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Full text of "Monthly preparations for the Holy Communion"



























































*SOft 1 


-- ■//• / 

Section .^ 


I Monthly Trematiom^ 

FOR Tk^ 5>fcr 

Holy Commtrmon; 

ByjRftijatu starter- 

To which is added, 

Suitable Meditations* before 

in, and after Receiving. 

IV ITli 

Divine Hymns, 

In Common Tunes. 

(Fitted for Pubiick Congregations, 
or Private Families. *„. 

The Third Edition Ccrrefoi. 

BOSTON: Printed -fnr D Henchman, at 
the Corner Shop oveM^inlt the Brick Meet 
ing-Roule in Corniiilf. 1718. 

2. £./*£*• 







£*i Acramenta^Work is folemn Work 
^^ indeed: And all thofe helps are 
Vj valuable &defirable, whereby the 
Furniture of our Minds, the temper of 
our Hearts,and the conduft of our Lives 
may be anfwerable to the folemnity of 
a Sacramental Table. A Mind that is 
barren or perplext-, an Heart that is 
ialfe or ftupid ^ and the Conference of 
a difordered Converfation,are badCom- 
panions to attend us to the HolySupper 
of our Lord. The Lord'sBody is to be 
difcerned, his Death fhewed forth, his 
tender'd Self & Benefits received, and 
his next Coming ferioufly thought on, 
and throughly prepared for,and joyfully 
expected by us ; and all this is to b$ 
influenced and a&uated by this Memo- 
rial which Chrilt hath left with us: 
A 2 Such 


Such helps as thefe,are rhe moreufeful 
by being brief, if brevity do not render 
them defective and ohfcure, as here I 
think they will nor. No Directory 
can be better. than the Inliitution, if 
well difcerned & attended to. 

7. The Memorable Per/on is the Lord 
Jefus, in his Perfections, Relations, and 
Defigns, Here therefore let him be 

?. As MM % to render him capable of 
Sufferings,SerVice,3nd Contending with 
that Enemy of God & Man, who once 
deceived and enflaved us. 

2. As the Son of Alan, the chief of 
Humane Race, for Tryals, Fair hiulnefs 
and Advancement. 

3. As the Son of God, as efTenrially 
and molt intimately one with God 5 as 
Lord of the (Jniverfe, Head over all 
Things to His Church, and of theChurch 
itfeife The brightnefs of his Fathers 
Glory, the one Mediator 5 and lb God's 
wiy to Man, and Man's way to God, 
and one deputed to undertake and per- 
fect our ConduQ, Government, and 
Salvation,. f 

11 Hisk 

to the READER. 
11 His Sufferings are the things here 
nexr to be commemorated. Great were 
his Trials from God, from Hell, 8c from 
this World. With great compofednefs 
I and magnanimity, did he endure them, 
; and work his paflage through themto x 
that exalted ftate, wherein he had fo 
f much to do with God for us : In all 
thefe,and in his Preparations for them, 
deth he appear moft exemplary to us, 
claiming and urging our Conformity to 
his obedient, fubmiflrve, and refolute 
felf. And in hisMeritorious Sufferings 
and Expiatory Death, mult we difcern 
and think intently on, what there 2nd 
thence was evident ^ viz. God's Wifdomy 
Majefty, Hoiine's, and his Governing 
Juftice, and Prerogatives; the finfulnefs 
of Sin, theMifery of revolted Man, the 
Equity 8£ Power of Gods violated Law, 
and the eminence of the Divine above 
the Animal Life, Nature, & Concerns, 
III. Our Intereftin, and Benefit by 
thefe his Sufferings, are next to exer- 
cife our Thoughts. He died to let us 

i. How glorious a God we have ta 
do with. 

h% 2* Hearts^ 


2. What wife and righteous Confti* 
rations we had violated. 

3. What dreadful Evils we had 
brought upon our felves. 

4* What Spirir, firengrh and reach 
{there is in Divine Threat ning-s* 

5. How hard It is to be recovered, 
when we are fallen from God, and f6 
what an Enemy Satan is to Man j and 
|k>w unwilling to let his Captives go. 

6. To fliew us the riches of God's* 
Grace in him, and his own Dignity ^ in 
that his Sufferings could,and did, merit. 
and obtain of God our Pardon, Adaption, 
Acceptance^ Eternal Blifs thro 5 him,, 

7. To-raife and cherifh holy end.ea* 
vours to return to God in hope* 

8. To make us dread the Thoughts 
of ever falling off from God again, 

9. To juftifie our Claims to all the 
Benefirs of our Gofpel-ftate- and day. 

10. To obtain of God for us theSpirit 
and Means of Grace, thereby to fit usl 
for our prefent Work & Trials in this] 
our Probationary State y and to fuit and 
bring us to his Father and Himfelf in 
Glory, £t that with univerfalSatisfaQi^ 
^a i *«qd.Ad.vantage> i .aa4:A]^pJiinfetf 


To the REAVE R. 

ii. To puc himfelf into a capacity 
of interceding for us in Heaven, and. 
biefling us from Heaven as our High- 
Prielt upon his Throne. 

12. To put us into,& to keep us in a 
Govenant-Itare & frame, that thus we 
may deal 8£ walk withGod,asChildjen, 
as interefted in his Son, as inhabited 
and actuated by his Spirit, & as united 
with all the Family of God and Ghrift, 
in the fame Principles, Pra&ices, Con-* 
cerns, and Hopes, in order to the Exer- 
cifes of all the fympathiesand fervices, 
of mutually ChriltianLove,Eph,iv.i, 6 8 , 

IV. Our Commemoration of Chriltt 
thus reprefented to us as upon the 
Crofs, and as determining to come- 
again, is our next work. 

i. The Sacramental Elements/Sc the 
Obferved Inftitution, is the Memorial, 

2. The Remembrance contains, 

i. head-work, in difcerning, remem* 

bring and: believing the Sacramental 

Doftrine of this Supper to be true,and 

of great confeqaence to us : Chrift Cruci* 

fiH^rsl. determining to cone cgain, 

2. heart aw/^in forming the temper, ; 
pyrppfes, hope§,ar<d. comforts^of our- 


The PR EFA CE; &c. 
Hearts unto whit this Supper imports, 
and our acceptance of what is tendered 
here* and our obliging our felves to do 
'and be asChrift would have us. 

3. Life work ; in keeping up our 
Chriltian Practice and Profeflion as we 
are here dire&ed and obliged to -, for 
a more full Account whereof, and 
greater firnefs for lr r thou art commend- 
ed to this helpful Treatife, by Thine 
to his poor Power for Chrift. 

Matthew Sjhejler. 

Feb. 3. i69%,6.. 

Ci ) 

A Monthly Preparation for 
ourHoly Communion with 
CHRIST and His Church, 
in the Lord's Supper. 

THIS is a holy Fealt that is pur- 
pofely provided by theKirgof 
Saints, for the Entertainment 
of his Family \ for the refrefhingof the 
" weary,ai.d the making glad the mourn- 
ful Soul, The Night before his bitter 
Dea^h, he inltitured this Sacramental 
Feall \ He caufed h\sDifcipfes to fit down 
wishlfMjnd when they had pa naked of 
tie Paflbver, the Sacrament of Promife, 
and had their talte of rhe vlaWwe^.z gi- 
veththem thetf*a>,even the Sacrament of 
the better Covenanted of the fuller Gof* 
f el Grace : He teacherh them that his 
Death is Life to them : And that which is 
his bitiere]1f.'jferh7g,\s theirJWZ: And 
hhjnrrouos are their foys\ as out finfui 
fie fur es were hxsforrows .The flainLamb 
of God our fojjover that was Sacrificed j or 



2 A Monthly Preparation for 
us, tbattaketb away the fins oj the Worlds 
was thepleafant food} wh\chSacrawen* 
tally he himfelf then delivered to them, 
and fubftantially the next day offered 
for them. The Bread of God it be which 
cometb down from Heaven, and givetb Life 
unto the world, Joh.6.33. He it the living 
Bread which came down from heaven : If 
any Man eat vj this Bread he fhall live for 
ever : And the Bread which he givetb it 
his flefh which he hath given for the Life of 
the World. Ver. 50,5; 1. Except we eat tb\ 
fiejh of the Son oj Man, and drink bis 
Blood,we"have no Life in us : Whofo eatetb 
his flefh iff dri/nketb his Bloodbath eternal 
1-.ifefi? he will raife htm up at the la ft day : 
For his Flefh is meat indeed, & bis Blo«d 
it drink indeed : He that eatetb his flefh, 
and drinking his Blood, dwellctb in Chn3, 
and Chrifi in him : As the living Father 
bath Jen t the Son, & be livethby the Father. 
So be that eatetb him, fhall live by hint. 
This it that Bread that came down from 
Heaven : Not as the Fathers did eat Man- 
na & are dead : He that eatetb this Bread 
flmtl live J or ever. 

I fhall here only give you fome brief 
Dircftions for your private duty herein. 


the Holy Sacrament] % 

Direft. i. Vnderfland well the proper 
ends jo which this Sacrament was institu- 
ted byCbrill, iff take heed thai you ufc it 
not to ends, for which it never was appoin- 
ted. The true ends are thefe, i. To be a 
folemnCemmemoration of theD^/& and 
Paffian of Jefus Cbrifi, Mat.26.28. Mar. 
14- 24. Luk. 22, 20. To keep it, as it 
were, in the Eye of the Church, in his 
bodily abfence 'till he ccme, 1 Cor. 11. 
24,25,26. 2. To be a folemn renewing 
of theHolyCovenant which was firft en- 
tred in Baptifm, between Ghrijt and the 
Receiver \ and in that Covenant it is on 
Chritt's parr, a folemn delivery of him- 
felf firft, and with himfelf the benefits 
of Pardon ^ReconcUiation,Adoptionfix.x\^\\t 
to Life Eternal Heb. 9. 15, 16, 17, 18. 
I Cor. 10 16, 24. And on Man's part ;, 
it is our folemn acceptance ofC6n'f?,witk 
h\sBe n efts, upon his terms, & a deliver- 
ing up ourfelves to him,as his Redeemed 
ones,Qven to the Father as our reconciled 
Fathered to the Son as our Lord (S> Savi- 
our, and to the Holy Spirit as our Sanfti- 
fier, with Profejfed Jhankfulnefs for fo 
great a benefit. 3. It is appointed to be 
a liv ely objeQive means ,by which theSpi- 


4 A Monthly Preparation for 

rit of Chr>fi (hould work to ttir up €t ex- 
ercife, 8c increaie he liepentanceJFaub, 
Dcfire,Love,Hope, Joy, Tbankjulnefs, and 
Kew Obedience of Believers $ by a lively 
Reprefemation of the evil oj Jin, the infi- 
nite Love of God in CV//?,thefirmnefsof 
the Covenant or Promife, the great nefs 
andjurenejs of the Mercy given, & the 
Blejjednefs purchafed & promifed to us, 
and the great Obligations that are laid 
upon us. Arid that herein Believers might 
be folemnly called out to the molt fe- 
rious exercife of all thefeGraces, \Cor. 
11.27,28,29,31. 1 Cor. jo. 16, 17,21. 1 
Cor. if, 2?, 26. 2 Cor. 64. And nvght be 
provoked Sc ailiftedtolHr upthemlelves 
to this Communion with Gcd in Cbrift, 
and to pray for more as through a facri- 
ficed Cbrifi. 4, It is appointed to be 
the folemn Profeffion of Believers, of 
their Faith,&Love,K Gratitude, 3nd O- 
bedience to God the father, Son and Holy 
-GboS 9 and of continuing firm in the 
Cbriilian Religion. And a Badge of the 
Church before the World. Alls 2. 42, 
46. & 20. 7. 5, And it isappointed to 
be a ftgn H. means <fi \\\z\Jnity^Love&xA 
Communion of Saints, &their readinefs to 
-Communicate to each other. The 

to the Holy Sacrament] 5 

The Falfe miftaken ends, which you 
muft avoid, are thefe, i. You muft not 
with thePapifis think that the end of it 
is to turn Bread into noBread, 8c Wine 
into noWine,& to make them really the 
true Body & Blood of fefus (Shrift. For 
if fenfe (which telieth all Men that it 
9 is ftill Bread &C Wine) be not to be be- 
* lievedjthen we cannot believe that ever 
there was a Go/pel, or an Apoftle, or z 
Tope, or a Man, or any thing in the 
World. And thsApofile exprefly callethit 
Bread three times, in 3 Verfes together, 
after theConfecr at ion, iCor.n. 26 ,27,28*1 
And he telieth us, that the ufe of it is 
(not to make the Lord's Body really pre^ 
fent but) to /hew the Lord's Death till he 
come \ that is, as a vifible reprefenting 
and commemorating fign, to be infiead 
of the Bodily prefence till he come* 

2. Nor muft you with the PapiJIs ufe 
this Sacrament KofacrificeChrift again real- 
ly unto tie Father, to propitiate him for 
the quick 8c dead,and eafe Souls inPurs 
gatory,8c deliver them out of it. For 
Chrift having died once dieth no more* 
and wirhour killing him, there is no fa- 
crificinghim ;By once offeringuphlmtelf, 
B be 

6 A Monthly Preparation for 
he bath perfelled for ever them that arc 
fandified^ now there rematnetb no more 
Sacrifice for fin : Having fin ifh ed the 
facrificing work on Earth, he is now 
paHed into theHeavens y to appear before 
God for his Redeemed ones+Rom.6.9.iCor m 
IS. 3. 2 Cor. 5.14,15. Heb. 9. 26. and 10. 
12,26. and 9. 24. 

3. Nor is it any better than odious 
impiety to receive the Sacrament ,to con- 
firm fomeConfederacies orOat hs of Secre* 
fie 9 for rebellions or other unlawful de- 

4. Nor is it any other than impious 
prophanation of thefe facred Mifteries 
for the Prieft to conftra'w ovfuffer noto- 
rioufly ignorant, & ungodly Perfons, to 
receive them,either to make themfelves 
believe that they are indeed the Chil- 
dren of God, or to be a means which 
ungodly Men fhould ufe to make them 
godly ^ pr,which Infidels or Impenitent 
Perfonsmult ufe tohelp them toRepen- 
tance & Faith in Cbrifi. For th# there 
is that in it which may become a mean* 
of theirConverfion,(as aThiet that fteal ' 
eih'aBible oTSermnBookjmy be convert ! 
ed by lu) Yet it is not to be ufed hy xh< I 


ibt Holy Sacrament] 7 

Receiver to that end. For that were to 
tell God a lie,as the means of theirCon- 
verfion * for whofoever eometh to re-. 
ceive a fettled pardon,doth thereby pro* 
fefsRepentance,asalfoby the words a'd- 
joyned he muft do $ and whofoever t;k- 
eth, 8£ tattth, & drtnketb the Br tad and 
IVine.doth actually profefs thereby, that 
he taketh 8c applieth Cbrift himfelf by 
Fiith ? And therefore, if he do neither 
of thefe, he lierh openly to God 5 and 
lies & falfe Cavenants are not the ap- 
pointed means of Converfion. Nor that 
the Minifttr is a Her in his delivery of 
it : For he doth but conditionally feal 
and deliver God's Covenant & Benefits to 
theReceiver,to be his, if he truly Repent 
and Believe : But the Receiver himfelf 
lieth, if he do not aftually Repent & Bc- 
Jieve i as he there profefTeth to do. 

?- Alfoit is an impious prophanatioa 
of the Sacrament, if any Prieft for the 
Love of filthy Lucre, (hall give it to 
thofe tjhat ought not to receive it, that 
he mry have his Fees orOfferings -, or, 
that thePrieft mav have fo much Money 
that is bequeathed for the faying a Mais 
for fuch or fuch a Soul. 

B 2 6. And 


8 A Monthly Preparation for 

6. And it is odious prophanarion of the 
Saeramenfyo ufe it as a League or Bond, 
of Faftion, to gather perfbns into the 
party ^ tie them faft to it,that they may 
depend upon the Prielt, & his Faftion 
andlnterelt may thereby beltrengtbned, 
gc he may feem to have many followers. 

7. And it is a dangerous abufe of it, 
to receive it,thar you may be pardoned, 
or fanEtified, or faved, barely by the 
work done, or by the outward exercife ' 
alone. As if God were there obliged 
to give you Grace, while you Itrive not 
with your own Hearts, to ftir them up 
to love,or defire,or faith, or obedience, 
by the means that are before you $ or 
ss if God would pardon & fave you for 
eating Co much Bread and drinking for 
much Wine when the Canon biddeth 
you * or, as if the Sacrament conveyed 
Grace, like as Charms are fuppofed to 
work, by faying over fo many word?. 

8. Lilt ! y, Ic is no appointed end of 
thisS3crament,thattheReceiver thereby | 
profefs himfeif certain of the finceruy 
of his own Repentance & Faith: (For ic 
is not managed on the ground of fuch 
certainty only by the Receiver \ much 



iht Holy Sacramenrl 9 

lefs by the Miniiter that delivereth it.) 
Bar only he profefleth that as far as he 
qan difcern byobfervinghis ownHearr,he 
istruly willing to haveChrift,&:hisbene- 
fits on the terms that they are offered 5 
&: that he doth content to the Covenant 

• which he is there to renew. Think not 
therefore, that the Sacrament is inftitu- 
ted for any of thefe (miftakenj ends. 

* DireCt 2. Diftlnltly under fan d the 
> p art s of the Sacrament, that you may dif* 

tintfly kfc them,. Of not do, you know not 
txhat. This Sacrament container!) thefe 
three parts, 1. The Confecration of the 
Bread & Wine,wh\ch maketh it the Re- 
prefentativeBody &Blood of Chri ft, 2 The 
Reprefentation & Commemoration of the 
Sacrifice of Chrift. 3. ThzCommuxicn : 
O^Commumcaticn by Chrift, and Recep- 
tion by the People. 

*■ I/i theG/z/^.r^^theChurch doth 
firlt offer theLieatures of BreadU. Wine, 
to be accepted of God, ro thisSacred ufe: 
And God aecepreth them, and bleffeth- 
thern to this ufe 5 which he fign'fieth 
both by the words of his own Jriiiru- 
tiovad by the Attion of hisMiniffers, 
ind 1 heir EtntliHhn. They being the 
B 3 Agents 

jo A Monthly Preparation for 
Agents of God to the People, in this Jfef 
ccptingZl Ble fling ^s they are the Agents 
ot the P*0/?/* to G^i, in cfierwg or rff#& 
«;//^ the Creatures to this ufe. 

2« This Confccration having a fpecial 
tefpett to God the Father, in it we ac- 
knowledge his three grand Relations, 
i. That he is the Creator &L ioxhcOwner 
of all the Creatures $ for we offer them 
to him as his own* 2. That lie is our 
Righteous GvvernourjNhoU Law it was, 
that Adam & we have broken, and who 
required fatisfaftion,and hath received 
the facrifice and atonemenr,& hath dif%. 
penfed with the ftrift & proper execu- 
tion of that Law -, and- will rule us 
hereafter by the Law of Grace- 3 That 
he is our Father orBenefa&or who hath 
freely given us a Redeemer, and the 
Covenant of Grace,whofeLove &Favour 
we have forfeited by fin, but defire&nd 
hope to be reconciled by Chiift. 

?• As Chrilt himfelf was Incarnate 8C 
true Chrilt, before he was facrijiced to 
God.znd was facrijiced toGod.hzfoxz that 
facrifice be communicated for life and 
nourifhment to; Souls: So in the Sacra- 
ment, Confecratkn mull ftrft make the 


the Holy Sucr$mert> I? 

Creature to be the Flejh £? BlocdofCbnft 
rcprefcntativc\ 8c then t lie facrificing of 
thai Fiejh & Blood mult be reprefenred 
and commemorated -, Et chen the facri* 
ficed flefh and blood communicated to 
the Receivers for their fpirirualiife* 

Ii. TlxzCommemoration chiefly (but not 
only J refpe&eih God the Son : Fur he 
hath ordained, that t\\$teconfccratcdRe- 
prefentations fhould in their manner and 
meafure, fupply the room ef his bodily 
prefence,while his body is in Heaven i 
And that thus as it were//; effigy in 
reprcftntation, he might be ftilL Cru- 
cified before the Churches eyes $ and 
they might be afft&ed, as if they had 
feen'him on the Crofs. . And that by 
FaitbSz Prayers, they might as it VJere 9 
offer him up toGod^that is,Might fheiv 
the Father that facriftce once made for 
fin, in which they trult - y and for which 
it is,that they expeft all the acceptance 
of their perfons with God,and hope for 
audience when rhey beg for mercy,and 
offer up prayer or praife to him. 

HI. In the Communication, though the 
Sacrament have fefpefl to the Father , 
as the principal Giver ^6£ to the 5^ as 


1 2 A Monthly Preparation for 
both the Gift K Giver , yet hath it a 

fpeciai refpe£t to the HolyGhoS^s being 
that 5//W; given in the Flcjh and&W, 
which quickenethSouls * without which 
theFleJh will profit nothing : Andwhofe 
operations muft convey KappIyChrift's 
laving benefits to us- John 6-63- &: 739. 
Thefe three being the parrs of theSa* 
crament in whole, as comprehending 
that facred ii#/0tf,&participationwhich 
is effentiai to it. The Material parts, 
called theRelate & Correlate,zxe, 1 Sub- 
ftantial ^Qualitative- 2 Afiive&PaJJive. 
1. £he firlt are the Bread and Wine as 
figns, and the Body ar-d B/W ofCbrift, 
wich hisGr^rr andfirtf^/^asthethings 
fignified and given- The fecondare the 
Ailions of Breaking, Pouring out,2n&Deli- 
veringon the Minilters parr, ("after the 
Consecration) and the Taking, Eating, 
and Drinking, by the Receivers, as rhe 
figT : And the fignified is,theCrucifying 
or Sacrificing of Chrift,& theDelivering- 
himfelf with hisBenefrts to theBeliever 
and the Receivers thankful Accepting* 
and iifiag the laid gift- To thefe add 
the Relative ¥onn$L the Ends, and you 
have the definition of this Sacrament. 


the Holy Sacrament* i3 

* Dire£t. 3. Look upon the Minijier as 

r the Agent or Officer of Cbrift, who U Com- 

* pi'JJioned by him to feal & delivtr to yon 
the Covenant & its benefits : And take the 

. Bread i$ Wine as if you heard Chriji him* 
■f elf faying to you, Take my BodytSf Blood, 
Ekand the Pardon fit Grace which it thereby 

* fur chafed- It is a great help in the 
'W\ppIication,to have mercy and pardon 
Ibroughr us by the hand of a Commiflio- 

ncd Officer of Chrift. 

Direft- 4- In your preparation before*. 
*hand, take heed oj thefe two extreams, v 
That you come not prophanely & carefrfly, 
with common hearts, as to a common work: 
ForGod will be fa notified in them that 
draw near ro him, Lev* 10 3, And they 
that eat and Drink unworthily, not 
difcerning theLordsBody frbmcommon 
Breadjbut eating as if it were acommon 
meal, do eat Death to themfelves," 
inftead of Life- 2- Take heed left your 
mft.ikcs of the nature of this Sacrament ', 
fhould pfffs you with fuch fears of un- 
worthy receiving^ the following dangers, 
is may quite difcompfe & 'unfit yourSouls 
r or the joyful exerafes 0/ Faith, £7 Love, 
: S> PraifepThanksgivingjo which you are 


1 4 A Monthly Preparation for 
invited' Many that are fcupulous of re- 
ceiving it (n *v>J 7 tive a f rafting gefturc, 
are too little carefuS&fcrupulous of re- 
ceiving ir in any.fave z fcafiing frame of 
mind* The firft excresm is caufed by 
profanenefs and negligence, or by grofs 
ignorance of the nature of the Sacra- 
mental woik. The latter extream is' 
frequently ciufed as folio weth -, i By 
fating this S.icrament at a greater 
diftance from other parts oj God's wor- 
/hip y then there is caufe : So that the 
excefs of Reverence doth overwhelm 
the minds of fome with terrors- 2- By 
ttudying more the terrible w r ords of 
eating and drinking damnation to tbcm- 
fclvcs, if they do it unworthily^ than all 
the expreillons of Love &Mercy,which 
that Bleffed Feaft is fumifhed with* 
So that when the views of infinireLove 
fhould ravifh them,- they are ftudying 
.wrath and vengeance ro terrify them, 
as if they cime to Mofcs, and not to 
(Shrift. 5 By not underftanding what 
maketh a Receiver worthy or'unwortby, 
but taking their unwilling infirmities 
for condemning unworthinefs. 4. By 
receiving it fo feldom, as to make it 


the Holy Sacrament. i 5 

ftrange to them,and increafe their fear, 
whereas, if it were adminiltred every 
Lord's day, as it was in rbe Primitive 
Churches, it wauld better acquaint 
them with it, and cure that fear that 
cometh from thangenefs. f* By ima- 
gining, that none that want affbrance 
of their own fincerity, can receive in 
Faith. 6. By contracting an ill habit 
of miftaken Religioufnefs,placing it ail 
in poring on themfelves, and mourning 
for their corruptions, and not infludy- 
ing the Love of God in Chrift, and 
living fn the daily praifes of his Name, 
and joyful thankfgiving for his exceed- 
ing Mercies. 7- And if befides all 
thefe the Body contract a weak or ti- 
morous melancholy diiiemper, it will 
leave the mind capable of almoft na« 
thing, but fear and trouble, even in the 
fweeieft woiks. From many fuch cau- 
fesit cometh to pafs, that tie Sacra- 
ment of the Lord's Supper is become 
more terrible, and uncomfortable to a- 
than any other Ordinance of God ; and 
that which fhouid molt comfort them 
doth trouble them moit. 


1 6 A Monthly Preparation for 

Que ft. r. But it not this Sacrament 
trior e holy and dreadful, and fbould it not 
have mure. preparation, than other parts of 
wifh.p ? 

* if. For the degree ?ndeed,it fhould 
have ve y careful preparation : And we 
cannot well compare it with other' 
paus of worihip 5 as Praife, Thankfgiv, * 
i g Covenanting with God, Prayer,£?V. 
Betaufe that ail thefe other parts are 
here c mprifed and performed, But 
d'ubtlef , God muft alio be fanftifted 
in ail his other worfhip, and his Name 
mult not be t;iken in vain. And when 
this Sacrament was received every 
Lord's-day, and often in the Week be- 
fides, Christians were fuppofed to live 
continually in a ftate of general prepay 
ration, and not to be fo far from a due 
particular preparation, as many poor 
Chriftians think they are. 

Quelt. 7. How of ten fhould the Sacra* t\ 
went be now adminijlred. that it neither^ 
grow into contempt n^rUrangenefs ? M 

Anfw. Ordinarily in wellDifciplined&i 
Churches it fhould be ftill every Lord's-?, 
day- For, i. We have no reafon tcic, 
prove,that the^pofiles example 8t apf ;; 




the Holy Sacrament] 17 

pointment in this cafe, was proper to 
thofe times, any more than that praife 
and thankfgiving daily is proper to 
.them : And we may as well deny the 
obligation of other Institutions or A- 
pcftolicalOrdersasthat. 2. It is a part 
of the fettled order for the Lord'sDays 
worfhip * and omitting it, maimethand 
alterab the worfhipjortbeday^ and occa- 
iioned the omiffion of the thankfgiving 
nd praife, and lively commemorations; 
ofChrift, which fhould be then moll 
performed ; And fo Chriftians by ufe t 
grow habited to fadnefs,and a mourning 
melancholy Religion, and grow unac- 
quainted with much of the Worfhip 
and Spirit of the Gofpel. ?. Hereby 
the Papifis lamentable corruptions of 
^his Ordinance have grown up,even by 
an excefs of reverence and fear, which 
feldom receiving doth increafe * till 
they are come to woifhipBrai as thek 
3pd< 4. By feldom communicating, 
Men are feduced to think all proper 
[Communion of Churches lieth in that Si- 
yranent, and to be more prophanely 
o>oid in abufing.many other parts of 
j-voifhipt ?. There are better means 
% ~ G (bjr 

'i8 A Monthly Preparation for 

(by Teaching and Difcipline; to keep 

the Sacrament from contempt, than the 
omitting or difplacing of it. 6. Every 
Lord'sDay is no oftner than Chriftians 
need it. 7. The frequency will teach 
them to live prepared, and not only to 
make much ado once a Month or Quar- 
ter, when the fame work is negietted 
all the Year befide 5 even as one that 
liveth in continual expe&ation of death, 
will live in continual preparation : 
When he that expe£teth it but in fome 
grievous ficknefs,will then be frightned 
into fome feeming preparations, which 
are not the habit of his Soul, but laid 
by again w£en the difeafe is over. 

3. Bur yet I muft add, that in fome 
undifciplined Churches, and upon fome 
occafions ic may be longer omitted, or 
feldomer ufed * no duty is a duty at 
all times: And therefore extraordinary 
cafes may raife fuch impediments, as 
may hinder us a long time from this, 
and many other Priviledges. But the 
ordinary faultinefs of our imper*e9| 
hearts, that are apt to grow cultcmarjr 
and dull, is no good reafon why \r 
ffioqM be fel&cm $ any more than mi) 


the Holy SacramnK >e 

other fpeciai duties of Worfhip and 
Church Communion fhould be feldom. 
Read well the Epiflle of Paul to the 
Corinthians, and you will find that they 
were then as bad as the true Chriftians 
are now, and that even in this Sacra- 
ment they were very culpable, andyet 
Paul feeketh not to cure them by their 
feldomer communicating. 

Q. 3. Are all the Members ofthevifible 
Church to be admitted to this Sacrament ? 
Or Communicate. 

Anfw, All are not xofeek ir,or xotake 
it, becaufe many may know their own 
u ifitnefs, when the Church or Paftors 
know it not : But all that come and 
feck if,are to beadmitted by thePaftors, 
except fuch Children, Idiots, ignorant 
Perfons, or Ueriticks, as know not what 
they are to receive or do^ and fuch as 
are notorioufly wicked or fcandaious^ 
and have nor manifelted their Repen- 
tance. But then it is prefuppofed,thac 
none fhould be numbred with the adult 
members of the Church, but rhofe thac 
have perfonally owned their Baptifmal 
Covenant, by a Credible ProfcJJijnof true 
Cbrittianity % 

C 2 • Q. 4; 

r 2o A Monthly Preparation for 

Q; 4. May a Man that bath knowledge, 
and civility, and common gifts t come and 
take this Sacrament, if he know that be 
if yet void of true repentance, and other 
faving Grace ? 

Anfw. No j for he then knoweth 
Mmfelf to be one that is uncapable of 
it in his prefent ftate. 

Quelt. 5. May an ungodly Man receive 
this Sacrament, who knovceth not himjelf 
to be ungodly ? 

Anfw. No^ For he ought toknowity 
and his finfdl ignorance of his own con- 
dition, will not make his fin to be his 
duty h nor excufe his other faulrs be- 
fore God, 

Queft. 6. Mutt a fincere CbriJJian re- 
ceive that is uncertain of his fincenty, and 
in continiul doubting ? 

Anf. Two preparations are neceflary 
to this Sacrament •, the general prepare- 
fr'tf/r, which is a (tare ot Grace, and this 
xhe doubting Chriitian hath ; ar.d the 
particular 'Preparation, which confifteth 
in his prefent actual fitnefs : And all 
the Queltion is of this. And to know 
this, you muft further diftinguifh, be- 
tween immediate duty and more remote $ 


the Holy SacramenK 2 1 

\ and between the degrees of doubtful- 
nefs in Chrifttans, i. The near eft, 
immediate Duty of the doubtingChriftian 
is, to ufe the means to have his doubts 
refolved, till he know his Cafe ; and 
. then his next duty is, to receive the 
\ Sacrament \ and both thefe ftill remain 
jj his Duty, to be performed in this order. 
And if he fay, J cannot be refolved, when 
1 have done my heft. Yet certainly it is 
fome Sin of his own, that keepeth him 
in thedark,andhindereth hisAfTurance; 
and therefore duty ceafeth not to be 
duty : The Law ofCbritt Itfli obiigeth 
hm, both to get Aflurarce, and to re- 
ceive 5 and the want both of the 
Knowledge of his State, and of the 
Receiving xhcSacrawent, are his continual 
Sin, if he lie in it never lb long thro' 
thefe fcruples, though it bean infirmity 
that God will not condemn him for. 
("For he is fuppofed to be in a "a:e of 
Grace.) But you will fay, What if ftill 
he cannot he rejolvcd whether he his ff*ue 
Fauh & Repentance, cr not ? What 
Jhould he do while he is in doubt ? I 
anfvver, It is one thing to ask, what is 
his duty in this cafe ? And another 
C 3 ' thirg 

22 A Monthly Preparation for 
think to ask, Which U the f mailer or lefs 
dangerous Sin ? Still his duty is both 
to get the Knowledge of his Hearty and 
to communicate : But while he finneth 
('through infirmity) in the failing of the 
JirS, were he better alfo omit the other, or 
not ? To be well refolved of thatjou 
niuft difcem, I. Whether hisjudgment^ 
of himfelf, do rather incline to think 
and hope that he is fincere in his Repen- 
tance & Faith,ox,that he is not ? 2. And 
whether the confequents are like to be 
good or bad to him. If his hopes that 
be is fincere, be as great or greater than 
his fears of the contrary, then there is no 
faeh ill confequent to be feared as may 
jhinderhis communicating \ but it is his 
fceft way to do ir, and wait on God in 
she ufe of his Ordinance. But if the 
Perfwafionof his gracelefnefs be greater 
than the hopes of his (incerity, then 
lie mult obferve how he is like to be 
affetted, if he do communicate. If ht 
find that he is like to clear up hi 
mind, and increafe his hopes by th 
mftaatling of his Grace, he had ye 
%eft to go : Bat if he find that hi 
Heart is like to be overwhelmed wit I 


to the Holy Sacrament] 2£ 

horror 8c funk into defpair, by running 
into the fuppofed guilt of unworthy 
receiving, then it will be worfe to do 
ir, than to omit it. Many fuch fearful 
Chriftians I have known, that are fain 
many years to abfent themfelves from 
the Sacrament $ becaufe if they fhould 
receive it while they are perfwaded 
of their utter unworthinefs,they would 
be fwaliowed up ©f defperation, and 
think that they had taken their own 
damnation (as the Twenty Fifth Article 
of the Church of England faith, the un- 
worthy Receivers do.) So that the chief 
Sin of fuch*a doubting Receiver, is not 
that he rtceivetb though he doubt ; for 
doubting will not excufe us for the 
finful omiilion of a duty (no more of 
this than of Prayer or Thankfgiving :) 
But only Prudence requirechfuch a one 
to forbear that, which through hisown 
Diftemper would be a means of his 
defpair and ruine: As that Phyfick or 
Food (how good foever) is not to be 
taken which would kill the taker: 
God's Ordinances a^e not appointed for 
our deliru£lion, but for our edification- 
and fo muft be uied as tendeth there- 

24 A Monthly Preparation for 
untcu Yet to thofe Chrillians, who are 
in this cafe, and dare not communicate, 
I mult put this Queltion 5 How dare you 
fo long refufe it ? He that confenterh 
to the Covenant, may boldly come and 
fignify his confenr, and receive the 
fealed Covenant of God - 5 for conftnt 
is your Preparation, or the neceflary 
Condition of your Right: If you con-* 
fent not, you refufe all the Mercy of 
the Covenant. And dare you live in 
fuch a ftate ? Suppofe a Pardon be of- 
fered to a condemned Thief,but fo,that 
if he afrer caft it into the dirt, or turn., 
Traytor, he (hall die a fbier Death 
will he rather chufe to die than take 
it, and fay, I am afraid I (hail abufe it > 
To refufe God's Covenant is certain^ 
Death ; but to conftnt is your Prepare? 
tion and your Life. 

Quelt, 7. Wherein lietb the Sin of an 
Hypocrite, and ungodly Ferfon y if he do 
receive ? 

Anf. His Sin is, i. In Lying & Hypo- 

< trifie ^ in that he profeflcth to repent 

urjcignedly of bis Sin, and to be rejolve I 

for a hcly Life, and to believe in Cbrifl, 

and to accept him on his Covenant- 


the Holy Sacrament* 25 

terms,an* to give up himfelf toGod,as 
his|Father,his Saviour, & hisSanftifier, 
and to forfake the Flefh, the Wor/d^nd. 
the Devil •, when indeed, he never did 
any of this, but fecretly abhorrerh it 
at his Heartland will not be perfwaded 
to it : And fo ail this ProjeJJion, and 
Iris very Covenanting icfeif, and his Re* 
ce\ving^% it is a Prof effing, covenanting- 
ftgn,\s nothing but a very lie. And 
what it is to lie to the Holy Gbofi, the 
cafe of Ananias and Safphira xzlleth us* 
2. It is Ufurparion to come and lay 
claim to thofe Benefits, which he hath 
fio Title to. 3. it is a Propha^aiion of 
thefe holy Myfteries, to be thus ufed j 
and it is a taking of God's Name in 
vain, who is a jealous God, and will 
be fan&ifiedof all that draw near unto 
him. 4. And it is a wrorg to the 
Church of God, and the Communion of 
Saints, and the honour of theChriftian 
Religion, that- fuch ungodly Hypocrites 
intrude as Members : As it is to the 
Kings Army, when the Enemies Spies 
creep in amonglt them 5 or to his Mar- 
riage feaft to have a Gueft in rags, Mat. 
22. 11, 12. 


26 A Monthly Preparation for 

Obje£t. But it h no lie, becaufe tie) 
think they Jay true in their Profejjion* 

Anfw % That is through their finfu] 
negligence and felf-deceit ; And he h 
a lier that fpeaks a falfliood, whict 
he may and ought to know to be a fal 
fliood, though he do nor know it. There 
is a lier in rafhnejs and negligence, as 
Well as of fet purpoje. 

Queft. 8, Doth all unworthy receiving 
make a man liable to damnation ? Or, what 
unworthinejs ii it that is Jo threat ned ? 

Anf. There are three forts of unwor- 
thinefs (or unfitnefsj and three forts of 
Judgment anfwerably to be feared. 
i. There is the utter unworthinefs of 
an Infidel, or impenitent, ungodly Hy 
pocrite.. And damnation to Hell-fire. 
is the punifhment that fuch mult expeft, 
if Converfion prevent it not. 2. There 
is an unworthinefs through fome great 
and fcandaious crime, which a regene 
rate Perfon falleth into -, and thi 
(houid flop him from the Sacrament 
for a time, till he have repented ane 
caft away his Sin. And if he com< 
before he rife from his fall by a parti) 
cular Repentance, (as the Corinthian 


the Holy Sacrament. 2 J 

*fhat finned in the very ufe of theSacra-' 
ment it feitj they may expe& fome 
notable temporal Judgment at the 
prefentj (and if Repentance did not 
prevent it, they might fear Eternal 
Punifhment) 3. There is that meafure 
of unworthinefs which confifteth 
in the ordinary infirmities of a Saint 5 
and this fhoLld not at all deter them 
from the Sacrament, becaufe it is ac- 
companied with a greater worthinefs* 
yea, though their weaknefs appear in 
tlfe time and manner of their receiving ; 
3ut yet ordinary Corrections may 
follow thefe ordinary infirmities. (The 
grojjcr abufe of the Sacrament it fclf, I 
join under rhe fecond rank ) 

Queft. 9. What ii the particular Prepa- 
ration needful to a Jit Cmmunicant ? 

Anfw. This briogeth me up to the 
next Direttion. 

5* Let your Preparation to this Sacra* 

ment conftjl 0} tbefe particulars following^ 

\i. In your Duty with your ovonConfciences 

and hearts. 2. In your duty towards Qcd* 

(. And in your duty towards your Neigb* 


I. Your duty with your iisans *con: 


28 A Monthly Preparation for 
fifteth in thefe Particulars, i. That 
you do your beft in the clofe Examina* 
tion of your Hearts about your States, 
and the lincerity of your Faith, Repen- 
tance, and Obedience : To know whether 
your Hearts are true to God f in the 
Covenant which you are to renew and 
feal. Which may be done by thefe In« 
quiries, and difcerned by thefe Signs. 
i. Whether you truly loath your felves 
for all the Sins of your Hearts &Lives, 
and are a greater offence and burden 
to your felves, becaufe of your Impel* 1 
fe&ions and Corruptions, than all the. 
World befides is ? Ezek.6. 9 & 20, 43. 
fS 36. 31, Rcmj. 24, 2. Wherher you 
have no Sin but what you are truly 
defirous to know ^ and no known fins 
but what you are truly defirous to 
be rid of * ard fo defirous, as that 
you had rather be perfe&iy freed 
from Sin, than from any Affli&ion in 
the World ? R0/0.7.22, 2?, 24 i5 8. 18. 
3. Whether you love the fearchingand I) 
icforming Light, even the mcft fearch- h 
ing parts of the Word of God, and their 
mull: fearching Books, ard fearchingl 
Sermons, that by tiiem you may be 


the Holy Sacrament] 2> 

brought to know your felves,in order to 
your fettled Peace and Reformation? 
7^6.3.19,20,21. 4. Whether you truly 
love that degree of Holinefs in others 
which you ha?e not yet attained your 
felves* and love Chrift in his Children* 
with fuch an unfeigned love, as will 
caufe you to relieve them according to 
your abiiities,and fufFer tor their lakes, 
when it is your Duty ? 1 706,3. 14,1 5. 
I Pet. 1 22 67 3.8. Jam 2- 12, 13, 14,^ 
Mat 2-s« 40, 0V- 5. Whether you can 
truly fay, that there is no degree of 
Holinefs fo high, but you defire it, and 
had rather be perfect in the loveofGod, 
and the Obed ; ence of his Will, than 
have all the riches and pleafures of 
this World, Rom 7. 18,21,24. ?Jal\\^ m 
5 Mat- ?.6- And had rather be one of 
the holielt Saints, than of the molt re- 
nowned profperous Princes uponEarth? 
jyW.15.4. & 16. 2. Pfai 84. 10 £7 6;. 4. 
6. Whether you have fo far laid up 
your treafure, and your hopes in Hea- 
ven, as that you are refolved to take 
that only for yoar Portion 5 and thac 
the hopes of Heaven, and inteieft of 
youj Souls, hath the preheminence in 
D your 

fi A Monthly Preparation for 
your Hearts againft all that Itands in 
Competition with it £60/3.1, 3,4-ilW.6.- 
ao,2i. 7. Whether the chiefeft care 
ot your Hearts, and endeavour of your 
Lives, be to ferve and pieafe God, and 
, *o enjcy him for ever rat her than for 
' any worldly thing > Mat,6.zi. foh.5 *>6. i 
2 C<?r. ?. 1,6,7,8,9. 8. Whether it be 
your daily defire and endeavour to 
mortifie the flefh, and matter its rebel* 5 
lious Opposition to the Spirit ^ and you 
fo far prevail,as not to live, ard walk, 
and be led by -the flefh,, but that the 
courfeK drift of your life is fpiritual > 
Rom. 8.1,6,7,8,9,10,13. Gal$ 17,21,22. 
9. Whether the World, and all its 
Honour, Wealth, a d Pleafures, appear 
to you fo fmali and contemptible a 
thing, as that you efteem it as dung, 
and nothing in comparifonof Chrift,and 
the Love of God and Glory ? And are 
refolved, that you will rather let go 
ill, than your part in Chrift ? And, 
which ufeth to carry it in the time of 
Trial, in your deliberate Choice ? Ph'tl, 
3*7>8,9,i3,i4, 18,19,20. %Job2.i^Luk. 
14.26,30,33. Mat 13 iy,2i 10 Whether 
you are lefolved upon a courfe of Ho- 

the Holy Sacrament, 3 1 

linefs 8c Obedience, and to ufe thofe 
means which God doth make known to 
you, to be the W3y to pleafe him, and 
to fubdue your corruption 5 and yet 
feeling the frailties of your Hearts,and 
the burden of your Sins, do truit in 
Cbrifl as your RighteoufnefsbeforeGod, 
and in the Holy Gfof7,whofeGrace alone 
-can illuminate, fanftifie, and confirm 
you? Aft. ik 2?. PfaL'119. 57, 63, 6 9> 
106. 1 Cor.' 1. 30. Ro?n. 8. 9, John 
1?, $. 1 Cor. 12. 9. By thefe Signs 
you may fafely try your ihtes. 

2. When this is done you are alfo to 
try the ftrength and meafure of your 
Grace •, that you may perceive your 
weaknefs, and know for what help you 
fhould feek to Chrift. And to find out 
what inward Corruptions and finful In- 
clinations are yet ftrongeft in you, that 
you may know what to lament, and to 
»sk forgivenefs of, and help •againft. 
My Book called Directions for weak 
Chri[iians > will give you fuller advice 
in this. 

?• You are alfo to take a ftr?£l ac- 
count of your Lives, and to look over 
your dealings withGjd and Men, in fe- 
D 2 crec 

%i A Monthly Preparation for 
cret and publick,efpecially of late,fince 
the lalt renewal of yourCovenant with 
God,and to hear what God and Confid- 
ence have ro fay about your fins and all 
their aggravations, Pfal. 139 23 1 Cor. 
11 28. 

4- And you muft labour to get your 
Hearts affHted with your condition, as 
you do difcover it. To be humbled for 
what is finful 3 and to bedefirousof help 
againft your weaknefs, and thankful 
for the Grace which you difcern. 

5. Laftly^ You mult confider of all the 
work that you have to do, and alt the 
mercies which you are going to receive, 
and what Graces are neceflary to all 
this, and how they muft be ufed ^ and 
accordingly lock up all thofe Graces, 
and prepare them for the exercife to 
which they are robe called out- 1 fhalt 
name you the particulars anon* 

II. Your duty towards God in your 
preparation for thisSacramem is, 1 To 
caft down your felves before him in 
humble penitent ConfefFion,and Lamen- 
tation of all the Sins which you difco- 
ver 5 and to beg his pardon in fecrer, 
before you come to have it publickly 


the Holy Sacra went] 33 

fealed and delivered 2 To look up to 
him with lhankfuineTs, Love;* and Joy, 
as becomes one that is goi= g ro receive 
fo great a Mercy from him 5 and hum- 
bly to beg thatGracewhich may prepare 
you, & quicken you to,and in the work, 
III. Your duty towardsothers in this 
your preparation, is,i. To forgive thofe 
that have done you wrong, and to con- 
fers your fault to thefe whom you have 
wronged,.and ask them forgivenefs, and 
make them amends and reltitution fo 
far as it is in his power* & be reconciled 
to thofe with whom you are fallen out j 
and to fee, that you love your Neigh- 
bours as your felves, Mat- 5. 2 5,24, 2?, 
26,44. /*/#• 5 16. 2- That you feek 
advice of your Palters, or fbme fit Per? 
fans, in cafes that are roo hard for your 
felves to refolve, and where you reed 
their fp^ciai help 9 That you loving- 
ly admonifh them th3t you know do 
intend to communicate unworthily, and 
to come thither in their ungodlinefs, 
and grofs Sin unrepented of; That you 
(hew not fuch hatred of your Brother* 
as to fuffec Sin upon h : m, Lev. ig 
But teii him his faults, as Chrift hath 
1) 3 direlUd 

34 ^ Monthly Preparation for 
dire&ed you, -/W*m 8.15,16,1 7. And do- 
yourparts to promoteChrift'sDifcipline, 
and keep pure the Church, See 1 Cor. 
5. throughout. 

Dirett. 6. When you come to the holy 
Communion, let not the overscrupulous- 
regard of the Ferjon of the Mtnijier, or 
the company, or the imperfeQions oj the 
miniftration, difturb your meditations, nor 
call away your minds from the high and 
ferious imploywent oj the day. Hypo* 
crites who place their Religion in bodi- 
ly exercifes, have taught many weak 
Chriftians to take up unneceffary fcru- 
pies, and ro turn their eyes & obferva« 
tion too much to things without them. 
Queft. But Jhould we have no regard to 
the due celebration of theje f acred My tierics, 
and to the Minifier, & Communicant s^and. 
wanner of Admin ijira tion ? 

Anfw. Yes : You fhould have fo much 
fegaid to them, 1. As to fee that no- 
Thing be amifs through your defaulr, 
which is in your power to amend. 2. 
'And that you join not in the commit- 
ting any known fin* Bur, 1, Take not 
every fin of another for your fin, and 
think not that you are guilty of that 


to the Holy Sacrament. 35 

in others, which you cannot amend \ 
or 7 that you mult forfake the Church, 
and Worfhip of God, for thefe corrup- 
tions which you are not guilty of 5 or 
deny your own Mercies,becaufe others 
ufurp them orabufe them. -2. If you 
fufpeft any thing impofed upon you to 
be finful to you, try it before you come 
thither $ and leave not your minds 
open to difturbance, when they fhould 
be wholly imployed with Chrilt. 

Que ft. But what ij my Confcience be 
not fatisficd,but 1 am ft ill in doubt, muft I 
notjorbear ? Seeing he that doubt etb is con- 
demned if he- e*t, bccaufe he eatetb not in 
Faith $ for vobatfcever k notoj Faith kSin. 

Anf. The Apoftle there fpeakethnot 
of eating in the Sacramenr 9 b\}t of earing 
meats, which he doubteth of whether 
they are lawful 3 but is fure,thatir is law- 
ful ro forbear them- And in cafe of 
doubling about things indifferent, the^ 
farer fide is to forbear them, becaufe 
there may be Sin in doing 5 but there 
can be none on the other fide in for- 
bearing. But in cafe of Duties, your 
doubting will not difvb'ige you $ clfe Men 
might give over praying^nd btaringGod's 


;5 A Monthly Preparation for 
Word, and believing, and obeying tbdr 
Rulers, and maintaining their Families, 
when they are but blind enough to doubt of • 
it. 2. Your erring Confcience is not a 
Law-maker, snd cannot make it your" 
duty to obey ir, For God isyourKing, 
and the Office of your Confcience is to 
difcern his Liw, and urge you ro obedi- 
ence, and not to wake you Laws of its ; 
own : So that if it fpeak falfly, it doth 
not oblige you, but deceive you. It 
dotri only Ngare,Qt infnare you, but not 
obligate, ox make a fin a duty, it calteth 
you into necefluy of finning more or 
lefs till you reli> quifh the error: But 
in cafe of fuch dunes as thefe, ir is a 
fin to do them with a doubting Confci- 
ence, but (ordinarily) it is a greater 
fin to forbear. , 

Object. But fome Divides write, that 
Confcience being God's Officer % when it 
ttrm}\ God bmfelf doth bind vie by it to 
jo How that error, & the evil which it re- 
quiretb becowetb my duty. 

An/. A dangerous error tending to 
fubverfion of Souls and Kingdoms, and 
highly difhonouiable ro God. God hath 
made it your duty to know hisWill,ar-d 


the Holy Sacrament. 3l 

do if, And if you ignorantly miftake 
him, will you lay the blame on him,and 
drawn him into participation of your 
fin, when he forbiddeth you both the 
error and the fin ? And doth he at once 
forbid and command the fame thing? 
A? that very moment,God is fo far from 
obliging you to follow your error, that 
he (till obiigeth you to lay it by, and 
do the contrary. If you hyjLoucannot $ 
I anfwer, Your impotency is a finful 
impotency -, and you can ufe the means, 
in which his Grace can help you: And 
he will not change his Law, nor make 
you Kings and Rulers of your felves 
infleadofhim, becaufe you are igno; 
rant or impotent. 

Direft. 7. In the time of a&mnlflration 
go along with the Minifler throughout the 
work, and keep your he iris clofe to Jefus 
Chrilijn the exercife of all thofe Graces, 
which are fuited to the fever al parts cf 
the a&minitlrathn. Think not that all 
the' work muft be the Minifters. It 
fhould be a bufie day with you, 8t yout 
4earrs fhould be taken up with as 
nuch diligence, ds yoiu: hands be in 
L our common labour ; but not in 3 


§8 A Monthly Preparation for 

toilfbme weary diligence, bur in fuch 
delightful bufinefs as becomerh fie 
guelts of rheGod of Heaven, at fo fweec 
a feaft, and in the receiving fuch inva- 
luable gifts. 

Here I fhoiald diftinfrly fhew you, 

1. What Graces they be that you muft 
there exercife. 1L What there is ob- 
jectively prefented before you in the 
Sacrament, to exercife all thefeGraces. 
Ill At what feafons in the adminiltra- 
tion each of thefe inward works are to 
be done. 

I. The Graces to be exercifed are 
thefe (befides that h >ly fear & reverence 
common to ali woifhip) I. A humble 
fcni'Q of the odiouf iefs ofj#tf,3ndof our 
undone condition as in our felves, and 
a difpleafure againft our felves, and* 
loathing of our felves, and melting Re- 
pentance for the fins we have commit-* 
ted ; as againft our Creitor^ and as a- 
gainlt the Love & Mercy of a Redeemer, 
and as agmlt the holy Spirit of Giace. 

2. A hungring and tbirjiing defire after 
the Lord Jefus, and his Grace, and the 
favour of God and communion with 
him, which are there reprefented and 


the Holy Sacramenf. 3? 

offered to the Soul. ?. A lively Fau b 
and Interceffion ^ and a trutting our mi- 
ferableS^uls upon him, as our fufficient 
Saviour and help 5 and a hearty accep- 
tance of him and his benefirs upon his 
offered terms. 4. A joy and gladnefs in 
the fenfe of that unfpeakable Mercy 
wive 1 is here offered us. J. A thank- 
ful Heart towards him, from whom we 
; do receive it. 6 A fervent Love to him 
that by fuel) Love d oih feek our Love. 
7, A Triumphant life of Life Eternal, 
which is purchjfed for us, and iealed 
to us. 8. A willing fiefs gnd refolution 
to deny our fclves, and all this World, 
and fuffer for him that harh fuffered 
for our Redemption. 9. A Love to our 
Brethren, our Neighbours and our Ene- 
mies, with a readinefs ro relieve them, 
and to forgive them when they do us 
wrong,- ic. And a firm Refolution for 
future Obedience, to our Creator, and 
Redeemer, and San&ifier, according to 
our Covenant, 

II. In the naming qJ thefe Graces, I 

have named their objeQs : Which you 

j fhould cbjfervt as diftinftly as you can, 

3 that 


40 A Monthly Trepamion for 
that they may be operative* l. To 
help your Humiliation and Repentance, 
you bring thither a loaden miferable 
S ul, to receive a pardon and relief; 
And you fee before you the Sacrificed 
S n of G d, who made his Soul an of- 
fering for Sin, and became a Curfe for 
us to fa ve us who wereaccurfed 2. To 
draw out your defires, you have the molt 
excellent gifts and the moll needful 
Mercies prefenred to you thar this 
World is capable of : Even the pardon 
of fin, the Love of God, the Spirit of 
Grace, and the hopes of Glory, and 
Chrift himfelf with whom ail this is 
given. 3. To exercife your Faith you 
have Chrift here fiift reprefented as 
Crucified before your Eyes: And then 
with his benefits, freely given you,and 
offered to your Acceptance, with a 
Command that you refufe him nor, 
4. To exercife your delight and glad- 
nefs, you have this Saviour and this Sal- 
vation tendered to you ; and all that 
your Souls can well aefire fet befor< 
you. 5. To exercife yourThankfuInefs 
what could do more than fo great 
Gift, fo dearly purchafed, fo furelj 


the Holy Sacrament. 4t 

fealed, and fo freely offered ? 6. To 
exercife your Love to God inChiitt,you 
have the fulleft manifeltation of his 
attractive Love, even offered to your 
eyes,and talte,and heart, that a Soul on 
Earth can reasonably expeft : in fuclt 
wonderful condefcenfion,that the great- 
nefs and ftiangenefs of it furpaffeth a 
natural Man's belief. 7. To exercife 
your hopes of Life Eternal, you have 
the prize of it here fet before you $ you 
have the Gift of it here fealed to you 5 
and you have that Saviour reprefented 
to you in his fuffering,who is now therfr 
reigning, thai you may remember him, 
as txpeftants of his glorious coming ra 
judge the World, and glorify you with 
himfeif. 8. To exercife yourfelf-denial 
and refolution for fuffering, contempt: 
of the World and fiefhly Pleafures, you 
have before you both the greateft ex-* 
ample & obligation, that ever could be 
offered to the World $ when you fee and 
f eceive'a crucifiedChrift,that fo firange-j 
ly denied himftflf for you •, and fet fa 
iittlt by theWorld & flefh, 9. To ex* 
crcife your love to Brethren, yea, and 
Enemies, you have his example before 
E your 

4 2 ! A Monthly Preparation for 
your eyes, that loved you to the Death 
when you were Enemies: And you have 
his holy fervants before your eyes,who 
are amiable in him through the work- 
ings of his Spirir,and on whom he will 
jaave you (hew your love to himfelf. 
$&': And to excire your Refolution for 
future Obedience, you fee his double 
Title to theGovernment of you,asCrea- 
tor and as Redeemer * and you feel 
she Obligations of Mercy &Gratitude * 
and you are to renew a Covenant wirh 
jhim to that end $ even openly where 
£11 the Churches are witneffes. So that 
vou fee here a rePowerfulobje&s before 
you to draiv out all thefe Graces, and 
xfcat they are all but fuch as the work 
ftQuirexhyou then to exercife. 

III. But that you may be the readier 
ivhen it eometh to praSice,I (hall as it 
were lead you by the hand through all 
the parts of the Adminiftration,and tell 
fba when and how to exercife every 
Grace, and thofe that are to be joyned 
together I fhali take together,that need- 
Ids diftinftnefs do not trouble you. 

i. When you are called up axid going 


the Holy Sacrament. 4? 

to the Table of the Lord, exercife youc 
Humility, Defire and Thankfulnefs, and 
fiy in your Hearts, What Lord, dofl thou 
callfucb a wretch as I ? What ? Ale that 
have Jo oft dejptjed thy Mercy ? And wil- 
fully offended thee, and preferred tie filth 
of this World, andthe pleafure cf the fiefh 
before thee ? Alas, it is thy wrath in hell 
that it my due : But if hove will chorje 
fuh an unworthy guett.and Mercy will be 
honoured upon fucb Jin and mifery, I come 
Lord at thy call : I gladly come, Let thy 
mil be done $ and let that Mercy which in» 
vitetb me, make me acceptable^? gracioufly 
entertain me, and. let me not come without 
the weidingGirment,norunreverently rufb 
on holy things^ nor turn thy Mercies to 
my bane ! 

2. WhentheMinifterisconfeffingfin; 
proftrare your very Souls in the fenfe 
of your unworthinefs,and let your par* 
ticular fins be in your eye, with thei* 
hainous aggravations 5 the whole need 
not thePhv fician,but the tick. But here 
I need not put words into your mouths 
or minds, becaufe the Minifter goerli 
before you, & your hearts mult concuf 
with his Confellions, and put in alfg 
£ 2 tha 

7|4 ^ Monthly Preparation for 

the fecrec fins which he omitteth. 

3. When you look on the Bread and 
Wine which is provided and offered 
for this holy ufe, refnember that it is 
the Creator of all things, on whom 
you live, whofe Laws you did offend $ 

'and fay in your hearts, Lord \bow great 
it my fence ? Who have broken the Laws 
cf bim that made me^nd on whom the whole 
Creation doth depend? lhad my Being jrom 
the, and my datlyBreod; andfbouldlbave 
required ihee with dif obedience ? Father , I 
have finntd vgainft Heaven & before tbee f 
and am no more worthy to be called thy Son. 

4. When the words of the Inftitution 
are read,and the Bread & Wine arefo- 
lemnly confecrated,by feparatingthem 
to ihat facred ufe, and the acceptance 
a ad blefling of God is defired, admire*, 
the mercy that prepared us a Redeemer, 
and fay, God bow wonder j ul it tbyW if* 
dom and thy Love ? How ftrangely dofl 
ibou glorijj thy Mercy over fin that gave 
advantage to glorify tbyjujiice? Even thou 
Pur God whom we have offended, haji out 
0/ thy own Tresfury, fatisfied thy own 
juftice, and given us a Saviour by fucb a 
Miracle oj Wjfdom y Love, WQondefctntion y 


the Holy Sacrament* 4$ 

Oi Men or Angels fhall never be able fully 

to comprehend : So didji thou love the fin* 
Jul world, as to give thy Son, that voho/oe* 
v*r believe ih in him, (bould not pertfh.but 
have everhflmg Lijc. that thou baft 
prepared us Jo jull a remedy, and Jo 'pre- 
cious a gijt^fanctijie iheje Creatures to be 
the Reprefentative Body & Blood ofCbrift> 
and prepare my Heart for fo great a gift, 
end Jo high and holy £7 honourable a work* 

5. When you behold the Conftcrated 
Bread & Wine.dijcem the Lord's Body ,and 
reverence h «s the Reprejentative Body 
eni Blood of Jcfus Chrifi •, and take heed 
cf Prophaning k 5 by looking on it as com- 
mon Bread & Wine \ Though it -fee not 
Tranfublfantiare, but (till is.v^ry Bread 
and Wine in its Natural being y yet it :s 
Chrijls Body and Blood in reprefentation 
and ejfetf. Look on it as the confecra^ed 
Bre-jdof Lifa which with the quicknir.g 
Spirit mult nourifh you to Life Erernal, 

6. When you fee the B,ejk:*g of the 
Bread, and jhe Pouring out of the Wine, 
let Repentance^nti Love, and Dejire, and 
Tbankfulnefa thus work within you. 
•wondrous Love ! hateful Sin ! Hw 
merciful. Lord, ha ft thou besn toftnntrs > 

E 5 And 

'4$ A Monthly Preparation for 

And bow cruel have we been to our felvn 
and tbei ? Gould Love floop lower ? Could 
God be merciful at a dearer rate ? Could 
my fin hive done a more horrid deed y than 
put N* Death the Son of God } How Jmall 
a mister hath tempted me to that, which 1 
might have avoided at a cheap rate ? At fl 
bom low a price have I valued his Blood, 
when 1 have finned and finned again J or 
nothing ! This is my dowg ! My fins 
ners the Thorns, the Nails, the Spear ! 
Van a murderer ofChriJi be a Jmall offender^ 
O dreadjuljuSice ! It was 1 andjuch other*" 
Jinners that defcrved to bear the punijh* 
jnent who were guilty of the fin $ and to 
have been Jewel jor the unquenchable 
flames j or ever. precious Sacrifice ! 
bat (Jul fin ! gracious Saviour ! How 
can mans dull iff narrow heart, be duly 
tijfefted with fuch tranfeendent Things ? 
Or Heaven mi fie its due imprejfion upon 
an inch oj flrjhl Shall I ever again 
tevl a dull Apprebenfion of fuch Love> 
Or ever have a favourable thought of fin ? 
Or ever have a f tariffs thought of juflice ? 
O break or melt this hardened heart, this 
it may be feme what conformed to my cruel- 
$ed Uri ! ^Thc tears of hovt and trine 

Re*), n* - 

the Holy "Sacrament. H 

Repentance are eafier xban ibt flames from 
which I am redeemed. bide me in theft 
wounds, & wajh me in this precious Blood ! 
This U the Sacrifice in which I truft : this 
is the Right eoufnefs by which I muft be 
jufiified, and faved from the Curfe #/ thy 
violated Law 1 As thou haft accepted this, 
Father, for the World, upon the Crofs, 
behold it flill on the behalf oj [inner s \ 
and hear his Blood that cryctb unto thee 
for, mercy to the miferable,and Pardon us, 
and accept us as thy reconciled children, 
for the fake of ibis Crucified Chrifi alone. 
We can offer thee no other Sacrifice for fin j 
and we need no other. 

7. When the Minifter applyeth hin> 
felf to God by Prayer, for the efficacy 
of this Sacrament, that in it he will give 
us Chritt and his benefits, and pardon, 
a'nd juttifie us, and accept us as his re- 
conciled Children ; join^ heartily and 
earneltly in thefe requefts, as one that 
knoweth the need and worth of fueh a 

8. When the Minifter delivereth yon 
the confecratedBread &: Wine, look up- 
on him as the mefFenger of Chrilt, and 
hear him as if Chritt by him faid tQ, 

#8 A Monthly Preparation for 
you, Take this my broken Body & Bloody 
and feed on it to everlafimg Life. And 
take mib it my fealed Covenant £f tber tin 
the fealed teSimany of my love, and the 
fealed Par dan of your fins ^ and a fealed 
gift of Life Eternal^ Jo be //, you un» 
fe/gnedly cenfent unto my Covenant % and 
give up your f elves to me as my redeemed 
ones. E^n as in delivering the pofleiii* 
on of Houfe or Lands,the deliverer giv- 
eth a Key, &c. and faith, / deliver you 
this Houfe, and I deliver you this hand : 
So doth the Minifter by Chrift'sAutho- 
f try deliver you Chrift and Pardon and 
Title toEtemal Life. Here is an Image 
of a facrificed Chrift of God's own ap- 
pointing,which you may lawfully ufe: 
and more than an Image * even an in- 
verting lnftrument, by which thefe 
foigheft Mercies are folemnly delivered 
to yoa in the name of Chrift. Let your 
hearts therefore fay with Joy &Thank- 
iulnefs,with Faith and Love,C y mat chiefs 
bounty of the Eternal God ! What a gift 
h this ! And unto what unworthy /in- 
ner s I And will God jioopfo low to man I 
And come Jo near him } And thus recon- 
cile his- wrtklefs enemies ? IV ill he freely 


the Holy Sacrament. 4* 

'Tar don all that I have done > And tak* 
tnc into bis Family and hove, and feed rn& 
with the Flejh and Blood of Cbrifl} 1 be* 
lieve ; Lord help mine unbelief. I bum* 
bly and thankfully accept thy gifts ! Open 
thou my heart, that I t*ay yet more joy* 
fully 6? thankfully accept them : Seeing 
God will glorify bis love & mercy by juch 
incomprehendble gifts oj tbefe \behold ,1-ord, 
* wretch that needeth all this mercy ! And 
feeing it U the offer of thy Grace & Cove- 
nant, my Soul doth gladly take thee for 
my God & Faeber, for my Saviour & my 
Sanfiifier. And here I give up my J elf 
unto thee, a* thy Created, Redeemed, & (I 
>hcpe) Regenerate one-, as thy Own ^thy Sub- 
jell and thy Child, to befavedtf/anfiifitd 
by thee, to be beloved by thee, and toLove 
thee Evcrhtting : Jeal up tbis&vendnt 
and Pardon, by the Spirit, which thcujeal- 
eft & delivered to me in thy Sacrament : 
That, without referve, I may be entirely 
and for ever thine ! 

9 When you fee the Communicants 
receiving with you,ler your very hearts 
be united to the Saints in Love, & fay, 
How goodly are thy Tents, Jacob / How 
amiable h the. Family of the Lord ! Mow 


To A Monthly Preparation for 
good XfpUafant is the unity of Brethren > 
How dear to me are the precious members 
of my Lord ! 1 bough they have yet all 
their /pots & uoeaknejjes, which he par* 
donetb, & fo mujl we. My goodncfs O 
Lord extendeth not unto thee $ but unto 
thy Saints, the excellent ones on Earthen 
tub mi* my delight. What portion of my 
e/Iate thou required I willingly give unto 
the Poor, & if I have wronged any man, I 
am willing to rettore it : And feeing thou 
biji loved me as an enemy, and forgiven 
me Jo great a debt, I heartily forgive thofe 
that have done me wrong, (J? love my ent* 
mies. keep me in thy Family all my 
days, for a day in thy Court it better than 
a thou/and, & the door- keepers in thy 
boufe are happier than the moR profperous 
0} the wicked, Numb. 24. 5. Pfal. 133, 
and 15- 4, and 16. j, 3. Luk. if, i8„ 
Pfal. 84, 10. 

jo. When the Minifter returneth 
Thanks and Praife to God, ftir up your 
Souls fo thegreareft alacrity ; and fup- 
pofe you faw the Heavenly Hafts of 
Saints and Angels praifing the fame 
God in the prefer ce of his Glory ; and 
think with your feives,that you belong 


tto Uoly Sacramtnt. 51 

to the fame Family & Sojciety as they; 
and arc Learning their Work,and mutt 
fhortly arrive at theirPerfe&ion -Strive 
therefore to imitate them in Love and 
Joy v and let your very Souls be pour- 
ed out in Praifes BcThanksgiving: And 
when you have the next leifure for 
your private thouhts fas when the Mi- 
nilter is exhorting you to your duty) 
exercife your love & thanks and Faith 
and Hope and feifdenial & refolution 
for future obedience, in fome fuch 
breathings of your Souls as thefe •; 
€ my gracious God, thou halt fur- 
c pafTed all humane comprehenfion in 

* thy Love / Is this thy ufage of un- 
1 worthy Prodigals' I feared left thy 
4 wrath asa confumingFire would have 
4 devoured fuch a guilty Soul ^ & thou 
c wouldeft have charged upon me all 

* my folly : But while I condemned 

* my felf, thou haft forgiven & juftified 
4 me ^ and furprized me with the 

* fweeteft embracements of thy Lew f 
4 I fee now that Jhy thoughts are above 

* our thoughts, and thy ways above our 
1 ways, and thy Love excellethrhelove 
I of Man, even mure than the Heavens 

4 are 

f2 A Monthly Preparation for 

* are above the Earth, With how dear 
c a price haft thou redeemed a wretch, 

* that deferved thy everlafting Ven- 
geance ! 'With how precious 

* and fweet a Feaft haft thou 
€ entertained me, who deferved to be 
1 caft out withthe workersof Iniquity ! 

* Shall I ever more flight fuch Love 
•as this? Shall it not overcome my 

* Rebeliioufnefs * and melt down my 
4 cold and hardened heart ? Shall I be 
c faved from Hell and not be thankful h 
€ Angels are admiring thefe Miracles 

* of Love? And fhall not 1 admire them? 

* Their Love to us doth caufe them to 

* rejoyce, while they ftand by and fee 

* our Heavenly Fealt ? And fhould it 

* not befweeter to us thatare the guefts 

* that feed upon it ? MyGod how dearly 
4 haft thou purchafed my Love ? How 

* Itrangely haft thou deferved {£ fought 
' it ? Nothing is fo much my grief and 
Vfhame, as that Icananfwer fuchLove, 

* with no more fervent fruitful Love* 

* O what an addition would it be to all 

* this precious Mercy, if thou wouldft 

* give me a heart to anfwer thefe thine 
t lnvitations,that thy Love thus poured 


MP— — — — — iiMfm i p ■ ^ 

The Holy Sacrament! 53 

out, might draw forth mine, and my 
Soul might flame by its approaching 
unto thefe thy flames ? And that Love 
draw out by the fenfe of Love, mighc 
be all my Life > O that I could 
Love thee as as I would Love 
thee ? Yea as much as thou wouldeli 
have me Love thee? But this is too 
great a Happinefs for Earth ! Bug 
thoi^ haft fhe wed me the place where 
I may attain it ! My Lord is here, in 
full pofleflion : Who hath left me thefe 
pledges,- till he come and fetch us to 
himfelf, K feaft us there in our Mas- 
ters Joy jj O blefled Place ! O happy 
Company that fee his Glory, and are 
filled with the ftreams of thofe Rivers 
of confolation ! Yea happy. we whom 
thou haft called from our dark and 
miferabie ftare, and made us Heirs o£ 
that Felicity, and paflengers to it, and 
expectants of ir, under the conduct of 
fo fure a guide 1 O then we fhallLove 
thee without thefe finful paufes and 
defeats/ In another meafure, and ano- 
ther manner than now we do: When 
thou (hair reveal and communicate 
thy auiaftive Love, in another mca- 
F l fure 

?4 A Monthly Preparation for 

* lure and manner than now ! Till then, 

* my God, I am devoted to thee; by right 
c and Covenant I am thine / My Soul 

* heie beareth witnefs againft my felf, 
c that my defetts of Love have no ex- 
c cufci Thou defervelt all, if I had the 

* Love of all. the Saints in Heaven and 

* Earth to give thee. What hath this* 
c World to do with my affe&ions > And 

* what is this fordid conuprible Flefh, 
? that its Defires and Pleasures fhould 
e call down my Soul, and tempt it to 
c neglect myGod?Whac is there in alhhe 
bufferings that man can lay upon me, 
e that I fliould not joyfully accept them 

* for his fake, that hath Redeemed me 

* from Hell, by fuch unmatched volun- 

* tary fufferings? Lord, feeing thou re- 
c gardeft, &ib regardeft, fo vile a worm, 

* my heart, my t@ngue,my handconfefs, 
1 that I am wholly thine. O let me 
4 live t& none but thee, and to thy fer» 
♦vice, find thy Sairus on Earth! AndO 
€ tez me no more return unto iniquity ! 

* nor venture on that (in that killed my 
\ Lord! And now thou haft chofen to 
e low a dwelling, O be not If range to 
I ^hs Heart that thou haft fo freely cho* 

c fen! 

I ~. A - ili rf li i Vfrl -^ J i '■£«h i r i l p l ni 

fT** //^/y Sacrament* 55 

c fe i ! O make it the daily refidence of 

4 thy fpirit! Quicken it by thy grace 5 

4 adorn it ivirh thy gifts ^ employ it ir> 

* thy Love, delight in its attendance 

4 on thee •, refrefh it with thy joys and 

1 the light of thy countenance^ and de- 

4 ftroy this carnality, felfifhnefs and un- 

P belief-, And let theWorld fee thotGod 

U will make a Palace of thelowelt heart, 

P when he choofeth it for the place of 

# his own abode, 

Direft. 8. When you cowebowe, review 
the Mercy which you have received, and 
the duty which yru have done, and the Co- 
venant you have Made : And, I. Bctak* 
your f elves 10 Gcd in Praife and Prayer 
for the per jelling of his work : And, 2. 
Take heed to your hearts that they grow 
not cold, and that worldly things or 
diverting trifles, do not blot out the faciei 
mp r 'M~n*i which Chriji hath made y and 
if)jt t'oty cool net qwek'yinto their former 
du! and fl epy frame. 3. And fee that 
your Lives be otfuited by the grace that 
youhive here received, that even they th.'t 
you cenverfe with may ferceive that you 
been wiih God. Efpecially when 
Temptations would draw you aguin to 
F a finj 

5 6 The Authors Solemn 

fin; and when the injuries of Friends 
or Enemies would provoke you, & when 
you are called to reftifie your love to 
Chrilt, by any coltly work or fuffering^ 
temember then what was fo lately be- 
fore y >ur eyes, and upon your hearty 
and what you refolved on, and what a 
Covenant you made with God. Yet 
^lidge not of the fruit of your Receiv- 
ing, fo much by feeling, as by Faith; 
For more is promifed than you yet pof- 

dizre follows the Authors folemn ReJ?gna- 
iion nj Him f el} to Father, Son and Ho- 
iy Gfof.- 

My God, I looH-.to Thee, I come 
toThee,toTheealone! NoMan, 
f no worldly Creature made me; none 

* of them did redeem me; none of them 

* did renew my Soul, none of them will 
%juitifie me at thy Bar, nor forgive my 

n, nor fave me from the penal Juf- 

6 rice : None of them will be a full or 

* a perpetual felicity or portion for my 
c Soul. lam not a (hanger to their 
•Pxomifes and Performances; I have 



Refignation of himfelf, &c. fj 
*trufted them too far, andfollowed 
4 them too long/ O that ic had been 
4 lefs, (though I muft thankfully ac- 

* knowledge, that Mercy did early fhew 
*me their deceit, and turn my enquir- 
T ing thoughts ro thee.-; To thee i re* 
;< fign my felf, for I am thine ovos ! To 
f thee I fubjeft all Powers of my Soul 

> • and Body, for thou art my rightful 
4 fovercign Goyemoui: From thee I 
% thankjully accept of all the Benefits 

■* and Comforts of my Life .- In thee -I 
** expett my true Felicity and Content ; 

* To know thee, and love thee, and de---- 
1 light in thee, muft be my bkfTednefs, 

c or I muft have none. The little taifes 
'of this fweetnefs. which my thirfly 
\ Soul hath had, do tell me that rfiwfe- 
c is no other real Joy. J feel rhat thou 

* haft made my mind to know thet, and' 
? I feel thou haft made my heart to love 
*thee, my tongue to praife thee, aha? 
T ail that I am and have to ferve riv-e / 
'And even in the panting languifif'-ns*- 
% defires and morions of my Soul, 1 fil 3D 
1 that thou, and only thou, art itsieft- 
*" ; ng place. / And rhoug-i L ve do novir 
I \Mifmtbiiti$fray; and cry, and ***$* 

#38 Tbi Authors Solemn 

* and in reaching upward, but carina 
k reach, the glorious lighr, the bleffed 
■ knowledge,the perfett love,for whici 
f it lorgeth; yet by its eye, its aim, it! 

* motions, its moans, its groans, 1 knot* 

* its meaning, where it would be, and 
•I know its end. My difplaced Soul 

* will never be well, till it come neaj 
*to thee, till it know thee better, till 
*it love thee more. It loves it felf, 

* and julfifieth that felf love, when ii 

* can love thee: It loaths it felf, and ii 

* weary of it felf as a lifelefs burden, 

* when it feels no pantings after thee, 

* W«rt thou to be found in the moftfa- 
*Ktary defart, it would feek thee 5 oi 
*in the uttermoff parts of the earth, ii 
P. would make after thee: Thy prefencc 

* makes a croud, a Church.- Thy con- 

* vei£emakethacIofer,orfolkary wood 
*or field, to be kin to the Angelica] 
>* Chore. The Creature were dead, U 
*£hou wen not its Life r and ugly, il 
f. thou wert not its beauty y and infig 
*nifieant, if thou wert n®t its fenfe; 

* The Soal is dsformed, which is with- 
*om thine Imjge^ and lifelefs, whieli 

* iiveth not ia jjpve to thee,> if km hi 


Reftgnation of him/elf \ tec. 59 
1 not its pulfe, and prayer, and praife, 

* its conftant breath: The Mind is un- 
1 learned which readeth not thy Name 
f on all the World, and feeth not HO* 

* L1NESS TO THE LORD engraved up- 
1 on the Face of every Creature. He 
€ doteth that doubteth of thy Being or 

* Perfe£lions,andhedreamethwhodoth 
« not live to thee. O let me have no 
e other Portion \ No reafon, no love, 
1 no life, but what is devoted to thee, 

* employed on thee, and for thee here, 
c and fhall be perfected In thee, the on- 
c ly perfeft final objeft, for evermore. 

* Upon the holy Altar erefled by thy 
4 Son, and by his hands, and hisMedi- 

* tation, I humbly devote and offer 
« thee THIS HEART: O that I could 
c fay with greater feeling, This fiam\ng % 
' loving, longing Heart I Bur the iacred 

* firewiiieh muft kindle on my facrifice, 
f muft come from thee ^ it will not elfs 

* aftend unto thee : Let it confume this 
t drofs y fo the nobrer part may know its 
1 home. All that I canfay to commend 
Ht to thrne acceptance, is, that I hope 

* k*s waf&'d m previous Bloocf,, that 
I fcksie is femetfting In it that is thine 

66 Th& Authors Solemn 

c own-, it Itill looketh towards t'fieei. 
find gioaneth ro rhee, and tolloweth 
€ after thee, a* d will be content wirh 
« Gold; and Mirth, and Honour,, ard 
c fuch inferibur Fooleries no more: It 
c lie? h at thy doors, and will be enter* 
1 tain'dorperifh. Though alas, it loves 
4 thee not as It would, I boldly fay, it 

• longs to love thee, it k>ves to love 

• thee^ it feeks, it craves no greater 

• bleflednefs than perfeft endlefsmutu* 

• ai love: It is vowed to thee, even to 
f thee alone; and will never take up^ 
■ with fhadows more$ but is refolved 
c to lye down in forrow and defpair, if 
1 thou wih nbr/be its REST and JOT. 
\ It hateth it felf for loving thee no 
« more y accounting no want, deformity, 
€ fhame or pain To g*eat and grievous 
« a calamity. 

< For thee the glorious HeffedGODJ 
'if is that I come to fe/r^CbriJi. If he 
c did not reconcile my guilty Soul to 
'.thee, and did not teach it the heaven- 

• ly Art and work of Love, by the fweet 
1 Communications of thy Eove, he could 
\ be no Saviour for m^ Thou art my 
J only ultimas end-, it is qhlf a guide 


Refignatlon of DwftJJ^ &c.' 61 

* and way to thee thar my anxious Soul 
€ hath fo much ftudied: And none can 
c teach me rightly to know thee, and to 
1 love thee, and to live to thee, but thy 

* felf ; It muft be a Teacher ferif from 
? thee, that muft conduct me to thee* 
c I have long looked round about me in 
c the World, to fee if there were a more 
1 lucd Region, from whence thy Will 
c and Glory might be better feen, than 
\ that in which my Lot is fallen : But 
1 no Traveller that I can fpeak with, 
c no Book which I have turn'd over, no 
c Creature which I can fee, doth tell 
4 me more than JefusChrift. I can find 
« no way fo fuitable to my Soul, no me- 
'dicine fo fitted to myMifery, no bel- 
« lows fo fie to kindle Love, as Faith in, 
'Chrift, the Glafs and Me'flenger of 
4 thy love. I fee no Dottrinefo Divine 
4 an'd Heavenly, as bearing the Image 
4 and Superfcripiion of God ^ nor any 
ft fully confirmed and delivered by the 
c Atteftatibn of thy ownOmnipotency ^ 
4 nor any which fo purely pleads thy 
1 Caufe, & calls the Soul from Seff and 
' Vanity, and condemns its Sin and pu- 

* rifieih it, and leadcth ic directly unto 

thee; and chough my former Igno : 
ranee d» fabled me to look hack tot lie 
Ages pift, and to fee the Methods of 
thy Providence, and whe'i I look into 
thy Word, difabled me from feeing. 
the beauteous Methods of thy Truths 
thou haft given me a glimpfe of clear- 
er light, which hath difeovered the 
Reafons and Methods of Grace, which 
1 thendifcerned not: And in fhe midft 
of my molt hideous Temptations and 
perplexed Thoughts, thou kept alive 
the root of Faith, and kept alive 
the Love to thee and unto Holbefs 
which it had kindled. Thou haft mer- 
cifully given me the Witneft, in my 
felf y not an unreafonable Perfwtfion in 
my Mind, but that renewed Nature* 
thofe Holy and Heavenly Defires and 
delights, which fure can come from 
nonebutthee. And O how much more 
have I perceived in mmy of thy Ser- 
vants, than in my fe!f ! Thou haft cdt 
my lot among the Souls whom GbriR 
hath healed. I have daily converfed 
with thofe whom he hath raifed from 
the dead. I have feen the Po/vver of 
thy Gulps! upon Sinners: All the love 

• that 

Keftgnati n of hiwfe!f, &c. S| 
c that ever 1 perceived ki- d ed towards 

* ihee; and all the true Obedience that 

< ever I fiw performed to thee, hath 
4 been effected by the Word of Jefus 
cChrilt: How oft hath his Spirit help* 
c ed me to pray / And how often haft 
c thou heard thofe Prayers / Whac 

Pledges haft thou given to my ftag- 
*gering Faith, in the works which 
€ Prayer hath procured, both for my 
'* felf and many others ? And if Confi- 
€ dence in C h r i It be yet deceit, muft I 

< not fay that thou haft deceived me > 

< Who 1 know canft neither be deceiv- 
c ed, or by any faifliood or fedu&ioa 
, deceive. 

* On thee therefore, O my dear Re- 
« decmer, do I caft and truft this finful 

* Soul ! With Tbee and with thy Holy 

* Spirit I renew my Covenant ; I know 
c no other , I have no other \ I can have 
« no otherSaviour but thyfelf : To thee 
« I deliver up this Soul which thou haft 

* redeemed, not to be advanced to the 

* wealth, and honours, and pleafures of 
« this World \ but to be delivered from 
« them, and to be healed of Sin, and 

* brought to God * and to be faved 

M "- / iflGttl 

* from this prefent evil World, whic! 
Ms the Portion of the Ungodly anc 
€ Unbelievers : To be wafhed in th} 

* Blood, and iiluminated,quickned anc 
c confirmed by thy SPIRIT •, and con 
1 du£ted in the ways of Holinefs and 
f Love ; And at laft to be prefented 
€ jultified and fpotlefs to the Father o\ 

* Spirits, and poffefled of the Glory 
.- c which thou haft promifed. O thou 
m c that haft prepared fo dear aMedicine 

c for the cleaning of polluted guilty 
? Soulsjeave not this unworthySoul in 

* guilt, or in its Pollution ! O thou 
c that knoweft the Fatherland hisWill, 
c and art neareft to him,&moft beloved 
1 of hirrbcaufe nae in my degree to know 
? theFather; acquaint me with io much 
c of his WilLas concerneth myDuty, or 
c my juft Encouragement : Leave not my 
c Soul to grope in Darknefs, feeing thou 
c art the Sun and Lord of Light, O 
c heal my eftranged Thoughts of God / 

* Is he my Light, and Life, and all my 
'hope? And muft I dwell with him 

* for ever ? And yet fhall I know him 
c no better than thus? Shall I legtn no 
€ moie that have fuch a Teacher? And 

" rfhall 

Re fig nation of himfelf, Kt. 6% 
1 fhali I get no nearer him, while I have 
' a Saviour and a Head fo near ? O give 
'my Faith a clearer profpeft into thac 
c better World \ And let me not be fa 

* much unacquainted with the Place in 
1 which I molt abide for ever ! And as 
J thou haft prepared Heaven for Hoi/ 
c Souls, prepare this too unprepared 

* Soul tor Heaven, which hath not long 
1 to thy on Earth. And when atDeath 

* I refign it into thy Hands,receiveit as 
\ thine own, and finifh the Work which. 
4 thou halt begun, in placing it among 
1 the bleffedSpirits^who are filled with 
« the fight & love of God # I truft thes 
c living i let me trult thee dying, and 
c never be aftiamed of my truft, 

4 And unto Thee, the Eternal Holjr 
1 Spirit, proceeding from rhcpather and 
'the Son, the Communicative LOVE 
4 who condefcendeft to make Perfttf the 
4 Ele£t of God,do I deliver up this dark 

* imperfect So^to be further renewed, 
4 confirmed and perfected, according to 
4 the holyCovenanr. Refufenot toblefs 
1 it with thine indwelling S£operations, 
4 quicken it with thy Life-, irradiate ic 
I by thy light ; fanStifig it by thy love- 

G • actuate 

66 The Authors Solemn 

<afruate it purely, powerfully and con 
'fta-ntly by tby holy motions* Anc 

* though the way of this thy facrec 
1 influx be beyond the reach of human< 

* Apprehenfion ^ yer let me know th< 
' reality and faving Power of it, by th< 
€ happy Effetts. Thou art more tc 
f Souls,than Souls to Bodies,tbanLighi 

* to the Eyes, O leave not my Soul as 
c a Carrion deftitute of thy Life ; noi 
c its Eyes as ufelefs, deftitute of thy 
c Light 5 nor leave it as a fenfelefs 
4 block without thy Motion* The re- 

* membrance of what I was without 

* thee, doth make me fear left thou 

* flVouldeft with-hold thy Grace. Alas, 

* 1 feel, I daily feel that 1 am dead to all 

* good,and all that's good is dead to me, 

* if thou be not the Life of all. Teach- 

* ings and Reproofs,Mercies&Corre£H- 

* ons, yea, the Gofpel it felf,and all the 

* liveiieft Books and Sermons, are dead 

* to me,becaufe I am dead to them : Yea, 

* God is as no God to me> and Heaven as 
s no Heaven 5 andChriftas noChrift,and 
6 the cleareft evidences of Scripture- 

* verity as no Proofs at all, if thou re- 

* prefent them not with Light &Power 


Eejlgnatlon of himfelf^Hc. 6 J 
% to my Soul : Even as all the Glory of 
c the World is as nothing, to me with- 
c o.uttheLighc by which it's feen. O 
| thou that haft begun, and given me 
c thofe heavenly Intimations &c Dejites, 
| which Flefh and Blood could nevet 
'give me,fuffer nor myFolly toquencii 
'thefe fpark?, nor this brutifh Fltfh to 
c prevail againlt thee, nor the Powers 
I of Hell to ftifle and kill fuch a hei- 
| venly Seed. O pardon thai Jolly and- 
c Wilfulnefs,which hath too often, too 
'obdurately, and too unthankfully 
■ € ftriven agalnft thy Grace ; and deparc 
c not from v an unkind and finful Soui I 
' I remember with grief 8t fhame, how 

* I wilfully bore down thy Motions ^ 

* punifli it not with Defertion,and give 
c me not over to myfelf. Ait thou not 
$ in Covenant with me, as my Sanflifier, 
\ and ConJir^er,zndCcmfcr:er ? 1 r.ever 
1 u^derrook to do thefe things for mvt 
c felf } but I content that thou/houldelt 
'work them on me. As thou art the 
' Agent andAdvocare of Jefus my Lord, 
' O plead his caufe effcftually in mjr 
j Soul, againft the S-uggeftions of Satan 
I and my Unbelief-, and fiaifh his heal- 

G 2 I ing 

68 The Authors Solemn 

* ingfaving work; & let not theFIefh e 
' World prevail. Be in me (he refiden 
« witifefs of my Lord, the Author of m 
€ Prafers, (he Spirit of Adoption, thi 
€ Seal of God, srr.d the earneft of mini 
€ Inheritance. Let nor my. Nights hi 

* io long and my Days fo fhorr, no: 
c Sin eclipfe thole beams* which havi 

* often illuminated my Soul. Without 
c thee, Books are fevSeltfs Scrawls, 

* Studies are Dreams, Learning is a 
€ Glow- Worm, and Wij is bur'wanron- 

* ncfs;iiT;perriner:cy & folly, Tranfcribe 

* thofe fscred precepts on my ft cart, 
' which by thy dictates snd Inspiration 

* 'are recorded' in thy Holy* Word. I re» 
€ fiife hot thy help for rears & groans ; 
' But O fihed abroad that love upon my 
c Heart, Which may keep it in 3 conti- 
c nual Life of Love. And teach me the 

* wofk which I muff do in Heaven : 
} Refiefh my Soul with the delights of 
6 holinefs, and the Joys which arife 
f from the believing Hopes of theever- 

* laltingjoys: Exercife my Heart and 

* Tongue in the holyPraifes of myLord. 
€ Strengthen me in Sufferings ; and 
c conquer the terrors of Death and Hell. 

! Make 

Rejignaticn of him/elf, &ei 69 
9 Make m^he more heavenly, by how 
4 much the fafter I am haftning to Hea- 
1 ven: And let my laitThoughts,Words 
j I andVVorks on Earth, be.like.ft to thefe 
« which fhali be my firft in the itateof 

* glorious Immortality ^ where the 
1 Kingdom is delivered up to theFather, 
€ and GOD will for ever be All, and In 
4 all: Of whom, and through whom,'. 
1 and to whom areallThingSjTo whom 

* be Glory for ever. Amen. 

A Pathetical Meditation on the PoJJiin of 
Cbriji 5 to be read. by Communicants be- 
fore :bey partakz of the Sacrament of the 
. Lord's, Supper. By another Hand, 

Q^eft.¥7|7#<// ie-tle Sacrament of the* 
* V V Lord's Supper ? 

Artfw. h confiftsof two vifible 5'gn^ 
Bread and Wins* which by the Lords ap- 
pointment was to reprefent to the Re- 
ceiver his bloody Death, that fo his 
D'fciples may keep it firefly in Jheir 

Queft. But k it only to remember ton 
there was- a Cbrigtfjtd ibat be ms-cTHdJadj \ 
*nd no mors p 

G 3 Anfvv 

70 A Pathetkal Meditation 

Anfw % Experience tell as^that fuch'S 
bare, remembra nee as that, doth little 
move upon cheHeartand upon the Af- 
ffeftions^and fo wilido little or no good. 
It is not the remembrance of any Mans 
Death that doth of it felf affeftme,but 
as I confider him as Fathers as a Hus? 
hand jOt as a Friend, with many other 
Ixprelfions of his love to me when li'v 
log, this will exceedingly Work upon 
sha Heart, foastocaufe Sorrow and 
Grief, and the like. 

Que ft. What is it then that I tnufl call 
„9o mind, when 1 think upon a bleeding and 
dying Gbriji./o a* to affrfl my Heart ? 

An/to. I. Trhe cruel and bloody nature 
$>f his Death y here you may confider 
the whole ftory of his Arraignment, his 
feeing hetrayed x by his own Apoftle, his 
fceing- fpit upon and crowned with 
thorns, his being mocked and jeered by 
patting a reed into his Hand inltead of 
a Scepter, afterwards his bearing of a 
Crofs, and bis being nailed to it in his 
Hands and Feet$ after that, his beirrg 
pierced through with a Spear $ this 
Mat. 27. willfully acquaint you with, 
2» TJw. Gaufcs of his Death 5 it. was no 

m-tHeTaffion ofCbrifi Ti 

natural Difeafe, neither was it for any 
evil done of his own, but for us. tie 
bore our iniquities* upon the Grofs* g. 
The Effe8*of his Death, which was to 
obtain Power of his Father to conquer 
theDevil,and pull us out of his Hands*, 
to break our Hearts, and to conquer us 
to himfelf, to pardon our Sins, and to 
give unto us Eternal Life with himfelf 
in Glory, and this upon our Faith and 
lincere Repentance. Now from all 
thefe Things are your Meditations to 
be raifed, before you come to this Sa- 
crament, and when you are receiving 
of in 

Ail Example of Meditation ,1 have here 
fet you down as folioweth. 

Away thefe wanton wanderingworld- 
ly Thoughts, you are clogs to my Soul. 
Away all trifling worldly Bufinefs,\ can- 
not now attend yourcall,royHeart hath 
now fomething elfe to do. Adieu my 
Friends, farcwel my Husband, Wife- and, 
Child, I mult go fee my bleeding Lor d $ 
that's dearer to me than you all. Come 
now mySouljthou art ak>ne,thou know* 
clt the way,make hafts, and fpeed •, I00M 
yonisr r fee how. the Beopl'e flock> croft 


72 ^ A Pathetic jI Meditation 
but this va/e,&c climb but up this mount, 
thou wilt foon arrive ar bloody Go/gotbaJ 
where thou (halt fee thy bleeding and 
dying Saviour to figh and linger out 
dying Life on theCrofs in love for thee. 
This, this might, Ob my 5^/,have been 
thy Day, that thou might'ft Ii3ve been 
the Prifoner •, this I fay might have been 
the Day in which thou might'ft have 
drunk the bitter cup'of the fierce anger 
of Gad. But look yonder ! There he 
gees that mult drink up the dregs, and 
all for thee. Look again I There he 
goes that mult lay down his Life that 
thou maiit be reprieved. But come,*^ 
Soul, draw up a little nearer,thou canft 
not fee him well at fo great adiftance^ 
ifand here 8c thou wilt lee him palling * r 
look, there he goes with a train of Vir- 
gins following. But fee how cruelly 
thefe barbarous Jews do ufe him, they 
mike him bear hisCrofs himfelf, and 
prefs his wearied fainting Limbs above 
his ■ftreng.th* fee how they laugh and 
fcoff,and wag their Heads as if he were 
their May game* Met hi oka- my Heart 
boils up with rage to fee thefe cruel ries 
Kvenged^ Qh\ How could th^bU-fTed 

or) i 7* 

God forbear r. i sfTed S 

wronged ? Why -dr. he 
Legions or Angel'sTof his refcue 
doth he nor fend d?oWn fire from I 
upon the Ffads of thefe his S ns ene- 
mies, and fo consume them ? Bur flay 
nty joolifh He*rt 9 thou knowefi not what 
Sftrir thou art of $ this debt was owing, 
aVsd ir muft be paid 5 God requires fo 
ittkcl); and ir muft begiven,or ihouc^rit 
nor be faved. Thy Lord did know this 
well enough, for this he came fromHea- 
ven, and committed himfelf ro the rage 
of Men i he knew he muft endure all. 
thefe reviling?, and doth ir grieve thy 
S )trl to fee him thusahafed > Sray but 
a while, and thou (halt fee him more $ 
look up, my S^v/, come, rell me what 
thou fecit ? Oh I cannot, forrow ties 
my Tongue, 1 cannot fpeak ; 1 fee and 
h.ar thofe things that I want a Power 
t) ut;ter. 1 fee a troop of Virgins fol- 
lowing bim, their weeping Eyes \ their" - *] 
blubbering LipsAheirfigbs and tbrobbings 
fpeak them mourners. I fee my Lord 
locks towards them, and kindly chides 
their loving forrow, Why vceep )*, ye 
Daughters */ Jerifahm ? Weep not jor 

74 -A Pathetic al Meditation 

7?je. My Lord ! What need was there 
for that Queflion ? Should not they 
weep when thou muft bleed ? Would noc 
their Eyes have been flints, if that then 
they (hould not drop Tears for thee, 
when as thou were about to pour out: 
thy Life and Blood for them ? Ah ! 
Could they chufe,or do Iefs than weep 
to fee thine innocent felf among a herd 
of Tygers-! WhatfhouldaL^/w3 do there? 
They faw thee in their ravenous Jaws 
about to tear thy Heart, to fuck out 
all thy Blood,& leave thee dead. Have 
I not fat and read, and read and wepc 
viewing over the Itory j and could they 
forbear that with their watryEyes faw 
this fcene then aUel ? Bat whither, O 
whither, O ye blinded fews, are ye 
dragging this my Lord ? My Spirit be- 
gins to fainr,I now can look no longer, 
my Heart now begins to fwell witty 
grief, it muft now bre.ik 5 or I muft vent 
it at mine Eyes in dreams ! Look ! See 
the H.mmer and Nails, the Hammer 
lift up to (hike. Bloody Man! Thou 
durft not fure ; furely thou doft not 
know wft^Handsand Feet thou art now 
piercing r is is the Prince and Saviour 

on tbe ToJJion of Cbrifl. 7? 

of tbe World. Foolifh Heart / See how 
thou art miftaken $ look, fee it's done, 
the Nails are driven to the Head 7 See 
Jhow the criwfon Tears ruj? trickling 
£own his hands and Feet, atr3 fee how 
hardened Hearts be laughing at it ! Oh 
filly foolifh blinded Men ! What laugh 
you at ? This veryC^r/ff whom now you 
mock, (hall be your fudge $ this very 
Man Jefus whom you have thus abujed 
fhali come attended with thoufands of 
Angels,with the found of Trumpets,and 
fhail fir upon your Life &. De-Jtb. Hm 
whom you now have nailed to a Crofs, 
bath Gcd exalted to be a Prince and a Savi- 
our. What then will youdo when that 
great and terrible day of theLord fhali 
come > How will you lock him in the 
Face whom you have//?// on ? How will 
you dare to fpeak a word for your felves 
to him whom you have nailed to a Tree 
2nd crucified} His wounds in Hands y 
Side and Feet fhali all bear witnefs a- 
gainft you 9 and his innocent Blood that 
youhave fpiit fhali cry aloud about the 
Throne for vengeance againft you; your 
Flouts fhali then be turned into Tears, 
and your Taunt $ inioLamentations* And 


7 5 A Pathetic a! Meditation 

how will you then look an I cry when 
God paffeth fentence on you, & thrufts 
you down -to Hell to bear the puniih* 
pient of your Sins ? This is the Lord 
that came tofpare yoqr Lives,yer your 
wicked neis fpased not his* and how at 
length can you think to efcape with 

But once again, look up my $£#/,and 
fee what is become of thy nailed and 
crucified Lord : Ah me / He is not quite 
dead, look how he gafps and pants for 
Life / Oh how his Looks are changed/ 
How pale and wan do 1 fee hisCheeks / 
The Blood and all the Spirits are quite 
drawn from them. Methinks hefhould 
be dead, for fee how weak his Keck is 
grQWn,that.it is notable tofupporthis 
head that lies a dying on his bleeding 
Breaft. What yet not dead! See how 
he (hakes and (firs his dying Limbs ! 
What gafps and groans do I hear him 
fqtch, as if his Soul were Itruggling to 
get our? Hark,hark,hey/>rtf&r / Oh let 
me catch the leaft breath of my dying 
Saviour. What faith my Lord ? Hark, 
what doft thou not hear ! What ? My 
God, my God, why baft thou forfcifon me ? 

on the Vajfion of Cbrift. 77 

I am amazed to hear thefeWords. How 
couldft thou fufpe£t thy Fathers Love > 
How could he be far from 16^, who was 
one with tbyfelf ? But Oh ! This is but 
the voice of his JUanbood^ni not of his 
Godhead. It was the voice of the dying 
and bleeding Man fejus^ not the voice 
of the God Jefus. 

But >Ob my Lor d,whzt are thofe pains 
and gripes thou feeleft^that brings f brtht 
thefe complainings ? But why do 1 ask 
this Queftion ? Hath he not been all 
this while drinking up the cup his Fa- 
ther gavehim,the bitter, and fow'r,ancL 
poyfonous cup of his Fathers wrath, 
which I and all the World had elfs 
irank of? He juft now fwallowed down 
the laft mouthful the dregs, whofe bit- 
ter noifomc tafte hath fent forth thefe. 
fateful Lamentations -, fdr mark,he had 
no fooner fpoke thofe words,, but he 
gafped his laft. 

The Gaujes of his Death. 
And muft the Son of God be humbled 
thus ? Muft he that was from everlaft- 
ing, raifed and advanced above every 
Man in Heaven and Earthy he that lay- 
in the arms and breaftof God,loved b\' 
H ~ the* 


7 8 A Patbetical Meditation 

the Fathered his only Son ^ honoured, 
adored, admired and beloved of ten 
thoufand times ten thoufands ofAngels^ 
but mult this God leave all this Glory, 
and change that fweet Heavenly and 
delighifome Palace for fb mean,fo low, 
fo dirty a cottage^ as to be born a Man, 
And muft his entertainment at firlt be 
no berrer than a Stable or a Manger 
could give him ? No fooner muft he 
begin to live,bu t muft an enemy affault 
his Life i Mult he travel up and down 
the Earthjand fpend his time&ttrergth 
in preaching glad tidings to miferable 
undone Men, and fill the World with 
Jigr.sandwonders.Sc not defer ve fomcch 
of Men as a houfe to dwell in, or a hole 
to put his head in ? And after all this 
humble, holy, long-fuffering Life, mult 
ha be thought of by this unthankful and 
unbelieving World as orntf not worrhjr 
to Iive v and not have a breathing in that 
Air which he both made & gave them 
to breathe In ? But mult heat length 
be laid hold of by a traiterous Judas 
fiur he had once taken for one of his 
Apoilleg | and m it he fuffer all this > 
But ah / Alas / What Is this ? Mult he 


on the Vojjion ofCbrift. ?V 

be alfo crowned with thorns, and m u ft he 
jmat and bleed? Oh far more t ham 
Tongue can utter ! Oh alionifliing 
Condefcention ! Thus did the Son he* 
come a Servant, and learn'd Obedience 
by his fufferings, and ferved a three and 
thirty years apprenticejbip in rhe pain and 
travel of his foul here on earth, a longe* 
time than Jacob ferved for his beloved 
Rjche/^nd that becaufe he loved us bet* 
ter, and therefore gave a better dowry 
for us. But had 1 lived to have feea 
this Prince of Glory thus difguis'd, this 
Eaflern Sun thus benighted in a Cloud, 
this glorious God thus wrapped up in 
rags of flcfh, fhould I have known hm, 
or not ? my fenfual heart, I doubt thee 
Jfiuch * wouldft thou have cleaved to 
hm &: loved him better than thy life, 
and have faid, Though all leave tbeejzvill 
not \ and with Paul J am willing & ready 
not only to be bound, but to die for thee. 
What thinkft thou, Oh my foul I couldft 
thou have leftHusband, Wife. Far her and 
Mother, and all the reft of thy friends, 
and have fold all that thou haft, aid 
followed him? what him whom the 
Prophet foretold, Ifai. 53,23, -he bmb no 
H 2 (orm 

So A Pathctical Meditation 

form or comeliness in bim, that you fhould 
drfite him : he U defpifed 12 re jelled of 
men^ a man of Jorrows and acquainted 
with griefs. Tell me, tell me, couldft 
xhou have divorced thy felf, from all, 
and have taken this feemingly uncome- 
ly 4)erfon for thy Lord, and only Bus- 
land? Ah me/ I do not know my 
'heart ^ but lately had I known him 
as I do now know himj fhould not have 
iluck at any thing for him. For what 
ii his Face did want comelinefs ,feeing it 
camefo with tears and grief for thee ? 
and wilt thou love thy friend the worfe 
foecHufe he fhares in forrow with thee? 
for thou canft not but know that ha 
came from Heaven to take to himfelf a 
Spoufe on Earth \ and if I was one that 
3ie loved, and grieved for to fee my 
itubborn heart fo hard toyield ? was this 
the caufe he wanted beauty ? Gh fuch 
a want as this is lovely, and methinks 
my heart could have cleaved the clofer 
to him : There was no bciuty or ccnieti- 
vefs in him\ and what of that ? my ugly' 
and deformed foul deferves more loath- 
ing •, my rigbteoufnefs,\\iZ comlieft p3rt 
sbouc me is but rtfgs, or a Menflruous 


on the Vajfton of €hffc- r " 
clotb^if- there were no more deferable* 
nefs in him than in me 5 Gh had I loved 
him then, and left all for him, ir were 
no wonder : but that he (hould love 
me, I rather ftand amazed ! There was 
no beauty in him, it may be fo *. buz 
.could it be otherwife expe£ted from 
him who came to work in Jirc (Stjftekf, 
who came to quench the flames of Hell, 
a-nd to fatisfy Gods wrath and julfice ? 
to pull out filthy fouls from the jaws 
of luftful fenfual flefh and blocd ? it 
was not beauty but ftrengtb that wgs 
here needful. A glance of an amercus 
tye would not have wounded Satan jnd. 
made-him fall from Heaven like a ffjfli 
of Lightning- A comely countenance 
could not have inchanted and unbai'd 
hell gates, and made them fall,& break 
before him into (hatters. What need a 
lair band 10 touch our filthy rotten fouls, 
and take them up in menftrous bleed, 
and wafh them clean ^ or what need 
fuch clean hands: to clafp about the 
rutty iron gates wherein I and all the 
World lay bound- in chains. and to pull 
them down, to take our cankered bolts 
and knock them eff* to take us by the 
H 3 hand 

$2 *. A Pathetical Meditation 
ihand to help us up, and lead us out ? 
LAlas ! there needs no fuch eye, jacc^ or 
Xiand for fuch a work. It is powerful, 
all-conquering ftrength that is here re- 
quired. It was a powerful vi&orious 
arm that here was needed, and fuch a 
tint he had. But what fhouldhedo with 
sa beauteous body that muft be fo abafed 
S£ abufed as his was ? an uncomely face 
•will ferve where it muft be /pit on s 
Whit muft he do with a jair Jojt deli* 
cate tender band 7 wh\ch mult he pierced? 
another kind of hand is good enough to 
knock a nail into. And wharneeds his 
body be of a clear, white, thin tranfpa- 
jrertt skin ? will not any ferve that body 
shat muft be bruifed and wounded as 
Ifcis was l nay, as it was necefTary his 
ihould be ? But why thus neceffary > 
cither he muft be thus dealt with, or 
^ife my fin cannot be pardoned* Either 
Sie muft be defpifed of men, or I mufi 
t>e of G*d. Oh he muft drink up this 
foicrer cup with alt its dregs, or elfe I 
Biufi: have drunk it up my felf. It was 
5 that finned,and I muft have fu ffercd> 
this curfed, proud and earthly hea?t of 
■Bine rebelled and broke the Laws^and 

on the TaJJlon of €bri&: 8$ 

fhould have fuffered and born the pu- 
nishment h had jiot he ftept in and born 
the Itroke off from me, I had been now 
burning in everlasting flames,and have 
been lingering out this timein torment,' 
which I am now fpending in the fweet 
thoughts of my efcape. And is not 
all true > fpeak out, my foul \ hath not 
the Prophet faid as much > Surely (faith 
-he) be hath born our griefs, and carried 
our for rows : be was wounded for our 
tranfgrc/Jions, be wasbruifed for our ini- 
quities, the cbaflifement of our peace lay 
upw bim, and by bi stripes we are healed. 
All we like /beep hre gone aftray, we art 
every one turned to his own way, and the 
Lord bath laid upon him the iniquities of 
us all.- He was opprcJfed,be was affiitlcd, 
yet be opened not bis mouth $ be was 
brought as a lamb to the /laughter, and a* 
afoccp before the /hearers was dumb, fa 
be opened not his mouth. He was taken 
from prifon & judgment \and who [hall de* 
clare bis generation > for he was cut off 
from the land of the living. And for the 
tranfgreffionoj my people wasbcfmittcnl 
Thou feeft thy debt, and thy Saviours 
f aymtnt of it 5 shefe ate no fittions-, 


$4 •& Vatheticd Meditation 

thou halt jolt now read a Jure word of 
Fropbccy that hath confirmed it. Thofe 
wouttds,xhote ilripes.xhqfQ bruifes which 
thou readett of, he bore for Thee, and 
which were due to thee. It was thou 
rhat ftiouldft have been led j rom pri Jon 
tp Judgment, from prifon to the Judg- 
ment-feat of the great God, who fhould 
have fat as Judge •, he fhould have ar- 
raigned thee, fentenced thee, and have 
fent thee to the /laughter boufe of hell, 
where thou fhouldit have been weeping, 
and wailing,and gnafhing of thy teeth. 
But Oh amazing 18ve and grace ! the 
Son of God that loved me betterthan 
his life, ftept ofFhisThrone and took 
my nature on him, and became a man 
irke to me fonly fin excepted) he came 
and bid me comfort my trembling heart, 
fre would put himfelf into my condition, 
and become the prifoner \ and if my 
fin would eolt his life, he would freely 
part with ir. Methinks I feel my bowels 
turn, my fpirits meit within me •, was 
ever love like to his love ? He was as 
a ftranger to me : why did he not let 
me die > It was hisF&rher 1 did wrongs 
why did he not let me fuffer ? What 

" * if 

on the Ptjfion of GhriJI. 8? 

if my punifhment was as great asHell? 
finely I did deferve ir. What if my 
pains and fcreeches were eternal ? Ah ! 
I was a creature ? a worm,a fly,a nothing 
to him, and what need he haveoared? 
but he loved me ± and could he love a 
pWoner at the Bar? I was zfinner, a 
vile polluted one^ethlnks hefhould havfe 
ioaihed me$ but he did vaajh thee,& make 
thee clean again. I, but J was hisFathers 
enemy.zod fo no friend to him ; or would 
he love an enemy ? or did he not know 
fo much > hut how eouid that be, when 
he fjw my heart, and the enmity that 
was in it? yes, hedid 5 andyet beloved 
thee ^ even while we were enemies he died 
for /#. But why did he love an enemy? 
or how could he do it ? / know not 
why, itis paft my reafon to imagine it : 
Oh inexprejjihk hovel Oh love paft 
thought ! /cannot fathom thee with my 
reafon, thy ways are unaccountable * 
he loves becaufe he will love. And though 
his love difpleaferh its, yet it pleafed 
him to love us, Whar ails my heart ? 
/cannot fir.d it ftir, What,dead under 
the reviving thoughts of thy deareft 
Redeemer ! I jult now laid, he loved 


86 A fuhetital Meditation 
thee though anQnziny, and when thou 
loved It not him * 1 fee the enmity is 
not quite removed, thou can It not love 
him yet ; Arife, (hake up thy felf, and 
look about thee, thou dolt not fure fee 
thy meicy $ finely thou underftandefl 
not what thou oughteft to understand. 
Come away, Oh come away, lift up 
thy drowfie head,/ will make thee look 
andlove,while 1 fet thee all on homing, 
and make thee ere I leave thee confefs 
thou iovelt him. Think, think, my 
fou! f that thou hadft juit now finned 
and broke that law which threatned 
death, and upon the breach doth find 
thee guilty. Think that thou faweft a 
filming Cherubim, amefTengerof the 
Co art o* Heaven flirt in at that door 
and arrelt thee for High treafon, and 
give thee a fummons to rife from the 
feat thou fit reft on, to make a fudden 
anfwer for thy life. Look then, my 
foul, Ah ! I lookt.juft now, 1 fee that 
door wide open: What's this! zfp'ir'n? 
Ah me, I am undone,for I have finned i 
I think the room (hakes under me, or 
elfe 'tis my heart that's trembling. 
What's this/ hear J /mult now anfwer 


on the Poffion of ChriB, 87 

for my life : Oh what fhaii I fay M 
know not what -, / have finned, my 
Confcience tells mo that I have finned, 
the wirnefs within will caft me, I fee 
the lnditement«writ with blood on my 
heart-, the pride, fenfuality, and the 
earthlinefsof which lam charged with, 
I am not able to deny one tittle. Oh 
for a mountain to cover me : Oh whi- 
ther (hall 1 go,whither fhall I fly ? That 
Bed^thefe Curtains, this Gofer cannot 
hide me. My Mother, Fat her,Wife or 
Child cannot help me : O who then 
fhaii? t run whither know rot 5 ven- 
geance will find me out where ever 1 
go. Oh curfed and fultil Satan ! arc 
ail thy fair promifes and inticements 
come to this / O my wicked curfed 
foolifh heart ! that ever 1 fhould believe 
him before my Creator, that told me, 
the day I finned 7 fiouldfurely die. Oh 
that for a little fimple traniient pleafure 
I fhould fo madly hazard my erernal 
life / And now / muft be caft ro Hell to 
hszt the punifhment of my folly. Think 
once again. think r hat this were the day, 
Ihisthe very place in whichG* d fhould 
fcoms and fit in judgment on tine Ml* 


88 A Pathetical Meditation 

thinks I fee theHeavens bow themfelves; 
Oh what a crackling do I hear in the 
Clouds * look yonder! Seewho^omes! 
It is rny Judge 5 his countenance is as a 
fiameoffire, heutterihis voice like 
Thunder, the mountains skip,or rather 
fhake,or rather tremble. Now,now, is 
the time of my utter deftruftion neat 
at band- Oh how (hall I look him ia 
the face ! His looks do already affright 
me! Ifhallnotfayone word,and I have 
not one Friend that will fay one word 
for me. It's true, I fee a terrible glori- 
ous Troop of Angels that do attend 
him, but they are ail his friends, and 
therefore all my enemies : I dare not 
fpeak a word to them $ and alas ! if I 
fhould, they are all but his ferva-nts, 1 
and fellow-Creatures with my felf \ 
Alas ! They cannot, yea they will not 
help me. It's true, there is ove, that 
crrc that feemsdtf^* a?i/b G^thebeams 
oi whofe countenance are far brighter 
than all the Hoft of Heaven : Befides, 
if God have a Son, it may be it is he * 
methinks he is a mirrour of his Fathers 
Glory * but this I know not \ be what 
he will, he cannot pity me afinner,the 


on the Death of Chriji. 89 

loots oF hope are all fhur up, and now 
is a miferable wretch I muft prepare to 
hear my fentence * the Judge isfet,and 
ivich trembling heart and joints I itand 
a prifoner at the Bar for my Life, and 
now I muft attend his call. 

God fpeaks,] Sinner \ where art thou ? 

The Sinner an/veers'] Lord here am I. 

God fpeaks] How dare]] thou thus a* 
bufe my Grace fi? kindk up my zealagainft 
thee that novo a* ftubble it mil conjumt 
thee ? Is this the thanks that thou hall 
returned for all the love that I have 
ihewed to thee > Mult J make a whole? 
World and give it to thee, and as if 
that was too little, I bid thee freely 
take my felf and all, and would not this 
content thee ? Was 1 not as a Father to 
thee,tfce time thou lovedlt me,and didft 
obey me ? Did I not make thy feat a 
Paradice, and ftrewed thy paths with 
pleafure ? Did I not rejoyce over thee 
as a young man over his bride ? What 
evil haft thou found in me, that thou 
fhouldft thus rebellioully revolt and 
my Laws, and for a trifle fell my fa- 
vour, and hazard myEternal pleafures? 
Speak finner, was it not fo ? 

90 A Fatbetical Meditation 

The firmer anfmrs 3 My God, thefe 
weeping eyes and bended knees confefs 
fo much. 

God [peaks ] Had I not told thee that 
fin would coil thee thy Life, then thou 
hadft had fome excufe 2 Have I faid it, 
and will the greatGod change ? Sinner, 
thou muft die \ I told thee fo before, 
and now I tell thee again, the God of 
Heaven cannot lie. Get thee gone thou 
curfed wretch into eternal flames, and 
keep that Devil company in chains and 
torments,with whom thou haft rebelled 
againft me, and go fee what pleafures 
thou halt in finning. 

The Sinner anfweretb'] Thou greatGod 
and terrible Judge \ 1 do confels thy 
lehtence juft^but if there be any bowels 
of mercy in thee, pity me, or I die for 
even Mercy, Mercy, Lord / for 1 am 
thy creature, the workmanfhip of thy 
hands. If there be any thing in the 
trembling heart 2nd hands, and knees 
of this thyfentenoed prifoner.that will 
move compafficD, O pity, pity a con-j 
demned Sinner. 

God /peaks] What / Stays he longer! 
tq trouble my patience / I fay, begone^ 


A Patberical Meditation 9 1 
thou curfed 5 though thou art my crea- 
ture,know that my wrath hath kindled 
00 better creatures than thou art ; get 
thee to Hell, and the howling Devils 
will tell thee as much. 

The firmer /peaks} Ah, wo, wo, wo to 
me, for ever curfed / am, and curled 
moft I go for ever, My righteousjudge, 
and ye glorious Angels adieu for ever : 
Live, live for ever blefled 3nd happy 
in his love •, / might have lived, ard 
joyed* and gloryed in that God that 
made both ye & me \ but like a wretch 
that / am, wo that ever / was born, f. 
fold his favour, and fo my erernalLife, 
for a thing of nought, a vain luft, a 
finful pleafure that lafted but for a fea- 
Con, and / g^, / go into eternal flames. 
What fays myHearr this ? Methinks 
the very thoughts >f it do make my 
hearr to quiver, and my flefh to fhake 
all round about me* ( r eel no itrength 
in all my joints. 

G id /peaks} So, fo, Jam glad feme* 
thing moves thee. 

But think again, that the Devil did 
taks hold of thee, and drag thee frc m 
the place thou fitteft or 3 to Hell 5 fop- 

9 2 A Pathetic al Meditation 

pofe the Father frowning on thee, and 
all the Angeb flioating thee down tc 
Hell, and glorying in thy damnation : 
fcu tii k again thou fjweft when all 
yvej* joying to fee ihee fentenced tc 
Hell, that he that far juft by rhejudge. 
vvhrm thou thougbreit even now to he 
liis Son, but k«eweit it nor. Look 
Look ! Methiiiks I fee him rffe oft' hii 
Throne ♦, fee, fee, how the Angels fall 
to adore him, methinks he is a coming 
near thee. Oh how my heart dorfc 
ttffllble, Oh what will he torment 
me before my time / Ah me ! My doom 
is great enough already. 

Sinner JfwksJ] Thou wilr not fend 
me to a worfer place than Hell ^ my 
Judge hathpaffed myfentence,rhoucanH 
not fend me into worfer than flames, o\ 
punifh me longer than everlallingly. 

Cbrifi Art/icersj Oh how my bowels 
turn ! This lioner knows not what is ir 
my heart -, he thinks I am his enemy 
Sinner, fluke off thy tears, and wip* 
thine eyes, thou (halt not die. 

Ttx fin net f pea As again.'} Oh thou glo 
lious God or Angel, or J know not wha 
to call ihee 7 do not delude 01 deride t 


on the Vaffion of Cbfift. 9) 

poor Caitiff wretch in the midft of mi- 
fery : Why wilt thou raife me to fuch 
a pinacle of hope, to caft me down,and 
make my fall the greater ? My Judge 
hath palled the fentence, I mull die ; 
and who can reverfe the doom ? Ah / 
I muft go i fee my prifon door wide 
open •, the fmoke and flafhes come to 
meet my defpairing Soul halfway. 

ChnS fpeaksl^ And now my heart be- 
gins to break, my love can keep no lcn- 
ger in * how cauflefly doth this wretch 
torment his heart! He knows not who 
!am.- I mult reveal my felf. Sinner, 
1 love thee •, I fay thou fhalt not die : 
Come, feel my heart and pulfe how 
they beat, and tell how ftrong my, love 
within doth aft them : Dolt thou not 
fee I have left myThrone,and am come 
down to the Bar where thou Itandefl 
condemned > But why doft thou weep? 
Come,let me wipe thine eyes,and bind 
up thy bleeding and defpairir g heart : 
1 tell thee thou (hair not die: If Hea- 
ven will have blood, it (hall have mine, 
fo it will but fpare thine. Sinner, if 
thou kneweft who I am, thouwouldeft 
j>ot doubt one tittle; 1 tell thee 1 am 
1 3 his 

$4 A Tatbetlcal Meditation 
his Son, his only Son, that but now con- 
demned thee: 1 know he is juft, and 
jultice muft be fatisfied. But do not 
thou Jcar, if one of us rnuft die,ir fhall 
l>e I : I will pour out my blood a Sacri- 
fice for fin, and appeafe his wrath, and 
make you Friends again. Ye innume- 
rable company of Angels, fyet feivants 
at my Fathers will) why do yerejoyce 
to fee my Prifoner fent to he//? This 
cuifed Soul over whom in Glory you 
do bow triumph, I do refolve to die 
for,and to buy her to my felf a Spoufe, 
*nd to make her blefled with your 
Telves, and give her a Prtnces's placeon 
a Throne that is by my felf. 

Sinner /peaks'] Is this a dream / Or 
ami waking ? The goodnefs.greatnefs, 
glory of this fudden unexpefted bleffed 
scbafige, tempts me to doubt whether 
it be true,or whether it be fomc unruly 
izney that doth delude this wretched 
Heart of mine? What for the Son of 
God to debafe himfeif io low as to rake 
my nature, and fo my eanle, & become 
the Prifoner ! What /And though he 
knows he fhall be cafi ! Will he hear 
the fentence, and quietly bea* boh-, 


in the PaJJion of CbriJI. 9? 

and fhackels,and chains, which fiould 
have fettered me ! Yet more than this, 
Doth he know it is impoffible to get a 
reprieve from his Father and judge 5 
And that he mult mcft affuredly drink 
the bittereft dregs of Death, more bit- 
ter thanBeviis or damned Souls inHeli 
has yet ever rafted of? For it is im- 
poffible the Cup fhould pafs : And can 
he, will he, dare he venture ? But 
ttay,l mutt be a Spoufe/ To be exalted 
from this dunghill to be a Frincefs to 
the Son & Heir of Glory / Hold, hold, 
here's enough/it is a dream,an idle fancy 
of a diftempered brain •, I (hall rcever 
find a heart to believe one Syllable. 
But yet, methinks, if it be_a dream, 
5 ii$* a Golden one. Is it poflible that 
fuch a "damned wretch as I, could har- 
bour fuch fiiken gilded Thoughts of 
fuch Love, Grace, Mercy &Tendernefs 
of t he Son of God ? Oh my Heart / If 
they were not true,how came they into 
my mind, or how came they to ftay ? 
Or could they, if but meer Fiftioos, 
make fuch a change in my Heart \ 
Could they fo vlttorioufly conquer all 
my Fear, filence all my Doubts, allay 


$6 A Patbetical Meditation 

the heats of a fcorched and be-helled 
Conference? But why a dream, poor 
wretched Heart ? Didft thou not fee 
him Itepoff his Throne ? Was it a 
time to dream or fleepin, when thou 
wert before the Judgment feat, while 
God was frowning, and the Devils 
dragging thee to and fro to get thee 
away to Hell ? O then, juft then, % hs 
Kept down, drew near and took thee 
by the hand, and fpoke thefe reviving 
Words to thee i Doubt this,and doubt 
thy Judgment. But why a Dreami 1 
am not now in Hells Torments,whither 
I was juft now fentenced ; My Heart is 
now at eafe and quiet •, furely fome* 
thing muft be -the reafon why the 
Devil that bucnow had hold of me, 
hath left me. Where is theConfcience 
that but now was burning in me j But 
Oh, cannot the prefence of the Lord 
put me out of Doubt ? Do not his 
Words that were fo kind, his tender 
dealing with me, doth not his ftooping 
to me, taking me by the arm, and the] 
gentle Lifts that he gives to my droop- i 
ing Soul, fpeak him /-*fent I Oh/ 
Do notmyhead 3 eyes,arms,heait,breaft t 


on the Vajjicn of Chrijf, ^ 91 
and the eafe of every joint and limb 
about me, whnefs the fame > Away 
my unbelieving Hearr, what a flir is 
here to mike thee believe a thing fo 
evident ? D »ubt my mind, and freely 
doubt, III give thee leave, when thou 
halt any rccjfion or reafon for it. But 
why fh ^u!d # l doubt that which is pa ft 
all doubt ? May I not believe mySenfes? 
I both faw and heard him fpeak the 
Words 5 or Hull I mifdoubt his faith- 
fulnefs ? 1 know he is the Son of God % 
he cannot lie, but it is true ? Yer, my 
God, 1 pray thee be not angry wich my 
fcrupulous Heart ^ thou feett in Tears 
I mike the doubrjct it be an argument 
to me of Sincerity : 1 do not ask that 
TQutftiw as one that would fain be 
perfwaded it's true: Canft thou think, 
my Lord, that I would not bereconcil- 
ed, and cheerfully accept of Grace 
when thou fo freely offeiedlt it ? O 
but Lord, fpeak thefe words ro my heart 
which thou haft already fpoke to my 
€Jt, and thou wilr melt it intolove and 
thankfulnefs, and I (hall never doubt 
it more. 

OHje£V But yet, but what can Heaven 
love Jo much I Anjw* 

98 A Patbetical Meditation 

An/to. Thou filly Worm ! How idl> 
doft thou queftion ? Muft Heaven, and 
fo its love, be bound up to fo narrow 
and contra&ed Thoughts as thine ate; 
What, can God love no more than thou 
canft ? Love is a Perfection, and God 
is infinitely perfe&,fomuii<be infinitely 
& comprehenfively loving. Thou fool,go 
found the Sea, and tell me its greateft 
depths; give me the height of yondei 
Stars, this poifibly thou may It do*, foi 
the Seas are net fodeep but they have 
a bottom, nor the Stars fo high, but 
they may by art be known. But, Oh 
the heights, and depths, and breadths, 
and lengths of the love of our Redee ; 
mer l He is God, and his breaftsare fc 
full of love, that they flow and over 
flow with love ^ they have no bottom, 
D) but try, my Soul, call thy felf intc 
this botromlefs lovely Ocean, into thi: 
endlefs BtfoM.y and when thou haf 
been finking millions of millions o 
Years, teit me whether you come t< 
ground. Ye glorious Angels, and y"\ 
blefled Spirits of juft Men made per 
fe&, that live above, you that hav 


on the Vaffien of Gbrifi. 99 

been wading downward thefe five Thou- 
fands of Years, do ye feel a bottom > 
Or are ye near one ? Away, away, my 
foolifh Heart $ if this be all thou haft 
to plead, he may redeem thee, 8c take 
thee for his Spoufe, and betroth thee 
to himfelf, notwithftanding all this* 

Objefch *)tit Ob this filthy loathfom 
flefhlyfelf, this bafe unthankful earthly 
heartjhat can prefer a dunghil,droJs,and 
dirt, before him that can freely lay out his 
love to a creature like my f elf : But Ob 
bow bard, and ft iff, and unrelenting am 1 to 
my God. But Oh he will flight m$^ be- 
caufe I have often put him off, iff flighted 
him ^ he cannot love and die for Jucb a 
one as I am. 

, An/. Ceafe fool, thy reafonings 5 he 
cannot love an enemy,becaufe thou canft 
not , he cannot die, becaufe thy co- 
wardly heart will not fuffer thee ! 
Why fhould he fear the Grave, that' 
had Power over it ? And what though 
thou art unworthy of his love, if he 
will have thee and make thee worthy ? 
Thy Heart is bafe, and what of that, if 
be will mend it ? Thy filthy rotten 
and polluted Soul he intends to wafh 


ICO A Patbetical Meditation 

aim cleanfe ic till it is without ip t and 
wrinkle, or any fuch thing. Thy Hub- 
born proud earthly and luftfui heart, 
he can make humble, tender, foft and 
yielding. And when he hath made 
thee as he would, why may not he take 
thee to himfelf, and lay thee next his 
heart, ar.d delight over thee everlaft- 
ingly ? 

Obje£l, But will bis Father yield to 
this ? I am too poor <* match /or the Sort 
and heir of a! I things : But will he fan be 
fuffer his Son to dicjobuy jucb a beggarly 
thing to limfelj at I am* 

AnJ\ Away thefe filly fimple childifh 
Thoughts; how like an Inhabitant of 
this earthly fenfual World dolt thou 
reafon ? Thou wilt not under-match, 
and therefore will not God his Son ? 
Thou Fool, thou wilt not hecaufe thou 
canftfind another equal. But dolt thou 
not know that God can find none equal 
to his Son 5 he muft Itoop, or elfe go 
wit hour. It's true, he might have gone 
without,but what if he would nor,why 
fhould notHeaven haveits will as well as 
thou? Thou haft no dowry, and he 
doth need none, and yet thou argued 


on the PaJJion of Cbrift. lot 1 

as if Heaven would make Traffick with 
his Son and his iove,as we filly Worms 
do here •, but we arc Beggars, and fa 
ate Angels, and all the glorious Hoft 
above, they are hisCreatures,hangand 
flepend upon him, and cannot fubfift 
3ne moment happy without fuppiies 
and helps of his Grace * and why majr 
he BOt bring a beggarly Man as near 
to himfeif, as a beggarly Angel, if 
ft it pleafeth him ? 

Object Bui doth it Jo pleafe bim ? 

Anfw. How often have I told thee 
t doth pleafe him and haft thou noc 
jelieved > Come, if thy bearing wilt 
lot fatisfie, let thy feeing doit. Look, 
f thou haft Eyes. Come tell me, dork 
lotHeaven look as though it was pleafc 
d with the offer of his Son? What 
loud or darknefs doit thou fee about 
he Throne ? What fign or token of 
Ufpleafure canft thou at all difcover ? 
)pen thine eyes, view the God of 
ilory. Do his looks befpeak him ta 
>e thy Father or thy Judge ? And canft 
hou not read both Husband,Father and 
,ord, and all in his Countenance? 
Vhat not fee it ! Surely thou art blind ; 

I ©2 A Patketical Meditation 
If he had not told as much from his 
own mouth, his eyes and looks befpeak 
his love and favour loud and clear & 
rough to thee. But doth he not tell 
thee, to put thee out of all doubt, this 
is my well beloved Son, hear him, hear 
him.- What's that? Believe him what- 
foevef he fays, why, what faith he ? O 
dull and ftupid Heart ! Halt thou for- 
got already / He faid he will pay his 
Life for thine * and doth not hisFather 
bid thee hear him? He faid he would 
reconcile thee, love thee, 8t make thee 
Friends again •, and is it not Comfort 
ivhen the Father bids thee believe him 
He faid he will paidon, wafh 8c cleanfe 
thee,and take thee tohimfelf,& betroth 
thee to him for ever, and after all 
will give thee to fee his Glory,even the 
ftme Glory which he had before *h« 
World. And the Father is willing t< 
all this, for he tells thee his Son, is hi 
well-beloved Son, and bids thee believ< 
him, and mifdoubt not one Syllable 
And cantt thou after all this doubt tha 
the Father is not willing ? But d 
not his Angels likewife, who are mini 
thing Spirits, with voice and lookl 


en the Papon of Cbnjt. 1 C$ 

proclaim as much/hat Heavep is well- 
pleafed wirh the Son, and with his 
Dea'h and Paffion, and fo with thee 
in him ? Do nor the Angels admire 
the Myftery of redeeming Grace, that 
Bikes them fo defirous to peep into 
it ? Why d;d they proclaim his c< filing 
into the World, and fiog for j y mac 
there was good-will in Heaven to Men 
on Earth ? Or why do they fo diligent- 
ly attend thee by night and day ? Thou 
feel* them not keep guard about thy 
Chamber door, and round about the 
Ctmains af thy Bed, Why do they 
attend thee from room to room, and 
Follow thee down-ftairs, & out of doors, 
if it were not but that thou art fome 
great Princefs, nearly allied to their 
Lord and Matter? Thou doit not fee 
this, blame then thine Fve->, and the 
infidelity of thy Heart - 5 fhall it be lefs 
true, beciufe thy bafe infidelity cannot 
digelt it ? Thou might doubt God, Hea- 
ven, and every thing elfe on that fcore-, 
but halt thou not it from his own Mouth 
that the Angels are minUtring Spirirs 
for the heirs of Glory ? Come, tell me, 
I fay, tell me quickly, I mult have an 
K 2 anlwer 

I #4 ^ Pathetic al Melitatwn 
anfwer, can this, and all this be true; 
and Heaven yet not be pleafed? If God 
with his Son and Angels be all content 
that thou fhouldft be reltored, and fa 
exalted to fuch dignities as to be heir 
unto the Crown of Heaven ; if thefe be| 
pleafed, who is there in Heaven that 
can elfe be difpleafed? What faith my 
Heart ? What not yet one Word ? Oh 
how long fhall I be troubled 8c pelter-, 
cd with my unbelief! Oh my God> 
itrik#, chide, and break this flint, re? 
prove thisftubborn-8c unbelievingHearr,. 
I cannot perfwade it that thou lovelt 
me, or art willing to love me: I urge 
thy Word, and my beft reafon to pr ve 
it, but Icannot make it yield. Oh break, 
I pray thee, this Flint or Adamant up* 
on the downy Bread of Love vftrike, and 
one blow of thine will make it fall in 
pieces, and confefs at length that thou 
art well pleafed with thy Son, & fully 
fatisfied that he ftiould bleed and die 
for me. Bat le* me try thee once again, 
if thoti haft loft thine Eats and Eyes -, 
I'll fee if thou haft loft thy feeling too* 
Tfiou fayft thou canft not believe that 
€j0d is willing to accept the Son for 


on the PuJJion ofCbrift* io> 
fhee, or that thou fo vile a wrerch canlt 
be accepted of by the Father through 
the merits of his Death and Sufferings. 
Come,teil me,isnot this thy Language? 
J know thou dareft not to fpeak fo muclx 
in Words. But ah / my Heirt, I find 
thou haft got a Tongue as well as my 
Mouth, that often mutters and fpeaks a 
different language. But tell me if thy 
unbelief hath any ground for it? What 
makes it then that thy felfis fo free 
from fears and terrors, when thou 
fhouldelt believe the Almighty, of thy 
Bodies Death, Refurrettion, and com- 
ing to Judgment, if thoughreit him not 
thy Friend, and reconciled to thee in 
his Son ? If nor, methinks thy fears 
fhould fright thee, and tremblingfeize 
on every joint •, and yet thou wile fool- 
ifhly mutter agiintt thine own feeling, 
Swlfpejkq blefled God ! I feel 
thou halt overcome y I yield, I yield, I 
have not left a word to fpeak againlt 
thy love-, thy Son hath offered Satis- 
JM&on, and thou hilt accepted if ^ tho« 
hill laid dowj, O my Sjviour,rhyLlf<e 
for mine * a :d thy FJther, aid m/ 
Bliher is well pleifei with-it : Btoxl 
K 3 U 

A Pathetic*! Meditation 
is paid, Juftice is fatisfied, Heavens 
doors are widened, thine arms open to 
receive me j nothing is wanting but 
my Hiart -, make it fuch as thou wilt 
have ir, and then take it to thy felf* 
Come up, my Soul, thou haft an Heart, 
and there is a Chrift* the Father thou 
feeft is willing, and the Son is willing, 
give but thy confent, and he is thine 
for ever. Fear not thy hardnefs, blind* 
rftfe, dead nefs, loathfomnefs, all thefe 
cannot binder, if thou be but willing* 
He hath been in the world to ask the 
worlds confent already, and alfo thine-, 
thou cinft not doubt of his Good- will y 
fpeak but the word, and he hath thine 
too. What fiickeft thou at ? » Surely 
thou art a floggifh Spirit h what doft 
t-hou ail ? Half of this ado would find 
a Heart for a little mire or dirt, ox 
fomething elfe that is worfe,and is not 
Chrift better > But ah ! yet I feel a 
piece of unbelief (till working in thy 
very Bowels, as if that Jefus that died 
at Jerufa'cm were not the Son of God y 
and the Redeemer of the World. And! 
is this all ? O were I certain thou 
wouldft n«ter doubt *Qie,. huW fret's* 


en the Tnjjion of Cbrift. Y07 
hould I make Satisfaction ? But Oh/ 
[ faint and tire with the trips & ftum- 
clings of my unbelief. But mount,my 
Soul, thou muft refolve to tire and put 
tofilence all thy unbelieving bablings, 
Drtbey will thee * which, if they do* 
never expert an hours peace or quiet 
more \ thou muft refolve to conquer 
thy unbelief, or to be conquered •, thou 
knoweft her tyranny too well to let her 
g ■) away the vi&orefs. He was not the 
Chrift, thou fayeQ, but tell me why > 

Objeft. His Parentage was too low and 
mean I what the Saviour of the World a 
Carpenters Son ! How can it be ! 

Anf. My unbelief, in the frrft place, 
thou liett, his Mother was a Virgin,and 
her Conceprion knew no Father but the 
Almighty Power of the overshadowing. 
Holy Gholt ^ he was more truly theSon 
of God than fofepVs Son* And was 
his Birth, think'lt thou,fo mean,whofe 
Parentage was fo glorious ? 

Gbjeft. His Birth but me<in& beggarly \ 
nofooner born^ but cradled in a Manger \ 
hut could Heavm fuffer this i 

An/. It confifts. But yer it was as 
glorious ., For did not a Stir proclaim 


him born ? And did not a whole Hoi 
of Angels fing, and (hour it up for Joy 
And did nor wife Men, yea and Kings 
bring Licenfe, Myrrh, and Frankincenfe 
being but as fo much Tribute, unto th< 
new born King,and heir of all things,a< 
if by inftin&they knew they held theii 
Crowns of him > A greaterHonour thai 
ever any new bom Prince hath yet re 
ceived before him, or ever fliall or wili 
do after him. 

Methinks, my unbelieving Heart, 1 
could dare to tell thee, that room was 
no Stable, it was a palace * and did noi 
the coft, prefents,and glorious Prefenc* 
of Kings fpeak as much ? 

Ohjett. But bis Days were Jfent h 
Poverty, Meannrfs and Difgrace * ant 
can /, dire /, truft my Soul with fucb c 
ene, and take ban ?v be /fcf Son oj God\ 

£mf. And now I wonder at thee 
It's true what thou fayefl,if thop lock 5 - 
ett upon him one way \ his 15 fe was 
fuch as thou telleft me of-, but 'tis $ 
ftrong argument agai \\\ thy felf* tot 
juft fuch a one was the Chritt ro be 
according ti> the Prophets \ the 53d 


fe s 

an the Vajjion of €brijf. 109 
apter of lfaiab (hews as much. But 
[yet if you truly underftandeft what true 
>']Pomp and Glory means, even to an 
tfeyQ of Senfe as well as to that of Faith, 
iSo/omoa'% Life imbroidered with all his 
jgiorious Afts, was not comparable to 
]this Lifeof his. Was it not filled with 
]Miracles and Wonders ? Was he not 
proclaimed the Son of God withVoices 
f'Cm Heaven ? Did he not conquer 
Devils, and therefore the Kingdom of 
Hell > Was ever Prince on Earth ho- 
noured with fa great aConqueit* Wete 
not his miraculousFeaftsmorefplendid 
than thofe of Princes ? The fare was 
biM poor and mean, but the miracles 
made it rich and glorious. Had I been 
prefent,fhould I not have wondered and 
gaz^d more at the Matter of this Feaft; 
and have taken more Pleafure to have 
fec-i him fit down with rhefe fiveThou- 
fands, than wirhaTable full of Princes 
and g^e.u Men? Alasjr wereatriflirg 
fight to 1 h is. Methinks my unbelief 
that pleads fo much for fenfe, fenfe it 
fslf pleads too ltro-gly againft rhee,for 
thou canft not argue one Syllable. 
Objeft; But would tbc Son pf God be 


*ro A Pathe'ical Meditation 

hanged and crucified ? Couid Heaven have 
Suffered this ? £ou!d not the Saviour of 
the World Jave hlmfdf ? How could he 
thenfave mc ? 

Anf. Hadft thou not the blindnefs of 

the Jews, thou could ft not reafon thus 

like them.-, but was it not neceflary it 

Ihould be fo ? Dd not the Prophets 

foretel his Dearh, and fuch a Death ? 

Had he not died, and died as he did, I 

might then have had fome ground to 

doubt him whether he were theMeffias 

or not, for it was needful that tbePro- 

phecies (hould be fulfilled, Dan.9. Bat 

yet as wretched and as contemptible a 

going out of the world as he^had, and 

his manner of dying on theCrofs, how 

vile foever it feemed tobejet was there 

not enougb to filehce all the doubtsj 

that could polfibly from thence arifeJ 

and much for the Confirmation of myj 

Faith, in the wonderful Fclipfe of the 

Sun, the rending of the Veil of the 

Temple, the opening of the Graves, 

railing of the Dead, and afterwards his 

own rifingthe third day, and afcending 

up toHeaven in a Cloud > IfmyFauh 

mighi have liagjjered in feeing him on 


on the Vojjion of Cbrijf. 1 1 1 

rofs dying, ir could not when it faw 
im riren,and in the Clouds afcending. 

Ohjeft, But mre tbofe wonders trut 
id certain ? 

Ar.fw. But haft thou any ground to 
oubt them ? Are they not written in 
)y Bible l And art thou not certain 
lat it is the Word of God > Or haft 
lou not fufficient Reafon to believe it 
> be fo? But halt thou not a whole 
ation, yeaNations that do believe the 
me ? And before this age, did not 
ir Fathers,and Grandfathers.and great 
randfathers, and fo continued a refti- 
ony of Ages from the time that they 
ere done, to this day, witnefs to the 
r uth of them,and that fo unanimoufly 
id refolutely that ten thoufands have 
ther chofen to lofe their lives, than 
ie Truth of them. Now pur ail thefe 
gether, and tell me,canft thou doubt > 
way, I fee thou doit but trifle * con- 
fs the trutb 3 or 1 am refolved to heed 
iee no longer. Come,take 2c embrace 
lat crucified Jefus, account all things 
fe but as lofs, and drofs, and dung in 
pmpatifon wirh him ; (tick not at his 
itwaid' meannefs, fcruple not at his 


ignominious dying, ir is the veryChril 
the Saviour of the World. Oh wh; 
fcouldeft thou thus torment me ? Dof 
thou not fee ail thy fellow Chriftian 
to Glory in thatCrofs,and in thatChril 
that died on it ? Do they not bear it a; 
a badge of honour. & (hall it be to the< 
asfliame* Do not ail theChriftianWoric 
sat and drink as often as they can th( 
Symbols of this their dyingLord? Anc 
do they not all fing,and joy,& triumpl 
in it ? And wilt thou the while lie 
vexing thy felf over a company o! 
needlefs fears and fcruples ? Farewel 
ail needlefs doubts and tormenting 
Queftions, I fee my Faith is built on \ 
Rock, blow winds, beat waves, yot 
cannot now move me. BlefTed God | 
I thank thee, for thy Son, tbou hafl 
given his Life fox the fpoiler,thou haft 
bowed his back to the enemies, lonj 
furrows have they plowed upon i^and 
the day of his calamity they laugher 
at. Lord": Thcu haft wounded hin 
for my fins,and bruifed him-for my ini; 
quities. Thefe fpeak the depth of thj 
counfds, and the ways of thy mercj 
part finding out, and the tendernefs o 

en the V<fjion rf Cbriji. II J 
:hy bowels. Thou halt made him my 
Rock, and my fhield, and my thong 
Tower, and in the day of my forrow 
through him thou wilt hear me. To 
thee, OGod, will I make my vows, and 
to thee will I pay them 5 I will hum: 
ble my felf before thee. I will always 
lie at the feet of my Redeemer. lord! 
His Crofs and his fhame fh all be no 
more a ftumbling-blcck to me, I will 
take it up and follow him, it (hall be 
my Crown, my Song, and the glory of 
my rejoycing. I will enter into thy 

[Courts with joy, and in the Congrega- 
ions of thy Saints (hall be my delight; 
will remember thy loving kindneffes 
^f old, & the days in which thou didft 
(jfflift thy only Son for the fins of my Soul. 
i will call to mind theCovenant of thy 
3race$ and my heart fhall praife thee,' 
fvhen I fee it founded on blood. Then 
will I betrorh my felf to thy Son; join 
thou, Lord, both our hands and hearts,' 
ind we will ftrike up a ma'ch forever; 
?raife thou the Lord, Oh my foul, and 
ill you that love and iear him, praife 
lis holy name. 

L The 

ii4 A Vaibetical Meditation 


The DreJS. 

Lord, where am i! What! All th< 
Children of the Bride-chamber up and 
dreft, and I {lumbering in my bed! Tell 
me ye fairelt, what make you up fc 
early ? Alas our Lord was up before ui 
all. He called us up by break of day 
and wondered that we were not trim 
ming our lamps, knowing with whorr 
we are to fealt this day. Oh well thei 
I will rife up too. Oh what a fhew dt 
thefe bright and glittering Saints mak< 
in mine eyes ? What a brightnefs d< 
thefe pearls and diamonds caft in mini 
eyes! They do Itrike me into amaze 
ment. Oh what a lovely humble iool 
doth crown their brow ? And what \ 
comely Countenance hath joy and Hea 
venly delight caft on their cheeks 
Surely they did not thus drefs them 
feives, it was myFather that made then! 
thus prepar'd ro entertain his Son. BuJ 
where are my Cloaths ? Now for th! 
•faiieft, fweetelt robe of thoughts an<| 


on the TaJJion of Cbriji. 1 1 5 

wifhes that can be found, or that the 
tfardrope of my Father can afford me. 
3h how naked am I ? But where are 
my filken golden twifis of Faith to bang 
'be jewels, of joy and love^and humility up- 
\n f I am never drelt till they he on. 
3h where, where are they ? I faw 
:hem by me hue jult now. I laid them 
ay my heart before I went to bed. Oh 
what was I fo long a reafoning about ? 
Oh what long and many threds did 
my reafon fpin even now, but to make 
Ihefe twines to tye up my joy- and to 
raife up my love, and to hang my hea* 
ve ily delight upon ? But ah ! I feat 
this envious world hath with her va- 
nities fto-Ien them away, or hid them 
From me: or the envious Devil, or un- 
belief have been ravelling or fnarling 
of then , that now I am as far to feek 
is ever. Whither, O whither fhall I 
m to find them out ? Now, will the 
bridegroom come, and I am not ready ? 
1 cannor,dare nor goto day. Now will 
ny Lord be angry, and ask me why I 
:am a nor, arc! I have no anfiver to make 
iim. And if I go undrelt, he will ssk 
ue,where is my Wedding garment, ar.d 
L 2 i then 

St 6 A Pathetica! Meditation 

then I fhjll be fpeechlefs. Ah foollffl 
fimple heart / that thou fhouldeft rake 
no more care but to let thefe thought! 
of earth fo entangle themfelves witf 
thy fo pure and heavenly contemplati- 
ons / Now how to get them looft 
again, thou knoweft not \ this thoi 
mighteft by heed & care have prevent 
cd 5 but now tvhar help > Lord, I have 
finned 5 O holy Father pardon thii 
time, and I will take more heed, Oi 
come and unne my thoughts from thii 
earth, and come and drefs me up as bef 
pleafeth thee. Come, be not difcou« 
raged, Oh my Soul ! Let but thy attire 
of Grace be whole, that is, fincere, thj 
G d, and fo thy Saviour will accep' 
thee % Though thy garments are not fc 
much perjumei with Hetven, as thy bre- 
threns are, bur yet if jr href are bu< 
white and free from the fpots of fieff 
and fpirir, thou wilt be looked on anc 
liked of well enough. Thy Lord dot! 
know that all have not Talents alike 
and where he gives but lirtle,he expeft 
but liffle. A faith that is richly im 
broiderel over with love and delight, i 
not given to all ^ and is not expeftet 


on the Vaffion of Cbrift. U? 
from any bur from thofe to whom it is 
given. Thou halt an honelt, willing/ 
ferious hearr, that thinks it doth dcf- 
pife and trample under feet, the near* 
elt, dearelt pleafures, profits & gL ries 
in the world f in compare with him that 
gave himfelf to death for thee \ and 
hadlt rather anger iiefh and blood, the 
dearelt friends, and all than him, by 
finning againft him in the lealt. If this 
be true,fear not, thou halt thy wedding- 
garment on, thou art well clad •, as 
mean foever as it is, it is fuch a ore as 
heaven gave thee, and fucha oneasthy 
dear Redeemer can, and will embrace 
thee in. 

The FrefencrChmhr* 

Fear nor, O my foul, I charge thee 
Jo not faint. Let nor thy weiknefs, 
ihd the poverty of thy grace, dilcourage 
rhee : See how thy Lord draws nigh. 
Feafr nor,- 1 fiy, he will not ask thee, 
Friend, hvvo ci?nefl thou hither not havirtg 
>/? thy Wedhng.garment ? He fees thy 
Hem, and lees thou halt it on. Oh he 
I0B&-3 l And it is but to whifper th^§ 
ij a- 

I r 8 A Tathetical Meditation 
a welcome in thine ear^ it isbut tofalj 
abour thy neck and kifs thy be reai'd 
cheeks, and bid rhee a kind welcome 
lo thy bleeding Lord. 

Sou!. On did i think to be thus much 
jnade of ! I thought be would not 
have mil ded me $ but I did no foorei 
appear & let my feet within the dcois, 
bur he ran «o meet me ^ he took me in 
liis arms, he brought me hither, and 
fet me here. Is this a houfe, or is it a 
Palace ? Is this a Court for Princes, or 
for Angels ? Never did place more 
favifh me into amazement than this 
p!?cs / Beautiful are thy gates ', Zion I 

how pleajant it the habitation of the moji 
high I Is it the place or the company 
that Itrikes m* into alionifhment ! Now 

1 can f3y,moit feelingly fay wtihDavicf. 
My delights are with the Sai&ts of the moji 
l)igh, and the mo ft excellent of tie tank 
Their poverty,their difgrace, jheir cor. 9 
senipt amongit whom they live, do not 
puzzle my quick ey'd Faith ; thefe ar<| 
the Kings Daughters that are all ghriouk 
with in, their garments are of needle w rk. 
2)%hfQi&creA over with fur e gold, fine f$ui 

on the Tajjion of Chrijf. i T 9 

nean foever they are, or may fcem to- 
>e, thefe (hail fee v^ith Chilt to Judge 
he World, Ob./ How my S ul is ra- 
fifhed wich delight, to fee. and lock on 
hofe with whom / fhall live for ever ! 
f they are fo lovely now, what will 
•hey be hereafter, when our God fhall 
ake them, and fcowr off their rult, and 
wafh their Garments bright in the Sun- 
shine of bis countenance, H. change thofe 
mortal and corruprible bodies into im- 
mortal and glorious ones ; and fet them 
upon thrones, about himfelf, and lade 
their heads with crowns of mafly gold j 
and when I fhall hear them warbling 
ouc the everiafting Praifes of the Lamb, 
whofe Body and Blood we fhall fi$ 
down to feed on ! 

Communion Plate. 

Kevar voasGold or Si her graced thus before] 
To bring thisBodyiS 'ibis Blood to us, h more 
than to Crown Kings, 
or be mode Rings 
' Star like Diamonds to glitter in* 



A Patbetica! Meditation 

The Brcjd. 

Welcome FaijrefK take anS tat ; h\ 
the fWeetcit dainties, deceit morfe 
Heaven c^n afford rhee. Welcome vc\\ 
Dear, ro the Fable of mv Lord. Wei 
c< me a thoufand times 3 I bid thee \ ycz 
welccmer than thine own heart car 
IKifli. Take, eat this morfel,it coft raj 
life y it's a portion thy Father ient unt'C 
thee by me, ad bid me remem- 
ber thee of his love ro rhee. He bid* 
thee remember a Fathers love, Ay 3 a 
Saviours. He hath a heart to give thee 
and fo have f. Take this inearnelt oi 
them both in one. Take freely ; if 
thou were not welcome, I would have; 
told thee $ I would have asked thee 
for thy Wedding garment, knew 1 not 
thy heart ; or if I were urieerra in of 
thy love, / wouM havefcorn'd rhee as 
unworrhy of my prefence v did / know 
thou lb v eft any thing above me I would 
have hid my face,and never have fpr ke 
thee a welcome fo feelingly &.-Vjndly 
fo thy S-trl. Tell me O felftnfe $> ft 
thou not love me ? i &now thou- dolt -, 


on the TaJJhn ofCbriJf. i*f 

more than Father or Mother, Wife or 
Child, Lands orLiving.orCredir * I knov? 
thou doft. And wilt thou not take the 
Crofs and follow me ? I know thou wilt, 
I fee and know the labour of thy love ^ 
I remember the pairs and travel of thy 
Soul h I fa w rbee follow me on thy knees 
Jn tears, and begged my life rather than 
thy lite. I know thy heart, I faw it 
Weeding before my Throne-, I rook it 
in my arms and bound it up, and in that 
breaft 1 remember I put it up again $ I 
faw thee when no eye faw thee^ 1 heard 
thee, and had companion on thy groan- 
ings.whilft thou- wert complaining that 
f nad (hue out thy prayers ; I well* re- 
member fince thy heart did firft fall fick 
with love, fince the time thy flefh be- 
gan to die, and fince thou laidlt thy felf 
in the gravedovvn by me, and wert will- 
ing to die to ail this vain emp*y glory 
of the world, becaufe 1 died and left it. 
J know thee well enough, Thou art mine y 
and I am thine. Take ir, 1 charge thee*, 
eat it as thou loveft me * and whilft 
thou feedeft, remember the love of thy 
deareft Redeemer. 


122 A Patbetical Meditation 

Soul Oh 'tis the fweeteft meat that 
ever tongue did taft $ it fends a relifh 
to my very heart -, / find it digefts as ic 
defcends, I feel my nerves a d finews 
Itrengrhen ; I never knew that bread 
was the fiffoflilc till now; Oh how 5 
fie is my foul now for Chrifi.' Howeafie^ 
do I now- find his yoke-, how light h's 
burden! Met hinks I could warchor pny, 
or read more earneftly, refolvedly, be- 
lievingly, than even Oh / Methirks 
I can take his Crofsand bear it ftrongly, 
and take the fhameand defpife it fully* 
Oh > ris a fealt of fat t-hings! The rich- 
eft binquet of Love that ever 1 was ar j.| 
ic was but a lictle that I rook, and ic 
fills me full, my hungry ftomach now 
erys, Vis enough, 1 find it now verified 
tomy Soul and Spirit, that he that eats 
of this bread (hall never: hunger m >re. 
Well, I need not ftarve when there is 
fuch bread in my Fathers houfe. I 
need not, I will not, 1 cannot feed any 
longer on husks with the fwine of the 
world, J fed on air and fmoke before; 
I never tafted fubftantial Brecid till / 
taftedofthis. This is theftjffofmy 
life, and upon this will / fupport my 
felf to my very Grave. lb* 

en the Vajjion of Cbrift. 123 

The Wine. 

ChriR. Come my Deareft, I have 
Irunk, and thou (halt pledge me: 1 
teve broached my fide, and drew it vti 
Durpofe for thee. This is a Wine of 
nine own makirg, when I trod the 
ftHneprefs of my Fathers wrath. It is 
T)y blood $ but rake and drink ir 5 it 
was the caufe of my wounding, but to 

Ihy Soul ic fhall prove healing. I died 
nd bled, ir was but co make this Ban^ 
[uet for thee. / have brought thee in- 
o my Wine-Cellar, and my Banner o- 
er thee fhall be love. Fear nor, take 
nd drink, the u haft an ulcer in thy 
heart, and this fhall cure ir ^ fpots and 
ftains of guilt on thy Soul, and this 
fhall pujge them away * thy Spirits 
ire fainr, this fhall revive thee, thou 
irt afraid to fee thy Fathers face, this 
(hall make thee to draw near ihe 
Fhrone of Grace with boldnefs. Drink, 
I charge thee * drink on thy love and 
loyalty to me. 1 command thee as thou 
wilt have thy heart to mend, thy 
bound* to cure, thy Soul to love and 


obey me, take, O take this cup into thy 
han^ caft it, and praife my love. 

SouL Lord ! / have taken, / have 
drunk as thou haft bid me, /neither 
could, or dare deny thee. Can / refufe, 
thy blood when / have accepted thy 
felf } Or can / accept my pardon at thjr 
hands, and refufe the Seal thereof? / 
know /am vile, /am vile, but thou 
haft pardoned me. Lord, 1 have abuf- 
ed thy love, athoufand times refufed 
thy offered felf and withftood the ten- 
eers of thy Grace •, but thou haft cover* 
ed all my fins, thou haft freely juftified 
me by thy Grace, and made a full atr 
tonement for me by thy blood h this is 
that thou freely biddeft me take, and 
I have freely drunk it. Never was 
Wine fo full as this is. Never was 
Bowl fo full of pleafure as this. I 
have fwallowed down my life and par- 
don at one draught : took it from my 
Saviours hand,it was a cup of his own 
preparing. If ever drink was fugared, 
this was / 1 never tailed better reliflit 
Wine in all my life / 

" Tb$ 

on the rajjton oj Lor i If. t2% 

The ricbefi Cordials cannot match this 

{draught Divine, 
Spirits of pearls dijfolvcd would but dead 

(ibu Wme. 
Ob when my hopes but kifl the purple dews, 
( they bung and cleaved fo 9 
As if they were loth to let thee go. 
Tbey flroveU firuglcd to get near my beart± 
As ij intending there to take apart. 
I dare not Jay them nay 5 blood from that 

May the beft room command within myzouU 

Whatafudden ftrange, yet happjr 
alteration do I find within ! My lan- 
guid fpirits are revived $ my winter is 
over. Methinks I feel my life and joy 
to fpring amain. My Aaron's Rod (a 
dry flick but now ) doth bloom and 
flourifh. My newly ingrafted Soul is 
full of Infant-clufters. 

Blood at the root oj Vines 

Tbey fay produce the ricbeft Wines. 

Oh / If my Lord will, undertake x6 

drefs this Vine, and trickle down his 

blocd into my root, then draw it up in- 

to each branch of Grace by the warm-, 

M ing 

l'j5 A Vatbetical Me&itatwn 

ingbeam of his reviving love* then 1 

my Deareft come, let him come as 1 

jhath promiied, and bring my Fath 

and his Father with him, and ftfpboi 

( with me and in me. Let them com 

and / will did them a welcome, 7 (ha 

have a fruit to prefent them with, whi< 

jthey themfelves (hall fay is pleafam 

^ (hall not fend my Father away no 

fo oft complaining, I came to feekji 

grapes and fruity but behold wild ones. 

The Gonclufion. 

Oh! Howunwillingly do / rife!M( 

thinks I could fit here and fealt m 

heart and eyes for ever. What ru; 

ing .Banquets doth my Lord afford it 

there ! Surely he fhould not need tofe; 

1 fliould furfet on himfeif. But alas 

I mult be gone, what (hall 1 do in yoi 

der hungry foul ftarving world again ?\ 

have been feeding on my Pafchal Lamj 

and now I muft go and eat my fowl 

herbs-, but if it be fo, I muft arife | 

fcn&*r thou haft prepared the endlcl 

Jteaft above, where 1 (hall ever fit' ail 

cn^oy thy Love, and glut my hungf 

ey^e and heart on the Banquet of til' 

•yecUftingfelf. As vet I am now <l 


§n the TaJJion of CbriH. 127 
g trth, my toil and work lies heavy oa 
,iy hands, / have yet an afternoon to 
? hour our,God knows my work is hard; 
>o hard for me my felf to perform, I 
arcely fliould havelafted our fo long, 
at that fomtimes at fuch feafons as 
lis is, he repaired my finking fpirirs 
i pouriigin the Cordialsof his Blood, 
fowl mult go and perhaps find as 
larp confli&s with myfelf as ever. I 
iow rhe World and Hell have been 
lying the fnares and gins to catch my 
'wflcJg'd Souh, and allconfpireagainit 
ly welfare.' Now it is well if 1 efcape 
fall, a bruife, a breaking of my bones, 
1 which fad plight 1 have fo often 
in, thar my Lord might have took 
e for dead, but that my groanings 
)ld him loudly I lived. Lord! Mult 
leave this fealt ? Mull / go? Take me 
len by the hand, and lead mejif'I 
vA\ walk, let me fee thee by me, ihac 
may know I walk with my God. Lead 
te away, and / will go with thee j 
id let me nor go till thou bringeit me 
it-he r again $ I cannot, will nor live 
irhoutthee. And do thou Loid ; fay 
mul\ nor, fhall nor. 

M 2 If 

128 'A Patbetical Meditation 

If both our hearts in love Jo well agree] 
What tbsnjhallfeparate my ChriHfrom me} 

M I i .. u i n . i nn i «♦' ■! v ii , 9 <* 

A Meditation on the Death of Cbritt, Pre- 
parative to the Sacrament : Fend for 
bis private nfe. 

BU T is he dead ? Oh fad ! Yet joy. 
fulnews! How ftrangely is my 
Soul amazed, and diverfly mov'd and; 
troubi'd by thefe contrary paflions / Me- 
thinks I could pull up tine flood-gates 
• of my forrow, and vent it out in tears, 
Jbut fomething bids me hold. Shall 
mourn for him that's juft now pall his 
itate of mourning? he's dead ! Ani 
what of that? And fo are all his g'riefs ( 
his bloody fweats, his fighs and groan? 
concluded,//* hath drunk on the brook in 
the wiy * bitter while they were in hb 
mouth, and he was living - 5 but fwee 
■now they have funk into his belly, anc 
he in-Heaven. Sweet to him, lecauf 
it was his wotk,and he hath finifh'd it 
and fweet to me, becaufe ir was th 
portion of forrow, death, hell, that 
njuli have taken. And caift tho 



on tbeF.ffion rf Chnjf. 12? 
mourn! Methinksif thou didft: love, 
the heart fhould rather fympathizs 
With his : He is firging, and fhalr thou 
be fighing ? He is joying that his Woik 
s done, and now is welcomed into Hea« 
/en by God his Father, and fhouting up 
)jr Angels Voices, as the great Can* 
jaeror of the Hearts of Men nn Earth, 
ind that now in triumph he is return- 
ed. And will a mournful weed, a wee 
jye, and a cloudy brow, become thee 
it thefe times of Feliivals? Shall rh^ 
leavenly Angels be joyful, and :hcu 
ad ?HowftrangeIy will'this be conUm- 
bd ? Will it not be faid, Thou doit not: 
ove him? Or thou doft envy his reco- 
vered Glory rhar he had left, and now 
igatn hath take* .? Or that thou « n ft 
lot endure to fee him wear his Princes 
£rown in Heaven, that for a time ho 
lad laid a fide to comedown to the carib 
o fetch thee thence to Heaven ? Bur an/ 
tfy Lord, thou wilt not fuie interpret: 
brrow thus \ thou haft not lure foigot 
o give a meaning unro tears, to tench 
figh to fpek, and then ro know its 
anguage! Hath my Lojd forgot fofud- 
liiljf chat he was on earib, & 1 bar he 
M 3 iwear,. 

*3o A Tathetkal Meditation 

lwear,&nd groan'd, and wept,and bled, 
• as well as I do noiv? What though! 
Jiow all tears, and farrow, and fighii g 
Is done away, and he ceafeth to be any 
longer fubjefct to our infirmities ? Yet, 
lure he knows it is not thus with usJ 
I am nor yet in Heaven, nor am I yet! 
quite pait the vale of farrow^ and it] 
cannot then be range to him, if he: 
lees fomti tries our faces look of a ladder 
hue than thofe that are inHeaven. Bu 
why fhould thus my tears be checked 
and my throbbing heart be chidden 
were it for a thing of nought I migh 
be counted fool or .child* but fhall in 
Saviour die, and vent his Soul in 
ftream of Blood, & ali ; in love to me 
And fhall he thus forfike the world 
and die and thten be laid in the grave, 
anil be denied the liberty of following 
him thither as a mourner? Shall it bd 
Faid' of the Prince of Glory, that he did 
ed and had the burial of an Afs ? Be<| 
caufe there was none to farrow forth 
thofe words of, Ah my Lordl What* 
S nail ic be granted to a Wife to mourn 
for .the. death of a beloved Husband 
And ta a Child at the burial of a belovjc 

on the VojTt-n of Chrft l ?i 

jBFarher? Shall not fuch be blamed, 
lit rather pitied? A-d(hill their friends 
corns in and bonfefs (he lofs and the 
ground of their forrow jult, and rather 
fit them down ad hear thern company* 
in their grief > Ad mufti of all be 
thuscenfur'd > \way with an Husband, 
Wife, or Child to me: Is he- nor more 
to me than ten Husbands ? Mghc I not 
have had an hundred chat would have 
never done hal fo much for me as he 
hach done ? Tha< fiift left his glory 
for my fake, and laid down his life,. 
and took the ftroke upon himfelf that 
I my fdtdeferved,8£allbecaufeheiov'd 
me? Was ever friend like this Friend ! 
And ever Love, like this Love/ Many 
waters cannot quench love^ but neither 
waters, blood, death, nor many deaths 
could quench his love to me. But (halt 
he love, & die inlove,8e:rhus be forc'd to 
leave me,becaufe he lov'd me, and I not 
mourn the abfence of my belt Beloved ? 
How unreafonable may any this deny 
me.' Bur ah! What a bitter worded 
check, did. I even now receive ; as if my 
forrow would arife from the envying of 
4as now glorious Hate, aa& not" from 

I %1 A Tatbetica) r Meditation 

any lore I bare him/ Oh / What needle- 
pointed .words are thofe/ Methinks 
they have pierc'd mine heart in every 
parr, and from each prick hath Raited 
forth a drop, that Jiarh fet ito'ie 
with a bloody dew ! But how can 
it once be thought that envy fhould 
get a room in an heart that's 
full of love, with which it fwells, it 
bubbles up,and runs all over? h cannot 
be. Bear witnefs heavens ! I do not 
grieve that you contain him, bur that 
I on earth have loft him ! Oh my God / 
1 am not forry that thy Son bath part 
his fufferings, and is arriv'd to reft, ard 
got again into thy bofom, his ancient 
neft of love and pleafure. Oh you 
blefTed Orders of Seraphim & Cberubims, 
and you innumerable company oj tiejpirits 
oftbejujlmenmadeperjett! I da not 
envy that you have my Lord with you, 
that you fee his face, and live and walk, 
and joy in the light of hiscountenance : 
Alas ! We your poor Brethren could 
not make him fo welcome hereon eanb, 
as you can there .• We lov d him as fin- 
cerely as you, and believed in him,and 
took delight in him too •, but yet no- 

on the TaJJion of Cbrlfl. 1 3 * 
thing near fo much as you. You know 
him better than we do •, for jrou know 
tlim as you are known, ard therefore 
know better how to prize him. We 
know him but in parr, and the value, 
price, and love could but be in the like 
proportion. He is therefore far much 
fetter there than here $ and how (hall 
[ then either envy him or you / And 
what, my Soul ! Should I with him 
jack again ? What if I thought 1 could 
prize and love him more, and could 
promife the like for all his beloved 
iifciples ? I could not alike engage for 
:he wicked, envious, malicious, unbe- 
lieving world •, I could not promife he 
fhould meet with no othcrBeroitoUtk 
lis Life, or that the hatd-hearted/at^ 
would give him better entertainment, 
whom they dare yet curfe with the 
name of Conjurer, though Wrfij and 
their Propoetsbore vvirnefs ro him, and 
(hough they received a' feal from Hea- 
iren in voices, thunders, fign£,and an in- 
numerable company of real Miracles. 
Oh no / my I ord / Though I could wifh 
to fee thy face again on earth, yet not in 
fucli a Itaie of mifery in the midlt of a 


f?4 A Tatbet teal Meditation 

den of Bears, and Lions, as not long 
fincethou wait. Ah ! Thou knoweft I 
took no delight to hear that traiteroas 
news of thine own Apojile that had be- 
tray'd thee; and that ic fill'd mine heart 
with anguifh to hear how fhamefully 
and fcornfully thou wait abufed. Thou 
faweft me biufh when I heard thy face 
wasfpiton \ my head did ake when 
thine was crowned with Thorns. An- 
giitis: indignation did Ioofe my nerves, 
and with a palfie fhook mine Hands, 
when thine had a mockScepter put into 
them, a reed, and a feoff, Hail Jefus 
King of the Jews. And did not mine 
Heart break 8c bleed to hear that thine 
was pierced / Ah my Lord ! And fhali 
I yet find an Heart ro wifh thee here 
again / No,no, I am glad that thou halt 
efcap'd their bloody Hands, and now 
got quite without their reach. I am 
glad thou halt got to perfect eafe and 
reft ; and know'ft no pains, nor griefs, 
nor forrows. Oh! Take a fullPofTeffion 
of thy Fathers Bre3ft 5 and fit thee down 
upon his Throne, Thou art a King jvr 
ever. And take delight in thefe, thy 
Soul did travel, die £nd bleed for on 


on the TaJJion of Chriji. 135 
Earth. I will repine at nothing that 
(hall advance thy Glory. But Oh ! 
Thou cruel bloody unbelievingWorld / 
You wicked murtherous bloody Jews ! 
Though I rejoice myLord is fafearrived 
home, and quietly landed within his 
Haven •, yet from you I cannot hold 
mine anger, that made his Sea a Sea of 
Blood, and drain'd his Heart, to make 
it deeped, fill'd h\sSai/s with fighs and 
groans, that caus'd his Voyage to be fo 
doleful. What good got you to fland 
and laugh to fee him forrowful? To 
feoff & jeer to hear his Lamentations ? 
Wh* r curfed rage was that to make 
fach hafte to fetch him vinegar and gall 
to prolong his life, to lengthen out his 
dolors > How could you find fuch bar- 
barous hearts to triumph over a bleed- 
ing dying Lamb, that was fo innocent ? 
How could you taunt at him when you 
heard him praying for you, Father for- 
livethem! And fo tenderly excufing 
jrou, for tbey know not what they do ! 
Methinks that kindly harmlefs carriage 
" ould have pierced your Hearts ; thofe 
elting Words fhould haye diffolv'd 
iem i and inltead of piercing him, I 


1 36 A Patbetlcal Meditation 
fliould have thought you pierced. And 
ah ! But that 1 know an unbelieving 
Heart my felf, and underltand what 
hardnefs means, I fhould itand and won- 
der ! Oh! It's too hard an Adament for 
downy words, and doleful founds, and 
tender carriages to break and (hatter / 
Howoften have Iout-ftood all thofe my 
felf/ And when I ferved my fiefh, hovr 
little did I mind them/ And when 
they have been prefented to me in the 
Gofpel, or in a Sermon told that all 
ihefe Tortures he endur'd for me, and 
J in part believed it too, yet, was I not 
as a man bereft of my fenfes, and / waS 
no more mov'd in mine Heart, as if I had 
not heard or underftood, and were 
quite bereav'dof SenfeandReafon. Bui 
had /thus continued in my fenfelefs 
unbelieving State, and as / liv'd fo diedj 
yet how defervedly fliould I have born 
the wrath of God, and have been feni 
to Hell as a recompence of mine unbe 
lief? And yet, youcarelefsfecure/'ww 
can you think to efcape when God 
comes to make Inquifition for Blood 
how will you do if this Sin fhould fine 
you out? IfGod requiiesBloodforBlood 


<m the Tajjion of Cbrift. 137 

tfhat will become of yours? If he had 
>een no more than a common Man, the 
jw would then have required your 
ives for payment. But how if in the 
?nd he prove a Prophet ? Nay more than 
hat, the Son of themott high God, the 
*rince and Saviour wbomGodhad pro«f 
nifed to raife, the Mejjiab whom Mofet 
»nd the Prophets bare witnefs to, and 
jim that you fo long'd & wifht to fee ! 
low will you look ! What will you 
ay! What anfwer will you make when 

II thefe Truths are cleared ? Where, 
rill you hide your felves for fhame > 
,nd what will you do when Confufion 
nil thus take hold upon you ? What/ 
i^ili you then confefs the Fa£t, or 

III you deny it ? With what face can 
ou do the firft ? And if you do the 
:tter, the curfe you and your Fathers 
rew upon your felves, Let bis Blood 

I upon us, and our Children ! itand ftilt '. 

record againft you, and will cry you 

ilty. Will you excufe it with your 

ibelieving ignorance ? But how will 

>u be able to rub your brows into fo 

h confidence > How dare you fay 

were ignorant of him, when you 

N fay* 

' r?S A Vatbeticat MedUathnpc. 
fay you know both Mofes and the Fro* 
pbets, and they tear wicnefs oi him ? 
You askt a figrc, and did he not give 
you both figns and wonders? Howofren 
did he cure your Lame > How won- 
derfully did he heal your Lepers, and 
thofe fick of thePalfie,yea of all manner 
ofDifeafes? How did he open the 
Eyes of the blind ! And give light to 
them that was born blind! Yea, reftore 
the withered Hand, and make the 
Crooked [traighr, and open the Ears 
of the deaf, and calt out Devils, and 
riife the Dead I Therefore let all tM 
ilonfc of l/rael know cffurt&ly, that God 
bath made that fame fefus whom- ye have \ 
cnicificd % both Lord and Ghriji* 


A Prayer before the Receiving the Holy 


MOST Holy God, J am at flubbh be- 
fore thee, the conjumng Fire, Hw 
iball I (land before thy Holinefi, for 1 am 
tfinfulCt enure, laden with Iniquity, that 
hive gone bickvoird, and provoked the Ho* 
f y One of Ifrael 5 when I vta* loll, thy 
Son did feek and Jive we \ when 1 war 
it ad in Sin, thou tnadefl me alive. The* 
r aweji me polluted in my Blood, H? faidft 
into me live. In that time 0) love fhtw 
% overedfl my nakednefs.and eriltredil into 
r Covenant with me^ afid I became thine 
*von. Thou didfi df liver me from theRw- 
r of Darknefs, and tranflate me inw the 
< ' ngdom of thy detr Son ; and gaveft me 
emfjton of Srn, through hti B'ood. But I 
m a grievous Revolter, 1 have forgotten 
be Covenant of the Lord my God, I war 
ngagel to love thee with ail my Hetrt, and 
9 hue iniquity, and ferve thee diligently^ 
nd thankfully t<> Jet forth thy pro if e. But 
have departed from thee, and corrupted 
V fclf h f e f love > an & h loving the 
for Id) $ the things that are in ths World % 
N a and 

54-0 A Pathetical Meditation 

and have fulfilled the dt fires of the Flejb, 
which \ fhouldhave crucified. I have neg-± 
lefled my Duty to thee, and to my Neigh* 
hour, and the neceffary care of my own Sal- 
vation. I have been an unprofitable Ser* 1 
vant, and have hid thy Talents, and have 
difl)onoured thee, whom in all things Ifhculd* 
have pleafed and glorified. I have been] 
negligent in hearing and reading thy Holy\ 
Word, and in meditating and conferring* 
of it j in Public k and Private Prayer and} 
Thanksgiving, and in my Preparation to 
this holy Sacrament, in the examining of 
myfeif, and'repenting of my bins, and 9 
fiirring up my Heart ta a believing and 
thankful receiving of thy Grace, and ta 
love& jo)fu J nefs, in my Communion with 
ihee^ and with one another of thy PeopleJ 
1 have not duly difcerned the Lord's Body, 
hut hive prophaned thy Holy Name andy 
Ordinance, as if the Table of the Lord had 
been contemptible. And when thou haft- 
Jpoken Peace to me, I returned agiin to. 
Folly | have deferved, Lord, to be caft< 
cut of thy Prefence, and to be forfaken, 
Of I have for/a ken thee, and to hear to m% 
Confufion, Depart from me, lknjwthe.tr 
not, thou worker of Iniquity, ^bou.m^y* 

the Holy Communion* t$t" 

tjf juflfy tell me, thru bofi no Plefurein 
me, nor wilt receive an offering at my bond. 
But with thee there is abundant Mercy. 
And my Advocate Jffus Chri/i the Righ- 
teous, is the Propitiation j or my $inH\ 
who hire them in bis bdy on the Crfs y 
dnd made hivfelf an Offering jor ib ni % 
that be might put them away by the Sacri- 
fice oj bimjelj 5 have Mercy upon me, and 
wajh me in bis Bloody c loath me with bis 
Right eoufnefs ^ take away my lnquities y 
and let th m not be my fuiitt\ jorgive 
them, and remember them no mor$ ; 
thou that delight efl not in the Deaib of 
Sinners, heal my backflidings, love me 
freely, W Jay unto my Soul, that thou art 
my Salvation. Th:>u wilt in no wife c,Jl 
cut them thit come unto thee, receive me 
gracioufly to the Feafl thou hall prepared; 
for me y caufe ?ne to hunger & thirfi a) er 
Cbnft, and bis Right eon jn fs y that 1 may 
be fat u fed : Let his Fitlh & Blord be to 
me meat and drink indeed, an I his Spirit 
be in me a well of living Water 1 fringing 
up to ever ailing Life. Gtve ftfa /" know 
thy Lave tn Chnft, which psjfrth Know- 
ledge J) 1 hav± {riot fee n htm let me 
And- though now I fee Vwt. n r ) 

?42 A Prayer before the Receiving 
yet believing let tne rejoice with joy utt- 
fpiakablC) and full oj Glory h though I 
am unworthy oj the Crumbs that fall jrotn 
thy Table, yet jeed me with the Bread oj 
Lije, and /peak and jeal up Teau 
to my fin Jul wounded Soul. Sojten 
my Heart that is hardened by ihe deceit* 
fu/nefs vj Sin h mortijie the F/ffb, and 
ftrenghen me with might in the inward 
Man % that I may live r d glorifie tbjC Wact \ 
through J ejus Cbriji our only Saviour. 

& Prayer after tfie Receiving of th« 
Holy Communion. 

MOST Glorious Gcd, bow wonderful h 
thy Power, andWifdom^ thy Hotinffs ana 
zfnjtics, thy Love and Mercy in this Work of out 
JRtdnnption, by the Incarnation. Life % Deatb^ 
jR furr edion Inter ceffUn, and Dominion cftb) 
Son ! No Power or Wijdom in Heaven or Earth. 
sou f d have delivered me but thine The Angel, 
d fie to pry i n to this Myfrery, the Heavenly 
Jlof} d> celebrate it with Praifes^ joying^ Glor ' 
f* to God in tb* Higb'll, on . Earth Psa 
Goodwill towards Men The wbvle Great io 

fiail prod iim thy Prifes, EUJJing^ Honou 
Glory and Pwer be unto him that fiiteth vpo 
J be Thron\ and unto the Lamb for ever an 
*v*r. Worthy ist h ' 3 Lamb that w^fiain to^r 
*3iv& Pw3t^ and Hmour % and Gfoty $ for h i 
$ti$A wd*m:d:u &j3:dfy i'h Blood, and m-d \ 



the Holy Communion.' 141 

us Kings and Pnefts unto our God. JPbereSin 
abounded Grace hath abounded much more. And 
baft thou indeed forgiven me fo great a debt, by 
fo precious a Ranfo/a? Wilt thou indeed give 
me to reign with Chri ft in Glory, and fee thy 
Face, and love thee, and be beloved vf thee for 
tver ? Tea Lord, thou b ft forgivenme % and thou 
wilt glorifie pie, for thon art faithful that baft 
promifed. With the Blood of thy Son, with the 
Sacrament, and wiib thy Spirit, thou haft feal- 
td up to me thefe precious Promifes. And 
i)aQ I not love thee, that baft thus loved vie? 
SbaU I not love thy Servants, and forgive my 
"Neighbours their little debt I After aU this 
UfaU I again for fake thee^and dealfalfely in thy 
Covenant ? God forbid, 0\ Bel my Affetiions 
mtbe things above, where Cbrift Jitteth at thy 
nght band. Let me no more mind eaithIyTbings 9 
iut let myConverfution be\in Heaven, from whence 
I expeti my Saviour to come and change me in* 
\o the lihncfs of bis Glry. Teach me to do 
\by will) O God! And to follow bimjvbo is the 
Author of Eternal Salvation, to all them that 
fo obey him. Order my fteps by thy Word.and 
Ut n)t any Iniquity have Dominion over me. Let 
ne not henceforth live unto my felf but unto 
him who died for me and rofe again. Let 
tie have n* fetlovfiip with the unfruitful Works 
f Dar k* fi t but reprove them. And let my 
ight fo fbi*e before Men, that they may glorify 
K hee In Jimpli city and godly fencer ity,& not 
n flefih Wifdom % h t me have my Converfation 
it theWorld O that mv Ways were Jo dnetted t 
mil T might keep thy Statutes \ Though Sat an 
t?iU be djlrous again to ft ft me M and feek as a> 


144 ■ m A divine Soliloquy. 
roaiing Lion to d vour, ftrengthen me to Han 
againjt his Wilts, andfh>rtly bruije him unds 
my feet. Accept me y O Lor d who rejign m 
fclfunto the as thine oun-, and wilh myTbank 
and Praif§,.pTefent4>iy Jtlf a living Sacrifice t 
be accrpt able thro' Lhrift Ujeful for thin 
Hon ur. Being made free fromsin, and becom 
thy Servant let me have my Fruit untoHoiinefs 
and the End Everlaji'wg Life, Through Jeju 
Chrijt our Lord and Saviour. 

A Divine Soliloquy* 

OMy S*ul! Thou haft been feafled with th 
Sen of God, at his Table, upon his Flei 
and Blood-in Preparation for the Feajf of End 
hfs Glory ; thou haft feen there reprefinted 
v>h at Sin defer velh, what Chrijl f ffered f wba 
vender f J -Love, the God of infinite GoodneJ 
hath cxprejt to thee. Thru haft hadCommnnioi 
tpilh the Saints ; thou haR renewed tbyCovenan 
of Faith and thankful Obedifrice^ unto Chrif 
l*bcu half received his renewed Covenant of Pat 
don, Grace and Glory to thee ,0 carry bene 
th^lively S(7tfe of the fe great and excellent thing 
upon thy Htait, Pnnnnbcr . O my Soul ! Th-)} 
came ft not (to that holy. Table ) only toinjo 
th? Mercy of an Hour, b t that which ma 
Jpr in? Tp to end icf J n y. Twu cm eft not o>;J 
to do the Out y of an Hour, but to Promifi tha 
which thou mufl per form white thou live ft r 
Earth Pan mhtr da i ly ,efpeciatt-y wh . n I '< vij 
tatfons to unbelief and Ji if ui he*vhi>fs off **} 

A Divine Soliloquy. 1 T4? 

thee, what Pledges of Love thu haft received* 
Remember daily, efptciaUy whenFleJb, and JDevH i 
and World, would draw tby Heart again from 
God-, and Temptations to Sin are laid before 
tbee^ what Bonds God and thy own Confent have 
laid upon thee. Remember , O my Soul \ If thou 
art a Penitent Eeleever^ thou art now for given , 
andmofyedinthe Blood cfCbri/l. 0\ Go your 
\ rvay^ and Sin no more ; no more thro* wilfulness, 
and Srivi again l~i your Sins of weaknefs, Wal- 
low no more in the Mire, and return not to thy 
Vomit. Let the exceeding Love of Ch rift con. 
Jtrain thce } having fuch Promifes, i. Cor . 6. iji 
18 O cleanfe thy f elf from all filthinefs ofFUfb 
undSpir it, perfecting Holinefi in the Fear cf 
God, Amen. 

HYMNS fuited to the Sacrament 
of the Lord's Supper* 

To be Sung in common Tunes* 


A New and well compofed Sotf^P 
With raptures fill'd of Love, 
And exrafie's of Joy -, leis Tune 

Unto our Lord above. 
iftwake my drowfie fkepy Soul, 
Awake dull heavy Hearr, 


146 Sacramental Hymns. 

And all my Faculties and Powers," 
Join, in and bear a part. 
Let Judgment weigh the Argument, 

Let Fancy it adorn, 
Let Memory bring forth its ftore, 
Thoughts, offer your firit-bom. 
God did aflame the fhape of Man, 

With Flefh his Glory vail'd, 
Himfelf he humbled unto Death, 
He to the Crofs was nail'd. 
' III. 
Made Sin, us to acquit from Sin s 

Accurfcd, us to blefs. 
Of Righteoufnefs he wrought a Robe 

To hide our Nakednefs. 
Darling of He3ven he was and is, 

The Father's chief Delight : 
Angels wonder, the Saints above 
Are ravifli'd at his fighr. 
Array'd he is with Majefty, 

Angels do him attend * 
AH Pow'r is his in Heaven and Earth, 

All to his Scepter bend. 
A glorious Crown is on his Head, 

Moft lovely is his Face, 
Treafures of Wifdom are with him, 
For us he's ftor'd with Grace. V 

Sacrcmtntal Hymns. 14.7 


flis Love doth pafs Dimenfions£ 

His Love exceeds all thought, 
Stronger than Death, this Love to US 

Salvation hath brought. 
Bence all the Clouds away, away, 

Darken no more mine Eye, 
?ain would I lee this lovely One, 

Whofe dwelling is on high. 
'ypen thine Eye, here Jefus ftands, 

He looks, he breaths, he moves.* 
Jy Faith thou may'it difcern him plain, 

In this fweet Feaft of Loves, 
ind art thou here indeed, ray Lord ! 

Draw nearer yet to me, 
ind nearer, nearer, my dear Lord j 

Too near thou canlt not be. 

lome my Beloved, let me view 

Thy beauteous lovely Face-, 
hee I would fold in arms of love^ 

Fain I would thee embrace, 
feel, I feel a flame within, 

Pear Lord, 1 thee admire; 

hy fparkling Beauty which I fee,' 

Hath fee me all en Fire. 


H 8 Sacramental Hymns] 

Thy kind looks have me overcome,' 

The glances of thine Eye, 
Sweerly my Soul tranfported havej 

I feel an Extafie. 
Unutterable Joys I feel, 

How fweet ! How fweet ! How fw 
Is this talte of thy Love, whilft I 

And my beloved meet ! 
Sure this the Gate of Heaven is," 

Methinks I'm entring in, 
Where I (hall always fee thy Face," 

And no more grieve or fin. 
Ten Thoufand Praifes let us give 

tinto our Lord on high; 
Let Heart, and Lip, and Life comb 

To make the Melody. 


OCome let us join all like one; 
The Lord to magnifie j 
Let us together lift his Name 
In fweet founds to the Sky. 
Sweet Hymns of Love come let usfi 

Let Love us a£t and move > 
Let Love our voices tune to praif£ 
Our God, for God i$ Love. 

It Go 

Sacramental Hjmml 145* 


God c s Love the lofty Heav'ns ab6ve, 

In height doth far tranfcend : 
Its depih,theSea;its breadth andlengtfc 

Is without bound 01 end. 
God's love to us is wonderful; 

To us who Rebels were, 
God gave his only Son to die,' 

That Rebels he might fpare. 1 
From guilt and reigning power offing 

And Satan's fl3very $ 
Frrm fire of Hell us to redeem, 

God gave his Son to die. 
Chrift fuffer'd in our ftead, he was •• 

More harmlefs than the Dove: 
That God (houid lay our fins on him j 

This, this indeed h Love. 
O come let us give God our Loves, 

L^t every heart take fire; 
Let fl<rnes come forth and join in one, : 1 

And unto Heaven afpire. 
Sweet Spirit come, like Southern Gales, 

Within us brearhe and move * 
Blow up ouv fpark into 3 fl me, 

That we nflav burn with 1 

O ~\ V, That 

x 5 ^ Sacramental By mns. 


That we with all our hearts may love, 

Our hearts Lord circumeife: 
Of Love perfum'd with fweet Incenfe, 
Accept the Sacrifice. 
Draw near, God, unvail thy felf, 

Our cloudinefs remove: 
O mine / And fmile on us, that we 
May fee thy face and love, 
Dtnr Jefus, come and vifit us,' 

h ftrangerdo not prove* 
Meal wounds of fin, fpeak peace that we 
Thy voice may here and love. 
Our felves we offer with our heart, 

Qtff whole felves we re%n 
To thee who art the God of Love, 
We are and will be chine. 

GOD hath us brought into bfsCourts 
' And Chambers of his Love, 
Tftai he might fe§& and feaft uj here, 

With dainties from above, »f 
llevra cpen'd is Jbefbre our Bye, 
The v r aii Is lent, that ws 

Saaramental Hytnrit] i fi 

Mav upward look, and his dear Soa 

Crowned with Glory fee* 
This Jefus crowned was with Thorns, 

Scourged with cruel hands, 
His flefh was torn, when to iheCrofs 

Hetyed was with Bands, 
Tears trickled from his mournful eyes; 

Sweat dropped from his face, 
Blood flowed from his hands and fe-er, 

And fide, in itreams apace. 
Hisgroanswere ftrong,b?s cryswere loud 

Preflures of wrath did lie 
Upon his Soul, with fenfe of which 

In anguifh he did die. 
He harmlefs was, and innocent ^ 

No guilt upon him lay, 
Bur as our Surety he our debts 

Did by his fuffenngs pay. 

IV. f 

Thus did he Jufticefatisfie, 

By dying in our room. 
That we might juftified be 

By F*> * h, that to him come. 
T*\° J; e fid we eat at this great Feaft* 

C^.iVsflefh is, and his blcod 
Is reprefented by the Wine-, 

This, this indeed is food. V. 


Sacramental Hymnu 


Here is the heavenly Manna, which 

Our God to us doth give: 
Who eateth other bread flialldie-, 

In eating this we live. 
A hidden life of Grace we have, 

Breathing defires and love •, 
CHriit is our Life, the Author, Spring, 

By whom our Graces move. 
Come let us look unto our Lord 5 

This Glafs will fhow his face, 
Not veiled over with daik Types, 

As heretefofi ir was. 
God-man, that name is wonderful - 3 

So is his beauty 3 fo 
His love is full of wonders, both 

Beyond our reach to go. 
Yet where we cannot comprehend, 

Looking, let us admire, 
Admiring love, loving rejoyce, 

And to enjoy afpire- 
Oiir Lord is prefent at this lyeaft-, 

He looks, let's meet his E- 
With ours} fvveer glances, look* - love, 

It may be we fhall fpy. 

VIII. Ccme 

Sacramental Uymnf. iff 

Come Lord draw near,we long, we long 

Thy face ro fee, thy love 
To tafte, thy voice to hear, within 

To feel thy Spirit move. 
Thou art all fair, thou halt no fpot* 

Thy beauty is divine : 
Thou art all love, embrace us Lord 

In t&ofe fweet Arms of thine. 
We look, we wait, we hope, we truity 

We long, we love, we bum. 
Ravifh thou doft our hearts,whilft thot* 

To us thine Eye doft turn. 
With all the powers of our Souls 

Dear Jefus we thee praife, 
In fongs of joy and thankfuinefs 

Our voices we do raife* 
Hofinna\ we, Mfunn<?§ we 

D ) fi g with one accord 
In HaJ/elujjWs of triumph 

We jojrn ro praife the Lord, 1 
Ye Angels and triumphant Saints^. 

Praife ye our Lord above r 
Whiift we his Servants* here below 

Do fing his praife with love. 


#£$ Sacramental Bymns. 


THoufandsofthoufandsftand around 
Thy Throne,0 God, molt high ! 
Ten thoofand times ten thoufand found 

Thy praife, but who am I > 
Thine arm of might, molt mighty King 
Both Rocks and Hearts doth break ^ 
My God, thou canft do every thing 
But what would (how thee weak. 
M ^ft pure and holy are thine Eyes, 

Molt holy is thy Name $ 
Thy Saints, and Laws, and Penalties^ 

Thy holinefs proclaim. 
Mercy is God's Memorial, 1 

And in all Ages prais'd ; 
My God, thine only Son did fall; 
That Mercy might be rais'd. 
Thy bright back parts, God of Grace; 

I humbly here adore j 
Shew me thy glory and thy face, 

That I may praife thee more. 
Myfterious depths of endlefs love 

Our admirations raife. 
My God, thy Name exalted is 
Fat atove ail our praife. 

Sacramental Hymns. i J * 


TO whom,Lord,fhouldIfing,butthee 
The maker of my Tongue? 
Lo, other Lords would ieize on me* 

But I to thee belong. 
As thou Lord, an immortal Soul 

Haft breathed into me, 
So let my Soul be breathing fof th 

Immortal thanks to thee. 
Sing and triumph in boundlefs grace^ 

Which thus hath fet thee free $ 
Extol with fhoutsmy faYedSoui 

Thy Saviour's love to thee. 
SweetChrift,thou halt refxelht ourSouIs 

With thine abundant grace, 
For which we magnifie thy Name, 

Longing to fee thy face, 
Down from above the blefled Dove 

Is come into my brealt, 
To witnefs God's Eternal Love^ 

This is my heavenly Feaih j 

This makes me Abba Father cry f 

With confidence of Soul ! 
It makes me cry, my Lord, my God,' 

And that, wirhout conwoul. 

IV. Thou 

Thou art all power, thou art all love. 

And To thou art to me $ 
Bleft be my God now and henceforth 

And to Eternity. 


LORD' give me a -believing hearf, 
Advance it more and more ^ 
Rebuke thofe doubts and fcruples thai 

Are crowding at my door. 
Lord let thy Word and Spirit guide 

Thy. Servant in thy way * 
May I walk clofely with my God, 
. And run no more aftray. 
AH tjvey that fit down with thee mull 

Be decked with thy Grace -, 
Thou fmil'ft on fuch Communicants, 

A«ci rhey behold thy face. 
Come holy Spitir, come and .take, 

My filthy Garments hence, 
The guilt, the ftain, the love of Gn r 
Will give my Eajd oftence.- 
Eet nothing that is- not divine, 
Within ih# pretence move, 


Sacramental Hymns. i S7 

What e're would caufe thee not to fhine 

In tokens of thy Love, 
Awake Repentance, Faith and Love, 
, Awake O every Grace ! 
Come, come attend this glorious King, 
And bow before his face. 
Let not my Jefus now be ftrange, 

And hide himfelf from me$ 
caufe thy face to fhine upon 
The Soul that longs for thee. 

WE to our heavenly Father give 
The tribute praife we owe, 
Who by bis purifying Grace 

Prepares us here below. 
Lo here's the molt amazing proof 

Of great and matchlefs Love ! 
Nor that our Early love to God 

Did his prevent and move. 
* //. 

His motives all to pity us 

From his own bowels flow • 
rhence came the ticheft gift of Heav'n 

To guilty Men below, 
rhar to his glorious grace all praiff 

Might be intirely paid ; 



i?8 Sacramental Hynmsl 

Who, that he mig. r forgive our fins," 

Chrift's Blood our Ranforn made •> 
Let then this glorious gift of God 

Yet more our Souls refine, 
That his pure Image may in us 

With greater glory fhioe. 
Draw us, dear Lord, and towards thee 

We with fwift wings will move, 
Thou Objeft 6f our higheft hopes, 

And of our deareft Love. 
Tbankfgiving is an heav'nly work, 

Ic's all in Heaven they do, 
To thank and praife theLord mod higb, 

On Eirth is fweet work too. 
O ! Bleffed are ye Saints above, 

How a&ive is your Rare ! 
You ever blefs the Lord our God, 

Not at our broken rate. 
Bu%0 ! How weak are era wlingWormsV 

How fhort our Sabbarh days > 
We die more hours by far in fbep, 

Than we do live in praife* 
O Glorious God ! Accept our wills, 

And weaknefTes forgive ; 
We w:fh our Souls were like theSaints, 

Unlike them as we live. Vi, 

Sacramental Hymns. i J £ 


!ut, O ray God ! Reach down thy hand, 

Ard rake us up ro thee, 
'hat we about thy Throne may ftand, 

And all thy Glory fee. 
M glory to the faced Three, 

One Everlaftirg Lord, 
is at the firlt, ftill may he be 

Belov'd, obey'd, ador'd. 
HYMN Vili. 
^Ome let's adore the King of Love^ 

The King of fuffriogs too, 
or love it was that brought him down* 

And fee him here below. 
ove drew him from his Paradice, 

Where Flowers that fade nor grow, 
nd planted him in our poor dult, 

Among us, Weeds below. 

narrow thogghr,and narrow fpeech* 

-Here your defeats confefs. 

he life nt G d, the death of Chrifl*, 

HLdw faintly you exprefs. 

thou ! Who from a Virgin root 

Mad'ft this fair Flower to fpring, 

eip uu to raife both heart and voice, 

And with more fpiric dug, 


l6o Sacramental Hymn si 

To Father, Son, and Holy Ghoft, 

One undivided Three, 
AH higheft praife, all humbleft thanks 

Now and fox ever be. 

To the Tune of the i co Pfatm. 

i (high; 

TXJnt nowyourfelvesmyfrtfar/ttrings 
Let us aloft our voices raife, 
That our loud fong may reach theSky, 
And there prefent to thee our praife. 

To thee, Melt Jefus, who cam'lt down 
From thofe bright Spheres of Joy above, 
To purchafe us a dear bought Crown, 
Afld woe our Souls V efpoule thy Love. 

Long had the World in darknefs far, 
Till thou with thy all glorious light 
Began to dawn frrm Heav'nsfair Gire, 
And with thy beam difpeJl their right. 

We to, Alas! Still here had ftood 
As common flaves in this fame (hade 
But Jefufrcame, and with his Bioud 
Our general Ranfitn freely paid. 

And now, my Lord, mvGod, my AH, 
What (hail i moll in thee admire, 


Sacrament aI Hymntl iSi 

Thit Pow'r which made ihtWarfd&fhzll 
rhe Woild again diTolve with Fixe ! 

Oh no! Thy fhargeHumUiry, 

rhy wounds,thypains,thy crofsjhy death 

rhefe (hall alone my wonder be, 

My health, my joy,my ftaff,my breatW 

Fp thee, great God, to thee alone, 

Three Perfons in One Deity, 

&s fbrmei Ages ftill have done^ 

&11 glory now and ever be. 

ttwnson the Inter cejjion of Cbrijfl 


THE Mighty Jefus, fiil'd with Love 
Did.thefe dark Regions leave : 
rhe heav'nly Hofts all wondring Hood 

King Jefus to receive, 
rhp great Jehovah fets a Throne, 

Inltals our glorious King •, 
Both Heaven and Earth mult him adore^ 
And loud HofanitaV% ling. 
There firs the King of Peace and Love,' 

A Saviour is his Name, 
Mercy his Nature and Delight, 

And ever fo the fame. 
Corneal! that fear, come all/that want, 1 
And fpeedy fuccour find j 

? He 

l£f Sacramental Hymns] 

He ne're denies a praying Soul, 1 
He is fo good and kind. 


Behold and wonder at his Love* 

We are his daily care, 
Jrlis ear, his heart, is always fixt 

To hear and anfwer Prayer. 
Be not afraid to bring your Suit, 

Come with a chearful Heart : 
Weak cries, mixr Prayers cannot bat 

A gran: to his own part. 
Satan, it's m*e, prefents his Plea* 

And Juftlce brings its claim $ 
Byjt all are filent when he pleads,' 

His Blood, his Love, his Nanse ! 
Let holy Souls then daily go 

To'Jefss on his Throne, 
Andiove that all-prevailirg Friend 

Who fays we are his own* 

As iho (Tjtb PfalsMo 

OTIiis ungrateful Wmld ! 
To kill fo kind a Friend; 
t made the Lord of Glory die^ 
What might this aS portend ? 

Sacramental Hymns] 163 

Sat wonder, holy Souls, 

G d's -h^ught s all'rbo'ts tranfcendc 
[Thrift murdefd by a Rebel World, 

And yet he is our Friend* 
't's true, Chrift leftthe Earthy 

Bat is entbron'd above, 
^v to revenge this cruel Afr, 

But lives and reigns in Love. 
Jweet is his work on high, 

Peace is the charming Voice 1 

et but a Soul-embrace his Call, 1 

The heavenly Hoft rejoice* 

If bold he ftands and calls; 

Come Sinners, come to me," 
<ly Love, my Kingdom ftull be your£ 

To all Eternity. 

elleve n)y faithful Word, 

All my defigns are Grace, 
'ake now the Earneft of my Love 

Before yoif fee mv Face* 

lever be ftrange to me, 

1 wait to hear your cry^ 

er me but know your preffing wants? 

And you (hall have (apply, 
lever diltruli my Love, 

i am, this is my Name > Sio 

1^4 'Sacramental Hymn el 

Sin' makes me hide my Face a while^ 

When yer my L' ve c s the fame. 
Never regard your Foes, 

Thev are no mitch for me; 
Ple*d ftillmvConqijeRswith your God 
And you (hill V.itWs be. 


Flll'dwith thefenfeof&nand wratt 
And black defpair drew nigh, 
To Chnft I fled for free'ring Grace, 

He heard my mournful cry : 
Under his pleafant fhade 1 fare, 
Sweet notes of Love I heard $ 
My welcome was above my thought,' 
How was 1 lov'd and chear'd. 
8ie came to me, but not alone^ 
D'vine Fruits were my fak 5 
1 waited what he fitft would fay, 1 

Your (ins now pard n'd are : 
Jeace with Jehovah is mf gift, 

No frowns appear above -, 
£0 boldly to my Father's Throne, 
Love waits your Soul to love. 

The Book of Life, your Name is the* 
And ever there (hail be a 


To all E'emity. 
Ask what you will, I have God's Ear, 

He never me deny'd i 
Come wirb your fears, come with youi 

And you /hall be fupply d. (wants, 



I give xny Angels for your Guard, 

You are their daily care, 
Let Satan tempt and ffcoot his Darts, 

They can prevent the fnare. 
© Lord ! What can 1 now reply, 

What Love at fuch a rate !* 
But this I'll pray, O let my Lovej 

Bear an Eternal Date. 


The time Is pall when humane Race 

' Became God's Enemy : 
The World ne're Uw f bbck a Night, 

When Adam eat the Tree. 
waft gulf of Woes becjme his d-?e, 
Which had' no bounds nor erd * 
'Wh it e re he did,what e're he thought, 
Still guilt did him attend. 

F 3. 11 Got 

God faw this fad tremendous Fall, 

His Truth faid, might thy Woid 
Juittcc requir'd, the Sinner's Blood 

Nopiry him afford -> 
But Love, that charming Attribute 

Prepaid a kind reply, 
iThe Pleas of Juftice I'll adjuft^. 

JMy OiJy Son ffaail die. 

B T eft was the Day when A&am heard 

That chearing Word of Grace, 
1 11 fend the Lord of Glory here, 

And hide my angry face. 
Hear what he fays, he knows my Hearr, 

My Mercy (hall rejoice, 
Peace hel proclaim,the War will ceafc. 

If you obey his Voice. 

Go trembling Sinner, go to hin^ 

Fear not your former guilt, 
His Death has aflfwer'd my demands^. 

And I will you acquit. 
Come- take the Pledge, believe mySaa 

I am your own, your All, 
I have a Father's Hand and Hearty 

To hear you when you call. 

Sacramental Uymnil %§& 


My Chriftdid lovingly invite 

Me to his charming Fealt $ 
Be added to his wondrous Love» 

Made me a willing Gueft. 
Lcame and found a Banquet rar^ 
I He brought me Angels food; 
He bid'me rake and eat my fill, 

For my Eternal good, 

VL . 
He fpoke fuclr chearingWords oFGrace, 

What do you want, my Friend ? 
Wtiar, can you doubt my kind defigrrf 

Conijder, and attend. 
Sin cannot now defeat my Love/ 

Since Pardons i will give -. 
Siafeemsan unrefitled Foe,] 

It Hull not always live* 

You Feel a dreadful War witfiirr; 

Lufts claims a righdefs Throne^ 
But this united force 111 break, 

Since now you are my own. 
Satan with all his Darts and Snares 

Shall'prove a fruitlsfs Foe ; 
you are defign'd for Heaven's Blif% 

He to Eternal Woe* 


i£8 ^ Sacramental Hymntl 

Never diflurft my wond'rous Love, 

The belt is yer behind, 
No Tongue nor Thought can reprefen 

How good I'll be, and kind v 
Refrefh your Souls with what I give* 

Wait till you come on high ; 
I long till all my Members fee 

JW- hat's in Eternity^ 



What made the Lord of Glory die > 

Shall God the anfwer make > 
Our guilty Souls may Trembling Rand 

To hear Jihovab fpeak : 
But God has fpoke, he Fent bis Son*. 

But Itay de jetted Heart, 
Not to condemn a Rebel World; 

But to regain his parr. 
The Death ©f Cfrrift no vengeance cries 

It is a figfi of Peace r 
It pardons Sins* and pays our Debts, 

And gives our Souls releafe * 
LetLtfio ^iCcnfcienca bring their charge 

Let JutlLce plead our guilt s 

"" Tm 



Sacramental llyititt) i&$ 

The Death of Chrift can filence all, 
And God will us acquit. 

, III. 

3h Soul / Shall baniffi'd fears return; 

When you can pardon plead : 
Hold faft this charming Pledge ot Love* 

For yra it is decreed * 
Let Angels fiog their higheft Note^ 

Let Earth triumph below, 
Let the Redeemed of the Lord 

Their Saviour's Glory fhow* 




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