo^^vhvdmm notwithftanding,^^^« pH in their trelfajfes : who 

non, inqiiir, pucatum were never yet Icnfible of the burden of their-corr up- 

fMiii quhdptUur pyt't tions, and fpirituall beggery ; never wounded in con- 

»j qu^ jaciti qui na- fcience, or troubled in minde to any purpofe for their 

(!? pffSrf ^r/S- finnes, never moiirned in fecret and fincerely for the 

do jiiticet in p kchq. abhominations or their youth; could never yet finde m 

Bern, dc Nat. & Dig. their hearts to fell alitor the buying of that one pearle 

Anaorjs divim, cap.tf. of great price, nor ever yet Co prized 9efus Chrift, as to 

p-Wnofocver hvcs Jea/e their darlini? pleafures , though very bafe , and 

in any One knowne . , . , , ^ ^, , r 1 li j 1 • 

finne let Him know abhominablc, to enjoy the unlpeakablc and glorious 
toHisfacr, He Haih pleafijres of His gratious kingdome? Nay fuch as hear- 
no true Faith. Ro- tilyfervefomeCaptaine, and Commanding finnc in 
gersisfcM DoHrintof heart,or life, or calling, as their owne confciences, if 
<m) 'Im'WpiccaiG' they confult with them impartially in cold blood, can 
rum mivirtala toU'n eafily tell them;asluft, the world,ambition,the times, 
reatwn univcrftrum the falchion, their pleafures, their profits, their paffi- 
ftc(a'9Tum no^Yown ; ^^5^ ^j^gj^ g^fg^ felfe-love, pride, revtnge,the dunghill 
k^fZZl. '"«' delight ofgood^dlowjhipjor the like And here then 
dBminl m univ^rje>>i -Let me difcover a notable depth of Satnan , whereby 
Davenant .loco lupi i he doth baffle and blind-fold His flaves mofl grolTely : 
axato peccaummhac you know fuU well, and heare often the common 
wu qmmum ad fa^ '^. q ^p ^^ ^^^^^^ efpecially under any con- 

pereiityinAl a petit Hk fcionable Mmiiterie,againft preaching of judgement, 
regnum ptrda^ qumo and for preaching of mercie : See the caufes why they 
fo^ comHpfantias no- 

firasnonimui Ibiauum p£rii^quandodksiut;ttbitm^ O mortf vi^'tona ? Au£,uft. dctcrhis 
Apoft. S cf m 6 Miud f^, non peccare, aliui non habere pttatum T^^am in quo pcccatum non rig' 
natytteapeci'Jfidtftfqulmnobtditdefider^i. Auguft. in expoQ cpiil, ad Galatas, cap. y. 
(n) I uft as in the Proplicts timei Tbit is a rtbeUiom paflt^ Ijini ChilcreH, CbUdrtn tbatwlH 
not heare the Law of the Lord) ivbicb (ay to'jbs Seers^ See ttoi, ttulto tbe Tttp^tlt, Prophecy not 
Mf9Mr>ibi tbiftgt, fftalfe mto usfmotb'tb'miit&c*. I^ 30b 9.10. 


Parti.Cap.4' AffliEied (^onfciencet, 18} 

cannot downe with down-right dealing,and power- 
full application of the 1.ZVJ i\nmyT>ifc .of true Happi- 
neffe, pag. I J9, Cic. But what do you thinke is the rea- -j^, .. 

fon,that they gape fo greedily after Preaching of mer- ior/thc7r«chioTof 
cie? Not that they can endure the preaching or it, as I mercy. 
now have taught, and as it onely ought, to thofe that 
are without ; to wit, to have firft, the deareneffe, the 
fweetnefle, thefreeneflfe, the full glory of God's im- 
meafurable mercie revealed onto them,onely as a mo- 
tive, and incouragement to come in ; but ever at the 
clofe and conclufioi^, to bee made to underftand and 
know certainly, that not fb much as one drop of all 
that bottomkffe depth ofmercie and bounty in lefw 
Chnfi, doth as yet belong unto them, lying in any ftate 
ofunregeneratenefle, or in any kinde ot Hypocrifie; (^) ^ ^^f abdlmri 
while ft they recrard any rvickedneffe in their heart, and ^/<^*'f '» ^««« «»• 
arenotwilhngto/'/^r^o^f thetr right eyes ^ and cut ^^, Sknt ocJ^, luce, 
off their right hands ^ I meane, to make an everlaft ing emmfidmi abjii-y e^ 
divorce from their former deareft fenfual delights/and <t>>imamy vita priva- 
finnes of their bofbme: for onely they -who confeffe and ^hJ^olePum efl. Bafil. 
forfake their finnes,Jhall have mercy.Prov.i^.i 5. This q^^"^ g''^** 
way of preaching mercie would nettle and gall them, pUciafuperabit' Dtlm 
as much perhaps as prclTmg of judgement. Nay, why «« vidtrey& bonk m- 
not more ? Proportionably to that which (0) Divines ^^''f* ?*f w potefiate 
hold. That the privation and loffe of heavenly joyes, f'^^'^fi "btinett. Ber- 
and beatificallprefence of God is farre bitterer, than Multi hommtm Gt- 
the torments of fenfe, and pofitive paines of Hell. But hinnm trntHm formi- 
to tell you their true meaning, and their very hearts: «'«»'j egoautmiUiui 
Their ayme in fo complaining , and calling for mercie f """^ i"»'JJionim, Ge- 
from our Miniftry, is, to have it fo,and in liich a man- rZeg-Idkl^ !£a. 
ncr propofed,and prcached,that they may thence col- bilis tft Gtb'nna&itl 
le6l, and conceive,that they are in ftate good enough, ^i pcenj-, tamn lieh 

quis ianumtrat fcnat 
GebemaSf tale nit dicetiqitAleillafxlkicxcidtregloria^icWifloedioha^tfitAudhreiTiiluovoi^ 
Chryfoft. ad Popul, Antiocbenam. Horn. 47. Intokrabilu quidemrcs efi, eiiam GebenMa^ 
quii nefciat &(uppUcium ittudhombilei Tcmtn /? miUt aliquU ponat Gehemtai, mbil tak diSiu* 
ru6 t^y quale tfly a beai^e illiia ghriie b9n0rertptlliiixofum<iiutl[4C^ri^o> ^ Mdkttib i/?*,2^ 
Kwi Fts, IdcHJ, in Matib. Hona. 24 

N4 to 


I^firnBioHS for a right comforting 


to go to Heaven as they are ; though in truth, they be 
meere ftrangers to the life of God, and holy ftricftnefTe 
of the Saints ; were never truly humbled withfightoF 
finne, and fenle of wrath,nor experimentally acquain- 
ted at all , with the myftery of the New birth ; That 
they may conclude,and fay within themfclves: How- 
foever lome Minilters of the purer and precifer ftreine, 
fright us continually with nothing but judgement, 
terrour, damnation, and will not fufter us to be quiet, 
no not fo much as in One (innejyet it is our good hap, 
fometimes to meet with fome mercifull men, who 
will helpe us to Heaven without fo much ado, and up- 
on eafier termes, &c. In a word,they would upon the 
matter have juftlo much mercy, as might afTure, and 
warrant them to carry fecurely their finnes , in their 
bofome to Heaven with them ; to live as they lift in 
this life, and to dye the death ot therighteousjWhich 
is a conceit moft ridiculous, abfurdjand more than ut- 
terly impolTible. What a hatefull tricke then is this, 
and horrible impofture, which they (ufFer Sathan to 
put them upon. 

In propofmg of Chrifi, Let the Man of God,fetout 
as much as He can poffibly, the excellency of His Per- 
fon, the unvaluable pretioufnefle of His blood, the ri- 
ches of His heavenly pur chafes, the gratious fweetnes 
of His invitations,* the generality ^and freene^e sf his 
offers^thc glorious PriviTedges Hee brings with Him; 
reconciliation to God, Adoption, forgivenefTeoffins, 
The third jrarticular juftification,righteoufne{re,wifedome, fandification, 
dircflion lo fct out j-edemptionj&c.PofselTion of all things. For all things 
Chiitt as ncuch ai ^^^^^^^^ . j^ljgfljer Taul, or A folio, or Cefhoi ; or the 
rfiorldf or life^ or death ; or things prefent, or things to 
come'j All are jours t And ye are Chrijls , and ChriFl is 
Gods. I. Cor. 3.22.23. Let him tell his Hearers, that 
the bloud of Chrift, is called the bloudofGod. A Si, 20, 
28. and therefore of infinite merit and unvaluable 
price. It fprang out of His humane nature, and there- 


Mautb.iT4 28 
loh 7 57' 
Revel, la 17 

onay be. 

i.ThenfiCTU of 


Part I . Chap. 4 . 

^ff.i6led Confeiences, 




, _^ , but 

of vertuc,and valuejtnat the infinitenefTe of it's merit, j was ihc nature ai 
and ineftiiinablenefre of it's worth lafts everlaftingl^. n*- an, not cf God 
It will be as frefh,orient,and eftecliiall, to wafn away yvhcrein He dicdjand 
thefins of thelaft man that (hall be called upon earth: God^'nd infinite ex. 
as it was thole or the Penitent Theere y who law it cjllcncy of the fimr, 
with His bodily eyes giifhing out of His blefled lide vi^hence thepricf,va- 
upon the Crofle^or the firft man who did firft (avingly ^^-^^^ wof th of His 
.apprehend that firfipromife: The feed of the yeoman l^^Tchm^ l!b,\ 
Jhall bruife the Serpents headXtx. him aflfure them it is ^^^^ 15. q^^^^l y-^gg^j, 
fo foveraigne,That in a truly broken,humbkd,& thir- wm Chrl^.i propitt Hj' 
ftie foule,it turneth the mofl: Scarlet ^ and C^imfon popikmuim/quKa- 
finnesintoyi.^,and»>W/. That upon co.^punaion «;-,«„ -" f,f* 
and commmgin, it walhed away that horrible , and ^^^^^^^ comtmnicatk. 
bloudy guilt, from the foules of them that (^) fpilt it. ntm idiomatm, veri 
AEi,2Xtx. them know alfo: in how high a degree,and did pofft, mn jtUm 
hainoufly they oftend from time to time, whorefofe hrpmmfil^bcp^.m, 
to (r) take W^^ Chrifl offered moft freely, and with- ^XlZl^'^ZTft 
outexceptionoranyperlon,every Sabbath,ev€rySer- guinem ipfttn Dei. 
mon, either in plaine, and dired termes, or implyed- zanch.in i. EpSfi lo- 
ly,attheleaft. Oh ! Little do people thinke, who fit ^an. cap. i. fcif.j. 
undercut Miniftry unwrought upon by the Word .^i^'^^^XX": 
what a grievous, and tearemll Imne they commit, and ^^^^ mfequi omm 9 . 
Carrie home from the Houfe of God, day afrer day j in pirationcs ufu Cbrifli 
ttegle^ing fo great falvation^in forfaktrtg their owKe iffetimifuppo^iijOc 
mercy.v^\\xi\Hd(iins themfetves unworthy ofeverU- P'!''"'f^ dwinas kmU 
fting hfe-, I meane, by chufing, upon a free Offer of his ^^^^ ^^^^^ p-,-^^ 
Soule-iaving blood, to cleave rather to a Luft, Horri- hmmii defcendtjfe i 

Cce'iSj & Dettm iffe 
mortuum^ C6vc<dmus etiam faihfd&ionii d'gaitatofi grift a peifona fatlsfacknU't ideaque (^■thfa. • 
il'i0nem Chrifti.maxifJiey it};b tdfiniudigmtatU e(j! Cb?n)ieius,'Fom,v lib 9. cap^a. fed, 1 ?, 
J . The cfFcftujJnefli of it ch,i!iK* obtulnut Ponttfex arntm & fin^uiHem/wim qua home fed 
%\£i:m£(itieimmenfamf§icaciama(piratpsrlplrmm*ternum^qtia. Otmtfl i*. t in ^pift adHeb. 
C3p-9.vcrr f4. j.The hiinoul'ntffcof the finoe of refusing htm (q) ph^ts exhis, qtil 
operant Cbrijlum^ cmpii&£li cordty converfi funt, &■ tantifang'ims^ tarn iwpie, atout iMmaniter 
fHftsmdulgem>:m pirc(p(runtj'p[b nd mptif3sguJne,quemfudty,in(- Au.uft.Expoi in EyangcJ. 
lobar}. Trflft.^?, (r)liacane withahcarty willingacIfcto/t/Zd/^ iopxn wiibd^fi'/iKe^ 

1 85 InjlruEiions^f or a right comforting " Se6t.2. 

and with a finccrc le ble indignitie I than to f Q ^efm C^rifi bleffed for ever: 
folutioa for after o- rather to wallow in the mire , and mudde of earthly 
Hfm«"saviQu"nd pelfe, m the filth, and Froth of fwiniflipleafures, in 
a Lord. Ncrcrdida- idleneffe, pride, worldlineffe, whoredome, driinken- 
ny take icfus Clirift nefle, ftrangefafhions, (corning ProfeflburSjCont^mpt 
favinglyj who tookc ofthe power of godlinefle , railing againft Religion, 
him not as an Huf- revelling, felfe-uncleannede , &c. than abandoning 
f«yc,l?vcNndobcy thefe filthy harlots, to take the Sonne of God for their 
him for cvcraf(ef,as deareand everlafling Husband. This not Beleeving, 
well as a Saviour, ts This refufing Chrifi,'This not taking Him,in the man- 
disburden Him of ner,andfenfe, aslhavefaidjisfuchafinne^thoughnot 
I;'t°" e"e" Him b^ ^° thoughtupon, and taken to heart, that (t) Divines 

His Word and >pirit,as wellasa Pricftto waOi him in Hisbloud. Never was any truelyju- 

flified, who was not alfo in fomc mcafure truely fanftifi^d (i) Tiignittu & amflicitdo turn 

ferftrutfilif Del, turn beneficy, ac falutis tAnu, p:r tantatn perjomm compMratie, tugibunt fupra 

m»dumln£redulitattmnc[iram,ut qui muliomtltiffi loco fmffzmuSjfiaihUuriquaminviiadeChn^ 

fto audijJtmWj qua (iattditntti utgltxiffemui tamen tan.afduiem acquiptam nabii, & annuftcitti 

« tantdpeffoni.Kolloc.'m loan. cap, 3. ("0 Arcuct ir.undum Turn aufam rtddw^ti inqmty 

quod non crcdanc in mr. Pcccatum i^jf«r tte^g^ac incrcduliutk nomint, qtiam Kat' i^o^)^ 

itainfigmtilicetnonfttuniCHmi^uiincrednt'.uiiiptccatHm, Suntenimath pucata varifgcnerii 

vttiimpeccatum omnium g-ivifJimHtn efi incredulttas, qiueftcum una. trahit feAiummaximum^^ 

condtaaniionsmgravilJimamfimul & vdnciffimam Idibdicium tftfuprdy Qui n(m credit m fi- 

lium, jim condemn atus eft- ConirdverbfiiUs p^it'uip$tij}i'nae(l»ade6qutffla.2{ameiitii4fert 

reaiumemtimmpeccatorum, & liberal dcondefnnatme- Nulla eft condemnatio ijs qai fuse 

la Chrifto lefu. Aique b'mc ufurpaia tfi prteclna ilU fenteatiai XiuUum pcccatkm nifi lefiielitM^ 

nulla jufiicia nifi fides Non quedfcla infidtluatfit piccatuK; fed quod infidelitatty ut ait ^ugu(U» 

Tins, manentty muntat pcccatum tvt«e-y & ea ru'Jui duedente, aboUatur. quoad reituw, pucatum 

aliud qu9dci(»que, Ei eerie peccan'ibus lamclirj. luu Evangciij^ quovit medOy fivepcr adu'.terium^ 

five homicidiu^iffive perfartuvt, &c, afcrieniwn t^ maxime i>ifidsli:a:i, S- difiimiiotu coiiisy 

qn^tahttelucirefiliitur, Rolloc.inlohan. cap. i6, D" pcccato quidcm, inqui'^ quanon 

crediderunt in nic; hot enim peccatunty quajifdum fiffpne cattriipofmt. ^ia hoc manente, ctt- 

UraYttininiury& hic difcedmte, cattraremittuntur. Auguft.Expof.in Bvana;* lohsn.Trad, 

if. Siminifeftumift, pfteierhanc mfidelitatim, ati* viuUa bomtnuifieffepeccatayCurdehot 

fUomundumfpnituifiriiuf-argUii? jinqu'iaveccatasmniapef infideliiatem teneniur, perfidtm 

ditniUMntiff ? Propter to. hoc uhum prte mttrii imputat T)e:u,per quod fit, ut utera non felvantkr\ 

dum non credit in hiimi'cm D(um homo fuptrbui — '.um dicitur; Arg'i'it mundum depeceatOy noti 

tlio quam quod non credidtiunt m Chri^e, Hoc detitquC pcccatum fi non fit, nulla pcccata remant' 

fctf»f, quii]u^oex fideviveaiecunclafolvanlur.SidmitliHtninteHfl ulrumquilqutcredatipfiM 

tft Chnftum, & ut-um crcdat in Chnflum. Tiamipfum efje ibnflum^ & dxrr.a m crediderunt; lUt 

enim credit in Cbriftum, qui &fpcratia Chrillum, &diUgu Cbufium Idejr, de verbis Dom,' 

in Evani?. fccunduro lohan.Scrm.^ i. Take all rhe finncs that ever wtrc commit tcd,uone 

like cotbisjne grcjcertbin^can belaid to our charge, than torefufe the Sonne, to lefu^e 


Parr. I . Cap. 4 . AffltSied C on] c knees. 

I TT- - • cotttimptit Eva?igtl9 
f hereof. He v; as wroth, and He [ent forth tiu armi^s^ «dmtt!tur,)iotatur par- 
anddeftroyed thofe murderers, and burnt up their City, ticuld , 7v\ty^Tti( 
Matth. 2 2 . 7. He meanesjthole who were invited to '^'^exas,^ tanta fain- 
the Sonne s marriage^ andmad.e light of it. He that be- He^j^os'cap 2' « jg- 
leeveth not is condemned alreadie^ becaufe^ he hath not ^^^ ^j^^^^ crimen in- 
Beleeved in the Name of the onely begotten Sonne of trtduhtatU , qHoniam 
God. 9oh. 3 . T 8. When the Comforter is come,^<? wi// vnigeniiM ipftfu Dei 
convince the world of ftnne.— becmfe they beleeve not f^^^lHuantopne. 
IT \:- r 1 r-^\ yi a a (*^ritiHi i ft. quod con- 

on me. Hemeanes,tnis linneaione,laitn /4«yfm. As temnicur/tmo maio-^ 

though not beleeving on the Sonne of God^ were the ribuiy quiQum'., [up- 
onely finne. It is indeed the maine, and mafter finne, P^'^v^ l»bjaccbit', ]udi- 
becaufe (as the fame Father fpeakes trulyj This remai- f '«''• ^^^^ )<"" '''^ «/« 
mng.the auilt of all other ftnne s abides upon the foule-, fJrT/u^ ' r^ '^t 
this removed^ all other finne s are remtttea.''i\2iyy and targuor, m indmnaiia - 
befides the horribleneflcjand hainoiifnefle of the finne; m non (ufctpt) con - 
what height, and pertedion of madnefse 15 it? That dmm'mU intulUfen' 
whereas a Man but renouncing his bafe,rotten, tranfi- ^w''"*"- Cyril, m lo- 
tory,finfull pleafures^dogged continually at the heeles T^his finn*' of 'Jnbcl 
with vengeancCjand horrour: And onely taking lefus Wtith » greater fin, 
Chrifi in whom are hidden, and heaped up the fulnes than the world is a- 
of grace, and treafures of al! perfedion ; might have ^^'■eof- ^.^^ t^'nke 
thereupon (to fay nothing of the excellency ofhis per- kenacr,"o" ec ha"! " 
fbn,purchafes ofhis paffion, and poflelTion of the moft nous, and fo indeed 
blefTed Deitie j a full and free discharge thereby, at theybe,butunbcliefc 
the hands offo happie an Husband , from every mo- " ^^^^^ worfe : for ir 
mentof the everlaftingneffeof Hellifh torments ; and Jhefe 'and^°aS]"t^"^ 
a (») Deed prefently fealed with His owne hearts- eyjiJ ^Roge^sof^DcL 
blood, for an undoubted right, to every minute of the bam,of Fatih,cap. 10. 
eternitie of heavenly joyes ; yet /hould in cold blood P^fi- 409. 
moft wicke Jly,and willingly,after fo many intreaties, l^'J^,^ madncs of it 
invitations, importunitie, onely for the good of His f:i,,^'^jt£T 'o 
poore immortall Souk^refufe the change! Heaven and migmm & fupta hu- 

mamm memem^ut ors' ■ 
nn qui mditin Wum, duo illalutmur: unumquidm,qit9dnenperitiaUirum) qmAvlt&mbzbu, 
C- vlfam mrnan^, Tfecoph. in leant cap. 3 . 


igg JnftrHEiions for a right comforting Seft.2.' 

earth may be aftonifhed , Angels, and all Creatures, 
may juftly ftand amazed at this prodigious fottilTines, 
and monftrous madneffe of (uch miferable men ! The 
world is wont to call Gods people, precife fooles, be- 
caufejthey are vjiWin^tofeil all thejr haveyfov that One 
f ear le of great price yX.0 ^2ixt wixh profits, pleafiires, 
pxt^txmtnXSjtheir right hand^ their right eye, everic 
thing,any thing, rather than to leave lefm Chrifi,Scc, 
Butwhodoyouthinkenow, are the true, and great 
fooles of the world? And who are likelieft one day to 
groanefor angmjh 0ffpirit,and fay within themfelves, 
T'his rpos he, whom ive hadfometimes in derifion, and 4 
Proverbe of reproach. We fooles accounted Hit life 
madne^e, and-Hii end to be roithont honour. Now is he 
numbred among the (Children of God, and His Lot is a- 
mong the Saints. Therefore have tve erred from the vray 
of truth, andthe light of righteoHfne^e hath nst Jhined 
Mnto us , and the Sunne of right eoufne^e hath not rofe 
MponusTweiveaned our felves in the way of wicl^d-- 
nejfe anddeflrruElion: yea,wee have gone through de- 
ferts where there lay no way : But as for the way of the 
LordyWe have not knowne it. What hath pride profited 
'tis? Or what good hath riches with our v anting brought 
Uf? All thofe things are pajfed away l^ke ajhadow, and 
as a pofl that hafledby, &c. Nay, and yet further, be- 
fides the extraordinarinefle of the iniquitie, aad folly 
in refufmg Chrifl freely offered,it fhaU moft certainly 
be hereafter plagued with extreameft tormenting fti- 
. ^^ ^< j^ rie, and moft defperategnafhing of teeth. For with 
hereafter. ' whatinfinitehorrour, and reftlefleanguiQi will this 

6. The honaar of br- conceit rent a mans heart in pieces , and gnaw upon 
ing wooed by chrift, His Confcience, when He confiders in Hell, that Hee 
confidering w^at^ _^ hath loft Heaven for a luft : and whereas He might at 
done on chS par" ^very Sermon, had even the Sonne of God His Huf- 

There isaijgh- band, for the Very (x) taking ; and have lived with 


hath prepared, and is therefore called, T/bc ri^btcoufnt(fe ef Ged. Noibiog is looked for at 

"^ Him 

Part I ,Cap.4. tAffliEled (^onfciences, 1 8p 

Him for ever in unfpeakable Blifie , yet neglecting fb our lundsj, but ondy 
ereatfalvarion,muft now, crying out therefore con- ^otakeir,to bdccve 
tinuallyagainftHimfelfcasthemofl raging Bedlam ou^ISp" h"ft 
that ever breathed, lie in unquenchable fiames, with- i, 3 free giftjand may 
out remedie, eale,or end 1 It is the higheft honour that be had for the accep- 
can bee imagined, and a Myftery oF greateit amaze- *'"§• — ■HuaaiUatjon 
mentthat ever was, that the Sonne of God Ihould L"l^"utVTca 
make fute unto finfull Soules to be their Husband. And as k is a mcanes to 
yet To it is, Hee fiands at the doorCy and kli<'ckj, if you bring us to accept, 
will give Him entrance. He will bring Himlelfe and ^od lay hold of that 
Heaveninto your hearts. fVe are Chrifis Amha(fa- S^^cq, and 1|« m 
f ; ; ^ jjjr r 1 f \ht Chrilt, Which isfree- 

deti^s» as though Goddtd befeech yon by its. Wee pray \yoS:ed.T).y.Bu:kli 
you in Chrifis flead to be reconctled to God ; We are any miftal(f thisTa^ingy 
Chriftsfpokes-menjthatlmayfofpeakctowooeand hetre what refolktita 
winne you unto Him.Now what can you (ay for your ^'f°^ft Mdmve^fsti. 
felves that you ftand out ? Why come you not in ? If g^jD^wf mw! 
Uatlyvcrjed in the myftery ofchiii^jpee^tof: ObitU. But feme will fiy, is nothing clfc rct^ui* 
red? Mull God doe ali,and wc nothing.but take the righteoulneflc prepared? Anfw. It is 
truej wc muft lire a bolyjcligiet^, tnd feber Uie; for this cni the grtce of Gcd bath appeared j 
&c. D. P. Howfocver, though thou maycft have him freely, yet notwithflanding, thou 
ftiuil bare him at thy Lord : thou muH be bisfcrvaot,Hethy King, and tbou his Subjed, 
&c. Wheo God bath i(;ligbteQcd the cy c« of a man,tbat He can fee where this treafare is> 
•-— «Hei» foin3imcd with the lovethercof, thaiHcrefolvcs He will have u, whatfoevcc 
it coft Him. — 'Yea but there is a price put upon itj it muft coft ihcc dearej a great dcale 
©fforrow, trouble, and oihei'croflcs.Tufh, tell me not of the price; whatfoevcrl hare 
fiiail goefor Jt,I willdoc any thing for it. Why,wilt thou carbe thine affedionsJWiltthoO 
give up thy life? Wilt thou be concent to fell all that thou haft,and begge all thy life time, 
fo thou mayeft have this trealurc? I will doe ic wit h »l\ my bearr^ I am content to fell all 
that I have; nothing isfodeare unto me, but I will part with it; my right hand, my right 
cycj nay^ifHellit felfe (hould ftand betwcenc me andCbriA, yet would I pafle thorow 
the. fame unto him. This ik that violent afFcdion which Godputtcth into the hearts of 
His children, that they wilJhaveChrift whatfoeverit coft them Although I confefle, all 
that repent andlay hold on Chtift,fhall have mercy; yet what is this to thee, thou wretch- 
ed Man.** So long as Gnne hat h dominion over thee, what art Thou ? So long wc are not 
onely dead, but alfu rotten in (innc,fo that it may be faid of us, as it was of La-^uiftob.t x. 
Lordj faitii Manha, bt ftin^eib airiady. So we are nor ondy cfcad and lotten in (inne, but e- 
vcn ftinke thereof, fo long as any fmne or finnes have dominion over us, D. f , Chrift re- 
ceives none, but them that deny xhemfclvesj arc willing to take up iheCrc (r<,andfollow 
Himjihatrnvfrific -hedccdioftheBody by tht Spirit. To luftification nothing but Faith 
isrcquir -it ur his caution muft beaddcd;It muft be a Faith that jurifics the beart,thai 
may w., rke • n u n : vcrl?lj change, tb at may (hew it fcifc in ftuits, and bring forth frniic 
worth) amendment of life. D, F, 


ipo InftruEiioHsforarightcomfortiH^ Se(3:.2' 

the Divell would give you leave to fpeake out, and in 
plaifie termes:One would fay,! had rather be damned 
then leave my drunkennes: Another,! love the world 
better than fefm Chrift: A third, I will notpart with 
my eafic and gainefull trade of Vfury, for the treafure 
hUin the field: And fb on. So that upon the matter, 
you muft needs all confefle,thatyou \itx^'^ judge your 
felvesmroonhj ofeverUfting lije^ that you are wiifull 
bloody Murderers of your ownefeulesjthat you com- 
mit (iich a wickedneffe, that all the Creatures in Hea- 
ven and Earth cry fhame upon you for it. Nay, and if 
you go on without repentance , you may exped: that 
the Hellifli gnawing of Con(cience for this onefinne 
Q^refufmg Chrifi, msiy perhaps hold (bale with the uni- 
ted horrours of all the reft. What is the matter I mar^ 
veil, that you will not entertaine the Match? If wee 
ftand upon honour, and noble familie ; He that makes 
love, and fute unto our foules, hath on his vefinre and 
Rcrel If. IS. «nhu thigh a riAme ivritten^VA^ of Kings,and Lord of 

Lords. If upon beauty : Heare how hee is defcribed. 
Cant. % . My beloved is tvhtte and ruddy ^ the chief efi of 
ten thoujand : His head is as the mofifinegold-Jhis locks 
are bujhie and blacke as a Raven, His eyes , are as the 
eyes ofDoveSy by the rivers oftvater^wajhedwith milk^ 
^nd fitly fet. His cheekes are as a bed of Sf ices, as fnveet 
flotvers. Hii lips like LillteSy dropping /weet fmelling 
tnyrrhe.His hands areas the gold rings fet rotth the Be" 
rill: His belly is evs bright Ivory, overlaid ivith Saphires, 
His legges are as pillars of marble , fet upon Sockets of 
fine gold : His countenance is as Lebanon , excellent as 
the Cedars, His mouth is ntofl fT9eet,yea,he is altoge- 
Cy)Se6G>Jfcri/upon t her lovely, -f^; Now you muft underft and, that the 
the place. Spirit of God by thcfe outward beauties and brave- 

Alfted Theol. Of ^[^^^ labours in forae meafure to fliadow out , and re- 
r*^^''^l^!,u!!l'!!X prelent unto us, the incomparable excellencie ofin- 
mi, qua efl lefus cbri- Ward graces; the dignme,the glory,the fpirituall taire- 
jljj / . nefle o^^efw Chrifi^ that we may know > that Hee is 


Part. I . Cap.4 . ^ffltSied Confciences, I p j 

wholly and altogether lovely,dele<flab]e,and pretious. 
If upon eafc,and contentmenr,He can leade us xsiful- i.Comcntfnenc, 
ne^e ofj y, and fleafures at ^ods right hand for everm 
more. If we defire honorable Alliance; He will bring «. Alliance, 
us to an innumerable company of Angels ^to thegenerall 
A^emblyy and Chttrch oftheprli'borne,rphich areyprit- 
ten in heaven ; and to God the ludge of all, and to the 
ffirtts cfjtifi- men made ^erfeEl, If wee ftand upon 
wealth, we Ihall have (y ) all things with him ; which ^^ , ^^ . . ' - 
isalargePoffelTion. It weerefped love: rz)G^.^.^ blLpo}S%^^^^ 
love hath no may, than this, that a Man lay do wne His n% mumii, & mmim 
life for his friends. And he being the brightnejfe of His rtrumfun. i'aria io- 
Fathers glory , and the express image of hu perfon, ^"'J" , 
Wcamedownefromhisborome,thewell-rpringof L X"'*^"''*^^ ' 
immortalitie and blifle, the fulnefle of joy , and chat i. Ltfr ali. 
unapproachable light, into an Houfe of flefli , upon ». Suffered all. 
this bafe and miferable earth. He pafled thoro w a life '• Slanders. 
full of all manner vexations,mileries, perfecutions,in- *' d'^'i"?^ k 
^%xi\X\t%^^V[idi^s,f^eak}ngAgainfl of Sinners, bccYit refpea©fh?s '"""* 
was fo prodigioufly flandered, that they faid, (\i\ He i Cor. j. 1 1. 
had a devill\ VV her cas, (c) thefulnejfe of the Godhead (V Iv^* i M 3. 
dwelled in him bodily. He was cunningly hunted long, ^"^ ^^ '"''** ^x«- 
and at laft violently haled by a Packe of Hell-hounds, Z?AnZ^'lfV'' 
to a cruell and bloody death, which for the extremitie ptr a(Jmftmtm /cr- 
and varietie of paines , for the enraged fpight of the uue/tivi, abjecfffe for. 
executioners, for the innocencie,and excellency of the '"*'*• *'*'» &dtjfjfft^' 
Perfon fufFering, the like never was,{hall,or can be en- ^*jj %l.ial'%T'*<Z 
dured. His palTions were fuch,fo bitter,and unfuppor- %"ai$7tan,ht ^St! 
table, that they would have made any meere creature r»t apud Patrem, itx 
to have lanke do wne under the burden of them to the ^i^idtrit in jomafet' 
bottome of Hell. He was tortured extremely,and fuf- !^'> «' ^^ M /'<«''« 
feredgrkvou, thing, both in BoJy and Soule. from STfll^t 
Heaven, Earth,and f-iell. Hisbltiled Body was given tame mn fitfi-'katy us 
upas an Anvile to 'v. beaten upon, by the violent, and ^b nttmbui cos^ici i 
villanous hands of wretched Mifcreants, without all ^#'- 
meafure or mercie ;uritill they h^d left no one part /, \^ ?^'.^' 8.48, ; 
free. from fbme particular and fpeciall torment. His i Bgdy/'^' 

skinne . 

t ^ » InfiruSiioMS for a right cotnforti Mg Seft . 2 

skinne and flelli were rent with fcourgcs ; his hand* 

and feet pierced with nailesjhis head with thornes;his 

very hea'-t with the fpeare point. All his (enfesjall his 

parts,indeed his whole f acred body was made a rufiiU 

ipedlacle to Angels and to Men , of all the moft bafe 

and barbarous ii^ge, which malice could devife, and 

crueltie execute. But all this yet, was but a fliadow of 

his fufFering, the fubftanceot His fuffering , was the 

«. Soule. (d) Agony of his Soule ; Give mee any affliflion Qlvq 

ii^^.!TJ!!elJZ ^^^ ^^^^^^on of the mind. For thefpirit of a «,4«,(aith 

funt a Cbrijlo', Atfot Solomoriy T»tlljujtame all hn other tnfirmmes ; but m. 

meanlnne erimt&nebis wounded jpirit.ivho can bearef Yet his Soule>though 

ummtrU'e.ergbpaKM he Was the Prince of glory, and Lord of heaven and 

**^ Cili^rai "''^'^* ^^^^' "P°" ^^^ Crofle, was even as zfcorched Hesth^ 

Tom 2.de'*def€e"nfu "^^^^^^^ Co much^Manj drop of comfort either from 

ad inferos. Lib. 5. heaven or earth.The grievous weight of all the finnes 

ci *.Sea. i.NcJthcr of all his children, the leaft of which had been encvugh 

doth Hcc, or I to have preffed them do wne into the bottome of hell, 

BDcanc, thac Chrift lay now heavy upon him. The powers of darkneflc 

foftcred in Soule one- ^ . . .^ ^ ci\'Q.v.- u /13 j '^**^/»^ 

ly by Sympathy wuh were let loole to afflitt him ; He wraftled even with 

the Body; But a!fo the fierce wrath of his Father, and all the forces of the 

immediately ficm infernall kingdome,with fuch anguifli of heart,that in 

therjraih of God for ^^ Garden , it wrung out of his pretious Body, a 

our finncs Heare hira „ . ' s r li j r ir j ^ 

alittieafter Sweaty as it "were great drop oj blood falltngdovrne f 

CMtr4 luA fopbifmati the ground : with liich agony of Ipirit , that upon the 
ttUarmwui tamtn csn- 

flHcHtjCbriflum paffum anlmi &corpore. Qtiod ipfttm Calvhut CBnttni'u, & nts aff'er'mitit 
^Idlgiturfrultrd labannt Sophiflie in ofpugnaftdi vtr'ttate^ qtsnm ip[i tandem, i^fi, iaquatrif ft' 
ttricogantuf ? Nijl forte ma/ilmipatitntef nihiWludcortftdtrant^ wfi'ipfui dolores corparistan' 
tumJ^ia:<i^^sv,aiv,psra^fteHiiar»i€favfji.7m^(t7y no» virb ij)iui vUfpropr'tefM ftitfu* 
S^o quid poffit abfttrdiih dlci} Certi aniequim cor^m qnicquam pateretuff Chri^ui ipfe te{iab*tur 
ffUfi animtm e§e pirturbatam, z!T'q!iidemufque ad mortem, ibid. Sc£i. :?, LttU isrhatfirft 
faid it Cand all Antiquity allow ot iijNon (oIh'u uniextvi, f(dfub:ra\it vi(tontm. The union 
wasnptrfi^o/vef^S True, bur the beames, the In fiuenievnarefiramcdi andfor 3r\y comfort 
from thence, His Sculc wai even as a fcorchcd Heath ground; wlihout fo much.asany 
drop ofdew of divine comfort: sss na^tdtree^ no fruit torefrcfh Hioj wiihin, no/M/rco 
give Him fliadow without : the pow:r of darkcncflc let loofe to afflid Him: the influence 
ofcomfortreftrained to relieve Him, Wiacheften SermnSj fig.jjtt. Wounded He was in 
Body, wounded in Spiiit,lefc utterly defoktet/^^i^f.^jj. i i?, 


Part'i.Chap.4. j^ffii^ed ^o»fcU»ees, I3P 

Cro&Mc crlcd^Mjf God.fffjf god,whjf hafi thou (e)foy~ (c) There arc fixe 
faken me ! And the meafure of all thefe fufterings,and ^'^^/" of dcreiaion, 
forrowes, were fo pad all meafure, that all the crea- chH?'"Lf ''bal 
tures/ave finhill Men onely ,both in heaven and earth, thought to have com^ 
feemed to be amazed and moved with them. The San plained; Firft,by his 
in the heavens drew in his beames, unwilling as it union of pjrion; fc- 
were to fee thefpodefre blood of the Sonne of God, '^Tce VhiX bydf 
fpilt as water upon the ground. The Earth it felfe minution or weake' 
/hrunke,andtrembled,underit. The very iJof^f '*^»^ ningofgrace.Founh- 
afunder, as ifthey had fenfe and feeling of his intoUe- ly. ''y w^nt ©^ *^^' 
rable,and,fave by himfelfe, unconquerable paines; "Qcceffuta« dch- 
The whole frame of Nature feemed aftonifhed at the tuploni FiftJyA* d"! 
mournftill complaint ofthe Lord ofthe whole world. niaJlofprotcdionj 
Thefe , and farre more than thefe , or then can be ex- Sixthly , by wich- 
preft, our blelTed Saviour , being Sonne ofthe moft <^''»wing» of fo^^r, 
high God,€nduredforno other end,but to ranfomeusJ^",|,j^^^^^^^^^^ 
from the bondage of Sathan, and of Hell, in a thirfting fore, it isimpioa* 
defire offaving all Penitent finners; And to offer him- once to thiuke, tiiat 
. felfe freely, a moft glorious, and everlafting Husband ^^"^ **« forfakcn 
toaIlthofe,whowith broken and beleeving hearts ^7 °/^p* j^h"Jui^f 
cart themfelves into his bofome. Such admirable, and otH^spcrfon w«nil 
unutterable perfed:ions,beauties, indowments,fuffer- vcrdiHoIvcdjHisgra- 
ings, and inflamed affections, as thefe, in the heavenly ccs were ncvcr,erthcr 
Suter unto our (innefiillSoules, doth mightily aggra- f*\cn /way, ordiaii« 
vate the hainous and horriblefinne of refuj^ng Him, u Sl?He LuW 
Thus, and in this manner ,would I have the Men of wjnt affurancc of fu, 
God to magnifie, inlarge, and reprcfent to the hearts cure dclivcrance,3n4 
of their Hearers , all the excellencies of lefiis Chrift, prcfcntfupporcthac 
with the worth,merit, and efficacy of His bloud : To "CoxTol^f^^tult 
fet out to the utmoft they can poffiblyjthe glory ofthe ,^0 faft wayes hce 
Gofpell with all the riches of mercy, goodneflcjand may rightly bco fa id 
free grace, revealed, and offered therein, &c. So that t^havc becnc forfa- 
they tell them withall. That 7e/«f C^^-//? takes none, ^<^"- ^'"^'^ "/"•'* 
butfuch as are willing, to take upon them Hi, yoke: ^^'^^f^li^^J^'^^^ 
That he gives himfelfe" to none, but fuch as are readie, jion "of coiambg io 
to fell all, in the fenfe I have faid, that they may en/oy unto him, 
his bleffed felfe.That the glorious grace ofthe Gofpell 

O ihines 

ip^ JnJhruBions for M right cdnforting^ Sci^.J^ 

Ttt. a. ii. 12. Ihines favingly, to none,biitfuch zsJeny ttngodlinefffy 

and rforldlj lujh; and live foherly ^righteoujly , and god- 
lily in this frefent rvorld : That thofe whofe Soiiles are 
cleanfed by the blond ofjefui Chriflfrom all ftnne, are 
onely fuch,as walke in the Hght,as God is in the light; 
who makcconfcience of deteftingand declining all 
finnes, and works oi darknefie discovered to them by 
the light of God's holy Booke, and fincerely (et their 
hearts and hands, with love, and careftill endeavour 
to every duty enjoyned therein. In a word, That, as 
thzt Fountaine opened to the hnufe of D avid for Jinne 
and for uncleannejfe, I meane the blood oi that imma- 
ailate Lambe,^^/»f C/>rf)?,theholy and the righteous, 
doth turne all the finjies even the very fsarlet and 
crimfon,o^2L truly broken heart, and every true Mour- 
ner in Z.ion,into/»9?p,& n>ooll,{o it wil never wafh a- 
way the leaft (ii^ill ftaine from the proud heart of any 
unhubled Pharifee. That hereby no ftrangers unto the 
love and life of godlineffe, may be deceived by appro- 
priating unto themfelves any of thefe glorious things, 
which are onely proper to the fealed Fottntaine : but 
onely conceive of them as excellent motives tocanle 
them to come in.I would have the Preaching of Chrift 
fill the fouleof everie true hearted Nathanael everie 
time with nnlpeakea^le andgloriom joyyVi'wh all thofc 
Evangelieall pleafures, which neither eye hathfeene, 
nor eare heard, neither have entred into the heart of 
man : But I would have it onely make- every unrege- 
nerate man fenfible of what infinite blefledneflc he be- 
reaves Himlelfe by continuing a Rebell ; that there- 
upon He may be moved to make hafte out of His pre- 
lent Hell, into this new heaven fo fairely opened, and 
freely offered unto Him. 
A lounh pmicuTw Befidesprefiingthelaw,promifingmercie,propo- 
Jh^'foTixdw fing Chrift, &c. to ftirre men in their naturall ftates, 
mo fis M. to make them cntertaine thoughts of comming iH>to 
humble them in the fight of the Lord under the heavy 


Part I . Cap . 4 . jfffliSied Confciences, 19% 

burden ofall their finnes,aflure them alfo of pardon,in 
cafethcy will leave Sathans lervice, and fo prepare 
them for Chrift; Let Gods Minifters lay hold upon all 
warrantable wayes, which they fliall finde, and feele 
out of their Minifteriall experience, & holy wifedome 
to be availeable,and prevaile for that purpofe. So that 
the worke be done in truth: And that they do not like 
the Divels dawbersy^Q.c6.\'& them to the eternal ruine, 
and damnation of their Soules, byteUing them that 
they have Chrifi already,and are fafe enough for falva- 
tion, whereas indeed, as yet, there is no fuch matter. ^ ^^ ^^ ^^^j ^^^ 
Such points asthelc, are wont to make attentive the putting of ihcfe 
raturail men, to ftartle in their feats , to looke about former diicdions in- 
them fomething more than ordinarily; To wit, to di- to praaifc. 
vide the pretioPf^, from the vile: To diftinguiOi that j2fnIe\T[i!'^me'i 
One true happy ftate of grace, from all ftates of unre- luZllZmfum^lf' 
generatenefle,and all kinds of Hypocrifie:to tell them uj virb&canpos avi- 
out ofthe Booke of God, How farre a Man may go in mas hommMm,j'emina» 
gcnerall graces, and dotngmany things, tec. and yet "^'** *'^"* ^"/'/"J* 
come iliort of Heaven : To deliver Markes ot fincere %^'f'^^fi, frriji 
Profeflburs, of a (aving Faith, oftrue repentance, of a ptrdiia ptnibmiuna, 
found converfion, &c. But I would have this done tantummodo fihuwr* 
with a great deale of fpirituall wifedome , and hea- ChryUjft. In M«t. 
venly anderftanding,with much godly dilcredon,and 2i";Ii./iJ(r"^»«ir 
caution;lelt thereby ,€ither the tormall Profeflour may ^^cuh & rxercair, ut 
be incouraged, or the weakeft Chriftian diOieartned: ttfi p'uu torum^ qui 
To difcourfe ofthe feivnefle, and fcarcitie of thofe p *di(at'mm Af4»' 
which n-iaU be f aved;& that even (f ) under the light, '^T ^"^"Z"*" *'■'';^ 

rent animify cum U etiam in Dom'tnt a'que M^iilfirn par'n^r f*£lum recofdaren'ur^ Tifq^ ta.mti 
tff.yq»amviSyiiai<ifit'Ufumn«?tignorore>ffemnapr»^ctre negltxlt. Ib)d t/wa»i tXmni /?»'- 
iMty €xtertie,per vt bum EUdi txXiKTvilcil Adyiiam telernam ChriftiuLquiur dt vocitisne 
extntid qvd per Evang'lij prtedicactonrm vecaulur tarn reprobt,quam etiiliy f^C. Pifcat.in Mat< 
ci»p-»o, /(if p»piilud,qui tn medio p-puli dnfitfcep'u mifenc0tdfiim. Dti^quanum nume>it>n h*- 
bei^^drnpaucifunt? fptinvmiumui-altq'ti^ iHifnecanttntm Ottti trit <^ ptvdei tantatn muU 
tmdimm? nicunt hoe, qvi (:i>i p'omittunt hoCy qutd a Veopromitcente non aHd.httnt. — • ^ai 
junt itliy qui videnturfetvare prucepta Dei? Vix imttnitur unm vel dno velpvKtffi ni, lpf»i johi 
Dtuilihtratwfiti fji, uteres damnstu^m ? Abfiiy inqui-tnt, cuvt venertt, & vidtbn taniam mu'ti* 
tudtnem, tul Jinifiramy miftrtbititf, & dsbic indulgeamm. HocpUn^ etiam ferpttu iUe pt«m pt 
prim»htmni.2itimm»»M9ratT)tiammemffigu^itiet,l&eMtem, AbCit inqalt, mQ:U ma 

O 2 and 


IftfiruSisoMsfor a right comforting 

Sea. 2- 

>."Placc$of Scripture 
lo be prcflcd 

msrimivi Crediderunt and within the found of the Gofpell ; See Matth. 20, 
etfint'i, ivvemrunt, j^^ Many are called^ ^ut few chofen. Confider /y^? 
fverumtjj'e.quodmina fj^^^iyie of the Scvoer^ Matth. 13. There is but one 

'rl^'S^'S: g°°^ '"°''^„> "P°"u"''''* 'he'eedofthe Word falls 

tHi. it^ & nunc fntni. profpcroufly; bat three reprobate groun:ls,as it were, 

&i. Auguiv in Plal. upon which ip is loft, as water upon the ground. Sec 

48 pag. jx?. uiy fix^^'DoEir.HpenGenef.e^^.^c, Thus let the Men 

of God acqu?.intthemrelves,with fuch Points,as they 

conceive, tlielikeUeft, and moft pregnant to pierce 

their Hearers hearts, and come clofeft to their Con- 

fciences j that To, by the helpe of God, they may pull 

them out of Hell. 

And there are fbme places alfo in the Book of God, 
which being rightly handled,and powerfully applied, 
CO An^ i^^^y ^^^"^ leeme to have a fpeciall keennefle to ftrike at, and cut 
findeHim ""/*"/^|^ afiinder the iron fi^jewes of the moft obftinate heart; 
'llfwfrt theiT-^Nay. And of more aptneflTe to ferve for the rowfing and a- 
ilicirowoe hearts an- waking of meere civill men,formall Profeflours, Pha- 
Iwcr thcmfclves Go, x'lCits, and foolifh Virgins out of their defperate fium- 
whom you have fpent ^^^ of (pirituall Selfe-deceit, Such as thefe. Deut, 2p. 
He w%bcm now! IP'^<^- Andtt come to pap, t^hen he hear eth the words 
Let ihcm five you, at cf this curfe^ that he hlejfe Himfelfe in His heart, fay- 
iBi$,whoro yc fought ifig, JJhallhave peace, though I walke in the img.gina- 
at all other times. As ^•^Qy^ of mine heart, to adde drunkennejfe to thirfi : The 
for mec,ir ^^^^^^^^^^ Lord will not jp are him, hut then the anger of the Lord, 
l^d'yoi woaW not' ^^d' ^^ iealoufte,fhallfmoke againft that wan, and all 
hcarej So you Ihall the curfes that arewritten in this Rooke,fhaU lye Hpon 
cry,and/«Jif-snd(hall him, and the Lord fhall blot out hit name from under 
not fii^tJ, or tejicard, Ueaven. Pfal. 78.21. Godjhallrpound the hairy f calf e 
(faith ibe Lord)Yei ^ ^^^ as goeth onflill m his trefiaffes, Prov. I . 

ihty found Him, bui ■'-'_„ ^%, •' ,, j j ^ r r j r t 

with a dorc (hue be- 24.28. Becaufe I have calle(L and ye refujed, I have 
twcencHim&rhcni. firetched forth my hand, and no Mat$ regarded, drc. 
Butwhatfoundihcy? Then fijall they caR uponme, but I wilt not anfwer : they 
^llVvai^ds^iv^^a MH feeke me early, but they JhaU not (cJfindeme.Vvo. 
T^tfc'it voi. — He kuowcih thtro not:thcy took too fl^oi t .i time to breed acqaaimancc in. 
Jisfciovonhcy find,that fo fccke P>eft{Id adbocn>nhru,&c. Acthisciip, He that wakcth 
notjis r»ot aflecpc,but dead. ^imhtfUn Sermons, pag. 1 g i . I dcroartdj Will any time fci vc 
cofeckeC«d'tsCcid<>t3]lpn)(*tobefv>und?Itiscert«nc, Net. The veryliaiication. 

Part I.Cap.4 . AfpEted (^onfciences. IP7 

2p , I . He that being often reproved,hardeneth hii neckcy C<^^ ^'^^ kvm'ire po • 
Shall fuddenly be deftroyed, and thatreithout remedie. f-^) ftcwcih plaine- 
Ezek.24.i3. Inthyfilthineirei^ier^dnejfe, becaufe I ^JTI^!^^ 
have (di) purged thee^ and thou wafi not purged , thon ifghg uif^ yoy m^y, 
/halt not be purged from thy filthinejfe any ntore^ till I buc fixidc him you 
have caufed my fury to reft upon thee . i . Pet,4. 1 8. If the ^^ '^^ "oc* 'rf^Wj '^»^' 
righteoui fcarcely hefaved\ where Jhall the ungodly and ^^^^ 'Z^' 
thefinnerappeare? i.Ioh. 3.p. Whofoever nborneof ipfoiSivh%cS, 
God doth not commit Jinne, i.Pet.2.17. Lovethebro- tumve/bo fno prtecc' 
therhood. Hebr. ll.l^.JVithoutholineffe no man Jhall pii,ui/e;KUf>dc:r£ytc.& 
fee the Lord. Urn, 2.19. The'Divelsalfo beleeve and ^^''« <'<^ "^^'^'w ?«" 
tremble, Luk. i 3. 24. Strive to enter in atthefirait ^^0^^.4*^1X1! 
gate : for many J fay untoyou^ ypillfeeke to enter inland \s. vm aqua (^fx- 
Jhall not be able. Matt. 10.14.15. And tvhofoeverjhall pone affliClienum ablU' 
not receive you^ &c. Verily, I fay untoyouy it fljall be ^'i '^ ^"^f"'" cdamitA' 
more tolerable for the land of Sodome, and Gomorrah in J^foi^^^^-cuureftii^ 
the Day of judgement, thanfor that city. Andll.12. puri manfmwt . lefa. 
Andjrom the day es offohn the BaptiH, untill now, the i . y. <^ fequentilm'j 
kl»gdome of heaven fuffereth violence, and the violent Pdan.in Locum. 
takeit by force. And 5.4^. Andif you falute your bre^ 
thren onely, whAt do you more than other s?^Xi6. verf.'20. 
I fay unto you. That except your righteoufnejfe Jhall ex- 
ceed the right eoufne^e of the Scribes y and P harifeesyve 
Jhall in no cafe enter into the kingdome ofheaven.Thcfe 
fellowcs rcprelented to the eye of the World,a good- 
ly and glorious fhew of freedomefrom grofle finnes; 
I am not, faith the Phari(e€, Luk^ iS.as other men are, 
extortioners y unjuj}, adulterers, ^-c. Of works ; Firft, 
Of righte©ufne{fe ; / ^ii'^ m^i?/ of all that Ipojfejfe.. 
Secondly, Of Piety ; He went up to pray. Thirdly, Of 
mercie j Befides fafiing, and prayery they gave almes, 
Matth.6. 8cc. And yet Chrift fpeakes thus perempto- 
rily to his hearers : Except your righteoufnejfe exceed 
therighteoufneffeofthe Scribes and PharifeeSy^c.ye 
Jhall in no cafe enter into the ki»gdome of heaven. He 
faith not fimply, ye ihall not enter : But ye fliall in na 
cafe enter. And yet how many who come ftiort of 

O 3 thefe. 

' g InftrHBioHS for A right comforting Se(5l.2. 

tbefe, will bee very angry, iftHeMiniflerstell tbcm, 
tbattbey (hall certainly come (hort ot the kingdome 
of heaven. 

I have done with dawbing and plaiflcring over 
rotten hearts with plauiible periwafions , that they 
fliall not be damned: I meane that moft eruell, and ac- 
curfed trade o'ifirengthemng-rvith lies, the hands of the 
n'ichcd, that hefjouldmt returnefrom his nvickcd way 
by pron^ifing him life,Szek^ i 3 .2 2. Whereby thoufancls 
are fcnt hood-winkt to hell, more is the pity ! even in 
this bkffed time of the Gofpell : And I come now to 
another errour, about comforting afflidled Confcien- 
ces. Wbich is this. 

Chap. V. 

Thefecend errour is the indjfcreet fif flying of eorrt' 
fort to them that are not grieved aright : tyvo cafes 
ivherein men grieved are not to hefrefently comforted, 

•Hen the fpiritnall Phyfition promi- 
" feth comforr,applies the promifes, 
affiires of mercy, acceptation and 
^ r r- B88>i*rv VA T*,r*^ pardon : 

JiufcVrTr™ 1^^. I. When the ground of griefe. 
iinne, buc cutward vj^srw®**^^®*' is not m truth troubled tor finne, 
trouble. but fome outward trouble. Some, iniiichacafe may 

caft out by the way fome taint,and formall complaints 
of their finnes, and feeme to fecke diredion, and fatif- 
fadiion about the ftate of their Soules;when as the true 
root and principall spring of their prefent heavinefle, 
and hearts-griefe, is fome fecret earthly difcontent- 
ment.the biting and bitterneffe offome worldly fting. 
It may bee the loffe or defperate courfe of iome over- 
loved childe J decay5&: going backward in their eftate; 
feare of falUng into beggery 5 fome unexpefted dif- 


Part 2 . Chap. $ . Affii^ted Co»fcien€es, I pp 

" contents and difappointments after marriage ; Some 
great difgrace, and fliame fallen upon them in the eve 
of the world J Some long and tedious fickneffej pinch- 
ing th^m extremely for want of peace with God, and 
patience to pafle thorow it. Or the Hke. 

In this cale, after the Man of God by his beft wife- rhcfe are to be jn< 
dome,and fegrching experimental! trials,and Interro- fttufted, that worwi 
gatories fitted for that purpofe, whereby he may give lyforfow 
a ftrong conje6lure,if not a peremptorie cen{nre,hath 
difcovered the Impofture : Let his defire and endea- 
vour be, to turne the torrent of worldly teares (and 
taking on for tranfitory things j upon finne. When a 

veine is broken, and bleeds inward , or a man bleeds 

cxceffively at the Nole, the Phyfitionis wont to open 

a veine in the arme , io to divert the current of the 

blood, that it may bee carried the right way , for the 

fafetie and prefervdtion of the partie. Do proportio- 

nably in this point. 

Let fuch know. Firft, That Ce)/^rrw<7/^^<?7vor/^ rcUcif*"* ,o' 

ycorketh death. (£) It dries the bones , confumes the ^() QuUmtmefife- 

marrowjchils the blood, waftes the Spiri ts, eates up cundjim mmbtm ? 

theheart,{hortnethlife,andcuttethoff"toofbone,from ^'*andb eoatrifiarU 

the day of gracious vifitation . It is a bafe thing for an ^J^"^/^'' ^«>^ii^,r°pter 

with mortall thmgs, and molt unworthy it s heaven- dum mundum-y idcb &- 

\y birth, breeding under the Miniftery,and everlafting mortem facU. i^am qui 
abode. Secondly,Thatforrowfpent upon the world, ^'""^"^ gkriamcomrl- 
is like a pel fum'd precious water", throwne into the ltke*c£r%^Zl 
channell, or finke-hole , which would makeafweet mt trWn'o^^ 
fentin an humbled fbule,and help excellently againft £/>«: banc iriftitiam 
the noyfome favour of finne .Fire put into the thatch , ^"'^^^ fccundum mim- 

dum, qu^ty'ijIibiMper' 

a Ccr cap.7. 7. VnproHrablc Smt tmca cnmedrt vtflmtntum, & fimt vtmUrodit Ikmm^ 
tta lui.iiM nocet cardi Bern dcroodober^ vivendi, cap.ii. Itpiercctb even to theraarrovj 

xi^^T.i ' " '"'^^*'' ''""'^ °"' ^'^°^^ ^'^'■"^ ^"'^ P°3'fon"li «n our aa^^^ 
3 ' . W oildJy forrow workcih a change in the body, it bringsgray hayrcson the hcad,and 
furrowcs and wriakksin thcfacc U turnes youth into old agr, and ftrength into weikc-^ 

O4 would 

200 InftrH Elton sfer a right comforting Sedt , a , 

Co Tn^iiia enimfic would turneallintocombufl:ion;(^j Diinf^ placed in 
% quomdo ftercm. ^^ Parleur, would iinpoyfon all; But lay the one up- 
fitnm mmundma i(i ^^ ^"^ heartn,ana it would warmc, and comtort ; the 
sitrm nan locofuopo other upon the land,and it fatneth and makes h-uitfuU; 
fi:um, mmundmjattt So forrow mifplaced upon earthly things, fills a man 
i\omuw-, loLo fitopjt- withl"warmesofcarkingconfLillons,and brings many 
r^^-triSi; devonnng /■/..;«. i,«o the tort; bnt being turned 
qu:m t\(lm\ fiiYCiu upon f^j (nine, and former fintull courfes , which is 
-jid'.o^lmm quxn Die, the onely right, proper, pro fitable ufe thereof, it may 

tm'utj unde tii^uui? procure a great dealeoFeafe, and enlargement to the 

Terdtdi, irqml,ficmi ^ ^ -^ ^ ^ j^ | ^^ ^^. f^^^y ^.. ^ 

am. Lomimmmduii • f^ ' . ,, ^_, , '^. , ■', / , .' 

fmUus nullum, Audiat repentance. Thirdly, 1 hat the tithe perhaps or taking 

/ifofisimi Trt^'ili on,troubleofminde, vexation of Spirit, fadnefle and 
mndmortemopcraiur. fbrrow, about worldly things in refpecfl of the bulke, 
l^Vdmne"1m7ts ^"^ quantitie,iffincere, and let upon the right obje^, 
sic&dt^"aurLVtbHs niightfervef/jto drive US unto Chrift,and afterwards 
aigtidiafeculamptr' in Gods gracious acceptation, for faving repentance. 

tintntlkuii quas rei Me thinkes it fliould be a very quickening motive to 
iongum eft enHVitnrf* 

ttm,gtmmHmf fl.nttm: r^iKUum fteyterit video , & ih'i lac/m qunfo. Et cum vldenmtyi(iem,fleif- 
temin^exi & orantem Ornn^^wftkquid mihi bo-^tefignificationii ivgejji . Sid cdhuc locum qiitro, 
j^mde»imfi(leoram)g^ffJ('t3s,>nignefl?tutK0ri{mrogHiKlmkifffM. Eiiar/tfit]amplorat,iam 
rogatfJAiH orat', Lotm immunitUiffutim nuUiu. • — lnj]>(xi atium rufM^gemcnitm jl^ntmiOYatt' 
tem'iftercM agnofco.btwn qu^ro. Inttndiauiim oratianupii &anA;t9dictn!tw^tgadixl,domm^ 
mftrere mt\, fam an'mamPteamy qulafeccavi libl.Gemit peccatum: agnofcoagruvif txpflepw 
ilufn Dto^aiMi. Bono loco eji ftircm, non tbi vacant ^frdhm pariurlt. Aug. de terop.S cr. 151. 
J. Might, if rightly bcftowcd, be accepted of God. (h) TrifliUa't'Ja(olm ad peccaUHtUis 
tfi;qut)dh'iK' mmfiflatur ^'rpromtjjls divitifs coHtrfiUtur-y dammm non felv'a i ^i p,-o 
imertu$c^uiYi(iaturyjacaitim»mexcUat: ^ipYeplermB^bnmconin^A'ut, non foliimnoTtctira- 
tWy (et etkm auget mOYlum- ^-ti vere in peccatis centriftatur, his folum utiUtam aliqitid ampliiif 
^trifiiiid acupit-y abfunm mm & cvantfcerefaiit ptccata. Chryfofl. hi % Cor. cap- 7. Mortem 
lugert miuenSf 'jfg'peceatct^ ut ipfa deUtu: propter hoc enm triliitiafaClii ffl^ nonut in m»rie, ntc 
in uUa alia re tali dol'umui, feducipfd ad delenda uianur piccata; Et quodhtc vtrnm fityexefiipb 
facto manifcfiiia>^fieff.«dia mtdicinalia prepter iUn tamiim morbaty fafia/untyquos toUti e paffunty 
nsiip'-opter illes^ quos nihil adinvare peffunty &c. MulClaitti efl ^wfpUm ptcunyty triftaiai eft, 
malfiam non mendavit fifmm amifitydokity mortuun tton refufcitavity ntc dtfiin£lop/ofmt:Fla' 
pi!ctu4 f i5 quKyOlapis citfuSy iontumelyi affeUui.doluity non rtvecavit contumtliamy &c. vidts 
hvHttt nuUi proiiffe trifiitiam, Feccavit quis, trifl&tHi e(i,peccatum dtlevit.Idtm ad Popul. An- 
tiochcaum,Hom.5. (i) I meane boih rcpetitanccc LegaU,wh'ich is bred by bclceving the 
threats ofthe Law, and by accidcDcIeades unco C6ri/2. Evrngelktlly which fpnagsfroru 
Faiibin (hepromif^soltheGofpclljafKrwehavc lak^nChriAJor Faith miA goc before 


Part. a. Cap, 5 , ^fflt^^d ConJci9m€s, 2 c j 

make a man (V) heforriefor nothing but fmne , and to f^''* rep? ntaofe , z% 
turne all his grieve and groanes.figns, and teares,npon *^^ ground and .'ooe 
bis tranfsrefilons ('I) o»f/y ; To vvir, to ccnfider, that p'^'uf". I" ''"\v 
an impeniten.tcarnajl worldling dotn pafle thorow call icpcnt^nce are 
even in thib life (where he hath all the heaven hee h bo- h together, but .n 
ever hke to have j incomparably more comfbrtlcfTe '^'5 order <f namtc, 
hcarts-gnefe, flavirh torment of"minde,and heavines (\^\^q^^J^' 
ofSpirit towards endk-flepaines, then the ftritfleft amj^np^^ffilX^egt- 
Chriftian, and moft mortified Saint, doth endure in aerofum virum ceias 
hispaflagetoeverlaftingplea(hres.FourthIy,That,be- ^"atriftari f Aufmi 
fides, many other peftirent properties , worldly for- f^^^^-^^fi<i habecim 
row doth aifo double, nay multiply, and mightil}' en- e^c^ef^ed7u\'^Zm 
rage the venome/Ditternefle.and fling of every cro/Te, dv.ta'm mttst vm. 
accidentjlofTejdifgracej&c.Whcn (m,) Ahuopheiy^^is cuiiin^ciei ? Sedhai^a 
difgracedjby negled of his counfel, which tvas in thofe ^^"f''^^ii'"»/elu(amj& 
dayes^asifamanhadeitquired at the Oracle of God, '^^''^^f^f^J^^^/'ntiet 
carnall griefe logr ew upon him, that he gat him home et corpfa? ai ittmm re 
to his hoiife, p/tt his houpjoldiK order y and handed him- furgei. Et ficui cum 
felfe. What was thedifgrace to this defperate end? "f^'''^ /'«^«««, ^ 
Haman being croffed by Mordecaies difcourtefie, and f ''*'" -virbmni percu- 
contempt, did fo trouble himfelfe, and take on, that, JuS-IZ S'T' 
having (n) told his wife, and fiends, of the glory of his nam cum umbrd Tan'. 
riches, and the multitude of hii children, and all things, tUfpugnat, & vires 
■wherein the Kin^had promoted him ^ and how hee had ['*"* ^^IF^tvU, mliam 
advanced him above the Princes, and fervants of the *^/J'^jf^"']f.^^ !**/'' 
King, &c. Tet profejfeth unto them ; that all this avai^ Calorumregfle^ll'^^t. 
led him nothing, fo long as hee faro Mordecai the few, w, &ftvis, me bodie 
.-,',, X, , . .. jugula'f ciedit ? itatias 

tihilmbeo^qhodmtctler'jeradiUabena rnvfautU. Ckry{ift. ad Pop». y\niiocb, hom 
fl) ^Viur pol^qu^m mmfe(le oraiio dmenilravu, quod nequs ptcmarum mnl£iam, mque e'en- 
tumeliam.wqke (dumniam, ncque flAji,iUa,ntqueval€tudmmt mquemmmy rtequc aliud qmd 
tahum tnduCii trifiitia. inliaurarepoffttjtdfolum dtUre peccatHm,& hujia t(i dtfiruaiva-certm 
qHOipropurbsmfolam caufimfaai tfi. Tie mpl'm ipturptcunmumjaCiurm doUmur ftd cm 
pucamta^tantiimdekamiis.niuli&enm hk ex trifiitid utililas. Mtdilaimii? ue dJtas- tie. 
queenimproderit. reasjii} Dole, utile nmque e/2. Ibid. ^^3 » Sam. 17. 2?. \Athn9. 
phel, ita raimmntur : Abfolom^ aul vkctt, aut xn : fi non vinca^, incidam in manm T>avi- 
dU: Si vscerit, adbue egtLixgiorm vlvm, Cbufai ctuftlio vidtbiiw v'lcijfe. - —'l^olftlt 
pomsmrifqu4mi?!gloriHivhtret Pet.Mart.insSano^cap. 17. C"3 Heft y.ix,i 2,11, . 


a02 iKfir-HSiionsforarightcomfomng Se^.2, 

fitting at the Kings gate. Now whether do you tbinke 
was the moft grievous thing to beare ; the bare omiC' 
(ion of a meere complement, or an univerfall diftafte, 
and dir-in/oyment of all outward comforts heaped 
upon him to the height, and in excellency ? The hun- 
(o) ^mvii quid til- dreth part of }ohs loffes , and lefTe , hath many times 
^itia. ms'.eft'm ? Std {ince.made many a covetous worldling.to cut his own 
ir^»K2iJS ^^^'^^^' Ihaveknownefome,fortheloffeofanover- 
ort^V^denimittJi- loved childe, to have languifhed , fallenlntoa con- 
hllumdt(inU',h0ieautm fumption, and loft their owne lives. But now on the 
peetiitemiam bwi pte- other fide,befidei> many other gracious effcS:s, foryoy^, 
nittndam in falwem according to Godyis more deliciom^andfyveeter than anj 
SlSn^ ^'rldlydeligh^ : AsCo)p.^A/.«., truly teUs^m in 
«^, eiuod. nullum pani. ^"^ny places. To whom Moderne Divmes accord.The 
tetfic doluljfe, id quod very teares,that a good CoKfcienceJhedsy (aith (p) one, 
wuniaM trifiitUpro- have more joy^and pleafurein them, than the -worlds 
pmmefl Qs'i^-gtma- greatefijoyes. This is certaine, faith (^) another, that 
qmimmt \Um mx]o. ^^^^^ " ^"^^ hghtnejfe of heart, and true delight tn the 
remdolorm infiri^ At forrow of the Saints, thanin the lorvdefi laughters of the 
tamm partntts fe ipfoi world. For un^eakeablejoy is.mingled with unmtera' 
pA dulm plMgeniti yu aroanes. 

ZZt:iSr':::l , ^. Whenitis„otanykmdlytouchofconfcience 

Utatm, '^tmt% p»fl rorfinne wrought by the Mmiltery : but terrours, and 

tempuA.pttmentiam r- affrighting diftemptrs arifing from the darke mifts of 

gunt qMi'mmed'il dc- a melancholicke humour in the braine, which caufe a 

lutrunt. Mi worldly man tocomplaine. In this blackejandradhumour.Sa- 
noournmemuit Dec r^ i r re • i • /^ :i C • r \L ir • • 

mourned for, snd tan, God fuffermg him (and ot it ieltealio it is preg- 
fucb tcires 'Muvepr, nantenough this way j hath great advantage to raife, 
with a aewruDpivof and reprefent to the Phantalie many fearefull things, 
re*rc>.3 sum ■ " 

titith ifidaida! , ,'imb & (em-'gli afflixmntifedrontalUc^trifUmffcundum Deuniyfei 

babet gtrnme: rM,i:} v,?: e^ quo:! qms fe tisn mcufat ob doknm^ & quod trifiitia infalutem definitt 
Amhobu4iiiiiC'>inaifi'iiii^ip'lvii<t'fl Chry'oft.i i tCor.cap. 7.\l>Avn.\^.Sicuten'mmundi 
gmiiiin* t4fliti<e ttnfvnio copulatury iti etiam fecitrtdumdmisHtn lachrymx ^ugem-parmnt^ ccf' 
tdmqueUtitiam.ldcrY^i'm Ma tU.3- liooj <5. Cp)/5r.2)j-^eof conlcifn«,cap.: 5 pag.132, 
Cq) Concidaqitide'n Wud. in ipfo }r.ssiore^ ac tiobre pmum p'ns gaudij ineJJs^ & vtra fieittitf 
qadm iny'ifu lujiu ntHnJi: liamcum (ajpirys menarrabiltbui conjun^am efi gauditim intffabUe, 
Rolloc inIohan.cap.il pa^, '570. DHls'iomfunt hcbryriM erAniium^ quam gAuiiiTbeatf^- 
turn. Auguft in Pfal. 1 1.7. pag 74?, %, Cafe; Men arc tnclanchohlccly grieved. 


Part 2. Chap. 5 . 

j^ffii^ied Confciences, 


terrible ob/eds, griefly thoughts, hideous in/e(5l:ions 
and temptations^ro defpaire , felfe-deftruilion , &c. 
Whereupon the party (b afFeifled and aftlided is wont 
outotimpaticncyol- fucb uncouth horrours, andhea- 
vinefle to addrcde himfelfe,and have recourfeto Tome 
Man of God, fome noted Phyfttion of the foule ; not 
from any purpofe and refo^ution to become a new 
man, and alter his courfes ; but oncly for hope of eafe, 
enlargement from the tyranny of that ferall paiTion, 
andrccoverie to wonted quietnefse of minde: not 
expcdingor aiming at all , at any other change ; but 
from pre(cnt melancholy to former mirth ; from this 
abhorredjirkefomcinliipportable ftate of fadnefse^to 
his accuftomed fenfuall,or civill contentment at Icafl. 
In this cafe let the art, and aide of phyficke bee im- 
prou'd, to abate and take otf the excefse and phanta- 
fticalnefse of this horrible humour : and then let the 
partie be advifed, to imploy,and fpend the native,and 
kindly (^) fadnefse, of that uncomfortable conflituti- 
on, in forrowingfor finne, in trembling at the threats 
of Gods judgements, in fearing to offend, and flying 
under the wings of C/?r»/? for fanfluarie ; that {o hee 
may happily bring fupernaturall, and heavenly light- 
lomnefse into his foule,by pardon from God, peace of 
confcience, and evangelicall pleafures. It is incredible 
to confider, whatafliftance, and advantage a gracious 
man hath, by his fweet (r) communion with Jefm 
Chrifii2indi thoferefi-efliing beames of comfort which 
fliinefrona his face, to confine and conquer thofe ma- 
ny impertinent, irkefome, and vexing vagaries ofthis 
wilde humour ; which with much folly and furiety- 
rannifeinthe fearefiill phantafies of grace] efse men, 
and make their life very difconfolate, and abhorred. I 
am perfwaded, the very fame meafure of melancho- 
licke matter , which raifes many times in the heads, 
and hearts of worldlings (having befides, the guilt of 
their iinforgivenfinnes flaring with griefly reprefen- 


Thefeare to bchel. 

». Advice. 

(qj Dolat mtlantholkuA 
convent debet inMi- 
rettty qui tflfecHndum 
Deum Aiat4».ThcoI^ 
Cafuutn, cap. 25. 

us ? — A^pftbtnfo 
cujiise[i cum {mvitate 
W(ig»d, & gaudio in- 
cndlbili, ut m plan^ 
fuivii ejl ea^qute oppre- 
htnditur. holloc. in 
Iohan.cap.8. p.Jje, 

. InliruUions for a right comforting ' Stdi.i 

tations in the face of their cbnfciencesjand acquainted 
with no comfort but that which comes from carnall 
joyes) continuall clouds of many ftrange horrours, 
and gaftly feares , nay and fometimes makes them 
ftarkemad ; I fay, the, very fame in a fanclified man 
maybefo mollified and moderated by fpirituall de- 
light, and foveraigntie of grace, that he is not onely 
prelerved from the fting and venome of them, but by 
Gods blefTmg from anyfuch defperate extremities, 
violent diftempers, and diftraiftions, which keepe tlie 
other in a kinde of hell upon earth Jf the very darkncs 
of the helliflTi dungeon were in the heart; yet reaching 
out the hand of faith,and receiving C^rifi that bleffed 
Sunne of righteou/hefle, would difpell and difperfe it 
to nothing: Much more methinkes, the light of grace 
and heavenly wifedome, may in fome good meafiire, 
diflblve and mafter the mifts and miferies of this earth- 
ly humour. Religion then, and religious courfes,and 
conformities doe not make melancholicke men mad; 
as the great Bedlams of this world would beare us in 
Worldly men flan- hand. For you muft know that befides "BelinU and 
d« debo/ht companions,tbere are a generation of world- 

ly wife men allo,right brave and j oily fellowes in their 
owne conceits, and in the opinion of fome flattering 
claw-backs ; But by teftimony of the Truth it felfe, 
flarke mad about the fervice of God and their owne 
falvations^who curfedly feare their owne cenfciences 
with the hotteft iron in the Divels forge, by breaking 
out into filch blafphemies as thcfe, when theyheare, 
or fee, any extraordinarie heavie-heartednefle, temp- 
tation,diftradion,or fpiriti\all diflemper,to have feizd 
Scripture & preach- upon any that defires to bee faved : 7 oh fee »o», •vphmt 
ingas caufcs of roc- becomes of fo much reading the Scriptures , ef flying 
iancholy, but aic prayer, and private duties tvithfo much adoe ; of mea- 
ling rvith mj/fieries of Religion ; of meditating fo much 
of heavenly things ^ of taking fin?iefo deeply to heartland 
holdingfuchfiriU conformity to Gods Word^ drc. Blef^ 


Part 2 . Chap . 5 . A^iUed Confcitnces^ 2 j 

fed God I Is tbine holy Book become (execrable blaf^ » . Rcpichcndcd. 
phemielj apervercer,diftrader, and empoyfonerof 
mens Soules ; whi^h being the glorious ifliie of thine 
owne infinite underftanding, was purpofely created 
asa moft pretioLis fr) Panacea^ an iiniverfall medici- CO A:to n7m^T<t 
nail ftore-boiife for the cure of ail fpirituall maladies; J!^^mhu!mbt'^' 
an inexhaufled treaiury of all found comfort, true joy, 
peace, and refrelhing I Now the Lord rebuke thee 
Satan, and returne as dung upon thine owne face this 
villanous, bafe , and wicked flaunder, which by thy 
gracelefie inftruments thou laboured to call upon the 
glorious face of Chriftianitie, the incomparable fweet- 
nefle of the wayes of grace , and that One necejfarie 
thtftg.l have knowne,when the onely wife God,hath 
fuffered for ends feene and feeming good to his hea- 
venly wifedome the hideous , and raging humour of 
melancholie,to darken the native clearnefTe of the anir 
mall fpirits in the brainc, requifite to a due dilcretion 
of things apprehended ; and to blunder, and diforder 
the objeds^and operations of the phantafic in his dea- 
refl childe, even to diftradion , and breaking out into 
that inordinate pafTion, againft reafon ; I fay then, the 
concurrent cry and clamour of the enemies to the 
power of Godlineffetobe : Thiiitisnow to befo boo' 
kjjh, tofoHow Preachers fo much, to he more holy than 
their neighbours, never to have done injerving of God: 
Her (o much reading the Scriptures , and (uch poring 
upon precife bookes ( fo they call thole , which moft 
pierce the confcience , and guide the clearlieft in the 
holy f at h) hath made her ftarke mad : The Puritan u 
now beftdes herfelfe,^c. Now I fay againe, the Lord 
rebuke thee Satan,\Nho fits with fuch extreme malice, 
and Soule-killing folly in the hearts and heads of fuch 
miferable men,whom thou fo lottiflily hood-winkes, 
and hardens to the height,for a moft defperate down- 
fall, and horrible confufion at laft . 
Were now the glorified Souk of that blcfled Saint 


2o6 JnjtrnEiions for aright comfortiHg Ses^.a 

confulted with, and asked: Diddeft thou ever receive 
hurt by reading Gods bkffed Booke , by fearching 
fweetly into the great myfterie of Chrift crucified, by 
meditation upon heavenly things?Di J the facred (enfe 
of thole divine Oracles diflettle thy noble faculties, or 
ever makefad thy heart? &c. Oh! with what infinite 
indignation, would it flie in the face offiich curfed Ca- 
villers, and wranglers againft the truth. 
1. Cowinced. Is it pofTible for the fole, and foveraigne Antidote 

I. From the qaality fentfrom heaven by God himfeife againft the fting 
of Gods word. ^^^ venome of all heart-griefe,and horrour;the (acred 

Sunne of laving truth, which isonely able to ennoble 
and glorifieour under ftandings with wifedomefrom 
the breaft ot the everlafting counlell of 7^/w Chrifi^ 
fliould become the caufe ofdilcomfort , and diflettlc- 
ment (A the (bule? No, no . There is (uch a quickening, 
healing, and mighty efficacy and vigour (hed into it 
from the Father of lights , and (hining in it from the 
face of Chrift, that by the helpe of the bleffed Spirit, it 
can turne darknefle into light,death into life, hell into 
heaven, the deepeft horrour, into height ot joy. Tell 
me of any miferie upon the body /oule.out ward ftate, 
or good name ; any calamine felt or feared in this life, 
or the life to come; and if thou wilt be converted and 
counfelled, I canfend thee to fomc, both Promifcand 
Precedent in this book of God, which miy upon good 
ground fill thine heart as full with found comfort , as 
the Sunne is of Light , and the Sea of Waters. Nay, 
give mee a wounded fpirit with all it's inexplicable 
terrours, and bittern effc,- which is the greateft mifery, 
and extremeft afflidion, of which an underftanding 
Soule is capable in this life. And let firft all the Phyfi- 
tians in the world, even the Rofe-knights, as they call 
themselves, lay all their heads,skill,ana experience to- 
gether, for the cure;Let all the higheft Monarchs upon 
earth fhineupon it with their Imperial! favours for 
comfort ; Let the depth of all humane wifedome, and 


Part 2.Cap.5 • ^fp^ed Confciencej, 207 

the height of the moft excellent oratory be improved 
to perf wade it peace j Let all the creatures in heaven 
and earth contribute their feverall abilities and ut- 
m ft, to ftill it's rage : And when all thefe have done, 
and have done j uft nothing; I will fetch a cordiall out 
of Gods own Book, which lliall mollifie the anguifli, 
expell the venome , and binde it up with everlafting 
peace, which pafleth all underftanding; that the bro- 
ken bones may re/oyce, and the poore foule groaning 
moft grievoufly under the guilty horrour of many 
foule abhominations, and ready to fink into the gulph 
of defpaire , bee Iweetly bathed and refrcflied in the 
fount nine openedby the hand oim&[Cy for finne^And for 
Hncleannepy Chrifts deareft bloud,the glorious well- 
fpring of all lightfomneffe, and joy- 

Heare hew precifely for this purpofe,and how pun- 1. The tcftimonieiof 
dlually againft fuch peftilent cavillers fome of the an- Fathen. 
cient Fathers do Puritanize : 

There ii no malady ,h\xh* Chryfoftomc , either of Ghryfoftomc. 
hodj^ or foule, but may receive a ntedicine out of Gods * ^^^ 'fi '» f^umand 
Soeke naturavetcorpiru,vti 

^ * anirM paljit, que mt- 

dkhtm bint acppert ntqmat. ^uomtdif Die tbfura, In^titturquk bfU,mitiiia.,& nt^titrum 
fdiiituAir.t oniratui^ & inptfjur tuc i'a fnxrore ad$bruUUyflitm ut audivit prephttam diceniemf 
quare iri/iii ti mima met j& quart conturbai me ? Spcra in Dukra, quoniam cnfittbor li.falutart 
VHliu4mtit& DemmiUi'Juffi'Ainticoafolinioitefttfitp'iabitf&tmmm iSammiBiis tri(timm 
tXLutit. AiJM itim cxirtma p tmitur inopia^gravatim /tf/, & na<ety vidtm alios tttvUjfs cfflut- 
Tty & vaUie iaflari^ & magnfi Mpparatu, & pompa [iipari: audit & iac eitndem prtpbetam dictH- 
tetn^ la^A in Daminum (Bluitudintm tuAm'^ipfe te eniUritt. E.t iteruDi} ne timtas cum d'uatm fue- 
ntbomcy vtl cum mklvplicata jutm gltrk t]m: quia cum moiitiw nam aaipUt omma^&c, £(i & 
^iM quoque rnfidias & cabimniasfH^.intns dokt, & ivfuavem putat vtum: nufqmmbumaaum 
mviHne valtm auxiliumi aecttur & bic ab tedtm propbtia in talitui angufl^s von ad humanum 
frteftdiumcoKfugiemlum ^udiquidipfedicat Ijp^dttrainbantmiliiyfgtautem orabam. — Infu- 
psralitii ab}fi,quipriuifibimin:flrabaniydi^icitur,& conUvuinwry& ab amitii nlin^uiiHr, 
&boct(iquodmememtji(tmaximicgnt'irbati &co»fundit fed&bicjihuc vemritt tHditbia- 
tamiUumdicinumy 4micimti&pr9ximimeia4veffitm mt appwpinquaruntj & ftettruniy & 
vimfatiibent, quiquerebant animom mtami & qui qu*Hbant mak mhi, lequchantur vaMitates^ 

& fraudultntias lotd die meditabantur ^uut er^ Hit nttrimy dum infidiantWy & variai^t' 

firuunty (gn'i igo autim, inquit. quifipndui wn ouJiens, & quafi mutm ncn aperiem otfuum. St 
ftidui fuMf qua ft homo mn audtens, & non habeas inorefut redargutiones, -——^Vidi^i quomcdg 
^icunam caitimiteie bumMnamnmuram, prtmntet (nvtmmitxfcripturu antidotmn atdptrt 


2o8 JnfirH^ions for a right comforting Seft.2. 

VKtit, & omniiv'ii* OnecomM of pre j[edvi>ithfadne jfe, and anxiety of ^u^ 
bttjus repellaiur cura, flftcffes, overwhelmed roith grief e ; Bnt prefentlj he A' 
S* rL^Sr Pr^p- ''^''l ^^' Prophet, faying, (a) Why art thou caft down, 
undf''^f^rt'utfi4b- ^ my {bule ? and why art thou fo difqnieted within 
inde 'buc'ventatisy & me? Hope thou in God, for I will yet praifc him, who 
imntfcnptura U£lio- jj the health of my countenance,and my God. He re- 

ntnt auftulitik: nou ceives abundance of comfort , and abandons all heavi' 
folim, cum hu venstu, ^ ^ , 
federdomldivlmbib ^^h' oj heart. 

lia m mtimu fumUe,& ttAnother ps pnched wtth extreme poverty ; takes it 
utilitatm w iUispofi- heavily, and grieves, feeing others flowing in riches- 
urn, wdgaa fludio fuf- fyoelltngrvith pride , attended with great pompe, and 
tipMt, inAtmmm^l. ^^^^ , Bftthee alfo heares the fame Prophet^ fayinjr^ 
mmqJ;d£l7uL (^) Caft thy harden upon the Lord,& he ihall fuftaine 
ne I'mgHn rejotmctur. thee : i/^nd againe^ (c) Bee not afraid when one is 
diinde anlm pmruu made rich, when the glory of his houfe is increafed:foc 
ajfmit, & titvAtHr, ^\^q^ ^g dieth,he Hiall carry nothing away; His glor? 

j^barequt foils ^uflttK (hall not defcend after him ^ 

i//Af/f>'a/«r,|»ir4«<te«- inaunotaeicenaartermm. . , . ^ ,. . 

fui illud ab immundA' There ts another, which- ajjaulted wtth tnfidtattons^ 
rum cogitatmam tUi-^ and calumnies, is mnch troubledy thinkes his life HHcom- 
cebrii UbtrAtuti mitlta fortable, finding no helpe in man : Hee is alfo taught by 
frlZ'lnlHV''^!iTad the fameTrophet.that in fuch perplexities, wemuftnot 
*«^Si S%flri ^^f^rt to the arme of flejlu Heare what he faith : They 
jcnjibiiaiUecibusficitt flandered, and I prayed. The mouth of the wicked, 
idaai9i§ie6ii9p>ielln, and the mouth of the deceitfoll are opened againft 
ch'yfoft. in Gcn. me.'They have (poken againft me with a lying tongue. 
?«Tpi *l'* t 1 1 '^^^y compafled me about alfo with words of hatred; 

(b) t'lal.^s s*. 21. ^"^ fought againft mse without a caufe. For my love, 

(c) r>ial 49. 15 17. they are my adverlaries; But I give my felfe to prayer. 

Pfal 109, 1. J 4. Another is fleighted, and contemned by fame bafe con- 

temptible underlings ; andforfaken of his fiends ; And 
that ii it, which moji troubles his minde^andgoes nearefi 
to hii heart : Bftt hee alfo, tfhee will come hither , doth 
heare that ble^ed man faying , My lovers and Hiy 

Pfal j8.ii.xj.n'«*« fi'iendsftand aloofe from my fore; and mykinfinen 

I J. ft and afarre ofE They alfo that feeke after my life lay 

(hares forme: and they that feeke rny hurtjfpeake mii- 

chievous things, and imagine deceits all the day long. 


Part I. Cap. 5 » JfjliEied C^wfciences, 2 op 

But I, as a deafe man heard notjand I was asa dumbe 
man that openeth not his mouth. Thus I was as a man 
that heareth not,and in whofe mouth are no reprofes: 
for in thee,0 Lord,do I hope: thou wilt heare,0 Lord 
my God. He concludes thus :' 

Thoft hafi feene , hon> that any vtifery fre^ng enr 
mortality i a convenient Antidote may bee taken out of 
Scripture^ and alithe carding of this life may be cured-^ 
neither needwe to be grieved for any thing which befals 
us. Therefore I befeech you that henceforward , yon 
Tvould come hither ^ andlifien diligently to the reading 
of divine Writ, ^ndnot onely when you come hither , 
butalfo take the'Btbleintoyou hands at homCy and re^ 
ceive -with great ajfen:ion,the profit to be found in it. For 
from thence fprings much gaine : Firfi^ that the tongue ' 
may be reformed by it:Thefoule alfo takes xvings^feares 
aloft ^ and is glcrioufly iUightenedrvith the beames of the 
Sunne of right eoufne^eyand that while is freed from the 
entifements of impure thought Sy enjoying much calme- 
nejfey and contentment. Furthermore, that which cor^ 
porall food doth for encreafmg bodily flrength: the fame 
dothreadingperformetothefoule. „ -. 

All Scripture is given by infpiration of God. and is q^] 'y^^ ^^fj 3,. 

profitable: and writ by thejpirit of God for thispurpofe, 07rvd^7& j^' a<piKt'- 

faith great (() Baftl, that in it, as a common Mart of i^Q-yJ'i^ mu av^- 

foule -medicines, every one of us may chufe a medicine '^'^f,^'^gj^f', "^ 

proper, andfitforhisjpirituall malady, '^ ^^^^ 4^ ^* 

feromey writing to many (t) even of Her fexe, HTfeiqt, aW-Te?^- 

^aTot TO la(/,A n 
liKH* 7Ki^ii%K<t<^t lM.hiyaUi^ Bifil, in Pfal 1. 2\(fl« <//■<«, »t Inde al'y nobU tpplHtnt 
pbarmaca, fedtKa^/ laMyoiM^'] fusgali ip(i r.obii tlgamus. (t) Icrome. En tibi ode mull' 
enulas^littamy L^ite filai9i^pautamhu]*u fitiet avhmyAtqutamitam^ T3tmttmdcm, Salviam, 
Ctlanmrriy isjvalhtfty in yfqatcommtndatamfitio Sctipturnrim UR'mem. Addononttm, Eu(l9' 
chiam; dec'imavi-y slrfillaiti', undccimcm, PrincipUtM; duodecmamy Algaftam Cham Dc Canonis 
ufu.l, ) o. c. 4, And amonsfithe reft, hcare liow cxtraordinanly excellent Marcella wa* 
in knowledge of the Scriptures. JdeMinMarulldkudat Scrifituranm ardottm mredihilm, 
quo ficret utipfum Hkfonymumnunquam (onvtfiiret, quin dt Scnpturis ullqttid mtrrogarttt 
taniamqueftbitrudmmmiomfAraiit,utfiinaliquou^iniomo Scrlpiuramm ((Jetibwta (onttn- 
tiOy adillan>iudiumfetf^tiurl nam? Mulitrm judiwe dt ScrtprnrU ? Ofctbd I audtciaml 

P whom 


InfirH^iottsfor 4 right comforting 


seda^udpapiflas: A- wfjom as I told you before , much reading ofScrip- 

pitd catbolicoimnpi- ^ures and other good bookes made mad, if the extre- 

I st'Thh HiouW make ^^^^ malice of the moft mortall enemies to the wayes 

many of our Gentle ofGod may becredited; doth ftirre them up with ex- 

women mightily afli;. traordinarie cameftneffe to a diligent, indullrious and 

mtd, who arc old ex- fnjitfuU reading of Gods Booke, in many Pafla^es of 

ccllent in taking up HisEoiftles 

faaiionibutcomei.i- W In that to gafidenttHi , about brmging up a 
finitely Qiort ot ihis young Maiden : Heewouid have //<rr at feven yeares 
nobk|Ghriftian wo- old,and when fhe begins to blufh, /e-^r^^f^fPy^/^sifj 
knowkd ^*'"^'"'^" ofDavidwithoftt Books -^mdHntiUtwelve, Make the 
(a) Par. f .Viafi 1 5. Bookj of Solomon, the Qoffels^ the Apefiies , and Tro- 
Ad Gaud. C*im mm phetSy the treafnre of Her heart, 
virgunculam rndm & (x) To One He fpeakes thus : This one thing above 
aR others, I wonldforeadvife Thee ; and inculcating it, 
I Tvill admonijh againe andagaine : That then tvoMldffi 
pojfejfe thy minde with love of reading Scriptures. 

(j) To another : Let the ^ooke of God he ever in thy 
que ad anm uberiaiU hands: — And after the holy Scriptures, reade alfo the 
ubm seUmrm, ivan Tremfes of learned men, 

(^) To another : Let the facred Scriptures he ever 
in thine hands, and revolved continually in thy minde. 

Reading Scripture, Gikh (a)Origen, daily prrayers, 
the -wordofDoBrine nourijh the Soule,even as the Body 
«„-,., pl7/«w7'^ ^firengthened by dainty fare. The Spirit is nouri/hed^ 
rfpetent i'fumy its groTvesfirong,&ismadevictortot4sbyJuchfood,1Vhich 
rumque montba.ut am* becaufeyou do not ply ; do not complatne of the infirmity 
muPituumfacraleSiic- ^f theflefh : Do not fay, tve would but cannot, &c. 
(J)Td sVS's.w- ' Thofe reverend {b) men that made the Homilies, 
ptt'mfnanibm tuts Jit tlivinalc£lio.- — Poftfcyipiuras fanCi'aSidvUorHm bominum travlatm lege. 
Origin- ("x^Ad CelcntiamdeinflitutioneMatrisfannilias. Stntdivinit Stnpiur* fem^et in 
TnanibuiiHii,& juguerin mtnie volvanlur. (2) Orjgcn. Si ad tcc'efiam ftequenter 
venias;aunm Hurts div'mis adtnevfa-, txpLnationim nandaforutn capias: fhut cibii &• del'ityt 
cvro f ita fpiriim verbU divinU csavalcjcet; acftnpbm robk flier (ffiSlm, ctrntm ftbi p^rere coift, 
acfuU kgibr4iobft(pa, NHirimeota igtm fp'miui funt;drvin<s. teEli$,otaiionesa(JidiM, iermodoUri- 
Ttte.Hiialiiar cibia^kU eonvdefcit^huvlClar tfficitur. Quftd qma. aonfmtiijttoUte conqueride 
mfirmuattcarm\ii$luedictrtqulr voluft!Uif{dtKmp»IJ[MVmi'5\iffL<ivit,H<'tD 9, 2, Our 
Homilies, (b) Hvm, For reading of Scriptures. 


edtaiulamjamftptifr its 
tetatis fute ajmia exct- 
ptrit; & cceperit aubtf- 
ceie — difcai mimini 
lir Vftdierium : & uf- 

gtlia,uipo^9los & Pn 

phetoi (ta cordU ibejau 


(x^Ad Dcmetri:dera 

Xtimn illud tibi mia 

Dto ; pneque ammbui 


Part a . Cap. 5 . AffUSied Cenfciettces, 211 

feeme to apprehend tliemfelves , and they commend 
to us the excellent (weetnefle , which may bee (uckc 
from the breafts of confolatims Vfi meditating upon the 
Scriptures, by this their emphaticali and efteduali ex- 
preffion: Let m rHminate, (ay they, and as it were cherv 
the cudde^ that tve may have the five etJHyce,Jpirituail 
effect marrow, honey, kernelly tafle^ comfort , and conf&m 
lation of them, 

I have faid all this, upon purpofe, left melancholick 
men fhould be mifled, or difheartened by the curfed 
counfell of carnall friends^and wicked clamours of the 
world,from turning their fadnefleinto forrow for (in; 
and from plying Gods blefled Booke, and the power- 
ful! miniftry thereof, the onely well-fpriiig of all true 
lightfomnefle, and joy ;and able as I faid before, if they 
will be converted, and counfelled, to difpell the very 
darkneffe of hell out of their hearts. Me thinkes, they 
rather above others, fhould be encouraged hereunto: Mtlaacholy men a- 
I . Becauie they have a paffive advantage, that I may l*®^' ©thers (houM 
fofpeakcwhenit pleafethGod, tofanftifiefor that '«*<^c 'he Scriptures, 
purpofe,and fet on worke the fpirit of bondage, by ^'oTfcifiblcof'^^^^^^ 
reafon of their fad difpofitions, and fearehill fpirits, to threatnings in ihcm, 
befboner affrighted,and dejected by comminations of 
judgements againft finne ; more feelingly to take to 
heart the miferies, and dangers of their naturall ftate; 
more eafily to tremble and ftoope under the mighty 
hand of God,and hammer of his Law.GuiltinefTcand 
horrour, damnation and hell beget in their timerous 
natures (tronger imprefTions of fear e: whereupon they 
are wont to tafte deeplier of legall contrition,and re- 
morfe , and fb proportionably to feele and acknow- 
ledge a greater necelTity o^fefks Chrifi-; to thirft after 
him more greedily, to prize him more highly ; and at 
length to throw their trembling foules into his bleffed 
bofbme with more eagernefle, and importanitie. And 
having once entred into the holy fsth , their native 
fearefulnes being redified, and turned the right way. 

Pa they 


InftrHSiions for a right contorting 


*. Tbey ozTC mofl 
need ot iound cont 

Hetvincff: of mciin- 
choly, differs from 
heavinefle for finnr, 
becauf«ii is 

I* in the phamaH^ 

they many times vvalke on afterward, with more Feare 
to offend, (and happy « the man that feareth alway) 
more watchRilnefle over their way es , tenderneflc ot 
confcience, impatiency of lofing fpirituall peace, len- 
fiblenefie of infirmities,and failings,awFulnes to Gods 
Word,&c. 2. And becaufeofallothers/uch men have 
moft need of lightfomneffe , and refrefliing ; which 
when carnall counfellers,and flattering Mountebanks 
of the Mintflry, labour to introduce into their darke 
heads,and heavie hearts by the arme of fleOi, outward 
mirth, and fuch other meanes, they onely palliate,and 
dawbe : and are fo farre from doing any true good, 
that thereby they drowne them many times deeper 
and more delperately into the dungeon of melancho- 
lie afterward. So that, a melancholicke man, let him 
turne him, which way,hee will, is like, without the 
light of grace, to live, a very miferable life upon earth, 
and as it wereinfome partof helUQi darkneffe.: to 
which alfo at length, fhall be added the torment, if he 
dyeimpenitently. But now let them addrefle them- 
felves to the "Booke of life, and thence onely they may 
fHcks,and he Tatisfied'tviththe hreajls of confolation .* 
let them leane their forrowfiill foules, improoving 
naturall fadnefle to mourne more heartily for (inne, 
upon the proMife J there : and every feverall one will 
fhine upon them with a particular, hcavenly,and hea- 
ling light, with found, and lafting joy. All thofe then 
are ftarke mad,either with ignorant or learned malice, 
who beare the World in hand,that reading Scriptures, 
plying the powerfull mmiftry, taking finne to heart, 
&c. will make melancholicke men mad. 

If you defire to know,bcfore I pafle out of the point, 
the differences betweene the heavinefle of a melan- 
cholickhumour,andaffliftion ofconfcience for (inne, 
take notice of fuch as thefe. 

I Terrour for finne fprings out of the confcience, 
and froni ih€ fmar t of a Ipiritual wound there : Melan- 


AjfiiEted Qonfctences, 

("cj T mcane in rc- 
lpc<S of ternbk re- 
prcfentaiioni. For I 
kuow well frcra the 
Icarncdft Phyfitianf, 
thar that humour is 

Part 2 .Chap. 5 . A^ttted ^ onjciences, 213 

dioly dwcls, and hath his chiefe (f ) refidence in the 
phantafie : imcomfGrtably overcafts, and darkens the 
fplendour, and lightfbmneffe of the animall fpirits in 

2 The melancholike man is extremely fad , and 
knowes not why :Hee is fiilloFfeare, doubts, diftriift, originally fetihd in 
and heavineffe, without any true and juft ground, ari- |henf!Vhfcf loudsTf 
fing onely from the darknefle & diforder of the phan- Melancholike vapor^, 
tafie, the griefly fumes of that blacke humour in the which annoy the 
braine: But a broken heart,a thoufand to one,can rea- ^^^xx^ and paffing up 

dilv tell you,the particular finnes, the cryine abhomi- *° V^^ braine, coun- 

■I. / , .,K ^ 1 ■ -n • 11 u J I terfcts terrible ob« 

nation, the legall hammer, and mmiiteriall hand that je^s to the Phanta- 

made it bleed. His trouble is ever upon caufe, cleare, ^\s; and polluting 
and evidenr,and the greateft that ever brought mifery ^^'^ »hc fubftanccj, 
upon mankinde; waight of (in,and the wrath of God. ^"''.^'^^ fpirits of ihc 
A melancholike man will ride many miles, walke ma- ^Xut TxTimall 
ny houres, and at length be able to give no account of occafion,or objea,to 
tneexercife, anddilcourfeofhisminde, or what his forge mo. ftrou»fiai- 
thoughts have beene all the while: But he that is trou- °"*» ^^^ rerriblc to 
bled in minde for fmne,can br the mod part tell right . [J^ '"•yS' ^^^0"'^ u^ 
well,and recount exadly to his fpirituall Phyfitian.the king, « th^cy are pre- 
feverall temptations, fuggcftions, and in/edions; the Rented by thedifor- 
hideous confli6ls with Satan :His ob; ed:ions,excepti- '*"*<1 [nftfHmcnt,dc« 
ons, replies, f d) Methods, Devifes, anddepths.yjhkh ^'l"* *°. ^^^ ?""5 
have atfliaed his heavy Spirit, fince the firft illighten- The %mpathy bL 
ing,convincing,and aftrighting his awaked, and wor- twccnc the brain and 
liing Conlcience. j^>t!v '^'^ heart, the 

3 The Soule may bee leized upon with terrour of t^oi^ghtsand affedi- 

confcience, and fpirituall diftemper, the body bein? Ta* ^"^''"V"?,'^® 
. jj- j^ T II n-if ^ judgcmcm of difcrc- 

lound and m good temper jln excellency of:health,pu- ijon in it felfc hue 

rity of bloud,fymmetry of parts,vivacity offpirit,&c. giving credit to the 

But the horrours of melancholy are wont to haunt in'ft-'''«n report o£ 

corrupted conftitutions ; where obftruiflions hinder ^^'^ braincjis afF.ac4 

thefreepaffageofthe humours, and fpirits;the blood SSM 
isover-grofle, andthicke,&c. fiare, 

». Without reafon. 
Cd)TrtV)M«3»c/^»££^,Ephef.6 iura^fori(ActTa, sCor.z.il; TdBoi^y Revel. %,3^i 
j.Ioyncdwithdiftefcpcrinthebody. ~ 

P3 4Me- 


InfiruBUnsfar aright c»mfortittg 


4. Full of ftranjc i- 
(e)H4eetfirati9j cur 
tliqul t'lment nta ti 
mnda:cur Urufpicio- 
na minbUti & faifif- 

qttenttf trtpidanits ti 

mffe, u'>i non efi tmor. 
Cepiovi talm ttm^ore 

4 Melancholy makes a man almoft mad with ima- 
ginary feares,and ftrange {'hymaraes of horror, which 
have no Being,but onely in the monftrous compofiti- 
ons ©f a darkened and diftcmpered Braine.He is many 
times by the predominancy of that cowardly humour, 
fmat cadunt t ita ut afraid of every man, of every thing, ofany thing; of a 
"tTJ'wmm''itl ^^^oW' <^^*^ making of a Icafe, of his owne hands, 
ITiHcmtZfeMm.Vei ^f his owne heart. Hee (<r) feares where no feare is, 
S>»hatfnem, & inde where there is no probabilitie, no poffibility, even in 
fHgiuni vem'me p rft' the very midft of l^curitie. His feare fometimes is fo 
extremely fooliflijthat be can {f) heareofno fearefull 
.,v, .-.»« ..n, .,» thing fallen upon others,but he thinks verily, the very 
iwV,V«iJ»S«wA^^w fame thing fliall befall him : lo prodigious, that(^}, 
tmtt &fmtmyaidi fome of them, thinking their feet to be of glaffe, have 
n mtdkina, qui tan- beene afraid to walke ; Others imagining themfelves 
Srt U'lbTS to be noted for lepers, durfl not come into any com- 
f4r«ir .Geifon «!e paf- pany,&c.But now a troubled confcience is ordinarily 
fionibui aoia)x Con feartlefle ofany thing, bnt the anger of G od . Bodily 
M.1Q* tortures, outward trouble, tyrants threats, even the 

(f) Lei a mchncholy <py.t„cg fifterroHrA^th it felfe in bis apprehcnfion and 
Sen heare" ^ or fee ^^» would be as nothing, to the guilty glance of ©ne 
fooic fearefull thing, curfed luft. He would not care, or feare though all the 
«he ftrcngih ofhis creatures in Chriftendome Were turned into Beares, 
imagination ijfmh, or Divels about him,fo that all werc Well at home. If 

faL-XcSu^n ^^ ^^"^^ ^^ ^"^° ^^' ^^^^"'^ ^^^^ ^^^^^ P^^^^ ^^^^ 
himfelfe. A$ if he fee, paflcth all underftanding; Oh ! then would he be more 

or h«t:«, tku» man then conquerour over the whole world,and ten thou- 
faaib hanged himli If, fand hells. 
oris poflefTed of a 

DiveU, it prefcntly come* to bis minde, that he muft doe Co to himfeire, or that hee i», or 
at leaft, {hall be pofleffcd. In Lke manner upon rcbtion of fearefulf things, prvfcntly his 
pbantafie workes, and he imaginct^j that the thing is already, or fliall befall him. Ter- 
l(iiu> Cafts0fC9ftfcitnceifap.it. fed, I. (g) Sic aliquis exifiimabis le gallum, &m»rt galli 
tantahat: Alitu muvVegun, &ft^leais mutts qntftbat. Aluuinngtuimi ft haberttornua in f aft- 
Ut^ertcundabatifirquatiefcHKqucviclcbatfaitjfpici, &fYOitttmtfgtbu. Aliuiim^gmans ftttatari 
dt inft^ione Itfrtt^ vtl dtmorbo caduca^ imH!sfH(.i(bat,& trcpidabut efpeClui^ & (tmones Aliua 
itHiginam ft habire pedes ferrets caLabat vtlidffimi (uperttrram. Aitm ambuhre nanaudtbat 
fhantafmniptdtifmt tffe vitreos. G erfoo. loco (upi d cita to. 

5. Me- 

Part I .Cap. 6 , AfjUUed ^onfciencef. 


• 5 . Melancholy may be lomething abated, the braine 
cleared, the heart eafed by the aide and excellency of 
the art of phyficke: But in the cafe oFa wounded con- 
cience, there is no helpe under heaven to be had ; No 
f riendsjor phyfick,(i>) no mirth or muficke,no prince- 
ly favour or dainty fare,&c. can poflibly give any eale 
atall.Nay they will allfarre rather enrage the wound, 
then weaken the rage. It is ^-&)^»/?,^/&r«/,and nothing 
but Chrift^ which can comfort in this confufionof 

^ AhatedbyPhyfick 


Not all KiogDMtf 
dainty fate, 

Can plta^ngtaflc 
for then) prepare . 

Nofongof Birdj, 
no muiickes found, 

Cjh lallab^ co 
fleepe ptopound. 

Chap. VI. 

Ttvo other cafes n>herem jpiritMall Phjjitians vmH 
take heed of thefecond errour. 

3. ^S^^^^S^ Hen complaint of finne is confu- 3- Cafe When they 

fedly onely & in generall: Ci)/!/^- conf<ffrcin gcncraU,* 

ny deale-inh God.and h^ Mtm- |j,t"' ^' 

(hers in canfejfim of their finnes, (-j) When any cotne* 

faith a good Divine,rf^ Nebuchad' with a troubled con- 

_ _ _ ne:KAAr rvithhis Inchanters about fcicncefot finne, wee 

hisdreMme,thatheehaddreamed;heetotd them, and °^'S^' "T^^l^ '""u'^ 
J r J ■ 7, //J , ccrBC, whethor ihey 

dejiredan tnterpretatton ; Bttt what hts dreame yooi hee ^ meancly gricrea 

could not tell. So many confeflfe themfelves linnets, with a gencrall fight 
and cry out that they are grievous ofFenders,and defire ^^ their finne, or 

whether they be ex- 
tremely throwne downe with the burthen of parncular finrcs X " fo they be, then it it 
goo<! atthc firft ro (hew, that no finne isfo grcar, butin Chriftir ispaidonable, andchae 
there is mercy with God that he oiighr beffarcd: foon the other fide, (hewing themcrqr 
to coQie from God, but fo as they are nor'ning fitto receive mercy, uolcffc they ferfe 
their pjrticularandprickino finne*. But if their fotrow be more confctTed in geneiall 
things, then it \y good to Humble thf m more, and more, to give them a terrour of Gods 
fuRjce for particular finnts:for cispcricnce doth teach, that this is the bcft way co obtaine 

found comfort both to fee our finne, and to be humbled to fee our finne. ■ ^That being 

ihroHohly thrt wncdowne,wemaydiredly(cefce Chrift» and keepc noftjy MntiUwehave 
found conafoi t in bim, who then is naoil rcaif y to free us fi om our fin r e,and to comfort us 
with his fpirit when wcare raoft caftdowr;e with our finnes, and nioft fcarc thwo, Qritm* 
ham. In his GtaTc coonfels pa g. 6. 

^ ^ P 4 pardon : 

2 J ^ JnfiruRioHsfor a right comforting StOi, 

pardoniBut wherein they have finned,and what their 
finnes are, they cannot, or will not tell. And how is it 
pofTible the Phyfitian fhould helpehini , who oneiy 
faith, hee is not well, but will not tell him where ? I 
have fometimcs vifited thofe, who being preffed to a 
fight and fenfe of their finnefiilnefie, and curf ednefle, 
upon purpofe to fit them for C^r//?, have acknow- 
ledged in general], that they were iinners,butdefcen- 
ding to the particulars of the Law, (which was hor- 
rible to hearej juftified themfelvcs throughout. Of 
which extreme fpirituall mifery,and prodigious mad- 

Tgnorapcc of which, xit(^c. Ignorance (xhou^ I know Satan manageth that, 
and all other advantages with all the malice, and cun- 

(v)idqu\dim <wdi9 di- ^ j^g ^^^ poiribly,to the overthrow of foules) is the 

ttre, clarirrtm Evan- .^ . ■,, *■ j JV • i cv-t n 

geivChm dtam.m principaU ground ; the prime, butpeftilentoccafion: 

fudli mqmvt fopuio iray,J^»<'r/««r^, which though it bee not perhaps fb 

Mtt prope/itatn ip, much talked of, ta.xed,and taken to heart as others,yet 

quam fu M, quam n s jg ^ loud-crying finne of the kingdome /For it is a mofl 

IS J/?.t"''^ '' incredible thing, and ofinfinite amazement,how uni- 

^TprtfeC^^non ha- verfally it raignes in this glorious (k^) noone-tide of 

btrtmui ttliqu:d iiliud the Golpell! And therefore muft needs provoke God 

bcai (ub (K'e •■ napia mightily, and haften the removing of our candlefhcke, 

buum (itriierbitii-^ ^j^j ^^ ^j^^ meane time, befides many moe , and that 

S;^2tT^'M''i areadfiilldoomeatlaft.2.rA./:i,7.8. itbringsupon 

ncagaudttf & reaea- moft f more is the pitty and fhame,efpecially fo glori- 

turjxiimex ttubrUe ous beames of a blefied Miniftry fhining about us) 

duMur in lHccm>[iam ^^^^^ ^^^ fpeciall mifchiefes ; which at this time X 

&X:;ilt. ondy mention, becaufe they fervefiri^^^^^^^ 

mui intmtbrU, lon^i, tion of the pomt. tirlt. Ignorant people ftickmgfalt 
imriinlipimii » tnk^o in his clutches, fland all,as they fay , at the Divels mer- 

thrimm luc.tn habe cie,anddevotion,todo with them what hew illjcven 

T' f'fl V Tlir as a poore helpelefl'e Lambe in the bloody paw of a 
tUum Infinite. tsiJiioc, f ^u inr • ..u i r v> 

in lohan.c. i. p.j 89 . I-yon, or a filly Wren m the ravenous claw of a Kite; 
0) Per igmranm ma- to flafh and mangle their wofull foules at his pleafure, 
ium d mfdinnbw ».- with a curfed variety of (I) innumerable finnes ; they, 
tmmtrabUiA pnpetm.- ^^ ^^^ meane time,which is the perfecflion of their mi- 
Z^hbltmnTpcl iery, neither fearing nor feeling any hurt at all,by rea- 

Pare 2. Chap.<5. 

A^iBed Confciences, 


fon of tbehellifh mifts,and miferable lethargic of ipi- 
rituall blindnefl'e, which makes them fightlefle , and 
fenfelefle. Secondly,when times of forrow come up- 
on thera , when melancholy and old age growes on, 
and they fay unto the world , upon which they have 
doted all their life long, I have no pUafftre inthee-^ 
when lofics,crofles, and heavie accidents befall them; 
when hideous in/e(5lion£,temptations to felf-murder, 
defpaire, &c.pre{re them full (ore ; and they thereup- 
on begin to caft about ferioufly, and to conceive with 
^reat terrour and anxiety of fpirit, what is like to be- 
come of them in the other world: Then in fuch extre- 
mity, and forced by necefTitie, they are wont to have 
recourie to Minifters for eafe and helpejand alas ! then 
we are at our wits end, as they fay, and in mucbper- 
plexitie how to deale, and what to doe with them. 
For upon the firft entrance into a difcoverie of their 
fpirituall ftate, w e fee evidently with grief e of heart, 
that their (w) ignorance hath betrayed them to the Wf ^o^c that hsTfr 
Divell, and now in the evill day expofed them to mer- J° "g" ^^ ^^^^ J^^ 
tilefle crueltie and cunning ; even as if a man fhould Word* if at any time 
commit a fhip without failesj rudder, pilot,&c. to the through the rcmorfc 
rage, and roaring of the tempeftuous devouring lea; °f *'?*''" <onfcicncc, 
or puta poore weake naked man into thefield againft 
an implacable mightie adverfarie , compleatly armed 
from top to toe. We tell them truly,that the true way 
io comfort, is to Repent and Beleeve, But for the firft, 
by reafon of the fottifli difacquaintance with them- 
felves, with their miferable, finfiill naturall ftate, and 
their groiTe ignorance in the Law and Word of God, 
they onely cry out in the generall, they are very grie- 
vous finners; but to defcend to any competent exami- 
nation of the confcience, fearch of their foules by the 
fight of the Law, particular (iirvay of their finnes, and 
fotofpeciall repentance, becaufe, of their fpirituall 
blindnefie, they ave utterly un^ible. Nay many in this 
cale are fo dellitute of matter of humiUatioxi for finne, 


which accufeth ihcu), 
they fcelcany inward 
gricfe,fonow,or hea. 
vinclTe for their finSj 
for fo much as thejr 
want the fnlveand 
comfort of Godr 
Word,wbichthey do 
defpife, it will be ua* 
to ihena rather a 
meine to bring them 
to utter dcrpffraj;ionj 
then other wiCc. Hom^ 
'fficpenttiactyfai z. 

axS JnftruElions ford right cev^ortin^ ' Sed^.l, 

that they can (carcc tell you what finne is. At the 
moft, they hare not learned , or thinke that there is 
any other breach oi the fiventh Commandement,but 
the groiTe a(5ts of uncleannefTe : that there is any finne 
again ft the /?»W^, but giving infalfe witnefle againft 
their neighbours in open Court : They looke no fur- 
ther into ihcjfxth commandementjbut unto the adlu** 
all bloody murder of the hand ; into the third , but to 
blalphemie and fw earing ; And fo proportionably in 
the other Commandements. For the other alfo, al- 
though they have heard much of fefta Chrifi , and if 
hebetalkt of, pretend a veryfoolifh andfalfe pre- 
lumption of having part in him jyet to the knowlenge 
of his perfon, offices, excellency ,(Weetne(fe, efteduall 
Miniftry,and oi his w\\o\t my fierie, they are meere 
ftrangers. And fo, when they fliould now upon this 
occafion of trouble of minde , bee brought by kno w- 
^^^g^ ^^^ application of the Law and Gofpel,through 
(n)Howmfcly,Bra thepangsofthe new-birth into the holy Path, they 
riiy then did Kiag ^re to bcgm to leame the very hrlt principles of Reh- 
umt^nt&y forpro^ gion; in f») which they have not fo much skill (/ 
fitablc catechetical i ^edke a refroachfnll thing) as I could teach a childe of 
tc^chiBg in ^JJ*"^*!" five, or fixe yearesold in few dayes. Now when the 
SS'i^m^aU Padlh- old red Dragon hath drawne them into the Lifts, ar- 
Churches through- med with all the power and policy of hell , and fiir- 
oucihc Kingdomc? niftied with all his fiery darts , they are fo ferre from 

bcare the word* : ability to put on, and manace the whole fpirituall ar- 
$» ftrrt (are tbtfe due- . . 

i^ioMi from abating, i bat bii Madefy ebtb txpcCl at eisr handi^ ibat it jhould inc.' eafe the ttWf^er 
ffScrmoH^f by Ysmwingupon every Smiay in the aftir-monc in aU Parif} Churches throughout 
ibe KmidtrtJty'bat pnmttrjc attdmeli^'ofitabtetxpofiiitnofihe Cauchifmey wbtriwiihihepno* 
fle^yea vtry childnn maj be iimeiy(ef!6md, and tMJlTucied inaS ihi beaii of Chriflian Rtlipom 
TbewbieblimdeofteathiNg, loour amindmentbe it ffol^iKf iimotf dih^nJf observed inaliihe 
'HtfttmtdCburcbsitfEurop!^ ihtJi oflateit bah beine here m Ekgla/td 1 fiadehu Ma^'fiy muih 
rauvtd vfhb ibis neglect, and rtjnhtdy tfwt tb/tt are his Btfhops , doe nnt fit a reformation bereoff 
which I trull wtJbxUy ta recommend it to tht cwre of the CiviU Magi(iratety &c, Keafons «/ the 
Isjaf^ dkeliionsforpreacbutg-aHd "preaciars As I received them by authority from the hand 
of a publikcRcgiiler. hitnocdrangcand hoienta^Ic, thai for all thispunccly aitdpi* 
ha$ camcftncflJE, this foolt rourthcnng ncgled ibould yet every day grow greater aD«l 


Part. i,Cap.5. 

jiffs&ed Coftfciences, 


abhorred injcdicn, 


Pharifcs, Papiftt»aud 

out orcfinary '\gno. 

rantijin paiiicular* 

monr with dexterity , and wifedome , that they arc 
ftarl<e Ideots and Infants, in the very fpeculativc 
l{nowIedge of the nature and a(e of every piece there- 
of. They have no skill at all at that excelient, invinci- 
ble weapon, thefword of the Spirit, -which ii the Word 
ofGbd: by which ^eftu Chrifi foyled that foule Fiend 
in the mod hideous and horrible (<?) temptationsjthat Co^ Ca^ thy fefe 
were ever luggefted to the minde of man. And there- '/"WW > D^ftfoy thy 
fore hee doth brinj; them too of ten thus blind -folded 5'^*" ***[* ^'f/ ^'^^ 
and baffled^to perifli themfelvcs, as they {ay,in a moft ?*« i^icTiS; 
bloody and defperate manner, both temporally, and there mj never mote 

The T^harifieSy P apift s,^nd our ordinarie Ignorants^ 
are all foulely faulty this way. Tliey love, and labour 
to enquire,and looke no further into Gods Law, then 
to the grofle ads, and greateft tranfgreffions onely. If 
tRey findethemfelves free from thefe, they out of a 
mofl abfurd, and fottiiL felfe-conceitednefle , juflifie 
and applaud themfelves , as no luch dangerous and 
damnable Delinquents. Hence it was, that Chrifi 
teaches, arid tels the Pharifies,that not onely the grofle 
ad of adultery was to be taken notice of,but alfo,that 
. even a (p) la(civious,and luftfull look after a woman, 
was a tranfgrelTion of that Law ; and to bee taken to 
heart as adultery before God. That not onely killing ^^ ^^^^^*' ^' <'*' */'« 
a man with a bloody hand, but alfo raOi anser in the ""^ ?^ *'."'-^^. 'Tv" 
hcart,raihng,and revihng fpeeches; Nay,even a frow- arMaucufartfiws^u- 
ning face, a contemptuous geflure , difcovering in- I'queammamjpedm- 
ward rancour and rage, kill the foule , and caft into ^0 ?*/«"■<, & obfcan«s 
hell &C pitlchmtmm vultibia 

Hen^it was,that^^/*.»,«,asthe grand Impo- r:'Sj,TH^^ll;. 
ltor,and Impoilener,fo the great Pharme of Chriflen- BeHarmige found guH- 
dome,upon his bed ofdGSith,C9u/d hardly finde what to ty. 
cenfejfe, or any matter of a6folHtion.Vvod\S^io\x& Phari- 
faifme ! Of which,heare fome paflages from the repor- 
ter of his death: 

(q j Shch TV as the innocency of the msn^ (to wit, 


(p) lam mttchittti e^ 
e*m in corde ftml hoc 

C<^ BtUarmmu deatb^ 
by C.J; alcfuitc, p. 

a 2 o ItjfirHElions for a right comforting SecJl. 2 . 

BelUrmine) that albeit he nvas in his perfeH: fenfe, yet 
conld he hardly fndevphat toconfejfe -^ Infomtich as hU 
ghoflly Father woi in fame perplexity, as -rv anting mat- 
ter of abfolmion-, till by recourfe to his life pafl^he found, 
fomefmalldefeUs, efrvhich he abfolved htm. 
(r) Nol mu:!i ualkc Now nothing troubles my confcience. Tor God (JjU 
the Phanfic, Lu\t -. i. goodnejje be fiill (r) thanked therefore^ hath fo prefer- 
Godltbanke tbtij that qjedmee hi^rto^ as I doe not remember in the -whole 
1 am not Mother courfe of my life jever to have committed any CcandaUtu 
onjuft* adulterers. aBton-^^p^^. 355. How {{) holy vi> as his life, not flained 
("i) If BeUamlne was n>ith\mortallfnne? How fecure a confcience^that had at 
Ip notorioufly holy, his death nofcruple j ^ut for the exchange of one good 
tow came it to paflc, ^orke for another, &C.pag. 3 67. This holy man beaan 

icft hecTtftlUlfo his Prayers,{t)faidthe Pater nofier,and Ave Maria, 
thistpccch : Toy my and began agatne the Pater nofier : which being ended, 
ftlfe, I P3<iU tb'mi(i it no hefaid difiinSily the Pfalme^ Miferere, to the end : and 
fmll favour to be Cure being warned to fay alfo the Creed, &c,faid it aH 
i7Sin»it^l 'l"--»'£h^«dwi,h ,h. endofth. Creed.ended hi, ip„ch, 

in tbtft flumti that 

mnfi purge andcleanfe tbt^ns of mm opened, andfatisfie tht]u(l wrath and]u!lict of ^Imi^ij 
Gedf p»g'37t' I know very well what BeUnrmiae c includcth, di Vmgataria, lib x. cap. s. 
fi^. tdt. purgAtorium pro yt tattHm effe: ^u't cum venial^us eii'^pii moriuntw. Et rurfiim pro i/- 
tiSiqttidecedtintcumreiitufoeniie,CHlpiij(imvem:/f$i. But yet fiththc Pontificians teach; that 
veniall finnes may be taken away m thislift; by knocking the bnafi, by ibe Bijhops bltffing, by 
tiulyentringinta anhallerrsd Church, by bmglpnyil^ltd mthboiy water: and by other fuch m- 
fie remedies. See ^T^r. Tom. i.Dib4.c.i: Sc6t q^kt. quxrUur 7. Cmv/.againfl the Rkem. 
fig.lQ V(heri)i bis A«.[wer toaleTultes challenge, pig. 1 78 What extreme madncffc poffcf- 
ledthisman, vjfhq wouWnocprcrentthofehorridfl.'mesby foraany mofteafic and obvi- 
ous mcanes?(c) Hefudthc/^ater nofter and Ave^ana: Andhc/d(<id;ftind]y the Pfalme 
iHi/irir< to the end: And he/«4 the Creed allthorow. Asthough jnccre/ii/iagdidfanfiifid 
and lave, ReftiB» upon opmopcratuni, the worke wroujh', is an horrible popiih impofture, 
irapoyfoning al] their Ta^fioftrd religious Services. When xr ringetbtothe^w Maria, faith 
LtdefmnXbrilii^i^OollriaCfpag^'; Wcmay obtaincindul^,enceby/d;i?ig,at tbefiift loll, 
AngelMBdfnim &c iihx h<:&nd To\\E.cct udneilia 'Z)0/0i»),dr'(« at the third Toll, Et 
verbumearofi£lfim ejl, d^-c-Isnot hcrefw^ct workc? Prodigious topp.ory ! Whea I rcade 
(achpaiTagesinlcirnedmei), I am extraordinarily amazed ac their Arahge iafacuarion, 
and ever receive facisfaftionf otn har, i 1 hef. x, Becauje tbey reaivid not the lave of the 
tYutbt that ibey might he faved. — 'For this caufe God PmU fend tbsm firmgdekfton, that tbey 
pjouldbeleevealye. If this curfc were not jvjftiy upon J?j//ar«i»f, i^etl^/wa, and the reft, it 
were impofliblc, that ever they fliould have madcfuch rrjufccniicat foo!csef(hcrafcJves> 
by writing and bcIccvingfofQit»fliIy,^and ridJ«uloufly, 


Part. I . Cap. 6 . 

^ffltSled Conjciences, 


His (u) Ufiword i were, vitam <etcrrtam, Amen, p. 3 87. 

Hence it is, thatcarnall men are well enough con- 
tent to heare the Commandements read,and perhaps 
will be angry if at any time they be omitted : Would 
you know the reafon? They go along with the Mini- 
fter^and applaud themfelves pharifaically all the while, 
faying fecretly, and fecurely to their owne Ibules; We 
thanke God, we are no image-woriliippers, no mur- 
derers, no adulterers, &c. And fb depart home from 
time t6 time, as highly conceited of themfelves, and 
yet more damnably deceived,then that PhariJie^Luf^, 
1 8. 1 1 . 1 2. Of whofe outward, (x) religious, charita- 
ble, and righteous performances, they come ^ar (hort. 
But they cannot pofTibly with any patience , endure a 
particular unfolding, and powerfull application of 
Gods Law after Chrifts manner, Man.$, a pundluall 
lurvay of their finfull flates , and fpeciall fcarch into 
their lives and hearts. This cutting, yet confcionable 
courfe, flirres up , and railes in them the ill fpirits of 
murmuring, cavilling, reviling, and perhaps perfecu^ 
ting the faithfull Meflengers of God, as a generation 
of terrible Teachers. To expofitions, exercifes, and 
confiderations of this nature , they are drawne with 
very ill will, and much ado; even as a bankrout to his 
counting-booke, a fouleface to thelooking-glafle,and 
a Traytour to the racke. 

By reafon of this affedtcd ignorance in the Law of 
God, and loathneffe to defeend to particulars,it comes 
to paffe , that many in trouble of minde complaine in 
generall of finne onely,and confufedly. And thereup- 
on, as though they werecompetently caft downe,ex- 
ped comfort ; and perhaps many draw it from fbme 
^ayvhers : Whereas particularizing of our finnes, is a 
neceflary precedent,and preparative to a found humir 

And therefore in this cafe we muft deale with fuch, 
as Surgeons are won: to do with a tumour ? or fwelr 


(u; The M words of 
ihofc, Maith. 712. 
wcxc LtrdyUrd-y and 
(hall profcfiTc unto 
them, / never lintw 

(xjFor he fa(}e(il,pray- 
edfgave Mimes, Aianb, 
e.and tithes efaU that 
hepoffeffd, which c- 
ven forma]] fer vice*, 
would fecmc to our 
jgaoranc I uftitia rier, 
too much forward* 

In this cafe whom we 
muU imitate* 

2tt JnjtrHBions for m right cor?tforting Scft. 2. 

ling in the body: Who firft apply to the aflFeded place 
drawing,and ripening plaifters to bring the (ore to an 
head, that the corruption may have iflTiie, and then 
heale : So a generall complaint offinne, and confufed 
griefe, muft be reduced to particulars. It is a principle 
in the myftery of Chrift refolved upon by beft Di- 
vines, rightly inflruEied to the Kingdome of Heaven: 
That a confufed acknovfiledgement, and generall repen- 
tance onely^for k>}on>nefinnesis never fonnd and faving' 
But onely common , formally perfunElory , and that of 
counterfeit Converts^not truly touched tvith fenfe of 
theirftnnes, nor heartily refolved toforfake their fie a- 
fares. If they can bee firft brought to the fight, fenfe, 
and acknowledgement ofibmeone fpeciall notorious 
finne, which hath moft reigned in their heart, life, or 
calling^and be in fome good meafure illightened,con- 
vinced, and terrified about the hainoufiiefle, and hor- 
rible guilt of it, it may bee a good meanes by Gods 
bleffing, to brifig in tne reft. For ordinarily true re- 
pentance is firft occafionedby (bme one fpeciall finne 
laid to heart. The Apoftles,<s^<5?.2. dofpecially prefle 
the murder of C^rifi upon the ']-ewes. Chrifl himfelfe 
adultery upon the Woman o^Samaria,^oh,af,Samuel, 
Idolatry upon the IfraeliteSy i . Sam, 7. The finne of 
asking a king. Chap. 1 2. Ezra, taking flrange 'wives: 
S<.ra I o. Nehemiahy ufury : Chap. J .&c. 

To further the worke of a more particular /<r/^//)fg' 
their ftnnes in order before their eyes ; it were much to 
be wirhed,and a very happy thing,if all the wounded 
confciences, and troubled in minde wee meet with, 
were ftirniftied before-hand, with a competent fpecu- 
lative knowledge , at the leaft of the particulars in 
Gods Law, exorbitant paffages of their life, and grofle 
corruptions of their hearts. Wee might fo, by Gods 
helpe, more eafily bring them to particular reinorfe, 
ancf fit them fooner,and morefeafonably for comfort. 
We findc it a moft hard, and right heavy taske, to en- 

Part 2,Cap.(?. 

§y^jjliUed (^onfciences. 


AfoHrihcafe ; 
When they are trou • 
bled forfbme one no< 


yet when 

want of 

("x) I knew a roan a 

meere granger to It* 

[m Chri(i, both in 

counter the Divels dezifes^ roiUs 3c depths,\n a poorc, 
diftreffed, tempted Ignorant. 

4. When the party is de/edted for fome notorious 
finne oneiy. It is (x) lometimes feene in meere civill 
men, that having a long time preferved their reputa- 
tions entire and unftained, in the eye oFthe world, to"ous finne, ondy 
from gtofle and notable cnorraities ^ and yet after ""sle<9ing the reft 
foulely fliaming themfelves in the f!ght of men by 
fbme infamous fall, feeme to take on much, as though 
they were truly troubled with the remorfe ; whereas 
perhaps the prefent hearts-griefe arifeth rather from i a a 
lofle of credit, then wound of confcience (though to ^^^. anljc^not v"! 
favour their credit,they cunningly father it upon con- bly n*otorioa». Who 
Icience j . Or let them.jbe indeed affrighted very grie- pleafing himfelfc ma- 
voufly for a time with the horrour of that one finne- nyyccresihat he wzs 
yetftaythecry and abate the rage of thatOnewith rorrauiw': 
iome fuper ficiall comrort,and they are healea,and put upon a time was M. 
into an happy cafe in their owne conceit , and in the deniy fet upon by 
opinion alfo perhaps of their unskilfiill Phyfitioii; ^'^^^ drunken com- 
though they fearch no further, and dive no deeper in- P*°^° J' wh«crot 
to the loathfomeDun^ill of thole many abomirjable in "oM bloudC 
iufts, and corruptions in their heart and life, of which tookc on extremely, 
they are as full as the skinne will hold. *nd waj very much 

Now it is a foule and fearefuU over-fight in a Mini- S'<'^c«^» =• * ^^^^*°''y 

fter jnay,it may prove an errour ftained with fpiritnall l^l^^^l many nip"bK 

bloodfhed; to proraife pardon to fuch partiall Peni- together, and by the 

tents, . iroubledneffe of his 

SuppofeamanfickeofthePlurifie,fKouldfendtoa countenance. Hce 

Phyfition, and tell Him, Hee is fbre troubled with a crTeVou' ^aglhSft 

h Horclfe.and thofcwho infnaicd him :^that after fe many yeeres °bricty, hefhouldbefo 
ihunely overtaken, &c. He wascounfelledupon ihispccation to make a full and further 
learch into his heart and life, and fo proceed to a fo^jnd, and faving repentance. Sic. But 
the ground of bis greife being IpeciaJly lliame of his faQ amongft his neighbours,«fter the 
nific nights wjndcr of his being drunkc was over, He wa$,whcrehe was before. Now had 
ihc Miiiifter miniftred comfort hand ov«r hcadat chefirfl %hr, and drawn over a skinne, 
without any further Isarch; though the man might be undone both way.sj yet by fo do- 
ing, He Hiould have bcene juftly hable to that fear ef all Q^ii denounced agaii)ft them, who 
firt!tgibm the hinds of the vflckii^ that hlt^i>uld ml returnefrcm His wic{(c.d r^ay^ bj^romfng 
him Ofe, But dealingfaithfuUy, !^c ddivercd His own€ Soule. 

Coughj . 


JnflrHniottsfor a right csmforting 

Sea. 2. 

Cy3 Mtrb'i lattraia 
nottt fuHt.dohr pmUt' 
rhtif dijfiubi QiiratiOj 
jtbrti ientituaj tujfiiy 

de Matb. Cogn. & 

(z) IndefiniWPrppofi- 
tic vMt umnerfaUm 
in rnaurU Kectljarid. 
P^ulus ab Fiizcn* Ub. 
% pag.Ii6. 

Cough,& intreat His helpjconcealing other (j)Ci^t^ 
and fymptomes , which ordinarily accomp^liy that 
difeafe ; as His lliort and ditiicult breathing, the ding- 
ing ftitch in His (ide, &c. The Phyfition may addreffc 
Himfelfe to cure the Cough, and yet the Patient dye 
of an inflammation feized upon the membrane gird- 
ing the ribs and fide. It is proportionably fo in the 
prclent Point. A man may complaine, and cry o]jr, 
houle and take on extremely for fome one horrible 
hainous finne,and that may be well jbut except he pro- 
ceed to a further difcoverie,and Ibrrow proportiona- 
ble for his other knowne fmnes, they will be thede-- 
ftruftion, and death of His Soule . If a dozen Thee ves 
be entred into thy houfe, it is not enough for Thee to 
lay hold ©n the Captaine Thief e onely,and thruft Him 
out at doores : If Thou faffer but one of them to lurke 
in any corner andifcovered, and not turaedout, rice 
will ferve the turne to cut thy throat , and take away 
thy treasure. Crying out of one capitaE finne onely is 
not fufficient: we muft confeff'e andforfaks* all, if we 
looke lofinde mercie : Prov.lS. I 3 . 

And yet here I would have no true Penitent de/e- 
Aed, or miftake; the bare omiflion of fome particular 
iinnes,in this cafe is not ever damnable. Tor we muft 
know, that if a man deale truly with his owne heart 
in a fincere acknowledgement,confeflion,and repen- 
tance for difcovered and knowne finnes ; (and Hee 
ought to labour, by clearing the eye of naturaUconfci- 
ence,and induflrious inipe^ion into Gods pure Law, 
to know as many as may bee) and for all thofe that 
come into His minde , when He fets bimfelfe apart, 
folemnly to humble and afflid His Soule before God; 
(^and He ought to remember as many as Hee can poC- 
(ibly j I fay, if fb, then for fecret and unknowne finnes, 
which are committed in weakneffe and ignorance, 
the Lord accepteth a gcnerallconfelfion, as we fee in 
Davids ^ladiCe^P/alm, ip,i2. ffho can under fiand 


Part I .Chap.^. 

Aff,iSied Qonfciences, 

^ —J;!!. 

tiis efyiurs? Cleanfe thon me from fecret faults, S]xiX\^ 
there are many, & that in the beft m en, which are not i. Koovrkdgft? 
onely unnoted of others,and free from the worlds ob- 
iervation, but even unknowne to a mans o wne felfe; 
andinvifibletothewatchfulleft eye of the moflwa- 
kins confcience ; which notwithftanding are clearely 
fubjed to the fearch of Gods All-feeing eye , and to 
tife cenfure of His pure Maj eftie : For Hell and defiru^ 
Bion Are before the Lord, horv much more thefecretefi 
'gvayes ofthefonnes ofmen^Sinncs there are alio, which 
even in the zealous exercife , and holy worke of Re- ** Kcmmhtiaie'; 
pentance , may not come into the confideration and 
remembrance of one truly Penitentjwhich if he could 
recover into his memory, Hee would heartily , and 
with much indignation acknowledge , bewaile and 
deteft: So unnumbred are the curfed by-paths of mens 
crooked wayes: But for both thefe forts of finnes , I 
muft fay thus much for the comfort of the true Con- 
vert ; that both thofe unknowne finnes which Hee 
commitsof ignorance, if He truly repent for all His 
tnowne finnes, and labour with fincerity and zeale 
for fiirther illumination of conlcience,and fuller reve- 
lation of every corrupt Paflage both in heart and life,in 
judgement and pradile ; and thofe fins of knowledge 
alfo,which came not into his minde,if with diligence, 
and without diffimulation, with hearty prayer, and 
beft intention of fpirit,He endeavour to recover them 
into His memory, that He might al(b mourne for,and 
mortifie them with thereft^carrying ever in His heart 
this rcfblution, that as any finne iliall bedifcovered to 
His confcience , or returne into His minde , He will 
abominate and abandon it • I fay, both thefe kinds of 
finnes (it is a Pearle for the true Penitent, let no ftran- 
ger meddle with it) to fuch an one, upon fuch condi- 
tions are moft certainely wafiied away by Chrifts 
blood, and Gods free mercie, upon His generall con- 
fefllon and repentance. Davids petition, deanf&_ 


InfirnUionsfor a right ( 


thoH mee frommj fesret faults , did,afluredly p^evaile 
with God^For the rorgivenefle of all His unknowne 
finnes, and ihall bee powerful! for that end, to the 
worlds end, to all thofe that lo pray, with Davids {j)t- 
rit and finc^rely . 

Befides thefe two cafes ; firfl:, want of knowledge; 
and fecondly, want of remembrance in the fenfe 1 
have faid : There is alfo a third, and that is, thirdly, 
•want of time : v/hich if truly fo, doth alfo fometimes 
excufe the omiffion of fome particular finifes. As we 
mayleein thcThkff upon the Croffe. For want of 
leifure , Hee could not polTibly puncflually revile Hi* 
vile abominable life , nor perufe with remorfe all the 
particulars of His former ,wicked,and abhorred cour- 
fes.^But He had infufed into His Soultbyf^eff^ Chyifi 
anhabituall (<<) grace of true Repentance ; which if 
He had lived, would have carried Him faithfully along 
over all the notorious paffages of His lewd and loath- 
fbme life, with a truly contrite, broken, andtleeding 
Soule.So thatJfHehad not (pace, I doubt not, but He 
wonld have proved a very eminent , extraordinarie, 
and exemplary Penitent, And therefore the Lord in 
mercie, did gratioufly (b) accept the defice and pur- 
pofe, the inclination and preparatibn of His heart that 

But to returne to the Point, and give my advife in 
the Cafe propofed : 
* Let the Party, who fo takes on for fome notorious 
finne onely, and there takes up His reft, be toldi That 

fmh fruit meet for ttpintHHce. flitwcs, that f cpcnrancc it felfe is not an outward aSion, but 
an inward grace to be cxprcflTcd in outward adions. Dilietf Rtptntance^Mp. i. (b) It is 
tlie inwaidand habiiuaL Repentance, the inwardframc, bent, and difpofition of the 
Souk thatGod rcfpcfts mo. c, then the outward Afl; as wc may fee by ^hat of !)<«;{</, Vjkl. 
jx. 5. ifaldsljvWconfefe my tranfgreffions unto the Lord, aad fo thiufargavefi thi mqttitycf 
Wj'.^'iai.Thcinwardpurpofcanddifpofitiof. ^fDav'tdi heart torepcnr, wasfufficicr,tto 
suoTcGod toforgivc Hisfinnc, bcfsrc His outward, afSualijand paiticular Repentance 
was exprcfled Prjnne of the Perpetuitji of a RtgtntraK mw (fiaHf In hii-^nfw* :» Arg, 24* 
*llui he wuft be inftraScd 10 Uarchgfwr all, 

" " " thongh. 

5. Time. 

Sinncfi cannot tee 
(ocfciTcd, the pttty 
it cicKiable. 

{"a^ SovH ihinkeit 
«ocl} aoadion. But 
thatHhrare,Z((fc. i» 
tit offfiCi Cnaeaning 
Rcpcntancc>j>W the 
Bcuft «/ Dtvidi and 
VftH the inhabitants 
$t ltru/iUtm,kctD€i to 
■rgueitto beaquali- 
{y,or infuCed gif t,ro Ai 
Faith and Charity 
ar«. So alfo that 
f hrafe of gWing Hc' 
pentancc, Aft.s* ?«j 
apdii.i8.For if God 
give it, wc receive it. 
^low wc cannot pro 
pcrly be faid to re- 
ceive ana^iion,wh]ch 
wedoe, bar ibcp w 
er> gift, or grace, 
vrhctcby wee doc it. 
That fptech slfu, 
Maitb. 3. 8. Bring 

Part I. Cap. 6. Aff.iEi€d Confciences, 227 

though He dwell withdeepefl: fighes , heavicll heart, 
and lalteft teares, uponfomeof His greateft an J inoft 
fpeciall finnes ; yet the reft muft by no mean, s be neg- 
kifled. That which is mo ft crying, and mw,'^», muft 
ferve as a Cryer, that I may fo Ipeake, to (ummon the 
reft into the Court of Confcience , and as a Remem'> 
hrancer to bring them to minde and remorfe: As Da^ 
-uids murder and adukerie brought even His Birth- 
finne into His memory: Pftlm.^ i . And that (inne of 
ftrange wives many other finnes to Ezras minde, 
Ezra p.When a father beatcs His childefbr fom& one 
fpeciall fault. He is wont to remember unto Him,and 
' reckon with Him for many former mifdcmcanours al- 
fo. When a Bankrout is once clapt up for one princi- 
pal! debt, the reft of His Creditours ordinarily come 
thicke and tlireefold upon Him. When once thoix 
begin ft to reckon with thy confcience for fomeone 
extraordinary rebellion , never ceafe nnriH thou haft 
fearcht thoro wly, and ranfackt it to the bottome,that 
it may fmart (bundly, before Thou haft done> with pe- 
nitent anguifti, and true remorfe for all thy other fin- 
fiill corruptions alfo. When horrour for (bine one hai- 
Dousfinnehath feaz'd upon thy heart, follow. Gods 
blefled hand leading thee to converfion, and thorow 
the Pangs of the New-birth to unfpeakcable and glo- 
rious joy, by giving way to all the reft, to hnn^ in 
their (everall inditements againft thy Soiile. And bee 
not afraid thus to arraigne, caft, and condemne thy 
Selfe as guilty of innumerable finnes, and worthy ten 
theufand Hells, before Gods juft Tribunall. For then 
fhalt thou there moft certainly finde a gracious Ad- 
vocate at His right hand;To whom if Thou make lute, 
and feeke in truth , Hee will^by the plea and price of 
Hisownepretiousbloud, fue out a pardon for thine 
everlafting peace. When the guilty rage of thy raign- 
ing corruption begins to prefle upon thy confcience, 
lay onload, and more weight ftill by a penitent addi- 

Qj^ tion. 

^ o JnftrHUicnsfor a right comfortittg Sedl, 2 ; 

' ^< tion, and painfull apprehenfion ot all thy other finnes, 

that growing very fenfible of thy fpirituall flavery, 
wearie of the Dungeon oHewdnefle and luft,fenfuaU- 
tie and death,wherein the Divell hath kept thee long; 
and thine hearr being happily broken and brui(ed to 
the bottome, and fcorch'd, as it were , in feme mea- 
^c) li quoi prmiim ^^^^ ^j^^j^ Hellifh flames of guilty horrourj (c) Thou 
Ti'^tM^'acVefi mayeft fee, and feele the greater neceffitie of ^e/iu 
J!Sh!cgmi^» eji C/;r/y?,fet Him at anhigher price : with more eager- 
/Mfui pecetti, at miff- nefle and impatiency thirft for His righteoufneffcand 
r'm no(ir0. Rolloc in ^jood ; long for fpirituall enlargement, more than for 
lohan.cap.7.pafi +74 ^^.orlds of pleafures, glory, or wealth ; rellifh the/?/V~ 
den M^»»^ of the promifes moft kindlily,and caft thy 
t wounded and bleeding Soule with more delight and 
fweetnefle, into His blefled armes of mercy and love. 
For, O how accepAble is the Tountaine of living w^- 
?(fr/,faith a worthy Divinejf « the chafed Hart faming, 
andhrayirg} Thf hlond ofChrifl to the tveary and tired 
Soule f To the thirfly Confciencefcorched with theferfe 
of Gods wrath? He that prefects Him with it^Haw weL 
come is He? Sven its ajpeciall choife man^One of a thou^ 
[and. The deeper is thefenfe of miferie^the froeeter is the 
fenfe of mere j. The Tray tor layd downe upon the blocke, 

(d) The Lord will iifnQYg.reyiriyieofHisSoveraiqnesmerc^intiardoninVy 
XMJt part trom any , tt ; •* ^ ^. 1 J r "^ ^ 1 j r ^ 
drop of His recrcy to ^"^'^ He, who ts net yet attached, — In our deadfecu- 

theni, which firfl: rity before converfion^God isfaine to let the LaWySinne^ 

have not bcene fw^l- {^-onfeience, Satan^ a deepe lenfe of our abhominable 

lowed up of His judg- and curfedftate/^tf/f' »/?<?»/«, and to kindle the veric 

"orS'/oS, and WfireofHellinourfoules.thatfo we might be rou^ 

bceae heavy laden, ^ed, and afterward more fweetly and foundly raifed 

Si their bonesjwhich f*^^^fi P^^^^- ^^^ ^^^ J^^king ofthefe windes makes the 

have not bccncBap- trees of Gods'EdQTltake the deeper rooting^ 

lized with the Bap- 

tilme of their owne teares: He that feeles not thefc thinji inferac mcafurc hcrc»clfcwhcrc 

HcftiaUfcelctben),Gm,vffc<»w,p<ij. itf«f 3i,£rt/. 3. 

Part I. Cap. (5. Affli^ed Confciences, %if 

I confeffcthat commonly true Converts at the firft 
touch,and turning, and after too, cry outmoft of, and 
are extraordinarily troubled with lome one capitall 
finne, and that which in their dayes of darkneflfe and 
vanitie, wafted their confcience moft, and detained 
them with ftrongeft entifements, and hold-faft in the 
Oivels bondage. Hence it was, that Zacchani was fb 
-readie, and willing to reftore fourefold , that fo Hee 
might bee rid of the fting and horrour of His former 
raigning finne, Luk^ ip. 8. That bleffedPrfw/, as it 
feemes,amongft other dreadfiill apprehenfions of His 
former unregenerate courfes, was fo much vexed and 
wounded in heart,for that He had beene a Perfecutery 
I .Tim, 1 . 1 3 . i»Cor,i$,9. But yet fhoflld they take 
on never fo much, houle and roare for that one finne; 
if befides, they did not by the condud of the blefled 
Spiritjdefcend alfo to a more particular acknowledge- 
ment,confeirion and repentance of all other knowne 
finnes f and they ought,by clearing the eye of natural! 
confcience, induftrious in(pe(ftion into the pure Cri- 
ftall of Gods Law, difcover as many as they can pofll- 
blyj all were nothing. Hee which it grieved, (ay Oi- 
vincs, for one finne truly ^^ nnfainedly from Hii heart , 
"will froportionalfly ^e grieved for all the finnes that He 
knoKPeth to be in Himfelfe . If W€ favour any one finne 
in our heart, or life, or callimg, we cannot enjoy Gods 
favour. If there be any fenfiiall luft,or (ecret corrupti- 
on, which a man purpofely labours to cover and con- 
ceale from Gods pure eye,thefearchof His Word,and 
mortifying grace ; what hope can He have , that it is 
covered with the blood of Chrift from the wrath that 
is to come,or warranted by any promife of grace from 
the damnation of Hell? In a true Penitent,there oughc 
to be an utter cefTation from all grofTe abhominable 
finnes, and at leaft dif-allowance, dif^afte<5Vion , and 
all poiTible oppofition, eren to an-avoidable infirmi- 
tief, and inieparabie iraikias oF^e Belh . 

Q J Chaf. 

.^ JrtfirffBioftsfor aright comforting . Sefl.2. 

Chap. Vlt. 

'tAffth cafe therein fpiriti^dU Thyfttiansmufi tdke 
heed of that fecond erroHr^ The divers kindes of death 
in' godly men, 

*.cafc When men 5- ^^§^M l™^ wheti the Jhyfitian of the 
cake on cxirciBcly W^ X^^M promiletfh ITrCjcie «nd par- 

upon ibcir dcnh- ^| i^>|]g^ dori hand ovtr-headj' Without that 
beds : for wc may ob. .^| WW^^ fpirituall difcretion, which is con- 
^'^^'^^^ '^^J^^^S' venient for a matter of fo great 

^B^m^^^J^ confeqiiencejand requiring fuch a 
deale of dexteritie in difcerning , to a man upon H^ 
Bed of death, who hath formerly becne notorious, or 
omely civill,howfoever a meere ftranger to the power 
of godlinefle, and the truth ofProfefIion,becaule now 
in the evill Day, He takes on extremely, byrealonof 
His extrcmitie ; cries out of his finnes ; O I am anhai- 
nous, horrible and grievous (inner I If I were to live 
againe, what would not I t3o ? A World for comfort 
now, and to dfe the death §f the right eow: becaufe He 
HoKvles upon His hed, as the Prophet fpeaketb, and 
breakes out oftentimes into a roaring complaint of 
' finne, and cry for pardon, by reafon he now begins to 
feare, and feele the revenging hand of God readie to 
leizeupon Him for his former rebeIlions,&c.Or when 
Heeaffures Him, having beene a formall Profeflbur 
onely , and foo/ifi Virgine, of blifle and ^lory ; becaufe 
out of a former habituated ipirituall Selfe-deceit, He 
criis, Zordy Lord I feemes to byr Zanders very con fi- 
dentjthat He /hall prefently receive a Crowne of life, 
thankes God that nothing troubles Him ; ProfefTes to 
every one that comes to vifitHim , that He beleeves 
and repents With all His he^rt,' forgives alhhe wcirld, 
S To mak^a makes no doubt of Heaven, &c. 
godly endjaad Here by the way, wc miiii take notice, that mariy 

, having 

Part I .Chap. 7. ApSfed Confciences, 2^1 

having out-ftood the day of their gracious vifitation, 
having negleBedfo great falvation, for fake n their oven 
mercie, and judged themfelves urmorthy of everUfling 
life, all their life long, by ftanding out againft the Mi- 
niftryof the Wordjin refpedt of any. laving worfce 
upon their foules; and now at length being overtaken 
after thefliort gleameof worldly profperitie, with 
the boyfterous winter-night of death, anddarkneflfe 
of the evill day, may keepe a great ftirre upon their * 

dying-beds,or in fome great extremity,with grievous 
complaints of their prefent intolerable mifery , and 
former finfuU courfes procuriag it, with inceiTant cries 
for eafe and deliverance, being now caught /^j^«"m//fl^<r ^^^ 

BHllsiMANetfulleftheyvrathofgod, with eameft 
and eager filing and feeking for pardon and falvation, 
now when worldly pleaftires are paft; and yet be not 
truly penitent, not (oundly andTavingly humbled,not 
rightly fitted for Chrifl and comfort. Confider for 
this purpofe, Prov. i .24.2 8. In thr. day of vifitation, 
Qodicalled ftpon them, and fir etched a f(t Hii hands, but 
they refufedy did not regard ifet at naughf all His conn- 
fell, andtvould none of His refroofe : And'^^erefore in 
the Day of vexation,when extremitie & ariguifli fhall 
come upon them, like a Theife in the night, a whirle- 
ypinde, travaile upon a tvoman, (uddenly , extremely, 
un-avoidably, He profeflcth before-hand , that then 
they p3 all call upon Him^ hut Hee tv ill not anfyner'y ^ .„. ^ 
(e; They Mil feeke Him early, but they fhM not finde ^^lcZmJS% 
ifiw.^y^/. when Gods hand was unfcquuturoi ««»</«. 

bitant, '^odo urt'm htrg 
quadnntoiti quoDeHrnkvocent, ndl'ifumnt : CumhoclnlocoDetuftfunex auivururndkat, 
fi a mane ad vejptram turn inclamnent. Hj etiam to'.o ccelo errare con^tt, qui jfutant omnei eat 
(ervatoi tffe, qui meribundi Veum imfoc&m. Ex hoc mm locofatii Hqnet^ vmlioi qit'ibiu in ore eft, 
Domintvai^ttzxcnoRd, ad infer<Kd;fci!tdere Ei'g^ydiceUliquiSj qna msioconflatpromilfiom 
lUiui Veritas, fdvumforcy qui Diimmtn invicavefit, loel &. Rt^ fUud de at iniekigitur, qui 
Dtumvtr^,& fyncahinvocint: i . Fide, quod ijliaequeum, qui fidm non habent, &/'aftt^~ 
cult, quid ^t nejtmt, 2. Cm affe^lu 'Deumg'orijfcajidi : ijii verb in clamarlbutfuU propriamfg' 
kmmedoreipiciutitfalfitem, i.Difcedendoabin'iquime, a Tim, 2,19. Qs«ii^i»onficiunt, 
Carcw. in Locum. 


JnflruUionsfor 4 right comforting 


*?{i/« t^ pucntum 
quxrere Dciuninca't- 
minLtibui& abeo optm 
& MsxUtumpeicrei imo 
moHdaium dtv'mum tft^ 
ut in Hfumnu, & ptri- 
tuUi ad Dium cowfugi 
atui ficMt dktiury IH 
vttamein dietribuU' 
tionis, Pfai« 50. Sed 
mditoBtfufi &utTH$ 
moitfiv^ & ptricHlis 
exuMmufi tuque irne- 
red ptrfivirare in fiC- 
cauiifropcfttOi idvtto 
eft iryider» Dtum^ at- 
• jM iram ip^UiprovoU' 
ft. MoUcr.in Locwn. 

CO qttam multl, 
lakh a reverend Fa- 
ehcr, cum hac fpi cd 
tiernn labmt & beila 
Mefctniunt ! 

M«Ay oi Gods fcr- 
foztibly^ through 

Upon them,tke;i they * fought him: and they returned, 
and enquired early after God,&c. Nevert'helejfe^ they 
did flatter him rpith their mouth : and they Ijed unto 
Him Tvith their tongues. For their heart was not right 
Tfith Htm,&c.Hof.j. 1 4. They hoveled upon their bedst 
JVillnet aDogora B eafi,or any unreafonable creature 
jfihen they are in extremitie^ rcillthey not cry^ ivill thvj 
not mournefor helpe, &c, Tlieir cries in the evill Day 
were not hearty prayers, but Howlings upon their 
Beds. Their earneftnefle in fuch a cafe is ordinarily 
like the teares,prayers,and cries of a malefac?tour new- 
ly condemned. He is very earneft with the judge to 
fpareHim. Hee roarer out (ometimes , and takes on 
extremely, yet not heartily for his Former lewdneflcj 
but horribly, becaufe He muft now loofe His life. He 
feemes now, when He fees His miferieto relent, and 
to be toucht with remor(e,butit is onely becaufe he is 
like to be hanged. Againe,many there are, who fatiC- 
fying themfelves and otbers,with a goodly fhew of a 
Forme onely ofgodlineffcy may upon their laft Bed dif- 
CGver, and reprefent to By-ftanders , a great deale of 
fearelefnefle about their {pirituall ftate, much f) con- 
fidence,many oftentations of Faith, and full aflurance, 
and behave themfelves,as though thty were moft cer- 
tainely going to everlailing blifle , when as , God 
knowes, their Anfwer at His jufl: Tribunall muft be, 
J know you not : And in truth and triall , they have no 
more part in Chrift,nor other portion in Heaven,then 
^tjoolifh Virgins yzr\d thofe, Luk^ 1 3. 2(5. 27. They 
are fo confident, not becaufe they have efcaped the 
danger, but becaufe they never faw the danger. And 
hence it is, that many of them dye with as much con- 
fidence, as the beft Chriftians ; they have no more 
trouble then holy men. To l?efure lam flee from dan- 
ger, and not to know tt,may beget ecjuall confidence. 

Now concerning the prelent Cafe, I muft tell you, 
that for my pait, I would not much alter my cenfure 


Part I »Cap.7. <iAffliSied Confciences, 2^5 

and conceit of a Man's fpirituall ftate , whom I have 

thorovvly known before for the manner of His death. 

The end of Gods deareft fervant,after an holy life and ; 

unbian]eabIeconver(ation,may not appearein the eye 

of man (o calme and comfortable.as was expected : by -• « j /r*^ r 

r c t J n' c r • r n Fiift, tcndcrnclTc of 

reafonor much tenaerneUeorconrcience,lome llrong confcicnce : fccond- 
temptation, fpirituall defertion, violent diftemper of ly, firing tempcatl- 
Body ; or becaufe God would have the manner of His on: thirdly, fpit^cuall 
death ferve the glory of His jiilHce, in hardning thofe jSj°" ' f k'S^''* 
aboiit him, who were fo farre from being won by His jjf^j ^©dj will ^o 
godly life, that they heartily hated it ; or for fome o- harden othctjs iherc. 
ther fecret and facred end feene,and feeming good to by. 
Divine wifedome, who ever difpofeth every circum- 
ftancc, even of the leaft affaire moik fn>ect/j and vp'tjely. 
And yet this , as it doth yet prejudice His falvation, 
neither lliould it His Chriflian reputation.Heare th^t 
great {g) Doc1:or in the Art of rightly comforting af- (g) Sreembm m Hi» 
flicfled confciences. But what if you Jhotild dye in this grare Counfdl and 
difcomfortfFor my- fart (m I my felfe looke for no great go^^X Obfcryation, 
things in my death) I tveuld not thinks f^°f^ haraly pf ^"'8 ^' 
you'yneitherjvould Iwijh any to judge otherrvife of Gods 
Childe in that flate of death : For rpefhatinot be judged 
Accordingto that -par ficular snfiant of death, but accor- 
ding to our generall courfe of life ; not according to pur 
deed in that prefenty but accordtng to thedejlre of our 
hearts ever before: And therefore rte are not to mifhufh 
Gods mercy in death^be we never fo uncomfortable, if fo 
be it hath beene before fealed in our vocation andfan~ 
Sifcation. On the other fide, a notorious wretch t^potiftmltmri 
which hath fwummedowne the current of the times, quibtxivixait, Tr»r* 
and wallowed in worldly pleafures all his life long, /«J«»j&wo, audcodi^ 
may feeme to dye penitently and refolvedly to here- "''> ^^t<^"^i pytpier 
formed, if He recover J and yet His fbrrow of minde, I'^alT^Zfll 
butfuchonelyas the terrours of" an awaked guil tie ^j,^ vim'tu Augi^t 
conieience produce I and His refolution to cafl away lib. di Difcipiini.v 
Hisfinnes, onelyfuch, as a man hath in a flormcto Chna.cap.a, 
caft away His goods, not becaufe heedoth not love 

th§mj , 

^34 ' InfiruQions for aright comforting Se<H:.2 

them, but becaufe he fcareth to loofe his life, if he part 
not with them.Or a meerc civill Man,or formall Prb- 
feflbur,may upon His Bed of death be very confident, 
., and feeme to bee full of comfort ; and yet that confi- 

dence no other , then the ftrong imaginarie joyfull 
conceit of a covetous mangrafpinga great dealeof 
sold in a dreame, but when hee awaketn , behold, his 
hands are empty. 
Men are cither For a more full and cleare apprehenfion of my mea- 

I. Godly, and ihey ^ing and judgement in the Point, let us take a fur vay 
' omc of the difterent and fevcrall kinds of death, which or- 

dinarily befall the Godly, and the wicked. 
The death of Gods Children are divers. 
i.Sweeily,a» i . Some of their holy and zealous lives doe deter- 

mine and expire rweetly,fairely, and glorioufly, even 
like a cleare Sunne in a Summers evening, withaut 
any ftorme, or cloud of temptation and difcomfort. 
The darkfome and painflill paflages and pangs of death 
areillightened,and fweetned with the fliining beams 
of Gods glorious prefence, and faft embracement of 
leftu C^rifi in thearmes of their Faith. So that to 
them, the very joyes of Heaven,and exultations of e- 
verlafting reft mingle themfelvesjwith thofe laft ago- 
nies, and expirations of death. Their heads are , as it 
were, crowned with immortality, and endlefle peace 
Jh) Vtcimo fiptlrn(> "po" ^^^^^ ^^^^ ^^ death. Luther, that blefled Man of 
rtbrmryiie^Lutbertit God, dyediweetly (^)and triumphantly over Hell, 
aefit tegmare grAvlm 

txpt&sft & quavquamerat im'aeciliior,prandit tamen cumfil^iy&familiaribuifmyatque CKHa- 
t/i*. Inter (cenMudum argimenii aff^truitfere, ut in alitra vita iHd beaU alter durum coimfcai. 
7>oiicen*tfifump'^ounkor)iu ex vimpromtiUammoy & adquktemfe comfoaens, filuiaiis ami- 
tisquiadttMtjOraieyhqiiiDeumiUti'vangdii doHrinam nobis C9nftrvft. Poniifex eni/n & 
Ciritiiium Trldtntimm liira tmlimitfr. H(c t^i dixit, facie fikntio domit iltqumdM:, (cdhtg'n- 
tt v'i n9/bi, pod mtdiam mSlttn txcitaiM qntritUT de pedorii txytfiiai & prtefenticm jam ind^' 
re poem, bii verbis Dtumardtmer InvosAi: Pater mi cceteftii, Dtus & Patcr Dorrmi 'tfu Cbtifl':, 
Vetu oma c&n/bUiioniSy age tibigratiM, quod fiUum luuin lefum Chrifium mibl reviM[U : cm 
crtdidiyquemfumprofe[fus,qucmarnavijqutmcfUbnvh quern Potitifex T^emanui, & rtliqiui 
mp'mam turbaperftquitur-j & afficit MninmtUa. T{pit te, mi Demine Lefu Chriflt, fufcipe amtnu- 
km mwn» Hi Pattr aelepijttiwfi^vtliw ex bac vUd^lUii torpui hoemihi fit ]»m depomnduro, 


Part I . Chap. 7. ^ffliBed C^nfcihicet^f- 


tbe Pope, and ttie Direll : (i) Mj heavenly Father 
(r^id He at his death j eternall And mcrcifnll God, thou 
hdjl jftanife fled unto me thy deare Sonne ^onr Lord ^efm 
Chnfl. I have taught him, I have knovenehimy I love 
him as my life^ my health, and my redemption: whom the 
wicked have perfecffted, malignedy 'andtvith injury af- 
fliBed. T>rarpmy Svnle to Thee, After this,He (aid as 
infiied thrice. / commend my (ptrtt into thine handsy 
thou hafl redeemed mee, O God of truth . Godfo loved 
the -world, that he gave his onely Sonne ^that all that be- 
leeve in Htr/i fhould have Itfe everlafiing, ^oh. 3.Heare 
how another blefled (kj) Saint of God ended his dai^s: 
Having the day Before he dyed continued his meditation 
and expofttion upon Rom S.for tbe (pace of two houres, 
or more, on thefudden Hee faid ; O ftay )'our reading I 
What brightneffe is this I fee ? Have you light up any 
candles? To'which I anfwered^ No ; It is the Sunne- 
Jhine,fcrit was about five a clocke in a clear e Summers 
evening, Sttnne-Jhine, faith He, nay, my Saviour-Jhine, 
Now farewell world,welcome Heaven fThe Day-flarre 
frsm en high hath viftted my heart, O jpeake tt when I 
4m gone, and preach it at myfunerall, God dealeth fa- 
miliarly with man. Ifeele his mercieJfeehisMajefiy'^ 
yphether in the bodie, or out of the bodie , / cannot tell, 
Godhe kpoweth ; but I foe things that are unutterable, 
•So, ravijhedjnjpirit. He roamed toward heaven^'rvith'^ 
ihettrefull loohe, and foftfweet voyce, but yfhat Hee 
faid, we could not conceive. — With the Sunne in the 
iteming followmg,raijinghimfelfe, as Izcoh did upon 
hiaflaffe, he Jhut up hii blejfedlife, with thefe bleff'ed 
words : O what an happie change fhall I make? From 
night to day ?Froin darkntfle to light? From death to 
life? From fbrrowto folace ? From a fadious world 
to an heavenly being ? O my deare brethren, fifters, 
and freinds I It pittieth sne to leave you behinde : yet 
remember my death when 1 am gone , and what I 
now f eele, I hope you fhall finde, ere you dye , that 


c&ih umenfcifit tnt tf- 
ctfin iffe permanfurum 
in (irafittrntim, mque 
p3(fe me tuis ex ma^ibm 
a qitoqitam avelli.2{p}2 
multdpo^ eampremi- 
omm, ubiipiricfimfU' 
am in mamu DeifcKtet 
& itetumcemmtndaf- 
ftt, tanquatfi dormitu- 
ri{4, pauiAtm ^ viti 
decidit, tsm'Jo cum tit' 
porii, qui quidtmani- 
madvirti poffet, crucid" 
tu. Ofiand. Hift. Ec- 
cltf. Cent. i6,Lib2, 
cap. $6. 

(i) Adsand Monum. 
vol.* png. i>94. I no 
more weigh Cochlnus 
his cutfcd lyes to the 
contrary, or of any 
his fellow ftigmaiicall 
Knight I of the Poft, 
as Bolfec. &€. then 
I would do the bark- 
ing of a Dogge, the 
braying of an AlTc^or 
bellowing of a Di- 
Tell. ^ 

/aad, a fafliftfuirMini-. 
ftcr of Gods Woxi. 

2^6 InfiruUiotiS for a right comforting SeA. 2^ 

God doth, and will deale familiarly with men. And 

now thou fiery Chariot,that came dowHe to fetch up 

Eliah, carry me to my happy Hold : And all ye bltfled 

Angels, who attended the Soule of La^cartHy to bring 

it up to heaven,beare me,0 beare me into the bofbme 

of my Beft-beloved. Amen, Amen, come Lord lefus, 

come quickly, Andfohefellajleefe. That this is true, 

CO In Hh Sermon ^^^ (i) reporter and By-ftander, that ancient learned 

intitule*!, t;« sauUi reverend Miniftcr of God, Mafter Zi^y^Aaddeth: //^^ 

lolau cgAin^ forrorv, the truths my Brethren^ I lye not .my confcience If earing 

paj. 17. &c. „,f witnefe in the holy ghofi, &c. 

* Vncomforiably, *' ^^^5^ "^^Y end their dayes very uncomfortably 

m ravings,impatiencies,ana other itrange behaviours. 
Nay , the fiery diftcmpers of their hot difeafe , may 
{bmetimes,even in the Saints of God,produce furious 
carriages, fearefull diflraflions,and fomc defpairefull 
fpeeches. But thefe being the naturall effeds and iflues 
of melancholike cxceffes, Phrenfies, and burning Fe- 
vers, are finnes^f infirmity in fanftified men. For 
which, ifthey come againe to themfelvcs,they actual- 
ly repent; ifnot,they are all undoubtedly,by a general! 
habituall repentance, and Gods gratious acceptation 
thereof^ pardoned by the Paffion of Chrifl:,and buried 
for ever in his bloody death. Thatlaftandunreverfa- 
ble doome,at ths dreadfull Tribunal of the ever-living 
God muft pafleupon us; not according to the violent, 
and unvoluntarie diftempers at our laft houre, but ac- 
cording to the former PafTages of our life ; the finfiill, 
or (andifiedexpenfe of the dayes ofhealth, Heare that 
Co) Perkins In his other (<?j great -^m/? in the Myftcrie of dealing with 
Sgtvifor t ftikt Man. troubled confciences, The common opinion ify that if a 
mandye quietly. And go away like aLambe(which in 
fame difeafes, as Confumptions, andfnch ltke,any Afan 
may do) then he goes firaight to heaven : hut if the vio~ 
lence of the difeafe fiirre up impatience, and caufefran^ 
ticke behaviours, then men ufe to fay^ there is a judge- 
ment ofGtdferving either to difc»ver an Hypocrite^ or 

Part I. Chap. 7. ' jiffii^edrCenfciences^ 3.57 

to plague fi Tvick^d mitn . But the truth ii othervoife: For 
indeed a man may dye like a lambe , and yet go to Hell: 
And one dying in exceeding torment Sy andflrange behet^ 
viours of the body, may go to Heaven. 

3, The death offome others is mixt,to wit,of fear- -^^^ - ainl«£nari« 

full tempeftuous ftormes,and almo(l,if not altogether, |;'ej. ^f " 

defpairefiiU agonies.in thebeginning oi their lafi; fick- 
ne(te,and a faire refrefliing glorious calfne,and joyfull 
triumphs over temptations , and feare, towards the 
conclufion of their life. For fome lecret end and holy- 
purpofe feeming good to his heavenly wifedomejGod 
fufFers Ibmetimes even his deareft fervants, to tafte, as 
it were, of the fire of Hell, and for a while to feele in 
their confciences, thofe damned flames, as a pfepara- ' 

tive to drinke more fweetly of the Well of life , and ■ 

Rivers of endlefle pleafures. So himfelfe is moft ho- 
noured, by helping when all hope is paft: The heart of 
his Childw more lavlil^.t \xj\rh the firft fight of thofc 
unutterable joyes, being fuddenly rais'd to th€ height 
of happinefle, from the depth of horr our.The enemies 
to the narrotv roay dallit and confounded , by obfer- 
ving his deliverance, whom, out of prophane blinde- % 

nefle, they deemed an Hypoaite : Godly Chriftians • 

gratioufly revived, when they fee. That though the 
Lord hide Huffmce fi-om his Childe/^;^ ^ moment , yet 
zx laft with everlafting kindneffe will He have mercy 
on Him : And that He will never utterly, and finally 
forfake any of His.Thus dyed thofe bleffed Servants of 
God, Miftris Bretergh, Mafter Teacock^ &c. Miftris Mifttcfii grw^r^lj^ 
Bretergh\n^&\\Q^to^ttm!^tzX.\Q>n,ivtpjed that Jhe had . " 

Tiever beene borne ^ or that fie had beene made any other 
creature^ rather than a Tvoman: But when that Hellifh 
ftorme was over-blowne by the returne of the glori- 
ous beames of the Sunne of righteoufiiefie into Hei' 
Souk; She turn'd her nme , and triumphed thus; Oh 
happy am /, that ever J was borne , to fee this ble^ed 
^ay ! Iconfeffe befor.e_ ths^ Lord hi^ loving kindneffe, and • 

^ 2 J InjlruBions for a right comforting 


Mxftcc Ptacotkn 

4. Oiitti^Wyo 

his rvonderfitU rvorks before the fonnes of men : For hee 
hathfatisfledmj Soptle^ andfilledmj hnngry Soulcwith 

Mafter PJ?4f^f)^ff in the height of His dreaJhilI De- 
sertion, told thofe about Him, that hee converjl with 
Hell-hounds ; That the Lord had cnrfed him y'Vmx. hee 
had n({grace;lih^t it was agatnfi the cotirfe of Gods ^O" 
ceedtng, tofave him, &c,But when that horrible tem- 
peft of fpirituall terrours was happily difperft ; and 
> the light •f Gods comfortable coontcnancc begun to 
fhine againe upon His moft heavy and afflided fpiritj 
He diC-avowed all inconfiderate jpeeches , as he called 
them, in his temptation, and did humbly and heartily 
aske mercy of God for them all; And did thus triumph 
what piould I extoll the magni^cence of God^ which af 
unfpeakealftei and more than any heart can conceived 
Nay rather let m with hnmbU reverence acknowledge 
Uu great mercy , what^£^*^^^f*P ^^'^e i to magnifie 
the great goodnejje ofGod^ that hath hum^led,Nay ra^ 
ther exalted ftich a wretched mifcreanty of fohafe con^ 
dition to an efiatefo gloriom and fiat ely I The Lord 
hath honoured me with his goodnejfe: I amfure^he hath 
-provided a glorious Kingdomefor me : The joy which I 
feele in my heart is uncr edible. < 

4. Some of Gods worthieft Champions, and moft 
zealous fervants do not anfwcr the unreprooveable 
fandity of their life, and unfpotted current of their 
former converfation , with thofe proportionable ex- 
traordinary C0mforts,and glorious Paflagesupon their 
beds of death,which in ordinarie congruitie might be 
expeded, as a convenient conclufion to the rare and 
remarkable Chriftian carriages of fuch bleflfed Saints. 
So bottomkfle and infinitely unfathomable by the ut- 
moftof all created underftandings are the depths of 
Gods moft holy wayes, and His infcrutable Councels; 
quite contrarie many times to the probable conclufi- 
ons ©f Man's beft wiledome. But every one of His, 


fith he certainly pafffstborowthofe pangs into plea- 
furesandjoyes endlcfie end unrpeakabTe, miift bee 
content rogicrf fie Godjand to be fervfceable to His 
fccret ends, with what Mnde of dtath He p'eafe: 
whether it be glorjous and untempted : or difcom- 
fortable, becauie oF Bodily diftempers, and confe- 
qiiently interpretablc by undifcerning fpirits .* or 
mingled of teojptations.andTriumpbs: or ordinaric, 
a»id without any great iliew,or rcii>atkable fpee- 
ches,afterextraordinarie fr^gularitics of an holy l/fe, 
which proniifcd an end of Ipcciall notc,and admi- 

Why may not fomc worthy h eavenly minded 
Chril^ians,rcmctimes by ftrong mortifying medita- 
tk)ns,and many conquering fore-conceits of death 
in their hfe time, make it before-Iiand To familiar 
and eafie unto them, and by continuall convcrfing a- 
bove,andcon(iant peace ofGonfciencCjCaftefo deeply 
of fpirituaIi,joycs,thatthat dreadful! Paffage out of 
this life, as it may breed no great fenfc of alteration in 
themfelvesjlbno cxcraordinarie matter of fpeciallob- 
fervation to others* 


The div( rs kitides of death in "kicked metu 

p the wicked, and thofc, who were Oc i VVIclcej; vA 
ever ftrangers to the myfteric of th^ydyc,fome 
Chriftandtruth df godlincfle : »^Of oi'Rc1U«« 

Some dye defpcrately. Though ^^3^ jye, inSTc^ 
m:)(S^^^^^^m\ ^"^'"^^nds periih by "prcfumption, fpairc and tcrment •£ 
; — S^^^^Sjd to One of thefewho defpaircj yet confcicnce, there bee 
fome there are,to whom iipon their beds ofdeathaU «n>"'ons that dye in 
without fenfe o' fiane, or punifliment : The reason wbeteo7 "s" b«rirfe "«»5 
whokncwts he hathtinic little cnoiighin thii life to drswmen to fiBncjandlooee- 
ncughaJtcrituSjUlc to wrment them forit, doth iherc/brc oidiwuily Keicxve the 
R ~ their 

2 ^ O InflmUisnt far 4 right comforting ^t6i, I • 

TT^'n"^ of finncrs their fins ^refet in order before tbepn,aidreprercn?ed 
«cm!and'iH %'; '^^^^ eye oftheir awaked cotifcicices in fiich grcifly 
it^ Hell J left ii iiti^^^^^^y^^'^^iottniblyythdX^^^thQ very nrlt and fear- 
fhoulddeale Co rough- full fight, they are prefcntly ftrucke ftarke dead in 
ly with all finncrs in foule and fpirit, ittterly over- whelmed, and quite 
hSaffo' ^hey might, fvvailowcd lip With guilty and dsfperatehorroiir.So 
terr ows! (T^lzhn^t ^^^^ afterward,No counfdl, orcomfor t j no canfide- 
nieineiorfalyation,as'''atio'i**^fhcisimtafurablcnefreof Gods mercy, of 
did the /4yo«r,andthetheunvaiuiblcnefleandoninipotcncy,tbat Imiy Co 
ievp!s. Ad, 17.50. a"'* rpeake,of Chriftshlood-flied,ohhe variety and cx« 
i//7/^^r '.A^^f •''"'•^"'"'cellencyof gratious promifes, of the loflfe of their 
^70. owns immortauSouleSjCanpombly drive and divert 

in) We fliouM never fi'om that infinitely •» falfe conceit, and ciirfed Cry ; 
Bce ifi fucha foriorne My fnnes are greater Jthancttn be pardoned, Where- 
there(£°"ldbe**^^^^'!5 "^^^ ^^^^ mifcrable, and foriorne wretches, they 
ofdcVa°re,conEng''^'">'^*^^^^^y^ '^^^^^ themfdves into 

our fins bee the finnej Hell,asit wi^ere, Upon earth , and are dananed above 
of Men,His mercy chc ground. Thus the Lord fometimes for the cerrour of 
?"F n ^/^" "finite others, gbrifying his ownejuIHce, and bringing ex- 

aothcKcader, and wilrull oppoucion to grace, doth in greatcit in* 

dignarion by the hand of ^Winz vengeance, unclafpe 
unto them, the booke of their owne Confcie:ice,and: 
of his owne holy Law. In one of which they findc,, 
nowatIength,alkheirinaiimcrable iniquities.trant- 
greflions,a id finsengraven with the Point of a Dia- 
mond, enraged with Gods implacable wrath, aggra- 
vated with the utmoft malice of Satan; And never 
to be razed out,or remitted, but by the blood of the 
Sonneof God,in which they peremptorily profelTe 
themfelvcs to have no part. In the other, they fee 
the fiercenifie^and fulneflc of all the curfes, plagiies>. 
ai'.d torments denounced there, and due unto all iaa- 
penitencfinners, ready to be poured upon their bo- 
dicsandfoules forever; And no pofiibility to pre- 
ycnf them, no waycs to decline them, but by Gods 
aafinite. booacy through lefas Chrift, in which they 

Part.l Cap 8. JffiUed Confciences, *4' 

alfo utterly difclaimcall right and inrereft.AndtlKTe- 
fcre they &re now finally, and defpieratcly refo'vtd 
to icokc for no mercy .* Butin the I'r own e judgement, 
2nd by their oune confc flion, ftand re pro(>ates from 
Godscovetiant, and voidc of all Hope of his inheri- 
iance,cxpc£ling with unrpeakeable terrour &nda- 
maz. ment of fpir it,ihe confuramation, of their mi{e- 
rk',and fearefiiil fcntcnceof eternalldamnatioO.They 
are cotrmonIyfuch,° as have been grcflfe Hypccritf s o Out of the curfed 
■ like /»^^j and lien in fomefecret abomination againft Nurccry ot fuch (orw 
the knowledge of their hearts, all their life long^ ^^fhTw^rnd^ht^nl 
that have followed flill their owne renfuall wayes, giceut(ome,andbang 
^r dccurfe of the world agair.ft the light oftheMini- them up a$ u were ia 
fir y, {landing like an armed man in their concienccs cbaines,aswofuU Spc- 
to the contrary j who have been Sccrnsrs and Per- ^'^^^ Jo^^u ' 
fccutcurs of the power of godlir.eflc, and the good ^*^""*o — - 
vcay ; who have abjured the Gofpellof lelui Chrift, 
and forfakcn the Truth for honcnr, wealth, or ' 
worldly happinefle : To whom the Lord in their 
life-time vouchfafed many mercies, much profpcri- 
ty, great meanes of faivation, long forfaearance,&c. 
And yet they flood rtit flili,they ftill hated to be vZ' 
{oiw.td.,fet fj naught all His coutofell^^nd wonid mne 
of Hts re^roofe. WhereforCuhcDay of graticus vi- 
fltation being once expired, a thoufand WcilJs will 
not purchafeit againe ^ Heaven and Earth cannot re- 
call it. No mercy, no comfort, no blelTIng can then 
be had, tho they fceke it with teafcsand yelling.They 
(hail nevermore be heard, tho with much violence 
ihcy tjirow their fcrikings into the Aire, they cry 
with fighes and groanes,as piercing a? a fword. Net, 
but that the Gates of Heaven, and amies of mercy 
may ftand wide open, untill their laft breath : But 
alas.' They have already fo hardened their hearts, 
that they cannot repent, ^fter thtne hardne^e, faith Rom. zji 
Panl^ ar.d heart , that canrnt repent. They now hut 
^ hov^le fi^on ^j^r^ £eds, they doe hoc crj Hm9 God ^ith 

^^^ JnJhntSHmsfgrarigift eomfartfag Se^Z. 

tbffr hearty as the Piophtc fpcikcs,H9/y 14 Their 
carKftand#4r/T crj'ingin this laft exrrcmiry • is onc- 
Ijr beoofe, Thar feare « cffmr u^ tbfw as dsfslMti^m; 
md iheir dtfirmHsmM m ^htrlewi^e, \Vhen tbcy 
caft our dsircoDfifkradons for comfort, Itisrjotthe 
wbeie Crcattoo can poflBJy helpc thtirii for they 
moftftand or fall to die Tribonall of th^ ever luffing 
Gcd *»i^fj tndtfmble^ani Crediar sf the ends ff the 
S*rth, if they looke up to God the Father ; that 
Frov.i,i^.z6. comes prefently into thcirheads with 
xnich borrour^nd quite kills thdrhearts : Bscaafe 
Heeimth called sJlouj hfc longjaad all that gcodiy 
tinie wee refu/ed j Hee-'^ul l^^gh now 4: cxr cjUamTm 
tj, 4md wftc^ wkcn 9Hr feuxe is come. Jefnt ChnJ}, as 
tfacy ftrongiy coocdTC, and in-oijoveab! y concludfc 
^^aft thcffi&ivcs^ixach now to cheiD hr ever ck^ed 
op His wounds as it were, and will not afturd theji 
aic drop of His blood ; becatrfe:b?yhave lo often, 
by commiag unworthily, fpiic it in the Sacrament,. 
pcrfecnted Him in His mcmbsTSjjnd defpifcd Hi.-n 
in the MiDiitry. The bleffed Spirit, becaufc in cfae 
Day c^ vifeadon they repcJied a'l his inward war- 
ning and holy motions, preforing Satan 5 impure 
fiigeeflioas, before His{acrcdnfpuati3ns,dorhnow 
so tbdrowoe acknowledgement, by the equity of a 
IcflpropomoBpnthis Day of vexation, leave them 
tof*f;6ir_/y«# of their former wilfolnefle, andr.ape 
tberewafd of their own waves. Thusthefeforlornc 
wietcfaesare difclaimetJ, forfaken, and abandoned of 
Hearcnaod EanbrGod a :d Man i ofaii rheccmforts 
9 Ta wfct rcn& i-. ^n this Iifc,aiidbldB»gsorthe World to come. And 
ffixK is the gr«:icft fo by fiaaildcfpanog of G^ds^mercy^thc ^geateic 
Sniie ; f Of ir n no: of finncs,thev m< ft uDb^ipily,2!)d curfediyfollow 
fcnply fo, Em the y«<U/tbewof ft of mcD, into the dariuft aad moft 
"^ " ^ ^ damnednookeinHcH, 
Sosaedicc^eldlj. *• G:^rsd»cfco(cItflyand blockiLhly.Tbey dc- 
1 ' t' BKaa€ th«nf<iv«,upootbeu dying Beds, as though 

Pflft. I^ Cap. 8. ty^ffuned Oinfcierxes, 245 

there were no immortality of the Soule,r.o Tribunal! vfnue i?,t>:e irorefc-' 
abcve^oflrict account to bee giuenirp there for ali ^^'«nr's ^^<^ <-ppcG«e 
th-ngsdorein theflcft.no cvcrlafiiag cft.te in ^^li^^T^:^ 
worldrocorae ; wherein everyone mult cnhcr iie in £nnc thcnrXpfrationi 
unrpeakeahIep3ines,orliveJnun-urtcr2bIepIearure5. bccaulc .he Lcve cf 
Lithcirliferimejthey werer.ever wocnt to tremble po^ i* a a ore <icel- 
atGodsjudqcments, or rcjcyce in his prCfr.iffS,or V" ^ ^^^^ '^^" V.o^^. 
muchtrcubte cheaifelves with tiie mmjitry of the ThcHsh y..'.uin^ His 
VVorJjOr about the ftare of their fcules. All was one jft^m^jbeaTaftcorg- 
to them, whjit Minifltr they had, whether a Man bjUof muchrcrtenft:. 
tauchtta thekiy.adcm^ofCh^ifiQis. genera!! Teacher, P«fli'-ion,anc falfcDi- 
or ar.fgnorant Mangier of the wcrd^cr a difiblnte fel- "^^^^.^'{i^^, 
low, or a Dawber with untem^.red irortcr, or a andochrr l-hJot'ochi- 
dwmbe Dog. If they were neither Whores nor call Poin:s, He !;« fall 
TheeveSjbutweli accounted of amongfttheirneigh- fome truths. Drfp<r4ti* 
boiifSjthrivedinthe world, profpered in their our- ^^'•y^!^'*'^:^^*^^^"'''^ 
ward l^ate, provided for pcfterity.flcpt ir\2V,ho\tZMnu4ll^Z^!v^ 
skinnCjWere not vexed onthe Lords day with any of^etrdre ji^siuKm ^i. 
thefep: ecife Trouble-townes •■ They were wtW <!**': d^r,cr,:m ft f^.sci 

.jrcaicDortr.eirtcrmcraaacquaintancewitn i^^tm, ^4 > /»- 
rpintua;Ithir,gS:andGodnctopeiiL'ig their eies,they ffoui't, euimakU d^ 
are neither a fflided with any fearecf Hclljcr atfecled "^"_«»;m^rHieicD. 
wth aiiy hope of Heaven ; they are both un-appre- '? f '^^■i^S.L.d'xwft'^- 
hcrnnveof theirprefencdanger.and flarekiJe of the ^w.T '?>'"" ^'''" 
fiery iake,in:o which tfieydre ready to toil. In tn;ie eu.'gouuJef;cr4tufect» 
regsrdSjthcy are utterly un:ouchcd,die moft caktly^ptnuit-i murtrc, hptSt. 
aad without any troubi cat all. And it is their ordina- ^ic uf»lf Tcecit Q^ri 
ry Anfwer, when they arsqueftioned abouttheir fpi- ^"•*'^''A^'^«>f *-'»*» 

^ ^ J ^ r Viitmf^niKffTdnii-m 

^i itffiiuC /»**»* nequitUm Dei^ietnti icrt.pird:,§him mfthit tLr^4 -mur, dam 
fiii'jn'.jt^mio^C-^trjtBiontm (i.ytnitiiu d»f(rCKi Va- (ui K:bi. eaR.qutS en> m ctfiteri 
ffcM/'rff^ Idem dc vera & falls Pcer.ic. cap. 5. Eut dec no: mif^itc ihtgcc^Fa;licr,or 
upon His words prefHme jbut hesr? what He addes ; Stnu diii imtr.ui £.t'^,(f/ii.6itit,aui 
ddco prxrMir»nnt,& dtDto cinf.duntu^uid i^udniUm fiifi iuzxtum accu. ur.: .tccAVfii'.Q'hnt 
fSKtenn*exftai*t yenidm :auid credurtt, ^twdm Cbrjiuini (uat^cn /(i^itwrtir- x*. 
l4ntej (i^^/yci 1H<id fcrtptum eji,09tnif quieuis^$u pfycijfycn: novstn Vtn. rn^/d^yni erif, 
Vut^moimf ntrrenThmmi tnytfAU qHim*mfo§iiHt Cbrtfium creJfre,G- SdCrdpfntMEc'. 

V^ I " ~ * ritUill 

f*}\ . . 

*44 InJirHiiisiiS for A right comforting Secfl.l. 

ll'llfft ^^"^"'^'•ricaallftate, aid How it (lands widb them betvveeic 

feciire at the time of ^^'^^^'''^*^^'^«»-'Which,thougbthey thinkcitmike? 
^cath. GaJ in his iu- i^nachfor th?irowri?credit,7et alasl I" is ranHcoiTi' 
ftice plaguing aa afte fortto jjdicioQS B>'-flaad.-rs, and fiich as wifh well 
fifr,w[?haH^fl,acJ 'i' ^?^hdrS.ules , B.tratheraf.arcfull can^rmirion, 
curityatdeath And.bc^^^^^^^^"^^ ^^^^^^ givci^pvcr to the fpiritof fl i.n- 
Lordfe(^estofiy,a$ ^^-^sn^^aledupbydi./iae p jjfticc, ia tlie fo.'cifli- 
oncc to the Prophers 'lefTcandfecurityof chiir ownc fenfcIelTc hearts, for 
Goe.mike tbe.r con. ^nf} dffervcd ccideiunition. Thus thefe men, as 
dcafhT^ ^y'lu'e ^^- ^?-^'^tS,h'V'i^i^ P'^k^,^^ddie l,keblockf. ^nd 
made It aflcep all iher /'^^ '^'^ '?'**'*'*'^' p<'<7;»/<?,(aith Greenehtxjn.'^ill fiiU com^ 
life , left c^ynfcicnce mendpuch feArefull c^atbj,fa]fingy He d'parted At msek^ 
^ j"^^i!^ ^n<J fpcake, lj,asa LambeyHee ^ent ii^Aj m a bird in ajhtll j xt>hen 
Ui^yzIjJlTh^^^t^^'y. '"'^^^ "^ »'.'///47,r^«/^^' their feathcvbed, mi 

^- .. I. I-A-— ._^ Oxeinaditch. 

3. Some die formally. ' 3, Ochers die foi'mally ; I meane they maikc very 

Y^'T^r^ goodly ihewes and rcprcfcntations ef much confi- 

/trfj^ctfotfiflilywilh- ^'^^^^"^^^°^^*^^^* Having formerly beene formall 

out comfort and fee. Pi"ofe{roar$,and fofumiilied with many formes of 

ling of Gois lovej as godly fpeeches, and outward Chriftian behaviours } 

MdLDjks of Con- Andtheipiritofdelu(ion,and fpirituall Selfe-coufc- 

ience,cap.i2. n age, which ia their life time detained theaa in con- 

ftancy of fecurity ,and felfc-coaceitcdncfle about the 

q Whom Satan fceth fpirituall fafcty of their foulcs, 1 without any fuch 

cut of Gods favour, doubtSjtroubleSjfears, tcmptations,whicharewoo t 

^I,^jJ?^fl'*"°'^"|}fohanntthofe who are true of heart, (forordinaiily 

leadyto bee caft*into ^^^^ isthcpcaccof unfonnd Profeflbrs) continuing 

Well fire 5 thofe doth ^ ^^^'^ 'n^^S'fi^ry groundlefle psrfwafion and pre- 

ilce falfely perfwadc, fampiion m the height and ftrength unto the c id,for 

thatthey areoutof all their very laft breath may be fpcnt in faying, Lord, 

ceiye their lamentable ^"*^'^* ^^^ 7' ^ ^^V ^"^" *"^'" ^^ thefe, thus WohiUy 
<ftatc:Butwh<>inHee deluded and fearrfuUy deceiving others, may catl out 
feeth Goddoth favour, upon their laft beds many glorious fpeeches, intima- 
whom Hecknowetbtoting much feeojiug Confidence of a goodeftatc to 

Part.I.Cap 8. Jp^edCoiifcieKces. *4J 

God-ward, contempt of the world, willingncfleto »nd JcUow-hcires c» 
die,rcadine(rc to forgive all the wcrid,hope to be fa- ^^^ ^'^^^''^-^^ ^^Tc 
vcdjdefirc to be diiroIvcd,and goe to Heave r,&c- tempt very often to 
They may cry aloud with a great dcale of formall f^a c, to do. br, yes, 
cond^criCCyLerdXcrd^^ Mercy^Mtrcy in the name romctincs eventode- 
of ChriI>,Lord kfus receive cur fpirits^c And yet ^P^i" of the.r fahrati. 

,.,/.' II ■ 1 fi • t «• on, JoMcbfimt for a 

all the fe goodly hopes, and earneft ejaculations, ^^^^^.^^^ ^^^ ^{ 

growing onely from a/orw?,and not from the fower^ Exhoclc<ipuy liqm, 

<?f jo<^/i«f^^,arebutjasIfaid fomewhere bcfc.re,asfo w«'rw, quibtMinoreefli 

many catchjngsandfcrablingsof aManover-head if ^' '"')" mifeurenoprij 

watcr;HcftrugoIesandnrivesforhold tofaveHim. '^:,tZttvZ'^b. 

felfe,bul he g- afpts nothing but water 5 it is Qill wa- smj c^uicrti.nt.cjacni^ 

tcr, which Hcc catches, and therefore fir kes and dm cimfluni funtyiieit 

dfOWnS.Thcy areallbut as a fptdert TVe&^Ioi? 8. J4;X J. fojt'i^mnarnakildntts 

Vpon which, One fallingfromthe top of'anhcufe,^'^^'^!?**^"'^^-^ 
layesho!d by the way,fcr ftay and ri:pport. H. ^^// ^^'^^j;/J^*^2^^^^^ 
leane upon his hottfe^bnt it pjAll not jiand^Hf /hall bold /gly„^cfft'yVMant mm 
itfafi, bf4t it Jhall not endttre.O horv many defcend faith Je nomn Vcmm inro:' 
ail ancient Father, niththts hope to etemalt travatles "'^« quomftn pofjunt 
and torwm ? Ho^ many faith an * other wcrrhy '^^''^"f ^IT/ltf^' 
L>oCro\Xly£oeto tiell mth a vame hcpe cj H>aven'. ^^^^^ ymttesy muUot 
"^hofe chieftfl CAfife of damnation is thetr falfe perfypA- f^t yecaivs ,Jtd pa::cos 
fisnand grot^ndleffc preftmptioM efjaivation ? Of aU ^/^^o- ' u"o«'«Devcri 
the foure ki.des of death, which ordinarily [ cfal l^'^^Zmi^^ac 
fuchasarenctfaved, thisisthcfaircft in (heu i^'^'^ /p^'^a^ ^tcrms Uhotet 
yet ofgreatt ft impoAure to thofc about them, and o-e- yelia. J^/fenduntf 
moftptftikrtconf qnencc to hardctiefpecially allot Haw many goe to 

the fame humour,thathf arc of ft. * ^ 7» 

4. Somcdic P.nitently: BaflineanefeemingJy if^*^'^^'Jf!"j!:;• 
f >,notfayingly. Many having fervcd their appetites hcII wiih^is hope? 
all thcirlivcs^andlivcd in pleafure; now wheuthe ♦^ Doao: Ff^tty. 
Sunneof their fcnfualldehghts btgmsto fct,a;id thf ^'"^' D<y^iKttm -. Mws 
daike midnight of miftry and horrour, rofeizc upon^''^'*"^',*"'' f '""^^^^ 
tlKm,woa.d very glad., be. faved. ^^A\i^^'ttT.J^'i!£:. 
them nor. If they might firft live the life of the w!Cr<^f, /<>,» iAcnttm in 
ked,and then die the dtarh of tl e righttcus : if they leBontenqt^tdyidtiinth 
might have th€ earthly KeavcnoftheworidsFavou- ^'P'**"* "'^ sthttmmi 
R4 r,tes^"S"'**?^^-i^' 

2^6 InJ}rfi£l$«Hffor aright comforting Se^«?^ 

t o^eudimr mhn /"fr rites hcre,a!idthc Hcavcfi of Chrifts Martyrs in the 
h.tc yerb* , quoi iUo i» ^orld to comc. f Thcfc Men are woont in this Uft 
*'JT';Z''..^"^"!l'Cl extremity, to take on extremely; But it is but like 
^e«rf//*/'^ff4;o/^r,^«.tf- then- H^Wm^ «/><?« r^-ir •3«fi^r, W^/i/a 4^ 
4hmtHt & current hue atepinchcd With fomc fenfe of prefent horror and 
h- iBuc -<i /^"j^^^"'", expectation of drcadfoll things. They cry out 
tioSfrw4m ^Z'^'*"'^'- migtily for mercy ; But it is noother,chen their ^4r^ 
T/it/Xol^lI'iw/'^^^^^^ Becaufe Mftr^e unimguifh is 

toj opo;te4t J4cere, fed Come Upon them : TheyenqufreeagciiyafcerGodjind 
y>/?»«/<«Wj«^>f;o,C"«f- would now be gladiy acqiuinted with Him; But 
i((^^u:}butar^sfMfef4--,-^{)^\\^Q them, Pfal.y^J fp hen he fler^ them, then 
li^syeH^ntiius.cHmnon , . . ^^^ mdtheyrettirncd.mi c^amred early 

tembHif4ck)idx]u^tti/e,^P^^^<'dt ^'^d they remembred that God roat their 
dut tgmdd foenitehti/i, Rocke, andthehi^h God their Redeemer. Neverthe^effe, 
fejlitt^io torum y^ni they did flatter Him with their month: And they Ijed 
'':\':^'' 'J"''" f''"f'- unto Him -a^th their TonzHesx For their heart V^asmt 
^otidihmm/4(erdoUi '"'g^^ »^^^ »'^« They promifc very faire,3nd protelt 
cUmdntinEccltfid :Qjti glofioufly, What mended men they will bee, if the 
^ffwwf,/'fl?«««/^'<»»^- Lord re (lore them .• Hut all thefc goodly pronvifes 
^4t : — tieque fedHC4M ^^^ j^^jj. ^^ ^ msrmng cloudy and as the early den> . They 

,™,'X;»t f;:;» "= "ke thore of.-, Mtfeor murthcrer ac the Barre. 

-0e^iMmpro}eefi\ Et p 

co}ifftmm4iio ytftta tardayierityWors yej7r4r.o4 tJrd4ty& nemo credit^netm h4ndit : ciim aw 
t(fKye»frit/utef iL'osmors •jfefifn4nt,^anxicr!tnr, yorant f4ctrdnie<y panitentUm yolunt 
>ti>ire qu4ndo ]4mpanitenUal0Cwmnefl, It4q:tt ^um exponnnt feci4ri fua, & c4pit.ir 
4ti}m4eorum, & y4dunt y4:m,magts dhtitnligatt ]ufio \tidicK> Da ; q:it4 nm propter odiu:n 
feccAtorum dtf^liientes jtf/i yolebam paenttent:4m agerc^/ed pr pttr mart it tmorem. /^dhu,c 
tMtmfiyi-vmefotKiJffKt^nonfibidfplkuiflmt.lactttUi author. Hom. 51. in cap. Mat 2^.. 
yitil4titqi(idimtH CHl>ilil>i4Syidyer$ do'orU im^4tienti^ flccimityquem expcemfcofteipiunt, 
yirnqhed pei(4ta /iid dt^Unntt Gualt.incap 7.Hof, FnturM eji it fenlM^cd confdtntid 
ret(4ti& mi/'eri/fprxfertimyoo con/(ieiitta i4nti cortiemptM eblatx lucit ^idqtte ex judidis, 
mtibta ixercebuntur^ Mtum qnidfrnferio cruciAndi pnt aefiderio thrijii : Nori q lidem, quad 
iddtftdsrium (itfittunnnlhrtfttifropter ipfum chrilium^- — uut propter oduon Pecc^ti^fed 
frupttr finfHtn miferiXfquemferre: mnpotirunt.9. olloc.in cap. 8, f ohan . ( An d to .ei kp Him 
then, is not tofrckeHiw, Hon quttrebam Eum.'Ho : tliey fccke Him nor, thf y difiembic 
with Him (faith ^/'A in the next verlcO^or^wnen God to trie thtm.rcprived them ne- 
ver folittle timejthey fell to their old byasj an J when as Hcc ceiled A/Z/Vw?, their fcekhtfr 
wasatancndk So ate a\l forccd/eekings rlilictoi Bowi^riag brought to his full bent, 
but rcmityou never foUtiL",itflartechbackeag2ine. Nay, it is npr<7v<«»'5^4fj',no kind- 
ly fesking j bu: a bafc ignoWc creepingto,yvithout ail ingcfmity,vvbcmve muft eithec die, . 
Mda«it» H^incht jlert Sermons, ^dg.i^u 


Part.i.cap.S* JgUtledConfeiences, 247 

which being now caft, and feeing there is now no 
way but one: O what a reformed man would Hee 
bee, if Hee might be reprived.* <iA»tiochus, as the 
A^ocriphaWBook of the ^ Maccabees K^QXtSyWhtnth^ t i.Maccab.5. 
hand of God was upon Him horribly, vowed excel- 
lent things:0 what He would do;fo &fo extraordi- 
narily for the people of God.'yea & that He Himfelfe 
alfo Tvokld become a lero ; andgoe through all the worlds 
that^X'iistnhabitedyand declare the porr^er of God. But 
♦Ivhat was it,thinke you, that macte this raging Ty- 
rant to relent, and thus feemingly repent ? A paine of 
the bovpeli that tpa s remedtlejfe came upon Him^andfsre 
torments of the inner farts, So that no man could endure 
to carry him for His intolerable fiinke I And He him~ 
felfe could not abide His orpn^ fmelh Many may thus 
behave themfc-Ives upon their Beds of death with 
veiy ftrong fnewe^jand many boifterous reprefcnta- 
tionsof true turning unto Godjwhert as iw truth and 
triall,they are as yet rotten at heart roote. 

And as yet no more comfort upon good ground Butthisforced late rei 
btlong^unto them, then to thofe '\\\ the fore- cited P«"t^"" is feldomc 
Places:: And it anyfpirituallPhyfitioninfuch a cafe, /*^" - 
doeprtffeithand over head,or fuch a Patient pre* 
fiime to apply itjit is utterly mifgrounded,mi{^appli- 
ed. Hearcwhat " One of the worthieft Divines \\\ u Doaor^tfrlnHk 
Chriftendome faith : Nov» put cafe One commeth to Anrwer to a lefuitcs 
Hi6ghofily Father ruh fuch forrow of minde, as the Challenge,pag.isz. 
terrcurs cf agtiihjconfcience ufuallj dee produce, and 
rpith fi:chiirejclutioyitocafl anay Hit fwrns^asa Man 
hathmajif.rme to cafi av^aj hisgoods^not becaufe Hee 
doth not love them, but becaufe Hee feareth to lofe His 
life,tf he part mt with them : doth not hee betray- this x Dykf , of Rcpcn^; 
mans foule^Tvhopfitteth into Hts heady that fuch an ex- tanccjcap.i^, 
tortedrefentance as this^'^mch hath not tne graine of M*9m reeSetg^ig T«t 
Lave to feafon tt withall, will <^ualifie Him ju^cientiy Bdo-jXi/sty t^' *«fa- 
for the receiving of.anabjolutton? (^c. And * another **'• Mat.13^52. 
i^Qdii:nUY kiflruUed unto the Kinedomeof Heaven: ^*'*''«"^* »«»f*xw 
" Repentanc/'''^^^' ' ^'^/«"- 

t^g InfirftBionsfor a right comfartifig. 

-rdriyerd. J^ensfeni- Repenttwce at death i^ feldome fa unit For it mayfeeme 
tentixmt^receffcfli ttmi y^ther to aytfefrom fears of tftigement ,und ah horrour 

z;:;^r;:r:.^i^::^.^^^vw- -^i-r./.r /««.. A.d^.nyfee. 

txit^Agems%HiwitiMm W*? t'> repent affeciis.iatelj t^ Aa»geroMt ficknep, 
ddultimim & retsrci- ^bs-i th:y have recovered^have keenc rather ^srfe thM 
lidtH* , fi ftcurnt hinc Before, It it true, that true Repentance is never too late, 
txityigo nenCum ftcH- ^^^ j^^ Repentance is feld^me true : For here our fins 
poenitent. ^^^ Heeaddesy^ oc oe unro thcno, whole fia& life end 

jSjioaudo dgit fgt'iten. together. This received Principle among the ancient 
tiamwext/e^tM yitafi" Yg^ili^rSyTtutUte Repentance is rarely true ^ implycs, 

''^unZ^'ul'^bTi^r^^^^'^'^'^ unfour.d, and fo by confe- 

^itmr^t^rnutSaenu. qucnt confirmcs the prefcm Poitit. Too manifold 
temUqua i OToriwrfCxpcticnrcalfo makes it good: Amongftmany foe 
■^ my part, I have taken fpeciall notice of two: The 

Dedaredbytwo in. o,-je being labourcd-with in prifon, was (eeniiogly 
" fo extraordinarily humbled, that a reverend Man of 

untumfttrtur, timont Godwas moovcd thereby, tobsc a mcan^sot hisrs- 
iffit rmridtur, Auguft. prive,whereupon a Pardon was procured. And yec 
<ktcinp.Scrm.j7.c«w this fo extraordinary a Penitent, while death was in 
ynerit fttperiUotmyrs, hiseye, having the tcrror removed, returned to His 
'iiCAiufMefdotti.Vcem^ vomit jaidfome two yccres after, to the fame Place 
tentiam y$funt d^e>-f, againe^^notoriousa 5r/w/as Hee wasbcfore. Ano- 
iamP»nitt,iththcu*u«n ther, having upon His Bed oi ficknefle rcceiued in 
tfi — ^untn propter j^jg ownc conceit the fcntetKC of death a^ainft 
^2^fS^ZTJt: "*a^^«^^^ 5 and being preiTed to hu:ni:iation,and bro. 
mttntiamaiere/edprfi- kcn-heartcdnsflcj for Hee had formes ly bccna ftran- 
termntif tmmem. In- geratid an enemy to purity, and the power of god'i- 
<ert. Author in Mat. neffe, anfwered thus : CMy heart is hcken : and fo 
"**°* 5 * • h'oke out into an earnefi confejfion of particuiar^nms : 

Hee named uncleannef[e,fiubbornne^e, obfUnacj^vair.e- 
glory ^ hypocrifie ^diffimuUtion , uncharitableneffe^cove' 
toufneff'ejuke-warmenefe^^^c He compared bimfelfe to 
the Thief eu^on the Cro^e, Audif ^^f?^, faith Hee, r^- 
fiore tnee to health againcythervor Id fijall fee, what an 
altered man I "^ill hee. Whcnhec waspreft to fyn- 
cerity and true-hcartcdncffe in what becfaid j Hee 


Psrt.l.Chap.8. AffiSled Cenfeienees, I49 

freteftedy that hee repented "mth dU his heart 4nd Seule^ 
find mitide^and Bor(eli,^c. ^nd deftred a JMinifier 
that flood i>j^ to bee a Vcttnejfe sf thefe things betypcene 
thewcrla axd Him, ^nd yet this jifan upcn hit rrre- 
very, became the very fame , if no$ worfe then Hee 

i^ CHAP. IX. 

The remedie in this fifth cafe* 1 * Admonitioft to the 
Minifies 10 bee ear efull in comforting at that time: 
^.Tothe people ffot to defrre repentance till that time, 

bwfith upon this Perufalloftbedifft^ 
rent deaths incidcnctothe godly andthe 
wicked, it appearcs ; that fome men ne- Adv/ce upon dre fotS 
ver foundly converted, may in refpe^t of^^^^o^i^wwowg^ 
all outwaid rcprefentations,die as confi- *'^"* 
dently and comfortably in the conceit of the moftjas 
Gods deareft Children; and that Chriftsbcftffrvant ^^j ^j^^^ ^. 
fomtimesmay depart this life y uncomfortably to the deji^e fcrvantsof GoS 
cy e,and in the opinion of the grcatcft part ; And we are ofrcmimc* gric- 
hcard before, that ourlaft and everlaftingDoomcvou^perplexedjtrou- 
mnftpaffeupon us, accordmg to the fynceritie, or Wedmft)irit,gauledia 
our former courfesj and not according to the ice- andfiadingnonc,con^ 
mingcf our I ail carriage upon Bed of death,and en. dcmning thcmfdves, 
forced behaviour in that time of extremity: I fay,*^« *fa«y a^e the very 
thcfethingsbdng fo, I holdmycondufionftill.and .tnSt'f" ™^°5? 
reioiutiou; not much to alter my ceniure and conceit many times they doe 
of a mans fpirituall ftatc, for the manner of His eren die with fpeeehet 
death. I except the Theeves upon the Crojfe: }i/iy inthdtoiomhis^nhich 
meaning is, that there mav be feme, ( I know not ^''^^ j'*^'"'r °^. ^^ 
howfew.butlam fure there is none, except Heetrw'^/^^; 
nave in Him the perfeftion or the madneflc of all the Mtkerers,^!, 
Bcdiamsthat ever breathed^ would run that hazard ) 


a^O InJlrHciionsfor a right comforting S ^ft. ft. 

who formerly out of the way and imreformed, may 
nowatlaft, being very ex^raordin5ri!y,and mightily 
humbled under Gods mighty hand, and cleavinoto 
xSxz Lord Icfus with truly broken hearts indeed, fol- 
low by a miracle, ar it were, the Thiefe upon the 
i.TothcM/nifter. Croffe,toan everlafting Crowne. And here now, I 
require the carcconfcience, heavenly wiredorne,ex- 
per imcntall skill,and all Hisrainifteriall dexterity ia 
the Phyfition of the SouICj to difcerne aright be- 
t weenc thefe, and feeming PeniLcnts : and th ^-n to ap- 
ply Himfelfe proportionably with aUholy difcretion 
and feafjnablenefle, totheirleverall different cftates. 
2.T0 the people, rea- • But to fright and fire every Oie for ever, from 
lonsto diflWadc from that extreoieft "^ folly of hoping to follow chatmi- 
prefuming by the ex- racu'oufly penitent Thisfc j and frcrg going on ia 
Slre°^ penitent finnc,and deferring Repentance upon luch adecei- 
i Tei'mfottl (,Wi/.v''^Sa'^^^e^P^2teground;letusconaderj 

jimi)Al!qiKmnthips feiU' " 

rumfacut^t^tremilfumt4mmv4 feelUifMcfeJuHutiS 'yT:{e forte Meat alitjitis in corJe fm^ 
Nonmeftfqi4e*deZc«H'Hrlfet& crpMet re* eon/cieati4'^KonmtufqfttaJeoc6ni7if(tculpal>i. 
lisyitafyiaeo/Mlf momeHt9,yideo fub txiguo fpdcio Utromcrmm* fu4 donit^.^—^Deterreant 
tl»^fonosa& hicperfk iffoHe, inniimer4i>i[es popn^i fuh tiU fecuritAte nudi & -vxcui l/jnis, & 
dirtiimtfarlpo^int, quAntos b/tc indnk j^el ttnthd deeeperit.^—^Dei^de fti4ltif?im!imej7,Mt 
caufd^qH/t denece^itdti^m dgttHt /iternH.inutihtdtibtu y'ltx depcieMU commntatHr extxe- 
t»i*,...m^Od'l>iie^.fidpitd Deutn^quando homo fub fidntU pcemtentU in /entciHtemrefervdtA 
/;im«jAecf«r.Aiiguft.DeTemp.Scim i2o. 

a GrffwferfOT, pag 1. I. Firft, whataholyand learned * Mm of God 

cap.3 2 Edit.j. ^^^^^ j,Q ^i^jj Point : In great wifedome^hat men at ths 

r Jt 1$ a linglc exam- ^^^ ^^^^ ^^^^^ ^^^ ^^^^^^^ ciefpaire,the Lord h^th left 

Hs but one ex Ample of exceedingyand extraordimrj mer- 

fTj byfaving the Thiefe on the Crof[e.-^—7tt the per- 

verfenejfe of all our naturs may be feene bj thii^ «« th^t 

^. thidonefervethuiioloofens^eoflifeyinhope of thelikfii 

b Le^nqnit ^u^Jif- jy/j^^^ ^emohtbetterreafont That it i^ but one, and 

ram-.O-nemtneminytm that extrairdiiarj^and that befides this One ^there ts not 

induobHi millibui^no^ ** one vt9e in all the Btble^and that for this One thatfped, 

rvm/dlydt»m in f^^h a thoftfandthofifavdi have miffed : ^d. ivbatfolljfii.it 


Part.lxCap.9# ji^bied Confctences, 2ji 

fetMt our fehes inavfAjy^here fb< many have mifcuT' «*fi Utrtmm in truetl 
ried f To put ottrfehes imo the hand of that Phyfition, N'cohus Laarcmias 
that hath murthtred fo many \ going cleane agatnft our „g„^pjg ^ ^ , / 
fenfea-ddreaf on '.^hereof in other wee ai^ates leane to c That, that may bee 
that tvhtch it mofi ordinary ^ and conclude not the Spring faid, is this, and it ic 
tf cnef^allorv ? It u m if a Man Jhouldffurre His nothing. Tme, totac 
^S/ull m.Jf,^M».fi B.d.m, Me 4,d »«« S.'XnA^.tS 
fpeake :fo grefely hath the Dmell temtched w, that have. How theii * 

Shall we not therefore 
follow our inftruf^ien, and feckeHim before?— Some going a journey, have /oaii4 
aPurfeby*heway:Itweremad counfcU, to advifc us to leave our money behind, 
uponhopeof likchapinours»&c. Wmchifltrs Sttrnmi^fAg i8o. Si miUe htmintstt^ 
ri]j[entexcibi dUcmmyeae»ati ptrctpthne^ UH» dint4XAt miracftitse /~eryMOy tune Abum 
iUnmgufitLrti i H3rm0a.Evang.cap. i j.pag. 182, 

2.Secondly,thefingulariticsabout the good Thiefe: a.It is a /ingularon© 
firftjHis heart was broken with one fhort Sermoa,as *" ^^^ re4>ea». 
it were ^but thou baft,or mightcft have heard many, . * • 

and'art yet hard-hearted. Secondiyjthe other Thiefe ^ 

fawalfo that fovcraignc Scule-heaiing bl<>od guHi 
frefhly and abundantly out of Hisbkfled fide,«nd yet 
was not flrucke,or ft ird at all.Thirdly jHis exampleis »; 

onely for trut Pt^nitcntsjbut Thou upon this p;-cfump,- 
tion defpifing in the meane time, the ricbet^f Gods 
goodnejfe, and forbearance^ar.d long- f ujfe ring ^ ieadtnv 
Thee torepentaneeybardenefi thy heart yt hat thou canfi 
pot repent. Fourthly, H is cafe was fingul ar,and fucb, «||| 

that the like isnottobe found in the whole Scrip- 
ture. A King fometimes pardons a Malefa^lour at 
the Place of execution ; wilt thou therefore 
runne defperatcly into feme horrible villany, de- j vVedfeeftnot them 
ferving death , hoping to bee that One amongft that call onus for the 
many thoufands •' Fifthly, // ^04 a ^ miracle, /eeh^ingof Gody butfeek 
faith an excellent « DivinQy'^tth the glory ^'^^'^e^**'* JVS^'ga^s^^ij'iJ^^^ 
Sautourv^culdhonourtheignomtnyof the Croffe ; rree c^J^^ 2fi/t^i!!!!'{^t 
VfayalmoftoivfellexpeSiafecond crucifying of Chrifi^ mayentcnaiaeuswith 
asfuchafecondThtefe. Qhrtfl then triumphing on r^^ fpeculations, ot what 
Croffe ^did as Princes doe m the triumph of entring into may Redone by^»r«fe 

252 InfirhEiions for a right comfortiftg, 

diit^,8ct\hov9-roomc mif ted, fkch as thc^ fardannst aftgnvards. <». Having 
AkT/^ ni?o^£kc at^^^ye upon this Thiefe, that thou mayeftoiDre fully 
up'"Sf/i;V°^ into *I^-^^^''^.^^y^'^^'°w^^^P'^3^ures, thou makeO: a cove^ 
narrow time at on^ **^^^'^^^^ ^^''^f^i^^^'^^^^g^fsment'^ith HeUanipnt'ji 
£nii-i and tell lu tims theevill Day fdrre isomtheQ: ButtheLordhachpro- 
enou^hth-n. mnche- ^^{(^^iThoit thycovenantrnth death pjall be dif-anml- 
fifrsS rmm^pag.ng. i^Aandthy aircement>)fith Hell Jhdll not (iand 1 when 
e Dykt upon R.peo- ' n^ -^ r n n r 1 J n , I 

tance cap. 17. ^"' °'^c^P''>^^i'^glcourge JhAUpaJse thorow^thenjhalt th&a 

heetrodien dorvnehyit* 
3 .Ordinarily it is ins- % * Thirdiy»the ordinary impoITibilities of follow-. 
poflSbleto follow hin, fng the bieflsdTbiefe in His miraculous Repsnt^lpf. 
as is (hewed in eight Firft,thouartcryedvnto continually by Gods Mef- 
^^'^ ** ^ fengerstocomein,now while iciscalledtoDayiyct 

f 1 b ' d i^ vn t^o"ft2ndefi:outftill> out of this ^ conceit only, or 
triniM^^l*^ Rapujil ^^^^^^^'C^^^>^^ takcthy fillofpleafureinthenieane 
SifiejMmgraJam, vrr?* timc,andtofeekeGod fufficiently upon thy Bed of 
te in diyerfim, toyifiere death, by repenting with the Thiefeat laft.But know 
Dw gratUr»,eiHodH(m forthy terroLir,and timely turning, that the longer 

[^l-y/.'fg/awjv/wrf/fo^f- be to repent. Thy cu Home in finning will exercife 
rerts. Hntti qmm J4»t more Tyranny ouer Thee : The curfeof God Forthy 
atjtidimHumfraudttU>t- going on ftill in thy trefpafTcs will be more heavy u- 
IcrfacerentMnopert- ^^^^^^^ The Corruptions that lurke in thineowns 
ytdkiumaHfierunt.rime DOlome, wiU bc more Itrcngthenedagainftthee. And 
ne &tnhoc patUre in- this threefold cord is hardly broken •• Thefc three 
excufMt'M.-sed muitii, GisntswiU bemaftcTcd with very much adoe. The 
i»^/«j, ddit Deu4 hoe further thou walkeft in the wayes of death,the more 
SS7;iL"/»r^ unwilling.and more unable wilt thou beetorctunie, 
^^uid 'igitur ? An till ai^^bc reformed. Thine undsrftanding will be more 
^uoqtte coneedet Sconce ihvkQncd with Hellifli fliifts, thy judgement more 


tck forti^^y et interdum,&'e. Co^taqttodtt d: 4mm4deli&er.n ,pvoinde ctiatnde contv4~ 
tiocoii»a,et die, :^id autertt (tmndefi &c. Tain belinM egrejlufymn diets, non e/i optit 
nt teftatTtentum condam^fortx^is redibo j Kaqite di nnptift deliberMS dices, uxorem egenten 
(tcctfum,mu\ti enim et Ik prxter fpem ditati f^nti Heque do.ttitm extruensy fubijciatn 
fundamsntd putftd^ mtthx ettm & fn ct^titere dstrnv : Dl dnimd auten dgeni, 
Ap^fehendU, mdgis putrid , dicens , f«rta(!is, ^ fspiitt evenit ^ ^ cwtingit diquan'^ 


■ ■ '■' . «^- ■■ I I !.■... I l l . !■ I ■■ I . 1 . 1 ■— , 

Part.l.Chap,8.' jSffli^ed Confcienees. ts$ 

perverted , thy will more ftubborne, thy memory 

lEoreftuftwithfcnfuan notions, thinfaffcftionswitt 
' become more rebellious, thy thoughts more earthly, 

thine heart more hardcned,thy confciencc more fea- 
red, thy felfemorcfold to (inne,and every day that 

comes over thine bead in this ftatc of darkenefle, 

much more the Child of the Divcll,then thou waft 

before. To rcfufe ChriB upon this Point fo freely 

artd fairely offered^ is to receive Gods curfe under 

Seale ; and to mal^efure thy covenant with Hell,and 

League with death, untill thou be flainc by the one, 

andfwailowedupofthe other, without all mercy, 

or recovery. Forinthistimeof delay, God growes 

more angry, Sstan more ftrong, thy felfe more una- 
ble to repent, finne more unconquerable, thy convcr- 

fwn more bard,thy la! vation more unpoflible. A rui- 
nous houfe,thebngerthouletteft it run, the more 
labour and charge will it require in repairingjf thou 
drive a naile with an hammer, the more blowes thou 
givcfttoir,thcmorehardwiIlitbeetopIucke it ouC 
againc. Itisjuftfo in the Cafe of continuing in fin: 
and every new (inne is a new ftroke with an ham- 
mer, that drives the naile in further. SccondIy,with 
whatpoflibility art thou hke to pafle thorow the 
great worke of (aving repentance .'or with whac 
heart canft thou addieffe thy feife unfo it? when 
upon thy ficke Bed, thou art fct upon at once^if thy 
confciencc be waking, with the ugly fight of all thy 
finncscharging upon thee with infupportable hor- ^ ^^-- i^rthKtyii 
rour, with the pangs of dcath,with s Satansutmofl Ismahriiiue doio tentdt 
malice,and His very Powder- P!ot, and with the ter- (t eenfiigit -j/aenj fttunt 
rour of that approaching arickt Tribunal), Which Hfcem^ftntihs (efm^ 

dreadful! encounter is able to put to it, the ^pi"tuaIi^^'*^^^^ it'^^a! 
ftrcngthofmanyyearcs gathering. Thirdly ,RefoIii- j, * 

tiontodeferre Repentance, wbeli grace is offered, 
doth juftlyineritjtohe deprived for ever after of all 
opportunitjr,and ability to upciit Jou«hly,it is juft ^. 


354 ItiflrHcl't99isforarightC9mfortmg \S^£t.Z,' 

-^ J I . 

with God .that th it inan, who doth purpnfely put 

oflF rtpenta!ice,andprovi!ion f )r his fouJcuntillhis 

Jaft ficknefle, Qiuuid for thac fin'K a!nnc, bee fnatcht 

out of the wond m great anger, even ftiddenly, fo 

- that there bcfcarceamoncje-tt betwixt the height of 

His timporaliliappinvfTejand depth of his fpirituall 

inifciy* That His foolifii hope may bee fruftratcd, 

and Hisvaiiiepurpofe come to nothing, Heeoiaybe 

cut of, at the Top of an eare of corne^ atid pm o»L\like. 

a cundU, when hec lead thinkes of death,& drcSbs 

of nothing leffc, then departure from His eaitWy 

h lob 14-14^ Paradife. '^ They are exttlted fur a little ^hite, faith 

i Kepenttn^mettnfj^eM. loh^y^t are 9one tinihrouqht loro^the) are taken om of 

ffmutntut,immt.Mttc. '«^ ''^^7^ ^^^ ^^^^^^y ^"^ ^«^ * <#^ '^^^ f^P^ ^f ^^« 
inLoc. eares of come, FiftWy, a long continued '^ cu- 

Miev4ti/u»t dd modi' ftome is not woont CO be fliakcn ctf in an inftant. Is 
^j^lltum {ntf'fy^^ itlikcthata BUckamre Jhouldehange hli sktnne, and 

/SZ7wC'!!!HnquTa ** ^'"f^^^ ^""ff'*' in t^/e« ^^ ^o"f« ^ay"> which 

niinirtimcArmlH gloria thcy havc contradcd in forty Or threefcore ye^rcs-? 

dumHitetycadit'.dum ^. Therefore I marvcll that any lliould bee fo blindfol- 

fud/e extolIiturref>e>u. Hed,and baffcldby theDivcll, asto embolden Him- 

tm^mcrccj,taj„etcr. felfetodrivcoffuntiUthcIaft, by that Place before 

ptumAltum/fij,ul4r4. Confejftotiy^t mat ttme foever a ftnner doth repent 

fitur^ fedcafu cmcit4 him of hii ftttne^ from the bottonte of his heart^I i»ill 

ddim* reyocatHri Sic put all his mckedneffe out of mj remembrance ^ fatth the 

fuTad\{TnTuTr ^'"■'^' Efpecially.if Hcelookcupon the Text from 

ium tHwZ"r>l%riif4\ whence it is takeni which Mce-thinkes,being right- 

tur-.sicdhmfmiinehw ly undcrftood,andtheconditions wcUcoafidercd, is 

U defcendendo fe erigiti moftpunftualljand prccifc,to fright any from that 

Uitx^u^hmcfdistA, defperate folly : The word? runne thus, ez.ech.\%. 

dtui 4c (Inon fumty Butifthe kicked \>i>tll turne from aU his finnes 

ynvt/HperfciemBurniremhumord^ergituryfeddiurni luminU ffd>it0 C4lnre /tcedfur ' ^ie 
fpt4mo/44^u4rnml>uB<ttMchoantti/(tt p{urt)s excitat/c, ab intlmis certatm prodeHttt.ftdeo 
ceieriuy dirufts depcreunty ijho in/iatdcitiiisextenditntiir ; cumqus extrefcnnf ut appare- 
mnt^tftendo peragHnt ne fH^fiJiaMt.Gie^pr.lbid. k Nemo mt ptfi cettium peetAUfUee 
/olfotille crimindde miferiordtd divina defpetet. Sic t4men nen defperet,ut Itne utamord 
Denm (ihi repropiti4rife^itietyne fm}y(iconfttet»dinem ftcent^ttidtttjf ytliffdeDidholiU^ 
3«^A» i>^r^« WW />•/}/>, Auguft,dctempore.5cgp45 8. 

ParM.Cap.p. <L^ffii^edC<}yifcief!ceT» 2<^ 

■tvhtch he hath comr>y,tted^niidk,cepe <%ll my Sttntmes^find 
dr.e that which is Urvji^itl and right ^ he fhall furely live» 
hee pidlmtdie. All hii tranfgrej]ions,f^^. Hcnccic 
appeares,thatif anymanexpcft upon good ground, 
aiiyporrfcnintbispretkus prcniife cf meicy and 
grace, Hce mufl: Uaveall hit fmnes^^ViA k^epe alipeds 
Sti'.t Sites, Now hew perfornu'fl: thou the condition 
of leaving all thy finncs;vvh£n as in this laft extre- 
mity^w^ing received the fentence of death sgainft 
thy iqJK't'Thj fin»ei leave thiCyiiKdnnt'T hen thy Jinnes^ 
thar Imay fpeakcin thePhrafe of an aiicient ^ Fa- ^ ^*' '-' ^* f^'" ^^'- 
Kr ? And what fpaceislcrt to come to comfcrtjby elt,ey4dere>^gepee»i^ 
keeping all Gods Statutes 5 vvhtn thou art prefently tmtiamdumfAnMes.si 
topafTe to that higheft and drcadfuU Tribunail, to f^'w*^** >"'''« pani^ 
givcanexafland Ptrickt account for the contiiiuali "**'^*'" ^*'^** A**** ^^> 
b.cachcf all Gods Lawesallthy life long? S/xth- 'l^Z"["^^^. 
Iy,many fecmc to be pamngly penitent, and proniife Etioturu ut teccmilie^ 
exceedingfaiie,intheeviiiday,and upon their ficke ru i^fio^iitifetH.u, es, 
Bedsiwhobting rtcovcred^and reftorcd to their for- ^^^refecurtts ei^q^uia 
iiicfftate,9retheveryfamethty were before, if r.ct}f;flJ''l'X"'^^^^J^' 
vvorfe. Ineverknew,ncr heard of anyjun-wrought^3^''l?*!«-Mf»^>2'l! 
upon,Bnderconfcionab!emcancs, who after r ccovc- gere fcemrextt^m tffAm 
ly perrormedthe vowes and promifesof a new life, t»nc,^H4Kdopeicafcne>t 
which Hee made in His (ickncircand timcsoFextre- /"^^ »/'«<■'«"'* « dimyg. 
mity. For if He wil r.ot be moved with the Miniilry, TnT^'T^- ^ *!?" '^' 

G\ .,, • I I. I rr ' lorn lO.Uc vcrePoe- 

od Will never give that honour unto the crofie, to nkentibus. Hom. 41. 

do the deed. Nay j Father Abraham', faith die rich ex ^o.Ambrof.Exhoit. 
GIutton,^«? if one went ur.to them fro the deady they will adPanitcnt, 
refent.And hefaid unto him J f they he are nst Mo(es and 
the Profhets, neither mil they be ferf^aded^ tho ene rofe 
■fromthedead,Z»kff 16,^0,^1, It would amaze thec 
inucbjif oneofthygood-fcliow companions ihou[d 
now rife from the dead, and tell thee, that Hee wh o 
was thy Brother in iniquity,isnov/ in Hell, & if thou 
follow thefame fenfuallcourlcs ftii1,thou mu flfhort- 
ly moft certainly follow Him to the Place of tor- 
ment. And yet even this would net workc at all« 

S i£ 

25^ InftrtiUisAS for a right comforting Ssfl, t 

if thoiibe adcfpircroFtheWord. !tmaybe,whiie 
the dead Man ft)od by Thee,Thou wou'd/i be extra- 
ordinarily moved, and promifemucb ; but nofooner 
/hould He bcc in His Grave; but thou wouldft bee 
m This time, i, th€3*gfacdefie,as thou wad before. Seventhly, what 
time vviicn all Hj.;-*- Wife man feeingafdlow, who never gave his name 
erhesyMmlis^ tagge to religion in hiS life time, HOW only troubled about 
nnl/^FJ com.' in, finne, when heisfurv%Hce ^ muft'die, will not fu- 
And Hull nor wee bee fpe^ It to be whcJy navifn, and cx:orfed for reare 
coiif:unded to fee our of Hel^ ? lM^ [enteKce «,fairh Greenham,f^f-4«8<i» 
felycs intheif number f^/y;wff«5tt' At the Point of death^ h^,ving the fH«res of 
mnchefim Serm, f^g- dfathiipmbim*^inthat firaite of fears and pat»e^may 

n What is our fcekin- ^''^'^' "^ ^^^^^^^ f"'' ^^ ^^f^ Z"*^' ^^^ ^^^'^''■^'' ^^* ^^^'*^'' 
then? Is it not to lie ^^S^^ rf fiefh,and thebitternejfe of death doth mo^ com^ 

ftill on oar B.:ds,and moaly frocurcit yose ought to fftf^iti^c^c. Eighthly, 
fufFer a few words robe prJnefuU dlftempers of body are wont to wcakea 
St'alhtCJrS: --^'-^^^^^-^ hinder the aflivencffe and freedo...e of 
>i«;>/>rniniftrcd to our '^beSoulcs operations J nay,rom:times to aittra(fl,and 
Soulcs and fo fenc a- wttcriy overthrow them. Many even of much know- 
way, mncheftert Ser^ Icdge, grace and good life, by rcafon of the damj> 
T,A.i\k^li' f i . 3nd dcadnelFe, which at that time the extremity and 

JStnJsit? Woultj wee .^ r \ • t n r i • \^ ' r ' • 

^iwfeek^t H,m. when ^'^o"^*"^""^!''"^^-^^^ bnn^s upon. their fpirits,arc 
wee ar» not in cafe to 3bleto doc no great matter, if any thing at all, cither 
fceke any thing die? in meditation or exprcflioii. Ho>v then doeft thou 
Would wee turnt to dunke to paflb thorow the incomparably greateft 
"fni'sirto turn: work:-, thiiever the S.ulc cf Man 'was acquainted 
our felve* in our Bed ? With in this lif ', I meane the Herv-binh, at the " Point 
Orji-i/e edAy to leeke of death I It imwofall thing to have my.ch worke to 
Him,whcn vvee are not doe, ^hen the poresT of working fet a/mofl done. When vfe 
^Z'llLrut!^!^^nf''^^^ onrflrengthUgone, our 

Our breath failerh ui i^^^'^^^cteane fptHt^cur Jenfes appalled, and the po^trs 
and ws are not able to of our Soules as nnmbe as our fenfes : when there is a 
fpcake three words to- generall pro/hation cf all onr peters » atsd the fljAdoW 

f^^u^r^^'^c^^^'u "f death upon our eyes, then fomethi^P "^e "^ouldfaysr 
butthchoureofdcath. I ^ . t- un 1/ j c \ ^ j « / # 

Notime,butv«heaHce'*'''^>w»icnlhou]d doe our Soulcs good. But alas' 

takerh time fiom us, How ftiould it then bce i 

ikmMf4g^,ilo. - -- CHAP.X. 

Part. I Cap XO. A^tBed ConfcuHces, T^ 

The third errour of apflytm ccmfert Vi'hich U indi* 
fcrset Afpltcatnii, The fi/j} cafe y^hcrcin it hafptHS^ 

y-htch istoo fuddericp^ltcdtion^and the demorftrationcf 

S M^P^^'ff^^^P»'^f"3'^P''^y''^^^^"P°f^«Thf third mor,v.hm 
^^WMm ^"^^a^^imect me:cy,2ndoy!eof comfonis applied in- 
Cr CitbltintO a wounded COiSci- «ii(cre t!y,vvhichccir.cs 
cncc : top.ifiefevcrallwaicss 

I. Too foone^The « Surj^con, ^ ^^j^^^toofoone. 
that heales up a dangerous Sore, ,,„, U, ,1,^,^,,^^ ^nipi. 
anddrawesaskinne over k^ before Hi^ ccivo^ivc entilmf^'serejcdnme^ 
have confuttied the dead fit fli, before Hee hath ope- difs faUuATikutpi^i^ 
ned it with his Tents, ranfacKt it to the roctc, and '^^'"^* impemui tfi w- 
rent out the Core, is (o farre ffoin plesr-zring, th at he ^~o.jr ihi^J^ 
procures a great dcaleof mifery to His Patient. For i.By fimiliwde. * 

the rotten matter that reiraines behind, will in"^ -v — ■- — "^ 

the meanetimerankleaiid fefter iindcrr.eachjand at dicta , qui mm emei yuL 
length breaks out asaine, perhaps, botli wich moic '*''""' (in>u m^^^^jar. 
extremity of anguillhand dijiicuity oFcure. Tney ^/^„ utif^ihw-rifatHm 
are but MoHntehankes ^^^ they call them', Sii^atterers yhui indffun*^ dum/cr- 
iv, Phyfickeand Surgery j upon the matrcr, butpiaiiie ynffx^ggerat.jptntn- 
Cheaters and CouVcrers, who a:c fo ready and 'f*'^^*'^^^^^/"'^"- 
rer.;utefor P cxtc^poury , and paiiiatc Cures. ^Sf^ir*:,;- 

tUY^ndum P^ocferftUfyO' clam ft luh j Cr cortq^^er^ttuy <egrr iw^atiensfcr ^olonm ; grutias 
agit pofifKodum •, ^«»ii /eaferit fanitatem. Cyprian t!e Lap fij. Mcdictu crrdtli4ejiy qkiex^ 
Audit Uminem^ & paicit yidneri& putndtni AuguP.'n llsX 3 + Sooth:Dg Prtachtrs 
arc like «.>;/A-''/'</<^c/;/rfer_g/«w(jVvhololtiy I cuih the wound on the ct.tfde, thereby ma* 
liin^kiofcihr themcrc drroftovdy mthc wjtde. Whcoixcrvcthror,th:tthermcoth 
tongacof iheprcafhcrmakrtban ropraliuKCdheait of theHcaret? 5^H/rf in his ^f^ 
fizeSetn!«it:l>ag iz.outof CyprtAn. p The true Mali ftcrs of Clirift never coie, sui 
coirfortihe ficke hafH y.as V\ izards an d Iirpoiiors doe. Gicenhim karting to dedt 
lfpithdhershuftd;Ud CsnfdinceStHeevfOj.id rrtjlif^ethsin^thit vfcttidmt ahide to tarry the 
Lordski/ure, ^ut they ma ft needs he he'pid at wce^cycn hy and l_y<6f foom as theyht^rd turn 
fped^e.orel/ethejwcuU thentkinhs jarvei^feof Him dta eyi^ itf"'^', rmwthjiAndttg the 
goedopinim conceived of Him : I ctl^efid: },Ht thatlelee-vah nAk^thaci hnjiyihti ii actmmmg 
raihr.di ittverejo a Mx^ttiin (vrhoS'ya» tucart.iiien oj vro: d mah* j'diy fjuUs l<Kkf for 
bedtb^thCfito AMimfefof Ood^O-cla His gM?c Couji!cLj& god^y ob*'.naHons.pa§.^ 

S a Suuaca 

24:8 ItiflrfiEliQns for Aright comforting Se£t,2, 

Sudden recoveries from rooted and old diftempcrs, 
arerarcly found.Tf it be thus in bodily Curesj wh« a 
deale, doc you thinke, of extraordinary difcretion, 
heavenly wiledoine, precifeand par^fluill pcndcra- 
tion of circum (lances, wcll-advifed and fcafoniblc 
leafure , both fpecuUtive and expsrimentall skill, 
heartieftejiculationSjWraftlings with God by Pray- 
er forabkffing, is very convenient,and ncedfuli for a 
true and right methode in hsaliag a wounde4con» 
fciencc ? Which doth paflc immeafurably all^her 
maladies, both in exquifitcnefle of paine,tenderriefrc 
oftoiich,deccitfuIneffeofDepth,andin higheft and 
greatefl: confequ^'nce , either for the everlalling 

i.Bytcfliinonies- health,orendlcflehorrourof animnoortall Soule. 

1. q Gretttihtm in His Hcnce it was,thatthat 1 0»e of a thoufaud,sind kar- 

IlTconSi^^cc^T^t^^^^^^''^^ »" ^'"s heavenly Myilery, did fo farrc 
^25, ° - differ from all Dawbers with untempered Mortar, 

and the ordinary undoing-courfes in this kind : 

Bnt now camming to the falvirtg of this Sore^ {afth 

Hee,/ [hallfeeme very ftrange ift my cure : and fo much 

themorehewottdred at,hy hovpmuchin manner of fro- 

cteding I differ from the mofl fort of men herein, I am 

pot ignorant ft bat many viJttifigHJfltdied confciences, cry 

fiiil^ oh comfort them ! O fpeake t&yftdl things unto 

them ! Tea^ there bee fomf^andthofeof the m^fi learned^ 

Vcho in fuch Qafei^ are full of thefe and fueh like ffee- 

ches. fVhj are y OH fo heavy ^my Brother ? iVhy are y oh 

focafi doTpne^my Sifler? Bee of good cheer e : Take it 

mtfo grievotifly. tvhxtis there that you Jhmld feare ? 

God iswercifttlL Chnfi is a Saviour, Thefe bee fpee- 

ches of love indeed: but they often doe the foore foules 

as much good herein^ as if they fhmld foure cold Wv«- 

ter into their bofomes ^ ^hen as mrhout further fear~ 

ching of their Sores^theymayas Wfell miaifer a Afa- 

lady^asa A4edieine, Foraa^Htritive and cordiall me- 

dicines are not good for every ficke PerjoHy effeci- 

nlly when the Body needetb rathir a fir oh g Pur gat tony 


■Part. I. Cap. lO. iy^ffii^edCsnfciences. 259 

tbenamtitterreflorAirjei andas irxarnative medicines 
fftAyfor atime alUythe paine of the Patient, but after ^ 
the criefe becoTnmeth more grievous: SothecomfDrtable 
edpiytngof Godt pt'omifes are mt foprf fit able for ezerj 
Otie that is humhledyeheciaHj/ when their fikles are ra- 
ther further to be CAJi doir-^ne fhen as jet to be raifed up ; 
fathofe ftigredconlolatio'tisfTAypr a Vi>bi/e sver-heah 
theconfcierice^ayidabtnte fcms prefent griefe ^but fo^ as 
Aftqf^ards the fmartmaj bee the for errand the grtefe 
way grow the greater : hereof enfpteih this eJfeSi, that 
comfort feemethtocure f&r a -while ^ bat for war,t of 
wifedome in theright difcermngof the CAufe^Menmini' 
fier one Medicine for another '^and fo for want of s\illy ^ For mine owne pare, 
the Utter grindeth forer then the former, C divine al- faith Hooh^, I tbinkc 
fojtliat ^ great Pillar and glory of the Chriftian ^;^'''«« incomparably 
V/offId for fy ncere and found Orchodoxe dodlrine vc^^hfr^cnch cl'i^ch 
did enioy.lincethehourc \t enioyed Him. in Hii Fref4ee,fag.^. Though thoufands 
wcredcbtcrstoHim, as touching Divine kr.owledgej yet hce to rone, but orclyto 
GoH>the Author of thicmoftbicfied Fcuntainc, the Bookcof hfe,sndofthe admi- 
rable dexterity of wit, together with the helpcs of other learning, which were his 
guides, Ji^.'^. VVeefhouIdbe injurious unto Tcrtue itfelfe, if wee did derogate from 
tfaenijwhonuheir indufiry hath made Great. Two tiling* of principall moirient there 
are, which hive defervcdly procured Himfaonour tbroaghout the World : theone,His 
exceeding paincs in compofingthe Inflitution'i of ChnftianRehgon j the ether, Hi» 

nolcffeinduftrioustravailesforsxpofitions of hoIyScriptuje.^ ^ In which twoihmgs 

whoGaevertheywetCjthataftrrHinibeftowed their labour, Hee gained the advantage 
of preiudice3iiiinftthera,(ftheygaine faidj afid of glory above thetn, if they cofifcnicd. 
md.fag.^, Thcmorc learned andholy any Divine is, the more heartily Hce iublcrilcfi 
t& Fauita~[bitria*yh.\i tint ccninx^ oit\'nln(littttion: " 

VfMter Jpo^elitas, p ofi l hri^i 

tempo idych^rtdsy 
Hfttcfeptrereltbro fketd4 

Be fides the holy Writ, 

No age fince Chrift broughtforth 
A b o^c of /b or eat worth. 

Nomarvailethen,thataIearnedBifhcp ofLondonin Quetnt Elitalaht timcbfguQ 
His Speech thus againHa lewd fellow, whichhad railed agaia&.CAlyinc: QHtddixtjiiim 
T^a/*^ Pf/,C4/Ww;w, w*/«wg*/»f ffov potts rt^imret&f* 

5 5 '~ ^9^^^^^^^ 

2 ^O Infirticlims for a right comforting Se<5i. 2 

concurrcs in judgement with this bkfled Man of 
fsif iptttr hie prlmui God,andro,Idoubcnot,dasalltheraithfull Minirters 
feen,tht4 gr^dut , Jum of kfus Chiift ; f Letthii bee the (irfl degree of Re* 
bmiutsfenumt, q^m pgrjtance .r^hen 0\€en feele that they have been arie^ 
lUtc non ft4timcur4ndM '^^^^ offenders ; and then the grief e u not to hee immedi^ 
efidolor, quemddmodum ately cured j-<f /w/?ff/?<?r^dealc flatteringly and nicely 
impofieres demimt con- With Mensconfciences,cbatthcy osay favour theon- 
fcteatt^f^ f,4 Ht fifijn' fclves asmuchasmaybec,andbee notably deceived 

iSZllTJil. Z '"'"^ '■"P^^fi^i^ll ,<J»wbing Th, -Phjfnim M not 
dicue enim non fiatim f^^^^^^^h affWagetbe faine jbtif^iU confider whatntAy 
lef$iet doforemyfed fide^ be msre expedient : T^erhaps hee ml/ increa/e it^hc" 
^it^rjHidmd^uiexpedUt: caufe a fjArper Tnrge r^ill be nece^arj. Evenfo doe^ 
Jort^m^gU 4ugcbit.qMU ^^^ Prophets of God.whenthey fee tremblina Confcien^ 
l*iio. Slceti4mfJ(,mt^^^'^^^"^^ prelemly apply fweet confcUmns -, but ra- 
Vrtphetx Dei, quum yi- ^her tell them^ that they m»ji not dally with God ; and 
dent trefidat conftltmi ■ flirre up thefsy wha arefo forward of t heir owne accord ^ 
M,mn ^4im ^dhibmt that they "^oftld propofe unto themfelves the terrible 
fnuholicJdrm mn%t^fk'f^f i god.that thej may y^tbt more and more 

UudendmcumDeo, . humbled. 

& folicitant ff>onte cur- ' Another excclknt and skilfull Work-man in 
tfHtes, ut fi&i preponant lYicgTszt myftcrie of fsving Soules, tells us truly 5, 
W/.V Dei -judicium, xhatthe promife of falvation ii not (iraiaht belonztnj 
HHdientur. Calvin in ^"^ terrtjisdm confcience,bnt to one that ts not onely 
locljCap.i, terrified for His pHfiifhntent , htit « contrite- hearted for 

ft Maftcr K«gers o\ fme^ Vohich is the worke of the gofpell, Lft not 

Dedha.Ti, Dodrine of f}^,r^ y^ rvearyof the joke of Gsd and the Larv, and 
fraith, pag. 108. lOfl. ; ■' 1 1 n ? > ■ n , r 

sro.ijx, make over-mnch hajte out of thit ftate^ for fo maj- 

they nndoe themfelves : For fome rvithfianding thetr ter- 
rour , have withBood their falvatien^f^-c. Even at 
an impatient Tatient gets the Chirnrgion to pull out 
the Tent and CorrofivCyOr pulls itof him(elfe as foone 
as it begins to ftnart a little ^and fo ihinkes it is fearcht 
enough, and now layes (faith Hee') on healing plaifters: 
But afterward breakes of againe rvorfe then ever j 
whereas if the Corrajive had beene let lie on^till it had 
eaten out the corrtiption indeed^then it might have beene 
V?hole long agoe* 

: m 

Part. I Cap 10, JffliSiedCofifcieKces, l6i 

If Dawbersfn this kind aiA rightly underftand 5. By Scripiuw. 

and acknowledge, or had ever had any experitncn- 

taj) Fceh'ng in their ovvnc Soiiles of Chrtjis Rule^ and 

thcHdy Ghf'fls method, which is firft, To convince of 

Jinne; tode/eftandhumblc in the fight of the Lord 

wit:happrch€nfion,and fcnftof a moli abominable 

andcuricd flate, before there follow a conv!(ftion of 

the rigteofifncffeof Cbrifi to raife up ; See Ioh.16.^, 

cr of the nccefiity oF the U'orf';e of the fprrit tf bcn^ 

dage, to fit and prepare for Ckrifl and comfort j ITay 

then, they would notdf ale (b ignorantiy and overly 

in a matter of fodearc and cverlafting importance. 

They v/ould not £0 haftily hand over-head, without 

all warrant and wikdcme, without any further 

fearchjdifcovery or df j-zdion, offer merc}, pardon, 

and.dlthepromilestoaman formerly wicked jonc- 

iy for fome faint and enforced confelTlonof finnes.or 

bccaufenow being overtaken by the tvill day, Hce 

hvples upon his ^ed,not forany true hatred cf fit ne^ 

butforprefentfmart, and rxp{:<5led honrrj&c. But 

would labour to let the fpirit of bondage have it's 

fill/ workc,and lay Him open mere at large in the 

true colour cfhisskarktfinncsjandnot ondy caufe 

a bare confefRon of them, but fuch a conviftioa 

which may flop his mouth,thar Hee bath not a word 

to fpeake,but trembles to fee fuch a finke,Sodom a-id 

Hell of (in and abomination in Himlelftj&c, Ohcw 

oft have I heard many a poore ignoiant (oule in the 

Day of {brrow,being moved to hr.mble Hfmjelje m 

the fight of the X(7r^,that He might lift Him upjfirll, 

togetHisheatt broken with the abhoirtd t^u-den 

of ail His finnesi and then to bring it thus bit eding 

to the Throne of Grace , that ChnJ} might bind ic 

up ; I fay, being thus intreated : Toanfwer, Yts,yest 

with all my heart j I am forty for my finncs with ail 

my heart j I truft in lefus Chnft with all my heart ; 

and thus vvbatfoever you can counlcU or advife. 

^ " ?4, " Hcc 

2^1 hprHlliant f or d right comforting Seft»2» 


Hee doth it with all His heart ; wb ereas alas .' Poorc 
hcart,as yet,His anderftanding is as darke,as darke- 
ntffe it fclfe,in refped 6^ any, I fay not ondy, faving 
knowIedge,buta!moftof any knowledge at all j and 
Ills heart in refpecfl of any true rcoiorfcas hard as a 
Rockcof flint. NowthofeunskilFull Phyfidons of 
theSoLile, who in this and the like cafes, will needs 
without any more adoe, without any further illight- 
ning or labour, threape mercy and couafort upon 
tt InJiJs E<por.upon theai,are like thofe /W/!> y^M/^/^tf?-^, as » Marhury 
pfal.32..pag.5. callsthem, rpho when they "^^cnt skill to helpe their foore 

Jheep£ out of the dttch , are driven to flay the mi' 
ferahle comforters, and to take fotne other indireEi courfe 
(as many ufe to dee in ftich cafes) to cut the Jheepes 
throat e in time, to make htm LMans meate^ left ft fboald 
be faid, Hee diedin a Ditch^ They are DefoUterSy not 
Confolaters, as Auftin fometimes calls them : Not 
found Comforters^ but true Cnt-throates, 

Befidcs that which I have faid before, of the pre* 
cedency of the working of the Law,siid of the fpiric 
of bondage, to make way br Chrift ; let me further 
tell you upon this occafion,that it may app^are, that 
much more is to be done herein, then is ordinarily 
imagined, befoiecomfort may upon good groundj 
andfeafonablybes applied to the Confcience awa* 
kedjwhat an excellent Divine, both for depth of 
learning, and height of holinede, delivered fome* 
where in this Point to this purpofe •• 
r^ n r - No manmufi thinks this flranae, that God dealeth 

taod terrifies men." with men ajter this Jirange manner', as it were to IqU 
' them^ before Hee make them alive j to lei them pa^6 

throHghyor bj^as it rsere, the gates of Hell^to Heaven ; 
ro/^j^^-z^f ipin"tofbondage^<?p«f theminto afeare; 
into a Jhaking^and tremblingyC^c ^Voi Heefufers thefi 
that are his^ to be terrified ivith this feare ; 
I .larerpea of his own i • ^*Kfiy »« refpe5} of His owne glory ; Tor the mag^ 
glory to mag^nifie. ^*fp^^ ^^'^ *if ^" if^fiKftand cfHts mercy : 

_ x,. Hffg. 

Part.I.Cap»IO* ji^icledConfcienciS, 263 

I. HeeglorifiesHiS tHflice^yphen le^emng^oral- x.HisTuftice. 

together^ for the ttmc, abfira^ing all ftght of mercy ^ Ha 

lets the Z«f '-p, SinnCyConfcience^and Satan toefe ftpon a 

Jtianjo have their courfe. and feverali comminations I ... , » 

I r I r ^ £ / J ^x. L ^ rrL X As III the wofke Of 

mdfetsthefptnt of hndage on ^orke,&c, 3^^w, Creation , fo in the 

Ai in the great yporke ef « redemption Jiee would have vtorke of Redemption, 

the gl^ry ef Hts iuUice appear e j fe vpould Hee have God wonld have the 

it alfo tnthe application of our redimptim^ that /«. pr^'^e of all his attri- 

ven as the fPcman, 2 Krig^. Tvho had nothwg to pay gcknowledgcdtobs in 
yt>as threatned By Credttours to take away -her two Him in higheft pcrfc- 
fonnes, and put them in prtfon : fo iree having no- tlion; and their infi« 

thincrto. pay^the La^ix let loofe m^nns, to /W4/^« "»""^^^^^*^««"«^ 
. ^.- * ■' i \ /ri ■ } \ r cy admired and magni- 

tmprijoAKtem and domination; to Ajfnghtana ^errtpe : ^^^^ j^ ^-^^ former 

and all this^ for the mamfefiing of His wflice, Fnr- there appeareth glori- 
thermore, the Bookie of ^od ts full of terrible threat- oufly Hi« infinite 
nin^ againpfwners : iVeW fhall all tb^fe he to no Wiredome,GoodnelTe, 
furpefe} The^tcked are tnfenftble ofth^m, to /^^^ ^^and j^t l^th^S 
therefore in that refpeti^they are in vaine. Some ^^f''^ of Rcdemptioa, which 
rffufi needs i>ee^ upon whom the J r,mfi wcrke^ Shall the was the greater, they 
\Aonrozx€y faith t he ProphetyZnd no m7iahQQzSr2iid}^^^^^ '° ^^^^ *^"^ 
Stth then, they Vfho Jhould, V^tll not; Some there bee ^orefweetnefl-ejamia- 
/ a ri rr-i • 1 r\ l 1, r r blcnefle, and excellen- 

TvhomMjt tremble. Tbts the Prophet excellently Jet- ^ For in it appeared 

teth forthj]{ii,66. tiwhere the Lord fjewethj whom ill the treafures of 
flee will regard. But to this man will I looke,eve;itowifcdome and know- 
Himthatispoore>andof a coi:trltefpmt,andtr£m- *^s^».*^' .^^^ ^ 
bicth at my Word. Neither is tt withsut good eaufe^ ChurThln-ftHisWiTel 
that ^od dealeth thus with his ow/te in this manner^ dome there 'aopeareth 
though it be (harpe in the experience. Frrfl^ive muft feare^ infinite wifedome , in 
tremble^andbe htimb-led: and thenwee piall receive a ^^^^^Z ^^^ ^"ch a 

>>«-"'/"—.-'-• . Sl^pL'Sii'n* 

ainocreatcd underftanding could poffiblyiraagine, or thinkeof. Secondly, His Mercy 
imn: eafurablylwtct and admirable, mnotfparing His.owne Sonne, tVe Sattte efHpt 
love ; that Hcc might ipare us, who bad (o gricvoufly tranfgrefled againft kim.Thirdly, 
Wisiulhcein its higheft excellency jinfpariiigus, notto fparcHis ownc onely Sonne : 
liying.asit were. His head upon :hcb.ocke,and chopping ic off; renting and tearing 
tharblefled Body, even as the Vaiieof the Temple was renr, and making His Souleao 
O^^iOg £orfin«e,Sc^.Tfaisyva« tbe pcifc^iou of iuliice. 

'7" "^^ I, Hit 

a54 InfiruEiions for A right comforting, S:(fl.2, 

i.Hismerc/. 2» Hii mercy alfo u thereby mnhtily magmfied. 

which ■would never be fofweet, nor relifn fo rve lienor be 

foefieemedef ui\ if the an'fttll terrour of iu^ice httd 

not formerly made us fm/irt, A Kmg femettmei doth 

not only fnjferthe Law to pajfehpon feme grievom mA' 

fnQor for high treafon j but aljo canfeth him to bee 

brought te the place of execKtton^jeA^and lay do. vnehii 

y A man, who other- keadmoyi the blocke.ere Hee pardon : a^d then mercy $4 

Wife woald not cry,nor ■ , j , „ / l / . / j / ■ / 

ilied a teare for any ^^^^J i'^ii^'d, am Y melts the heart abundantly vnxth 

thing i defpi^ctti death, amjiz.€7ns/'t and admiration of it* So Goddealeth with 

aa(J woald not feareto pu many times : Lets the Ltvp loofe a^ainji us, pttts luin 

meetanhofto^menjl r^^^- ^^/^^^^^^^p^^r^ ^^^ threalnsth condemnmm 

fay, fuchanOncjnow-'. tt ,, r r t t t t 

havint» at the h& m. ''*""* '<^'' ^'^^^ J /<» ^hat when mercy commeth to the 

ilant a pardon brought Sonle^being nowlojiin it felfe^ and at the Ptts brin^e, 

from the King, it wor- tt appeares tobe awonderfull mercy, the riches of cxceem 

keth wonderfully upon din(r mercy ^moftfeafonable^mofl « f^eet, m'>fl ravifh^ 

neflrof £fand '«/ ^^-^^^^ /^ ^«^"7 -/^"^ «^ /^^^«^ '« '^^ ^^^K'^ 
tearcs to come many ^^ tt beCAHfe there u no matter of fWeetnejfe or deltght 

times, where nothing mit? No^it isbecanfcthey havenottafiedof net been 

cl'C could. Hce is [9 foHndly tonchtandterrtfed by the Law^ and the fpirit 

ftruckcwith admirati- of bondage ; They have not f mar ted, nor as yet beene 

on Ot io great raeroy, -^ m n f^ ■ r n , r 1 r- rr r- r ,r 

fofvYcetandfeafonable #'^^^ »''^ ^ J^'^U of the bttternefe offtnne, nor of 
in fuch an extremity, j*^^ ptinijhment due untothe fame. God therefore fends 
thatbeftands amazed, into our hearts the fpiritof fear e and bondaae^to prepare 
and^knowes not what mtorelijh mercy . And then the fpirit of adoption, 

Sls'Twc^cprgypi^Iy *"'**" fi"^^^ '»^^'«'^- «-^^^ ^^^ bythUorder^theoneU 
for joy of His deiivc- r»agntfied^and highly efieemedy by the fore-going fenfe 
ranee J and partly alfo of the other. 
otit of indignation a> 

gainfthJmlclfCjforHijbarbarousbchaviour towards fo pittifulla Prince. This was 
to be fecne in fome great men, at the beginning of King /^ww His Reigne, condemned 
for triafon, and pardoned at th'.Blocke. z Exaudi me Doraine. quoniam fuaviseft 
in.(ericordiatua:M«///)iifWT,</<.f^^f ^ dixlfjet^ lam noli diferre ex attditionemj intantA 
trthnUttone /um^ut fu^yismibi fttmiferict/dia tua. Adhocen'm /uHenire diferel>*s^Ht 
mihidiilcetffetiqyodfHhytmeb,is A\x2\x{i.Qonciont iXn Pfal,68. 
a.In rcfpcAof good to 2. Secondly Jor our good ; and that two ttWw -.firfl^ 
i-OuTjuftification, ^^H^fiff^tion- Secondly, andtnS^^^^^ 

%• Fonhc firtt 5 ^ge are fnchfirangers mo Gody 

Part. I. Chap, 10; AffiiSled Confcietices, 26$ 

thdtTfee Vet// never come unto Him, till v^e fee no ether 
remedy I being at the Pits brink e, ready to flarvc, 
hopeIefle>&c. Wee fee it in the prcdigall Sonne : 
He would never think of any returns unto hisFather, 
till all other hclpes failed HimiWSftejJriendSiacquaift- 
tance^all forts of food ^ A^^Jj '/ ^^^ might have fed 
fffoKbHikes'^ith the Smnefieewould mt have theught 
if retnrning, any more to "His father : Thifhi»g denied 
him J the Text Jatth^ Hee came to Uimfelfe : fhevoing us^ 
that -nhen Men runne on in (infull ceptrfes, they are mad 
men^out of themf elves j even 04 wee fee thofe in Bedlam 
are heat en, ke}>t under ydenied canferts, till they come 
to themfelves ; Andrfhat faith He then ? I will arife, 
and goe to my Father, and I will fay unto Him$ Fa- 
ther, I have /inned againft heaven, and againfl; 
Thee,&c. So it is ^ith us^ untill the Lord humble^ 
and bring us hro sn our cwne eyes, fljefv us our mifery and 
fpirituall poverty, and that in us there is nogoodthing | 
that we heflript of all helfes, inland without our felves^ 
and fee that wee mufl ferijh^unle^e wee heg His mercy ; 
I fay, untill then, ypce will notfeeks his face ar.dfavoar^ 
nor have reccurfe to lefus (fhrifl, thi rocke of our falva- _ , g - • 
tion, it is with us in this Cafe, as it was ^'ith the JVoman^ - * ^'*' 
"^'hom Chrifl healed of the bloudy ijfue. How long ^'oi 
ifyCre /became to ^hrifl} She had beene ficke twelve 
ye ares ; She had jj>ent all her Itving ufonPhyfitions^neim 
ther cculd fhe hee healed of any. NoVC this extremity 
brought Her to lefus Chrifl, This then is the meanes to 
bring to Chrifl : To bring us upon our knees, to drive us 
out of cur felvesjoopele^e, as Id^ as may be ) Tofhe^ us, 
where helpe is onely to bee foundy and make us runne un* 
fo ft. The hunted Bcaft flies unto his Den : The Ifra^ 
elites beingdmg by fiery Serpents, made haft to the 
Brazen Serpent, a Type of Cbrift, for helpc: Th« 
Han-kiiler under the Law, chafed by the avenger of 
blood, ranne apace to the City of refuge. loab being 
purfued for bjis life, flfd to the Tabernacle of the 

l66 hJirHciionsfor a right comfortwg Stft. *♦' 

Lord^and laid fa ft hold upon the horncs of the Altar; 
A wounded man hies unto the Surgeon : Proportio- 
nably a poore Soule, broken and bruifed with the in- 
fupportableburdenofa! I his ab'jminations, bleeding 
at heart- roote undcrfenfe of Divine wrath, by the 
cutting edge of the Sword of the Spirit, managed a- 
right by fomc Mafters ofajfemblies^ chaced furiou fly 
by theLaw,Sina?,C(3n(cience,and Satan, romtimcs 
even tothebrinUeofdefpaire,&c. will bee willing 
withawitnefre,tocaft it felfc into the fweet com- 
panionate invitingarni<.s,andea3braccnientsof/<?/«x 
Chrip, broken and blecdingupon the Crofle for our 
finnes,and fo be made His, for ever* 
|«OurSattftification» 2. Foraur fftnthjicatton alf»^it is good for uiythat 

the Comhtter sfirj} \\!orke be, to workefcare in as^ For 
we are naturally fo frozen in onr dregs, that no fire in 
a manner will vpurme^ or thaw ns. Wee Xcallowitt our 
orfittebloodyWee flickefafiinthemire of finne up to tha 
chif}ne,that we cannot fttrre^ So that this feare is fent 
to fPtU Hs violently^ as it '^ere^ from oar corruptions ; to 
mak£Bs holj^andlookennto our vmies for the time to 
come, No^to ejfe^ this, Jharpefl thwgsarebefi^ as 
arethe La^^andthreatnings of condem}iatisnythe ope' 
ttingof Hellythe racki^gof the eonfcience^ And a fenfe 
of fvrath pre fent ^and to come. So hard'hearted are rvee 
by nature ^bein^as the Children of the bond-woman,to 
whomviolencemufibe/tfedt Even as we fee a Man ri* 
dimayoHngand rvilde Horfeto tame him i Hee will run 
himafrainfi awall,that hee may make him afraid^ride 
him in deepe and rough places ; or if this ^Ul not doe^ 
take him up to feme highrecke, and bringing him to the 
Brinke thertef Hee threatneth to throvp him downe head' 
long '^maketh him fhake <ind fjuakei whereby at lafi hee 
is tamed. So dealest he Lord with us : Hee gives us d 
fight of finne, and of the punijhment due thereunto, a 
fenfe of wrath, fetteth the confctence on fire ^ as it were 5 
filletb^ thehMTt^ith fcarfsJjttrfftrs^aMifffiietneffei 

Parf.l.cap.iG* JglicledConfaences, 26y 

fifencth Hell thtti unto the SomU^ kring us to the g^tes a chriflm hemtftemfid^ 
tbereef^andthreatnethus tothroyv Hi in: tAnd'^ll thii tim tenet tB/>iniiMtio»e 
t^makeamHfir^tfrehoij.and"^ hate fin the more, rke '"^**^'^^ ''%"*' 'f' 
cure df the Stone tn the heart ^{zxm ^ ^»c(''^,ip<^^y^li'''§ cenyerft /mtiddiHferes, 
rothe fsme purpofe, ^ lik^ that of the Stone in the j4m ^rimnm detrudendi 
Bladder. God tn^fi ufeajharpe incifion^ and come yfiib >«'. '^'^ hoc ut infpt^Z 
his pHl'inaand pluchnf in^rfiments,andrend the heart P«>'^p((-'*thdifi'*r,t 4k 
' ^ t r ^ f r ■ o '" abmrnre, am tempt' 

fn ptecss^ ere that fin canine get ofitef ft,— Svenoi m a n yutur* /eje oUtEiLt. 

iethargj it u needffillthe Patient Jhottld he ctifl into a RoUocinlohaB.cap.j. 
ffftrnino Vevcr^becaufe the fenfes a- e benuiikmtd^ a^.d pag.133. 
thiiwtllypake them^anddrieup the hefotting humours '^ ^ D*^fofReptntancca 
Jo in oHr dead fecurity hefere onr converfion^ God i^faine P' * 
to let the La>v, Sinne, Confcience and Satan looje upon 
us • and to kindle the fire of Hell in our foul eSy that fo 
tve might be roazed : Our finnes fltck^ clofe unto »/, as 
the Prtfoners bolts^and W^ are fhut up und»r them, as in 
aflroKg Prifon : and therefore knlejfe, as once in Paul 
und Sihs their cafe, an earthquake, fo here there conse c ^umio feceatl^outi 
awightj heait-quake, violently breaking open the d-Mm iegk efi yioUtio, 
Prifon doores,and fliakingoff our fettcrs,nevcr fhall con/cientia jiimH'Mmur , 
wee get our liberty,&c. lX7r*^im7eriec!a 

Thus we fee, what a mighty « wcrkeoftbe Law, I^^TeZZfh/m/j, 
an d of the fpirit of bondage there muft be, to prepare cfr^f />»«»» .(^jaw, gy^. 

y:^i mimque Viyini »«. 
rninii ofenftonem^ at que indipiit'tonem tncurrifftimtrddemque atquefiipendiunti qnedpeccAm 
turn rherett»r,elJe,utn9nfoiitmtmnilrmcaUmitatibm atque tn'>fer^tbu]tit >if<f, merit fque, 
Cr m»rte coTpuris af^iiamur \yerum ettdmyUtdamnatione atque intetitu fewfitertiemulSiem 
m^r • limul dtque ex lege agno/cimus ^noi per peccdtttm m hunt tondemndtorttm ftdtunty qut 
nthtltetrtw ce^ttdupotcfii peryeniffe : t«t6 pcEiore^oti. wente, tcto ttndeanimoqiie cohorremuSy 
Cr eontremijrtmutyatque itd^ ut cdfum nojirurH fulutarttex doleamtu, Cr iitmfmet nojiri /ar- 
tmestyLtxejfictt limpeHitqueut pecc^tvrumyeniamyiu^itumj O" yitdm femffiternd/»y(qua 
txlegt ad.f.fci nan pojjnmtu) d cbrtfio feryatore tdntiint , & per Cknfinm exj>et4muf 
Cr expelrie/MH*. Alex. Nowellas loft. Chriftian. Pictatis De Legi$ ufu. Hoc loco 
dsantp aenitent'dm effe, qu.f ex peceAtwrttm GrirAdtyittddgnitiene ndfcittVy qudper legem 
Detpnr/.ii' » dolores& itrreremt.nfcientid incutidt. Sctlicettttmyerbo Dei tntns drguuntur 
fC'.CAtay^ reddttur mens n^ae to»)(.U(ihi, inquietdy pYdtrijiifyet defrtTdkundd/of atixinm^ 
ccnfr-Bum.et pdyidum^u hono fcr fe Hullare p) orfi^s erigipcfit ydtit csn/oUtionemnaneif.. 
defied lotH-r Affl:EiiiJiitf4^ ef, fpptttu^ejeffo ae tripiddntey O'ingenti hprrere enncufjm a tm- 
fpeHuirx Deiy^c. — itt.tqut fie djjeftig dtymt promt^hnts jmtiUdndK^&c^ Harmon, 
Confefi.p.i.bohsemica Confefl.Ajrt.f.pag.z^o. 

for > 


Infiru^iontfor a right comforting, S :(^ . 2i 

forpjrifi. An-.ihow requifitcitis bodi for the glori- 
fying of Gods jofticc and oiercy ; and alf<) for the 
furtherance of our ;ufl:ification, and faa^lificacion. 
For iliudration of which Poiat, be fides all that hath 
been faid before, I have more willingly in this lafl 
PalTagepreltat large the authority of fo great a Di- 
vjne,(in which, I hope, I have not fwarved from bis 
{enfQ ) b:caufc Hee is without exception both 
for holincfiTe and learning : and fo his fyncere 
and orthodoxe judgcmeut more currant and paf- 

ObJcAicrfagainft the 

Anfwerte the ob;eSt< 

CHAP. xr. 

Ohji^ion agKinfi the former doShine, "Differeneet 
ketrfeemlegnQ, terroun in the Elc^ andethert^ 

iVt hence , it may bee, fomc troubled 
Sonic may take up a complaint, and fay •• 
AiaSjif itbethus, what fhall I thinkc 
ofmyfe!fe? I doe not remember, that 
everltafledfodeeply of fuch terrourf, 
and legall troubles, as you feeme to require : I have 
not been ib humbled and terrified,nor had fuch expe- 
rience of that ftate under they^tr*'/ 0/ ^Wrf^^,asyou 
talke of,&c. And therefore you have caft fcruples 
into my confcience,aboutthe trath and foundn.ffcof 

tyfft/^^ I anfwcr, in this workc of the fpirit of 
bondage ; in thisCafe of legall tcrrours, humiliations, 
and other preparative difpofitions, wee doe not prc- 
fcribc precifcly jaft fuch a meafure and quantitie : 
We doc no; determine peremptorily upon fuch or 
fuch a degree, or height : Wee leave that to the 
Wifcdomeof ourgrcatMaftcrin Heaven, tbe^»<'{? 

Part. 1 . Chap. i o. JpQed Confciences, l6 g 

yptfe Gcd, ^ uho fsa moft free Agent. Butfure wee ^ I gfan«. «te Lord, 
are, a man muft have fo much, and in that mesfurCjas^^^^^" Mle^libcrtT 
to bring Him tcChrJft, Inroftmake him ^'^'^^ of 3„|yyerkesasit plea! 
alIhisfrines,anciofSatans bondage wholly ; willing fcthhimj and thtreis 
to flttckectithk right eye, and cut ejfhii right ^^W, ods, and diffeitacc for 
I meanc, to part with hisbea-bdovcd bofcme-lufts 5 Jjn^^^^/^ftjK^jndju^^^ 
to fell «//,and not to leave fo tr.Kch as an hoofe behind. \^^^ * alvvaVs fhe 
Jtmuflbee fomucb, astomakehimfee his danger, fa^e / by humbling 
andfohafltothc Cltie of Refuge , to beefcnfible of firft^then comforting, 
hisfpiiituali inifery, that lite may heartily thirft for *«• ^^fi**" Roge" /f 
mercy ; to finde himfelfe loft and caftaway.in mm-^f^'*^^'-''f^-^^ 
ftlfe, that Chr lit may bee a/^// in c/ill unto Him -J ^^ ^' 
And after aiuft follow an hatred of all faife and evill 
wafes for the time to come ; athorow-change of for- .* 

uier ccurfes , company, convtrfatiops j and fettfng 
Himfelfe in the way and pradifc offdrietythonefiy 
and holifie^e. If thou haft had experience of thefe 
afJ-cdions, and effccfls in thine owne ioule, whatfoc- 
verthcmeafureof theworkeof \ht fprit of bondage 
hath been in thee Icffe or more ; Thou art fafe enough* 
and may ft goe on comfortably in the holy T^*^^, with- 
out any difcouragement, either from fuch pretended 
fcruplesinthyfclfe,crany of Satans crucll cavills, 
and oppofitions to the contrary. 

Vpon this occafjonjit will not bee here uofeafona- Diftrcnces betwiene 
bictoteli you, How that Legallterrour,which God t^t terroor which is 
appoinrsto be a preparative in hiscled,for the fpi-^^^"^8> ^^ '^^''l* « 
rit of adoption, and a true change, differs from that"°'^j^.j j^ ij ^^^^^ 
which is found in * Ah'ens,andnotattcndedwitba-aBd ^irit of fearc, i« 
ny fuch faving confcqucnts : that every one, who but a common workc 
hath had trouble of confcicnce for fiane, maycleere- of the Spirit. Such aa 
lydifcerne,wh«b£rithathbrought Him to Chr.fi, ^^-^^'^^^^^ 
erJert Him unconverted. .j\^ _^ 

I. That happy Soule,which isundtrthe terrifying Titftekcs after lefus. 

hand of God, preparing by the woike of the fpirit of*- \r ^ 

bondage, for the entertainment of Chrift,and a found nocomfort. W6T«ytfia 
converfion upop that fcarcfulUppreher^cn of Gods ;;^^^^ 

lyo InjlrHclionsfor a right comforti?tg Sc£t. Z» 

ftUitdru, fAiTAixixiict wrath, and ftridt vifitation of his ccnfcicrxe for Gn, 
>«^tf ejl peenitemia,ciuK caftsabout foreafe and reconcilement, onclvhy the 
fdcejifrw,UeoqHe>,or: j^j^^^^ o£ thc Lord 7r'/«j,andchoaSouIe-heaIfngpro. 
docet txtmplmn luda niilcsituhe &{Jokcot lii:e,wich a reioiiKc Contempt 
JMatth 27.3. ' cf ciU other mcanes and offers, f3r pacification: fce- 

TsenUemict du'ituY mr- lip.giiow5and findingby experience, that no other 
/m & yuhtuj^qHidAni- ^^yy^ no earthly thing, nzt this whole wor'd, were it 
'"«'">*"?'>''^*"/^'*/ dl diffoived imo the niolt curJous,and e jcqiiift 
fitia fuundtm Dettm ^u^cSjthat evetanv cavnall heart conceived, cananj^ 
S,^gmt MsTccvoictv. i. way affvvagc the Icaft pang of his grieved fpiric 
Corimh.7,io. Sin mi^ Glad theretoreisHj to take counfdlandadvifejWich 
»«jj«f>'e^/tflj»^x;»fl<wj a:>ythatisab!c,orUkely to ieadehioi by a wife and 
l^m^'Z^tflialio^m'' ^^^^^^^^ ^^'^^ ^'^ ^ well-grounded comfort and re- 
«/!../ J;^;2«S!^fe^"^^n^"'^ • Aiidfejolveth greedily, what-ever the 
Jw^rimr4we«;^ej'CJM- prefer! ption and diredion bee, to give way unto 
fhrefin Mgiavotec /'« It maft willingly in his performance and pradift*; 
AlgretjUsAetot ponitur. ^nd the feeble tuked hint^fayiy}gt fVhat Pjall -iree dog 
Alfied. Thcol.PoIem. then? Then came alfo Tublkamtdye haftized^andfaid 
p.4h Dc Poenitenc. & f^fffo Him, Mafier.what pidlX^edae / Andthe SonldL 
Iqdi»Ig.contioy.i. ^rs Ukemfe demanded of htm, fajing. And "^^hat foall 
^eedsef Thus were lohm hearers affv;£led, Zi^^.j. 
''10,12,14 being afflided with the piercing paflages 
Y)f /(?WthundringS'-rmon; mfenandhethrenwhat 
Jhall rveedoe} fay thePcnitcnt lew eSfprkk^din their 
hearti\ A^is 2t^j, The lajlonr, zy^Eis i6*lQ. came 
tremblingyAnd jell doi»-ne bejore Paul and Silas, and 
faid,Sirs,'^bat mufl [ doe to bee faved^ As if they 
had faid : Prefcribeand enjoyne what you will $ be it 
it never fohsrfh anddiftaftefull to fleflb and blood, 
aever fo crofTe andcontrary to carnall reafon, profit, 
pleafure, preferment, acceptation with the world, 
eafe, liberty , Iife,&c. having warrant out of the 
Word, wte are refolved, and ready to doe it, Onely 
informeus firft,how to partake, and bee afliired of^ 
the perfon andpaffion of Chrift leftts 5 how to have 
the angry face ofourblefled God,to whom we have 
continued fUbds To long, turned inco calmnefTe and 
/ ' " "' ^ favour 

Part. I . Cap .11. t^ffi&ed Canfcienccs. 271 

favour unto us. But now a Caft-away and Alien thus But the other does not; 
iegally terrified, and under wrath for finne^is never 
went to come to this earneflneffc of care, eagei nefle 
of refolutionjftcdfaflncfie of cndeavour.wiilingnefff 
upon any termes toabandon utterly all Hisoldwaics, 
andtoerrihiacenewjftricland holy courfes. Thefe 
things appeire unto Him ttrrible Puritanicall, and 
intolcrabit'.He commonly inTiich caies,hath rccourfc 
fc/r cafe & remedy to worldly cpmfortSiand the armc 
oFfitfh. HeelabfAirs to relieve his heavy heart, by a 
ilrongandfcrious cafiing his minde, and nefth'ng his 
<:onceitupon hisrichesjgold^greatneflejgreat fiiends, 
credit amongft Men,& (uch other traniitory delights, 
^ fading flowers of His foolesParadife. ForHeisat 
a Pointj& refolute with a fenfual impenitent obftina- 
cvjnot to pafsforward thorow the Pangs ofthe New- 
birth by rcpeDtanceandlandificaticn, into the holy 
Trade of hcw-obedience.'left Hee fhouId,(asout of a 
fbolirhandpbrautickbafeneffc.He h apttofeare)bc 
engaged 6«: enchained,as it were,totoo much itnft- 
neffejprecifencfirejholineitc of life, communicn with 
Gods pecplCjand oppofition to good fcllowrhip. 

2. Hecjthat is favingly-wounded with Lc gall ter- z. It loves the Miniffer 
ronrjis wont in cold bloodj^: being fomething come who terrified it. 
to Hiinfelfe,to entertaine the very fame conceit (or 
rather mingled with a great deale more reverence, 
affcdionarenefle andiov^Cjas far re as the life of an im- 
inortaliSouledoth furpslfe m dcarcnelle and excel- 
lency the cure of a fraile and earthly body) of that 
Man of God, which by a right managing the edge of 
hisfpintuaIlfword,hath pierced his heart, fcorchcd 
hisconicience,andbruifed his fpirit j I fay, the fame 
in proportion, which a wife and thankful! Patient 
would have of that faithfull Surgeon.which hath fca* 
fonably and thorowly lanced fomedecpe and dange- 
rous Sore, which otherwife would have beene his 
death. Vpon the fearch and difcovery, Hce cleai ely, 

T " fees 

2 7 > Inflfhcliom for at right comfortiftg Se{5>. t 

fees snd acknowIedgeth,tliat had not that holy inci* 
fijnbeersemadeinto his rotten and ulcerous heart, it 

Buttbcothsr dothnot. hadcoft him the eternal] life of his Sonic. Butnow 
the Alien put out of his fe:iriiall humour with horrour 
ofco'ifcience, is ordinarily tranfportcd with much 
ra5»cfull difcontentment-, againft the powfcrfull Mini- 
ftery ofGodspainefull MeiTcngers,\vhoput Him io 
fuch torture, by troubling Him for Gnne, and frigh- 
ting Hicn with Hell. And thereupon cries out againll 
them, at k aft with fccret indignation §nd fretting,as 
the Di vels did again si ^A>i/? : why doe jon thm tor^ 
went ns before the time > 

3". The other feekcs 3. Aliens in fuch c^ifcse'itertainc no other thought, 

onelyforeafcj and call: about for no other comfort at all, but onely 

how. they may recover their former quictneflc of 
mindjcamall eafcand freedome from prefent terrour. 

Biuitforamcfldmcnt. But hec that is fitting, by the fpirit of bondage, for 
Faith, ^nd the fellowship of the Saints, will never by 
any meanes, whatfoever come of Him, relapfe to his 
wonted fenfuall fecurity. Nay, of the two, Hee will 
rather lie ftill upon the Rackc, waiting for the Lord 
/(f/z^/allthedaycsof hislifcjthento returns anymore 
unto foolijhm^e , ot hunt againc after any content- 
ment in the miferable pleafurcs of good feilow- 

himth h^^h ^'^"°"" 4' ThnMe^efiger,aft Interpreter, * One Amovig a 
ted it/' " coiJfor- f^jj^^y^w^^whoiniuchacafecanfcafonablyandfonnd' 
e Si aMt peccatorl ca- Ij declare unto a favfngly-wounded SouIcHa^ riglote^ 
lumitdte aliquk frrffo , pPifncjfe ;-Si^H\Q iriim^it was Chrifi Icfus onely bu(i- 
W lethxhter agmanti Qcffdn commingfrom Hssvei, to disburden al/that 
ZlflZmmDT&"x ''^^'^»-''.'«»^'^^'?^^^'^7'^'^^^«f andeafe fuch trembling. 
t^yuMJ^^/^pifceMi^m ^earts,&G I fay, fuch a blcfTed Man of God to fuch a 
cr mHt.itienem yiu in brokcn-heart, jsfor cver after moft deare and wel« 
meliMf,c!uupmdi mnci- comcj Hi^feetare^eautifft/lin his eye,evcry time He 
^^imcrpresUisyo- comcs nccrc Him. Comfort offo high a nature, in 
':Z^^^^. extremity ef fuch horr^le cor^equence, doth in ff- 
Momim xqHitaiem^.^^^^^y ^nd endlelly endears the dsUvcrcd S'iule to 

Pa r t . 1 Ca p 1 1 . yl^'Med Cc nfcU^ces. 1 7 5 

fuch an heavenly Di.-clour. But Aliens comironl) /<« re&itudin(m ilUus 
ir.akcnogreat: account of gedfy Mimfttrs^ny Ion- KiThhwn v^hec eft^iw 
eer.thenrhey have rrtlentnecd oFthcm, andthar '^Ta^ ^,h.rAZ.ulL 

*^ I I r • J I L »* 1 L CI J Uut ihc othtr doth fo 

trcubleotmindci-naKcsthcm MdancnoiiKe,and out onelyforthe prcient. 

wiihmirrh. They fee mc to reverence them, while ^^ -v--— — ^ 

fromthnVccnerall diicourfes of mercy, and Gcdsf'^P''"^'<"i'^^'^^'^'f''^^'»> 

.-'f' . ,.,, ,, ..'_-, tile ev^a omnes hcmtnet. 

taintyof scccpfatjon (it they v,nli come in)w\-c.Thcy ^i„p,,„;^ajpffos util 
fucke into their faife heal ts before thetimCjand truth »«>. Poian. m Ezccb, 
ofhumiliation, feme (liperficis'l glimtEeiings, and cap. 20. 
fialhesof cooifort and cooling. But if once tlie hcace 
f>ftheir guilty rage begin to aiTwagc,and they find a- 
gair.e fome eafc frcco their farmer tcrrours^ and won » 
ted rellifii in earthly delights, they turns (uch holy 
mn out of their hcartSjCaft thtm out of their confci- 
ences,a'id hold no higher, or further conccitof them, 
then of other, and ordinary men 5 if they foibeaicto 
pcrfecute the in with thoughts of difdaineand con- 

5. The true PeniteBt^ having {mzxicd under the j-Ic isever after fcarc.; 
fenfe of divine wrath,3nd frighted with the flames of '"^^' 

horrcur for fin.doth grow fearfuUfor ever after to of- 

fend,and with much gracious care dreads that cenfu- 

mingfire. Biitthe Alien.whilc heeisupon th-s Racke ^»"h« ®t^«»^'« "«^ **' 

indced,and hath the hainoufneflc ofhisfins^ and Hell 

frtflilyinHiseye, wiUeafiiy make n^.any glorious 

proteltations and promifes, what a rare and refolnte 

Convert Hee will become upon his recovery. But if 

once the flonne bee over*blowne,Gods hand wit h- 

drawncandhispainefullconfciencecafl again into a 

dead llecpe by the power, or rather poifon of feme 

Icnfuall rtccitjHc per formes juft nothing : But like a 

filthy fwine, waliowesagaincinthe mire and mud of 

earthlinefle and carnaiityjand againe with the beaftly 

dog, returnesunto,and re fumes his vomit. 

6. Hce that hath favingly paffed thorow the ^ i j^h^ cth,nthii 
i drigsof luch Ipintuall aftiiCtioas,is wont £0 be very ar*. in ihe like caf«. " 

T a kindlily " 

27^ InfiruSikftffoy Aright comforting SeA,2. 

kifidiily affe£^ed, moft compaffiorrare, and tendcr- 
heartcdto others, affli fled with the fame wofull tcr- 
loursandtrcKiblcsofconfcicnce. A woman, which 
hath her felfe with extraordinary paiae,ta(kdofthat 
exquifitc torture of child-birth, is wont to bcc more 
tenderly and mercifully difpofed towards another in 
the like torment j then fticc, that never knew what 
thatmiftrytBcant: Andisraore ready, willing, and 
skilfull to relieve in fuch diftrefTes* It is proportiona- 
E rfi h " d th not ^^^ ^° '" '^^ prefent Cafe : But the Alien being tain- 
^t eot a o tedinfomemeafurewiththe Di vcls hateful! drfpofi- 
tion.isbythe heateof his fl3vifhhorrour,rather en- 
raged with malice, than refolved into merey •• Hce is 
rather tickled with a fecrct content, then touched 
With true commiferatioti. to fee and heare of others 
p'ungcdintoth:' fame gulpheofmifery, and plagued 
HkeHimfcIfe* Hee is much troubled with folenefle 
m fufftring, and the fingularity of any fcrrowfull 
Accident. Companion-fliip in crclfes, doth fomc- 
thing allay the difcomforts of carnal I men : So that 
fome times they fccrctly, but very liofuily re Joyce, 
* E'3jcxoi//exetxi*,*/- (fuch is their dogged, * divellifh difpofition) even 
fecitu ex odto & gdudio ^q fee the hand of God upon their neighbours. Nei- 
wixtM iCumodiotm^klJi jj^^^ ^,3,^ j^^^ ^^ p^j^l^ ex!:remities minifter any mcancs 

ius : Eftafefiufpropri- fell,or any cxperimentaliskili ibecaiife the evUlfpirit 
uiVtaOoiortm* Propie- of his vcxed con(c!ence,was not driven a Way by a- 
xramtpfiy<j»itn4lierum ny vveII-grounded application ofGodsinercics,aiid 
:i,"««- - Ch, iiUblood .• b..t a. W. was by Muficke.wo, id- 
fcJ«»r:Aiidtheyareasly"^'ift^"> carnall advile, Souk-flayirg fluteries of 
like Him in this pefti. Maa-pleafing Miniflers.plungingdi'lperat-ely into vsH 
lent propc»ty,aiif Hce hetyof fenfuail plca(iires,&c. 
had^fputhemout of his y^ He,which after tlic boiaerous temped of Legal! 
"^°"^ ' terrours,hath happily arrived at the Poit of Peace ; 

I meane^tliat bkfTed peace Tvhkh pn^th aU mder- 
flanding, made with God himfelfc m the blcod of 
hisSj>?me,entcr5 prc(eatly thereupoii into the good 

Parr.i Cap ii. 

AffliSied Confcienccs. 


xr^^Tj, take^ f-'p ^^ hJm the yoke oj Chrtjl. 2nd fcrves him 
zhtv\V2i\diin heliKeff'e n'/id riohteoufr.e^e all the dayes 
cf his life. And ordinarily His deeper humih'aticn, is 
an occafion of his more humble, precife, holy, and 
ftridwa'kingjand of more watchfuhieffe over his 
hearr,andt:cnderncfleof confcicncfj about lefTafins 
alfo ; ailcccalionsof rcandall, appearances of evill, 
even aberrations in hisbeft ad:ions,andholicfl: dii- 
ticsj&c. But Aiieiis, when once they be taken otf the But th€ other not i^ 
Racke, and iheir torture determinej cither become 
juft the fame men they werebefore; ore'fe reforn^e 
onely feme one, or other grofle (\nn^, which ftiicke 
moft upon their cox\{'c\<:\\cq^, but rcmaine unamen- 
ded and unmortificd in the reft : or eliCj which often 
comestopafTcgrowa great dealc worfe. For they 
areas it were,angrywithGod, that he fhould give 
them atafte of Hell nre before theirtimc ; and there- 
fore knowingtheir time bu::fhort, fall upon earthly 
delights more furiou(ly,cngrofle and grafpc the plea- 
sures of the World with more greedineffe andira- 


InflrttUions fer the Avoiding this fanlt of affljiftg 
comfort too foeue. 

Hefe things thus prcmifed j I CounfcII to avoyde 
come to tell you, that for the re£ii- the foimcr error. 
Tying of the foremcntioned Er- 
rour, and prevention of the danger 
of dawbing and undoing forever 
in a matter of fo weighty impor- 

'-' tance,T would advifc the Spir ituall 
Phyfition,to labour with the uimoft improvement 
of all his divine skiH,beaveDly wifedome, beft tx- 

T 3 pcricnce. 

2^6 InjhfitHo-fis for aright comforting Scft,2. 

pcrience, heartieft praiers, nrjoft piercing pcrfwaG- 
• ons,pr€{]: ouc of the word for that purpofe, wifely to 

I The time ©f apply- '^^^'^^^ ^'^'^* ^^^^'"^"^^^ ^^ "^^^^^^ ^^^ fcafoD, when 
iag^ he may, warrantably and upon good ground^ apply 

unto the woundedfl: foule of his fpiritually-nckc Pa- 
tient, affured comfort in the proinifes of life, and 
that fovcraigne blood, which was fpilt for broken: 
hearts ; and affiira him in the Word of truth, that all 
thoferichcompafliio^:is, which lie within the com- 
paffcof that great Covenant of everlafting mercy 
and love, fealed with the painefiiU fufferings of the 
Sonne of God, belong unto Him. Which is then, 
when his troubled heart is ioim^l^ humbled under 
Gods mighty hand, and brought at length to,firft,a 
truly penitent fight, fenfe, and hatred of all fifine; 
fccondly, a fyncere and unfatiable thir ft after lefus 
Chrift,and righteoufnefle both imputed, and inhe- 
rent : thirdly, an unfained and un-re(ervcd refolution 
of an univcrfall New -obedience for the time to 
come,&c. Here I had purpofed to ha ve beene large % 
but I am prevented by that which hath been faid al- 
ready :and therefore to avoide repetition, I muit rs- 
mityoutotheconfiderationiiofthore Lc-gall and'^E- 
vangelicall preparations for the cntcrtainemcnc of 
Chrift and true comfort, which I handfed before, 
which may give fomc good dircdion and fatisfadi- 
on in the Point. See Pag. 131. l.^j* to the end o£ 

aTFitUflg for that time. Yet take notice,that in the meane time before fucH 
fitneflebcfullycffeduated,! would have the Man of 
God ply his Patient with his bell perfwafions and 
Proofcs, fsafonably mingled with motives ro humi- 
liation, of the pardonableneife of his finnespoHibili- 
ty of pardon, damnableneffe of defpaire, danger of 
eafe by outward mirth,&c. And to hold out to the 
eye of the troubled confcience,a9a prize and Lure.as 
itwerejtbeftcencffcof Gods imtneafurable aiercyi 
'"'f ths. 

Parf.l .cap.i g * J^icled Confcicnees, 28 1 


The feconicafe 'therein the former F.rrer'is commit- 
ied^ivhich ii in applying too much. T^o thtn^s coT?cer~ 
ning Vehich the affiiSIed « to be advifed for avojdiftg tbu 

^ °St^o^9 /^ Oo much. A little cy^ij/ua vita 2. When too much; 
fez?!^ f^J^<^ may happily revive and refrefli which is firftillufttatcd 

1^^ may happily revive atid refrefl. 1^^^^^;^^ 

0-^^^ niiig Man ; but too much would 

rS^^P) kill. A fpoon- full of Cinnamon- 
^J^ water mingled with twelve 
/poone-fuUs of Spring-water, 
andonefpoonefullof Rcfe-water;&c. maybe fove- 
rcfgne againft the finking cF the heart ; But poure at 
opce a Pint into the Stomacke,and it might unhappi- 
ly^ choakethe naturall heafe, wafte the Radicallmoy- 
mircj^ndburne up a Mans Bowels.Mercy being wife- 
ly adminiftrcd in the right fcafon, and mingled with 
convenient Counfels and Caveats, may, by Gods 
blcOing.binde up a broken heart with a leaftirable 
and kindly Cure ; It may mollifie in the meane time 
with an healing and heavenly heate, the fmartingai*- 
guifli of a wounded eonfcience ; and at length feafo- 
nably clofe it up with found and lalling comfort .• 
But poured out handover head byanunfttady, and 
in-difcrttthandjltmay by accidenr,dangcroufly dry 
I'lppenitenttcarcstoofoone, andllifle theworkeof 
the Ipirit of Bondage iiithe beginning. 

But here let none either out of ignorance or ma- i.ExpIalacd. 
lice miftakt,oi be troubled with this Tea much : The 
fame Phrafe in the iams fcnfc is to be found in * Ma- * The comfort which k 
ftcr Pf/"/^«Wiagrc3t Mailer in the deepe mvftery ofmini^red to t&e, party 
dealing with^fHtded ccnfciences. For \AxtmuQ:*'*^*^/^P.'"''f ^^'^ ^^' 
\ittow,thuToewt,ch,.shy nomeanesto bee meant of^Zltf'thei^'^' '^hft 
any wayesrcftratniog, orccnfining the infiniceneHe i, to fay: The' Pro- 
of mils alone muft nos 

282 hiJlrnBiomfor arightccmforti-ig, Srcl.2. 

bee applved, but with- of Gcjds mercy. Ic were exec? a' ile blafphemy to dif- 
all mention is to bee j.^^-^. q^. ,-^ glorious Attribute of its imm-nfi- 
made o' thi finn°3 of . • ^ ^ ^r . ,. ,. r^ , 1 

the Parry, and of the ^^' :Dutinre(p£a ornotmingiing lo.neCoolcrs and 
grievous panidiments Cavjats to kecpe fioni prefumption .* as flialiap- 
dueunto Hi-n for the pcaisin the enfuing Couniellsjl llull commend for 
fame. The reason is, that purpofc. 
becaufc there is much ^ * 

Jjuile iiirh:;hearcof Man5infomuch,asortcntIn3esitfal(eth siifjthit mennotthorow» 
y humbled,bcinsi co nforted, eiihettoofioHe, or too /mch^ doe afterward become the 
worflofall. In this refpeft, not unlike to the iron, which being caft into the fire vehe- 
mently hor, and co^ld ao.aine,is much morchard then it would have btcn, if the hsate 
had been tiodctate. And henceitis, thatintheminiftrinjof comfort, we muft fome- 
thing kcepc them downe, and bring thetn on by little and iittle to repentance. The 
fweetneffe of comfort is the greater,if it bee allaied with fome tartneflc of th: Law. 
CcLfesef CoHfci'nce,Lil'.i.C4p,j Sefi.'^. Here remember by the way, thit th? comfor.s 
miniftred u(ual!y and ordinarily, mufl: not goc alone, but be mingled at«d ce.-np :red with 
fo-netcrroursofthcLa .v,&c.— - The tninirtring of comfort in this diftrefle wouldnot 
bedircftandprefent.butbycertaineftcps and degrees : except only. in the Poiftt of 
death: for then a dircftercoarfc muftbeu(cd, li'id.Cdp.iiJecl,i. 

Vpon this ground, 1 reafonthus : 
j.Prooved. A man may preflcjand apply Gods j uftice, and the 

tcrrours of the Law Too much ; therefore alfo mercy, 
and the comforts of the Gofpellitoo mnch,The con- 
ftquentiscleare. For as the former may plunge into 
theGulph of dcfpairci (b the other may caft upon 
the Rockeof prelumption ; Nay,it is more then un- 
a^ifwerablv ftrong % Becaufe wee arefarre readicrto 
apprehend^and apply unto our felves mercy, then 
judgement. And thoufands arc endlefly overthrown 
thoro vv prefumptionjfor owt by defpaire* 

And the Antecedent who will deny? Itisrather 
fc prepof^eroully applauded and prtft jthat moft, if 
aMinUkr,evenwithhisbeft difcretion, revealethe 
whole Counfell of God, and tell them ; That none 
fhalbe refrcOicdby Chrift,but onely thofe who U- 

Matthl'i.iS. ^°^^ '^"^ *^^^ ^^^'^7 ^^^^^ s "^^^^ ^^^^ °^"^ humhle 

lames 4. xo. * tbemfelvestnthe fight of the L9rd,\H\\ty WOuldhavC 

Pr0v.x8.j3, him /o lift themup : Thatnonc Jball have mercy, but 

fuch as cottfe^e andforfake their finnes : That the 


Part. I .cap. 1 3 « Jff,icied Confcienees, 283 

mecre civill man, and luke-warme formall Profef- 
foiir, without ^o/j»<Fjp and «i!''«/<?;can never be faved : Heb.12.14: 
Xmtd!(\the wicked Jhalbe turned into Beli^&c^ In a Revcl.3.19. 
word, if Hec take the right courfe to bring men J^*w Pfal.9.17. 
dar\ene^e to light y fr&m Sat am to the living ged; by 
fir ft wounding with the law, before Heehealc with 
theGofpeli jl fay,thcmoft in this Cafe, are ready 
tocryout,andcon3plaine, that hee throwes wild- 
fire, BrimftoneandGunpowder into the confcknces 

Conceive therefore, I pray you j 

That there is irt Godj firft,His jufticc:and fecond- 
Iy,His mercy ,both infinite and equall. O lely in re- 
gard of man there is an inequality jFor God may bee 
iiid, to be more mercifull unto them that are faved, 
then juft to them that are damned : For of damnati- 
on the juft caufeis in Man 5 but of falvation, it is n ProfrhmetVeief<H^ 
wholly from grace. •» In Himfeife and originally, *"*^'-^ f»»f rtdUterif/A-' 
they areboth equalLandfoaicailhis Attributes : But "'fj'" '>"'('*' & "'' 

r o. r^u- « r J rr u: ^t'fuifttid Dei.net ttiter 

inrefpeacfthc <> excrcife,and expreffion upon His ^^ rctpfUfcru^uUon 
creatures,and abroad in the world, there isfomedif- abtflentia,.j«Myj'c/«»t 
fcrence. But for my purpc(e,and our Minifttrialkm- »« tffmia,ut fmipf^ef- 
ploiment and commiffiotijtake notice; Z*''^'*-* ^^^ inter fe, 

Thatasthe revealed effcds of Gods mercy, arc E*l^yi'''"^"'^' 
love, cender-hesrtediiefle, compauion; HiS ownc ummuauomnuvnrfu* 
deare Sons pretious heart- blocd. pardon of Gns,peact M'^ fntiA.owmfqueHu* 
of confcicnce.unfpcakcablcand glorious ;V)y there "">'**' ^^fjje debet. Po- 
upon,Evang€licallplearurcs,conibnablcprfclenceof ^^jj; ^S^mag. Theol, 
thcSpirir even in this life, aud in theochgr World o Pro');r//rJ/«z)«'vo•<- 
plcafurcslnfiaitclymocth;ntheS£3r^esoftbl firma- uiZsfuttt Aau4'ts U 
intotinnuinber,evcnforevcrandev£r; Andalithefc vefyviTJxSg ifiA^i/aigs, 
uponalUrue pcnitcms. Al«ed.Th<ol,Didaai« 

SotherevcrakdtfrcclsofHisIufticc sre«Wi^j?<«/;. co Scholaft. Sga.^ 
ena?jd ^i^r.-ith ytnl^HUttm And anguijh ; that Sword, Cap-'J- 
■which wdl deveure fl.Jh ^ thcfe arrowcs, that drtnl^ 
bloody that ficiy anger, mhtch vpili hnrne unto the 
kvfefi Hell J and fet in fire the fomdAtiens of the 

Moftntaims '^ 

3^4 InJiruUtonsfor a right cemforti-ig, S :di . 2. 

CMaunt dines ; That cominingagimft, which is roiih 
fire and cbarets likf a whtrle-ninde, to render anger vfith 
fdr^yand rei>Hk,e With fifimes of fire ^ that meeting 
which is,as of a Beare bereaved of her rAselpss^torent 
thec4Hle of thehedrt,anfi devoure /ikea Lj^n^^-c, All 
plagues with the exrremiry,teTiporaiI .rpiritualljerer- 
nalljailthecurrcsinthis Boo'^e of His, a!l the tor- 
meni-s of Htll,to the utmoii iparkeof thoniiiifernall 
flaoics;AndaU thefc, npnn all impenitent (iimers. 
Now God will be glorified both waieSjand by tht'iH 
both : 

Givcusleave theiijtogive them both their due : 

Wee are moft willing , and ready, ^s olt great 

* Now wee his Mini- * Mafter in heaven would have us, //^.40.i i. a\d 

fters His Almoner* to ourbleflcdSaviour by his example dotn teach usj 

dillnbute his c<»"- /:«^^. I,. Xo convey by our Miniftry into cveiy tru- 

lorts.even as many, as , » , ^ , 1 i- (^ \ > r» 

bcinthcScriptnre,dare 'y^broken heart, ana bleeding Soule, the warmeft 
not Uvifli them out, blood thatcvcr heated Chrifts tender heart 5 and to 
and promiie th-m to keepe backc from the true Penitent , not any one 
fuch (axy indffcren's g|.3Jj^g ofthat immeafurablc Mine, of all the rich 
rny^r«dy"o faTn'for mercies purchafed with that pretioasblood. 
want, faying, Give me Bee contcH!: therefore on the other fide, that wee 
drinlr,orelfc r dicjthen open the Armory of G )ds juSice, and reveale hii 
wee reach the cup of wrath from heaven againfi all ftngodlinejfe and nnriqh' 
felvation to hira. and ^coftnteffeof Men • That indimatioHand \^JrathXrU». 
neither dare we to give Utton atid angmJfj^ihzXbc f<fpon every foule of jn<in that 
itto myothct,Kogeriof doth evi//^(^c, As wec are ever ready to bindc upthc 
•Dtdham;9t5h4f*itb, briiifedfpirit with thcfofceftoylcof Gods fweetefl: 
f4i.iB6.i mercy : So !ec us, I pray you, have leavc,in the equi- 

ty of a juft and holy proportion, to wound with the 
Hammer of the Law, the hairy Pate of every One 
thatgocsonifiHis fifine. 

Let usdiale faithfully even with wicked men,lcft 
weeanfwer for the blood of their foules, By telling 
chera,That,asccrtainely as all the glorious comforts, 
andblelfedconfequentsof Godsinfinitc mercy fiiali 
crownc the heart and head of every true-hearted Na- 


Part. I. Chap, 1 3« AfftEled Confciences, 285 

tJoAfiael for ever : fo all the dreadfuH eftc£lsof his an- 
gry lufticc will at length feize upon the Souks, and 
confcund the confcicnccs of all un- holy men with 
extreme ft feverity, andterrour. 

Letitbcethusthen,and letourMinifterialldirpen- 
fatf on bee in this manner : if thou bee an impenitent 
Pel fon; I would teli Thee, That the utmoft wrath 
of God, unquenchable andcvcrlafting vengeance,all 
earthly and infcrnall plagues, are thy ccrtaine Porti- 
on : But I would mollifieand fweeten thcbitterncfle 
of this fentencc, with aflurance of mercy upon Re- 
pentance, to prevent the aflaults of defpaire. 

Ontheotner fide, If the Miniftry of the Word 
hath wrought upon Thee efiedually ; and how thy 
truly humbled foulethirfts after Chrift with a fyn- 
cere hatred and oppofition againft all finnej I would 
aflure thy troubled and trembling heart in the Word 
of life and truth, of all thofe moft pretious blefllngs 
and fwcetcft comforts , which the Booke of God 
doth promife, and the blood of Chrift hath bought j 
But withall I would commend unto thee fomc Coo- 
lers and Counter- poifons againft prefumption, and 
falling to Pharifaifme. 

For which purpore,and for prevention of danger, 
m\d fpirituail undoing by unskilfull, and undifcrecc 
da wbing in the Cafe propofedj I come now to ten- 
der fuch Counfels and Caveats as thefe, or the like, 
which the faithful! Phyfition of the Soulc accor- 
ding to occafions, circumftances, and prefent exi- 
gents, may thinkc fit to bee mingled with admini- 
ftration of mercy, and wifely propounded to the af- 
fiidcd Party, 

I, Itmaynotproveuflfeafbnablcto fpcakcthus, 
orinfome fuch manner, to thy fyixltMzWTMUnt, 

I, If thefe things bee truly and foundly fo : If Thefitftadvke tob«e 
thou finde andfeele indeed fucha mollified andmel- gircn to the afBiacd 
ting fpiiir, fuch broken aud bleediug affe^ocs in wnccmingcomfwe. 


a 8 6 InJlruEtiQnsfor a right comforting Scft". t .•' 

thy boforae ; Thou arc certainelybklTed. Ifthatfor- 
ffowfullfcule of thine doth renounce from the very 
heart-root,withfpecialldifl:aft:c and deteftation all 
manner of finne ; infatiably thirft after rtghteoufnepi 
unfainedly refolve, for the fliort remainder of a few 
and eviil dayes, to bend it feife towards heaven in all 
New-obedience ; I fay, it' this bte fyncerefy,the ho- 
ly difpofition and refolution of thine heavy heart', 
notwithftandingall thy prefcnt terrour and trouble' 
ofmindjThou arc truly and everlaftingly happy ,0 le- 
ly take notice ( left ny niiniftring of mercy bee mi- 
ftakeojOr thy conceiving of comfort mif-carry) that 
the keart of man ii deceitfull above atl things, A bot- 
tomlefle depth it isof Falfhoods^dilTembling'^jhypo- 
crifies , an cndlcfTe Msze of windings, turnings, 
and hidden paffages. No eye can fearch and fee its 
center and fecrets , but that All-feeing One alone, 
which istenthoHfand times brighter than the Sftnne ; 
to which the darkcft Nooke cf Hell is as the Noonc- 
day . And therefore not I, nor any man ali ve,can p ro- 
mifepardon,or apply the promircs,but<:onditfonal- 
ly,Uponfuppo{ition : If thefethings bee fs,Andf9^a4 
thonhafi faid. And the fyncerity of thy heart, and 
truth of thefe hopcfull proteftations, which we now 
heare from thee in this extremity ; (and I muft teH 
thee by the way, fuch like may bee ^.w^otctd^ by 
the flavirh fting cf prefent terrour, not faireiy and 
freely flow from a true touch of confcicnce for finne; 
I fay, this may bee, though I hope better things of 
Thee). Thetmth,aslfaid, both of thy heart, and 
thcfeaffed:ionatepromifes,will appeare, when the 
ftormeisover, and this difmalltejnpeft, which hath 
over-cail: and fhaken thy fpirit with extraordinary 
fcare,andaftonilliment,isover-bIownc. Thycourfe 
of life to come, will prove a true Touch-ftone, to try, 
whether this bee the kindly travaile of the New- 
birth ^ or oncly atCHiporary taking-on during the fit. 

•Part. 1 . Ca p . 1 3 . ^y^f fitted C^nfciences, 2 87 

byrcafon of the urjcoutlineffe, and cxijulfitencfre of 
this invifiblelpiiituall torture, wJLhcuc: true turning 
to Icfm C^rifiMwhtnlhQr.cvt-tXQixhkd powers c*f 
thy ibuk, which the wound of iby confcience bath 
ca it into much cUSracfced and uncomfortable confu- 
fion, Oiail recover their wonted calmcncfTeand qui- 
et, thou turne unto thineold bias^ humour, company 
th£Cthisfurnsce of terrour and temptation, where- 
in thou now lit ft and languiflieft, was fo fanefrom 
worfcingthinc heart to heavenlineflc and grace, that 
it hath hammered it to more hardncfle and ungrati- 
cufnefle : from purging and refining j that it hath oc- 
cafoncdmore earthiincfic, epicurifmc and raging af- 
fcilions in fen fuality and finFull pltrfurcs. But i^ 
whcntI)ouartup againc,and raifedby Gods mcrci- 
full hand out ot the Dtpthof this fpirituall difirefle, 
intowhichthe horrible fight, and heavy waight of 
tby fins have fenkcchce; ifthen thou expre fie, and 
ttftifie thy true-heartcdnefle in thtfe prcfent fo- 
Icmne prottftations made iiow,as it were, in thy hot 
blood;Imeane,ofthy hatred again ft fin, by an earneft 
oppofition,watchfnlnefl'e,and ftriving againft all, e- 
fpeci?Ily thar,wbichinthine unregcneratetime ftuck 
cbrefltothy bo(bme:ofthine hunger and thirft after 
a comfortable fruition of Gods faceand favour, by a 
confcionableandconftantpurfuit,and excrcife of all 
good mcanes and opportunities, of all his bleffc d or- 
dinances , appointed and fanftificd for groath in 
gtace,andbringinghim nccrer unto Him j; of thy (u." 
ttireNevv-obediencejand Chri^an walking,by ply- 
ing induftfioufiy,and fruitfully with thy belt cndca- 
vour,and utmoftability,ch©f€ three glorious workw 
of ChriftianityjPrcfervation of purity in thine owne 
Soule and Body : righteous dealing with all thou haft 
to doc- with : Holy carriage towards God in all reli- 
gious dqciw. In a word, by denpng nftiedimejfe and Xn^irii.tu 

V ■worldly 

2 88 Inprucliom for 4 right comforting Sccfl. 3 , 

Tvorldlj lafis, and living foberlj^ right eoufly, 4inA godli- 

ly in thU prefent v:oYld, of which ths grAce of God tea- 

c/?^/'^ every true Converttn make Confcience. I fay, 

if uponthy recovery, this bee thy courfe; Thou art 

certaincIyNeiv-^createdo Such bleff.d behaviour as 

this, will infallibly evidence, thefc prefeat terrours 

to have been the Pings of thyNrw-bith, and thy 

happy tranflation from deathto life, from the vanity 

andfoliyof (imieinto the iight and liberty of Gods 


Z«ch,rj.i. a. Secondly,ray unto him: When once that blef- 

The fecond adyice fg^ F(?««/<?iKff of Souk-favini^ blood IS opened upon 

nnT"'"^^ ^'^'"' thySoiile, hi the fide of thS Sonne of God, bythe 

p As concern'ng for- hsiidof¥i\th£QT Jtmeand foyt<Kclea}i»e^e;thtntilCo 

row, feeing thecaufes mufta Counter fpring, as it were,of repentant teares 

Mi remaine, namely, ^g opened in thine humbled heart, which muftnocbe 

::;K"o" «*^ fj'^ "P ™"*y. ' 'Jf'l Day.This is ..y meaning; 

row muft continue to (^ovevcty Chriftian hath not teares at coaimaad : 

oarl.vesend : Tha in the heart fometimesmiy bleed, when the eyes arc 

a different manner j dry). Thou Biuftbee contemttocontinuethcctirrent 

comfor'"lhe*^-ea "' ht °^^^^ ^^^^^^ forrow Upon that abominable Sinke and 

former" before"khh ^^'^^"^^ °^ ^'^ ^^^^ '"^^^'^^'"^^^^ andviilanies of thy 

cojld have none, darke and damned tiQ3C; and alfo upftn thofc frail- 

Whercaj on thf ether ties, infirmities, iinpetfecflions , defeats, relspfes, 

iidc, the forrow thit back-flidiiigs,whichmay accompany thy regenerate 

S«.tedriethup,wasnc. ^^3^^ ^^^^^ untill that bodv of finac , which thou 

ver found, asms robe • n. . ^ t' l j-Vt i j i > n i r 

f!cncinmany,whobe-^^^*^^^*^'^""^ Tnee, bee diuolved by the Itroke of 

ing once dccpcly affli • death. As concerning thine old fi ines, and thofe that 

acd, and in ^rcat hea- are paft, it is not enough that now the feHi horrour 

vine^eforthcrmifcra-ofthcm, and thofe griffely a(lH?hting formes, 
bla fiate , afterward l • . . ** 1 . ^ n l. 


fori.are growne fo fe- dedconfcience, have wrought upon thy heart, by 
cure and fcnfclcfle.thac Godsbleiiing/oTjefoftnelTe, hcarc-rifing, recjorfe, 
having no true cptfs, 3.^^ hatred: But thou mtift many and ma.iy a time 
daiirco^uptio«s,!on! 'i^reafter^in the extraordinary exccrcifes of renued 
sent tliemfdve*, that ''^psntance, prtfle thy penitent fpirit to bleed atrclh 
they were once caft Withjinthce, and 1 <<r4»?»'«i/^ragaincoutofthe bot- 

Part.l.Cap. IJ. j^ffiEledConfciences, t%g 

tome ofthv brcKen hesrt wilb rofc Ifraelites c^^mre tlowne : whofeIiyes,ss 

itoHtbefi.Yethe Lordm abiindanceof bitter tearcs, Fcr they bee iouUvnd full 

, I rr ' ■i r jri •.• J of blois 510 their ends 

thy neverftoicicntiyrorrovvfd forabominations and ^^g oft fearc full, dchte 

rebciiiciis.againrt fob' tiled and bountifuii a God. fcnfelciTe or Kncom- 

fortable : To dangerous 
isittoQUcnchthefpiritinanypart^ Culvcrwdlm hU Treati/eeffaithi^4g.4.6.^j, Cer- 
tumeji fiHe/ap^ pcC(,a:tO' nt/eiri/t primi.m, tteindelihrMifotm mChnJlo le/tt ai>e:dem iUZ 
mifert/t,nHl'^minC'hyt)l6cj]rytY4mconfoUtior.em. Kotqutuem hfdtfrnodieestfccl/imw noit 
^rimpmiliumi/fd [tcfiiidr^mchTtJli A^yeHtum, Vt igitur eum cum diqu4 cinioktioneexpem 
ciemu6iddncUr>o^ii cptr*(j} intctx >/'«, utmacis r/higtf^ne infewfu pecfati, & raifert/im- 
(IrA profiiiA}»w: alioqui profeSi tAmutn 4/ erit,ttl> eo^ utium cenfoUmm C g^ttidio cum 
chfi^iCidventutKexpeBerfi-x'.^Ht e cor.tT/i cumkorrortbptf AvmiZ^ ctnfcieniix noHtamexpe-m 
Bemtu tUum diem, quim e»m ryir/emur. K olloc in lohan pag 3 46. Verpeli. rifff/camtff^ 
Inperfttn*iu8aO'^erfstuA rtfipfi.enU4. fimw. Idtm.lbidpag 357: Some are onely 
Slightly hufTib!ed,andhaiTinogotcom!crt,3re nevermore griived: whereas a cue Bc- 
lecver,ever! aftcrFaithjgrieves fiill for his daily finncs': butiheferhirikc itccoagh that 
■ they w?re oncC£riered j and therefore ro ^ giieve no more for their (ou\e ^\xviz%, Roger s> 
ofDedham. Doclr. ofT4:th,p/tg.i6j. Cum Icmpernobif agmfifnda fint fescM4 nofira^ & 
credind.':m,qHedrei?J:ttatitkr:-^^e^u fitcs.ta. p/cptcr Chriflutn^ fentimm ftmper ttumttt hcie 
yitaHolifagerideimelJepjg.titeKtfam.UzrmonsConkG p.z Wirtcntergica: Confeff.de 
p«nitpag.i55. VVcc are to r.ote, that repentance is acontinuallcourleofforrowj and 
if wetnavethisintiiuhjthcnxnaj wceboldlykekcforcotnfortoutof GodsWord,and 
from His Miniftcrsj and lookewhat comfort £hcygiveusoaSarth,thefame fhallbee 
fealedalfo in Heaven. Wherefore as it is reqaifite contirmaliy totillihegtoundjifwec 
wiUhaVefruitjanddajly tocate,ifvYcc will Isve.'fo in fpirituall things, ween,uftbes 
humbled with continual Iforrow, that yvec o^ay bee rcfreflied wijhdsily comibrt ia 
CbT\&,Gresfih4m,Scrat.j.O/ Z^e^fn.vWiTf.I the rather nuotcthereDjvines for this Point j 
tcoppcfeihc wictcdaadignorantfoliyOf fome iil-tongued Antirctrifts, and other 
pccvifti and proud rhanta^icks. q iSzm.j.6. HMufen^ma^nai e putt* cordk {m^ & 
Abi, ndeUthrymati fant cor dm Somin 9, Ye(ipif.cmes>Qhk\A. Paraph* 

NowthefoIemnetiniesandoccafiofiSjwhcn we are Times of tencwmg 
called to this rcnucd Rcpecstance, arc fuch as thcfe : ^""^ repentance. 

1. When wee arctoperformerorne ^peciallfervi- j^y ggj.jjf^-^^j. . 
c?s unto God i becaufe then out of a godly i^sioufie * 
we may fbre, left the face and favour of God, the 
loveandh'ghrof His countenance may not iiefo o- 
pcu unto usj by reafcn of the cloudy intcipofition of 
our former fins. 2. Whsn wee f eeke fbrany fpeciaii a.Spccia!ireiv:c««, 
blefiifcgat Gods mtrcifuli hands 5 bccaufe then cut 
of a gracious R°are v;e may fufpea-, that our old fins 
may intrude jaad iabcur to iiitercvpt and divert from 

V a " . ^ oiir 

250 Infiru^iitts for aright eomforting Se^«l, 

our longing S-':!uhs,thefw ectandcomforrableinfla* 

cnces of the Throne of grace, h may fcciie that D^- 

vid m the current of his prayer, fa vv His old finnes 

charge upon Him , and therefore cries out by the way 5. 

j.Spcciall afflidiQiis. R^memherntt the finnes of mj youth, 3. In the time of 

/ fome great afflid:ior»,andrcmarkeable CrofTc; when 

upon a new fcarch , and ftrid examination of our 

hparts and lives % we buraibling our felves more {o- 

Icmncly again in the fight of the Lord, and maurning 

afrefliover Him, whom we have pierced with our 

youthly poIlucions,& provoke daily with many wo- 

fiili failings,are wontto feekeGods pleafed face,and 

our former peace ; fandlification of it unto uj in the 

mean rimc,and the removall of it from us \n due time, 

4iSpeciaU fitt»ef- in the nameof /<?/*/ Chnfi, 4. After rclapfe into fomc 

old fecret luft,or fall into fome new fcandalous finnc. 

T>AvUs remorfcfor adultery and murder, brought his 

f , Special! humiliati^ heart to bleed over his birth-finne, P falsify Above 

•"• all, upon all thofe mighty Daycs of humiliation by 

prayer and fading, publike, private, or lecret: wherc- 
sfi^u^Jampmmcn^ inGodspeopIe wraftle withGod bythe omtipotewy 
wf$tmi^.L\xtn, of prayet,and workc fo many wonders from time 

to time. Somcihtre are alfo, who fctting apartfome 
fpccialltimcsroconferre withGod in fccret,lay to- 
gether before Him, th: glorious Catalogue of the 
riches of His mercy, reaching from everlafting to ' 
everlafting, all his favours, prefervations, delivcran^ 
ces,protedions,&c. from the iirft beeing, to that 
time ; and the abhorred Catalogue of all their finnes 
from y^ij'^wtothat houre, Originall, both imputed, 
and inherent ;aauall both before and fince their cal- 
ling ; and this they doe with hearty defire of fuch 
different aflPedionSjas they fcverally require. A fcri- 
ous and fenfible comparing of which two together, 
makes finnea great deale more loathfomc, and the 
mercies of God moreillulhicusiand fo proovcsefFc- 
auallmany times,by the helpe of the Holy Ghoft; 


Part.I.Cap.ij. t^ffiEiedCenfl:iences. aj^l 

to fcfcen their hearts extraordinarily, to make them 
wee pe heartilysandfilis their SquIcs with much joy- ; 
hilHbrfow.and hucsible tharikfulnfcfle. 6.Ypqn gut d^l^edVl^lifee;!. ■ ^ 
Btdsctc'each. Then bcciiure we take our farewell oF 
the laft time we fhal lookc upcn oiif finsjor that pur- 
pole, we inouid diiojifle them with utqfioft, and ex- 
treme^ loathing. At ruchtimes,and upon fuchocca- 
Uonsasthefcand the like, when thou artcaiJcdto a 
more fol^mae^ftrid and fevere if arch, and review of 
thy old fins and form^ lifcThcu mufl renue thf sprer 
fcntrepcritenceof rhyNcw-birth, ir^k'e thine bea^F 
breaks sgainc,8Hd Weed afiefii with the fight of thy 
hcretofoic much doted- up Ojbut: now mcft abhorred 
abominable courfes. And lb cfrcn alio, aschcu loc- 
keft back uponthcm,Thou rnuftlaboat toaboo^inatc 
and abandon them vvichnQorerefoIut|B &yei|i?p,,afKJ r -^Quorum jwlmus 
new degrees of detcft^tion. Thg it may" bee, by the ^go fum. Hoc ergo apud 
iTTtrcies ofGod, they.fhall-neverbeeabkto J^ fting ^^'*^«'" v^tdum f.duu^ 

rour ;y^t thoumaiiftilyndeayGUfjmj^ycel^bksaJd }Amitnverf9j,m»»imif 
toftrangicutteriythy iornKr 'delight in.themiWiitb crucutprxteriterum(e». 
more hearty additicns of deadly hatred j and to' be'e^^'^ ''*'"'' '^f^'^f «»' " f^'^ 
moreand more humbled for them uiitill thy cndinfe *ZT-trJ v^^nt 
houre. Itisa very. high happinc(le> aod.oleffing a^ ,„,/«,> minimus Apo- 
bovcordinary, tobee able to looks backe upon thy flolorum:quinonfum 
choifeft youthful! pleafures and pollutions, without '^^""s vocari Apofio- 

citherlenfmlldeli^htjO! flivirhhorrcur:with lyth G — Jr r^ — ^ 
, 3 > 1 • 1- • J- . Necdii^y of conunu- 

cere hatred,npiy indignation, and nearty mourning, iro Repentance. 

: '-' Nqw for chc.timccocomej and thofe tiiine s>whtch '^— -^-^^ u >. / 
.hereafter the r^bclliouih jlTe- of thy naughty natui«, kis> qui'fum pcrfecutus 
aijd violence of the Divels temptations may ferije ^'^'^^f^-^) Dei, //^ & 
upon thee, if thy heart be now truly tc^cht,and con- Zu""^!^!!:'^ l^^ 
fcience favingly illightcned, Thou (halt fiftd much Bern.C0l.225. ' 
^matter, neceflity, and ufe of continuing thy Repen- * Et p prues quotidHt 
ta>icej fo long asthy life iafts, Iti a leaking ihiptheie 1"°*'^^^ ^eemtmi^ma. 

V 3 muft 

a 52 Jnflrtttihmfor a right comfortittg, Secfl.a. 

tumfuerint futrefa^t, muftbeftiU in repairing rThcfe bodies of death wc 
fittridd fuiitr^iom^ </ b^arc about OS, arc naturally liable to To many battc- 
dtflnimm.ChtfioVtJii. Other iniplacablc enemies to our loules, that tnerc 1$ 
gop^Quoch.Hora.8©-. extreme need of perpetual! vvatch and ward, r( pel- 
ting and tepairing,lefl the New-man bee too much 
oppreftjandtoo often furprizcd by the many .and cun- 
ning encounters of the old ^14 w. When thou ar: in 
company ,foIitary,bufi"d aboatthy particular Cg';- ng 
there may fuddenly arife in thine lie.irt,fome greedy, 
wifti^fo^cgroffecoQceitjfbmc vaincunclcaiie, sfD- 
bitiouSj rcvcigcfull thought; ejaculate prcTcntiy a 
penitentfigh,andferventpraycr for pardon of it in 
the Paflfioii of C^i/?.Tnthy family, perhapsamongft 
thy children and fcrvans, by rcafon of foirie croffc- 
acctdentjthou mayft breake out into <bmc advifed 
pafliionatcfpcech land difgracethy fclfe and ProfeiTi- 
on, by ovcr-bafty intemperate heate, not withoat 
fomc danger c^ hurting and hardening thofe about 
theetbereby: Get thee prefently upon it into thy 
CIofet,orfome place for that purpofe; Throw thy 
felfedownc with atru]y-grieved,^ndhumbled Soule 
before the Throne of grace, and rife not untill thou 
be reconciled unto thy God. Ifat any tirae, which 
God forbid. Thou bee. ever- taken with fome more 
.publike fcandalous fin, or dangcroufly haunted with 
fome enormous fecret lufl 5 appoint for thy fclfc a 
fGleinac Day cfhuajiiiatfoa; and then cry unto the 
"hoxdiiih a^cmmnin xraxttife 5 2nd give him no rel^, 
untillHee rcturrft unto Thee with the wonted fa- 
voijfandcalmenefil^of His pleafed countenance. If 
Chrifiians would confkntly take to heart, and ply 
this bIcfl'cQ buiineffe of fraaedistely rifing by repen* 
tance^frer every relspfcandfall into fin, theyfhDuId 
fiadc a further Pfiiadife and pleafurein the waycs of 
God, then they ercr yet rafted* This courfe ortti- 
ouedwitii pref^t feelings and alter- watchfulneffir, 
' ' . - -^^rould 

Part.iXhap.i;/ ApSed Co»fcunces^ %93 

would heipe cKeelkntly ,by the blefling of God, and 

exctciTe ot Faith, chconely CoKduic oFali fpirituall 

CDiTifbitrrckcepeinrbcir boitjmtsfhar; wliichthey 

mutluifOic and often b£waiie,thewantof a cheare- 

t'ult,bo!d,ar<i heaven!) fpjrif, 

r^kithei lcr»r-y here bet troubled, bccaufc I prefle 

tbeexercifcandufebothof ttnovv'cd and contitjued 

Repe.'icancc all cor lifclonC) as iho chcreupcn the b Tf any doubt, Ii«w 

Cbriftians life nught ft emc morennccmfiirtabkiPcr go<iIy forrow andfpiri- 

WQC art to know fthzt fifrron> -acccrdtrxr to C<fd, Eyf^ii' ^^^^ i^y nt^y ^on^ 

gdicailmournin-,is ^ mi.i^led with abundance o^\^''^''Xl(fLiT 
^, . ,,. 1^^'1 1 1 • P • » r n • / tuB#, mthc^3nlehl»D-. 

fplrICuall joy,vvhicn dotnmniiitciy iurpailcm iweet- j5^ . Ittthtm take fa- 

neflTc and vvcith,ali worldly pic afures ar:d delights of tUdbioa even item 
fenreJ>Jav,whcrea*aHtbeIovis!ll good-fciiow-mfrth rhi^ofcrliv : peJtitre 
of carnafi imn is but aflaih of Hcilifli folly ; This is «^ W'" *i¥^^^'r ly 
averyglirapfeof heavenly gloiy^ Let irec rellyou/^«;^{i^^«,^y7,«,p^/« 
agaiu£.ho.vvrw-ettIyaud uuly thit^^cdkm DiuiK^c fenesappanu* finftttyi. 
of Scotland fptakes of it : ^ There ,v, iaiih Hcc, ^* f:cmi}om»dop^ffk»t 
fmre h,rhtKe(re ef heart ^ ^.r.d trne dcitoht in /^^ Oi/^'^"'*^- ^"^"^'^/f * 
jor^owcf the iams, then w tioe f^oM /cfiddp ^atJ^'^y,.,cci.]<ff,,{^tic,m 
t^ir^ F6rfipffeakea^U yoju mingled ^^th ftn-mteraS/e futu ^ coJ(m),vd fdl- 
' ,'. : ' ; temexfArttmetufcer^ 

«« : T!{am gaffdiumt^ cumdiUtatioHCcordii^rijfk'iAyere iHtn lonPriSfhHe.Et hcc modo-lo- 
qHiturPhiiofophw. Ettj.g. ^Uoif.oJo poj^uwit*- hc^uide gaudioy O'trifiitUi fumdirm /futd 
4cnfi[lunt, in (irrfdci aVru >o/«»rWw. tut aUqum ^Ucct^ yei d/ff/lieet. Etf*CKKS:»t htenott 
fcjjum hdlcrecontrArietdttm nt(i ex farte 0{>)tBhprta., ffita funt de eoHim, & feftmdpm 
idem, Et fie»oiifcffunt jimul tjje gaudiuw Cr fytfiUiti • ^nianon pottjhftmul idcmfecpndutn 
idempUcere & d^fpUcere. Si vera gdudiutr-Crtrifi-ti^ pc Aucpu mn Jtfit'cte eodem/f*vn^ 
diim.'derfj, fedvtl dediyer/is.yet dt endem fuHT-u-km dtyerfaj jlcnon efi imtrarktaf gajtdif 
CT-trtfiitix. Vndcnthil frofyibet homnem iimui (^audfrcy &ty'ffltiri:Ptit2y ^ridta^uiju'- 
ftum dffi!gi,firr>ul ptei(tmbHe)ws ]ufitti* et dtfpue-affUSfio Ei hoc mad« fortdfoiefi aiim 
cui dfpli ere quod fecejyitjplacerc quod hot et dij^lu et canifpe ytmx : ita qt-od rpf^ tri* 
JfitU fit materttc gdudiif uttidt et ^u-initinHi- Stif fer deU^t Tttnitent, et de doisrt ^aifde^t, 
Aquin.pag 3,qi$l^.84 Ati.p. AJfeciji;dum. As in prorh^re jcy, cvcninlaH|hii?*» 
thchcaitis forrowfull: Soingodlyforrow, even in vveering the bcair is bgfir, and 
chearefuil. Tho .ghfinneg kv(rus,}cccurgricviBgforfinne pUalcthut. Aswhcawe 
fee agoodonanviTOBgctl: we price at his Wrong, but rcjoycc in His goofJn«it ftjks 
ef Uepr/itat:ce,€ap.j^, c Contcdo qtiidem illud in ipfr. ».-are»f, et d^krt fierurH fitts g**' 
dtitiifjfe, et yttA UtitUy^itAK' in rijy bit]fu muttdi : Vani (umfufptvifi iwnarrAitk* 
t>ut {oafunButHeJi g<iu^»mm§altle, RoiI&c»in IoAn.c3p.i i- pag.^?©. 

V 4 gro^neu 

2^4 Inj}ruili9nsfcr ari^'H comforting Se^«£» 

groanes. The ancient Fathers are of the f^cne minde 
*^^idjr.ftmjmom. .viththis Man of God: g^M^ forrow, faith * Chry^ 
Zn^nm^h \ rmadi '^'^(i'>*»'^»f'ettsrtb^nthe j^jcj of the. WorU. •Even z% 
gjiAio nulof eH. Ih T^^ )^J ^f ^^' tVorld is ever accompanied yv>th forraVp^ 
2.Cor.7 Horn. I y. Si- fotcjires according to Qod beget contin'^a^ and certaine 
cut-aHnii. g*!tdnm tri- deltsht, Againe, Such a. man as thU now ( meaning 
fiitu conf.rtio coph[^ ^^ ^^^^^ ^^^^^ -^ jj^fl^rned with" an heavenly 
V^minnm Ubyrn^ w- hcate) dejptfingall thtngs herebelorv, doth ferfeverein. 
^m pxrtiiMt tertd'aque continttnU com^nnElion, pouring ont aifundance ofteares 
lAtittam. In Mattb.z. every day, 4>td taking thence a great deale of pleafnre.' 
Hoai.6. lawque.jleu^ ^^^ the Repentant, i'nth '^ Anfitn.^ee alw4tes forroiv- 

funBwnec»Htmu<t petfe* 

-psrAtyUrgn 4^.dui fiuens fante UthrymxrumyWniUJimque hinc cdfitnt ytluptntem. Ibid» 
d' Hinc fanner dtleAtt&de dolor e gdudcAt^ Tom.4.pag,2 De vera &falfa poeiutcntia^ 


'•7rmbi>tgsmoficoncer*}ing^hichthe affli^led i^ f9 
be advtfed, and two things which the Minijier u to heed 
for avoiding that Brroftr^ 

Thtttlr<r advice icon V- |Q^S^C|l"warc of two dangerous errours.* 
^/ptf,'^crb« I" iffl? 'E-'h- to conceive, that thou 

mended. |§.J ^^^^ tnayft not adnrit of any comfurt, 

or apply the promifts comforta- 
bly J becauf€ Thou ftill findeft in 
thy felfe more matter of raeurning, aad further hu- 
miliation. 2. Or to thinkt* ; When thou haft 
once laid hold upon Chiifts Ptrfori afid precious 
fufferings, for the pardon of thy firjnes , and quie- 
ting of thy Soulc, thatthen Thou mull mournc no 
i.Of them who apply more, 
not tht promifes be- j ^ Poy ^hp firn:,know, That wtre onr h?ads Seas, 

Zmi^SzllioitoZ aodour eyes Fou.vtaines of teares, and poured out 

*-; - . abundantly 

Part. I .cap. 1 4^ jdpcied Confaences. 29 5 

abundantly every moment of our life : Should our 

hearts fallafunder into drops of blood in our breaft, 

for anguidi and indignation againft our fclves for our 

tranfgrelTions ; yet fliould weecome infinitely (hott 

of the forrowandhearts-griefejwhich ourmany and 

bainouslufts and pollutions juftly merit^and exad at 

our hands. Therefore wee cannot cxpeft from our 

fclves any fuch fufficiency of forrow,or worthiaefTc 

of weepingforourlinneSjas by the perfedion^and 

powcrthereof to. win Gods favour, and draw his 

mercy upon us. Such a concf it were moft abfurd, 

fenfclcfle, and finfull, and wotjl'd rather dilcbvcr and 

tafleof naturall pride, than true humiiityj as they 

perhaps jniftake * tend unhappily to the difgracc of 

Gods mercies, and gracing our owne merits. True it 

is 5 Had wee a thoufand eyes, it were •too little to 

wcepe them all out, for the very, vanity of thatonc 

finfull fenfe : Had wee a thouland hearts, and they 

fliouldallburft with penitent gricte, and bleed to f Beware thou b^ 

death rortnclinncs or ourioulesjit were more then come noc aPaiift, in 

fitimeafui ably, unconcci vcably iniiifliciCnt. For were thinking to iperic 

allthisfo, f yet were it not this; but 'the hearts- nneerclyiiy thycontii- 

bload of lefus Cbrift, could make the Fathers heart C"""" "^ ""^ 

/n ' 1 y r Forwe a^ not accep- 

toyerne comp^Iiionately over us, or purchafe par- ttdlorou^ ownc wpL 

don,and acceptation at his hands. Tcndtr therefore pinp , but for Chrifts 
unto that poore troubled ioule, w ho being forely cru- pffion. , •■ 
{lied,andlangu!(hiiigunderthe burden of his finnes. . """"V" 
r.fu(cstobcraifed .nd rcf«ll,ed.endKflypleadmft r.m^;„",'^T SS 
and QilputingagainlthiraltUCjOUt or a ftrong, feare- been an hundred tiinea 
full apprtheniion of his ownc viknefle and unwor- inoie,cculd merit pat- 

:' ;,. don oj the leai? oi thy 

finnes.IfrKeLord /(?/«« hTdnotfoffired infinite forcowand gric e iu ;>oiTlc3nd,6p<iy 
forthem jiciS! otaU our grieving coaldfaiisfie Gods jufliceftr the in sMeliofffnce j 
no not thi> wc^ (h uld wcepe our our eyes j and mcurne to death, 1 hf re ore, tho God 
hathapj ojnteiail, rowhom hce will fljcw mercy, to bee comritc-herte> j yttnot to 
€omttoKircyihcrtby»asbyaiseritoriousmeancf}butas bya convcnicm ard meet 
<!iipofnion, to prepare ut to fccke ardreccirc mercy viith tfcaBkfulreflc KogersofDed- 
ham of Faith,pai 152. Koninjleubm ntflrtfg nonin 4&ii>tu ntfiriti ^dinMytcattnoRfi 


2 ^6 iH^m^ions far 4 right comforting ^6^, f , 

thinrflc^puttingoffall comfort by this mif-conceit, 
thatno S ias of forroWjOO mcafiire of mourning vvill 
fervc the tume to come comfortably unto {efns 
Chr'tjl', Ifayjpreflcuponfuch aCiethi* true Prin- 
ciple in the high and heavenly Arrt of rightly comfor- 
ting affl lifted confciences' 

So [oons Oi A U\{a» is truly and heartily humified 
f$r all his ftnnes , and voearj of their ^aighty tbo the 
t Jid ree'ipten^Am grd ^ degree of hU forro^ hee mot anf^verAbUto his e-wyie de- 
tiffin remi^iottlf J ttetef- Jire^jet Hee jhall moU certainelj bee welcome vato le- 
"^mZi 'fidef''^ f^'^'f^s Chnjl. 

^i^tUytra-. ^d^amd ^^i'liot fo miich thc « muchncflfi and meafure 
addJt,(SeSa'miiiKi fc.) of our forrow, as the truth and hearcinefle, which 
NeMinemfcirednfuaft- fits US fof the promifcs and comfirts of mercy, 
del zrfceMtemi* fit u^ Tho I mjft fay this alfo ; Hee that thinkes.Hee hath 

^fr^aZllTwU'''''^''^ "■ ^«^«i^^''^"/««^^» never f,rro,.cd fa. 

2. Of them wh« ap. i.For the fecond,which is more properly and ip> 

plylng Ghrift thiakc cially pertinent to our purpofciTake noticc,That the 

iwto ^^JTalr^'*^ *' t>loodorc^y«/? being feafonably and favingly apply- 

•ri M ^ "^^1 cd to thine humbled Soulq, for thc pardon and piM> 

rmm tft, IT** tKtn ex g^cionoftby (iiine,muQ: hy no meanes damme and 

graduiftHtwen/urkfidei^ dry up thy wcll-fpring of weeping, but oncly af- 

yetpanitctiti^, depeudcf fwageandhcakthy wound of horrour. Thacpreci- 

Sf/Dai^^l'ET'of. °"«^*'aie hat^ t^« heavenly property and pov^cr, 

Epift.adCol»f:*pagf:^i*. ^^^^t^^*"^^^^^"^^^^*^ foftneth, and makes the heart a 

u stdixijli ,' Sufjiat', great deale more weeping-ripe. If the fe bee truly the 

Pm|f;.Augttft. pangs of the New-birtb,whcrewiththouartaow af^ 

(lifted J thou {halt find, that thy now cleaving with" 

Porfenfeof nwrcy will aflfuranceofacceptation unto the L9rdlefus,\wi\\ not 

rof«n our beam Ae fomnchle{rcn,hinder,orccarcthyrorrovv;asredifie, 

more. {eafon,and fwerten it. If thy right unto that Soule-&- 

vingPalTionbereall; and thou caft thine eye with a 

belceviugjhopefull hcatpupon Him,whomthouhaft 

therein pierced with thy fins(and thofe (ins aloi>c are 

faid properly to bare pierced Ghrift,whicb at length 

arc pardoned by iiis blstffd). Thoa catift not poITibly 

Part.l.Cap 14. ApVUC^n/cwK^s. ^P/ 

C0Btaine,bnt cxccffe of love ontothy crucified Lord, 

nd kufcof Gods mercy . (kcd into thy Souic thorow 

hisnierits,wiilmal<cthecwccpeagaine, and ftirely 

force thine beiirtro bur ft out abundantly into frcfh, 

and filiall tearcs.(Seehow frefhly Davids heart bled 

with repentant forrow, upon His affurancc by iV<- 

than of the pardon of His finne: i'jCV.5i.)Thoucanft * 

notchufejbut mournemcre heartily Evangelically, 

and that which. flioiild pEfTingly pleare Thee, and 

fweetlypcrpetuate,thefprii)gof thy godly fortow* 

moreplcafinglv unto God. » t / l* s« tt-^ 

Take there Fore fpcciaH notice and heed of tbefc of Sofe fei«« 12 
two depths oftheDiveli,that ] haye now difclofed ,ouri. 

i.Wheothouart truly wrought upon by the Mi- i,Let the hamfcW 
niftryoftfie Word, and now iittcd for comfort ;-^^- give care 40 copJiB;.!* 
/eeve thfiTrophiJ %tho(e Ones of a thou[ancLy\tkxmdi^^^^* 
in the ri^ht handling ofaffli^ed confciencc5,4i^<i tki^ 
Jhaltfroffey,h% foon as thy Soulc is foundiy humbled 
for finne,open and enlarge it joyfully like the thirfty 
groundjthatthercfrefliingdcwand Do^rinc of the 
Gofpell may drop and ^iilill upon it, as the 0i)all 
raincupontheparchecigraffcOthcrwife^ ^ , . ,.^ 

I. Thouoffercftdiflioneur,anddirpara§ement,a5 honou/ed!**''^ '' 
k wer«,to the dearencfle, and tendernciTc of Gods » And therefore will 
mercy 5 who is ever in|initely more » ready, ftnd the Lord waitc , tl>ac 
forward to bind up a broken hcarr,thcn it to bleed be- Hee naay bee gracious 
. fore Him.Gonfider for this purpofe the Tar^l^U of ^ITf ^ 7°" 'J^-3J>^i: 
the prodx^aU Ssnne,LH\e i5.ttecis.thcie faidto^*^, f^j ^^^ tcirpeft, antl 
but the Father /•<««• ^ - 

».Thou maiftjbjpthe nhfettlednefle of thy heavy 2 Thy feife dilabled 
licart unacceffarily,unfit anddii-abje thy felfe fof the (^^S^ ^»* ^' 
duties,and dil'chargc of both thy callings. ^ ^ y 'j 

3«Thou£haltgratiiiethe Diveil $ who will labour ^hcDiydlbathai. 
mightily bj; his lying iiiggcftions, (if thou wilt not vaetagc 
bee ccunicilcd and comforted, when there i« caufe) ""V^* — "^ 

to<ietametheeinperp€tu4il,terxpnrhcre, nndin an ^^'/*f '^^l ty ^S 

19 8 InJirHElhasfor a right comfort tng Seft. 4.' 

foundations wth Sa- ecernall Hell hereafter. .So?»? fndhim 04 funomfty and 
ph1res.Cap.54.1i. mi^ttiohflibHfietokeepe them fnmcomfort.^heHthej 
Hee retaincth not ni« c i r c. tr r / . 

angcrfor ever,becaurc ^^-^-^^f^ J <'' fr'*» fitmff^rcomfm, < 

Hedcl.ghrcthin mtr- 4. Thoii art extremely un-advifta,nay, verycrueii 
cy.WoA.y.iS. tothineowne Souls. For whereas it might now bee 

4.Thy (oulc too much f^fled with unfpeAkeAblt and glorious joy^ with />.?^rtf 
torture .^ ^^^^ pafethafi 'ttnderflanding^ withEvangeh'callpIca- 

Phil.I.T. ' iurcs^which arefuch, as neither eye hathfeeKeymr enr^ 

I Cor.z p. heard,tieitherhave entred into the heart of t^jtn^ by 

taking C^ri/? ; To which thou haft a (IroMoand ma- 
"."ift'^rt'M^ infqldcalling://^;.y5.i. Ho, every onethat thirfleth't 
.-,'• • come yee to the'^aters^&c,<iJMath,ii.i^. Come f4y}to 
meeall jee that labour, and are heavy Uiert, and Ivpiel 
give yoH reji, loh.y. 3 y. //«</«)' man thtrfi, let him come 
* Hntomee,anddrin'ej» Revel.zitij^ ^tid let him that 

is athirfif come. A^d whofoever rvi/l, let him take the 
V^ater of life freely: Yea,a Commandement:; i Ioh.^» 
23, <v^W thisishiscommandement^thatrveefbrnldbe- 
leeve on the Name of his Sonne lefus Chrtfl .* And yec 
for all this, Thou, as it were, wilfully ftandell: oar, 
v/ilt noxbeleeve the Pr»phets, forfakeft thine owne 
comfort,andlieft ftill upon the Racke of thy uare- 
concilementunto G od. 
Secondly ,lct the com- 2. Oh the other hand : when the anguiHi of thy 
forced con£inuaUypra'gyj}|.g^ Confcieticc, IS uoonfure ground fomethiiig 
auchumiUatipn. , allayedjandfuppled withthe c^ie of coniforfjand 
thy wounded heart warraiitably revived with the 
fwectnefle of the PromireS,as with mArrovo and f At- 
*iejfe : Thou tnuft not then, either (liut up thine eyes 
y .Refplfcetttia ill* «o» from further fearch into thy Giis, or v <]ry them up 
efi -^'ryf.Jfff'-J"^ from any more mournino. Butftomfortof remiflioii 
tur, & adft renoyatur muitlcrve as a pretious S^ye-falve ^both to deare their 
fukndfiii tempore coM-fight,tliatthey may fee nioc,and With more dctefti- 
verfionii ad faem uf<j:ie ^[^^ .3.-^ pq enlarge thcir Sluces , as it v;erc,co pourc 
^'h*"1 L^b"/^ 6 * o"'^ repentant tears more plentifully . Thou mull cori- 
Thcol,J-i •'•"f'^ • tinue ripping up, and ranfacking that hellilli Heape 
of thy former rebellions, and poUucioBS of youth : 

^' " - mil 

*arM.Cap.I^« JlffliCiedCoftfciencts, 2^9 

ft ill dive and digge into that Body of death thou bea- 
reftaboutchee, for the finding out, and furni{hing: 
thy fclfe with as much matter of found humiliaticn 
as may be jthat thou msyft ftill grow viler and viler 
inthincownceyes,and bee more and more humble 
UBtillthy dying Day. ButyetfcThatasthouhoIdeft 
out inthc one hand the cleareCriftall of Gods pure 
Law to difcover the vileneffe and variety of thy fins| 
allthefpots and ftaincs of thy Soule ; fo thou hold 
out in the other hand, or rather with the hand of 
Faith lay hold upon the Lord lefns bangingibleeding,. 
and dying upon the Crofle for thy fake. The one is 
fbvcraigne, to favc from fla vifh ftings of confcience, 
bitternefle of horrowr,and venome of dcfpairc : The 
other mingkd with faith, will ferve as a quickning 
prefervati ve to kecpe in thy bofome an humble, foft, 
and lowly fpirit 5 which doth ever excellently fit, to 
iiveby Faith more cbearefully, to enjoy God more 
neercly, to apply lejtu Chrift more feelingly, and to 
longforhiscommingmoreearneftly. In a word,to 
climbe up more merrily thofc ftaires of joy, which 
are preft upon us by the holy Prophet, T/i/. 3 a. Bee 
gUd, — %eiojce — Mtdpiout f«r ioj^ all jee that are 
u^rightin hearts 

4, Conceive that hypocrifie may lurke in very The fourth a JWeeconS 
goodly outward formes , and faireft promifes and ccrninghypocrific " 
protcftations of Selfc-feeming carneft humiliation. 
Lookc upon Ahf^^ i Kmg. 2 1 . 27. upon the Ifraehtest 
i'/4/.78.}4.35. I meane not onely grolTe Hypocri- 
fie, whereby mensfalfc hearts teach them to de« 
ceive others ; but alfo that, which elfe-whcic I have 
filled F«rrmUHypocriftey\Nh£xhymtti$o\vn hcartsdc- 
ceive even their ownfelves. For I makenoqueftion, 
but the promifes of amendment, which many make, 
when they are preffcd,and panting under fome heavy 
crofle, or grievous ficknefle , proceed from their 
hearts 1 1 mcane;thcy fpeake as they (Hnke $ and for 


3 00 Infiruc^lons for a right comforting, Sedl.^, 

the prefcntjpurpofeperforjnancc 5 whonorwithftan- 
ding, upon their recovery, and rcititution of former 
health, and wonted worldly liappinefle, recurne i»ith 
the dog unto the vomit ; and olungc againe perfidioufly 
into the curfedcurrent of thtfr difciaimcd pieafures. 
Butby theway,andinaword,toiliighttn a perplex- 
ed Point, and prevent a fcruple, which may trouble 
true hearts indeed 5 whohoidtruth of heaicin their 
repentances, Cervices and duties towards God,to bee 
their Peculiar, and a fpeciall Touchftone totric and 
teftifiethefoundnefTeoftheirraniflificationjthe truth 
of their fpirituall flares, anda diftinflive Charafler 
from all forts of unregeneratc men ; and all kindes cf 
HypocriGc : I fay, purpofes and promifes made from 
the heart ixi the lenfe, I have faid, with earneft eager 
protcftation, while they are in anguifn and extremi- 
ty, and yet after deliverance and eafe, melt away, 04 
a marniftgcloftdydttd Itke the early dearv ( proceed from 
hearts, rather affcfted ondy with fling of prefent 
horrour, naturall defirc of happineffe, mif-conceir, 
that it is a light thing to leave finne, and the like; - 
thcntruly broken and burdened with fight of their 
owncviiencfTejfenfcof Godsdifpleafure, hatred of 
wickedneflcjand former fenfuaU wayes -, or enamou- 
red with the fwcetneffe of lefusChrifl, amiablenelTc 
of g race,and goodnefle of God,&c. Ho W^foever for 
my purpofe, certaine it is, and too manifeft by many 
wofull experiences ; that as it often falls our, and 
fares with men in their corporall vilitations, and 
outward crofles -, to wit, That while the ilorme and 
tempeft beates fore uponthem,they runne unto God 
as their Racke^and eu^jjfitreearly after Himjis it is faid 
oftheIfraelites,T/i/.78.34. But when once, an hot 
glcamc of former health and profperitie fhines upon 
them againe, they hie as faft out of Gods blefling in- 
to the v;armeSunne, as they fay ; from forrowfor 
finne, to delight of fenfe j from fecking God, to 
- " "" fecurity. 

Part. I. Chap, 1 4* jiffiSed Conjciences, JO I 

ffcurity in their old wsycs ? I fay, even foit is fome- 
rimcsalfo, with men in afflidions of SouIe,and trou- 
bles of confcience : whilethe agony and extremity h 
upon themjthcy take on, asthoughthey would be- 
come true Converts ; both promife, and purpofe 
many excellent things for the time to come,and a re- 
markeable change : But if once the fit be over, they 
fiart ajide^ ItkeA broken Bo\\> j and fearefiilly ftU away 
from w hstthey have vowed, with horrible ingrati- 
tude, and execi able vilianyj having been extraordi- 
narily fchooled a wd rcorched,as it were,in the flames 
of horroar^and warned to take heed by the very ven- 
geance of Hell. For the former, heare the experi- 
ence of reverend Divines: UUanyfeemwgidinh One, 
to refcKt ajfeSiojau/j in. dangerous Jicknejfe^ rvhen they 
have recovered^ have beene rather '^orfe then before: I 
"^'ould have thought my felfe ^{gXih znoth^r, that maMy 
monjlrous Verfons , "^how I have vijited , rehen Gods 
hand upontheWyCanfed them to cry out ^ and promife a- 
mendment , vcohld have preoved rare examples to Om 
thers^ of true converficn unto God : *Bftt to my great 
grief e^Afid to teach me experience, yvhat becemmeth of 
fuch untimely fruits^ they have turned backe agAtne, 
as an arretvfrom a ftone Vcall^ and as the dog to His oWne 
vomit ^C^c, 

For the latter; I could here make it good alfo by 
too many experiences, were itconvenientjBut I for- 
beare for fome reafons, to report them at this time. 

I publsOi this Point.and fpeake thus •, Not to trou- '^. ^*'««*'» ^*'' hpfer'" 
ble any true Converts about the truth of their hearts 7yedZ!7ot}2j^ 
iu their troubles of Confcience : * confcioufnciTe un- ^utant/eyereereJere^t 
tothcmfelves of their New-birth already .happily nenyer^ c/edunt. sunt 
pafl 5 their prizing, and cleaving to the Lord lefusy emmiSoruminfiar, qui 
unvalewably,unvincibly j their prtfent New-obcdi- >'*'*^^ A R'g^' fp> 
.nce,newcourfrs, new company, new converfati- '„';iVZZT/lfi 
on.&c.makesit more then evident, that they were/?J credunt; igmrdrei 
iavingiy mollified and nieltcd in the furnace of their ^nycrctredAnt.cfaSh 

" fpiritualj 

5 O I Inflruci ions for a right comfort trtg Sc£V. t." 

guumdffi/mdnty &/m. ComtuiW afflivSiortS; Fafhioncd and framed by the 

tiu»t,/e yere cr'dere. ^^^^^^e ^^^^^^]y Qi^f^^^r,{^QtGoAs lewelt : But CO 

SuntenimtnUrdiorum - . ^ ^- miferablc men, who having tadcd chat 
S<^t^j,^;*M/f«y« /Tr/c-<:;aiucciiaencrormreor a wounded ccj^.lcicnce, dare . 
V*h fvut, ftunty et 4i- upon any rermcs looke-backc sgaine upon the world 
»»r fe ilUm ^'<^*»-e wich delight and doting J and againc commit chore 

.|//a^/«fwa;>fi7«rfr-Qj^^^ j^{^|^j^j^yga|y^3^y Itun t^gj^ j^g^^^g ^^j^.,^ 

».mu«r-«^/'a/l«/«:tHcvery terroursof Hdl: orratncr atthis time, to 
ex^ltr0teyofmetifroj,4nt€nchzndtc\\the affl ^fted m confcicncc, that when 
jitit in p'de^. — ytc fi chcrich treafures of Gods free mercy, and the un^ 
qui* fdem^dhiheni ^^f' fgarchabU riches of C/^^y? are open ed,and offered un- 
cHtu, >';/^»^^^^^^^^ to Hiin. Hce drinke not To undifcreetly at fiift ofthat 

Je yere tlU credere: qu4M- , /-ii^ r i cu /^ n r^ 

totna'jtti UnoyMy ^»iimmcafurab!eSea,as prelentlyto tall jnroa Uirfctof 
fdeyerUondtMaSpri-Cccutity. BuC to prevent mif-carriagc in a matter of 
tHSdnEio, er(du Eyan- founvaltw-abic momenCjltthim rather mingle Mo- 
^'o^iT^a*?""''^^'^^ ^^ humiliation with his Medicine of mercy. 
XA cr, 1 ,j,c3p, . Let Him look well to the £;rounds,andgoodrpcchcs, 
uponwhichthefpirituallPhyfitionis encouraged to 
comfort himi that they fhrinke not in the wetting, 
as they fay. Lethimfeareand attend his owne de- 
ceitfuii heart with all narrow watch, and a very /ca* 
louseye. Ochcrwife that falfe heart of his, may 
prove a Depth to drownc His owne deare Soule 
in the Pit of cndleflc perdition. Eor in time of ex- 
tremity and terrour,efpccialljr of confcience, it may 
leerac pliable, and promife faire ; and yet when it 
comes to performance and pracflife ; cither impu- 
dently and periidioufly wallowes againc in open 
wickcdneflTejorreftsonely im Forme of godlinejfe zt 
thcbeft. Let Him bee fiedfufi in the Ceveftant^ind 
then Hee may be (ure, that his heart reas Height j and 
that Hee did not y2<»«^r "^tth BU mouthy or Ije Hnt§ 
Cod mth hU tonguex 



t>^ffli&ed Cenfcieytces, 



The fifth advice ta the affl.Fled^ Tveo dire&kmta 
the Mmifier to hee obfsrved to^vArds hii TAtiint* 

Ith Thou art now npon termes The firth advfce cooi 
of tL?rning unto God, taking «crning(cifc-dcniali, ' 
PfofcfTion upon Thee, and gi- 
ving up thy Naoieunte Chrifi^ 
the blcffedcf} bufinefle that evef 
Thcuvventeft about: Bee welt 
advifedjCoufidcr ferioufly v;hat 
thou undertakcft, and caft deliberately before- hand, 
what it is like to coft Thee. Thou muft make an ac- 
count to become the Drunkip'di Sor.g, and to have 
thofe that fit in the Gate tofpeakje agfiinji Thee{I\\Q vi- 
leftof Men to raile upon thee, and the wifcft of the 
Wor!d CO laugh p.t Thee. Thou muft bee content to 
h"vc a defpifcd Man, to beefcoft-at, to kee hated of aH ^ ^ - - 
fHen -To erne fie the fief^.^Htb the .ffemonsa.diufis-, f Wc bdno t'afe.n dbe 
Tolooke upon the wotld, fet out in the gauditft of the comipdof^s of 
masTnerwithallherbai'csand Babies of riches, ho- ^-jWw, and ingrafted in 
noursj favours, grcatneflcjpieafures'j&c. as upon an thrifts death.'and Paf- 
nnfavoury rotten * C^rm;; : Thou and the World 1° Y/" "° ^'"§7 '',? 

^ nt J J ! /I T> 7 the life, of the Wrrd, 

mult bee as two dead carkaltcs upononcBcerCjWith- 51,, thcHh of Chrift * 
outany dclightfuli mutiuilcominsrce, or enter- and muft now looke 
courfe; (iraitgers, and ^ flarke dead one unto ano- upon the ifT/f/.but a$ 
cher, inrcfpcftof thy any further trading with the *']^^'°'^^'o''-*^'"<^"P<^" 
vanities thereof. For keeping a £?ood confcience, [,'Z\T'^7^ ^^L^^ 
itanding on Gods tide, and Chn Its lake, Thou mult follow hii if ep$,to wit, 
dcnythySelfc, Thy worldly wifcdome, carnall rca- as upon o maiyaho« 
fon,corrupt a(fedsons ;Thy acceptation with the minable.and ciuc/ficd 
World, favour of great Ones, credit and applaufe "f'^'^'f"^''**^*'/^;'*" 
wichthcmoft 5 Thy pa(fions.profir,pleature.spul ,A,^;,/,,,„,„,,„^.,4^ 
nbmtyot rihng, and growing gr^ati Thy r^tt\d\Ummhiag,iu^x^ 

3 04 InflruWionsfor a riuht comfortiHg, Sc (51 . 2, 

Hie d-^vth not meane friends, deareft cooioanions. eafe, lib£rt:y,liPe: and 
bcrccto yeit, G4Ut.6. grow by little atidlittld into Hefters moft noble and 

26.) tlic tieavcns or • • Y, r% • 1 j • r> J -n 

the E;irth, faiihSiiat I'^vinciQle refolution, ever when dJing Gods will,. 
chryfoQeme , nor ?/»/ threatdcth aiiy earthly danger j v<«.^ tf I frrijh^ Ife- 
wnli tndeed-j bu: the r/j^.Butnot to psrilli fOjiseverlaftingl/ to perifh jand 
things of the Werld, fo topcriOijistobeefavedforever/Thoamuftthus 
r^7/ /7' ^ «' reroIveuponthisSL'lfc-dcniall, when thou firtVents- 
TcKhTi^Z'^tJu ''^ ^"^° ProfeiTion ; or elfe thou wilt never be able to 
J^ "atl'thn raik'^a ^0^^'^"^ »" thy fpirituall Building, or co-iquer in the 
lliining &.glittcfingin Chriftian Warfare 


bocfo many f rfrfrfj/w, aad a very abomination to a tralv regenerate Man* idem.Uid, 
fitf.iSij. If wee be»in to breathe the life of righteoiifncfle, when the worl(] fawnes 
uponUimthH«n9Mrs,^jchej,Grettl?'.eJf(,Varo»r, ©r frovf nes upon usvyich H'ttred, M.d^. 
heeyVerfecutionijOp^re^innSyZnA thelike; vrccnuit turne our head afiJe soother way 
withagodlykifldeof-pride (a?T>/r«*iW<V(<»<i«;'4vvas wont to call it) and no more re- 
^rdher,th?na carkaffe ccncified. p^g-z$* b Et cgbmundo] T^ow tamot DtemurM. 
Mf*ndnmenim quantum ad cpnyeffat'iorsem e]ut pofnu^cuirenuncUndi mutuo trarts^gimur 
& inrvteemmorimHr TertuKAdvetfui Marcion. Lib.f . Dum nihil csncupifcit ^pojl$lt4C 
wundi^nihd ^gLofcit Htt-ndm ^fo^oU ' AmbroCin Loc. Sutu f}entdtom»rtui^ ex^niiiu 
mtimtafi^itjyeldiiigit Alttrnm. R,craig.Doiaiffimocitantc Epifcopo, 

( See andconfider the occafion, and bow earncft* 
1y Chrift en joynes it.- ^4^^^.16.24. Luk.i^.i^^ccm 
andpredesit with two Parablfs). But all will come 
to naught ; and thou ciirfedly conclude in rjpen Apo- 
flacy,gro{reHypocfifie,or Selfc-deceiving Forma- 
litie. CoaCi^tithz young M<^'n in thcGofp^l: Hee 
came haftrly to Icfus Chrift, tw^ would ne^ds b;-e 
His Difiiplc,and F illower upon the fudden. But a- 
las/ He did wofu'ly miftake. little did hee know, 
neither ifideed would know, what belonged unto it : 
Tlistthcfervantcf fuchan heavenly Mafter muftbc 
no earth-worm: ) That every one of his Difcipks 
muft take up their crcfeund follow him 5 For his fake, 
part with my thing, every thing 5 bee it riches, ho- 
nours, credit, pleafuresj&c. And therefore , when 
once Chrift for thetriall of his he&rt had bid Hioi 
£0ffi4t$d/cU that. bet hadf^p, Hee had foone done t 

~ " ' ' - '• Hce 

Part. I .Chap, i ^i Affiled Coifoitttces, 5 05 

f]ee was quickly gone. Now had this young M3n 
goflc away withour this LefTonjHeq had gone away 
aD]fcipJe,as wellas any other, and perhaps as jol- 
ly a Profcffour, asthc forwarded of them allj and 
thatbothinhis ovvnc ftrong cpinicn, and charita- 
ble inif-conceite of the reft, who were true of 
heart, As /W^/ did alongtinie,and t\\tfaolij% Vir^ 
ginszW their life long, ,Too many fuch profeflburs, 
asHecv.ouIdh2veprc6ved,arc to bee found, even 
in this Noone-tide cf the Gofpell abrwd in the 
World : who being at their firft entrance into Pro- 
■fedioninotfcundly husabled, nor layirg a fiire foun- 
dation ; notrefolvcdiipon an univeifall Selfe-deni- 
aJl; nor weighing with due fore-caft, what it will 
coli them, doe afterward behave them ft Ives there- 
after upon any gainefulloccdfion, or greater tnalijand 
temptation, or being put to it indeed : They are 
wont from time to time to difcovcr their rottea- 
ncfTc, open the raouthcsof the propha!ie,andfhamc 
alU Thfy are like unto Rcedes, which m a calme 
fiand bolt upright, and feeme ftifFe and (Irongjbut 
butlettherempefi bre2l%em upon them, and they 
bend any way : While their cemporall ftatc is un- 
touchrjthcI.'OUtwaidhappinefTe unhazardedj they 
feeme rvfolute, thorow, and couragious } but let-a 
ftcrmcof perfccutionbee railed agai'nft them j Let 
them bee put into a great fright, that if they ftand 
to it, they mayije undone,&c. And then they co- 
wardlily hide their heads, pull in the homes, as 
they fay,andfhamefullyfiirink€inthc wetting: un- 
happily holding it better to flccpe in a whole skinnc, 
then with a good confcicncc Like the £^^/i?, they 
foare aloft with many good religious fhewcs and 
reprefentatioRS; but they {liiiketpv. their eye upon 
the Prey 5 and therefc re when advantage is offered, 
thty will bafely l^ocpe from forwardaclTe, hone- 
fty,gcncrofity, humanity, any thing, to kvK upon 

X 1 - ^ 

2o6 Iftjhufii^nsfoy ariffijt comforting S^Bt^t 

a worldly commodity, oiliccj honour, feme earthly 
pelfe, and tranfitory A'ff/^w^. Someofchcfe after 
Profe.Tion forfomc time, fall quite away from it,and 
turn eHpicurts, or Worldlings, if not Scorners and 
P.tfc^jators : Others hold-on m a plodding courfeof 
fonnallChriftianityallthcirlifelong; and at iaft, de- 
part this J ife hkc the foaii/h Virginr.znk in that formall 
mancr I toIdyouofi>efbre.Neitherbethou dif-heart- 
ncd with thiscounflll of leavinga'!! for Chrift. For 
thcu fliaitbe no lofcrjbwta great gainer thereby. Be- 
CidiS,eter»al/ life in the World to come ; Thou fhalt 
receive an ^mdred-f old HOW in th^time^z% Chrtfi Hini- 
feifetellsthee,/^^r^. lojo Ifthoupart with world- 
ly joyeSjthou fhalt have qiiictin the holy ghoj}^ foiri- 
tual; joyunfpcakab'e andglorious.neercr familiarity 
with God,deerer communion with le fas Chrtfi, ^c^ 
To which the pleafijres often thoufand Worlds, 
were they all cxtar.f,were but extrcmcfl pain, f f thoa 
lofe thiae Husband ; He that mad^ thcr, wlllbe in his 
Jfai. 14- 5. ^^a^ untothee,r^7 Af/i^f r« thine Husband, the Lord 

»f Hop u hU Nfime. If thou loft thy Father j The AL- 
Pfal.105.124 lliilicieni' Iehovah,bk^Qd for ever, i^'f// pitty thee, at 

H Father fiftieth his Children. If thou lofe thy 
friends, and the worlds favour, Thou Qialt have! all 
Kal.i^S* and the oncly excellent upon earth, to love Thee 

dearcly,and to pray heartily for thee. In a word, If 
€oloff.3 .1 s; thou loie all for Chrtsls fak e, Hec wil' bee unto Thee 

♦ Vicim^cumr^inf^*;'^^^'-^''f'' * Him ali things Oiall be thin. 
... • /• *^ ^ ^^^^^ ^°^'^ 1 weet and cmuient manner. <iyfil 
T>eo yiam , ^^''^ '- things are jours.yphether FaHl,or c^pollo^er^ Cephas^ 
ut.n feipf^s f.cnnium ,, ,^, .^,,^^^ ,, ^fe.or death, or thl J prefect .r thi J, 
fuum ej}e rT^um.y. ,,^^^^. ^lU,, j,„,s^,„^ art Chrlfl^ Jnd rhrk 
dcamur , yiderttur td. ^^ Gcds, ■> > o • 

wen, ut^uiUm tfe, 6. WhenthefpirituallPhyfTtion fhallfee the foi^e 
ff^s Dci, 4tque tit^i i^is p^tjents hcart well foftncd with forrow for 
liquid pertmns '''' finne,comf ortably warnled wirh refrcihing beam:s 
j>s«»»j fd^ue f4</fw of favour irom the hcc of Chria, and fo Icalbna^-ly 

Part. I. "Cap. 1 5« ^ffliSied CsHfciewes, 2^* 

fitted/or to enter aChriftiancourre,andto^;«^/<jr/i& yifid^e ^uaDet/s. GrcJ 
frttiti meet for repemartce*).^th\\nthv(jyN-\X)£omcX\vat- ?P^- dc Val, Tom.i, 
ly feeds of Zeale, holy precifctiefle, undauntedcou- ^^^^s® 
rage, and unfliaken rtfofution about the affaires of^ DTrTSionsVT"!? 
HcaveniandinthecaufeofGud 5 from fiich quick- rtifter. '°' ^ ^ 
niing Scriptures,and excellent cxanriplesasthefe,z;«/^, i.Thetimdy fowJAg 
l|ra4. RrAfi.it.ii.il. Ephef^.i$. Phi/. 1, 10. II, ^hf^o^^^eimihiif* 
Matth. 1 1 . J 2 . %!yveL 5 . 1 6. ff »/^ 4. 1 1 . <f/^ 4 . 1 6 Me- Z^^ f 

32 .>4(5?/2i.i3.e?<r,ThatitmaybehappiIypreferved jfehahntin mntedi^ 
trom the ranke and flourishing, but rotten and fruit- '^'«''> ?«'''" i» fitj>fis^ 
lefl'e weed of formality and lukc-warmcntflc. Which ^.^" P i q- 1 8. 
pcftilentCanker,ifitoncetakerootin the heart, it l2'/iZ7nfjiTlf 
will never fuffer the H^ ^^^ 0fgrace,in may fo fpsak, ^^^i^ i„ m^teruibid^' 
the heavenly unfading flo^vers of faving grace, to ICor.j.zzjz^.' 
growbyitjWhilethe world ftands. Nay, and will 
proove one of the ftrongcft blots tobarre them out 3 
and the moft boy ft^rous cart-rope to pull dovvne ex- 
traordinary vengeance upon the head of the Party/ 
Forasaloathjfomcvomit is to the ftomacke of him 
thatcafis itoutifo are luke-warmc Profeflburs to the 
Lord lefus. Revel, 3. id. I marvaile many times what 
fuch men meanCjand what worfliip,fcrvice and obe- 
dience they would have the mighty Lord of Heaven 
own bleffed Sou to be our deare,and everlafting Huf- 
band^HisPerfcn with all the rich and royall en- 
dowments thcreof^theglory and endieife felicities a- 
bove. His ownc thrke glorious, and evcr-blcfled 
SttfCjto be enjoyed thorovv all etcrnityjvvhich is the 
very foule of heavenly Bliffc, and life of eternall 
lifcj&c.Doe youthinke jt then reafonable or Wkdyf 
that Hee will ever accept at our hands an heartleffc, 
formalloutwardneffej a cold, rotten carkaflc of re- 
ligion : That wee fliouidfcrve our felvesiathefirft 
Piace,and Him in the fccond ? That we (hould fpend 
£hc prime andflowsrof our loveS; joycs,ferviccSj 

X 3 upon 

3o8 InfiruUions for Aright comfomug, Sc<fl.2. 

upon fome abomiaable bofome-finne ,• and then pro- 
portioa oat tothz everUfimg God,mtghty mdterri^U 
Creator^and Commander of Heaven and Earth, on- 
]y fome outward religious formes and coaformiticsj 
andthofcalfo fo farre onely, as they hurt nor our 
temporallhappincflCjbut may confift wichthcenticr 
cnpyinent of fome inordinate luftjpleafurc, profit or 
preferment ? Prodigious folly, nay, fury to their 
owne foules .' This very one moil bafe, and unwor- 
thy conceit of fogreata God,and His due attributi- 
ons, meriteth juftly excl'jfion from the Kingdonae 
of Heaven, with the fo0Ufh Virgins^ for ever. My 
Counfell therefore is; when the fpirituali Patient 
hath palTed the tempcftuc us Sea of a troubled confci- 
eiKe, and is now upon termes of taking a ne w courfe. 
That by all raeanesHee take heed,th3r Hee rnnnenot 
upon this Rocke. It is Better to irte k^ej-cold^ thin 
Itike-y^arme i And thM the milks ^-i^f svsr^ then Bee 

SteonMy, the chen'fli- 7. Tho itbec an ordinary, yet it is a dangerous and 
flpgi|iofclcc<i$ (own, utterly undoing crrour and deceit. To conceive, that 
all is ended, when theafHicltd party ismended ; and 
bath received eafe and enlargement from the terrible 
prelTuresof his troubled confcience, Tothinke,that 
after the tcnipeft of prcientterrour, and rage of guil- 
tinefle bee allayed and over-^blowne, there needs no 
moretobcedoae. As tho the New«biith were not 
ever infallibly and inleparably attended with ncw- 
obediencc, As tho, when once the foule is foundly 
andfavinglyftrucke thorow, humbled, and prepa- 
red for C^rir^, by the terrifying power of the Law 
revealing the foulenclfe of finnc,and fierce^^eflfe of 
divine wrath, which fct on by the fpirtt of hondage^ 
^ S«« fr>thi Mfm t^, is able, like a mighty < /^/^;«^£rtobrcakeandteare in 
^^^ lifyt^^y^i pieces the iron fynewes ©f the moft ttubboroc and 
ftony hart, there followed not hearty fho w, res of re- 
peouat teaiesj^neverto be dtied up,uQtiil our ending 

Part. I. Chap, 1 5« Affii^ed Coafciences, ^ep 

hGurr,as I taught beforej Hheti all tearcs Oiall bcs 
everiaftinglyv/iped away with Gods tnercifiillliand: 
And that the Sunne of rightccufnefle did not prc- 
rentlybreskefcilh upon that happy Soule, todifpcU 
the Hellifh doudsof renfualiiyjlufl:, lying in firij&c. 
andtoiJlighten.infianis,and fill it with the Icrenicy, 
and ckaix sJiie, as it were, of fanftification^ and pu- 
rity, a kindly fervour of Z-calefoiGodsglory, good 
caufeSjgcod rnen,and keeping a good confcience, 
andfruiifuUinfliience otfobrtety, righteoufncfleand 
hcliiieire for ever after. And therefore if upon re- 
covery out of trouble of confciencejthere follow not 
a continued excrcifc of R.epcntance both for finnes 
parrjprcient,andtocomc, as you heard before; an 
uuivcrfall change in every power and part, both of 
SouleandBody,thonotinperfe(flion of degrees, as 
theSchooles fpeake, yet of Parts; an hcarc-rTing 
hatredandoppofitionagainftallfinne; a fhaking-off 
old companions,brethren in iniquity,all Satans good- 
fellow Revellers; a delight in the word, waies,fer— 
vices, Sabbaths,& Saints of God j a confcionable and 
cqiftanr endeavour to exprcflfethc truth of protefta- 
itionsar.dproiTiifesm^dc in time of terrour, as I told 
voubefore,&c»In a Wor^j ifthcre follow not a new 
h^e, »j all things doe notbecvme new^ there is no New- % Cor, ^,'17^^ 
birth in truth jail is naught, and to no purpofe in the 
Point of falvation. 

They are then mifc rahl c Comforters j Phy ficions 
of no value; nay, of notorious fpirituall blood- fhcd, 
who having neithcrscquaintance witb,nor much ca- 
ring for the manner, meanes, mcthode, any heavenly 
wildome, fpirituall difcrction^or experimental! skiif, 
in managfngarightf uch an important bufinefle ; if a- 
ny waies they can affwage the rage,and ftill the cries 
of a vexed guiltyConfclcnce,thty thinke they have 
done a worthy worke ; Tho after their dawbing, 
there be noriiing kft behind in it,l>« a fenfcleffc 

X ^ skaire^ 


InfirtiElimifor ari^f comforting 


skarre ; Nsy,and perhaps more brawnedieffe, and 

benummedncfic brought upon it, bfcaufe it was not 

kindlily wrought-upon in the furnace of fpirituallaf- 

flicflion ; and rightly cured. 

, ,,. Ifearemee.mauypoorefouksare fcarefuHy *dc- 

fay/rhey h^vc^Sft tir- Hveied^^whobeing recovcred,out of ten ours of Con- 

rour of their elbtcj Science, too fuddcnly, unlcafonably, or one way or 

but they have out. other,unfoundly, conceive prcfentiy, they are truly 

growneit, it is paft : converted j tho afterward, they bee the very fame 

yea ? what^Iiave you jn^j^^ofchefaJiicconapany and Conditions, they werc 

brofcc^^paroij *or did before jorat beft,blefle themfdves in the fecming 

God let you*oHt? If happiaefleof an Halfe ^ convcriion. 

you have broke Prifon, 

you muft cvenin a^ainc, and that worfcthen bcforCj&c, All the coanfell, T can givethee 
inruchacafe,isio call after thefeterrours ^g4\nt ^ wfaichthou haft (ought to drive a- 
way J and call aloud, ere they be ^onc p ift call 3 and call quick'y, ere thy hca rt bee har- 
dened quite, and then it will coft double labour. Andpray Goito worke them upon 
thy\it3xt»^nt\t.'B^gersofDedh^m DoBrine of Tahhjpag.io/^ioj. A man mayhavf 
quietnefie after trouble, and yet the Houfc not wonne, to vfit from the ftror?g Mdn : Kec 
may alfo have fotne kind of teioycing; and yctthccomforter not there abiding. That 
thou n>ayft not therefore biec deceived, confiderthe whole courfe of thy life, fincethat 
time.— -For the holy Ghoft will not goyerneasthe Divell did, they arc of (o contrary, 
a nature. T^u-chftone for *ihrifiiMt,Cii]) 3. b By thishalfe Hcrodi/in converlSon, they 
may leave many {iunes,and doem*»y ihings^hcdre the beftMiniftcrsf//<//>,rerpea3nd 
countenance thcnj,&c, b Andyctforall thissinrcfpeSof their ownePerfonall falva- 
sion I As weilntver a V¥hit,as never the better j As well not at ail, as nocihoroiv Jiitch. 

Sererall pangs of con 


Twocdfes^herein pangs tf Confcienee are n9t heUm 
lid tvhat ever theyfeeme^ 

Or a more full difcovcry of this miC- 
chicfe, and prevention of thofe mife- 
ries, which miy enfuc upon this laft 
mifcarriage; Let me acquaint you with 
foureor fiyePaflages out of pangs of 
v».^ Conlciencc^ which fttilleade aaQiiTe^ and leave a 

Parr, i .cap. 1 6* j4ff,icied Confciencgs. 311 

man to the DiVels ftill ; and for all his faire warning 
by the fmart of a wounded fpirit, dro wne Him in the 
Workesofdarkenc{re,and waiesof death. 

I. Some, when by the piercing power and ap- i.Thcdelperat& 
plication of the Law , their confciences are preft 
with the terrible and intolerable waight of their 
Cinnts J and the worme that never dies, which 
hiithbeene all this while dead-drunke with fenfuall 
pleafures, is now awaked by the hand of divine 
juOicCrand begins to fting; They prefently with 
unfpeakeable rage and horrour , fall into the mod 
abhorred, and irrecoverable Dungeon of defpaire* 
The flames of etCMali firefeizc upon them, even in 
this life jThey are in Hell upon Earth, and damned, 
as it were, above ground. Such they are commonly, 
who all their life long have beenc contemners of the 
confcionable Miniftry j Scorners of the good wmj j 
Quenchers of the Spirit ; Revolters from good be- 
ginnings, and profeflion of grace; Harbourers of 
fomcfecrey,vile, abominable lufts in their hearts a- 
gainft the light of their confcience 1 clofc Agents 
for Popery and Prophancncfle; plaufible Tyrants a- 
gainftthe power of godlineffe ; and fuch other like 
notorious Champions of the Divell, and infamous 
Rebels to the bighcft Maieftic.Whom,lith they have 
binfuch,andhaverodefpcrately,andro long de/piffd 
the riches of Hligoodnefje^ andfsrhearanco^ and hng- 
fuferiftgileading them te Repentance j God moft juftly 
leaves now in the evill day,when once the hot tranfi- 
tory gleame of worldly pleafures is paft, and His 
judgements begin to grow upon their tkoughts,like 
atempeftuous itorme; and death to ftand before them 
unreiiffable, like an armed Man jand fin to lie at the 
docre, like a bloodhound % and the guilty confcience ,vv 

to gnawuponche heart,likf a Vulture,&c,I fay,then 
Hec leaves them in His rigbteorts indgemejit to dnke 
or iwiinrae, to ea^ l^^ll^f^*^ ^ ^^^^ *^?* ^^7'^ 



^ ** ItflrHclians for 4 right comforting St^, 2 • 

tothefulndTe of chat unquenchable wrath; which 
bjf their innumerable fiifu!! provocat'oris, impeni- 
cency,and unbsIicFe.they have treafured up againfi 
this D A) and wrath, Tba: raging worms, which ne- 
vcrdiesin the damiisd^and natiiraily bre;'ds in every 
gracdsfie confcienct^ , by their irifatiabJc furfct ixv 
iinne, and greedy drir^kiag-in imcjuitie like "^ater^ 
growes fo flrong, and to f iicha ftrange bigneOTe jthat 
taking advanragcefpecially m the tirae oFterrour of 
their weakencflc and conFufion of fpfrit upon the 
Bed of death, at feme dead lift, and irrecoverable 
danger, iciurprifesther/i upon the fudden, with un- 
expcdedHdlifliarmiesof guiitineffe and horrour - 
and over-thrpwcs them quite, horfe and man, never 
^nfcagaine in this world, or the world to' cam- 
Then would thoFc wofull wretches, who would ne- 

verbeewarnedbetiinc,oivetcnnethouFand Worlds, 
ir they had them, for one moment of that mercifjil 
time of grace, which they have cus fedly lonj; abn- 
led, br the benefit oF tht Miniftry, which they have 

infolently fcornediforadrcpofthatpretious blood, 
which by theif dcfperate villaiiics, and hatred to bee 
reformed, they have trampled under font. But alas ' 
nomercy,noblemng, nocomFort will then bee had- 
tho\vithprophane£/rf/.,chey feekcit with tcares! 

igiii^fiih^quif^oArdore ^^^^" n»aeous groanes and yelling. And therefore, 
mr^m emrcrci, t4men tuiningthsir cyeupontheir torments, will roarc out 

mentum, quo exagiun^ '^., f^^^^^oHrmg d fre ? fVha amongU hs fjatt d\'^e/t 
ttrmp^y.confcUou^^ ^^fh everUfiing bHrnings} ^ In the ^Mornin^ thet 
ll£!nt ^*- '•^'*«^'"r ^^'^^^Aj'.W'^/^G'.^/V y^cre Even, and at Eve^they 
■/&^i:^:^tZ^''^>'^^^^ 9^ditr.ereUl^or.s.g,f.r the fear elf 
<rmci4tu^omues/upcr4ff r,''''^^' "^^^^^^^^^ ffj^J fhallfeare- md for the 
»*|J.CaV.inLoc. fg'^ V ^^^'ir eyes \lohich thtj Jh all fee. In their /ifc- 

'^««'i8,^7, tifnet^^ bchav?dchcfiifelvc« iik^cmell Beads, and 


Part. 1- Cap I^. jifflt£lcdConfcieHc«s, 3I3 

bloody Go3(jfs in the (ides of the Saints, and againft 
their fyncerity 5?ndnow atlaft themfdves are caught 
with a witneiTe, and lie upon their Beds of extremi- 
ty and terrour likf wiUe Bulls, And Beajls in a nct^ fnU 
oj the fury ef the Lord 4 

a. Others there are, who finding their Cmr\€S diC- 2.They jvho feelerei 
covered, and their confcicnccs wounded by the h'ght "'edy from carn^ 
and powerof the Word ; and now feeling fadnelJej P^f^^"''«8* 
heavy-hcartedneflejUncouthterrourSjmuchperpIexi' c Some men are pric- 
ly and anxiety cffpiritcomming upon thcm,addreflre kcd, and to put away 
thccnidv.s pnlently, and h,ve fpecdy recourfe to^^;^':^ 
tht 9Arm« of fiefh^ontvjzxaminh, carnall content- |oe fport, thiy will 
irients,andruch other trsiferable comforters. They get to irern company, 
falftlyfuppofe, and to their ownc utter, and everia- and pafle aw^y the 

ftinq overthrow, thatthefe fpirituaU panes that are "'"'^> ^^^ ^°' ** ^^^J. 
^, t • 1 n -1^1 ^ ^^j • I . teime it, they ViAl 

now uponthern | which if rightly managed, might ^^^^^^ ^^^ j^j,^; ^^^^^ 

proove an happy preparsti ve,and Lcgall Pctard,as it the rage of meiancho- 

wcre,to brcaketheircnbarr€S,and open theeverla- ly: they never goe to 

ftingdooresof dieirSoules, that the King of gio:y any Preacher, to aske 

might come in sbee nothingbutfits of Melancholy, ° «l;,!h „7tr«fniJi*! 

r ^ r r \.\ n' c J • rr ' , moutn ot his bpiritr 

or lowrcand unieaionabk c ftccts and impreiiions or they never refeea 

fo!ncPiiritanicallMiniftry,and dangerous teinptati- ptayer , nor feekc any 

onsto defpaire. And therefore they « hie out of ihcm comfort ia the WoiJ 

as faft as they can,bypofting after worldly pleaftjres,°f^^°^^^"^ 'on"?h^ 

fortjisiocallitagaine, andtofeeleitmorefrcflily cither in the houre oideaib, cria 
Hell.^wf^fJbrfWjiM his SermoHcfRefcntAKie.lhexejiTebztei in theirrorrowrunawayfrom 
GodjCven asa Doggc fromfeim that whippethriim. Jutiti* inhisierrour* ranne to the 
highPricfls,thecnemicscf Chrift,andto the Halter. C-<i»to building of Cities. Saulta 
Miifickc,to aWitchjanJatlafttoHis Sword, V)kf of B^ejxm^tneeifdf.^. But alas! the 
framickedea'ingof men in this cafe istoopalpable,andtobewoHdfed at jwhen Gods 
Word ftrikcs Uj^on them 5 when they fcclc tiae kecneneile of it j when tht threatnings 
havecutjio that they (raait for it jthentheyruntodicing,cardfHg,drinking,dancingj&c, 
asitvy^rcotfe. purpofe to drive away rhc Spirit of God, that was coBiming towards 
tbem^tohealetheu Soulc. fykattly^^edempuonoj tme,f4g^6i. It is the prop* rty of un-- 
gpdly i>,n,t -» remove the diicomfottsof the Ji heart ty worldly delcdationsj i% SkuI 
called ior Mi fickej w^ en he was trouhJed with aa evill Tpiiit. Andio this pujpoff,men 
that l>€af aid ot dcipaire,andloyenottobt humbled undirthc mighty h^n . of God, 
doc ufcthcjrnives,tbCirfnciKi*, their Hicat,acdthcrdrinkej with all the Pafiimethat 
Cin be ^evj-ed, to rcioyceiherofelveswiihailjthaitheymayputthtBiiflvesoutofthek 


314 hjiru^iortsfor a right comforting Sc£^. t: 

Paftimes,Playes,Hiificl(C, Gaming, merry Compa- 
ny,Toviall meetings of good-feJIowfhip, Tavcrnes, 
Ale-houfes, Vifites, Entertamements, improvement 
cfrheirchicfecarnallcontentmentAc.If (lot to Wi- 
fards, and even to light a candle at the Divcll for 
, lighrfomencffe of heart. Thus I know not, whether 

with more finneor folly, they endeavour to come un- 
to themfelvcs againe, by the mirth and madncfTc of 
wine, earthly ) oy , carnal I counfe! ),&:c. Wherein they 
are not unlike thofc bloody Ifraetitss^ who while 
they burnt up their children in facrifice to Molech^ 
f When they facrificed filled their eares with ^ noife of Inftruments 5 left 
their foHs to this i^aS, by therufull cries of their little Babes,they fh luld be 
rlnti^ntBri^mZ moved topitie, and fo ftaicd in thccruell fcrvice of 
that the cry of the f^^^^Joo^'^^C'^i"?^^^^^* luft fo thefc Men of plea- 
childe might not bee lureandperdition,doefinfully feekc toftoptheguil- 
heard by the father* ty clamours of their Vexed confciences with the 
%^^^f'*''^'^''-<^^^^on%QU\\isX\iQ, ^xi^itx^':^x^\\ joy, while their 
4* ^/.2, foules are facrificing to Satan, and making fit fewell 

for the fire of Hdl J left by liftening to their cries 
and controlementSjthey fliould bee ftjrred up to take 
compaflion oftheir owne poore immortal! Soules, 
and ftopt in the purfuitc of their fugitive follies, and 
delights of fenfe. Butalas.' in/odoing, they arc alfo 
like a Man ina burning Fever, who lets downe cold 
drinkeeagerly and merrily, becaufc in the extremity 
of thir ft, it cooles Him a little ; But after a whiIc,Hc 
ihall findethcheat,thepainc,and thedanger all dou- 
bled upon Him* Earthly pleafurcs may, forthepre- 
fcnt, ftill the noyfe of an accufing confcience, and 
feemefomewhat to allay its guilty rage j but affurcd- 
ly they will afterward kindle fuch a fire m thcBow- 
eisof thefcmiferable men, than will burne even to 
the very bottome of Hell, and Blow them up Body 
and Soule with irrecoverable ruine forever. Heethat 
goes about, to cure the wound of his confcience for 
Bnne with fcnfuall delight, isa sif,to helpethetocth- 
' '" """ alee 

ParM.cap.i<5« JgUcledConfciencet, 315 

ake, Hf e {hould knockc out his braiiies ) or when he 
is dung with a Wafpe, {hould rub with a Nettle the 
fmartingplaccj'or finding no good by Phyficke, 
(hould rui^ne unto Wife- men : as if in extremity of 
tbirftjheeftiGuIddrinkerankepoyfon to quench it; 
apply a venemous plainer to his fore, and prop up 
his falling Roofe with burning fire-brands : Reme- 
dies farrev^orfe, and more peftilentfali then the Ma- 
lady ;for they either plunge them deeper into the 
Dungeon of Me'ancholy, and hcavy-heartedneile ; 
or elfe draw a skinne onely over the fpirituall 
wound, whereby it fcfters and rankles underneath 
more dangeroufly : For thus flopping the mouth of 
tliat never-dying wormc, that infatiable Wolfe inche 
meane time, doth make k, when there is no more 
fupply of carnallplearurcs^vvhtreupon it feedsfora 
"while, to fall more furicufly upon the confciencc 
that bred it ; and to gnaw more ragingly.by reafon of 
ii's former refl:faint,and enforced diverfion, 

I know full well, Satan is right-well pleafed,and Satans methpd of luU 
doth much applaud this peftikntcourfeof theirsjand ^o^^S"*"* 
therefore Hee helpcs forward this accurfed bufiacfTe 
all hee can,of abandoning and banifhing all trouble 
of minde for finnev/ith worldly toyes. For ordina- 
rily cut of his cruell cunning, thus Hee proceeds in 
thefe cafes: 

lu In the firft Place, and above all, hee labours i.ToiepethcnahatdU 
might and a:aine, tj detainc men in that height ofned. 
hard-heartedneffe, that they may not bee mooved 
at all with the Miniftry, or fuff.r the Sword of the 
Spirit to pierce. And then, like^ ft^^'^g man arnted^ 
Hee pofleffcth their Bodies and Souks, which arc 
his 8 /'^/#?f£',v>^ith mnch peace 5 mddifpofeth them % CtinttdmstV^themm' 
wholly in any hellilli iervice at his plcafure. Thus ^-^^j "»'^'''*'«"' j 9«» '» 
Hee prc.aiKs with a world of men amongft us.They "'''^^«''/^;v«f '*«"'« 
nearebermon arttr Sermon, ludgemenl upon ludgc- ^e/;„„;.. Crfg. in cap, 
aieotjand yet are no more itirred with any penitent 3iJob.CoUo3r5 
" ~ aftoniihmenc 

3 ^^ InfirtiBicns fer a rtc-ht comfmmg Se(^l, 2 • 

aftof>ifl-imcntfc'rfinnc,or faving u .orke cf the Word, 

then the very Seates whereon chcy litj the Pillars to 

Such are which they leane, or dead Bodies upon which they 

LignoraaM. ff'-ad. They arc ordinarify fuch as thefe: Firi},Ig- 

norants, of two forts ; firfl, Vnskild, both in the 

5 ., Rales of rcafon and religion i Such are our exrremc- 

thTol^;^'!^^^^^ ^'S'^o'^ant people, which 

uconccjcj. fwarmcani^otigft us in many places, to the great dif- 

hono'jr of the Gofpeil, by rcafon of the want of 

CatechiQng, and other difcipiinc : fecondly, Led by 

the light oFnatuTall confclcace to deale fomcthin^ 

hon:fty-but Ideots in the great myftery of godlines^ 

Such are our mcerelyciviil hontli men. Secondly, 

Thofe that are wife in their o w/ie conceits, Ifai y . 2 1 . 

B-i'^g ftrongly perfwadtd of their good eftatc to 

n MuUhm deltSiat om- Gcd Ward, u'hcreaSjas yet, thcv have no part at all 

»« &- muitum miferi, mike God all ofmcfcy : fccondiy, or prcferve a 
*on sedfi^maf, mm fecrct rsfcr^ation in their hearts to repent her after- 
^'1^::L "^i ^ S^^^^'y V°^ !^«-^^ pradioioufly hardened' theii 
& ver-2. sienimmbii ^^a-^^jChattncy f;»rc notthe jiidgetneau to come: 
^liud dicsm ntfi mi/eri' fourthly; or with .execrable villany defare to exciii- 
'^rsj&m^fefatoroomi^ guJlTi thevcry noiions cf aDsity, by a kind of a'l 
7«: tUP""'^ ^^r^' ^^''^^^ Athdfme ; and being dro wn-d m fe.^ilialicy , 
rC£:r.:^^;|:^Il^^^^^^^ ^^eWord of God, that they 

taum,.& imptmiMem ^^'/^i^.'^e withoutxll ch.ckeorrcluaadon. 

&adiicentUmpecc4tor»m,&f4ceresqiiod veltes, uttrerii fecuh, yd quantum til^i Per. 
rniitermr.yiiqHmttimubi U&idoiu(?ilfet. Et fiquis te htn^ rmmndo oblun^retjtqut 
"rrera,utC6h:beresteA^tmmoder*toluxu, tandopofi conoipifcentm &- deferendo Dcnm 
tuum, mtermtdi^^oies ebimg4nm6l^ilfleres,tm?udmtt qnidt^ fr»>,te, yehn.tudhk d,yi' 
^^*'-fooriut»,&legeresdehhr9DoyniHicoi^idmetefreideDeono(ir»> Ifk mtfericors e^ 
& m,erator et muitum mifericcrs.ne talia hmines dicerent , umm verbtm addtdit 
in fine, quod att.&^txxtx & exct,/?it Utitiam mdilprdfumemtim O-induxIt ti?mrem 
doUMium, G*Hdt4mt4>t ad mlft,ic6rdum Dammi, fed time^mm dd iudteium Domhi. ?4f 
cudumttcet. Tacet» fed uoh femper tace^it. A>3guft.Lib. de decern chordis^cap.i. 
Nar peryerfutemjlr^ pc yUHmwDeHm,(pMi/tmordem,Htnotifit i»J^u/.Ucm dctamp. 
Serm.io^. "^ » -> j r 


Part.l Cap i (5. JpSied Confcisnce s, _ __^ ^ ^ ^ 

^. But if it fall out by Gods b]e0]ng, that the aJf^hcy arc moved. ' 
Wordcnce begin to get within a man, and toworkc 
itrrourand trouble ot minde for finnc ; {o thatHee 
fees him grow fenfibleof His (lavery, wearyof His 
forti)erwaies,andlike enough to breakc the Prifon, 
'and bee gone ; then doth Hcc ferioufly obferve and 
attend, which way the Partiecndines, and how hee 
may bee esfiiieft diverted, that hce may thereafter 
proportion His Plots and Attempts againft Him, the 

mcreprofperoufly. ' -,r. < t - 

Firft,ifheefindcHimtohauebcene an horrible i.If they arc melan- 

finner,of afad and McIancholikediTpofition^much S„,'?^ 5°^^^^^^^^ 
alflicfled with outward croflesjS^c. Hee then laies j^, tjeipaire. 
loudupcnHisaffrighted Soule,vviih all his cnnning 
andcrueityi thatif it bee pcffible, Hee may drive 
Hira to defpaire. For this purpofc Hee keen's the 
ftingof the guilty confciencc it felfe, all hee can; 
iharpensthe.easpoyfoned Points of his ovjne fiery 
darts J addesmore griflelinefle to his many hatefulfc 
tranfgrcffions J more horrcur to the already flaming 
vengeance againft Gnne,&c. That if God io per- 
mit, Hce may bee lure to lirikc defperately home, 
and finke Him deepe enough into tha abhorred 

Secondly, But if hee perceive Hira not to have i« If merry and noe 
been infamous and noted for any notorious finnes j "^'^'f m* ^°l^^^ ***- 
By naturall <^nftitution , to b«c merrily difpofed s goo^^^^^^vvflup. 
iinpatient of heavy. hcartcdneffe,and formerly much 
addicted to good iellowfhip : If hee fpie him, to i intuetuY inmicm gtm 
ftriveandftruggicfordif-intanglemcnt out of thcfew'^'' huwani Mmtf-af 
uncouth terroursjand re-injoyment of his former '^f^?*' J^"» ItWa'lpl 
worldly dclights,and loviali companions : I ray,then y,lft2!ep!ml4d^u^ 
Hceismoftfoiwardto follow and feed His * hu- tegno/c^t fAcUiuj ineli^ 
mour this way alfo.* thacfoHeeraay ilifle, and utter- p^nmenum : ut tumdk 
lycxdneuifli, the woike of the fpirit of h^ndaae m "' ^""^ "^'"^ ^'^* 
the very beginriing. Andtothis end,hebmnts,with trjlZcTXf.h. 

all the cunning hee can, the fling of a Mans ownc eol.45^» ' 

Confciencc J 

3 1 8 hjlraclionsfor a right comforting S t ft. t •* 

Conference, and quite remooves his ownc : Hce 
procures and.cffcrs all occafions of cut ward content- 
ment: HeefiirniOics His FcIIowes in iniquity, and 
the Dfvcis proflors with pernicious eloquence, and 
ftorcof cntifeoients, to bring him backe agaiae to 
their bent and bcaftly courfcs : Hee minifters his 
owne delicious Potions of carnall pleafure^to caft His 
confcienceaflcepcagaine ; In bricfe, Hee leaves no 
Policy, plot, or praft ife un-affayed, un-attcoipted, to 
make the power of the Law unprofic?»bIe unto Him ; 
and to drowncall his iorrow for finne in fcnfuall 

This then I make the fccondpeftilent Paflfage out 
of pangs of confcience ; to wit, when a man, to de- 
cline there, is driven by the fubtilty of S3tan,and per- 
verfenelfeof hisowneflefli, if notto Wifards and 
Wile -men, asthey callthem,and other fuch Oracles 
of the Divell j yet at befl to humane Helpes, to 
worldly wifcdome,to outward mirth, Good-tellow- 
fliip,plea{antcompanyiHis heapesof gold, hoards 
, of wealth, riches, Paiiures, variety of choifeft Pa- 
ftimes : nayjforeafeto any thing, even to Drinking, 
dancing, dicing. Masking, Mtf-rule, revelling, roa- 
ring,&c, or any other fuch ribald,bedlam,and raging 


Part. I . Chap, 1 8. jifftHed CoHfcierxes, 


tyf third cafe whi rein pangs of Coytfc'tence ntAj (eerue 
to bee hedledy ard Ate rot ; r^tth the dtfcovtrj of Meat 
^ errcrs tn that \<f>;de^ 

I l<\^p<^^j^^g|OiTie thereaw, who paflTe 'cut of ^ .They wto misapply 
'"^^"'^ Toubic of minde for finne, and the PponaKcj, 

LcgalIccrrours,into a kind, as it 

were, of an artificiail, enforced, 

unfcund,untime!y;Snd CGunter- 
\ f«;it peace of Cvonfcience. I 

meane it tbus,when a Mans car- 

nall heart, wounded by the terrifyine power of the 

Word^ with fight and honour of his former wicked ^ 

wayes,b'jtweaiyof the woundjinspatient of fpiri- 

tuall heavinefle, wilfully fet and refclved obftinstely 

agai.'ift theholyfevcritiesof thcSchooie ofRepen- k Ifr.tf.14; 

ranee, mcrtification, godly flri^neffc, walking with ^ Others have •yerf 

Godj&c. And withali meeting with fomc Dawbcr ^^gn^V'^T' ^"" 

vvithuntcmpercdmortar.wbois very ready k 'Uy"fn?tcwlg Sld'of 

hcAlehh heart roith fn>eet words^fajing^ Tejf^e, feace, the promife of mercy 

ivhsn there ts no peace -J I {ay in this cafe, ^ fnatches and falvation,ere it be- 

h.')ld of comfort, and aopliesthcPfomifes of mercy longed fo them 3 thin-' 

»nd falvation bcforethey belong unto Him : Bdorc fS^^^^^^, 

HecDeeicarchedtotbequicke, loundedto the hot- rfiey had felt fometer^ 

tome, and foundly humbled; Before the fpirit cfrours.— ButthePro^ 

Boiidagchath.asit v/ere,it'sperfed: worke,and Hee ™feof falvationisnot 

kindli:y fitted for ^/«j an/. Forthispurpofethey ^"'§1;' btloaguig to 

n 1 ^ •/- r f .' one, that i« onciy tcrf «• 

arewonttowreft, abufe, mif-apply many places in g^d for his pumfiv- 

theBookeof God;Theuniki!fullPh)ficions in ap- mem, but is contrite- 
plication ^ and the deluded Patients inapprehcnfion hearted for finne,\vhich 
cf them : Even fuchas thcfe .- C&me unto mee ali'^ ^^^rRo^ljofrnt 
yee that Ubom , and are heavy laden, and I -^iU h^m^ £^vlEirm i 
giveyoti rejl: c3/*««^.i 1.28. Yea,biit they arc not js4ithffag.\^^ , 
Y ' weary 

^^Q, Infiru^iwsfor Aright comforting Scft.i 

- ■ 

weary of all their (itines, but onely troubled with 
the prcfent tcrrou'' j nor willing to take upon thtm 
^ the Crffjfe of Cbriji : Well enough content they 
are to take Him 3S a Saviour to prefervc them from 
m Pral.gt.ii* Hcihbutnotasa " Lord,^Kt»r,x\dz\y ^ Hm^afid 

n °^um4Jmd;*m fr4^ ^o fcrve,ob^y and love him. pyhsfaevrr/^ail call u^- 
tret, /> ^ponCm ftcerit »nthe N Ami of the Lord^fjAll be faved : Rom. lo 1 3. 
SjfQM/x /UK rfwww/wwj Yea, but they doc not confider, that many alfo Ihili 
& tBd Acceftum amu- Qxy,L')r4^ Lord^ ^J?Aatth .y ,iz . and 25, ir. and yet 
;«w/«.^//gr../5«4« . g^ excluded from etcrnail bliffe ; and therefore 
cnnulum':n,mt in iffo all that call favingly upon the Nameof Chnfi.mwii 
dimSfonfi Atiultera*ni' depart from imcji4tty: xTim,l.i^. But they upon 
ma deprehendentur , recovery, will by no meanfs depart from their dar- 
^***7j'j ^"^ '**'*''"» ling delight. Hee th^t heleevethon the SoHfte^hath 
r«/^/Jmf>/^'Jrf^^^^ y^^' butjnftifying 

mhiMAnltttijie.iamtl-^^^^^ purihes the heart, <v^JZ/ 15.9, fills it with- 
liM fac/ernHelo -ytdere, deate affcdioiis unto heavenly things, deads it to 
^ualti ejjet ? ^*» »o« chc World , and divorces it quire from all former 
.^f/r/.«r««r6>*«f ^j«f«-^^^,3,|' jg^^^^j.^ ^j companion-fliip. / ^,1/ aive 

r^m anrnnm cmymctJ" ^'^^''^'^^ « ^^^^r/?' ^f '^' PottntAwe of the Water 
ret^ ^masauru'n pro ^f ^ife, freely: %eve/.ii.6. Yea, t^ut they thirft onc- 
•piro,amasaytnHlumpto\yiot falvatioH, not for f andificaciou ; for m:rcy, 
^^'^''' "'^"S"!' in E-not for grace} for happiiiefle, not for holinenfcj&c. 
L/a'lw,«L;wT»^e^e men, as well as the lecond fort, will by no- 
ttifit, nierttrite dicdrit, mcancs thorow the pangs of the New- birch into- 
Ji mmnerA D>*«m ^/«r, thc hol]^ Path. Thcy wickediy mifconccive out of 
qui>» 'tmdHtit afe^um i\\c iotitn Principles oftheir owncvvorldJy wife- 
1.!fh^T^' ^'^*" dome, prejudice againft the power of godiinefTe, 

W^UD.2^ap4, J 'i.; ' r r Cat/ r 1 

' ■ ^^ and peltuent periwalions or PtKow-fovoers under 

their el^etvej , that 'v\ fo doing, they fliall bee ut- 
terly undone, and never have ^ood day afterward ; 
Bur, to fpeakeintheirowne language, fall prcfent- 
ly into the hands of the Puritar.cs, into thcftricfl. 
tortures , and Hypocriticall naileries of precifc- 
mfle, into fowrenefle, unfociabienefle, dumps of 
Mlancholy ; asid indeed, int® a (taie, notpaft a 
jftipfhort of dillradioa and. madaeile. And chtfe. 


Part. I. Cap. 1 7. s^ffliSIed C^nfciettces, 13 2 1 

therefore call abotit to get out of trouble of mfndc, 
and feiife of divine terrour with as great impati- 
CHcy and precipitation, a» the £c^\mtv % ontly more 
piaufibly, and with fcemi-Jgly fairer, but truly falfe 
iatisfacllion to their ownc Soules. For the former 
rurti with furious ind/gnation out of thefe fpiri.uaU 
de;edicns of Confcience, as unmanly feares, not 
fitforvvcrthyfpirits, and men of loviall refoiutior^, 
into greater cxcefle, and variety of worldly de- 
lights, and fcnfuail ioofcncflei 3"<^ ^° ordinarily be- 
come afterward very notorious, and more defpcratc 
enemies to the KtnadoTtse cf Chrtji : Becaufe the 
power of the Word hath once itung their carnall 
hearts with fbmc remorfcfull terrour , they ever 
after heartily hatethe fojud a^d (earcbing Miniftry, 
andmanagersthereof, the Inf^iftjrs of their fmartj 
for no other reafon in the world, but that they teil 
them the truth, 2nd thereupon torment them beflrc 
theirtimci thatfo, if they bee not wanting unto 
riiemfclves, they may efcape the torrnc^its ot erer- 
nity hereafter. And they fet themfelvcs ajjainff 
godly Chriflians with incompatible cftrangemenc, 
and implacable fpitc; onely becaufc they are Pro- 
feflfours of Selfc-dcniall, holy ftridn'-fll, inconfor- 
mity to the world , repentance, mortirication,&c. 
theentcrtainementand excrcife whereof they furi- 
oufly morcdetell and flic fromi then the death of 
theif Bodiesjsnd damnation of their Scules^But thefe 
latter, pafl's more piaufibly out of trouble o r conioX' 
ence , and take a fairer courfe of the two, tho it 
proove but an imaginary and counterfeit Cure. For 
they labout to clofc up their fpirituall wound, with 
comfort out of the Word;and promife peace to their 
troubled hearts from the pio.nifts of life: But here- 
in they faile, and fcarcfuUy deceive themlclvts, ia 
that they conceive, the firft fits and qualme-, as it , 
were, of Legall terrour, to bee faving repentance; 

N X* age- 

32* InfiruElmsfer aright comforting, Sed.2« 

agcncrall fpccularivcapprehenfiin of Chrift's Pafli- 

't>n; to procure afpeciali pardon for ad their finnesj 

fruitlefferpeculationsof Faithco preventand fccure 

them from the wrath that is to come j a nieerc vcr- 

ball profefliontobec forwardncffc enough, except a 

Man would bee too precife. Vpon the firft fright, 

and feeling the fmart of a confafed remorfc and hor- 

rour for finne, without any further penitent wading 

into Particulars, or thorow-fearch into thqr hearts, 

lives, confciences,and Callings j without fuff&ing the 

worke of the ffirit of Bondage, to drive them to 

Chrift, and a rcfoiution t» fellally^c. They prefent- 

ly, hand over- head, apply by the ftrongdeluGon of 

their owne idle groundlefle conceit, all the gracious 

b And let not the fc be promifcs and priviledges of Gods Childc to their 

weary of the yoke of un-humbled Soules ; and enforce their underftan- 

GodaadtheUw and dingsby a violent greedy error, to thinks they are 

make over-musn hafte . _«?_ J. r ^^ -c • ii u ^i <* i^t • 

outofthisftate, /otfo J^"*"cd by fuch ai artihciall heartlefle Notion^ 

may they undoe them- whichfalfely they call Faith: and for eft iug in a coun- 
felvcs : for as fome terfeit perfwafion,that they are true Converts, ordi- 
withftandingtheirter- „arily tume o atrmll Trofe/foHrs, 
roue, have withltood ,,\i i • j t i i_ l y • 

thcjrfalvationjfofome . Who areakmdof people,whohave notnorcfpi- 
have by haftening out, rituall Iife.then a dead Faith can infufe into them : No 
tnadewafteof alljand morecoraforc in the communion of Saints, then an 
IbcingimpaticHtof be. outward correfpondcnce in Profeflion, fpcculativc 

hold of the promifc ^^" V^^^^ • ^o more inter^ft, or right to Heaucn, 

ftraightjhive proovcd then o bold prefumptuous Confidence :built fiirft up- 

l>utloore,unfGundand on their owne wilful! hncicy andfeconded with Sa- 


tarried tbe Lords lei- '^°f "'li^caf themoft,iscom:iionly no more,thcn af^ 

iure ia it, might h^vcfl^^^"g fkeir Soules for a Day, and homing doivnc their 

come to found and true heads I the 4 Btil-rujh^ without loefina the hands of^ic^ 

comfort, which would k^dnejfe, or dcpartiie from iniquity. VVhofeconvcp- 
have contiQued aUn,„.-^ ' . ." ^, & , _ ^ , ^ _ ^ r 
their dayes. K'^crs ,/"^"isnothmg,bjtoncIy a fpeculative PafTage from 

iDedbamtn bis Doflfrwtt ^ ^^"^iife*^ apprehsnlion of Gnne, to a general! ap- 

*/^ fjjthf^aiaio, iP]ication of Chrift ^ without any fcafible, or fa ving 


a'teration in their waves. Whcfe New- obedience 
confifts oneiy in a formall conformity to cut ward 
cxercifcs of Religion, without all true Zeaicjiife, 
heartine{Te,hoIint{Ie,or indeed honeft dealing with 
their Brethren. But theft; men are to know, thae 
Chrifts blood never pardoned any mans Soulc from 
finne, whole fpirit the power thereof did not purge 
fi-om guile. Ic never faves any one from Hell, whom 
it dorh not firft in lome good meafurc fesfon with 
holincfli^nd heavciilv life* In vainc doe they build 
comfort upon his Taffiony who doe not confcionably 
conforme to the pradile of his iVord. And let them 
furtherbseinformedforamore cleare difcoveiy of 
theifgrofit and damnable Seife-dect it J thathowfo- 
everadc:vdFaith,accoidineto it'sname and nature, 
enters (if it hath any entitle at all) into the underfian- 
^iiig, without any remark e-ablc motion, fcnfe and la true Faith corMtf% 
alteration 5 yet that Faith,which truly juftifies, paci- 
fieSjpurifieSjmortifies,fandifies,aRd favcSjis evident- 
ly dircernabie, by,firft, Many flirring preparatives; i.The Preparatives. 
Sight and fcnfe of a Mans miferable ftatc by nature, 
of his<irjfalnefleandcurredneflejf/is!«M«^ himfelfe 
in-'the Jlght ef the Lerdy fesrefuli apprehenfions 
wrought by the fiiritof bondage ; Illumination, con- 
Vidion,Legalltcrrour3,&c.Secondly,ViolentafFedli- z. Vi»knt affediofltt 
onsabotittheinfufmgof It, which are wont to bee ' 
• raifed in the humbled heart by the Holy Ghoft ; ex- 
treme thirft, inflamed defircs, vehement longings,un- 
utter:*ablegroaningsof fpirit, prizing and preferring 
the Pv^rfon and PalTion of C^rz/jbefore the Polfeflion 
of infinite Worlds 5 willingneffeto fell all ^ to part 
with anything for Him,tho never fo dcare, or fo 
much doted upon heretofore ; with pleafure, riches, 
prefermentSja rj!>/?r hand^zright eje^ libcri:y,hfe,&c*. 
Nay, if infucha Cafe, if even Hell it fclfc fiiouldf 
ftand becweene lefus Chrift and a poorc Soule, Hcc 
Would moft willingly palfe thorow the very flames 

y i ihcreof 

5^4 InfirttHions for Aright ccmfsrting, Si(fl.2» 

thereof to embrace H isblcffcd crucified Lord,^in the. 
3, ConTegiiiBnrt^ armesoFa lively Faith. Thirdly, iafeoarable con fe- 
quentsrnd companions: firft, an hearty and everla- 
fting falling-out wirh all finne -.fecondly, fandihca- 
tionthorovVout,inB,^y,Soale, Spirit, andCalling, 
and in every power.part andpafTagc cherc^of, tho not 
in perfeftioa of degrees, astbey fay. yet ill truth and 
cffsdaally ; thirdly, A fet and fokrrnc courfe of 
New-obsdiencc, fpent principally in Self c-fobricty, 
rigbteoufncfle towards our Brc;farcn, aiid'^olinefie 

Many unfaithfiiil men in the Miniftry,both in ths ir- 
publike teachings and private viPKations of the ficke, 
have much to anUver-forin this Point: who for want 
of skill in that highefl Art of faving foufes, of fami- 
liarity with God,andfecrct working oF hisSpirit,of 
experience in their ownc change, and o( the Ipirit of 
difcerning.&c. many times concurre with fuch mi- 
fcrablementomarrc ail, in ftife-ling the very fir/l 
ftirringsof legall remorfe, by healing the wounds 
,of theirconfcience with fwcet words, before they 
be rearcht,and (bunded to the bottome j and by ait 
unfeafonable and undiicreet heaping a great dcaleof 
comfort there, where as yer, a good ground- workc 
of true humiliation is not fcundly laid. Many and 
iamentahle are the fpirituail miferies in thofe Piaces, 
•where fuch Dawbers with unttmpered morttr do- 
mineered who never pafTedthorow the Pangs of the 
Ntw-birth themfelves , were never feelingly ac- 
;quainted with the wonderful! dealings of God in 
that great Miracleof aMansco:iverfionj or tnined 
' up experimentally in the Schoole of teajptationss 
paineftill exercifes of mortification , and counter- 
minings againft the Dephes^ Wiles, DevtfeSy AndjirH' 
r tAgems afthe DivcU^ The bleffed Prophet paints tbetn 
out to the ix'tt, and denounces a dreadfull woe a- 
gaiaft fuch gatteiing and fooiilii Pf ophcte^^^^^.i 5. 

Part.i.CIiap.iy. Ajf^i^ed Ccnfciences, 525 

AShip-MsfterskilfuUoncty in Aftrcnomy, and o- 
tberfpecijladve Paflagesof the Arc of Navigation, 
is no body in condu£iing Men fafclv over fome dan- 
gerous Sea, to Hiin, that be fides fiifficicncics of Art, 
is furni/hc a!fo with experimental! skill \n thofe 
Parts, bypsfling formerly that way Himfclfe, and 
having difcover^d thofc dangers of ruine, and hid- 
den Rockes, which the ether Man might eafily run 
upon. Give me a Man, in whom variety and pro- 
fcui'.dncfle of beft learning dofh concurrc in the 
highcftdcgrceof excellency, yet if his owne heart 
beenot foundly wrought upon, and fcafoued with 
"^vinggrscf , Himfelfe experimentally feene intothe 
Myfttryof Chriftjand Secrets of Sandification, as 
Hte fliall bre hardly able to wound other mens ccn- 
fcicnccs, and pierce ihcmtothe quicke; {bHee will 
be efound very unfit to manage srighc the fpiritnall 
miferies of a troubled Soule; and to tranfport it fa- 
vinglythorow thetcmpeftucusterroursand temp- 
tations incident to the New^-crcation,into the Port of 
true peace, and Paradife of the blcfled Brother'koed, 
A right dreadful! and tei^.der Point it is, to deale with 
diftrefled ccnfcicnces 5 fo many depths of Satan,and 
deccitsofManshe^rt mingle themlelveswithbufi- 
ncfle of fo great confcqueucc. Euen^ well-meaning 
Man without much hctdfulntflV, and good experi- 
ence both in the Point, and the Party, may crrc dan* 
gerou fly,and be much deceived herein. I have beard 
from a Man of confcience and credit, befides many 
and many in chcfamckind, of a fearefull impoiiure 
tothispurpofe:v^w««'j,Vt'/;<7 far the world rvas ^ell 
enough^ vifited rfith fame troKbU ofmtndefor hit fmius^ 
fent for a LP/fixtJ^er to mhifier comforts Hec^tt feenies, 
not foMMdffig Him to the bsttome, ^r fenrching to the 
ejtiicke^ heaped upcK Htm utifeafsKahlj^ and too foove^ 
mercies, and hoyes ef fftrituall fafetj. Afnongl} other 
things i He-e 4sked Bim 3 whither fsjmerijj Hee had 

Y 4 ever 

J26 InJh'Hflimffor arigijt eamforting SeA,t 

»ver f<. It tefiimonies and refrejhings of gods favour ^ 
mid love j lea^ unfrvered the Party •, [ ^x\<\ here take 
notice of a notorious depth of the Divel! ] Otice ri* 
ding alone upon the tvny in pteh a PUce, I gfe^ ftpan 
the fndden , very light f^me , and It^ht-beartedjC^c, 
[ This was but a fla(li of Sataiis Angelicall glory ,cun- 
niiigly to lighten and leade hiTj the way to further 
conftlfion]. fVhy then, replied the Adinifler^ you may 
ifuild upon it, God ii confiant m UU favours j andrvbom 
Hee loves once^ Hee lo ves for ever* H^renpoft tlic 'Pa* 
tient Tvas prefently heated of his rfiomtded heart , and 
after fell nnto hts former conrfes , and grew fnllj at 
profhane^as He ev(>as before, Amongft the many imp-^ r- 
, -s ..^v" tantPaiTagesof ouiMinifterialIiiDpIoyments,Ifeare 

fit" ,rS*i «-■ "".this f w»ightyafeire of v.«t,ng the ficke, is 
*t^ufi>tt hmints^eiuAm pafled-overaifo (more is thepitty /) with much ig- 
^ufn hiftrmitatii'u* ^v- norance, flighttiefleand negled. It is incredible to 
metttnr, *ut agrounty confidcF, how fearfully many offend, and what a 
*"''^V!^'!!JZuLTZ <3ealcof hurt they doe, by obfervring one plodding 
fani loayenit p^/?*rM gcneraUtormcjand that apoore one Coo,towards all 
ettUliarum f»luti fun Patients proraifcuoufly .• wichout any judicious diC- 
^ttp* inyi^iUre aec/t- cretion iti diftinguiflilng the variety of fpirituall 
TAtt^iy q^^n in hjfmf- ftaccs,thtdiffac3it decrees of uriregenerateneiTe,fcr- 
,^^;^«*.Harmon. conf. mcrcourfes of Iif€,&c. Commonly their carriage m 
»a.i.Helvct.Conf.cap.iuch Cafes is the lame to the notorious finner, the 
35'P2g'8^ J meerecivillMan,groircHypocritCjCarnallGofpe!ler, 

the tempted and untemptcd Chriifcian. U they but 
heare from the fick Man agenerall acknowledgement 
of his Unnes, formall cries for mercy and pardon, 
earntft dt(ires to die the death of the righteoas^rp-c* 
which may be eafi jy,and ordinarily found in a 7^hari» 
Jte^ot fooltjh Vtrgifi^^syou have heard btioic j rhey 
willprefent'ynecdsthrcape Himdown.thatHtrisas 
fureafavedMan,asifH.;e werein Htavcn already. 
Herein relcmjling, faith 1 Marburj^a fooH/bSbep' 
-1. Vg'onKal.3>ipag.y»i'tf<»^^J ^orrofitm^ s\iU tdhelj,* his ^oore Jheepe out of 


Part. I .cap. 1 7 « jifficied Confcignccs. 317 

ths ditch, is driven to p/ay the mifernble csmforter j 4fid 
to take fdffte other indireSicePtrfe (as matiyufe to doe in 
fmh cafe) to cut the fieepss throate in time, to make him 
Jl^AKsmeate 'Jefiit fhouldbee fttid^Heediedinadttchi 
Manyandtiiianyatime doe fach feliowes as thefe, 
empty and difcharge their c<»«?»?i?»-P/^r# 5oc^/ of all 
the places of mercy and comfort,coIk£led curioufl y, 
andinduftf ioLifly forthatpurpofe,upon chofe Men 5 
who were never acquainted with the wayes of God 
in their Iife-time,nor with the truth of humiliation, 
or truly With the great worke oi Repentance upon 
their Beds of death. 
ThoreforraaIlChurch-men,who ftood about Mar* 
jball ^^r£>«jthat great Peereand Pillar of France, aC 
hisdeathididinthisrefpeft veryiiloffices of Gnoft- 
lyFarhersuntoHiminhisgrcateftneed, andlaftex- _. 

r furious Divcll,aIreadyamoDgftthe damned fpirits, care of his Bod ^.^hieh 
inblafphemieSjimp&tiencies, andmofl raging pafli- was no more his ownc 
ons,thena meek and humble Saint of God, ready to Ht turned f Him incuu 
pafTcintoeverlafting Manlions of peace j they riot-^i*"*';^''«^'''^'Av'?C> 
vyithaandingoutof theirPopifh divinity, gave him J J^L^d.* E^lc^X 
thtsab(oiutionyH^nring Him that Hts foftle W^f ready to oner ) touch jrice, fo 
fee Gok,afidto he Partaker cf his glory in Heaven.'SNiitn long as I ilwll bee li- 
lt had been fane fitter to have driven him to the fight ving* if they put mee 
of his finn«,fenre of that dreadd.ll houre terrour of r.gS.'h/™":;!! 
that ilnclTricunalljto which hee was ready to pallc, pany t.:at is here, ani 
andfearcfulnefTe of that iofernall fiery Lake, from willfDrcethcrtfttokiU 
which no greatntCecan priviiediie gr^.cdefle Men. me,IvTiIlle;pcv.^own, 
I feareme^thcre are many Trcncher-Chaplainesof i^>®°*^'"^^'"«^ "^<l 
the true Religion, alfo, who are ready to doe propor- ^ ^ j;,,^ ^^^^ ^ ^^^^ ' 
tionablefervicejtourgndly great Ones, upon whom stmt auitm per omnein 
thay ^^^Qildyhy promifing them life. But m;injf and caUvutdiem potery^ 
dreadful! arc the uiift^kiiigs a' d uiiferies, which tail > /'f"' m^4timer^ 
upon theSou!esofMtn,b.th Patients and By-ftan-C^;'''';^^:;^''''"'^^^^^^ 
deis.by tncu n^tccr'ng, rornf:a!l vifitations^and Fu- nepnmeyyote, ye/htt 
mrflU Pant §y ricks, which ordinarily follow after, dtni^uf t9t»it^u 4mm 



Jfijiruclions fer a right comforting, St6i, i , 

impstentJam Mic*hs. HiDpy thcn,and hopeftiil is thar Maa, who in the 
^^mtci^Hi/nCiTe f^^"^^'"o^ HisSoiile mce-:es widi that ^ One of a 
taZ TcedeTyolLTm] '^^«>«< fo^ 3 3 1.?- ^ith thofe SoHiics both of Con- 
mmijae/{taHgera,4i>^ folation and thunder ;whoareasa.5'e,ready,and wil- 
fierruit 5 cireumfp item ^n^^ righrly to bi.de up a bruii'cd ^irit with the 
ttaMqitr^t4nqM^r»gUJi- Bar,icne of mercy, aid promifcsof liic) as to breskc 
m'^rS' TraC' "iP^^^^'sa ftubbornehe-atcwith the terrours of the 
pzo iS'j^ss. ■ "^*^' I'aw.Who,aschey hboiir inthefirftPiaceto frighn 
{ Siquidem muhif prtf- and fife mzA 011: of their finftjil courfcsj into penitent 
iyterdtm nmmittHuf dcjcdlonsof Confci'cnce, a nccdtull preparative to 
di/penfatioy fed non om~ j faving convcrfioii ; fo they have learned both f>3c- 
5" ^'''•'"^ .""""^t ciilacivelyandexpcrirti€ntally,toconduft themthbi. 
Mmflcno. jilm eqai^ row the Pangsof the New-birth, tofound comfort 
dent eommodit prx/emi- in C^^''fii mortificatl.ona New-ob:diencc, walking 
^«r, ^«^/«-«/«fl^ WM withGod,&c. 

^ua lefit chrifli exqni- - 

rnsy mexpUlftUter inhlkt'.dlita f^/tpcditurtx inetirU t aIuu fuffecatur ex ignor.MtU, ^ 
ianten ignofAns ignorti^itur : alius yero concrtditx (uflodix competenter Incitm, & ttm^itt 
explor^tyrefponietque probdtt yitx Mm firi nece^itatibut 'm)uH?li Ytimfley^. Exhkyocan^ 
df fmt.finoyerit peyiiioiej^&cftrhjiom. Siemmmorbif lorporun Meiui prohAtmes ex- 
qifirn>itWjq'iiHtomtgkf fpirhitUbin aiimxrut/t pHtredmibur ddkibenit fam Medici fubti- 
litres^ ^ ft did f?V?^f ,/>iiri/40'3yf{.Au3uft.Tom,9.p.z.De vificacioneinnrmorum itb-a. 
cap.7. Anhuadredtoonethera, Thefs Ones of a thou/an i are never to bee found a- 
roongft worldly-minded ind ainbicious Minifters, negligent Minifters, or thofe thij 
arc ignoraat : Baiam9ngftthemoftsk!lfu'i,fearching,andrpirituall, of fuch as are 
iaichfall* As appeires by this ancient Pafiagein Auftin. 


7hree cdfes mare^herein thefangtiof confcienceare 
not healed. 

^, ^4. They who mak« a 4' 
jBeighc change. 

^hers there arc, who paffe out of 
trouble of Confcience for finnc, 
.ntofome more tolerable courfcs 
fbrtherinictocome; but yet not 
thorowly , and (avingly into the 
truth and Trade of Chriftianity. 
For when Satan once perceives, that Tofrew for 


Part.rCap l8. ^4ffi6iedCo>ifeieKces, 3^9 

finneliesfo heavy upon a Mans heart; and the rage 
of giiiltindrcdoth ftinghim ftill withfuch reftieHe 
anguifli, that in all likelihood, it will at length draw 
anddrive him to fome alteration atlca{V,and vvorkc 
curat laft fome meafurc of amendmentj then doth 
heeoutof aninfatiablehellifhthirfttoholdhim ftill 
in his clutches, bend and imploy all his power and 
policy, to make hisifatisfie himfelfe % and reft final- 
ly, as fufficiently fitted for falvation, in fome parti- 
ail.infbiiicient, halfe-convcrfion ; and to fit downc 
. contentedly with religious formes onely, and fome 
outward reformation. The Divels firft defire m 
working our deftruaion, is to keepc aMan notorf- 
oufly naught, in the highcft ftraine of impiety. A 
traitouringrainc,asitwcre,and moft defperate Re- 
bell to the divine Majcftie, wallowing ftill in all vari- 
ety of villanyand vanity. But if that will not bee, 
Hee is glad to dctaine him, in what degree of pro- 
phanencfle, hee can moft conveniently and with 
greattftfafety, tho thelcaft and the loweft; in any 
ftatc of unregenetatencffc.thofiimifhed with the 
utmoftperfedions, of which it is capable j fothat 
Hee ftept not into the Kingdome of Chrifl, Rather 
then Hecwillutterlylofebim, and part with Him 
quite,Hecwilllcavepofte(fionof Him in part; and 
bee willingjtho full fore againft his Will, to lofe a 
great dealc of his former more furious feryice; and 
fomethingof thefulncffeof his conformity to the 
fafhionsofHcll. If Hee cannot doe as hee would, 
Hee will doe as hee may, as they fay. When Hee 
fees him grumbling and grow difcontent,and weary 
with theloathfomeneffc of the Dungeon,and waighc 
of his fetters 5 rather, then Hee fhould efcape, and 
breake quite away j Hee will knocke off fome of bis 
irons, grant himthe liberty of thePrifon, the com- 
fort of the walkcsi nay and fuffer Him fomctimes 
to walkc abroade, fo that Hee bee ftiU watchfully 
. , _ _ - . attended- 

5 3 P InfirH^lionsfor a right comfort wg S : ft. 2 •' 

attended by his Keeper ) and continue a Retainer t6 
ths kingdoms of darkencfle. H e will bee content, to 
give hitn the benefit of the fcweft flripcs m Hell, 
and the Icafl: mer.fiire of u^rnnation ; tho that alfo b :e 
more then infinitely tcrnb'e, and ii^tolcrable, rather 
then Heefhould oeeundamncd at all. And therefore 
infuchaCafejHec wiileafilyfuffer Him to prccectl 
tofornekindt; of Repentance ; and reformation, cf 
fomeoneormoe outward grofle notorious finnes| 
remorfe whereof, peibaps, did firftraifc the tcrrour 
and trouble in his minde ) (© that Hce will there reft, 
and remainc unraortifitd andunan-iendediu the reft. 
Or,Hce cares not much,thoHcc be univerfally, out- 
wardly reformed)3ndiinblaraeable,forthc mofl parr, 
in his vifibiecarriage,andconverfation; ThoHere- 
ftore ill gotten goods with Indus ^ (^y his prayers, 
givealmcs,faft often ,«ivetythes ofall that Heepof- 
ftflft s, with the l^harifee ; hold out a Lattjp of good- 
ly profcflion to the eye of the world, with the foo- 
\iShVirginsioblervegQ^\yMm:A<:t$, reforme many 
things after their Preaching, and heare thsm gladly^ 
with H(frff<s/ ; Sothatforallthisplaufibleiand unpcil' 
niciousoutfidc the heart continue unchafte, impure, 
unholy, unheavenly ftill jand Hce ftiil huggc i\\ his 
bofome, iomefecret lufts and fenfuall corruptions, 
with willing delight, and loathneHe to leave them. 
: Or, if a man, befides outward religious reprefentati- 
onsjandconforiiiitiesjdefiresairotofinde and feeic 
in himfelfefomckindc of inward worke; Hce will 
u Spirhualpi henedisiu not bge much troubled with addition of the fpirit ©f 
dHfUxtjl', m^tmperfe.n i^^fffi„atiOH , tcwpotary Faith, fotnc * toy in the 

ptrituAi* don4 comfjte, So that the Ipiritoffpeciallfanetmcation be wanting 
iiens. itlSf>riori w^/?» ftiU, and thatfomc darling delight bee maintained in 
«i4«irf;'»'<»^;rfo«'<M'«y. heart, life,or calling; which the Man by no mcancs 
T-«V«;« ^'"if^jf^vjould have meddled with, or mortified. Or that, 
wr/i3«Tc.^«Sl«^ which is a notable Depth of the Pivdl, of which 


Part.S Cap l8. yipUed Cofifciences. 3 5 1 

take fpeciall notice .- Whereas a Man heares many <%«*» spiritits Sa»Sfi, 
times ouc of the Miniftry oi the Word 5 that the a- '^'f ^"'^ '«?"«'" **«^* 
bandcningof hisbolome-finne, isa goodtoken of a ^^;^^^j^: 
trucconvcrfion ; and the embracing ot it ihll, istoo fioimfiripfit^ady \lth.6, 
furca figne,theat he is Satans flill : To the end Hee Zanchius in i.ad Eph. 
may blind Him in this important Point ) Hecv;ill ^-S* 
fufFcrHimto exchange the vifiblc forme, and out- fidS*^rSon'"a*e 
ward cxercife even of His beloved finne. For the niJovc?at^ht"wordl" 
purpole ) A mans Captaine and commanding finne, affcaed with feme 
is covetoufneffc; and it is outwardly exercifed in u- kindcsofgriefeatfuch 
fury, bribery, facri ledge ,&c. He is well enough con- DoArine8,as fervc to 
tent in this Cafe, to let Him be frighted by the terror Sat''*th« mo^ei%'" 
of the Miniftry, from thofc groffer ads of cruelty, yea/alforeformeraaay 
for which the World crye&fhame on Him, (efpeci- things, cut away out- 
ally not reftoring); fothat Heeinfenfibly fall unto, ward evils,takc up ma- 
and fecretly pradife feme other cunning invifible "^ g°°<* duties pub- 
opprefTions;or any unlawfull wayes of -getting. His ane y« falf fto?"Il!2 
fvvcet finne is voluptuoufneffe ; Hee hunts after it in Men may have great 
the horrible villanics of adultery, or fornication i But knowlcdge,aff€nt,Pro« 
at Tome Sermon or other, Hce is told and terrified; feffions yea , cxcellene 
ThatbyfuchfmncsHedothnot onely damnc Him- g'ft'^andfhcwesofcvc- 
felfc, but alfo ever draw another to Hell with Him, glJcft my, to thf dc! 
&c. Whereupon Hee may grow into a flavifli di- ccivingof'themfelves, 
fiafte,and dif-contmuance from them ; and Satan will & many others) j& yet 
nctfay much,fothatchereluccecdin their roomes, ^°^* want of paiticular 

fome other kindcs of unclcanneffe , perhaps immo- T .f^,''^^ 

•3 1./-/-1 -t* LI *hey arc not plamed 

derate abufe of the marriage,without any checkc, or onto Him, have no fap 

lemorfejor fome other fecret, Selfe-abominations, of graceandfanaifica- 
notrobeeconceived without horrour, muchlefleto tion. M*fter Rogers •/ 
be named. Nay, Hee will yet yeeld further, and' en- Dedhatniu m DtBrine 
dure an utter cefTation from the txtcrnall afts, and vi- '^ uaX'iT^o,' ' 
fible pra£tifeofa Mans predominaiit and reigning fin 5 y Heb.^.j, 
fothat be delightfully feed upon it flill in his heart 
with fpeciplative greedinefie ;aad fpend the ftrcngth 
of hisafftrftionsjandthc^noltof Histhoughts that 
way. Hee will give Hmi leave to leave off His Vfli- 
ryiandtocall-in his money, ( but ordinarily ever 


5 ? 2 hftruciionsfor a right comforting S.€t. Z- 

withoutreftituricn)^othathemay hold hishcarr ftill 
exercifedwith covetoHfne^e. Hce can well enough a- 
bidc, abandoning the groilc afls of iinclcannefTc ; fo 
that Hte lie frying in the flanrjes of hisownefcorch- 
ing conciipifcence ;and confumir his thoughts in the 
adulteriesofthe heartland contemplative tilth.O the 
endkffe Maze,iinfar:homcd Depths.anddcepcft ma- 
lice of that old J-tf^iZ^^^ow / Hce will yeeld unto any 
thing,rakeinthc very darkefi: Nooke of HcHj for 
fbme cunning D^wy^jathc r thenpartwith a pretious 
Souleout of his Hellifli Paw. If a Man be fb haunted 
with horrour of confcknce, that hce dare not for his 
life He any longer m notorioufnefTe, but will needs 
into fomc new courfe; Heecanput him into many 
newfafhions, and yet no Ne\^-birth^ no Nc^-mm. 
Hi will (ufFer him to paflfe into a more tolerable con^ 
verfation, and yei come fliort of a true converfion. 
Heecan aflfjrd him a morall Change, or a formal! 
ChangCjOra mcntall Change 5 Tmeane it onclyinrc-. 
fpeftof the fpiritofiliuminatio :i,and g.nerall graces § 
or a temporary Change, (of which fc^ MjDirecHons 
forffiAlking ^tth ^<7^,pag.3 lo.) And yctcbntinuehioi 
flill within the confines of His curfed kingdome.and 
in a damnable flate. He doth improove to the utmof}, 
as occafion of advantage isoftlred, both the griffeli- 
cfl fliape of a fowJe Fit nd, and the moft alluring 
light of HisAngelicallglory ; todoeus a mifchiefe 
any way, eithtr upon the right hand, or the left. 
How many thoufands, Ahpitie/ even in this clea- 
reft Noone-tidc of the Gofpell, doth Hee kci pe in 
a prtfumptuous confidence , that they arc conver- 
ced; and yetmoflcertainely his owne llil!, and m 
a willing flaverie to fi^me one or other predominant 
Luft at the leaft ? Bee advifed then in ihc Name 
of Chrift, whofoever thou art, when the hand of 
God, in great mercy, fhall vifit and vexc rhy confci- 
jCiice for lionc; by the pierciug power oFthe Minif^ry .• 


Part. I .cap. 1 8 ♦ j^ffltcied Confciences, 355 

Bccfure to follow the dircflion and guidance of that r a\( h' 

bleircd hand, withontdawbing or divcrfion, out of lo^ig," ^^y^ thinking 

the kingdome of darkneflCjthorow the Pangs ofthe i^fie will fervc thcturn, 

iVffW-^/r/^, into the hely-Tath^whoWy and for ever, then will.lf One would 

Makcfure worke, whatfoevcritcoftTheej » Goe b"/ * Icweil of five 

thorow-ftitch,thothoulofe a right hand, or right ^"n'^red poinds and 

,._,,',,, , , ^ ='t,, „ , .^ £. will oiTc but foure hun- 

eytby it; Sell all that thou haft : The Fe^rle is ot dred for it, hec might 

^rf'<!irp>'*V<r: Have neverany thing more to doc with as well bid nothing. 
theDivelljGive over the Trade of (inning quite, N-»y. the doing fome- 
nevcr more to turtte againe unto Felly upon any *^'"8 *" Chnftianry, 
termes. AndifSatan fet upon Thee with baites ^^^tuchTSmzTaa 
allurements, to detainc Thee in his Ipirituali Bon- by accident. Where, 
dagCjbutby one darling delight, to which thou haft were there nothm/^ but 
been moftaddifled : Anfwer him m this Cafe with notorioufneffe,itmichc 
un-fhaken refolution , as Mofii did Pharaoh in a ^"uVc^Saun^'cannM 
Pointofterapoiali Bondage ;T^frjry^4//«fl/ fo much ^g^g u5 q„ijg f,o^ 
as *e«^(7(9/<r^ftf/if/r^fA<W(r,YeeId not an haires breadth Religion, hec dcales 
upcn any condition to that Hdli/li Tharaeh, cfpeci- with uj , as wee with 
ally in f^ great a matter, as tbeendleffe falvation, or °"'' children; whea^ 

aam,,ationof;thySou'e. If ^.c ca„keepeponiffio„*!2;;^alS™"rK 
but by cne reigning iinne, in which thou lieft with eoumcrsand Kattlw. 

delighr,againit the light of thy confcience, hating D. P. Many amanlo- 
to bee reformed ; Hec defii es no more. One knot in a feth agrcat deale of la- 
thread vviiliiav the Needk's Paflage, as well as five^°"'"*^"**^'*f°"^V°?» 
u J 1 « V u- r^ T^ -1 r^ot want of a hrtic 

hundrcd;&c. See to thispurpi.fe my Bireciions <?/ more added j A fmall 
'^alkjng'^ithGod^^Za,^^, BewarcthenoFcIofing up thing pares God and 
the wound of thy terrified and troubled confcisnce them : Many a time 
with any out-fide, halfe. or unfound conveifion :'*'^y/?/^ ^^^^V" [°' 
whichlmakethe fouith Paflage, out of trouble oiZ}:^^::^n:i:<tA 
mmdeforlinnc. hath let downe that hee 

will notabateahaires breadth of his priccj and they thinkcthey offer faire,3nd will goe 
nofutther jthiswill oeitjthey will goeon wiih their bargainc, elfeno-,&c.. — -Thb 
the Tt irporary offer fiire, yet he will not ccmcap to the Lords pncc. O bef not 10 un- 
VTJrc,lGrctjot allthis labour yoti havetaken,in hearing reading, pray in^jprofeflino j 
andirmay he,hnvebecncal(ed P/^r/Mn.andbeenhatcd tor your well- <?oing}andyct!ofe 
your foi le for a little more. Maflef F,9gers of BedhAtn^ D^Ui 'we of faiih.,otp. i fag. 1^-14. 
Jiow nccre come fomc, that ycc Ihail never lavtChtift and Jalvation ? ThcyloleHea- 
Tcn fcrlome liift jif they couldbutyetld up that One thing chat was want,ing,i( D3i|,h£ , 
Jure been a ba>gainc« lhd,ea^^ z ,^ag. i S 8^ 

3 34 htftruBitnt far a rtaht comforting S e(f^. i , 

5. And why ojay not Satan fometimes, by Gods 
peroi'fTioB,becfuff'"eredtoinfli(fl, and faften bijjifrj 
^4rr/oftcrrours and temptations upon a mans con- 
fciencc ; continue them there feme while with much 
anguilli and horrour, for f:5aierecret holy eftd fccne, 
andfecminggoodto divine 'vvifedoins ; andatlength 
rcmoove and retire them, nccuponlJceelTIonof -^-^^ 
Ibmidcomfort^or true peace, from the promiiesof 
ltfe,and pardon of ^\[mt j but onely upon a mcerc 
ceflfation of cheDtveils pleafureto torment, andicr- 
rifie any longer? Not that Hee can hurt the Itaft, or 
moft contemptible creatutc that ever Gnd made, 
when Hce pleafe : but that it pleiieth God fome- 
tiaiestogivehimtheraines.andlca'/ctorage. Qui- 
eting the confcience in this Cafe, is no comfortaDle 
cure from poficivehclpe : but a couiitcrfeit palliation 
byceafingto hurt. See Satans proportionable pra- 
^iks in matters of Witchcraft, in Gifardt Dialogtte 
They who have concernini mtches urMVitchsrafcs.pnu IK 
counterfeited tcrrours ^vT^r i_ tl^c'^t cc^ ^ t 

pngj„ o. Nay, let mc here further, oerore i pafle out or 

a AsDirincsaffirme, the Point, difcover unto you a myfterie, but it is of 
that an Hypocrite maj iniquity and horrible Hypocrific. I have knownc 
haye ^ewtf »f fi'*/^ fonie(\^ou!d youthinkeit ?), who havc * counter- 

TMtityC4f.x.p4g.%, AnddeeoutVfArdly all things vnh'tch true Chriftidnt doe. SccVerl^ms in 
his Trcatife J f/ott»/i>*re -« H^eprel^xte mdj gee ^dnd [eigne y rv'titfottver Gods cbildten doi 

fAJthfuSy. ^oyimuf hypoeritm eA finger e ommHy ^luji deles yere efficiunt.Chimkr. Tom. 
j.lifo.ij.cap.ia.feajf.SoIdoubtnot, batHcc may reprcfent outwardly even tke 
de/t(Sions,complaints,and fad behaviours of One truly troubled in Confcience. And 
that fo cunningly ,that he may for a while deceive judicious Miniftcrs. Some Tdittten 
h/tye bad fttchagi ft inthelivelyexfre(?ingof the formes of Birds andotbtrBedfiji tbdt true 
:Birds dndli ving Bedfis h^yeiin dectiycdm tak^ngthemfor their Mdtei.But tbt Hyptcriteputi 
downe the Painter : for by bii glo^ingydnd glijiertng flitwes in dU outwdrd vptrkei, bee doth 

-foferfetilyrefemble the trite cT)riliidn,thdt be decehetb, tiatanthe Pdinter,0y Birdty but 
reafondbie Men ;yedyledfnsd dnd experienced'. br't^iam. Dikeinhif Difcovcryof tlic de- 
ceitfuIneffeofManfheartjcap.zpag.ip Niyraayhcnot thercinout-goethem ? jls 
falfe goldiiigUfitrhg goes beyond true i And hired moMrnen in Idmentdt imbeyond the dtcea-. 
fed PdttiesovfHe friends I dnd fdveaing fjdtterer/ inoufwdrd eompkments nf fritnd/htp, be- 
jyondtrue friendjthemfeiyes iSomdy Hj^omttJ inoMtvcdrd ypttii^es/etmc to (4rrj ft aw^tj 
/rem tbefoiudefi Cbrijiidntdhiif 


Part, I .Chap, 1 8.- AgiiEled Confiiences , ^ jll,-.-^ 

"without all truth or true toucbj of fundry temptati- 
oiis,andfpiritualldiftempers,incident onely to the 
Saints. And have for that purpofe addreft thcm- 
fclvcswith inuch'iuduftry and noifc-j and had re- 
cour^? many times to fome fpirituall Phyfitions, 
with many tearcvSan heavy countenance, and other 
rufullcircuniftancesjcxprcffing almoft exadlythc 
fcruplcs.doubtsjdiftrufts, complaints of fuch as arc 
truly grieved in fpirir, and true of heart. O the 
vvonderfuU Depth, which lieth hid in the confluence 
cf the Hypocrifies of mans faife heart ; and the Z>?- . _ __^ 
vifesoithateU ^ Serfem.'dohich dec ftveththerf hole ^ Rcvd.ra.94 
7V9rld! Such as thefe^ take upon them, and lay afide c H^fflrr-iM, boet^JiiZ 
terroursof confcience,as c p/^jers doe theu ^/f^- ^^Z)rTZ:j T^Z 
re/I and Parts. ^^ fumit.^^pt & in 

hdc yita *d fim mores 
9rehe^r4Ji<itquetbeatrtm txereint ^,qi(i4U4tPrdeg6rmOiaU4txtmf<CfiS btmnihmfr^fr^ 
/£mnr.BafiUSerm.i«DeIejoaio, ~ "~ ^ " / 



JnfirftBmsfor a right.coihfortiHg, Sc^.2. 

SECT't- "PATiT.u 

HHty which late. tiUely 
bealedawfi JbaYC f 



The right method cf curwg An affliEied confciencel 
pure things rtqmred m the r$ght method of curing. 

H E parfages paft doe all miflcgd 
fnto By-paths : but there is One 
b1cffedway,befrdcsall thefe, tho 
it ht a narrow One, which con- 
duds dircdlly out of a nacurall 
ftate through the pangs of the 
New-birth, without diveifion, or 
dawbmg ; without any longer detaincaicnt in any 
luft, fcnluall pleafure or bgJoved vanitie i in any kind 
of hypocraie,ordcgreeof unregcncration, into the 
Paradifc of grace fully and for ever. This neither 
plungesa man intothe Pit of Defpaire.nor mifguides 
riimbycarnalicounfell.and his ownc wicked con- 
C€it,intothe foolcs Paradtle, and tafUefle fooleiies 
erf outward mirth J nor pacifies unfeafonabiy with 
untimely ard counterfeit peace; nor leaves in the 
deceiving formes of an unfouiidconvcrfion, and un^ 
laving flourillics of geiera!! gracrs only, &c. But 
convaicsand tranfports him happily , by an univcrfall. 
lyncere rupernaturall,thorow.changc into the holy 
F^th : And tharthus,andbyruch degrees asthefc: 

I. ^nchrttisanWuaiinationofthcminde.convi- 
«i©5 of theconfdencc, tcrriTying the heart with 



Part.S.Chapfl.- Aff.i^led Coafciences. 357 

fighr/enfe and horrourof finneinfbmetrue mcafure. 
The firft workcof the Spmtjohn x6*^.\stocoKvince 
tf/y/r/^d-; which prcfuppofeth it!uminatioi;,,and pro- 
ducethterrour* The Spirit of bondage muft bee firfl 
feton worke, tofhew us our fpirituall mifery, to 
humble us to prepare for Cbrtfi. And yectbis worke 
in it fclfe, is common to the Alien, with the childe 
of the New-birth. And ordinarily here they part: 
The Alien and he that hates to be reformed, out o'^an 
inveteratejunhappy prejudice againft thefaving pre- 
cifentffc of the Samts , and lothncffe to leave utterly 
his former courf€s,company, convcrfasion, being ob- 
flinated againft palfing on forward into the vi>4y,tvhich 
is calledholy .QRegenerati6n,the Neyv-hirth^Refentanee^ ' 
mortiftcatienj fanQtficatioH , felfe-deniaily Ne^-obedi- 
eKce^wal\iHg^ith ^od^tHrnwg Puntan^zsihtydy^^c- 
aretermes perhaps, of as greatterrour unto him, as 
his prefcnt trouble of confciencc) doth now here di- 
vertjand afterward willfully and wofully peiifh in 
foms peililent crplaufiblc By-p&th. Inthiscafc he la- 
bours & lay esabout him for eafc any way, (yeafome- 
times he will have it from theDivell himfclfe, if hce 
caUjby the help of a Wizzard,rather then miffe of it) 
fothathcmayattaine and keepeitsWithout any great 
alteration of his former w 2ies,or efpecially , without 
parting with hisdarlingpleafare. And therefore hee 
a(raies,cither,toco3quer his fpirituall a fBidion with 
worldly comforts, carnall counlell, choife contenc- 
raentSj&c. Orelfetoallaytheprefent ftormeof his 
guilty rage with fomc counterfeit calmejor at beft,ro 
ftillthe cry of hisconfcience j with putting forth his 
hand to fomc outward worksof Chriftianity,& fomc 
kindofconverfipnjwhich inay y~t wel enough con- 
fift with the fecret enjoyment of his bofomc- iin •• Ot 
by fomc other fuchindircft courfe,and unfonnd cure. 
But now the Other, whom the Lord doth purpofcto 
prepare for bimfelfe by this firft worke, and to call 
% i cffiauallyi 

358 InftrftBionsfor a right comfortmg, Sedt. 2» 

tfFedually jdoth entertainc at the fame time by the 

helpeof God,a ftrong,invir»cibIc rerolutionjnotonly 

nevermore toreturne unt© foolifhnefTejwhatfocver 

comes of him-,neverupon any tcrmes to fall backe a- 

gaine into his former ^ linfull plcafures, which have 

now faftcncd fo many fiery Scorpions ftings in his 

confcience;but alfo,never to admit of any cure,reco- 

very and comfort to his afflicted foiile^ but only by 

lefus Chriji : never tohavethe bleeding wounds of 

& 'Voi.fieidY'e, d ii vei his bruifed fpirit bathed,bound up and healed, but in 

tre^toris ckmtitia fr^. ^^^^ fount nine, tpened to the houfe of David, and to the 

hu expLi ffi.GKgot. I»habitAntS0fIerHfalemJorfinneandforU}icleamejfe: 

ini.Rcg.cap«5. ^ Nay rather then heewill doe the one orthc Other, hc 

Necpitemfaitf (thi e/e, will abide upon the Racke of his fpirituall torture 

«/ fu4 peccAta difplue- umo htscndins houre. Whereupon hee dircftly ad^ 

yitmtifrines in tis yi- pointed and lanctined by God, tor working a fure, 
ian^is vires fi/4f exifii- kindlyandlaftingcureinfuchacafc,! meane,the Mi- 
mentfHffi(tre,ni(idiyi. nifteryof thcWord. And, if hce may have his will 

"uft' e'/orTift I'd ^^^ ^^"^'^ ^^^ "P°" ^^^ "°^ ^^'^^'^^^' experienced. 

Kom.inchoat. ^' * * fearching and found-dealing Man, amongft all Gods 
faithfull Meffengers. 

a^eckingfor comforc 2* And fo in a fecond place , without all rcferva- 
tion>oranypurpofe ever to retume or divert 5 hee 
comesuntotheMiniftersof God,inthe fame minde 
and with the fame meaning,that Peters hearers did; 
Abi,%,'^y. having his heart pricked and rent in pieces 
with 1 gall terrour.as theirs were: Men and brethren 
what rhall we doc? if there be any Inftmdiun, dire- 
fl:ion,ordutyjWhich upongood ground out of Gods 
S>le(fedBooke,youcanenj'oyne5 wee will willingly 
follow itjcmbrace it,and rather die then not doc it. . 
Prefcribe any courfe, whereby we may havcthe boy- 
ling rage of our guilty confcicnces fomewhat affwa- 
ged,and wee will bieifc God .that ever wcefaw your 
faces cNay^that ever hee made you the happy in- 
fttumentjjto talteo tbefe keeaearrowes of truth and 
■". " ■ ----- - - terroar 

Part. 2. Cap. I . ^ffiBed CsHfciencei, ^ g p 

terronr in our amazed and affli£lcd fpirits. Alas/ 

wee fee now,&c. See before pag. 1 3 5.&C. And now 

here theMinifters of God have a ftrong and feafo/ia- 

bleeallingto fetout in the height, the excellencie, 

a^nfabknefle, and foule-faviftg fufficiencieof Ifff^s 

C^jnfl^ blefled for ever / To amplifie and magnific to 

the life, the heavenly beauty, unvaluablenLlTe, and 

fweetnefle of his perfonjpalTion, promifes. No finne 

of fodecpc a die, bee itfcarlet or crimfon^ but his 

pre^l'ous blood can raze it out. No heart fo darkeor 

heavy, but one beams fhiningfrom his pleafed face, 

canfillitasfull offpirituall glory and ;oy,astheSun 

is oflight,orthe Sea of waters. No man \o miferable, 

but if hee will goe out of himfelfe,and the Divels fla- 

very quite, and come-in,whenhe is dearely invited, 

he will advance him Vcithdut money ^und -nithoHt frice, 

from depthof horrourto height of bappinefTe,&c. 

3. Bythistime,bcingthustoldandtruly informed ^.H/gfeptiilag of X^ 

in the myftery and mercy of the Gofpel!, the poore fus Chrift. " 

wounded and weary foulebtgins to bee deeply aod 

dearely enamoured of lefusChrifi, To advance hioj 
higheftinhisthoughts J as the only jewell and j3y 

of his heart ; without which hee hath beenc hereto- 
fore, a dead man, and fliail hereafter bee a damned 
raifcreant ; to pref erre and prize him farrc above the 
p!earures,riches and glory of the whole earth ; to fee \ 

his eye and longing fo upon him, as to hold himf( Ifc 1 

loll for ever without his love 5 Nay , in the cafe hee 5 

now ftands,he is rood wiUing for a found and fa ving \ 

cure, to pafie through a piece of hell,if need were, to ' i 

fuchaheavenlyphyficion J in whofi blefled peifbfi ^^ | 

aIone,as he heares,all the riches of mercy, goodntfle, " 'h 

compaffion,aHd comfort is to be found jsnd in whoai jji 

are hid and heaped up the fulneffe of grace, andtrea- ll 

furcsofallperfedion. So that now the current of his % 

beftaffe(?lions, and all the powers of his humbled 
foulc arc wholly bent and dirciftcd toward him, 

5 J. ?! 

j>njvrH(>Tn)nsjor 4 rtgm comjming, Scd ,!• 

AS the Suft-fteiver tonnrds the Surmf% the iron to the 
toad-fione j and the load-fione to the Pole-ftarre. To 
whom the neercr hee drawes, the more heartily it 
grieves himi that ever hee pierced Co fweetanddcarc - 
a Saviour, with fuch a former impure loathfdmejjfe, 
and (o many abcmioable, and now moft abhorred 

LcS "'"^'" '** J' Vponthisdifcovery/urvayandadmiratfonof 
% Nunc incifio difdpu- '^" ^l'*'^' 'J ^7^*^ r'''^ f ^^^S rich tr£af»re, the now 
iusfffeycum ntbti txpe- tfuly broken, and Contrite heart, dcth caft about by 
tarn yifi&ihum, ut lefum a" mcanes, how to compaficit. O i what would he 
c*r/;?*^4/<.^*4A74»«, now give, forthefweet fruition and ravifhins pof- 

*<?>««^yffr^/«»,,,«,«!^^^^^o"'Werc norhmg m this cafe .• The imperiall 
i>yorumconei/PoneiytH/tts^^^^^^s^^dcovcim2Lnd oftennc thoufand worlds, 
r»r/>ow/o/;^*i,>, 15,4^^ wcrcthey all extant, would beeinhisconcdt, but as 

zz::r::";^ it;^t f »«' '^^ " "'^ """'^ '§"••" ^'/'- 

«-w</?4r.Igi.at.Epift. u f A ^"^ '""^ ^"'"gs 3^^ °°^ required at his 
ijadKona. nands. Atlaft hee happily hittes upon that, which 

Come fire, come gib. God Would have him : hee even refolves to fefl ali 
tct.come tearing with (hat hee bath : to part with ail finne,tho it fliould bee 

pieces, come drawing f°^ ^*^ht eye oirtght hand : becit that, which hath 
ray fourc quartets a- «^ept him longed in hell, mod Wafted theconfcience 

funder. come prinflino anrl ftrirL/^/'lrtCirt.*'** kin U.^r„.^«. i \.i-r^ 

funder,comc grinding and ftuckeclofeft to his boibme; 1 meanc hisCap- 
lent, of .he De. ^" f^^^ "^n^> ^e Will quicc out of Sf>dnme,he will 


torments ot tfce Ue. --r— "•—"-> "ww.iiijun.«. wuiui oi>uoujc,ncwm 
velljolmaybutwww not'^^^^^^fomuch as an ho^e behinde. For he well 
Chrift. now remembers, what hcc hath often heard hcreto- 

f When a man cnmes fore, tho then hee tcoke no heed,- Thatthc LwdU^ 
*4t.o'nfr:'l" {«^'^"^^"y/ oneallowedLuft, are never woonttc 
jopart wiifahii finr.esj 'oogc together m the fame Soale. 

baveCarii,andicepe«yoaeof hisfiaacOtharparty .ball havctbe Pcarle. Mafiet 
A8dwbol9eyerli^i5m.any onckaavvnefiDnc,leihim know co h.*facc,hehauinotruc 

Fart.2.C]iap.2.- Ap^ed Cenfcienees, 54l_ 

JfMh.liid^f^gl^o Sunt^lmei qttcs f/tenittt feccap^ fed nen emtiitto, ffferyiimes fhi 
muiddm^in qmbiu aeu3entnr : ron Ar.tiJitidytnmta Vomintim finul/Mriutn O- tnutum it 
dxrHonit libtrdffei,ferhccdottrtsno,i nan^uammifi dccwvibru fartAtu Sifntn^yeQttcx fdrtt 
ftccatA rtfiryaTiihabtnti/(ftcmdxnimi4^m4ner.te uno frtjieert fettttrat fcx e>f»[^i. Ex» 
ful.t 4Hiem ftfttKyUt omnUirimim fimul e'^tterJadoceret. Augult. de vera & falfa poenit.' 
cap.9. S<ioVeumirtmiteMm<!»»f(f"^i»i/o,^i?ncd6(rgo quitrtmcn refsry^tidt xUorecifiet 
yms^m^ SineamsreDn ctn/tquerftur indB/feiiUata, fine qui) nemo itnquaminycnhgraff am. 
Ibid Vtex ^evteDtii*tktHmyerfdit renvjiii feccatoruofyfic dtbitctinmm miue^tttm^ 
ytt/dlit dttep4tto petcntoru m ; dtque iiuJprecnl duhil yerifUmutn eft, in tmni koif- ir.e recanm 
■tiliato fetnper yepertri odium dmniuu* Jtmnm teicaterum -^f rope/it f.metiAtn & ftHdiumdcM 
initpSilffi-.mndiabiTninlKU. 'NitmqHiTfnii(siir,em omnium accepityittfuftexem gr4tix fimul 
dttcpit)qujiiilumxrm4tO'>^i*>iit€6ntracmn:a.. Ttu^riigitifrhianditur fihide fectaiitte^ 
tn:^U,qutara^rem peecatnujufcunquei ^-pro^ofitumitttodemferminettdii qtM^ in^»ue$r» 
du fhifoyet. DaveiuBtius in erpol- cpifl.ad Coloflxsp 2.v< rf 1 3. pag.a7 r. Keftpfcen* 
tUtlknontfiytrddc felidd,qu4 mn dvertit httMipem di! omnt pectatt ogaita dd onrtfthnHM 
*c?»/V*w. Amef5usMcdull.'IhcoIIibi.cap.i6. ThcreijnoWord of corafortin the 
vrnole Booke of God intended for fuch ds regard imquity w their heaifJ^tho they doc no9 
«ftitinthcjrlives. Their onely comfort is, that the fectencc of damnation isaotcxe-. 
cutcdaardthereuponthercisyetopportunityof fafer thoughts and r€(olutions,otber- 
wifethy ftandnotenly convided, but conclemned by the Word. DolJcr Sihbss in the 
Pre[4(e. Thcreisnomorcfoniforttobe expeftcd from Chrift, then {hcic is cate tm 
pleafeHim. l&id. '" "^ "" "^ 


Tbreethingsnercrequired in thsfe who Are rightly 



Iftly.Tothe party thus leaalfysffii- - -. -. , n - 
a.d evangcLlly affc^L fit- „%?cXVt "^'^ 
ted lavingly, now doe all the pro- Sayioar. ^ 

mifcs of life in Gods blcfTed Booke, 
oS^ei thcmfelvcsjas fo many Rockcs 

of eternitfe in f^nthfuhe^eAndtrmh^ for his wearied 
fouIe,f#^-^r^^i^<f>'»/7<ry?, and full fordy bruiied with 
ilormes oFterrour/wectly to reft upon,with cveria- 
fting fafety : Gcdthe Fathe'r,his bowellsof tcndcrtfl 
compalTron and bounty already ilirring within him, 
runnesjthat Imay fo fay,astheFatherinthe Gofpel/, 
to fal[ upon u|s neckc,aadtokiiTe it with the kjfTcs of 

? 4 ^ hij 

342 ln}trum9nsjor Ar%gm eorufortrng Sect«2« 

bis fwecteft mercy : lefus C^^z/opcnshinafclfe, as it 

wcrCjUponthcCroffcjto receive it gracioufly into 

his bleeding wounds ; all whicb,heebehoIding with 

afpiritually illightened eye, admiring and adorint', 

cannotchufcbutfubfcribeandfcale unto them, that 

they are true ; and fo by the hcipe of the Holy GhoH:, 

caftshimfelfe with all thefpirituallftrength heecan* 

atleaft with infinite longings, moft thirfty dcfires^ 

and refolution never to part, into his bleflcd bofome • 

i <im pucHk rm ex 'aying/^cretly tohimfelfc , Comelife, coraedeathi • 

4nm9 4guofiit, ^f'^«?cotne Heaven, come Heli, come what come can, 

t9mmi/?is ytre ioUt^ it here Will I ftickeforcvcr. Andif ever I perifh they 

^dtcHmUiutUnonfo^ fliall pluckc me outof the hands, and rcntmeeVrorn 

/- A . . deareft Redeemer of mine. 

^.Taking Chrifi for ^- And having now taken C^^-//, as a Saviour, to 

thdrKing. free him from the mifcries of finne, g hee is willin^^ 

tiHi^ufiunque 4h\s nm ierve,lovc,and obey him. For every one that is truly 
modi .bfitnthinfUfHtn. C^''*/?-', doth as Well thirft heartily, and iincerely m" 
inofiHdtoiiua/vutUwum devour after mortification, coaqufft over corrupti- 
^c4ftnusetiamyitAii, ons, fanaification, purity, ncw-obedieoce abilitvto 
i*r:dr«..«,.i,«..ir;,.^.°^*'®r^"?f anythingfor Chn^ ., as for pardonof 
dini v«/f, itd ■)4mpHri. 'l^ne and lalvatioa trom hell. And therefore hee wi!» 
tm^itMoctnti/iy&yerx Mn^y takes Hf on him ^/ip^<^<f; which t ho fo called 
^htmfiuiuUridiligen- yet is ^ ^^y^^^»<^/*^^/ jcntersinearncftintothe mrl 

cap j.Matth. ^ ^"^y^ ^"*^" ^"° ^ ^^^ ^'^'^y- '^^'^'^ h^k^ '^g'ii»fi, 

h ow«/^fr^a/i?^,^«^as»twa«mPWitimc.^<3.28.22. yet in truth and 
tmrnennr^yitAfpcr* &• Upontriall i% Vdo^fretioHs^frofitablejiXi'^ pleafanuSzQ 
pai^U, frtqucntt^s &- Prav.'^. Happy is the man that findeth v^ifedame -to 
t:£^L!:;:;:iZ wiMnthe word, towalke in the wayes of God;.^ 
f,B^ aderat ei Spmtm ^f'" "'^'"'' ?mw«^ then ruhks : and all the things 
Sdft^uf.qutiM extemrif ^^^« ^^^fi defire, are net to be C9mf..redttnt^ her. Length 
hamittps c9rrnptione, in- ofd^yes is in her right band; and in her left hand i riches 

%tfpirZC%en- '^f Pf/f ^repe^^{, Heenowfor the (horc remain- 
6iAdeikjmMDci^H/£t^^l2^ ms abodc mthe valt ofce§ies,vowes, and 

Part. 2. cap. I « jifftc^edConfciemgs, 343 

rives up the flower and prime of all his abilities/»^«»"^ *f '^"^2^ "*^ 
loves, ioycs,endcavours,perrorinances in any kinde, 'J^;j''^''j;^^^^^^ 
to the higheft Majeftyj and conkcrates all the J,^^,,,^*^,^^^ ^^^^^ 
powers and poffibilities of body and foulc, to doe jitAyejugumehft^iper^ 
himthcbeftandutBioftfervicehecanaiiy wayesde- t4i>at, & qukm Uytm 
vife,UHto his dying day. And ftill grieves and walkes f*^cm*m,ut omnU ,fe, 
more humbly, becaufe he can docnobetter. For then }^^^ ^ .^^^„,^ ^^ J 
he cafts his eyes upon God thcFathers free love, and ^H^i/^y horTeCch^ Uytm 
Chrifts dearc paflion 5 hee thinkes with himfelfe, and tribuUthnem dictretyinm 
To he well may, that if he were able to doe him, as tHensmttrhrtym o-fi- 
muchfervice asall the Saints doe, both in this ^x^^^^}^\^^fp»'^rttoprej 
thcChurch above. With addition ot all Angelicall 0-^5-,^,^,^^^;,^^ „,„^^;,. 
bedicnce j it were all infinitely leffe then nothing, to- uifores exterms imfhm 
wards the difcharge of his debt, andincomprchenfi- rum, crfintj^afoUdtn^ 
ble everlafting obligation. . rAl^iating^";;:. 

7. And being thus incorporated into Chrilt, nee^giy^ j^, the Br<)ther- 
prefently ^ atlociates himfelfe to the brotherhoody to hood, 
the SeEl, 1 that is every inhere fpuk^n Againji. Vox fo ^— — «-y^— -.-^ 
isprofeffionaccounted.e^<5?.a8.22. After thatPe-^'"';^'/^«;''^';>'^M- 
tcrs hearers ^ercfncked tn their hearts they were ^^^.^^^ ^^^^^^^.^^^^<^^ 
counfelled to repent, believe, be baptifedy&c. and to ^^ ^^1^^^^ „p„ aterttijed 

aUquamo diHtur»miS' 
itUsrU4emf»m dolotum frmi» rtiimdntur^ in languid^ tr inctfU yctCAtitnU heyif^tmdydt- 
PHeulumayiu.lmm4m(iimiibeili*mUsdttttitur,&e, Quihw tempejiaubHt, & fvtceliit, 
lu2f^JjotrMi,&tremendi/xytti4 cali & m^yis importtim funt Merc4t»res, utd,yitt4S 
Imofii ac^uiranti &c Auguft detcmp.Serm.48. The fervicc of God is the Pathgui- 
ding unto pet ka happineiicjandhaih in it atiue,though not compleaic »chcmc,\ eel- 
whatloever, though thole brambles, that fomctimes teatethe skinne of fuch a$ 
wake mthisbkffed way, doecommonly lay ho5d uponthcm at fuch time, as they fit 
downctotakctheireafe,andmakethemwiflithemfelvesatthciriotirncys end,inthe 
prerenceofthdrLord,whoaithcyfaithfullyrerve.In whofeprefenceis the fdncflcof 
,oy,3ndatwhoic righth-ind are pleafares for cfcrmorc. S.jy ^^v^l.mfi^fthe mrld, 
deObierr.Lcoi.sThefiprimt. i vUgeUanda igiturbommm ftryerftdf, ^mnonuH^ 
thmvirmcm poSr^urKmoscit^rmt ',fed ponidrbitrantur, nullamyt4m m4gu compendto^ 
am4e4d mendictattm.Im mf^mi4m,ci»kmftfieUti,p yerxf4p,mv^4nmum4tflnent, 
Garnv.inloc. k ^ui4Crgo mmh4dm{lifamtfiit,4dmtmo -*est<rmo dey.bts mn^ 
Umhn>4V4iam,nonkludAii,non 4S>hxret,cu,qu4ntum AW4lis Utholut^^El^pteycbtide 
fopuloDei,qtm mttemmt. Kamft ti^rbammiuriyolHent%, inter p4ncos4Hguj^mytAm 

w 1 _--.*o -^ 9i r4vff. 

^344' InSrHSiisns fern right comfcrthg SC(5^.1« 

*" A^?*»^ ^ ptvethemfelves jramthAtuKtovfiord generation. Hec 

now begins to delight bimfclfe in them, whom hec 
heartily hated before, I meanc the people of God, 
Profcflbarsof thctruth and power of religion ) and 
th2Xy^sthtmo^excelUntof the earth-, the only trae 
NobleWorthiesof the World : worthy for ever, 
the flower, fcrv€ncy,and dcareucfle oi his fnoft mel- 
ting affcdions and intimate love. And hee labours 
alfo might and maine, to ingratiate himfelfc into 
their blefledcommiinion,by all ingagtmentsand ob- 
Hgationspf acomfortable,fruitful!,andconftant/f/- 
ioTvJ^ipifitheg&fpelL By an humble mutual! enter- 
courfcand communication of holy conference, hea- 
venly counfcll,fpiritua!l encouragements, conlidera- 
tion one of aiiother,confirmation in grace,& in aflti- 
ranccof meeting in heavcn,&c. refolvcdtolive and 
die with thefeneglefted happy Ones, in all faire and 
faithftl c6rrefpondeoce,fweeteft offices of Chrifti- 
anity,andconftantcIeavingtothe Lordlepis, and his 
glorioustfaufe : Nay, affured to raigne with them 
faereafterevcrlaftingly in fulneffc and height of all 
glory, joy, and blifife. For if once this divine flameof 
brotherly love bee kindled by the Holy-Ghoftinthc 
hearts of true hearted Chriftians, one towards ano- 
ther, it hath this propertie and privilcdge above all 
otherlovesjthatitisneverafter put out or quenched; 
but burncs in their breafls with much affcAio- 
natefcrvor, withmutuall warmth of deareft fweet- 
nefle here upon earth; and fhallblaxe eternally with 
Scraphicallhcatcinthchigheft heavens hereafter. la 
the meane time, hec makes conlcienceof Sympathi- 
sing, both with their felicities and miferics. His 
heart is enlarged with lightfoaicnefle, or eclipfcd 
with griefe ; as hec hcarcs of the profperity or op- 
preffion of Gods people. I the rather here mention 
this markc of the true convert, bccaufeitisfomuch. 
required ^nay infinicclir c^^aj^ed at our hauds^in thefe 
- . .. - heav); 

Part. 2 Cap. 2. ji^UedConfciewes, 345 

heavy times of the Church. And thercforemay bee 

to every one of us an evident Touch-ftone, to try 

whether our profefiionbec vitallor formall. If thofe 

tcrrours, which I have heretofore many times threat- 

ned out of Gods Booke again ft all thofe pittileflc aad 

hard-hearted Cambalts^ which take not the prefent 

troubles of the Church to heart, upon purpdfc to « Sid^UsproiBipdii^ 

brcakc in piccesthofe flinty Rock«, which dweilin 'Z/'^!:^^ 

iome mens brelts, and to drive us all to compaiUo- tonfthutusesiftnendoUs 

natenefl'e, prayer, dayes of humiliation and partiDg^r/f;y««ei.HoBi,i5:.er 

fromourevillwaycsj I (ay, ifthey have bin thought so.&-forteumUehHen 

byany.tohavebecnc prcCcd too precifely and pe- d^H^^f^pr^f^^es.si 

remptonly,hcare,whatIhavennce leene m " Ah dsUftuihid. 

Jim I and what a peremptory ccnfurchce doth paffco Hcarthowgricyoaft 

upon thofe, who want a fellow- feeling in fuch a cafe .* h they complaincof us 

Jf theHhafl thii felUjP-feeltnq: thm m of th4t hUffed ^^yo"*^ tlK Seas : ^ 

Mj.»d ir«hjrh..d,,fJ,,h..^ n« And here,^^-« t&f r: 

can! hardly hold, but were It incident, I IhomQ oc- fior4ndaye>iit4pcru$lJd' 

fireto cry out with rtZ'Mfi-^ Itfte^uf hkea tr^wpet^g- e^duratioAninmum, *c 

gainilall thofe prophane EUut^ fwiaifli Gadarem^f^rfidf'* *am muitoTum 

fenfckfTcEarth-wormcs 5 who all tfais while, that lo^^"'"'"'*' /M»-«^^ 

many noble limbec ot thatgreatbleffcdbody of the i^^^y i^j-^f EyAngtHctsi 

Reformed Chuiches have laine in teares and blood, f»oi ^»///an mdU iHd, 

o did never take to heart to any purpofc, or trouble quamyta tpfis frextmA^ 

themfelvesatallwith their grievous trdlibles ; but o-yjwai^uf emmim^^ 


to that hoinble curfc denounced again ft -^<f ;*(»«: |,fr^^»riC/''o'fr<fo/»^r.'> 

funt, ^ui cotttritione Jom 
ftfihi^AsfrAtrumfuoritmeximJerit ifftUntur: quin-imi mAximm tjt terUfft numertUjqui 
^ruterutnptctruminftArjfuis dnntaxAt CH^idttAuhm, yoluptatihtf^Mrariti/t &' iniu/iJtU 
fetur} indulgent, nen fetiisAe^cumm»rtefadfufe/fg>JfeMt^<itque€umorc«fii>i oft'me fro^ 
fftXipM, H<ft«r Icfu«<f rajfac. ThcnordimunSto this lenlc: Jt u a wAtitr to beeU' 
tnented,nAyy tv bee dtflortdeytn Wftb i>U»dj teares, To£«e fo many {a!fc-heart«d Pro» 
te?tants,aiul iud*i likeixi >hc!€fear«*wll aad f©rIorn< tiraes, when the fame horrible ■ 
cor.fufions hang orcr thew heads jccadytoleizc apon thcin,*Be of thdc yearcs j likef(» 
03any bf foircd Beafls, to ply tfecir filthy plcalurcfa profits, prcfcrmenM,aad their ow»e 
partjculars m «>ne kindc or oti.et ,(ecurc and careicfie 5 lutitcring the deare (ervants of Z^- 
/fc chyfjiy aniJtheii ownc brethren, to finkcj or fwimoae in blood,aQd tcarcf, without any 

54^ I^flru^ioi^sfcfr aright comforting Sf^l.^,' 

^urfe yeeCMero^a {fayd the ^n^ell of the Lord,) 
curfe jee bitterly thelnhahitantsthereoftBscAtife they. 
came net to the helfe of the Lerd againfl the mighty 
/»^^45,23.Theyhavcnoi: helped the people of God, 
fo much as v;ith any hearty fellow- fee!ing,wraftling 
with God in praier, iet dales to feeke the returneof 
Gods face and favour,&c. (Jlfe» they Are of the 
World,-which have their fortioninthis life-, who feele 
nothing but worldly loffcssknow nothingbut earth- 
ly forro ws.rclifli nothing but thingsof fenfc. Ifthey 
, bee ftung with a deare yeare, rotte of cattell, lofle by 
furccy-fliip, fliip-wrackc , robbery , fire, &c« they 
houle and take-on iramodecatcly. B:it Wtlofephhee 
*</)^>(5?f3/,Godspeopleindifgracc, the Miniltry ha- 
Zirded^Chrifi fpohfe fttH the dnfi^ the Daughter of 
Zion weepe bitterly, and have none to comfort her, 
&c. Andthefemercileflcmcn are no whit aioTedf 
They havenotatearc,agroanc,orfigh to fpend in 
fucha rufuilcafe. Whereby they infallibly remon- 
ifratc unto their owncconfciences, that they are no 
living members of Chrifis my fticall body 5 have x\i^ 
partin the holy fellowfhip of the Saints, no fparke 
of fpirituall life, no acquaintance at all with the 
wayes of God ; but continue curfedly carelcfle, 
wbatbecomesof theGofpdUorGods children 5 fo 
that they may rife, grow rich,and flecpc in a whole 
- .w« — • ^ \a*<, skinne. 

^Jt^'^:"X% Bythinimenow.ishce become the P drw.k^i, 
t'iitntfufeYbwum W/o/ji^.table-talketothofcthat fit tn the gate^Muftcke 
n)alir$$m bomimm w-togreatmenattheirfeafts, a^7-»(?rd/ to the children 
^uiti^mftjfiintre J ^hU fff^ggl^f^^^^ the children ofvtlUines^ men viler then 
T -f it^JJl'Z the earth, UofefAthers hee -wmld have difdained to 
qmtiite ^rddicatur . ^"^^f fit with the dogges of hts pcke. And what then ? 
Ouojtidm & quuquid , r r > 
ytlnntyqui€iiHidfetmta'Deeyinluxttri]sfuitCrc»yiy>l\i yftunt Cdnfumtre, m JpeHdcit" 
1ft^innugityinforniiatienil'us.ittei>rietdtil>M. In hit vtlunt eonfumert, quo AefiderMU 4- 
lundare.ettuncputAKtyqiiid bonus fit Dem^qudud* iSit frdfiat nude ctrrumfantHr. Sed' 
Jicet4iqHit,^(C« tempera afftrd/mt, tt a/fmora mnt, Per tfin affemrdprefidt magis 
' - - - tw^n 

Part. 2 Cap. 2 . ApBed Confciences, 347 

Eve/1 thus they dealt with "" Davtd^ /o^, zn^ lere.tcckfi^, proficiunt iUi, 
mie- Nay they told the Sonne of God himfelfe, fn '^^j!!!^oZn7/J.fZ' 
whom the God-head dwelt bodily, that hee was a Ji^csmTJJi^LfiVZ 
** Sumaritane had ADtvell* What man of hX2dn& cuUrUfunt. Sicenimm 
then,jthat gives bisnameto Chrift, and lookes to bee torttiUnytts^eturvAftt^ 
faved, will looke for 1 exemption? Efpecially, rith'"««''«^*^'>^j«'>'«»«w 
allthe contumelies, and ccntempts, all tbofe nick- ;7if 7,:7;t;JX' 
names of Puritan, Precifian, Hypocrite, Kumorift, „^//^„;„ hmtrnm^ ^W 
Faflioniftj&x. with which lewd tongues, arc wont yonitt )ufiifunt, muUis 
to load the Saints of God; arcfo many honourable f"^«^'«'"'wi«* "r^or^- 
badses of their ^vorthy deportment in the hcly path, i^ffrf4tig4ntut,uunimx 
and reloluteitanding on the Lords Tide. Some noble ^;„^^^^/j„^j iadtemd 
Romans having done Tome lingular fervice to the tdiematuU meredntur. 
ftace ; and after, troubled and handled violently in [Note bytheway^that 
fome private Cafes^werewoont to bare their bodies, *»ereA*itMr here makes 

and to (hew in open court the fcarres and impreffi- "f ?;f£°l^l'^ffn 

r ^ r 1 i-it 11 •!• r«j but oncly intimates 

ens or thole wounds, which they had received in asmuch, atpcfint, or 

thsir Countries caufe 5 as cbara^ers of fpcciall ho-yMeant, See pMretu his 

nour,andilrongeft motives to commiferation. Soe5t"lIfnt Caftigation 

many lying imputations, unworthy ufages, and per- ^^^^eUArmmeJet^fc, 

Mercri,p/</r;i'«<;WfB;fy?,^«9</poire,valere,&c. zModo eft idem quod Velle,&c. 5 P/tJ 
runqueyere idetnquod conlcqui, ohtinztQ,mpetr*reyeti4mgrAtti^Ot. And Hce gives fe- 
vcrill inftancesin them all. *Heare^«/?/>»cleare judgement about the Poin'- in ano- 
ther Place : Maluit dicerc, GratUAHtem Dei, yitaAternd : nt bine inteUigtrtmut ^non pr» 
meritpfmflrii Veum Komi dtcrtum vit^r/i, fed pro/Ma nriferatiom ftodmere, Le gratia &• 
li'j. Arb,€2^,g. H;ca!forpeukcsiothefamepurporc,/»P^d/.7o.C5»f.2. And5f>'»;.if.' 
PsTfy^.^/fl//. Which Pisces areyindicated from lefuiticail Cavils by Chamier.Tom,^,' 
lib.i^.eap.zX.Koli ergodeDei mifcricordiayyel iufiitia de/^erare^quotieste yiderii ai> iniA, 
^rtiihowhiil'us faH£AHj/edconfidfraquo:i illi qui te ptrfequuntUi, afudVeum yelut mol/t 
et torculttriadepHtAmur. 1h ytro qna/ioliyay et q»a(tuyA iegtUmapAryo tempore preffurAm 
makrum homtnum /HflinfrecogerM. Sedpofiea. tUti fine fine rcmAnebit opprobrium ^tufxiiti 
ccmmutdtime trAHi7l>fi adrei^num.Au^iiii.n<m\.S .ex 59, * Pfal.79, lob 30. Lameat.g. 
^3. ** Ioh.8 48. q ^!ii ergofo^ hnjufmodt yotem (fciliitt Bcati cftis, cum vos ^ 
maledicentj&c Matj.,) tentAri Je noiijinat? ^iis ai> hommliuf perfequi fe iuftiti/e. 
eaufanonopteti Qjiis nontriyuUriyellet} ^uis Je ttenmAledici defideret} ^-—VtinAm th 
Dcmiii met nzmen^ atqueiujiitlAmi unci a ihfiddiunj turl'4 me perfequAtur et trilulet. Vtmam 
inopprobriPtn meiim fioUdM hie mttndM exurgau &c. — ——Hominum ofprohriA detrABicnef" 
quepAticn'er et leviter tolerennts ^ut Domim Uudibuf dtgni ejj'e fofimu/. Namf humAttam 
iandemquxri»ttia,divin4mAmttimuf^....—~Sdmin.q!{itti$f ettmpiumefi 3 fttatiytpreeiM 
nmmenee detrabi pAtiAriiiqtiipopterti t^nta perpejjw eJi.'m,mJS,yuye/(Anp ehrio^ yoyjufi^ , 


3 4 S InflruBisns for a right comforting Secfl. 2 

iniuJii^r4ftores,d/iulte- fecutions in any kinde, for profeiTion ofgodlineflfe, 
rl, & quUHnqHefuk which thefahWull Chriftian Mi bring tothc ludgc- 
i6.»«>e;;^,VeAr^.^4^"^»tfeatcof Chfift ; fo many glonous and royall 
& quAna fufflimprK- rcprcftntationsof excellency or fpirit and height erf 
faraittaratem*. Tdciot- courage in Chrlftian caufcs, fliallthcy bee accounted 
tes»tn<m Domjniyolun. {^the fight ^nd ccnfurc of Almighty God, and the 
iatim 'onfu,J,"ou de. ^^^^^^ ^^ .^ . ^^^ ^^^^ ^^^ ^^^^ amiable and ad- 

confujionis fuHt o;,^^^. mirablcm the face ot heaven and earth. 

O qiikmindignmn e^^at- 

qttf prtpefiernm ; «r iufiiiSonftendiHtm in ^•Jwr, & fucAtom gloricMtur ittmajpt. Videat 
ergo AHtmaDeo devou,ue ittflpUiittupt rtjm edm, autjlulttrum huminHm yan,^itnui JtrmQ 
eonfundnt^O' i fuo ffop4jite retrAhat'j iuquo ntiigi* per Mes fmguhr piopeeredehtinme^ 
lim. Hieron.p 3. Trad li.Bpift.6j. Propter Deumuin^ii ifi* fierpeteyi* , quid fiilicft lim 
gem eiut audtj^i. Hoc yero q»e t4»dem digna hontre ptn/xninm tfi ? Quibuf dindemdtihtH 
tonferenifM'^ Mihi'vero mugt/ proyemetinimicitiaf /AJiinerepropttr'DeHm^dtqHe cotttnu 
nf,fM4in yel AcunUi* regihitt honorarit Chr/foft.inMac.Hoiii. 18. 

Sea. 5? 


AjfliBed Confciences. 


SECT^l. TATi^.j. 


Three frinHples »f comfort from mthoMt ui to i^ee 
applied to df fitted confctences. 

\f/^o^^? /^ Hus much of the Theorie, as it The praAickc part for 
l^jfei were,I come now to the Piadicke <:""Ǥ of ailiftedsofts 
^mmk parr. To a particular application ^'^*^''^^- * 


parr, lo a particular applicat 
0^^ of Ibme fpeciall foveraignc Anti- 
"^ " dotes ; to the moft grievous ordi- 
nary maladies , incident to the 
foules of the Saints. 
But firllgiven5ee leave to preaaife feme general! x.Groundsofcomfoyij 
well-heads, out of which doe fpring abundance of 
comfort, and overflowing rivers of rcfrefhingfor all 
intencs^asdeftcdls in point of temptation and trou- 
ble of minde. 

I. And firfttakc a fruitful! clufter, and heavenly i.Prinriples of co«;. 
heape of them together ; thofc twelve heads of ex- ^o" *'«« ^^»"S« P"^ ' 
traordinnry, immeafurablc, comfortable matter for "*' 
fpirituall medicines; which I have heretofore cre- 
eled, as lb many invincible bul war l».cs againft all af* 
faultsofdcfpairc.oppcfitions of Satan, exceptions „. ^. ^ , 
ofdiftruft. - gLs^^c^'X c«^ 

1, Theinfinitencffcof Gods mercy fvvsetly inti- pajdoa'aU,'^^ ' ^^ 

3 5Q ' 2nflrudli^ni for aright comforting Sctfl.i 

t ksifericorJiA in Deo mated, //Q.55 6.j.%» The m:jcy of God is like 
^nuLtaf 'n'^^- '^ '•' himfclFe.inhfiite: All our finises are finite both iti 
««rfc/2,f/^«'!rf««^/j^/_n limber and nature: Nowbetwecne finite and inn- 
eMs,mfiuSjmi/eriiorse^, nitethcreis HO proportion, and To no poffibility of 
Zanch.de natara Dd, rciiftance. And therefore bee thy finnes Jiever fo^ no- 
lib.4,cap,4 ,q. 2. ^ torioiis, and numberlcffe, yet in a truly broken heart, 

x<^j«o« rf«ff^ ^vrf/L/^^^^'yrefoIvinguponnew-obidisnce, and his glori- 
Mtqua^non a^esin, non ousfcrviceforthetiifif^to comc, Can no more with- 
T^f ""f 1 r°^^" ^^'""^' ^^^^* or ftand before Gcds mercies, then a little 
f Oplifeaaafnft^'the ' fr-^^^^ the bpundleffe and mighty Ocean,thrOvVne. 
grcatncffc of thy Cms, i'^tothemiaflcf it, nay infinitely kife.' If » all the* 
TO ^4).£eo5 r8 ixiM^ ^^^^^s, that all the Sonaes and daQghtersof Adam 
Veil and sgainft tbe havc committed, fince the Creation to this time, 
multitude of tlieDtj ^\ Were all upon one fpulc; yet foaftedcd,as I have faid, 
5r>)iffo$ T^f olxltp- andputintofuchaWw penitent, gracious temper, 
f^^ Dei. As u.^// It iliould bee moftc^ljteinly upon good ground, and 
fpe^kej, evcrlafaViglyfafe. riKakcnotthus tomakeanyfe- 

H^^'i^^ti?'''"'^'*^^ '" ^^-'r^' jfwaayone finnlt pieafmg arid raigning will 
^jjjto^r//,«ff^^<,/wr j.^,-j,^ 3 £^Q^jg forever : Btet to alfute of mercy enough, 

JludMrn fcintuu rfaf how great or many foever the infnesnave beeneju 
ttitre Ce bubet, tamum thc heart bcenow truly, hiunbled for them all) and 
htmnis malitu ad Dei wholly turned heavenward. 


imoyefonmtantummodojfedetlon^e fHpr/t:K.4in et peU^us, umetp Magnum fttyWtnfum 
^ff^Kfi^tlDeiverofilememi* et petal menfur^m nonhkht. Rxc dicAm\ mnqHomsde^m 
diireSy fed promfmres reddant. Chnfoft^tom. 5 dc pxftir.Hoin.3.colura.84f , u Divina 
miftficordiatantae^. »t ftqHk ttmverfa pecc4t4 totins mandi eolnmi(ifJ'e$y et dtltret, tpiod 
tamhttHmdominumtHm fuperke offendifttifrmiterqte propeneret amplius tdBinere, Detis 
tMemnutiquamdAmnnrety^c Qjiinqj partita con{c.lib.3.cap.44. D^» mfemordU maier 
omnium pcccatomm mifertX-hugn^.tvtAme Laurcntio , adverfus dcfpcrat, pag.ioz. 
X ^*mini /enthtmmin nolrii ptaatim Utltans, et Sp'irmi repugtans, tdmeu fi non fit 
placens & regnans, nontxtiudit fpi/itttatem b4nc y'tyificationem. ^mi(!f e»impece4torum 
umyerfMhtollft reatttmuntyerfofumpece^torunt niflr9rum,iafufi9 etMm grAtix huic con~ 
iunH4t toHit domin>Hm uniyc, forum, Davenant. in expoC! cpiil. ad Coloi. cap. 2, vcrf. 1 3 • 

i. The unvaluablciiede of Chrifts meritorious i-Thc unvaluablcneffc 
bloodj Whichiscalledrhe^/^flfi of God',zna there- o^Ckiftsblood. 
fore bfineftimable price. Vndcrftand me aright .- It 
wasthe^/«-iW^C<;^,dotofthe God-head: but of 

' ■ •■:■■' ' ^: . ;. hlOS 

Pare. 1. Cap. 5. 

iy^ffiEied Confciencef^ 


Jion ciit-ftoodj And that hce will not vouchfafe to 
cafthiseyeofcoiJipafiion upon (i)ch z'BUck^more^ 
and Leopard,as I am ; fo ovcrgrowne with corrupti* 
on, and growiie old in Cmnc ; efpecially, havyng/b' 
longfJfgUlIcd /& great [ahation^forfaken mine otvmc 
Wifr^^folongjandfounthaRkftilly defpifed the riebes 
of hh^Qodne^eAndjarbeaYAriCe^Uadir.gmee t9 repen- 
tance. I confeire, it is fomething rare, to fee men gone 
Gnfolongjandgrowne old in Cnnc, toreturne, and 
givewayroaayfaving worke of the. Miniflry j be- 
caufe too often \n the mcane time they fo harden their 
hearts, that they canfUft repent-^ yet notwithftaodiiig, 
bee thou afliiredin the Word of life andtruthjif now 
adengththoube truly touched indeed, and wilt come 
iijjin earned i the Tatherefrntrcies will receive thee 
freely to mercy, and embrace thy bleeding foulc m 
the arises of his everlafting lovethroughC/&r//?. For 
it is a title of higheft honour unto him, to bee long'. 
fi/Jpriag, Hf.G&Wthis'whikyvAited^that hee might i>ee lCsLi^o.\9] 
gr»HeioHsumothee\ And now undoubtedly upon thy 
fii i? refolution to returne in truth, hee will meet thee 
with infinitely ir<oiecompaITionate affedionatenefle, 
then the Father in the Golpells, his Trodigall : nho 
W/hen heerpinagreat^ay e^,hu Father faW him^aKd 
had ccmpajfion^ and ranae, and fell on his necke^ and 
k^i^edhtm^O'C, ' 

4, Ye3,bQt faith another; Though I have beeae a 
PfcfefToLir long, yet many times my heartisfuil hea- 
vy^ and more loth to bciccve, when I fcrioufly and Tcifiofl» 
fen fibly call to mindejthehainoultiefle of my unregc- 
ncratetimcjand lee in nay felfe bcfides, iirce I was 
iiiighrenedjand wouldhavebehavcd my felf© in for- 
wardnefleand fruitfulDefTe for God, anfwerablyto 
my former folly ,and furioufnefTcin evill ; fo many de- 
E €ts and impcrfecflions every day : and fuch wcakc 
dilba^^'.d difcharging of commanded duties, both 
to 9?^ ^5^ "«^L^' J^!^^ ^hc/i couafcii and comfcit ia 
" ^"'" ■ hk ^"■" this 




4.Abun<laace ofira- 
pctfedions a/ter cos-. 


InflrttBionsfor a right comfirting, S C(fl .5 - 

this Cafe, by caftingthiae eye npon Gods ki>idnejfe : 
*- HDI-^'I* He isaSiUfidnim in * ki'^daeffe : which hath thefc foure 

Mril'aj min:rico-di« , prctbus properties : Firft, To bee eafily intr^ated. 
■veifnuH- mH'tH.hnig- Secondly, To be intrearcd for the greeted ; Thirdly, 
ute, ut o'ume m^^r* fo paffeby involu itary infirmiries : Fourthly, to ac- 
nuncigUtiT fteHU fw^ ccpt gr<jciouIly wcakeiervices. cvcnatraile man, it 
of a inore noble, generous, and kind difpofirion, will 
bee cafily appealed for the unpurpofed offences, er- 
rours, and over-fights; and well plcafed with the 
good will/yncereiiideavourSjandutmoft, efpecially, 
of thofe who hce knowes to bee true-hearted unto 

J{i»Mf>^&c. In our la ft 
Tranflstion, Gen 24. 

49 ^^i* ^^'*' '""'^ ^^^■' 

T^tlUi Gdbadiu exf recto him 5 and defire heartily, if they were able, to doe all 
1u n Bemgnjtatem But j,p dcfires.evcn to the height of exatflneffe and expe- 

J};er*> hindtttp unto the - ° - - - - t 

fomej of Barzillai the 
Cil(4dite, I King 1.7, 

y.Vnworthineirc of thy 

dlation|How much more then will our heavenly Fa- 
ther d^alefo with his children, who is in himfelfg 
eff^^ntialiy kjfsde, and infinitely ? 

5. Yea,but faift chou,many times when I reach out 
thehandoimy faithjto fetch fome fpcciall promifc 
into my foule forrefrerhing,and comfort^and weigh- 
ing them well, and comparing advifedly ray owne 
nothingneflejWorthlefneffejVilenefre, vith thcriches 
of mercy, grace and glory fhining in it 5 and marking 
the dif-proportion, Tarn overwhelmed with admi- 
ration and aftoniihment 5 and to tell you true, lay 
fometimesto myfelf€:Isitpoffibic>thatthis{hou]d 
bcfo?Thatfog!oriousthings/}iould belong to fuch 
awretchand.worme,asIam.' But turning thine eye 
ffoma diftiliftfull,and too much de/efled dwelling 
upon thine owne defcrt, to what Chrtfi hath done 
forthec,andtothcAliT]iightineffe and All-raerciful- 
neffeof him that promifeth $ canGder withall, that 
God is alfo abundant in trptth. Every promife in his 
Booke is as fure as Himfclfe, fealed with his Sonnes 
Blood,and confirmed with his owne Oath.Wtc mud 
fooner ccafe to bee God,and deny himfclfe; which is 
inore,thcn infinitely impoffible, and prodigious blaC- 
pticmie.to imagine 3 then faile in theleailcircum- 

' ftance^ 

Part. I, Chap. 3- JfiffedCs^fciffSces, ___i^ 

flancejOrfy liable cf his firniearni?J:!e love^sndpio- 
frafcsoflifcjtoany cne thatheaitilyloveshim, and 
is true of heart. Andthcrefore u-henihy thirfly fculc 
iiiaksstowardsthe Well of lifejby venue cf that pro- 
mirejiJ^t-.s 1.6./ mil give to kntrnhat ii atkir^^ of the 
fsuraahie cf the'^'Merof hfejrecly • And upon furvey 
of the cvc} flowing Rivers of pleafurcs and blific, 
which cveilailingly fpring thence-, begins to retire 
from it,astco-goodnewesto bee true 5 1 fay, then 
fteelethy Faithjand ccmfcit thy felfe gloiiouily, by 
coxti^zvmG^,o\^^ai^ibundant truth ^ with whichhecs 
hath crowned every word of His, ftrcnger then a 
Rock of braille, far furcr then thePillarsofthe Eanhj, 
or Polesof HeavenjNayJfpeakean admirable thing, 
and of unutterable confolaticn ,which cannot be vio' 
lated withcutDeftruflion of the Deity, moft bleffed 
and §loricus for evermore. And let this everbanifli, 
'andbcatbackeallfcrupleSjdoubtes, feares, which at 
anytimecfferthemfdvts.and oppofethy unfpeake- -|,^ 

abl t]oy^ and peace in believing. 

<j. Well, (aich another, I eafily acknowledge the ^.Refifling o£ *fet 
incomprehenfiblegoodnefTeinthisi^/'^wf'^/Ge'-s/jand mcanw. 
hold thera moftblcitedjvrho havcthcir part and por- 
tionthcrcin. But for my part,!am afFraidjI come too 
latcjFor I have obferved the courfc of the Mimftcry 
a ai ongftuSj and the difpcn ration ofGcds mercy in 
h. Atfirfi:comming,ourTownebcinghiliot' Igno- 
rancCjpropbanefle, and much fuperftitious follies, 
having never beforeinjoycdthe Word with any life 
or power ,• wee all ftood amszcda good while, at the 
Majeftyand Myftcrie of this new heavenly Lighti 
Thefiril mefifagcs of the Miniftry founded incur 
cares, as the vcyce sf matij water s^ mighty,and great 5 
but confuted: not working in us either ;oy or tcr- 
rour, but onely an extraordinary wonder, and fecret 
acknowledgement of a flrange force , and more 
then humane power. But afterwards, when our 
Bb 2 fFatchmatB 

^jo InfiruSliwi for Aright comforting Se^,}* 

fr^tchwAti was better acquainted with our waies,and 
had more fully difcovcred the ftatcofo!irfou!es;thc 
Word was unto us^asa voyce of a^eat thmder^morc 
diftinft and particular ; breeding not only admirari- 
on,but feare alfb ; not filling our eares oncly with ai 
uncouth found, but our hearts aifo with a terrible 
fearching. For the Sermons of every Sabbath came- 
home to our confcieoces, fingUng out our feverall" 
reigning corruptions J beating punaually upon our 
bofome-fmncsi manifcftingclearely ourfpirituallmi- 
fery,andcertaine liablenefTc to the excretneft wra^h 
of God^andcHdlefiewoe. Whereupon, wee were all 
at our wits end what to do, grew weary ©four lives, 
wiOied with all our hcarrs,that fuch a Puritane-Prca- 
cher had never come amongft us ; told every man; 
almoft wee met, that we had a Fellow at our Towne 
would drive us all to defpaire, diftra^ion, felfe-de- 
llrudion or fonie mifchiefe, or other.That wc heard^^ 
nothing from.him but of damnation, and hell, and 
fuch horrible thi!]gs,&c. Now in this fecond works 
ofthc Word, there was a good number, even fome 
outof thatcurfedcrue and knotofGood-feilowihipi 
wherein I have been infnared fo iong,won unto lefus 
^/&?^7?. For being illightnedi convinced and terrified 
in coafcience for their former finfull courftsj the 
continued piercing of the Word, 2nd workeof the 
fpirit of bondage, keeping them upon the Racke,ufl- 
der the dreadfuilfenfe ot divine wrath,and their dam ^ 
nable ftate a good while : at laft^they happily refolved 
without any mdre delay .diverfion, by-path, or plun- 
gingagame into worldly pleafures, to paffc on dlrca- 
ly, by the light and guidance ofthc Gofpe;l,into the 
helj foth. And fo undertooke, and hitherto have 
holdcnout in Profcflion, and a blefled conformity 
to the better fide. But I, and a greater part a great 
dealc more was the piuy , hating heartily to bee 
Kformedj and abhorring that prccifc r^aj, fo much 

Part. I. Cap. 3 . cy^fjli^Ied Ccfifcicues, z ji 

fofksn againfi every ^hcre ; into which wee eoncci* 
ved,i^uch icvere Miniitcriall ccunicil vvoold have 
cor.ducltd us j I fay, wee Wickedly wreHed out of 
our vexed conlcjencesjchore kcenearrowes -of truth 
and tcrrour, with great indignation j wee unhappi- 
ly hardeni^d our hearts and foreheads againfl the 
pcwerof the Word, which paiticiilarly purfued us 
every Sabbath : Nay, alas/ wceptrrecutcdthe ve- 
ry Dieanes, which fhoald fandihs us , and men, 
which would have favcdui'. Herethen is my Cafs 
and complaint \ r.egleding thatbleiredkaibn,whea 
I was firfl: terrified and troubled in mindej when 
the zy-tngdl from Heaven, as it were, tro^illed the 
Vpater ; and whcnfomc, evert of mine owne Compa- 
nions in iniquity, were converted j I amaffraid, I 
now' come too late, that the mercy of Gcd co doe me 
rpiritualigccd, is already expired J and that the Mi- 
niftryjVvhich I havefo wretchedly oppofed, is the 
very fame tGnice,thatit was tothe cbfHnatc lerves, .\ 

If A 6. 9tio. Nay, but yet fay' not fo j though it bee f 

with thee as thou haft fayd .• For our gracious God 
keepeth Tnercy for thoufands^ h Here you muil know, ^ ^^^^ *'"^'' *'^' "^^"^ 
that a finite number is put i';«^.^^.f/&;r^//y for an infi- %Tre£him^^^ 
nite,and an infinite indeed. And ther fore if thou now quifhrafinmerMfiuZ 
be in earneil:, and willing to come-in, in truth j and t*** fro ir^nito pnitur. 
thofe thine other brethren in Goodfellowlliip, and ^^' yocemmiSe mcdt^- 
hundreds,thoufands,millions moevOr any whofoever ^f^^^^^^'^'^^^^^'lf'T* 
to the worIdsend,Oodjhatn mercy mftor^; for you »,;i!/;^to]Beuniler,Rhc- 
ail ;andiieingaU»tf^'7of all your j5w«v'/,unfainedly tor.Iik1.cap.14, 
thir fling for the Well of life j refol ving for the time 
tocomCjUpon newcourres,company,and converfa- 
tion ; you lliall ali bee moft w^elcome to lefns Chnfi^ 
Even the laft man upon earth,bringing a truly broken 
!]eartto the Throne of gra^e^ inall be crowned as rich- 
ly , and with as large a portion of Gods infinite mercy, 
andChrifts un-vaiewable merit, as^/^^iijw and £t/^, 
orvyhofocverlayd firflhold of thatiiift promil'e : 
Bb 3 ri^ 

5 7^ InflraEliomfor a right coynforting^ Sc(fl, j j 

Ti^tf feed of thf woman (7}/Ui Ifruife the Serpents b:ad. 
7.Haiaourn«flc of of. 7. Yea, but alas ' I have b&^n no ordtnary finner. 
fences. ^ ^ My corrnprionshavecarriedmc beyond the villanies 

of the vileft youcan name. Not only variety,butthc 
notarioufiieflfe alfo, and enormity of my wicked 
wayes, have fctan infamous brand upon me, even in 
the fight of the world; beiidc thofe fecret pollationsy 
& finfull pra(ftires, which no cye^but that,which is ten 
thenfavd times brighter then the Sfittjgverhheld.Hid 
I not bceuc extremely outragious, ftayned with abo- 
minations of deepeft die,& gone on thus with a high 
haiidjl might have had fome hope; But now I know 
not what to fay.' Take notice then, to the end that 
nothing at all may poflibly hinder,orany way difcou- 
rage any poorc foule, that fyncerely feekes for mercy, 
and dcfires to turne truly on Gods fide, from affa- 

. ^, ^ - ranee of gracious acceptation, and entertaincmcnt at 

a '^^Mtotaemm»' his Throne of Grace -, That it h nataraJl alfo to his 
Mcipio. Name, 7> forgtve trtt^utty , tratt/grej/ton a»afm»ei 

y^^j^dBmlistji qH^yit Thacis, ^ finncs ofall forts, kinds and degrees what- 
frayarjcatto, & nbelUo foevcr. There IS nonefo hatefull and hainous ; whe- 
dtquedefeSiMs. theraat'.jrall Corruption, or ordinary outward tranl^ 

^imore,&pnefrJe4i^ greffion, or higheft prcfumption, but upon repcH- 
»w//»w-Zanch dcNa- tance, God is molt able, ready, and willing to re- 

tttraDeijlib.i.cap. 18. mitit, 

^.Tfee infinitfntflc of y, Godthc Fathers compaflfionate pangs of infi- 

Sfin^Trf 'nin** ^^^^ sft: ftiou and forwardncfle to entertaine in- 
will pardon all pew- , . „ u r. • j r r- 

te«M. ' t© his armes of mercy, all true Penitents, ex«////z'<?, 

fajth the Lord God, I hxve no fleafure in the death of 

the iricked^hm that the vpieked turne from hii rcaj a*3d 

live : tPtrnejeey turne jee from your evil/ ^ajes ; for 

Vfhy Vpillyee dte, O honfe of Ifrael} Ez,?ck. 33.11. 

Woe unto thee, O lernfalem, veilt tboH not bee mAde 

cleatte ? When pjdlit once hee ? ler. 13.17. They faj^if 

< man putt arvaj his wife, And Jhee gee from him^ and he- 

' come another mans , fiAll hee returhe to her againe ? 

SbaUnotthAt LAndbe grfAtly follHtcd} Bmthm hafi 

Part. I .Chap, g .- jiffiHed Cenfciences, 373_ 

flajed the h^rlst Vs^ith wanj lever S',jst returr.e Againe to 
mcejAuhthe Lord, /fr. 3.1. Oh thai mj fecfle hfid 
hearke'ised unto mee^tivid Jfraelhad Tvaikfdin mj tvayesi 
I wculd foone have fttbdued their enemies^ and turned 
my hand aaaififi their adverfaries. The haters of the 
Lc-rd Jhculd have fubnntted thewf elves time himi but 
their time jhoitki have endured for ever j Heefhonld 
have fed them alfo with the fitiefl cf the Vfheate : and 
mth hone J cut of the re eke JhcPild I have fatiified the)e, 
7faL 2i» O that theu hadji hear keened to my comvifin'- 
demerits^ then had thy feace bten as a River, and thy 
righteeufiie^e asiheWaves of the Sea, Thy feed alfo 
beenasthe f&nd^andthe ef-ffringfif thy boi&els like the 
gravell thereof ', his name (IjaHldnst have been cut off", 
nor defirsyed from before mce, //"<«, 4 8 . 1 8 . 

8. His merciful! almighdnciTe, in putting life and S.The infinitenelTcof 
lightromencfleinto the mc ft dead and darkcft heart, ^is pow€r that caa 
Seekehim,{&kh the Prophet, that ma\eth the [even bcale aU infirmities. 
StarresAndOrion^andtHrneththe fjadow of death into 

the morning, Amos 5.8. Suppofe thou (cttcft thy felfc 
to li!eke Gods fact and favour j and art prefently fet 
upon with this temptation ; But a!as / My fbuleis fo 
biackewithfinne,anddarke with forrow, that it is 
to no put pofe for mee to proc€ed,S:c. But now in 
this carc,con(idcr5 who Hce is that thou feckeft ; it 
isHee, that made of nothing thofe beautifull, flii- 
ning,gloriousconftellations, Oy;p«andthe Pleiadee 
(andnorhingin thewofld is darker then nothing.) 
HeeisHecthatturncth the darkeft midnight into 
thcbrighteft mornfngj&rc. 

9, Chriils f weetefrjdeareft, moil melting invita- ^.chnftsfweet hKi& 
tionsof all truly troubled fouies for finne, unto the tiouj, ' 
Well of life, and their owne everlafting wellftre. 

Ceme mtomeeall yeethat labour, and are heavy ladeti 
and l-will give jQHref,Mat.\\ 28.O lerttfalem, /<r- 
rnfalem, thou that kiHefl the Prophets, andfionefi them 
vphich are fer,tHnto thee ! Hotv often rfiofild I have gathe- 
Bb ^ " red 

374 * Injtrubmns for aright comforting Seft,j, 

red thy children together^ even at a Hen gather eth her 

Chickens under her Wings ^&c. M^t.^^.^y. A-idr^hen 

he Xi-as corns mere^ he beheld the Ctty, and l^r;/ ovfr it 

. ■ f<^]i%\OhtfthoHhsidfikn6-^n€^ even thoa^ at le^Jl U 

thtithy^ daj^ the things which belong unto thy peace! 

Lnke 19,41.42. In the lafi day, the great Day ef the 

TenU, lefw fisod.and cried, faying 5 // any manthirfi 

let him come to mee, and dnnke, loh.j. ' 

lo.Experiencc of the 10 Experience perhaps of ths Comforter^con^rer^ 

comforter recovered ted from a moTc wickecf and dcfperat- courfc rhrn 

from a worfc eftate «.v,« d.^^,u:->./' "- a j- ,". r^'^i- t,ounc,tncn 

..henthcPawems, the Pat tent himCui€. Anditdotn not a Iirtle refrcih 

rne neartof him, who grievf^ufly wounded in con- 
fcieRce, and thereupon fending for a skilfuil , ai^^ 
faithfuii Meffengcr oFGod;and,whcn he hathopened 
his Cafe fully unto mm, to heari;hf 01 fav, when hec 
hath fayd all : A/y Cafs "^p as farr ewer fe then yours eve- 
ry "deajf : Nay,but bcfidesthofe notorious fins I have 
named unto you, I have defiled mvfdfc with many 
fecret execrable lafts. Be it fo. faith the fpiri^uall 
Phyfition } yet in the daycsofiuy vanity, I have been 
guilty of more and more hainous crimes, then any 
youhaveyetfpokenof. Yea, buteren no w, when! 
nave moftneedof, iLouId moil priz-,reverence and 
lay hold upon Gods blelTed^F6r^, Sona^-^d Tromifes • 
i ampeftikntly peftcred with many abhorred, villal 
nousjand prodigious in jedions about them. Not a 
man alive,replies the Man of God,hath had his head 

troubled with more hideous thoughts of fuch heiiifli 
naturc,thcn l,5cc,. 

ij.TkatPatableefthe ii. That pictious Para^^/e, Luk, 15. wherein all 

dec^B«ftdepinKit Luca^ ^^^^^^^ ^^"^^^^y^^^-'f^'^idinghtm^whenhee vra4 yet a 
imAginem pr^miim pec^. gjefvpay off-^ ht4 compafion , rmmng toyoards hm 
Morti luxu p'.rditi , fahmg upon his necke. kijfiag him .fntttna en him the hek 
deln^epccc^tori* reftpi- Robe and the Rt.g^ filing' the Uttelralfe Q^^c doe 
f:rj«;r.;i:?^: fl^^- that imr^caf^ile, iLr^^Lnilo'ltl 
^enf^fhmmttA&mi^^ ^^ God the Father CO every one, that h willing to 




yfflicied Confciences, 


come out of thcDivelscurfed (ervice, into the good /mcirdix Dei exprmif 
iVV5(r. Butcomeasfarrc ° £hort of expreflino ic to Bremiusinloc. 
the iifcasrhc infinite greamcfle of Almighty God I^^^^IX Tfi4 
furpafleth the finite trauty ot a. wcake man,. and ut intefiigamus cmtufh 

Worme of the earth. vnatomn ejfe hnitanm 

Tkiergams^&' mif<ri^ 

taYdtam. Ntn igitHr du- 

liumefiy fmuUtiiue pctnit(t}ti!i txBi/nma, rjit'in'De ui in grMum ffiAm reiip'iAt. Tim 

dub'mm iji^qum fuh hac mAgmsmmnf^'Dii homtKSy C iniomfarabdii indulgenUA whit 

p>ig<stur,ne uSa fctl'.rttm atmirtts a/^e impetr4ndtyemA»oi de t err ( At, C^lv, 


Feure conclujiom of comfort drawnefrom thofe placei 
ef ScriptfiYc^ "^hich fets forth the Lords dealing '^ith 
HSM a father With hii children,. 

N a fecond place, Let us take a i.CoHcIufionsofcomi 

view of foraeof thofe moft de- filTJh'T.^^.^l 
... ,r n^ CL c dcaliBg With u$ as a 

!icious,andfv;ceteltftreamesot father vfijh hi* chil- 
deareil comfort, which fpnng dren. 
abundantly out of that fruttfull 
Fountaine of compaflion and 
love, rfil* I o g . I ^ . Like as a Fa- 
ther fitttethhis Children', fo the Lord fittteth them 
thatfearehir}9.SQQ3\(o^DeHt.%,'^. Malaci^lj. / 

Hence may wee draw refrcfliing enough to our 
thirfty fouicsjinmany paflages of heavy thoughtSj 
andgrievouscomplaintsaboutcurfpirituall ftate. 

1. Iq thcdiftempersand damps of prayer,thus : i. When wee " caanotc 
Suppofe the dearefl Sonne ofthelovingeft Father pray as we ought, 
to lie grievoufly ficke^ and out of the extremity 
of anguiHijto cry outandcomplaine unco him, that 
fece is fo full of painc in every parr, that hcc knowes 

3 7^ InpruFtions jsr a rijrht comfsrting Sccl. 3 i 

not which wsy to turne himfclfe, or what to doe j 

and thereupon intrcaces him of all loves, to touch 

himtendcrly, ro 'ay him fof tly, tomoliifie all he may 

hispairjeriiIJmirer3',andgivehiai ea(e. How ready, 

thinkeyoii, would frxh a father bee, with all tendsr- 

nefleand carc,toputto Hi helping hand, in fuch a 

rucfulicafe/ Rut yet if het fiiould grow ficker, and 

weak sr. fo that hee coa'd net fpeak e at all 5 but oncly 

Icoke his Father in the face with watery eyes j and 

moanchimfeireursto him with fighes and groancs, 

and other diLmbcexprflTions of his increafed paine, 

and defire to fpeake; Would not this yet ftnke dee- 

« £» fe red*s}um ^ieit perintotheFatherstenderheartj pierce and melt it 

E^echioi, ut yocem ar. with iTjoie feeling pangs of companion} and make 

ucui*t4vtc^ercmnfo/- hisbowcilsyerne wltbin him, With an addition o£ 

l^I^Iil^^:!^tZ ^-t^3°^^^"3ry dcaienefle, and care to doe him good ? 

A^ttuAm feriexhdUnt. ^ ^^^ j^^ ^^ willthy hcavcnly Father be affc(^cd,and 

Hunt tAtnen ohfcurm deale with thee in hearing, helping, and fliewiiig 

■vocit fonum 4 Deo ni- mcrcy ; when all thy ftrengthof prayer is gone, but 

bihminkxexAudinctf. oj^gfy * aroaKesAndfiahef, Nay, with incomparably 

turn e^ t tametft ren/Ht ' a:'^n- n"^ c r 1 u c V^ j • 

omnesmp.ri doloye\ccu^ moreaffcdionatsnefle. Forlookchow farreGod is 

f*tiftnt^?^prxmartitiA higheithenMan inMajeftisjand greatntfle, which 

' pm^YAclufx [Alices^ Do- \s by an infinite difc anc^ and difproportion j fo farrc 

mmMUmencoraAnofitA do:h he pafTc him ia tcnder-heartcdneffc and love. 

em quam ex/reP,acM. ^^ ^'' ^^ ^^^ ^^^^ ^^0" ^^^ ^^^^ ^^ fpcakeunto God, ' 

feru ynces.modh 'spirU and 1:1 fomemsafure to Utter thy mindcj yet in thy 

ttM adjit, ejul cxcitet in 

vobn gemitusiHos imndYr*hiUs^ de quihiti loquitur Paulas 8.^i Roman. M nemo fiorum 
^fitqHinonexfer;titiir,HbiTKas'jrait(iu4trillitU ammum eonJirJngit, /^e inter orandumyd 
hnUfutireyel prepetKodiim'tbrnutefcere Calv-.ir. capuf jSJfai. Wiww intertor, in (^ho capit 
hA(>itareChrr(iw per fidentyyoce fu'd^mnin (Jyepitu Ui>iorum»fed in dffeciu cordi* cUmAt 
ad dominum. Hon uk homo audit, ibi Dens ugdii.'^i/i v»ce pulmonumj O" Utertm et iin^ux 
elames, homo tenon Audit- Cogitafio tuA, clamor e/f dd DomifHim.AugViii.m Pfal.i4l. Pie- 
rumque hoc nigetium plm gemitibus, quam prmnMi^m A^it»r , p^ ^etu, quAm A^Atu. 
Idcra.Epifr. 1 2 1. VAlmtioret vocetApad feereti^maf Aurei Deimu fAciuutver^a mftrA^fsi 
defider'iA j AttemAtn etenim ytump ore petimuiyttectamiMcordede/iderAtnusicUmdyitts tA- 
eemas. St yero de/ideramMi ex tsrde, cfiAm chw are omt'icejcimus j, tucemes ciAmAmtHj Gregor. 


Part. I . Cap 4 . ApBed Ccnfcieaces, %77 

conceit, it is fo weakly, coldly, and confufedly, tfeat 
thouthinkft; AswclincveTawhit,asnevcrthc bet- 
tcr,&c. Take notice here-, that Gods Child is able. 
Fir ft, fometiraes to ponre out inito his God with life 
and power: Secondly, fomtimesto fay fomething, 
but with much coldncffe,dcadncffe of heart, and di- a The moft rJgkeom 
ftraaedne{re(as hee » complaines.) without his perfons, are their owne 
wonted feeling^andfrcedomeof fpirit : Thirdly, Ac i;";'^*!"^ 
othertimcSjhecanfay juft nothing, but groanc,and 
{igh,and only defirc hce could pray. For this laft, 
looke upon the laflpairage. Forthefecond j to wit, 
when the ChriPiian is troubIed,that he can fay fome- 
thing, and fpeake words unto God i yetit is without 
that order, tfficacy, fit phrafc and comming-off (o 
comfortably, asheethinkesis to bee found in other 
Prof eflbursj&e, I fay, in this Cafe,confider,that as a 
Father is more delighted with the ftammcring and 
fluttering, as it were ; with thcin-articulatc, and iai" 
perfedtalkeofhisownclitrleChildc, whenit firft ^ ^.^^^ auAvteb ri 
begins to fpeake; then with the exa^eft eloquence pi^ceatveo, yelpZxil- 
of the moft famous Ojatout upon earth : fo ** aflfu- lum^dei^& qnitntoperh 
rediy, our heavenly Father is infinitely better pleafed ddeffemr preoi'm i» 
with the broken, interrupted paffages, and pe- 'i»'^**^^*i^nf*4iepo^ 
nods of prayerinanupr!ghchcart,heartily grieved, U,,„, Jifi^n,,^ ,.^, 
that hee can doe no better, nor offer up a more lively, ptrfeWonem. ' ndemu^ 
hearty, and orderly facrificc; then with the excel- yulgo faremes magit 
lently-cooipofed, finc-phrafcd and moft methodicall ^f^^^f^ b4il>Htienu w- 
peticioBsofthelearned'ftTWf/^^^. Nay, his foule C/J^/f f '""I'^'T 

* tilt \ • n ^ I u»tyerfa ehquenttS. Bom 

extremely loathcsthc one,and gracioully acceptsthe minum tlo]ue»tipm$. 
other in lefm Chrifi. Asconcerning the complaint rtim. Kosomnes ^nod^d 
o£ coldaeffej bee affurcd, that though thy prayers '(^^^fi*^ mim^mfanut 
proceed our of thy mouth, faint and feeble, cold and f****"*^'^ utinf^mesfcuu 
nncomfortabic jyci fpringing from a fynccre heart, ^«,. PaJdHtemnolier 
purified by Faith, truly humbled under Gods mighty (alejfismagu okcSiatw^ 
hand for CmnQ% fecondcd with groanes and griefc, rudttate.ae inf^ntikn— 
with an holy anger, aad felfe- indignation, that they T^^^jJ^' /«"«»^ *i««/^, 
b£.no^ more f^rv^em and piercing, and offered in ^"1';!, '- "* ^''^- 


37^ !»flr(i Slio-ds for a rtght comforting , St ft. 3 

obedience unto God ; aremoft crrtainely, as it were, 
by the way fortified, and cnlived with the -pacifying 
peiR'dions.and intercelTory fpirit of Jefus Chrijl; 
fweet'y perfumed with the precious Odinrs of his 
frefh bleeding Merits, and hkflediMediationj fothat 
they ftrike the eares of the Almighty with farrc 
greater {lrength,andirreliLlab!e i importunity ,then is 
ordinsrilyimagined: And ate as fwect-findling fa- 
crincesir.hisnoftrils; The very fight of whofc cru- 
cified Sonne at his right hand tendering the fuite,caa 
calmc his moft angry countenance; and convert by 
a facred meritorious attonemcnt, bisdifpleafuresand 
wrath,intoconpafliafls and peace. Now blslTcdbce 
God,thattheweake prayers, and broken (5ghes of 
tempted and troubled fpirifs, have this happy pro- 
mife and prerogative: That before chcy pfcfle, as ft 
were, into the prefence of God the Father, they arc 
mingled in the meanctime, with the foveraigne and 
fatisfaflory incenfc in tht golden cenfer ; whence eva- 
poratingoutofthe Angels hand, (Imeanethe An^ 
gel of the (Covenant y for fo thetrueil Interpreters un- 
derftand the place j they afcend into the fight of our 
gracious Father , incorporated and enwoven, as it 
wcrc> into that pretious and pleafing fume: and that 
it pleafeth the llepA Spint, m the tieedfull time of 
fpirituall extremities, to draw the petitions of our 
fometimesfpecchlcfle,heavy and diflrad:ed hearts : 
Jefus Chr if}, the gVCit A'^'gell of the (Covenant ^to^p^^. 
fefljperfumeandprefentthemJ Hee that by an ex- 
cellency, and title of higheft honour, is Mq^ the Hett. 
rer affrayers , to receive them into his mercifull 
hand, and bofomc of companionate acceptation / 
Goe on then poore fou'.c $ Thou that forely droooelt 
under the fenfiblc waight of thy manifold weake- 
ncfles,andunworthineflc this way 5 and thereupon 
fometimes finfully dra we ft back, with fome thoughts 
ofgiving-ovcr quite J which is that, the Divell de- 

Part.l^ap.^* J§Ucied Confciettces, 37 9 

fires^aud would utterly imdoe thee for ever; prefTc 

forward in the name of Cj&W/?unto the Throne »f 

Cjrace, with a lighter heart, then thou art wont. 

ShalltheLordldhs call and cry for a Pardon for 

thofCjWho put him tc death j who wercfofarre from 

fecking unto him, that like fo many Evening Wolves, 

they foughtand fuckthis blood land will he fliut his 

eares,thir!fteftthou,from thy complaints and groans, 

who values one drop of his bio .^d to quench thy fpiri- 

tuallthirft.atanhighsrpricctfeen the worth of many 

Worlds ? Comfort thy felfc invincibly? It cannot be. 

a . In the faintnefle of Faith^and want of feclingi 3-When not beleerear 
Thou beholdeftfometimcs, a Father holding a lit- ^^^e^vould. 

tie Child in his armes:now whether, doft thou think, ^ i a r 

is.theChiJdfafcbyirtowne,orfaytheFathers(,old ? ^.ir:;:/^^/^^^ 
It clalpes about the Father with it s • little wcakc -vere mfitu Efi autem 
hands,as well asitcan j buttheftrength of it's fafety, conimBio bxc fpirma^ 
is in the Fathers arme. Nay,andth: Father holds the ^*^-^F^>''j»^lemdico,quu 
fafter,whenatanytimehee perceives the Childc to ^^jf — '^t ^'^f^ 
have leftit's hold. Thou arc ^ tied, as ic were, unto tM4iu , mn per neryos 
Chrift by a doubfebond ; firft, of the Spirit, and fe- o-Ug^menUyferquafit 
condly,oFFaich.ThoB layeft hold on Chrift by Faith-^ couim&mfiAtorporAlut 
and he holds thee by his Spirit. Now thy Infant, ^'^^^biiam'^rT d' 
Faith, or afterfome good ftanding in Chriftianity, ^Z]thalo*Jf;itimm/»^ 
weakened and forely wounded ia thy prefent feeling, umfannumadms: Not 
hath loft it's hold-faft •• And therefore thou thinkeif, deindeyiej/^mfidemtttm- 
all is gone ^and walkeft dcjededly, and uncomforta- ^'■'"" #«'^/'>'>;*«*«- 
bly,as though not airy promife in GodsBooke, or '.t^^^^^/'t: 
dropot Chnlts Blood weretnoej&c. Butaflure thy fer Sfhitum fimul &> 
felfe, being found at the heart root, and "talking in the fdem j quU c$niunfii» 
light ^as God ii in the light, thy heavenly Father in ^■**' "Z'*'''^' P^ fftttt»4, 
thisCafc d holdstheelbfaftbyhis Spirit; that no fi,%ZZfoTloci!iiT 

han.cap. I «f . d /.<w ctj^nito e« quod h/tu cbrljitu idom Vent fit^ demde fenti tnus nos teneri 
eiuiim4tM,/entimHi ms p/triter dppYebendi manHfatru^McDei. Cum autem lentimwHOipfe^ 
bendirruHH p4tri4 4c Dei,- turn qHidemyidernKmehu ^rmiejje^ & extra emm periculMm 

fofitiiataminedumarte Kota fund omentum, in que futtdau cfi yita Atirmi efi autem- 

vuinuiillaVtiapfrehendensnei 3 non tammoMH f^fT^ af^rthendemTkHtrtf quam DtimMfts-- 
«//r«&€W<</«M>iei,Idcm.Ibid cap. 10, 

•■ ■ ' ' ' ' Maa 

Manor Diveii, oot ail chc powers cf diikiciTe cr 
g/ues 9J yeli^ can poiTil: ly i>!uck thee out of his hand. 
Nay^he excellency oF his power is moft glorioufly 
iaipreved,ar.d mid: mzxt illuftrious it thy grfatcfl 
cxtrcmirieSjSndexticmeftfpiriruaii wcakoeffe. And 
bee boics it his higheft honcnr , to held thee the 
fafk^sfhen thy hold isgone. Hfrcthcn and upon 
thi»grour>d,:hoahaic a Calling; a^id luaift comtbr- 
tabiy,fcrbe is ever mcft loving & tender-hearted, ia 
rimes cf :emp:a:icn jto silthat are true cf heart, eser- 
ciie that mof: excelieit act of faith ; To btletve ^tth^ 
£7a//ff/iy^.TobeIecv-CjWhen the face cf God doth 
ihifle upon thee with unllble refreihing, and when 
thoa enjoyeic plentifjl! , and prtgnsot proofes or his 
favour, ii ao great mitcer, no fuch maiuery.But then 
to bdeeve, when all fcnfe cf Gods love is gene, and 
thciighrofh is countenance hid from thee 5 whcnaU 
goeqaite crcffeand contrary in the appeheufion c^ 
, carnall reafon : thenisthehighcl^ praife; thisisclie 
pcr^dion cf/'i<>^. Th? very duiljenfclefieandroule- 
lefTe ear:h: upon which we trradjinay teach us to reft 
and depend upon God in (iicha Cafe. It is a mighty, 
and maiJy body ..planted in the middeft of thcthinne 
aire j and inangsupor.juft nothing in theworid, but 
ordy upca Gods Word 3 By thac alone it 15 there efta- 
b!iU3edumacHicab1y,ke:pes his place moi^ ilcadiiy, 
ne^-er fiirresan ynch from \x.^ It hath no props or 
pillars :o uphold it : no barres orb-amsstofaftenit ; 
nothmgto ilayandfuppcrtit,butthc bare fVord of 
Co{;. a'.OOC. Hit Hfhoiaeth all thifigs by the fVsrd ef 
hh p-Gvxr.Ciizh theApoftkjHir^.i.^, Andyetnotall 
thecreaturesinthe world can ihake it, or make ic 
tremble. Becitro:hen,thar thy F^irh hath left it*» 
hcld-fafi; that for the prefenr, thou findeft nefee- 
ling; no encouragements of/^, Mtd pea£f w heUe" 
vir.7 ; no fe-Tib'epawnes, and pledges cfGods won- 
ted fsvcur,acc. Yet for ail chiSj caft thy fcife upon 

' xhz 

Par t . I . Cap 4 • Ap^ed Co^fdences, S^^ 

the /ureVecrd of that mighty God, who hath <?/r4^/'»- 
fied all the ends of the e^trtb ; and reared fuch a great 
and goodly bi!iiding,wherethere was noFour.dacion: 

andqu£{iionlefie,thoufhaltbe more then infinitely, 

cverlaftinely fafe, and fettled like W5«»f Zw«, v^^i' j^««i«, 

cartnetheeremoved,bitt iibtdetb for ever, Wcflioiild. 

5, TnfailingsoFnew obedience, 

Thcii purft"chy Ibnne intoimployracnt.fet'n him a- 
boiitthy bufinefTvS ; Hee improves the utsioft of his 
skill; firength and indeavour, to doe thee the beft 
krvice heecan,andpieafethee,ifit were po(Hble,to 
pcrfcdion; Butyetcoraesfhort of what thou de(i- 
reft, aadfailcsinmanypaniculars; and therefore he 
weepes and takcs-on j and is much troubled that hcc 
can give no bettercontentment. Now tell me,thoa, 
whofe heart is warmed with the tenderneflc of a Fa- 
thers affedicn, whether thou wouldeft not bee moll 
ready, and willing to pardon and pafle-by all defeds 
and failings in this kinde? Nay I know thou wouldeft 
rejoycc,and blefTe God, that hee had given thee a 
Child fo obedient, willing and sfFcdionate. Proper- 
tionably,thy heavenly Father fetstfaec on workc, To 
beleevc, repent, pray, reade the Scriptures, hearc the 
WordjConferre, meditate, love the Brethren, fanfti- 
fie his Sabbaths, humbi e thy felfe in daies oi'i^ip^ 
andprai«r,poureGut thy ibulc, day and night (as 
the times reqaire) in compaffion, fwllow.fceIing,and 
ftrongcriesfor thcaffl aions oilofeph jthc deftrufti- 
on of the Churches and thofe Brethcren of thine, 
which have To long lame in blood and teares 5 to bee 
indurtriousandfenousinallwoikcs of juftice^raer- 
cy,andtru:h>&c. And thou goeft about thefe bltfled 
biifinefles,with an upright heart,and obedience un- 
to God j but thefeverail performances comefarrc 
fhoitof what his Word requires, and thy heart dc- 
firesj and thereupon thou mourneft and gricveft, and 
ssfflift€ftthyfouic infecrct, b^cwfe thou canftnot 


582 h:/!ruPiicfisfc>r a ^tght confcrtittg Se£^. % 

coiiie-o9''wich more power and life 5 nor bring that 
glory unco God in thy Chriftian walking, which fo 
many mercies, mcancs,andrnch a miniftery may ex- 
adat thy hands. Inthiscafenow of thefe involun- 
tary failings, and humble difpoGtion of thy heart, 
therefore bceraoft aflbred, chy All-fufficient Father 
TVillfparethee^ as a man fpareth his optse fonney that 
ferveth blm. Nay,and with fo much more kindaefle 
and love 5 as the heavens are higher then the earth, aad 
4Whenvveefedcour God greater then man. 
fdvcsforfakcn. 4 ^'i cafe of a fpirituall Defcrtion. ^ 

c Dim boms uon negli' ' A Father fofaciog himfelffi with hish"ttle Childe, 
eitcumnegUgit.Kecob. and delighting in ics pretty, and pleafing behaviour, 
hyifcttHr.fedqudfi Mt. j^ ^ontfometifnes to ftep afide into a corner, or be- 

-vtfatur^ Ruff, in Pfal. i • j j r ^ • \ • * 

TiondefernetUmUdere- "indadore,uponpurpoieto quicken yet more, it's 
r4t.inV(z\.90.Mfcon~ Iove,andlongingaftcr him,and try the impaticncy 
dttfe fptnfuf cum ^ttt- andeagcmefleof it saftedions. In the mcane time, 
ritut 3 ut Hon invtmat hee hcares it cry, runncabcur, and call upon himj and 
^rdentm:^uxr4tHf,& yetheeftirresnot,butforbeares to appeares not for 
vemytHiat'.uttArdiute wantot coaipaiiionandkinanefle, wnich the more 
{tii cMpacior reddita, k takcs OH , the more abounds j but, that k may 
mHiiipUctus qitAHd^qt^e dcarclier prize the Fathers prefence: that they may 
tnyenutjquodquarehat, ^^^^ ^^^^ oief ril V, and rcjoycc in the enjoymcst of 

cao.4. N6« eH ftyttfKt ^^'^^ ^^^'^^ "^^^^ neaitily . Conceive then, and coafi- 
s^mftuAdyocem.&yo. dercothiuc owneexceedingcomfort, that thy hea- 
tumrevocantis. ^4re> veuly Father dcalcsiuftfo withthecin a fpirituall de- 
HtdtfidtrmmcYefidt, ut fertion. Heefornotimcs hides his facc fromthtc/and 
frobcturdffeFi^, ut ex. ^ij-hdrawcs faisquickning, and refrefhing prefence 
»m.Saneerildtf,muU. for atimcnot for « want oHove, for hee loves thee 
tio cft^ mii indig^Atio. freely^ He loves thee with oneverlafting ^Z'*? j he loves 
Bera.inCant.Serm.7 ^« 

'Konde/eritfUtdeferatur. Simon Caff in Evang.lib.8.cap.37. Deferit potiiti, ne deferatttr. 
ideo videturde/erere, quumnyult deferU Hof.14 4.Ier.3 i.g, Iob.17.26. ^*fti dfUEii^ 
^uknes profeqaiturDeM^pTOpriHoqutHd^^mnuliAeH quamquk filium fuum al^ initio dilex- 
st, tit in to ms quoque grdtts ]ibi Cr an. al/iles reddt « f . Cal v . in Lo c . Toh , 1 5, 9. SiqitificAt nm 
yulg'tvemdtUi^tonem/'utimerg't ipfas^ r.eque ^lane taUmg qualu ejfe f«Ut dtleBJo a oedturd. 
^romanaaSy fed talem {ffe^-quaiii eft cr^Atfirit ipfiiH j & Dei dttior. —.^^Roe e^,in^' 
nitw, & imemprektnfiHif* i fitiut longitndi.»eni ^ Utitudinemt profKnditatem & alti" 
(Mdinesna aemo jieteji {or^thi»4ire t ^ qi*ijitpif4t amnemc^i^tianim. KoUocmJoc. 


Part. I . Cap -4. t^ffiifed Cs»fcieftcer, a.g • 

thee with the very fame love, with which Hee loves 
lifus Cfer/i? J And that dcare Sen of bis, loves thcc 
Tfith the fame lev e^ his Father laves him: B-at to pat 
ttjore heate and life into thine afi-t£iions cowards 
him, and heavenly things j To caufe thee to rcJi/h 
coniHJiinion with lefm Cbnjf^ when thou en;oyeft 
it, tnore'fweetly ; to preferve it more carefully ; to 
joy in it more thankfully ;andto£hiin tsore watch- 
folly, whatfccver might rob theeof it : To ftirre i;p 
ali the powers of thy loa!e,and allthcgracesof God 
in chte ; to fcckc his face and favour againe with 
jnore extraordinary, and univerfall ferioufnefi*^, an-d 
indullry .* For W€ finde with pkarure,polIcfre with 
fiagular contentment, and keepc with iptciall care, 
what we have fought with paine. W e may fee this in 
theSpoiifc : Camic. -^^i.^c* under the prcflujre of a 
grievous DefertioniPonderevcry particular. By night 
en my bed I [ou^thim^hom my foule loveth^ I fought 
himJfHt I found him not, I rviU rife »fiW, ^ind gaea^eut 
the City inthe fireets^nndw the broad Tvayes ; I ■will 
feeke him whom my foule loveth ; I [onght him^ but I 
found him not. The WAteh-men that goe altfiUt tht 
at) , found mee : to whom I faid j SaW yee him whom 
my foule loveth f It ^m but a Itttle^ that I fapd from 
them^bnt I found him whom my foule loveth : / held 
htm.ar-d ^culd net let htm goe^ unttU I had broMgbt him 
to my mothers houfe ; and mto the chamber of her that 
egffscetved mee. I charge jee^ Oyee daughters oflene- 
falem^by the%oes ,andby the Htndes of the field^hatjee 
fiirren»tup^nor awa^emy Love^ttll hee fkafe. And 
kftly, that, when the comfortable beames of Gods 
lighcfome countenance ilialibreake out againe upon 
thy foule,and thy Beloved is returned i thou aaaift 
fingjthat triumphant fong of f aithmoft |oy fully; / 
am my Beloveds, and my Beloved ii mtne. Defertions 
thcn,& dclaics oft«his naturctare fruits of thy heaven* 
J;^ Fathers love ^ and ought to be ao difcouragements 

C <; ' vsat9 

3 ^4 InflrftB'toHsfor a right comforting, Sc(fl. j S 

untG thee at all, holding thy integrity. His loue there- 
by is intended to wards thee, by the rcftraint of the 
inflaencc.asitwercandfcnfeof it from thy foule, 
as a Brooke growes big, by dan:)ming it up for a 
while : And thy love is more en flanged towards him, 
when thou feeleil by the want of it, what an heaven 
}ipon earth it is, to have his face fliineuponthec,with 
it'squickning refrefhing prefence j rndthat a fenfible 
cmbracement of lefus (^hnfi m the armes of thy 
Faith, is the very life of the foule, as the Soulc is the 
life of the Body j the Crownc of all fwcet content- 
mentin this vale oftcareSj and a piece, as it were, of 


night ednclujtom woredraiv/tefrsmthe afare^mentia^ 
ned places i 


N times oftrialf. 

Thou feeft fometimcs a Fa- 
ther fctting downe his little . 
One upon it*s feet, to trie its 
ftreHgth,and whether it be yet 
able toftand by it felfc omo | 
But withall, he holds his armes 
Oil both fides, to uphold it, if hecfee it incline either 
way,and to prefervcitfrom hurt. Aflurc thy felfe, 
thy heavenly Father takes care of thee with infinite- 
ly more reRdcrnefTe, in all thy trialls, either by out- 
ward affiiftions, or inward temprations. Though 
thoH Jhouldefi fall^ yet fialt thoM not bee utterly caji 
tdfiwfte jfer the Lord Mpholdetb thee wtth hiahaad^ Pf^o 
^7.24. Never did G^ld-fmith attend fo curioufly, 
and punctually upon thofe prctiou* mettalishcecafts 
intothefirCjto obftrve the very firft feafon, aodbeo 
%e,ichac they tarry no longer in thcfurnacc, thcnthc- 
" droSe; 

P art. I .Chap, 5. jiffiHed Cotfcietsces, 3 85 

drofiibc wafted j they thorowly purified, and fitted 
for fome excellent ufe ; as our gratious God lovingly 
waits, to take thee out of trouble and teu^ptationj 
wbcp. the ruft is n moved froin thy fpirituail ar- 
mour j thy graces fliine out, and thou heartily hum- 
bled, and happily fitted, to doc him more glorious 
fcrviccfo! thetjajetocomejl meane, when he hath 
attained the end, which hee mercifully intended in 
lovcjand for thy good. 

6. In conceits of our un worthineflc. ^. Whea Wee fede ov^ 
D<«t/?Wcommand€d/5^^, and the other CaptaJnes, ovvneunwwthinefl^ 

10 entreat the young man Abfdem gently for hu fake^ 
iSam i8.5.Ar€bcllioustraiterousSon, upinarmes 
againfthisownc Father, gracelefly, and unnaturally 
thir/Hng out of afurious ambitious humour,to wring 
the Regall Scepter out of hishand,and to fetthe im- 
periallCrowne upon his ownc head: How dearely 
and tenderly then, will the Father of mercies deale 
with a poore humbled foule, that lighcs, and fccksfor 
his favour, infinitely raorejthen any earthly trcafurc, 
orthcgiory of a thoufand worlds ? 

7. 1 will fuppofe, thou haft broke fomc fpcciall 7. If wee treakef^l 
vow,( which were a grievous thing) made before the ^P*?i?ll!f?)!Tj 
Sacramentjupoofomedayof humiliation, or fucho- 

theroccafion,- and fo forfeited thy felfe, as it were, 
poledoftothedungcon of utf:er darknefle, if thou 
wert ferved,as thy finne hath defcrved. And thereup- 
on, thou arc much afflid:fcd,& fore troubled in mindc, 
to have TufFeredthy ielfe to bee fo fottifhly enfnarcd 
againe infuchadif-avowed fin, againft io ftrong a 
purpofe. But here confider,whethcrthou,bLing a Fa- 
ther, would'ft take the forfeiture of a bond, and ad- 
vantage of breaking day, efpecially full fore agamft 
his will, from thy deareft Childe, intreating thee 
to intreate him kindly j Much, nay infinitely itfie* 
will thy heavenly Father deale hardly with thee 
C c 2 in 

585 In^rnUisHs for Aright eomfortiHg Seft,5» 

infuch a Cafe, if thou complainc at the Thrane of 

^rsce with a grkvcd fpirit 5 renew thy covenant,and 

tell him truly, that thou wilt, by the hclpcof the holy 

Ghoft, guard thy heart with a narrower watch, asd 

flronger refolution for thetiafje to come. If'^ee conn 

feffe eur /inms; hee is faith fftiU>?d$fifl to forgive w our 

finrtes.^ I lohn 1 .9. And in fiich a Ca fe, wee ha v e ever a 

blcfled Advecate ^ith the Father, lefns Cbrifi thertgh' 


f»«g;< w^i^r^^irtH^. A Father (ometiaie threatens, and offers to 

S;1X^X'^'^^ ^^^?^ ^»'i^t/e one out of his ^rmes : but Qpon pur- 

ttnddiisbjcreat. Simon, pofe only to make him cliog clofer unto him . Our 

Caff.in EYaBg.Ub. J 4. heavenly Father may feeme to caft oflFhjs Childe,and 

leave him for a while in the hands of Satan, for iR- 

ivardteinptationi or tothe rage of his bloody agents 

for outward perfecution j But it is onely, to draw 

himncercrtohimfclfc,by more fcrious fceking, and 

fure depcndancein the time oftrouble , and that with 

the hand ofhis faith, hee may lay furer held upon his 


And the Childe, cfpecially, if of riper conceit, 

and wiferthoughts, iaughes,pcrhaps,jn the Fathers 

fkce,dreadsno danger.drcames not of being hurt. And 

what's the rcafon, thinke yeej- Only becaufe hee 

knowes,hethatholdshiiij,ishisFathcr.- So thy bca^ 

venly Father holds thee,as it were, over Hell in Come 

ftrongtemptati©n,upon purpofe to terrific thee from 

tampering fo much with the Divels baites 3 fo that 

thou fcefi nothing about thee for the prefent, but 

darkeiieffeanddifcomforts,andthe very horrors of 

ctcrnall death ready to take hold on thee : yet for all 

this, upon the ground of this loving gracious refcm- 

t^lancethou maifl be comforted j and cry confident- 

m i^.Jfl. ly with hb ^Though he fl^j me, yet mil I trufiiH htm , 

Kal 23.4. With David,Thcfighlr,Alk^through the valley oftk^ 

ifei5p.»«; Jhndorvof death, I mllfeare no eviU, fVho « amo»i jon. 

» fO!r?rop!}et, fhffearejh the Lord, that ^eyeth 


Part. 1. Cap. 5» 9y4ffiiEledC(i»fciemet. ^%y 

the voice ofhui fervant, that ^alketh in darhntjfe^Mnd 

hatb no light} Lfthimtrttfiin the Name of the Lord^ 

andjiaj upn his ^od, 

p. A Son by the feducementof fome diffolutc and p.I^we flWe taclc fel 

dimiiVQu Belial sis drawnc into lewd and licentious *9r?!?^6'i*Y®??^^"'^: 

company ; ar.d fc plunges prefently over head aud 

eares into peflileat courfcs; Falls unhappiIy,to fwag- 

gering, drinking, gaming, the mirth and madneflTc of 

wine and pleafures J and at length tocxprcfle to the 

life, an txi€i conformity, to that compleat charader 

of theprofcfTcHirs of Good-fellowflbip, as they call 

it, and Epicurifrae 5 both for purfiiite of renfuall dc- 

lightSjand perfecution of true profcffours, Wifd. 2. <?, 

&c,i i.e^-f. Whereby hee vvailc's his Patrimony,cuts 

theheartofhisParents, wounds his confcicncc,&c. 

His Father monrnesaud grieves, confults andca^sa- 
bout with alllovc and longing for his recovery, and 

returns : atkngth out of fcntc and confciencc of his 
bafcand dcbdiht behaviour, vile company, diflio- 
nouriiigGodibanifliinggood motions,&c. He comes 
JO ^f»i?/?//>,intreates his father upon his knees with 
many teares, that hee woyld bee pleated to pardon 
what is paft,receive him into favour againe ^ and hee 
willfaitiifully endeavour to difpleafe hiai no more, 
but redceme the lofle of the former, with the im- 
provement of the time to come. How willingly and 
weIcomely,thinkeyoij,wculdruch a Father receive 
fuchafon,intothebo{bmcoFhis fatherly affevflion, 
andarmesoideareftcmbraccmenr. And yet fo, and 
infinitely more isour heavenly Father merciful!, and 
meltingtowardsanyof his relapfed children, retur- 
ning unto his gracious Throne,with true remorfe and 
hearty griefe,forro going aftray.j|Which isan incom- 
parable comfort in cafe of (&4c^^-yZ/<^*«^j whicli yec 
God forbid. 

10. A Father indeed, will lay heavier burdens f*?- ^^ ^t^. ^^^^^ oa« 
MP?? PJ? t9??^9W growne into y eares and itreagtn, 

Cc 3 and 

felves 1 nable for great 

j8^ InfltMUtom for aright comfming. Scd.j; 

and puts him to forcr labour, and harder taskes \ But 
while hee is very young, he is wont to forbears him 
with much tenderntffe and compaffion 5 becaufchec 
knowcs,htcisfcarce able to carry himfelfc out of 
the mire :Evenfo, but with infinite more aftedio- 
nateneflc and care, watchful nefle and love, doth our 
heavenly Father bcarc in his armcs, and forbeare, a 
Babe in Chrift. See Ifa^^o. 1 1. This may bee a very 
f\^eet and precious cordiail to wcake ccnfciences at 
their firft converfion : Who when they csft their eye 
upon the hainoufnefft and number of their fimes^^hc 
fiery and furious darts of the Divell, the frownes and 
angry foreheadsof their carnall friends, the worlds 
lowringand enmity, the rcbsllioufnefle and unto-, 
wardncffe of their owne hearts, prefling upon them 
all at once % and fo confidering.that refraining from e- 
vill^theym/ike themfelvesaprey^^VQTcady to finkcand 
faint ; and feare that they (hall never hold out. For 
thty may hence ground upon it ; being upright-hear- 
ted, and believing, that Godj who knowes their 
weakcneffe full well»W>/5? mt fufferthem to be tempted, 
iihove thatthej 4ire ahle | hnt mil rvith the temptation 
mlfi make a tvaj toefcafe^ that they may bee able to beare 
it. So that over ail thefe adverlaries, and ungodly 
oppofitions,they ftiall moft certainely be more then 
fi.lfvfcieoMcihortof 1 1. Whenthouartdeje<fledin fpirit, and walkefl 
5ih«f. '" more heavily, becaufethoHcom'ft fiiDrt of ftronger 

Chriftiansin all performances, fervices, duties and 
fruitfull walking | and thereupon fuffr'ft flavifh 
doubtesanddiftrnils, left thy ground- worke bee not 
well laid, and beatc backe,and barrc out, all fpirstu* 
all joy,and cxpeded contcntmens in thy Chriftian 
couifc 1 1 fay thcn,and in fuch a Cafe, Suppofe a Fa- 
ther fliould call unto him in bafte, two of his chil- 
dren J One of three ycares old, the other ofthirteenc ^ 
d)ey both make all the haft they cao^ but the elder 

Part.l,Chap»5' jiffiiHed CmfcieKces, 

makes much more fpeedjand yet the littleone comes 
onwadling, asfaflas it can ; and if it had more 
itrength, it would have matcht the other : Now 
wouldnottheFa: her accept of the youngers utmoft 
endeavour-iccording to it*s ftrtngth, as well as of 
-the elders f after gat, being flrongcr? I am furc hee 
would $and that w ich moretenderneire too, and ta- 
liingit in his armt s to encourage it. And fo certainly 
wiii thy heavenly Fatherdeale with thee in the like 
Cafe, about thy fpirituail ftate, being true-hearted, 
and heartily grieving, praying, and iadeavouring to 
dee better. 

12. Suppofea Child to fall fickcin a family; The n.if ^ee ate Jn any 
Fathcrprefentlyretsthcwh^Ie houfeon worke for manner fpirituaUjr ik*; 
therecoveryofit'swelfare. SomerunncforthcPhy- ftrcflei 
fition,othcrsfor friends a id ncighbouiS; Some tend 
it,others watch with it ^ All contribute their feverall 
abilities, endevours, and diligence to doe it good; 
And thus they continue in morion, aflFedion, and ex- 
traordinary imploymcnt about It ; farre more then a- 
bcut all the reft that are Vv ell, untillit recover. With 
the very fame, but incomparably more tender care, 
and companion, will thy heavenly Father vifite thee 
in all thy fpirituail maladies and iickneffes of Soule. 
The whole blefled Trinity is ftirred, as it were,extra- 
ordinarily, and takes ro heart thy troubles at fuch ^ 
time J Even as a Shepheard takes more paines, and 
excrcifes morepittic andtendancficabout his fh<rep, 
when they aie out of tune. See Ifa,^o=i it Szech,^^^ « u^^^ft- 
I ^. upon which places, heare the Paraphrafe of a 
bltficd * Divine, /"/^tf Lord V^iii not he mfalthfttllf 
thee , if thou bes upright mth him^ thottgh thou bee 
fveake in thy carnage t9 htm 5 for hee kee pes his Co- 
venant forever. Z4nd therefsrem Ifaj^c* the Lord 
fxprejfefhit thtts^ you (hall know mee, as fhcepe 
know their Shcpheard, and I will make a covenant 
with you, and thpfj, et»d thns J will dtsle mth yot* : 
Cc 4 ~ ^"^ 

2QO JnfirM^i«»sfor dri^rot comforting Se^,3o 

e/fniho^ U thitt ? tVhy the coveftant h not thu4 only j oi 
hng^ yen kffpftvuhtit the boundei yUad keeps mihin 
the fo^ld 5 Ailovg^M pH gat Along the fathes efrigh' 
teonj'^cjfeyapid walkeinthem : butthUid the ^avemn^ 
that I litU make I Itvitl drive ym according to th4t 
j9!* are able to beware : // any be great with yomgj mil- 
drive them feftly i Ifihey belome^that they are notable 
togoe {(ahthhesj) I wiUcakethem up in mineartnes, 
and CiFry them iii my bofome, Jf yon compare with 
iE^i'Ub.'^^. fott /hall finde there^ Hee puts do'^ne all 
the flips W^ee are fnbjeQ unto \ {^[peaking of the time of 
the CoJ pell, when Chrifl ftiould be the fhepheard ) hes 
fie^es the (Covenant that hee rvill make with thofe that 
are hi4 j Saith he^ if any thing be loft, if a fheepe lofe 
itfelfe^thUismy Covenant^ I will finde it : If it bee 
drivenaway by any violence oftemptatim^ I will bring 
it backe againe : If there bee a breach wade into their 
^ hearts, by any occaflon through ftnne and lufi, I will 

heale them, and binde them up. ThU the Lord ^illda^ 
thiiu the Covenant that hee makes. But I was telling 
yoii^the whole bieifed Trinity takes on, ( If I (nay fo 
fpcakc) altera fpeciall manner, in all the fpirituall 
trouble$;,erpecially,of all thofe.whoaretrueof hearts 
Gtf/^/^tf/rf/^/rjbowells of mercy yernc compaflio- 
natclyover thee, when hecfcesthce fpiritually fickff.' 
The.diftreiTcdand difconfolateilatc of thy foule,puts 
faim into inch inciting and affedionate pangs, as 
«•* .-----J Chefe : Oh fbon afjii^iedy to^ed with tempepj and not 

tomforttd j behold^ I -will lay thy fiones with f aire ca- 
^Kj,nm^ /«*^/, and lay thy foundations "^ith Sapbires^ c^c. Com' 

" fort yee my people^ faith your God^ Speaks yee comfor- 

tablytojerufalem^and cry unto her^that her^arfareis 
nccompli^edy that her iniquity is pardoned^^c, lefus 
C^rifl^out of his owue experience knoweth full welf, 
whatitis to be grievoufly tempted : what it is to 
have the moil hideous thoughts, and horrible in je- 
S^?55 ^!H? wac into the minde, that can bee poflibly 


* -^rc. I . cap^ « j4^icied Con [denes s, 3 p I 

imagined ; Nay,tbattbeDiveli himfelfccandcvife : 
%tc MAt,/^.6.^. What an beli it IS, to want the com- 
fortable influence cf the Fathers pleafed face and fa - 
veur. See Mat.iy.j\f6, And therefore hec cannot 
chufc but bee affliQed in our tt^ibhens j and very fcn- 
fibly and fwcetly ten^er-bearrcd in all our fpiritualJ 
troubles. They pitty us moft incur ficknefles, wha 
have felt the fame tbeinfelves./» that hee himfelfe (uf- 
fered^ and Vfins tempted^ hee is Able to fucconr them thni 
are ter»pted^Heb.2'ld, As for the bleffed Spirit, it is 
his proper WGrkc,as it were. To comfort them thAt 
moHrneinZion\ To give nntothem hatttj for ttfhes^ 
the Qjle of jij for moHrning, the garment of prAtfe for 
the fpiritof heavineffe. And yet bcfides all this, thy 
heavenly Father, inthediftrelTc of thy foule, fets al- 
fo on worke the Church of God about thee : Faith- 
fall Miniilcrs to pray for, and prepare feafonable 
andfoundarguments,rcafons, ccunfclls, and com- 
fortsout of Gods blcfled Bookeito fupport,quicken, 
reviye,andrccovertheeall they can: Private Chri- 
ilians,to commend thy Cafe unto the Throne of grace, 
and mercy; and that extraordinarily wich mightinefle 
of prayer upon their more fokmne daycs of humili« 

Thus,and in thelike manner, perufe all the com- f sina qtit feeuM^HPn 
pafllonate paflagcs of the moft tender-hearted pa- mfir^mfiUos diUgimit,, 

:rly will our heavenly Father (iea'e with all,thataie tr*„^ittr4m.sed n:T cl,^ 

upright-hearted, in ail their troubles,tj iils.aiid temp- Uyt(tatur n-Mtr injan, 

rations. For the dearefl: love of the molt affidionate tem^mfiit, uurtfui^tit 

Father and Mother to their Childe, is ^ nothing to tAmtnuomhUytfc^rtui^ 

that,whicbheebearcstothofer^^M.^.«,//..4P. ^Z^^ii^^^^Zl 



InprHciiens for a right comfsrting Sccl.j. 

^^aPrmciple of com- 
fort from one thing 
within usjcven accor- 
ding to th« judgement 

g Prr4»w inliisGrainc 

h /<ie»iii>IjisEtpofiti- 
OBof theCreed,p. i »7. 

i Utm npon the Ser- 
non in the Meant, 
fag.i I. 

I: D0WMJi«mhisCiari< 


9y4Trmclple gf comfort from femethinq mtbinm, 
confirmed from feverall tcftimonics and tafl^Rces of 
Serif tftre, and hj we reafon, 

Hirc^(y,thereis apretious Pria- 
cipk in the myfterfc of falvati- 
on 5 which , as a comforting 
Cordiall-watcrjfervesto quic- 
ken and revive in the fovvnings 
and faintingsoF the Body,defc. 
Aionof the fpirits, and finking 
of the heart i So it may bee foveraignc, to fupporc 

wcakneffcsof ourfpirituall ftate: Jc is thus delive- 
red by Divines. 

S Aconftantand earned defire to bee reconciled f 
g^dytg believe, and to refent, if it bee in a touched hearty 
« inaccdptationwith God, asrecoHCfliAtion^Faith^repen- 
tance itfelfe. 

*» A rvMke faith (he'^ei itfelfehj this grace ofQad^ 
namely^ an Unfained defire^mtonelj ej falvation^ (^for 
that the -kicked aud gracelejfe man may have;") But 
of reconciliation nith Codw Chrifi. This ts afurefigne 
of Faith in every touched and humbled heart , and it is 
peculiar to the eleU, 

» Thofe are (flexed, rfh9 are dvfpteafed trith their awne 
doubting and unbeliefe; if they have a true eamefl de- 
fire to bee purged from this diftrufi, and to believe in 
God through Chri^, 

^ Our defire of grace Jaith and repentance y are the 
graces themfelveSyVfhich ^e defire j at leafi in Gedsac- 
ceptatian, -who accept eth of the mil for the deed, and of 
fiur a^e^ioHsfor the anions* 

J Hmgring 

Part.I.Cap.^, u^ffldied Coft/ciefices, 595 

1 HHngriKgdndthirpngdefires are evidences 0f ^ I D>i^«ofRep«ntMJCffi 
repeating beart^ *'P* ' ^ 

m Tri4€ de fire /irgues the prefenceef things dejired^ m r.T. upon PfaljjJ 
and jet arguesnot the feetwgofit, P«g>j8. 

n // f»4^ «e? ^ftf d$f[embledj that there Are in the « Byfeildin his Eipo- 

</(?<? wfff comprehend m them^ that onely thing^woich is the ^ ,y^i(,M^ 
chief e fi^y of tbettfands ef the deare fervants of God\ 
md that is J defires^which may not bee denjed to bee «f 
the nature of Faith. I exprejfe ntj meaning thtts : That 
Ttfhen A LMan , or vpoman is fofarre exercifed in the fp$' 
ritaall feeking f>f the Lord his <jod '^That hee would bee 
roilltng to part "^ith the ^orld, and all things thereof^ 
if hee had them in his owne p^efjiony fo that by the Spi^ 
rit and Promifes ef^od hee might be ajfuredjthat the 
Jinnes of his former life^ and fmh as prefently dee bnT- 
then his Sofde^tvere forgiven him '^andthat he might be* 
leev-s that Qod ^ere »ot» become hi4 God in Chrift : / 
Tvofildnot doubt to pronounce, that this Ter/on ^thue 
prizjngrem'tJfioH offinnes at this rate, that hee wottldfell 
all tobuytbit pcKle) did undoubtedly believe. Not 
onely becatife it is a truth ( though a Paradoxe) that the 
"D^fiteto believe is Faith, "But alfobecaufe our Sm^i^ 
cur Chrifl doth not doubt to afjirme that they are bleffed, 
that hunger and thirft after righccoufneflV, bccaufc MatA.jX 
they (hall bcelatisfied. ylndto him that is athirft I Revelai.^^. 
will give to drinke of the water of life freely, t^fnd 
David doubted nottofayjThc Lord hcareth the dc- Pral.10.17* 
fircoF the humble. 

« I thinke^vfhenfoever the humbled fnuer fees an in. o Ro^tr' of DeihMi 
finite excellency tn Q'hrijl^ and the favour of god by "^ his DoSrine of 
him, that it is more tvorth then all the world ; and/o fets ^3'*^*P* »•?•&! a8; 
bisheartuponit,tkatheeisref$lved to feekfi it "Without 
seaftng^ a»d to part Vetth all for the obtaining it^ now I 
take itf ts Faith begun. 

H^hat graces thouunfainedly deftrefi 5 and eonfiantly 
yifi themeanes to attnine ^ Thfu haft^ 

' - B Thers^ 

3 P 4 lyijlm^omfor a right comforting Seft 

p CM^aScrm.^* p T'^tfrtf isn$ rock* more fnre then this truth ofGvd^ 

That the hearty that eomplaiKeth ef theVcaM of grace^ 
deftretha^eveali thhgstke fupplj of that ^iMnt, nfetb 
all holy meanes for the frocHrement of that/fipflj^cart' 
not bee defiitftte of Caving grace ^ < 

\ I5r«i7f?rf»,pag. 144^ q Such are wee hy imputation, a£ yvee bee in affeckvnl 
And hee is now no finner,who for the love hee beareth ta 
righteenfne^e, nfould be no ftnner* Sftch as "^e bee in de- 
fire, and pftrpofe ; fhch wee bee in reckoning, andaccnsnt 
With God ', ^hogiveth that true deftre, and holy purpsfe^ 
to none bfJt to his Children,Whom hee jnfiifieth, 

t r>>^6ofSelfc-iccei- r fye mftjl remember^ that God accepts affi'£ling 

viflgjcap.i^. yj,^ effeding ; willing for working j defircs for 

' deedes; purpofcs , /^y* performances j pence, /i?r 

pounds I and unto fticb as doe their endeavour^ hath 

promifed His grace enabling them every day to d«e more 

and tnorci 

I Per^ upon Galaj. f y^^^^^^ beeinthee A forK&wfor thine unbeliefe"^ 4 

f '^'*^ ' ivill and defire to belisve ; and a care to increafe in 

Faithbytheufeof goodmtAnes I there is a meafure of 
true Faith in thee ;and by it thsft maiji affnre ihy felfe^ 
that thou art the Child of (jod, 

% Bi-Wrpag 88. ' ^^ *^ ^ g^^^^ g^^^^ "/ ^''^ '^ f^^^^ '^' '*'*''' ^/ 

gods graces in thy felfc^ And to hnnger and thirfl af" 

. terthem. 

h mr.n Faiti, «-!,« "* ^fy'"^ "^'fi'' *'^^"*'^ '^ y'*"' *''^^'*''' ^*'''^*'' '" 
9 mijon e&itb, p«i 3 5. ^^^^^ to grace } perceive your fonleneffe nnto a loathing 

of yosir felfe $ feare not, fifme hath no dominion over 


% J*«/,pag^i84''. * Senfe of Want of grace, complaint and mourning 

from that fenfe, de(ire fettled and earnefl vfith fttcb 

mourning to have the want fuppliedyufe of good meanet^ 

with attending upon Him therein for this [apply ^ is fure- 

ly of ^ ace, 

m>at graces thou unfainedlj defirefit 4Hd conflaHtlj 

ufefi the meanes to attaiue ^ thou hafi. 

Take it in (hortfrom mec chus : 

^ -_ -- [4ttu: 

jPart.I.capt^* ^^ioied Confcknces, ^nj 

A trne Jiefvre 9J gruce argues a [AvingAnd csmfcrtA- Tbat a trae defreef 
^/<? efiate. grace,arguf« an efine 

The truth of which appearcs cl£arcIy,By Scrip- •ffaivarion.Profei 
tures, ReafonSjBoth ancient and naoderne D ivincs. ty Scripturet. 

Proefes.Mat.s^e. BUjfed are they, "^hichdaebm' '•T<ftiaa^ic«; 
^(?r 4«^ third after rigb teottfftejfejdr they fhall bellied. 
Here lo a ^efire of grace is annexed a Promifc of 
Bleffednefle, which comprehends all the glory aad 
pleafuresof GhriftsKingdomc here, and all heaven- 
ly joycs and evcrlafting blifTe hereafter, /tfifc. 7.37* 
Ij an^man thirfi^ let htr» cemeunto mee, and dri»l^^ 
Ffa/^io.iy. The Lord heareth the defireofthe humm 
^/<?,P/^/.i45.l9. Hee "^ill julfiU the defer e of them 
that fearebim, Luke 1.55. The Lord fillet b the hnn- 
971 vfithgdod thtngjjRev.lt. 1 7. Let him that ii athtrfi 
come. iAnd vchofoever wtll, let Htm take the water of 
Itfe freely. I fa. 55.1. Ho, every one that thirfieth, eonte 
yee to the waters ^&c^ And C4/'.44.vcrf.3. / will f cure 
water Mp^ft Him that ts thirfiy^ and fiaods upon the dry 

O Lord, J Ifefeech thee, faith Nehemiah ^ let HO'iV S.Infianceil 
thine enre hee attentive to the prayer of thy fervantyOnd 
to the prayer of thy fervants , who defire to fean thy 
Name, Here, thofe who defire to fcarc the Lord^ 
are ftiled His fervants J andpropofed as mea quali- 
fied, and in a fit difpofition to have their prayers 
heard, their petitions granted, their di ft reffes relie- 
ved, their aftaires blefled with fuccefTe. And no 
doubV'his Man of God would make fpcciall choift 
of fuch Attributesandaiedions;which might prove 
powerful!, and pkafing arguments , to draw from 
GodGoiiipaffion,favGur,aad protedion. And there- 
fore a true-hearted defi/c to fcarc the Lord, isa (igne 
of His fervanti 

y^^rrt^4zw,asyouknaw, ^en,tt, did not indeed^ 
wbenitcametothcPoint,facrificc hisSoaiAn Angel 
from Heaven ftaj^ed his band. Onely Hee had a will, 

3 96 JftfirH^ioHS for a right comforting Sccfl.j - 

purpofc,and fefoIution,if the Lord would fo have it, 
even to flicd thcblood of his onely Childe. Now this 
<lefiretopleareGod,wasgraciou(ly accepted at his 
feands,as though the thing had been done 5 and there- 
upon crowned with as many b!cfli.igs, as there are 
ftarrcs in t be Heaven, and fands uponthc Sfa-fliore. 
Bjmyfelfe have I fs^orne ^fnith the Lord, BecaMfe 
ThoH hafi done this thing, And h/ifi notffAredthme enelj 
Sonne ; (and yet hcc fpilt not & drop of his blood, (a ve 
©ncly inp'jrpofe and preparedncfTe to doeGods will) 
Therefore "^lU I fnrely ble^ethee^and greatly mnlti'^ly 
thy feed.astheftarres of the Heaven^ and as the [and 
Tvhieh is upon theSea-JhoreyctC 16.17. 

Rich men fCP^arke j 2. caft into the Treafury large 
Doles, and royall offerings, no doubt. For it is there 
faid : LMany that yoere rich, caft in mueh,vcTf,j^ i ..And 
yet the paorefVido^estrpo mites, receiving worth and 
Waight from her holy and hearty affection, in Chrifts 
cfteeme, didout-valew, and over-weigh them all. 
Verily , faith Chrift, I Jay nnto yoUy that this pore w»- 
dowhathcaji mare iu^tben all they wbtch have eaFitnm 
to the Treafury, 
ByReafoiifl Reafsns. i .One argument may bee taken from the 
tureaccep^tsth^wiflfor ^^ctTednobleneffeof Gods nature, and the incompa- 
tfaedcedf ^ rabic fwectncffe of his divine difpofition : which by 
infinite diftance, without all degree of comparison, 
and meafure of proportion, doth furpade, andtran- 
fcendthc ingenuoufnefTe of the noblcft fpirit upon 
earth. Now, men of ingenuous breeding, and gene- 
rousdifpofitions,are wont to receive fweetefl con- 
tentment, and reflbcft fatisfied, in prevailing over, 
and winningthc hearts, good wills,and affv.£lions of 
thofe, who attend, or depend upon them. Outward 
performanccsjgratifications, and vifible ^^GdiS, arc 
often beyond our ftrengrh and meancs; many times 
minglcd,and quite mard, with Hypocrifies.difguifc- 
jQcnts/ained accommodations, and Batcerks ; with 
^ . — - ^ felfc- 

Part. I Cap 6 • AffliEied Confciences. 397 

felfc advantages,by-rcfpefts,and private end* .♦ But 
inward reverence, and love, kinde and affedionate 
ftkringsofthe heart are ever, and alone in our po- 
wer ; and ever, by an nncontroleable frecdome, ex- 
empted from enforceraentjdiflembling.and forcnali- 
cy. NoRiarvaile then, though the moft royall, and 
Heroicallfpirits,prizemoft>and be bcftplcafed with 
pofleffion of Mens hearts^ and beingaflured of them, 
can more eafily pardon the want of thofe outward 
-Aftsoffufficicncy,andrervi€c(moft minded by ba- 
it^,. men) which they fee to bee above the reach of 
their ability and power* Nowif it bee fo, that even 
ingenuous, and noble natures accept with fpeciall re- 
fpedl and cftecme the affedionatenclTe, and hearty 
well-willing of their followers and Favoumes^ 
th«ugh they want dextcrity,andmeancs,to expretle 
itaftuallyinvifibleefrefts,and executions anfwera- 
ble to the it affection : How much more arcfpirituaH 
longings, holy afFe<ftiGns,thirfty defircs, gracioufly 
accepted of that God ; in rcfped of whofe compaf^ 
fions, the bowels of the moft merciful! man upoiv 
earth are cruelty ; In rcfped of whofe immealurably 
amiable, melting, fweeteft difpolitfon, the iogcnu- 
oufnefle of the nob/eft fpirit is doggedncflfe and difi 
daine. Epeciallyfith Mens good Turnes, and Offices 
of lovc,turncmany times to our good and bcnefit,to 
our advancement, profit, preferment : But our roeH' pfal.i^.i^ 
doingextendethmtunteGod, That infinite effentiall Geds glory iiot i©i 
glory, with which the highefl Lord, alone to bee ««a^cd by ©ur gooi- 
blcfled, adored, and honoured by all for ever ; was, is, ^««<l'stfeat if» 
and fhallbe everlaffingly crowmd j can neither bee 
cmpaircd by the moft defperatt rebellions j or enlar- 
ged by the moft glorious good d^t^^s. Cm 4 man • . --, 
(faith e/tphtizto i6b)bee profiui>U unto God j ^s He **'**^* 
that is ^tje^ may bee fr op able mto htmfelfe f Is ttAny 
flenfure to the AJmigbty,thAt thou art right eons i Or is 
it^ameto Hm^ that thou rn^fi thj ^aiesfcrfe&? 

3 pS InjlrH^ionsfor a r'tght comforting Scft. 3 • 

And Cap,'^'^.6,j,S.If tbon fimefl^^'hAt doefi than a^ 
gaittfi Him ? Or if thy tranfgrejjiofts Bee m>iltifljed^ 
vfhat dsepthafi unto Htm ? If thou bee right e^HSy W'hat 
giueji thou to Htm ? Or wh^t receiveth bee of thine 
hand ? Thy xvick^dfisjfe may hurt a mdm^ as thou art \ and 
thj rightegftfnejfe may profit the Sonne of Olfan, Were 
all the wicked men upon earth turned into humane 
bcafts, defperate "B dials j nay, incarnate Divels ; and 
the whole world full of chofe outragious Giants of 

Babel ; andchofealfooftheoldWerld; And all with 

combined force and fury, fliould bend, and band 

therafeivesagainft Heaven -|ycttbey could not hurt 

God. The Lord is King, bee the people never fo itnpa- 

tient ^Weejittethbetrveenethe Cherubi>is, bee the earth 

never fo unquiet. Or, Were all iht Sonnes of mei 

• ^uicmque mherZ -^^^'t^-''*^^, or .^«^^Z-i andasmanyin number.asthc 

fumfteUrum nHmemm * Star; cs in Heaven 5 and aslhinmg both with in- 

t«mfreheni(fe O" con^ Ward graccs,a;'idoutward good deeds,as they arc ill 

firipfiffe iaamw^ pcHt vifiblc^Iory jyct coiild thcy make noaddition unco 

M^mytlEudoxu4,yci ^ incomprehcnfible Maj^fty above :they could 

hu]mcontemnitauth9Yi' "ot coafepfe fo much as One drop to that DoundklTe 

»4»,Aug de CificDcij and bottomlelle Sea of goodn£fre,or thclcaft glimpfe 

lib. 1(5 cap.2i. unto that Almighty Sunne of glory. Ail mtioMs be^ 

. . fore Him aye a6 nothings and the) are counted to Htnt 

y^Burwhatdoel fay? ^^B^then nothings and vanity. Our finnes hurt him 

Hco gcttcth nothing not : Our holineffe helpcs Him not : x It is onely 

by us of aU thatwee for our good, that God Would have us good. No 

^. AU IS for oar good^no gaine accrc wes unto Him by our goodncffc- 

ledge'mcnt^ofHimm' Forwhatgoodcancomeby our imperfed goodnes, 

keth Him no fironger, 

wirer,jufter,beiter,&c.tfecnHecis.Butin glorifying him, wee glorific ourfelves.&c. 
Hecwasasglorious, powerfal!, wife, Juft, happy, and good bciore this World was 
madc,as noWjD.F'. Sinocand Rjghrcourncffe, a^eihc two Paths that weewalke inj 
Thofeareall thae trouble us j the finnes that we csnamit, and defeds oi our rigbteouf^ 
TitSc^SMxhHctylf th«H lime^yphdt n that to Uimi ft doth Him no hurt. Agaioe, if 
thoufaileinthyrightcoufhcfle, or ia thy performances, it is all on», that way : For it 
rcacheth notto Him. Bceanfehee is bleflTed for ever ; Hce hath ^H./nffifiemy in Him- 
felfcftcDoftorPre/^sninhisScraionsof Gods AlUfufficiency, Ser(n,4. I>tHi qn/trii 


Part.!. Cap. 7- ty^ffiSledCmfcieKces* jpp 

to that, which is already Inifinitly good I What gbry 
can bee added Ijy ourdtetRcnetoHim, which is al- 
ready incotapiiehenfibly giorioH's ? Every irifinfte 
Thing is naturr.lly, and nceeflsrily uncspable of ad- 
dition : Poffibility oF which fjppos'd, implies con- 
tradidion,ar{ddeiifoy€S ibj;narurtof Infinity. If it 
be fo then,thatgood tarnes doegc^d ustoMen jafid 
yecoutoFcheir ingenucufnefTc, they moft eflceme 
good willsjtruc'heartcdndrc, kindc 2ft£<5lions :' And 
can well find in their hearts', to pafTc-by failings, - 

whsretheic is heart and gccd will, a^ they fay j To 
pardon eafily want ci cxadnefib m pcrlorRiancei 
where there ate nnfained purpcfes. Hovv much more 
will your gracious God, who gaiues nothing- by ail * GlcrJaDcl& GIo- 
thegood workcsin the world", oet of the depth of "^"''° ^" '*/«-%'• 
His deareltcofnpalUons, hmdly ]aterpr€t,and accept /^,«;,«. ,^^„ f^if J^ 
in good part.the holy long!ngs,and hungry dcfiresof umo , & joKftr eiitm. 
8 panling,and bleeding Soiile ?Hov/ dearely will Hec »/t^'eti»4ter}tum, lique 
lovcthe love of a true-hearted NathanaeU How wil- *"" I'^i''' ?«t'^«'f » 
lingiy wiUHcet.k«h?W/forthe ^«^; th.gr,.. ;:^*:/;^i';{- 
»iKgj of the Heart, before the %xQZtm S^trtpce ? en. h^hw^tt^Uch mU 
But lei"^ you mil^3ke> take notice hcreofa two- fts fuipt co^JtiaH/e 
fold Glory: . ^-"7-;:^— TTT* 

» 1. Eirentiall,inf?nite,everlafting. Itis iinpoiTi- ,^°ltt.fph'"''^ ' 
ble that this ihouid either receive difparagemenc, and v* ■ -^— — ^ 
dimicutioni or addition and encrcafcment by any i^riaDeoammmedMri, 
created power. And this I meant in the precedent "^^''^^'^^ sifgtrire fo. 

%, The other I may call, Accidentafl,finite..tetn- encreafe. 
porary. This ebbes or fiov/es^rhines or is over- Oia- ^^"""■V^^* — ' 
dbwed, as GoodnefTi: or GraceleftelTe prcvaiiesia *^fi^^'^ ^*^^ '" '/>* 
the world :As£htkingdoaie of Chri(!,orpowers of fe«r"'T'^^'r''* 
darkncffegettheupperhandamongil-the Sonncs of tempi7 i^cZZr^l & 
Mcn.In this regard in deedjUebellious wretches dif- eftextr* De,m&fun- 
honour God upon Earth,! confefle^: And Godi'y men ^*^f'**^^ /«»w h/tht " 
by their holy Duties,good vvorks,and gratious b'*ha - '" ^*^««'<'«f gloria Bti. 
yioHr,ajal;e his Name moreiiluftrious ^^ the world, w S z «p t ^ ^''*" 

I>d But ^^ * ^'^' 


InfimUiwsfor a right eomforting 


But what is this,to that effeatiall,infiaite,ererlaftiag 
glory, which was asgr eat and full in aU that former. 
£$ernity,beforcth€ world was; When God, falcflcd 
for ever, cn/oycdonely His glorious felfe, Angels, 
Men, and this great Vniverfc lying sU hid,as yet, in 
ihc darkcjabhorrcd Dungeon of iV^;^w/ ^ as now it 
is, or ere fliall bee? 


OfieReafon Tnsreconprmmg th^ trmh of the former 

fbfi t; 

■ Godj mercy pro. 
portionably to his iu- 
ilice,reckons a^cflions 

■ Affuredly , betwize 
the unfaincd defire of 
the heart to have, and 

Second rcafon may face taken- 
from Gods proporfionablepro- 
ceediag in his courfes of j j (lice 
and mercy. In his executions of 
ruftice, and infliaions of.pu- 
li/ht^enc; Hee interprets, and 
ccnfures * dcfires for the deeds 

tl^Jt^r^fc^^^A^^'F^ a^f <aionsfor A(5lions,Thoughtsfor the tbinss^'donc.^ 
tQc grace dcfired, there tVhoraeTj/-y ultUCUr'.n. / l.' '■"'"gsuwnc.j 

is no great diffience f^Y / ' ' «, i^>^^^i««'^«^^^^^ to lufl after 
in, Gods reckoning: ''''•>f'^^^ co^^uted adultery with her already in his 
No,nomorc thenbc- ^'''''♦^ -^^i^^dsiDtcrprctationjinthefearchandcen- 
tmxttheeyill defire of lure<)f divine/iiftice.Heethatlurtsafter a Womm 

ofthe«3at the i^^^^^^^^P^'^^^'^f ^"themcanetimr, m\ beefota-^ 
otiTcr of which, by '^•"»3'^<^* Proceeded agaiuft at that great and lafiDjv 
Cfantts ungainc-fay- f^H^^verbatethhn Brother^iu^Iohn.isa Tnan.flJy. 
able teftitHony,H.aketh er. An hatcfuU thought of our Brother,oiurthe'S Hioi 

guilty of the latter, «—»««"* i.tjc.ar:iim 

reg.^d.h«archishcart.&c. ^fcghunbHbrufc T>monfir.^.*^,^lp^^At^^^^ . 

and Aftsarcthefameinsind.,diffcri?iaoncl.fin^<.or** «1 • ^ 2-' ^"'""'" VViU 
nheartunlawfully, i,adultery inrfSat a'ts^ t^^^^^^^ 


''Partoi.Cap.7. ey^fpiEled CeafdeKces, 401 

r.MjL rpilshis blood, ^ the verdi(?l of theblefled Spi- 
rit : And a malicious man, at the Barre cf God,goes 
■fJjr a Man- flayer. Jfrhisthen bcc Gods property ,arid 
proceeding in jnftice, wee may much more confi- 
denrly expefl ; Nay, with reverent humih'cy chal- 
lenge, way beifig made by the mediation of Chriftj 
the lame proportionable meafure in thofe His moft 
fwcct, and lovely incli ations, and expreiHons of 
mercy. Shalialewdedefireaftcra woman fall un- 
der the axe of Gods ji}ftice,asit it were the gro0c 
Adl of luil? And {Lall not a longing dciire after 
grace, be graticufly embraced in thcarmcsof mercy, 
as the grace it felfc ? Shall an angry thought invifibie, 
immatcriall, kiitfull oniy to the heart which har- 
bours it, be charged with adluail blood/licd ? And 
flialincta panting thirft ota broken, and bleeding 
So»le after Chrtjls faving and fanftiftng blood, bee 
bath'dand rcfreiht in his preticusblcud?Yescertain' 
Iy>aq^ inuch rather. ^01 Gods tetidermeraesare over 
A/lhismrk^x/Pfal,i^5.^, Aodwf/'C'; with an holy 
exultation triUOTphctb, and reioyceth agAi'/ifi iudge- 
mentjam.t.i %*His mercy is great unto the Hexvens^ 
PpiL^y. 10. He doth with much fwectconpfintment, 
and as it were, naturall propenfion, cncline to the 
gracious e;^urions of m.eicy. He deltghteth in mercy, 
faith /^£<:^^,Cap.7,l S.He is pafllagly plcafcd and ex- 
alted moil:glorioufly,w hen He is pardoning of fin*, 
purging of SoukS)puIlingout of the Divels Pa Wjpou- 
ring in of grace, (hininginto fad and uncomfortable 
hearts,favingfromHe!i,&:c.This makes Him fo paCi 
fionate in an holy fenfe, when H:e hath no Paffagc 
37eZ«;i.ip.4i,42.Butnowontheiother fide,H€eis 
hardly drawn,not without much relu£lancy,delaics, 
forbe3rance,andj as it were, fomc kind of violence 
offered, by exceffe of multiply ed rebellious provoca- 
tions, to cxercife His j uftice, and to panilh rer finne. 
~ ^^ ^ - -- 5^ 

^02 In firuUiwf for Aright eomfortittg Se^«j. 

See 2 Chron,^6.i6»Hof,6.^ e^e.lt zppc^r^s^Zeph.t^ 
t^h tr 'h Peperit, i.by ihecmphafisofthe * Origiiia! I, that in this re- 
ipe^tjin a right and fober fence, God is like a woman 
with Childe. When the cry of our (ins comes firfl: 
to Heaven, Hcedo^hnoc prefeitly poure upon our 
heads fireanci Britnftoncaccordlog to our dcfert:But, 
** ^iDEhfuiHumani- as loth to enter into judgement with us, H- then but 
tu: d'clum, lu'n. b.gins to conccive, as it were,' wrath, which Hcc 

TioflerMtDeus/eqh»- bcareSjorrathcrforbearcsfuli many and many a mo- 
d4mn.od« s»yitum tegi i^gti, j ftiU vvaitin2,when upon our repentance, Hu 
,,iLdas, /umgeLtu ^^ghf^e graaof^ unta US ^ untillitcometotnat ripe- 
^H»dammi»4tur. ^U neirebytherulnelTe and intolerable waight or our 
mm n:hu ei magtt frt- fins,that Heccasi poiTibiy beare no longer. And then 
friumeft qu4m henefa. alfojwhsa Hsc is about to bedcHveredof hisjuftly 
iUt certumeftprdyiu^ Hee goes about It : Jh! faies Hee,occ. 7/^.1.24. 
teno^rAhucadtgiyqHU ^* This afpiratiou argucs a corapaffionatePang-of 
«it(s hemjicmux itberum grief ejfpeaking after the manner of men, to ppoceed 
cHr/Hmmn^trmhtmus: ggajj^ft His owncpeople,thoughth;y had pro^keH 
jJefiadMshLIn,ur Himasenemics. Hew Jhdil give thee m,Ephr^tm> 
tfASlAndoi,& dumyidet Hovfi Jhall 1 deliver thee^ Ifrael} tio^ fhdl I make 
indttlgentU fux mn effe thee di ^dmnh ? HowjTtal/ Ifet thee as Zcboim ? Mine 
dtnpliuslocumj quafi irU ^^^yi f, tHrfted mthfft mee^mj renentings are kindled tih. 
^:f^:::!^t:^ g^^^^er^Hofu.^. when Hcc ctae againit Sodome 
frobAiurhoc hco doientU and gomorrah, the moft prodigioufiy wicked people, 
tjjeyotm : ^tia Dtut that everthe earth bore 5 What a miracle of mercy 
fcedtrU fui memoT^Uen- ^^35 jj ^ ^[jgt pf^.g f^^ould bee brought fo lo w, as to fay; 

UT eWo pop»lo farce, j ^-^^ ^^^ ^n -^ r^ ^^^^^. r^ g^^^ g g - 

txcluderet chfiimtio^ IS then,thatmjrcy tiowes naturally and ealily from 
Calv.inIoc. yndecollu God, andhec is mod forward, aad free-hearted in 
gimttsy quanta (it eitu granting Pardons, and reeeiviug into giace and fa* 
wi/'mW^/z^^o-^^fw^H;. vour.-Butjudiceis ever, asitwcr^-* Violently with 
*^Kn^mifiAt"&{ln. c^rt-rcpes0imquttj,pmtd?rouk\iim, Hev'isprelTed 
gultutejitturquammlit ^'ittsOUt^m,^ OS acHrt iiprejjedthac ufuMofJheaveS-, 
tugnam O-memmpecea- 

toiUift^ tit magueonfertatur O" yiydt^ E«k. 1 8 a^.OecoIamp.in Inc. * Optiift^ iutt 
tontextuiiftdicamtti Ecct eg& cenji,ingor fub yoitt^ quernad'Hajitimf cjfcnfit fU^ijirum ple^ 
Ktimi*^Mif^ulU)he*e^^e^Mmhi irtto^mkles j^iWuhialoct 

"" ' before 

Part.l.Chap»7« JiffiUed Confctences, 4^3 

before wee wring frcm bim the vials of /uft wrath, 
and wrcft out of His hands,the Arrowcs of defcrved 
indignation. That you crre not in this Point, con- 
ccivc,thatbothGodswfrcjand*i?^7?i:f<? arc originally 
and fundamentally, as Gcd Himfelfe, infinite, Both 
of the fame length, height, bredth, ard depth 5 that 
is cqua'ly endk ffc, boundleflfc, bottomckfle, unfear- 
chable. Yet, if wee confidcr the exercife and execu- 
tion of them amongft the creatures, and abroad in 
the world; /T/frcr, that fweeteft Attribute, an dmoft Godsfliercy e«rcifc4 
prctiousbaulmetoallbruifedhearts, dothfarrefur- ^'^^^^'i'^'; '"^ ^^S 
psflfe and cut-fiiine the other, though incompara- 
ble exreilencicsof His divine nature, and alltheper- 
fccflions, which accompany the greatnefle of God : 
As appearcs, i?;t<?<a/.2o.5.<5. Gen,i^^^i, leelz,^^, 
lemh^,!, Tfai^^6. and 103. 2 C^rs^.ii.i^. His 
influences and bcanaes of mercy are fairciy and plen- 
tifully fhed into the bofomeof every Creature, and 
fhine glorioufiy over all the eanh, ' even from one 
end of Heaven to the other. The whole world is 
thickcfet, and richly embroidered, as it were, with 
wonderfull variety of impreflions, and Paflages of 
his goodnefle and bounty. In this great Volume of 
Nature, round about us, wee may runnc and reade, 
the deepe Prints and large Cbarafters of kindncfTe 
end love, which His merciful! and munificent hand 
hpthleftin all Places, in every leafe, and Page, and 
Uneof it. If mercy then bee fo gracioufly magni- , ^^^^^^ ^^. > ^ 
hedoverg allhisworkcs,wec may more ttrongly munde.cuiiiemnonad^ 
build upon it 5 Thatif thehandof luftice feizeup- ^f fiti prtyidmuA & 
on an hatefull thought, as a murthcrer, and ftained f»f/fricorMa,o-e. Nem9 
withblood;andarraignealuflfulIconccite,as guil- % uTT- T"" 
tyot adultery, and aauall poUuticn j His armesof ^fpt/emn tffe partui- 
mercy will moflcertainely embrace, and accept of a pm mifmeorMa Dei. 
fynceredefireof the deed done j of hearty affedions Zanch dcNaturaDei^ 
fcrtheA(^ions; and of a grieved fpiritfor the grace "^«4cap.4 <j|. 

~ ' Dd 3 Yea, 

404 Infiru^Urts for aright comforting Se^«^. 

OhieS, Yea, bat may fome fay: If mercy bee To fairc a 

How his mercy exceeds flowcr in the garland of Gods incomprehenfib'e 

liis jufticc, vvhen the grcatneffc ; if it fo farre cxcell his other Attributcsia 

numaer of his cUctis • i , rr n i • tt 

finaller .hcnof the rc- amiab.erKfl'e amongft his creatures ; How comes ic 

probatej, ~ topaffejrhacthe number of His Elect is io Imall ; 

andthe fway of the multitude finkcdowne Hinder the 
burden of their iniquities, tranfgrcflions and finnes 
kto the Pit of endlefle Perdition f How comes it ta 
pafle,tbatoutof the great heape, and made of all 
laan-kindejthercare made but fo few vefifels of mer- 
cy 5 and thatfo many veffels of wrath are juftly for 
theirfinnes,filledbrim-fullwith the vialls of cvcr- 
lafting vengeance. See^<«?^.7.i3.i4.and 20. i^, 
'^Anfpitl Some matter of Anfwer to this Point, would yec 

} Aqmn.p.i.'q.a^: thinke it / may bec taken cven from the ^ Schoolc- 
art.j.Adtcrtium, m-p. 

TScaure of thegrcat-. ^^ wcconfidcr, fir ft, The unconcciveablc eminen- 

Bcffe of what is grven. cy, and unvaicwabic worth of the Crowne of glory j, 

> -V" * which dothfo farre, and difproportionably furpaflTe 

rid er e v eumjer ejfeti' and tranfcend the common ftace, and condition of 

'^fwhat buiesit. ^ o^r'^aturc. Secondly, The prctioufnefle of theefFu- 

v..— ^..^^....O fionef the blood of the deare and only Son of God, 

tUmeftfupra nAmrMn, for the purchafing of that fo glorious a Crowne, 

von folunt hominisa /id 

m4momnuere4tHr£.ii/t q,^.art.^. Hearc alfo that incomparable Confoundcr of all 
Popery J whom notall the lefuites in Chriftcndomeftiall bee ever ablcto confutCjCiiher 
inthis World, or the World to come. Etjiomms hsmines Detu d^mnArei uno excepto : t^u, 
tne»4dhnc mater ejfet mi/iffcerdu,qM4^m iudicinm. "iiimiriimyquianullum fitjudit^ divi- 
nieffeffum^nifi praftermeritd eorftmjiiHi dMnMntur : At mi/encerdia nuttainytnit merit a^ 
Chamkr,to(n.3.hb.7.cap 8. 

'j.Theeverlattingneffe xhirdly, * Thenece^ary,and inevitable defeaibi- 

^^the^^wiWulmffe of J»ty of the Creature. Fourthly, The mod free, and 

3ie Reprobates. wiifuU Apoft acy of Adam, and in Him ,of ait his Po- 

y The hortibleneflcof fterity. Fifthly, The abominable and villanous na- 

their finnes. ture, and ftaine of finne,&c. Why flr^ujd wee not ra- 

* Demnonpotnitprodu. ther wonder at the unfearcfecablenafc of Gods mer- 

S«T;:r tt cy, for advancingone Soule to that enc^. lie bulf. m 

miiyit^^U nw (rm»^ M!!I?!? ? ^!}50 E2 !^P,^.9? !^ ^'^^ ^^^^^^i - . ^^^ i^. 


Part. I . Cdp. 7. v^ffiiEied C^.Hfciewes, 405 

if Hecfiioiild liave *> fiiffered all the polluted and »*f'«' >Athomims inqutf 
Cnfulifcnnesof .^iZ/^/^jto palTc from the Maile of ■^^^ff»^^^''''*« »'"'««" 

crr?apticn,into which they freely fell.on their own ^'^fj^^'f^^/^.^^^;'^'; 

accordandcui led cnaire,thorovv a rcDc!hcuslitc,into engduncneoididtjftt.st 

the endlclTc inifcries of their dcfei ved confufion ? f«/w 4Jitercre4ti eff'enti 

Would it not have beene a greater aiarvaik, to have "^'^f^i^niohiUsy & im* 

feeneany one, clcsrely convinced* and found euiity '^"f"^*^'' ■/"« yQj^/j 

of that moft horrible vihany, that ever was bred m «,/,, cPmfam.ieicL 

Hell, or h^aid of in the World j 1 mcaiiej tht Popifh atari ftio vioi Jllud fieri 

Powder Trealbn, pardoned 5 then 2)1 thofe dcfpcrate KOHMtiit, Rccferim-. 

^jf^^/tohaveiuRIyperifhcd in their (o abhorred s»' f^^^it^'ft debuit i 

andexecrablerebellion? And it is utterly un-imagi- ",':':? /Ltl? T* 

nabk euherby Man or Angel!, what a deaie of mercy mmeffet^ atermm a^ 

doth flow out of the Bowels of Gods deareft com- lud (jfet j ft gtermm^in^ 

paflionsjthorowthe hea^ts-b'ood of his onely Son, J'»ff**''"ii!f«fimtHm,tio>i 

tothe waOiingand (alvation, biitofoae Soule.' homo,^Hgtim^a»tmA-_ 

autem (t folut, mw^ bonHs^mpn^tui r.ottcjty Dew ntntfi j ciimde alioy quam de Deo & 

iUeinpmtui,qUi ihjimtum lacievaay nmi uiienuifacere pcjjet^ turn tnn.Jinito ^mon.nW^ 
EtHHnqtitd Omitipoiem Detn inaliud Omnifoie/iJ, ^ued fctcnt'iA fbi Aqualejorety omtthctctt^ 
tiam [uitm exercerefo(?it'i In ihcfi n:eA Oxon. ccufrmMta. Pcccatum prjEVjflim non eff 
csufarcprobationis. ' ^dtxecutiitiem decnthqtifd ita fdciumin aterrapradefiiiutio, 
nC'iinutranique fAtiem tOKCurruKt media^qnaipU »oh fcjuut^ *io*t/ulijti prddejiinatkni. 
tiic ergo y era f&iuliaefi ciamn^tiori* caufa fr({MHK3 -.^umfe quiAvtme^Aut d4n.natus fit 

imqtiAm^Aut danirietMr,aut datundrtiiuj/it^nffi propterpcccAth».: 41 prewdeire,aFittqfte,PrAte- 
dentefcccAto: quod inrAfttomne gtntubHmAyium^itd ut,fi lil>eret,fcff(tDttt!Ahfque uUd itu 
iuflitU nota^on.ms homines ntdloftnitui cxiepts'm Attrnum igriewpr^f/'/itareOuo iure eqiffe 
WAnife^utninomKet^r'gelos mains. ChaTrier.Tom.s.Iib 8.cap.i« j)Uit tilviM^tion iUe 
Ifcarietes^'] Mfratny qucdummodo, quod liim tantA jit grdtia Domini^ iinen (xlexdAt e4m 
Ad unlyerfam mmdtim, Jed ad paucos dttntAXAt aiie^-nos. Sic mirAtttftr hotnir,es quetidi? 
ciimhoc Admit Atlons fit dignum petitii,qr.ed Dcmr.M yel pntm aluuitu mi/eudtur turn 
omnesineodem fintreAtu. J^^Augcli ddrntTAntur tantant Vei mifertcord/Atn^ dufiiintMntw 
myfleritfm [Alutit human* ',& pjj omnes ma^ii ad id ohfiupefcftnt, quodyideant Beum tr%A 
fe tniferkordem, qukm quid rideant & /ciAHt reiefjes ejfs ali^i (opttlftui, Rolloc. in lo- 
han,c3p,i4.Y€rif.za« "" " 



InflruBionsfor n right comforting, Sed. : 

♦God ha thp f omifed lile 



The former PrincifU confirmed by tmo more tea- 
fens, and bf authority*. 

Third Reafon may bee taken from 
ii*spart, andintcreft in the Fomh- 
taine of falvation, 2ind Rtvsrs of /*'• 
vifig ^ater, Hce that thirds after 
grace, is already enrightcd to the 
Well of life, and fulnefle of hea- 
venly blille, by a promife and protcftation from 
Gods ownc mouth, ^^t-f-Z-aLd. I^illgive to Mim, 
that is athirffj of the Fountaine of the iVater of life^ 
freely. In that Place, after God himfelfe had confir- 
med, and crowned the truth and certainty of the 
glorioufncfleof the holy City 9 and the happineflc of 
the Inhabitants thereof, with a folemne affeveration 
of his owne immutability and everlaftingneffe; Itii 
done. lam iy^lpba and Omega y the beginning and the 
end , Hec then notifies, and defcribes the perfons, 
to whom the promife, and poffelTlon of fo great and 
excellent glory, doth appertaine ; and thofe alfo 
which (hail bee eternally abandoned from the pre* 
fence of God,andburnedinthe Lake offireandbrim" 
j^flwf forever. 

Inhabitants of Heaven Ble(fl;,arc. 
It Humble Soulcsthirfting after grace, Gods fa- 
vour, and that bleffed F<7«»/<»;w opened to all broken 
hearts for finne, and uneleanneffe, 

I^ill give to himthat « athirfi^of the JVelUfthe wa- 
ter of life freely, V erf, 6, 

a. Chrifts champions here upon earth againflthc 
powers of darkncffe, andconqucrers of their owne 

Bee that ever^ommethf pall inherit aU things j and I 

Part. I. Gap S. AffliUed ConfcieMces, 407 

l^illbeehii Gody And hee fiallBee wy fomeyVCtCj* 

BmthefearefMll,(^c» are mark'c out for Hell: 
verfe 8. Fcrallthatcurfedcrucandflavcsoffinne, 
are overcome cf Satan and their owne lufls, and fb 
carried away captives into everlafling tnifery aod 

Caft not away thy confidence then, Poore 
beart / No, not in the lowcft languiftiings of thy 
afBi£led foulc ; If thou bee able to fay fynccrely 
witb DavidjPfa/. 143 ,(Jlfjf faule thirfieth after Thee^ 
us a thirfty Landi If thoti fecle in thy affedioDs aa 
hearty hunger after righteoufnefle, both infufcd, and 
imputed; aswellafter power againft, as pardon of 
finne ; Bee aflured, the Well of life ftands already 
wide open unto thee, and in due time Thou flialt 
drinke thy fill. Thy foule fhall bee Ifully fatisficd 
with the excellencies of lefus Chrift, Evangelicall 
}oyt%,ZSmthmarr6T»^and fatnejfe -y and thoufihaltbc 
abundantly refrefhcd out of the river sfbis fleafftres. 

4. That which Panl tells usin the Point of com- ^-^lafoH, 
municatingtothe neceflitics of the Saints • to wit, /^'^" ^V^ almcsf* 
If there ^ce firfl ^ miingmind,, tt it accepted accor. ^'iVof^G^Sl" * ^"' 

diftg to that a (JMan hath^ and not according to that He 

bath Hot^t Cor. 2. 11. holds true alfo, in all other fcr- 

vices/and divine duties: So that wee arc accepted 

With the Lord according as wee are inwardly affe- 

fted, although our anions bee not anfwcrable to our 

defires. Hee that hath a ready, and refolved mindc, 

to doe what Hee may 5 would undoubtedly doe a- 

great dcaIemore,if aoiiicy wercminiftrcdjGod/aitb ... -. 

Paul^yvorkethhthtdmll^and to doe, if both be His ^^'^t.VfJ* 

owne workes ^ thedclire, as wellas the deed j Hcc 

mnfl needs love and ike both the one, and the o- 

ther, both in i e/peifl of ace. ptation and reward. Da- 

vid did hut cncnve a pftrpofe to build God an houfe ; 

And Hee rewardedttv^iththe bHilding,and eHMipjing 

*l ^1 ???f ??^/f i * SAm,j.i^,He4id hit cotteeive a 

4© S InflruBto-rtsfor a right comforting Scft. 3 . 

i I fiid, or tlsou^ht] 1 purpefe to confejfe H^ yJ'iwc ; and ^ods eare r&as in kii 
Tfeacis I piirpofci,,! hsArtM^re Davids cc^ejjioncoula hee in Hk tonetiex 

teCoU'ci. Taylor tn h:f c-r^r / rr- n I }r "^J* 

mj to true m^^imjle, W'^l^S^ To pocre Beggers , that v^mcd food for 
Tdff.i S7. thtmfelves, C^rtfi fjdl fay at the laff day j 7et have 

PronHnciab© adver- fed mee^ W-hen I was httytirvy, only iu reirArd of their 
film me injuftitiajme- flycrg affe^ions, if theyh^d had meanest The Trodi^ 
^^?°"'*'^^ ^ *" "■ fall Chtld^rvhenHeerv.tsbm canccivin^ aparpereofre^ 
dis \Ai\^,\l6n]>lm fro- tn^nmg^As preventedby tits tather,firjt commtngto 
runcUt'^ fed promittit Him, Nay, rtinning towsrds Him. £»^.i 5,^0. '^od 
fe premncUturHtn , & yvill anfvvcr US, bcfofc wce ca!l : Ifa6<, 34, That is^in 
iSe i4mdmmi t.MteH. ottr purpofc of frayer,&c, 

b7 authority of £i2 Bdides Scnpturcand reafonsj I adde ancient and 
vines. moderne authority ; not for any other confirmation, 

^ -V^"— " — ' but one!y to fhc w confent, 
!■ Ancien t. yj, dejiye the helpe of grace, is the Beginmng of qrace\ 

... ]r7""V f^ith ^ AH(iin» 

due fr4tret, mazM* res: ^ , Z - ... t ^ 1 ^ .„ /./. 

dixi proHuneiato , »on Onelythonmufi mil, and God ^illc3metfhtsoVs>»e 

dixi, prtH»nciayi, & ttt accord • faith * Bafl. 

dimififti. Dixiprtnmci- Hge that thirds fet him thirjl more , and hee that de- 

^^"'T^^^od^^T'Tfo ^*^'^' ^^^ him yet defire more ahuniantly : 'Beca»fe ft 

nmcUT, ofknkeiltd ""^'^ ^ ^'' '"^ ^'h > f° '"^^^ Hee flmll receive. 

-., ^ - "» Bernard, 

i.Modcrne. C^r^y?, faith ^ Lather, is then truly omnipoteMt^aad 

^'— -\r* " '— thr/i truly rat ones in tM -when Wee ure To Weakest bat tvee 

fed corde fromnctAye- J "" o J i> -^" 

tdt- Hoc ipfum dicerepmutnciaho,Pr»nttnci4reefitideo^tM remi(t(li impietatem cordie 
met. Cenfe(?io vero mea adot mndittn yene/dt. Dixeram enim pron:indAl>o Aiyerfum me, 
yeruHtamenVeuidu^iyityotemcirdUmti. Koxmeainore nondum tr^t, fedaurisDei Urn 
in corde erat.AxLj^M^ inloc. Remififti impietatcra peccati mei.] Attende quant-* fitinduU 
gentU yitalis yelocitM .quautd miferifordU Dti commeudatifj ut eon^tenlit defiderium comi' 
tetur ye»Uf'--~4nt^ iremil?/o ad torperyenidt, qtiim emff^ta in yocem erumpat. Greg.Tbid.' 
k Deftderare Auxilium ^ratideji iHittHmgrAtU Lib.de corrcprlone & gratia.cap,i. Kthil 
tdm facileefi l>ona yolmtati^qudui iff'tft^i, &hxc fufficitDeo. DcKmp Scrm.48 Corondt^ 
Dtttt imuibondmyolHHtdtem^ul/inon inyenit faeuUatem. In VhtiO/^.^ Moyov Uh^ffoy,}^ 
6 ^iog TT^cUTAnu. T'tntummudo yoles,c^ipfe Deus Hltrooecurret.Serm. i^Paetiitcnaa. 
« Bear i quicfuriant & fitiunt jiift«iam,&c.] UHleftfrit^efufiAt ampltHS ; & qui de^derat, 
a^indxntius ddhuc deftderet i^ueniarnqHantumcitttque deftderare potutriuidntttmefi aece^* 
inrm Im« vcrouon fecnndtim imperfHlontm modtimTfe defideri']i&t.Di ledionc Evaagc^ 
iica, Serma. «Tom,4.pag.ii4. 

? Againe. 

Part. I .cap. 8 * j4§iicled Confciences. 40*^ 

® AgnntyThemere^ee findeom tinrfisrthinej^e'^And. * IHd.fol^oo* 
thelejfg^ee ^nde the premifes to belong unto ut j the 
more yvee mnfi deftYe them : beingajfuredy that this de^ • 
fire doth greatly plenfe god j ^ha dejirethy and willeth 
th/u His grace jhould ^ee earneflly de fired t 

when I have 4 good defire , faith P KemniciHS^ ' I^C. Com.par^« 
thsHgh it doth fiercely (hew it felfe in fome little And 
fienier figh^ I mnfi bee Af[Hred, that the Spirit of ^od 
is prefe?ity afsd werketh Hts good rverke. 

Faitbyiskh * Vrfin^inthemoft holy menin thisltfe^ * Catechi&j 
tsimferfeUand '^eake : yet neverthele^e, vnhofoever 
fesles in his heart an earnefi defire^ and ^riving againfi 
his naturalldohbtings Jboth can, and wufi ajfnre Httn* 
felfe, that Hee is indued with true Faith . 

If thou /halt feele thy felfcSakh * RolleCyto beleeve * Si fenftrit km ie }ri» 

infhrifi,and that for (^hrifi lorat leafl, if thou canfl derein chrlfinm, tt'um 

not forthwith attaine that ,^If thou feele thy felfe ^^ ^^^.^^^ 

"^tlUngtobeleevein Chrijtjer Chrijf; and wtlltng t9 ptim 43 e^Mi,{ut omnia 

doe all things for Gods Jake , and fyncerely ; Tho» hafi naturi nolfi* ipjis fitmui 

certainely a very excellent argument, both of ferfeve- *ddi£li ) fi fen/em 

rancein Faith.and of that faith, which jhall lafi for y^tietecttiertinChrU 
9 J J 7 •' J J jff,^ propter Cmt/tum^ 

'^"*' 1 , r J /- t yellettomnUfdeere Dei 

Our faith may bee f& fmall and weakf,vi\u\ 1 Taf- irdtiiyCrexdnimoybam 

fin, M it doth not yet bring forth fruits^ that may bee bes prpfeEiofgregitminu 

lively felt m us 5 but if they which feele themfelves in /"'"*' ^rffimentum fern 

fucheflate^defiretohavethefe feeltngs\namely ,of Gods j^rTjpeZLl'^L 

favour and love^ ] if the j aske them at ^tds hands by *j(>r-«.InIofean.cap»y. 

frayer ythisdejire and prayer are tefiimonieSy that the ^ In His Matkcj o^ 

fpirit of God is inthem, and that they have Faith alrea- ^^^ Childreo. 

dy ; For is fuch a defer e a fruit of the jiejh , or of thefpi- 

rit ? It is of the holy Spirtt, who bringeth it forth onelj 

in fuch, as Hee dwells in.c^, 
Isit poftble^isiith ' Haoker, fpcsking of Valenti- t Lib,j.S«a,j^o2 

»M»the Empcrour,out of tyimbrofe, that Hee which 

had purpofely the Spirit £iven Htm to defire grace , 

^ould not receive the grace, which that fpirit did 

defire} "'' 


InfirnSiiens for a right comforting SC(5l, 2 • 

^ ^^^'^ ^ where -wee cannot doe^hAtis inioynedus^ GodAC" 

cepteth oHr Wdlto doe, in fteai of the Dtedtt felfe. 
I arxt tronbled with fcar^y that my Jlitnes are not 
* A&sandMonam. in pardoned, (kith (^are/ej, Tfjcjf are, ^niw^rcd * Brad- 
9r4^McttcvroCarc. £^^^ . for God hath given thee a penitent, andbelee^ 
k$. la the ftory of „ » • 1 1 t i ^ , 

earths pj^^.2 10 J, '^^*'l Heart : thatis^ an heart, wh$ch defireth to re* 

> o „ • fent^and beleeve. For fuchanOneistak^nof him (^He 

accepting the Will for the Deed ) for a pement and 
heleeving hearty 

The foracr true dc- 
firesknowne by thefe 
aarkes. lu 

iJCs fuperaaturall. 


IBy-tvhMmArk^strHedefiresof grace i»\Hs\maj bee 

lEfbrelcomctothcufeof this comfor- 
table Point, left any couzen themrelvcs 
byanymif-conceices about it| As the 
Hotorious Sinner, the mcere Civili 
Man, and the formall Profcflbur, may 
all doc very eafily; take notice of fome Markes of 
thisfavingD<f/;rtf. Itis : 

X. Supernaturall. For it followcs an effe<?luall con- 

vidion of finne, and co-operation of the fpirit of 

bondage,withthepreaching and power of the Law, 

for tLthoTovj cafiing2i Man dovene in the fight of the 

Lord, (hewing and convincing Him to bee a Sinkeof 

(inncj abomination and curfe; Co bee quite undone, 

loft and damned in Himfelfe. ( Which preparative 

worke, pre cedent to the defire, I fpeake of, is it felfe 

above aaturc.) Whereupon the Soule thusillighte- 

ned,convinced,and terrified, being happily leadun-" 

to, and looking upon the glorious myftery of the 

Gofpell, the excellency and offer of lefits Chrifi, the 

fweetncffe and freeneffeof the Promifes, the heaven* 

Jy fplendour,andiichcsof the^tf4r/(P of great frice^ 

Part.l.cap.p* jd^icledConfciences, 411 

&c. doth conceive by the heipe of the holy Ghoft, 
this</i?y»'<?5 and vehement longing. Which you may 
then know to bee faving, when it is joyned with an 
hearty willingnefle , and unfained refolution to fell 
aU ; to part with all finne ; to bid adiew for ever to 
outditrling. delight ^&c. It is not then an cffcd oncly 
of felfe-love ; nutan ordinary with ofnaturall z^^Z' 
titQ,\'\\^tB^^Unms, Nttmb.t i^io. OFthofe who de- 
fire to bee happy, but are utjwiUing to bee holy » 
who would gladly be fav^d , but are loth to bee faa- 

2. It ever {prings from an humble, meeke, and zJcproceei* from aii 
bruifcdfpirit; Veryfenfible, both of the horrour of humble rpkit. 

fin, and bappineffe of pardon j both of it's owne 
cmptineflc^aiid of she fuInciTe in Chrift : Never to be 
found in the aflfedion sofa Selfe-iguorant, Seife- con- 
fidentjunhumbled Pharifie. 

3. It niuft be conftantjimportunately greedy after 5. It is confianfll ^ 
fupplyandfatisfaaion. NotoutofaPang,orpaffiDn ! I" » twmgcof coa^ 
onely jorbcgotbythetempeftof fomeprefcnt ^cx- Hecis toldofHcaven, 
tremity,Hkea Bafli of lightning, and then quite va- Hee could bcc contenj 
niihing away, when theltormeof terrourandterap- tokapeoutof hisskin 
tationisGver. Forif afynccrethiiftarterChrift..b€ ^oget Hea^n,aadu> 

once on foot, and takes root in an heart truly hum- ^)^^J^lu\,^^J S! 
, , , . . , . . .,/,._ artertnis n over, nee 

bled,!tnever »> detei mines, or expires, in this life,or cannot away with this 

the lifeto come* confcfliag of his finne* 

infecrctjwlththfs ren- 
ding of feisSouIejVTiththis earned contending with God 5 and with this eroding of 

his owncnature, and fighting againfttheluftscf His flefli, evcnwith ibis labouring fot 
therighteoufnefieof ^odiho-^zdiMtMmgSiJyhaulyyGcdiHuih.capi^. ^ Lrageaterii 
a fitifatieiifis a fxtutAtefAjitdiMm'^quia ftiemes jAttneAhimur^O' fatUti fitknius* Auguft. 
deSper. cap.ap. » 

4. Ici3cverenIinckt,aHdcnIivedw!th8Continu- 4-It i$Bufieftia,ufi«g 
ed^andconlcicnablculc, aRdextrcifcofthemeanes; ihcmeaae*. 

and drawes from thcoi by little and lictle fpirirual! 
ftrength, and vigour ; much vicall ethcacy and ia- 
f reale : Not idle, iguuranr, un-cxerciicd. It wcrs ve- 
ry vains atd abfurdjto hcare a Man. taiks of H is dcfirs 

4^lt InfirHctiortsfcr aright comforting Seft.3 

to live 5 and yet would neither cate nor dri'nkc, nor 

fleepe^nor cxercife.nortakc Phyficke, nor iifc thofc 

mearies which are ordinary and neceHdry for the 

maintenance of life. It is as FruitlefTt; and fooli/li for 

any one to pretend a defiicof grace after Chrifi^ and 

to befavedi and yet will not prize, and p!y thefaith- 

fnllMinidry, the word preached and read, prayer, 


the ufe of good company, and good bookes, and all 

divine Ordiaanc£s,aiidbleired ineanesappointed,and 

lanftifiedbyGod,forthc procuring and prefcrving 

agocdrpirituail ftate, 

iXt is eager* 5» It is nota lazy, cold, heartlefle, indifferent de- 


as theparched earth for refrefliing fiiowresj or the 

hunted Hart for the Heater- Brookes, Never was Ah^^ 

more ficke for a Vine-yard j %Achel more ready to 

die for children ; StferA^ or Samp fort for tliirft ; then a 

truly humbled Sonle after /<?/»/ C^;'^/?, after bathing 

in.Hisblood.and hiding it feifein His bleflcd righ- 

tcoafnefTe, This defire deads the heart to all other 

defires after earthly things> gold, good-fcl!owfliip^ 

* Then will H^e fay,l pleafures, faPnions, C7cn the delights of the bofome- 

^wne muS^'-'^mr o! finne,&c. All Other things are but droffc and dung, 

vcrty an/i^M«flc' vanity and vile, in refpccS of that objCiH: it hath now 

and I have found a «= found out, and affeds. As AaroKs^o^, managed 

Trcafure , chifi itfta miraculoudy by the hand of divine power , fwal- 

andbti righteoufntfe: [qw ccupaluhe Other Rods of 'P^rfrrfi^^i Sorcerers: 

Itfliallgoehard but I ^ 

will get it. Yea, but 

th<;ic is a price put upon ir. It muft coft theedeare j agrcatdealcof forrow, trou- 
ble,and other croflcs. Tufe. tell mec not of any price, fpeake not of thar; whatfoever 
I have (hall goe for it. I will doe any thing for it. Why, wile ihou curbe thine affciSi- 
ons? WiltthougiveupthyIife?Wilithoubeecontentto/fif dU th^t tho» h4fi,&c. I 
wildoeit wim all my heart. I am content to lell all that I hare Noehingit fo deare un- 
to ince,but I wjII part with it ; my right hdnd, my ri^t eye-y Nay, if Hell it fclfe fhouii 
fiand beiweene Mec and ihrifi j yet would I pafle tkorow the fame unto Him, This is 
that violcntaffedioc.that God puts into the hearts of f^/fj wh» ftek^ Him intr^bt tbac 
Aey wiilhave cbnpf vrhatfocvcrit coft thew.D.^ 


Part. I .cap.p ♦ ^gii(ied Confcienccs* 4r J 

So this fpiritual de(irc,planted in the heat tby the ho- 
ly Ghoft, cates up, and de vourcs,as it were, all other 
defires^and over-eager affedions after worldly con- 
tentments, as worthleflb, vainc,tranfitory iasemp^ 
ty Clouds, Wells without water. Comforters of no 
valew. Wee that deale with affliftcd conlcience?, 
hearemanytimesfomeexpreflions of this impatient \ 

violent defi re in troubled mindes. / have borne nine 
children^ faid One, nnth as great paiue, I thinke, at 
other vfismcn: I nvoftld ^ith all my hearty beare them all 
ever againe, andpajfea^ainetherew th:fame intolerahie 
fangseveryday^aslongas I ItvCy td bee affuredof mj 
fartwleffts(fhrifi. Complaining another time, that 
iljee had no hold of Chrift, it was faid unto Her: But 
doth not your heart dcfire, and long after Him I Oh! 
fajes fhee^I have an Husband and Chtldre'fi,md many ^ „ •'•"»■ - 
ether comforts ^I >^eHld give them all.and allthegood faint w!fhi?g and w' 
/ jhall ever fee i^his PFor/d^ or in the JVorldto coine^ to diflg,— .But a mighif 
have my poor e thtrfty Soule refre(ht with that fretioHS anel effedoall dcfire, 
blood of His^&c. '. ." ' '^""" ^ 

d. It is growing, from appetite to ^ endeavour 5 ^- \^* gro wi ng. 
from endeavour to a£tion j from action to habitc ; that d»th bring forth 
from habite to fome comfortable perfe<Sion and tall- an endearour.lt make* 
nefle in C^wy?. If it be quite Quencht andcxtingulhed, J??^P"l.^°"!l "j"- 
w};enthefpiritualiangui(ha:idagonyisover,orftand Scd/Het^^^^^^^^^ 
ataftay, never tranfcending the nature of a naked ©bey , as a re^lutc 
wifh, it is tobee reputed rootlefle, heartlefle, grace- Souldicr wiflteth vi- 
lefle. There ar^Chriftians that lie as yet, as it were, ^oiy, fo as Hee wUl 

ftrugUnginthe wombe of the Church; who for a H^'J^' 'I' and dravt 

. ° v I /I I- /- • • 11 II • • ni» weapon, and meet 

timcatthekaft, live fpmtually,onely by gnevings hi,enemy in ,he face, 

and groanesjby hearty dcfircs,eager longings, and af- and hazard limme and 
fedionateftirringsof fpirit,&c. There are alfo Babes life, and give and r«. 
in Chrif} ; youne mcnin Cbrtfi.arona men in Chri^y cciveblowei and leave 
VoldChriftians Aperp«uallmf«,cyargu«^^^^^^^ 
hty of found and faving Chriftianity. Tiie Cnilae thinke of, for the at- 
that never paffeth the ftature and ftate of an In- chicv«naentofviaory, 
fsnt, will prove a Monfter ; Hee that growes not by "'bately , Gods Hmk 

- ^. the "/•*^? 


IfifiritUfo-Asfcr a right CowfcYting Seft. 3 * 

thefyncere miike of the Word is a true Changeling, 
not truly changed. Hce thai; refts with contentment, 
i?pon a di-fire onely of good things^ never defircd 
themfavingly. Buther^j l.ft ^ny tender confciencs 
be unneceflarily troubled,! muft confeilc • It is not 
fo growipg, as I have faid, or not fo f^nfibl/ at cer^ ! 
taine times j as while thcpangsof tjie New-bifttl 
arc upon us, Li times of defertion, tcropratioi::,&:c. . 
Though even thenjtgrowes in a;i holy isipadeiicy 
raftle(iicffe,longing,&^« Which is wdl-pleafitig unto ' 
the^ather ff mgraes in the meanctim::: aa^ which 
Hee accepts gratioufly, uiitill fee give more flrcn'^thi 


TweePpeeiAll times therein the former 'PnncifU is 

ningthefedc^rcs to be 
aptpUcdo icjfr in timet 

H E Point thus cleared , is very ' 
fweet and foveraigne j but fo, that 
nocarnall Man mud come neere 
it, noftranger mcddic with it| 
much k lli?, S wine trample upon it* 
It is a le well for the true-hcsrted 
Naihamels wearing alone. Nay, 
the Chriftian himfelfe, m the time of his Saulcs 
health, height of feeling, and flour fhing of His 
; Faith, mtift holdoff His hand : OnelyJet Him keepe 
it frtfh and orient in the Cabinctof His memory, as 
a very rich Pcarle againfl; the Day of fpirituail di- 
ftrcfle. Aspretious and cordiall waters are to bee 
given onely in fwounings, faintings, and defedlion 
of thefpirits: fo this delicious MaiHia is to bee mi- 
BifteredfpeciaIly,andto bee raadcufeofjin theftraits, 


and extreiBitiescf tbeSoLile. At fuch cfmcs, andin 
fijch Cafes as thefe: In, 

£. The ftrugglingsoFthcNew-biith. 

2. SpirittsallDsfeinons. • 

^3. Srrcngtempiations. 
.4. Extraordinary troiibles upon our /aft Bed. 

I. Foi the firft. WlKn thou arc oncecome fo fairc, StngUngs atx-fceNew- 
as I intimated before; To wit, that afisr a thorow '''^^^' 
cc.'ivifticn cf finncj and found humiliation ucdtr 
Gods Eaighty hand.upon a timely and fcafonablc re- 
velation oi the glorious Myftery of CbriihHis cxce!- 
lencic'S, invitations.. His-triitb, tender- hcartednefle, o 

&c. (Forthedefire.I fpeake of, is an tftedl andaffe- 
dion wrought ever immediately by the Gofpdl a- 
lone;) I fay, when in this Cafe thine heart is filled 
with vehement longings after the lord of life : If 
thou bcabls to fay vj/ith DavU^My feule thtrfictb af- Plii, i ^^,6, 
terthee^diiithufiy j^ukcI: Ifthou teclein tiij/ felfe an 
hearty hunger and third after the favour of God, that 
Fountaincopcnedfor iinn'e,andfor uncka-anefle, and 
feiiowfhipwidi CM-/? 5 AlTuredly then the fVell of 
///"^isalrcady opened unto thee, by the hand of thy 
faithfuii Redeen3er,and in duetimc thou dialr diinkc 
thy fill.Hethscis Ai^ha and Omega , the Beginning 
and the Endjtheeteraalland unchangeable God hath 
promifed it. And ainidfl: the forxowes of thy trem- 
bling heart, and longings of thy thirfiy foiije, thou 
mayttevcnchalkngeitatHishandSjWith an humble, / s«erhcPi€face wric- 
Ibber and zealous conSdcncc. As did that ^ Scott ijh ten hyo.M^tt Do- 
Ftnitent, aiittle before his Execution : .He freely con- aor of Diviuiticj be- 
feffedhisfmh^tothejhame^isHQZ&l^yefHtnsfglfe^ foic the Examinati- 
a?id to thefiameofthe Divcll.buttotheglorj of God. ^'; ^"'^^^"^f g*" ®^ 
Hec acknowledged it to bee fo hainous and horri- AiT^autbpagjs^** 
ble, thAt had hee a thoHfuKdUves, atsd coa/d hee die ten 
thopifanddeathsyHeeconld net make futiiJAUion. Not* 
"^itbfianding, faid hec, Lord, than hafi left mee thit 
comfort in thji fV^rdithMthofi hafifaid ^ QemHHtomee 

£ e all 

A 10 InfirnUknsfor ar'i^tjt comforting Se^}« 

All jeCythat are ■>veAry andUdcHyAnd I veill refrefhjQH^ . 
Lsrd^I amv^earj/^ L')rd, I am b&avilj laden ^ith myi 
jin'4es,tvJokh ^rstnnHmerabh. 1 47fi ready to fifikf^Lffrd, 
even to Hdlt'^tthont than in thy mercy fttt to thine hand, 
and deliver mee, Ltrd^thohbafl fromifed ky thine oivHe 
i»(ird,oHtofthineew»em6Uth, thattbon ^ilt refre(h the 
rveary foitle. And with that, Hce thriUls out one of 
hishandsjandreachingjashighasKee could, with 
a louder voyce , and a flraincd, cryed ; / challenge 
ibee^ Lcrdfby tb&t JVord, and by that Fr&ntife which thffi 
haft made ^ that tboH ferformet and make it good ttnto 
° mee, that call for eafe and mercy at thine hands y&Cm 

Pfoportionablyj when hcavy-heartcdneffe for fiane 
hath fodrycdupthy bones; and the angry countc- 
nanceojfGodfo parched thiae heart, that thy poore 
foulc begins to gafpe for grace, as the thirfty Land 
for drops of raine 5 thou mayft, though dull and 
a(hes, with an holy humility thus fpeake unto th/ 
gracious God : OmcrcifolllirdGod.thouart Alfh4 
^ and Omega^ihc beginningand the end.Thou fay ft ; Ic 

is done, of things that are yet to come ; fo faithfull 
and true are thy decrees and promifes. And thou had 
promifed by thine owne word, out of thine ownc 
Reieloa J ^ - mouth | that unto Him that U athirft^tbou ^ilt give of -_ 

— ^^ -■-' - - theFoHntaineof the veaterof life /freely*. O Lord, I 

fhirft, I feinr, I languifli, I long for one drop of mer- 
cy. Ai the Hart fanteth for the water broo^es^ fo fan- 
teth my foule after thee ^O god,md after the yeraiHg 
bowels of thy wonted companions. Mad I now ia 
polTeffion the glory ,tbe wealth, and the plcafures o£ 
the whok; World | Nay, had I ten thoufand lives, 
Joyfully wouid I lay them all do wne, and part with 
tliem i to have this poore trembling foule of mine re- 
ceived into the bleeding armes of my bleffed Redee- 
mer. O Lord, and thou onely knoweft it, my fpirif 

, within me is melted into tcares of bloudj my heart is 

feiv;erf diatopceccs .• Out of the very place of Dra- 


Part. I. Cap. I Ot oAjfined C'^nfcieKces. .^,j- 

gons, and fliaddow of death, doc I lift up my 
ehoiights, heavy and fad, before Thee .* the remem- 
brance of my former vanities, and pollutions, is a ve- 
ry vomitistoiKy foule; and it is full fordy wounded 
with the grievous reprefentation thereof. The very 
flamtsof HdljLord .'the fury of thy juft wrath ; the 
fcorchingsof ittineowncconfciencejhavefo wafted, 
and parchedmjnc heart, thatrriy third is infatisbJc^ 
My bowels are hot within mce ; my dciire after le/ks 
Chrtfi^ pardon and grace, is greedy &s the grave, the 
coles thereof are coles of fire^ v. hieb hat hawofl vehement 
flame: Ai:dLord,in thy bleiltd Booke thou call'fl 
and crieft : Ho, tvery One that thirjlcth ! csm? jce to iniLyj. r^ 
the n>Aters,ctc. /« that.gr^at day cf the FeaJ}^ Th&u 
.p9oa'H,mdcry(tft with thine owne mouthy jaytKg '^ 
Jf anymanthtrfi^Let him csnse ttnto mce^Ar.d drmke. *^ 7*%7» 
Andthefearc thine owne words; Thofe who hupsger Match, f.f. 
md thirfl after right eoti[ne^€yJfirJL bee filled,. A chal- 
lenge thec Lord, in this roy extremeit thirft after 
thineownebIe(IedSeIfe,and fpirituail life \^ Thee,, 
by that Word, and by that Promifc, which thou hall 
made, that thou pcrformcs and make it good unto 
niee,thatiie groveling in theduft, and trembling at 
thy feet, Oh .' Open now that promifed iVdl «f Uf^ 
?or I niuft drinkcjor elfe 1 die. 

Hearc then,and ina word, is thy comfort; I» theft 
hnngrifffS and thirfltngi of the fotile^there iiyOi it ^ere^ 
~thefpaT»ne of Fatth^Umci fidei.^ -there is ahquid fidd 
inthem; as excellent Divines, both for learning and 
bolinefle, doe affi: me : Howfoever, or in what 
phrafcfoevcritbee cxpreftjfurelam,/^c^ defiresft 
^tialifiedy 4S before^Jhail bee f'Alflledy f^tisfiedt aecom" ; 
f)lt/ied,pofeffed of the Well <?////>, and that is abun- ' 
dant^to putthethirfting PiTtic into a comfortable 
and faving ftate, as I faid at firft. The words of 
Scripture are pun£tuall> and downe-right, for this 
Whichliay : BUffed are they^ tvhicb doc hnnger and 
Ee » ' thirf 

Infiraiikns for aright comforting Sea^Ji 


thirfl after right e sufne f[e , for they fhail bee filled 
Mat. 5 C' If <»»7 «''•" thirfij let htm come mto mee^and 
drinkeJoh:7il 7. The Lord heareth the deftre ef the 
humble^ ?faU lO.ly. Hee mil faffill the deftre of ther» 
that feare Htm, Ffal. i/{s.ig. The Lord fillet b the 
hungry wth good things. Lnke 1. 55. Let Himtbatis H" 
thirfi:,come. nAiidivhofoever^iU^let him tak^the wa- 
ter of life freely^%ev.ii.lj,Ho^ every One that tbir^ 
fieth, come yes to the rvaters^&c^ I fa. 55-1. / wiil poure 
- wafer upoK him that is thirfly^ and flsttds uptn the dry 
ground \C^}A^>Z' T^^4^ longings and dcfires, this 
hunger and thirft,before a fcnfible apprehenfioh, and 
eiijoyment of Chrift, arifefrom a fenfc ofche neceffi* 
ty and want of His bleflcd Perfon, and pretious 
bjoodfhed ; which the affi£led Soule now prizcth- 
before ten thoufand Worlds ; and for whofc fake, is 
moft willing ^oytf//<8//, and to abandon wholly the 
DcvUsfervice forever: Thofe, after a full entrance 
into the holy Path, and joyful! grafpingof the Lord 
lefus in the arnies of our Faith, trife partly from the 
former ftatc of unutterable fweerneffe wee found in 
•Him ; partly from the want of a more full, and fur- 
ther fruition of Him, efpecially when Hee bdepar- 
tied, in rcfpe^l: ©f prcfent feeling ;as in times of dc- 
fertion,extraordinary temptation,&c. In thePafTage 
that is paft, I undcrftand the former 5 m. thofc that 
follow, the latter. 
.'>.®f dtftrtioasi *• Secondly,Conccrning defertions I intend a lar- 

"- - '- * gcr,andmore particular difcourfc \ and. therefore I 



ParM.Chap.ii ; jSffitiled Confciences, 



■ T'A'o other efiecUH times therein ufeiste besmAde 
of t^e former 7rindple, 


Kirclfy,We€ir.ay have recourfe 
for comfort to this pretious 
Point, in fame fpeciall tcmpta- 
^:| tionsof doubtfulncflcjand feart 
^41 about our fpirituall ftatc ; 
Whcnfpiriruall lifeisrunacas 
it were, intotheroote,in(bme 
particulars j anda^uallabiliticstoexeicife feme gra- 
ces, and difcliargc feme duties, arc returned to no- 
thing for the prefent, but groancsjdefifes, and Ion- 
ginss to doc, as God would hav e us. 
Forinftance : 

Thou art much afBided, becaufs ihou feeleft the 
fpirit of prayer not to flirre anid workc in Thee with 
that life and vigour, as it was wont 5 but begins to 
ianguifli in the inward man, for lack e of that vitatl 
hsate and feeling, in the mutuall cntcrcourfe, and 
commerce becwecne God and thine ownc Socle § 
which heretofcre many times warmed thine heart 
with many fwect rtfrefhings, Springing fiom a com- 
fortable correfpondencebctweene thy holy efacuia- 
tionsj^ndhis heavenly infpirations ; betwecne thine 
humble complaintsat the Throne of Grace, and his 
gracious anfwers;* Nay, it may bee, thou throweft 
downe thy felfe before His Scatc of mercy, in much 
fcittcrneffe of fpirit j and for the time, can fay little, 
or nothing; the prefent dulntfle, and indifpofition 
of thine heart , flopping all pafiage to thy won- 
ted pr'ayers, and damming up, as it were, thy ordi- 
nary coiirfe of thy moil blcfl'ed heart-ravifliing 
:y'~' " ' '■ Eej conference 

j.Of ffrca^tcfflfcasU 

4 2 o .. InfvrnBmsfor n right comfort tag, S c 61 . j 5 

conference v,^ich thy God infceret. But tell mec truc^ 
poorc Soulc J Though at fuch a time, and in fucb an 
uacomfortable Dampe, and fpirituall deadnefle.thou 
feelell not thine heart enabled, and enlarged for the 
prefentjtopoure out it fclfe with accuftoaied fer- 
vency and freedoms 5 yet doth not that heart of 
thine, with aniinuttfirablethirft and defire, long t© 
o&stapQVitohisThrtHff of Grace, thy faites and Sa- 
* TiOKetf! fenftu mnes cfificesdf prayer, and praifes. With that heartineffe 
wjiri dehre ucufdtt^Kt, and fccling, with all thofe brokea , and bicedi ng a^- 
ttpr^mefiitik (intprx- dions, whichagrigvedfenfe of (inoCj that hangsfo 
tinUfMtcts.VomtHKit*^ fafton,sind an holy sreediiieffe after pardon, grace ^ 
7J/^%7!^1rTex: «'^d neerercommunion with bis heavenly Highncirc, : 
auiit.imofiM cfficknt^ are wontto beget in truly-humbled Soules Hf fo 5 ' 
qfidmexprejfs crMfmd AfTurc thy felfe, this very defire is a prayer of " ex- 
yodiimoi^o fpiritus ad. fraordinary ftrength , dearenefle and acceptation 
ft, 9«, excitet mrnb^ withthy God. I fay, With that,thv mercifull Lord 
%', de quihtu /ojKi/wr ^odjWnoisastarre more eompaluonatcly, and io» 
•PauIm ad Rom cap.2, vingly afFcfted to his Childe, then the kindcft Fa- 
jcnmofmum e,Q»qf^i thcrco his dearelieft beloved Sonne; as the infinite 
''TTtiXtl^^um K^eofa tender-hearted Gad, doth furpaffc the faint 
^mfitiH^j^J^in'terTM- affccSionofa fraiIe,andmortallman. Suppofe thy 
dHm,yetl.til>:mre, rel deafcftChildc Were in great extfttnity, and (hould 
^opemodum obmHttfcert. at bft grow fo io w and weake, that it were not able •- 
Calv inlfaj.cap.js. tofpcake,but onely groaae.andiigh.andcaft it*s eye 

7«9«>^«< agitur^plus fe. "^^P^ * VYouId not thine heart melt over thy Childc 
tv^tjuiimafdtu.kug.E^ a great dcalemorc in that mifery, then ever before, 
pift. 1 1 1. CoiitAtio ma ^vhen it was able to expreffeit's minde ? I am fure it 
tZ:I?tlZTr- wouM. Itisjullfo inth= prcfen: Point. Ur.likt 
Pial . I o 3 . 1 ? . 04 a t at her ftmeth hu children : fe the Lord fittteth 

* Si not qui fecHHditm them that feare him. Nay, and much ''more, if wee 
ttdturamdtligtmns filM, confiderthcmuchne{fcand quantity, Forlookeho\^ 
~'^2u'imT'Zhil^l ftrreGodishighenhea man in M^jefty and great- 
iUtMgit y quldt^it °^^^.» ^^^ch is w itb an in fin ite diftaice, and difpro- 
,Wtr4 naur4m. Cbry- pottion jfofsrredoth H'^epalfehim in tendcr-hcar- 
jioft.in Ma|ih.fe«w.ii._ wdaeffeandmcxcy. See//^.jj.8 j. 

- Tboa^ 

Parr. i .C|iap» 1 1.- Jffi£led CoHfcienees, . 42 1 

Then may ft fometiinesupon tht awakening, illu- 
^inaticn, and fearch of tby confcicnce, after fome 
drouzie repofc, ^nd deeper fleepc upon the bed of fc- 
carity; fome fouler enfnarenient, aad longer abode 
infomeknounefcandalous finnej after the Canker 
of earthly cares, and teeth of worldly- miBdedncffe 
have, ere thou bee well-aware, with an infcniiblc 
pleafing confumption, ^aren top farre into the heart 
of thyZealc,aiidcthcr«races/In the appichenfion 
ofronieprefentteircur,arifiDgfroma more ferious* 
andfenfibk furvajrofWhe now abhorred villaniesj 
and abominations of thine iinregenerate time; or 
irorethegrievedreniedR.iraiKeof chy falls, ami fai- 
litigsjof thy (inneS) and unfervvce-abkneiTe fincc 
-thyconveirion(vvhichIam perfwaded, trouble the 
Chriftianmoft, and gee neereft to his hearr,&c.) I 
fayjinfuchCafesjas thefcjThou aiaiii fecle fuch a 
fearefulnetTe and faintncde to have furprized the 
hand of thy Fai:h,that it cannot fo prefently and ca- 
fily recover It's former hold $ nor clafpe about the 
glorious juftice, and nieritorious blood of Chrijlt 
with that faftnefTe and firmencfTe of affent, with that 
comfoit and confidence, as it was wont. So that for 
a time, Thou may ft lie under the torture of an heavy 
heart^uncherefuineilein all thy wayes, and fome de- 
gree of hcrrour ; becaufe thou canft get no better 
hold-faft. ( But mere is thy fault : For never did 
deareft Father fo lovingly entertame into His greedy 
armes, a penitent Sonne»recurning from going aftray : 
then our roercifullGod, upon thy renewed humilia- 
tion, is willing to (hine upon theeagaine, with the 
refreftiingbeames, and blcffiugs of bis wonted fa- 
vour.) Yet tell roec true, deare Heart, Though for 
the prefentjthatpreticus and happy p-rayer of PW 
fotthzRcmam, The god &f hepe fill yen vnth Ml icy ^•m.j$if, 
And peace tK hieeving , bee not fulfilled upon thy 
Sculej Though thy ioimer joy fiill feelings be turned 

?5 4 ^^^ 

^l 2 InflrH^ionsfor a right comforting^ Scdl.g-f 

intodiftruRfuUfcarcs : yet doth not that heavy hearr 
ofthinc dcfire farre more to bee re-comforted with 
the prelcnce, and pleafed face of thy Beloved-^ then 
crowned with the glory and plcafures of many 
worlds I Wouldeft thou not much rather, fcele th€ 
hand of thy Faith faftned againe with peace, and fuH 
perfwafion upon the Pcrfon, PafTionandpromires of 
the Lord lefHs ; then grafpc in thy bodily hand, the 
richcftlmperiallCrov^nc, that ever fate npoa any 
Crf/itr/hcad ? If SatansfpitefKll craft, taking a cruell 
advantage of thy prefcnt d^dioa of fpirit, doe n»C 
hinder thy trembling heartfrowtelling the truth 5 1 
know, thou canftnot deny this. And then I muft tell 
Thee ; Thcfe hearty longings, and longing defires in 
the means time, untill God give more ftrength, bee 
right deareto that tender-hearted Father of thine ; 
which doth infinitely more efteemc one groanc or 
Cgh from a broken fpirit, then athtttfand rammes^ or ' 
teme thoufand rivers of ojle ; and are moft pretious 
and piercing to that compaffionatehearf, that poured 
out it*s warmeft Snd dcareft bloud to purchafe the 
falvation , and refreOi the fadneffe of every truly- 
humbled Soule. Ground upon it then, and bcpf good 
chcerc; If thy troubled fpirit fild with the fenfe of 
the wantof it*s former, fweet, and joy fall feelings, 
finde in it felfe a true and hearty longing after the 
fupply of that want; a conftant, and co-ifeionable 
purfuiteofall holy meanes for the procurement of 
that fupply ; I can affnre Thee \x\ the Word of life,and 
!I»fal.i4 j.ip^ . truth, in Gods feafon^Thou (haltbcfatisfied. Uee mil 

fulflU the de fires of them that feare Him : He alfo will 
heart their sry^ and reiil fuve them. And this bl'cfled 
promife, for the accomplilliraent of thy defire, is as 
Airely thine, as the breath in thy Body.Hee muft foo- 
nerceafeto bee God, and deny Himfelfe ; which is 
m:)re then infinitely impofiible, and prodigious blaG- 
pjjcmy toimagine^thenfailciutheleAcitcumftance, 

, ' OS. 

Part. I. Cap. 8, 

ApiEied Confciences, 


or fyllabk of all His love, rnd promiTes of life to any 
One, that heartily loves Him. All the facred Sayings 
in His holy BQo^e,and all thofe promifcs of falvati- 
on,are figned with the hand of Truth it felfcjand fca- 
Jed with the bloud of His beloved Sonne ; And fo arc 
farrcfurcr.then the Pillars of the Earth, or Poles of 
Heaven: F^r Heat^nand Earth mufi pajfe Arvaj^ he* 
fore Any title of His Word full unto thfigreund. And 
therefore, as Hee will raoft certainly poure upon the 
hairy Pate of every One, which hates to bee refor- 
med^ all the plagues and curfesthreatned there, even 
to theleaft 4>arke of the flames of Hell § and the lafl 
drop of the full vials of His infinite, endlcfle, ua- 
quenchable wrath : fo will Hee abundantly make 
good to every upright SouIe,{yncercly thirfting after 
lefusChrift.inthebefttime, all the promifcdgood 
in His blefftdBookc, and that above all expe(3ation> 
cxpreflion, conceit* 

4. Fourthly, Thou may fl bee diverfly diftreffed 
upon thy Bed of death* 

I. Cafling thine eye backe upon thy whole life, 
all thy finnes from (»W^<«w to that houre ;and willing, 
asthoumuftnow take thy farewell, fo to take thy 
fill of repentance; They appeare to the eye of thy 
confcicnce farre more in number, and m<n^ ougly, 
then ever before. And nomarvailes for bwingnovv 
fequiftred for ever .from all worldly comforts, 
and company 5 diftracflions, and divcrfions, and 
theclcudesof naturailfcarc, raifcd by the dreadfull 
circumfisccesof approaching diffolution ; uniting, ■ 
asitwercj& coiledingthe fight of thy Soule, which 
imploiments in thg. world jCommerce amongft men, 
and Sun* ihineofout ward profperity, did before too 
much difperfejdazlejand divert ; chey arereprefenred 
far more to the life,and in their true colours. Where- 
uponjCompanngthcpoore weaKe not! iiignefle, as 
thou now apprchvndft, of thy godly forrow, hatred. 

4 l^tmotdiMrf troi 

hies upon thy dcath^ 


i.Becaufe of xkj ii»u 

}. . 

I P ■ I I II ■ ■■iW 

424 Jn^rHBiam fer A right comforting St&.^^i 

and oppofition againft chew, with thy prefent ap- 
prchenfion of their hainoufneflV, hatefulncffe, and 
horrible number j Thou beglnft to bee de/efted, and 
knoweftnotwellwhatto thinkeof thy Sflfe. I fay 
then, for thy comfort, confult with thy fanAificd 
heart ; and thou iLalt findejand feele an inn nice hear- 
ty defire, that thy repencanccfor them, deteilation of 
them, and heart-riting againft them, hadbeene, and 
now wercasthorowjfouiidjand refoIute,asevcr was 
in any penitent SouIe,tbat breathed the- life of grace 
upon earth. 
_ ,^ 1. Secondly, Revifing now, thy whole Chriftm 

»|Beeaufe of toy fai^ convcrfationsfpendingofSabbatbSjpouringoutpray- 
^^ ers, reading Scriptures, hearing the Word, love of 

the Brethren, daycs of humiliation, workes of mer- 
cy, receiving the Sacrament,godly conference,living 
by faith in all eftates,&c. Thou mayft fee them in 
this laft, impartiall, clears, retired examination of thy 
corifciencej ro have been peftercd with fo many fai- 
Hngs,impcrfedions,de2dne{re of rpirit5diftra(flions,' 
diftcmpers 5that thou bcginft to fcarc and conceive \ 
As well never avfhit^as never the better^ as they fay, 
&c. Inthiscafeairo,rcfi££lupoq the holy habituall 
difpofition of thy heart i and thou flialt feele it thir- 
fting,andlongingiinfainedIy,thatall the holy duties, 
andgood deeds, that ever paffed thorow thy heart 
end hands, had beene done in anfwerable exadneile 
to the rules of divine Truth 5 and if it had (o pleafed 
God,with abfolutc frecdome from all infirmities. 
l.Bcaufe ©f thy fmall Thirdlyj Thou may ft bee troubled at that time $ 
ftaading ia godlinefle. bccaufe, being ptrhaps, as yet, but of little flanding 
inProfeffion.thou haft done God io little fervice; 
and in that fhorttimCi haft not ftood on Gods fide 
with that courage and life, nor walked in his holy 
wayes,with that watchfulnelTc and Ztale, as thou 
mighteft. Audit cuts thy heaitthe morej becaufc 
thou baft fpentfo much of thy time, in ferving thy 

Part. I .Cap . 8 • j^ff,iSied Corfckwit. 43f 

felfe and Sattn j and cxpcdcft now , to enj«y im* 
iDcrtallioyes and a Growne of cndlcife bliffe. But 
feereisthycomforfi It is the unfaincd dcfirc, and,: 
refolutfen of thine hearty If the Lord would bcc '■. 
plcafed t& allow Thee a longer time in this li^:;^ ! 
and adde many moe yeares unto it^ Thon woul- I 
deft double thy diligence, and improve allopportu-j 
nitiesjto dot thy Godevery way farremorc glorious 
fcr vice, then heretofore all the day es of thine appein- ' 
ted time; Ob / then thoa wouldefl doe fo, and 
foj&c. . \ 

Aflfurc nowthyfeire,in thcfe three cafes, and trou- 
bles upon thy laft Bed J this fyncere defireof thine 
upright Soule, will bee eracioufly accepted of bur 
luercifull God, in the ^^me of Icfus Chrift : As 
though, firft, Thy repentance had beene to the full : 
Secondly, Thy obedience to the height : Thirdly, 
Thy prefent promiTcs, vowcsand rcfolutions, for fu- 
ture forWardnclTe and fruitfulneffc performed to the 
utmofl. Forwh€nallisdooe,/<?/'« Ckrifi is AllU 
t/^//.'Hce alone is the onely Saadwary, and Tower 
ofeverlaftiDg£kfety,for every wuly humbled Soale 
to ^y unto,bothia!ifeand death r Heeis made unto 
m mfedome, nghteouJiie^effAnUi^Mm^itHd Tej^mf^^ 


k — , — ^ #/ 


In^rnBims fer a right comforting Scd.5 ; 

ii«Paf ticuUc ^aU^es^ 

». Cafe of anworthi- 
neffe to entcicaine 



T/^fe" ;/?ri? particular mAUtiie fet dofvne Vfitb a ge» 
nerall Principle for the Chre of itd 



■ ^pt^??\lM> 

^ ii/^^g^^^\ 



— r»3^^;^^ 


Conicnow,asI promifed,tofbme 
fpeciall Cures,and particular appli- 
cation of comfortable Antidotes, 
to divers fpirituall Maladies,- d 
which, Chriftians cfpccially com- 
J5laiiie J tothofsterroursandtemp- 
tations , which are wont moft to 
afflid (in'troubIed,and truly-humbledSoules* 

I. I wiliruppo(e,Thouarteffe£luafIyand faving- 
ly wrought upon, by the Preaching and power of 
the Word j illightned , and convinced to acknow- 
ledge, and feele thy felfc to bee a moft finfuliand 
curfed wretch by nature § loft and forlorne, damned 
and utterly undone in thy relfe,&c. And upon the 
opening of the glorious My fterie of the Gofpell,and 
offertherein of the Pcrfoa, and pretious meritsof Je- 
fas Chrift Sot tht prefent landing up of thy broken 
heart, and endlcffe bleftcdneflejThou ar t ra vifht with 
extraordinary admiratioH and affeftion, after that 
hiddenTrjAJHiy and Pe^rle of gr^at price -^ holding 


Parr.i.cap.l* ^^icteaConfciences. 427 

thy felfc happy, that ever thou waft borne jaii^ made 

for cver,iftbou canft getpodtffionof it; buta gone- 

in3n,ifthoucanftnotgctir,and ancverlafting Caft<* 

away. Mcft wiliingthereforeartThou?* fellallthat 

thcu bafi-y prizing it infinitely before the-riches, 

glory ,and pleafu res ofthew hole earth^&c. In which 

i}ate,thou haft aftrong, dircd,and fptciall Cal!ing,JO 

fillthinchungrySouiewith/^/^jC^r//^ ; to lay hold 

upon his Perfon,5"ft:jffn»^/, promifeSjandall the jich 

purchafesof his dcarcftLbod, as thine own for ever^ 

To rake Him, as thy mfedome^ and right eoufnejfe^ and 

fAnEiificatioa^andredemptioM 5 thatfo unffeakeable uy, i Cor u-^ol . 

and fhil of glory jfeace which pajf^th allfinderjlanding^ i Pet, 1,8, 

"Evangelical! pleaftires, which neither ej/e hath fem^ Philip. 4.7, 

mrcArs heard^ neither havs entred into the heart of ' ^^i*^* 

i^Z-'/w, might abundantly flow into thine heart, from t- u -r u 

ingjthatthouarttncunwGrthielt Upon earth; the vt- beamc$,that a brokcn- 
IcftofMenjNoheait fo hard as thine; thy finncs heamdlinncr ought to 
farreabovc ordinary ; of an abominableand moft ab- 'm^racc mercy fo 
horrcd ftrcine 1 oizfiarlet andacrmfin die: for thou ^/°"?^y ^"x'^^' TI 
naft done foandio ; linned many and many a time a- the heart (hutteth ic 
gainft thatDivine,nay,and even naturalUightj which feifc more againft, then 
ftocd in thy Confcicnccjlike an armed Man jperfecu- ihiSiCfpeciallv iafenfe 
tedtheSaintsilivcdinSoaomeAc.And that which ^^^^f^'^^p ^^^^^, 
troubk&thce raoft of all, for all thefe finnes, thy for- ^^^ g^g*" " ''/'*???' 
row is very poore and (cant, in no prpportion to thy " ' 
former hainous provocations. I fay , upon thefe, and 
thelikemiftaken grounds, Thou very unadvifedly 
profeffsftibut againft tbine ownc Soulc, That as- yet. 
Thou canft not,thou das'ft not. Thou wilt not, med- 
dle with any mercy, apply any promife,or beperfwa- 
dcdj that lefHs C hrift bdonosuQto Thec.What?Such . 
a vilcjun worthy , abominable wretch as thou / to ex- . 
pedfuchglprious things ; to come neer€ fo pure a ■ 
Gad; to lay violent hands upon the Lord of life, , 
aad iooke for cvirlafting bliffc / Aks ! Say what y ou . - 

^i8 InJlrtiElions for a right comforting Seft.3 

will, faift thou , as yer I cannot, 1 dare not, I will net. 

Whereupon Thou wilfuliy,asic wcrc,!icft ftiil upon 

thcRackc of much {piriruallcerrour,andcroiibk-of 

fl)inde j And which is a mifcrabic addition and mif- 

chigfe^for which thou maid thank e thy felfej artall 

the while farre more liable,andlicft much more'open 

to Satansmod horrible in/edions,& cruellei^ tsmp* 

tationsto fclfe-deftrnQionjdefpairejplunging againe 

. , into formsrplcafares of Good-fel!ovvlliip,&the like, 

formSc'afcby"' ^^ S"^^" "'^ coconfider.how fearefuUy and faifly 

thou deceived thine owne hear^in a point of fo great 

«> rt cuifcue 4iUStlf?i. importance,tothymuchrpiritu3Tlhnrt,and furthec 

wus erity tdntum ah^ horror. Why, therefore art thou mod welcome to 

^in difperationis cAufd lefhs Chnfi ; becaufe thou art fo fenfible of thy ^ fpi- 

fitfitAfamerm^Htinde rituallinifery,andbeggcry ; becaufc thou art fo vile, 

^XJ Id chr7Z f<^ abominable, fo unworthy and wretched in thine 

^Sendum. Sedmemi- OWncconceit. * Th9fethati>ee\\'bole^need notaPhy, 
lurimtu tion ulios cenftri pcian ; ^Mt thej that Arefic\e. Chnfteame not t9 call the 
]>4Mj>ttes^ni(i«iHi ^biif' e righteoHs,bHt finners. And in this r:fped,Heei8 

fre^n2'!!'!Mn[cAn *"fi » ^"^ ^^ ^^^^^ ^^^^^ '^'^^ fi'*'^" themfelves hfii 
JMat.cap.ii. ^ And therefoie, that which thou mak'd thy greateft 

* Mat.p.ii.i^. difcouragementtocomcuntoChriftjOiould feecand 

« ^iX^fHh ^^'^' '"^i intruth iSjthe greateft encouragement, to caft thy 
^tti fh iufj iyidm ur, (gjf^ ^jj.j, confidence into the bofomc of His love. 

A^TJI^ll rrinci^, "^^^ ^^^^^^ ^ ^^^^ ^^ fpeake more fully to the 
That hcc which is truly Point, Letme premifethis Principle : 
weary of his fins, hath When a Man is once fyncerely humbled under 
a comfortable Calling Qods mighty hand, with fight of finnc, and (tnk of 
tolayholdonChnft^ divincwrath j fo that now all his forme* wicked 

Jtrequife iajiosefefoni' 

ni»nti quodfuit Pharifaorum dogtrnt : quilmopfetiUHtur peeeatoreiiidefl^^i futrumpee' 
t4t»rnmfen/i*yHlnerdU 4.d untm'Dei miferit9rdi*m cenfitgimnt.Bezi inLoc. " Rohi.4 ^. 
« 1 Pet,?. I S. * Forourcncoura^emcnttoa thorow *f orke of brui(ing,and pacienca 
under Gocfsbruifing of us, let us all know, tfiat none are fitter for coi;fort, thenthore 
thatthinke themfelves furtbe{loEMen,for the raoft part, are not loft enough in their 
ownc feeling, for a Saviour. A holy dcfpairc in our f«Ivei, i« the ground of true hope. 
^Ji9Shr Sihbss Sruiftd l^f 41,^1* 


Part.a.cap.!* J^ioledConfdencts, ^^p 

way es, pollutions, and provocations of Gods pore 
eye, lie fo heavy upon Kis -heart j that Hee is truly 
weary, willing to bee rid of them all, voFainedly 
thirlHng after the bloudand holineflcof CAr/^ t And 
there fore as well content to take upon him Hisfwcet 
andeafieyokCjfortopIeafeHim in New-obedience 
for the time to come 5 as to partake of the merit of 
His Paffion, for the prcfent pardon of His fiancs; I 
fay, then Hee muft conceive, that Hec hath a^ found, 
fcafonable, and comfortable Calling, to lay faft hold 
upon /(?/?« C^ri^ 5. and to bee undoubtedly perfwa- 
dcd,thatHce hath hispart and portion in Him, And 
befides,that Gods bleflTed Word determines it, Hec 
may the rather alTent unto the feafon, and the more 
boldly beleeve ) Becaufe Hee hatb now found, and 
ftelesby his owne experience, the pra^fc of that 
double policy of the Divell, i^o dften difco vered unto 
Him heretofore by Gods faithfiiU Meflengers,to wit j 
TbatwhcrcasHee wasaIong.time mod induflrious 
to keepc His heart refolutely ftubborne, and unftird 
againftthc might and piercing of the raoft power- 
fullMiniilry jandwhenatany timeHcc once percei- 
ved itto begin to worke upon Him, raifed all poffibic 
oppofitionagainft His yeelding ; So now, when Hee 
is trulytoucht indeed, and tefolate to abandon His 
Hellilh flavery for ever ; Hec labours might and 
maincwith all reftUfTe cruelty and malice, to keepe 
His confciencecontinually upon the Racke. To this ^ 
purpo(e,Heeobje(fhafldurgethto the utmoft, the 
hainoufnefleof H is former finnes, the fiercenefle of 
Gods wrath, which Hee cunningly concealed before; 
thelittlenetreof Hisforrowf His unworthineffe to 
meddle with any promite.and the likc^ And what's 
the reafoHjthinke you, that Hee, who was fo daw- 
bia|before,is now fo do wnc- right $ Hee, that was ib 
indulgent before, Is now fo defperately bloudy, and 
for nothing b^dcfpdre anddannatlen? It is cafie 

4^0 InjirHciioyiifcr a right cemfortinq Seft. 3 

totcl! ; Forth:: foule, Fiend knovvcs full well, ifa 
pooieSouIe in the flippofed cOfe, and fuch a tm^y 
.humbled flatc-jdiallbut come now, when ChriR calls 
Hitu,an;d fst to Uk feak^that Qodts true ; which not 
lodo£,flial]ever bee an unaaannerly midneflfe, and 
wilfull cruelty to a mans owne confcicncejHeisthcn 
quite gone out of His kingdoms of dark nt lit j and 
animroortallSoulcispuli'd outof His Hdtiih Paw 
for ever. This is the true reafon, why Hv? fo rageth» 
when Hee fees a weary Soule make towa-rds Ufns 
ChnJi^Qiit^l have often foretold yoa of Satans 
.raethode,and malice, in managing His temptations 
in this kindc. 5 that being fore- warned, .yee may bee 
fore-armed# Hee plots fir ft, and prevailes withmoft 
among{lus,to keepe them from ccrrour and trouble 
for fmne. But if they bee once happily wounded thac 
way,th£nHis ncxtplot, is to allay, and takeaway 
the fmartby outward mirth : cr -iav^be, and draw 
over a skinae onely with unfound and fupsrficiall 
corabrt. Butif Hee.iinde,thatit,[Ale£dsflill,and tyill 
notbeeftanchedjbutenely by the bkxia of Chrifl ^ 
and that no earthly pleafure can any whit affwagc the 
paine j then in a third Place doth Hee call: about, and 
contend with all cruelty, to keepe the poore Soule in 
a pcrpetuall>fad,'{lavifli trembling 5 that it may not 
dare to meddle with aiv/ coinforc, or gpply thcprc- 
mifes ^utcheri{liing.the bruife, againft chc counfell 
oftlieProphcts.bleedinwardlyftill. And this Point 
Hee plies with morceagerneire and fury, becaufe the 
very next ftcpjtowitjbut even reaching out of this 
fpirituallGulfeand gricfe for finne,tbwards thz incr* 
cifallhand®f Chrift,holdea outtohelpeHim up, is 
the next and immediate Ad,by which a man is quite, 
and for ever puli'd out of His pow^r, and put into 
theParadife of grace. 

Or in a word; and {horrcr thus; Though thou 
commeft (rcftilj out of aa Hell of hainous finnesj 


Part.2.Chap,I. A§i^ed Confaences, 431 

aiK^ hitherto, haft neither thooght, or fpoke, or 
dune any thing but abominably ; yet if now with 
true rcmorfe thou groaneft under tfee mall, as an hea- 
vy burden, and ryrcerdy lengeftforthe Lord Inffts^ 
andncwneflcri lifej thou art .bound prefently, if fa 
/rffif^,as they fay^inlnfiediatly after that Ad, and un« 
fained rcfolution of thy Soule, totdke C/?ri/?Hkn- 
felfcjandailthepromifcs of life as thine owne for 
ever. All dclayes, dcmurrcs, exceptions, objections, 
pretexts, (landing out, fcruples, diflrufts, and con- 
tradidions to the contrary, arc difhonourable to 
Gods mercy ard ^itt grace, difparagemCHt t® the 
pfomifes , derogatory to the Truth and tcnder- 
heartedncfle of Ieft« Chrift 5 an unneccfTary detaine- 
ir.cnrof thcSouleintcrrours and onely a gratificati- 
on of that rearing Lion , whoffi trade is to tearc 
foules in picces^and torture^them all Hcc can. For 
:is fooncisv;ce ate poor eift fpirif, wee are prefently 
(flelfed, C^at. 5,5 . As foonc as v;ee are weary of out 
finnesjthe Hand of Chrift is ready to take off the 
burden, cJ^<rMi«28* As foone as wee thirif, ia 
the fenfe I have hid ^ the Fountkine of thewdterof 
life, is fet wide open unto us, !]^?'^/. 21. 6. As foonc 
as wee hrvegcrt contrite and hnmlfle ffirits^ wee 
become royall Thrones , for the iJtgh md Ufiic 
One thM inka^itcth etermffc , to dwell in foe ever. 

1: f CHAP. II. 


InfirH^hnsfor a right comforting 


a, Particular argu-- 


The fiefl Tarticfilar argument to he€ n^^liei for 
thecftre of the former Ma^adtc, 

Nd now cotnc and take abundintiy 

mighty Arguments, and i.ivincible 

mjtives». which neither Man, nor 

Divell, nor.naturall difttitft canc- 

ver^:)y waies po(Rbly dilablciNot 

to lie any longer, being in the pro- 

pofcd and fuppofcd ftate, upon the 

i. Chrifts goodneffc rack€ of terror ; but to/sy. hold upon the i?oc^'^/^/<?r* 

which isfecfle lo that, „jfj, J mcane,to reft and eftablifli thy trcmbh'ng heart 

upon the Lord lefnt^ with everlafting peace and fafc- 

ty 5 and after walkc watchfully and fruitfully in the 

holy way >U!)till thine ei.)ding hourc. 

1. And. fitii:, take notice, that lefuiChrifi^God 
kle^ed forever Jfeefes ah of en honfe for all fuch hungry 
and thirfty fonlcj. Let bim that if athir/f^come. And 
k ^eviedo Jich , ^tti . "ivhofoever will^ let him, take the Water. of life freely^ 
"^ult i quumiflthi dieat Rev»ll.iy. fVhofoeverxpflL] Iii whofe heart fbever 
chrifiti^iNermytnitaJ tiigfjoiy a Ghoft hath wroughtan eft'edTiall, ^ caN 
ZflZTeJuoht «eft, hearty will; that fupernatur^all fyncerc defire 

44.Ef PAuhitdicitinen eli yolentUtHiqtte current it, fed miferemit Dei\^o.^. \6^efpSic hqui- 
tur lohttnnes^mnquodin hominis Arl/itrio [izum[itpr«prtk ffonteAUtdtre &hAvfrvrt *q^*rn rim 

VXhrlfti* ready to 
cnccuaiae all. 


•9aluntatei?bUz.\i.M.i^CixZt.\tll:oQ Chrili,togethcrwithbiddingl4;^<<rMComcoucof 
his gravcjinfiired into Him pewcr ro rife. ^ fyho/oeyerwill'} Ic maybe here faid ; Who is 
itjthatwculd notbcedred ? Men indeed love to Wilke in wicked waics,— bat they love 
ROt damnation j wilbn'^ij^ woal«khey befivcd : Haw cben is u faid here ; Let Him, that 
^jUjtaliCof the wa-ersof life freely? S .rely here is no more, thtn that he laith bcforcj 
He will give to HiBVchat is athirlt,ofthe waters of hfc ^reeIy,Cap. 1 1. tor Hee that thir- 
theWiUis not hciep'm for every light dcfire, or for every wifh, thata Man doth nt(h in. 
His heart; whcn,asIfaidbefore,HeewaIkethtnthevvayof deftru3ion,audcoiiifliitteth -. 
,t^( (lyings thiitdcrerYcdaqiigauoajaad yctvTouldbeidYcd«^c. Gtff^trd in l»c. 

Parto *. Cap.l . ty^ffiSIed Cenfcknces, ^23 

defcribed before, which prizeth the »V// sf life be- 
fore the whole world, and is evcraccompaniedwith 
an unfained refolutien to fell ull^ for the FcArU if 
great frice ; I fay, fuch an One may come, and well- 
come,and that without bidding, and drinkehis fill cF 
ihe Rivers of all fpirituall plealiires. If tht re were no 
dnorejbntthiSjihisis more then enough to bring Thee 
to Iefns Chrijr. If a Proclamation iliouid bee made 
that fuchjOr fiich a great Man kept open houfe for all 
commcrs, there need no more to bring in all the • 

poors,huDgry people in the Countrey, without any 
furtfjcr waiting or inviting. Bat here above all de- 
grees of comparifcn,thc hunger is more importunate 
and important; the Feaft-makcr more faithfull and 
furcof his word ; the fare more delicious and raviHi- 
ing ; And why doeft thou refofe ? Thou haft a war- 
jant in finitely above alkxception. The Lord of life 
keepes open houfe for all that w;// come : And thou , •» t n x^ -, - 
fcnoweft in thine owne Confcience.and canftiiot de- ^vcn hce that is aihuft 
ny,but that Hee hath already « honoured Thee wich for the waters of I/fc, 
that Angular favour,as to plant in thy Soule a »<// this let Him give all the 
way,witha witnerie,asthey fay 5 For what woul- P"ifeto^cd,whobath 
deft thounotpartwith.to have alTuiance ofthypart gr^^e ; a^d ""]« him 
in lefus Chnfi ? What wouideft thou not give, if it kncw/thn were it not 
mightbebought;toheareHimfpeake peace uniethy ior the grace of God, 
Sou]f,and fay Iw' eetly unto k ; I am thy lalvation ? f^«; ^o»''^ "^v" bare 
And therefore if thou come not in prefently.and take , 'i!?/^^''^ ?.''*'"; 
the comfort of tnispretious Place and Promiiej/fN ^;Vi 
ting to thy feale that God is tvue ^ Confider by the prc- 
miflesjvvhcfherthy terrours and temptations bee not a Hee invites, 
juftly upon thee,in the meanetime. * ^ ?*'*'" finptndafie^ 

2. If this will not ferve,which Godforbidjthcn ^Ztw^'I^^t^' '■' 
jn a fecond Place, Thou art wt/if^^^folemnly, by the ZiL^-^Zl^rZfeft 
Feaft-Maker, as it were, Himfelfc with his ovvne di^nanmri dhipp, ro^ 
mouth, which is an infinite mercy, ^ honour and iA»iH>,Mt4tdtumyenire 
common '.romemto me all jeethHtlabeptryandarehcH- ^'2"""*''* ^«f- De 
vjUden^4n<i J will give yvnrcfi^ ^^Ml.28. Htie Veib.sDoroini.vcnke, 
Ff 1 ' " is - 

4J4 InfirMUions for Aright ccmjorting, Se<fl,gf 

is no exception of finnes, times, or Perfons, And if- 
thou fhouldeft reply, Yea, bat alas .' I am tbc'unwor- 
thicftinaninthe world, to draw iiccre unto (b holy 
aGod; to pre {I; into fo pure a prefcnce j to exped 
upon the fudden fiich gloriousjfpirituall, and heaven- 
ly advancement ; cnoft iQipure,abominabIc,andbtaft- 
ly wretch, that I am ' readier farre, and fitter to finke 
into the bottctac ok Hed , by the infupportablc 
• waight of my manifold hainaus fi.is : I fay then, the 

Tcxttellsthceplaincly, that tho.i mightily miftak'ftj. 
For therefore onciy ait thou fit, becaufethou fcelefl 
io fenfibly thy unfitnefTe, unworthinclTe, vilenelTe, 
wretchedncffc : The forcr and heavier thy burden iy, . 
the rather {}\ou!defl; thon ccmerin a word,it appearfj, , 
by thine owne words,expre(Sng fuch a penitent ap- 
prehenfionof thy fpirituall poverty 5 that thou art 
the onely man, andfuch as thou alone, which Chrift 
3^wiAvit«mthc»r, here fpeciailyaimes at, invites,and accepts, 
e >n O.Hem y,cAndi, S» Truid.y, H^e knowing onr frame, our fliiggifh^ 
ief^%.i Buxtorf. duH and heavy difpofitionj our fpiricuaUlazinsffe, na« 
f Ett^ fmtcuU excU. turall neglcdi of our owne ralvation,and loachnelte to 
iw«w<^,Zechar a.6. ^ believejaddes in another PIace,to ordinary invitation, . 
t!^4!ifwi!Tcfah! ^/^^"^f^^^ompaJJiomte^a^d^Hicknifig « compe/Une»,Qt 
5^.1. MH Oomnisfttf. rather, ^ exclaaaacion ; H,7,raith Hee,//^.55.i . Every 
fjjjjPagniti ExcUmat oneth^t th'trfiethyCome yeeto thevfa'ers^f^:^ And left 
Fro}>heta, ytkti conten - any thinke He fhall come 10 His cOil,or fhould bring 
tZyBce,Heu,: qm^uiu any thing in His hand, Hec calls upoH ?/»w/^^/;^^/6 
ut Mile (it admokm ^omonej j andthusdoublfs His cry-- C^me jee, bnj 
tQi excitaii.^—StMpe~ and eate^yeayCome^ i>Hy '^ineand miik£ T^itheut mo- 
vemifihrawdgnli cUm»- fiey, and without price, O moft blelTcd and fweeteft 
ril^& Aptdukfxcuu ii,)^s.' So fuUof love and longing, to draw us to 
"'"^y^^S'LTZ' ti''C Weil of life J that befides that holy pang of com- 
trumpiprittts ^ qui dd paition,dndexcitation, oojHce cries thrice, Cowe^ 
btiac txhortMiommppr^ Come^Cewe ! Yea,bat mayflthoufay, Alas.' I am 
difunt^ytltdm acriter fo farre from bringing any thing m my hand, that 
&imuUtUt>rporifuoad. j^y^j^g a world of wickedaelfe upon mv heart; 
^^w«/^r»/.Calr,in ^j^^j fhac afcovc ordiaary, both in aotoaoafneffc. 


ty4fJlUted C&iifciences, 


and number 5 and therefore I am aSfraid the hai*- 
nculhefle of my Cimts will hinder my acceptation ; 
though the invitation bee mcft fweet and pretious * 
Beitfo; yst the Spirit of God in the fame Chapter 
doth purpofeiy meet with, and remove that very 
Icruple: Lttthemcked^ faith Hee, fsrf^^ His ^ay^ 
And the mrigbteons mA'fi His tbeughis : (And this is 
thy Cafe; Thou art unfainedly icc againft all iinne 
both inwaidand outward,) 4K<3! /^r himreturne »mo 
the Lon^y and Hee m/l have msrcj upon Htm, and to 
9fiKjGodffor tJeemll abundrntly pardo'/ti vcrfc 7. Hce 
will not onely h^ve wercy ptpon thee,bn% Hee willalfo 
altindmly pardon. Hee will ^ multiply His par- 
dons,according to thy provocations, and that with 
g fHper'abundarice^ Rom. j,ao « 

4. If all this will noc yet doc ; Hee descends out 
cf the infinite riches 0/ his ^ace to a miracle of 
further mercy. For the mighty Lord of Heaven and 
earth fend; Ambalfadours unto us, duft and alhes, 
Wormes and no men, to befeech hs to hee reconciled PtH- 
to Him. iVtfU? 4 hen wee are jimbajj'adffftrs for (^hrifly as 
though God did befeech you bj us j tvee pray you in 
Chrifis fleadj bee yee reeoneiled unto God^ % Cor,^.io, 
What man can poflibly ponder ferioufly upon this 
Place J but mufl: bee tranfported With extraordinary 
admiration^ oay, adoration of the bottomleffc depth, 
and infinite height of Gods incomprehenfible, evcr- 
hfting 3c free love: We mod abhorred, vile wretches, 
aretheOffenderSjTraitors, Rebels and enemies jand 
oughttofeek & fueunto Him firft, upon the knees of 
ourfouIes,treniblingin chc dQft:& if it were poHTiblc, 
with teares of blood ; and yet He begins unto us, in- 
trcatingus by Hisown Son.and Hisfcrvants the Mi- 
nifters,tocomein;acceptHis favour and grace, enter 
into the j**/^ &good w^i^j which is ^ pretious ipro^table, 
honorable jandipleMfAnt y that He may hereafter fet up- 
«n our heads eveilaiiing Crownes of glory and blifle, 

Ff I Aa 


h MjUdf t/sI, iTti^lTti' 

piostvffti «x*P'5*' 
Grand e Cetlo tanti uZ 
pik fuit e§uf4^ut ffttdm 
lummn dtquSirit fKodi^ 
fedttUm infnitU favti-m 
btu fuferhtt . Bcza. 

41^ Injhn^ionsfor a right comforting, Se<5l. 5 f 

An earthly Prince wculd difdaine, and hold it hi 
fbulefcornCjto f«nd unto His iifcriour for reconcile- 
ment; efpecialIy,whohad b-havcd Himfelfebafcly 
& unworthily towards Hiin,&juftly provoked His 
reyallindignatioi!. Would net the King oi Spring ^ 
5 Thefe?^4«/W^ibe- thinkeyoii,fogicata Monarch,ho!d it an inexpiable 
ffl^ mecre ftrangcit, difhonouraDdiiidignity,tofcndEnibaffadoursnow, 
grfnlelrTotm'' '""^ ^^^.^intotbe HolUniersSo farre below Him, for 
»ftcm to thf ma-ntc- ^^concilemcnt and peace 3 promifmg and alFuring 
nsacc of thofe Coun tfteai,of an entire reft itution, and exercifc of all their 
tries and people, in ^ ancient rights, pri'/iledgcs, liberties and funda- 
2ri7nn??o<^"k"" ^^"fallLawcsithatthey fnouJd not need to f eare, 
peaceab!elivin^,asthc ^^^^ g^^'^^^^ *^'t j r Amy, md fever efl ktnde of perfeeutt^ 
moft Noble and w»ii ^''* *'«^'?'' heaven , the SpAmfh iHqmfiUm ; that HcC 
Erap«roiir<:^<jr^,.ye*a^ wouldrefume His former ™ Oath,the Popes difpca- 
Md^as lir^; Son Philip ration, for which begun all the trouble,&:Ci Rather 
- .ccife ha • whileft then Hee would dec it. He hath paid already, a good 

Countrics,and iifed the Counfells o( the Spates, and Natir csof the Countrief , aot vio- 
lating the ancient liberties of the Countries; but contrariwife,thcrc Spanidtdi being cjU 
alted to abfolutc go/ernment, by ambition, and ior private lucre, have violently brokea 
thcaneicntLiwes and Liberties ofali the Countries, and in a tyrannous forthave ba- 
niftied and Jeftroyed, withoutorderof Law, withiathe fpace of few moncths.many of 
the moft ancient and principall Perfom of the naiurall Nobility, that were moft worthy 
of governmenr. Andhowfoevftinthe beginning of thefecruell perfections, the pre- 
tence whereof was for the maintenance of the Romifti Religion j yet they fpared not to 
deprive very many Cafholickcs, and Ecdefiafticall Perfons of their Fraochifes and pri* 
vilcdges: and of the chicfeft that were execated o( the Nobilitie,-.non€ vfas in the 
whole Countrey more afFeded to that Religion, then was the moft noble and valiant 
Count of Egmondyxht very glory of that Coamrey; who neiihsr for His fingular Vi- 
•itories^inthefcrviceoftHeKin^of ^/jrf/^f.canbeeforgotteninthctrHcHiftoriesj not 
yctforthecruclty ufeJtor Hisd.faruftion,tobee but forever lamented in the hearts of 
the natur all people of thatC'Jantre^^. Stea Booke intitakdj,^ DtcUmianef the ea:4fis, 
rmyingtbe ^cene of Ettgl/ndto n-vtaide to thedefemeof the people dffliStd dU oppreffei 
iHtbeLow-c^t{t$tries,paz.<;,6.._ » pbaittru^ and His fciloiw-tyrants, come farre fljort of 
tbefebloud- hounds. Hf>/m.^ jz, m p^,///^thefccondof S^4«m, after many preceding 
vaftations and prcflures, did laflly by ftrong hand, and maine force, attempt not onely 19 
makehimfdfe an abfolucc Monarch over the Hollanders ; but Turke-like to tread uni 
derHis feet, all t^eirNitionall and Fundamenta*! Law^s, Priviledgcs, and ancient Rit«» 
To cffea v*hich, aftesHcehad eafily oJj