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Full text of "Living loves betwixt Christ and dying Christians. A sermon preached at M. Magdalene Bermondsey in Southwark, neer London, June 6. 1654, at the funerall of that faithfull servant of Christ, Mr. Jeremiah Whitaker, minister of the Gospel, and pastor of the church there. With a narrative of his exemplary life and death. Together with poems and elegies on his death, by divers ministers in the city of London"

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i r H R T S ItS 

1 Vx I 1 JL-1; 1 O JL f 

OS AND ||. 




| At M. Magdalene Bermondfey in SoHthwar^ | 
b 5 neer London^ ^une 6. 1654. At the Funerall of that 
j? faithfull Servant of Chrift, 


Minifterofthe Gofpel, and Paftor of the Church there. 

ji With a Narrative of his exemplary Life and Death. | 


his much endeared Friend and Brother. 

f ; s 

| Together with POEMS and ELEGIES on his death, | 
by divers Miniftt rs in the City of London. 

^ * . _ y 

The Second Edition>wherein fun dry Errata s in the former ,by jj 
^ reafon of the Printers hafte,and the Authors abfence,are amended. 
Many other Poems and Elegies arealfo added. 

y . J.- - - - IT . . ill-. - . - -" . . " }* 

^ The righteous peri (I) , and no man layeth it to heart, and rnercifull men are takfn ^ 
away none confidering that the righteous is taken away from the evil to come. !t 
He fhali enter into Peace, tfayflwtt reft in their beds, ea<h one walking jn his K 
^ uprigteeneff* Ifai, $7.1,2. 

g London, Printed for Ralph Smith , at the Bible in Cornhill, 

neer the Royall. Exchange, i 6 $ 4. 

The Licencer s Epiftleto the 

is reported in the life 0/Ambrofe 3 that when he Ambropi rid 
th of any 

fr beard of the death of any bdy Miniflers 

lf** "V bttttrlyAhe I* I read 
^3&*%?K>ben ht came into any TttW or Village^and heard of quodefcunquc 
the death of any pood wan there dwelling he would mourn excee- forte nuntia- 
dingly becaufe of the great tiff that place and the whole Church cum il!i fuer *c 
ofCbrtfl had received thereby. How much more caufe have we r e ^ u j u [ cun( i 

r i !*.- it r r n r MnCtl ObltU 

of this age to lament our condttion^who have in jew years loft jo facerdotis,&c 

many freciousSaints^andfoman) Reverend JLearncd)& god- 1(3.57.1. 

ly Mimfters \ Surely this fad providence of God JpeaJ^ with a * Mr 

loudvoice y that miseries and calamities Are hafting upon this 

Nation. For the Righteous perifh (faitb the Prophet) and 

no man layeth it to heart, and merciful men are taken a- Mr.Litdtom. 

way^ Hone conlidering that the righteous is taken away Mr. 

from the evil to come. Thus Auftin dyed a little before Hip- Dr . 

po (wberin he dwelt) was takgn. And Paracas^^fof Heilder- Mr 

berghwasfacked.AndLuthcr immediately be fore Germany Mr. 

was ouerrun with war and bloodjbed. * And now of late years Mr - 

many eminent Lights have been extinguished in this Nation, ^ 

to forefignifiejhe great darknefitthat is coming upon us. A- ^ 

won ft which) 1 Cannot but reckon my revennd brother Mr. Je- *%, ^ T $ TOf 

reniiah Whi taker at whofe Funeral this enfuing Sermon was $** 

freachedjflfhould enter upon his commendaUon^ I might tru- 

fyfay what Nazianzen doth of hisfifterGorgoma, ^hatI 

have more caufe tofeare leaftljhould fpeake below, then a- 

i i ^ / r t i f i n t i 

hove the Truth 5 for he was a burning and /zinining light in 
this our Ifrael 5 a M^ffcnger and an Interpreter, we among fa 

ft thonfand $a Bczaleel m Gods Tabernacle,* true Nathaniel 
that by his integrity , humility conftanc) , charity ^publicknefs^ 
an d peace aliened of Ip irit^ and by his diligence and faithful- 
ttefi in preaching the Gofptl^ -made his life both amiable and de- 
fir able. He was yet not he, but the grace of God "With him.) 

jauderrv LS 

e- f^jAtiffjpi ^f** m i ei> f>t*1O M*l~Ayety99 And though l-wdmt 

/ Athanaiius, that to. commend 
him y were to commend Vertue, bccauie all Vertues were 

- contraftcd in him 5 jf t this I mil fay (which is alfo \aid of 
AthanafiusJ T^t he was AA*V^M*> 7W77f, An Adamant 
^^^ * Load-ftonc. To <?// t^^t convened with him be was as a. 

- Load ftone, to draff their hearts to love him: but in the caufe of 
V God*> and in reference to the Trtlthes of Chrtfl he is as an uncon- 

j- qucrablc Adamant. He was a Jeremiah both in mourning for 
7 w* and witnejfing againftthe fim of the times. He wasaftcond 

. y Whitakerjf^eg^/ot fo eminent in learning as to be (-what is 

laferi OratkT ^^ c /^ w J Mundi ^ racll ^ im 5 Academi32 oraculum;^ t he 
Funcbris- was(ffkich is alfofaid of ^/w)found in the faithjow* that had 
no private opinionjhat did not in veteri vi novam femitam 
quaerercj/fe^ out newpathes of his own^but kept the old way 
and the old J/zt^Thathad a great wit without any mixture 
of madnefs. 

It is very difputable to we^ whether he preached more by the 

by the holiness of his life. Sure I 

he had this peculiar difpenfation y that he preached as tf- 
fettually by his death as by his life or iJottrwe.For the manner 
of his fickpeffi end death fpeaketh to ali that faw it^orjbal now 
fynow it by reading this Sernton*. 

I that the beft of men are fubjcti to the worfl o/Difeafes: 
That all things come alike to all, that no man knoweth 
love or hatred by all that is before him. 

tfhat though the Lord caufe hit children to paffe through the 
Waters and through the fire^ yet he will be with them,/? 
*.f the waters Jhgll not overflow tht m> mr the fire burn them. 


"though they an troubled on every fide,;** they are not difiref- 
fed - y though perplexed,^?* not in defpair, though perfecuted 3 
yet not forfaken 5 though caft down, yet not deftroyed. For 
fo great was the patience that God measured out to this our 
dearBrother^/zt though he groaned^et he never gambled; 
though he often moumed y yet he never murmuredjW/ry, though 
he- often roared by reafon ofthegteatnejlofhispain,}et ht ai 
ry ays juftified and magnified God ; and this he did fo son- 
ftavtly-) and in fuch a degree and proportion^that as it is f aid 
of Joby fo it mil be f aid by the Saints that I ucceedus^for their 
mutual confolation and encouragement^ Ye have heard of 
die patience of Whi taker, He had an ulcerated ftefh y but 
A found and whole fpirit, and that made him bear his infir 
mity 5 he had a ftone in the bladder^ but a very tender and 
foft heart , he had a body gangren d but afoul nnbeleapred 
with fin. I heard him often jay -with th axkjulneffe , hat 
under all his bodily fufferings^he had a bleffed calmnefle.> and 
quietnefi in his fpi rit 5 that God ffakg peace ; that though 
he roared for pain^et the divelwas chained up from roaring 
upon him. 

It was no fmaU delight to we to behold the tears that were 
foed at hi? Funeral. Not that I was glad that there was fiich 
caufe offorroW) but to fee (in thefe dayes^efpecially wherein the 
godly Mmiftry is fo much undervalued) a Minifter that nei 
ther lived undelired, nor died unlamented : of whom it may 
befaid, as is of Stephen, That devout men carried Stephen 
to his burial, and made great lamentation over him. But 
I will nt detain the Reader from beholding thefe things more 
largely related in the following Sermon 5 by one that was his 
fidus Achates, and as dear to him as Jonathan to David/7/fo 
Lordfaftfitfie this example to all that Jh all hear ofit y and fit us 
hisMinifters that fttpervive^ to preach and live as he did-) To 
fight a good fight, to finifh our courfe, and to keep the 
faith, that fo we may at laft obtain a crown of righteouf- 
nefs which the righteous Judge wil give at the laft day to 
all that love his appearing. So prayeth 

lourfcrvant in the work^ 

of the Mini/try 

To the Right Honourable 


Dowager of Exeter . 

w irrefiftible is thePower of Love and Impor 
tunity /The holy Scriptures do plentiful 1 v mani- 
tfeft, that divine love doth let Gods All (whether 
ithin or without hin.ielQ on work for his 
childrens good, and that his children? importu 
nity hath in all Ages prevailed with his Omnipotency,to 
appear for their comfort: And multitudes of daily experi 
ence do evidence the prevalency of thefetwo Arguments 
among the fens of men. My felf makes one inftance for the 
verifying hereof,by preaching at Reverend, worthy Mr. 
TFbitakers Funeral^ and by printing my Sermon with the 
Narative of his memorable life ; both which come abroad 
with enlargments 5 becaufe ftraights of time, and the dif- 
compofednefs of my fpirit through grief, would not fuf- 
fer me thus fully to dilate upon in the pulpit. Madam,! 
am confident that your Ladyfhip can of your own know- 
ledg, not only atteft the truth of moft paffages in my Nar 
rative, but add alfo much more from your own obfervati- 
on, which will render his memory precious unto pofte- 

And will your Honor give me leave to give fome fur 
ther account unto the world, wherefore I have prciumed 
to dedicate unto your Ladyfhip thefe expreffionsofmy 
great refpecl: to my precious much endeared brother Mr. 
Jeremiah Wbitakgri Gratitude is at the bottom of th& De 
dication, Madam.) As I fhall always really acknowledge 
your Honours favour towards my worthlefs fejf 3 fe I 


jadg it Jttcct to make known upon this occafion that more 
then many thanks are moil due unto your Ladyfhip from 
all Mr.W&r*%ttRelations,for your many and great tefti- 
monies of your conftant refpe&s unto him all his life long 
fince your firft acquaintance with him. I have often 
heard him mention before the Lord with praifes and pray 
ers, your Honours abundant kindneffes, both unto him-* 
felfe and his family ,which 1 believe are on record in hea 
ven to be fully recompenced in due time, becaufe they 
were the produces of your fincere love unto him, as the 
faithful Minifter of Jefus Chrifl:. Madam , there are 
not many who be fo deeply fenfible as your felfe of the 
great lofle fuftained by the death of this holy man of God; 
What mine own lofs is, I had rather exprenc it before the 
Lord, then publifh it unto the world. He wzs^Mailam)* 
faithful fervant to your immortal foul,the welfare where 
of God in mercy hath given you to mind much more then 
all matters fublunary whatsoever. In reference hereun 
to, he was your wife counfellour, in all your doubts and 
difficulties, your compaflionate comforter ; in all ftraights 
and forrowes, your vigilent phyfician to prevent fpiritual 
ficknefs and infe&ionj your zealous Incourager in all 
wayes of holy fervice, and a daily Remembrancer of you 
and yours before the Throne of Grace. Though thefe 
things fpeake your lofs,which may warrantably aftllcY 
your heart,yet I befeech you (good MadamJ confider with 
comfort,, that notwithftanding this bucket be broken fas 
T>r.Preflon was wont toexprefsit)neverthelefs tke foun 
tain of light, life, grace, ftrength, comfort and fatis fa&i* 
on is ftill at hand, ever full, and alwayes flowing. He 
who is now removed, out of the Land of the living,ftobe 
ferviceable by preaching, praying, conference no more) 
was only one of thofc golden pipes through which the 
God of your mercies conveyed relief fweetly and feafona-- 
bly unto your foul: the wel-head is not removed,and m-~ 
ny other choice conveyances of grace 8fc confolation from 
Chriftbe ftill continued to you. Let this therefore be the 
language of your faith.The Lord liveth,and blefied bethe 


God of my falvations, xvho will never Forfake nor failc 
the foul which in humility and faithfulncfs doth depend 
rupon his Majefty. Ad^Madam^Mrffhitakjr his rich 
veceipts of much fancYrfy ing grace, ftrong confidence, in- 

incible patience, undaunted courage, un-interrupted 
Peace, with pure elevating joyes from the Lord may en- 
Enrage the hopes of the pooreft Chriftians to ex peel: great 
things from heaven, according to their neceffities and de- 
fires, becaufe God is no refpefter of perfons, but free and 
liberal in the communications of his peculiar goodnef*. 
Thefe are the words of his grace , Open thy mouth wide, and 
I will fill it. Pfal. 81.10. If any man thirft, let him come un 
to me and drink^fie that believeth on me^(as the Scripture hath 
faid*) out of bis beUy faallflow rivers of living water jjoh.y.^y, 
38. The Almighty hath given you fome taftes of that in 
comparable fruit which comes from the Land ofpromife 3 
that you may be encouraged to hold on in the way thither 
"with cbcerfulnefle and perfeverance. Madam,lt is no fmall 
addition unto your Honour here, and it will undoubted 
ly make to your happinefs hereafter., that you do own 
God in unwearied attendance upon his facred Ordinances 
laying forth your felf for his name faithfully with that 
prudence, felf-deriial, and plainenefs of heart where 
with he hath adorned you,through his rich mercy in Jefus 
Chrift. Uadam^ I humbly beg pardon for this my bold- 
and crave leave to fub ribe my felfc 

four Honours humble Servant, 


( O 

JOHN ii. ii. 
Our friend Lazarus Jleepcth* 

are the words of Chrin\concerning J 
zaruf> and they fpeak i.His relation. 2. His 

Firft, the relation was friendship, wherein 
I. How far this friendship was extended,z>/.both unto 
Chrifyand to his Difciples, our friend. Itis not my friend, 
or your friend, but our friend^both yours and mine. 

2 That this friendfhip was acknowledged by Chrift 
himfelfe, not only while Ltzarus was yet alive, but even 
now when he was dead, Our friend Lazarus fleepetb. 

In the (econd part of the Text (viz. Lazarus s diffolu 
tion) we may note 

1 The truth afferted(z/;.)that Lazarus though a friend 
both to Chrift and to his Difciples, yet he was dead. 

2 The Metaphor whereby it is expreffed, which is taken 
from natural ileep. He fleepeth. 

3 The notice which our Saviour took of Lazarus his 
deceafe. This he reporteth unto his Difciphs, he faith un 
to them, Our friend La zar as fleepetb. 

Thus from this plaine div ifion of the Texts 1 proceed 
unto the cbfervations which do from hence offer them- 
felves naturally unto our confideration. And the doct 
rines will be fix in number 3 t//. three from each part into 
which theText hath been divided. 

B The 

Thefirftis this, viz. TiM there is a Mutual friendship 
letvpixt Chrift and true Chriftians. Our Lord himfclfe here 
calleth Lazarus friend. And that this friendfhip was mutu 
al, it is evident from this hiftory. 

Firft, the love of Lazarus towards the Lord Jefus was 
witnefiedby the many entertainments and hearty wel 
comes which he recived at his houfe. And the frindftYip 
of Chrift unto Lazarus isattefted by his lifters, former 
ly, Hcwbomtbou loueflisfwk^ ver, 3, and by this our E- 
vangelift, Jefus loved Martha^ and her lifter and Laza 
rus ver. 5. And the Jewes faid, Behold how he loved him. 
ver. 36. yea our Saviour himfelfe in the Text calleth him 

Now as it was betwixt Chrift and Lazarus, fo is it like- 
wife betwixt Chrift and all real Chriftians 5 their friend- 
ftiip is mutual. The word friend expre&th love, and this 
love hath its viciditude amongft frinds. As tennife balls 
with rackets are banded and returned too and fro, fo love 
amon gft cordial friendes hath its intercourfe, it is received 
amaturl With acceptance,and returned with requitals. Greater love 
Stcph.Thcfau. has no man then thisjhat a wan lay doun his life for his friends 
John 1 5. 13. This exprefleth Chrift his love to his Chriftian friends. 
John 15,14, y arf m y f r j en d s ifj ee j oe wkatfoever I command you. This 
fpeaketh the love & friendfhip of Chriftians to Chrift. And 
you muft know that this afFedion of love was not only 
betwixt Chrift and fome peculiar Chriftians, to Chrift. 
as his Difciples and Lazarus^ but betwixt him and all o* 
ther foundhearted Chriftians alfo.Whcn he preached to a 
very great multitude ofpeople> having warned them to take 
heed of hypocri{ie,henfeth this compel latfon,!/^ unto you 
Like 12.1,$. ^ friends. And long before his incarnation this was the 
language of Chrift (the eflential Wifdom of the Father,^) 
Ffov,8.i7. Hove them that love we. Whereas it is fometimes faid of 
our friends, that they have onely one foule in feveral bo- 
. . . dies, it is moft true, being applyed unto Chrift and (ingle- 
*bimad hea fted Chriftians. the Spirit of God dwelletb in them, and 
*bi amat. ifwy v* an hath not the Spirit of Chrift he is none of his. 
JK>.a.. Asfriend5j being, in pcint of friendftiip, afted by the 



ame pr!nciples,tney will and nill the fame things. So 
t is with Jefus Chrift and thofewho who ar e unfained *"* 
riendes unto him. AstheApoftle Paul thus advifed the 
fbilippianSiLtt the fame mind be inyou that was in Cbrifti fo 
he affirmeth of the Saints at Cer/r/;,that they had the mind i.Cor.a.U. 
*j Chrift. 

The obligations of love are fo ftrong upon friends, that 
they can heartily fay one to another, I am as thoii art. The 2 Chron.iS.j, 
Lord accounted Abraham his friend., and it is confidera- L ay 4Ii * 
ble how God and Abraham being friends did communi 
cate themfelves, With their all, unto each other. 

As God by way of covenant promifeth to be an all \uf- ^" ^ I" 
ficient portion unto him, to blefie thofe who bleffe him> and to 
curfefuch who curfe him , and to beftow Canaan ( the land 
flowing with milk and hony ) upon him: fo Abraham gave 2 C h ron . 2a ,j, 
tip himfelfe wholly to be at Gods difpofing, in regard of 
his habitadon,to dwell wherehis Majefty would fettle him; Gen.i2.i,5. 
and in refpeft of his relations to command his children and 
/.*.> houfbould after htm to keep the way of the Lord) to do jufttce 
and judgment. In this manner Chrift and believers, they are 
for each others, with their All, even as for themfelves. I 
am my beloveds (faith the loving, beloved Spoil fe) and my 
beloved is mine. They are the fame i . In their wils 5 as they 
in things moft difficult andcroffe to themfelves (in ap- 
perance) doe fay, The will of the Lord be done. So Chrift is Aa * 2r r4 
ready to fpeak unto them, in reference to the rcguler mo 
tions of their wils, as once to the woman of Canaan, Be it Matth.i$.a8. 
unto thee even as thou wilt. 

2 In their defires 5 As theft are their breathings :th ere is *?*! 75 3 5 * 
none upon earth that I depre bepdes thee. So his depers are to- cant 7 l * 
warts ihem. Not long before his departure from his Apo- 
ftles,!tocvodence his defires of fpiritual fellowfhip with Luke 22. 15. 
them. He fa id unto them, with defer e 1 have defer ed to eat this f**^*W * 
Pajfecver with yeu before Ifuffer. ntopugi 

3. And in their defegns. As this is in their eyes and aims, Phil.i.2o. 
that whether^) life or death Chrift may be magnified in them. , 
So he will never turne from them to do them goody lut witt 
rejoyce ever them to do them good. 

B 2 thcfc 


Thefc are briefe hints in refcrenccto the doftrinej more 
generally confidered. In the more diftinft handling of it, 
both the branches are to be taken apart, and particular 
ly to be difcourfed upon. 

And here give me leave to premife the reafons where-* 
fore I flu ll difcourfe of this mutual friendship under the 
notion of love, in a latitude: viz. becaufe, i. The word, 
friend (as we already hinted) fpeaketh hve. 2 In this Hi*" 
fiory thefe phrafes fisnirk the fame thing ; viz. . friend La- 
zarus.) and Lazarus loved. ^ And the holy Ghoft elfewhcre 
ufeth thefe words indifferently, -viz. friend^ h:loved. 

That real right &red Chriftians are friends untoChrift. 
His endeared Spoufe fpeaketh this openly ; this is my belo- 

Cant.$.i6. ved) and this is my friend, Daughters ofjerufalew. An- 
fwerablc whereunto is the language of the Gofpel-Pro- 

Bfoy 5.1. phet, a fong of my beloved to his -vineyard. Let it be noted 
that Chrift is not looked upon and loved as an ordinary 
friend,but as an extraordinary, either a friend already 
marryed,or one affe&ed fingularly with expectations of 

Cant.^-3- marriage, "fhe virgins lew thee. And indeed, none doe love 
Chrift fincerely, who doe not love him fingulerly fupcr-- 
latively. Let his owne words bee well weighed; Hetlat 

Matth: 10.97. tovtfh father er mother w&re then me, is not worthy ofm^and he 

Certe illi mn a- that louethfon or daughter more then nt is not worthy of me. ^ 

mint chriftuw^ This aflertion is bottomed u pon good reafon, becaufe 
Chri& both in his owne perfonal excellencies, and com- 
i^unicated advantages,is infinitely better then any crea 
ture with its faireft amiabilities whatfoever. 

Now this their love is not blindj but it abouvdtth m e& 
judgement and knowledge^ as will be manifeft by thefe four 
reafons following. 

Rcsjon.l. Becaufe of his incomparable, unpaFallelled beauttes a 
This account his dear Spoufe giveth of her ftrong infla 
med affections; My beloved is white and ruddy jhc chiefeft a- 
mong ten tboufind. His head is as the moft fne gold. And ha 
ving metaphorically commended him from the head to 
thefoot,(he thus conclude tfi, Ibiiismyldoved^andth uit 



His graces which are like to a moft fragrant perfume>c?o 
inamour the hearts of all them who are truly fpiritual. Be 
caufe of the favour of thy good ointments, thy Name is as an Canc.i. 3; 
ointment pome d forth y therefore do the Virgins love thee. And 
in the fong of conjugal loves^thisis rendred as thereafon 
of thofe (park 1 ings,, 7&0# art fairer then the children 0/P&1. 45.2. 
men. As there was not among the children ofilfraela goodlier 
f erf on then Saul) from ike (boulders upwards hewas higher * S*m.$.2. 
then any of the people: So Jefus Chrift doth wonderfully o- .^ 
ver-top and exceed in all rich endowments, the moft aim- 
able creatures in the world. And as in all Ijraeltherewas 2 Sam. 14 2$. 
none to / *< jo much praifed &$ Abfolomfor his beauty ; from the 
file. of his foot even to the crown of his head there was no ble - 
m\(h in &/w(and this might be fome reafon vtDavids great 
love towards him.^Soin the Lord Jefus, there are per 
fect beauties without the leaft blemifhes : Hee is altogether 
Ibuely.No wonder therefore that wife, knowing Chriftians 
do chufe and value 3 and embrace him with vigorous 

Becaufc of his famous 3 magnanimous undertakings and j> ca r 3 , 
adventures as Mediator^ that he might at once advance ; his ff 
Fathers glory, and thehappinefs ofhisEleft. 

We read that Jonathans \oul was kgit to the foul of David) i Sam. 1 8.1. 
and that &c loved hint as his own foul) becaufe upon a Duel he 
had enrountred and conquered the Monfter Goliah) who 
had blaiphemcd God & vilified hi people. Now this fer- 
vice was low. and inconfidcrable, being compared with 
Chrifts renowned exploits, who hand to hand combated 
with the divel in the wilderness for the fpace of forty daies y " 
who fp oiled principalities -and power*) made a fcew of them o- L u k e , 4 2 
frenly)trinmphiitiz over them in his croft. Who did bear up Col.a.i $,* 
bravely againft the power of darknefs to be quell d under 
the weight of divine ]uftice to be fa ti^fied, and under the 
flames of his Fathers difpleafure to be quenched. Thefe &: 
the like rare agings of Chrift being pondered by Chrifti- 
ans do draw forth their hearts in friendship towards him. 



John 10. 17. He himfelf faith , f ftm/ore doth my Father hue w?, hecaufe I 
lay down my life. And how can new born Chriftians, par 
takers of the divine Naturejbe otherwifeaffe&ed upon the 
fame account twards their bkiled Mafter ? 

Reafon 5. Becaufe of their manifold rich receipts from ChriflDtf- 

vids heart giveth out loves to the Lord 3 becaufe upon his 

Pfd. nd.i,8. prayers he had delivered his eyesfnm fears and his feet from 

falling. Now Chrift hath refcued his people from wrath to 

cotncjand that without rcfpeft to their requtf^yea before 

they fought him, 

Our Saviour himfelf giveth this as the reafon where- 

luke 7. 47. f ore t h e fjnful woman loved him ,Many fns are forgiven her, 

i Sam.i^.s. therefore Jhe loveth much. And Jonathanby this Argument 

laboureth to win Sauls heart towards T>avid y Becaufe the 

Lord by him wrought a great falvation t& alllfrael. 

In this refpeft the Apoftle Paul was rationally under 
the ccnftraint of commanding Loves to Chrify becaufe of 
quietening grace received by his death. 

Now if 1 (hould here difcover our large enjoyments 
fromChriftj it would abundantly appear to every inge 
nuous foul, that there is fufficient eaufe wherefore he 
(hould be accounted and affefted as an incomparable 

By him we are delivered from fin and hel(as is hinted c- 
Gal.g. 13. ven nowj from the curfe of the Law 5 the hater of God^the 
Eph.2.i4,i5. deadly (hares of the world , and the poifon fting of 
Gal.i.4. de&th.iyeare blcfied with aU fpintual bleffitts in heavenly 
Epheii a^ pl aces * W e are accepted in the Beloved. He is ntade unto us 
i Cor.i. |o. fftfdomci Right eoujnefsy Stwftification and Redemption. And 
and 2. 1,20, all the Promifes of God are in him f t$<i) and in kirn Amen. 
How rationally therefore doth living love to Chrift fpring 

Reafon 4. out ^ tn * ls root ^ 

Becaufe of their full expectations from him for the future, 

Cant.2.1?. evcn unto ^ ou ^ fatisfaftion and that to eternity. Many 
chearing cordials are handed to Chriftians from Chrift 

John 2. 10. here upon earthen which regard he doth lye as a bundle of 
wifrhe between tben brefts;but he referveth the btftwine for 
the lait.Whatfoever for kind,or for meafure the believing 



Chriftians comforts are here, yet to be with Chrift in hca- p^j- 
ven will be far better ; and this,thisin glory is looked for 
through Chrift. This confederation caufeth their love un 
to (Thrill to break forth in a great flame. Let the words of 
the Apoftle be weighted for the evidence hereof, who ha 
ving ipoken both of the Inheritance incorruptible^ and un- 1 Pcf. 1,3,4: 
defiled^ that fadeth not tway-> referred in heaven^ as alfo of 
the aflured Prefeverance through Godspov>er> and all this 
by Chrift) he adds Whom having notfeen^yetye love. Ingeni- { p et ^ ^ 
ous Chriftians duty weighing the worth of their future fc 
happinefs 3 dearly purchased by Chrift, and undoubtedly 
to be poffiffed by them through Chriftj do hereupon pra- 
ftically couclude, that nothing can be imagined more rea- 
fonable then this, that they (hould love him as their fpe- 
cialfri nd. 

Thus from confirmation, I proceed to the Application 
of this Truth by way of life , which I will progound un 
der three heads j viz. i. Information. 2, Examination* 
3. Exhortation- 

Sad therefore is their condition who are not loving ^ 
friends unto Jefus Chrift. For doubtlefs though they be 
by profit flionj& in the eftimation of others true Chriftian? 3 
yet they are but only Slips in Chriftianity. As Judasfcc. 

Our Sauiour fpeaketh roundly unto fuch : If God were 
your Father you would love me. And if God be not their J ohn 8< 42t 
father, they are queftionlefle the Devils children, children 
of the curfe.How open and exprefs are the words of the A- 
poftle to this purpofc ? If any man love not the Lord Jefusjet Cof f ^ ^ 
hint be Anathema Maran-atha. The heavy andlafting ma- l 
lediftions of God hang over the heads of all them who 
love not Chrift. This is the great fcverity of God again fl 
fuch who are not friends unto Chrift : and that the righ- 
teoufnefle of his Majefty herein may be manifeftcd, I wiffi 
that this maybe mindcd^fz.that unfiindlinefs to theLord 
Jcfus in Gofpel times Cwherein) his excellences & defer- 
vings arefo fuly laid openj doth proceed either from 
I Infidelity. Or 2 Contumacy $ Either people hearing 
fcon* Scripture of Chrifts lovelmefsj do g?ve God the lye to 


his free by not lelievmg him^or elfe their difregard of Chrift 

arifeth from malignity and ftubbornefs of will, though 

MnAcaiwe the yy cild to tne report- of his incomparable worth. And 

mentHjed a ^oth r ^ e ^ are daring, and God-incenfing provocations. 

fwitate cordis. Now if any dial be awakened by theieflafoes of Gods 

Aug, anger, to inquire. Who are to be judged perfons void 

of love tpJefusChriftH-fhall refer them for fatisfaftion 

to Chriits own words, both the parable and his expofition 

of it. The Parable is this, The Cnwm bated him andfint * 

Luk i?,i4<21- meffage after him faying, We mil not have h i.wan to raigne 

over us. And the Application made is thus exprefled, Thofc 

mint tmmiesiwbich would mt tbatlfrould raigne ovsrthem, 

bring them hither and flay them before we. Therefore all iuch 

are proclaimed Chrifts enemies, Chrift-haters, (even by 

Chrift himfelfe,)who refufe to fubmit unto him as their 

Lord and King* 

Its no uncharitablenefs, but judgment according to the 
Wordoftrutlvto determine thofe to be no fi lends unto 
Chrift, whofe refolutions arc rather to order their lives ac 
cording toxuftomsjhmriane traditions,their own humors, 
and the practices of the multitude, then according to the 
commands and councels of Chrift. 

-Vfi 2. <It much concerns us all to examine our frindftiip unto 

Chnft, To quicken this Jearcfa, thefe things areconfi- 

i Becaufe many profefs much love outwardly, whofe 
hearts affeft him not unfainedly. As David defcribcth 
fome counterfeit Courtiers, whofe wards werefoft lib oyle, 

Pfai. 5 5.2i! ** ^re vere drawn fiords in their bofmesi Never was 
Chrift more in mcns mouths with fmooth language then 
now, when their lives fpeak treachery againft him. thus 
Judas callethhim Mafter, and giveth}himakifs,yetwas 

John 6. 79; no friend. Havel not chofen twelve (Taith Chriftj and yet 
one is a dwc! ?Wh*t Sugared words did the divelufc 
wken he defignedthe ruin of Adam* and of all his poflc- 

2 -Becaufe the-comfom of the GofpeLdo appertain to 



t-hem alone, \vhofeloveis without diffimulation. The 
Apoftles benediftion was this, Grace be with all them who 
Ijve our Lord Jefus insincerity. The ricli piiviledges of 
grace are appropriated unto Chrifts cordial friends. 

3. Bccaufe Chrift f vvhofe eyes are like unto flames of . f u 
fire) doth difcern clear Jy, all them that are falfe friends, 
though they pretend fair. We read of many who believed 

when they jaw bis miracles^ but ]efas did not commit himfelf^ Q \\.2.2^. 
untQthtMy becaufe he jyiew all men > and needed not that 24,25. 
any Jhould tejUfie of n*n j far he knew what was in 

4. Becaufe we cannot tell how foon we fhall be cal- 
kd to the fcrutiny. The Lord may be awakning our con- 
fciences, and fetting them as upon a rack 5 propound that 
queftion unto us,which he asked Peter oncejand again,and 

the third time , Lovefl tbou we ? But though he mould John. 27. 

not deal thus with us in our life time, yet be fure we fhall 

be examined upon our departure hence, for after death 

wmes judgement infallibly. Therefore kwil be our wif- Hcb.p-27. 

dom in the ways of felf-renewing , to fay as lob did 

When God v/ftetb^hat fa all I anfvper him ? j ^ 31.1 

5. Bccaufeby ferious felf-rcfleftions we may attaine 
fuch full aiHiranceofourloveunto Chrift, that we may 

with confidencefpeak with Peter , Lord> tbou knowefl aU J ^ 111 al ! 
thitigSj tbcukgowejl that I love thec. 

Having thus moved the Examination of your love to 
Chrift,! proceed to give in fome Difcoveries of Chrifts 
loving friends; and the rather, becaufe according to Gods 
inftitution, we Minifters are fet up amongft people to try fa* ^ 2 ^ 
their wayes. 

And the characters of love being many , I fhall be the 
fhorter in them all. True it it, that mens love burning in 
their bofoms^they many times better expreis thcmielvs by ^ more ft 
fenfe then Arguments 5 yet God having in his word held CL qua mt \ 
forth manifold Signes of fincere Iove 3 it is our duty to 
make our ufe of them. 

i. Love ro Chrift is always accompanied with hatred 
of (in. Tt that low tbc Lord htte wil. And the Apcftlc pf a i. 

C his 

Disconnexion is ebfervable, Letlcvebe witho 
:om.i2. 9. f ; Wj Morrivg that which is etil: The ground here- 
, of is threefold, * *, both beca life Ch rift hatethall fin, he 

SS/^ ru %4 dcathfo? fin andisd Oionourcdby it. Th-re- 
adhucamas fore it is not poffible, that love unto Chrift and love 
inte odit unto fin fliould peaceably lodge together in the fame bo- 

2. Love to Chrift is attended with care to prevent what-- 
foever might be injurious or difpleafing unto him. Thus 
the loving Spoufelaycrh this command upon all under 
her Authority. 7 charge }c>u that you awake not my Belo- 

Cant. 5. ved till he pltafe. In like manner Jonathans love pleadeth 

VihhSauJforlDavidsrife. Let not the King fin againfthis 

i Sam firvant, *gaivfl~David : wherefore wilt thonfin againft in~ 

5 nccent blocd^ to flay David w nhout A caufe ? And Jacobs 

Gen. ^g. affeftionsdid projeft theprefervation of his near relati 
on from ruine. HenCe it appeareth therefore, that peo* 

Afts 18. IT. pie of Gallio his temper, do not love Chrift, who care not 
what wrongs are done to Chrift, in the liberty or parity 
of his Ordinances and comfort of his fervants , if 
thcmfelves can fleep warm in their owne well feathered 

3. Love to Chrift difcovered it felf by felicitous cnqui* 
ries after the mind of Chrift , fearing leaft through mi- 
flakes he might be provokd. How inquifitive were his 
Apoftles to know his pleafure in all particulars 5 relating 

th. ^6.l^, to the pafl^y^ > ^ e J)jf c j f i e5 cam e unto Jefus, foingjrhcre 
Gen 8 wiltthou that we prefarefor theeto eat thefaffovtr. And 

Rettftfolliciti now timorous was Abraham fGods friend) left he mi^ht 
by overmuch boldnefle incenfe him, when he was media- 
ting for Sodom ! Shall they therefore be accounted friends 
to Ghrift who walk at all adventures, without any fears 
f his frown, or enquiries after his will ? 

4. Love caufeth Sowings forth of thoughts upon its 
ebjeft. The beatings of the pulfe are according to the 

45 f. heat in the heart. In the Song of Loves this is the firft 
claufe. My heart is inditing of * good matter* I fpe ah of 
tfa things which Ih#u9 made concernwg the King. Sparks 



do not more naturally arife out of a flaming furnace, then 
muGngsnpon Chrift from the: foule which is ficed with 
loves towards him. With how much intention, freq^cn- * l 
ey and ftfddinefs doe people think upon the perfons and 
things which are greaily loved. Tins cojnfjderation 
therefore cafts them ofFas no friends to Ghr ft, of whom 
it may be truly faid, in refpeft of diligent meditation, *lw 
Lwd is not in all tbtir thoughts. 

5. Longings after Chrift, together xvith fatisfa&ions 
while he is abfcnt, are evidences of love unto him. The 

loving Spoufe fliakes ofTfloath, gets out of bed in the Cant & 
night, and goeth abroad tojeekjrim whom her foul loved. Nei- > j mnr * cu nitper 
ther eafe in a warm bed, nor chamber comforts, nor CT- d-frderlum. 
ty conten tments could fatisfie her. Her Beloved (he mufl Aug. 
have, and her Beloved (he will have, for fhe is fick of 
love. Love like the Load-ftone is attractive, and the nee 
dle touched with it, will unccffmtly move till it ftand di- 
reftly North-ward. In like manner ivill the heart which 
is well warmed with love to Chrift : this is its language, 
Whom have I in heaven but ikee ? and there is none that Idefire Pfal. 73. 2$. 
on earth befide thee. Give me Ghrift, or I dye. 

6, Contentation in the enjoyment of Chrift doth de- 
monftrate love : Some note this from the Greek word, Aywa quAp 
which fignificth Love, viz. that wherein the heart taketh >* r *2 f " 
reft. When any thing its center, there it ^ e fo 
quiet and (till. So it is with the heart which loveth God. ^o^ qu iefi it 
This was Davids meaning, as fome Expofitors judge,when per&tndiutn. 
he having exprefled his love to God , fpeaketh thus in an Aug. 

holy Soliloquy, Return to thy reft my JW. This reft the ^ D *" m A *** 
loving Chriftian attaineth in Chrift, by complacency tttff^J"^! 
dependency. The SpouCehfftigth frcfteth her felf ) uf on het S^rem. 
Beloved, and he for delight is A bundle of myrrh between* Vaubl-in Pfc- 
: whereunto the ivords of the Api/ftle fuit very n^- 7 

all, 1 need no more j for in him all wants are either fup- 
plitd or (anftificd. In him juilify ing grace will make up 

C 2 all 

all dcfefts In fervice. And what is wanting in the ftreams 
of creature enjoyments, is given in with more fweetnefs 
in the full fountain of his All-fufficiency. 

Efther;$. jo. & 7 .Communication of fecrets fpeaketh friendfhip. H&- 
* J 3- mandoth unboforne himfelf to his friends, by laying o- 

jxn unto them all his concernments, both crofs and com 
fortable. And Chrift bids him who was difpofleflld of a 
Mark . 19. pi ve ] 3 Go borne to thy friends and tell them how great thirds 
God hath dene for thee. 

We can put that into a friends bofom which we would 
not have bla7ed abroad in the world. Thus Chrifts 
friends do tell him of all their troubles5fearS5wantSjtenip- 
tationsj lufts, as alfo of their comforts, receipts, experi 
ences , upon all occafions they ftep unto him, and he 
i am.u$. knoweth from them by prayer how things go with 
PfaJ. 103.4. t h enij u/hether by encouragement or difcouragement in 
their courfe. 

I here remember thefpeech of Samp fins xvife, when he- 
concealed what (he defired to know 5 How canft \hm faj^ 
Judges 16* 15. n ove t k ee ^ ypfa n thy i !an JS mt Wlt fr me $ ^ n ^ doubtlefs- 

oureftrangcment from Chrift, in not laying open ous 
felves upon all occafions before him 3 doth more then in- 
umate our unfriendlinefs. 

8. Readinefs to comply wth Chrifts command will 
undeniably prove that we are his friends. Our Lord is 

, often upon this Argument : You are wy friends if }cu doe 
2% wbatfoevfr I command you. He that hath my commandments 
&* *- ^d kftfttb them, he it is that lovelb me. If any man leve me^ 
eT*, or he mil keep mywords. Thus Abraham made it manifcft that 
tbjtwf ar* he was Gods friend by being ready to offer up Ijaac upon 
* his call. And the Apoftle fpeaketh of the labour of love, be- 

caufe love will not withdraw from any work, wherelff 
eb. 9- 10* Q OC J jfg^jj cau f c to employ his friends. The woman who 
loved Chrift much, will wajk his feet, and wipe them with 
the hair of her head. This is the language of Love, I 
account no work too mean, wherein I may ferve 

9. Love is content to be at any coft for Chrift. Heark 


en unto the expreflibm of the loving Spoufe,. At 
are all manner of pie aj ant fruits^ newand old y whichlbavs 
laid up for thee> my Beloved. And I would caufe thee to CajK g 2 
drinkjffactdwine) andof the juyce of Pomegranates. The 
bcft of all kinds, and the beft of the beft is provided for 
Chrift. if he be Beloved. She who loved much, Brought 
zftoxof oyntmentvery coftly. In like manner, whatever Luke , 
duties Chrifts friends discharge, or whatever Ordinances w j t h j^ \ 2 
they frequent, they are wont to fay with David, I mil 283111.24.24. 
not&ffertotheLordthatwhick cofl me nothing Theyfcorft 
to give him the chaffand bran, when others eat the Kid 
neys of wheat. To be warm and vigorous in creature 
communion, and all a-mort 5 chil and cold" converfing 
with Chrift; is an abomination to Chrifts friends. 

10. Love is liberal and free, not grudging any kincf- 
neffe layed forth for a friend. This is the loveofGodfz\t\\ l JQ^ ^, 
the beloved DifcipleJ that we kgep his Commands me nts 9 attd 
his Commandements are not grievous. 

When the moft is done and endured for Chrift, the 
foul faith, How little have F either afted or fufFered for 
Chrift ? Oh that it had been more. Oh that it had been 
more ! How little is all my fervice, how fmall are all 
my disburlmentf for Chrift? When lacob had paffed 
twoApprentefhipsfor Rachel,, under a fowre Uncle and 
ehurlifhMafter. wherein he had been pinched with cold, 
and parched with heat , ihey feewed to hint but a few days. Gen. 29. IQ. 
for the love he bare unto her. And when Jonathan had 
ftrifpedhiwftlfeoftherobethat was upon him, and gave it to i Sam. 18:5. 
J)avidj and his garments even to his faord and to his 
bow, and to his girdle 5 we read not of any repinings after 
ward 5 and the reafon was, becaufe he loved himj as his 
twnfoul: Chrifts friends look upon him as deferving over 
and over again, infinitely more then they fhall ever be 
able to requite, and therefore are troubled that Chrift 
hath had fo little fervice, never repenting that he hath re 
ceived fo much. They know that God giveth liberally Janxrs i- $ 
andufhraideth not. VVorthy Doftor Sibs was wont to 
iay, Suppofing a poffibiluy of forrow in Heaven, this 



woukl be the grief of the Saints there, that they have dor* 
fo little for Chrift upon earth 3 from whom they haven- 
ceived fo much. 

n. Love maketh couragious for Chrift. Every one 
knoweth that St. P^w/ was Chrifts cordial fiiend 5 whirh he 
21.13. cxprcfltd by his magnanimity. I am ready net lobe bound 
Phil. 3. onl)^ Lut to dye atjernjalemfjr tke ftameoftht Lvrd Jefus, 

D/fcijtffoj */MJ f or vbow I ba wftffind the hffi of all. Much was loft aj- 

ASSS- w and lifc k idf was now at ftakc > Let a]1 s ^ rahh 

henn&m, Bern, lovej for Chrift. 

Jmantinibii Lovelookcth upop nothing as impofiible 5 or as too 

vgMpbfc+M difficult to be undertaken. The fearful Htn will fly fierce- 

difficilt. Aug. jy at the devouring Creatures which would devour her 
chickens ; and the timorous fheep wil turn head upon a 

Canr.8.6.7. maftiffdog 5 to fecure her beloved Lamb. Love ?s flrong 
as deatby many waters cannot quench love 3 neither can the 
foods drown it. Marji whofebofom was ful of burning 
love to Chrift, is a rare example of that mettal and 
fortitude which love breedcth in Chrifts friends. Shee 
feeking Chrifts dead body^and meeting with the Gardiner 
( as (he imagined) (he ipeaketh thus : />, // thou baft 

John,2o.i$. borne him hence ) tell we where thou hafl laid him, and I will 
takf him away. Neither the ghaftly looks of a dead body 
could aff. ight, nor the weight of it difcourage her rcfc- 
lutions to bear it away. Though (he was not able (good 
foul) by her own ftrength to carry fuch a burden, yet 
her Jove made her confident that (he could do it, and 
therefore was refolved to undertake it. 

12. All thefe forementioned actings and adventures 
of love in Chrifts friends, do arife, neither only nor prin 
cipally from felf-ad vantages received from him, but from 
his excellencies, and refpeft to his honour. Becauje of 
the fa i cwr of thy good ointments , thy name :s an ointment 
foured forth , therefore doe the Vir pines love thee* And 
in this, Saint Paul centered as the Taft end of his love, 
that Jeftis Chrifl nti^ht be magnified in him whether by life or 

John 6. ?6. ^* r *sWhereas when Chrift is looked after rather for haves 
then for his divine lov el inefle, its rather to be judged a 



trucking with him, then a loving of him. When men feek 
only to ferve their turn of Chrift, as it were by merchan- m 
dizing, they may be called friends to themfelves; but mn micitj* 
will never 6e reputed faithful friends unto him. This nw acquitfcit 
difcovery lies inward, and clofe in our bofoms 5 in which indiqwt ex- 
regard; the more cautioufneffe is needful , that we may l * jj^ ^j" 
not be deceived. amatum. Aqui, 

Laftly,and for our help in the former, I adde this(as the 
conclufion of this fearch, upon which I have held you fo 
longj That fincere friendflr p unto Chrift, wil raife rejoy- 
cings in our hearts upon his advancement though this 
may feem to tend to our perfonal detriment. Here 
the words of Chrift to his drooping Difciples, fearing 
that themfelves fhould be damnified by his departurefrom 
them, are very confiderable 5 If you loved me^jou would 
rej oyce bccauje Ifaid, I%o unto the Father. John the Baptift J ohn l ^ 28 
is a rare inftance to evidence this character of tru friend- 
(hip: for he being told chat Chrift was likely to carry 
away credit from hinr, returned this anfwer. He that hath 
the Bride is the bridegroom 5 but the friend of the Bridegroom, J bhn 3- 2 9-3Q* 
which ftandeth and hetreth htm^ rejoyceth greatly becaufe of 
the Bridegrooms voke : this my joy therefore is fulfilled. He 
tmtft increafe but I muft decreafe. And the Apoftle Paul 
was another example of this ingenuous love ; Some (faith P 
he) preach Chrift of envy *ndftrife y fappofing fo add afflt&i- 
w unto my bonds : Notwithftauding Chrift is preached^ and 
I therein do rejoyce, and will rejoyce. Make application 
hereof, and ask your felves this queftion, whether you 
ca be content that Chrift fhould be fet upon your flioul- 
ders, and that your credit fhould be crop*cfj rather then 
it fhould hinder his fhine and profpeft ? can you lay your 
felves down in the duft, that the crown may be fet upon 
Chriftsheadf can you willingly be little or nothing in 
the account of the world, that Chrift may be all in all 
among the children of men ? By fincere anfwers returned 
upon (erious considerations of all thefe foregoing parti- 
culars,you may be able to give a right judgement oryour 
wn eftate, whether you be indeed and intruth friends to 
Jefus Chrift. The 

Vfe %. TlieUfe of Exhortation followcth: wherein I am to 

befpeak your love unto Jefus Chrift. And O chat I knew 
tvhat Arguments to ufe^that I might prevaile with you to 
btcome friends unto Chrift. Might .not the remembrance 
of the forementioned Reafons wherefore believers love 
him, being faithfully prcffcd upon your fpirits, be hope- 
lully operative for this end ; Take into your confiderati- 
on i. His incomparable beauties. 2. His famous exploits. 
?,. Your former rich receipts. 4. Your future expectations 
from him : and hereupon command your fouls to give 
in their anfwer, whether in be not reafonable that you 
fhould love Chrift. But forbearing the rehearfal of thofe 
heads, I will deal with you upon principles of felf-love, 
to love the Lord Jefus. So many and fo precious are the 
priviledges belonging unto them who are thus affected, 
that David knew not how to defire more at the hand of 
God. Lookjhoujfpon me aud be merciful .unto me y asthouu 

Ffal. iJ9.i)2. Jefl to do unto thofe that love thy navns. 

Shal I mention(and do little more then mention)fomc 

i. Thus you (hall work your felves into Chrifts bofom, 

Prov.8. 17. -("which will be no fmall advantage} I love them that love 

item r^^n3 ?Mr > raidourLorci]on S fince * It is reported that Vcffafian 
afam&to. commanded a large recompence to be given unto a wo 
man that fell in love with him 3 and ordered that it (hould 
berecordedj that fuch afumof money was given upon 
that accotmt.Mor^ beautiful wilChrift be unto his friends. 
Pro, 8. 21. T^hat I may caufe thoft that love me to inherit fubftftnce y and I 
mil fill their Ireafures : Riches, fubftantial riches, fub- 
ftantial riches making treafures : and all this by the right 
of inheritance , flial] be the reward of them who love 

2. Hereupon you may confidently expect familiar fel- 

lowfliip with Chrift and his Father, which is the Chpifti- 

joh, ,,4.21,23, ans Heaven upon Earth, If any man love we, my Father will 

* love him, and I will love him y and manifeft myfelfto him> and 

VPS will come unto him % and wakg our abode with hint. 

3, Hence iffuethaiTurance, that all events and exercifes 



feall prove, fplritually advantageous. Alfiwe know that 
all things worl( together for good nnto them who love God. 
Every wind will undoubtedly bring in their profit, and 
their gain (hall come in at every door. 

4 And the Crown of glory ispromifed to them who love Jaacs 1.12; 
the Lord. 

Now if you dial demand. How may we kindle the 
fire of love in our brefts towards Chrift ? 1 anfwer, 

i By informing your felves from thei Scripture con 
cerning Chrift his worthinefs, both in his perlon, relati 
ons, and feveral Adminiftrations as Mediator betwixt J { ln 5 .^ 
God and man. As this is his own advice , Search the 
Scripturesyfor they teftifie of we: So by the manifestations 
of him, friendly affe&ions are kindled towards him. 
Witneffe the experience of fuch who during their igno 
rance of Chrift were fo far from loving him, that they ac 
counted the love of others groundlefs, yet underft and ing 
his tiparallell d beauties, fel in love with him. This is 
open and apparent by comparing Ctnt* 5. 9. with ver. 
10. to the end, and with Chap.6+i. The words being 
many, I refer you to the reading of them. T he rich hath Prov.i4.2o. 
many friends (faith Solomon ) And are not all the riches of 
earth and heaven in Chrifts pofleflion and at his difpo- 
fing ? 

2. By prefenting often unto your view by meditation ^^ m 39 5 
all things amiable in Chrift. While Imufedfaith the Pfal- 
mift) the fire burned. Looking caufeth loving, fhe eye 
ajfefts the heart: By blowing, a fpark becomes a flame. 
As Abrahams fervant brought forth Jewels. of filver y and 
Jewels of Gold to win Rebecca- her heart towards Ifaac$ So 
fhould we fpread before our fouls frequently thofe things 
which are enjoyed in Chrift, that our hearts may be ena 
moured with him. Ponder upon his own exprtffions; I 
love them that love w, and thofe that feek^we early Jhal find Prov,8.i7,it, 
mt.Rkhts and honour are with me: ye a y durable riches and*? 
Righteottfneffe. My fruit is better then Gold, yea then fine 
Gold) and my revenues then choice Silver. Dwel upon thefe 

D and 


and the like confiderations, and the Lord blefiethemto 
the end for which propounded, that your fouls may flame 
forth loves upon the Lord Jefus. 

Branch 2. The fecond Branch ofthe Doctrine followeth \ viz. 

*Ihat Cbrift is a loving friend unto all true Chrijrians. 

Howfoever he here calleth Lazarus his fpecial friend, 
and the Apoftles were fo accounted in Tome way of pecu 
liar! ty, Henceforth Icall you.not few ant s^ but I have called 
John 15.15; jou friends. Yet this compellation, and this amiable rela 
tion belongeth unto all faithful Chriflians likewife. He 
John 13. i. loved all bis own in the world ; which is plain alfo, by that 
Cant $ t gracious invitation. Eat friends^ and drink^O Beloved^ 
wherein he intendeth to take i n all living Ghriftians. 

Now iftheReafon be demanded. Wherefore Chrift 
is fo good a friend unto believing Chriftians? 1 anfwer 3 
r i Becaufe they are his owne upon Covenant compaft be- 

Gal 2.16. twix* tbc Father and kimfelfe . The Covenant was^prima- 
rily betwixt God and Chrift, whereupon they were com 
mitted to his trufi for the praife of glorious grace. And He 
John 13. i; loved them therefore becaufe his own. This our Lord him- 
felf doth more then intimate in his moft heavenly prayer, 
wherein expreflmg his refpeft to his Fathers honour, toge 
ther with abundant love towards the Eleft 5 he doth ve ry 
John 17.2,4,6, often touch upon them as given unto him by the father. And 
7>8>9i 1*12,24. U pon this account it was that he thus fpeaketh of the com 
munion which he had with his Father before the founda 
tions of the world were laid. I was by him as one brought 
ov, 30,31. up with hint) and 1 -was daily his deli^ht^rijoycin^alwayes 
before biw.Rejoycinfr in the habitable far s of his eartb^and my 
delights were with thefons of men. 

Heafon 2* Becaufe of the dear deliberate purchafe which he made 
Titus 2.14.* of them,that they might be brought in to friendly fellow- 
fhipwith hinv It is commonly faid, that the mother 
loveth thofe children moft which coft her the moft pain 
when Ihe brought them into the world] The Prophet 
calleth the fruit of the wom^ Beloved. And that is very 
confiderablc to this ;purpofc which the Evangelical 



Prophet foretold of Chrift , He fialt fee of the travel of his J f g^/- 
fouUndfyalt-hfatnfi^. We are Chrifts by redemption, 
and in this regard alfo we are his beloved friends, and 
highly ({Itemed by him cbove others , as the Prophet 
ivimcfiedi , Since thou wfi f redout in -my fight I loved thee, 434* 

3. Becaufe of their fpiritual troth-plight unto Chrift. Reaf. 3. 
The Apollle fpeaketh of efpoujlxg the believing Corinthians 2 Cor ^ u 2< 
unto him as \heir husband. And as this is done in loving Hof. 2.19. 
kjn dmfie and mercy 3 fo becaufe of this relation , Chrift is 
propounded as an example of great love. Husbands , love Eph. 5.25. 
) our wives^ven as Chrift loved bis Church^and gave him fdfe 

for it. 

4. Eecaufe they are incorporated into Chrift as mem- Reaf. ^ 
bers ofhisbody.myfticaJ. As the body is one^ and bath ma- iCo r . 12J2 , 
vj members , fo alfo is Chrift. And upon this ground like- 

wife is Chrifts love to his people inferred. No man ever yet ph. 5. 29,50, 
hated kit ownflefa) but nounjheth and cheri/beth it^ even <K the 
Lord bis Church : For we are members cfhis bcdy^ efbisflejkj 
andof his bone* 

5. Eecaufe all the revenues (as it were) of Chrifts ho- 
nour and reputation on earth, are raifed from among be 
lieving Chriftians : for fraife waitetb for him m Zion : and 
this is the feed which jbattferve hint. As before his incar- 
nation they are called Gods peculiar treafure, and his lew- j, 
ds- 9 fofincehis Afccnfion the Apoftle Paul ftileth them Mai, 5.17. * 
the Glory of Chrift. And in this regard a principle of di- 2 Cor.8.2j< 
vine felt-love doth incline the Lord Chrift to be a friend 

unto Believers. 

For the illuftration of this truth, knoWj that this 
love of Chrift is fourfold; viz. j. Of his eternal pur~ 
poje. 2. Of Benevolence. 3. Ot Complacency. A.QfCom- 

i. There is a love of divine good pleafiire appertain 
ing unto Gods people ; In this fenfe God faith, lacob have Amtr 
ILved .znd in the purfuit hereof the Lord in due time con- e rf "- 
vcrteth them unto hinifdfe ; I have loved thee with an ever- 

yfm-or bent vo- 

Gal. 2.20. 
i Cor. 3.2 1: 




lafting loW) therefore with loving kjndmfl have I 

2 The Lord loveth them with the love of benevolence, 
communicating to them 3 together with himfelf and his 
loves, his All, for their comfort ; If ho loved me ( faith 
Saint Paul) and gave himfelf for me. AH are yours ; and 
all things art for your jakes^ faith the fame ApoftJe. Chrift 
himfelf being the heir of all things , both in heaven and 
earth) the fountaine both of grace and comfort, brings 
along with himfelf all needful accommodations5terreftri- 
a! 3 celeftial, whether they concern this life or that which is 
to come. How liberal was Gods love to Abraham his 
friend^ giving all Canaan to him, and his feed after 

3, The Lord embraceth them with a love of delight 
and complacency, he himfelf having made them lovely 
by putting upon them his own robes and ornaments, both 
by juftifying and fanftifying grace. This is taught by 
fundry expreffions in that Song of Loves. Ike Kings 
"Daughter is all glorious within.) her doathing is of wrougl;t 
Gold. Vponthy right hand did ft and the Queen ,in Gold of 
Gphersfo jhall the King greatly defire thy beauty. And 
to [the fame purpofe doth the Prophet Ezekjel metapho 
rically hold forth this Truth, I wafoed thee with water > yea^ 
I throughly wajhed away thy blood front thee 9 and I anointed 
thee with oile : I doathed thee alfo with broidered work^ I 
girded the about with fine linnen> and covered thee with plfa 
I decked thee alfo with Ornaments^ and I put bracelets upon 
thy hand j and a chain onthynecl^: Andlfutajewelontty 
fore-head^, and ear ings. in thy ears^ and a beautiful crown on 
thy head. Thus waft th$u decked with G eld a*dfi!ver 3 and thy 
raiment was ojflne linnen andfilk^ andbroideredwor^ and 
thou waft exceeding beautifuU ; and thy renown went forth a** 
fttong the Heathen for thy beauty 5 for it was perfett through 
my comelinefs put upw thee y faith the Lord God. Therefore 
though the Elect themfelves are rather loathfome then 
delightful in their unregenerate eftate, yet being covered 
with Chrift his righteoufnefsj and adorned with thegra 


ces of his holy fpirit, they are friends in whom he taketh 
much delight. Hereupon the Church is called Hepbzzbab* ,/.; ^ 

r i T i t i i i t " llwl. Q2t& 

pr the Lord dehghietb in her. 

4. Chrift exprefleth towards them the love of conipaf- j mr mifiti- 
fion 5 Sympathizing with them in all their forrowes and ccrdi*> 
fufFerings.-in all their afflittion be was afflitted. As in refe- I&i. ^3.9- 
rcnce to his friend Lavtruf 3 being Brought to the place 
where he was buried , Jeju* wept. Andhencethe Jewes John n. 35.3*5 
inferred this conclufion, fahold how he loved him ! 

This makes much for the comfort of all truly graci- Vfe I. 
ous Chriftians/eeing the Lord Jefus is their friend. God 
intending to give David a cordial upon the death of his 2 

childe , befloweth upon him Solomon y with this affurance a$> 
that he loved him 3 whereupon he was called Jedsdiah^ 
And for the chearing of Daniels heart, he was told once 
and againe , that be was greatly beloved by the Lord. Now Dan.g.2g. 
this refreshing reacheth all Gofpel-Chriftians tiniver- &IO II 1 5 > - 

In theferving out of this cordial , I will briefly cndea* 
your to lay before you 

1. The Characters of Chrifts beloved friends. 

2. The comforts hence deducible for their reliefe. 
Firft, for thefe fignes of Chrifts beloved friends 5 I 

refer you to the review and application of the particulars 
in the former branch of the Doftrine,for the difcoveiy of 
fuch who are his loving friends. For this is moft certain^ 
thatChrift lovetk all tbofe who love hint. And I adde p rov ;g. I7 
thefe two further evidences of them who are beloved of 

i, Thofe who are beloved oftke Lord^are called to be Saints, ^ om ,^ 7a 
Two things are confiderable in the quotation, viz. 

That thefe Saints are not fo titulaiiy onely (becaufe 
fcr reputed and nominated among men;) but Saints in 
reality and praftice, being perfons whofe hearts are fepa- 
rated from common pollutions, raifed above creature 
contents, to riiin^c the matters of God in good earnefhin P/al.^^.ss 
which refpecl: they are called his Saints devoted unto 
him peculiarly* 



And this calling is not alone external (for thoufands 
who continue hatei s of God,are called upon 3 to lay down 
Ifa 55,2,g. their armes of rebellion jb. to fubmit unto the government 
.of Chriftjbut it is a calling internal and efficaciou.e ? con- 
quering the foul to come in unto Ghrift, leaving all in re- 
iolution,affec~tion,and endeavour for him. Therefore in 
the application of this, note, the Qiierc mould be, winch 
way the ftrongcit ft ream of mind and will doe run ? whe 
ther Jin-ward; world-warder God-ward ? and what is the 
greateft defignc^driven on by projeft and practice, wh ether 
to fatesfie I lifts, and to grow great in the world, or to con 
form unto laws divinejand to advance (Thrifts glory. 

2. The Apoftle Paul conjoyncth faithfuU and beloved. 
Perfons beloved by the Lord,are faithful to the Lord.And 
this fidelity doth evidence it felfe by two things efpe- 

1. By cleaving infeparably unto the guidance of God, 
when others are fwayed by the multitude, fwimming 
downc the tide of times. Jn this regard in times of gene 
ral apoftacy , Judab is faid to continue faithfull with tte 

*lia j * 12 ^ T| Sarnts 9 .h olding clofe to his will in holy woi "(hip, when 
Ephraim followed mens traditions and commandements. 

2. By intending Gods glory more then perfonal ad 
vantage in courfe of life and converfation. 

And in this refpeft the Apoftle fpeaking of the fer- 
T . ^ % vants duty, doth place f urloymngjn oppofition to goedf- 
d jlity ; that fervant who purfeth his matters gain, he is not 
faithful. If thefe things were brought home by an unpar- 
tial application, hoiv many would be found in thefe t 
not befriended by Chrift , though they would be cryed up 
as his cheiftft favourits among men ? 

Secondly,the comforts which belong unto fuch whom 
Chrift affefteth as his friends 3 may be coniidered under 
two heads, viz. 

i.The quality > c 

2.The efficiency ^ ofhis Iove towards them. 

Firft,his love thcmward,for quality is, 
]er.i2. 7 . I. Moft cordial. They are the dcerly lelovedofkis foul. 


It Is not lip-love, love from the teeth outward, bat love 
from the heart root. 

2 Mod large ; it paffetb knowledge^. cxccedeth all di- Ep?*f 3,19. 
menfions. Whereas never greater /owwas expreflcd, \hsn I * 10 *5-*B 
thata.manjb J ulddyefor his friend. Chr/ft commendeth his 
love as much more , becaufe he dyed for finxers and for ?- om.5. 5,7,8: 

3 Moft refrefhing. This love is not cnely fleeter then Cant.r 3. 
ine} bm&lfo better then life, yea better then lives, astheP^lm 65. 

Original imports. All the comforts of life natural and ci 
vil 5 all the comforts of the fevcral ages and conditions of 
life are not comparable to this love. 

4 Moft conftant ; whom he loveth once> he loveth to the John 1.31. 
end. This Chrift did caft in to cheare his difciples being to 
depart from them. No opposition Iofle 3 or change what* 
foever,canpo]j?bljrfeparate beloved -Chnftlans from this love^ 
which the Apoftle mentioneth as a matter of high joy and 

holy triumph. Whereas Solomon telleth us, that a friend 
loveth at all timts and that there is afriendthatftickfth clc- 
fir then a brother*, this may moft truly be applyed|unto our 
loving friend Chrift Jefus. This the Text fuggefteth; for 
Chrift did not only love Lazarus while he lived^but called 
him friend, even now when he was deader friend Lazarus 

Secondly the efficiency of his love is admirably com 
fortable 5 to all fuch who enjoy it. For firft, it workcth 
their deliverance from whatsoever may be grievous and 
dangerous. He loved us^ and rrafhed us from ourfns in his Rcv^i.5. 
blood. And hence followes deliverance from the curfe of the 
!av>-> and from the math to come. G ^j- ^ J 5 

Secondly 3 it procureth whatsoever, may be joyous un- ! 
to a fpirkual heart. 

1. He hath made us (upon this account)* Kings tf#^Rev.i.. 
Priefts unto God and hh father. 

2. He feedeth the foul plentifully by the dainties of fa- 
cred ordinances; Eat my friends 3 and drink^y yea 
abundantly^ my beloved. 

3. This his love running through all providences, ma 

ke th- 

keth Wettings the more iweet, and fupporteth the fink 
ing foule under crofies. As Hezefyah s recovery was the 
i , V * more Pkafant y becaufe Go^ in love u his foul, wrought it; 

. I <2.5)9* /"* r A n.i t i r r 

lo the Apoitle puts this as a prop under a fainting af- 
fii&cd Chriftian^that the Lord correfteth with paternal 
lo.i e . 

^ 4. And his love wil prepare his beloved for glory, 
Chrift loved the Church that be wight fa net i fie it^ with 
^ tbt wafting of water by the word) that he might frefent it to 
himfiljea glorious Churchy not having Jpot , or wrinkle> or 
any fuch tfing^ but that it might be holy and without blemijk. 
If unto all thefe (which I mentioned without enlargment) 
ivc add the complacency which he takah in all communi 
cations of his love, it wil be a great addition to their joy. 

Zeph.3.i7, ^ Lord willrcejoyce over thee, he wtllreft in his love y he will 
joy over thte v\ th finging. Godfeemeth to take fuch con 
tent in his loving tranfaftions them- ward, as though he 
defircd nothing more. 

, Let the friends of Jefus Chrift feed and feaft them- 
felvcs with thefe expreflions and provifions of his love. 
How fnould the remembrance of fuch rare refreftiings 

~j* belonging to them, who are the beloved friends of Chrift, 

q licken endeavors in all forts to gain a fharc in his friend- 
ihip. To enforce this exhortation, I will caft thefe few 
thoughts into your minds. 

j. Whereas Solomon telleth us (What every dayes ex 
perience alfo fpeaketh ) that wanyfeekjhe Rulers favour 5 

&2P \6. J erus Chrift is thc Km & tf&Hf 5 md the Lord ofLtrds , the 

1 Tim. 6. 1 5. onclj potentate, .unto whom all authority in heaven and earth 
Matth.28.i8. i $ committed, by whom Kings raigne^ Princes rule ? and all the 
Fro.8. 15,1 5. Judges of the earth. 

2. That it will be an high honour to be called Gods 

2 Sam.i $.27. friend.In-holy ftory Hujbai and Zckudk&rc this title of re- 
i Kmg.4.5. fp e p ut U p 0n ^gjj^ ^ at tnc y were tne fyvgs friends. And 

it wil be for the cverlafting credit of father Abraham^ that 
Ifa. 41. 8. he is recorded in facred pages, to be the friend of God. 

3 . That Chrift is and ever wil be in favour with God, to 


make and to maintaine our peacg wtt\h 
though we frequently, tnd fearfully doc provoke him c- 
vcry day. The ink*bit**ts of Tyre #nd Side* mtdt BUjus Ad, I *i io. 
the Kings ehttvtberUine thfir friend, xekt* HtreA w*$ high 
ly difpleaffd vitk them, btetufc their ftnntrty was neHrifail 
by tkt Kings tenntrej* And is not our ekpendance more 
uponGod* 1 And doc net we hourly give the Almighty 
great oecafion to rffja&u$, yea to take up arms againft 
us? And is there any one, cither ia earth or in heaven, 
that can affwage Godi anger, and procure his favour, 
befidcs Jefas Chrift? Therefore (hould means be ufed to ~ 

make him oar friend. 

4* The pople of God conceiting hope that ChriH re- 
gtrdeth us, they will be incouraged with the more afcdtio- 
nate confidcace to pray for us in the times of oar ueed. As 
th fitters of Ln^a/rus making addrefs unto hioi ia the be* 
fealf of their dear brother, pleaded thif, Lord bet iw J ofa * " ; ^ 
$li9H levcR isfieks 

5. Hereby we fball bt hortaed with the mdre hope to 
apply ourfches unto God by prayer for our felves. Our 
Saviour fuggcftth this in the parable of the man, wh6 go- Luc - I ^?i^- 
eth at mid- night r* hit friend t9 borrow tntd^ he applycth it 
to incourage prayer. 

6. Becaafe all our crctturc friends may either fall off 
by wnfaithfHlncfs,forfakeus by death, or bee forced from 
as other ways. This the doleful complaints of fandry 
dwre unto the Lord recorded ia Scripture, doe declare: 
Mj lovers 4*4 mj friers ft And *t9offr0m **J fare , tnd *} phi. 3 8 . ir7 
kinfmf*fl*d Aloof off, Lovtr AttdfriendtketiljAft put far and 83. it 
frem me> and wj AsqttAinttntc into darknefs. Upon this l Kin 5- I ^- Ii 
coafideration, the humane prudence of the uajuft Steward Lukc 
is commended , in providing ?friendi againft tkc time 
of need. How far our experience fct this day fpeaketk 
cur lorfe of creature friends, viz, of fornc by death, 
and of others by an unfaithful dcferu ng, I forbear to 
fpcak: Bat I do upon this confideration move your care 
to gainc the friend&ip of Cbrift, who wil bve and live 
for ever ; Now if thcfe argumfntsfluli force refo la- 

E tioas 


dons ia yourbofoms to feck Chrifts love, and thereupon 
metm to itttift it, (hall be enquired after ; I give thcfc 

i. Accept of God and of Gofpcl-righteoufnefs with 
him, by a felfc-outing and a grace- prizing faith. The 
far*. l. *$ Ssrifinrc faiih,AbraihAin btlieved Gsd^d it was iwptttei tt*- 
to him for rightcetifnefsyAtidhe WAS called the friend of G0d. 

a. Upon thefenousconfideration of his whorthinefs, 

and hopeful expectations of happinefs, labour to endeare 

Chrift unto your hearts. Altkough cur love to him doth 

not merit his love, yet it will clearly make maniftftation 

Pro 8 17. thereof unto our fouls. I lo vt them ( fauh hej voko love me. 

3. And (as an exprefllon of your Iove)fubmit obedi 

ently unto his govcrnmcnt,ftudiou{ly conforming unto all 

his commands. This is his own promife which hec 

will perform infallibly. He-tfat b*tb wj commtn&cments 

Job. 14. u. Art ketpcth them Joe it is that Iwtth me,and I mil love him. 

Ufe^> The third ufeistobe direfted unto them whom Chcift 

cmbraccth as friends with love, and they are to be per- 

fwaded unto real gratitude for his love. TheDifcipIc 

whom (Thrift loved, having touched upon his incoropa- 

llom. it. rablc Jove, addeth thisdoxology: Tohim he glo/j and do* 

tmwnfrr tver /indevcri Amtn. Fiom whence mi^hc be 


1. That the glory to be returned unto Chrift for his 
love Oiould not be verbal ondy, but real alfo, exprcflcd 
by fubjcftton unto his dorr;ir.ioo. 

2. That thisobcdientiai gratitude fliould not be con 
fined to terme of time, but p^mdcd unto ttcinity, fore- 
vtr swdtver. 

3. And a 1 ! Chriftiansfhould heartily give in iheiraiTent 
ani atteftuion hereto, by annexing that Amc*. 

In the amplification of this peifvafion , I might call 
yon back to the review both of ihe proof of this doftrine, 
and of the qualities and .efficiency of his love, fpoken unto, 
ir the fiift ufc: Buc that 1 may not tautologize by telling 
the fame things again, I wifh you to medicate .upon t aefe 
. fiartuukrs which will yet further commend Chrifls love, 


and may call you forth in thankfulncfs for rt. 

i. His love waspiimary to us,and ours fecund ary,fttCce* 
ding iC 5 as the efoft and confcqucnee thereof,*^ Iwed i. Jh4, 
&/w rt-4*/* &* loved w fir ft. If hce had not fired our heart* 
with thcfbmes of his Jove, wee (houid never have beftovved 
one fpaik of fpiritual afteftion upon hire. 

2. His lore was free when there was much loath- 
fomnefs, and no lovelinefsat all in us. when thcu wait E**k, i 
c<*ft cut in the eftn field , to the loathing of thy ferfon in the 
day that theft weijt horn, esfnd wktn I pa fed by thef^nd f#w 
thfe pc/lttud in thy bleed^ veken thott ve*$ nak^d **d bare* New 
when 1 paffed by thee,and loekfd HfW thc*> behold thy time x>M 
the timetf love. 

3. Hislove workcth him unto a familiar converfing with 
them, Which himfclf cxprefleth by feafting with them, 
He bright me into the banqueting hoftfe^ and his banner over 
mt wat lovt) I wiflfup with them, And they fball fup with me: 
and by acquainting them with himfelf, Jm& maniftft my J h M 
filfunteihcm: as allb by revealing his fecrets, / have called 
you friends", fer aH things that I have heard of my father, I Joh i j. i 
-have nttf k k*own untoyo*. As alfo by conjugal embracings; 
His lefth aid is under my heady and his right hand doth im- -Cant. z 
brace me. 

Now if Chrifts beloved friends,thankfully difpofcd to 
wards him for his love, (bail demand how their gratitude p j 
fhould be really difcovercd/ 1 anfwer in the words of .Soh- 
wan; A mar, that hath friends , mttft Jbttv himfelf friendly : 
which is done, 

i. By a cautious declining of whatfoever iay bc 
ofFefifive unio him ; as the returning of evil for good is 
very finful , snd a pradife prejudicial to our fclves , fo is it 
taken very urkind y by the Lord. Thus D^^Wcomplaineth 
of dfkittfbej^wi as fome conceive Chrift of Judas ) My 
friend that didcat of my bread> hath lifted tip his keelagxinjt Pfal/4i". 
me. As Ce/4rwa moft aiflided with the wound received 
from his own ions hands. And thou my fon too ! 

Therefore upon remembrance of Ghrifts kindneffe 
-learn to beat Daek temptations *&.hftph did. Hwtben 

E 2 

39. ?l JktMfdo tbiwitfyfaeft, and fi* againfl the Lord? 

a. By an infepanble adherence unco drift in d*ycs 
of deepeft difficulty and danger. The fervant engaged to 
kisMaftcr by his favours, is willing to have his care kored l 
^^^>thatkem^ydweUmthkimfor ever. Rnth upon the receipt 
of lefs love a great deal from Naomi her mother in Itw, 
. i5. taketh up this refolution, Nothing wall f*rt thte And me 
tat death. God forbid that ever we by our Apofhcy 
fhould give Chrift occafion to fpeak by way of reproach 
to MS as idhfalo* did to Hnfiai ( deferring *DavU, ts he 
im - l6 ^ apprehended ) // tku thy tyndnefs to thy fritnti why wentef. 
mot tho* vitk tbjfricnd> So be you fare that this one circun- 
ftance will gripe your hearts with great griefc for yoor 
backflidings. As Ptttr in this regard, wpt bitter Ij bectwft 
* k had denyed, and defertcd Chrift, fo good a Wafter, fo 
wcl dcferving a friend. 

3. By uafaincd love unto all them, who art the belo 

ved friends of Chrift. This is the inference of Sainc 

Joh*) from this confideration under difcoarfe, that there 

fore we cugbttoloveone another, and we ought ttUy dm 

jjoh. 4. n." cur lives for the brethre*. But ot this more in the dodrinc 

ai That til Chrifts friends are Mutually lo?iag friends ton to 

one another. As Chrift kere faith not, my friend, but 

**rfrie*d La*,*rus,thetebj intending to dcclaae the fricnd- 

ihip which was betwixe Zw*^^aia1iii Difciple*, as be* 

twixchimfelf and Lazarus. 

In the proof of this doctrine, I will point at two 
particulars ( which I conceive this inftanee uniier hand raay 

Tt That tkerc is friend lineffe and lov< amongft all 
good Chriftians. In this rcfpeft tfce Apoftfe Paul in his 
FhHcra. ^ Epiftle to the Efhefa*s t joyneth their fatk \* hritt, and 
their love to allSamts. And in his Epiftle tb-PkiUmo*i he 
coanedeckkis Joreto Chrift, and kit low tt mil Saints. 
Yea, our Saviour maketk this the Jivery whereby kis fer- 

from whew: BjtkHfiaH *U 


men tyow tktt jie Are wj diftifl**! tfj$ have lev* 

2. That there is a peculiarity of friendly refped in 
ChriftiansuntoChriftsMinillers, as here in LA*,*MJ to 
wards Chrift his Apoftles. This is obfenrable in the Let 
ter fent from leruftltm to ^ntioch, wherin their cxprefli- 
onoffpecialk>Yis recorded; viz* Our beloved, Barnabas 


But I will not deal with the Dodtrinc in both thefe bran 
ches diftin&ly. The handling of it more generally (for bre 
vity fake ) fhall be alone undertaken. 

And the rcafoni of the poini are four. Amongft 
r.Bccaufc of their relation both unto Chrift and araongft R ^/- f ^ 
tketnfelves. They ftaod related uuto Chrift as his fubjeds, 
fcrtaflts, children, Spoufe, Members, (which, all will 
acknowcldge, and therefore needcth no proof. ) And 
be nee iffucth love. As D*vU was ready to ftiew kindnefs 
ro tke houfe of S**l for f*n*tk&t/f*lqti \ Sam. $/ -r.o 

And among themfdves they arc related many Philemon. 16, 
ways moft nearly, They ate brethren ? and the 1 Pct - 3- 8 - 
fatktrkoed is t* he lw<*. And they are fellow- I Q d I a 7 
members, and tlaerefore to have aautuai rifa&wc to arta- 

2. Becaufc of Chriil his cxprefs command, which is ^r t . 
repeated anrfftrengthacd with his own example. 7^j> ijoha 4, iii 
ce*tma*d we have frem kim that he wk$ Uvcth God, l&vgth 
his brother #lfo* Anew fintmandmext I give ttnte J0u t John 15; 3-4. 
Thatjon lovt one Attethw, AS I have Loved ywjhAt jr lovt owe and 15.11* 
Another, Aad again, This is ij fiwmtM&msnt) Thxt yehvt 
0ne another 0s Iktvc l&vedjw, 

3. Becaufeof the image of God engraven upon the, Retf* 5. 
cxpreffed by their holy conveifation. ^John 5, j^- 

The Apoftie fib* affcrts this, every on e ^9 lovttk 
kimtk*tlKg**,lwetkhitft!fo that is btgdtte* of h$n*. Be- 
caufe the child is the picture (is it were) of his fatker, 
therefore beloved for kis fathers fake. n 

I hear forbear to difcover how Believers begotten Again *?"* * ** 

*s> tb? -fffrl*ti* .f*tjw ) ^! i ^^V/^; i Cori ^.4 


but this I propound ai the reafon of Chriffians iutHa! 

* Cor. 7. i > . ^ s t h e iwArb ajfctti** of Titus was wort 

wards tktCtrintkiAHswkilfl he rdttemkrtd. their 
Ad as it s report* d of Beucer and CWviw, that they loved 
ail them in whom they could efpyc tltquid Ckrifli, any 
thing of C hrtft: So doubtlefs it is with ail others who are 
friends unto Chrift, 

Rw/" % 4- Becaufe of the habitation and operation of Gods Spirit 

in- their hearts. The Apoftle Paul callcth this love, 

Col. i.S. IwdntlicSfirit. And the Apoftle S,M difcouiilngof 

this Chriftian aflfcdlion,and cofefcquently of Gods dwelling 

in us ( being thereby evidenced ) giveth in this, as the con- 

)Job;4.wj fi rmat i ono f both, Beewfc kg bath givtn us tfbis Spi~ 


This I place as the laft Argument, becaufeit is the rrue 
reafoa which m%keth all the former concluding: For nei 
ther fpiritual relation, nor divine injundion, nor Chrifit 
image" upon tbe Chriftians foul, cou d hav any commsn- 
ding influence to draw forth this holy love amoDgft Belie^ 
vers, ifGodiidnot cc-operate by the power of the holy 

Thus from the Confirmation I proceed to the Apply 
cation of the Daftrine; which I frail mike in four Ufesj 
v . I. Cortvictitw. ^. xan%t*&lion* l.Ccwfort. ^*Ex 

vfc. j. Hence two forts of pcrfons are cafliicfd, as people 

who are Grangers to friendly fellowfhip with lefus 

Firft; Such who ar rather enemies, then friends anto 

the people of God, as their own confciences witnefs to 

thcmfclves, and their practices proclaim to the world, this 

being thcfr dcfign and endeavour ( if they coaid effect it ) 

to ruinate them in their comforts and lives alrogether; 

Pi"al.$,4. Thcyltvt f**( in their defires, though not with theic 

lips^) Come lit us c at them ffffrem being A Natlen^ thtt tht 

name of Ifratl may be no mere in nwembrAHce. Whatfoevcr 

ftiewofloveiunoChrift thcfc perfons make among men, 



doubtlefe they are Adverfarie* to him, as fuadry 
furrorinding the la^Q^ clearly expreJVAV,? */ p;j!.8i.i,t,r 
ifatfflfactQIfid, bold *>t thy piact,axd 6f nst fttl O G id. 
Li thine (ttfwits m*k * tumult, 4*d they th*t batg tkee t 
bdveltfi tip the hs*d, they are confsdcr&te againfl thce. A> * Sain. 3. 17, 
Jo*b cook ,-lb*trafiJet9?pe*kep<*M*bly t biit fmite him u*- 
dtr the fifth rib that 1st dyed-, So thcfe, though they fmile 
upon Cfcnfts face with i aline ^ctthcy ftab his body; or 
( as one wittily exprefft th it )they kifs the mouth snd tread 
upon the toes. Such unfriendlincfs co Godly Chriftians, -: ^\ 

i. Argucth an unregenerare eftatc. The Height in kis p r0 v. 19. 27. 
WAJ if # fibemi**iion t* the wicked- And he that loveth not 
thofe wh arc like G jd, is enc of the cbittrc* *f the D;- i Job. g. 10 

2. And is not confiftent with roeetncfs to be made par 
takers of the inheritance of Saints in light. For it is not a Col. 1. 1*. 
heiv<fi, but a hell rather to be confined to the toaspiny of 
fuch ai are hated. Ht (kat lavttb vot his hrotker tbidttb in l J^^-S 14 * 
death, &c. 

As this doctrine fals thus heavy upon all thofe who are 
enemies, rather rhea friends unto ordinary Chriftians- fo 
upon fuch efpecialy who are profcffcd advcrfaries to the 
SMmiftersof Chrift. You know how the Holy Ghoft doth 
ftigmuiz,? Ak by who hated Micktiab, that he was a mm 
vthufild kimfclffo do vrirktdrtffs; wh-rcas unro true Gofpel i Kings ir/ 
Believer* the very feet oftbtm are b^amifnl who bring the Rim ic. i^. 
ghd tidings of peace. 

Secondly, Thofe much more are by this do^rine fet afidc 
as no friends to Cha&,who arc Boutcfeuz ind In;endi-tries, 
fecking to kindle coals o r contentions 9 and to incrcafe the 
Ums.of difcontcnt and animofues among the peop e of 
God, This practice prove ih rhtm to be Factors for the 
D.v .l, and expofeth th m to the wrath of God. It was T 4 
an evil fpirit tb*t m*de di-vifio* betwixt Ab meltch and the ^ ^ 
wen cfSbecljent. The Dcwl is pidured with a cloven foot, 
to figntfie that it s his work tu caufe arid continue divifions 
in the worldj And thoft who fo,wthoft/i|/ v l/ difcorai are p fOY 6 l6 ^ 
reckoned by Silomov among ihcm w aom the Lord h/ttttb, 


r 4d who Art An tto&ivatien unto htm. 

^ t i From this open Conviction I proceed unto Exami 

nation, bccaufc there are many who upon tryal will not 
be found real friends unto Gods people, though they be 
not fuck notorious oppofites as were difcribed in the for-; 

Therefore take thofe difcoveries of them who are right 
in their loves to real Chriftians. 

Firftjfrom the tbjtft QflQVC,viz,.Sa>*8ifjiitr*t*.*fhtt 
Mark 6. IP, are many lovely qualifications in Gods faithful fervants, 
which in ingenuous moral man may value; ts Ht rod re 
verenced John the Baptift; but it s holinefs w ch is the load- 
ftonetodraw the lov of the regenerate Chriftian. Be- 
pfal. 1 6. a. caufe Saiitts, thcrforecxttRent in a gracious eye. And hence 
Epbef. 1. 15. fottowethuniverfatitjofLovttQ all fuch, mil the aboun* 
a Cor. 7. *f ding of refped: according to the increafe of Grace. 

Secondly, from Ac>-q**liticj of his friendship; It is ac 

i . With an honourable cflimation of them. The heirs of 
Pfal 15.4. feeavcn d? honour [tich who fear the Lord. 

. And with complacency, A& my Migh ( faith D-it/W) 
is in tltem. 

Thirdly, from the Effifts of this love; w*. 
i . Readincfs to perform real offices for their comfort; 
24 Thus i. Paul proved ttefttctritj tf-thc Cirintbians /0v* 9 by 
their contribution, for the relief of poor Saints. 

a. And compaflionatc fympathiei when they are in trou 
ble. Tflkim th*t is fiffliRed fity fetuld be fitwtd from his 
Job 6. 14. frint. By this D*vM did dcmoaftrate his real refpeds unto 
fome who ill dcferved them, When they wtre fcl mj cloa- 
ial> l^^^kingvAsfMWttkylbekavtdwyfelfts though he had fac* 
wy friend. 

Thefe fliorc hints I leave to your amplification and faitk- 
ful Application, that your felves may underftand whether 
your love unto godly Chriftians be fch as will evideicc 
your regenentee^ate. 

The third Ufc is for tht comfort of all them, wfco caa 
in this grace of Chriftian IQVC and friend&ip, approve their 


fincerity uato God, not doubting but tint Cfarift him- 

felfwill give the like teflimony unto them herein, ~< 

as hee did unto Lazarus in th Text. Ow friend. 

For i it is no fmall priviledge to pattake in the 
love of all heavens favourities, and this love is mutual; 
The fe who are cordial friends to Chriftians, are cordially 
beloved by Chriftiausj which is a matter of much jaj to 
them who will consider it, as in other regards, fo becaufe 
their love drtmth our prajtrs unto God, as need requi- Pfal iu,- 8 

2. From hence they may infallibly conclude their re 
generation by fpecial grace. Let us love one another, i Job. 4. 7. 
( faith Saint lohn ) for love is of (jod % and. every one that lo- ^iofcitur ex 
vithuhrnrfgod. Whereas perfofls under the power of &**& 
depraved nature, Are difpifers of them who A^e^ood, * Tim 5- J- 

3. And, ts ihey may upon this evidence lay claime 
to the comforts of grace upon earth, fo may they rayfe 
confidence of future glory in heaven. Wefyow that nvte l J^ S- *4- - 
baveptffedfrtm death unit life , bcc**/* we lov* tke bre 

Thelaftufeis exhortation, wherein two duties might v(c 4. 

Firft, To love Chriftfans becaufe they are like unto 
Chrift, and belonging unto him in the neareft relations. 
The Holy GhoH: is often and earned in this perfwafion, ^ 

hue the Brotherhood^ love as brethren: and above All thing? - g 

fut on charity l which it the bond ofpcrfeftnefs. Col. 5. 14. 

As helps herein, let chefe meditations be moulded -be: 
lisvingly upon yoar hearts, i That they are in regard 
of fpiritualbeauties,ths lovelieft people under the Sun. 
Mxctcfang beautiful. The Church is called the f weft among Ezek. \6. 15 
women. And this is not the judgment of perfons fubject Canc,<5,i $ 
to miftakes, but even of Chrift himfelf, which hec gives 
in, again and again, both as aground of his own love, and 
requiring attention unto his teftimony. Behold tkou art 
fair my helovedy behold thou art fair, behtid thon art fair> ant. 1. 1 s . 1 5 
jea fltafant* Tbo* art all fair mj love l there is no fotin & 4-7 

F There- 

Therefore, that you may beget love in your bofomw 
towards Saints, do not fo much pore upon their blemifhcs 
as their beauties, look rather upon their vertue then their 
vices; as Titus bj rementb ring the obedience, rather thea the 
Cor. 7. 15. difobedience of the Corinthians ,found his affcttins enlarged 
towards them. 

a. That the obligations of lote which the Gofpel hath 
laid upon you, are many, and commanding. Here I will 
oftly name (without enlargement) the particulars, whereby 
ph. 4. 5.4,5,6 Saint Paul perfwadeth the Chriftian bht[ians> to keep 
the unity oftheffirit in the bond of peace. Thtre is one tody 
an&oneffirit t onebaptifn*e)0ne (j*d and father of att, who is 
above all, and thrsugh all t and in Jou all. 

1. That no perfons whatfocver, have been, or are likely 
tobe,foufefultoyourfelves, and to the publick, asthefe 
Sainrsandfervantsofthemofthigh God. This argument 
i . Pttl preffcth upon Philemon^Q more his aflxdions to 
wards converted Onffmn, becaufc now ( failh he ) frefitA- 

Thefe are refairm of breaches, and rtflorers of paths is 
Ifa. 5 8 - 1 1. dvettt in. And theff are the remnant, which iftjid had not Ieff 9 
Ila. i, ? . VrgfiouU have t>e*n tike unto Sod*in and Gomorrh*. 

I forbear to report how they beftead the publick, 
i By their prayers, As if Mofet hal not (Ito4 up i* the 
PuLioS. 13. breach to turn *w*j Qeds vratk, Ifrael had been dt- 

a. And by their prefence, As God told L$t> he could 

Gen. 19. 21 do nothing til he removed from Stdeme. By this reafon 

lonarkan fpeaketh to move Saul s bowei^ towards David, 

Sam. 18,? j or he ^ dpjft his/ ;f, in fa x k AUdt M Jlwth* Philifiin, and 

the Lerdyrrougbt a great Salvation for all Ifratl, 

Secondly, I might from this dodrine deale with all 
forts by perfwafion to endeavour to become Godlv, that 
they may b? admitted as friends into the bofomes of Gods 
propie. Although I know that there are higher ends to 
foe intended ia undertaking the praftice or piety, vix Coils 
glory, and our owne falvacjon, yet this confidcration un 
der hand vwuN not be (lighted, if chclc particulars Which 


I (kl onely name) were well weighed. 

1. That the lore of Gods people towards us will phii.i, 4 , 
produce their frequent and fervent addrcflfes unto hea 
ven foi us, according to our ferviceable neccfllties. 

2. That their applications unto the Lord, are very Job 41, * 
prevalent in regard of their great favour with his 

2. Their lore will work them unto rcadinefs 
in any other kind to fervc us with their interefts and Hcb 6 10 
abilities, councels and communication of their expe 
riences, as opportunity may be offered. 

3. And t heir expreffions of loving refpecl may ad- 
minifler fome relief unto the faint hopes of fdf-fu- 
fpefting fouls, becaufe they are to be looked upon as 
beft able^in regard of their principles and experiments) 
to judge of the (piritual conditions of .other Cbri* 

I proceed to the third circumftance, confiderable 
in the firft part of the Text, viz. That Chrifthimfclf 
doth teftifiethe forementioned relation of friendfoip 
betwixt LAZ>ATHI and himfelf with his Difciples: Our 

That lefttf Ckrift k*owtk and aekyowledgtth then* ViStr. 
fdrticultirlyi who Are friends nnto himfelf and hisfecttliar 
people. T-be Ltrd kovfeth them that are hu t This x Jim. f. ^ 
knowledg comprehends obf^rvation,approbation, and 
.commemoration, As he owned Lazarw here,his friend ; 
So likewifc he did his Difciples under the relation of 
brotherhood after his Refnrreftion,C7* telmj brethren. Matth. 18. ic> 
And fincc his Afcenfion into glory , fuch is his refped: 
uato all fandlificd ones, That ht is not ajbamed to ^//Heb.x, n 
them brethren. 

If more clear Scripture proof be demanded, let thefc 
two pad-ages be obfervcd. 

i. That Chrift knowcch who love him, while they 
are alive. This is manifeft by Peters attcftation, Lord, 

fl th*t Hove thcc. Job ^ - ^ 

5 2 2. That , 7 


i. that the Lord rcmembreth after the death of his 
g - friends, that they were Co during life. As dead ^**<i- 

rti* is thus fpoken of, Our friend. And long after A bra- 
Avfw.f deceafe,God fpeaking of Jfraely thuscxprtffeth 
Ifa. 41. 8. himfeif, fiiiflidtf Abraham my friend. 
Reafons.- j ftuii only point at the Reafons whence this truti 

may be concluded. 

1. God knoweth his friends, becaufe himfelf ma- 
keththemfo. And therefore becaufe he undcrftands 

Pfal.3j.i4.i5 Disown actions, he cannot be ignorant in whofe bo- 
fomestherc arethefc friendly di (petitions. 

2. And God will acknowkdg therr^becaufe he hath 
undertaken to recompence them. He i* xot unrighteous 

H.fe. 6, 10 to forget labours of love. 

ihe Application followeth. 
This coniideration may be a cooling card unto two 
forts of people. 

V r- lm i. To all thtm whofe confcicnces bear witnefs, 

th*t they have no fritndty frame of heart unto fticb 
godly ones, whofe holy converfatioas difcover them 
te be chofen and called out of the world. If me*s 

i Job. 3 10 ketrts condemn them , Gols u greater and kpowttk alL 
There will be many rejected ac the lad day who have^ pretended much refpeft to Chrift. 

2. To all thofewbo are afhamed to own Chrifl 
inhiscaufc, and hit friends in their holy converfa- 
tion : for all thefe our Lord obferveth , and of 

Mark 3. 3 1 them he will be tfbAmed when he cometb in the glory of 
I u Father with the holy Angtls. And I leave it to 
jour consideration , how nnferablc their cafe will 
beat the laft day, wben Chrift who knoweth alt 
his friends and foes , (ball feparate the fleep and the* 

Mitth.25, 1* goats. And fhall come to execute judgement upon 

Judc i j *M> an & to Fowixce all that are ungodly anjongft them 
of all their ungodly deeds, which they have ungodly com" 
milted , and of all their hard fpeeches -which ungodly fin- 
againfl him. And of the individual 


unfriendly neglc<3f of his neceflitous fervants: theft 
muft depart with a cnrfefrem Chrift } And go away into e- 
fjer la fling punifontent* 

This Truth adminiftreth fwcet comfort unto all vfe *. 
them who are faithful friends unto the Lord Jefus 
Chrift, and his real Relations. The testimony of their * Cor * I l * 
cwnconjcienccs, will in this cafe reflect refrefhing; 
and this will be a great addition unto their comfort, 
that expreffions of friendly refpcft both to God and 
his fervants,*re thus obferved and will be acknon lodg 
ed. The Lord himftlf to incourage Ifrael in captivity, 
giveth them to underftand that he will own them in Jcr, 14. if 
that eftate. No doubt ft was good news to Corntliut, 
when he heard from heaven , Thy Prayers and thing A . 
Alms Are ceme for a Memorial btf ore God. So the Pfal- 
mift cheareth himfelf by this confideration, / have prea 
ched Right eoufnefs in the great Congregation. Lo I hwi *& 40. p, 10 
n. t refrained my /*>/, O Lor d thott tyojetft it. 

This Confolation will be admirably fweet it two 

Firft, When we may be injurioufly fufperted and 
cenfured for falfcnefs and unfaithfulncfs, cither to 
God or to his people. How well was it for UWerde- Efther i. 2 i ] 
tai (whenhimielf with his Countrey-men, werede- 
crytd and condemned as enemies to the State) that 
his fidelity in a particular inftaae was recorded ? 
And to bring this home to the knowledge that God 
taketh of his fervants fincerity ; lob being re- 
oroachcdas an hypocrite, hatfarecourfe to this, He-, . 

. , . 1 . 1 . / A J O I I f J OD lj .IO 

the way that J take. Andferewiah being fu- 
fpe^ed to bee one ill-affcfted towards the place 
where he lived , maketh this appeahto t^c Lord, 

1 have not defired the wofttll day , thott k*ow- T ^ 


Secondly, At the day of Judgment, when God 
will meafuie out unto people according to then: 


The Prophet Ms.l*tty hiving mentioned both God* 
hearing the good conferences of fuch who fcarc his 
Namcinevili times, and the book of Remembrance 
i6ji7 recording all ; he addeth, And theft [bill bt mint 
frith the Lord of Hdfts, in the day when I fa^e up 
mj jewels > &c. And this cordial is contained in ^Pauls 
Tin \\6\7 P ra V er f r Onefiplotrus , 7 he L$rd give mtrcj to thf 
jg .houfe of Ofitfiphorus , for Ite rtfrefted me, and KV/U 

not aft anted of mj chain But when he w/u at Kerne y hi 
fought me diligently, and found me. The Lord grant 
u*t$ him , that he waj find werj of tke Lord in that 

But moft comfortable is that full promifcof Chrift 

himfelf unto all fuch who arc friendly unto him in his 

Math: 15. 34. relations, recorded in Matthew 25. from tvr/* 34. to 

4*-4* verfe^c. from whence chcf particulars are worthy 


i That he will at the lad day remember all the in 

dividual offices of friendship to his members, and 

will mention mnch that themfelves never minded. 

Ver. 37 es*d tbtj /ball fay , When faw jve tkte an httngrcd ? 

2. That all ads of love and pity towards his rela 

tions (even thelcaft andloweft) fhill be intcrpre- 

Ver. 4 tedasafpecialkindnefsfhcwed unto himfelf, In as 

much at you have dene it tione of the It aft of thtfc &J 

brethren, you have done it unto me. 

3. And the recompencc fliall be exceeding great. 
Ver. 3 4, 4$ Then ftall the Kingfay^ Come ye blejfed of my Father > in 
herit the Kingdom prepared for you. And the Righteous 
/ball g9 into eternal life: 

Z>[c j. 1 will conclude this Dodrine (and this firft part 

of my Text ) with a double (hots Exhortati 

Firft, To rcall friendlincfs both unto Chrift, and 
to allthofewho peculiarly belong unto him. Sup- 
ye faw Chrift iitting in a chair of Majcfty, and 


heard him fpeaking tkus in the audience of all the 

inhabitants on earth, Who is on my fide ! Let 

all my faithfull friends gather themfeives before me. 

In this cafe would not multitudes come in with pro- 

fcfilonsand prott (rations oflovc? No* it is thus 

in truth, for oar Lord lookcth from heaven, and 

confidereth xadly fchoarefeis friends and who are 

not. Therefore bethink your felvci what you will 

do. And if you be content to come in to Chtift 

as faithful friends,then befriend (for his fakej thofee- Gal 6. 10 

fptciati vfha are of his boftJ&M, for this will be obfer- 

ved and rewarded. Tk refrrt my belwtd> be je (ltd- 1 Cor.i j 58 

f<*!} tidHumovtaklt, tlwayts thotindiug in the wer^ f 

the Lordfir AS m*ch ASJG* k*ow thttytur Ubonr it not 

i* VMH in the Ltrd. 

Secondly, To beware of all kinds of doubling 
and hypocrific both in the prdfeffion and practice of 
Jove, whether towards Chritl or faithf al Chriftians. 

It is the admoaition of the Apoftle, Lit love ^Kom.u. ^> 
without dijjtmtil <tion. And the Doftrine is a ftrong 
Argument to back it, becaufe of the notice which 
our Saviour taketh thereof. Chrift himfclf by this 
confederation moveth fincerity in all fervices, whc- 
ther of fbtj towards ged> or cktrity twtrds mtn^ be- Matth.6,4,6 
caufe an eye from heaven doth eipie whatfocveris 
done on esrth with grcatcft fccrecy. 

This motive wil be the more prevalent, if we mind 
Chrift,whoasthe jttdgofallmen.will mA*if*ft*ndrv Luke ^-i, ^> 
comptxc* their fervices according to their nature and a Cor. 5.9,10 
manner of performance. 

The r econc j part of my Text followeth; in thg 
handling t*- rco f jfoaiibc the fhortcr, becaufe I have 
been fo Urge ^, he former 

Ltx&utfinptk. r n thedivifion-ofiht Text rhere 
were three thinjsnotec.thencej which I (hall fpeakc 


unto very brtefl* , in three points of Doftrine. j t Thatfnc k wko are Cbrifts **d his pctples friends 3 *ri 

fttlj ft to death. 

This word [ Slecptth ] is by our Eyangclift himfdf 
thus expounded, ?/fiufteai(eefbvJt4H} ; and it isad- 
Verfe.xj. fa&iItfMsfMtk ta them jlawlj, L*X*MM vdead. 

There is no need of Scripture quotations here, bc- 
caufe experiences from sge to age every where give 
;. in fnfficicnt proof of this Truth. When the Apoftlc 
had particularized many worthie ts examples of 
ftith and kolineflc, he addeth ihcfc words , v4& 
.theft died. 

The reafons arc not only; 

i.Becauie of Adams fin tnnfmittcd. Si* enter eth 
into the world and death by fa. 

2. And by reafon of Gods determination, with re 
ference to his own glory, many waics to be tnanifeft- 
ed in the confluence o{ death. It u *pp<inted unit 
mm one* toilit, and After this the judgmtnt. For up 
on thefc accounts the wicked who are Chrifts enemies 
do die al To. 

But there arc peculiar Reafons wherefore Chrifts 
Verfe if. and the Churches friends do die. 
v - I will not here fpcak unto thtt which was extraor 

dinary in tb^s death of La*,srvs- vhfor theglorj ofGtd, 
that the Sen of God might be glorified thereby; and for 
tbcfjlynfthm tvtojhottld btlieve upon the obfcrvati- 
on of Cfarifts power in a miraculous Faifing him from 
the dead. 

I will only inftance in thofe ends which Godin- 
teac f n a way more ordinary, with refped unto his 
people themfdves. 

i.Somtimcs that they may befccured frrv com- 

ifaiatv 57.1. man calamities coming upon the world,? ^ 5 nien do 

aCbro.34.i2. houfe their cattel before the ftorm- ^ ]an Thus 

God takes away the rttfactu fry* tbe 

wicrcof the cafe 

a. Thitrtey may 
t-sd furring, when their u*k and cxtrciici arc over; 
wfcen their work is done , and the Lord bach fufficiently 
proved and purged them by variety of providences, both 
crofs and comfortable, in t^is world , then he calleth tkem ^ 
$& chis ftigc, and caufeth their departure hence. 

3. That they might enjoy immediate communion with 
Chrift in heaven , which is ftrrc beittr then thebeftcon- ph{1 r 
dilion attainable in this life; and that their fptrits might Hcb!u.i| 
btm*<is pe fift in glcwy , before the day of the general 
Rtfurredton, when their fouls and bodies (bill be re 

Ther^ tr many profitable Ufes to bt made of thi 
Do^rine, which I (hall only poiat tt. 

Vft i. Therefore aarural death is not tht greatcfttfil, 
neither are thole comforts whereof death doth deprive 
the txft good ; bccaufe it is abfurd to imagine that the 
mod godly fliould undergo the heivierl evils, and be 
ftriptofthe chiefeft comforts. ...... this inference is ob* 

vious,and might be ufef ully enlarged. But I mud forbear. 

Vf* 2. Therefore death is not alwaycs co bo 
looked upan, ai a deaoaftration of Gods anger igainfl 
them who die : neither is any fickneffe bringing death 
Co be judged a figne of divine wrath and feverity. 

Chr fts friend 4ied,aad it was faid before. He -wktnt y ( - 
tko lovfft, isfitk; This if allcdgrd as the reafon of chc death 
of ler ob mms child, becaufe thtnwM feme gtodHtftei* him. l Kino 
fftz.ckt<tlt *as (ick unto death, and it** conjectured thac 
hisdifcafcwas the Plagac, both bccaufe of the fwelling 
^iieiitioned, and the- medicine advifed. Let them tak* * 
lump of fil** **l l*J it fa * flatitr ttpo* tbtbMle; Aad 
how fad loh condition was, I need noc to relate , vrh^ 
yet (according to Gods owo tcftimony) was a map 
incomparable^ piety : Satan fmott Job wkfire boiles, front 
th* fwlc of tht fodi n*t9 hi* crown, *sfttd kg tok_ki& A 
p*tfot*rt9 fff ape himfclfe witktll , *xd he fat down amsng 
thetfbci. This 1 do rather note, i. Becaufe people arc 
fubjcct to cenfurc fevcrcly thofe who undergo un.ifal 

G if- 


afflictions. W^tn the Barbarians faw the Vtntmotts 

M kaxg on Pauls hand , thejfaid amvng ihsmfelves , 

this man is a WHrtberer , vengeance fufftreih not him to lve 
i. Becaufe by this uncharitable cenforioufnefle, men do 
cxpofe themfelves unto Gods difpleafurr. Hence it was, 
Job 4$.r. that the Lord thus fpakc anto Elipha*, the Ttmanite , tJiiy 
wrath is kindled again ft t bee , and rgxinft thy two friends , 
fer you have net fake* of me the thing that is right. 

Vfe 3. Therefore Gods people fliould the ratkr hold 

up with hope, comfort, and patience under all forts of 

their fufcrings here, becaufe their death (which is certain^ 

NukecuU */?, wjjj put a period, an end unt all. Though the Sea 

&"totwfi~ be ftormy, yet the voyage is fhort , we (hall ere 

long come fafc to flaoare. For thif cattfe m faint not , 

A Cor 4.16 |7 dough the outward man ftrifo (Ttappofe rotting and un- 

favory, &c.) for this light tffiitlit* > is but for 

Do yen net remember how the holy Martyr cona- 
forttd his fellow- fuf&rer, (vi*.,) that death would cure 
the one of his blindnefs,and the other of his latneuefle. And 
doubtleffein thisfenfe, it may be faid fafely, that death 
unto the godly k the beft Phyfician , curing them perfcdly 
of all dikafcs whatfocrer. Therefore chear up, ye Saints 
of God, under all your grievances, upon the thought of 
death. Say to your fdvcs, as the good Martyr did, 2?#* 
we flile or two more 3 And then I an at mj journey s 

Vfe 4, Therefore Gods fervants (Kould be the more 

indufirious in doing all the good which poflnly they caa, 

withfpecd, becaufe they muft die, ar;d death" will take 

them off their work. This is Sdomsns inference , what" 

.- foever thine hand fittdeth to do> do it with thy might ; f; r there 

is nowork, , nor dwice ^ nor knowledge^ rcr mfdoms in the 

Joh.t^.i. grave whither t hoa goeft. How did our Saviour beftir re him- ^ 

fclf,w^<rw hckytvt that hishotirtwas csmetWhzt a great dral 

of good work did he then difpatch in a (lioitr ; me? And 

jA^.io.f, it-fccmefeh to be the rcafon, why Paul at Troas preached 

till midnight JcCAiift he w& rtady to depart w the morrow. The 



nearer uflto the center , the fWifccr is the motion. Famous 
Doctor Sttfo wo old fay, Could we fuppofc forrow in hea 
ves, this would be our forrow there, that we did no more 
woik for God , before we came thither to receive fo 
great wages. 

Vfe 5. Therefore we all fhould be perfvvaded , to 
improve our ChrifUaa friends, both Minifters and others, 
in all their gifts , graces and experiences, fo much as 
may be , and that with fp ed , becaufc they muft die/ 
Upon this ground the Prophet Ztcbarj quickcneth 
obedience, Thus faith (he LQY\ of hefts y 1 time ye nert 

from jottr evil T*;ijes , Your fathers where Are they .? 

And the prophets, do thtj live for ever ? Our Saviour is 
often in this exhortatioa , having foretold his owne de 
parture, Ttt 4 little while is the light with you, walkjfhile 
you have the light. As all godly ones are cal led light: John J * ?? 
So Miniflcrs are the lights of the *orU\ John vafabttrn- ^^ ^ 
ing, and ^ fhin mg light. Beloved , death will blow out j o ^ 5,2 1 
thcfe your candles, and your Torches; therefore while 
they live, white they give out their fhinc aad their light B 
make a profitable ufe of them , to Gods honour and your 
own fouk welfare. 

Vfe 6. Therefore I hence exhort all the friends of 
Chrili, to prepare themfclves for death, and to main 
tain upon their Spirits a prepared pofhirc for natures 
diifolation Although I know, that they being united 
unto Chrift , and reconciled to God through him, they Rev. 14.15; 
(lull undoubtedly (whensoever they die) bs tranflatcd 
from eatth to heaven: yet there is fornething mora to 
be minded by Chriftians, that they may be ready to die, Luke i6.i 
How much might be comprized in Jobs expreflion , xf// 
the dajes of mine appointed time nitt I wait untill mj Job 14.1^, 
chA *ge [hall com g . ? I ftjall aot undertake to difcover; bun 
I delire to leave thefe foure words of advice, in the bofoms 
of Chriftians , in tendency unto their preparation for 
death, i. Seek well grounded aflurance of your une- 
reft in Chrift, and of undoub^d title unto heaven, through 
him. This foundation being laid, Taul could triumph 

G 2 over 


iCor i VCr ^ fat li *" tlp " -OhJeath v>bcrt u. thy fling 

Qod, who hath given ut vitlory through ^e -ut Chrift. And 

Luke a, ip ; jo 4 *$Yw^* could fing when ready to die, 2Qw Iftttft th*m rfj 
fervant depart in ptAte 5 For wing tjts b*ve/(tx thy falv Ali 
en. Whereas there are fad (hivcrings upon Come graci- 
012$ hearts, when death look-eth in at the windows , be- 
caufe they queftion their admiffion into heaven, upon na 
tures diflbluuon. 

i. Take heed of all fcandalons finnes , finnes againft 
confcicnce, the eommiffion whereof may blemidiRelig^ 
on , and lie as blocks of offence in the wayes of ohc*?. 
It is conceived by fome Divines, that in this regard Saint 
Paul died with the more confidence , faecaufe after hi* con- 
vcrfion he was no way fcandalous : / have fought the 

2.Tioi.47.8. good fight , find I have kfft the f tit b , and hen ee forth is 
Uid Hp for mt a grown of right eoufnefs. Whereas Petsv 
having dishonoured Chrift ,"difgraced his profcffion, 
wounded his own conference , and prejudiced others 
(how ?arre we know not) by his fearful, threefold deni- 

J*hn,i^ al . was fo full of perplexity, that Chrift fa w ca ufc f before 
the foretelling of his death) to confirmc his heart in help 
ing on the difcovcry of hisfinccrc love, notwkhftaiding 
that fad offcnfire Apoftacie. Broken bones , though knit, 
will ake towards change of weather. And the remem 
brance of fcandalous mifcarriages, may occafion anguiihifl 
the bofomes of dying Saints, 

3. Settle your outward cftate and concernments, ac 
cording to dirin-e prudence and holy principles, remem- 
bring chat you miift be accountable unto the Lord, 
.i. (whofe flwarAs you are ) how you difpofe of the 
things of this life, with which he hath crttrufted 
.i. y J This was Gods own advice unto Hezelyah. Tkus 
faith the Ltrd.fet thint btftfc in crder^ for the ft fialt die. 

Many good people dear unto God, upon this neglect, 
ire Icffe comfortable to themfelves, and left ferviceablc 
unto others upon their death-beds, becaufe they fufpecl 
the many fad confequences of their not endeavouring to 
prevent fmne and trouble by an orderly fctlingof all there 
earthly enjoyments, 4.Lcave 


^.Lcave with gracious grtyity and ferioufntffc , charges 
and conri&ions upon the confeiences ofyotr netreft rela- 
dons, that Chrift, heaven and their immortal fouls, ma? be L^ ts divi- 
principally cared for. Warnc your friends to beware of the nior. 
fins of the times , and of their own inclinations. Comtna- 
aicate your experiences for future pro/it , prudently. 
Here I might cxpai ate upon the examples of /mibleffing Gen. 4*, 
his fons, when on his death-bed ; of Mofes and of fofiua Dent. $ i. i.& 
their plaine dealing *ittif/rW/, when ready to die ; yea, ^- & ** 
andofCfcrifthiffifelf : But I am nectflltated to abbreviate { ?*? 
thefe things, with this hearty requcft , that my friendly , i* . !; &i4 & 
faithful counfel in thefe things may not be for- if,& 16. 17. 

And do no! ( I pray you ,) do not defcrre thefc thifigs , 
for death may fteal upon you fuddenly; unexpectedly, 
as a man falls a fleep fometirnes, when he thought not of it. 

This lets in the next point. 

*Z)0#. 2. That Chrifts friends by death, do fall a- 
flccp. The Protomartyr Stephen his death is thusexpref- A ^7.6o. 
fed : H* fttt tflt p. And the Apoftle P*ul dth often \i%>* 
in tkc fifteenth Chapter of his firftEpiftle to the <?r//fe? 
4/,atteft this truth. 

This fleep is noc to be applied unto the fouUfter its Ecckf. 127. 
departure from the body (as fome fondly dreame;) for Luke 13. 4 j. 
it goeth / Cod immediately, forth-with wjiytth fellow- Phil.i.^.H tfe. 
fity with fhritt , and beeomgtbpcrfitt : But it belongs te llflj 
the dead body, laid in the grave, which in this regard 
is called a fleeping place. lirnll not *Ha^niK>ftt^ 
fembhncc betwixt death and flsep, which is fully done Sermon up 
by others : But I wilt only touch upon two things Ads 7.60. 
which are here intended, i. Death is a deep unto the 
godly, becaufe thereby they are laid to reft: There is a Vcn H> 
<* f r t& tjflcep* T! ej #&r*fl * *k<ir bibs , faith the T , 

Prop&et, fpeaking of the death of righteoss ones. 
thtj reft from their Ubctirs, (fo faith the Spirit,) wka */WRsv. 
in the Lord. 2. Becaufe thsir bodies fhall be raifed , as 
men are awakened out of fkep : This is cxpreScd in the 
words which immediately follow the text : Our 


frisnd tazlfUS fltffttb} txt 1 jffl, tk*t I rHMj **1<t tim 

cut fff fl tp* Ai.d cbs Ap^Me Paul is much upon this 
ior.i<. Metaphor, in that yl-ictf V;here he undcrtakcch to prove 
the RJui -region. 

Uf< i. Therefore t.u: bekevcrs, real Saints fhould 
net be afraid to die. 

I grant dm death nnto nature i the King of feare*,. 

. tnd ithaih its poison* ftingwith which it will wound 

the wicked, whom it coth uflicr into kcll. This /"with 

n r taev mac y oc * lcr w<efu ^ Krut ^ 5 rcjat i n g u to ^eat^|) is adrai- 

hj, r SeTmo/s "bly laid open of late by a worthy fcrvant of Chnft, 

upon and it vreuid be a digrtffion , if 1 ihouid undertake thai 

i Cor. i $ .55. difcovety : But! only move Gods people, to arme thern- 

felves a?9inft the finking fear of death , becaufe unto 

them it is no worfe then falling albep. And indeed 

there is great weed of this couofd among Gods own fer- 

vants every where, who like foolifti chiidrea arc afraid to 

put off the it cloathcf, and go to bed in a dark chamber. 

As Backer in Herein the forcmcntioned Authour, and othtrs , 

his s.iiirs c- have adminiftrcdrattch good help, ia which regard I m^y 

verlaiiing reft. [j e filcnt. 

Ufa 2. Neither let asmourne immoderately becanfc 
of the deith of our Chriftian friends; feeing they arc on 
ly fallen tfloep. When our Saviour had fpoken the 
VerC.ii, words of the Text ; Thtn Jati his difciplcs, If lie (lecf , he 
(k*H do weS. And by the argumest the Apoltlc (eeks 
to preraile with the Thffaloians 9 that they might noc 
mourne excefllvely upon fuch occafion. For tbefe 
i Thtf.A u 14 vhoflftfi* Itfffs , jM (j}4 bring with him. Then he ad- 
17,18. % deth, JYe Jhsll be tvtr with iks Lord ; whertfore comfort 

one another tri\h tktft words. Love roovcch joy , when our 
weak, weary, pained, difesfed friends ate filkn into a 
foar.d fweet deep. lh ; s confideration therefore fhould 
cheerc our drooping fpirics, in reference unto godly 
friends , who died in the Lord. Let us rninde this the ra 
ther, bccaufe God u ho prcpoundcth this ground of com 
fort, cbferveih both when vva have need of ibis cordial , 
and alfo what improvement we make thereof, asitfol- 



loweth in the next and laflDodrine, which remajnes to 
be handled. 

Dott. B. The Lord knowcth whsn his own and his 
Churches friends do fall afleep by death. As Chrjft, 
though now at a bodily diftance from Bctb MJ , the place 
of LAH&W his abode, yet told his Difciplcs of bis death, 
Onr friend Lazaru [liepctb. As God fpake this to Jofixzk , 
tJWyfsrvant Mofes / / de&L 
[This truth may be concluded ftrongly by tkefe arguments 

Rcaf. i. Bccaufc Chrift hath the keys of death RcY>1 - 18 - 
in his keeping ; the foul cannot be let out of the body , 
without his leave. And he knoweth all kis own 

Reaf. 2- Becaufc he alfo hath power in heaven, keep 
ing (as it were,) the gate thereof, into whick none can 
enter without his allowance. This is raanifeft by his 
promife to the penitent thief: This day tbou fhtlt be 
Titk we in Parvdife. Therefore he exactly obferveth, Luk, z? 4* 
when any persons or perfon hath admiffion thither. 

*Ufc i. Hence the Deity of Chrift may be proved un- 
deni ably; for though there be thoufaads dying hourely 
in tke feveral places of the world, yet Chtift knoweth 
particularly,- T . Both their qualification, whether his friends 
and his Churches friends, or no. 2; And the time, 
when every one of them glveth up the ghoft. As the 
iuftanee under difcourfe doth evince, i. He underftood 
infallibly that La^rm was a faithful friend , both unto 
himfelfe and his fervants : Our friend Lazarus. 2. And 
though he was not corp really prcfent with LA^IYHS 
ia the place where he died, yet he knew without any 
creature -intelligence, that now he was fallen afleep by 

^ Vft 2. This truth fpeaketh manifold comforts nnto 
Gods children: For, i. This hints his refped to them ; Preci- 
9Ut lie the fight eftke Lord is the death of his Saints He will Pfal. u.i$. 
not fuf&r any of them to lofe life without his fpscial ob- 
fervation tkercof , together wuh eaufes and conco mi- 
tan (s therein confidcrabje. 

I- It 

5. Itfoggefts bis care of every foul; when it removeth 
out of the bodv the place of it* habitation , it fball not 
mifcarry orbe ii ft through (Thrifts rt gardlefmfs. Though 
th;>ufands of devils may watch to intercept the foule yeC 
Chnlt who oofciveth when it Icsveth the body., will un 
doubtedly, accord*- g ro his chirge and promiie , fecurt its 
Paflfages toglory.Th sis a Cordial to the pooreft hriftian, 
for there is no rcfpeft of pcrfons with the Lord, it ftmt 19 

L kc \6 12 f a fl* l ^** *^ e ^ f *& fr ** ft ^> **** **** e*nitd by -tie A gtls wto 
Abrahair;s^^o^tf And, 

3. It mny relicvt: the fad hearts of godly ones; mourning 
for their !< (Tt- in the death of their dear Chriftian frierds; 
for their God and Savioir is quickly and fully itquaintcd 
\\ith thi* thtir aflR-dion , he faw nhen our beloved 
rehiions breathed out their hft gafp. Qutftionlcflfe ic 
cheated Hagar , ifchen (he undejftood that God took 
notice, when the bottle was empty, ind faeatd the eric of 
Gm 21.1^ 17 lfi***ili becaufe he wanted water. Andyoumay bc 
cocfidert , that Chnft who undcrftands when your Parents 
ycur Paflors , your yoakfellows, your friends die , he doth 
aKoconfiderwhatcounfel, what comfort, what fuppoits , 
what fupplies , what encouragements yon bedcpnvcdof 
by mcanes of their death. Is not this a choice Cordiall to 
Gods children, that tkeir kcwwlj Faibcr k^owttk tkty nted 

Vf*. 3. Laflly, thfs Doctrine yields matter offcafon- 
able and ueedful admonition. Therefore upon tht 
death of Gods fcrvaots, we fhonldfetk after fueh dif- 
petitions, as may be plcafing unto his Majcfty, whoob- 
icrveth together wuh fuch providences, how we are af 
fected there with. 

Here then 1 would advife two particulars, wherein I 
intreat the Lord to make us ferious. 

i. To be tigfetly a&dhd with fuch like difpenfations, 
laying to heart thc~publick lofs fifhtned , when the 
friends of Chrift and his fervants are taken away by 
death. The Lord obferveth and complaineth, when peo 
ple do not herein anfwer his expedition: Tkerigktcous 



tfndno man lajcth it to heart. And our love unto Efay.?7. i. 
the publick, together with the confideration of the great 
ufe of fuch perfons would help forward our hu 
miliation in fuch cafes. You heard before that they are 
friends fo Chrift, and much befriended by Chrift, yea, 
that they are lovers of the caufe and people of God* 
Now is not the death of fuch to be bewailed ? When 
pltjth went up by a whirlewind to heaven , Elifia iKing.r.iijit 
fawit 3 <ind he cryed, My father^ my father , the fharet of 
Ifrael^W the horfemn thereof. And when Slijba was iKing.ig. 11,14 
fitk, Joafi ( though not a good man ) wept over him , 
andfaidjOh my father ^my father, the Charet of Ifrael,4*uf 
the horfemen thereof. Bicaufe they beleeved that the 
publick fafety depended much upon the intereft of god 
ly men in God,theretore their death was thus lament 
ed. And truly fuch friends of God are the chief (lakes 
in the hedge, and main pillars in the building, both of 
Church and Common-wealth. Therefore in fuch cafes , 
it may well become us to imitate the devout men, who AftsS.z 
carried Stephen to his grave 3 and made great lamentation 
for him. 

2. To imitate the deccafed Saints in their graces and 
holy converfation; (he would lay their lives , as fo many 
faire copies before our eyes, and labour to write after 
them, by confciencious imitation. The Apoftle having 
given in a catalogue of Old Teftament-beleevers, who in 
their feveral places and ages did Worthily , he earneftly 
perfwadeth Chriftians to be followers ofthem. And 
feeing God hath given us to behold the beauty of ho- H Ir Com< " 
linefle, and the power of godlineffe in their courfes , it 
will much aggravate our iinne, if we labour not to be 
like them. 

This leadeth me to that which you ail look for,(^/*.;to 
fpread before you the exemplary life of .Milter Jeremiah 
Whitaker the late Paftorof this place,whofe Funeral hath 
occafioned this great Aflembly and my Sermon, in re 
ference unto whom,that Imay fpeak unto your edification, 
I will (with the change of one word only ) undertake 

H- my 


my Text again, Our frUnd Wfiitaker fltepetk. And truly 
lam very confident, that if Jefus Chrift was here in his 
bodily prefence among us, he would not be unwilling 
to fpeak thefe words, Our friend Whitaker fleepetb, Be 
fore I begin fny Narrative, I crave leave to premife 
this, ( w*. ) that though ( in fome refpefts)! know a 
more meet man might have been chofen for rhis work ; 
who could have done it more exactly and gracefully : yet 
I acknowledge that my (elf am not the unmeeteft, 
confidcring my long and familiar acquaintance with him , 
efpeciallyif this be added, (^/^.) that in Summer was 
twelve-moneth - I riding with him unto Tunbridge 
Wells, he was pleafed to give me the Hiftory of his 
life,from his youth till that time, and fince that timc,ic 
is well known to many, that no one hath had more 
frequent and familiar converfe with him , then my felf. 
Oh how often, and with what meltings hath he pour 
ed forth his heart into my bofome, in reference to all 
concernments, perfonal, relative, private, publick, com- 
fortable and uncomfortable, which have deeply afte&ed 
him ! My forgetfulnefle will neceffitate the omilfion 
of many things,and my faithfulnefle with prudence com 
mand me to conceal much of that, which to my heart 
fpakc aloud his great goodneffe and high commenda 
tions. I will fuggeft the fum of what I judge moft con 
venient todifcover,in the report whereof,my foul defi- 
reth(I hopej to honour God, and to profit his peo 

He was borne at Bfcfy/UA in Torkfare in the year 
1 599. VVhen he was fixceen years old,he was tent to fam- 
bridgc^nb placed a Sizir in Sydney Colkdgc , where he 
was much valued for his pregnam parts, and Scholardiip. 
At twenty years of age^having commenced Batchelar of 
Art9,he was fertt unto -0^*w(ihe chief Town in Rntlavd* 
farcy teach the free-School there. About toure yeares 
after he married bepht*,ibab the daughter of Mafter ml- 
tiamTeachy Minirtcr ofO/^ww, an eminent linguift, a 
godly mm and( as I am informed)! painful Preacher of 



SheGofpel, who dearly loved, and highly valued Mi% 
fatwhitakfr, from his firft acquaintance to his end; 
whofc afTedtons to him , wrought on the marriage be- 
twixc him and his daughter. By whom God gave him 
foure fonnes and daughters; onefonne died ac 
Cambridge , two are ordained Miniliers, and the other is 
to be educated for the Miniftery. Haviag flayed abour 
feven years at Okfham , he was removed unco a Paftorai 
charge at Strttton in the fame County, where he continued 
thirteeneyeares, from whence he was called to M*rj 
Magdalen TSermondfeji (with the approbation of many 
godly Minifters , whom he confulted in the cafe) where 
he after twelve yeares fpcnt in his Minifterial charge fi- 
nifhed his courfe npon the firft day of June, i654-and fell 
aQeep in Jefus. He was betwixt fifty five and fifcy fix 
yeares old when the Lord was pleafed to take him unto 
himfelf. He was buried in Bcrmondfcy Church June the 
fixth, with expreflions of much love from a very great 
multitudeof godly perfons, both Minifters and others of 
feveral ranks and conditions, who attended his corps to 
the grave. By reafon of much ftudy,and manifold imploy- 
ments in his calling , he was filled with various bodily 
diftempers from his youth. In the Jatter part of his time, 
he -was for fundry years exercifed frequently with the 
painful difeafes of thegowt and of the ftone. Notwith- 
ftanding the reiteration of thefe tormenting pains, he at 
tended upon his Miniflery both at home and abroad,whiic 
he was able to creep into the Puipit,or to crawle unto the 

But about the beginning si November lift paft,the vio 
lent paine of the (lone did in fuch meafure and manner ar- 
reft him, that from that time, he continued Gods prifonec 
in his bed, or chamber, till he was fet free by a long expe- 
ded death. Moft Phyficians in the City were confulted, & 
were from time to time very ready to fervehim with their 
advice : who did unanimoufly conclude, his (harp pains to 
proceed originally from an ulcer in the kidneys, but im 
mediately from an ulcer in the neck of the biadder,caufcd 

H 2 by 


by a continual flux of ulcerons matter dropping down up 
on that part. And by reafon of the acuteneiTe and quicknefs , 
of the fenfe there 5 his paines were almoft altogether in 
that place, though the fountain of them was from the 
kidneys. Towatds his end, ( about two moneths)the 
paine grew more cxtreame/yet divine indulgence vouchfa- 
fed fome abatements and intermiflions, both in the night Sc 
day. As his death drew nigh ; his fits of pain were more fie- 
quent,either every half hour,and many times every quarter,- 
yea,twoor three times in a quarter of an hour,wberby na 
ture being quite fpent he died in the Lord. After his death v 
Matter Holiard opened his body in the prefence of D .^AT, 
D r . Mickl#lt<tite&tA D T .Bvyr,((<xnc other more anci 
ent Doctors would have been there, if either their being 
out of Town,orprefent urgent occasions had not hundred) > 
who found both his kedneys full of ulcers, and one was 
Iwelled to anextreamebignefle, by the abundance of pu 
rulent matter in it. Upon the neck of his bladder, they- 
found a ftone, ( which was about an inch and an half long, 
and one inch broad, weighing above two ownces , when 
firft taken out;and withalf,an u cer which was gangrened^ 
and this was judged the caufc of his death. All other 
pjrts of his body were found firme and found. Now that 
which I fhall relate concerning him in all thofe places and 
changes of life wherein God difpofed of him, I will caft 
under the feveral Heads upon which I did difcourfe in my 
Sermon. And this method I do the rather refolve upon, 
both becaufe it beft fuiteswith mine own thought^ 
and may prove the moft profitable unto them wfco- 
fhall be pleafed to read the Strmon 5 when they 
perceive the main parts thereof, applied and veri-.i 
fied in this providential Text, Our friend Whit&trjktpetb i 

ThtfirilHcad. H* loved Chrift. He loved Chrift ; 
i. Quickly. 2. Strongly. 3. Confhntly. The-Lord did ; 
win ins heart unto hirnklr , while he was a Scholar at 
Wqkf$*t&s where iiehadhis edccation. For then and 
there his offcdioris did flow out towards thofe who were 
mod religioufly difpofed, with whom he went frequently 
tight or ten Miles 10 hear a wakcning-foul-warming Ser 


nvon j and he was wontro joyne with them in prayers 

and other holy exercifes. And being able to cake Ser- 

mon-notes,both underftandingly am} largely, he was very 

helpful! to Chriftians in the repeating of what they had 

publickly heard, being from his childhood .full of afTec"H- 

oris in whatfoever bufinefle he, undertook. Thus this 

plant did both bloflame and put forth fruit quickly , : ( ^ 

which providence did afterwards make a very fruitful 

tree. For the more cleare difcovefy of his abundant love 

to Je/ds Chrift,l will give-thefe demonftrations. 

Fir ft, from his early,and cotiftant vigorous Workings 
of heart towards the calling and work of the Miniftery , 
becaufe he aiwayes conceived , that therein a Chriftian 
might enjoy moftfdlowlhip withChrift, an ddo him the, 
beftfervice.Andheconfidered Chrifts fpeech to Peter,/f 
thou love mefceh my (heep^etA my Umbs, Job .2 1 . i j ,- 7 

Hea I judge theie parncutars very worthy of confider- 
ation. i. That while he was a Grammar-Scholar , this 
calling he chofe^ and though his father endeavoured of 
ten and earneftly to divert his thoughts from the Mini* 
fteiy, yet he wasunmovible in his de fires to be a Minifter. 
2..That hqnever repented of this his cho:ce,but would all 
his life longjiipon all occafions.w^M/^ this bu officc.l have 
many times heard him (peak thefe words , I had muck ra~ Rom ix 
tker be a Preacher of the (jo[pel 3 then an Emperour. And 
when a motion was once made to him fora Mafterfhip in 
the Univer(uy 3 hc readily returned this anf^ver, My heart 
d^th more defire to be 4 covftant Preacher ,t ben to be thcAfa* 
fterofanyColedge intkcWorld.i.^lnt when he was rnoci- 
oned to marry her whom pod afterwards made his wife, 
he was the rather inclined to accept the mation , be 
caufe fhe was daughter to a pious,piinful 5 learned Mir.i ler 
of the Goipeljand would occafionally tell his friends, that 
he was the better pleafed with his choice, becaufe of 
that relation. ^.That he was never fo wel pleafed wi.h any 
imp!oyment,asthatof his Mmiftery. In the Pulpit he 
dill was like a fith in the water. Though many times he 
went halting and full of piine thither, yet he would not 
nuoifeft any fenfe of diftemper , while he was there. 

H 3 How > 


How often hath he gone upon crutches unto the Congre 
gation of his own people,to fulfill hisMiniftery ! yea,once 
(at If aft of my knowledge) he adventured to Preach at 
Michaels CV06i/,wbenhe was fcaice able to get into the 
Pulpit, and his friends with much difficulty helped him 
out of the Church homeward. 5. That when he was by 
extreamc paines taken off from his Miniftery , he would 
fometimes profefle unto fome fpecial friends, that the 
paine felt was not fo grievous to his Spirit, as his inability 
(by reafon thereof) to manage his wonted work, Many 
times thefe were his words, If I could but Preach, 1 fhould 
be much better. And he would rejoyce with chearfulnefs, 
and thankfulnefle, when in the times of his weaknefle , 
he found not himfelf more diftempcred by his preaching , 
and would mention fuch experiences, as arguments to 
move his friends to yield unto his Preaching, when they 
did difTvvade it as prejudicial. 6 t He did zealoufly, upon 
all occasions, both in publick and private defend the of 
fice of a Gofpel-Miniftery , and efpecially anjongft thofe 
perfons 5 and in fuch places, where ( as he conceived)there 
was molt need. This paflage fell from him with afteclion, 
in one of his morning Lectures at Weftminfter-. Though! 
have read and heard of fome good men, who unadvifcdly 
in their paflion have perfecuted the perfons of fome godly 
Miniften, ( as Afa was angry with the Seer, and caft him 
into prifon)vtt I never knew,I never read,nor heard of any 
godly perfon, who did dare to oppofe the calling of the 
Miniftery. And whereas at the end of his Sermon , a 
fouldierC cxpreffing himfelf difiatisficd with the Ser 
mon) came to him in private, and asked him, whether he 
meant this Miniftery of EnglavA, as now conftituted ? he 
returned this anfwer 3 Although 1 viHnotjutfifie the calling 
of every individual Alinifter in the CkttrcbofEnghnd, (as 
you dare not juftifie the Saint {hip of every member in your in- 
dcpendant Congregations) yet I will be ready when and 
where you pleaie to maintaine the office and calling of En- 
glands Mwiflerj at thif day. j. And that he continued 
unchanged in this his eftimacion of the calling Minifterial 
may be manifcfted by one piflage in his laft Will and Te- 



Ramtnt,(though it was not long)which I will put down in 
his own words, writ with his own hand: For mjfon Jere 
miah, wpdtfrcit , that he be bred* Scholar, and that the 
Lord w out dfpirittt ally incline his heart t f eety to give tip him- 
fe^fto the Lord, tojerve him In ihf work^of the Miniftcry , 
which calling andemployment {though now dcfpifed) I do c- 
fte em above all other in the Vvorld> and do commend it to All 
mint, that if the Lord blffe them with fans ^t hey would com 
mend this calling to their pofteritj. Before I pafle from this 
my firft demonftration of his love to Chrift, I heartily de- 
fire,that this may be ferioufly corfidered , whether there 
be not herein much to c redit and incourage the Miniftery 
oftheGofpel; That a learned man , and fo eminent for 
piety, who aJfo had throughly ftudied the Concroverfies of 
the times againft the Miniftery s fhouid upon his death-bed, 
givefuchateftimonyunto it , when he daily expecled to 
make up his account before God, and alfo give fo great 
incouragmentunto his pofterity, to undertake this caU 
ling now, even now when fuch difgrace is caft upon ir,and 
when the Ministers fetled maintenance is thrcatned to 
be taken from them? And may not thofe men who know 
Mr. tvhitaket s worth be hereby awed, and moved to take 
heed how they oppofe or flight that calling of men,whom 
he(living and dying) judged to be fo highly honoured by 
God himfclf? To all this adde,that it was an ordained Mi 
niftery, which he thus valued, as is evident by thefe two 
things(as by many living teftimonies,)z//*,i. That he joyn- 
ed with the Claflis whereof he was a Member in ordaining 
Minifters. 2. That he had an hand in the book lately pub- 
liftied by the Province of London^m the defence of fuch a 
JMiniftery,not only by a{Ient,butalfoby affiftance. 

Secondly,his love to Chrift was proclaimcd,by his un 
wearied laborioufnefle in his Minifterialfervices.i. While 
he continued Schoolmafter at Okehamfc undertook a Lec 
ture there weekly, beddes many Sermons preached occafi- 
onally in neighbour Congregations. 2. During his abode 
at Stretton^ befides his Paftorall inployment twice every 
Sabbathjhis conftant weekly Preaching at Ofyhamjnc was 
^principal prop to hold up the Leflures in the neighbour 

hood. His manner was to fet apart every holy day ( if but 
one in the week) as a day of feeking God , in reference 
totheneceffitiesof the times, and no man was more fre 
quent in aflifting in dayes of humiliation in privatc^both in 
Rutland-fare pn& the adjacent Counties, when ever invited 
thereto. 3. And (ince Gods good providence brought 
him to the neighbourhood of London , he was in l*boun 
more abundant (2 Cor.i 1.23. ) For the mod part, his Tec 
task was foure Sermons weekly, f &//*.) two at home, and 
twoelfewhere/v/ *,.) ziWcftminfter and Chrifts Church 
London, wwcftminfter ml Stepney , ( fince he laid down 
.Chrifb Churd>Leclu re) together with two Sermons eve 
ry quarter at Michael CorMt. Addc hereto his Preaching 
monethly at the morning-exercife , or affiftance on the 
f aft-day at the conclufion thereof, befides occafi* 
onal Sermons for preparation to the Sacrament at his 
own place,and at FuneralSjboth at home and abroad: Yea, 
I wilJdofe up the tvidcndngofthelaboursof his love ,w\th 
this true rcporc,(z// ) that he would never deny any tfio- 
tion-for preaching, and praying,if God gave bodity ability, 
& other unavoidable occafions did not neceffarily hinder. 
Many week-dayes he preached twice, yea, then when he 
attended the work of the Aflembly of Divines, (viz* ) the 
morning exercife^icher at WsftminficrQi elfewhere^ af 
terwards in the afternoon.! here remember thecommen- 
dacion which St/ j^/ gave of Ep.iph;edittu,m his Epiftle to 
Phil, the ^hilippiansi For the ^ork^ofthe Lord he was nigh unto 
dcath,not regarding his life. How farre this is appliable to 
.painful! Mr. /%/";,i^r ; muhitudcs do. well know^ ea^many 
conceive that his painfull di(lcmper^(which haftened his re 
moval from us) were caufed and increafedby his many con- 
liant labours in this kind.Neither were his Sermons jejune 
and dry,bfcaufe thus frequent;but always ful of Scripture* 
ftrengrh,favoury & affcdionare,as his Auditors will teftifie. 
Trtirdly, Such was his iove to Chrift , that his publick 
.Imploymcnts did not take him off from family-duties , 
ncr from more private exercifes of communion with God. 
His ordinary courfewas, together with prayer?, toex* 
pound fome pares of che holy Scriptures in his own family 

tw : ce 


twice every day i and befidc other parts of Scripture which 
he daily read in fccret, he ufually read over all the E- 
piftlesin the Greek Teftament twice every fourtnight : yea 
when by reafon of pain and weaknefie he himfelf could not 
read, he herein imployed others for his help. Hence ic 
was that he was a man mighty in the Scriptures ( like on 
to *s4potto,Aff,i$.i4,} as was obferved by all who conver- 
fed with him. And this courfe be earneftly commended to 
the practice of his dearly beloved elded Ton , as an ex. 
cellent means to make him both a ready and a profitable 

Fourthly, His courage in Chrifts Caufe did much 
commend his love, whereof I will faggeft thefc evi 

i . While he lived in Rxtl&Arfnrefa refufed to read the 
book allowing of Sports upon the Sabbath , though it was 
with commands and threatenings preffed upon him. And 
when he was called to give in his anfwer, about the colle- 
&ion amongftMiniflers to maintain the War againft Scot* 
/W,he openly told the Biftiop orChancellor that his con- 
fcience could not yield thereto. This his anfwer expo* 
fing him to great danger both to lofc living and liberty 
in thofe times, a neighbour through mifguided love ( com- 
paffionating him and his family ) payed the mo 
ney j and lubfcribed M r . JVhitakers name without his 
knowledge. This he was long ignorant of 5 and when he 
heard it,he exp re fled, with many compiaints,much grief of 

2. Since our times of woful defertion and Apoftafie 
both from Gofpel-Truths and practices, he would un 
dauntedly in private conferences & in his publickMiniftry 
exprefshisdiflike,yea,deteftation thereof to the faces of 
them who too much favoured Error, Herdies and ranc- 
ing courfes, though he knew that thereby he did run ha 
zards., and procure many frowncs. He refufed to fub- 
fcribs the late Engagement, though thereby he was in 
danger to be taken off from his Weftminfler\;Z&\xe. And 
if his Sermons preached there, upon gphcfazfi. ( concer- 

I ning 


fling mens walking according to theccurfe of this world, &c 
fulfUlingtheluftsofthcflffi, &c.} could be co le<5hd and 
publifhed ^hereby it would be manifeft that M r . whitaker 
in love unto his Lord Chrift.was a man of good metal and 

3 One more private proof of the good mans valiant 
love to Chrift I will make bold to infert ; becaufe my felf 
can knowingly atteft its truth. Since thefe ftormy daycs , 
wherein the liberty and livelihood of Miniftershave been 
maligned and ftruck at, he riding with an intimate friend 
by T/0rw, ( which he had not knowne or not obferved 
before) demanded what that was? and anfwer being 
made, This is Tiburn^ where many Malefactors have 
loft their lives; he flopped his horfe, and uttered thefe 
words with great affc&ioo, O What a /bamf ts it that fo 
thoftfanAi [houlh dje for the fiUtffcSfcfi of their tufts, 
ew be fotindwillwg to lay down their lives for Chrift ! 
roe in a good Caufe, and upon a good call , be 
ready to be hanged for Jefas hrift ? It weutd be ever li 
fting honour., and it if a thottftwd times better to dye for 
Chrift^to be hanged, to be burnt for forift, then to dye in 
^^.r.Andho.v much he condemned life,in refpeci un 
to Chrift Jefus,thcre are many who from his own mouth 
can witnefr. 

Fifthly $o great was bis love unto hi? God and Savi 
our that he maintained and cxpafled high c&imations. 
and honourable thoughts of his Ma jelly, when under tcr^ 
menting providences, nothing being more feared then 
this, lefthefhoulddo or (peak any difhonours unto his 
Name. Thefe were fome breachmgs of his large lover, 
when through painc he was, as in the Hre, and upon the 
Rack, Goo& Lord^keep me from dtfionouring thy biams by 
impAtiency. >who would not even in burnings have hor.Qx* 
r able thoughts of God \ Who that fyoTveth ihce would not 
feur thee^O Lord) love tbee t and honour thsc ! Lord,:hot* 
give ft m? no cAufe to have any hard thought ofthee ! 1> tiffed 
be God there is nothing of hell in all this . Bk$ed be his 


Who knoweth the power of thy wratfo If it be fo 
heavy upon thy fervant here, how heavy flwll it be to att tho[e 
Who (ballendttre it Without mixture ? Blcffedbe god for tks 
peace of mine inward wan, when my outward man is fa full 
of trouble .7 his i* a bitter cupjut it is of my Fathers mix* 
tare, and fall I not dr intuit ?yea y Lyrd, through thy ftrength 
I fr/#, this it my burthen } and lyoill bear it. Upon any 
abatement of his pains, he was conthncly much in blef- 
(ing God, ufing thcfe and fuch like expretfions O 1 nhat A 
mercy is it that there is any mitigation, any inter miffion ! 
Lord^makemethan^ftilL And turning himfclfc towards 
thofe who 3ood by,he would fpeak thus. O help me to be 
t hank f f*H ! /if t#p a pray erf or me that I may bcthankfttll ! 

what a mercy is thit ! How much worfe might this affli- 
f ion have been ! 1 might have been diftrtfted or laid roar 
ing under difyuietneffe of fpirit. By thefe workings of his 
fpirit ( which my felf and others do well remember , ard 

1 could heartily wifh that all the reft had been recorded ) 
whoperceivethnot the fparklings of his love to God ? I 
will annex one more, which hath much affefted my heart, 
ia. thefe words he hath often fpoken to me-, "Brother^ 
through mercy I have not one repining thought againft 


Now upon all thefe confederations, I appeal unto the 
confciences of all ingenuous ones, whether there be not 
ground to believe that Chnft ( if here with us ) would give 
himth honour of this compellation My Uviw friend 

Thefecond head of my Narrative followeth,ThatC^///? 
loved Mrjfhitaker. ( For as I difcovcred in my Sermon, 
this love is alwayes mutual. ) The difcovery hereof will 
be clear upon a double account/^, 

i.Becaufe of the graces with which he was enriched. 
2. Becaufe of the Comforts with which he was re- 

Asforth e firft. Love- tokens are real meflengers of his 
love wfrofendeth them: and what furer fignes of divine 
love then the graces of chc Holy Ghoft? Now of thefe 

I $ the 

the Lord had given him, in meafure, more then ordinary. 
That which was hinted before in his love to the Lord Je. 
fus,(exprefledby laborious,couragious endeavours to ad 
var.ce his praife, and to continue comn union with him) 
doth manifeft that he vvae vt ry rich in Grace; but there- 
iinro 1 will add five more gracts which were very {Lining 
inhis crown. 

i.Tevdernefs of heart. Who ever knew man of a 
more melting frame before God , whether in confeflions, 
pentions,orthankfgivings? Is there any one living thac 
can fay, I have fomctimes joyned with him in Prayer, and 
he (lied no tears ? How did his own (infulne(Il ,( though 
no more then the ordinary imperfections of the faircft 
Saints on earth ) the evils of the times, and the teftimo- 
nies of Gods diipleafure breaking out break his heart into 
pieces?Tiu!yJ[ believe, thatforthefpaceof many years, 
be did never come off from the fetious confideration of 
tbefe things with dry eyes. And how many thxwfands 
would account it afigne of much love, from Chrift , if 
they could finde fuch thawings in their frozen 

2. Mtefyefs of $irit. With this precious Jewel he 
was adorned richly. Who ever faw him tranfported by 
pa0ion,ona fire through fooli(hanger,or difguifed by dif* 
content? Though he would be warm for God, yet he was 
amanofa cool fpiric, meek, like /fc/0/r.f ,inall his own 
concernments. Among many other manifestations here 
of, this one was remarkable, that when upon warm dif* 
putes with men of diffenting principles and opinion?, his 
fpiric was fo even, that unhandfome provocations would 
not difcompofe him. Hereof I could give inftances- but 
I muft forbear. 

3. Por Patience he may well be called afecond Job. 
Many who faw him under his racking pains, fo frequently 
reiterated , and fo long continued , are confident that 
God did put him % and keep him in his furnace to be a 
pattern of patience unto pofterity. It s true, he did roar 
many times till his throat was dry, but who ever heard 


him fpeak ofle word of murmuring or difcontent becaufe 
of Gods afflicting providence ? He himfelf indeed would 
fornetimes through tendcrnefle charge himfelfofimpau- 
ency, becaufe he made a noife, whereas thatcxprcffcd on 
ly Natures fenfiblene {Te,not finful frowardnefs. And when 
(accnfing himfelf in that ktnde caufekfly) he was minded 
of Chrifts roarings, though free from all fin, he would be 
Client. I ccnfefie that in deftres to be diffolved, he would 
take up Jobs complaint: Wherefore u light given to him that 
it in mifery^ and life unto the bitttrin foul? (f hicb long for 
death) bttt it ccmeth nfit^ And dig for h more then for hid trea* 
fare*) Sec. for my (ighingcometh before 1 eat^ and my row 
ings are poured out like wateri , Job 3. 2O, 24. But he 
alwayes concluded with fubmiflion unto the good pleaCure 
of God. When he had been asked how he did? this was 
frequently his anfwcr, The bttjh alwajes turning, fat not 
confumed ; and though my paint be above theftrengtb ofna*> 
lurejtt they are not above the fupforts of grace. 

,4 The Lord gave him fo muctvof the Spirit of grace and 
[applications, that his foul was never one of tune for that 
fervice. Moft of his words when under torment were ho* 
ly complaints and prayers to God : fome of them I will- 
record,that they may not be forgotten. O my God help I 
Father of mercies pity \ Do not Contend for ever, confider 
my frame, that I am but dtift / My God that katb made hea 
ven and earth help me \ give me patience and inftitl what 
thoH wilt 1 If my patience was more y my pain Would be lefft. 
Dear Saviour, where are thy bowels \ Why doefl thou make 
mean attonifamtnt to my felfand others? Why doefl thou co 
ver thy [elf With a thick cloud that our prayers cannot pajfe ? 
Bleffid is the man that endur&th temptation. Lord , this is 
a fad temptation; ftaxd by me and fay y It is enough ! Am 1 
not tbyfervant ? Conpder^Lordjhat 1 am thy fervant. 
thtfe bitter waters of Marah I Lord^drop fweet comfort into 
tbefe bitter waters 0f Marah. the blood offprinkjing^ Lord: 
Lvrdythe blood of Spar tying \ That blood which extivgui 
jheth the fire of thine anger, that it might allay my burning 
pains \ lam.ina fiery furnace; Lorfyc with me, as thou 

^ffafl with the three children , bringmeottt refined from fin. 

When I have failed through the Ocean of thefe fains , and 

lookj?acl>jl fee none cfthefe can be wanting. Ifye unte theef) 

god, hide me under the fiadow of thy wings till thefe tertibtc 


5. God added Humility as a crown to all his other 

Graces, which didfhinc very bright in the eyes of all who 

ivere acquainted with him. Hence it was that he would 

converfe familiarly with thepooreft Chriftians, and with 

them who were of low parts for kno wlcdge.This his ordi* 

flary expreffions of himfelf before God , (pake loud Poor 

worm^ fitful wretch \ Op&donmy tranfgrcffions for they ate 

very great. Hereupon he would weep much when he was 

told bow much he was prayed for, wondering at Gods 

goodneffe that fo worthlcfs a wretch Chould have fo much 

intereftinthe hearts and prayers of the people of the 

Lord. And his language in his Will reports how little 

he was in his own eyes.- The words are there, 1 de+ 

fire that at my Funeral there may be no pomp , but that fo 

poor a wort hie ffe wretch may be privately laid in tke 


Thus from the rare Graces received, I proceed to 
the rich Comforts vouchfafed, as manifeftations of Chrifts 
fingularlove towards this Sainrofchc moft high God. 
O what kifles of Chrifts mouth, and what embraces from 
the arms of his love were beftowed upon this man of God! 
He enjoyed all along his afflifted condition, an uninter 
rupted afTurmce ot Gods fatherly love in ChriftJn his ad* 
drefles to God he conftantly claimed propriety. My God, 
andmy Father. His inward peace and joy, were the 
fupport of his heart under allhis grinding patns. He was 
confident of mercies mixtures with all his grievous diftem* 
persj not at all doubting of the San^ification of them 
through grace. Thus he Jpake many times in his Applies- 
lions to G od : Confide* and f aw me, for 1 am thine. How 
long, Lord, how long foall 1 rtot be nmembrefa yea, lam 
remembred)bleffedbe thj Name . This ii a fiery chariot , but 
;*t will carry me to heaven . Btffltd be God that hath f ftp- 


, LorAwverforgetufttkemihAt put their trttft In thfe. 
Alwayes when the extremity of pain was over, be would, 
with fm iles fpeak of Gods mercies. Though tr em bi^gf 
took hold upon him when his violent paines beg-n , 
yet he would with confidence fay, A T <AV * the flrengt of 
the mighty God I will undergo thefe pains. my God jut 
uvder thine ever Uft ing arms,Av& ftrexgtken m&. Many. 
times he hath told me,, that notwithftanding all his rent- 
ings and roarings (from which he expefted no deliver 
ance but by death) he would not for athoufand worlds 
change eftates with the greateft man on earth, whom he 
looked upon as in a way of fin. And let me tell you one 
providence of fatherly indulgence towards him,, That *- 
t&n never fbaked bis $ nor affaultcd bis hopes , all 
thettmc ofhhtirtfomejrksme exerciff. There is but one 
pafTage more which I (hall point at under this fecond head 
of my Narrative, v/ That he accounted all thefe inward 
chearings the fruits of Prayers made for him, though God 
faw caufe to deny that cafe and recovery to his body 
which was much begged;withal valuing thofe fpiritual cor 
dials much beyond deliverance from the Gout and Scone, 
and death it felf* 

All thefe things I have the rather mentioned, to pre 
vent that difcouragement or offence, which /ome may be 
too apt to take at the continuance of his wafting,torment- 
ing pains , notwithftand his -own godlinefle , and the 
unceflant Prayers, both ordinary and extraordinaryjwhich 
were made unto God in his behalfe : for he found the 
fweet fruits of them in his own bofome, when he ftlt the 
continuance and increafe of his bodily griefs. 

I proceed to the third head of my promifed Narrative, 
which will fpeak M p . mitakers love to his fellow-Chrifti- 
ans. He was a man made up (as it were ) of love : His 
delight was in the Saint? upon earth, whom he efteemed 
molt excellent, and their fociety was a conflant cordial 
unto his fpirir. His frequent vifits of them who were in 
trouble > and his {lining yp others to the like practice- 

were teftimonies of his friendfhip. His love was not on 
ly verbal,hut real. Truly I know no roan of his eftate 
more liberal. He would often fay. It s* brave thing 
when a maw Vcith a full eft ate hath a charitable heart .Some* 
times upon fpecial occafions he himfeif hath given away 
all the money he had in his houfc. It was not unufual 
with him to give twenty (hillings unto a poor Saint,and 
he had many experiences of Gods gracious returns in fuch 
cafes. By his Will he gave 20 /. to the godly poor of his 
own Panfli. 

There were two cafes wherein his loves were mofl en- 
largedto the people of God, whereof 1 (hall give in 
two inftances. The one when their fufferings were pub- 
lick, He hath often told me that Englandt late 
breach with Scotland , and the blood (hed , with other 
fad confequences thereof, had taken fuch imprefiion up 
on his heart,that the forrow would never be removed till 
his death. And the fufferings both in Holland and Eg- 
l*nd, upon our late Sea-fights, were great burdens upon 
his fpirit. The other cafe was in reference to the inward 
perplexity of fuch as were afflided in minde. Having 
moved me the week before his death to beftow a vifit up 
on one in that condition, the morning before his death, 
(when fpeech was grievous in refped of his weakne(Te$;he 
asked me whether I had remembred the party troubled in 
fpirit f which is a remarkable evidence of ftrong loves. 
Befides ail that hath been mentioned , I could relate his 
many vvreftlings with God to prevent the flood of trou 
bles which he apprehended the Proteftant Churches are 
now in danger to be overflowed withal ; as alfo his com- 
paffiorrate refpeft to Congregations in the Country, who 
were like (heep wandring upon the barren mountains 
without a (hepherd. 

The fourth head of my Narrative (hould hold forth the 
love which he received from the Saints of God. What 
godly heart that either knew him, or heard of his fame, 
did not love him ? I will not fpeakofthe frequent friend 
ly vifits of the Religious ones in the neighborhood round 
about, I never heard of anyman fo much prayed for, 


both in publick and private. There was no particular 
cafe fo frequently , fo affe&ionately fpread before God 
in moft or the Congregations about London as his. Three 
dayes were fee apart byMinifters ; and many other pray 
ing friends to feek God in his behalf ; one in private,and 
two in publick , which alfo were obferved much better 
then fuch daycs ufually are ; yea , in remote Countreys, 
bdides the ordinary prayers made for him, there were 
fome Faftskept, withfpecial reference to his afflidion. 
The multitude of people attending his Funeral, with the 
many weeping eyes, did witneflehow much he was belo 
ved. Here I might remember the readinefle of London- 
Miniftersto fupply hi place at home, and Leftureselfe- 
where,as alfo the willingnefs of fellow- Ledurers at Weft- 
minfter to preach for him there, when he himfelf by rea- 
fon of weaknefs could not poflibly do his own work: But 
I may be filenr, for ftill every where upon the naming of 
him, love is fome way difcovered by fuch who had know 
ledge of him. 

Though I have related much concerning the worth of 
this good man, yet my confcience tells me , that I have 
rather been defective then excefiive in my relation. I 
have not told you of his humility, exprefled by fears,lefl: 
Gods people praying for himfhould (peak too well of 
him before the Lord. Neither have I mentioned his felf- 
denial , never daring to look after great matters in the 
world, whereby he condemned! many whofe felf-feeking 
in earthly advantages, rendreth them very offenfiveand 
unfavoury in the Church of Chrift. Towards his end 
neither faith nor patience did abate, though his grievous 
paines were more frequent and violent; in which 
regards his longings for death were much increafed, yet 
attended with holy fabmiffion unto the good pleafureof 
God: Thefewere fome of hi? expreffions, mj God 
brta&pen the prifon-hoor, andfct my poore captive foul free ^ 
b ttt enable me willingly towait thy time \ Idtjiretohedif- 
never did any man more defire life then I do death I 
n will that time come^hen I {hall neither fin more, nor 

K forrovf 

When fiall mortality f*t on immortality ? when 
fiatl this earthly be diftolved , th it I may be clotthedupon 

with that boufe which is from he wen fBleficd are the 
wbichdyefx the Lord, for the) reft from their labors , and 
follow the Lamb vrhere/oever hegoeth. 

The Sabbath feven- night before God releafcd him, 
though hispaines were very fharp,yet he beftowed moll 
part of the time of pubiick Ordinances ia prayer with 
thofe that were with him, and his petitions were moft for 
MinifterSjthatGod would cloath his Ordinances with his 
own power, and enable Minifters to fpeak unto the fouls 
of people. Then alfo he did with many tears bewail his 
detainment from the Sanctuary and Sabbath-opportuni- 
ties, which had been his delight ; profetfing alfo , that 
his being taken off from fervice was a greater affti&ion to 
him then all his pains, And becaufc this apprehenfion , 
(ViV his unferviceableneffe) did much afflid him; there. 
fore this was often fuggefted to him, ( which alfo was re 
lieving to his fpiric, ) viz,, that now by the practice of 
Faith, Patience, contentment, and Spiritualneffe ( which 
he had formerly preached ) he was very profitable unto 
them who did vifit him, and might alfo prove very advan 
tageous unto others who might be acquain ed therewith, 
through Gods grace by Chrift. So great was his tender 
refped unto his friends, that when his pains were coming 
with violence, he would irurcat them to with-draw from 
him, that they might not be grieved with his roarings. 
He would often blefs God, that his compaflionatc friends- 
were not neceflkatcd to abide within the reach of his 
doleful lamentations. 

I hearing,the night before God tranflated him^hat he 
was not likely to live another day, 1 went early in the 
morning to take my leave of him ( whom my foul loved) 
and found his* bodily ft rengthalmoft fpent, Andbecaufe 
he could not fpeak without difficulty, Ifpakc the more 
unto him, in relation to the approach of his happy hoped 
forchange.- my difcourfe through Gods mercy was re- 
frefhing unto his fpirifc Minding him that many of his, 


friends intended to fet apart that day in feeking the Lord 
for him, I asked him in what things efpectolly hedefired 
to be remembred before the Throne of Grace f His an- 
iwer was,*D0 not complain, but bleffeGodfirme, and in* 
treat him to of en the pr if on- door. Hereupon laying my hand 
upon his cold hand,covered with a clammy fvveat, I took 
my laft farewel with an aking heart : and upon my de 
parture from him, thefe were his lad words unto me, 
Brother , Itbanfyou, I pray Godbleffc you,and 1 bleflc God 
for you. 

That day was fpent in addrefles to God for him it TV* 
ters Cornhil, where M r Ncwomcn quickened and guided 
our prayers in his Sermon from John. n. wherein he in- 
lifted efpecially upon thefe words , Lordjebo/d, he whom 
thouloveftisficki ver.4. AndM r . Jenkjn endeavoured 
to moderate and regulate our forrows from Luke 23. 28. 
f^ffp not for me. 

Thus his friends having by prayers, with praifes(on 
his behalf) given him up to God , and having prepared 
their herrts for their lofs of hinijthe Lord was pleafed that 
evening to take him unto himfclf. 

And now our friend Whitaker/^^. i. He is dea^ 
that fpeaketh forrow. 2. H death is ajleep, this yieldeth 

Firft, His death is ground of lamentation , becaufe 
Chrift and his Church have now one friend lefson earth 
to be Jerviceab!c unto both. I woukt awaken your hearts 
unto fenfibleneffe under this great lofle, and there 
fore wifh that his great parts, many {mere fts, frequent 
opportunities of fervice, together with the unmovablc 
faithfulnefsof his heart to improve all for good , may be 
duly remembred,^*. 

i.AsforhisAbilitieSjhe was an nniverfal Schoiar,both 
in the Arts and Original Languages; by much ftudy he 
had digefted the whole Body of Divinity, he was well ac 
quainted both with the Schoolmen and the Fathers , a 
good Difpw ant, judicious in Cafes of Confcience,and fe- 
cond unto none in acquaintance with the holy Scripture. 

K 2 a, He 

z.He had much intereft in the hearts of perfons of chief- 
eft places and power in the Nation;for the plainneffe: 
of his fpirit, together with the power of godlineis ( which 
did fhme in his converfation , gamed bun much Authori 
ty in the coniciences of all forts with whom he converted, 
whether in the City or Countrey. 

3. And his Opportunities of fervice were many,not only 
in SoUtb&arJ but alfo in London t Wejlminfter^ Stepnej^ 
where ht had much imployment, 

Weread when*Z)w*rf was dead,that the widowcs ftcod 
VveefiHg^ndfiewirtg the COAIS Which /be hadnt^de, ^(^5.9.39. 
and that upon Pauls departure the people wept^becaufe 
they fliouldfee his face no more, Ads 20.3 8, And is there, 
not reafon that we (hould be in like manner affeded re- 
membringhowliwh hath been defended, error confuted, 
holinefscherilhedrrwickednefs checked, the caufe of the 
poor pleaded, and the violence of fome pailionace fpirits 
allayed byM r .^/4^r?But now this ablf,pubiick-fpirited 
man muft be ferviceable on earth no more^now we ftal noc 
be edified by hisMiniftry anymore,nor warmed by his prai? 
ers any more.nor cheated by his company and conference 
any moreButkt us moderate our forrow by this follow 
ing confideration,That our friend trhitakfr is not deadfitit 
fietpetbi For this affureth us both of his prefent cafe, and 
future Rcfurredion. Now being afleep he is well , he 
refleth 5 (as in a bed ) and we (hall not fee his pale face, 
his weeping eyes, his trembling hands any more, we (hall 
.?io more hear his deep groans^nd doleful lamentations* 
He is fallen afleep intbg Lcrd> and he and we (hall have a 
better meeting ac the general Refurredion then ever 
heretofore,and then (hall we.evcr be with the Z0r</,There* 
fore/r/ w comfort ont wot her with tkefe w^ 5 iThefr,4.i5, 

I have but one thing more to hint -,^k,. That Chrift 
now knowetn that this our precious friend fleepeth From 
whence I infer,i. Comfort, 2, CounfrL This may be chear- 
mg unco all his mourning Relations, Domeftical,Paftorai 
GMical. For Chrift underflandeth that his wife hath loft. 

a dear riusband,his children an indulgent father,his people* 
a faithful Paftor, the Claflis achief Pillar, and all good 
Chriftians a real friend. 

And feeing Chrift ( cor.fidering that M r . wbitAker\s 
dead ) doth alfo obferve how we all are afftfted with this 
provtdence;theiefore I befeech you.and befeech you agair ,, 
to ftudy in good earned the gracious improvement of this 
fiddifpenfation. Lets hear the voice of this rod, re- 
pentingiy remember the forfeitures made of this blelTing, 
and make confcionable imitation of the good example he 

Though W.Wkitaker is dead, yet his holy life /ptafyfh. 
My Narrative hath told much of that which it fpeaketh, 
and my prayers are , that it may fpeak ( through the 
concurrence of Gods grace ) that unto all our hearts v 
which may be for fpiritual and eternal benefit by Chrift* 


( 7 o) 


>Y. V V,- AND ^"^V^:-?? 


On the Death of 

On the much lamented Death of that Re<ve/ end Man of 
God, <JMr. Jeremiah Whi taker,/V dear friend and 
old neighbour, both in City and Countrey. 

IF Reafon,Vertue, Wifdome make a nun, 
If Faith,Hope, Charity the Chriftian* 3 
Iffaithful,ufcful,cheerful grace n friend} 
Arts, Tongues, choice Wit, rare Memory commend 
The Scbo/ar if Humanity, Divinity, 
Candor, Humility, bowelsjntegrity; 
Faithjcourage, prudence, patience/afting prayers, 
Succtfs,crown Prttcher; Lo, of thoufands ten 
That <-fr!an>Fricy}d>Cbrifti(in,ScholArfreAchtr then, 

Never in times unfrxt a man more/u;/; 
Never in heart fo ^^,graces more mixt; 
Mildnefs with boldneis,couragc with courtefie; 
High partsjow thoughts.yielding with conftancy; 


Well to conceive and fpcak , to frcak^ and At> 
And do fo much, fo much to fufter too. 
For Love a Jonathan, for Truth IWfjftaWj 
For Meekntfle Mofes&nd for Courage Darnel^ 
Call d when a child,a fccond Jeremiah; 
For fpirit,prayer, power the third Etiab, 
For firmnefTe tyLw,for fympathy a Paul, 
For pains,fuccefs,exceeding moft,or all* 

One thing was lacking yet to make him higher, 

As Gold ,or ^0,he mufl into the fire, 

As Gold^or tyl he was unto the laft, 

For patience pto\*d>lnttgrity be Id f aft* 

Who ere faw fuch fharp pains? heard fuch fweet prayers? 

Strong cryes.but (Ironger faith^praifcs with tears? 

Our Lord by fuffering did toperfeElioit grow.- 

In fuffering obedience he did learn and (bow* 

This Man of God came to that altitude 

By fuffering,of fore pains,that multitude. 

The racking (jout and the tormenting Stonr r 
In Kidneys Ulcers two 3 m ^^rone, 
Made pains fharp/orejong^hickjbut refpite fmalfj 
Ytt faith and Patience overcame them all, 
Now after well fpent life,and reftleffc pains, 
And heaven afTur s d,we reckon death for gains: 
Death when by felf dcfired,by friends bewayl d, 
And a fweet memory left have IH11 prevailed 
To call dead happy. Then our lofs to thee 
Was greateft gains,compleat felicity, 

Weep Berm fej ^London wail,mourn/W all, 
Here did thy Cro^n.Ch^rio^s and H 

S H E f 
Swithins Londori-ftone. 


(7* ) 
Of the fame 

Jeremian 1.7,6 f\Ld Jeremy a Prophet 

Ver.iS. \^/Yct was a rd*<? w*//and 7>///4r ftil d. 
He liv d in troublous times, fad changes faw, 
, 15.16. Hc fuffered much, yet kept he faft Gods Law. 
?. 16. ty all good hpnour d, by enonies approved: 

By many cenfur d, by none faulty proved. 
17.1^. He deak with perfons highefl:,and with low j He warned all,but wiQicd no mans woe. 
Son of Contention called, when of peace 
. & The greateft friend, and of his Lands increafe. 
ss. He preached much of Chrift and GofpeJ-dayes, 
The Covenant New he taught, and its rich Grace* 
-tib yet was his lift a doleful Lamentation, 
Sad to himfelf, (adder to the Nation. 

Thou art, or waft the fame. His Itaruck he 
Jeremiah 36. Companion had to him, let me to thee. 

Ejufdem in Nomtn Whitakeri. 

was an *s* cre was of Ground; 

Gar *s cre as o ru 

Befet with T*&* J white, enclofed it was Round; 
No 8*4 into it came,/^ Ia Y nor Wdid grow : 
Wtite Acre it was callM, moc ^ en the name dld knovv 
Here pleafant was the fight I how Jwcet thereof the (ent/ 
To Angels as to Menu gave alike contf nt : 
Here often both did meet, here met thus frequently 
TheSonofmahhimfelf, Among (ach lilies high 
*!)( V ght s alone to fin &e. The fruit him fo muchgladded, 
That he this isfcrc cook, and to his Eden added. 


OF like extent there was of late a Field of Corn, 

Of pureft Whe at it was,no Cockletfarc or thorn 

Among it grties Thick ftood the Root s 9 Loaden the E*w s 

Twas Early fwn, came on faft, foon appeare 

White to the Harveft 5 The Lord of the Harveft fpycs 

One of his Reapers neer, and to him Cryes, 

Goe cut me down that F eld : yet fee thou cut it fo 

That none of it be loft, for it a^am muftgrow. 

Into my Barn the grape fee it fafc laid and kept, 

While all the fares and Chaffe are inco Hell- fire fwcpt, 

J purged have the Soul from all corruption ; 

He pu rge the body too at the Refurreftion. 

Then both into my Game* dial gathered be. 

To raign with me to all Eternity. 


An Elegy upon the much lamented death of my late 
dear and reverend Friend Mr. Jeremiah Wh i taker. . T 

ENzlAttd wil foon grow poor, if in one ycer 
fan* lofe a W>lfon , we a Whiter. 
A U banteS) and * Medway from our heads arife, 
Their ftreams our tears, their channels are our eyes. 
Our many lofles call for tears, not fewer 5 
The breaft a Bafon makes, the eye an Ewer. 
No longer (now) (hal Ifis part the Burrough 
From London, fince that both fides meet in forrow. 
Not (as of old) by ftriving whither fide 
Should for their own obtain the Silver tide 5 
No, not to gain the water wee l con tend 5 
But wee l by weeping ftrive who moft can fpend. 
Conduits give wine (indeed Jwhen th Crown s put on, 
Now run they tears,becaufe our Crown is gone. 
Our Friends Dtceafe and Death our troubles Were, 
We nor his Sicknefanw his Mcd cines bear. 



*Rivales were 
fuch who ha 
ving their 
lands parted 
by a river,did] 
both claim an 
intereftin it. 


His Pulpit te eftecm d his IT/?, his bed ; 
We thought his bed a Pulfit , where he read 
Le&ures of patience j theie he loudly utter d, 
By filence of the groan d, but never mutter d. 
Of mournful Magdalen^ Kermonfey bears 
Thew/nH^and with her Title hath her tears* 
And our dear Whitaker* was Jeremy 
In name) in weeping, and in Prophecy ; 
But he f no Prophet ^ no facecloth wears, 
His*w\is done, and fo are all his tears. 
May Bermonfey of him the late poffeffbr 
Mourn for her Jiw^ but joy in his fucceffir. 

*Vpon the Death of the Reverend^ his never to be for 
gotten friend^ Mr. Jeremiah Whitakeiv 

O That aff^lion could but make a Poetl 
If griefe could rhimc with Art, fure 1 fhould doe itj 
(Though fo difuied to verfify,) We l try, 
The Subject s fad, and fos the Poetry. 

The tender Ton that never fpake before, 
To fave his fathers life turn d Oratop. 
Shall I forbear in filence ? Write I muft, 
When fuch a friend lyes ileeping in the dufl, 

The bleffed Saint, dear Jeremy is gone, 

And who (hall write his lamentation ? 

Had we his eyes ( which alway es fhowry were} 

Such is our leffe, each word fhould have a tear ! 

Another^/r*j^rinaCoffin plac d, 

The firft the Cta/r, and this the fulpit grac d- 

Reader, would ft know his worth, then caft thy eye 


Upon the Narrative 5 there s his excellency* 

Rings hold not HHJories 5 who can rehearfe 

His vaft perfe&ion in a narrow Verfe ! 

Take Vertues, Graces, Gifts, and all you can* 

All are concentred in this holy man. 

A brighter Star in all our orb there s none. 

None doe exceed, few equal him that s gone. 

Ah pious foul ! What mortal man can fpeak out 
Thy rarehu nility / Whoe re meanly thought 
Of thee befides thy lelfe ? What mov d thy p 
But Eulogies and Commendations ? 

Tis well th* art gone from us, Ihouldft thou but look 

Into and read thy praifes in this Book, 

Tm fureby this thou would ft be fome what moved, 

And Simeon himfclfe fhould be reproved, 

He fpeaks thy worth fo much,and yet but little, 

Tis icarce enough (but true to every tittle.^ 

Thy perfonal endowments who would commend,, 

Should neither know whereto begin nor end. 

Thy Minifter al accomplifhments were rare, 

Thy contlant pains, thy diligence, thy car* 

For fouls in holy things, who can expreffe ? 

Thou might ft have longer liv d,had ft thou liv dlefTc. 

O melting Suppliant 1 who e re did know 

Thy Prayers to heaven without fome teares to go? 

The fecret ravifhings which poor fouls have found 

When from thy mouth the Word of life did found I 

Our very Pulpits wonder where thou art, 

In which thou didft fuch fpiritual gifts impart. 

But tis enough ! we J weep the reft ; we can 
Launch out no farther in this Ocean. 

Could prayers and teares have kept thee here, thy ftay 
It had been longer in this houfe of clay. 
Pray V barr d thee in foinc time, till death would throw 

L 2 Open 


Open the door by Force to let thee go 5 
At laft thy foul did finde the way to bliffe. 
And now is fteep d in Heavens happineffe. 

Oblefied change for thee? the painful bed 
Is now a Throne, where not a tear is (bed. 
No difaul groanings now from thee do conie^ 
But evcrlafting Triumphs in their room. 

Farewelfbleft SaintJ farewel,and fince f cis thus ; 
We l hafte to thee, thou wilt not come to us. 


Vf Oft the death of the Reverend^Learned^and Faithful 
Servant ofjefus Chriji^Mr. Jeremiah Whita- 
ker 3 late Minifter of Magdalene 
Bcrmonfey in Southwark. 

W Hat fpeaks this fuddcn ftorm of brinifli tears ?" 
What means this doleful volley in mine ears ? 
Is the Sundarkned V Doe the Lamps above^ 
Rtfolve thdr fiery ftati on to remove. 
And (hinc no more on earth ? Doth the Creatioir 
In tend -tomtit it ielf with Lamentation ? 
f he holy Whttaker is ftept away. 
Late Angtl of the Church of Berwottfcy-. 
A Pillar in Gods houfe, a fweet Mufitian 
That gladded drooping hearts; A TouI-Phyfi tian* 
A Sun whoft beams did coniolation fliine, 
A faithful ^kilful guide,a rare Divine. 
He was a Watchman could not well be blamed * 
A workman netdtd not to be afhamed. 
No Protect* that could change to every ffiape, 
No fervilc fpirited Preacher, that could fcrape 
And cringe to plcafe the Lufts of wanton mtn : 


He could not fay, and then unfay agen. 

Learned, yet very humble, prudent, dear 

To God, to men : meek, holy 5 wife>> fin cere, 

He lov d the Truth, he hated Herefie, 

A ftrong oppofer of all Blafphemy. 

His heart was toward a holy Reformation^ 

But let againft a godlefle toleration, 

Of lewd Opinions. Great was his care 

To keep the holy Covenant which he fware. 

The marrow of Gods Oracles was in him. 

No Scripture Myftery was hidden from him; 

Qafes of Confcience he could well unty, 

Scrupk^and Doubts from Scripture fatisfie* 

His holy Function was his confolation, 

His Pulpit work to Him was recreation. 

His pray rs were zealous,hcavenly fteep d in tear .> 

His Doftrine Orthodox, convincing cleare. 

Full of the fpirit of Life and Power, his words 

Did pierce like nails , did cut like fharpned fwords : 

H^durft tell Akab of his great oppreflion ; 

What! doftthoukill and after take poffeffion "> 

He dui ft tell H^W, though it coft his life, 

Tis wickediivfle to take thy brothers wife. 

Had ftrangers heard him preach , they Would have fed ? 

Siire John the Eafttjfs rifen from the dead. 

His carriage holy, harmleffe, free from ftrife. 

His Sermons were impr need in his life. 

His body was infirme, dlfeaied, weary, 

His foul ftill vigorous, aftive, ftrong and cheary. 

The more the Cab net did waft? and wear, 

The brighter did the Jewel ftill appear. 

Goodneffe of Nature made the world admir6 him, 

Tht- brightnejSe of his grace made Saints, defire him. 

The Church on earth hath loft a precious plant. 

The Church in heaven hath gain d a glorious Saint, 

RA. ROBINSON, Minifttr of Mary 
Wolnotb, Lumbar d Street London* 



Jeremiah Wbtitk 


I have bit everi 

THou didft not fhoot at rovers in the dark, 
Thy polifht (haft could hit the finallc ft mark * 
Gods glory was thy fcope,his Word thy guide, 
His {table Spirit did teacjj thee to d vide 
The word of truth iright: A fignaLTeachei, 
AnufefiiJ,p5ous,fruitful, powerful Preacher 
God made thee to his Church. None better knew 
Then Whitaker to carve to each his due : 
The mark of faving grace was firft obtain d, 
And now the mark of Glory thou haft gain d. 
Enjoy it ; and let other Archers fee 
Thy happy pattern, and take aim by thee. 

Ra. Robinfon Minijier of Mary Wolnoth^ 
Lombardftreetj London, 

on the death of his moji dear friend D that eminent 
fervant and Mini fter of jefwChrifts Mr. Jere 
miah Whitaker, Taftor of Mary Magdalen 
Bermondfey in 

THus Cedars fall^thus Stars doe difappear, 
Prophets though Angels, yet but mortals are. 
Our prophet Jeremy s dead, and now there s none 
That s fit to make his Lamentation. 
Plato once wifht that vertue could appear 
To mortal eyes, his wi(h was granted here. 
It any Breviator would comprize 
All vertues in a word, then let his eyes 



Be fixed here, k&fWhitafyr in minde, 
And there you have thevertuesall defin*d. 
Or would you know what all the Graces are? 
In (hart hand writing , they make Wbitaker. 
Would any have the Bible in a word, 
And what the vafteft comments can afford ? 
Read tfhitafars Works, perufe his converfation. 
And there s the Bible and th* Interpretation j 
That Book was in his breft fo well ingroft, 
He could reftore ft if it had been loft. 
H: that by thee (bleft Saint) (hall calculate. 
Will finde that Miracles are not out of date. 
Whoe re was fo far bleft to hear him teaching 
Was prone to think a Seraphim was preaching. 
9 Twas Auflitfs wifh iWP,ilpic Paul to hear 5 
Hi had been fatisfied, hadft thou been there. 
Me thought when thy fweetfotil was poured out 
In fervent prayer, I began to doubt 
Whether Elias was comedown a^ain, 
And mounting heavenward with his fiery train. 
In this thou diditexcel^ he fcaTd the fort 
Alone, but thou thy hearers did tranfport. 
Bat whither goss my doleful Mufe ? to fpan 
1 th hollow of thy fid the Ocean. 
Or to defcnbe his boundleifc hidden worth ? 
Nor tongue, nor pen can let his praifes forth. 
This only I will adde, he that w / uld draw 
His Pon Juture, muft ufe Afxlles Law, 
When to paint Lady Venn* with a grace, 
Tiiis Beauty gave a hand, that gave a face 5 
The third a colour gave, the next a feature, 
All joy n*d together made that lovely creature* 
In the fame manner, whofoeVe would paint 
The beauty of this thrice illuft /ions Saint, 
Muft rifle all the world, and-lojk apart 
For that iv iich fh ics tnmtn each ruble heart. 
OfiemaftfljinUity give, another Zeal, 
Another Prudence bfethr ens rents to hal. 



Learning a fourth inks highcft elevation* 
A fifth muft give a fpotltfll conversation. 
His preaching one man cannot imitate.} 
Here wee muft have Bezas triumvirate. 
And when we ave traveled all the world to findc 
Or make a copy of this match kfle mind, 
When other niens perfe&ions all do fail, 
We muft with that old Linuier dranl a vail 
Upon his pearlcffe parts, or for the reft, 
Say,Here lies that which cannot be exprefh 

Sicflevit Mat. Poole, Mini far of Michaels 
at the Quern in London. 

An Epitaph. 

HZre lies Saint Whitaker,t^ reft 
.annot) need not be exprejr. 
Gnat Borrows noife not 3 Give fomejetrs 
Tor the world toffeak^in tears, 
fir ft this age muft vent itsgriefe 
In figbsy the next mayfinde rehefe, 
Andjoyn their forrojrs to compnte 
1 ill grief e, returning ftrikes themmute^ 
And make .them flently cenfffi 
Their lofi : his worth was faihomtefl: 

Another Epitaph. 

UNdtr this Stone entombed lies 
4n heaf oj contrarieties^ 
One thai * dead,yet doth remain 
forper\ony place^ and worh^ the fame. 
Hisprecwusperfon wascotrtbirfd 
,0f foul and bod} firmly pyrfd. 
Softill, thefe partsjhwgb diftant, }t 



In Cbrift are to etch other ?//* 
70 earth hts body wjs confind^ 
Alw&tes beatfn bad and hath his mind. 
His workjvjsf reaching) jo ^tisftill) 
And f reach his name for ever mil. 

Mat. Poole. 

On the memory of the 

Mini ft er oftheGoffel (bis reverend brother de- 
ceafed) Mr. Jeremiah Whit aker. 

WHttaktr fleeps,fpices you need not bring 
For s.bodyjdeath it felf s embalm d to him. 
Ahblefled Saint! his Sermons were not done 
When preach djhe liv d the Application : 
A figh was breathed out^God breath d in a pray r. 
Lie gently onhimduft 3 thisfeed isfown 
To fpring again at th Refurreftion. 
Oh for a verfe in black ! Reader prepare 
For every .drop of Ink to melt a tear. 
Yet ftay ; with griefether s caufe of joy : then thus 
Joy fhal fhed tears for him, and griefe for us. 

Benjamin Needier. 

Indbitum eximii tamDodrinJ quam pietate 
Theologi, *]tremi& Whitakeri, funebre 

DEfleat occiduos etas ingrata prophetas} 
Liquit Evangelicum collapfa. *fynaftritt extern : 
Lugen+em & moefto Whitakerus/wr^ mtmdum 
Defer uit ; lachrjmif fquaUeHtem liquerit urbem : . 

Jam per eat mendax (leflorido vpinio l*ch y Mr. 

Mwtuus bic V*tcsnoflrumfefAivit honor em t 

M Cmuit 


Corruit & Veraxfacundi gloria roflri : 
Patronum anufit Pauper ;populufque Lutheran : 
Amifitque pium mutilata tcclefut gna\um y 
Paftorcmccetuty patrent amifere Miniftri : 
Gensnttl&frtconw, intmot&m fjnodufq; columnam, 

]. Wells 3 Old ^evory^ Lond. P after 

To the memory of his dear friend dnd 

BEhold this fhadow whofe admired worth 
Nor pen,nor tongue is able to fet forth ! 

Jiewhofe vaftfoul Walk d through the Iflc of Man, 

Is here confined in a fhorter fpan. 

Whofc worth the world though twere as big again 

Were much too fhort and narrow to contain. 

Sweet were his life and death^his wel fpent daies 

Began with goodnefle andexpir d with praife^: 

His lamp was ever burning, never hid; 
And when his tongue preacht not 5 his a&ions did * 
And to his death he ftil fought faiths good fight, 
And then .his Lamp exchanged his borrowed light 
Fcjr aiv Imniortal luftre, and here lies, 
n(hrin d 3 not dead , for Vertue never dyes. 

ti. &.PariJhioner. 

, ;. 


; On the death of the Reverend Mr. Jeremiah < - -~ 

TJOw, facrilcgloas Death, r prov ? ftthou(b bold 
JLXTo rob the Tttnple^ of calcined Gold ? 
What Alchimy profane whh thee s fo juft> 
To turne fuch metal to igpobler [daft > 


Moft orient tPUttfyfy whofe beaming rate 

Haiti foil d all others to adulterate, 

O how with Rvman Bards fhal we complain 

That Altars want their incenfe once again ? 

That the Church odours ceafe to orifons blefs 

Since earths perfumes transformed to rottenneflk 

But is he dead ? and can new * Troy that bears ;*City of i< 

His name,not ftrait diflblve her (tones to tears, don. 

Anjd weep into the duft, when they may have 

A Burial too ? whilft every frighted grave 

At this new gutlifhall charm his mouldring bones 

To eccho to the dead the living mones, 

That fo our Lcvite by both Tomb and City, 

May be condol d with Epidemick pity. 

William Lewis, M. of A. of Trinity 
Colledge in Cambridge. 

Epitaphium ad tumulum Sanfti Whitakeri , qui 

quoad corpus morbidus quo ad animum pur- 

gatiffimus & maximefaaus 3 circa veficarn 

gangrcna laborabatjcirca pr^cordia 

finceritate folgebat. 

f)0ft exanilatos tot nofte dieque labores 
1 indent mrte vemt cceltius alma quies* 
Laflatus ntorbif ftudtis rojbtsjacbryntifque) 

]amplacide hie dormtffanw in hoc tumulo. 
Sanior heufi wens babitaffet corf ore fano^ 

N obu tar da ntagis iHors y iibi tar da wims. 
Altdita namque latet dwn invunt vita piorunt 

Cbrifloy atque in vitam, dum ntoriuntur cunt* 
Nafcitttr in vitamqvifa moriturus Qlynqum 

dfcenditfohts cvrfore minus babens^ 


Nec Whkakere fruw/ properw* ma 

NawqueCaro ante obit?imMortificata fiat. 

Lugens pofuit Johan. Fuller^ Ecclef; 
Martin. Lond. Paftor. 

More upon the Death D 4io/ f0/e bk/ed memory of 
that Man of God^ Reverend and worthy Mr. Jere 
miah Whitaker, a Faith full, laborw^and 
z,ealo#*Minifter ofjefus Chrift. 

28. QO 7wfc flept in Bethel on the Stone, 

OWhere he enjoyed Heavens glorious vifion* 

In life,in fickneffe 3 Ltf2/?r^-like the poor 

So beg f d 3 prayed,wept, with ulcers at the door 

Of hardned Z>* ivw, as thon at the Throne 

Of grace to a better P/^^ madtft thy moan^ 

God rich in mercy ; and fo now to us 

Thou lleepft our friend, the rich loved Lazaru**, 

Saints live here (ick, poor, toylfom at the beft ; 

Whilft from all labours Heaven gives rich bleft rdh r?o- 

So lilk-worms with their Weary web out Wrought, 
Themfelves uncloath, that they may others cloath.^ 

So with the induftrious Bee, thou long haft brought 
Sweet Honey from thy lips to others ; loath 

We were to lofe thee$ but lights fo faft fpendihg, 
Themfelves fhinc brighteft,and arefooncft ending. 

Saints tears arc Angels wine, which they oft tailing 5 

From this our weeping Jeremiahs eyne, 
Thefe fervants longd fornwre, and over-hafling 

Crav d leave to take up this fo fruitfull Vine, 
And ittranfplant to Heavenly Canaam foyle ; 

\Vherc it bears fweetcr fruic with far Icfle toyle, 


After To raany foul -affifting 

Tis juft thqukcep ft eternity in praife* 

"Britain that from white-rocks gain d Altiw name 

Of Whtie-ttkps, reaps crop of higher fame. 

Fields here have flood white to Heavens harveft grown^ 

*Mongft reft two white akers moft richly fown^ 

Divine Whtiabgrs this rich foyl hath born, 

Laden with found good full andripeft Cornv 

Both in their generation crown d with piety 

And learning, ferv d here the higheft Deity* 

Both Teacliers,P reachers, and Profeflbrs were 

Of found Divinity, in Mofes chaire. 

Both valiant for Ghrifts truth, and both befide 

For reformation ftood gainft Romifh pride* 

Both richly laden Corn, ere harveft fell, 

Harveft of Autumn-age, and now both dwell 

In their Lords barn, Heavens Mansions. What s firft fown* 

Is not firft cut, but what s moft ripe, beft grown. 

Wfon earth-quakes fluke the whole, no wonder then 

Church-pillars fall, fuch prime rare men of men. 

Oh that Eliflia-Yike we might inheric 

A double part of thefe Elijahs {pint. 

What famin s comming well may England doubt, 

When God and men thruft Harvcft- labourers out. 

* flwake him heartier. 

Saints dead^tKeir Names embalm d like Phoenix lie 
In her fweet funeral pile of fpicery. 
f Emblem of refurreftionj whence goes forth 
A favor of moft rich and precious worth : 
So from thy fragrant name in death afcends 
A fume of lively hope that chears thy friends. 
For though in death thy wearied body fleepeth, 
Ht l keep and wake thee that his Ifrael keepeth. . 


OuiL/?/rrw< not in death but fleep doth d\vtl$ 
I wake him heartier (peakes he (hall doe well, 
Whiift life and truth this prcrnife didaverre 
I goe to wake him, lure then heartier. 

So over-toild labourers, Harveft-fpent, 
Are to their bed of rcti more timely fent, 
That when in Morn they heartier awake 
Td th matters joy they may themfelves betake. 

Upon the fecond C Jeremiah Wktiaker^ Anagram; 
Anagram, I here^l a whit* 

Nor is this all thy precious name affords 

Of ufe, thou gaveft us ever more then words. 
1,1 here a white Mark mews us befidc 

Thou art a white, a Mark,our faithful guide, 
A Paul in health, for paines; for patience 

A Job in ficknefle, and without offence. 
Now in white mark aftarthou doft appear 

Of the firft magnitude and higheft fphear ; 
Directing us leaft wandring in the dark 

By fin we rove from the high callings marjc,- 
And mifle our garland that rich glorious prize 

To which thou aim ft us, blefled Paradifc ; 
Thy name bleit foul thus by a facred charme 

From Earth to Heaven givesois a loud alarm. 


the Life and Death of that freciow Servant of 
God^Mr Jeremiah Whitaker 3 n>60/e name(lik$ 
that of his Lord and Mafter) is an 
Oyntment poured forth. 



He ./&*l/7,His work, White-aker. 

wait God. $Jer.20.i 3 . Afietdvhtte^ .--,, 

God (hall Ks wages, for Harveft, V^.Tf ^ 

exaltbim.$ John 4,35. > 

Left Saint, how well thy Name and worth agree I 

In Name and Office thou art Jeremj. 
A God-exalter, and by God exalted 5 

APrif/f,a tropbet: one that never halted 
Twixt God and Btf/j/,twixt the truth and errour 3 

Nor couldft be made to dart for hope or terrour. 
Heroick Champion, thou deaths venemous fting 

Haft cpnquer d and with Chrift now raign it as King; 
A wife and fai thful Labourer for thy Lord> 

To gather in his Harveflby the word : 
Thou haft approv d thy feife to Earth and Heaven, 

Witneffc thy Life and Do&rine purg d from Leaven. : 
Both Labourer and Harveft were thy part, 

The former living, this thou dying art. 
The eild being for Harveft, ler. V/hite-aker % 

Is reapt, and of a better foyle partaker. 
Thy melting teares now cordial-water be, 

Let me thy forrowes tafte,thy joy es to fee, 

Paftor of peters 


A Tuner all Elegy upon the rwer end hh dear e dc 
.ceafed friend^ Mr. Jeremiah Whitaker. 

O Let me w(ef> 9 and eventide a Spring 
Vnto the Sea. ofgriefefome tribute bring. 
Ihtje Cheekes of mine with "fears bedew dfkall fwfll 

For this Serafhique Sa mi who lately fell. 
70 lofe a Friend is fa d^but for our Nation 

To lofe a. Jeremy is Lamentation. 
Could he front death fome way releafed be 

His venues furely might hjivefet himfree\ 
But twas a debt 5 and what enflamed depre 

Had he to leave his mantle andflye higher ! 
HowyMlfrarfe his worth, and not d/fpraife f 

Say wore^and not fay lefte? darkntng his rayes. 
Meekneffe) humility y in this Orbe fhitfd, 

In him the chaine ^/Graces was conbin di 
How was hcfir dwith zeaisven from his youth) 

And though he loft dV,woutd hold f aft the truth. 
With Jeremy he was a man offtrife, 

Tei net for Tithes but Souls* this was his ///<?> 
A downright^ upright man he was, a Star 

Wbofefacred influence diffnfedfar : 
And that ofthefe an end I may endo\e, 

His faitb in Chrift befolely did repofc. 
I h/s made him when he felt the f) or f eft fain, 

Vfon the flinty racl{e, not to complaine$ 
Nay when he at the joint of death did lye,, 

Did as the milkj Swan moft gently dye* 
What did he dye ? his foul as in a CeU y 

In heavens bright paradife isgine to dweti 
^Among the Cher ubines , where he doth ring 
k them *batjo}Htlj HaVelujabs fing : 
re he for t tares in joy doth much encreafa 

Pleafure dotb kirn of former paittc reletfe $ 

Ht never Jhatltf Stone", or Ulcer heare^ 
He never need any moreficfyteffefeare. 

Deare Saint ! 1 fooner had adorn* d thy hearfe, 
Gut griefefirft vents by weeping, thcnjy verfe. 

Thomas Watfon, p/r/fo <?/ Stephens 
Wai brook, London, 

Vpon the death of that Reverend Divine^ 
Mr. Jeremiah Whitaker. 

STay and lament, all you that travel by 5 
Tisfin to pafle,and not to caft an ey 
Upon this mournful^//? e^acle^ the hear ft 
Of one, whofe name can dignifie a verfe. 
Loe here th exuvium of that heavenly foul, 
Who living did by s words and wovkj controule 
The powV of fm and Satan; and whofe breath 
Redeem d poor fouls from darkgefond from death, 
And by his pious Doctrine did convince 
The fly Temptations of that ayery Prince. 
He whofe whole life, was a continued ft aft 
OfprattJcallTHvinitfo each aft 
A $ert*ott) and each word an explanation ; 
So that hi sdudients might, by imitation 
Of him, and of his life, to Heaven come, 
Although they had been deaf, or he been dumb, 
But that Almighty potfr who from above 
Does all things order, and in whom we move 
Wrapt all thefe trea/ures up in brittle Clay; 
Death gave*t a crack, and fo tooke all away. 
And now our griefs amount to fuch ft fumme 
That to exprefs them beft is to be Dumbe. 
They that can count their wealth,are ccunted poore^ 
And wha ,^n ^^his greifes-can fufFer more* 


Tis diminution to his worthy weepe 
Withftngh Teares,we his whole flock of ffaepe 
Joyne in one Law ntation, and let fall 
Our general! tea res at this fad Funeral! 
Of our dear Shepherd^ in whofe fatal grave 
Both he and we one joint mterrment have. 
From hence there s no return for him to us, 
Bat we muft by degrees all follow thust 
He s gone before to it/her us, now dead 
What all his life he wrought is perfefted. 
Living he fieri* d the way to Heaven^ whither 
dead he* $ gone to dears onrpaffage thither; 


rifcioners of Bermonfey 

1 i 


Books newly printed by Ralph Smithtfii. 

Mr. Dickjons Expofition on the whole Book of 
Pfalmes in three Books. 

The Chriftian Charter, (hewing the priviledge of Belie 
vers in this life , and in the life to come : by Mr. Watfon % 
Minifter of Stefhen Walbrok$ 5 the third Edition , much 

Alfo, Mr. Watfons Art of Divine contentment 5 the fe- 
cond Edition. 

Mr. Hutchwfons Expofition on the fix fmall Prophets, 
viz. Obtidia^Jonah^dicah^Nahum^ Habakfal{ , and Zepha- 

Mr. Hutchinfons Expofition on : the three laft Prophets, 
viz. Haggaiy Zcchariah 9 Malachi. 

An Expofition on the whole book of Ecchfafles , by 
that late learned and pious Divine, Mr. 


,K .>