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Full text of "A support for the sinking heart in times of distresse : or, A sermon preached in London, to uphold hope and allay feare, January 4th, which was a day of great trouble and deepe danger in the city"

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: *i&4 


M m 1 H 





the finking Heart 

in times of diftreife. 


in London, to uphold hope 

and allay feare, lanuary 4 th . Which 

was a day of great trouble and dcepc 

danger in the City, 

— T?~ ^ 

By Simeon Ash. 

Prov. 25.11. 

A Word fitly £p*ken 3 is like Affile s ofgoldjnpfttircs offifosf. 


& Printed by G.M. and are to be fold by Thmas Vn- 
k. derhill, at the fignc of the Bible in TVoodfirett neare 
5 the Counter, M D C X L I U 


To the Chriftian Reader, 

S ^ %g* & 8 feafonablenefe of 
' % % this Sermon occafioning 
war me workings in the 
hearts of many who 
heard it preached jhes 
^Author of it was per/waded to print 
itibut he judging it unworthy fuch puh+ 
like view, returned a deny all unto thofe 
dt fires of his friends. Ul forwards un± 
derHanding that a Coppy taken hyjhort 
hand from his mouth, would be made* 
common, he rather chofe to perufe and 
correB it } then to expo/e him fife and 
the reader unto greater wrong Here** 
uponfundrjphrafes are filed, and fome 
A % Scriptures 

To the Reader, 

Scriptures lay ed more ope®, other addi- 
tions or amplifications are not yery ma~ 
ny, hut thou now hafl the body of the 
Sermon > both for matter and method y as 
itwasfrH delivered* When thou mee^ 
tefl with wants and weakpejfes/emem- 
her that not the confidence of theprea* 
$her> but the importunity offome of his 
heareres, hath made tbisdifcourfe thus 
publike* If by meanes hereof y thy foule 
fh all receive any Jpiriwall edification, 
and grow more able with hope and com- 
fort, to tbru/l through flraights in Hea* 
ven way -give God the glory of all his 
gracious wordings upon thy Jpira by 
fefm Chrifl* 

(JPfttrtij.ij. i^4i:„. 

IT is thfs day ordered by the Committee of foe Houfe 
of Commons in TarHament concerning Printing* 
that this Booke, intituled A (it^ort fir the finhingheart 
m times ef&ftrep, be printed. 

John Whits. 

Gere sis. 

c/f fupprtfor the finking heart l ,&c. 

_ mwmmMmmmmm r 

Gen, XXI L XIV. 
In the ^Mount of the Lord it fhallbe 


iNterpreters call this Text a Froverbe, the 
interpretation whereof is to be fetched 
from the occafion of it. 

God by way of tryall did put his fer^ 
vant Abraham upon a fad taske, a dead 
fervice, commanding him to make a 
burnt offering of his fonne, his fonne (faac^ the fonne of 
his age,and the fonne of Godspromife. 

Take now thy fonne jhy onlyfinne I faack Whom thou toveft, Yer[ % t* 
And get thee into the /anaofMoriah, and offer him therefor 4 
burnt offering. 

How heavy this worke was likely to be upon Abrahams 
heart, I leave it to the judgement of any ameliorate fa- 
ther, when he hath ferioufly perufed the law of the Lord 
concerning burnt offerings. 

1 he offering being flaine it was to Be cutinpeeces, Lcv,i.«.8 3 ^» 
the wood being laid upon the Altar fire was to be put un- 
der, the parts, the head, the fat were to be laid in order 
upon the wood, the 'inwards and the legs being wafot in 
water,all were to be burnt on the Altar. 

When the good old man had chewed this bitter pill 
for the fpace of three dayes, towards the end of the third 
day, he lifting up hk eyes fiw the place afarre off where his Gen. z i+ 
A3 deareft 

K^i fepport fir t fa Jinking heart 

deareft fonne muft be facriftced. 

Being come to his journey es end be builds the Altar, 
binds his fonne, and layes him thereon. What patheticall 
conference pa-fled betweenethem two, the Holy Ghofl 
reveales not. Bat what it was each affectionate heart 
, will make conjecture. When the father ( no doubt with 
a heavy heart ) had taken the knife, and lifted up his 
hand, and was ready to give the deaths blow to his be-* 
loved Ifaack^ now imagin you what vj&QzAbrahamf 

Is it not probable he might have flich reafon-ings as 
thefe? If I kill not my fonne God will be incenf;dbe- 
caufe he is difobeyed ; If I doe, how will the worH cla- 
mour and cenfure, being ignorant of my warrant,, and 
therefore apt to judge my act both impious and unna- 

Now in the Mount is the Lord feene, divine provi- 
dence fweetly and glorioufly appeareth two wayes. 
i . Jn that Abrahams fonne is fpared. 
2. In that a fitting facrifice is prepared, and both un- 
Z/irf.iiyi 2. expected. Abraham, Abraham hold thy hand. 

How welcome were thefe words to the working 
warms heart of ^Abraham , being ready to let forth the 
life of his welbeloved fonne? The execution is checkt, 
Jfaack^is not killed, and yet the intention of his obe- 
Heb.11.17, dience herein is gracioufly accepted: yea and as an ad- 
dition of mercy, he is afluredby Chnftthe Angellofthe covenant,that God accounted him one that truly feared 
■ ' his name. JSIowJknowthoufiareftme. 

This unexpected providence might worke in the good 
mans heart willingnefle to tender unto the Lerd an of- 
fering in way ofthankfullneffe, that hisMajefty might 
have fome homage in the fame place wherein had The w- 
ed fo much favour. And -though fpeedy provifion of that 
kind was as farre from Abrahams thoughts, as the pre- 
fervation of his fonne, yet when he lifted up his eyes 
and looked, behold behind him aramme caught in a thicket 
.Verf.i$. bj the homes ; And Abraham Vcent and teokg the ramme 


in times of dtstrefje. 

and offered him up fir a burnt offering in the pad of kid fome, 
md Abraham called the name of that place Jehovah J -irch. 

I will not trouble you in reporting the various rea- 
dings of thefe words from the original!. In fhorf, 
the englifh of my Text is this, Mdns extremity is ged: 
opportunity. Or tf you would have my Doctrine in other 
words, take it thus : 

In the Mount, in the mtdft of ftrdghis it bath heenethe> jy ^ 
manner of the Almighty, mercifully to manifefi himftlfe fur 
hisfervants comfort. 

There are two things that I fhall deMre t© fpeake too 
in the proiecution of this point, purpofely pitched upon 
fcccaufe of this dayes perplexity. 

1 . Confirmation, that it may be ftrongly beieeved. 

2. Application, that it may be feafonably improved. 
The Confirmation of the Doclrme I will give 


i. By Scripture- 

2. By Rcafon. 

The Scripture proofe you (ball have under two heais,, 

i . The Promifes of God. 

%. The experiences of the godly. 

I will mention only two pretious Promifes* becaufe 
they are furficient , being both pregnant and pertinent, 
Ipeaking both fully and punctually tothe point in hand. 

The former is in r Pfal-ji..i2. where the fweet dif- pial.7.2^. 
penfations of Chrifts rcgall authority being tipically 
foretold by King Solomons government, we have this re- 
corded. Hejhatl deliver the needy When he crjeth, ihepoore 
4IJ0 md him that hath no, helper. You may doe well to 
marke the fitneffe and fullneffe of the Tromife. 

1. When Chrift finds his people in themfelves poor® 
and needy jdeftitute of abilities to (belter themfelves from 
wrong and violence. 

%. When in regard of others it is thus with them 3 vi*U 
not only that they have weakc helps, or few helpers, but 
when they have no helpers,nonc at all. 

3* When 

Kji fuffort fir the [inking hart 

3. When in this diftreffe they cry out as perfonsin 
an undone condition, tken, though not till then willhe 

The other Promife is regiftred in Dettt.32.36. For 
Deut^t,}*. the Lord {hall judge bit people, and repent himfelfi fir hisfer- 
*>Mts When hefeeth that their power it gone, and there is none 
jhut^p^or left. 

The language is large, and hath much in it, but be- 
caufe the proofe in it is apparent to every eye, I will 
leave it. 

The experiences of the godly which I {hall produce 
ycu may pleafe thus to coniider : 

1 . Of (ingle Perfons plunged into decpe dangers. 

2. Of companies, whether few or many, comparted 
about with devouring perills on every fide. 

Forfingle PcrfbnsJ will inftancein foure Examples. 
Dan.6. i&i7, ^ c f*& * s o(Danie/l, wherein foure circumftanccs 
See. are remarkeable. 

1. He was cafi to Lyons, not only one but many, the 
number we know not. . 

2. He was put into 'the Lyons den, and the doo^e was 
(hut, <* fione Veas brought and layed upon the mouth of the 
den that he might not get forth from thofe beads of prey. 

3 . The King fealeth it Veith his ownefignet, and With the 
fignet of his Lords y that the ptirpofe might not be changed con- 

4. jli this darke den of deadly danger he continued 
a whole night, and in this great ftraight the Lord by his 
AngeH, Jhut the Lyons mouthes that they did hisfervant m 
hurt at all. 

The fecond Example is that of D avid, : 1 Sam.i^ 
from the 25. to the 28. Saul purfued after David in the 
Vtildemejfe «f Maori, and Sau\ 'Went on this fide the Moun- 
mine and David and his men on that fide of the Mountainc, 
and David madehafie to get away fir feare of Snul, for Saul 
md hu men compared David 4nd his men roundabout to take 
them. But there came a meffenger unto Saul faying, haft 
ttiee md comet fir the FhUiftincs have invaded the Land y 


in times ofdiHreJfe. 

Cohere fire S aul returned from purjuing after David . 
In this Example thefe things are confiderable. 

1. It was noleflc then 1) avids life that now Was en- Verf.1%* 

2. The Ziphites who were acquainted with Davids 

holds, combined themfdves alfo againft him. ^* l ^' 

3. All this ftrengthdid njot ©nlyina w T arre-like way 
take up armes tomcetehim, for then by flying backe he 
might have made an efcape, but they compaffed him 
round about, 

4. Hi*, ftrength was not fufficient fafely to breaks 
through thefe blood-thirfting fbrces:Now in this ftraight, 
an unexpected providence procures his prefervation : In 
this Mount was God feene glorioufly. 

The third Fxample is that of Paul, which you have 
in the 2 1 .zAfts 3 0,3 1 ,3 2 . AL the City Was moved, and , 
the people ranne together, they bound Paul, drew him out of 
the Temple, and forthwith the do ores Were pout, and as they 
Went about to kill him, ty dings came to the chiefs Capmine 
of the band, that all Jerufslem Was in an uproare, Who 
immediately took* (ouldiers, and font ur ions, and ranne downe 
ttnto them, md When they jaw the chiefi (,aptoine and the fink 
diers,they left beating Paul. 

Herein you may note : 

1. The generall InfurrecTion, All the City. 

2 . Their violent Opposition, They drew him out x 

3. Their bloody Intention, It Was to kill Paul. 

4. Their entrance upon execution, They Were beating 
him to beate out his life : Now in this ftraight commeth 
tydmgs, leave him there is fomethingelfe to doe: Thus 
was Cod in the Mount feene, and "Pauls life preferved. 

The fourth Example is o£ Peter, Ails 1 2.4,6,7. where- 
in note : 

1 . That H*?W intending to kill him ( having done ex- 
ecution upon James 9 ver.2.)had apprehended him,and im- 
prifoned him. 

2. In prifon he was committed to the cuftody of foure 
quaternions offoiildiers, that for every watch boti day 

6 and 

\^i fuppivt for thefmking heart 

and night there might fey 6tf». and 4. looking to him 
to prevent efcape. 

3. The night before he was to be brought forth, he 
was bound with two chaines, and twofouldiers had him 
betweene them. And now,that night,and in that ftraight, 
he was delivered by the Angell of God. 

The experiences of Gods people in combined com- 
panies, come in the next placato be conlidered, and for 
brevities fake I will enly fuggeft three. 

The firfl is of Shadrac^ Mefiech^ and nAbednego, 
wherein their Perfons are not fo many as the particulars 
notable in their deliverance, Dan.^. 19,20,2 1 ,2 2,23 ,&c. 
Then, W as Nebuchadnezzar full of fury, and the forme of 
his vifige Was changed againfl Shadrack, Mefech and Abed- 
nego, therefore he fpake and commanded that they fhould 
heate the furnace [even times more then it Was Wont to behea- 

From thefe words their extreame perill with which 
they were befleged,appeares in five eircumftances. 

1. Their death is determined by the King, who- had 
authority to command both their tortures and execu- 

2- The moft mighty fouldiers were appointed to bind 
them,and doc execution upon them.' 

3. The furnace being heated feven times more hot 
then ordinarily, did burne to death them who undertooke 
their burning. 

4, Thefe j mejnf, were caft not only into the mouth, 
but into the midft of the furnace. 

5. They fell down bound in the midft of the burning ■ 
fiery furnace. Now in this conditio:], conceive how 
little hope could be expe^ed oi life to be continued, and 
<U ,r yet it is affirmed by the Holy Ghoft, that tlsey had no hurt, 

upon their bodies the fire had m power, nor Was the haire of 
their head finged. 

The next is of Ifrael when they came out of Egypt v 
recorded, Exodus 14, Wherein the!"- things in forth Ifi 
raels extremity, 


in times ofdi&reffe. 

i . T he forces prepared againft them, The heart of Pha- 
roah and of his fervants Was turned agdirift the people, and 
he made ready his Chariot andtooke hit people With him, and 
he tocke fix kunared chef en Chariots ; and all the (fhariots of Verfa fiff* 
"Egypt^nd Captnines over every ens of them. 

7, . The purfuit made after them, 7 hey pur fued after tfo 
children of Iirael, and the Egyptians pur fued after them, all Verf&&» 
thehorfes and Chariots of 'Pharaoh, andhishorfemenandhU 

3. The dreadfull apprehenfions railed in the hearts of 
the Ifraelites, (viz.) that no leflfe then their death was 
intended. Why haft thou ttkgnus away to dye ? Had it not 

beene better for us tofervethe Egyptians then that Wejhould v«y.ll|l*. 

4. The particulars whereby they were further ftraight- 

ned. I. The Egyptians overtoohe them encamping by the Verf.9. 

Sea. 2. The<SV^ if they went forward threatned to de- 

voure them. In this diftrefle Ged difcovers himfdfe, 

and delivers them. For obferve the words, Mofes [aid 

unto the people, fcareye not, ftandftill, and fee the (alvation of Verf. 1 3 . 

the Lord,Which he Wtlljhew to yon to day. 

To day, even juft now and not before, helpe comes 
from Heaven. Herein this farther circumftance hath it's 
weight, that Jfrael at this inftant was provoking God, by 
murmuring and diftruflfullfeares. 

The laft is of Jfrael in the raigne of 'Jeroboam fonne of % King, 14.1$, 
Joajh. The Lordfiw the affiSion of Ifrael that it Was very tj. 
bitter t for there Was not any fhut up, nor any left, nor any • 
helper for Jfrael, and the Lord faid not that he Would blot 
out the name of I fr aell from under Heaven, but hefaved them 
by the hand of J ei oboam the fonne of J oa{h. 

All thefe p?ifages propounded from facred re- 
cords , may abundantly fatisfie us in the truth of 
the docTrine now under hand : ( viz. ) That in the^^^ 
Mount of the Lord it J&atl appear* , Mans extremity is gods ^X. 
opportunity. \ 

_ In cafe you inquire the Reafons of this divine difpenfa- 
ti«s>n, I returneanfwer, 

B 2 That 

K^i fufpm for the Jinking heart 

That God thus worketh in reference to I His people. 

C Their enemies 

i. In reference to himfelfe. The prayfe and glory of 

his own ble{T:d Name defigned in all his works, is the 

iupreame end aymed at in this Providence. This God 

bringeth in as thecaufe why his hand carryed Ifraelio 

the very fide of the Sea, into the mquth ©f death before 

deliverance thould appeare. / Will be honoured upon Pha- 

* , raoh and upon all his hoafi, that the. Egyptians may know that 

Exod.14.4. JamtheLor d. 

Vponfuch oceafions the Attributes of the Lord breake 
forth in glory, His Wifdome is moft manifested when 
it worketh beyond meanes, above meanes, that humane 
reafbn cannot find out divine foot-fteps. His Power 
triumphs when all oppofition (hrinketh before his won- 
drous workings. The like might be ftiewed concer- 
ning his other excellencies. The event of Gods dealings 
with 'Daniel, and the three young governours in the- 
times of their ftraights, difcover that this was Gods in- 
tent in thofg providences. For marke how Ne- 
buchadnezzar and King Darius did trumpet forth the 
praifes of the God of Shadrach, Mefech, Abednego and 
Daniel, when, they were eye witness of thofe two 
glorious deliverances which were wrought on by omni- 

Ban.3.18^. potency. 'Then Nebuchadnezzar Jpakg and [aid, blejfed 
Be the £]od 0/ Shadrach, Mefhach and Abednego, Who hath 
fent his Angett, and delivered his- fervants that trusted in 
him, and have changed the Kings Word, and yeelded their 
bodies that they might notferve, nor Wor/bip any pod except 
their oWne God. Therefore J make a decree, that every peo- 
ple, nation and language.. Which Jpeak? 'any thin? amijfe 
againfl the god of Shadrach, Mefhich and Abednego, 
[ball be cm in pieces, and their houfes (hall he m<ide a dunff- hill 
btcaufe there is no other Cjod that can deliver after tha (ert ; 

JDan.6. 26,27. Then 7G'ȣ Darius Wrote unt9 all people, nations and Ian- 
- gWge*, that dvpellin all the earth. 1 m^ze a decree, that in 
tvery dominion of my Kinodome , men. tremble and fear e be- 

in limes ofdijiteffe. 

fore the CJod of Daniell, for he is the living God, dndftedfaft 
far e^er, and his Kingdome that Which Jhall not be destroyed, 
and his dominion Jhall be even unto the end. He deliver eth 
And refcueth, and he "Worketh fignes and Wonders in Heaven 
and in earth Who hath delivered Danicll from the power of 
the Lygns. By both thefe inftances it is evident, that the 
LordMth appeare in the Mount for his owne fake, to get 
and flp himfelfe a name in the world. 

JHod doth thus work in refpecl to his own people, 
Andnere I will note only foure particulars. 

i. Sometimes that he might difcovertohis fervants 
for thek. encouragement, both the truth and ftrength 
of his owne graces in them. This was the reafbn why 
God thus tryed Abraham, that he might manifcft that 
holy feare which was planted in his bread. Hereupon 
God putteth him to it, and carrieth him into the Mount, 
leadeth him into diftreffe by degrees, acting him on to 
build the Altar, to lay the wood in order, t© bind his 
ifaack* to lay him upon the Altar, upon the wood, yea 
to take the knife, and to ftretch forth his hand to (lay'his 
fonne, before he did appeare for his comfort, in giving 
order for the lengthening of Ifaacks life. And now 
when there feemed to be but one minute of time unto the 
efftifioh o£lfaacks blood, hearc the good newes from Hea- 
ven , Abraham I know thtu. fear eft me, 

2. Sometimes to manifeft the feebleneffc of Tome 
grace in their hearts for their humbling, Teter thought 
himfelfe full enough of courage to cometoChrift upon 
the finking kas if he might have a call* Well I marke 
the iflbe, Chrift calleth him, come out Peter, but Men 
hefavptheWindesboyfterous* and when his footing failed, 

he began to fmke> then he Wat afraid and cry ed out, here- Mat. 14.48,29, 
uponobferve Chriftsanfwer, thopt of little faith, Why i° 3 ii* 
dUsi thou doubt. 

3. That he may fet the graces of his-Spirit in exercife, 
both for their increafe, and for the enfeebling of con- 
trary lufts. We know that habits are ftrengthened by 
exercife, and grace is augmented in it's meafure, by 

B 3 being 

1 kj£ fuffort for the finkmg hurt 

being put forth Yigoroufly in it's operations. And by- 
how much any grace gathereth ftrength, by fo mucn 
the oppofing corruption bec©mmetb feeble in a Chriftian 
breft. And that the Lord hath this end in this kind of 
working, it might be evidenced by raanifdt inftances, 
but for brevities fake, I will only point at one, in one 
{ingle experiment. 

As h«ly affiance in God is confirmed, fo by fuch like 
difpenfations creatursconfidence is abated in holy^earts, 
2 Cor. T.p,io. But frehad thefentence of death in our feU 
ves, that fre Jhould not trufl in our [elves, but in Godfrhich 
raifeth the dead, Who delivered w from Jo great a death, and 
doth deliver ', in Whom Vce tru{l that he Will jet deliver us. 
Men in ftraights fee the ftrength of creature helps fhnunke 
up, and withered, whereupon they dare leanetothcm 
no longer; but Gods irrefiftible power, profound wif- 
dome, abundant goodneffe, and other glorious attributes 
in fuch difficult cafes being clearely difcovered, the foulc 
is incouraged confidently to caft it felfe into his armes for 
future times. 

4. That their deliverance might be more fwect to 
their fpirits, and confequently that their joyes might 
the more readily runne out before his Majefty in holy 
trfankfullnefTe. When we expect that now our houfes 
{hall be fired, the City fack't, our eftates wafted, our 
wives abufed, our children cruelly murthered, our Sab- 
bath and weeke day meetings interrupted, our Parlia- 
ment diflblved, and our Kingdomedefolated. Now to 
fee thefe clouds to blow over, and cur Sunne to breake 
forth againe, oh how fweet will this glorious change 
beto our now-dropping hearts! Davids experince fpeaks 
to this purpofe, Pfal. 3 4.1,2,3. A Pfalme of Davidvjhcn 
he changed his behaviour before Abimelech, who drove 
him away, and he departed. / "frill blejje the Lord at all 
times, hii fraifejhall continually be in my mouth. My (oule 
fhaUmake her boafi in the Lord, the humble fitall heare there* 
of and be glad, oh magnify the Lord frith me, and let ut exalt 
his name together. Tial.8^. 12,13. / Will praife thee O 


in limes ofdiftreffe, rI 

Lor 'd my (jod With all my heart, and I Veil/ glorifie thy name 
for ever mere, For great is thy mercy toward me ', and thou 
haft delivered my Joule from the loweft heft. But mors fully 
and fitly may our Kingdoms concernments beexpreffed 
by : Pfal. i 24. if our God be pleafed now to appeare 
in the Mount for London, for England, in this day of 
our deep danger, and exceeding, exceeding great fearer 
- And bur defired deliverance from prefent perplexities, 
may with joy of foule be exprefled by the words of that 
Pfalme. If it had not beene the Lord Who Was on 'our fide, 
.now may Englandy^, if it had not beene the Lord Who Was 
on our fide, When men rofe up againft us, then they hadfival- 
lowed us up quick^ When their Wrath Was kfndled againft us, 
then the Waters had overwhelmed us, the ftreame had gone 
ever our foule, then the proud Waters had gone over our foule. 
'But bleffedbe the Lord Who hath not given us as a prey to 
their teeth ,&c. 

3. God thus workcth in regard of his peoples ene- 
mies, both the Divell and divelifh men. 1 .In regard of 
the Divell, that he might flop his black and flanderous 
mouth, which is upon alloccafions wide open in wayes 
of calumny, cafting flanderous accufations upon Gods 
good fervants. When all fobs eftate was removed in a 
day, all his children knockt dead at one blow, God 
commending Job faith thus to Satan, Haft thou confi- Job 2.3. 
deredmy fervant ~^ob, that there is none like him in the earth, 
a perftB and an upright {man, one that ftareth God andefi. 
chenveth evill ? and ft ill he koldeth fasl his integrity^ although 
than movedft me againft him to deftroy him Without caufe. 
And Satan anfwered and [aid, skin fir skin, yea all that a rci>^ < 
tnan hath mil he give for his lift, put forth thy hand now and 
touch his bone, and his fie fh, and he Will cur fe thee to thy face* 
Hereupon God bringcth fob into further ftraights, for 
this very purpofe to filence Satan. And whereas thofe 
malignant fpirits continue to be the accufers of theBre- Rev.! a. 10. 
thren, and are dill apt to provoke his Majefty againft 
them, fii'ggefting, that if his providence put them to pin- 
ches, they will then fly our, and manifeft their carnall 


i % Kyi fupfert for the finking heart 

.flefhlineffe in the profcffion and practice of Religions 
.Hereupon God puts them (as it were) into the (locks, 
and fets them upon the rack, and caufeth them tobebe- 
fieged with difficulties to prove Satan a notoriour lyar, 

2 . In regard of divellifh men. Partly to fill their hearts 
with the more vexation : Partly to chaine down their 
Q violent fpirits, that they may not breake forth with 
further fury againft his caufc and s peoplr, and through 
the power of ftrong conviction, to workibme chaagein 
their lives and courfes. 

i. To fill their hearts with the more vexation. The 
Lord doth indeed rejoycein the rnifery of the wicked. 
Pr o v. i . a 6, I WiM laugh at your calamity, and moch^ When your ft are com- 
meth: yeait is a comfort to his highneflfe to powre forth 
E&ek.^ii. fury upon them: IVcillcaufe my • firy to reft upon them.,, 
and I Will be comforted. And the Pfalmift feems to give 
in this, as a reafbn why God caufeth it to be midnight 
with his fervants before light peep forth, why they are 
in deep-danger before daylight appeare, Tjal. r 1 3.9,10. 
Vnto the upright there arifeth light in the darkne Jfe, hi* heart 
is eftablifhed, he Jhall not be aft aid : untill he fee his deftre up~ 
on. his enemies, his home Jhall be exalted With honour, the 
Wicked /hall fee it and be grieved, he Jhall gnajh With his teeth 
and melt. away. It cutteth a wicked man to the heart, 
when he thinketh he fball have the day in the downfall 
of the righteous, and yet the -godly they rife, and get 
ground, and gather ftrength. We have a pregnant proof 
Edh 5*14. of this in the example o£Haman\ who expecting that 
Cfrfordecai {hould be hanged, when CMordecai was ad-, i!. vanced to great honour, then Hamm mourned and 
hanged down the head : And thus it^ will be with the 
popifh and propbane, who this day re.f.yce in our dole- 
ful! fftraights, when God fhall appeare in the Mount for 
our deliverance. 

•2. That chfines of reftramt might be laid upon their 
hearts and hands, by Gods ftrange and amazing provi- 
dences-. When they fee that God from Heaven doth give 
seftimonialls of approbation to his poore pcrfecuted 


ver i2* 

in times ofdtjtrejje, i ? 

Servants and tervice, being plunged over head and cares 
in the floods of deepeft calamity. 

This is made good upon Ne bachadnezzar. Therefore Ban. 3.29. 
I wake a decree, that every people > nation and language Vchich 
{peak* any thing amijfe againfl the Cjod of Shadrach, Me- 
fhach <i»df'Abednego, [hall be cm inpeeees y and their honfes 
fhall be made 4 dung- hill, becaufe there is no other God that can 
deliver after this fin. Then the King promoted Shadrach,, 
Mefhach *nd Abednego in thejrovince- of Babilon. 

In like manner the defcate of Haman, and the deli- 
verance of the poore fewes devoted to deftrudion, pro- Efth.8. 1^,17, 
duced the fame effect upon many ef their enemies. And 
truly notwithftandmg this dayes fearesand ftraights, we 
will hope to fee fome fuch effects upon the hearts and 
lives of fome who deride and oppofe our delired refor- 
mation. Thus much for Confirmation of the do- 
ctrine. Application followeth. There are foure 
ufes to be made which are both naturall and feafo- 

Hence it followeth, that people have no ground at <£>/£ r e 
all to fufpeft their own gracious (landing in reference information, 
to God becaufeof their ftraights. Deep and devouring 
dangers may be ready to fw allow up the righteous, Ged 
may bring an Abraham into the Mount, unto great dif- 
ficulties, Gods people may travcll through the red fea 
in the way to Canaan, feas of trouble, bloody times 
may overtake them who are moft deare to God. This 
I rather note becaufe Gods people are apt to dafh upon 
this rock, and to doe themfelves much wrong by thus p 
reaf.ning. If God did love me, or had been gracioufly 
refpeftiue to my humiliations and prayers, I fhould 
not have feen fo black, fo dark a day. My felfc and mine, 
our peace and Parliament, our perfons and poflellions 
had never been in fuch danger, if the Lord had bin fa- 
vourable to me in fceking better times. Herein "David 
failed : Pf*l.-ji .13,14. Verily I have cteanfed my heart 
invaine, and "toafhed my hands in innocency, fir all the day 
long have J bin pUgned % And chaftened every morning. 
C Now 

14 ^ faffort for the finking heart 

Now to keep us from adding guilt to our grief, that we 
may not provoke God to be angry, while our enemies 
are filled brim full of bloud-thirfting fury. I will 
briefly fuggeit foure eonfiderations, to preferve us from 
this miftake. 

i. By this error acted, we deny the perfection of 
the word of God, becaufe therein there is no fuch rule to 
judge by. Yea the Scriptures openly and evidently 
fpeake the contrary, Ecclef 9.1,2. No man knoweth either 
love or hatred by all that u before them. All things come 
alike to all, there is one event to the righteous and to the 
kicked. And certainely if we ikalldare toaddeourde- 

Vi-ov.zo.6. vires to Gods word, he will be angry. Adde then mi 
unto hU "Words left he reprove thee, and thou be found a. 

2. Thus people bearefaiie witneffe againft themfdves, 
by palling unjuftifiabie fentences againft their own 

Exod io 16. f°ules. Thou /halt not beare falfe Vcitnejfe againft thy neigh- 
bour. To detract from our neighbours credit and com- 
fort, is a breach of Gods law. And truly it admits ma- 
ny aggravations, when we deale thus injurioudy with our 

3. We expreflfe much ingratitude to God, the God 
•fall our mercies, calling his love into queftion, and 
overlooking or undervaluing all former favours, becaufe 
of prefent prellures and approaching dangers. Let Is- 
raels mifcarriage in this kind be your looking-glafle to 
fhew the foule face of this fault, that you may takeheed 
of this deformity. When Pharaoh purfued them, and 
the roaring feas threatned to devoure them, their deli- 
verance out of Egypt (though, wrought on by many 
miraculous providences) was accounted a rnifjry rather 

, then a mercy, for obferve their language, gxod.14.11. 
therefore haft thou dealt thus With us? 

4. By this miftake we reach a wrong toothers, l^fal. 
7 3« 1 5« tf I f a 7 J ^^ Ifeakf thus, behold I fhould of end 
again ft the generation of thy children. Our carriage in this 
particular may caft fad discouragements upon the hearts 


in times ofdiflrejfe. 15 

of many dcarc to God, caufing them to queftion tlseir 
fpirituall ftate, becaufe of outward ftraights. Hereby 
alfo we feeme to fufpedt their wifdome who uphold their 
hopes, and maintaine their comforts, notwithftanding 
their manifold heavy affli&ions. 

Cenfure not others to be re jetted or abhorred by the Vfe t. • 
Lord, becaufe you meet with them in the Mount, you Admonition. 
fee them in ftraights, in extremities. Beloved, the 
words of the Pfalmift are confutable. 'Bleffed is he that pf a i, 4 ,,i f j, 
confidereth the poore, the Lord VpM deliver him in time 
of trouble, the Lord Vvi/lflrengthen him upon the bed of 
languifhing, thou Wilt make all his bed in his Jicknejje. As , 

you delire favourable dealing from God in the time of 
your ptrfonall calamity, learne to judge wifely and cha- 
ritably of them who are in extremity. The Barbarians 
did cenfure Paul to be a man under fome black note ©f 
infamy, faftened upon him by the Lord, becaufe of his 
fuddaine and unexpected danger. Atts 28.4. And When 
the Barbarians faw the venemous beafl hang on his hand, ' 
they [aid among themfelves, no doubt this man is a murderer, 
, Mar ke their confidence as well as their uncharitablenefle, 
no doubt he is a murderer : And why no doubt ? becaufe 
though he hath efcaped thefea, yet vengeance fufferetb him 
not to live, for a venemous viper, a death threatmng crea- 
ture now did hang upon his hand. Beloved when we 
looke upon men arretted by credit-killing accufations, 
and purfued with death-threatning charges, and con- 
ftrained to hide themfelves from the bloody hands of 
violence, let us take heed of adding to their forrow by 
our cenfures. T hat practice which was well befeeming , ^ 
Barbarians, will be very uncomely for us Chriftians. 
Two things confider to keep you from this fault, which 
I will propound without much enlargement. 

% The d"ngeroufncOe}° f this ^^^- 


1 . Being forbidden by Chrift, judge not, that you be not Mat.7, u 
judged-, judge not,that is,not rafhly, groundle(ly 3 unchari- 
tably. i C % a. Ar*- 

exf fuyprt for the finking heart 

a. Arguing want of love, for truth and ftrength of 
love maketbfaire andcanded conftru^ions of all occur- 
rences which concerne them whom we love. Charity 
s Cor. i ». f » dotk not behave itfelfe unfeemly, u not eafily provoked, thin- 
yef.7. keth no evill, beareth all things ', beieevetk all things, hopetk 

all things, 

3. Weakning love, for afEr&ion is enfeebled by our 
looking upon our brethren through the gla{fe which pre- 
sents them as unlovely, while we think them per- 
fons difregarded by God, our refpeel to them is dfmi- 

4. Hindering prayer,, the Apoftlc knew this, and 
thcrfore I" pray you confider by what an argument he pref- 

, g feth the Hebrews to pray for him, pray fir us, fir Voe trnft 
fae 13. l . ^ ^^ e ^ ^ qo £ con ji' ienCe - m a /i things, billing to live ho~ 

nepf. If you be well perfwaded of the .afflicted in rer 
gard of their pious frame,, you, will be the more willing 
to let out your hearts for them in a way of prayer. But 
. when men thus think, the Heavens, frown, and God is 
angry withfuch an one, and therfors it is ..a, vain thing 
to bellow time and breath in prayer for him, this office 
efCbriftian love is interrupted. By.thefe particulars 
you may perceive that this cenforioufnefle is very fin- 
full ; finfull in the root, and finfull in the fruits, finfull in 
the heart, and iinfull in the life, checking grace, and hin- 
dering duty. 

2 . Confider the dangeroufndfe of it. 
1- God is much incenfed, You remember how Mfc 
phas and the other of Jobs friends,- loaded him with tbeir 
heavy cenfures, concluding his hypoenfie from his ex- 
tremity. Now when God had done with fob, having 
fchooled him out. of the whirlwind, and had wrought 
him to his own bent, obferve what foileweth, The 
Lord (aid to Eliphas the Tevaamte, my VPrath is kindled 
Job 4,-1.7. jigainft thee, and again ft thy two fiends, fir ye have not 
sf>oken of me the thing that it right a& my fervant Job hath. 
Therefore my beloved if you would not fuffl-r under Gods 
frowns, nor fnaart under the expreffions of his diiplea- 


in times ofdttfrejfe. i j 

fure, if you would not have the fparks of Gods wrath to 
kindle upon you, take heed of cenfuring any of Gods 
worthies that have bin inftrumentall for good either in 
Church or commonwealth, beeaufe for the prefent un- 
der a black cloud, beeaufe expofed unto any difgrace or 
danger,by reaion of feme fad providence. 

2. Our cenforiouinefle may incur fufrering times adde 
much. weight to our own heavy prenures. It 1 cenfure 
ethers, and thereby adde affliction to their bonds,.! 
may expect that God will adde gall to my wormwood, 
when the bitter cup commeth to my hand, and I muft 
perforce take down a difpleafing and diitaftfull draught. 
fudge not, that you be not indeed, for VrithVvhat judgement 
ye judge, ye pail be judged, andVcith What meajure ye mete, Mat -7»*i 
it fhall be meafiiredto you againe, Thefe meditations made 
ufe of, may, I hope through Gods mercy, prevent our 
finning againft GodjOthers and our felves, by uncharitable 
cenfures call upon our diftreffed brethren.' 

It conccrneth all of us to prepare for a journey into Vfi$i. 
the Mount, to make ready for tryalls by extremities. Exhortation*. 
Beloved, this day the Heavens are black oves our heads, 
andourfearesarenotfew, for ought we know God will 
have us into the Mount, my meaning is, it may be the 
Lord will thruft us into fuch extremities, as we never yet 
met with in all our lives. 

There are two things that I will plainly fpeake to in the 
enlarging of this ufe. 

j . What may quicken us to prepare for ftraights. 
2 . What courfe muft be taken that we may be prepared ' 
for fuch a condition- 
To perfwade our preparation.confider two motives* 
i. That we are all expofed unto perplexities. 
2. That we are all futjecT to manifold mifcarriages in 

i . \V e are all fubjccT to a diftrefT-d condition, let him 

that denieth it bring forth hisiuperfedias, and fay here, 

I have that from Heaven (igned and fealed, which doth 

fecure me I (hall never come into adverfity. Beloved, be« 

C j Iccve. 

1 8 ^A feppwt fir the finking heart 

leeve it, whatfoever afflictions have feized upon 3ny of 
Gods worthies formerly, may overtake you ?nd me be- 
fore we dye, and we cannot tell how fpeedily. You 
have heard what befell Ifraell, and why may not the £me 
betide England, you hav« heard what befell zAbraha-m-, % 
*David, Darnell, Paul, and why may not welooke for the 

Secondly, "SubjccT: we are to many mifcarriages when 
God in his providence bringeth us to extremities : I will 
only hint this in a word or two. 

i. Extremities doe expofe us unto unbeliefe, A grie- 
vous finne it is to fuffer our foules at any time to be ta- 
ken from an holy adherence, and firme dependance up- 
on our God, and yet thus we are in danger to dishonour 
his highnefle, and wrong our own foules in times of 
diftreffe. Davids example doth evidence this fully. 
What morefayre promife can any man imbraee, then that 
which God made to him particularly, that he fhouldbe 
the King oflfrael, and yet when David wis in a ftraight, 
you heare of his diftruft from his own confeflion, / Vras,*!. gratlj affliffed, I fiidin my hast all men areljars, Nathan 
alyar, and all others who told him of fucceeding Saul 
in the Kingdome-of 7/?vt?/, they were all lyars. And why? 
becaufe he fa w not a faire and cafie paffage to the crown. 
The like alfo is recorded concerning him, when wea- 
ried out with the bloody purfuit of envious Saul. And 
g D avid [aid in hU heart, 1 flail perijh now one day by the hand 


2. In diftreffe we are difpofed to ftrange impatiency 

and difcontent of fpirit, which diftemper doth wo- 

fully diiguife our hearts, and difgrace our profefHon. It 

is a wonderfull thing that ever a heart furnifhed with 

grace, {hould fiye out as Jonah did. Firft> he thought he 

jona 4 4, j^ ^ j-j£ s reputation^ becaufe Niniveh by him threat- 

ned was by the Lord fpared. Well, he goeth out, and 

ver.6, then the Sunne annoyed him in regard of his body, but 

God provided a ihelter,and the man was calme,afterward 

ver<7. the gourd being wormc-eaten and withered, Jonah he 

chafes 9 

in times oj dittrejfe. fp 


chafes a.ii frets. The Lord checks him by this interroga- 
tion, does! thou Vvell to be angry? Marke and be warned by 
his anfvver, / doe ^ell to be angry even unto death. The 
hittory of patient Job alfo proves this plentifully. J ob ?• 

3. I might adde, that we are fubjecTto fin full feares, 
which dilrn ay and torment the heart, check duty, wea- 
ken joy, and interrupt our fweet communion with God. 
Take notice of this diftemperinGods own people, for.. 
which his majefty chideth them, And Veho art thou that ifa. 5 m *. 
fiareft a man that Jhall dye, and the finne of man that is but va, 13, 
as grajfe, and fir get t eft the Lord thy maker, that hath ftr et- 
ched firth the Heavens, and lay ed 1 he foundations of the earthy 

and haft ftdred continually every day, dec. 

4. Apt we are toufe finrull fhifts betaking ourfelves 
to unworthy praclices to fafeguard our felves in times 

of extremitie. Obfrrve this in Peters practice, his Ma- M^t.i^yo; 
iler is apprehended, violently carried away, likely to ver.7z. 
fuffer death as a grievous malefactor. Now he feeth him- 
fdfe furrounded with them that oppofe Chrift, and this ver.74. 
diftrefle drove him upon a dangerous rock, a three-fold 
denyall ©fhis deareft Matter : Let this move you and me, 
to prepare that we may not in like manner mifle it, if 
God fball be pleafed thus to prove us. 

Thefe things Ibeleevedoe affecT your hearts, where- 
upon in probability you will defire direction. Attend 
therefore and Twill give you fome counfell briefly: 
Thereare fix. things which I {hall commend to your con- 
• fideration and prafhee. 

Tirft,,You mult labour to make fure your propriety in 
God: When r David\xpQn fcrvice had bin abroad, Ziglad^ 1** 
the place where be left his wife and children was burnt, gr 
when he commeth home, there was no houfc to enter- 
tainehim, no wife to welcome him, no children to be 
a comfort unto him* they all were carried captive, here r 
upon he with the reft, Veept till they could Weepe no Ion- ver 4. 
o-cr.Scc. 'But David incoura?ed himjelfe in the Lord Isii ver. 5. 
"Cjod. Heede here the grouno of hi| fupport and con* 
iblationj not the Lord God, but the .cord his God, ddiy 



20 xji frppm for the finking hem 

,and propriety hold up hish*avy heart, for the good man 
enjoying God, might thus reftefh his drooping fpirit. 
What though I have not an houfe to dwell in ? thou art 
my dwelling place, my habitation, a place of fweeteft 
refe and fafeft refuge. What though 1 have not a Wife? 
I have more in God then a yoak fellow could have af- 
forded. What though I have not a Child? there is more 
then the comfort of a numerous pofterity in thebleflcd 
Deity. Thefouldiers cannot batter down this cattle, the 
pilfering people pillaging, cannot po&ibly fteale away 
this tteafure, the troops of robbers, the defperate Ca- 
villiers cannot deprive of this pofT-ilion : This might be 
much enlarged both feafonably and profitably, but I 
muft not infift upon any thing. But this is my requeft, 
that you would without delay endeavour to cleare up 
your intereft in the almighty, that your dejected hearts 
may not abide difconfolate in the dayes of your di- 

Secondly, Acquaint your felves with God, and labour 
to be familiar with his Majefty by conftant and frequent 
communion through JefusChrift. Men defire to know 
the utmoft worth of what they have in poffelTion, aad 
what improvement may be made thereof if need fhould 
fo require. We reade in the Parable, that he that had 
ljak.14.18. fought a piece of ground, muft needs gaetofeeit t and there- 
fore he mutt be excufed if other things be negleclcd. If 
we were thus wife for our foules, we would feck to 
know, and to improve our God who is our inhe- 
ritance, yea our all, unto our various advantages in the 
times of ©ur greateft need. Serioufly therefore aske thy 
felfe this qucfiion, What have I in having a God ? What 
have I ? 1 have infinite wifdome to advife me in all dif- 
ficulties, infinite power to carry me through all flraights, 
abundant goodneffc to fupply all my wants, the ten- 
dered; bow ells to cornmiferate me in my moft doleful! 
condition, yea I have alfufficiency to fill me brim full, 
and running over unto fatisfaftion. I added converfe 
Tguth thy God. He that would have comfort from Phy? 


in times of diHreffe 


fitians i* time of fickndfe, gaineth and maintaiaetii ac- 
quaintance with them in time of health. Jfyou and I 
(hall dare to keep at a diftance from God in a way of 
eftrangement from his Majefty in fummer dayes, and in 
fun-fhine fcafens, when the Heavens are cleere,and 
the City is peaceable, and the Parliament prom ifing, and 
our hopes flourifhing, we (hall want comfort through 
communion with-God, when the funnefetteth, winter 
approacheth, Parliament brcaketh, and mifery threat- 
neth on, every fide. Being in haft I fhall here lay heads 
confafedly on heapes, whereas I ftiould diftinclly have 
difcovered three things. 

i. How God is revealed in holy writ for our comfort 
in the worft of times. 

2. By what courfes Chriftians ftiould game, and main- 
taine communion with their God. 

3. What fruitfull improvements may be made of God 
by fuchimployments. But I fhall leave thefe things to 
your private care, having fuggefted this courfe by way of 
friendly counfell to make way for your comfort in the day 

Thirdly, Walke exactly. Take heed of making brea- 
ches upon your conferences, by willing and willfull fin- 
ning againft the God of your comforts. Beloved, be- 
loved you know that thofe who have had bruifes and 
broken bones, they will fecle aches in hard weather, 
and certainly if you will in time of profperity dare to 
finne againft conscience, it will adde forrow to your 
hopes, and gall to your wormwood, when God com- 
meth upon you in a way of bitter calamity. Sinfull 
fenfuall furfets upon fweet morfells, will breed wringing 
paines, and painfull vomits. The fonnes o( Jacob w eve Gen 42,11 
in a greatftraight when they were taken for fpyes as the 
ftory reports. What did now wring them ? The remem- 
brance of finne, though many yeers fince committed, ah 
our brothers blood, our brothers blood; we would not 
pity him when he made his moane, and now God will 
be avenged of us. Alas, alas, we were hard-hearted to- 
D wards 

22 ^4 fuf fort for the finking heart 

wards a brother, and therefore no wonder that we meet 
with harihnefle amongft ftrangers. Whereas the main- 
taining of a cleere confcience, 6 what a comfort will it 
be When all fhallbeblacknefTe, and blood about us. See 
it in Paul and his companions. When they made no 

%got> i . i a. , other account but to dye, what faith Paul, Thu Vpos our 
rejoycing, (that Was Grange, rejoyce when the next day 
they. might expect to goe to the Hake?) well faith ^Patd 
"e'nr rejoycingisthid, the tefiimony of our confcience, that In 
jimfllcity and gadly fncerity, Vfe have had our converfation 
in the Vvorld. Beloved, beleeve it that you cannot lay in 
a better cerdiall, to comfort and to ftay your hearts in 
, fearful!* fainting, diftreffing, dying times/ then by ex- 
aft walking with" God before the ftorme fall. The A- 
poflles experience puts zfrobatumeft unto this prefcrip- 
tion. For ought we know, the day is at hand wherein 
we fhall heare the warre-Horfes neighing, the mur- 
thering Cannons roaring, the little Children skreaking, 
and the fearfull Women skritching : You know nor,be- 
loved, how foon you may fee your City flaming, your 
own houfes burning, your goods wafting. It will be 
a fad fight to behold your Wives barbaroufly abufed* 
your Husbands bloudily butchered, and your Children 
cruelly tormented. I bef ech you, I befeech you, con- 
sider now what will yeeld you comfort then. When 
Bezekiah did daily expecT to dye, take notice, unt© what 
he betooke himfelfe for folace and fupport : Remember 

3&,$8,|.. now o Lord I befeech thee, how I have Voalhed before thee 

in truth \, and With >a perfeSl heart, and have done that Vchkh 
u good in thy fight . -In like manner may we raife up our 
finking hearts in fuch heavy times, if we can truly thus 
fpeake unto the foule-fearching Majefty. Lord while 
times were peaceable and profperous, when I was fur- 
rounded with comforts on every fide, thou knoweft I 
had a heart to walke with thee humbly, to obferve thy 
Sabbath holily, to ufe thy worfliips purely, and to aimc 
at > the honour of thy name fincerely. This, this will 
sjieare yon both living and dying. You know that nei- 

in times pfdiftreffe. a? 

ther the lowd windes , nor the black clouds, nor the 
great Growers, nor the flafhinp of lightning, nor the 
hideous claps of thunder, doe fomuch a&igbt us, as an 
earthquake. But when iome vapours are got into the 
hollow places, the bo wells of the earth, and the foun- 
dation of the world fhakes, this is terrible, this is ter- 
rible indeed, though the Sunne (him, and no cloud ap- 
peare in the side. In like manner it is not fo much an 
outward affliction as guilt within, guilt within which 
caufeththe heart ufman to rocke and quake through feare 
within him. Therrore take heed, (top all the paflages 
into your foules, keep the heart with all diligent, that 
no knowne guilt be admitted into it, as youdefire a 
ftable, firaK frame of fpirit, prepared for the ftrongeft 
(tonnes, the greateft ftraights wherewith divine pro- 
vidence may poffibly prove you. 

Fourthly, If you have made wounds and bruifes in 
your confeiences, feeke an healing piaiftcr by found re- 
pentance fuddainely. A bone broken being well fet(they 
fay ) becomes theftr«nger. 1>avidh&d gaflsed. his con- 
fcience grievoufly, both by uncleanneife and murther, in 
the matter of Bathjheba and Vriah. Notwithftanding 
by means of Nathans plaine dealing being wrought to 
deepe forrow, the wound was healed, and the fame 
mouth which cured him by a corrafive, gave him this 
comfort, (jod hath forgiven thy finne, thou fhalt not dye, % m - « ?• 
Now after this, according tothethreatningof2Vji^^, . vec.u. 
God raifed up evill againft him out of his own houfe, 
and he was in a wonderfull ftraight, Abfolom was up in 
armes againft him. This diftrerfe ©ccafioned the third 
Tfalme, as the title tells, wherein he expreffeth his per- 
plexed condition. CMany are they that rife ftp against me, Pfal.j.i.*» 
many there be that fay of my (ottle there u no help for him in 
Cod. Now here is a ftraight indeed, many imagining, 
that Heaven could not helpe him : yet if you will byiiis 
phrafeoffpeech, judge the frame of his heart, you (Kail 
find as much .confidence in him now, as ever in all his 
life: Take notice of it. Bwthou 6 Lordartajhieldfor ver j, 
2) a me* 

2 4 A /up fort for the finking hart 

ver.,6.' wre, my gforj-, <*nd the lifter up of my head, t Will not be 

afraid of ten thousands of 'people , that have- fet tkemfe Ives 
ver . y , againft me roundabout. Yea this is added, / laid me down 

and flept. Conlider in his fuppofition, r, The number 
of enemies, ■ via. ten thoufand. 2. The manner of their 
Opposition, though they fhould rife up in a Warlike manner 
againft me. 3. Their advantage againft him, and his 
danger to be apprehended by them. It is. not though 
they come to meete me, or though they make after me, 
for then^ by flight he might hope forfafety, But though 
they fhould befet me round about ficz. David having made 
his pelce with God, though now ih a very great diftrefle,, 
yea although (remembringGodthreatning) he might 
reade his fcandalous linnes, in this heavy aftiiftion, yet 
. •fois.confidencej courage and comfort is very remarkeable. . 
If any of your confeiences now wring you upon the re- 
membrance of fuch a finne, or fuch a finne, (I name none s 
but leave it between God and your own hearts to con- 
lider ©f it ) goe home repent, repent and make your 
peace with God to day, without any further delay, that 
you may be fit for a ftraight if it (houldcome tomor- 

Fiftly , Mind and trade your experiences. God hath 
done already as much for England as is yet to be done,to 
let all things right and in order againe amongft us, Not 
maay Months finee, our day es were as darke, ourfearcs 
as great, and our'eBemies as many as now. Letus there- 
fore remember our fdvesi the Lord lives, the Almighty 
is in Heaven, he {till is mindfullof his covenant, and 
change th not. The holy Scriptures- yeeld us plentiful! 
proofe of improving former experiences, to armc againft 
i<Sam. 17*36* future feares. That of Davidis- notable, Thy fervant flew 
both the Lyon and the Beare 3 and this mcircumcifed Phi- 
vcr. 3 7* lijiine (hall be m one of them. D avid faid moreover, The 
Lord that delhered me out of the paw of the Ljon, and out 
of the paw of the Beare, he Will deliver me out of the. hand 
Hal.6 1.1,3, efthlsPhi/iftine. When my heart u overwhelmed, leadefne 
totherpckjhat is higher then /, for thou baft kin ajhelterfor 

in times of diftreffe* 25 

me and aflrong tower from the enemy. In like manner 
the Apoftle improves his deliverance from Nero, that 
ptrleturor. No man flood by me % but all forfooke me, not- iTim.4.t€; 
rvithflanding the Lord flood With me and firengthened me, ver.17., 
and 1 Was delivered out of the mouth of the Lyon. Confider 
the words, Taul was not only in the Lyons denne, not 
only within the reach of the Lyons chaine, nor onlyun- 
der.the Lyons paw, but in the Lyons mouth. Now his 
inferenc ' is obferveable, And the Lord fiall deliver me vtr.iSi, 
from every evill Worke, andWill p-eferve me unto hx heavenly 
Kinadome. Againe note, We bad the fentenc(e of 'death' tn iCor.1.9, 
our J f elves, that We Jhould not trufl in ourfelves, but inQod 
Which raijeth the dead. Who delivered us fiom fo great <a - ver ' 1 ®' 
death, and doth deliver, in Whom We trufl that he Will yet 
deliver us. Here for your helpe, I will hint one expe- 
rience ft ill frefh in our mindes, God fetled peace be- 
tween us and Scotland, when after great preparations 
for warre, the armies were fet in battell array, the on- 
{ct given, the skirmiili begun, blood drawee, many 
flaine, the two Kingdomes ready to be broken in pieces, 
the one againft the other. Confider what great things 
God hath donc,and trade your experiences/or your future 

Sixtly, Cleerc up your evidences for Heaven, and keep 
them fo faire, that in the darkeft day they may be legible, 
eafie to be read without hacking and hefitancy. 1 he 
ufcfullncfle hereof in evill times appeares in the Apoftles 
experience, For Which cau/eWe faint not, but though our a Cor 4.16. 
mtward man fcrijh, yet the hward man is renewed day by 
day. For our light affliction that is but for a moment, Wor- ver. if » 
kethfor us afarre more exceeding and et email Weight of glo- 
ry. Mind the ground, For We know that if our earthly ch ?cr< ^ 
houfeof this Tabernacle Were difolved, We have a building 
ef God, an houfe not made With hands, eternallin the Hea- 
vens. Theheire apparent of Heaven, may hold up head 
and heart, and in this manner exprefle hirnfdfe : come 
.the worft that can come, though my ftate fhall decay, 
my foule and body part, my felfe and deareft naturall 

D 3 friends.:. 

2# Kji fappm ft? thefmking heart 

iHeb, 1 0,3 4. : friends be plucked afunder , yet I have in Heaven, a better 
and more enduring fubfance : more and better friends, 
fweeter and more fatisfying communion. If they take 
away my tram, the true treafure, that is out of their reach. 
What if they take downe my tottering tabernacle of 
clay ? I fliall have a glorified, a beautified body to all 
eternity, in Ipight of hell and earth combining againft 
me. What if they drive me out of houfe, and City, and 
Kingdome, the beft is, they cannot expell me from 
my God, nor deprive me of a manfion, an abiding 
place in the City of God, the Kingdome of Hea- 
ven. ^ 
Vftfa It is a ground of fweet joy, and ftrong incouragement 

Comtort. unto us, notwithstanding our prefent ftate which is 
darke and dreadfull. Here we may feafonably with com- 
fort call to mind that Jkrangc apparition unto CMofes : 
Exod.j t & <d bujh burning With fire, and yet the bujh Was nst confk- 
med. Beloved, what flames of fury are now kindled in 
the bofomes of many, threatning to burne downe all our 
hopes? Yet let us pluck up courage, for though our 
iinnes have made us combuftible matter, yet may we 
hope that ©ur God will not confume us. let us cheare 
our fdves againfl: the jeares and infolencies of the Ma- 
lignant party with the words of the Church, ' Rejoyes 
Mich. 7. 8. not again]? me 6 my enemy, ^>hen I faM 1 /ball rife againe, 
Vrhen I ft in darkencfle the Lord Jhall be a light unto me. 
Some interpreters conceive, Abraham had this deli- 
verance hinted" before hand, and therefore firft told his 
Gena %\ 5 . fervantfi, / and the lad VcMgoeyondtr and Worjhip, and come 
againe to you: and afterward going to the pixe where 
Jfaack. was to be facrificed ; when the child faid, father, 
father here u the "Wood, but ^fare is the burnt offering, he 
anfwered, my fonne God Veill prepare one, and this held 
up the good mans heart, encouraging him thus to re- 
folve, I will goe on, I will fee what God will doc, I will 
put him to it. W« are in ftraights at this day, I need 
. ► not tell you, and who knowes but that to day in the 
Mount God will appears for our comfort. Much I can- 

in times efdittrejfe. 2 7 

not fpeake through want of time to thisufe, yet dare I 
not altogether be filent, confidering the feafon. Vnder 
two heads I will briefly afiift your finking fpirits byway 
of adtice. 

1 . Learne aright to make way for defired comforts in 
times pfdiftreffe, that you may have this Texts, and this 
Sermons incouragement at hand, not only now, but 
hereafter when you may ftand in need. * 

,,2." Improve the particulars comprifed in this title 
fehovah y held forth for our ufe in the Text now handling, 
I may net now fpeake under thefe heads, both unto cue 
Nationall and Terfonall concernments diltinctly. For 
the former, way is made for our refreshing in the worft 
of times that can poffibly overtake us. 

1. By ftudying the qualifications to which favour is 
promifed. ' ~ 

2. By ufing the meanes of our good which by the Lord 
are prefcribed. 

Firft, Every one.may not challenge, propriety in the 
priviledge ofthe Text. Every loofc-liver may not come 
©tot and fay , well 1. in the Mount God will be feene, and 
therefore I will fearc no c©lours. No, no, for there is a 
peculiar gracious difpofition to be found upon the hearts 
of them who may expect that God will appeare in the 
Mount for them, for their confolation. 

1. Your foules muft be fo feafoned with Godsfeare^ 
that having his command, you will not draw backe from 
any fcrviceput upon your hands, how hard, how heavy 
foever. . Marke it in Ahrahafn, A haham now I know 
thou feared me, and how doth his fearedifcover it felfe, 
Vpon divine commiffioh he fets upon a fervice, the doing 
whereof, was againft heart and hake, repugnant torea- 
fon, without all prefident, againft the ftrcame of natural! 
affections, crofting the conceit and opinion of the world. 
Can you imagine if 7/44^ had bin flainc, and the fact 
known, what a hubbub would have bin in the Country ? 
how many mouthes would have bin opcned,in reporting 
Abrahms ftrange and unheard 9* cruelty? Jfk&k. is 
ft killed^ , 

2 8 A [ttppertfir the filing h u rt 

killed, and his own father, rather Abraham, that religious 
man, he himfelfe hath killed hitri, how would thisbaye 
rung in every corner? Doe but thinke what Mother 
Sarah would have faid upon her Husbands returne home, 
Husband where is IfaachJ and conjecture with what a 
fad heart he might have made this anfwer, Wif# I have 
killed him, and I have burnt him before God as a facri- 
fice. Beloved, neither thefe things, nor any other which 
might be caft in as discouragements, did take him of 
from duty. The feare of God carried him above all di£- 
couragements, both from his naturall affedions,bis wives 
frownes, and the worlds clamours. And to this man, 
thus fearing God, God appeares in the Mount : Minde 
this 1 pray you, and labour herein to be like this gracious 
man,tbus devoted to Gods feare. 

i. You muft not dare to adventure upan any known 
{inne, though it be to Safeguard your pei fons, your eflates, 
your places of favour and honour, your any thing, your 
all things under the Sunne. A man of this make, is one 
who may expect to meet with the Almighty in the 
Mount. The proofeof this is fairein the experience of 
^aniell. I he decree wasfigned, he muft not for thirty 
Dan.6.7. <j a y es p ra y ^ to his God, if he did, he muft be throwne 
into the Lyons den, well faith DameH, let the Lyons 
make a meale upon my body, I am reklved I will not 
forbeare this worfhip due to my God, I will not thus 
interrupt my communion with my heavenly Father. 
The like you have in the three young Governours, the 
Dan.j. King he would have them fall down and worfhip the 

image he hadfet up. If you will not, you muft into the 
'furnace. Marke their anfwer, Our god Vohcm roe ferve u 
ahle to deliver , hit if not, be it kn«wne unto thee, VTe will not 
ferve thy gods. And the proofc of the point reported how 
God appeared in thedayescf their diftreffe for their de- 
liverance, unto thefe experiments I might adde Tromifss. 
Ifa . 5 8 9. If thou mke away from the midfi of thee the yoake, the puttiwr, firth of the finger, and sneaking vanity ^and if thou draw em 
thyfiult to the hungry , andfiwfie the afflicted fiule.Thc mea- 

in times ofdiftrejfc. 2 p 

_ .. . - ^- 

ning is, if you will betake your felves to courfes of piety 
and mercy, contrary to your former wayes of wicked- 
neflc and violence, then /hall your light freaky firth in ob- 
fcurity, And your darknejfe fa as the moone-dAy. And the vecii. 
Lord JhaH guide thee continually , and fatisfie thy fiule in 
drought, [and make fat thy bones, and thou /halt be like a Wa- 
tered garden, and like a spring of water, Vchofe waters faile not. 
Jf iniquity be in thy hand put itfitrre away, and let net Wicked- Job 1 i„ i 4 ; i j. 
neffe dwell in thy Tabernacle, for then /halt thou lift up thy face 
Without jpet,yea thoufhalt beftedfaft, and thou Jhalt not pare. 
What inconragements fhoufcl thefe be to perfwade us to 
reforme our fefoes, and to endeavour the amendment of 
one another. Therefore goe home now, and thus fay to 
God, and to your felves ferioufly and fincerely, I amre- 
folved I will leave my cheating,and cozening, my oathes, 
lying, my hypocrifie and pride, and all my other known 
finnes. Away with thefe and all other difcovered ab- 
hominations, promife God for future times to betake your 
felves unto a better courfe of living,as you defire the fweet 
and feafonable difcoveries of God, in the time of your 
greateft need. 

Secondly, The meanes of your good muft be ufed, 
and they are, 

u Civill. 

4. Sacred. 

For Civil! meanes, You mud not fay we care not whe- 
ther we have any more watch in the City, night or day, 
we will trouble and charge our felves no further in this 
kind. But you muft hold on in being ferviceable to di- 
vine providence, otherwife you Will tempt God. There 
is a notable example o£foab in this cafe both commenda- 
ble and imitable. When Joab/bv the front of the battle Was 1 Sam. 10,^ 
etgainft him, be fire and behind, he chofe all the choice men of 
Ifraell, and put them in Array againfi the Syrians, and the reft ver l0 ' 
of the people he delivered into the hand of his brother. And he ver. 1 1 « 
fold, if the Aflyrians be too fir ong fir me, then thoufoalt helpe 
me, but if the children of Ammon be tooftrong for thee then 
JwiH come md helpe thee. Now be of good courage, And let us ver , 1 2 ; 
E jtay 

3 o <-/f fiffort for the fwking heart 

ylay the men and fight for qSS. and our country, and the Lord 
dee that which feemeth him good. Remember we 
folemne proteftation bound our felves before God to doc 
ouf utmoft in w^ayes lawfull for the honour of our King; 
/the liberty of the Protectant Religion, for the peace and 
welfare of the three Kingdonaes, and for the priviledges 
of our Parliament, and keeping within the limits of our 
callings, to oppofe Popery, and popifh innovations. 
Therefore every man according t© the lawes of God and 
of the land, muft unweariedly be induftrious, night and 
day, for the Kingdomes good, in the ufe of meanes, both 
defensive and eiF;n{ive,as necelHty may require. 

2. There are meanes facred, Teares and Prayers ars 
the Chriftians beft weapons, this munition let us make 
ufe of. Jehojhaphat fur rounded with danger, when Moafr, 
aChro.zo.j. Amman, and the children of <JM<mnt Seir came out again ft 
him, what courfe doth he betake himfelfe to ? he feared, 
andfet himfelfe tofeekg the Lord, andproclamed afajl. And 
"David being in danger to lcofe both his Kingdome and 
his life, by the iniurreclion cFAbfilom, W. tooke himfelfe 
3. Sam. i j. 3 1, to prayer, to breake the neck of Achitophels crafty coun- 
2?fal,j. fell, and alfo to fecure himfelfe from the hand of vio- 

lence, now ftretched forth againft him. Beloved, as 
Gods command, and the practife of his people, doe guide 
us unto this imployment, fo Gods pretious promifes, 
and our own glorious experiences, touching the preva- 
lency of this ordinance, (hould perfwade our perfeverance 
herein in thefe times of feare and danger. 

Secondly, What is the improvement of the original! 
word here llfed, In the Mount Jehovah Jhatl befeene. This 
title hath much in it, a great deale more then I may. men- 
tion. Thus much I have obferved from holy Scripture, 
that it both, 
i. AdvancethGod. 

2. And ac'vantageth a Chriftian in times offtraigbrs. 
Bfal". 6 8 .3. Let the righteous be glad Jet them re Joyce be fire God, yea let 

ihe.exceedingly rejoyce.Sing untoCj offing praifes to hi* nan. &, 
w.4- €Xt&ll him that. rideth on tw Heavens by his. Name] ah, and 


in times ofdiHreJfe. 3 1 

rejoyce before &w«.Foure things there be hinted in this title 
Jehovah,an& they are all ufefull for our prefent purpofe. 
This title holdeth forth the Lords, 

1. Soveraignty. 

2. Independancy. 

3. Immutability. 

4. fidelity. 

1. It fuggefteth the Lords unlimited Soveraignty, his 
abfolute and undoubted authority over all things. Jehovah 
he is the mo ft high, not only high, or higher then many, or p^g , l8> , 
more high then the moft,k the moft high over all the earth. 
It is Jehovah thatruleth Kings, and crdereth Crowns, joy 
in him, he can rule both the Kings heart and counfell, he 
- governeth in the Country and in the City, at Weftminfter, 
and here within the walls : Therfore drill rejoyce in him, 
for he is Jehovah, the all-governing Ma jefty. 

1 . It noteth his independancy. All creatures for their 
continuance,haveakind of dependance upon one another. 
As the gralfc and plants upon the earth, the bruites upon 
the fruits of the earth, and our nutriment is from inferior 
creatures. But our Jehovah dependeth upon none, he is 
of,and from himfelfe,he necdeth no fervantjno fervice. In 
himVoe all live, wove and have our being, but his Majefty is Ads 17.28, 
beholding to none, either men or Angels, either for being 
or wel-being. Thus much God intended to teach by his 
fpeech to Mofes, and God faid unto Mofes, I am that I am, Exod. 3. 1 $. 
We think verily that we (hail be utterly undone if the 
Parliament breake up, or if our King divide himfdfefrom 
this his body reprefentative. Beloved, my foule maketh 
out to God for the prevention of this fad fraction. Yet I 
befeeck you remember this, whatfoever falls out, that 
whereas all men, and all ordinances, Kings and Parlia- 
ments depend on God, yet our God Jehovah is an inde* 
pendent Ma jelly. 

3. ItintimatethGodsImmutsbilify, All othgrthings 

change, As 2 mow ball melteth by our kindling it,and the 

flower withereth by our fmelling it, fo thefe fublunary 

contentments waft and ware away by our ufingthemi 

E 2 But 

9 a \_A fippdrt for the Jinking heart 

'I4a.»6.4. But in the Lord Jehovah there U everlaflingftrength, or as 
theoriginall language exprerfcth it, The Lord Jehovah is 
a rock of ages, heabideth the felfe fame, ftrong, unalte- 
rable,un moveable God throughout all generations. 

Mind this (my beloved ) that though England Ireland* 
like (hould be wafted, although there fhouldibefad chan- 
ges in Church and Common- wealth, in City and Coun- 
try, in Towns and Families: Yet (till our Jehovah con- 
tinues in himfelfe, and unto his people the felf-fame All- 
furficient, All-fatisfying God. Surely we who pitch our 
hearts and hopes upon this unchangeable foundation,the 
"LorAJehova^mzy abide fteddy in our fpirits and comforts 
in the midft of the worft alterations that can overtake us. 
ExocL«.3. 4«It expreffeth Gods fidelity. -And I appeared unto Abra- 

ham, unto Ifaack, and unto Jacob, by the Nam* of God al- 
mighty, but by my Name J ehovah Was I not known unto them. 
6 The true meaning is, that whereas God had manifefted a- 
comparedwith bundantly his power by rfnany glorious providences in 
Exod. 1 2.4 1 .] former times,now he intended to prove himfelfe mindfull 
and carefull of his promifes made unto his people. Now 
let us make improvement hereof for our comfort. Search 
r- _ divine records, confider the various pretious promifes an- 

nexed by the Almighty unto the covenant of free grace 
and mercy. Choofe out of thofe Gofpell treafures, fuch 
pearles as you put the higheft prizes upon, Collecl: thofe 
particular promifes, which you conceive raoft pertinent 
for your condition, and moft full for your fatisfacTion. 
And from this fweet title Jehovah, you may comfortably 
and confidently inferre this conclufon. 

Whatfoever Tromife is regiftredin the book of God, 
either in the old or new Teftament, that th\s Jehovah will 
fet all his attributes on work, for the full and feafonable 
accomplifhment thereof unto his own people by fpeciall 
covenant. Therfbre having evidenced your propriety in 
Gofpell a Promifes through J efus Chrift, from this bottom 
build your comforts, in the darkeft and moft dolefull 
times. Is is Jehovah the all-governing, the independing, 
the immutable and faithfull God that will be feen in the 
Mount for his fervants deliverance. 




^ Ǥ* 

♦ IN «§► 

j A Sermon preached before the $. 

Commanders of the Military Farces, $ 

of the Renowned Citie of Lwdon. % 


In the Parifh Church of €reat S\ Helw. % 

May the 17. r&^J. *§•• 

By Simeon Ash, Preacher in London. % 

♦ Devi, 20. a, 3,4. * £ 

^ ^f»*/ iV /W/ be, when jee are come nigh unto the Battell 4* 

J that the Priefijhall approached fpeake unto the people. > f£ 

^ dndjhall fay unto them, Hearc Ifrael, you approach this S 

J day unto Battel again/? y*ur Enemies: Let rotysur hearts faint, J^ 

«§*. /<w<? »o^ W doe not trem ' le , neither be yee terrifiedbtcaufb & 

"% For the Lord your God is he that goeth with you i to fight fir «§•• 

**§*• yoHAgainft jour enemies .to faveyou, J£ 

<& : ■ -*» 

<fr LONDON. <§* 

5 Printed by Iohn Dawfon for lohn Burrsngh s t and are to be J 

*§*• fold at hh (hop at the golden Dragon neare the Inner & 

^ Temple-gate in Heet-ftrect. 1642. % 

Sp. JJi. fp. 




the Aldermen,and Commoners, 
unto whom the Mtlitia of the Citie 
of London is committed 5 the Serjeant 
Ma;or General!, the Golonels^the Lieu- 
tenant Colonels, Serjeant Majors, 
Gaptaines,and other officers of 
the trained Bands of the 
laid Que. 

Ornelius , Centurion of the lta~~ 
UanBand u thus commended by 
the Holy Ghofi , fWheewasa 
devout man , and one that fea-* 
red God. zAnd I may report 
thus much to your hn our and to 
move others to make imitation ; 
that you have begun, and hitherto > 
carried on jour Martial \ affairs 
re/ijr>oufty> For having fat the 
City into a fofture of defence ; before the execution of the Mi' 
litiaj you pjntly fought God by Prayer for good fucceffe. 
F %. The 

The Epiftk Dedicatory, 

The Lord heard your Prayers , for you went forth, andretur- 
#td horns \ without the leap Much of danger to your felves , or 
your C^mpames. This remarkeable Providence called y oft 
agai*e together , topraife the God of falvations 9 the God of 
your mercies. 

Hereupon yon were pie afed to appoint me (very unworthy) 
toajpft you iff the fe vice of Thankef giving: &4 ' fepvice not 
unfeemlyfor the Hoaflof Heaven, 

This Sermon ^ which upon that occajion J preached, through 
the ConftruBions of y cur Love found fuch acceptance-, that you 
tommanded it to comi abroad to doe you further fervke. 

And feeing you gave it good entertainment , as it yfasfrft 
prefented % it makesboldto wate upon you without change of 
habit , expetlingywr Proteclion. 

Although ifomewhat fufpeti hat fundrf amplifications in 
the Sermon which affe&ed the Auditors , may not be. fa 
f leafing to the Iudicbus leader , yet your hfires to have it 
primed^ as it was preached, makes me to ruuHhat adventure. 

The Lord of Hofis guide , guard, andencourageyouinalt 
your good undertakings for peace and truth , and make you 
carefull to put Chriftian references upon all your fir* 
vices, for the honour and fafety of our King, the welfare ofhu( 
Kingdomesy and the continued Profperlty of this famous £7- 
*uw 7 his your prudent and pious perfeverance in the works ft 
vrell begun ,wiU draw forth many prayfes to God, many prayer* 
for you , «nd much rejoycing in the hearts of all them , whofin^ 
cerely affeB'you\ of which number , J befeech you account hiti£ 
Me who is 

Your Servant^in^nd for Chrifl^ 
Simeon Ash, 1 





SAL. 31. 24. 

^Be of good Qourage. 

Ight worftiipfull , and worthy Gentle^ 
men, (whofe defires, and whofc fervicc 
of thankfgiving, I am now attending J 
I hope you are come hither with an in* 

Firft, to honour God for prefer- 
vation enjoyed, through his providence, 
to who m you prayed. My Text lookes back unto fuch a 
bufinefle j The Lord freferveth the fdthfull . therefore let Vejfe 2*3 

B the 

a Go&a Courage difiovered, andimouragedl 

the faithfull upon fuch experiences in way of prayfe, in 
way of requital! learne to bee of good courage; 

Secondly, 1 belecve you are corae together in expecta- 
tion for the future, to receive further favours from the God 
oryour prefent prayfesjand my Text lookes forward to 
that, Bee of 'good courage, and hee fhali 'Jfrengthen thine heart* 
*nd wait I fay an the Lord. 

My Text is fhort, the words in our tranflation are not 
many, in the original!, there is but one word, *,ptn, The. 
Septuagint renders the Hebrew word, dvJpt^Se, Quit 
your felves like men; }Tw Utter agite, play die men, Robo* 
raminiybcG yee ftrong.. 

The Gounfell here given is for all Chriftians,.at all times, 
needfull, but for you,and at this timc,moft feafonablc. 

Bee yee couragious . F irft , The Counfellour was, a Wor- 
thy, a Souldier, a Warrieur, a Commander, a Kingt 
David, as the tide tels you, Hee cals for courage. 

Secondly, The Pcrfons coun(elled,they are Saints, faith- 
full ones r. O yee Saints love him, his manner is by his fpe- 
ciall providence to preferve youjThercfore bee yee of good; 
courage. The point lies faire, which I conceive pertinent* 
and now purpofe to profecute, 

B'tiSfc, G ods people mufi beeofgoodcouragei 

I (hall briefly fuggeft the Scriptures proofe,in a threefold} 
gradation,.wherein good courage is called for : 

Firft, Saint Paul an Apoftle with Apoftolicall aathcW- 
lity, periwades to it; a Cor, I S> 13.. Qttityee 'like men. 

Secondly , Iehofaphat a King, with regall authority 
commands it, z Chron* \% nit, Dtale cottragionfy. 

Thirdly, The great God of Heaven and Earth, putting 
nimfclfe under a. warlike notion, as thefeord Gcnerallof 
all the forces in the World,the Lord ofHofts. He peremp- 
torily preffeth it; Haggle. 2. 4. Now bee ftrong 9 Zoroba- 
bz\ faith thLord,and beeftr»n 7 0. iofhua, the Sonne of loze- 
iek the High Pri^ r 4ftd£eejreng tbeppplc efthe Lamdfatth 


■Good Courage dijctvere A, iwditKomgt d- i 

the Uri, and work, fr 1 <»* rrith jm fiiith th Lcrd of 

"Three things therebe.thatl flullfpeake to, in the pro- 

fccutionof this point. MU 

Fittt The explication of the vertoe, the gracecalled for, 

•wherein I will endeavour to ditcover what this courage 

*' Secondly, The confirmation of this truth by reafons, 
faomwhichthis Doftrine ^7*"™^ ^T?^ 
andbv which you may allbcefully convinced, that there 
fflndantcaufe, why all Gods people ifeould beecou- 

MS Thiraly, The application of all, by wayofufe, thatmy 

*^^mtt3&*+ It is the $ A M & 
daunted audadtyo S f a faUned heart in adventuring upon ™£f* 
*Sties|and y undergoing hardihips for a good «*<*««* 

Th^e C arefix G tWng, considerable in the defaiption 
thatlhave given, which I will particularly point at, and 

pr °Fkft the <?«<«. the common natureof it : it is an on.: 
daunKd' audacity. This Animofity (asfomepbrafett,)* 
£ common bo* unto men, and to feme bruit*. The 

in V4ard of boldncffe,?^ 3?- >?• * c - *g '^ttl 

Good Ceur ajpjfavered, and wcaurageA 

And this boldnefle that is in brahs7it^h^r^c~~~ i 
piece ofthis lime conragethat God' fcp&ft?&"« 
men, E^ l ; 9. this i s the Lords promife. j, J'^° 

The word a*, is the famein the Hebrew rf,,. - 
here mmy Text, Fonimm pttra; The Rock S .* ' S 
afratd of any weather, Summer or Winter Su„U "°i 

Secondly, Conffder the fub;ea,it is the Heart th*r n, 

Where Courage commands, and exerc S; tarv nr' 8 

phne- (mall I fo%; i, s W i t hia the bofomeiS?'*'" 
o«a valiant Souldfer' w«ome,it is the Soule 

Some conceive, our Emlifi word Gonra^ »,> u, j 
rived ftom CW^ffi., the^y aa?„ g X r S becde - 

A valiant man is defcribed, 2 x<tm 1-, 1 r , T , 
amanj whofe heart, is as the St o ? f a Lon 5?5 
Wime^theoriginaUtranflated, Comgion^' ±"1 
O.J.O. may moft properly bee rendred , ^|*J 

Beloved , valtiur doth not confifl in a r,;~„: ' 
in a terrible looke, in bigge words S £ ™ ? T' 
mettaU, the vigour that is wMiin' * ^ f ? >D<ifts ln the 
times,, bwaXTXeuV, SStoSSSfi S ° me - 

beefound within his bread, whotZtZf? ™ y 
promifethlittle, or nothingiSlS " '" ,*P<«'»«* 

tude, as a moraU, «Ji£S£S f P«kng°t &*«" 

Good Cow Age difeovered, attdiwouraged. 

of God by fpcciall covenant, And there are three things 
that doc characterize it, and which doe diftinguiHi it from 
the morall vertue of f brtitud e. 
The Roote, whence it arifeth* 
Th^ Rule, -whereby it is directed; 
The*End>to which it \is referred* 

The Roote, whence it rifeth, is love to God; All the 
Saints of God that love the Lord, bee of good Courage; 
The love of Chrift conftraineth mee to make thefebold, 
arid brave adventures, faith the Apoftle, a-£Vr. f, i^. 

The Rule whereby it is direfted, is the word of God t 
what the Lord hath pleafed to leave on record for a Chri* 
ftiaris guidance in holy pages, i Chron. a 2.1 2.1 i-Thc Lord 
give thee rvifed&me and- under/landing, that thou maifi kgepc 
the Um If thou take hsedto the fiatutes, and judgements, 
•which the Lord dwrjrasTMofes with concerning Ifrael: he 
fironq^andof good courage, dread not r nor bedifmaid. Bcea* 
manofmettall, but let thy mettall bee according tomy : 
mind, according to this rule.. . 

• And the End, to which it referres, is God; For every 
fan&ified man, being a felfe-denying, and a God-advarv 
ting man; his God is his Center, wherein his actings, his 
undertakings reft, and hisSouleis not,, yea it cannot bee 
Jatisficd but in God. 

The fourth thing confiderable in the Defcription is, 
thenaturall, theformall, the immediate operations, that 
doe flow from this gracious, audacious frame of heart, they, 
are two : 

There is an adventuring upon difficulties* 
And there is an undergoing of hardjbips. 

Yirft, There is an adventuring upon hard fervices, It is 
laid, I Sam\%\ K I a. The valiant wen rofe and went all nighf, 
tmdtooke the body of Saul, and the bodies of his Sonne s from 
the wale of Betbman and came to Gabejb, and burnt th:m 
therev When the Phtlifiins had taken their bodies and 
Were goneaway Conouerours, and fattened them there* 
B3 as 

& Good Cwdge di[covcrtd % and IncwrAgcd. 

as Enngnes of victory, brave blades, wellmettalled men, 
went by night, and fetched them back againe : an hard , 

And by reafon hereof there is an enduring of hardfhips i 
Thofe Worthies of whom the world was not worthy, 
who arc faid to be men valiant in fight, Heb. it. 34. This, 
tdtimony is given of them , that They endured tortu- 
ring* , the try all of "mockings >or cruel I mocQngspf fcowgings, 
of bonis, andimprifonment, offtoning , of being fawne a/un- 
der, of being faine with the freer d , of wandring up and doyrne 
at jheepe skins , and goats skins, being men deftitutc ,af$i&ed, 
and tormented. 

Fiftly, in my description, I caft in the caufe, which true 
courage undertakes to doe, and fuffer for , the object it 
workes upon, the prize it adventures for , it is a good caufe, 

I Cor . 16. 1 1 Matters ofBu.Ha,fiaud yefafi m the faith, quit ye tike is 
a Gofpel peice for which I am to jeopard a ;oynt,to hazard 
alimbe, to adventure life, 1 Cor. 6. 1 3* or matters of fact : I 
muftbe of good courage f o- my confciencc,that Imay main- 
taineanevennciTeof fpirit in reference to my rule, in rela- 
tion to my God, 1 Pet. 3. 14. If yee fuffer for righteeuf- 
nejfe fake happy are jee, be net afraid of their terrour, neither 
be troubled. It is a noble, a Chriflian rcfolution in any man* 
if hee thus determine , rather then I will make a wound 
upon my confeience , a breach betweene God and my 
fouljr ather then I will violate afacrcd vow,and tranfgreiTe 
the command of my God, I will run the greatcft hazards 
in outward regards that can be imagined. 

The goodneffeof the caufe ( Divines fay) for which a 
man fuffers, makes the Martyr : In like manner, it is the 
warrantablcnefTeoftheworke, wherein the fouldier, the 
man of mettall appearcs, that gives him the credit, the ho- 
nour of this title, to be accounted a valiant man. 

(of. 1 .9. Sixtly and laftly, J added that good courage makes the 

forcfaid adventures upon the call of God. Have not I com- 
mundedihee^be fireng and ef a good courage :_ If the Lord 


Gwdcomttge difctotrtijndinconrAgtd. 

pleafe to beat up the Drum ; If the Lord pleafe to bid 
them ar me,andcome abroad,his call is fufficient, Now God 
cals either by his precept, or by his providence. Either God 
cals his Champions for to undertake dangers, or hcc com- 
mands dangers to over-take them j and hereupon being. 
led forth by the Lord of hoafts , they cxprefle their 
valour : For this they know , that whether 
it be eftate, or peace , or life , or liberty ,, oj? Religion, or 
whatfoever clle they hope to defend , they are all tallants 
that God hath cntrufted them with , and that therefore 
only upon his Commillion figned , andfealcd by his owr* 
hand they may come forth , and mud come forth bravely* 
and fhew themfclve& couragious in reference thereto. 

Now for a man in an impetuous,giddy,neady way , to 
breakehimfelfeunwUely in his reputation, liberty , eftate, 
and himfelfe knowes no other reafon : but becaufe his fpi- 
rit moves him, and his humours ftirre in him, or feme paf~ 
fionat inconffderate perfonsprovokc hi m,this(my beloved ) 
is not to be couragious. V\ T ec reade in the Gofpel,of a man 
poffelted w ith an evil fpir it", that d id often caft himfelf into 
the water, and into the fire to deftroy himfclf And truly it 
nearely concernes many men of daring fpirits, to confider Mark £**•* 
ferioufly what fpirit it is that afts in them: Thefe things 
we muLVmarke,. that the true nature of courage may bee 

Tfc is defcription of good courage I judged meet to prc- 
mife and tocxplain bricfly,thatwc may underftand the duty 
in the text, the duty, the feafonablc duty, which God call© 

Bee @f good QourAge. 
The fecond thing I propounded in the profecutionof 
this point, is the reafons wherefore a Cbrifttan ihould bec> 
couragious: And my doctrine inbuilt upon a fourefold 
firft, Gods people fhould. be of good courage , in refe- 

;8 GQpdCouragedifcoveredy andincmraged. 

rcncc <mto the condition , unto which God hath called 
them*. God hath appointed all Chriftians to be fouldiers; 
A Sacrament is a fouldiers oath," when we were baptized 
we tooke prefle money , and vowed toferve under the co- 
iours of Chrift, and as manfull fouldiersto fight againft the 
world , the fleih , and the Devill ; and as oft as wee have 
beene atlhe Sacrament of the body and blood of our Lord, 
wee have renewed our folemne , and facrcd obligation in 
that kind,in reference to Chrift,who is called The Captains 
of the Lords ho ft , 'jof. 5 . 1 ti< and the Captaine of eurfalva- 
tionMeb. 2, 10. Injure hardneffe (faith the Apoftle) as a 
good 'culder of Chrift, 2 Tim.2.4, EpapjoroMius my fellow 
fouldier, Phil.2, 2 5 . Beloved, wifdome {s not more ne- 
ceffary for a Counsellor, nor eloquence for an Orator, then 
courage for a fbuldier* Souldiers we are, wee muft there- 
fore, 7$e of good courtage. 

Secondly :, the weighty fervices wherein the Lord of 
Hofts is pleafed toimploy us. Men imployed in peculiar 
fervices arc commanded to put on fortitude : As Iojbua 
who was a Commander to guide, and governe the hoff, 
the armies of the Ifraelites in their paflage to Canaan, Bee 
Xofh.1.7. thou ftrong and very couragious , that then ma' ft objerve to 
dee according to all the Law, which Mofes my fervant com- 
manded thee , turne not from it, to ths right hand or to the 
left. And Ezra, in regard of his office , is thus fpoken un- 
to -z t/frifo, for the mat ter beUngeth unto thee 9 bee of good 
courage > and doe it : and common Chriftians, in refpeel of 
fervices required of them, are to be couragious in their pla- 
ces , lof. 2 3 4 6 . *Be jee therefore very couragious to keepe, and 
ta doe alt that is written in the booke of the law of Mofes, that 
you turne not *Jide therefr&m, to the right hand or to the left. 

Shall I hint fome fervices that are charged upon all 
our confidences 

The worke of mortification , to pick out 6m eyes; 
to chop off our hands, to cut of our feet .5 doe you thinke 
that a milks fop , a man that is not a raanof a ftout fpirit 

Good Courage dtf covered^ MdiMdw&gtd. p 

will doe this. Now to maffacre flefhly lufb,is(as it were) 
for a man to mangle, and difmember his owne body, it is a 
worke painefull and grievous , as for a man to cue off his 
ownc feet, to chop erf his owne hands, and to pick out his 
ownc eyes, as Chrift and the Apoftje iW/doe exprefleif. 
Besides this, there are- in Chriihans bofomes , ftrong 
holds tobebattered, fortifications to be demolifhed : there 
arehightnlsand mountaincs , that maft be levelled with 
fhe ground.tber are trenches to be made,vallies to be filled. 
O beloved ,1 may not mention the hils that lye before usia 
f-c iren way , which we muft climbe upjand craggy rocks 
that we aauft get over : and without courage certainly the 
fervice put upon our hauds will not be difcharged. 
Ther si: alfo the wals^f / mfethrnxo be repaired,and the 
Temple to be rcedefied : It Nebemab had not beene a 
a man of a brave fpirit , hee would never have gone 
through ilitch with that Church worke , thofe weighty 
fervices which fece did undertake* How this isappliable 
tousfortheprefenttime, the time of our begun refor- 
mation , I fpeakenot; but rather doe referrcjit toyouc 
confiderations j I befeech you to reade Ne h.q 1 j, 1 8. They 
which build e<i on the wall, and they that did bcare bur- 
thens , with thofc that laded : Every one with one of his 
hands wrought in th© work,and wk'i the other hand held a 
weapon. For the Builders every one ha4 a 1 word girded 
by his fide, and fo builded 3 and he that founded the Trum- 
pet was by us. While they were at worke they were all 
ready for warre. 

Thirdly , Chriftians muft bee couragious, in reference to 
the 3 . huge Armies, w"h which they are affaulted, 

^ C Of Devils. 

There are armies «^ Of Lufts. 

£ Of men and women in the World „ 
thatdoo wage warre with every Chriftian , that in good 
sarncft makes out after his God in heaven way, 

C /For 

I o Good Courage difiovmdjMdincQitraged. 

For the is the argument of the Apoftle, and 
from thence I tooke it, Ephef, 6. i o. Brethren^ bejlrong 
( faith hee,j for we we file not againfifle(b t andbloud, but a- 
gainfi principalities , and powers 9 again fi the Rulers of the . 
darkns\]eofthUWorld y againfi Spiritual! wickzdnejfes in the 
heights. Marke for the number they are many, Our name k , 
kgion,for wee are many; How many thoufands, neither you 
nor I know. There is ftrength in them, they arc Powers, 
Principalities, and they are Rulers, they have very great 
authority in the Barknefleof the World ;in Midnight men, 
Darke men*. Men who love not Sunne-ihine light, but ra- . 
ther delight to lye in holes and caves.., 

I meane, in regard of the Darknefle of their minds,and 
their wilfull ignorance of the things of God. And they 
are in the height; they fight with much advantage (as fome 
pbferve,) being over our heads. And they are Spirits, they 
worke invifibly* and they fight againfi: our Soules, they la- 
bour tokecpe our hearts in thraldome, they feeke to beggar 
and to undoeus in regard of our grace, and Spiritual! 

The Holy Apoftle Peter fayeth, The Divell your adver- 
sary, gpeth about like a roaring Lyon, fecking whom hee 
may devoure. An Adverfary, and a Devil-l, andaftrong 
one, as a Lyon roaring, and then hee is a&ive, hee walkes 
about, and hee is full of malice, ready to devoure: Thefe 
things touched upon, doe tell us, that wee, who are al- 
wayes iurroundedj befieged by fuch enemies, havensed of 
I?ct»a^ iu Thereare armies of Ms, I know not how many. The 
Apoftle faith,F/^/y lufis that fight againfi the Soule. Thefe 
foes lye within us, and they ftrikc at the head * and the 
heart,endeavouring to let put the precious life of our im« 
mortall foules, 
l&iag %%• AstheCaptainesofthe King ot Syria, had a command 
JfjjfcQ fight againft, neither fmall nor great, but the Xing of- 
'#»?•' And the Apoftle faith^that lulls in his bofome were 
J * " " iuds 

Good 'Courage difeovered, andmouraged. u 

fucfa encmics,afrftili carried him captive, and haled him as a 
prifoner. ( You know the expreflion, Rom. 7. a \ . ) Be- 
loved, doth not experience oftentimes prove thus much, 
that pride, paflions, unbeiiefc, hypocrifie, earthly minded- 
neflfe, creature confidence, fenfuality, doe take up armes 
againft our precious Soules. Alas laias llufts, deceitfuli lufts, 
many deceitfuli lufts, are ftill, ftili tyrannizing in our bo- 
fomes, which of us hath not caufeto complaine with the 
Apoftle,when I would doe good, they are at hand prefent 
with mee : ftrong in mee, ever (tabbing, and (hiking, and 
poyfoning, and wounding; if I would but pray, or weepc, 
or amend. Thefe Rebels raife their ftrcngths, and com- 
bine their forces to hinder me: : and no fooner can Sathan 
hold up ringer, and temptation (hew it felfe; But they are 
ready furioufly to march out againft Chrift, his govern- 
ment, graces, glory. Beloved , I appeale to your con- 
sciences, whether in regard of this black guard, maintai- 
ned within us, wee have not need to bee of good cou- 

Thirdly, the armies of people j The ApoftleiW faith, 
hee fought with men who were as beafts, JSeafis after the 
manner of men, 1 Cor t 15.32. David tels you they were 
Dogges, and they were Tygers, and Wolves, and Bearcs, 
and Buls, and Lyons, fo in the Pfalmes hee phrafcth them.' 
I promiieyou,a man that is fo befet, thus aflanlted, if hee 
bee not a man of courage what will become of him?, 
There are Sanballns and Tobiah's, men of malignant, 
mifchievous Spirits, to doe us mifchiefc in Heaven way, 
had wee not need in that regard to bee couragious ? 
And truly, women if they cannot ufe weapons, they will 
caft, and fling (tones , (hoote their arrowes even bitter 
words. David mst with oppofition in that kind , from 
one that was neare, and (houldhave beenc better. Michol 
fliee j eared him in his righteous, and holy zeale, in refe- 
rence to God; you know the ftory, and therefore I report 
it not. And doubtMe, had not hee beene a man of an 
C2 Heroick 

I z Good Courage di (cover ed^ and incowAged, 

Heroick Spirit, hee might have beenedafht out of counte- 
nance and baffled and cooled in his zeale, becaufe of her 
reproacbfnll language. 

There are thofe that are ready to perfbrme ill office? 
SbebaAiks, to blow a Trumpet of {edition, of contention' 
to caft coales, and kindle ftrife betweene the head and the 
members, thcKing r and his Sab; efts; to fet ail on a flame- 
in the Kingdoms, in this- regard, wee had need to bee (teete 
to the back, that wee bee not difheartned. From all rhefe 
three particulars, I might apply that paffage, 2 Sam. to. o 9 - 
1 1. When loab faw the front- of the battaile agafoft him be- 
fore md behind; hee fayed.* bee of good courage, andletnstUy 
the men : His fpeeches did fparkle Spirits, heherein proved' 
himfelfe a man meete to bee a warlike Commander, for 
danger and difficulties' did adde heartand heate. 

My Mailers, you fee our cafe, let us play the men for our 
people, and for the Cities of our God. Beloved, you per- 
ceive by that which I have pointed at, that our enemies 
are more and worfe, we are befet befbre,and behind,«bove, 
and below, without and within; not onely our Cities- but 
oar Soules are oppo fed, endangered. Hell and Earth, Men 
and Devils., yea and oar felves are Adverfaries to our 
felvc& Therefore there isgood reafon, why wceflaoali 
put on Courage, 

Fourthly and laftly, Wee have need of Courage, becaufe 
bf the various afrlicftioiis to bee expected. For ought wee 
know, heavy things may befall us, andmuft bee borne 
by head, and {houlders by us, before wee get to our Gaftle- 
dar place of refuge,, our reft in Heaven; how ftony, how* 
thorny, how deep?, and how dangerous our waves may 
prove, before weegettoourjourneyesend, wee cannot 
tell. It may bee,wce muft travaile through blood, through 
&ur owne bloud^and therefore wee need Courage, 

After our Saviour had fuggefted to his Difciples*, UWat. 
%-Q. %i. Brother fh all deliver brother to death ; the Father 
the Child, and tk Child flail raife againfi the Parents, and 


Good Courage d/feovered 3 andincouraged. i£ 

eaufethem to be pat to death, mi you (hall be hated of all men 
for ttfy names fake ; Hereupon hee adds, verfe 26, Feare roc, 
3 2. Feare not. Beloved ,. We know not what may be our 
portion here on earth, before we come perfeaiy to en/oy 
God our p jrtion,and be happy in enjoying of him for ever. 
Wee may live to -fee the Citic fired, our eftatcs wafted, our 
wives abufed, our children torne in psices lim6e-mcale,. 
peice-rneale before our eyes .- beleeve mce without cou- 
rage, thefe fights will be hard and heavy to be beheld, lush 
like ii°hts will caufc us to iownd away, to fuiek into the 
d'uft, it wee provide not courage. Thus have I run over 
my rcafons, and now I requelt you ali 5 ferioufly to confider,. 
whether in all the fore-meotionsd regards, we have not 
abundant caufe to endeavour, to get the grace the text com- 
mends, and to doe the duty that in, the text God cals for. 
*Be of good courage. 

I co mc now to the application of all that hath becne de- 
livered by way of uf<r. The ufes, of this poynt that I (hall 
fpeaketo, they are butt wo- 

Thefirft Reproofe, 
The fecond Exhortation* 

for Reproofe, hence I have occafion For to blame both' 
unworthy co ward lineffc in fome , aud wicked audacious 
neffe in others : both vices contrary to thisvertuc, both 
cxtreames, ©ppofed by this pra&ize of Chriftian fortitude, 
which mVtextperfwadcs. 

Firftlmuftxheck an un worthy dattardhnefle , which 
discovers it felfe three wayes in thebofomesof men. 
* FirftjWhenmenbyreafonof pafilanimityj&lowneflTcof 
fpirit, dare not appcare in the caufe that they are convin- 
ced, to bethe caafe of God. There were fotnc,!oh.i 2.45; 
who, though they beleeved onChrik, yet they durft not 
profeffe him for feare of the Pharifees, left they (houldbee 
Gxcomawnicated. The confcicnces of many tell them^ 
«m — -■- - ■-;"' " C3 thati 

iq Good Courage difiovercd, and incouraged, 

that fuch a way is the way of God, doubtieffe this is hea- 
ven road ; furely thefe are the coarf es to be taken to enjoy 
God, and communion with him , and yet for feare of 
I know not what , fcorncs, mocks , loffe of friends, or 
the like ; they dare not be fecne. It may be they will goe 
to Chrifl: with Nishodemus in the night, for feare too many 
eyes obfer ve them , and take notice of them in fuch un» 
wounted paths , exercifes which feeme to proclaims 
ftri&neflfe and precifeneffe. You fee I am in hafte,and thcr« 
lore cannot inftance in particulars. 

Secondly, others by reafon of cowardlineffe foone 
grow difcouraged in fad and weighty undertakings , be- 
caufe they find the way to heaven craggy , the duties diffi- 
cult, the fervices fomething hard ; and becaufe they have 
not expefted fuccefTe on a fuddaine j here upon their i pi- 
rits ihrinke up ; I have reference in this cxpreffion to the 
original word ufed to this very purpofe,in Num. 21. 4. And 
1 the foul ofths people rv4S much difcouraged Jbecaufe of the way. 
Their fpirits were fhortned fas it is in the Hebrew) they 
run up by reafon of diftrcfs,and al vigour gave in. As a Cra- 
vant begins to iooke pale through feare ; his fpirits fly to 
the heart, you (hall fee no blood in his face : O did he think 
to be mocked, and to be purfevanted? and did he expect to 
be imprifoned ? and did he conceive to bee put on fuch a 
dead taske , and to workehimfelfe downe in his ftrength, 
refpe&s amongft men , and other outward comforts , and 
reape nothing but the wind. Much hath beenedone , and 
much hath beenc endured, many weeks, moneths, yeares, 
are run up , iiuce hec expelled a good crop , of increafe 
and comfort : but hopes being frustrated, and expectations 
difappoy nted ; hee fits downe dcje&cd : Becaufe Refor- 
mation is driven on heavily , things flick in the birth, 
therefore many arediQieartncd. 

Thirdly, thofe that under darke clouds and fhowresof 
fufferings lye grovelling on the ground, through difconfo- 
lateneffe ; He that faints m the mil daj ,hti ftrcngth yufmal> 


Good courage difiovered y mdmconraged. 1 5 

<Piw.24,io. There is mention of fome, lof.i. 11. when 
the wind and tyde went againft them ; when the victory 
was carried on the other fide, it is laid, their hearts melted, 
there was no more courage in them : The melting of the 
wax is the fevering of part from part : The confirming of 
the parts together, istheftrengthof it, the loofeningof 
the parts weakens it : a mans foule runs out through fain- 
ting feares , as water; whereas it fhould be confirmed , as 
a peice of fteele. Chriftians fhould be magnanimous, and 
Fortitude will fortifie, and corroborate the foule. As the 
originall word fuggefts thus much , fo the conjunction of 
ftrcngth,and valour in the holy Scriptures doth import it : . 
Beftrong and ef good courage, Thinkc of this , and take 
heed I pray youof'daftardly dejected neffe, and dismaying 
feares, in fad , fuffering times , becaufe thereby both foule . 
and body are much feebled, and much prejudiced. 

Thefecond thing reproved, is wicked audacioufneflfe j 
This branch of the reprehension is needful], for certainely, 
there is in fome men akind'of fire , tbatrifeth out of hell, 
or rather fome mettall, which is digged out of the bot- 
tomleffe pit, which is called Courage, and fo accouted in 
the world. My meaning is t that there is a devillifh,wret- 
ched refoluteneffe in the bofbmes of fome to hold on in 
iinne j notwithstanding divine reprehensions, convictions, . 
threatnings, and executions • which is as much oppofite 
to true courage, as the greateft coward linefs in the world. 
I told you before, that true courage is for good, upon a 
Command from God* The Apoftle checks the Corinthi~ 
ems, becaufe they had fo much boldnefs , as that they did 
dare to doe that which was offenfive , vto& to goe to law 
one with another, and that before Infidels ,you dare doe it 
faith he,you have fo much boldnefs, 1 for.6. & the Apoftle 
Feter checks men, The* are not. afraid to/peak evil of D ignUf 
ties. The Pfalmift brings in bad men thus refolving, airF & H* i * 
tongues are our own^andwe wilffeak^nd v»ho is Lord over us. 

Some, there be , . wiw though the Min after flajfo the very 


1^5 Good Courage difcovered, andwcouraged. 

fire of hell in their faces , difcovering the danger of their 
evill courses ; yet like unto the warre-horfc, they will ad- 
venture further , lettheconfequence prove what it may i 
•yea, although God be on them in wayes of heavy afBifti- 
on, with one rod after another, and one blow bigger then 
another , theugh his providence pinch them in their per- 
fons, impoverifh them in their eftates , crisfh them in their 
credit; and it may be they fuf&r much in their yoak-fel- 
lowes, Children and neere allies; yea, though the often 
recoyling of their coniciences, caulc earth-quakes in their 
owne bofomes , yet on they will ftill to doe wickedly. 
Tbefe are the men of whom the Prophet complaines, 

Icr. y , 3 * Who make their faces harder then the Rock » and ref ufe to re- 
turne. Men of this make are common in every place, 
and their way of living is much to be bewayled : and now 
I am neceflitated to fpeake unto them , becaufe their ftur- 
dinetfe in refuiing to ftoopeutuo God in reformation, is 
reputed courage. 

To crulli thefc wretched conceits , I heartily wifh that 
the Scriptures maybeperufed ; where you mall find , that 
thofe who are commended for the moft valiant Champions, 
and theftouteft fouldiers in the Campe of Chrifr, that they 
were the moft timorous in matter of finne, and moft caa- 
tious in references to-God, that they might not in any kind 
offend His Majefty. David, that durft takea Lyon by the 
beard, and durft adventure upon a Duell , a fingle combat 
with Qo/iah, yet thus h©e expreiTeth himfelfe to God, 

PfaL 1 1 9 ♦ My flefb tremhlethfor feare of thee y and I am afraid of thy 

«*o« judgements. And Nehtmiab , who had many wayes wor- 

thily exprefled his magnanimity for God and his caufe,yet 
no man was ever more awed with the fears of God* Hee 
per fw aded himielfc, and others thereunto. Ought not wee 

Neh«j.o.-xj. ^*Ws in the feare ofGtd? Andagaine complayning of 

'the governours , who were his Predeceflors , that 

they were ufurious, and very injurious in their places ; hec 

addcth but (a, Qidwl{l durft w ) beemje of the fare 

Good Courage difcovcred^ dndincouraged. 17 

of the Lord my God. I atn confident , that this polition is 
toll of truth, you may trull: to it , as found and orthodox s 
That there is no more Chrillian courage,then there is Chri- 
ftian feare in our hearts. There is no more true valour in 
Gods account, in confl : cling with dimculties, and ftout 
ftandin CT under heavy preflures, then there is a cautious,and 
timorous circumfpc&ion , left finnc of any kind fhould 
be committed to the dishonour, and provocation of God. 
Shall I tbinke that a man that will fweare, and roare, and 
curfe, and pox , and plague (I (houlA not have defiled my 
mouth with thefe words) (hall I thinke that, this man of 
Beliali hath Chriftian courage ? Hee may have morall 
magnanimity, as an heathen, asaRommc, but he wants 
the courage of a Saint , that courage which my Text cals 
for. Beloved, I pray you beieeve it, ( I fpeakeas a Scrip- 
ture man ; and I fpeake to men that mud labour to be men 
valiant, as becommeth Saints) hee t : at rules hit cwnefpirit, _ , - ■ 
deth more then hee that overcomes a€'tie. That man who roTsI * S ^ 
takes downe his untamed lutts; and that man who bri- 
dles the unruly member the tongue Hee who conquers 
the rebellious mutinies in his owne bofome, and who 
notwithstanding allavocafions, is careful! ftill to keepc 
clofetoGod , this is the valiant man indeed, God him- 
felfe, by Solm*** pen , gives fuch a one his Letters tefti- 
moniall to be magnanimous. And for my part I will ad- 
venter that which is deareft unto my felfein this world, 
in the hands of this man, if in the hand of any, in regard 
of valour, and holy, hearty, heroick refolution. But I put 
off from this reproofe, wherein my zealehath made mee 
bold , to fpeake my mind : For I had rather counfell 
then reprehend ; and before I goe forward , I wifti that 
my checks lighting on ungracious hearts may make kindly 
and deepe impreflioos on them, for their amendment. And 
God grant that you that come to prayfe God , as becom- 
meth Saints this day, may learnealfo hereafter to be valiant 
as it becommeth Saints, according to the directions offa- 
aed Scripture. £► Th2 

Good Courage Mfcovered, and incoitragtd. 

Thelaft ufe> is an ufe of exhortation; f I feare, I have 
more to- fay then my time, and your occafions wiUiuffer 
mee to deliver,^ It is one ly this, to pcrfwade you all (my 
beloved , ) I fay all, without exception, Coloncls,Ciptaines, 
other Officers, Souldiers^yea all the Servants of the Lord,, 
to yeild to the word of exhortation, and in your places to 
endeavour Chriflian courage ; This ufe molt ufefull m% 
heart dcfires to enlarge, wherein I faine would* 

3, By Arguments perfyvade it > 
2. By Dtrettiom help yon ink* 

I have Arguments of two kinds, God grant they vc&j 
csme with fome ftrength upon your hearts, to move you, 
to endeavour to bectruly valorous. 

Firft, From the confederation of the rich commodities^ 
that are the undoubted confequences of Religious forti- 
tude. Otbe booties, otheboones, & the benefits, that 
Chriftians may enjoy in the way of Chriftian valour & 
I will point at 6. and I ffoall doe little more then point at 
. Firft, It will wind, and worke you into the bofome* 
and favour of God ;. Be of good Courage , and bee Jba$ 
firengthen thy heart. Put thou thy fclfe forth in a way of 
bold adventure for him , and his providence fliall bee 
Iweetly exercifed for thy good. A worthy Gomrnan- 
der,how carefull is hee of a brave blade*, a man that wilt 
fightat a Cannons mouth. Doth heeheare from him, that 
a bone is broken ? Send for the Bone-fetter : Ishee like to 
bleed to death? call for the Surgeon, let him poll away to 
prevent that pcrill; Doth hee grow weaker and weaker £ 
Is there any thing in the Campc, that may reftore his Spi- 
rits, withhold nothing; nothing is too good> toocoftly, 
would hee cate gold, hee mould have it . 

Thus it is with God, O what letters of commendation 
doth hee give in manifeftation of his ownc love to them 

Good Cottrage dif covered, and incom 'Aged. if 

in Pergamw, upon this very ground : Thou, faith the Lord % Rtv, ** 15. 
tbou haft held forth my name, and not denjed heven inthofe 
daps, w^^Antipas my fakhfuU Martyr was flaine, even 
where Sathan djvelleth. i hou didft fight for Ch r i s t in 
the Cave, where the Devill commanded, thou didft ftand 
and appear© for him, when other men did lofe, life, and 
iMoud. Here is a man that God willowne, fuch a one, 
/hall have Gods heart and hand to doe him honour, to 
yeild him comfort. And therefore I appe ale to your con- 
sciences, is not this Courage worth the having? worth 
the fee king? 

SecpndIy,Your Courage will hearten you in the weigh- 
tieft and dirficulceft adventures, which thecauie and glory 
of God, the welfaire of his Church, the honour of the 
King, the peace and profperityoftheKingdomemayput 
you upon. Befter was a woman, yet valiant. Mufti to 
the King for my people; Iflperijb, Iperifk. I will take raj? 
Xife in my hand and adventure : Nekemiab, had a hard tasks 
to und ertakc , truly a dead peice of fervice to fet upon, yet 
notwithftanding being a couraeious man, hee will hazard 
•his Ail, to obey the command ofhisGod,and to fcrve the 
tieceflities of his brethren. This is recorded for the ever* 
lafting credit of fomeofthe Servants of God, tho Priefts, 
a Chro»*26. 17. 18. *4nd Azariah the Priefi went in after 
him jind with him 4. [core Prieftsofthe Lord that wereva* 
iiantmen; and they with flood Vzzwhthe King, and fail unte 
bim, it pertainethnot unto thee Vzziah tobttmcincenfetothe 

Men of brave Noble Spirits will fpeake, whatfoever it 
«oftthem,uponacallfrom God, men of valour will ap* 
peare according to Geds command in fervices fad, and 
.heavy. Wee lay, that a well metled horfe, will take for- 
ward, and draw at a ftanding tree, but that I fhallfp:akc 
of in the next. 

Thirdly, It will make us unwearied in our worker 
though deiircd, and expected fucceffc bee denied. You fee 
~ D % it . 

■ 2 o dtod Courage difcovered % aftdincouraged. 

itfometime; (My fimilitude is a plaine one, but beloved, it 
fully evidenceth the thing I fpeake to,) A Carre-horfe 
of good mettall , will plucke , and fall on- his knees, 
and up-, and take forty pluckes at a kicking load, where- 
as a Jade, if it come not at the firft twitch, goes back, back, 
and you cannot get him forward. Iuft thus is it with a 
Coward, if hee have not victory at the firft skirmifli, hee 
will hardly make a fecond aJTauit ; if hee bee knocked 
downe, once, twice, or thrice, heegives up alias loft, and 
is ready to runne away; but a man of a ft out Spirit in fuch 
a cafe, will pluckt up heart, fight againe, fo long as hee can 
either ftand or ftirre. Thus Mofes hee goes, tfec firft, and 
fecond, and third, and tenth time toPharoab, notwith* 
ftanding brow-beatings, rcpuhes, tbreatnings. Thusfahh 
the Lerd i let my people goe. That was his meflage, either 
it muft bee granted, or hee will not ceaie his importunity. 
Jfrael hee comes for, and IfcaeLhtQ will have with him, 
or elfe, hee will not leave Egypt. 

My beloved, let us bring this downe to our fctves : Ma- 
ny prayers wee have made, and many fafts wee have kept 
for Sion .-and before our deliverance bee compleat, wee 
know not, how many plucks wee muft yet have, and how 
many fhall wee take to repaire the walks, and torcedific 
th: Houfe of God, in cafe, God give us this mettall, which 
2 am commending. 

Fourthly, Courage will bee a meancs to keepe us from 
conference- wafting , and fcandalous mifcarriages. What 
had become fthinke you) of Shidrack_ Me/heck, and A- 
b'dnego} or what had become of Daniel) if they had not 
beenemenof undaunted hearts? The one had given off 
doing his duty, prefenting his indebted homage to his 
God, hee muft not pray for the fpace of thirty dayes to his 
God. The other three muft bow downe in way of Ido- 
latry to an Idoll. But marke the Sparkling of their Spi- 
rits; "Bee it knowne unto thee o King^wee know Cod can deliver 
us fat if hee will no-t } wet wifl not fall downe } norworjbjp that 

Good Courage dtfcovered^ undine waged. 2 1 

Jma re which thou haft fit up. They were by Courage kept 
out of the briers, and ofFtheRock, which might other- 
wile have tome and broken them wofully. And Daniel 
was preferved from the neglect of his devotion to his 
God, by the lame meanes. 

Fiftly , Believe it, that our Courage will daunt our Ad- 
verfaries,and drive them away ;The Captaine of that black 
guard, (the Devill I meane) will give back,if (toutly with- 
ftoocl \Refift him, and hse mllftes , ft and to it, and hee mil rumc lam . 4 . T\ 
awaj. In like manner, will thole, who march under his 
colours againft Gods people. It is faid exprefly 1 Sam 4* 
5. 7. when the Philiftines heard the Ifraelites fhout, O 
fay they their God is among them, wo unto us. Without 
doubt, the very valour of Protectants will bee the daun- 
ting of the Papifts. Let thofe who appeare for Reforma- 
tion.maintaine their ground, and the enemies thereof, vv ill 
bee difcouragedjvanquilhed, 

Laftly, I might adde, that our Courage will incourage, 
I know not how marry , One bold leader,will hearten hun- 
dreds^ O faith Paul, my bonds, and fufTerings are famous,, 
they are manifeft in all the palace, and in all other places; 
and many, of the Brethren by reafon of my bonds Wax 
bold, and fpeake the word without feare, Phil. 1. 12. 13. 
14. If you would know what word? It was the word of 
Christ, who was denyed, derided, Now to fpeake 
for a Chriit when Paul is in prifon, and in bolts, and 
fetters fir the word ofCHRisr, was an aft of Man- 
hood. And Pauls valour made them thus bold. The 
Cities Courage will mike the Countrey couragious. 

This true valour that I fpeake for, may hive influence 
J know not how farre, through the Kingdome in way of 
benefit, and advantage. Therefore looke you to it, Quit 
pur ft Ives likg men,Be of good Courage* 

The fecond motive, is taken from the consideration of 
the fad confequences of cowardlinefle. ; 

Jirft*. A mans perfonall dilcredit, csll a Souldier a cra- 
D 3 vantj, 

•a i Good Courage Mftovered, and incomged. 

vant, and how doe you difgracehim? They would fain e, 
(faith Nehemiahy) Ptitmeeinfearc, that thej might have had 
fomewhat to reproach mee- Nehem. 6. 13. ACaptaine, and 
a Coward* what a fhame is it ? If you defirc to maintains 
your honour and reputation, in City and Countrey, hold 
up your hearts, 'Be men of valour. 

Secondly, This is another a fad confequence of coward* 
Uneflc, it may tend to make us unprofitable,and unfervicca- 
Mattti. 2j4 ble in cur places* / was afraid, and hid mj ta/ant, for % 
z ^ thought, thou wafiahardmajler. You know whofeipeech 
it was. When a man hath both oporturirics and abilities 
to doe, God and the King, the Parliamcntand Kingdoms, 
good fervice. God hath beftowed a good hcad-piecc,much 
wifedome, an able body and heakhfull, a ftrong arme, a 
vaft eftatc, a great command; and yet notwithstanding, 
when the welfare of Church and Common-wealth, call 
him to make appearance, hee drawes back, dares not bee 
feene, all his talents arc tied in a napkin, there is nothing 
traded for God, becaufc hee is a Coward, and dares not 
lookeoutofdores. There will bee a heavy reckoning for 
that man, Take himfrnd hm hand and foote. Cowardjiinefle 
makes men, though able, yet unprofitable, therefore tako 
tieed of it* 

Thirdly, The good caufes, which men owne and fa- 
vour, may receive a great dealc of dammage, andpreiudice 
by the pufillanimity, the poorcneflc of the Spirits of them, 
that appeare therein. There was a notable piece of policy, 
in the endeavour oftherayling wretch Rabjhecah, to af- 
fright the Souldiers of Hc*£k&*b t i Chr. 3 2. 1 8.7%«r they did, 
that they might make ns afraid and takg our City. Coward- 
linefle ties a mans hands behind him, that hee can doe no- 
thing in the World, hee cannot keepe his ranck, and place, 
hee neither knowes when to charge, or difchargc j his 
hands quake, his eyes cannot fee, hee cries where am If 
and what muft I doc? Thus all is loft, becaufe of cowardli- 
neflcjit is a mighty diiad vantage to bee a daftard. Cer- 


GMdcew -age difcovered y a&dimow -aged \ %\ 

tainely a man under the power 6f difmaying, in fearesis 
icarfc a man in the ufe of his intellc&uals. 

Fourthly, What iad breaches cowardlineffe, may make 
upon us, both in regard of finne, and judgements. I know 
not. The fad example of Saint Peter is here considerable* 
O what a wound did hee receive, l>y reafon of his unwor- 
thy fcaremlneffej It coft him deare before the cut was cu- 
red. You know his threefold deniall of his Mailer, with 
the black aggravations thereof; Olknow him not, Iain 
not any of them, you are miftak^n in mee, &c. But before 
that breach was, made up, it cod him hot water, He wepr 
bitterly. - 

Beloved,belovcd, confider what I fay,many a man doth 
that under the command of cowardlineffe, which is paine 
and anguifh in his heart to his dying day. God is won- 
derfully incenfed, when men fbrinke from him^becaufe of 
difficulties and dangers, Fcarenotleaft IJlay thee. Bee not 
difmayed at their Faces ( faith God to ?eremiab y ) left I con- 
found thee before them, Isr. i. 17. When God cals often, 
and cals loude upon men to take part with him, and yet 
they fhrinke and draw back, believe it, the danger is not 
little. You know whofe fpcech it is; If yon mil deny meeMuke B.$%1 ^ 
before w*en r I mil deny yon before my F other > which is in hea» 

] & valiant Captaine, when the field is fought, and the 
victory is got, bids, bring in that cravant, thatmilke-fop,. 
who tyi runne away : Hifle him^-turne him out of doores, 
as the (ha me of his Cottntreyy when Chrift fhall come 
and call, and fay to fome White-livered men 5 . you were. 
afhamed to appeare for the ftrift obfervation of the Lords*: 
day, and you would not bee feeneto favour the Reforma- 
tion, \vhich by Englanels Parliament, at fuch a time was- 
endeavoured , and you would not labour to have the fan- 
£tuary fwept from all pollutions, and you would bee at 
nocoft,to have Chrifts-coine, bear his (lamp alone, to have 
his ordinances pure without mixtures, but y/>u would ra- 


24 Good Courage dtfcovered, and im our aged. 

ther Jtfachar-lik?, lye under burthens, then ftruggle for de- 
liverance. You were afraid what mrght bee the iflue of 
your bold neffe in fuch bufineffes, if the times fhould turn, 
and the t> de run another way, and matters change in fu^h 
and fuch a manner. And hereupon you fneakingly left 
me, and my cauieand glory in the open fields. Beloved, 
this will be an heavy hearing to the cowardly Apoftate 
at the laft day, when thefeare'ull , and the unbeleeving 
muft befent into the lake which burneth with fire & brim- 
ReveU.8, ftone. Therefore I intreat youagaine , andagaine,to con- 
fider well of this matter. 

Laftly, how fane cowardlinefle may tend to difcourage 
others: I wifhyou toconfider: I here remember , that 
when ffra< I of old , was to goe forth unto battaile, God 
commanded the officers to fpeake thus unto th e people, 
what man is th-re , that is fearefttU . and faint hearted , let 
him goe and retttrre unto his houfe, lefi his brethren hearts 
faint (or melt) as well as his heart. 

Gentlemen , God forbid that you who are come hither 
to day , to acknowledge your felves bound to God for 
your ettates 3 lives,and libcrties,& to havethe word of truth, 
preached and prefled upon you for your fouies good. God 
forbid ( I fay ) that yeu who give good examples in many 
other kinds, mould doe any thing which may tend to wea- 
ken the fpirits, and to dampe the courage of any, who fhall 
enquire, what doe they in London ? 

Having thus farre perfwaded you , to pluck ujr. your 
hearts, as it becommeth Saints: I now intreat you, to 
! -^ ... give ms leave to couniell you , what courfe to take , that 
you may be couragious , and I promife to doe it, as with 
tincere reference to God , whofe fervant I am , lb with 
unfained faichfulnetfe to you whom I nowferve. 

What fhall wee doc, that wee may bee couragious ? 

My directions are in number ten , I will not belong in 
any one of them, becaufe I would not be tedious , I hum- 
bly beg your beft attention , dcliring to fpeake to your 


Good Cow age difcovered^ and inttttr aged. 2$ 

foulcs, and IbefeechtheLordto lpeakc to my heart, and 


Thcfirfthelpe to Chriftian courage (which makes way 
for all the reft J is this : Labour dearly from Scripture 
grounds to evidence your propriety in God. 

When i>avtd was utterly undone in outward appearance 
at £*£%,beingttriptof all outward comforts } and rxpe- 
tfed that his brains (houid be beaten out w;th ftones,( They 
talkedoffionmg him) David mewrajred kintfelfe (hec con- $ . 

firmed and ftrengthened his heart; as the original! expref- w 
fem it, inthe Lcrd lis (jod : Is there not mote in fciod , 
My beloved, I pray you put this queftion uponferious de- 
bate in your owne bolomes, my God to hearten mee, then 
in mine enemies my greatcft, my worft enemies todifmay 
mee? Take the improvement of this point in twopartU 

1 Gods omnipotence 

a GodsOmniprelence. 

Is there not more ability in God , then power in all the 
World, if combined together. TSeeftrong , and conragious, z q hro.j i.^' 
(faith HexjskytS) Be not afraid 3 nor dtfmajed t fsr the King<f 
Ally ria, nor for all the multitttde, that ts with him ,' for there 
be more with hs , then w th him : with him it an arms offiejh, 
but with us is the Lord our Cjod to helpe us, and to fight our 
bat tat r es t tAnd thspsople refted themplves upon t he words of 
Nezekiah , King of Iudah. At this time Senacherib had raj - 
fed a very great Army , as holy Hiftory reports : And ray- 
ling Rabjheksh was confident , that Ifraels God could not 
deliver ; yet you fee, that this thought. The Lord our God 
to hclpe us, did ftecle and ft rcngtben their hearts. 

The knowledge of Dictie ,and Proprictie, will increafs 
magnanimity in afearefull heart, what are huge armies, 
ftrong fortifications,wcapons of war, the ftrength,ftout- 
nefle, skill, or experience of common {ouldiere , or warlike 
Commanders againft the Lord Almighty? look hick to the 
hiltory laft mentioncd,wr]ere we tcad,thatoneangeliaono 

25 Good Courage discovered, And ineour Aged. 

r);i.ghti{illcd five thoufand men inthehoft of the King ol\ 
Efa;37.$6' Affyri^. By this example, gucflfe at the ability of your.. 
God , having made lure your intercft in him 5 and from: 
thence gather courage. . \ 

T rt i 2 As the ability , fo the pretence of God by the efficacy. 

of his all-ordering providence, may hearten all them, 
whole God hee is by fpeciall Covenant ; Have not I com* 
manded thee, beftroxg, and of a good com age , benotafrayd, 
neither be thou difmayed , for the Lord thy Cod i&witb the 
whither foever thou goe ft. The lord is with us, by the pre- 
fence of his fpeciall favour , in aliour good undertakings 
whetherfoever wee goe. The Chriftian carries his com- 
mander , his refuge , his Caftle, his God along with him, 
whether hee keepe in the Citie, or goe forth into the coun- 
trey; whether hee ferve by land, or by lea, his God is ftill 
at ha nd^AfTurance therefore, that the al-lufficient, al-pre° 
prefent God is ours , will lay a good foundation for good 
courage : Thofc who adventure upon any fervice without 
God going along with them , may expecT: defeats ; not- 
withstanding all meanes of defence : and therefore no/ 
mirvell, if they tremble .• But God taking part With his; 
people, they may confidently from his prefencs especT: de- 
liverance, ff it. had not been the Lord who was on ourjide* 
c , . , they hadfwallowedus up quicke, &c. but bleffedbe the Lor4^> 
who hath not given us, as a prey to their teeth. God and his\ 
people make one fide; and becaufe their helpftandethin th& 
name of the Lord, who made heaven and earth ; therefore 
they have aboundant eaute/0 be of good i our age, \ \ 

Secondly, make fare, that the caufe you appear e in, is the-, 
caufe of God. If a man marching to Looke his enemies 
jn the face , and being about to begin the battaile , fhould 
.. leele the earth to (bake under him , aiad the ground to fink* 
every foot hee fet forward .• Ohow would this daunt; 
Mm, and how would his heart recoy k, and give in within, 
tijm? Obdoved, Ibefeech you,.he you welt, confirmed iw 
your o wneheaits , that you doe ferye for God* It is that* 
j . " 'a "' ' which-. 

Geod-Courage difiwend, and incou rAgd. 2j 

^Whkh was adSdto^bcCoarage to them mlehofkphats 
time, when they were furronnded 1 , with Ammm, Ml 
OHoaL and Mount Seir^s if wee fhould fay, with Le*. 
markelnd France, and Papifts at home, WeL^ faith the mat* 
of God Hearken yee all ludah, and yee Inhabitants or % chroa, ao* 
lerufalem, and thou King Iehofaphat; Thus faith the Lord .,,*, 
unto you: Bee not afraid nor dfma:d t hyre^fbn of the great 
multitude for the battaile is not jours but Gods 

Beloved, hee that hath a oad confaence*and & bad caule, 
ever fights as a Coward, and isready at every ftrokc to lay 
■down? his weapons and runne away. A true man , wiM 
(land to it, come who may come, for his caufe is jaftifia- 
bl- andhee may with boldneffe owne i^ but theives, it 
the'y h'carc any noifc, any whfpering, they cry one to ano- 
ther, let us haft and bee gone, for they know, their adven- 
ture's unwarrantable. When a man thus thmkes with 
bimfelfe, being belet with dangers and difficulties, what 
if I mould dye in this bufineffe ? could I wuheconfideoce 
owne it,at the Barreof Iesus Christ t The mcourage- 
ment of his owne conference, will much embolden 
him But if amansownehearttellhimj that adventuring 
Sddytagin.afichc.ufc. e lhall finckinto Hdl,becaufe*e 
oppofcth the Commands and Government ot I E s u s 
C h r i s t- the liberties, the comforts, the prayers ot 
Gods people, how is it police, that hee iliould play the 
ma^and bee truly couragious? 

Thirdly, Confider ferioufly , the many weighty con- 
feouencs of the good caufe, which from g^d grounds, 
jm undertake 'to maintaine. Sit downe and fadly thinkd 
what will the iffue bee, if you defert your Proteftation, 
Whereby you bound your felves, to fi and for the true Pro- 
tect Religion, the honour of our King, the Pr iviledges 
of Payment, the Lawes of the Land ^^reofthe 
Kin^dorne Here it is notable, how the Phhjlwes hearte- 
ned one another, in theday of their [dccpcdangcr, x MM 
4. 9. Be firing, tyk ]o*r- fi&fi* ll k W o Phvbftms ; thm 

28 GoedComragt difcwertd, and in com aged. 

you bee not Servant? to the Hebrew es; J$uit your f elves tike 
men and fight; Either pluck up your hearts, and right now, 
©r bee (laves for ever; that is the argument. 

And I pray you, obferve how Ioab pleads, When heefaw 
the battell before and bebink 2 Sam. IP. *z. Be of good 
Courage, and let us fU) the men for our people, and for- the 
(pities of our God. And that paffage, Nehem. 4. 14, It is 
conuderable, as either of the former;^ not afraid yemenc 
ber the Lord whkh is great and terrible, and fight for your 
Brethren , for your Sons, foryour Daughters 9 for your Wives, 
andforyour Houfts, 

Marke it, my beloved, and make application, whatif 
the Papifts fhould get the upper hand? What if the Par- 
liament fhould bee diflblved ? What if the malignant pari- 
ty fhould tfteft their mifchicvous defircs ? Oh how darkc 
and dolefull , how black and bloudy, would our times 
prove, we are all, many waves cbliged to ftand for the go- 
vernment and worfhip of the Lord Chrift : for the iafcty, 
and honour of our King, for the welfare of his three King- 
domes, for the Priviledgesofour Parliament, and for our 
rights by Law; All thefe are to bee prized at an exceeding 
higbf ate v our happineffe will bee great in the enjoying of 
them,and our mifery not fmall, in the want of them. Eve- 
ry man according to his Relations and engagements, 
fhould leafon the cafe with hiraielfe. What adventures 
fhould I make, and what hazard fhould 1 runnc, that my 
Jelfe may not bee enslaved* that my Wife may not bee abu- 
fed, my Children maffacrcd, and (which is above all,) that 
Chrifts holy l^eligion may not bee corrupted, and that 
Popery may not bee introduced and cftablifhed in Eng- 
land- Thus meditation upon the worth of the things to 
bee maintained, will bee a fpeciallmeanes to quicken and 
to augment Courage. 

Fourthly, Keepc Chrift your Captainein yourcye; For 
true valour, there never was, nor ever Avail bee any like 
yniO him. Gird-thyfirwd upon thy thigh, $ wjf mighty, wkk 

Good Courage difcovcred, mdincotsraged. 19 

thy glory and Jlfajefty, and in thy Maje fly ride profperonjlj, 
and thy right hand /hall teach thee terrible < things $ Pfalme 45 . 
3. 4. How valiant a Champion was the Lord 1 e s u s! 
Bee endured the Crofieytnddefyifedthe {hame\ Hee went on, Heb.ix.*; 
though dogges did barkc, and Lyons did roare, though 
men reproachfully reviled him, and the Devils endeavou- 
red to devoure him ; though the earth (as it were J did 
{hake under his feete, and the Heavens were black and 
thunciring over his head. Although when his profeffcd 
enemies had confpirei his death, Judas did betray him,and 
his other Difciples did forfakebim, yea although his God 
and Father did bide his face from him, when hee anfwe- 
redDivinelufticeforourfinnei?, yet hee fhrunkc not, hee 
drew not back , from the glorious worke underta- 
ken. When outward dangers encompaffed him, and the 
iorrowes of Hell tooke hold upon his Soule y though hee 
was apprehenfive, and fenfibleof all, unto the utmolr, and 
therefore both complained and prayed to his "Father , yet 
was he not d if couraged . Hee d id not found,when hee fa w 
his ownbloud,yca although bis body was wet all over with 
abloudy fweat,buthe worthily did wade through the floud 
of his appointed paffions. 

Consider him, confider hrro, ('beloved,) that you may 
not faint in your minds j when a fbuldier ices bisCap- 
taine content to take up with poore provisions and un- 
daunted, though hec meet with hard ferviccs,harfh ufages, 
fore affronts, bee thereupon growes the more refolute; 
For thus hee rcafons within himfelfc. My worthy Com- 
mander, for his diet, takes up wirhaemftofcourfebread 
and a little water, hee hath not beeoe in bed thefemany 
nights, hut jlill, either watcheth, or elfe, hec lies upon the 
grouncUhc cold ground, no way es>no weather difcourages 
him, Winter, Summer, wet, or dry, fcoiching heate , the 
pinching froft, arc alike unto him : Ballets, blowes 
wounds, bruifes, broken bones, doe not caufe him to found 
a retreat,. to give backhand {hall I {hrinke? Beloved, if 

E j. Chrift 

;§.e» &ood Cow Age difcovtred^ and meow aged. 

Chrift had foruoke when Heaven frowned, and men de- 
ferred, and Devils oppofed him, what had become of you, 
and mee? Is this Chrift mv Captained ard hath hee Cap- 
taine-like, Champion-like for mee bo -h done and luffered 
thus worthily, thus incomparably, and fhall not I put on 
Courage, and fliew my ielte a man ,a valiant man for him? 
rbefeech you,, consider -this frequently and affectionate- 

Fiftly, I commend unto you, mutuall Chriftian com- 
munion, as a lpeciali meanes of Chnftian Courage. In the 
Prophet Mai achy his times , when wicked nefie was 
SMal* z« itf« growen to a great head, and the power of godlinefle was 
difcountenanced in thim, then thofe that feared God, /pake 
-i>f ten one to another* 
Aft. 28« if. W hen P*'*' after fhiprack, fare the brethren, -who came 
Aft iS t0 meete ^ m - ^ ee tG0 ^ e Courage. And alfo, upon aftrong 
ddpate with fomc who oppoied Q rift, when Silas and 
Tiraot-heus were come, Paul was prejfed in Spirit God bee 
thanked for that unity and love which is amongft you, 
amongft you, the Aldermen and Commons of this City, 
unto whom the Militia is committed; God continue it, 
God knit your hearts together morefaft, and firme from 
day to day : God give you when you meete to confider 
lerioufly what may heat, and hearten your Spirits in the 
way of Chnftian valour, according to that, which this 
day I have preached, and according to that, which this 
iday wee all need. 

. . Wee read in If ay 41. 6 t of a Company of Idolaters, ani- 
mating each other, in promoting Idoll-worfhip. They 
■helped every one hh Neighbour , I and every one fayd to his 
prober, Bee of good Courage. So the Carpenter encouraged 
the Cj old ftrnth, and hie.thatfmootheth with the hammer , him 
that fmkethwitj? the anviHy &c. 

Doubtleffe, at this day, thofe who envy our hopes, and 

oppofeour peace, doe meete and hearten one another, both 

hy words and actions. God forbid therefore, that wee 

r fhould 

Good courage difcovered^arid imouragcd, 3 1 

Should bee more regardlcffe of one another, having a bet- 
ter caufe,and more incouragements. 

Sixtly, fet faith on worke in the promifes oftheGof- 
pell* The worthies in the primitive times, waxed va- 
liant by meanes of faith; Hebr. ri. 34. You may doe well - 
to in forme your feives, what the Lord is pleaied to fpeake 
in the word of truth for your comfort. By the bond of 
his owne rich unchangeable grace, he is become your deb- 
tour to doe more then I can poflibly expreffe. Three- - 
things I thought to have fpoken unto, under this dire- 

Hrft, Thepromifeof Gods affiftance, Bee of good Cow- 
rage t mdhee will firengthen thine heart. The fweet Pfalmifi 
faw much fweetneffe in this, and therefore doth mention 
it, once and againe when the Souie faith, I am ready to pfal « 2 ^ *$■■ 
falldowne, yet taking courage, to march forward, it mall 
renew ftrengrh , it mall receive an addition of new 
ftrength, Efa, 40. 31. And that {pecchai Solomon, Pro v^ 
jo. 29, is very remarkeable. The way of the Lord is 
frenqth to the upright. They goe on and gather ftrength 
in going , they walke from ftrength to ftrength, Pfalm a 
84.7. Truly this is an heartening confederation. 

Secondly, The promife of good ifuccefle. Beloved, 
Ghriftians maintaining the caufe and minding the glory 
of God, are as lure ofviclory as if now they were ringing 
the triumph, and going away as Conquerours. This is 
moft- certaine, for trutn it felfe hath Ipoken it- In the Worldly x $ t J?( j 
yee /ball have affli&ion, bee of good chf ere, or bee bold, J have' 
overcome the World. The DcviU hath his deaths wound, .. 
Corruption hath (as it were) the knife at the heart of it, and 
the power of wicked men is broken, they are but iprun- 
ting and ftriving for life. 

By this irgumentjthe Lord heartened his fervant Iofhtia$ 

Tee ftrong and of a good Courage r for unt<* t'^is -people 

Jbalt thou divide for an inherit anee , the land which & 

fwitre nnt9 their Fathers to give them %'fojb* &» & As 

Vi " "~ ^~ "' though 

3 a Good Courage di (covered, md i&c waged. 

though the Lord had thus fpoken; although thou roayefl 
fight many battailes, receive many fbyles, loofc many of 
thy fouldiers, yet bee not difmayed, for certainciy as a 
Conquerour, thou (halt bring the people to Canaan. 

Thirdly, Then the recompencc aflured upon all them, 
whoftoutly ft and tothecaufe of God, is more richvnd 
large, then I can relate. To him that overcormneth, wUl / 

Re v 3 .a f# & rant to fo w ^ mee m m J e ^ 3rme - And ^ rotn ^is aflurance, 
the Apcftla Pml incourageth the Corinthians. Therefore 
my beloved Brethren, Bee fee fiedfafi^ and immoveable ai- 
re iyes abounding in the n*or^e of the Lord, for as much, asjee 58. fo ow th*t jour labour U not in vaine m the Lord' God 
will requite all paincstaken, all fbrrowes iuifcred,and you 

Ma h to 10. that have lofthoufcSy or land \ or father \ or mother, or wife, or 
' children, for Chrtfi; and his caufe, befides that inward peace, 
and tranquilitie and ioy, which an hundred fold exceed all 
fubiunary contents, to bee enioyed here, you (hall inherit 
hereafter evcrlafting life. And againc, fcare none of thofc 
things which thou flialt fuffsr, Bcholdthe Devi/l fhall cap 
fame of y off into prifon, &c. Be thou faithfuU unto death, and 
j rpUljrive thee a Crotvne. of life. Feed on thefc promifes,foc 
Cordials flow from them tocheereyour drooping hearts, 
and to ft rengthen courage. 

Seventhly inlarge your loue. If thofe hearts which now 
doe but drop love,might flow forth ftreames of love upon 
Gods caufe, our Kings honour,andthe Kingdomes welfare 
how wonderfully would our courage be increalcd. Both 
rcafon and rfligion.wil give in manifold ftrong arguments 
to augment our love to our Prince , our Parliament , our 
peace, our privileges, our pofterity : and doubtleffe our 
love and valour, will grow together. 

Love will ad venture far re ; Women arc the more feeble, 
the more fearcfall Scrte, and yet love in a tender mother 
will produce bold adventures to fare the babe of her 
wombc. The timorous mother, who is wont to trem- 
ble at the report ofa Muskeg will almojj come tg a Can- 
,r-r - - — - ' ' " ' nons 

Good Courage dtfcdvered^ and incour Aged* %j 

nons mouth to fave her Child from being broken in pec- 
ces : Love doth it. 

Have you not in the countrey fometimes feene an Ewe, 
in defence of her lambe, to turne head upon a maftive dog 3 
andtoftampe, although at other times, the barking of a 
litrje whelpe, will make a whole flocke of them to runnc 
away. O, love doth it. AndtbepooreHen, (bee will fly 
■at the Kite to fave her brood ; Love doth it, O that you 
and I had this Love; Love to Zion i to the Gofpel of peace, 
Love to Chrill , and the pure ordinances of grace ; Love 
will make brave and bold adventures. 

And as it will adventure farre , fo it will endure much, 
and long. The Apoftle faith , Charity beareth ail things, %c 
endureth all things, /*w£ though he had tedious dayes.and or ' x * 7 " 
weary nights, a lore fervice under a fowre Vncle , a cnuf- 
lilli Mailer, y ttht fervedftvcnyeares for %achell , and they 
Jeemd unto him , but a few dares, for the I we h-e had to her, ^ 
Love ujtronjr as death , many waters cannot quemh love, 
neither can the flouds drowne it; if a man would give aU'tbc 
fnb fiance of his houf for love , it wouldutterly fa contemned, Ganc 4 8* 6.ji 
What ii one fliouid come to a woman, and make this mo- 
tion, be content that your child be tcrne in pekes, and here 
is a thoufand pounds for you. Her anfwer would be ready 
Not for a thoufand worlds : yea , ftiee would almoft fpit 
in bis face , who {houldpreffe fuch apropolicion, what 
rend my child in peices? There is nothing can conquer 
love .• fo it would be with us, in reference to Gods com- 
mandements, the liberty of Gofpel ordinances : No pro- 
mifes, no threats^io means,fayre , or fo wle would taKe us 
off from appearing in the defence of them, if our hearts 
Were more enflamei with love. 

Eightiy, Walke exactly , keepc your confidences deare* 

Notable is that direction of the Lotd,Deut . 1 3 $ % Tejhd 
kfep all the commandetmnts which I command you this day > t'- , at 
j$h may befl/ong : Suppofe a man, who hath a wound, or 

£ m 

G&ed Courage difcovered, miincouraged% 

an impoftu mated f welling on his body, fhould goc into 
the Campe, if any toach him, hee skritcheth. and he cries, 
come not ncare,ine, you know the reafon , and the appli- 
cation is familiar and eafie to the point in hand, wounds 
in our confciences,will make us timerous and cowardlyjbut 
Ths Righteous is as, bold as a lyon : He thatrvalkes up* 
$»«£S.i« rightly J walks* boldly \ Take a man who hath no broken- 
netie, no boyles , noblanes, nobruifes, handle him, (hake 
himjcruflihim, crowdehim ,tbrufthim, cafthim: not- 
witbrtanding hecan better beareall this rugged uiage,then 
another can a fillip with the finger. I befeech you mind the 
application of this, for the Lords fake take heed, make 
not inroads,and breaches upon your conicicnces , goe not 
againft your light, for guilt willmake you cowardly. Adam 
as foone as hee had finned he runs and puts his head in a 
bufh, what was the matter? hee heard a whittling wind, 
and hee runs away : What haft thou finned , faith God \ 
J, that is the matter.For if Adam had kept his heart found, 
if hee had not finned, hee wotrd with boldneffe have en- 
countrcd with any approaches* either o£ thecreatures , or, 
his Creator. 

Ninthly , Improve your experiences. It would bee of' 
Angular ufe to us, to bellow many houres , both together* 
and afunder , in recounting the many great things which 
the lord hath done for us^both in former times, & of later; 
we have nationall deliverances Gitie deliverances,Family 
mercies & pcrfonal mercies to improve providence: Give 
me leave to calto mind two mod feafonable now to be re- 
jnembredjCofidering the end of our aflemblingat this time? 
lam credibly informed that your felvs who are here to ho- 
nour God for your health continuedjpeace maintaincdjives 
lengthened, had that day when you wereabroad,two no- 
table experiences of Godi providence for your prcferva- 
Sion; i .There were muskets broken in the field,and yet nef* 
ther the Muskettiers, nor any neatcthem received the leaft 
featme^ although the throng of people was very great.* 

Good Courage difcovered, and incour aged. g% 

^flight not fome mens eyes, limbs, or lives have been loft, 
by iuch accidents ; it the all-ordering hand of the Al- 
mighty had not prevented fuch like dangers. The other 
paffageof divine providence is more remarkeable, 

2 Gods hand turned afide gracioufly , aadftrangely, a 
kindled match which was caft towards a basket fullof 
Gunpowder, which flood in the field for that dayes fer- 
vice. From what malicious heart, and by what mifchie- 
vous hand this match was caft, the Lerd heeknoweth, 
whom we this day magniHe as.ths God of our falvations. 
."■ Beloved, the remembrance of luch like providences, 
fliould incourageour adventures for theLord.whofc hand 
hath diverted many unfeen, & unexpected dangers. But 
3 had almoft forgot to give in my proof, that the improve- 
ment ofexperienc s,increafeth courage.! pray youobferve 
%tin Tof. lo. 2 f .* And 1 ' jhuafaidttnf& themfsaren t y nor^ee 
difmayed, be firong a* d of good courage ; for thus jhallthe ; 
Lord doe to all jour enemies, tgainft whom jee fight. 

Oar God hath many times difappointed the defignes of 
our enemies :': many of them who hated us, and endeavou- 
red our undoing , and-defolation , have beene difcovered 
and brought to ftiamc, the Lord hath trampled upon them 
giorionfly. Thefc mediations enlarged by particular preg- 
nant inltances, 1 commend unto you, as mcanes to increafe 
your courage. 

Laftly, when ever you have occaffon to flic w your cou- 
l«age,goe out fetfe denyingly in the ftrength of your God, 
*Beftrong in the Lord, and in the power of his might % Ephtf 6. 
HCr.Througb God we JhalldoevalUm y , PfaL6o la. David' 
was a man, as in other kinds, fo in this mutable ; when hec 
came againft Goliah fwho tbi earned to pluck him in pei- 
ces, as a Faulkoncr doth a bird ) his words are very obfcr- 
va! le,. Thou commefi f> m* withawvd andwith a/peare, iSam.lys^f^ 
Andwtth' ajUetd'but I cometo theeinthenane of theLordrf 
ho ft ,the God of 'the Armies of I ael, whom hou haft dffoei. 
Let thefe be the breathing < of yourf ules. So «e tmft in Cka- 
mts , <w<fy<M»? w forfes, but wee mil rm mhr the nami of 
E* "* ' ths- 

j 6 Good Courage difcovercdjnd int waged. 

t'eLirdourGoi They a*e irought down- and fallen, btti 
ve are rifev an--' ft and upright. Save Lord, let the King heart 
w whenvre cM. 

Thus be care full to make addition of prayer, unto all the 

othe* meanes of Chriftian courage. Pray heartily, fdfe- 

jdcoyingLy.arid'bclievingly. Advance God, and plead 

his ptomife ; and exped afliftancc according 

to his promife B* of good com age % and 

hejkallftrengtkeiijour hem r att 

jee that hope in the Lord. 


It is ordered by the Committee, of 
the Houfe of Commons in Par- 
liament concerning printing , 
that this Booke intituled, (food 
fourage difcoveredy andincoura- 
red, be printed. 

Uh White. 




v A Sermon Preached to the Honour 
2 wble Houfe of Commons at their fo- 
we lemne Fast, March 30. 1642, 


By Simeon CAfi Minifter in London, 

Publifhed by Order of that Houfe, 

E s a. 26.1. , 3^, 

In that day fhall this Song befung in the Land of J udah, W<? have 2fr 
aflrong City, Salvation Vcill God appoint for Walls and BhI- 5T 
yparkes, cFT 

LONDON, |fr 

Printed for Edward Brewfler and lohnBurrough$ y 3^ 

andareto befoldat the Bible on Fleet- jc 

Bridge and the golden Dragon nearc the fjj, 

Inncr-Tcmple-Gate, 1642. |l 

TO T T-T 17 


ofCoMMONs now affembled 

in Parliament. 

'p^^^^^He feyeraU Creatures, according 
to their fever aU inftincls y feekc 
the preferyation of themfelyes. 
Nature hath taught tbofe which 
are <void ofreafon, to make ujc^ 
ofjuchjbelters as commonproyi" 
dence hathproyided, The Conies(f^ Solomon) ^°' 3 °' 
are but a feeble folke-, yet make they their hou« 
fes in the rock. AndthePfalmiUteUeth us, that 
the high hils are a refugeior the wild Goats* x 8 ' *° 4# 

Men in like manner acledby different principles he- 
take themfelyes to differentiates of defence*. The Pro. 1 8. 
rich mans wealth is his ftrofig City 5 and as an "• 
high Tower in his conceiuSomefbroud tbemfebs 
under the authority of great ones, ds Birds huild in Dan.4- 
the branches , and Beafls feekjhadoTv ^ under tke-> 10> x * 
hughsofhigh and ^reading Trees, 

A i When 

The Epiftle Dedicatory: 

, When hbimdechencampingagaintt'Thchez had 

jo^'f ' $ Amenity all the men and women fled into the 
ftrong Tower that Was within the City, 

But the regenerate being raifedby the (pint of grace 

above the TDorldjbey are carried beyond all things \on 

this fdeGod/ot the fecuring of their comforts and 

Pro. 1 8. faffguarding of their perfom. The name of the 

i°. Lord is a ftrong Tower, the righteous runneth 

into it and is fafe. Vnto this re/uge(whi:b is above 

aU other s^and better then all others) my Text and my 

Sermon direSietb Gods opprefedpeople. This Text 

was judged feafonabk when (preached upon it y for 

then the times began to be lowing : the improvement 

of this Doclrme, is no $? become more nscejfary 9 be* 

caufeour dangers are increafed^andfomefujpecl that 

England is threatnedmtb a /bo we ofbloud m 

Nab. 5. The words of the Prophet Nahum to Nineveh- 

**• arenoteable. All thy ftrong holds (hall bee like 


° 7 ' they ihall even falL And therefore our fouls fbould 

fay> forme truft in Chariots and fome in horfes* 

but we will remember the name of the Lord our 

pf 60 God. Give ushelp from trouble r forvain is the 

i-i. helpofman. When God had delivered David 

from the hand of all his enemies^ and from the 

Kj&.tit hand oiSaul^hefiillrefolvesto hay eftediy refer en* 


The Epiftle Dedicatory. 

ces unto his Majefl) for future defence. The tctd v.5,3. - 
is ray Rock and myFcrtrefle and my Deliverer, 
my God, my fhength In whom I will trudj my 
Buckler and the home of my,Salvation 3 and rny 
high Tower, I will call upon the Lord How 
much more doth it now concern e its {being furroun- 
ded with dangers) to make ball to Heayenfor deli- 
verance. For our helpe is in the name of the 8 / 12 ^* 
Lord who made Heaven and - arth, T , 

Byfyeedy Repentance we run t% God^andifwe re- 2 3)25 2 * 
turn unto the Almighty,he will be our Defence. 
By afirme fduciaU adherence unto the word of pro- 
mi fe we make our abode with his highnefje. H e that 
dwelleth in the fecret place of the moftHigh, ajj/" 1 * 
(hall lodge under the ftiadow of the Almighty, 
1 will fay of the Lord he is my Refuge and my 
Fortreffe, myGodinhimwillitruft, heelhal! 
cover thee with his feathers^ and tinder his wing 
(halt thoutruft, his truth (hall be thy Shield and 
Buckler, The Magazine and Militia of the world 
is in this Cafile with the Lord of Hofts, and it is ex* 
ercifed by the prayers of his people* Prayers draw 
forth the Armies of the Hying GodA can pray to my M ■ , 
Father (faith Chrifl) and he (hall prcfently give 53/ 
me more then twelve legions of Angels, 1. The 
Hojisfent from He ay en upon prayer are Angels ^ 
A 1 which. 

TheEpiftlc Dedicatory. 

which excell in ftrengtb* For one of them in one nigte 
hilled a hundred four ef core and five thoufand fvali^ 
dm men. 2. NoleJJb then twelve legions are fet 
on worke by meanes of prayer : A legion is judged 
to he fix thoufand Foot and fey en hundred Horfe i ac~ 
cording to which computation this Army of Angels 
raijed by prayer fe exceeding great, j, This great 
Army is by pray erdifpatchd from Heaven in anin- 
ftant, and he (hall prefemly give me^c, 

Luther called his groan es and prayers Guns and 
inUruments oflVam* Chrifliam in the Army of 
Marcus Aurelius by prayer prevailed withGad both 
to give rains torefrefh the Army and to catt do wne~> 
haikwith thunderbolts upon the enemy , whereup- 
omhey were honoured with that title^ Legio Fulroi- 
Pf. 1 S:£, natrix. David fecmitb to fuggefl fomefuch confe- 
quences of his pray en in times of danger : 1 n my d i- 
ftreffef called on the Lord,^, r^the Earth 
44. fhooke and trembled, the Foundations alioof 
the Bils moved and were {haken : There went 
up a fmoake out of his noftrils and fire out of his 
mouth devoured. The Lord alfo thundrediu 
the Heavens and the higheft gave his voyce, 
haiie-ficnesandcoales of fire, yea he fent out 
his arrows and fcattcred them> and he (hot out 
Jightenings and dKcomfited them. Preces & 


The Epiftle Dedicatory* 

lachryma* fuat aima Ecclefia?, md withfach 
Weapons (mofl-Nvbie Senators) lwn perfmded 
you be as well guarded, as eyer any Affembly in 
the world. The hearts of many thoufands doe daily 
put you into the armes ofomnipotency i and into the 
bofome of the Lord ofHofis. This one thought ' 
(which is much inferiour unto many other encourage- 
ments) might befuffictentto beare up your Jpirtis a- 
boyed\di$iculties, whiebcan emcunttr you in at" 
tending upon the well fare of this Church and Com- 
mon-7oeakb 9 Tour fe foes haye tajied the fir jh 
fruits of Fafting and Prayer in many- fold experi- 
ences : Be confident there is afullHaryeft behind, 
which will abundantly recommence all pur great la- 
bours and adventures for God and his people. ^ 

Many of my Key er end Brethren, haye prefented 
you "With their rich gifts, with which they [er<ved 
you at your monthly Fafts: And now 1 humbly ten- 
der my two Mites. Tour acceptance is my falls - 
fatlion-i and if this my poor e labour ofmuchlcve 
and duty, [hall contribute any whit unto th^j 
publicke good (at which 1 levelled in it) it mil 
be nofmall addition to my joyesz 

The Lord direel your Counfds by his wife- 
dome 9 protettjour Terfons by his power , and 


TheEpiftlc Dedicatory, 

profter all your, worthy endeavours by his blef- 
ftngi according to the riches of his glorious 
grace in 1ESF S C HR 1ST, in whom 1 

Your Servant in all faichfulneffc, 
but in much weakneffe 

Simeon AshJ 


At the late Faft before the Commons 
Houfe of Parl ia m ent. 

PsAL, 9.9* 

Zbe Lordalfo-ftill bearefugefortbeo$re$ed> d re» 
fugein times of trouble* 

His Pfalme is almoft altogether 
Euch3nfticall, for it containing 
twenty verfes, oncly three of 
them are fpent in prayer, v, i$>, 
19, io. the other 1 7. ate beftow- 

Andcertainely there is muck 
Chriftianity,muchChriftian po- 
licy inweaving and working praifes and prayers into 
each other. For as God is highly honoured by prayer, 
Tfd. 116. 1 3, 14. What Jhdll I render to the Lord f^r 
his benefits towards me (faith David) tys anfwer 
followcs, imllidlufQfltheNxmtof the lord* 

A Sermon preached at the late Fafl 

So Prayer proves rhe more prevalent, being ac- 
companied with prayfesj becaufe when glory is re- 
turned unto God for favours formerly afforded, his 
Majeftses great defigne is ferved and. his expettati- x j. on fatisrled. / will deliver and thou Jhalt glorifte me_j^ 
whereupon the thankfull Petitioner may moft hope- 
fully expe&thefpeedingofhis great petitions at the 
throne of grace. 

Let us learne this pious policy, this religious Rhe- 
torick in oar addredes unto God, (viz,) to preface^ 
to put on our fuites of greateft concernment with 
tharikfgivings to the Lord, for the great thi-n^s alrea- 
dy done amongft us, by his apparant and remarkable 

The Occafionofthe praifes in this Vfdmt prefen- 
ted (as it is generally conceived) was fome glorious 
generall deliverance from fome very deepeand defpe- 
rate danger. And fome Interpreters conjeclnre, that 
the killing of Goliath and the overthrow of the fhili. 
times, as a confequence of that victory, occasioned 
this part of holy Scripture. 

One ground of this conjecture, is, from thefe words 
in the title fet before the Pfslme, Viftori fuper <Mnth* 
Labkn, orfiper morte Labkn, To the chiefe Mufiti- 
an upon Mutb- Labkn. For Muth in Hebrew (igni» 
Hes death, and Labkn they take to be the name of that 
Champion, that Giant, that Monfter of men, wfio 
defied the hoaft of the living God. 

From hencenote by the way two things, 

i. That the enemies of Gods Ifraclaxc put to flight 
by the downfall of their Champions. An Antichri- 
ftian party may better be plucked downe, if the heads 
©f thaxfa&ion be removed, 

a. That 

before the Commons Houfe offaflkmenu 

2. That the death and downfaU^fi/heisl^^ 
drawcth forth praifes from the righteous. 

In this Ffalme, Davtd that facet Singer of Ifraet 
praiieth God, both in regard of the bcautifoll, ufefulf 
extelleneies,which heefpiedinhim, and alfo in re 
fpedof therenowned Afls which had becne wrought 

It may be fome heere prefent, beeaufe of this 
which havefpoken, begin to queftion mydifcretion 
in the choyce ot this Text this day. For how unfea- 
fonable (may itbeobje&ed) isafubjecW Thankef 
giving, for the fetvice of heart humbling. Give me 

leave therefore (Right Honourable) before I proceed 
to prevent this prejudice. r 

Whereas the three chiefe fervices of this day are 
i. Heart humbling. J ... 9 

2. Humble hopefull praying. 

3. Conscientious Covenant renewing All thefe 
are much promoted by fuch a fub je&. 

Forthefirfowhat meditations more mcltingto thaw 
downetheicy, the frozen fpirits then Gods mercies! 
what confederations can more kindly,more through! v 
breake the toners heart then the excellencies and kind- 
ncflcspf that God who hath beene by finne difconou- 
reo • 

For the a<* what arguments will more forcibly 
draw forth the foul in holy fuites beforethe Lord,then 
his abilities tobefteadus in all concernments, and our 
experiences of his readinefle to lay forth him fcJfc for 
our comfort in former times. 

For the ^. How (hall a Chriffan befoonerconque- 

red, togjveupfelfeuntothe moft Hjgh by folemnc 

Covenant, thcnbythcapprehcnfionofthc fulifatif- 

B 2 fa- 

A Sermon preached at the late Fa(l 

fa&ions to bee enjoyed, in enjoying his Maje- 

• My Tex? contains one inure Proportion ,- The Lord 
pill be a Refuge for the opprejjedin times of trouble. • 

Wherein, i. The Subjed. 2. The Predicate are 

The Subject hath in it much fowreneiTe, for it fug- 
gefteth unto us, Gods owne people in a fad, in a fuffe* 
ring condition, Opprejfedand w trouble. 

The Predicate comprizeth more fweetneffe, for k 
propoundeth Almighty God asthehappieft harbour 
for his poore people to put into in ftor my weather, or 
rather (that I may hold to the Metaphor in my Text) 
It dire$eth the oppreiTed foulc unto the fafeft refuge toi 
run into in d aies of ruinating dangers. The Lord will 
be a refuge for the opprefzd, a refuge in times of Trou^ 

My Text holder h forth two Truths, open and appa- 
rant unto every eye. 

i.Tbat trouble andopprtffion may be the condition of Gods ■ 
m»e peculiar people. 

2. That the Lord will k a refuge unto his of pre fed 
people in times of trouble. 

My purpofe is to profecateboth thefe points at this 
time, being both profitable and feafonafre, I (hall faf< 
the lefTe or the former, becaufe onely implycd ^ bufi 
I will be larger in the latter, becaufe openly exprclTed" 
and chiefly intended. The firft truth which craves 
JDy^.i. your attention is this, That o^preffionand trouble may 
be in this world the port? on of Gods children. 

In the handling hereof, I fball, 1. Interpret the 
words. 2. Confirmc the Dodrine. 3. Eadcavourto 
put all iato praftife by applicators . 


before the Commons Houfeaf Parliament, j 

There are *. words to be opened. , 

''Vix&iopprejfed* The originall word here ufed T! - 
I find tran dated in holy writ. i .Broken do wn.Thcn haft H.44. \«f. 
fire broken (or broken us downe) in the place' of Dra- 
gons, and covered us with the fhadow ofdeat h, 

2. Sore broken. J 4m feeble And (ore broken j I have pc^M 
r fared by reafon ofthedifquietnefe of my heart. 

And the fulncfle of its fignification, may be fetched 
from the root, whence it is derived, which is variou% 
rendred in facred Scripture. 


His children are far re from fafety, And they Are cmfh* j oh . 
edin the gate, neither k there any to deliver them, 

2. To crufh under feet, 

Te crufh mder his feet all the prifomrs of the Earth. ttm 4 34 

3. To fmitedowne unto the ground. 

The enemy hath perfected my foule, hehath fmitttn-^ny^ 
my life downe to the ground, 

4. Tobreakeintopeeces. • 

They breake in peeces thy people lord, *M-*» 

Alkhefeareapplyable, tocxpreiTethe fad condi- 
tion of Gods Servants in regard of oppreflion \ they 
may bee crufhed by intolltrable loades laid upon 
them, they may bethrowne into the duft by the hand 
of violence, they may be fore broken* broken into 
|>eeces in regard of all their outward comforts, by the 
prevailing power of cruell enemies. 

The 2 d . word to be interpreted is Trouble "^which 1 
I finde rraoflated, 

1. Affr&ion. 

In *U their affliction, he was affiled. IM*"?. 

s. Advesfity. 
. As the Lord 'It vet h who hath redeemed myfoule from all '" x $ mi9 
tdvetftty. B3 3, Tri- ' 

A Sermon preached at the late Fafi 

3. Tribulation. 

1*1.10,14. Qoeandcry untothegods whomyou have cbojwjet them 
deliver you in the time of your tribulation. 

4. DiftreiTe. 

Pf.i 8.6. j^ m y diftreffe I called upon the Lord. 

5. Anguifli. . . .„ 
Gen, 41 . T^ 4^ w/) £**% concerting om brother > w thai 
XI » tve faw the angui fool 'his (ode ,&c 

£♦ Thepangsofawomanintravell. 
Efa 4 2i.j, 3for# are my toy nes filled with paine. pangs have to- 
ken hold upon me, as the fangs of a woman that tra- 
velled. , 

And it is derived of a root which figmfieth to be- 
(lege, and is fo rendred in holy writ. 
ler 3* k The King o/Babyions <-/*r»jr %%** lerufalem. 

All thefe words, tell us, what {ore troubles may 
overtake and take hold on the people of God, Many 
and heavy may be the the afrMions of the godly. 
They may be purfueel, overtaken, trampled upon, 
gnevouflypained,filledwithjnwardanguim, and be- 
sieged on every fide with tribulation and diftrefle. , 
empm- xhe proofe of the point followes, 1 . By Scripture, 
*** a.ByReafon. 

By Scripture. . 

Firft more generally. Take notice of the com- 
plaint of Gods Church. Wherefore hideft thou thy face 
Pf ' 44,84, andforgetteli our affliction and our opprepen. For our 
(ode is bowed downe to tbeduft, our belly cleaveth unto 
2,. the earth. And the Pfalmift reporteth thus much. 
Pf.107.39 Thy ar e Aiminifhed and brought low through opprejfion, af 
flitfionandforrm. «■ 

Secondly and more particularly. The fcrvaats ot 
God may be troubled and opprefled. 

- 1. In 

before the Commons Houfeof Parliament. 7 

1. In their credit by falfc and injurious accufations, 
Davids adverfaries charged him with murtherous and 
traiterous defignes, 'Seeaufi of the voyce of the enemy, Pti$ h 
hecaufe of the opprcjfion of the wicked fir they caft inl- ^-H* 1 ** 
qmty upon me. Fal/e witmjjes (or mtnejfes of wrong) 
did rife up^ they layedto my charge, things that I knew 

2. In their outward eftates and perfons, as by hea- 
vy impofitions and fore exactions, fo by the oppre£ 
fing fwordj and bloody warre. 

The Prophet ^mos cryed out in his times, of them Am.4.1.- 
who oppreffe the poor e, and cruft) the needy. Who fold the Gha. a .6,t 
righteous for filver, and the poor e for a pay re of (hooes. 
Who lay ed them [elves downenpon cloathes layedto pledge. 
And the Prophet Jeremiah often fpeakes of the op- 
prefltng Sword reaching Gods Jfrael. x^irife and 1 ™-* 6 -**' 
let m goe againe to our owne people, and to the Land of 
eur Nativity from the oppr effing Sword : For fear e f lQr -1°' l$ < 
the oppreffing Sword they fiall turne every one to his 

g>. In their foules by violent perfections, dri- 
ving them from the houfejand worfhip of God.David 
he figheth forth this fad complaint when by the ma- 
lice of blood-thirfting Saul, he was driven into the 
wildernelTe when faine hee would have convers'd 
with God in his holy place. Why goe I mourning pc 'l 2 ' 9c 
(faith he) hecaufe of the op^reffion of the enemy. 

The fore-going verfes tell us that at this time Da* 
*vid was banifhed from the publick Ordinances of 
God formerly enjoyed. And in the following 
Pfalrne he makeththe like complaint upon the felfc 
fame ground. 
Why goe I mourning hecaufe of the eppreffioit of the pf.43.tjj, 

8 AS rmonpreachedap the UteFati 

enemy o fend oxt^tby light a>d thy truth , let them 
bring met wto thy holy HtU , and to thy Tabertta- 

Ourowrse times have given in too many inftanccs 
of gnevous opprdftons of all thei'c kindes, which 
have pinched the people of God, aiidtherforclfhal! 
cot need by way. of proofe to fay any more. 

The Grounds whence it is that the cordldon of 
Gods deareftfervancs may be thus calamitous are two, 
9&fA* From God fliarply corre&ing them for their evils. 
Pi,io«MG T jj en f ore W44 t h e mat fj f t hc Lord kindled dgainft hk 
% 41. people, i^Andhe gave them tnto the hand of the Hea- 
**" then 1 And thy that hated them ruled over them. Their 
tnemifs alfo oppyeffed them, and they were brought in- 
to fubjetlion under their hand. 

That patfage in the Prophecy of Mfaiah $ I may not 
p ffe over in ftlence, becaufe it is fo pregnant to the 
.Sfa.4t.a1. point in hand. This is a People robbed anei fioy led, 
they are all of them fnared in holes , And they Are Hi 
" in prifon houfts, they Are for a preyj and none deltve- 
^er.z4. refh, for a freyle And none faith ReHore. Who gave 
Jacob for a fpoyle> And If^ael to the Robbers , did not 
the Lord again ft whom wehavefianed ? for they mnld 
not tvalke in his WAyes, neither were they obedient to his 
*f» Law : 1 here fire he poured up on him the fury of hu an- 
ger 'and the ftrength of battle^ And it hath fit him on 
fire round about. 
Meaf.t. %• From malevolent mifchievous men maligning 
them for their good neiTe. For thy, fake are jve killed 
£ K44.**. 4 '# the day long % and we are accounted as fheepe for the 
flaughttr. Why mud Shadrach, CMefha'ck and o/- 
bednego be call into the firry fornace? becaufe they 
would not idolattoufly bow to the Image that was 


" " »■ . M*„.ll il -- 

before the Commons Houfe of Parliament, 

fet up. Why muft Darnel be rhro wnc into the L yons 
Den < becau/e hec would not draw backe from do- 
ing homage and devotion in wayes of holy prayer un- 
to his God. 

The Application of the Point followeth, and it 
may fundry wayes be feafonably fetviccable to our 

Hence we may gucfTeat the hainoufndTe of ilnne, V fii. 
for which we come to be humbled this day at the foot 
of the Lord. 

Should we fee a wife, patient and a loving father 
caft his child to the ground, bruifchisflefhand break 
his bones by blowcs, we would be confident the of- 
fence was foule 5 fuch a Father isGcd unto his Peo- 
ple, and yet thus be fometlmcs deales with them, as 
the Scriptures already cited doe evidently and abun- ' 
dantly witnclTe. Herein confidcr the carriage of divine 
Providence towards lob, though he was the Ph&mx of 
the wot Id for Piety, none like him upon Earth, a man 
perfect and upright, who feared God and efchewed 
cvillj yet was he opprefied in his cftatc, broken in 
hisPoftcrity, blemiuVd in his credit, bruis'd in his 
body, and wounded in his fpirit. And yet marke in 
this his deplorableconditioo what was fpoken for his 
humbling. Know this that God exstfeth of thee UJfe 
then thine iniquity defervetk lofru.^ 

This meditation may be of Angular and feafonable 
ufe to helpe forward penitcntiall hcart-ake for our (ins 
this day. Had we fpoken, or done fotnewhat incon- 
siderately for which the high Court of Parliament 
might juftly by imprifonment confine our Pcrfons,by 
fines ruinate our fortunes,by fettins us upon the Pillo- 
ry expofc us to reproach and derifion, or by painfull 
C rac- 

i o A Sermon pre&ehedafi the late Faji 

Mcfcing, torment our bodies, how would blufliing 
cover our faces and our knee bones knocke one againft 
another : How my- Beloved our (innes, perfonal! fins, 
Family finnes . City fmnes, Country rlnnes, King- 
dome (innes, Pride, Palfio^ProdigalityVHypocrify, 
Oaths, Blafphemy, polluting Gods Ordinances, Sa- 
crilegious lavifbing cut holy time, doe expofe us to 
much more mifcry rhen lean mention, unto more hea- 
vy opprefiions then my language ean reach unto : an<l 
mill we not be deeply humbled before divine Majefty 
from whom fuch fad things have many thousand 
waies, and more then many thoufand times beene de. 

Vfe 2 " *. This Doclrine fomewhat difcovereth the excee- 
diag^exceeding fad condition of the wieked,fbr doubt- 
JerTe their cafe is much more uncomfortable fhen the 
worft " eftate that Gods owne People can pofTibly be 
eaftlnto: Holy Scripture doth hold forth this infe- 

Fj.ov.ii. fence, Sehdd the- right mis Jhalt be wompenced m the 

M» garth, how much more the weked and the Sinner? 

The Apoftle Peter fpealeing of the fiery tryall, 
per i which the fairhfutl in thofe times were put upon, he 

i^e.4. 7 ar gyg |n j n t ^i s manneri The time is come that judge- 
went mufk hgin at the houfe of God, mdif it fir-ft be- 
gin as m. x what fljall h tfa end of them who ebsy not 
theGofbellofG&d, And, is there not abundant teafon 
to make good this c^nclufion. 

1. If God a friend, a Fat-her a^id thus feve^ely, 
whatwiilhedoe ? when.asanenemy he commesh ar- 

K.i x.fc M$ w *^ fa*y- ^f™ *k*'™$ed ke> fnall raine fkam, 
pe andbrimpne, and a horrible (or burning) tempeft, 
"this Jhall be the portion of their cap. 

2. If the Lord havbg his jufttee fatisSed doth <3eaJe 


before the Commons Boufe of Parliament. 1 1 

thus roughly with his ownc People endeavouring 
their good, what will he doe (thinke you) when as 
an angry Judge he commeth in extreme rigour, fo take 
vengeance, and to make men miferable. If I whet my 
glittering Sword, and my hand take held On judgement, Deur.jt. 
I will render vengeance to mine enemies, and mil reward ve ' 4 ,4 * 
them that bate mee , / will make mine or r owes drunke 
with blood, and ?ny Sword fh all devour -e flejhjnd that with 
the blood of the (laim and of the Captives, from the he- 
ginning of revenges upon the enemy* You whofe con- 
fidences tell you, you have fleighted Gods govern- 
ment, obfeured his excellencies -, difhonoured his 
name, I befeech you be perfwaded from this which 
hath beene fpoken to repent, and to amend this day. 
Remernfeer that God is angry with the wicked every 
day, ifhe turne not he will whet his Sword , he bath 
bent his Bow and made it ready, he hath prepared fir 
him infrummts of death, he ordainetS bis t^drrowes a- t g t l Sm s 
gainfi the Per fecul ours. 

I conclude this Ufe with the Caveat given by the 
Pfalmift, Now con fider this yee that forget GOD^ 
left I tear -e you in peeces, and there bee none to de* 

, This meditation may be of fpeciall ufe to (lanch 
murmuring, and to ftrengthen Patience under our ^fii* 
prefent PreiTures. The auchour of the Epiftle to *Jie 
Hebrewes maketh this improvement of this Doctrine. 
Wherfore feeing we alfo zxtcompaffed about with fo great 
a cloud of Witnefjes, let us rnnne with patience unto the 
race that is (ct before us. The witnetfes to whomhee c '" ,I " 
hath reference were with their fore fufferings pointed 
at in the preceding Chapter. 

And the argument c- home, with itrength 
C; upon 

1 1 A Sermon preached at the late Faft 

upon our hearts, if wc fake notice of a double difli >u~ 
litudeor difference between our felves, and thofefutfe. 
rers in the Primitive times. 
i. Our PrefTures are lighter. 
2, Their Graces were higher. 
Firft, Their grievances were heavier then any that 
we through Gods long-futferance as yet lye under : 
Heb.ti. F&r *fy "^ t*1 &tt of cruell mockings and fcourgings, 
yt**i*»l? yea moreover cf bonds and imprifonment» they were ft o- 
md y they were fame a/under, flaine with the Sword, 
they wandred about in Sheeps-skins, Goate-skins, being 
deftiMe, affli fted, tormented. 
Secondly, Their worth was greater, then our mo- 
rer.js. deftywillfufferusto fay we have yet attained : Of 
whom ( faith the Apoftle ) the world was not worthy. 
Thofe who were beyond the worlds worth, yet were 
thus inhumanely* thus barbaroufly dealt with. Let 
this be thought upon withali ferioufneffe; for though 
Chriftian Patience be alwayes needfull and commen- 
dable, yet moft beautifull and feafonable when humi- 
liation is profeffed and exprefTed before the Lord, as 
we doe this day. The humbled hearts will accept the pu- 
Lev.16.41 wjhment ef their iniquity. 

Vfeq. The thought of the many diftrefling troubles which 
Gods people are cxpofed unto in this world, may 
fcrveto abate in our hearts the immoderate defire of ; 
long life on Earth. 

Miftake me not, for I know that long life is a de- 
firable Blcflhg. 

Yet ftiDuld we all labour to fit loofe , both in 
regard of the meanes of bodily livelihood , and 
life it felfe. 
And doubtleffeour God endeavours to weane us 


before theCommons Houfe of Parliament. 13 

from the world, by applying wormewood (ask 
were) to the full Breafts of our fweeteft fublunary con- 

The Apart le Paul, by his prifon and bonds was 
brought to this bent, to be willing, at a little war- 
ning, to come, away from all enjoyments under khe 

1 defireto be dijfolved. phii - 

Here I thinke it needfull to give in a double Can- ? ,,,1J " 
tion, that we may cfcape a double Rocke, upon 
which many dafh and bruife themfelves in defiring 
i . Doe not defire to dye in psflion and difconfenr. 
Herein the Prophet lonah mifTed it very much, when 
he conjectured that his credit might be foroewhat ec- 
clipfed, and himfelfe reputed a falie Prophet, becaufe 
Nineveh was not deftroyed. And when the heat of the 
Sunne annoyed his Body, He rvijhedin himfepfe todte, i*n.**« 
and fat d, it is better for me to die then to live, 

2. Be not weary of life, through difcoutagement of 
fpirit, becaufe of difficulties and dangers encoun- 
tring you in doing duty. 
In this kind Elijah was too blame. 
When Iezehell refolved to take away his life, he , Kint 
fate downe under 4 lumper tree, and requeued for him- 1,4. 
jdfe (or for his life ) that hee might die, &c. 

(Right honourable ) The Lord I believe hath 
given you more mafculinc, more Heroick fpirits, 
then to offend in thefc kinds : Therefore inftead of 
enlarging the Cautions, I will give in two Direct- 
ions, to guide your practice of the ufe under hand, 
in both which, you have the blelfcd Apoftle Pari 
for a glorious pattern*, 

C 3 1. Let 

14 A Sermon preached at the late Fafl 


i. Let nothing fo much as love to Jefus Chrift 
carry your hearts out of the world. 

/ have a defire to depart and to be with ckrift which is 
farre better. 

And there is good reafon for it, in reference to the 
Point now profecuting, becaufe perfect liberty from 
the worft opprciTours s and heavielt opprefiionsis one- 
ly to be enjoyed in the bofome of our bleiTed Sa- 

2. When your longings after reft with Chrift are 
boyled upvare rayfed to the greateft height, even then 
in love to Chrift, be content for a time to be without 
him in Heaven, that you m3y ftillbe ierviceable to 
him in his caufe a and the comforts of his people here 
phil on Earth. 

aj a j6.' ' N evert helefe to abide in the flejb is more medfullfor 
you. Kyind having this confidence^ I know that IJhaM 
abide and continue with you- all, for your furtherance 
and joy of Faith, That your rej eyeing may be more a- 
hundant in Iefus Chrift for me, by my comming to you 

Now here (Right Honourable) give me leave to 
fpeake one word to you, and beare with it> though 
you account ic a digreflion. If the good ApoftJe 
could contentedly keepe from Heaven for a time, 
yea from Chrift the Heaven of Heaven, that he mighc 
doe his fervants fome more fervice in the world. 
Then be you willing to be with-held from many ac- 
commodations in your owne countries, yea in a fore 
tobeeftranged from Wives, Children, Neighbours, 
delightfull enjoyments , that you may ferve both 
Church and Common-wealth in England, that you 
isiay honour Iefus Chrift in the happy wprke of Re- 


before the Comm&ns Boufe of Parlumetit* 1 5 

formation now in your hands, and in rhe hearts of 
ail Gods people tbroughthe Kingdome. 

Itadmonifhcthusalltotakeupcur thorghrs feme- v ^ e *• 
times with ran troubles and heavy opprtflions. 

Abundant cauie we have thus to rice, and we fliall 
confefife thus much; if we consider, 
1. How Heaven (the God o* Heaven J meare) is in- 
cenfed againft us, by our continued and. multiplied a- 
bominations ; we ftill heare profane, blotidy Oaths, 
Curfes, Blafphemies ringing in our eares j wee ftill 
fee bruitim drunkennelFe reeling and fpewtng in our 
ftreets 5 The Lords- day is commonly profaned be- 
fore our eyes 5 yea though this City be femcus for 
Religion, yet the ftreetsare filled with vain walkings 
and the fields with profane fportings, even during the 
time of publick worffoip, K^ind pdl Itm wfit far ier.9.9, 
thefe things, faith the Lerd ? 
z .Row hell and earth are- combined againft us,becaufe, 
we endeavour Reformation, Tbe Devil} r^ares, be- 
caufe his Kingdom is battered. Papifts and Atheifts 
rage,beca-ufe Popery and profaneneife is oppofed. 

And certainly if thae Prince o£ the ayre, who al- 
fo worketh int he hearts of tbe children o£ difobedi- 
mce can works any mifeMe&,raife any- ®orme$.,caufe 
any-eonfuftons, we (hall now be lure to be opprefFcd ^J'**™ 
■with them. 

j. Kow Ireland is oppre-iTed and walled, becaufe 
ii profeffeth the- Proteftant Religion. Religion, Re- 
ligion h the root ol the qyarrel), of the wanes rai- 
fed there. And doubukflfe th<& Papifts, thok Ly- 
ons-, tbofe Bcafts of prey are of 'the faime fpmt, as \ 
greedy- after Proteftant blond in England, as in JMN 
AW. Vhey ate birds of 3 feather, though they rooft 
in divers nefts. But 

i6 A Sermon preached at the late Faft 

But you will aske me > whac is your meaning? wtier- 
fore would you have us mind tribulation &opprcflion. 
lanfwer, This I humbly requeft for a double rea- 
fon, i. That fuch a condition may be prevented* 
2, that we may be prepared for What in that kinde 
mud be endured. 

Fir ft, That wernaybemovedtofeekethe preven- 
tion of fuch troubles and opprcflfionsas are ready(for 
ought we kaowj to prelTe 3 to rufh in upon us fuddenly. 
i. By an humble fubmimon unto the good plea- 
fure of our God, in an open ingenious acknow- 
ledgement of our provocations. 

Malefa&ors who refufc ftubbornely to take a 

fairc legall tryall, according to the Lawcs of our 

Kingdome, muft be prefFed to death. This courfe 

God held with David^ he did fet him, as it were, 

upon the rackc, where he roared till he refolvcdto 

PC j a. ji confefie. When 1 kepfilencejny bones w axed old through 

my roaring all the day long* The Lord make us wife 

for our ownc eafe and comfort in this regard. Lee 

us particularly without partiality acknowledge our 

offences againft our God, and fubmit our felves. 

And the children oflfrael (aid unto the Lord, We have 

iwig. io. finned, dot then unto tu whatfoever feemtth good unto thee t 

**• 2. By a fpeedy Reformation. Acknowledgement 

without amendment will be no prevention of wratb, 

but rather a further provocation. Wheras repentance 

may make way for our efcape, when judgement is 

at the doore : Kjind they fut away the ftrangt gods 

in. i ©. * $ 4 from among them, and Gods pule was grieved for ffc mfery of ifraeL They turned [from their evifi way ; 

and God repented of the evill that he had fat d he would 

doe. Whereas if this be not done, the Lord will 


before the Commons Eoufe of Parliament i \j 

lay on more weight, he will puni/h feven times more, 
and feven times more, and feven times more, and fe- 
ven times more, andfe^en times more. The para- 
ges in Leviticus fpeake fully Gods purpofe in this parti- Lc V i t \b 
cularagainft the impenitent Y iMwi 

I befcech you, I befeech you (Right Honourable * 8 ' 
and Beloved ) let nor thismy counfell be difregarded 
on this great day of our Humiliation before the 

£• Secondly, That we may make provision, for the 
better bearing of the heavicft ioades which man can 
or God will caft upon us. 

- We daily fee in this City that Porters prepare them- 
felves instruments, that they may carry their Ioades 
more eaftly yea Carryers provide for their horf-backs 
Saddles and fuch like things,that thofe Creatures may 
beare their burdens without bruiting, and mail we be 

Bat how (ball this be done * 
i . By endeavouring to make and maintain all found 
and whole within. 

The fincerc heart will well ftand under great pref- 
furesbecaufe found Being prdTed above meafure, ..Cor.,. fc 
the Apoftles did joyfutly beare the load by meanes of X1 - 
ftneenty. Whereas ifa bone be broken, or if the flm 
betorne, yeaiftheskinberub'd up, and the place a- 
bideraw the laying on ofthc lighted load will caufe 

In like manner will it be with our foules. As lob 
while he maintained his gracious frame of heart, he 
wascalme, though impoverimed by the hand of op- 
weffion, though made childleffe by an heavy acci- 
dent:buc when by fretting he had galled his heart,how 

D doth 

i8 A Sermon preached at the late Fafi 

doth he lye do wne, ddireto dye and flyoutfhame- 
fully under the load. 

2. By feeking intereft in God through Chrift. Gome 

Mat 11.28 *»w me (faith our Saviour) all yee that are heavy laden . 
Whatfocver our loades are, whether inward, out- 
ward, heavier,or lighter, we muft maketo Chrift for 
ability to beare them, for he adds and abates weight 
at pleafure : Hee alfo augments and with-drawes 

lob.15. j, ftrength according to his pleafure. Without me ( faith 
Chrift) you can doe nothing, neither without him can 
we endure any thing. And he onely can fupport the 
finking foule under the moft fmarting troubles and 
heavy oppreffions. Under his wing we (hall be fure ei- 
ther of prefervation or fupportation. I will conclude 
this Ufe and this firft Doctrine, with the counfell of 
z * 8 ' * the Pfalmitf. Trnft in him at all times, ye people, and 
pure out your hearts before him, God k a Refuge form* 

Now this lets in the fecond part of the Text to be 
profecuted, which I called the Predicate in the Propo- 
rtion, wherein God is by a Metaphor both made 
knowne and made over to his owne people, as their de- 
fence and deliverer. 

&i& T#* Lord will be a refuge in times of trouble. 

In the handling whereof. 1. The words ufed are 
to be interpreted. 2. The Truhes infolded in them 
are to be confidered. 

The Hebrew word here rendered Lord is Jehovah^ 
aglorious title of our God, the only true God, ufed in 
holy Writ. 1. Both to advance his Name. 2. And 
alfo to fupport and folacehis people. 

JK6&4, Extdl him that rideth uyon the Heavens by his Name- 
]ahzwd rejoyce before him. 


before the Commons Boufe of parliaments 19 

The Original! word tranflated, Refuge, is derived 3$P° 
©fa root, which (as it is rendred iri our translations) 
doth fignifie. 

i. Tofetonhigh. 2p m 

J will fet him on high, becaufehehathknownemy name, Pf.^1.14, 

3. To exalt. 

Behold God exdltetbby his power. Iob **** 

3. Toexalttofafety. 

To fet »p Oh high thofe that be low, that thofe which lob m*. 
mourne may be exalted to fafety. 

4. To defend. 

The name of the God 0/Iacob defend thee, pf.20. 1 s. 

And I finde the word in the Text divers wayestranfla- 
ted in the old Teftament. 

1. A ftrong Tower. 

The name of the Lord is a firong Tower. p«m8.s» 

2. A ftrong refuge. 

Thou art my firong refuge. Pf.71. 7, 

3. An high wall. 

The rich mans wealth is his firong City , and is an high pro - l8 ' lt 
wall in his owne conceit. 

4. An high Tower. 

The Lord is my rocke, &c. my buckler, the heme of my 
Salvation, and my Ugh Tower. l8,v ! 

J. HighFortrefle. 

K^ind the Fortnjfeofthe high Fort of thy walls frail he Efc.ij.ifc 
hringdowne, &c. 

6. Defence. 

The Lord is my Defence, &c. ft****- 

Times. The word fignifies the tempeftivity, the rftffjfa 
fcafbn of time. The Septuagint renders it rights &/#«- 
P«*<. In good feafons. And thus we fometimes 
iinde it expiefled infacred records. 

D2 The 

20 v A Sermon preached at the late Fafi 

Era,jo l4 . ^ke Lord God hath given me the tongue of the lear- 
ned^ that 1 j)wld know how tojpeake a word in feajon, to 
htm that is weary. 

This Explication of the words being pfemi fed, this 
Predication, this part of the Propofiuon in the Text, 
holdeth forrh 3. ufefuli rruthes. 

1. That the true God is Jehovah. 

2 . That God iehovah is an incomparable Refuge to 
his oppreffed people. 

3. That the Lord Iehovah will be an incomparable 
Refuge to his oppreiTed people in the -fitted lea- 

The limits of time fet for the bounding of my Dif- 
courfe will not allow me to fpeake unto thefe observa- 
tions feverally, and therefore I will only fallen upon 
the 2 d . being the principall : in the profecution wher- 
of I (hall take in fome things confiderable in the two 
other, as the Lord (hall direct 
DoB. q-fj at gW Iehovah is an incomparable Refuge to his of- 
prejfed People. 

There are 2. Branches in the Doctrine. 
i. That God is a Refuge. 
2. That he is a Refuge incomparable. 
In the handling hereof, 1. I will prove both the 
branches diftin&ly, 2. I will apply them joyntly. 
Refuzium The Lord will be a Refuge. The Greeke, the La- 
Kctl^vyn tine and the Englifh word, all hold forth the fame 
thing. A place to fly backeunto. 

The Metaphor feemes to be taken from the Camp, 
from warre, where it is the manner of Souldiers being 
beaten backe by an over-powring enemy, to retire un- 
to fome place of fecurity and defence. 

Nowfuch a thing is God Iehovah unto his poore 

peoplc 3 

before the Commons Houje of Parliament. 21 

people, overpowred and opprefTed by the fkength 
and violence oftheir enemies. He is a Caftle 3 a For- 
trcfle unto whom they may, unto whom they mud re- 
tire, repairc for defence and fafery. 

For the general] proof of this fii ft Branch, youmay 

r . That God himfelfe promifeth to be the refugeof 
his opprefTed people. 

For the oppreffon ofthepoore, for the fighing of the pf.n. f . 
needy ; new will I anfe, faith the Lord^ I will fet him 
iff jafety from him, that puff eth at him (or would en- 

2. That his opprefTed fervants claime and chal- 
lenge thus much from his Majefty. 
- o Lord my strength andmyfortreffe, and my refuge in . 6 
the day of affliction. 

Thwart my ht ding place, thou fhalt preferve me from pCja.*. 
trouble, thou fhalt compafe me about with Songs of Delive- 
rance. Selah. 

More particularly, it may be of good ufe for us to 
confiderthat the holy Scriptures doe give more full 
witnelle unto this truth, difcovering unto us. That 
God is a refuge unto his Servants in regard of all kinds 
of annoyances which moleft, all dangers which threa- 
ten them. 

1. When clamours and out-cries are made after 
them. When they are wondred ar, as Owles by 
the chirpings and chidings of other birds. 

1 am a wonder unto many^ but thou art my frrong pf. 7I#7 , 

2. When infectious billing difeafes are fcattered 
round about them / will fay of the Lord^ he is my Refuge Pf-9».*»s 
And my Formffe, hefhall deliver thee from the noyfome pt- 
frtlence&c. V 3 3. When 

22 A Sermon preached at the late Fafl 

3. When bloudy perfecutors arc flirted up againft 
pr.! 4 *tit when David by the violent purfuit of Saul was 
&M,r '* compelled to take Covert in a Cave, (hce faith) / 
looked on my right hand and beheld, but there teas m 
mm that would know me, refuge failed me, no man ea- 
red for my foule, I cryedto thee Lord, I faid, thou 
art my refuge. 

Perfections are fometimes compared to the fcort- 
ching heat of the Sunne ( CMatth. 13. 6, ) and in 
that cafe God is a Refuge to fhadow them. 

And fometimes Pcifecutions are compared unto 
tempefts or ftormes (^4^.7.25,27.) in that cafe 
the Lord is a refuge to fhelter them. 
Ef Thou haft heene a ftrength to the pore, 4 firength to 

a,t5 '* the needy in hts diftrejfe, a refuge from the forme, a 
fhadow from the heate, when the blaft of the terrible ones 
is as a forme againft the wall. 

The 2 d . Branch of the Doclrine remains to be illu- 
ftrated, That Cod is a Refuge incomparable. iWc may 
well call this Refuge, Non-fuch. For certainly there is 
not any other like unto it. He is a refuge and a refuge. 
A refuge k*t%qw for excellency, as the fullnefle of 
the Originall word (explancdj doth intimate. 

And this may appeare in 7. particulars 5 three wher- 
of are hinted in the word Iehovak z Heisthehigheft,the All-commanding refuge. 
Iehovah is mo ft high ever all the Earth. In laying 
open the Originall word here rendred Refuge, you 
heard that it fignifics, i^in high wall, an high Tower, an 
high Fortreffi. 

All high Towres are over- topped, and all Caftles 
ure commanded by this Refuge: ThegreateftMoun- 


before the Commons Eoufe oj Path* me fit. 2 j / 

taints are as Valleyes, as Mole-hils under the Lord 
Iehovah. No long Ladders can fcale this high wail.No 
Arrowes of the ftrongeft Archer 5 no Cannons of the 
mightieft Waniour can reach ibis high Towre. Vn- 
Jcr tbe jhadew efthy wings (faith David) will I make 5 ,' 57,1 '* 
my refuge, untill thefe calamities be ever-paft. And he 
addeth, / will cry unto Cod meft high. Be thou exal- 
ted God above tbe heavens. 

And the Prophet in his defcription of the Lord, Ef M0 . 14 , 
hath thefe cxpreflions. 7he Inhabitants of tbe Earth *j>m. 
are 4* Graflwppers. He bringeth the Princes to nothing, 
he maketh the Judges efthe Earth as vanity. He fhall 
ttlfe blow upon them and they flail wither, and thz^f 
wbirlewinde jball take them away as ftuhblc^, 

2. He isan independent Refuge. The glorious ti- 
tle Iah, tels us, that our God is the God of beings, ha- 
ving his being of and from himfelfe. What would 
youthinke ( Beloved j of a Caftlc which could not 
be prejudiced, though all foyle mould be digged up 
under it, fhoughno warers mould be fbffered to flow 
untoir, though the paflTages for all provisions mould 
be block'd up from it, though no Sun, no mowers, 
no influences of Heaven mould fall upon if. 

Now fuch a refuge is our God Jehovah, for he can 
neither be damnified nor advantaged by any creature, 
any courfe, any combination whatfoever. If thou 
finneft, what dofi thou again ft him ? or if thy tranf ^ b **'*» 
greffions be multiplied) what dofi thou unto him ? if 
thou beeft righteous, what givefl thou htm $ or what 
receiveth he of thine hand, 

3. He is a never-falling, a never- failing refuge. In E ^ tUt . 
the Lord Iehovah is everlaHing ftrength , or as the 
Originall imports, In tbe Lord Jehovah is tbe rocke of 


24 d Strmmpreacbedattbe late Faft 

ages. No batteries can beac dovvne or weaken this 
FortrcfTe. The longeil trad of time cannot demoliiri 
or ruinate this place of defence. Here the words of 
CMofes the man of God are considerable. Lordthoit 

K.-90.I. fj a ft beene our dwelling place in all generations ( or as 
the Hebrew exprefieth it) in generation and ge- 
neration. What our God hath beene at any time to 
his dittrefled, endangered people, that he is and will 
be without alteration : For he is a ftrong, ftable, ever- 
flanding , unmoveable, immutable refuge to fecure 
and fafeguard them, who are his by peculiar Cove- 

4 ? He is the moft capacious refuge. Gods immen- 
sity is roomy enough to receive all commers. 

hbu. 7 . canft thou by fearching finde out God, Canft thou 
jinde out the ^Almighty unto ferfeBion, It is as high 
as Heaven^ what canft thou dee t deeper then Hell what 
€ an ft thou, know. The meafire thereof 'is longer -then the 
Earth, and broader then the Sea. Whereas Caftles 
on Earth may be fo crowded with companies, that the 
laft commers are compelled to lye out ofdoores, as 
Beeshang out of the Hives mouth on heapes, through 
want of roome within. Although many millions 
more then ever will make unto the Almighty, fhould 
creepe into his bofome> yet no one could have occa- 
sion to complaine of being ftraightned in him. The 
Earth is not fo vaft to entertaine more Inhabirants, as 
our God, who is infinite and beyond all dimenfions, 
to give fhdter unto all thofe who flocke unto him in 
dayes of danger. Doe not I Jill Heaven and Earth, 

lew »4- faith the Lord. 

5. The pafTage to this Refuge is moil fafe and paf- 
fable. Although our fins had blocked up our way 


— ' ' W ' 

beforethe Commons HoufeofParliamenP* 2 J 

to God, and had made fuch a reparation betwixt his 
Majcfty and our poore foules, that our approaches to 
him might have beene perilous to all eternity : Yet 
now we have boldneffe ( or liberty ) to enter into the Heb.*o s 
Boliefl by the blood of lefts* t by anew and Itvtngway^ «?»»°- 
which he hath confecrated for us , through the vaile, E? '* u * 
that is Co fay fitsflefh. In whom we have boldnes and ac~ 
cejfe with confidence 3 by the faith of him. 

The Lord our Saviour hath caft up fuch a cauf way ■ 
.(as it were ) to Heaven, that we may well travell thi- 
ther from ail Coaftsand corners of the Earth : we may 
fafely faile through Chrifts bloudinto thebofomeof 
the Father. There are no boggs,no fands to finke us, 
no Armies to cut us orTin our approaches unto God for 
fafety in ftormy, troublefome times. 

6. God is a refuge, ever and every where at hand. P f, 4 ^, ( 

God is cm refuge and firength, a very pre fern helfe in 
trouble. W hich is not only to be ur.cierftood concer- 
ning the prefence of his Efifence, but of his fpeciall 
providence for their protection, 

MyTcxttels us that he is a refuge for the oppreffed 
in the feafons of trouble : God is not onely once, but 
alwaies feafonably prefent with his opprciled people, 
for markethe words, In the times, not at one time on- 
ly, or only many times, but in the times, in all* times, 
all feafons of need. Thisconiideration the ChiiTch i«- l 4*» 
of Godtook comfort ir.<9 the hope 0/lfrael, the Saviour 
thereof in the time of trouble fix in thefeafon of dtfttejfe, 

Whitherfoever God by his Providence carneth his 
people, there he vvill undoubtedly be a refuge to '„ 

them, both for prore<5Honand prqvifion. Thus faith '.** " 
the Lord, although 1 have ca(t them fane off among the 
Heathen, and although I have fcattered them among the 
E Coun- 

A Sermon Weached at the late Fafl 

Countries > yet wll I be to thm a little Sanffuary in 

the Countries where they fhaU come, 

And the ApoftlePrfW reporting Gods difpenfatnns 

i Cor.!© towards old ifrael, Ppeaketh in this manhet. fhsy 

4« dr-anke 9 f thai Jpirituafl rocke that followed them for 

w-ik with hem) and that Rocke wm ChriSt. 

Some sloiling upon thefe words, fay, that the wa- 
ters which flowed from the Rocke did in a ftreame 
■ follow the Jfraelttes In their jour ny for their refrefliing. 
B * this I take to be the true meaning of the Scripture. 
That in all their removals, according to their various 
neccflitie?, the Lord was dill at hand for their fupply 
and fafety. 
Gen.17,1. 7-He is the beft furnifhed refuge. The Lord is ML 
jhadlai, God ^Allfoffcient, perfectly able to fatisfie 
all foules with all contentments to all eternity. 

That which fully anfwereth unto all accommodati- 
ons and comforts whatfoever, is to be found in God 
our Refuge. Here the Promife to the upright man, 
recorded by the Evangelicall Prophet is very confide^ 
fife j?.i6 r8 bk. tie jhatt dwell on high (or in the heights) bis 
flace of Defence fhaS be the Munitions of Roches, bread 
JhaM be given him, his waters [hall be fore. Are not 
the words both fit and full to exprefle and prove the 
particular under hand. 

In this harbour the heart hath the goodlieft pro- 
fpe&s, the fulled: provisions, the fafeft protections* 
Here the fouleftedcth upon t he fweeteft Cordials, ta- 
keththequieteft, moft refreshing reft, 6 the Bowers, 
the Walkes, the Gardens, the beds of Spices, the 
All-delights, which the fpint en joyes in the bofome 
of the Almighty. 
i* *, « Will you heare X><fwW/ judgemeat, Whom have tin 
* n * Heaven 

before the Commons Boufe of Parliament* 27 

Hed'ven but thee, and there ts none ttpw Earthy thai I 
dfire be fide thee^ God is the frength of my heart and 
my portion for ever. 

in the bcltfouated Caftles in the world, there is 
fomedefeft in fomethkig need full or definable : ei- 
therthe ay re, or the water, or the foylcor the ne gfr 
bourhood doth annoy 5 either food, or fewell, or 
friends, orfomewhatelie is fcarce or wanting. BuC 
in God there is no darkneffe,no difcomfort,nodifcafe, 
no deaths no deft & at all 

By thefc 7. particulars (which I have briefly poin- 
ted at, and which your owne meditations may profita- 
bly enlarge) I hope you be well farisfi d and (etlcd in 
the truth underhand, That Ichovah** a& incomparable 
Refuse unto hk opprefed People. 

The Application of this Dodrin,now cats for your 
attention. In the making whereof 1 (hall faithfully en- 
deavour to befetviceable unto your foulcs by afour- 

foldUfe,of<^ /4f /^ 


1. admonition. It warncth all men to take heed of tf/S- ti X 
ppprt fling. Wife King ^/wfrwfuggcftcth the natu. ?*^*? 
rallncfle of this inference. Rob not thepoore bec&ffibe 
is poore, neither oppre/p the af {lifted in the gate. I For 
the Lord wtllpleade their caufe, and fpoy'e the fettle ofthofe 
that fpoyledthtm* 

And the ieaionableneffe of this Caveat will becon- 
fefTcd, iffhe duty of this day, and the quality of my 
Aoditours beconficJered. 

We are arTt-mbled to keepe a religtdfW Ftt. A^d, 
Is not this the Fafi that lhavtchofen (faitfi the Lord) Ef«.$8.s. 

B % to 

%% A Sermon preached at the late Fafl 

to loofe the bands ofwlckednefk, to und&e the heavy bur- 
dens, and to let the oppreffedgeefiee, and that yee break* 
every yoake. 

The perfonsto- whom I am preaching are men of 
high place, great power and much authority in the fe» 
verali parts of this Kingdom?,, whofe temptation it is 

In the enlarging of my dehortation from opprefifton> 
I humbly crave leave to give in, i. Some aggravati- 
ons of the finne. 2. Some diflwafions from it. I mall 
briefly aggravate the fin of opprefiion under 5 . heads. 
. Firft, from the perfons opprefling. 1. When they 

H>1 * an theft who herein offend again ft the light. Although 
ihey know divine prohibitions and menaces againft 
this evill, yet they ad it. You remember the words 
of the Apoftle here applyable. Knowing the judge- 
3i.&i!i. WW of Cod {that they who doe fuch things are worthy 
of death) yet doe them. 7 here fore art thou inexcufahh 
wan whofoever thou art. 

2. When fuch op prelTe their inferiours, who doe 
much complaine of opprcffion from others. There 
areCountry Gentlemen,who cry out of heavy oppref- 
fions in Weftminfter-hall, and yet they themfelves 
doe grinde the faces of their Tenants by racking rents 
and fines at home. Unto thefe I will only report the 

Rom.*. 1. judgement oft he Apoftle Paul, Therefore art not thou 
inexcufaBle man, for wherein thou judge 'jl another jhou 
confcmneft thy felfe, for thou that judgefi, doe 'ft the fame 
things. f 

3. Whenmendelignedtodoe Iuftice by venue of 
their callings, yet deale inj Jrioufly. The Pfalmift ag- 
gravates the injuftice of ludges by this circum fiance. 

$$%h$. Mow- long: will ye (ye who fit to judge others) judge 

before the Commons Bouje of Parliament. i p 

unjufily. They know not neither will they tinderfiand^ 
they walke in darknejfe, all the foundations of the earth 
are out of courfe. And that palTige of the Prophet /- Bfa -*'7« 
.faiahy is remarkable, The Lord looked for lodgement, n£^p 
fat behold opprepon >fcr Rigkeoufnejfe, hut behold a cry. 
The Hebrew word tranllated oppreffion, flgnifies a 
Seabb or a wounds and Vifcator gives this note upon the 
place, Indices inftar Scabiei molefttfunt epprefis. When 
the opprelTed peaple petitioned the Judges for reliefe, 
they caufed their condition to become more painefuli 
and grievous. 

Secondly, from the perfons oppreffed. i. If poore, 
the Item of Salomon is obfeivable, Enter not into the Pr#tJ 10 
felds of the fatherle/fe,for their Redeemer is firong^ he n. 
mil plead their caufe with thee. In Nathans Parable * Sam,IX ' 
that oppreffion is judged very grievous, when he who 
had an herd and a flocke of hisowne, yet tooke from 
Ihe poore man hisone^nlyjllngleEw.lambe. It is 
an heavy oppreffion, when poore men are neceffitated 
to fell their working tooles and to pawne their beds 
and wearing apparrell. 

%. If godly. They e ate up my people (faith the Lord) Pi ' 14 '* 
m men eate up bread. Uuro the palates of fome, 
no morfels are fo fweet as the bloud of the Saints. 
And God will give them bloud to drinke for they are 

\ 5. If the wrong reach many, They opprejfe a man and Mici.i. 
his houfe, even a man and his heritage, faith the Prophet. 
Our Patentees,Monopolifts & other men of that make, 
may juftly be caft under this loading aggravation. 

Thirdly, From the qualify of the things wher- 
tn people are opprelTed. The Apoftle faith txprefly, , Thd - 
Thatnomanjhould opprejfe or goe beyond any other in m% 6. 

3© A Sermorrpreachedat the late Fafl 

things Yet are there aggravations to greaten the Cm 
of oppremon, from the wotth of the martcrs where- 
in the wrong is offered. i. It is 3 curfed cou^fe to 
crofh peopk in their out ward eftates. Curfed is he 

Beut.»7 . *^ 4/ remdve tb his neighbours Land marke., and all tk e peo. 

17* fie fhall fay, ^yimen. %. But to overthrow mens 

civil iiberties>androbrins them into (Livery is afarre 

A ,2i. a 8 g rea?er £ n j ur y. Men with great fummes of money (or 
long [zrv\ce)okaine freedome. 3 How heavy then 
is that oppreflion wnich ex^endeth to the bloud and 

Vto\,6^ lives of men. Their (inne h hainoas, who hunt for 

I ob 1. f . the precious life of a man Skin fir skin and all that a man 
hath mil he give for his life. 4.T he woift oppref- 
fionof all other, is that which pinch; :h upon the im* 
mortall foule. That accufation charged upon Baby* 

R*». • 3. \ Wi for making mercbandfe of the foules of men is moft 

12,1 *' intolerable. And how farre this fault is chargeable 
upon fuch who poyfoa or ftarve foules by impo- 
fing Pcpjfh Innovations* polluting Gods Ordinances, 
inhibiting Sermon$,&c. I referre it to your judge- 
Fourthly, from the ends aimed at in eppreffion. 

Prov 6 jo ^M* n d° e **oe deflnfe a theefe ( faich Salomon) if he fitale 
to fatisfiehts fiule. But if a man (h 11 opprcfie othc rs, 
to latbfle his owne lufts, this circumftance maketh an 
addition of very much guilt. 1. When through co- 

Pro.22.16 Vetmi f* nen ^\ a tnir ft ar " tcr money, a mm doth oppreffe t$ 
increafe riches. 2. When through bu:i(h Senfu- 

a.iity, to pUa?e thepahte, and ro fi'l the guts, they op- 

Am 4.1. prefjc the poore faying bring and let mdrinke. 3. when 
men tianfported by the ipirit of revenge, opprtfTe 
others, purpofely to eafe their ftomackes,and to p<>ure 
forth thdr gall upon them. As it was wkh#*»w#,ii 


before the Commons Honfe ofParlument. j I 

feekingto crufh not only Mordecai, bmall the Nation 
ofthejewes. Thm mtn make provision for the fleflojo Ro.ij 14. 
f&hfoit m the lufts thrrtcf^vhlch is a praftife ftwmefuU 
and abominable. 

Fifthly, trom the manner of mannaging this finne 
of oppreffion. If men oppreile only in fetter, as be. 
ingafhamedto owne their injarioufnefTc (asthethcefe 
vm fiealcs in the night) the fault is lefTe hainous, then 
when they are corrupt and Jheake wickedly concerning op- Iob , 4 
freffiM,fyeake loftily, and jet their mouth agtinfl the he&- 1^,73.8^. 
*vem > undertaking to fatisfie and maintaincadteof un- 
righteoufnefle. When Lawyers at the Barr plead for 
oppreflion, JiT<3g£S on the Bench juftiSe it, Minifters 
in thePulpits preach for it>and Doctors in the Univer- 
fities difpute and determine to defend it. 

And here I bumbly referre it to your wifedomes to 
confider, whether our Prelates have not been (of lace 
especially) thegrand oppreftbrs of the Kingdome,ac- 
cordingto moft 9 if not all, the aforenamed aggravati- 
ons. Have not they been great oppreiTors both in 
Church and Common- wealth * What County ,what 
City , what Towne, what Village, yea what Family, 
(I had almoft faid)what perfon in the Kingdome,hath 
not ifi one kinde or other, in foaie degree or other, at 
one time or o r her, beene opprefTed by them i They 
and their officers ,by citauonSjCenfures^exa&ions have 
been Catholicke oppreflfors. How many wealthy men 
I have been crulhed by their cruelty ? How many poore 
[Families have been ruinated by their Tyranny i And 
[I befeech you to confider, whether the moft pious, 
Iboth among Preachers and people, hive not m:t 
with the hardefl: tneafures from their heavy hands. 
|Alas,ala,s 1 Haw many faithfull Miniflershave they 


1% A Sermon preached at the late Fafl 

{ilenccd ! H ,->w rmny gracious Chriftians have they 
excom nunicated ! How many Congregations have 
they ftarved or diflolved in this Kingdome ! For the 
proofeof all this, and of more then all this,I appeals 
unto the many Petitions prefented to this honourable 
Parliament. And thefe are no fmali aggravations of 
thde and other like their oppreflions, tnat they call 
tfoerafelvesthe FathersoFche Church,and are accoun- 
ted more knowing men then their brethren. 

I have done with the aggravations of oppreilion.' 
The diflwafions from oppreflion follow, fome of 
whichlihall briefly fuggeft under 2.Hcads.\ 
i. i^d Commotio. 
2. ^Ahlncommodo, 

Firft, the efchewing of oppreifion will be comfor- 
table, i. It maybe fome evidence of a regenerate 
eftate. Gods people are called His mercifull Ones 
(For fo the Hebrew word ufually rendred Saints, in 
the booke of Pfalmes doth properly flgnifie) becaufc 
the tender mercies oft he Almighty fhed forth abun- 
dantly upon them, doe leave a compiflionate frame 
upon their hearts. The Apoftles Argument is preg- 
nant to my purpofe. ^4s the elettofGod, hoty andhelo- 
Col. 5.1a. ve d y p Ht on bowels of mercies. And the example of 
the Gaoler exprelTeth thus much. How did thecom- 
ming in of conquering grace change the man, from 
churlifh and cruell,to kinde and companionate. 2. Ic 
willadmihifter boldnefleunto us, both before God 
and men. The Prophet Samuel is a good prefident to 
1 5am. 1 *. prove it. Behold here lawjvitnejfe again fl me before the 
* »4- t ord> whom have T defrauded, whom have I offlreffed, &c. 

^A 'nd they (aid, thou haft not defrauded its ,noropprefcd 
us. 3. It may hopefully intereft us in the fpeciall 



before the Commons Boufe of Parliament, jj 

providence of God for our protection and proviifion 

in the times of our need. For obferve how divine pro- 

mife fpeaks, He that dzfyifeth the gaine of opprefflons Jhe Efa.33.15 

jhati dweH en high, his place of defence JhaU be the muni- l6, 

ffonsef roch t bread Jhall be given him, bis waters fhall be 


Secondly, the fruits of oppreflion are many and bit- 
ter unto them who pra&ife it, I will point at fome of 
them, i- It fattens a blacke cnarkc of gracelefnefle 
upon them who ufe it. That pafiTage of the Prophet 
isconfiderablc. He u Canaan (fo 1 render it from the 
Original! with the approbation of good Interpreters) Hof.ia-7, 
The ballances of deceit are in his hand, he loveth to op- 
frefie. You know by what exprtffion Ezekiel fug- 
gefleth the condition of men unregenerate, ihy birth 
and thy nativity is of the Land of Canaan : Andfuch e*ci5,j. 
(UiihHofea) is the eftate of men, of Merchants pra- 
ctitioners in opprcflion. 2. It expofeth unto the ma- 
ny and heavy judgements of Almighty God. This 
(faith lob) is the portion of a wicked man with God, and 
the heritage of oppreffors, which they {bull receive of the AU ° z? ' li 
mighty. In thefe Words, fivft opprelTors are bran- 
ded for wicked ones, as was before touched. Bu f paf- 
fing that, let us enquire what this their portion is, 
Which they muft inherit from the ponimhg hanJ of 
God * I will in few words propound it, from -he fol- 
lowing verfes : God will cafl upon him, and not (fare, he ?er « 1 *» 
would faine flee for in fleeing he would flee) out of his 
hand. In his cftat e. Though he heap up filvtr its the 
dtt strand prepare ray ment as the clay. He may prepare it y ytUi * 17 ' 
hnt tbejufl; Jhdlpttt it on, andtbeinnocem fht'l divide tht 
filver. In his pofteiity. if his children he multipli- 

ed, it is forth [wordy and his off jpring full not be fa- 
,, , F ' tisfed 

34 A Sermon preached at the late Faft 

ver x8 tisfiedmth bread He buildelh bis houfeas a Moth, and m 
a Bootb } tbat the Keener maketh. In his perfon, both in- 

ver 2©,zi. ward terrors, and outward mine. Terrors take bold on 
bim,as waters , a tempe/f ftealeth him * away in the night. 
The Eafl-winde carricth him away and be depmeth, and 
asafiormekttfleihbim out of his place* In his credit 
ver.zj. amongft men. Men frallclap their hands at him ^and Jhall 
bife him out of his place, 3, Thefe offen dors cannot 
be concealed : For as their finneringeth in Gods eares, 

lam. j 4. andcalleth for vengeance. Behold (faith the Apoftle 
lames) the hire of the Labourers \ &o- 'cry etk^nd the cryes 
are entred into the eares of the Lord of Sabaoth. So the 
Lord himfelfe undertaketh to give in evidence againfl: 

Mai.}, %. tncrn * l W M come neare t0 1 0U in lodgement, and I will 
be a fwift witnefe agamll thefe that opprejfe. A nd wil 1 it 
not be fad, when the Judge mall be a wimeiTeagainft 
the prifoner at the Barr. 4. At the laft day, the 
fentence againft the oppreffbrs will be unfpeakably 
heavy. Yoa may gueite at it, by an Argument, a mi- 
nori admajus^ if you reafon from the leffeto the grea- 
ter, from thofe words of our Saviour, Mat. 2 5- Then 

^"' 2 * fatt be fay to them en his left hand .Depart from me ye cur- 
fed into ever la fling fre, prepared for the Devtll and bis 
jiwrels, for I was hungred, and ye gave me no meat, Sec. 
And thefe jhall goe away into everlajling pmijhmeffl* 
Marke my Argument (my Beloved; from this place. 
If not fuccourtng, not fupplying, not folacing, not 
fupporting Gods impoverifhed,imprifoned 3 oppreiTed 
people will procure punimmentperpetualland unfup- 
portable, what will rhe condition bee of them who 
b.yc been their cruel 1 oppreflors i The Apoftle lames 

lam.!.!?. feh, They Jhall have indgement without mercy wh$Jhew 
nomercy. The Lord fee thefe eonfideraiions home 


beforetheCommons Uoufe of Parliament* ft 

upon your hearts to affright from oppi eilioa. 

For reprehenfion of 4. forts of otfendors againftthe Vfe t. 

truth in hand. 

If God promife to be the refuge of the opprefled, 
thenthofe defcrve blame, who imagine- that let ki g 
to rhe Lord in times of trouble is labour in vame. 
Mbringeth in the wicked thus breaching heir Arhe»- 
ftical) conceits JF^tf is the Almighty that we fhould ferve ° * w f ' 
him f And what profit fiould we have if we pray unto him? 
And doubtlefle many among us are orchis opmion,as 
their negled and fleighting of holy prayer ooih unde- 
niably difcover. 

But (my Beloved) our prefent employment doth 
prove that we are better ptincipled, and our grounds 
are folid and (arisfyirg {viz,. ) 1 .God* promife. 1 Our £fa ^ 
owne experiences. For the Lord hath pot (ad to the 
feed of Jacob, feeke ye me in vaine. And we have 
reaped luch tiuit of cur prayer?. that we may fay with 
the Prophet David, We fought the Lord and he heard W, . 
and delivered us from all our feares. 

2. Much more are they worthy ftiirp rebuke, 
whofe profaneneffe is fc grea r , that they deride thofe 
who under prtflures and in dayes of dangers, give 
themfeVrs to prayer The Pfalntifl mentions this, 
as the p* a<5Hce of Arbeifts. Tou have planted the Conn- K.14.& \ 
cell of the poore^ becaufe the lord is hh Refuge. In like 
manner, in theic times, how many doe fcoffe at the 
people ot God, for their frequency and unwearied- 
ntfTc: in Prayer and Fading, expecting deliverance by 
fuch endeavours. Thusrayling Rabjhekch reproach- H&.37;] 
ed Hez>ekiah and ifiael^ but the Lord accounted 
his language blafphemous, as holy Story doth wit- 

F 2 Lee 

1 6 A Sermon preached at the late Fafl 

Let nor us be difcouraged in improving God our 
Refuge by uncefTant fuites, becaufe of mens fcornes 
andderifion : bu: rathctr imitate the Pfalmifl, who up- 
on the report of the jeares of the wicked in this kinde, 

VC1+7. in the next verfe breathe th forth prayer. that thz_j 
Salvation 0/Ifrael were come out of Sion, when the Lord 
bringeth backe the captivity of his people, Jacob ftall 
rejoyceand Ifrael (hall be glad. With the change of 
fome few words, the fame fuit may be feafonable for 
us. O that the deliverance of England and Ireland 
were come out of Syon, when the full Salvation of Ire- 
land, and the perfed Reformation of England (hail 
come from Heaven, then Ireland Iliall re Joyce and 
England fball be glad. 

3. My Doclrinecheckeththem, who in way es of 
Creature-confidence betake themfelves unto other 
Refuges, and not unto the Lord lehovah. Miftake 
me not herein I pray you, for I dhlwade not the ufe of 
meanes to prevent and remove trouble : but my mea- 
ning is, that God muftbe bleflfed for meanes, eyed ia 
meanes, and at him the foulc muft lookc above and 
beyond meanes, when mod promifing. 

There are two Rocks upon which men are in dan- 
ger to dam in dayes of trouble, either to tempt God 
by difufing meanes, or to provoke his Majefty by i- 
dolizing them : and this fecond fin I now reprove, as 
crofTe-whetdngupon my Text, and dangerous unto 
them who doe commit \u Cur fed be the man that 

In i7$> tyuBeth in man and makethflejb his arme^ndwhoje heart 
departeth from the Lord. 

£fa.3i.i. jYoe unto them that goc downe to Mgy^lfor helper 5 
and flay on Horfes and truft in chariots^ becaufe they 
sn many, And in Borfe-men becaufe they are very ftrong. 


before the Commons Eoufe of Parliament* y\ 

Wclooke upon you our Parliament worthies, as the 
Horfe-rnen and Chariots of England* we bkiTe ycu, 
and we bltlTc God for you, but wc may not, we dare 
not depend upon you, left at once we incenie the Al- 
mighty both againft you and our felves. 

4. The fharpeft rebuke belongs un?o them, who 
goe downe into hell for hel p in dangerous times, who 
rather make the DiveM then God their Refuge : Such 
I meane who betake themfelves unto (infull fliifts for 
the procuring of their fafery, when they fee a ftorme 
comming. ■ Such who will take courfes contradicting 
their confeiences, their Covenants,their engagements 
both to God and man, to fecure their comforts, to 
fave their own heads. How farre are thefe men from 
beleevingthetruthofmy Text, which tels us, that, 
the Lord will be a Refuge for the oppreffed, a Refuge in 
times of trouble. I fhall Wifli fuch perfons feriouily 
to confider the word of the Lord. Becaufe ye have Efa.*8. if 
faid we have made a Covenant with death and with 
Hell are we at agreement, when the over- flowing fcourge 
(ball pafle through, it fliall not come unto us, for we 
have made lyes our Refuge, and under falfhood have we 
hid our (elves. Therefore thus faith the Lord, Judgement 
will I lay to the line, and righteoufneffe to the plummet* 
and the ha'tle fyall fweepe away the refuge of Lyes, and 
the waters ft all overflow the hiding place. 

FoxfonfoUtion, unto all them, unto whom God un- *rjk §, 
dertakesrobean helpe and (belter. Happy is he tbtf n, 146.5. 
hath the God of Iacob/<?r his helpe, whofe hope is in the 
Lord bis God, 

In the amplification of this Ufe, there are two 
things ufefull to be enquired. 

1. Who may hopefully expect helpe from Heaven. 
V s 2, Whae 

;8 AS rmon preached at the late Falh 

2. What confederations concerning God r heir Re- 
fuge miy make unco their comfort i For brevity fake 
» I will not paile the bounds of the 145. Pfalme in re- 
turning anfwer unto thefe two demands. 

Firft, Godwin be their helpe, who enjoy him as 
their God. This is maniftft from the % . th . and 1 o fa . 
verfes, Wbofe hope is in the Lord his God. The Lord 
fhall raignefor ever, even th) God. Now to make 
the Lord our God, it is required that with higheft 
eOimarions, moft vigorous affections and utmo^en- 
deavours,we beftowour f elves upon him. That in the 
Scripture phrafe, men are faid to make that their god, 
upon which the hear* flowes forth with the higheft 
Eph.5,*. tide o p the fullefr affections. Hence it is that covetouf- 
PinLj.i^. neffe is railed idolatry, and the Epicures are laid to make 
their belli est heir gods. Reflect therefore upon your 
felve-moftferioufly and aske your hearts in the pre- 
ferceofthefoule-fearching Majefty, what you place 
thehightft in yourbofomes, for what you are refol- 
ved to makethc greateft adventures : And if upon ex- 
amination you finde that the Lord Jehovah hath the 
throne, the command in your breads and lives, then 
doc not quell ion your intereft in his HighneflTe, as your 
helpe and refuge. 

Secondly, 1 his Pfalme holdeth forth foure truths 
concerning God, which may adminifter matter of 
muchfweet fupport and joy unto them, whofe helpe 
and hope he is. 
vertf, ■*• His Omnipotency exprefP-d in the worke of 
Creation, which made Heaven and Earth , the Sea and 
all th*t therein is. There is much marrow in this one 
confederation to refrefh a difconfolate fpirit in thefe 
drooping times : I fhall helpeyou to it in five Cor- 


before the Common* Bouje of Parliament* 39 

relaries or confeqaences, which naturally flow from 
trus truth, (vid.) ^hat God in whom our helpe lyes made 
Meaven and Earthy the Sea^ &c. 

1. Therefore God can eafily fuccour and fafeguatd 
his pecp'e : As by the word of the Lord were the Hea- 

<vtns made, and all the BoaH 9 f them by the breath of m -* 4 ^ 
his mouth. By his word he can command deliverances 'tfa.ij.ii 
for lacob. CAndby ft/reading forth his hands? as he lz * 
thatfmmmtthM bringeth dewnethe pride of Moibydnd 
' thefortrefe of the high forts (hall he bring downe, lay low 
and bring to the ground. Now the motion in i wim- 
ingiseafie, not ftrongj forftrong violent fttoakes in 
the water would rather ilnke then fupport. And 
therforeby this exprtffion the Holy Ghoft would ma- 
nifeft with what facility he can fubdue the ftouteft ad- 
verfaries of his Church. 

2. 1 heref ore the Lord can without prepared mat- 
ter raife up his owne defignes. As fie made the world 
without any pre-exiftent principles, firfthemade the 
Chaos out of nothing : and then out of aeon fufed heap, 
he framed the curious ftru&ure of the world, wherin 
all creatures in an admirable harmony feiveeacho- 

This particular brought home to our concernements 
may be profitable. Although we looke upon our 
felves, as an unpollifhed people, to doe any great 
matter cither in Church or Common- wealth. Al- 
though the Philofopher fay, Ex mhilo nihil ft, and 
we complaineof {elf-norhirgnefrej yer faith tels the 
foule, thai God made the things which Are mwjeene out Heb.ii*3. 
of things which doe not appeare. 

3. Therefore the Lord can accomplifh whatioever 
he undertakes without afiiftaats, for he had neither 


4° A Sermon preached at the late Fafi 

toolcs nor co-workers, when he reared the glorious 

fif«.*M. Fabrick of Heaven and Earth. Whcnthere ts no hel- 
per, none to uphold, then the arme of the Lord brings 
Salvation. What though there be few, very few who 
favour the workeof Reformation, in comparifon of 
the Malignant Party, who oppofe our hopes and wel- 
fare, yet may we pluck up our hearts with comfort 

Ff.«4 8, f rom t hj s confederation, That our helpe fiandeth in the 
name of the Lord, who made Heaven and Earth. 

4. Therefore God can effect his-defignes, notwith- ' 
{landing the vafteftdiftance betwixt the termes from 
which, and unto which he workes 5 forin the Crea- 
tion he wrought from nothing to all things, from the 
Earth which was without forme and void, unto the 
perfecting of the world, in which worke nothing is 
defe&ive, nothing redundant. We looke at a fetled 
peace with perfect Reformation, as a great, great way 
off, efpying millions of impediments, difficulties and 
oppositions in the way on this fide it : yet this medita- 
tion may encourage. 

5 Therfore the Lord can difpatch his mighty Acts 

Gcn.i.ji. fpeedily, For infix dayes he createdthe Heaven and the 

& * ■• M arth, with all the hoft of them. 

2. His Fidelity, who keepeth truth fir ever^ ver. 6 m 
Our God in whom our helpe is, is a Covenant keep- 
ing God. Had the words runne thus, who dealeth 
with people according to their deferts for ever, 
then our hearts might have fainted in us , and out 
hopes have perifhed for ever. But feeing his Ma- 
jefty hath bound himfelfe to keepe truth, the 
truth of the Promifcs of his free grace, this consi- 
deration may hold up heart and hope together. When 

Mtc.7.10. 5 acan and our owne confciencescaft in fad difcourage- 


before the Co mmons Eoufe ofParliamenfa 4 1 

ments, yet we may animate our ielves by the wok's 
of the Church unto her God. Thou wilt performe the 
truth unto Jacob, and the mercy to Abraham, which 
thou hajlfworne unto our Fathirs-from the dayes of old. 

3. The variety of Offices which the Lord under- 
takes in the behalfe of his people, according to their 
feverall neceffi ies. The particulars fpeeifled in the 
Pfalme I fhall only name, without interpretation ot en- 
largement. He extcuteth judgement for the oppreffed, v . 7,8,9. 
givtth food to the hungry, the Lord leofeth the prifoners. 
The Lerdopeneth the eyes of the blinde, the Lord raifeth 
them th At Are boved downe 5 the Lord loveth the righte- 
ous, the Lord freferveth the Jlrwger, he relieveth the 
fathrleffe and widow, but the way of the wicked he tur- 
mih uffidt down. The fumme of all thefe expreffiaqs 
amounts to thus much. That the providences or the 
A?m : g tyarealwayes fleetly and feafonably exer- 
eifed for his people, and againft their ,wicked op- . 

4« The perpetuity of his government. The Lord 
ftall reigne for ever, even thy God Syon unto ah ge- 
neranom^ Beloved we know that things went 
Vc-ryiii w k\\ I frtel, when there arofe up anew King over exo.i.*. 
JE >vpr which knew not lofeph. And certainly, ifrhe 
bull irfl^sof-rta world, mould be tranfa&ed by any 
other fupreme a u:hority, then of our GcdtheLord Al- 
mighcy, then might our condition be deplorable and 
miserable. Bat thisis no fmall comfort unto us*, that 
the God of 7/r^isthe God of England, that his King* 
dome foil doth and ever (hall rule over all Kings, 
Coram mders, creatures and concerneraents whatlo- 
evcr. The L$rd reigneth, let the Earth rejoyce^ Thy God PC.97^ 
$ Syon reigneth unto all generations , praife yce the 
Lord.- G the 

a | A Serm&n preached at the late Fa(i 

Vfe-%, Uie, the Ufe of Exhortation followed 

/idedinto various branches, In the 
..;ion whereof I (ball preflfc 5. duties which be- 
long nmo all without exception, and afterwards 
■{hall make bold to direct one exhortation by way of 
humble Petition unto the worthy members of the high 
and Honourable Court of Parliament. 

Exhortation 1, To returne praife unto the Lord 
our Refuge, for that defence and thofe deliverances 
which hitherto we have had in him. Nat io nail and 
perfonafl experiences mould be perufed, and for all 
the God of our falvation mould be honoured. If we 
of this Kingdomc call: backe our thoughts unto late 
providences, wee flu 11 fee caufe to breake forth 
in the words of the Pfalmift. The Lord remem. 
rf.i3 6 «-l yd m in our low eftate, for his mercy endureth for 
HisMajeftycommandeth and expecleth glory. I 
VC^.i$. will deliver thee andtboit fhdt glorifie me. Yea he doth 
abundantly deferve it, for all that patience, wifdome, 
goodnclle, powerand truth expreffed upon us in our 
continued peace and fafcty. Therefore I pray you, 
Give unto the Lord the glory due unto his name. And 
pf.i§.». j^ w we jj ma y . £ b ecomc us every one in particular to 
pHf^itfj refolvewirh David, I will fing of thy fower, yea I 
willflng aloud of thy mercy in the mornings for thou 
haft hm my defence and refuge in the day of my trou- 
ble. V nto thee omy strength will I fing 7 for God is my de- 
fence, and the God of my mercy . 

This debt I believe will readily be acknowledged^ 
but the queftion • will be, how mud it be payed * 
Praifes are due debt, but how muft they bee ten- 
dered £ 

1. My 

before the Commons HoufeofparlkmenP* 43 

1. My anfwer is at hand, and it Chali be but Chore. 
1. Gods fpeciall providence rauft be cbferved and 
proclaimed. Itjhail come to pajjein the day that the 
■Lerdjhall give thee reft from thy forrow and ft cm thy ifa.14,3,4 
ft ares > and ft cm the hard bondage wherein thm wait 
made to ferve. That thou Jheuldft take up tits Proverb* 
&o How hath the opprejfour ceafed, the Lord hath 
broken thejlaffe oj the wicked. Noble Senatours, we 
honour you as our inftrusnentall Saviours in a great 
degree, and God forbid, butwefhould ftudy to re- 
quite your labours and adventures for the Kingdomes 
welfare. Yet we muft looke beyond you, and you 
beyond your felves in admiring the raoft high God, 
in what hath beene already wrought unto our admi- 

2. Our religious vowes muft be performed. What 
ourvowes were in the dayes of our feare and deepe 
danger our confeiences will report, I onely preffe the 
payment of this debt, offer to God thankefgiving and 
pay thy vowes unto the mo ft High, Praife waheth for pf * 6 J ,lu 
thee in Syon, and unto thee jhall the Vow bee perfor- 

3. Our obedience in all the branches of it fhould be 
bettered. Pra&icall praifes are the raoft acceptable. 
Our lives muft witneiTe the gratitudeof our hearts : In 
this cafe I cannot propound a better paterne for your i- 
mitation then David,who upon enquiry, what thank- 
offering fhould be tendered, breakes forth into this 
Refolution. / will walke before the Lord in the Land FC*ȣ* 
of the living. Wherein three things are obferva- 

ble and imitable. 

1. His purpofe to make aprogrefle, / will wdke. 

2. The finccrity of his courfe^^e the lord (a< d.) 

G2 I 

44 A Sermon preached at the late Faji 

I wiM take every ftep, undertake every duty, as urader 
Gods pure and piercing eye. All ads of hoiineffe and 
righteoufneffe (hall be difcharged as before him. 

3. The conftancy of this care, In the land of the li- 
ving (q. d,) fo long as I live, Such a prefent of praife 
(Beloved) would pleafe the Lord better then an Oxe 
or Bullock fas the Pfalraift hath iv) that hath both horns 

4 Gods publick worffiip fliould zealoufly be promo- 
ted. This was the fiift thing determined in cMofes his 
Song* upon rheu expected continuance of ifraels fafe- 
^Exo.5 ?.».,. ty. The Lord is my flrength and fmg, and he is become 
my falvation, he. is my rocke and. I will prepare him an 
habitation. It concerns us all upon the recording o" our 
perforiill and National Dciiv rances,from opprcrflions 
either felt or feared,to lay forth our utmoffc ftrengths of 
authority, opportunity, intereftsand ability, bath to 
purge and fettle the holy worhYp of God, rhat his 
Majefty may enjoy a fixed habitation with content 
and glory amongft us. 

Exhortation ?, . To make fure our title unto God> as 
our peculiar refuge and protc&toi, that we may not 
be reputed intruders, when we (hall have occafion to 
throng into him- for (heler in tempestuous weather. 
Davids fuitmaybefeafonjb^c for us all to joyne in, 
M.7 j.$. Be thou my Jlrong habitation, whercunto I may. continu- 
ally refort. 

To quxken your care in this kind, many things 
might be mentioned. 1. Oar dangers are greae, whe- 
ther we confiier our owne defervings from God* or 
thedefignesandindeavours of Syoni enemies againHfc 
qui' peace and we) fare. . 
3, The infufficiericy of .all Creature fuccours and 

fbvJters 2 

before the Commons Eouje of Parliament. 43 

fhelters, howfaireand howpromifing foever. "There i6 

is no King faved by the multitude of an hoaH, a migh< l? . 
ty man is not delivered by much flrength <^4n hoy ft. 
is a vaine thing for fafety } neither JJj all he deliver any 
h b? s great" Jhcngth. 

5. The Al fufficiency that there is in the Lord ' 
in every kinde to beftead every endargercd 
foule, which enjoyeth him, as was fully difcovered 
in the ilJufhation of this Point now in proiccu- 

More Arguments! mall not need to ufe to move 
your looking after the Lord, that he may be your Re- 
fuge when mine is ready to rufh in upon you. But ta 
guide your courfe thac yon may pofTeiTe God, as your 
place of Defence, I will commend unto you 3. (Lort 

1. Labour by the knowledge and contemplation 
©f Gods glorious, incomparable beauties, to ler forth 
floudsof the ftrongeft love upon! im. Becaufehthath^r 
fet his love upon me, that fort will 1 deliver him ImU ' 91, * A ' 
Jet him on high, becaufe hehathknowne my name, 

2. Endeavour from activity of pure love to his M&- 
jefty, moreto awe your hearcs, . wuh the feare of his 
frowne, then of any, (hen of all combined oppositions 
which doe or can furround vou. Say ye 'not a confer E ^ 8, '%* 
deracy to all them to whom this people faith a confide* l5>1 *' 
racy, neither feare ye their feare, nor be afraid, SancJL 
fie the Lord of Hefts himfelft, and let him be your / ear •<?» 
and let him be your dread; t^tndbejhall be for a.' San* 

\. Se'eke to be enriched wnh that rfghteoufnc fife 
wff ch is ruil Evangelicail, For Salomon aflTnres is, 
tb<u the name of the" Lord is a pong Tower, and that p ro if, I<5 
G 3 the 

4 6 A Sermon preached at tfa late Fajl 

the righteous runneth into it and is fafe ( or fet aloft.) 
Now if you aske me, who are righteous according to 
the Gofpels conftru&ion •? 

I returne anfwer, from the defer! prion given of Za- 
* I * ' chary and Elizabeth. They were both righteous before 
God, walking in all the Commandements and Ordinan- 
ces of the Lord blamelejfe. From which teflimoniall 
three notes of Gofpell-righteoufnelTe may be fug- 

i. The rule regulating their courfe, is that which 
God hath commanded and ordained. 

2. The latitude of their obedience, which in their 
ay me and endeavours is as large, as Law divine. They 
mind Commandements and Ordinances, yea all Commas 
dements and ordinances, 

3. The continuation of this courfe. They did not 
only now and then take aturne in the way of obedi- 
ence, but they wereperfons walking, fuch who held 
on in obediential! references unto God. 

In thefe things, I befeech you, beftow your befl 
houres a^d abilities, even as you doe defire, that the 
Lord Jehovah may be your Refuge in the times of trou* 
hie* in the fed fans of diftrefle. 

Exhortation 3. To improve our propriety in God 
( having made him our Refuge ) for fafety in ftormy 
an : ; perilous times. I mould not need to perfwade this 
practice, if felf-love was rightly ordered in us, feeing 
6©r felves , both greatly need the Almighty, and 
night reape abundant fruit by making improvement of 
hijm. The unreafonable creatures, by a naturall in- 
(Hn&,betake themfelves unto places of defence, when 
dangers doe threaten them. 

The high hits are a refuge for the wilde Goates, and 
the Roches for the Conyes. We 

beforethe Commons Boufe of Parliament. 47 

We know by obfuvation, thacrhe -little Bees will 
haft to their Hives, and the Pigeons will flock to their 
holes, whenthe ftormeis rifing. I will forbcarc to en- 
large this Exhortation, cither by Gods Precepts and 
Promifes, orby the praclifes and experiences of hi? 
people, taking this courfe in all ages. 

This unto me is a commanding Argument, that we 
{hall in a great degree take Gods name and excellen- 
cies in vaine, if we labour not to-live upon them by a 
" fruitefull improvement, and fo conkquenrly, we (hall 
at once, both difpleafeanddi&onour God, and dam- 
niHe and endanger our felves. 

If you demand, how you mould make your tile of 
God, as your incomparable Refuged (hall dired: you 
unto David for an Anfwer, 1. Truft in him at all times, P[t6ltSm 
ye people, 2. Toure out ycttr heart before him, God ts a Re- 
fageforus, Selah. 

Firff , by true truft in God, we betake our felves un- 
to him as a Caaie of Defence. The words Irnmedi- 
ately following my Text declare thusmuth. ^And Pf.^ia. 
they that know thy name mil put their truft in thee, for 
thou Lord haft nst forfaken them who feeke thee. Such 
who apprehend fure fafety to be had in God, they, 
will feeke him, by placing their affiance in him. The 
practice of David makes this more apparent : for foe; 
by way of appropriation, fpeaking thus of God, My l ^' % 
Tertre(fe, my high Tower and my Deliverer, my Shield 
( he addcth ) and tn whom I truft. As by diffidence 
the foule keepesata diftance from God, fo by confi- 
dence we draw nigh unto him. 

Now to encourage your fiduciall approaches unto 
God , I will only mention 3 . things, which your felves 
muft enlarge and apply untoyour own hearts fcrioufly. 


48 A S rmon preached at the late FaU 

1. ConiidcrUicinLfiititD.candimmucablcftrength 
Efa*<5. 4 . of the Lord. Truft ye in the Lord for ever, for in the 

Lord Jehovah is cverlafttng ftrcngth. 

2. Acquaint your ielvcs with precious Promifes, 
whereby his Majefty defies to draw the difconfolate 
foule unto him. God willing nore abundantly to flew 

xl, ' * 17 unt0 d° e keyres °f Promifi the immutability of his Ceun- 

fell, confirmed it by oath, that we might have (Iron? 

: Pl 6 o * on fo a ti° n > who have fled for refuge, to lay hold upon 

11. ' ' the hope fit before us. In the Lord ( faith David) I 

mil fraife Bis word, in the Lord I will fraife bis word J 

in the Lord I have put my truft. 

3. Review and husband your experience? of Gods 
protecting providence in times pHt. Jn the day when 

•sSam.a*. £$<£ had delivered D s vid from the hand of all hu ene- 

***" miesy and from the hand of Saul, thus he fpcafees, 

The Lord is my Roche and mv Fortrefle, and my Deli- 
verer. The God of my Mode ? in him I mil trufl, 

Secondly* by holy Prayer we haft unto God for 
belpe in times otnouble I cry ed unto the Lord (faith 
David) I fold thou art my Refuge Attend unto my 

•*.»4Mi er y f -Deliver me from my Ptrfecuteurs. Here for the 
guidance of your prayers,you may take notice of thefe 
briefe Directions. 

1. Your crves muft be enroll, and not only vo- 

&&<3 7> S> ca ^" Pwe <Mt your hearts b fore him. t^fnh lift up 
a Prayer (faith Hezthah) h will nor be Jufficirnt to 
fay a Prayer (as the world is wont to expreile it) or 
to word ir before the Lord, but we mould rather heart 
it before God in holy prayer 3 that we may receive help 
-from him in times of need. 
2 . Your hearts rnuft behave themfelves humbly be- 

5 — ■ => - 

before the Commons Houfe of Parliament. 49 

fore the throne of grace 5 when you petition delive- 
rance from rhe devouring oppreffours. lord thou haft ?f. 10. i 7i 
beard the defre 0] the humble, thou wilt prepare their heart, * 8, 
thou wilt caufe thine eare to heart '. To judge the fathtrleffe 
and the opprejfed, that the man of the Earth may no more 

5. The foule fhould have fincere references, to the 
glory of God,in feeking felfe-fafety. Tnus David de- 
firing deliverance from many mighty Perfecutcrs, he 
adds. Bring my foule out ofprifon, that I may praife BC.i^6 ) 
thy Name, 7* 

4. Plead the wickedneffe of them who doe op- 
preiTe and would devoure, They gather themfelves to- P zl 9 *** 3 
get her again ft the foule of the righteous, and condemne 
the innocent bloud, hut the Lord is my "Defence and my 
Cod is the Eocke of my Refuge, and he fliati bripg upon 
them their crvne iniquity . and fhaR cut them off m their 
cwne wickedneffe, yea the Lord our God [hall cut them 

# :■■'"'"' 

5. Wait upon God unweariedly and refolvc to con- 
tinue praying, whatfocver dclayes, checks, or oppo- , 
fit ions may encounter you. In the fiadow of thy wings * 7,1 * 
will 1 make my refuge^ untill thefe calamities be ever- 

Becaufe of his ftrength I will wait upon thee, for God 
is my Defence. And certainly if we rightly confider *^ 9 ' 9 * 
1. Our diftance from God in worth and degree. 2. Out 
dependance upon him, together with our undone con- 
ditionifhedefertus, we mall rarry the Lords leifure, 
attending upon his Majefty, for the anfwer of our Am- 
plications, when befieged with dangers on every 

Exhortation 4. To caft off all cowardly feares of 
H our 

50 A Sermon preached at the late Fafl 

our oppretTours,. how potent, politick and prevailing 
Coeyer they be. The people of God have frequently 
3. 2 ' 1>2 gathered courage from this confederation. Truly my 
foule waiteth upon God, from him commeth my falvati- 
on y He only is my Rooke and my Salvation, he 'is my 
defence I find not be greatly moved. How long will yee 
imtgine mifchiefe again fi a mm, je flail be fain i all of 
ytot', as- a 'bowing mil full ye. be) and as a_ tottering 
Bf.46'i. God is our Refuge and flrength, a very frefent helpe 
M»7j*. • i n trouble . Therefore will not we fear e thmgh the Earth 
be removed, and though the tMountaines be carried in- 
to the midji of the Sea, though the waters thereof roare 
and bt troubled, though the Blount aines fluke with the 
f welling t her of Sec. The Lord of Ho ft s is with us, the. 
God 'of 'Jacob is our Refuge, Selah. . 

Through wane of time, I dare not adventure upoa 
the amplification of this U'fe. Therefore toave leave 
for your helpe and heartening againft the feare of Op- 
preflbrs, to improve onely one Scripture, which I 
Bfa.jx.12, conceive very pertinemand profitable. L even I aw 
s *' he thai comforteth you, who art thou that thou fliouldesi 

be- afraid of a man that fhall dye, and of the [on of -man 
which fh all be mile as grafe, and forgettef the Lord 
thy mik.r^ that hath, ft retched forth the Heavens , and 
laid the fovili'iG-ti of the Earth\ and haft feared conti- 
nually every day betattfe of the fury of the Oppreffd.'tr, 
as if he were ready to deflroy i and where is the fury of the 
Opfre(for. J &c. 

fnthefe words, the Lord by his Prophet checking 

and chidinghistirnerous people, doth coanlell them 

to il-eke the conqueft of their difmaying feares, by 

nparing hirnfelfe their God, wish their furious op- 

p.rejlpurs., i. 9 .Thc 

before the Commons Boufe of -Par Ha merit 9 5 1 

»__ , \ — , 

1. Though they be ouroppreiTburs, yet his Maje- 
ftyis our comforter. And is not the God of all confo- 
lations more able to cheare us, then all men are to 
diflicarten us? 

2. They in their beft ftrength are but dying men and 
-withering grafTe s butheisthe Almighty, theall-ma- 
kingGod, whofe omnipotency and independency is 
fumciently difcovered by ftretching forth the Hea- 
veas, and by laying firm the foundations of the Earth. 
And our necciiicies cannot poflibly pus him upon a 
more difficult fcrvicc for our Deliverance. 

3. Although they feeme ready to deftroy,as an Ar- 
my at hand to devoure : yet remember thac your Sa- 
viour is the Zw^//ft?/?.f, whocommands and orders vcr,If# 
all Martiall forces in the world, who can found a re- 
treat and call them off by one word in a moment. 
When we fpeake of Armies on Land, and ftrength on 

the Seas prepared againft us $ What though Papifts, 
AtheiftsandDivels were in combination to deftroy 
us, yet the Generaliffimo who manageth all forces and 
maketh all motions, is the Lord of Hofts our maker, 
our comforter. 

4. If our trembling, mifgiving hearts mall objeel 
the mines wrought in Ireland, as occafions to increafe 
dejecting fears: we fhouldrepell them, by reminding 
experiences of Gods former famous ads for his fer- 
vants fafety, when in much deeper danger, / am ti^j ver,, *« 
Lord thy God who divided the Sea, whofe waves roa* 

red. That was Ifraels experience which is on record in 
holy Writ for our encouragement. We may add from 
Gods difpenfarions inthis Kingdome. Who in the 
yeare Eighty -Eight funke and fcattered the Spanifh 
Navy called invincible? Who broke theneckeofthe 
H 2 Topifh 

jt A Sermon preached at the late Faft 

Popiib pQuder-plot, md brought to light thofe under 
ground workings of the traiterous, bloudy Papifts? 
And who lately compofed the dangerous differences 
betwixt England and Scotland^ which threatened the 
defelation of both Kingdomes Z Remember this 
God is your Refuge* and therefore be of good courage 
and feare not the fury of the oppreflburs, though in ap- 
pearance ready to deftroy. 

Exhort anon %. To move us all to make ufe of our in- 
tereft in God,in thebehalfe of our opprefifed Brethren. 
You know that we are bound to love our Neighbours 
as our felves, and to pray for them as for our felves : 
therefore my Inference isnot forced>but natural!. 

I (lull be very (hort fas ftraights of time command) 
in this Exhortation , wherein I have bleeding, op- 
prefled Ireland principally in my thoughts, and the 
rather becaufethe fad troubles of our Country, men 
and Brethren there>is one chiefe occafion of our Con- 
gregating thus folemnely to feeke our God this 

Good Nekm/ah may be propounded as an excel- 
lent patrerne both to quicken and to direct this duty. 
He having intelligence, that the Iewes were in great 
affitcYion and reproach, and that the wall of Jerusalem 
alfo was broken downe, and the gates thereof burnt 
Ncb.1.4. with fire. It cametopajfe (faith he) whcn'lheardthtfe 
words, that 1 1 at downe and wpt and mourned certain 
Dayes y an& fafteb and prayed h-fore the God of Heaven, 
This holy man was warme fa worldly refpe&s, being 
well placed and refpe<fi:d in the Court of & great King, 
he was in the Palace of a Prince in profperity, at~a 
great diftaoce from danger , though Ter^fJem was 
diflrdTed, yet you fee his firopg affect ons, you reade 


before the Commons Houfe ef Parliament. 5 j 

bis religious practice, in both which we are bound r"o 
make imitation. Remember them that are in bonds Hcb.ij.j, 
(faith the Ap file) as bound with them, and them 
which [uffer adverjitj, as being your [elves alfo in the 
body* In which words out duty is both ftrongly ur- 
ged and well guided. You muft remember them, as 
Being ywr [elves in the bodj (q. d,) becaufe you are 
fellow- members with them in the fame rayfticall bo- 
dy ( as fonie interpret) or (as others judge) feeing 
your felves are yet in the body, natures frame not be- 
ing yet difiolved, you your felves are expofed to ^he 
like f offerings, and therefore fhould Chrlftianly re- 
member them. But will a fleighty, wordy minding 
of them befufflcient * No, (faith our Apoftle) you 
miift feelingly minde them, as though your felves 
perionally fhared in their fuflferings, or as your felves 
would deflre to be remembred if in their fad condi- 

This imployment is excellently petfwaded by king 
David In the i^.Pfalme. 1. Becaufe hereby we 
mall at once,both evidence our fpirituall love and inre- 
reft our felves in Gods Promife to underrake out perfo- 
nall welfare, Pray fir the pact o[ Ierufilem, they PC.mJ. 
Jhall pro/per that love thee. 2. By his owne pract- 
ice, for this was his rc-queft in reference to Ierufalem. 
Peace be within thy walls, and frojferitj within thy Pa* V9K '7' 
laces. 3 . Becaufe of our Desre tela ion unto them, 
whofe condition calleti* for our prayers. For my Bre- YC r.8. 
thren andcomfamem fakes, I will now fay peace be within 
thee, 4. Seeing the Religion and worfhi p of God 
isthrre p:ofe(Ted and pra&ced. Becaufe o[the houfi vcr *** 
tfthe Lerd my Grid I will [eke tfaj good, How fully 
alithcjc Arguments reach ».Hin reference unto di^ra- 
Hj cled 

54 ^ Sermon preached at the late Fafl 

&ed, dilheffed Ireland, I humbly refer re it to your 

But you will fay unto me, wherefore doe you thus 
perfwadeus? Doe you not fee we are here with you 
to pray for Ireland. And is there not a monthly Fafl 
appointed, that prayers may be continued «r All this 
1 thankfully acknowledge, both blefling God for this 
mercy ,and honouring the Kings Majefty 5 with the Ho- 
nourable Court of Parliament, for their religious care 
herein : Yet it is my duty to lay the weight of Scrip- 
ture authority upon your consciences, that you may 
confcientiouuy and affectionately bellow your felves 
in fecret daily, as in publick weekly, monthly in pray- 
ers for your oppretTed Brethren. 

But is this ail that you have to fay? Ianfwer.No. . 
There are two duties ?o be added unto our prayers, 
with out the addition whereof, our prayers for Ireland, 
will be IciTefuccefTefuliforir, and leiTe comfortable 
to our felves. r. WemuhYrepenungly returneumo 
the Lord from the evill of our wayes. Both Nehe- 
mi ah and Darnell tooke this courfe^ when they fought 
ioh.41.8. the Lord for Ifrael. The Lord dire&ed lobs friends, 
to crave his prayers*, promising to accent him in their 
behalfe. And the Prophet Icel calls for heart humi- 
liation and convenor?, before he directs this fup- 
plication^ Spare thy people Lord, and give net thine 
heritage to reproach, that the Heathen fiould rule over 
them. Wherefore JJwuld they fay among the people 3 where 
is their God. The Reafon whereby He^ekiah moves 
his people to repent is remarkeable. , For if ye turne 
againe unto the Lord, your brethren jh all find companion, 

2, We muO: contribute our beft aififtance in all kinds, , 
according as God gives power and opportunity, for . 


•loel !.-!*, 

J J. 17- 

a Chr. jc» 


-before the Commons Eoufe of PatumenU 5 5 

their reliefe and deliverance, Thus did Nthemafr 
in trading every Talent with which divine provi- 
dence had truftcd him, for Ierttfalems welfare : He 
improves his favour with the King, and imployes 
authority received by commiflion from him for the 
common good; he worketh, watcheth, warreth, 
commandetb, encouragerh, threatnethjpuniflieth^^ 
_that he might be ferviceable. In like manner (hyald 
we for Inland, confult, command, contribute, un- 
derwrite, encourage others - or adventure our (elves, 
according to our fcverall ftations and abilities, as the 
Lord {hall be pieafed ro goe before us by his leading 
providence. And truely, there is no more fincerity 
of heart in our fairs, then there are fuitable endeavours 
in our lives, to effect and accomplifh what we pray 

From thefe general! exhortations which concerns 
all, I now proceed unto that, which morepeculiariy 
appertained unto you Right Honorable, whofe fer- 
vant I am, in my prefcnt irriploymenr. Give your, 
feivant leave Ipray you, to perfwade, to petition. 
your imitation of God, inbecomminga Refuge tohis 
cfprejfed people in the timts of trouble. Tb'c Lord is 
a Refuge both ofFenfive and defensive, orTenllve un- 
to the oppreilors, defenfive unto the oppreffed. And 
it will be your honour, in both to be imitators of 

From God our Tower and Fort re ffe f our Ca&le of 
defence, there are battering Canons difcharged, 
thunder and lightning fcattered , terrible judge- 
ments (I meane) denounced againft. opprerTors- 
The Lord undertaking the profperity and e{hM : fh- 
meiKoi his people, addcth* \yiitd I mff pmifJr^itK^o.xp, 


5 $ A Sermon preached at the Lite Faji 

that ®??rejfe them. And of Chr HI this was propheti- 

?£/* 4- caMy roretold. He fhdl breakc in peeccs the (f prefers. 
Right Honourable, I prdk not rigor, but righteouf- I 
ncfle. Neither doe I take upon my leife, the bold- 
nelTe in perfonall cafes to counfeii you. God hath 
made you wife, and my prayer is, that your zcale 
and courage may be anfwerablc. But my zcale for 
Gods glory and your honour, m kesme bold to tell 
you, that there are many, who reproachfully fay, 
Tou jhew pur teeth, hut you doe not bite, For my part, 
I (kill only reade to you, two quotations out of fa- 
cred Scripture, the one fuggefts the comfort ©f 
doing judgement, the other inticoates the danger of 

„, , neglecting it. / have dene iuftice and udiemmt. leave 

i»i 3 i&s. we not to mine opprefjors. Be furety for thy (erva&tfer 
good, let not the proud oppreffe me* Thus faith the Lord, 

jKin.zo. j> €cm i e thou haft let gee om of thy hand? a mm whom 
I appointed to utter def ruction : therefore thy life [hall 
goe for his life. 

But my principall arrardisto rcqueft you,to labour 

Efa. i^4- to be like yourGod,in becomming a covert unto wfrom 
the face of the ffoykrs. From my Text I preffe Gods 

pf.10^6. ovvne practice. The Lord executeth right eoufne fie and 
judgement for all that are opprefied. He frengthneth the 
floy led again ft the ftrong And this was propheeied con- 

Zach 9 ,8. ccrnino Chrifts care of his people No opprefior fhall paffe 
through them any more. Yea this is reported in the com- 
mendation of the Lordjefus, that whiles man he a- 
bode on E irth, He went about doing good-Jhealing all that 

A< were oppreffed. 

Thefe 4, Considerations following may ferve fur- 
ther and more forcecibly to let on my prefent 

1. The 

^MdeC^mH ot( f eo fp arlimenft ^ 

«J«Jr5 frUit$ ofo PP Rffion ^Ponp«t!ci^rib^ 

oppreffed are very grievous. Surely ( faith Salonon\ * i 
opprefton Ma^man^d. LoXt~i "' 
t.esand confutes are many at this day anemone 
om, becaufcbitten, or rather torre wnh Ac^A of 
PreancaUopprefiours. Andlam conffdent ,ha t,h c 
hkel.eft way toheale our breaches, and to comrofe 
ourdirTer C nccs,istheremova]ofcuropprcffi3nd 

f.f/;r fmst t t f edMemder «*» w. w'" 1 ' 4 -'' 

JJZ^lfr ' kfide ***%M** tierZ 
was {ower, hit there was no Comforter Whref^Tf 

fmjed the Mad M are alreadjdead, nl^tthe 

hvmg „hcb are jet alive. Many in this Kingdom 

have dyed many deaths underthe yron hands or Ta- 

vy oppreffours, and trnely many thoufards of us mail 

dye many thoufand times more, except you 1™ 

» , The danger of the Kingdome is no JefTe then de. 
folat.on, except you our Srate Phyftions aoply ti mc - 
Jy platao beale our breaches/ by e.finguVof our 
oppreffinns. For thus bath the Lerdofmfjfcj X *'■«•«. 
jeedwne Trees, and caff a uve-unt a^nfi Utfil 
thuu the at, to be vjted, fle « J>oll opr^Z 7»* 
the mdjl of her. The people of the LanFhie Jed *** 
opprefion have exerc; fed robbery, and have vexed'! i9ii °' 3 *- 
poore and needy, yea they have oppreffed the ifLZl 

fhmld make ., the hedge, &c. but jfcundnone. ihen- 
Jore have I pmr.d out mine indignation upon them I 
have confumed them mth the fire of my /rath 
3- Thofe draw downerhe wrath of God upon their 

5& A Sermon preached at the late Fa[i 

owiic heads, who having power in their hands, coru 
tinuecarelefTein endeavouring the reliefe of the op*. prefTed. boufe of David, thus faith the Ltrd* De* 
liver him that is ffoyled out of the hand of the Offref- 
four, left my fury goe out like fre, andbume that none 
can quench it* 

4. By labours of this kinde, you (lull promore the 
honour and profperky both of our King and this King- dome. Deliver the Jpoyled out of the- hand of 
the oppeffour, &c. For if ye dee this thing, indeed^ 
then jhall there enter in by the gates of this houfe^ Kings 
fitting upon the throne of David, riding in Chariots and 
M herfes, he and his Servants, 

The equity of this Exhortation I am confident will 
beconfefled : but enquiry may be made, What I 
meane by the opprelfions, from which the Parliament 
fhould deliver us. 

I anfwer, we groane and lye grovelling under ma- 
ny opprcffihg Grievances, both in the Church and 
Common-wealthy yet considering my calling, it will 
not fo well become me,to particularize ourcivill pre A 
f ures, neither need I beftow any words that way, fee- 
ing your felves have given us abundant caufe to ac- 
knowledge that yeu have taken exa&noticeof them. 
But feeing loades which are laid upon mens confeiov- 
ccsare mofi proper for metocomplaine of, fufferme, 
I pray you, feelingly and faithfully to fpread fomc of 
them before you. 

i. Subfcription urged upon all Graduates in both 
Uftiverfities, and upon all men entering into the Mini- 
fiery is an heavy oppreffion. (Miftake me nor, fori 
meane not Subfcription according to the Statute of 
Sfcc 1 J. of Qittni: Mlixafatb, which is to thofe Ar- 

before the Commons Houfe of Parliament* $p 

tides which onely concern© the Confefllon of the 
true Faith, and the Doctrine of the Sacraments 5 but 
I intend the Subscription commonly called and 
knowne by the name of the Bijbeps Subfeription.) 
By reafon hereof, many young men of promising 
parts and well ripened hopes, are driven from the 
iludy of Divinity, from the workcof the Miniftery, 
becaufe not able to get over this block. And moft 
inthcUniverfities, at leaft thofe who take the de- 
gree of Barchelours of Arts, are neceffitatcd to fub- 
f cribe, themiclves know not to what, and fo through 
ignorance miferably enfnare their owne consciences* 
as many fad experiences witneflc. 

2, The preiliog of the old Ceremonies in divine 
AdminiOrations upon pain of Sufpenfion, Silencing, 
Deprivation and Excommunication. How many 
deare unto God are hereby deprived of fome facred 
Ordinances «? How many able Minifters of the Go£ 
pell have hereupon loft both liberty and livings, and 
their Families expofed to woefull penury i How ma* 
ny Congregations have beene deprived of their pain- 
full Paftours * How many of our deare Country- men 
both Preachers and others, have within few yeares 
laft part, been compelled to leave this Kingdome the 
place of their nativity. And certainly the continuing 
of this Grievance is the more inexcuiab'c, becaufe the 
moft moderate men who plead for thefe Ceremonies, 
hold them things indifferent, and fay they are, tfilerd- 
Utts inqtU. 

3. Conniving at an ignorant, idle,erroneous, fcan- 
dal us Miniftery. Under this head I complaine of 
fourc forts of Clergy-men(commonIy fo called) being 
heavy burthens to the Church of Chri& 

la 1. Blind 

£o A Sermon preached at tbelate Faft 

t . Blind Seers, who know not Heaven- way, dumb 
dogs which cannot barke. 

2. idle dromes, who either preach not at all, 
or very feidome, or fiuklcfly without care and 

$. Mif-guiding Guides. Men Schifmaticallmd He- 
reticall, vvhoiet poyfon inftead of wholefbrae food 
before their people. 

4. Men femdaIous 5 who plucke downe more with 
their foule hands, thenthey buildup with their faire 
tongues. Uider this head I may place Non-refi- 
dency, which breeds and feeds a M'miikry, ignoranr, 
idle, erroneous and licentious. 

4. Thefearefullabufe or that high Ordinance of 
God, aS aend tf^amongftall rankes and conditions 
ofpeoplcintbe Kingdome. In the U nverdties, the 
OathofoJWrffwV»/^/Mroobfervc the Statutes of the 
Vniverfity , which nr>t one of many hundreds ever 
know.The Oathes of fevcrall Officers both in Church 
and Common-wealth, which although I cannot fpe- 
cifie, yet it is my hearty requeft that they may be per- 
ufed 2 to prevent the profanation of Gods name, and 
theenfnaring of many thoufand foules. 

5. In regard of Church-cenfurcs. The dreadfull 
fentence of Excommunication is oken pa$cd and ex* 
ecuted.upon perfonsfor fmall offences, yea for acls 
not evill, and (which is moil horrible) for doing that 
which both God and the necefS" ies of their own fouls 
require, Iris a burthen intollerable, that men fhould 
be caft our of the Congregation of Gods people, ba- 
niihed from his publick worfhip, and delivered up to 
Satan for non-appearance at the Cathedral! Court, far 
buying, felling, or working on an idle holy- day, yea 


before the Commons Boufe of Parliament. 6 1 

for going out of their owne Pariflies to heare a Sermon 
or repeating Sermons and praying with forne Neigh- 
bours in their owne Families. 

And on the other handjt isnofmall Grievance,bot!t 
to godly Minifters and their people, that thofe who 
are the true Officers of Chrift in his Church,havenor 
authority to keepe them who are pslpsbly ignsrane 
and notorioufly, fcandalotsfly profane, from the Sa- 
crament oi the Lords Supper. 

6, The oppoiuion made again ft the power of Reli- 
gion*, is a grievous opprcflion. When fuch who are 
forwarder in holy courfes then others, are derided and 
difcouraged by reproachful! names,, yea molefted and 
perfecutedfor frequenting the Ordinances of grace, 
whither publike or private, for the building up of 
their fbu<es in Chrift. 

And I humbly commend this to your confutation, 
whither the Prelaticall Government hath not bin the 
root of all, cr (at leaft)of almoft all thefeoppreflions. 
For my part, I profefie that I cannot expect a compleat 
deliverance from thefe, and 'other like oppreflions, but 
by the extirpation of that frame. 

Right Honourable, you have done much, yea very 
much for our eafe already, we are ft ncible that many 
heavy burthens are taken ofFour backs, which crnfhed 
us grkvobfly heretofore : andfor that reliefe which 
we have receetved we blefte God, we honour our 
K ; ngand you. And I'now heartily intreat and incou- 
rage the perfecting of that whichyeu have Co worthily 
begun. When Syon is fet up in -beauty, adorned and 
(lengthened with her watch-Towers and Officers, 
then God mil be knoxvnein her Palaces for a Refuge. Pf. 4 s. $. 

Great joyes have bin rsifed in our hearts by under- 
l 3 ftan- 

v^^» j- — -»~— - ■ " 

'6% J Sirmonpreacbedattbe late FaU 

fUnding from you, your intentions to call an Affem- 
bly of Divines a to confuk with God concerning 
Church occafions, and we will daily pray for the dire- 
cling and perfecting thereof, unto Gods honour and 
this Kingdomes welfare through Jefus Chrift. But I 
befeech you give me leave in the name of many to re- . 
queft your great care in the choice of men raoft meet 
for that great worke. And for this end, I humbly 

_ commend 3 . qualifications to be minded in the men to 

£SJT beeleaed. Let them be, 

Wore the i. Men of approved piety, whofe hearts are awed 

choice of w - lt ^ q q £ s £ care anc j uanioveabiy bent to advance 

mentor . . . '* " 

■the Aff«n-«is glory. 

%. 2. Scripture men, Men well acquainted with the 

records of Heaven,by the authority wherof,all doubts 
end differences mould be determined. 

3 . Men not biaffed with felfifti partiality .Such who 
may come to the Confutation as white paper,capable 
of thofe impreffions, which the evidence and power 
oftruch (hail imprint. 

Sound Doctrine maintained,pure Worfhip exerci- 
fed, right Difcipline erected and eftablifhed will con- 

igf duce greatly to Englands peace and profperity. When 

v " a ' 4,4, ' s the Lord jhail have wafted awai the fiUbineffle of the 
daughters of $y on, ejrc The Lord jlull create upon e- 
*t>en dwelling place of Mount Syon, and upon her Af 
femhfiesj a cloud and fmodke by day , arid the fhining 
c a {iaming fre by night t for ttj>on all the glory jhallk 

F I N I S, 

2>/V ^Mercurij ip«fumj, 1641. 

IT is this day Ordered by the 
Commons now aflembled in 
Parliament, That M . AJh and M. 
Hampdin fhall rcturne thankes to 
IbAt/f/h for the good patnes he took 
in the Sermon hepreach'd thelaft 
Faft day but two at the intreaty of 
the faid Commons, and that he be 
defired to print his Sermon, And 
that no man prefume to print it,but 
fuch as hee {hall appoint, till the 
Houfe ihall take further Order, 

EL Elfjng, Cler.TarL 2X Qom, 

Jappoint Edward Brewfter and John Burroughs 
to print my Sermon. Simeon Ajb* 

Self-Surrender unto God, 

Opened and applyed, 


Preached before 

The Honourable Houfe of 

At Margarets , Weftminfier, at their late folemn 
Faft,February 23. 1*47. 
• BY 

Simeon Ashe, Preacher of Gods Word 
at Michael Bafsingjhaw, London, 

1 C o r. 6*. ip. Tee are not your owne. 

Rom. 1 a. 1.2. / befiech you therefore brethren , by the 
mercies of Cjod, that yeeprefent yew felves a living Sacrifice, holy s 
and acceptable unto <jod, which it your reasonable fervice. 

And be not conforms ho this world, but be yee transformed by 
the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove , what is that good 
and acceptable, and perfect will of God* 

Luke Ij. 17,18,1 9. tAnd when he came to himfelfe, he 
[aid, Imllarifeandgoe to my father, and will fay unto him ,K*- 
ther } makf me as one of thy hired ftrvants. 


Printed for 8. Brewster, and are to be fold at heff 

(hop on Ludgate-hill at the figne of the 

Bible neare Fleet-bridge, 


The Honourable Houfe of Com- 
mons Affembled in Parliament:. 


\Henyour Order commanded me to preach before 
you, on the day of your folemne Humiliation, 
Fcb.i 3./ conceived nofubjeU more necefjary, 
or morefeafonable, for my Sermon, then this 
doBrineof felf-furrender unto God $ for as the Lord de- 
ferves much more then your All 5 fo the fuccejje of all 
your fe/vices lies in his hlefsing • and the comfort of all 
your labours, arifethfrom pur fine ere refpeBs unto his 
Majefly through thrift. All is loft to your own foules 9 
{though others receive benefit by you) if you doe net re. 
ally intend God in your adventures and undertakings. 
By jetting up the mofiHigh in your hearts and thoughts, 
dulneffe, delayes, cowardlinefje^ unfaithfufnejje, defpon* 
dency, and wearinejfe in his work will be prevented: By 
keeping the Lor din your eyes andaimes, love would bee. 
enlarged, zeale enflamed,diligence doubled, uprightnejfe 
maintained, courage increa[ed,and refreshings multipli- 
ed. And negleB of tbis duty cannot proceed from want of 
arguments to move tt, for every holy ordinance which 
you ufe, and every ordinary providence, which reacheth 
you,doth fpeak ftrong rjafons to per [wade the giving of 


ThcEpiftle Dedicatory, 

pur fehts unto the Lord. Every Fa ft you keep, every 
Sermon you hear e,and every grayer you make, fhouldwork 
you more fully towards God^Honor & difhonourjafety and 
dangers, fucceffe and disappointments in your Negotiate 
ens, jhould carry you to God. Tour owne Orders, calling 
for Sermons, approving them, and appointing them to be 
printed, will rife up in judgement againftyou, if you doe 
not really devote your (elves unto the Lord. 
[O therefore let not Gods words and works, bis frowns and 
fmiles, be loft upon your foules 5 winter and Summer 
fhowers andSun-fyine,arenotinvaineto the fencelejfe 
plants and the dull earth, for they, upon the receit hereof 
give forth their fir ength^to the uje of man. AndfhaU 
men, wifemen,men under various, glorious adminiftra- 
tion$,refufeto makeover themfelves unto their God, in 
all they are, and have received from him I O God forbid. 
Right Honourable, The imploding, the improving of 
every Mans All for the Lord God, if the duty which I 
preached to you, and now publifh to the world, according 
to your command, under your protection. That the com* 
fort of this VraBiee may fill your owne hearts, ana that the 
fruit hereof may fpread to the glory of God through the, 
thank f giving s of his people,fhaU be the prayer of 

Your faithfully though 
unworthy Servant) 

Simeon Ashe 


Preached before 

The Honourable Houfe of 

At their Monthly Faft, on Wednefday, the 23. 
of February, 1^47. 

2 Chron. 30.8, 

Yeeld your fefoes unto the Lord. 

His Text, as I have read it, is rather a para- fi>-^. 
phrafe, or an Interpretation, than the Tran- ' " 1jn 
flaticnoftheOriginall. The genuine con- i> attnianm% 
ftru&ioH of the Hebrew phrafe, is, Givtjee 
the hand ttnto Jehovah, Proftml Dei 

I finde a foure-fold glofle given upon the W» & Will- 
Text in reference unto theOriginallexpref- u ™"$^ u £ 
fion. Firft, feme conceive that it implyes a profeffed depen- flii e rigZ\^ 
dance opon the Almighty , and requires a prayerfull application & Trcmoi. 

B to 

2 A Sermon preached before the ffoufe of Common, 

to his Majefty for fuccours according to prefent neceflirici. 
Deodate hath this note upon the words. frU upon him for 
mercy : And there are parallel! Scriptures to juftifie this fence 
wherein the exercife of prayer is thus expreffed, **Jri.i Ul * 
J ft hen prepare thine heart, and firetch out thine hands towards 
htm. AndEfa.1.15. whenyou ftread forth jour hands, when 

„ you make many prayers. This interpretation therefore would 
belafe, and the obfervation thence would be feafbnable (viz.) 
That in ft ormy troubleiome times, people (Wd betake them- 
felves unto God by prayer. 

eedite manum . .^ c ??$* oths J s i ud S c > that ^ P^rafe befpeakes obedien- 
m fount obe. tiall iubjedtiofi to Gods commands and government • and they 
dknt^^dy al edge that place of Scripture, to make out this interpretation 
Sf^/S t tlt t he Q obe ^ e °t **-*> febjcat-nntp him as their 
iet^^ Kl ^ d S ^raigne is declared, by the felfe-fame words, 
m obedientiam, * ^ roD - 2 9- *!• All the Princes and the mighty men, and all 
«*-Pircaioft *A* /0Mvrj /^«»^ ^Kmtj- David,/!^^^^^^*^/^/ Cor save 
ththat](jj unto Salomon the King, 
r r > ™ J y\ f °me imagine that a faederaliobligati^addedunto 
infoumfxie. an obediential! refolntion, is here Intended. Their reafon is be 
rn.Eman.ssk caufe giving the hand is frequently fpoken of in the OldTefta- 
ment as a figne of Covenant making: As the Lord upbraiding 
andthreatnng Tharoah for his falfhood, notwithstanding £ 

E*ck. l7 . lg . ffdt h< Q fhi hrrkiKgthe CoveHmt (w henloehlhadZ» 
Vro.zi.i6, s^f/^^^ efcape. 1 And 

,. u Salomon in the Boofcof Proverbs thus fpeaketh of obligation 

by Suretifhip, Be not thou one of them that firike hands 
§r of_ them tvat arc fweties. From this notion I might take 
occafion tp dilcourfe of felf. ingaging unto God, both in refpecl: 
ofitsprohtableneiTe^and.ourealltoit, asalfo the right mana- 
ging thereof, to our owne advantage. 

JW«*, r . 4 ' J h " ei jy et pother truth hinted to mbythisexpreffion, 
qwthfifito the-. Lord. The 70. render it thus, Giveolor v 
tothe lord dicing the people to determine ail dutief I\\ 
obediential! endeavours in God, making his honour the hjgheft 
and laft end of all their fervices whatfoever. And doubtleffi 
fccharc the motions of every fancied foule, beeaufethey arife 


at the monthly Faft, Febr. 23, 1647. 3 

fromGods grace, therefore they are referred to hisglory j For lnmtm ^ m . 
as theNaturallifts fpeak concerning water, that it may beraifed d - a - in qnmum 
to a Cifterne fo high as theFountaine was from whence it fell: defcendit.-- 
In like manner, men under the powerfull principle of faving 
grace, are carried on in their eourfe, till they center in God. 
The Apoftle 'Paul told the Philippians, tkat his earneft heart- phjij,2 „ 
workings were, that the Lord might be magnified by him> whe- 
ther by life or death* And doubtlefle thefe are the breathings 1 Cor. 10,51. 
of every gracious foule, beeaufe we are commanded to doe all 
to the glory of God. 

But pafling over thus briefly the feverall apprehenfions of 
learned Expofitors, lee us take the words as we finde them in <?ur 
Tmnttationfeeldycur felves unto the Lord* This Text calls for 
a facred furrenderof cur felves to God. 

Wherein we may confider : 

1 . The gift, Tourfehet. 

2. The givers Tee your felves, 

5. The receiver, Jehovah the Lord. 

There is need of warinefle, left according to this divifion of . 
the Text, the fence thereofftiould be mifapprehended and mif- 
applyed; 1 herefore let thefe Cautions be premifed, before I pitch 
upon the Doctrine hence to be handled. 

Firft, this Text doth not prefuppofe that we are our owne to Cautions, 
difpofe of,as our felves pleafe ; for the Pfalmift afluresus, that 
the whole world is the Lords, and all that dwell therein, there- P fa *' *4' u 
fore this gift is not in the givers pofleflion to doe with it as 
hee lifts. 

Secondly, neither is it intimated in thefewords, That wee 
have ability in our felves, to make a furrenderof our felves unto 
God : For the Receiver (God Almighty ) enables his fer- 
vants to make tender of that which he deferves and accepts. 

The Holy Ghoft reporting the fuccefie of this advice given 
inihefext^eWs M, I» Judah the hand of Godwas to give them' 1 c h 0.30, w, 
one heart to doe the commmdement. 

Thirdly, nor is it implyed in this phrafe of fpeech, that 

men may by any forcible refiftance gaine-% and difappont 

God in bis eternall purpofe, to make improvement of them for 

kimfelfe ; for ihe giver hath not thus the gift in his own power: 

B 2 ue 

4 ASemdh preached before the Houfe of Commons, 

True it is, that the commands and tenders of God aredifobeyed 

and fleighted by Mans ftubbornneffe s In which fenfe the Lord 

complaines, My peoph would not hearken to my voyce, and Ifrael 

ffaUli-ir; would none of me. Yea, Iconfeffe alfo, that many motions of 

Gods Spirit are refitted by heart-perverfnefiej Id which re- 

fpe&, the Martyr Stephen fpeakes in this manner to the Jewes, 

Tec flijfe-necked anduncircumcifedin heart and cares, ye doesl- 

Aft, 7. 1 1. W y es refifi the Holy Cjhoft j as yeur Fathers did, fo doeyce. But 

the Almighty by the all-conquering power of his grace, fubdues 

allthem untohis government, whem he intended from eternity, 

to bring unto himfelfe. All whom the Father giveth toe (faith 

Mu *.*7« Chrift}/W«w<? to me. And though the ele& through the wic- 

g , kedncfle and way wardnefle of their hearts, {hculd fay, Wee will 

Z9 ' * u be like others, ferving wood and fione ; the Lord will anfwer, 

That which commeth into your minde, it pall not be. 

Fourthly, neither may we hence inferre, That when we doe 
through the afliftance of divine grace, give up our felves to 
the Lord^this may properly be called a gift. 
Mpo? &ttpor. Its a giftleflc gift* 

For 1 . We give to God, that which is his owne. Tee are not 
1 C«r.*.jo. y 0Hr oyfne ^(ai t h the Apoftle)7<>»r bodies andfoulcs are Cjods. 

2. And when the Lord enjoyeth us in the fulleft imploy- 
ments and improvements, this queftion may be propounded, If 
Iob.jf.7 . thou be righteous, what givefttheu him 3 or what receiveth he of 
thine hand} The Pfalmifts confeffian anfwers the queltion, O 
Pfal.i*r.i. myfmle, then haft faid unto the Lord, Thou art my Lord, my 
goodnefc extendeth not to thee : Neither our klvts, nor our 
ferviees can poflibly reach God, with the leaft advantage ; for 
unto perfection there can be no addition at all. 
My Text holds forrh, 
Firft,What is Gods due, Tour felves. 
Secondly, What is mans duty , Teeld your felves unto the 

The DocVme is open and evident^ k lyes fair* and full in the 
face of the Text, 
Vsftt fte* That people of all forts t fhould yeeld themfelvet unto the Lord. 
ThisisthecounfeU, the command of the Text; anditis con- 

fiderablc* that herein w more was required of iriferiours, then 

T ^_ ; .. ^ ----- *--.•- was . 

at the monthly Faft, Febr. 23.1 £47; 5 

■was endeavoured by Superiours of all forts, towards the pro- 
moting ofthis ferviee. 

It ts turning heart (faith King Hez-ekfah) to make a Covenant 
with the Lord God of Jfrael. He gathered the Rulers ^/iChron^Jo. 
the City* andwent ftp to the hottfe of the I ord. And the Primes 
alfo, went throughout alllfrael and Judah, according to the Com* ca p.j ,^. 
mandement of the King, faying, Tee children oflfrael, tm m again 
si,,to the Lord. 

Neither can any juft ly except againft this Do&rinej as though 
it heldforthto Chriftians an Old Teftament exercife.For Gof- 
pel mercies are mentioned by the Apoftle Paul (that Gofpel- acm.r2,Ti 
Preacher) toperfwadcir, ibefeechyou ffoith he) by the mercies 
of God, that you prefemyour bodies as a living faerifice, holy and 
acceptable unto God, which is your reafonable ferviee. 

And it is recorded to the great commendation of the Mace- 
donians, That they gave thctr own felvesto the Lord, iCor.8.?. 

The words which furround my Text, di/eover thefeverall Rea r onS 
arguments, whereby this practice was prefled upon this people, J 
which I will briefly point at, and leave it to yourconfeiences to 
confider, whether they concerne not us 3 even our feives this 

Firft, From this glorious Title of Godjehovah, which hints £ X0 <k, *.;, 
untous both hislndependency and Fidelity. i,His Independen- 
cy .The Lord revealed himfelf to Mofes by this Name, lam that 
jam ; What I am> I am, of and from my felfe, neither nee- 
ding creatures, nor receiving advantage from creatures. Wee 
have in our times notorious experiences of many men, yeeld- 
ing thcmfelves asfervants to men, becaufe of their dependanec 
upon thern,though their fupporters are alfo fupported by another 
power. How much rather fhouid we give up our feives to an 
Independant God. 

2. His Fidelity. J appeared nnto Abraham, unto Ifaac, 
and unto Jacob (faid the Lord unto Mofes) by the Name of ' ' *. 
God Almighty, but by the Name lehovah was 1 not known unto 
them* The meaning of which words ismanifeft, that although 
manifold providences had abundantly proved his great power, 
yet in the faithfull performance ofhispromifes,hehad not been 
fo clearely difeovered, a$ now he intended to difeover himfelfe. 

B 3 Ate* •, 

6 X ■ - ./4 Sermon preached fofirt the Houfe tf Commons, 

Alas, many amongft us enflave themfelves tofalfe-hearted 
men, who are eeither faithful! to God, nor to their friends.- 
much rather fhould we make refi gnation of our felves unto 
Iehovah, whofe wayes are mercy and truth , whofe promifes 
are yea and amen in Iefus Chrift, unto all thofe who humbly 
wait upon him. 

tv(i»7Z&iZ- Secondly, from their his Majefty. The 70. ren- 

Ufd-AK. der lhe word I'bovtb, by thefe words, The Lord God of Ifrael. 

And it followes immediately after the Text, Serve the Lord 
jour God, Jn the 6, verfe, the exhortation is thus exprefled, 
Tee children of Ifrael, turne Agatne unto the Lord God of Abra- 

rrv.17.T0. ham, Jfaac and Ifrael. Here I remember the counfeil of Salo- 
mon, Thine owne friend, and thy father s friend, j vr fakf thou not. 
I appeale to your eonfeiences , whether I may not with 
more tfrength ofreafon, give this advice ; To your owne God, 
and your fore- fathers God, dedicate your felves reJigionfly. Is 
Dot Iehovah the only true God ? our God by publiie profeflion , 
and by manifold feveral! engagements ; our appearing before his 
Maj'efty in the duties ofthis day, is a reall acknowledgement of 
him, as our God : And which of us knows, how many times, 
upon Sacrament dayes, Falling dayes, and upon various occasi- 
ons, we have by folemne Covenant taken the moft High to be 
our Gcd ? Therefore yeeld up your felves unto his HighnefTe, 
as to your God. 

Thirdly, From his providences , both towards others, and 
them felves. 

1 . Towards others, Gods providences had been deftru&lve. 
Tour brethren ' trefpajfed again fl the Lord God of their Fat her s, 
whotherefcre g.ive them up to defilation ,Asyoufee t v.7. Many of 
us bavefeen the black foot -tiep> of bloody warre. How many 
thoufands have loft their lives by the mercilefie Sword ? And 
whatwofull fpoyles have been made bytheprevahWeflemies? 
Many fadly complaine of the breaches made in their neerett re- 
lations, and fay with fighs, that thebhoufes bave heen demoli - 
ihed, and themfelves in their outward eflates are utterly imr 
poverifhed. In this refpeel:, Godexpe&eth ourfubmifllon un- 

Zcp'r.3 .6, ?. £© h m, Towers are deflate ( faith the Lord ) / have wade 


at the monthly Fafi , Feb':. 23. 1^47. T 

ftreets wafte , *£**> Cfjn^r 4^ deftroyed. J [aid, Surey thou 
wthfeare mee , *;W »//#. receive inftruttion, 

2. - Towards them felves, [the providences of the Lord had 
been defenfive. Ton are efcaped out of the hand of the King of 
^jfyria, ver.6. How various and glorious Gods adminiftrau; 
ons have been for your prefer vationjn your perfons.poPeffions, 
relative comforts , and your faire ©pportuhtks of publick fe«- 
viee, I leave it to your felves to confider. But w. hen you have 
furyeyed them, I beieech you let this be the refult, the im- 
provement. Wejwill therefore yeeldour felves uttto the Lord. 

Fourthly, Fiomhispretious promifes. Both to themfelves, 
and unto their brethren. 

Firft, that God might fubdue them unto himfelfe, heepro- 
mifeth to them, 1, The eeflation of his anger* Serve the 
Lord,that the fiercemfje of his wrath may turne away fiomy tt, 
verf%. This argument was ftrong in Hex,ekiah his thoughts, 
qukkning this engagement. Now it it in my hearty to make a z Chro. 
covenant with the I ord (fodof Ifrael, that his fierce wrath may 
turne away from vu* Let, us, I pray you, apply this toourfelves, 
Amongft what fort of- people in this Kingdosne are there not 
coales of divine difpleafure kindled? ourfehifmes, and fidings, 
our factions, and fractions, (I know not how many jour divi— 
/ions, both in regard of Church and Common- Wealth con- 
cernments, doedifeovei; the flames of Gods anger burning a- 
mongft us. Now what gracious hearrdefires not to tread out 
the ipatks of divine vengeance? Are we not aflembled this day, 
to powre out buckets upon thefe burning flames. Therefore 
let us yield our felves unto the Lord.. 2. I he continuation of his 
favour. He e will not turne away h u f. vour fi'om you t ifyee re - 
turne unto him, ver.9. Oh how fweet is Gods love, in it felfe, 
a»din thermits thereof, unto the foule which hath beenfeort- 
ched with theexprelfions of his difpleafure? Doubtleffe, in his 
favour is life; and his loving kjndnejfeis better then life*. In him pf j ( 
we live, nriove, and : have Gur being. If wee may have Gods 
fmiles, we fhall not need to feare mens frownes ; His good-will 
fweetens all our forrowes, betters all our comforts, fupports us 
under all our preffures, and adds very much to our advantage, 
in all concernments and conditions of life, whatfocver; There- 

' foreL - - 

f jtiStmM jre/tched before the Moujh of Common, 

♦ fore let this argument p*evaile with you, thui to refolve , wee 

will yield our [elves unt§ the Lord* 

Secondly, Godi grace gives out promifes, extending to their 
brethren as to themfelves, upon this condition, of arightfelfe- 
dedieation unto hit Ma/efty, both companions and reparati- 

i. Companions. If yonturne againe untothe Lordly ottr brd 
thrtn and children ftallfiudcewpajfion. 

2. Reparations, Theyjhtflnme again i*to this Laad.vcr.9i 

And that thefe promifes maybe credited, notwithstanding 
this peoples unworthinerTe, the reafon of all isrendred,verfe g. 
For the Lord your God is gracious and mercifull. Now to bring 
thefe incouragements of Gods grace home to our fclves, by 
way of argument. This day wee mould havebofomes full of 
bowels towards all our fufTering brethren: poore Ireland efpe- 
dally may challenge a great (hare in this dayes prayers ; Alas, 
alas, how inexcufably hath that wafted, and altnoft loft King- 
dome been neglected/ And I am pcrfwaded that every good 
hearc here.akes for bleeding lreland % and gafpes after the fpee- 
dy repairing of the wofull breaches there. Therefore to the ufe 
ofother meanes, for the effecting of your poore brethrens de- 
liverance, add this, Tieldyourfelves untothc Lord. 

Thus from the interpretation of my Text, and the confir- 
mation of the doctrine thence collected, I proceed tothe appli- 
cation of all by way of ufe, and the ufes which I (hallinfift upon 
are of two forts, the one of Reprehenfion, and the other of 
Reproof - I DC §' n w ^ n reproofe,'wherein I premife two things by way 
ofrequeft. i. That if any fhall judge mefharp, it maybe re- 
membred, that Ifp akfor God, and therefore may be bo d, and 
muft bee faithful . 2. That every mans conference may by 
felfe- reflexion make a particular application of that which I 
fhallonely in general! propound unto confideration. 
j. -■- m There are 4 forts of people, whofe courfes are inconfiftcnt 
proved^ r " w ' m C ^ at ftlfe-furrender unto God which my Text calls for. 
rheDevils Firft,thofe who yield themfelves up unto Satban; foGodand 
*affalei. the Devill are Afufiata t they are at as great a diftance as Heaven 


at the monthly Faft, Febr. 23 . 1547; 9 

and Hell, light and darknefTe. what fellowship u there ( faith the 
Apoftle) £tt*m Chrifiand 'Belial. 

This charge Ibelieve will be acknowledged ju ft, but few or 
none will be willing toowneit,as reaching themfelves. Every 
onewillbe apt coward off this blow, to avoid this blame, as 
imagining that itbelongethnot unto them ; therefore letusen- 
quire, the characters of thofe, who ate in this kinde blame- 

Fira, AH Witches, Wizards, Conjurers.and fuch I ike crea- 
tures , who by compact fell themfelves to Sathan, upon conditi- 
on that he will be ferviceable to them, in the accompli&ment 
of their malicious, mifchievous defires. But thefeliook upon 
as too fowle to be Ipoken of in this Aflembly, 

Secondly, thofe who abide wilfully ignorant, of the things 
of God, the matters of Religion. The Devils are called, The 
rulers of the darfytefe of this world. Hereto accords the fpeeeh R . 
oftheApoitle P**l % reporting the end of his fpirituall Com- b P h, V 2 ' 
miffion to the Gentiles ; It was (faith he) to open their eyes , to 
bring them frem darknefe to light, and from the power of Satan 
to God. Thefe words imply, not onely, that men under Sa- 
tans power, ar« unfubdued to ©od ; but alfo , that men in 
darkneffe 3 men willingly buried in ignorance, are in the Devils 
dominion . I wifli that all thofe who contemnethe knowledge 
of God in his vvorfiiip 5 and the government of his Church, &c. 
would ferioufly confiderofthis matter. There is a generation 
who fay to God, Depart from us, we de fire not the knowledge of 
thy wayes. If they may underftandhow to buy and fell,to fave Iob lT > T * 
and gain, to converfe with men, for their owne credit and ad- 
vantage, they lift not to learnehow rodifcerne betwixt truths 
anderrours, things that differ in matters of Religion j doubt - 
leffe thefe yeeld not themfelves unto the Lord, but rather 
contentedly continue in fervitude to the Prince of dark- 

Thirdly, fuch who notwithstanding the light of knowledge 
which they have attained, and whereof they boaft, doe yet 
ftubborniy perfift in conrfes of known difobedience to God. 
The Apoille thus chara&erizeth them in whom the Prince of 
the power rn the ayre exereifeth his authority. Children of 
1 C jfc 






The fccond 
fort to be re- 
proved, The 
worlds drud- 

lam. 4. 4. 

4 Sermon preached before the Houfe of Commons 7 

difobedience, children ofxoperfwafien, as theOriginall imports, ) 
who will not be prevailed with,by any perfwafive arguments to- \ 
order their conventions according to holy Scripture, but they 
walk according to the manners of the multitude, and the irna - 1 
ginations of their owne hearts. Our Saviour himfeife fpeakes | 
home to the confeiences of thefe men, Tee are of your father j 
the Devil/, and his works yee will doe. A man that comes to 
the Congregation, Sabbathafter Sabbath, Faft after Faft, and, 
yet isrcfolvedin himfeife thus farre, andno further will hee 
proceed in reformation of himfeife , whatfoever God by 
his MefTengers (Kail make known; he will doe thus much, 
and no more • this man (I fay) is marked outbyChrift him- 
feife, to belong unto the Devill,andnot to God. 

Secondly, thofe who are the flaves of the world. This I 
intend not againft them,vyho are in bondage to the men of the 
world, (fo I fhall dealewith them under the next head of re- 
proofe) but this I direct unto the drudges of the world, who 
make it their maine bufineffe,toferapeandheape together the 
poore, low. under-moone contentments of this tranfitory 
world. For our Saviour faith, Te cannot ferve Cjodand LMam* 
mm. And the A poftle J a met renders the reafon oftheincon- 
fiftencie hereof, Te Adulterers and Aduherejfes, know ye not, 
that the amity of the world is enmity to Cjod ? whofoever there- 
fore will be a friend of the world t is the enemy of God. Inordinate 
affe&ion to the worlds vanities, can no more confift with lo- 
ving fubje&ion unto God, then whoredome, with chafte con- 
jugall communion. This afiertion will not be denyed, becaufe-. 
it is fo open and evident in the language of the Holy Ghoft. 

But the que'i ion will be, How may perfons herein blame* 
worthy , be difeovered ? 

Ianfwer. They arefuchj who make the world their end, 

intheprofeffion and practice of Religion- They ajfsmble them- 

f elves fas the Prophet complaines) for come and wine. They . 

fee up Family-duties, frequent Sermons, keep Fafts, &e. to 

feather their owne nefts, to make themfelves and others rich, 

Mat. 53.14^ .. and greatin the world. Wotoyou Hypocrites (kid our Saviour) 

^'n^^'jwdevottrefVtddowes hou\es i and for pretence makje longpraycrs r 

hwitas? therefore ye fhall receive the greaw ] wffiffrffw*. 

- t * 2. The- 


at the months Fafl, tfeb.iJj. 1 6*47- XI 

2. Theftrength.the fireameoftheir heads hearts 5 Interefis, -^ W- 

and all abilities run out much more w orld-ward,then after Uod, * m ^ r - m CH _ 

in advancing him, and enjoying communion with nirn. They raattKebuster . 

mind earthly things. This is their unum necetfamm ih™ bull- rmis dedklfunt 

nere 3 asthoughfheywerebroughtintothe^orld (as Factor Mcaor 

arefent into forraigne Countries) for no other end then to get g£gg 

^Thisisnotablyfet^ £«^ 

fpokenofin the Parable, He thought wtthm himjefe.jay^g, vcrbu .^ quonim 
whattkattldoe} andhefaid, this will I doe. ■ P" Io S« c - wl ' c amtjtofiudi ' 
he- debated the bufinefie with himfelfe. Himfelfe asked the bommsuum 
cpeftion, and himfelfe returned f^^^^ SgSSm 
abilities to gather or ftoreup the fruits of the earth. Dot we ^ 

read ofno forecafting, no proje&ing, to grow rich i in grace, , or ^ 
to make Gods Name glorious in the world: HedidtneworK D - miit}<ed ^ €atj 
of men about earthly concernments, but labours not at alitor m i a t quadrat* 
Gods honour, or his own eternall happineffe. . "a*** 

? . They fit down fatisfied m the enjoyment of fublunary 
accommodations ; having ft ored their houfes, filled their pur- 
ies, provided large portions for their pofterity , they lettle as 
the ftone in the center.- Here they live, and folace themfelves 
as theFifhin the water : Like that Wcrldling,ofwhom I, fpake 
before, when his barnes being inlarged, were filled he iaith to 
his foule, K™ take thy reft Jor then haft goods lay ed up for ma- Luk. i 2 ,r 9 . 
ny yeares. Now he fings a Requiem to himfelfe ; now his dayes p . 

workwasdone, he thinks he may goe unto bed and reft. .And «-^f£ 
there isone more confiderable («*.; thatheca Is £$&£** 
the fruits of the earth, his jot*, looking upon them witn Nmidgems 
higheft refpeas : I call upon your eonfeiences, to make applies- hommumdivi- 
' tiSi of this particular , when the fecuring of outward eftates,ana uasUna a m h 
the fetlingofcivillliberties, *f^>*^^^£ £~- 
Religion continue uniformed, and «he go\ernment ot jeius. ^v ^ 
Chriftinhis Churches is neither perfeaed, nor eft abided. qucd ^{ lmem 
This frame of heart argues that men rather yeeld themlelves Vimi n um \. 
to the world, then unto the Lord. . ptf.Groiiw 

4 . Their confeiences can contentedly difpence with things inloc, 

difpleafmetoGod, and di&onourable to him, that they tn ay 

ferve theirowne turn, in cornpaffing worldly accommodations. 

C 2 Demos 

vt A Sermon f reached before the Houfe of Commons, 

alim.4,10. Demos hath forfakenme (faith Saint Paul) having loved this 
prtfent world, and is departed. What eared he for the truths cre- 
dit, or the Apoftles comfort, if he might gaine the world? And 
of like fort,*were thofe ipoken of in the parable, who fleighted 
Gods invitation to ordinances of Communion, in eomparifon 
of a Farm purchafed, Oxen bought, and a Wife newly married, 
Luk.T&aV^s Orphah in hope of marriage- preferment in her own Country, 
Rwh a- 16 - will leave her mother inlaw Naomi, her Religion and her god 
feath.19.H3a2 alfo. So the rich young man in the Gofpell willgoe erode to 
Chriftscounfell^hazzardeternalllife, andforfake Chrift him~ 
fdfe, rather then fell hisfaire eftate. Directly thus it is with 
many amongft our felves ; what care they what becomes of 
the Covenant, confcicnce, Chrift in his government, or the 
work of Reformation in the Kingdome, if themfelves may be 
enriched, raifed to places of preferment, and bee made great in 
the world? There isnoqueiiion to be made of it, but thefe 
perfons yield themfelves to the world, and not unto God. 
The third fort Thirdly, thofe who are in willing fervitude to men. The 
icproved,thc Apoftle 'Paul faith, yee are bought with a price 3 bee yee not the 
fervants of frvants of men ; And the E vangelift gives the reafon, for one 
"r"*- y- *' jour mafter, which is Chrift^ The Levellers of thefe times 
Math "^o. Biay be apt to inferre from thefe expreflions , that all fubordi - 
nations in eivillfoeieties mould ceafe amongft men, that there 
ftiould not now bee any more King and Subjects, Matter and 
Servants, but parity and equality amongft all. I may not dt~ 
grefl'e to (peak againft this wild pbancy , the birch of mans in- 
tolerable pride : But the Apoftle himfelfe in his words 1 fore- 
c .. r . going, doth fuffieiently difeover his dillike of this conceit. Lc t 

%i 12. *" every man abide tn the fame calling wherein he was called, ssfrt 
thou called beinga fervant, care not for it ; (q d. perplex not thy 
%fit heart, with the thought of this thy condition) for he that is 
ca\ledbeingaftrvmt % i6ths Lords freeman. And it followes, 
Brethren Jet every man 3 wherein hee u eafad, therein abide with 

The meaning of the Apoftle is, That in matters of Religion 
and Confcience, no man profefling a fervant-like relation to 
Chrift, mould pinne his opinion upon another mans fleeve, 
and enflave his judgement or practice unto another mans wi J 


at the monthly Fafi > Feb:.2 3 . 1 6*47. * 3 

and way. But as the Lord hath dijiributedto every manias the vcr H ;» 
Lord hath caked every one ', fo la him wa\ ^ ' 

j^ow here it will be demanded, who are theie fervants of 
men, whom you reprove, who doe not yield themfelves anto 
the Lord? ianfwer, 1.. Such, who in the things or Godmake 
mens opinions, precepts, pra&ices, their rules-and ftandards, 
whofefeare (whofe way of wotfhip) u taught by the precept g£ a H* 
of men, as the Prophet Efaiah fpeaks. And who willingly wal{, 
after the Commandment, as another Prophet exprefleth it. 
You may know them by their language, by their queries in 
matters of controvert, what is the judgement of fuch a per- py ^ 
fon in this particular , what way walketh iueh a prevailing par- Mmm u( ? 
ty in, in regard of this difference amongft brethren $ like un- O f ero C um m~ 
to the enquiries ©fold, Dee any of the Scribes and Pharifets mbmqutfum 
believe 0% T />«»? Ioh. 7.48. Doe the Grandees, the matters of & b**;v*m 
thefe times, praaice,or approve fuch a eourfe? Thefe fervants |~ £* 
of men will ftere according to theirmaiters compaiie; let their ^^ & r b . 
watches according to his diall j dance after his pipe. As Luther qumi sagn f. 
before Chnft converted him, yielded himfelfe to the Popes cam. Lurh< 


plesfure ; fo many to prevailing and overpowering great ones leucr coPope 
amengrtmen. 2. Who aime at mans applule as their mark, iQ ' ^^ 
in their appearing for Religion, either by word or *aion „. 
their work* they doe, (faith our Saviour) to bee feen of men. And 
asthefoolilTiBen cackles when free hath laid an egge ; lo 
thefe men defire that Tmmpets may be blowne, to found out 
farre and neare, their brave exploits. £W »*/>«** fiaith- 
Jehu) andfee my ^ealefir the Lord. Thefe men-pleafingmen, r x; 
iiill folet their wills, that the wind of mans applaufe may ^fill 
their fayles. And therefore to honour them, whom they Ido- 
lize in thiskinde, they will adventure both credit and eonici- 
ence too. hs Herod ft- etched out his hand, to v«x certame of AAiw,»«\ 
the C hmch, and hee ktiled lames, the Brother of Iohn, with the 
fword tAnd becanfe hee few it pletfed the Iewes, hee proceeded 
further totake Peter alfo. 'The practice of PtUt proved him to 
be a man of the fame make, whonotwithtfanding caveats gi Math 17 18, . 
ven by his Wife, and checks received from hisowneconlcience; m,*^. 
yet to gratifie the tumultuous, mutinous multitude, pafled the 
femence of condemnation upon Ieius Chrift. And I heartily 

1 4 r A Sermon jreached before the Houfe of Commons, 

wifti, that therewerenonein this age, who accufe, revile, per - 
fecute, and prejudice their brethren, even againft their owne 
profeflions, and the verdict of their owne eonfciences, being 
carried on headlong with an impetuous defire to bee approved 
and applaudec&y fome men. Oh that this fort of peopIe,men of 
this generation, would ferioufly and fadlyconfider the words of 
Gall. io- the Apoftle Paul, Do lnowperfwademen,or god\ordo I feek^to 
pleafe men ; for if I yet f leafed men, I jhouldmt beethe fervant 
of Chrifi. 
The Fourth Fourthly, Thofe who make themfelves their own-Mafters, 
fort reproved, whereasif felfe bee not denied, Chrifh cannot be followed, as 
felfe-feekcrs. appearesby his owne words. If any man will some after me, let 
Maui*.* 4. fc m £ (n y hi m f e ife } mA ta fy n p y s croffe and follow mee. Take this 
truth with caution; for doubtleffe the Lord allowes men to feek 
their owne credit, liberty, and other outward comforts ; yet 
felfe in thefe things muft notbefupreme, but fhould be fought 
in fubordination to farre higherends, There is alfoa fpirituali 
felfe-feeking, in tiudying peace with God, groweth in grace, 
communion with Chrift, and more full conformity to his go-, 
vernment; and this cannot bee feparated from a faered felfe fur- 
render unto the Lord. But the felfe-feeking which I reprove 
as inconfiftent with giving up felfe unto God, is thatfelfe-Ido- 
lizing which is common amongft men, whereby they fet up 
themfelves as their own laft ends, either onely, or principally, 
minding felfe eafe, felfe- advancement, felfe- advantage in all 
their negotiations, whether civill or faered, perfonall, or more 

Hereit will be enquired how felfimnfTe in this fenfe may be 

Firft, By confuting with earnall reafon alone, in holy un- 
dertakings ; Like that people, who bdng diflwaded from bur- 
ning incenfe to the Queen of Heaven,they review theirformer 
plenty enjoyed, in that fuperftitious courfe , and therefore 
Height the Prophets counfell; Wee will certainly doe whatfoever 
Icr.4:.i7,i.8. >. thing gosth forth of our own mouth, for then had wee plenty of 
Vitlnall) andwere well 3 and ftw no evill; but fence wee left ojf % 
we have wanted all things \and have been confumedby the fword. 
This (lam afraid,) is the reafoning of marjyin thisKingdome, 


at the monthly Fafl, Febr. 1 3 ] 1 £47 » 1 5 

in reference to the work of Reformation begun amongft us. 
When wee had our old way of Divine- Service, and when 
all were admitted to the Sacrament without any examination , 
how well was it then with our forefathers and with our felves? 
Thus people argue the cafe, from i^nce, not having recourfe 
to Gods word, for fatisfairion, Jn like manner, many reafon 
againft the Presbyteriall Government, the exercifing of it, is 
likely tobeeanhinderance to us, in our callings, our credit, our 
commands, and gainfull courfes, and therefore we will not af- 
fent unto it. As the King of Navarre told Bez,a 9 'that hee 
would not adventure on Sea "for Religion.any farther then he might* 
feeafafepafagetojhoreagaine. I leave the application of this, 
in refpecl to your concernments, unto your own fpirits. Sure 
I am, when Gods grace had wrought f^/untoChrifr, he faith 
(and his practice proved the truth of it) / confulted not with GaLi.iS. 

Secondly, By making carnall-feife, in theinjoymentoffub- 
lunary contents, the laft and ehiefe end, in Religious fervices. 
The Lord by the Prophet Zacharye, blames old Ifrael for this 
fault. Tee fa/led to pur felves , and not tome ; Anddidyounot Zach.7,fr& 
eat and drinkjo your felves> How low and unworthy were the 
fpirits of Hamor and Sechem t in moving their Citizens to ac- 
cept of Circumcifion (which was an holy ordinance of God, 
and a feale of his covenant with his people) becaufe by this 
means they might enrich themfelves. If every male among us be Gcn.34,ii,^j 
circumcifedy as sbey are cireumcifed, (hall not their cattell, and 
their fub fiance , and every beafi of their t be ours? Such a bent 
of heart upon perfons in thefe times of more full and glorious 
light, is more abominable, and much more inexcufable. Should 
men now make rheir pretences to Religion meerly ftirrups 
whereby to raife themfelves, that they may fit in the faddle of 
greatnelfe and rule, they would fallen upon themfelves a bloc 
not to be wiped off. I have heard it reported, that fome great 
ones have faid, thattheonelyendof our Solemne^Nationa'.l- 
leagueand Covenant, was to bring in the Scots, for our afli- 
flance in the time of our need. Oh tell it not in Gath, and pub - 
hfhit not intAskelon-, Alas, alas, that ever fuch words fhould 
be fpokn in England) as though our ufe of an ordinance fo 



f .s A Sermon preached before the Houfe of Commons, 

high and ho'y, our obliging our felves to reform our felves and 
families, and our engaging our felves to reform the Church ac- 
cording toGodsvvord > was meerly to ferve our ewne turne, 
in the day of our diftrerfe Queftionleife men thus minded, 
gave themfelves up to themfelves, and not unto God, in their 

Thirdly, By fiering more, upon wrongs and affronts otTered 
tofelfe,then for dishonours done to the great God. How ma- 
ny are CjtUio like, not carinn at all what diigrace is caft upon the 
' government of Chriit, and his Embafladours, and yet will be 
sil on aflame if their own credit be touched, their free-holds 
fhaken,and carnal i hopes difappointed, as it was with them who 
. made filverfcrwts for Diana, when Paul by his preaching did 

' undermine that vanity. 

Thus have I ingeneralls fuggefted the courfes which are in- 
confident, with a right felfe Surrender unto God. Do nor, I 
pray you, in the application put them off unto others (as chil- 
dren, when looking- glaffes give the reprefentation of their 
owne faces, fay, they fee Babies) but let every one labour by 
ielf-refleclion to difcover their owne defers, and upon humi- 
liation refblve upon future amendment. And thus from re- 
proofe I proceed to Exhortation. 
The ufe of My exhortation is, come and let us joyne our felves to the 

Exhortation. Lord. Oh that all our hearts might joyntly refolve, 
Iec. jo. $ . ^ ee wiU y^ld our [elves unto the Lord, 

In the inlarging of this ufe, I will r . Lay open this duty, 
beeaufe it is largeand comprehensive. 2. Perfwade theprs&ife 
thereof, becaule ir. is neceflary, and yet there is a wofull way- 
wardnefte in our Natures to fubmk unto it. 
, . ] begin with the unfolding of this fervi.e, of Je/ff Surrender 

comprelTen- umo God ' which ( as l conceive ) comprizeth thefe parti- 
dedindevo- Raf- 
ting cur Telves Firft, A minding of our own felves, both firft and moft in 
to God. references unto God; Whereas the Hypocrites faj y but do not; 

,Math.*3.M. The y bi »d>hefivj burthens up on others, but themfelves will not 
move them, with one of their fingers. It's an eafier thing to 
command others, then to obey our felves. Eut in our language 
to others, we fliould learn alwayes, to take in our felves. £W, 


at the monthly PafcVeb.i}. 16*47. 17 

let mgoe to the houfeofthe Lord* He will teach us of his waits, _ r 
and wee mil walkjn his paths. ***•*■ 

Secondly, Consulting with God in alf our religious con- 
cernments. / am thine (faith David) and I have fought thy pr SL3 , 
precepts; I am thy fervant, give nee understanding, that £ may *\^ % 

know thy tefiimonies. Wee muft yield our uudertfandings to 
be informed, and ourjudgemems to be rectified by the Lord, 
not daring to entertaine any opinions, or to adventure upon 
courfesjin matters of Religion, but fuch as God approves. 

Thirdly, Reall refolutions of His fervantts you 
are, (faith the Apoftlej to whom you yield your felves as fervants Rom,^. 
to obey. Knowledge aggravates difobedience j And it's a fore 
note of an Hypocrite^ to propound queftions without purpo- 
fes to fubmic unto truths difcovercd. The Prophet leremiah 
had to doe with fuch people : Tee dijfembled in jour hearts 
(faith he) when ye fentme to the Lord your <jod, faying t pray for Ier.4*, 1 o, 2 tl 
usmtothe Lord our God j and according to all that the Lord our 
(jodjhall fay, declare unto us f and we will do it: And now! have 
this day declared it toyou % but you have not obeyed the voice of 
Lord your God in any thing, for the which he hath fentme unto 
you. It is a molt fad thing and an argument of 1{on-dedication 
to God, when Gods Mclfengers are called to attend a people 
from Faft to Fait, with the meflages of the moll High God, 
and yet that people refufc to yield obedience. 

Fcunhly, Integrality in regard of per Ion* <}/erifie(Jodboth 1 q ci6 
in your bodies and in y our Jpirits; And yield your felves, faith 
myTcxr. Ood will not take up with halves ; Hec will not 
accept any partner, he cannct indure any competitor; Hee 
will cither have all, or none at all. The council ef Samuel 
was, ffy.ou returne to the Lord with ally our heart, ferve him If 
onely. If you bring your bodies, withcuc your hearts, hee will 
net accept your prefenr, it's a vaine oblation; And if your Ma^.;iv 
fbules come :-n,y cur bodies will not, cannot, be kept back. 

Fifthly , Vmverfalny t \n refpeel: of duty. I remember the 
anfwerof the governourof Ahabs children, Ant to Jehu his 
challenge ; We are thy fervants ', and we wtlldo* whatfoever thou •. Km. ic. 
commandefu Sure I am, it is more reafonableto refolve this, 
in regard of God. Andihisis moft eertaine, that they do no- 

t % A Sermon f reached before the Houfe of Commons^ 

thing forGcd ccnfcicnably, who ebrynot univerfaJJy • but 

the words of the Prophet Jeremiah may be applied to them. 
Icr.31.j3. They have done nothings of ail that which the Lord commanded 

Pf«iro.j, Sixthly, Spontaniety , Thy people are a witting people, faith 

God to Chrift, This offering up of our feJves unto God, muft 

I udg y.o. in l nc k n k aforcfai£ * > be a f ree ~ ™ il1 off €rin g' * oti your [elves, 
yieldyourfelves/mhecouti&llof my Text. 

Bccnothaild per-force to God in holy performances, but 
come freely, : It added much to their commendation, who 
offeredthemfelves willingly ,to God in his fervice. Let this incou- 
rage us to doe the like. 

Seventhly, Sincerity^ Refpe<5ting both Gods call and glory 
inthisfcifc-furrender. Whether -we live (faith the Apoftlc^wv 

Roia, 14. . j^ tQ t fo e L or( } oy w kfth er we die % we die to the herd \ therefore 
whether we live, or die, we are the Lords. If God be not inten- 
ded as our ultimate end in this work, we lie open to that rc- 
proofc which was charged upon the people in the Reigne of 

It 10t Iojiahyd whom God thuscomplaincsj Iudah hath not tur- 
ned unto me with her whole heart, but fe'gnedly ; becaule the 
command of the King, and refpc& to company, did moreco- 
operate, then refpe$ to God, in that their conversion. 

Math 6 % , ^ ighthly , Wtllingneffe , not oneiy to doe duty, but alfo to indure 
' 4 ' hardjhip for Cod. Hce that followcs Chrift, muft as well take 
up hi* crojfe, as betake himiclfe unto his work. The hand mutt 
bercady foraAioo, and the back for burthens, forblowcs. 

Aa f ,T # Tj, Herein Saint Paul gave us good Example. lam ready, not 

to be bound onely, but alfo to die at lerufalem,for the Name oft he 

Tir^.14. .Ninthly, Zeale, Gods peculiar people Jhouldbe zealous of 

geod works. Arid is there any concernment in the world, which 
fhtjuld fomuchfirecur hearts, as the things of God? Micah 
gathered a company, and made after them, with an out- cry, 
who had taken away his Idols, and his language exprefled 

lud.if*:*; much paflionateneiTe j Tou have taken away my gods, and what 
have i more, and what is this thaty on fay tome, what ay leth thee? 
Ohblufhfor fhame> ycu luke-warrn Hun, who under pre- 
tence of moderation, can contentedly fuffer God, the oncly 


At the monthly Faff, Febr* 23 . 1647 . 1 9 

crue(£od,irt his ordinances, in his truths, in the government 
of his Sonne, to bz diftionoured in your Families, and in the 
Kingdomei'.fe, both by opinions and pfa^ices which are in* 

TenchJy, Conftancie, The Lord taketh no Apprentizes for 
term of yeares, but wee mu&firve him all the diyes of our life, kuk« tyi. 
And I pray you confider, whether thole reafons which may 
pc-rfwacte * fervant-likefubje&ion unto God, once, wiil not 
be found asftrong, eoprevaile with you, to yield your felves 
tohimforever. Doubtlefle that man loved his Wife butJittle, 
whoM-ifliedher ikean Almanack, that he might have ano- 
ther the nextyearc; and he that defircsto be fet free from his 
engagements to God, loves him not at all. The fervant that 
lovsdhts Lflfafier, would not go out free, but was content to 
be bored, through the eare, that he mighty^* him for ever. 

Eleventhly, Concordat hearty afftftions towards all them,wh@ 

will ^foctate with us for C 'od.When lames, Cephas Wlohn (faith p a . lx ?* 
1 ■ . « n 1 \ r 1 1 ■ t Intirm con* 

the Apo \t Paul) jAfthi grace that was gtvento me, they gave j m fti m i s n t ~ 

tome and Barnabas the right hand of fe//owfh;p. Our Solemne fir* fignum & 
Leagtieand Covenantee Is for om Harmonious holding toge- obfignatio. 
ther, that we may, by united endeavours, perfect thr work of Parm in loam, 
publique Reformation. The combination of our common ad- 
vcr&ries, requires our conjunction for Gods glory, and our 
owne comforr. And it is a very lamentable thing, that when 
Religion lies at ftake (as it were ) men fliould drive private per. 
fonall defignes, and make parties to fcrve their owne turne, 
though to theincreafeof our divifions, and to the difhonour 
of God. 

T we 1 ft h 1 y , *A calm and contented committing of our felves, 
with our Ally to the dijpofall of God, as may feem good in his 
fight* The pratt see of 'David may be our pattern in this parti - 
ci.lar i VVhen his credit, hisCrowne, and his life, were en- 
dangered by the rebellion of Abfolo»,ih& were his words ; If 
theLordfay, I have no delight in thee, here am /, let him doe , Sam.t j.atf 
to mee asfeemeth good unto him. And upon the pra&ice of this 
felfe-furrender, in the forernentioned particulars, wee may 
with much confidence and comfort, put our felves with out 
concernments, upon the irream of Gods providence, to bee 
D 2 carried 

a $ A Sermon preached before the Uoufe of Commons , 

carried to fhore, fooner, or later, with more, or with leffe, as 

ySSpg^f* Thus having laid forth the duty of the Text, in the com - 
our telvra unto prchenfions of it , 1 new proceed to perfwadethe pra6ice 
tncLord. of it, by Scripture arguments; and I (hall give in the argu- 
TheFuft mo- mtnrativc enforcement of this felfe-yielding unto God, under 
tzvcfiomt- foure heads of motives. 

quay, The firft is taken from the *s«/>/ thereof. The ApoflJe faith, 

* osi.ji.i. j t > s y 9UT re ajhnahle fervice. This will appeare by three Confi- 

Gods Right pj rl ^ Becaufe the Lord hatb a more full right to us, then 
.ourt o d. c iiher curfeives^or any other can ciairrs AUfoules are mwe, 
Ezek.18.,. fahh the Lord. 
Pf.100.5. Io And the rfaJmift gives one reafon : For bee hath 

made us, andnotwe our fehes t we are his people, who organi- 
r. ByGreatt- 2 cd our bedies, whocrcared our irrmorta 11 foulcs : dare any 
on< other challenge right to us in thefe regards? 

2. By Prefer- 2 * Another reafon is rendered in Vjhimiah r. Thou art 
vation. Lord of all,, for Thou prefer veft them ; In him wee live, wee 

move, and have uor being. The whole frame of nature would 
Neh.^.f. fa]] into pieces, if Gods hand did not hold all together. 

R . 3. Hereto might be added, other works of God more pc- 

^ culiar, vtz,. cur redemption. Tm are mt jour owne, jou are 

bought with a price) therefore g/orifie (jod, both in your bodies 
1 Cor. £.20. And in jour fpirits, for they are God's. Here the consideration 

of the flavcry from which Chrift bought us, and the price paid 

for our rantome, weald add much ltrength to the argument. 

Another work of God engaging us to his MajeGie, is our ju- 
Izck.i^8 4 f.ification. The Prophet Ezekiel, thus expreiTeth it, I covered 

thy nakedneffe, andthou became ft mine. But thefcthings /only 
By Federa. name, without enlargement. 


S on 4. Btrides thefe adminiftrations of God us-ward,whereby 

we are obliged to become his, by our owne a&s wee have 
t d 1 .; many times made over our felves unto him. Here, our federa- 
; * ' rionsfacramentall, cur promifes,proteftation$,vows perfbnall, 
and ourSoltmne Nationall League and Covenant might bee 
rcmcrnbrcd, In reipec} unto all, we have eaufe to (»y, as lepb- 
tbabyihinht had vowed, / have opined my mouth unto the 


at the monthly FaJl,Vtbt.2i. 1^47 

which are God's : Therefore, Tteldyour Jelvet unto tie Lord* 

Secondly, Becaufe God's right hath long been detained 
from him.Hcw much of our firftfircngthand beft time ; hatb 
bcenlavifhed rutin thepurfuitof vanities, and in thefervice 
of fcolifh, helliili lufts? Is it not therefore moftequalli that 
whatremainesfhould be refigned up to God ? This is the ar- 
gument of the Apoftle Paul: Jjpeal^after the manner of men. ^ om l9 ' 
Asyouhaveyieldedyour members fervants to uneleannejfe,and to 
iniquity uuto iniquity ; even fo new yield your members fervants to 
right eoufneJfe } unto holinejfr. 

Thirdly, Becaufe Gcd Al-fufficient tenders himfelfe in tke 
operations of all three pcribns in the God head, to be enjoyed 
by us- and it is through our faultinefle, that we doe not pofleiTe 
and improve him. heareO mjpeople 3 I am the Lordthy Cjod, Pf«8i.8> I o» I i' 
of en thy mouth wide and I will fill it; But my people would not 
hearken to my voice, and Ifrael would none of me. 

I leave the enlargement hereof to your owne meditations. 
How infinitely is the Almighty better then the befl of Crea- 
tures ? In how many thoufand regardsdoe we need him ? How 
happy may we bee, in receiving him , and in living upon him ? 
whereas his HighnciTc, neither ncedeth us, nor can receive the 
leaft advantage from us. Therefore feeing hec offers himfelfe 
unto us, it is mod equal), that vtee fbculd returne our felves 
unto him. 

The Second argument may be gathered, from the necejjity The k e one 
of thisfelfe-dedication to the Loid; Thefemay be made ma- ™ l ^ I6m 
nifeft,by taking noticeof thefe three particulars. 

Firft, That necclTary Supplies cannot elfe- where bee had : pr.7j.ay,i<t, 
Whsm have 1 in Heaven but thee ? (faith rhePfaJmirt) Godis 38, 
the Hrength of my heart, and my portion for ever ; therefore it 
is good for me to draw neerunto Cjod. Remember how this w^- 
cejfity brought the poor Prodigall,with afervant-hkefubjecti- 
on unco his father. Hee faid, how many hired ftrv ants of my LuK.if.17,18. 
fathers have breadenough t and J perijh for hunger i IwiHrife 
4»dgoe to my father. 

D3 This 


ler.}.lt : 

3i Sermon preathed before the Moufe of Commons, 

This we read, as one complaint in feremiah his Lamentati- 
ons I We have given the hmd to the Egyptians, and to the Affy- 
ri/tnf to be fatufied mth bread. If wane wrought their fubmif- 
ften to Heathens, hdw much more fhould our need work us 
towillingnetfctogive the hand unto the moil High? for alas, 
where elfe can we hope to have bread f can folio, fatitfying 
fupplics,be received from any other hand? 

Secondly, That fafely cannot be had from any other. From 
this ground, repentiog liiael refolves upon areturne to God. 
Beholdrve come unto thee, for thou aft the Lord our God', Truly 
in vatne ts falvauon hoped for frofi the hils . or frem the multi- 
tude of mmntaines : Truly mt^e Lo,dour (jod is the Salvation 
of i/rael. Noah his Dove came back again to the Ark, and 
yielded hei felfe into his hand, whes? fliee could not elf-where 
find reft r Hils, and houfes, and high trees were all covered o- 
verwith waters ; therefore without danger of drowning ftiee 
could fail nowhere, but upon the Afk. I need not make ap- 
plication of thisftory,bccaufe every one with cafe apprehends 
ic. Where, on this fide Sod, Can we pc-ftibly be fecured from 
dangers, which threaten Chuicb and State, ourperfbns, our 
liberties, and our begun Reformation ? A Parliament, and an 
Army, will appeare to be weak, inefficient, unfafe refuges ; 
therefore let us yield ourfelves unto the Lord. 

Thirdly, Thatruine from Gods hand of judgement, can- 
pf.y 1? not in any other eourfebe efcaped. Loe, alt they that are farre 
*' 3 " 2/j J ' from thee /ball perijh ; Therefore faid the Plalmift, h ts good for 
mee to draw neer unto God. In chis cafe (beloved) wee muft ei- 
ther yield up our ielves to God, or be deftroyed. I pray you 
confiderit ; either yield, or die. 
Th Thirl Thethird argument is fetched from abundant benefit to be 
motive from received by devoting our felves unto the Lord, Vnder this 
utility- head, Ifhall only briefly hint three things. 

Firfr, Hereupon we fhall be in a fit fo(l#re y to attend upon 
(jod, in the ufe of his Holy Ordinances. Thewords immedi- 
ately following the Texe, fpeak this, Ti. Id your felves unto the 
Lcrd.andenter into his fanBuary. I may no here fhew how 
much preparednelTe for any good impJoyment, is comprized in 
this one pjra&ice (viz*.) A regular felfe -re Agnation to the Lord, 


at the monthly F 'aft, Fcbr.23. 10*47. 23 

Secondly , Thisbe ngdere, we may cccnfider.tly 7<^f/4«w 
MttGodyiSOiix God. Then haft eon firmed to thy [elf, thy people $ am '7.M< 
Ifntelytobe a peofle unto thee for evtr; and thou Lord t art be- 
come their Cod. For, as the reafon of out love to God, is be- 
caufehelovedusfirft ; So his giving hirnfcile untous, cauieth 
us to give our felves unto him. Therefore in this holy claim, we 
may reafon from thecfft(5t to the caufe,with much aflursnee;/ 
will fay Jtis mjpeople-andthey fkallfyjhe Lordismj godM*' h ' l *' 9a 
God will acknowledge us, to be his, we may challenge him 
to be ours. I ammy bebveds, ("faith the Spoufej and my be- , cant.*.*. 
loved it mtne. And oh, how great is the fwcetnelTe which from 
hence flowes into the Soulc. 

Thirdly, Thofc who have made over them /elves unto God, 
may boldly pUad their caufe before him by holy prayers, upon 
all occafions. I am thine, (Taith Vattid) fave mee. And the p ~ 
people of God , having made many fuits of great concern- ' ' 3i * 
mem, conclude all with this argument, we are thine : For Efa.^.ir , 9 
thus the Lord is moved from felf-love, to fee unto the welfare 
of them, who acknowledge themfelves more his then their 
owne. In this manner (having yieldecfcur felves tothe Lord) 
We may humbly expefiuiate with his Ma jetfy. Lord, although 
we know no worth in cur fclves, we finde no reafon where- 
fore thou fbouldft confidct us for our own fakes : yet it's moft 
reafonable,that thou ftouldft fee to thine own poiTcfnon; there- 
fore for thine own fake arpearcfer ti y people, according to 
their ncctlTuies, for we are thine. 

Thclart jrgumem rtlatej toihe fad conftquencts, of refu- 
ting to yield our felves unrothcLord. This iiubbomneffe will TheFo r urth 

° r * c , , , motive from 

expofe us to a threefold danger. their danger 

Firft, To be call under the Tyranny of ci ueli men . When$\i\- who yield not 
fhak Ktng of t/£gypt had taken the fenced C ittes which jertat - to ©od # 
nedto Indah i and came to Jerufslem, Shcmaiah the Prophet came » Ccr,x*.4,y« 
to Rvhoboam, and the i rinces of Judah that wen gathered to* 
get her to lernfalem.andhe faid y 

g lint f*tth the Lord; Tee have forfaken mee, therefore alfo 
have Jit} yen tn the handof Shtfhak^ And though thty hum- 
bled thcmlehes, and acknowledged Gccis tightccufnefTe, 
yvhticupon he refolvcd upon feme mitigation of the judgement, 


2 a <d Sermon peached before the Houfe of Commo ts t 

yetthisisthreatned, They ffiall be his fcrv ants, that they may 
know my fervice, and the fervice of the Countries . We ha ve a I - 
ready in. this Kicgdcme bcenc enflavcd to men (and what 
yoakesarefor the prefent upon our necks, I forbear to menti- 
on, though multitudes feelethcm jj Oh that wee might at 
length learn to be fo wife, that our perverfe withstanding the 
government of* Chrif}, may not yet further fink us under tha; 
tyranny and thofe oppreflions whereof we have jutt cau fe to be 

Secondly, To bee lift unto the fervitude of decur fed corrupti- 
ons. This judgement is ten thoufand times worfe, then to bee 
enflaved unto the woiftof men. A fouiemafletcd withhcJlifh 
lulls, is in a mote fad condition, then a body poffefled with a 
Legion of Devib. Now this judgement of judgements all you 
Jieopen unto, who gain-fay the government of God. Ulfy 
P'a! 81 10 tr.F r ^'(^' tD theLotd) would not hearkenunto my voice, and Jf- 
rael would nont of mee ; fo I gave them up to their oxvne hearts 
lufis } andtheywalkedin their owns courfis . And the Lord look- 
ing upon poor Ifrael under this bondage, laments their mi/ery, 
ver i: as knowing it to bee excraordinaiy, O thai my people had 

hearkencdunto mee j Tremble therefore, and refute not to ftoop 
unto God. 

Thirdly, To be flaughtered by Gods revenging hand} And 
how can better bee expected, as theconfequence of the fore- 
Luk.19 17 ♦ mentioned curfe ? As for thofe mine enemies (faith Chrift) who 
would not that J fhould rule aver them, bring them hither » and 
fay them before mee. What hope of fafety, when the judge 
himfclfe proceeds againft the Malefactor, as his enemy ? And 
how great is that feverity, when the judge himfe'fc will fee ex- 
ecution dene upon tha offender befei e his face ? ^ow confider this, you that forget God, left he teareyou in pieces, and there bee 
none to deliver*. 

Thefe arguments have } I hoj.e,afre<ited your hearts; there 
fore put not God off with adeniall,or with delay ; fay no 
only, we will think of this motion hereafter. For if this b< 
not done, you are undone. Now therefore be not ft 'iff weeded }> 
ytetdyourfelves unto the Lord, according to thecounfell of m 
Text. The Pfalmift thusexpefTcth the comminginof the Ge 


M the monthly Faft, Febr.2 3 ~ 1 $^-j\ 2 5 

tiles in Gofpcll times. Ethiopia jhali \foon firetch forth her hands ^ ^ z 
unto (jod, or thus,fhall make her hands to run unto God.Oh with ^1^5, c "ur- 
what fpeed will a converted heart, under the command of grace rere Fader, ma 
poft unto God. Zacheus made hafte and came, upon Chrifts n s fuss. 
call : The Lord wingyour fpirks,* JW to day .while it is called to Not" "j^T 
day, you m\y give your [elves wtoththord. And if God fhall "j aut fo * 
conquer your hearts to come inuntohim 3 you may not, you n?# ^ vei fa 
will not, you cannot be content tocomein a!one,but you will Lcnm. 
ferioufly fcek to bring in others alfo, by counfeli, by com- 
mand, and by example alfo j As Bez,ekiah\n this Hiftory, 
layeth forth his power, and his interefts, that his fubjects with 
hitnfelfe, mighty ieldthemfelves unto the Lord. Andrew brought, 

his brother Simon to lefus. and Philip brines Nathanielz\onz, . . , 

.... J * r o o lonn r.- 40. 42, 

With him. 44% 

This I might perlwade, 1. From holy felfe-love, that our 
felvesmay have the comfort of thisgood endeavour* 2. From 
good will toothers, that they alfo, with ourfelves, may bee 
advantaged by their attendances upon God. 3. Fromrefpe£fo 
to God,that his Name maybe advanced, in thecomming in 
of more fervantsunto his government. But I may not enlarge 
thefe things any further. 

And now Right Honourable yfeeirig your command called 
me hither, to attend upon your felvcs in the prefent fervice, I 
numbly crave leave to make a fair and faithfull application of 
this Text unto your confidences, in few words. 

Firft, Remember your finfull man-plea{ing,andfelfe-feek- 
ing, with your former defects in this felf-fui render to God ; Be 
humbled, repent and pray, that what hath been faulty may be 
fully forgiven, through Gods rich grace in Chrift. 

Secondly, Refolve for hereafter to Tield your felves unto the 
Zcr^For,aspublikeperlbns,as Parliament men,as gifted men, 
as truftcd men, as men of parts, and as men of power ; you owe 
more toGodthen to any other, then to all others whatfbever. 

Did not God call you hither ? Hath not he continued you 
here, in life and fafety hitherto ? therefore in all your authori- 
ty, abilities, interefts, and opportunities, Tield your [elves unto 
the Lord* You fliallexprefleyour reallity herein,, by nnploy- 
iirg your power to rcdifie the Univerfitics, to propagate the 
E ' Gofpell 

4 v A Semen preached before the Houfe of Commons] 

Gofpell thoughout the Kingdome, ahd to perfect the work of 
Church- Reformation, which you have begun. 1 heare, that ac- 
cording to your own order, an ordinance is in rcadineffefor re- 
port, for the fuppreffing of fwearingjCurfingjthe profanation of 
the Sabbath day, andFaftingdaycs ; call for it I befeech you, 
that further diflionour to God in thefe fcindes, may by your 
care be prevented; Difregard not their comforts, difappoint 
not their hopes,who have ferved God, and you,with their pray- 
ers, purfes, perfons, and with all that isneare and deareunto 
them in this world. And take I pray you, thefc two hints a- 
long with you, in all your Negotiations, i. Make Godf 
word your Rule. 2. MakeGods honour your End. 

When yon think of wayes of Accommodation, reiblve to 
yield fo farre, and no further, then Gods word doth allow, 
and will ftand With his Honour ; E nquire whether yielding to 
connive at Hercfie and Blafjthemy, and to give a boundleflc to- 
leration in matters of Religion, can poflibly confift with right 
&lfe- yielding unto the Lord. And as in Gods pretence ask 
your hearts thisqueftion(to which you muft anfwer at theday 
of judgement) Whether witting, willing, deliberate Covenant 
breaking can ftand with a fincere felfe-furrender unto God. 

When you fay amongft your felves, we muft not fuffer our 
honour to be blemiflied, or the Authority of Parliament to be 
trodden under foot by Malignant Pamphlkeers ; I imreate 
you add this interrogation, May we the Scriptures of 
truth, the Word of God to be traduced and blasphemed ? May 
we fuffer theSon of God, the Spirit of God, to be undfcfied by 
mens tongues and pens, without manifeftingdiflike, without 
making oppefition ? Can we in thefe and fuch like cafes be fi- 
lent s andyet faytruly, we yield our felvesto the Lord f 

1 befeech you for the Kingdoms fake,for the Churches fake, 
for the Lords lake, to yield your felves unto his Majefty, vi- 
goroufly, effectually, and for ever. Meditate, Speak, Ad for 
the Lord. Confult, Confer^ Vote, Adventure, live and die for 
the Lord. This is indeed right yielding of your • [elves unto the- 


Die Mercurij, 23 Febr. 1*47; 

ORdercd by the Commons affembled in 
Parliament, that Mr. RofeAos from this 
Houfe give Thanks unto Mr. Attn, for 
the pames he took in his Sermon preached on 
this day at Margarets Wcftmmfkr, before the 
Houfeof Commons, and that hebedefired 
to Print his Sermon: Wherein be is to hare 
the like priviledgein printing of it, as others 
an the like kind ufually hare had. 

Hen. Elfyng, Cler, Tarl/D. Com . 

IappointE. Brevflerto print this 

Simeon Afbe, 



GODS f 1 


^ Goodnefle unto 


J Vnfolded and applyed 

fMn a Sermon. preached at Margarets 4§ 

§£ Weftminfter before the Honourable J| 
g^ Houfe of Commons AHembled in Parlia- ^ 

H^. ment , At the laft Solemne Faff, 

*■ By Simeon Ajh 5 Vreacher at Bafingjham, H 

London , and one of the Affembly. j| 
!.«► Publifbed by Order of the Houfe of Commons. fM 

I #> - : — ^ ^ 

jpfc #■<?/>/>> <*rf */;ow o Ifrae/, who is li^e unto thee I people faved by the Lord, ^J 

^h, the [hie Id of ^by help, and who is the [word of thy Excellency,Dem 33.29- j'Jgg 

*$£k. Por w ^ at ^ atl0ri * s l ^ ere rv ^° t" 1 *^ G°H° neare unto them , & the Lord ^^L 

$5** our GodU, in all things that we call upon htm for, Denr- 4- 7. ^? 

jj$^. . Jthe Lord do keepe it, I will water it, rvery moment, left any hurt it , I ^0 

§%%, willkeepeitnighvandday, Efa27- g. ^j^ 

m " 7^^ ' : Jf 

||g£ Printed by W-.Wilfon for Edward Erewfter^nd are tobe J^ 

foJdathisShoponLudgate-hi!l, at the bigne of the Bible *j» 

- «^ neare Fket-hridie, 1647. *8E 

To the Honourable Houfe 

of Commons Affembled in 

Right Honourable, 

g ^^^^i^&f Bis Sermon was preached, and is now 
Printed, in humble obedience to your 
Commands, In both thefe fervices, 
I have (according to my weakpeffe) 
fticerely endeavoured to approve my 
felfe faithfullto God, and to your 
consciences, the fobjeB I judged 
feafonable , for all the duties of the day, not knowing a~ 
ny argument fo kindly breaking the heart for ' finne , or 
more forcibly perfwading prayer to God, obedience to 
his Word , and Jerious Covenant-renewing with his 
Majejiy, then his abundant gooodnefs. Andmy thoughts 
could notfaflen upon any difcourfe , more probable to 
quicken thefruitfull improvement of your prefent Au- 
thority and trufi, then by propounding God himfelfe, in 
his goodneffe towards his Ifrael, as your pattern for gui- 
dance and encouragement. This Sermon is plaine , as 
beftfuiting with my Spirit, and in that regard beft a- 
greeing with the day of Humiliation, wherein Gcd would 
have thofe Robes laidaftde , which at other times may 
A i be 

The Epiftle Dedicator)/. 

be better bom with. Thefoode is f ivory, though not at* 
rioufly Cooked. Timet h , not words doefeedethefoule ; 
mdlmuch rather defire in my Mini fiery to profit, then 
topleafe my Auditory. Confider I pray you, that all the 
Fajl Sermons which you heare (bejides many others) the 
moft whereof are made publique, will be upon Record a- 
gainftyou, ifyoudoenot confcientioufly a& , according 
io the counf ell given in them , in the Name and authority 
of the great God. The Lord give you continually to re- 
member that his holy eyes are alwayes open upon your 
hearts and ways : and that you mufi be judged according 
to his Word, atthelafiday. Such thoughts will double 
induftry, move f elf e- deny all, make fingle-hearted in 
your ends and aimes, increafeyour zeale, and add much 
to your courage for JefusChrift. Jndthatyou may pro- 
ceed with this glorious frame of heart, to do worthily for 
this our Ifrael , in imitation of our God , is andfhall be 
the prayer of 

Your faithful!, though unworthy 
Servant, S im: A s H. 



Preached before the 

Honourable Houfe of 

Commons at their monethly 

Faft , April 28, 1647. 

Pfalm 73. 1. Truly God is good to ifrael, even to fuels 
who are of a cleane heart, 

H E Title of this Pfalme, is A Ffalm of (or for") A- 
fafb. But whether Afafh was the Pen-man , or 
whether Dav id penned it, and committed it im- 
to ^pMbrpubliqu: ufe'. Interpreters doe not 

And where the holy Ghofl isitlent, we fhouM not, we need 
not be curioufly inquilitive. 

Thisis raoft apparent in many patfages of the Pfalme, that 
B the 

A Sermon preached before the Uonfe of Commons 

Phil- 1. 12. 


Pfal. io 2 18. 



the Pfalmifts fhiartmg fufferings occafioned.this good Pfalme. 
Gods rods were frequently upon his backe, hereupon Satan 
(who watches for oportunities todoemifchlefe) makes fore 
adaults upon his foul, and many tinful! diilempers break forth 
from his Spirit. This (barpe conflict made way for this Scrip- - 
ture, which hath been for many ages, and ftiJl is on record for 
the Churches ufe. Hence wee may note, That tbe fufferings of 
Gods fervants, tend to tbe Churches advantage. 

The ApoMe Paul reports the experience hereof 5 Phil i 12. 
Jwouliyeflmdd underftand brethren, that the things which happened 
unto me, have fallen out to the furtherance of the Gofpel, &c. 

How many parts of Holy writ have wee for our edification, 
which were the happy confluences of the affii&ions and faults 
of Gods people. 

This meditation is marvelloufly comfortable in thefe times 
of fb great diftraftions and uncertainties : for doubtlefs thefe 
ftorms this winter weather will produce an happy harvefr,ei- 
ther for this age, or for fucceeding generations. And I may 
boldly fpeake it in the words of the Pfalmirt, Pfal. 102. 18. The 
people which fhall be created, pall praife the Lord. 

More particularly , its enquirable , from whence the good 
mans inward trouble and temptation arofe ? He few the wicked 
fit fafe and warm, (helteredfrom dangers, and filled with con- 
tents, whilit himlelfe was wet & weather-beaten, with an in- 
undation of Crofles. This perplexed the holy mans Spirit. 
Hence we learn, The prefperity of the wicked is fomelimes a matter 
of offence unto fuffering Saints. 

The reafon hereof, the Pfal mifthifnfelf renders, ve'rf. 22. So 
foolifb was I and ignorant. - 

Through darknefle they mine their way, and are in dangers 
to be milled. Some Interpreters conjecture, that David was thus 
offended in his younger days, before hee was well acquainted 
ivith Gods various aaminiftrations in the world, towards his 
foes and towards his friends. 

This may be an item to us to take heed of this rock;* 
Beware of niHpriifion of Providences. 
And for your fecurity , take this fliort direction. Interpret 
all Gods workes out of his word j Make the holy Scriptures a 


at their monethly Faji^ April 28. 1647. 3 

conftruingbooke, to chebookeot Gods providences. Judge 
neicher better of profperity, nor worfe ofadveriky, then Gods 
word warrants. This was the Pfalmi its cure, his experience 
did pataprobatum eft unto this prescription, verf.16 .17. When' 
I thought to kjiew ibis, it was too painfull for me, until! Invent to the 
San&uary of God, then under flood I their end. 

I proceede. In the body of the Pfalme, we hear the PfaJmift 
groaning under his daily burthens , wee fee him violently zf- 
faulted by Sathan, and find him wounded by fundry iinfull di- 
ftempers, (vid.) Envy, Infidelity ~Dif content, &c. 

But in the Text and elfe- where towards the concluiion, wee 
meet with him as aConquerour, in thepurfute of his enemies, 
and we heare him linging the triumph. Truly God is good. 

Hence observe. That notwitbftandifig the foreftajfaults of Sa- Detfrine. 
than, the world,and corruption, thefervants of the moft High (ball get 

The Apoftle John gives us the true reafon hereof, which 
holds in reference to all oppositions, though he makes a parti^ 
cular application, 1 John 4. 4. Te are of God, little children , and 1 John 4. 4. 
have overcome them, becaufe greater is be that U in you, then bee that 
is in the world. Although children, yea little children in regard 
of their own weaknefTe, yet conquerours through the ftrength 
of the Almighty. 

This may wonderfully encourage Gods people to hold out 37/e. 
the conflict, to keep the field , though the ftrength of the bat- 
tell come upon them. Although worfted, difordered, routed 
for the prefent, yet rally, gather up broken ftrength , face a- 
bout, and give a frefh charge, for the day (hall undoubtedly be 
yours. Say to the infulting adverfaries, as Mic 7. 8. Rejoyce M j ca , 7 .8. 
not againft me my enemie, when 1 fall, I ft/all rije , when I fit in 
darkjteffe, the Lordwill be a light unto me. Yea this is comforta- 
bly applyable, in reference unto Ghriftian-Soulconfii&s, when 
the vnderftanding is darkned , thoughts dilVa&ed, affe&ions 
diftempered, conscience wounded,the Devil gratify* d,and God 
provoked 5 yet be not difcouraged, but chear upj^ithithe words 
otVavid, Pfalme 42.5 . 1 1. Why art thou caft downe % my -foule , and pf a j m 42.5.11. 
•why art thou difquieted. within me ; ftill hope thotiinGod, fori, 
fhallyet praife bim. } 

B 2 Further 

4 A Sermon preached before the Houfe of Commons- 

Further obferve, that the Ffklniiit gives God the glory of 
this vi&ory, God is gooc). 

The more deliverances, and the better fuccejfes , agrarians heart 
receives, the more it admireth and advance ih God. 

And indeed, Gods manner is, many times to make the bat- 
tail the more hot , and the fuccefle in appearance more doubt- 
full, that the congueft in conclulioii; might be the more to his 
Vje. Hereby , learne to judge aright of the temper of your owne 

Spirits. How doe your hearts behave themfelves God-ward, 
upon the perufall of the great things which hee hath done for 
you ? Is God the higher in your eftimation and affections ">. Do 
you the more magnifie him in your con verfations , becaufe hee 
hath profpered your Counfels , and Armies for your honour, 
and the Kingdomes welfare 1 I propound the quettion to your 
confciences, let your foules return right anfwers to the Lord. 

And oncemore mark (as another generall ) 'that a ferf 
experience is improved to an univerjall advantage.. 

One Afafb, or one David , is refcued from the power of Sa- 
than and fin : but the inference made, is for the comfort of the 
whole Church, truly God is good to Ifrael. 

This is very remarkable, together with the ground of it, in 
" thepra&ifeofthe ApolHeJW, bringing that unto common 

Heb- 13- $16. u ^ wn j cn was (poken to Jofbuah many ages before, Heb.i$. 5 , 
6. He hath [aid, lwilluever leave thee, norforfakf thee : So that we 
may boldly fay, the Lord is my heifer. For God in his Cove- 
nant and affections towards his people, is lebovah who chan- 
geth not, throughout all generations. 
Vfe. 1 Be inftru&ed to trade the providences of God for the good 

of others , unto your owne particular profit. 

Vavid ih an eitate of defection, hath recourfeunto Gods gra- 
Pialm 225,5- c j ous dealings with his fore-fathers, Pfal. 22. 5,6. Our Fathers 
trufied in thee , they trusted and thou didft deliver them. They cryed 
untothee&were delivered^ they trujiedin thee & were not confounded. 
%)' e , 'i Be p^rfwaded to impart your owne experiences for more 

common ufe; Conceale not within your bofome, thofe things 
the communicating whereof nny be lor publique profit. And 
in this regard it is very deiirable 3 that Gods many marvellous 

„~ admin i(b:a- 

at their Monethly Faji, April 28. 1647. 

adminiftrations in this Kingdome, in this age, miy be handled 
to pDlterity. Oh that they might be recorded, and reported to 
the encouragement of fucceeding generations. As this my 
" Text is here regiftred for oar life and edification this day. Truly 

Having thus briefly pointed at thefe few observations } in 
my way to the Text, I now come more clofe to the confidera- 
tiDn of the words : Truly God is good to Ifrael. 

In which words we have, 1. A precious priviledge propoun- 
ded. Truly God is good. 2. The Iharers in it defcrtoed, 1 . By a 
Title, Ifrael. 2. By a qualification. Pure> or true of heart. 

I will take the Words, as our tranflation renders them , and 
fbal undertake (through Gods grace) the handling of this pro- 
| polition. Truly God is ^ood to Ifrael. In the handling whereof I 
ftull endeavour, 1. The explication of the words here ufed, 
2. The confirmation of that truth, in the latitude of it, which 
is hence tendered. 3. The application of thep'oint, thatit may 
be fruitfully improved. 

I begin with the firft. And in the proportion , I coniider, 

1. ThefubjecY -Ifrael. 

2. The predicate. Truly Godi* good. Wherein note i." the 
aflertion. God is good. 2. The afleveration. Truly. The word 
Ifrael fignifies a prevailer (or) one ftrong with God. And pri- 
marily it was a name of honour put upon Jacob byGodhim- 
felfe upon his prevailing prayer mad: in the time of deepe di- 
ftrefle. Gen. 32. 28. Thy name fhallbe called no more Jacob but If- 
rael, for as a Prince hafi thou power with God. 

Afterwards this title was commonly given unto his natu- 
ral! Poilerity , fometimes more largely , and fometimes more 
ftri&ly.: which now in Scriptural difcoveries, I may not looks 
"after. But here neither All, nor only Jacobs children according 
to the flefh are meant. Nor all the outward viable members of 
the Church ChriiHan, as the laft words of the Text ( which are 
Exegeticall) doe declare. Such who are cleane of heart. 

It is here obfervable, with what cautioufnefs the holy Gho r t 
ferves out Gofpell Cordialls. He neither doth careleOy lavifh 
them out unto all, without exception : nor unto all profeifors 
of Religion,, without a fpeciall limitation : Evjn t,:ojewbo are 

B 3 tUane. 

A Sermon f reached before the Houfe of Commons 

Bonum utile 
benejlum, ju 

clean* of "'hearth' Our Lord and M after in the dayes of his fleih 
faid 3 li # not meet to give tlxs cbiUrensmeate- to fags. The Lord 
make Minifters & people wile in applying Gofpel prerogatives. 
Next j the (everall words in. the predicate come to be ope- 
ned. God. The originall is Elobim^ a glorious title of the great 
God, the only true God, which word faggeits unto us i . Both 
the Ofn?iipotemy.-2. And the fubfifoncy of the God-head. Elobim 
fignifies ftrength, ability. And Elobim (in the plurall number ) 
Gen. 1. 1. hoilds forth the Trinity of the psrfons in the | Deity. A? Gen,. 

i. t. Elobim created. The work of creation belonging to Fathei!, 
Sonne, and holy Ghofc 
3% f Good, The word is little., but very comprehenhve. ft is ufe j 

in Scripture to fignirie good of all kindes, and in all degree^ 
The goodnefTe of the Creature,both in its being and wei-b^'ing, 
But we are here to confider it only as applyable to God. Gsd 
Marth. ip.17. is good. And God is good Effentially, Math. 19. 17. There if, none 
good. but one- God is only good, eternally, infinitely, indepen~ 
dai tly . In this fenfe the Lord is the fame good God , both i n 
reference to Ifraei and Iflmaely to the godly and the wicked. 
As the Sun is the fame goodly glorious body, whether it mine 
upon a (lately Pallace, or a ruinous prifon^ a pleafanr garden, 
or an svifavory Dunghill. 
Vhl n? <58. ' 2 ' Oferatively , Pf. 1 19.68. T'bm art good and dofi good. AncJ 
thusGodisgoodin his gdminiitrations , 1. Either in a way 
f more common to all creatures, Pf. 1 45. .9. The Lord is good to all, 

Pfai % H t 2 " ^ r * n a manner more peculiar to his people, Pf. 86.5. Tbott 
Lord art good^ ready to forgive , plenteous in mercy. Now in this 
latter and better fence, God in the choyfeft wayes of his piovi- 
dence, is good to Ifraei. 
Ifr There is but one word more to be interpreted, truly its but 

a particle: But the.fmalleft rileings of gold are gathered up, 
Little pearls are of great price. And this fmall particle is not 
of fmall ufe, being rightly applyed and improved. 

Firft , take it (as our late tranilators give it us) as a note of 
AfFeveration. Truly. Its a word of faith , oppofite to the Pfal- 
mias fence, andSathons injections. Whatfoever fenfe fees or 
feeles , whatfoever Sathan indnuates and fay es ; yet precious 
faith, with confidence aflerts : Truly 9 verily God is good. He is not 


at their Monethly Faft^ April 28. 1647. 7 

only good in word, but in deed alfo. Not only feeniingly, but 
certainly good. 

Secondly confider it as an Adverfative particle ; Tet, To our 
olde Tranflation. Ainfworth renders it , pt furclj : taking in Adverfative 
the former & this together. And then the fenie runs tbus:How capitur prove- 
ill foever things goe in the world , how ill foever it fares with runtamen- 
Gods Church and people amongit men, Tet God is good to Ifrael. Calv. 

Thirdly, fome conceive , that the word carries Admiration, p^ mm boms 
oh how good is God to Ifrael. Where expreilions and appre- e },or per- bonus 
henfions faile , there the Pfalmiit takes up Gods providences eft Dtus. 
with admiration, oh how wonderfully , how tranfcendently 
good is God to Ifrael. 

All thefe things in the unfolding,:n the conftrucVion of the 
words being premifed : Now take the do&rine in its latitude 
and full fence. That the mighty God, Father, Sonne and holy Ghoft, 
is really, confcantly , fingularly good in his adminifirations to his 
Church and people. Truly, yet, oh how good is God to Ifrael, 

The fecond thing premifed irf my difcourfe, follows (vid) 
the confirmation of this point which I {hall give you , in the 
three branches which are diftinft in it. 

Firft, God is truly, really, good to Ifrael , not only in appea- 
rance but in pra&ife, not in words alone, but in his works al- 
fo. And this is manifeft under thefe two heads. 

1. In that he-confers all needed good upon them, P/.84. 1 1 Pfal 84-11- 
No good thing will he witb-bold from them tba t vtalke uprightly. Its' 
moft manifeft in experience that many things are with-held and 
withdrawn alfo, from Gods faithful people, which they high- , 
ly prize, and much defire : But nothing which God in his infir 
nite wiftfome forefees, might be for their true good, is either 
denyed or removed. 

2. In that he converts all events to good unto them. Thus 
faith the Lord 7er.2 4. 5 .God of 'Ifrael Like tbofe good figs fo will I 3 er ' 24 ' 5 ' 
acknowledg them that are carriedaway captive ofludabfor their good. 
Though the antecedents and confequences of captivity were 
grievous , yet God intended and effected his peoples good. 
Blowes, blood-fhed, baniihment, IofTe of liberty, lively-hood, 
and the lives of many in neare and deare relations , with the 
want of holy Ordinances , the comfort , the life of their lives. 


8 A Sermon preached before the Houfe of Commons 

The reproaches caft upon themfelves, yea upon their God in his 
go vernment, faered admin in rations, and prefent providences, 
by his and their enemies, (which things to gracious hearts 
are more bitter then death) were all for good. 
Rom.8.28. We \q19w (faith the Apoitle, Horn. 8. 28. J that all things fi?a\l 

workg together for the good of them who love God. Do not (ever pro* 
vidences, which God would have con[ideredtogether,and you 
mall be able to make out this pretious truth. 

Secondly, God is conflantly good. Xef, God is good. 
This yet (as 1 conceive) hath a three- fold reference into thy 
body of the Pfalme. For as Interpreters obferve, though theft 
words are let in the beginning, yet they fuggeft the concfuiion 
of the Pfalmifts conflict. And the Pfalmiit feems to begin fome- 
what abruptly : Jet God is good. But having filled his thoughts 
with his former foiles and fears. And now feeing himfelfe in a 
fafe condition both for the prefent and the future, he is full of 
confidence and comfort : and that which was the flrongeft and 
chtefeft in his heart, nowbreakes out firfi: '.let God isgood. 
Vs-rfe it- I ' This jet relates unto his fufferings, verf. 14. All the day 

long have I hen plagued and chained every morning. 

Notwithftanding the variety and frequency of the Saints 
fufferings , )el.GoJ is good. Though forrow falutes them every 
morning, at theji'firfl: awaking, and trouble attends them to 
bed at night , )et Cod isgood- Though temptations many and 
terrible make.batteries and breaches upon their (pit its , yet Cud 
Hgiiodio Ifrael. 

2. This yet reflects upon his (innings , the frettings & wario 

' 2 ' 3 * g H * n § s °f n ' s diftempered heart, ver.2.%. My fee t were ahnofigonei 

my -fiefs bad well nighflipt^ fo r I was envious at the foolifb when If aw 

Verfe 2 r- the f rojfcrity efibt wicked. And ver. 2 1 ■ My heart was grieved^ and 

I war f ricked in my reines . 

Though (in full motions doc wutinye in the foule againfl: 
Gods wi e adminltrrations. Though there b:e fool till proud 
quarrel lings with divine providence?, andinexcufablediflrufc 
of his faith full promifs'. 1 hough .frctfulnefle at otheis prof- 
pet icy- and difconfcr.t a their owne adverfity '.yet Godisgooik 
Ifracls fnfii 1 oiilempers caule not the Almighty to change 
the cc -urfe ot his accuftomed goodnefle. W hile corruptions are 


at their Monethly Fajl, April 28; 1647. 9 

kept from breaking out into fcandall, while the foule contends 
« againftthem, and is humbled tor them (as this Pfalmift wasj 
this concluiion muft be maintained : yet Cod is good. 

3 . This jef looks back upon his mifgivings. There had been 
diftruftfull defpondency upon the good mans heart. For from 
both the premifes (vid his fufferings and iinnings) hee had in- 
ferred this concluiion., verf. 1 3 . Verily Ibave cleanfed my heart in 
vaine, & wajbed my bands ininnocency. As if hee had laid, I have 
kept Fafts, obferved Sabbaths, heard Sermons, made prayers, 
received Sacraments, given Almes, avoyded fins, refilled temp- - ^ 
tations, with flood lu Its, appeared for Chrift and his caufe and thefts intfrpra- 
fervants in vain; yea to his heart had added an affeveration (ve- vas imaginati- 
rily) to this faithlefle opinion : but now he is of another mind, ones quatfugge* 
let God is good. The adminiftrations of God are not according TIt Satbatt & 
to the fad furmifes of his peoples mif-giving hearts. For f. oc v ?™P*? ta ' 
though they through dirhdence are apt orten to give up their j n quo nunc fe 
holy labours, as loft, and all their conscientious care and car- confirmat. 
riage as utterly caft away -,yet God is good to Ifrael. Calv. 

Thirdly, God is luperlatively good to Ifrael. Plus aliquid 

This tranfcendency of divine indulgence towards Ifrael 5 I vult intelfigt, 
will discover in fixe particulars. l uam verb ' K 

. 1. Hee gives himfelfe to be pofTefTed and improved as their ^[ v mn ' 
God, Luhjt 1.68. Biejfcd be the Lord God of Ifrael. Luke 1. 6B. 

He is not apamed to be called their Godj Hab.i 1.16. He is {take Hab. 11. \6> 
in^tbis thought humbly, and admire rich grace in it thankfully ) as 
truly theirs, as his owne. All Gods attributes and excellencies 
are Ifraels through rich grace , to bee employed as really for 
thdr advantage, as for his owne advancement. 

And is not this Superlative goodnefle ? As much as God is 
better then all created comforts , fo much is his goodnefle to 
Ifrael greater than to other men. Though Efau hath the fat of 
the earth, yet Jacob (in this fence) hath the dew of Heaven. 
The wicked are Lords of worldly accommodations, they have 
in outward regards many times (as-this-PIalmill expreffeth it, 
verf 17J more then heart couldwifa yet God the prtion of Jacob 
is not likf them (as the Prophet fpeakes, Jer. 10. 1 6.) For hee is J«- 10. 16 . 
the former of all thefe things. Marke that claule. Beiides all his 
owne\AU-fufficiencies, and all exiftent comforts in heaven and 
C earths 

io A Sermon f reached before the Houfe of Common s 

earth to be communicated to them for good , he can with eafe 
create new rcfrelhings, and doubtleffe will , rather then they 
{hall lacke any thing which might doe them good. 
Jer.14.8. 2. He is their hope,Jer. 14.8. tbou the hope o/Ifrael. God 

is Ifraels hope. 
Ffalme 39. Not only 1. Objectively, as Pfalme 39. Lord what waitelfor, 

my hope is in thee. 

The loule through its high , incomparable eftimations of 
God, being with loves and longings in expectation of nothing 
fo much as of God , to bee more and more enjoyed and im- 
proved, - 

2. But alfo (and that principally) effectively. 

Fropheta hie Take it thus. True hope is the vigorous daughter of preci- 

adperpemita- ous Faith. And hope lookts out for the performance of that 

temfxderis re- promife, which faith believes as tiue. Faith aflents to the truth 

[pint. Calv. of the promile , Hope cxpe&s the good promifed. As is cleare 

&.om. 4.18.. in Abrahams prudc'ife, Rom. 4. 18. Who againft hope, beleevedin 

hope. And the reafon is added, verfe 20, 21. Bee was firongin 

i faith, and fully per {waded, that what be hadp-omifed bee was able to 

performe .-When neither fence, nor reafon, nor experience, can 

make out the probability or poffibility of receiving the good 3 

held forth in the promife, then God holds up Ifraels hope and 

heart both together. And certainly when the Hypocrites hope 

Tob 8 14. ^ a ^ k ? as a Spiders Webb , Job 8. 1 4. And as the giving up of the 

job i'i- 20. gb°ft* J 0D 1 1- 20. then this will be found a very choife , fweete 

priviledge, which is peculiar to IfracL That their God , the 

God of all grace, is the upholder of their hopes. 

3. He is the Saviour thereof in the time of trouble ( as it 
Ter. 14 8. Followes in the fame Scripture before quoted) Jer. 1 4. 8. 

There is more in the originall, then bur tranflationexpref^ 
feth ; In tempore anguftU, In the feafon of diftreiTe. 

Two things feeme to be intimated. 1 . That God is a migh- 
ty Saviour to Ifrael. He faves from diftrefle, when plunged o- 
ver head and eares into perplexity, when walled up (as it were) 
With furrounding dangers , when there appeares no promiing 
meanes of deliverance, when men and means faile then hee can 
2 Cor. 1. 9- ^ ave - He that quicl>:etb the dead (as the Apoftle fpeaks) 2 Cor. j. 
Hal. 44- 4- 9* He can by his word command deliverances for Jacob, ?/• 44*4. 


at their monethly Faft, April 28. 1647. n 

His word workes what he wills, both with eafe. and ipeede. 

2 . That God is a wife Saviour. The wife man ( lakh Solo- 
mon) obferves both time and feafon. Now God faves feafona- 
bly. He takes the firit , the fitter! oportunity for Ifraels refcue. 
The Lord mites that be may be gracious, Efay 30. 18. As the Scrip- Efa . g0i l8< 
ture reports of Jofefb, Pfalme 105.18, 19, JPboje feete they hurt pfalm 105. -iff, 
with fetters , be was laid in irons untilltbe time tbat bis word came* ip- 
The feafonable time. Its the fame word in the originall. And 
as Job fpeaks of himfelfe, Job 23. 10. When be bath tryed me , I Job 23. to. 
pall come forth like gold. Men who melt fuch pretious metalls, 
will ufe care and skill that they may lofe no oportunity of 
advantage to therafelves. 

4. Jefus Chrift , who is the Spring head, the fountaine of 
all Chriftians fupplies and refreshings, belongs tg them. 

He is called The convolution 0/ lfrael, Luhie 2.25. & verf. 32. Luke 2, '25. 
'the glory of lfrael 

Remember that in the opening of the words , you heard, 
that Elobim, all the three Perfons in the bleffed God- head, are 
Angularly good to lfrael : In the fore-going particulars you 
were, acquainted with God the Fathers goodneffe to lfrael : 
Now this imparts goodneffe communicated from the Son, and 
this is indeed the ground both of what went before , and fol- 
lows after in Ifraels priviledges". 

But you may aske what prerogatives iffue from Jefus Chrift 
to lfrael. Ianfwer, 1. both grace, 2. and the comforts of grace. 
You fhall find both together in Alls 5.31. Him batb God exalted Ads $. gi, 
witD bis right band to be a Prince and a Saviour, for to give re- 
' fentance unto lfrael and fo rgivenejfe of fins. 

1. Repentance. Many graces are comprehended in this one, 
(vid) convi&ion, humiliation, converfion. Sight of fin, for- 
row for (in , and amendment. The penitent reflects upon fin s 
with fhame, forrow, hatred, feare, resolution to forfake it. He 
looks towards God with love , longings, estimation, and an 
obedientiall difpoiltion. Now thefe and all other graces Gods 
lfrael receives from Chrift. 

2. Forgivenejfe offinns. Well may I call this the comfort of 
grace, forthePfalmiil, Pfalme 32. 1. -Speakesof th:; B'effedneffes 
of them whofe iniquity is pardoned^ and whole iin is covered. 

C 2 Hence 


A Sermon preached before the Houfe of Commons 

Gal- 6. itf. 

Gal§. 22. 

Phil. 4- 7- 


Hence iffiies tranquility and joy of heart , bold addrefles to 
God upon all occaiions , and fiduciall expe&ati on to have all 
gofpell promifesfeafonably accomplifhed , both forfancVifica- 
tion and falvation. Now thefeand fuch like Cordials flow 
from Chrilr, into the foules of the Ifrael o$ God. 

5 . Peace, Gal. 6 . 1 6. pall be upon the Ifrael of God. Look upon 
this as the good work of the Spirit, the third Perfon in Trini- 
ty, Gal. %. 22. Rom. 15. 13. 

Here I will not expatiate to fpeake of peace in generall , or 
the divers kinds of peace, but fhall only wifh you to take notice 
of the worth of this peace, from the expreffions o*f the fame A- 
poftle, Fbil. 4. 7. 'the peace of God which pajfetb all under fiandingy 
pall k^epe your Minds and hearts through Cbriji Jefus. 

From whence you may obferve, 1. The excellency of it 3 It 
fajfeth all under jianding. I pray coniider the phrafe. It is not. It 
is as great as words can fet forth. Nor thus : It paflfeth the reach 
of mans language. Nor thus ; It is as excellent as mans reafon 
can comprehend. Nor yet thus jltexceedeth the.comprehenfion 
of ordinary under/landings- But it pafleth all ( even air)"~tra~- 
derfranding. No mind can fathom if 

2. The efficiency of it, Shall keepe as with theguardof a 
Garrifon. The whole fouleis fecurea, both in the actings of 
the undemanding, and motions of the affections, which might 
divide the heart from God. This peace preferves againff the 
batteries both of earth and hel.That Chriftian beftknows how 
to prize this pease, who can tell experimentally what it is to be 
belieged by Spiritual! adverfaries. 

Hence the inference of our Saviour from this Legacy be- 
queathed, is very notable, John 1 4.27. Peace Heave with you, my 
peace I give unto )<?#, let not your heart be troubled^ nor be afraid. 

6. God makes over his marvellous mercy unto Ifrael. This 
follows in the fame place, produced to prove the former pecu- 
liar prerogative appertaining to Ifraely Gal.6.16. Aid mercy pall 
bee upon the Ifrael of God. 1 

It is moft true (as I hinted before in Vfalme 1 45 . 9.) that the 
wercisofGodare over alibis works. Thefe common companions 
which ftielter, fuccour, and fupport in a fort the wicked , are 
jsot to be flighted. But fpeciall mercies, Covenant mercies be- 

tr&ftdio cufio- 

Pax deivoscw 
fiodiet, nepra 
<v s cogitatinni 
bus-, aut dejide- 
rjk deficiatit 
a Deo. Calv. 
John 14 27- 


at their Monet hly Faft, April 28. 1647. i% 

long alone unto Ifrael. Hence that paflage, 1 Fet. 2. 10. is con- * p ct- 2. 10. 
fiderable, differencing Gods peculiar people from others ; Tou 
(faith he) bad not obtained mercy, but now have obtained mercy. 

And how admirable is this priviledge, for oh, how fweet is 
this mercy. It is fin pardoning mercy, Mica 7 18. It is corrupti- Mica 7-18. 
on killing mercy, verf. 19. Itisfoule fanttifying mercy. This 
mercy feafons all comforts, fweetens all forrowes, eafeth under 
all burthens, vanqniflheth all temptations, upholdeth under all 
difcouragements, and procureth the acceptance of all fervices, 
ZW.9.18. And that I may at once, give all,fn one word. This Dan- p. 18. 
mercy etfateth , interefteth us in all the precious promifes of 
the Covenant of the richeft grace. For the Covenant is groun- 
ded upon mercy, Luke 1. 54,55 . He bath bolpenbis fervantKrael 
in remembrance of bis mercy. As be fpakf to our Farters, &c. Luke 1 ■ 54,55. 

And in this laft handfull, you have more tendered then your 
hearts or heads can hold. O take into your consideration I 
pray you all thefe rich difpenfations of Gods gbodnefle unto 
his Ifrael, that you may give full and firme afient unto the do- 
ctrine under hand; "that God is really, constantly and tranfcendently 
good to Ifrael. 

Thus having cleared the words of the Text, and having alfo 
confirmed the Doftrine offered from them , in the third place 
according to promife, I proceed to the application,which I (hall 
give in without much amplification in feaven ufes. 

1. Confutation .This truth (which ftands firm upon Scrip- Vie. 
ture bottoms) gives check to the irreligious, Atheifticali con- 
ceits of all them who imagine the wayes of holy addrefies to 
God, to bee altogether unprofitable. The Pen -man of this 
Pfalme, in time of temptation, had a touch , a taint of this er- 
rour, verj. 13. as you heard before. Verily (faid he in his heart) 
I have deanfed my heart in vaine. 

But he tooke (name to himfelfe for this miftake , verf. 22. 
upon better confederation. So foolifh wot J and ignorant , and as a 
beaft before thee. 

And the Text befpeaks him a man ( upon coole confiderati- 

£>n) of a founder judgement. Truly God is good , yet God is good, 

Whatfoever Sathan hath fugge!ied,and I have imagined, yet if 

l (hould fpeake thus (I have cleanfed my heart in vainej Jfbould 

C 3 offend 

I a A Sermon p reached before the Houfe of Commons 

1 offend againfrtlk generation eftby Children, verfe 15. 

The Lord takes himfelfe to bee unworthily dealt with by 
Mai- 3. 13. men of this mind 3 Mai. 3.13. Jour words have been fiont againfl 
me ( faith the Lord of Hotfs ) you have [aid it is in Vaine to ferve 
God. And well he may make this interpretation of inch words, 
as fpofcen againft himfelfe. For he hath openly and often afler-i 
ted both by word and workes the truth of the Doctrine under 
Efa. 55- ip. hand, Efa 55.19* J have not [aid to the feede of Jacob jeekeye me in 
vaine '? Therefore how can it be lefle then blafphemy thus im- 
pudently to give God the lye to his face. 

But I may fpare this Langnage here , feeing your comming 
together this day, in this extraordinary manner tofeeke God, 
doth prove that you be of a better mind. And I befeech you fo, 
to behave your felves in the ufe of Gods Ordinances, both Ser- 
mons and prayers , that it may appear you account them not 
vahie unprofitable difpenfations. 
!£/&, -^qv For humiliation , which is more feafonable and fukable 

td the lervjce of the day. Is God thus admirably , and abun- 
dantly good to Ifrael ? And hath this our Ifrael , have wee his 
Ifrael;, had experimental! proote hereof to our great comfort ? 
Oh how then fhould our ill requitals of Gods goodnefs break 
our hearts. Have not we returned to our God evill for good, 
and even hatred for his good will ? What elie meane, the low- 
ing of the Oxen 3 and the bleating of the Sheep which I hear? 

Doe not errours broached (, and blafphemies belched out a- 
gainft God in this Kingdome proclaime it > Doe not cmel op- 
preffio'ns, wherof many of your Committees itand guilty, pub- 
liih it in all the corners of the Land I Doth not the contempt 
of Chrifts government. Ordinances, Officers, witnefie it, farre 
andneare? What elfe fpeakes our crying downethe Sojemne 
Nationall League and Covenant., which makes the-ears of our 
Brethren in Forreign parts to tingle ? What elfe isdifcoyered, 
by.a bold pleading for tolleration ofall Sects, under pretence 
of indulgence to tender confeiences. Alas, alas ! Might not ; 
GodsMeiFengersfpeaketous, as Mofes did to itrae! ofolde, 
Jjeut. 32. 6. J)oe ye thus reward the Lord , yefoolijhpofle and un-* 
yife,&c. 1 \W. ' 

I might here (heW you that the abufe of Gods goodnefs doth 


at their Momthly Faft\ April 28. 1647. 15 

much aggravate fin, and greatly endanger the finner, Jer.i. ip, Jer. 2. r^To. 
20. It is an will thing and bitter , that thou baft forfakjm the Lord 
iby God> and that there is not in thee thefeareofmy Name. For of old 
time I have broken tbyyoake and burnt thy bonds. . 

But I know, that there is nothing which more deepely 
wounds an ingenious, a gracious heart upon the remembrance 
of fin, then injury offered to (6 good a God. Againft tbee thee 
only have Ifmned^ was Vavihs mournfull complaint, PfaL 51,4. pf a j me 1# 4 
Itrunnes not thus in his lamentation. Again!* my houfe , my - 
Kingdome, my felfe have I finned , though there was 'truth in 
all that , as the Hiftory declares. And now I believe he had in 
his thoughts Gods goodnefle , whereof Nathan before had re- 
membredhim, 2 Sam. 12. 

And no marvail that this confederation doth paine a pious 2 I2> 
penitent heart, for this anwoi'thinefle, this worifykindofun- 
thankfulnefle, doth put God himfelfe upon complaint and la- 

The Prophet Ifaiab brings in God upon fuch like returnes 
for his goodnefle, bemoaning himfelfe ( as it were ) before the 
fencelefle creatures, lfa. 1. 23. Heare b heavens , and give'eare b Efa. «. 23. 
earthy for the Lord hath fyoken it. I have muriflted and brought up 
children^ and they have rebelled againft me. The Oxe krioweth his ow- 
ner •, and the Affe his Mafters crib. But Ifrael doth not know> &c. Ab 
finfullNation , m 

God isburthened with fuch bafenefs, and therefore fighing- 
lyfayes; Ah, I will eafeme ? veij. 24. The Lord command 
your confeiences to bring this home for your humiliatioa,both 
in reference to mifcarriages publique and perfonall. For how 
much or how little better you be for all your deliveranees,God 
and your confeiences beft know. And though our felves be not 
fcandaloufly guilty , yet the fins of others in our Ifrael fhould 
in this regard afflict our hearts, Gen. 3 4. Its faid of Jacobs Sons, 
The mm were grieved (in reference to Sechems fin) becaufe bee had Gen * s * 
wrought folly in Ifrael. 

3. For Information. How unlike unto God are all thole Vfe.. 
Who thinke ill, wifti ill, fpeake ill, plot ill, and pra&ife ill, a- 
gainft the Ifrael of God. 

la all the fore-mentioned particulers , expr eiTed in the Do- 


A Sermon preached beore the Hon fe of Commons 

Pfalmei37 : 

c"trine,they are contrary to God. For they i . really, 2 . un wea- 
riedly, 3. with the heate of the higheit difpleafure make oppo- 
sition againft Gods people. Their heads, their hearts, their 
hands, their purfes, their pens j their votes, then Swords, their 
friends , are all again!} the welfare oiZion , the evel-doing of 
Gods IfraeL Though Gods word chide them, crofie providen- 
ces check them , and their owne confciences troublefomely re- 
coyle upon them, yet will they furioully , defperately engage 
againft Gods people. 

Doubtleffe thefe are not God-like. But Edom-like, who cry- 
ed againft Ierufalem, Pfal. 137. Town with it, down with it, even to 
the ground. And Moab-li\e, who faid to Balaam, Num. 2.2. 6. Come curfe 

this people. Sending to hell for helpe , to lay wane the Church 

Yea Devil-like, who like a roaring whom hee may 
1 Pet- 5- 8. devoure, 1 Pet. 5. 8. And might he have his will, he would not 
fuffer a true Ijraelite to live. 

I know that Ifraels enemies are of feverall kinds , fome ap- 
pea:e in wayes of open hoftility, others oppoie more covertly 
and fubtily. But the^Manner and meanes of their way-laying 
Gods people in their comforts and hopes, are all knowneto 
God^ who accounts them his adverfaries , and will deale with 
them accordingly. 

Gods Church being allured of this truth, doe under this no- 
Pfalm 83.1. 5p tion turn the edge of their prayers againft them, Pfal. 83. 1.59. 
Keep not tboufilenee God, &c. For loe thine enemies makf <* tumult) 
and they that hate thee have lift up the bead. 7key have takgn crafty 
counfell againft thy people, and confulted againft thy. hidden ones. They 
have faia, come, kt us cut them off from being a Nation , that the 
name of Ifrael may be no more in remembrance, &c. perfecute them 
with thy tempeft, &c. 

4. For examination. It nearely concernesus all, to prove 
whether we be true Israelites'. 

1. Who delires not to know his right to this prerogative 
now laid open, which isfopretious, and fo compreheniive, as 
you have heard. Men of the world imagine that they can ne- 
ver make fure enough their title to earthly accommodations. 
G that we were fo wi(s for our foules. 2 . All 


at their Momthly F aft 9 Aprih8. 1647. 17 

2.* All are not Ifrael , wJiw are of Ifrael faith the Apoftle, Rom. Rom p. tf. 
9. 6 . Neither every naturall Ifraelite, who iflued out or" Jacobs 
loyns, nor every vilible member of the Cbriftian Church, muft 
now bee admitted into the fellowfhip of that Ifrael which my 
Text fpeaks of. 

3. And we who by naturall delcent are Gentiles, may yet by 
a fpirkuall Intereft, be ftiarersin the priviledges of the Ifraelites 

ofolde. Ephefz. 19. Tee (faith the Apoftle to the Epbeftans ) Ephef. 2- 1$> 
are no more grangers , nor forreiners , but fellow Citizens with tbe 
Saints, and of tbe boujbold of God, &c. 

4. The knowledge of our propriety in the immunities , li- 
berties of this Ifraels Charter, wil wonderfully conduce to our 
fpirituall advantage, both in point of fervice and comfort. The 
Apoftle fpeaks much to this purpofe, in his Epiftle unto the £- 
fbeftans, that they might admire Gods rich grace in Chrift,and 
make a fruitfull improvement thereof in their converfation. 

Now in Cbrift Jefus,ye wbofometimes were far off, are made nigh by ^ ^ 2 ' I3 ' 14 ' 
tbe blood ofCbrifi. For be it our pace, who bath made both one , and ' 
hatb broken downe tbe middle wall of partition betwixt us, &c And 
we have acceffe by one Spirit to tbe Father, &c. 

Now the difcovery of a right borne Ifraelite in the fence of 
the Goipel, may bemade by tnefe foure notes following. 

Firft, A conforming of our courle according to'Canonicall 
Scripture. This note lyes faire. Gal. 6. 16. So many as walkg ac- Gal- <*• *6- 
cording to this rule, tbe Ifrael of God. - Irridet obl }^f 

There are two things notable in this Chrafter, 1. The true ^Zoftmjt 
Ifraelite in all doubts and ambiguities hath reference to the ho- Santiam f qui 
ly Scriptures, for direction and fatisfa&ion. de carnali A- 

It is not the judgement of fuch and fuch men , which alone b™k<* proge^ 
carries him, nor the phantafies of our owne brains, which are n ^f u Perbiebat^ 
by many called Revelations , and new lights. Some for Inde- fatiifraekm* 
pendency; Others for Presbytery. A third for Epiicopacy. k unum larvatum 
fourth fort for Newtrality , waiting only in policy to lee w ch quih homnwn 
way may bemoft advantagions in accomplishing their own in- con fpeSu app&~ 
feriourends. No, no, but the true Ifraelite defires to know the gj}' ^ run * 
minde of the holy Ghoft in Scripture , whether it agree or ' .? v * 
disagree with his own defigns, engagements, alTociates. 

2. Tbe true Ifraelite walkes according to his Scripture light 
D As 

1 8 A Sermon preached before the BouCe of Common t 

1 «ke j. 6. As L«% i. 6. It is faid ot'Zacbary and Elizabeth. Toey walked in 

all the Coirmandemems and Ordinances of Go J. 
ypft™" Not as many , who only protefle , and prate according to 

lncctknc Mihi Scripture rule the original! word walk ranflated, iignines (as 
v f et f d **%& Beza wel obferves) both exattnefTe and constancy , in fleering 
abq HLJ"ZL- our courfe according to Canonicall Scripture. Whereas the 
naJHrfignifica- Hypocrites jaj and do wfyMatth. 23. 3. 

re , nempe ita Secondly, A minding of the inward man , in the courfe of 
incederejit cer* obedience. This my Text tells us, Gods Israel is cleane or pure of 
turn ordinem £ mr .And St. Peter affirms, Alls 15.9. That God puts no difft- 
Tlmeamnm' Tence ^ etvt;ixt us Gentiles, and the beft of Jewes, having purified 
Iranfileas. <W '^ earts b J faith. 

Ads 15- 9- The Apoftle PWfpeakes out clearly andfully to thischara- 
Pvom.2 28,29. # er3 R om 2 . 28, 29. He is not a Jew, Qnfenceits the fame , which 
Quia aput Ju- ^ ^ mt m JfVaelice^) which is one outwardly. But he is a Jew, with 
ret batmam- ™ one inwardly , and Circumcifton is that of the heart in the Spirit, 
alit circumci- The true hraelitelookes inward, works inward^ both in avoi- 
fio . ding fin, and doing lervice. 

Therfore thegawdy outfide Pharifees,muft not goe for right 
Ifraelites, who are like gilded Sepulchers ', who honour God with 
lip, but their hearts are far from him. 

Tbudly, A true Ifraelite is Natbaniel-lify, a man in whom there 
John i. 48. is no gpils, John 1. 48. 

ir e rh decitur .. He defires not to cozen the world with faire fiouriflies. Hee 
fffy qwre-ip\^ had much rather be good, then appeare good. Not fnewes but 
talis eft, f^H fubftaiice is in his heart and endeavour. 
eye vi emr- y^. g cufs ^ cxmfo& 9 and crufheth the hopes of thofe people 

Match. 23- $- * vn0 on ^y deftre to be feene of men. As hiattb.'i^. 5. our Saviour 
defcribes the Hypocrites. A plaudite from men, is much more 
contenting to them, then an Euge bone feme, etfidel'u. Welldone 
good and faitbfull fervani from God, Mat tb. 25. 23. 
Match- 2$. 23- 4- A genuine Ifraelite may bee knowneby his trading with 
God in prayer. For hence it was, that Iacob originally received 
Gen. 32.28. this Name, Gen.% 2.28. as I hinted before. 

I know that the Rabbins vainly fancy, that the Angell with 
whom Jacob wreftled, was Efaubis AngeU, who now way-laid 
Jacob, and hindred him in his courfe : but the hiftory it felfe in 
many paffages fufficiently confutes this conceit, and therefore 


at their monethly Faft, April 28. 1647. 19 

I fhall not beitow any words about that conceit : but wil ihort- 
Jy charafterize his prayer, for the proofe of yours, and confe- 
quently to manifett to your con fciences , whether you b*e true 
Ifraelites. Now in Jacobs prayer, (which I give in as a touch- 
ftoneto try yours) thefe things are conUuerab'e. 

1. It was an occaiional prayer, (liiting wich his prefent con- 
dition. Gen. 32. 1 j . Deliver me If ray thee from the band of my bro~ Gen ' 32- I! ' 
ther, the hand o/Efau. A new danger occasions a new prayer. 

Although I dare not condemns all (et forms of prayer as fin- 
full, yet 1 confidently afhrmc, that they are not fully fatisfying 
untoatruelfradke , who will vary in his tranfa&ions with 
God, according to the variation of providencies. For both 
love to the Lord and ielfc-Iove, caufeth the right bredChriiii- 
an to poure forth all new concernments into Gods bofome, 

2 d . It was fecret. Gen. 32.24. Jacob was left alone , and were G™ 32-24- 
wr eft led. 

Though the true Ifraelite refufeth not to pray with others, 
yet hee cannot be content , except hee fometimes graple with 
God.hand to hand. (Bearewithmy bold expreffion , for the 
Scripture cals prayer wrefting.) 

Every gracious heart hath fomewhat to whifperinto Gods 
care alone, which is not fo meet to fpeake out in company, & 
warme loves will feefce fecret converte and communion. 

Let the querehere be , whether your hearts can take up con; 
tentedly, with prayers in company. 

3 d It was penitentiall.The Prophet Ho fed having occasion to 
review this Hiftory 9 tels us that Jacob weft & made juffiication y Hofea 12- 4- 
Hor.12.4 . And why wept the good man > As his teares expi'ei- 
fed his fervency in prayer : So it is probable, that they were ei> R ; tet ;„ / w - 
feels and cxpredions of his forrow , for that tricky of Leger-de- 
hidifoe* that finfull deceit, whereby he deceived his old Father, 
andcheatedE/k^ofthehleffing: which fraud ot his provoked 
his Brother, Gen.2j. 41. Efau hated bis brother becaufe of tkeblef- Gt- n . 27.41. 
fm£. And this is the rather credible, becaufe the Angel by as- 
king hisname, GeH.32.27. and his repeating it (my name is Geo- -2-:7. 
Jacob) rnigh^iut him in mind of that mhoanra^e, which Ej'ak 
Jong before laid, didfuite well with his name, Gez2.27.36. is bt Gen 27. $5. 
not rightly named Jacob., for be bath fuffUntedxie rbefe two tiiies. 
D 2 the 

20 A Sermon preached before the Houfe of Commons 

The true Israelite defiresto wet the ground where he wreliles 
with teares, that if he be foiled, his fall may be the more eafie. 
He reviews with forrow his fins againftGod,when he prefents 
his prayers before him. 

Men of flinty remorflefife fpirits, may in this refpeft queftion 
their Spiritual! eftate , who commonly ftand up under the re- 
membrance of fin, with dry eyes, and fencelefle hearts. 

4 th . It was hiimble.Jacobs humility appeared divers waves. 
€kn- 3 2. io. i Jn his reviewing his former bare & low condition,Gew. 3 2 . 
loWithmy (taffe I faffed over this Iordan,bringing nothing elfe. 
TheChaldee expounds it, my [elfe alone. Doe you frequently, 
confeiencioufly reflect upon your perfonall, domefticall, poli- 
ticall lownefle, that your hearts may not fwell before God. 

2. Acknowledging God the Author of all hisencreafe, of 
Sen- 32.10- bis happy change, Gen.%2. 10. themerdes which thou hafifbewed 

to thy fervanu Not idolizing felfe-induftry, vigilancy, policy, 
(though much hereof was in him, as the Hiftory relates) buj he 
lookes as farre as Gods hand and blefTing. Doe you caft your 
eyes beyond your owne Counfels, and your Armies courage in 
your fucceffes. I mention not more fecret concernments. 

3. Confefling himfelfe, kffe then the leaft of all tbefe favours, 
Gen. 32. 10. with which the Lord had now filled him , Gen. 32. 10. The 

proud Hypocrite lookes through felfe-conceite upon his Alias 
too little : but the true Ifraelite freely acknowledged himfelfe 
lefle then the Ieaft of the bleffings which God beftoweth , and 
thus much he here freely exprefleth before God in prayer. 
5 th . It was fervent. This is implyed, in that his praying is 

Gen- 32. 24' called wreftling. Gen. 32.24. Wherein there is both intention of 
mind, and extention of bodily ftrength. Both dexterity and a- 
bility are exercifed in wreftling. 

So in right prayer, all the faculties of the foule , (vici) the 
underftaoding, memory, will, affeftions, and all the graces in 
the heart are ferioufly fet on work. 

£&wis ^e Apoftle James gives a full defcription of it, lames 5.16* 

irepap&N "the effsduall fervent payer. 

Hon vox fed It is a working prayer. Lip-laboured prayers, well- worded 

votwn- fupplications, are no good arguments to prove a true Ifraelite. 

Much lefle will yawning, fluggHh, bed-ridden devotions evi^ 
dencea mans intereft in this prerogative, &. I*. 

at their Monethly Fuji, April 28. 1647. 21 

6 th . It was fiduciall.This appeares ». By his pleading Gods 
promife,<je/z.32. 9- 12. Thou [aidftreturne unto tby Country. and to ^32.9.12* 
tby Kindred, andlwil do tbeegood, &c. Faith in right prayer takes 
hold on the engagements of God grace, when it cannot fatten 

2, By his clofing with the Angel , who was Cbrifi. Holy 
faith, though humbly , yet adventuroufly ftrikes in with Jefus 
Chrift, being in regard of his humanity our neere Kinlman, 
and our Mediator , according to the appointment of the Fa- 
ther. And the obedientialnefTe of his heart to Gods command, 
was amanifeft figne 3 that his faith was right, verf. 9. Thou faidjl 
returne. As though he had fpoken in more Words, thus. Lord 
I am come hither in obedience to thy call and command, there- 
fore doe not difapoint the hopes of thy fervant. True faith 
which embraceth the promife, doth fubmitto the command of 

7 th . ItwasforaBIeflingj Gen. 32. 26. /will. not let theegoe^ Gen. 52. %6. 
except thou blejfe me. 

This I conceive was not only for deliverance from the ap- 
proaching imminent danger, but forforne manifeftations of 
his love 5 that in fome kind, according to his promife he would 
doe him good, verf. 9. 

The Pfalmift gives in this as an infallible mark of the true 
Ifraelite, Pfalm 24. 6. 'this is the generation of them whofeeke tbee 9 pf a i me 24. 6% 
wbofeekg thy face. As David exprefleth himfelfe, Pfalm 4. 6. Ma- pfalm 4. 6. 
ny fay , who will (hew us any good, but Lord lift thou uf the light of 
thy countenance upon me. 

The fmiles of Gods face are rather begged thea the the gifts 
of his hand. Loves rather liberality in outward contentments, 
are looked for, and longed after by the gracious heart. 

8 th - Itwasconftant&perfevering, Qen. "3 2. 2 4,2 5,26. There 
wrefrled with him a man till the breaking of the day. And when befaw Gen ?2, 2 4> 2 5> 
that he prevailednot againft him , be touched the hollow of bis thighs 
and the hollow of Jacobs thigh was out ofjoynt as hewrejiledwitb him. 
And he faid let me goe , for the day breaketb. And bee faid 1 will not 
let thee goe except thou blejfe me. From thefe words note, that he 
continued praying, 1. Notwithftanding Gods delayes. Al- 
though God give no anfwer, yet the true Ifraelite will not give 

v a off 

22 A Sermon preached before, the Houfe of Commons 

ofFprayer. He muftand will continue this worke., though h e 
receive not wages. 

2. Notwithstanding Gods den yals. Faith interprets deny- 
als, in this cafe, as tryals, which rather quicken then diflioir- 
ten. And the gracious heart keeps Gods command in the eye 5 
and therefore will doe duty, though comfort be denyed. 

3. Notwith sanding Gods oppofing pinching providences. 
Though Jacob iutter in continuing his conteft, yet he will ra- 
ther fuffer then linne. The loile of the ufe of a limb , will not 
caufe him to come off from his God. Bring all this home to 
your hearts I pray you. GoodChriftians can experimentally 
fubfcribe to fuch fad difpenfations from God to whom they 
no anfwer. 2. They read down-right denyals in fome of Gods 
pray. 1. They have providences. 3. Yea, their condition feems 
to grow worfe and worfe. Lofles are encreated, CrolTes renew- 
ed 3 temptations multiplyed, yet they continue praying. 

Vfe. 5 th * ^ or confolation.Conlider, Veut 33-29- Happy. art thou b 

Deut. 23. 2$. Ifraclj who is like to thee^ people faved by tke Lord, tbejhield of thy 
belpe y and who is the [word of thy excellency , and thine enemies fh all 
be found lyers unto thee^ and thoufbalt tread upon their high places. 

How fweetely fruitful! is this Scripture for the comfort of 
Gods people.But I muft leave the enlargement, <k the improve- 
ment hereof to your own meditations. 

I might here remember you of all the Cordials given out to 
Gods Ifraelm the proofe of the Do&rine. 

But I fhal onely briefly point at the amplification of this ufe 
under two general! heads, vid. 1 . The removing of difcourage- 
ments. 2. The propounding of encouragements to every true 

1. This truth improved , will take off our greateftdifcou- 
ragernents which mon ordinarily arife from thefe 4. grounds. - 

Firft, Our oxvne vpe^neffe^ Either to difcharge fervice, or to 
refill afla ul ts,To' bear affii&ionSjOrto fill relations. For God i; 
1 Sam. i$. 29. the flrength of Ifrael, 1 Sam. 15.25. And is not this a Cordial 
to the foulethat; is ready to faint under its oxvne fceblenelTe, 
t.o unckrftand that it hath interefx in the abilities of the Al- 
n%bty. • 

2; Our own unworthiwjfc.Ths foule which fiirvayeth its own 


at their Momthly Fafi 9 April 28. 1647. $% 

finfulneffe, is wont with fighs to fay .-Alas , I deferve no good, 

from the hand of God 3 no guidance, no affiftance , no fbpply, 

no comfort : yet in this cafe , Gods mercy may cheare , when ' 

merit cannot be pleaded. Let Ifrael hope in the Lord, for with the 

Lord there is mercy, Pfal. 130. 7. Pf 3 j n , I30 . 7 , 

3. Ourmanij : old future necejjities 3 confideredwitb our unanfwera- 
bleneffe to former favours. Thefe are the common complaints of 
gracious hearts. My receipts from God have beene many and 
great already , but I have not improved them , I hive abufed 
them rathenwhy therforeftiouldl look far any further know- 
ledg. But yet mould Ifrael hope. For with the Lord there is plen- 
teous redemption , Pfal. 130. 7. Former failings bewailed, fhall p^ , 
not interrupt the courfe of future kindnefs. Although old debts 

be not payed , yet God will give his Ifrael leave to goe upon a 

4. Our various and faynous provocations. If yet the poor fonle 
fay, 1 am not only weake and unworthy in my felfe , or only 
unthankfull for, and unfaitable to former mercies in my con- 
versation : but alas , how many evills arife in my heart again ft 
his government, and break forth in my life unto his difhonour: 
yet is there comfort. For God will redeeme Ifrael from all his ini- 
quities, Pfal. 130. 8. 1 only point at thefe things ,. not having pf a | me , 30 . g 
leizureto enlarge them. 

2. This Doftrine applyed by faith will adminifter marvel- 
lous encouragement in every change and condition, of life 
whatfoever unto Gods Ifrael. 

For 1. Though amongfl: men they are defpifed as the of-fcou- 
ring of all things. Yet Ifrael is Gjds peculiar Treafure } Pfal. 135.4. 
The difference which God puts betwixt an Ifraeliteand a Cana- 
anite , is greater then men make betwixt their Jewels and dirt 
in the ftreet. 

2. Though friends forget their labours and adventures of 
love (as many in thefe times of fo great changes have too much 

caule to complain) yet thus faith the Lord, Efa 44.2 1 . Thou art Ef a . j 4 . 21 
my fervant Ifrael, thoufbalt not be forgotten of me. God keepee a 
Catalogue of their Names, their fervices, their fufferings, and 
of every thing which may render them acceptable to himfelfe. 

3 . Though men leave us to ftiift for our felves , taking no 


24 A Sermon p reached be ore the Houfe of Commons 

care for our fafety. As fome of your fervants(pardon my bold- 
neflej whom you formerly flickered , are now negle&ed both. 
in thek credit and comforts. Yet God, who tyepetb Krael , doth 
neverjlumbernorjleep. The Lord is thy keeper, the Lordkimfelfe 
3>ft 1. 121.4,5,7 upon thy right hand. The Lordfhall preserve thee from allevill , &c. 
Pfal. 121. 4,5. 7. And he who hath Gods guard, may without 
danger want mans protection. 

4. Though there be nothing in us to deferve Gods favoura- 
rable difpenfations for our welfare. Yet his honour is engaged 
to accomplilh k,as the Lord himfelfeby the Evangelicall Pro- 
phet expreffeth it, Efa 46. 13. I will place falvation z'wZion for 
Ifrael my glory. And doubtlefle his Majefty will maintaine his 
own glory, how low, how little foever we be in our own eyes, 
or the account of others. 
Vfe. 6 th . For admonition, which is two-fold. Firft, to Gods If- 

rael.Let them be hence warned, to take heed of a double rocke. 
h Of envy, whereof they are in danger when the wicked pros- 
per. 2. Of difcontent, to which they are difpoled when them- 
felves fuffer. 

I mail not need to travail out of this 73. Pfalme, for the en* 
larging of this life : For this very Pfalmift acquaints us expe*» 
rimentally. 1 . Both with this double difeafe with which he 
was diftempered- 2. And with the medicines, the means wher- 
by hewas well cured. 

I laid open thefe maladies before, in the particular proofe of 
the Do&rine : therefore now I (hall only name the feverall 
ingredients in the medicine, or antidote, which may be for our 
preferuation or recovery. 

Firft,To prevent or remove envioufnes arifing in the heart, 
becaufe bad men fare fo Wei in the world. Confider with your 
(elves, that all their enjoyments are 1 . Empty deceiving appea- 
tmafmlhrum rances > § av nothings, i/er.20. As a dreame when one awakes , fo 
'admiratio nift Lo rd when thou awake ft , thou fbalt defpife their image, 
guiafopor men- They are as men in a dream who judg the worlds vanities, to 
tes noftrai oc- be better then unfatisfying fhadows unto a wel awaked foul. 
™P at - i ma i° 2. Uniforming. Thefe men are wicked though they profper y 
hicfigwficat va £- 12 fhejj. I ar a e poffeflions have no fuch influence either 
amut apparen into tneir hearts or lives, as to make them better. . 
Nam Calv 3 • Cor- 

at their Monethly F 'aft 3 April28. 1647. 25 

11 - 4 ■ : ~ 

3 . Corrupting, v. J&9- 1 1. Their eyesftand out with fatnefs* Tbey 
are corrupt , and fpeake wickedly concerning opprejfion ; tbey fpeake 
hftily.Tbeyfet their mouth againft heaven. They fay how doth God fee. 
As wines and cordials to a man in a fever, enfiame the blood 
and increafe the difeafe. So are thele men worfer for their ho- 
nour and worldly abundance. They are the morefinful becaufe 
God is Co bountifull. 

They cannot poflibly preferve their owners from perifhing, 
vcrf. 18, 19. Thoucaftedjl them downe into deduction. How are they 
brought into defolation , as in a moment. Envy not that gallantry 
which can neither keep off a ftorm nor the fcorching Sun. 

Secondly, to ftaunch murmuring, and fuprefle difcontent in 
refpett of our owne wants and afflictions. 

Consider that you are upright, have rather reafon to raife up 
your hearts in the admiration of Gods incomparable goodnes, 
in the words of the Text. Ob how good is God. Mind I pray you 
for this end fourc remarkable pauages in this Pfelme 3 which 
I muft only name, without illuftration or enlargement. 

1. Weehavefoule-fatisfa&ioninGod, verf* 25. Gcd it the 
ftrengtb of my hearty andmy portion for ever. All the neceflities of 
the heart are anrwered, and all the capacities of the foul are fil- 
led, out of the Al-fufficiency ofGod^ and therefore there is no Gen. 35.1*. 
repining. I have all faith Jacob, Gen. 33.11. The originall fo 
eXprefleth it. 

2. They have fiireprefervation from him, verf. 23. lam con- Gratias agiu 
tinually with thee, thou hafibolden me by my right band. When dan- quod in illarur 
gers draw nigh,God is more high,to fecure from al threatning in* proclivity 
mifchiefs both temporall and fpirituall. Now at this time the ^r^H, ne 
Pfalmift was ready to be carried headlong upon rockes, but "the p/Jj^ excide- 
handofOmnipotency fecuredhim. ret. Calv- 

3. We have his fpeciall direction, verf. 24. Tbouftjalt guide me 
with thy ComfeU. In wayes of darknefle and danger a good guide 
is comfortable. What our prefent times be in regard of perni- 
cious errours, &c I need not lay j therefore the (eafon adds to 
the fweetnefle of this engagement of Gods grace for the gui- 
dance of his word and Spirit. y^ f . 

4. God undertakes, with the communication of all needfull tath^oftr**' 
comforts here,our full glorification hereafter, verf. 24. Andaf- curfum cempk* 
tcrwards tkoufbalt reciveme to glory. The promife is very com- $nur- Ca!v- 

E prehenlive 

i6 A Sermon preached before the Houfe ofComtmns 

prehenuve, containing the communication of all needfull con- 
tentment/upon earth, & the inhetiting of happineife in heaven. 
From all thefe coniiderations,i may conclude my counfel with 
Heb- is- $• tne words of the Apoftle, Hzb. 13.5 . Be c.mtent with fuch wings as 
ye have. For be bath faid, 1 will never leave thee nor for fake tbee.The 
ori-imall is very Emphaticall, for there are 5 . Negatives. 
i fw» scT « m 1 mil never not leave th:e, no, never notforfake thee. 
Secondly, the admonition to all others follows. Seeing God 
Jer. 33 ■?. * s *"° §° ^ to Ifwh ta ^ e heed of doing them any hurt,7er~.33 .9. 
Toe Lord [aid to Jeremiah tfa Prophet 3 all tbe Nations of the earth 
fhallbeare of all tbe good that I doe to Ifrael , and they fb all fear e and 
tremble for all tbe goodneffe , and for all tbe profperity that 1 procure 
S r 18 10. unt0 * tm ^ ea ? 1 remember the Speech of the man who told 
I2 ' Joab, the reafon wherefore he killed not Abfolom the Tray tor, 

when he found him hanging by his head upon an OdkeJtbougb 
Ifljould receive a thoufandjbeekjes o'f filver inmy band , yet would 1 
not put forth my band againft tbe Kings Son, for inmy bearing , tbe 
King charged. Beware that none touch Abfolom. Here take notice 
of Gods inhibition and former readinefTe to vindicate their 
Pfalme 105.12- wrongs, Pf. 105.12.15,16. When thzy were few., yea very few, be fuf- 
Hi H- fered no man to doe them wrong, but he reproved even Kings for then 

fakes, faying. Touch not mine Anointed,nor do my Prophets no harme. 
And I appeal to yourconfeiences , whether Gods charge con- 
cerning his people, mould not more prevail then Davids in re- 
fpeft of Abfolom. 
Zach 2- %,9. 2. How apprehenfive he is :>f their miferies. accounting then 
as reaching himfelfe, Zach.2.%^. He that toucheih)ou,toUcbetb tbi 
Apple of mine eye.Together with the danger incurred , thougt 
Ad 9' 4- done ignorantly. As appears in the cafe of 'Saul, why perfecutef, 
thou me faith Chriil, AU. 9.4.1? k hard for thee to kick^againjt f/j< 
prices. Beware of a defign or vote againft Gods Minifters anc 
V\e. fervants. 
Pfal. 73- 28 ' yth. Exhortation. 1 . To draw nigh to God, P173 .28. This wa. 
the inference of the Pfalmifr. Both prudence and ielf-love mai 
put us upon this improvement, from the hearfay of Gods good 
nefle : and the rather mould this perfwafion prevail with you 
who have had in variety of experience, proofe of Gods good- 
nefie unto this our Ifrael. Now this is to be done two wayes 
1 . By felfe-refignation. 2 . By fupplkation. 


at their monethly Faft, April 28. 1647. 27 

Firft, By felf-reiignation to God.This improvement of my do- 

ftrine was long iince foretold to be made in Gofpel times 3 Z*d». Zach 8. 21,22, 

8.2 1 ,2 2 ,2 3. The Inhabitants of one City pal pe to another, joying, *3< 
come, let us goefpeedily to feeke the Lord. Tea many feefle and firing 
Nations (ball come to the Lord , &c Saying, wee mil goe with you, 
for wee have heard that the Lord is with }ou. 

It is reported, Heft 8.17. That upon the famous deliverance HefterS tji 
which God wrought for the Jewes from Ramans con fpiracy. 
The Jewes had pi and gladnejfe , and many of the people of the 
Land became Jewes. Oh that the thoughts ot Godsgoodnefle 
to I\rael might work upon many hearts. 

This might be lengthened , by coniidering that Ifraels re- 
ceipts from God are, ^^ 

1. For quantity, the greateft. 2. For variety the choyfeft. ^ m 
3 . For quality, the fweeteft. 4. For fecarity, the iureft. 5 . For 
duration, the laitingeft, Whereas the contents of them , who 
keep at a di'lance from God, are 1 . Scanty, ihort,aod not fa- 
tisfying, 2. Few, and not extending to our feveral] neeefli- 
ties. 3. Unfavory and vcxin?. 4. Falfe and fading. Now 
this felfe-furrender to God , in. Covenant renewing, fhould be 

1. Rational!, from the apprehenlion of our engagements to 
himj and fatisfaftioris to be received from hinr 

2. Totall. For the whole man is due. unto him, and our AH 
is too little for him. therefore yeeld your [elves unto the Lvrd, 
2 Chron, 30. 8. 

3. Voluntary. Gods people are a people of willingnefe, Pfalme 
1 1 p. 2. Where can the will find fo compleat, fo pure , fo fuita- 
ble an object to choofeas God is. 

4. Sincere. Intending Gods hoflour as truly as our owne 
gaine, iti this felfe dedication. Glorifie God both in your bo- 
dies ond [firits , for they are Gods , 1 Cor. 6. 20. iCor^.20. 

5': Cohftant. To ferve him in holineffe and righteoufneffe before 
him all the dases of our life, Lake 1. 74, 75. If you can finde a- Luke 1.74, 7$. 
ny point of time , wherein Goddeferves not yourfervice , or 
wherein you need not his grace, then with-draw your felves 
from him. 

Secondly, By fupplication, Jer. 14. 8, 9. thou the hope oflf- J e rem 14.8.9. 
rnelj &c. Wherefore fbouluft thou be afiranger. IVe are called by *):y 
E 2 Nume, 

28 -A Sermon preached before the Houfe of Commons 

Name, leave us not. Have not wee reafon to make the fame ufe 
of this Do&rine ? 
Hofea 12. 4. Thatplace in Hofea 12 . 4. is very remarkable, where the Pro- 
phet relating to Jacobs iuccifefnll prayer , fpeakes thus. He 
found bim in Bethel, and there be fya\e with us. Rivet hath this 
njte upon the place. 

It was a Proverb amongit the Hebrews. Qy.£ patribus accide- 
runtfignwn jmtfiliis. The Fathers concernments were the chil- 
drens documents. They applyed their Fore-fathers experience 
unto their owne proper encouragements. And this doth fea- 
fonably conccrne us in regard of our oppoiites. For Ijraels 
God can fubdue the rebellious , calme the mutinous , and re- 
ctiriethe erroneous ->ina word. He can behead us in regard of 
^Sfegu all other concern nents wh.-tioever. Therefore bee more fre- 
quent in prayer. And I befeech you be more reverent in your 
approaches to the Almighty by holy prayer. 

Secondly. To imitate God in his goodnefle to Ifrael. Here 
fiSam.*9-x-7- remember 2 Sam. 9. 1.7. The ingenuity , the gratitude of 
Vavid towards Jonathan in his refpe&s towards his Allyes. Is 
there any to reborn I may flew \indneffe for Jonathans /^e, &c. 
Surely we &ould be kmde to the godly, for Gods fake much 

if Be redly kind. Doe not feed them only with fair words, 
1 John 317^- \Iohm. 17, 18. My little children ( faid the beloved Difciple ) 
let ur not love in tongue , but in deed and in truth. 

When they petition you according to their feverall neceffi- 
ties , and grievances , doe notthinke it enough to tell them, 
that you will in due time take their cafe into confideration. 
Right Honourable and Behved, our God is not only verbally 
good unto his Ifrael ; it is not his manner to put off Petitio- 
ners with good words. 2. ^zfingularly favourable to fuch, Gal. 
Gal- 6-?. 6.9. Do good efpecially to the Houfbold of Faith. Let the world 
know that you will put a difference betwixt a Saint and a Ma- 
lignant, and that your attions diftinguiQi betwixt them who 
have beene faithfull to God and you , and fuch who have 
bsene falfe both to you and God. Let piety rather then pri- 
1 vate interefts , and felf-feeking draw forth your favour. Mind 

this I befeech you both in your a&s of charity, and in confer- 
ring offices, places of honour, advantage and truft. Let meebe 


at their Monethly Faft, April 28. 1647. 29 

your remembrancer in particular, in behalf of the wounded foul- 
diers who have loft their limbs for you : and in the behalfeof poor 
widowes, whofe husbands havelo n t their lives in yourfervice. 
DoubtlefTebDth religion and reafon doth call for that, for which 
1 humbly move. 3. Bj conlaidy Friendly to them, Gal 6. 9, 10. GaJ 
Be not weary ofwel-doing.This was commended in the Hebrews^ h, 10 . 
6. 10. Toubave Miniflred to the neceffiticsoftbe Sainy, & doe yet mini- Heb. 6 -to. 
jhr- Oh never let it be truly faid that Englands Parliament growes 
cold-hearted towards old true-hearted friends. I might here mind 
you of that change which appears in you , both towards Gods 
faithfull Minifters and others, who have been your fail and faith- 
full friends in the times of your greateft heede. Oar Saviour gives M . 
you three admirable encouragements, Mat. 2510 pra&ife this du- att 25 ' 
tyin imitatiqp of your heavenly Father. ThefeoAccs ofloveihal 
finde with Jefus Chrift. 1 . Kind accep ranee, ver£ 40, In as much as 
you have done it unto one of the leafiof tbefe my Brethren, ye have do:ie it 
unto me. 2. Firm remembrance, verf. 3 4, 3 5 , &c Then (ball the King 
fay I was an bungred, andye gave me meate, I was thirty, andye gave me 
drinkg 9 &c. At the day of judgement all particular expreffiqiis of 
love (hall be recorded. 3 . Lirge recommence, verf.3 4. Come ye blejfed, 
inherit tbeKingdome prepared for you. The activity of faith wil add 
efficacy to thefe fhort hints. 

Thirdly, to requite Ifrads God I remember 2 King. 4.13. the 2 Kings 4. 
fpeech of the Prophet to the woman who had beene kind to him. ig. 
T"oou baft bad all tbif care for us, wbatfballwie doe for thee. Yea the 
Heathens yield to the law of retaliation in reference to men, Mat. Marth.5. 
5. 46,47. and therefore Chrift faith. This is nofmgular thine And 4**47* 
(hall we be worfe in relation to God > O God forbid. But you wil 
askemethequeftionin Lb 22.2. Can a man be profitable to God , as j , 
bee that is wife is profitable to bimfelfe ? And I muft anfwer, that the 22 ' a ° 
queftion implies a ftrong negation. For Pfal.16.2. Our well-doing pf g - 
dotb not extend to God by way of advantage. And our Saviour hath !,. 
taught us to fay. Woenwe have done all, Luke \j. jo. thatweareun- £11-1710. 
profitable fervants. Yet a gracious heart will bz enquiring, 'Pf. 1 16. 
12. What (ball I render to the Lord for all his benefits towards me. ?(ll6lz ~ 
Knowing that God may be glorified by man, in a way of man'x/e- 
ftation, though not by addition of any thing todiim, who is both 
perfeft and infinite. And thisnuy be 4<>ne by your Co tenant 
E 3 keeeping a 

30 ^ Sermon preached before the Houfe of Commons 

keeping, Pf. 1 1 6.1 2. 1 4. This was one part of the Pfalmitts anfwer 
unto the Fore-mentioned demand. I will pay my vowes. Wherein 
fhould be endeavoured, 1 . The conforming of your owne lives to 
Gods commands, according to the advice ofiojbuai) to others , & 
his refolution in regard of himfelf, wherof Wc read at large in the 
24 th . chapter of his Book. 2. The reforming of your Families. 
Thepra&ife of hcob mould be your pattern, who laid, Gen 35.2. 
To bit boufbold and all that were With him , put away the flrange Gods 
that are among you$ and mah^e you cleane. 3 . And the promoting of 
Exo. 15.2. Gods publike worfhip , Exod. 15.2. The Lord is myjirengtb & Jong 
(faith Moles & Tirael) and he is become my falvation , be is my God^ 
aid I will prepare' for bim an habitation. The things which lonely 
name^ are of mighty concernment 2 and they more concerne you 
then your Fore-fathers, as in many other regards, %> in refpeel: of 
p, . your Solemn League and Covenant w ch mould never be forgotten. 

• ' 2 ' 12 " Here I humbly crave leave to entreat youQMoble Senators) for 
Gods fake to be good antohis // poel. I now ipeak ofijrael as a po- 
litique body. The Apofile calls the Church the Commonwealth of 
j. r Ifrael) Ephef. 2.-12. And (eeing God hath called me this day to 
totumorbe ^P ea ^ in his Nam? to you, as to fpeakin Ghri -s name for you, I 
moderetur, will be faithfull. I told you before , that Ijael is Gods peculiar 
Ecclefiam treasure. And ihould^cro^n jewels be c<red for I 
tamsn fu- Now niee thinkes I heare you whifper , what would the ma n 

umdam haVC ? D ° ? y ° U ^ What W ° Uld tbe man h ' lVe ' The ^ lnifter ° f 
Mceph Chrift, an ^ y our Servant ( Right Honourable ) won id have the 

propriore IfraelofGod minded, thewel-fare of the Church moreendea- 

imuitu voured. We have liberty to fpeak to God forlfrael 3 and there- 


fore may be bold to fpeake for Ifrael to the chitfe;t of men 1 be- 
Hxc rath f eecn y oa b e gr od to the Church abrord , and to the Church at 
eft, cur 
prophet a 

home. As for the Church abroad , I (hall now looke no further 

Ifraelem then into Sc tl and z\\>> Ireland. 


For S cotl and I request, 1. A than kfuli remembrance of their 
Calv- brothei ly love and ailifcance in the time of otjr great need. 

2. Sympathizing bowels towards them in regard oi the fires 
which yet burn there, together with con ftant prayers. 

3. Care to continue firm the brotherly League of Love, and 
zealous with landing all overturesto the contrary. 

4. And readinefle to perform all good offices for that Church 


at their Momthly Faft^ April 28. 1647. 31 

and Nation , as occa'^on may bee offered in way of reall re- 

For bleeding Ireland, As Iearn o H:ly petition from you and 
all Chriirian praying hearts, teares and prayers, in wayes ordi- 
nary and extraordinary, till the Lord be p leafed to fiibdue the 
Rebels there, and to fettle peace with truth among ft them. So 
I befeech your care; 

i.Thatfuch Forces may be fteeded thither, as in probability 
may (through Gods bleifingj difpatch the work there. Alas, 
alas, why are our motions fo (low for our brethrens relief and 
deliverance. Their eftates, liberties, blood, lives, cry to you 
for reliefe. Take heed left through your negleft f their blood 
cry to God for vengeance. 

2. That the Army there, and to be fent thither, may be com- 
fortably and conftantly (iipplyed for their encouragement. 
For you knowfoy experience , what it is to promote the fuc- 
cesfull fervice of Souldiers by filling them with accommoda- 
tions , and what it is to break them , by with-holding means 
of fubiiftence and comfort. 

Now for the Church at home, what (hall I fay for diftra&ed, 
divided England, You know our difeafes , our diforders , our 
breaches, our dangers, and God hath given you power and 
oportunities to doe us much good. Ycu have heads and 
hands , the good Lord give you hearts alfo more and more to 
be faithfully ferviceable to himfelfe and unto IfraeJ. 

And here for Zi<ns fake I mud not be lilent , but (hall make 
bold to Petition fixe things , by the granting whereof I am 
confident, you (hall honour Goci, and well provide for Ifraels 

1. Theipeedy fetling of Church -go vernement through the 
Kingdome. And herein I in treat you be God-lil^e for ourifrael. 
1. In Reality, 2. InConftancy. 3. and Singularity of endea- 

I acknowledge with thankefulnefle your good beginnings, 
and I deiire that Nebemiab-likfyon may not ceafe till the work 
be finiihed. 

Our God when he hath begun a good worke in us, bee will 
prfeft it. And in the parable he is counted an unwife builder, 
who begins and makes not an end 3 Luk 1 4- An 

32 A Sermon preached beore the Boufe of Commons 

An half- faced government will make as a ("corn to our ene- 
mies at home, and a wonder to our friends abroad I beleech 
you let Gods houfe bee built and governed according, to bis 
own pattern.- Pvemember Mafes axa&neffe , in acting to rule, 
Heb. 5 . And the commendation which the holy Ghoft gives of 
his faithfulneffe. I intreat you to proceed from good motions 
to good actions, and in good actions to perfections. And let 
your hearts fpeafc as Pfal. 137. 5, 6. If 1 forget tbeeO Jerufalem> 
let my right band forget her wining. If I doe not remember the , let 
my tongue cleave to tbe riofeofmy moutb, if I prefer not Jerufalem 
/-above my chief e joy, or the head of my joy. You mould rather 
be content to be cut (hort of all comforts , to be dilmabled for 
any employment, then grow regardlefle of Gods Church. The 
flouriftiing eftate of the Church mould be more in your hearts 
and aimes, then your own houses or the Common-wealth. 

2. The fetting up of good Magifirates in every Countrey, 
who may be at hand to countenance the exercife of Ecclefiafti- 
Magiftmus ca M government. Therefore let n ot Parentage, parts, andpa- 
/ cufios tu trymony be looked upon as the only, or the chiefeft requintes 
irtufue tabufe. in a Juftice of Peace, or fuch others who are to be invefted with 
authority from you to manage the affaires of State. But fet up 
men according to Jetbro his direction, Exod. 17.22. Men of cou- 
rage, fearing God, bating covetoufnejfe, dealing truly. You (hould 
know them well whom you intend to truft with the civill 
Sword, for the conlequence of fuch a truft is marvellous^redt . 
3. The enlivening of old laws, and the making of new ones, 
for the punifhing of old fins, and the fupprefllng of new difor- 
ders. It is worthy your time and ftudy to find out the beft me- 
dicines to cure our growing difeafes. 

You have made good overtures to fee unto the better obfer- 
Ex malis morr vat j on f t h e Sabbath day , and Faffing dayes , Ihefeechyou 
wntur^kfs practically profecutethofe and fuch like motions. You know 
tget% that execution is the life of the Law. 

Lately you appointed a Solemn generall Faft that we might 
be humbled before God, and pray, in regard of the inundation 
of Errours and Herefies. Give mee leave to aske you whether 
yeu only intended to fpeake to God , and to act nothing. If 
you doe net adl: according to your Orders and Prayers , God 


at their monethly Faft^ April 28. 1647. 33 

will judge you as hypocriticall abufers of his Name and Ordi- 
nance. DoubtlefTe proportionable to your fincerity in apoin- 
ting that Fail, will be your zeale to fuppreffe that, for which 
you profefled humiliation before God. 

4. The regulating of the Army. That the Souldiers may 
neither, 1. Opprefs the eftates. 2. Nor infect the fouls of poor 

Its reported that your belt friends are worfi: dealt with. 
Faithfull Minifters and others , who have done and fuffered 
moft for your fake, are mod pinched by quartering , and that 
many known Cavalliers are entertained and maintained in our 
Army. Its too notorious that all forts of Errors abound and 
are abetted there. Either thefe reports which common fame 
carries abroad, are true or falfe. 

If falfe , then upon examination let the Army be cleared by 
fome Aft of yours. But if true, then I humbly Petition , that 
for the credite of the Army y the peace of the Kingdome , the 
well-fare of the Church, that for Ifraels fake y ou would fpee- 
dily bethinke your Cd ves how your army maybe throughly 

5 . The reforming of the Univerlities. Ihope you defire both 
a Learned Magiftracyand Miniftery 3 therefore the Universities 
fiipuld in no. cafe be negle&ed. 

1. Incourage the good work begun at Cambridge, by provi- 
ding honourable maintenance for the Mafters ofColledges, 
that they may be able to live there, in that fort as may become 
their places. If this bee not done , they muft either relinquifti 
their charge there, which would be deftru&ive to the worke of 
Reformation, or elfe be non-refidents , which will be fcanda- 

I° us « (jomifsion 

2. Speed the defired, much needed, long looked for t co wi i - 
4|ii for the purging of polluted Oxford. You cannot be igno- 
rant how much matters are out of order there, both in refe- 
rence to errours, yea herefies impudently broached, and alfo 
in refpe&of profefled Malignants continued. I am credibly in- 
formed, that fome Parents remove their children from thence, 
becaufe the Llniverfity is fo corrupt, and their hopes of a Pre- 
formation are tired out through difappointments. 

F Give 

34. -A Sermon preached before the Houfe of Commons 

Give me leave humbly to petition your ferious 3 your zea- 
lous care , that piety may be cherifhed 3 learning encouraged, 
errours fupprefled., profanenede punifhed , and notorious in- 
corrigible Malignants checked in both Universities. 

6. The encouraging of pious painfull Minifters. Had you 
no regard of them, as Chrifts Embaffadours, and fuch who un- 
der him are to bee Saviours to your foules : yet 1 pray you re- 
member how your work hath been carried on by their hands. 
Therefore I humbly move-jthat neither their Callings may be 
contemned and reproached as Antichriittan by them who are 
fa&ioiis and impetuous- 

^ 2. Nor their admin i=l rations interrupted by fuch who are 
Malignants profane or feditious. 

g. Nor their due maintenance fraudulently or violently 
with-held upon any pretence whatfoever. Tn this particular I 
profefle thaLl fpeak for my Brethren the more boldly, becaufe 
my felfe through Gods gooodneflV) have no reafbn through 
want^o fpeak for my felfe. Right HonourabIe s I befeech you 
flight not my faithful! advice from God and for God. Re- 
member you are Gods Stewards , andmuit bee accountable to 
him how youipend your time, improve your parts,trade your 
Interefts, ufe your authority. The ivorkeis worthy, and fuch 
asmaywel become the greateft among men, for it is Gods 
own work to care for the good of If rael. And it will bee your 
honour among men to be repairers of our breaches, yea it will 
be your comfort beforeGod here and hereafter, when you call 
to mind the faithfull fervice which you have done for his fer- 
vants, his houfe and Name. 

I conclude all with this requeft (which was the firft in mine 
eye in the choife of my Text) that you would in imitation of 
our God, be realty) conftantly, and abundantly good unto bis Ifrael. 


Die Mercuri] 28° Aprilis^ 1647. 

ORdered that M r - Alderman Atfyn doe 
from this Houfe give thankes unto Mr. 
4 [he for the great paines he tooke in the Ser- 
mon he preached this day at fflargaretfWeR- 
niniter before the Houfe of Commons , [it 
3eing a day of pubhque Humiliation } And 
:hat hee doe defire him to print his Sermon, 
wherein hee is to have the like priviledge in 
printing thereof, as others in the like kind 
aiually have had. 

H. Pari. D. Com. 

I appoint Edward Br ewfter to Print this Sermon, 
May 25. 1647. §1 meon Ash.. 

!l Reall ThankEiInefle ; | 

ll o a, | 


€ InyifULiSChurchLOJ^O^ ft 

*' Vpon the fecond day of No-vember, 1645. 

t| At a Publike Thankfgiving for the taking in of the ^ 

J; Towns and Caftles of Caermarthen and Mounmotvh 3* 

J] ir.Wales, ic being the firft Lor d s-day after the inaugu- ■§£ 

ration of the Right Honourable Thomas ^4 dams now 5^ 

Tfc Lord Major of that famous City. ^ 

*£ > 

^| ___ _ . - : . j^ 

^£ fty Simeon Afh Preacher M Bafwgfhaw, London, and one 3* 
*£ of the AfTembly of Divines. |f 

«£g PSAL, JO. 14. ^ 

$£ Offer to God thankfgiving, and pay thy vows unto the moH high. :§£■ 
*£ %* 

^g- P S A L. 50. 23. |^ 

*£ who (ooffereth praise, glonfuth me, and to him that order eth his ^r 
*£" conversion aright, mlilfhetvtbefatvationofGod. .^er 

<j€ _ . ■ — : & 

tf LONDON,. |* 

*% Printed by Q. Miller f or Edward Brewfter at the Sign of the Bible 1^ 
on Ludgate-hiii neer Fleet-bridge, M. D C. X L V. 2T 


THO^MJS ilT>A\?Ms 

Lord ^Major of the famous City of 
L o n d o N.rogether with thcrighr worfliip, 

full the Aldermen and Sheriffs thereof. 
Right Honourable, 

Hen I prepared this Sermon to attend your com. 
mands, it was very farre from my purpofe or 
thoughts, -to makeit mere publike then in thz_> 
Pu ¥ f * ^*nd although I fade in my felf m 
mjg&tm utter averfneffe (in many regards) to appear in 

nand) jet on by the foUi citations of feme others fath conquered 
ny unmllmgmsfo tranfenhe this Sermon for the Prefie 

1 prefume upon this Dedication , not only became the S or - 
*mwatfreached,and is printed at your command, hut alfo 
hat I might hereby mahanopen, gratefiS acknowledgment 
fyour love divers waies exprefed towards me. 

My Sermon is for jubilance the (elf fame, which you heard 
knowmt any one particular head, which I have either added 
'dtmwfhelonlyfomephrafes are changed (for my memory 
Wd not reach the fame exprefions) and the words ofScrL 
■we-quetations are given tn more largely , thin when I 
■eached CMy fub]eliUjeafonableforthefe times, wherein* 
e Lord hath been pleafedto give us in this City occafionto ce- 
bratemany dates of Thanhfgiving, The practice of our prai* 
' 9 is that which Godexpefts, and IperfwadtLj. 
Vntohow many in our x^ffembltes ( when we meet to Cm? 
*f> ma y wMfa* Olid vcrbaaudio,cum hfa i\t 
o* This people d,aweth nigh to roe .with their mouth, 
A a am $. 

The Epiftle Dedicatory. 

and honoureth me with their lips, but their heartis farre 
from rne.Lcquere,ut te videzm.Letyour lives anfweryour 
Ungate. When /hall your works witntffe 'your thank fulncffe? 
<jMy Lor d,l have often heard you ufethefe words ,Quidretri- 
buam Domino < Give me leavtto be your Lord/hips remem- 
brancer •, your obligations to the Lord are now much increafed, 
and with them God hath added opportunities of more puhlikz^ 
fervice tohimfelf Divine providence hathfet youtn a places 
of Honour, Authority andTrufi, wherein much is expe tied 
from you: Magiftratus virum indicat. A man is that in truth, 
which he is when tried. The world w'd)udge of you for thes 
future according to this years fervice. Tou be likely to meet 
with many temptations, to draw you afide both to the right 
hand and to the left : but J befeech you remember, whofe you 
are, and unto whom ycumult give a prill account of all yom 
waies. ^Advance Godinycur hearts , dtfign the welfare o 
Sion,'confultm0ft with them, who court/ell from God and \fii 
God according to his Word, and I befeech yot allien, md fe 
rionfly minde your felvts , and remember others of the Jolem t 
Nationall Coven >*nt, that the Almighty may net be fur the 
■provoked by tbenegletf and violation of it. FortheSwordm 
der which wefmart and bleedjoth avenge the quarrell of Got 
Covenant Xt\. 2 6.2 5 . Therefore let every one thm freak ur 
to the Lord,?ti\£c waketh f r thee 6God in Sion,and ut 
tothef{hallthevowbeperrormed 3 Fp/.^5-i. T willfin 
praifeuntothy Namefor ever 5 that I may daily perfori 
myvows,F/:6i.8. Right honourableand right worlhi] 
iu\\,the Lordhaib conjeynedyou as brethren Jn the great wa 
of the Government of this renowned City J fray God you may 
of one minde foul and way, for the true welfare thereof, and) 
holy Government ofufus Chrift, in whom I am 

uv J£> J J Tour bumble Servant, 


Thankfgiving realizd. 

P S A L. IO).45. 

That they might obferve his flamtes^nd keep his Uws* 

His Pfalm is Eucharifticall, and this day is a day 
of Thankfgiving , therefore the fubjeft of the 
Pfalm, and the fer vice of the day, doe well fate. 
In the Pfalm the high .exercife of praifing God 
is,Firft, commanded and partly directed, 
in the four firft verfes, O give thanks unto the 
Lord, &e. 

Secondly, Perfwaded, in the remaining part of the Tfalm. 
The arguments' ufed to preffe Gods people unto this Angelicall 
imploymentj are considerable under two heads. 

i, The quality and variety of divine adminiftrations for thek 
comfort, Remember his marvellous Vcorks, that he hath done, 
his wonders, ^.j.&c. And that this might be the more prevail- 
ing upon their hearts, a large Catalogue of kindeneffes conferred, 
is given in,-*wherein we have an enumeration of glorious* re- 
markable providences, in almoft fourty Verfes together. \ 

2. The end which the Lord propounded and aimed at, in all 
thefe many and memorable difpenfations. And this is held forth 
in my Tex-t 5 That they might obferve his ftatmesfand keep his 
taws. Whereas the life of thankfgiving, lies in thanksgiving, in 
a Well-ordered obedience to the Gdd of our Salvations, the God 
of our mercies. This is the fubje& matter of my Text. Wherein 
ire confiderable. 

1 . The titles, whereby the rule of mans obedience is eyprefled, 
Statutes, Laws, 

B », The 

Thankfeiving realized. 

-2. The termes whereby the regularity of deferved obedience,is 
fuggefted, Obferve, Keep. 

3 . The way or means whereby this regular obedience, is pro- 
moted, viz» All the wonderfull works of the moft High, for his 
fervants, and againft their enemic?. For the Plalinift having par- 
ticularized a great number of them, he concludes in the Text. 
That, or (as the old Tranflation renders it) to the intent, they 
might obferve his ft Mutes, and keep his laws. If any fhould en- 
quire ( upon theperufall of thefe famous providences) the rea- 
fon, wherefore the Lord wrought wonders fo many, fo great 
for Ifrael : the Text gives an account, That they might obferve 
hisfiatntes and keep h*s laws. 

From the divifion of my Text, I proceed to the explication of 
the feverall words uled in it : wherein I will be but brief, though 
(bme thing rnuft neceffarily be fpoken, to make the fairer way, un 
to that which afterwards muft from thence be obferved and im- 

You heard before of the two titles given in this Text unto the 
rule of mans obedience. The firft is, Statutes. I finde the origi 
Fj?0 nail word tranfia ted, i. A decree, Pfal 148.6. He hath made a 
Job 38.33, decree which Jhall not pafe. As all the motions of creatures 
Jf*3*'3U3f~ snferiour to man are bounded by the decrees of Gods dominion 
&iJ>M* ( which are often catted the ordinances of Heaven) So all mans 

operations fhould be ordered and limited by his Command- 

2. nA Portion, Prov. 31. I J. She giveth a portiow^o her 
Maidens. And truly Gods commands are a good portion tc 
his people, 1 have tjhemed the words of his mouth (kith f{ 
more then my neceffarjfood, Job 23.12. A nd, Thy teftimonie. 
( (aith David) are my heritage for ever, Pial. 1 1 p. 1 II. Untc 
a gracious heart, Gods work is wages, and imploymenc is pre 
STTVin Thefecondword,is, Laws. The originall word is moft or 
dinaFily ufed to fignitie the morsll law, the Decalogue, that con 
ftant ftandard, or (tending law, by which all Natipns,in all ages 01 
the world, ha vebecn 3 and ftwll be bound to order their convert a 
ciofls bsfore God* 


Thanksgiving realized. 

Thus much of the words ufed, to exprefle Gods revealed will 
a guide mans courfe: It follows, that I explain thoie words, 
vhich fugged mans regular refpecl: thereunto. 
The firft is,Obferve, which imports,i .either to minde or referve Tap 
n memory. As old Jacob is laid to obferve the fajings (the " v 
ireams) offofeph, 

2. Or to preferve in fafety. In this fenfe, the fame Jacob ufed 
he word, in iris prayer or vow, Gen.2S.20. If God mil be with 
ne, and keep me in this way that I go, &x. 

. And this (enie anlwers the true meaning of the next word* -^ 
Keep, which properly fignifies to keep with care and vigilancie, "* 
ts ammunition is prelerved from fire, and falfe hands, when an 
:nemy is expected, Nahum a, I. He that dafbeth in pieces is 
onte up before thy face, keep the munition, watch the way. 

Now thefe notions from the originail, are not vain, tbey are 
>pth profitable, and men as anfwer the more open language of 
:he holy Gh'oft elfewhere. The laws of the Lord (hould be tre3- 
uredupin thecabinetof mans heart and memory, Prov. 3. 1. 
Myfonne,forget not my Law, but let thine heart keep my Com- 

And all the precepts of God, fhould be fecured from violence, 
:hat no breach be made upon them, Keep my Commandments and 
ive,andmy Law, as the apple cf thine eye, Prov.j.l. 

Thefe things I only touch, as I pafle forward to that point, on 
which I purpofe to pitch, both becaufe it is the main intended in 
the Text , and alio being moft feafonable for the fervice of 
the day. 

That mans regular obfervation of all Gods Commandments, D*#. 
Is the end of all his glorious administrations for mans comfort. 

More {hort. The end of Gods bounty, is mans duty. 

Or thus, in reference to the inftances of the Pfalm, and the 
experiences of ©ur times. Therefore the Lord mketh vengeance 
upon his adverfaries, and therefore the Lord worketh the deli* 
wrance of his fervanir, that they might obferve htsftatutcs and 
kgep his laws. 

My beloved 1 Who can number up in order, the great things, 
which our God hath done for us, now of late, as heretofore? 

B a Out 

Thankfgiving realized. 

Ourfrierids have been rdieved,-our foes have been routed, our 
prayers* have been heard* our hopes revived, our forces profpcr- 
ed, our enemies difcomficed. I pray you,fill your thoughts with 
the .particulars, which this day have been mentioned, and upon 
other occafiohs fpecified : And then adde unto the remembrance 
of alljthls Doctrine which now I am to deal in.ThatGods end and- 
aim in all, is this, That we might obferve his fiat tttes, and keef . 
his. Laws* 

In the handling of this weighty point, well worth ourferious 
confiderations, I fhall according to my accuftomedplainnefle en- 
deavour two things. 

i. The explanation or the truth, thatic may be rightly .under- 
ftood. -V 

2, The application of it, that it may be fruitfully improved. 
I begin with the former, wherein I will be but fhort, leftl 
fhould want time to fpeak unto the later, which I chiefly intend, it 
being of greateft and moft feafonable concernment. 

And here by way of caution, to prevent miftake in this matter 
underhand, I wifli thatthefe four things may beobferved. 

I. Mans obedience is the end of Gods gracious providences in 
regard of his precept, though not alwaies in regard of his fecret, 
eternall purpofe. I well remember the words of the Pfalmift* 
Pfal.Ql.'j. When the kicked doe tyring as the grajfe, and the 
Workers of iniquity doe proffer, it u that they jhall be defiroyed 
fir ever* But here I fpeak not of Gods end in regard of his ever- 
lafting, righteous decree, which he is pleafed to keep clofe with- 
in his own bofome. •. 

As for the end of Jiis'command, revealing his pleafure to the 
children of men : the words of Mofes that man of God are plain 
and pregnant to our purpofe, 12,13* where after an 
enumeration of various, marvellous fa vours vouchfafed unto Jf. 
rael, he fpeaks thus, <tAndnov?iO «Ifrael } Whai doth the -Lord thy 
God rehire of thee, buttofiar the Lord thy God, to tiW^** 
aM his V?aies t and to love him,and toferve the Lord thy God With 
aU thy heart, and Wit hall thy fonl, To k*ef the commandment? 
efthe Lord^and hisftattttes. 
au It is tie end of God, in ( the fore-mentioned } intention, 


Tbrnkfeiving realized. 

though too. toofeldome in execution, God having engaged man 
to obedience by .his bounties,, he expeifleth an obediential! im- 
provement, though his Majefties expectations are commonly 
difappointed. The Lords fad complaint of his vineyard, Ifa; % 
expreffeth this fully, What could have been done more to my 
vineyard, that 1 have not done in it . ? Wherefore, when- 1 looked 
that it jhottld bring firth grapes, brought it firth yfitde. grapes ? 
ver.4. He looked for judgement, but, behold oppreffton,f or righ- 
teoufnejfe, but behold a cry, ver.7. And our God hath very much 
occafion of the like lamentation, in this Land, yea in this City at 
this day, notwithstanding the admirable deliverances, and vi- 
ctories wrought fjpr us. Alas, alas, how few, how very fe w do 
any where anfwer the expectations of his highnefle, in reforma- 
tion of their waies, and in obedience unto his holy Laws. 

3. Although mans obfervation of Gods ftatutes, be one end* 
yet is it not the only end of his manifold favours.. For amongft 
many other aims, which are al waies in his ma/efties eye, fuch is. 
his fatherly indulgence unto his people, that he doth give out cor- 
dials on purpofe to cheer their drooping Ipiriis, and to facilitate- 
their paffage thorow the wildernefle of this world, Let the Lord, 
be magnified, who hath fleafure in theprofyerity.ofhufervmts,, 
Pfal,3$.27. As the mountains are round about ferttfalem , fo 
the Lord is round about his people : for the. rod of the wicks d fh all 
not re' ft upon the lot of the righteous, left the righteous put 
their hands unto \ini<]uity,V{'d\.li$. 2,3. . : 

4, Mans ferviceable (ubjecTion unto divine iujundions, is not 
Gods laft and chiefelr, end, in all his glorious difpenfctions. The 
ultimate, the fupremeend of all Gods purpofes and providences, 
is his own honour, He doth all things, for him/elf, Prov. 16* 4, 
In them who are not obedientially conquered by his kindeneflcs, 
he will be glorified. Proud, hard-hearted Pharaoh ftubbornly. 
withftood all the aflaults of God, made upon hjmfelf and his peo- 
ple, both by plagues and deliverances, yet God faith, Exod.14*. 
4. / wiH be honoured upon Pharaoh and upon hu hofi. And thold 
who are made obedientially fruitful!, 6y the Ihowres and Sun- 
ftiine of divine indulgence; they being filled with the fruits of 
righteoufnefe, arebyJefwChris~l to the glory and fraife of 

Thankfgiving realised. 

God, Phil. i.i i. So that ail adminiftrations doe at laft deter- 
mine and center in the honour of the moft high God, who is the 
authour and orderer of them. 

Yea beyond the duties of obedience, the welfare and happineffe 
of them who are fincereiy obedient,both here and hereafter is or- 
dained ^nd intended by God himfeif, as an end fubordinate unto 
Irs own eternall praife, Oh that there was fuch an heart in 
them ( faith the Lord ) that they would keep a M mj command- 
ments alteaies, that it might be well with them, Deut.5.29. And 
the Apoftle,having provoked the believing Romans unto the work 
of fancTification, addeth thefe words, Te have your fruit unto ho- 
lines, and the end everlafting lift, Rom.6. 12, 

Having premifed thefe cautions, thefe propofitions to prevent 
mifapprehenlions, and that the meaning of my Text and Do- 
ctrine might be truly underftood, I proceed unto the Application 
thereof, which is the fecond thing promifed in the ptofecution of 
the point. 

The improvement of tlais feafonabie inftru&ion ( thus far un- 
folded ) is that which I had principally in mine eye, in the choice 
of this Text, and 1 pray God, (b toafliftmein this laft, and the 
greateft part or my Sermon, that I may reach your hearts, unto 
your edification and fpirituall advantage. All that I (hail fay by 
way of Ufe, i will give in,under thefe three heads. 

1. Information. 

2. Reprehenfion. 

3. Exhortation. 

The two former forts of Ufes I fhall difpatch quickly, but I 
fhall crave leave to enlarge the laft, becaufe molt profitable, and 
raoft pertinent unto this Congregation, and moft conducing to 
promote the realizing ofthofepraifes, which this day we prefenc 
unto our God. 

Hence it naturally and neceflarily follows. That the difobedi- 
enceof thofeperfons is moft abominable and inexcufable, who 
have been under the moft , and beft adminiftrations of the Al- 

- Such offenders doe not only violate the Laws of Soveraignty, 
bat of Amity. Their negle&s, their mifcarriages,are not only un- 


Ihmkfgiving realized. 



dutifulneffes, but unthankfulneffes and unkindnefles. 

It is here confiderable how the holy Ghoft doth ordinarily caft 
thiscircumftance, as a loading aggravation upon the fins both of 
Nations and perfons, to break their hearts in the deepeft humilia- 
tion, and to juftifie God in his fharpeft corrections. Thus Samuel s S; 
lets upon unfubdued Ifrael, I Sam. 12.6. <±And Samuel J aid ? , 
unto the people, It is the Lord that advanced Afofes and Aaron, 
and that brought jour fathers up out of the land of Egypt. New 
therefore ftandfiill that I may reafon with you before the Lord of „ 
all the righteous ails of the Lord, which he did to you and to your 
fathers. When Jacob was come into Egypt, and your fathers cri- 
ed unto the Lord, then the Lordfent Mofes and sAaron, which 
brought forth your fathers out of Egypt, and made them dwell 
in this place ,&c. And the Lordfent Jerubbaal, and Be dun, and 
Jephthah, and Samuel, and deliveredyou out of the hand of your 
tnemies, on every fide, and ye dwelled (aft. Here is the comme- 
moration of mercies. Now follows the fin therby aggravated. And 
when ye f aw thatNahaJh the king of the children of Amman came 
again si you, ye f aid unto me, Nay, but a king Shall reign over us , 
when the Lord your God was your king. Beloved, I may not 
fpend time in paralleling thefe paffages, with Gods providences , 
towards this poor Kingdom, and this Kingdoms miscarriages- 
towards the Lord Do it your feives,!pray you,and I doubt not,but - 
the ferious doing of it, will be advancagious both in the advancing 
of our God,and in the abafing of our felves before him. EngUndt 
deliverances and mercies. London s deliverances and mercies have . 
been more and greater then of other Kingdoms and Cicic s; there- 
fore Englands fins,and Londons fins are more hainous,horrid,high 
provocations of the moft high God. 

And as the evils of a people are thus aggravated by the Lord • 
fo are the offences of particular perfons alio. In this manner 
,£/*»*##/ greatens the dilobedience of King Saul, 1 Sam. 15.16; lSam -**' 
Then Samuel faid unto Saul, Stay, andi will tell thee, what the ' 
Lord f aid unto me this night. When thou waft little in thine own 
fight, waft not thou made the head of the tribes of Ifrael, and 
the Lord anointed thee King over Jfrael ? And the Lordfent » 8 ' 
tkceonajournej i and {aid,, Go^andHtterly defray the finners, 

Thankfgiving realized. 

theiAmalekites, and fight againft the^t, till they be confumed, 
rp VVherefore then didft thou not obey the voice of the Lord, but 
didft fiie upon t he sfoyl, and didft evil in the fight of the Lord? 

I will not glofle upon this Scripture, which might truly be ap- 
plied unto many of the richeft and chiefeft rank in this City : but I 
numbly befeech you to remember from what low and little be- 
ginnings, the Lord hath advanced many of*youj and then Be- 
fle&ing upon your lives ; conGder what account you can 
give unto his Ma jeftie, for your obedience (or for your difobe- 
dience rather) to his holy Commandments. Yea, this courfe 
God hath been wont to take with his own deareft fetvants, te 
work them unto true repentance, Davids fcandalous fals are 
well known ( f might lay they are ill ksown by top many, who' 
thence take encouragement to offend ) and I believe you are not 
ignorant of that couife, which his God took by Nathans mini- 
ftery, to prefent his (ins as very firifull in his own fight, i Sam. 
12.7,8. Thus faith the Lord God of Ifrael, I anointed thee king 

' .'• over Ifrael, and I delivered thee out of the hand of Saul, Audi 
gave thee thy Af afters houfe, and I gave thee the houfe of Ifrael 
8 » andoffudub ; andif that hadbeen too little, I ft opt Id moreover 
have given unto thee,fuch and finch things. Wherefore haft thou 
des^ifed the commandment of the Lord, to doe evil in hid fight? 
&c. Herein, herein, lies the aggravation, wherefore haft thou ? 
Thou fo prefer ved, thoufo preferred. How canft thou anlwer 

Give me leave to touch one inftance more," which I doe the 
rather adde, becaule it concerneth men of mine own cloth and 
calling, that you may be convinced : We Minifters defire to. ag- 
gravate our o wn faults, by the (elf-fame circupaftances, whereby 
we greaten yours. Eli his finfull indulgence to his wicked fons 
is notorious; now mark how a MelTenger from the Lord paints 

-'* *7' n out this his provocation, in black colours, 1 Sam. 2 4 2y. Thus 
faith the Lord, Did I plainly appear unto the houfe of thy father, 
when they were in Egypt in Pharaohs houfe ? And did I choofe 
him out of all the Tribes of Ifrael to be my Prieft, to offer upon 
mine ssiltnr , to burn incenfe before me ? ssfxd did I give unto 
-the houfe of thy father, all the offerings made by fir r of the chil- 


Thankfgiving realized. 

dren oflfrael? Wherefore kj^ye at my facrifice, &C And . 
honottreft thyfons above me ? We, who are the Minifters of the 
Lord mould look upon our aberrations, as the more Loathfome, 
becaufe God hath honouredus with an high and holy knploymenc 
in fpeciall attendance upon himfelf. 

I might much enlarge this meditation, by acquainting you, that 
guilt under this notion, is moft grievous unco a truly gracious re- 
penting heart. It was this that cut good David to the quick., 
When he died <bXXZ>isAgainfi thee 3 thee only have I finned,?/.*} 1.4,. 

But I muft leave this Ufe, becaute notfo fully iutable unto the. 
peculiar fervice of this day. 

The next Ufe follows, which is for the /uft reproof of two forts Refrehe*fit 
of perfons,whofe practices do point blank oppoie this purpofe or 
God,in conferring favours, which my Text makes report of. 
' Firft, whom handling this doctrine, Can hold his hand oft 
them, who are the idle obedient and the more diflblute in their" 
lives, becaufe of Gods long- fufrerance and loving kiudeneffe. 
This (ticks, as a black brand upon King Rehoboam, 2 ^hro.i 2.1. 
Jtcameto paffe that when Rehoboam bad eftablifijed the kjftgr 
dom,and hadfirengihned himfelf , he for fookjhe Law of the Lord. 

It may be truly faid of many, that they had not been fo bad and 
bare in their lives, if God had not bin lb bountiful! t& them in his 
beftowings.Herein men difcover their egregious folly, which can 
no way be excufed,Z)c? ye thm re quit? tkeLord,yefdoliJhpeople& 
Hmfefis not he thy father that h ith bought theefhath he not made 
thee,& efiablijhed thee? Remember the days ofdd,drc.'DQ,'3 ) z.6 i j 

Yea, herein appears the vile malignity of our natures, the in- 
bred poyfonous difpofition of our unhaliowed hearts, which Spi* 
der-like fuck venome out of tfeofefweet flowers, from whence the 
little laborious Bee draweth wax and honey. 

I have three things to fay unto men perions, which I heartily 
wifli may tend unto their humiliation and amendment. % 

i. That this hainous abu(e of Gods bounties, is a fad n*gn of an 
Unregenerate eftate. Let favour befoewedto the wicked, yet will 
he not Uarn righteoufncjfe, in the land ofuprightnejfe will he dml 
unju02y 9 lisfip 1 o. I have heard the Hypocrite fometimes com- 
pared co ; a Top, which goes no longer then it is laftied, : Theex- 

C .pre'fi-ions 

io Thank j giving realized. 

preflions of the Pfalmift concerning fuch unfound hearts, are here 
notable, Pfal.73-34- When he flew them, then they fought him, 
and they returned, and they enquired early after God, &C. Ne~ 
verthetejfe they did flatter him with their mouth, and they lied 
- unto him with their tongues, for their heart was not right with 
him, neither were they fledf aft in his Covenant. 

a. That in this particular, idolaters expreffe more refpe&s 
unto their vain, dumb, idleldols, then thefe people do unto the 
only, true, living, world-governing God, God blefled for ever. 
Tor obferve how the Prophet Hofea, bringeth in the idolatrous, 
reafoning for their Idol«worGiip,Ho/;2. 5. 7^*7/ £* after my lou- 
vers, that give me my bread and my water, my wool, and my flax, 
mine oyl, andmy drinks In which refpect, we may take up a- 
gainft thefe malefa&ours, the patheticall complaint of the Lord, 
Jer.2.Q. J will yet plead with you (faith the Lord.) For paffe 
Jer. 1,9, over the lfles of Chit tim and fee, fend unto Kedar and conpder 

jj* diligently, and fee if there be any fuch thing. Hath a Nation 
changed their gods which are yet no gods? but my people hath 
chang ed their glory for that which doth not profit. B e aftonifbed, 
ye heavens, at this, and be horribly afraid, be ye very deflate, 
faith the Lord &C. 

3 . That this carriage is no better then brutifh, Jefurun ( faith 
Mofes ) waxed fat and kicked, thou art waxed fat, thou art 
qy own thicks, thou Art covered with fatneffe. Then he forfoof^ 
God which maie him, and lightly etteemedtherockjifhitfalva 
ticn, Deut. 3 2,1 5 . The Metaphor is taken from the foolifh - Afle, 
which being kept iow,will come to the Matters hand, but being 
put into a rull pafture, waxeth wanton, and either runs away 
from his feeder, or clfe turns heels, and ftrikes him. 

And the zealous Prophet Jeremiah doth with much fliarpneffo 
^ cf ' 5 7 ' ' fpeak in like manner unto thefe beaftly kinde of men , when I fko 
them to the full, then they committed adultery, and affemblet 
*■ themfelves by troops in the Harlots houfes. They were, as fee 
horfesin the morning, every one neighing after his neighbour. 
wife. Shall I not vifit for thefe. things (faith the Lord} an>. 
fhall not my foul be avenged on fuch aNation, as this ? 

'Jhe Lord aj^akefc the fleeping consciences of fuch, whom th< 

Thankfgiving realized* 1 1 

^juick reproof doth reach , that they may be the better for it 
through his rich grace in Jefus Chrift. 

The fecond fort to be blamed I fhall touch with a more gen- vfe 2. 
tie hand (viz.) all thofe whofe ends and aims, in feeking, and Reproof, 
in beftowing favours, are directly contrary unto the command 
and practice of our bleffed God. I here point at offenders, in the 
fame kinde, under a double head. 

x.Such who in the purfuit of outward advantages and accommo- 
dations tor themfelves, do only intend th^ gratifying of theflefh, 
the fatisfying of their own hellifh lufts \ The Apoftle fomti 
•checketh theiemen, Jam. 4. 3. 7e Mkami^e^thatye may confums 
upon your lufls. And there is a fmart rebuke of Bar nth, wrapped 
up in that Queftion, which the Prophet Jeremiah propounded 
to him, 7^.45 5. Seekesl theu great things for thy felf ? Thofe ' 
mud take this home to themfelves, who minde nothing fo much, v 
as floth, fenfuality, pride , luxury , revenge , and the like* in 
coveting and hunting after vaft eftates, places of honour and com- 
mand in the world. 

2. Thofe who in conferring places of profit, authority, im * 
ployment and truft upon others, doe principally ( if not only ) 
aim at the making of a party, the ftrengthening of a faction, a- 
gainft the government and waies of Jefus Chrift. I will make 
no inftances, but leave it to your wifedom and confeiences 
to make application and improvement of this generall Item. 

i f there be any, whofe purfes, power, votes, vigour, are to 
fill offices with men, whofe mindes, hearts, hands are againft ■ 
the power of godlinefle , the purity of Gofpel- ordinances, the 
progreffe of out* Church- ReformaDon, I wiih they would confi- 
der, that they are not herein acted by the Spirit of God. I will 
not make any application of BaLtckj promite to promote Bala- Numb,**. 
am, if he would endeavour to difcomtit Ifrael, left I fhould feem 
over, tare Neither would 1 be thus interpreted in that I have 
fpoken, as though I purpoied to ftrike lecretly, any who labour 
in the (incerity and fimplicity of their fpirits, to make Jelus 
thrift glorious in the world. Let my tongue rather cleave to the 
rooffofmy mouch for ever, then that I dare to utter one word 
wittingly and wilfully againft the honour of our Lord OhuRJefus. 

C 2 Now 


Thdnkfgiving realized. 

Vfe 3. Now I come to the laft Ufe, which is to perfwade us aH 

Exhortation unto a double duty, and accordingly is to be divided into two 

ix. Branch. - Firft, We are hence to be moved to praife God for this his 
indulging providence, in that he is pleafed by means of kinde* 
neffes to leek the winning and working of our hearts unto his holy 

This inference is made to my hand, in the words immediately 
following the Text, Praife ye the Lord. Now to quicken our 
hearts unto the admiration arid adoration of God, in this re- 
gard , let thefe following (hort meditations, be ferioufly con- 
Hi dered; 

1. That mans obedience makes no whit at all unto Gods ad- 
vantage, Can a m*n be profitable to God ? Is it any gain to him, 
that thou makedfb thy waies perfiB ? Job 22. 2, J. If thou be 
righteous, what giv? ft thou him, or what receiveth'he at thine 
hand ? Job 35.7. Thele interrogations carry along with them 
vehement negations. That it is not poflible to profit God in the 
lead meafure, by ourbeft obediential] endeavours. 

Men hire (ervants, becaufe their work tends to enrich them. 
But in references to the Almighty, Alfurficient God, all muft 
(ay, when we have done all thofe things, that are commanded, 
■we are unprofitable fervants, Luk. 17. 1 0. My well-dnng (faith 
David, though a man according to Gods own heart) doth not 
extend unto thee, Pfal 16.2. Forunto that, which is infinite and 
perfect, no pollible addition can be made. 

2-. That mans dii'obedience doth not in any degree prejudice 
Cod* lfihcufinnesl-y'what doft thou again ft him ? or if thy tranf-, 
jreffions be multiplied, what dofi thou unto him ? Job 3 5 -6. The 
Sun is not ob'cured-by mans refufing to behold it, or to commend 
fche light of iz. 

The (elf- lame beauties r perfections , happineflfe, which the 
l:ord ei joyed in himfelf from eternity , he ijball poffefle for 
ever, though no creature ihould feiviceably attend upon, 
him. * 

Amongltmenitisotherwife, for a (lock cannot be traded, a, 
Krajecannot be managed, many neceExry works would be un- 
done x 

Thank] f giving ruli zed. 1 3 

done, if we had not the afliftance of fervants. The Crown 
needs the Plow, the chiefcft could not fubfift, but by the 
fupport of the meaneft. The feet uphold the head , and the 
Whole body. 

- 3. That Gods rich, meer mercy did move him, to make ma- 
nifeft his minde unco man , that man might underftand what 
carriage would content his bkflcd Majclbe , and in this re- 
gard ('if God had not added any further motive to obedir 
ence) we are obliged to honour his highnefle, He fheweth his 
Wordunto Jacob., his •' fidtutef and his judgements unto Jfra- 
el. He hath not. dealt jo with any Nation 3 and as for his 
judgements they have not known them. Praife ye the Lord;, 
Pfal. 147.1^,20. 

What ifche Lord had left us all in our naturail darknefTe, as 
Heathens unacquainted with his Commandments, yet fliould we 
not have had any occaiion to except againlt his Ma jtftie. 

But how great is our engagement to our God, who having gi- 
ven (ome light of knowledge, doth liberally give in favours* to 
move the obedientiall improvement thereof & 

4. Suppofe that the Lord Impending all waies of love and libe- 
rality towards us, fhould-only by threats and blows, have endea- 
voured our obedience, yet in that refped: there would have been 
caufe of thankfulnefie , for 1: is much better to betieaten to 
Gods work, then to neglecl' it. David was ofc this iriinde, 
Pialm II>>. 673, 68. Before J was siff.icled, I went ajlray, but 
now haze 1 j^ept thy Word. Thou art good, and dofi good. And. 
verf.71. It is good for me that I. have-been a flitted, that I might 
learn thy ftattttes. 

Therefore the waits of foirntfle and fatherly indulgence, 
whereby God leeks to conform our hearts and lives unto his Com- 
mand men rs, faouid endear him toour hearts, and draw forth our 
fouls in thank! giving. 

5. Tneworkeand worfliipof the Almighty, which we take 
in handjis a\ wait s more or kfle defiled jGods excellencies are much 
ob!curcd,his name fundry ways diihonoured,by our imperfe£froJ;s- 

j which t v„ r attend our beft performances. I here ts iniquity in cur 
holy, offerings, Ail our ri r ;hteoufneffes are like mjightly rags. Ifa.?^. 
C 3 Wxien 

14 Thanksgiving realized, 

when good Nehemiah reviewed his famous fervices for God and 
his houie, upon the difcovery of his finfulneflesjhe cries out, Neh. 
13.22. Lord, pardon me according to thy great mercies. 

Now all this God knows, yea he fore-knew all our future ab- 
errations, When he fhowered down favours, to move pur obe- 
dience, Thou hafifet our iniquities before thee, our fecret fms 
in the light of thy countenance, Pfal. ^0.8, And David teftiii- 
eth, Ffal.139,2. Th3tGod kyows his thoughts afarre off. Is it 
not therefore to be very much admired, that the Lord (hould by 
renewed and multiplied favours labour to prevail with oar hearts, 
To obferve his flatates, and to keep his hws ? 

6. Laftly, (as though all that I have (poken were too little) 
the Lord hath herein further manifefted and magnified his un« 
fearchable grace, that he hath undertaken abundantly to recom- 
peoce all our obedience, In keeping of his Commandments there 
is great reward, Pfal. 1 9. 1 1 . 

Every felf -knowing Chriftian, who is wont with any feriouf- 
neffe, to compare his returns to God, with his receits from God, 
will freely acknowledge that he is alwaies infinitely behinde hand 
with his Majefty : therefore confidenng his former favourable 
providences, to perlwade obedience, together with future preci- 
ous promifes, to crown obedience, we have all reafon to call upon 
our idveSyPraife we the Lordnnd to fay unto one another,iVd*/> 
ye the Lord. 
Branch. The fecond branch of my Exhortation follows, which I have 

had principally in my minde and aim, all this while. 

To perlwade your confeientious care to improve all Gods fa- 
vourable providences unto the promoting and bettering of obedi- 
mll . l enc€, according to his purpole and appointment, Ibefeechyon 
therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that you prefent your 
bodies, a living facrificejnly, acceptable unto God, which is your 
reafonable fervice. 

If my Exhortation upon this ground be not reafonable, lay it 
afide, / ipeak^as unto wife men, judge ye what I fay* Beloved, 
lam ^eryferiousinthismyinefl'age, being not only feaionable, 
but of exceeding great, concernment, andihallbe very unwilling 
*o goe off with a deniall unto this my reafonable requeft , 


Thsmkfgiv'wgrtdi&ed. if 

which I make in the Name of God for your good. 

Manifold examples might be produced to pretie this Exhort- Motive I, 
ation. That double, that treble refolution of- Ifrael , railed 
from this confideration, is notable, God forbid, that we fbould Jofh.24,i4,i6 
for fake the Lord, for the Lord our God he it is that brought us verf.i?. 

up, and onr Fathers out of Egypt, from the land of bondage, and l * 
which did thofe great figns in our fight, &C. Therefore we will 
alfo ferve the Lord. 

And again, when Jojhua feemed by his words to fufpecl: their zu 
fincerity, The people faid unto fojhua. Nay, but we will ferve 
the Lord* 

And yet once more, Jojhua putting them to it unto purpofe, 
The people faid unto J ofhua,The Lord our God will we ferve, 24 , 
and his voice will we obey. 

But I will come lower, then Ifrael profeiling dependance 
upon God. The very Heathens, wicked ones, moved only by 
morall principles, will requite kindenefles in reiped: to the law 
of retaliation, Ifyoudogoodtothem,whichdogoodtoyou, what 
thank have ye? forfinners alfodothe fame. And, yet in refer- 
ence unto God, I now requeft no more. Doe but Chriftianly en- 
deavour to anfwer Gods kindenefles with an obediential! carriage, 
and. I call for no more. 

I remember, when cruel! Saul, plotting and practifing Da~ 
vids death, was yet by Davids forbearance to flay him (having 
power and opportunity) lo overcome, that he brake forth into - 
thefe Words, My fon David, I will no more do thee harm, bee anfe 
my foul was precious in thine eyes this day, I Sam. 26.21 . Gods 
long- (utterance and loving kindenefle to us-ward, doth wonder- 
fully exceed all that David either did or could exprefle towards 
Saul: He hath not only with-drawn his own revenging hand, 
though we have infinite times provoked him to his face, but he 
hath alio held the bloudy hands of crudl men, who have deiired 
our death : yea, we doe not only enjoy fafety, but rich tupplies 
of comforts from our God. How much rather therefore fhould 
we refolve no more to dishonour God by our difbbedience, but 
to ob ferve his fiatutes, and to keep his laws. 

2, ThisgraceruUobedienc^i the Lord will gracioufly accept, 


1 6 Thmkfgiying realized. 

as a full contenting recompence for all his bounties. When M li- 
fe s had numbred up multitudes of bleflings beftowed upon Ifrael, 
headds, Deut. 10.12, 13. aAnd now , Ifrael, What, doth the 
Lord thy Godrequirecf thee, bm to walk^in- all his Waies, to 
keep his Commandment si '' As if he had faid, this is all, he will 
be fatiified with this, he looks for no more. O beloved, how 
deeply are we indebted unto the mod high God, and yet fuch is 
his indulgence, that upon {incere obfervation of his laws ( which 
by vertue of our being reasonable creatures, we are bound to 
yeeld ) he will cad a quietus esl, a full acquittance into our 

, But if this consideration cannot prevail with 'you, yet I pray 
you confider on the other hand, how unkmdeiy the Lord taketh 
their difobedience, towards whom he abounds in benefits. How 
patheticali is that complaint of God himfelf agiinft his Ifrael, 
breathed forth by the Evangelicall Prophet, Hear heavens, and 
give ear earth, fir, the Lord hath ffoken., I have nourifbed 
and brought up children, but they have rebelled again ft m'\ The. 
Ox knows his oventr ',. and the tAfft 'his mafters crib, but Ifrael 
doth not know, my people doth net confider. <±Ah fin full Nutim. 
Inreference unto this lamentation, which the Lord maketh over 
ftubbom, unthank full ones, I will only fay thus much ; Have you 
not yet offended your God enough, but will you proceed to grieve 
him (fill. 

3 .This pradifing of Gods praifes will be many waits tsneficiall 

1 . it will render us wife, in the account of all fuch ? who with 
any ieriouineflc confider our great obligations unto bod. Keep 
therefore and do them, for this is your ft.ijdome and under ft and.- 
ing, in the fight of the Nations which fkall hear of thcfft.atutes,. 
and fay, Surely this great Nation is a Wife and under ft ending 
people. For What Nation is (0 great, who hath Godfv nigh unto 
them, ai the Lord our Godwin all things, that We call upon him. 
for? Deut.4.^,7. Is it not wifdome to obierve him, who fecurts 
our perfonsand comforts, whofe ever-waking and all working 
providence is for our good in every kinde ? And how can map 
#iore manif eft his wifdome,then by making Gods. ends, his xyme 


Thmkfgiving realized. T j 

in every thing ? .Now Gods end in the adminiftrations of 
bis love is ^7 hat We may ob ferve his ftatutes , and keep his 

i. This obedientialli improvement of Gods goodnefie, Will e- 
videncetheuprightnefieofour hearts. Mark Davids argument 
which he pleads before the all-knowing God , Pfal.26". O Lord, 
I have Walked in mine integrity, ver.I. For thy loving kindc- 
neffe is before mine eyes , and I have Walked in thy truth, 
verf.3. Threats and blows drive hypocrites to duty, but cords 
of love draw the gracious heart unto exacl: walking with his 

5, When former favours produce better obedience, then may 
we boldly expedt the multiplication of future mercies. Mofes 
having, Dtut. 79. fpecified lomc of Ifraels rich receits from 
Gods good hand , from verf. 2. eo the p th , he chns concludes, 
Keep there fire the Words of this Commandment, and doe them, 
that ye may proffer in all that ye doe. The felf -feeding husband- 
man Will caft precious feed with a liberall hand into a fruitfull 
(byl, which is wont to return an anfwerable crop. God hath the 
»nd of his bounties, in our obedience. And his promifes to follow P et, H 8, l " *♦ 
md to fill them who are obedient, withbleflings of all forts, are 
manifold in the holy Scriptures. 

4. Many and heavy are the judgements threatned againft them 
who continue ftubbornly difobedient, notwithftanding the fweet 
jffaults made upon them, by Gods gracious adminiftraoious. 
rhatcomminationinD*«f. 28.47,48. hath often affected and 
ff righted my heart, in reference to this trembling Kingdome, 
Becaufe thoufervedfi not the Lord thy God With joy fulnejfe, and 
Kith gladneffe of * heart, fir the abundance of all things (mark 
;hat, ior the. abundance of all things ) there fire /halt thou ferve 
hine enemies, which the Lord/ha/l fend upon thee, in hunger 
%nd in thirft, andinnakedntff'e , and in the Want of all things, 
tndheJhallpHt.ayokepfiron upon thy neck., untitt he hath de- 
frayed thee. When Samuel had prefled the bettering of obedi T 
■nee, by Gods remarkable works (which is the very exhorcaci- 
>n, whjchihave now under hand ) he fets it on by the ielf-fame 
Vrgumcnt, 1 Sam.l 2.24,2.5... Fear the Lord, and ferve him in 

D truth 9 

:v jw.i— it 

1 8 ThankjgivifHr realized, 

truth, with all your heart \ far confider h<m great things he 
hath done for you. But if ye Jbati ft ill doe wickedly, ye /had bt 
confumedjbothye and your King, Beloved, we know to our fur- 
row, thatbothourKingandhisKingdomsareina wafting -con- 
dition. God forbid, O God forbid , that our continned-Jdifo- 
bedience fhould work our utter confatnption and defolation. 

This which Ihave (aid is fad, and I have made mine own Jieart 
fay by faying it; yet that is much more lamentable, which the A- 
poftle Paul reports concerning Gods judgement upon poor, pur. 
blinde Heathens, for their ingratitude, in not living up to theii 
light, to their receits, tvom.1.21. Becaufe when they knew Gt& 
(it is meant of knowledge attained by Gods works ) they gUri- 
fed him not on God, neither were thank^fitll, &C ffhertfon 
God gave them up unto uncle annexe, through the lusts of then 
own hearts, to difhonour their own bodies between themfelves 
verf.24. The penalty infii&ed upon the immortall foul is th< 
snore heavy, becaufe of the fouls excellency. And meer tormeni 
upon the well-awakened foul is not comparably (o grievous 
as it's fervitude to finfull lufts. Now this, this judgement o 
judgements is incurred, by not anfweringobediencially our recek 
from God. And let none thinke to put this off, by faying, Thii 
concerned Heathens, but we are Chriftians : for confider, I be 
feechyou, whether the danger be not hereby increafed ? Is.ou 
light greater?Have Gods works amongft us held forth more grac 
2M glory ? Then queftion It ife our disobedience will expof e us t 
as great, or greater judgements. 

I have done with the Arguments prepared to enforce my Ex 
tiottation : and I hope they have fo farre prevailed with you, ( a 
Jeaft with feme of you ) as to move refolutions, to make an obc 
tiiermall improvement of your experiences. I now proceed t 
acquaint you withfome few rules to direct this yoHr obedieric< 
your reall thankfulnefle unto God, "With which I flaall conclude 
And for brevity fake, I will only mention fuch, as iflue natuBall 
^nd neceflarily from my Text and Doctrine. 

^Therefore God Ihould rather be obeyedjtften any man what 
feever. I am ftfrre ftom <3iff wading dutifull observance unt 
te\^^9tipertt)0tscfftoy^Kty©r'degtee:bmj propound th 


ThArtkfgivwg realized. 19 

Qgeftiofl of the Apoftles, Whether it be better to obey Ged or 
men, judge ye, A& 4,19. &$. 29. ", 

Let rurn,who doth moft and greateft favours for us, receive the 
largeft and frequented refpe&s from us. Give the chief eft attend- 
ance unto the beftbenefa&our. Now who, or what is he, that 
(hall dare to ftand in competition with God ? No doubt but fa- 
fefh, D axiel, Shadrach, Mejbach, and sAbednego, had fo much 
ingenuity, as to acknowledge with gratitude their obligations 
unto their Supericurs, yet being a&ed by their ftronger, higher 
engagements unto God, theyrefuled to gratifie them in things 
dilpleafing unto his Majcfty. And I (hall not need to tell you how 
farre the befto wings of God in quantity, quality and variety, doe 
tranfcend all that kindenefle, which either hath been received, or 
Can be expected from any humane hand. 

a. Therefore we fhould obey God with our All. Both riches 
and honours come of thee, and in thine bandit is to make great, 
1 and t» give Jirength unto all. <tAll things come of thee, I Qhro. 
29 11,14. Isitnotreafonablethatall which is received from 
the Lord, fhould be imployed for the Lord ? You Merchants ex- 
pert thus much in juftice and equity from your fa&ours beyond 
feas, that whatloever commodities you convey unto them,fliould 
be difpofed of to your advantage. Now I pray you turn the 
Tables, and deal you with God, as you require men fhould deal 
with you. WhCdoth not acknowledge ftrength in the Apoftles. 
argument? I Cor.6.20. G lor -i fie God both in jour body and in 
jour ff>irit,which are Gods. Therefore if we grant the premiffcs, 
k will be our weaknes to deny the Concluiion. 

Conftder what I fay . If any of you enjoy any wifdom,ftrength, 
authority, eft ates, parts, interefts , opportunities , which you 
received not from the Lord, then rerule to lay them forth for the 
Lord. But let me appeal uoto every individual foul here prefent, 
in the Apoftles words, what haft thou which thou didfi not re- 
ceive ? 1 Cfr.4.7. The inference therefore comes with force 
upon you, Thou fait love ( and conlequently thcu ilialc obey) 
the Lord thy God with a& thy foul, with aM thy thought, with all 
thy might, Cum omni valAe tua. O it is an unequall and unrea- , 
fbnable thing, to make any deeds of refervation in our dealings 

D a with 

20 Ihankfgiving redli&ed. 

withourGod,the God of 'all grace and 'of att conflations what- 

5. Therefore our obedience unto God, (hould be tendered 
fpeediiy. For is not the Lord fofarre beforehand* with us in his 
favours, thit^/T'Ivvv, at this very inftant, we are engaged obfe- 
quioufly to fubmit unto his government ? fajhua having particu- 
larized to Ifrael ancient providences, whereby God had expref- 
fed his care and kindenefTe towards them and their fore-fathers,he 
calls for fervice without delay, joili.24.14. Now therefore fear 
the L*rd,andferve him* Doe not any of you dare to put off God 
one day longer with procraftinations. A father faid, that eras, 
era* y was corvina vox. Delaies will breed guilt, and bring dan- 
ger. Let us call to minde how much we were in Gods debt,how 
farre in arrears, before we began to pay one peny (as it were} 
in any humble, holy, hearty performance. Therefore let us now, 
now obedientially remember our Creatour, our Proteftour, our 
Benefactour, our God bleiTed for ever, To day .while it U called to 
da) iydo not harden your hearts. 

4. Therefore in all waies of holy obedience, we fhould walk,, 
humbly with cur God. Well may this alone abafe our hearts,that 
the excellencies of the Lord, and the worth of his fervice, fhould 
not be Sufficient to work us unto dutif ulneffe, without a daily ad- 
dition of fre(h favours from his Ma jetty . But when we compare 
our unanfwerablenefle to Gods purpofes,expe fictions, defer vings, 
h is ftrange that there fhould be the leaft conceitedneile in us, in 
regard of any work atany time difcharged. If ever man had oc- 
casion to glory in his labours, and adventures for Chrift, the A- 
poftle ?aul ( 1 thinke ) might be the man. But he profeffeth, 
Ati.ZQ.\<). That h&ferved the Lord in all humility of minde. 
Now it is rnoft apparent, that befides other means whereby he at- 
tained and maintained this (weer, humble frame of fpirit, this 
was one, viz*. That he had much in his eye, his rich receits from 
Chrift, whichhewasnowayableto requite. And I am confi- 
dent, that byaferious, wife paralleling that which God doth 
for us, with that which we doe for him, in regard of quantity , 
quality , variety andaonftancy, the (welling of our hearts will be 
much abated, 

& There- 

Thank [giving redi ted. 2 1 

5. Therefore all our fervices for God (hould be the warm 
breathings of flaming love. All the undertakings of S c Paul for 
Chrift, Iceined to be (parks atifing out of this fire. He (peaking 
of labours-, io{fes,hazards, gives in this as the reafon of ail, 2Cor, 
^.14. For the love of 'Chrift confer aineth* And when David 
had endeared his God to his heart, by meditating upon his mer- 
cies, Pial.l 16. 1, / love the Lord, becaufe he hath heard my (up- 
plication, &c. From thence did iffue obediential! resolutions, / 
Vcill call upon the Lord. I Wilt tyalkbefbre the Lord in the land 
of the living. Although God alloweth the ufe of other arguments 
to quicken obedience, yet this of love (hould have cue pree- 

. 6* Therefore We fbould fcrve the Lordin truth Jzeczufe he hath 
done great things for us, I Sa. 1 3 . 24. This truth is ©ppofed to feem- 
ingnes and faMhood.God doth not feed us with fair words. We do 
not only hear of his bounties,but we fee,touch,cafte,enjoy the com- 
forts of his good providences. Let us anfwer our God with reali- 
ties, //*»v man onlyfeem to be religious, his religion is vain, Jam. 
1. As for thofe who content themfelves with (hews of godlines, de- 
nying the power thereof, they are abhorred by the Lor4.Be notde- 
ceived,fir God Veill net be mocked, According as every man (owes, 
fo /hall he reap. Ifyouforve the rvinde,yau Jhall reap the eaft-winde. 
Be you well aiTured,that Court complements,frothy flatteries,ern- - 
pty (hews will not take with God. Thoie who pay. in good coyii t 
will not be repaied with that which is counterfeit.Let us not ther- 
fore dream of requiting Gods reall favours With meer formalities, 
Let us not only love in Wordand tongue Jettt in deedavdin truths i Joh.j.if* 
1 J. Therefore fear the Lord and ferve hint in fincerity.Tkisfm~- T . 
eerity isoppoieduntofdfiftineiTe. Whereas the hypocrite centers, JO 24,1 ** 
proudly inhimfelf, makes himielf hislaftend, his God. "Did ye, 
r.oteat for yourfelves?Didyenot drinl^for- your f elves ? Did ye ^ cc " 7.y,*i- 
at all fall: unto me, even uytto me ? faith the Lord. f he practice of 
God, intending and effecting our good, as truly, as his own glory, 
may well prevail with us,to minde his praife in that which we un- 
dertake. His gracious providences are for our comfort , his, holy 
Commandments are for our good,therefore let not us fk'down fa«* 
tisfied in fer ving. our own turn by ourfervicesjbut let us move for- 

D 3 ward* 

2 a ihankfgfving realized, 

ward,nofc retting till we come to this center, Gods honour. What- 
foeverwc doe, whether in our generall or particular callings, in 

commanding,obeying, in private or publike, Let ail be done urn* 
the glory of God, I Cor. I o. 31. 

8. Therefore We (bould olferve Gods Statutes, and leeep h» 
laws continually. This the Lord defires, Deut, J.2?.0 that there 
were fitch an heart in them, that they wouldkfep my Command- 
ments alwaies. And this his Majefty well deferves, For he daily 
ioadethm with his benefits, PfaL 6&.iq. His unweariednefie in 
following us with favours, (houldmove us to follow hira un» 
weariedly in the waies of well doing. If in the whole courfe of 
your lives, you can finde one day, or one hour, wherein God doth 
not,in one kinde or other, doe you good, then on that day,in that 
hour fufpend the ferving of his highpefle. We ( fuch is the (in- 
fulneite of our (inning hearts ) doe every moment of our lives, 
give the raoft high God moft juft occaiion to refolve to favour 
us no more : but the Lord (fo admirable is his goodneife ) doth 
every minute of time, afrefb engage us unto his okedjence* 
Therefore be not weary of well-doing , but rather, be alwaies: 
abounding in the workjf the Lord. God forbid, that it friould 
be truly faid of any of us, That we began in the Spirit, and did 

All thele eight rules, neceffary truths, and naturally deduced 
from my doctrine, do concern every one in this great Congrega- 
tion without any exception. I cannot imagine, from what Teem- 
ing pretence any fhould dare to plead exemption from thefe dire- 
ctions ; and I pray God, that no one of you may depart this Aft 
iembly , without tome obedientiall bents and refolutions upon 
your (pirits. But all my Sermon, all my counfeli doth moft con- 
cern them, for whom the Lord harh done moft, in waies moft re- 
markable and glorious. No City in the world hath been more 
magnified by divme providences, then this wherein we are. No 
people on earth hath been more enriched with temporall and fpi- 
ruuall provifions together, then our felves. Our God grant that 
our improvements obedientiall, may prov.j in iome geodmealurc 

Notwithftanding,by vcrtue of the equity of my do&rine, the 


Thankfgiving reali seed. 2 3 

Lord expcfteth co be beft ierved, to be moft advanced, by them 
whom he hath moft enriched, whom he hath moft advanced. And 
therefore give me leave to tell you, Right Honourable, the Lord 
tjMajor, and Right worjhif foil, the Aldermen of this famous O- 
ty, that God deferveth and ex peBeth more from you, then font 
four brethren. For unto whomever mstch is given, of him 
{ball be much required, and to whom men have committed much? 
of him they will ask^the more, Luk.12.48. As you are bound- to 
be exemplary in exad endeavours, To obferve Godsfiatutes, and 
to hep his laws : So is it your duty (in a fpeciall manner ) 
, to take care that all others under your command be conformed to 
the Commandments of your God, Magiftratus eft cuUos utrt- 


Rkht Honourable, your Lordihip hath for divers years been, 
acquainted with my plain Miniftery, and I cannot lay that I have 
loft any place in your aft edions by my plainneffe,, therefore I will 
take the boldneffe to direft my fclf in faithfulneffe unto you. 

1. Do not you dare through indulgence to fpare the punching. 
of them, who doe dare to caft Gods Commandments behinde 
their backs. Could you hold your hands, and connive at tuch>. 
Who ihould go about to fteight the works, which are railed and 
maintained for the (afety of this City ? Youheardin theopemng. 
of my Text, That God would have his laws prelerved from vio- 
lence, as the means of our prefervation. 1 once heard a plain, 
Valine Preacher, compare a remitfe Magiftrate unco the fan 
GtorvywHorfe-bacK; who ftandeth all the year witn his hand. 
on the Sword, but never ftrikes. My Lord, Ton have not recei- 
ved the Sword in vain, Rom. 13.4, Although 1 would not 
iharpen the edge of authority unco undue fevency. ; yet would I 
whetmine own knife to launce and let out the impoftumated mat- 
ter in my friends flefa. I grant your Lordftiip muft be cautious, 
ascouragious, and therefore you have good realon to .make So- 
hmonsm^x, lKing,39- Give thy fervant an understanding 
■heart, tojndge thy people, that I may difcern between good and 
ifitd. But I befeech you remember withall, Thu foohfiptty 
iloils the City. Let not common drunkards, profane curlers and' 
lweara-8, bmtifti wantons* andfuchfcte; wicked ones,e(cape that; , 


24 Thankfgiving realized. 

penalty, which the Law hath appointed for them. Phineas exe- 
cuted judgement ', and it was counted unto himforrighteoufne^e^ 
Ptal. 106.30,31. 

2. I call tor your zeal againft Popery ,that abomination, which 
brings defolation. Let your zeaLmove often inquilitions, whether 
in fome corners of this City, there be not Idolatry in the afe of the 
Maffc, left through neglect of fearch, that abomination be filter- 
ed. But I move that in a fpeciall manner, fearch may be made 
after Jefuites, thofeunfufferable incendiaries, who blow the coal 
of contention amongfi: brethren, who have caufed, and doe con- 
tinue the unhappy breach betwixt our King and Parliament, our 
Sovcraign and his Sub/efts. I have heard a Story of a man, who 
palling by a tree, which Nature was cleaving, did thruft in his 
hand to increaie the breach j whereupon providence fuddenly 
doling the breach, did there hold the man by the hand, as an aA 
of revenge. Though I dare not aflert the truth of this Story, yet 
I make this morall. Doubtleffe there are Jefuiticall fpirits, who 
haunt thele coafts, who walk in this City, audit is fufpe&ed by 
many, that they have a fpeciall hand in iome of the pamphlets 
published , to increafe the flames ef unbrotherly divifions : I 
heartily wilh that they might be apprehended by fbme good 
hand to be made exemplary. It's reported that the Pythagore r 
^»j did let a note of infamy upon the number of two, becaufe it 
was the fnft, which dared to depart from Unity. Solomon faith, 
He that [owe th difcord among brethren^ is an abomination to the 
Lord, Prov.6.i6\io. And this reacheth more then .Jefuites in 
this Kingdome, yea in this City; For how many make it their 
bufineffe to make breaches, not only among private brethren, But 
alio between the two K ingdoms of England and . Scotland, not- 
withftanding the folemn brotherly Covenant. Now Ibefeechyon, 
brethren, mark^them which caufe divifions and offtnees, contra- 
ry to the do&rine which jou have learned, and avoid them. For 
they that are (uch,ferve net our Lordfef us Chrift,Ko t l6.l"j i l%. 
1 humbly move cautioufnefle in regard of Malignants, that thole 
mifchief- workers, who now (as report fpeaks) are moving home- 
ward, may not lncGnliderateiy, upon too eafie rearms be enter- 
tained and tr&fted. 1 1 is my daily prayer, thatGod would convert 


Thankfgiving rtali zed, 2 5 

and pardon thofe who exprefTe the mbft nulignity againftthe 
work of Reformation fo happily begun a mongft us : and my foul 
faith, God forbid, that any who are fincerely changed, ftiouid 
by our foumetfe , be lent back again into our enemies quarters. 
Notwithstanding I muft tell you * iAbundans cautelan&ri noceu 
When Saul was come to Jerufalem >he a fayed to jejnhimfelfto 
the Difciples, but they were all afraid of him, Act. 9. 16. Faif- 
hearted ones amongft our felvcs, may doe us much more wrong, 
then known adverfaries at a diftance. And is it not a jult ground 
of complaint made by our friends, when foes who have fortaken 
City and Parliament, fhalL make their peace at fuch eafie rates, 
that they fuffer ieffe in their outward tftates upon their return, 
then approved friends have done, if their Afleffements and volun- 
tary CQnrributions be confidered ? I undertake not to direct in this 
cafe, but I intreat God,to make the Parliament and City wile and 
circumfpect in this particular. 

4 I moft earneftly importune your care, for the better and (trim- 
eter obfervation of the Sabbath, and I heartily commend worthy 
Nehemiah, as your pattrn of imitation in this practice. The 
waies and courfes whereby he witnefled his holy zeal in this kinde, 
lie open in the Hiftory, I (hall not need to fpecifie them. I be- 
feechyourLordfhipto £ee to the fuppreflion of buying, felling 
and fporting upon the Lords day. 1 have often thought upon 
a fpeech of chat famous fervant of Chrift, and Minifter in this Ci- 
ty, /earned, humble , holy , publtke hearted D 1 Staughton^ 
which I had from him in private conference in thofe times, when 
the Sabbath , and the observation thereof, was decried by the 
Prelates and profane (ort of men. H>s fpeech was this, Should 
any man give up a Cafile of ' fuchc oncer nmer: to this Kingdom? ; 
at the fourth Commandment is to the (afctj of Chriftian Religi- 
on, he wonlddeferve to die many deaths* As you love the Lord, 
and the life of Religion, regard the Sabbath, and let your heart and 
hand be againft thole doctrines and practices, which tend to the 
profanation of it. 

5, I entirely Petition your utmoft towards the compounding 
of our mif erable divifions about Church affairs. There are not or-, 
ly, Congregations of zAnabaptifts, zAntlnomians and Brown- 

E ifls 

2& Thdnkfgivwg realized. 

ifts in this City connived at ; but ( as it is commonly and credi- 
bly reported) alfocompanies of men, who deny the Deky of 
Ghrift^and divine authority of the Scriptures. I remember that 
when i&dMio was Deputy of *Achaia, there was infurre&ion 
madekiCoW«^againftP<«»A and there were wofullconfufions 
in the City , but it is added j Ad.18.17. And Gallio cared for 
-none ofthofe things. God forbid, that either your Lordfhip, or 
any other Magiftrate in this City (hould be thus regardleffeof our 
prefent diftraftions. When there was a great breach made in the 
ground by an earth-quake at Rome, and notice was given, that 
the gods would not be pacified, except fomething of fpeciall 
worth was caft into the breach, Marcus Curtint did caft himfelf 
in, in love to his Countrey. And I believe that there are very 
many amongft our felves in this City, both Miniftcrs an* 'Others, 
who could be content to facrirke their lives in this ferviceV J to re- 
concile diffenting brethren. For alas, alas, Doe not diviiions 
threaten diflblution? A Kingdom divided cannot ft and. My foul 
defires that London may,in waies or" truth and holineffe,belike fe- 
rHfalem, A City compact together j or ( as others render the 
phrate) A City that isjoyned to itfelft oget ber± Pfal.l 22.3 . 

For the effecting whereof, I make it my laft requeft, that with 
all yourmight ( as God may be pleafed to give opportunity) you 
Would promote the fpeedy fetling and exercife of Church-govern- 
ment. Were the Church blefled with the ute of that Dilcipline, 
which is according to the mindeor Chrift,in thispofture,it would 
be terrible m an Army with banners, Cant. 6. 10. By this means 
profaneneffe would be crufhed , fuperftition lupprtiled, errours 
checked, Malignancy difcountenanced, the Sabbath better obier- 
ved, holy Ordmarkcs more purely adminiftred, and our breaches 
Well healed. Here are motives enough to move every right bred 
Ion of Sion, to let head, heart and hand unto this work. Con- 
tentious, zealous care in this kinde ? will contribute very much 
to your honour here, and your com fort hereafter. Good Nehe- 
miah thus pleads for himfelf before the Lord, having been indu- 
ftrious in this fervice, Remember me, my God, concerning this, 
and wipe not out my good deeds (my kindeneffes) that I have done 
for theheufe ofmj God, and for the offices thereof $$&zm,l$. 14. 


Thankfgiv'wg realized. 27 

Now in this cafe, the counfell of Gods faithfull Mmifters, is to be 
confide red. The words of esfrmxerxes are notable, Ezr. 7. 2 1 . 
Whatfoever Ezra the Priefl, the Scribe of the Lavo of the Gdd 
of heaven Jhall require of yon y let it be done ffeedily. Some (it 
may be ) will catch at this fentence, and (ay , Tnis dilcov^rs the 
drift or Presbyterian fpirits ; you defire to exercife dominion over 
yourbrethrensconlciences, and therefore would have all things 
managed according to your minde ? But I muft take the boldntfle 
to anlwer, That this is a notorious {lander. For we petition no- 
thing, but that which in our confeiences is according to the 
of JefusChrift,and profefle our felves willing with the leaft and 
loweft of Saints, to lubmit unto the Scepter of our Lord and Savi- 
our, not requefting favour in any thing, repugnant unto the holy 
Scr pture. 

litis is that advice, which in f aithfulnefl'e, and with humility I 
prefent unto your Lord (hips consideration ; and I doe it with the 
more confidence, becaufe in all particulars it (peaks the lan D u3ge 
of our Cplemn Nationall League and Covenant, which ftioutd ne- 
ver be forgotten. And now to conclude all. I befeech you all 
(both right rVorfhiffull Aldermen , andright worthy Citizens) 
to confider ferioufly how far my counfell directed to the Lord 
ykf/i/V concerneth you every one. Othat God would give you 
all with one heart to fay unto his Lordjhip ( as it was once fpoken 
to Ezra, to quicken a work of Reformation) Arifefor this mat- 
ter belongeth unto thee, wealfowill be tfith thee. Be of good, 
courage ,and doe tt, Ezr.10.4 For my part, I (hall ufe no more 
words, but thofe of David to Solomon (relating to Temple- 
work) I Chron.22.16. Arife therefore and be doing, and the 
Ltrd he mth thee. 





Saved by Christ. 

Sep out in 


Before the Right Honourable the 
Houfe of Lords , in the Abby-Church at 

Wesiminfhr, on Wednefday, Febr.16. 1644. 
being tbc day of the Monthly publike Faft. 

By Simeon A/h Minifter in London, and a Member 
of the Affembly of D 1 v 1 n e s. 

Dear.* x.}6, for the LorJfljaff judge h'u people, and repent himfelfe for hbfer, 
vann 9 tvben befeetb that their power ugone; and, there u none {but up, or left. 

Beuc.* i( *«j. Happy art tbots t O /frael: tvbo u \i\e unto thee, people ! favedby 
the Lord thefhWdofthy bel?,andwbo k the [word of thy excettencie: and thine 
enemies JhaUbefomdtyarswto thee, and thou /halt tread up** their high 


Printed by G. M. foi* "E&voard Brervtfer&nd are to be fold 

at his Shop at the Signe of the Bible on Lud- 

gate hill neer Beet-bridge. 1645. 

IT is this day ordered by tbeX ords 
in Parliament aflfembled , That, this 
Houfe doth give thaxikes to M r zAfh 
for his great pains taken in the Sermon 
he preached yefterday in the Abby 
Church ffeftminfter before the Peeres 
of this Realme, it being the day ofthe 
publike Fali* And that he is hereby 
defired to print and publifh the fame j 
wJifch (ball not be printed or reprin- 
ted by any, but fuch as (ball be author 
rized thereunto under hishand. 

J o . Browne, Ckr . Farlumem. 

I doe appoint Edwrd Brewster to print this^ 
Sermon, and no man elfe. 


The Houfe of <PEE%ES 

Aifcmblcd in Parliament. 

Right Honourable, 

[ N Obedience to your Lord/hips Or- 
der^l humbly prefent unto publike 
Seryice^my Sermon ^bich attended 
your commands the laU publike 
Faft. HereinyourLordJbips have 
lefus Chritt propounded^ tsaper- 
feS pattern to per/wade, incourage and direclyour 
continued endeavours to Jay e and uphold his opprejfed 
Church. This work U not toohvforthofe who are 
tnoft High amongTtmen f feeing our Lora^who is the 
choiceft of ten thoufandsi the only Potentate, 
God blefltd for ever hath undertaken u\ The fad di- 
yifions anddiSkattions of three Kingdomes doe daily* 
hourely, petition your lora(hips for help and healing: 
Your Honours are Jlrongy obliged by Gods Commands 

Az and-. 

The Epiftle Dedicatory. 

and Providences*, by your ownefolemne Covenants and 
interefls, to lay forth your [elves faithfully and unwea- 
riedly, for foe honour ofChrifty and the good of his 
Church* U$his Service (moft Noble Senatours) you 
have the hearts and prayers of Heavens Favourites 
for your comfort y and the attendance oj r tbe holy Angels 
for your defence. And in the fincere prqfecution of 
this defignefiQdjheYzfSxzxjhe Son, and the Holy 
Ghoft, are engaged for your afiiftance and good fac- 
cejfe/ Therefor 1 know nothing that (hould (nay ) 
that can difhearten them in this gldrious &ttbeive~ 
ment t Toho keepe their mindes and hearts upon the 
Almighty, and the oblgations of his rich grace, 
through Iefus Chritty-tobich that your Lordfhips may 
doe, and in fo doing, proceed andprofper, (ball be the 
conUantyfervent prayer of 

Your Honours humble, 
faithful! Servant 

Simeon <*Afh. 

^^^m$W?w^^r5^?Y? ^m^r^fVw^r^m 



to the Lords at their Monethly 
Fatk) Febr.i/. 1644. 

Is a 1. 6%, 5. 

Therefore mine owne arme brought Salvation unto 
me,andmj fury it upheld tnc^ 9 

\Sfw Ckitfs fcarc of Ms negle&ed, dhlreffed 
Church, is the fubjeft mattct of this Text, 
wherein thefe two particulars are confidcrable. 
Firftjthe reafons wherefore he engageth himfelf 
to fave Sion. Secondly, the mcancs, whereby he 
worketh her fafety. 
Firft,the caufes of this undertaking, fuggefted in thefc words, 
are two: 

1. Becaufe others are carelefle of the Church in danger, there- 
fore the Lord Jefus will appearc her Saviour. The firft word in 
my Text (Therefore) cals us backc unto the former part of the 
vcrfc, from whence this argument is open and apparent. / looked 
And there Vets none to help, therefore mine owne arme brought Salva- 
tion. Amongft men, company doth encourage difficult under- 
takings. But with God, it's otherwifc ; His Majeftie had rather 
ad alone,that no creature might (hare with him in glory. 
a. Becaufe Jefus Chrift in regard of his fellow&ip with his 
B Church, 

A Sermon tothe right honorable Houfe of lords 

Church, doth account himfelfe a fuffcrer in her fufRrings. This 
is twice expref&d intnewofd(Me,me) This is the language of 
our Lord. S ions deliverance isfihation to me, The fupport of a 
finking Church, is the upholding of me. Should the Church fufe 
fliipwracklntheftormicSeas of this troublefome world, Iefus 
Chrift, the ownetv the Matter thereof, would judge himfelfe a 
great loofer, therefore for his own fake, he will fecure and fave - 
her. All the defigncsofGod arife from himfelf, and they are re- 
ferred to himfelf : He tranfa&s all with himfelfe and for himfelf t 
As he is the firft efficient^ (o is he alfo the laft end of all his ad- ; 

Secondly,therueanes ? by which Chrift doth accomplifh his_ 
Churches prefervation are double, as my Text doth difcover.^ 
1-, OWine ervn arme. Mans Arme is that part of his body, where- 
by (in warlike atchicvements, as other* wayes) his ftrength is 
exercifed. And here it is metaphorically afcribed to Chrift as 
God, to fignific that ftrength and abilitie, by which he e/Fwdeth 
the deliverance of his endangered people. He hath jhewed flrength 
"With bii Arme (faith tbebkftcd Virgin,)/^ hath fcattcred the proud. 
And when God manifefts his omniporeneie in the refcuing of 
hisopprelfed ones, its thus exprefled. The Lord hath made bare hi& 
holy arme in the eyes of all the nations, and all the ends of the earth Jhatl 
fee the falvationof our Gvd. 

The mighty power of Chrift procures the prefervation of his 
Church and people. His right bandana his holy Arme hath gotten. 
him the vittory .Neither did their own arme fave them, but thy right 
hand, and thine arme. 

2. My fury, it upheld me a 

Seme tranflate it, Myhtat, and they interpret it concerning: 
the f re of love which burnes in the bofome of Chrift towards, 
his endeared Spoufa. 
j i.2«, \ fonde the originall word rend red (Bowels. ) Thus the Lord 

and 4.19.' fpcakethvirith his favourable references, towards his repenting 
IfiAigriatH ■ Ephraim. My Rowels are troubled for. him, -I Will fttrely have .mcrcjs 
i^M, C-qthl a upon hlm,faith the Lord', 

Zaptde. Others render the word,indignatk>n,anger 2 pr fury (as we find 

igxcZiefim" ' IC ^ Cl? *$$&. tranfetionjunderftanding it ofthe flaming difplca-. 
ifoij$ farc.ofCJhrift,.aga'inft.thc adverfaries of his Churcho. And ti% ~ 

at the momthiy Fafi f Vobv.26. 1644. 

fenfe the words fallowing (which feeme exegeticall)bold forth. 
J Will tread down the people in mine-anger, and make them drunke in 
my fury. Solomon' makes ufe of the fame word, to exprefis the 
rage oft he drunkard . Strong drinke is raging. The Lord repaireth pro v. *«• 1. 
-Sions niin'es, by ruinating her enemies in his wrath and fury. 
.And we may warrantably (with fomc others) take in both, the Z elmment 
heat of love, and the heat ©f anger, which make up the flame of acaens ^jfi. 
£eale. For in the deliverance of his Church, firift puts en zeale muians.pmn* 
as acloake, Ifai.59.17. As the flame which was kindled in the '-«**»• 
bread of King Ahafuerus, ca.ufcd him to command the Qjeenes 
refcue, from that violence and wrong, which he apprehended, 

^Was by wicked Uaman intended againfl: her. Such a deliverance 
from tyrants and oppreflburs whether unchriftian,or Anticbrifti- 
an, is undertaken in this Chapter. For by Edom (mentioned in 

s the ficft verfe) we muft underftand (by aMetonimy) theldume- 
ans,andby theldumeans ( Synecdochically) are meant all the 
adverfaries of the Church. 

' It upheld me. The originall word, according to its various 
■life in holy Scripture, is very considerable, and ufefull in its Ap- ^n^m 
plication to our prefent purpofe. It flgnifie's, 1 . To uphold,as an « T » 
infirm? aged man is Hayed, by leaning upon his (taffc, I/ai.^6 t 6. 
2. To fupport, as a great, weighty building is upheld by pillars, 
fudg.16.2g. 3. To fuftaine, as mans ftrength, and life are 
maintained by provifwns, (^#.27.3 7. r Pfal,fi.6. 4. To flay '-^?? 
up, from fainting, by adminift ring cordials, £>*f.S.s. 

Now, here I may not take occafion, to enlarge my felf accor- 
ding unto thefe things, which I only hint, in the expofition of 
my Text. Though hence it is notable, That Sufficiencies fir Sions 
fupport are in Jefm Christ, according to her various necejjities. 

Thus have you (right Honourable and beloved ) the diviiion 
and the interpretation of my Text, both together. And by this 
time, I beleevc,you can eafily guefle at the various pretious truths 
which might from hence be naturally collected. But becaufe I 
muft wrap up all in one Sermon, therefore I (hall only refolve . 
upon the handling of the generall Docline of the Text, in the 
profecution whereof, I lhall have occafion to touch upon the fe- 
derals which are confiderable in the words. Our Proportion or 
point of Doctrine is this, . 

B 2 That 

A Sermon n the right honor Me Houje of Lords 

That the fafety of the militant Church lyes upon the hand of 

if the Church be in danger, his Arme faves ; and if ready to 
finke through opprcflions from men, or faintnefTs in herfelfc, he 
fupports. All Interpreters with one confent agree, that the 
words of my Text are the words of the Lord Chrift, and thcrfore 
it would be vain work to labour any further to clearc the founda- 
tion upon which my Doctrine is built. Neither thall I need to 
travel! farre to fetch in witness, to atteft this truth. In this 
Prophecie, Chap.59.16. we have a paflage which almoft runncs 
paralell with my Text, ( the perfon only being changed ) HU 
tsfrme brought falvation unto him, and his righieoufwfe it fuslai- 
nedhim. And ifwecaft our eyes, a little furiher into this Chap- 
ter, we (hall fee our Prophet once and againe averting the fams 
thing, ver.%-. He "to as their Saviour, and ver. 9. The Angel of bit 
prefencefaved them . 

If the reafon of this Chrifts undertaking be enquired after, I 
oiuft preface my anfwer with the words of the Lord, upon the 
like occa (ion, Szek.36.22. Say unto the houfe of ffrael, Thus faith 
the Lord god, 1 doe not thx fir your fakes, O houfe of Ifrael,butfor 
wine own holy Names fake* Beloved our proud hearts (which on 
fuch dayes as this Ihould be kept humble, in a fpeciali manner) are 
apt to fwell and to grow conceited, wbils we are hearing of the 
meanes which God provideth to prevent their dejecledneflfe t 
therefore let it not be Judged unneceffary, if I tell you and tell 
you againe, That the caufe of Sions fafety lyes in God, and nor in 
the bofomes, or abilities of the faireft member of the Church on 
earth. Alas, alas, we have no colour of caufe to re Joyce incur 
feives, when we are told, thatjefus Chrift engageth himfeifto 
be our Saviour. For the welfare of ihe Church atifeth caufally, 
neither from any meritorious qualification inherent in our per- 
fons, nor from any deferving worthiness adhering to our perfor- 
mances. It is pertinent for this purpofe to obferve,? hat when the 
Church had by faith pitched upon this conclufion, lfai.64. in the 
end of the fifth verfe, We pM be faved, it fcllowes immediately 
in the next verfe, But Vce are all as an uncleane thing, and aU our 
tighteoufnejfes are as filthy rags. The univerf'ality cf the words 
is very conftderable, both in reference to the Agents, We all, and 

*h a 

M the monthly Faft, Febr.26. 1644. 

feoXbe remainders of corrupt ion.and the fa.reft excellences, 
ihouXbftraaedfrcm their duties, are not in any capacity to 
Seanvkindnc&orcarefromGod: And it is of good ufe 
t„ ^mindeoar Gives of this, when we have occafion to me- 
dTtauupo^heever-waking.and ever-wotking province of 

G °As f our fehf^u'abeabafed, fo our Savionr mull be exalted ia 
ourthoughtsand hearts, when we make cnqmr.e after the rea- 
ftns wherefore heundertakes to fecure his lfrael : For hough 
he nndnothingmus,nothinginanycf hisfervants, vvhichca« 

meriwrioufly commend them to his twt.on, y« iri h.mfdfe, 
•!iv, iimf-lfe there is caufe fufficient for this glorious engage- 
^SSaSt* holdsfortb.asl have already hm.e, 
Shall hereafter more fully maniftft. The true ground of all Reafl • ■ 
tSe o e wn ch ChrV takes, that his Church may not utterly 
fekeund« her O ppre0ions, is his faithfulneffe Jo filVto fulfill alt 

iL r n«£ endearing relations, wherein he ftandcth in refe- 
thofe ""r^cndearing re jau , ^ ^ 

fhreefoU Notion. They are 1. Naturall. a. IJomefticdl. 

3 ' mSift^ haiofhU Church, andtherefore (faith the 

Aooftle') the Saviour of that body, Spkf. 5. H- . .. , 4Natur ,.m 

Nature hath placed 'vitaWna»£-s, with S^bt Hu m p and >•"» 
XS the head, as Sentinels in a Watch-Tower or the 

tienstohis people and every one of themyevlds us loine ratio ^ 

v .IhJfJthcereat Land- lord of the world,and all the earth, 

A Sermon to the right honorable Hoiffe of lords 

from the world-drowning deluge. Lot like wife was called 
upon by the Lord, to fave his Family from the devouring flames 
,I? * which confuted Sodome. And the Holy Ghoft commandeth 

all forts of people s to be peculiarly kind unto the houjhold of faith, 
galj.p. yea, this is left on record in holy Writ, that, he who 
provide th not for hiiownt houfe it Worfe then an infidel!. \ Tim. c . &. 
We therefore may be confident, that our Lord and Mafter Ieius 
Chrift doth in this regard fee unto his Churches fafety, 

2. The Church is effroufed unto Chrifl^s her hufband, 2 Cor, 
il.4. and foe is called the Lambs Wife. Rev. 19.7. anj 21.0." 
And our Gofpell Prophet gives in this as the reafon of her prol 
fperitie,even in this world. Jfai.54,5. For thy tJMak^r is thine 
Hmfband. I remember what holy Hiftory doth report concer- 
ning Davids brave adventures, to deliver his Wives taken cap- 
tives by the Amalekites, and this he did, being incouraged by 
counfeil divine. 

Now never did man more exprefle love to his Spoufe, then 
Chrift Icfus hath towards them who are fpiritualjy troth- 
plighted to him. And this the Lord renders as a reafon ofhis 
readinefie to doe good to ill-deferving Ifrael. fer,$. 14, p or / 
am matrjed toiou, faith the Lord* 

3. Chrift in reference to the the Regenerate (who are borne 
againe by his Spirit,^/* I -I 2,1 3 .) is called, The everlaftingfa- 
ther,Ifai t g.6. And thus he is brought in by our Prophet 
fpeaking ofhis peculiar people. JfaS. I 8. "Behold. J \and the chil- 
dren Vehom thou hasl given me. 

Now in this relation there isa commanding power, to caufe 
care of Safety. How doth father Jacob beftirre himfelfe in wayeg 
both prudentiall and pious, to prefcrve his poore children , from 
the death- threatnihg rage of his bloudie brother Efau, as the* 3 2 . 
*>f Genefis doth fully evidence 1 Yea doe not Creatures of all 
kinds, though vpyd of reafon, yet by ftrong initincls, both aft 
and adventure to fecure their young,from harmes and dangers ? 

And therfore, we may well add this patcrnali relation of 
Chriil to his people, as another reafon* ofhis regard of them in 
froublefome times. This argument alfo, is grounded upon the 
holy ScriptureSjfor from hence, the moft High God, fits his So- 
-veraignty on worke, to redeeme his Ifrael from Captivity. JJ*. 

at the monthly -Faft, Febr.26. 1644, 

43.6. I will fay to the North, give up, and to the South, keepe not 
hack, king my Sons from farre, and my daughters from the end of the 
earth. All creatures, all coafts and comers of the World, muft 
according to divine appointment, cooperate for the comfort of 
Gods Children. And hence it is, that the Church firing out ta 
the Lord for deliverance, pleadeththis relation unto his Maje- 
ftie. /fa. 61.16. D oubtlejfe thou art our Father, thou Lord, are- 
our Father. The doubling of this argument, argues, that ftrong 
confidence and hope, is rayfed from this fatherly relation, in the. 
hearts of them,to beg and expect Salvation from htm. 

4. The Lord lefus ftands in a brotherly relation to his people, 4 .Frater ndlL 
for they have all one Father, Joh.iQ'iy. Cjoeto my brethren, and 
fay unto them, Igoennto my Father and your Father. And, A gar- 
den enclofed (faith he) is CUj Sifter. Cant^.i 2 . He u not afhamei 
to call them brethren. Heb » 2 . 1 1 . 

Now thofe who are but very little verfed in the facred Story 
doeunderftand what an effc&uall influence this relation had upon 
Jofeph,to prevaile with him to provide for his brethrens well- 
doing in Egypt, notwithftanding all their unworthy carriage 
him- ward formerly. And it is here notable, how the f;rv3ntsof 
Benhadad improved this title Brother, for their Matters advan- 
tage,! 7O'.20.;2,33, They did haftily catch it, Andthtyfaid, Thy 
brother Benhadad. 

But to bring this home unto our prefent purpofe, our blefikd 
Saviour, though he had been forfaken by his Difciplcs,and denied 
by Peter,yct knowingthat they were full of forrow upon his 
death, and very apprehenfive of approaching periil upon his de=»- 
parture from them, it is worth" the obferving how carefull he 
was to give them norictof his Refurre&ion , and to promifc 
them a meeting for their comfort and confirmation, becaufe 
he ftiil owned them as his brethren. UHatth.2S.10. Qoe tell 
my brethren (faith Chrift) that they gee into galUee.andthirefhalt 
they fee mee. 

The third fart of relation betwixt Chrift and his Church fol- $.poIiricalfc. 
lowcs(w*J Politicall J from whence as from the former, his 
ftudiefor her fafetieis inferred. This we have faire and full from 
the Prophet ffaiah, The Lord is eur Law- giver, the Lord is our 
KingM Voillfave m, /fai^$,i2. It was a fp:ech wel-becominga 

King 3 

S A Sermon to the right honor Me Boufc of Lords 

King, Salmfopiili fitpremalexefio, making the fubje&s (afede the 
end of his authoritie. Thus I am fure it ever was, and ever will 
bs with our Lord and King, Jefus Chrift, in all Ordinances and. 
Ad minifi rations whatfoever, be intends as truly his peoples wel- 
fare as-his o wn honour. 

Here 1 might tell you, that Chrifts Resell power is LnScrip- 

FfdUo i. tufe expreffed by comparing him to a Shepherd, and calling the 
Church his/for^, and that from thence> his care thereof is con- 
cluded, Ezek^i 4./ Will deliver mjflocke, ver.l o. and again, 7 ftM 
fave my flt>ck_, ver.22. 

But 1 will enlarge my felf no further in the reafbnsof my Do- 
ctrine, for I fuppofe that fufficient which hath been fpoken , to 
ratifis the truth ofit by the fevcrall relations, wherein our Lord 
and Saviour h endeared and engaged unto his Church and people, 
through the riches of his free, fuperlative grace. Therefore from 
theproofeof the point, I proceed to the improvement thereof 
by way of ufe : And I finde the Doctrine in hand three wayes 
especially ufefull, according to the inferences and applications of 
holy Scripture, whereby I defire to be guided in my minifteriall 

The Vfe ^ lt ^» ^ ov tnc ^ n f Qrm ^'* on °f otir judgements \ Secondly ,fbr trie 

Conflation of our hearts. Thirdly, for the 'DireBionofour cotirfe* 
The inference by way of Information is double : firft, There- 

Infermatton. f orc all thofe are very unlike unto Icfus Chrift, who have no re- 
gard at all of the welfare of his Church. Men ofGa/Iio his tem- 
per, of whom it is faid, that though the place where he was Go- 
vernour,was filled with confufions, and though Sofihenes (a good 
man, an i one deare to />*#/, 1 Cor. i.j.) W<# beaten and abufed 

A&. 1 8^i 7. openly, yet (jallio cared for none oftkefe things. Many (iich Gallio's 
we have amongft our Gallants, yea, and amongft people of infe- 
riour conditions alfo, who regard not at all what becomes of the 
work of Church-Reformation begun amongft us, whether Gods 
Ordinances be purged, or pudled; his Embaffadours incouraged 
or abufed, his Gofpell propagated or interrupted; all is one to 
them ; if they may fave their own skins, fecure their own perfo- 

feZfabownT na ^ contentmcnts > and & warme in their own Nefts, whether 

CbryC Sion finke or fwim, they are at a point, they care far none of thefe 



at themonethly Fajl, Febr. 16. 1644. 

And give me leave ( Right Honourable ) to tell you how the 
Holy Ghoft hath marked with a black coaje, the Nobles of 
Tekoa,who when Icrufalems breaches cryed aloud to them foe 
Reparation, yet it's faid, Nehem.^ . Their Nobles put not titeir 
recks to the War kj>f their Lord. There feemes to be fome difficulty 
in the place, J will not prcflfe too ftridly the phrafe of putting 
the Neci^to Veorkj it fignifics voluntary fub/e&icn to fervice. 
As Matth. 11.29. Take mjjx>ke uponjou. And doubtkfle Nobles, 
men of chiefeft ranke and qualitie, £hould deny themfelvcs fo 
farrc as to put beads, hands, (boulders, fides, and necks alfounto 
the fervice of the Church But that which ismoft ebfeure, Iks 
in the Word tranfUted (Lord.) Some underftand it ofNehemiah, 
who was chiefs Commander in the prefent fervice. Now 
though he was in regard of his former imploymcnt, a mcanc 
perfon in comparifon of thofe Nobles ( for he was the Kings 3 
Cup-bearer at the palace of Shuihzn.Neh.i.n.) yet thefc Nobles 
are checked, I might fay, blotted with a note of reproach for not 
fubmitting to him in the fervice of Ierufalcm. Yea, the word in 
the Otiginsll being in the plural! Number, fignifying Lords, 'JtK 
fome Expofitors conceive that thereby arc meant the fubordinate 
CommanderSjalligned by Nehemiah (who commanded in chiefe) 
tooverfcethe work, and from thence they inferrc mere then 
was noted beft re. For they thence obferve, that thefe Nobles 
arc rebuked and reproached for not fubmitting to the directions 
of men inferiour to Nehemiah in the fervice of the publikc- But I 
rather judge that the word though in theplurallNumber, (Ado* ' 
ni ) doth only relate unto God, whom thefe Nobles (hould have 
ftooped unto, as to their Lord. And if the Scripture be apply ed 
in this fence, (which to me is the faireft, becaufe I find the word > 
thus limited, Mai. 1,6.) yet hence it may be noted, that the mod 
High God doth ft igroatize Nobles with a brand of infiinic, for 
refuting to appeare, and to aft perfonally, hborioufly in Church 
Reformation. How great is t(ie diffimilitude in affection to 
the Church betwixt Iefus Chnflyand this fort of men ? For fup- 
pofe he (who was brought up in the bo fome of hU father, and fr ^*** ; 
thereen joyed full, and perfect delights, before the foundations 
of the world were laid) had refolved not to difplace , dif-cafe 
himfclfe for mans rcftauration,we with all mankind feould have 

C continued 

IQ A Sertnontothe right honoi 'abtcHoufe of * Lords 

continued under mines and deflations unto all Eternitie. 
.~ I have three things to deliver unto thefe perfons, who arc 
pcffrft with a Spirit of indiff)rencie, in reference unto Sion, rc- 
folving to fit ftill, and to fee the game played on both fides, not 
caring much who win,or who loofe j who prciper, and whofuf- 
fer; whofe hopes are accomplished, and whofe disappointed -ifr 
refped of Church concernroenfs. 

i. Without all queftion thefe Neuters are not incorporated 
i z*6 fpiritually into Iefus Chrift. For if any man abidethin him, he- 
ought himfelfe alfofi to Walke, even as he Walked, And I appcale to 
mens Confcienccs from that which hath been delivered,whether» 
snany age of the Church, the Lord Chrift ever ftood by,as a Neu- 
ter, when the concernments thereof were in difputation and agi* 
nation amongft men. 

So foon z%?ml was favingly fubdued by the Spirit of Chrift, 

las change in this particular was manifeft: Be Who perfecutedm^ 

in times pas! (fay the Saints) nowpnacheth the faith Which he once 

de&rojed, gal.1,22^. And when the Lord had efficacioufly 

touched, and taken hold on,the Prophet Jfaiahj (though formerly 

backward to engage for God) no fooner can a queftion be asked, 

who flisllgotfor ml but he prefsntly offers himfelfe, Here am I s 

fend me. For certainly in this cafe 9 ( as in others wherein Chrift 

&«3,i4« is concerned) the love of Chrift conftraineth Chriftians to ap* 

peare and adventure for him. And Cbrifts people are a willing 

people (Volunteers, a people of willingness) in the day of his 

power. Die exereitmm, in the day of his Armies, when he mu= . 

* °«J ■ ttereth up his forces to fecure I erufalcm. 

8> Therefore all fuch who are not in thefe kindes animated and 

a&ed by the Spirit of Chrift they are none of his. 

2. This Neutralitie is by our Lord himfelfe interpreted as 
downe-right contrariety. His words are plaine, he that runnes- 
may read the meaning of them. He that uxot With me, in again ft. 
me. I feali not glotTe upon ibis Scripture, nor give in any other 
appl icat ion then the Note which the Rhemi&s have left us. They 
thai \ nsre indijferer.t to all Religions } coynmon{y and fitly called 'Neutws, 
joyning tkemfehes to neithtr part, let them mar-kjbeje Words Well, and 
tl^ypoall fee that Qhrif accettnted all them to be againft him and hU.., 
Church, that &f not f)ai&ty~wd fatly WithMm*, 


mtbe moitethlj Fdft? Vtbv.26. 1644. 11 

3. The mifcry of thefe men is exceeding grievous, which X 
kno w not how more fully (with brevity) to exprefTe, then by 
applying and opening the curfe againft Meroz, for the like neg- 
k&. Curfe je Meroz. (fald the Angel of the Lord) curfe ye bitterly Jisdg.f . tf. 
the inhabitants thereof, becaufe they came not to the help of the Lord, Maiedicitema. 
to the help of the Lord againft the mighty. Hence thefe particulars efuuuntsp^ 
are feafonably enquirable : 1 . What is threatned, A curfe, * bitter ^ u vziafttfi 
mrfe> the curie of men warranted by the Lord, and to be executed f a »t, meemi 
by the Lord. Though the curfe caujlejfe fiall not come ; yet when /ewp&rpronun- 
Godarid Chrift, Angels and men curte, how unhappy fliall be e j$ mt * i 2 em -- 
the condition of fuch accurfed creatures? The barren fig-tree ■J^J'^;"* 
withers upon Chrifts curfe j Mens perfons., comforts, hopes, all 
Wvfte being blafted by divine malediction. 2. For what caufe 
this ^Anathema, this heavie curfe is gone out from the Lord •? 
The words tell you once and againe, becaufe thej came not taffo 
help of the Lord, to the help of the Lord. It is not laid, they took up 
Armes, and /oy'ned in combination againft the Lord, in the Li- 
berties and comforts of his Ifrael, but becaufe they would not 
come in, and foync themfelves with the people of the Lord, nor 
fhew themfdveson Gods fide, therefore this heavie curfe is de- 
nounced againft them. Bareomiffions of good, when God gives 
abilitie and opportunitie doe cxpofe unto the Axe of divine dif- 
pleafure. Every tree that brings not forth good fruit, is heveen downs 
and caji into the fire. Ulfattb,$,iQ . And at the day of judgement 
our Saviour will paffe this black fentence upon them who have 
neglected offices of love to himfelf in his afflicted members. ZJ*- Mattfi. t $4 1." 
fart from me ye cur fed into everlafting fire , prepared for the devill and 
his Angels, islnd thefe fball goe into everlaUing punifhment. 4# 

3 . What was the cafe and condition of Ifrael when Meroz, refil- 
led to aflbciate for their afiiftance ? Truly at this time many Dwelling neer 
mighty enemies had got the upper-hand and greatly opprefled L hcp n C ^ o£ , 
Ifrael. If you will lookback unto^.4.3^ You (hall fee, that blilk^L 
fabin King of Canaan, had poo. chariots of iron, and he mightily op- the fuccefle ) 
pre ffed Ifrael for twenty yeares. Now although the inhabitants of they came noc 
Meroz. mightjin the ©pinion of morall cautious men, feeme in out J &c * Sir 
this regard to have fu^ficientreafon to refufe fiding with Ifrael, Wai.Raleigb, 
yet you heare, how heavie a curfe is threatned againft them for 
this their Neutralise. Fig leaves will neither cover guilt, nor 

C 2 defend 

ia A Sermon to the right honorable Houje of Lords 

defend from Gods wrath. Many allegations^ which take with 
worldly wife men, will be of no account with God. I might 
here take occafion alfo, to tell thefe Luke warme perfons, mode- 
rate men, (as they would be accounted) men of a tepid temper, 
neither hot nor cold, who are neither zealous for Chrift, nor yet fu- 
rious againft him. That our Lord threatens to Jpew them out ofkls 
mouth. But I will not proceed to difcover their fad condition 
who are ejected with abomination as the ?omit of the Lord 
our Saviour. 

The f.*cond inference by way of information folio wes» Hence 
may be manifefted both the malignancy and mifcry of all tbofe, 
who profeffedly engage thcmfelvcs againft the peace and prefer- 
vatian of the Church of Chnft. I bsleeve (beloved) that you 
look upon thofe to whom I fpake in the former ufe, as in a dole- 
full condition, if you minded and credited what I delivered from 
the Lord : But this fort of men, who now come under confede- 
ration, are in a farre worfe plight ; For the former doe only hang 
betwixt Heaven and hell, betwixt God and Belial, Chrift and 
Antichrift, in a way of indifrerencie, but thefe people doe place 
themfelvcs in a pofturc of contrarietie againft the Lord Iefus, for 
they drive a defignc diametFically,diredly oppofite unto the offi- 
ces, relations, engagements and undertakings of his Highncffr* 
The head.the heart, and the hand of Chrift are all at work, to fpp- 
pert and f3v? his oppreffed, finking Church : But thefe men (£ 
had almoft called them mifcreants) gather, conjoync, and cxer- 
cife all their ftrengths to lay Chrifts Vineyard wafte, to fubvert 
not only the comforts and hopes of his fubjects, but alfo the fun- 
damental! lawes and government of his Kiogdome. In the 
entrance upon this ufe, I. fpake of the malignancie of thefe per- 
sons, andtruly I have reafon to call them Malignants, if the de- 
vils powerfull working in the hearts and lives of men, may war- 
rant that Denomination. The Pevill is named Jbaddon, and 
tAfolljan^ becaufea deftroyer. And it is the devils endcavour,to 
devcurc the inftruments, the meanes- of Church Refbrmaticn. 
&ev, 3^4, The D t Agon flood before the )froman % Vthich Vcm redfy to. be delivered, 

far to devo&r.c her. child, asfoon as it Was born. 
laMjta This malignant fpirit moved Jftdw to betray. Ckrill*. And the 

Holy Ghoft faith, that the ?> evih f(by infpiring and over-powring 



at thewonetkly ftf , Vtbt.26. 1644, *3 

Wecutcurs) c*Ji tkChriHims, in the primitive times, intotrU Rev... i*. 
/£■ And from this very ground, the Apoftle ?*** faith, that Can 

Thishatredofgoodmenforgoodncfle arifeth from hclhfti ma- 
liSeagainftGod himfelfe. Like as the Libard, or Panther, . 
which in regard its diflikc of man will rend and teare his image* 
I (hall not need to fay more to evidence their Mahgnme, but I 
will proceed to difcover their mifery . For which purpofe,I pray, 
vou 3 confiderthefpeechofChriftto^»/, beingin a way ofop- 
ooficionagainft his Church. ^#.0.4,?. Smrt,S<ml, Mr verfic*- 
teft thou me t *A»d hef*id, Who m thou Lord? *A»d the Lorf 
fad, I am fe/Hs Mom thoH ferfecHteft, it u hard for thee to ktck^ 

** to tide words, wemay note for ourprefent purpofe thefe 
oarticularsi i.That Chrift accounts bimfdf perfceuted m the: 
oerfecution of his members. TkoHferfecuteXme^ when the foot 
cnearthistrodcncn.thc head in Heaven compiatnes, Why doc 
you hurt me? This fin therefore of oppofition againft the godly; 
is of a more hainous nature then men imagine. 

a.Tbat the Lord takes cxaft notice of every individual per- 
fon who hatb an hand in the wrongs c&red to his people. The; 
MefTenecr, the Purfevant,who now was on bis journey with 
letters miffivc from the High Pricfts, to bring Ch rift lans bound: 
to Tcrufalem, he is here called unto by name, SauhSaulWhy doe f 
thou perfecute ? Although the. Eagle foare high, and fceme farre : 
from her Neft, yet her piercing eye foon efpies, if any approach 
be made to prejudice her young. . ' 

* That this oppofition is very perilous. It » hard for the* Cmmftirt 
f kieiamnfi the prick*. The fpeech is Metaphoncall, taken tumcatce$.~ 
from the brutifh Creatures, which being prickcd,doe by kicking* eo qui fcaftta 
ftrikcthat which pneketh them deeper into their owne flcfli, poKnuousc. 
That paflage of our Saviour, UMattk.i 1.44. is fomiwbat anfwe- imiu 
nble^WhofoeverJhallfaa an thUfione, Jhall be broken. By falling 
ayponChrift,whcthcrby oppofition againft his Government, or 
members, men breake themfelvcs s as the proud waves breakeup* 

on the hard rock. ... , , . 

AThat although men throagh ignorance know not,or through- 
incokit?iicy,confider jiot,their courifss of contrariety againft the 
" C 1 Church 


14 A Sermon to the right hnordle ffotife of lords 

Church of Chrift, yet is their fin thus high, and their danger thus 
heavie, as yoa have heard > Saul here imagines nof, that any ' 
wrong was offered to any one in heaven, and therefore thinking 
it firange when hejicares of complaint from thence, he askes. 
Who art thm Lord3 yea,elfe where he ptofefletb, that he did it ig- 
tioramly, and that through z.ealehe perfected the Church;yca,tbat 
he verily beleeved, himfelfe%W to doe lomewhat againlfc the 
Nameoflefus Chrift. 

I heartily wifh,tbat this msy be well confidered, becaufe ma- 
ny who bitterly makeoppolition tgainO- the Church ofChrift,at 
this day in this Kingdome* doe verily hope, that becaufe they 

- a$: according to their Consciences, therefore they are in no dan- 
ger. It is true, "Paul himfelfe faith, / Vpm received to mercy, for 
1 did it ignoranttj in ptnbtliefe > yet for all this, he kickjl againfi 
the pric&znd had undoubtedly perifhed everlaftingly in this way 
of perfection, if Gods glorious Grace had not converted him. 
Alas, alas, then what will become of all them, who wittingly 
and wilfully, malicioufly and defperateiy engage themfelvcs 
againft the caufe and Church of Chrift ? Truly,I tremble,when I 
ferioufly ponder that imprecation of the Pialmilt againft fuch 
perfecutors? Lord, be not mercifullto any Wicked tranfgreffoHri. 

Although this might fecme fufficicnt to ftartle and awaken 
thefe Malignants, who make it their bufincfle to" breake in pieces 
the people of the moll High ; yet I will make bold to diicovee 
their dolefuli condition further, from my Text and fome neigh- 
bouring paffiges, which border upon it. 

There are two things confiderable concerning their mifery. 

- i. It is inevitable. 2. It is irrepairable ; Gods arme cannot be 
refilled. And the breaches made by his indignation cannot be 
repaired. Firft, their dcftrucTion cannot be avoided, j. Either 
by multitudes aflfociatcd for their fecurity.ver.<5. 1 Will tread down 
^^//^(forfoitisintheoriginall) noting the pluralitie, the 
Numbers of Antichriftian oppofites. And for this cnd,Zech. 
1 2.3. is very remarkable. / Will make Jerufalem a burthenfomc 
flow fir all 'people, all that burthen themfelves With it jhdl be cut in 
pieces \ though all the people of the earth be gathered together againft 
iu TheCaptaine of our Salvation will rout the greateft armies 


at the monthly Faft,Vebt.26. 1644. U 

that can poflibly be raifed agamft his Jerufalem. 2. Or by 
places fortified for their fafetie. yer.i. The Lord in taking ven- 
geance had dyed his garment* in 'jBozra. This Irezra was the 
Metropolis, the mother Citie of Idumea, Ifai. 34. 5. And ftch 
places ufualiy are moft Strengthened by forts and fbrtifications» 
But the breath of Gods difpleafure will blow down and demol- 
lifh all fuch means of defence,how profiling foevcr they appeare* 
£. Or by accumulated eftates, accommodations, honours and au^ 
thority. Thus much is Metaphorically, yea, Allegorically expret- 
fed in the Scripture laft cited, Ifai.^jSq, 8. The fword of the 
Lord ' it \. filled With bloud, it is made fat With fit' neffe, and With 
the blond of Lambs and Goats , with the fat of the Kidney e-s of 
RamSyfor the Lord hath afacrifice in Bozrah, and a, great (laugh- 
ter in the land of Idumea , and the Vnicornes Jhall come downs 
•mth them, and the 'Bullocks with the bstls , and their land JhaH 
he fiaked with blond, and their d»fi made fat with fatnejfe , for 
it is the day of the Lords vengeance , and the ye are ofrecompen- 
ccs fir the controverfie of Z ion* By Goats, Rams, Unicomes, 
Bullocks and Bulsareunderftood menofhigheft place and pow- 
er in the world. And when our Lord taketh vengeance upon the 
adverfaries of Zion,.hc will make it to appeare, that he is no re- 
fpe&er of mens perfons. He Willflrike through Kings in the day,- pfal. 1.104,6.* 
ef his Wrath: He Jhall Wound the heads over many (or great) coun- 
tries. There is no refptct of perfons with God. Neither Crown 
aor Scepter can fecure them, againft whom the Almighty is in- 

Secondly, their ruine cannot be repaired. Thus much is fug- J ° Ic «« «<»•»- 
geftcd t ver ,3. / Will tread them in mine anger , and trample them in c * V£rable « ; 
my fury, and their bloud Jhall be Jprinkjed uponwy garments, and 
J Will fiaine all my raiment. The Metaphor is taken from 
treading the winc-preffe, where the grapes,, were full, 
and faire before prefling, but when the moyfture is fqueezed our, 
it cannot be reftored ,.. nor the beauty of the grapes repaired, . 
ThusGhrift will in vengeance breake (as it were) the vcynes 
and bones cf his enemier,. and fquecze out bloud and marrow, 
And if timely repentance prevent not this vengeance, they (lull 
he remedikfly ruinated P r ne ver to be healed, never to be re« 
Sore do 



iThcf,?, t. 

hnx> ffl dro' 

^.b bwamibm, 

A Sermon to the right honorable Houfe of Lords 

More I will not fay (neither need I) to fct forth the wicked- 
neffeand wretchedneffeof thefe mifchief- plotters, and mifebief- 
workersagainft the Church of Jefus Chrirf, which he undertakes 
to fave. And I mould think, that enough hath been faid tocon- 
vince s if not ro convert thefe «ien,had not the Scripmre told m% 
that Perfecutors are unreafoa&ble men s and if Taul had not con- 
feffed of himfelfe, tfiat in this way he Was exceedingly mad. 
Ati. 26,i i .. Pride, pafiion, and malice doe more then infatuate 

I mud leave thefe diftempered ( if not diftra&ed) men, but 
while I ana leaving them, truly my bowels are troubled for them, 
therefore before I leave them, I will breathe forth ChrHVs prayer 
for them. Father, forgive them, for they k»ow not What they doe. 

Thefecond Life foilowes. Our Doftrine adminifters much 
matter of lingular Confolation unto the fervants of Jefus Chrift. 

And let it not I pray yon, be oflT;nfiYe,as a fervicc urifeafonaHe, 
that I fervc in cordials on our fading, heart-humbling day ,where- 
in we mould feed uponfower herbs. Tor as my Text doth na» 
turslly,acCording to thepurpofe of the Holy Ghofl:, offer com- 
fort,fo the prefent fad condition of this Kingdom doth call for if, 
and the drooping fpirits of many godly ones amoogft us need it. 
Moreovcr,the minding of Ch rift scare and kindneffc towards his 
finking Church and bleeding fervants, may much promote the 
duties of thcday,becanfe thereby the heart is mod kindly broker, 
for our feverallur? kind nefles and disregards of fo kind and care- 
full a Saviour. By meanes hereof alfo ,we fhall be qufekned, wi th 
more fervency and confidence tofupplicate his M? jwftie, f or tnaC 
falvation, which he hath promifed, and which we expeci. 

But to paffe from this digreflion,let us a little minde the ftrong 
confolation here intended. From this Do&rineof Z tons falva- 
tion undertaken by Chrift, his Church is called upon to re Joyce, 
Rejoyce greatly, O daugter ofZiou, Shont, O daughter Jerufalem, 
fahold, thy King cometh unto thee, he is jujt and having falvation. 

And upon this confederation , the godly have been wont to 
triumph and to glory. < ?/4/,so. *Bleffed be god, even the 
Qod of our falvation iSdah. He that ii our god, ii the God of Sal- 
vation, yea, this jay doth rn a peculiar manner appcrtaine unto 
Gofpel times. In that day, it jball he faid, Lo, thk is ow God, 
c We 

4t the momthly Faft, Febr. 26.1 644. 17 

Wrhave Waited for him, and he Willfave us ; this is the Lord, We have 
Waited fir him, and We- Will rejojee in his Salvation. This honey 1 
(you fee) drops out of the Comb, without pre/Ting, this Ccnfo- 
lation fiawcj from the Do&rine, without ihe leaft forcing. 

Now this Fountaine of comfort fendeth forth its ftreames : 
1. To the Church in gcnerall. 2. To the fcverall living mem- 
bers thereof in particular. 

As 'for the Church univerfall, Mount Sion flandeth fafl, and pf a i. Uf . T ,' 
can never be remsved. And the Church being built upon this rocJ^ 
(ChriO) the 'gates of hell fiall not prevaile a^ainfi it. The greateft M-vth. 16.18. 
Xtrength oneirics, especially when befieged and endangered, is 
placed at the gates. And the gates were wont to be the places 
where the wife Elders and Judges met for civill Judicature. 
Now our Saviour, by the gates of hell understands, all the ability 
and fubtilty of Satan, and he affares his Church,tbat neither pow- 
cr,nor policy, fhajl prevail: agsinft it, feeing the foundation of its 
fafsty lies in him. And I fhail not need ro fter>out of my Text, to 
bring in pillars, to fupport our confidence, that our hopes may be Panopiiam • 
unfhaken in this regard. For this purpofe, I fhall now make ufe 7)ei defcribit. 
of the foure obftrvations from the words of the Text, which Brubw* & ^ 
were briefly pointed at in. the division and interpretation of it. i*^*"*? 17 * 
Here we have the whole Armour of God, weapons both defen- arliATteUui- 
five and ofL-nfive, that the Church may be prefer ved and her ene- bm omniavin' 
mies deftroyed. tit. Cornelius 

1 .That the leffe afiiftance comes to Zion from men, the more » lapide. 
ready will our Lord be to engage himfelf for her deliverance. - 
Mark well, I befeech you, my Text, with the words preceding. 
There Was no help, there Was none to uphold, therefore : He faith nor, 
though there Was no help, yet Ifaved, Neither doth he fpeake thus, 
There Was little help, and there Were few to uphold But the words 
run thus.There Was no help, and there Was none to uphold, therefore, 
1 brought falvation. Therefore when multitudes ltandaloofeof£ 
as idle Spectators not daring, or not willing to fide with Zion in 
the day of her trouble, then, even then, may wc hopefully look 
for help from Heaven, I Will re/iore health to thee, and 1 Will heale jer.30.17. 
thee of thy Wounds, faith the Lord, becaufe they called thee an out-cafi, 
faying,This is Zion,Whom nomanfeeketh after. Yea, when many 
cither through famtnefic, or falfneffe, fall off (though thefe are 

D fad 

A Sermontothe right honorable Houfe of Lords 

lad prognoSkksofour danger to fcnfeand resfon) yet even from* 
hence will will- guided frith fetch and plead arguments tochc- 
rifhhope In holy prayer. Be not fare from me ( faith *D avid to 

. i*,it« ~ God) fir trouble ia neere, and there it none to helpe. CWany Huts 
is. have iompaffed me, ft rang buls ofRafean have befet me rmnd. Here 
joufee 5 that ilrong refinance, and no afliihnce from man is the 
argumentation of holy faith before the Lord- 

% : That the Churches welfare depends upon the Almighty 
rowevor Chnft. L.Minearme({ahhhe) brought falvation. This 
is comfortable to Gods people, when endangered , by an over- 
powringenemie,asitappeares in the experience of Ktogdja, 

Wi^s i. feeing it is nothing With him to help x whether with many, or with. 
them who have no power. Here concerning the Lords Arme, I 
might note thefe three things. I. That its irrefiftibly ftrong^h<* 
Pfa!miftfaithtoGod,T/^/.8.5. The heavens are the work^of thf,, 
fingers. Now if Great ion- work, be but finger-work with the. 
Almighty, imagine (ifyoucan) what power is in his Arme. 
He that could bring beauty out of deformity, the goodly ftrucrurc 
of the Heavens out of confufion,out of nothing, by the motions 
(as it were) of his fingers, can perfect Church Prefcrvation and 
Reformation by his ftrong Arme. 2., That it is incomparably 
Img. By the breadth of his hand, you may guetfe at the length 
of his Arme..7/&4o.i 2. He meted out Heaven with hii jpan. His 
Arme then is long enough, to reach from one end of the earth,, 
unto another. He brought IfraeJ out of Egypt with a ftrong hand,. 

-13&.1 t 3 u. apAan out' ft retched arme. And the Pfalrmlt fpeakes in this man- 
ner to the Lord, Thy hand fhaU find out all thine enemies t thy, 
right hand /hall find out all that hate thee. His Ma jeftie caneaftV 
ly, quickly reach h\s fervants with deliverance,and his foes with 
vengeance, when they are at the greateft diftance. 5, That it 
is everlastingly unchangeable, it cannot be weakned, or wearied 3 _ 
much leffc broken er corrupted. And this is mentioned by Me* 
Jk th© man of God, for lfraels conftant incouragement. Tin.- 
j> ■ eternall Cjodts thy refuge, and underneath, are the everlasting armes, 

> ^ f * Therefore the feares and hopes of Gods people mould not ebbe 
s~~ and flow, abate and augment, according to the incrcafe, and de- 
crcafe of their own, or their adverfaries ftrcngtb. For the Armes 



a the monethly .FjMFebM^ ^44* __ Ip 

2 That fclf-iove fees our Lord on work,tofecure and favehis 
endangered, ne^lecled, defected, finking Church. This reafon 
fr^htfaf cLriflr twice prcftth in .this flu* Text, UJr, « 
And i ndeei if the matter be well confidercd, we (ball finde that 
lefus Chrift hath rcafon, in felf-refpeds to look unto his Church, 
for the riches ofChrift are in tbeChurch the members thereof 
^hufe^elsM^culUrtrc^re. Yea, the Church is part of u&.pf. 
-himfci his body. He (boald be an head without a body,i< he did Exod..*,* 
not maintainethe being of h* Church. The Church isthe ful- 
netfeof him (meaning Chrift) who filleth all in All (fanh the 
Apoftle.)AndS* Paul is not afraid, to call the : Church Chn&, 
i Or. 1 2. 1 2. where having compared that Myfticall body of his 
with the body naturalise thus concludes, So <* ch "\ . 

I might enlarge this ground of comfort further, by ftiewmg 
feo w much Chrift isconcerned in his offices exercifed , and in 
bis Ordinances adminiftred in the Church If the Church of 
Chrift fticuid mifcarry, then the greatcft defignes of the God- 
head would be difappointed, and then the glorious Promifes of 
the Gofpel would be nullifiedj&c. 

Therefore, though we can plead nothing from our fclves, to 
move Chrifts care of his oppofed, oppreffed Church, yet he can 
and will produce arguments from himlUf, to prevailc with him- 
fclf, and with his father alfo, to preferve his Church : yea, al- 
though we who arcT>affengers and adventurers in this flup, doe 
by our finnes make kakes to let in dangers to fink all, yet will 
Chrift, (who is the Pilot, Mafter,and Owner alfo ofall the goods 
therein) for his own fake, betHrrehimfelf, and preferve all. It is 
here obfervable, that when Daniel on his failing day^bad ac- 
knowledged, and aggravated fin, confeffing that confufion of 
riahtdid belong unto that people of God, yet in the conclufion 
ef the prayer, his faith pleads ftrongly with God, for his own 
fake, and his Chrifts fake. Now therefore, o our God, Aw* the Dan§ ^ 
prayer of thy fervant and bis Applications., and cattfe thy face to 
(hine upon thy Sanctuary, that is de folate, for the Lords fah. O 
Lord,heare, hearken, and doe: define not for thine owne fake, S. 

a That Chrifts indignation againft his peoples oppofers and 
perfecutors (hall work on,the Churches fafety. <My frry, it up- 
r D 2 heid 

20 A Sermon t& th& right honorable Houje of Lords 

held me. Mark the.verfe fore- going the Text. The day of my 
vengeance is in my heart, and they tare of my redeemed ones is come. 
When Chrift taketh vengeance on his daring , provoking ene- 
mies, then he effceteth the deliverance of his endangered, perfe- 
cted people. Therefore by how much the more outragioufly 
profane, the adverfaries of the Church are, and the higher their 
wickednf{fes,andthe mors frequent their diihonours done to 
the Lord: by fo much the more hope have we of -deliverance. 
And in this regard, though we have indeed occafion offbrrow, 
to fee and heare Gods Lawss violated, his Government defpifed 9 
and mens immortall fouls everlaftingly endangered : yet we may 
fprsad the inhumane cruelties, filthineflVs , outrages, with the 
ftrange blafphemies of Z ions enemies, before the Lord, as argu- 
j r o. nwnts to preflfe their do onfall and our deliverance. As Pfal. 74, 
i'L O Cjoi^how longjhall the adverfary reproach? Shall the enemie b! of- 
11. pheme thy Name for ever ? Remember this, that the enemie hath re- 
a. 3* pr ached, Ojjord, and that the fooli(h people have blaffhemed tfjy 
Name, Arife, O Qod, plezd thine own caufe. rememkr how the fdo- 
lip} man reproacheih thee daily. Forget not the voice of thine ene* 
wies, the tumult of thofe that rife up againfi thee, increafeth con- 
pjnjtally, ■ ^ 

Thus farre the comfort hath been carried on, in reference jto 
the Church in general!, I now proceed to the Application of it 
unto the members thereof in particular. And here I might take 
occafion to difcourfe concerning the comforts from hence to be 
adminiftredjunfo NationaH Churches, the members of the holy 
Catholikc Churchy and unto the Church in this our Kingdome 
particularly. But as time will not fuffcr pie thus to expatiate, fo 
becaufe I frnd not fur e footing in Scripture, to grcund fjch dif- 
couries upon, therefore J had rather be filenr, then too adventu- 
rous. That thrcatning of our Lord againft the Church of Ephe- 
vd. s s |» |^ Sj j w ;tf come unt0 theg quickly, and will remove thy Candle fick^ out 
of its place, except thott repent. That thrcatning ( I lay), doth not 
only prove, that the Church, date of a place, a Kingdome may 
. be removed,but it doth alfo-intimate our danger.. What the Lord 
intends in this kind Sngland-vizrd', himfelf only , certainly un- 
derftands. But thus much I may fay with confidence^bat fo farre 
3S we endeavour to fet up, aod to- keep up 5 the Government oi 

at themwtbly Fafi ■, Febr.26. 1644. 21 

Jefus Chrift in the Church amongft our felve*, fo much hope 
we may exercife in the expectation of a Church ftatc to be here 
Continued by Jefus Chrift. If Ephefus repent and reforme, the 
" tandleftick (hall not be removed. 

But leaving thefe things to your conflderation and care(which 
I ihall again quicken anon) let us a little enquire after the corr.- 
fcrtff, which from this Do&f ine,appertaine unto the individual], 
living members of the Churdyhemyftkallbody of Jefus Chrift. 
For our Lord Co careth for the whole, that he is no:, ( indeed) he 
cannot be unmindfull of the loweft, the meaneft part thereof, at 
any time. Now left the childrens bread (hould be given to dogs, 
left the cordials which belong to the members of Chrift, frsouli 
belavifticd out aoiongft the limbs of Satan, I will very briefly by " 
forae pregnant Scriptures, fignifie to you fome qualifications of 
the perfons who may,with divine warrant, challenge a ihare in 
the comforts, afterwards to be propounded. 

F'irft, Surely they are my people, children that mil not lye: fo he j.f a i $«».& 
vtai their Saviour. Two things are here notable. Firft, They are 
my people. A people Jelf-refigning, and felf. devoting to God, 
whoaceount not themfelvcs their own, to live unto tbemfdves, 
but yeeld up their All to God, thefe may expecl the Salvations of 
God. Secondly {They are children that will not lye. I could wiifc 
that all Lyars would ferioufly confidcr of this, whether that 
praclife of theirs may not give them caufs to queftion their fcdc~- 
Sail reference to God. This I fpeake the rather, becaufc this foule. 
fin of lying (I report it with griefe of heart) is wcfully common. 
amongft many ProfelTeurs. But I rather conceive that by 
Children that mil not lye, here are underftood f iich, who neither 
anfwer their own profeffion,nor Gods expectation in their con - 
verfation. They profefle one thing, but pra&ife another. Their 
lives prove the falfhood of their fair Profdlion. 

Secondly, <yW Voill fave the humble per/on. Such who fwell Jobiuza^ 
not with their parts, who acknowledge themfdves lcfle then 
the leaft of Gods mercies, who lye low in their duties andkifTe 
therod,whenlayedin the duft, thefe are they whom the Lord 
will fave. 

Thirdly, Hewitt be amlfie the meek^Vvith Salvation. Mecknelfe, pfal,i 4 <, a. 
(in fti i&ncfle) is that grace which moderates anger, and prevents 

D 3, the.. 

2 £ A Sermon to the right honorable Houfe of Lords 

the defire of revenge. Thofe therefore, who arc of calme, well* 
7 appeafed Spir its,not p3flionately furious,when croffcdjproVoked 
wronged,but having an eye upon God, in all affronts and injuries 
o&red, doe referre their own righting, and the vindicative re- 
compence unto his Ma jdlie, fuch (i fay) may look for nicrcifull 
glorious deliverances from the Lord. 

* Tim. 4. : o« Fourthly, The living Qod U the Saviour of all men, esjeciallj of 
them Mo beleeve. Such,who feeling all creature props ihrinkmg 
under them,yet rinding ftrength and fteddinefle in the Almighty* 
doe, from the ineouragement of his Promifc, rely upon him, in 
the dayes of danger, they d e engage his Majifticto be their 

Pfel,Sj.€.~ Fifthly, Sttrelj hi* Salvation is nigh unto them who fare him. 

Men whofe hearts are awed with divine Maj:ftic, and who" 
through cfttmation of his love and glory, draw back from finnc' 
becaufe it tends to his difpleafure and difnon©ur,thefe may exp«ft 
Gods Salvation. 

Thus from the Characters of the perfbns, to whom this com-? 
fort in peculiar appertaines, I proceed to particularize the com- 
forts hence deducibk, and you may take them from thefc fjure 

i.Iwillfaveyou (faith he) from all your uncleannejfes. And 
again, Hejhallfave his people from their Jinxes, This is a great fal- 
^ation, and a fure falvation. There is no doubt to be made of ir 
but Jefus Chrift will fave the fouls cf all his redeemed ones from 
ail their fins,frcm the affrighting guilt of them in J unification, 
and the commanding power of them in San&ification. 

2. They (hall befceured from all external! grievances and an- 
noyances, To far re,as freedome there- from may be for their bed 
advantage. For he will be a Sun, and a Shield, and no good thing 
mil he withhold fiom them who rralk^ uprightly. As the carefull 
Phifitian would not (were it in his power) f uf£r his Patient to 
loofe more blond then might tend to health. 

3 # Theyfhall undoubtedly be delivered from the poifon, the 
prejudice of every affliction which befals them. He fhaU deliver 
thee infix troubles^ea.infeven^o eviUJhall touch thee. This is not 
To ft range as true,that though the godly be over the head and eares 
in the flouds of various calamities, yet no evill doth once touch 


at the monthly Faft y Febr.26. 1644, 23 

them. It is with all outward troubles which take hold on Gods 

people, as it was with the Viper which fattened on Pauls hand ; 

though the 'Barbarians feeing the venemous beaBhangon his hand, A&«»<St3,4>., 

faid,furely Vengeance rviU not fuffer this man to live: yet its affirmed, h 

Hefiook* off the bea& into the fire, and felt no harm*. It is moft 

certain,thac though men (or rather) beafts of prey, may plunder,. 

impoverifrS, wound,, and imprifon the Saints of the moft High 

God,yet they neither doc, nor fhall receive Spirituall detriment 

thereby ; yea, though they may be killed, yet they cannot b& 


4. Chrift is the tAuthor of eternaW Salvation unto all thera thai Heb.?,?*. 
ofay him ; whereas death, naturall deatlys the utmolt and the lad 
danger, with which our bloud-thirfting enemies can reach us l 
this is our comfort (and how great this our comfort is y I know 
not) that then^and by meanes thereof, our perfeel, our everlafting 
deliverance is received. So (bon as we (hall pafle out of the gral- 
ping handsof death, our foules (hall be eternally faved from all 
fin, and forrow whatfoever, not only in the power and prejudice 
thereof, but in regard of the prefence, and appearance of it alfo 9 . 

The laft fort of tjfes follow, (vi*.) Exhortation, which divt- ^ %.: 
ckth it felf into three branches,whercin I will Rudy brevity. r ** 

Fir{t,letushcncebeperfwaded to joyne ourfehes unto the 
Church of Chriftjbecaule there tbefureft falvation is to be enjoy- &, Ia - 
ed. The Lord foretels this improvement of this Dodtrine in the txioorm 
day es of grace. Thus faith the Lord of hefts, It Jhall come to pafe Zsch. 8**j, 
that ten men Jhall take hold, out of all languages of the Nations, even. 
Jhall take hold of the skirt of him that if a few, faying, We mllgoe with 
j ou, for me have heard that god is wishyou. Nature feeks its own 
fifety,and humane prudence in mcer morall men, will project for 
their own prefervation. Hence it was that upon the glorious 
providence of the Lord, for the deliverance of his people from 
Uamans hellifli confpiracic, it is i^Ay^Manj of the people of the Efth.&syi 
&and became fewes, . Ob that there might be fomc fuch fruit of 
this my poore Sermon, that Ibme might be brought in, to joyne 
themfelvcs unto Z ion, upon the report of: the peculiar falvation 
of Godjthere to be expeded. 

Right Honourable and beloved, I fpeake not ( the Lord 
knowes) without forrow of taart, of Tiding with this, a* that 

gatty D: 

24 A Sermon to the right honorable Houfe of Lords 

party, againitthe other, here in bleeding England: my foule 
rather makes its uncettant (bites to the God of peace, to give us a 
fpeedy good peace, that our dread Soveraigne, and his divided 
fubj 'dtSjin all the three Ringdomes,m ay be of one heart and way 
for Chrift, and that we may fide as one man againft Antichrift : 
But if our teares and prayers cannot reconcile our unhappy diffe- 
rences, give me leave to advifeycu, to be on Gods fide. Now 

Pfa!iz4.i, thcPfalmifttelsus, thatGodand Ifrael make one fide. If it had 
not been the Lord, that was on our fide, may Ifrael fay. But you 
will anfwerrne, what is this to us? I reply, This is very much 
to us, for we may be Gods Ifiaelby fpeciall Covemn: and grace, 
although not by narurall defcent and propagation. Obferve you 

Gal»&i& therfore, the words of the Apoftle, As many, as walke according 
to this rule, the whole Ifrael of God. All fuch pcrfons, who are 
careful), to/?^n?theit courfe according to Sacred Canonjhey arc 
true Ifraelites in Gods eftimation. 

Wherfore I pray you, confider without partiality, which 
party in the Kingdomc, (Indies Church-Reformation,and State- 
Reformation according to the Scriprures, and be you confidenr, 
that Gcd is, and will be on that fide, making bare his Arme for 
g the falvation thereof, according to bis promife. And if God fa 

\om. ,3s. - e h our fide, who can be againft us. My beloved when the Lord 
(hall convince your hearts of his truth, difcovering to you the 
way of his government and worfiiip. Take heede , 6 take heede 
how you with-draw your felves therefrom, under any pretence 

And if hope of Salvation, will not hold you, yet let the fearc 
of deft ruction, chayne you to Chrift, who hath thus fpoken. 

Lufe.19.17. Thofe mine enemies, who -would not have me torule overthem, bring 
them hither ', and flay them before me, 
2. Secondly, let us be incouraged, to fet upon Chrift by our fup- 

gxhortation. plicat ions to h vzZion, to uphold his {Mattered, (inking Church 
amongft our felves. The refolution and pracTife ofGods people, 
grounded upon this truth ; fhould be both our incouragemenc 
and patterne. O thou the hope of Ifrael, the Saviour thereof in the 
g day of trouble, why fhouldesl theu be as a man aflonyed, as a mighty 

man that cannot Jave? "jet thou Lord art in the mideft of us , and 
we are called by thy Name, leave us not. 

MthemonethlyF*ft,¥zbx.i6. 16^. : » 5 

IbefeechyouTmake conference of this duty. I will not got 
out of this Chapter for arguments to prefle this prattife. 

i The Lord is able, with cafe to lave us, though our dtltra- 
a'ionsare many, snd our dangers great / (faith he) /peaks [» 
%hteou/ne^. mighty to fave.ver/ i. Weknow that when the 
Seas were rough, and the Ship (wherein Chnlr was with his 
Difciplcs) was coveredwith wave/, upon bis word all was Kill, mwM.j^ - 
herehtkedthewinds andwaves, and they obeyed him. And quefti- 
onlcff-hecan, by his command fuddainly quiet and calme, the 
proud waves inour troubled. waters Thcrfore we ibouid pray. 
Thoaart onrXingo God, CommanddeUverances /or Jacob. _ f, 
2 H- is willing to admit of a parley, a treaty with us. Thus 
much may be gathered from the three firft verfes of the Chapter, 
which containc a Dialogue, an interchangeable difcourfe be- 
twixt Chrift and his Church, wherein we fh all find his High- 
ncfle ready to returne anfwer after anfwer unto her demands. 

i for this purpofe, that paflagcin this prophecy, isvery con- ifi ,.!«. 
fiderable C ome kt m n ^ on t0 X ether - Adf fi € l* A f°* & di /P me ' ratahltu. 
mm The criginall word, I find tranflated (D/^) lot 13. 7. rD» 
om j 'jigtrove Gen.2i.i$- So great is the condefecntion of Gods increpemt. 
loVe to bis people, that he doth not only allow them, but he in- j^«^**L 

geft arguments for audience, yea to tell him plainly, wherein Arguittmet 
thev .conceive themselves negledcd, or too fevcrcly dealt with HmhtnOx- 
, /. bo, inire vo~ 

by S^doethus g lo^upon^ P hra(e. fa/""***"* &*££ 
produce my bonds obligatory, plead my promifesfhe wall the 'J*™** ■ 
cvidenccsyou can, to engage mc. Truly (beloved) this liberty Me j ctU . 
offpeech,which the Lord allowes to pcore penitents, when they 
aooroach his prefence by prayer, (herald wonderfully incourage 
our hearts, in fpeaking for Sion In this regard, let us give the 
Lord no reft, for we have manifold, open promiles, to pleade m 
the bchalfe of his people, ^ -/^. 

a. He is full of love, Ind tendcrncfle. The Church in the 
eighth verfe faith, / will mention the loving kindness of the Lord, 
and the great go odnejfe towards the hou/e 0/ J/rael, which he hath 
he slowed on them, according to his mercies, and according to the 
multitude of his loving kivanefis. Mercy is .the gate of prayer, 

E and 

%6 V A Sertnontothe right honor able Houfe of 'Lords 

andkindnefle in great ones,inerea{eth the number of their petiti- 
oners. I here remember the words oC^wW^/fervants, We 
s J^ing, 10,3 i, have heard, that the Kings oflfrAclare mercifuil Kings, let us got 
euttothe King of Ifrael, per adventure he mH fax* thy life* The 
heare-fay of mercy m a man, moved them to petition, though 
they had no more then a per adventure to prevails. And ihail not 
the fure, approved, abundant mercy es of God, incouragc us much 
rather to fpeake for our King and his three Kingdoms* for the 
prefcrvationboth of Church and Common- wealth. 

4, He doth Sympathize with his fuffering fervants. Marke 
the nineteenth verfe, In aS their affiitlion he-mas afflitted, and tbr 
Jngell ofhitprefencefavedthem. Chrifts bofome was full of bow* 
els, while he was upon earth : And though now he hath layd a- 
(idehisnaturall infirmities, yet affuredlyjhshatbnotputof" his 
fympsthizing compaflionSo Therefore I will concludethis ar- 
,., , gument, with the words of the Apoftlc. fT* have not art high 

-,, «4»Mi » .. Writ ft \which cannot be touched with ythe feeling of our infirmities Jet 
us therfere come boldly to the thrsne of grace, that we may obtaine mer- 
cy, and find grace to kelp in time of need. 

If hereupon, you be refolvcd, to ply the throne ofgrace for 
2ions fafcty, I intreate you> to take with you thefe &ort dirc&i- 

1 , Pleade the Churches relation to Ghrift, when you have al- 
% Clvoa.i^i j. ; ^^ not h - mg ^fe to urge> As Terfe fi xreenCj Doftfolefe thou art 

our Fatkez/houart our Father. And 6 Lord thou art our God,lct 
not man prevaile. And Jer., x 4. p.. We are called by thy name, leave 
m not* For the incouragement of our hearts and hopes herein, 
that Scripture is fame us. (Concerning my Sons, commandye me t 
If*. 45. 1 **i Let us with wondering and thanksgiving lay hold 
op this glorious engagement, and in the improvement hereof] 
ht usthusreafon in our rcquefls before him. 6 Lord if thou be 
wilting to be commanded in the behalf e of thy- children, why then r doe 
not teares and prayer s t fighes andfuppdeations prevaiie with thes. 
f or them , who crj^Abba Father. 

2. Rcfjrmeyour hearts and wayes. Ifrael wearied, wafted 
with oppreflions, cryed to God, and received a fad anfwer. / 

Jade. 10. j * "mil delivery ott no^ more, yet when they put away their fir ange gods, the 
^ <s. :; f"d* rf'k* L* r <f yMPQnblcdf&r the friferies of Jfrael, 


At the moncthly Fafi, Febr.26*. 1644. zj 

I will apply to you (Beloved) and to my felfalfo, the incou- 
ragement given 2 Chro»,$o,S> If you turne again unto the Lor d t 
your brethren and children /hall find compajfton. \f fonah becaft 
over board,the feas will be quiet. And {ball we rather hazard 
the lofle of Church and ft ate, of our felvcs and ours, with our dea- 
rc(Vcomforts,thcn part with our fins ? O Godforbid^odforbid : 
ifor ho w (hould we be ever able to anfwer fuch an horrible thing 
either to God,or man? 

5. Laftly, perfevere in prayer : You that are the Lords Remem- 
brancers give himnoresl t iill he eslabRfb.and till he make femfatem Ht»6%.fl 
dpraife in the earth. It is recorded in the Parable, that the unjuft 
ftcward was prevailed with, by conftant importunity. And or> 
ferve the improvement hereof to our purpofe. And fiati not Cjod 
avenge bis Elett which cry day and night unto him, though he beare Litk. it j t 9c 
Jong with them 4 I tell yon, that he will avenge them fpeedtly. Where- 
fore let us every one refolve,as IJai.62. 1. For S$iousfakc I will mot 
hold my peace , and for ferufalems fake I wilt 'not reft, untilltherigh* 
teottfnep thereof goe forth as brightmjfe, and the falvation thereof \at 
a lamp that burnetii , 

Thirdly and 1 all ly , let us all be prevailed with, in imitation of j e 
J-efus Chrifl:, to en Jeavour with our utmou\with our A'll,to favc SxhortMion, 
and uphold his Church. Me thinks I heare Cbrift fpeaking to us, 
as once Gideon did to the men under his command, Look^ on me* Judg.7.r7. 
and doe likevolfe. My Beloved, Can we write after a fairer Co- 
pic ? Can we find another pattern fo pcrfeft to guide our pra- 
clife ? Will it not be our glory, our crown, to be coadjutors, a> 
workers with J efusChrift, For what will we engigc, if not 
for the Church ? wherein are all our pretious and picafant things, 
tbemeanesofourf-veeteftjOioft folacing Communion,with our 
deareft Lord fc> For whom will we adventure any thing, every 
thing, if not for Jefus Chrift ? who is fo worthy ? who deferves, 
or can defer w?,eithcr by doing, or fuffering, fo well at our hands? 
Whatfliould be deare unto our hearts in comparifon of the ho- 
nour of our Lord and Saviour ? Therefore let us joyne our hand 
to his 9^4rme t let us adde ourfpark to his fiamc, m feeking to fe* 
cure and fave 2 ion. 

But if this my expoftulation prevaile not upon your hearts, I 
pray you weigh wifely the words immediately before the Text, 

E i I 

28 A Sermon to - the* right honorable Houfe of Lords 

I looked, and there Was none to help, -and I Wondred that there Wo* 
none to uphold. Hence twoftfong arguments may be urged, to 
enforce us (as it were) to engage for the Church of Chrift. i .The 
Lord takes 3n exact account, who come in, and who keep on; 
from Zions fuccour. He- obierves the Name?, aftd thcNiimber 
Jucfg. ? .f ,i 4 j of theta who are employed in his Church- work ; He takes no- 
1 J » l8 >^ ,&c * rice of the Nature of our work, the place, whercit Jies s and man- 
ner how we behave our felves at it. All this, and more then this 
might be manifefted from the'third Chapter of Nehemiah, if I had 
leafure to look into it : yes, he confiders who - are abfcnt , and 
wherefore they abfent themfelve?, when the Church of God 
needs their help ; as it might be evidenced ftovnfudg. $.i6 3 rj. 
For the divifionj of Reuben, there -were great thoughts of heart. Why 
abode ft thou among the jheep folds, to heare the bleatings of the flocks ? 
gilead abode beyond fordan: and Vi>h} did 1)an remaine in Jhips ? 
Afher continued on the fed ftore, \ 

obfiapui (via.) 2. Chrift Jefus is as a man amazed, when he beholds multi- 
ob tmtamvim tudes making head againft his Church, and yet few, or none, 
hofttm,V2&. come in for her reliefs. IV(>ondred({aith he) that there Were none 
Wus * to uphold. And no marvell, that our Lord wonders, feeing nei- 

■ ■'■'<•- therhis own amhority^lory, defervings,nor the Churches beau- 
ties, excellencies, neceifities, dangers, together with mens owne 
concernments involved in her welfare, can prevaile with them, 
to appeare for her deliverance. Idolaters will .hazard liberty, 
lively hood, limbs, and life it felfe, for their idols. Morall men, 
Heathens,aded by (late Principles, and heated With love to their 
Countrcy, have made bold, and brave adventures for the honour 
and fafety of the Common- wealth. It is reported of UKarcus 
fortius, (that Noble Romanc) that when by a terrible earth- 
quake there was a great breach made in the ground tending to 
publikc danger, he cauVhimfeif into it, hearing that ibmethingof 
fpeciall worth muft be thrown in to pacifis their provoked gods. 
Its no Wonder then, to heare that Chrift is aftonifhed at Chrifti- 
ans backwardness to contribute their afliftancc to prevent the 
ruine ofa trembling, tottering Church. In this rcfpeA therefore, 
I pray you,lend Zionan helping hand, that you, you alfo, may 
not be objects of aftonifliment to Jefus Chrift. 
If now, (my beloved) youbc reiolved to ferve the neceflities 


at thewonetMy Fafi y Febr.26\ 1644. 29 

of a bleeding-Church-, 1 {hall briefly from my Texr, aft in fame 
rules for your direaion. 1. Lay fcrth your chiefesl firmgthm 
this glorious fcrvicc. Chrift ftretcbeth forth his Arwe, therefore 
doe not you thinks it enough to touch the work now and then, 
with one of y our 'fingers. We fhculd love the Lord "frith all our 
might. Every one therefore iliould enquire where his Strength 
lies, whether in partvpowertfurfejinterefts, and employ that for 
the Church of Chrift. 

2. 'Draw not back, though the (late of the Church fhculd be 
more defperatc. When the frame is falling, Chrift upholds. And 
kt US rciolve alfo,to help at a dead lift. 

3 . Be not difcouraged, nor wrought off, by paucity of helpers. 

Por Chrift doth engage alone. Obferve w,j, / have- troden the MokM©-. 
Vtine-prefie alone, and of the people, there VV^ none mth me. There- 
fore let us make up the number, though there be but few "befi^es 

ourfekes. - ■ . . ■ 

4. Be zealous and vigorous in ycur endeavours this w§y\ 
4% heat , my fury (faith Chrift) it upheld. So mould we, be fcr- 

5. Have pure and fincere references to the honcur of Jefus 
Chrift in all your adventures and endeavours. As he mmefes 
himfelf (My armefaved me, and upheld me t ) {o fhouli we alloy 
Think otten with your fdves, that you hearc the Lord fpeaking 
thus to you. Did you at fuch a time confult for me, orengage for 
me f Doc you give for me, or lend for me I Doe you pray, and 

fsft for met 

6. Give not over the work, come not off the ground, till the Fia& mmf 
Churches deliverance be cbmpleated. As Chrift brought Salva- ^ w# 

tion, he did not only begin, but did perfefl-, what he undertook.. 
He, went not to reft* till all vjzs fimjhed. Therefore let m not be 
weary of wli-doing. 

And now>Right Honourable,I humbly crave leave in the con- ■ 
clufion of my Sermon, to appropriate my Exhortation to you, 
f-emg accordin^tojour Commands, I attend jour foules peculiarly 
f» this day esfervice. 1. God hath honored you with his own Titles, 
He hath faid, you are Gods; he hath called you Saviours, there- 
fore filly out places, anfwer your titles, labour as Chrifts Vice- 
gerents on earth, to fave and uphold his Church. 2. God hath 
& E 1 trufted 

£o A Sermon Mk right honorable ffwfe of lords 

tfufted you with more Talents thenoiher men, and all fhould be 
traded unto your Matters advantages Your autboritie, abilities, 
wifdome, interefts* opportunities, doc engage you the more to 

Tembana dat, God : Your felves are not your own, you fhould glorifie God 

■utboiajimm. with your AIL Tbofe ro whom the Lord hath given much, of 

^htirn: them the more will be required. Be you well affured'that Jcfijs 

Cbriit willoall you to an exad account, how you have husban- 
ded,that which he hath lent you. Remember the fentence of 
thcftothfull, unprofitable fervant, and be warned thereby : Call to 
minde the recompence promifed to them who are faithfully la- 
borious,and be incouraged to imitation. 3 . That ipscch of Mor» 

Efl.4. 14. decai to Efiher was fmart and quick. If thou hold thy peace at thi* 

time, there Jhallbe enlargement and deliverance to the ferns from fame 
other place, but thott and thy fathers houfe Jhall be destroyed. I com- 
mend the application and improvement thereof to your wif- 
dome, wifhing hearrily, that your purpofe, and pradifc may 
paraldl hers. 4. This work will yeeld both comfort and ho- 
nour. Worthy Nehemiah plcided his care in this kind,before the 
Lord with confident expectation of recompence Remember me, 

Ncfi.13.14, O tnj Qodconcerningthisy and rvipemt out my good deeds, that I 
have done for the'houfeofmy God, and for the Officers thereof And 
God hath faid to them, who inftrumentally ierve the publike, 

Jfai. r8 1 1 ' Thottjbalt be called,The repairer of the breach, t he refiorer of paths ti> 
dwell in. I will conclude my Motives with the words of the 

Pfal izx.6. Wai'mift, Tray for the Peace of Jerttfalem, they fhall prober thai 
' 1 love thee. 6 that every one of your hearts might breathe out his 
refo'ution, Becauje of the hottfe of the Lord ottr god, I VPiS feel^ thy 
.good. But it may be, your Lord (hips- will aniwer, W hat meanc 
you thus to move us! Have we not done much, tending to 
Church Prelervation and Reformation ? Arc we not ftill doing 
what we can,tc compleat.tbe work begun ? Right Honourable, 
All this is acknowledged with humble thankfulneffe. f$m monet 
tit facias, quod jam jacu, iUe monenho laudat. We honour your 
Lordftiips, and we honour God in you, and for you, upon the 
remembrance of what you have done, and are ftill endeavouring s 
yet give me leave, I humbly pray you, to adde a few direc>ions,ro 
guide your furthenearc, to favc and uphold the Church of Chrift 
«mongft our fcives. 

*. Proceed 

At the memthly Fdft,Vehr,26. 1^44., 31 

1 . Proceed more and more to reforme your fclves , that 
the Lord may delight more and more to ufe you as inftru- 
mcots of his Churches welfare. If thou doe fo and fo (fpea^ 

king of felf- reformation) then Jkalt thou raifi; up the foundations of " a -S«i7-l»» 
many generations. And thu honour (faith the Pf almilt) have all hi* 
Saint.\?faL\$9.% The Lord loves not to work with rufty toolcs, 
by unreformed mcn,he rather ufeth tbofe who arc ckofen, holy, and 
fitithfi/ll. Pride, prodigalitie^idlcnefTe, Epicurifme, fenfualitic, 
oppreflionSjfleightneiTcinGods WorHnipyand much profanencflc 
are too commonly found amongft Nobles: What your faults arc 
I know net* but I beicech you betwixt the all-knowing God 
and your own Gonfcienccf,. confider your wayes , and amend 
whatsoever you find ami(fe,as you defire to profper in the weigh* 
ty, glorious fervices, which you have under hand. 

2. Execute judgement through/}, between a man and hit neigh* 
hut* Right Honourable, you have divers petitions prefented to 
you, which lay open the injuftice and injfurioufneflfe, whereby 
many have been, and are oppreffed. Now it is your duty, to cleat 
the innocent, to relieve the opprcflcd, to punilh the delinquent^ 
and by (o doings ycu (hall prevent our dangers, and haftcn our de- 
livcrance^ Phineae arofi and executed judgement ,and the plague Voas p£al,io& 
flayed. And the Proraife ofGcd to this pra&ife l-es open./*r.5.i. 

Run through theftrectsofjerufalemtif youcanfnde a man, if there 
beany that executeth judgement, andfeekfth the truth, and I W/£\ 
$are it. 

3. Doe what you can to countenance and advance the power 
of Godlineffe throughout the Kingdome, and for that end in a •.■« 
fpeciall manner confider, by what meanes the more confeienti* 
ous, carefull keeping ofthc folemne National! Vow and Cove* 
nant may be promoted. May not I take the boldncflV to apply 
unto you (Right Honourable) the words, in the like cafe fpokea 

to €<ra (and I am confident that there are thoufands who herein E&ta la^ , 
affent with me) Arife, for this matter belongs /o you s W4 <a//S Wi/l 
bevrith you : Be of good courage, and doe it. And my fbule de(ircs 3 
that the counfell given and the courfs .taken in the profecution of 
that bufincfTe,( which is recorded in the 14,1 5,1 o^verfes of that 
Chaptei) might be duly considered, and in iome anfwerable kind 4 
imiwJ. Although I dare not undertake to advife your Honours 


32 A Sermon to the right honorable Houfe of Lords 

(for I am confcious to mine owrrweakncfle) yet I humbly move, 
•whether it might not-be worth the whi!c,tocall upon the Reve?- 
rend Affrrhbly, toconfultof accurf;, to further Covenant kee- 
ping in the Kingdome. Blame me not, for being zealous in this 
partkular,becaufe the Lord himfelf faith, Lev, 26,2$. IWl bring 
,-afword'uponpu, which jhall avenge the quarrell of my Covenant. I 
ferioufly prolfefTe, that there is no one fin which more fhakes my 
heart and hopes in reference to bleeding England, then falfify ing 
our Covenant with God. 

4. Endeavour vigoroufly to compound our differences in Ec- 
cleiiafticall Concernments. Alas, abs, my heart akes, becaufe of 
cur breaches. Let mine eyes rmdowne with tearcs night and day, and 
let them not ceafe,for the virgin daughter of my people is broken with a 
great breach, with a very grievouf blow. fer. 1 4. 1 7. What Factions 
and Fractions, what Schifmes and Separations, what rents and 
divifions are in this poore, diftra&ed, diftrefled Church: of Bng* 
land /How fhould cither Kingdome or Church divided ftand ? 
God forbid, but tender refpeel: fhould be had to tender Confcien- 
ces. But (Right Honourable) I befeech you take heed, left under 
that pretext, you think of tolerating all Religions amongft us* 
Suchlike liberty (I am afraid) Would u 3* er in Libcrtinifme, and 
halter* our defolation. 

5 . Andlaftly (as onemeanes of the former) Expedite^ what 
you may, the eitablifliment and exercifc of that Church-Govcrn- 
ment,which is found moft confonant to the Word of God; Dis- 
cipline is as the hedge or wall about the Vineyard of the Church, 
to keep out deftrusflive dangers. The Church reformed in mat- 
ters of DacT:rine,and holy Worfliip, and furnifhed with power 
to exercife cenfures,according to the Scriptures, is like an sArmy 
with "Banners, both to terrifie the common adverfaries, and to fe- 
cureitfclf. The Lord will create upon every dwelling place of mount 
Sion, And upon her Affembliet, acloudandfmoakeby day, ana the Jhi- 
ningoj a flaming fire by night: For, above all the gbrj jhall be a cove- 
ring, or (as our Tranflation renders it ) upon all the glory Jhall be 
a defence. 

Confider, I befeech yo^wbat I havefpoken from God, for his 
Church,and the Lord give you the fruitfull improvement of my 
counfelJ, through the riches of his Grace, in J efjs Chrift. Amen. 




& AND |* 

Jf Covenant-keeping perfwaded : 


€lnaS E RMON preached before the ^ 

*£ Riant Honourable Thomas Adams Lord Major, |* 

S andtheRightWor(hipfulltheSheriffs, a ndAld«- g 

it men his brethren, and the reft of the Cora- |* 

!| mon-Councel of the famous City or |f 

% London, Jamnwyi^. ifitf; 'C 
k Upon which day the folemne League and Covenant wasienewed |fr 

■5 P by them and their Officers, with Prayer and Fatting,, 5* 

*C at Michael B*fi»g-lhav>, London. . -jgf 

By »w ^/fc Minifter of the Gofpel'i |^ 


S «*,* *&*« Jhalt vow a vow unto tie Lord thy God, thou Jhalt not |* 

*!? Veouldbefwinthee. Deut.23.21* »>JS* 

5 J.^U bring the /word upon yon, that Jhall avenge the quarrell 0} ^ 
Jo my Covenant. Lev.26.25. ^ 

S LO N*D ON, -: ; _,. I*' 

H Printed bv (7. A*, for **#. ^«^W at the figne of the Bible ^ 
^ y in Wood-ftreet. M. DC. XL VI. ^ 

WWW ^^^^^^^^^: ■#««*** 

THOMAS <*AT>AMS Lord Major, 

M he Sheriffs and Aldermen his Brethren, and to 

the reft of the Honourable Court of Common- 
Councel of the City of London. 

gg TS^feJ) Q^^r ^H^ plain Sermon Which attended your fervice 
\t of Covenant-renewing from the Pulpit, 
comes now from the Trejfe, in obedience to 
your command, to do you and the fublike 
fome further ftrvice. If upon the perufall of 
tiiat Which joh heard preached, it may pleafe 
the Lord to quicken your zeal in Covenant* 
keeping J Jhall have occafion to bleffe his Name 
With a joy full heart. 
The zeal of the Common -(faun-ell of London, in renewing their 
folemne League and Covenant, rings thorow the fever all Counties 
of the Kingdom of England : and I am confident, that the found 
thereof hath been heard in many other Kingdoms : And doubt/effe 
there are often enquiries, and earnefi expectations to he air What Lon- 
don new doth in the fur fiance of their Covenant heretofore taken f 
and now again (olemnly renewed With holyfafting and prayer* A City 
fct upon an hill cannot be hid', your practices have had, and Will 
have ftrong influences into the feverall parts of this Land, and into 
other 'Njktions : You have formerly and lately done well and Wor- 
thily in refpeB to jour Covenant : I pray God, that your continued 
holy zeal may ajfett and fire many mother Countries in fatthfull C<>- 

A 2 venant* 

The Epiftle Dedicatory. 

venant- keeping, (jod firbid, that y oh fjouldever deferve thw to be 
ftigmatized, either by Cjod or men ; Their heart was not right ' 
with God, neither were they ftedfaft in their Covenant, Pfil 


I {hall not need to tell you, that our folemne League and Covenant 
is deffifed, derided, after fed and oppjfed by too many : fir that which 
you may read in Pamphlets, and hear from (ome 'Pulpits and other 
places, doth make you both eye-witness and ear-witneffes of this ev'tl t 
which (bould be greatly bewailed. This contradiction^ thu oppofition. 
fhould increafe your gracious heat for your Qod. Fire gives out the 
mofl fcorching heat in the cold' is time forthee,Lord 
to worke {faith "David) for they have made void thy Law. 
Therefore I love thy Commandements above gold, yea above 
fine gold. Therefore I efteem all thy precepts concerning all 
things to be right, and I hate every falfe way, Tfil. 1 ip, 126, 

CMy (out dejirejj that according to the guidance of that Wifedom 
"Which is from above, you all may make the like gracious improvement of 
the checks and affronts Which j on meet with, in your Covenant -keeping. 
By how much th^more i any others do plot and prattife to hinder the 
glorious "Worke of (fhurch -reformation, by ft much the more do you 
confult and act, to expedite and perfetlit. By how much the more any 
ethers flrive andfiudy to maintain Popery, Prelacie, Schifme t Herejie, 
by (0 much the more,doyou fit your felves againjifuch matters, as be', 
ing dtilruttive to the welfare both of(fhurch andpate. By how much 
the more others dejigne and endeavour to breast he brotherly union 
between England ^»<^Scotland, by (omuch the more do you lay forth 
your felves to maintain it. And that your zeal in thefe kindes may 
appear tv your felves and others to be pure and Jincere, let it be jour 
chief and eonfidnt care, to Yefovme your felves and all yours, in every 
things according to the mil of God: That you all may in thefe parti' 
tutors and in all things elfe 9 approve yattr felves faithfuU both to god 
md man t in holy fcovenmt -keeping* fhaU be the prayer of hinu 

Toftr fervantjniAnd 

Tcb^* fir Jefus Chrifi, 

Sim: As b« 

*j» e^** V4*-» «V* *$**$> «$» «$* «<p» 




P SAL. ^6. IK 

Vtfto and ^ ay unto the Lor dy our (jod* 

lis Text perfwades a double duty. 1 . To make vows. 
2. To pay vows unto the Lord our God. From 
whence two truths, feafonable for the fervice of the 
day, fall naturally, and eafilyi without forcing, into 
our consideration. 
That Gods people must make religious vows, as his hand of pro- 
vidence doth lead them forth thereunto. 

That fuch vows, being made, must be fayed unto the Lord j) ft t f 
our God. 

In the handling of the former of thefe propositions, I fl>all 
briefly give you, 1. The explication ; 2. The application thereof. 

The explication of the point I fliall di(patch under thefe three 
heads. 1. The AcT: required, vqw. 2. The Agents, or perfons 
upon whom this duty is prefled ^ This the following words ex- 
preffc, Allthofe that be round about hinu. 3. The providences, 
whereby God calleth forth to this practice of making vows. 

Firft, Holy vows are the folemn engagements of the foul unto 
the Lord, according to his will : If a man vow a vow unto the 

B Lord, 

Religious Covenanting directed. 

Lord, or [wear an oath,to binde his (oal With a bond, Numb.30.2. 
To vow, to fwear , and to covenant, arc in Scripture phrafe equi- 
valent, importing the feme thing, Jonathan made a Covenant 
with 'David, Andfonathan caufed D avid to fwear again ,1 Sam. 
30.16,17. Here I may not fpend time, in difcourfing concerning 
the feverall forts of vows, which might be fpoken to, under thefe, 
or fuch like heads. 1. They are either made to God, or man. 
2. Of things neceflary, or arbitrary. 3. Explicice, or implicite, 
mentall,or vocall. 4. Aflertory,or promiflory. But let it be fuf- 
ficient, that I now fuggeft thus much : That the Text is to be un- 
derftood of fuch vows, as are promiffory obligations unto the Lord. 
And from hence I fhall perfwade and diredt the managing of 
fuch vows unto God, as are neceflary and openly unfolded to every 
ordinary understanding, in the folemn League and Covenant this 
day to be renewed. 

Secondly j the Actors in this duty are defcribed to be fuch, as are 
round about the Lord. The Pfalmift hath reference to Numb. 2. 2. 
where Ifrael was commanded to -pitch their Tents round about 
the Tabernacle, which was a figne of Gods fpeciall prefence. Arfd 
this phrafe ( as I conceive ) defcribeth Gods people by a double 
character. 1. Their fpeciall attendance upon God,their readineffe 
to receive and obey his commands ; As the four and twerfty El- 
ders, are faidiRev.q.^. to be roundabout the Throne, as pres'd to 
praife the Lord. 2. Gods fpeciall prefence in themidftofthem, 
to hear prayers, and to performe promifes, for their prefervation 
and welfare in every kinde ; Veho hath God (0 nigh unto them, 
at the Lord our God, in all things, that we call up an him fir I 

Thirdly, the call unto this imployment I (ball note ander a five 
fold providencefrom the Lord. 

. I . Sinf ull defections from God,that by means of religious vow- 
ing,his backfliding people might be recovered! Our fathers have 
treffiaffed and done that which is evil in the eyes oftheLordour 
God, and have forfaken htm, and have turned away their face 
from the habitation of the Lord, and turned their backf* A 1(5 
they have fiut up the doors of the porch, and put out the lamps, 
mdhave not burnt incenfe, nor offered burnt offerings, in the holy 
flace unto the God of JfraeL Now it k in mj heart ( faith He. 

' " ' — ■ Mkiah 

Religious Covenanting directed* 

z,ekiah ) to make a Covenant with the Lord God of Ifrael, 
a Chron. 29.6,7,10. Thus likewife the people of God refolved in 
the dayes of Ezra: We have trejpajfed againfi our God,Scc. 
Now therefore, let us make a Covenant with our God, Ezra 

10. 2,3- 

3. Sad difcoveries of divine difpleafure, that by holy covenant- 
ing prefent judgements might be removed, and future evils pre- 
vented : The Wrath of the Lord was upon fudah andferu/alem $ 
and he hath delivered them to trouble, to afionijhment and to 
hi£ing, as je fee with jour eyes. For lo our fathers have faU 
len by the fword, and our fons, and our daughters, and our 
Wives are in captivity fir this. Nov? it is in mine heart (faith 
Hez,el>iah ) to make a covenant with the Lord God oflfrael, that 
his fierce wrath may turneaway from ut,2 Chron. 25?. 8,9,10. 

3. Famous experiences of Gods goodnefle, that by the right 
ufe of religions vows his Majefty may be praifed, and his providen« 
cqs improved. The exhortation in the Text was grounded upon 
feme fuch occaiion, as many verfes in the Pfalme declare : The 
'fiout-hearted are Spoiled, they have fie ft their fieep, and none of 
the men of might have found their hands, ver. J. At thy rebuke* 
O God of Jacob, both the chariot and horfe are cafi into a dead- 
fleep,vcr.6. When God arofe in 'judgement to five all the me ek^ 
of the earth, ver.S. Hence follows, vow and pay, dec. Interpre- 
ters judge, that this Pfalm was penned, upon AJhurs overthrow, 
Whereupon many brought gifts unto the Lord unto ferufalenu, 
2 Chron. 3 2.23. according to the advice given in the words im- 
mediacy following the Text, Bringprefents unto him that ought 
to be fiared. 

4. Defective improvements (if any improvements at all) of 
Gods favourable adminiftrations, that by foe derail engagements 
his people might be bettered: Thefe are the words of the cove- 
nant which the Lord commanded Alofes.Scc. Te have feen all 
that the Lorddid be fire your eyes, even in the land of Egypt, $CC. 
The great temptations, and thofe great miracles : yet the Lord 
hath not given you an heart to perceive, and eyes to fee,and ears 
to hear unto this day, ^Deut.20,1,2,3,4. This is propounded asone 
ground of the Covenant renewed, whereof we reade in the follow- 
ing verfes. 

B 2 j«Appar€OS 

<» Religious CcvMAnting dtreffed. 

j. Apparent danger of fedu&ion a#d departure from God. In 
this regard Gods fervants have afrefh obliged themfelves to his 
Majefty, for their own eftabliftiment and prefervation : Te Fland 
tim day before the Lord, to enter into covenant with the Lord thy 
Godjeft there Jbould be among jl you any,whofe heart turneth away 
from the Lord, Dcut.2p. io,I2, 18. 

The application of this point followethj which ferves in the 
firft place to informe you of your call to covenant-renewing, the 
intended fervice of this day. For give me leave to appeal 'unto 
ycur conferences, Right Honourable, right Worjbipfull, and much 
resetted Citizens, whether all the five fore- mentioned parti- 
culars, do not fully reach you and take hold upon you, both in re- 
fpedt of Gods dealings with you, and your mifcarriages towards 
him, fince you at firft took the folemne League and Covenant, 
And here I (hall make bold to propound unto you fomefhort in- 
terrogatories, under the five fore- mentioned heads, to which I wifh 
your hearts may returne anfwers, as in the prefence of the All- 
knowing God. 

Firft, Are you not guilty of finfull declinings in a great degree 
from your former engagements unto the Lord ? Have you not 
loft your firft love ? Have not the matters of Gods houfe been 
much fleighted and negledled ? Hath not your care to preferve the 
truth of ReLigion from corruption been much abated ? Have you 
not connived at the fpreadingof pernicious errours in this City e 
Hath not your zeal againft fcbifme and finfull ieparations from our 
Church AlTemblies been very much cooled ? Is not your love to- 
wards our Brethren of ^m/WinagreatmeafureleiTened? Have 
not your vigorous endeavours to promote the fetiing of Chnfts 
government in our Congregations been wofully diminifhed ? And 
have you not been lamentably wanting in labouring thethorow 
reformation of your (elves and families ? Which of you, hath dri- 
ven to exceed, to excell others, in advancing the power of gcdli- 
nefle in your converfation ? Doubtiefle thele and fuch like back- 
flidings from former engagements, may well warrant ycur Co- 
venant-renewing with your God . 

Secondly, None of you can be ignorant of the manifold, mani- 
relt difcovenes of Gods heavy dilpleafure againft this poor trem- 
bling Kingdom, Hath not the Lord delivered & up unto trouble 


Beligious Covenanting directed. 

and aftonijhment, by his fevere adminiftrations ? How many thou- 
fands have fallen by thefword ofcruellwar? What wof fill de- 
flations are made in many Towns, yea Counties in this King- 
dom, by the prevailing pitileffe enemies ? And fhould not we read- 
Gods wrath againft ourfelves, in the abundance of blood which 
hath been died, and the unhappy fpoils which have been made in 
Scotland and Ireland? Bt fides ail this, I pray you confider whe- 
ther thefe things do not proclaim and (peak alowd Gods anger? 
Our long looked for reformation in matters of Religion, is ftill de- 
ferred : our hopes of the much -needed and much-dtfired Difcipline 
of Jefus Chrift, are ftiildifappointed : the miserable rents and di- 
visions in families, Congregations, Cities and Counties, by reafon 
of different, yea contrary opinions and practices, in wayes of Re- 
ligion, are wonderfully increafed. And have we not in thefe re- 
gards reafon to renew our Covenant, that the wrath of the Lord' 
may be turned from us ? 

Thirdly, God hath often remembred m in our low eftate, be<° 
caufe his mercy endure th for ever. Who can recount Gods many 
marvellous works for our fafety and comfort ? Have not our deli- 
verances been wonderf ull, and many of our victories little leffe' 
then miraculous ? How often hach the fubciil enemy been infatua- 
ted, the ftrongenemy weakned s and great Armies broken by a little 
ftrength ? I (hall not need here to minde you of the many wonders' 
which Gods Almighty hand hath wrought for us, both in the Nor- 
therne and Wefterne parts. And as for chis-City, how admirably 
and unexpectedly hath it been preserved and provided for,in every 
kinde by the Lord ? How many opprefiions are we freed from, by 
Parliamentary authority, through the good neiTe of our God? 
Therefore befides other prefents of praife which God deserves at our 
hands, we have juft occaiion to preient our ielves unto his HigneiVe 
by Covenant- renewing. ; 

Fourthly, Notwichftanding our various- and glorious expe- 
riences of Gods patience and good neffe ; Have we not too much 
caufe thustocpmplain, that to this day we want hearts to hul- 
band Gods remarkable providences,to his honour, and our own ad- 
vantage ? Wholoves God more, or who ferves h'rii better,becaufe 
of the great things he hath done for us ? Is our faith in Godspro- 
miies ftronger ? Is ourfear of Gads difpkalure greater? Are we 

B 3 more 

Religious CovmAnung dinBed* 

more zealous for theLordofHofts, or more couragious for his 
truth, againft errour ? Dare we fay thatwedoourutmoftforthe 
fpeeding of Church-reformation,that we may not be over-run and 
4indone bySe&s, Schifmes and confufions? Therefore certainly, 
we have a call to renew our Covenant, to quicken our improve- 
ment of Gods gracious providences, both to his praife, others pro- 
fited our own further comfort in thrift. 

Fiftlyandlaftly, That we may not fall from our ftedfaftnefTe, 
we have need to binde our felves yet further unto our God by fo- 
iemne Covenant. Men are wont ( as I have heard ) to hoop their 
vejfe/s with iron bonds, in which they carry their ftronger liquors 
beyond feas,that by the toifings in the (hip and the liquors working, 
the veflels may not be broken into pieces, and the liquor loft. And 
have not we more need to add the bond of a fokmne Covenant 
to the bond of Gods facred commands, that we may not be broken 
from one another, nor divided from God in his truths and ho- 
ly worftiips, in theft broken, erroneous, ftormy, tempeftuous 
times ? 

For I ; Emulation y variance, firififrditfonSyhentjies, are rec- 
koned up, by the Apoftle, amongft the works of the fkfh, unto 
which our corrupt natures do ftrongly difpofe us. 

2. There are more then a good many of (ubtle, bufie favours in 
this City, to promote errours, fchifmes and factions of feverall 
forts, to draw difciptes after them, and to fpread their infection 
amongft people of all rankes and qualities. 

3 . It is apparently too many inftances,that divers perfons both 
•wile and godly, have been deceived and drawn afide from the 
waves of truth, into the by-paths of errour and Ichif me, and into 
practices of bitterneffe (I will not fay of how many kindes ) 
againft their brethren. Therefore in this refpecl, as in thofe before 
mentioned, you have juft caufe to fay one to another j Com% let 
us joyn our felves unto the Lord in a Covenant, never to be 

Having thus far endeavoured to clear up your call unto Cove- 
nant-renewing, I now proceed by way of exhortation, to per- 
fwade your regular and reverentiall cautioufiieffe in this weighty 
bufineffe. Coniider the glorious Ma/efty of God, unto whom 
vows are to be made j He ought to be fiared, as our tranflation 
' - r '~- """ renders 

Religious Covenanting diretted. 

renders the words following the Text : or,He&;/?«?-,as cheOri- 
ginall hath it. J n which phrafe we have No-men apBrn, pro ob- 
j&tto. God is a dreadf ull and terrible Ma jetty . And this doubtleffe 
is added, to awe mens hearts, in the undertaking of fuch like fer- 
vices.The advice of Solomon upon this ground is more open, Ec- 
clef.^.2. Be not rafh-with thy mouth, and let not thy heart behaflf 
to utter any thing before Qod,for God is in Heaven, and thou upon 
earth. In which counfell,the wife man hath fpeciali reference unto 
vowing»as the following words declare. 

Now for your guidance in this great fervice, I will give you 
briefly fome plain and neceflfary rules. 

i. You muft Covenant knowingly. It is thus openly expfefled, . 
of them who covenanted in the dayes of Nehemiah, Every one 
having knowledge, and having underftandbig, they clave to their 
brethren, they entredintoan oath to walkein Gods Law, Nch»ic6 
29. Ignorance doth nothing well: the light of knowledge muft 
guide our whole courfe. And in this bufineffe of a facred vow, ic 
isneceffiry that men know, both the nature of the duty, and the 
matter of the federall engagement. Nomaa ftiould bemovedby 
an implicite faith, but every one fh-©uld be fully' perfwaded in his 
own minde. Eor as in other cafes, fbin this, What fi ever -is not of 

2. Repentance for former offences muft precede,and prepare foe 
Covenant-renewing. Thus it was with thofe, who fealed and fub° ; 
fcribed the folemne Covenant in the time of Nehemiah, for they ^ 
aflembled themfeives to keep a religious Faft ( as we do this day ) • 
before they entered into the Covertant,2V>&.Qii. In which exercife 
deep forrow for fin was exprefled,. their particular evils were ag- 
gravated and largely confefied, themfeives were judged, and God 
was juftified in his fevefe adminiftrations : All thefe expreflions of 
repentance, are manif eft in that <% h Chapter of Nihemiah, which 
then was the introduftion to the Covenant. And doubtleffe if 
we do not penitently bewail our former violations of Gods com* 
pands and our own vows, we cannot with acceptation to God, 
or with comfort in our own hearts renew our Covenant with hirn 
this day. 

3. Your hearts muft go along with your vows. It is faid, 
3 Chr0n.i5.i5* That aHjudah did /wear with ail their hearts: 


Religious Covenanting direffed. 

And God will not take up with lefle at our hands this day. It is no 
better then hypocrifie,to lift up hands before God, when the heart 
isfarfromhinu. We muft in our judgements approve and refolve 
upon the payment of our vows, and all our affections, both concu- 
pifcible and irafcible, muft be upon the wing, according to the va- 
rious particularities expreffed in the Covenant. The ioul fhould 
with love, joy and longings, worke towards the fpeedy ieding of 
Church-governement according to the word of God, and towards 
the maintaining of brotherly union between the two Kingdoms 
of England and Scotland, together with the more full reforma- 
tion of our felves and families. And O how fhould your fouls 
now ri(e,in holy diflike, in the hatred of, and in indignation againft 
'Popery, and all prof aneneffe, z.^XYC& Here fie s,Schifme, deteftabU 
Neutrality, and whatsoever elfe it is, which is againft God and the 
welifare of thefe Kingdoms i 

4. Our Covenanting muft be accompanied with humility. 
1, Prom the fenfe of our own weakneftes to keep touch withGod,in 
comming up fully to the Covenant ; we fliould lean to his promile, 
and take hold on his ftrength : Say,as the ChuxchfThrough God Vee 
fhall do valiantly, P (al.6o. 11. And as the bleffed Apoftle did; 
Phil.q.13. I can do all things through Jefus Chrifi ftrengthen- 
ing me* 

2. And being apprehenfive of our own unworthine(Ie,to receive 
any ability from the Lord* feeing by our (ins, we have enfeebled 
pur own fpirits, therefore we ihould humbly petition for divine 
afliftance. Herein imitate D avid, who having thus inrefolution 
and promife expreffed himfelf before God;/ y>?ill keep thy statutes, 
he immediatly adds, fir fake me not utterly , Pfal.\iQ.%, The 
more of thefpirit oifelf-dcniall and prayer is in your hearts, when 
you take the Covenant, the more hope there will be of your keep- 
ing it afterwards. 

5. Come to the Covenant confeientioufly. Be not adted only 
by the appointments, expectations or practices of men in this par- 
ticular : Let not this be the alone motive upon your fpirits ; Co- 
venant-renewing is ordered by the Court of Common-Councel : 
But rather reaion thus ; The manifold providences of God before 
fpecified, do call unto this fervice, and therefore we will undertake 
it. If you reipecT: not God in the worke,you ihali loie both accept- 
ance and recompence. 6* Cove- 

Covenant -keeping perjrvaded* 

6. Covenant fiducially ; Ifyour fpiritsa&fincerely, according 
to the fore-named directions, then be you confident that the con- 
sequence of this dayes fervice will be comfortable. Although 
your weaknefTes are many and great, yet if your hearts be herein 
found upright with God, you may hopefully perfwade your felves 
that the Lord will fb far regard his own ordinance, and have re- 
fpecT: unto the mediation of Chrift ( the Me(fenger, the Media- 
tour of the new-Covenant ) that your worke (hall be crowned 
with good fucceffe. Ycu heard before, that Enemy-conquering 
providences made way unto the exhortation in the Text, Vow 
and pay unto the Lord jour God. And I conceive that theverfe 
following is confiderable,being the language of faith $ He Jhall cut 
off the Jpirit of Princes, he is terrible to the Kings of the earth : 
The mod potent adverfaries of the Church fhall be brought 
down, by holy Covenant-making and Covenant-keeping with 

Now this lets me into the confide ration of my next DocTrine $ 

That vows made ,mufi be paid unto the Lord our God, Do Ctrl 

Although a vow muft not be made a bond of iniquity, and there- 
fore unlawful! vows rather call for repentance then performance, 
(as Davids ralli revengefull refolution againft churlifh Nabal.) 

Yet fuch Covenants as we make according to Gods will, we 
muft make good, in conlcience to his commandment : Pay that 
which thou haft vowed (faith Solomon,) Better it is that thou 
Jhouldeft not vow, then that thou Jhouldeft vow and not pay it. 
Suffer not thy mouth to caufe thy flefh to Jin t Ecclef.5 4,5. The 
Scribes andPharifees were but fleighty fuperfkiallExpodtoursof 
Gods Law, yet tky were wont thus to pub UJh Gods command: 
Thou Jhalt not fir [wear thy [elf, but Jhalt perfirme unto the 
Lord thine otths, Mat.5.33. 

In the profecution of this plain, profitable, feafonable and necef- 
fary point,I {hall faithfully endeavour three things. 1.T0 perfwade 
this duty by arguments. 2. To guide this practice by rules, ^.Tti 
promote your obedience herein, by (6 me fbort directions. 

The motives whereby we may be induced to make good our Motived 
honeft and holy vows, (hall be call: under fever all heads, that my 
progrefle in them,may be the more eafie and edifying. 

I. From the nature of a vow in generall, and from fundry 

C circumftances 

10 Covenant-keeping perfrvaded. 

circumftances confiderable in our Covenant particularly. 

In generall - 3 i. All vows are facred obligations upon our con- ■ 
fciences : If any ( faith Mofes ) vow a vow unto the Lord, or 
fwear an oath, to bmde his foul with a bond, Numb. 30. 2,^. 
In this refpedt the holy Pfalmift refolved upon this duty, Pp. ,56. 
12. Thy vows are upon me, O Lord, I will render praifes : And 
doubtleffe every gracious heart will be fenfible of this great fpiri- 
tuall engagement. 2. By means of vows we become Gods deb- 
tors: Hence it is, that the Text calls for payment, Vow and pay. 
I here remember the fpeech of the Prophet unto the poor widow 
3 King^.j. Go fell thine ojl, and pay the debt. And the Holy 
Ghoft gives in this, as a note of a wicked man, Pfal. 37.2 1/ He 
borroweth,andpayeth not again. Ycu Merc hants, who have great 
dealings in the world, would you not be afhamed to appear upon 
the Exchange, if you were not carefull to pay your debts unto 
men ? Therefore, vow and pay unto the Lord your God. 

More particularly, there are iundry weighty circumftances con- 
fiderable, in regard of our folemn League and Covenant, which 
may worke our hearts unto ierious resolutions to keep k. 

1. The materials of our Covenant are law fait and jufiifiable- 
YJevoW to endeavour the extirpation of Popery, Prelacy, Super' 
fiition, Herefte, fchifme, profanenejfe, and Vvhatfoever fball be 
fiund to be contrary to found doctrine and the power of godlineffe. 
And have we not good reafon thus to do ? For have not thefe things 
much endangered the welfare both of this Church and Common- 
wealth already ? and will not the indulging of fuch matters, 
prove deftrudive both to our pubiike hopes and comforts ? We 
vow fincerely, really, conftantly,through the grace of God, teen- 
deavour the re firmation of Religion, in Doctrine, Worjbip, Dis- 
cipline and Goverment, according to the Word of God, and the 
example of the befi Re firmed Churches. I fhall not need tofpe- 
cifie our engagements, to defend the Kings per fon and authority in 
1 the pre fervation of the true Religion , to preferve the priviledges 
of Parliament, as al(o to continue a firme peace and union be- 
tween the Kingdoms 0/ England and Scotland. Thefe and other 
things exprefled in the Covenantee by you Covenanters account- 
ed /lift and equall. I remember Davids refolution, Pfal. up. ie6J 
have /worn and I will per firm it, that I ypUlkeep thy righteous 


Covenant -keeping perfwaded, ! j 

judgements. And if we judge the ma terials of our Covenant righ- 
' ceous,we fhould in that regard lay the greater charge upon our con- 
fciences to keep it. 

2. Our vows are deliberate. The nature of this ordinance hath 
been unfolded, the feverall Articles in the Covenant have been 
confidered of, and therefore the rather to be obferved. Rafli vows 
binde confeience, if the keeping of them prove only in inexpedien- 
cies pre/udiciail to our felves,and contradict not any of Gods ever- 
binding laws. Therefore Solomon calling for the payment of 
vows, tells people,that they mult not thinke to put off that obliga- 
tion,by faying, h was an crrour^EccL^. an inconfiderate overfight. 
And we all know,that when Ifrael was bound to the Gibeonites by 
an oath, through a miftake, being over-reached by a cheat, All the 
Princes faid to all t'le Congregation, We have [worn unto them by 
the Lord God of Ifrael, now therefore Vee may not touch thetru t 
1<>fh.9.\9. How then uhall we be'excuied, if our premiditated 
vows be not performed ? 

3 . We have vowed before many Veitneffes. Men who (land 
much upon their credit and reputation in the world, will be taken 
with this argument. When King Herod was caught in a fnare, by 
his heady vow, and being troubled, becaufe the dancing Damfell 
demanded the head of ^^theBaptift, it is faid, Nevsrthelejfe 
for the oath Jake, aud them which fate with him at meat, he com- 
mand, d it to be given her, Mat. 14.Q. Confider how many have 
feen you life up your hands unto tne moft High poffeiTour of Hea- 
ven and earth,in holy Covenanting ; Remember how many thou- 
lands know that the vows of God are upon you, and be you hereby 
prevailed with to kcei) couch with him. 

4. Hereto I might add the coniideration, both of the multitude 
of all rankes, qualities, callings in this Kingdom, in Scotland, 
Parliament- men,Sauldiers,Citf*,<:ns,D-ivines : &cc. who are here- 
in mutually engaged with us. I might alio mindeyou of the often 
reiterations and rcnewingsof your vows and Covenants : Doubt- 
lclle thele things will not b.fleighced by them who are ingenuous 5 
but I may not infill: upon them, having divers other heads of argu- 
ments to ipeak unto. 

The iecond foit of arguments to perfwade Covenant-keeping, 
fliall be taken from our God, tne only true and bkfkd God, unto 

C 2 whom 

12 Covenant-keeping prfwaded. 

whom our vows oblige us. And under this head thefe particulars 
are considerable : i . His Majefty takes exaft notice of all fuch 
engagements, together with all the circumftances of time, place, ' 
companies,occafions ? c^c. which belong thereto: God tbov haft 
heard my vows,hkh David,P/al 61.5. 

2. His Highnefle well remembers thefe obligations: The 
Lord rounds Jacob in the ear with this Memento, I am the 
God of Bethel, where thou anointeft the pillar, and where thou 
vow eft avow unto me,Gen. 3 1 -I g. 

3 . He calls for paiment, he will not be taken off from demand- 
ing his debt in this kindtiWhen thou ftzlt vow a vow unto the Lord 
thy God, thoufhalt not be flackjopay it, fir the Lord thy God will 
fiirely require it of thee, DcUt. 2 3,21. 

4. He is the moft High pofieflbur and commander of Heaven 
and earth, The Plalmift layes Strength upon this confederation, 
P/2/.50.14. Pay thy vows unto the moft High. And this thought 
was prevailing upon the hearcs of fephthah and his daughterjn a 

_ cafe very difficult in a courie very croffc to theftream and ftrength 
of naturall affection: you all know his vow, therefore I (hall not 
need to name it, but marke I pray you the expreflions, both of the 
father and of his childe, fudg.11 35,36. I have opened my mouth 
( faith fephthah ) unto fehovah, and I cannot go back. And jhe 
(aid to him, Afy father, if thou hasi opened thy mouth unto 
Jehovah, do to me according to that which hath proceeded out of 
thy mouth. 

f. He is a moft faithfull Covenant-keeping God : He is God, 
the faith <full God, which keepeth Covenant andmercy, Deut.7.^. 
Although meer mercy move his Majefty to make Covenant, yet 
will he make it good : How much more Should we keep our holy 
Covenants, which both duty and neceflity call us to renew. 

6. Although our well-doing, doth nor, cannot reach the Lord 
with advantage, yet his HighnefTe will account himfeif honoured 
by our faichfullncfie in Covenant : Hence it is, that thefe two du- 
ties are conjoyned in the Scripture ; Offer to GodthankeJ giving, 
and.paj thy v%ws unto the moft High, P (al. 50.14, And Pfal.6$* 
I, Praife wait eth for thee O God in Sion, and unto thee Jhall the 
vow be performed. Confider I pray you, Do we not owe God 
pratic ? Do we not pray, Hallowed be thy Name ? Will it not be 


Coventmt-keefing ferfmded^ 13 

^^^^^^l^^Thenforekt us all re- 

/I ♦ ^rforme our vows unto the Lord our God. 

l0 'VVetDheTd ".argumentsfcllowstobeconfidered, and K.S ^.^ ,. 

j from the various precious benefits toberece.ved, by con- 

drawn frorn^ the va . p Lotd ^^^ ^ Care 

fd t^inde w Sev & efcauall converfion toGod. The 
,n th ' skin . d ;.T foretelling the calling of the Gentiles,, fpeaketh 

p ^ e ;ttJ«- » *bp. »* > h < sot'*?, ».* 


. u i ., * rhrm dcarlv '■ If T ™ 11 ci "J <ni voiee " ,deed - ani 
heart,he loves them dearly . m , ^ ^ mt 

¥ m f?o% &5 % 5. Cot n^-' Gods jewels, 
4 r irXfiJns a e accounted as the lumber of the world.m 
and all °^jf°™ a ^ n wiU advem ure much to ingratiate them- 
companfonof them wia cur vows, that we 

is better then We f h the Lord by our pray- 

e 5 S Jltfr^; he addsimmediatly, O (*>«« <*>"' ^«# 
''"TtoS fo loon as this ccunlell was given, F/3/.50.14. J»-T 
„,,«.,. And to ^ oon ^ ^^ M1 ^y way 

o/ A , ^ *« ^ fweet mercy> in [he peiio n oi hls 

"'"" '£f runs throuf the veins of all his providences for the good 
promifes, runs «»% Covenant.kcep touch with him : And 

yt idefuea toe" herein.makeconlcience to, v7 «r^«r..*» 

14 Cevemnt-keefwg perfmded. 

-precious promif es of the Covenant of Gofpel-grace, are aflured up- 
on them, who are faithfull in Covenant with God. The Pfalmift 
having moved this qusftion, F/S/.24.3, Who fhall afcend tnvo the ' 
hiS. of the Lord, and Who (hAHftand in his holy place ? part of his 
anfwer is this ; He that hath not [worn deceitfully, he fhall re- 
ceive the blejfingfrom the Lord, and righteoufneffe from the God 
of his (alvation ; Therefore be prevailed with t througii holy felfe- 
love and delires of bieflednslfe, to pay your vows unto the Lord 
your God. 

6, And yet once more give me leave to preflethis argument 
abutili, upon the hearts of you who are affe&ionice parents : I 
know your bowels earn cowards your children, and you defire cheir 
good,asyour own comfort ; now be you well aflured, chat you can 
take no courfe, which will be more probable to entaile Gods blef- 
fing upon your poftericy, then this of contcientious Covenant- 
keeping with God. How admirable and defirable is that promife 
in Pfil.lo^.ij^iS, The mercy of the Lord is from everlajiingto 
ever lifting, upon them that fear him, and his righteoufneffe unto 
childrens children,to (uch as keep his covenant? 

Thefe benefits ef Covenant-keeping I leave in your bofomes, 
defiring that through thcblelfing of God, they may do you good, 

I might here mention a further motive, to perfwade the paiment 
of vows, from the fad confequences of falfenefle and unfaithfull- 
nelfe in this kinde. 1 . The Pfalmift gives in this as a character of 
a wicked man, Py2Z.55.20, He hath broken (orprofaned) his C&~ 
venant. 2. All the lies of men are greatly aggravated by this 
circumflance, that they are not only tranfgreflions of Gods Law, 
but violations of their own vows. Thus Solomon brands the adul- 
terous woman, Trov.l.lj, She firgetteth the Covenant of her 
God. 3 Breach of Covenant brings Gods burning diiplealure up- 
on people : This thought did awe Ifraelfm reference to cheir raih 
League made with the Gibeonitesy J0G1.9.20. We Will let thznu 
live J. ft Wrath be upon us, becaufe of the oath Which We j ware un- 
to them--. 

4. Gods anger in this kinde kindled, may bring a consumption 
upon our hopes and comforts. That Item which the Wife man 
gives in this ca'e (hould be ferioufly minded,£o7 5 5, 6. Better it is 
tfjat thou fhoxldefb not vow 3 then that thou fbouldsjt vow and not 


Covenant -keeping ferfaaded, 15 

pay ; Where fire fhouldGodbc angry at thy voice, and deflroy the 
Vcork£ of thine hands ? Never were greater works under hand for 
Church and Common-weakh, in ourdayes, or the dayes of our 
fore-fathers, then are in agitation amongft us at this day ; there- 
fore let us take heed, left our unfaithfullnefie in our Covenant pro- 
voke the Lord to da(h all cur endeavours into pieces, with the dis- 
appointment of all our golden hopes. Gods curfe is annexed unto 
his Covenantjto enforce the keeping of it. Jt is faid, Neb.1c.22. 
They entered into a enrfe, and into an oath t& Walks in the Law of 
God. And the fword or cruellwar is drawn by the hand of Di- 
vine juftice, to avenge the quarrel of the Covenant, Lev.26,25:. 
This (word of Civil war is eating mans flefti, and drinking mans 
blood in this Kingdom at this day; and how canweexped that 
the Almighty mould command it to returne into its fcabbard, and 
to be quiet, if we continue careleffe in keeping Covenant ? I pro-- 
fefle ( beloved ) that I have often trembled to thinke upon that dif- 
coveryot Godsfeverity, in punifhing lfraelVvith three yeers fa- 2 Sam,u; 
mine in Davids tim?, becaufe Saul had broken the rafh vow, 
Which the Elders of Ifrael had made long before with the Gibeon- 
ites, For thus I reafon, Jf the violation of an unadvifed oath with- 
fubtill finfuil men, by the pollerity of them who made it, did bring 
afore nationall judgement; what then may weexpedt from the 
hand of God, for contradicting both by words and deeds, both by 
opinions and practices, the iolemn iacred League and Covenant 
which our felves have upon deliberation, both made and renewed 
with man and God ? Thefe are weighty con(iderations,and worthy 
your often and ferious thoughts, unto which many more might be 
added ; but 1 forbear the enlarging of this fubjeft, becaufe you have 
fo fully been acquainted with this matter, by my Reverend bro- M. Calamy, 
ther, who hath largely to fatisfa&ion fee forth the exceeding great 
danger of truce-breaking, from 2Tim,^.i. Covenant-breaking 
makes the times perillous : unfaithfullnefie in Covenant is a Land* 
deftroying,a Kingdom-devouring fin. 

Now (my beloved) to fumme up ail my arguments :. If there be 
in your hearts, 1 . Either refped unto the Iacred obligation of a fo- 
lemn vow, 2. Or unto the moft High poneffour of Heaven and 
earth. 3. If you either prize the promises of his grace, and defire 
to be partakers thereof through Chrift j 4. Or dread the difco- 


I $ Covenant-keeping 'per f waded. 

veriesof the wrath of the Almighty,and would preferveyour felves 
and your pofterity, your (elves and the Kingdom from breaking . 
blows of vengeance, pay your vows unto the Lord your God. 

Thefe arguments I hope will not be fldghted by you : God for- 
bid, that matters of fo great, fo publike concernment, fhoutdbs 
disregarded by them, who profcfle fo much zeal and refpecTr to 
God and to his caufe, unto the profperity of this famous City, and 
the wellf are both of Church and Common- wealth, as you Worthy 
Citizens have done, and perfevere to do : Therefore I proceed in 
this fervice, to fetdown fome Scripture-rules to guide you in the 
filthkvKl payment of your vows unto the Lord jour God. 
e 1. Pay your good vows univer filly -.Pay thy vowsjmh the Pfalm- 

ift, 7/2/.50.14. All thy vows, none excepted ; whatfoever you 
have vowed according to his word,you muft make good according 
to his command : Thus much is open in the texc,i>ow and pay unto 
the Lord your God. Take good King Jofuh for a prefident for 
your paterne in this particular, of whom it is thus faid, upon his 
covenanting with God, 2^^0^.34.33, Andjojiabtookjiwayall 
the abominations , out of all the countries which pertained to the 
children of Ifraely and made all that were frefent in Ifraelto 
fwear t eventoferve the Lord their God. You fee that he fpares 
nothing, no where withiq the reach of his authority, which might 
be difpleafing unto his GodjOr dtffou&ive to his people. I pray you 
perufe the particulars to be oppofedby vertueofycurCovemnc, 
Popery, Prelacy s Profanenejfe, Schifme, Here fie • and do not dare 
to indulge any abomination, which you have vowed to oppofe : 
Take heed that no finfull biaffe of near relations,or any (elf-ad van- 
tages,take you off from your faithfullnefTe in this kinde. The Holy 
Ghoft makes this a character cf an heir of Heaven, TfaL 15.4. He 
fweares and keeps it, though to his own hinder ance : Therefore let 
not fear of lofing a cuftomer, a friend, an office, a good bargainer 
any other outward advantage, hinder you in keeping your Cove- 
nant. I will not further enlarge this head, which] leave to your 
thoughts, but will conclude the rule, with reading the practice of 
King A(a in the pursuance of his Covenant, 2 Chron. 15. 16. And 
alfo concerning Maac hah the mother of A fa the King, heremo- 
ved her from beingQueen.becaufe fhs had made anldolin agrove^ 
And Afi cut down her Id J, andftampedit, and bur fit it at the 


Covenmt-keepng yerjwaded. 

brook Kidron. There are Idols of mens heads; and of mens hands, 
there net Idol-opinions and ldol-pratlices tobeoppofed by vertue 
of our Covenant, and you muft beware left through refpecl of per- 
ibns,you prove partiall and unfaithfull. 

When thou Jhalt vow avow unto the Lord thy God, thou Pith p u / 2 
not be flac^ to pay it, Deut. 23.21. And, thou jhalt not defir to 
fay ft,Ecclef.;.4. I might herefpeak much to perfwade the fpee- 
dy paimentof our vows ; hereby your comfort will be increafed, 
and the publike worke of reformation quickned and expedited, 
your a&s will be exemplary and of common influence both thorow 
the City and the whole Kingdom. How many thoufands enquire, 
what is done in London againft Popery, ProfanenefTe,Schifmeand 
Herefie, in the purfuance of their tale mn League and Covenant ? 
The feafonableneffe of an aclion betters k,doub!es it : Bis dat qui 
cito dat : and I may truly fay in the cafe under hand, Bisfacit qui 
eito facit : ply the work of reformation now it is upon the wheels, 
and you may do much worke in a little time ; principium eU di- 
midium totius ; gain-fay growing evils, tread upon the Cocka- 
trice in the ihell, oppole thofe opinions and practices in the bud, 
in the birth, which if fuffered to grow,to live longer, will threaten 
the peace both of Church andftatej by delayes your own guilt 
will be multiplied and greatened,your hopes of reformation will be 
enfeebled, and the whole Kingdom endangered : Bufineffes of ne- 
ceflity call for quick difpatch ? and is there any worke of greater 
concernment, then the worke of your God, in endeavouring your 
own reformation, and the reformation of his Church according 
to his word, which is the matter of your Covenant ? I remember 
the words of Mofes to sAaron, Go quickly to the Congregation, 
fir there is Vvrath gone out from the Lord, the plague is begun, 
Num.1646. And it isfaid thai Aaron did run. Blame menot, 
but bear with me, I befeechyou, if I appear warme,in perfwading 
your fpeed in acting according to your Covenant, for I fpeak for 
the fafety of a finking Kingdom. Are we not all on a flame ? which 
Way can you caft your eyes, but you fhall fee the fparkes of unbro- 
therly contentions, riling as out of a furnace ? Alas, alas, we (hall 
burne into alhes, and from confuflons fall into a ruinous heape, if 
through Gods blefling upon Covenant-keeping-endeavours, our 
raifery be not prevented. 

D Pay 

1 8 -Covenant-keeping perjwaded. 

Pay your vows boldly r with fo much opennefle, that the wit- 
neffe of your bonds may be witneffes likewife of your faithfuli- 
neffeindifcharging them : The refoiucion otDavidis herein imi- 
table, which he exp'refleth once and again in the fame Pfalme, / 
VeiU pay my vows unto the Lord in the prefence of all his people, in 
the prefence of all hi* people, yearn the midSi of thee, O Jerufalem.',, 
P'/2/.i 16.14,18,19. Isitanyihamefcramantobehoneft, and to 
pay his debts * Wherefore then (hould men be loth to appear in 
the purfuance of their Covenants ? AcT: fo publikely, fo couragiouf- 
ly for a full reformation according to the word of God,and againft 
Malignancy, Sedition, Hereiie, together with all other things de- 
ftru&ive to the welfare of the three Kingdoms, that both City 
andCountrey tmyunderftand your undaunted refolutions to keep 
Covenant with your God ; And if in this way of zeal and faith- 
fulineffe, you (hould meet with checks and affronts, make ye that 
anfwer unto your oppofers, which brave-lpirited David made unto 
mocking Michal, If this be to be vile, I will yst be more vile 
ZS 'am. 6. J ' 

Keep Covenant with the Lord eonfcientloufly : Have refpeft 
unto God in paying as in making vows: My text holds forth this 
openly, as many other parallel Scriptures, which I have formerly 
made ufe of. Whatfoever we do,which is materially comprehend- 
ed in our Covenant, we fhouid doit, bee an fe of the oath of God, 
EcclefS.2. Do not only intend rr>an-pka£ng, or felfe-feeking in 
the purfuance of your Covenant ; be not popular and vain-glorious., 
butfincere and fingle-hearted in this fervice. As in other ads of 
obedience, fo in this of Covenant-keeping, have an eye unto your 
heavenly father Mhofeesinfecreet, and he Will reward you openly* 
God forbid, (Sod forbid that any one of you fhouid acYagainft your 
brethren with an envious or malicious fpirir, under pretence of 
making good your Covenant. O take heed unto your felves, that 
you dif grace not this holy ordinance,nor open the mouths of them 
who maiigne our Covenant, and would upon fuch like obferva- 
tions, reproachfully afperfe both yon and it. I will conclude this 
rukywith the caution given by worthy Nehemiah : Ought je not 
towalke in thefiar of our god 3 becaufe of tht reproach of our ene* 
mieji$eh,$.$'i u 

Be vigorous in the payment [of your vows : The command of 
3 ___ _ ^ 

Covenant-keeping perfwaded* 

God given unto Mofes for the guiding of this bufinefle, is here 
very confiderable, Lev. 22.21. whosoever offer eth a {aerifies to 
accomplijhhisvow, itJhallbeperfiU: to be accepted, there fball be 
noblemijhinit* When you pay your debts to God, bring your Deft 
coyn; put not off your light gold to God; imploy and improve 
your very beft for your God; give him the flower of yourwife- 
dom, ftrength, authority and interefts j fit down and confider 
where your chiefeft ability lyes, and refoive with that to pay your 
vows. Say thus unto your own fouls ferioufly in fecret j I will 
beat mine own brains by ftudy, I will ftirup my beft friends by 
importunity, and I will induftrioufly take ail courfes within the 
compafle of my generall and particular calling, that my felf e and 
my family, that this Church and Common- wealth may be reform- 
ed, and that unity betwixt England and Scotland, may be pre- 
fer ved according to the (olemne League and Covenant, To quicken 
your care in this kinde, remember thofe fmart words, Mal.1.14. 
Cnrfed be the deceiver, Who hath amale inhisflockt andvoweth 
and fieri 'fie eth unto the Lord a corrupt thing : fir I am a great 
King, faith the Lord ofhofis, and my Name is dreadful! among the 
heathen. Look to it therefore, I befeech you, thinke not to puc 
God oft, with fupine, fuperficiall fleightneffe in Covenant- keep- 
ing : If you have male-confultations, male-affections, male-enr 
deavours, male- adventures for other things, God will not ac- 
cept your female, your cold, faint, feeble actings for him, in the 
payment of your vows : Therefore if you have any talent bet- 
ter then ordinary, trade that for your GoaVin the purfuance of your 

Keep Covenant with the Lord conftantly : I will fing praifes Rule 6, 
to thy Name fir ever (faith David,) that I may daily per for me 
my vows, Pfal tfi.8. ycu muft not be like thofe Tenants, who 
bring in their rents readily, and mifle not a day for the firft year, 
but grow carelefle afterward, in making paiment according to 
their compafts and agreements. The fame heat which is in your 
hearts to day (this day of your Covenant-renewing,) for reform- 
ation according to Gods word, and againft the hindrances and 
hinderers thereof, muft be kept burning in your bolomes foiong 
as you fhalliive. It is to be bewailed with tears of blood, that 
the trad of time takes off the fervency of mensfpirks for God 

D 2 in 

Covenant-keefing ferjmded. 

in the worke of vowed- reformation. How have we loft ourfirft 
love ? How is our zeal for good, and againfl: evil of late abated * 
The time was, when our Covenant was much in our thoughts, 
much in our mouthes, when we moved others, and provoked our 
felves to make confcience to keep it : but now ( I am afhamed 
to ffeak* it,) our Covenant is forgotten, our Covenant is laid 
afide j yea ( O that I had not occafion to add ) many repent their 
taking of the Covenant, and fomearenot afraid to plead againffc 
it s 1 heartily wilh, that the true caufes of this great change were 
well enquired after. My beloved, Is Church-reformation ac- 
cording to Scripture grown leiTedefireable? Are pure ordinan- 
ces leffe lovely in our eyes? Is there now leffe danger of our un- 
doing by malignancy , popery, divifions and herefie, then hereto- 
fore ? Remember, I fray you, from whence you are fallen, and do 
your firft works, in reference to your Covenant, the obligation 
whereof continues upon your confciences. Our God keep Co- 
venant to a thou find generations, Deut.79. Let his example in 
this particular perlwade your conftancy. Be not ^oeary of ft> ell 
doing' 3 ,be not dilcouraged by difappointments; be not beaten off 
by difticukieSjdelayeSjOppoiitions ; buc proceed according to your 
callings and conditions, to promote that bleffed reformation 
which is under hand : In dvetime youjhallreap, if you faint not- 
finis coronat opus j Be you faithfuil in your Covenant unto death, 
and you Shall receive the crown of life. 

I have done with my Rules; now give me leave to give in 
fome few helps that ypu may act accordingly, and I will con- 
clude all. 

That you may be able to keep touch with God in point of Cove- 
nant,take cheie very fhort directions., 

1. Worke well into your hearts the knowledge of all the fore- 
mentioned particulars produced to perfwade Covenant-keeping : 
eA^ife man ( faith Solomon ) isfirong, yea, a man of knowledge 
increafnh Brength ( or ftrengtheneth might,)>$. Scri- 
pture-truths clt arly underitood, convey according to Gods Ordi- 
nance, ipirituall abilities into the fouls of men to act accordingly; 
As the warme beams of the fummer fun adminifter vivacity to the 
creatures, both vegetative and fenfitive: Therefore I humbly ad » 
xife you, to put your felves often under the power of thofc truths*,, 

-• w hich, 

Covenant-keeping ferfaaded. 

which may convince you of the neceffity and equity of paying 
your vows unto the Lord your (Sod ; and I doubt not,but by means 
of ferious meditation, you fhall finde more activity herein to do 
your duty : While I Was mufmg (faith D avid ) the fire burned, 
P(alA9'l. The bellows of meditation will produce the flame of 
zeal,' out of the fmall heat of holy defires to keep Covenant 
with God. 

2. AcT: confcientioufly, according to that meafure of ftrength 
which you have received. We all know by experience, thatexer- 
cife increafeth bodily ftrength, and queftionlefle Christians finde 
the truth hereof in their fouls. Solomon allures us, Prov. 10.29. 
The Vcay of the Lord is ftrength to the upright : The further we 
walke on in the wayes of faithfullnefle with God,and for God, the 
more able we fhall be to make good our foederali engagements un- 
to his Majefty. Do you not all remember that famous ftory of the 
well-minded widow, lamenting her inability to pay her debts, 
whole little ftockof oyi was. multiplied by pouringlorth, 2 King, 
4. I befeech you make a fpirkuali improvement of this experi- 
ment ; give out thofe gif ts, graces, which you have received in the 
paiment of yourvows, and be you confident ofincreafe: In this 
fenfe habenti dabitur ; trade your two talents, or your five for 
your Mailers ufe,and they fhall be doubled, arife and be doing, and 
the Lord mil be with yopt. Many of you know to your comfort, 
that a fmall frock traded, is grown up to a great eftate ; I pray you 
make pra&icall application. 

3. Minde your lelves, and minde one another often of your fo- 
lemne Covenant : This was Gods own direction in this cafe, 
2iC*»f. 17.39? The Covenant which I have made with you, ye 
fhall not fir get. Among men, many promifes are not performed, 
becaufe they are not remembred : Andfo itislikewife in many of 
our obligations unto God, f orgetfullnefie is fometimes one caufe 
offome unfaichfullnefle. The Pfalmifts connexion v P/2/.i03.i&. 
is conitderable ; Thofe that keep his Covenant, and thofe who re- 
member hi* Commandements to do them. There is an Older of 
Parliament, requiring Minifters to reade the folemne League and 
Covenant in the Congregation, upon our Monethly Faft daycs;. 
And I humbly move,that there may be an Order of the Common- 
Ceuncel of this famous City, that the Covenant which you this. 

Covenant-keeping perftvaded. 

day renew, may once at leaft in every quarter of the year be read 
amongft you ; by means hereof, you would be quickned to appear 
both jointly and feverally, in courfes to promote both private and 
publike reformation according to your Covenant. 

4. Seek ftrength from Heaven, by faith and prayer : The holy 
Apoftle, holding up to JefusChrift by humble confidence, could 
fay, I can do all through ChriH Strengthening me, Phil 4. 1 3. 
And thePfalmift makes this report of the fuccefle of his prayer; 
In the day when I cried, thou anfweredft me, and FtrengthenedFl 
me with ftrength in myfiul, Pfal.138.3. Your felves beft know, 
wherein Covenant-keeping fticks moft with your felves, you are 
acquainted with your ownremoraes, your own difficulties in this 
fervice. Confider that your heipe lies in the Lord your God, 
therefore fetch it thence by fervent believing prayers ; plead the 
promifes of Gods Covenant with you through Chrift, that 
you through him may be able to deal faithfully ,to do wor- 
thily ; and be you confident that the Lord will ne- 
ver be wanting unto the foul which feeks him 
in truth, He hath not /aid to the houfe of 
Jacob, Seek^ je me in vain. 


I V V \,IVi*l