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Full text of "The certainty of the worlds of spirits, and consequently, of the immortality of souls. of the malice and misery of the devils, and the damned. And of the blessedness of the justified, : fully evinced by unquestionable histories of apparitions, operations, witchcrafts, voices, &c. ..."




/v - /-/ z^/^ / ^t€&?s&M. ^i/CeZ^9^0U 9 Z - .A' / g^ • 

1 THE 



Worlds of Spirits, 

And Confequently, 

Of the Immortality of Souls. 

Of the Malice and Mifery of the Devils, 
and the Damned. 

And of the Bleflednefs of the Juftified. 

Fully evinced by the upqueftionable Hirtories of Ap- 
paritions, Operations, Witchcrafts, Voices, &c. 

Written as an Addition to many other Treatifes, 
for the Conviction of Sadduces and Infidels. 


fcph 6. 12. We wr title not again{i F U\b aid Stood, but 

againft Principalities, again(l Powers, againjl the. 

Rulersof the Dar faffs of this World, again ft jpiritual 

Wic^edntffes in high Placesfm Celefhals ) 
Matth 8. 3»»32 Tm Devils be fought him, f tying f If 

thou ca(t m out, fujfer m to go away toto the Herd of 

Swine. And he faid, Go. 
Luk. io. 1 8, 20. I beheld Satan , as Lightning, fall 

from Heaven : But in this rtjoyce not, that the Spirits 

arefuhjecl to you : But rather rejoyct becaufe your Names 

are written in Heaven. 
Heb. J 2. 1 4. Are they not all ( the Angels ) miniftring 

Spirits, fent forth to minifier for them who jhall be 

Heirs of Salvation ? 

LOND N, Printed for 7. Parfyurft at the Bible and 
toree Crowns in Cheap fide, and f.Salufdury at the Ri- ! 
jing Sun near the Royal Exchange in Cornhili, 1*91, f 

#& i&m&m£H 

T H E 



IT feemethhard to unduly Minds , 
; that God (hould keep Jntelie&ual 
c ouls ; fo -itrange tovthe unfeen 
World; of Spi; its ; that ^e know 
fo ]itt e of tftem , and that our Know- 
ledge of them, is no more by the way 
of : enfe : But there is in ir, mucn of 
Gods arbitrary Soveraign Power, and 
much of his Wildom , and much of 
his Juftice, ancialfoof his Love. 

u It pleafed hini to make. Variety of 
Creatures : What harmony would there 
be without Variety? u ere there nothing 
but linity, there would be nothing but 
God. And various Creatures , muft 
have a various Situation, Reception 
and Operations ; The Kfh.es muft aot 
A 2 ' dwell 

The Preface. 

dwell in our Cities, nor be acquainted 
with our Affairs. 

2. We here dwell in Flefh, in Bodies 
organized for the Souls Receptions and 
Perceptions, and Operations : And the 
Wifdom of God doth fuitably difpofe 
of his Communications, and give us 
that meafureof Light, which is agree- 
able to our State : The Sun muft not 
fliine on the Infant in the Womb , nor 
muft he there fee our Buildings and 
Tradings, and Bufinefs in the World, 

3. We have Light here, that is pro- 
portionable to our work and intereft ; 
So much as is neceffary to our knowing 
of ourfelves, and our God and Gover- 
Tiour, and our Duty, and all thofe hopes 
that are our neceffary Motives thereto. 

- Men that will but obterve the Operations 
of their Souls, may competently know 
what a Soul or Spirit is : And Men that 

6 will but open their Eyes, and confide- 
rately look about them, may as certain- 
ly know that there is a God, as they can 
know that there is any Being: And Men 
that cannot but difference Moral Good 
and Evil, and that know the Duty of 


The Preface. 

Children to- Parents, Subje&s to Rulers? 
and Neighbours to Neighbours , may 
know their Duty to God, snd that the 
performance of it fhall not be in vain : 
And if Men will not know all this 
which they may know , it is juft with 
God to leave them to their chofen dark- 
nefs, and not to know that which further 
might be known. It is a difmal cafe to 
have a Soul that will not knowitfelf, 
to be what it is , till utter Mifery con* 
vince him. 

4. And the God of Lovemaketh Ad- 
vantage of our nofrfeeing the World of 
Spirits, for ourExercife of our higher 
Intellectual Faculties,by a Life of Faith 5 
And 4 Intuition (a Nobler fort than our 
prefent Eye-fight ) will be feafonable , 
and foon enough when ripenefs hath 
made us ready for it. We (hall not need 
all the Organ ical parts of the Eye,which 
Galen admiringly defcribeth , for our 
Glorious fight And to fee Devils and 
other Spirits ordinariy , would not be 
enough to bring our Atheifts to the fa- 
ving Knowledge of God ? without which 
all other Knowledge is vain, They 

A 3 that 

The Preface. 

that doubt of a God ( the moft perfeft, 
eternal, infinite Being ) while they fee 
the Sun and Moon, and 6tars, the Sea 
andLand,wbuldriot KnoWhimby feeing 
Created Spir ts. 

As to the Originals of this r 'olle<fHoii , 
it had its rife from my own, and other 
Mens need. When God fir ft au akened 
me, to think with preparing? ferioufnefs 
of my Condition after Death, I had not 
any obferved Doubts of the Reality of 
Spirits , or the Immortality of the Soul 3 
erof theTruth of the Gqfpel :But all my 
doubts were about my own Renovation 
and Title to that BleiFed Life. But when 
God had given me peace of Gonfcience, 
Satan Aflaulted me with thofe worfe 
Temptations : Yet through Gods Grace, 
they never prevailed agairift my Faith : 
Nor did he ever raife in me the lead 
doubt of the Being, and Teyfe&ion of 
God 3 nor of my Duty to hove, Honour \ 
0%,and Trufi him : For I ftill faw that 
to be an Atheift was to be mad. 

But I found that my Fai h of Surer- 
mtjral Revela ion, muft be more than 
% Believing Man , and th&t if it ha:! rot 

a firm 

The Preface. 

a firm Foundation,and rooting,eveii y*re 
Evidence of Verity, Surely Apprehended 9 
it was not like to clo thqfe great works 
thatFaith had to do,and to overcome the 
World, the Flefh and the Devil,and to 
make my Death to be fafeand comforta- 
ble. Therefore! found that all confirm- 
ing helps were u r eful 7 and among thole 
of the lower fort , Apparitions, and o- 
ther fenfible Manifeftations of the cer- 
tain exiftence oi Spit its .of themfelves 
Invifible, was a means that might do 
much with fuch as are prone to judge 
by Senfe. The ufes hereof I mention 
before the Book, that the Reader may 
know that I write it for Tra£tice y and not 
to pleafe Men with the Strangenefs and 
Novelty of ufelefs Stories. 
It is nofmall number of Writers on fuch 
Subjects that I have reaa,it\$ near three- 
fcore years time from the firft occafion : 
And finding that almoft all the Athcifts, 
Sadduces and Infidels, did feem to pro* 
fefs, that wer- 3 they butfure of the Re- 
ality of the Apparitions and Operations 
of Spirits, it would cure them, I thought 
this the moft fuitable help for them , 

A 4 that 

The Preface. 

that have finned themfelves into an in- 
capacity of more Rational and Excel- 
lent Arguments. And I have long fear- 
ed, leit fecr t uno T ferved defe&ivenefs 
in their Belief of the Immortality of 
the Soul, nd the truth of the Scripture, 
is the great caufe of all Mens other de- 
feds : There lieth ufually the unfound- 
nefs of Worldly Hypocrites, where it is 
prevailing ; and thence is the weakaefs 
of Grace in the bed, though it prevail 
not againft their Sincerity. 

By which Motives I did ( though it 
difpleafed fome ) make it the Second 
Tart of my Book, called the Saints Reft : 
And afterward provoked by clement 
Writer, I rid itmu h more fully in a 
Book called the Unnafonablenefs of Infi- 
delity : And after 'hat, provo^d by the 
Copy of a pape- ciifperfed in Oxford \ 
( faid to i e Dr. Walkers ) queftioning 
the certainty of our Religion, and fee- 
ing no anfwer to it come from the 
Univerfity Men, I wrote yet more Me- 
thodically of all, in a Book called the 
Heafons qP .he Chriftian Religion : And 
after added a fmallDifcourfe called Mare 


The Preface. 

Reafons for it , provoked by one that 
called himfelf Herbert, in which alfo 
I anfwered the Lord Herbert^ de veri- 
tate : And fince then, a namele s Sad- 
duce hath draun me to publifh an An* 
fwer to him : And in my Life of Faith, 
aod other Books,I have handled the fame 
Subject ; All which I tell the Reader, 
that he may fee why I have taken this 
Subject as io neceffary, why I am end- 
ing my Life with the publication of 
thefe Hiftorical Letters and Collections; 
Which I dare fay have fuch Evidence, 
as will leave every v adduce that read- 
eth them, either convinced, or utterly 
without excufe. 

Surely the certainty of fo great a 
change of our place , State, Company 
and Works, as Death will certainly and 
quickly make, (liquid poflefs every Man 
that hath the ufe of Reafon, with fuch 
ferious Thoughts, Affe&ions and Dili- 
gence , as is quite contrary to a Diver- 
ted, Carelefs, Sloathful, Worldly, Sen- 
fualand itupid Mind and Life. 

How fpeedily (hall I fee the WorkJ 
that I have read of, and Preached, and 


The Preface 

talfct and written of ? O ! What a dif- 
ference will there be between my now 
hearing of frightfol Apparitions, and 
prodigious A&s of Spirits,andthat fight 
or knowledge of all their State and Af- 
fairs 5 which I fhallhave , and now am 
going to. The fight of Devils and Dam- 
ned Divefes, and unholy Souls , will 
hereafter be no Rarity 5 and if my 
Soul muft pafs through the airy infe- 
rior Region, where thefeMiferable Spi- 
rits now inhabit, it will not be as 
dangeroufly AfTaulted by them, but in 
Triumph : For I know whom I have 
trufted , and into the hands of him do 
I commit my Spirit , who hath con- 
querred Death and Devils , and is now 
the Glorified Lord of all , and can ufe 
them at his pleafure. Ad thole An- 
gels that rejoice at the Repentance of 
of a Lazaru* , and now are Miniflxing 
Spirits for his fafety , will be ready in 
Obedience to our Lord, to convey 
his Soul to Abrahams bofom : Yea, 
to be that day with Chrift in Para- 


The Preface. 

He that chaineth up thefe Devils , 
that they moleft us no more as their 
Malice dothdefire, will make ourpaf- 
fage fafe through all their envy and 
defiled Regions. 

But feeing it is the free will of Man 
that giveth the Devils their hurting 
power, and they can do us no harm , 
nor make us fin, without our own 
confent or yielding : O ! With how 
careful and conftantand refolved watch- 
fulnefs fhould we live ? And how de- 
fervedly may every prayerlefs ungod- 
ly Family and perfon , be left for a 
prey to this devourer. And indeed 
he hath already hurt them more by 
blind ng and hardening their Hearts, 
than a thoufand haunting Appariti- 
ons could of themfelves have done. 

And when Excellent Zancby hath 
faid fo much to prove, that it is by 
h s very contiguous v ubftance , that 
the Devil doth work on Sou! and 
Body, how dreadful fhould Tempta- 
tions and Sin be to us , if we would 
not have the very fubftance of Devils 
dwell in us ? And why do any think 


The Preface. 

it firange to read fo much of Poffeili- 
ons and DifpofTeflions in the Gof- 

Lord Jefus let me Finifli my Courfe 
with joy : And then receive my Spi- 
rit. Amen. 

**&£* Richard Baxter. 



'Cfaap.I /^\P the great and weighty Vfesof 
V>J the Hiftories of Spirit /, and their 
umtfual apparitions and Actions. 

Ch. II. § i. lnftance i. The Devil of Mafcon. 1 
X. Colloml Bowen'j Story, in divers Letters^ 
5. My Friend and Neighbour CoUonel John 
Bridget Story. 

4. One iVLondon, yet living. 

5. One at BelMt. 

6. One at Ilchefteiv 

7. Mr. Mompeflbrfr Story. 

8. At Lutterworth. 

9. MaryEllinso/Evefham. 

10. One in Dorfetfhire. 

11. Nathan Crab of Exeter. 

12. The fir ange Story of the Devil ofGetl- 
luce, in Dr. Sindare. 

13 . The Witches hanged in Suffolk and Efifex. 

14. The Brightling Story. 

1 5 . Lord Br eghill' s Story of one at St. JamesV, 

16. Simon Jones of Kiderminfter. 

17. Richard White of Wilden-Hall. ". 

18. Mr. Hopkins o/Bewdley. 

1 9. ^f» In fiance now in London. 
2.0. Another as ftrange. 

2 1 . Mr. White at Lambeth. 

22. One from Cambridge. 

23. One at Hunniton. 

24. Another there. 

25. Mr, Ch. HattV Story. 



The Contents. 

Oitfll. The firange Story of M r . May Hill, 
AHmfier of Beckington in Somerfetfliire. 
Mr. Increafe md Mr. Cotton Mather s ln~ 

The Story of Mr. Vzcfs Daughters at LeftO. 
Ch.IV* Many Hifiories few me by Dukf 

Lauderdale, and one that taught a Minifter 

to fpeak true Latin, and his Detection of fome 

Poptjh Frauds. 

Cb. V. Of Witchcraft. Inft. i.' Alexander 

2. Benevenius. 
5. Langius. 

4. Cornelius Gemma.^ 

5. Sidelicus, *'#Skenkuis* 
6- Wolphius. 
7. Sebaftian Brand- 

$. Fabricius Hildanus. \ % 

9. Fa?lix Platerus. 
jo. Hollerius. 

11. Petrus Foreftus- 

12. Scribonius, — Many Inft ances of the Con- 
cubitus of Damons mth Womtn. 

13. Many [truck h Damons: Scribonius. 

14. Witches raifing Storms. 

15. Erafmus'/ Story; of an Apparvion that 
burnt the Town. 

16. TheSelling ofMnds ^Lapland and Ifeland . 

17. The Bleeding of wurde* d bodies. 

18. ScvlhomUSSJtrarje Stpry. 

ig m Mr. Farmworch 0/ ^ MiizQ Sacrifice to 

the Devil. "'\ ^ 

20, JLu- 

The Contents. 

so* Ludovicus Vives Teftimony. 
%l. Zanchy's Teftimony. 
22. Melancthon'* Teftimony. 

%$ 9 A wonder f History of .Dr.Henric.ab Heer& 

24. Merik Caufabone of &VTheqdMeyerne. 

25. Divers Inftances from Fernelius. 

26. Sir Theod. Meyerne's -prudent Judgment* 

27. Gerh. Voflms'/ Teftimony. 

28. Lavater. 

29. Bijhop JoC Hall. 

30. Cyprian, and aftrange Story \ n him from 

3 1. The New England hftances on Mrs. Hut- 
chinfon and Mrs. Dyer* published by Mr* 

- Thomas, Weld- ■ J 

32. Zanchy 5 / Opinion that the Devil's Subftame 
is in them that they move, 

33. Luther 9 / Teftimony* 

34. More e/Melancthon'/. 

Ch. VI. Mr. John Lewis and Mr. John Da» 
Vis'/ Multitudes of Inftances of Apparitions 
in Cardiganshire 5 and near it, of Knockers 
and Death- Lights. 

Ch. VII. toft. I. Mr.TxKons Narrative &om 

2, ^fr. Woodcock'/ Letter, and four ftrange 

Stones: One of Mr.Mutl'y and one of Dr. 

Lamb and Mr. Barber ; and one of Mr. Her- 
r* imr V*^* 5 *» d °f the Oundte-mn. 
Ui. VIIL Of good Angels, and fome doubtful 

Spmts. Inft. 1. Mr.Tzt€s Cafe. 
I. The JBolton Inftance. 

fr The 

* The Contents, 

3 . The Afric Bijhops.whofe Tongues were cut outl 
4» Somewhat from De la Cerda. 
% Mr. Ketilby Woodhoufe^ Teftimony of 
fame faved from Sir Richard Greenvile. 

6. Of the Books of Prodigies, l66z* 

7. Of Lightnings tearing Churches. 

8. Of Whirlwinds and Hurricanes. 
$< Of Mrs. Britton V Apparition. 

io- More from De la Cerda. 

II. Hildanus^ ftrange Story of Lightning. 

Ch. IX. Inft. i . Of melancholy Perfons Cafe. 

2 . Of Enthufiafts : Inflames named,of divers forts. 

Ch X 5 Other ftrange Providences obfervablepn 
wyfetf* on ^f C. on Tho. Giles, on J. D. 

Of Death fore-told : Jnftance of Mr* Tiro, Co- 
lonel Rich and his Ladys Letters of it. 

Of the GMtonbury -Thorn, divers Letters. 

Of the Kings of England and France Touching 
for the Struma. 

Ch.XI. A ftrange Story from Belfaft in Ire- 
land, fully attefted in a Letter from M^.Tho. 
Emlin, a worthy Preacher, now in Dublin. 

Ch. XII- A Dublin- Infiance, attefted by Mr, 
Daniel Williams, now in London. 

Th£ Conclufion, Concerning Angels, and how 
to know bad spirits from Good; by the Mat- 
ter, and their Method : And what Inftm- 
tnents Christ and Devils ufe in their greatejt 
pMick Warfare \ % 



Of the great and weighty Vfes of 
thefe Hiftories of Sprits, and 
their unufual Appearances and 


§. I. " " Have written this Colle&ion only 
as an /Addition to fuflkient Proofs 
of invifible Powers or Spirits, 
and their A&ions towards Men, 
which many in full Treatifes have already 
given the World ; becaufe how convincing 
foever thofe Difcouriesbe, Multitudes bred 
up in Idlenefs and Senfuality, and thereby 
drowned in Sadduceifm and Beitiality, ne- 
ver fee thofe Books 5 nor will the Devil 
confenc that they i'hall have fo much Wit 
and Care of their future State, as to make 
that diligent Enquiry after fuch Things as 
the Importance of the Matter doth require; 
Nor will they read them, if they have them 5 
nor believe the fulled Evidence, though 
they aad it ; pretending that of Perfons and 
Things fo long ago, and far orT, they can 
have no AfTurance, not knowing what Fal- 
lacies raay intervene. 

B There- 

i An HiftcYtcdl Difceurfe of 

Therefore I have chofen many near to 
them, both for Time and Place 5 of which, 
if they think their Souls worth fo much 
Labour, they may enquire to Satisfaction. 

§ 2, Though I have taken many out of 
foreign moft credible Fhyficians, and fome 
from other Hiftorians, yet, that I may not 
tranfcri^e too much, I defire them that need 
yet fuller Information, to read efpecially 
Bodln and RemigiM, two Judges who con- 
demned Multitudes of Witches themfelves, 
and Fad. Griliandtts, and Spr anger us, and the 
M.alk'% Maleficomni) and Zanchy de Angelis & 
Damon, and Datr&tt, Jofeph Glanvile with 

Dr. Moreh Notes, efpecially the Story in the 
Wed of Scotland, near like that mod con- 
vincing one of the Devil of Mafcon $ and 
Dr, More of Atheifm } 2nd Mr. Increafe Ma- 
ther, and his Son Mr. Cotton Mather of New 
England, their two Books of Witches, of 
which, the latter hath moil convincing Evi- 
dence 3 and Dr. S'wcUre s a Scot. 

§3-1 confefs 3 it is "very difficult to ex- 
pound the Caufes of all mentioned in thefe 

Hiitories: hut provec Matters of fact mud 
not be denied, bur improved as well as we 
can. And"! cpnfefs, very many Cheats of 
pretended Pcflefficns have been difcovered,- 
which hath made ton\e weak, injudicious 
Men think that all are fuch* Two ions of 


^Apparitions and Witches. % 

Perfons have oft been found Deceivers % 
x. Perfons prepared and trained up pur- 
pofely by Papifls Priefts, to honour their 
Exorcifms. You may find in print the Sto- 
ry of the Boy ofBilfon ( Vetrius, who after- 
wards I heard turned Quaker at Bri&ol) 
dete&ed and fhamed by Bp. Morton himfelfc 
Many fuch abroad are recorded, i. Luft- 
ful,Rank, Girls and young Widows, that 
plot for fome amorous, procacious Defign* 
or have Imaginations conquered by Luft : 
Though, I think, when they come to a F«- 
ror Htenmsy Satan oft fets in. 

But he forfeiteth the Benefit of his own 
Eye-fight, who thinks that none fee, be- 
caufe fome Beggars counterfeit Blindnefi. 

§4. Thelnftances tell us, 1. That the 
State, Converfe, Policy, Laws of the Ae- 
rial World, or Regions, are much though 
not wholly) unknown to us here. 2. And 
' fo is the Natural State of the departed Souls 
of wicked Men, as to their having Bodies, or 
no Bodies, their Power, their Wits,their Mo- 
tions, and Pafficns. g.Andaifo whether they 
be proper Devils when joyned with them, or 
of another Species. 4. And 'tis hard to know 
by their Words or Signs, when it is a De- 
vil, and when it is a Humane Soul that ap- 
peared. 5. Yea, it is oft hard to know 
whether it be the Soul of a good Perfon, 
or a bad. 6. And confequently, what di- 
B % ftance 

4 'An Hiftorkal Difcourfe of 

fiance there is in their Habitations. 7. Yea, 
and oft whether it be a good Angel, or a 
bad, feeing bad ones may do good deceit- 
fully, or by Conftraint. 8. And "'tis un* 
fearchable to us, how far God leaveth Invi- 
fible, Intelle&ual Powers to Free Will a- 
bout inferiour things ; fufpending his pre- 
determining Motion, though not his gene- 
ral Motion and Concourfe. 9. Yea, we are 
not fully certain whether thefe Aerial Re- 
gions have not a third fort of Wights, that 
are neither Angels, (Good or Fallen, ) nor 
Souls of Men, but fuch as have been there 
placed as Fifhes in the Sea, and Men on 
Earth: And whether thofe called Fairies 
and Goblins are not fuch. 

But as all thefe, and more fuch, are un- 
known to us, fo God feeth it meet for us 
that it fjhould be fo, and we ihould not fo 
much as deilre or endeavour that it might 
be other wife. 

§ $ . But we may know, (which mud 
fuffice us,) 1. That no Spirits can do any 
thing, but by God's Will or Permiffion. 
2. And that God will never permit them 
eventually to fruftrace his Love and Mercy 
to his People, nor to break any one of his 
Promifes to them. 3 And that good Spi- 
rits are Servants, and evil Ones Slaves to 
Jefus thrift, our Redeemer, and (hall not 
frustrate his Grace and Undertaking. 4- Is 


apparitions and Witches, j 

is furely a wicked fort of Spirits that de- 
light to do Mifchief, and that Jye and de- 
ceive Men, and that are ambitious to be 
woffhipped, and to have Men's Souls and 
Bodies in their power, and make killing 
and damning Men their Work : ' Fis evi- 
dent that their Knowledge and Mifery hath 
not yet changed them by Repentance, and 
made them better. 5. TEH evident that 
they are Enemies to God, and to Jefus 
Chrift ; for their whole Defign is againft 
them< and againft fanetifying, faving Work. 
6. It is plain that they know that Man hath 
another Life to live: Their Works atteft 
the Immortality of our Souls, and the ^ruth 
of ChriiHanity, in that they malicioufly do 
fo much againft them : They urge Men to 
renounce God and Ohrift, and his Com- 
mandments and Worfhip, their Baprifm, 
and all true Service of God ' They urgg 
Perfons to fell their Souls to them, and to 
foriake all that tends to fave them, Their 
Importunity to deftroy us, ihould teach us 
the Need of the greateft Care and Dili- 
gence for our Salvation. 7. It feemech 
plain that they are now of a low and bafe 
Condition of Nature, in that th.ey (etk !uch 
fordid Employments about Graves and 
Corps, and multitudes of fordid, trivial 
things. 8. And it fcems that they dwell 
near us, in the Air, Earth and Sea, and not 
in the higher glorious Regions. 9. And it 
Bj is 

6 An Hiftorical Difeourfe of 

is apparent that they have a natural Strength, 
and Ways of working, unknown to us, by the 
Wonders that they do- 10 It is very like that 
the howls of wicked Men now dwell with 
them as they muft do for ever, and are like 
them. 1 1. I think it mod likely, that when 
Witches, Men and Women, confefs their fil-' 
thy Lying with Devils, that it is done more 
to exercife the Lutt of the Witch than of the 
Devil: And that fometimes he doth it by a 
Body of grofs Air, and fometimes may grati- 
fie the Lull of one Witch on another, or on a 
tempted ignorant Wretch. Me that can bring 
a Witch in without opening the Door, can 
bring (uch an one (Male or Female) into 
another's Bed. 1 2. It is not impoilible that 
wicked Souls may carry wiih them hence 
their filthy Inclinations, and Defire to ufe 
them- 13. It is plain that Devils and wic- 
'ked Souls are not yet in the utmoft of their 
Mifery, but are referved in Chains to the 
Judgment of the great Day of Chrift : Such 
joking, and dallying, and whittling, as the 
Devil of Mafcon, and many other ufed, 
fhew this. 14. It is clear, that whether 
you call it [in State, or Place,"] (I think 
both,) the bleffed Souls and Angels are far 
above thefe, in a higher World or Region, 
and no wonder if they appear more rarely 
to Men 00 Earth' 15. Yet Angels can be 
here, and do their Office for us, without 
fueh Defcest as (hall abate their Joy and 

Glory 1 

Jpparkiom and Witches., 7 

Glory; and why not blefled Souls too, if 
they (hall be equal with Angels ? The Sun 
can enlighten every Eye here, without lo 
fingits higher Refidence. 16. When re- 
vengeful things are done, (as on Murderers, 
Defrauders, &c.) it feems to be from the 
revengeful Wrath of fome bad Soul, efpe- 
ciallywhen it is. about Money or Lands, it 
feemeth to fay.our of the Worldly Mind : 
Yet it is uncertain whether it may not be 
from the Juftice of God, and governing An- 
gels, fending the Evil Spirits on fuch Er- 
rands. A Hawk and- a Hound are fitter 
Meffengers to deftroy,' than a Dove or a 
Lamb. 17. When a Genius flieweth fome 
Kindnefs to the Soul, (as his that I men- 
tioned, that knocketh at his Bed's Head, 
and about him, after every time that he is 
drunk ; and one that Bodln mentioneth, that 
was ftricken when he faid or did amifs ? J it 
is uncertain to us, whether it be a good An- 
gel, or the Soul of fome former dear Friend, 
that procureth this Leave, to try to turn 
and fave the Sinner : Or whether Chrift and 
Angels force Satan to doit againft his Will. 
18. Though the unquenchable Fire which 
Is to follow will fhew the utmoft Severity 
of God's Juftiee, there is fome figmfication 
of his Mercy to the Wicked, in fufpending 
it fo far, as to allow them fuch a Condition 
as many of thefe Apparitions fignifie by their. 
Words and Deeds. 19 Yet here is no- 
B 4 thing 

8 An Hifiorical Dtfcourfe of 

thing to encourage their Opinion, thatsthink 
fuch Souls or Demons are but in via, and 
have Another Day of Hope, and Means to 
ufe, ij in poftbility of Salvation : And though 
many arefaid to have begged of the Living 
for MaiTes and Prayers, it is liker to prove 
a Diabolical Cheat, to promote Superfti- 
tion,-<;than that there is a Purgatory-State of 
Hopfe! 20. Thofe that ar6 tempted to think 
thar, -Souls are all one, .and that Individua- 
tion is only by Corporeal Matter, and that 
Individuation ceafetfo* at' Death, are by all 
thefe Examples fully confuted : Devils and 
wicked Souls have their Numerical Indivi- 
duation, and therefore no Godly Perfon 
need to fear the Lois of it< Either it is 
gOoii or bad for us : If good, {hall the Wic- 
ked and Devils have it, and not the Godly ? 
If bad, why.fliould it bedefired? Angels 
Sre Individuals; and (hall not our Souls ? 

§ 6. Thefe great Benefits we may get by 
the right Ufe of thefe Hiiiories, and fuch 

i. We may learn to admire that Frame 
of Divine Government, that hath Crea- 
tures fo various to rule and order, and ma- 
ke th one beautiful Frame of all. As Toads 
and Serpents on Earth are not ufelefs, nor 
devouring Fifties., Birds and Beafts 3 fo nei- 
ther are Devils, nor damned Souls, no nor 
their Sins, which God will ufe 5 though he 
will not caufe< ? %> We 

apparitions and Witches. g 

2I We may gather that in Heaven itfelf, 
there will be an orderly ©economy and 
difference of degrees of Superiority and of 
Glory , when there is fo great difference 
through all the World. All (hall not be 
equal to them that (hall fit on twelve 
Thrones, Judging the twelve Tribes : There 
are many Maniions in that Houfe, even to 
them that be all with Chrili. 

3. We have great Caufe to be very 
thankful to God , that doth not let loofe 
wicked Spirits againft us, that they are not 
here our Terror and Tormentors. 

4. How great a Mercy is it, that we 
have a Saviour that hath power over them, 
and hath Redeemed us from their Power , 
and from everlafting Damnation. 

5. We may fee that the Angels of God 
are not ufelefs to us 5 but their Miniftry is 
one of Gods Means for our Prefervition, 
and we owe them, Love and Thanks for 
all their Love and Service: And it is not, 
through Pride or Infenfibility of this bene- 
fit, that we do not worfhip them, whom 
we fee not. 

6. If the Devils poflefling and torment- 
ing Mens Bodies, be (o heavy a Plague , 
how much worfe is it to have him the Ma- 
iler of their Souls? OJ How carefully 
fhould we refift his Temptations ? Every 
Sin that we commit, through Love to it, or 
by Wilfulnefs or Sloth, is worfe to us and 


io An Hijiorkal Difcourfe of 

more pleafing to the Devil,than to be Tor- 
mented fo long by him. He mift of his 
aim at Job , when he could not by all his 
Sufferings draw him to Sin : Oi how T much 
more miferable isa Worldly, Proud, Glut- 
tonous, Dives, Lord, Knight or Gentle- 
man, and ienfual Youth diilra&ed with 
Vain Mirth and Lufl , than one Bewitcht, 
t>r Bodily only pofleft by Devils : And 
how much (hould the moft godly be afraid 
of Sin , and of Temptations? 

7. It isa fenlible help, as to Convince 
Brutifts and A thrifts and Infidels, fo to con- 
firm the heft Believers againft all Tempta- 
tions, to doubt of the Life to come, and 
the Immortality of Souls , and the future 
lodgment and Retribution : And though it 
be our flume to need fuch helps , it is a 
Mercy to have them. If a Sadducee will 
fay ? if one did come from the Dead, or I 
hw fuch things , I would believe, fbould 
not our Faith be paft wavering , that have 
thefe added to the greater Gofpel proofs. 

8. It's matter of Comfort to departing 
faithful Souls, that thefe evil Spirits that 
are chained up now , and not fuffered to 
difturb us, ftiall not hinder our pailage to 
Glory : If we muft pafs through the Air 
inhabited by Devils and Wicked Souls., 
Angels will Convey us , and Chrift re- 
ceive us , and it (ball not be to our hurt or 

p. It 

JfpaYition and Witches. i x 

p. It fhould always keep the Souls of 
the Faithful in joyful gratitude , for the 
work of Regeneration, Grace, Juftificati- 
on and Salvation , which was our great 
Deliverance from Devils : And teach us 
to live as the faved of the Lord. 

10. It Ihould warn all to take heed, that 
they be not helpers and Servants to Devils, 
in Tempting and Deftroying Souls; O! 
how many do his work, that defie his 
Name? All that by wicked example and 
fcandal, harden Men in Sin, they that Tempt 
People to Pride and Luft, and flefihly plea- 
fures. They that draw them into the Com- 
pany of Vain 5 Lafcivious , Luftful , Ry- 
otous and Ungodly perfons : They that 
madly contradict Gods Word , and Cavil 
and Argue againfi Faith and Holinefs : 
They that deride and mock at the Obedi- 
ence of Gods Commands , and Reproach 
the mod Religious by fcornful Nicknames. 
They that feduce them by falfe Dodrine , 
, and that draw them from Gods Woriliip , 
and they that filence neceflary Faithful 
Preachers , and they that diffuade Men 
from hearing or regarding them. Oi what 
an Army hath Satan, for his work of de- 
ftroying Souls. 

Thefe Men fhould think , that it's great- 
er Cruelty to deftroy Souls , than to Rob 
or Murder Bodies : h is fighting againil 
the Office and Work of Chrift that came 


i a An Hiftorical Difcourfe of 

to fave them , and againft all the Ordinan- 
nances and Word of God , and all the 
Coqrfe of his faving Mercies , and all the 
Defires and Endeavours of the Godly, that 
Long and Labour for Mens Salvation: It is 
to be like Devils, and do the Devils work, 
and by hurting others,they- more him them- 
fdvGs. And if Gods Mercy fhould Con- 
vert and Save fuch wretches , they cannot 
Convert and Save thofethat they have de- 
ceived and drawn to Sin.- And God only 
knoweth what thoughts they would have, 
if they come to Heaven , to fee or know 
of Souls in Hell, that they brought thither. 
But if they die Unconverted, and go to 
them , their Prefence and Torment will be 
the increafe of their o^n. 

ii. Thefe thoughts fhould ftir up all be- 
lievers to labour to fave Souls from the 
Snares and lowers of Devils. O J do not 
fey as Caw , Am »■ my Brothers Keeper , 
fay not, that it is only the Work of Mini- 
fters : They are Guides in Chrifts Army , 
but you are Soldiers: You are Vowed to 
fight againft the Devil , the World and 
Fleib,and that for others, as well as for your 
fclves: Societies are for Mutual Helps. A 
Minifter is but one Man , and not an Ar- 
my , and can be but in one place at once : 
You live among and near your Family, 
Neighbours and fuch as you Converfe with, 
and may often fpeak to them: All in your 


"Apparitions and Witches. 1 3 

places muft be Lights and Salt , to Enlight- 
en a Dark, and lea fori a Corrupt Gene- 
ration. O! You that believe the Life to 
come , make hafte to help poor Miferable 
Souls , before Death put therr pail Reine- 
dv , or Sin hath utterly kneered their 
Hearts : Do you love your Neighbours as 
your felves , and will fee them continue 
in Ignorance, World! iriefs and ^rofane- 
nefs, and do nothing or little to fave them ? 
If you faw but their Bodies in need , and 
fliut up the Bowels of Companion againft 
them, w hat leve have you to God , to 
Chrift or them ? If Chrift in Judgment 
will Condemn Men for not relieving Po~ 
dies Math 25. will it prove ieis (inful to 
afford no help to Souls. If you are not 
for Chrift, and his Works , you are a- 
gainfthim: If you law therm fall dc\\~n In 
aSwound, you would heir them up*. And 
if their Houies were on Fire, you would 
help and hafte to quench it ; yea, if your 
Enemies Beaft fall into a Pit , you muft 
help him out: And do you believe a Hell, 
and not help Sinners ? The Devil, their 
Adveriary and yours, as a Roaring Lyon , 
feeketh Night and Day to Devour 3 A*nd 
will you do nothing to fave Men. 

If you cannot do what you would, do 
what you can*. Do but take it for your Du- 
ty and Works, for which you mull give 
account to God , and keep you an account 


14 An Hiflorical Difcowfe of 

how you perform it : Ask your felves what 
have I done for Souls this Week, or this 
day . ? Begin at home, and give to all an Ex- 
ample of Holinefs, Heavenly meeknefs, 
and Self-denial : Then look to your Families: 
O I betray not the Souls of your Children and 
Servants, with a. few flight good words or 
forms ; but with Love and Diligence, La- 
bour to make them underftand Gods Word, 
and the things of their Salvation , Cate- 
chize them , and help them to underftand 
and apply it. Keep them from ill Compa- 
ny , Labour to render Gods Service %o 
them as it is 5 Necefiary, Honourable andPlea- 
fint : Time is fliort , Souls are precious , 
Hell is dreadful : Heaven is joyful, Devils 
and their wicked Servants are bufie. While 
you have opportunity, labour to do good 
to all : Your Labour, if fincere, (hall not 
be in i 7 ain. If you want Ability, labour 
to increafe it, and get the help of fuch as 
can do better, get them to able Minifters :. 
Put fuitable Books into their Hands : Do not 
as thole Sectaries, that to fliew their Gifts 
are ready to intrude as publick Preachers 9 
but inftead of Patient and Companionate 
Diligence with the Ignorant and Ungodly 
about them, do but exafperate them by Re- 
proaches and Difgrace, Condefcend to the 
lea ft and lo.weft : Do all with Humility, and 
Winning Love. 


Apparitions and Witcher. t y 

Alas, Satan hath a greater and more dan- 
gerous Army, to fight againft Chrift and 
Holinefs, and Mens Salvation, among the 
Great, and Rich, and Proud, and Carelefe 
Voluptuous Sinners, than among Witches 
and poflefled Bodies. He wins and undoes 
molt by pleafing them : If he can get them 
to prefer Earth before Heaven, and Wealth 
and Honour before^ Holinefs , and to be 
lovers of fleihly Pleafures more than of God # 
and keep them from any ferious Minifter,or 
Means that would waken' them and bring 
them to their Wits, and keep them from fe- 
rious Conlideration, and from thinking whi- 
ther they are going, and how all their Care-* 
lefnefs, Eafe and Sin will end 5 this is k 
that anf \ ereth his Soul- murdering defires* 

1 ^. But efpecially thefe Inftances of Satans 
Diligence and Malice, fhould teach Minifters 
how to preach,on what Subje<Ss,in and whac 
manner, and how to converfe perfonally with 
thofe of their charge : Shall the Captains in 
Chrili's Army fee the Devourer go away 
with the Prey, and do little for their re* 
fcue? Is ignorant, cold, jingling, conten- 
tious Preaching , meet for them that are 
fo greatly obliged to militate under Chrift 
againft the Deftroyer, and for the ever- 
lading faving of Mens Souls ? The Lord 
heal and pardon our Unbelief, and cruel 
want of Fitty , and our Sloth and Luke- 
warmnefs? for it is great and ferious 


1 6 An Hiftorical Difcourfe of 

Work which we undertake. But of this 
I refer thole that will read it to my Re- 
formed Taftor. 

O Lord give to the Chriftian World, a 
greater number of Wife, Humble, Holy, 
experienced Teachers, and fave them from 
thofe that hate or believe not the Do- 
drine, which for worldly Ends they preach 5 
and that ferve the Devil in the name of 
Chrift, and calling themfelves the church, 
and their Conceits its Canon or Rule, do 
Preach and Rule for themfelves, their Ho- 
nour, Will and Wealth, on pretence of the 
Welfare and Unity of the Church, and 
become the Trumpeters of Malignity, Per- 
fection and Schifm, and have not known 
the way of Mercy, 


Apparitions and Witches. H, 


Several Hiflorical Inftdnces of Ap- 
paritions^ Witches •> and marvel- 
lous convincing Works of God's 

§. i. /b "jpHere are in this City of Lok- 
JL dou> many Ferfons that profefe 
their great unbelief, or doubt of the Life 
to come, the Immortality of the Soul, and 
therefore much more of the truth of the 
Gofpel, and Chriftian Faith, and Superna- 
tural Revelations. But they fay * that 
could they be certain of Spirits, Appariti- 
ons, Witchcraft and Miracles, it would do 
more to convince them than the Aflernons 
of the Scriptures : But they take all fuch 
Reports to be but the effe&s of Error, De- 
ceit, and eafie Credulity : For the fake of 
fuch, I have recited many Credible Inftan- 
ces in this Book, and my Saints Heft, and 
in my Vnreafonabknefs of Infidelity, and I 
fhall here add fome more. I doubt not 
but abundance of Reports of fuch matters 
have no better caufes than are here men- 
tioned, even the mittake of the Ignorant i 
but that there are trm as well as falfe Re- 

C $at$ 

1 8 An Hiftoricdl Difcourfe of 

ports of fuch things, is paft all reafonable 
caufe of doubting. 

i. I will begin with that moft convincing 
Inftance, which you may read in a Book, 

Called, The Devil of Mafcon. 

Above twenty Years ago, the now Earl 
Orery, then Lord Broghii, a Perfon of well 
known Underftanding, and not inclined to 
weak Credulity, told me much of what is 
written in that Book, and more ; and faid, 
That he was familiar with Mr. Perreaud, a 
Reverend Worthy Proteftant Minifter, in 
whofe Houfe all was done, and had his 
Son for his Servant in his Chamber many 
years 5 and from Mr. Perreaud had the Nar- 
rative. Not long after, Dr. Peter Moulin, 
Prebend of Canterbury, and Son to the fa- 
mous Peter Moulin Printed the Book, as ha- 
ving it from his Father, who had it of 
Mr. Perreaud: And Mr. Robert Boyle > Bro- 
ther to the Earl of Orery, a \Man famous 
for Learning, Honefty and Charity, and 
far alfo from weak Credulity, prefixeth an 
Epiftle to it, owning it as undoubted Truth, 
being acquainted with the Author, Mr. Per- 
reaud, as his Brother was. All thefe three 
worthy Perfons ( the E. of Orery, Mr. Boyle, 
and Dr. Pet. Moulin) through God's Mercy 
are yet living. 

I hear fome report? that this Hiftory of 
Mafcon is denyed by foiiie, that fay, they 


r Jpparbions ahdWhchesl ip 

have fpoken with Come that have been at 
Mafcon, and knew nothing of it And 
what wonder if fuch things that are talkc 
of but a few days, be forgotten after fifty, 
or fixty Years : They that will not be- 
lieve the Narrative from fuch Men as the 
Famous Peter Monltn Senior v and Dr. Pe- 
ter Moulin Junior, that Printed it, and from 
the Earl of Orery , that told me he was 
Familiar with Mr. Perreand , and had his 
Son many years his Chamber-Servants 
and his Brother Mr. Robert Boyle -yet living, 
that hath attefied it by a Preface, may read 
all the Hiftory (. with many more of Witch- 
craft printed in French, and^ Publifhed by 
Mr Perreand himfelf •* And if they cannot 
get it, they may go to my Kinfman, Willi- 
am Baxter , now Schoolmafter at Newing- 
ton , where they may fee it. 

Could it be Counterfeit, and never Con- 
tradi&ed in fifty or fixty years ( I remem- 
ber not juft the year ) that in a City, (o 
many of both Religions for fo many Months 
together , might croud at a certain hour in- 
to the Room , and hear a Voice anfwering 
their queftions , and telling them things 
far off, and to them unknown 5 and Dis- 
puting with a Papift Officer of the City , 
and the Whirling him oft about, and cart- 
ing him on the ground , and fending him 
home Diftra&ed , I fay, if this , and all 
the reft there written, fo atteited, be noc 

so An Hiftorical Difcourfe of 

Efficient Evidence, I know not what 

The faidEarlof Orery, told me of many 
effe&s of Witchcraft or Deyils ( Men car- 
ried about ) near him in Ireland, which I 
ftall not particularly recite , though many 
Witaefles were named. 

This was written while they lived : Now 
only Mr. Boyle Surviveth. 

II. My next Hiftory ( (hall be that of 
Lieutenant Colonel Bomn, which I will 
give only in the words of others, as I re- 
ceived it. Only telling you what they are. 

i. Mr. Samuel J ones, is a Man of known 
Learning , Piety and Honefly , though a 
Silenced MinUter , now living rn GUmw- 
ganjhire , by whofe Mediation I had the 

2. Mr. Bedwell was alfo a Credible Faith- 
ful Minifter. 

3. Mrs. Bowen her felf , either is , or 
lately was living , a Woman very much 
p^aifed for True Piety and Courage, Sifter 
to Colonel Philip Jones, once one of Crom- 
mtts Council. 

4. Here is a Letter alfo from Colonel 
Wroth Rogers :, late Governour of Hereford, 
I think yet living, and a Credible perfon , 
though then not willing the Story fhould 
be published? I fuppofe his Reafons are now 


Apparitions and Witches. 2 i 

5. I fent into Ireland in his Life-time * 

to enquire what effedt it had upon him , 
of which I had the Letter of Mr. Samuel 
Foley , and Credible Perfons yet living. 

6* And Colonel John Bridges then in 
Ireland, purpofely enquired, and could learn 
no more , but that he immured himfelf pri- 
vately with one Servant in a Caftle, who 
reported that he ufed to rife in the Night, 
and walk about the Room p talking as to 
fome one with him , and more I could not 

7. I defired lately a Worthy Minifter 
in Swanfey , to enquire whether ever fince 
any thing had abated ,/the Belief of the 
Fad: , who tells me (as others do ) thai it 
is as fully believed by thofc that were in 
the Houle , and others as ever. 

C 3 $4 


r An Hiftcr'tcal Difcourfe of 

Several Letters to Mr. Richard 
Baxter, in relation to an Ap- 
parition in the Houfe of Lieu- 
tenant Colonel Bowen, in Gla- 
morganjhire, in Waks } in the 
Year 1655. 

Colonel Rogers, the Governor of 
Hereford,/?/* Letter : Together 
with an enclosed Relation of an 
Apparition, &c 

Dear Sir, 

Y the Enclofed you will find fome- 
tbiog of the Bunnefs you expected 
from me : {h is certain and true, I 
have received it from very good Hands.) 
More there was, hot they did not think it 
c vnvenient to put it in Paper. _ My Requeft 
i>, that you will not expofe it to publick 
View 5 it may rather do harm than good. 
I know that God hath given you Wiidomj, 
: and 

Apparitions and Witches. 2 j 

and you will make good ufe of fuch things : 
It may harden others. This, with the En- 
clofed, is all at prefent from 

Tour Cordial FrienU 

and Servant 

Wf*r* W.Rogers. 

The enclofed Relation of the late fir ange Ap~ 
parition in the County of Glamorgan. 

IN the beginning of the late War, a Gen- 
•tleman of that County being oppreifed 
by the King's Party, took Arms under the 
Earl of Effexy and by his Valour obtained a 
good Repute in the Army, fo that in a 
fhort time he got the Command of Lieute- 
nant Colonel. But as foon as the heat of 
the War was abated, his Eafe and Prefer- 
ment led him to a carelefs and fenfual Life ; 
inforriuch that the godly Commanders judg- 
ed him unfit to continue in England, and 
thereupon fent him to Inland, where he 
grew fo vain and notional, that he was ca- 
fhiered the Army 5 and being then at liber- 
ty to fin without any Reftraint, he became 
an abfolute Atheift, denying Heaven or Hell, 
C 4 fiod 

34 An Hiftorical Difcourfe of 

God or Devil, (acknowledging only a 
Power, as the ancient Heathens did Fate,) 
accounting Temporal Pleafures all his ex- 

Ee£ied Heaven : So that at laft he became 
atefiil, and hating all civil Society, and his 
sieareft Relations. 

About December laft, he being in Ireland^ 
and his Wife (a Godly Gentlewoman, of a 
good Family, and concluded by all the God- 
ly People that knew her, to be one of the 
xnoft fincere and upright Chriftians in thofe 
Parts, as being for many Years under great 
Afflictions, and always bearing them with 
Cfariftian-like Patience) living in his Houfe 
in Glamorgan, was very much troubled one 
Night with a great Noife, much like the 
found of Whirl- wind, and a violent bear- 
ing of the Doors or Walls, as if the whole 
Houfe were falling in pieces : And being 
la her Chamber, with moft of her Family, 
after praying to the Lord, (accounting it 
(Infill Incredulity to yield to Fear,) ftie 
went to bed 5 andfuddenly after, there ap- 
peared unto her (bmething like her Hu(- 
band, and asked her whether he ihouki 
come to Bed. She fitting up, and praymg 
to the Lord, told him, he was not her Hut 
band, and that he ihould not. He urged 
more earneftly : What! Not the Husband of 
thy Bofom ? What ! Not the Husband of thy 
JBofcm 9 ( Yet had no power to hurt her.) 
And (he, together with feme Godly People* 


Apparitions and Witches. 25 

fpent that Night in Prayer, being very of 
ten interrupted by this Apparition. 

The next Night, Mr. MUcs, (a Godly 
Minifter,) with four other Godly Men, 
came to watch and pray in the Houfe for 
that Night > and fo continued in Prayer, 
and other Duties of Religion, without any 
interruption or noife at all that Night. 
But the Night following, the Gentlewo- 
man, with feveral other Godly Women, 
being in the Houfe, the noife of Whirl- 
wind began again, with more violence than 
formerly, and the Apparition walked in the 
Chamber, having an unfufferable Stench, 
like that of a putrified Carcafe, filling the 
Room with a thick Smoak, fmelling like 
Sulphur, darkening the Light of the Fire 
and Candle^ but not quite extinguilhing it ; 
fometimes going down the Stairs, and com- 
ing up again with a fearful noife, difturbing 
them in their Prayers, one while with the 
found of Words which they could notdif- 
cern, other while ftriking them fo that the 
next Morning their Faces were black with 
the Smoak, and their Bodies fwollen with 

Thereupon they left the Houfe, left they 
fliould tempt the Lord by their over-bold 
flaying infuch Danger, and fent this Atheifl; 
the fad News of this Apparition ; who com- 
ing to England about May laft, exprefled 
more Love and&efpe£t to his Wife than 

formerly 3 

26 An Htftorkal Difeourfe of 

formerly - 7 yet telling her, that he could 
not believe her Relation of what (he had 
feen, as having not a power to believe any 
thingbut what himfelf (aw, and yet would 
ikk hitherto go cp his Houfe to make trial, 
bar probably will e er long, for that he is 
naturally of an exceeding rafli and defperate 



[Apparitions and Witches. 1 7 

Mr. Samuel Jones's Letter in re- 
lation to Lieutenant Col. Bowen, 
together, with an inclofed Let- 
ter from Mr, Maur. Bedwell , 
on the fame Subjeff. 

Worthy and much Honoured, 

■^ST T*OU may be pleafed to remember, 
\f that when I waited upon you ac 
JL the Sheriff's Houfe, in Sat/op, in 
dugyfl laft > amongft your other Enquiries 
touching the State of that poor Country 
where the Lord hath caft my Lot for the 
prefent: you defired me then to impart 
what I had received by Relation, concern- 
ing the Apparitions in one Col. Bowens 
Houfe, and upon my return to procure you 
fome further Intelligence touching that Tre- 
mendous Providence. Whether it be by. 
Time, or Familiarity with the noife here- 
of, or rather, the (no lefs to be admired) 
Blockiihnefs of the Spirits of Men , that 
the Horror of that terrible Difpenfation be 
allay'd, I know not, but furely the thing it 
felf was very Stupendous, and the remem- 
brance of it carries much Amazement with 
it ftill, to them that have any thing of Ten- 
darnels or Undemanding left them. By 


2 8 An Hifloricdl Difcourfe of 

the inclofed, from an Honeft and Godly 
Hand, not far from the Stage where thefe 
things were adled : You may underftand 
the Subftance of that matter, the* Party (be- 
ing a Minifter of the Gofpel) perfedly 
knew Colonel Bswen, and hath often con- 
verfed with him, both before and fince his 
Houfe was haunted. If you are pleafed .to 
command any further Satisfaction herein, I 
fliall take a Journey my felf into the place, 
and endeavour to gratifie your defire, as to 
any further particular that you defire the 
knowledge of. If any publick ufe be made 
hereof you may conceal my Friends name 
and mine own, left any offence fbould be- 
taken by fome of the Parties Relations in 
Parliament and Council. Of the receipt of 
this Paper I defire to hear with all conve- 
nient fpeed- At the Throne of Grace 
vouchfafe to remember your weak and 
wretched Brother, who yet defires to be 
found in the number of them that are, 
* Sir, 

Tours in the furefi Bonds 

to Honour and Serve you? 

Coedrekm, Samuel Jones. 

TheReafons why forbearing Names was 
defired, being now over (yet Mr. 5. Jones 
(till living) I think my felf difobliged as to 
that Reftrainc. R B* 

'Apparitions and Witches. 29 

Mr. Maur. Bedwell/ inclosd Letter. 

Dear Sir, 

GLad I am of your fafe return , and 
gladder fhould I be to be inftrumen- 
tali according to my weak Capacity, of 
nayling you to thefe parts. I hope, if my 
defires are agreeable to the Lord, you will 
meet with feme directing Providences from 
him, which will anfwer all Objections. 

As to Col. Bowens Houfe, I can give you 
fome brief Particulars, which you may cre- 
dit, as coming from fuch, who were not fo 
foolifli as to be deluded, nor fo difhoneft 
as to report an untruth : What I (hall write., 
if neea were, would be made good both 
by Eye and Ear Witnefles. The Gentle- 
man, Col Bom*j whofe Houfe is called 
LaticUin in GowersUnd, formerly was famous 
for Profeffion of Religion, but this Day is 
the faddeft Man in his Principles I know- 
living. To me, iq particular, he hath de- 
layed the Being of the Spirit of the Lord : 
His Argument thus, Either 'tis fomething 
or nothing; if fomething, fliew me, tcil 
me what it is, &c and I believe he gives as 
little credit to other Spirits as the S adduces. 
At his Houfe, aforementioned, he being 
then in Inland, making Proviiion for 
removing thither, thefe things happened. 
About December^ laft 3 his Wife being in Bed, 
a Gracious Underflanding Woman, and 


jo An Hiflorical Difcourfe of 

one whom little things will not affright 5 
one in the likenefs of her Husband , and 
juft in his Pofture, prefented himfelf to her 
Bed fide, proffering to come to Bed to her, 
which (he refufing, he gave this anfwer, 
What refufe the Husband of thy Bofom ; 
and after fome time, (he alledging, Chrift 
was her Husband, it difappeared : Strange 
miferable Howlings and Cries were heard 
about the Houfe, his Tread, his Pofture, 
Sighing, Humming,were heard frequently in 
the Parlour i in the Day time often the Shad- 
dowof one walking would appear upon the 
Wall. One Night was very remarkable, and 
had not the Lord flood by the poor Gentle- 
woman and her two Maids , that Night 
they had been undone * as (lie was going 
to Bed, (lie perceived by the impreffion on 
the Bed, as if fome Body had been lying 
there, and opening the Bed (lie fmelt the 
fmell of a Carcafe fome- while dead ; and 
being in Bed ( for the Gentlewoman was 
fome what Courageous) upon the Tefter, 
which was of Cloth, (lie perceived fame- 
thing rolling from fide to fide, and by and 
by, being forc'd out of her Bed, (he had 
not time to drefs her felf, fuch Cries and 
other things almoit amazing her, but (he 
(hardly any of her Cloths being on ) with 
with her two Maids, got upon their Knees 
by the Bedfide to feek the Lord, but ex- 
treamly affaulced, oftentimes (he would, by 


'Apparitions and Witches. Jt 

fbmewhac which felt like a Dog under 
her Knees, be lifted a Foot or more high 
from the Ground ; fome were heard to talk 
on the other fide of the Bed, which one of 
the Maids hearkening to, flie had a blow 
upon the Back : Divers affaults would be 
made by fits ; it would come with a cold 
breath of Wind, the Candles burn Blew 
and almoft out * horrible Screekings, Yel- 
lings, and Roarings, within and without the 
Houfe fad fmellsof Brimftone and Powder, 
and this continued from fome nine at Night 
to fome three the next Morning, fo that 
the poor Gentlewoman and her Servants 
were in a fad cafe 5 the next Morning, 
fmelling of Brimftone and Powder, and as 
I remember, Black with it, but the Lord 
was good : Fires have been feen upon the 
Houfe, and in the Fields 5 his Voice hath 
been heard luring his Haukes, a Game he 
delights in, as alfo the Bills of the Hauks. 
Thefe are the chief things which I dare re- 
commend upon Credit, and I could wiih, 
that they, who queftion the Exiftency of 
Spirits had been but one Night at Lannd'm 
to receive Satisfaction to their Obje&ions; 
This continued fo violent, that the Gentle- 
woman was fain to withdraw to her Mo- 
thers Houfe ; but her Husband coming over 
about iome four Months fince. his Confi- 
dence did not ferve him to lodge at Lm- 
wlin 7 although we have heard nothing of 


'3 z An Riftcrical Difcourfe of 

trouble to the Houfe fince his coming overi 
Sir, the Difpenfatton, as it was exceeding 
terrible, {o very remarkable 5 and what 
the Voice of God might be in fuch a thing 
'tis not known clearly yet : He is as Athe- 
iftical as ever, all his Religion, if I may 
call it fo, being comprifed in the acknow- 
ledging a Power, which we, as he faith * 
may call God, and waiting for fome infal- 
lible miraculous Bufinefs toverifie to him 
all the reft we own as our Religion. Sure* 
Sir, if ever a Blafphemer was unworthy to 
live, this is the Man ; and certainly his Sin 
will find him out : He is now gone to Ire- 
land ; let thefe things be divulged only as 
to the matter without names. Affitre the 
Gentleman, your Friend, they are very 
Truths 5 I have fomewhat more than ordi- 
nary for what I fay. At the firft we con- 
cluded, the Wretch had been dead , but 
'twas otherwife, and therefore the more re- 

Tottr affectionate Brother, 

to Love and Serve yot< 9 

~J)8tk Maur. Bedwell. 


Apparitions and Witches. 3 3 

Mr. Daniel Higgs his Letter, con- 
cerning the Apparition in Lieu- 
tenant Colonel Bowen s Houfe. 

Dear Sir x , . 

AS to the Concern you commit to me 
about Collonel Boweh, accept of this 

I have difcourfed with Brother Samel 
Jones, who gave you the fir ft Narrative, 
which if you have loft, he hopes he may 
find the Copy of the Letter, and I ftall 
fend it. 'Twas one Mr. Miles, an Anabap- 
tift Minifter, that wrote the Letter to one 
Mr. Bedwett, Minifter of Swanfey, who fenc 
it Mr. Samuel Jones. This Miles (who fpent 
a Night in Prayer in Colonel Bowens Houfe, 
in the time of the difturbance) is gone for 
New England. Two Minifters more, with 
my felf, went to fpend another Night in 
the Houfe, but Mrs. Bowen was gone with 
her Family, and we ftayed not, but went 
togive her a Vifit, who related ftrange 
thlitfgs, but I cannot remember Cireum- 
ftance^s. The two Minifters are alfo gone : 
But fince I received lours, I have dilcoqr- 
fed Mr. Bowen's Maid, wfio was in the 
Houfe, and I judge her throughly Godly,, 
who doth ateeft the Truth of thefe Appari- 
D ■ mm4 

34 An Hijhrkal Difcourfe of 

lions, Noifes, &c which I fuppofe you had 
fully in your Narrative *, but Time hath 
fomewhat obliterated CiraimOances with 
hen I know not well (Sir) how to get 
greater light - 9 and I muft allure you, I find 
not any thing out to invalidate that Report 
you have had, but much that confirms it. 
I {hall proceed according to your further Di- 
redion in this,or any other Concern of yours, 
and that with much Chearfulneis and Com- 
placency. I commit you, and your huge La- 
bours to our mighty and merciful Lord, by 
Prayer and all well Wiibes. And if you 
can think of any thing farther for me, o? 
gather any thing by Difcourfe with learned 
Men, vouchfafe to impart it ; and imprint 
me (poor Worm) on your Soul before our 
Father. I have fomewhat treipafled by 
Prolixity, which becomes me not to fuch 
a Perfon, in fuch a Sphere : But excufe him 
who is 

Tour afflifted 

poor Brother, 

Daniel Higgs. 


'Apparitions and Witches] jj 7 

Captain Samuel Foley's Letter 
concerning Lieutenant Colonel 

Worthy Sir, 

TH E bed Account I can get of Colo- 
nel Bowen is this, viz* That he is little 
fenfible of his fad Condition. He lives in 
the County of Corky in a beggarly way, 
though he hath a fair Mate. Some Months 
fince, he turned his Wife and Children 
from him, in that fad unkind manner, that 
they were forced to feek Relief from feme 
Friends in Tough all, to help them in their 
Return to Wales, where they continue. 
Not long fince, in Difcourfe with Baronec 
Ingolsby, and Mr. Gilbert, Minifter of Urn- 
rickj from whom I have the moft part of 
this Relation, he faid, he would give Ten 
Thoufand Pounds to know the Truth about 
God. Tis reported he is haunted with 
ghaftly Ghofts and Apparitions, which fre- 
quent him. I have written to the neigh- 
bouring Minifters. and Gentlemen of my 
Acquaintance as effe&ually as I could, en- 
doting a Copy of your Letter 5 and from 
them 1 hope to have a more full Account 
concerning this poor Man. Your Letter 
indeed came fafe, but not till August, 
D s though 

%6 An Hijiorical Difcourfe of 

though dated in May* Sir, in any thing 
wherein I may ferve you, you may freely 
command me : But wherein I may ferve 
the Church of God, the beft and utmoft of 
my Endeavours , through the Lord's AC 
fiftance, fhall not be wanting. What far- 
ther fhall come to my Hands, fhall careful- 
ly be reported to you, by him who begs 
your Prayers, and fubfcribes, 


Tour very Affectionate 

CUmeU,Oftoh6: „ , ^ t 

! 6 f g. Samuel Foley, 

After this, Collonel John Bridges wrote 
tome owt o£ Ireland, that Bowen immured 
liimfelf in afinall Caftle, with one Boy 3 
who faid, he oft rofe in the Night, and 
talked as if feme were talking with him. 

III. Col- 

Apparitions andWitches. 3 7 

III. Colonel John Bridges before named, 
wasGovernourof^mwfe Caftlefthe Lord 
Brooks ) almoft all the time of the Warsj 
Afterwards he lived with us near Kedermin~ 
fter, being Patron of the Church, a Juftice 
of Peace , a Parliament Man -, And after 
lived in Ireland , where he furprized ( with 
others ) DMin Caftle , and Sir Hardrefs 
Waller for the King , before he was called 
home. He was an llnderftanding Prudent 
Man , of Sound Judgment in Religion , 
Juft 3 and Honeft ? and Credible. 

He and his Pious Wife have oft told me 
as followeth. 

They formerly lived in Edfon Hall near 
AlceBer , where Warwickjlrire and Worcefter- 
Jhire joyns ; a Houfe famed to be haunted : 
And being ufed to go into a Parlour alone 
for Meditation, Prayer, and to play on his 
Lute, once as he went in at the Portal, he 
was (topt and held by fomewhat invisible, 
till he refolved under Gods Protection, to 
rulh through it , and go on. 

Another time in a clear Moon-fliineNight, 
their Maftiff Dog made fucha howling, as 
raifed up the Houfe : He looked out at the 
Window , and beyond a pale that compaf 
fed the Court , there flood fomething like 
a headlels Man , but taller : He long ga- 
zed on it , and trufting God , returned to 
Bed 3 And prefently the Hall Door ( fail 
D 3 lock 

38 An Hiftorical Difcourfe of 

lockt and Barr'd ) ufing to make a great 
noife in the opening , having much Iron , 
feemed to them all to open as it ufed, and 
foroewhat came in, and gave three great 
flams , as with a Staff upon the Hall Ta- 
ble, and departed. They went down to 
fee , and found the Door lockt, and faft 
as they left it. Mr. Sommerfield, who fince 
lived in the fame Houfe , laid , that he 
favv nothing there. 

IV. A Pious Credible Woman, yet liv- 
ing in London.^ lately told me oftimes, 
being fometime under Temptation by fome 
Difcontent of Mind , one day as (he pafled 
through 7 a Room at Mid- day, the Devil 
flood before her in the fliape of a Big, Black, 
Man , and pointed to the top of the Door , 
Tempting her there to hang her felf ; and fo 
flood near a quarter of an hour,and then Va- 
mihed away : Which was fo far from dis- 
maying her , that it much confirmed her 
againlt Unbelief, and her Temptations : 
Any one that will go to her here in London , 
may hear her Credible and Confident Re- 
port of it. 

V. The Elder Countefs of Domgal, a 
Lady Pious, Difcreet and Credible, told 
me,thatone of her Husbands Tenants ( near 
Bdfaft or • Carkkfergm, where he was Lord) 
agreed with him for to. 'put his Sons Life 


apparitions and Witches. 59 

with his own in a renewed Leafe of a Farm* 
and he paid part of the Money , and dyed' 
before the Leafe was made and Sealed.* 
His Wife Marryed another Man , and paid 
the reft of the Money out of her fecond 
Husbands Purfe , , and therefore put in his 
Sons Life, in (lead of her Son by the for- 
mer Husband into the Leafe. The'Earl of 
D'onagall going into England^ and being then 
in the Weft, a Servant of his in Ireland, his 
Porter,a flout lufty Man 5 was haunted with 
the Apparition of the Woman's fir ft Hus- 
band,tellinghim,that he muft goto his Wife, 
and tell her that (he Ihould have no reft 
till his Sons Life were put in the altered 
Leafe : He askt why he fpake to him, and 
what he had to do to meddle in it ? It An- 
fwered him, thou art a Man fit for it, and 
thou (halt have no reft till thou do it. The 
Man delayed, and was ftill Haunted with 
this Apparition: He went to the Minifter 
of the Town , and told him of it \ who 
Counfelled him to tell the Woman. She 
iCpld him, that (he took it to be juft, that 
her Husband that paid mod of the Money, 
ihould have the benefit of the Leafe \ and, 
perhaps not believing the Man * delayed. 
This Apparition came to the porter again , 
and (aid , that (he may believe thee 3 go 
tell _ her of fuch and filch Difcourle and 
Actions, that were between her and me in 
fecret , which none elfe knoweth of: The 
D 4 Man 

49 An Miflorkal Difcouvfe of 

Man went and told her all that he was bid. 
She confeflfed that it was all true , and Se- 
cret between them 5 but ftill delayed , till 
fome trouble ( I remember not what) mo- 
lefted her felf : In fliort, the Porter and 
fhe had no reft, till fhe had drawn a new 
JLeafe with the Name of the firft Husbands 
Son , and fent it into England? to the Earl 
of Donagal, who Sealed it; and fo altered 

VI An Ancient underftanding Pious and 

Credible Man of llchefter in Somerfetjkire , 

is now in London, who the laft week told 
me , that he was heretofore in Melancho- 
ly Doubts and Trouble of Mind , and in 
that Condition, had divers fenfible Mo- 
Inflations by the Devil, as he lay awake in 
his Bed , his feet have bin lifted higher 
than his Head. I told him, that a Melan- 
choly fancy might make him think fo : He 
added to the confident Aflertion of it, that 
he hath in the open day-time, as he hath 
gone about his Hoofe , had a blow ftruck 
on his face , as hard and plain, as any Mans 
hand could (kike, and once fo hard, that 
where his Nofe and Cheek joyn, it left 
the place black and blew ( as they call it) 
to the fight of all , in the fame manner , as 
any other would have done ( with much 
more J . 

VII. The 

Apparitions and Witches. 41 

VII. The Story of the Haunting of Mr^ 
Mompeffons Houfe in Wihjhirh, is Famous , 
and printed in part by Mv.-Jofepb GUnvil : 
Mr. Mompejfon is yet living, no Melancho- 
ly nor Conceited Man : The truth not doubt- 
ed of by his Neighbours 5 within this 
Month, I fpake with one of them an At- 
torney , who faid , that the noifes heard, 
the vifible moving about of the Boards be- 
fore their faces, and fuch like, were all un- 
doubtedly true : And the thing unqueftio- 
ned by Mr. Mompejfon (who to his great Coft 
and trouble , was long molefted by itj and 
his Neighbours , and thofe that purpofely 
went thither to fee it: Notvvithftanding, 
that when fome unbelievers went from Lon- 
don to be fatisfied nothing was done when 
they were there. For as God oweth not 
fuch Remedies to Unbelievers , fo Satan 
hath no defire to cure them : And it* is 
iikely , doth more in Apparitions by Di- 
vine Conftraint , than he is willing to do ; 
becaufe he is moft fuccefsful, when he is 
leaft known. Any one that doubts of the 
truth of this Story , may yet have full fe- 
tisfa&ion, the Witnefs being alive: But 
this partly belongeth to the instances of 
Witchcrafts, being Credibly fuppofed to be 
done by Witchcraft of a Drummer, as you 
may fee defcribed in the printed Story. I 
knew Jofeph GUnvik to be far enough from 


4i An Hiftorical Difcourfe of 

Fanatick Credulity, who himfelf faw much 
of it, and puhlifht it. 

VIII. In February, 1646. falling into great 
Debility by Bleeding , at the Lady Cook^s 
Hoofe at Milboume in Darby (hire $ I re- 
moved to Mr. Noels Houfe at Kirtyy Ma- 
hry in Lekefter-ftrire , where I lay weak 
three weeks in March, in which tin^ the 
Neighbours went to fee a Houfe in Latter- 
wonb y reported to be haunted : Multitudes 
ilockt to fee it , and affirmed , that at a 
certain hcur of the day , (tones were 
thrown at thofe that were prefent , 
which hit them , but hurt them not : And 
that what ever time any one would whittle, 
it was anfwered by a whittle in the Room ; 
And no fearch could difcover any Fraud : 
What became of it after, I heard not ; but 
it continued believed commonly by the 
hearers , thofe three weeks that I ftaid in 
that County. v 

N % IX. But the certaineft and fullett Inftance 
oF Witchcraft that ever I knew, I fhall 
here give you in the words of others : Oi- 
ly adding, that about twenty years ago, 
the tlmewhemit was doing, my worthy 
and dear Friend Mr. George Hopkins , the 
then Faithful Minifter of the Gofpel at 
JEvejham, told it me himfelf , and told r^e 
of their Care and Watchfulnels, to fee that 


apparitions and Witches. 43 

riiere were no Fraud committed in it. And 
the Witch was hanged at WorceFker, and the 
Woman her felf is yet living in Evejham, 
and the thing never there doubted of: But 
having occafion lately to inftance the fad 
againft fome Unbelievers , I fent to Eve- 
Jham, to a Godly, Credible, Friend, to fend 
me word , whether any doubt had in thefe 
years pad rifen concerning it, and to fend 
me fome of the Flint Stones which were 
voided by the Girl: Who fent me word, 
that there w r ere no doubt of the thing, and 
procured the now Minister of the place, to 
write me theNarrative which Iherefubjoin. 
And he fent me Oneftone, about the breadth 
of a fmall Groat , and the thicknefs of a 
Half-crown , which he faid, was all that is 
there kept of them , taken by the Majors 
Wife her felf, and kept by her, and there- 
fore I muft fend it back again : Many had 
fent for the Stones , and fo many troubled 
the Houfe about them, that they threw 
away, or buried the reft : And Mr. Boyle 
told me , that the Earl of South- Hampton * 
Lord Treafurer , for his Satisfaction , had 
got a great number of them. I carryed 
this about me a quarter of a year , and 
then fent it home. But that which I chief- 
ly inform the Reader of, is, that the thing 
was fo long in doing , and fo Famous, and 
fomany Pious,Underftanding Perfons mind- 
ed it , that fufpition of Fraud was by their 
Diligence avoided. The 

44 -An Hiftoyical Difcourfe of 

The Narrative as lately fent me 
from moft Credible Perfons in 
Evefham, is as followeth. 

A Bant the Month of -dpril, 1652. Mary 
the Daughter of Edward EUins y of the 
Burrongh of Evejham , in the County of 
Worcefier Gardner , then about nine or ten 
years old , went in the fields on a Saturday 
with fome other Children to gather Cow- 
flips , and finding in a Ditch by the way 
fidc,-.at thefaid Towns end, one Catherine 
Huxky ', a fingle Woman , aged then about 
forty years ( as is fuppofed eafing nature ) 
the Children called her Witch , and took 
up ftones to throw at her , the faid Mary 
alfo called her Witch , and took up a ftone, 
but was fo affrighted , that ihe could not 
throw it at her •-, then they all run away 
from her , and the faid Mary being hind- 
ttioft > this Huxley faid to her [ E!lws y you 
fhall have ftones enough in your — D where- 
upon Mary fell that day very ill, and conti- 
nued fo weak and Languishing that her 
Friends feared (he would not, recovers 
but about a Month after, the began to void 
ftones by the urinary paflages , and fome 
little urine came away from her \ alfo. when 
fhe voided any ftone .,' and the ftone fhe 


apparitions and Witches, 45 

voided , was heard by thofe that were by 
her, to drop into the Pot or Bafon, and 
(he had moft grievous pains in her Back and 
Reins , like the pricking of Pins, the num- 
ber of the ftones (he voided, was about 
eighty, fome plain pebbles, fome plain flints, 
fomevery fmall , and fome about an ounce 
weight ; this ihe did for fome fpace , 
( a month or two, or there abouts ) until 
upon fome ftrong fufpitions of Witchcraft, 
the forenamed Huxley was Apprehended, 
Examined and Searched ( at whofe Beds 
Head there was found feveral ftones, fuch 
as thefaid Mary voided) and was fent to 
Worcefter , where at the Summer Affiz.es in 
the faid year 165 2. (then at hand) (he was 
upon the Profecution of the Friends of the 
faid Mary, Condemned and Executed 5 upon 
whofe Apprehenfion and Commitment, 
Mary ceafed to void any more ftones 5 but 
for a while , voided much blackifh and 
muddy Sand,and alfo,in (hort time perfect- 
ly recovered, and is yet living in the Town, 
in good and honeft Repute, and hath been 
many years Marryed , and hath had feven 
Children 3 but never voided any ftones 
fince , nor been troubled with the pain fore- 
mentioned, Abundance of people yet living, 
know the Subftance of this to be true, and 
herMother inLaw((ince dead)kept the ftones 
till (he was tired with the frequent Refort 
of people to fee them, and the faid M#y $ 


^6 An Hiftorkal Difcourfe of 

and to hear the Relation of the matter, and 
beg the (tones ( for though many offered 
Money for them , yet (he always refufed it, 
nor did they ever take any, but it coft them 
much upon the Girl, and the Profecution 
of the faid Huxley ) and then fhe buried 
them in her Garden , Edward Ellins, the Fa- 
ther of the faid Mary , is alfo yet living , 
and a Man of honeft Repute , and utterly 
free ( as alfo is the faid Mary , and all the 
reft of her Friends) from the leaft Sufpition 
of any Fraud or Cheat in the whole bufi- 
nefs : This was known to hundreds of Peo- 
ple in the faid Town, and parts Adjacent, 
and many of them yet living, are ready to 
atteft the truth of it. 

X. Tn 1645, in Dorfet-fiire y I lodged at a 
Village on a Hill, called ( I think) Everjhot, 
in the Houfe of the Minifter, a grave 
Man , who had with him a Son , alfo a 
Learned Minifter, that had been Chaplain 
to Sir Tho. Adams in London : They both 
told me, that they had a Neighbour that 
had long lain Bed-rid, that told all the oc- 
caiion * That for a long time, being a poor 
Labouring Man, every Morning when he 
went out of his Door, he found a Shilling 
under his Door, of which he told no one, 
fo that in a long time, he buying fome 
Sheep or Swine , and feeming Rich, his 
Neighbours marvelled how he came by it: 


"Apparitions and Witches. $f 

At laft he told them , and was fuddenly 
ftruck Lame and Bed-rid. They would 
have had me fpeak with the Man 3 but the 
Snow covering the Ground , and I being 
ill, and the Witrieffes fully Credible, I for- 

XII. I had the laft Week this following 
Letter fent me, from, and by moft Credi- 
ble Wife and Pious Perfons of Devon five, 
from Exeter. 

Nathan the Son of Mr. Zachens Crab y 
Dyer, without Weft^ate, had Convulfion 
and Falling-Fits about nine Years fince : 
He was a Youth well kno**n to the late 
Mr. Robert Atkins the Minifter, who thought 
him one very hopeful for Religion Going 
from one of his Meeting this Youth was 
firil taken, having three Fits before he 
came to his Mafters Houfe : His Legs fail- 
ed him, he feemed to be pufh'd as if fome 
body tript up his Heels, and fell forth upon 
his Hands, but rofe agaia prefently. Some 
weeks after he had Falling-fits, with foam- 
ing at Mouth j thus he continued a Year and 
half before any means were uied fofpeded 
, for Witchcraft. After this, hearing of one 
1 Gibs, Mr. Crab, the Father of this Youth, 
and his Daughter, the Youth's Sifter, went 
together to Mr. Gibs for help for the Youth, 
They went once every Week for a Month 
with the Youth's Water 5 the laft Week of 
the Month the Sifter ask'd, what Mr. oibs 


w 8 An Rifiorical Difcdurfe of 

thought now of the Cure? (they went td 
him in the beginning of the Week ) he 
Faid, that weeks Papers of Powder would 
make a perfect Cure, but there would be 
an alteration, that he would have two or 
three panging fits different from the former* 
which things fell out as he faid. When 
this laft Week of the Month was over, they 
had a Debate, whether they fhould go td 
Mr. Gibs again, at length they concluded to 
go, and went on the beginning of the fifth 
Week with his Water. Gibs then told 
them, Since you are come to me again, I 
will give you that (hall make a perfedt Cure* 
that you (hall need come to me no more : 
then he gave them a Bag to hang about the 
Youth's Neck, and Powder to take in 
White* wine for one weeks time: Order 
was given by him, when the Youth had 
worn the Collar about his Neck for a 
while, the Youth fhould take it off himfelf, 
and burn it : but Mr. Eifon^ the Boy's Ma- 
iler, took off the Collar after it had been 
on two Days and a Night, and ihewed it iG 
feme, to inquire , Whether it were not a 
charm ? there being nothing in the Collar 
but a Paper with this writing, 

Ca/kn Dan Dane, 

Dan Dant Callen^ 

Dan Calkn Dant. 

Mr. Elfon kept the Paper by him after 
'cwas taken from the Boy's Neck , about' 4 


Apparitions and Witches. 4^ 

eighteen Weeks,not fuffering it to be applied 
again, being told that it feemed to be a 
meer Charm; and the Boy being ask'd, if 
he were content to have his Fits again ra- 
ther than have a Cure from the Devil, who 
would not cure his Body without greater 
prejudice to his Soul, than his Bodily Dif- 
temper could be reckoned ? he very readi- 
ly anfwered, he would rather choole to 
have his Fits again, and would leave him- 
felf to the Hands of God, for his Difeafe 
Or Cure. 

When this Diftemper left him for the 
Eighteen Weeks, he returned confiderably 
to his Senfes and Memory, beyond what he 
had before, particularly to be able to fort 
Wooll at his Trade, which he had not been 
able to do in a Year and quarter before; 
About the Sixth Week of thefe Eighteen* 
the Father weat to Mr. Gibs again, android 
him how the Note was taken off, and tbac 
feveral had the fight of it 3 Gibs then faid* 
If the Fits do return again, he will be 
worfe than ever, and at their return he 
ihould be able to do him no good. His 
Fits at the return were indeed far more ter- 
rible than before, and much of another 
kind than thofe of other Perfons in the Fal- 
len-ficknefs : And thefe Fits did return td 
him about 18 or x<> VVeeks $£ter they 
^eafed, upon a Shrove-TuejAay i Mr, -ElfoM 
inquiring into the time when they returned? 

5 o r ln Hijlorica! Difcourfe of 

(axdyit was when he threw the Paper that had 
been about the YouthVNeck, into the Fire 
and burnt it, unwilling to keep fuch a thing 
any longer This Gibs hath the general re- 

Eute of a Wizard, and his Father before 
an. The Youth hath a long time been ut- 
terly deprived of the ufe of his Reafon, and 
is clothed, and otherwife ufed as a meer 
Natural j and his Fits fo dreadful, that Per- 
sons are afraid to behold him. 

After the return of his Fits? he was put 
to one Toe's in St. Thomas % , - where he 
wrought at his Trade of VVorfted-comb- 
ing, and feme means were ufed for his Fits, 
which he pretended to have fome Skill in 
curing, whofe Means were ufed about a 
Month without any fuccefs 3 then and there 
being at his Work, and fome figns appear- 
ing of an approaching Fit, they fet him on 
a Stool, thence he fell in a Fit, and brake 
his Leg, the main Bone, in two pieces, a- 
Botber Bone in many pieces. Then he was 
brought home to his Father's Houfe j and 
the Bones being fet, the Chyrurgion laid, if 
he ihould have another Fit his Cure would 
be impoffible \ he lay about a Month or 
five Weeks very free from Fits, till his 
Bones were fo well knit, that he could 
walk abroad with Crutches, which he did 
for a while, and then his Fits returned in 
the fame manner as before his Bone was 

"Apparitions and Witchesl 5 1 

After his Leg was well recovered, he 
Was carried to Mr. Pridham of Morchard^ 
he prefcribed Means, which he hop'd would 
do him good, if there were any alteration 
by theufe of his Pills which he then gave 
him to carry with him, and take when he 
came home : but before the Pills, he had 
ordered a Vomit to be taken, in the work- 
ing of which, they thought he would die. 
Then they gave him the Pills, which, after 
they had ftay'd above an Hour in his Sto- 
mach, he vomited them up as they were 
taken $ which were put up again in the Box, 
and fbewed to Mr. Pridham , who faid, If 
they had been given to a Child of two 
Months old, they would have been digeft- 
ed in half an Hour. Upon hearing the 
whole, he faid, certainly there is fomething 
extraordinary in the cafe- Being asked if 
he could do him no good, he faid, he did 
not queftion but he could, but being a Mi- 
nifter he feared he Ihould lofe his Benefice 
by Peoples faying he was a VVhite-VVitch. 

The Youth's Mother apprehended, that 
Mr. Staddon drop'd fome fuch words that 
her Son was bewitch'd or poffefs'd,or fome- 
what to that purpofe, who went through a 
Courfe of Phyfick with the You th*. and 
found nothing did anfwer£xpe<5tation. 

For fome Years the Youth hath been 

much prejudiced in his Speech 5 fometimes 

she cannot fpeak at all, but is as one dumb 

E z for 


t J 2. 4s Hiftorie&l Difcourfe of 

for a Week or Fortnight together : He 
fpeaks plain enough between, but when he 
hath the. Dumb Fits he can hardly move his 
Tongue in his Mouth; and he is generally 
fo deprived of Reafon, that he is clad, and 
otherwife ufed as a rneer Idiot. 

This Narrative was taken in the beginning 
of April 1688. 

Memorandum, The Youth continues in 
the fame condition till this 27th of Septem- 
' far 9 l6&$. £ 

. XIII. Tho' I colled much written hereto- 
fore, I muft not tranfcribe other Mens 
Books ; I here deftre the Reader to read in 
:'Dr. Smctare's Book, called [Satan's Invifibls 
Yforid\ among 36 Hiftories^ the X. called The 
Devil of Genluce, where he will find fuch 
mother Cafe as that of the Devil of Maf- 
■con j where the Spirit, befides other A<St$ of 
Moleftadon and Violence, for a long time 
continued familiar talking to Men, before 
fo many Wimeffe, as leaveth the truth of 
the Hiiiory unqueftionable. 

XIV. The Hanging of a great number of" 
Witches in Suffolk and EJftx, by the diico- 
very of one Hopkins, in 1645- and 1646 is 
faiBoufly known. Mr. Calamy went along 
with the Judges in the Circuit, to hear 
their CoafeiTiQiiS, and fee that there were 


'Apparitions and Witches. 53 

no Fraud or Wrong done them- I fpak^ 
with many Underftanding, Pious and Cre- 
dible Perfons that lived in the Countries* 
and fome that went to them to the Prifons, 
and heard their fad Confeffions- Among 
the reft, an old Reading Parfon, named 
Lowis, not far from Franlingham, was one 
that was Hanged ; who confefied,that hehad 
two Imps, and that one of them was always 

Eutting him on doing Mifchief ; and ( he 
eing near the Sea, as he faw a Ship un- 
der Sail, it moved him to fend him to fink 
{he Ship, and he confented, and faw the 
Ship fink before him. One Penitent Wo- 
man confefled, that her Mother lying fick, 
and (he looking to her,fomewhat like a Mole 
ran in to the Bed to her, which (he being 
fiartled at, her Mother bid her not fear ic, 
but gave it her, faying. Keep this in a Foe 
by the Eire, &c. and thou (halt never want: 
She did as (he was bid, fhortly after a poor 
Boy (feemingly) came in, and askt leave to 
fit and warm him at the Fire, and when he 
was gone, (he found Money under the Stool ; 
and afterwards oft did fo again, and at laft 
laid hold of her, and drew Blood of her,. 
and (he made no other Compact with the 
Devil, but that her Imps fuck'd her Blood £3 
and as I heard, (lie was delivered. Abun- 
dance of fad Confeflions were made by 
them, by which fome certified, that there 
arp certain Puniihments that they were to 
E 3 under- 

54 An Hiftorkal Bifcourfe of 

undergo, if they did not fome hurt as was 
appointed them. 

And in Lancajhire, long ago, many 
^Witches were Gonvift. 

That publifhed by Edmond Bower near 5^- 
lUbury, is remarkable : I refer the Reader 
to the printed Narrative, 

XV. I will next infert a late Fa& 
not far off, which when a Pious Credible 
Perfon related to me , I defired him • to 
fend me the true Narrative in Writing 
when he came Home, and fully enquired 
into the matter : And he fent me this Nar- 
rative here following. 

At Brightling in Suflex. 

As touching the Relation of the Bright- 
ling Story, which is in the Subftance un- 
doubtedly true, however fome Circum- 
flances of it may vary, be pleafed to take 
the following Account. 

On Munday was three Weeks, at, or 
near the Houfe of Jofeph Cruttendm of 
jBrightlingfixi old Woman about Noon came 
to a Servant Girl of the (aid Cmttendens tells 
her, fad Calamities were coming upon her 
Mafter and Dame, their Houfe fhould be 
Fired, and many other troubles befaithem$ 
but tells this Girl withal, TKat if fhefpake 
of what (lie had told her, the Devil would 
tear her to pieces, other wife fhe. need not 
fear 3 for no hurt fhould come to her : The 


\Apparitions and Witches* 5 5 

fame Night, as the Man and Woman lay 
in Bed, Dire and Duft? &c was thrown at 
them, but they could not tell whence it- 
came: They rife and Pray, during which 
that Difturbance ceafes^ fome fay they went 
to Bed again, but finding the fame trouble 
they are forced to rife Tuefday about 
Noon, Duft, Dirt, and feveral things are 
thrown at them again; before Night, a 
part of one end of their Houfe Fired ; they 
rake it down, it flafhes fomewhat like 
Gunpowder 5 as they ftop'd it there, it be- 
gan in another place, and thence to another, 
till the whole Houfe was burnt down. 
Some fay fome thing like a Black Bull was 
feen tumbling about s the certainty of that I 
aver not. The Houfe, tho' it burnt down to 
the Ground it flamed not : The Night was 
fpent in carrying Goods,or one thing or other 
from one place to anothe 3 they, I think 5 re- 
maining moftly without Doors. Thurfday CoJ. 
Bmbndge (whofe Houfe the former was) be- 
ing acquainted with the Man's fad Accident, 
bid them go into another of his Houfes in 
the Parilh, whither, when the Goods were 
brought, fuch like Difturbances were there 
aifo 3 the Houfe Fireth, endeavours are 
made by many to quench it, but in vain,- 
till the Goods' are thrown out, when it 
ceafed with little or no help. In this con- 
dition none durft let them into their Doors 5 
they abide under a Huts the Goods are 
E 4 thrown 

56 An MijtOYtcal IJiJcotirJe of 

thrown upfide down, Peuter-difhes, Knives, 
Brickbrats ftrike them, but hurt them not; 
Mr. Bennet and Mr. Brad/haw , Minifters, 
came to Pray with them, when a Knife 
glanced by the Breaft of Mr. Bennet , a 
Bowl or Difh thrown at his Back, but 
while at Prayers quiet 3 they w r ere without 
Doors, there being very many prefeot, a 
Wooden Tut came flying out of the Air, 
by many, and came aod (truck the Man ; as 
likewife a Horfe-ftioe,^which was by fom£ 
laid away, and it was obferv'd of its own 
accord to rife again and fly to the Man, and 
ilrook him in the midft of a hundred Peo- 
ple: Upon ftri<9: Examination the Man 
tonfeffeth, that he had been a Thief, an^ 
did it under the colour of Religion* Sab* 
bath-day the Girl toldlier Dame the former 
Story of the Womans Difcourfej fhe is 
fent for, and Examined before Captain Col- 
lins, Mr. BmbrUge^ and (lie is fearched and 
watched 24 Hours: the Girl faith, fhe is 
like the Woman, but I think will not fwear 
it is the fame. This Woman was formerly 
fufpe<3ed to be a Witch, had to Maidftone 
about it, but got away, and hath lived about 
Barwafi fome time fince ; her Name I know 
not : Tuefday Four Minifters kept a Faft, 
Mr. Bennet^ Welter ', Bradfiaw and & olden $ fince 
I hear not of any trouble. Tis faid they 
are in a Barn or Ale-houfe s while they lay 
without Doors* the Woman fending fome 


"Apparitions and Witches. $7 

Meal to a Neighbours to make Bread, they 
could not make it up into Loaves, but it 
was like Butter, and fo they put it into the 
Oven, but it would not bake, but came out 
as it wept in. This Relation came from 
Mr. Collins? who was an Eye-witnefs of 
much of it. 

XVI. About twenty Years paft, when I 
was in the Lord Broghilh (now Earl of Ore- 
r/s) Lodgings in London , one Night he 
brought me the Report* that one of Crom- 
welfs Soldiers being on his Watch, near the 
Chappel of St: James s Houfe, fomething 
came towards him in an affrightening fhape, 
and he calling out, Stand, ftand, or I will 
(hoot you, at laft difcharging, it ran upon 
him, and threw him over the way far off; 
and that it had been that day Examined, 
and affirmed confidently; and what became 
of the Report of it afterward, I know not, 
fave that it was faid to happen oft. But on 
this occafion the Earl of Orery { yet living) 
told me, as followeth, That Colonel V&* 
nabks (then going for Hifpaniola, with the 
Soldiers that were there Repulfed and took 
Jamaica) had a Soldier in his Army that 
came out of Inland, and was under Colo- 
nel Hill, who was then in London, and would 
atteft this folio wing, viz* That this Soldier 
looked pale and lad, and pined, and the 
caufe was unknown: At laft he cam§ to 


5 8 An Hifiovical Difcourfe of 

Colonel Hill with his Confeflion , that he 
had bin a Servant in England, ( as I remem- 
ber ,to one that carried Stockins and fuch 
ware about to felljand for his Money, he 
had Murdered his Mafter , and buried him 
in fuch a place : And flying into Ireland , 
lifted himfelf his 5ouldier,and that of a long 
time, when ever he lay alone, fomewhat 
like a headlefs Manhood by his Bed, faying 
to him, {Wilt thou yet confefs i 3 And in this 
cafe of fear he had continued,till lately it ap- 
peared to him when he had a Bed-fellow 
( which it never did before ) and {aid as be- 
fore {Wilt thou yet confefs"} and now teeing 
no hope of longer Concealing it , he Con- 
feffed: And as I remember, his going to 
Hifpaniola was his punifhment, in ftead of 
Death, where vengeance followed him. ) 
This he offered then to bring Colonel Hill 
to me to atteft, ( fince the Writing of this f 
the Earl of Orery is dead. ) 

XVX* Simon Jones, a Strong and healthful 
Man of Kederminfler ( no way inclined to 
Melancholy or any Fancies ) hath oft told 
me , that being a Souldier for the King in 
the War agaiott the Parliament , in a clear 
Moon-ihine Night, as he flood Sentinel in 
the Colledge Green at Worcesler, fomething 
like a headlefs Bear, appeared to him 5 and 
fo affrighted him , that he laid down his 
Arms foon after, and returned home to his 


apparitions and Witches. jp 

Trade , and while I was there afterward , 
which was fourteen years, lived Honeftly , 
Religiouflv, and without blame, and I think 
is yet living , which mindeth me of that 
which followed! , though to me not known. 

XVII. When I was young, moft credible 
and religious perfons born \nWMm~Hallneiz 
Wolver-hampton in Staffordshire^ oft told me 
(dwelling with me in the fame Hoafe) that 
oneRkhard White a Smith o{Wilden*Hafl y w&$ 
a prophaneAtheifticalMan, and believing 
that there was no Devils , in his Cups 
would wifh he could once fee the Devil, 
if there were fuchathing; and that fud- 
denly he changed his Life , and became a 
profeflbrof zeal, and ftri&nefs in Religi- 
on , and told them , that in a clear Moon* 
fhine Night , the Devil in the fliape of a 
great ugly Man , flood by his Bed fide , 
opening the Curtains , and looking him in 
the Face , and at laft took up the Blanket, 
and fometime fmiled on him, and then was 
more ugly , and after a while ( in which he 
lay in great Terror) the Apparition Vanish- 
ed, and he was affrighted into the aforefaid 
change of Life (as Bruno is faid to be the 
Founder of the Order of Carthufian Fryers. 

XVIIL My dear Friend Mr. Hopkins (Far- 
ther to my Faithful BrotherMr.GeorgeHopkins 
Minifter ajt Everjham^ till eje&ed, Aug. 24. 


6 ° An Hiftorkal Di&owfe of 

1662. and Grandfather to Dr. Hopkins, late- 
ly Preacher at Laurences ) a chief Magi- 
ftrate of Bewdky, and fince a Member of 
the Long Parliament , oft pained as he 
thought with the Spleen , but not at all 
Meclancholy,cam§ to me at Mr. Hanbnryes y 
the laft time before I was driven out of 
the County ,and as a great fecrettold me, that 
he was pofleiK meaning,I think BewitchtJ : 
J chid him,as Fanciful and Melancholy : But 
he without any (hew of Melancholy,affirmed, 
that it was certainly true:I could not ftay with 
him, and never faw him more. But he Jong 
continued ijj pain and that Conceit, and be- 
fore he dyed , a piece of Wood came 
down into the reBttmmeJliwm> which they 
were fain to pull out with their Fingers 
His good Wife told me,it was of the length 
of ones finger ; And that he and they were 
ftre that he never fwallowed any fuch thing. 
The beft Men It feems may be thus Affii<ft- 
ed,as;M by Satan, 

XVIIL There is now in London an un- 
derftanding, fober, pious Man, oft one of 
my Hearers, who hath an elder Brother, a 
Gentleman of considerable Rank, who ha- 
ving formerly feemed pious, of late Years 
doth oft fall into the Sin of Drunkennefs : 
He oft lodgeth Jong together here, in this 
his Brother's Ho'ufe ; And whenever he is 
drunken, and hath flept himfelf fober, fome- 


Jpparitions and Witches. 6 1 

thing knocks at his Bed's Head, as if one 
knocked on a Wainfcot* when they re- 
move his Bed, it followeth him : Befides 
lowd Noifes on other Parts where he is* 
that all the Houfe heareth. They have oft 
watch'd, and kept his Hands, left heftiould 
do it himfelf. His Brother hath oft told it 
me, and brought his Wife (a difcreet Wo- 
man) to atteft it; who averreth moreover, 
that as (he watched him, (he hath feen his 
Shooes under the Bed taken up, and no- 
thing vifible touch them. They brought to 
me the Man himfelf, and when we ask him 
how he dare fo fin again, after fuch a 
Warning, he hath no Excufe. But being 
Perfons of Quality, for fome fpedal Rea- 
fon of Worldly Intereft, I mult flot name 

Two things are remarkable in this In- 
ftance. i. What a powerful thing Tempta- 
tion and Fleflily Concupifcence is, and what 
a hardned Heart Sin brings Men to: If one 
rofe from the Dead to warn fuch Sinners, 
it would not of it felf perfuade them. 

2. It pofeth me to think what kind of 
Spirit this is, that hath fuch a Care of this 
Man's Soul, ( which maketh me hope he 
will recover.) Do good Spirits dwell fo 
near us ? Or are they lent on fuch Meflages? 
Or is it his Guardian Angel ? Or is it the 
Soul of fome dead Friend, that fuffereth, 
and yet, retaining Love to him, as Dives to 


i r An Hiftorical Difcourfe of 

his Brethren, would have him faved ? God 
yet keepeth fuch things from us, in the 

XIX. There is now in London a Youth, (the 
Son of a very Godly Conforming Minifter,) 
vyho reading a Book of that called Conjura- 
tion, coming to the Words and Anions which 
the Book faid would caufe the Devil to ap- 
pear, was prefently very defirous to try, and 
defirous that the Apparition might be accor- 
dingly. He came to me in Terrour, ha- 
ving before opened his Cafe to a Parifh-Mi- 
nifler, and affirmed to me, that the Devil 
hath appeared to him, and follicited him 
with a Knife to cut his Throat, and told 
him, hemuftdoit fuddenly, for he would 
flay no longer. I told him how fafe he 
was, if he truly repented, and begged Par- 
don through Chrift, and would refolvedly 
renew his Baptifmal Covenant, and re- 
nounce the Devil, and live as truly devoted 
to God and our Redeemer: And I have 
heard from him no more, but muft not 
name him. 

This (hews what Power Satan gets, if 
Men do but confent : For I had a very 
Godly Friend, that a Week ago told me, 
that he read Cornelim Agrip\>d% Occult a 
Fhilofophia ,. and read the fame Words 
that he faith will raife Devils, but with 
oo Defire, but a Detection of Succefs, 


[Apparitions and Witches 1 . 6 j 

and of the Book, and nothing appeared t© 

XX. Mr. Samuel dark hath publifhed the 
Apparition to Mr. White of Dorchefter, Af- 
feflor to the TFefiminft.er-Afkmbly, at Lam- 
beth. The Devil, in a light Night, flood 
by hisBed-fide: He looked a while whe* 
ther he would (ay or do any thing, and then 
laid, If thou haft nothing elfe to do, I have % 
and fo turned himfelf to deep. Many fay it 
from Mr. White, himfelf. 

XXL This following I had from one of 
unqueftionable Credit. 

Amongft other things, I called to Mind 
a Story fent me in a Letter from Cambridge, 
that Week it was done, in i66i> or 1662. 
and I did verily believe, and do ftill, that 
Mr. Illingwrth fent it me, but he could not 
refled its however, Mr.- Cooper hearing it 
told it was a great Truth, he heard Mr. 
Franklin, a Minifter of Wood-Rifwg, in this 
County, twelve Miles from this City, Fa- 
ther to the Child, tell it to Sir Philip Wood- 
houfe. Mr. Franklin (his Character, farther 
than that of a Minifter of the Church of 
England, I cannot give you) was then Mi- 
nifter of a Town (whofe Name I know not) 
in the Ifle of £/j, and upon this Account 
which I fhall tell you, removed to Wood* 
Rifmg in this County. 


64 An Hiftorkal Difcourfe of 

This Man had a Child, to which a Spirit 
often appeared at his Father's Houfe 5 and 
grew fo bold and free, as very ordinarily 
to come in whilft Company was in thd 
Houfe, and Franklin }n the Room, and fit 
down by the Boy. At due Years, about 
the Year 1661, or 1662. he Was bound an 
Apprentice to a Barber in Cambridge, (or at 
leaft with him as a Probationer. ) One 
Night the Spirit appeared to him in the 
ufuai Habit of a Gentlewoman, and would 
have perfuaded him to go home again,asking 
him what he did there ? &c The Boy, af- 
ter fome Treaty, replied, He would not go. 
Upon which, he received a great Blow oil 
the Ear, and grew very ill, but rofe. Be- 
ing and continuing ill, his Matter prefently 
horfeth, and rides to acquaint his Father, 
In the Forenoon of that Day, the Boy fit- 
ting by the Kitchin-fire, his Miftrefs being 
by, fuddenly cries out, O Miftrefs ! Loo^ 
Then s the Gentlewoman. The Woman turns 
to look, fees nothing ; but while her Head 
was turned, hears a Noife as of a great Bok 
on the Ear; turns, fees the Boy^ bending 
down his Neck, and he prefently died. A- 
bout the fame Hour, fo near as they could 
guefs, the Mafter was fitting at Dinner in 
the Ifle of Ely* with the Father: The v Ap- 
pearance of a Gentlewoman comes in, look- 
ing angrily ? taking a Turn or two, difap- 


ilpparzttons and Witches. &5 

I Thus I remember the Story came, ia 
three Days after it was done, to me. \ 

Mr -Cooper this Afternoon confirms it, as 
heard by him from Mr. Franklin himfelf : 
Adding, the poor Man was fo affe&ed, 
that he feemed almoft ftupid. 

XXIII. From a credible Perfon I had 
this following Account. 

In the Year 1665. Elizabeth Brook§r 9 Ser- 
vant to Mrs. Huron olHonyton, in the Coun- 
ty of Devon, as fhe was ferving in Dinner 
one Lord's Day, fuddenly felt a pricking, as 
of a Pin, in her Thigh, but did not think 
there could be any fuch thing 5 yet looking, 
fhe found indeed that a Pin was there, got 
within her Skin, but without drawing any 
Blood, or breaking the Skin, or making 
any hole or fign at all * and it was got fo 
far within her Fle(h, that (he could hardly 
feel the Head of it w r ith her Finger, but 
yet fhe did plainly enough perceive that it 
was a Pin 5 fo it continued the remaining 
part of that Day. The next Day (lie felt 
but little pain : The Tuefday fhe was much 
pained, and the Pin wrought fo far into her 
Fle(h,that (lie could no longer feel k with 
her Fingers. The WUntfday (he went to 
Exeter, that fhe might have the Advice of 
Mr. Anthony Smith, a Chirurgeon thete, of 
great Reputation. He, upon examining the 
place ; would oot believe that 4ny Pin was 
F there, 

'66 r An Hiftorical Vifcourfe of 

there, there being no Skin broken* no Swel- 
ling, nor any other thing by which he might 
perceive the leaft Token of any fuch mat- 
ter. However, upon her confident* and 
conftant affirming there was a Pin, he made 
an Incifion •, and fearching with an Inftru- 
meni, at length found the Pin, and took it 
out : It was a little crooked, and of the 
larger fort of fmall Pins- He prefently 
made Applications for the Cure of the 
Wound, which in about three Weeks time 
was erTe&ed. 

The Day before this happened, the Wq- 
man had an unknown Perfon asked a Pin of 
her, which the denied her, but did not fuf- 
pe&her. And another Woman, Agnes Ri- 
chardfon, who was fufpe&ed, was angry with 
her, for blaming her about Mifcarriage in 
an Errand that (he fent her on. 

A true Relation from Honyton, 
in the County of Devon, com 
cerning Witchcraft* 

Hsjngfion upon Tomes, Sept. 6, 16B1I 

A Bout nine or ten Years fince, in the 
Hcufe of Mrs. Hieron, of BonytM, 

Widow, there happened this ftrange In- 
iaoce of Witchcraft following- 


[Apparitions and Wit chef. 6j 

This Widow Huron, aPerfon of good 
Quality, kept a Mercer's Shop, and (I 
think) doth to this day, in Honyton. She 
had a Maid-Servant, Elizabeth Brooker by 
Name, who fold Small Wares in^a Stall 
before her Miftreffes Door. On Saturday^ 
which was their Market-day* a certain Wo- 
man of Honyton Town came to the faid Eli- 
zabeth Brooker, (felling Wares at the Stall 
aforefaid 5 ) and asked her for a Pin. The 
Maid readily gave her a Pin from her 
Sleeves but this Pin did not fatisfie, fhe 
would have a Pin of a bigger fort, out of a 
Paper which hung up to fell. The Maid 
told her, thofe Pins were not hers to give, 
fhe mult ask her Miftrefs ; and when fhe 
had Orders, (he would give her her Defire. 
The Woman asked her again, and again j 
and Elizabeth did as often deny. The 
Woman went away in a great Fume and 
Rage, and told die Maid, fhe fhould heat 
farther from her* fhe would eer long wiih 
fhe had given her the Pin fhe defireds with 
many threatning Speeches, which the Maid 
took little notice of, (though the Woman 
was of an ill Report) Now, the next Day 
being the Lord's Day. while her Miftrefs 
and the Family were at Dinner, and Eliza- 
beth Brooker waiting at the Table, on a fud- 
den the Maid gave a very great Cry, and told 
them, fhe had a Pin thruft into her Thigh* 
which few of the Family did believe, know- 
F z ing 

6 8 An Hifmkal Difiourfe of 

ing there was no Perfon in jhe Room Be- 
fide her felf, and the Family, who all fate 
at Meat, (lie only (landing to attend them. 
Her Miftrefs arofe from Table, and Mr. Sa- 
muel Bier on s Wife, (who was then living.) 
She was forced to go to Bed ^ they fen t 
for a Midwife of the Town, who had skill 
in Sores and Wounds : She faw there had 
been fome fmall Hurt in the Skin, but the 
Pin was out of fight ^ and feeling fo as to* 
underhand what it was, or exaftly where, 
the Midwife applied her rare Plaifter of Ve- 
#/Ve-Turpentine all that Night, and many 
other things the next Day, but the Pain 
was ftill the fame. On the Tuefday they ad- 
vifed with Mr. Salter, a skilful Apotheca- 
ry in the Town* who advifed them well, 
whofe Couniel they followed, bur all in 
vain. On Wedxefday, the fame Week, 
they, with great Trouble and Fain, brought 
her to Exeter, and lodged her at Mr. John 
jfifoppws, a worthy Minifter of the Gofpel, 
Who lived in Gaudies- Lane. They called 
me to her, to advife what to do to eafe her 
Paim Idefigned a Suppurative Cataplafm, 
but^nbthing would fatishe the Maid, but 
cutting of it out ^ which was (omewhat dif- 
ficult? becauie it was hard to find the place 
exadtly, where to make the Incifion , but 
the Courage of the Patient did greatly pro- 
mote the Operarion. i made a large jaci- 
fion, according to the leogch of the Mufcks ■; 


Apparitions andWitches. 69 

and though I could find no fign of the Pin 
upon the firft Incifion, yet by putting my 
Incifion-knife obliquely, I felt the Pin, and 
brought it out, near an Inch within the C#- 
tk$ and upon that there was great Eafe, 
and in fifteen Days the Sore was whole- 
This Operation was performed in the pre- 
fence of Mrs. Hoppw, Mrs. Gold, Mrs- Ford, 
and many worthy Perfons, of good Repu- 
tation- And I dare prefume, If this Paper 
be fent to Hokypon, to Mr. Samuel Hieron, 
Minifter of the Gofpel, he will have it fuf- 
ficiently attefted concerning the firft part of 
the Story, and none can tell the fecond pare 
better than my felf, who performed the 
Operation : And the Truth of that I give 
under my Hand this 6th Day of September, 
Anno Dom, 1 68 1. 

Anthony Smith, 

Chyrurgus Kingston* 

XXIV. One born in the fame Town, 
now living in London^ in a Journey, Anm 
166^ lodged at an Inn in Culmfiock* in the 
fame County. He went to Bed between 
Ten and Eleven of the Clock, and foon 
F 3 fell 

70 An Hiftorkal Difcowfe of 

fell afleep, not having any Apprehenfions 
concerning the Houfe or Chamber. When 
he awaked, he found himfelf laid out in 
the Floor, at fome diftance from the Bed, 
by the fide of a Table, the Bed-Cloaths, 
&nd his own Wearing Cloaths, all upon 
him, juft in the fame manner as he laid 
them when going to Bed $ having nothing 
at all under him, by which he got an ex- 
tream Cold 5 and befides, his Leg and Arm 
next the Table were forely bruifed. Being 
awake, he be^m to think where he was, 
but foon recolleded himfelf, and by the 
Light of the Moon, which then lhone ve- 
ry bright, he difcerned the Bed; and 
putting on the Cloaths upon the Bed, laid 
him down again, and flept the remaining 
part of the Night very quietly. Soon af- 
ter his being in Bed this fecond time, the 
Town-Clock ftruck Twelve. He never 
was out of his Bed in his Sleep before or 
fince; and foon after he came to under- 
hand that the Chamber was reputed to be 


apparitions and Witchesl yi 

Mr. Charles Hatt's Letter, con- 
cerning an [fouje being haunted 
at Kinton, in Wotccfterlhire, 
in the Tear \66j. 

Worthy Sir, 

According to your Defire, and iby Pro- 
mife when I was with you about a 
Fortnight fince, with Mrs. WUfon, concern- 
ing a Man's Houfe in Kimon (fix Miles from 
Worcefter ) being forely troubled, about the 
latter end of the Year 1667. to the beft of 
my Remembrance, viz.. 

I living at Benington, near -4»fter> itt 
Warwickshire ■, Workmen come from Kin* 
ton, acquainted me of an Houfe forely 
haunted, naming the Perfen to me, (which 
I have now forgot.) I being defirous to fee 
or hear fuch things , went to the faid 
Houfe-, but finding only a Maid there a 
fpinning, I asked for her Mafter. She told 
me, the Spirit ( to the beft of my remem- 
brance (he called it fo ) had boxed him a- 
bout the Ears, as he fate by the Fire, over 
againfther* upon which, he cried out, and 
went away to a Son's of his in the faid 
Town, a little before I came. I coming 
to the faid Man, defired him ta come home. 
F 4 He 

J % An Hiftorical Difcourfe of 

He feemed unwilling, telling me how he 
was abufed by it, and that in the Night ic 
Would often pull him out of the Bed, and 
did fo torment him, that he was a wea- 
ry of his Life. But getting him home* 
he fate him down about the fame place, 
neat the Fire , and I fate over againft 
him , difcourfing how he was troubled. 
He told me, feveral had been with him? 
as the Minifter of the placd, (to mybeft 
remembrance.) They bid him pray, pray : 
But he found no Relief I told him , I 
knew no other way than by feeking to 
the Lord, and not to fpeak (lightly of 
Prayer. He told me, I might hear it be- 
fore I went. I had not been long , but 
there was a great Noife in the faid Room ;5! 
of Groaning, or rather Gruntling, like a 
Hog, and then gave a lowd Shriek- Here 
it is , faith the Man. I was much con- 
cerned upon the bearing of it $ fo recall- 
ing my felf, I defired to go to Prayer in 
the next Room, where the Man ufed to 
lie. By this time many of the Towns- 
People came in, and were at Duty. A- 
bout the middle of Duty * the aforefaid 
Noife came, as I thought, lowder, and 
juft by me * however , I then was not 
concerned. Afterward, having fome Dit 
courfe with the Man about a Month af- 
ter , I heard from him , that it did no 
more trouble 'him,'' nor to his Death. 


'Apparitions and Witches. 73 

He lived, as I remember, two Years af- 
ter. This is the beft and trueft Account 
I can give. I reft, 


Tour Qhriftian Friend 
to command^ 

Oinf.m^ Charles HattV. 



I Spake to my Lady Rich, concerning a 
Voice that Mr. Tiro heard, acquainting 
him of hi$ Death. If you remember, I 
told you of him, and you defired an Ac- 
count of it. He was a Nonconformist Mr- 
nifter, of Vnger, in Effhx: My Lady will 
fend you the Account of it. This Mr. Tiro 
had an extraordinary Love for you. 

rale, GH. 


74 An ffiftorkal Difcourfe of 


MR. John Humphreys, brought Mr. May 
Hill to me 5 with a Bag of Irons , 
Nails and Brafs , vomited by the Girl. I 
keep fome of them to fhew : Nails about 
three or four inches long , doubled crooked 
at the end j and pieces of old Brafs doubled, 
about an Inch broad, and two or three 
Inches long, with crooked edges : I defi- 
red him to give me the Cafe in Writing, 
which he hath done as followeth : Any one 
that is incredulous , may now at Becking- 
ton receive Satisfaction from him, and from 
the Maid her felf. 

In the Town of Bectyngton^ by Froome itl 
Somerfet-Shire , liveth Mary Hill , a Maid of 
about Eighteen years of Age, who ha- 
ving lived very much in the Negled of 
her Duty to God , was fome time before 
Michaelmas laii paft was Twelve-Month , 
taken very ill , and being feized with vi- 
olent Fits , began to Vomit up about two 
hundred crooked Pins. This fo Stupendous 
an Accident , drew a numerous Concourfe 
of People to fee her : To whom when in her 
Fits, foe did conftantlyaffirm,that ftefaw a- 
gainft the Wall of the Room * Wherein 

[Apparitions and Witches. 75 

flie lay , an old Woman named Elizabeth 
Carrier , who thereupon being Apprehend- 
ed by a Warrant from a Juftice of Peace, 
and Convi&ed by the Oaths of two Per- 
fons , was committed to the County 

About a Fortnight after , flie began to 
Vomit up Nails, Pieces of Nails, Pieces of 
Brafs, Handles of Spoons, and fo continu- 
ed to do for the fpace of fix Months and 
upwards : And in her fits, flie faid there did 
appear to her an old Woman, Named Mm?* 

gery Coombes , and One Ann More 5 who alfo 

by ? Warrant from two Juftices of the 
Peace , were Apprehended and brought to 
the Seflions held at Brewton for the County, 
and by the Bench committed to the Coun- 
ty Goal : The former of thefe dyed as foon 
as flie came into Prifon , the other two 
were Tryed at Taunton Alfizes, by my Lord 
Chief Juftice Holt , and for want of Evi- 
dence, were acquitted by the Jury. The 
Perfons bound over to give Evidence, were 

SufannaBelton, and Ann Holland , who Upon 
their Oaths Depofited , that they hookt out 
of the Navel of the faid Mary Hill, as flie 
lay in a dead fit, crooked Pins, fmall Nails, 
and fmall pieces of Brafs , which were pro- 
duced in Court before the Judge, and from 
him handed to the Jury to look upon them. 
Whereupon Mr. Francis Jejjk, and Mr. chri- 
ftopher Bnwer declared , that 'they had feen 


j6 An HifloYtcal Difcourfe of 

the faid Mary Hill to Vomit up at feveral 
times Crooked Pins , Nails, and Pieces of 
Brafe, which they alfo produced in open 
Court, and to the end, they might be at 
certakied it was no Inrpofture, they decla- 
red, they had fearched her Mouth with 
their Fingers before flie did Vomit. 

Upon which the Court thought fit to call 
for me, who am the Minifter of the Parifh, 
to teftiffe the Knowledge of the matter , 
which I did to this EfFed, that I had ken 
her at feveral times , after having given 
her alktle fmall Beer, Vomit up Crooked 
Pins, Nails, and Pieces of Brafs. T nat 
to prevent the Suppoiition of a Cheat, I 
hadcaufed her to be brought to a Window, 
and having lookt into her Mouth, I fearcht 
it with my Finger, as I did the Beer before 
ihe drank it. This I did, that I might not 
be wanting in Circumftantial Anfwers, to 
what my Lord and Court might pro- 

I well remember, a Gentleman on a Sa- 
turday came to my Houfe ( Incognito ) to 
kaow of me the truth of the Country Re- 
port about this Maid, haying feen fomeof 
the Nails, &c (he had Vomited up. I told 
him it was very true, and if he would ftay 
in Town till the Morning, he might 
fee it himfelf, for his own Satisfaction. 
Which hs did , and early in the Morning, 
was called to fee her. But becaufe Beer was 


'Apparitions and Witches^ 77 

not given her when (he wanted it, (he lay 
in a very Deplorable Condition, till paft 
two in the Afternoon 5 when with much 
Difficulty, /he brought up apieceofBrafi, 
which the laid Gentleman took away with 
him. Though before the faid Piece of Brafs 
came up, he told me hewasfatisfied of the 
Truth of the thing , becaufe it was impof- 
fible for any Mortal to Counterfeit her mife- 
rable Condition She fometimes lying in a 
dead Fit,with her Tongue fwelled out of her 
Head, and then reviving, ihe would fall 
to Vomiting , but nothing came up till a- 
bout two a Clock in the Afternoon. Nay, 
fo curious was he to Anticipate any Cheat, 
that he fearcht her Mouth himfelf s give 
her the Bear , held her up in his hand, and 
likewife the Bafon,into which (he Vomited, 
and continued with her all this time, with- 
out eating and drinking , which was about 
eight hours, that he might be an Eye- Wit- 
nefs of the Truth of it. Nay, further, he 
found the Maid Hying only with a Brother , 
and three poor Sillers, all young Perfons, 
and very honert, and the Maid kept at the 
Charge of the Fariih, were fufficient Teffi- 
monies they were uncapable of making a 
Cheat of it. The Gentleman I now men- 
tioned, was, ( as I afterward learnt ) Efquire 

Player of Caftle-Cary. 

I have often wondred how it was poffible 
for all that Trumpery to be conveyed into 


78 r An Hiftorical Dtfcourfe of 

her Body , which at Intervals, fhe caft up* 
I therefore made all theObfervationl could 
to fatisfie my felf and others. I found that 
thole things which fhe brought up in the 
Morning J were conveyed into her Body 
by fome Diabolical Power, when /fhe was 
in Bed at Night. What induced me eafily 
to believe this , was, by confidering thefe 
following Circumftances. 

i. That it was only in the Morning, that 
ihe Vomited up Nails, &c. and fcarce did 
any thing in the Afternoon. 

2. I found by Enquiry, that fhe always 
flept with her Mouth open , and could not 
help it, and when afleep, fhe could not be 
awaken'd either by calling, jogging or 
pulling of her, for fome confiderable time i 
though at the fame time , fhe fetcht fuch 
deep and painful Groans , as if fhe were 
awaked, and fenfible of her fad Conditi- 

3. For my Farther Satisfa&ion , I got 
fome at my own Charge to fit up at Nights 
with her , and watch her Mouth, and to fee 
it was kept clofe fhut. Whilft this was 
3one,the Vomiting of Nails ceafed,and that 
for thirteen Nights Succeffively - 7 but when 
it was neglected, flie would be fure to bring 
up fomething of Nails, or fome fuch ftuft. 
I then had her lodged at a Neighbours 
Houfe 3 to fee whether her Vomiting of 


'Apparitions and WitcheT. 79 

Nails would totally ceafe,but it did not. For 
coming one day to my Houfe, to refrefli her 
felf , (he had not bin there two Hours, be- 
fore (he began to be itl , we immediately 
gave her iome Beer , and (he Vomited up 
a great board Nail. Some time after this, 
flie threw up a great piece of Brafs, which 
I faw followed with much Blood, and (he 
being extreamly weakened with driving* 
and falling into a Fit, I caufed a Wo- 
man to open her Mouth , who took out as 
much Blood, as (he could hold in the hol- 
low of her hand. 

After the Affizes afore-mentioned was 
ended, and (he was turned home , (he grew 
worfe than ever,by Vomiting of Nails,Pi£ces 
of GlSfs, &c. And falling one day into a 
Violent Fit , (he was fwelled to an extraor- 
dinary bignefs, fomeBeer being given her* 
fhe throws up feveral Pieces of Bread and 
Butter, befmeared with aPoyfonous matter, 
which I judged to be white Mercury. This 
fo much affrighted the Neighbours, that 
they would come no more near her. So that 
one day, (he being taken defperate ill, I was 
fent for to pray with her , and Compaffio- 
nating the Deplorablenefs of her Conditi- 
on , I at laft refolved to take her into my 
own Houfe , where in fome (hort time, the 
Vomiting ceafed 5 though for fome fpace, 
her Diftorting Fits followed her. But, blef- 


go An Hifiorkal Difcourfe bf 

fed be God, is now, and has been for a 
confiderable time laft paft in very good 
health, and fit for a Service,; 

April 4 . May Hill Mmifter of Beckington, 
1691. In the County of Somerfet. 

II. They that will read Mr. Incruf* 
Mathers Book , and efpecially his Sons, 
Mr. Cotton Mathers Book of the Witch- 
crafts in New-England , may fee enough to 
Silence any Incredulity that pretendeth to 
be Rational. 

Mr. Emlin a Preacher now in DubHnitoli 
me the Story of the Bewitching of two 
Gentlewoman , Sifters to Mr. Pacy, now 
a Pious Juftice in Left oft in Suffolk^. He 
and his Sifters now Married, are all yet 
living : They were ufed much like thofe in 
New- En glandy mentioned by Mr. Cotton Ma* 
ther y ~ being Children then about nine and 
eleven years old : But Iunderftand that the 
Story is in Print , and it is alfo in M. 5. 
from Judge Hale himfelf , who Condemn- 
ed the Witch , ( which no Man was more 
backward to do, without full Evidence. ) A 
Lady of my Acquaintance, hath it under 
his Hmd* Therefore I forbear the par- 
ticulars: Only one odd paffage that Mr. 
Emlin told me I (hall recite. A Godly 
Minilrer yet living? fitting by to fee one 


'Apparitions and Witches: 8 1 

of the Girls in her fits , fuddenly felt a 
force pull one of the Hooks from his 
Breeches.* And while he looked, with 
wonder what was become of' it > the Tor- 
mented Girl, Vomited it up out of her 
Mouth: Any that doubteth of this Story, 
may be fatisfied of Mr. Facy, and both his 
Sifters yet living , and may know all the 
Evidences and Orcumftances which I pafs 


S z r An Wftorkal Difcourfe of 


C H A P. IV. 

Inflames fentme from the tyu^e of 
Lauderdale; {More in other 
Letters #f his I gave away^ and 
fqme Books of Forreign Wonders 
he fent me) 


IT Is Fad that the Saddncean, or rather A- 
theiftical denying of Spirits , or their 
Apparitions fhould fo far prevail ; and fad- 
der, that the clear Teftimonies of fo many 
Ancient and Modern Authors fhould not 
convince them* But why fbould I wonder, 
if thofe who believe not Mofu and the 
Prophets, will not believe though one 
fbould rife from the Dead ? One great caufe 
of the hardening of thofe Infidels, is, the fre- 
quent Impoftures which the Romamfls ob- 
trude on the World in their Exorcifmsand 
pretended Miracles. Another is the too 
great Credulity of fome who make every 
thing Witchcraft which they do not under- 
ftand : And a third may be the Ignorance 
of fome Jodges and Juries, who condemn 
Silly Melancholy People upon their owo 
Cohfeffion, and perhaps, (lender Proofs. 


'Apparitions dndWitchesl 8j 

None of thefe three can be deny'd, but it 
is impertinent arguing to conclude, that be- 
caufe there have been Cheats in the World, 
becaufe there are fome too credulous, and 
fome have been put to Death for Witches, 
and were not, therefore all Men are de- 
ceived. There is fo much written, both 
at home and abroad, fo convincingly, and by, 
fo unqueftionable Authors, that I have not 
the Vanity to add any thing, efpecially to 
you : But becaufe you have defired me to 
tell you the Story of the Nuns at Loudutt 
and fome others, I (hall firft tell you of a 
real PofTefflon near the place I was born in 5 
next of difquietings by Spirits (both which 
I had from unqueftionable Teftimonies) and 
then I ihall tell you what I faw at Loudnn 7 
concerning that which I do not doubt to 
call a Pretended Pofleifion, fure I am a 
Cheat. About 30 Years ago, when I was 
a Boy at School, there was a poor Woman 
generally believed to be really pofleiled. 
She lived near the Town of Duns in the 
Mers ; and Mr. John Weems then Minifter of 
Buns (a Man known by his Works to be a 
Learned Man, and I knew him to be a 
Godly Honeft Man) was perfwaded fhe was 
poffeifcU I have heard him many times 
fpeak with my Father about it, and both of 
them concluded it a real Poffeffion. Mr. 
Weems vifited her often, and being convinced 
of the truth of the thing, he, with fome 
G % Neigh* 

84 An Hiftorical Difcourfe of 

Neighbour Minifiers, applied themfelves to 
the King's Privy Council for a Warrant to 
keep Days of Humiliation for her. But the 
Biihops being then in Power (would not al- 
low any Fafts to be kept. I will not trouble 
you with many Circumftances, one I iliall on- 
ly tell you, which I think will evince a real 
Pofleffion. The Report being fpread in the 
Countrey, a Knight of the Name of Forbes, 
who lived in the North of Scotland, being 
come to Edenborough, meeting there with a 
Minifter of the North ^md both of them de- 
iirous to fee the Woman,the Northern Mini- 
fter invited the Knight to my Father's Houfe 
(which was within Ten or Twelve Miles of 
the Woman) whither they came, and next 
Morning went to fee the Woman. They 
Found her a poor Ignorant Creature, and 
feeing nothing extraordinary, the Minifler 
fays in Latin to the Knight, Nondum audi- 
*vimm Spiritum loquentem^ prefently a Voice 

comes out of the Womans Mouth, Andis 

loquemen?^ aitdis loquentem : This put the Mi- 
nifter into fome amazement ( which I think 
made him not mind his own Latin) he took 
off his Hat, and (aid, b%iferj6*tur Bern pec- 
catoris: the Voice prefently out of the 
VVomans Mouth (aid, Dk peccatrkis^ die pec- 
catrkis ; whereupon both of them came out 
of the Houfe fully fatisfied , took Horfe 
immediately and returned to my Father s 
Houfe at Thrrlefiane Caftle in Lauderdale, 


Apparitions and Witches. 8 % 

where they related this paffige. This I do 
exa&ly remember. Many more Particulars 
might be got in that Countrey, but this 
Latin Criticifm in a moft Illiterate Igno- 
rant Woman , where there was no pre- 
tence to difpoffeffing, is Evidence enough, I 
Within thefe 50 or 40 Years there was 
an unqueftionable Poffeffion in the United 
Provinces, a Wench that fpoke all Lan- 
guages, of which I have heard many Parti- 
culars when I lived in the Low-Countries, 
but that being Forreign I will not infift on it. 
: As to Houfes difquieted with Noifes, I 
fliall tell you one that happened fince I was 
a Married Man* and hint at more, which 
if you pleafe, I can get you authentically at- 

Within four Miles of Edenborough, there 
lived an Aged Godly Minifter, one that 
was efteemed a Puritan 5 his Son now 
Minifter of the fame place, and then or- 
dained his Affiftant. Their Houfe was ex- 
traordinarily troubled with noifes, which 
they, and their Family , and many Neigh- 
bours (who for divers Weeks ufed to go 
watch with them) did ordinarily hear. Ie 
troubled them moft on the Saturday Night, 
and the Night before their weekly Ledure- 
day. Sometimes they would hear all the 
Locks of the Houfe, on Doors and Chefts 
to fly open-, yea, their Cloaths which were 
G 3 an 

6% r $n Hifiorkal Difirourfe of 

at Night lock'd up into Trunks and Chefls, 
they found in the Morning all hanging a~ 
bout the Walls. Once they found their 
bed Linnen taken out, the Table covered 
with it, Napkins, as if they had been ufed, 
yea and Liquor in their Cups,as if Company 
had been there at Meat. The rumbling 
was extraordinary : The good old Man com- 
monly called his Family to Prayer when it 
was moft troublefome 5 and immediately it 
was converted into gentle knocking, like 
the modeft knock of a Finger : But as foon 
as Prayer was done, they fhould hear ex* 
ceflive knocking, as if a Beam had been 
heaved by ftrengthof many Men againft the 
Floor. Never was there Voice nor Appa- 
rition » but one thing was remarkable ; 
(You rnuft know, that it is ordinary in Scot- 
land to have a half Cannon Bullet in the 
Chimney-corner, on which they break their 
great Coals.) A merry Maid in the Houfe, 
being accuftoraed to the Rumblings, and fo 
her Fear gone, told her fellow Maid- Ser- 
vant, That if the Deil troubled them that 
Night, (he would brain him ; fo Ihe took 
the Half-Cannon Bullet into Bed : The* 
Noife did not fail to awake her, nor did 
file fail in her defign, but took up the great : 
Bullet, and with a rhreatning, threw it as 
ihe thought, on the Floor ,but the Bullet was 
pever morefeen; the Minifter turned her a< 
way for meddling and calking to it. All thefe. 


'Apparitions and Wfichesl 87 

Particulars I have had from the Mouth of 
the Minifter now living, he is an Honeft 
Man , of good Natural Parts , well bred 
both in Learning arid by Travel into For- 
reign Parts in his Youth. I was not in the 
Countrey my felf daring the time, but I 
have it from many other Witness, and my 
Father's Steward lived then in a Houfe of 
mine within a Mile of rhe place, and feat 
his Servants conftantly thither ; his Son now 
ferves me, who knows it. 

I could tell you an ancienter Story before 
my tigie, in the Houfe of one Burnet, in the 
North of Scotland > where ftrange things 
were feen, which I can get fufficiemiy at- 
tefted. Alfo in the Southweft Border of 
Scotland, in Annandak there is a Houfe cal- 
led Powdim, belonging to a Gentleman cal- 
led Johnfton, that Houfe hath been haunted 
thefe 50 or 60 Years. At my coming to 
Worcefier 165 1 I fpoke with the Gentleman 
(being my felf quartered within two Miles 
of the Houfe) he told me many extraordina- 
ry Relations confifiing in his own Know- 
ledge : And I carried him to my Mailer, 
to whom he made the fame Relations: 
Noifes and Apparitions, Drums and Trum- 
pets heard before the laft War; yea, he 
(aid, {omeEngliJh Soldiers quartering in his 
Houfe, were foundly beaten by that then 
irrefiftible Inhabitant : (This laft I wonderM 
at, for I rather expe&ed he ihould have 
G 4 beeq 

SS An Hiftovkal Dtfcourfe of 

been a Remonftrator, and oppofed the Re- 
finance : ) And within this Fortnight Mr. 
James Sharp was with me (him you know* 
and he is now at London) he tells me, that 
Spirit now (peaks, and appears frequently 
in the fhape of a Naked Arm 5 But other 
Difcourfe took me off from further inqui- 
ry. Thefe things I tell you in obedience to 
your defire, but as I faid before, I defire 
them not to be Printed. Atheifts are not 
to be convinced by Stories: Their own 
Sences will no more convert them than 
Sence will convert a Papift from Tranfub- 
fiantiation; and Scottifh Stories would make 
the difaffe&ed jeer Scotland^ which is the 
objed of Scorn enough already. 

When I was in JDorfetftire Prifoner, one 
Mr. Jo. Hodder, Minifter of Hauke-Church 
in that County, told me of ftrange Appari- 
tions, and unqueftionable Evidences of the 
a&ingsof Spirits in a Houfe, yea, a Religi- 
ous Houfe of that Country, of which he was 
himfelf an Ear and Eye Witnefs. 

In Dorchefter alfo, the Son of Reverend 
Mr. Jo. White (who was Afleffor to the Af- 
fembly at Weftminfiet) told me many Parti- 
culars of that Houfe in Lambeth where his 
Father lived in the time of the Aflembly, 
which then was unquefiionably haunted 
with Spirits. I do w r ell remember, I dined 
with old Mr. White then one day, and at 
Dinner he told us much of it, and that that 
i Morning 

"Apparitions and Witches. gp 

Morning the Spirit called up the Maid to lay 
the Beef to the Fire. Of the tvvolaft you may 
be fatisfied when you pleafe $ and at this pre- 
sent, I am told, there is a Houfe at Folie- 
John-Park not' three miles from the place 
haunted with Spirits. 

But I muft leave room for my Loudun 
Nuns, and not write a Book 5 In the Year 
1637, being at Paris in the Spring, the City 
was fo full of the pofleffion' of a whole 
Cloyfter of Nuns, and fome Laick Wenches 
at Loudun^ Books Printed, and flrange Sto- 
ries told, that few doubted it 5- and /, who 
was perfwaded fuel) 2^ thing might be, and 
that it was not impoffible the Devil could 
poflefs a Nun as well as anorher, doubted 
it as little as any body. So coming into that 
Country, I went a days Journey out of my 
way to fatisfie my Curiofity. Into the 
Cbappel I came in the Morning of a Holy 
Day* "and with as little prejudice as any 
could have, for I believed verily to have 
feen fome ftrange fights 3 but when I had 
feen Exorcifing enough of three or four of 
them in the Chappei, and could hear no- 
thing but wanton Wenches finging baudy 
Songs in French, I begun to fufpect a Four be, 
and in great Gravity went to a Jefuite, and 
told him, I had come a great way in hope 
to fee fome flrange thing, and was forry to 
be difappointed. He commended my Ho- 
ly Cpriofity,.and after he had thought a 


90 An Hiflorkal Difcourfe of 

while, he defired me to go to the CaftJe^ 
and from thence, at fuch am. Hour, to the 
Parifh Church, and I fhould be fatisfied- I 
wonder'd at his Correfpondence, yet grave- 
ly went where he directed me, In the 
Caftle I faw little, but in the Pariili Church 
I faw a great many people gazing, and a 
Wench pretty well taught to play Tricks, 
yet nothing fo much as I have feen twenty 
Tumblers and Rope-cancers do. Back I 
came to the NunsChappel, where I faw 
the J e frits ftill hard at work at feveral Al- 
tars, and one poor Capuchin, who was an 
Obje<5fc of Pity, for he was pofleffed in- 
deed with a Melancholy Fancy, that De- 
vils were running about his Plead, and con- 
ilantly was applying Relicks. I faw the 
Mother Superior exorcifed. and faw that 
Hand on which they would have made us 
believe, The names L H* S. MARl A, 
J OS E PH y were written by Miracles 5 
<but it was apparent to me it was done 
with Aqua Forth) then my Patience was 
quite fpenc, and I went to z'Jefmt and told 
him my Mind freely. He dill maintained 
a real Poffellion, and I defired for a tryal 
10 fpeak a ftrange Language: He asked 
what Language ? i told him I would not 
■.sell* but neither he nor all thofe Devils 
'iliouid underftand me. He asked if I would 
be converted upon the Tryal, (for I had 
:difcovered I was no PapifU I told him that 


apparitions and Witches. g i 

was riot the Queftion, nor could all the De- 
vils in Hell pervert me 5 but the Queftion 
was, If that was a real Pofleffion, and if 
arty could underftand me I (hall confefs it 
under my Hand : His anfwer was, Thefe 
Devils have not travelled \ and this I re- 
plyed to with a loud Laughter, Nor could 
I get any more Satisfa&ion. Only in the 
Town I heard enough that it was a Cheat 
invented to burn a Curate (his name, as I 
take it, was Cupf) and the Man had been 
really burnt to Allies, as a Witch, but the 
People laid it was for his Converfion from 
them. At my coming to Sanmur next day, 
my Country-man , Dr. Duncan, Principal 
of the Colledge at Saumur, told me how 
he had made a clearer Difcovery of the 
Cheat in prefence of the Bifhop of Vomers, 
and of all the Country, how he had held 
faft one of the pretended poflefled Nuns 
Arms in fpite of all she Power of their 
Exorcifms, and challenged all the Devils in 
Hell to take it out of his Hand- This, with 
many more Circumftances, he told me, and 
he printed them to the World 3 but this is 
already too tedious. One^ore Journey I 
made to fee Poflefled Women exor- 
cifed near Antwerp, ^nno 1649. but faw 
only fome great Holland Wenches hear Ex- 
orcifm patiently , and belch mod abomi- 
nably. So if thofe were Devils, they were 
windy Devils 5 but I thought they were 


£ 2 An Hifiorkal Difcourfe of 

only pofleffed with a Mornings Draught of 
too new Beer. Some of the Loudun Nuns, 
after great Refiftance and Sqaeeking , did 
on great importunity adore their Hoft, and 
the Jefrites did delire us to fee the power of 
Church, where, all I wondered at, was his 
Blafphemy,in faying to the pretended Devil, 
Troflratum adorabis creator em tunm quern digitis 
teneo. But my Paper, as well as my Di- 
fcretion calls for an End' Your Defire and 
my Obedience is all I can plead for your 
receiving fo long a Rabble from, 

Sir j 

Tour mofi faithful Friend 

and Servant, 

SStS Lauderdaile. 


apparitions and Witches. 93 



More Examples. 

I, \ Lexander BenediUm , lib. 7. PraB* 
JLJL cap. 25. recited bySkenkjus, Lib.j. 
Obf.33. faith, that he faw two Women, 
Neighbours and Companions, bewitched, 
that were both taken with Vomiting the 
fame Day *• One vomited a Head-Bodkin, 
crooked like a Hook, and a deal of Wo- 
man's Hair, and Parings of Nails, and died 
the next Night. The other vomited much 
Woman's Hair, and pieces of Nitre, and 
three Lumps of Dog's Hair dried, the quan- 
tity of a Dog's TaiJ. 

II. Benivenim^ cap. 8. faith, he faw and 
had in Cure a Woman tormented with a 
fwolen Belly, tolled up and down, who he 
thought had been hyfierical. But at laft 
{he vomited long, crooked Nails, and brafs 
Needles, and Wax, and Lumps of Hair, 
and bigger Lumps of Meat than any one 
can fwallow ; and ihe dored, and prophe- 
fied 5 and did other things above natural 

III. Langiui)Lib.i. Epift.38. nameth W~ 
rictts Neufeffbr 9 a Husbandman, who was 


94 A n HifloYical Difcourfe of 

tormented in one of his Sides, and at laft 
felt a Nail of Iron under the whole Skin, 
which the Chirurgeon cut out, but his Pain 
ftill increafed, (o that in Impatience he cut 
his Throat ; and died. He nameth the 
Perfons who were prefent when he was 
opened, and they found in his Stomach j 
long, round piece of Wood, and four Knives 
of Steel, partly (harp, and partly toothed 
like Saws, and two fharp pieces of Iron, 
every one above a Span long, and a Ball of 

IV. Cornelius Gemma \ of Lovain, De Na- 
tur. CharaEh. Div. lib. 2. cap. 4. hath a long 
and marvellous Story of a Girl of Fifteen 
Years old, called Catherine Gkalter, fufpe<3> 
ed to be bewitched 5 who fell ill, Jan. 1571, 
and after divers Months Pain, and Fevers 
and Qmvulfions like the Hyfterical, and 
three or four Men could hardly hold her. 
He and Bernard a Phyfician were fent for in 
-dugnfi : She avoided a living Eel by Stool ; 
it lay as dQ^d in the Excrements at firft, 
but put into Water, revived : When it was 
dead, and kid up to keep, it vaniihed away. 
Then the Maid began to vomit watery Hu- 
mour, (which he faw,) like Urine: For 
fourteen Days fhe vomited the quantity of 
four and twenty Pound in a Day 5 which 
he faw himfelf, and handled 5 and yet (he 
had never die lefs paflage of Urine, and (he 


■Jpparitiom and Witches 1 . ^ 

had no Swelling, and drunk fcarce one Cup 
of Beer or Wine. Afterward (he vomited 
abundance of Hair, fome longer, and fome 
fhort, like Dog's Hair, and this with great 
difficulty and pain. Strong Jadations, Con- 
vulsions, and beating her felf continued dai- 
ly many Hours s. fometimes laughing, fome- 
times weeping, as^ Hyfierical : Then fhe 
vomited great flocks of Hair, with filthy 
Matter, fuch as is in Ulcers, and fome- 
times like the Dung of Doves and Geefe, 
and in them pieces of Wood, and thofe like 
new Chips lately cut off an old Tree, and 
abundance of Skin* like Parchment-Sha- 
vings : And afterwards , two or three 
Pounds a D&y, like Ink and Coals toge- 
ther, with long, white, hard Hair miVd, 
For a Week together : Afterwards fhort 
black and red Hair, and a virulent Humour 
like Dirt. In September (he vomited Mem- 
branes, like pieces of her Stomach, of a 
fle(hy thick Coat, with the marks of Veins, 
afterwards thin black ones ; and after thar ? 
various Membranes of two hands breadth,, 
like a Viper's Sloughy (in the defcription of 
which, he is too large for me to repeat, as 
in various fliapes and figures.^ After this, 
foe vomited innumerable Stones, fome like 
Walnuts, like pieces broken out of old 
Walls, with fome of the Lime on them i 
In his prefence fhe vomited one as big as 
two Chefnuts , which firfl: fluck in her 


p6 'An liiftorkal Difcourfe of 

Throat, and fwelPd a quarter of an Hour, 
fo that (he feemed dead, without Breath 
andPulfe; and after that, a piece of Wood 
of the length and thicknefs of his Finger, 
and Hair ; after that (he vomited a triangu- 
lar Bone, whole without, and hollow with- 
in * arid after that, many Joint- Bones ; and 
laft of all, Hair, with pieces of Glafs and 
Brafs. Recited by Mar. Don. Hifi. Mir. 
Lib. 2. Cap. i. zxidSkenkim^Lih.'j. Obf.48. 
That foe was cured by the Priefts' Means, 
doth not render the Story incredible, though 
there be many Deceits. 

More fuch you may read in Skenkins, and 
of two Whelps vomited up, ibid, obf 42, 
41, 40, 43. And Sideliw by Scholtzjus fent 
him the Narrative of a Girl of Eleven Years 
old, that vomited Chefnuts, lumps of Hair, 
and of raw Flelh, and a Hen's Bone of the 
Leg, after long, terrible Fits 5 between 
which, fhe played, and was well : And by 
publick and private Prayer was cured. 

VI. Wolphius wrote to Shenkius, that near 
Zurickjht Devil vexed a melancholy Wo- 
man, and (ollicited her to drown her felf : 
She went and fate long on the Flood-gate 
of a Pond; at laft, by his importunity, fhe 
yielded, faying, [If itmuft be fo, on God's 
Name let it befof\ and caft her felf into the 
Water, where (he lay three Hours on her 


dpparithns and Witches. 91 

Back, and could not fink 5 and being found, 
and brought home, her Body was as light as 
Straw, and (he recovered her Health- 

VII. Sebaftian Br and 'J. C.wrote to &kenkius r 

the Narrative of one, that after horrid Tor- 
ments, vomited in one Year four hundred 
Earthen Chamber-pots full of Bloody be- 
fides vjhn went by Stool, and fifty times 
let blood that Year 5 lb that jhe loft a thou- 
fand Pounds of Blood, as this Man (a Coun- 
cillor of State) profefled he knew by true 
Report, and his own Eye-fight. And the 
Blood burfl: through the Skin, and with it 
fhe vomited a thoufand and two hundred 
Worms, fome as long as ones Finger, and 
fome longer. 

I have elfewhere cited out of Tzmtluis y 
the Narrative of fuch as had the like fym- 
ptoms as fome of thefe, and fpoke Latin, 
Greek and Hebrew , which they never 

VIII. llon^Fabrnipts Hildanus, 1. 1. Ohfl 

43. p. 202. tells us of a young Man that none 
of the Phyficiaas could cure, or find out his 
Difeafe 5 and his Parents going-co a Conjurer, 
he gave him a Vomit, which brought up Pins, 
Nails, Points of Knives, and many other pie- 
ces of Iron, which H/7^»/whimfelf faw with 
Admiratioo 3 and the young Man prefeatly re- 
covered : (Jnpagpqttodamprope Urbtm Mecim.) 
H 1 1a > 

9§ An tliftorkal Difcourfe of 

IX. Fcelix Flat ems, an excellent pious 
Proteftant- Do&or at Bafil, in bis Obferva- 
tJOOS^ lib. * . p. 20. faith, \_A certain Exorcifi 
Prieft, 1 56o.got wealth by exorcifmg,by con- 
juring the Pojfejfedy in a City of Helvetia ; in- 
to whofe Hottfe coming on fome Bufinefs, I was 
de fired by a Parent^ that was his Country-man, 
to turn him from this ungodly praUice ? And e- 
ven then one was brought in, a robufi Man, 
with torn Hofe, who they faid was poflefled 
of a Devil, and carried on their Shoulders 5 
they caft him down on the Pavement of the 
Chamber, who profrrate on the Ground, 
his Feet drawn together, his Hands con- 
torted, and, which is Orangey his Neck 
turned abdut, fo that his Face look'd to his 
back, he lay dumb and deaf like a Block. 
They told me that he had remained in this 
pcfiure and form, without Meat, Drink, or 
any Excretion many Days* I being ftruck 
with this terribly , w r ent my ways. But 
this {atlne Exorcifi (Prieft) that fame Year 
was brought to me, to Bafil, to be cured, 
having a pain in his Hip , that he could not 
walk , and he lodged with us- But when 
many things were ufed in Vain , at laft he 
confeft to me , that this befell him by the 
Devil : Whom when he by his Exorcifms, 
would have caft out of one poffeft , the 
Devil then, as he had done oft before , 
threatned him ia thefe words, in the Ger- 

man f 

Apparitions and Witches. 9$ 

man Tongue |[ Pfajf ich will dir noch den thou 
geben dafe du mich alfes verit eifl. 2 And at 
once , thruft him fo violently up to the 
Chimney , that his Hip hurt, hath been in 
this Cafe everfince. 

It would be tedious to cite Learned Cre- 
dible Phyfitians , that have written with 
full Evidence, Demoniacal effects on their 

X. The Cafe elfe where mentioned, 
which convinced Hoilerins, an extraordina- 
ry Phyfitian, who before, derided it as Me- 
lancholy , is undeniable: Of a Girl, that 
while People looked on , would by fom- 
what invifible, be iuddenly bound to a 
Poft or Bed-iiead , or her Hands tyed to- 
gether with Cords, Hemp, or Horfe-hair: 
Which Holkrm feeing, and that the band 
couldnot be untyed , but muft be cut , he 
confefled it was by an invifible or fuperna- 
tural Power. One can fcarce name a Man un~ 
likelier to be deceived, than Holkrm. 

XI. The Hiftories that Pet. Forefim giv- 
eth us , of his own Patients and Know- 
ledge , having mentioned elfewhere, I here 
forbear to recite, and many others mentio- 
ned in the fecond part of my Saints Reft. 

XII. ScribomtiSj a Learned Pious Mar- 
ptrg Do&or of Phyfick, faith in PhyfioL 

H % Sagarttm 9 

i oo An Hifiorical Difcotirfe of 

Sagarum,p. 53, &c. One of the Witches 
burnt at Lemgovia, confefled, that (he made 
Lame one of the Citizens , ( whom I will 
not name, being well known. ) And ano- 
ther, with her own Mouth witnefled, thas 
(he killed the Confuls firft Wife, by put- 
ting Poyfonous things under the Door, on 
which (he fell Sick the next day, and dyed. 

I will add ( faith Scribonim ) an Exam- 
ple which I faw myfelf, and obferved. 
For we muft believefthat which Experi- 
ence by Example (heweth us. In this pre- 
fent year 15%. in the Summer, a Witch 
was apprehended at Wattecia , who is in a 
Town of the Illuftrious Princefs Barbara, 
Councefs of Waldecia , &c. to a Servant 
Maid to one of her Neighbours, for whom 
(he was to prepare a Coat ( or Gown ) in 
one of the doubles of it , fowed a certain 
Root, which caafed as foon as (he put it on, 
that in her Loins, which the extremities of 
the Coat touched,foe was prefently the (ame 
hour greatly troubled, and ftraightway tor- 
mented grievoufly in all her Body. And a 
few days after, (he Vomited Bones like the 
great Teeth of a Horfe, and fmall Cockle- 
ihells.1 faw all theBones,! faw aCockle-fhelJ, 
and with my Knife I cot them, and I brake 
themjfo that I (hall never be made believe, 
that this was any Deception of the fight. 

Another Teftimony I will add, which by 
a Credible Man 3 was feat me. Anno 1575. 


Apparitions andWitches. 10 1 

Afctf.14. from the Town of Hallenftedm the 
Dutchy of Brwfwick, Stephen Ralen accufed 
of Witchcraft, by two of his Kindred , 
freely, and without Bonds confefled, that 
from his firft Wife that was burnt with 
other Witches in the City of Ratelburg , 
he learned the Art of killing Men by Poy- 
fon 5 And that after being Angry with his 
fecond Wife, for the Sufpition of Adulte- 
ry in her Child-Bed , he had given her 
thofe Poyfons. And that by the help of 
his firft Wife , be had given one Rhetobbs 
Poyfon, which killed him in eight days, 
having fallen out with him in his Drinking 
Frolicks. And another he killed with a 
Poyfon drawn from three named Aaimals : 
And he freely confefled, that to another , 
he^ laid the faid Poyfon under the Door , 
and as he went out over them , he prefent- 
ly had a pain in his right Arm , and after 
in the reft of his Body, with which, he 
was grievoufly Tortured, And he after 
told them , that once his Hat falling, and 
loft in the Water, being angry with God 
Almighty , and Renouncing him ( like our 
Bammee Tories ) he gave himfelf to the De- 
vil , and called him to him, to come to 
him -■> and faid, I'll be thine, and commit 
my felf to thee: Come to me Satan, who 
prefently came. He was burnt, November 
the 20th. 


102 An Hiflorical Difcourfe of 

XIII. The Concubitm of rhe Devils with 

Witches ( Males and Females) hath fo full 
Teftimonies, as is not to be denied. St. -du~ 
ftin faith, DeCivit. Dei, lib. 15. cap. 23. & 
Sup. Gen. lib. i. q.%. It is a moft common 
Report, and many whofe Credit is not to 
be doubted of, fay and confirm, that by their 
own, or other fuch, they have heard it, that 
Sylvani and IE ami have been naught with 
Women. And that many Devils which 
the French call Duciu do daily attempt this 
Uncleannefs, and effe& it, is reported by 
fo many, that 'tis Impudence to deny it. 
Yea, fome Women, counted honeft, defend 
the pra&ice. Near Witeberg, a Merchant's 
Wife, that pafs'd for an honeft Woman, 
was ufed to admit one peculiar Concubine: 
And once, her Husband being from home, 
her Lover came^ to her in the Night ; and 
having pleafed his Luft, in the Morning he 
arofe, and fate on the top of the Door, in 
the ihapeof aMagpye, and faid to her this 
Farewell 3 Hitherto this hath been thy Sweet- 
heart , and vaniilied with the Words.] Sen- 

I rather think that this was a Man- Witch, 
than a Devil. 

The Story of Magdakna Crucia (cited 
elfewhere by me, and by Dr. H. More) was, 
faith Bodin, famous through the World, ci- 
ted by many 3 who being fufpe&ed, tofave 


apparitions and Witches. i 03 

her Life, went to the Pope himfelf (/Will.) 
asa Penitent, and confefled her Sin, that at 
Twelve Years old the Devil iollicked her, 
and lay with her, and that he had layen with 
her thirty Years ; yet ihe was made the Ab- 
befs of a Monaftery, and counted a Saint* 
And fbe confefled that the Devil, among 
all the People, brought ChrifFs Body (the 
Wafer) to her Mouth, none feeing what 
carried it ; whereby (he was taken for a 
Saint, as done by fbme good Spirit, 

And faith Scribonius; St. Bernards Hiflo- 

ry teftifieth, that there was a Witch, with 
whom the Devil oft was naught, and her 
Husband never perceived it. 

And, faith he, many Witches in thefe 
Countries have of late Years confefled the 

And, ibid. Bodin faith of Men, [One Be- 
net> a Witch at Berne, a Prieft of Eighty 
Years old, faid, that for Forty Years he 
had been unclean with the Devil in the 
fhape of a Woman, and that unfeen fhc 
was his Companion, and named her Her- 
mione 5 and fo he was burnt. 

And another Prieft of Seventy Years old 
confefled, that he had ufed Venery with 
the Devil in the (hape of a Woman Fifty 
Years, and fo he was burnt. 

And, Anno 1573- Novemb. 14. in our 

Neighbourhood, the Dutchy of Bmnfmc^ 

Stephen Men (before-mentioned) confefled, 

H 4 that 

i c4 An Hifiorkal Difcourfe of 

that be haci for Seven Years been unclean 
with the Devil, whom he took for his Mifc 5 

named Rdlfirnchfe. • . - 

XIV. Abundance of credible Hiftories 
tell us of Men and Women ftruck and hurt 
by the Devil, faith Scribonms^ pag t 82, 83. 
I will add one Example : At Marpurg^ 
(where he dwelt,) Anno\6q%. a young Ru- 
#ick that had a Devil, was by the Council 
of Divines brought into the Temple at the 
time of publick Prayers, that they might 
try whether they could caft out the Devil 
And when Prayers were ended, and he was 
brought again into the Hofpital, (their Bed- 
lam,) a certain Citizen, well known to me, 
{landing alone by his own Chimney-fire* 
and feeing the Demoniack Man pafs by in 
the Streer, by the noife of the company; 
he eanreftly prayed to God for him : In the 
very Moment of his praying, by feme invifi- 
ble Genius, he had ftddenly fuch a Stroke on 
his Neck, as caft him down on his Face, on 
the Ground \ I think, becaufe that malignant 
Spirit would not that Men fhould pray for 
him that he had poffefs'd. He profefs'd that 
he did feniibiy perceive fcrnething like the 
Hand of a ftrong Man ftrike him, his Face 
being toward the Fire. The Man revealed 
It to me the fame Day., but fecredy, left it 
fhould caft his Wife or Children into a 
Bright Q SmbonW) -ibid, pag 83 . 

: - - ; . -. xv: 

Afflaritions a nd Witches. 1 05 

XV. The raifing of Storms by Witches 
is attefled by fo many, that I think it need- 
lefs to recite them. Varacelfm faith, That 
Devils can do it by meer Natural Caufes j 
and faith, that if much Aluminom Matter 
and Salt Peter (not throughly prepared) be 
mixt, they will fend up a Cloud of Smoak, 
even to the middle Region of the Air, 
which will come down as Rain in Drops. 

XVI. Erafmus and others tell us of a 
Witch at a Town near them, (or rather, 
as Devil, that appeared and threatned to 
burn their Houfes, and on the top of a 
Chimney, holding a Pot of Afhes, Matte- 
red them abroad, and prefencly the Town 
was burnt. 

XVII. The felling of Winds in the 
Northern Seas towards Lapland and Ifeland, 
is fo commonly afierted by Mariners and 
Hiflorians, that I fhall omit particular In- 
fiances; OUus Magtius, and others, will tell 
the Reader of that, and more, in thofe cold 

XVIII. What fhall we fay to the many 
certain Hiftories of the frefh bleeding of 
Murdered Bodies, when the Murderer is 
brought to it, or at leaft, when he toucheth 
it 5 whether it be by the Soul of the Dead* 


i 06 r An Hiftorical Difcourfe of 

or by a good Spirit that hateth Murther, 0? 
by the Devil appointed for Revenge \ it 
feems plainly to be by an inviiible Spirit's 
Operation. I have heard perfons fo Credi- 
ble give Inftances of it, feen by themfelyes, 
that (though it he not a conftaat Event) it 
is furely Credible. 

The aforefaid Scribomm ubi fupra, p. 123. 
&c. faith, [This is done fo manifeftly, and 
in To many places, that to deny it is but o- 
pen Lies.] And he anfwers them that re- 
fer it to other Caufes only ; and faith, [ I'll 
teftifie what I have feen, when James ab A- 
quaria, Patricius of Aries was dead 3 Va- 
lerioU , a Phyfician of great Experience , 
citing fome Verfes of Lucretius , of mad 
Love faith, In this Verfe Lucretius thinks 
that the Blood of a Man affected and wound- 
ed by a Beam from the Eyes, doth pafs into 
wounded, as the Blood of one (lain by a- 
a Man's Sword, falleth into him that falleth. 
But faith Scriboniasy I had rather Vdenola 
had faid, It is done by the Secret Judgment 
of God. 

XIX. ScriboMHs,p.u6.. Fortheftrangenefs 
of the thing (faith he) I will bring but one 
Example : In the County ofLippta 21V f tenia, 
a Woman that had killed her Child, caft it 
into the next River Secretly ; the Child after 
3 weeks was found there by 2 Maids, and 
by the Command of the Magiftrates it was 


apparitions and Witches. i 07 

put into the Lap or Bofom of the Mother, 
being inPrifon, to try whether the Carkafs 
would fweat Blood: Hereupon the dead 
Infant prefendy opened the left Eye, and 
weeping much, look'd on the Mother ; and 
that Eye being (hut, Blood flowed out of it : 
This Example is certainly a ftupendous 
fign of God's Judgment : It was feen of ve- 
ry many mod Grave Men, and is not doubt- 
ed of by the Inhabitants of that place. 

XX. A Godly Minifter, Mr. Famworth, 
that came hither from New England (being 
a Nonconformist, and extream poor, dyed, 
as all about him faid, of meer Poverty, for 
want of warm Cloaths, Fire, and Food, 
when the Ad of Uniformity had begger'd 
many into extream neceflity) he teftify'd, 
that in America, hearing of a Sacrifice to 
the Devil that the Savages ufed to keep, 
by offering a Man to him, he went to fee 
them perform it 5 and he foGnd a great 
number about a dry Pit, and they brought 
an old Man bound, and by many ugly Cere- 
monies devoted him : And he faw the Man 
carried up into the Air, and quickly thrown 
down again dead among them. 

XXL Lfidov. rives de Vtrit. fidei, lib. I, 
faith , That in America , it is a common 
thing to fee Spirits appear to Men in various 
Shapes day and night. 


i o8 An Hiftorical Difcouvfe of 
So OIohs Magnus faith of the Ifelanderi. 

XXII. I know none that hath written 

better de Angelis & de Potemia D&mo- 
num, than Zcmchy^ who, Tom, 3 . e. 4 de Pot. 
Bem. iaith, [ He wonders that any fhould 
deny, that there are fuch Spirits as are cal- 
led Hags or Fairies* as exercife Familiarity 
with Men, and without hurting them, come 
to them, and trouble them, as playing with 
them. I could (faith he) bring many Ex- 
amples of perfons yet living, that have had 
Experience of them on themfelves ; But 
hence it appeared], that there are fii<:h Spi- 
rits in the Air, and that when God permits 
them, they ufe their Power on us, for fport 
or hurt,] Read him there further. 

XXIII. I have elfewhere cited the moft 
Credible Mtlamkthon^ faying he had feen 
fome, and that many perfons of his Ac- 
quaintance, had feen and talk'd with them 5; 
anci that the Devil appeared to his own 
Aunt in the likenefs of her dead Husband, 
with a Francifcan Fryar, and told her, (be 
muft hire fome Mafles to be faid for him 5 
and took her by the Hand, faying, he 
would not hurt hers but it fo burnt her 
Hand, that it remained black ever after. 

See Fermlius de abditis rerum Caufis^ lib. 2. 
c* 16. of many things that he faw himfelf, 
that are convincing. 

XXIV. Dr, 

'Apparitions and Witches, ioj? 

XXIV. Dr. Henricm ah Heer, Obferv. vliu 
A little Girl in the ninth year of her Age, 
for Beauty, Education , or Birth inferior 
to none where flie lived , having innocent- 
ly put into her Mouth a Sorrel Leaf, which 
was given her by a Witch that begged as 
the Door, to whom flie had firft given a 
piece of Bread, and then fome Beer, it was 
fcarce fwallowed by her , when fhe began 
to be Tortured in her Bowels, to Tremble 
all over , and then to be convulft, and in 
fine, to fwoon away , and fall as one dead» 
The Do&or and Do&xefs being called ( for 
at Vnechty where this thing happen'd in 
May, 1625. it is Cuftomary for both Sexes 
to pra&ife Pbyfick ) though they for many 
days Experimented the Remedies ufual in 
this cafe, the Child found no Relfef, but 
was ftili Affli&ed with very frequent and 
moft terrible paroxyfms. Whereupon, as 
the Cuftom of the Country is , they Con- 
fult the Exorcifts. The Prieft appointed 
for that work, a Capuchin had fcarce laid 
his hand on the Ritual , when the Child 
was Transformed by the Demon into fuch 
Shapes , as a Man that hath not beheld it 
with his Eyes 3 will hardly be brought to 
imagine. It began firft to rowl it felf a- 
bout, and next to Vomit Horfe-dung, Nee- 
dles Pins , Hairs , Feathers , Bottoms of 
Thread, Pieces of glafs Windows, Nails 


II o An Hiflorical Difcourfe of 

drawn out of Cart or Coach Wheels , an 
Iron Knife above a Span long r Egg and 
Fifli Shells. In th£ mean while, her Parents 
and thofe of the Neighbourhood , obferve 
that whenever the Witch came near the 
Houfe , or fo much as turned her Eye to- 
wards it , even at the Diftance of two hun- 
dred paces , the poor Child was in much 
greater Torment than before, infomuch, 
that (he could by no means be eafed of her 
Fit , or (hew one fign of Life , until (he 
was at a very great Diftance from her. This 
Witch was foon after apprehended,and con- 
feft both this, and infinite other the like 
Feats, for which (he was Strangled and 
Burnt. Being defired by a Father Jefuit, who 
Affifted her in her laft Agony, and at that 
Moment, on which depends Eternity, when 
the Executioner had now fitted the Rope 
to her Neck, that (he would diilblve the 
the Spell , and eafe the Child , (he faid , 
it was not in her Power? Becaufe the Em- 
ber Weeks were part , fince (he had Be- 
withtced her 5 adding , that (hould (he un- 
do the Villanies (he had perpetrated , the 
Child would not fo quickly recover : For 
the two<other Witches, whom (he named, 
had alfo given her their Mortal Infections , 
from the EffeSs whereof, (he could not 
without Difficulty, and much time, be de- 
livered- The Mother then, as in a Defpe- 
rate cafe , brought her Daughter to me a- 


"Apparitions and Witches. I 1 1 

bout the middle of September , and I had 
her with roe for fomejveeks. What I then 
fiw, heard and handled, becaufe I know 
manyPhyfitians, thofe efpecially that are 
Averfe to the Roman Perfwafion,will hard- 
ly believe it upon my Narrative, fo may 
God help me , as I (hall moft truly Relate 
what I faw. The day after this Unfortu- 
nate Child came into my Houfe , I took 
care to fend for Modefim a Capuchin, who 
(till lives at Liege : While he was yet fifty 
paces from my Chamber, the Girl fell 
down, as one deprived of Life; I took her 
for Dead : For (he had not fo much as the 
leaft Breath. Her Fingers and Toes, which 
if I had not feen it my felf, I could not 
have believ'd it, were fo Writhen and 
Convulft , that the Exterior or third joint 
ftuck (o hard ' unto the fecond, a thing 
which is fcarce poifible Naturally , that 
they might feem to have been fattened to- 
gether with the ftiffeft Glue. I endeavour- 
ed tothruft a Golden Bodkin betwixt them 7 
and after an Iron Nail, a wooden Spindle 3 
&c. but all in Vain. The Mother feeing 
the Childs fall , for (he would never go one 
fiep from her , faid the Capuchines were 
coming. She had no fooner faid this; but 
they knocked at the Door : When they 
were come in , and had lighted the Confe- 
crated Taper , and the Exorcift had put en 
his Habit , as foon as ever he had read the 


i 1 2 An Hiftorkal Difcourfe of 

firft words of the Exorcifm taken out of 
the Gofpels , the Girl which hitherto had 
lain more immoveable than ariy dead Corps, 
fell a (haking all over , her Fingers and 
Toes continuing as they were, with that 
Violence , that (he could not be held ftill 
by fix of us, by no means we could Ufe. 
Myfelf, who with all my Strength, effayed 
to hold her Head, obferved it both by my 
fight and feeling, to be Writhen, as by an* 
Opifthotonick Convulfion, together with 
her Neck towards her Shoulders- In the 
mean time, her Belly wasraifed up to a 
prodigious bignefs, and was nearer her 
Throat, than her Thighs , and that with 
fo great a Noife , and grumbling of hep 
Bowels, that all prefent could hear it at 
above ten paces diftance. The found was 
the nearefi to that which is caufed by Terap- 
eftuous waves under the prow of a Ship. 
All this while, the Child Vomited feve- 
ral of the above mentioned things. I beg- 
ged the Exorcift, out of Compaffion to her, 
to forbear his Reading: Hehadfcarce pro- 
nounced the laft Syllable , when in an in- 
ftant, (he lay as quiet as poffible. And af- 
ter he had quitted the Houfe , and was ac 
a confiderable Diftance off , (he undid her 
Fingers and Toes , and opened her Eyes > 
and ftraighcway flood up. And when (he 
had wept a little, and chid her Mother 
for fending for the Capuchines, though , 


Apparitions and Witches. i i 3 

flie never faw them, nor as fte hid? heard 
them , (he prefently began to eat, drink, 
and play with her equals , juft as if no- 
thing ail d her, until, upon the Capuchines 
returning to do his Office , fhe was as for- 
merly. I faw her this while caft up Fea- 
thers, Bundles of Straw, above the bignefs 
of my Thumb , with Pins ftuck acrote 
the Straws, Points wove of Thread of fe- 
veral Colours, and a Row of Pins fiuxk 
in a blew Paper , as frefh and new, as any 
are fold on the Pedlars Stall : In fine, every 
thing as the Innocent Child Affirmed* 
which fhe had feen in the Witches basket, 
when (he beged, which favours plainly of 
Devilifm , and which all the Philofophers 
in the World, are not able to folve. For 
by what Operation, could every thing (he 
had feen in the basket , be Conveyed in 
the fame kind and tale , into the Bowels 
of the Child, except the Devil hirnfelf was 
aflifting* But when I faw allftiehad caft 
ap, was perfe&ly dry, and without the 
leaft wet , I told the Capuchines, and fe- 
deral Philofophers prefent ( for I had cal- 
led many out of a defire of being the bet- 
ter informed ) that furely our Eyes were 
inchanted : For that thefe things could nof 
pofliblycome out of her Body, For how 
could it be , that the pricking of fo many 
Pins , flhould bring up no Blood ? How 
could a ijbarp knife come up the narrow 
I Jkm 

>i4 ^ Hijhrical Difcourfe of 

Throat of a young Child, Without cutting 
the paffage ? I added, that it was my Opi- 
nion , that thofe things muft be conveyed 
privately feme how, from fome other place, 
and then by the Malicious Demon , that 
took pleafore to deceive us, dropt from the 
Childs Lips 5 into our Hands , and that I 
was brought to mind of a Verfe in Ovid, 
which I never underftood , but now lefs 
than ever : It is this. 

jbevovet abfentes fimulacraq^ cerea fingit, . 
Et miferumtenues in jectir fir get acus. 

Curfes the abfent,then forms waxen fhapes 
Runs into th' Liver needles. 

The words are fpoken of Medea a Witch. 
But the Child her felf being immixt with 
us in our Debates, and of a Capacity above 
her years, foon refolved this Difficulty for 
me. Doubt not, faidflie , but that thefe 
things come out of me , and w 7 ith that (he, 
caught my Hand, and put it to her Throat. 

Feel* Sir, faidflie , a Pin without a Head 
a coming up , and which will come out 
prefently. I felt, and immediately when * 
I thought verily I held it faft betwixt the ! 
fingers of my left Hand within her Throat, 
I perceived it to be fore t Violently from 
me, and prefently feeing the Child a bow- 
ing to fpit, I received it in my right Hand ; 
md 1 have flawed it fince to feyeral iacre- 


[Apparitions and Witchesl x 1 $ 

dulous Perfons , andftill keep it by me, to 
ihew to the Curious, with Points, Feathers^ 
Thread , Straw, and other like Materials. 
In like manner, I have frequently at other 
s times, felt £ ,the ends of Points, while they 
were yet in the very Orifice of her Sto- 
mach , and while they were coming up; and 
ready to come out of her Mouth, all who 
were Curious to make Experiments, ima- 
gined they could hold the end of the point 
in the middle of her Throat 3 but the craf- 
ty Demon,Defeated all their Attempts. Af- 
ter flie had been exorcifed at Liege for fome 
weeks to no purpofe , her Mother had a 
great defire to carry her to Jm % to a Chap- 
pel newly Built and Confecrated to the Ho- 
nour of the Blefled Virgin , and believed 
by the vulgar , to be very Famous for Mi- 
racles. While her Mother and Friends 
which Accompanied her , employed their 
time at the ufual Solemnities there,daily con- 
feffing, and receiving the Blefled Sacrament 2 
bat with no effe&jthey bring theChild back 
to my Houfe , not one jot the better, but 
the worfeby a \ Hydrophobia , or as I would 
I rather call it , a Stygrophobia, or fearfulnefk 
| of moid things, fo called , very fad and 
Difconfolate, and Defpairing of her Life, 
yea, praying for her Death. She came back 
to me, about the midft of Autumn^ refufing 
not only Wine, Beer, Mead, and all Wa- 
ter \ butalfo boil'd Meat, and Bread fteepi 
I % m 

i 1 6 An Hifiovical Difccurfe of 

in Broth or Wine , and at laft, 411 White 
and Wheaten Bread : I believe, becaufethe 
one was made with Milk , and the other 
with Water, as is ufual with us. For which 
Reafon, for forty days time, fhe lived on 
nothing but Apples, Raifins, Nuts, Al- 
monds , and other Fruits proper to the Sea- 
fon , yet for all this, the rofie blu(h in her 
Cheeks was not Diminifhed , nor the Mil- 
ky fnow of her Forehead. At laft for fif- 
teen Days and Nights together , fhe took 
neither Meat n6r Drink. How flie could 
pafs fo many Days without either Meat or 
jDrink : I confefs my felf ignorant ; but 
that fo it was , I do avow , and all my Fa- 
mily are ready with me , moft Solemnly 
to Depofe upon Oath. On the fixteenth 
day, when (he had of her own accord, askt 
for fome Drink , and taken it , fhe no lon- 
ger refufed Food. I thought it then feafo- 
nable to have Recourfe to Natural Means, 
not Omitting Divine Exorcifms, and I pre- 
pared the Deco6tion. Ex fttga Damonum of 
Southern Wood, Mugwort y Vtrvene, &c. and 
after I had ufed her a while to that Drink, 
I fent her Home. In the interim, tumbling 
over all the Books, I could find at laft I 
light on Bartholomew Carrkhters, Secrets , 
who in the twelfth Chapter of his fecond 
Book 5 Defcribes a Certain Medicine, pro- 
per to this Malady. Finding this mightily 
Recommended in Horftitu his Medicinal 

. * Epiftks, 

Apparitions and Witches. nj 

Epiftles,£j>i#. i. Sett. vij. in He&or Schlmds 
Letter to Gregory Horjlws, dated in the year 
161%, I Write both to him, and to the 
Francfo?d Apothecary , in vvhofe Shops he 
faith it is fold, promising any P v ate for the 
unguent and prefcription. But receiving no 
Advice frbm them,andbeing Day and Night 
Sollicitous for the Childs Recovery, I topk 
Carricbter again into my Hand, and having 
much ado to underftand him, by reafon of 
a miftake of the Printers , who had Printed 
in one word , Holtz. bktter beer, which fhould 
have been in three f I at laft , almoft a 
Twelve- Month after, for want of neceflary 
Materials, caufed the following Unguent 
to be made : Take of Dogs Greafe well 
Diflblved and Cleanfed, four Ounces $ of 
Bears Greafe, eight Ounces 5 of Capons 
Greafe , four and twenty Ounces j three 
Trunks of Mifletoe of the Hafle while 
Green , cut it into pieces , and pound it 
fmall ; till they become moift 5 bruife to- 
gether the Wood , Leavesand Berries, mix 
all in a Vial , after you have expofed it to 
the Sun, for nine Weeks, you fhall extraft 
a green Balfam , wherewith, if youanpinc 
the Bodies of the Bewitcht , efpecially the 
parts moft affe&ed, and the Joints i they 
will certainly be Cured, as hath been pro- 
ved by this Child , who hath been now 
three years perfectly well , only on the 
days of the Ember-weeks , do what Ihe 

I 3 can* 

1 1 8 r Jn Hiftorkal Difcourfe of 

can , ihe is feized with a certain Tranfien£ 
Melancholy. And this is the Reafon why 
I have ingenuofly Communicated to the 
World in the Latin Tongue, the above- 
mentioned prefcription,concealed by others* 
! and publifhed in Dutch, by Carfichter faul- 

XXV. Mer. Cafaubon in Credulity and 
Incredulity in things Natural, 

It cannot be deny'd, becaufe I fee Learn- 
ed Phyficians are of that Opinion, and vi- 
sible Effects do evince it, but that the De- 
vil doth immifcere fe in feveral Difeafes 3 
whereof Sir Theod. Mayem (whom I think, 
for ftrangeand even miraculous Cures, I 
may call the <u&fculapm of his time 3 and 
to do nobody wrong, he gave me a notable 
Inftance concerning a Maid in his Houfe, 
that had been bitten by a Mad Dog, which 
alfo dy'd of it 3 to whom, when he came 
in a Morning with a Looking-Glafs ( to 
make a Tryal of what he had read, but 
not yet experienced himfelf ) under his 
Gown, before he was in the Room, /he be- 
gan to cry out, and told him what it was he 
had about him. 

XXV I. Ternelius de Abdit. rerum caufii, 
lag. 65. faith, I faw one that by certain 
words would make Shapes (Spe&res) appear 
In a Looking-Glafs, which, whatever he 


[Apparitions and Witches] H§ 

commanded them , would prefently by 
Writing or by true Images fo clearly expreis, 
that all might be quickly and eafily under- 
ftood by thofe that fat by. . They heard a 
few Sacred words, but filthily contamina- 
ted by obfcure names, fuch as the power of 
the Elements, the horrid and unheard of 
names of certain Princes of the Eafi 9 
Weft, &c. 

And P. 124, 12 5. he tells you how many 
ways, by Chara&ers,Spells,Ceremonies they 
work ( too long to recite ) and tells you 
how the Bewitched are Diftorted,Torment- 
ed, fpeak unlearnt Languages, tell the by- 
ftanders their Secrets, &c: and faith, [A hw 
Years ago, a young Man, a Knights Son, la- 
bour'd of a Concuffion and a Convulfion of 
his Body by Fits,which did ibexagitate fome- 
time the Left- Arm, fometime the Right j 
fometimes one Finger, fometimes one L^g, 
fometimes the other, fometimes both 5 
fometimes the whole Trunk of his Body 
that four Servant-men could fcarcely hold 
him, but his Head remained unthaken, his 
Tongue and Speech free, his Mind found*, 
and all his Senfes entire, even in the fierce- 
nefs of his Convulfions: He was taken at 
lead ten times a Day, found in die inter- 
vals, but broken with Labour. Had he not 
had his Underftanding and Senfes found, it 
would have been taken for an EpilepJie. 
The molt skilful Phyficians judged it a Con- 

I 4 yulfion 

i2o An Hiftffiical Difcourfe of 

vulfion kin to an Epilepfie, from a maiig: 
nant venemousVapor impadi in the Marrow 
of the Back, &c. They ufed all Reme- 
dies— but we were all miftaken in Igno- 
rance of the true Caufe ; for in the third 
Month a Demon was found to be the Au- 
thor of all, (hewing himfelf by Voice and 
unufual Words and Sentences, Latine and 
Greek, though he was ignorant of the Greek 
Tongue. He detected many of the Secrets 
of the by-fitters, and efpecially of thePhy- 
ficians, deriding them, that he had by great 
Peril cheated them, and that by their vain 
Medicines they had almoft killed the Man. 
If his Father (a Knight of the Order of St* 
Michael, that wore that Image in a Gold 
Chain) was coming to fee him, he would 
far off, bid them* Let him not in, or take 
off his Chain. If Divine and Sacred words 
were read, he would tofs him and ihake him 
nioft fiercely.] See the reft. 

And Pag. 127. £1 faw one that would 
#bp Blood flowing from any part of the 
Eody, by touching the part, and muttering 
a few words] So far the great Femelm: 
He next nameth many Difeafes that they 
kk Spells to Qure. 

XX VI I. The greateft Pbyfidan of 
England to divers Kings (and the chief that 
I have my felf ufed, and knew him to be 
an Honeft Credible Man. ) Sir Theodore 

Mayerne } 

"Apparitions and Witches. \ % i 

Meyerne, confirmeth the thing in queftion, 
but goeth the true middle way between Ig- 
norant Credulity and Incredulity, in his late 
Eubliftied Praxis, Pag. 57. in a Letter to 
)r.Caftle, abput one feeming poflefi'd, 
feyin& C That Melancholy is the Seat, the 

* Bath,and the Kingdom of the Devil,I well 
c know 5 and that that Prince of Darfcnefs 
c lurking under the thick Cloudinefsof that 

* black Humour, immixeth himfelf in di- 
c vers Difeafes, and that he exciteth cruel 
1 Troubles (or Storms) in divers Subje&s, 
' ENCE FOVND 5 but I am not of fo 

* facile a Mind, as to be (truck at the meet- 

* ing of every Phantafm, though portentous % 
c nor is my Reafon like Wax to receive 

* every Impreflion. By two 

\ fig , nS • °i? kn °r W Dem0 [l i - * m night 

acks. * If aperlon untaught, l&vtn&tidmm. 
c and without Philofophy , 
c fpeak in divers and ftrange Tongues, and 

* nervoufly and folidly difpute of Sciences 
c and Arts never ftudied : And if a weighey 
■ Body rapt up on high, hang 

* long in the Air, * and fall * Wmb k 
c not with their weight. Black %*?"* °f m w 
' Choler in the Spleen, Brain, Wltches ' 

\ Womb, may move a thoufand Symptoms, 
6 which by the Ignorant, pafs for Miracles.] 
There liveth in this City , an Iriflh-man, 
who with unmoved Lips maketh a long G- 


s 2 2. jfo Hiftmcal Difcourfe of 

ration* and deceiveth thofe near him, as i* 
onefpoketo them far of.] 

I my felf difcovered a notable Cheat in 
a Servant in my own Houfe , and many 
fiich are dete&ed, by which the Ignorant, 
Undifceraing and Incredulous, are drawn 
to disbelieve thofe that are moft fully pro- 
ved. Read of Cheats, De Loier, a French- 

XXVI I I. The Learned and Judicious 

Cerh. Fojfius faith, de Samuele in Beverovicii 

Epifi. Pdg, 203. [I know there were many 
fabulous ftories, and of Fraud, &c but by 
Men both Learned, and Quick-fighted, and 
Crave, and Honeft, in many Ages paft, there 
are reported, and at this Day remembred 
and told innumerable Inftances, in which it 
is not poflible but that with the endeavour 
of man there concurred , the Ulufion or 
Force of the Devil, a malignant Spirit Ap- 
plying that which was beyond the power 
of Man. 

XXIX. Lavater deSpeBris^ is a Book fo 
common and well known, (by him a Learn- 
ed Godly Proteftaor Divines) that I will 
fuppofe the Learned Reader to have read it ? 
and will not recite what is therein. 

XXX. Pious and Peaceable Bifliop J of. Haft 
liuth, Soliloq. 15. P. £3, 54. [Sataq's Preva- 


Jfpparkions and Witches. "123 

iency in this Age is moft clear in the mar- 
velous number of Witches abounding in all 
places. Now hundreds are dif- 
covered in one Shire 5 * and if * £## 
Fame. deceive us not, in a Vil- and £//**• 
lage of 14 Houfes in the North, are found 
fo many of this Damned brood. Hereto- 
fore only barbarous deierts had them, but 
now the Civileft and Religious Parts are 
frequently peftered with them : Heretofore 
fome filly ignorant old Women, &c. now 
we have known thofe of both Sexes> who 
profeffed much Knowledge, Holinefs and 
Devotion drawn into this damnable Pra&ice. 

XXXI. I have elfewhere cited divers 
Paflages to this ufe out of Holy Cyprian ; 
but that in the Epiftle of Finmliamu to Cy- 
prian, Ep. 75. Pag. 238. feemeth ftrange 
(like that of Magdakna Crucia and others a- 
ijiong the Papifts.) A Woman pretending 
to have the Holy Ghoft, proved a Witch, 
and did 5 many Wonders : She had a Gift of 
Prayer, and did Baptize, and Adminifter 
the Lords Supper in the ordinary way, &c. 

XXXII. This is fo like to the well known 
Cafe of Mrs. HutMnfon, and Mrs. Dyer in 
New England, with Mr. Wheeler, and the reft, 
in the time of Sir Henry Vmes Govern- 
ment, dete&ed by the Wondrous Mon- 
fters, that I intyeat the Reader to get the 


i 24 An Hi ft meal Difemrfe 6f 

Hlftory of all, In Mr. Tho. Weld's Book (one 
of their MiniftersJ called, The rife and fail 
of Antinomianifm and Fdmilifm in New Eng- 
land. ^ Though I find no proof of Witch- 
craft in their Cafe, there is much of Satani* 
cal Delufion, joined with Humane Self-con- 
ceit and Pride. 

XXXTIL I have before mentioned Z-»- 
ehys Judgment, and his excellent Books, 
de Deo, de Angells , & de potentia Damo- 
■nmi than whom no Man hath given us a 
more full Teftimony in general,of Diabolical 
Operations : I (hall here only repeat his Opi- 
nion of the Manner of Satan's Working. He 
thinketh {Tom, 3. /. 4. c 10. p. 188 J that it 
is the very Subftance of the Devil that en- 
tereth into Men, and that they have Bodies 
qiore Subtile than the Air. 

The doubt is, 1. Whether it be only o~ 
ther Caufes that enter by this moving of 
them by Devils: 2. Or whether they Ope- 
rate and enter only Vinme, by fome force 
fent from their Subftance ; 5. Or Operate 
by Contiguity of their Subftance it felf in 

1. The firft way, no doubt they work as 
by moving Winds, and Fire, and Water, 
and our Blood and Humours , and our 
Tempters and Enemies^ &c. but not that 
way alone. 

2. What 

Apparitions and Witches. 125 

& What Energy or Forte he can fend*, 
that is neither his own Subftance nor any 
other Subftance, I cannot conceive. 

3. That his very Subltance enteresh into 
the PoflHTed, I fee no caufe to doubt -, for 
he can penetrate any part of our Bodies, as 
he is a Spirit : And if we knew that he O 
perate only in fome Body or Vehicle, Air* 
or Air and Fire mixt •, yet what part of our 
Bodies cannot Air and Fire penetrate: 
(And this Suppofition would countenance 
Dr. Mores Opinion, that all Spirits are the 
the Souls of fome Bodies). And Scripmre 
faith fo much of Devils entring into Men>and 
being in them, and being caft out of them* 
that I fee not how we can deny it to be their 

And how elfe ihould they move us ( be- 
fides by Inftruments) Is it any more wonder 
that Devils (permitted) can enter, than 
Air: Or how elfe work they on Mens 
Souls. I muft fay it to humble us, that I 
fear, that in moft Temptations that follicic 
our Thoughts, and our Wills, and Affedi* 
ons and Pailions » if not fometimes our 
Tongues and Hands, it is the very prefent 
Subftance of Evil Spirits, that by Conti- 
guity move us, even true Chriftians when 
they Sin: And that it is no unfeemly thing 
to pray God to call Satan out of our 
Thoughts and Hearts* Oh that we better 
knew what caufe we have to fear leering 


1 16 r Jn Hifiorical Difcowfe of 

him in, and by yielding and cuftom togivi 
him advantages to tempt and rule us. 

But yet his Subftantial Prefence, and his 
Operations are to be diftinguifhed. He 
hurteth not all that he is prefent with j but 
thofe that he hath Power to work upon, and 
that are prepared to receive his Operations. 
God himfelf doth not work Life or Grace 
on all that he is prefent with $ and thae 
what he doth, he doth it by his Subftantial I 
Prefence* orfaisEflence. 

XXXIV. I have elfe where cited Luther s 
Teftimony, and how the Devil appeared to 
himfelf at Cob urge : And Mdantihorii and 
Feter Martyr's I have cited here and elfe- 
where. See Pet. Martyr Loc. Com. Claf. I 
c p. and cap. 8. §. 8. pag* 39, 40. 

XXXV. The moft Judicious Credible 
' Melanchthon.j in his Epiftle to Hubert Langue- 
tm (the Author of Junius Brutes Vlnd. con. \ 
Tyran.) Epiftolar., I. 2. p. 550, 551. faith, 

C Though there be fometimes Natural 
c Caufes of Madnefs, yet it is moft certain, 
6 that Devils enter into the Bodies of fome, 
4 and caufe Madnefi and Torments to them, 
€ either with Natural Caufes or without 
c them ; for it is manifeft, that fuch perfons 
c are oft delivered without Natural Reme- 
* dies. And thefe.Diabolical Spe&acles are 
I oft Prodigies and Significations of future 

! things ; 

apparitions and Witches: 117 

* things : Twelve Years ago there was a 
1 Woman in Saxony , that never learnt Let- 
c ters, and yet when (he. was a&ed by the 
' Devil, after Torment fhe fpake Greek and 
! Latin of the future Saxon War. 

c Sixteen Years ago there was in the 
\Marke, a Girl, that when fhe pulPd Hairs 
c from Cloaths, they were turned into 
€ Mark-Money, which the Girl devoured 
c with' long and loud gnafhing of Teeth 5 
c and thofe Figures (or Shapes) of Money 
' fometimes fuddenly fnatcht out of her 
5 Hands, were true Money, which are yet: 
c kept by fome 5 and after the Girl felt 
€ great Torment : But fhe was delivered 
« from all that Difeafe after fome Months, 
«and yet liveth in Health: But frequent 
< Prayers of Godly Perfons were made for 
« her, and other Ceremonies were purpofel^ 
« omitted.] Thus Mdanchthon. 


ii8 An HiftoyicalDifcourfe of 

C H A P. V L 

Mr. Jo. LcwiS) a Learned Jttftice 
of { feace in Cardigatri-ftrire , 
with the Teftimony of Dr. Ellis, 
and Mr. John Davis, about the 
Dead Mens Lights, the Knocks 
ers and Apparitions. 

MR. J. Lewi* being a Jiiffice of Peace, 
and a Man of Learning, at the time, 
when under Cronrwell and Harrifon the 
Reading and weak Parfons were cafi 
out, and Itinerant Preachers fet up, that 
turned four or five Parishes into one of 
their Circuits, and did little but Preach, 
and fhut up the Doors where they came not, 
and by ignorant decrying Superftition, 
Forms and Ceremonies, fet up Error, Ana- 
baptiftry and unjufi: Separations^ He being 
greatly grieved for thefe Confufions wrote 
largely to me about them, whereupon, and 
on more fuch Inftances I wrote my five Dik 
putations of Church Government, Liturgy, 
and Ceremonies. And Mr. Lewis joined 
with me in a defign to have begg'd Money 
in Pity to W*kt % to have fee up a Welph 


'Apparitions and Witches. i ^9 

Colledge at Shrewsbury 5 and his Notices a- 
bout Apparitions came in but on the by, 
at my requeft : But tho' I difmember his 
Letters with regret, by cafting away the 
main part that was well worth the read- 
ing, ( and all my Anfwers to them) yet k 
would be fb unfuitable to infert fuch Me- 
ters in aHiftory of Spirits, that if any of 
his acquaintance blame me for it, they muft 
accept of this Excufe: He is known by 
publifhed Books of his own* 

Pari of Mr. John Lewis's Firft 
Letter > relating to Sprits and 

Moft Worthy Sir 1 

I Have now another Motion to you, as to 
that paflage in your VHreafonnblemfs 
of Infidelity^ where you fhew the meaning 
of the Spirit, as to Humane Learning, && t 
and thofe 29 Confiderations ( for the page 
I cannot cite, becaufe I have not the Book 
at this very inftantj becaufe it is in the 
midft of the Book, and not fo difcemable 
to all Readers •, I could humbly beg of you* 
to get your Printer and Stationer to print 
them apart in a few fmall Leaves, for there 
is nothing generally that is more miftakea 

K among 

1 30 An Hlftorical Dlfcourfe of 

among us than that, and I fee the publishing 
here but fo much of them in this kind would 
do infinite good here 3 and I would my felf 
be at charge of buying and difperfing many 
fcores of them. And becaufe of that Co- 
pious Satisfadionyou give of Spirits, than 
which there cannot be greater convinee- 
nients againft Infidelity and Atheifm,! could 
afford you feveral ftrange Inftances from 
thefe parts, but I (hall trouble you only 
with two. Since the time I received your 
Letter, there happened in my Neighbour- 
hood this following ; A Man and his Fami- 
ly being all in Bed, about after Midnight* 
awake in Bed, he could perceive a Light 
entring a little Room, where he lay, and 
one after another, of fome a Dozen in the 
fliape of Men 3 and two or three Women with 
fmall Children in their Arms entring in, and 
they feemed to Dance, and the Room to 
be far lighter and wader than formerly; 
they did feem to eat Bread and Cheefe all a- 
bout a kind of a Tick upon the Ground y 
they offered him Meat, and would fmile 
upon him ; he could perceive no Voice, 
but he once calling to God to blefs him, 
he could perceive the whifper of a Voice in 
Welch, bidding him hold his peace, being 
about four Hours thus , he did what he 
could to awake his Wife, and could not 5 
they went out into another Room, and af- 
ter fome Dancing departed, and then he a- 


Apparitions and Witch? i, 131" 

rofe$ yet being but a very flnaU Room -he 
coald not find the Door< nor tae way to 
Bed, until crying out, his Wife and Fami- 
ly awaked. Being within about two Miles 
of me ? I fent for the Man. who is an ho- 
ned poor Husbandman,aad of good Report: 
And I made him believe I would put him to 
his Oath for the truth of chis Relation^ who 
was very ready to take it. 

2* The Second ( if you have not for- 
merly heard ) the ftrange and ufual ap- 
pearance of Lights (called in Welch, Dead 
Mens Candles) before Mortality: This is 
ordinary in mofi of our Counties, that I 
never fcarce heard of any fort, Young or 
Old, but this is feen before Death, and of- 
ten obferved to part from the very Bodies 
of the per Ions all along the way to the 
place of Burial, and infallibly Death will 
enfue. Now, Sir, it is worth your Refo- 
lution, whether this may proceed from 
God or no -, it is commonly imputed to the 
Igneous Air of the Counties : But that Evil 
Spirits can come by fo much Knowledge, as 
to be always fo Infallible (though herein 
I confefs them very va(t) and be fo favou- 
rable and officious unto Man, as to be 
fuch feafonable Monitors of his Diflbluti- 
on, and to give fo much difcovery of Spiri- 
tual Eflences> and the Immortality , I doubt 
whether they mind us fo much good as 
this : Some Wiles I confefs they may have 

1 3 % An Hijiorical Difcourfe of 

by fuch Appearances, bat it carries the Be^ 
nefits mentioned with it , whereas their 
Difappeafance makes more for Infidelity 
and Atheifm : But this I leave to your Judg- 
ment, begging Pardon for this Boldnefs in 
diverting you from your far better 
Thoughts ; and feeing it is my Happinefs 
to have this little Invifible Acquaintance 
with you, I fliall omit nd Opportunity of 
troubling you with fuch poor Thoughts as 
the Lord (hall give unto me of the beft 
Things, humbly wifhing (as for the making 
up the fad Differences of Religion among 
us ) the Lord Would give thofe in Au- 
thority to weigh that Pious and Wife 
Courfeyou have propofed, as to thofe four 
great Parties in the Dedication of your 
Saints Rtfl-, with my unfeigned Prayers for 
your Health and Happinefs, 


GUs\mgg near 
LUubadarnevour or 
Jberfjiwith in Car~ 
diganjbire> Qftob. 20. 

Tour wry thankful Friend 

and Servant in Chrifi $ 

John Lewis. 


Apparitions andWitches. j 3 j 

Mr. John Lewis's Second Letter. 

AS for Apparitions, lam ftored with 
fo many Inftances , that require ra- 
ther a Volume ; There is that Evidence for 
the Candles , that fcarce I know any of 
Age, but hath feen them, and will depofe 
it : There is here a talk , whereof yet I 
have not certainty, that a Daughter of the 
Man mentioned in the laft, fetching Wa- 
ter at a Well, had a blow given her, and 
a Boy coming towards her, flie charged 
him with the blow, who denyedhe was 
fo near her 3 but bid her look upon her Fa- 
ther , that flood not far off, and with that, 
he could fee her Father fling a Stone at her, 
which pafled with a mighty Violence by 
her Face , and the Stone was found with 
prints of Fingers in it 3 but no fuch thing 
as the Father there , neither was he at home 
fince the Night before 5 but certain it is , 
that Living Men's Ghofts, are Ordinarily 
feen in thefe parts , and unawares to the 
parties. We have in this County, feveral 
Silver and Leaden Mines, and nothing more 
ordinary than fome Subterranean Spirits 3 
called Knockers ( where a good Vein is ) 
both heard , and after feen, little Statured, 
about half a yard long 3 this very inftant, 
there are Miners upon a Difcovery of a 
K 3 Vein 

1^4 dn Hiflorical Vifeourfe of 

Vein upon my own Lands, upon this fcore, 
and two offered Oath, they heard them in 
the Day-time. Lieutenant CJolohel Boiven 
I hear 5 is upon Difcovery , that what you 
heard, was Witchcraft 5 but he holds cant- 
ing Tenents, all which minds us< the more 
to admire the King of Spirits , our Lord 
God Almighty , and that our Eyes behold 
hnt the leaft part of his Secrets , and Mar- 
vels; to whofe Arms and Bleffingf, I com* 
mit and leave you* 

Sir, / pray far don this Trouble of 

,- ; '.,p . ■■ 

Tour very Thankful Servant ■, 

Sfefe John Lewi^ 


apparitions and Witches, 135 

Mr. John Lewis Third Letter. 

AS for the -Candles* all the parts I know 
of Wales 1 a$ otir Neighbouring Coun- 
ties ( as I hear ) have Experience of them 5 
fcat whether fo frequently as here, I will 
learn. I fcsrce know any Gentleman or 
Mimfter of any ftaftding \ tat hath feea 
them, and a Neighbour of mine, will 
thortly beat Worcefier abiding f who fiath 
feen them often, and I will dire*54 .feme 
to acquaint you, and upon Oath , -if need 
be) a very Credible Aged perfenr For 
my part, I never faw the C&hdles ; but 
thofe of my Houfe have, and 6na Time^ 
fome years part, it was told me by them % 
that two Candles was feen , one little, and 
a great one pafling the Church way, under 
my Houfe , my Wife was then great with 
Child, and near her time, and (he feared 
Sfk, and it begot fome fear in u^ abdut 
her h but juft about a week after, fifcr" felf 
firft came to me ( as fomething joyed tliat 
the fear might be over) and (aid (as 
true it was ) an old Man, and a Child of 
the Neighbour-hood paflfed that fame way 
tohe Buried.- This fhe and I can depdfe ■> 
and truly my felf efpecially , heard fome 
uncouth warning, before my firfi: Childs 
Deaths new Born , which is too large to 
' K 4 relates 

1 3 6 r An Hiftorical Difcourfe of 

relate : Such warnings and noifes, are alfo 
here very common, and I do think there is 
fcarce any ( and I know it by my felf ) but 
before fome Remarkable Occurrences of 
Life , will have fome warnings , at leaft 
by Dreams; of which there is a kind that 
may be ranked with thefe Apparitions, and 
it was not for nought, that the Stpicksof 
old held Sleep , familiar e & domefkkunt om- 
entum : You fhall learn more of me hereaf- 
ter about the certainty of Candles and 
the Knockers. 

Sir, I put you to your Penance, by thefe 
under Lines, they (hew I can hardly part 
with you , I pray God continue, aqd grant 
you Health and Happinefs anfwerableto 
the ufe you are of, for his Glory among 

Sir y 

Tom- wry Thankful Servant. 

W&> John Lewis; 


[Apparitions and Witches;. 1 37 

Mr. Davis's Letter, co?icerning the 
Corps-Candles in Wales. 

Venerable Sir, 

FOr your Worth, hath purchafed you that 
Stile. With all due Refpe&s, you (ball 
hereby underftand that I am one, who fin- 
cerely bleflfeth himfelf, to have been much 
Edified by you, as being Confirm'd in fome 
points , and informed in others, by a piece 
of your Learned and Judicious Works, 
Termed by your felf a Supplement, which 
proved to me a Complement , and which 
was Communicated to be by my Worthy 
Friend, and fpccial Encourager, John Lewis 
Efq; , at whofe Requeft , I am to give you 
the beft Satisfaction I can , touching thofe 
fiery Apparitions, which do as it were, mark 
out the way for Corpfes to their wpmel* , 
and that fometimes before the parties them- 
felves fall fick , and fometimes in their 
ficknefs of thefe , I could never hear in 
England , they are common in thefe thre^ 

Counties, Cardigan, Carmarthen and Vem- 

brook, and as I hear, in fome other part of 

Thefe **tTi*u*i* in our Language, we call 
Canhxvyllau, Cyrth ( i ) Corps-Candles h and 
Candles we call them , not that we do fee 
^ny thing elfc befides the. Light : But be* 


i^3 An Htftorical Difcomfe of 

canfe that Light doth as much Refemble a 
Material Candle-light, as Eggs do Eggs, 
laving , that in their Journey, thefe Can- 
dles be modo dppdrentes] mb'So difparentes , 
efpecially, when one comes near them 5 
and if one come on the way againft them , 
unto him they vanish 5 but prefently appear 
behind him , and hold on their Courfe. If 
it bea little Candle, pale or blewifh, then, 
follows the Corps either of an Abortive, or 
fome Infant , if a big one, then the Corps 
of fome one come to Age , if there be 
feen two or three, or more, fome big, fome 
final! together, then fo many, and fuch 
Corpfes together. If two Candles come 
from Diverfe places, and be feen to meet 3 
the Corpfes will the like, if any of thefe 
'Candles be feen to turn fometimes a little 
oiitof the way \ or Path, that leadeth unto 
the Church , the following Corps will be 
found'. to turn in that very place , for the 
avoiding of fome dirty Lane, or Pla%ehr. 
Now let us fall to Evidence , Being about 
the Age of fifteen, dwelling at Ltinytdr, late 
at 'Nights fcm£ Neighbours few one of thefe 
Candles hovering up and down along the Ri- 
ver bank, until they were weary in behold- 
ing,, at laft they left it fo, and went to Bed, 
a few Weeks aftef ' came a proper Damfel 
f torn Mem gomsry' SBre'^ to fee her Friends 5 
who dwelleth on the other fide of thatRiver 
Jjfwyth, and thought to Ford the Hitter at 


Apparitions and Witches. 1 3 £ 

that very place, where the Light was feen 5 
but being diff#adedJ>y fome lookers on, 
Ofbme it's mod like of thofe that faw the 
Light ) to adventure on the Water, which 
was high , by reafon of a Flood : She 
walked up and down along the River Banls, 
even where, and even as the fore&id Can- 
dle did, waiting for the falling of the Wa- 
ter, which at laftfhe took-, but too foon 
for her , for fhe was drown d therein. 

Of late, my Sextons Wife, an Aged Un- 
demanding Woman , faw from her Bed, 
a little blewifh Candle upon her Tables 
end : Within two or three days after » comes 
a fellow in , enquiring for her Husband , 
and taking fomething from under his Cloak, 
claps it down directly upon the Tables end, 
where flie had feen the Candle, and what 
was it, but a Dead-born Child f Another 
time , the fame Woman , faw fuch a- 
nother Candle upon the other end of the 
felf fame Table , within few days after, a 
weak Child by my felf, newly Chrifined, 
was brought into the Sextons Houfe, where 
prefently he died : And when the Sextons 
Wife , who was then abroad, came home, 
fhe found the Woman fhrouding of the 
Child , on that other end of the Table , 
where fhe had feen the Candle. On a 
time my felf, and a Kinfman coming from 
our School in England , and being three or 
four hours benighted* ere we could reach 


140 -An Hiftorical Difcourfe of 

home , were firft of all Saluted by fuch a 
Light, or Candle, which coming from a 
Houfe 5 which we well knew, held his 
Courfe ( but not diredJy ) the High-way to 
Church-, ftiortly after, the Eldeft Son in 
that Houfe Deceafed, arid Steered the fame 
Courfe- My felf, and my Wife in an Even- 
ing , ftw fuch a Light , or Candle coming 
to the Church, from her Mid- Wifes Houfe, 
and within a Month , flie her felf did fol- 
low : At which time, my Wife did tell 
me a Story of her own Mother , Mrs. Ca- 
tharint Wyat , an Eminent Woman in the 
Town of Tenby , that in an Evening, being 
In her Bed-Chamber , ihe faw two little 
Lights juft upon her Belly, which ihe a£ 
fayed to ftrike off with her Hand, but 
could not 5 within a while they vaniftied of 
themfelves. Not long after, (he was Deli- 
vered of two Dead-born Children: Long 
fithence there happened, the like in mine 
own Houfe 5 but to a Neighbours Wife , 
whom my Wife did fometimes call for, to 
do fome work or other and ( as I credibly 
heard within thefe three days) to fome 
good Gentlewoman alfo in this very Pa- 
ri(h h where alfo not long fince, a Neigh- 
bours Wife of mine , being great with 
Child * and coming in at her own Door , 
met two Candles, a little, and a bigg one , 
and within a little after, falling in Labour, 
she and her Child both dyed* 


'Apparitions and Witches. 14* 

Somethirty four, or thirty five years by- 
gone , one Jane Wyat my Wifes Sifter * 
being Nurfe to Baronet Rudds three Eldeft 
Children , and ( the Lady Mifirh being 
Deceafed ) the Lady Controuler of that 
Hcufe, going late into a Chamber where 
the Maid-Servants lay , faw there no lefs 
then five of thefe Lights together. It hap- 
pened awhile after, the Chamber being 
newly Plaiftered, and a great grate of Coal- 
fire therein , kindled to haften the drying 
up of the Plaiftering : That five of the 
Maid-Servants went there to Red, as they 
were wont 5 but ( as it fell out ) too foon , 
for in the Morning, they were all dead , 
being Suffocated ( I conceive ) in their 
Sleep with the Steem of the New-temper- 
ed Lime and Coal. This was at Llangathen 
in Carmarthenshire. 

Some thirty three, or thirty four years 
ago, upon a Tuefday coming towards home 
from Cardigan , where I had been injoynd 
to Preach the Seffion Sermon: Incipient e 
adhnc creptifcdo, and as Light as Noon, and 
having as yet, nine long Miles to Ride, 
there feemd twice or thrice from behind me, 
on my Right fide , and between my Shoul- 
der and my Hat, to fly a little whiti/h 
thing , about the bignefs of a Walnut, and 
that per intervalla , once in feventy or eighty 
Paces : At firft I took no notice of it , 
thinking it had been but the glimpfing of my 


i^i An HiftoricaUDifcowfe of 

little Ruff 3 for fuch then I wore, by Degrees 
it waxed reddifli, and as the Night drew 
on , redder and redder , at laft not ignis 
fatuus^ ( for that I partly knew ) but pwus 
futus ignis 5 both for Light and Colour. 
At length I turned my Horfe twice or 
thrice , to fee from whence it came, and 
whether it would flafh into my Face, then 
nothing I could fee 5 but when I turned 
homewards , it flafhed as before , until I 
came to a Village called Llwriflid, where 
as yet I did not intend to Lodge , though 
there were four Lodgings, and one of them 
( five one ) the next Houfe in my way , 
which, when I pafled by clofe , being juft 
againft the Door , my Fire did flafh again 
upon , or very near the Threshold , and 
there I think it lodged 3 for I few it no 
more. Home ftill I would go, but be- 
thinking my felf, that fo I might tempt 
God, and meet a worfe Companion than 
my former : I turned to the furtheii Lodg- 
ing in the Town, and there after a little 
Reft, in a brown Study ( becaufe mine Hoft 
was an understanding Man , and Literate, 
and -fuchas could, and had but lately read 
his Neck- Verfe in pure Roman Language ) 
I could not contain , but needs muft tell 
him of the Vifion, he the next day tofome 
going to the Selfions , they to others there, 
at lad it came to the Judges Ears , info- 
much , that the greateft News, and won- 

'Apparitions and Witches. 14} 

der at the then Affifes was the Preachers 
Vifion. To come at length unto the Pitch, 
or Kernel , ( for I have been too long abo&t 
the Husk and Shell ) at that very Seffions, 
one John William ^ U^, a Gentleman , who 
dwelt, and whofeSon yet dwells within a 
Mile of Glaslerig? fell Sick, and in his com- 
ing homewards , was taken with fuch a vio- 
lent Paroxifm , that he could Ride no fur- 
ther than the Houfe , where I left my Fire 
to entertain him, and there he lighted and 
Lodged, died about four Days after. Ex- 
Abundant i ,• you (hail underftand that fome 
Candles have been^ feep to come to my 
Church, within thefe three weeks* and the 
Gorpfes not long after. Rutierms de Csvdez 
lis noftm. 

Another kind of Apparition we have ,- 
which commonly we call T^n-nc? or Tan- 
wed> becaufe it feemeth ?;.;;>> This ap-- 
peareth to our fceming in the lower Re- 
gion of the Air,ftraight and long, not much 
unlike a Glaive, Mours or Shoots direct- 
ly, and level ( as who % *ouId fay I'll hit) but 
far more fliowly, than Stella cadentes,or Star 
{hot lighteneth all the Air , and Ground 
where it pafleth, lafteth three or four Miles* 
and more for ought is known $ becaufe no 
Man feeth the Rifing or Beginning of it 5 
when it falls to Ground, it fparkleth , and 
lightneth all about. Thefe before their De-. 
ceafe , do fall upon Free-Holders Lands , 


f 44 An Hiftorical Difcourfe of 

and you fliall fcarce bury any fuch with m* 
be he but a Lord of a Houfe and Garden, 
but you (hall find fome one at his Burial * 
at leaft Wife in his Neighbour- hood, that 
hath feen this Fire to fall on fome part of 
his Lands. Two of thefe at feveral times 
I have feen my feif, fince I Studied Me- 
teors, and fince I wasaMinifter, andnar* 
rowly obferved , even till they were in the 
*ty*, and began to fall; butthelnterpofi- 
tion of Grounds, marred the Conclufion j 
for where , and how they fell, I faw not 5 
but where I did guefs, they fell, there 
died in the one place an aged Gentle- 
man , in the other, a Free-Holder too , 
though of a Meaner Rank- To come near- 
er home, 

My Mothers firft Husband (for my Fa- 
ther Marryed her a Widdow J walking 
about hi3 Ground , faw one of thefe Darts, 
or Piles aloft , which fell down hard by 
him , fhone far , and fparkled round about 
his Body , he took it for a Warning-Piece, 
made his Will , and having jived in good 
Health, fome. four or five Months after , 

A little before the Deceafe of mine own 
Father, Aged Ninety fix , a Son in Law of 
his , who dwelled two Miles off, ( but up- 
on higher Ground ) faw fuch another fall 
in a Clofe behind the old Mans Houfe, 
which gave fuch a Light 3 chat by it, he did 


apparitions andWitcheil 14 j 

clearly fee the Houfe , the Hedges , and 
the Oaks in the Wood adjoyning* 

Sir, So many of thefe Evidences, as I faw 
not my felf , I received from Underftand- 
ing and Credible Ferfons, and fuch as would 
not lye , no, not for a Benefice 5 and your 
felf may receive the fame from me, as from 
one that was never too Credulous, nothing 
Supperftitious, and as little Ceremonious. 
Thefe Secrets, I dare not Father upon 
Satan , I will not Honour him fo much , 
fo much as to Afcribe to him the Know* 
ledge of Contingent Futures. I prefume 
that of himfelf , he cannot certainly know, 
whether, or when a Healthy Man fliall 
Sicken, nor whether, or when he fliall 
dye of his Sicknefs , nor whether he fliall 
dye by Sicknefs, or by Fire or Water, &c. 
nor ( in an open Country efpecially ) which 
way of two, three, or more, the Corps 
fliall be brought to Church, whether it fliall 
meet another Corps in the way, whether it 
fliall pafs a River by the Ford , or Bridg , 
how many flops , turnings, and windings 
it /hall make, Satan can have no certain 
fore- knowledge of all fuch Circumftances , 
and more , but this Candlemaker and Di- 
rector of them too forefees, and foreknows 
them all 5 and therefore muft needs be the 
Creator, who , as according to the good 
pleafure of his Will > he hath Determined; 
aad allotted to feveral Nations, the^r feve- 

L r^ 

146 An Hiftorical Difcourfe of 

ral Habitations, Difpofitions and Conditi- 
ons, even (o( as I fuppoie ) bath he vouch- 
fafed to each of them forne peculiar figns 
and tokens , if none to fome , which I 
cannot believe, and if to fome more, and 
more wonderful than to other fome, for my 
part , I can give no other Reafon for it, but 
his Will. This with ray hearty Prayers for 
your felf, your Pious and Learned Bre- 
thren of the Aflbciation. 

I Reft, 

Tour Friend in aU kind Offices 

that lye in my Power. 

^ffi 5 ' John Davis. 


Apparitions and Witches': x 47 


Containing feveral other Letters 
and Relations concerning Appa- 
ritions and Witchcrafts. 

Mr. Thomas Tilfon, Minifter of 
Aylefworth in Kent, his Let- 
ter concerning an Apparition in 
Rochefter, this prefent Tear, 

Reverend S/Vy 

BEing informed that you are writing £- 
bout Witchcraft and Apparitions, I 
take the freedom, though a Stranger, to 
fend you this following Relation. 

Mary, the Wife of John Gofe of Ro- 
chefter, being affli&ed with a long Illnefs, 
removed to her Father's Houfe at Weft- 
Mulling, which is about nine Miles diftant 
from her own :. There ffie died, June the 
4th this prefent Year, 1691, , 

L % the 

148 'An Hijhrical Difcourfe of 

The Day before her departure , fhe] 
grew very impatiently defirous to fee her 
two Children , whom fhe had left at 
home , to the Care of a Nurfe. She 
prayed her Husband to hire a Horfe, for 
(lie muft go home, and die with the Chil- 
dren. When they perfuaded her to the 
contrary , telling her fhe was tiot fit to 
be taken out of her Bed, nor able to fit 
on Horfe back, fhe intreated them how- 
ever to try : // / cannot fit, faid fhe, I 
will lie all along upon the Horfe, for 1 muft 
go to fee my poor Babes. 

A Minifier who lives in the Town was i 
with her at Ten-a- Clock that Nighr, to 
whom fhe exprefsd good Hopes in the 
Mercies of God , and a Willingnefs to 
die : But, faid fhe, it is my Mfery that 1 
cannot fee my Children. 

Between One and Two-a Clock in the 
Morning (he fell into a Trance. One 
Widow Turner, who watched with her 
that Night, fays, that her Eyes were o- 
pen, and fixed, and her Jaw fallen : She 
put her Hand upon her Mouth and No- 
flrils, but could perceive no Breath \ fhe 
thought her to be in a Fit, and doubted 
whether fhe were alive or dead. 

The next Day this dying Woman told 
her Mother, that fhe had been at home 
with her Children. That is impoffible, faid 
the Mother, for yon have been here in Bed 

■ all 

Apparitions and Witches, 149 

all' the while. Tes> replied the other, but 
I was with them laft Night, when I was a- 

The Nurfe at Rochefier, Widow Ale- 
xander by Name, affirms, and fays, (he 
will take her Oath on't before a Magi- 
ftrate, and receive. the Sacrament upon 
it, that a little before Two a*Clock that 
Morning (he faw the Likenefs of thefaid 
Mary G of e come out of the next Chamber, 
( where the elder Child lay in a Bed by 
it felf, the Door being left open, and 
flood by her Bed-fide for about a quar- 
ter of an Hour 3 the younger Child was 
there lying by her •, her Eyes moved, and 
her Mouth went, but (he faid nothing. 
The Nurfe moreover fays, that (he was 
perfectly awake; it was then Day-light, 
being one of the longeft Days in the 
Year. She fate up in her Bed, and look- 
ed ftedfaftly upon the Apparition : In 
that time (he heard the Bridge- Clock 
ftrike Two, and a while after faid, In 
the Name of the Father , Son and Holy 
Ghoft, what art thou ? Thereupon the Ap- 
pearance removed, and went away 5 (he 
ilipp'd on her Cloaths and followed, but 
what became on't (he cannot tell. Then, 
and not before, (he began to be grievouf- 
ly affrighted , and went out of Doors , 
and walked upon the Wharf ( the Houfe 
is juft by the River fide) for fome Hours, 
L 3 only 

ifo An Hiftorical Difcourfe of 

only going in now and then to look to 
the Children. At Five-a-Clock flie wens 
to a Neighbour's Houfe, and knocked at 
the Door, but they would not rife : At 
Six flie went again, then they arofe and 
let h£r in. She related to them all that 
had pafs'd : They would perfuade Eer (he 
Was miftaken, or dreamt :* But (he 'confi- 
dently affirmed, If ever 1 f aw her in all my 
'Life, I faw her ~thu Night. 

Ont of thofe to whom (he made the 

Relation (Mary, the Wife of '■ John Sweet) • 
had a'Meflenger came fc am MuRing that 
Forenoon , to let her know her ,Neigh* 
hour-Gaffe was dying, and' defired to fpeak 
with her 5 fite went over the fame day, and 
found her juft departing. The Mother, a> 
tnongft other Difcourfe,R elated to her how 
much -her Daughter had long'd to fe§ 
the Children 3 and faid flie had feen them. 
This brought to Mrs. Sweet's niind, what 
the Nurfe had told her that Morning 3 
for till then , /lie had not though c to 
mention it , but difguifed it , rather as the 
Woman's difturbed Imagination. 

The Subflance of this , I had Related 
to me by John Carpenter , the Father of 
the Deceafed, next day after her Burial : 
Jtily the Second:! fully Dil'courfed the 
Matter with the Nurfe, and two Neigh- 
bours , to whole Houfe fhe went that 


'Apparitions and Witches. i y I 

Two days after, I had it from the 
Mother, the Minifter that was with her 
in the Evening , and the Woman who 
fat up with her that laft Night: They 
all agree in the fame Story , and every 
one helps to flrehgthen the others Tefti- 
mbny : 

They appear to be Sober Intelligent Per- 
fons , far enough off from Defigning to im- 
pofe a Cheat upon the World, or to ma- 
nage a lye , and what Temptation they 
fhould lye under for fo doing, I cannot con- 

Sir, that God would blefs your pious 
Endeavours for the Convi&ion of Atheifjs 
arid Sadduces, and the promoting of true 
Religion and Godlinefs 3 and that this Nar- 
rative may conduce fomewhat towards the 
farthering of that great Work, is the hear- 
ty Defire and Prayer of 

Tour mofi faithful Friend^ 

and humble Servant^ 


Jylesford y / f Miniftsr of Aylef- 

$uly6. Th0. Tilfon,-< ford, iwgfc Haid- 

er. L ftoneiuKcnt. 


I " 

1 5 % r An Hijiorical Difcourfe of 

Mr. Thomas Woodcocke'j Let- 
ter in relation to Witches and 
Apparitions 5 together, with 
four Stories inclosed therein , 
all relating to the fame Sub- 


T Have herein fent you thofe four Stories 
JL I had the remembrance off, when I was 
ttdthyoulaft, which I have fubfcribed my 
Name to. But who can prove any thing 
Rationally to them who have not fo much 
Reafcn as to know their own Souls ? AH 
of this Tribe are of that mind, to believe 
siothing but what they fee themfelves. But 
as Rsligio Medki fays 5 The Devil hath them 
In too faft a Noofe, for to appear to them 
would be to convert them from their Error. 
He rather delights to be their God than to 
prove himfelf a Devil, and fo torment 
their Thoughts too foon. They aflert and 
admire the Omnipotency of Matter, but in 
the mean time are infenfible of the fpring 
of Motions they are fo full of Seconds 
they will not own a Firft Mover; 'Tis 
grange Arithmetick, that two ihould not 
iuppofe one, and as bad Geometry to have 


jrffparkions and Witches. 1 5 3 

.Circumference without a Center. But I 
fear you will but fpend Arguments on them 
who are refolved not to yield to any Evi- 
dence; for it is the Intereft of their Lufls 
neither to believe God nor a Devil. Yet 
I remember a ftory of one at Cokhefler t 
who in a Bravado, and Defiance of the 
Devil, would walk in the Night to the 
Church- Yard , where it was reported he 
appeared and walked, and he met him in 
the flbape of a Black Dog with terrible 
Eyes, which brought him by Terrors in- 
to fuch a mind, that he was never quiet in 
his Mind till he got into good Society. 
Coming to Mr Shepheard's at Coin, Mr. 
Harhkenden ftay'd him, though Mr. Shep- 
heard was gone: He lodged there, and 
when at Prayer, the Black Dog was feen 
by the Manas if he would have torn Mr. 
NarUkendens Throat out, but lie was in 
his Hoiife and Duty, and neither faw nor 
feared s And this Man continued long in this 
condition, proved a moft ferious Chriftian, 
always had fome appearance of this Dog, 
as a Fly or a Flea, and various fiiages ; and 
even at his Death, lying long tick, had 

freat Peace and Vi&ory over the fear of 
)eath, and was fo joyful and defirous to be 
diflblved, that this Dog or Flea made no 
impreffion upon him j when had it been a 
Melancholick Fancy it would have been 
worft at fo dark an Hour, when the Hu- 

i >4 An Hiftorical Difcourfe of 

irours are. up and the Spirits down. This 
Story I had alfo from Mr. Harlakenden, but 
it is not to be caft before fuch Swine as 
this Epicurean Age abounds with, who, if 
Chrifthimfelf was on Earth, with the.Ga- 
darens, would rather get rid of him, than 
k)fe their Herd of Hogs. But I tire 
you ? the Lord fupport you, and give you 
the Joy of Faith, the Blefled profped of 
Hope, and that Cordial of Love which is 
Granger than Death $ 

I am 

Tour worthkfs Brother 

and Servant injhe Lord, 

IS?*** T. Woodcocke. 


"Apparitions and Witches. \ 5 5 

Here follow the four Stories,, men- 
tioned in the fore- going Letter. 

I. Mr. Mun, Rector of Stockerfon in Ld- 
cefterjhire, had a Daughter married to one 
^Av*Beecham^ Re&or of Br an ft on in Rutland; 
In whofe Houfe it was frequently obferved, 
that a Tobacco-pipe would move it fe!f 
from off a Shelf at one end of the Room 3 
to another Shelf at the other end of the 
Room, without any Hand. Mr. Man viiir- 
ing his Son-in Law, took a Pipe of Tobacco 
in that Room, and looked for feme fuch 
Motion 5 but a great Bible, inftead of a 
Pipe, movejLit telf off from a Desk at the 
lower end of the Roots, and cart it felf in- 
to his Lap. Whereuppn he opened the Bi~ 
ble at Gen, 3. 15. faying, Come, Satan; III 
jherv thee thy Doom : The Seed of the Woman 
pall breast he Serpent's Head. Avoid Satan. 

This Mr. Mud himielf told me, when in 
the Sicknefs Year, 1665. I lived in Stocker- 
fon- Hall. I have noreafon to'fufped. the 
Veracity of a fober Man, a conilant Preach- 
er, and a good Scholar. 

II. Dr. Lamb > who was killed by the 
Mob, for a Conjurer, about 1640. met one 

Morning Sir Miles Sands and Mr. Barber in 

fihe Street, and invited them to go and drink 


if 6 An HiftoYical Difcourfe of 

their Mornings Draught at his Houfe : Di£ 
courfing about his Art, he told them, if 
they would hold their Tongues, and their 
Hands from medling with any thing, he 
would fhew them fome Sport. So falling 
to his Practice, in the middle of the Room 
fprings up a Tree 5 foon after appeared 
three little Fellows, with Axes on their 
Shoulders, and Baskets in their Hands, who 
prefently fell to work, cut down the Tree, 
and carried all away. But Mr. B arbor ob- 
ferving one Chip to fall on his Velvet Coat, 
be flips it into his Pocket. That Night, 
when he and his Family were in Bed, and 
afleep, all the Doors and Windows in the 
Houfe opened and clattered, fo as to awa- 
ken and affright them all. His Wife faid, 
Husband, you told me you was at Dr, Lamb'* 
this Day, and I fear yon medled with fome- 
thing. He replied, Iput a Chip into my Poc 
\k§t. I pray you, faid (lie, fling it out, or we 
fhatl have no Quiet. He did fo, and all the 
Windows and Doors were prefently fhuf, 
and all quiet, fo they went to fleep. 

Dr. Barbor and Major John Barbor, who 

married my only Sifter, told me this Rela- 
tion, who had it again and again from their 
JFather and Mother ; and I know no reafon 
to doubt of the truth of it. This Mr. Bar- 
fw laid the firft Stone in building of Covent- 


'Apparitions and Witchesh 157 
III When I was a School-Boy at Gunik 

in Northamptonftire-j about the Scots coming 
' into England, 1 heard a Well, in one Dohs\ 
Yard, drum like any Drum bearing a March. 
I heard it at a diftance : Then I went and 
put my Head into the Mouth of the Well, 
and heard it diftincftly, and no Body in the 
Well. It lafted federal Days and Nights, 
fo as all the Country-People came to hear 
it. And fo it drumm'd on feveral Changes 
of Times. 

When King Charles the Second died, I 
went to the W/e-Carrier, at the Ram-lna 
in Smithfield ; who told me their Well had 
drummed, and many People came to hear k. 
And I heard, it drumm'd once fince- 

IV. Mr. Harlakenden, who lived at Coht- 
Priory in Effkx, (where I often was, his on- 
ly Son being my Pupil,) formerly the Houfe 
of the Earls of Oxford : Off from the Houfe 
was a Tomb Houfe, with a Chamber over 
it; his Butler, Robert Crow, and William, his 
Coach man, ufed to lie in that Room, Ac 
Two of the Clock in the Morning there was 
always the found of a great Bell tolling : 
*They affirming it fo, Mr- Harlakgnden flepc 
in the Evening, fo as to be awaked at One 
of the Clock, and lay betwixt his two Ser- 
vants to fatisfie himfelf. At Two df the 
Clock comes the ufual Sound of a great Bell 


158 l An Hiftorical Dtfcourfe of 

tolling, which put him into a Fright and 
Sweat, fo as he jogg'd his Servants ; who 
awaking, feid, Hark^ Tom is at his Sport. 
It revived him to hear them fpeak. Upon 

a particular Occafion, Mr. Thomas Shepheard, 
(who after went to New England,) with 
fome other Minifters, and good People, 
fpent a Night in Prayer, and had fome re- 
fpedi to the place* ferving God, to caft out 
the Devil ; And from that time, never was 
any fuch noife heard in the Chamber. 

This I had from Mr. Harlakenden's own 
Mouth, and his Servants, Ear-witneflTes* 
when I was upon the place. 

It a Teftatur 

Tho. Woodcocke. 


Jpparitions and Witches* 159 


Of good Angels, and fome doubt- 
ful Spirit s, and their notable 

THis fort of Operations is of more plea- 
fant Confideration than the Diaboli- 
cal, and as convincing of the Agency of Su- 
perior Spirits on things below ; but fo m#- 
ny have written of it, as maketh my farther 
Labour needlefi. Let them that would fee 
more, read Mr. Ifaac Ambrofe of our Com- 
munion with Angels, the Lord Lawrence^ 
Mr. Samuel Claris Mirrour, Zanchy de An- 
gelt*) &c. 

Bodin tells us of one of his Acquaintance., 
that had a good Genius that would always 
give him notice when he did ill, by a ftroke 5 
and what he fhould do when he omitted it* 
I pafs by old Writers. 

I will mention now but thefe few. 

i That of Mr. Tate in Ireland, mention- 
ed by Mr. Clark, and Mr. Ambrofe, and con- 
firmed to me by his near Relations that 
knew of it. Dr. Tate, with his Wife and 
Children, being flripp'd, and forced to flee 
for their Lives, by the Irijk, when they were 


1 66 An Hifiorical DifcQwfe of 

murdering Thoufands in their Rebellion iff 
1641. They were wandering in unknown 
places, upon Commons covered with Snow § 
and having no Food, and fhe carrying a 
Sucking Child, and having no Milk, foe 
went to lay down the Child to die \ and on 
the Brow of a Bank (he found a Suck-bottle 
with fweet Milk in it, no Foot-fteps ap- 
pearing in the Snow of any that fhould bring 
it thither, and far from any Habitation 1 
which prefer ved the Child's Life, who after 
became a Bleffing to the Church. 

II. When Prince Rupert march'd with his 
Army through Lancashire, to York-Fight, 
where he was overthrown, the Town of 
Bolton made fome Refiftance in his Paflage, 
and he gave them no Quarter, but killed 
Men and Women. When he was gone, 
thofe that efcaped came out from the places 
where they lurked, and an old Woman 
found in the Streets a Woman killed, and 
a Child by her not dead : The old Woman 
took up the Child, and to ftill its crying, 
put her own Breaft to the Child, which had 
not given Suck* as I remember, of above 
twenty Years: The Child being quieted, 
flie prefently perceived Milk to come ; and 
continued to give the Child fufficient Milk, 
till it was provided for. I had the full Af- 
furance of this from my worthy Friend, 
Mrs. Hmt % Wife to Mr. Rowland Hunt, of 


T Apparitions and Witches ; 1 6 1 

Harrow on the Hill,;, who told me , that 
l(he her felf.was one that was appointed 
by the Commitfee to make Trial of the 
Cafe, ancl foe found k true, and the old 
-VVoman's Breafts to give the Child Milk, 
as was reported." "And (lie told me in 1665, 
that the laid Child was at that time alive, a 
Servant- woman in London. 

. : III. Though J lay no great:firefs on the 
jKeports of thofe Papifts 'who corrupt 
Church-Hiftory by Fabulous' fixtures, yet 
many Hiftories of the Miniilry of Angels, 
cited by them out of the Fathers, are cre- 
dible. Thofe. that have purged their Le- 
gends, retain a great number, Baronms, 
and De UCerdxy and many others, are worth 
the reading by the ■ Judicious;, .that can dif- 
cern the different Probabilities. But to de- 
ny all the Eje&ing of Devils, and the V Ven- 
ders mentioned by Tertiiliian,ghgen, Cyprian, 
Chryfoftora, Augu[line,Sidpitms, Sever us, thofe 
of Gregory Thaumaturgus, Martin, &c, (tho* 

Tome may be^ over-aggravated •■> ) befides 
thofe in Hiftorians, Eufebws, Socrates, Soz.o- 
men, fittor Vtlcenfis, Procopins, Nicephor^ 
Theodoret, &c. would be unreafonable, and 
unchriftian Incredulity. I have formerly 
mentioned the African Biihops or Preach- 
ers, who all fpake well when their Tongues 
were cut out by the Command of the Ar- 
rian King : And Kiclor, *Ainaas Gaz^ans and 
M Procopim 


\6z An Hiftorkal Difcourfe of 

Trocopius (as I remember, all three) faid, : 
they faw them, and heard them fpeak af- 
ter. But one of them faith, that one of 
the Bifhops was after drawn into the Sin of 
Fornication,' and his Speech went away 

Tis ftrange if all the Stories in C a farm 
ftiould be falfe. 

IV- De la Cerda {d.\th>thzt4lbertine a ' Jeftit 
told him, that a young Man came haftily to 
him toconfefsjandtoldhim'O 5/>,faith he,/ 
could not ft ay, fo ftrange a thing hath befallen 
me I I and my Companion were refolved, in Re- 
venge again ft one that had wronged- me, to go 
after him, into the Fields, and kill him : And 
while I was Jetting my Piftol in order, that I 
m'ght not mtfs, a beautiful young Man flood by 
rae, and asked me what 1 was about ? Andwhen 
1 denied to tell him', he told me, that he knew 
my purpofe, and dijfuaded me ; and, in Jhort, 
didfo open the Sufferings ofChrift for his Bne- 
mies % and what Sins he had forgiven us, and 
bound us to forgive one another, that 1 was 
melted into Tears 3 and my Mind changed ; and 
the young Man vanifhed away. (An Angel, 

if true.; 

V. HI make no Application of it to the 
Omfe Jn our late VVars but I knew of 
many ftrange Preservations. One credible 
Perfon- had a Bullet (hot through the felt 


Apparitions and Witches. x 6$ 

of his Hat, and ftopp'd at the Lining, and 
hurt him not. Another had a fmali Bible 
in his Pocket, and a Musket-Bullet (hot in- 
to his Bible, which faved his Life. 

The Story of Sir Richard Grecnviles Exe- 
cutions is printed already ^ by Mr. Clark; 
and others. To confirm it, Mr. Kettleby 
Woodhoufe, (Siller's Son to Juftice Kettleby i 
and to Walter Kettleby the Bookfeller's Fa* 
ther,) a fober, credible Man, then living 
in Bewdeley, oft told me, that he was one of 
the Five (or Seven) whofe Lives were fa- 
ved : Being Soldiers for the Parliament 
and taken Prifoners, Sir Richard Greenvile 
commanded them all to be hanged. The 
firft Man being turned off the Ladder, $ 
new Hempen Rope brake : They fent for 
another, and hang'd him again* and that: 
brake ; and, as I remember, a third. Where- 
upon Sir R. G. faved them all. And Mr. 
Woodhoufe all the while flood by the Gal- 
lows, expecting his Turn, and by this efcap'd, 
'Tis like it was by an invifible Power. 

VI. In i<5(52. came out divers Books of 
new Prodigies, moil of them as Executions 
on notorious Sinners, and fome as Delive- 
rances of better Men- I read them, and 
enquired after the Matter of Fad 3 and I 
found by what Policy Satan hath perverted 
Hiftory, and obfcured the Honour of God's' 
Works., by cauiiog weak-headed> factious 
M i Per.fo.os' 

i &% 'An Hiftorical Difcourfe of 

Ferfons to over do. I found many of the 
Strange, things there mentioned, had fuffici- 
ent Proof: But the Writers dropp'd in many 
Circumftances and Stories, by partial Cre- 
dibility, that were not true. And thisfru- 
ftrated the Books, and the Prodigies, by 
fpoiling the Credit of all the reft. 

• VII. I know not what to impute it to, 
that Lightnings and Thunderbolts fall more 
upon Churches, than upon Caftles and Ci- 
ty Stone Walls,or any fuch Buildings. Jerfey- 
Caitle indeed was torn with the Gun-pow- 
der, kt on fire by "Lightning, (as Heydelberg 
had terribly been as' a Prefage of the greater 
Evil following : ) And what was it but an 
invifible Power , that there caufed the 
Lord's Child, that was Governor, to be 
blown up, and caftdown again on the Leads, 
without Hurt ? Angels have a fpecial Care 
of Infants. 

The Church that my Grandmother was 
born near, had a Ball of Fire, by Light- 
ning, came in at the Belfrey-window, and 
turn d up the Grave-iiones, and went out at 
the Chancel- window . 

The Church that I was baptized in (High 
ErcsM, clofe to the Lord Newport's Houfe) 
had, in fuch a Storm, thfe Leads rolled up, 
and caft on the back-lide of the Church ; 
C and in the War, was levelled with the 
Ground.) -^ 


r Apparitions aniWitches. \ 6% 

The Church of Anthony in Comma!!, near 
Mmomh, was torn by Lightning at the time 
Of Worlllip, on Whit-Sunday, 1640. and 
People hurt, and ones Brains (truck up to a 
Pillar. (It is in Print) ' 

So was ufed much like, the Church of Wi- 
thkombe in Devonshire* near the fame time. 

The Church where the prefent Lord 
Chamberlain, Earl of Dorfet and Mddkfex, 
his Anceftors Monuments were, was torn 
by Lightning that came in at the Steeple, 
melted the Bells, and went up to the Chan- 
cel, and there tore the Monuments in pie- 
ces. I faw pieces of the Monuments, that 
had fome of the Golden Letters, which a 
truly worthy Lady brought home, that 
went from Tunbridge- Waters, to fee the 

Many and many Churches have been thus 
torn, proportionably fo much beyond all 
other Buildings, efpecially of Stone, that I 
cannot but think there is fome knowing 
Agent that maketh the Choice, though I 
know not who, nor why. 

Except a few Hay-Ricks, I remember 
not that till this Seventy (ixth Year of my 
Age, I have "known Lightening to have 
had Hurting Power on any Buildings but 
Churches, favevery rarely, and {mall, < as 
this laft Year, at Islington, it entred a Houfe, 
and kill'd a Woman and Child:) Nor to 
M 3 have 

1 66 An Hiflmcal Difccurfe of - 

have torn any Wood but Oak, (which m 
Trees and Buildings 1 have feen torn 
where I dwelt.) But divers perfcns have 
been killed and fcorch'd by it. An E- 
rainent Knight, that I knew, is common- 
ly faid to have been ftruck dead by it in his 

VIII. Though Hurricanes and Whirl-' 
winds have Natural Caufes, yet I havq 
great caufe to think, that they are managed 
by fome Spirits (as I faid before of Storms) 
Gunpowder worketh in Guns according 
to its nature ? but if fome Rational Agent 
did not invent, make, and manage it, all its 
Power, would be of little ufe. I have 
marvelled to fee my own fmall Linnen 
fpred out by Servants to dry, to be fudden- 
ly catcht up, and carried over the Town 
and Steeple away, and never more heard 
of. Near the time when fome Reapers in 
the Vale bf'Evefi&m were hurt, writhen, 
and one killed with a Whirlwind, I was 
walking in a Gravelly Way in a Corn-field, 
there being a Lane befides me, between 
two Hedges ? fuddenly a Whirlwind came 
up the Cart- way/ cafting up the Gravelly 
Sand directly to meet* me ; when it came 
within Ten or Twelve Yards of me, I was 
about ftepplng out of the way into the 
Corn 3 to"efcape it, but it fuddenly turned 
1 ' ; out 

apparitions and Witches. \6j 

out of the way to the Right-hand, into the 
Lane from me, fo as perfwaded me, that 
it was a voluntary Motion, dire&ed by a 
friendly Power ? for it went ftraight on up 
the Lane, and tore the Hedges and Branch-; 
es of the Trees on the fide of the Lane^ 
But thefe are fmajl eifa&s to what other 
fee, efpecially of the great Hurricanes at 
Sea in the Weft-Indies. The Spirits that 
Rule in the Air have great Power of the 
Airy Motions. 

IX. Though Porphyry, and Proclusy and 
Jamblkw, tell us, that bad Demons wiU oft 
(peak for good Anions and againft bad, in 
Pride and Subtilty to be thought good 3 yet 
it is hard to think that it is not rather a good 
Spirit, that fpeaks for fome notable good 
Work, where no by-End is difcernable. 
As that mentioned by Mr- Glanvil and Dr. 
More of Dr. Brit tons Wife, whofe likenefs 
appeared after Death to her Servant-Maid, 
and fhewed her a parcel of Land that was as 
part of her Brothers,and told her,it belonged 
to the Poor, and was unjuftly alienated 
from them 5 and bid her tell the PofTeflbr, 
that he muft reftore it ; and gave her a Se- 
cret to tell him if he refuted : And upon 
the angry refufal, when he heard the Se- 
cret, he yielded arid reftored the Land to 
the Poos, who now poflefs it. 

M 4 X. The 

i58 An Hiftorical Difcourfe of 

X. The faid Heathen Rhiiofophers &y 9 
that they are all bad Spirksjthat ieek to be i 
worftiiped , and that to procure it, they 
will feem to be Religions, but will tell 
many Lies for one Truth, and that lying is 
a chief mark to know them by. By this I 
fufped that there are bad Spirits that come 
to fpeak for the getting fo many Maffes to 
be faid for them to deliver them from 
Purgatory, and fuch Pilgrimages to be per- 
formed : And thofe that tempt the People 
to Pray to them and to Honour them 5 for 
their Services and Prayers for them , of 
which their Legends abound with Instan- 
ces : De la Cerda concludeth his Book of 
Angels with JBormsof fuch Prayers : And 
what Office hath not fuch ? De la Cerda, 
lib. 2g. citeth Miraculous Appearances of 
the Crofs, and fo do many others, which I 
leave to the Readers Judgment. As alfo 
the Lady of Laurettas Miracles, and others 
inch, which many write of. 

XL I think fome Rational Spirit was 
probably the Agent of what was written 
by our great Pious Credible Surgeon and 
Phyfician, Fabricim HildannSyQbfer. Cent. 3, 
obf. 26. [A Noble and Virtuous Lord, -Job. 
a Rojle, going for his Studies to FHburg^ 
with two Servants, on the way, rofe a 


Apparitions and Witches. 1 69 

great Storm , with Thunder, Lightening, 
and Rain \ His Servant perfwaded him to 
let him ride clofe to him, and cover him 
with his Cloaks fo joining their Horfes 
they rode under one Cloak : A great ftroke 
of a Thunderbolt ftruck down the Matter,* 
the Servant, and both the Horfes ; the Ser- 
vant and two Horfes immediately were 
dead : The Nobleman, by God's keeping, 
fcaped fafe and found, yet no hurt was feen 
on the Horfes, nor on the Servant, fave on 
his Hat, which had a great Hole ; and the 
Head after fwelled and turned black: But 
on the Nobleman himfelf were all thefe 
Marvels 5 1. The Thunderbolt ftruck him 
about the Left- Arm, and there made a 
hole through the Sleeve of his Doublet 
and Shirr, and made a black mark on the 
Skin which remained, but without hurt- 
The hole in the Sleeve was fmall without 
and great within. 2. Thence it defcend- 
ed, and broke in pieces fome Coral Beads 
of a Bracelet which he wore on his Arm, 
but broke not the String. 3. Then on his 
Left-fide, his Sword Sheath being tyed, it 
melted the point of his Sword as if it had 
been Leads and by melting the gilded I- 
ron, it made a hole in the Band for its paf- 
fage out. 4, And on both his Ancles were 
black fpots like Pitch 3 and are yet vi- 


1 70 An Hifiorical Difcourfe of 

Another riding a Stones caft before 
him, his Horfe and he were caft down, but 
without hurt, fave the lofs of his Hearing.] 
Hildanm faw the Cloaths , Boots , and 
Sword, and had all from the Man him- 


Apparitions and Witche*. 1 7 1 


IN my Vnreafonabknefs of Infidelity^hzvmg 
many other Teftimonies of Satan's War 
againft Chrift and his Kingdom, I will here 
mention one, which elfewhere alfo I have 
mentioned; and that is the Cafe of 
melancholy , diftra&ed and Enthufiaftick 
Perfons, which clearly prove a Diabolical 

I. As to melancholy Perfons : I think, 
few Men in England have had more advan- 
tage to know their Cafe, than I have had. 
I know not how it cometh to pafs, but in 
the Country, and in London, multitudes that 
are melancholy are fent by their Friends, 
or of themfelves come to me, imagining 
that I can counfel them for Soul and Body 5 
fo that they have taken up a great part of 
my time. And in almoft all I perceive, 
befides their Difeafe, that a malignant Spi- 
rit, by advantage of it, doth agitate them 
inceflantly againft God and Jefus Chrift, 
and againft themfelves, as he adeth Witch- 
es to do mifchief to others. I know that 
the Difeafe it felf is, to the Imagination, 
as difquieting as a Dislocation or Lamenefs 
is to ajoint: But there is fome malignant Spi- 
rit that driveth it fo importunately toMif- 


jj% An Hiftorical Difcourfe of 

chief. They are conftantly tempted to felf- 
tormenting Thoughts, to defpair and cry, 
TJndone , undone-? and to think that the 
Day of Grace is part, and that they have 
committed the unpardonable Sin ; and any 
thing that may keep their Minds on a tor- 
menting Rack. 

And they are flrongly at laft tempted to 
deftroy themfelves: If they fee a Knife, 
they feel as if one within them laid, Now 
cut thy Throaty or ftab thy felf : Do it, do it. 

If they go by a Water, they feel as if one 
urged them prefently to leap in. And often 
a^e they urged vehemently to hang them- 
felves, or to caft themfelves headlong from 
fome high place. And, alas i many do it. 
And it is fo in other Lands, as well as here. 
How many doth Tlaterm, in his Obferva- 
tions, tell us of, that near him, in Helvetia, 
deflroyed themfelves. 

And it is to be noted, that unlefs it be 
God's Judgment for fome heinous Crime, 
it is few of the ungodly Rabble that have 
any fuch Trouble and Temptation $ for Sa- 
tan holds them fafler by prefumptuous Un- 
belief, and Carelefnefs, and worldly Love, 
and Pleafure : But thofe that will not be fo 
deceived, that he cannot torment hereafter, 
he would torment here. Alas I divers Per- 
fcnshavel known thus deflroy themfelves, 
who I have great reafon to believe were as 
really Godly as any that I have known. 

. But 

'Apparitions and Witches. 173 

But Satan's Advantage was in their Di£ 
eafe and Temper : As he can tempt a 
Phlegmatick Man to Sloth, and a i. hole- 
rick Man to Anger, and a Sanguine Man to 
Luft, or (inful Pleafure* fo can he a Me- 
lancholy Man to Defpair and Self-deftru- 
dion, and againft God. 

2. And they are impetuoufly tempted a- 
gainft God and Jefus thrift : They are fo 
haunted with blaiphemous Thoughts, to 
think ill of God, or to deny Chrilt or the 
Scripture, that they have no reft: And 
thefe come in at Prayer, at Sermon, at Sa- 
crament 3 and they have no more power to 
keep them out\ or turn their Thoughts ano- 
ther way, almoft, than they have of the 
Thoughts of another. Yea, fomewhaturg- 
eth them from Day to Day, to fpeak fome 
ill, blafphemous word of God, or of 
Chrift 5 and if they yield to the Importunk 
ty, it prefently, as it were, faith within 
him, Now thou art damned : There is now no 
Hope. And it is much to be noted, that lee 
the Perfon be Religious, or not,they ulualiy 
are all thus tempted alike : For worldly 
Crofles and Difcontents do make bad Peo- 
ple fometimes melancholy ; and they alio 
have much of the fame Solicitations. So 
that the manner of their Trouble plainly 
tellech us, that it is of the Devil- 

And yet Phyfick may do much to cure if, 
becaufe it taketh from the Devil that In- 


174 An Hiftorical Difcourfe of 

ftrument, or bodily Difpofition, without 
which he cannot do his Work. 

Add it is not for nothing, that in the Go- 
fpel the Diftradted and Epileptick are faid 
to be poflefled of Devils 3 for he may caufe 
the Difeafe, and work by it accordingly 
when he hath done it. 

I have oft marvelled that the Worft are 
not as commonly diftrafted by Sadnefs, as 
better People : But befides the Reafon be- 
fore given, there is a peculiar Sin that bring- 
eth this of its Nature, and fo lets the Devil 
in; and that is, Overvaluing fome worldly 
thing , and then falling into Difcontent and Im- 
patience at the lofs or want of it. He that 
breaks down his own Hedge or Wall, lets 
in the Trefpafler or Thief. He that cannot 
take God and Heaven as enough to content 
him, is better without his Idol, than to 
find Content in it. 'Tis meet that Child 
be left to cry, that will cry if he may not 
have his Will 3 and that will hurt him 
worfe than crying. He that will add to 
God's Corre<5iions , the Self Torment of 
finful Impatience, (hall find Satan ready to 
farther his Work. God is difobliged , 
when he is not trufted : And if we con- 
fent not that he do with us what he will, 
he will not do what we impofe upon him : 
His Wifdom, and not cur Fleih and Fol- 
ly, muft determine of all his Way and 
Work. • 

II. And 

apparitions and Witches. i 7 5 

II. And there have been many Enthufi- 
afticks that Satan hath notorioufly deluded* 
by pretended Angelical Revelation, for 
fome great increafe of Knowledge : You 
may find many fad Inftances in Epiphanius, 
and other Hiftortes of the old Hereticks. 
And few Ages fince have been without 
fome fuch. 

The Madnefs of John of Ley dens Munfler 
Rebels fhewed it ; what Zeal and feeming 
Fortitude did their deceiving Spirit infpire 
them with, while by Murders they cryed up 
theif ntwSion? Leojnda witneffeth, that 
when the Flefh was pull'd orf Clipper dotting 
with hot Pincers, he fcarce uttered a Com- 
plaint or great regard of the pain. 

Satan's Hand was notorious in the delufi- 
ons of David George in Holland , and of 
Hacket, Coppinger , and Arthington here. 

The horrid Wickednefs of the Ranters 
here, proclaimed him to be their Teacher* 

When the Quakers firft rofe here, their 
Societies began like Witehes, with Qua- 
king, and Vomiting, and Infe$ing others, 
with breathing on them, and tying Ribbons 
on their Hands- And their Anions as well as 
their Do&rine fhewed their Matter. When 
fome, as propefying, walked through the 
Streets of Cities naked ; and fome vainly 
undertook to raife the Dead (as Sufan Pkr- 
[on & Worcefter :) And ufually they difturb* 


1 7 6 An Riftorical Difcourfe of 

ed and publickly reviled the moft Godly 
Minifters worfe than the rngft debauched 
of the Rabble did. 

He that would know how manifeftly Sa- 
tan ruled fuch Enthufiafts in Germany, may 

read it at large in Beck*nan\ Exercltations^ 
and in the Life of Paracelfm, teftify'd by 
Opporinm, that lived with him .as his Ser- 
vant, and others that were affrighted with 
his Drunken Rage and Satanical Con- 

And how dangerous it is to defire fucfi 
Converfe with Angels and Spirits, as God 
bath not judged fuitable to our Condition 
herein the Flelh , the cafe of Jacob Beh- 
mn and Dr. Pordage here, and his Society 
may tell us. His chief Profelyte, Compa- 
nion and SuccefTor (whofe name I sriention 
not for the fake of his Worthy Kindred ) 
condefcended to open fecretiy to me in 
Writing, his Judgment, by which I foon 
fawthat their Guide differed much from 
the Scripture. One of extraordinary Learn- 
ing and Reputation* was a while diftra&ed 
by going to them, to try their Way. 
Some of my very much efteemed Friends 
have been diftra&ed, and overcome with 
Melancholy, by ftudying Behmen and that 
way. What Dr. Pordage his Do&rine was, 
you may fee partly in his PofihnmG^ Myftu 
cat Theology, publilhed by his Friend Dr. 
Hooker > Mr. Fowler of Reading aCCUfed him 


r Apparitions and Witches'; ijj 

as a Conjurer, and he bath publifhed his 
Defence in Folio, (which I may the rather 
mention, becaufe in it he hath made ufe of 
friy name againft Mr Fowler , as fpeakinga- 
gainft me, for our difference in explaining 
the Do6trine of Imputed Righteoufn£fs>) 
In this Defence the Dr. confefleth, that 
the Devil was too familiar in his Houfe 
(where a Society lived with him that kept 
their Exercifes and Hours of finging Night 
and Day.) He (and his Friends) pretended 
that he knew when good Spirits and when 
bad ones were about him, by Smells and 
Gufts, and the temper of their Senfe and 
Spirits. And he confefleth, that in. his 
great Room, the Devil appeared to him by 
Night in the likenefs of a Fiery Dragon 
that almoft filled the Room, and long con- 
Aided with him. And that once he made 
on the Brick- Wall, over his Chimney, 
the likenefs of a Coach drawn by Tygers, h 
deeply imprefled, that they were fein to 
ufe a Pick- Ax to cut it out of the Bricks: 
And that the like Impreflion was on the 
Glafs of his Windows,, which they could 
not wafh out. But all this he imputed p 
Everard that intruded into his Society, ta- 
king him to be the Conjurer i And he faith, 
that when he was gone, he appeared to 
him in the Night, walking in his Chamber 
in Boots and Spurs, 

1 7 S r An Hiftorical Difcourfe of 

So that Diabolical Apparitions, and open 
Efife&s were confefled by him, as his Book 

Among others, I think meet to add this 
Hiftory of fome Enthufiafticks that I have 
known, not as a Condemnation of their O- 
pinions, but of the way of receiving 

A Country Man of inkburrough Parifli 
(as he faid) in Worcefcerjhire, came to me 
to A&on near LonJon, to tell me, that God 
had revealed to him the truth of that thou- 
fand Years Reign of Chrift on Earth 5 and 
he was poffeflfed with a ftrong Zeal to propa- j 
gate it, and I rnuft needs promote the pub- 
lication of his Papers. I examined him 
how he came to his knowledge of it, and I 
found it was not by any hard Study, nor 
Zeal in Religion, nor by Reading any Book 
for it, nor by Converfe with any of that 
Opinion , for he had been no fuch Man, 
nor had come among fuch : But it was by 
feeming Revelation, finding him Ignorant 
and Enthufiaftical, I difpleaied him, by ad- 
vifing him to fupprefs his Papers 3 and I 
after heard that he turned diftraded. 
: . At Coventry there dwell with me in the 
Governours Houfe, Major Wilkje, a Scot- 
tifh Soldier, and a Scholar of confiderable 
Learning 3 he was Engineer for Fortificati- 
on. He would drink too much, and had 
t^figns of a heated Brain, bqt no failing 


Apparitions andWitchesl 1 79 

of his Reafon perceivable. He confident- 
ly affirmed his conftant notice of Spirits 
good and bad about him 5 that he had a 
good Genius and in Enemy: That one 
Night his Enemy faid, / have torn his Li- 
ver y and that he made a Chamber- Pot full 
of Blood in the Morning: He was confi- 
dent, that Thunder and Lightning was the 
Wars of Spirits, foretelling and refpecting 
fuch things below : He pretended to know 
by the Thunder and Lightning which ficie 
in the Wars (liould have the Vi&ory : In 
1643 or 1644, about a Year and half after 
the Wars begun, he faid, That it was re- 
vealed to him, that the War fliouid endure 
three Years and an half, and the Parliament 
fhould Conquer ; but their own Divifions 
fhould after keep them long unfetled. He 
faid, that being in Paris, in a clear Moon- 
fhine Night ( many Years before ) being 
walking in his Chamber, and repeating £/*- 
ir^ WsVerfion of the fecond Pfalm^ ^nare 
fremuemnt gentes,&c. fudden/y a great noife 
made him look out, and he faw a Conftel- 
lation in the fliape of a Lion Rampant a- 
gainft the Moon, and while he long gazed 
on it, one Leg broke off, and turned to the 
fimilitude of a Cock, and after the three 
other Legs broke off And when he was 
in Bed his good Spirit expounded it to him, 
and told him , that the Moon was the 
Church here, and the Aflaulting Lion was 
N Z England^ 

1 8o An Hiftorical Difcomfe of 

England^ Wales, and Ireland, by the KingJ 
turned againft the Church: that the Foot 
firft broken off, was Scotland, as a Cock, 
by crowing awakened the other three, and 
that all fliould end in Conqueft of the Af- 

And his Genius taught him the Millena- 
ry Reign of Chrift, and taught him how 
to Expound many Texts for it 3 as drink- 
ing with them the Fruit of the Vine new, 
that is, in its renewed Paradife ftate? and 
the time of Reftitution of all things, &e. 
And he Expounded to* him many other 
Scriptures, as that the Devils Contending a- 
bout the Body of Mofes, was, that it might 
be drowned in the Basket of Bulrufhes to 
prevent what he was to do, &c. 

How much of this was true or falfe, I 
know not ; but I heard credibly, that after 
fome time he was quite diftra<aed, partly 
through want, and partly by a hot Brain, 
over-heated too oft with drinking. 

What but Diabolical Delufion and Infti- 
gation 5 could make tenner and his Followers 
that were for the Millenary Fifth Monar- 
chy, to arife fo madly as two days xo come 
into fuch a City, and think by Arms to 
conquer all Oppofers, at King Charles II. 
his beginning of the new Prelatical way of 
Church Government : Men in their Wits 
would not have fo hafied to the Gallows. 


"Apparitions and Witches. 1 8 1 

A little &fter the K. Ch. II. Parliament 
and Bi/hops began the overthrowing, di- 
viding Works, which' Bartholomew day, 
Aug. 24. 1662. did bring to open Birth, a 
Gentlewoman of London came to me fecret- 
ly with her Sifter as Witnefs, ( Perfons as 
commonly called of Quality and Moderati- 
on) to be refolved how to Expound a 
ftrange thing that had befallen her, which 
was. That £' asjhe wot praying in Stent , fhe 
€ begg d for Deliverance of the Church 
c and Religion* and Minifters from the 
f- dreaded Sufferings that were determined, 

* and the fad effe&s of Perfection, Divifi- 
' on and publick dangers 5 and it was fud- 
c denly given her, as an Anfwer, that there 

* fliould be a fpeedy Deliverance, even in a 

* very fhort time. She defired to know 
' which w r ay j and k was by fomewhat on 
' the King, which I refufed to hear out, 

* whether it was Change or Death 5 it be- 
' ing fet ftrongly on her as a Revelation, 

* fhe earneftly prayed, that if this were a 

* true Divine Impulfe and Revelation, God 

* would certify her by feme vifible fign ; 

* and fhe ventured to choofe the Sign her 
' felf, and laid her Hand on the outfide of 
1 the upper part of her Leg, and begg'd of 
c God,that if it were a true Anfwer,he would 
' make on that place fome vifible mark 5 
fi and there was prefently the mark of black 
' fpots,like as if a Hand had burnt it 5 which 

Nj 'her 

i 8 i 'Jn Hiftorical Difcourfe of 

c her Sifter witneffed,(he faw prefently, and 
f after, there being no fuch thing before. 

I told her, that fhe had finfully tempt- 
ed God, and gone out of his way into a 
way of her own, and God might juftly for 
it, give Satan power to deceive her: But 
■yet, whether it would prove a Truth or a 
Falfhood, it was not I, but the Event that 
mult tell her,, and therefore that fhe mud 
wait in Patience and Innocency, and lay no 

But the Womans ftmnge Impulfe and 
Mark proved but a Delufiofr 

The Rofie-Crucians, and fuch as addid 
themfelves to find the Philofopher's Stone, 
have fomeof them feemed to be deluded 
by feme Evil Spirit ; by the violence of 
their Defires, and the blind confidence of 
their Expectations , and the ill Means that 
ibme have ufed: Hiftories of fuch are too 
many to be recited. Fdix PLterm, in his 
vbftrvat. L i. tells us of one of his Famili- 
ars, a Perfon of Honour and Wealth , a 
Baron, and Religious, and addi&ed to good 
Works, that was fo fet upon it, that he 
not only fo" fpent his Time and Study, but 
his Eftate, reducing himfelf and his Fami- 
ly to great Poverty $ and yet would never 
abate his Confidence, that he was near at- 
taining it : And though (till fruftrate, he 
was dill near It : Infomuch that he labour- 
ed with the Magistrates for their Grant and 

- - Powers 

Apparitions and Witches. i 8 j 

Power, that with the Gold he made he 
might build anew Bridge over the River,and 
I might build a Colledge for the Univerfity, 
&c and though he died a poor Man, and 
i left his Children Poor, he believed to the 
I laft, that he was near finding out what he 
I fought, had he had longer life. 

to fuch deluded by Spirits, I think I 
may add the Comforts of many Perfons 
that I have known, that # long lived in doubt 
of their Salvation, next Defpair: And 
when a Deceiver hath but drawn them to 
change their Religion from Sound Do&rine 
to fome Error, they have prefently beea 
delivered from their Troubles, "and lived 
in Peace and Confidence- It cannot be from 
the Nature cf the New Do&rines received % 
for it befals divers that turn to contrary 
Doftrines from each other : Some that turn 
Papifts, fome that turn Quakers, fome A- 
nabaptifts, fome Antinomians, fome Mil- 
lenaries, and are againft each other, yes 
have fudden Peace upon their change. I 
confefs, that the conceit of having found 
out a better way may do much $ and the 
diverfion of their thoughts to difpute may 
do much : As Pet . Foreftm tells us of a Me- 
lancholy Papift, that after other means ufed 
in vain, was at laft cured by eager difpu- 
ting againft the Proteftants : But when the 
Perfons before had no doubt of the Do» 
brines of Religion, but only of the ftate 

N 4 cf 

1 84 An Hifiorical Difcourfe of 

of their own Souls , and when they had 
no fuch Difputes to bring them to it, but 
fcdden hearing a Seducer, and when it is 
only Falfe Doftrine that comforteth them, 
when found Dofirine profefled, could not, 
it feemeth to be done by a lying Spirit that 
corpforteth Men with Evil, as God's Spirit 
doth with Good. 

Bodin tells us of a French Baron that con- 
feft, that he wor(hiped the Devil, and pray- 
ed to him, and had Sacrificed nine Children 
to him, and intended to have Sacrificed one 
of his own 5 and he ask'd ,him for what he 
did this? And he faid, That he promifedto 
make him Great, and yet that he never gave, 
him any thing, and to make him k&ow what he, 
de fired to k&ow, and yet told him more Lies 
than Truths: This promife of Knowledge Wd.$ 
the old Temptation to Eve: And yet Know- 
ledge is the great Gift of our great Comfor- 
ter, the Holy Ghoft $ fo that there is a 
true Comforting Knowledge which God 
giveth, and deceitful fhadow of it '5 and a 
yfeleft hurtful Knowledge by which Satan 
comforteth the deluded : Its true, Needful 
Saving Knowledge that is of God : Many 
Conjurers have by the defire of knowing 
what vain Curiofity is pleafed with, become 
the Devil's slaves- 

To what fort fliall we rank thofe Men 
that tell Men of things flolen and loft, and 
that ftew Men the Face of the Thief in a- 


"Apparitions and Witches. 1 8 J 

Glafs, and caufe the Goods to be brought 
back, who are commonly called Whit* 
Witches : We have had fo many Credible 
Reports of fuch, as alloweth not Reafon to 
doubt of it. When I lived at Dudley, 
Hodg&s at Sedgky , two Miles off ( even 
where famous William Fenner preacht) was 
long and commonly accounted fuch a one : 
And when I lived at Kedermwfier y one of 
my Neighbours affirmed, that having his 
Yarn ftolen, he went to Hodges (ten Miles 
off) and he told him, that at fuch an Hour 
he fliould have it brought home again, and 
put in at the Window, andfb it was; and 
as I remember, he (hewed him the Per- 
fons Face in a Glafs 3 yet I do not think 
that Hodges made any known Contra^ 
with the Devil, but thought it was an effed 
of Art. 


i 86 An HiftoYtcal Difcourfe of 


Other Strange Providences observ- 

IHave, in other Treatifes, named fome 
Inftances of fuch Succefs of Prayer, as 
hath not been unprofitable tome: I will 
bere mention fome of them, and add fome 

Only I will premife this Caution to the 
Reader, i. That it is no certain fign of 
the Innocency or San&ity of the Perfon de- 
livered, that it was done by a wonderful 
manner upon Prayer. Nay, it is not un- 
afiial, for the Guilt of fome great Sin, to 
bring the Suffering, from which by Prayer 
they are delivered ; and God may hear o- 
tfaers, for the deliverance of fuch Sinners. 

2* Nor is it any certain fign of the San- 
ffity of thofe whofe Prayers are fo heard, 
(though it be a very encouraging Mercy to 
them,) any more than P/*ophefying 9 and 
Cafting out Devils, and doing wonderful 
Works in the Name of Chrift, Matrj* was 
a Proof that the Agents were not rejected 
Workers of Iniquity. It is the Honour of 
God, and the Regard which he hath to the 
Faith and Prayers of the DiftrefTed, or o- 
thers, and of the Souls that he would con- 
vince 5 

apparitions and Witthes. i 87 

vince ; which thefe, and fueh likelnftances 
do declare. 

3. And I will omit many Inftances of 
Perfons recovered from the Jaws of Death, 
juft at the Hour while we have been pray- 
ing for them 5 for, though this be much to 
me 5 it will not be fo to the Unbeliever, 
who will fay, that it was not from that 
Caufe, but would have been if you had not 
prayed. And I muft confefs that I have 
prayed for the Life of many a dear Friend, 
whom God hath not recovered, but taken 

4. Nor will I mention any one Inftance 
of theSuccefs of my own Prayers, or any 
others, when I joined with them 5 but on- 
ly of fome plain, poor, humble, Godly Per- 
fons, who ufed that fort of fervent Prayer 
which fome deride. For I am a very un- 
worthy Perfon my felf, in comparifon of 
many of thofe poor, humble, blamelefs Per- 
fons, whom I then had the Overfight of. 

1 In general, I may fay, that I have di- 
vers times, after long disabling Weaknefs 
and Pain, been enabled within a Day or 
two to come to Church again, and go on in 
my Work, when my poor Neighbours have 
fpent a Day in Fafting and Prayer for me. 

II. When ZtMlbome in Darby [hire I was 

given up for dead, by bleeding about an 


i$$ An Hiftorical Difcourfe of 

hundred and twenty Ounces at the Nofe, 
after other Weaknefles and Bleedings ma- 
ny Years, my Father and Mocher-in-Law 
dwelling in Shrewsbury, the Report came to 
them there that I was dead. My Mother- 
In-Law was, by the Governor, and other 
Friends, exhorted to bear it patiently; She 
prefently retired to fecret Prayer 5 where 
flie profeffeth, that a Trembling and Con- 
daffionpf her Body furprizing her, 'foe felt 
that which conftrained her to fay what foe 
did when foe came forth, (to her Friends,) 
viz.* Z£f e if not dead , but Jh all live for far- 
tb'er Serviced And hereupon they fenc a 
MeflTenger from Shrewsbury to fee; who 
found me alive J and brought them the Ti- 
dings. This Was in February, 1646. My 
Mother-in-Law is yet living, about Ninety 
two Years of Age ? the Daughter of Sir Tho- 
mas Hunkes, Two of her Brothers* Sir Foulk§ 
Hunkes, and Sir Henry Hunkes, were known 
Soldiers for the King 5 the one Governor of 

Shrewsbury > and the Other of Banbury-CcL- 

ftleawhile. She is one that -hath (pent a 
great part of her Life in fecret Rrayer* with 
great Negleft of the Flefo and World, and 
longing to dk, and be with Chrift, which 
flie hath not yet obtained, but will ere 
long. (Since the Writing of this, dead, at 
Ninety fix, in full Underftanding, and great 

III. After 

dpparittons and Witcfas. xSy 

III. After long Pain and Weaknefs, read- 
ing a- Latin Book of one Gerhard, a Foreign 
Phyfician, I found in him, that his own Fa- 
ther had been cured of force of my Diftetxr- 
pers (as I then thought) by daily fwallowing 
a Ballet of pureft Gold : I got one of the 
weight of a Twenty-Shilling-pkce-* and 
fwallowed it, but it remained in me 5 and 
hearing of a Gentleman within twelve Miles 
of me, that lately did the like, and it ne- 
ver pafs r d from him, but he quickly died, 
made me take Clyfters and Purges , but 
none of them ftirred it. My poor praying 
Neighbours (not then fearing the Canon, 
which ftri&ly forbiddeth it) fet apart a 
Day, to faft and pray for my Deliverance 5 
and that Morning it came away, after many 
Weeks abode, (three or four;) and they 
{pent the reft of the Day in Thankfgiving. 

^ IV. In my Weakneft, being under Phy- 
lick with Dr. Wright, then living in Shrewf 
bnry i there fuddenly rofe upon one of the 
Tonfils of my Throat a round Tumour, 
fceming to me as hard as c a Bone, and about 
as big as a great Peafe> or fmali Button, half 
out of the Flefh, and half in. I feared left 
it would prove a Cancer ; but the Dofior 
told me, he did not think fo, but what ic 
was he knew not •, but perfuaded {having 
iirft tried diflblying and* diflipating Means 


ipo r An Hiflorical Difcourfe of 

in vain) to quiet it only with Gargar ifms of 
hot Milk: It increafed but little, but no 
Means altered it, till (as I remember) a- 
bout a quarter of a Year after, my Con- 
fidence reproved me, that having had fo ma- 
ny great Mercies upon Prayer, I never gave 
God the Honour or Thanks of publick men- 
tioning them, for fear of feeming to feek 
fome Glory to my felf? being the next 
Morning to preach my Le&ure, I obeyed 
my Confcience, and mentioned them in the 
Words fince printed and published in the 
Second Part of my Saints Everlafting Reft, 
being then upon tht proof of the Truth of 
the Scriptures : I had before conflantly felt 
it, (and too oft looked at in the Glafs.) 
*As fbon as I had preached and fpoken thofe 
Words, I felt no more of it. As I came 
out of the Pulpit, I put my Finger in my 
Mouth to feel it, but could feel nothing : 
I hafted home to the Glafs, and faw that 
there was neither VoU, vel Veftigium y vel 
Cicatrix r } no Cavity, Tumour, Difcolour- 
ing, nor any fign where- ever it was; and I 
am fure I neither fpit it out, nor fwallowed 
it ; and to the laft Hour it feemed as hard 
as a Bone. 

V. Richard Cooke, a Mercer in Kniver 9 
was long a Man of a pious, unblameable 
Life, and one of the chief of good old 
Mr. John Crofs (fince Minifter here in Fri- 

"Apparitions and Witches: ipi 

day-ftreet) his Congregation : When I came 
to Kederminfter, he removed thither, and 
took a Houfe the next Door to me; which 
proved old, dangerous, and fo ill a Bargain, 
as caft him into melancholy _Doubts that he 
did not well to leave his Habitation- His 
Father before him had long lived, and ac 
laft died in Diftra&ion. Taking too much 
hot Waters, to comfort him in his Sadneis* 
Nature, Trouble, and thofe together, pre- 
vailed to his utter Diftra&ion. He fo con- 
tinued, from 1642. to 1646. The be& 
Means, by fuch as were moft noted for cu- 
ring that Difeafe, were ufed, and all ia 
vain. My Neighbours of Kedermwfter re- 
folved not eafily to give over Fafting and 
Praying with and for him, till he was re- 
covered : Divers Days all feemed in vaiii, 
but at laft he amended, and bath been re- 
covered (without any other Remedy) now 
from 1646, to this prefent time, i6j8 9 
though not altogether of fo perfed ftrengtfa 
of Brain as before, yet of competent Un- 
derftanding. About a Year or two ago I 
faw him in London, and I hear he is yet alive 
and well, 16 78. 

VI. Thomas Giles, the Son of Mr. Giks 
of Aftky, one of the then Committee in 
Worcefierfoire, was fent to be an Apprentice 
mWorcefter. After a Fever, (as they told 
me,) he fell into a violent Epilepfie: After 


1 9 % An Hiftorical Vifcourfe of 

much Phyfick in Worcefier, and opening his 
Head, and all in vain, his Mother took him 
home to her in Kederminfter 5 where, being 
a Widow, (he came to fojourn, purpofely 
for the Company of Godly People there. 
Mr. Jackson, the Phyfician of the Town, (my 
dear and faithful Friend, now, 1678. a Phy- 
fician in Shrewsbury < y ) and I consulting, we 
ufed in vain what Means we cduld. His 
Fits were foirietimes twice or thrice a Day : 
We were fain to put a Key into his Mouth, 
left he (hould bite off his Tongue At laft, 
the forefaid praying Perfoiis refolved to try 
the old Remedy of Faftifig and Praying, till 
he was recovered. The firft Day they found 
no Succefs : As I retiiember,it was the fecond 
Day, while they were together, praying, he 
was fuddenly cured ; and as his Mother and 
they that dwelt with him, told me, had ne- 
ver one Fit fince. Hereupon his Mother 
bound him Apprentice to Mr- John Alkn<> 
an honeft Apothecary in Kederminfter^ whom 
he ferved feven Years, and is now an Apo- 
thecary in St afford^ fince dead ; Mr. Allen - 
the Phyfician, and almoft all that prayed for 
him,being yet alive. I was prefent at none of 
all thefe Days my felf. If you ask me, Why ? 
1. My Weaknefs, and my publick Work 
much hindred me. 2. 1 was worfe than they, 
and had not their Faith, and Fervency, and 
Patience •, and becaufe we have no abfoJute 
Promife of fuch Deliverances, I was afraid* 


Apparitions and Witches, 19$ 

left if we failed and prayed fo long as they 
refolved to do, it would have turned to 
fome Reproach or Difcouragement if we 
did not prevail. 3. But I have joyned with 
them more than once, when we have, to 
our great Encouragement, prevailed. Bu& 
thofe Inftances I prornifed to pretermit. 

In fumm, I verily believe that I have 
been kept alive thefe forty Years, but no- 
tably thefe thirty eight, by the Prayers of 
many better than my felf, prevailing with 
God, through the Intercemoa of our great 

VII. I will add one fad Story , leaving 
all to the Readers Judgment, to warn the 
befl: to avoid Temptation , and to tell them 
that Satan hath his wiles by Mens Sin, to 
blalt the Glory and Comfort of Delive- 

In Bewdky, a Sanguine ftrong Maid, fell 
into ftrange Hifterical Fits : It began by 
Stoppage of the Menftma y I gave her Caftory 
and Rad. QBrmii, and Sem* Dauci on Fo- 
refim Commendation , and (lie began to be 
better : But I being driven out of the 
Country by War 3 and Mr. Robert Morton 
( Dr. Mortons Father ) their Paftor and Phy- v 
fitian driven after me to Coventry , ihe was 
left without help, and grew worfe than 
ever .- Till at laft I think by a furor uteri* 
nm ex corruptions Seminti , me feemed pof- 

O fell 

1 9% 'An Hiftorkal Vifcoutfe of 

(eft by a Devil : In her Fits, many cotild not 
hold her, fhe would be caftoffher Bed, 
and upon it again , by a force far above 
her ftrength , as the Beholders Judged : 
They (hewed Needles and Pins, and Cords 
brought to her, none knew how , to kill 
her felf : A Papift coming to Cure her their 
way , fhe told them of his coming far off, 
and laught at his Holy Water. In her fits 
fhe would Swear, Curfe, and Rage againft 
any that were Religious , and Hugg thofe 
that were Vicious , and be merry with 
them : Thus (he continued from 1542. till , 
1646. or 1647. When I returned home, I 
went to fee her, and Prayed once by her, 
and came to her no more. At laft my pray- 
ing Neighbours encouraged by their Succefs, , 
for others refolved to joyn with fome K oi 
Bewdky^ to Faft and Pray by her , till fhe 
was recovered : While they were Praying, 
fhe was ufually in violent Rage , and af- 
ter thankt them $ after many days, in the 
mid/1 of the Day , while Mr. The-. Ware of 
Kederminfter was Praying , fhe fell on the 
Floor like a Block , and having lain fo a 
while , cryed out , He is gone , He is gone ; 
The Black. Dog is gone: And fhe never had 
a Fit after. 

But coming to our Lecture, two Miles, -- 
(he was as uncomfortable as ever ; crying to 
me, Oh, Ton know not how bad I ami And I 

Ignoraatiy told her, what Comfort her De- k 


apparitions and WMhes . i 9 S 

Ilverance might give her: But (he con- 
tinued her Self-Accufing. But hear the 

- She being poor, many good People in 
Charity look'd to her in her Fits : But, a- 
bove all, one young Man, as far from be- 
ingYafpefted of any Hypocrifie, Errour, or 
Vice, as any in Bewdeky^ was more with 
her than the reft : And feeing her, in her 
Fits, tofs her naked Body about, (he being 
ftrong and comely, his Luft was provoked, 
which he exercifed on her 5 but praterjki- 
endofemn^ which eafing her for the time, 
enticed him the more to do it oft, as an Ad: 
of (Wicked) Compaffion 3 which did but 
more Enrage her Difeafe : When frequen- 
cy had hardened him , at laft after her De- 
liverance, it was made known: AndOtha 
Advantage that Satan got by it i The fad- 
nefs of thofe that Prayed for her : So that 
we durft not name it as an Anfwer of Pray- 
er , left the mention fliould ferve to & 
Reproach. For my part , I think that & 
Real pofleflion was added to the furor ute<- 
rinus^ in punifhment of their Sin. He Mar- 
ryed her , and profefled deep Repentance i 
but I advifed them for all that , not to re- 
ceive him to Church-Communion. 

I have read and heard of feveral Perfbns 

that have had notices by Revelation * 

When they fliould die: I will give here 

O % bm 

jtf6 An Mftorkal Difconrfe of 

but one Inftance, of an excellent young 
Man, Mr. Tyro ; but I mult confefs, that 
one of his Acquaintance affirmed to me, 
that having been formerly of a jocund 
Merry Temper, he became fo very ferious 
in Religion, and fo fervent a Preacher in 
fUngar, and fo Zealous for his own and other 
Mens Salvation, that # he thought Melan- 
choly might deceive his Imagination, as to 
the Voice he was confident he heard. I 
lay no great ftreis on the Inftance % but he 
profeffed the contrary himfelf \ and Mr. 
Brand extols him, and Colonel Rich and 
his lady, (well known by Mr Strongs 
Books which fhe publilhed, taking them in 
fhort Characters, then called the Lady E#- 
z.abeth Carre ) did both believe him ; as 
^ou may lee by the two following Letters. 
And Mr. Lewis in the foregoing Letters* 
and Mr. Davis telling me how common the 
forwarnings of Death, are in their Coun- 
trey, maketh it the eafier to me to believe 
the words of fo good and fober a Man as 
Mr. Tyro. 


'Apparitions and Witches] ipj 

Colonel Rich of Stondon~HaII 
intffcx his Letter in relation 
to Mr. Tyro 5 together, with 
his Ladies relating to the fame 



OUR Neighbour, Mr. H*tt> informing 
your detire to know from my felf 
and Wife, the Relation of a Providence 
more than ordinary, with which Mr. Tyr® 
was exercifed before he came a Sick-Reft- 
dent under my Roof, I muft therefore refer 
you to the Account, which my Wife here- 
with gives you, the Truth whereof I am 
folly fatisfied, which was from Mr. Tyros 
own Mouth to her only, when I was at 
London, the Narrative of which, (lie gave 
me at large the fame Night I returned 
Home, though I was confirmed in my Be- 
lief of it by forne Difcourfe I had with 
him afterwards, during his s ickneis ? before 
which he and I perufed feveral of your 
Tra&ates madepublick, with a joynt-plea- 
fing Approbation •, efpecially, that which is 
intituled, The dying Thoughts ; alfo another, 

viz,. The Crucifying the World by the Crofe 

©f chrifti we having a mutual fatisfa&ion 
O 3 in 

ip 8 An Hiftorical Difcpurfe of 

in each others Converfe^ his Natural 
Parts, Gifts and Grace together, with his 
Holy Life, conftrained my defire and en- 
deavours to accommodate him to his iaft 
Breath, for r found him a true Difcipleof 
Chriftour Lord and Mafter, in whom I 
would alfo be found, 

$ 1 R, 

Tour ajfeBionate Servant? 

Jl°uZ?i Nath. Rich. 

near Ungar in 
Ejfex, May 16* 

2tf£ I. 


apparitions andWitches. igg 

The Lady Rich's Letter* 

s i r 7 

IN Obedience to your defire by Mr. Han, 
to have it under my Hand , what he 
told you of Mr. Tyro, who was fent by 

Mr. Brand at Biflops-Hall near London, XQ 

Preach at Vngar in Ejfex 5 and to prevent 
miftakes, I think fit, in order to your Sa- 
tisfa&ion, to give you this Account of him? 
and therein take occaiion to let you know, 
how great an Honour and Efteem he had 
for you. Sir, I believe, had you known 
him, you would have rank'd him among 
rhofe Worthies that you have helpM to 
Heaven, for he followed you as you follow 
Chrift. About feven Weeks before his 
Death, when there was hope of recovery, 
he told me, he had fomething to tell me, 
that he had not imparted to any Body, and 
exprefled it thus, When I was one Evening 
returning to my Lodging, then at Vngar ^ 
from this Houfe, being then in a good de- 
gree^ of Health, and in a ferious frame, 
meditating by the way, I heard a voice 
fay, You (hall die, and not pafs your five 
and thirtieth Year of Age, which Voice z- 
ftoniihed me greatly, and looking round 
about me, feeing no body , put me into 
great Confteniation and Swmt all oyer me, 
O 4 fach 

200 An HifioYtcal Difcowfe of 

inch as I never |elc ( though I dare not 
compare it to drops of BloodJ yet I cannot 
exprefs how dreadful it was. You know, 
Madam, my Principles, and that I am no 
Enthufiaft, and how cautious I am as to Re- 
velations But I am fure this was no Melan- 
choly Fancy, but an auricular Voice. After 
Ihad^a little recovered my felf; I begg'dof 
God to difcover to me, if this were from 
him, or a Delufion from Satan, but ftill the 
Impreffion remained, though I fought God 
by Prayer moil part of that Nightj and you 
may remember, in my next Viiit, I told 
you, I fhould die Shortly, but I did not tell 
you of theVoicel heard. And then he added, 
This is my five and thirtieth Year of Age 5 
in July next I {hall be fo old. And many 
other Expreffions he added, which is too 
much for a Letter 5 but he died in Janu- 
ary 1630. I cannot omit, Sir, to let yoa 
know, how much he defired the happinefs 
of a perfonal Converle with you 3 though 
he did w r rite to you formerly, when he was 
under great trouble of Confcience, and 
yoa were pleafed to write to him again, 
though his Name was unknown to you, 
and God made you instrumental to his Re- 
lief and Comfort : He told me, whenever 
he heard you preach, there was fuch a Pre- 
fenceof God accompanied your Miniftry, 
that he felt both Fear, and Trembling* and 
Joy po&6 him at once. He reading 


r A{* "'" w ' and Witcl :1 20 i 

fome Book of yours, daily, whilft he was 
in my Houfe,efpecially your DyingThoaghts, 
•which on his Death-Bed, he fent, as the 
beft token of his Love, to his School matter 
at Hackney >, Mr. Odely ? and fhed many 
Tears upon it, calling it, The jweet and 
dear Companion of his Life, charging the 

Meffenger to bid his Mailer read it, and 
prepare to follow him fhortly. 

I beg your Pardon for this long trouble, 
I could do no lefs than exprefs this Kind- 
nefs to the Dead, who yet fpeaks out your 
great Worth to me, defiring your Prayers, 
that his lofs to fo dark a Corner as ours is, 
may be San&ified : And that your Life may 
be prolong'd in time, and you may have a 
fullPveward in Eternity, is thePi^y^rof, 

S IB* 

Tour obliged and 
affettknate Servant] 

near Ungar in , ^U&* JUUl* 

Ejfex, MtJ I.J.. 



%ot An llifiorkal Difcourfe of 

But it is not my Bufinefs to mention all 
things that are ftrange and unufual, but fuch 
as prove the Operations of Spirits. Lycof- 
thenes de Frodigw vet Mirabilibm y will tell 
you in Folio of Wonders. 

The Falling or Raining of a Grain at 
Widgenonh, like a dried Rye-Corn, in a 
thin, whiriih Husk, about 1639. And of 
a Grain at Shrewsbury, almoft like a faiall 
Parfnip-Seed, about three or four Years 
ago, feem ftrange. But Exhalations might 
raife them from Sea or Land, though the 
Marvel lieth in the ftrangenefs of the 
Grains, neither of them being fuch as are 
here known by any that I (hewed them to, 
I had the laft from Dr. Jackson, a, Phyfician 
in Shrewsbury, ( my dear Friend, now with 
Chrift 3 ) who told me tmt it fell there in 
many places 1 efpecially about St. Marys 
Church. The former (coming to live at 
Bndgerjonhy 1 640.) I had of Mr. Madflard 
the Minifter, and old Mrs. Grey of Envile, 
a Godly Woman 5 who aflured me that 
much of it fell in the Church-yard, and on 
the Leads of the Steeple. I kepc both 

The former I once before mentioned; 
whence the Author of the Second Part of 
The Ml/chiefs of Separation, feconding Dr. 
SHIUngfleet's Firft Part, (famed commonly 
to be Mr. Long of Exeter, a Member of the 


apparitions and Witches. 20 j 

Convocation,) took occafion to feign me 
to lay, that it rained Mama at Bridgmorth 
when I came thither.] Men and Books of 
fuch Veracity are they, that poor EngUnd 
and the Chriftiap World fuffers by 5 and, I 
fear, is yet like to fuffer more by, while 
Demons are fo powerful. 

There are many things that Ignorance 
caufeth Multitudes to take for Prodigies. 
I have had many difcreet Friends that have 
been affrighted with the Noife called a 
Death- Watch, whereas I have fince, near . 
threefcore Years ago, oft found by trial, 
that it is a Noife made upon Paper, by a 
little, nimble, running Worm, juft like a 
Loufe, but whiter and quicker : And it is 
moft ufually behind a Paper pafted to a 
Wall, efpecially to Wainfcot ; and is rare- 
ly, if ever heard, but in the Heat of Sum- 

But who can deny it to be a Prodigy, 
which is recorded by Melch. Adamm^ of a / 
great and good Man, who had a Clocks 
Watch that had layen in a Cbeft many 
Years unufed 5 and when he lay dying, at 
Eleven a-Clock, of it felf, in that Cheft^ 
it ftruck Eleven,, in the hearing of many. 

Becaufe many have fpoken and written 

of a Thorn at Glaftenbary in Sommerfetfhire^ 
that flowreth juft on Chrifirnafs-Uay , I 


204 An Hiftorical Bifcourfe of 

thought it a thing worthy my beft Enqui- 
ries : And left Men proceed to think that 
there is more in it than there is, I annex 
thefe following Letters, firm credible Per- 
fons that were well known in that Country; 

Mr. William Thomas's Letter con- 
cerning the Glafton Thorn ; To- 
gether with two other EnclofeJ 
Letters to the fame purpofe: 


UNdcr ftanding by my Son, your Defire 
to enquire about Glafton Thorn, I did 
immediately { being not able to travel my 
felf in fuch a Seafon) fend to fuch as I 
thought might beft inform me 5 whofe Infor- 
mation you have in the two inclofcd Letters ; 
the one from the Minifter of Glafton, the 
other from Mr. Chenvwd, Paftor at Wells 5 
both of them underftanding and Godly Men. 
I was not fatisfied with Mr. Winners Let- 
ter, becaafe he wrote not of the Graff ta- 
ken from this Thorn 5 now growing, (when 
the old Thorn is gone.) Something it feems 
there was in the nature of the Plant, for that 
Graff (hoots forth much fooner than any o- 
ther Thorn, and about that time, though it 


Apparitions and Witches. soy 

do not the Feat in bloflbming juft on the 
Day, but after it; which may be becaufe 
the Soil is not fo iuitable to it, as that was 
to the other. — I ftsould have thought this 
had been all the Wonder, vi& the natural, 
rare and rath Bloflbming of that Thorn, 
got perhaps from Foreign Parts,) made (by 
Fame) to cry chrifimafs § but that the In- 
formation in the firft Letter (and Teftimo- 
ny) is fo pundual, that it feems to evince 
more. But (howfoever) that which we call 
Chriflmafs-Day is not to gain its Eftimation 
from fuch a Providence^ but from Scripture, 
from Reafon, at leaft, from a due Demofl- 
ftration that that was (indeed) the Day of 
Chrift's Birth •, which (perhaps) nothing will 
prove, unlefs it be the Thorn. I fpeak not 
againft tht Cuftom of the Church, in re- 
membring the Birth of Chrift, though I con- 
ceive Chrift's own Day is better for it than 
any other ; I mean, the Lord's Day -, unto 
which, when Men's Days be added, the 
Lords Day, and the Lord of that Day, fuf- 
fer by their juftling with it. A Subordina- 
tion wall not ferve, butitarifeth to a Co- 
ordination and Competition 5 yea, a Pre- 

But that I fpeak of is, the Nobilitatingef 
an uncertain Day, upon inefficient Evi- 
dence. — If I fliould fay, the Thorn mighc 
fo bloflom (by Providence) as a juft Harden- 
ing of the wilfully fuperftitious, (a great pare 


to6 - An tliftorical Dlfcouvfe of 

of whofe Religion it is, to put a Crown upT 
on Chrifiwdfc Day, caring litde for Chrift 3 ) 
or as a Trial of the truly Confciencious, to 
fee whether they will build their Religion 
upon a famous Thorn, and be fo tamed by it, 
as to clofe with the Superftition and Pro- 
fanenefs of that time- — I (ay, if I fhould 
fpeak thus, it might be thought a Paradox, 
(and jet I remember your Lights in Wales, 
which (hew (I think) what God gives the 
Devil leave to do) I fhall content my felf 
therefore with fending you the Relation, and 
leave you and others ( better able than my 
felf) to consider of it.— Only this I may fay> 
that fuch a Providential Rarity is too low a 
•thing to put a Divinity upon that Day : And 
yet, to make It a Divine Xeffimony is ( I 
think) the meaning of thofe that are willing 
,to make the moft of it ; I do not fay,- the 

£ Sir 5 I am' much engaged to you, for your 
great Pains with my Son 5 having lately re- 
ceived from him your good Anfwers ro his 
AfTembly- Queries, with his Replies: For 
Reafon is reft left 5 and it is the Mifery of 
thofe who fet it up too high, that it can fo 
far (I do not fay fo well, for 'tis all naught 
as far as Scripture and it jarr) fhift for it felf; 
and they are apt to thins they are found, if 
they be not filenced > when Errour in Pra- 
ctice hath much to fay for it felf, and Er- 
rour in Opinion much more. 


Apparitions arid Witches. zoj 

Having betaken himfelf to Dr. Hammond,, 
I drd not command him thence, thinking 
(Jbe being a learned Man) he might get feme- 
thing from him, efpecially in rhe matter of 
Original Sin 3 about which, the Dodtor bath 
given him good Animadverfions, (though 
jfomething in them hath not fo good an A- 
fpe&,) and he anfwers them alfo 5 and fo 
there is no End, till God humble the Heart, 
'Tis one Symptom of the Hereditary Dif- 
eafe of Original Sin, that that Sin is no more 
acknowledged, and lamented- 

God that raifeth fuch Alterations in Na- 
tions, and hath done fo flrange things of late, 
can alter our Relations, and make them con- 
trary to themfelves, that they may be con- 
formable to him : And upon that Ground 
alone I can build, that To Cod all things an 

With all loving' and thankful Refpects- 

I Reft, 

Tour obliged Friend 

and Brother, 

Feb. %y, i6$£ 

Will Thomas, 


5oS r An Hiftorical Difcourfe of 

Mr. John Chctwind^ encloject 

Reverend and much Honoured Sir, 

IN anfwer to your Letter, thefe are to 
inform you, That the old Thorn in the 
times of the War, was rooted up, and is 
utterly gone $ and as for Mr- Gallop's Graff, 
I have enquired of a Gentleman 3 that was 
his Patient, and lived divers Years in Mr* 
Gallop's Houfe, and obferved the Budding 
and bioflbming of it, who informed me, 
that it doth iiioot forth and Bud and Blof- 
fom near about that time, but not upon 
the day, but in fome fpace after it, much 
rather than other Thorns ufually do. This 
is all the Account I can give you of it. 
I have no more to add, but mine and my 
Wife's kindeft Relpects to your felf ana 
good Wife, and that I am 

Tour mofi refpeUful Friend, 

m Xf" **' J° hn Chetwind. 


[Apparitions and Witches. 2 09 

Mr. Wmncy's Inclose/ Letter 
concerning the GlaftonThorn. 

Worthy Sir y 

REal Love and Thanks prefcribed , &c* 
Thefe are to acquaint you, that I 
Received a Letter from you, wherein Mr. 
XW^'s Requeft to you, is* chat the exaft- 
eft and mod pun^iua! Account, of the ufu* 
al Story of the Bloflbming of Glafionbury- 
Thorn on Chrifima4-day, might be found 
out} I have upon your Requeft fearched 
more of it,than ever I thought to trouble my 
felf to do,and have convened with the moft 
Ancient that I knew, and was dire&ed to, 
and think thofe that are Credible, they 
offer to aver it upon Oath, what they tell 
me : Thus one Ancient Man tells me, that 
he hath gone on the Eve to it, and he hath 
found it like another dead Thorn, without 
any Bloflbm, or likelihood to have afud- 
den forwardaefs to it, only fome Evidence 
of the Appearance of the breaking out 
the Buds, and but an Appearance per^ 
ceivable, and he hath gone on Chrifimas'd^y f 
and found the Bloflbms. as though it was 
the midft of May, and gathered them, and 
fent them many Miles, and had good Re- 
wards , this the Man will depofe upon his 
Oath. Ac the fame time this Man Was at 

P my 

a l© An H-iftoriidl Difcowfe of 

my Houfe,there came oecafionally,an ancient 
Woman, a Neighbour, whofe Teftimony 
I believe fit to be received, who earneftly 
affirmed this, that in the time of Queen 
Ann, the lived with one Sir Tho. Hughes^ 
in WeRs y a Juftice of Peace, who purpofely 
feet his men (two of them) to know the 
Truth, that he might fatisfie any that might 
make enquiry, and on the Eve, towards 
Night, they found it as another Thorn, on- 
ly the breaking out of the beginning of 
Buds, and flaying in GUftonbwy all Night, 
toobferve, as near as might be, the time 
when they began to fprout forth into a per- 
fect BlofTom, they have gone again toward 
the turn of the Night, and have found the 
perfed Blcflbm about two or three of the 
Clock, fo that at Morning they have re- 
turned to their Mafter with them, which 
(he told me, ihe faw when they brought it 
home : And another Man tells me the fame 
Story as the firft, only with this variation, 
His Father (and Godfather living at Bath) 
Went the Eve's Eve, and found nothing but 
Buds, and on Chrifimasday'm the Morning, 
found the Bloffbms, and his Father fent 
them to Bath to his Godfather, becaufe he 
went thither home to keep his Chriftmas : 
And a Woman at the fame time told me, 
fomething much like the Second, that fhe 
hath gone the Eve, late at Night, and with 
a Lanthorn and Candle with her Company, 


'Apparitions andWitcheZ lit 

flayed four Hours, to fee, if it might be* 
the manner of the fprouting out of it ; and 
in that fpace faw that it Bloflomed, the 
Green-boughs, the length of half the Fore- 
finger to the middle Joint $ what Mr. Gallons 
Graft of this old Tree doth, I fhall leave 
you to him to be certified. Both our 
Loves to your felf and good Wife. Mr. 
Stnks and his Wife, defiring one Favour 
in the Clofe, that you would be pleafed 
to take pains, to begin our Le&ure the next 
Tiiefday. I have not had but one Affiftant 
I think, this feven or eight Weeks : I 
/hall be abfent my felf-, I intend, if pleafe 
God, to be at Briflol Fair, where I have 
fome Bufinefs, andjpray fend me word of 
it, that I may be allured, 

In ft, 


In all Bonds of Love, 

GUflon, Sam. Winney: 

Jan. 2i. 16^. 

P * Ihave 

IBa^e^ft -wpnfe'd at the coimmoalybe-' 
Sieved -Gift of the Kings <tf England aad 
Stance, to heal the Struma.? All my doubt 
feafh ftilJ been of the Matter of Fa<5^ whe- 
ther It be feci? a real Gift of Healing, or 
mot : For if it be, I will -not be fo bold as 
to ask God .a Reafon of it ; Or why he giv- 
cth k to chefe Kings, rather than to others: 
Nor will I (Hlfeofiour his Gift, as if it were 
not his, becaufe I know not his Reafon 5 
bo more than Chrift did the Miracle done 
at the Pool in J&rufaleM 9 upon the Angel 's 
moving- the Water ; or 9 with Naa/nm, fey, 
Are .not Abanah and tharphar as good Waur 
as Jordan > I have long enquired of all the 
Phyficians, and others 3 that 1 could, of the 
Reality of the Succefs 5 whether it be not 
die Gold* the Change of Air, or the Con- 
ceit: And I never heard fo much, as to put 
roe paft ail doubt. Bet many credible Phy- 
fidans fay, as Mt.Wifeman'iz Chirurgeoa 
chat had. much Opportunity of knowing) 
doth in his Book of Chirurgery, £ That 
dvQMgh 4& a/je not mred^ yet mort am curbed by 
if, than by all the Pkyfaians in England I\ 

I know, the cite Original of it alfo, and 
its Occafion is much in die dark § but I leave 
chis toother Merfs Enquiry : Only I fey, if 
she Matter of Fad prove certain, there can 
be no great doubt, but it proverb the Go- 
verning Agency of Invifible, Intellectual 
Ifcwers. If 

jffparMons m$Wiichek. $££ 

IfitBemiraculbusy ftfeemetfr to-been*- 
tailed on. the Kingdoms of England m£ 
¥mme 9 rather than to be- any Approbation 
rf the Religion or- Piety of the Kings % be*- 
caofe if any have this Gift - , Kings- of contra 
tf Religions have k r and tbe-worfk, as welE 
asthe-bfcft? andUfiirpers, asweiias-R'igte- 
foi Kings, And I hear of ®o other ilteeftas^ 
tend. km*, but' the kings of Engmdt and?' 
Francs i: And will the King of !>*#«■ t-afce-' 
It for his Glory, to -heal a few Perfons of a 
Sore>, and; to kill: many thoa-fend Innocents 

die Sword and! barm thdr Cities^ 


Fa;' CH&E 

% 1 4 M Hiftorical Difcourfe of 


MR. Emlm > (before mentioned about 
Mr. Pacys Sifters,) now a worthy 
Preacher in Dublin, having told me this by 
Word of Mouth, I defired him to fend it 
fufficiently attefted 5 which he doth, as 

Mr. EmliiYs Letter concerning 
an apparition at Bclfaft in Ire- 

..Reverend Sir, 

I Have been very uneafie to think that I 
fhould (0 long delay the Anfwer of your 
JDefire about the Affair related underneath : 
The diftance of the Place in which it was 
tranfafted, with the jlownefs of my Corre- 
fpondent in Replies, hath made me unca- 
pable of giving you fo full and quick Satit 
fa&ion, as might elfe have been. All that 
I cm relate at prefent is briefly this, 4jk. 

There having been a long Conteft be- 
tween Lemud Matthews, Archdeacon in the 


Apparitions and Witches. 2 1 5 

County of Down, and Claudius Gilbert, Mi- 
nifter of Belfast , about their Right to 
Drumbeg, a (mail Parifti within four Miles 
of Belfast, it proved very troublefome to 
the Parishioners, who generally paid their 
I Dues to Mr. Gilbert the Incumbent in Pot 
feflion 7 but the Arch-deacon claimed the 
fame to be paid to him alfo, for which he 
! procured a Warrant 3 and in the Execution 
of it by his Servants, at the Houfe of one 
Charles Loftin , one of the Pari(hioners, 
they offered, fome Violence to his Wife, 
; who refufed Entrance to them, who died 
j within a few Weeks after the Injury re- 
ceived ; but (be being otherwife an infirm 
Woman, little notice was taken of her 
Death, till that fome time after, by her 
; ftrange Appearance to one Thomas Dwelfon, 
\ ( a Spe&ator of the Violence done to her,) 
(Tie affrighted him into a Profecution of Ro- 
bert Ecclefon, the Criminal. She appeared 
divers times, but chiefly upon one Lord's 
Day-Evening, when fhefetch'dhim, with 
a ftrange Force, out of his Houfe, into the 
Yard, and Fields adjacent. Before her laft 
Coming, (for (he did fo three times that 
Day,) ieveral Neighbours were called in* 
to whom he gave notice that (lie was agaia 
coming, and becken*d to him to come 
out 3 upon which, they went to (hue the 
Door, but he forbad it, faying, that (he 
looked with a terrible Afpe$ upon him, 
P 4 when 

2 1 6 An Hiftorical Difcourfe of 

when they offered it : But his Friends laid 
hold on him, and embraced him, that he 
might not again 1 go out 5 notwithftanding 
which, (a plain Evidence of fome invifible 
Power,) he was drawn out of their Hands 
in a furprizing manner, and curled abroad 
into the Field and Yard, as before, foe 
charging him to profecute Juftice-, which 
Voice, as alfp Donelfons Reply, the People 
heard, though they faw f»o iliape. There 
are many Witnefles of all this yet alive, 

particularly Sarah , the Wife of Charles 

Loftln, Son to the deceafed Woman %■. and 
one William Holy day and his Wife,,c^c. 

Upon this, the faid Domlfon depofed what / 
he knew of the aforefaid Violence, before 
Mr. Randal Brice? a Neighbour- juftice, and' 
confirmed all at the Afftzes at Down, in the 
Year 1685. (as I remember; ) where the 
feveral Witnefles were heard and fworn, 
and their Examinations, were entred into 
the Records of that Aflizes, to the Arpaze- 
itient and 'Satisfa&iori of all the Country, 
and of the Judges, whom I "have heard 
i'peak of it at that time with much Won- 
der ; infomuch that the faid Ecckfon hard- 
ly efcaped with his Life, but was Burnt in 
the Hand. 

The faid Donelfon is yet living in the fame 
place, with the other Witnefles. 

I could learn many more Circumftances, 
but that you are in faafies and all this I 


Apparitions and Wttches. 217 

heard fpoken of my felf, with univerfal 
Amazement, at the time when tranfa&ed, 
living in Belfaftzt that time > and I iliould 
not have been beholden to any to have be- 
lieved this Relation, thaf had been there, 
and at the Trial at Down, 

T, Em. 

With Mr. Jew's Refpefts, 

I remain, 

A Reverencer of you] 

Tho. Emlin* 


2i B An HiftoYtcal Difcourfe of 


A Uuhlm-Inftance ; attefteJ hy 
Mr. Daniel Williams, now in 

A Bout the Year 1678. I knew a young 
Woman who was Niece to Alder- 
IBara Arundel^ in Dublin* 

In her faid Uncle's Houfe (he \gras pur- 
iifd ' with very terrible Noifes 3 as by vio- 
lent Scroaks on the Wainfcots and CheftSj 
in what Chambers (he frequented. 

The Blows were heard throughout the 
Houfe, and were fo troublefome, as to 
csccafion the Removal of the young Wo- 
man to an Houfe near Smithfield in Dub- 
im r not without Hopes that the Diftiir- 
basice might thereby ceafe : But the Noife 
]purfued her thither, and was no more heard 
in h&r former Dwelling. 

Here fhe continued as ; long as the Own- 
er of that Houfe would bear the Refort of 
People, and Terrour of thofe fudden and 
frequent Claps- 

From this place, Ihe was removed to a 
little Houfe in Patrkk-ftreet, near the Gate. 
Here flie met with the fame Exercife , 


jfppariiions and Witches. 2 j 9 

and the Noife was generally about Two- 
a-Clock in the Morning greater than at 
oth^r Times. 

Several Nights were fpent in Prayer 
with her, by Minifiers; as, Mr. Cox, Dr. 
Roles, Mr. Chambers, Mr. Keys, &c. who 

all, with many others, aflured me, they 
heard the faid Blows in the Room where 
they prayed, fometimes on a great Cheft 
there;, fometimes on the Wall, &c. 

Mr. Chambers and Mr. Keys were em- 
ployed there the Night before I had pro- 
mised to be with her. 

The next Night, Mr. Cox, having oft 
heard the faid Noiies, and ofc prayed with 
the Woman , was defirous to accompany 
me. There were many People (as ufual) 
fat up with us : I preached from Heb. 2. 18. 
and contrived to be at Prayer at that Time 
when the Noife ufed to be greateft. 

When I was at Prayer, the Woman, 
kneeling by me, catched violently at my 
Arm, and afterwards told us, /he faw a 
terrible Sight : But it pleafed God, there 
■was no Noife at all. And from that Time, 
God gracioufly freed her from all that Di- 

I examined this Perfon, and could find 
nothing in her Circumftances, fit to in- 
duce one to any fatisfactory Judgment of 
her Cafe. 


Ttefe Naifefaffel about tFrree Mbntftfc, 
mi- fee was muebcnfeebfed -in' Body> and 
almofl cEftra&d thereby ; bat'.-£boa-sec®K. 
lerei upon the Removal' thereoE 

Xteniel Wilam^ 


tmmningAngek. . . 

*\ 7\ FHifc I confider theft unqneifionch 

V V Me Evidences of the cartaint? 
of Spiric^and how much they have to do 
with Men : I cannot but chink chat we have 
aifo much to do with them 5 with the bad, 
«o refiftthemasour Enemies, and the Ene- 
amies of the GofpeLand the'QiurcfaofGcd, 
againft whom we nraft continually Watch 
and Pray \ left we fell into the Snares of 
their Temptations : And with the good , 
that we may be mt€t for their Prefervinji 
and Comforting Minifiry. 

But in all our Hiftories it is obfervabfe^ 
that bad Spirits Apparitions and Adions , 
are far more frequent, and more Seriible 
than good ones; which may perhaps to feme 
feern ftrange. Concerning which i coofideri 

1. That Corporeal Crailk-ode is an abafe- r 
ment, -and therefore fitteft for the more 
Ignoble fort of Spirits: We chat, dwell 
here in Bodies., are of aiowerOrder 5 than 
thofeof the more high and invifible Regi- 

2- And the bad Spirits as they have a; 
bafer Confidence^ ha?e alfe'a m&fc bafeand 


22£ An Historical Difcourfe of 

Terrene Inclination* And therefore it is 
the lefs wonder , that they mind matters of 
Money and Lands : And no doubt but the 
Souls of \\ icked Men.carry with them much 
of the Vicious Habits, in which they lived 
here : That is, of Covetoufnefs and Re- 
venge ; And they that tell us, that fiich as 
Dhes retain no Love to their Brethren OH 
Earth , fpeak more than they can prove ; 
and are not fo Credible as Chrifl^atfeem- 
eth to fay the contrary. Some make a ftate 
of departed Souls , Good andBad, out of 
their own Inventions, which it's very likely 
Death will Confute. 

% And it is far greater things than Vifi- 
ble Appearances, that we conftantly receive 
from Angels , more futable to their Nature 
and Dignity, and to our good. Some Mert 
have long Laboured to attain a Vifible or 
Senfible Communion with them, and think 
they have attained it : But while they pre- 
fumptuoufly defire to pervert the Order of 
Gods Houfliold and Government , it is no 
wonder if in ftead of Angels, they Con- 
terfewith Devils that are Transformed into 
feeming Angels of Light, that by Delufion, 
they may Transform fuch Men into Mini- 
fies of Righteoufnefs. 

It is a doleful Inftance, of the effeft of a 
perverfe kind of oppofition to Popery, and 
running from one Extream to another, to 
note how little Sence moft Protectants ihew 


Apparitions and Witches. 123 

of the great Benefits that we receive by 
Angels : How feldom we hear them ia 
publickor private, give thanks to God for 
their Miniftry and Helps ? And more fel- 
dom pray for it ? When hear we any Mini- 
fters if each Believers, what Love and what 
Thanks they owe to Angels , whereas the 
Excellency and Holinefs of their Natures 
obligeth us to love them , and their Love 
and Care of us, befpeaketh Thankfulness : 
Yea , we have Teachers that would per- 
fwade Men that this Savoureth of Popery , 
and doth Derogate from Chrift : And yet 
if the People Love and Honour and main- 
tain them , they take this to be no Deroga- 
tion from Chrift. As if they were more 
Amiable then Angels , or Chrift may not 
life the Miniftry of Angels as well as thtifs* 
The Lord pitty the diftra&ed divided Soci- 
eties of Chriftians, who in all Countries are 
fallen into Uncharitable Sefls, that on pre- 
tenceof favingthe Truth, and the Church 
from the Errours of each other, do corrupt 
both by the Addition of Contrary Errours 5 
fo that it's bard to find out many Errours 
of Popery or Ancient Herefie* which hath 
not been avoided by contrary faults, in the 
Corruption of Do&rine, Charity or Con- 

Devils have a greater Game to play invl- 
fibly, than by Apparitions. O happy World, 
if they did not do a hundred thoufand times 


224 'Ati Hiflorical Difcourfe of 

more hurt , by the Baits of Pleafure, Luft 
and Honour, and by Pride, and love of 
Money and Senfuality , than they do by 
Witches! O! that they did not moredan- 
geroufly Hant the Houfes and Souls of 
Lords , Knights, Gentlemen, and Luftful 
Youths .' Who can Conjure them out of 
Univerfities and Pulpits , out of a Malig- 
nant Sclanderous CJergy and Laity , out of 
Worldly felf-feeking Carnal Men? I have 
before told you of the Witch Magdalen 
Cruria , who got the Reputation of a Saint, 
by having the Sacramental Bread brought 
to her Mouth in the fight of all the People* 
by an Invilible Carryer - 7 Bodin, and many 
others Record the Story , and how to get 
Pardon , (lie went to the Pope himfelf, and 
confefledhow from twelve years old the 
Devil had lain with her thirty years, and 
made her the Abbefs of a Monaftery : I 
fear left the vifible Hand of fome Priefl: 
do play this Devils part , and give the Sa- 
crament to fuch as more openly ferve the 
Devil all the week , and are forced to re- 
ceive it toefcapea jail , or do it as a Sacri- 
fice to expiate the guilt of an Ungodly 

If the Devil can get People ( perhaps 
Lords and Ladies) tofpendthe Day( their 
precious Hours ) in Cards and Dice, and 
Feaftings , and Stage-plays, and Masks and 
Mufick, and perhaps filthy Luft, he will let 


"Apparitions and Witches. 22 J 

you fay your Prayers at Night, and cry God 
.Mercy, and perhaps tell him that you Re- 
pent, that you may Sin on tl bdldlV 
the next da? : ^nd it's like he will provide 
you a Ghoftly Father, as bad as your fefvcs, 
that ihall give you the Sacrament as 2 feared 
Pardon, and pronounce you abfolved, and 
that as in the name of Chriil. 

All thefeeffe&s of Devils, the World 
abounds with 5 but the effects of Angels 
are obferved , but by very few. Becaufe 
even as the Sadduces , think that all thefe 
Vices and Confuaons are only the effects 
of Mens own pravity , and not of Devils , 
not knowing that all fuch Birtus have a Fa- 
ther and a Mother (the Devil and Mens 
own Hearts ) fo mod good people look fo 
much to God and to Minifters, in ail that 
is done on them , that they take little no- 
tice of Angels that are Gods greater Mini- 
flers, as if they had little to do with us. 

By this, 1. We give not to God the due 
Honour of the Order of his Works : 2. We 
are guilty of Unrighteoufnefs, in denying 
their Due Love and Gratitude to fuch No- 
ble Agents. 3. We lofe the Comfortable 
Remembrance of our own Communion 
with them. 4. We lofe fome helps to a 
Heavenly Mind and Converfation, when as 
it would make the thoughts of Heaven 
more Familiar and Pleafant to us, to think 
of fuch a Holy and Amiable Society, and 
CL would 

2 a 6 'An Hifiovkal Difcourfe of 

would make us the willinger to die. 

As to them that fay, that it is enough to 
know that Chriit is all to us , and we muft 
take heed of afcribing any thing to Crea- 
tures 5 I Anfwer , is Chrift the le£s all to 
us , for giving us his Mercies ? For giving 
us the Minifiry of Angels? Is he the Ms 
All to us 5 for giving Gifts to Men , for 
giving Comforters and Merciful Relievers 
to the poor ? For giving to Children the 
Love and Care of Parents ? Or for giving 
Men good Princes and Magiftratesto Rule 
them? Or for giving iHem Soldiers to 
fight for them ? Or for giving you Mini- 
fies to Teach you ? Who more praifeth 
their Teachers, than fuch Obje&ors? Will 
you be unthankful to your Benefactors, for 
fear of afcribing to Creatures? Will you 
not praife a Godly &fea above a Wicked ? 
Will you not praife and admire the Glory 
of the Sun and Stars , and the Frame of 
Heavefo and Earth, for fear of afcribing to 
Creatures ? Is the praifing of a Work , a 
wrong to the Workman ? 

Indeed this agreeth with their Dodrine •, , 
who becaufe "-'ohI counted all his Mofaical 
Legal Ri&hteoufnefs as lofs and Dung, 
in Companion of the Righteoufnefs that 
God gave him in and by -hrift, do there- 
fore fay , Aat we iia) - count all thatRigh- 
teoiifneis .as Ding, vhich chriit hxmielf 
worketh in us by his SpirU a evcH -Faith it felf 


Apparitions andWitchesi 227 

which is imputed or reckoned to us for 
Righteoufneis< This enticeth Men to be 
out of Love with Chriftian Righteoufnefs, 
when Chrift hath made it ow own , if it be 
no better than Dung ? And to fear that fome 
fuch Men have no better. But they fay * 
they account Faith and Love to Chrift to 
be Bmg^ only as to Juftification : As if God 
did not make all Men ju^ whom he juftifeth 
by Efteem and Sentence : Or, as if that were 
■&ghteou/nefs that doth in no part or degree 
make a Man Righteom : Or, as if any but 
Chriftians, as fuch, are juftified : Or any 
Man were a chriftian before he accepteth 
Chrift by a Loving and Thankful Confent 
or Truft , as his Saviour and his Teacher, 
knd his Lord and Ruler : But this is a Di- 
greffion, which Mens talk againft afcribing 
to Angels led me to. 

We are not for afcribing to ^ngels(nor to 
Faith and Love and Holinefs ) the leaft part 
of the Honour proper to God , or to Jefus 
Chrift : They do none of the Work of 
oar Redeemer for us ( nor can we do the 
leaft of it for our felves) unlefs as the Work 
of his Inftruments and Agents, may be 
called Chrifts Work : They fave us indeed, 
but it is but as Timothy was taught by P^«/, 
bow to fave himfelf , and thofe that heard 
him; and we are bid to fave our felves. 
Chrift teacheth us , andMinifters teach us. 
Chrift Eeedeth us , and we Feed pur felves 5 
Q, 2 yea, 

% 1 8 An Hiftorical Difcourfe of 

tea, he faith that we feed him .• And that 
he will for Jo doing, fay, Come ye Blejfed , 
inherit the Kingdom, Angels and Men do 
Chrifts Commanded Work^i But no Creature 
doth tbx lealt part of Chrifts own proper 

undertaken Work. 

■ Objedion. Bat thefe high Thoughts of An- 
gels have drawn the Papifls to Idolatry , in 
Praying to them, and Worfhipfwg them. 

Anfwer, It is your denying them the Ho- 
nour that is due to them, which is a Temp- 
tation thathardneth Papifts in their Excefs. 

Muft we, not Love and Honour Kings , 
Minifters and Saints, though fome herein 
run into Extreams. We have many Rea- 
fons againft Praying to Angels , or offering 
them Vifible Corporeal Worfliip ; Becaufe 
we know not }uft when they are prefent : 
And becaufe it may Countenance the Hea- 
thens Demon Worfliip and Idolatry 5 And 
becaufe God hath appointed us no fuch 
fort of ■Worfliip. But God having largely 
told us of their Love to us , and their con- 
ftant eminent Service for us , he thereby/ 
obligecffus toanfwerahle Regard, Aflfe&K- 
onsand Acknowledgment. 

I have faid fo muchinafmall Difcourfee 
ih Mr. Ifaack. Ambroje his Book of Comma- ^ 
nion with AngeU ( at his requeft, who is now 
with Angels ) that I will not here Recite 
very many particular Texts of Scripture a- 
bont this Subject : But if you will but look 


apparitions and Witches'. %zg 

in your Concordance, you may feewba £ 
abundant mention of Angels there is 
throughout all the Scripture y while we 
hear fo little of them in our Books or Pul- 
pits. It's true, that in the Old Teftamenc 
time, they ofter Vifibly appeared, than they 
do now : But that is no Derogation to our 
Gofpel State 5 As it is more Spiritual than 
theirs , that needed more Vifible means 9 
fo our Spiritual Benefits by them before 
named , are greater than theirs were 

1. How Familiar were Angels with A- 
braham , who entertained them as Meti 3 till 
they mace themselves better known to-huns 
They were the Mefler.gers of the ^rearpro- 
mife to him of the Numerous and the Ho- 
ly Seed* They Reproved Sarah for her 
Unbeiief; th ifrthey might comfort her by 
the proniiied Sr 

How Familiar were they with Lot, when- 
they came into his Houfe, and took him in, 
and blinded his £nemies,and told him their 
Milage concerning Sadom^ and when they 
carried him while lie delayed to depart? 
And when they laved Zmrxo? his take? 

How Familiar were they, with Ja^ob^ m 
his Travels, and his Return 5 -when he .y 
them as by a Ladder,afcendingand defcend-' 
ing^ And when one of them wreflled with, 
him, and Bieifed him, though he made him 

I know that many excellent Divines do 

230 An Hifiorical Difcourfe of 

that one of thefe called Angels,was Chrifh 
To which I fay, 1. If it were fo, that 
doth not deny ,but confirm what lam plead- 
ing for : If Chrift appearing , made Angels 
his Companions , it was the n: ore for their 

2. But if this be true ; either Chrift had 
a Body, yea , many Bodies before his incar- 
nation by Mary, or not. If not, what were 
all thefe Similitudes of Men that did eat 
and drink, and talk, and act? Were they 
mere shadows and Deluiions ? How then 
could tbey fpeak , and ad fo Potently ? If 
yea, then was the pure Godhead Hypofta- 
tically united to thefe many appearing Bo- 
dies ; Or not : Who can prove a difference 
fave as to the Matter and Duration, between 
his union w ith thefe , and with his laft at 
fumed Flefh. And yet the Scripture appro- 
priated Chrifts Incarnation, and coming in 
the Body to xh.QFu.nefs of Tme^nd to thefe 
lafi days , I am loth to fay without proof, 
that Chrift had many Bodies, left any ihoukT 
in r er that there have been many Chrifts : 
But if this muft be held , it will introduce 
Peter Sterrys Do6trine as mod probable , 
that Chrift as the Eternal Word effentially, 
God firft caufed the Nobleft Created Na- 
ture above Angels (or as Dr. M^ecalleth 
it, an Eternal Flefh,- or as he and 7^ Tuti 
ner a prime Created Life in the prime Mat- 
ter ) and did unite it {elf to this Superange- 


Apparitions and Witches. 231 

lical Nature, and by it caufe all the red 1 
And that this fecond Nature appeared to the 
Fathers by fuch Temporary aflumed Bo- 
dies,and at laft affumed the Body of a Man: 
bemg, fay forne, it felf a Soul to it 3 but sm- 
others , afluming both a Human Soul and 
Body : And fo, that Chrift hath three Na- 
tures, a Divine, a Super angelic at, and a Hu~ 
mane : But of this oft elfewhere. This opi- 
nion is reconciling as to the^ri *;w,who have 
affirmed Chrift to be a Creature above An- 
gels : And if God made fuch a Creature, 
methinks it fliould be eafie to perfwade 
them, that he that is as the Center, and more. 
than a Soul, maketh all the World to be 
One ( though of unlike parts J doth primari- 
ly unite hirnfclf with the firil and Nobleft 
of his productions. 

Objection But Scripture faith, that Abra- 
ham called one of thefe Lord 

Anfveer. That Name both Adonai and - 
Ehkim, are oft given to Creatures. And if 
the Name of Jehovah be fometimesufedas 
to Angels , it is only meant to God, fpeak- 
fag by thzm,\vhomdbraham knew to be pre- 
feat, though Invifible, and to know all that 
was faid 

Yet further, it was an Angel that appear- 
ed to Mfes in the burning Bu(h, and fo 
that fent him on his work to deliver the If- 
raelites from Egypt, and Fortified him with 
power of MkacleSj and made him his great 
Q.4 pn> 

2 3 2 An Hiftorical Vifcourife of 

promifes of SiiceefstAnd yet no doubt it was 
God h and the Text is true, that affirmeth 
both : Therefore it mult be God fpeaking 
and ading by the Miniftry of an Angel , 
Commiffioned ro ufe his Name. 

It was Angels that gave Mnfa the Law 
in theMount S^z: For io faith the Scripture, 
Bur it was God by them, who were his 
Voi-'e and Finger that made and wrote 
the Tables, and (pake all the words^ thefe 
were all Great and Wonderful Mimftra- 

God promlfed Mofes , that his Angels 
fhould go before the Israelites, to conquer 
their Enemies , and bring them into the 
promifed Land : Andhechargeth them not 
to provoke him, for Gods Name was upon 
him j and lie would not forgive their Iniqui- 
ties. What greater things could be faid , 
than that an Angel (hall bear Gods Name , 
and be tLcir € aptain, and Conquer their 
Enemies , ;:nd be their Governour, and not 
forgive their v^ ilful Slns* 

In jofwahs War at Jericho, an Angel 
appeareth , arid profefleth himfelf the Cap- 
tain of the Lords Hofts , Jofll. 5. 14, i^.and 
JolLua fell on bis Face io the Earth, and Wor- 
fhippedhtm^ and prayed to him to tell him his 
Meilage. If Angek be not the Generals' 
or Captains of our ■\>aux.$, we are unlike 
to Conquer. 

It was by m Angel, that' God brought 


apparitions and Witches. 233 

the Israelites- out of Egypt , Numb. 20. 16. 
It was an Angel that chofe a Wife for 
Ifaack, Gw* 24. 7. 40. The Angel of Gods 
Prefence faved thq Ifraelites , Ifa. 63. 9. 
An Angel delivered the three Men, Dan.j, 
from the Fire, and Daniel from the Lions : 
Dm. 6. Angels Preached Chrift to the Shep- 
herds, ad Angel made the pool in Jernfa- 
lem healing. Jo. 5. 4. An Angel Preachethto- 
Cormlim. An Angel delivereth Peter,AEl.i2. 
The Angel of the Lord Encampeth round 
about them that fear him , and delivereth 
thern, Pf 34. 7- God giveth his Angels 
charge over us 5 to keep us in all our ways : 
They bear us up in their Hands , left we 
dafboijr Foot againft a Stone . Pfal.gi- 11, 
12. Rev. r. Tells us, that God firftReveal- 
eth his Will to Chrift, and Chrift to Angels, 
and Angels to Jvhn, and John to the Church- 
es , and the Churches to'Pofterity. Yea , 
Angels Miniftred to Chrift himfelf , when 
he was hungry, Mat.%. 11. And appeared 
in his Agony, (lengthening him. Luke 22. 
43. Legions of Angels are at his Service : 
And all theHoly Angels will come with him 
at Judgment 5 and they will be the Reapers 
at the end of the World. 

Above 260 times are Angels mentioned 
in Scripture, and yet how little notice do 
we take of their help ? 

But is it only our Bodies that they 
help? Can. they reach or help our Souls? 

2. j 4 An Htjimcal Difcourfe of 

Arfw. If Devils can touch our Souls with 
their Temptations* are Angels farther from 
us, or lefs able to move us to our Duty ? 

But are they ordinarily prefent, or know 
our Cafe ? Anfw. They rejoice in our Con- 
verfion, and therefore know it : They are 
prefent in our Afiernblies, as Figml inrima- 
teth, i Cor. ii. i o. Say not before the An- 
gel, that it was an Errour, Eccl. 5. 6. which 
intimateth the Angels Prefence. Every Be- 
liever hath his Angel beholding the Face of 
our Father in Heaven, Matth.13.10. and 
they are not Strangers to their Charge. We 
Jtd that the Devil is prefent with us, by 
his Temptations continually, in ail oor Da- 
lies molefiing or hindering us s And are 
Angels lefs intent upon their Work ? It is 
Michael and his Angels, that fight againft. 
the Dragon and his Angels, to fave the 

While fuch Texts make the Paptfts think 
that Angels are always, or ordinarily pre- 
fent, if they give them not Divine Wor- 
ship, but fuch as we would do a Prince, 
though I have faid before why I approve 
not of their Doings, I dare not, as (one 
late Expofitors of the Revzldtm, j.jdge the 
Cathoiick Church co have become Anti- 
chriftian Idolaters, as foon is they gave too 
much Worfhip to Angeis and to Saints. 
We are come to the N^w jemffJem, to the 
Innumerable Angels, Heb.iz. and mud ho- 


Apparitions and Witches. 2 j j 

now them that fear the Lord, Tfal. 1 5*. And 
we k*iow that we are translated from Death to 
Life, bee an e we love the Brethren :' And is It 
fo damnable Idolatry to love and honour 
Angels and Saints a lit le too much, while 
they i ive them nothing proper to God ? I 
blame their Irregularities, but I dare not 
judge fo hardly of them, and the ancient 
Church, for this, as fome do; nor think 
them much better, that love and honour 
Angels and Saints as much too little. 

Some now would call a N4an an Idolater, 
that fhould fay as Jacob, Gen. 48 16. The 
Angel which redeemed me from all Evil blefs 
the Lads. They fay/ This Angel was ChriB. 
Anfw. Scripture faith, it was an Angel : 
Hof. 12 4. faith, He had power over the An- 
gel. I dare not call God an Angel, though 
Angels may be called Gods, as Princes be. 
If Chrift had then no Nature but the Di- 
vine, I fhould fufpeel it is Arianifm to call 
him an Angel, or Meffenger of God. If 
he had a Body, then ' was it Ubiquitary : 
Or had he infinite numbers of Bodies ? Or 
could he be but with one in the World at 
©nee ? 

For my part, I have had many Delive- 
rances fo marvellous, as convinceth me of 
the Miniftry of Angels in them, (not here 
to be recited J But I am fatisfied, that 
there is no lefs of the Prefence and Efficacy 
of the Father, L'on, and Holy Spirit, when 


i%6 An Hiftorical Difcourfe of 

he ufeth ami honoureth any Instruments, 
Angels, or Men, than i* he ufed no Means 
at ail As I will not defire fo to alter the- 
Hated Government and Order of God, as 
to expect here vifible Communion with 
Angels, nor will offer them any unrequired 
WbrMfyi fo I would not unthankfully for- 
get we receive by them, from 
how much we are behoideri to 
md to God and our Redeemer for 
I hope they will (hortly be a 
ivoy to the Soul of this poor Latarw, 
to :■£ Bofem; or to the Parage 
v\ tee I hope CO fare with Chrift, j£mtk 

One rh : ng more I think meet to mind 
t£e Reader of; thar he may not h(e the Be- 
nefit of thefc-Hi(tories?_Thac is How to 
diicern a good. Spirit from a ted. The 
Scripture telling us that three things are 
the Characters of Devils, lying, Malignity 
and Hurtftf&efs, (JobMJ vhich include all 
Uncharitablenefs, Revere and Diviiion, 
we may certainb 1 gather, that it is a Diabo- 
lical Spirit that promoteth thefe, whatever 
the Pretences are. 

i. The Ant'ichriftian Errour, called -^«- 
tlnomim , that would fet Chrift againft 
Chrift, and make Men believe that his 
Death hath made all our Obedience to his. 
Government a thing that (tell never do us 
my good, .(being called -Works,) and all 


1 Apparitions and Witches. 237 

our Sins againft his Grace to be fo harmlefs, 
that we ought not to think that we [hall be 
ever the worie for them 3 and that the fi- 
led: that live in Perjury, and Murder, and 
Adultery, or any other Sin, are not perju- 
red, Murderers, Adulterers, became now 
they are Chrift's Sins, and not theirs, (with 
many fuch Reproaches of Chrift, called by 
the Crifpians, the Exalting of him.) Thefe 
certainly are from Devils, and God doth 
notably difown them, as the fere mentioned 
Inftances of the Ranters, and thole ;a iSfew 
England, mentioned by Mr. Wetd-, do {hew. 
And the doleful Form of Mr. Davks Con- 
gregation, about R':'$d \i\ Nor-, iawptonjkir& 
of the Nfadriefs, Bhfphen ies, larki igs ;?nd 
Beaftility there, Heave to the Enquiry of 
fober Perfom : Though I an no v^V -pels 
dfit, thcRtJor sare fuch \ isiare act me£t 
to be fiienced.. 

Mr. Samuel Crifpe hath publifihe 
Week a Book, as againft me, in 
of his Father ; telling the World, that he 
underftands pot what he writeth of, and 
ignorantly defending what I affirm, and. 
confuting his Father, thinking it a Defence 
of him. 

I deny not but a CrifpHn may be % Chri- 
flian, while, throogh Ignorance, hebeliev- 
eth not his own Words. But he that will 
but read the Scripture, and particularly, the 
Texts cited by me in my Confejfwn of Faith, 


sg8 An Hifiorical Difcourfe of " 

fhall fee how fully Chrift hath confuted 
Cnfpe, and vindicated his Mediatorial Of- 

II. And all thofe Principles, Paffions and 
^radices that are againft the Love and 
Concord of Chrift ians, whatever pretence 
of an Angel of Light, or other Ministers of 
Righteoufuefs, may be their Cloak, are un- 
doubtedly from the dividing Devil. 

III. And more evident is it that it is no 
better Spirit that infpireth all the Slander- 
ers, Silencers and Perfecuters of the faith- 
ful Minifters- of Chrift; and thofe that 
make and execute the Laws for the impd- 
foning and ruining of the mod confcionable 
Chriftians, for their avoiding notorious Sin, 
or, at leaft, for doubtful Infirmities, incom- 
parably lets than thefe Perfecuters (Clergy 
or Laity ) are guilty of. By their Fruits 
you may know what Spirit aduateth thefe 
Men. Wolves, Thorns and Thirties are 
known by Hurtfulnefs- Chrift s Miracles 
were, Doing Good, and Healing : But De- 
vil's Work is Hurting, and Deflroying. 

And let thofe Men and Women think of 
it, that cannot forgive, but are fet upon 
Revenge. Mark whether Revenge be not 
the moii ordinary Bufinefs of Witches, and 
of Devilized Sou's \ moft of thele Hiitories 
tell it you : Therefore Chrift relleth us, 
that if we forgive not, we fhall not be for- 
given ? ih contrary is he to the Diabolical 


Apparitions and Witches. 259 

Spirit of Revenge, though yet he hath juft 
and punlihing Governours. 

Were but the Hiftories of Witches and 
Apparitions well considered, it would help 
Men to underftand, that Devils make no 
fmall number of the Laws and Rulers that 
are made in the World and have no fmall 
number of honoured Servants, and are the 
Authors of moft of the Wars in the World : 
So that the Phrafe,£w. £ E The Devil (hall 
cajv fame of you into Prifon^] fliould not feem 
ftrange. And I would I had no Caufe to 
lay, that this Mark of Lying, Malignity and 
Hunfulnefs tells us, that many Sermons are 
made by Devils, and too many of the Books 
written by them, that adorn the Libraries 
of many learned Men. 

And though Demons do good in order 
to do hurt, yet, by this Rule of Judging of 
Spirits by their Fruits, I cannot but think 
that (though there was a Mixture of Good 
and Bad) there was more of the good Spi- 
rit, than of the Bad, in moft of the ancient 
Monks and Hermites, that lived fo Arid 
and mortified Lives. And, as I find, not 
only by Erafmus, but by the Complaint of 
Proteftant Divines, that it was a Deiire of 
Liberty from the Papifts Aufterities, thac 
prevailed with moil: of the Vulgar to caft 
off Popery 3 fo the Cafe of many Monaste- 
ries, their Mortification and Devotion, 
(though ignorant,) doth make me hope thac 


240 An Hiftorical Difcourfe of 

in many fuch Monafteries there is more of 
the Spirit of God, than among the com- 
mon worldly, fenfual fort of Proteftants. 
I that muft lay lb of our well-meaning Se- 
paratifis here, muft fay fo of fuch Papifts: 
For I ( ind by the multitude of Inftances in 
Cafyrim and others, that juft as deep Re- 
pentance for former Sin, doth now bring 
many to think it fafeft to joyn with the 
Congregations, which they think are moft ( 
ftri6t : So before Luther $ time, it was or- 
dinary, when God humbled any deeply for 
their Sin, to think that they muft prelently 
joyn with fuch as renounced the World and 
fleihly Pleafures, and minded nothing but 
Religion and Salvation. And thence it 
came to pats, that among the Papifts, the 
Monafticks were called Religious, in diftin- 
dion from Secular, and other forts of Men. 
And as our feparating^ religious Proteftants 
do now demand of fuch as they admit to 
their Communion, an Account of fome 
fpecial Experiences of God's Work on their 
Hearts, in their Converdon: So did the 
Monafteries by fuch as they received. The 
aforefaid Author Cafarius will tell you of 
inuitirudes of Inftances how God converted 
Sinners, and brought them into their Reli- 
gious Houfes. 

What can one think of all this, but that, 
as all that we here do is imperfed: and faul- 
ty, and yet pardoned through Chrift, to 


Apparitions and Witchesi 24 1 

the Sincere ; fo among "Papiils, and honeft 
Sectaries, there is much chat is of God, 
and (lull be accepted,, though Satan, by 
their Ignorance and his Subtilty , do. obfcure 
and maculate the Luftre of it, and turn it 
into Scandal. For fuch is his Warfare a- 
gainft Chrift and his Kingdom in this 

God is good, and doth good 5 and, will 
hive Mercy, Jand not Sacrifice : And his Ju- 
ftice doth hurt, for a greater Good. 

The Devil is a Do- Evil: And if he do 
Good it is to greater Hurt. 

And Oh that 1 could get my own, and 
all Readers Hearts fufficiently affected with 
this Qbfervatioa J That is all our Life is 
carried on in a Warfare, and Satan's Ma-, 
lice is both agaiaft Chrift and us 3 fo his 
great Work is, to draw us into fome Sins p 
Which fliall cloud the Glory both of th£' 
Grace and the Miracles of Chrift, and damp 
the Comfort which we might have receiv- 
ed by all his Mercies. 

If he fee an honeft Chriftian zealoufly 
affected, draw him by Temptation of the 
fleihinto fome Scandal, or by Ignorance 
into fome falfe Opinions, and that Glory 
of all his Zeal is prefently turned into Re- 
proach. If he do but fall out with fome 
of his Neighbours^ and by Paffion, or for 
Wprldly Intereft, offend therm all his Pie- 
ty goeth not only for Hypocrite* but for 2 
R Reproach 

iqi Anffifidncal Difcourfe of 

Reproach to Piejty it felf. Yea, if they fall 
but into Melancholy, and Impatience, and 
Difcontent, -the Devil fets them to affright 
Men from Religion, as we kt yp Maw- 
kios m our Corn and Orchards/ to affright 
the Birds. 

The fad J?&r/#e>Story, before related, 
is an Inftance that .was fad to me. The 4- 
frican Story, before- mentioned, is more tre- 
jmrendous \ of the Bifliops whofe Tongues 
W^re cut OUt by Hunnmchus the Arr'tAtt 
King's Command, and they fpake well 
when their Tongues were cut oqt: Vi&ar 
Vncenfis, G^PLmu and Procopiw,. that all then 
lived, witritfs it ;j and fome,, if not all of 
them, I remember, fay, that they favv and 
heard them:. And yet (fay fome of them) 
the Devil after overcame fome of . theft* 
fame Bifliops to commit Fornication with 
Women, and then the Miracle ceafed^ and 
fliey could fpeak no more. 

Oh, how amiable would a holy and hea- 
venly Life appear, were it not confpurcated 
with the Mixture of its Contraries ? How 
beautiful would the Wifdom of a Saint ap- 
pear, were it not difhonoured by the Mix- 
ture of Ignorance and Erfour? How joy- 
fuHy and thankfully could I review all the 
Wonders of Mercy that have filled up my 
Life, to this prefent Hour, had I not mix- 
ed tliofe many Tranfgreffions that muft not 
be remcmbred without Grief aird Shame, 


Apparitions and Witches. 2 4 3 

though through Chrift they be forgiven ? 
Though I can fay that Pride, Ambition, and 
Covetonfnefs, and Worldly Preferment s> have 
not been ftrong enough to cloud my Com- 
forts, yet, alas J what a multitude of Faults, 
byCarelefnefs, locogitancy, Rafhnefs, Pa£ 
fion, and Want of due Watchfulnefs and 
Tendernefs of Confidence, have done it i 
Oh, with what joyful Praife toGod could 
I perufe all the Hiftory of my Pilgrimage, 
did not this woful Mixture of my Sins damp 
and allay my Comforts ; and by Indignation 
againft my (elf, abate my Peace J I believe 
Forgivenefs apd Safety from Hell : But if 
(befides my near fixty Years Caftigatory 
Pains) I did fufped, with jfuguftine x that 
there were a Purgatory hereafter, I fliould 
fear it 3 not out of any Doubt of the Suffi- 
ciency of Chrift's Satisfa&ion, Righteouf- 
nefs and Merits to their proper Ends, but 
*becaufe I believe that he is my Governour, 
though by a Law of Grace and Faith, and 
that he is a Judge, and that he is not indif- 
ferent whether we obey him, or difobey 
him. If I believe not Chrift, I ani no Chru 
fiUn : And if I believe Chrift's conftaot Do- 
tirine, particularly, Mattk 5. and 6. and 
7« and 2 j. I can no eafier be mace a CHRI- 
SPIAN^ than I can believe the groffefc 
Contradi&ion. And I now think this dif- 
tinguifhing Name as ufeful as was the Name 
of Nicolaitans. Rev. 2. & $. 

R 2 Oii e 

244 AnHifioYtcal Difcourfe of 

One thing more I defire to be obferved, 
about the warfare between Chrift and De- 
vils 5 That both fides make great ufe of 
Human In ftruments, efpeciallyof Princes and 
Paftors or Teachers i and Parents, Thefe 
are the three great Orgmes{ under Angels ) 
appointed by God, for the Moral, Free 
Agency in promoting the Kingdom of Chrift 
on Earth: And where thefe three are Faith- 
ful , O / How great a Blefling are they ? 
1 herefore it is the grand defign of Devils,to 
Corrupt thefe three, and to make them 
Traytorsto Chrift, that is their Rightful 
Lord , and Enemies to his Work, and him 
whom they fhould Reprefent. No deadlyer 
Enemies to Children , then ungodly Parents, 
No deadlyer Enemies to the Worfhippers 
-of Chrift , than Malignant, Proud, Igno- 
rant, Worldly Clergy-men ? No fuch Pow- 
erful Enemies to Kingdoms, as Ungodly , 
Ignorant Kings and Magiftrates. Oi How 
much Good, or Mifchkf '-may One King, or 
Supream Power do , by the great Advantage 
that God the Inftitutor of Government hath 
given them ? A pa, -Africa , America and! 
■Europe, are doleful Monuments of the $uc- 
cefs of Devils , by making Princes> Friefts^ 
and Parents their -Jnftruments, corrupting 7 
them by Ignorance , and by worldly flelhly/ 
Baits! Mr. Cotton Mather in the Life of! 
Mr. Eliot the New-England Evangelift , Re- 
citeth this Account of his (m>3. } why .the 

Apparitions and Witches, a 4 j 

Lyn Indians were all naught, fave one , Be~ 
caufe their Sachim (or King) was naught; 

For they and the Powvowes or (wizards) like 
Priefts , did with Malice , Threatning and 
Perfecution,, drive the People from receiv- 
ing the Gofpel, and praying to God. What 
a dangerous cafe through Mutual Hoftility, 
and cruel Perfecution, hath fometimes one 
Law,Political orEcclefiaftical,brought aNa- 
tion into , by locking the Church Doors a- 
gainfc Unity, Concord, and Mutual Love, 
and by Stoning the Diflenters from fuch di- 
viding Snares? And what a Blefling hath 
one good Prince ; yea , one Reforming or 
Healing Law or Proclamation been to a 

^ What a Blefling to the Church, were fucH 
Bifhops as Ignatius, Cyprian, Ba(ll y the three 
Or four ' Gregories, Chryfoftom, Froclus, Atti- 
cus, Auguftine, and fuch as they: And what 
Scandals and tearers were the contrary min- 
ded : Who by their Ignorance and Pride 
on pretence of Uniting , cut the Church 
and Empire into the Shreds, that yet con- 
tinue , and were a grief u> Conft amine, and 
more to Theodofius ; 2. To Anaftafius y and 
to many a Worthy Emperour ? And when 
they grew ftronger, depofed their true Ru- 
lers the Eaftern Emperors , and fuch as 
Ludovicus Tius, and kept up bloody Warrs 
ag2inft Emperors in the Weft s till they de- 
prived moft Kings of half their Govern- 
ment. The 

% q& An Hiftmcal Difcourfe of 

The God that fixeth the Ccurfe of Na- 
ture , fo as that he will not for the Prayers 
of any make the Sun alter a Minute of its 
rifing and fetting time , nor alter the Spring 
and Fall, Summer and Winter, &c Hath 
fetled alfo a Subordinate order of Free-agents 
for Moral Government, and though he 
difpofe of the Events of all Mens A<fts, 
without caufing their Sin, yet will he not 
ufually violate that free order. It's Marvel- 
lous the Devils have fo much power over 
Children and Men , as I have here proved , 
if but a filly wretched Witch confent ; And 
how much more mifchief may he do to 
Church and Kingdom, if he can but get 
Biftops, Priefts and Princes, and Law-ma- 
kers to confent. 

Therefore above all other Refiftance of 
Devils : OI Tray hard f5r Wife and Godly 
Kings and Magiftrates , and for Wife and 
Humble and Faithful Teachers, and next 
for Family Piety. And if ever the King- 
doms, Churches and People be reduced to 
Wifdom, Unity and Sobriety, this muft be 
the means according to Gods Eftabliilied 


Books Trwtedfory and fold by Tho. Parkhurft, 
at the Bible and Three Crowns at the lower 
End o/Cheapfide, near Mercers Chapel. 

TH E Englifh Nonconformity, as under K-Cbar its II. 
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A Treatife of Knowledge and Love compared : In two 
Parts: I. Of fairly .pretended Knowledge, a. Of true 
laving Knowledge and Love In Quarto. 

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the Conflagration, and the Mertors of (Che thoufand 
Years Kingdom after the Conflagration. Being an.Au- 
fvver to Mr. tho. 'Btvtflq. In Quarto. 

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ans, inflanced in ten feeming Differences, z. The Terms 
neceflary for Concord among all Churches andChrifUa.ES- 
In Quarto. 

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and free Juftification vindicated, againft the Libertines, 
&c. In two Books, &c. In Qftavo. 

Cain and ^/-Malignity ', that is, Enmity to ferious 
Godlinefs - y that is, to an holy and heavenly fhie of Heart 
asd Life, &q % All by Mr, ^chard Baxter* ' 

Books Printed for, and Sold by John Sat J* 
bnry> at the Rifing Sun over againft the 

* Royal Exchange in CornhilL % 

* i 

A N End of Dpannal Cbntroverfies, which have, 
J^\ lately troubled the Churches, by Reconciling Ex- 
plication,, without much Difputing. By Richard Baxter* 
In Oftdvo. 

A Rational Defence of Nonconformity : Wherein the 
Prance of Nonconformifts is vindicated from promo- 
ting Popery, and ruining the Church *, imputed to them 
by Dr. Sp illing fleet , in ImV nreafonablmefi of Separation, 
Alfo his Arguments from the Principles and Way of the 
Reformers, and firft Diffenters, are anfwered $ and the 
Cafe of the prefent Separation truly fiated, and the 
Blame of it laid where it ought to be; And the Way to 
Union among Proteftarits is pointed at. By Gilbert Rule, 
Minifter of the Gofpel. In Quarto. 

The Harmony of the Divine Attributes, in the Contri- 
vance and Acccmplifhmem of Mm's Redemption by the 
Lord Jefus Chfift, &c. By W. Bates, D.D. 

The Duty and Blefling of a Tender Confcience plain- 
ly ftated, and earneftly recommended to all that regard 
Acceptance with God, and the Profperity of their Souls. 
Whereunto is added two Sermons, opening the Nature 
of Participation with, and demonflraticg the Nectfficy of 
Purification by Chrift. By T. Crufo. In Twelves* 

[Apparitions and Witcheil 24^ 



§ I. T T Aving fince received from Mr. 
I"~~y Gilbert, the reverend Minifter 
A JL of the Place, a fuller Narrative 
of the ftrange Story near BelfaH, I will in- 
fat his Letter. 

Mr. Gilbert'.? Letter concerning the 
Apparition near Belfaft, in Ire- 

Dear Sir j 

YOurLaft, of July the 6th, I received;, 
and fince that, I have again and again 
enquired farther into that Bufinefs of the 
Apparition of Magdalen Loftw, which died 
about N&uenA.-i. 1685. of the Hurt ihe 
had received a Month before. And fhe ap- 
peared to Thoma* Domlfon, a Neighbour^ 
four Weeks after her Death, in the (Houfe 
of WiUim Holiday near her own Houfe. 
S There 

$4-8 An Hifiorical Difcourfe of 

There were then prefent in the faid 

"Houfe, WiRiam Holiday , and Helen his 
Wife $ as alfo Sarah Lofnam, Daughter in 
Law to the faid Defund -, and fome Ser- 
vants and Children in the Houfe* befides 
Charles Loftin and Helen Lofiin, Children 
to the faid Defunft; which are now all 
alive : And moft of them were fummon- 
ed to the following Affixes at Downe Pa- 
trick* and there deppfed foleninly before 
the Bench, the feveral Circumftantials of 
the (aid Apparition. Which Apparition 
was thrive repeated, in the fame Evening, 
to the faid Thomas Donelfon: And how 
he was horrihly„frighted thereby, and vio- 
lently drawn out of the faid Houfe, before 
their Eyes,, .though they flruggled hard to 
detain him ; And that he was carried up 
and down, bveir Neighbouring Hedges and 
Ditches : And that her laft Words to him 
were, "That (he would trouble him no 
" more, if he did faithfully profecute the 
" Caufe of her Death i which (he ftill 
" afcribed to the Blows which (he receiv- 
'* ed from the &dX Ecdeftw and K. Hig- 

The faid Thomas Doqelfon did , according- 
ly repair to his Landlord, the next juftice, 
3Vhv Randal Brke\ who brought their fe 
vera! Examinations to Sir William Frank; 
lin,'m i?<?//*?#-Caftle, ; where was alfo pre- 
fent the Earl of Lmgford: Which faid 


'Apparitions and Witches. 249 

Depofitions were carried to DuGlin, and 
there recommended to the fpecial Care 
of Judge John Lindon r who was to come \ 
down the next Affizes of Downe : And 
die faid Trial, and Examination of the 
Witnefles, were then mannaged at the faid 
Affizes, by Mr. James M a cartny y Counfel- 
lor, in the behalf of Charles Loflin, the 
Plaintiff, to the Admiration or all the 
Bench, and of the Company there, in my 
Sight and Audience. So that the Matter 
was moft notorioufly known, and believ- 
ed, through the whole Country. Nor was 
there any Caufe of fufpe&ing any Fraud 
therein, they being all plain, honeft Neigh- 
bours, weE known to me, and my Pa- 
rifliioners, in the Parifli of Drmnbeg^ in 
the County of Downe, and in the Province 
Of Vlfier. 

When you fend to Mr. Baxter, pray^ 
fend my bed Refpe&s, defiring both his 
Prayers and yours, as we moft heartily re- 
commend his continual Labours, and yours, 
to the Bleffing of the Moft High : In whom 

I Reft, 

Tour Cordially jifeEtionate^ 

*£&,» Cl. Gilbert 

s 2 §n. 

i$o An Hiftorkal Difcourfe of 

§. II. Whereas many wonder that the 
Devil can get down and up Chifdrens 
Throats , fuch great things as the Nails and 
pieces of Iron and Brafs (as I have to (hew,) 
a rude Story of that Pious and Excellent 
Rrifition, Fcelix PUtertu, makes me think 
it poffible. Two rude fellows had at meat 
a Cuftard before them , he that firft tafted 
it, found it Scalding hot ,. and diflembled 
it, to draw the other to it , who prefently 
fo fcalded his Mouth with it , that in 
Wrath arid Revenge , the next Spoonful 
thar the other did eat , he forced the Spoon 
down his Throat : Which being in his Sto- 
mach, caft him iato fear: But they both 
being (hortly after again together, eating , 
he felt, a great pain in the rettum inteftimm % 
and put his Hand to his Fundament ., and 
pulled out the Spoon,, and put it into his 
Companions Di(h. The paffage of this Spoon 
through all the inteftines ,. feems har- 
der than mod of the Witchcrafts mend- 

This confirmeth my Sufpicion, that my 
Dear Friend Mr. William Hopkins cafe be- 
fore mentioned, was but a Miftake, and 
not a Witchcrafts and that he might have 
f wallowed in his Meat a piece of a 
Fleih- prick, and think it was a Bene, and 
forgot it 5 though I could not perfuade 
his Wife and Neighbours to believe it- 

apparitions and Witches. 251 

I rather think the conceit, than Witchcraft, 
fhortned the good Mans Life, 

§. HI. And I will not fpare my fell , 
while I mention my Friend , though fome 
will deride it, it may profit others, to tell 
you a fmall Story of the Devils power on 
my felf. When I lived in LuMow-CzQkat 
16 and 17 years of Age (the Chaplain to 
the Council , being my Tutor ) I that had 
been enfnared before in the pleafure of old 
Romances, was ftrongly tempted to the 
Love of Cards and Dice. The firft over- 
came me a few Months: Having no skill 
at Tables , 1 agreed with thebeft Gamefter 
in the HoufeC Mr. Richard Harrifon, Clerk 
of the Kitchin , who died old, - 4 not many 
years ago in Barbican, at the Earl t>f Bridg- 
water s ) to teach me for a price : When I 
did but know when the Game was loft by 
the lofs of all my Men , after a Game or 
two, they told me my Game was loft; 
And laught at me for not giving it up (other 
Skilful Gamefters looking on ) I told them 
I would fee the end firft : They derided me, 
and Mr. Harrifon laid , / will lay yott ten 
Shillings to Six- Pence ; I laid down mySix- 
Pence; and he his ten Shillings : When I 
hadcaft the Dice ten times, I hadwone 
the Game. They flood amazed, and told 
me , that if I had not had the fame caft of 
the Dice all the ten times that I had , no 


»} % An Uifiorical Difcdurfe of 

other could have got my Game. An Atheift 
will laugh it this as ' Fortuitous: But I per- 
ceived that it was the Devils Temptation to 
draw me to be a Gamefter : And I gave Mr. 
HarHfon his Ten Shillings again , and never 
plaid more. 

I mention this, to tell fome Ladies and 
others of great Note, that are Enfnared in 
the Love of that vile Time-wafting Sin of 
Cards and Dice ( and Stage- plays* ) that the 
Devil hath great power in ruling that which 
they call Chance : And that it is a greater Sin 
fo to wafte precious Time than tljey are 
aware of; Befides the vile corrupting of 
their Mentions. 

- a 


Books Vrintedfor, and fold by Tho. Parkhurff,' 
at the Bible and Three Crown' at tk Imer 
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Alfo his Arguments from the Principles and Way of the 
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Purification by Chrift. By T.Crufi. In Twelves,